Psychic LAQUZEL1has 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LAQUZEL1has recently helped 39members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LAQUZEL1's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Dear Guest! Welcome to my office! How do I work? First I connect to your Akasha Chronic, the knowledge knows everything. Without You say a word, I find out how You live, your energy, personality and the root of your problems. Than I check my old Hungarian Gypsy Fortune Telling cards that never lies,say good and bad! I help if I have the opportunity, to create better people and better life:)

Love this young lady - fabulous reading and if you ask her she will even show you the spread of cards. Also those gypsy card she has hand painted. " ... written by estabiz
She is awesome always funny and very caring i just love her readings..." ... written by Anniekins
she's a genuinely thoughtful caring and insightful reader,she quickly zero in on my situation and confirmed what has been an unknown ordeal for many years that few have been abel to illuminate for me.Her reading is quick and accurate.Ive spoken to other readers in my past at psychic fairs eat but none were as exact and quick as LAQUZEL1. This was an unsolved mystery, but now its all moving in a peaceful direction. HIGHLY RECOMMEND." ... written by Blue feather
Laquezel was just amazing in her reading. Very accuate with details. No sugar coating only the truth. will most definietly look forward to more future readings with her." ... written by Lucy117
Awesome as usual..." ... written by Anniekins
Great reading!" ... written by neethu7777
Very good and detalied, definitely will come back =)" ... written by lvboy190
It's a very different way of reading... Very interesting. Very accurate. I definitely look forward to talking more to her..." ... written by tiffon
I was unable to hear but the information I did get I was happy with." ... written by lolapstar91
I really like her personality... andamp;amp; she delivered messages that were applicable andamp;amp; useful so that I can improve my life... The angel cards were really beautiful! Thank you Laquzel :)" ... written by rolinsand
Great insight, love to chat. Thank you so much!" ... written by queenbee22
Fantastic! :)" ... written by Nightbird7
Wonderful great news Thx u soo much!" ... written by queenbee22
Very accurate, knew current situation with me, will let you know how it goes :)" ... written by aleera
She is spot on. I just cant believe how good she is. With no telling her, she just got everything right on point. I recomend her! 5 stars!" ... written by SadSong
She is very good, quick and on point, suggest you to try her out!" ... written by idledragonfly
Laquzel is just an amazing person as always. Always right and accurate with her readings. I just love her. If you're looking for answers then she is the right person to go to. You won't be disappointed!" ... written by Lucy117
AMAZING!!! She gave me a reading and actually remembered me the next day I came on, very friendly, very detailed, very accurate with info,... My first reading ever and she turned me from a sceptic to a true believer... I look forward to future sessions and I'm very happy with it all!!! A++" ... written by lolapstar91
Fantastic andamp; insightful" ... written by Natsky
Very good!" ... written by sweetypie37
Excellent!" ... written by luckyanna
Laquzel as always very accurate with her readings, and very detailed. I just love her..... 5******** ALWAYS!!!" ... written by Lucy117
She is so Fast with Reading and GREAT..Loved my reading. She does not waste your time.. Love Her.." ... written by lovelilacs
She is amazing .....Not only could she read me well .... She seems like a wonderful personality .... Someone who really takes the time to help you ... She has great knowledge in her gift and helps you to understand it all as well ..... Love her and I will be back again and again ..." ... written by cougargirl
Amazing as always." ... written by lolapstar91
I love her private... it's delightful and great." ... written by tiffon
Showed me the way to find strength and was very helpful in answering my questions." ... written by nekomiao
I like her." ... written by smile123456
I'll keep it curt and simple and straight to the point. Not only did she give me an angel card reading and a variant of a tarot style spread, she was very good at keying into my energy and giving fruitful advice. She really helps you get more out of the reading by prompting you to ask direct questions, and her personality really puts you at ease, she is quite friendly. In short, she gives good advice and can pick up key information that isn't vague. " ... written by cocoatheclown
Good reading! " ... written by femme77
Great reading - accurate and helpful!" ... written by Lills68
Awesome, awesome lady! I love her fantastic reading always..." ... written by Anniekins
Great and thanks for the info on it all, will come back and let you know how things go. Thanks Again. " ... written by Darrantong74
Very sweet and straightforward.Direct.Intuitive." ... written by fretan
She is really good, during the demo all cards were true and during private she elaborated. Very impressed. " ... written by michele1219
Detailed...accurate..." ... written by saolao
Great great so true omg i did a reading for a friend and it was so true about him omg im shocked..." ... written by Anniekins
Very good reading, as usual." ... written by lilytear
Very interesting and good - God bless." ... written by narayanmanish
Very good and helpful..on target" ... written by focusing
Very helpful and accurate, nice person, definitely recommend. Gives you insight with little to no information given. I'm impressed!" ... written by sometimes4321
Amazingly accurate re: past" ... written by intrigueme184
Helpful!!!" ... written by gurushek
Great reading...very insightful" ... written by Montice
Great follow up 100%" ... written by Darrantong74
She was fantastic and she gave me great time.She was accurate and she is talented!Well done Laqzel! I will come back of course!" ... written by buttercookie
Very detailed! Wow Wow wow~" ... written by brokenhearted118
She's good and very nice lady! " ... written by itsuramo
Very Good ....Knows what she talking about...." ... written by mariekat72
Very nice. Worked with my time and finances." ... written by lovebugshay
Thank you! I needed guidance and true reading" ... written by afcsher
In depth reading, will have to see what happens." ... written by afcsher
She was so dead on, in my reading didnt say anything and she nailed it on the spot she is an amazzing person great heart will definitly do another reading with her again... God bless." ... written by sweetheart4249
She is so intuned with me it makes me find peace in her answers - she is wonderful." ... written by cap1960
Excellent reading very insightful and looked into everything for me,,, recommend laquzel1 for people to get help n guidance to their life questions thanku once again n sorry credits ran out :) x" ... written by f999111
I loved her! She was very accurate and honest. She also gave me great healing. I highly recommend her. I will be back to see her again. she is beautiful spirit!" ... written by cooboz
LOVE HER!!! Most uplifting message yet. She is patient and wonderful and loving." ... written by mhharview
As usual she is a darling and her cards are excellent with real guidance..." ... written by Anniekins
As usual a very good reading." ... written by lilytear
Amazing, caring and an amazing reader" ... written by Montice
Great!!!!" ... written by genuinelyhurt
She loves to help heal you of whatever hurts. " ... written by Montice
She is good, she knew the truth and didnt try to harm me " ... written by xxxsecretKLxxx
Very nice and her work seem'd to tell only the truth. It was worth the credits! I loved the goddess i got too :3" ... written by CowFairy
I loved my reading, can't wait to get more credits to talk more to her" ... written by witchylady420
She Knew Everything, It was amazing. She Knew about what exactly what I wanted to talk about, Very Kind, Good advice. Especially with Love/Money issues." ... written by DakotaDarling
She is great very intune- recommend her always great" ... written by cap1960
I hope she will be among the awarded rates psychics! She is more than better than anybody here. You can feel she is not doing this job only for the money, she was really doing our conversation by heart, and really wanted to help! And she is finding out everything, without I have said her my problems. She is doing her job how everybody should do it here. Gratulation Laqu, wish You success here on Oranum:))))You are a REAL PSYCHIC 10STAR, AND FIRST AWARD YOU DESERVE HUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by bambibika
Very insightful helpful answerd all questions" ... written by becca2312
OMG! She knows how to read! She is following her logic step by step, until she is finding out the real truth about my issue! Fantastic and unbelievable how can she know such a lot of things!!!!IT can just coming from God, that really knows everything, and she can chanelling all information" ... written by violett1
She is a such a nice lady " ... written by Yazdan1
She's really good :)" ... written by Blossom017
I just love her personality, and her beauty that cames from inside. She was giving lots of informations, and calmed me down! She is a REAL HEALER! Thank you my Love:) I will always come to Your company, to enjoy Your energy. I Love Laqu..." ... written by tuffypower
Her accuracy is amazing, her spirituality and time so incredible, i love every min! So helpful with everything, and so insightful, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Great listener, and great communicator of all levels, will tell you fast and furiously spot on with all things. I can't stress enough if you doubt anything contact LAQUZEL, SHE IS AMAZING, THERE'S NO OTHER WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by porscha
She is right to the point. Very straightforward and helpful. Value for money. She is very very good and would recommend her to everyone!!! She is for real!!" ... written by IzM
She is worth her weight in gold and i pray her words will reach god and his helpers. Recomend her help and healing to all - thank you so much!" ... written by cap1960
