About KingLionRead

Psychic KingLionReadhas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic KingLionReadhas recently helped 40members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about KingLionRead's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I connect with your energy directly without the use of any tools whatsoever. I will always be honest with you, you always be told what you need to hear.

Very intuitive reader thanks a lot." ... written by brandon
Great reading! Honest and sincere - thank you!" ... written by Ang
It was a good decision to pick KingLion! Helped me a lot with my relationship problems. Fresh mind! Thank you King!" ... written by Hartke
I like Him, He is very good, very good!" ... written by LeKris22
Nice reading thanks a lot." ... written by kay
He was dead on accurate!" ... written by Omar
Great guy! I'll definitely come back again. He seemed to know what he was talking about and has a really cool, down to earth personality." ... written by AJ
Good reader, cool style , l look forward to updates. Thank KLR" ... written by sunshinec
Awesome reading! He picked up on everything I had questions about and gave me clarity. He was also very positive and quick! Highly recommend getting a reading from kinglionread, I'll be back for more readings :)" ... written by Lauren
KLR is awesome. He tells it like it is--he's patient and generous with his time. Willing to help and very caring. Thank you so much!" ... written by Melanie
He is a really quick reader :0 He does not waste your time or money" ... written by c
I had the best reading with kingLion, He answered alll my questions and made me feel at ease." ... written by Vicky
Hes very good picked up on my situation and really really good advice" ... written by ikroyal
He's wonderful. He picked up on a lot of things. Very accurate. Amazing energy. Will definitely come back for more." ... written by Brandy
Wow KingLion is really amazing, very gifted. Don't be fooled by his youth he knows exactly what's he's saying. He doesn't sugarcaoat. He tells it like he sees it. Looking forward to more future updates. Many blessings to you..." ... written by Lucy117
This guys is great, He picked up on the situation really quickly and well. Great news, something to look forward to, but still continuing to living and loving my own life." ... written by Definethis
A truly amazing connected time. Quick and spot on. I was happy to also connect with lauren too... Many blessings here for me. I send the same back to all..." ... written by beautywithinone
Enjoyed KLR, hope what he said is right on target." ... written by LizaLiza
Good reading." ... written by marion
He was very intuitive and spot on. Thank you." ... written by jeter28
heeeeeey ;-)) thanks so much for the reading I loved it and think your amazing :-) xxxx" ... written by alexandra
Awesome, very nice, very clear, very accurate " ... written by angela
Excellent reading, he really have some clear, honest, open, and insightful advice through his reading on my situation. Picked up the situations and people around me and how they're interacting in my life perfectly. I will return for another reading and I absolutely recommend him!!" ... written by moon1leo1
He is a great reader and a hell of a person to vent with def keep this man in mind to promote growth healing and if your thing is already going well he can help you keep it that way I'm excited to have found him" ... written by angela
King really helped me a lot and I understood what he was talking about. I felt very comfortable with him like He was my big brother so thanks king :) I will definitely bring you that update when my confidence gets better. blessings to you :)" ... written by Alicia
He was on point about a lot of things. You will not be disappointed. He gave good unbiased answers and timelines. Everything made sense - nothing seemed out of no where. He's a very smart, intuitive person. Seriously, try him. " ... written by Rox
excellent reading!" ... written by moon1leo1
Thank you very much." ... written by call me baby
Great clarity and good advice, picks up on things quick and correct!" ... written by nicolelove328
First time talking to him and he told me the hardcore truth. He really cares and is willing to work with me! So 5 stars." ... written by hoping
Amazing to talk with! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!" ... written by jessica
Good reading, very insightful guy. Picked up on my situation with no info given. Thanks! xo" ... written by Jenn
Very good." ... written by AB
Great!" ... written by jessica
He is such a sweet heart I litterally had about 4 mins and he eased my heart alot I felt like he was on my side genuinely and not because of having a reading. He understood my pain I wish I had more time he is the best " ... written by luckylibra
Thank you, will try again later " ... written by angela
Very real, keeps it straight with you, gets to the point, really helped me out and helped me find what I was looking for." ... written by question789
KingLionRead is pretty amazing. He keeps it real and gets to the heart of the matter. Highly recommended." ... written by Kulsoom
Thank you for the advice!!" ... written by TravelFunLove
thanx for reading" ... written by zimerili1
I hope there is a day far in my future that I can look back on having a reading with king lion and appreciate his words of kind wisdom. Down to earth, warm hearted and spiritually gifted. Talented and open minded to gods gifts of enlightenment. Seeing a positive outcome in all situations and any negativity is open to possibility and opportunities with King Lion. A well trusted individual to open up and having a spiritual reading with. Many blessings. Namaste. " ... written by Christina.
