About ELPIDA84

Psychic ELPIDA84 has 10 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ELPIDA84 has recently helped 29 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ELPIDA84's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am here to bring out the best version of yourself! I read " energies" - means - I sense feelings, emotions, thoughts etc. I can read cards as well, if you wish me to do that. Feel free to ask about me or the way I work. I warn you! I am a positive thinker :) .. My goal is to help you achieve your goals faster and easier than you imagined.

SHE IS TOTALLY AMAZING!! LOVE HER X" ... written by xgemx12
Thanks Elpida. You helped me so much." ... written by shameless12
Wonderful reading even better than the 1st! She is absolutely a doll and very in tune with spirit. Thank you..." ... written by gemmie
great reading!!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
AMAZING, what more could i say.. answered my questions and also gave much needed advice to better myself how i view things and how i react to them as well.. was compassionate and straight to the point. and also brought to my attention something NO other psychic has.. i loved the reading. thank you so much will be back for update =) " ... written by Lyn414
She is good and could able to read what going on with ur life" ... written by thanya
Always honest and to the point thanks" ... written by betsysue
She is amazing!!!!!!!! so great x thanks" ... written by xgemx12
Great!" ... written by xgemx12
Excellent reading! Elpida really knows how to read the cards and she cares so much about her customers. I also could learn more about how to do readings with the gypsy cards." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thanks for your help, I will take what you said to heart. " ... written by David
Thanks a lot again..........very on point...it confirmed what I was feeling...nice to talk with you, it ends confusions and brings clarity!" ... written by sukychi
Lovely lady. Gave me a good ritual to get rid of negative energies :-)" ... written by LondonMermaid
SHE WAS PRETTY GOOD " ... written by purple20
FANTASTIC!!! Spot on with her readings and so sweet and nice. I'd recommend everyone get a reading from her." ... written by jonnypc123
Good reading!" ... written by betsysue
Great as always :)))" ... written by Juliano1001000
Amazing!" ... written by dd41783
Thanks elp xx. Amazing as usual xxx." ... written by gemma
Excellent once again!" ... written by Flowers2012
Great :)" ... written by xxx
Best one, friend, accurate, tell the truth, you like it or not :) Wish you very best Elpida :)" ... written by hrast722
Fast, accurate, amazing. Thank you!!!" ... written by Nikita76
She is very good and direct. Thank you :) " ... written by jannicke1
She's really fast, really good! Thanks!" ... written by stebella009
Great reading!! She was clear and to the point!!" ... written by Chloe28
Really nice, cheery, and insightful, honest and a great reading. Thanks :)" ... written by bertrumrumrum
Was good and helped me to see that I should just go for it." ... written by shellyedin
Excellent reading :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Elpida you are one of my favorite here...thanks for helping me and make me feel good...you have a good positive energy.:)" ... written by michelle1979
Very good reading." ... written by maryannepav
Thanks for an affirmation.. Lets see, if he does contact. lol" ... written by shikins
Quick, gets right to the point, I will return for some updates, I recommend as she confirmed what i already felt and knew :)" ... written by leti8989
All her predictions have come true for me! shes very good and doesnt waste time. the descriptions of people she says, the events she informs you about, they come to pass exactly the way she says it! shes good!" ... written by stebella009
Shes so good! i love elpida!! excellent reading." ... written by stebella009
Elpida is very fast and accurate with her readings. She will tell you what she sees and feels intuitively without reservation. It's always a pleasure to read with her and I personally have learned a lot. She also holds a to a very high standard of professionalism in her work which i respect a lot. If you want the real thing, look no further, you won't be disappointed. :)" ... written by Boggle
Love them and yes, they are crazy. Love their energy, they are just wonderful. I am so looking forward to my future. XXXXXOOOOOO " ... written by chitown123
Ohh it was such a wonderful and special reading because Elpida and Dean were together in the room:)) I call it a power reading:)) Very very detailed, extremely accurate as always and they just can read everybody like a book:)) I love you so much Elpida and Dean:))" ... written by LoveElly
Right on!!!" ... written by skf271
Elpida is very good and she was fast and told me what she saw and told me what is more important in life ....thx" ... written by frizzle441
She read me like a book! Fantastic! You must try Elpida she is great! 5 stars for sure great!" ... written by nunothat-Deb
The reading was exceptional! ELPIDA84 answered all of my questions that will help me to move forward and find a good path. I am very grateful for her reading and insights. Thank you! Thank you!" ... written by marjoram
Oh my GOD! That's all I need to say. Elpida knew almost everything I told her about my problems :) She gave me honest, truthful and clear information about my past, present and future. I wish I had found her earlier, it has been a real pleasure being in her private reading room and I suggest you have a reading with her. If you are ready to hear the truth. :)" ... written by LoveElly
Best psychic I have ever had. Honest and kind. Efficient and helpful. Wow. I love her honesty...and her insight. Thank you!" ... written by Buffygrrl
Elpida is simply amazing. I mean what else can I say:))? Her accuracy is extreme all the time and that is why you should have a private reading with her.. NOW:))" ... written by LoveElly
Great reading will be coming back for more.." ... written by mehakn1234
My second reading with Elpida . She has great insight of the situation and gives good advise. " ... written by amber11134
This lady is very sensitive and gentle, an enjoyable reading with predictions that I hope will materialise, it is so nice to have a reader that is so nicely spoken and doesn't rush." ... written by Jazzmindia
She is always honest. she will answer anything you ask her." ... written by 1285597
Shes good and kind... good reading... :)" ... written by GM
Very informative and accurate reader. Highly impressed!" ... written by irishsphinx
Well that's simply awesome.... she told exact problem of mine... I know thats my problem... great reading ... thanx a lot elpida" ... written by crazyhasi15
She was really fast to the poiont and comfronting she didn t sugarcoat anything. Really professional and will definately come back!!!! I strongly reccomend her." ... written by am1981
I think perfect and very precise." ... written by gabrielm88
She very much in contact with what is going on! I will be back to get her thoughts! A five for sure!" ... written by quaz101
Gave me strenght and hope." ... written by Arista83
Elpida is fantastic! Great advice and comfort!" ... written by nunothat-Deb
Beautiful reading, right on target. Shes terrific!!! :))) " ... written by toni808
Very nice reading. Thank you for helping :)" ... written by elode80
Ran out of credits" ... written by dijana77
Another amazing reading with Elpida!! She is so amazing, so caring and so accurate:) You definitely have to take her into private, don't even think about it!!" ... written by LoveElly
Very honest and very good love it thank u" ... written by smiley2011
brilliant medium..." ... written by a
very quick and to the point" ... written by .
thanks for the wonderful reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
Elpida is one of my most trusted. She is kind and wise and has such a great gift of sight! Thank you so much for being you!" ... written by J
I have been waiting for Elpida to come back and thank God she is finally back again:)) Everything she saw and predicted two months ago happened in my life. She is awesome:) I strongly recommend a private reading with Elpida!!!" ... written by LoveElly
She was honest and fast.. Thanks for the reading." ... written by xicabella
Shes good :)" ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Amazing! Helped clear my head big time! Thank you!!!" ... written by Jo9987
She's very good! very accurate!" ... written by Pam_mie
Thankyou :-)" ... written by ale510
Another great reading. Not the best news, but very accurate, and lots of information in a short time." ... written by usa
Loved her reading, upbeat, uplifting. I look forward to reporting back " ... written by tickleme2011
Excellant, a true phsychic !!! Very accurate, honest to the point. She is the best here. Really.;)" ... written by Angelsent21
She is amazing! REALLY GOOD! " ... written by ehoxha
I love Elpida:) She is so generous and so kind.. and she always has the answers to all my questions. She is very very very very accurate and I strongly recommend a private reading with her!!" ... written by LoveElly
Love this very gifted, genuine lady!" ... written by happyheather
She is very accurate. I recommend her!" ... written by theodorab
5 stars are never enough for Elpida so I am sending her a million stars:)) She is amazing:))" ... written by LoveElly
Another outstanding reading with Elpida:) She knows what she is doing and you can be sure that she will read your life and issues like a book! Thank you so much with all my heart Elpida, you are amazing:)" ... written by LoveElly
Thanks for that.. That helped. Thanks again." ... written by serinaserina
Yes really good" ... written by youngstar19
You should take Elpida in a private reading as soon as possible:)" ... written by LoveElly
Just a true GEM! Nice and compassion!" ... written by quaz101
Great Job! A high 5!" ... written by quaz101
What can i say about Elpida:)) She is amazing as always:))" ... written by LoveElly
Elpida is so calm and wonderful. Her positive energy just comes out and anyone in contact with her gets rubbed into it. She is filled with life and happiness and she did a very happy reading for me. Thank you for being you Elpida. You are the best." ... written by maggiefahad
I love Elpida she is one of the best on oranum she see's everything for what it is and if you feel lost in love she will tell you how your partner truly feels don't waste time on the rest when with Elpida you have the best!! Peace and Love!! xxx Awesome " ... written by MickeyL77
Answered all questions, friendly, helpful, to the point. Gave advice." ... written by becca2312
Elpida's cards fully displayed what was going on in my life and her advice was amazing! Shows me a clearer picture of what to do when the situation comes up! Thanks Elpida!" ... written by calliopegirl
Wonderful reader... She answered my questions with no problem or issues." ... written by asil
Thanks!! :)" ... written by HollyB123
Fantastic reading great insight and def be back." ... written by bums2222
Saw her in a demo, and was spot on with everything she answered so i decided to take her to privete, best money spent. amazing, spot on!!!!!! And will be back, and see how her predictions unfold. Thank you again!" ... written by vineir08
Elpida has a wonderful character and she is so nice and kind! She really seems that she cares for you and she will try to give you as many info as possible! She will tell you all the good and bad things and she will advice you too! I will definitely have a reading again with Elpida!!" ... written by elenit
Thanks so much great reading on the ball everytime will be back" ... written by bums2222
She is good, friendly and a good Psychic. I just love hearing her talk. :)" ... written by srijith
SHE IS SO SWEET AND HELPFUL!!! I RECOMMEND HER!" ... written by kaylaa1
What a great reading... the energy is awesome. Actually it was like talking to a friend who can be honest and not afraid to say what needs to be said. thanks...will be back!" ... written by intrigueme184
She was great! thank you.. amazing!" ... written by kingpi
She is wonderful! Very indepth with her visions! Great read!" ... written by quaz101
Super." ... written by LondonMermaid
She was wonderful and right on... Thank you so much!!!!" ... written by scadoodle
Thank you. :) Wonderful." ... written by Jodyleelee
Thank you very much." ... written by Lattice3
Amazing, one of the most genuine and caring readers on here. Truly gifted and delves deeply to give you guidance. Wonderful lady." ... written by happyheather
Elpida is a sweet, charming person and also very accurate she predicted my child is a boy, also made many important predictions! I highly recommend her." ... written by vanessa
Thanks Elpida for the good insights and advice." ... written by hrast722
Awesome psychic. Connected with me very fast. Gave me great advice. Hopefully her predictions come true." ... written by 1285597
Saw a lot of what is happening in a very complex sitatuion" ... written by gardhard49
Very accurate.. Very helpful." ... written by sandyfit7
Brilliant!" ... written by mubz100
My favourite one, very accurate andamp; shows real opportunities andamp; ways to deal with them." ... written by gabrielm88
She is so amazing!! So spot on its ridiculous!! She is amazing and its scary how right she is!" ... written by vineir08
Amazing update!!!!! She's truly amazing and my number one go to girl!!! Thank you!!!!" ... written by vineir08
A very nice reading" ... written by hashmi84
Thank you, Elpida... I know you couldn't give me the news I wanted but I thank you for your honesty and help.Take care x" ... written by Groggy59
Best one. Accurate, friendly, Good advice, everything predicted, happens so far. Hope it will be same in the future with your last predictions about my life. Thanks Elpida ;)" ... written by hrast722
She was great, honest!" ... written by timaga
Shes is amazing! xx I have full trust in her. xxx" ... written by xgemx12
Great as always ...." ... written by hrast722
Elphida is very experienced in the cards. She looked into my issue with a lot of consideration! And she told me about the things i was interested in!" ... written by SiobhanS
Just always excellent. Quick accurate reading!" ... written by Flowers2012
Very helpful and made me see that my gut was right even though I didn't want it to be. Thanks so much, Elpida. =)" ... written by SunandMoon89
This was a very honest reading I appreciate it." ... written by confusedchica
Amazing woman, you seem so calm and honest! I hope your prediction will come true. Amazing smile too! :)" ... written by meshana3
She was very concerned!" ... written by OmarJay215
Fantastic reader. Honest and clear messages." ... written by Charlie0605
She is a great reader!" ... written by HollyB123
She is correct about a man I was seeing and I didn't even see it at the time. I found out later that she was right. So I came back to tell her. " ... written by linn115
Good reading. Compassionate and caring. Picked up all the things I was worrying about and helped to calm the worries." ... written by LoriKA
She was very thorough, thank you." ... written by hoofer13
Great reading, thank you." ... written by gateforest01
Answered my questions honestly. Thank you." ... written by smiley2011
Perfect. Perfect, she confirms my doubts and gives me good advice. Thanks ELPIDA! xoxox" ... written by lisa
Thank you!" ... written by mmd1990
Great reading. Thank you soo much. Will keep you posted of developments." ... written by Charlie0605
Very nice, I'll come back soon!" ... written by Abra1970
Very honest!" ... written by tvelletri
She is kind and super right!" ... written by taurusmay5
She is absolutely amazing, and she provided me with the information I really needed." ... written by dlowry513
You were very right about why arguments occurred between me andamp; him. Thanks v much for your time andamp; great reading ;)" ... written by alwaysgem
Excellent reading and very helpful, thanks!" ... written by maryannepav
I loved the reading... she said what she saw and it was straight from the gift, no beating around the bush. I love how sincere she was. Great reading... loved it!" ... written by MasterJU
Great clarity, I learned so much. Will definitely come back in few months. Highly recommend" ... written by cmrear1986
She is so right about many things, very good reading:) " ... written by petalouditsa
Very sweet, very accurate, good abilities. I recommend and will always come back for more. Thank you Elpida" ... written by zimerili1
A good reading every time and very helpful. A cool lady. Thank you ELPIDA!!!" ... written by Metalrat22Virgo
Thank you so much .... you are always great ....very detailed and acurate .... I love your readings every time ... lots of love" ... written by sukychi
Great as ever." ... written by happyheather
A real nice girl." ... written by shaz77
She is my true guide over and over!" ... written by taurusmay5
Wonderful as usual! :)" ... written by linn115
Accurate and nice!" ... written by druvina1973
Great, as always :)" ... written by hrast722
Insightfull, honest, accurate. Really goood reading. Thanks so much." ... written by pariah_112
Thank you very much. I trust your readings and also appreciate feedback to become better in my relations. You are very great and wish you a happy Christmas and New Years! Thank you!" ... written by marjoram
Good reading! :)" ... written by happyscribbler91
Awesome reading!" ... written by gem1974
Thanks!" ... written by shaz77
Wooonderful! She got straight to the issue and gave me wonderful advice and insight. Thanks again! :)" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Great reader." ... written by natei08
A pleasure as always. Very comforting and reassuring." ... written by happyheather
Elpida can see my ex's personality very well with her cards. Every reading we have, she gives details in which always prove how accurate she and her cards are. I love tarot cards, so much detail, you get in the reading that it's very amazing and shocking too. Thank you Elpida!" ... written by Gem
Great!" ... written by sdosramos
Good honest" ... written by Majoma
Elpida is very honest and genuine, I love her!" ... written by taurusmay5
Great reading elpida!" ... written by RUBYRED2020
Thanks for the wonderful reading :D" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Very accurate and true." ... written by Csilla12
Good friend..." ... written by hrast722
Sorry, ran out of funds and I loved talking to you as always! Been looking for you online for a few weeks. :)) So glad we got to talk again. Always accurate and good with predictions. :)) " ... written by linn115
Great reading! Genuinely wants to help!" ... written by yvettepandora
Elpida is a doll and doesn't take any time at all to get 'warmed up'. She tuned in right away. She conveys a lot of love, and I feel she is accurate. I guess time will tell how things work out for me as I just had my reading, but I would consult her again. Very good energy." ... written by Lilymeerkat
Very good!" ... written by hotmhh
I am amazed! Connected with me right away! " ... written by xtine930
She sees things before it happens... i didn't believe it because it was that way before. But they happen!!" ... written by linn115
Thank you! " ... written by Kitty1002
OMG! I loooooove her!! I feel like I found a friend on here. She picked up on my situation perfectly! She was very honest and confirmed my gut feelings about everything. Very warm, compassionate, and funny. She has to be my favorite on Oranum. I will definitely be back." ... written by iPreferMimi
Always great....absolutely amazing in detail, It makes me lough how Elpida gets it so accurate : ) Its always a pleasure ....and thanks a lot again x " ... written by sukychi
Very accurate. I feel so good after I talk to her. Things are the way she says they are. I am very happy I met her." ... written by Csilla12
Good reading.... Very Accurate... She's one of my favorites at Oranum." ... written by wtc2010
Wonderful insight and was very direct in her responses. Loved the reading will definitely be back!!" ... written by TyNicole123
I had a really good reading, she explained the cards to me well, she told me her thoughts now and future plans, she was right on with the present what's going on right now and gave great advise!" ... written by keshia2243
Wonderful, insightful reading and a beautiful person!" ... written by gemmie
Thanks Elpida, I think you picked on him exactly. I am hoping there is a solution and I do appreciate your advice on this matter. Thank you so much!" ... written by beautifulmesss
She's great!!!!!!!!! Honest and accurate." ... written by elenatza
Very good :) accurate " ... written by JANA86
Thanks, babe, for always being so patient with my questions." ... written by linn115
Great reading as usual, loved it, will be back!" ... written by mini1214
I liked the reading, it gave me ideas and learned how to to keep distance to these people that doesn't deserve my attention and my care. Thank you." ... written by lorryvie
I like Elpida!" ... written by taurusmay5
She is Awesome ......... I loved her ...." ... written by shona910
Very sweet, very accurate... Isn't afraid to "say it as it is" even if it's not what you want to hear, truly cares, very genuine." ... written by heathermarie0301
Good reading, very good person and helpful!" ... written by druvina1973
Great." ... written by druvina1973
Very accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Very helpful." ... written by druvina1973
Great reading!" ... written by jomielyn
Elpida84 is such a wonderful reader! Very insightful and informative. I absolutely recommend her! :)" ... written by SugarPlumGirl
She is very friendly and honest. Great prediction from her." ... written by aikhooiooi
Wonderful." ... written by dreamrider077
Always a pleasure to speak with Elpida xxx" ... written by LondonMermaid
Amazing! So accurate.. Good energy too." ... written by smileysteph123
Thanks to u.... You made me feel better...I'll wait for him. For sure I will contact you more often!" ... written by florelyn
Spend your money; she is wise; tunes in and is just plain... Wonderful!" ... written by heathermarie0301
Amazing reader! I loved her advice and she told the truth, she's not a liar, please have a reading with her!" ... written by mi
What was said was very true." ... written by tunderilona
Very helpful and effective." ... written by druvina1973
Exactly what I saw!" ... written by vildonfoo
So kind and so nice. She really gave an in-depth reading. Thanks so much. I will be back!" ... written by rose423
She is so nice and really good!" ... written by millyloves22
She was great and she explained the cards to me. I would recommend her, for anyone looking to look more into the future." ... written by necole84
When you've seen the best, don't bother with the rest. Elpida84 is always to the point and on the money." ... written by bluelovemoon
Always calm and precise, love her readings!" ... written by gem1974
Always very helpful and gives great detail. Thanks." ... written by rose423
Please give her a try, she picked up on something I have been considering for a while." ... written by rosieRN
She is always so truthful about what she sees. Never hesitates to advise on best course to take." ... written by betsysue
Wonderful... As always!" ... written by Heather
Gifted lady!" ... written by loulourae
Not enough credits to go in details but was very good." ... written by dladie42
She was great! She answered all of my questions and was exactly right with the past and present... Let's hope I can do as I am supposed to for my future to turn out the way she sees it!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by awilliams100305
Elpida is definitely one of a kind… To start with, she is not a reader who just pushes you to private. She is a reader that sits and gets to know you, answers any questions about her style and full explains what she can do for you. False promises and guarantees are not a style of Elpida at all. She tells you as she sees it, not as you want to hear. She is authentic… There is no need to second guess a reading with her, because you will be beyond satisfied. As long as you go in with an open heart and mind… She will leave you at peace." ... written by Heather
She is very sweet.. Compassionate... Loving" ... written by Gaby11
Elpida is fantastic psychic :) A real star! I recommend everyone to have a private reading with her! x" ... written by Holly100
Fantastic reading! Elpida gave me a good, honest reading and honed in on the question I had with her very well... And her guidance has really let me see that a lot of the things I'd already been thinking were true and are true." ... written by ellewilla
Great reading, as always... Elpida is so down to earth, and always makes you smile. She is sweet, caring, and is someone I would call a friend! You will never regret having a reading with Elpida!" ... written by heathermarie0301
Amazing reader as always!!!" ... written by mi
You're so good what can I say... You do describe him perfectly... Thank you!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Thanks babe!!" ... written by linn115
Good insight, very wise suggestion indeed :) would be happy to come back and do more questions, fantastic psychic!" ... written by eatpraylove86
