About DreamDetective

Psychic DreamDetectivehas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic DreamDetectivehas recently helped 44members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about DreamDetective's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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As a reader I was amazed at what he connected with myself... honest, loveable kinda guy great, entity to enteract with... teaches you as well about yourself and areas you may not even look into... " ... written by jostens
I was so impressed by DreamDetective, he was simply amazing in his read andamp; perceptions in my situation! I highly recommend him and I will be seeking a follow up soon!" ... written by W
great" ... written by mimiroo
He is really good" ... written by mimiroo
Wow, truly amazing. Love him, his energy is so warm and caring xx" ... written by blackcat06
He is really amazing. I never thought that he is such a good and well experienced Psychic. I loved the reading with him. Thank you!" ... written by Robinson
Really brilliant reading. Loved it and he is so calming and wonderful. I will be back!!" ... written by scaredtolose
Chris is wonderful....He was able to help me understand my situation...andamp;quot;Great Readingandamp;quot; " ... written by Sheri2448
OMG he is just incredible! Very very kind very intellegant. I was so stressed out before I spoke with him and I could feel the stress just melting away as he gave me ideas and showed me ways to move on that the future is looking good. Also gave me some ideas on how to dream so I could connect with a passed family member. Looking forward to talking with him again in a few months to let him know the outcomes. Make sure you have paper and pen because he tells you alot and you will want to write it all down. Thank U DreamDetective! XOXO " ... written by mj1963
A TRUE inspiration!" ... written by Vanessa
Thank you!!!!!!!! Awesome" ... written by ghostface1983
Great guy who helped me with all my questions with awsome feedback...thanks" ... written by shaniqualanders
Wonderful and good reader, I like his style and he's real. You can tell he's not reading a script but his readings are sincere and coming from the heart." ... written by designerwithin
I enjoyed my reading with Chris! Not only did he ask me to pick the cards but I picked six wonderful cards for my situation. I look forward to seeing what happens. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Wonderful ! I'll follow his advice." ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Straight, honest, right to the point, great advice thank you " ... written by Life
Your great and when I win I will see ya !!! wonderful reader" ... written by rainwater05
I am very discriminate when it comes to selecting psychic advisors and just wanted to share that this man is realistic, practical, and helpful. I really enjoyed this chat. Perfect advice for my unique situation. I didn't provide many details at all, but he definitely picked up in the situation; alarmingly well. He provided sound advice that is actually what I've been doing, but hearing this advice from him was just a wonderful reassurance that I'm on the right path. All in all, a very warm and reassuring reading. Very genuine and caring. Thank you DreamDetective!" ... written by kristen3887
He is very getleman, he teach me lot of things to reach my goal. i will be back to him again." ... written by TUSHAN
Wonderful.................so impressed!" ... written by Cari1961
Wonderful reader, very calming" ... written by quazar51
He is fantastic great knows exactly what he is talking about I had the best reading and time I would recommend him to anyone xxxxxxxx thanks luv" ... written by vicky2112
Ok, more counsellor than psychic." ... written by maryannepav
He was really good!" ... written by allbright
His predictions jive with the ones from a few other psychics here at Oranum. He made suggestions and will be doing them. He seems genuinely concerned about my situation. Hope the predictions come true. Thank u for a wonderful reading!!!!" ... written by ceffie
He is a funny guy and I had a great reading I could of talked to him all night he is the real deal look him up I will talk to him again and again and again if you want the truth this is the guy to see" ... written by Vicky
He's given me a few pointers and definitely saw into the situation as it stands right now. :)) Will be back to chat again Chris Thanks!!! :))" ... written by mojo_jojo76
Cool to have finally met him here on Oranum! Practical advice and also picked up on an issue which was affecting my work. Very easy reading! :)" ... written by Archeia
brilliant reading" ... written by lucy29
he is so wonderful ands is wonderful in his knowlege. I will alway use chris for a long time to come. he has relly help me alot. highly highly recomend." ... written by rainwater05
Very good reading. He picked up on everything quite easily and accurately. I definately recommend him!" ... written by FishOutOfWater
Chris is not just adorable to listen and watch, he's got a great deal of insight and wisdom to share. He should be right up there at the top." ... written by lia_11
he was great i like everything he said i feel a little better now" ... written by qwenman
he was good!!!!!" ... written by thanku11
He had great insight and advise. Fabulous and helpful reading." ... written by celticfreckles
All I can say is Fantastic." ... written by Cari
fantastic .. " ... written by J
Faaaaaantaaastic!! He really helps me alot!!!" ... written by Soia
So great, I would trust this adviser 100%! So kind and very accurate." ... written by designerwithin
Very spot on, great insight and clarity. Thank you for your wisdom." ... written by wonderbaby
i have always trusted his psychic ability since 2007 when i was in alot of problems and whatever he said that time was like an angel guiding me . He has predicted on my dreams n also on my worries n situation and has been 100% spot on. The best psychic on this website, no sugar coating gives u the exact spot on answers. Predictions have come to pass since 2007 n even 2009 n 2010 n now again am back asking him questions." ... written by minumatharu
very good and good advice too :)" ... written by jessjess1
Wow wonderful person! Great advice!" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Such a sweet man and honest! You will love his readings......GIVE HIM A SHOT!!! You WONT be disappointed :)" ... written by divinedaughter
Super and very positive result from a real professional , with real understanding and comparsion and truely excellant. Super Chris and thank you very much indeed" ... written by mountainski
Nice connection.. today.. first time to his pv room . I made his day... brighter .. happier.. and memorable ... always stay the man you are,.... you give so much energy and healing advise to your chat clients ...I have sat back in the silence and observed this other times , but today . being this time of the yr .. felt the need to bring you a smile .. I don,t need to add that you are the consumate professional in your expertice .. Oranum knows what they have ... but to me you are a andamp;quot; Gem andamp;quot; .. embrace your God given talents .. and always share of youself.... for we know that what we give we will receive .. back ... two fold .. I have travelled many rds ... that lead me on so many intersting adventures ... and I still have a need to wander down them always curious what will meet me around the next curve... many bumps have jarred me... but they make the journey worth the wander.. Until we meet again.. BB " ... written by bberney
Chris is such a kind man!..He understood me and took the time to help with some answers...I appreciate that he is so compassionate and look forward to having a reading once again with him..Blessings to you Chris and thank-you~" ... written by flygirl777
I love this man dearly he is so sweet and helpful.....GOD BLESS THIS MAN!!!!" ... written by MagaskaweeAlgoma
Chris is a great Physic, he is right on with his ability to be able to connect with me as a true Physic should. You Chris are as real as they come. Thank you so much. Sherri2448" ... written by Sherri2448
He is great, friendly, wise! good guy! Funny. " ... written by vjrei01
very positive person and it helps you to bring out the best of you .... : )) thanks very much" ... written by sukychi
Fantastic reading." ... written by bbdo1234
Excellent, a lot of help" ... written by maryannepav
Keeping my fingers crossed" ... written by shona29
What a great guy. very accurate and soothing. Told it to me straight which I like. Would recommend" ... written by dstufra1
Good reader, positive. " ... written by vjrei01
He is amazing in what he knows... he is such a sweet man... have a private with him, you will be very glad that you did... WOW " ... written by Jillian40
He was insightful, and I felt like he contacted his guides to express information in a non-judgmental manner.(along with common-sense). Kudos!!! --" ... written by Sunshadow3
Very detailed and accurate!" ... written by tones71465
You are the greatest....." ... written by Sheri2448
You are amazing and a sweet, compassioante person! many blessings to you! and cant wait for all to happen :) LOL Take care!" ... written by HappyDays4u
He is amazing do not pass him you will surely miss out" ... written by crazyfaiery
Very helpful thank you!" ... written by jasminepapas
The best psychic in Oranum! Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
I really enjoy talking with this man. He is wise and brings a lot of relatable experiences into the conversation. I will be back." ... written by tara_mcm
Great guy, accurate, positive. " ... written by vjrei01
Fantastic Reading, Magnificent man who is kind and caring and the utmost professional. One of the finest readers I have ever met. I rate him 5 stars, he is a life changing experience not to be missed. Dream Detective is my favorite reader on this sight! He gives more than he takes, and is willing to help at 110 percent!" ... written by hopidestiny
We got cut off too soon as time goes quickly, but I feel he was on to something." ... written by halovm
Great guy " ... written by vjrei01
Unfortunately I ran out of time but thank you for a wonderful reading :) " ... written by iPreferMimi
Great, accurate." ... written by vjrei01
Wonderful person, told me specifically what to do to make it happen." ... written by sycammer781
Lovely man, with a refreshingly different perspective and angle on issues. Recommended. Talking to him, renewed and shifted my perception." ... written by belladonna8
Tunes in well. good reader. many thanks" ... written by presentiment
Very short time but pleasant thank you" ... written by imstargazing123
Very accurate, fast and professional! I would suggest to everyone! will be back for sure.. :)" ... written by freeedooom
He is so wonderful 5 stars for chris" ... written by rainwater05
I beleive in Chris genuinely and am very happy thanks Chris. 100 per cent accurate." ... written by GabbyOz
I just love Batman and Robin they are the stuff" ... written by MagaskaweeAlgoma
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Milanc21
Wonderful as always ;)!" ... written by mah
Dream you are the greatest, you cleared up things for me and now I understand why I felt the way I did. I also Ordered my Chart, It is beautiful, took it to kinko's and had it copied and put it in a frame, it now hangs in my office. Many Thanks Sheri2448" ... written by Sheri2448
He as always is on the spot. I always feel better when I talk to Chris. I gave clarity to what I already knew was going to happen. Love you Chris!" ... written by ellym3
I love him. He is very good, hit me to a tee. I will need to get more mins to do a big prv reading he great you all will love him. Thank you Chris! God bless you always, Joni " ... written by joni m standish
Such a fascinating man. He is great." ... written by tara_mcm
Second reading...lovely as usual. I adore his guidance!" ... written by alizaroncrimson
So far so good, our time was short, but I will go back and speak to him again!" ... written by counselor13
Chris is a very kind and considerate person who gave me clear directions which has lead to some peace within me. Will return...certainly. Thank you Chris!" ... written by WingVictory3
Very helpful and kind." ... written by RoonilWazlib
Excellent Excelllent Excellent" ... written by happy4eva
FABULOUS AS USUAL" ... written by alizaroncrimson
Very nice to talk with and I will try what was suggested and keep posted on what happens. I do have a positive outlook now. Thanks so much!" ... written by lisa
Great!!!!" ... written by lccort
Ran out of credits but all he said was accurate and very helpfull in the time i had! first time had private with him and very pleased! thank you :) " ... written by Jodyleelee
Comforting again, luv you chris " ... written by ellym3
Wonderful!" ... written by mzgg85
Love him! The best I have had on here so far!" ... written by jettstar7777
You are the greatest, thank you, I will keep what you said in my heart..." ... written by Sheri2448
Very fast and kind. I very much enjoyed private. Will be back!" ... written by wendic
Nice reading." ... written by bebo90
Always consistent with me, love you! Put mind at ease!" ... written by ellym3
So sweet! I am looking forward to speaking with you again!" ... written by jen1210
Thanks Chris. We will keep meditating and praying! Thanks!" ... written by Charlie0605
Always makes me feel good about everything." ... written by ellym3
Very honest man. I trust your every word." ... written by 121GARGOYLE
Always puts me at ease " ... written by ellym3
He gave me an email reading..it was detailed and was very honest no fairy tales just only what he sees..he gave me also an interpretation of charts which i found very useful.i will give him an update when things progress. Thank you." ... written by delmark
Very interesting. Never had a reading like this. Try it out. It was good!!" ... written by nytango1234