Amazing as always." ... written by Elle499
Very good reading. I didn't need to say much and he understood the situation very good. I will definitely use this again when needed." ... written by Anthony
Great reading, I think he picked up well on what was going on. He's good!" ... written by moon1leo1
He was awesome!! Very straightforward and down to earth!! Accurate and compassionate!" ... written by Rachel
very honest." ... written by termo
Very cool guy" ... written by pesainavi
KLR, thank you so much for all the time you spent with me. Thank you for being kind, compassionate and considerate and making me feel like i am important and that my feelings matter. For so long I grew up believing my feelings didn't matter, but during your session you made it your business to continually remind me of my worth and how important my feelings really are." ... written by lovebugshay
I had such an amazing reading with him! I recommend him strongly to everyone. Opened my eyes to aspects of my life in a different way. Thank you so much. :)" ... written by Jordan
Oh wow! KingLionRead was an awesome guy. He pin pointed my situation right on! Great person to talk to!" ... written by Rana
Extremely accurate, real with you, and detailed!" ... written by Matt
He delivered with confidence and was straight. He definitely tuned in respect." ... written by kapers
Very insightful, loved it, very honest. Being positive is the key... Thank you for our chat, speak soon!" ... written by loverlygirl
KingLion is a highly gifted young visionary. I like that he freestyles his vision without cards or balls or runes. It's organic and fly like Half Moon Bay, California. I think the spirit of the ocean runs through him and his truth is so powerful you can almost touch it. I never had a doubt about his visions and in free chat I could see how clearly he cares for those who see his room. It felt more real than cards and shells and runes because I feel those things come up by chance wherein a natural vision comes straight from the angels or God or the spirit world. KingLion is very young but has an old soul that transcends his youthfulness. He is creative and inspiring and will see your life before you. He has a casual demeanor which makes the truth he delivers even more outstanding. The highest recommendation. I am more hopeful and joyful having seen what he saw. " ... written by Amy
I would say one of the best if not the best on Oranum - " ... written by Jennifer
Pretty cool kid, very easy going predict some of the feelings that i already have for myself and partner. " ... written by alicia
Sometimes its not alway's about predictions, but about valuable information you get from a person with wisdom to help you move forward, sometimes you wait for your predictions to come true, but you can never wait for what you learn to move yourself forward to come true, im thankful for talking to KingLionRead today he has really helped me fight my demons and everytime i feel weakness again i will remember this reading, his tips and information to help guide me on the right path, everything he said has helped me become stronger, because thats what i need, knowledge gives you strength, he is straight forward and caring so thanks again King :)) !!" ... written by SweetTooth
Good, insightful reading!" ... written by moon1leo1
I thought he was very good, easy to talk to very conversational. He hit on somethings I hadn't mentioned. I will come to him again." ... written by Nikki
Good job on giving insight." ... written by ryan747
Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by JOPHIELLOVER
He is good at motivating people and speaks with great clarity!" ... written by sasha
Clear and forthright reading." ... written by Pam
Amazing vibe. Great to talk to you A++++" ... written by truartist
Right on point about everything. So insightful and gave life changing advice." ... written by Taylor
Very happy with this reading, he gave me a clarity in how everything is panning out and what I should do. He does not sugar coat anything and tells you things that you need to hear and not just what you want to hear. I give him 100000 stars, and will come back for another reading again soon :)" ... written by Lisa
He is talented and a caring and deep soul that is right on with what he is talking about." ... written by katodesigns
