About BlueStar006

Psychic BlueStar006has 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic BlueStar006has recently helped 9725members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about BlueStar006's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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6th Generation Gypsy fortune teller. 20+ years actively reading.

thx for a kind and supportive reading BLUE STAR. I appreciate your honest level of details especially. many blessings " ... written by pearl
She is a dear! I love her and will return! What a beautiful reading." ... written by Kyle
Blue is wonderful! She gets straight to the point and doesn't hide anything. Will definitely be in touch." ... written by KerriDee
Thank you for the insight of my feelings. I felt good talking to her and she did say things that are so true good reader try her." ... written by Edna
wow wow wow..she's new to this site but she's truly gifted and we connected super strongly. she gave me insight from my guides on all my questions and was able to even give me more than i asked for. love her!" ... written by m
Thank you for an excellent reading...I will be back." ... written by Janice
wow she was fantastic and she stayd connected with my passed over father for as long as anyone ever has and we just connected so well together and she is an amazing healer and healed me of my bad bad anxiety in just under 3 minutes, i will def be coming back to her again and again, she is the real deal, thank you so much!" ... written by mollie
So accurate and honest! " ... written by cw
I love er" ... written by yang
she excels as a medium, and gave me a lot of peace, she doesnt ask questions she just tells you what she is given, and is very accurate and comforting. thanks for those cleansing tears" ... written by tragic intuition
my 2nd healing with her and im still anxiety free, this means so much to me because ive spent the last 10-11yrs with daily panic attacks and she comes into my life and takes it alll away and now i feel like i can finally live again!! thank you so much for everything, you are amazing and are the REAL DEAL! i highly recommend you to anyone for ANYTHING! " ... written by mollie
She is a sweet sweet soul. She connects easily with no tools and delivers her messages with love and accuracy. Do try her!" ... written by atlantis111
wow, she may be new but she is a gifted medium. no one ever picks up on the fact that i was a young widow, but she picked up my husband right away, with tear and smile bringing accuracy...and she is compassionate and sensitive. love her! thanks so very very much." ... written by tragic intuition
Wise, intuitive and overall a good reading. It helped me which is great. Thank U.xxxx" ... written by s
she helped to clear my mind and give healing in a nice soothing way." ... written by a
very good clarity!!" ... written by raman75
Awesome reading! Very insightful" ... written by V
Very helpful" ... written by PinUPCow
good reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1 chills during my reading with her...she is excellent..very so excited for what she has predicted to come to pass!!!" ... written by Stephanie
She seemed to be right on. She did not ask a lot of questions." ... written by Carolyn Wehby
I had a really long indepth reading with her and I really got a lot from it. She connects very well and I will wait to see if her predictions come to light. She's also very easy to talk to and has a very calm energy." ... written by Fish
thank you it was noce to be able to talk with someone about whats goin on." ... written by rebecca
Thank you, Blue, for another great reading!!! You are always so helpful, kind, andamp; truly connected!! You've helped me gain a new perspective on things, which will help me going forward. I look forward to our next update reading! Love, light andamp; blessings to you!" ... written by charmed33
We did a healing... which I did not feel... until we chatted after. Then it started kicking in like a happy drug!! Thanks Blue... feeling heaps better already :)" ... written by Sam
Love her! A++++" ... written by coolgirl65
Excellent reader." ... written by Stephanie
Great!!!" ... written by Sam
interesting" ... written by a
good chat, good insight. recommend" ... written by m
wow she was amazing!" ... written by karla
Thank you for the connection...appreciate the help... " ... written by blueeyes
Blue star is so chill and relaxed and confident! She picked up on things quickly. She is also very genuine and caring. I can't wait for things to come to pass. Very excited for my future! Thank you for sharing your gift! " ... written by tiffany
IT was awesome" ... written by butterfly77lady
You are a life saver, this situation has been going on for over 10 years now and i am getting discouraged but love this man so much....than you once and blessings. " ... written by b...