Good advises! recommended!" ... written by hellokittylynii
AWESOME! Very awesome! He knows so much instantly!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Wonderful reading, very specific and gave very helpful advice on how to go about things and issues at hand." ... written by Amir
Definitely will come back for more readings!" ... written by hellokittylynii
Chris is really down to earth! He certainly is correct when he says that he is not airy-fairy. I am so incredibly happy that I decided to do a reading with him today as he has given me some excellent practical ideas that I can start implementing today. Thank you so much, Chris!" ... written by justinsensei
Very cool very informative a true psychic..and helped me also to understand the situation in my country...he is telling things as there is whether you like it or not. Thank you so much ....." ... written by delmark
Excellent reading !!!" ... written by Bojan99
Like always you were fantastic, loved the reading. Thank you once again, god bless, see you again very soon. " ... written by joni203
It was great and good advice :) he seems very genuine. He wants to help and his advice was great! " ... written by xicabella2012
Great reading, really took his time!" ... written by janice41765
Love our private readings... :-)" ... written by Sheri2448
Thank you Chris. That was a good reading. The spirits talking to me" ... written by Charlie0605
:( sorry ran out of credit!" ... written by hellokittylynii
Very nice guy..." ... written by days0213
Did it for me again, said it's my choice now!" ... written by ellym3
Great reading!" ... written by crystalynne01
Beautiful read. Very nice energy " ... written by TT1225
I had an excellent reading with Chris. He is easy to talk to and very accurate and insightful." ... written by bopper76
Cool guy, really different reading!!!" ... written by zenman555
Very interesting! Love talking with Chris!" ... written by quaz101
Oh my goodness worth every penny made so much sense and the energy was amazing I will follow what he told me " ... written by sineadmc
Super star...One of the greatest in the world... He has "all the answers"." ... written by focusing
Excellent reading as awlays :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Great reading and insight! Def recommend ..." ... written by MayGirl
Great reading and thankyou. Excellent 5 star great guy." ... written by myeyesee
Wonderful reading :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Absolutely correct!" ... written by druvina1973
A gifted psychic and wonderful person!!! Very caring and concerned." ... written by Cassryder
Wow... accurate and very to the point!!!! i am honored to have done this by a world famous reader.... so worth it!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Counting on you! yay!" ... written by hellokittylynii
Excelent reading, thank you again" ... written by Bojan99
Very good guidens once again. Thank you Chris. Will let you know how things are going." ... written by Charlie0605
Magical reading for my girl. Thank you Chris she will be back. Lots of love and light to you." ... written by Charlie0605
He really is an expert on dreams, excellent reading, very helpful" ... written by maryannepav
So nice! I am going to take his advice! Thanks!!" ... written by shells71
Very, very, good. Gives excellnet advice and tells you what to do to help you.. He is one of the very very best." ... written by focusing
Thankyou!" ... written by roopkaur87
An exciting read, with an exciting and hopeful result. Thank you, it was so needed. Now I can start to relax." ... written by gypsyrose33
Great Job!!!" ... written by smtamondong
The most lovely honest impressive Man I met! he is great help." ... written by linata
Wonderful reading again, thanks." ... written by Bojan99
Sweet sweet man!! love him and he is on the ballllllllll" ... written by wonderwoman29
Very kind and accurate! Thank you premonition Man!" ... written by djordan6898
Very useful and positive. Really got to heart of situation. Honest and compassionate." ... written by oiseau67
Great...right on the money" ... written by focusing
Very good reading he listens and expalins everything so i can understand it. I am hopeful and looking forward to my chart. I truely believe he is the real deal as the saying goes. He can see what is really going on." ... written by slkyslky
Wow.. It feels great to finally have a reading in private with him.. I am truly amazed and honoured to have a private reading with the Dream Detective.. I'd seen all the TV shows, almost everything about him and already knew what it was going to be like in a one-on-one with him. Still, I wasn't expecting this much:) You are truly gifted Chris and i cannot thank you enough for our reading.. Full of wisdom, full of great advice.. Thank you:))" ... written by LoveElly
So happy!!! I feel a lot more confident about my gifts thanks to Dreamdetective! :) Thank you so much!!! Would read again with him! Very helpful! :D" ... written by BellaDecadance
Chris is brilliant. He is a very calm, down to earth guy and explains your chart in very simple terms without getting too technical; which is great for the novice.. He also pays very close attention to your questions and gives indepth detail and will continue after private reading in chat room if he needs to finish what he was explaining to you." ... written by cabriolet1
Very sweet, nice, comfortable to talk too...ty u so much I will becoming back again ty so much for ur advice" ... written by BESTGIFT32
Very inspiring! Nice Read!" ... written by quaz101
Loved the chart and being able to see the comparable of the 2 of us. Really enjoyed his reading." ... written by PMitchell
Just had a very very long chat with DreamDetective about life. Went to learn about the meaning of my dreams but not only did he give me some powerful bits of information- he just handed over a wealth of knowledge and confidence in being who I am and how important my life is to this universe :) I am so glad to have found him!!! His readings are brilliant and thoroughly insightful :) :)" ... written by manijhe
What a brilliant, lovely man. That has sent all my fears away. I believe in him. He has a very special talent, you must try for yourselves." ... written by littlefishy1
Thanks so much for the reading and showing me the charts. It all makes sense. " ... written by allove197
Nice and objective! great read!" ... written by quaz101
Thanks chris, always reassuring of things!" ... written by GM
So good, thanks so much!" ... written by mirosabi
You have helped me so much. I really appreciate for kindness." ... written by katie46
Fantastic. I loved his reading so informative from start to finish. So insightful ! Will be back." ... written by Beccaboo72
Awesome as always! highly recommended!! accurate, to the point, really delivers. trust him you can't go wrong" ... written by zenman555
Hugs, hugs, hugs" ... written by ellym3
Excellent as usual, always enjoy his readings." ... written by maryannepav
Absolutly wonderful" ... written by punkinpie1201
Thank you so much for the reading. Your usage of the charts was amazing and brought light to many things. You were spot on about so many areas." ... written by GordonsOnlyGirl
I felt like I found a light" ... written by bonnie78
Great reading!!" ... written by Bojan99
I think Chris is amazing we both born in the same area so there was a connection and his help and advice was amazing thank you so much!! Peace and Love " ... written by MickeyL77
Another Excellent reading with DreamDetective! Thank you for all your advice and support! I will be returning for more guidance and help. :)" ... written by BellaDecadance
Excellent I always get a lot out of his readings" ... written by maryannepav
He is Good !!" ... written by bisdhdh
Great job!" ... written by tk40000
He is so wonderful. Very comforting and practical at the same time." ... written by katie46
Awesome, definitely be back." ... written by kellourex
So reassuring and positive, will wait and see what happens and keep you informed. Please send me my chart on my community page if you can. Thank you again." ... written by sissy2373
Very thorough and hits the nail on the head. I loved our private chat." ... written by needsclarity
World Class!!! Fantastic!! One of the very very best..." ... written by focusing
Recommended if you're serious." ... written by Merlin160
Aweosme Fantastic Thank you for all the Great info and Advice.. Great Great Man!!! Much Love to you!!" ... written by Rudi33
VERY GOOD THANK YOU SO MUCH" ... written by nac021
Great reading thank you." ... written by maynardtony
Very nice person, accurate about the man in question. Great advice." ... written by karolinkush
Sir.....thank you...i wanted to talk for a longer time...but the connection kept crashing.....thank you ....i will do as you said....remember my cards...remember what you asked me to do....wish you stay the same and good comes your way.....thank you please pray for me!" ... written by shenazi89
I feel better but I think its going to be hard but thank you" ... written by LynVin
Gave me some nice advice." ... written by JaySora3
Chris is a lovely caring man and I enjoyed my reading with him he knew all about me an what help I need. x" ... written by AngieBaby35
Absolutely impeccable reading! Beyond amazing." ... written by texas_swift_fox
Thank you again for the reading you did for me, hoping that the wishes you do for d and me will work. I am staying positive it is just hard." ... written by sissy2373
The new found friend and angel rolled into one I ever met! Thanks, Chris! " ... written by ondoutsidelookin
He's d best medium I met! Brought clarity to my long lost query about a certain dream. Thanks a lot for great help!" ... written by ondoutsidelookin
Wonderful reading as always. :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Great follow up. Will keep you posted." ... written by Charlie0605
Very very good and very nice guy thanks." ... written by sky456
Great Reading! Very insightful and helpful." ... written by bbrunner21
5 stars to chris I absolutely think he is the real deal he is genuine and caring and goes the extra mile for you.... 5 stars to him." ... written by murdocca
Brilliant! I really enjoyed DreamDetective`s reading! He really was very helpful and insightful!!!! " ... written by vixxoo
Awesome reading! Thank you DreamDetectives. You have helped me a great deal." ... written by coursematters1
He is wonderful! Lovely, sensitive, intuitive reader! First time today - and I've been wow'ed. Coming back for more. :) Thank you." ... written by Nacnudhrofsphoae
Very good reading with details. Thank you." ... written by whishes43
Chris is great and I will be back!!" ... written by marionlyttle
He is an awsome guy' and very good i believe what he is saying is going to be ture" ... written by supergordon24
Very enlightening experience!" ... written by brightsoul84
He seems very good! I'll wait for his predictions. He gave me great advice. I will be back!" ... written by cathyq
He is very detailed! Thanks Chris!!! =)) " ... written by kingpi
Awesome. Accurate." ... written by druvina1973
A very dear man , lots of wisdom thank you so much" ... written by gipsygirl
Thank you so much chris, laid all my worries to rest :) thank you for everything xx" ... written by numberthree3
Thank you so much for your excellent guidance." ... written by Bloomie
Helped! " ... written by o5moose14shell
Interpretations of Birth Charts are amazingly accurate!" ... written by esung89
Luv you!" ... written by ellym3
Very good he is so lovely and picks up really quick a great reader thanks :)" ... written by hellzbellz
Awesome reader, much respect!" ... written by anwarismaili
I think I have just found the person I will connect with as my guid for life! You are one of a kind man! Love your energy." ... written by taurusmay5
Amazing" ... written by adonnelly76
FABULOUS!" ... written by Nacnudhrofsphoae
Unique as always" ... written by taurusmay5
It was amazing! Just amazing!" ... written by amnarashid
He's so wonderful! So very kind." ... written by carolinerose
So kind! :D" ... written by jrrtoken
Lovely, compassionate man." ... written by Uniqueone1950
Brilliant!!" ... written by sky456
Hes amazingly awesome!" ... written by anwarismaili
Accurate!" ... written by lccort
Brilliant. So helpful, so kind, so accurate. Truly a gift to Oranum." ... written by lilwildspirit
He picked up on my needs immediately just in free chat and when I took him private he gave me confirmation. He is amazing and very accurate." ... written by dabountychic119
GOOD, LIKE THE WAY HE WORKS ;) THANK U !" ... written by upandaway
Great reading as always, thanks so much. See that pendulum swing!! Amazing!!" ... written by oiseau67
Excellent reading! Gained a lot of understanding of the process happening currently. Thank you and God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Oh no! Run out of time :(" ... written by pinkstyle
He is MARVELOUS! And amazing." ... written by amnarashid
Incredible!" ... written by Circe6222
A good healing and guidance session. He helped me unblock my channel and do some very deep healing. Thank you!" ... written by mahoo122
A true miracle! All questions he answered for me came to pass. Wonderful gift to us all! Quite a talent. 5 stars INDEED!" ... written by Nacnudhrofsphoae
Great Reading! Very informative." ... written by yvettepandora
I have to wait and see what happens but for today I will say 5 stars!" ... written by jackie2728
Immediate recognition and clarity on the situation. Good advice on what to do next." ... written by s2s
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I will let you know what I dream. :) Thanks, talk to you soon!" ... written by lwjordan
You're truly AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!!! I will leave more feedback as we do the work!!! Peace and love!!!" ... written by bunny222222
Wonderful reading he was a good help" ... written by bubblemagic78
Great reading, very helpful!" ... written by ozlemu
Great reading and will come back again. Very helpful" ... written by paloosa
