About KellysVisions

Psychic KellysVisionshas 10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic KellysVisionshas recently helped 52members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about KellysVisions's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Great reading!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Kelly has given me a beautiful and insightful "view" of's like seeing from outside myself and yet so familiar. She's very sure of everything and I appreciate her so very much! I will let you know Kelly what has come to pass, and I've no doubts all will :)) " ... written by Lolabella
Thank you very much. Very good, very good. Charming and kind as well." ... written by BeaZBea
Thank you a tons Kelly, hope all comes to pass. Great reader, will be back for update." ... written by bonbon2012
She's the real deal. She really connects and she shows it to you, she is amazing. She can show you, like, she's magic. Thanks you Kelly." ... written by Pamela
Excellent and truthful." ... written by Dee
She was outstanding. Spot on and told me detail about the man in my life and I did not have to give her any information...she just knew it....Amazing" ... written by jeter28
Excellent reading, she was very helpful." ... written by asbs777
Seem to connect to well, nice, gave a lot of info, hope what she predicted comes to pass." ... written by brownpanther1031
Thanks a lot, Kelly! I love you and your energy. You totally inspired me and pushed me to do what needs to be done -to follow my dream and life's path. ;) Kelly is 100% accurate, caring, emphatic, great motivator and life's couch. I feel and see her as a long time friend with her angelic smile and loving energy. Definitely be back for more readings! " ... written by drawn2angels
Kelly is amazing, beautiful, honest, trustworthy, genuine! Everything you would want in a psychic. I just told Kelly what l wanted to know, connected straight away and all the information just flowed. Thank you Kelly for being there for me. xxxx" ... written by Jade8233
Amazing!! Give this lady a try!!" ... written by leebee4
WOW, Kelly is an amazing reader. So insightful and sincere and caring. I enjoyed being in her presence and she picked up very interesting and useful information. I definitely recommend her!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
She rocks....she is just awesome...." ... written by jeter28
Great reading... cannot wait until everything comes thru. :))))" ... written by lovinglife80
She's just as her profile describes... honest! Really genuine and sweet spirit!!!!! " ... written by Poundcake45
Fantastic reading, very detailed." ... written by victoria111
Thank you soo much for a great reading. By a 5 star psychic. So helpful and compassionate. " ... written by myeyesee
She is great.... I love her. Straight forward and honest." ... written by jeter28
A positive personality throughout the reading." ... written by Alneverus
She's a cool lady, straight talking, immediate connection. Awesome..." ... written by ikroyal
Sweet and gentle lady!" ... written by taurusmay5
Thank you so much you have help me so much you where open and honest and that what I was looking for. I have spent 299 here in this chat rooms looking for someone that could read me without me giving to much info about myself and that was you!!! thank you Kelly, you did a good job, and give me lots to think about. I won't forget the reading you did a great job!!!!" ... written by Diamond2310
I love you Kelly, thank you for being so kind. :) xxx" ... written by VonHoneybird
She's very sweet and caring. Also her readings are quick and direct." ... written by itsuramo
Great reading. Not all I wanted to hear but she tapped into my ife and all the important details amazingly well. I wanted truth and she gave it to me and so now i can make my decissions more soundly She is a great great psychic and a sweet soothing kind soul. Five stars well deserved." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Very good reading , thanks." ... written by akenatonacindere
Great lady, great reading when she tunes in or connects, highly recommended. Thank you very much," ... written by zimerili1
It was my second reading with Kellysvisions. She connects easily and deeply. Her assessment of the many people in my life I asked about was dead on, very accurate. Her evaluation of my current situation accurate as well and her predictions done very carefully with various approaches to come to the most sensible conclusions. Not a sugar coated reading but one wants truth, after all this is the reason for going to private not to mention coming to Oranum in the first place. Five stars for sure" ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Awesome :)" ... written by Autumne
Very nice" ... written by chandragomes3
Two Words... Serious Clarity!" ... written by FJ
Really lovely energy and good insights." ... written by bluelovemoon
I really like this reading..... Will def. come back and also come to free chat to chat!!! Thanks!" ... written by intriguebyyou
Great... she was so close. I hope things turn out to be what she says. " ... written by seun808
Very nice reading." ... written by Greg5811
Great reading, and good energy." ... written by smithchrissy
Amazing... I'd been feeling chills when I came into Kelly's room twice, the reading confirmed it...." ... written by lovnlight
WOW!" ... written by medusa38f
It was amazing I was in tears!!!!" ... written by misskatrina73
Good.. I usually like to get more contextual information that yes or no. But she is really good with her pendulum answers!" ... written by lilliableu
Great reading!" ... written by sandy1113
Continued reading...(due to poor technical connection). Kelly's mother is for sure he spirit guide, and there are no questions about it...anything Kelly reads is true and concise...follow your heart and give her a try." ... written by Heather
Kelly used both cards and the pendulum. It was a great experience. It was the first time I felt a true spirit during a reading... which was my recently passed uncle...Kelly was able to feel him right away, as was I. She is very sweet and genuine... :) I very much enjoyed the reading...would recommend her again." ... written by Heather
She is wonderful and sweet! Amazing!!! Right on!!!!! Just wonderful!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Great reading as always!! " ... written by leebee4
Thanks, found some clarity! =)" ... written by joh118
She is awesome, everything right.." ... written by starlight699
Thanks for the reading!!" ... written by DayDreamer77
Nice lady, good x" ... written by ididitmyway
Very sweet! Thank you :)" ... written by DeAnnaMarie318
Great,my brother came tru" ... written by seeo007
She was very accurate and beautiful to talk with. I will continue to get advisement from Kelly, she brought my mother to me on my birthday....God Bless her!" ... written by cooboz
She was wonderful! Very kind and she explained things to me very well. " ... written by ajb0719
Super fast and kind, I just have to see how it works out now! :)" ... written by KentIam
She connected good, I will be back later." ... written by gem1974
Thank you I really liked her reading she picked up on everything so fast!" ... written by Perfection11
Thanks for the reading! " ... written by dazzlingdreamer
Sweetest heart!...and receptive. Enjoyed my connection with my grandma. Thank you!" ... written by gstephen
I will be back to update you about my job interview, I'm so excited thank you. She is amazing please give her a try! :)" ... written by leebee4
She was really good and straight to the point!" ... written by dladie42
On target." ... written by Sunshine10601
Thanks for all the updates I really need that. Luv ya" ... written by LL
Always wonderful" ... written by Melinda
thank u" ... written by jana
She is really good" ... written by Lisa
Quick reader but only types during her readings. In her demo she used a microphone but during my private she used the keyboard. I'm not sure why... but I prefer for them to use a microphone, it's just faster if only one person is typing." ... written by A M
Very informative and great service" ... written by OLAMOTIL
Kelly picked up on me very well. She also brought up issues in my dating life that I was not aware of before. I really hope her predictions come to pass. I will definitely update!" ... written by MjOcho
Thank you so much so helpful and such a loving women thank you!!!!!!!!" ... written by Diamond
She is always spot on, it is amazing!" ... written by Melinda
Excellent. Thanks very much xx" ... written by Jupiter01
I LOVE HER....AWESOME.." ... written by Vandana
She did a great job connecting to my situation in the reading. I thought it was very accurate and helpful" ... written by Kevin
Fabulous!" ... written by LilyCicco
Awesome!!! Very positive and was right on the point." ... written by Destinie
Great reading but unfortunately ran out of time :(" ... written by dee89112
Excellent!!! Very kind and has given me hope for the future." ... written by katie46
A++++" ... written by dee89112
Don't know what happened. Got booted out and could not get back in" ... written by afierystarz
She is honest" ... written by chandragomes3
Absolutely wonderful!" ... written by daffodil71
Good overall. " ... written by Kathleen
She is good and non-judgemental. I would go back to her for advice. Thank you." ... written by Kathleen
I felt that Kelly was very sincere and honest. She was very quick and accurate. I would seek her insight again. Rebekah." ... written by rivka12
Kelly picked up on so much that I didn't tell her about, which is amazing. She didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear, and she didn't sugar-coat." ... written by MjOcho
Kelly's reading was more than I expected in a very good way! She connected to so many spiritual visions that were needed to bring me closure, peace and guidance. Thank you so much." ... written by nannee
Great details with times! Thank you." ... written by Marialuis
Very clear and concise in her reading. Lots of great information. Will follow up in a month or so to see how the course it going! " ... written by pinkoraclelilly
Perfect!" ... written by wurzle
Great reading! She was very honest and upfront about what came across to her and I appreciate that." ... written by jasminepapas
Thank you, was very insightful, I recommend her to everyone for sure" ... written by batt123
Very accurate reading! Thank you Kelly! God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Great reading..." ... written by Anniekins
Kelly is an amazing gifted woman and I truly appreciate you upfront and straightforward approaching. She is kind and everyone should go to her :) THANK YOU" ... written by sabrina burner
Great reading amazing! Thank you so much. xx" ... written by cb1987
Thanks again Kelly. :) I really feel better now :)" ... written by VonHoneybird
Amazing!" ... written by Kristina
Absolutely amazing! So accurate!" ... written by Krisitna
Told me things no one else would know!" ... written by Christina
Amazing! " ... written by Jeantan83
Very accurate , I found it very very happy with the reading ....coming back for sure ....thanks" ... written by sukychi
She was right on with everything and I hope what she says will come true and I know what I need to do to get me there. Thank you. I will let you know what happens. Hopefully sooner then later." ... written by toddie1
SO humble and honest. Such a wonderful reading." ... written by Lauren
Wow, knew a lot of things without me telling her. " ... written by Sarah
very good" ... written by flower
she's very fast, I've had several readings with her and she's always been on point! will be waiting on her predictions!" ... written by BP
Kelly was very accurate and gave specific answers, prompt and to the point. I will return to Kelly definitely. Thank you." ... written by Fulgur
Loved Loved Loved Kelly. Thank you for listening and telling me the truth. I will work hard at moving on and being happy. Kelly is for everyone!!! Hugs " ... written by LL
Grrreat, thank you. " ... written by sam
I would have to say that this is one of the best readings I have ever had. She knew things that no one should know. I really, really, enjoyed her reading. She is very sweet and honest." ... written by Shene
Amazing!" ... written by Pamela
Excellent and accurate, will be back!" ... written by bluetippi2
Very accurate and very compassionate!" ... written by su
Amazing!!!" ... written by samaantha
Loved the reading, very insightful... Can't wait to see what happens. Thanks Kelly." ... written by msvette2117
Great and clear:)" ... written by Maizy
Kelly was very nice to read with, she had good insights and connected with a passed loved one. What a lovely women to talk with, she has a great energy!" ... written by Babszolla
As always, she is spot on. She tells me like it is during this difficult time, BUT I need to hear it! She gives great advice and insight to the issues and concerns that I am having. This will be a tough road, but I feel as though I may have gained a friend. :)" ... written by Shene
She is amazing I love having readings with her and will always come to her !!" ... written by leebee4
Kelly was absolutely wonderful at helping me and my sister communicate with" ... written by lozkate1702
Kelly was accurate, she connect with my father and guide my in my current Love situation. It wasn't what I wanted to hear but what I knew its honest deep in my heart. So yes, I recommend Kelly:) And also she is a very nice and sweet woman and also very beautiful and easy to talk to:)!" ... written by katarzbl
She was great!!! " ... written by Angelic03
Amazing. Spot on!" ... written by ronelle myburgh
Kelly was amazing! She really helped me and connected to my situation.. she also helped me communicate with my decesed grandmothers.. A+++ " ... written by lizd131
Awesome reading as always, but this one was significant to me because it's going to help me move on to a different part of my life. Very happy! Thank you so much!" ... written by PM
Very good and accurate!!!" ... written by Kristina
So GREAT, I highly recommend Kelly!" ... written by Lauren
Very helpful, thanks! xo" ... written by Maryanne
She is awesome!!!" ... written by Starfish444
She is very good and right on the spot. She is a fast a accurate reader. " ... written by chloe
Very accurate and insightful reading:)" ... written by Todd
Her readings are detailed. I hope I don't have to move." ... written by phill
Thank you so much, that was a fabulous reading! Very insightful and you gave me a lot to think about. " ... written by Kathy
Very straightforward and clear. I'd definitely go to her again." ... written by atrodden26
Thanks so much for clearing things out." ... written by novmoon
Thank you so much for your help and answering my questions. Very sweet and caring!!! " ... written by best
Thank you, Kelly. Your honesty is really appreciated. " ... written by VonHoneybird
Wonderful Reading!!!" ... written by Amelia
Thank you Kelly. I so appreciate the connection you were able to make with Mom, Dad and Chance. Wish we had more time! I will be back. XOXO" ... written by Maryann
AMAZING reading! Accurate and to the point. Highly Impressive. Wonderful lady. " ... written by Matthew
another very good reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Very kind and loving. I am looking forward for your predictions. Thanks a lot! " ... written by Tess
Very nice reading Kelly ty... i will take your advice .. i appreciate your throughness .. and hope i can share some positive results frm it... ty ty ty" ... written by Beautifulmesss
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Matthew
Very accurate and Intuitive. One of the best readings I've ever had, very honest and caring." ... written by Mina Go
Thanks Kelly .. good advice once again ... last time you told me to contact, he responded right away .... I will give it some that on what to say .. and keep hope for things to progress and for him to heal .. ty ty" ... written by beautifulmesss
Very clear answers to all my questions. 5 stars." ... written by Rene067
Kelly is AMAZING!!! Tells you how it is and is SO NICE!!! I'll certainly be back:)" ... written by Summer84
Thank you Kelly, I'm sorry we had a bad connection, you are always so helpful!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Hh, what a warm and healing soul." ... written by hopemamm
Excellent as usual." ... written by Maryanne
WOW....blown away with the details Kelly passed on......she is a lovely lady...xx" ... written by IainHarg46
Terrific!" ... written by lisa
Thanks, Kelly !" ... written by ale
Very accurate! Amazing!" ... written by Annabelle
Very fast and gets news from angels right away. Will visit her again. :)" ... written by Sarah
Amazing! Will be back like always." ... written by leebee4
Amazing. Accurate, the best. What more can you say, the spirits choose her and so do the living and so should you" ... written by gabrielle
I had 2 private reading with Kelly. She is an amazingly gifted woman and I would highly recommend to have a reading with her. If I had unlimited funds I would have readings all the time. I have had readings from many different people, on here and elsewhere and I have to say. Kelly will be my go to reader." ... written by lindaar
I had 2 private reading with Kelly. She is am amazingly gifted woman and I would highly recommend that you have a reading with her. If I had unlimited funds I would have readings all the time. I have had readings from many different people, on here and elsewhere and I have to say. Kelly will be my go to reader." ... written by lindaar
Kelly is the best! She is to the point, accurate. " ... written by Kristina
Amazing." ... written by hesther
Awesome amazing can see and talk too people who past.She is real give her a chance." ... written by queenenergizer
Very fast, accurate." ... written by heather
Interesting reading!!" ... written by moon1leo1
TY Kelly .. i love getting good news ... didn't have much time and she gave me sooo much info .. great reading as always .. feel so connected with her .. and she confirms it all so i feel confident in what she tells me .. many thanks!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
Kelly is always right on. Thank you." ... written by Linda
So kind and gave a good reading! She is very honest but also very compassionate. Thanks so much! " ... written by rose423
Kelly still wows me with some of the things that she says. I really feel like she is that friend that doesn't bs and she truly wants what is best for me. I appreciate Kelly and her advice. This is my go-to person for things a need clarification on. Kelly isn't just gifted, she is very sweet and I can tell that she really cares. So the reading ares never always feels like I am going to a friend for advice. I look forward to having more years with her as a friend. :)" ... written by Shene
Love love love Kelly. She is the best!" ... written by miranda
good reading. Interesting how she calls on the angels for help.." ... written by axia100
Good reading, I had lots of people come through. Wish I'd had more time :)" ... written by Margaret
Highly recommend. She is awesome." ... written by Linda
She is so sweet and honest and so dead on with all the facts, not going to anyone else for any questions... She is amazing thank you so much for helping me." ... written by kristen
So much information, very accurate, and such a good price. Thanks Kelly! :-)" ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
Awesome reading ... she confirmed what i have felt all along .. i will have the outcome i KNEW .. i just knew .. i will keep happy , live my life .. and know it will work out .. thank you Kelly .. your readings are consistent.. and i trust all will go well." ... written by Beautifulmesss
Great reading... Connected with my dad." ... written by axia100
Kelly is such a sweetheart, and very understanding. Really wonderful. " ... written by p
Very nice. She is very accurate and also enjoyable to talk with." ... written by rose423
Great reading, Lovely person. Could relate a lot to what Kelly was saying. Would definately come to again " ... written by Charlotte
Very honest and truthful. Thank you!" ... written by aerie4
Thank you again.. Awesome as always looking forward to catching up!!" ... written by bestgift
Shes' a cool reader..:)" ... written by jostein
Amazing as usual! Nailed most things on the head! xx" ... written by Devina
Kelly's reading was very interesting. I can't wait to work with her again!" ... written by John Stone
I am floored. Kelly read through a particular situation I am waiting on and that was somewhat helpful. I am just being impatient. But I also wanted a passed family member to come through. My grandmother has a very unusual name, and Kelly got the name straight away. This was quite an experience because she was the closest person to me in my life, and her passing was unnatural, and very painful to me. This was an intense reading, yet comfortable. Messages from my grandmother, were plenty and so very helpful. I will never forget this reading. Ever. Several names and details given through my grandmother were correct, and I've never experienced a reading so confirming. Thank you, Kelly. Thank you so much." ... written by l.e
Kelly was right on about stuff that Chase did with his family. I will definetly do future readings with her. THanks Kelly you made me happy. She is the real deal!" ... written by Michele Walcutt
Good reading, confirmed the other one somehow. Lol, now let's wait and see. " ... written by edel95
Amazing- so bang on!!!!! :) Thanks so much!" ... written by CrowWisdom
Thank You Kelly! U R so much help in figuring out what's going on ... I know it will all work out .. I just feel it.. I am ok .. living my life and staying hopeful ... Thank you for being so thorough.. and double checking it all for me! The best!!!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
Good reading" ... written by rosebud77
So Sweet and was on the spot with everything! Can't thank her enough :)" ... written by Kristen
Remarkable reader.. Such special and pure energy. Able to connect and offer guidance and insight immediately. " ... written by Lauryn
Kelly was absolutely incredible, accurate, honest and warm. She is spiritual and so much of what she saw was for real. I would highly recommend her!!!!" ... written by Kim
Thank you for the help." ... written by joey198402
Kelly Thank you .. You give me hope for a wonderful future... I love that you confirm everything for me .. Thank you for your patience!!!" ... written by Beautifulmessss
Just amazing, and she reads fast. Love her energy and very caring." ... written by Daisy
Good" ... written by alan
Lovely kelly!" ... written by Tess
I like her... I will see about the insight offered. " ... written by sapphron
This lady is true, honest, genuine and accurate but I knew that already just by being in her chat room. Just see for yourself." ... written by shaz
Hey Kelly! Thank you for the amazing reading you gave me, I really appreciate the time and patience that went into every question you gave and I love the connection I had with you :) I'll keep you up to date with how things are going!" ... written by Richard
Great reading! Very fun! She seems like a genuinely delightful person!" ... written by Nicky
Love this lady!" ... written by Hollie
She is absolutely amazing! Very positive energy, truthful and caring. I am very excited about the predictions made and the encouragement I felt-Thank you Kelly!! I certainly will follow up with you...." ... written by karlabebe
I just had a reading, she knew things about me and gave me insight about my future." ... written by renee
She really made me relaxed and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. Really recommend her." ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Kelly hit so much that was right! It's scary :)" ... written by pebbles50
She was wonderful. Thank you Kelly!" ... written by Denise
I love her she is so easy to talk to and understand... I can now see the situation for what it is... and live my life... with a lot of hope that all good things are coming my way.. thank you thank you thank you Kelly!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
Thank you, you are good as always:) Thank you!" ... written by K
Thank you so much Kelly. You are such a beautiful and caring individual. You were so right, and i hope are future predictions with work come true...thanks xo" ... written by Tari Davidge
Wow thanks so much Kelly ;-)) I feel better! " ... written by ale
SHE IS AWESOME" ... written by queenenergizer
Thank you thank you. I need to open my eyes again to what is really needed." ... written by Denise
Nice and good." ... written by praveenp
Absolutely one of my favorites hands down! Very Honest, kind and loving. Really accurate and has great advice. Will come back to her always. " ... written by Funinmck
Thank you so much for all the advice and help. You really put my mind to rest! Thank you. xx" ... written by Devina
Great job and very confident and accurate. Can't wait to see how it pans out." ... written by Texas
Kelly... i do appreciate what you are telling me .. i am being patient.. i AM open to all possibilities.. and i am hopeful...and i am glad u r here .. ty for listening to me .. its been the same ol story for so long .. i am growing so much as a person with your help .. Many Thanks!!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
Goooooooooooooooood!! Highly recommended!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Thank you so much. You always make me feel better about things." ... written by Denise
Very good reading shes great " ... written by t
I love you Kelly." ... written by Beautifulmesss
She is so sweet!!" ... written by Michele
She is an angel. Thank you! " ... written by harmonyS
She was amazing, very very sweet and kind. Gave me hope that things will work out. Thank you Kelly so much. xoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Omg!!! Kelly is awesome. She picked up the info that only me will know about it. Very accurate. She is very positive and beautiful. Thank you!" ... written by awareness
Thanks for the insight and advice!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Very good reading.....Thanks Kelly for being able to connect with my loved one.....5 stars and more......Thanks also for the great advice....Xx" ... written by Ebony
Super Duper - feeling really positive - baby spice recognition. Lol." ... written by Holly
Thank you for your help, she is so grate. Hope her predictions come true." ... written by Charlie
Kelly your are wonderful and very supportive. I know you truly want whats best for all your clients. I do listen to what You are telling me... so rest assured I am taking all your advice! ...Thank you!!!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
Great reading!!!!!" ... written by LunaBear
She was great, picked up on certain things immediately. Was very encouraging. 5 stars all the way." ... written by beetlenut
Great reading." ... written by lana
Thanks always, Kelly!" ... written by Lauren
She awesome !!!! I love her!!!" ... written by Amy
HMMM It cut off most of my testimonial .. I had said: ty, your readings are consistent and thorough and I appreciate your care and guidance, and you are always telling me the truth in what u see... I know u connected me .. again TY! for a GREAT! reading .. u have hit the nail on the head each time with my readings .. its incredible .. the ABSOLUTE best here on Oranum.. If she tells u something, trust that she is telling u the truth!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Great to talk to! So connected with the angels. I really, really recommend Kelly. She's great!" ... written by Sapphire
I am doing everything you are telling me... trust me... I just like to keep up with changes .. thank you for caring if I'm happy and doing whats right for me ... I always look forward to talking with you, your readings are consistent .. the outcome is always the same .. it's getting there that's difficult.. but I can do it with your help .. ty ty ty " ... written by Beautifulmesss
You helped me alot with answers I had. Thank you so much." ... written by enee
Thank you Kelly, I think you hit it on "him"... thank you, will talk again when I have more time!" ... written by Lynn
She has a great spirit about her! She was quick and she answered my questions in the time i had. I will definitely come back and visit!!" ... written by jo
Thanks so much for the kind advice. I will also definitely look up the author you told me about. Thanks again Kelly. :-)" ... written by rose423
She is great." ... written by ashnnka
Kelly is a great reader. She connects very quickly and conveys the messages she receives in a way that's easy to understand. Thanks!" ... written by cherryblossom10
You are so awesome and thank you so much Kelly. You are such a positive and great reader." ... written by jeter28
Interesting, spirited reading... real psychic! Thank you!" ... written by jazzychic7
Kelly is an AMAZING woman! She is always accurate! She never makes you feel intimidated or nervous. Full of love. If you are new to Oranum definitely talk to Kelly. She can and will help you! She is worth every penny in private reading and she is quite affordable. Kelly you are amazing. Lots of love to you xx" ... written by D
Great reading!" ... written by luckystars
I'll be back!" ... written by b
She's good! Highly recommended!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Great reading!" ... written by rei
Enjoyed my reading, I'm going to be hopeful." ... written by Monica
Awesome reading.. Thanks!" ... written by hard2break
She was very honest and easy to talk to. The real deal :)" ... written by gina
I was really willing and open to hearing the total truth, not just what I wanted to hear. It turned out to be a balanced, helpful, compassionate, with mostly positive and a little bit of pointing out where I could improve. Just what I needed. Thank you Kelly!" ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
She is absolutely absolutely spot on! Astonished me! Caught my anguish! Very positive reader! U have to try to believe!" ... written by Rosy
Thanks. Taking your advice and hope for the best this week." ... written by Stang93
I love Kelly. She is always so accurate and compassionate. I trust her and will come back again." ... written by Maryann
Good advice. Outcome will be seen. But very insightful reading. I like her. First time. Very caring." ... written by sapphron
Great as always!!!!" ... written by LB
great spot on nailed it amazing person so talented so understanding xx" ... written by louise
Thank you so much Kelly! I had a reading with her several months ago and everything has already come true!! I will definitely keep coming back." ... written by cherryblossom10
Her cards were right!!! She was amazing. Wish I had more time with her." ... written by ashley
She was great!" ... written by marissa
Thanks kelly for being so good about typing for me... I think you are right about him, he's very sweet but seeing some red flags I promise you I am paying close attention to them ... thank you Kelly!!!!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
Forgot to leave a testimonial the other day and I'm kind of glad I did because it made me remember something Kelly told me awhile back, she " ... written by Beautifulmesss
She was great! I enjoyed her reading! I will get back with her." ... written by hgs3boys
Awesome as always right on the money thank you so much. I will def will be coming back!!" ... written by starr
Thanks. As always u have helped me so much in knowing what decision to make .. not sure what direction i will end up going .. but knowing I can talk to u truly helps me .. I will get to the right place I am sure of it with your help!!.. ty Kelly" ... written by beautifulmesss
This Lady is awesome, so clear, right to the point, no hesitation in anything, such a delightful reading and Lady. I will be back again. She is the real deal. Thank You!" ... written by horizons
She is so caring and her reading was dead on... she picked up my loving relatives who passed away. Thanks a lot, Kelly." ... written by Anne
Great reading! Will wait and see what happens and follow up!" ... written by leebee4
Very good." ... written by Suzanne
Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ashley11100
Wonderful and very insightful!" ... written by Bonnie
She is amazing love her, thanks so much" ... written by ashley11100
Awesome" ... written by erics
Finally talking with her, it feels good this woman have a vision and knows how to use it. Worth try people! She is divine" ... written by oksav
Very good reading. She really picked up on just about everything in my relationship. I definitely would go back." ... written by uvrs53
Wonderful sweet reading...gave me instant peace. I look forward to the predictions...God bless you Kelly x" ... written by Globe
Very intune lady. Kind and was able to connect with my loved one and helped me more than she can ever know. Thank you Kelly for bringing peace to my heart." ... written by threeyorkies
Fabulous!" ... written by tiffany
Kelly - you are an amazing being that has a light all around you.... your gift is pure and uncorrupted... I love your personality and most of it all ..... the truth you are speaking when receiving information and your help. With Love and Gratitude :) Thank you for your reading, your help :) " ... written by KiNGA
Thanks Kelly for your insight. Really appreciate the guidance and help." ... written by Diana
My God she is wonderful, glad i was drawn to her! She soothed my soul that has been broken for a long time. Amazing women, Honored to read with her, and thanking her for sharing her gift to help others who don't have a way to connect! Love to read with her again for updates!!! Very lovely!" ... written by Tiffany
She is amazing, so nice. " ... written by erica
Awesome as always will be back. right on the money!!" ... written by good girl
Thanks Kelly, I am so sorry for you having to type for me. Thank you for reassuring me. Things are so up and down and confusing right now. Not sure sometimes if i'm coming or going. You always make me feel better. Thank you! Thank you! " ... written by beautifulmesss
Absolutely amazing." ... written by vicky mcguffin
She is great....very accurate on historical things. We'll see if the predictions come true. I will follow up. :)" ... written by Danielle Henderson
Beautiful messages :D Thank you Kelly!!!" ... written by Amy
Thank you!" ... written by Denise
Hope you are right. I will come back to report. I really pray you are right and this ends amicably." ... written by ts