First reading with him and he's amazing! Highly recommended! " ... written by Zeigen
Very, very spot on! " ... written by candy
Great! Very cool guy! Honest and truthful. Helped me a lot. Totally confirmed my suspicions about a certain situation. I will definitely see him again. Thank so much for your help KingLion!" ... written by nina
Awesome reading great clarity no fooling around just straight to the point. Very much appreciated" ... written by ikroyalakr
Nice" ... written by Krissy897y
Great as always!" ... written by candy
I haven't thought about it in years... Never even occurred to me that he might be what I was thinking about. It scares me, but gives me clarity. Until next time, sir..." ... written by allyrose
5 stars!!!! He gave me some of the best advice I've ever been given about men. Thank you!!" ... written by Tiffany
No tools, great like always" ... written by Virgo
On point and genuine being. Look forward to learning more from you KLR. " ... written by Sherahh
Very open gifted I am glad to check him out. Laid back but not slow. Good connection will be back" ... written by devene page baca
KingLionRead is an amazing reader. It's unbelievable how fast he connected with my energy. He was very accurate with all of the questions I asked him about different areas of my life. Thank you so much!" ... written by cherryblossom10
He is very intuitive, I asked totally about my nephew which I think is difficult, since he to tune on his energy, he was very informative and upfront about what was going on. Excellent reader." ... written by bnjpangels
Thank you, very talented reader. " ... written by chia
Excellent reader. Would like to work with him more to see what else is in store for my life." ... written by lizv6865
OMG! HE WAS AWESOME! HE KNEW MY REAL NAME RIGHT OFF THE BAT! VERY POSITIVE! SUPPORTIVE! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! I cannot wait to go back! Awesome! Give a try! :-)" ... written by SmileyT
Holy cow... Very gifted reader. Love his tone and compassion. As a girl, if you want a "guys" perspective on things you MUST talk to KLR. Will come back again." ... written by angelone44
Good reading......gave some good advice, he confirmed what i was sensing" ... written by bermt86
Just had reading with KLR it was great for such a young man he is very wise i will take what he said to me to heart i thank you i cant give you enough Stars look forward to my next reading love" ... written by cadesgirl
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Me
good reading!" ... written by moon1leo1
Good reading again thanks love for the honesty, no sugar coating! You are the best" ... written by cadesgirl
5 stars!!! I felt he really connected. Highly recommended!" ... written by Tiffany
I liked him. He is very confident and accurate. He reminds me of Justin Timberlake, for some reason. I felt he has a very powerful energy surrounding him. I can't explain it. But! He is awesome!!!" ... written by Peggy
He was great, kept it real :)" ... written by Tiffanie
Amazing, caring reader. He is very in tune with his abilities and fulfills what he claims. I recommend him to anyone especially with development of abilities that are not clear or understood!" ... written by Amanda
Great reading! Thanks :)" ... written by Zeigen
KingLionRead is always a wonderful person to talk to. He knows my situation without even mentioning whats going on. Just direct and simple. Blessings!" ... written by Rana
Accurate and very well connected without any tools, preciseness and very friendly easy to talk person with great talent." ... written by miami_doc
Really knows what he is talking about. He is able to connect with you on a very deep level, being able to relate to you situation. He is very kind, and really wants to help people. I believe that anyone would benefit from spending time talking with him about life. He will be able to help you regain control of your life!" ... written by Kaitlin Q. Calkins
Very down to earth, gave great advice, and to the point. Def see myself coming back for a reading " ... written by luckynumber3
Nice advice!" ... written by phoenixrisen
Wonderful reading. He was spot on. Thank you so much :)" ... written by brittany b.