Out of this world... one of the best readings i've ever had!" ... written by blumuse
I just think Dream is the best!" ... written by Australiana16
Love this guy, honest, sincere, good energy healing and guidence. He even dreamed about me and my circumstances. Thanks DreamDetective." ... written by mahoo122
Very helpful !!!!! Fantastic!" ... written by sdosramos
Thank you very helpful!" ... written by sdosramos
My number 1 psychic. 5***** plus!" ... written by Catherine50
So detailed and fantastic- gave me hope about the future (: " ... written by Sam_Hope2
Excellent....very talented...accurate too" ... written by focusing
Thanks Chris, look forward to some more!" ... written by darhorse
Excellent reading" ... written by bopper76
Brilliant reading I would recommend him for sure straight to the point, thanks!" ... written by hellzbellz
Excellent... Very accurate!" ... written by focusing
Very informative, insightful and reassuring reading. Will definitely be back for updates. " ... written by Gene
Excellent....very accurate" ... written by focusing
Fantastic" ... written by Catherine50
One word: awesome!" ... written by sincerly7
He was good." ... written by Antranae1
Absolutely brilliant." ... written by sky456
Such a lovely man! So fun, so funny. I want to sit with him in a den and talk to him for hours. His session was quite different from others, fun to try a different approach." ... written by AleahRyder
Very informative and insightful and easy to talk to..Thank you Chris." ... written by aquamarine11
Good, will update with the time frame... When I come back next... Unfortunately time ran out :(" ... written by Rahul
Brilliant reading, Chris knew my heart and wishes and helped me to see a path to possibly achieve my hearts desires. Thank you Chris, great reading. I recommend a reading!" ... written by Smiler926
He was so spot on. The first psychic that actually made sense and at least now I know what to do to get my love back!!!" ... written by JO19851985
Totally on target, helped alot and was so real to my issues." ... written by clover_58
Thank you for your guidance :) I'll try the note tonight and hope that she comes to m, even if it is just in my dreams. I'm currently building a family tree, so I may find that letter E!" ... written by rattylovemuffin
He is very accurate." ... written by xomena
So so sooo wonderful!!!" ... written by Ariadne62
Superstar...Excellent ...very accurate and always has been with me... GOOD PSYCHIC AND VERY GOOD FRIEND OF YOU TOO. " ... written by focusing
Highly recommended!!! Thank u so much sir wonderful reading and help.. u r truly amazing person...Thanks to guides and god...LOVE LIGHT AND PEACE TO U " ... written by n
Dream Detective was very attentive and knew exactly that my problems in my past were not of my making. He set about walking me through the process of drawing on divine power to heal me and taught me to do it myself as well. He is a a very compassionate man and I look forward to working with him again." ... written by MaryB11
Always good to talk with dream, very very accurate." ... written by sky456
Great reading and very thorough!! Will be back again." ... written by JosephNaz
Thank you so much for your help, it really means a lot." ... written by MissMaddie
Great interpretation of my dream providing clarity on what is going on around me! Thank you!" ... written by Mel0Dee
Wonderful reading. Lovely caring soul. spot on!" ... written by krismic2
Highly recommended. He was very comforting and really took the time to check the situation and was very direct with the answer." ... written by megabee
Wonderful! Can't say it enough. Amazing!" ... written by krismic2
OMG FANTASTIC EXCELLENT A+++++ ONE OF THE BEST!" ... written by pinky55
Cool guy!" ... written by m
One word...AMAZING! " ... written by krismic2
Ohh very nice reading i appreciated it! " ... written by sdv2013
I love my chats with Chris. An amazing person. " ... written by krismic2
Gave me good insight into what he saw in the crystal ball. Things are coming round for me. Told me to keep believing." ... written by barbara gremillion
Very passionate man and very helpful. Thank you for your advice, will defiantly be applying it!" ... written by miranda
Wonderful! So helpful! Love him!" ... written by psymeow
Not your average psychic. He arouses the psychic in you with evidence on a scientific basis. 5 STARS!" ... written by emmanuel
Informative, accurate and very professional. Give him a try today!" ... written by Ian
His words helped me immensely!" ... written by yimzid
Experiences and wisdom talks! Great reading!" ... written by psymeow
I really enjoyed my reading with Dream detective. He used several techniques to answer my question. " ... written by Curiosity24
Dreamdetective fantastic right to the point, encouraging consoling." ... written by Hamijetlobo
So glad you're back! Excellent as usual." ... written by kristina
CHRIS IS A WONDERFUL ENIGMA, FASCINATING, HE IS SO Refreshing FROM a great deal of people I have met here. He is truly understanding consoling and helpful, great guidance and inspirational. Thanks for throwing me a rope so I can talc on to keep on going." ... written by hamijetlobo
I adore him! Feel like he is really trying to help me. Wish I were rich cause I'd call him at least once a week for advice. He knows his stuff and doesn't waste time. God bless this man!" ... written by Betty Bramblett
Fascinating, down to earth, caring, terrific and knowledgeable!" ... written by hamijetlobo
Thanks for the guidence I will follow it. God Bless." ... written by Munevera
Great insights thanks" ... written by Denise
He is great!" ... written by binkymio
I feel so connected to Chris , like I know him for such a long time. Good vibes between us, am sure everyone feels the same like knows him for long time. Very accommodating and helpful. Chris love you...Million stars" ... written by Myrna1960
Chris was his usual helpful cheery helpful self. I contact him whenever I can with my problems and he's been spot on in the past. He's 5*+ in my book. Wouldn't consult anyone else!" ... written by Catherine50
As always, guidng me in the right direction.. " ... written by Myrna1960
Cleared my doubts and gave me advice of that to do. Quick and straight to the point reading! I will wait and see if his predictions will come to fruition. Thanks Dream! :) " ... written by cobayangini
Awesome! Known him for awhile, great teacher and friend." ... written by mfurney
Excellent!" ... written by emily
Very nice and knowledgeable! I felt a connection with him and wish I had more credits! I look forward to his prediction and will update. I sense he is the real deal" ... written by Tricia
Wonderful...Highly recommended...Please try him!!!" ... written by Ian
:)" ... written by philly
I have visited Chris in free chat many times today. We had our first private and he tuned in so quick it was amazing, this man is the REAL DEAL! Spend time with him and you will not be disappointed. Thanks Chris, love Willow x " ... written by willowtear
Great person to talk to! He makes you feel comfortable! 5 stars! Highly recommend him." ... written by n
The best one." ... written by myrna1960
Can't get enough with Chris, so comforting." ... written by myrna1960
A lovey lovey true man." ... written by starryline
Getting addicted to talk to Chris. Always good advice." ... written by myrna1960
Calming me down every time I speak to Chris! Thank You!" ... written by myrna1960
Outstanding!!!!!!!!! Different style of reading but I love it.......You deserve a million stars....." ... written by Ebony
Amazing guy!. to the point and great resolution for problems." ... written by eli
Cards were right on! Glad you are back!" ... written by ELLYM3
Always very helpful and accurate." ... written by Myrna1960
He is absolutely spot on and wonderfully compassionate. He gives fabulous advice with a big heart of understanding and his reading was a fabulous tool for me to navigate through my challenges. Thank you and god bless you !" ... written by ampm309
As always good advice and comforting . Thanks." ... written by myrna1960
Awesome man! Taught me to be positive and calmed my anxiety..was so well connected with my prob and he is so willing to explain what i shld do to achieve my desired outcome..Ur amazing dream detective! U just made my day! Thank u sooo much.." ... written by priscilla
Again a very intresting and helpfull reading from Chris. Hes a great psychic and a nice soul :)" ... written by corinne9
Thank you for wonderful advise. Very enlightening." ... written by tanya
He was awesome!! I'll be back for sure" ... written by leebee4
He is way ahead of my questions. He answers my questions even before I ask them! Even while I type. He's fantastic. He deserves much more than 5 stars." ... written by Moonchild59
Excellent...very accurate." ... written by Focusing
Comforting advise as always.." ... written by myrna1960
Excellent...accurate,,,, fast....very very good" ... written by Focusing
Knew what I was talking about, and who with no information. Thanks!" ... written by Bekahb01
Feel always good after we talk, thank you Chris!" ... written by myrna1960
Love you Chris, you are great friend." ... written by myrna1960
thanks Chris, you are awesome, great reading very helpful" ... written by blueladysue
Excellent, very accurate and positive reader. World class psychic." ... written by Focusing
GREAT!" ... written by unknown
Quick answers, right to the point! Like him a lot!" ... written by Cat2910
Everyone should try to have reading with Dream Detective, his very insightful and true to all what his saying. Very accurate. His my personal guidance and adviser. You will not be disappointed. Worth every penny, million star." ... written by myrna1960
TY!:))))" ... written by Kelly1321
Ty:))" ... written by Kelly1321
One and only in Oranum who can give a real good advice... " ... written by Myrna
Always feeling good after we talk. Love you, Chris." ... written by myrna1960
Excellent as always.... A true psychic superstar!!!" ... written by focusing
Dream Det was great. I love that he did my birth chart and compared w someone elses!! it was so cool and what he picked up was extremely accurate! Thank you." ... written by Heather Dowdy
awesome reader! knew exactly what happened without me telling him! will be coming back soon!" ... written by Moonshine
So understanding and always so positive thank you." ... written by gipsygirl
Wow! DreamDetective was a gentleman, respecting my time limit and credit amount. He really cut to the chase and truly helped me decode something I have been dreaming about for months and months. Also, he offered a solution in addition to his counsel. I feel better already, and am for once looking forward to dreaming!! This dude knows his stuff. If you are having dreams that absolutely mystify you, or just want a deeper insight, go straight to this gifted man!!! " ... written by "tramadol"
Great reading!" ... written by nisha
Thank you Chris you for helping me all the way through. Without your guidance and in Gods help I will not make it. Million star to you my friend. Well recommended." ... written by myrna
I enjoyed my reading.. wish I had more time! " ... written by Pat
Nice reading. Thanks." ... written by dacacau
Detailed insightful read." ... written by sk
Speechless... amazing!" ... written by Eva
Very intuitive, on the ball. A great reading. " ... written by Zachary
Thank you very much appreciate it." ... written by nachalo
Fantastic! I can't even describe how honest, specific and great he his. Very thankful I had the chance to get a reading. Will keep in touch Thank you so much." ... written by truworth
Love Chris. very insightful and true to all what his saying no sugr coating.. Try Chris you will never be disappointed." ... written by me again
Chris is just a beautiful soul, and a wonderful reader. I can understand why God gave him a rare gift. He is just awesome!" ... written by kathy
XXXXXxxxxxooooooo" ... written by Abigail
Excellent...very fast and accurate" ... written by Focusing
Very helpful." ... written by sincerly7ll
Takes his time and is careful. Very deligent." ... written by sincey7
Chris is so kind and considerate, he is so lovely and easy to talk to and he is so genuine. Please have a reading with him he is such a lovely soul. I will definitely be back." ... written by suk
Thanks for the clarity." ... written by dacacau
Awesome! Accurate! " ... written by khrusty
This man restored my faith in myself...I am so grateful for his confidence in me, his direction, and his compassion. 5 stars for this amazing man ! Great reader." ... written by Lynn
Good." ... written by zooey
Thank you!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
great as usual" ... written by gipsygirl
GREAT reading. So little time and so much to cover and tell. Wish i could spend a whole day with this man. He is amazing and accurate. I will remember what he said and calm down, knowing that dreams do come true! THANK YOU" ... written by Moon
Thank you, always so well put. Makes everything very clear!" ... written by gipsy girl
Very helpful and insightful, he knows exactly what is going on. Thank you Chris. Love this man. Everyone should try, then you know what I am talking about." ... written by cherry reyes
Chris, as always, no words can describe this man. GREAT! Love him!" ... written by pinay
First time reading with DD, he's very nice and seems very confident in his reading. I'm going to meet my guy tonight, let's see how it goes! Thanks DD!" ... written by Chia
Very good, but felt I needed more time! Will come back again, thank you!" ... written by claireylou
OMG he was right on point" ... written by mz
He is good very good at his job" ... written by Marion Kielskov
Very informative not enough time." ... written by williams
Excellent, always so positive, I just love him for that." ... written by gipsygirl
Great reading!" ... written by t
Thanks for the protection bubble... Great as always!" ... written by Chia
Wonderful person." ... written by D.