Laquzel, what can I say, she has spoken to me for the last 45 minutes and has truly made my heart smile. Her words were powerful and she knew what (exactly) what I needed to hear about my self confidence! Love her and will be back for more!" ... written by dflores10
Super accurate!!! and fun! made feel so much better!!!" ... written by sincityangel
OMG... She picked up on my situations so well!!!" ... written by tasha_j
Was really good. and a very nice woman. deff need to do this again!" ... written by luvxbrit
Yeah very positive thank you." ... written by skateboy1
Laquzel is a true sweetie . Caring andamp; devoted to her job." ... written by alwaysgem
Good reading, given advice on how to make life better, let's see how it develops.." ... written by vinnythepoo
She was wonderful...very detailed, very analytical. what I liked the most was that she was very real, did not pretend to know it all and accepted the feedback nicely. But being so young she was so accurate, so was great. I felt genuine relief after talking. I have been to other's but this was by far the best.. she didn't jus say things but interacted and explained the whys and hows. it was enlightening like a burden off my chest. Besides she was quick, patient, detailed and took the info, questions etc on free chat. That saved time. To top it all she gave a lot of info and complete more than half of it when I ran out of credits in free chat. A cute, warm psychic who can say and predict so amazingly well. I am happy, hopeful and so much more I will keep writing if I dont stop. God bless her, she saved me when I needed smone the most. Hugs, will come back for sure :-)))" ... written by soulmateseekerr
She is very good," ... written by Barbnew1234
Awesome" ... written by lilbear85
Very nice and she surprised me on things :-)" ... written by lilbear85
Awesome reading awesome positve energy" ... written by moonwithin
She is so good and wants to help so much it is heart warming - luv her god bless" ... written by cap1960
Very informative and nice talking with her" ... written by vinnythepoo
What a wonderful person. Kind and caring." ... written by katie46
She has really improved. She has new skills and has become very accurate!" ... written by spiritualgirl2
Laquzel was amazing she gave me a reading for both the gypsy cards and the tarot, very fast reader, She seems to be tuned into you from the start and your questions so very quickly and the practical advice is very helpful indeed thank you xx" ... written by ellissa
My first phychic and the best so far.... She told me what I wanted to hear and am greatful. I dont know how to thank her enough." ... written by dorluz91
Awesome!!! Need I say more? " ... written by LB
She's great. right to the point. knew what she was talking about. Very nice and helpful. Thank you!" ... written by lavenderlilly13
Thank you" ... written by hopeangelhope
She was a true delight! Very quick, full of information and well done!" ... written by scadoodle
Very accurate..worked fast for me and confirmed my situation which was was wonderful. Would recommend!" ... written by Flowers2012
Very good, doesnt waste time, and pick up on things very quickly." ... written by Debby876
She is marvellous and wants to do her best from her heart - god bless!" ... written by cap1960
Shes so fantastic i love her she knows exactly the problem and how to help me......please have a reading with her - she will help...shes funny as well xxx" ... written by cap1960
Wonderful reading, thank you so much. I look forward to another reading with you." ... written by corvettime02
She was good. Amazing reading, will definitely come back for more." ... written by remedio
I love her!" ... written by lottabody1982
Always makes me feel better." ... written by katie46
Thanks very much Laquzel, im feeling much better already." ... written by ultimatejourneyx
She is so good and straight to the point. She says it as she sees it. The fact." ... written by mandella123
Her predictions have come true so far and her mediations are invaluable tools!" ... written by Lori
Pretty accurate.. very pleasant to speak with" ... written by Fiinex
Good ideas and perceptiive" ... written by fayefaye
Honestly I feel it helps!" ... written by fayefaye
Oaky it was good but I think I need to travel more to understand different identities and where they are coming from. I think the psychic has stereo types that she uses. It was eye opener." ... written by fayefaye
Thanks for your reading. This is very good reader I recommend her" ... written by jerin2000
Ma'am thank you very much for your reading. I recommend this reader to everyone she's very good" ... written by jerin2000
It was nice talking to LAQUZEL." ... written by sumitstomars
Thank you so much for your help! Connects well and tells it like it is." ... written by iseehappiness
Loved it!!!! she is great!" ... written by marcelabr
Thank you very insightful and great energy!" ... written by meg007
WONDERFUL READING, SHE IS AMAZING!" ... written by corvettime02
Very good on picking up energies and what was going on with my situation. I like her approach to readings and her way to avoid going down the wrong direction." ... written by kprattis
Good reading hope everything she told me comes true!" ... written by gia1117
She is so lovely and kind and only wants the best for all - she is linked to all that is good thank you my lovely xxxx" ... written by cap1960
Always so great and honest, loving the meditation..." ... written by sincityangel
Love the chat, very honest and will tell you the truth. Highly recommended." ... written by pinkdaisylove
She is a professional psychic, accurate, trustful. Thank you." ... written by mike
OMG SHE IS EXCELLENT, SHE IS AMAZING, SHE TUNED PERFECTLY WITH ME. she did not waste any time, I was new and she was so kind to guide me through and give me credits, not only did she prove to me she is authentic, but she is a kind and loving. Blessings." ... written by matamarjorie1987
I believe she is very accurate! : )" ... written by purple20
SHE IS GOOD. THANK YOU." ... written by ppp
I've been trying to get a private for so long and managed it today. Totally worth it, so much positivity and the reading was perfect, had me down a tee.. very scary but fantastic at the same time!" ... written by tickleme2011
Very honest and sweet...very accurate...answers" ... written by 04apple
She is lovely and warm, and has poured her heart into making me feel confident with my desicions. Thank you! xxx" ... written by cap1960
Always spot on with her readings i just love her she knows what she's doing i always come back to her...highly recomended..." ... written by Anniekins
She has integrity and did a thorough, honest job. She seemed very well prepared and honest. Really good reader. Thank you." ... written by Mr. E19
Loved her, awesome!! : ) great reader" ... written by moosuga
Thankyou, very honest :)" ... written by numberthree3
Good." ... written by smileycat23
Just awesome, very open and honest. Very quick to connect. She was correct on everything." ... written by sunshine789
Right on target. You were so reassuring and helpful. Everything you said made sense and helped with sorting everything out in my head. You even got things that I really didn't want to admit to myself. Thank you so much. You were amazing!" ... written by bellabutton
I have had several readings from her and she is always extremely accurate and detailed but also very comforting. She provides great insight and advice on my situations and I always look forward to her guidance." ... written by redwritergirl
Laquezel is always amazing very accurate at all times. She is wonderful, connects very fast and very detailed in the readings... Looking forward to more future readings with her... Please do give her a try you won't be dissappointed... 10 ***** to her...." ... written by Lucy117
Shes always so positive and healing!! Great medidtations and if you are really connected she starts to pick up your answers to your questions before you say them lol...which can be interestng..always helps me relax and focus on the positive." ... written by sincityangel
Brilliant. Again spot on with what she was saying. I will keep using her to help me." ... written by dahun001
It was very helpful!" ... written by silverbarker
Always fantastic!!! Amazing and connects really fast! Can help a lot if you let her..:)" ... written by sincityangel
So very happy and positive..and honest and real....always makes me feel so much better...and shows me how to make myself feel better as well. Always working with positive angels...and godesses...I'm proof she's awesome!! numerous wonderful things have blessed me and I know it's with her help! This was I think my 5 or 6 private with her....and I'll always come back! " ... written by sincityangel
Wonderful, sweet and kind. love talking with you. definitely would love to have more of your help." ... written by angeldiamond122
I trust and believe everything she said. She was very accurate with the past and present therefor believe in her predictions." ... written by allysa40
Great job....very honest and accuarate" ... written by 04apple
She is very honest, very strong good energy..straight to the point...and wants to help out....and very fast on her reading...she did a great job" ... written by 04apple
Always does a great job ...always honest...and clear answers" ... written by 04apple
Laquzel is good at what she does and she helps me understand what's going on with my life. Thank you for the help. :)" ... written by Akasakura
Thank you very much! " ... written by Leyasaku
Wonderful as always. Always honest, even if it's not good news, which is good. Very personable." ... written by sincityangel
Laquzel has a heart of Gold and tremendous Gifts. Trillion stars!" ... written by MaryLeeBrown25
Very,very positive, always willing to help in anyway especially in healing. she is much more than just card readings. And she follows up with you to see how your doing always...Very thoughtful!" ... written by sincityangel
She was amazing.. She was SPOT on.. And totally helped me to see I was on the right track. She totally read everything that was going on in my life w/out me even saying a thing.... My FAVORITE... I will be a forever customer :)" ... written by starz4inez