Kellysvision what an Angel. She is really good, Love entering into her chat room, so great, so accurate, so true! I will do another reading again in a month. She was on point on a lot! Thank you! " ... written by spanishhelp
Thank you so much for yet another amazingly accurate reading. " ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
Wow, thanks for the messages from my beloved family and it was absolutely amazing talking to u ! Thanks a lot!" ... written by pb
Kelly picked up on several things. She said he was the man for me, so I guess we will have to see. Things will definitely have to get better. Thank you Kelly! Your enthusiasm is contagious!" ... written by Vickie
Kellys Visions is exceptional in pvt!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
wonderful she has a real gift. it was worth every bit. only wish I could have heard more. will be back. Thank you Kelly. " ... written by Healingme
its been a while pretty accurate" ... written by confi
Amazingly kind and wonderful. Really gets to the heart of the matter without you needing to ask anything really." ... written by Camille
Always a good reading. Recommended" ... written by RS
I cant say thank you enough." ... written by Healingme
really understanding and caring wonderful person connects well amazing person xxxx." ... written by louise
Love her, she is the best" ... written by robin
Awesome and accurate. Tells you the truth even if you don't want to hear it!" ... written by Carlycaligirl
Kelly I was so happy to talk with you today... You aways know whats going on .. I love your time frames because they are ALWAYS accurate!!.. ty ty ty" ... written by beautifulmesss
Thank You very much KellyVisions. You were very helpful and and kind. 5 star psychic." ... written by barbara
She is very accurate. Straight up and non-judgmental. 5 stars." ... written by MElissa Brown
I love her. She's right on the nose! 5 stars." ... written by shanmelc
Awesome as always, so kind and straight to the point." ... written by ashley
Excellent.. love her!! Always correct!!" ... written by good girl
Thank you for your insight. I will let you know how it went." ... written by natalie
Good reading. Interested to see how things turn out." ... written by C
Amazing great support and guidance wonderful woman." ... written by louise
Thanks so much kelly ;) hoping all works out like you said." ... written by k
Thanks Kelly. I appreciate your patience. My confusing love life... lol. Thank you for helping me figure it out and knowing whats going on with these guys. Your the best Kelly. Always right on the money in describing these men in my life and what they are wanting from me. Thank you!" ... written by beautifulmesss
She was spot on with things she knew about a couple passed loved ones - she is amazing - i'm so looking forward to the things she told me about :)" ... written by Pam
Thanks for waiting for me kelly, great reading. Much love." ... written by k
Thank you Kelly, you helped me get a better understanding on my love life, I will be patient and see what the new year brings me." ... written by shantaasha
She is amazing. Gave me amazing information about so many things.. we covered so much in the reading. " ... written by Saanya
Kelly that was probably the reading i needed the most. Needed it so much. " ... written by Beautifulmesss
I came back to Kelly today because EVERYTHING she mentioned in my last reading has come true. Even down to "something with my car." I found out I have a problem with my car that Kelly warned me was going to happen. I'm so thankful that I know I have someone I can trust to do my readings accurately and with no judgement. Thanks for all that you do! ♥" ... written by Leslie
Kelly is always right on with predictions for me ... I trust her advice and although she may not think I am listening ... I am ... lol ... I promise kelly ... I know things will work out in the best way for me ... again I apologize for my sound issue, I hate that I cannot hear your voice it helps me to come in your room and just listen to you sometimes and I cannot even do that ... hopefully I will resolve this issue after the new year, I so look forward to our next reading, this woman is amazing!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Interesting. I hope she's correct. I certainly feel better after talking to Kelly. She seemed sincere and was easy to talk to." ... written by Deborah
She is just wonderful!" ... written by Jessie
Great reading kind consoling" ... written by bnjpangels
Kelly is so accurate! I will continue coming to her as the months go by. Thank you!" ... written by cherryblossom10
LOVED HER!! GREAT READING!! 10 STARS!!" ... written by Leaon123
kelly is amazing she gave me a better understanding of what i need to do and how to do it 5 stars kelly thanks xxxx" ... written by louise
Great reading." ... written by luckystars
She was fantastic. " ... written by lafleur0610
Absolutely amazing." ... written by sexy
Kelly great job, always passionate about her work, spot on, gives you lots of information, picks up on things really quickly doesn't sugar coat, straight to the point, always willing to help and support and she gave me lots of guidance getting me back on track, thanks so much Kelly, great reading, 10 stars, you should be number 1 well in my eyes you are! xxxxx" ... written by loobylou12
Wonderful, Honest, Warm , andamp; Caring ! " ... written by jamie-ann garrison
Amazing Reading. Will come back to update you soon!" ... written by Raphael
Kelly is always the best!" ... written by Ace of Cupss
Thanks Kelly .. I was really needing this chat today .. I am moving on .. It's difficult some days but knowing you are here to tell me all things will work out as I want them to in my life .. You know my story and really helped me along the way .. Thank you kelly .. So glad you are here for this turning point in my life" ... written by Beautifulmes
Kelly, you've saved my sanity once again. Thank you xx" ... written by Ace of Cupss
awesome! highly recommeded. " ... written by Tiffany
Kelly hits it spot on every time. She is absolutely wonderful." ... written by Vickie
What a pity we ran out of time. This lady is truly gifted." ... written by Lily
Great, thanks so much for the support, Kelly has a heart of gold always willing to help and gives me a better understanding of things. She breaks things down for me, thanks so much Kelly, 10 stars!" ... written by louise
Amazing, I will wait to see how it turns out" ... written by Sandra Humphreys
She is a beautiful person and very gifted......:) I will be calling her again... Thanks Kelly so much! Your wonderful" ... written by Jan
Thanks Kelly for the guidance!" ... written by diana
Excellent - very accurate. Will be back!" ... written by emca855
Beautiful!" ... written by shirley
She is truly divine and angelic! I felt all her positive energy even when the reading confirmed some of my fears, I left feeling wonderful! Thank you!" ... written by Fiona
Very good and accurate!" ... written by thank you
Great reading experience… Kelly gave her answer fast and I could totally relate to what she had to say. " ... written by phn
Wow, You are soooo amazing! You made me tear up! God bless you and your kindness!! She is soooo good people!!!" ... written by Nva123
Thanks so much for helping me out and helping me understand things differently. You're amazing, such a huge heart you've got a great gift always willing to help thanks so much xx" ... written by louise
Good!" ... written by Beth
Excellent, thank you!" ... written by nadine
Kelly is so great! She's been on point for the past few months so I always come back. Thanks :-)" ... written by cherryblossom10
Great, so genuine and accurate, will definitely return for update." ... written by silver
Kelly is the real deal... she is truly amazing!!" ... written by Artisa
Love her! " ... written by jacqueline ezell
Thanks, you're so awesome!!" ... written by elizzalicious
Thanks for the reading Kelly! Will keep you posted on how things work out! xx" ... written by Heartnsoul
Great reading!" ... written by Bonnie
Thank you so much Kelly. Great reading with my sister who has passed. I know things will be ok - and I feel much less anxious. Thank you for bringing her through to me. " ... written by Ahz
Very good and insightful reading. I recommend her highly." ... written by itwillbeok
5 stars as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kcw1433
Lovely, compationate, will definitely do a private again. Thank you so much for you words and wisdom." ... written by familygirl
thank you so much! " ... written by jean
She was such a big help, knew things only I knew..." ... written by Suz
Excellent, insightful." ... written by curi333
Kellys is the best reader on Oranum. She hits the nail on the head with me every time...she knows exactly what's going on and is always honest. She is a blessing in my life and is helping me improve myself and my life one step at a time. I know I will get to where I am supposed to be with Kellys' advice. I appreciate her listening to the same old story time after time, but it's been a process for me. Thanks for being here Kelly your an amazing person and reader, truly a gift to all who read with you." ... written by beautifulmesss
Very helpful and always very kind. Thank you for explaining things Kelly. :-)" ... written by rose423
very good thank you " ... written by stars 456
She's awesome!!" ... written by Zeigen
I've had several readings with Kelly and I always come back because she is extremely accurate! Her energy is very positive and she's so encouraging even if there is "bad" news coming up." ... written by cherryblossom10
She is good!" ... written by Henry
She was fun! Try her out!" ... written by chuck
wow spot on amazing reading ty" ... written by bellavitaxoxo
Wonderful reading will defiantly be back" ... written by devene page baca
Kelly is spot on - awesome :)" ... written by Cher
This lady is wonderful she's always spot on great gift. She has always patient and understanding gives you lots of information, she has a huge heart always willing to help and does a great job. Proud of you, you're amazing, thanks so much. On point 100% you wont be disappointment, great at her job, she puts you at ease she has great energy and always willing to help. Amazing person, keep it going, you're doing great xxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by loobylou12
Thank you for the reading :) You gave a lot of information. :)" ... written by Sonia
Thanks, you described exactly some of the things he said to me sat night, ... he knows I am changing .... he told me I looked great ... he was proud of me being successful in my business ... I will continue to get stronger .. thanks Kelly .. I'm doing great because of your help. " ... written by Beautifulmesss
I hope it comes to pass." ... written by frmwithin
Amazing! Absolutely 100%!" ... written by Alan
WOW! Kelly knew things that only I knew. She even described a fire, deaths etc. She truly has vision.. She had names dates, details that were amazing. Please, if you need information or a connection, go to Kelly!" ... written by kcw1433
She is amazing! Did a great job. " ... written by Nastassja
Kelly has a wonderful gift!!! She is very connected 8) Lovely person both inside and out!! Thank u so very much Kelly for the beautiful reading!!! Many Blessings!!! XOXO" ... written by LibraDagon11
Awesome awesome amazing" ... written by AceOfCupss
She's good!" ... written by Jason
Great reading, thank you!" ... written by Polly
She's awesome!" ... written by Nicky
Amazing!" ... written by meshana3
Helpful." ... written by angela
She is good .... I really enjoyed talking with her today.... thank you so much .... you were more help than you know ...thanks." ... written by Danielle
I thought Kelly was right on with everything she said. All my feelings were confirmed with what she said. My dad coming through was the best part of the reading. Thanks Kelly." ... written by Pamela
Thanks so much! You were so so very helpful! Wow!! I appreciate your time and help!" ... written by E
Awesome, really genuine and accurate. She is best here." ... written by silver
She is absolutely wonderful. Gives amazing advice, very calming and always willing to help :) " ... written by Saanya
I love her to death!!!!" ... written by angela
Very in tune and accurate!! I will see how things unfold. So sweet and comforting! Thank you! " ... written by woah
She is awesome! Really helpful!" ... written by Lou
AWESOME!!" ... written by Christine
TY Kelly .. apparently im still haveing some pc issues.. but i can hear!!!.. ty so much .. i always know what u say will come to furition so ,so thankx for getting me prepared .. it always happens nice to be ready for it .. ty ty ty!.. shes one amazing psychic" ... written by beautifulmesss
she is wonderful, so honest, thank you so much!" ... written by jazzychic7
She was very honesty and genuine. I enjoyed my reading with her.... would totally consult her again! " ... written by Maria
Thanks Kelly!" ... written by shira
My first reading with Kelly and I am thoroughly impressed! She genuinely uses her psychic abilities and gives accurate information/predictions! Thank you so much Kelly!" ... written by Lauren
Once again Kelly picked up on me fast, names and events ,amazing!" ... written by kcw1433
Very informative" ... written by KATHY
GREAT AS EVER!!!" ... written by Bridgette
She is my favorite" ... written by angela
Excellent reading, connected quickly and very intuitive!" ... written by denise
She is point on I feel that she does have a great gift! Thank You Kelly!" ... written by Lynn
Amazing." ... written by momota
Thanks Kelly. I will be back to let you know what's going on. I guess since you said yes it will happen I will get a bath. lol " ... written by Beautifulmesss
Kelly is very good and picked up on what I really needed to hear. She is worth every penny that I spent." ... written by Harold
Kelly, it's been awhile since we have had a reading together. I have missed your intuition and guidance. Thank you for sharing your time and gifts." ... written by east
Excellent insight!" ... written by Noturmama
Very good, quick answers with good details and insight. I hope it all happens as you see it. I love him and want to spend my life with him. I enjoyed the reading and it felt like you were very confident in the things you told me which helps reassure me that we are on the right path. Very, very good!!!" ... written by Jennifer
Fantastic as usual." ... written by kcw1433
Thank you you very much for the reading, was very insightful and quick. Highly recommended. " ... written by Jerin2000
The best on ORANUM, seriously! :)" ... written by lonelybaby
A truly gifted and wonderful person! " ... written by kcw1433
She's very soft spoken and has a great energy about her. She could sense my emotions and was spot on with that. She was able to mention a certain event... I will definitely come back to her." ... written by BP
Wonderful reading, will deff have another one soon! I loved, her she is amazing !" ... written by molina631
great reading thanks" ... written by jules
Great." ... written by dan
Kelly has been phenomenal at predictions for me .. I couldn't even begin to post all that has happened .. that shes predicted for me ... I am doing great ... and I will always come to Kelly for advice she has been incredibly accurate with me and helped me come to a place I never thought id be in .. feeling good abt me and my future .. thanks Kelly " ... written by beautifulmesss
wow! she is so amazing, she connected with my father and brother who passed away. she even told me their names and how did they passed away. gave me such a good advice that inspires me as well." ... written by Rii507
Very nice lady. Very sweet. Did cards for guidance and gave a reading. Brought out some accurate details about the situation and provided guidance." ... written by Theresa
Thank you." ... written by Moon River
I feel releaf! Thank you! :))" ... written by edel95
love kelly! thanks!" ... written by Shira
Great as usual, Kelly is amazing in what she can see and do!" ... written by kcw1433
Thanks kelly..she was kind and fast :) )" ... written by sin
Kelly is Awesome, so fast and accurate always spot on I don't even have to say a word she just picks up on everything...5 stars" ... written by paul
Thanks Kelly Great as always! Very spot on!!" ... written by M
she was awesome! def get a reading.. " ... written by Amanda
So great. So much information. Wonderful medium. Thank you so much!!!!" ... written by Ahz
thank you you are great! xox" ... written by heather
Kelly is SO UPLIFTING!" ... written by Summer84
She is the best" ... written by itwillbeok
Thanks Kel... I u know I take your advice seriously and I believe u are 100 % correct in our reading today ..will keep u updated " ... written by beautifulmesss
Just needed clarification to difficult decisions I have to make and Kelly gave a straight forward answer. Thanks Kelly" ... written by Callie44
Quick answers and good details and information. It's always a pleasure to read with Kelly." ... written by Jennifer
Thanks Kelly I needed that I was expecting the worse .. after last night ... im doing well ... he just gets under my skin your are my savior and u keep me sane I know there is something here with him .. and I wouldn't have come this far wout your help ... many many thanks !!!!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
thank you" ... written by loving08
Thank you very much. Your pretty spot on. I would recommend to everyone to get a reading." ... written by angloThai
thank you so much!" ... written by unknown
wonderful, insightful lady...she is the real deal" ... written by three yorkies
Very quick and honest! Highly recommended :)" ... written by Mona
Great Great Great!!! " ... written by Beth
Hopeful that it will all come true." ... written by Sharlene
Kelly is awesome! Pretty much everything she predicts for me always comes true and that's why I always come back. Love her!" ... written by cherryblossom10
great vision, a true friend" ... written by kcw1433
she is the best she is so real both as a psychic and as a person. " ... written by robin
When I SPOKE to Kelly sometime she mentioned in four days or four weeks will meet someone. Guess what in four days met someone - Kelly your brilliant and will update you on further news. " ... written by erini
Wonderful energy and so very kind. Kelly gave me a lot of great advice and hope. I look forward to her predictions coming true. I enjoyed the reading. Thank you!" ... written by oceantide
AWESOME" ... written by DIAMOND
Great. PIcks ups on whats going on so quickly and clearly." ... written by EM
Seems amazingly on the spot!" ... written by frenkie999
Wow! It was a interesting reading!" ... written by Azareya
Was able to connect with a loved one that has passed and was able to present with all kinds of messages that was very relevant. Such a blessed reading." ... written by Melissa
Absolutely best reading.....nailed everything going on in my life. Was able to connect with my Grandfather who has passed, as well as spoke of things to come in my near future. " ... written by Melissa
ty Kelly .. your predictions have always been right on for me so i know its coming without a daubt ..but it's the waiting that is so hard .. ty for caring and helping me stay on my path .. HAPPY EASTER!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Thanks Kelly I was feeling a bit low but I know it will pass I needed your reminder that I need to keep working on me and moving forward .. I know all is well .. as always thank you so much for you warm and caring heart .. helps in more ways than u can imagine " ... written by beautifulmesss
nice reading" ... written by -
Kelly you are so amazing...thank you soo much!! i cant even believe so happy and humbled!! xoxo" ... written by heather
She's the real deal" ... written by Yb4real
Very, very intuitive - and she was able to glean a lot of information from me. Also, very empathetic and easy to interact with :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
I appreciate your words with me." ... written by Dopplersonograph
good connection" ... written by s
Always a pleasure - very helpful and very accurate." ... written by Melissa
Very detailed information. Special gift. Thank you.. " ... written by Summer
Thank you Kelly so much for u r insight and guidance! I truly appreciate it and value it! xoxo" ... written by heather
There nothing I can say other than Kelley is "GIFTED"!" ... written by Mariasheart
fantastic as usual" ... written by k
Kelly gave me an amazing reading and is a great friend. I will be back to update :)" ... written by leebee4
TY Kelly .. u have really been my rock I AM SO glad I decided to talk w u today .. I know things will turn out the way god wants them too and in his time and I am growing stronger each day making better decisions .. thanks to you for being here when no one else gets it .. lots of love Kel!!!!" ... written by bauifulmesss
Always spot on -- the best!" ... written by Melissa
a great friend and reader , has insight many don't, a must go to" ... written by k
Thank you Kelly, a great read." ... written by Jason
Kelly amazes me, she is truly gifted. I love her chat, I sit and listen in her room because of her energy and the way she interacts with people. Thank you Kelly!" ... written by Beth
Quite good connection. Will see how things progress" ... written by M
this woman has been a godsend to me .. I just love her .. and get a bit anxious when I don't get to talk to her ... but I just keep remembering what she has told me and I can use all those things in my life to get stronger ... her accuracy is incredible !!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
She is just awsome.... She is really hitting straight to the point with a lot. And she also have make me woow. She descriped my family on the other side and so much more and its not possible if she didnt have a gift. Also I liked the honesty when she couldt get a clear answear on one issue. Thank yu so much, Lots of love" ... written by Jeanette
everything is happening the way Kelly said it would .. this has been and is still a work in progress .. but its happening .. Kelly has not always told me what I wanted to hear but HAS ALWAYS told me what I needed to hear .. there was a time it felt impossible to believe .. what she was telling me was going to happen... .. but it is happening ..with her help I am making all the right moves. TRUST her she is phenominal .. shes been my reader for a year now and I am so grateful I found her .. a million stars and a million Thanks Kelly!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
She is was spot on with my situation and feelings, woww. She is amazing, gave me great advise and I'll def take it and do what she told me to. Thank you so much Kelly. " ... written by sweet84
Kelly is awsome...thank you Kelly. I will keep you posted. Youre usually always right and very compassionate. Appreciate your love and words. God bless you xx" ... written by Globe
as usual great. calmed me down that all will be ok. thank you" ... written by erini
Kelly is such a lovely person, she was 110% accurate! " ... written by Rae
oh my god Kelly picked up on things I didn't think she would. just amazing thats all i can say." ... written by jessica
always a beam of light and clarity!" ... written by mariasheart
she makes u at ease and told me insight on my situation...thank you" ... written by amoura88
i love kelly. i know her now a few months and she has always been a great person to me. she is amazing and she always gives the best readings!" ... written by 123youandme123
Very good reading..I must say i was few times in her room and then i decided to take her priv..she is very good...and something about her..very positive.thank You" ... written by md3311
kelly is bleeding amazing, what more can i say? thank you kelly for everything. you are top notch! xx is bréa liom Kelly :) ( I love kelly in Irish) xx" ... written by 123youandme123
She was great, and so kind and caring. She connected with the cards quickly and shared information from my loved ones who have passed. The information she shared with me was spot on. She is truly a gift from heaven. ♥♥" ... written by LunaBear
Great reading! Confirmed what I was thinking" ... written by anna
Thank you so much!!! Fantastic!!!" ... written by Ashleigh
Kelly is an amazing person! She was right on in my reading and so easy to talk to. Thank you Kelly for blessing me today with your wonderful messages." ... written by Melinda
Good reading, nice details. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but she told me the truth in a kind way." ... written by Jennifer
ty Kelly I feel much better after our readings knowing things are still in progress.. although it dosent always feel as though its happening as fast as id like it too u reassure me its happening .. very consistent and through in her readings .. ty once again u help me ground myself .. everything will be fine!.. ty!!!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
excited about her visions...seem totally accurate without me giving her any info. :-)" ... written by pink
Kelly is always very accurate, picks up on everything, genuine, kind...I love her to pieces. Thank you Kelly! xxx" ... written by Globe
Great reading and got lots of new information. Would visit again. thanks hon :)" ... written by Jacqueline
thank you ! I know their wasn't too much time !" ... written by star
So accurate, so comforting, I can't imagine going to anyone else" ... written by rae
She is fabulous.. very each going, helpful and very accurate at predicting events. " ... written by Saanya
Accurate" ... written by Rae Payne
beautiful lady, inspirational and up lifting" ... written by beth
such a kind and caring person, sees what others cannot" ... written by k
She is amazing, brilliant, and answered all my questions. She is a very caring person and honest. 10 stars. Thank you so much Kelly. God bless" ... written by sweet
Great! love her." ... written by April
good " ... written by jenny
Kelly is AMAZING, love her, she is well worth every cent!" ... written by wingy
Always looks out for my best interest and has always been so accurate in all aspects of my readings she has provided." ... written by Angel
truthful and great to talk to. she really knows what shes doing also mentioned things that i didnt even mention to her shes fantastic. " ... written by dee
Thank you! I will keep you posted! xoxo" ... written by heather
ty kelly as always u r right in how im feeling and what I feel I need to do ... its been on my mind way too much and a decision has to be made .. ty for caring .. " ... written by beautiulmesss
I have been coming to Kelly to assist me with all facets of my life. She is truly been great for me and guiding me. Not only has she been a medium, but she has also been able to assist me in my career. AWESOME!!" ... written by Angel
Such a great reading thank you for the clarity with a very very stressful situation" ... written by Denise
fantastic" ... written by prosper
another great reading. Thank you Kelly you always make me smile" ... written by androsea
Great Reading, very consistent with my other fav psychic :) " ... written by J
she is always so right her advice is priceless to me !" ... written by beautifulmesss
You're amazing, Great reading!" ... written by familyhelper
Kelly is wonderful. Shes been consistently accurate to me since last year, and she picks up on every detail. Shes also been an incredible mentor to me spiritually. Im thankful to God for having her - shes a blessing to me and others...Love to you Kelly dear xxx" ... written by Susan
kelly is amazing she got in touch with a loved one that passed when i was very young. she knew things i didnt even tell her and both of them said the same opinion when i asked questions about certain things. thank you kelly your sun moon and every stars :)" ... written by dee
thank you kelly and her spirit.. she can really tells you what you need to know.. god bless her." ... written by hermes starr
Reading was very good as always." ... written by Lou
Kelly is just Amazing, she is just a total package. I understand not all the information makes sense at this time. I'm excited to see what the next few months have in store and how it will relate. Thank you!" ... written by Beth
she is a amazing reader." ... written by jared
very good. I will be back." ... written by Raven
all my love for this women!" ... written by Mariaheart
As always, a wonderful reading!" ... written by cherryblossom10
she really is beautiful and amazing thank you so much for everything sun moon and stars all the way!" ... written by dee
kelly is amazing and spot on in every reading. She is the only one on here i 100% trust with her readings. she honest and accurate like throwing a dart and hitting in dead center. thank you kelly always will be coming back and enjoy your readings and energy." ... written by dee
Helpful and concise" ... written by Robyn
thank you so much!!! i appreciate everything!" ... written by l
Thanskyou!! " ... written by heather
thank you have been really insightful and always right on!" ... written by l
She is great and made me undertsand and feel better" ... written by melanie
thank you so much kelly. your readings are amazing and top notch. your the only one i trust on here because you tell the truth and accurate thank you so much sun moon and stars for you!" ... written by d
great reading again" ... written by didi
great reading!! super fast and to the point - full of positivity! thank you so much!" ... written by alee
Concise, compassionate, accurate." ... written by Robyn
Thank you Kelly...reading consistent as usual :) Love to you xxx" ... written by G
she is very sweet, she felt my pain so completely of the loss of my Fernando, wonderful husband. thank you. please email me if possiable any info please tell Fernando I love him." ... written by teresa
Wow...she is truly amazing! Love Kelly..she is on point and accurate in everything! Try her..she is awesome!" ... written by ---d---
seems to know what shes talking about" ... written by katie
good reader. I am impressed." ... written by j
Awesome medium and advisor... really appreciate your connection with my loved ones as well!! thanks so much! " ... written by Lynda22
great reader. i am amazed. i will come back for sure. i highly recommend" ... written by didi
very good reading thank you :)" ... written by libsta
she doesn't remember readings which is great. I love her energy, she picks and connects to my situation and feelings quite instantly and expresses exactly as answers manifest. Pretty cool reading. :)" ... written by angelz2
Thank you! my heart feels lighter. " ... written by Beth
Very good and insightful reading as always. Truly appreciated." ... written by itwillbeok
right on Kelly! love ya!" ... written by ash
Absolutely Amazing!! Will be contacting again soon. Kelly you really did nail it and thank you so much for letting me know they are okay and that I love them each day. Also, thank you for letting me know about Brian. I will be talking with you soon and anyone who needs a true honest gifted person to speak with and find answers, look no further, Kelly is the one!! Big hugs for everything. Ps. My mother has a white umbrella cockatoo maybe that is the bird." ... written by Vanessa
mercury retrograde is a bad time but her guidance was good" ... written by renee
another great reading. thanks Kelly" ... written by deodora
Excellent as always" ... written by Robyn
wonderful, very very accurate.." ... written by empress
Ty Kelly I need my weekly Kelly Fix.. nice to know whats coming up and that thibgs are still on the right track .. thanks for always being here when I need a talk or some reassurance .. LYL!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Excellent reading. right on target. Will definitely have anohter reading from her in the future" ... written by kk
Kelly has always been right on...her prediction for me last time came to pass..she always amazes me. Thank you." ... written by ash
Always outstanding! oxooxx" ... written by donna
On point quick and on fire wow! thank you!" ... written by myself
is abousultely amazing!!!" ... written by Alicia
Very quick and to the point! Amazing reading." ... written by Mimi
Hi Kelly...thank you are always spot on." ... written by ash
Kelly is so reassuring and not only that I completely trust her to tell me what I need to hear at the moment .. she has truly helped me in so many way .. im staying in a good place and I know good changes and happiness are coming .. thanks Kelly for always being willing to listen to my same ol story I cld post numerous things here she has told me that have happened .. it would take up a lot of space .. but I will share my story one day and how listening to Kelly has gotten me where I want to be .. LYL!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Kelly was great, picks up on lots of detail!" ... written by donna
Thank you kelly your amazing :) ♥ will keep u updated" ... written by Libra26
awesome awesome awesome reading ... what can I say Kelly makes me feel so optimistic she has been predicting events in my life for quite awhile we knew it was gonna take awhile but whats crazy the time frame she predicted over a year ago is actually coming to pass .. I don't know why im saying actually .. cuz shes the bomb!! so grateful " ... written by beautulmesss
thank you Kelly for helping and clarifying things for me. " ... written by ash
Thank you so much, Kelly! You are always helpful to me." ... written by Ash
She is amazing. I am still in shock over the details. I can't wait to see how things play out!" ... written by Amy
amazing as per usual!" ... written by 123
thank you s much kelly for your insights." ... written by k
She was very good and accurate.. i really enjoyed this reading" ... written by Chris
Lovely lady, great reading.. Solid insights and advice. Very special and glad I spent the time with her. xx" ... written by Angel Visions
Kelly is such a positive soul and i wish i were more like that. i worry too much but she gave me some great insight and i am following my heart. and i wish everyone could because even though it is tough at first it is for the better. Thank you for being so positive Kelly and so good at what you do. I will let you know how things developed! Bless you bless you bless you" ... written by didi
Amazing and comforting" ... written by AB
Great as always..." ... written by Angel
Kelly is so accurate and connects extremely well! And, understood my situations.. makes me Feel very inspired.Thanks Kelly!" ... written by Lynda22
another great reading. it's amazing how your guides and angels pick up on my energy! will let you know what happens…" ... written by didi
NICE READING" ... written by Greentead
Amazingly accurate...I got clarity!" ... written by ...
