About Aladiah

Psychic Aladiahhas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Aladiahhas recently helped 25members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Aladiah's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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5 Starst Psychic! Dear souls! With the help of the medium Aladiah and higher spirits you will know if something will happen, and if so, then when will it happen? Perhaps feelings of others or thoughts about you? ¿Hidden Secrets? future behavior of others or in any situation? If you must switch to the other side? If she or he is cheating? They have questions, just curious about your future? Ask us!

He is very good, and to the point. Thank you so much." ... written by Kosmo
Great and honest Reader. Would definitely Recommend to others.. " ... written by Devisri
Aladiah is an excellent reader! I am so impressed with all the information he has given me. I can't wait to come back to get some updates. I am one happy person right now :)" ... written by Breanna
i really felt good and positive energy with this psychic, he said all the positive thing coming in life, he looked into details for every question i asked, nothing like some negative readers out there, can't stand those negative readers, i recommend this one to everyone to get positive light in their life. thank you" ... written by Delicious
Aladiah was very good. I will await his predictions!" ... written by W
good readings, explained the cards in detail for me to understand, very clear, thanks again. :)" ... written by Dakota
He is honest and Knows his Cards very well!" ... written by xxxx
5 stars.....very through reading and very good reader too. I would definitely recommend him to everyone" ... written by Focusing
i like his readings" ... written by matt
Wow what a nice guy, and actually could save my career. " ... written by Mat
Great reader!" ... written by xxxx
Really enjoyed aladiah " ... written by Chapman91
He really knows his cards. Very calm and to the point!" ... written by xxxxx
He seemed to be helpful and knew about a certain person very well. " ... written by Yvette
aladiah is spot on with his readings and he is very smart the way he reads" ... written by matt
I highly recommend him :) I felt he really picked on things. I felt he was accurate in the readings :)" ... written by ninishs
Aladiah was very good. he use cards a lot but it seemed the cards were on point. Give him a try and see for yourself. Good reading." ... written by mc
thank you for the reading and the outcome. " ... written by coutryliving
Really good reading. He answered a lot of questions in a short time. I would read with him again." ... written by Anny
Honest reading!" ... written by Dominique
i love his reading,he is kind and good.i still need time to see the result,i will be back for some more reading :) thx " ... written by viendax
great reading, thank you" ... written by j
He is nice guy, gave me some accurate answers." ... written by jodi1003
He knew a lot about my situation. " ... written by Chapman91
Very lovely, professional, earnest. Many thanks! I will be in touch again. " ... written by Lovewater
muito bom gostei" ... written by alda
I had readings with him yesterday." ... written by Chapman91
Aladiah was great and very positive! I thoroughly enjoyed his reading, very detailed with time frames and specific feeling and explanations!! It was a great ready I highly recommend him! " ... written by bflow1
Five stars! Great reader" ... written by Chapman91
Aladiah" ... written by Chapman91
Very good reading , direct , sincere ,and positive" ... written by Mihaela
Aladiah was very nice and quick. He was accurate with information. " ... written by AmethystRuby31
Aladiah was very expressive and very accurate in his readings " ... written by michael
What he did with the cards, he was straightforward and told me what the interpretation of the cards was and once he gave his opinion but he clearly said "This is my opinion". Overall I have no complaints. I did like that he showed me each of the cards he read." ... written by SabrinaChristie
So helpful. Thank you so much. So much truth and wisdom." ... written by Kim
excellent reading" ... written by Don
He was very helpful. " ... written by rcollins98
nice man. took a long time to get his messages out. but he was honest." ... written by Josalyn
Interesting, he was very kind and compassionate. " ... written by Me
very good reading and helpful advice" ... written by matt
He seemed accurate,, just slow to start took too long to shuffle" ... written by ella
Good reading...confirmed my thoughts... thank you." ... written by Waxy444
Five stars. " ... written by overton1961
Very good and very detailed! A very good value at his price for the detail he gives! Really enjoyed him!" ... written by Sameastoday
very good, clear and accurate loved it thank you :)" ... written by renae
very nice guy try him! " ... written by Angelica
I had a demo today with Aladiah that went great... He was spot on about everything. So, I decided to do a private... Again, great! I will be coming back to him for a follow up. He is truly gifted." ... written by Rebecca
Very good insight , very good advises" ... written by mihaela
Very accurate reading. Very warm friendly person. I highly recommend him" ... written by Jim