She answered all my questions on point." ... written by vc1976
Hit everything!" ... written by Summaluv8
She is so sweet and kind I had an amazing reading with her." ... written by confusedchica
Great as always - can't say much else." ... written by Heather
Very good!" ... written by Priscillak82
Elpida is a great psychic and a really sweet person, she does her work from the heart. She really is here to help you and does as much as she can to do so. Her contact predictions have been precise for me. Thank you Elpida. xx" ... written by Gem
Thanks great" ... written by djuanagraves
No sugar coating. Direct and to the point. Reassuring insight and helpful advice. Will be coming back for follow-ups. " ... written by Gene
Very nice and gives straight prompt answers." ... written by Oya
Amazing reader!" ... written by mi
Very up front wit hthe answers - even ifnot the ones I wanted to hear and I like that - honesty and integrity. I will be back to let you know how things go.... thanks Bunches! and Blessings!" ... written by serenity04
Thanks for the reading!!!" ... written by shopgirl
She was accurate and fun. Truthful and encouraging. I will return to her! Thank you!! " ... written by esynce
Very sweet and helpful. " ... written by mmak22
5 stars!!!!!! Really kind and nice!" ... written by lafrite
Good!" ... written by Priscillak82
I love her, so nice!" ... written by Priscillak82
Thank you babe!" ... written by linn115
Excellent!" ... written by blackwidow2432
She's very good!" ... written by youngstar19
Always good to have a laugh with Elpida, take my mind off the crazy moon! :-) " ... written by LondonMermaid
Perfect :)" ... written by gabrielm88
Thank you babe. I missed you! Always great to catch up with you." ... written by linn115
Very friendly with a joyful smile full of compassion." ... written by 1emmanuel1
Love this woman as always, my reading wouldn't be construed as positive, but she is such a positive uplifting person with solid advice, i will return to her as I have :)" ... written by leti98
She is good - tough feedback...but really good. " ... written by epa
Thank you so much for your interpretive cards, explanation and guidance. They help me so much, and her cards said things that I didn't tell her. Awesome. She is friendly, quick and gave so much information in 14 minutes! High recommend. :-D" ... written by kissmeangel
Perfect :)" ... written by gabrielm88
Amazing reader such a lovely person to talk to." ... written by ebonyeyes1986
Elpida is just the best!" ... written by Viv
Fabulous fabulous fabulous reading again! Great great great psychic, can't say more than being really really thankful for her enlightenment :)" ... written by eatpraylove86
Thank you! Great reading!!" ... written by loulourae
Another exceed expectations reading from this wonderful lady! Really really thankful to you and extremely accurate reading! Will definitely recommend her and come back for more!" ... written by eatpraylove86
Happy with the reading. unfortunately not enough time." ... written by dijana
What a lovely lady! so full of spirit and good advice." ... written by geoffdemowbray
Elpida is the best for the love questions. She will tell you like it is and honestly." ... written by Viv
Very helpful and nice person." ... written by sadhana
Great." ... written by sadhana
Good reading." ... written by sadhana
Always good." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Made me feel more relax about the situation, was happy what I was told, will get a follow up again soon.. Thanks Eli." ... written by guiseppe
She was very good and funny and happy. :)" ... written by Jimmy
She is amazing and sincere, very fast and has brought clarity to a grey area in my life." ... written by bflow1
Very helpful and professional." ... written by Eric
Great reading, honest." ... written by janrose1234
Wow, she is on top of things!!! Direct and honest too!!! Loved my reading. " ... written by jazzy
Very honest, detailed, would be coming back for follow ups!" ... written by Joe
Good Reading, she is giving me great advice. I will listen and look forward to the summer!! Her reading was consistent with last one and things are progressing for the better. Thank you, will keep updating till stuff happens. Thank you Elpida!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
Thank you!" ... written by Melinawai
I think this is the forth or fifth time I come back to her! Always awesome, consistent, honest and accurate! Cant really say more as my retainer tendency speak for itself! Kudos to you always Elpida!" ... written by eatpraylove86
Very good as always!" ... written by blackwidow
Her cards read him completely! She is pretty good!! You won't be disappointed!" ... written by jazzy
wonderful...She is quick and well worth it. Great, honest reading. I hope i get what i want in the 1 or 2 years she stated. Thanx" ... written by jazzy155
Thanks Elpida! I will talk with you soon on how to proceed. You are so understanding and patient. I am very grateful!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
Wonderful advice as always. Very honest but very kind at the same time. I always appreciate her. :-)" ... written by rose423
Fantastic as usual." ... written by linn
Good sound advise. Very kind, helpful and concerned. " ... written by Meryl Crosbie
Very nice lady and was honest with her reading would recommend her. " ... written by gh
Elpida gave me clarity on my problem. Uplifting, helpful. Fun, easy to work with. Enjoying talking with her. Thank you." ... written by PinkFairy21
Lovely reader. I would go back for another one. " ... written by Rosehello
Very helpful and nice." ... written by sadhana
WOW! WOW! WOW! Elpida was AMAZING. If you are looking for clarity, look no further. She was beyond wonderful. Not only did Elpida provide answers to my questions, she went into great detail of the situation, and helped me better understand WHY things are the way they are. Elpida really touched me in a way nobody else has. She really dug deep into the reading and brought me to levels of understanding and clarity that no one else ever has. Elpida is genuine and sincere. She is one of those readers that you will come back to again and again. Amazing is all I can say.. Simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. " ... written by Heather
She was great! :) Told me everything I needed to know. " ... written by Brittany
Good :)" ... written by Todd
Loved it! Very very good! Looking to do it again :) Thank you! You're amazing!! xo" ... written by Lissyloo14
Thank you, I will come to have more readings." ... written by Valerie
Great! " ... written by santalovesu
Very honest reading! I will be back!" ... written by gerryjj
Elpida is great and very thorough. She really looks into details and guides you in the right direction. She definitely has your best interest at heart. I love talking to her... she starts from scratch each time so your reading is not a continuation from last one. It is what is happening right now! And she tells you when and how to proceed to get to your chosen path and if its what is best for you, of course it's always YOUR CHOICE. I truly enjoy talking to her. Many thanks Elpida!!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
She was very patient with me and very clear. Great reader." ... written by ask
Elpida is a great psychic. Elpida you are very nice and honest! Thank you very much for the great readings. " ... written by j
She is very good and very accurate about her answers. She is very friendly and I appreciate her. Good job!" ... written by vasanta
Kind, nice, honest and accurate. Wonderful." ... written by paul
She was really nice, and it felt as if though i was talking to a friend. She also cut right to the chase, and confirmed what I already believed. " ... written by FFWIDL2B
Great reading! She is also very accurate and gives great advice. Thank you so much!" ... written by rose423
Awesome! funny! Helpful! :D" ... written by Raaadg
Very helpful!" ... written by Krissy
Thank you for clarification this will help me in the future," ... written by guisepp
Aamazing reading!! thank you for clarity." ... written by vineir
Wonderful! I really enjoy going in private readings with Elpida! She is fantastic. :) Thank you very much! x" ... written by Lissyloo14
5 stars!" ... written by j
Oh... what can I say? Elpida is amazing. She gives you hope... Even if the cards are bad, she makes it out to be good by giving you new outlooks on the future to come. Quick, easy, and simply the best." ... written by Heather Marie
I love her... She was right on Target... Very nice person... Thanks, Elpida... God Bless! " ... written by Jennifer
Great! Accurate and thorough! " ... written by Jenny
Good reading... Hope all works out for me xxx" ... written by gerrijj
Spot on; Dr. Elpida is great! " ... written by Heather Marie
Very nice and very comprehensive. :)" ... written by kikitaa
She is honest, short session but was very direct" ... written by RB
Very good reader!" ... written by mi
WOW WOW WOW!! AMAZING!! This lady deserves more than 5 stars. I will definitely be returning and would highly recommend her x" ... written by Mshelli
An excellent reading, thank you very kindly." ... written by zimerili1
I cannot believe my own ears and eyes. This woman touched my soul in a way I can not explain.." ... written by loveandlovetou
She is just so great ... she really wants to help i am so grateful .. I just dont know how to express it ... she has taken me from hopeless to hopeful .. the best!!!!!! Thanks for all your help Elpida .. ty ty ty " ... written by Beautifulmesss
Always enjoy talking with her. She gives great advice and while she is always honest, she is very kind. Thanks! :-)" ... written by rose423
She is so wonderful and Fast!!! She's a Respectful and talented person who will tell you what you need to know ! I like her and her Honest and Accurate Reading and I highly Recommend her." ... written by Joe
Dr Elpida has been reading for me for awhile now. She is quick and to the point. She doesn't judge what is happening, but instead tells you how she sees it with no BS. What I respect the most about her readings, is that they are brutally truthful. Not saying I enjoy the truth, but at least it's accurate." Thank you." ... written by heathermarie0301
Love talking to this lovely lady! 100% All over everything that is going on in your life! love love love :)))" ... written by Lissy
Great advice, and completely honesttt.. thank uuu" ... written by kikitaa
She is a TOP PSYCHIC definitely ! OMG she was so accurate ! Thank you so much ! God Bless you ! I will be back soon !" ... written by Russel
Great as always .... :)" ... written by Hrast
Great spiritual guidance and reassurance as always from Elpida!" ... written by LondonMermaid
Thank you!" ... written by Taylor
Excellent!" ... written by Ren
Sweet girl, seems intuitive. Saw things in her cards that made sense. " ... written by axia
Very great very helpful" ... written by maria
Amazing!!!" ... written by Freehugs
Elpida is amazing, she has already started to clear my path and make me think differently but in a very good way! I enjoy private readings with her :) xo" ... written by Freehugs
Right on point." ... written by Javon
Was great, had to have such a quick reading because was running out of credits, aah, but all good :O)" ... written by emma
VERY brilliant reader, this woman knows her stuff..very easy to talk to, and fast with her answers! I will definitely be back for more :)" ... written by krystal
06/20/2013" ... written by CHRISTY
Like ELPIDA84 and will come back! :)" ... written by Daisy
She was pleasant, positive, accurate about the events leading up to now and very good at reading her cards." ... written by Lisa
lovely girl and always smiles --and right on her reading" ... written by sexykitty
Once again.." ... written by kiktaa
Very good reader! Highly recommended!!" ... written by Lola
06/17/2013" ... written by CHRISTY
Thank you Elpida - very good feedback on situation, and outlook, and I shall stay well grounded with it. Thank you" ... written by Samsharia
I loved her reading about my karma ! It was amazing ! She was really really really great !!! Thank you so much ! You are my fav! 5 STARS ;)" ... written by Linn,
AWESOME ! I feel much much better now that I got clear advice about my situation ! She is so amazing and friendly ! Lovely ! " ... written by Nick,
She is great help , thank you elpida. Speak to you soon." ... written by Guiseppe
Fabulous fabulous fabulous reading again! Great great great psychic, can't say more than being really really thankful for her enlightenment :)" ... written by Nicky
She was accurate and fun. Truthful and encouraging. I will return to her! Thank you!!" ... written by MM_Lizzy
Excellent." ... written by luckyanna
I love Elpida! She's so direct, fast, straight forward and accurate." ... written by fretan
She was fun, funny and enjoyable. She had a striking charm when she delivered her insight. : )" ... written by Brian
TY Elpida for reassurance, it is hard to stay upbeat sometimes but i am trying really hard not to let this waiting get the best of me...ty for being here to talk to, ty ty ty" ... written by Beautifulmesss
Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
Great read! She's brave!" ... written by Wren
Very insightful. Great, great advice. Very thoughtful and caring. She gives very wise counsel." ... written by rose423
Perfect. Perfect, she confirms my doubts and gives me good advice. Thanks ELPIDA! xoxox" ... written by Liza,
Liked it! Thank you." ... written by bloodyjj
I love Elpida she is one of the best on oranum she see's everything for what it is and if you feel lost in love she will tell you how your partner truly feels don't waste time on the rest when with Elpida you have the best!! Peace and Love!! xxx Awesome" ... written by Victor,
Thank you! :)" ... written by Arcturus
My favorite one, very accurate andamp; shows real opportunities andamp; ways to deal with them." ... written by Mary,
Thanks for your visions, understandings and advice!!! :))))))) !!!" ... written by kikitaa
She's good." ... written by emma
thanks.. will get an update again. " ... written by guiseppe
Nice reading." ... written by sunny
Great!" ... written by nita
Very sweet and charming. Had a prediction reading so will repost when they come true. " ... written by iconnect
ALWAYS A GOOD READING. ONE OF THE BEST!" ... written by blackwidow
She was very very very good." ... written by laura
Elpida84 is accurate and is a very warm person. I felt a connection." ... written by moonchild59
Thanks Elpida! Great, as always! Fast...full of information." ... written by agirl
Thank you so much you have been really helpful!! I needed to talk to someone I feel a lot better, thaaaank you once again xxxx" ... written by Magdalena
She was straight to the point and informative, I was deffo impressed." ... written by Rebecca Guideme2013
Amazing update, thank you!" ... written by vineir
Elpida is so nice and doesn't sugar coat. thank you so much for the reading. :)" ... written by He
Elpida is awesome. Thanks heaps for the clarity and letting me know about the crazy woman hahaha speak soon .." ... written by Guiseppe78
She was AwEsOmE! Will come AgAiN!" ... written by Stephanie
Honest. No matter what you ask her, she tells you what she feels, and let me tell you, It's not that great to hear what you don't want to hear, but at least it's the truth. 5 Stars for that. Thanks!" ... written by Heather Marie
She iz da BOMB yo!" ... written by Jamaal
I love her so so Sweet... And connect like no other I have had a reading with. You are my favorite.. " ... written by Annie
Excellent reading I wanted honest and Im happy I did she put alotof things in perspective for me and I can clearly now move on from my bad situation. :) Love her" ... written by Modele34
Thank you for my reading youve helped confirm a few other readings that I had. All very consistant. Elpida has been right in the past about her predictions also." ... written by jp
Thank you for the quick session :)" ... written by sunny
Thanks you I am glad we will meet again and he is around me....and he loved the red roses..it was my token of my love for him. He was and is my soulmate, I will wait for my time and wont do anything silly so I won't follow because I know he will wait for me and we will be together again." ... written by Sqirrel321
Very good. Speaks the truth!" ... written by Morgan
Thanks heaps, been a big help..." ... written by guiseppe
Thanks elpida, you're helping a lot... Things looking good so far." ... written by guiseppe
Elpidaaa.." ... written by kikitaa
I love her always ... Always coming back, she is very intuitive." ... written by sukychi
She is incredible. She picks right up on everything and gave incredible insight. I feel like she really knew the situation before I confirmed her responses. We had a great connection. Thanks!" ... written by Stephanie
Straight to the point,quite sharp and fast, i will come again if i need to." ... written by Rajs
Amazing!!! I love her!" ... written by gem
Great read. Very honest and to the point." ... written by gayla ramey
:D Athena looks awesome today ! Nice diggs :D" ... written by Laurel
Very talented and lovely too!" ... written by WorldInATeaCup
She is wonderful." ... written by LionKing
Straight, honest answers from a gifted lady that's why i went back 2 her. " ... written by BLUEWIZARD123
Always such a help. I absolutely LOVE Elpida :) Thank you so much for this wonderful reading!" ... written by black widow
Very helpful with specific questions. Quick and to the point of my query. No time wasting." ... written by l
Amazing update thank you!" ... written by vine
Right on point with everything she said regarding my situation, truly amazing thank you so much." ... written by KStarx
I love readings with Elpida. Her predictions have come true in the past and she knows how to read her cards perfectly!" ... written by jp
She helped me" ... written by John
Very quick, open, honest and no sugar coating. I loved my private reading, very to the point!" ... written by benaulim
Thanks Elpida." ... written by guisepe
She is amazing!" ... written by mamma
She comes on target with great reassurance...delightful!" ... written by Elaine Faber
Very nice energy came from this woman. glad i asked her for help. God bless her soul." ... written by Amy
Thank you a very good first reading...I appreciate it." ... written by Monique
Always a pleasure to have a reading with her, so quick, direct and to the point, she has been extremely accurate with her predictions and provides sound advice, I will return to her as I always do." ... written by Leticia
Always lovely..." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Nice reading." ... written by ivana
Thanks for the reading. Honest and genuine. Good advice" ... written by tired and lost
She was very tuned and accurate with what she saw in my life! 5 STARS, very nice to speak with!" ... written by Ann S
Great advise and great reading! I will come back for an update thanks so much..." ... written by sandra
Thanks Elpida .. I appreciate your advice and being patient with the same questions ... I think you have nailed him for sure ... Guess time will tell .. Have a wonderful vacation!!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
Again awesome!!!!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Goood!!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Awesome reader with pretty hands. :)" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Awesome!!! Highly recommended." ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Thank you for all your help. You were correct on everything you said... " ... written by nancy
She is amazing. Her timing is so accurate, and she knew every detail of my old relationship without me saying anything. Her readings are also so honest, she doesn't B.S. you, and gives great advice! Thank you so much!" ... written by Jessica
Thanks haha not enough time. " ... written by guisep
Intelligent and sensitive reading. I recommend her! Thank you, Elipida." ... written by xstarladyx
Very good, ran out of time lol" ... written by khrockstar66
Great as always!! very accurate!! thanks!!" ... written by blackwidow
Lovely soul!" ... written by Firehorse4444
Excellent." ... written by bhupinder
What to say? Elpida is quick to the point. Accurate. Understanding. Affordable." ... written by DazedandConfused
Love Elpida! She always has very good advice and guidance! She tells me things the way they are but is very kind about it. Thank you!" ... written by rose423
She is good, connects to you real fast, and gives good advice. She has a different style all of her own when it comes to the reading. I liked her." ... written by Kitkat02
Excellent!!! Try her she will tell tou the truth" ... written by janjan1955
This gurl is the gurl to see. She cute and funny. I hope she is rite about my babygurl and me workin it out. Thanks! " ... written by Jerome
I only had enough for a two minute reading, and I was shocked! I cannot wait to save and come read with Elpida again. This reader is for sure one of the best. She explained my problems with my boyfriend and ohhhhhhh I just wishhhhh I had moreeee time! I will be back. You are my FAV so far! Yayy!" ... written by Sarah Kay
Wowwwwwzzaaaa! I thought I'd try Elpida84 with her 5 to 7 minute special she was running. I was skeptic, I won't lie, but she delivered as said. Within the first 5 minutes she was able to pick up on how my boyfriend was feeling and she even told me what I should do to make things better. We went a little longer than 7 minutes but that's because her advice was so insightful and I wanted more, more, MORE!!! She was worth every bit. I will be back once I'm paid again! Thank you Elpida!" ... written by Stephie
Awesome as always. I'm addicted to her!" ... written by Jessica
You have been a big help in all this, I appreciate how you can help with my situation and sensitive matter, seems like getting closer and closer to her. Thanks so much Elpida. Appreciate it a lot. 5 stars. " ... written by guiseppe
She is soo awesome! I've had a handful of readings with her, and her timing is amazing. Everything has happened to the day and week that she predicted. Definitely read with her, especially if you have a relationship issue. She is amazing!!" ... written by Jessica
08/20/2013" ... written by CHRISTY
Thanks for clarification, very good at what she does will always come back from time to time. Thanks Elpida" ... written by guisep
She rocks!" ... written by LanayBNlue
Absolutely amazing. Highly recommend. 5 stars!!! Great reading. " ... written by loulourose11
I always trust Elpida. I know I can go to her for a solid delve into my situation with realistic feedback. Thank you so much." ... written by Stephanie
She was good and clear headed, thank you for the first read will be back." ... written by BeeNY2
She's awesome! Highly recommended" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Nice reading, I am taking away good things form it :) Thank You ELPIDA." ... written by kundra
Wonderful!!! :0" ... written by carnationgirl
Very informative, gives good amount of information." ... written by kevin
Awesome as always. Her timing is so accurate it's scary. Please read with her. She is worth every penny!" ... written by Jessica
Good reading!" ... written by sadhana
Love her! She is my number one on this site, and the first reading I ever got. She has been 100% accurate in my relationship questions and issues. " ... written by Jessica
The info I needed to know!! Very awesome reader !!!! " ... written by Summer
5 stars for this chick!!!...awesome!" ... written by Domonique
She is awesome the best, Elpida has done so much for me and things a working out so far so good. Will get updates from time to time. Thank you so much elpida. 5 stars! " ... written by guiseppe
Thank you for the insightful reading! Blessings, Rainbow." ... written by Rainbow
Very nice and truthful. Would recommend tells you like it is and knows how it is. Makes you smile at end of reading. Very nice and knows her stuff." ... written by sandi
Such a great reading. So indepth and such great advice. Love talking to her!" ... written by rose423
Great reading!" ... written by Rei
She was very good. It was my 1st time online doing this. went by so fast. I will know more if she is on target in some weeks to come, but for now my gut instinct she is right on target. thank you to her, I will return when I have more money but she is what I needed right now to get me through the next couple of weeks." ... written by babygirl
Great and fun reading. Will wait for prediction to come to pass." ... written by Aisha
Love her! Great as always, and consistent as heck!" ... written by Jessica
Second reading today. She is goooood. " ... written by Rei
Perfect. Perfect, she confirms my doubts and gives me good advice. Thanks ELPIDA! xoxox" ... written by L.Petra
She was amazing, always a great help, I LOVE HER !!!!!!" ... written by Jim28
Was great to the point! I'll be coming back for more information." ... written by BD
GREAT GREAT GREAT!" ... written by Jessica
She is the BEST. I cannot say enough good things about her!" ... written by Jess
A blessing to talk with" ... written by sweet461
She was awesome! Accurate!" ... written by patty
Thx a lot ! Love ya ! Amazing ! I will be back in the next days. xoxo" ... written by GreatA.