Good, lots of astrology, but accurate, thanks!" ... written by Sarah
As always , very honest. Talking to him as a family friend . Somehow we are so connected. Whoever do your reading with him, u leave the room with the great smile and full of positive energy. You will not understand what Im saying unless u experience it yourself." ... written by loyal follower from sweden
Change job is better...." ... written by gabriele
Detailed." ... written by sk
Thank you for so much information. Try him you won't be disappointed. " ... written by Rox
Very comforting and assuring! This guy is great!" ... written by frankiekr
He was wonderful very kind and gave me some good predictions and timeframes. I recommend him." ... written by Acealways
Words astound me... I have been searching for years for someone to connect with my dad and give me the answers to my questions. Chris is the only one ever to be able to do that. I didn't ask him anything, he simply connected and gave me details and perfect confirmation. Amazing, my heart is finally at peace... Don't even question not going to private with Chris, he is the real deal!!!" ... written by Margaret
Absolutely amazing, honor to meet you, gave me clarity on where I am and where I should be going. I thank you from the bottom oy heart. Love, light and blessings to you :D" ... written by Deb777
Sweet guy. TALK TO HIM PLEASE, he can help!" ... written by Marion Kielskov
Such great and a connection. So positive. Quick with a lot of information. Highly recommend him." ... written by Tibit
He is soooo Goooood!" ... written by loverboy
He is the best for sure!" ... written by loveboy
Wow, thank you! He's amazing. " ... written by rox
Clear guidance and advice. Would recommend." ... written by Angelszone
Great and funny reading.... " ... written by sunshine0105
Chris is indeed the number one psychic on Oranum. He deserves more than 5 stars. All his predictions have happened. His readings are very accurate. I will keep going back to him for updates. He is so warm and encouraging to talk to. " ... written by Moonchild59
Thanks Chris! You're amazing." ... written by noknickerssue69
Wish I could talk for hours!! Thank you so much! Amazing. Very clear and great advice. " ... written by lovewater
Chris, you are such a great spirit. You have made my day and put a smile on my face. This was a great reading, I'll look forward to the holidays and give you an update." ... written by Michelle
Wow awesome amazing really knows what he is talking about and such positive energy. Hope it happens. 199999999999 stars" ... written by Jill Henning
He gets to the very heart of the matter! " ... written by Sophhia
I will have faith, thank you." ... written by teddy
Thanks for the great reading!!" ... written by Michelle
A great expert very good indeed, thanks so much!" ... written by zimerili1
I'm excited he seen meadows and water in my reading which is exactly what is around my hopes and dreams , I'm beside myself with happiness thank you sorry it was short , I will make the next reading longer cause then I'll be a little better off financially thank you for the reading x " ... written by Gracefulflight
Always comforting." ... written by ELLYM3
My big hearted friend... Such an angel... Thank you for the financial advice... What do we need more than that these days. " ... written by kathy
A comfort to me." ... written by ELLYM3
He is an angel on Earth. Very positive and inspirational human being!" ... written by Sophhia
Great guy!!! Amazing read!" ... written by makishagermain
Accurate and to the point ! He is perfect." ... written by Sandeep
I enjoyed our conversation I wish I had more time to seek out more guidance but I received enough to bring some peace to my heart. I look forward to what is in store for me in the New Year and will embrace the future with an open-mind and pure heart. DreamDetective thank you for sharing your similar story with me, it was an emotional moment which has given me hope. Now to let go of the stress and invite positive energy into my life. Hugs " ... written by jaylo1980
As the reviews before mine state, he is absolutely terrific!" ... written by Ammer
Great." ... written by gipsygirl
As always, giving a comforting advice." ... written by me and only me
I did not really recieve an answer specifically, but I do feel better." ... written by Nelson
Do you really want to know or do want free entertainment? I suggest you give Christopher Dream Detective a try. He is very helpful and his abilities are genuine. Will you let him help you with difficult problems and decisions." ... written by JANWORDS
awesome guy!! very positive. glad i did a reading with him. and he really picked up stuff well, good advice!" ... written by jazzychic7
Waiting for the prediction to come true. :)" ... written by msitmsi
Thanks, very very accurate and helped me a lot, I needed that :) I would recommend anyone to get a reading from him." ... written by john
To the point!" ... written by maryy
He is soooo goood he can possible be ...this is much" ... written by loverboy
Very good seen clearly to my situation and I would recommend him!" ... written by star
Wow! He saw my situation immediately and he was very spot on about what I'm going through. He gave me a lot of comfort and reassurance and guidance on how to handle this situation. I feel like I've finally gotten some peace of mind. Thank you so much." ... written by Mimi
Chris is always accurate with his predictions. He doesn't have to go back to past notes to tell you what will happen in the near future. He is very consistent with his predictions. I will talk to you again, Chris, on the 23rd!" ... written by Moonchild59
Awesome! fast, intuitive , great!" ... written by unknownjourney
Yes, he is like Santa whose got such a high clear positive spirit. Just makes me feel good and stears me on the right path!" ... written by Sophhia
his very funny,, take away all my worries after the reading.." ... written by private friend
Awesome, awesome man. Well worth a reading with. " ... written by lilwildspirit
He is great" ... written by love
Amazing person! Intelligent, wise, honest, and highly gifted. Appreciate the advice greatly. I will be back. Take care.. Thanks alot :)" ... written by PB1923
Thank you so much,Chris! Chris is so accurate with all his readings. His predictions have come to pass. I will be patient and wait for the next one to happen. I will keep coming back to Chris. He is kind, gentle and very honest. He is a real psychic. " ... written by Moonchild59
Great read Chris!" ... written by L
Great reading... Thank you! " ... written by bruin19
Fantastic reader highly recommend him for a reading xxxxx " ... written by beebee89
He is amazing and saved my life!" ... written by Sophhia
Accurately see's what is going on.... Very genuine, honest and can't wait to see things unfold.." ... written by Rebekalove
thanks , pls do this wish complete. M" ... written by Muffin1603
Awesome reading! Chris is not only a wonderful person, but a truly talented and gifted man. He truly cares and picks up on situations right away. He does not need any questions to tell you what you need to know. I highly recommend Chris! He is very generous and always willing to give helpful advice in free chat as well. Thank you!" ... written by Patience29
Another great reading as always xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
Thank you so much!" ... written by bbrown44512
Very thoughtful man. I know now the tools I need to use them with my problem. Thank you!" ... written by Altuna0
Very good reading! will definitely follow the advice he gave me! Will return for another reading!" ... written by pinkster11
Chris is always so accurate and consistent with his readings. His predictions always comes to pass. I will keep my hopes up and wait for his next prediction to come to pass. Thank you, Chris!" ... written by Moonchild59
This man has the sweetest soul I have come across in a very long time. Very accurate quick to pick on energies. Eager to help. I have made yet another lifelong friend!!!! I hope to be able to visit often. If nothing more than for the amazing conversation. And of course whenever it is possible I will be going private. Picked up on something so special in my heart that I cried. Thank you so very much Chris. " ... written by Jennifer
he sensed my abilities and what was going on" ... written by sms
He is great indeed." ... written by mpinah
Great reading, he can tell so much by my chart...he's a great and honest and caring individual.." ... written by Dejuir
Thanks, chris! Very insightful and interesting reading. I'll be back for more for sure!! :) Highly recommended!!" ... written by Libra26
He's my favourite " ... written by racquell0928
How can you not love this man. I truly believe in this man's amazing and extremely unique gifts. Just an angel. Highly recommend him always!" ... written by seakat
Very awesome guy. He is very cool and knows what he is doing." ... written by Joseph Leader
Thank you Chris! Appreciate your reading!!! =)" ... written by kingpi
Good but short." ... written by natalia
Great - kind and gentle man with lovely connection. " ... written by Spiderlili
Ummm he knew what city I lived in without me telling him.... Not state, city people! He made me feel such at ease... I'm so glad I talked to him I know exactly what I need to do to get my guy back now... I can't wait for his predictions to follow through..." ... written by annonymous
Very thorough. Caught a date that I did not tell him and put it out there. I thank you so much Chris. I hope to come back and let you know how things turned out. Again.....Thank you!" ... written by Charmaigne
This man melts my heart.... he always makes me feel like this man truly loves me and i need to believe that cause he does...." ... written by annonymous
Amazing charts and work he does, very accurate and sensitive to my situation. Lovely reading !!!" ... written by diane
thank you good and quick" ... written by rawrabbit
DreamDetective does wonderfully enthusiastic intuitive readings that resonate strongly." ... written by Champers11
Wonderful reader." ... written by kristen
So tuned into me, amazing!" ... written by GIPSYGIRL
5 stars!" ... written by Tiffany
Amazing reading as always.... Totally accurate, always gets it right... 5 stars." ... written by Mysterious56
Good reader!!!!!!!" ... written by amandeep
Thank you so much for all of your help, it was much, much appreciated! You were absolutely amazing and such a blessing to speak with. " ... written by E
Good advice. Thanks" ... written by Laura
Chris is amazing, one of the best psychics here, he is kind and very accurate. I would recommend him to everyone. Thanks,K" ... written by Kashif
Chris is very very good. His spell is working." ... written by Joseph Leader
to the point...Certainly hope all comes to be...xx" ... written by unah101
Great reading, really, really good with a ton of details and insight. Very good information and Chris was super friendly, professional, and insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be back for more soon!" ... written by Jennifer
He's full of light, faith and positive energy which you cannot go wrong with." ... written by Sophhia
What an amazing reading. Money is well spent when you spend time with him. What a positive happy person that is so kind, caring and passionate!!! I will only come to Dream Detective going forward." ... written by P Cal
I like Chris a lot. He's a quick reader and gives a lot of information in a short period of time. His insights resonated and made sense. Will stay positive and check back in." ... written by m
How can you not love this man :) Is a wonderful psychic...always gets it right !" ... written by Mysterious56
great read, very explicative, very insightful" ... written by hyperion
Very Kind, intuitive and a passionate being. Very oblidged to meet him. Makes you conmfortable and know what he is talking about. Very informative and knowledgable. Thnx Chris : )" ... written by Bobbin