Her skills have developed quite nicely. She uses a variety of tools and has been quite accurate. I have been seeing her since early in her work at Oranum." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Great she is wonderful" ... written by jazzy26
Laquzel gave me a lot of information that I need to hear right now, gave me things that I need in order to improve myself. Accurate about my situation. Thank you :)" ... written by eagleeyes340
She was spot on with everything. I would highly recommend her to anyone!!!!" ... written by dahun001
Was very nice reading hit it on the nose... happy:)" ... written by victoriarosa2
Amazing and the best great connection as always, I just love her..." ... written by Anniekins
She was very nice and helpful. She was able to recognize my fear before i ever told her!" ... written by rachipoo13
I love laquzel! She is so good! Recommend 100%! Very nice and fun lady!" ... written by sometimes4321
Very accurate." ... written by karolinkush
Very good fast talking, intuitive;)" ... written by redspice69
Very good reading." ... written by lilytear
Laquzel was great! She was spot on with everything! Thank you so much!" ... written by Jesssika21
Very sincere and great guidance." ... written by meg007
Wow...just fantastic." ... written by freebecca
As always she was spot on." ... written by dahun001
She is excellent... But she needs to trust her own talents." ... written by spiritualgirl2
She is very patience and caring. Laquzel will tell you the truth no matter what. " ... written by lilytear
I was feeling lost and lonely and needed guidance. I didn't know where to turn. But then I found Laquzel1. She inspired me and gave me a new hope. I recommend her to anybody who is going through a difficult time. She is the best. Thank you, Laquzel." ... written by Bunny_chow
Gr8 reading.. She was spot on and gave me gr8 advise. Hope her predictions come true :)" ... written by Harsha
Awesome!" ... written by micevns
She is a great reader." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Straight to the point, intuned to situation...Very caring about sharing knowledge." ... written by redwritergirl
Good reading. Thank you. Still a little confused, but I understand." ... written by Sandi3211
Always the best..." ... written by sincityangel
Her prediction came true" ... written by 04apple
She was great. Thank you for the help" ... written by mel1261
Awesomee..." ... written by pinkdaisylove
Laquzel1 did a very good job of pen pointing thingd right on the money.She answered all my questions and was very kind on the parts that knew that was going to be sad....Over all a geat reading" ... written by teri14
She's so happy and positive in her readings. She's very enthusiastic and uses a variety of cards. A fun reader." ... written by persephonestears
I like my angel. ^-^" ... written by angel_belle
The reading was spot on like always! She is perfect! Meditation was awesome, I recommend this to everyone! Thank you Laq, much love to you." ... written by AndreaDEA
Thanks for a really fast, accurate reading :)" ... written by HollyB123
A very amazing reading and lots of information and accuracy" ... written by confusedchica
First time we spend cleaning chakras. She is a real sweetheart!" ... written by lifetime1974
She is so accurate and friendly! I am definitely going to get more private sessions with her! Unbelievable accuracy! Awesome!! :) I love her!" ... written by Raspberry220
Great!!!" ... written by Raspberry220
She's fast in predicting. more information, more answer will be in your hand." ... written by blueberi
Her prediction came true...she is very honest and great advice and good fortune" ... written by 04apple
Spot on and lovely picks up straight away!" ... written by dawnmaria3
Yuh wer very nice calm and helped me on what I needed." ... written by truekatiana7899
Good. Gave a lot of details. Very kind and generous." ... written by oz_matt
Shes the best and accurate!" ... written by librra32
She was amazing very helpful,and fiendly and HONEST!!! " ... written by Drjwynn72
I was really impressed by her energy, she is nice, funny straight to the point and saw things axactly as they are!!! Gave a boost of positive energy and I felt her reallyI genuine cause she saw things exactly as thea are without me saing anything. I loved her she has been really clear and understanding and funny. Thanks a lot I will surely come back cause i felt you real. Also did u know about 10 years ago someone else told me my angel is Camuel, I had shivers when u told me!!!! You are great 10 stars!!! Love see u soon" ... written by rossel
She tapped into my emotions and helped me understand the situation and how to act" ... written by caligal91
Interesting reading." ... written by caligal91
WOW! I didn't say anything to her and she knew everything...amazingggg. Ty I will be back and look forward to things coming to pass." ... written by Valerie71
Fantastic. Always give great readings." ... written by dahun001
Very sweet, and very quick and helps a lot and her predictions so far have come true." ... written by 04apple
LAQUZEL1! is amazing! She is honest, she saw every card that related to me. Very accurate. She is funny and warm. 10 stars. You MUST visit her in private u wont be dissapointed. Have had a email reading on! " ... written by starsalign21
Gave me peace of mind on some of my conecerns. she helped. Thank you!" ... written by JaySora3
Thank you so so so much your reading has helped me alot and I feel better about things now will wait and see what the outcome is but you connected very well to me. xxx" ... written by ButterflyCinds
Very sweet, and very good with her cards... def worth a private with her... thank you" ... written by butterflywings10
Thank you really good reading. Will pay for more minutes now." ... written by ButterflyCinds
You wont regret her reading your cards. she has alot of insight and good answers to your questions..Very honest." ... written by 04apple
She is fantastic, god bless you and lots of love xxx" ... written by tatianasmile
She is very good, very kind and enthusiastic :) a really gifted reader." ... written by HollyB123
This woman is a blessing. She has a very accurate perception of the energies in your life and knows what you need to do to be on a happy path. She can see your life as it unfolds and knows where you should invest your precious time. I cannot thank her enough. " ... written by alandry1966
She was wonderfully accurate." ... written by higherthanlife
She really pick up on a lot of things from all of us she see that he loves me and wants me back. I will keep her updated." ... written by scorpionqueen
Great! She is very smart and accurate. She puts her all into the reading." ... written by Raspberry220
Amazing and so nice. She is one of the realest people on this entire site." ... written by lovelly_mess
Great read and good advice." ... written by twilsonone
She was awesome and very helpful. Looking at all areas to see my situation." ... written by Googoo14
I received answers in a fast time frame. " ... written by Sunshine10601
The best psychic I've been to on Oranum or anywhere. Absolutely on target!!!" ... written by Raspberry220
She is very detailed. I go to her when I want to know what is going on behind scenes." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Great to talk to, will see what happens from the reading." ... written by sissy2373
WOW Laquzel is awesome!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
She needs to slow down and explain herself more. I'm sure she is good." ... written by Cari1961
Very quick and to the point! " ... written by Summaluv8
She is good... Some things that no one predicts.. She did. She is very accurate. " ... written by Jass7869
She is so nice and helped me clear my head. Now I'm going to wait and see what happens." ... written by godess01
She was spot on with everything about my personality. I'm excited to get my email reading so I can learn how to grow spiritually." ... written by lovelly_mess
She is a breath of fresh air. Accurate, caring, easy to talk to, understood my question and issue and gave me some solutions to try on my own. I enjoyed the reading and the information she provided me." ... written by michelelyn
Always good time predictions...Always correct!" ... written by 04apple
Very good. I like her readings very much!" ... written by Shankargreedhur
Great - well done" ... written by newdaydawning
She is too sweet and whatever she read for me seems to be right. waiting for the future predictions to come true and i know it will come true..thank you.." ... written by bubblygirl
Very informative, with minimal information from me. Good advice." ... written by rbc863
Thank you Laquzel1! I will definitely keep in touch! xoxox" ... written by teisin00
Great reading! Tried not to waste time! Very sweet! I'll be back!" ... written by moonlight_sky
First time I felt healing right off the bat! Was great!" ... written by Dolly1234
She is great!" ... written by newdaydawning
She was very positive, and happy. She made me feel very happy and excited about my future. I hope all the prediction will come true. I know they will come true." ... written by Severnka99
Always so positive and makes me feel better! very quick also but right to the point! the best!!! only person I use." ... written by sincityangel
She see a lot of detail, so be warned! She takes her time to look into your situation even after private. She is awesome as always xxxx" ... written by alwaysgem
Very good. Not the best news I wanted to hear, but at least it was revealed. " ... written by jmcfaddin88
Amazing!!! Quick reading, thank you!" ... written by whishes43
very accurate - great!" ... written by MYJOE4EVER
I think you are very good!" ... written by MYJOE4EVER
Thank you Laquzel . You were very on time . with what we dicussed , I know there is alot of gossip going on about me all over you were right. . I have alot of worries right now about my children. So you were very good in my eyes." ... written by Toni1223
Great!" ... written by ANGEL4444
Quick and very sweet, good answers!" ... written by 04apple
She is goooooooddddddd " ... written by eurbaez438
She knows the deal!!!!!quick!!!!!!" ... written by eurbaez438
Great..." ... written by spiritualgirl2
She tried very hard to find out what is going on with me and a man I still hope to date. Thank you for being honest." ... written by dianalj
Exciting reading. Very informative and thorough! Will definitely talk with her again." ... written by lizardzippo