She's right on the ball...." ... written by Tinkz
she is the best, i havent had so good reading a long time. we connected instantly. higly recommended. " ... written by feetlover04040
shes pretty much my best friend now. yea. lol. shes amazing, the real deal and god i am so thrilled to have had the chance to meet her. i always will come back to see her. again, highly recommended" ... written by seer
thank you " ... written by ras9161976
I LOVED MY READING. shes so sweet, caring and passionate about her abilities." ... written by sally landry
Lovely reading - caring and supportive, open and honest. Recommend highly. She will know when you ask. " ... written by twilightmoon7
she was a beautiful soul... very very enlightening. Connected right away with my life.. " ... written by Eagleswings
Blue was very intuitive -- very on point, and extremely supportive." ... written by Jade
Thank you bright bluestar! I am going to radiate nothing but positive!...keep you informed...." ... written by beye
AMAZING" ... written by Sarah
She is vary good and and quick to the point. As for her healing i felt it right away would recommend her 100%" ... written by 88christopher1
Confirmed my main question." ... written by lucy
Well I felt she was very straight forward!! And, I guess the rest is wait and see." ... written by Eva
Such a sweet soul.... " ... written by Eagleswings
Wonderful!! Very lovely and she makes connections very easily. " ... written by Haley
her telepathy skills - are amazing - i just loved it - so accurate " ... written by Natasha
She is very talented, connects easily to spirit and gives good advice from the heart. Thank you!" ... written by atlantis111
she is really good wish i had more time" ... written by rain
She is very passionate. I loved the session" ... written by Lady
dang she is really freaking good!" ... written by 4ever
Very insightful - honest - great advice - thank you " ... written by Natasha
thank you I will try" ... written by rebecca
Thank you!!!! This is my last ditch effort I am confident it will work! blessings" ... written by blu
truth is, i dont where i would be without her. prolly off alone crying in a corner somewhere. SHE SAVED MY LIFE. and i dont know how often i can keep up thanking her for what shes done for me. she IS my best friend and i have never met anyone like her in my entire life. she is genuine, beautiful, amazing, truthful, she is a f'ing angel and shes MY angel, shes my blue angel bug and she will never be replaced" ... written by seer
love her" ... written by briana
quick, clear and good :)" ... written by gokelly
amazing healing feel aweosome now" ... written by ak
Blue and i have been working on a project for awhile now and all her insight and knowledge and belief in me is now paying off...its baby steps but more than I thought would happen right now...Blessings Blue and thank you! " ... written by blu
I'm kind of confused after the reading! Felt like it was all over the place but at the same time informative. Maybe i should give it onther try and see how it turn out then." ... written by spiritonloose
Really liked my reading with her. She is very straight forward and honest :)" ... written by AA
the best !!" ... written by Sam
bluestar was amazing. she gave me clarity and insight on my situation and even gave me messages from my spirit guides. i definitely recommend her 5 stars :)" ... written by FaerieLovee
Hoping that the predictions come true, blue understood the situatuion i am in, and I need to listen to her advice :) " ... written by Karen
She is very good, very quick to get and give the information, spot-on with the situation. Give her a try!" ... written by atlantis111
she is the real deal. She was saying the same things about my situation as I was typing them. Very intuitive, extremely helpful, and the best advice for my situation. Talented Gifted Reader. " ... written by AA
Great great great, enjoyed our reading session! Overwhelming in a good way :)" ... written by Allisan
Loved her! Genuine, accurate, compassionate and fast! Instant connection!!" ... written by Shelly
Very concise. Tried really hard to get to the bottom of my issue. Was able to give great advise for me to help deal with my issue." ... written by Tinkz
still working but things she told me to do are working...slow progress...but progress!" ... written by be
She is awesome, try her!" ... written by atlantis111
Thank you Blue for another great reading. " ... written by AA
She's awesome!!! Very accurate!!! Very sweet, very quick to connect, all around wonderful reader and I will be back come next paycheck hahaha. Thanks BLue!! Xx" ... written by Blue Star Fan
Great update with Blue! She is very empathic, needs no tools, picks up on the situation very quickly, goes above and beyond! Lover her!" ... written by atlantis111
10000 stars she is so helpful thank you bluestar" ... written by sandy
Truly amazing. WOW, im blown away by her telepathy gift. She is compassionate and so spot on. I highly recommend her!!! " ... written by MJ