Just love Chris, he is awesome, insightful, fun, accurate, and truthful. Another fantastic reading today, will be back again!" ... written by Jenn
Fantastic guy great reading, thank you." ... written by steph porter
Excellent." ... written by christine
Thanks, once again my earthy angel" ... written by gipsygirl
Great reading as always! Thanks Chris!" ... written by Patience29
Thanks Chris for that put my mind at rest." ... written by fairydust14
Wonderful insight on my situation I can't wait to see what happens. I trust Chris all the way " ... written by love g
As always!!!!!!! :)" ... written by special friend
Another great reading! Chris is always full of great insight and advice! Always point on with everything! Thank you again!" ... written by Patience29
you're fabulous" ... written by laura
he was nice " ... written by olivia
AMAZING! thank you" ... written by r
cool..." ... written by synapsy
Just amazing!!!!" ... written by kylie
Brilliant" ... written by kylie
Chris is the genuine psychic. There is no one else who is accurate and can predict the future. He is honest with his readings and continues in free chat when credits run out. Thank you so much Chris for your guidance these past years!" ... written by Moonchild59
chris is my fav reader down to earth and vry spot on i just love him" ... written by kez
A pleasure to talk to =)" ... written by LyssaBugg
Thank you chris for the insightful and on point reading! Always a pleasure!" ... written by Patience29
Highly recommended. Fast connection, so lovely." ... written by Rebecca
He's awesome" ... written by kylie
very good reading, thanks" ... written by John
very interesting read...I will def be back for more!! I will see how his predictions unfold!!" ... written by k
Wished I had more time." ... written by k
thank you." ... written by lenard
i will follow his advice :)" ... written by synapsy
always a very positive and calming effect on me thanks Chris you are a star" ... written by gipsygirl
Very accurate reading, thank you so much " ... written by Seren1964
Thank you so much! what a wonderful connection! I look forward to learning more about you and speaking with you again!" ... written by Bethany
Great as always. Definitely connected." ... written by LyssaBugg
Very very awesome. The best yet. " ... written by Debbie Helm
So nice to get an update from DreamDetective. His advise is so profound. It really makes you understand that there are great forces in the Universe. And that he has amazing ability. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
As always deep insights with a warm loving energy! His last prediction came true, so i returned." ... written by Iris
Very good - picked up on a lot of traits that were relevant to myself and my situation. " ... written by Maria Pritchard
always a lot of advice cues in fast cards and stars he gives truth and what i can do. thank you." ... written by christine
Chris is really great and I like him a lot. He is down to earth, friendly, and definitely blessed with the gift of seeing things that are currently going on as well as what is to come. Awesome reading, Chris, thank you so much. See you soon." ... written by Jennifer
Hes good" ... written by Shuchi
very good .... will be back" ... written by kelly
Fantastic reader!" ... written by AJ
He gave me a good timeline and was positive, insightful, and full of good energy." ... written by AJ
he is goood " ... written by loverboy
Always so accurate....kind and caring.. 10 stars as always :)" ... written by Mysterious
Excellent reader...world class psychic....Everyone should to to Chris if they want an accurate reading.... A true Superstar" ... written by Focusing
I can't sing enough praise to Chris, not only is he gifted and an amazing person to talk to and receive guidance from, he is accurate and his crystal ball is incredible. Would invite anyone to have a reading with this man - he is one of the best on Oranum. Love you Chris. Xx (PS: Happy Birthday, bright blessings to you) ♥ ♥" ... written by LarimarGem
This was a very helpful reading! I will be back!" ... written by Marie
he seemed connected will have to wait to see what happens" ... written by cheryl
Chris is really fantastic, good details, insight, and truth. He has been a really big help in my relationship! I will be back again for updates. Thank you!!!" ... written by Jennifer
awesome genuine honest guy accurate reading i love him..try him for urself u will see" ... written by spirit7846
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
fanstastic reading. thank you" ... written by androsea
good, and really nice. informative." ... written by cindy
Brilliant as always !!... always accurate, and such a nice guy :)" ... written by Mysterious56
Straight to the point, really lifted a heavy worry off. Thank you so much!" ... written by Vin
Excellent" ... written by OC
He is very good, enjoy the time he shares!" ... written by Born Aries
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
good." ... written by l
This man is truly amazing. I will definitely check him out again. He is the best on Oranum. Check out "The Arizona Experiments" online." ... written by nicole
Great reading. " ... written by Ahz
OMG he's amazing thank you thank you " ... written by Erika
Thanks Chris. Wonderful conversation, insight, and advice. Truly a gifted psychic and a good friend. " ... written by Jennifer
GREAT AS ALWAYS HE GIVES ME SO MUCH HOPE XX" ... written by gipsygirl
Another great reading from Chris!. He is really insightful, things he said a couple of years ago are still true and relevant now. Nice to catch up with him today for update and reinforcement of what he sees." ... written by MerkabahMan633
very helpful, clear concept" ... written by a
I thought Chris was brilliant. I have never met a psychic I warmed to so quickly. Genuine, funny, warm, caring. He had great insight and wisdom, a true old soul. Very grateful and highly recommend" ... written by Dahliah
Brilliant" ... written by Amelia
great reading, amazing insight" ... written by gn
Chris is a powerful andamp; famous psychic. You can trust him. " ... written by Shuchi
wow.... is all i can say.. literally wow!" ... written by a
He was very warm - seemed like a good reading. time will tell" ... written by Sparkle Pony
very good. " ... written by an
Excellent call! Very reassuring and knew exactly what I needed to hear.Thank you so much!" ... written by starshine34
amazing" ... written by customer
Chris is just fabulous - he is so warm and funny and patient and understanding. He genuinely cares about finding a solution to problems and he brings real insights. Compassionate and lovely, really great to talk with, so helpful and genuine. 5 stars and then some!!!" ... written by Girl
Im a returning client and I am very pleased with everything he did and say for me. He is very genuine and very authentic 5 stars" ... written by Taurusmay5
I was looking for some answers. He made my heart at ease and explained my uneasiness. Thank you, good reading!" ... written by brooke1832
really great reader kind man and on point" ... written by koel
Another great reading with Chris. Very insightful and personable." ... written by Patience29
Thank you so much! You were so helpful!! :)" ... written by Milla
as you expect to an authentic psychic" ... written by stockholm
good" ... written by lotus99
I really enjoyed my reading!!" ... written by Krista Elliott
Always very insightful and accurate. I found the right path with his advice from a previous reading. I'm so happy. Thank you! " ... written by Erika
Chris knows my whole story, and has always kept me positive in times of total despair, thank you so very much xx" ... written by gipsygirl
Another great reading with Chris!" ... written by Patience29
Awesome reading, very accurate and sincere. Highly recommend :) top reader" ... written by bigshorty
Amazing reader really open and clear." ... written by koel
great reader very busy..i. barely uses ur info to give answers" ... written by koel
Love the reading! He's such a pleasure to chat with. Definitely recommend him and look forward to chatting with again soon! Thank you!!" ... written by Missvika
Very interesting to understand the energies of the person I care for. Why he is the way he is and how it effects me and how I can change the energy. This has never been explained to me before. How amazing this reading was.... " ... written by cathleen
I looking forward for your reading. " ... written by queenie
Thanks for the much needed advice, i will contact you when i am there so we work as one. Lots of love xx" ... written by gipsygirl
a good reading lets see how it goes. A lovely guy to speak with, very genuine." ... written by Stickytoffee
he is still awsome " ... written by marion
I loved his energy!!" ... written by Katie
Awesome" ... written by Johnny
Very comforting like as if my dad was giving me the message himself. Thankyou for showing me my chart and teaching me about being a water trine and my own psychic abilites. Thank you for reaffirming me that spirit and the universe will take care and piece things together as they are meant to be. I wish you to be healthy and have great success to you anf your family! Thankyou!" ... written by Lynn
Had to come back for another reading. He set me on the right path, and I honestly encourage anyone considering a psychic for a reading to consult him. I give him so much credit, and I'm so thankful I took his advice!!! He looked up charts for me and was very very accurate! He's generous with his time and the energy he puts into a reading, and his wisdom as always is sage! " ... written by Erika
Thank you for accepting this first contact" ... written by Rose
So lovely and warm" ... written by Sparkle Pony
GD" ... written by OR
He is always amazing." ... written by Edwina
excellent...." ... written by rose
good informative" ... written by sharai
Amazing. One of the best readings Ive had at the site. Extrememly knowledgable, professional, gifted, easy to talk with, excellent reading. I really enjoyed him. 2535" ... written by Kathleen
absolutely incredible. Totally incredible. Gave me predictions, insight…truth. So amazing. Love him!" ... written by sarah
I have a very special connection with Chris. Feels like we were born in the same pod! LOL! He's very knowledgeable and a unique being. A true caring and wise professional." ... written by wren1414
Thanks DD good guidance again." ... written by Rose
great and simple reading with a very intuitive man, recommend him xox" ... written by malinda2011
Excellent the best!" ... written by Cristina4413
Insightful. Thank you. " ... written by Sunshine
articulate, funny and direct. definitely unusual andamp; different! " ... written by sarangless
chris is the best in the business period the end, no need to look anywhere else, see for yourself he is THE TRUE PSYCHIC no question." ... written by pauly61
ok, he is so positive I ave no other choice than join the same circle of energy with huge pleasure! absolutely amazing man! lost of love xox" ... written by mala girl
What a wonderful spiritual experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" ... written by Charlie
very reassuring, picked up on my situation right away and gave me great advice!" ... written by sarah
OH MY GOD!!! The connections, the energy! Such masterful and astounding revelations for my soul and my heart! Thank you so much!!! I will be sure to come back and get updates as well as give them. Thank you for praying for me. :)" ... written by MJ
the best" ... written by s
clear and connected" ... written by S
Great in depth reading!" ... written by Patience29
thank you for everything " ... written by mahi
Chris is great - accurate and funny and very kind and compassionate. He's really warm and understanding. I really appreciated his reading. Thank you!" ... written by me
I really enjoyed his reading. He gave good advice and was correct in his knowledge. Thanks again!" ... written by Amanda
very sweet person, very helpful, loving , caring, great to talk to, very very reassuring!" ... written by angelc.
