About FireChants

Psychic FireChantshas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic FireChantshas recently helped 23members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about FireChants's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello I am Nicole Elizabeth, Also known as Firechants. I am a Medium and clairvoyant and Healer as well as an empath. I was born with this gift as a generational psychic. I specialize In all aspects of life especially Love and Career and I am a master spell caster. All my messages come from a Divine Power.... consult now.

I cannot explain my words right now.. this person is like no other she connects so fast and is so true with her words she gave sooo much detail and is sooo fast, true she does not sugar coat what so ever and the truth can hurt at times but she prepares u, and really tells u everything u could ever dream of knowing ,the things shes described are 100% accurate and really do line up with whats currently happening and i must say her skills with telling u a persons initials in crazy shes guess someones name in my life right now on the first try it is true it is not going to always happen but the initials are right to the point and she can tell you how the person looks if needed over all i think she deserves a 100/10 truly breathtaking reading more than i thought possible a very wonderful person u will not be disappointed." ... written by christopher
had a nice chat" ... written by andrew
sooo sooo good....her predictions have come true!!! more than once!" ... written by heather
The BEST PSYCHIC on Oranum! 100% accurate, no info needed, highly recommend her - super talented - you won't be disappointed honestly!" ... written by a
amazing reading so honestz and caring the best " ... written by paul
I Am The Happiest Person Ever Thank You So Much" ... written by Lisa Crone
she is right on point. the real deal. thank you " ... written by jo
She is so quick and fast. always there to help and a few of her predictions have come to past. she is a very sweet and caring and funny too at times. i just love her and cant wait for the rest to unfold. thank you again firechants you are just one amazing person" ... written by Jm
she is awesome and tells you some freaky stuff! Love her work" ... written by Julianna
Lovely reading such good updates was accurate about everything thus far and second time I come speak to her. Really recommended thank you " ... written by Sheri
Wonderful gifted woman! She truly has a unique gift and she sees so many details of your life. I will be back. I love her readings!!" ... written by SG
Very insightful reading. I have lots of information to think about now. Thank you!!" ... written by WitchyGirl
amazing spot on wow wow wow" ... written by jessy
brilliant" ... written by -
Great reading and update; such good advice. " ... written by sher
helped with some clarity. and gave intel description . " ... written by River
She is very sweet, some of the things made sense, some didn't, but may in the coming future.we'll see. " ... written by mainstreem20
She is excellent! Read the circumstances very accurately, honestly and quickly. Picked up on several things specifically about me that she was given no info on. Great!" ... written by Seeker1200
she was good .. ty so much , her cards seemed accurate " ... written by geri
very quick and good thank you" ... written by linda
Thank you." ... written by Happyness
i was very pleased, she done a great job, very nice lady, she was fast and on the money, thank you very much" ... written by dawson
OKAY!!!! WHAT AN AMAZING PSYCHIC YOU ARE:=) THANK YOU FOR CONNECTING SO EFFORTLESSLY AND REAL. I took a risk and it paid off. You not only connected efficiently, you let me feel respected and understood. I wish you all the best for your path in life and here on Oranum, in terms of success. Please continue this kind of work and thank you for helping me feel positive. Thanks to you, my year will be amazing because I can prepare. Thanks" ... written by Happyness
Firechants is amazing, highly recommended!! She was spot on and even picked up on stuff that no one could have known that were very specific to my life right now. I am blown away. Don't be put off by the low credit charge." ... written by Flo
She was pretty much on point with everything she said to. " ... written by sarah
very quick to pick up" ... written by becky
I really love her. extremely connected to my situation, and genuinely helpful. I will be back xoxo" ... written by tiffany
she is amazing." ... written by v
thank you :)" ... written by hilly
thank you so much! :)" ... written by hilly
Amazing!! :)" ... written by Victoria
good reading firechants picked up alot about me in a short time. will love a longer read sometime" ... written by PinkBeatle
Very Nice. Connects well. Good reading. Will come again" ... written by A
FireChants is so quick to connect and accurate about what she sees. Definitely looking forward to all the good things that are to come in the future. Thanks for the clarity! (:" ... written by Ayane
Fire is very honest, accurate, and picks up on feelings very well. She's dependable and will tell you what you need (not want!!) to hear." ... written by Ayane
really good. picked up immediately! 5 stars" ... written by cat
Very quick, very on point! It was just a quick question but I loved the answer... so yeah! Spot on." ... written by Maria
very detailed lady,thankyou." ... written by frankie
i went into her room just to chat and relax and ended up in private with an awesome reading. she described me and my life to a T.. Thank you for the positive and encouraging words Firechat peace and blessings" ... written by Sweety
what nicole said came true and that's why i came for more update..consistent predictions...woohoo" ... written by rosy
My first reading with Firechants was fnatstic! she is a real one and im so immensely impressed. will definitely be back to update!" ... written by rosy68
This one is like prime rib, a very good choice (for a reading) on the menu. I would recommend her highly." ... written by Lightstar
nice reading..thanks" ... written by me
wow, she is a real gem, awesome reader, spot on, 5 stars!" ... written by flow
thanks Firechants" ... written by marion
Thank you so much, your truly gifted, I never doubted you one bit with all the information you gave me was an exact fit of my life. You gave me clarity and confirmed my feelings are right. Perfect connection I feel blessed to have talked with you in private! God Bless" ... written by MaryAnn
Once again a great reading! one of the best on oranum" ... written by Sweety
So spot on with picking up my energy! Hers was so uplifting as well! If you ever have the opportunity to do a reading with her, she will tell you what you need to hear. Thank you so much." ... written by Tatiana