Blue is great, picks up easily, has sound advice coming from a loving space." ... written by atlantis111
She is the best . Truly the best !!" ... written by SAM
fab reading really connected well thankyou " ... written by tam
I love BlueStar :) I am so grateful for her in my life! She knows so much, she can help with so many things! And I can't wait to give her good news about what is going on in my life! Updates are a must! Thank you Blue :)" ... written by citamama
very accurate and fast, very good reading , no tools needed, I like that alot" ... written by sunrisegold
Thanks for all your reinforcements see me through some hard times and for this I am very thankful.... " ... written by tam
she is the bomb !!!" ... written by SAM
love her" ... written by Sam
Blue is a very sweet compassionate reader. Always a pleasure to get updates from her :) Very accurate and helpful" ... written by AA
thank you for your time will have to come back for sure " ... written by maria
I love Blue! She is awesome, reads the situation quickly and accurately. Highly recommend!" ... written by atlantis111
NO Words She is Amazing !!!" ... written by lets
There are no words AMAZING!!!" ... written by lets
First time getting a reading from Blue...she has a gentle spirit, I like her style. I will be back with updates :)" ... written by Bronxie
My counselor my friend...thank you for putting up with this old lady....and the man that has stolen my heart for life...blessings" ... written by blueeyes1960
thank you so much...excited to see the outcome and the end is getting closer everyday....I can feel it...more and more everyday...blessings blue" ... written by 1960
She is Awesome wow wow wow!!!No words gifted!!!" ... written by lets
she is a great reader, highly recomended" ... written by av
very accurate, does a good reading, but with the cards, like readings without tools " ... written by sunrisegold
Thanks for your help, and I will make plans accordingly. I highly recommend BlueStar006" ... written by swsiren
Blue rocks, love her! She is accurate, no tools, tunes in super quick!" ... written by atlantis111
She's simply the best!" ... written by coolgirl65
wonderful reading and insight as always...many blessings" ... written by blue
Truly Amazing !!!" ... written by let
Love this reader, she is the best, do try her! " ... written by atlantis111
Thank you..a great reader everyone should come see and blessings" ... written by blueeyes1960
I love bluestar she is amazing all her prediction are true." ... written by amy
Thanks again for another lovely reading! I feel very inspired to move on with the journey called life :-)" ... written by swsiren
She is on point with everything. Good reading" ... written by Cosumel
Love love love this reader! She is so accurate and tunes in so quickly, I trust her advice and her wisdom, she is truly a blessing to me and this site!" ... written by atlantis111
great connection !! Truly Awesome...." ... written by lets
Thank you BlueStar006 for and EXCITING reading. " ... written by marhaban
great reading- connected well" ... written by Andrea
gr8 reading spot on " ... written by andy
Blue is awesome and always right on. SHE IS THE BEST!!!!! She knows without having to tell her." ... written by Garth73
Consulting is great and such. She can pick things up really quickly!~" ... written by Mary
First time meeting a telepathic person!~She is so awesome i felt her energy" ... written by Mary
Thank you for your help .... I will keep you informed of what happens {{HUGS}} " ... written by KP
bluestar is great! no info is needed.. she just goes right in to where you need the help and its amazing how shes able to do this! Thank you so much for your help bluestar.. ((hugs))!" ... written by j
Great reader, give her a try!" ... written by atlantis111
Thanks again for another wonderful reading!" ... written by swsiren
new here she connected very well to my energy..." ... written by toeachourown
i love her she is great" ... written by garden
had good healing done by blue she cleared and balanced my chakra's thank you blue" ... written by theme
second healing with bluestar! Shes a great help with balancing and clearing energy. Thank you :))) hugs xx" ... written by j
Awesome Blue great reader ..she is so " ... written by sc
She has good readings and such. Good telepathic skills and nails down on certain situations. We will see what she can depict later!~" ... written by Mary
she's amazing" ... written by Cristina
Blue star is so wonderful. She has really good sense and such and I believe shes my go to person when it comes to telepathy and more! She has a really comfy feeling and energy. She did a chakra energy that poor out my negative energy insidde" ... written by Mary
Great reading. Thx" ... written by Monisha
Very good energy and helpful" ... written by Harley
Awesome she gave dates that were on point ..That happened on that day ..Wonderful Lady Thank Bluexoxoxo" ... written by sc