Thank you so much, Kelly. you are very prompt in your responses. I appreciate it very much. I will keep you posted. :-)" ... written by ash
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it! I will let you know the outcomes!" ... written by Swede
really good told me things that i dont know about yet but she said they will make sense to me withen a few months time..thanks :)" ... written by amoura88
WOW what a journey ive been on with Kelly .. she has led me to a place .. I never knew I cld be in ... felling in control finally .. not of the outcome but of my life and what I want and need frm other ppl and not settling .. she has been so accurate with me its just incredible I trust her and always follow her advice you should too .. LYL Kelly " ... written by beautifulmesss
thank you. it was a great reading. she was very fast at connecting and got straight to the point. no sugar coating and very genuine. highly recommend her :) " ... written by a
wonderful reading, very precise and honest." ... written by ammer
fantastic connection" ... written by bnjpangels
thanks so much Kelly! You are always on point!" ... written by ash
wish I had meet you before!!! reading went too fast. Kelly has a kind and gentle spirit and is a lovely person. Thank you xxxxx" ... written by idastar
She was straight to the point and precise " ... written by hope
ty Kelly I needed a reminder im doing the right things .. I do feel things are progressing and we r on track .. ty so much always for your support and encouragement .. LYL u know I think your the best !" ... written by beautifulmesss
Another amazing reading from Kelly. Thank you very much! " ... written by Leonora
Very good and gifted reader. Will be back!!" ... written by celticfreckles
Kelly is amazing! This is my third reading with her. She was pretty spot on the past two times. And she picked up on my situation immediately. I love talking to her because she's very warm and understanding. She brings clarity and takes the time to answer all my questions and concerns. One of the best on Oranum!" ... written by Mimi
always a beacon of light in the midst of my darkness...." ... written by maria
Sincere lady" ... written by Londo
Kelly is amazing she brought my father up. I didn't expect it." ... written by bnjpangells
my dreams told me to contact her so I did. Such a gentle soul and wonderful at what she does. There is a reason she is always busy with private readings. She is beautiful inside and out. I was blessed to get a reading from her. I will be back." ... written by Katie
I've been waiting for days to get a reading from Kelly. Thanks so much for your insight and advice!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Wow thank you so much! Yu saw everything!! " ... written by heather
Honest, open, caring and kind, thanks so much Kelly. xxx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
Wow you are amazing!" ... written by ash
a real person , a real friend" ... written by kcw
I just love her and that she really wants to help .. I am getting the message loud and clear .. its tough but I can do this and I will be OK!" ... written by beautifulmesss
always love Kelly!" ... written by Katie
Kelly picks right up on everything im goping thru how im feeling .. how hes feeling .. it amazes me .. she just knows " ... written by beautifulmesss
thank you. needed the reassurance." ... written by leodragon
Amazing reading. I must say very different than i have gotten on here and the connection was great and all she told me was right on point and confirmed the way i was feeling." ... written by Koel
I had tears at the end of our reading, she guided me to what I felt was coming and how to keep what I love." ... written by Barbara
Very accurate. Hadn't given much details anyway! Great reading" ... written by HC
ty Kelly .. ok that was my last reading on the subject.. from now on its general and whatever spirit wants me to know .. I trust things will only get better from here .. ty so much for your encouragement and guidance .. LYL /Geri" ... written by beautifulmesss
Thanks Kelly for your help!" ... written by Swede
ty so much Kelly .. I have been wanting to talk to u abt that for such a long time but was too focused on other things .. :/ .. im excited to start soething new in my life .. with your help I feel all is possible " ... written by Beautifulmesss
Kelly is amazing…she is a gift. I have come to peace with a situation that hurt so bad and needed guidance. I began to follow things through and I hope to see what comes of it..time will tell:)" ... written by Barbara
she don't tell you what you need to hear ever ......the best here for me" ... written by ona
beautiful, uplifting and light. I recommend KellysVisions" ... written by akushi angel
Kelly has soothed my mind. I was getting so sad and she just helped me calm down. Thank you" ... written by Leila
Kelly is a blessed person ..... and her readings are so accuret" ... written by one
You are what I needed to push me over to the BELIEF side and finally ask God and then let go. I have been trying and I will keep talking to God and praying everyday. You are the Best Kelly. Thank you so much for giving me all they have said. Only the truth here and she won't give you anything fake, only what she is told by spirit." ... written by Ll
the truth hurts but is better then lies and wait forever for something to happen then never happens Kelly tells it like it is" ... written by el
She connected with my loved ones who have passed right away!! shes awesome and genuine! Thank you Kelly!" ... written by a
Thank you so much Kelly." ... written by k
Thank you as always Kelly. I really value your insight and kindness. " ... written by Idastar
so much information im glad I tape my readings Kelly is so awesome she has your best interest at heart .. and prepares you for the good and the bad .. I sure miss her when she gone for more than a few days .. thanks for your advice and guidance .. it is so valuable .. ty ty Kelly as always LYL" ... written by beautifulmesss
kelly is great - she is so fast at connecting and she is my go-to person when it comes to relationship readings. she is very sincere and honest with the information she channels as well. i highly recommend her to everyone :)" ... written by a
Sounds like all is well .. she picked up on a lot going on around me .. impressive as always .. things to look forward too .. im excited .. tyty " ... written by Beautifulmesss
thank you so much kelly. will let you know what happens ;) so excited." ... written by k
I had to come back for more .. Kelly helps me in so many ways .. I really depend on her advice and guidance .. she is an incredible person and psychic medium.. mentor,, therapist .. im so happy she is in my life" ... written by Beautifulmesss
She has amazing insight. She is fast, accurate, honest, understanding, connects quickly, and is very sweet and genuine!! Thanks!" ... written by Lovemyboys
Hi kelly - thank you for the reading and clarification...I will still keep looking and update you. " ... written by ash
great love her" ... written by robin
Awesome reading as always. she only tells the truth. will come back again for updates!. " ... written by hermestarr
Awesome she is really talking to my family. fantastic" ... written by bnjpangels
Thanks so much for your help!! Kelly got a prediction right from a past reading about an interview that I would be called for that I applied to about a month ago that I forgot about. I got called for it and now just waiting for the job offer! Kelly has also been correct on a relationship situation as well! Kelly is the best!!" ... written by Swede
Very informative. Thank u." ... written by Star
TY Kelly u lifted my spirits again ... I sometimes just need to feel your positivity it really helps me a lot ... all is well ... you have helped me in so many ways .. love to you always !" ... written by beautifulmesss
thank you kelly for helping me, i really appreciate the advice" ... written by linda
she is wonderful. spot on. gave me exactly what i needed. thank u kelly thank u for using your gifts to help those of us that needs uplifting. " ... written by brenda
Great reading.. Honest andamp; Sincere. Thank you." ... written by Wise
She picked up fast and was very accurate. LOVELY reader" ... written by Laughinglight
Amazing!!! quite spot on! and made me think about questions i already had on my mind; i was blown away! :)" ... written by vfr
good info came up in the reading" ... written by lovelylady
thanks so much kelly" ... written by k
Thanks Kelly for your help, you are excellent!" ... written by Swede
She Is Great " ... written by Nessa
I appreciate your advice and keeping my best interest at heart. great reading!" ... written by b.widow
great reader picks up on a lot of info will return" ... written by koel
She's honest and intuitive!!" ... written by Kai 1111
very good! I recommend her to anyone!" ... written by Kyla
Another great reading" ... written by Diana
This was my first time with Kelly and she is amazing!!! So glad to have met and read with her. She is a blessing. xoxo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
I just love talking to Kelly .. I had to tell her abt something t.. hat's been going on with me for abt a month ,, some very froggy things :) Kelly has been a tremendouis help to me .. I am feeling at peace .. and happy with my life .. shes become someone I trust and respect very much .. ty so much for always being there to listen even when I just need to chat .. tyty" ... written by beautifulmesss
Hi Kelly - your prediction for me came true from the last reading you gave just wasn't in my favor. I will work more on my spiritual level..thank you for guiding me." ... written by lk
She is awesome and amazing!!" ... written by MaryAnn
Lovely lady lifted my sprits thank you " ... written by Lizzy
very good" ... written by stars
SPOT ON! I Will be back for sure..... " ... written by Delvoria
amazing intuition and detail amazing connections and predictions" ... written by bnjpangels
amazing ! highly recommended even if i didn't like the truth! " ... written by n
TY Kelly ... im gonna work hard at releasing all this and working on opening up to new things .. in my head its easy .. my heart is a bit resistant .. ty so much for your time and advice always worth a million bucks!! " ... written by beautifulmesss
I felt the reading to be accurate and so much of what Kelly said was pretty positive, so I am looking forward to a positive outcome. Overall, a good reading:)))" ... written by Larimar Gem
As always she leaves me speechless with her accuracy " ... written by z
ty Kelly I will follow your advice .. ty so much I am so grateful will talk to u soon" ... written by penny/beautifulmesss
thank you so much kelly ;) waiting for it to happen and i will definitely do that release. will let you know again" ... written by k
Good good reading! Good advice!" ... written by Rigo
helpful as always thank you kelly. You are a bright star in the sky of doubts. Your level headed guidance is a tonic. Thank you my dear xxxx" ... written by idastar
thank you for the update, Kelly! I will keep you posted and let you know when prediction come to pass." ... written by adsf
fantastic reader, connects with my sister and mom well amazing connection told me so much" ... written by bnjpangels
Thanks Kelly. Don't what to say other than you are amazing, so gifted and a wonderful person. Sincerely," ... written by familyhelper
Very helpful reading. I do need some healing thank you Kelly. God Bless you" ... written by Diana
I sooo needed this talk today ... she is so uplifting and reassuruing and reminding me to stay grateful even when things don't seem to be forthcoming .. ty sooooo much for being here for me always ... im feeling much more relaxed already after talking to you .. ty ty ty for restoring my peace... LYL!" ... written by beautifulmesss
as always she is amazing" ... written by brenda
thank you kelly. i enjoy our readings a lot and you've helped me out." ... written by luxxicon
thankds" ... written by steven
Kelly is truth. If you are hesitant in talking to her, don't be. So many things that she has seen have come true. Things that I thought were improbable were absolutely accurate! Please, if you have questions, talk to Kelly. She has the answers!!! Thank you Kelly!" ... written by Optomystic!
Kelly was extremely nice and started picking up details from the start" ... written by Virgo
Just had a reading with Kelly, but it didn't prompt me to leave feedback. Kelly is absolutely an amazing reader. She picks up on things that will shock you, but relieve you at the same time. She is warm and caring, compassionate and understanding when she delivers her messages. She is truly a gifted individual and we are blessed that she shares her gifts with us all. Thank you, Kelly. You have given me the inspiration to stay on the path I have chosen now knowing that it is the right path, and that the dark days will turn to light, my family will be okay, and life will be happy. Many blessings to you, and much love..." ... written by FAMILYHELPER
Wow, fast and lovely. Amazing" ... written by A
Love her, she is great :)" ... written by Marianne
Spot on! will come back " ... written by Maria
Thanks for the help and calming my anxiety on a situation, I appreciate your help!" ... written by Swede
Really good! The only reason I gave four stars was because she was off about some of the things, but once I we got the ball rolling I really didn't have to say much else. She knew automatically." ... written by Kandice
She's great!" ... written by na
shes right AGAIN! she is a wonderful person and has helpoed me in ways u cant imagine .. im lucky to have her in my life ...LYL" ... written by beautifulmesss
Thank you! " ... written by hermestarr
She told me to pray and be patient ..." ... written by lavanya
Quick to connect with spirit to receive positive answers" ... written by LARGETOWNUSA
WOW .. funny how all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together .. the whole process has been one of lessons and healing so things can flow .. Kelly has really helped me with this ..and is always so right on... good things are coming!! LYL Kelly" ... written by beautifulmesss
Thank you Kelly for the Reading it was wonderful! Happy Holidays!" ... written by happy4you
Had to have my Christmas reading .. wonderful as always !!! LYL!!!!!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
She is simply a true angel, omg she picked up so much on my situation without me saying a word!!!!! Truly amazing, thank you so much Kelly. " ... written by sweet
Interesting reading time will tell x" ... written by Redhairdedgirl
Kelly is so kind and insightful. Amazing reading. Tuned right in straight away xx" ... written by LilyAnne
Great reading. Thank you Kelly." ... written by Dolly
Very quick connexion and straight answers. Thank you." ... written by Myriam
She really reminds me to stay in a positive place ,, and some days I really need that .. she can def sense my energy and ppl around me .. I don't know what id do without her .. shes my therapist.. friend.. and I trust her completely .. ty Kelly as always LYL!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
she's fantastic" ... written by rosa
She is amazing. Simply amazing. She has this light inside of her that just makes you cheerful no matter what. She is just so positive and gifted, I always have an amazing experience when i talk to her. Plus she is sooooo accurate, everything she has told me in the past has come to pass, even things I thought were not possible. I just love the way she helps me out throughout the reading. Its not just about ur questions, She has so much more to give. I feel blessed to found her and have the means to talk with her. Kelly is the best psychic. Love and Blessings! " ... written by Ana
EXCELLENT!!!!!!" ... written by B
As always what i need she gives me the calming effect and guides me to the right path " ... written by z
love her! she's always so consistent and her predictions have come to pass in the past!" ... written by BP
Good." ... written by cletrel
i hope it happens! i'll keep you posted! thanks kelly x" ... written by luxxicon
Kelly is spot on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Kristina
Kelly is THE BEST! She has a gift and is a pleasure to speak to! She is kind and caring and amazingly accurate. I highly recommend a reading. You will not be disappointed." ... written by Amy
Will be waiting on her predictions! She's very fast and non-judgmental. She has a calming energy and is lovely to talk to." ... written by BP
Unreal, I don't know how she picked that up in the reading, but simply, amazing. My heart was beating so fast during the reading, my god, it's as if she was thinking what I was thinking. " ... written by R
quick clear and funny, made me laugh because she picked up on my type a personality." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
She was very helpful with things i wanted to know and accurate." ... written by Tina
The thing I love so much abt Kelly is she really helps you become stronger at first I am sure she wanted to strangle me ./.lol . but she has helped me in so many way and I am forever grateful .I am getting there more every day learning to cope with my struggles couldn't have done it wout her . love you Kel!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Excellent reader!" ... written by Noturmama
Thank you Kelly! you really told me what I need to hear and I feel like you are helping me. I will be back. I gave you no information in the beginning and you did great picking up on what was going on." ... written by ali23m
great reading as always!! x" ... written by vikki
She is amazing. Love our readings. She is always accurate. even when i thought she was saying something not very possible.. IT HAPPENED. she is an AMAZING psychic. detailed and cares about your interests. No sugar coating. Thanks Kelly you are truly the best!!! XOXOXO " ... written by Ana
thank you! kelly picked up the two situation i have asked her about concerning two different suitors in the love dept for me. i hope this all comes into fruition--i'm pretty darn excited and interested to see what happens!!!" ... written by luxxicon
She was awesome! very gentle and accurate. " ... written by jand777
Very accurate, i see what everyone is saying in the testimonials, with everything she said it was correct. No information given, just fully established a connection first and all the information she picked up on was accurate. I really needed some help with making a choice and required knowledge on the present to do so so this was very helpful! " ... written by Marissa
kelly is amazing. she picks up and connect very fast. she connected with someone in my life that had passed away and she was amazing. she is definitely someone you need to have a reading with!" ... written by BP
so amazingly on point and omg! i love having a reading with you. so right on! and gives me the strength to know that life is not always about rainbows and unicorns but i will get through to the light the right way! thank you so much you are so awesome!" ... written by mag
amazing! energy picked up right away" ... written by mag
Kelly was incredible. Love her. She's incredibly sweet and honest! Go check her out" ... written by Vickie
She's awesome. Picks up on things quickly, very accurate with little information provided." ... written by Robyn
wow she hit on some things I have not even thought about .. from my past things affecting me today ...not sure how she would know .. but she did .. thanks Kelly this helped me a lot .. LYL" ... written by beautifulmesss
Her intuitions always right! spot on. and always give good advise! thank you kelly!. will come back for more updates! " ... written by hermestarr
She is a good reader and got things without me telling her. She says things tactfully and honestly. I would definitely recommend her. Give her a try" ... written by Van Anh
brilliant and spot on" ... written by makjay
Hey Kelly, Thank you so much for your guidance, you are an amazing reader! u know ill be back i just love our readings! Very accurate! best psychic 100% " ... written by ana
Kelly is amazing.. her readings are so accurate and she will always try to help and guide on your best interest. she is the best psychic i had readings with. " ... written by Ana
holy cow what can i say she is awesome. its like having a direct line to spirit.. thanks kelly god bless" ... written by brenda
She is great! Lets see if predictions come true!" ... written by dina
this was an amazing reading. I am so grateful I came to her. her reviews don't lie. she is the best on here" ... written by tyler
Kelly is amazing, really on point with this reading and I needed to hear it xxxxxxx Thank you Kelly 1 million stars for you xxxxxxx" ... written by S
I JUST LOVE HER .. she has helped me find strength , and always been truthful with me , no matter what , I have learned how my energy attracts and repels things in my life .. she picks up my innermost feelings and knows what I am thinking and going thru , weve been reading tog for a long time , I wouldn't come back for as long as I have if I didn't think she was the best out there.. she knows more about me than anyone else in my life , I am so grateful for Kelly , try her you WILL NOT be disappointed " ... written by beautifulmesss
very good,,, She knew what was going on before I even said anything. She is so uplifting and caring. Can't ask for better. I have been on here a long time and she just was great." ... written by ss
AMAZING reader; accurate, kind, compassionate. A+" ... written by lotus
thanks Kelly u r always supportive and u always know what I want and need to hear .. I know all is well in my world even when I dwell on things I shouldn't .. ty for always being so patient and understanding .and guiding me to a better future . your the best!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Just had a reading with her. She is wonderful. lets see what happens" ... written by stargazer
wonderful advice" ... written by joanne
Kelly is the most amazing and accurate. She touches your heart and soul and gives you pure empowerment. I appreciate her so much." ... written by Meghan
She immediately picked up on the fact that I had surgery and the fact that my surgeon was unsure if the surgery would work or not... amazing!!!!!" ... written by Brianne
Very lovely, gentle soul. Connected well. Bless xx" ... written by twinsoul
Really lovely :) will come back when I can :)" ... written by Brianna
she was very good in the private reading. Knew things i did not say at all. I just said my name and thats it. Now I know I need to move on. Thank you Kelly" ... written by confused3330
Very genuine and gifted lady." ... written by MB2014
she is a beautiful soul" ... written by el
we lost signal or I would have continued much longer with this amazing lady. She picked up on things no one could have known. She connected with my late husband, and even spoke of his name! A gifted lady in every sense of the word. I will return to her for help and guidance thru my journey." ... written by three yorkies
Very accurate with her reading. Should definitely see her if you are struggling with a certain aspect in your life." ... written by Cinnadoll
she is great" ... written by erika
ty Kelly for the healing .. I KNOW I cant control everything .. I just want to help .. ty for the love I always feel when im around you .. sometimes im so focused on helping others I forget abt me .. ty for the reminder that I cannot control the decisions of others only myself .. ty ty ty ..LYL" ... written by beautifulmesss
She is wonderful, gives me hope :)" ... written by Caroline
very fast, and to the point" ... written by J
Wow plenty of details and was pretty spot on for most of my issues. Thanks a lot!" ... written by Mona
Kelly was amazing! Everything she said was accurate. I was scared about going into labor but now i feel completely assured that everything will be ok! She really gave me an impression of warmth, and knowledge. She mentioned my husband and daughter without me even saying anything. I know who to come to for advice and plan on making this a weekly tradition :)" ... written by Heather
Kelly is beautiful to talk to every time! her energy is so positive and i always leave having laughed and feeling peace. Thank you Kelly! xxxx" ... written by Lauren
good connection, fast, good advice" ... written by oro
Kelly is amazing! I love how she starts off telling you what you are thinking about before you ask. Truly gifted lady! Such a positive experience." ... written by Beth
Kelly knew right from the start the pressing issues on my mind just by mentioning my name. She is the real deal and knew very specific details without any information from me. She reads in a pleasant and non-judgemental manner. Thank you for your guidance Kelly. xo" ... written by Coral
Kelly...all I can say is WOW! She is just amazing...What a beautiful gift she has...Amazing connection with my loved ones..brought me a sense of joy, happiness and peace. Absolutely loved the reading and will def. be back. Beautiful spirit she has:)" ... written by Carrie
I needed that talk today .. I feel so stuck and needed direction .. I can count on Kelly to give it to me .. love her so much!" ... written by beautifulmessss
kelly is the best psychic if you are looking for an answer in life... she will give you a clear answer. sometimes its hard to hear the truth.. but that's the truth.. you have to be strong to face it.. thank you Kelly.. " ... written by hermestarr
Wow such a detailed reading! Just wonderful...will definitely be coming back for more and provide some updates. Thanks xxxx" ... written by Mona
Kelly is the best. I love her readings she gives honest solid advise that she gets from her guides to help you move in the right direction. She connects fast and is on the mark." ... written by LB
Amazingly uplifting reading, great energy from this lady, I am excited to see how it all unfolds! :) xxxxxxxxx" ... written by Siany
thanks so much kelly. im so excited cant wait ;)" ... written by k
i'll come back closer to the time to ask you for more clarity. you are so helpful" ... written by luxxicon
Very good reading , picked up on a lot ... she made a prediction for me 2 yrs ago about a person coming into my life down to his name .. she got it correct .. ty Kelly will ttys /Pebbles50" ... written by Lynn
Probably the best I've spoken with on here. I feel like she connected with my situation and I feel like she gave me advice that will help. I will speak with her again." ... written by Diana
Very nice." ... written by maria
amazing and I would recommend to everyone! really helped and was a great ready." ... written by b
Kelly was fantastic I have had quite a few readings on here from different people but this lady was so kind you could feel it when she spoke. I could feel her kindness coming into my soul. I enjoyed the reading very much and hope what she was seeing for me comes true we must wait and see. But she was very accurate with some of the things see saw with me and that is why I will be back for another reading in the near future. If you are teetering on who to read for you try this lady out she is very good." ... written by Roy
Confirmed everything that another psychic said. Wow." ... written by enterchange
Thank Kelly .. good advice as always .. and I will do as u say ... I am staying occupied and will get outside more .. overall im feeling good ... thanks!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
KELLY is AMAZING! She told me answers that I needed so much and knew more than I had told her. She is the greatest and has such an amazing gift! Love her!" ... written by Beth
Thanks Kelly your wonderful and thank you for blessing me with your skills. I will update and come back soon. xoxox" ... written by L
Hi Kelly, " ... written by ileenie
Very sweet, even with the bad news. Very accurate. Thank you!" ... written by Anny
guardian angel" ... written by z
Thank you Dear Kelly. You are very accurate and clear and fast. I love your energy and your clarity. The demo you did for me was amazing. How you connected with all people and relatives on my mothers side. It was wonderful. My heart started to beat so hard when you connected so strongly to my aunts. I could feel it in my throat chakra also. I am and will recommend you to anyone ready for answers." ... written by ACB
Amazing - like I said she is reader unlike any other. The best I have ever experienced. " ... written by eli
She is an amazing reader. She is the best. " ... written by eli
She is always so uplifting and helpfuland amazing reader. She is defiantly a credit to Oranum" ... written by Bonnie
She is very good at whats he does" ... written by oo
She's amazing, always spot on really helped, accurate and fast highly recommended" ... written by Siany
Kelly is so awesome pls reach out to her." ... written by shang wen
Thank you for the reading. I'll be back for more reading." ... written by Terry
She will not waste your time with fluff. She gets to the point and gives solid advice. She is also very kind. " ... written by eli
Thanks Kelly -- your reading was exactly what I needed." ... written by Angel
made me calm down and then read me." ... written by LOVELY LADY
great fast direct and honest" ... written by luminated1111
Very helpful and direct with reading. Will talked with her in future. Thanks. have a good day." ... written by felix
Kelly is amazing. Such an accurate reader and so kind and goodhearted. " ... written by eli
Thanks a lot Kelly! Sorry i couldnt reply towards the last few sec of our session. My laptop decided to freeze on me at that time. I really appreciate all the insights. I will come back later for more :)" ... written by skroses
Thank you for bringing him forward" ... written by Katie Jones
TY Kelly what a nice reading b4 work .. glad all is good and I will keep u updated as always .. ty so much have a wonderful day!!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
seems genuine, good reader" ... written by smiley2011
Kelly is simply amazing. Her readings are so accurate. She is also the lovely person who cares. She has wise words and puts things in perspective. I love her!" ... written by eli
thank you for being direct and very honest with me. I try to be better all the time and block negative energies...thanks for your insights - I appreciate it." ... written by ashdfsad
ty Kelly .. as hard as it is I have to be selfish .. ... its hard living way out here and my friends have become such homebodies .. I will get on meet up later today see if I can find anything going on. and yur right abt getting out of my comfort zone .. I value your advice .. and I am grateful u r always here to help.. ty Kelly LYL!" ... written by beautifulmesss
