About Bernadett81

Psychic Bernadett81has 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Bernadett81has recently helped 37members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Bernadett81's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a clairvoyant psychic,no tools needed.I receive images and answers quickly and provide lots of details in private.My only goal in life is to share my gift with people who need help.I spent most of my life with helping others, i feel honored and blessed to assist people to see clearly and make better decisions in their life.

Fabulous reader very very accurate, amazing insight." ... written by Maia
she is amazing " ... written by fernando
I honestly am kind of speechless after my reading Bernadett81. This was probably one of the important readings of my life. There was so much to process that I will be pondering what Bernadett81 out for quite some time. " ... written by B
First time with her, but not the last for sure. I am still under shock how accurate she could connect to my situation, and with her advice I am sure that I can get over my situation! Strongly recommend her!" ... written by Jon
She is very helpful! I'm very happy with my reading with her. I'm sure to return. " ... written by Brianne
excellent" ... written by gregg
Very good and fast reading! knows exactly what she is doing! u need to try and get an awesome reading!! thanks my dear :)" ... written by Mike
She have saved my life, without her prediction, I would be in great toruble now, but due to her help, everything is fine now!" ... written by Lindesy
excellent reading " ... written by gregg
Awesome reader" ... written by Maria
Very good, she saw the situation as it was, i did not need to give that much information for her to obtain the answers." ... written by Merk
clear on every points! amazing reading thank you a lot!" ... written by big
Bernadett81 was friendly, honest and quick to connect. She used the Tarot cards and did a fast reading in the short time I had with her. I hope her predictions will come true soon. A quick typist also. Thanks Bernadette81!" ... written by redsox44
very nice time with Bernadett!" ... written by john
she is amazing, very gentle and kind lady." ... written by fernando
Very good very fast and helpful" ... written by Nikolaos Kontos
excellent" ... written by lila
very helpful :-)" ... written by hayleyharley01
finally i made up my mind and found the right psychic for me for my reading she wonderful lady and honest. " ... written by fernando
Bernadetts great! she read the situation perfectly.....good card reader and intuitive, freindly and caring person." ... written by Anwar Sadat
Best readings ever with bernadtt...tthank you so much" ... written by love
mind blowing!! great readings and good advise!! highly recommend!" ... written by chantelleplein79
very accurate and patient despite technical difficulties on my part, definitely on point and very honest" ... written by eva
Bernadett surprise me everytime with her powerful readings! thank you so much!" ... written by love
Amazing reading like always! deserves more than 5 stras " ... written by big
wow, speechelss, very accurate, came back and again, what she told me all came true. see you soon" ... written by ray
great reading" ... written by lucky
Very spot on! thank you for your advices and your predictions! Help me a lot!!" ... written by big
great reading.. she is good" ... written by luckystars
Wow. Another amazing reading! She is so accurate. Thank you so much!" ... written by Chet
very good reading thank you :)" ... written by libsta
she's good" ... written by luckystars
she told me the truth which really hurts, but I needed to hear that in order to move on. Thanks for the reading " ... written by sharen223
I just hope she is right! " ... written by l
Feel awesome connection with Bernadett - she is calm, shows you the cards with her interpretation. She also types quickly and is very focused. I will see what comes to fruition with her predictions but a lovely reading." ... written by Christine
I feel her information is accurate, it is consistent with other reads." ... written by Dre
she's great" ... written by Cristina
Excellent reading and picked up on the situation very clearly and accurately. Highly recommend!" ... written by tony
great readings! " ... written by chantelle
AMAZING! right on the dot! wow!" ... written by Regina
dont hesitate to get a reading with Bernadett! all she predicted coming true! " ... written by big
always spot on!! she is very good! and i will always come back again! thank you Bernadett!" ... written by chantelleplein79
i was impressed by the fast conexion with Bernadett! 5stars reading" ... written by lb
she was very on top of things not sure what to think right now" ... written by usa
Bernadette is a very good reader - calm and patient and quite on spot!" ... written by softwater
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
great connection" ... written by motherofdragons
Overall positive reading I hope she is right :) " ... written by gemini
I did 2 readings with her. Very accurate, kind. Doesn't ask many questions." ... written by Maria
she is a great reader" ... written by luckystars
fantastic reader ! very accurate details, highly recommend!!" ... written by donna
very positive attitude, accurate and honest reading. thank you bernadett for clearing my confusion. " ... written by zorian
Bernadett is simply one of the best psyhics on site. loving, kind, cute with amazing positive energy. i highly recommend her and will take her private more and ask her for help and guidance. :)" ... written by Vomitlover
Amazing reading, everything was accurate, definitely recommend her readings. wow." ... written by Chet
awesome reading, got my answers very directly and very clearly." ... written by shang
great reading" ... written by luckystars
Quick and to the point very caring and I will be back x" ... written by David
With her assistance Im making a dream come true .. DAmn she is something!" ... written by Wolf
Bernadett is a fantastic reader! She got everything right and I am really blown away. Thanks for the help." ... written by Mary
Another great reading, Bernadett is the real deal. Everything is correct as usual. Thank you again!" ... written by Chet
Bernadett's readings are always great, everything she mentions in my readings is always right and she picks up on things I haven't mentioned before. " ... written by Chet
Her predictions were right. She picked up on things I never mentioned, so I am very happy with the reading and look forward to the results. Thank you." ... written by Chet
amazing" ... written by chyna
great reader" ... written by ol
good" ... written by f
So wow , yet another 2 of Bernadetts predictions came true, she told me the events of an evening that would take place and it did just the other day and she also told me to expect to see a good change in my situation after a certain point and I am still in shock because it has just like she said. I work with her frequency but it still amazes me. She is spot on always. And will give you the advice you need to keep things going well within your situation I cannot wait to see how things unfold the next few days . Thank you once again Bernadett ! Xoxo" ... written by Lena
She is amazing. Great reader. Gets to the point and such a sweetheart :)!" ... written by Mary
Bernadette did it again!! She sent me a message asking for an update on me. She remembered everything we talked about and seemed to really care. She answered several new questions I had and I left this reading feeling clearer about some decisions I needed to make, and more hopeful for the future. Thank you Bernadette!!!" ... written by KC
good" ... written by mizzy2014