Shes very accurate and bang on. Will try her again. xx" ... written by katzhous8
Good excellent." ... written by hemal79
She knew the situation through her cards. I didnt have to tell her anything. She was very accurate and precise with her reading. Really fun and accurate!" ... written by sauji
Wonderful reading new what was happening got me to a tee." ... written by bluemoon1976
Quick and answers all questions!" ... written by 04apple
She was great and very accurate! I will go back to her again! :-)" ... written by judeus1
She was fantastic today again!" ... written by newday
Precise!" ... written by preetydhish
Good reading will be back" ... written by sometimes4321
Good reading quick." ... written by blackty100
Very good reading very insightful." ... written by sweetsx
Very good and honest reading! Thanks." ... written by Theshooter1
Laquzel1 is a joy to speak with and so very helpful. Speak with her if your feeling confused or down." ... written by jodilee
Interesting read, thank you very much!" ... written by caligal91
Very good reading than you again..." ... written by buddy0914
Awesome." ... written by lesliecortes08
She really goes out of her way to help. Very good." ... written by bella911912
She is very good. She uses her different tarot vards to give you as much accurate answer as possible." ... written by confusion1982
Last year on Thanksgiving Day and she told me the man I was seeing was cheating on me, when everyone else said he wasn't. Well... Dec 9, 2012, I caught him with another woman, so she was correct! Now that I am having issues in my new relationship, I decided to come to Laquzel because I know she will be honest... she gave me positive news, but I don't feel positive right now so I will be back to update. I guess based on her first reading, I have to believe she is correct again." ... written by jazzyme
Very accurate and very charming person, gives the right advices ..." ... written by pennyone
Very good!" ... written by jmcfaddin88
Great psychic, connected well and picked up on a lot of things. Amazing woman." ... written by aaron843
Thanks!" ... written by beccarose
She was fast and accurate. Awesome!!" ... written by gm
She is very good and very helpful. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Marihelena
She definitely knew where I was in my problems at this time and made me feel much better :) Very spot on with everything she said." ... written by lrw276
She is terrific - right on target! Thank you!" ... written by bouncylady
Very straighforward, sincere, she will tell you what you need to know! Very good!" ... written by sukychi
Such a lovely lady. Explaining everything and trying to help.Thank u." ... written by magsy231
Always quick and very good." ... written by 04apple
Amazing, if you're not a believer, you will be after seeing her. Very honest, sweet and quick :)" ... written by marlas26
She is very sweet, honest and quick on questions." ... written by 04apple
Brilliant reading…. she went into everything. xx Thanks. x" ... written by joboluvz73
First reading with Laquzel and she confirmed some things I already knew. Seemed confident and true to her words. Gave me a time frame too. One week. Will keep you posted. Thanks!" ... written by dijana77
She is amazing. So accurate." ... written by dahun001
First ever reading, includes a wonderful meditation, an amazing woman. I feel so empowered and uplifted. Thanks so much Laquzel, this was just what I needed. Love and blessings! xxxx" ... written by Jade50
Wonderful!" ... written by love522
Wow, so grateful for your Advice!!!!" ... written by Rudi33
Very good!" ... written by Janice75
So great, I'm feeling much better, she read my situation perfectly and the healing was great!!! Much love!!!" ... written by Rudi33
Very good update and reading!Thank you! xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Very quick and very positive and good help." ... written by 04apple
Very good reading like she stays with me .Thank you so much that was great hope to talk to you again!" ... written by saramia2
We shall see if the work is good... I'm believing on it!" ... written by Bbrave1
She is fantastic I highly recommend her you want regret. She knows everything and I am still in shock. I will have another reading with her for sure! Thank you !" ... written by saramia2
Good reading." ... written by speakone
Laquzel is a lot of fun! Her energy is great and makes you feel great. If you want a good time please talk to her and have fun! " ... written by infinitelove90
Always very sweet and helpful!" ... written by 04apple
Wonderful as ever. So compassionate and caring. Even gave me some free time so she could clarify things for me. Such care for her clients. Would recommend!" ... written by angelszone
Amazing connection! Had to return again." ... written by angelszone
So much information. Very impressive." ... written by angelszone
Absolutely fun and comfortable to chat with... Will be back !" ... written by jaykun
Truly amazing. I feel blessed to have found her. 10 starts!" ... written by kimmy33
Very helpful and very accurate. Told me exactly what has been going on, why it is happening and what to do about it. Gave me more info in free chat and she didn`t have to do that. She guided me in the right direction and gave me strength too. She is wonderful!!!!!" ... written by Heather038
She is amazing! " ... written by kimmy33
She was great." ... written by jeter28
She was great. Accurate and fun to chat with!" ... written by NamasteGreeting
Very good, love her. On point." ... written by lottabody1982
She is amazing, very nice girl." ... written by blueangel2907
Warm and easy to talk to! Will come back if things pan out! " ... written by rumi628
She is great, she has a good energy :) Thanks!" ... written by xicabella
She could pick up things happening to me recently without me telling. Very nice person and I do really think she has a gift :)" ... written by glow71
She is good, sweet and fast!" ... written by fresiaflower
She is wonderful. I feel so much better after talking with her. Her cards are so accurate!" ... written by kimmy33
Very detailed and very specific of what she sees. Will follow her advice to love myself and to learn how to love. Thank you and will certainly come back. " ... written by linn115
Love, Love, Love her! She is honest and straight forward, and doesn't sugar-coat things. I trust her, because she isn't afraid to tell you what you need to hear, so you can fulfill your destiny...." ... written by jazzyme
Exceleent reading." ... written by victoria111
Very, very good and accurate." ... written by martarlyd
She is wonderful, very nice and fast. Thank you. " ... written by peace808
Very nice.. Direct and on point!" ... written by semjase67
AAAAAAAAAAAmazing! She is fantastic, such accuracy, honesty and great reading, I visit her many times! She knows so much and you must visit her! 25 stars!!!!!!! " ... written by starsalign21
Laq brings back good feelings and puts a smile on my face I just love her reading as always I come back over and over..." ... written by Anniekins
Too short, ran out of credits fast! But I think she's very kind and has great energy! I'm going back for more!" ... written by skier8001
Great reading, very insightful! :)" ... written by daniii43
Good reading :) Felt she connected in short amount of time." ... written by kerrdoodle
Awesome andamp; accurate, she is soo great, doesn't sugar coat, tells 100% truth! " ... written by spirit81
She is good!" ... written by loveandpeace24
Love her...great reading!" ... written by steffleblanc
She is great!" ... written by bouncylady
Awesome. Even followed up after private reading. :)" ... written by SettaB
Absolutely fabulous! Very good! Thank you so much!" ... written by 230465taurus
Really impressed!!" ... written by Miatran
Such a fantastic, honest, sweet beautiful lady! I've seen her many times. Very accurate... I love he, 5 stars!!! " ... written by starsalign21
Thank u for your reading. Honest and very straight forward and answers all my questions fast and direct. Don't wastes your time or money and gives you suggestions and solutions to your problems." ... written by linn115
Amazing psychic, my go to psychic, love her!" ... written by aaron843
Bang on." ... written by gem1974
Awesome. I was amazed at her ability to connect and explain. " ... written by wurzle
Nice, my first reading... very great!!" ... written by ajnas26
Was good, to the point and clear. " ... written by michellek77
Excellent! Gave me a quick and precise answer. Time will tell!" ... written by Groggy59
Yay! A date on friday!! Will come back to update. " ... written by linn115
Has a new tool to help to readings.. always helps in all questions very sincere and sweet gives a calmness." ... written by 04apple
I received a blessing. I have felt so blessed lately, Laq affirmed my angels. :)" ... written by jaws0998
She was great she cared and wanted to help me fix my relationship." ... written by Sherroll08
She was so very on target. Will visit her again and would highly recommend." ... written by naturesown1
I like her she is very sweet and she really wants to help." ... written by Sherroll08
She is scary accurate...has been for the last year for me." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Wow what a fantastic reading, I'm blown away! Very accurate, will be back." ... written by Lorann23
She is truthful honest and knows where it's at " ... written by bouncylady
Such a beautiful person and very honest!! Compassionate but real, wonderful reading :)" ... written by bjoyangelb
She is very exciting. Laquzel confirmed what I thought and she did it very sweetly. Thanx." ... written by simonvanstyle
Great reading! She is kind and made sure that my questions are answered." ... written by yvettepandora
She's always right on point with everything going on. She amazes me every time. Love how accurate, honest and positive she is!" ... written by lrw276
She connected really fast!" ... written by Sherroll08
Great reading!" ... written by keshi71
Very good!" ... written by deelove123
Laquzel1 is very charismatic personality. I think she knows what she is doing, and she is a good reader, when there is enough time, but I feel we didn't finish the reading. Meditation was very nice, but there wasn't enough time for real and accurate reading. And she said we will finish it in free room, from which she just disappeared without saying good bye, so I'm pretty confused, and, I really can't tell...I wish her all the best, because I generally like her!" ... written by Sunshine2211
