About EnergyMastery

Psychic EnergyMasteryhas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic EnergyMasteryhas recently helped 52members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about EnergyMastery's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Born & Qualified Psychic, Healer & Remote Influencer. I can give you insight and direction into your situation, my readings are honest and very accurate. I am very skilled at removing blockages in any area of your life, and changing it to your favour. 6 years with a 5 star rating on Oranum, I have done 44k plus readings here :)

Energy was so lovely and accurate during the private.. She was direct and concise.. She was fantastic at clearing what needed to be cleared so that the positivity could and would shine thru.. Thank you ever so much dear Energy.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Really great reading...she picked up on a lot of things going on in my life. " ... written by Ashley
Great reading. Saw some things that I need to take care of. and I will return " ... written by tc
Lovely, to the point and extremely compassionate. Thank you for such a lovely and uplifting reading. I am excited to go my new way and i will update you on how things have worked out. Thank You so So So so so much!" ... written by Geranium29
I'm very impressed and happy I found this nice lady. She gave me reading at first and than she proceeded to energy clearing and she picked up a lot of thinks during that time too. She is very worm and understanding lady, but don't expect sugar coating! Be honest and tell her what you feel and your desires and you will feel her energy working in your field. Give her a try, be honest and work along with her. She is a blessing." ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Quick and to the point. EnergyMastery was great!" ... written by Unknown
Excellent energy healer.. Tunes in well, try her. :))" ... written by elle
yeah i like her style..she knows what she is at. cheers once again. very good. " ... written by batdancer
Quick connection, thanks." ... written by MissyAmethyst
Energy is amazing and so accurate!" ... written by marion
Thanks ran out of time.... good talk :)" ... written by steven
amazing, how well she explains what the issue is, no sugar coating, but always has how to help make it better !! thank U " ... written by anuj
Great reading and blockages removal. really liked it and would be looking forward to the email with all of the feedback. " ... written by edel95
Thanks is not enough, blessings for the guidance and reassurance!!" ... written by Ikroyal
She is one of the best thanks for the help I'm feeling so happy. Will be back!" ... written by Ann-Ristin
She is lovely girl. Very nice reading . Plzz everybody try her she will not disappoint you." ... written by akashsabby
Thanks for all the help you are so nice. If you have problems in life she is really the one to contact!!! Take contact and change your life!!!" ... written by Ann-Ristin
Wow that was a great experience in manifesting and clearing... all is good!!" ... written by natalie
She is spot on with my situation! God bless her!" ... written by asanka
Absolutely brilliant, she cleared up everything for me, thank you so much. Very insightful, I suggest people have a reading with her :)" ... written by Naomi
Thanks for session.. Very helpful.. Recommend and will be back!" ... written by steven
Very happy with session, i felt led to EngeryMastery for clearing. I felt a difference immediately, she's very kind and works extremely fast. I will definitely be back to do more work with her!! Highly recommended!!" ... written by jeannice
honest reading" ... written by bhawna
Very helpful, very kind, knows her stuff." ... written by petty
Thanks for clearing!" ... written by S
EM is really pleasant, I enjoyed the reading and I look forward to the predictions ." ... written by tickleme2011
EnergyMaster is very honest, accurate and insightful in bringing out the truth of the soul. She is helping me find peace and happiness within myself to move forward in my life! " ... written by janesi
Very interesting reading. Her style is very different and unique. She is very gifted!! Her reading is accurate, in depth, detailed. Loved my reading. Will be back soon again!" ... written by psymeow
Wow. She is amazing. Kind. Thorough. Specific. I will definitely read with you again, EM. Thank you soo much for your help. I guess we will get to the energy clearing another time. I look forward to it. Big hugs!" ... written by Gina
she is awesome as usual." ... written by wren1414
It was great talking to you Em! I can't thank you enough for all you did for me in the past and all your are doing for me now! THANKS! " ... written by M
She answered my questions from all aspects and gave me good information and details. She also gave me advice to avoid some pitfalls and how to communicate better. It was a really great reading!" ... written by JCS
She is such a lovely and powerful lady, always a pleasure to have her work with me and great results!" ... written by katykim