I like his energy.. He seems like a great character and he seems to be accurate on some things. I don't know if it was because of the language barrier, but he was a little slow and had to look up some stuff which can be time consuming if you are on a budget. It's a good thing he has a low rate :) Overall, it was a good reading. He gave me some time frames and predictions which I will take note of.. and if they pan out as he says, I will be back for sure." ... written by Mimi
hopefully accurate in time frames... waiting to see if it comes true. Went through the reading to help me understand it all. Very sweet " ... written by lisa
Really good info I think" ... written by Thomas
thanks " ... written by brink
he was really nice! " ... written by johanna
he is very sincerely giving you his best. very kind. very detailed.easy to understand." ... written by christine
very informative" ... written by lisa
I was really impressed by the reading. He is able to give me a more in depth view of my situation. He really was spot on; I was very impressed. Thanks Aladiah" ... written by sweetness0
Excellent and very quick reading. He was very clear and precise in relating his insight. i will definitely visit again for a longer reading. Thumbs Up and 10 stars!!!!" ... written by cordie167
aladiah is the one of the best readers on oranum. i love this guy will definately come back for more readings" ... written by matt
I had a second reading with Aladiah yesterday by computer instad of by mobile phone. Was much more informative and I could understand much more than previous reading. He was helpful in helping me understnd what each card meant. Very good job. " ... written by frannie929
the commitment to his work is shown when he does readings and speaks to you" ... written by Virgoe82
He connects with the spirits for guidance in marvelous ways and his smile and honesty connects you " ... written by Virgoe82
aladiah speaks from his heart and is very humble and hard working, i would recommend him to any onw that is looking for true honest answers." ... written by Virgoe82
He was honest and seems accurate. If you are ready for the truth on present or a situation up till 1 year, he is the right one for you." ... written by Saloni
Very Good looking forward too my predictions" ... written by Marissa
Brilliant advise, gave me all the answers I have been needing with everything that I have wondered for a long time. I can finally have peace of mind. thank you so much" ... written by charlotte
He is such a great reader. I will be back. takes time and knows cards well! Highly recommend him" ... written by Deva Delight
thank you for the insight i need it badly." ... written by Lenard
I got a weird feeling in my heart chakra so he connected to something and gave a good reading which i felt rang true" ... written by mrc
he is a great reader.......i would recommend him. I will wait to see if his predictions come to pass. " ... written by largarden
He is a genuine guy and very spot on!! :) Will be back for more readings! :)" ... written by Saloni
had tarot reading which was quite in depth, was able to ask various questions. Timeframes given and given some advice regarding actions to take. Would use again even though some of the answers werent perhaps what i wanted to hear. He explained the meanings of each card thoroughly and explained the significance of them clearly" ... written by sam
Good reading. Thank you." ... written by la
Thanks Aladiah" ... written by Xristy
Very interesting reading! Gave me time frames, I hope(they will come to pass!) Highly recommend, please have a reading with Aladiah!" ... written by Gabriel
Wonderful reading and my intuition on what to do was confirmed by Aladiah. Thank you very much for calming my nerves. God bless." ... written by JJ
His very kind and very honest, he gets to point and tells you detail. his very good reader thank you. I suggest him to others.:)" ... written by H
spot-on reading. very psychic. I can't say enough good things about Aladiah. 5 stars!" ... written by nocassandra
wonderful reading" ... written by jim
Aladiah is good; he follows up with his pendulum and the reading was honest - he interpreted all the cards very well for me and explained to me the obstacles and how I can overcome them - I would recommend him to others as I liked my reading and advice he gave me. 5 stars for me, thank you ." ... written by Gem
He has a sweet and charming charisma about himself. His" ... written by tonischupback
Amazing reading, look forward to the predictions. Very fast reader please have a reading with Aladiah you won't be disappointed. " ... written by Gabriel
go and hear truth" ... written by he was accurate
I have used Aladiah wery much, and i would like to say that i am very saticfied with him. He is service minded, and a very honest person. He knows what he is doing, and he's capabilities as medium is very strong. He has helped me a lot, and gives me honest answers, i have a good feeling i can trust 100%. He deserve very good review, and i will definitely use him more in the future and strongly recommend him to others. " ... written by hildepus
His card readings this morning- just what I needed." ... written by leonellie
Aladiah was very great -- so calming and relaxing. He was very thorough during the reading. Kind person...thank you!" ... written by justme0234