WOW. She is the best psychic ever. the best reading i ever had in oranum and in my life. i will definitely will be back. her energy is just amazing. She said so many things without me mentioning hints. i can Honestly say i am 100% sure she is the most accurate, sincere psychic you can find in Oranum. I recommend to everyone to give her a try. you wont regret it. Thank you Kelly you have been wonderful. you have a beautiful energy. " ... written by Ana
she is amazing. no other words to describe. She has a wonderful energy. and helps out a lot more than you would think. its a pure wonderful experience talking to her. I really appreciate the patience she had with me this reading. she is and has been amazingly accurate and sincere. I will have her as my primary and only reader for what she does, is way beyond reading. its Energetic as well. Wonderful being. again Thank you. blessings" ... written by Ana
GREAT GREAT GREAT!!" ... written by Lana
great reading super" ... written by salina
Kelly is point...always!" ... written by asdfa
OMG Kelly is wonderful just wonderful. i love her and our readings i connect so well with her. its just amazing. everything she has told me in the past has come true and everything she said today made sense! im so grateful to have the chance to talk to her and get clarity without sugar coating. Love and good energy to her! " ... written by Ana
Kelly is an amazing reader. She is so accurate and she has the biggest heart. " ... written by eli
she was extremely accurate and was sincere and took the time to really see the situation. she got times and i felt a connection to her. .. thank you kelly !!!!!!" ... written by ChrisIsTrying
Kelly is simply wonderful, she has such a lovely energy. She is truly spot on with a lot of things, she gave me hope for the future and lifted my spirit how accurate she is, and amazing. God bless you Kelly." ... written by sweet
Kelly was great! She was spot on. Some of the" ... written by dayzed1
Great reader very in tune to the situation." ... written by R
WOW amazing. picked up on things that no one would know. answered questions i NEEDED to know " ... written by Kyla
This lady was sharp and absolutely spot on, and very helpful with her quick and accurate insights. Everything she saw was corresponding to the situation, the details she picked up - Strong intuition, and everything she said aligned to help clarify the situation - I hope what she saw comes to pass (: Blessings" ... written by Aeureus
she was great hope everything happens" ... written by lori
Kelly ... omg it felt as though she could see me. she read my energy that well. very accurate. she connected with my situation and i didn't have to say anything to her. I've been on a soul searching journey - where i felt something was lacking - she really helped me see what i can do to fill that void. i really like this lady. Do get a reading!" ... written by Aby
good reading gave very good advice, right on point. I highly recommend her." ... written by hope1230
Thanks Kelly!! Your so positive!!" ... written by Barbara
Kelly is an accurate reader and a very kind soul. " ... written by eli
Kelly always has a way to find clarity in confusing cross roads in my life.. she is to the point, honest and always a joy to speak to. Thank you for everything you do!!" ... written by Lauren
Kelly was absolutely amazing. She picked up very fast and was able to connect with someone on the other side. She told me about my future and i'll be waiting for her predictions!!" ... written by BP
thank you so much. You always connect very well. Nobody could know the things you told me. Blessings to you" ... written by judi
She did a great job picked up on everything as usual." ... written by dayzed1
thank you so much for the reading! i hope everything comes into pass. you definitely picked up on the situation and how the person i asked about is responding. i will keep you posted. thank you!" ... written by luxxicon
I was very happy after this reading. I connected with people I haven't connected with in such a long time. Kelly gave me piece of mind in some very important areas. I'm astonished and exited to move forward. " ... written by Mzladii88
LIKE HER" ... written by ANNE
Kelly was fantastic this was the second reading I had from her and it was every bit as good as the first reading. You are missing out if you do not allow her to read for you. I guarantee you once she reads for you 1 time you will be hooked she is that good a wonderful personality which is icing on the cake. Get a reading from her now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Kelly" ... written by Roy
This woman was incredible. she connected instantly and knew the color hair of me and the person both. she felt a move. she picked up on the issue im ambitious about right now. she also saw my love life to a perfect points. so incredible and i thank you for seeing all this. kelly was amazing. she also got the time for the job. im feeling strong about it cause of the connection she had and accuracy. thank you kelly so much !!!!!!" ... written by Chris
She picked up on things I had not intended on talking about. I hope what she see's comes to pass" ... written by Agnita
I was initially surprised when she was spot on about so many little details, but soon it became clear to me that she is the real deal. " ... written by Barbie
Kelly is awesome. i really enjoy our readings. she is consistent and so knowledgable. She's the best around here. i don't look for any other psychics since i found her, she has ben very accurate over with time. Very spiritual and beautiful person. " ... written by Ana
kelly is awesome. she connects fast and her predictions in the past have come to pass" ... written by BP
I usually get a weekly read with Kelly and this week not much was coming up .. so we ended early .. she saved my pennies .. but she always give s me something to think about .. always and helps me to know what i should focus on .. thanks Kelly LYL!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
Wonderful!!!! Really insightful, felt at ease, thank you so much! xx" ... written by marie7498
Accurate helpful insightful and lovely! I'll be back :)" ... written by bluetippi2
Wonderful reading. Kelly picked up on my current anguish and dilemmas and gave advice which strangely enough i had been considering to it reconfirmed what i should be doing. She had my father come through which was lovely. she even reminded me of a name he used to call me "Poppet" which I had forgotten all about. It was lovely to hear from him and for him to give me messages which were all very relevant to my past and present." ... written by Heather Wilson
i love reading with you, you are amazing! thanks for the knowledge you are always right!" ... written by maggielee
Hands down the best psychic, not just on oranum, but in general. Will definitely come back in times that I need guidance." ... written by Marvin
This woman is phenominal. No words can describe. she connected knowing im obsessing over job. she also picked up immediately from someone in past without me saying a word. she just read and saw future events. she also picked up specific events from past. I loved her reading. take her private cause you will not regret it. she is a real legit psychic and genuine at same time." ... written by Christopher
well the reading didn't reveal anything massively positive, but she does pick up and her demo was mental so I gave it a try. Thanks." ... written by f
Breathe of fresh air, amazing channel of truth! Thank you again " ... written by ida
Kelly is an AMAZING reader! She is always very on point with everything she has said. She has made predictions that have come true down to the hour (literally) time and time again. I will always come back for more readings. If you want help and need information then Kelly is the one for you!" ... written by Matt
She is awesome! It's hard for me to catch her on here but when I do I snatch her up. So accurate, warm, straight forward.. Thanks Kelly!!" ... written by Mimi
Great reading! I definitely enjoyed her! She was awesome!" ... written by SmileyT
very fast, i do believe the things she tells me. she seems very genuine" ... written by BP
she was really helpful " ... written by matt
Thanks Kelly great update. Still moving ahead will keep moving forward and watch it all happen. Luv to ya." ... written by LL
Kelly was absolutely amazing again! Picked up on everything quickly and very detailed. She is so spot on..just love her! Kind spirit with wonderful advice! " ... written by Carrie
ty Kelly u gave me some good advice .. glad I talked to u so I don't open a can of worms .. no one wants that .. looking forward to the new month coming in where things will flow easier .. TY TY .. LYL!" ... written by beautifulmesss
love her reading style! thank you and keep up the good work!" ... written by moginty
kelly not only gave me a reading bout mny issue but also adviced on wat to about it.She also did healing for me.she was really great" ... written by nick
the greatest reading ever i had, will always ask for your advice." ... written by linda
Wow! Just wow!!! Kelly was absolutely spot on. So dead on accurate that she even saw the doctor's appointment I had gone for today!!! Gave me some predictions which I know will come to pass and as soon as they do, I'll be back for another reading. Have a reading with her. Cannot recommend her enough!! Ten stars!!! " ... written by GratefulOne14
Finally had an the chance to have a reading with Kelly and she picked up on things pretty quickly. Predicted a reunion from the past in about 3 weeks, lets see how that goes and if so I will definitely be back for an update!" ... written by Nilak07
amazing. thank you thank you thank you! :)" ... written by lina
Amazing reading!!! All she needed was my name and she picked up on everything going on with me immediately and knew what to tell me to plan for. MUST TRY!!" ... written by B
AMAZING! the best on oranum!" ... written by k
I'm still in shock at how she picked up on what has been happening. So accurate and knew how I was and also what my partner was going through " ... written by Julie
Kelly was great..." ... written by GZRNYC
Kelly is truth! She not only tapped into me but into my mother who is alive and well. She was so spot on it unbelievable. She is truly gifted! Love her!!" ... written by Optomystic1
thx Kelly just needed some reassurance on things ... looking forward to things shifting in a more positive way .. ty and LYL!" ... written by beautifulmesss
thank you kellysvision you connected quickly and I will take your advice." ... written by luvuchaluka
Excellent reading :) Quick and was able to tell me things that have happened in the past between me and my bf. Thank you so much!! :)" ... written by lina
great reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Such a wonderful woman!! Caring and knows what shes talking about!! :)" ... written by Haley
Amazing reading. Never had someone read like that before. " ... written by eli
Definitely spot on!! She sees the situation immediately and gives good advice. She predicted a situation of mine would start up again and it did. She sees things with just your name and nothing else and she's right." ... written by B
Thanks, Kelly. I can only learn and try to apply. Thanks for the wake-up and insight. " ... written by familyhelper
Kelly's vision three weeks ago came to pass just this week! She saw something good coming up for me and it did! Wow amazing." ... written by h
So insightful, kind and honest. Thanks Kelly xx" ... written by LilyAnne
Its so nice to know she has so much confidence in me .. it means the world coming from someone I trust so much .. ned some courage .. will be praying about it .. thx Kel ... LYL!" ... written by beautifulmesss
I did not really have to say anything. She gave the info and I just validate with yes or no. Awesome lady! Would come back. =) " ... written by Eden
Simply amazing, Kelly! You are one of the best readers on here. A natural talent and so gifted. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Bless you! Most sincerely," ... written by familyhelper
I am Grateful to have someone , on Oranum who is Gifted and Understanding to the point I feel ...Good at the end and More confident in my Decisions I Have to Make in My Life ... Deep Breathes and a weight off my shoulders ... Thank U Kelly " ... written by Nessa
She was amazing! Kelly immediately picked up on a very important business situation Im in. She also prayed for my healing from late stage Lyme. I could feel God touch me when she prayed" ... written by cathy
Wow right on point and great advice. Thank You" ... written by mc
kelly, your predictions and insight have been unwavering. Hope they do come true. Thank you." ... written by ali23m
she was amazing - picked right on " ... written by natasha
very good super good" ... written by tim
fast, direct, compassionate, reliable, strong - what more do we need? Thanks, Kelly!" ... written by Lily
she gave the best suggestion to me.she is great!! " ... written by peggy
Thank you..wish there was more time... I have to follow through on my decision. I know there is no other choice really after I have said it is important to me. " ... written by Sparkly1
wow...omg... brilliant, spot on, 100 stars!!! :)" ... written by soulconnection
Kelly is so amazing and gets to the root of the situation. Try her and you wont regret it." ... written by Lost In Echo
VERY SPOT ON" ... written by cletrel
Good reading she was very clear and to the point." ... written by angelmg
fantastic talks to my mom and sister, very real and actual, fantastic inspirational" ... written by bnjpangels
Love Kelly!" ... written by Barbara
I am always greatful for Kelly .." ... written by beautifulmesss
Kelly is awesome" ... written by becca
Kelly is quick, caring and convincing and has made clear predictions. " ... written by allskies
Has given me a clear sense of dirrection and path to take. thanks " ... written by Gabriel
Excellent and intuitive. Highly recommended!" ... written by RS
I always come to her - super quick and informative! thank you so much!" ... written by easybake
Very good, quick and informative. " ... written by Sooriamurthy
thank you very good" ... written by stars
My first reading and she knew everything. EVERYTHING. " ... written by SAM603
Kelly picked up on things without me saying a word. It was a wonderful reading - she definitely is the real deal. Thank you, Kelly! " ... written by Samantha
She's honest, caring and quick to connect." ... written by ilgiardino
As I clicked on Kelly's page she was in free chat reading for someone, she had picked something up and was expressing it to another member, this member was confirming everything and was clearly in shock and so were other members listening in on this reading. I asked for everyone NOT to interrupt so Kelly can get this message out. It was pretty intense and absolutely remarkable. I was able to go into private with Kelly and once again she was truly incredible! Knew it all.. knew exactly what was going on and what happened this past weekend. Gave me the security and clarity I needed. I just ask for you to listen in on what she can do in free chat, it will be really hard not to click on "private reading" I give her 100000 stars! Thank you Kelly! Thank you for your insight, your kind words, your touch love, your honesty, your love and time and most of all your incredible gift! God bless your kind heart! xo" ... written by Ang3l33
Great reading, thank you :)!!" ... written by lina
Kelly is an amazing reader. Wow!! No one has ever been so spot on. She does not ask you the questions before starting to give you answers. She is real. I dont see any reason to consult anyone else on here. Now I know why she is always in a private. Catch her if you can. :)) Thank you Kelly." ... written by chi4me
By far the best Psychic on here! She went into detail and even gave exact time frames and descriptions! Thank you for going private with me last minute. " ... written by Kat
she was genuine like last time and on point ! she got timing again and i enjoyed my read !" ... written by Chris
Great we will work together again." ... written by magaisagudza
Thanks, Kelly. You're great." ... written by familyhelper
REMARKABLE! I practically fell out of my chair! The connection was outstanding! She is so kind and absolutely a heaven sent! I didn't have to say much, she already knew. She picked up on exactly how I was feeling and what I am going through. I do not know how she does it but I will say, I'm definitely coming back! I did not what my reading to end. I was shaking that I could not even type. I'm so surprised but in a good way, I found my clarity... She gave me the peace I've been searching so hard and long to find. She is a must! You really need to have a reading with Kelly. Did I mention she is so kind and super super nice! What a wonderful experience! I wish I can just run and give her a big hug! ((((((hug))))" ... written by MG
Thank you very much for your advice:)" ... written by HappyOrange26
She is honest and so accurate. She pushed me forward to rethink everything. Gumption - that is what she taught. " ... written by eli
thank you! hope this works!" ... written by luxxicon
Lovely really fast will 100% go back thanks so much xxx" ... written by Martina
She is great . Connected well with my situation and showed me the way . Thanks" ... written by Adya
Excellent, as always. Picked up on things I couldn't see.... Would definitely recommend!" ... written by Jenn Curatola
Good reading accurate and quick to connect. Highly recommend." ... written by Lisa
Thank you very much, very insightful! Knew exactly my situation" ... written by marie7498
She shows concern and compassion. " ... written by Meredith
awesome read thanx kell" ... written by angel
Absolutely amazing. She knew my situation without me giving her any information about it. I will definitely come back for an update." ... written by Faithful
Awesome and it" ... written by cmarie
my monthly update with kelly. she never lets me down. her predictions in the past have come to pass. even when she's telling me something that doesn't make sense, that stuff always finds it way to the surface and it's like BAM and also WTF but in a good way :)" ... written by luxxicon
Very good and honest!" ... written by Mary
wow amzeing read thank u so much so spot on love ya Kelly " ... written by angel
Thanks Kelly that was a good reading and made a lot of sense to me .. I don't feel the struggle is quite over but its getting near .. regardless of what happens .. thx to you for being here thru it all .. ty for your patience !.. LYL!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
An amazing person, she doesn't sugarcoat anything. She tells you exactly was her spirits tell her. i will definitely come back." ... written by needachance
Kelly is wonderful. I didn't tell her anything but my name and she described what is truly in my heart, things I wouldn't even admit to myself most of the time. She helped me see what is best for me! I love her, she's great! " ... written by skier8001
verry good" ... written by maryam
Quick and to the point. No sugar-coating anything, which is what people need." ... written by Sam
Truly gifted. The most amazing reading i've had. Thank you so much x" ... written by Alexandra
Very very clear and spot on that you dear" ... written by c
i love her shes amazing" ... written by toni
amazing as always...kelly will send you that invite!!! xxxx" ... written by Star
Kelly is amazing as always. What she sees is right on point. Thank you Kelly!" ... written by Coral
Wow!!!! No words!!!!" ... written by Eva
Kelly! Thank you for the pvt again :) :) I have to tell you, its always a blessing to see you online when I really need to talk to someone about what is concerning me. So far u have been ryt 95% of the time and that is why I keep coming back. U dont sugar coat anything, but more importantly u really make me see other point of views. We always have had great connection in out pvts and i am really thankful I got to meet/talk to you via oranum" ... written by skroses123
She's so friendly, would come back again!" ... written by Liz
Thnks Kelly .. great reading lots of info .. life is good with your help I am moving along in a great direction .. feeling good and content right now ...Kelly has predicted soooo much for me that has come true ... she is a very gifted psychic/medium and has become a cherished friend !!LYL" ... written by beautifulmesss
Kelly is an amazing messenger! She is kind, compassionate, and has a heart of gold. There really are no words to describe my experiences with Kelly, all I can say is you must see for yourself. LOVE LOVE LOVE her! " ... written by Mary
She was the most amazing medium I have ever chatted with! She new exact stories and things that my grandma used to say. It was an amazing experience for me, I highly recommend her! " ... written by Jessica
Kelly is remarkable. She is quick! She picked up on my situation immediately. Gave me clarity, heartfelt advice, and support. She really went into depth about what is going on with me. She does not sugar coat or even waste your time. She gets straight to the point. She is always on point! God bless her! She really is amazing. I definitely recommend Kelly, I promise you that you will get an incredible reading! God bless you Kelly andamp; thank you so much!" ... written by Ang3l33
She is really fast and accurate and always uplifts me after every reading. Try her you wont regret it." ... written by Lost In Echo sweet I have found a new connection to spirit!" ... written by Bridgett
big stuff coming Kelly has been predicting all along .. yikes im nervous!!.. thanlks Kelly ..u predicted him contacting on the 12th and u were right on !! " ... written by beautifulmesss
she an accurate self assured reader" ... written by kelly on...Kelly is amazing...tuned in son had just left office and she picked up on his energy.....gave me tools I will use to deal with problems..." ... written by Katherine
very intuitive good connection very insightful, very intuitive" ... written by bnjpangels
awesome....she is worth every minute spent...she knows without u saying anything...thank u" ... written by rani
Amazing reading she gave me great out look on whats to come. I can't wait to tell her my updates on my situation. She has been on point so far with everything. An amazing person and easy to talk to. Thanks again Kelly" ... written by HaveFaith
REMARKABLE! Kelly is honest and so kind! Connection is amazing! She is so honest and on point with everything! Gives me strength and hope. No sugar coating, no bullshit! Straight to the point, doesn't waste time. Helps you see through the heartache and helps you towards the right path! WONDERFUL! God Bless You Kelly and THANK YOU SO MUCH! XO" ... written by Ang3l33
She's amazing!!" ... written by NEH
she is very lovely. " ... written by kk
Great reading as always. Told me a lot of things i need to hear." ... written by needachance
She's always amazing. Do take her private xxxxxxxxxx" ... written by Me
Good reading she picked up on things fast" ... written by hoofer
She was able to connect to a dear friend of mine that passed away and give me the message he wanted to tell me." ... written by needachance
Kelly is soo 1st reading with her she said I will be seeing an insect flying around the house but don't kill it..2 weeks after my reading..there was a moth inside our dining room and its the dead of winter here in NJ!!!.. I love her!.. nice energy around her" ... written by Rebecca
Great Reading! Amazing Medium and Psychic! Highly recommended! " ... written by Didi
kelly gives awesome advice and past predictions have come true for me." ... written by BP
Thank you so much. You were great. " ... written by Devon
Always a wondering reading... A+++++" ... written by Angel
Kelly is amazing! She is truly gifted and it just blows my mind. By time I can type out something she is answering my question, or saying the same thing I just typed. She will always be the one to go to for the answers you need. Thank you again Kelly! " ... written by Beth
Thank you for your wonderful insight you didnt tell me what i wanted to hear you told me the truth you were right on spot with everything." ... written by Chrissy
ok so I thought I really screwed up .. but the reading was not so bad.. whew.. thx Kelly ..LYL!" ... written by beautifulmesss
she did great! i wish i had more time for her to explain to me! " ... written by Kaytee
thank you! amazing reading" ... written by hannah
very truthful pulls no punches just the way I like it thanks Kelly" ... written by melissa
what a great reader..she truely gives great insight and comfort into situations..thank u :)" ... written by ...
Kelly is kind and compassionate. She is also truthful and I appreciate that." ... written by AJ
Great - quick, knowledgeable, helpful. Will call on again! :)" ... written by Chrissy
I loved this reading, it was thorough, answered all my questions and what was interesting is she started with her insights before i asked a question. really amazing, love her!!!" ... written by holly
thank you so much " ... written by new
Just had an update reading with Kelly. Quick to tune into my situation and gave me an insight as to what's to come. What she predicted for me in my previous reading came to pass. Thank you for the reading Kelly :) Will definitely be back" ... written by GratefulOne14
thanks kelly for being the support through something heavy for me. you're a blessing!" ... written by luxxicon
Kelly is absolutely outstanding, compassionate and honest. I love every bit of her and would recommend her to anyone." ... written by Lavender
awesome!! i know she doesnt sugarcoat as predictions in past though not happy came out to be true. i hope this time will be better :)" ... written by jazzy
She is such a warm person. Thanks." ... written by ali23m
Love you Kelly, Thanks so much xxxx Always honest and helpful and on target and tells the truth xxx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
Thanks Kelly .. always greatful for you, u keep me straight and focused .. ty so much ... LYL " ... written by Beautifulmesss
thanks for the good reading kelly" ... written by pm
Kelly is such a wonderful angel...she has become a friend. Her gifts are amazing and she has blown me away several times. Kelly is one of the most honest, loving and truthful experts here on Oranum. A true her! xoxo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
I really enjoyed Kellys reading! I first met her about two years ago and she helped me so much. Even if I didn't do a private chat, I would just come into her chat room for conversation. I am so glad I found this site again because I couldn't remember it and I knew if I could find this site, that I could find Kelly again. She has a great personality and is so sincere. " ... written by Shene Parker
I love Kelly's readings!! she brought up things from my previous readings with the same timeline but didn't remember the last meeting. You can tell she's real and will always be honest with you. She's so great." ... written by holly
AWESOME! I can not explain in words" ... written by knowing2013
she was great very honest" ... written by smiley2011
Great advice" ... written by Knowing2013
Great reader. She really understood the situation. Very helpful.." ... written by Trying
thanks so much kelly. looking forward to it ;) ♥" ... written by k
she is sharp and accurate and real. she is such a delight to talk with. gave me hope again. TY Kelly!!" ... written by chefg
Very good reader..Very quick and on point.tell YOu want YOu need to know..not what You want to hear..Thank You.xx" ... written by md
I like her personality a lot. She is positive and she has the gift." ... written by Pauline
Was so looking forward to talk to you.. Your positive reading really relaxes me.. Thanks a ton for this :)" ... written by pm
Thanks again Kelly, loved the reading!!!" ... written by Marvin
she is such a breathe of fresh air. truly a gifted person. always turn to her to get her vision." ... written by mariasheart
Truly amazing and gifted. Thanks." ... written by familyhelper
AMAZING! This lady is wonderful and is truly gifted! She can give you you messages from your family members that are just unbelievable and at the same time you know are true. I feel so blessed to have found her on Oranum." ... written by Beth
AMAZING IS ALL I CAN SAY!!!!" ... written by H
Thank you so much for the great connection. I really needed that. Blessing and light to you!" ... written by judi
Kelly was fantastic. I didn't have many credits but with the time I had with her, I found it really valuable. I definitely got a lot of my the reading with her. Highly recommend her. Thank-you Kelly !" ... written by nlove9
kelly is so good an so fast she is always dead on thank you so much for the help kelly" ... written by sandra
thanks kelly " ... written by k
Perfectly on the mark - amazing accuracy, kind, generous, thoughtful. A blessing." ... written by pamela
thank you dear for the adivce, I needed to hear that. love and light to you. " ... written by c
Wow, Kelly hit on something very personal, something I have felt personally challenged over to change myself but not shared with anyone else! She could only know this through being truly connected with spirit. Kelly - Thankyou, I am determined to make positive changes! She is a very warm and genuine person I feel, with a lovely, beautiful soul. Thankyou for your insight into my situation xx" ... written by Emily
Such a wonderful, gifted and beautiful person. Accurate, sincere and caring." ... written by EM
Kelly is awesome! She knew the situation that I wanted to ask before I even said it!!" ... written by Sendora
nice " ... written by newbabe
Needed to vent this morning and glad Kelly was here to assure me all is gonna be fine . shes been here for me for a long time ,, and her advice is always what I need to hear , she been accurate on too many occasions and I trust her completely...LYL Kelly!! " ... written by beautifulmesss
She tuned into me very quickly and accurate. very nice!" ... written by Ginny
thanks for answering my question, I feel a lot calmer :)" ... written by hs
She is good and picked up things accurately without asking" ... written by teatree77
clear and honest reading. thanks Kelly!" ... written by Lise
AS ALWAYS AWESOME" ... written by brenda
very accurate knowledge of my situation .excellent reading!" ... written by sarah
thank you for the reading Kelly! I truly appreciate it!" ... written by fadsf
Thanks for the reading. I will fill you in on changes." ... written by Karen
another successful update! thanks kelly!!" ... written by luxxicon
She was good. I can't wait to see what happens." ... written by F.D.