Amazing woman, with accurate reading. She brought tears to my eyes on her accuracy. TY so much, L! " ... written by reena2323
Perfect!" ... written by wurzle
Wow, very good connection, its like magic, I felt like she knows me already. Will be back!" ... written by lovingyou22
Very quick connection and consistent readings. Would highly recommend as she cares genuinely for her clients." ... written by angelszone
Wonderful." ... written by hungerfordt2012
Super accurate...over time she has been extremely on target..." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Perfect!" ... written by wurzle
Perfect!" ... written by wurzle
She knows a lot! She is not guessing, she is just spot on! Go for it, I would say!" ... written by LilooDW
Great advisor!" ... written by 04apple
Excellent update reading, she is quick and accurate and picks up situation very good!" ... written by joboluvz73
Great reading, thank you!" ... written by bubbles131984
Great reading very clear and precise." ... written by ikroyal
Merry Christmas and thank you!" ... written by linn115
LaQuezel1 is amazing! She really cares and gets to the bottom of your questions." ... written by shell3905
My opinion is that I just experienced an online psychic phenomenon which was cooler than acid, mushrooms or peyote, in the 60's, sorta." ... written by simonvanstyle
One of the most accurate on Oranum." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Excellent reader. Accurate and answered all my questions." ... written by iPreferMimi
Very friendly and realistic reading, must say she was really into the ready and strove to help! :) Will be returning again." ... written by giacap
Love, Love, LOVE HER!! Last year this time, she was the only one to tell me the truth about my cheating boyfriend. I didn't want to listen, but she was right. So now that I have questions about the new man, I know I can trust Laquzel to be honest. A million stars!!" ... written by jazzyme
WHEW!! Just what I needed. She is awesome, funny, and most of all ACCURATE. THANK YOU!!" ... written by jazzyme
Very good update reading. Spot on with predictions! Thank you! xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Thank you so much, you helped with so many questions I had!" ... written by Angelapebbles
She was very passionate with me and honest." ... written by madisonavy
Thank you." ... written by linn115
Amazing!! one of my favourites xx" ... written by laceylex
Fast and good I like her she is funny yet real." ... written by Sherroll08
Great thank you was accuate." ... written by raquaelw
She was spot on!" ... written by jeter28
Fantastic woman, absolutely amazing and spot on with everything, her cards are great and she is such a kind sweet and lovely caring woman. Thank you." ... written by HeartOfsilver
Provides clarity and peace of mind. x" ... written by tickleme2011
Every thing came out good on her predictions." ... written by 04apple
I had a reading with Laquzel around February of last year and her 3 month later prediction was accurate. I needed clarity with the same situation now and I thank you for helping me decide what I need to do. I will be back!!!" ... written by Aphradize
You are awesome - the best - fantastic connection - i will tell you what happens " ... written by sunshine678
Wonderful reading !!!! I hope to see if what she predicted comes through !!" ... written by jaykun
Great psychic, very efficient !" ... written by dalaila22
This has been such a wonderful experience, she helped me to see what is in my heart and to follow my dreams." ... written by floflo73
She did a great job. I highly recommend her!" ... written by TammieDawn
I really liked her approach. She is very thorough and on point. Great advice/guidance provided." ... written by Kekee9
She is so accurate, one of the best! She is honest, doesn't sugarcoat, and also gives great advice, definitely will update. The price is also great!!" ... written by knel27
Yes, very good! Would go for a reading again! :0" ... written by starlight22
Amazingly clear." ... written by sunshine678
The best on this site THE BEST." ... written by sunshine678
Laquel fantastic" ... written by gem1974
Laquzel is awesome, she connects well, and she is always correct. " ... written by sunshine678
Thank you! Good reading. Will keep you abreast of my situation." ... written by vayunu
Laquzel picked up on so many things, didn't sugarcoat anything at all. Thank you for your honesty." ... written by MjOcho
Hey thanks for the help!" ... written by joey198402
She is just superb." ... written by amangoyal12
Laquzel is amazingly and I love her voice!! so comforting!! I will be back to speak with her in the future!!" ... written by TurthHurts1920
Right on point, i love her! :) She is great" ... written by mmend1217
Wow, what a wonderful experience I had with Laquzel1! She is so vibrant and full of positive energy. I started the reading with some tears and ended with smiles. She made me feel loved and protected. The angels are with her for sure! I would encourage you to meet with with her. Happy Day!" ... written by soulacoaster
Very good love talking with her help me see thing logically about situations x" ... written by laceylex
Thank you for being so positive!" ... written by linn115
I'm sorry I didn't have much time." ... written by Nickey1003
Very good!" ... written by Majoma
Picked up very well on my situation, lovely reading! Thank you!" ... written by cb1987
I thought she was amazing. I would use her again." ... written by groovestick
She's amazing! i love her made my day" ... written by abbzi123
She is so accurate. Sometimes it is shocking! " ... written by spiritualgirl2
Thank you! Another fun, honest, fast, but accurate reading. I feel better now that you have given me clarity on things. " ... written by jazzyme
Great update, thanks." ... written by joboluvz73
Good information" ... written by Kekee9
Good as ever bang on laquel cheers" ... written by gem1974
Very nice personality and nice accurate reading i will come back" ... written by akenatonacindere
Fantastic!" ... written by Majoma
She is a sweetheart and what she said sat well with me... It just felt right as opposed to some other readings I've had. I know she was honest and she was accurate too." ... written by iPreferMimi
Love her!" ... written by dolly3
Very warm!" ... written by shopgirl
Amazing! She can read you through just like that!" ... written by dolara
Awesome reading!! She says the truth! :)" ... written by abc
Very helpful!" ... written by kathrynfry
Fantastic!" ... written by sdosramos
Great, great, great!!" ... written by bmurillo
Very much on point with everything that was going on. Took her advice and now I'm waiting! Great service! Makes sure you get all the info you need even if you run out of credits, she will wrap up with you in free chat. Love!" ... written by Stephanie0737
Great reading! very accurate:)" ... written by ceejox
That was a great reading thank you. " ... written by danny564
Great!!! hit the nail on the head!!!" ... written by kyandra
Brilliant and very very lovely, please consult her!!!" ... written by mimithinking
Love her, always has the answer." ... written by sunshine678
Awesome as always - she is my favourite!" ... written by sunshine678
Just awesome, best on site, very clear!" ... written by sunshine678
AMAZING!!! Told me so much, I will always consult her." ... written by MIMI
Brilliant!!!" ... written by mimithinking
She was exactly right. Hit my questions right on the nose. Great experience." ... written by mamadar03
Wow all I can say she is the best so peaceful and sweet. Will truly try and help you, she is very honest," ... written by millyloves22
Wonderful reading going back to get more information. " ... written by mamadar03
Well before we got disconnected she was EXTREMELY accurate! I mean EXTREMELY!!! Amazing woman! Will be using her again!" ... written by auntsugar1351
Wow you are amazing. Very emphatic, efficient and say spot on things. I am impressed!" ... written by tineb44
Good reading." ... written by cjsoul35
She has been helping me with a situation." ... written by gunsandrosesfan1
Accurate. Ty!" ... written by Beaver12
I like her a lot. and I always go back to her for advice. Great readings always!" ... written by Majoma
Very good." ... written by Palomina
Great reading!!!" ... written by MayGirl
I think you were fantastic and thank you very much for your help!!!!!" ... written by dahun001
Excellant reading, very understanding :)" ... written by dobbin7272
She is very sweet and caring and she always checks back to see how you are doing. She also gives methods of making things better." ... written by Sherroll08
Very good, I will definitely be getting more readings! :)" ... written by irisheye11
She is great, fast, great advice, wow, very very good, highly recommended " ... written by carina12
Honest and accurate, very kind, is straight to the point. 5 stars!! :)" ... written by knel27
TRULY AMAZING WOMAN!! SO accurate and just perfect! Thank you SO SO SO MUCH!" ... written by auntsugar1351
Amazing!! She was so correct and easy to speak with. Best reading ever!" ... written by TaraAnn80
Laquzel was absolutely dead on on everything. Highly recommend. She listens and is very detailed in her answers. She gets to the point and does not waste your time." ... written by Cassandra40
She was amazing, and very accurate. Great reading." ... written by cjay23
Love her~~ :0)...... Very funny, accurate, up-lifting reader...." ... written by jazzyme
Great." ... written by kes05101981
Thank you. Always to the point." ... written by linn115
I really enjoyed LAQUZEL1 reading. She prayed for me and called her angels for protection. This reading was different and the best I had so far. Keep it going!!!!" ... written by hazelred54
Everything has happened just like she said it would. Amazing just amazing." ... written by sunshine678
She is amazing and so nice. She has made a number of predictions for me and knew a lot of things that she couldn't have possibly known about me. True gift." ... written by princessa123
Hahaha!! OMG!! I love you soo much!! You're such a charming person!! And your readings are really helpful!! Thank you for your help." ... written by crystal_x123