shes amazing........" ... written by way123
Amazing update as always." ... written by Raine
She was very helpful, kind and patient. She didn't just offer advice in words but showed me. I will see her again in the future." ... written by Tina
shes my favorite! super sweet! " ... written by Nononoz1
very on point and informational. inspiring" ... written by blaqkhyree
she is a nice person. helpful and wise." ... written by Arijit
Bernadett81 confirmed everything I was feeling and thinking about my relationship. Great reading. " ... written by Toles1969
all her prediction came true!!! spotted on!! " ... written by chantelle
good job even though i ran out of time!" ... written by gloria
great and to the point. ill be back" ... written by David
She is a genuine reader and tells it like it is :)" ... written by Sal
quite impressed" ... written by fv
Pretty nice and helpful" ... written by RB
insightful and amazing and caring. she picks up on things that have happened exceptionally well. " ... written by skee
Wow! First reading and it was great, on point and answered all my questions without wasting time, said some things that were def true which I did not even give a clue or talk about! def. coming back and recommend! Thank you!! " ... written by Sherry
I have been working with Bernadett for a few weeks now." ... written by Lenarodri
Great Reading! I am impressed! Thank you!" ... written by Angie
great" ... written by Cristina
great" ... written by cream
Great reader very helpful advice and insight 10 stars!!" ... written by Maia
Straight to the point and fast. Liked the fact that she explained the meanings of cards." ... written by Karolina
I like Bernadette as we have some things in common, for this reason I feel connected to her. This is my first reading with her and she did very accurately pick up on some past situations, so this is a good indication about the future predictions. I will keep her informed. " ... written by Magyar
amazing !! didn't miss a beat !! very gifted andamp; i will be back !!! Blessings to Bernadett81 !!!!" ... written by tamjones
Very talented and beautiful.....:)" ... written by Arvh1
she told me things she couldn't possibly have known wow i am impressed what a star! I will be back" ... written by Katie
Bernadette, was an excellent choice for me. She helped me interpret a dream I had, that held some warnings in it. She easily read my life situation and the current stress I was under. Not only did she have a lot of knowledge on dreams, I could tell she was also using here psychic abilities to read more into the situation, and lead me down the right path. She was compassionate, accurate, and understanding. She had some practical suggestions, and asked for an update on my situation in the future. Very kind lady. Glad I found this sight. Two thumbs up!" ... written by Littlehope126
she seemed really good. try her" ... written by Chris
Another prediction of Bernadetts came true. She is helping me every step of the way to get my lover back. She confirms feelings for me that he may not be ready to express . She helps to keep me calm and give me hope ! She is a TRUE friend. Thanks again B I will be back soon as always " ... written by Lena
Another amazing reading with Bernadett81, she is always spot on with everything and so far what she has told me has come true. Thank you!" ... written by Chet
I am in shock that a psychic was able to tell such a great many things" ... written by billmill4
great reading " ... written by t
Very happy with reading had a problem and didn't know which way to turn but now feel a lot clearer about the situation and am looking forward to the future - Thank you Bernadett" ... written by Carol
great reading" ... written by luckystars
Amazing" ... written by wolf
Awesome" ... written by wolf 860
Thank you for another great reading. What she told me last time came true, and this reading was great also. I will definitely come back again." ... written by Chet
thank you i believe you read me very accurately " ... written by Bellavitaxoxo
Thank you so much Bernadette for confirming something that I really needed to know that was embedded in my soul but needed to be awakened! You confirmed that I need to listen to my clairvoyant gifts more and to trust them! And you also confirmed my soulmate relationship! Thank you so very much!!" ... written by Ida
Bernadette is very accurate and have solutions. Very fast too." ... written by Cosumel
In my reading with Bernadette we just typed together in silence and I could see her face responding to my comments and questions--I never had a reading like this before--it was very moving to do it this way. She is a thoughtful, generous and kind reader. I will return to again." ... written by Pearl
Fantastic reading once again. Thank you for all your help and support, these readings have helped me so much! Thank you." ... written by Chet
She was very accurate and I told her very little about my situation!" ... written by Eli
She is awesome! I felt like I was getting a reading from a highly respected professional, doctor and psychic in one. I totally recommend her. Thank you so much Bernadett!" ... written by BT
lovely person! good reading though was hoping for a little more indepth but said basics i needed to hear" ... written by Katie
She is lovely and so so very accurate....everything she saw for me is real:)" ... written by t
Keep coming back to her for a very difficult situation, and she has given me exceptional insight.... " ... written by wolf
Could not believe she knew what she knew, very nice reading.. it helped me see that I was on track.. and she gave great advice" ... written by Wolf860
Beautiful, perfect, thank you" ... written by Madison
in a word AWESOME, very insightful and accurate on points that she'd have no way of knowing. I feel lighter since the reading and Im hopeful about the future. Adding her to contacts so I can get back quickly next time.!" ... written by hollyberries1
she was honest and awesome, I heard things that i didn't want to hear but it was the truth. she was fast and on point." ... written by arlynerod
She is direct to the point, I enjoyed my reading :)" ... written by Lyly
Great readings, great psychic, everyone she says actually comes true. Wow!" ... written by Chet
Great reader and I recommend her!! Shes sweet and friendly. Thumb up!" ... written by Shauna
Picking up what is happening around me. Gives me honest advise. Very appreciate that." ... written by vic
AMAZING!" ... written by Ashley
very sincere, empathetic, honest, straight forward." ... written by Raine
she is really wonderful person truly gifted. I am thankful for her reading" ... written by ritu
OMG! She is a 5 STARS!!! Her profile tells it all. Right to point no wasting time. Excellent! Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
great. just wish there was more time" ... written by Mel
She is always amazing, always!!!! The best!!!" ... written by Wolf
Another great reading. Highly recommend." ... written by Vijay
Such a lovely lady with great advice. I needed to hear what she had to say. Thanks." ... written by Vijay
she is great very good reader and reassuring thank you so much" ... written by robert
Damn she is sumthin, such amazing clarity - truly gifted how she sees things and guides you to the truth, to what needs to be done, she is passionately involved in your reading and gives her heart - don't hesitate to see her. You will be so glad" ... written by Wolf860
says in two weeks things will go back to normal. and before xmas, well be together. " ... written by cinthia
She is a God Send!" ... written by Wolf
I love Bernadett81, she is kind, quick and truthful. Love her accent too! I will be back soon :) thank you so much " ... written by Plutogirl