On the spot, she is right on all the things she said :)" ... written by claudia
Thank you!! Amazing!!" ... written by vine
So thankful for this reading. Answers were quick, and she picked up the energies so quickly!! It was really on point!" ... written by Krissy
Thank you for your reading. It made me feel much better." ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Thank you so much! You are great reader, am calm now :)" ... written by malinka88
I love Elpida she is one of the best on oranum she see's everything for what it is and if you feel lost in love she will tell you how your partner truly feels don't waste time on the rest when with Elpida you have the best!! Peace and Love!! xxx Awesome" ... written by Viik
AMAZING !!! VERY VERY friendly with a joyful smile full of compassion. Right to the point! You should trust her and ask her advice/reading." ... written by Emma
I love her... She was right on Target... Very nice person... Thanks, Elpida... God Bless! " ... written by Tzeniii
Fabulous fabulous fabulous reading again! Great great great psychic, can't say more than being really really thankful for her enlightenment :)" ... written by Mirka
Very insightful I loved every min of her reading so right on" ... written by emily
Love her" ... written by emily
Great helper! I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help!" ... written by Shawn
Always so accurate. She is really good with relationships and feelings. Her timing is incredible. Everything she has said has happened." ... written by JT
Elpida was very nice and healing. I appreciate how fast she got my situation to a healing stand point. God willing it will work." ... written by Rana
Thanks Elpida, you were great. Hope everything you said will turn out true, which I'm sure will. I will give you an update as things progress. I feel much better now." ... written by afroditi23
Thanks so much for your help on the confusion, I appreciate your help!" ... written by Cosmo3183
Very good." ... written by lingearthy
Wonderful! 5 stars!!!" ... written by lulu
She's wonderful. wise. insightful. Gets me." ... written by SophiaAnn
Very short but precise!" ... written by blackwidow
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!" ... written by Cosmo
Thank you, thank you!! Always great and insightful readings! I so very much appreciate your advice. :-)" ... written by elpida84
Thank you Elpida. Very consistent reading with information and details and understood it well. Very kind also. " ... written by gina
Thanks, Elpida, you are always here to help. Speak soon!" ... written by giusep
She was very nice and will check back in a few months." ... written by Julie
Great reader. Tells you how it is not what you want to hear. PERFECT !" ... written by BG
Thank you so much, you was right on point with my situation, very fast, funny andamp; helpful I really appreciate it x" ... written by Starhx
Lovely , Lovely Lady and SOOOO ACCURATE! " ... written by LoveJ
Thank you for update. I appreciate you insight!!! " ... written by Brigitte
Awesome and on point." ... written by woods
she was quick and look forward to see if her predictions come to pass" ... written by PinkBeatle10
Just amazing. 5 ***** Thank you ! " ... written by AngelLove
wonderful talking to you! thank you will keep you updated! " ... written by mercedes
very sweet, funny, and kind. she had alot for good insight for me!" ... written by henny
Straight, honest answers all the time ! Gifted lady that's why I come back to her always!" ... written by Justin
I really love Elpida's energy, loved the reading. She is awesome! I will return again :)" ... written by Autumn
Great" ... written by Kellymay20
Brilliant! Thx a lot many kissess ! Blessings !" ... written by Zaza
Very impressed , she spoke like if she knows me for ages." ... written by Anna
Great update!! Thank you so much!!!!!" ... written by vine
Thanks for the update and hearing things are going in the right direction!" ... written by Cosmo3183
She was good. We shall see." ... written by Lucidity954
This was my 2nd reading with Elpida. She really is an awesome reader. She has helped me a lot through my trials and I will always come back to her for advice. She is worth it!!!! :)" ... written by Rana
Thanks... Brilliant reading... I will wait and see :) " ... written by jojoed
Great update! Thank you!" ... written by vine
Very straight forward but very sympathetic to me as an individual. Thank you!" ... written by Brenda
I've had many readings with Elpida. She is so great, always very accurate. Can pick up on energies soo well. Her timing is incredible. Definitely read with her. She is worth your time and money. Best psychic on here!" ... written by J
She is absolutely spot on. Said things that I didn't even mention, and was right. Thanks Elpida." ... written by delighted2
She was wonderful, very sincere and genuine!" ... written by Julieta
Elipda can give you clear answers on all your concerns - I'm glad she cleared up many for me... Thank so so much! You are Excellent !" ... written by Roby
Very good reading and very fast. Awesome!!!" ... written by Leo
Excellent reading. Clear answers and well connected." ... written by lotus71
She is so cute :) I truly recommend her, answers all your questions! " ... written by Lily
Thank you for the reading and clarifying everything." ... written by stang93
Great!" ... written by mia
Fantastic 1st reading! Will get another reading soon! Thanks, Elpida!" ... written by Albert
She can see it all, and today settled my fears. Truly gifted, Bless her!" ... written by Elaine Faber
She was great. Very easy to talk to. On point. Great sense of humor. Definitely worth a reading!" ... written by gina
Amazing! HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD and really validated my feelings. I am so happy I had the chance to talk with her. Very recommended. " ... written by Nivanya
OMG! I cannot believe what she knew. Elpida told me that the guy I was seeing had another girlfriend, and it was super hard to hear it, but I knew it deep in my heart. Thank you for your honestly, Elpida." ... written by Stephy
Elpida is sweet and nice and fast!" ... written by Melanie
EXCELLENT... Nothing more to say!" ... written by zoi
Glad to see Elpida online. She is amazing. Tonight she read for me with cards and she was so accurate about details and feelings in my relationship. She gave me insights into my loved one and into myself that I had missed. It helped so much to talk with her. I Absolutely recommend Elpida without a doubt." ... written by Lost in Love
Absolutely amazing. Most definitely 10000000 percent correct. I could chat to this woman all day. I totally believe she got right into my heart. I know she understood me fully and picked up on some very, very sensitive issues. Had I more time to spend I would have, a lot, lot longer. I will see Elpida time and time again in the future, she's a very pleasant gal. I give her 1 million stars, highly recommend her readings to all out there. God bless you Elpida! xoxoxo" ... written by Cheryl
I have went to many psychics on this site and what to say? This woman knows her stuff and she is smart. She has a cute accent too. I like her a lot, I will be back when I have more money. Thanks for all the answers in such short time." ... written by Kristin
Elpida is extremely good. Her predictions do come true. Three have already that she gave me. She should be on the top of the list with Oranum without a doubt!" ... written by linn
She is great. Fast, on spot and often return again and again for her insightful readings. :) Blessings!" ... written by GabbyGoose112
Elpida is brillant, funny, and radiates gorgeous energy. She is so accurate with her readings and is not as spendy as other readers out there who CLAIM to help you yet are charing you at least 6 to 10 dollars a minute! You WILL feel more at ease after talking with her. She does not give you the bullshit other readers do. Thanks again! xoxo" ... written by becca
Quick to the point, accurate, very insightful. Thank you very much. " ... written by TJ
Beautiful update...Thank you soooo very much I really do hope the predictions come true... regardless, you really do give a lot of information and you do not waste my time or my money and I really appreciate that!!! Thank you! :)" ... written by rattytoo
Accurate descriptions of the people I came to her with questions about. As if she could not only see them but feel them as well with precise knowledge of them." ... written by samantha
Elpida is always up front and clear - she delivers information in a kind way even when it may not be what you want to hear. She is very gifted and sweet and easy to talk to! Great reader!" ... written by Esperanza
Thanks so much for the reading. I really feel that you are extremely connected to the people in my life and my situation. I appreciate all you help. Bless you my dear friend!" ... written by Maggie
Such a pleasant lady. Cute, funny, kind! Her reading is accurate and uplifting. Lovely reading!" ... written by PM
Awesome reading. Thank you." ... written by Neha
Always a pleasure !!! to have a reading with her, so quick, direct and to the point, she has been extremely accurate with her predictions and provides sound advice, I will return to her as I always do." ... written by SunE
Thank you so much for your kind hope and advice and guidance through these times.... as always, you are loved and appreciated :-)" ... written by Amanda
I came back to her a second time and she's seems to be the only one so far I can trust :)" ... written by babygirl143
Always accurate in what she has predicted for me. Sometimes the truth hurts but she gets me back on track. Thank you, Elpida." ... written by Angel
I had two minutes to read with Elpida because I wasted my credits everywhere else. And WOW! She is very positive and was spot-on reading in the little time we had! She made me feel so much better! I came in so worried about my situation, but she calmed me down and now I feel relieved. Thanks a lot! Highly recommend." ... written by starlily32274
Thank you for your insight :)!!" ... written by Monique
She is nice, direct, insightful. Feels comfortable talking to her." ... written by Leanna
Excellent!! And knew all about my boyfriend without me telling her anything. I really appreciate the insight of what to do concerning him." ... written by Jacki
Great reading and she was very friendly and helpful! " ... written by LibraGirlx7
Elpida is a master! I love reading with her. She is always so accurate, and always puts my mind at ease. She is worth every penny and I highly highly recommend you read with her! Thank you soo much!" ... written by J
Thank you for your readings today....xoxoxoox! Appreciate ya!" ... written by Monique
This woman is smart and accurate. " ... written by Mark
She was amazing" ... written by Tricia
I had less than 2 mins for my question and she answered it and told me exactly what i knew but didnt want to believe she was so nice and kind about it and just didnt lie to keep me hoping for more. " ... written by Julia
Thanks for the update. You are such a godsend! xxoo" ... written by Amanda
She is fabulous and fantastic. She is a fast typer, picked up immediately on my situation, and gave great advice. 10 stars to you." ... written by Jolene
I can always count on Elpida for accurate readings. " ... written by Heather
Thanks for the reading. Honest and genuine. Good advice." ... written by mom2
She is good in giving reading... Just truth and exact truth." ... written by Rebecca
Instant beautiful connection. She is a great psychic and her energy is incredibly soothing, positive and completely accurate. Thank you so much!" ... written by Nancy
Gifted and brilliant" ... written by Mark
I like her a lot" ... written by meghan
She is the real deal " ... written by Linda
She's so amazing. She knows her cards extremely well. Everything her cards showed has happened. She's worth every penny!!" ... written by kangaroogurl2
Thank you so much my friend for staying by my side and always guiding me in the right direction. I feel protected and loved, and I appreciate you. I cannot thank you enough." ... written by lovergurl2232
She is very professional and very honest. She has been accurate in the past and I enjoy her readings." ... written by Debra
She is good at showing me the situation behind what is going on in all aspects of my life... Also good at looking at what other people are doing in my life around me too! " ... written by Rosie
Precise and to the point! Thank you so much!" ... written by Maggie
Great as always!" ... written by Emilee
I have been on this site forever now and I have never had a reading that was so on point plus some. I will return again." ... written by chattycathy
what a nice lady and a sweet reader. I hope your predictions come to pass. You will be invited to my wedding if they do. Thank you." ... written by Tricia
Many of the things she said in the past have already started coming true. She knows his card well and gives such a nice fast and clear reading. Excellent reading!" ... written by need2know
She is such a lovely person and really spot on." ... written by delight17
Elpida is great, I always look forward to reading with her. 5 stars!" ... written by Miss Oz
For months now, Elpida has been a rock in my journey. She has seen me through the ups and the downs, but has never given me false hope. If anything, she is the only one who has been honest and not tried to say things just to keep me coming back, and she has not made predictions that I want to hear. Yes, it's hard sometimes to hear the truth, but in the end, she is the one I come back to and trust. Thank you, Elpida." ... written by heathermarie0301
Short and sweet. Worth the money!" ... written by Crystal
Awesome, sweet and accurate!" ... written by Ann
Just had a reading and it was very touching. I know that She always tells you the truth. I got really great news! Thank you for your encouragement, it is much appreciated!" ... written by Ella11
She's very accurate. Very fast. Friendly and kind !" ... written by Nicki
Wonderful !!! Wonderful reading, very precise with details. Doesn't sugarcoat at all!!" ... written by Anne51
good as always..." ... written by Hrast
Very informative and great as usual. HELPED so much." ... written by Taylor
elpida is always so kind and nice to me. I've had at least four or five readings now and each time she hasn't been wrong, she's been right. So I'm hoping it all continues to work and I get my promotion." ... written by Suzie
WOW! What a wonderful reading this was!! I can't wait to give Elpida an update. This woman is very positive! Thank you so much. " ... written by Domingo
Thanks elpida for everything." ... written by rosie
gracias bonita elpida" ... written by carlos
Go Elpida Go! Yes, I am a Packer Fan. Thanks for the reading you were radiant." ... written by Courtney
Update time with Elpida. Thank you for all your knowledge and advice... xxxxoooo" ... written by Amanda
Always nice to talk with you. Very precise and straight to the point!" ... written by Clark
Elpida is a wonderful reader. Picks up on things quickly and is very precise." ... written by delight17
Great fast reading.. Very direct. Thanks." ... written by Athina
WOW!!!! You are really awesome ... I will consult with you again :)" ... written by ME
Very good reading and very fast. Awesome." ... written by Ethan
EXCELLENT!! very good and straight to the point. she gave me great advice which really made sense. I can't wait to see if her honest predictions come true for me" ... written by paula
Simply wonderful" ... written by Janette
Such a great reading. So indepth and such great advice. " ... written by Ria
Just an angel to help us! I think this says everything. The best at Oranum!" ... written by 2238161
Very informative, gives good amount of information." ... written by Martin
Elpida84 was quite intuitive. I think I learned a lot about myself in the short time we talked. Thank you!" ... written by Cynthia
She was good and clear headed, thank you for that !" ... written by Kevin
Very good, made me feel at ease, made me laugh and pinpointed something that has been bothering me for a couple of years now. Very good :-)" ... written by charlotte
She is awesome!!! Really amazing and supportive. Great insight! Thank you ! Thank you and Thank you !" ... written by Amy
Elpida is so so great. She's quick, and is on the money every single time. Definitely read with her, she's always been extremely accurate in my situation and with my sisters. Her timing is incredible, and she is just amazing. " ... written by JFT
She was great as always ! " ... written by Joe
Thank You soooo much... You have shed lot of light on what I thought was a dark situation." ... written by Courtney
She is good, connects to you real fast, and gives good advice. She has a different style all of her own when it comes to the reading. I liked her." ... written by Jane
I have been coming to her for guidance and advice and all I can say is OMG!! It unfolds like she says. Will be back again !" ... written by LRJH
Elpida is quick to the point. Accurate. Understanding. Affordable." ... written by Roza
I have to come back to chat with this psychic again because all her predictions last time I talked to her was correct. She's the real deal. " ... written by Shani
My first reading with Elpida. She was very helpful, made everything clear to me, she is very nice, and easy to talk to. Thank you." ... written by David
Her reading was amazing very accurate with current events. wow!" ... written by Robyn
She was very helpful and she confirmed a lot of things i needed confirmation on... thank you! " ... written by Laura
100% accurate in her reading. Described me, my partner and our current situation PERFECTLY." ... written by Courtney
Elpida is the BEST! I have had many readings with others on this site, and no one compares to her accuracy and timing. She is the real deal. Love her!" ... written by JT
What can I say, she is one person who has predicted and all come to pass. She is so caring and understands and will never sugar-coat. Thank you!" ... written by Eleni
What can I say about her, just simply so caring so assuring and everything she said was spot on!" ... written by Jess
She is just an amazing reader and all her predictions have come true right up to my boyfriend buying me a ring. I want to thank you my dear and she is also a very warm and precise, fast typer with her readings. I have no regrets and would recommend her to anyone. She is just one amazing person. Thank you again my dear!!!" ... written by User2462
Excellent reading. Fast and direct answers to all questions." ... written by Sonia
Very good" ... written by Jenny
Ok, I will take your advice and I am so happy to have gotten you again. Been awhile. And I'm happy it isn't over yet!!!!" ... written by Julia
She was great, really picked up on things. And funny too." ... written by beetlenut
Great reading, I love Elpida. :) Will have to wait and see how everything turns out. Light and blessings, xoxo" ... written by autumn
Thanks Elpida... I know you are like LIGHT in the darkness of my life." ... written by Zeni
Thank you for your patience with me and for calming me down Elpida. You are right, I need to calm down and let things happen and I will try my best to do so." ... written by Mose
Always the best... so reassuring, all her predictions have come thru and she is the best for me. Please do contact her. Thank you my dear!" ... written by MC
I have lost all words for her, she is so so amazing. Always so caring and spot on." ... written by Alicia
Said what I have heard!" ... written by rebecca
Fantastic. Always manages to put me at ease. xx" ... written by Vane
Thank you, a wonderful reading." ... written by Lilly
Always great ... thanks very much!" ... written by rose423
Very uplifting! Thank you!" ... written by Kris
Fabulous." ... written by Joe
Like going to a movie of my life.. she reads total story... excellent accuracy." ... written by Sam
Excellent reading ... she is accurate ... picks right up on situation and is very sweet!" ... written by Ann
Great as always! Thank you soo much! " ... written by Amanda
Thank you so much. I didn't get to say bye before the timer cut us off, but the reading was wonderful !!! I appreciate the information you provided. It definitely helps to hear what you've said." ... written by Texasgirl:)
Excellent and very specific and reassuring. She was very generous with her time and I felt she REALLY had my best interests at heart! She has been very accurate in the past. In August she told me a specific trip location which did not seem logical to me but turned out to be exactly correct. Love her!" ... written by Nancy
THANKS! xxoo" ... written by Camryn
She is a wonderful reader. x" ... written by delight17
She was great again! Thanks. :) " ... written by Aki
She was really understanding and accurate about my love life issue! " ... written by July
Good reading!" ... written by
She is sooo good. On point with everything. Definitely worth every penny. I'm so glad I found her, she's unlike any psychic I've ever seen before!" ... written by Sonia
Elpida is my absolute favorite. She is so on point and has helped me with so much in my life! I will continue to see her. I can understand why she has so many repeat customers. " ... written by Jessica
She is amazing!! Worth every penny! So accurate and on point!" ... written by Jess
Credits went quick but she was so worth it! I cannot believe she was able to tell me all she did within 5 minutes. She is the real deal for sure! 10 stars! I will be back again soon!" ... written by Genna
She was amazing! I asked for a tarot card reading! She explained me the cards one by one ! That was really great :) She is so great and accurate ! Thank you sooo much Elpida! I will be back soon again ! I just feel soo happy that I have found you ! :) xoxo" ... written by Karen
I love her! She is amazing! " ... written by Andrea
Elpida is like no other. So accurate! Not only have all of her predictions come true, she has impeccable timing... always on the day or week she says, and she's always spot on with everything! Love her! " ... written by Jess
Very, very insightful. Always enjoys our chats, thanks. Would highly recommend her." ... written by Goldy
Thanks again. You are worth every penny. I will keep you posted." ... written by Heather
Elpida is such a nice girl who told me what i didn't want to hear at all about how I pressure my boyfriend too much and how I keep trying to make things happen sooner than they are supposed to and that he does love me but that sometimes I push him away and I really am thankful that she wanted to tell me the truth instead of just telling me stories. So thank you, because I know that I need to work on me and then nice things will happen." ... written by Jordan
Amazing reading! She was on point" ... written by HS
She helped me so much! Thank you! So accurate !" ... written by Jenny
very good" ... written by mona
She was amazing! Thank you darling! " ... written by Elly
She was great ! She is amazing ! Thank you." ... written by Lovely1
Elpida is so spot on and so accurate!!! Picked up on my situation amazingly ! 1.000.000. STARS !" ... written by Cindy
I came to Elpida with relationship problems. This is the 2nd time I have read with her, but the first time I had her send some energy to my boyfriend and me after a huge fight. I thought we would never get back together. I had to come and speak with her again today because he actually got ahold of me and apologized and said we should work it all out, this was after he said it was over for good. THANK YOU ELPIDA, words cannot express how thankful I am for your services." ... written by Nevaeh
Lovely reader. Lovely energies ! Thank you that soul mate healing ! I feel much better already ! " ... written by Zeni
She is simply amazing!" ... written by humility
Thank you Elpida! I much appreciate your reading and honesty. I will come back for updates for sure!" ... written by :) Gr
AMAZING. WOW - I don't know what else to say about her. A beautiful soul! Extremely accurate and gets to the point very quickly. " ... written by Jemma
Thank you again ! An other amazing great LOVE reading ! " ... written by Betty12
Thank you this short reading ! I promise I will come back just I had to run now! Take care ! You were amazing girl ;) kiss" ... written by Alicia
She was amazing ! So kind and so accurate ! " ... written by Alan
She tells you what you really need to know. I'm so grateful that she's being honest and helped me so much!" ... written by Amy
Amazing! So gifted! Always such a strong connection. " ... written by lulu
She is amazing!" ... written by Ron
Elpida is brilliant. She has wonderful energy, sends wonderful energy and really helped me with the reading. Lovely person. Thanks." ... written by delight17
Very very insightful... absolutely spot on as usual!" ... written by Vicky
I will come back for guidance and assistance, session was good." ... written by will
I love Elpida. She does not play around is always on the dot with my situation. Awesome lady and friend! " ... written by Rana
I am amazed! Thank you so much! " ... written by SAm
Thank you Elpida! You helped me to find my feet when I was upset and reminded me of all the things I had worked on in previous therapy. It was great to talk to you again! " ... written by Beyo
Thank you miss! I loved our reading! You were amazing! Spot on! " ... written by Hero
My first reading with this psychic.... Incredible to talk to. Will be back for sure!!! " ... written by Mare2013
Insightful, very smart, straight forward. Doesn't sugar coat. Perfect! 5 +" ... written by Lisa76
Very uplifting while sensitive and conscious to my current feelings and emotions. GREAT READING! " ... written by Miracle89
Elpida is the first person who I can actually be myself with..... I think lol :) She was so kind and so honest ! Thanks a lot ! " ... written by Nita
Very surprised with how insightful she was! She gave me great advice and reading on my financial situation ! Thank you !!!" ... written by Whitney
Hi sorry, yes will be back for longer reading next Saturday very positive, accurate!" ... written by Rawinia Elsmore
Realistic and sweet" ... written by Krunka
Elpida - again, SO much detail in what you see, it's amazing. I appreciate you so much and admire you and your gifts, which keep me coming back! when I am unsure about something, I feel so much more at ease after speaking with you. THANK YOU!!! love love love more love and blessings" ... written by Jane
Excellent reading. Thank you so much :)" ... written by Jess
SIMPLY THE BEST! Thank you! " ... written by Grace
Awesome! Very nice and accurate." ... written by ashley
What a brilliant reading, I cannot wait for the next two weeks..." ... written by Happy
Thanks for the chat Elpida. Always comforting for me to bring me down to earth :)" ... written by Girlygirl225
Amazing! Amazing! Spot on! I have no words! Superstar!" ... written by AB
Good, read me and my partner perfectly." ... written by Louby1990
I appreciate your concern! And thanks for calming me and my baby down! xoxo" ... written by VinC
Thank you so much! You gave me perfect advice and I promise I will follow your advice! " ... written by Joy
She was amazing! She is a really great psychic! " ... written by Emma
Love it!" ... written by rosy
Thank you so much ! I think I am in love with your readings! :D" ... written by JK
WOW!!! No False hope whatsoever.....Every other psychic was giving me a huge fairy tale bull shit......she was soooo realistic/ helpful! Oh my gosh! I'm super impressed...Everything she said I felt/ knew was right....everyone else was telling me marriage/ kids in a year....she told me straight up what was going on! Thank you so much! I really, sincerely appreciate it! You know what you're doing! You're super helpful and you didn't sugar coat or feed me this huge fantasy like everyone else....THANK YOU! You were more helpful than so many other psychics I have consulted! Thank you! " ... written by Nva123
100 % perfect ! TRUE AND HONEST READER! " ... written by Nikki
Excellent reading. Fast and direct answers to all quesitons." ... written by Tom
She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sinistercookie
Elpida is great. She is incredibly accurate and always on point with timing. She is definitely one of the best readers one here, if not THE best!" ... written by Jessica
Thanks for the reading." ... written by luckystars
I had another insightful reading with Elpida. She is just a wonderful person and a great psychic, and I really like coming back to get a reading whenever I can. I will always recommend her :) Blessings, xoxo" ... written by autumn
Excellent I am speechless thank you for your understanding and clarity as it was needed. Understanding that the situation between my partner needed this growth..." ... written by Sonia
She is able to take an overview of every question and easily link it together. Excelllent" ... written by Elaine Faber
She was good... Used the cards more... That's ok... Needed to know the right path to take and she explained!" ... written by olivia
She is just such a wonderful reader. Really spot on." ... written by delight17
I will let you know if what was revealed comes to fruition " ... written by anonymous
AMAZING. Always strong clear connection! 5 stars!!!" ... written by lulu
I LOVE HER!!!!! lol good reading on point" ... written by brittbritt
Very good!! No tools :) accurate" ... written by AB
Thank you for a quick reading." ... written by irelandirish
Perfect. :)" ... written by feetlover0404
Funny, takes her time to explain and show you the way to the solutions." ... written by agablue
It's like talking to a close friend she is so kind and picks up on things easily. So genuine!" ... written by gigi
Good advice." ... written by neke
Elpida's readings are so honest and she gives brilliant advice. Wonderful reader." ... written by delight17
Thanks for the reading :)" ... written by stephany8888
Very sweet and I hope things come to pass!" ... written by Tee
Very sound reading and advise, no bs, thank you!" ... written by angela
She's good, picked up on me pretty well, so I trust her insight." ... written by y
<" ... written by Vaneya
Fast reading and answered my questions with no hesitation. Thanks so much for helping me out Elpida. You are a gem." ... written by luvh8r
Very patient, kind and perceptive." ... written by krishna
It was a bit rushed reading, but very entertaining." ... written by Rosa
Very accurate." ... written by danny
She is one of my most favorite people to talk too.. Very friendly, compassionate n helpful :)" ... written by Saanya
She is lovely, fast and accurate. I will be back with news, thx a lot. God bless u !" ... written by mb
Elpida is accurate and helpful. Love your work thank you" ... written by Rawinia Elsmore
I never have enough time, but my problem.. Teading is always great, thank you" ... written by Rawinia Elsmore
Had an update reading with Elpida, it was great as usual. Highly recommended! Blessings :) " ... written by sandy
So calm, friendly and absolutely spot on with how I'm reading the situations." ... written by Freedom2211
She was a big help as usual! I always appreciate her and she does excellent readings! Thanks! Thanks! " ... written by rose423
Elpida is very helpful and really connects with the person she is reading the cards about. I highly recommend her if you are unsure about what is happening in your life. She will help you understand what you are perhaps doing wrong and give an advice on the course of action." ... written by Annie
Thanks for the reading you were wonderful :) " ... written by stephany8888
Once again, amazing, she can see deep inside and knows her stuff. Great energy!!!! Highly recommend everyone have a reading with her. " ... written by kcw1433
Love this woman! She gives such amazing guidance and advice always. She knows exactly what her cards and guides are telling her and has been 100% accurate with me since my first reading...and I've had many because she is that good! " ... written by Jess
Thank you so much!! She's lovely, doesn't sugarcoat and is extremely honest. Want the truth, go to her. Look forward to your predictions Elpida! xoxo" ... written by S.A.