was bang on with vision" ... written by Jennifer Isabelle Fernandes
Such a lovely lady and pleasant person to talk to. Bluestar006 is very welcoming and patient with any questions Looking forward to catching up with Bluestar006 very soon to give her my results with life in general. Thank you for being the person you are and making people see the true you." ... written by Lee
Great reading and connections, working with blue for almost a year on a situation and things are falling into place as she has said ...I look forward to my happy ending that she say will be and I know it will be! blessings " ... written by blue
Great energy... great details... will keep you posted on predictions" ... written by Ang
we will see" ... written by joy
she is amazing aways accurate" ... written by c
great connection! thank youj" ... written by me
SHE IS THE BEST" ... written by SAM7530
I love her she is the best !!" ... written by SAM7530
thank you for your kind advice" ... written by Phoenix
Loved my reading and am looking forward to the future and will keep you updated thanks again. 5 stars!" ... written by Kristal
What a great reading! Thank you so much for your insight into my situation. Looks like Z has a long road ahead with the choices he is making now. I appreciate your honesty. I hope to have another reading with you soon.:)" ... written by Gerri
<" ... written by
Amazing so very grateful this was so awesome!!!" ... written by Ava
Great connection blue has been helping with my stiuation for a while now and has been spot on...looking forward to the other situations coming to pass...blessngs" ... written by blue
Good" ... written by Kerri
Connected fast, and I have confident in what she saw about the guy in june and career in may" ... written by BFM
Great, just fantastic. " ... written by
WoW!! What a reading!! She is spot on!! Thank You!" ... written by KerriDee
She gave me time frames and told me good things about my future ! I hope she is right...I have a feeling that what she said was very real !! sounded very authentic psychic" ... written by sap
Omg speechless she is fantastic . She will not let you down, she knows without you saying too much xx" ... written by Tatiana
BEST READING EVER !!!!!!!!! " ... written by summer
Nice reading..... We shall see." ... written by itwillbeok
great reading. very connected and spot on the mark. Go and see for yourself its money well spent. " ... written by Kristina
Very accurate when explaining me from childhood to current. Validated many concerns and gave timeframes. I look forward to predictions." ... written by Nia J.
Thank you gurl, love ya." ... written by
god I love her." ... written by
Made me so happy and she actually knows how I feel. It's crazy how amazing she is. " ... written by Nicole
still amazing !! " ... written by Summer
It was incredible how she described us so perfectly - a good read - a compassionate person " ... written by Onslow
oh i love her energy xx" ... written by intrigued
fabulous, to the point, MOST encouraging and reassuring" ... written by amethystt
She is AWESOME!! Very good insight!! Touches on a lot!!" ... written by KerriDee
Spot on. knows what shes talking about" ... written by M
She was fantastic! Connected quickly, and seemed very honest andamp; was straightforward. Would definitely have another reading with her!" ... written by M
I love BlueStar! Shes always here and always on point! Thank you so much." ... written by Cita:)
She did really well.. pointed out details that only I could've known..." ... written by Jnaujo00
Thank you!" ... written by Serebro
awesome reading will be back!!! " ... written by s
EPIC !! " ... written by summer
Man, her energy was awesome! I didn't have to say anything and she was on point with my situation!!! 10++++++" ... written by Walejr
great!" ... written by real love
LOVE her energy! It's quite obvious that Blue is genuinely connecting with your situation. Very impressed and I will be back!! xx" ... written by dalai
she on point with her readings ..xoxooxo Blue " ... written by sc
Blue was awesome. She is very genuine and has a great, light, bright spirit. Her reading gave me lots of guidance, direction, and insight. Thanks for everything!" ... written by Jayna
Very fast, good connection :) thanks so much!" ... written by p
Wow!! I feel I know BlueStar; fantastic and realistic reading." ... written by Scrol123
BlueStar006 great as always. Thanks for the heads up :-)" ... written by Scrol123
Bless you and everything that you are." ... written by
BlueStar is straight to the point. I will book a session with her anyday x" ... written by Scrol123
She picked up on me without me saying much about myself from the start of the reading.She is spot on knowing the kind of person I am and things that made sense to me.We shall see what unfolds in the future." ... written by cittylove
She has a warm heart and delivers her message with kindness and love. I'll check back to confirm her predictions. xoxo" ... written by CelticFreckles