I can't wipe the smile off my face! A million thank you's EM! I could cry I am so happy. You are amazing and I trust you entirely. You are sweet, ethical, thoughtful, a gift from the heavens and such a channel of love and light!" ... written by Gina
5 stars" ... written by IrisFlower
Thanks dear for the read." ... written by SS
Wonderful energy work!" ... written by psymeow
Thank you!" ... written by desi
Thanks energy. Great session as always." ... written by SS
Nice reading - non judgmental - easy to talk to." ... written by Pam
Great." ... written by alyssa
Great as usual! Thank you!" ... written by Gina
She is a real deal. She can clear ur energies and give you positivism . She does predictions very well with correct time frames :)" ... written by akash
She is absolutely amazing! I'll keep coming back. Love her!" ... written by psymeow
She is such a sweetheart! My fave girl, a gifted psychic, a healer, a friend all in one!! love her! xox" ... written by psymeow
Another terrific reading with EM. She restores peace to my mind and her clearings are remarkable. Not to mention how she stays up/gets up at crazy hours for her clients! Such a big hearted woman I am soo grateful for her. Blessings to you EnergyMastery!!!" ... written by Gina
She is just wonderful!!! Great healer, great reader and great girl. I just love her!" ... written by psymeow
Love love love her!! " ... written by psymeow
She's the best and quick" ... written by 1Ashcake1984
I loved it!!! gotta have another reading soon." ... written by 1Ashcake1984
Very friendly accurate nice reading, and fast effecting chakra and aura healing, with direct benefits and uplifted energies and mood and relief of body pains. Thank you and Namaste." ... written by Waves
She was great!" ... written by Sam
Great follow-up! 5 stars!" ... written by Gaston
A great reader and a nice person! Recommended!" ... written by Gaston
Amazing. Very gifted." ... written by Ahz
Love love love the girl!! She is so wonderful!! Highly gifted and very caring and loving. I have readings regularly with her and with a very good reason!! " ... written by psymeow
Great Session!" ... written by Starscream
She is great and very helpful. Thank you for the honest reading." ... written by G
She is wonderful! Great healer, top reader, and a sweet friend. I keep coming back to her. Love her!" ... written by psymeow
Excellent healing session!" ... written by psymeow
Awesome!!! Am speechless as no one can handle it for yrs!!!:)) Luv ya..." ... written by Sexaymom
I get a great sense that she knows what she is doing and has great confidence in her work. This was the best gift that I could have offered myself at this point in my life. We did some energy clearing and though it was just completed... I really believe it's working. I'm feeling fortunate to have met her :-)" ... written by Mia
Amazing reading so kind and honest just perfect." ... written by paul.golden69
I loved her energy...precise and straight to the sugarcoating....can't wait for another session with her." ... written by 1Ashcake1984
Awesome reader, great insight." ... written by greenmanalishi
I am so glad to connect with EM again. Her readings are so telling and her energy work is a key piece to the puzzle! That's why I am a devoted client!! Talk again soon..." ... written by G
Simply amazing, clear and great communicator. Highly Recommend her to anyone. " ... written by lovely
Good reading. Very insightful" ... written by Kevin
Amazing, can literally feel the change during and after a reading!" ... written by D
Energy Mastery! im very happy wi the clearing and reading. Shes a great intuitive and her healing methods work. We adressed a lot in this session and i can feel the clearing....helpful guidance too...." ... written by Ann Eclipse
great reading...3 months... cant wait to find out. You are wonderful. i enjoyed the reading. " ... written by jaz
really engaging, present to chat and clarified my own intuition. really grateful to have a reading xx" ... written by freedom
Wow, thank you so much for your healing and help truly worth every penny I will be back thank you so much! " ... written by Danielle
awww R!! what a beauty! love this lady, so warm and caring! had an energy clearing and she totally picked up on issues I have and working through them to clear and move on from them! lots of love r! thank you so much :) xxxx" ... written by Jodz
She is awesome!!!!! Cleanse me and was right on point with the troubles in my life." ... written by Allisan
Splendid healing. Remarkable, intutive and some stellar techniques for healing, that have continued to work wonders since our previous sessions, Energy Mastery really cares and her healings work." ... written by Granville Crenwick
She is so nice and sincere, she really was great to good a reading and energy reading from." ... written by skylovely
feel great" ... written by wilbo
she is so wonderful! did a healing and was very good " ... written by toby
Well worth the wait! EnergyMastery is just wonderful. Loving and super patient.:) Energy has a lot of energy she's very thorough and covers all the areas that you need even those you may not think of. Thank you for your time before and after the reading. :)" ... written by Thel