Excellent, not everything I wanted to hear but there is major hope, thank you for your insight." ... written by bluguy31
Thanks again so much! Always insightful information. :-)" ... written by rose423
Elpida is the best!! Truly the best, her timelines have been true for me so far. Thanks Elpida" ... written by delight17
Time flies when your having fun. I guess time will tell, although love wasn't what I was looking for, not anymore. Maybe I will meet her as you said and my heart shall start beating again. Stranger things have happened. You given me something I thought I lost, hope of a future with another like minded soul. Thank You for that gift. I highly recommend Elpida." ... written by jamil
What to say what to say. I've had my best psychic readings from Elpida. She is one in a million. Her accuracy is amazing, her timing is amazing. She is amazing!! I refuse to see any other psychics on here. She is my go to gal, and worth every penny. Everything she has said has come true, in the time she has said it would happen. Read with her! you won't be disappointed!" ... written by Jessica
AMAZING!" ... written by JT
Wonderful, absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you for all your help!" ... written by greg
Lovely reading with a lovely lady. Computer froze towards the end but answered all my questions accurately and picked up on my situation spot on." ... written by Mshelli
I am glad I took the time to have a reading with her. I could actually feel the difference in my own energy. So very kind. " ... written by kavintee
Amazing!!!!!!! very well connected and in tune with everything, great personality and easy to talk to, highly recommend her for anything!!!" ... written by bluguy31
Super wonderful!! So many thanks. A very lovely and gifted person!" ... written by lovewater
She is an absolutely wonderful, brilliant reader. Spot on, picks up on things without me saying anything. She has been a great help to me and directed me on the right path." ... written by delight17
She is awesome." ... written by delight17
great reading!!" ... written by stephen
She's super lovely and amazing. Thank you." ... written by lovewater
Like always, she's very nice and quick reading! Will follow ur advice :) Looking forward talking with u again :) xx" ... written by nat
she is such a sweetheart. i love her readings even when she has no sound she makes sure that you are comfortable and that the message is getting through with a bit of fun. Soooo kind" ... written by kavintee
One of a kind sincere great reading, and she don't waste your time, and goes out of her way for her clients." ... written by bluguy31
very nice lady very loveling energy will talk to her again later " ... written by bianca
If there were more than 5 stars she would get them. She truly is a healer! She has helped me so much. She has many gifts and abilities which she uses to help people. I would highly recommend ELPIDA84 to everyone. Read her profile, see her many gifts and abilities. She shows a genuine interest and cares about what is happening to you. Amazing!" ... written by kcw1433
She was great! Wish I would have had more time to talk to her!" ... written by Anna
Great reading, good info, picked up on the situation very well, even the stuff I didn't tell her. Gave great advice based on her feelings and used the cards because I asked her to. She was very detailed and honest. A+ reader for sure!" ... written by Heather
Elpida is brilliant. Always so honest and her readings are so true. Great reader." ... written by delight17
She was very good, and staight to the point" ... written by Empress1432
Very nice lady and beautiful accent! Thank you so much for your kind positivity!" ... written by Nina
Thank you, she is great." ... written by Jason
Once again she is so caring about her clients . She is a natural healer!" ... written by kcw1433
Elpida is amazing. I come to her for all my issues, and she always gives me the clarity and advice I need. She is amazing with her cards. Love her" ... written by JT
Amazing!!!!!! Healings work wonders and wonderful insight on situation." ... written by bluguy31
She's amazing and was right on with her first prediction for me. It was a big one and she was absolutely right. " ... written by lovewater
Best ever!! Mind blowing " ... written by tonya walker
Straight to the point and answered my question really well. Thank you!" ... written by cazzaanna
Elpida was wonderful. I was quick on time but she always is able to help and give me the information I need. She is well worth every penny and I love her readings to pieces." ... written by TwoLovesOneChoice
It's been a long time elpida ... thank you .. you did a great job describing them both ... i can pick tem right..lol .. i will talk with you about the healing .. very interested !! thanks for being so thorough!" ... written by beautifulmesss
A truly gifted person!!!" ... written by kcw1433
Brilliant reader. x" ... written by delight17
She's amazing, one of the best for sure and a lovely person! Thank you!" ... written by lovewater
again, she's just the best! Always trust her and back to her again! thank you!! xxx" ... written by nat
She was awesome great person, very clear and to the point." ... written by Monica
She is such a wonderful honest reader. Her readings are to the point and spot on." ... written by delight17
absolutely fabulous, makes a person feel comfortable and gets right to the issues and very insightful. another amazing healing, well done!!!" ... written by bluguy31
as always excellent!!!!!!!!" ... written by kcw1433
Elpida is wonderful. She reads her cards so well. She has been 100% accurate with all predictions and time frames, in all aspects of my life. She's the only one I trust on here. Truly gifted woman." ... written by Sarah
Elpida is AMAZING. I have read with her many times in the last 6 +months and she has been accurate with all predictions and time frames. She is my go to gal, always on point, always is honest, and is fast. Def read with her, you won't be disappointed!!" ... written by Jessica
she's amazing!! thank you" ... written by lovewater
great reiki Master!!! good energy!!!!" ... written by kcw1433
This was my first reading with her, and she was very,very accurate. spot on with my situation. She really is a great reader. Predicted good things for me, I'll wait for prediction to unfold. Thank you Elpida" ... written by sweet84
First time reading...she gave me a lot of predictions and time-frames hope it will happen...I will come back to testify. Thank you." ... written by Acealways
I have known Elpida for over a year. She was one of the first psychics I met and trusted. It is kind of ironic that she is the one here for me again at another one of my my pivotable moments in my life. I respect her advice and absolutely trust in her gift. It is now my decision." ... written by FP
Elpida is amazing. She is very good at reading her cards, and understanding what they are telling her. She explains situations in great detail, and gives wonderful advice. Definitely have a reading with her, she is accurate and timing is spot on. " ... written by Susie
I am looking forward to our next healing...i am sweating right now...don't know if that's normal lol...i so appreciate your help Elpida!" ... written by B
Elpida is the best! What can I say. She always gives me clarity and points me in the right direction. She is very gifted. I always come to her with all my problems and I always leave feeling so much better!" ... written by Jessica
Great as usual, a very gifted healer ! " ... written by kcw1433
Wow! She definitely got a good insight of the situation, knew many things no one could know and gave me some really good advice as well as predictions! Will come back for an update." ... written by sandy
She was hilarious! And sooooo good!" ... written by Serina
Amazing woman, please go see Elpida84 for reading and healing!" ... written by kcw1433
Fantastic as usual, a natural healer!!" ... written by kcw1433
Elpida is absolutely magnificent, she gives so much details and really helps you with steps on how to help improve your situation. Straight up honest and very very quick with her readings. Thank you, definitely a 5 stars reader. " ... written by bluguy
Amazing - if you were wondering whether to have a reading with Elpida - just do it! Amazing lady. :) x " ... written by Claire
Excellent!!! 5 stars!!!" ... written by sexypisces
Cool as always" ... written by Hrast
She is awesome!!" ... written by P
She is a great healer." ... written by delight17
An excellent healer, number 1 on Oranum." ... written by kcw1433
Great Reading I felt she really understood and kne the whole situation . she realy understood. i will read again later" ... written by Mimi
Elpida is a wonderful healer. She senses things and is always concise." ... written by delight17
Shes very fast and picks up on energy very quickly and charming too!!! :-) thanks so much!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
She is such a lovely reader, spot on reader. Wonderful with the explanations and time frames." ... written by delight17
Great reading thank you very much!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
She is awesome. Friendly, kind and extremely caring. She has helped me during all my stressful issues. Really appreciate having her as a friend and a guide. Love you girl" ... written by saanya
Love to you dear, and thanks..." ... written by Elaine Faber
She is wonderful, very good." ... written by Jason
Amazing, she knows exactly what kind of healings a person needs and has a great connection. I would have to say the best healer on Oranum!!!" ... written by bluguy
Excellent." ... written by Sabsru
Highly recommended! Great spot! THANK YOU ELPIDA! She is really quick and effective, and was catching all the things up well, absolutely knew my current situation even without telling her anything about this." ... written by Patrick
Elpida was very formative and answered my questions with honesty and she cared about my feelings. I was worried until she answered all my questions with truthfulness with her insight to know that everything was going to be ok." ... written by melissa
That was great! I feel much better now. Very calming and very helpful lady:)" ... written by Kati
She's amazing! Picked up on my situation immediately and addressed a lot of my concerns! I will be talking to her again." ... written by m
Love her! She's so sweet!" ... written by m
thank you so much i hope everything becomes true" ... written by maria
Great, great info and help!" ... written by Mikhail Kogan
Very good. Honest. Accurate. " ... written by Deborah
Thank you so much. Great lady" ... written by gio
She is excellent! I highly recommend her. She understood my situation, saw it clearly, gave good advice." ... written by Diane
Good reader. Very on track." ... written by Deborah Ebbers
Great...to the point." ... written by k
one of best on oranum , a true healer !" ... written by kcw1433
Very good and fast." ... written by georgiapeach37
Thanks for the help. Fast, quick, precise, amazing!" ... written by Heather
She is quite nice." ... written by light grid
Very direct... A wonderful read. Thank you!!!!" ... written by robin culver
She was right on with what I was thinking and even added some more insight which is always wonderful. She was direct, yet still kind. I too have some abilities and she helped me confirm my thoughts without me telling her my thoughts. I love that she told me to pray!!! So many people now-a-days don't go to prayer for guidance but I love God and thought it was wonderful!!! I will be back!!! Thank you ELPIDA84 " ... written by jevnas85
If I need a quick answer to a question, I know Elpida is the one to see. Thanks Elpida!!!" ... written by PinchingPennies
:) !!!!!!!!" ... written by BSun
She was very kind and clear when she explained everything. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I was looking for help to sort my thoughts and she did exactly that. She helped me find clarity where I could figure out what I needed and wanted to do next. Thank you again very much. " ... written by tanum
She is truly wonderful. A kind, honest reader and spot on. Thank you! x" ... written by delight17
Was great!!! Really good reader... Very sweet and spot on! " ... written by Shanique
Amazes me how she see's stuff . Today she gave me another shock. I mentioned this guys name andamp; that was it, first thing she said was this guy is younger then you andamp; I can see him active like jumping around. Well he is a Personal trainer/Life guard... How good is that!!" ... written by gee
She is very intuitive and gives great insight. Thank you." ... written by denise
Excellent, she is such an incredible insightful person, enjoy all her insight and her advice on how to handle my situation. Truly amazing!!!" ... written by greg
She is a brilliant reader. Elpida picks up on things so well and has helped me in all matters. x" ... written by delight17
Very accurate, I enjoyed the session very much, nice lady." ... written by Martha Picarriello
Very insightful.. gave me a really good reading and cleared up a lot of questions that i had. Very accurate as well. I will most definitely chat with her again!" ... written by darrell
Very helpful and straight to the point. Provided insight into situation and ways to solve them. " ... written by David
Love my readings with Elpida :-) thank you and the advice, spot on. " ... written by Rawinia Elsmore
An update reading with Elpida, she is great as usual. :) Thank you!" ... written by willow
I just had the best interaction with ELPID84. She has confirmed my feelings regarding a particular issue dear to me. I thoroughly enjoyed her uplifting attitude and her happiness for me. I would recommend her to anyone who wants true and accurate information. Thank you again." ... written by lindapryharski
Extraordinarily accurate and focused answers, straight to the point. Professional advice as always, useful information delivered quickly, even when I just have short time for a reading as I am in a rush but I need an answer. THANK YOU, Elpida - your kindness and accuracy is amazing. " ... written by Patrick
She's lovely, talented and amazing. " ... written by lovewater
She is amazing, she really put my mind in the right direction thank you so much!!" ... written by tarap1886
Intuitive recommend!" ... written by Kosubhan
Very helpful, glad I talked with her" ... written by Heather
Great reading, very accurate!" ... written by flow
It was nice and she was right on with what all is going on with me.." ... written by chasidy
You were right about everything :)" ... written by sunshine
I enjoyed my session with elpida so much. She reads the energy precisely and the information really resonates within my being. It was so nice spending time with her. She helped to clarify an issue that came up and now i just feel so much better. I'll return with updates. with love and light" ... written by linda pryharski
She is amazing!!! Great great reading!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
She is always brilliant and ever so spot on. What she said in her previous reading came true." ... written by delight17
I want to thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me tonight. You're always so insightful and empathetic. I do feel much better understanding the other persons' feelings. Thank you for giving me so much. You are a beautiful person with many wonderful gifts from Spirit. I couldn't be more grateful to Spirit for leading me to you." ... written by linda pryharski
Amazing and great as usual. I've been doing readings with Elpida for 8 months, and she has never guided me wrong. Her predictions have always come true, and she is always on point with reading a situation. Her timing is incredible as well. Definitely read with her, you won't regret it!!" ... written by Jessica
very good reading...:) i would really want to come back when my funnds will allowed me..thank YOu so much...5 stars )" ... written by md3311
Good reading" ... written by SS
I liked the reading. I guess I will just have to wait and see the outcomes in 2-3 mths for checking the accuracy." ... written by Ash
Thank you...:) wil com to u for help maybe again" ... written by Pramita
Elpida is awesome! Very intuitive and clear, and great demeanor. I will check back next week! Thanks!" ... written by denise
Elpida is amazing. Another good reading and cant wait for tomorrow to find out what happens. I appreciate all the help she has given me. S he's very uplifting and shows a genuine caring about me. Would definitely recommend her. Looking forward to next time." ... written by linda pryharski
Absolutely delighted with you Elpida! Straight to the point, no matter I ask about love or career, or anything else, I always get the information I need. I love this, I am so satisfied." ... written by Patrick
Valuable feedback and advice from very talented psychic!!! Thanks so much for the great reading!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Excellent! Very intuitive and a joy to speak with. Picked up on a lot and answered questions in a satisfactory way." ... written by kim
What a sweet heart! Thank you! " ... written by Tiana
Amazing,highly recommended!:)" ... written by Maria
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" ... written by Owen
simply amazing Elpida is a;ways right on...wonderful instructions to continue healing...thank you so much...5 stars...will speak again soon..." ... written by linda pryharski
Highly recommended psychic, a genuine one." ... written by Paddy
She's an angel!! with absolutely kind heart and willing to help me in my tough situation. I can not thanks her enough for her help. The reading was spot on and very fast as well. I will definitely come back when I am in better stage for sure!!! lots of love xxx" ... written by Pam_mie
AWESOME READING!!!" ... written by Paula
amazing! great reading .. consistent with information...really feels for the client... highly recommended...5 star rating...see you soon and thanks so much..." ... written by linda pryharski
Elpida is very intuitive and has been helping with a situation of concern. Her insight gives me better perspective and puts my mind at ease. " ... written by denise
lovely lady. wonderful and funny and down to earth. and very accurate." ... written by kavintee
Elpida was simply amazing in private! I really enjoyed our session. She was very accurate and I am really pleased that I took her to private. Will be back for an update when predictions happen. Many thanks xx" ... written by EsotericAngles
Great reading. Very nice person andamp; easy to talk to. Highly recommended!" ... written by Christine
terrific reader... definitely 5 stars...will return for another reading" ... written by linda pryharski
wow Elpilda 84 is just awesome. She is the real deal she was right on point with my reading. She is a gem love my entire reading . She is super awesome with her accuracy. will go for more future updates. Blessings..." ... written by Lucy117
She's great. Love her. " ... written by Ahz
A lovely person and such a great reader - tells it how it is and explains the cards too - if you ar wondering whether to have a reading with Elpida - just do it -you wont regret it. I Got some insight into a situation that she has been helping me with and although its going to be tough for a few weeks to do what she suggested I have no hesitation in doing it as I know it will be for the best outcome. xxxxxx " ... written by Tinker
I had a few technical issues on my side, but Elpida84 was able to go through them with me and even give me answers to my questions. She was great. THANK YOU!" ... written by Maria
All I can say is that she is really good. " ... written by MC MUTHIAH
I love talking with her she is on point all the time and makes me feel better. I feel more hopeful about the future than before! " ... written by acd1984
Very good, quick and accurate. Things look really good, thank you." ... written by Jennifer
so postive. gave me lots to look forward to sounds studip but i could feel her warm personality, thankyou so much. xxx" ... written by mizzimoo
right on ...quick connection... 5 star" ... written by linda pryharski
Excellent reading... Spot on with details about me or my situation. Highly recommend to do a reading with her. " ... written by nnvs
malupit ka elpida., salamat ng marami kaibigan. :)" ... written by jay yanoga
she's super lovely! thank you. " ... written by lovewater
Elpida is so fun to talk to, very intuitive and quick to connect with the situation. She gives plenty of facts and is very pleasant. Hope to talk again next week! Thanks" ... written by denise
Felt this connection with her when I chat with her...crossing my fingers *** and she seemed genuine too :)" ... written by Netteski
wow...fantastic reader and healer, everyone needs to go to elpida." ... written by kcw1433
Hello ELPIDA84, thanks for this conversation. After long time I really feel strong enough to continue towards my perfect future.. Step by step, I will remember your words carefully. Special thanks, see you soon ! X" ... written by COCOLO1989
good reading and informative ... would recommend for a good reading...time line is proving to be correct ty again" ... written by linda pryharski
Thank you for the wonderful reading." ... written by
Very accurate didn't tell her when i had plan to take my certification or graduation but she was already predicting changes in my career around that time " ... written by any
FANTASTIC!!! A healer who cares, tarot, amazing, everyone needs to go to Elpida" ... written by kcw1433
Excellent reading!" ... written by James
Was awesome....has given me some hope to hang on. I just hope whatever she could see happens. cheers!" ... written by Leena
Very cool ! Straight answers for my questions without any wasted time." ... written by J.