Thanks so much for your guidance and pointing things out for me and helping me to understand. " ... written by norvana
Worth every penny. She wasted no time and got right to the point despite the fact that there were many things on my mind. It helps to have specific questions (I did not) but she was very accurate despite this. I was uncomfortable with her at first (or perhaps it was my own state of mind that I was uncomfortable with) but she very quickly won me over with her directness, sincerity, and obvious ability to connect with what, to me, seem like very confusing circumstances.Thank you Kelly. You are truly a gift to all of us." ... written by Joseph 246
thanks" ... written by new
Absolutely adore Kelly!! She is so spot on...and picks up on everything...I so appreciate her guidance and her incredible connection to spirit. What a beautiful soul with amazing energy:)" ... written by Carrie
She is great!" ... written by gREAT
Her reading was great and quick! Staying really positive " ... written by Love
very good, picked up on truth. will see her again" ... written by rybka gold
Wonderful! She is so spot on, didn't even give her details! She knew everything. I love her energy, and she is an amazing person!" ... written by ballerina
I am blown away, she is amazing! Thank you so much kelly! If you want real answers, she is the one to come to!!" ... written by B
i have had a few readings from kelly, and i truly appreciate her gift and how she uses it to help you find the answers that you need. she's really good!" ... written by sol
Kelly is amazing, she is always so on point with everything, sensing and knowing things that you don't even have to mention. she has the energy and situation right. she has been so accurate in the past it was unbelievable. Thank you Kelly for your guidance and sharing. I recommend her 100% to any one that needs a reading. " ... written by Ana
Yet again an amazing reading. By far the most accurate and trustworthy psychic/medium on oranum!" ... written by 123
Thank you for the great reading Kelly. It helped me alot, and gave me stuff to think about. You are a very kind person, with great advice." ... written by Tiff
I loved the reading! It gave me hope and assurance that all will be great! Thank you Kelly!" ... written by lolitas777
I love Kelly I wanted one on one today and all is well , just needed to hear it ... LYL!!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Its my second time with Kelly, she really knows what she is doing, I came back for more information on something she picked up before and she didnt change her vision, apart from her skills she is also a very warm and caring person xox" ... written by secondtime
Great reading! I hope predictions come true!" ... written by krisi
truly amazing tells it to you straight thank you kelly" ... written by melissa
You're amazing Kelly. Thanks for the insight." ... written by familyhelper
some days ago I, kelly gave me a random message saying somebody from my rushing back towards me and the next day I really received a message from someone i don't keep in touch with. this is the second time this has happened. kelly thanks so much for all your help!" ... written by k
Thanks lovey been a while even though i see you all the time. I will think about it I do understand your thoughts and it only makes since, right. If that happen it will happen at the right time, right. She knew everything about him. Love ya sista" ... written by LL
Kelly is always right on it, taps in quickly to the situation. In my reading now, she said there was someone from my mother's side of the family - my grandmother passed just over a month ago. Also picked up that i'd been on a date with someone from the military! Amazing. Thanks Kelly xx" ... written by LilyAnne
great connection andamp; very precise to the details...tells it as it is..highly recommended!!!!" ... written by Ammer
I like readings with Kelly because she is honest, she does not make up stories or tells you things she can't see. She is definitely one of the few I trust on oranum." ... written by ali23m
I was having a nervous break down but she was able to calm me down. " ... written by Tiana
KELLY you are amazing. Thank you for your reading. Your message definitely spoke to me and I had to take you to private because I was definitely feeling this change you saw for me. Thank you for the confirmation! " ... written by lina
Wow she's great. Just picked up on so much, this is a reader that is professional, amazing, ethical, just everything one would want in a reader! First time reading and I am just so happy :) Will be back, I feel like this was a wise choice to see her!" ... written by td
kelly was very friendly and sweet, she gave me some info and predictions i hope they come true. definately recommend her." ... written by aida
Thank you so much for the reading!!! You are always so amazing!" ... written by lina
Kelly connected without me giving her any information at all and went on to accurately describe the situation I was worried about. She knew already why I had come to see her before I even asked her a question. This is why I trust the messages she gets from spirit. So very pleased and grateful for her accurate insight, and appreciate that she did not waste any credits. Wonderful :) " ... written by mushybean
Awesome reading - felt like she definitely connected and new things without me telling her, Very good reading! Can't wait to see if predictions come to pass :) " ... written by Summer
she is soooooo sincere, honest and awesome! she truly has a gift. she is my go-to person on oranum. thank you so much for putting my mind at ease with all the helpful advice. she has changed my life for the better. Thank you :)" ... written by a
thank you so much kelly for the update read as always :)" ... written by luxxicon
Very reassuring. She knows what she is talking about and the best thing is she works through God. I love her to pieces! Thank you Kelly" ... written by Tiana
Ok" ... written by A
Wow she's good. Very very good. Especially with knowing, right off the bat to speak, WHEN things happened. She can told me the correct time frames for things that have happened to me, and no one has ever done that in all my history of readings. She's very accurate. Its like she has a psychic fishing line that she casts out and boom! Always comes up with the right fish. If you are looking for an accurate, down to earth reader Kelly's your girl. " ... written by jm
kelly is amazing, gives it to you straight and is kind and caring, no sugar coating but very honest" ... written by Deborah
truly amazing tells you the way it is much appreciated xox" ... written by melissa
wow...I feel so wonderful...she connected with my mom..such a gift she has given me...I feel much better..and she picked up on such little random things that I totally knew what it was about..thank you" ... written by grace
i've wanted to have a reading with kelly for awhile now and i'm glad i did, she is very upfront about everything she sees and just goes with it. wonderful reading. " ... written by emoonlight
I love how shes straight you whats needed..thank you so much again:)" ... written by gracie
I've had a few readings with Kelly and her predictions have come true. She is the real deal. She knew minute details like colour of hair, initials of names and reads with confidence and kindness. She predicted long before regarding my son and what she said has come to pass. Thank you Kelly! You are amazing! " ... written by Coral
Kelly was great and is truly gifted. I will be back." ... written by CT
Excellent. 10 stars." ... written by lady.
Thanks Kelly- you pour oil on troubled waters and reassure me. Thank you for your support. " ... written by idastar
Kelly always puts me to peace. Love her!!!" ... written by Barbara
Kelly, thanks so very much for uplifting me and being truly honest with zero sugar coating, u are truly a 100% a great advisor and i loved the reading, everyone out there reading this, she is THE REAL DEAL, i think i have found my go to advisor... i trust her insight and will follow what she said, thanks so much Kelly...u are a sweet , caring person !!! xo T" ... written by taraL1989
thanks, Kelly. I will stay quiet for a bit and let him come back!!" ... written by stellachan
wow!" ... written by dfad
kelly is just so great to speak with i love doing readings with her." ... written by sandra
Thanks" ... written by Angela
thank you kelly, your prediction in me getting a raise came true…amazing!" ... written by asdf
she is wonderful. the best in this site!! she has helped me so much!! is amazing her abilities what she sees and knows" ... written by Ana
Kelly is so special and so accurate. Her gifts are real and her style is so easy and comforting." ... written by EM
Kelly is really kind, fast and filled with answers. will be looking forward to her predictions :) " ... written by snowglobe
Very fast reader and read my situation accurately. Spirit came though too. I will hope predictions happen. Thank you!" ... written by bella
Thanks such a wonderful detailed reading, gets so much information even before asking..Its so funny how (andamp; I know she doesn't remember) she gives small messages from weeks prior and they end up showing back up in your readings love the consistency...On to my destiny!! TY" ... written by norvana
Excellent reading. Very positive and accurate! Thank you Kelly." ... written by Jackie
Kelly was right on with everything she said about my situation and was very tactful and sweet. I reccommend her for anyone. " ... written by Lisa
Kelly is someone I trust for honest clarity. She is simply the best:) Thank you so much for sharing your gift....Very genuine calming energy!" ... written by Carrie
kelly is very very good..she nailed it so much its almost hard to believe..thank you so much kelly" ... written by hundred butterfly
She was quick. Waiting for predictions to come into passing. :)" ... written by kat
Kelly only says it how she sees it and I appreciate that. Thanks!" ... written by CT
wow Kelly is just amazing. thank you so much!!" ... written by marie
Wonderful reading again, put my mind at rest. Well worth the money." ... written by countryliving2
thank you kelly! that was in the tier of great readings as always :) i'm excited and looking forward to this! " ... written by luxxicon
I truly am grateful for Kelly lifts me up when I am lost. She has been amazing. A pure kind hearted person who truly cares about you and your well being. Thank you Kelly you are helping me dry my tears. xoxoxox" ... written by Melissa
Kelly is the most wonderful psychic, In this site and i even dare to say online. she is truly concerned about the people she helps, she cares about helping based on what she sees and feels, she says things just like they are, no bluffing, she is truthful. i keep coming back to her, because everything she has said in the past has passed ,,, she is always right ! so amazing... she is very patient as well and understanding. its amazing how accurately she connects with your energy and what is happening. I truly appreciate her dedication and wisdom. thank you kelly" ... written by Ana
A great reading...she is fast!!!!" ... written by Larry
I had a reading with Kelly two days ago. My impression of her is that she wants to help people as much as she can, she does not want you to waste your time or money so she gets right to the point. When you contact her have your questions ready, I know that sometimes we can be apprehensive about having a reading especially since some psychics seem to want to keep you online to make more money even when they are not really telling you anything more or they don't have anymore information to give. Kelly is not like that, she really does want to help you out, so if you are looking for someone that is trusting and legit, this is the psychic for you. I only have a couple of psychics that I have met that I can say that for and she is one of them. Thank you Kelly for the reading, I heard what I needed to hear. " ... written by mjhc86
kelly is an amazing reader, Im so gragtefull to have met her. I can honestly say i trust in her words which to me is gold. thank you so much for a great reading. you're a truly gifted reader from god. " ... written by victoria
Kelly started with describing how i feel before I started say a word. It was exactly how i feel now. Hope things will be better :) very accurate!" ... written by stellachan
AWESOME AS ALWAYS... ALWAYS MY GO TO GIRL " ... written by Susan
MIND = BLOWN. She's so good. By far the fastest, on point reader I've seen. I mean she just gets it… Even down to the Astrological sign. And dates and times.. don't get me started. She's so accurate, it's unseen! In the last reading she was accurate and things happened like she said they would, so I trust her and am putting my energy into the outcome I want, which is what she described (thank goodness!). Stellar reader. " ... written by jlm
Absolutely fantastic! It was uplifting and she connected with my dad who passed and was very accurate in the informmation!" ... written by Michelle
Kelly is the bomb, she is easy to talk to, connects fast, needs know information, and is on the mark. She does not waste you time and is very talented." ... written by Luna
First reading and she was LOVELY. Made me feel so much better and relaxed. Will come back for sure. Thankyouu!" ... written by PINK_94
She's really good! i will come back!" ... written by Celine
Kelly was great! She described the situation/person to the tee. I didn't even have to ask any questions, I came into private with her, and she connected with me really quick. She is wonderful!" ... written by MaiLee
Kelly was great. Always up lifting. A few months ago she saw me getting a job and sure enough she was right! I started working this month! I can't wait for the things she said to come to pass. Don't waste your credits on other readers!! I will be going back to her for updates!! My life is getting much better as the months go on." ... written by FD
always gives me the truth whether I like it or not and I am thankful for that" ... written by Debbie
Kelly tells you what you need to hear, what she is being told, and I appreciate that :) What she told me about my mom was pretty accurate. Hope everything goes well :)" ... written by Saloni
I think I finally found the "1" after soooooo many readers! OMG!! now I know who to got directly to. Gave me a brief read once during a demo which I doubted. Was so specific, but happened when and how she said. The first one on the site whose prediction happened for me. So I came back for a short read. She was quick and though and very nice. Thank you! Cant wait for the predictions to occur." ... written by carl
Very sweet and accurate. Has a true gift." ... written by ginny
thanks kelly" ... written by fasd
fantastic as always!!! :) thank you so much kelly, always super quick and detailed" ... written by l
Omg! Kelly is amaze-balls. She started reading and picking up on my situation before I asked a question. I actually didnt need to ask, just confirm that's what I was asking about. That tells you she's the real deal" ... written by toni
Kelly is always so busy, so hard to get into private because she's so great! Very warm, fast and insightful. Her accuracy proves she knows what she's talking about." ... written by Holl
Kelly gives readings that are kind, clear, and compassionate. She is a joy to talk to and speaks honestly." ... written by AJ
thank you so much for the reading. You were spot on. I will try to do what you say. Thank you again." ... written by Dawn
Kelly is amazing. She connects right away and she is getting information the entire time, her gift is such a great thing to experience. I would always recommend her." ... written by Beth
Kelly gave me hope and clarity on my situation thank you.." ... written by aquamarine11
Kelly is amazing..I´ve been so often to her demos or in her chat..this time I gave it a try, and everything she told me was to the point. She could describe me very well and my situation and also the persons involved! Thank you very much!!!" ... written by sonia
thank you" ... written by Karen
Ok there Kelly goes again JUST BLOWING MY MIND. Again. My brains are all over the wall. Accurate and awesome and everything good.. Also so inspiring and motivating, like sun shine! She's totally like sun shine. She's so friggin' great. " ... written by Betty Boop
A great reading and she is quik in her answers!" ... written by Sonja Boes
she was quick and to the point... she picked up on every little detail so quickly waiting for predictions to come through :) " ... written by leo1080
great really put my mind at ease :) xoxo" ... written by jenna
love you very much thank you dearest! I needed to hear each and every word of your insight, as it resonates my inner truth so much. sometimes that is what it takes. sendng love and light, c" ... written by c
simply amazing" ... written by victoria
Awesome reading and tunes in really good and connects into the situation." ... written by Tina
Thanks for the update reading. " ... written by xLostinEchox
Great reader, very quick!! " ... written by Drummergirl
Kelly is great, reads the situation straight and to the point with clarity!" ... written by teaforcompany
great reading, aligned myself with a plan. thank you. kelly really does know quickly your situation and what to do for best outcome. " ... written by goldenaura
hits the nail on the head every time! her predictions in the past have happened and will be waiting for more!" ... written by BP
She is so sincere and trustworthy. " ... written by Me
Kelly is amazing! All it takes is a couple minutes and you know all she is saying is real. Blessed!" ... written by Beth
Kelly was spot on with events and what is happening. I appreciate the help!" ... written by Swede
very level headed good advise and i think she really could be tapping into my relationship. " ... written by cutiepattootie
thank you for the direct reading" ... written by spn
Thank you, you are a wonderful reader!" ... written by cheryl
thank you kelly that was really helpful!" ... written by fasdf
Thank you kelly for showing me that my faith and hope can be so powerfull that i can manifest what my heart desires..i have been coming and seeing u for long but i was not prepared for a pvt and today i just could not stay from taking u pvt...its been so hard but i am glad i hoped and prayed." ... written by ss
ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS WOW!!!!" ... written by Kimberly
Thanks I love the way Kelly can just start reading with no ?'s. She covers so much information that even if questions are there she has almost answered all of them before you can ask. I love the positive vibes and energy I receive from her puts me @ ease and makes me more confident that "I Got This"" ... written by norvana
Kelly brought truth and honesty to my question at hand. I knew I could come to her for the truth and for clarity. She is by far the best of the best..." ... written by Carrie
She's great!" ... written by NEH
very fast and accurate " ... written by lisa
very good reading, accurate" ... written by julie
Kelly is gifted!!! She told me things that only spirit could have told her. I just cannot say enough good things about her." ... written by Sharon
first time reading with kelly :) she was very quick, no time wasted! and very accurate as well, thank you so much" ... written by winter
Kelly is awesome! She read my situation to a tee without me saying anything. She knew my feelings and those of the other person. She gave me timelines for past events which were true, and gave timelines for future events. Wow, I am blown away by the accuracy! Also, she is very fast, and very kind. Thank you Kelly :)" ... written by bella
Excellent reader" ... written by Jeff
Wow is all I can say! I asked a pretty general question that led her to telling me about the real issue that I was going to ask later on in the chat. She knew details without me saying anything. I am completely mind blown by her accuracy. She knew I used to live with my ex. She knew it was a comitted relationship. She knew it was a pretty major break up. She knew that this breakup is still taking over my life at the moment. The specific details astounds me. She gave me a timeframe and what the result will be in this event. I will surely come back to update! Thanks Kelly! You are a wonderful soul." ... written by Mailee24
Kelly is amazing. She doesn't take notes during our conversations but I visit her room infrequently and without giving her any information apart from my name she is sooooo fast in picking up what is going on and reading the people involved in the situation. I really recommend reading with her." ... written by LilyAnne
kelly has been right in the past and has yet to disappoint!" ... written by BP
She is amazing. truly amazing. She knows so much without you telling her, she has been great in the past and still is. so accurate and helpful. I am very grateful to you Kelly, for your patience and for sincerity. XOXOXOXO " ... written by Ana
Well! SHe is just brilliant-- straight to the point, doesn't sugar coat, and i read with her a month ago and every single one of her predictions came true! Her details are phenomenal! Take her for a reading, you will not be disappointed! Thanks kelly!" ... written by ballerina
Thank you Kelly for giving me clarity and good advice as always! She was very good at picking up the whole situation, and very on...I am looking forward to her prediction coming true." ... written by Me
thank you soooo much Kelly, this has given me new light on what to do now. i will be waiting." ... written by amber
Kelly you are amazing!!! xxx" ... written by lydia
She was great as always. She connected fast and was on the mark. She is such a kind and caring person and so easy to talk to. A true psychic that cares about people. " ... written by LunaBear
I really enjoyed my reading, i will remain positive and hope my wish comes true.:) thank you " ... written by confused girl
Awesome as always such a calming energy picked up on so much without me even saying anything " ... written by L
thank you" ... written by Muhsybean
Wow, she definitely picked up quickly again. I mean everything she said was accurate to the tee. I shall be waiting for the outcome. :) Thanks Kelly!" ... written by Mailee24
Thank you Kelly, hope things will be better in July." ... written by stellachan
Kelly is so spot on, every time she makes my brain just totally implode. She passed on some vital, MONUMENTAL info that I really needed to know. By the grace of God she is so freaking gifted and allowed to give you information you NEED in order to get on. She's truly outstanding, stellar, amazing. ❁❁❁❁❁" ... written by Betty Bloopers
so honest, and spiritual, Kelly is the most accurate, genuine psychic in this site and everywhere, trust me, i have tried many in the past. We are lucky to have her here. She only wants to truly help and that's why she is so honest. Always "scary" Accurate.. all her readings have been on point.. is crazy how she has this amazing abilities. Thank you Kelly. XOXO. Only Good things :)" ... written by Ana
Amazing reading and confirmation again from Kelly, picks right up and knows all.. Thank you x" ... written by capricorn_dancer
thank you kelly for helping me in a time in need like always" ... written by luxxicon
such a warm and lovely woman, she keeps saying something happens in the near future, same thing for the third time, I cant wait for the outcome, Thank you so much xox" ... written by 3rd time
she is awesome. very helpful. i love our readings.she is very accurate and has been in the past thanks so much.." ... written by Ana
Thank you Kelly!!! you are great!!! " ... written by Mariajose
Highly intuitive and accurate. Picks up on things right away. Honest and compassionate, highly recommended." ... written by RS
i was totally surprised some of the things she said before i started talking, which were spot on! she gave me some of the best advice I've had in a while. she's really great." ... written by x
So clear and concise and that was very uplifting to hear what she had to say." ... written by jeanv
Kelly is just so on point. It takes my breath away. Ive been having issues with a family member and Kelly was able to provide such sound info and great advice that I feel so much better now. Seeing her in private is so worth it, she is just filled with so much Light and information from the Greatest Good. It's amazing. What she says goes too; things happen in the way that she picks them up as happening! Looking forward to working on things this summer, and Kelly has been a most invaluable asset to have on my side, both spiritually and for my greatest good. ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰" ... written by Betty Boop
sometimes it takes me multiple tries in her room to get a private with kelly because EVERYONE wants a private with her. luckily, i grabbed her today and she gave me great insight. She's very quick and her predictions are accurate. I think she's wonderful." ... written by ad
thank u kelly " ... written by s
She is awesome! She pick up on everything so accurate! Wow, I am blown away!" ... written by Soul Shine
thanks for your help kelly great reading..i beleive in you" ... written by linda
KELLY ONLY GOOD LIES BEFORE ME this is smething im goin to repeat and repeat. thank you!" ... written by lydia
thank you so very much Kelly, you hit the nail on the head and amazed at what you picked up" ... written by Deborah
Kelly is truly amazing! She is on point with everything! She really cares about people! I can't wait for her predictions to come true! " ... written by flwpwr1
once again Kelly u wer on the ball :) thank you :) " ... written by lydia
only psychic on here i trust. every reading she gives me information to make myself better, to improve my situation and conquer my goals- even when i don't have faith, she has it for me! Kelly you are astounding and so far all of your predictions have come true!" ... written by Ballerina
Kelly is on it! Had to have a little "pick me up" session today. She was able to help me understand whats going on with someone's emotions for me, kind of giving me a predictive heads up about the path we are taking. She sure doesn't add sugar to her readings, it was straight up and forward and just what I needed to quell my restless heart and fighting mind. " ... written by B-Boop
shes Amazing!! great to talk to :) " ... written by vanessa
Kelly is lovely,and picks up quickly she is the real deal.If i could give her more than 5 stars i would.Thanks for the reading." ... written by Caitlin
lot of detail w a kelly reading!" ... written by kk
Kelly is amazing... she blows my mind. I was so nervous because Ive heard she's soooo good. She WAS! Everything and more. Thanks for calming me down Kelly. 10/10... thank you soooo sooo much. REAL DEAL people. No hesitations. She's a lovely person." ... written by K
Thank you so much Kelly!!! You are always on point, hopefully we get to talk more soon. " ... written by MJ
She is phenomenal! Very accurate and honest. Truly gifted! " ... written by Peachy
she is awesome!!! thank you so much!!!" ... written by Ana
kelly pick up on someone I had in mind but didnt ask about which was amazing. even tho it was a short read I will be saving my credit for a longer session with her thank you!" ... written by laylaluv401
thank you Kelly once again , you are the best. " ... written by amber
She is straight to the point.I only needed to give her my first name. I asked a question and she knew the answer." ... written by James
I haven't had a reading with her in a long time. With my situation she did fantastic! which is not easy to do" ... written by Tiffany
she was amazing" ... written by melissa
Great Reading,Kelly is the real deal,shes 100 percent accurate.Thank you for the reading" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you so much" ... written by cheryl
Brilliant picked up on situation very clearly dont hesitate kelly is brilliant" ... written by J
She is so consistent, and her energy is so pure and enlightening. She doesnt need to know anything about you- and her readings are just so consistent, and over time her predictions prove to be correct. Take her for a reading, she doesn't fill your head with nonsense or false sense of hope- she helps you, help yourself and make your dreams a reality, and that's what a true gifted psychic can do." ... written by Ballerina
I love doing reading with this lady... she is one of the best on here " ... written by Harry
Thank you Kelly for patiently answering my questions and letting me know about the situation.very fast and accurate.would recommend her 100%." ... written by 'e
kellys predictions happen! i can't wait for the rest of hers to manifest!" ... written by BP
I had a problem with something or a word that was spoken and she clear that up really quick. She explained, and gave me the answer to fix my issue. She is exact and did not take but a minute to answer me." ... written by James
she is so consistent it's unnerving. she doesnt sugar coat and is very clear in her readings. she doesnt fish for info, she just knows! Many predictions from the past have come to fruition" ... written by ballerina
thanks kelly" ... written by spooono
Kel, u are amazing and i want to thank u for the beautiful reading it was incredible! She is so very highly recommenced she will blow your mind i promise you that! Keep doing what you do Kel you are what makes the world a better place!♥♥ " ... written by Libra26
Good - thankyou for the reading. It was accurate, :)" ... written by H
Amazing! The real deal!" ... written by Nessa31
Shes a great psychic and medium. Can get a little snippy forgetting that people she reads for may not understand what its like to be her or receiving the information she receives. Otherwise, she connects quick and has very good interpretation/translation of the symbols she is given. Highly recommend." ... written by USA
Thank you Kelly." ... written by Luna
AMAZING AND THE REAL DEAL !!!! You will never be disappointed !!" ... written by Nessa31
thank you kelly! you've been helping me the last 7 months with some stuff. things have come to pass pretty much all of the time with your predictions. thank you and happy 4th!" ... written by luxxicon
will be waiting for her predictions! she picks up very well on small details!" ... written by BP
My second reading with Kelly and she is so accurate it's scary. She is 10/10 mindblowing and such a lovely lady. Just like chatting to a friend...but a friend with all the right answers. Thank you so much :) xxx" ... written by K
good reading. thank you" ... written by c
Love to talk to Kelly. Very down to earth and an instant connection with her... a lot in common as well. Always look forward to when we can talk again. She is kind and direct and you can not ask for more! Awesome. xoxo" ... written by Bridgett
OMG Kelly thank you so much. You really helped me today " ... written by KP
My first reading and Kelly was absolutely fantastic. So spot on it was scary. Will definitely be back. Thank you so much.xxxx" ... written by jade8233
she was great accurate and honest, i appreciate the reading!" ... written by spirit
love this advisor.quick and detailed love her..take her to prvt" ... written by love her
I think she nailed the situation on the head. Pretty good reading! It has definitely given me the clarity I need. Very helpful advice! Thanks a lot!! :) " ... written by MG
She is absolutely fantastic!!! I would recommend her to everyone! She picks up on things that most people would not! Like, WOW!!!" ... written by NEH
Kelly is just magical. she is all about light and clear vision. its amazing how she works and how she has helped me , and as i can see on her page many others. its a blessing to talk to her and help us out. thanks so much for ur patience. love and light for u . " ... written by ana
Kelly was wonderful she had me pegged so well you would have thought we were family and I mean right on. She just hit everything about my relationship right on. Thanks Kelly I will definitely be back for further updates." ... written by Raym
there are no words to describe, how amazing kelly is. she knew everything. I'm so blessed to have met her. thank you so much " ... written by vicky
Great reading very positive and spot on with my situation" ... written by Raphael
She is great! I just absolutely love her. If you have never gotten a reading from her before please do she will not steer you wrong. There3 have been times I was sure she was absolutely wrong yet it came to pass. I am so ready now for what she has predicted. Only good lies before me!" ... written by n/a
was a good reading" ... written by brian
gives great advise,fast,friendly,tries to help regarding your situation in every way.thank you Kelly." ... written by m
she is not only a great psychic and reader but very insightful as to how to manifest and not screw up your opportunities. I really appreciate her guidance." ... written by anon
Kelly is an outstanding psychic and is always so accurate on everything. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it." ... written by Dreamer
kellys predictions in the past have come true, so ill be waiting for the rest to happen! she's very fast" ... written by BP
So accurate with everything she told me. Cant wait for everything to come true. I highly recommend her." ... written by theodora
Awesome reading loved to hear what is coming up!!!! So excited and will have patience! Your the best lady, love that I found you, you are amazing in every way. Luv ya" ... written by LL