i cannot believe HOW AMAZING SHE IS!!!!!! You have got to try her out. I love how she speaks so calmly and her delivery is beautiful! she says plz forgive me for saying this...then she delivers... even when it is good news to my ears but her words .... she is wonderful! Thank you so much!" ... written by jazzy
she is a true gift. wonderful." ... written by wren1414
Very insightful, right on about my issues... very caring and good advice. Thank you! " ... written by me
spot on!" ... written by chantelleplein
great reader" ... written by judy
thanks u" ... written by judith
she is quite awesome. kick ass!" ... written by wren1414
Amazing!!!!!!!" ... written by Danielle
lots of information, thank you so much EM! Hoping for the best :) " ... written by Ana
Energy Mastery works fast, confidently and accurately. Able to pick up details from source very quickly and work on vows, contracts, beliefs and transmutations. Thank you. I highly recommend her skills and services." ... written by Martkos, Rukbat
I love EM she is a beautiful sweet lady :)) EM is different than other readers her ability can help anyone! I was very calm in pvt it never happened to me I felt peace and didn't talk much. I came her for removing spell from my ex. I tried many times with other readers no one could remove from roots. I almost gave up on this situation.. and felt pain that I couldn't protect him.. and I started judging him without intention which leaded to create anger and fear.. BUT EM, she picked up many things without asking me any! I was like WOW! I finally understand why this situation is happening between him and her, and only removing spells it couldn't stop the situation because of their past life. This is important part! EM doesn't just tell you psychics can see, she actually solves the issues by energy work and does reprogram! no more karma between them :)) All conflicts were solved no more hunting!! Not only this, she worked on many other things which I cant explain all here. But I can tell please don't give up if you love someone there is always reason that is happening in this life time. Please don't judge them, have PVT with EM she can help you Thank you EM ♡♡♡ " ... written by Sweet
This lady is amazing! I was really impressed and surprised." ... written by Winterflower25
such a great women!! " ... written by Tina
she is great as usual" ... written by wren1414
Energy Mastery, works on all levels, goes into details and depths, that others couldn't see, over looked, or wouldn't attempt to clear. Thorough, patient, diligent, results focused. Thank you very much. Highly Recommended, one of Oranum's finest." ... written by Martkos Rukbat
wow she is so amazing how she picked up so quickly. I asked her a vague question and she just ran with the answers! love talking to her!! thank you so much" ... written by jazzy
she was just too good that i had to come back to her 3 times in one day. i really wished i could speak to her on the phone but she was magnificient." ... written by Lili
Energy is one of the most special people here on Oranum. She is so loving, giving and really cares about all people. She is incredibly accurate and such a beautiful soul and spirit. One of Oranum's true gems! We love EM!!! xoxoxo AManda" ... written by Amanda
We have almost completed everything I needed. She has been so amazing these past few days. She seems to be one of the only ones I want to go to now. She has won my trust and my heart. I am so thankful for her. I would recommend her for private but I want her for myself.. lol She's amazing. " ... written by Tiana
You are my heroine. I feel alive for the first time in many years...thank you so much. i will sleep well tonight. i have so much to say about you, EnergyMastery, not jt today." ... written by Grace Eshiet
Shes amazing. What else can I say? " ... written by Tiana
Feel Wonderful, thank you for doing a clearing... feel so much lighter, fingers crossed we have some results. i will definitely be in touch to let you know who its going.. " ... written by Simone MacDonald
OMG!!! Awesome!! very ACCURATE AND ON POINT. Such a wonderful soul! I am grateful and thankful for you dear." ... written by tar1
such a lovely person to deal with, will see you back in 5 days" ... written by Simone MacDonald
awesome again. try her!" ... written by wren1414
AWESOME!" ... written by KIM
She has literally changed my life! Thank you!" ... written by Danielle
She was so amazing. Words can't describe. I can't put a testimonial right because I miss her already and am trying to keep strong without her. EnergyMastery, you have no clue what a gift you truly have. Many blessings " ... written by Tiana
she connects well" ... written by s
Thank you again Energy Mastery!! I am grateful for your help! I feel really light after our session and can't wait to see the other results manifest. :) " ... written by LostGirl
EnergyMastery is very accurate on what she sees. She picked up on a lot of things without me telling her. Thank you so much for helping me through this situation!! " ... written by LostGirl
Thank you so much EnergyMastery! You have given me a lot of hope! Ill do what you suggested. See you in the morning! " ... written by LostGirl