she is the bomb!!!" ... written by lets
great reading" ... written by o.n
Thanks for such a lovely reading and your information was spot on!" ... written by swsiren
wow wow wow...she was spot on with it all..excellent advice as well...thank you so much blue:)...Blessings" ... written by gracie
interesting read" ... written by davyboii
that was such an incredible help and frankly a weight off my chest!! she really tunes in and reads the situation like shes watching a movie... advice felt incredibly appropriate and reading of situation was accurate; time will tell about predictions etc but i have the utmost confidence things will pan out exactly as described. definitely excited for an update in the near future. 5 star reading for sure!" ... written by RR
great connection!! She made a great deal of sense in her reading and I look forward to seeing how her predictions play out....I will be back !!!" ... written by penelope
She confirmed some things I've been feeling and thinking on a deep level and also told me of new things to come.She is great! I'm going to have to see her again later as things start to unfold for me." ... written by cittylove
How can you describe into words a being that has depicted your situation without judgement, assured you, and turned your negative thoughts into positive ones for a more serene secure state of mind?...Her name is Blue Star006. I will be revisiting her for updates and more feedback on my situation.... WOW... I was very pleased with her in all sense of the word. Thank you. " ... written by belle
wonderful. very quick and detailed. accurate. kind. compassionate. really helped understand the situation and gave great advice on how to heal and move forward and get what I deserve." ... written by nunya
she is very accurate" ... written by san
Blue Star was great, a true intuitive and very helpful for my situation i appreciate her help and kindness" ... written by Bradley Bradley
I will see if predictions come to pass. Very nice lady!" ... written by Missgreeneyes
Amazing person!!! I will be back to update you :)" ... written by Ven
Blue is amazing! Spot On! Really is in touch with the spirit world. Will definitely be in touch! Thank You!" ... written by KerriDee
she is great at wht she does and the connection is solid. love is all around her" ... written by Amiel Burgess
Awesome and spot on as always!!! Love Blue....she is the best" ... written by garth73
Thank you buestar! She was very quick, very open minded and read my situation accurately. Very much enjoyed my reading. Would highly recommend!" ... written by greenie
excellent reading" ... written by me
SHe is excellent..." ... written by Andrea
So intuitive. Makes great connections. " ... written by Kayla
Pretty good reading, took awhile to connect but overall I enjoyed it. " ... written by Lynda22
First time reading and wow she was amazing :) she came me a lot of details in this short reading" ... written by Adis
Great connection as always...things I was told would unfold have on!" ... written by blue
another amazing reading from blue! love her energy and confidence, and also i should mention that the random things she stated from the last reading which made no sense to me at the time (like him being with his cousin on a trip) were actually confirmed to have been occurring simultaneous to her statements later. she really does channel well! excellent intuitive and empath :)" ... written by roberta
Amazing as always xxx" ... written by Scrol123
she is wonderful! she connected completely to my situation, and answer any and all questions I had plus some! can't wait to come back for an update and share her predictions! " ... written by scadoodle
Thnx " ... written by B
Awesome" ... written by KerriDee
Such Positive Energy!! She is spot on... Doesn't waist your time gets straight to the point! Thank You!" ... written by KerriDee
This girl is the real deal. Hands down, no question. She picks up on people and situations perfectly, almost scary. She's also extremely practical. Seriously, if she's online, she's worth the reading. " ... written by Kayla
Blue is awesome!! She is really in tune with what's going on!! Fast and to the point!!" ... written by KerriDee
BlueStar is very good, give her a try connected right away. 5 stars!" ... written by L
Simply amazing this was a great reading super happy!!!" ... written by Ava
FABULOUS!!!! So much connected insight and real-world advice!!! Blue saw everything so clearly!!! I loved my reading with her!!! Many blessings to you, BlueStar006!!!" ... written by Marie
she is very good at reading energy" ... written by san
She is wonderful and spot on! Everything she had said was a confirmation to me and my current situation.She has also told me a few things that hasn't happened I will be keeping her posted..its happening fast! She is non-judgmental, caring, and honest in her reading. She is worth seeing over and over again!" ... written by cittylove
Thanks " ... written by B