If hes really back for good in two months, I will be so surprised." ... written by linn115
She was wonderful !! very accurate!!! AWESOME!!! SHOWED HAVE A READING WITH HE! SO KIND AND SWEET!!!!!" ... written by kat620
She is amazing! Honest and straight to the point and really fun to chat with. She will be blunt with you in terms of steps you need to take to make things happen for you. Amazing person!!!" ... written by princessa123
Good insight into how I feel about current issues." ... written by theogirl
Enlightening as always- very clear thanks" ... written by sunshine678
FANTASTIC!! RECOMMENDED!" ... written by iamn0ble
She will tell u the truth!!!! she is very good and generous!!!!" ... written by mimithinking
She is amazing!" ... written by andrea051271
She was really good, her reading were really accurate. and she could read alot of the details of my situation without me saying anything." ... written by mlgriff330
She is definately no joke, right from the first words through the entire reading. I highly recommend!!" ... written by bilenese
Great reading she is very good and right on target" ... written by chloe61
She is my guide, I always consult her!!! She is amazing!!!" ... written by mimi
Great!" ... written by ytxr90
Ty so much great and fast" ... written by mommi2mya
She is very accurate and is always building on her skill." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Very accurate and clear. Really like her!" ... written by Majoma
wonderful" ... written by chloe61
She is great... hope her prediction come true." ... written by timaga
Very nice." ... written by Adianez861
Brilliant as always, i love her insight!!! Go to her she is genuine!" ... written by mimi
She is the best, love her gave me good feed back. I will always come to her thank you Laquzel." ... written by lottabody1982
Awesome angel healing. def will do as I need to. Thank you very much. " ... written by edel95
Thank you sooo much!" ... written by lottabody1982
She is the best, love her!" ... written by lottabody1982
She is wonderful, always picks up on the situation, is accurate, and doesnt waste time. 5 stars!!!" ... written by knel27
Great healing skills. Very Positive. " ... written by aikhooiooi
I love her honesty. She's def one of the Top here. You've been right so far and I hope and pray that you are right about this situation too...." ... written by Aphradize
You must go to her, she is amazing and accurate as always!!! She wont lie and tell you silly things!" ... written by mimi
Great reading!" ... written by elle11
Really good, honestly!!!! She is great and honest!" ... written by mimi
You are an angel! I came to you in such bad shape and you saved me today. All the things you said before have come true. You're so gifted!!!" ... written by princessa123
Her predictions were true!!! She gave me good advice and I was able to change my situation for the better for myself! She is amazing, kind and honest! Don't hesitate to see her, thank you Laquzel! :)) I will always come to you!" ... written by mi
Always answers me quickly and promptly and so far she has been right for me." ... written by linn115
Lots of accurate info!" ... written by bluetig
Laquzel1 has amazing energy and I enjoyed my reading with her!!! She gave me great insight and told me specifically what I needed to do in order to prepare myself and to meet my soulmate. She gave me the time frame and also did a healing! I look forward to receiving her follow up email. I also look forward to and will definitely have another reading with her!!! She is awesome!!!" ... written by GeminiGirl526
I have had many readings with Laquzel. She is very good and accurate." ... written by martarlyd
I just love this psychic I keep coming back to her regardless... she has said many things in the past that have always been true even without me saying it I know she is one of the best psychic on oranum love you Laq, I will always be back to you..." ... written by Anniekins
Laquzel gave so much information! All she read was exactly correct about me and the other person. She did the healing meditation and will follow up in message to me as well. Laquzel has such wonderful energy and love the time we spent, learned a lot and thank you thank you! I feel better and will continue the meditation like she said. A wonderful call and would recommend her highly!" ... written by Lolabe11a
She was spot on with a time frame she could have not known about. Thank you, will be back. " ... written by jennisregistered
Good!" ... written by najlaa
LOVE LOVE LOVE this woman! Great energy. You wont be disappointed" ... written by emijayne
Amazing lady, gave me hope and good advice. Thank you my love!" ... written by mi
Would come back every time!" ... written by emijayne
AMAZING! She knew everything!" ... written by emijayne
Really nice conversation! She's awesome!" ... written by sartoris
Very nice reading! Thanks for your help and I will keep you in my favs!!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
Very good connection! Good Reader! I recommend." ... written by Lyne37
She is very good as always. Accurate and patience." ... written by Majoma
Fantastic! Couldn't help but come back for her insights and healing. This is one who will truly understand your situation and won't judge you. Just love her!" ... written by jessywhat
Awesome reader! She was so on point. Connected really really well. Quite fast and very accurate. Every minute was was well worth the money. Thank you so much. Love her!" ... written by jessywhat
Very sweet and upbeat lady who connected with the angels to provide me with some very needed healing and positive energies." ... written by nancyfowler17
Very nice and picked up fast on my situation." ... written by BeaZBea
Genuine, warm, picked up on my situation and gave some very valuable insights and time-lines. I highly recommend her!" ... written by misstee86
She really helped me so much in making a new career decision. I was wondering if iIwas making the right decision and she said exactly what I was thinking about doing without me telling her... She was so kind and informative. She was right on point with her readings." ... written by Poonie77
She is good and accurate with her readings." ... written by MynameisBobby
She is one REAL psychic, I really appreciated her help and advice. Unlike other psychics she tells you what you need to know without wasting your time asking questions that are not pertinent or telling you what you already know. A real and honest connection!!" ... written by dolmenia
Thanks!" ... written by garcia433
Thank you for given me a method for relaxing myself." ... written by MynameisBobby
I thought she did connect." ... written by SCB4001
I had a quick question and she answered it swiftly ... i hope she is correct :) ty again :)" ... written by TahoeGirly
Laquzel provided a lot of information and I will update you with results at a later day." ... written by curiosity24
Laquzel is very caring, very sweet. She tries to get the best results for you. She was very accurate with my situation. I will consult with her again. Thanks again, Laq!" ... written by AnaBeata
Very accurate and quick with advice! She knew what I was going to ask before I even asked it! Great psychic!" ... written by Raspberry220
Perfect." ... written by simonvanstyle
I LOVE HER. HER PREDICTIONS ARE TRUE!" ... written by princessa123
The best as always, love her!" ... written by lottabody1982
Great reading as always, love her!" ... written by lottabody1982
Very very very good!!! Really impressed, amazed and I am so in awe of how good Laquzel is. She is 200% accurate, and very smart with advice!" ... written by iankoh85
Thank you!" ... written by akasha9
She was wonderful , Spoke everything the truth picked up things nobody new but me, I love her and will come back to her lots of hugs to her ... I am very happy with my reading." ... written by jimandtray214
Great reading and just the right guidance I was looking for. She always drags me out of my bad situation love her gypsy reading always the best and most of all love her..." ... written by Anniekins
Excellent reading on relationship and career thankyou…..picked up on things straight away x" ... written by joboluvz73
Very good." ... written by stars125
Accurate, truthful and super friendly. One of the best psychics on Oranum. " ... written by Abeer33
Very detailed and complete reading! She cares and gives 100% to her clients. Very good." ... written by Raspberry220
My first time. Very comfortable with her. Thank you!!!" ... written by SueKoop
Absolutely wonderful! Right on target!" ... written by Cassandra40
Very good and very focused and lovely lady... time ran out :(" ... written by LindeeTotems
Laquzel was wonderful! I had sooo much fun during our reading and she was accurate. I highly recommend her!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Amazing chat! She is correct about everything! Thank you!!!" ... written by Jennifer
Fantastic women, awesome reading, the truth." ... written by sunshine
Laquzel1 was wonderful during the reading. She got right to the point and I enjoyed it very much. I highly recommend her!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
She is always so accurate. Really quite amazing. She delivers good news, but only if it is true. She is good at gently delivering bad news too. She has been consistently correct on relationships and business. " ... written by Spiritualgirl2
She is super accurate and helpful, she pinpoints the situation flawlessly and can bring you closer to the root of the problem. Definitely strong psychic and would recommend to those with love issues. " ... written by amhl
She's good. Very detailed. " ... written by Antoinette
Great reading... very friendly... good energy. Fun to talk to." ... written by Jo
Consistently accurate." ... written by Spiritualgirl2D
Awesome, just awesome!" ... written by sunshine
I am very impressed! Laquzel was very accurate to my situation, helpful, quick, kind and has given me great hope for my future love life. I highly recommend her. " ... written by Rebekah
Amazing psychic, she knew things without me saying anything. I will definitely use her again, I'm at a loss for words." ... written by Aj
Very good reading...superb! Five stars!" ... written by Ian