Very nice, kind man. I enjoyed reading and it was good. Will followup with an update. Thank you for your time. It was very much appreciated." ... written by Vilma
always a great reading. Good information." ... written by jewel
GREAT Reading very detailed and informative. Hope the predictions come to happen. Thanks" ... written by Lagardang
Thank you! Good reader!" ... written by Auburngirl84
He was very quick although we encountered connection challenges." ... written by Shayanne
Aladiah was very accurate on my readings. He responded to my questions explaining in full detail. " ... written by Andrea
thank you Aladiah I am always indebted to you for the clarity you bring and the guidance you provide" ... written by JJ
Super interesting and great reading, makes so much sense and was so sweet and supportive! super great reading. Thank you!! " ... written by Sherry
very good ran out of time but did know what he was talking about" ... written by sandi
The Best so far!! Fast accurate and educational. My first reading with a man and he was just amazing!!" ... written by simone
Very nice guy. Seems accurate, hope his predictions come true" ... written by USA
connected quickly, no sugar coating! " ... written by Tiffany
He was very helpful I enjoyed the reading but we got cut off a little at the end. Thank you" ... written by Jay
He was honest and it was a pleasent reading." ... written by determinedSoul
Very accurate …. Very trustworthy , honest reader… will definitely suggest him for anyone the needs a reading" ... written by Devisri
great reader" ... written by mop
He was my Aladdin!!!!! Pin pointed everything that was going on and was dead on with problems and situations but so helpful. Will be back soon for sure!!!!" ... written by Lovie
I felt he was really accurate in his readings. He helped me understand a lot about a particular situation. " ... written by ninisoe
very accurate!! I look forward for my future!! and i believe it come to pass! " ... written by Sharon
An amazing reader" ... written by Emmanuella
he was very truthful and right on time I will com and see him again thanks aladiah.." ... written by debra
He is really gifted, and the answer he provided are resonating with my heart. I have faith that his angel is called to guide me out of my current situation and bring me more happiness and success that God has planned for me. I am grateful for his guidance, and hope one day he can serve you as well." ... written by Nannan
I had a great reading from Aladiah through his spiritual guide. He brought in a lot of clarity to my situation. He has given me a lot of guidance and predictions along with timelines. I am writing this testimonial because his first two predictions have come true accurately and I am very thankful to him. I am excited and waiting for his other predictions to come true. He is a very humble reader, connects quickly, does nto waste time and provides clarity on the situation in a way that given your situation you will certainly be able to relate to. Don't hesitate to consult him for your situation. God Bless." ... written by JeromeMarcel
I am completely new to your company. And I just had an excellent reading with Aladiah. I will be contacting him " ... written by nocassandra
Another excellent reading from Aladiah. Thank you for employing real psychics, with real talents. God Bless." ... written by Nocassandra
Best reader … would recommend for anyone that goes thru the review…." ... written by devisri
Aladiah is a real sweet man, he is honest with his readings and warns you to accept the truth. " ... written by Charwhitey
Another insightful and excellent tarot reading from Aladiah. I am now a regular customer of Oranum because of his gifts. Thank you for having him on staff." ... written by nocassandra
You are awesome Aladiah! I always feel good after I talk to you. Thanks for the advices, I will keep you updated! :-)" ... written by Tapsor
Aladiah is so caring and sweet. I enjoy his readings. Definitely will come back. Will update him on his predictions. " ... written by Vilma Billygirl
loved the reading, hes an honest and sincere person, did a tarot reading and the answers backed each other up. thank you!!!" ... written by aff
he was really fun and enjoyable... I enjoyed his reading because he was very patient and judgment free" ... written by aliciai
Everyday has been a challenge for me in this brief time. i have consulted Aladiah so many times and every time it has been a delightful reading which is full of real guidance on the situation." ... written by JJ
Best reader. will definitely recommend for people" ... written by devisri
I enjoyed my reading with Aladiah. He is kind, compassionate, and thorough. Will definitely come back. Highly recommend!!!" ... written by Deva Delight
Great reading! He went in depth and gave me a lot of details about my situation, and all the different alternatives on getting what i want, with timing too. He also gave me great advice. I will be seeing him again :-)" ... written by Tapsor
Good reading." ... written by Sophie
Absolutely outstanding. He is quick, accurate, honest, no sugar covering, will lead you down the right path. Don't stray from his advice, he is amazing. he WILL help you. Believe!" ... written by Vicky
Always feels good to talk to you! :-)" ... written by Tapsor
