About HoneeLove

Psychic HoneeLovehas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic HoneeLovehas recently helped 35members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about HoneeLove's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Master Psychic/Tarot Reader/Healer/Yi-Jing/Numerology/Runes/Astrology guaranteeing longterm commitments in marriage, love career and money. Messages from those deceased or out of contact through your spirits guides guardian angels. I reveal what you don't know and can't see. Want the life and loves you've always dreamed of? Meet me in Private. Proper readings only. 40 years experience.

Great meditation class. Great energy!" ... written by pam
Honeelove gave an awesome reading and was extremely accurate. Very caring and has a sense of humor." ... written by marym62
She was right I need to calm down be gentle. Embrace my worth. I will let go and allow universe and be less aggressive in relationships, work and life. " ... written by knowing2013
Loved my reading with Honee, She is so insightful and accurate. Has a great understanding of the cards and gets right into the nitty gritty!" ... written by Taylor
She did an amazing job explaining and offering insight into my situation. The situation that me and my family are experiencing right now is a heavy burden. But I know that with Honee's tools, we will get through it. Please visit Honee and get a reading from her." ... written by TiffaniMichele
A pure gem." ... written by _x
Thank you again for the amazing reading." ... written by kymii
Very encouraging and kind. Insightful - nice reading - thank you!" ... written by Jill
Absolutely wonderful!!!" ... written by cwonder
She is very truthful, and very fast to connect! I was very hesitant to have the reading done as I have had a bad experience in the past with a fake, but she really is the real deal. I had a situation where I kept pulling a tarot card and couldn't place it anywhere, she fitted in the missing pieces without hesitation! Very thoughtful, honest and lovely lady. Recommended to all, will be back for another reading!!!" ... written by Lauren
Intelligent, insightful, take advantage now before everyone else finds out about the low rate." ... written by =)
Absolutely love her and her energy. She was on it and intuitive too! Fabulous reader!" ... written by carlycaligirl
Thank you!" ... written by Amy
Great reading! 10/10 " ... written by stuart
She was great and on with many things. I will see how this plays out. " ... written by j
Enjoyed our time together. Very nice outlook on what is coming in the new year. Can't wait to see the events happen." ... written by melaine
Quick reading and honest" ... written by kendra
Thank you so much" ... written by luvu37
You make my heart shine with light that heals my pain!! Thank you, this is not the end..." ... written by healmyheart
Good." ... written by sadhana
So insightful about my financial situation!" ... written by Petrina Simpson
HoneeLee she ROCKS! I've looking for the one and found it in HoneeLee. Her advise and follow through encouraged and convinced me of her abilities. I suggest you give her the opportunity (without going into specifics) to assist, help, answer or gouide you. She is now my personal psychic." ... written by nightwalker9
I had a great reading and in looking forward to working with her. She has not see the last of me. Five stars no less " ... written by clearblu
Nice lady." ... written by lynn margaret
Outstanding! Right on spot." ... written by Jean
she is very accurate ... I will come again for a follow up" ... written by samia
Thanks Honee." ... written by marionlyttle
She was pot on and gave me very valuable advice." ... written by humility
HoneeLove is one powerfully connected lady. Wow." ... written by Simone
great...great..great" ... written by Lovely111
extremely gifted women. She is amazing. The answer she gave out, I know at the bottom of my heart is so true. But of course is not I want to hear. She is honest, extremely accurate. So far, I have been visited numerous physics, she is the only one I would say real deal. Thank you very much. Love her." ... written by PIGLETME
The I Ching reading I obtained was extremely accurate and positive. I four it fascinating, enlightening, and straightforward. I would have love to continue because there were a lot of great tips the I Ching was sending my way, but alas only so much time I could afford. Thank you HoneeLove, I look forward putting that beautiful plan in action" ... written by Mgrl
I love HONEELOVE. She is extremely helpful and insightful. I am so thankful that I have found her because she is helping find myself and helping me with my relationship. " ... written by Prina95
Thank you." ... written by Wisdom
thanks for all , you are very good" ... written by judy
She is awesome! Never have done a video, auto reading before! She connects fast, extremely accurate! I will be back for updates. Many blessings to HoneeLove and her family. Thank you for sharing your gifts with others! " ... written by Tiffany
She was very helpful to my question. thank you" ... written by Brianne
She was very helpful! thank you" ... written by Brianne
straight up, honest, fun, accurate, kind!" ... written by starrose
Intuitive, nicely connected recommend!" ... written by B
the reading was fun. Very on point" ... written by Yb4real
i enjoyed her reading" ... written by vell