Beautiful reading very Concise! I got just what I needed! Thank You Chris you were my first reading on Oranum. Very compassionate loving energy! Thanks Luv!" ... written by Michell
Always very helpful. Thank u. " ... written by Sunny
Another great reading with Chris!" ... written by Patience29
gives me lots of hope love the reading your awesome thank you " ... written by lovethesummer
Thanks for the reading" ... written by joylife
He is really spot on andamp; keeps positive! I really enjoyed our reading. He had really good advice andamp; would definitely like to do a reading again sometime! So much gratitude! :)" ... written by Kelly
Great insightful and accurate reading." ... written by Patience29
Wow, I like the fact Dream Detective was so down to earth, very professional and honest reading given. Didn't waste no time, used time very efficiently and was very helpful with predictions given too. I will hire this psychic again for sure :)" ... written by royalBrit
Always a pleasure. Thank u." ... written by Rainbow
Always a pleasure...." ... written by Oshin
He is very good. I can't tell you. There are no words.. Everything he said is so true. Go to him. You will be happy you did." ... written by Stephanie
Certainly worth a visit, time was short which was my own fault." ... written by Londo
Thank You Chris, for the follow up reading. Wow, everything seems like smooth sailing. As Always another accurate reading, looking forward to predictions unfolding. :)" ... written by RoyalBrit
nice and honest..............thank you" ... written by mette
OMG He is the most beautiful man I have ever met on here..... I will be back he is fantastic......a must by all" ... written by Rosa
just fantastic!!!!! :)" ... written by tina
Its good to be clear on what you want from the reading in advance. Chris doesn't waste your mins or try to pull you in a pvt reading for nothing. Friendly andamp; clear. Good to get him to do a dream for you. " ... written by Shuchi
he was very kind and helpful" ... written by Lisa
He's super fun. Very informative and uses lots of tools to show how he got his answers, and how to give you the most detail possible. I really enjoyed our reading. Thanks!" ... written by erica
Wonderful...as always x x " ... written by Maria
A true gentleman. Informative. Gifted. Thank you." ... written by Sun Flower
Another great and insightful reading." ... written by Patience29
Really good. Quite interesting. Only about 10 percent bs. " ... written by Jimmy
Thankyou sooo much for your help Ive waited a long time for this clarity.....suffered a lot.....Godbless you " ... written by kathleen
Fast, accurate and detailed! :) Highly recommend. :)" ... written by Sylvie03
Excellent...I ran out of time but very good!" ... written by miszy
He is always great. So nice to talk to." ... written by Sparkle Pony
Oh he is lovely, and I doubt very much that I person that lovely would bull s*** you. " ... written by Sarah
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Great reading:0" ... written by Sunday
Really good person." ... written by Bhavin
great " ... written by ac
Very insightful reading. Thanks for sharing your interpretations of my astrological chart and answering my questions." ... written by Martkos
Good as a always" ... written by Edwina
Great guy! He was spot on about stuff that he couldn't possibly have known. Im very impressed! Thank you sir!!" ... written by Miss
i loved this reading thank you!!!" ... written by blabla
DreamDetective is amazing!! He's very accurate, fast, and to the point. His predictions have come true for me! He is also very helpful with making you feel at ease. I love this guy and really look forward to more readings with him in the future." ... written by LockhartM
As always feeling great" ... written by always
wonderful, thanks so much for inspiration, healing and tools. have given me a lift and confidence in my own abilities, thanks again, love and light. god bless" ... written by rosey 42
Brilliant reading. will be bach thank you" ... written by Flora
Wow he is really good and precise. Very knowledgeable of what he do. He have very good advice as well. Giving me a time frame can't wait to unfold." ... written by Sarah
Chris is very clear and gives very good advice and guidance....he will put you at ease.....I certainly will be contacting him again....thankyou so much" ... written by katha123
He was fantastic." ... written by A
He was good very helpful" ... written by Eve
Chris has been helping me through a very difficult time....he has a beautiful gift....all I can say is I am very glad I have met him.....he has saved my life...thanku soooo much xxx" ... written by Katha123
Great person with good knowledge..really heals and helps" ... written by Jitendra
Thanks for the insight and inspiration...I will let you know what happens!" ... written by deanevuk
Fabulous reading" ... written by Jitendra
Thank you so much for the reading I look forward to the changes happening soon (:" ... written by Kathleen
the most amazing reading i've ever had. " ... written by purenergy
good reading highly recommended." ... written by rosebud77
Chris connected very well, and gave very insightful advice." ... written by Patience29
great thanks so much was awesome!" ... written by mike
Chris is the nicest reader at oranum!" ... written by Noush
very nice man! 5 stars" ... written by n
oh so lovely and accurate my new bff!" ... written by kk
I have had readings with Chris and each time they are different...he gives very precise accurate information to do with every aspect of my life...He has helped me tremendously to gain confidence in my abilities reassuring me along the way...he has removed very negative energy that surrounded me....Thankyou so much....I feel strongly that I have finally come to a place in my life where I can reach the unreachable star...and the impossible dream can come true...Love and light Kxx" ... written by Katha123
A very warm and fruitful reading :) Loved it :) hopefully the predictions come true :)" ... written by Nand89
Great reading i came back because his predictions came true :) wonderful" ... written by anonymous
Was accurate with the birth charts of us both. And I truly believe all my dreams are about to come true next year. And I will be in a romantic relationship by the end of February 2015" ... written by BMJ
My true guide and spiritual healer, his energy is great and he is not just out for the money but really cares about people. A god send!" ... written by Kim
he was really quick with the reading.i will follow his advice on my situation.thank you so much." ... written by n g
great" ... written by ola
He is awesome" ... written by Katiedid
Excellent reader ... very gifted!" ... written by ann
he is great as usual. he even dreamed about my situation before i asked!" ... written by wren1414
Another Psychic on here had a reading with this guy and hes freaking good.. " ... written by Piper
Awesome- Psychic GREATLY needed in this world." ... written by Za
I'm intrigued! I just now he's on to something! Wow...very impressed." ... written by l
Spot on " ... written by Eve
Great Charming Man... Needed in this world- good Psychic!" ... written by Pppppppp
A very friendly man, with lots of advice" ... written by Donna
He gave awesome energy and inspiration to me. He gave me amazing help and reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Gina Harlan
put me at ease thanks " ... written by kw
Awesome reader.... brilliant!" ... written by ann
Very nice guy. I am hoping this works. I am excited to find out!" ... written by sunshine
By far one of the sweetest guy's on here! He amazes me with his accuracy! Mind blowing!! I have no idea how he does it....he is very good!" ... written by Margaret
DreamDetective is an excellent psychic, gave me some useful insight into my situation and read the person I was asking about. It made sense to me. Hope to be back for an update." ... written by CT
Chris is great! Thank you.." ... written by Ginger
This guy is the BEST! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this man!! The accuracy is there. He is spot on and quick!! If he tells you something is going to happen, rest assured, it will happen! I always feel better after seeing him, and I love his sense of humor. He's like a good friend." ... written by Margaret
Always great.. " ... written by Moon
What a beautiful, insightful and healing reading with Chris. I took a lot from it and look forward to a future empowered by the practical advice he shared with me. Thank you!" ... written by Adrienne
He is such a Blessing!" ... written by Margaret
Hes very good " ... written by anthony
Thanks Chris for always keeping me on the right track, you are an angel" ... written by gipsygirl
Very informative..Gave me great advice. I will use the healing techniques" ... written by goodnight2345
What a calming and sensible reading. Thank you very much!" ... written by Charlie
This reading was absolutely the most important one so far! Thank you for giving me the confidence to believe!" ... written by Charlie
He's amazing! Accurate! Mind blowing! A must see!" ... written by Margaret
thank you" ... written by jana
Thanks again DD! You certainly know what you are doing!" ... written by Charlie
Very nice chap. really helped me with explanations." ... written by Jan
Amazing man he is! Love consulting with him! Very accurate!" ... written by Margaret
great connection, man is very kind andamp; tells it as it is." ... written by Ameer
his is one of kin. his very good and helpful i enjoyed my reading his best. and his so kind and caring as famous is his very done to earth. I loved him best reader. thank you very much every one should have reading with him" ... written by hope love sun
He is such a great pleasure to talk with. Very insightful, positive, and accurate." ... written by Margaret
Amazing!!! Love him to death. Appreciate the wisdom " ... written by Quetcy
he is brilliant and very accurate and has a great sense of humour lol wondreful readings" ... written by Satya
Love this man! He amazes me with his accuracy and his knowledge. He always gives me the best advice for my situation. His predictions happen and he's a good friend ~" ... written by Margaret
He's really good with energy reading and astrological life charts." ... written by Jude
Excellent...world class psychic... 5 stars.....a wonderful person too" ... written by focusing
interesting read..I wish i had more credits.." ... written by k
Very good indeed" ... written by Vivienne
Excellent, very strong and stubborn in is reply. He is motivating and passing positive energies a lot. Very very useful to visit him in private. God Bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
good reading. made prediction and look forward to it manifesting. Dream I promise to be positive :) " ... written by A
Tuned immediately right in to my situation as I know it to be and gave me peace of mind about the future of my situation. I'm so glad I went into private and will be back again." ... written by BRENDA
Chatting with DD is great. He knows what he is talking about and I really appreciate what he sees for me. Super!" ... written by Me
Love him!! so accurate!!! " ... written by rose
Good reading, he speaks with authority, he is after all a proven psychic that correctly predicted some well know events in the past. " ... written by Teatree
This guy is extremely accurate in the world and he was very accurate with me and he definitely gave e advice that I will definitely work on. I trust him a lot more and I have faith that what he says will come true with Steven and I. I am glad he sees a future with me and this person and I can't wait to see what the future holds. He is perfect and thanks for lowering the price. xoxoxo" ... written by Antoinette
Wonderful as ever!" ... written by K
great " ... written by hazel
I love this psychic!!! the REAL REAL REAL DEAL... WHOAAA!! " ... written by rose
I really liked his energy. He took the time to explain the birth charts. He also guided me to practive a few things which I certainly will. I will come back to leave updates. Thank you so much ." ... written by mainstreem20
A very sobering reading with a lot of information. Thanks again DD! You are great!" ... written by Charlie
He is truly amazing!!!! Very accurate!!! A must see!!!!" ... written by Mags
another great reading. thanks." ... written by CT
Wonderful as always." ... written by Diane
Chris is a very kind man....I have had many readings with him, he is very accurate....Oranum especially Chris have saved my life...thankyou from the bottom of my heart Kxx" ... written by katha123
Great insight very happy with this person will be back again " ... written by starar
Thank you so much for your talent!!! Made me feel much better." ... written by BRENDA
I very kind and intuitive quickly in your problem. Thanks" ... written by Joann
I come to him, cause he is such a gentle soul. Truly genuine and professional who is here to help us all. Thank you! I highly recommend him and wish could talk to him more" ... written by Adrienne
Excellent...World famous psychic....5 stars....Extremely accurate!! A true superstar psychic..." ... written by focusing
He made me feel at ease and helped me so much will be back again " ... written by star
Are you kidding me? He is so amazing and helpful and caring!! Look no further!" ... written by B
Great as usual" ... written by Edwina
He was very good!!" ... written by Wendy
Not enough time!! Things keep getting better and better!!" ... written by k
Interesting man...matched up with what others have said...i love life..thank you for clarifying!!" ... written by k
amazing!" ... written by grate full
Great reading! Thank you...." ... written by Liz
Always a great reading!" ... written by serenity
Thank you!! I learn more and more have a great day! " ... written by Erika
DD is great...hes spot on with the info and humorous n helpful. " ... written by Lord Cedric Hightower
Very good with Star Signs and Energy" ... written by Jude
A very good psychic, who tunes in on your eneries immediately." ... written by Hubbelman
Thank you Chris!!! You're always great. :) " ... written by Erika
Very insightful. He gave me clarity. Thank you DD" ... written by Evi
wow thanks Chris, loved all the angels , i am truly blessed, thanks for the positive message. love you x" ... written by gipsygirl
Always helpful!" ... written by great full
this was on point, thanks" ... written by altima1963
Excellent as always!!! " ... written by Erika
Excellent reader.....DD has the goods...lots of experience, and tells it like it is." ... written by Granville Crenwick