damn damn damn she is awesome" ... written by wolf
My reading with Bernadett81 was fast and quick. I will be honest she was" ... written by Vanessa
Amazing reading with bernadette. very positive and very good reader. I definitely recommend her on here" ... written by angel of love
I have no words, than depict the beauty within her, no way of expressing her pure heart, her desire for happiness she shares herself her gift is love with insight... how amazing, how sweet!" ... written by wolf
She was great :) straightforward and too the point. Absolutely wonderful to speak with as well. " ... written by Sabi
Fast typer clear reading " ... written by Chris
Ok she has courage to be honest, the heart to be gentle, and the gift of insight like no other!!! Don't hesitate to have her read for you" ... written by Wolf
She was honest. Id go back" ... written by S88
she is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ashley white
DAMN she is good!!!" ... written by wolf
Honest Honest Honest, very good don't hesitate to have her read for you" ... written by wolf
very good and accurate" ... written by daniel
she is very awesome you should always go to her" ... written by daniel
good very good " ... written by hit_chi
very good and honest woman accurate to the point " ... written by hit_chi
My reading was perfect as usual; so super sweet, loving andamp; such beautiful energy in addition to accurate, consistent reading which is spot on :) Thank you so much for everything " ... written by Sherry
excellent ! She picked up on his personality right away and exactly what is going on. Although her immediate future prediction was not what I hoped for, her long term prediction seems good. But not sure if I am willing to wait any longer. According to her I will, haha. So I guess we will see. Thanks for the reading :)" ... written by leo girl
unbelievable insight and heart!!!!" ... written by wolf
Very peasant and caring woman. On top of that she knows her stuff and read my situation really well" ... written by A
wonderful, very helpful, clear and fast. i will be back." ... written by jc
She is saving my entire life has given me so much strength the wolf now lives again. Awoooooooooooooo" ... written by Wolf
thx!" ... written by plutogirl
She is absolutely the best of ORANUM. I have had several sessions with her and they all have been amazing. very insightful!" ... written by Paul
I appreciated her honesty and I completely agreed with her reading!" ... written by rich
She gave a calm answer and I'm very happy with the guidance she was able to give me. " ... written by Brianne
nice and calm advice.. thank you" ... written by jc
she is very good" ... written by daniel
good reading with lots of fun " ... written by David
Dream Maker an angel of light.. what more could I say." ... written by WOLF
Good Reading" ... written by kenna
she was spot on with the situation" ... written by sharia
absolutely a really good reading" ... written by love
I WAS JUST SO HAPPY AND HONORED WITH HER HELP I HAD TO TEEL HER ALL AND THANK HER SHE THANKED ME FOR ALL MY LOVE I HAD SHOWN.. She is the one to go to if love is your quest, your pain, your purpose" ... written by WOLF
Very nice and accurate :) recommend " ... written by Marco
zeroed in on situation; gave timelines, honest answers." ... written by starfish57
Very honest very straight.." ... written by Nikolaos
very precise and accurate" ... written by Cosumel
Very very accurate " ... written by Marcus
She's such a breath of fresh air.. So much load off my shoulders.. Love this lady" ... written by Paulina Nalitye Kambonde
Very lovely lady when you need answers to your questions she's the one to see." ... written by Marcus
Always Always - a guiding light through the darkness leading you to light and truth - showing you how to find it for yourself. Powerful!!!" ... written by Wolf
First time reading with her and she was pretty accurate. Thank you!" ... written by Tee
good reading" ... written by starfish57
bbb" ... written by M
Very honest and sincere. " ... written by Faith
TY" ... written by plutogirl
Exceptionally brilliant and all seeing very precise and beautiful reading" ... written by 2gthr
So amazing and spiritual connection" ... written by 2GTHR
Great Reading. We ran out of time, but it was incredibly helpful :) " ... written by Sabi
Oh my word, she is an angel of light, please don't hesitate to have a reading from her, she in just one session gave me so much clarity." ... written by rftghtr
She was lovely" ... written by Patricia
she is absolutely the best of the best of the best. I can't say enough good things. I would not be on this site if it were not for her and i will keep coming back to see her" ... written by Paul
she is very good she help me a lot thank you" ... written by lucy spano
great reading, wonderful reader! i definitely recommend her, she was so kind and sweet and caring." ... written by findingyourself
Bernadette was very professional and accurate in her answers. No waste of time. very nice energy. I highly recommend her. she has all the skills to give you a very detailed and useful reading for guidance" ... written by angel of love
great reading again" ... written by David
Great reading" ... written by Sunday
the most amazing reading it was healing" ... written by David
Heartwarming lady" ... written by Jrose35
Was good. Make things happy for me. I shall return for more knowledge in the near future." ... written by ClazWyatt
she is the best of the best of the best. can't say enough good things" ... written by paul
so pleasantly surprised with this reader, so so lovely, a really nice energy. will definitely be back " ... written by bec
a very informative, then revealing, healing reading" ... written by David
very good reading" ... written by starfish57
she is very good " ... written by ohood
Hot damn this girl is so insightfully, angelic and simply helpful she has made my dreams come true" ... written by Sweet tater
the best continues to be the best" ... written by paul
:)" ... written by Rob
very specific and good, does a thorough reading" ... written by starfish57
very deep with her readings" ... written by starfish57
Bernadett was beautiful in so many ways. It is obvious that she is an empath, willing to dedicate her time and abilities to zoom in, feel the pain that you are suffering and give you the advice you already knew you had to take. She is very gifted and coming to her today has helped me stay grounded and focused on the truth. Thank you darling, for your help, concern and obvious insight. You really did help me " ... written by LBR
good fun reading" ... written by David
Great reading, very honest and clear. I will be back." ... written by chance
I found Bernadett81 to be both honest and open in her reading for me , she had given me very sound advise and concelting. And in the future I will be back. Thank you Bernadett, God Bless." ... written by Lance Cullen
great reading with bernadette. she so sweet and caring. thank you for your insight. will be back to update you!" ... written by m
she's wonderful! So insightful and her advice is so comforting." ... written by tp
she validated everything I thought without me telling her an awesome connection and gave to me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. Will definitely be back " ... written by regina
Bernadette is really fast to connect and she knows the situation well, would highly recommend her!! :)" ... written by moonstars006
She was extremely accurate, and compassionate and she could see the situation very clearly and was able to give very good and positive advice. Highly recommended!" ... written by Julio
Very lovely and connected reader. I felt she is very in tuned and professional as well as a pleasure to deal with. I recommend!" ... written by .