He has performed 5 or more reading and has provided excellent, humble, honest, precise answers. He provides excellent service and goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable and takes the time necessary to explain what he is telling you" ... written by Virgoe82
They all speak from the heart :)" ... written by Virgoe82
Quick, accurate, and polite. Will see if what he says comes true." ... written by Marie
He brings smiles and understanding to those that are confused or lost and gives guidance in areas necessary" ... written by Virgoe82
Once again, spot on! :)" ... written by Saloni
his compassion in his readings bring great peace and his smile welcomes you to feel welcome. Great heart " ... written by virgoe82
Great and detailed reading as always! Very honest too :-)" ... written by Tapsor
Really saw truth in the reading. Great Reader!!" ... written by Ava
what a lovely reading thank u aladiah u gave me a great reading thank u " ... written by nicola
He delivers the truth and is good, genuine psychic" ... written by Sal
Good update! Fast and honest. Thank you." ... written by JJ
Aladiah was very good, I started off scared but as the reading went on he put me at ease. he also gave me advise on how to deal with my problem. I highly recommend him." ... written by Helena
Thanks for the clarity..!" ... written by Shiks
it was good and honest thank you" ... written by jj
always gives insight to questions that arise and gives you guidance by encouraging you to pray and will give you the information required if u ask. Will always recommend :)" ... written by virgoe82
he is always making sure that he accomadates your needs evrytime and makes you feel welcome, he isi a great psychic and i would recommend him to anyone who is looking for true and honest answers to the questions being asked" ... written by Virgoe82
So truthful He singled me out from Chat and knew why I was there even before i told him. Amazing. He is so truthful but in a kind way. I will always return. Trust him. He has a good Angel with him. " ... written by Val
Aladiah was awesome as usual!! recommended!! :)" ... written by Sal
He is different. You have to ask just one question. The answer is clear and concise. He is really good. English is his 3rd language - but he communicates with ease. I think he is the next top reader here. " ... written by ystylus
He takes the time to explain in detail what he sees in the readings and allows time for you to ask questions if you are still confused about what he has explained" ... written by Virgoe82
he has been precise in readings that i have received from him and would recommend him to anyone looking for honest answers" ... written by Virgoe82
fascinating !!! he knows what he is doing" ... written by virgoe82
Aladiah, its a great reader. Thumb up for him. He is a warm honest person" ... written by orciline
I got two readings from Aladiah, and he is the best and best in Oranum." ... written by skuk215
Love him" ... written by SK
very good very genuine and good and gifted man i would come agin " ... written by paul
He's an amazing reader. He told me a lot. I will use him again for sure " ... written by Chapman91
His work and experience is known through his readings and i would recommend him to anyone." ... written by Virgoe82
aladiah works ad loves what he does and his kindred and uplifting spirit connects you to him" ... written by Virgoe82
First reading I've had with Aladiah. It was pretty profound - he was able to tell me things that I didn't share first (he only had my name). He gave me predictions for action in 5-8 weeks. I will follow up with whether or not those predictions happen. I am very hopeful as his accuracy was great." ... written by Laura
I got the ticket tonight Aladiah!!! When we talked on October 4, you told me i would travel in 4 to 6 weeks . Well, my trip is scheduled for in 16 days, 5 weeks from October 4. It falls right in your prediction. You are awesome!" ... written by Tapsor
His reading seemed very spiritual. It also was accurate. I loved the reading and will read with him again." ... written by S
he was great" ... written by Sylvia812
Nice reading" ... written by mouniro
Wow, that was fantastic! So much information, with time frames and very clearly explained. So happy I finally got a private with Aladiah. Will be back with updates! Thank You!" ... written by Dani
Excellent reading. Five stars. He was on point with this reading. " ... written by Billygirl54
I liked his reading. I'll go back for more" ... written by Ybnema
Told me what I was thinking would tell me, but NO sugar coating! Great reader" ... written by PGP
Excellent reader. 5 star readings. I have returned for readings on several occasions because he is accurate, kind, and highly in tune with his spirit guides. I will definitely be using Aladiah for my future readings here on Oranum." ... written by nocassandra
Lovely, lovely person,great reader, explains clearly what he sees." ... written by Sylvia812
What a lovely man really enjoyed my reading with timeframes i reccomend this man" ... written by T
This was my second reading with Aladiah and it was just as fabulous as the first. He was able to alleviate my fears with his amazingly beautiful cards. I highly recommend him as he is calm, caring and patient. Give him a try!" ... written by Laura