Awesome reading with great insight and advice! Very good with the cards of course:) Thanks so much, hun!" ... written by Jennefer
Very awesome and inspiring. Loved her positive energy and her accurate readings!!!" ... written by Darlinglynn2013
Thank you very much for the reading was very quick and detailed. Highly recommended." ... written by davidjames1869
Love you, LAQUZEL... As great as always! " ... written by abeer
It was a wonderful and insightful reading. I got all answers to my questions. Thank you very much." ... written by Irina Argo
She was amazing, right on the button!" ... written by bryant
Good reading!" ... written by elle11
Great reader!!! Will be back again!!!! Thank you for generosity!" ... written by Olga
Very insightful... I will recommend her. Will surely come back again." ... written by Asha
The reading was so amazing. Laquzel really cared about what was going on and really went through everything in order to find out what I needed to do about my situation and how to handle it. Amazing reading!" ... written by Sissy
She picked on lots of things without me saying anything! Pretty good! Let's see what happens... Please pray for me :)" ... written by mshr
Amazing! She is incredible!" ... written by loulourose7
Wonderful!" ... written by loulourose7
Excellent reading!! She really knew about the situation and gave very clear answers to all of my questions. I recommend her!" ... written by Ren
She's is on the money." ... written by mirande
Had an amazing reading with Laquzel1... she is caring, giving, on the money and truly gifted!! She even sent me an e-mail afterwards!!! Truly blessed!" ... written by moonlite0703
She is great. I want to continue the chat." ... written by vera
Great reading. Really useful!!" ... written by Anna
She is terrific." ... written by bouncylady
Very, quick, very sweet and accurate." ... written by Angela
really good reader! fast and accurate" ... written by mi
I always come back to Laquzel, even if it takes months for me to catch her on at the same time as me. She is absolutely wonderful. She always makes a great connection with me and always gives me accurate information without me telling her. Her advise is amazing and makes me feel so much better after consulting with her. My fav reader. I am never disappointed. Thank you Laquzel!" ... written by Vanna
Very excellent reader. I would say ORANUM's no.1 psychic for sure. Super detailed, accurate and can tell you almost anything you need to know. 10 stars for Laquzel!" ... written by Ian
Very clear, fast and accurate. Really helpful to get solid answers to questions and with time frames. And the information she picked up on her own was right on the mark!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Love, love, love Laquzel! The best, honest, nothing canned here. Straight from the heart!" ... written by sunshine
Always so accurate." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
She is a fantastic person and a great psychic always a 5 star great answers and great reading always I think she is one of the best on oranum." ... written by anniekins
WOW!!! 10 stars for Miss Laquzel..Simply ORANUM's no.1 psychic!!!" ... written by Ian
She was very compassionate." ... written by NA
I feel positive. If was feeling uneasy about a job I applied for and now I feel less stress out and feel better. " ... written by Linda
Laquzel did a very good job at working on improving my energy and problems" ... written by cocoatheclown
Very good reading. Seems to be quite accurate. Fast with readings, highly recommended." ... written by Jehan
Laquzel did a very good job at working on improving my energy and problems" ... written by cocoatheclown
Great to talk to. Very positive and helpful. I enjoy talking to her and will be back again." ... written by aerie4
Amazing! It gets better and better, deeper and deeper! She is truly a solution in my life! =)" ... written by Livia
She was very helpful, not only she gave me the information needed, she also gave me solutions meditations and a plan to improve. I consulted a few times now and I am progressively getting better and better thanks to her meditation and help! I felt it was complete. She is very connected and great tarot reader, and she understands the situation in many views, being able to read and advise the best way possible. I enjoyed it! Thank you! " ... written by Livia
Laquzel is amazing. She is my go-to for clarity on my life. I come back for an update at least twice a month, at least. She makes a real connection and I'll never see another psychic because I know that this amazing woman with such a powerful gift is the real deal. Thanks Laquzel, I will see you soon. " ... written by Vanna
Excellent connection. Very good reading, with insightful interpretation of the cards. Thank you. Blessings be upon you." ... written by Giovanni
Always dead on! Very nice, very realistic." ... written by Anne
The best psychic EVER. She literally knew every detail of my relationship without me even telling her, down to teh details of our fight last night. She was very helpful and insightful. I felt like she already understood everything about me!!" ... written by Anne
Fantastic!" ... written by Anne
Very good reading always on point love love love her. I highly recommend her for your first choice for readings." ... written by Heather
Very interesting reading; she read into many situations to get more clarity for the questions at hand." ... written by Heather
Very good" ... written by Trevor
Really insightful!!! Very smart and intuitive. " ... written by Anne
She deserves more than 5 stars, she is the top and the readings with her get better and very accurate... I just love her she is awesome. " ... written by Anniekins
Very very good!" ... written by psymeow
Wonderful, just amaizing!!! Be back!" ... written by timaga
Laquzel is my favourite go-to psychic...Always trust her detailed and accurate reading...awesome awesome awesome..." ... written by Ian
Very good reading, I will be back in few weeks to see how it goes. xxxx" ... written by gerrijj
AWESOME reading. She was spot on even with dates and the past. TWO THUMBS UP" ... written by Ally
The best one in Oranun SO much good energy i can feel it from the other side of the world! She reads me and advises me like no one! I come weekly and love it everytime! " ... written by Livia
Excellent, very empathetic reader…. Looks in depth to the issue… Thank you x" ... written by joboluvz73
Always so on point every time!!!! She is so helpful and insightful! Knows details and has been right in every aspect of my life!" ... written by Anna
As she says she is brilliant and spot on." ... written by MK
Great reading as always, 100 stars, love love love her!" ... written by Lottabody
Straight to the point! Very good:)" ... written by marie5290
What a amazing lady! you have answered many questions that I have been very worried about for well over a year now. I have a lot less worries on my plate now and more of a clear head and hopefully I will have good news for you in the summer :) Thank you so much my shoulders feel so much lighter. I will be back to see you again soon. Love and Light xx" ... written by Natalie Gilchrist
Fantastic as always!!!" ... written by Ian
Great reading, great advice." ... written by seerat
What a blessing Laquzel1 is! Visit her in private sessions to absorb her knowledge and healing. Thank you!" ... written by Dolly3
Laquzel1 is so easy to talk to and work with. She is quick and has great insight. I am looking forward to our discussion topic becoming reality!" ... written by dolly3
Good reading once again!!! x" ... written by gerrijj
Accurate accurate! She explained to me in a plain language that was easily understood. Not only that, she was generous with her time and I like her style of talking! Thanks!! " ... written by cobayangini
Finally was able to have a reading with Laquzel1. It was well worth the wait! She is an excellent reader. She gave me so much insight, clarity, and details about my situation. Thank you!" ... written by janesi
Very good, detailed reading." ... written by monisha2013
Good every time. xxx" ... written by alexadnra gibson
We had a very good connection. And her readings are very accurate. Had fun with her. " ... written by frankiecai
Good vibe." ... written by Geraldine
She was great. Very straight and honest and very, very funny. What a sense of humour. I will definitely be back to her again. I only wish I could type faster. Thanks so very much." ... written by Shelley
Very good...on point." ... written by 2013fc
Awesome experience and she is such a loving person. Fun to interact with and not judgmental at all. Feels good being with her. thx :)" ... written by yangel1
Very good and explained good " ... written by alan clarke
Nice reading" ... written by sunny
Amazing as usual. Love you. You give me so much energy boost. You're so gifted...." ... written by princessa123
Every time I talked to Laquzel, she gives me such energy boost. She is an angel sent from heaven. She is spot on when it comes to her predictions!! I highly recommend her." ... written by princessa123
La is always great! she gives so much. a lot of answers. can really help. worth it./" ... written by purplecloud
I have to wait for the outcome, i liked her!!" ... written by Emagy1
Brilliant reader; really knows her stuff." ... written by lotus71
Precise and accurate! Very helpful and kind." ... written by Nightfall85
Very accurate told me the truth no sugar coating! " ... written by n
Quick but to the point, very accommodating!" ... written by Nightfall85
Awesome!" ... written by Lou
She not only gave me an accurate reading but meditated and healed me. Gave me advice from woman to woman. She is like a friend that tells you the hard truth" ... written by Elizabeth
Laquzel gave me such good news today! I know from the last reading with her that she tells the truth and she doesn't sugarcoat, so I know that the good news I received today was genuine." ... written by Roanrain
WOW!!! What an awesome reading she connects and says things even before you ask her always great reading she really calms and relaxes me down...a must try for all..." ... written by Anniekins
Great session :) when she connected she got many things very spot on! I would see her again definitely. " ... written by Kalli
Thank you dear, fast and right to the point!" ... written by Anne