Sweet =)" ... written by Rob
great" ... written by beth
THANK YOU,FOR HELPING ME." ... written by Ashley
Very good reader, was able to tune into the situation very well, she did ask questions but she only did that so she can get a clear understanding of the situation which i completely understand but she did give answers great answers." ... written by Angelica
She is an Angel." ... written by Chris
Made me feel very welcome and at ease. Gave me a lot of information that is extremely valuable. Will definitely come back! " ... written by Elena
The best reading I have ever had, at times it was hard, but I coped with this. Bernadette is keeping me abreast of important issues. xxx " ... written by David
Phenomenal session. I could continue to speak to her for hours. Great listener and her advice is on point! " ... written by Olivia
she is the best and continues to be the best. " ... written by paul
I am an absolute believer of this amazing person. She has something so rare, so unbelievably rare. Pure Love, who has that, who knows how to use it, she has taught me and guided me, to an impossible dream with pure love, how else could you achieve one.. I never knew until her, I felt it, but did not know how to use it. She is light, Love, and kindness." ... written by BIG DADDY LOVE MACHINE
great, clear, trusting, straight advice. " ... written by Zoozanne
GOOD" ... written by hit_chi
GOOD VERY GOOD " ... written by hit_chi
The reading was informative but I think the answers could have been done in a more concise manner. There was also a lot of repetition from a previous reading which I think could have been explained by saying things are status quo or the similar to before. Still, it was a good reading and answers were given for direct questions. I think she is a very good and deep reader." ... written by starfish57
She was very helpful and gave me all the answers I needed." ... written by Laura
she is talented." ... written by joey
She is really very sweet. I loved the reading. Will surely come back for more." ... written by loved it
thank you for the update. She is honest and clear with her readings and quick to connect. thanks!" ... written by leo
She is very kind and precise. quite love getting a reading from her. " ... written by Brianne
Wow!!! I was in awe of how she had so much insight in my situation and how she saw the path I should take, how the others felt, what the love was, what the blocks were, what they thought, what I should do. Amazing!!!" ... written by RF2
Fast typer. Good reading. Will have to update on the predictions." ... written by Rf
fast and sccurate" ... written by majo
wonderful help and very sweet!" ... written by monique
Such a pleasure! Thanks for the advice, reading was spot on. I will be back to update. Chat soon! Plutogirl :)" ... written by Plutogirl
Always puts my mind to ease. She is the only person that I will speak with. " ... written by O
good reading" ... written by starfish57
very clear and good" ... written by veer
Great reading with sound advice and lots of care" ... written by David
Wow this lady was right in tune with what I needed, so helpful very outstanding reading and kindness." ... written by RDOG777
Her positive energy is so strong. Give her a shot." ... written by Julie
<" ... written by lucie
Very kind and caring soul, easy to talk to, concise and her advice was very helpful to my situation :) thank you xxx " ... written by Bex
great reading, the future looks bright and amazing" ... written by David
Beanadett81 sorted out the meaning of my upsetting dream so fast and really helped me to know which path to choose... job or graduate school. Her insight into the cause of my anxiety was so accurate and she helped me make the best choice for my family. Thank you so much! :)" ... written by Cyndbear
Very good, connects well and is truthful. Recommended :)" ... written by TattooMark66
We did it, her guidance lead me to all the right decisions and pure real love does exist, she is exceptionally gifted." ... written by RFD@2
good chat with Bernie, very informative" ... written by David
She blew my mind and she's incredibly gifted and indeed in touch with your situation immediately. My time ran out but I definitely will be back and she has now landed on my favorite list. I'm so thankful for her message delivery and her compassion and kindness. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Amazing reading she really helped me regain confidence in what was happening in my life, showed me the path to take and relieved the worries. " ... written by rd67hjy
good energy great reading" ... written by Miley
really sweet and caring! love her" ... written by belivenlove
Amazing as always, I can say enough positive things about her help" ... written by rf2
her prediction came true!! love her :) " ... written by Nononoz1
Very kind and helpful; very insightful" ... written by Bresha
This woman has the best heart, the best ideas, the best insight, best guidance, she feels you through the dilemma and guides you to the outcome you want" ... written by rf2
Thank you for the advice. " ... written by d2k1000
A very good reading with nice details and accurate information. I'll see how it pans out with predictions." ... written by Lisa
great reading - 5 star rating for accuracy and speed" ... written by bell
so sweet and amazing !! i love her and her translations !!! " ... written by tamjones
It's amazing how she could see into my soul and know exactly what my past, present and future hold. I feel so much better after the reading. I suggest you get a reading with her you will be amazed." ... written by EU
Exceptional reading always very clear about the direction that is best to take. I have trusted and found her correct often!" ... written by RDF@
I really didn't get the reading!...session was over before it started :(" ... written by Tammy
Excellent!" ... written by So
She's so sweet and thoughtful in her approach to clients; listens very well and is very kind even in delivering hard news" ... written by Bresha
Girl talk is the best (:" ... written by Julie
Very honest reading, very helpfull" ... written by rdf2ewq
She's the best and always wants to help you be your best!" ... written by GG
some parts of life are just not easy at all. bernadette is very loving and kind and can pick up on a situation fast. i don't know about predictions yet but we will see. i enjoyed talking with her and i think she is genuine and kind and knows what she is doing. thank you bernadett." ... written by skyreader
Such an honest woman, gave me a good reading. Coming back for sure." ... written by Karis
She's amazing! She really helped me in a way that i got to see my situation in a new light too." ... written by alisha
Excellent reading!! Thanks so much!!" ... written by Sandra
Very accurate, fast and honest." ... written by jeff
I really loved this reading. It was what i needed" ... written by Bri
very quick" ... written by Rayhaan
The fact that i feel at ease is amazing. I wanted to clear mind. I am very grateful that Bernadett was able to help in such way. I will def com back for another reading." ... written by Bri
she is amazing i love her" ... written by fidaa
I had a very good reading with Bernadette. As usual she go straight to the point and she's very careful" ... written by Phiore
She is great. Accurate readings :)" ... written by Nononoz1
First reading and she was good! Answered my questions quickly and no sugarcoating. Will keep you updated!" ... written by skyfall_94
very thoughful, and help to keep yourself in peace. " ... written by elhijodelmoro
Very pleasant to talk to. I am looking forward to seen my developments. " ... written by msvirgo1
Incredible, clear, insightful and trustworthy" ... written by Suzanne
one of the best..." ... written by arv
She great Psych.told about everything correct" ... written by Elxan11
Amazing reader, always to the point and very honest!" ... written by rdf4565443
Connected well. Thank you" ... written by Eva
She is fast and accurate too! Would highly recommend her! :)" ... written by Sally
She great Psych.told about everything correct" ... written by elxan11
Bernadett81 best" ... written by elxan11
Bernadett81 is great" ... written by elxan11
goooddd" ... written by arvv
She great Psych.told about everything correct" ... written by Elxan11
She great Psych.told about everything correct" ... written by Elxan11
Bernadette is amazing, she really is gifted! i find her very caring and helpful, a true shining light in this world" ... written by David
Good reading. have to wait for some results." ... written by Onyx
Awesome. You confirmed all of my beliefs. And I did need to hear that. I had a dream that said those things to me... I doubted the voice and Bernadett81 said the very words." ... written by doynoy