Great reading! Great person!" ... written by Jennifer
I respect what he does, and feel like he gives off a very real quality. He was around my age, and it was cool too know that someone around my age can do this. He is comforting too talk too, and I truly wanted too listen too everything he said. I appreciate the short time we had." ... written by niki
Very kind and insightful psychic. He em-pathetically listened to me and helped clear my mind. He helped developed my 6th sense and I look forward to learning from my experience with him." ... written by Beau
Connected really well! Described the person accurately plus offered sound advice." ... written by Sleepydreamer
King was so on point. He confirmed a lot about my relationship that those who are very close to had already told me. He also confirmed my gifts and reassured me in who I am from the creator. I would recommend him to anyone look for honest sincere answer. Thanks King you are awesome and appreciate the respect you gave and showed me. Look forward to future talks." ... written by Kenneth
A very wise man beyond what he appears to be. a very good reading, and it felt genuine. I am at peace with what he told me. thank you!" ... written by leelee32384
Very good." ... written by apple
Not what I wanted to hear but still very good." ... written by J
Wow, this guy is right on. Definitely one of the best. He is just so spot on and he seems to know all the players. I definitely got more than I asked. " ... written by Stephanie
He really knew the situation clearly and accurately. And gave a lot of insight on things I didn't understand. I would def go back!" ... written by Muse
Quick and good." ... written by Lisa
Quick and too the point." ... written by georgiapeach21
Great reading, very intuitive, piked up on my energy and situation well!" ... written by flow
Connects fast" ... written by bRIDGETTE EVANS
He is a great psychic and the kindest also he did an amazing job and I will come to him again" ... written by lexusrosem
Great observation." ... written by phoenixrisen
Just blessed and very gifted. I loved my reading!" ... written by elizabeth
Very deep reading. Very clear about the message that he was trying to give and I appreciate his reading. Definitely will come to him again." ... written by JB
Thank you KLR. Good read and fast, to the point. I really only needed to know two things and you didnt beat around the bush! Thanks." ... written by Bubble
Fast, caring, calm, waiting to see how it will pan out." ... written by mik
Very open minded and very comforting. Honest, no sugar coating and accurate overall. Would read with him again! =)" ... written by Sleepydreamer
He got me to step back and see myself from a whole new perspective, and how I make choices in life. Thank you KingLion!" ... written by KamakazeCoffee
He was so sweet and caring of my emotions i wanted to understand Derrick but I do not want to get my heart hurt either. I loved his spirit and honesty thank you little brother" ... written by Edna
Very compassionate and accurate!" ... written by Rachel
Lion was very honest. It was something that I didn't want to hear. I had to end private not because I was getting emotional and could not continue. Thank you,Lion. I will come back when I feel better." ... written by Moonchild59
Awesome Read! Incredibly talented !!!! Well Worth it !!! " ... written by Antares
Incredibly Gifted !!!!!!" ... written by Antares
One of the top psychics I feel comfortable talking to on ORANUM. Very genuine, helpful, and got a little humor. " ... written by JB
Great teacher indeed!!! Very kind and understanding care for how you feel and great advice....must have a reading!" ... written by lulutheangel
He's very honest, and compassionate, and knows how to relate definitely." ... written by LovingLife
very good on point with my feelings how i felt about my problem! nice i shall be back! " ... written by maggie
He's the best!! Man, man!!!!!!!! I got chills with what you picked up!!! Spirit got through me." ... written by Princess Rachel
Great." ... written by Mika
He was clear and to the point. And gave great advice on the situation." ... written by Muse
Pretty good" ... written by S
KingLionRead is a very nice caring and honest psychic . he gave me some really good advice and told me everything i was suppose to know . he connected in seconds . i honestly recommend anybody to take him private his worth it " ... written by Jessica
He was really nice and easy to talk to. What he said was to the point and helpful. Good instincts (:" ... written by Katherine
He has the ability to speak on a level that makes you feel calm and focused on what he is telling you, and it's from the heart. Accurate! Knew my situation and knew the challenges I faced and offered me much needed support and validation. I highly recommend him. Old soul!" ... written by vaugh