he ah brought great calmness and a sense of relief, he had lifted my spirit with his reading. He has a great spirit and has with him great guidance " ... written by virge82
Aladiah is so awesome as always!! Highly recommended!" ... written by S
He answered my questions. I didn't have many but what I had he answered! andamp; He gave a reason for it as well. He also told how the situation will affect me! Will come back with more questions!" ... written by Lesha
get reader." ... written by Cristina
incredible!!!! amazing!!!!" ... written by Summer
Aladiah was awesome as always!! :)" ... written by S
I really enjoyed my reading. I will definitely come back. He was very insightful. He gave me timeframes, and now I will wait and see what happens." ... written by Clarity711
He was so spot on I really hope that the website thinks fairly and practically and thinks more for the long term profit and not short term. Justice must be made! I don't want to lose the lovely and gifted psychics on here!" ... written by S
Nice genuine reader" ... written by Devisri
I am amazed by Aladiah. I had a reading a couple of months ago and predicted something I didn't believe could happen. It in fact happened. I went back to him today and he was spot on with my past and present in all areas of my live. Only time will tell if his predictions will come true. Time Frames given and good explanation!! 5 Stars!!!" ... written by Sheila
liked my reading he was truthful about my reading..... " ... written by WAY123
Wonderful and accurate reading. Thank you, you were absolutely right when you said I am trouble sleeping and you were also right with other things that you said." ... written by Ladymysterious
Thank you so much Aladiah for guiding me through this journey. You have been such a support and comfort. Thank you for your advices. " ... written by Tapsor
Aladiah is a great reader! Time frames! Specific answers! No sugar coating! Hits nail on head. Have been to many readers, he is one of the best. And affordable! 5 Stars once again!!!" ... written by Lollo
Thanks. will come back to give feed back." ... written by justup
THANKS" ... written by justup
I found Aladiah to be friendly and helpful. I enjoyed the experience. I will come back and post on his wall within 9 days. :-) I'm excited about possibility :-)" ... written by Christine
good insight on current situation. lets see what happens next :)" ... written by Laziz
Fantastic reading with Aladiah! Very thorough and clear! I look forward to visiting him in the near future! Thank you so much!" ... written by Fr8013
great reader" ... written by 125
Aladiah answered my questions thoroughly. I have to sit and wait for his prediction to happen in 9 weeks. He was accurate in his reading and told me what the issues were. Thank you, Aladiah! " ... written by Moonchild59
Aladiah gave a very accurate reading. He picked up on the situation very well. " ... written by john
Very nice and helpful. Very accurate. Wish I had time for more. Will be back for sure. " ... written by Jane
Very good...accurate and detailed reading....thanks x" ... written by S
Really well done!" ... written by Mag
Thank you Aladiah...not what I expected but always nice talking to you." ... written by Dani
Thanks for a wonderful reading " ... written by Ybnema
Good as usual!" ... written by Lily
I love Aladiahs readings he's always on point! I don't even try new readers anymore after meeting with him. Hes not afraid to tell you the truth. I've had some readers only tell me the truth after I told them facts about my situation. Some have even said "well I don't really like to tell ppl their spouse is cheating". Screw that I came to know what is hidden and if you cant tell me why am I here. I love this guys work, no BS but still gentle." ... written by Clarity711
Wonderful and honest reading as always. Thank you very much and will be back soon." ... written by JeromeMarcel
thanks aladiah!!" ... written by S
I love Aladiah's readings. They are amazingly insightful, wonderful and so clear to the situation (which Aladiah doesn't know anything about - a sign of a true reader). I can't recommend him enough!" ... written by Laura
I liked my reading w Aladiah. He takes his time w the cards but he is sincere and he he gives a detailed reading. " ... written by Shuchi
It was a very thorough and honest reading, during which Aladiah was very patient and went into a lot of detail with me." ... written by angelszone
Very honest and straight to the point. Also very patient and understanding of the situation, and answers all questions . He really wants to make things clear for the client and he does not judge people. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Pretty spot on" ... written by lady
Excellent. Very kind, very sweet. Very honest. 100% accurate " ... written by Valeris
All predictions from before are now reversed... not sure how to take it, need time to process." ... written by SB
Always gives me great readings. I no longer go to anyone else. Hes spot on. I would HIGHLY RECCOMMEND!" ... written by Clarity711
Aladiah provided much clarity to the situation ty! :)" ... written by Sal
Thanks for providing clarity Aladiah! :)" ... written by Sal
Excellent reader." ... written by alotlikedorothy
He was really good explained the situation well!" ... written by Saloni