AMAZING!!" ... written by Danielle
thank you very good feed back" ... written by starchild1972
very, very intuitive" ... written by starfish57
Great sensitive reader and understands the inner world of love. Would definitely recommend." ... written by Aaron
good reading" ... written by starfish57
such a beautiful lady... cant wait to do the things she has just said... calmed me down in moments.. will come for a chat again... thank you.. " ... written by shhaan
Our Girl talk is always nice." ... written by Julie
She is great, will definitely come back " ... written by Walejr
she's awesome " ... written by Nononoz1
Bernadett is awesome. great reading and thank you very much" ... written by dol
Bernadett81 you can trust her." ... written by Elxan11
Bernadett81 is very good Psych." ... written by Elxan11
Do you wanna know your future ask Bernadett81" ... written by Elxan11
Simply wonderful. Great detail, intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, honest. I'll be back for more readings. " ... written by Ren
She is the best!!" ... written by Maluchita
Bernadett81 is best Psych out here" ... written by Elxan11
she is beautiful and she is great " ... written by fidaa
good reading" ... written by starfish57
good reading with lots of good suggestions" ... written by starfish57
bernadette is always great at tapping in and her insight is amazing. thank you for your support and always being here to give me wisdom and kindness. I appreciate your help! love and light to you Bernadette!" ... written by mn
Very fast. Lots of information." ... written by wolfposse
she is amazing" ... written by Elxan11
iam speechless wow she is that good" ... written by Elxan11
Bernadett81 she is very skillful." ... written by Elxan11
Bernadett81 best one i ever seen.very good" ... written by Elxan11
Bernadett81 she worth 10 star." ... written by Elxan11
Bernadett81 is best." ... written by Elxan11
good" ... written by majoma
Bernadette's guidance was so helpful. I followed her advice and" ... written by C
Thanks Bernadett very good reading. Clear and accurate and answered my questions well. Very polite and professional :)" ... written by Sunflower201
A 5 star reading. Everything I needed to know about and what to do. Bernadette is very thoughtful, helpful, and caring. " ... written by Ben
Bernadette is very easy to talk to and has a lot of insight and compassion. She was able to help me with a a difficult situation and guide me to what I need to do to make myself happy." ... written by C
She was insightful and I needed more time. lol.. But she was straight to the point. Very much appreciate it. " ... written by sharona315
cool reading fast and accurate" ... written by W
Awesome awesome awesome thank you!!!!" ... written by Ava
thank you for your help lets wait and see" ... written by a
good reading but ran out of time" ... written by starfish57
She is very fast and answer my question really good. I had not a lot of credit, but she answer really truthful." ... written by Ae
First time read ever and Bernadette had connected really well - waiting for her predictions to pass :) thank u xoxox" ... written by Adis
A beautiful lady with a beautiful heart. You can actually feel her warmth. I truly love her. Thanks a million Bernadett." ... written by Chris
She is super sweet and gave great and possitive advice. She really connected very well with the details and the personalities. " ... written by Angeles
Bernadett81 is best psychik out there.i rec her" ... written by Elxan11
Bernadett81 is good. 10 star" ... written by Elxan11
Very nice reading great insight and connection" ... written by rdogsdsd
great reading with great advice thanks!" ... written by us
Seems very honest!!!" ... written by Ixchel
Her insights are the best. I always feel like i can come talk to bernadett whenever an event happens. She is very good at this. She sees things that have happened to me and good future things to come. i will come back for more readings in the near future." ... written by Bri
excellent reading with lots of deatils and updates thanks!" ... written by leo girl
Bernadett81 she one giftet women." ... written by Elxan11
Bernadett81 best Reading ever." ... written by Elxan11
compassionate but didnt give me much in the way of timelines. she was able to tell me somewhat of what is happening." ... written by starfish57
thank you. you are great. One of my favorites on here!" ... written by leo girl
great advice and accurate predictions." ... written by theabsloute
She is absolutely lovely and her insights are spot on. I recommend her to everyone. Thank you so very - I am very grateful. :)" ... written by Kelly
She was very sweet and very clear with her readings -0 waiting to see what happens on the one thing she said - very happy and will go back to her for sure" ... written by Leena
Love it:)" ... written by mahamayana
very interesting reading, quite intense then a great feeling of relaxation" ... written by David
She is the best. Excellent reading, very inspiring and always there to help. " ... written by shamsita
Quickly answered my question and gave lots of good information about it as well. A very sweet lady and in tuned card reader. " ... written by Lisa
Connected quickly but her advice left a lot to be desired." ... written by Lila
great reading with lots of information! Quick to answer my questions and not go in circles. Thanks :)" ... written by leo girl
She seems very accurate. Very nice lady. Very caring. Thank you for your insight and support." ... written by 1specialme
very helpful and informative reading, thank you again!" ... written by gemmie
Excellent reading! She gave wonderful insight with encouragement that gave me some hope! I highly recommend as she was very connected to my relationship situation!" ... written by E
great update and helped me clear some recent things up :)" ... written by leo girl
lots was revealed regarding the future " ... written by David
great read and all came good after our chat!" ... written by Mfrench1301
very easy to talk to and understood my question perfectly" ... written by Mfrench1301
amazing person and would do anything for clients! " ... written by Mfrench1301
quick,straight to the point and a overall pleasure" ... written by Mfrench1301
My favorite psychic! She is extremely quick. Gave me a lot to look forward to!" ... written by Mfrench1301
She is amazing in all ways - she answered my question and knew where I was headed. I just got the feeling that she was right on the mark and I'll be back for sure!" ... written by Mfrench1301
Shes amazing I appreciate her very much. She has set my soul at ease on my future!" ... written by Mfrench1301
Connected very fast, she is awesome, fun and beautiful!!!" ... written by Mfrench1301
Amazing reading with bernadett81 today! Prob best I have had!" ... written by Mfrench1301
Spot on! Thank you!" ... written by Daisy
After being to 5 website and meeting loads of Psychic finally I got her.. SHE IS THE BEST... nailed it... Will always come to you " ... written by AWESOME!!
Superb, she confirmed my information without any outside information." ... written by FJ
Her energy is very caring and intune with mine. She was accurate. I will return" ... written by Angela
Wow great reading with a lot of information. She types quick and connects quick. She will tell you everything, good and bad even if you don't want to hear it. Thank you so much for your help and guidance!" ... written by leo girl
Good." ... written by Hazy
Very warm and helpful." ... written by Linda
Excellent" ... written by Dasani
Great insight from Bernadette. She is fast, honest, and accurate. Thanks for everything!" ... written by LOVE
good reading" ... written by starfish57
Thank you" ... written by
Amazing reading once again!! Thank you!! :)" ... written by Sally
great reading wih bernadette. always knows how to help me out. she really cares about me. " ... written by mm
Exceptional reading! Bernadette is a great psychic! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER TO EVERYONE!!" ... written by Sandra
She is so awesome!! On my first job I lied to her that I don't know if I will loose my job... but she NAILED it.. Honestly everything about her was correct!! I truly recommend her... I have been to several sites wasted loads of money and finally got her... I trust her completely... some of things she said to me I already knew it is correct... I just wanted to confirm it... NO WORDS!! A REAL DEAL!!" ... written by POOJA
Always the best!" ... written by POOJA
Bernadette is always honest and helpful when I need her guidance." ... written by HDream