Sometimes I felt suicidal, lost hope and faith I finally decided to do soul clearing and I am glad I did :) we will have second session soon I already notice feeling of hope and happiness :) EM is awesome Love you EM xoxo " ... written by sweet
Very insightful and gifted" ... written by Angela
Simply amazing, great energy work cleared a lot of block." ... written by love
she is my go-to when i want accuracy speed and high level awareness." ... written by wren1414
Ever since I started coming to this lovely lady. She has continuously calmed my spirits. The first day ever speaking to her I was so worked up because, honestly, I kept going to too many psychics in which some really didn't know what they were talking about and didn't care at all about my situation. I came to her practically begging for clarity and for honesty. She calmed me down and promised her assistance.. She knew what I was coming to her about without me saying a word and it wasn't vague either like "You're here about your relationship.." No, she said, "You think there is another woman.." AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WAS ON MY MIND! From there, she answered all of my questions with such honesty and knew the thoughts of those involved verbatim. She spent as much time with me as she could and offered me guidance on how to help make my wishes manifest. I am so thankful that I had the pleasure of meeting her. And now, maybe 4 or 5 privates later, I feel so at peace. Things are slowly looking up because I followed her guidance. I can't be more happy.. Thank you so much EM. " ... written by Tiana
Very effective. Good healing qualities. Very helpful and caring." ... written by sadhana
very brilliant" ... written by Juneth
Worth every penny, as always!" ... written by D
My bunny, he couldn't walk well before but after sessions with EM he can run now :))) EM really cares, kind, compassionate and very gifted!! She wont disappoint you Thank you EM xoxo" ... written by sweet
Aw.. EM is super sweet lady :)) I had session with her for my mom's dog. She has terminal cancer… I confirmed with my mom after the session, everything EM said was right! She did work on her energy and also did reprogram :)) Awesome!!! Love you EM thank you xoxo" ... written by Sweet
i love er, instant connection, she read meh soul!!!" ... written by magi
Perfection!" ... written by D
another boost session... :) A+++++" ... written by Simone MacDonald
very insightful on a different level..background things I needed to know" ... written by gracie
Awesome pvt again :) she did full body restructure on my bunny today she picked up his health issues everything right! and she even picked up issues which I didn't know and it made sense. Before session He was sleeping and wasn't active much but right after session he started eating and playing I was like OMG :))) My bunny is happy bunny again thank you EM" ... written by sweet
Had my second Boost session... soo good at what she does :) will continue to come back for more.. Thank you again." ... written by Simone MacDonald
awsum" ... written by wilbo
great energy session. EM is so calming. Hoping all works as predicted." ... written by january
She is awesome :))))) I had session for my bunnies today she is spot on again !! Update for last session, he doesn't have anymore mushy poops, can lift his hip more, can stretch his back legs and more … I wish I took video before and after session!! I take my bunnies to vet all the time even I am broke it cost me thousands of dollars.. the treatments haven't worked on them well.. since my bunnies are seniors doctor cant give much treatments for them. BUT after sessions with EM, I see a huge improvement I completely trust her :) I love my bunny's doctor though she is awesome too :) I enjoy session with EM every single minute THANK YOU EM xoxo " ... written by Sweet
Your changing my life, I cant thank you enough!" ... written by D
Whoa, tapped into things that others haven't, pretty shocked." ... written by TM
So, so, so helpful! " ... written by Sierra
Wonderful update.. Thank you! " ... written by Tiana
Thank you for your amazing energy!" ... written by D
amazing as usual." ... written by wren1414
verry good...will want to come back for energy clearing!" ... written by rosy
soft spoken gentle and straight to the point. Love the energy work, thanks again!" ... written by love
So far her predictions, even though some of them have been painful to encounter, have come to pass. Her compassion and dedication to helping you get whatever you want and to be happy, whether or not it's "in the cards" per se, is so beautiful. I'm grateful to her." ... written by Sierra
Thank you! Amazing! " ... written by D
I feel so much better after a session with her. Thank you so, so much for listening and for helping me. You've confirmed everything that I had hoped for!" ... written by Tatiana
she is great!!" ... written by wren1414
awesomely accurate!" ... written by wren1414
awesome work as usual" ... written by wren1414
I think she was i would give her a 5/5 ... she was very accurate and addressed all the queries properly :)" ... written by Ginger Teeth