Quick, effective. Recommended." ... written by Jamie
Great reader, helpful and got straight to the point. Friendly too, glad I chose her. Thank you!" ... written by Karlie
Elpida has been giving me tremendous insight into a situation. It has really helped me to understand someone's character, and his way of thinking. I will touch base again soon!" ... written by denise
Really good reader!!!!!" ... written by Mr J
awesome awesome reading!!! she connects very quickly! even gave me some dream interpretation." ... written by the fool
Elpida is the best person on this site! She is very accurate and doesn't candy coat. She gives you options and then shares what she feels is best option. She is a quick reader too! I highly recommend" ... written by LT
Focused girl, recommended !" ... written by Jay
Lovely lovely lady, who is fast and accurate with her answers. I highly recommend her, give her a try you wont be disappointed x" ... written by Mshelli
very kind and acurate" ... written by JP
Thank you very very much for helping me at a difficult time in my life. " ... written by Lorrie
The best reader on ORANUM, a must go to , also excellent healer" ... written by kcw
Quick, accurate, recommended" ... written by J
thank you elpida for the private reading :) you have an amazing gift and thank you for providing me with more clarity to my situation :)" ... written by melissa
she was spot on omg love her!" ... written by Adi
Amazingly helpful, focused, love her :)" ... written by Jamesie
Excellent as always, I love this woman!!!" ... written by jevnas85
Very good reading thank you so much god bless" ... written by Libsta
Very fast...very honest...very real...highly recommend." ... written by jM
Very helpful and focused reader!" ... written by Jamie
she was good. Time wil only tell.." ... written by aquavenus
I had two reading with Elipda about relationships." ... written by loyal4ever
Very good!!!!!!" ... written by kylie
She is so direct, truthful and helpful. Love her accuracy and honesty. " ... written by delight17
excellent" ... written by starshine34
thank you elpida for your help and giving me answers to the questions i always seek :)" ... written by melissa
elpida really gave me insight and helped me realize what i have to do is have patience and that she connected with me and my feelings and how my other felt about me and gave me clarity to whats going on" ... written by melissa
enthusiastic, always fun to talk to." ... written by jerdine
Quick, to the point, excellent. Thank you." ... written by Marie
Very good - very perceptive." ... written by Maria
Thank you for being nonjudgmental and very supportive!" ... written by Bluebird08
Very good as usual!" ... written by densie
accurate and truthful ...insightful and sensitive with the situati0n... 5 star... highly recommend but only if you want the truth..." ... written by linda pryharski
Very detailed! Looking forward to seeing her predictions come true." ... written by w
Elpida is so great to talk to! She really connects quickly and easily with the situation and the personalities involved. She's very good! " ... written by denise
Sweet and seems to pick up on things quickly. Doesn't waist your time!" ... written by jevnas85
Wow - I followed Elpida's advice (well i went of track perhaps once and delayed things) but what she saw and advised I couldnt imagine would happen ....... but it has - thank you Elpida a trillion times xxxxxxx " ... written by Tinker
Shes ammmmmazzzziiinnngg!! :) very friendly and spot on " ... written by Adiz
Elpida is amazingly intuitive and continues to help me with a situation that is near and dear to my heart. She gives me great insight about what is going on! Thanks!!" ... written by Denise
Absolutely wonderful! Accurate, it was as if she knew the person I asked about." ... written by Starshine34
wonderful" ... written by maria
" ... written by Lt
She is warm, compassionate and nonjudgmental. VERY intuitive, VERY supportive! " ... written by Bluebird08
Lovely person, talks on a personal level." ... written by Charlotte
Shes awesome.. picked up on everything very dynamic.. you must try.." ... written by DYNO
its really crazy!!! shes all the time spot on!!! hahaha! Fantastic!!!!!" ... written by absfab
Always enjoy talking with her. Very good advice as usual! Thanks you!" ... written by rose423
thank you, Elpida! It's was great to talk to you and get some insight, especially after my session today with her. I think we are getting close!!!!! I will let you know about the weekend!!! I'm sure yo will be abel to give me great insight about it!!!" ... written by denise
Wonderful update I just had with Elpida !Thanku so very much ur awesome as always !!!!!!!" ... written by sexypisces
El Pida was very reassuring in a difficult time for me. I will keep you posted as to her time lines, she did pick up on a couple things without my saying. " ... written by Curiosity 24
Really helpful, and kind. 5 stars !" ... written by J
Elpida84 is a very kind and caring person. Great psychic very intuitive connects very well. 5 star" ... written by barbara
elpida is an amazing reader. she is gifted with an excellent insight to look into the situation. im grateful for her help " ... written by melissa
Amazingly honest - recommended !" ... written by J
Brilliant reader !" ... written by J
I needed a catch-up session with Elpida. She was great as usual, really goes deep in explaining what she sees in the cards. The prediction is still the same, and I really trust in what she saw for me. Many blessings :) " ... written by willow
Very good and quick to connect." ... written by Raven
She was so sweet and so nice!!!! " ... written by Holly
Always wonderful!" ... written by Starshine34
Awesome reading!! Wish I could give her ten stars. She is excellent and got right to the point. Helped me a lot. Thank you so much!!" ... written by Mishelle
Elpida has strong insight. Gifted and trusted psychic. :)" ... written by melissa
Very good reading. Straight forward. 5 stars." ... written by linda pryharski
Focused, straight to the point. Very recommended !" ... written by J
Fabulous reading ! - Anyone thinking about having a private session - please just do it - highly recommend !!!! :) xxxxxxxx " ... written by Me
really cool :) " ... written by michelle
very good reading thank you" ... written by ellen
Fast, accurate, sweet, and comforting" ... written by Stephanie
She is as wonderful as ever. precise, kind and honest. thank you." ... written by delight17
It was a good reading. I am curious to see how events will unfold in my situation" ... written by hotmamama
Beautiful woman she gave me accurate insight and really good advice! I recommend her greatly!" ... written by Sarah
thank you so much for the reading. " ... written by olive
wow she's the best of the best! no BS no lies just accurate honest truth, love her! thank you so much" ... written by Think Blue
Tuned in well , helped a lot ! Recommended ! " ... written by J
Great read. She is lovely! Will certainly be back." ... written by tilthe
Good thank you x" ... written by Sophie
Elpida connects really quickly, answers questions quickly. I still have to wait for her time lines but she seems to be spot on with a couple things. " ... written by Curiosity24
She is exactly what people need here. AMAZING! " ... written by J
AMAZING! Very kind and helpful!" ... written by J
She has amazing intuition, and she gives great detail. She just gave a detailed description of of someone's outfit, so she is really good. One of the great things about Elpida is that she doesn't waste any time between questions. She connects to the situation quickly and gives tons of info throughout the reading. I definitely recommend! " ... written by Denise
I LOVE HER! Sh's amazinggggggg! Gives answers like no one does, and very very accurate and honest! My new friend:)) I know i can always count on you...best wishes" ... written by Think Blue
Great reader, had answers ready." ... written by Kristine
Was feeling wobbly - now reassured - thank you so much xxxxxxxxxx " ... written by Me
elpida is amazingly gifted with her ability to have strong insight to the root of the situation im dwelling with. when my mind is going bonkers and i start to panic or worry. knowing that i can count on elpida really brings me peace at mind. thanks elpida" ... written by melissa
he is awesome. Awesome. I am well impressed" ... written by alia
Perfect, gave 100% accurate , good reading - in different topics. Has a good spot on career issues as well." ... written by J
Stunning ! really accurate" ... written by J
Just perfect, as usual !" ... written by J
love her" ... written by maria
Such a great leveler - feel I am on the right track again - thank you xxxxxxxx" ... written by Me
I have tried most of the psychics on this site but Sheee was wonderful, helpful, she explained everything in detail I'm definitely going to see her again i would recommend her basically she is different " ... written by Shani
perfectly reliable ! recommended" ... written by J
she is amazing!!!! really worth it!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Very very good. Accurate and in-tune." ... written by maree
Very calm, sweet. Tells you straight what she sees and feels. Put my mind at ease. I hope her predictions come true." ... written by Zuki
she was fantastic, helped me with some difficult issues I was dealing with. Highly recommend." ... written by brad
I absolutely love elpida. She was so lovely and funny and spirited. She gave me just the advice I needed to hear and was so calming. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. She's honest and tells it like it is, and is extremely accurate. " ... written by Jayna
Hope that last part happens!" ... written by Calizaliza
Excellent! 5 stars" ... written by J
she was very helpful very experienced I can breath again thank u agian" ... written by deshon
Elpida is amazing, 5 stars for sure. always can count on Elpida :)" ... written by melissa
Look forward to predictions. seemed to be on the right track, time will tell." ... written by Pete
Elpida was great. She answered my questions quickly and she connected quickly. She reaffirmed a couple things I suspected already. As for time lines, they still need to pass." ... written by Curiosity24
Well focused, as always! Thank you" ... written by J
wonderful, wonderful reading. " ... written by Capricorn1966
elpida is one of a kind. hits every nail on the head. please do yourself a favor and read with her. she is utterly amazing" ... written by STella
she is my number one girl. She is consistently spot on. Her timing is amazing. She can read me so accurately it's scary at times. She truly is a very very gifted woman. I would highly recommend everyone get a reading with elpida. You will not regret it. " ... written by Jessica
she's great, spot on" ... written by Raven
She is brilliant as always. Direct, accurate and definitely worth the money." ... written by delight17
Really great reading! Very thorough, made sure to explain all things also. Thanks again!" ... written by slinky222
she is always on target!!! that is why even after months of not talking to her, when i need her the most i come back :) she was correct her readings with me last year, and i believe her to be this year as well." ... written by babygirl143
thanks for everything elpida :) amazing! you are so kind" ... written by melissa
I almost fainted - she is so accurate! Thank you so much, Elpida! I am SO grateful!" ... written by Eva
ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!" ... written by W
Very good reading, and gained some clarity." ... written by B
Elpida gives great details, and she connects quickly. You will get lots of insight. Thanks!" ... written by peachrose
She is best." ... written by Ingrid
Elpida always knows how to calm me in a quick manner and help me think straight when I have problems on my mind. " ... written by Heaven
lovely lady. right on spot. i will definetly come back. she is the real thing" ... written by gioconda
Accurate, kind, honest" ... written by J
she's very accurate and compassionate." ... written by Raven
Just perfect, as always" ... written by J
Best one :)" ... written by Hrast
Great reading like always... Thank you so much ur the best:)" ... written by Think Blue
thank you Elpida!!! she spot on on the issue! perfect!" ... written by hermesstarr
very fast , talented , sees everything" ... written by k
I really like what you said . I hope to see the changes." ... written by Jasmin
excellent...5star reading... very quick with answer today which was good...thank you..." ... written by linda pryharski
She is the most wonderful reader. Calms me and helps me so much. Says exactly what is required for the situation to help me in the right direction." ... written by delight17
excellent reading...5 stars...will have to wait a little longer for accuracy but im sure shes right on...thank you so much xxoo..." ... written by linda pryharski
Wow amazing im blown away perfect and spot on! thank you thank you" ... written by Lorann
BRILLIANT ...BRILLIANT...is all i can say..." ... written by tasha_j
positive reading...thank you so much...5 stars" ... written by linda pryharski
Ah hope it goes well, thank you Elpida." ... written by delight17
Elpida is like a good friend, who just happens to have great insight into situations. It's always fun to touch base and get new info!" ... written by peach
Elpida is always smiling, positive, yet gives it to you straight. Her personality must have attracted great spirits, because they communicate with her so nicely. She even got a visit from my recently deceased Dad. He was a unique person, and she described him to a T, including the favorite kind of shirt he wore, something she wouldn't know." ... written by Curly Sue
5star reading with a difficult situation...very good...thank you for helping ...we will talk again" ... written by linda pryharski
wonderful lady and straight to the point, thank you so much for your time it was a pleasure meeting you. " ... written by bijutsu
Very reliable and recommended !!!!!!!!!" ... written by J
she was super nice and quick with her response. she helped a lot! thank you Elpida! you are amazing! She gave me guidance to better my future. thank you!" ... written by catherine
amazing reading, connected quickly, very helpful advice." ... written by Brad
She is very compassionate, easy to talk to, warm, nonjudgmental and wise. I always feel better after speaking with her. Thanks!" ... written by Bluebird08
I fired the questions at Elpida and she was able to answer all the questions I had without any issue. I love that her answers aren't just yes or no, she explains too which is helpful. Her guidance is wonderful and I can't wait to come back AGAIN as she is always about 95% right-on. She would probably be 100% right on, but I tend to do some things opposite of what she tells me to! :)" ... written by Heaven
Brilliant psychic. She is a wonderful lady and spot on, as well as funny and great to communicate with." ... written by delight17
Amazingly accurate , highly recommended " ... written by J
amazing reading. quick..connection and understand of the situation ...relays information in a nice and kind manner...5stars highly recommend:)" ... written by linda pryharski
I like her style of reading cards, and her sense of humor. Very enjoyable reading. I recommend her to answer your questions. " ... written by Calizaliza
Very focused and accurate, thanks" ... written by J
Unbelievably accurate! Awesome person!" ... written by Eva
Shes great!!! seriously!!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Awsome reading!I highly recommend her." ... written by aurash
Very on point with her reading... and fun to talk too. She didn't need much information and put me at ease with my career future." ... written by Mari1786
Fabulous reading. Love this lady. :) xx" ... written by Lisa
Gave the exact information - very satisfied !!!!!!!!" ... written by J
Always great talking to ELPIDA84, no sugar coating, quick and straight to the point. " ... written by bijutsu
Very very accruate and connected to her! Worth for million! she is gifted and real deal.Must try. Very very kind and sweet and humble lady. She knows her cards very well. and explain very details. Thank you Elpida" ... written by PIGLETME
thanks so much for your reading today!" ... written by ash
Lovely lady and great reading thank you" ... written by Lisa
Amazingly focused, really helpful!" ... written by J
fantastic ! thank you x" ... written by xxx
Always into point and positive" ... written by Ingrid
the best!!! she is so kind and patient and fast with reads. very accurate!" ... written by lt
Elpida is one of a kind. I have done many many readings with her on love, career, finance…she has been dead on for every single one. Worth every cent. Truly a gifted woman, and so happy I found her!" ... written by Jessica
thanks. " ... written by cae
Elpida is honest, and I like forward to seeing what the future holds~" ... written by c
She is so fun to talk to, I love her sense of humor and she is so darn cute! Makes you feel at ease and on point with her predictions.! " ... written by EmBee10
Elpida was good, but unfortunately we were having technical difficulties the entire time and I could only hear half of what she was saying :( I will try again later. " ... written by peachrose
She is awesome!!! Genuine psychic!!! Love her :)" ... written by k
enjoyed her reading" ... written by vell
fantastic reading with such kindness and caring...5stars...will watch for postings of meditations on your wall...thank you for helping..." ... written by linda pryharski
Very good, as usual!" ... written by peach
Elpida is always uplifting and goes the extra mile to give you an aster that is more detailed and provides different possibilities. She explores the grey areas vs. just giving you a black or white answer. " ... written by Telt1910
She is a brilliant reader. I always come to her for readings, because she is consistent, honest and always spot on." ... written by delight17
Wow - she really picked up and almost said word for word what the man in my life has told me. She is really great and I will be back to update her - just wish I had more time. Highly recommend her - really." ... written by Debbie C
amazing again ! Highly recommend - X " ... written by Me
Great reading...10 stars...presented information in a gentle manner. explaining all the details...positive reading too..." ... written by linda pryharski
Amazing healing session!!!! You need to clearance and healings, she is perfect!" ... written by EmBee10
we will see and time will tell....nice, tho!" ... written by jerseygirl
Elpida is amazing. She picks up on everything and and makes so much sense. Really helped me to see things clearly. Will update on outcome. hugs" ... written by debbiec0613
Very good reading as always!" ... written by aurelia
very good psychic" ... written by butterfly
Very good reading!Thank you for your help!" ... written by aurelia
direct and fast. Thank you!" ... written by cocolh
great reading!!! give her a try! and you will know what I'm talking about." ... written by elpida
Elpida always has a more detailed, sensitive view of things instead of just black and white. She has a beautiful soul, but tells you like it is. If she tells you to stay away from a situation or person, you better......" ... written by Telt1910/Gadget
Fantastic...enjoyable at the same time...counting the days for her predictions to come into fruition...5stars...highly recommended..." ... written by linda pryharski
Aswome readings!She is very very good." ... written by Aurelia
really wonderful!! ..very pleasant...connects quickly...always concerned...5 stars...highly recommended...thank you again for all your help and understanding..." ... written by linda pryharski
excellent reading. " ... written by theme
Elpida is extremely good at what she does, very accurate and precise, great reader and great energy, 5 stars :)!" ... written by Yiara
Lovely energy " ... written by Sparkle Pony
she's really good" ... written by apple
what can I say, Elpida is always very intoned. She connects to the situation quickly and has great insight." ... written by peach
very good and happy energy, readings were accurate! I love her laugh!" ... written by Saba224
She can answer quickly and has always been on the mark." ... written by Elaine Faber
Really positive - the good with the bad. Straight and direct, encouraging, with light and strength of intuition x" ... written by sunflowersun
Amazing reader, the best one here :)" ... written by J
GREAT She really is gifted, recommend!" ... written by ddonna
very insightful! She is great, I recommend!!" ... written by liz
Elpida is so insightful and she always give me good information!" ... written by peach
I LUV Elpida. She is so detailed on the other person's feelings, but tells you the truth if that is what it takes. You know where you stand when she tells you what is going on." ... written by telt1910/gadget
she was great" ... written by brenda
great read! will call again" ... written by krickett
Calmed me down thank you xxxxxxxx " ... written by me
very to the point and was impressed." ... written by Stef
SUPERB! she will not waste time or credits and right on point thanks so much!" ... written by me
Good reading!Very nice!Accurate!" ... written by aurelia
Wonderful reading. very warm and understanding.." ... written by SeekingLife
thank you so much for your input...the reading was Wonderful..." ... written by linda pryharski
Flavorful conversation and good advice make for a Fantastic reading...5stars...highly recommended...if you want success in your endeavors, talk to Elpida...she can help..." ... written by linda pryharski
Thank you!Nice talking to you!" ... written by aurelia
Omg thank u sooo much u made the most sense soooo far out of all the psychics thank u. I hope to get another reading from you soon. SHe is amazing!" ... written by Jennifer
elpida is awesome and she reads into things more deeper. great reading as always with good advice" ... written by melissa
Elpida is always uplifting, even when the answer isn't the greets. She gives you a possible why with the answer, so you can at least understand the reason(s) behind what is going on. " ... written by telt1910
Thank you for the clarification, I sure hope she is right about my relationship. I will get in touch with her again as soon as I have a question/concern. " ... written by sweetilona
Thank you for the update. Wish I could have done more time. You are great and was glad we connected. Always encouraging and uplifting and last time you told me things would improve and they have. So I feel confident in your current predictions. xx" ... written by debbie0613
fast and accurate" ... written by kcw
Great, very friendly and straightforward! I liked it a lot and she was very informative." ... written by Fiorella
thank you soo much for your help " ... written by preeti
Thank you so much, that was helpful. " ... written by KP
Elpida is amazing. She is always on point and has an amazing gift. She is worth every penny, and is the only psychic I trust on this site. She has never been wrong!" ... written by Jessica
ElPida is great. So far she's predicted two different things for me successfully." ... written by Curiosity24
Elpida always has such good information. She is also very empathetic and calming, and she gives pretty good details." ... written by peach
Brilliant as always. Been with me throughout and guided me along the way, really appreciate it." ... written by delight17
My absolute favourite here. The best psychic !!!!" ... written by J
great read!! highly recommend" ... written by eliza
I feel like I've read with her before.. she is amazing though. Very funny, lifted me up when I was down. She seemed to understand the nature of my relationship accurately and she told me what's to come. Will be back!" ... written by Mimi
spot oooon!!! love ya!" ... written by absfaB
Always a pleasure! Good insight into the other persons. Keeps me coming back." ... written by telt
So kind and helpful - thanks, as always." ... written by J
Nice talking to you!Thank you for the help!You have been a great support for me." ... written by aurelia
Frequent repeat customer. Love her. And my Dad does too ( he passed away in May)." ... written by telt
She is extremely good at helping me she through an extremely complicated situation i'm trying to work out" ... written by vigglesworth216
Very good!!" ... written by Lilly
Thank you xxxxxxxxx" ... written by me
This was a great reading, she was able to read this situation pretty fast and accurately with out much information. She gave great advice and I am hopeful for her prediction. " ... written by Lisa
Thank you soooooo much! You're extremely understanding and accurate. I will be sure to come back, to anyone reading this I highly recommend ELPIDA84!" ... written by essjayokay
Warm, sweet, supportive, easy to talk to... I always feel better after speaking with her ~ good advice, keen intuition." ... written by bluebird08
Elpida is great. I check in with her once a week and she gives me great new details and insights. She is very in-tuned with me and this situation." ... written by peach
she seems very sweet and connected" ... written by Melissa
She made my night. She is awesome and will definitely come back " ... written by Tyler
She is lovely and can explain very well what is going on" ... written by Elaine Faber
Wonderful...5stars...always there to help and be supportive..." ... written by linda pryharski
Lots of details..Fast" ... written by Johnny
Great...thank you so much for the great reading...you gave me the clarity and understanding that I was looking for...thanks again...5stars...highly recommended..." ... written by linda pryharski
I had to quit. I will be back but she is really fast! Thank you !" ... written by J
WOW!!!" ... written by saintmulder10
My second time, again, very friendly, always with a smile which make conversation easy and light and most importantly, accurate. What seemed like a small chat became longer as she was giving me interesting and true accounts." ... written by JesPalo
GREAT...FANTASTIC...thanks for the information and the conversation...put my mind at rest...5stars...highly recommended" ... written by linda pryharski
A wonderful guidance... from a very talented reader... more than helping...she truly provides a clear and transparent guidance into future possibilities... great (super) for my life ion love...career and family" ... written by Alexandre Caldas
Elpida is always so great and explains in a way I understand .. I don't leave feeling confused .. I truly enjoy her readings she is phenominal .. she always told me in the past he wld be back and he is .. now dealing with him is another story .. but she gave good advice .. ty ty " ... written by beautifulmesss
Elpida is always so friendly, and can make you feel not so bad even about the bad stuff. Gives a more detailed spin on things. Repeat customer!" ... written by telt1910
I hope she is right... Im so afraid but i'll do what she says" ... written by danalyn_b
pretty interesting " ... written by laurie
Honest, Clear and to the point. " ... written by neka
Thank you for all the insights you shared with me tonight...it was GREAT...5 stars for a reader who connects quickly and exhibits " ... written by linda pryharski
Wonderful!!!received another sign and couldn't wait to tell her and get her insights on it...thanks again for the information... " ... written by linda pryharski
Very genuine!!! Thank you@" ... written by Rose
She is very good! I highly recommenf her! Thank you so much for all your support!" ... written by aurelia
AMAZING!!! quick connection...liked the dream I had...said it was a sign and a good one at that...looking forward to predictions coming true...5stars...highly recommended..." ... written by linda pryharski
Elpida is wonderful. She's full of positive energy and so far has been accurate in her descriptions and predictions. Thank you." ... written by Curiosity24
My fourth reading with her, Insightful as always." ... written by Loyal4ever
GREAT!!!..I only have good things to say ...even though she may not tell me what I want to hear...she is always polite and concerned about me and my situation...when things finally start to happen, I think she fall off her chair with joy...5star reading" ... written by linda pryharski
Very help insight for me. I recommend her for difficult questions about your actions." ... written by Krista Elliott
very good excellent" ... written by jana
Very truthful and helpful regarding my current situation. " ... written by Brian
Amazing lady - tells it how it is - but in a kind way - thank you xxxxxxx" ... written by me
Always a wonderful experience!!!" ... written by Joseph
Awesome reader! Very upfront and honest. Makes you feel very comfortable. Thank you for your advice! I will let you know how I make out." ... written by cclady01
Awsome reading as always! She always points out the things!THank you so much for all your support!" ... written by Aurelia
Accurate reader!" ... written by HC
ElPida is awesome, I highly recommend her. So far her advice and intuition has been spot on. I'll know a little more by the end of the year regarding several major things. I'll keep you posted." ... written by Curiosity24
great" ... written by andy
Elpida is always very good and quick with details. I definitely recommend her!!" ... written by peach
Excellent connection :) Thank you very much" ... written by Kim
good reading" ... written by aj
Her energy was calming to me. She gave a lot of feedback right away which was very detailed. I truly appreciate her style, just felt good vibes. I highly recommend her! :)" ... written by Sylvie03
O, Elpida! You always have me laughing, even when the news is not the best. Great reading though, both Elpida and I were surprised by what transpired. And it was mostly good news today." ... written by Telt
good" ... written by sadhana
very refreshing and knowledgeable!! she made me feel amazing no sugar coating very kind words the truth! " ... written by amber
AWESOME!!! thank you so much for helping me...you put that smile back on my face...5star plus...connected quickly as usual..." ... written by linda pryharski
I love talking to her!Love her!" ... written by Aurelia
It is always a great pleasure to meet Elpida. She explains very detailed way future scenarios and builds trust and confidence for future... great reader...and very understanding...will come back and keep her informed of progress in my life" ... written by Alexandre Caldas
Thank you so much!" ... written by Aurelia
She provides careful and very detailed guidance... with a clear separation of the essential things from all the rest... she is clear... and was so helpful for my coming months... will keep in touch and manifest progress as it goes..." ... written by Alexandre Caldas