great reading; she is very quick to connect and does not judge or give fairytale stories or go in circles with predictions. She is sincere and will tell you what she sees even if it is not what you want to hear. Thanks!" ... written by leo girl
She was great! she exactly what was happening and gave great advice!" ... written by Emily
Lovely lady and beautiful with her words. Will come back and see how things go and see what else will happen." ... written by Lee
Very quick to answer and tells it like it is. No sugar coating. thanks!" ... written by leo girl
she is actually sooooo amazing !! no sugar coating and knew every thing...the best !!" ... written by s
She is quick to answer and very relatable when she reads so definitely is spot on! :) " ... written by Sally
great reading from me to you!" ... written by David
Incredibly good!! :)) 5 stars." ... written by Mfrench1301
She is so genuine and quick to answer! She gets to the heart of the matter and doesn't waste any time!! :)) Would highly recommend her for any form of reading and clarity!" ... written by Saloni
wow bernadett81 was clear and accurate, she connected so fast thank you waiting for things she said to come to past" ... written by macho
Highly Recomend!" ... written by Kaytlyn
My first time with Bernadette and it was great the way she led me through the cleansing. It was also the first reading I had been to without audio. I applaud Bernadette for her knowledge, intuition and empathy. Thank you!!" ... written by Sanity
She is absolutely wonderful! Everything has come true. the only psychic i go to for clarity and answers!" ... written by elena
Very good and honest" ... written by Modiano
I really enjoyed my first reading with Bernadette81. I look forward to speaking to her again soon." ... written by Jbtforme
Thanks Bernadette for your reading. Very thoughtful and kind." ... written by Sunflower201
very quick and accurate. clear with her words and to the point. this reading gave me much needed clarity and hope. wonderful read." ... written by natalie
She's funny and tells you the main details " ... written by Julie
Great as always!! Gave advise on next step and how to move forward!! Highly recommend!! :)" ... written by Walejr
She always knows what is going on. thanks!" ... written by leo
first time read with Bernadette is brilliant!!! so nice...will come back for more next :)" ... written by rosy
glad to have a reading with bernadette. shes a great friend/psychic and has a very good spirit. Always here to lift me up and provide a peace of mind. God bless you!!" ... written by mm
Once again, everything came true! She gives friendly advice when you don't know how to handle situations. " ... written by Elena
I used her advice on my relationship and it saved my relationship with my boyfriend! Very pleased. " ... written by Brianne7
Great reading she s very intuitive, caring person and i feel she has my best interest at heart. Everything she said felt true to me and clarified some doubts for me" ... written by Elron Hubbard
Awesome like always" ... written by Pooja
great private again" ... written by david
Bernadette is always on target with her advice and guidance." ... written by HD
Great as always!" ... written by leo girl
I really liked this reading! Bernadette answered quick to my question! Actually she confirmed my gut feeling . Very nice person! For sure I will come back !" ... written by Sonia
good reading." ... written by starfish57
A very nice gentle lady, understanding and helpful" ... written by Teresa
This read was very full on. Bernadette was very fast yet full of information and I appreciate that. Thank you" ... written by Diamond
I came back for a second read with Bernadette because her help last time was a real blessing. Her peaceful nature is very reassuring. Thank you." ... written by Diamond
Always happy to talk to Bernadette!" ... written by elena
Your words, carry you in to me,remarkable vibe :)Thank you! i needed it!" ... written by awherata
What a wonderful woman! She gave me a lot of confidence in my situation. I felt like an old friend with her. Truly wonderful!" ... written by Katie
Great Reading" ... written by Aggie
kind warm heart lovely soul!! " ... written by awherata
excellent reading. She always picks up right where we left off. Types really fast with lots of information. Lets me know straight up if I'm just imagining things or if I'm blind to something. I really enjoy readings with Bernadette...." ... written by leo girl
Bernadette does not waste timesharing what she picks up when I ask her questions.i also appreciate her compassion and care, I can sense it." ... written by fresh qigong
fantastic -- just got cut off...need more time!!" ... written by lornalulu
bernadette is easy to talk to and it feels like speaking with a friend. I really value her guidance " ... written by hwndream
So sweet and easy to talk to; great detail and accuracy thank you so much for the reading " ... written by Sheri
bless you, thank you!" ... written by
Bernadett has a beautiful gift! She is very compassionate and tells it like it is. " ... written by Prmz2001
Bernadette is always the one i go to for clarification and help! She is passionate and everything comes true" ... written by Elena
Had an amazing reading with psychic Bernadette. She is great and friendly. Gives great readings " ... written by Prmz2001
she is kind and very insightful, her calm energy lets u see thing sin a different way and help you on the right path...amazing nothing less" ... written by agablue
Up front and direct. No sugar coating. Always love her readings because it is not the same thing over and over and false hope. You get true understanding on what is going on with your situation. Thanks you so much!" ... written by leo girl
Had an amazing reading with MS. Bernadett! She is very accurate and does not give you false hope. " ... written by Prmz2001
awesome! very intuitive and honest. definitely recommended" ... written by jennifer schneider
Bernadette is fantastic! Gave so much information without really asking questions to probe. she is very honest and I felt an instant connection with her. I think she saw what others have not. I will follow up with her I the future! Give her a try!" ... written by lornalulu
She easily answered my question and gave me good advice and details. Patience is key. Thank you!" ... written by jen
She is super awesome and positive! I will totes be coming back to her" ... written by Leigha
Bern is fast to connect and very professional :) She tells it like it is and is honest :)" ... written by S
She was truly amazing. She looked right into my situation and provided clear and accurate information. I would highly recommend " ... written by tyler
She is great! She knew what was happening and gave great advice!" ... written by Emily
Lovely person to speak too, wish I had more time" ... written by Sadangel67
Fantastic reading! Very compassionate, great advise. I love how she smiled when read--so friendly!" ... written by Laura
And yet another great reading with Bernadett! I was seeking her out today to clarify things that another psychic told me because I trust how truthful she is. Sure enough, I was right to stick with Bernadett -- she told me the truth on what was going on and I believe that I can really trust her the most! Try a reading with her, you won't be sorry! Very honest, kind and sweet. she knows her stuff - you can tell by her reactions and facial expressions she receives her messages! Ray of sunshine! Talk soon Bernadett~" ... written by lornalulu
Answered my questions with a lot of clarity and insight. Also gave me some sound advice that I will follow. This was a very detailed and engaging reading. Thank you" ... written by Jen
thank you for all your support and great reading!" ... written by leo girl
Always a great reading with Bernadette...she is kind, funny," ... written by H
LOVE Bernadett! All I can say..." ... written by lornalulu
Thank you so much for the reading. She is very honest truthful and will tell you like it is. She will not sugar coat and tell you fairy tale story just to keep your hopes up. She us up front and honest. thank you." ... written by leo girl
Good" ... written by Christian
Bernadette is amazingly gifted! Always spot on!" ... written by Wolfy
Great as usual! So many details with just one question, a really great reading. Bernadette is good and her predictions have come to pass." ... written by Jenn
very good reader" ... written by michaeel
Thank you Bernadette for your reading and caring, sensible words." ... written by Sunflower201
Lovely and helpful:) " ... written by Pots
Bernadette assess relationships very quickly. She can help you sort through any confusion you might have with someone you love." ... written by CrispyCrabCakes