Very kind and genuine person. We will see what happens wit his predictions" ... written by Evi
thank you so much, great reading with lots of information. definitely give him a try and get a reading. you won't be disappointed" ... written by Korrena
A very quick read (due to lack of credits), but entertaining, and the proof will be in the pudding, so watch this space!" ... written by Alice
He is very comforting. I love coming to him for advice and just to chat sometimes. Some of his past predictions have come true, so I believe that his future predictions will also come true." ... written by ***
Amazing!! and very on point really love this guy@@" ... written by k
Always leave feeling like I received excellent input. " ... written by serenity
He's so kind and funny. Chris is an absolute wonder, he always cheers me up and keeps me positive." ... written by S
What a charming man. He's given me advice on what to do to help me resolve a situation. I will follow and keep my fingers crossed." ... written by ilgiardino
What a wonderful Man...so kind and understanding will be back in a few months...TY" ... written by Lynne
Amazing advice!!" ... written by k
Thanks Chris for a wonderful reassuring reading! Absolutely great!" ... written by Charlie
Amazing clarity love this guy!! he is worth it!" ... written by k
5 stars....A "WORLD CLASS" superstar...One of a kind in this world who is "spot on" with his predictions!!! A true psychic in the best sense!!" ... written by focusing
Very kool what dream saw for me!! Im praying for good things to fianlly happen..thanks!!" ... written by k
thank YOU thank You YOU ARE SPECIAL" ... written by gipsygirl
Amazing!" ... written by Lou
Wonderful man, amazing friend and gifted reader. xxxx After a reading with Chris you will feel like walking on air. " ... written by liz
DreamDetective is a very good psychic and a very good advisor and I give him 5 stars. Give him a try! You won't be disappointed." ... written by CookieJan
Simply the best, his energy always leaves me feeling uplifted and slowly things have started to evolve as he has predicted. I am always gladly surprised by his charisma, talent and genuine caring. " ... written by Catherine
great reader" ... written by chloe
5 STARS....Excellent and world class psychic....his predictions come true" ... written by Focusing
He's so kind and generous with his readings. I can't wait for the future to arrive!" ... written by G
thanks for the reading" ... written by nf1
As usual, DreamDetective is a grate psychic advisor and always a 5 star." ... written by CookieJan
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
Chris is always a pleasure to talk with. He genuinely enjoys what he does helping people. He will tell you so much more than what you ask for and he is worth every cent and more! Definitely one of the best and top psychics here on oranum and in the world :)" ... written by jw
Good reading, feel positive. Will wait and see. Very calm energy." ... written by Sea
Chris is so lovely! I have been coming back to him for a long while now and he has helped me so much with my situation. He is so kind and funny and such a source of encouragement and hope to me. Wonderful!" ... written by P
He has wonderful insight, calms me down when I have troubles and helps me create the life I dream of : )....and it is really happening." ... written by B
I've been speaking to him for years now, and he has never been wrong all of his predictions even the insane ones have happened. Amazing!!!" ... written by Edwina
Best reading..too good to be true..." ... written by Chloe
a" ... written by shell
Excellent world class and famous psychic... 5 stars too...Spot on with all his predictions too. A super star..." ... written by Focusing
DreamDetective is a wonderful soul with great energy!! He has taken the time to give me some valuable information an insight into my situation. I am looking forward to his predictions and will return with the good news!! Thank you Dream for helping to calm my nerves and for getting me back on track!! Love and light!! 8) " ... written by LibraDragon11
Caring, encouraging and always accurate. Not greedy with the minutes either and is very honest. Must try private!!!" ... written by B
Great reading. Timeline wasn't far off what I expected. Also knew what profession I'm planning on in the future." ... written by boru
intersting and good advice..we shall see!!" ... written by k
Fantastic" ... written by KD
DreamDetective is great! Made me feel better :)" ... written by CT
He is such a cheerful individual. He is totally worth your time and money i swear! Great guy :)" ... written by Belle
Makes a lot of sense with his charts, as to what is happening in my life! it was a good reading, with suggestions which I will follow, to see positive outcomes, TY XX" ... written by Sea
This man filled me with so much hope. Thank you! I pray what he saw for me comes to pass" ... written by Eternal
he is a lovely kind spirit, who doesnt judge, he's very understanding and can relate to love easily. Very generous with his advice x thank you " ... written by chloe
very good thank you" ... written by jana
Thank you so much for your guidance." ... written by familyhelper
It seems to be a lot of good news. He was definitely on point from the very beginning of the reading when he said I was long overdue for some love, lol. That's when I knew he was spot on. Some of the predictions are months away but I'm positive it will unfold as he says." ... written by Mimi
Thanks Chris, for lifting me up today" ... written by gipsy girl
Always an amazing guide." ... written by serenity
Chris is amazing and I will be in touch with him for the rest of my life!! He is the real thing and I am so grateful I could tk to him today! xxx" ... written by Robin LeMesurier
Honest and logical. Everything said is logically based. Not something profound." ... written by FeelWill
Amazingly accurate this man is! The best on Oranum by far!" ... written by *****
very straight forward" ... written by alex
love" ... written by shell
one word AMAZING !!!!!!!!!! COMES TRUE SPOT ON " ... written by sunita700
Been speaking to him for years and he's really good" ... written by Edwina
great reading so good " ... written by cream
Amazing as usual!!" ... written by Edwina
Really honest reading. " ... written by Eireen
Love coming to him. He is always spot on!" ... written by *****
offers hope and a way forward" ... written by serenity
yes. a wonderful man. truthful accurate and great successful time lines. helps me see the path ahead and prepare accordingly for the outcome i would like. thank you so much. God bless." ... written by christine
He's like having a best friend" ... written by ********
He was amazing!!!" ... written by Willowcricket
gave me a really good idea, that im going to give a go" ... written by matt
thank you! huge relief" ... written by unknown
the man is terrific, absolutely bang on. great reading as usual!!" ... written by Ammer
He is very intuitive and connects quickly. " ... written by mar
amazing!!!!!" ... written by lovely
Just dropped in for some help! He guided me once before and again this evening. He is so kind and seems to know his stuff! He was right on last time! I hope he is now as well! Let him help you! He is really sweet and honest!" ... written by cathleen
His prediction came true first time round, and this reading really hit the nail on the head -so let's see if it happens again!" ... written by Alice
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Highly Recommended for the accurate answer and logical reasoning :)" ... written by FeelWill
wonderful reading, always a pleasure to have a reading with." ... written by Ammer
I would like to thank you with all my heart for these readings. You are amazing and I am forever grateful for the guidance you give me. Be blessed. " ... written by Balthazar Rodrigue Nzomono-Balenda
Great session!! will let you know how situation unfolds. " ... written by k
awesome" ... written by k
Mind blowing accurate! OMG hit everything dead on!! WOW" ... written by k
good!" ... written by k
good reading, " ... written by sunrisegold
thank you thank you! " ... written by unknownjourney
I think the reading was very accurate, and helpful. Thank you!" ... written by MC
very good and informative" ... written by Michael
Chris is an excellent psychic and advisor and sees things as they are. Give him a try!" ... written by CookieJan
very accurate, very good reading, not only gave me a reading , ut is going to help me with the situation, I feel like he is a very good person, has really good feelings for people" ... written by sunrisegold
excellent reader did a fantastic job was making very good points and had the significant other pegged to a tee. Will be back for further updates. Thank you" ... written by Raym
It was very interesting what I heard. Thank you!!!!" ... written by Milana
he's so accurate, so fast! i also sense his happy energy. he really does want to help. he cares. also, his advice is so great. it gives me so much more clarity :) thanks dreamdetective!" ... written by ale
Wonderful person1!" ... written by k
Love DreamDetective! Always a pleasure talking to him! He is the real deal, a must see!" ... written by *****
Absolutely fabulous!" ... written by NEH
This guy is absolutely amazing!" ... written by NEH
Dream was a dream come true - amazing man highly recommend him 10/10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by K
He's amazing!!" ... written by NEH
No one who knows his stuff better, an honor to share my dreams with and an inspiration." ... written by Pheonix
great reading. very quick and answered alot of question in a short period of time" ... written by korrena
You are amazing!! You connected with the situation very quickly." ... written by shelle
no comparison to any other, he is the only one I will come to for dream interpretation, highly recommend him!!!!" ... written by Pheonix
He's amazing!" ... written by NEH
I could have sat here all night talking to Chris....love this guy. great reading and very positive. I will be back for more " ... written by J
Very positive and uplifting reading! Anxious to know if his predications are correct!" ... written by CBee925
As Always very gentle and precise ... Love the free chats as well as this private ... thank you" ... written by raspberry47
thank you dream detective!! you made me feel better. things are more clear! " ... written by alecheme
so informative on many levels. Questions are not just yes and know! the are thoroughly explained in depth. I whole new understand of what is to be! He is such a delight and kind man. Always accurate and delightful! Come meet him!" ... written by cathleen
Thankyou Chris.I am feeling much better now after the reading.Hope it will all happen as you said." ... written by cass
You made a very important point. Thank you for a very good reading!" ... written by Charlie
5 STARS....Chris is one of the greatest psychics since Nostradamus. I recommend Chris to the entire world if they want answers to their questions. Chris's predictions will come true." ... written by Focusing
Always great and on point" ... written by Marge
5 stars...a true superstar that I would recommend to everyone." ... written by focusing
I always feel so much better after talking to him. He has been quite accurate on past predictions and he always seems to just know where I am currently at and what is going on with me. He's like a best friend! Love you dearly Chris!!" ... written by Margaret
Always so accurate....the best here :)" ... written by Maria
Simply amazing and mind bogglingly accurate and on point!" ... written by Tony Alexander
this man is brilliant" ... written by Pretty
Amazing! I am completely satisfied. " ... written by Tony Alexander
Fascinating..... Must speak with this man. This is not an ordinary psychic. I am a tarot reader and psychic. This man possesses a gift that others do not. " ... written by Joanne
He is awesome!" ... written by k
Wonderful reading!!! he grasped my situation perfectly and had perfect advice!!! i will return for my guidance!!!" ... written by penelope
he is the waaaaaao. I feel so great just by talking to him. " ... written by maria
Love chatting with him! I just don't like it when I run out of credits! " ... written by *****
DreamDetective is an excellent psychic and advisor! Very honest and tells it as it is! Give him a try!" ... written by CookieJan
This is a great and gifted reader, but needs to bring messages more quick and clearly. There was a lot of meandering instead of getting straight to the point. I know sometimes its hard for some readers get a quick start on connections because of the timed min per min reading format. But this reading was satisfactory enough." ... written by USA
5 stars....I would recommend Chris to everyone who is looking for answers and the truth. He is the most famous psychic in the world !! His predictions come true too.." ... written by Focusing
OMG! What a wonderful reading! Ok, honestly, I have worked with a lot of psychics on Oranum and they all tell me the same outcome (but no one can really nail down the time frame). DreamDetective also said the same thing but also SHOWED me his information and explained what it means. After all that, he gave me a positive, concrete solution which I will put into effect immediately. I highly recommend him and will be back to see him again." ... written by SB
thank you chris" ... written by shelle97
5 stars....World class psychic...Very fast reader...I would recommend Dream Detective to everyone !! SPOT ON with all his predictions too..." ... written by Focusing
thanks chris, I am feeling a lot more positive about my issue now and I am looking forward to the future" ... written by barbieluvsken
Couldn't do it without ya : )" ... written by B
I was in room while he did his demo and had to take him private. He is awesome and I will return. I sincerely believe he is genuine. He told me what I needed to hear and his advice spectacular." ... written by JM
thanks for the nice reading. i am more hopeful about my issues now. i look forward to a happy future" ... written by barbieluvsjen
I love dreamdetective, he is very passionate and honest. I recommend him to anyone!" ... written by Andrea
amazing reading! the realest guy ive ever met. trust me take him to private" ... written by teisha
thank you so much you were incredible!" ... written by tyler
Awesome reading... thank you so much" ... written by Chloe
good reading :)" ... written by Moa
Thanks again Chris for a great reading!" ... written by shelle97
He's amazing!" ... written by NEH