Youre so great always able to tell me information without me even asking!! I will follow all of your advice and remember only good lies before me!!" ... written by norvana
Thank you so much. Spot on about everything. I will be back once things start happening!" ... written by Tatiana
She is Great I did not have to say anything but my first name and she took off and and was correct on things that I new but I did not tell her. She even told me time frame of an event and I know but did not tell her. She confirmed what I had already been told so she in my book is accurate and to the point. I give her 5 stars." ... written by James
Over the past few months, I have been super grateful for Kelly's readings. She told me something about another person that I would never believe to be true. I havent seen this person in two years, and it's been nothing but arguments and heart break. She told me coming into July he would reach out to me, and to be nice and loving, and he would admit things that have been going on, and tell me he is still in love with me. She also told me I would see him this summer, and he is coming to see me in a few weeks. Kelly, you are just amazing. Your words are embedded in my brain "Only good lies before me"" ... written by Ballerina
i was waiting for my loved one to connect with her and they did! it was wonderful! i needed to hear all of what he messaged to her. she knew details of my life and the people around me. thank you so much Kelly for having such a great ability to connect with the spirit world." ... written by pearberry008
Absolutely outstanding!" ... written by Shantal
first read... she was fast and to the point... connected well" ... written by lisa
Kelly," ... written by Tiffany
xoxo! SOOOOO GOOOD!" ... written by Lynn
Absolutely remarkable!!!! Honest! before you start asking questions Kelly picks up on things going on in your life and she is on point every time! She is so genuine and truly cares! There is no sugar coating just the truth and if she says something and at the moment it doesn't make sense trust me it will! it has always!!! Kelly has such a genuine and caring heart she speaks to you as a friend. She is more concerned about you finding your true happiness and being good to yourself. She gives incredible advice. She is truly a heaven sent! Its absolutely mind blowing how on point she is about everything!!!! From situations to names and hair color!!!" ... written by Ang3l33
She is awesome and on target. She is the real thing." ... written by sunshine678
thank u kindly :) x x x x x god bless" ... written by lydia
Positive! " ... written by Abhishek
Kelly is absolutely amazing! She is extremely accurate and truly talented. The absolute real deal! I am just in awe! What a gift she possesses! God bless you, Kelly!" ... written by Peachy
love kelly she picks up very fast and she connects to those that have passed. she's amazing" ... written by BP
i like sugar coating." ... written by diamond
Thank you! " ... written by Heather
Hands down the best reader on Oranum." ... written by Marvin
Kelly. You once again impressed me with the information you received. They are all correct. I hope things can get better over times, but maybe he's just like what you see, in his way. We'll see :) Thanks!" ... written by sc
I was feeling stressed about a few things so I went to Kelly because she always gives the best insight. I am relieved now and excited for her predictions, which I trust will come about because she always sees things without me having to say anything." ... written by anon
Thanks Kelly- great honest reading! Excellent!" ... written by Charlie
AMAZING!!! SHE IS THE ABSOLUTELY BEST!!!! She gave me so much peace and mention very detailed things!!!" ... written by Agls
What a great reading, I feel Kelly hit the nail on the head with a lot of things going on with me right now, I would highly recommend. " ... written by Raphael
Kelly is 100% amazing! I wish I could list everything she said, but she is always so quick and on point. She is truly gifted and does such a wonderful job sharing that gift. Love Love this lady! You will finish listening with a page full of answers you hadn't even asked." ... written by Beth
amazing xx" ... written by cheryl
Very intuitive, and quick to pick-up. Thanks Kelly." ... written by familyhelper
she is so wonderful i love her! she is very encouraging. i asked about career and love and she gave me very accurate and honest answers. i always come to her for a reading once avery few months because i know i can count on her. Thank you kelly! " ... written by A
awesome!" ... written by jackie
Great Reading! Kelly really sees through visions and can guide so aptly considering the situation and the possibilities around. She has my highest recommendations and regards. Thank you Kelly! :)" ... written by Rani
She is amazing! Just wow! The price does not compare to what she legitmately has to tell you! Everything makes sense! " ... written by Nayeli
Thanks Kelly your still getting same and more. That is why I come back to get updates. Thanks for your amazing abilities." ... written by cowboy
thank you kelly for the reading! it was a nice catch up and you are spot on with a lot of things you mentioned regarding work. you've been so helpful and i am so grateful to have the opportunities to speak with you when time allows it :) thank you!!!" ... written by luxxicon
So is always so good, I can't explain it....She just knows." ... written by P
Wow Kelly, thank you so much. That reading really helped me a lot, more than you could imagine. You understood everything I was going through. You really are so amazing. I will be taking your advice and will be back to update in a few weeks! God bless :) " ... written by L
had to take her twice! She's that good :) Take her pvt, you won't be disappointed :)" ... written by Ballerina
-- So amazing, I love her energy! She's is absolutely amazing. I've read with her a few times, and her predictions have some true for me :) Take her private! She is so in tune, and knows what she is talking about. By far, one of the best on here!" ... written by Ballerina
She gave me the best reading I have ever had on this site. She knew so much and I did not even have to say anything. Spot on. I am definitely coming back for more readings!" ... written by Mary
she was amazing. what a great reading. Very caring too. Highly recommend" ... written by tyler
picked up on my situation straight away couldn't of been anymore clearer, straight to the point and very connected with the emotions portrayed by the persons energy." ... written by Joshua Ross
SO goooood" ... written by Paul
THE BEST!!!! She is so straight to the point and very direct. I love her!" ... written by Agl
several predictions have come to pass. i've been getting readings from kelly for 9 months. " ... written by sol
Kelly Is AMAZING- I love her soooo much, she connects with me and my situation so well and is always honest and caring, Just love her so much xxx ty ty ty" ... written by capricorn_dancer
definitely one of the best" ... written by eclipsed
Very fast and up to the point. Every time i need guidance in life i always go to kelly to center myself. I always go when i am down and out but come back confident and looking forward to the future after the reading." ... written by Rabbie
she is really helpful and gives great insight without judgment. i always appreciate her gift." ... written by gh
Wow! What can l say! l was on a downer and now Kelly has made me feel incredible and that you attract things by the way that you think.Kelly is so honest and has given me amazing advice. Love you Kelly! xxxx" ... written by Shantal
From the 1st second i was floored. This is my first reading with Kelly. Have not spoken a word and she named 2 people in my family that have passed right away. These are not easy names to just come up with so I'm still in shock. Described their passing 100% still without me saying a word. Everything she has said is spot on Wow! I'm still in shock. Thank you sooooo much Kelly for these beautiful connections. I am feeling a bit better knowing they are doing fine. Amazing connection. God Bless You " ... written by Athanasoula
great reading, will highly recommend " ... written by mariam
ALWAYS THE BEST!!! I LOVE HER!!" ... written by A
TY" ... written by DD
Kelly is very quick, and very gifted. It was a pleasure reading with her and I look forward to seeing what comes to pass. I will heed her advise :)" ... written by MakeupMaven
Kelly was really startling and relevant. No reading until I follow her advice. She's very real and down-to-earth! Just want I needed right now. Thanks so much and I'll be back soon. " ... written by Amy
ALWAYS THE BEST!! Great reading, but all the possitive advice and energy.... Thanks very much!!1" ... written by Angele
Very honest and accurate!!" ... written by SC
I love Kelly she is great, so kind and caring and is easy to talk to. You don't even have to ask questions, she just gives you what her guides tell her and she is always on the mark, I am never disappointed with my readings from Kelly." ... written by LB
Always fantastic!!" ... written by NEH
Amazing as always, picks up on energy almost immediately. Quick and accurate feedback." ... written by RS
Love her shes amazing and on point@" ... written by Nicole
thank you for the clear feedback :)" ... written by spn
Kelly amazing as our 2nd read; she was dead on with my world; just plain awesome" ... written by Jimmy
She is there to help you. I will recommend Kelly to anyone who wants to have real clarity. She has suggested me with several things that I know I need to apply in my life for my desired changes to happen and I do plan on working on it. I know I will coming back to Kelly. " ... written by Lilly
Kelly is the real deal. I didn't have to say anything and she automatically knew what I was worried about and gave me the answers I needed. She won't try to sugar coat, she will tell you what you need to hear, but that's what you are here for so take it and run. " ... written by shasha
Kelly is very good, even excellent in my opinion. I just allowed her to just go at it and she know everything and all I had to do was type yes you are correct. " ... written by James
nice reading" ... written by rishma
Thanks for the reading. Will wait and see what happens. " ... written by jan
one of the best!!" ... written by katie
Great,accurate reader.on point with everything,thank you Kelly." ... written by e
I love Kelly!" ... written by Shantal
great reading!" ... written by Andrea
Thank You Again Kelly. Will keep you update on the issue." ... written by Zuzu
Kelly you are Amazing! Spot on Through and Through! I have been waiting to get a reading from you and Finally! WOW! Highly recommended" ... written by Zuzu
she confirmed everything for me and a great weight is off my shoulders. thank you thank you thank youuu! " ... written by a
Kelly is always amazing, I had been checking for her for two days and when I got in her room today she was talking about the man with the heart problem. I've had this feeling I wanted to connect with my father and she was describing him. It was unbelievable, he was there with her before me and was the night before also. Kelly has such an amazing gift, truly wonderful to get a reading with her." ... written by Elizabeth
awesome reader didn't have to ask any questions she can just see straight away whats going on in your life, worth every penny x" ... written by ...
All the testimonies about her are spot on. I was slightly hesitant in the beginning of the reading because she was picking up on details, and knew they were true; but, for the life of me I couldn't figure out how they were relevant to the issue I was bringing up. However, once I began providing background detail, we were able to refocus those details and then everything really clicked and made so much more sense. She's very in-tune with what's going on, and provides ample detail and assistance towards gearing situations to be in their most favorable state. I really enjoyed listening to what she had to tell me and was certainly impressed with her talents. " ... written by e
Kelly is amazing!! Just wow!" ... written by Nicole
Fast and accurate" ... written by Vicki
good reading - lovely energy too" ... written by -
shes great" ... written by amanda
great insight" ... written by eage3755
I feel the happiest l have ever felt ever! l feel l am on cloud nine! Kelly l love you! You are so so special! Your addictive! Lol! As you know because l just keep coming back for more." ... written by Shantal
She has read me before and I wanted to let you all know that some of her predictions have already come true!" ... written by pearberry008
So accurate and true, everything was said without me giving any details! Amazing" ... written by stephanie
loved her reading. she was dead on accurate. such a great soul and i felt a strong connection" ... written by chris
I told you that i was going to come back... 3 years" ... written by Ryzette
Very insightful! Thank you Kelly. I really liked her. Would definitely call back." ... written by Vilma
Awesomeee as always!!! I highly recommend Kelly for any of your pressing issues or personal dilemmas. Really great reader, I am glad I got the chance to get a reading by Kelly today, she is usually very busy here on Oranum. Thanks Kelly sweety!! :)" ... written by Renee
Kelly is amazing! I have been seeing her for about a year now. She is honest and so accurate. She comes from a spiritual background and gives you amazing tools and suggestions to improve your life! I highly recommend! " ... written by Ashley
kelly is amazing very on point with the reading i have had with her" ... written by renee
she is just wonderful and honest and is the best on this site. she really thinks on the question and tells it like it is. will talke to her agian.." ... written by sandi
So tuned into Spirit , was an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Blessing and Light to you always" ... written by judi
Thanks a ton Kelly for supporting me and guiding me through all of the things I shared with you. You have been a blessing. Your readings are always spot on and its wonderful to get confirmations about plans or events from you before I even mention it to you. I will continue to work on myself and look forward to the positiveness life has to offer. " ... written by Lilly
We have conflicting schedules, so I finally got to talk to Kelly in private. So accurate and so amazing! I cannot wait to see her prediction come to pass. Highly recommend!" ... written by Mailee24
I love her, she is wonderful and i don't even need to say anything. Incredible gift she has." ... written by ab
AMAZING! so worth the money" ... written by Kyla
Wow-- it was really meant to be that I connected with Kelly tonight. She is wonderful and I do plan to follow her great advice. I am truly grateful." ... written by Sparkly1
great reading. hope she'll help me about the flat!" ... written by minika10
will see what happens! her last prediction happened" ... written by BP
I can't wait until what she says comes to pass! Will keep her updated and will come back for other updates! " ... written by love
Thanks so much Kelly! You are my go to!! Everything made so much sense concerning the 3 people in question. Will be back to You and your guides are so incredible as always! You have helped me through so many situations! Only good lies before me!!! God bless!!!" ... written by gg-lina
kelly has really inspired me and saw so many beautiful and wonderful things happening in my future, also some pretty awesome advice. You are truly a sweetheart, thank you and your spirit guides so much xoxox" ... written by emy
Very good and very nice!" ... written by ElfLover
Such an interesting reading I think Kelly is a gifted psychic and will probably be back! Thank you! " ... written by Sherry
great" ... written by sparklejules
She is amazing and fast!!" ... written by Lacy
Highly recommend. More than 5 stars." ... written by Lastsearch1
thank you u picked up without me even asking your a star x" ... written by sunita700
I always love Kelly's energies! Thank you so much for your insight and support! Always on point. " ... written by MJ
Ha Ha HA Ha . . . . What a good reading! I can't believe what was said! I home it comes true :-) " ... written by Daneille
Wow!! Kellys very connected to me. All what she sees me all make sense. I can truly tell that she's very gifted. shes sees things very clear. I can't wait everything what she sees will unfold. So far I can see already. Not only she's very intuitive she also cares by giving me advice how I can move forward and especially telling me to have faith of what i do so I can truly succeed. I love her shes not only beautiful outside surely inside as well. I love her and I can really recommend her. She's very fast also and not trying to just take advantage everyone. She love to help each individual who's reaching her out for clarification" ... written by Sarah
She is awesome!" ... written by Ashley
Remarkable as always! Kelly is truly gifted and amazing. I didnt even have to say anything, and she completely described me to a T. She is incredible, and though I have tried other readers here, she is really the only one that I truly believe! Thank you for an amazing reading, and I will stay positive. Only good lies before me! " ... written by MaiLee
Lovely Kelly! Ah words dont do you justice, but i can still try :P people Kelly is amazing! Her readings are always accurate and she doesn't waste credits because she is not here for money! She cares for her clients and shows them the path of highest good! She has motivated and inspired me on numerous occasions and I would recommend her to every single person willing to have an honest reading on this site. Thanks a Kelly, you are the reason a lot of people have hope. " ... written by Lilly
She is a great reader and really kind. " ... written by Meagan
She is a gem, I love my readings with her" ... written by toni
Kelly was so spot on. This was amazing! Thank you!!" ... written by Julie
thank you sorry we got cut off." ... written by smoffatt
she is a very nice and sweet lady. thank you" ... written by triggered14
AMAZING!!! WOW!!! Kelly is truly remarkable! She is something else!!! How do you explain how incredible and on point she is!! this is so real!!! So amazing! I didn't say anything! She knew! from feelings to present events and my future plans and expectations and she gave me the strength to fight for what I believe and hope for! I can't wait to follow up! Thank god for Kelly! Thank you! God bless your kind heart and soul and your ability to help me! xoxoxoxo" ... written by ang3l33
she's good! waiting to see what happens in the future. " ... written by octoberchoc
It's so simple: Kelly is the best and i mean it!!!! No one can compare, so if you're ready for the truth and if you want accurate answers and predictions that will come to pass, then speak to Kelly. She's perfection itself! Thanks Kelly and may God always bless you! xoxo" ... written by dolefuldoll
GOD BLESS YOU KELLY" ... written by ANA
wow!!! brilliant... left me speechless..." ... written by Deidra
My first reading with Kelly, and she was like she has known me forever. I am blown away. Thank you." ... written by Chris
Great reading, thank you" ... written by Lulu
She is an amazing gifted reader. One of the best that I have seen. I would highly recommend her. 5 stars all the way. Thank you " ... written by Sara
thankyou" ... written by Jacqui
very helpful thank you" ... written by Mitch
Kelly is lovely to talk to you. She is amazing to come to. Confirms what was feeling. thank you kelly, I look forward to chatting again. " ... written by Makeup Maven
very accurate. " ... written by poohbear
Thank you Kelly. You are the best. I will come back. " ... written by Kerry J
So fantastic, there are no words to describe. Thank you Kelly, will be back." ... written by sarafina
Kelly is mind blowing! She could see everything without so much as a word from me, she helped me so much. Thank you so much for the great reading Kelly I will be back!" ... written by Remy
a great reading" ... written by columbine_ks
amazing psychic with very good guidance" ... written by ray
Spot on." ... written by Hegel
Very good reading thank you for the load of spot on information." ... written by Bruce
nice" ... written by emilie
ah such an angel! I am one of her regulars but that's only because she is amazing :) Thanks Kelly for being here and helping us all. " ... written by Lilly
Very good reading - will do it again." ... written by JoAnn
Great" ... written by Ava
thank you kelly for your insight once again! it's been a hot minute since we last did our update but you have been such a star and supporter. i trust you (and have!) with the work that you do and everything works out the way you see it. thank you thank you and bless your heart! x" ... written by luxxicon
:) very nice lady , immediately connected with her guides , very energetic " ... written by ombretta
Had to get another reading the connection Kelly made with my grandma was unbelievable. Such a strong connection, lm on top of the world! Love ya Kelly! xxxx" ... written by Shantal (Jade8233)
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Love Kelly so much! It's just POW! and Kelly connects and links into your life situation. So spot on! THE BEST! xxxx" ... written by Shantal
I love her!!!!!!!beautiful person" ... written by illeanna
she was good cant wait for her predict to come through" ... written by lucyrumb
Kelly was really fast. and accurate on my situation. In a few weeks' time I'll know for sure regarding her prediction. " ... written by aRTEMIA cACHIA
Haha my worry energies was getting over me, but Kelly told straight up the things i need to know. She can read without having much information. perhaps maybe your name, but other than that she can read you once you take her to pvt! " ... written by Mary
She was very good." ... written by roses november
thank you - will be back" ... written by A
Hey Kelly! Thanks for the confirmations. I love that you give me tips and suggestions as a psychic but also a friend. That is why even if i don't have specific questions, i can share my general concerns with you. Looking forward for more pvts!" ... written by Lilly
Beautiful soul Kelly is. Thank you for your kind support.... always so patient... I will be back! :)" ... written by Holly
I have always loved reading with Kelly she is amazing at picking up information without asking questions and her time frames are accurate as well. I am looking forward to your predictions unfold as they have before thanks" ... written by newbegin
always a pleasure to speak with kelly. she is so fast at picking up vibes and super accurate with the info she provides. my fav psychic on oranum. will be coming back again. " ... written by gita
thanx so much I really need this and you know I do because of my situation here." ... written by linda
OMG!!! Kelly is sooo accurate!!!! She told me things about a person in my life that I only know so I know she knew the person I was talking about. I am so happy I did the private reading, but now I want more haha" ... written by Andrea
Thank you Kelly great connection as always and good information, I am amazed at how you know all lol xxxxx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
She is wonderful!! bright smile, to the point, and welcoming. Kelly makes sure you understand what the future holds for you. I would highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed." ... written by Moonlyte21
Thank you once again Kelly! This doesn't get said enough but I really want you to know that you and your guides are life savers. I feel blessed to have known you and to have received your guidance. You have helped me so much and you continue to be me angel here. You are a rock star and needless to say keep rocking girl!" ... written by Lilly
i can't wait to see the predictions unfold! she is really fast in reading and gives you as much information as she can right when you say your name. i will be coming back for updates!" ... written by pearberry008
Wow! You are so in tuned with everything! It amazing!" ... written by T
Kelly thank you so much again! Always such a pleasure, it is like you are reading my mind. You always mention everything that I want to talk about! Amazing. What you just told me is really giving me that push to just step forward and do it, thank you!!! God bless :)" ... written by L
Channeled my dad and was spot on about his looks, how he died, and who he was. Thank you so much for giving me peace that he is happy with me." ... written by Melinda
i got my answer about moving the reading says i will not that is what i need to hear." ... written by lajos polya
honest stright forward and true" ... written by faith
WOWSER! BRILL, BRILL, BRILL! Kelly makes me so happy! Unbelievably talented and gifted! l just give my name and thats it, Kelly taps in and is on a roll! Kelly, you rock my world! Your ace, l think you amazing! Love you! xxxx" ... written by Shantal (Jade8233)
Kelly tells straight honest answer. I'll wait and see how it turns out in 3 weeks!! Thank you!" ... written by sc
Kelly is wonderful! I always feel so much better after talking to Kelly. Kelly connects with me and knows exactly what lm going through just by my name. Kelly is such a beautiful, gifted, talented lady who brings guidance and happiness into my life and l am eternally greatfull! Love you loads! xxxx " ... written by Shantal (Jade8233)
AMAZING! Taps right in! On point! HONEST! GENUINE! she will give you tough loving and tell you the truth regardless on how much it may hurt, she does not sugar coat anything! Tells it like it is! Truly and absolutely amazing!!! I am still crying. Her words are so powerful and helps restore your faith and strength. THANK YOU SO MUCH! GOD BLESS YOUR KIND HEART AND SOUL KELLY! THANK YOU SO MUCH! LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS andamp;LIGHT! XO" ... written by Ang3l33
Haven't read with Kelly in a while and decided to come back. What an AMAZING, GENUINE reader! I didn't even have to say *anything* and she picked up on the situation!! I am stunned!" ... written by Summer84
Wonderful. Open. Direct and to the point. " ... written by Theresa
Kelly is hard to grasp for pvt because she is a good psychic reader and everyone wants her insight. She is pretty good with reading things in the mind and thanks to her, I got the advice i needed on guiding me to the right path. I am thankful for her time!" ... written by Mary
excellent" ... written by qp
thank you she doesn't waist time she starts talk. she is very fast. very solid advise i know problems but she pointed out them. thankyou very much. will follow through your advise" ... written by nachalo
awesome reading" ... written by Chris Howell
very good " ... written by nellymorrow
Thank you Kelly!!! She is always so sweet and never tries to keep you for longer than you need to be in there with her for. Much love and light to you Kelly! " ... written by MJ
kellys last prediction came true, will be waiting for the next!" ... written by BP
not only is kelly consistent with her predictions, she teaches her clients to manifest and bring the things we want. this is why when I'm down it helps to visit her room for her positive energy and insight. but yes her predictions are also unreal and I'll always be a client." ... written by h
Thanks you kelly for your insight. You always pick up on specific details." ... written by spooono
Kelly is an awesome reader!everyone should get a reading with her:):)" ... written by Lise
thank you kelly for update" ... written by luxxicon
Has always had a quick connection and able to explain my situation clearly. Always great to have readings with KellysVisions!" ... written by Angel
great connection" ... written by Andrea
Kelly is amazing! She really knows what she's talking about and she really helps you get through a tough time in your life. Whenever I need some guidance, I know I can go to her." ... written by Christina
amazing reading good connection" ... written by nana smith
Beautiful reading loved it!! Confirmed all my feelings! thank you blessings " ... written by m
Amazing session. spot on!" ... written by Kyla
wonderful reading, very gifted. Thank you for all the help" ... written by c
Kelly is awesome. She picked up on things I never mentioned and everything she said was accurate. I definitely recommend her. Thank you!" ... written by Chet
Holy Smoke!!! how does kelly see that, I'm speechless, told me things she could not have possibly known without the gift of seeing. Speechless!!!" ... written by Jae
Thank you for the update. Very fast and accurate. Would recommend her 100%. " ... written by e
Wow Kelly blew me away, she is fantastic and amazingly quick. She gave me great confirmation in her answers. I love how she delivered answers with such a loving and open heart. She gives great guidance and points you in the right direction and focuses you on what you need to be doing in the present time. Beautiful soul and amazing reader, five stars :))" ... written by Andrew
Kelly is phenomenal. She tapped right into my situation, explained exactly what's happening in detail, and gave me a timeline of what's to come, all without input from me. Now I see why she's always in private chat!" ... written by Magdalene1
Kelly is always right on and has such a wonderful gift. We are all so lucky she shares it with us and brings in what we need to hear. She is very fast and answers questions before you ask. Last time she read for me my father came through before I asked about him. Love her!" ... written by Elizabeth
Really Picked up on my situation! Thank you so much!" ... written by
She wowed me about a new business venture. I can't wait to update her. She is very on point and intuitive. Five stars for Kelly. " ... written by Vilma Billygirl
nice reading hope he gets the job" ... written by linda
Kelly is always straight to the point and so helpful. She is truly gifted and a wonderful psychic!" ... written by Kate
Kelly is a good person to go to. She doesn't sugar coat and she provides insights of what is going on and I am pretty happy and satisfied. She also is straight to the point when it comes to whats going on. She also have the compassion and good energy." ... written by Mary
Kelly was spot on. She was able to reconnect with my grandmother and my aunt. It is amazing what Kelly is able to see and feel. I am thankful I had the opportunity to reconnect and listen. I also look forward to the information she provided me with my personal life. Thanks again Kelly! Thank you for your positive energy!" ... written by BrianaAF2
She was on point. I was in her demo and she read me as if she knew me. She was on point very i intuiive and insightful. five stars for Kelly. Awesome in private reading. " ... written by Vilma Billygirl54
First time and I loved it. She is talented. " ... written by Colliercg
thank you kelly for the insight and looking into my situation to calm me down. " ... written by luxxicon
Kelly is so accurate and so helpful. I am just amazed. She is my go to now with my questions and concerns. THANK YOU, Kelly!" ... written by Julie
She's so quick and fast! And she is quite accurate in determining the personalities of the guys around me. I will come back to let her know how her predictions go!" ... written by fairmemories
Very good reading...quick to connect and no sugar coating at all!" ... written by pink_94
Once she got going, she connected with my situation. I believe in what she said, she nailed what she saw. She uses no tools, feel she is gifted. Look forward to what she says coming. I would recommend this Advisor, she will tell you like it is, not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Blessings" ... written by kika22
Incredible! so accurate and straight to the point! looking forward to next few weeks to see if predictions occur" ... written by ashley
AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!!! WOW! Breath of fresh air!!!! She's always right! Always on point! Always always so caring and genuine! love love love!!!! " ... written by Ang3l33
Thank you Kelly, I'll come with feedback, hope you are right" ... written by Johanna
Always connects immediately with no information and no tools. Has a genuine concern for the person she is reading for and doesn't judge - but gives good karmic advice. Thank you so much Kelly" ... written by B
Great energy. Spot on reading; well worth a try" ... written by mistamiagi
She was extremely accurate. amazing connection. I always love a reading from kelly. she is the best of the best. she was on target with my whole life and she gave predictions to come. I'll update because it will come true like another prediction she gave in past that happened unexpectedly." ... written by Christopher
great accurate reading" ... written by trevka
Thanks Kelly, great! " ... written by Shira
She is the best what more can I say. " ... written by LB
She is awesome" ... written by K
I just cried a little. Not because what she said was terrible but it was everything my soul deeply needed to hear. I'm just go grateful for her energy, enthusiasm and gifts. She's so worth working with, being patient with and waiting for her readings. Be nice to her in free chat too. She's really tuning in and it's work for her. Be respectful. Kelly's just an angel on earth and she's one of the best on Oranum." ... written by B
Feel she connected well. Told me truth what she was seeing even tho she knew what I felt to be true, She was truthful andamp; didn't tell me what I was hoping to hear" ... written by Jackie