Good reading!1000 stars." ... written by aurelia
She is great " ... written by Sony
THE REAL DEAL !" ... written by J
Great input. Thank you!" ... written by Matt
She is always so kind, encouraging and truthful. Really gave me a lot of clarity into conflicts (both internal and external) that I have been dealing with. Thanks for the advice." ... written by cclady
She's good at reading. So far a few things have occurred that she said would happen." ... written by sunshine
AWESOME!!!connects quickly...delivers information in a kind and positive manner...great personality... 5 stars...highly recommended...thank you for everything.... " ... written by linda pryharski
She was spot on and very accurate! Easily tunes in, highly recommend!" ... written by atlantis111
Elpida has been great. She has been very accurate and in tune so far. There are a couple of important dates coming up at the end of the year. I'll keep you posted. " ... written by Curiosity24
Elpida is amazing. Always calming and always right . She is my go to gal, definitely read with her! you won't regret it!" ... written by Jessica
This was helpful, and it was what I was sensing." ... written by Bruce Fordham
Great!Thanks you!" ... written by aurelia
thank you - super amazing as usual xxxxxxxx" ... written by me
I love elpida she really tries to make sure u understand whats going on .. her reading has been consistent for me for quite a long time she has always seen this taking some time and she is right .. but I do feel confident she is correct .. ty as always ur awesome " ... written by beautifulmesss
compelling and emotional reading...suggestions offered...5 star reading...she is awesome..." ... written by linda pryharski
Wonderful reading and required no information...will be back." ... written by Angel
brilliant guidance as usual xxxxx" ... written by me
Elpida always has good insight into what is going on, what the other person is thinking. Where others may see that there is another woman around your love interest, Elpida will give you the added info of who this woman is, and that your interest is not into that woman, no matter how hard the woman tries. Much clearer perspective, and less disheartening." ... written by Telt
Elpida is a great reader, I always get very accurate readings from her. Blessings" ... written by just me
SIMPLY THE BEST !!! " ... written by J
great andamp; elaborate. positive. i enjoyed talking to her :)" ... written by sehneo
Elpida is wonderful! Always right on with her insights and predictions!" ... written by debby
Very insightful, gave lots of advice on what I should do. Very sweet lady. Will come back for updates" ... written by han720518
Great reader!!!" ... written by elle
wonderfully helpful as usual- thank you ! put my mind at ease xxxxxxx " ... written by me
Elpida always gives good insight into how the person is feeling about a situation. Kind of like having inside information ...." ... written by Telt
Very good reader, very understanding " ... written by pinkpather30
Very impressive. This lady is great." ... written by rastafairy
She is of a great support and clear vision for the future... she enlightens avenues for course of action... and provides insightful opinions on my current relationship" ... written by alexandre caldas
She is an accurate reader and she makes me laugh" ... written by Eli
Put my mind at ease after I had a wobbly moment - thank you xxx" ... written by me
Happy feelings of this lady. I enjoyed the reading. Wish I had time for more :)" ... written by Niamh O'Loughlin
My first reading with her and she was great. She was accurate and picked up things that I didn't share. She also made me laugh. She was very comforting." ... written by eli
Great reading gave great outllook" ... written by pinkpather30
she is an accurate reader and gives excellent advice" ... written by eli
I love her!!!! She is very good at giving me useful advice for my situation!!! she sees the current trend. she can tell me what will happen in different scenarios. I trust her advice very much!" ... written by VSC
A really smiley friendly lady!!" ... written by Londo
Its was fun and intresting but I ran out of credits xD 5stars" ... written by Myke Kadava
Really kind , and accurate, I feel that your room is like a resort for me when I feel lost and confused you always bring me the answers and clarity I need." ... written by J
Very very nice reading!! I really like Elpida's approach to her readings!! thank you! xxx" ... written by sara
I believe her insight. and she always give me tips on what to do." ... written by Loyal4ever
She is awesome!!! I hope everything she has told me pans out!!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
As always, a great reading connecting with my dad." ... written by telt
Brilliant, amazing, truthful and kind ! Thank you :) x " ... written by me
she is always friendly and does her best accurate reading for me. " ... written by eli
Elpida ," ... written by J
Perfection in every topics! No matter what I am asking, I always get clear answers, regardless that my interest is love life , carreer or relocation at a given moment. " ... written by J
great positive reading" ... written by maggielee
very good healing session awesome" ... written by PinkBeatle10
Great reading...very positive and hopeful...this reading was full of laughter...had a great time...thank you for everything...5stars." ... written by linda pryharski
she's great!" ... written by sunshine
She is awesome!!! Loved her reading. I really hope this comes to pass ASAP. She has been there thru thick and thin!!! She has lifted my spirits even when I have been down or have just given up!!! BTW...she connects really fast and tells what the other person is feeling, thinking and etc. Highly recommend her." ... written by Hi
Fantastic, thank you xxxxxxx" ... written by me
she's great :) i love her energy andamp; her enthusiasm!" ... written by sehneo
Great reading!" ... written by Angel
One of the best readers! Very pleasant, right on the spot, very sincere!" ... written by lauritza
Elpida is one of the best! She always gives lots of details, and she is very intuitive! 5 stars!" ... written by peach
very comforting to talk to, fun to talk to andamp; great!" ... written by sehneo
PERFECT AS ALWAYS !!!" ... written by J
needed to get some clarity on a current situation and I felt that going to elpida and consulting with her about my personal issues would give me answers and she delivered! im very happy with the advice and guidance she gave me. your awesome elpida :)" ... written by melissa
thank you so much" ... written by Suzanne
Very sweet, sooo understanding. She has this soft kindness about her. She answered my question quickly and kindly." ... written by Aquiva
She is just the best, so clear fast caring kind lets life unfold in front of you while giving you key words so you can tell her visions are true. She is a friend like no other a blessing to me and Im sure so many others Im greatful to have her a part of my life." ... written by J
i read with her like over a year ago and had a question that she answered and gave me insight into. gave me more background and didnt waste time. very good reader and fast to pick up" ... written by m
excellent reading... and discussing essential decisions to be made...will continue to look for her advice" ... written by ALEXANDRE CALDAS
Elpida always knows how to lift your spirits. " ... written by telt 1910
A great reading again - thank you so much xxxxxx" ... written by me
great presence :) i enjoy talking to her every time." ... written by sehneo
She is really cool, love her reading" ... written by Ana777777
Thank you for helping me along my spiritual journey. I can feel that this has been a life changing experience even though I am in the initial stages of processing it all. I honor you, and your gifts, with gratitude and humility. There is much to learn from you." ... written by J
SO encouraging!!!!! She really sees what's going on and gives the appropriate advice!!!! Her uplifting attitude and advice helps me have a positive outlook on things to come...each time we talk!!! " ... written by J
great and awesome reader" ... written by alexandre caldas
love talking to her! she's great :) def a friend!" ... written by sehneo
always with a sense of trust and clear foresight for the future... will keep asking for her support" ... written by ALEXANDRE CALDAS
Elpida knows how to put me at ease each time. " ... written by Telting
Brilliant as usual - thank you xxx" ... written by me
Good reading, as usual! Can't wait to talk in couple weeks!" ... written by peach
Thanks so much Elpida, was nice to talk to you again :) Very helpful reading as always. xx :)" ... written by sukychi
Thank you so much - went through lots of questions I had and gave me some insight - thank you xxxxxx" ... written by me
great reader... great confident...i will continue to ask for advice and future foresight" ... written by alexandre caldas
Great Reading thank you :-) connects quickly xx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
confirm what i saw myself great reader" ... written by lirlandais49000
What a fantastic reading...it was just what I needed...thank you for your insight and your explanations...although very funny, they were also very helpful...thank you again :):)" ... written by linda pryharski
Always wonderful!" ... written by starshine34
Good conversation. Was able to really understand who I was speaking about and offered a full picture of the situation." ... written by Nicole
Elpida wonderfully connects with my Dad (passed away). She described him to a T, even what he likes to wear. And the advice through him, and from her is very well taken. " ... written by Telting
5 stars! Elpida is always very informative and detailed! It's always a pleasure to catch up with her!" ... written by Peach
Really great. She is very insightful and accurately described the guy in question. Also has a great sense of humour. Just waiting for the predictions to come true....." ... written by jen
Had a quick session to wish my Dad a happy birthday. We talked at=bout other stuff as well, and as usual she put my mind at ease." ... written by Telt1910
GOOD." ... written by NICOLE
Thank you xxxx" ... written by me
Great reading and insight...answered all my questions and talked in depth about a lot of topics...thank you for the reading...ttys..." ... written by linda pryharski
great read " ... written by liz
Needed soo much to talk to a friend today and as always Elpida is there! Thank you !!! I do feel a lot better about everything in my life! SHE JUST KNOWS DETAILS! EXCELLENT!" ... written by J
She is one of the best if not the best! She knows her stuff and is on your side! I cannot doubt her abilities whatsoever. I just simply love her and what she says I know to be true. She says things exactly like they are and has the best accent andamp; is so kind. You can talk to her like like you would your best friend and get treated as such. What more can you ask for?! Much gratitude andamp; merry christmas!! :)" ... written by Kelly
She is MY NUMBER 1 ! Great reading, straight to the point !!! - like always! Happy New Year ! Love xxx" ... written by J
You are the best, Elpida, a real blessing for people who need help! " ... written by J
She is brilliant. I always turn to her as she is always spot on and the best. Thanks Elpida." ... written by delight17
She is great. " ... written by Amy
wow she was soooo great. Sweet and intuitive and despite me not wanting to have a card reading, we ended up having 3 cards pulled and the reading was so right on. I feel so good and so at ease. Thank you so much!!!!" ... written by mainstreem20
She was absolutely fantastic, fast, thorough and just an amazing reader, would definitely go back to her again. Talk to her, you won't be sorry!" ... written by gemmie
OMG it has been ages since the last time i spoke with elpida!!! She still remembers me and it was like two years ago, she remembers my energy! and pick up very quickly on what happened! wow thanks a lot for the insight you are always right elpida :)" ... written by findtheanswer
SHE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! and I have not enough words to speak so highly of her........she helps and gives you the advice you need has given me such peace and happiness thank you and many blessings shes the best but you need to give her the chance to show you....... I will always be back to her as a regular!!! xxx" ... written by J
elpida is much more tan an excellent reader...she is visionary and insightful choosing the right path for the future avenues of possible things to happen. i fully trust her...and continue to ask for her support..." ... written by alexandre caldas
Thank you again! You always show me you are the best and the most caring here ! Thank you thank you thank you! " ... written by J
Great reader, very honest and accurate with dates" ... written by lisa
lovely lady. Really nice reading" ... written by jen
:) :) i really enjoy talking to her!" ... written by sehneo
thanks love!" ... written by sehneo
Such positive energy! I really enjoyed talking with Elpida and feel so much calmer now." ... written by Laura
elpida really supports and helps to clear up sight for future love life as well as professional life. makes me trust her and continue to ask for her keen support" ... written by ALEXANDRE CALDAS
A great update, confirmation of things currently going on and what to expect in the upcoming days ... xxx" ... written by J
I will try to be patient ! Thank you xxxxxxx" ... written by me
Always a pleasure and a great reading!" ... written by Terri
accurate reading and kind advice" ... written by eli
Really sweet and sincere. Good read!" ... written by JSR
Always great! Thank you!" ... written by peach
Great reading...will look for the book that we talked about...I hope I still have it...thanks for all the insights...highly recommended...ttys" ... written by linda pryharski
Elpida always gives a good reading! Picks up on lots of details. Will check back in week or so. " ... written by peach
Lovely positive reading. " ... written by jen
amazing lady xxxxx" ... written by me
...fabulous... she is fabulous... i am tired...but so happy..... will continue to ask for her support..." ... written by alexandre caldas
She is wonderful." ... written by delight17
i ill not tell you the details but elpida anticipated my future in a way I could never expect... thank you so heart felt... all the best and see you soon with even better news" ... written by alexandre caldas
Thanks Elpida for your friendly funny mood today ! :) I feel much lighter ... X " ... written by susana
love love love her." ... written by debbie
I've consulted her many times over the years, and I keep coming back. Highly recommended!" ... written by honeylotus
Thank you so much for being kind and honest with me. You gave me the information that I needed to move forward in my life." ... written by robin
Awesome...thank you..." ... written by linda pryharski
Wow she is amazing! Excellent and terrific... ideas which work immediately...continue to turn insight into reality. " ... written by J
always great to feel the positive energy brought by her...she provides clear vision into the future and how to turn reality by using positive energy....will continue to ask for support and guidance" ... written by ALEXANDRE CALDAS
I have been talking to elpida for quite sometime now .. off and on I always check in with her .. love her style of reading .. she said some things that made a lot of sense to me .. its like Im fighting not to do ..what I really want to do .. .. im just gonna go with the flow .. listen to my own gut .. she described him exactly as I see him and how I believe he thinks .. maybe shes on to something here .. Thanks Elpida!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Elpida has become the conduit between my (deceased) parents and I. The messages I got from my dad validate both Elpida's gift, and the fact that my parents are around and see me voicing my wishes, fears, etc." ... written by telt1910
very insightful, glad I went private I will let you know how things turn out" ... written by Deborah
Elpida is the best. Hands down. I have tried other psychics, and no one compares to her. She is honest, upfront, quick, and she really is gifted. Her predictions have always come true for me and I've been reading with her 1 1/2 years. Worth every penny!" ... written by Jessica
Truly amazing! She picked up on my situation very well! Thank you!" ... written by krisi
very good reading hope you are correct i trust " ... written by kelly
Thanks for the fast positive insight and your prediction was right again! " ... written by J
gave me a good advice. really nice personality" ... written by tiana
Had a great catch up session with Elpida, she is such an awesome person and a psychic. She has always been accurate so far, and I have known her for over a year. Blessings :)" ... written by willow
Awesome...thank you so much...I really do appreciate all you do for me..." ... written by linda pryharski
Elpida is amazing! Soo honest and upfront. She is the best on here!" ... written by J
Delightful conversation. I genuinely laughed when she laughed. She was able to connect to the people I have in question. It helped me to understand the situation better. She's a wonderfully kind person and is focused in her reading." ... written by Jennifer
She was right on with the things (we) have discussed in our relationship and made my day to know that what my guy was telling me is the truth." ... written by nkr3686
there are angels guiding our lives from heavens...can these angels communicate with us? i truly believe so...and through some other good energies here on earth...i suspect Elpida is one of my guiding angels... best" ... written by ALEXANDRE CALDAS
positive thinking and very good attitude...i will keep asking for her support... best" ... written by alexandre caldas
Great as always!" ... written by telt1910
Wonderful!! Highly recommended!" ... written by GratefulOne14
she's so fast and connected very well!" ... written by BP
thanks for the reading. you are so warm and patient" ... written by olive
love the reading" ... written by olive
She is very detailed, accurate and patient! definitely recommend her!!!! " ... written by J
really sweet and lovely lady. I always enjoy her readings" ... written by jen
Elpida is always so great to talk t! She always connects to the situation quickly! She gives great info, detailed and insightful! Will check back in a couple of weeks!" ... written by peach
she's very fast and i really believe in what she tells me" ... written by BP
Needed solo much to get some clarity on a current situation and I felt that going to elpida and consulting with her about my personal issues would give me answers and she delivered! im very happy with the advice and guidance she gave me. your awesome elpida :)" ... written by J
She was very lovely and connected well. Would definitely give her a go! " ... written by lynnrmc
always provides a clear and insightful reading for the future... and also a cross-point for decision making and free-will...which helps quite a lot and significantly... will continue to ask for her support" ... written by alexandre caldas
Thank you Elpida :)" ... written by Mariela
thank you you are amazing thank you so much" ... written by m
El pida is a wonderful and gifted person. She's quick to connect and tells it like she sees it. She doesn't sugar coat things but tells you what she see or feels. " ... written by Curiosity24
she's great. she picks up fast and connects very well. will be waiting on predictions" ... written by BP
I cant say enuf about Elpida shes one of the best on Oranum shes very intuitive, warm attitude and goes straight to the truth of the situation with minimal tools. I feel like i really get heard from the level of my soul." ... written by Ellery Sedgewick
nice reading, quick, funny and entertaining" ... written by random_diamond
Thank you so much, very very good reading and I will keep in touch for updates thanks again xo" ... written by libsta
Love love her!!!" ... written by Eva
I like her a lot, she is calm, accurate reading and give me guidance" ... written by wing
Elpida is sooo gifted. She is worth every penny. Her predictions have always come true, timelines and all. She is now the only psychic I visit she is really that amazing!" ... written by JT
Good insight! " ... written by peach
EXCELLENT READER .. CONNECTED FAST" ... written by Shereice
Thank you so much for your help" ... written by C3899621
WONDERFULREADER IN EVERY WAY!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
I have been getting readings with Elpida for almost a year, and she always gives me some insightful details regarding a situation that I am following. She is really very good, and I definitely recommend her!" ... written by peach
ty so much for being honest. Connected really fast. Thank you I will be back I do recommend her in pvt. " ... written by star
good reading. eased my mind thanks" ... written by banana
Always good to get a good view of things from Elpida. Although Dad did not visit today, I was pleasantly surprised with her reading results." ... written by Telt1910
....." ... written by gabriel
definitely like talking to a friend that knows what's going to happen. :) pleasant to talk to" ... written by sehneo
i really like her she's so honest and I'm hoping her predictions come to pass!" ... written by BP
she is nice, I will write a real feed back after summer. but I recommend her." ... written by N
Elpida is always so awesome! 5 stars!!!!" ... written by peach
I always trust Elpida provides a strong reading for my future...will continue to ask for her support" ... written by ALEXANDRE CALDAS
Great reading!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
love her!! she's very fast and connects very well" ... written by BP
always...always always... supporting and assisting my life ... professionally and love life... sincerely grateful" ... written by ALEXANDRE CALDAS
just amazing and majorly helpful, caring and really puts everything she has into every reading i've ever had with her. ty and definitely 5 stars!!!!!!!" ... written by g
loved it" ... written by leigh
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
GReat reading!" ... written by Rocky
she's the best she really understands me and connects very well" ... written by BP
Elpida is always very in tuned with the situation. I definitely recommend." ... written by peach
Thanks Elpida : ) nice to talk with you again . see you soon x" ... written by susana
in depth and good reading" ... written by xyz
ran out of credits, but she is amazing, connected so quickly, very positive and loving, explains very well! worth every penny!" ... written by anu
bad internet connection :( but good reading xxx" ... written by me
frozen screen so got cut short but good to talk again! Thank you xxxx" ... written by me
she is so great and a clear support for my life and soul... really trust her visions and reading of my future" ... written by ALEXANDRE caldas
best reader! Love her!!! great insight and always has good suggestions, etc. " ... written by elizabeth
ELPIDAAAA IS THE BESTTTTTTTT! :) thank you again! LOVE LOVE LOVE! AMAZING! She always give me the right answers I need and helps me figure out my life in a positive way! She's straight forward and on the money!Thank you for all your support!" ... written by Eisai
She's quite quick to connect - she doesn't use any tools but she can if yu ask. So she is quite gifted. Thank-you." ... written by nlove9
One of the greatest on oranum , the greatest healer on here. Have been going to her for over a year , she is highly gifted and knows what she is doing!!!!!!!" ... written by k
Thank you. I just needed someone to talk to about my problem." ... written by A.M.R
Thank you! It felt right. Sorry for not enough credit this time. " ... written by elo42401
She was very good. Thank you" ... written by ****
Elpida is always so great at connecting to the situation and giving, detailed, insightful info!!!" ... written by peach
thanks, quick , good!" ... written by sung
She was AWESOME!!!!! She picked up emotions, characteristics...just a great reading." ... written by Larry
I liked her very much. My Grandmother came through and it was so nice to connect. Liked her energy very much. " ... written by Ann
Needed soo much to talk to a friend today and as always Elpida is there! Thank you !!! " ... written by J
Patient and very on the ball even when I throw curve balls. Awesome :)" ... written by Neu
no tools, friendly, caught it well" ... written by f
Great!" ... written by Christina
She was great!!!! Helped me confirm my career path! No tools needed!" ... written by Allisan
very positive reading grateful for it" ... written by lizzieg1
great reading, it was absolutely point" ... written by ap
So helpful, as always. Keep coming back!" ... written by Telt1910
in life we trust some people who guide our paths into the future... she is one of these persons rare...and insightful... providing avenues for the future in love and professional life..." ... written by alexandre caldas
thank you !!! i hope this works out!!" ... written by luxxicon
Elpida is always on point - she is amazing!" ... written by Eva
wow very intuitive and gave great advice! thank u!" ... written by ....
right on....recommend her to anyone.I would definately have her read for again" ... written by vale1968
Such a darling!!" ... written by Christina
I am so happy with Elpida's reading. She is very tuned into the situation, and she gave me great details and dates! I hope she is correct --- I feel that she is! Can't wait to follow up in a week or so!" ... written by peach
My physic reading was amazing. She told of things of my ex and I was able to gain closure. My new partner is exactly as I had hoped good things to come. EXCELENT READING!!!" ... written by Ty
Great reading!" ... written by krisi
great reader she looked into my situation very well =)" ... written by Angelica
She was amazing..... 10 Stars" ... written by Rosa
always a fantastic read .. she knows her stuff!" ... written by m
Very good!!!" ... written by Angel
She was the only one who really described my guy the way he is!!!" ... written by Sonia
Thank you. Great reading." ... written by Anny
Elpida connected fast. I wanted to know if there was a message for me and she said there is always a message, well there were 3 key messages for me in my reading. Thanks Elpida." ... written by nlove9
great read and insight into my situation!" ... written by liz
I've consulted her many times over the years, and I keep coming back. Highly recommended!" ... written by J
Could feel the energy through the computer screen - felt totally uplifted - thank you xxxxxxxxx " ... written by me
shes so on point try her its hard for me to give 5stars but shes a five star psychic on here!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Imbeingme
She understood the situation very well. Highly accurate reader!" ... written by e
Good conversation and a more definitive answer towards my career." ... written by Nicole
5 stars as always. Great connection with our dads, too. " ... written by telt1910
Elpida is the BEST! she is so fast, tunes into her cards and ability sooo well. I don't trust anyone else on here. She is always extremely accurate and honest. Love her!" ... written by Jess
Great reading. She picked up on a lot of things! " ... written by Nikki
Spot on. Thank you!" ... written by Naomi Elliott
Sweet and thoughtful! Very welcoming and on point :)" ... written by Elfie
Elpida-Hope is very special...She is honest with a gentle firmness and that's why I really enjoy her..I trust her and she is an excellent person to come to for help and clarity.." ... written by Thel
Elpida's prediction came true exactly as she said! She is amazing!" ... written by Holly
Elpida is always amazing - she has such a wonderful insight into everything! She is always spot on! :)" ... written by Eva
lovely reading from a gifted na talented girl" ... written by starfish
Elpida had great advice and wonderful messages from my father. I can always count on her to clarify things." ... written by Telt1910
Elpida is amazing. Ive been reading with her for almost 2 years now. She is always right, always honest, every prediction has come true in the amount of time she gave me. She is the best psychic on this site, without a doubt!" ... written by Jess
Elpida is so great! Always very intuitive, and accurate! Gives lots of info!" ... written by peach
very accurate, good reading" ... written by mary
She's a good honest soul. Gifted." ... written by seaglass11
She was amazing! She knew how I felt, and the person she described to me (my ex) was right on! She told me not to worry, not to stress, and that every couple needs a good break. Thank you, I will absolutely talk to you again in the future!" ... written by Mailee24
Had a continued reading from Elpida! She gives me hope for the future. Thank you so much for your insights!" ... written by Mailee24
She is great!" ... written by Moni
She is amazing as always! Always a good reading and jumps right to the issue you are in question about. I cannot thank her enough. She is lovely!!! Much gratitude Elipida!!!" ... written by Kosmo
I keep coming back for more! Need I say more? " ... written by Telt1910
I love Elpida , she gave me some reassurance I needed , she has always seen the same outcome for me and has always told me it wld take awhile , guess I need to chill..lol she gave great advice , I was having a bit of an off day and she really helped reassure me .. thanks Elpida!! ... :)" ... written by beautifulmesss
I love my readings with Elpida. She is super helpful and connects to my situation really well. I also like the she is a very positive person. Highly recommend her! Thank-you so much lovely Elpida :)" ... written by nlove9
i got a ton of info. so i shall come back end of june. i been hearing great things about elpida. and waited almost four days to cacth her. very popular. will follow your advice. thank you. i'm looking forward to vacation most of all. " ... written by sun
Great, practical feedback. " ... written by AskMeNow2
She is amazing!! I recommend her!!!" ... written by theodora
always awesome! extremely intuitive and quick!" ... written by peach
lovely reading as always. " ... written by jen
great lady" ... written by roly
Thx Elpida , I so appreciate what u told me . I was in panic mode this morning , your incredible and I know u tell me only truth , very reassuring and consistent , TY TY" ... written by beautifulmesss
she was EXCELLENT! first time reading and i was blown away! very intune....also very sweet and lovely energy :) Thank you :)" ... written by lovehouston
Amazing x" ... written by .