great reading" ... written by vee
she is so gifted and connected and such a delight - true sweetheart - rising star" ... written by s
Second reading and she is dead on with everything. She is truly a precious gem." ... written by nk
Wonderful reading! thank you so very much for the clarity. I knwo what i have to do now, and as hard as it is, I will do it!!! Many Blessings to you!" ... written by nicole
wow.. awesome and gifted reader.. sees things very clearly! " ... written by me
very good. strong connection and amazing reading " ... written by anna
She picked up things instantly, was spot on, quick and thorough" ... written by Virgin Virgo
excellent" ... written by gregg
I had my first session with FireChants for Love and I was in awe of how quickly she receives accurate information and then pulls in missing pieces to complete the "puzzle" I presented her with. This provided for me a major breakthrough in a difficult situation and her compassionate yet straightforward style put me at ease. There is no question in my mind that this woman genuinely cares about the wellbeing of her clients and is here, as she states, to fulfill her life purpose. I trust and respect her and I will be returning for future private sessions! Thank you Oranum for having someone so gifted with integrity and intelligence on your site. EileenS" ... written by EileenS
She was very accurate with the situation and fast! I feel that her predictions will most likely come true. She definitely gave some really good advice to follow." ... written by ***
good reading" ... written by rosebud77
I really liked her reading she didn't waste any time. She was fast and accurate and picked up on a lot." ... written by shanecole
What I love about her is that she remembers all of her readings, even if they were months apart. She was very reassuring and very on point with her predictions last time with my situation so I knew I had to talk to her again when I needed to talk to an advisor. Thank you so much, again. I feel loads better. (:" ... written by Tatiana
Shes really good. one of the best on this site. She dont talk in circles, she gets straight to the point. " ... written by nk
good reading" ... written by rosebud
she is warm and understanding and wonderful she answer all my questions . thank you" ... written by hope
This extraordinary lady is a true help.I recommend her highly in any situation,thank you miss." ... written by Mattew
She is a Great reader and she helps and explains a lot." ... written by hopelovesun
interesting update.." ... written by rosy
OMG what a reader !! I had few credits and she gave a quick reading ...answered all my questions and lot more clarity in the situation. I've had so many readings on this web site and i would say this one by far is the best !! extremely accurate , fast and so on point." ... written by sap
Her reading was amazing and more than helpful for me to stop worrying. I like how she was very understanding and could give me advice about life. Today I am seeing things clearly with the motivation of "let's try again". Thank You FireChants" ... written by StarMoon5
I was so very impressed with FireChants. She read my situation very quickly and offered outstanding guidance. I highly recommend her! Many stars!" ... written by W
wow, she connects so quickly .. and is so amazing. needs no tools.. u can feel it comes straight from her guides. recommended 5 STAR " ... written by anuj
Again amazing reading.. there is a lot of power and abilities here andamp; I highly recommend. Thank You so so much" ... written by cheri
omg she is awesome" ... written by Julianna
She is awesome. " ... written by Julianna
totally gifted , fast , spot on , no bs , not an ego stroker .. she sees it andamp; tells it as it is !! she picks up on everything !!!! treat yourself to an amazing reading.." ... written by tamjones
wow! back tomorrow for update!" ... written by me
First time reading ever and wow she was sooo quick, connected really fast and was spot on! Shes amazing :) thank u heaps xxx" ... written by Adis
wow I said nothing and she picked up everything!! Simply amazing, you won't regret talking with her!" ... written by nicole
Wow; it was an amazing reading, so accurate, did not give a lot of information; really helped hit the nail with a lot of issues andamp; things I had going on! it was super great def. coming back " ... written by Sheri
Great reading" ... written by Sol
I have done a few readings so far with Firechants. She is fast and doesnt sugar coat. Very caring person and always helps where she can. She predicted i will get some money and it did happen. thank u so much and am looking forward to the rest of her predictions to unfold which i know will. thank u again Firechants." ... written by Jesintha
She is adorable and very accurate with the insights. Very crazy predictions, but hope they will come true. " ... written by A
Thank you." ... written by Butterflii43
An Excellent reader! Very quickly connected my current situation and visualised it without any information. Hopefully, her prediction comes true!!! Highly recommand her. 10 out of 10. Many thanks!!" ... written by Dignity
SHe is Good!!" ... written by Zaka
awesome! Firechants is naturally gifted. Thank you so much for your insight! " ... written by Butterflii43
very quick and informative" ... written by ray
She is very accurate she very quick to connect. I'm a type I like to have confirmation from one person to the next. And she confirm alot. Give her a chance and you won't waste your money. Thanks firechant. " ... written by goldengirl00005
She gives the honest opinion and picks up well. She types quick as well." ... written by Danielle
She does have the true gift! She's so accurate it is spooky and amazing at the same time. She knows with details things that only a person with actual vision would know, deep knowledge about me. AMAZING!!" ... written by SS
fantastic! Very quick to connect and cares about what she is seeing - she saw a marriage in my family this year, my neice just got engaged - nice little bit of confirmation there. I'm very confident in her predictions." ... written by d
FireChants is excellent in picking up on specifis of my situation andamp; offers very helpful guidance, I highly recommend her!" ... written by wayne
Loved my reading thank you - I will be back for sure" ... written by Kristal
will be back in the future " ... written by paola
Wow! FireChants is definitely on point. She is honest and very accurate. I will definitely be back " ... written by nina
Really loved her and her energy. The reading just flowed and she really picked up on many things with me. " ... written by Robin
top" ... written by john wick