wow, he is a fast and amazingly to the point ,straight forward and honest reader. he tells you the truth and is very gifted in his answers. he sees things that we need to know about. so blessed and grateful! thank you for giving me peace of mind! highly recommended! " ... written by samsam
He's a really great teacher. He's very helpful and kind. I recommend him 100% for anyone suffering from stress and anxiety and looking to overcome those problems" ... written by sometimes4321
very very very very extremely good at reading very helpful insightful and reads quickly and explains it all easily for u to understand like his vibes u will too 5 stars lol Ty for help" ... written by saskia
Lovely guy!!! Amazing energy and ADVICE!! 10/10 :)))" ... written by angel
Thanks, was very direct, friendly, and helpful." ... written by mr truth seeker
Truly connected to me right away. Gave me pretty accurate insights about my situation. Thanx : )" ... written by Bobbin
He's always on!" ... written by Angela
Hi Chris! This is my message to clients here about you:" ... written by littleone3
Quick to connect. Very laid back and to the point. TY." ... written by Jenn
King is a sweet guy. He is always spot on and gives me clear advice! Blessings! " ... written by Rana
Always Helpful!!! Love working with him. relaxed and connects quick. Highly recommended." ... written by Katherine
Awesome reading! I will most definitely be back! Very positive and was able to connect with my energy very well! :-). Give him a try he is awesome! :-). I would definitely recommend! :-). " ... written by SmileyT
Very accurate. :)" ... written by Kaiserfilk
Awesome!!!!!! Spot on and accurate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by loveg
First person who understood me since a long time. I was able to confirm a lot of cloudy stuff that my emotions were masking. I appreciate your demeanor and professionalism as well. I will come to you again!" ... written by Melissa
Cool guy, super explain and honest... 1000 stars." ... written by lodrimint
Great, very caring and was spot on!" ... written by Lily
King was very intuitive. He answered my questions quickly. He was very encouraging, however pragmatic. Thank you giving me clarity King.. Namaste. " ... written by Janine
Pretty good, very nice person, great advice, tapped in quick. " ... written by SBT
Very sweet guy!!" ... written by Dolly1234
Wow, Very caring. Nice person. Would recommend to everyone." ... written by angloThai
Fast and good reader." ... written by Florin
Extremely accurate. Easy to talk too. Very honest and helping. Thank you :) " ... written by katherine
he's good! doesn't use tools and was able to give me a time frame. i like his attitude on staying positive and being aware of energy im putting on and whats im surrounded with." ... written by m
Awesome, great reading, very honest" ... written by sunshine
Very honest and straight forward right on point." ... written by patricia
I felt like he genuinely cared about my situation, almost as if I were talking to a very close friend of mine. He touched up on something that I definitely wanted to hear. Would love to continue communicating with him. So calming and gives me hope!" ... written by Adilene
FREAKING AWESOME! Knew what he was doing! Inspirational down to earth. Easy to talk to for sure!" ... written by Destiney
Great guy! Upbeat, doesnt say do this or that...very realisric" ... written by genevieveajr
ok I must move forward" ... written by phoenixrisen
Thank you very much for your honesty and straightforwardness lol. I needed truth, not fantasy and i got that…thank you!" ... written by malika
cool thnkx for the insight" ... written by phoenixrisen
Great reading! Very helpful. Good insight andamp; great advice. " ... written by Christine
i liked him but it was a different reading but he was a nice person . i need to consider myself more . thank u 5 stars" ... written by mizzimoo
Kinglionread connects very well. He is a great reader and is very compassionate and kind person." ... written by barbara
Really good advice, makes TOTAL sense! Thanks for the clarity!!" ... written by haba
Very nice and was great to talk with.....will come back for sure " ... written by CMS
Yes again 5 star reading from a 5 star psychic thank you" ... written by barbara
great advice and accurate read on energy" ... written by lavelle
For a first time reading, you were accurate, Thank you. And you are honest too." ... written by Joseph
gifted and wise" ... written by salena
KingLionRead really opened up my eyes on everything I wasn't willing to face on my own. No bullshit and straight to the point. I will definitely be back. " ... written by mandypandy83