Thank you very much for the reading. I'll keep you updated again." ... written by JDR1202
AMAZING!!!!!" ... written by marion
For the first time in many years, I feel so relieved. I am glad our path cross on this medium EnergyMastery. You have a way with clients that calms nerves and sets minds at rest...thank you very much for the time taken to focus on my case and attention given and your tolernce of my situation." ... written by Grace
EM is as always so kind to me and gives me the best advice regarding my situation. She always does her part. It's just up to me to do mine!" ... written by Sierra
Still my heroine!" ... written by Grace
My energy and my forever my heroine. Each time we meet, my world goes round and sets things in motion allover....I am glad our path crossed. I recommend energymastery to all, please come on board!!!" ... written by Grace
great as usual" ... written by wren1414
always a wonderful clearing... A+++++" ... written by Simone MacDonald
She's perfect, as usual!!" ... written by Sierra
wonderful reading thank you" ... written by goliz
I registered in Oranum about two months ago and don't really understand how i ended in energymastery's room a day later. It wasn't a demo, just a chat and private. But the results are my dreams, physically, waoh! I miss chatting with her for a while now and today was another beautiful day for I finally met her. And as usual, she took it up.... what else can I say...I love this lady! She remains my heroine and energy forever." ... written by Grace
It's great to have you back EM! Thank you for all the amazing clearings!! I feel good! :) " ... written by LostGirl
It's been a while but feel so great after chatting with my energy...sending you love and light!" ... written by Grace
I have had several sessions with Em, where she have helped me transmute every blockages that was hindering my growth. i can strongly sense that she was legitimate from the get go, there is an aura about her that is very calm, cool, collected yet the same time, a master mind, she is loving, kind and full of wisdom. her insightful readings are not just words, they come with concrete substance that you can take away and better your own life!. expect homework : ), now thats a true guru, thank you!, love you dearly!!" ... written by goliz
Thank you for such a positive reading. I know with every reading there is good and bad, but she has to be honest! I love our readings and it makes me appreciate you more, EnergyMaster!!! conflict resolutions... things will be getting better. We shall see with who lolll! " ... written by Jazzy
she is my go-to for clearing the way for a better life! excellent tools and super high consciousness. " ... written by wren1414
Amazing as always, thank you so much!" ... written by D.
Thank you for all your time and work you did.. hoping to have some welcome change. Love n hugs.. " ... written by Shiks
Energy Mastery has changed my life. Her soul clearing is absolutely the most effective thing I've ever done. Please, if you have the chance, get a soul clearing with her. She is very kind and has both wisdom and a sense of humor. There is no one else like her on Oranum, nor anywhere else that I have seen. If your life is not going they way you want, and you've tried everything, Energy Mastery is the person you need to see." ... written by Julie
Thank you EM for all your deep insight into the situation, clearing my blockages and for all your help and support!!!" ... written by LostGirl
Awesome..!! wow.. have felt the energies shifting.. things are bound to change here on.. :) Thanks " ... written by Shiks
Thank you so much again EM for all your help and kindness! I really really appreciate it all!! " ... written by LostGirl
Im not good with words so here goes, her accuracy is incredible, im still a bit in shock with it, im so glad i found her. 5/5 Amazing really amazing! " ... written by carlos
I noticed some differences this morning something has changed inside of me I feel no suicidal too, feel lighter :) I had session today for my fluffy babies they have been stable :)) EM really cares I love her ♥ thank you xoxo" ... written by sweet
I had sessions with EM last week and today for my fluffy babies this time :) I cant hide from her anything lol she sees very deep and very honest she doesn't sugar coat which I really need it :) I know from past sessions her energy work is powerful its not like reiki healing its more deeper and powerful than that :) Love you EM and Mochi xoxo " ... written by sweet
Painfull, but truthfull" ... written by carlos
excellent soul clearing will be coming back for follow up" ... written by cherie
energy mastery is amazing just had a soul clearing session and my god you can feel the energy change through out the clearing process I felt changes in my emotional status my physical energy level increased, overall I feel much more happy now feeling positive and empowered I would describe the session like waking up after a good sleep feeling rejuvenated from past wounds and ready to take on the world all fresh, thank you em. I would encourage people to take this if they want to be free from thier negative and self limiting belives " ... written by akumar