She is incredible!! so accurate!!!" ... written by AMY
Elpida is extremely gifted. She is the only one I trust on this site, and she has never been wrong. worth every penny!" ... written by Jess
This was an eye opening discussion and I really appreciate her honesty. She picked up on my situation and helped me to understand it." ... written by Nicole
Elpida gave a lot of details in our reading! She is so lovely to speak with and has made accurate predictions in the past. :)" ... written by VirginVirgo
she was great ! tuned in really well on the energies really quickly " ... written by chloe
Very nice, soft, honest.. will speak with her again" ... written by Sheiba64
lovely reading adn nice calm manner to deliver. very nice" ... written by starfish
Very good, helpful, and kind. She goes gives you all the details and answers all the questions that you have. Definitely appreciated, highly recommend." ... written by Denise
very nice calm interpretation of awkward situation" ... written by starfish
always super!!!!" ... written by peach
Just Amazing!!! Great energy, fantastic reading! will visit again!" ... written by Alexandra
There's a reason I keep coming back... Amazing as always!" ... written by Mailee24
This woman is hilarious and amazing. She instantly picked up on my situation and picked out all the details and I pray and hope that her predictions come true. I truly enjoyed my time with her. Money well spent and fast prediction :) I'll be back!" ... written by Emily
awesome reader,so nice and polite.thank you so much.you are great!" ... written by p
came back to elpida for a second reading as she is fun, bubbly and most importantly her last prediction came true down to the day my other half would contact me again :)" ... written by random_diamond
thanks for great reading!!!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
Elpida is sooo gifted. She is unlike anyone else on this site. She has never been wrong for me, and always tunes into the situation and people really really well. I don't trust anyone else. She is amazing!" ... written by Jess
great answered the question quickly" ... written by kw
great reading" ... written by debbie
Great reading! Lot of information came through." ... written by telt1910
very happy with my reading...thank you, she is definitely gifted" ... written by Prettygirlny
Very quick to communicate what she sees and seems very accurate with her predictions and I hope to speak to her again soon I highly recommend her!" ... written by Jbtforme
3 readings in 1 week lol, that says it all!" ... written by vixen
Elpida is always so quick and intuitive!" ... written by peach
Thank you... Very accurate.. Nice lady.. Would recommend." ... written by sheiba
wonderfully gifted and talented girl. great reading and she oozes calmness in difficult circumstances to deliver. very good" ... written by sultry
she always see's my situation without any help at all." ... written by vixen
Again helped me out, been coming to Elpida 2 years now. So I have faith in her" ... written by vixen
Again a really great reading. She is so lovely and really positive and helpful " ... written by jen
very sweet lady. honest and caring. Thank You" ... written by sheiba
love her lol she's so good" ... written by vixen
she's great" ... written by vixen
Lovely reading as always" ... written by jen
Very good" ... written by Jean
lovely reader whose smile and calmness is always so uplifting" ... written by |Sultrystarfish
Elpida is amazing!! always accurate, always tells the truth. She is the only one i trust!" ... written by Jess
We kept braking up and her screen would freeze, so we had to type. She was great, but it took a while to understand what was being said exactly. It's so frustrating to have the screen freeze all the time..." ... written by skier8001
Just superb ! xxxxxxx" ... written by me
She is just great,awesome person.million stars not five for her.what an amazing amazing person who explains everything in details and calms you down,thank you." ... written by puef
5 stars " ... written by edel95
she's awesom" ... written by Cristina
nice calm as always, lovely reader" ... written by starfish
she told me id start talking to someone around 3 weeks and it happened! will be waiting on her other predictions!" ... written by bp
very helpful and kind.. thank you. " ... written by karen
Elpida is an amazing reader with accurate insights and great energy!!!! I love her!!!!" ... written by Eva
her predictions have been happening! will be waiting for more!" ... written by bp
It was good and positive and honest. I will just have a waiting period. Ill give feedback after such time." ... written by snakecharmer
She was very patient, and thorough!!" ... written by Shawn
very nice and accurate assessment, lovely reader and not slow either" ... written by seahorses
she has a good feeling she gets it. she likes to confirm her intuition over and over which is reassuring" ... written by Mary
Elpida has lovely energy! she is warm and honest....she answered all my questions and I had a great time :))" ... written by Ankita
Always great readings!!" ... written by Angel
My second reading and I really enjoyed it!" ... written by Jbtforme
amazing thank you xxxxx" ... written by me
very good." ... written by peach
Always pleasure talking to Elpida and communicating with my Dad through her." ... written by telt1910
Excellent reader, caught on very fast about my problems, fantastic!" ... written by Wonderbaby
Excellent!" ... written by Effie
the besttt " ... written by zeynep
she is great as always! i recommend her to anyone anyday. Thank you so much Elipida for always being there in my corner and being honest with me. I am very grateful." ... written by Kelly
Wonderful reading, great connection. she's a no-nonsense type of psychic, very direct with the info, tells it as it is..will definitely come back for another reading" ... written by Ammer
Thank you it was nice :) :) :)" ... written by ...
She is really charming, and accurate with her reading. " ... written by NatashaJ88
I am so relieved thank you so much!!!!!!! Amazing reading! " ... written by Christina Tholstrup
As always a lovely positive reading. Hope what she predicted comes to pass." ... written by jen
As always a lovely reading. " ... written by jen
Elpida is just great,so nice and great reader,i would recommend her to anyone 1000%." ... written by mm
she gives great advice and she's always been right on what she says" ... written by BP
her predictions are slowly starting to manifest!" ... written by BP
Elpida is so incredibly intuitive!!! Definitely recommend!" ... written by peach
As always thank you so much" ... written by cmarie
very good reader! thank you:)" ... written by Monique
great as usual ;)" ... written by peach
thanks a lot I hope things change soon " ... written by luvu
she did a thorough reading that was precise and she taught me how to respond appropriately in response" ... written by eli
she is accurate with her reading that it was spooky. I like working with her" ... written by eli
I like her readings it was fast and accurate. She was straight to the point and gave a great advice and wondering reading. " ... written by Lisa
thank you very much, very supportive:)" ... written by Muffin
she's so lovely, calm, positive, truthful. and a fantastic member of my little team." ... written by seahorses
Elpida gives the best readings. No holding back, no sugar coating. " ... written by telt1910
excellent, as always!" ... written by peach
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Elpida Does accurate readings and is kind offering what she can for you to handle the situation ok. " ... written by eli
really nice as always to receive her insights, very calming" ... written by seahorses
Elpida is positive and accurate as always. Like a friend" ... written by Estonienne
Elpida is always straight with her readings. come back in a month or 6 weeks andamp; she will still give you the straight answers andamp; timings again. No free will excuses you will here from others just honesty. I personally can't stay away from her readings too long. I try but always drawn back to her. " ... written by LIVEFOR2DAY AKA GEM
Elpida is always a delight!" ... written by terri
It is always fun getting Elpida's readings, and she has gotten my (deceased) dad to chime in more willingly. Almost like he is her wingman. Elpida puts your mind at ease with what she feels from the other person. " ... written by Telt1910
thank you" ... written by luvu
very good" ... written by Sonia
Great as always,very friendly and patient.You are great reader and person.thank you." ... written by pp
what a great reading such a lovely lady and spot on with her reading " ... written by cream
I love her , her predictions have never changed for me and I trust her to be straight up with me ... she only gets better and better over the years .. LYL E!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
She is very precise and accurate. She is also incredibly kind, funny, and supportive" ... written by eli
Elpida is truly amazing. She can sense someone like no other. When she was describing my ex.... She described him like she knew him without me saying anything. Great reader! Love her!" ... written by MaiLee24
lovely energies and readings, as always, thank you" ... written by seahorses
Elpida is a very gifted psychic, I have been going to her for guidance on what is happening, how things will happen, and how I can change my future for the better now for years. She has been accurate and her predictions for me have come true, but more than that, she is also a guide and has taught me how to make my own future. I respect this lady enormously, she is my guide, and friend. Thank you Elpida x" ... written by .
very nice calm reading as always" ... written by seahorses
Thank you again for a reading! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Had a reading with Elpida84 today and was so pleased to reconnect today. She really tuned into my energies and I so appreciate her words and how she helped to put my mind at ease. She truly is a great reader....very blessed with her gifts!" ... written by Carrie
very accurate and connects very fast!" ... written by tffany
Elpida is amazing. She is always so accurate and her predictions have always come true. I don't read with anyone else. She is the real deal! " ... written by Jess
She is very accurate and thinks things through. She advise the right direct to take things for your benefit" ... written by eli
Thank you for your reading once again!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
She is an incredible reader. She advising people well after giving a reading. She is intelligent and funny!" ... written by eli
Elpida is the most accurate psychic in the more than two years that I have been with Oranum. Her email readings and her private readings are spot on and very, very accurate. Good or bad, Elpida will tell you nothing but the truth. She will tell you the truth, and will not tell you what you want to hear. It takes one question on your part for her to read the whole situation and issues. She deserves more than five stars! Thank you so much, Elpida! I will come back for an update and visit your chat room regularly." ... written by Moonchild59
it was like talking to one of my best girlfriends, except she had the advantage of knowing what my partner was thinking. The advice she gave me was so great, and was common sense, I can't believe I didn't see it myself. But the way she expleined it just clicked. She is amazing! " ... written by Amy
Great as always,have a private with her she is amazing." ... written by :)
you calmed my poor nerves, Thank you!" ... written by eva
always a calm accurate reading, I like her delivery and style" ... written by starfish
She is always so patient with my questions and does a very accurate reading. She is very supportive and teaches me a lot. " ... written by Eli
Eldipa I consider a good friend. She is so accurate in her readings. She is very specific and the advice she gives is logical and works She explains the situations so well also. " ... written by eli
Elpida is always so honest. She is accurate with the other person's issues. I can't wait for her predictions to come to pass. She always gives hope if there is hope. She will not tell a lie. She is fast in her readings and doesn't waste time. Thank you so much!" ... written by Moonchild59
first reading was excellent and honest " ... written by charlie
Absolutely brillaint..i am adding credit and back.." ... written by t
nice calm session as always, with clarity, thank you" ... written by sultry
Great as always,such a pleasant person to talk to.always accurate and so friendly.thank you elpida." ... written by e
elpida does a very precise reading and makes me laugh a lot.I love working with her. I am lucky!" ... written by eli
calm accurate reading that always mekes sense" ... written by seahorse
She is great as always,just love readings with her,sooo nice and friendly.honest and accurate." ... written by )
She makes me laugh as she gives me accurate readings about what is happening and she supports my actions and gives excellent advice always.. I love her!" ... written by eli
I have been speaking with Elpida for a while now on a particular topic. She ALWAYS has great intuition and is able to see details! I highly recommend her :)" ... written by peach
Elpida is ALWAYS accurate with her readings. Her predictions always come to pass. She is such a lovely person to consult with. Always tells you the truth whether good or bad. She gives advice on how to deal with an issue or any situation. I will keep coming back for updates. Thank you so much, Elpida!" ... written by Moonchild59
I had a reading with Elpida on my career and she predicted for me a promotion, the amount I would get in a payrise, and the month it would come through, and she was absolutely spot on! The first day of the month she predicted I got my promotion letter, with the salary she predicted, and even the benefits. She also accurately set out the working environment I would be dealing with, both the negative and positive aspects of this. If you want to have a truthful reading, then go to Elpida, because that is what you will get." ... written by Holly
well done girl, it was a tough night but we got through it" ... written by starfish
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
She is always great to talk to and is to the point!" ... written by Nicole
She help me see things in a different way. Thank you!!" ... written by theodora
Lots of Clarity!! fantastic Reading!!!" ... written by Christy
Amazing!!!" ... written by theodora
Super-duper psychic! Totally accurate, gave me guidance about my job situation. Calmed me as to not to worry as the time will be in 2 months so I should enjoy meanwhile and keep applying. I am much relaxed now. Will surely come back for more guidance. Thanks Elpida ! :)" ... written by Stella
Go to Elpida if you want a sincere conversation with an amazing and accurate reader. I love talking to her. She makes me laugh too!" ... written by eli
She is wonderful and an accurate reader! She has taught me a lot over the last several months. I got disconnected in our reading! My computer froze! I am sorry Elpida!" ... written by eli
wonderful reading" ... written by starfish
She is always an accurate reader and guides me on the right path. " ... written by Eli
wonderful reading full of detail and concurs with others" ... written by seahorses
Brilliant as usual :) Thank you put my mind at rest :) xxxx" ... written by me
I Was so mad today and she calmed me such a great reading. " ... written by eli
Elpida always puts everything into perspective. She is great that way. She is such an accurate reader." ... written by Eli
Really great reading. She is fabulous. Am waiting to see what happens in October....." ... written by jen
always a pleasure, insightful and very accurate!" ... written by elpida84
Again Elpida puts everything in perspective and helps me know how to respond to specific situations that I am not familiar with. She is great" ... written by Eli
Thank you, thank you, Thank you. - :) x " ... written by me
Elpida is always so great! She tunes right into the situation!" ... written by peach
Elpida is always on point and so kind! I love and trust her!" ... written by Eva
Lol Elpida sensed my tooth pain andamp; exact tooth too. she is great you have to try her if you haven't. She always picks upsomething new for me" ... written by LIVE
great reading :)))" ... written by edel95
Amazing once again! Elpida always understands my situation and helps me stay positive. She is very accurate and clearly explains everything. I recommend her 10000000%" ... written by E
Elpida - She is so helpful and so accurate a reader. She keeps me balanced. I love her!" ... written by Eli
Amazing as always.every time she is so accurate.would recommend her 100%.she is great." ... written by e
Elpida gave a very accurate timeline, which came through as expected. Also, some of the information that came through was later validated by the other person." ... written by Telt1910
Very nice person, very funny and great advice!" ... written by Angeles
fantastic ! xxxxxxxxxx" ... written by me
great connection! looking fwd to prediction coming true" ... written by l
elpida is amazingly gifted. She has never been wrong in my life. COrrect timelines, and seeing things before I even tell her. She is the only person I trust on this site. " ... written by JT
Super accurate,very fast,friendly.would recommend her 1000%.thank you elpida." ... written by :)
Love her!! Always with it, no sugarcoating. and the fact that my dad always comes to visit, helps, too." ... written by telt1910
Thank you :) " ... written by me
Elpida always answers my questions while I type them! I've had to stop typing and delete what I have typed because she has answered them way ahead. Her readings are 100% accurate. Her predictions always happen. She does not sugar coat. Nor does she judge when she does private readings. She is confident because she is genuine. I have consulted with Elpida many times. There is not one time where she went wrong. Thank you very much, Elpida! I will go back for updates." ... written by Moonchild59
Absolutely amazing as always!! xx" ... written by christina 007
I talk to her quite frequently. She reads a situation accurately and giver great guidance! " ... written by eli
Elpida is an accurate reader and she is so great to talk to. She gives me guidance a lot and it has paid off. " ... written by eli
very nice calm accurate reader, i love her readings" ... written by starfish
There are only two psichics here on Oranum I trully believe - and one of them is ELPIDA! She is a fantastic reader, she saw everythg right without im giving her any info,just dob..." ... written by Sonia
Elpida once again is there supporting me and doing an accurate reading" ... written by Eli
Highly accurate! Very much in tune with energy" ... written by do
Great reading! Thank you!" ... written by Kristina
SO GOOD!" ... written by P
Great!" ... written by P
Elpida is always there for me and gives me great guidance. " ... written by Eli
fantastic reader, just do it" ... written by starfish
She is direct and to the point. Good reading and help." ... written by Susan Jocelyn Ph.D.
She was fast and picked up on my situation." ... written by overton1961
lovely calm reading as always, " ... written by sultry
lovely calm reading and positive vibes from this lovely girl" ... written by sultry
lovely reading with elpida,grateful for update, alwayd a nice experience" ... written by starfish
Just went to an update as her last reading came to pass..." ... written by Sonia
reliable and honest as always" ... written by me
you have taught me to expect the unexpected - thank you xxxxx" ... written by me
great reading as always. Not sure why, but I got cut off though" ... written by jen
Every week I go private with Elpida. And every week her predictions happen and her readings are very accurate. And always, she is ahead of my questions. Elpida gives me the answers to my questions before I ask them! Thank you so much, Elpida! 100% genuine and the best in Oranum. Definitely more than 100 stars!!!!!!" ... written by Moonchild59
She is just amazingly awesome! I highly recommend her to anyone! I am very grateful!!" ... written by Kosmo
Lovely lady!!!!!! My first reading with her but I will recommend her to ppl who really are looking for a friendly but true reader. She tells you exactly what she gets, she points out stuff that can be changed due to free will and also provides you with suggestion on how to tackle certain situations. Glad I was recommended to her!" ... written by Lilly
Always positive and accurate. I have come to her in the past and never disappoints" ... written by Elvis
wonderful reader and personality, very truthfull and delivers, never vague, just the right facts" ... written by starfish
Very quick and a nice lady. Gave me some advice. " ... written by Sarah
Love her! She is so forthcoming and honest! :) Has walked me through many of life's decisions!" ... written by Eva
I'm very much looking forward to your predictions coming to pass! Thank you for your insight xoxo" ... written by Excited
love her energy always honest and truthful. Thank you" ... written by theodora
Just love Elpida she is always great. Would recommend her highly. Great listener and accurate. xoxo" ... written by e
Awesome! great reader and to the point and accurate. Very excited for what the near future holds. Thank you Elpida, will come back again !!! :)" ... written by Renee
Excellent. She honed in on exactly what was bothering me very quickly, got right to the area that I needed to talk about. Very good reading!" ... written by Laurothniel Marie
Thank you!!!!! Felt you picked up the situation quickly and read my situation accurately! I look forward to seeing what happens as you have said!" ... written by J
really nice reading and put my world to rights" ... written by sultry
I love her.. she is awesome!" ... written by Lilly
Best!" ... written by Lilly
Great! After having 2 different readings on here and not fully feeling satisfied. I feel i got resolvewith ELPIDA84. She was great, straight and to the point and clear precise answers. Thank you!!! " ... written by Shaundra
Very honest and truthful person. Tells the truth, in a kind way." ... written by angelszone
Very down to earth and accurate readings. I like coming to her as she would not try to sell stories to me. Thank you for bearing with me." ... written by e
Elpida had given me some timelines and upcoming scenarios in past readings, and they became true right on schedule. Her energy is very positive, even though she does not sugarcoat anything and won't just tell you what you want to hear. I'll keep coming back to her till the day I die (and maybe continue afterwards, too)." ... written by telt1910
Amazing reading with Elpida. Come in for a general refresher, making sure things haven't changed, and instead got a 2-year timeline of progression in an ongoing situation. A lot of detail, and as usual my Dad's contributions. " ... written by telt1910
Elpida you are so nice. I enjoy talking to you and you give me hope in times when I don't see it anymore. " ... written by Tinkerbel
Thankful for your reading. Good connection and crossing fingers for predictions to come to pass :)" ... written by Mariane
As always a lovely reading. She keeps me feeling motivated and getting through this period in my life with positivity and support. Thanks" ... written by jen
haha, great reading. I feel so happy these days! Thanks for the good news. We are finally free :)" ... written by peach
Elpida is the most accurate psychic in Oranum! She is always 100% spot on with her readings and her predictions. I have never had to ask any questions because she is ahead. She gives answers before I ask about anything. Her predictions always happen. She will not lie to you to make you happy. She only tells the truth. Good or bad, you will hear it. That is a good thing. She gives advice that I listen to. Elpida never brags about being the best in Oranum. She does not need to. She IS the best. I go back to Elpida for updates. Thank you, Elpida! " ... written by Moonchild59
thanks. reassuring and insightful" ... written by jen
she is good!" ... written by Katie
love her! been going to her for a while and what she says happens!" ... written by BP
it's my first reading with her." ... written by meme
had a reading with Elpida and just had to return for more information . She is very good at picking up on situations and tells you what is really going on. Some of it is not what I was wanting to hear, but the truth is always best and anyway she is very kind how she delivers the information. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
very quick and good advice!thanks :)" ... written by rii507
Elpida is so good! So in tune and so practical! :)" ... written by Eva
Elpida is always easing my mind and guides me the right way. I am glad that with her help I am more cool about things and don't trap into the usual traps that are there in my situation. Of course it's still hard at times but things have slowly, very slowly but at least they do, started to unfold. Thank you so much Elpida and I will keep you updated. xxx" ... written by T
Wonderful readings each and every time. Great clarity." ... written by telt1910
Elpida is very accurate with her readings ALL THE TIME. Her predictions and time frames are spot on! She does not give hope just to make you happy. She gives hope if there is hope. She only tells the truth. I love private readings with Elpida. Words flow from her. She reads the other person very clearly. Her predictions happen every single time! She is the best in Oranum! She is worth every single cent. Thank you again, Elpida! I will come back for another update!" ... written by Moonchild59
Great talking to her... I feel like she really knows what will be... very encouraged" ... written by J
lovely accurate reader, always full of positive vibes, really nice experience always" ... written by seahorses
thanks for the update! you're such a sweet person and so understanding. quick connection and really great insight" ... written by j
She is an accurate reader and always makes me laugh!" ... written by Eli
It has been awhile since I've talked to Elpida! She reassured me that things are getting better. She provided me with some advice, which I will take to heart. She's amazing, told me about the other person's feeling. Thanks! I will keep coming back." ... written by MaiLee
As always a lovely reading. Am hoping that these latest predictions will come to pass......" ... written by jen
Elpida is always very accurate with her readings and predictions! They always happen! I am not surprised when it comes to Elpida's readings. 100%n spot on. She will tell you the truth. I listen to her advise and consult with her regularly. Thank you, Elpida! I will keep you posted." ... written by Moonchild59
Such a lovely person with such warm energy. Connected well and quickly. Thank you for the reading." ... written by J
Elpida knows how to get the info to you straightforward, but at the same time put you at ease." ... written by Telt1910
I am learning more each day to how wonderful Elpida is. Genuine!!!" ... written by Telt1910
Elpida is always 100% with her readings. She is always ahead of my questions. She answers them before I ask! Her predictions happen. Spot on. I consult with Elpida regularly because she is genuine. Her words flow from her. She is quick and does not waste time. Thank you, Elpida!" ... written by Moonchild59
She's awesome. I can't wait to give her an update. So far she's been accurate with everything. I'm just waiting for the time frames now." ... written by Sam
She is awesome!!!" ... written by Mel
Beautiful reader with a beautiful heart. Thank you for your great insight and calming words. Great reader without all the sugar coating" ... written by J
Thanks for all your insight. Lovely reading as always" ... written by jen
Elpida gives great insight as usual. And she has been a conduit for my father for over a year now. She and I both like talking with him. " ... written by telt1910
Once more she gave me a good insight! Now I have to wait and hope that things will happen as she says.. Brilliant psychic!!!" ... written by Sonia
Elpida is always accurate! Every prediction she makes happens. She does not refer to notes from her last reading. She remembers. Her readings just flow from her. She is 100% spot on! Elpida knows how I feel She will not ask questions to give you answers. She will tell you what is actually happening with you and with the other person. I consult with Elpida regularly and she is worth the money. She is very genuine. And deserves more than only five stars. Thank you very much, Elpida! " ... written by Moonchild59
Times up!! Always wish I had more credits but in the time we have in private is definitely worth it! Connection is instant and insight is amazing. Thank you for everything" ... written by J
Great reading. airing to see if it all comes to pass....." ... written by jen
Thanks once again for helping me to feel better about my situation. " ... written by jen
Thank you so much Elpida for your insight into the situation and for all your help!!! " ... written by LostGirl
Awesome reader, very intune " ... written by David
Elpida can cover so much in the time spent in private. Always uplifting. " ... written by Telt1910
Love, love, love Elpida! She really does give hope! :)" ... written by Eva
very informative" ... written by eilly
Cool!!" ... written by telt1910
Very nice reading she could read the person perfectly!" ... written by Carlos
Elpida - truly a woman of hope! Love her - she is so level-headed and awesome!" ... written by Eva
Great to talk to Elpida again! She always connects to the situation." ... written by peach
another person coming in november 1-2 years younger - ex will try to come back in another week or 2 let's see if her predictors come true she thinks it would be really difficult if i got back with my ex" ... written by bouncy
awesome" ... written by sandra
love her energy and her advise. I recommend her highly" ... written by theodora
consistent and A REALLY great person to talk to... I believe if she believes... and I think she does!!!" ... written by 180
Thank you for the quick update. I love how sweet you are. Your understanding of the situation is spot on and your insight is just amazing. Thank you!" ... written by J
Brilliant as usual, thanks" ... written by Mubss
great!! gave me such good advice amazing i recommend her, she has such positive energy and reassuring, loved her" ... written by cheese
Elpida is very insightful. And my Dad likes to communicate through her. Can't get it any better than that." ... written by telt1910
The best, what more can I say. I hope what she predicts comes to pass. Thanks." ... written by Vijay
She's really good and picks up on the situation and all the emotions involved very well. She keeps it real but gives very good advice. I am hoping that what she says happens. Thanks for the reading. You are one of the few that I really trust her on Oranum." ... written by LA
Enlightening as usual!" ... written by telt1910
as always really spot" ... written by jen
i like this lady very good, very smart, very truthful, very lovely" ... written by mizzo
Had a bad experience at home, panicked, but Elpida was able to see that it is all for the good. Feel much calmer now. " ... written by Telt1910
very good, picked up on me even without saying anything to her, no name, no dob, nothing." ... written by ray
Elpida is always accurate with her readings and her predictions. She will tell you the truth and not sugar coat to make you happy. She is very consistent. Words flow from her. She is quick and does not waste time. She is genuine. That is why I come back regularly for updates. Thank you very much, Elpida! " ... written by Moonchild59
I like very much Elpida's cool style, very calm, correct, assuring, she nice lady but crucially very very good" ... written by mizzo
thanks. as always level and helpful." ... written by jen
Elpida is one of the best on Oranum. I highly recommend a reading with her!" ... written by peach
Great reading" ... written by jen
She is awesome!!! Love her to death. I will come back for an update" ... written by Mel
Awesome reading" ... written by Mel
Aesome reading!!!" ... written by mel
Thanks. As always a great reading" ... written by jen
great reading thank you - live and see for prediction to come true :)))" ... written by edel95
Elpida is super accurate with her readings! Words flow from her. She does not like time frames BUT her predictions happen within the time frames. She does not refer to notes. She is genuinely caring, honest and is very pleasant to talk to. She is spot on and deserves a lot more than five stars! I regularly consult with Elpida. Thank you so much, Elpida! I will keep you updated. I know that your predictions will come to pass. They always do!" ... written by Moonchild59
great connection great insight" ... written by ,
Elpida does not fail with her predictions. They happen. She is very accurate with her readings and she is very quick. She will not waste time. Elpida does not give false hopes. She will only tell you the truth. She is confident with her readings because they are spot on. Thank you, Elpida! I will talk to you again. 'Hopefully very soon." ... written by Moonchild59
Such a lovely and compassionate person. I highly recommend a reading." ... written by Vijay
Very good and accurate, upfront...nice reading...." ... written by Geri
So awesome! described people in detail without knowing anything about them! She knows I think the world of her!" ... written by Eva
Another great reading :-)" ... written by Vijay
she was great, gave good advice and was accurate" ... written by mariam
She was wonderful and on point!!!" ... written by erin
Awesome" ... written by Mel
She is awesome!" ... written by Eva
She is awesome" ... written by Mel
Brilliant as always, she is the best!" ... written by Mubss
thank you for the advise it helped me. I highly recommend her" ... written by theodora
Awesome reading! thank you so much for your time!" ... written by DeAnna
elpida picks up sitauions quickly!! a gifted reader ! thnku. ill be bak " ... written by myst
She is awesome. I will always come back to her" ... written by Mel
Another amazing reading. Many thanks as always." ... written by Vijay
she is really a good psychic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by myst
Hope predictions come true" ... written by mel
Elpida is absolutely incredible. She can read me like a book. She has never been wrong, and is always accurate with time frames. She is the only psychic I will read with, because she is truly gifted, and one of a kind. Read with her, and prepare to be amazed, she is really that good." ... written by Jess
Elpida is amazing" ... written by J
Elpida was very insightful with the information that came through. As usual, I'm much more at ease now than before." ... written by telt1910
Elpida is awesome! Always reassuring, loving and practical!" ... written by Eva
Elpida is always 100% accurate with her readings and predictions. She does not like time frames but is spot on with her time frames :) Her predictions always happen. She reads the other person correctly and answers questions that are in my mind without me having to ask them or even before I type the questions. Thank you, Elpida! I will come back for updates." ... written by Moonchild59
Have to admire elpida for what she does and knows, Awesome person!" ... written by Mubss
She is brilliant! Has a very positive energy, she truly made my day! I would say she is very detailed and talented. Truly loved the reading. Answered the key question I had on my mind for a long time I think. I didn't ask the question. Amazing. Thank you!" ... written by Karolina
So down to earth and awesome!" ... written by Eva
Always insightful, and very clear directions on what to do, but also what not do to (we can sometimes be our own worst enemies!)." ... written by telt1910
Very insightful!!" ... written by telt1910
i was actually surprised on how accurate she was and how fast. i really enjoyed our reading.! i wil be back to talk to her. very nice person on top of great gift!" ... written by Ana
Elpida is always consistent with her readings. She is 100% accurate with, not only my issues, but also with the other person's issues. She is fast. She is very honest and will tell you the truth. Although she does not like time frames, her predictions happen just the same. I consult with Elpida regularly. I can't wait for her next prediction to come to pass :) Thank you, Elpida! " ... written by Moonchild59
You have to love Elpida! Thanks for the reading!" ... written by Mubss
She is awesome!!! Love her reading!!" ... written by Mel
She is awesome!!" ... written by Mel
thank you " ... written by edel95
She is awesome!!!" ... written by Mel
Wot can i say? Brilliant as always" ... written by Mubss
thank your for the update. will be by again soon" ... written by J
great reading gave me clarity what to do based on my energy! I really felt it was true! Positive but to go with my feeling!" ... written by Caro1981
thanks. As always insightful and helpful " ... written by jen
Amazing and funny! Highly recommended!" ... written by M
Thankyou so much it was lovely to see you and chat again after all this time - i will try to catch up before christmas. xxxx" ... written by me
Seemed to read right into situation. Will keep you posted on predictions," ... written by Ang
Great insights into different aspects of my life and what is still about to come. And it is always a pleasure to hear what my Dad has to say. " ... written by telt1910
Thank you for your reading! " ... written by Raibowspirit123
Second reading with her... will update you as things progress" ... written by Ang
She is so incredibly patient with me and my yo-yo relationship. She is always accurate on her readings. She is great! " ... written by Eli
Thank you for your advise and i hope that you had a merry xmas and a happy new year." ... written by theodora
elpida was a good reader and offered me good advice, thanks a lot elpida" ... written by bless15
Incedible reading with Elpida. She definitely hit the nail on the head with things going on currently in my life and is truly incredible. Definitely get a reading with her" ... written by Jackie S.