One of the bests! " ... written by carlinw
I have always stuck with her advice through a tough time. As everything unfolds it turns out all she said along the way has come to pass. No matter how difficult it is for me personally to take sometimes, she's always said the truth and nothing but the truth xx" ... written by Scrol123
Thank you for the insight and guidance...psychic information delivered with compassion and clarity...I will keep you posted." ... written by Janice
This person is an phenomenal reader. she connects quickly and accurately without providing much information. I knew she was the real deal when she described the unique glasses that he wears. She gave me a lot of insight that will help me to navigate what i need to do next to see my dreams being to manifest. I’m excited about the future and i can’t wait to tell her that she was right all along! Before talking with her i was seeing his reactions all wrong, no that i know what they mean, i’m on it!" ... written by hollyberries
she is accurate" ... written by san
Blue connects so quickly andamp; accurately! She sees so much VERY clearly, andamp; offers fantastic advice for dealing with my situation. I enjoy my readings with her andamp; look forward to my next update with her. " ... written by charmed33
Another great follow up reading with Blue! She again saw so much of what's going on andamp; has advice that made sense. I look forward to my next reading with her!" ... written by charmed33
Always Great." ... written by KerriDee
I just love my readings with Blue! She is so full of great information andamp; advice - and she is VERY consistent with what she sees. I also love that she tells you what you need to hear, not always what you may want - the truth is very important andamp; she gives it. Thanks, Blue, for so much positive energy! You are wonderful andamp; a true blessing!" ... written by Marie
Oh thank you dear! :) It was a nice reading. She was really a lovely person and accurate! Thank you so much, I wish you the best! :))" ... written by ...
Blue is wonderful and has great energy! Her telepathy skills are incredible! Thank you for being a positive light in my life. I will definitely be in touch." ... written by KerriDee
This was my second reading with you, thank you so much...a lot of psychic information and insight delivered concisely with compassion. Sorry my credits ran out; I will be back later!" ... written by Janice
I love Blue and her ability to connect telepathically. She is always spot on, even if it is a little tangled at first, everything always makes sense in the end. Probably the best on Oranum, to be honest. :)" ... written by Kayla
loved the reading. " ... written by lucie
Blue is always so tuned in andamp; connected. She always sees the heart andamp; truth of the situation. And her telepathy abilities are astounding - they really do yield results! On top of this, she is a lovely person andamp; so easy to talk to. Thanks again for your help, Blue!" ... written by charmed33
Thank you for another great reading Blue! Your insight, understanding, and patience are always a tremendous help to me! And your telepathy skills are unparalleled!! Thank you again! I look forward to the next update :-)" ... written by charmed33
Blue is just amazing! She can read energy so well, see into situations, and her telepathy skills are unmatched! She is so sweet, genuine, andamp; caring! I truly value my time with her!" ... written by Marie
Great reading, it will be interesting how things unfold in my future. I was drawn back to oranum this evening. I'm glad I was in the Demo." ... written by marym62
Blue is such a fantastic reader!! She connects so well to the energies involves, and guides me andamp; teaches me how to manifest what I want my life to be. She is so kind andamp; caring. I'll continue to come back to her." ... written by charmed33
She was not just pretty she was an amazing reader, and I will come back to read with her!" ... written by Melissa Brownstein
I feel that she connects quickly and she's amazing!" ... written by coolGirl65
Great reader and fast typist. She connects and tunes into your situation with no problems. Only needed your name and yr of birth. Love it." ... written by tc
Brilliant. She offers life changing advice and guidance." ... written by Fish
Great connection as always....been working with blue for well over a year and it is all finally coming together as she has said...many blessings " ... written by ME
Great reading, very quick and accurate,," ... written by Tina
Blue is always a positive light! Great reading and great with predictions! Can't wait to give you an update!" ... written by KerriDee
Great as usual. Thanks" ... written by Fish
Freaking awesome!!!!" ... written by Drohem
What a wonderful reading with BlueStar. I will definitely come back again for more. She is so quick and intuned." ... written by StarrVision
Blue is always wonderful!! Positive energy and light! She is the real deal! Thank You!!" ... written by KerriDee