Super awesome i loved the connection coming back!!!" ... written by Ava
I had a reading back in Jan or Feb, and she was right. And I again got a straightforward reading, thanks Kelly." ... written by f
Just an amazing woman! I would definetly come back for an update. She told me things before I even got to ask any questions. I am very pleased with this woman. She has a gift for sure." ... written by B, O
made my day!" ... written by Ava
I had a very positive reading, cant wait to see how it all goes. The reading was very fluid, and Kelly picked up on many things around me. I will write feedback once some time has passed." ... written by Stickytoffee
Kelly is definitely gifted. Ive been waiting for a while for this reading as she predicted something for me in a demo and I was very happy with the reading. She is generous with her information and doesn't hesitate. I'll be back." ... written by liz
I was so impressed by the reading. i got some good feedback. will be looking forward to another reading real soon. Thanks Kelly" ... written by linda
I very, very much appreciate your time and gifts Kelly and your hard work. Thank you most kindly a million times over. All the very best wishes." ... written by thank you kindly
She's great, picked up on my personal situation immediately. " ... written by eagle3755
KELLY is amazing .... You do not have to tell her anything she will tell you all that you are feeling and why ... She will give you guidance in any situation you may feel stuck on. All of us feel stuck somehwere in our lives ... Kelly will be you true angel!!!!" ... written by Meridag22
AMAZING!!!! Accurate! Detailed! Fast! Honest andamp; Genuine! No sugar coating anything!!! She gives me the strength to get through what I am going through! her kind words, her advice and what she see's how much she motivates you is just truly remarkable!!! I have ever ever gotten a reading like this ever! She remembers you.. she doesn't waste your time! Every one has a story along with their own struggles and knowing that Kelly is so different from ALL the others and so helpful and honest truly is a blessing! Thank you so much!!! God Bless you!!! " ... written by Ang3l33
All I can say is I will be back for you :)" ... written by puencoah
NEVER EVER had better readings." ... written by Whitegurley
How could I be more thankful for what you do?" ... written by Edward
I love all the readings she does" ... written by Hugh
Best reader ever" ... written by Bounty
I have realy liked the readin. Very good. Tell me truth. Love u." ... written by Jessicahluw
She is THOROUGHLY good" ... written by Kendall
She is the best!" ... written by Jeremy
She is the best reader ever." ... written by Jane
She has a great personality and very honest" ... written by Davis
Loved her! very accurate! " ... written by Desirae
Thanks once again kelly! Over time I have realized a lot of underlying meanings and lessons which you had already mentioned. Your accuracy, compassion and honestly is what I admire and so I am glad to say this that you are the only person I go to now. I would like to tell any client who is reading this... I have been on this site for 2.5-3 years and like most people I got in a habit of psychic hopping. But as the time has passed, I have figured (sometimes in a hard way) that what I really need to hear is the truth from a person who is genuinely here to help people. For me that person is Kelly and I blessed to have met Kelly on Oranum" ... written by Lilly
Helping connect the broken peaces. Greatest thanks my friend!" ... written by Korovyov
Can always put the flames out from my head ;)" ... written by Azazello
Thank you Kelly for all that you are doing for me." ... written by Ellie
I like her SOOO much. The reading she gave was phenomenal" ... written by Jesse
I am truly happy to know her and to be on the same planet that this beautiful soul resides upon" ... written by Peter
Well what can I say honestly? The rading was a game changer" ... written by MrJesha
The reading she gave me was one of the best readings I have ever had. It was accurate and insightful, thank you." ... written by OgliG
So good readings make me want to fly from happiness" ... written by Booyakasha
she is super amazing lady!!!!! lovee herrr" ... written by trish
Highly recommend, she is good with detecting what's happening currently and future direction. Worth her rate. " ... written by Eagle3755
kelly is so hard to track down because she's always on a private because she's so good at what she does!" ... written by ad
Thanks for the reading.Will wait and see the outcome" ... written by G
will be waiting for predictions to come to pass" ... written by BP
thank you so much for my update!" ... written by luxxicon
Thank you Kelly I got what I needed!!! I have had messages in Kellys room and this is my second reading and she is always so scary accurate " ... written by Jane
Sometimes what you "Need" is not always what you "want" but it is the truth. Kelly gives you the truth." ... written by BrianaAF2
it amazes me how spot on she always is about every detail, definitely reccommended " ... written by emoonlight
Amazing reading once again. Very uplifting news. Picked up my recent past as situations going on now without me saying anything. Amazing!!!! Thank you very much Kelly!!!! " ... written by Athanasoula
she is very detailed i really like her" ... written by hadassah
she's amazing. spot on." ... written by ilovemydog976
wow i was worried i didn't have enough credits with her but i was almost running out of questions because she is so fast. i love her!!" ... written by blondie
Great reading" ... written by Janelle
Kelly is amazing. she has always been so accurate and connects so well! i recommend everyone to give her a try ! no info given and bam! she just knows! thank you so much kelly! " ... written by Ana
Said it once and will say it again, kelly is amazing. so friendly and polite. she understands but at the same time impartial wont take sides to tell you what you want to hear but what she sees and its true!!! always on all my readings with her everything comes to pass! and her advice never fails! she is trully blessed and im so glad to be able to reach her! i wish you all the best Kelly! till next time! " ... written by Ana
i hope that everything you say will manifest. thank you for the reading kelly :)" ... written by heartandsoul238
Kelly is Amazing.... I hav had something's in my life change and I'm still adgustn to them and the only person who I felt at ease and felt was giving me peace of mind IS THIS AMAZING WOMAN HERE PLEASE DIN HESITATE JUS CLICK PVT and get ur peace if mind ....thank u Kelly again." ... written by Nessa31
AMAZING!!!! WOW! GOD BLESS YOU!!! Thank you for your amazing talent and for your genuine abilities!!! forever grateful!" ... written by Ang3l33
AMMazing!!! I didn't even need to speak !! She read me like a open book PICK HER !" ... written by mother
Thanks I really enjoyed my connection with Kelly in this reading. She hit so much information on the head without any questions form me. I downloaded and started to listening to power and she could tell, it came up in my reading. I had really been going through a really rough time in the last two years and I enjoy the positive vibes and great information you provide. " ... written by norvana
thanks so much kelly ♥ you are the best!" ... written by k
Thanks so much for the great read" ... written by Bellavitaxoxo
SHE IS AMAZING! SHE IS SPOT ON!" ... written by Mary
amazing reading and brings peace and understanding " ... written by virgoe
Kelly is always great and spot on. Thank you" ... written by GZRNYC
Kelly is incredibly spot on! I didn't have enough credits to finish my session with kelly and she was going into topics I so wanted to hear. I'm truly impressed. Now If only I had the right budget for her cost but she was worth all the pennies I had for this moment. Thank you Kelly, and I apologize for my session being timed out mid sentence. I was hanging on every word! Thank you greatly. " ... written by Merrysinclair
As always super fast reader, she is a sweetheart! Very on point... She was right there are a lot of things coming up with work, a lot of more work is being offered to me so that means more money and more celebration like you said! Lots of love!!! " ... written by mjhc
Thanks for the reading Kelly! It was surely about a different topic involving different people but because you have been so accurate with your readings in the past I felt confident in having you read for this matter too. Looking forward for all the things you said. Lots of love to your spirit guides and you. " ... written by lillysweet2109
Their are never any words to describe how amazing Kelly is .... SHE WILL BLOW UR MIND and she honestly knows what she is talkn about she doesn keep record of ppl so she has insight she is jus INTUITIVE AND HER GUIDES ARE SPOT ON . THANK U KELLY AGAIN !! GOD BLESS YOU" ... written by Nessa31
what can I say, I am grateful for her time and gifts. Thanks Kelly." ... written by frag
She is a life saver, amazing woman! Brilliant, superb reader!" ... written by enya
thank u for all your answers kelly!" ... written by moon
beautiful" ... written by illeanna Pick
I really needed verification and she provided me with it. I hope it happens!" ... written by Mary
Kelly, thank you so so much!l love chatting to you and l feel we have an amazing connection between us both. You put things into perspective for me and make me feel so much better after our chats. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift and making a diifference to peoples lives. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I love you, you are great! xxxx" ... written by Jade8233
Thank you Kelly:) . You are very intuitive!!!" ... written by
thank you kelly for your insight regarding my job and love life." ... written by luxxicon
I saw her in a demo and I thought she was very good. So decided to get a private with her. She was every good there too. I probably shouldn't have had a private with her since the couple of times I have visited her in free chat she hasn't been someone I've connected with. She is very good at what she does but when seeking clarification she is extremely sensitive. No one is questioning her ability; sometimes clarification has to do with clearing up your own misunderstanding. And it's not as if you can see her getting agitated she just sort of has a mini explosion. So while not for me she is very good at what she does. So for those who do connect with her I would definitely say go for a private reading with her - she is a very good psychic and medium." ... written by karishma76
She was awesome and answered some questions that I really needed answered. I appreciate Kelly and she has a heart of gold." ... written by AJ
i must admit i have become addicted to her readings. i can also state that her readings do not vary. they're authentic." ... written by nb1973
omg kelly thanks so much for your clarity and positivity. i felt so heavy entering the private with you and after our chat i can smile! thanks so much ♥" ... written by k
Thank you for your time.... Be blessed...." ... written by Jova
One of a kind... Will definitely return!" ... written by Rebecca
I feel so much better now. Thank you Kelly!" ... written by Lola
I thought she was very encouraging and uplifting, great predictions and insights that I didn't even have to say anything. She knew about things going on around me and how I'm feeling. I will def. take her advice and look forward to better days ahead and a turnaround for my life. Thank you sooo much Kelly :)" ... written by Stacie
Excellent! Very intuitive and detailed orientated! " ... written by Candice
she's fast and good!" ... written by octoberchoc
Her visions seem to be spot on." ... written by Paige
Thank you Kelly for the reading and it was very uplifting. Thank you for introducing me "the power" and having faith in me when i did not. You are a blessing and an angel. Lots of love xoxox" ... written by Lilly
Perfection" ... written by Enna56
You are so good!! ADDICTIVE!!!!!" ... written by deena_33
awesome reading as usual!" ... written by desirae
great reader, thanks" ... written by Brian
Kelly is one of the best readers here. She is accurate, detailed and compassionate. I trust her and will be back. Thanks Kelly." ... written by Maryann
Kelly is the best. no way around it, she is so fast and scary accurate. she catches everything without info needed. i adore her and her honesty. she is the one person i know is 100% accurate i have seen her for a year now and she is always on point. so amazing that i found her. Only good lies before me!!! XOXOXO thank you kelly" ... written by Ana
great reading. thank you so much kelly i really appreciate your help and kindness. " ... written by k
Kelly was very good, great reader, very caring and honest!" ... written by Laura
always a great help, shes so accurate " ... written by mariam
very helpful--clear, direct, honest" ... written by pearl
She is very accurate. Picked up on the whole situation with no info from me." ... written by Cheryl
Very nice speaking to her" ... written by Blackbirdxx
I just needed to talk to Kelly because i know she has direct clairvoyance and clairaudience. I would connect to her message and understadn what is the deal. She verified somethigns for me and I will go along with it" ... written by Mary
She was great tapped right in to my situation." ... written by Nikki
She was really insightful, very caring, to the point helped me feel hope again in my relationship, highly recommend!" ... written by Laura
i love kelly, shes honest all the time and thats what we all need! great advise will follow through" ... written by spirit
Incredible!!! I can confirm most things.When Kelly says she needs no info its true, she just takes your takes your name and off she goes. I have been visiting readers for quite some time but never have I come across such a gifted lady. She gives me chills LOL. You can't see what Kelly sees without the gift of seeing. " ... written by Jane
Amazing, as always!" ... written by Pranav
Thanks for the update reading kelly! I really look forward to these readings with you. Ran out of credits so will be back after getting some. " ... written by Lilly
thank you so much kelly for all your guidance! i really needed it" ... written by k
She is AMAZING! " ... written by Desirae
Kellys help is something i value very highly. Thank you again for your time and energy. " ... written by Lauren
brilliant" ... written by rishma
WOw, amazing how she could pick up things on me." ... written by onlyfor
Kelly is an angel and I feel blessed to have found her and to read with her. She is so amazing and heartfelt and gifted. " ... written by Elena
AMAZING!" ... written by coolGirl65
Will say it once and i'll say it again... Kelly is by far the most gifted on this site... she is worth every second and sees everything I will always trust what she has to say.... Thank you Kelly for giving me the strength to see things in a better light" ... written by stronger
She is just other words for it......I sit for days just to talk to her........AWESOME" ... written by cyn1961
Love her . She is the best" ... written by dhannya
very good spot on" ... written by jana
sheis good" ... written by dhannya
Excellent as always. A trusted reader who I visit regularly. Highly recommended!" ... written by RS
She def has visions! She saw so much. " ... written by vera
Thanks Kelly! You always see things so clearly and give support!" ... written by Jen
really great reading, calm, positive and clear about what she sees, highly recommend!" ... written by Sandra
Extremely refreshing and blew my mind in her accuracy, able to pick up my situation without a word from me except my name. Amazing" ... written by Autumne
Such a gifted woman, she is extremely accurate and talented!" ... written by
I had a reading with Kelly last month and she predicted that I will reconnect with someone in 1 month. Yesterday was 1 month and it really happened. I was so surprised Kelly OMG. like exactly 1 month on the dot. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance! Will definitely come back and let you know again what happens ♥♥" ... written by k
excellent helper!! I am happy and will improve my life!!!" ... written by Gene
She's got me in tears. Wow. Amazing. The reading went the way I didn't expect at all.Thank you." ... written by Karolina
thanks" ... written by spoono
Amazing, wonderful, talented! She has a true gift and can tell you what you need quickly and thoroughly. Kelly is someone that can tell you what you want to know before you ask or as you are typing. She is the real deal, and shares her gift. Very refreshing! Love love this lady!" ... written by Beth
Amazing as always; hits everything dead on; love her; read monthly; amazing" ... written by Jimmy
The best" ... written by dhannya
kelly is honest and so so so accurate. " ... written by des
Kelly is very quick, with no prior information. Told me about a current situation with accuracy. I really enjoyed the reading. Kelly also got all the information out to me concisely and when there was nothing more to tell me for this reading told me so, and I didn't use all my credit. Great Lady and will have another reading in the future! Thank You Kelly!!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
I didn't even have to ask my question...she somehow knew! Highly recommend her! My mind is blown!" ... written by Cara
She is amazing! Always able to give me details without me saying anything and can describe to me the entire situtation and even physical apperances" ... written by Kelly
Always a pleasure! Such a great reading... and good advice too! Thanks, Kelly!" ... written by Amy
As always THANK YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!!!! I value you so much and I enjoy all of our conversations and they stick with me!! Thank you again and I will be refocusing." ... written by LL
She spoke before I could even say anything! That was pretty amazing, I will wait to see if her prediction comes to pass but I feel pretty confident about it :)" ... written by Sylvia
I love you kelly. Your visions have always been spot on!" ... written by
Great reading thanks!" ... written by Kevin
it's been 3 years since our last reading but my intuition says Kelly is right... -=) " ... written by truelove
a much needed private, thank you Kelly x" ... written by frag
Hello again! Review Part 2 :P - Thank you for the honesty and encouraging thoughts. There were many events/concerns that you pointed out in our reading which I have been internally struggling with but have not figured out a way to voice them. It was amazing to see that you could read them and it also helped me organize my thoughts. That's what I like about our readings, sometimes I don't have questions for a reading but when I enter a pvt with you I get more information that I anticipated. So truly, I appreciate all of your and your guides insight. " ... written by Lilly
predictions in the past have happened, will be waiting for more!" ... written by BP
update with kelly :)" ... written by luxxicon
Thanks for the advice, hope your prediction comes to be truth like other times. " ... written by Eric
What a great reading!! quick and to the point! I can't wait to report back with an update! Thank you for your insights! :)" ... written by k
Very positive, will let you know whats comes up." ... written by Hawkeye00
very good excellent" ... written by jana
she is fast and spot on! " ... written by Ryzette
being anonymus, she picked up things about my work and personal life, recommend to everybody, very good psychic and medium" ... written by onlyforlove
the best" ... written by dhannya
kelly is one of the best readers on the site she is always right on with her readings an knows what will happen i have had a few readings with her an will continue because she is great thanks for the clarification " ... written by sandra
Great reading detailed in a short time. " ... written by D
great as usual" ... written by f
Thank you soooooo much Kelly!!!! " ... written by Iris
shes always great i keep cming back" ... written by mariam
I am sorry that our reading ended so quickly, but you were amazing!you said to me lot of true things and that something beautiful is going to happen in future, so I believe in that!thank you!I will contact you again..blees you" ... written by Mateja
thanks so much kelly♥" ... written by k
Thank you so much for your time and insight, I appreciate your honesty, and you are spot on with things. Thank you again!! " ... written by K
beautiful reading, she nailed it and is one of the only psychic on here who actually saw what i was doing, rather than telling me what was coming for me, she saw how head strong and focused i was on what i wanted, and actually saw me not letting life come to me, but rather me taking on life itself. so its nice to see there is still an authentic reader on this site! 10 stars and more" ... written by indigo
This was seriously the best reading ever. Frighteningly accurate and on point. She told me what she saw whether its what i wanted to hear or not and it was great! Wow! I can't say anything other than wow that was great!" ... written by Paul
Ah I love her! I come to her when I need clarity. I trust her completely and I know she tells me what she sees. I have had many readings with Kelly in the past and so I know that what she sees does come to pass and it all makes sense in the end. She does not sugar coat anything. If there you are looking for a real reading that will help you, then you need to have it with Kelly. She is the best :) :) " ... written by Lilly
She is so in tune with everything going on around me. I wish I had more time with her. Excellent and very intuitive!!!!! more than 5 stars!!!" ... written by Bonnie
Lovely, quick, helpful, animated, and did I say quick! I LOVE going to Kelly for answers and I always get more than I thought I would or even asked for! She is simply the read deal, amazing, and you should all give her 5 minutes to see what she comes up with!" ... written by Beth
wish i had more credits, kelly is awesome, you wont regret talking to her.." ... written by hope
Awesome Reading! Thank you! She knew exactly who my Grammie was! Much love and blessings!" ... written by Catherine
She was great, not what I wanted to hear, but great. She knew the entire situation. Highly recommend." ... written by Peachy
Best reading i have ever had! Worth the $$...she is right on with her advice and guidance." ... written by Cat
Thank you, thank you! I trust what she says whether it confirms or denies what I want, but I believe in Kelly. She is such a validation of the gifts she has. Amazing as always." ... written by Beth
the best ever" ... written by cyn1961
kelly is amazing. she has helped me out a lot very cheerful and very bright person! she is always right been having readings with her and she is so accurate! " ... written by Ana
wow you are the best, all i can say is wow" ... written by pauly 61
great reading and very fast at connecting" ... written by faith
very quick connection, very accurate information" ... written by hb
she is amazing. i love kelly and our readings. its truly amazing how she connects so fast. and so accurately. she is my to go to! so sweet and awesome energy. everything she says, always comes true! no matter how crazy it sounds! " ... written by Ana
Wow! This was great as she was spot on the very first second of our reading! She is authentic and knows how to connect to your situation immediately!" ... written by E
Hi Kelly! Thanks so much for the reading! I will keep in mind the options you mentioned and will surely come back to you for an update :) " ... written by Lilly
Connects very fast. great reading" ... written by Moongirl17
SHE IS THE BEST I JUST LOVE HER!" ... written by Angels
Thank you so such a wonderful reading. I have been having my readings with you for few years now and all you say is correct. You are a gift to oranum and I am blessed to have readings with you. In today's reading, you picked up a lot on what has happened and it. It helped me put the pieces together and make sense of my situation and goals which i have been struggling with. I really cant thank you enough for it but I will still say, you are a wonderful human being and a reader. Thanks a ton Kelly! " ... written by Lilly
thank you very interesting. i will come back and let you know what happened. very interesting. :)" ... written by nachalo
Thank you Kelly! You are very gifted." ... written by
she is amazing, so quick andamp; to the point, amazing, she'll blow your mind, 5 stars" ... written by pauly61
great reader and highly recommended" ... written by ok
thanks kelly" ... written by f
Very nice and quick reading.She is amazing!Thank you Kelly" ... written by Mateja
fast and spot on as always :-) love it!!! and love her!!! " ... written by emoonlight
Great reading. Too Little Time Though." ... written by Mansi Goel
really good reader and informative" ... written by s
wonderful insight on whats to come :-) always so fast at connecting and gives nothing but the truth! " ... written by emoonlight
Thanks Kelly for another one of your awesome private! I will come back and post on your wall about the stuff we discussed for confirmation. But guys, dont miss out on your chance to have a pvt with Kelly! She is simply amazing and genuinely there to help you!" ... written by Lilly
Very onpoint reader,always accurate,Will come back for updates,thank you so much Kelly,you are very gifted,would recommend to all,trust her completely.xoxo" ... written by Jennifer
Kelly, thank you for your honesty and sharing your gift. You have been spot on with things in the past and I look forward to checking in as things start to unfold. Thank you again!" ... written by Sports
Seemed to be a good reading, I guess time will tell!! Thank you." ... written by sarebear
kelly is a sweetheart! She picked up on the situation right away. I asked her for a general reading but she right away answered my burning question even without being asked. I have been having readings with Kelly since 2013 but since Oct 2015 I only go to kelly for pvts. She is worth the wait. She gives you the right insight and cares for your situation because she is a wonderful gentle soul. I appreciate all your readings and suggestions. Thanks a ton Kelly!" ... written by Lilly
Kelly is absolutely amazing. Her mediumship is beyond, and her intuition is amazing...I so appreciate her and when I need to know the truth, I know I can get it from Kelly. She was able to make me see that I can believe my gut, and stop letting my head get in the way, as well as to have some patience and faith. I so appreciate her spirit....she is an amazing and gifted reader." ... written by Carrie
had to go right back in for another reading because i wanted more! She is soooooo good!!!" ... written by Melinda
so clear this was amazin. I highly recommend Kelly" ... written by tyler
Thanks Kelly!" ... written by Jen
amazing connection with an amazing lady, 100 stars thank you kelly xoxox" ... written by e
great reading love how she remembers details really well" ... written by needachance
Thanks Kelly you are the best! always right to the ppint" ... written by A
simply amazing " ... written by CoyoteRoper
Well worth it - lovely reading " ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Thank you!! Always on point my dear!!!" ... written by M
great reading with kelly! a lot of emotional things came out. many specifically timed predictions. thank you kelly!" ... written by me
will see what happens!" ... written by BP
thanks so much kelly :)" ... written by k
good reading. thanks " ... written by Joanne
5+ Star as always....:)" ... written by SW
Very accurate and spot on, I felt a connection right away. She's so sweet and so honest and fun to talk to. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." ... written by missbritt22
Very good!" ... written by Anna
Amazing! was right on once again. i can't believe how she connected. I cant wait to follow up! 10 stars!!! Amazing!" ... written by Angl33
Awesome as always" ... written by Sylvia
Her readings have always been so precise! She has been able to detect people in my life that I hadn't even thought of in a while. She's great!!" ... written by Angel
Thank you Kelly appreciate your accuracy and time spent with me to show clarity to a situation. Much blessings sent to you!" ... written by Andrea
This was my first reading with Kelly and found her very good and helped ease some of the anxiety that i have been feeling. I recommend her highly and feel that she was very accurate! Many blessings, kelly! I will return" ... written by C
awesome, just ruddy amazing :)" ... written by autumne
thanks kelly" ... written by k
she is always so on point! i dont have to give her any info and she tunes in right away. her readings are genuine and soul touching. i come on here once every few months but i go STRAIGHT to her every time! thank you, kelly! you're the best :)" ... written by alee
great to connect with and tell me what i need to be doing and where things are heading for me." ... written by nj
update after a couple of months! thanks!" ... written by luxxicon
Truly connected and gave me such amazing guidance and peace. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ... written by Joey
Thanks Kelly. I will heed your advice and keep you updated. Thanks so much for your insight." ... written by familyhelper
kelly is amazing. no words can describe" ... written by dalai
Kelly's always the best ever and everything she says about past, present or future is 100% accurate and true! If you need a truly gifted psychic, it's absolutely either Kelly or no one else! " ... written by sweetmarionette
kelly is wonderful, so fast and to the point i dont need to say a thing she just picks up on everything, she is a gift from god, thank you kelly" ... written by paul
i really liked are reading it was really nice. I felt really good about what we discussed" ... written by cletrel
such a lovely private reading! even when i went in there irritated; she showed me the reality of things and how I can make it better. Much blessings to you! I look forward to more of your predictions to come!" ... written by pearberry008
Kelly is so awesome. She was clear and concise. One time she did a medium reading for me and my mom came through so clearly, along with 3 of her brothers. Kelli is the best and well worth her price!!" ... written by Terri Maguire
awesome" ... written by autumn
Thanks Kelly! as always you are super to the point and accurate." ... written by A
Thank you! I came in the reading upset about something and Kelly gave me lots of information so I myself can come to clarity. Thank you for all your accurate insights!" ... written by pearberry008
Very good reading, she picked up on my decision about my job." ... written by Hawkeye
very honest.. This is my first reading with Kelly.. so I will see as to " ... written by Bebebell
very helpful reading - thank you" ... written by nesheeaaa
She was so insightful and honest, I always love reading with her, thank you!" ... written by briana
omg kelly picked up so spot on. here is me hoping for everything to pan out nicely. will let you know again kelly!" ... written by k
LOVE this lady! I suggest everyone should try to talk to her. She has such a wonderful gift and you'll be amazed!" ... written by Beth
Kelly is just too good and she is one of the best on the site. Her readings are honest, clear and she truly cares about her clients. I believe in her and she has been right for me on multiple occasions. If you haven't had a reading with her... you are missing out on a great opportunity big time. " ... written by Lilly
great ferry accrue" ... written by iludia
Kelly is always superb! She is so intuitive that she doesn't need anything from you, she will just start to provide insight. Not only that, but she has such a great energy that even bad news from her doesn't seem that bad. I am so grateful that Kelly is on Oranum and will continue to come see her when I need advice. " ... written by shasha
Kelly is amazing and out of this world! My family came through and things were said that no one would possibly know so i know they were really there. i wasn't even getting a reading for that purpose but they just came. it is a huge comfort to have this experience and i am very grateful to kelly for this. Thank you so much. xoxo" ... written by bella
Kelly is so clear with her visions! I had a reading about my job situation today and she picked up on the people involved right away! She also described their personalities to the T and helped me understand various point of views. Kelly confirmed a lot of my thoughts and feelings and also encouraged me to be more "me"! I am grateful to have been having readings for Kelly because I know she is very honest and accurate! I trust her and her guidance immensely. Thank you Kelly for being the guiding light in my life for past 3 years. " ... written by Lillly
thanks kelly for your insights! i really hope things get a move along ;) will let u know about that 13 hahah ♥ much love" ... written by k
great" ... written by iludia
She is amazing. " ... written by N
thank you Kelly " ... written by gl
on point!!" ... written by coolgirl65
Quick to pick up as always. thanks Kelly x" ... written by LilyAnne
:) GREAT TALK" ... written by elmers
thanks kelly ♥" ... written by k
Thank You." ... written by AnaKLove