highly value this reader. No games, very quick to connect and right on the point in no time. Try her, she is gifted and wise!" ... written by freyasmom
Wonderful soul....Great reading and very heartfelt....She's in tune with you right away...thank you for the advice I will come back to give an update." ... written by Penelope
very insightful into situations , speaks clearly about things was most helpful " ... written by Doyle
On point with my daily reading that I do for myself..confirmation love it." ... written by lisa
Hi, First of all I would Like to thank you for your time spending with me with my various problems and questions. Thanks for all the advices and support. You Knew exactly what happened to me and what is the best remedy. I am able to get out of the burden both in my head and heart. I will be a better person with your advices. Thanks to you and God bless." ... written by preety_jai
Wow, my reading was remarkable. I didn't have to tell her anything personal about myself or what was going on. She immediately went in and was accurate. I look forward to working with her again really soon and on a regular basis. " ... written by Preciousjewell
I am not sure about my reading with her. I liked her a lot though." ... written by Katie
Make the time, invest in hearing what you both need and deep down really want to hear. Life is precious and only limited by our own indecisiveness, lack of belief and confidence that we can achieve so much - so much above and beyond our own dreams and potential. Inspired, uplifted, encouraged and energised. Thank you so much. I'm blessed to have found you x" ... written by sunflowersun
aweseome!! very insightful. taught me a lot " ... written by grace
She was authentic and you could feel her spirit. I definitely enjoyed my reading. Will call her again for follow up. " ... written by Glowing67
i like her, very up front and honest. Helps you to see all possibilities. I will let you know how it all goes. thanks" ... written by angie
She's so sweet and very honest." ... written by Goolue
GREAT GREAT GREAT," ... written by Sharon
GREAT, WELL WORTH IT" ... written by Sharon
I made a true friend! I feel a strong connection. she was right on point wit who I am." ... written by mabelswyant
I think that HoneeLove is fantastic!! She provides you with an in-depth outlook into your life! :) Can't wait to see what comes of it!" ... written by Lindsey
Wow, great news during my reading. I will wait to watch it unfold. Thank you for your help." ... written by Tanya
quick" ... written by rae
If you want pure honesty then she is it right here! She will not sugar coat or beat around the bush and tell you what you want to hear. She is definitely one of the real deals on here and I will be back soon for another reading!. " ... written by KL
Honest reading.." ... written by misty
Wow this was a fantastic reading. She was able to communicate with my life partner who passed away and was very kind and professional. Will be back to see her every thirty days. Look forward to our next reading" ... written by James
Interesting! I can't wait to see my astrology chart! " ... written by Mizzgemini77
I really wish i had more time it was good" ... written by cutiepattootie
Simply amazing very grateful for this reading!!!" ... written by Ava
Wow she is REALLY powerful " ... written by rickyflynn
Great read. Really on point for me." ... written by Noloveloss68
Pretty good reading" ... written by Monroe
thanks i guess" ... written by branden
She is great i want to work with her for a very long time " ... written by rickyflynn
honnee love always gives really good advice." ... written by rickyflynn
honeelove is awesome. " ... written by rickyflynn
Gave me a lot of insight on many toxic people that I need to let go of. She gave me the technique to get rid of them so that my blessings will come in the time they were meant to. Thank you" ... written by Tierra
Loved this so much, i found this very helpful and insightful. I know this was the truth i was told with accuracy in my situation. I know this person is real and authentic. I appreciate this reading so much and found helpful. " ... written by bell
Honeelove was AMAZING she connected very quickly and provided this about myself and my loved one that only I knew.At first I didnt think I would get to the bottom of my issues but as I listened, turns out she was Spoton about my issues." ... written by 1QuietStorm
Wonderful reader and reading.:)" ... written by lisa
She is a great psychic reader! totally worth the money! I got a destiny career reading and she gave me the five best careers I could do in this lifetime :) very useful information! she gives good advice" ... written by Brianne
thank you honee for the reading 10 stars" ... written by Edna
She was amazing. She picks up on stuff it is amazing. She gave some really great advice. Thank you so much I know what I need to do. " ... written by Storm
Very fast in looking into the situation and understanding it, an empowering reading followed by good suggestions on how to resolve the situation. I recommend this psychic." ... written by JEK303
Very good" ... written by Galyl
love reading" ... written by fightergoddess
thx Honeelove " ... written by Sabrina8981
amazing..straight..clear" ... written by Gaby11
honeelove is a great reader--excellent communicator--offers straight talk--many levels of insight and advice--information comes fast and from many places. I am grateful for her support." ... written by Pearl