I love Bernadettes readings, very helpful and shes truly psychic , quick, insightful, kind person and good understanding of psychology." ... written by Edwin Medwin
good reading" ... written by RB
Great !" ... written by Julia
:)))) Thanks:)" ... written by Maya
Bernadette has the answers, the details, and information and advice for any issue that you have. She quickly and accurately answers your questions and provides you the information you need to make an informed decision. I enjoy every reading with her. You should take her for a private, you won't regret it!" ... written by >
She was phenominal!" ... written by Love is
She was BEYOND AMAZING!!!!!!! I loved the reading. and she seemed to remember me too! I was happy about that. She gave me clarity!" ... written by Ixchel
im always likeing my readings w bernadette, shes spot on and quick intuitive, good understanding and helpful counseling" ... written by Cyril Magnin
Bernadette, has an amazing heart of light and pure love, if thats what you need to get to the truth (isnt it) see her!" ... written by Wolfy
helped me going through a difficult time when i have no one else to lean on. Offers great advice!" ... written by Elena
What a true gift she is," ... written by
Lovely person, she's made me feel good and it's what I really needed. Good understanding and helpful. I will back!" ... written by Lauzan
Great read, and we will have to continue soon." ... written by psychic anthony
Love her, love her, love her! So sweet, genuine,and honest! I always spend a lot of time with Bernadett. She brings the sunshine to me when I feel down. She's right on and is accurate. Very quick and gives so much info w/out me asking a ton of questions! Thank you Bernadett -- will touch base soon!" ... written by lornalulu
You have doubts about this psychic? - Well so did I! OMG - you will not regret a reading with her! SHE IS FREAKING AWESOME!!! And has SUCH a lovely vibration and Love energy! Do not hesitate, I am in no way related, but she treated me like I was a close member of her own family. She has the STRONGEST connection to angels/spirits that I've ever experienced, and IS ACCURATE and HELPFUL and RELEVANT. She will treat you better than you treat your self, and truly does care. In total, she is the ultimate Psychic, in my humble opinion. I have been to a few of the psychics on here, and some of them a really good, But Bernadett is so pure and Loving that she surpasses them all! The others are amazing, don't misunderstand me, and I go to them for readings as well, but Bernadett is outstanding and the quality of her readings are UNBELIEVABLE. She is a dream to work with, completely honest, and provides you with REAL, DOWN-TO-EARTH answers, and makes sure that you realize the steps you need to take to accomplish whatever you desire to realize in your own life. She has a STRONG worldview, and deals with real life issues - she does not sidestep death or any 'heavy' topic, and assists you as best she can. I know this is a long review, but I SIMPLY HAD TO WRITE it, because Bernadette did such an amazing job! She is KILLER GOOD, and will make your day! Thank you SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR AMAZING MIND-BLOWING HELP! And I will make sure to listen to what you shared from the Angels and Spirits. Many thanks and Love to you and every being! And also A TON of thanks to the Angels and Spirits and Gods and Beings for their participation in the reading! It was most-helpful and insightful! I hope you have a LOVELY REST OF YOUR WEEK, and I will certainly be back for LIFE!!! Love and to you all! :D " ... written by Lane Uhler
another Fantastic reading with Bernadette." ... written by H
FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS! It seems like I need to connect with Bernadett once every few days -- she makes things so much better! Thanks Bernadett, be back again soon!" ... written by lornalulu
very kind and caring lady - made a few predictions in the very short time period i had for the reading. i will return with updates and look forward to whats to come. Thank you Bernadett81" ... written by S
great reading, hoping for happy ending to this story" ... written by David
Always great, on spot and fast:) Love it:)" ... written by Maya
Wow.. Bernadette is a gifted reader, highly intuitive and very helpful.. helped me work through a difficult situation.. extremely positive energy and a warm heart... left me wanting more... " ... written by Ray
Always accurate! Thank you for your help!" ... written by Lauzan
Bernadette is, quite frankly, an angel incarnate. She is so pure, so full of light and love, and just truly Godly. She does not judge, and is always full of sympathy. She has been through the fight, truly, so she knows your pain. She does not pretend to care, she really does. She is a ruby in the midst of the volcano of suffering. She has an extremely strong connection to God and the Angels and Spirits, and i would challenge anyone who doubts that they can overcome their own depression/suffering, to bring their needs and issues to her. Bernadett is truly God's Angel. my only wish is to one day be like her, in the sense of giving unconditionally loving care. :D Thank you SO MUCH Bernadett for all your work, and i can only imagine how much you've been through and fought through. You are a true warrior and an AWESOME person! Thank you so much! You are a true life saver! :) " ... written by Lane Uhler
She is very clear and quick. Also a very positive person. great reading will definately be back" ... written by Songbird11
great as usaul" ... written by f
Just luv her! Always with the truth, but gently. I've been taken by a lot of the psychics I think but will know for sure in the coming months. Give Bernadett a try I will follow up just to connect and "chat". Thanks for being honest Bernadett xoxoxoxo !!!" ... written by lornalulu
Bernadette is great! She answers my questions with ease and clarity. " ... written by Jennifer
very good" ... written by erki
She is great! and honest! she tell me what is actually happening and gave great advice!" ... written by Emily
Thank you Bernadett for your advice. " ... written by Sunflower201
excellent reader" ... written by werli
She is great! She is honest and to the point. She gives great advice! " ... written by Emily
Bernadette is truly gifted. She is caring, compassionate, and honest in what she says. Her guidance is invaluable." ... written by h
she is awesome and amazing" ... written by Suazo13
She is so nice and and comforting. helped me see things clearer and for the better " ... written by Suazo13
confirmations! good reading!" ... written by starfish57
I feel she tells me nothing but the truth and was on point with the things she was telling me" ... written by Suazo13
She was spot on! hope it all works out" ... written by ang
Very clear and knew exactly what I was feeling and predicted what my instincts have been telling me" ... written by wonderbaby
Accurate and correct readings and very helpful" ... written by Lwp
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Great reading! Accurate, kind and compassionate reader! Love Bernadette :)" ... written by Sophia
Accurate and correct readings and very helpful" ... written by Lwp
she is quick and thorough - real professional" ... written by CrispyCrabCakes
Kind, caring woman, who knew what I wanted to speak about right away. " ... written by Life
Bernadette has the ability to quickly tune into the situation and provide details and answers as well as predictions. She's very good at what she does, she's fast and doesn't waste time but makes sure to give you the clarity you need whatever the situation is." ... written by JCS
She was very helpful with magical advice" ... written by CrispyCrabCakes
Bernadette, always gives great reading, a lovely caring soul.x" ... written by david
Really awesome person :) love her" ... written by Esther
She's lovely! All her readings are spot on! Definitely the best :) " ... written by Esther
I had to admit her reading style is so confident and relaxed. " ... written by Scrol123
Very clearly helps you discover whats going on in the fog of your life. Extremely accurate and amazingly gifted" ... written by Wolfy
Amazing reading and insight! Sorry my time ran out in the middle of that, we will have to do it again soon. Feel free to add me please, and thank you! :-) Blessings. " ... written by Cara
Bernadett81 you are awesome! It's always a pleasure to get a reading from you. May your territory always be richly blessed." ... written by Candy 2016
very kind lady and a very good reading " ... written by kindheart
Very good as usual!! Bernadette doesn't sugar coat and even if the news she tells you isn't the best she delivers it in a gentle way. She provides clarity, details, and answers!" ... written by Jennifer