Great job. Confirmed I was on the right track and provided some encouragement for the days ahead." ... written by Jill
Wow what a gifted woman you are, thank you for sharing your talents and gifts. I'm glad you don't recall most of our convos as I feel embarrassed for being repetitive! " ... written by
Quick read! Assessed the situation well!" ... written by Eva
Thanks for your guidance. I can always count on your accuracy in seeing my situation and your predictions. I needed a lift today and talking to you was just what did it for me. Thank you so much for your caring, warmth and gift. Many blessings to you. " ... written by familyhelper
Oh Kelly she is such a real gem!!! Always has the best interest at heart for people. She inspires me and her gift gives me hope. Very good life coach and great at communicating and channeling. " ... written by Andrea
Great" ... written by Julia
kelly is the best" ... written by Mama
I really needed to have a reading with Kelly and I am extremely grateful to have been able to do that. I am in the process of making some decisions and Kelly was able to pick up my thoughts and fear right up. She was very accurate (as always) and really understanding. She answered a lot of my unanswered questions and validated key points which will enable me in decision making. Her visions are very clear and I will return to her for follow up readings! Thanks a ton Kelly for being so honest and lovely. " ... written by Lilly
VERY HONEST AND GOOD! " ... written by carlinw
Well with your help I hope my life will continue to improve. Thanks for comforting me a bit with myself, and helpful tools to share with my partner. Hope your day is as wonderful as mine is going to be. 8-)" ... written by Lanell
Thank you !!!" ... written by
Very detailed, right on the spot, and she will tell you exactly what she feels and see's. She is honest, blunt, and will help guide you through the struggles. " ... written by Rose
Thank you kelly All will be well. My wish " ... written by soup
She gave me such wonderful advice! I loved he readings and will be sure to take them to heart. Very clear, straight to the point. All together great. " ... written by msrae89
10+ always" ... written by Spirit
amazing as always really clear and picks up on things straight away. till next time " ... written by julie
Thank you for the wonderful reading." ... written by S
beautiful reading.. she made me feel at peace.. i will be back in a month if your predictions come to light. thanks kelly :)" ... written by patient_girl
She is amazing! She predicted my mom selling and its happening." ... written by powerwoman1
Great reading with a feel of certainty...I just wish she wasn't breaking up so much. Overall...she is awesome! Recommend her!" ... written by BB
she is amazing, i have been getting readings from her for a while and i always return for more..." ... written by mariam
I would recommend everyone and anyone to take Kelly into a private reading at least once... Because you are just going to keep coming back. She has always been accurate in the past for me, and she knew private information that only I will know or the other person will know. She is amazing!! God bless you Kelly!" ... written by Mailee
Thanks Kelly! You are AMAZING! You always connect so well. " ... written by A
Kelly blows me away. There is absolutely no way she could ever possibly know the specific details that she tells me. She is quick to connect and 100% spot on! Definitely one of the BEST readers on this site. This isn't my first reading with Kelly, and it's not my last! xx" ... written by dalai
she is very nice and accurate. Great person" ... written by triggered14
She is great..... love your reading Kelly. Take her pvt if u get the chance." ... written by tc
So many things to look forward to!!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful reading! Even though I have been hesitant towards the change I'll make sure to grab the opportunity anyway ;) You are very accurate in the things you were describing during the reading!" ... written by pearberry008
Kelly shocked me with her accuracy..I can't believe she knows everything about me and she told you everything about my past and present and it was all 100% true and each and every time she tells me about what she sees in the future, it happens like she said it would.woooooooooooooow i'm blown away" ... written by sweetmarionette
I needed to connect with someone through her and she did it so well! Amazing medium!" ... written by pearberry008
sincere" ... written by Tammra Ferraiolo
kelly is just awesome in all ways. She is patient accurate and so kind hearted. Do visit with her! worth your time and just a beautiful experence" ... written by C
Great job, Kelly!!" ... written by Marvin
Kelly is always that best. She is my go to girl and so appreciate her kindness and accuracy. She is a good soul. 10+" ... written by Spirit
i liked her reading, positive, i will be back to update her thanks :)" ... written by jenn
She was amazing as always! Thank you for being so awesome and letting me know what is going on! :)" ... written by Brianaaf2
Always so amazing! She is the best.. You will not regret a reading with Kelly. She is accurate to the point of jaw dropping. I find myself amaze everything. She has god gifted talents to say the least. Recommend 110%" ... written by Mai
First reading with Kelly :) Was a very good experience. We will see how things pan out :) Thank you." ... written by Cathryn
toooooooo goooooood ! I am going for the next reading as I need more info." ... written by sap
Kelly is most wonderful, amazing and accurate. She has gifts and shares them in a loving, honest and heartfelt way." ... written by Elena
very clear and accurate. thank you so much for this" ... written by tyler
I spend a lot of time in Kelly's room, finally took her private and am so grateful that I did. She is spot on and I trust in all she has to say. I've been told she's the best and now she is my only go to. Thank you so much Kelly. I will keep you updated :)" ... written by Mandaa3
On point about my family" ... written by Geneva Girl
Thanks Kelly - glad u connected with my Mum :) " ... written by P
Gave me specific dates about my transition....definitely am aware of when change will happen in my life." ... written by Geneva Girl
I always come back to Kelly because she always tells me things that are 100% true and accurate and each and every time, all of her predictions, every single one of them comes true and happens the same exact way she told me it would, also within the same timeframe she mentioned. Everything she tells you will happen with all the events and names and people and circumstances and timing the same exact way she mentioned it. She will literally blow your mind and she's the only one in the world who is a truly God gifted psychic who is genuine. She's simply the best." ... written by sweetmarionette
She is REAL!i had a demo reading and wasn't expecting at all, she picked up on a conversation that happened today and emotions involved. How could she know that? I only prayed about it afterwards.. So. You tell me... If that doesn't make you a believer then what does? Thank you so much Kelly, you're so genuine and I'm so grateful to find you. " ... written by Mandaa3
She was spot on. This was my first reading with her but definitely not the last. She connected so fast, I did not have to say much, I was just confirming what she said. Amazing." ... written by Janice
love her she picks up a lot of details!" ... written by BP
she was great. she knew a lot and it really helped" ... written by Z
Thanks Kelly, you're the best :)" ... written by pb
Kelly is among the very best I have found here on Oranum! Try her!" ... written by W
Thanks Kelly!" ... written by Bri
Kelly is a wonderful reader...she has been my reader for a few months now. She has helped me stay on my path and given me great advice her accuracy with things that have happened with me are happens...things are happening just as she says they are...i really trust her. And i so look forward to her always smiling face! Truly amazing!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Love her, she is always right on." ... written by robin
so amazing!" ... written by g
Awesome reading super grateful!!!!" ... written by Ava
as usual incredible reading" ... written by sap
I LOVE LOVE Kelly! She rocks it every time! I look forward to hearing her readings always. What she has advised might not be what I'm thinking to hear at the time, but is right and will happen. " ... written by Beth
I had a reading with Kelly about my job and even before I typed out my question, she picked up on my question. She is wonderful , honest and such a delight to have a reading with. I trust Kelly because I have had multiple readings with her in the past and she has been right almost all the time. She is very very very accurate and a caring human being. Thanks a ton Kelly for being there! XOXO" ... written by Lilly
Kelly was absolutely amazing at this mediumship session. She really brought a loved one through and was able to validate many things only I and said loved one would know. She's the most stellar medium on this site, period, end of story! No one compares!" ... written by Betty Boop
You are a gift from God, Kelly. And your gifts...we are honored that you share them with us. Blessings to you. Your accuracy is astounding. I look forward to future readings." ... written by familyhelper
She's awesome, picks up on things quickly and accurately. Highly recommended." ... written by RS
Omg she is just amazing. Thank you so much " ... written by Julianna
Bless you!" ... written by
Very nice...but time went by so quickly I didn't even get to ask my question. Will not use service again." ... written by Kelly
She is a very kind, thoughtful, and an honest person. I really am glad that she was able to pick up on so much accuracy. She is detailed, straight to the point, and is gifted. I certainly will listen to her and put my faith into what she says. " ... written by Rose
In 3 mins she saw physical distance, withdrawing and my current situation accurately and tell me what he is going through. Will keep you posted. Thanks Kelly!!!" ... written by angelbabyx1231
prediction came true ;) kelly is amazing " ... written by tg
In 3 mins she saw physical distance, withdrawing and my current situation accurately and tell me what he is going through. Will keep you posted. Thanks Kelly!!!" ... written by angelbabyx1231
alwaysthe 1 i go to for advice" ... written by truelove
catch up with kelly. thank you" ... written by luxxicon
Really good" ... written by A
very good. very thorough. highly recommmend her " ... written by d
first time with kelly and i loved her. she has this amazing energy. shes very straight forward. i cant wait to see all the things she mentions unfold for me" ... written by linh
She's awesome and truthful I really like her Im Just sorry I ran out of time again.Kelly your the best" ... written by kitty1255
one of the most comforting souls I've ever met, thank you kelly x" ... written by gems
Great reading with kelly! :) " ... written by UK
Kelly directly connects to your soul!!! OMG!" ... written by naturalpath
thanks kelly" ... written by k
Kelly is honestly somoene of great character and always an inspiration. I am so happy I came across her, she helps me identify the areas of my life that I have trouble making decisions about and she provides me the clarity I seek. Thank you Kelly!" ... written by Brianaaf2
AMAZING. spot on with my relationships. didnt have to ask.. she lead the way!!!" ... written by Kyla
Kelly is just fantastic. Always spot on, great advise, very calm. I will be back to talk to her again soon. " ... written by Makeup Maven
amazing as always" ... written by RS
Awesome!" ... written by scurlock
Kelly's the best. She's the psychic of all psychics. One of a kind. Unmatchable. Unbeatable. Extraordinary. Precious. No one on Earth can not love her. 100% accurate about every single thing. Direct messages from Heaven." ... written by sweetmarionette
Kelly, this is the second reading with you that I have had where you just absolutely spoke to my soul. You knew things you never could have without a very special gift. Your guidance has become key in my life path, and I can't say thank you enough. Honestly you have been such a guide to me the last few months. " ... written by Paul
excellent!! Dead on with everything!!" ... written by Linda
thank you nice reading" ... written by AJ
very accurate and kind" ... written by ginny
Just fabulous!" ... written by Jade8233
thanks again for an honest and wonderful reading. I come back to you always because you have been so true, kind and accurate in the past with 90% of my readings. I appreciate all your help and insight more that I can express! xoxoxo" ... written by Lilly
Always enjoy her readings. She picks up on things quickly and gives excellent advice. Highly recommended." ... written by RS
Lovely, caring and knew what I was concerned about,thankyou" ... written by Tammy
So I have to think of new ways to say how accurate you are! All these months you have been mentioning about a house, a move and I am like... umm i am not thinking about it. All of a sudden I have been given an opportunity to actually get involved into something like this and it hits like bucket of cold water. This is what kelly was talking about!! Hahahahaha you are amazing Kelly. No questions asked :) I really hope everything falls into place like you mentioned " ... written by Lilly
Ahh! You were right again! You had been warning me all this time I guess I just needed to come to the conclusion on my own. I really appreciate all your help Kelly and thankful that I get to have readings with you. You are always so honest, pure and a great mix of friend+psychic. Lots of love! " ... written by Lilly
great reading, thank you" ... written by z
I love this lady! I've talked to Kelly for a long while, and she still amazes me with the messages she gets and what she sees coming. Sometimes it might be months, but I know when a thought of her pops in my head and stays with me for a couple days that she has a message for me that I need to hear. Her gifts are truly phenomenal and if you want someone that will just amaze you every time you should talk to Kelly. " ... written by Beth
Kelly is amazing! she connects straight away and is straight to the point. Thank you! " ... written by S
Thank u Kelly. Looking forward to your predictions." ... written by S
kelly has been spot on everytime... this time it's good new... cant wait!" ... written by truelove
Kelly's the best psychic ever and there never was and never will be someone like her. She's always 100% correct and accurate about everything and her time frames are always accurate too. She will tell you everything about your past, present and future and blow your mind. Thank you so much Kelly for the lovely reading as always." ... written by sweetmarionette
kelly is amazing!!!enough said!!" ... written by Brianaaf2
Kelly is the best psychic in the whole universe always is 100% accurate about everything past present and future. She's also the best medium ever 100% accurate connecting to the passed ones who have crossed over. God bless you always Kelly and thank you." ... written by sweetmarionette
Amazing reading! Awesome reader and also so very very positive. I love your reading because you are so honest and accurate Kelly. Thanks a ton for your help " ... written by Lilly
hit the nail on the head! thank you!" ... written by the world
she is a good psychic " ... written by RB
Love this, bless you" ... written by
Awesome reader, highly recommend. She connects very fast! Thank you Kelly!" ... written by phyl
hooked int right away. Great read" ... written by Trixie
spot on and accurate as always, super fast in connecting and so correct when tuning into the current situation " ... written by emoonlight
Kelly is always great at what she does! I can't get enough of her, she takes her time and explain the details as best a she can. Thanks!" ... written by Mailee
She's great!" ... written by coolGirl65
Great reading with kelly, connected quickly, in tune with my situations, and very truthful." ... written by lornalulu
Kelly is lovely. I love to have sessions with her. I will keep my eyes open. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Best. Connection. Ever. She's absolutely amazing. I trust her 100%. I hope it all works out. Thank you Kelly sooooo much!" ... written by Cara
kelly is great. amazing i love her and the readings. always so accurate and with so little info given to her. she is totally worth it. has been always right in the past. xoxo kelly." ... written by Ana
Kelly was amazing, she connected with me very well and I feel what she said will come to pass. Thank you :)" ... written by enchanted2634
Thanks Kelly! Very good, quick to pick up and honest. I would highly recommend a reading. " ... written by Shelly
Kelly was straight with me and I believe she gave me an honest answer even though it wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear." ... written by Chiara
a clear reading" ... written by bev
Kelly is amazing! She has always been accurate in reading people andamp; their energy. She sees the situations very clearly and even was able to pick up on someone's travel plans before I had the chance to mention it. She also mentioned communication would occur on 7th and it did! She has been spot on and says is like it is. I love her and will always come back for more! Thanks a ton Kelly :) :) " ... written by LillySweet
She is amazing. Always picks up quickly with very little effort. Highly recommended!" ... written by RS
Consistent readings! The details of my past readings and current readings are always unified. I don't see her often so she doesn't get those details from memory but from really reading me at my current situation. Also I don't ask her the same question every time I see her, but the details in my past and past readings are linked to my current situation alot. I have no doubt her predictions are unfolding already! Love the confirmations she gives too; it's amazing cuz it's very specific and true and you're brought to such astonishment that she absolutely knows those intimate facts!" ... written by pearberry008
Kelly is wonderful. She answered some questions I needed to know about. She is great!" ... written by Teresa
outstanding!! right to the point !! amazing guides !!i'm still in shock !! great reading !! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
Kelly is the best person ever. Not only the best psychic in the whole world but also the best soul and being ever because she truly cares about her clients and about the wellbeing and welfare and safety of others and she's not in it just for the money. She's very compassionate and thoughtful and the most caring person ever. She's truly concerned about me when everyone else could care less. On top of all that, she's always 100% accurate about past, present and future and her predictions always always come true each and every time. Thank you Kelly and God bless you always." ... written by sweetmarionette
wonderful reading from kelly. she needs no information and goes right into it! very gifted woman and deserves more than 5 stars!" ... written by elizabeth
HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended!!! Worth every penny! I have tried several psychics here on Oranum but nothing compares to Kelly. Recently have had email readings/private chat regarding my current situation but they were not consistent. What made me believe Kelly was the fact that she did not need any info other than names! I was starting to become skeptical of psychics but she is the real deal. Thank you Kelly!!!" ... written by Becase
I asked about my workplace and new employee. It sounds like it will be okay. Thank you again. " ... written by ckeg
Kelly never ceases to amaze me and i am not easily amazed. She tunes is so smoothly. She is accurate, honest and so humble for such a very gifted person. I am truly grateful to have found her. " ... written by EM
such a wonderful and detailed reading! love that she sends healing energy whenever needed, i don't even have to ask for it. she has read accurately upon multiple situations! Thank you Kelly! She is someone I will come back to for accurate insights and connecting with the spirit world!" ... written by pearberry008
she was beyond accurate with information. it was an incredible reading. blew me away ." ... written by Chris
Fabulous! She knew very specific things, was extremely honest and caring. Highly recommend!" ... written by meg
kelly is amazing. needs very little info.. like 2% of the reading was me … everything else was her. she told me things that were true without me mentioning anything about them. she is specific and has always been right in the past. is truly amazing. I now always come back to her because i know she has true power. " ... written by ana
Kelly was accurate from the get go. Told me in July she saw a reconnection, and that's exactly what happened! Thank you for being right all along, can't wait to update you! " ... written by angelbabyx1231
Kelly was amazing. She could feel my anxiety about a situation and informed me I was trying too hard. Which is very true. Also about the state of the man I love's situation. Thank you so much for the guidance and your prediction. God Bless you!" ... written by Savina
good" ... written by real love
It was by design that I peeked into Kellys room this evening. I felt her energies. She is accurate." ... written by marym62
thanks kelly. spot on as alwayss♥" ... written by k
I love Kelly so much!" ... written by Jade8233
awesome, very detailed, very spot on...ten thousand stars!" ... written by free
lovely lady, brilliant connection, tells honest truth x " ... written by vikki
Mind has been blown!" ... written by Chantae
Thank you so much! Look forward to the next 6 months :)" ... written by d2k1000
MIND BLOWN AGAIN :) Thank you Kelly always to the point and corect! I cant wait to tell you some good news in the future!" ... written by bluetippi2
Incredible! Truly amazing" ... written by phyl
absolutely divine!" ... written by lorna
Kelly is amazing. Just amazing and recommend her highly. Will be back to her soon. " ... written by debbiec0613
she was very accurate again. !" ... written by chris
thanks kelly" ... written by k
accurate." ... written by Julie
Thanks again Kelly! Its been some time since we had a reading and once again i am blown away with your accuracy. You were able to pick up on the potential move... which has been in pipeline for my family for quite some time now. Hopefully it all works out as you mentioned. Will be back for a follow up! Thanks a ton Angel!! Enjoy your summer andamp; keep bringing light to us XOXO" ... written by Summerlove
love kelly. i will follow her advice and see what happens!" ... written by bp
Thank you so much Kelly! I didn't get a chance to tell you but you sent me healing energy in the previous reading, and it worked, the person does not go to bother me as much! All the things you say are unfolding! You provide validation that really can be jaw dropping since only a wonderful psychic would know that :) I love how you also easily connect with the spirit world, I didn't have to ask who to connect to.. my loved one was just there ready to help and connect...he trusts you and i trust you!" ... written by pearberry008
honest." ... written by jyp
Very Accurate! Good advise as well.!" ... written by Phoenix
First time with Kelly. Will certainly return when I can get more credits." ... written by SB
Just amazing... strong connection and amazing advice / guidance everyone needs to go to kelly :) " ... written by vik
she gave me hope. ill do as she advises and check in soon " ... written by ameera
Kelly is wonderful! I have been reading with her for at least a year now maybe more. I keep coming back because she keeps being right!! At times I have felt the future she described is unbelievable not likely because of the current situation. She always sees through my fog and her predictions come to pass always for the better!! Love her! " ... written by na
Very good reading! She picked up on things right away without me telling her anything. I appreciate her honesty." ... written by rose423
amazing" ... written by shireen
blew me away..." ... written by real love
i've been coming to kelly for all my readings the last 3 years, each time she has been so helpful and encouraging, even in free chat. Predictions have always been accurate and connecting to passed family has always been precise and an amazing experience. I am so grateful to you kelly, thank you for being honest and inspiring. There is no better person or medium on here than Kelly. I highly reccommend!!!!!!! " ... written by 123
Kelly has been accurate with me in the past. She was wonderful again! Love her!!" ... written by Mailee
She picked up on certain aspects pretty accurately and was very insightful. I must say though.. what impressed me the most is her warm and welcoming energy. I literally had a smile and felt tingles throughout the reading. Thank you Kelly!" ... written by Mimi
honestly the only psychic i will ever goto from now on, she is always right on the money, super quick and straight to the point! love her!!!" ... written by emoonlight
Such an amazing lady, connect and cares, helps so much and puts me on the right path thankyou kelly god bless x " ... written by vik
Kelly is exceptional as a psychic and full of integrity.mshe has always been accurate in the past and i trust her so mch. there are many months in between readings and she is so consistant, i know that she does not remember me so it is her gifts. thank you sooo much!" ... written by c
Outstanding and above all , KellysVisions are always on the money !!! I love her truthful readings and her fantastic updates!! If you ever have the privledge , get a reading with her !!! AMAZING!!! XOXO" ... written by tamjones
My 1st reading with her. It was so fun!! I am so so so so grateful and the news is good! She emphasized she will only tell me the truth no matter if good or bad. I have been so scared of the unknown. I am trusting in this process that for once in a long long long time-if not even maybe ever, things are working out so well for me full of many blessings. I do not like to come on cam. I asked if I could and I am glad just so she knows who is inquiring. I'm so excited!!!! XOXOXOXOXO" ... written by Julia
Kelly was very accurate on what she brought up, she knew my worries and fears at this present time. Kelly gave me some advice to be able to move forward and handle the situations as it arise. " ... written by Swede
Excellent and quick to pick up on energies. She's highly accurate and an excellent reader. Highly recommended." ... written by RS
Amazing!! She was spot on!!!" ... written by FashionDiva
Bless you !" ... written by
Thanks for this lovely reading. Your psychic gifts are amazing! Wishing you all the best! Blessings to you!!!" ... written by Moon Pearl
Kelly, is wonderful!! She taps in immediately and her energy is amazing!!" ... written by moonsglow
Kelly is amazing!!! I needed to talk to her. Her energy and spirit are pure light!! THANK YOU!!!" ... written by maria
amazing. kelly just has this great ability, to help see the situation. she can tell what's coming. and what is best. she has been so accurate in the past.. thats why i keep coming to her. i wish she was online more often just because of how great she is. she is a real psychic. " ... written by Ana
amazing. helping me all the time..x" ... written by shireen
This is my 2nd time with Kelly, and it was something that just happened and I HAD to ask her, as I was so worried about the man I love...emotions fog our view from seeing clearly and Kelly is the lighthouse, that beacon in the darkness, when the fog is so dense and your fears take hold. I trust Kelly's insight, her clarity, her messages from it true? For me, Yes...all she said is true. " ... written by Lolabe11a
First time reading w/ Kelly, she was able to tuned in right away. Looking forward to predictions come true.. Thank yo so much Kelly!" ... written by Kirsten
Wonderful, amazing, truthful, blessed! I just can't say enough about her gifts and I'd recommend Kelly to anyone. She is real and comforting and you will be just floored. I will always contact Kelly with questions. I'm actually very excited about what she has said and can't wait to see how it all turns out. Thank you lovely lady." ... written by Beth
Exceptional reading with Kelly, and I had to come back again to finish my reading with her again, she had everything exactly correct and had me in tears when she continued with all the emotions too. She also had picked up on my Dad and I was just elated, Kelly is a blessing and I thank her for sharing her gifts with everyone. I will contact again :)) Thank you Kelly xox" ... written by Lolabella
:)she is superb, brilliant, one of a kind, skilled to perfection and provides pure clarity, no confusion of any kind in her readings! :)highly recommending her to all! i will be back, as i always" ... written by cg
she is spot on! I forgot to tell her that the healing energy she sent me on a previous reading worked! The situation has calmed down and my soul feels better. i love how she delivers messages; it's caring and candid." ... written by pearberry008
As always honest and spot n - grateful beyond words for her honesty. Kelly is fabulous " ... written by CoyoteRoper
As always...she is wonderful. Hands down, the only psychic on Oranum who I trust and who I return to. She truly is the real deal. Everyone says that on here, I know, but honestly just try her once and you will see exactly what I mean. Thank you so much Kelly!" ... written by January
Thanks again Kelly for this wonderful reading! Blessings" ... written by Moon Pearl
Highly accurate and picks up on things quickly. One of the best readers on Oranum." ... written by RS
shes brilliant x" ... written by shireen
Love her." ... written by EM
she's the main go to. i've been seeing her for 2 years now. always on point with predictions for me and what's surrounding me and my current situation." ... written by luxxicon
Great read. Fast, direct and kind." ... written by Karla
Kelly is so good. Kind, straight forward and gets to the point. Thank you for calming my fears..." ... written by kkbinid
spot on with making connections! kelly, you are magnificent, yet again." ... written by joshua
Kelly is sincerely the very best! Her energy and connections in a reading is so remarkable. I appreciate her and her insights. I know that when I need a real answer...I can come to her for the truth. Love her spirit:)" ... written by Carrie
Have had many readings with Kelly and she is simply the best. I trust her words and would recommend her to everyone I know. She is fast, accurate and honest. She looks out for you and does not give false hope. Her readings are uplifting and fun. Can't express how much I look forward to talking to her. Thanks a ton Kelly for being here and doing a wonderful job! XOXOXOXO" ... written by Lilly
SO GOOD! worth every penny!" ... written by cara
kelly is an amazing woman. she is worth every penny her guidence and what she sees is unreal !!!!" ... written by shireen25
Wonderful! So spot on, kind and full of wisdom. I cannot recommend her enough. I've had 2 readings and she is worth every penny!" ... written by meg
Thanks Kelly YOU ARE AMAZING!!" ... written by a
She's amazing! Can connect fast and is very clear. Great reading!" ... written by coolgirl65
Finally was able to connect! Kelly you hit everything on point, i def. will be back for another reading. Thank you!" ... written by Chantae
She's amazing I had to come back for another reading!" ... written by coolgirl65
Always amazing" ... written by TD
Kelly is awesome...once you go on a private session with her you'll not want to go to the others...i do not want the session to end but i've used up my credits. but i'll come back again for an update. i heard some good news today and i'm much relief now. thanks much Kelly! god bless u!" ... written by V
Very pleasant and nice. Very positive. I enjoyed the reading and hope Kelly's predictions come true!" ... written by lilliableu
Had a wonderful reading with Kelly, I would highly recommend her for your situation. She is so compassionate and can relate truly to your feelings and situation. I will definitely be using her again for future readings... So so precise and detailed. Love you, Kelly:)" ... written by julieweinburg12
Okay, cute, amazing, fun, But OMG Good. She is the real deal and a very big help!!!" ... written by FrankJ
Very insightful reader... She picked up some hidden aspects of my life very quickly and clarified where I'm at the moment... Highly recommended." ... written by judith76
Kelly you are absolutely awesome :) ... I felt like I was going through an emotional rollercoaster but all for the right reasons...I cant thank you and your guides/spirits enough for the guidance, confirmations and advise.. Will definitely keep in touch :) .. thanx and light :). " ... written by mystic_haze
Kelly is great! I will be back again." ... written by marion
Thank you does not even start to describe how thankful I am for your words!!!" ... written by mcaswell13
I had a splendid reading with KellysVisions, and would like to let anyone reading her reviews to know that she is very, very clear and really accurate. Thanks for the insight and help, Kelly!" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Really good! Highly recommended. She used cards and talks to spirits too." ... written by TravlFunLove