Brilliant reading as normal :D xxxx" ... written by me
Thank God she was able to do the reading. I was having an anxiety attack over something stupid and she put it in perspective real fast - as she always does. She is accurate and straightforward" ... written by Eli
she is simply wonderful....very down to earth and quickly tunes into energy of situation....I will be back for updates...looking forward to her predictions............. 5 stars...." ... written by Kathy
She is awesome" ... written by Mel
Thank u again for clarification. Straight to the point and makes you at ease, the best! xxx" ... written by Mubss
5 stars as usual." ... written by Telt1910
Awesome predictions! Will update you when they happen!" ... written by Ang
so sweet and made me feel better! thank you!" ... written by karen
Elpida is always 100% with her predictions and accurate with her readings. She does not like giving time frames but she is correct with her time frames. She will give hope if there is hope and will give the right advice. Thank you, Elpida! I will consult with you soon and will keep you updated." ... written by Moonchild59
WOW !!! xxxx" ... written by me
Brilliant reading and very loving as always!" ... written by Mubss
She is always straight to the point, insightful, and accurate. She is very good to talk to. " ... written by Eli
Exceptional reading picked up on the situation immediately and really helped" ... written by rdf
Elpida is ver consistent " ... written by Kitsund
I am speechless. I can just say wow...this woman is special. She sees everything everything and no need to tell her anything. Amazing ...she is the BEST...love her warm intelligent personality too...a true GEM...efkaristo xoxoxo" ... written by G
Great insights as always. " ... written by telt1910
thank you for an amazing reading and for your advise. " ... written by theodora
Hit the nail on the head!!! Very good!! Didn't even need tools and took her 1 sec to gather details about my situation! Awesome reader!! Will come back!!" ... written by Jnaujo00
So great to talk with Elpida! She is one of the best on Oranum and she gives tons of info!" ... written by peach
great reading!! :)" ... written by joeyfriends2
Wow, I couldn't have asked for better help! She is really gifted" ... written by RF@UOO
great reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
great reading!" ... written by joeyfriends2
thanks" ... written by joeyfriends2
Thank you for the insight and the guidance! Much appreciated!" ... written by Mubss
I love this woman. Spot on, smart and really caring. Truly gifted! " ... written by G
thanks for the reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
good!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
She always does a comprehensive reading that is accurate. She also has a good sense of humor that helps me when I am feeling down. " ... written by Eli
amazing !!! i need her in my life , for life !! wow !!" ... written by tamjones
thanks for the great advice!! :)" ... written by joeyfriends2
lovely, just lovely as always, her warmth makes me want her as my best friend, so genuine, such a beautiful soul. " ... written by di
thanks for the reading and support :)" ... written by joeyfriends2
Elpida has an uncanny way of telling you what you need to know, puts you at ease without sugarcoating things. Calls peoples' bluffs, lets you know not to worry about stuff." ... written by telt1910
love the reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
she was on point and i felt connected" ... written by elicia
Elphida is a joy! So friendly! Very consistent ! Thank you" ... written by Kitsund
Super helpful. Thanks so much!" ... written by David
thanks for the support and great reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
Lovely lady with lovely advice :)" ... written by K
Wise, wise and wise. I love how practical she is and how profound!" ... written by Eva
Always on point - down to earth with a lot of heart! " ... written by Eva
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
She is so great...such wonderful energy always picks me up..." ... written by Kathy
great reading!!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
lovely reading! " ... written by joeyfriends2
Elpida is a great reader and mentor. She doesn't sugarcoat things, doesn't get opinionated on what gets through, doesn't harmonize the message to common beliefs. If the message is green cat, she'll tell you green cat, and not try to explain the green and the cat." ... written by telt1910
great reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
Thanks, lovely reading. Helped me to clarify a few things. I will take your advice and hope that things move forward the way you predict" ... written by jen
Elpida is the most fantastic reader - she connects very fast and describes the situation or persons very on the spot! I trust her very much! Thank you very much for your good advices xoxo" ... written by Sonia
Love Elpida so much - she is so spot on and down to earth! Love her wisdom, practical advice and humor!" ... written by Eva
Lovely to have a catch up - as normal - xxxx " ... written by me
Always running out of credits speaking to this lovely lady. She has always been a pleasure to talk to. Her insight is deep and I value her guidance. Thank you!!" ... written by J
best reading!" ... written by joeyfriends2
great reading!!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
great as always." ... written by e
She is straight to the point with what she senses and feels, and lovely as always! Thank you Elpida!" ... written by Mubzz
great reading!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
Thank you for the update. Very quick to connect and I am constantly amazed by the things you know. So glad I have you to talk to. Thank you!!" ... written by J
Elphida Love her!" ... written by kitsund
Elpida84 is very friendly...." ... written by Kitsund
Honest Reader!! " ... written by vanessa
Thank you for helping clarify things. Have always been of tremendous help in understanding the little things as well as the big things." ... written by J
Elpida is amazing, she is great at reading very accurate and fast. I've been reading with her for a few years and she is amazing. Everything is accurate and has always come true!" ... written by Jess
Fantastic!" ... written by Christina
Love Elpida so much! She is so honest, quick and thoughtful! Wise with a sense of humor and street smarts!" ... written by Eva
<" ... written by joeyfriends2
thanks for the reading" ... written by olive
I do think she is one of the best… my first reading with her.. will suggest her for others.. will get back with updates.. thanks for reading elpida.." ... written by elpida - aries
Love this women, best on oranum!" ... written by Mubss
Elphida can make you feel better! She always does me" ... written by Kitsund
Elphida is an angel!" ... written by Kitsund
Very good reading. Quick and honest answers." ... written by RAM
Elpida has a way of finding the answer through multiple ways. And we both have fun with my dad visiting and adding his two cents. " ... written by telt1910
Thank you for summing everything up for me just as my credits ran out. thank you for the predictions. i'm praying for good things to come...will be in touch." ... written by J
Lovely to catch up as usual. xxxxxx " ... written by me
Love my readings with Elpida. She is amazing and compassionate. Wish my computer wouldn't dc me all the time" ... written by J
Wonderful woman, healer, seer! " ... written by Eva
Elphida is the very best!!!!" ... written by Kitsund
Elpida is amazing!!! Makes it all ok! Funny and insightful" ... written by Kitsund
Great insight and support xxx" ... written by Mubss
great reading! always appreciate her perspective" ... written by joeyfriends2
Thank you ,very spot on xoxox and accurate Thanks Elpida" ... written by sc
Great reading - she is very kind and very helpful. " ... written by Lily
the best, by far" ... written by E
Thank you for the update. So very grateful for Elpida. Such a kind woman with such gifted insight." ... written by J
Elpida always comes to the rescue. She can hone in on the other person's feelings, and is dead on. She has kept me from making the wrong moves so many times, by letting me know what is really going on (as I find out later on from the other person). " ... written by Telt1910
A Very good reading as always. " ... written by David
great reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
She is good and on point. I enjoy her taking some time to feel things out and talk about what she is picking up on without needing much information from me. We will see how things go. " ... written by LalitainAR
super as usual.." ... written by E
Great session. I came in with a weight on my chest, with no clue where it came from or what it was. Elpida felt it right away, and did some work to lighten it for both of us. " ... written by telt1910
great reading" ... written by 180
Elpida gives the fastest reading!!!!!" ... written by telt1910
gone because of connection " ... written by me
Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
first reading, I def liked her energy but we'll see about predictions I will def come back to report. " ... written by MM
thank you elpida mou!" ... written by monoagapi
Amazing xxx " ... written by me
Elpida is the best you have! She is a counselor and a very gifted guide. Her compassion helps when all feels lost and can restores hope. Her humor is a huge bonus. She is a true friend" ... written by Kitsund
Such a genuine reader, with a truly kind heart!" ... written by Eva
Very good details and descriptions of my situation. She has a gift for sure. She knew the person very well. Great information. " ... written by CC
Love this women, thanks again for everything!" ... written by Mubss
time always runs out quick with elpida. she's always on a roll once things get going, and things get going pretty quick with her! she connects fast! thanks again for the update. always love your insight :)" ... written by j
Another great session with Elpida." ... written by telt1910
Elpida is such a kind, caring person. Not judgemental and helps me find answers to help ease the worries. Thank you so much for the update on things!" ... written by J
she is always straight to the point and get the energy really fast. She picked up really fast and know the situation without me telling her. She is one of the best. Thanks hun" ... written by honey
Great in depth reading, thank you as always. You learn also alot from Elpida :)" ... written by Mubss
A very good reader. She will help you fix problems in your life. " ... written by David Miller
great reader...and emotional deep thinker" ... written by Alexandre Caldas
great great reader. I trust her" ... written by Alexandre Caldas
good to be back to her counselling... she is a great reader..." ... written by Alexandre Caldas
great reading.. thanks" ... written by patient_girl
great reading!!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
great reading" ... written by olive
great reading!!!!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
I absolutely love Elipda! She is amazing at what she does and helps me see things in such a positive light. Beautiful heart, beautiful soul. Her gifted insight is why I always come back to her" ... written by J
great reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
beautiful reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
thanks for everything" ... written by joeyfriends2
great reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
Thank your the insight and HONESTY!" ... written by Butterflii43
thanks for everything :)" ... written by joeyfriends2
Positive person" ... written by Christian
Fastest and best reading ever!!" ... written by Zuki
truly a great reader. fantastic" ... written by alex
great reading!" ... written by joeyfriends2
thank you for everything " ... written by joeyfriends2
just the best...truthful and kind -- quick connection -- giver her a try~" ... written by lornalulu
She was dead on! Wonderful reader and great energy! 5 stars" ... written by Amy
Elpida is always very insightful, gets good vibes from the person inquired about. Past items have come true, so I will keep on coming to her." ... written by Telt1910
great reading!!! " ... written by joeyfriends2
love your reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
Always love speaking with Elpida. She is such a ray of light for me. She has great insight into things and she sees things that no one knows. And when that ticker starts counting down the last few seconds of time, she is able to sum up things quickly to further clarify things. LOVE her!!!" ... written by J
Thanks for your reading really interesting!!!" ... written by Jose
great thinker and reader. provides confidence in the future. true foresight" ... written by alx
Thanks! Great reading. " ... written by jen
Sincere love for Elpida. She is a wonderful woman with a heart of gold. She is truly gifted. Thank you for your wise words and help in what is turning out to be a great journey!" ... written by J
Excellent reading just now...amazing insight and information delivered with accuracy and compassion." ... written by Janice
Wonderful reader - so clear, concise and honest!" ... written by Eva
Elpida's insights always turn the situation around from being impossible to very workable. And they turn out as she says, so I have full confidence in what she says will happen." ... written by telt1910
Definitly suggest for others to take and see" ... written by elpida - aries
Thank you for your reading! I really appreciate your honesty! God bless! Rainbow" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Very insightful as always." ... written by telt1910
thanks so much for everything! :)" ... written by joeyfriends2
great read" ... written by Stacy
fantastic reading as always...very in tune, connects quickly and is truthful! will be back!" ... written by lornalulu
Elpida is incredible. she's connects so quickly and is so thorough in how she relates a message so she's honest but sure of the message. Give her a shot. I will follow up as soon as I can when her predictions happen." ... written by lornnalulu
Amazing as always!!!!" ... written by e
She was delightful - down to earth - and honest. I ran out of time, but totally enjoyed my reading today!! " ... written by kj
great reading!!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
thanks for everything!!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
great reading!!!!" ... written by olive
great reading!!" ... written by olive
i love her !! always on point andamp; honest about everything !! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
great reading" ... written by olive
,y frist time waiting to see ohw it comes out for me thank you" ... written by L
great medium and thinker. readings align with reality" ... written by a
great reading!! we will talk more next time" ... written by joeyfriends2
great reading!!" ... written by joey
Love her energies! Its always so nice having a reading with Elpida. Much love and thanks!" ... written by J
She is best like always. Used her services already many years. " ... written by Estonienne
wonderful as usual! so insightful and honest and just great!" ... written by lornal
Thank you for your reading! Rainbow" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Thank you for the update. Been one heck of a crazy night and your insight and support is greatly appreciated." ... written by J
an excellent reader. she makes my life much more peaceful" ... written by a
she was really great, she hit the nose on things. she knows her gift." ... written by tina
What can i say, always a fantastic reading! so quick and gives alot of information, very truthful and kind....worth the money." ... written by lorna
Elpida is amazing, kind, intelligent, direct/honest and gifted. Her past prediction came true, without her even fully realizing it! .. and her words are inspired with truth. Her descriptions of people are very accurate, she gives wise advice. She will not steer you wrong and is professional. I highly recommend her. Thank you Elpida xoxoxo" ... written by G
Thank you for the update. It is always a pleasure to talk to you" ... written by theodora
great reading!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
thanks for the readin" ... written by joeyfriends2
Elpida is simply the very best!" ... written by Kitsund
Thank you so much for the update! Always great to have your insight on things. Such a kind person and always so understanding." ... written by J
A wonderfully honest and thoughtful reader - she won't sugarcoat the truth! :)" ... written by Eva
Very good reading, one of the best on Oranum. i've decided to have Elpida as one of my only readers going forward. Not just because my reading was good news, but she is honest and kind and really get in tune with my situation. Thank you Elpida! " ... written by lornalulu
The very best! As always.....worth every second!" ... written by lornalulu
Elpida always puts me at ease. By giving pointers as to who to turn to, what to do and not do in my ongoing divorce. " ... written by Telt1910
great reading from a great woman! highly recommend!" ... written by Sagittariusab
Thank you for your reading! Thank you for honesty! Rainbow" ... written by Raibowspirit123
a great reader. I trust her beliefs and her readings" ... written by a
Time ran out before I got to say thank you to this wonderful person! She is wonderful and has such a gift. Thank you for helping me understand things that are happening. Cheers!" ... written by J
love her she is so right on with her predictions" ... written by bouncy
What an amazing reader and woman! Her insights are awesome and she is very honest!" ... written by Eva
AMAZING!!!! She taps right in and delivers the messages !!!! 50 millions stars!!!!" ... written by tamjones
Frank and honest She share what she sees and hears without opinion! Recommended!" ... written by Gummigummi
Thank you for your reading, God bless. Rainbow" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Sooooo great!!!!" ... written by 180
thank you! great reading!!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
Great reading as usual. Very enlightening and encouraging information. " ... written by telt1910
Always brilliant in reading stuff, thanks" ... written by Mubs
She was amazing and really honest and upfront with me and I felt really good about the whole reading." ... written by Ray
Great lady and very good reading" ... written by Ray
Time flies when I'm talking with Elpida. She's such a caring person with an amazing gift of insight. Thank you Elpida!!" ... written by j
Good update" ... written by Ray
Wonderful.....so easy to talk with and quickly connects with our energies....very to the point..no waste of time!! things moving along as predicted... 5 stars" ... written by Kathy
she is really powerfully gifted, honest and right on with information. specifics etc. highly recommend!" ... written by angus1972
Thanks." ... written by lightinside
As i said before she is amazing xx spot on and reassuring x " ... written by xgemx12
Thank you so much for your fast connection. It was quick and gets to the layers of the situation. be back" ... written by galf
she was great connected super fast, no info needed, knew exacty what was going on " ... written by Ana M Forero
Always accurate and her insights are so deep. She plays no tricks, just good honest responses and her skills are remarkable. Please come to her and see for yourself. It's always a pleasure. She tells it how it is" ... written by Colin
Wow...I just love how she connects so quickly. She doesn't waste your time. Just gives insight to lovers thoughts .....and conveys them to me. I am relieved to know the things he is not ready to say....but will be soon.....five star rating in my world!!" ... written by Kathy
Very uplifting! Makes a good case for why I shouldn't give up now. " ... written by telt1910
great reading!!!! love it!!!! thank you " ... written by joey
Amazing reader! She is so on point with everything!" ... written by Eva
Well we are still on track for September so in another 2 weeks or so I should be having that special moment I have been looking for. " ... written by Ray
She is such a lovely person....very quickly can tune into my" ... written by kathy
great reading! " ... written by joey
great reading" ... written by joey
Amazing human and amazing reader!" ... written by Eva
thank you for everything! " ... written by joey
wonderful as always, reflective and helpful, kind. i love her. " ... written by di
great reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
:) " ... written by joeyfriends2
Connects fast with loved ones. Good insight, great reading." ... written by telt1910
i always love to stop by and see my favorite lady Elpida84 !!! she is always so amazing with her connection to me and the guides .. outstanding and stellar with her delivery all of the time!!!! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
great reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
Elpida...is just so encouraging....no fluff...just tells you straight.. no drama.....I look forward to our next reading." ... written by Kathy
Her readings are really spot on the only thing in my situation is timeframes are not working nothing has changed with the situation just nothing is happening yet. You are dealing with another persons free will so you have to keep that in mind" ... written by Ray
Thank you for your reading" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
always a pleasure to talk to. she's so good at understanding and getting to the heart of matters. thank you for everything!" ... written by j
What a wonderful, heartfelt reader! She will always tell you the truth. I trust her insights wholeheartedly!" ... written by Eva
Keen insight into the different issues I am dealing with. And bonus information on people I am geographically separated from. " ... written by telt1910
I trust Elpida with all of my heart - she is an amazing reader. Always honest and straight to the point, whether you like it or not! :) What a wonderful reader and individual!" ... written by Eva
Thank you Elpi for a lovely re-assuring reading, I know it helps to ask the right questions. I am struggling now with silence for sure but it doesn't alter my deep, deep love for the most wonderful girl. Your readings are accurate and delivered with confidence and reasoned thought too. Thank you :) xx" ... written by Colin
very interesting reading " ... written by kindheart
so lovely to connect with you after such a long time - thank you for the insight - " ... written by me
Thanks elpi for your help and insights much appreciated :) xxx" ... written by colin
An amazing reader - lovely soul, she is truly amazing!" ... written by Eva