Without EM I cant get through this hard time, my fluffy babies have been sick I was told by dr they probably wouldn't make but they have been stable I understand we cant change destiny but at least I am happy they eat well and happy until they go to heaven without suffering. Thank you EM Love you xoxo " ... written by sweet
Today was second soul clearing session I follow her advice and have been working on myself. I have noticed I feel lighter and have started feeling grateful things around me. Feels great :)) Thank you Thank you Thank you EM Love you xoxoxo Have a wonderful weekend:) " ... written by sweet
will be back for sure, thank you for the reading" ... written by Alicja
Thank you so much again Em for the healing, insights and all your help!!! " ... written by M
I am in awe with her and this extremely important work that she does! WOW! I am bursting with joy and feel very blessed that I've got in touch with her!♥ Intensely spiritual stuff..that touches deep, core soul levels and weeds out the very roots of the problems and issues we experience in our daily reality, that are not allowing us to reach our full potential. Professional and very powerful energy worker, pure Being of Light, real delight! I am looking forward to our future sessions and I stay humbled in sheer amazement, grounded in eternal gratitude to her for being so genuinely helpful, kind and compassionate. She is beyond any rating system...oh, those silly" ... written by naturalpath
She was great! Fast, to the point and really educated me on my power of creating my outcome." ... written by Mona
AMAZING!!!! Best reading and advice I've received. Such a warm genuine person. Felt like talking to a friend. I will read the book you suggested and hope to update you soon." ... written by Ven
great" ... written by sk
had another great session with em, I belive this lady can help any one get out of their sad situation " ... written by akumar
Was great !! Awesome and fast. Recommended." ... written by EnergyMastery
she is great as usual. was wonderful to see her here again!" ... written by wren1414
she is simply amazing! Wow! highly recommend! thank you so much :)" ... written by kelly
enjoyed it, felt she was honest! thank you !" ... written by bluebird
Thanks a ton.. :) your readings are always precise and so helpful..!" ... written by SS
the best really!!" ... written by surfas
yeah great again..wonderful insights. " ... written by batdancer
in 2 words... THE BEST !! " ... written by anuj
she is quite accurate and knows what she's doing." ... written by RainbowSpectrum
wow - was really great ..knows what she is doing, deffo." ... written by batdancer
such great reader...can do so much...multi-faceted. for sure recommend. ok cheers again. " ... written by batdancer
wow we havent talked in forever. i didnt tell her who i was checking on and she gave details only I KNEW!! Wow you are simply amazing!!!! Thank you so much! and thank you for promotional rates. i shall keep you posted about this 2nd guy... we shall see...." ... written by Jazzy
Thank you for your guidance! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Lovely reading; lovely lady was quick to connect quite accurate and want to come back for more actually " ... written by sher
She is great and I am amazed. " ... written by TT
A very swift and clear reading about my career and love life." ... written by Rob
wonderful person, wonderful reader, i wish to see u sometime in life:) " ... written by anuj
Great reading and energy work!! Thank you!" ... written by Ashley
good went straight to work" ... written by gk
It was great speaking to Em today! She really eased up my mind as always. I have known her for a year now and I am really grateful for all her help and for all the energy clearings she has done for me...they have really made a significant difference in my life. She's great!!! " ... written by M
Amazing reader. Quick and Honest." ... written by Ally
your help is very much appreciated. God Bless " ... written by Sandy
Thanks for the healing on the nerve pain in my left upper arm feels 95% better :))) super!" ... written by Steven
Thank you so much again EM for all your help!!! I am so glad to have caught up with you today and gotten the clearings! Your clearings work wonders! Thank you :) " ... written by M
I always run out of credits! She's the best though, love her!!" ... written by Ashley
Many Thanks for your work" ... written by Sandy
EM is great!! I've known her a year and things have always unfolded for me as she predicted. Her clearings are simply amazing! I am so glad to have EM as my guide and friend through this life changing journey!! Thank you so much EM!!! " ... written by M
Thank you so much EM for all your deep insights and help with my situation!!!!! You're amazing!!! And your clearings work wonders! :D " ... written by M
Your work has been very effective. Thank you so much. God Bless " ... written by Sandy
She is amazing!!! Go and check yourself." ... written by termo
Really great made me feel very comfortable on my first reading. Thank you!" ... written by eaz
Thank you, it was very good :)" ... written by Lily
Wow. Amazing reading. Thank you very much." ... written by Lily