Very good reading would recommend him thanks" ... written by Sally
Thank you Aladiah that was a great session, appreciate all the insight that you have provided! :)" ... written by Saloni
answered my questions" ... written by lady
good!" ... written by garyBogg174
lets you know the truth and his advice and guidance will help you better understand you situation. i Thank him for his honesty and for the great work he does, because he does it with his heart " ... written by virgoe82
his a very good reader" ... written by matt
he's good! one of the better readers here. very clear." ... written by cheesesticks08
he's simply the best and will tell you the truth no matter what! he is extremely honest and accurate so if you want real answers then talk to him." ... written by sweetmarionette
good" ... written by sk
He's a wonderful person and a great psychic..i was so shocked at his mindblowing accuracy..he read my life past and present and future so accurately I am amazed and will always come back to him..i definitely recommend him to everyone.." ... written by sweetmarionette
Really interesting reading with a lot of interesting detail think its pretty accurate actually. Thank You! " ... written by Cher
Very impressed by this great man. He gave excellent insight and advice. He provided helpful details and a timeline. Highly recommend." ... written by Alan
He's very fast, tnx for the truth!!" ... written by B
Super readings and detail. loved it" ... written by Granville Crenwick
amazing reading, lots of info..he's terrific. highly recommended" ... written by Ameer
i enjoyed my reading very much, and found it to be very accurate. a lot of information as he is not expensive either. thankyou very much aladiah" ... written by very good reader
My go to guy!! I know I can trust him and hes not judgemental." ... written by clarity711
Aladiah has been amazing for my reading- you get full reading in depth and I feel all the questions have been answered. It's one of those readings you feel good that you went. Highly recommend. Thank you Aladiah." ... written by Green Angel
Nice. I liked him a lot. He answered perfectly." ... written by Monty
aladiah is the best Reader here. i have tried many his predictions come true. good Information. very accurate. Thank you aladiah!!!!" ... written by ch
this guy is amazing!" ... written by growfree
Lovely guy and very good." ... written by UK
Very good" ... written by Carriego
Really loved the reading; so much detail, made so much sense and I feel really accurate will update with prediction. Thank You " ... written by Sher
his a good reader" ... written by matt
this guy is right on point with everything. his an awesome reader. " ... written by matt
very patient very helpful very good thanks :D" ... written by hphoenix
very helpful" ... written by Zaka
his very accurate and an excellent reader" ... written by Matt
Great reading, didn't like the news, but he was honest which is great. " ... written by MI
Aladiah helped with seeing the situation and giving guidance as to how to go about it." ... written by Sweety
Aladiah gave me a quick reading to some of my questions. Very direct answers." ... written by Sweety
Thank you as always- will be back." ... written by angel
Thank you Aladiah for your honest reading.. :)" ... written by P
Good reading, very consistent. Hope all that was said comes true. waiting eagerly!" ... written by JJ
Fantastik" ... written by chin
Time frames were different than What i was told, before. But he seemed to connect fairly fast and genuine! " ... written by Tiffany
thank you so much for the insit of my love live, thank you so much!" ... written by Bárbara Carvalho
good reading his always very helpful" ... written by matt
Aladiah's predictions always come true and each reading he tells me something and it happens and it turns out to be the same exact way he predicted it. He's absolutely gifted without a doubt and he's an extraordinary psychic." ... written by sweetmarionette
Aladiah is the best psychic ever and always 100% accurate about present past and future!" ... written by sweetmarionette
good thank you." ... written by f
excellent reader!!! I was impressed how much he told me " ... written by maria
I enjoy always my readings with Aladiah, he is patient and kind and very good so far he has been on point and predictions have happened so I will return! Thank you and blessings Aladiah!" ... written by Aladiah
I sensed some positive energy in his chatroom and usually I am pretty picky on my psychic readers on Oranum, but for him I didn’t even think twice before adding credit :). Every card he picked was accurate and his future advice was a good alternative; something I had not thought about. I did realize one thing though, you would need to ask specific questions for better reading. " ... written by seeker
He is great ! Thank you so much." ... written by Nessa
Excellent. I will always come back to him." ... written by Deva Delight
Thank you so much. This is my number 1 psychic. All my questions are answered with a lot of information. He is so wonderful. I trust him. Take care" ... written by Breanna
fun" ... written by David
you have given me much to think of many thanks xx" ... written by rosslyn
Thank you my friend" ... written by queensarina
Aladiah was fast and straightforward thank you for the reading many blessings! :)" ... written by Sally