Always straight to the point with Bernadett :-) Thanks Sweet x" ... written by Scrol123
Bernadette is always a great friend and I trust her in helping me to sort things out in my life. Thank you!" ... written by hd
awesome reading. Bernadette is accurate and spot on , kind person and deep psychology understandings." ... written by Jim McCarty
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Absolutely incredible. So truthful but very sweet. I can't say it any better -- she is the best! will be following up with Bernadette again." ... written by lornlulu
Just the best on Oranum -- you must see to believe!" ... written by lornalulu
Amazing as always, trust her she is very gifted" ... written by Wolf
What a delightful reading, full of understanding, wisdom and a little fun. I feel quite comfortable sharing all of my thoughts with Bernadette. its a nice safe space, always feel calm and ready for all." ... written by david
Berna is simply amazing; haven't talked in a while; she hit everything dead on; excellent reading as always" ... written by jimmy
She great she hit everything I wanted to known" ... written by Ramiro Villalon
Always here to help me when i am in need of serious help. " ... written by Elena
Before i spoke to Bernadette i was feeling very stressed and hopeless, after talking to her about my situation i feel more relaxed than ever!" ... written by Elena
Bernadett81 was very helpful, and had clarified some of the questions that had been causing me stress. She gave me the confidence and hope that I needed. I will definitely contact her again." ... written by Robert
A very good psycic with good and accurate abilities." ... written by Balazzi
Bernadette is the most kind, sweet person on Oranum what a connection we have ... actually would love to meet her in person, what fun I think she would be. She connects so quickly and her readings are honest and sincere and for me - unfortunately accurate - but what I needed to hear over and over. I will keep in touch, just to chat. Once she reads with you, you will feel the connection and keep coming back! Luv her!" ... written by lornalulu
She is great! to the point!" ... written by Emily
xoxox Bernadett, the best!" ... written by lornalulu
Thank you!" ... written by D
a good reading " ... written by monica
really gave me some good information" ... written by starfish57
Wow this was my first reading with Bernadett and she truly shocked me with the details she gave me. She left me in awe with the way she describe the person from my reading. I am so looking forward to see how her predictions start to manifest themselves. Wishing you many Blessings....." ... written by Lucy117
simply the best!!!!! you need to give her a shot, Unbelievable connection. you won't believe how true and honest she is, but kind and sweet. will keep in touch!" ... written by lornalulu
Great! Connects quickly gave me good info and advice. " ... written by jaas
Bernadett is wonderful!! Connected very quickly to my situation, and she is truthful which I appreciate that very much. She is honest about what she sees and doesn't just tell you what you want to hear like I have experienced with others." ... written by kasi
Wonderful as always! " ... written by lorna
good reading! thank you." ... written by starfish57
It all sounded very positive. I'm pretty patient so why don't we see where things go." ... written by Rick
Thanks Bernadette!" ... written by H
Simply the best!!!" ... written by lornalulu
Bernadette is a gem, truly caring and so accurate" ... written by H
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Thank you for looking at teh answers for me." ... written by Liya
Brilliant as always :-)xx" ... written by Scrol123
very accurate" ... written by hit_chi
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
This makes several reads from this advisor and all of them have been with rich detail. Good insight. I enjoy establishing a relationship with this advisor. Friendly and personable attitude she has and always makes me feel welcome along with establishing a good connection. " ... written by psychic_anthony
thank you for your amazing reading" ... written by Lorann
She told me everything I wanted to hear and she great and I'm thankful that I found her " ... written by Ramiro Villalon
Wonderful as always! thank you so much" ... written by Cara
Bernadett has been working with me for months to help me through quite a situation and has always been very honest and kind and there for me. Just the best of the best! I'm so thankful for her...even when things aren't so positive. Thank you Bernadett -- really don't know what i'd do without you!" ... written by lornalulu
Love it... it kicked me while trying to put more credits in. I will be back tomorrow. Thank you so much. Hugs!" ... written by Cara
Bernadette -- what can i say, she is holding me together thru my situation.....really wish we can sit down in person, what a great soul!" ... written by lornalulu
Superb reading from a true intuitive, spot on assessments and counsel, i feel she's helped me a lot and continue to do so thru her abilities" ... written by Bernie Sandhya
excellent reader...she is so fast and precise mind blowing" ... written by paola
Bernadette is wonderful! You can always count on her to tell you the truth, the good and the bad and everything that comes in between" ... written by H D
An awesome reading as always. Thank you so much for all your help! :-) You have amazing energy and I love speaking with you. I will definitely keep you posted about your predictions as they unfold. ;-) I have no doubt that they will. You are very gifted!" ... written by Cara
You won't be disappointed, Bernadette is the real deal!" ... written by D
Thank you for listening patiently to me today:) i really appreciate it:) And for giving me the answers i needed:)" ... written by Kash
Bernadett is fantastic! Always in tune and connects quickly, very honest and sincere." ... written by willwait4u
Bernadette is fantastic! Always very honest and sincere. Always sees what is really happening and helps to get me thru my tough times." ... written by willwait4u
she is great helped me on what i needed. very nice and on point." ... written by daniel
very impressed.. very clear reading.. =D x" ... written by caroline
she is awesome very accurate and a very good friend" ... written by daniel
good readings" ... written by Test
Bernadett is fantastic! She sees everything so very clearly it is amazing. She is also so sincere and kind. She truly feels the emotions of the people in the situation." ... written by willwait4u
She is just great gives me the information I want hear" ... written by Ramiro Villalon
I will let you know how everything goes. :-) Again it was amazing. You always put me at ease. Thank you so much! " ... written by Cara
Bernadett is great! Has become a great friend, very in tune, honest, and kind~you won't be sorry" ... written by willwait4u
Thank you Bernadette for the updates." ... written by H
Bernadett is right on, sees into the situation, very sweet and sincere and i trust fully in her readings." ... written by willwait4u
She is so cool and fast. very direct. I recommend her to anyone" ... written by Chiara
Bernadett is wonderful. Has become a great friend, only wish i had more and more time to chat. Give her a try!" ... written by willwait4u
excellent" ... written by kim
Bernadette is always good with her insights and advice. A quick reader as well." ... written by CrispyCrabCakes
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Sweet and very helpful, a great person" ... written by Neil
the best as usual" ... written by kika
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b is extremely kind and caring.she is a great ear when you are feeling you need one and also i believe she can sense your emotions and those of others. " ... written by skyreader
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Shes Amazing and very sweet" ... written by Neil
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Very quick and accurate. No sugary words to flatter your ego either. Straight to the point and real." ... written by CrispyCrabCakes
Wonderful woman! Great listener! beautiful soul :)) thank you!" ... written by zeina
excellent! :)" ... written by CrispyCrabCakes
I have tried several psychs and always come back to her... She is gem of a person and always NEVER ever her predictions have gone wrong... she goes to the dept of problem and tell everything perfectly... Love her... My best guidance and friend... God Bless her!" ... written by Pooja
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<" ... written by
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