Thank you! I am so relieved now that I talked to you. Wow! Like a dark cloud has lifted. Thanks again" ... written by Karen
Excellent as always, thank you Chris" ... written by gipsygirl
He is really good! He definitely knows his stuff. Great reading, great insight, and learned a lot too! So many thanks - very grateful for your kind help! :)" ... written by Kosmo
5 STARS...Chris Robertson aka Dream Detective is the very best on Oranum... All his predictions come true....I would gladly recommend Chris to all for an accurate reading...Spot on every time... Chris is World Class and most famous psychic in world with books written about him by many well known authors !! CIA has tested his accuracy too !!! 5 STARS" ... written by focusing
really good, he's lovely" ... written by jag
Always a pleasure to read with you!" ... written by Andrea
Chris has been so accurate with his predictions and has helped me through so much. I don't know what I would have done without his guidance throughout such a difficult relationship I've been in for almost 2 years now. Thank you Chris : )" ... written by B
He is the one to see! He's accurate and gives good advice." ... written by ***
He is brilliant!! Love him!1 Totally worth the credits!!" ... written by k
Really amazing and on spot reading :) He is just making me feel alot more possitive and sure about my entire situation and makes a clear picture on how I am about to reach the goals I desire in life :) " ... written by Moa
thank u soo much..." ... written by chloe
Good reader had zoo many reading he finally makes sense, he put me to peace will wait and see what happens xx" ... written by son
THE BEST!!!!!" ... written by Katie
Seemed to know what the problem was. Disappointed to hear that the separation will only come around November by which time I would have lost the beach house I have earmarked but at least I know it is going to happen. I cannot live longer. Will post on wall when prediction comes true. Thank you." ... written by Rosamidnight1962
He has such good advice. Feel alot more confident about my situation :)" ... written by Moa
5 stars....super star and spot on with predictions too....I recommend Chris to the entire world...." ... written by focusing
5 stars...A true superstar and most famous psychic in the world for sure...Recommend Chris to everyone in the world for honesty and truth. Very fast and spot on with his predictions too..." ... written by focusing
excellent" ... written by Alaynah
Thank you soooo much for the reading" ... written by Chloe
Wonderfully inspiring. Made me feel so very much better." ... written by Aeryn Joy
he is very good..hoping his predictions pan out!!" ... written by k
Really amazing!!" ... written by NEH
good" ... written by Alaynah
Thank you for the most accurate reading. I will keep in mind whatever you have told me to do and stay positive. I will be back soon for another reading." ... written by Neel
Very kind and insightful" ... written by Alaynah
Always fantastic!!" ... written by NEH
very good reading. One of the best psychics on this site :-)" ... written by Roksana
amazing." ... written by jaclyn
By far one of the best on here! He's helped through a lot! Well worth a visit! He's the real deal for sure!" ... written by ******
very very helpful" ... written by yellowMellow51
he is a great reader, thank you so much" ... written by great reader
was a good reading..well explained..internet issues..got dc..will be back" ... written by t
love him!" ... written by Katie
great" ... written by Ally
He is gentle and kind, though i am not sure about predictions yet" ... written by sally
PERFECT. xxxx" ... written by rosalynn
THE REAL DEAL...Helps me EVERY TIME!!!" ... written by B
Honest, Clear, Helpful. 2nd Reading with him, he had already begun to help me during free chat which was very generous of him. Christopher Robinson, google him. Do your research, don't waste your money on psychics that tell you what you want to hear, and email you telling you that they have an update for you. I've been on this for four years, all of the top psychic's are bull shit. Completely, they tell everyone the same thing since most people come for love issues. Be careful, Be wise." ... written by Lk
5 stars....excellent....the very best for sure....Recommend him to the world." ... written by focusing
Construture, reflective, helpful .... always is. So glad you didnt get on the aeroplane" ... written by dee
wonderful thanks" ... written by Ally
amazing he did amazing." ... written by annie
this man is great! get a reading with him" ... written by Bertha
Great guy great reading" ... written by S
Thank you soo much for your guidance as always!!!!" ... written by B
great" ... written by a
ooh, very great reading. I liked the whole atmosphere. He used several different tools, and was able to give me insight and information that only someone with a psychic ability could give. thanks so much! " ... written by erica
Thank you DreamDetective for your insight into my situation and for your prayers!! " ... written by LostGirl
This was the reading I needed tonight. You know when you just know someone gets you and the situation, it feels right, and this is what I got tonight. I do hope the predictions are true and I'm going to follow the advice given. Thanks so much." ... written by liz
Thank you." ... written by Amanda
Thank you DreamDetective for your insight, assurance, and prayers!! See you next weekend. " ... written by LostGirl
great" ... written by Alaynah
Wonderful reader very accurate" ... written by Sponge Bob Square Pants
Very uplifting and positive. Sounds sincere and has a lot to offer in terms of advice. " ... written by shades212
What a lovely, generous, warm person! Definitely gifted and also every so inspiring" ... written by WeeFreeWoman
Very insightful and gifted reader. highly suggested." ... written by Alissa
good" ... written by Sandy
WHAT a wonderful person. Saw a lot and i HIGHLY recommend. Made me feel at ease. explained a lot. saw a lot. added more credits and wished i could add more. Thank you Chris. I have found a new friend." ... written by malteser1970
very good spot on" ... written by jana
Fab reading" ... written by a
He is so wonderful! Some of his past predictions have come to pass and his ability to pick up current circumstances is amazing! I love Dream Detective!! He is very genuine! The real deal!!" ... written by ******
A fast rader . got answers . " ... written by tianna
Absolutely have to do private with this guy!!! Always has the answers. No tools needed!" ... written by B
5 stars....fabulous reader and psychic....world class...." ... written by Focusing
thank you for your insights" ... written by wendi
:) " ... written by alecheme
I love Chris. He's the best!!!!" ... written by serenity
wonderful thank you" ... written by michelle
Truly a wonderful psychic with accurate predictions. He wastes no time at all. " ... written by *****
Amazing. Before I decided to do a private reading I researched him online and through youtube. I found him. Christopher Robbins, DreamDetective51. He's legitimate. I've been on this since 2011. HE'S THE REAL DEAL. I promise." ... written by LG
He's good. I trust him w what he says" ... written by Shuchi
brilliant please do take him to private" ... written by s
By far the best on here. Give him a try! You will not be disappointed! " ... written by USA
thanks for the demo as well as the reading will be back for updates...thanks again" ... written by k
5 stars....very good...the best of the best for sure...spot on all the time....world famous psychic and he shows why he is the most famous of them all !!!" ... written by Focusing
A great guide and help. I always appreciate his readings and humor." ... written by Serenity
5 stars...spot on with his predictions and knowledge of situations. World famous from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean..Great friend too" ... written by Focusing
Wonderful!" ... written by Ava
amazing reader" ... written by cristina
Chris always tells it like it is." ... written by Serenity
5 stars and then some !! Chris is a world class psychic and the most famous psychic in the world...He is always spot on with his predictions...Recommend him to the entire world." ... written by Focusing
He is wonderful and helps you to remain positive. Follows through....very comforting" ... written by cittylove
Thank you so very much I have so much more closure to my story and now I have a new story to work on! You are simply amazing!!!!" ... written by Ava
Wonderful and spot on!" ... written by Melinda
I think he is excellent. Love the way he speaks. easy and friendly, and gives good timing" ... written by havel
He's a lot of fun. Very positive energy. It's interesting seeing the tools he uses so that the evidence is literally right there in front of you. I'm excited to see this process unfold. " ... written by Erica
Fantastic truly fantastic and fast. Very accurate!!!!! Love this man. " ... written by Michelle
He's my all time favorite psychic. He's a must see for a reading! Very accurate!" ... written by *****
simply wonderful" ... written by nicole
This man is well worth your credits. Very accurate!!!!!!!!!! Knew it all before I asked. Very happy with my reading and I will be back for more! " ... written by Michelle
Wow. Great reading. Dream detective picked up on so many things about me that I only tell myself. Thank you!" ... written by Moon
One of the best or the best to get a reading from. Always put me on the right track and gives encouragement. " ... written by moon
The best!!!!!!!!!" ... written by michelle
i like that he reads with crystal ball " ... written by stephanie
Great, fantastic" ... written by liz
Very fascinating reading! Lots of interesting insight and advice x" ... written by Cindy
thanks i ran out of credits but wil come back soon" ... written by SUSAN
Loved this reading great connection thank you!!!!!!" ... written by Ava
Gave good advice. Used crystal ball and astrology. Felt very confident about future decisions" ... written by Dizzied
He is the best love Chris !! if you want the best reading go private!!!!!! 200% honesty and accuracy always xx" ... written by Nancy
5 stars...spot on and one of the greatest of all times...recommend him to everyone" ... written by Focusing
Enjoy his reading x " ... written by Cindy
Chris is the original, and the best by far." ... written by Serenity
He's the best guide around." ... written by Serenity
He's just the best!" ... written by Serenity
THANK U FOR THE AMAZING READING" ... written by lydoshka
Chris is lovely, so kind and caring. I know he is for real and I am so grateful to him." ... written by Girl
Thank you :)" ... written by Serebro
really good and gives great advice. Stuck with same time frame:)" ... written by s
Thank you so much for your kind advice. Connected quickly and gave great guidance" ... written by MN
omg he so brilliant it's unbelievable !!! treat yourself to this reading !! truly gifted man with a kind , but firm spirit!! spot on everything" ... written by tamjones
Chris is great - I really appreciate his work so much - he is wonderful, I really believe what he tells me and what he sees. Thank you!!!" ... written by Girl
Excellent reading. He tune into you perfectly well." ... written by hubbelman
He was great!" ... written by Nicholas
Always love my readings with Dream Detective!" ... written by Serenity
Thank you for the positive words" ... written by D
pretty awesome reading and i'm real glad i came to him!!!!" ... written by autumne
excellent reading" ... written by Sin
Great to talk to Chris, he is so accurate about situation. Thank you :)" ... written by Havy
Very nice man and was accurate about everything. " ... written by flowerlotus
awesome reading :)" ... written by autumne
just what i needed to calm down, thank you :)" ... written by autumne
awesomeee, outstanding psychic, he is correct with all his predictions! definitely recommend!" ... written by greenforever
just ruddy awesome and what i needed :)" ... written by autumne
helped to speak to this gentleman" ... written by LadyLight1
great reading, picked up new changes and it's already happening :)" ... written by Autumne
he is excellent and very comforting. good to talk about men's problems with a man" ... written by maria
Great reading, kind andamp; compassionate as ever. Thank you " ... written by Havy
amazing readings always" ... written by nick
5 stars...excellent" ... written by Focusing
Always a great reading " ... written by B
Chris, you are a gifted and loving individual..ty!!" ... written by shelle97
A lovely reading!" ... written by donnamck
awesome!!! What a wonderful psychic!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
very honest and straight forward" ... written by jizmind
5 stars...spot on as always...Chirs is one of the greatest psychics in the world..Chris and Nostradamus were soul mates !!!" ... written by Focusing
He definitely knows what he is talking about and it's intriguing to find out about these things" ... written by Julianna
Awesome reading, good to get insight and guidance :)" ... written by Starry
5 stars...one of the greatest psychics in the entire world...." ... written by Focusing
Thank you Chris , you have never lead me wrong before and I look forward to a wonderful future with my baby :) Amazing reading and such a fast connection . No wonder he is so world renound ♥" ... written by Rose
this man is amazing" ... written by dream
great" ... written by ilovedog
Amazing as always. Clear, fast, accurate and great guidance." ... written by Julie
Ran out of credits so came back to follow on with the reading, just great thanks, sorry I missed your response on "allow him" but another time I can find out what you mean by that :)" ... written by Starry
Thanks so much for your advice. You are great!!!! Hope the prediction come to pass. " ... written by A
He was good." ... written by Nichola
short and to point" ... written by ilovedog
He is a sweet person and very attentive. Very kind." ... written by Larissa
Top class as usual " ... written by Sadangel67
Amazing reading ! Spot on the mark about my situation. I will be back . " ... written by debbie
lovely reading, very interesting very scientific as well. Love the reading thank you !" ... written by Debbie
Thank you so much for the insight. Amazing advice. 5 stars" ... written by gal
awesome honest guy worth every min! you wont reget it" ... written by Chaz
HEs kind:)" ... written by Neil
Lovely fellow. He is excellent with his crystal ball. I am so grateful for his advice and insight. Thanks again. I will return." ... written by Breanna