thank you. Very good and caring. She knew it all!!! xxxx" ... written by silvia
She was amazing!! She knew everything even how something was manipulated and by whom without me telling her the name of the person. She just said her name!!! She gets it" ... written by Bonnie
Good reading, very friendly and nice. Very clear." ... written by Nick
Very good" ... written by MK
Always lovely and so accurate.:-)" ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Lovely calming lady. She picked up the issue holding me back in detail. Not wishy-washy general but to the point. Her caring attitude showed and she really provided me with clarity. Highly recommend her." ... written by Debra
Excellent reader! Thanks for everything!!" ... written by Frilled
Full of fun and makes you wanna live she is the best... she is the only one that said things to me that always came true, i asked the same question to 4 psychics and she was the only right one... i love her readings always... " ... written by Anniekins
Brilliant as always!" ... written by mi
Awesome and always right on... Again thinks of what's in my head before I say it! Very thorough and helpful! " ... written by Jennifer
Was very accurate, lovely person and very very nice... I am impressed!" ... written by moly
Very interesting - not quite what others had to say but a lot of truth. Will see what happens." ... written by T
Great insight was very accurate with her readings." ... written by Curt
Right on the mark as always!!!" ... written by Anna
Brilliant, great connection picked up on the situation very quickly and given me hope for the future, and confirmed what I hoped what true but as always you let doubts creep in..... Doubts can go away after my reading." ... written by Debbie
She was great. I appreciate how quick she was in her responses." ... written by Tiffany
Very good reading." ... written by elle
Very accurate. I have gone to her for over a year." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Thank you for a fantastic reading as always you are the best you only say what you see love you Laquzel." ... written by Anniekins
She is very spot on with situations...:))" ... written by elle
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by tanya
Awesome. I don't have to tell her a thing and she reads my situation so well." ... written by Amy
What more can I say she deserves more than 5 stars being the best here, always always accurate so real, a must try for all." ... written by Anniekins
Laquzel Was Outstanding once more! She gave me a quick reading to myself and my friend and she got all details correctly! She connected super well and was so friendly and helpful! Amazing! I always have readings with her and it makes it so clear my journey! Thank you! Even my friend was admiring how correct she was!" ... written by Livia Maciel
Laquzel is an amazing reader. It is so easy for her to see the exact, correct vision to alleviate any illusions. Plus, I like her because she is fun and light and makes me forget about myself for awhile. I would recommend her to anyone as she is extremely helpful. Thank you Laquzel and thanks to ORANUM as well. You people have a lot of patience with ones such as I." ... written by Philip
Very Accurate ! True! All!" ... written by BarrStrong
TRUTHFUL AND HONEST AS USUAL. Highly recommended!!!" ... written by princessa123
great reading, very kind, and nice lady... will be back." ... written by veezee
Very accurate about situation." ... written by pinkster11
Very fun and accurate!" ... written by pinkster11
Very good and enjoyable xxxx" ... written by Alexandra
Always on point every time!!!!" ... written by Anne
Love her energy and great amount of info!" ... written by LizaLiza
She is fast, detailed and fun. Thank you!" ... written by LizaLiza
Very good, insighful, upbeat, caring and lovely. i recommend Laquzel." ... written by librabeauty
So helpful!!!!!! Always completely right down to the last detail" ... written by Anne
She was very good and insightful, will definitely use her again." ... written by texas
Very nice, tried to be quick, but not enough time. She did great. :) " ... written by herconfusedheart
ALWAYS RIGHT!!! 100000% RIGHT DOWN TO THE LAST DETAIL" ... written by Anne
Good reader and very fun puts humor in the reading!!!" ... written by Sherroll
Very accurate." ... written by Claudia
Wonderful." ... written by J
Very good, insightful, and to the point." ... written by davidtjl
Very nice and sweet help. Also right to the point. Accurate about the situation." ... written by arl
Very detail and accurate reading. 5 stars and recommended." ... written by arl
thank you so much for the chat I will most definitely request your guidance again you made me feel so comfortable thank you once again x" ... written by Leanne
Excellent, very in tune" ... written by Adriane
Always very helpful and on point. Really great connection with her!!" ... written by Annie
Lovely and most real to me." ... written by Firehorse4444
She's excellent." ... written by shchak
She is so helpful she's never been wrong about even the smallest detail!!! " ... written by annie
Love this reading, she connected quickly with me and revealed all my secrets in a flash! She gave me hope too apart from the wonderful reading and a huge smile." ... written by Anya
Great love her, great connection, will come back in chat when I have more time! " ... written by tiffany
When she connected....she nailed everything!" ... written by Patrice
Interesting." ... written by CDR
She was right on target. I love her, will be back to her!" ... written by amy leeka
Very nice. Good at discussing issues to resolve them." ... written by Chantal
Very insightful to current issues, I will return for another reading :)" ... written by Vanessa
You will feel connected to her immediately, she can help and answer your most sacred questions!" ... written by Anya
Picked up a lot what is happening and a lot about the people involved, very clear and straight seeing... Very good, I like speaking to her. " ... written by alexandra
She is my advisor and a great human being. I really love her." ... written by princessa123
An angel" ... written by princessa123
Great advisor" ... written by sk
very very very good. loved it." ... written by hartman79
Second reading together and she is STILL amazing in every aspect! She is so accurate and spot on with everything! Im def a new loyal client xxx" ... written by L.BR
Always on point, always right. Understands everything about my relationship!!!!!" ... written by Annie
This woman is insanely good! She so fast and accurate that all you have to do is just hang on and sit back in amazement as she unravels all your concerns! She's soooo good xxx" ... written by L. BR
It was quite good and helpful." ... written by raghavendran
On the spot, really enjoyed listening to her. Very good reader. Will come back for another reading. " ... written by Henrietta
Wonderful!!!!" ... written by samantha
She was great! Highly recommended! " ... written by Robert
very good. hope it's true!" ... written by lauren
GREAT! She's super nice and so easy going, I loved it. :)" ... written by Fiorella
Very good!" ... written by Ricky
LAQUZEL was helpful, honest, to the point. She suggested remedies too. Good reading. Thank you! :)" ... written by spring
wonderful! LAQUEL1 connects so well..." ... written by amy
Very nice reader." ... written by Danielle
Very good reading xx" ... written by zmoglius1
Very good reading, not what I wanted to hear , but very truthful." ... written by carina
Laquzel is very good and provides a lot of information which is great. Thank-you. " ... written by Lex
good woman" ... written by gstephen
She was very accurate. Gave me good information about my situation and a very positive outlook on the future. Enjoyed my reading very much " ... written by cdorca
SHE'S WONDERFUL!" ... written by sincerly7
Always great. Very accurate. " ... written by Spiritualgirl2
5 stars! Very accurate in the reading... picked up on my feelings right away!" ... written by mags0123
Very, very good." ... written by mzkiyan2u
Pick up situation very quickly. I am impressed!" ... written by gayla
LOVE Laquzel1. She takes time with you and really cares about your situation. I highly recommend her. She is right on about many things!" ... written by Diane
I love her! She is so connecting!! Look forward to seeing it all play out. Will call her again!" ... written by Cherish3js
She can really help without sugar-coating or lies. A very powerful and talented psychic." ... written by Fine lace
Picked up on connection, pretty good!" ... written by spiritessense
I love her..." ... written by Ayanna Thompson
Awesome reading Laquzel.. You gave me precise help and guidance to help me solve some problems.. Very pleased to have found you here on Oranum.. see you later! Greetings x" ... written by COCOLO
Excellent reading! I love her Tarot cards. She picked up on so many details. I'll be back!" ... written by Sapphire
Great advice and teaching..truly my mentor and spiritual guidance. I can't get anywhere else." ... written by izzy
Laquzel1 is soooooo GOOD! She is accurate and tells me things that are true. I am looking forward to the future with more calmness and serenity. Thank you so much! Highly recommend her!!!!!" ... written by Diane
Very fast and skilful reader " ... written by elle
Fantastic and on the money!" ... written by Natalie
Good reading. Will wait for predictions to happen." ... written by Aisha detail and so accurate. I highly recommend Laquzel1. Wow..she is giving me the help to choose my path and I know it is the best for me. Without her insight and spiritual guidance, I would definitely pick the wrong partner for me. ## # ## 5 " ... written by izzy98027
wow, ok she was really good andamp; I will be back !!!" ... written by ladybugg
Thank you" ... written by Ryzette
Thank you" ... written by Ryzette
Very good!" ... written by shad
Was very good at telling me what I needed to hear." ... written by Katie
Very nice." ... written by amber
She is so good, picks up everything without me saying a word..." ... written by ladybugg39
Great reading, will come back, thank you" ... written by gateforest
Great connection and explained everything very well! Very friendly! Will def be back for more readings " ... written by Clare
Very sweet lady, for the most part everything rang true." ... written by boston
Great reading x" ... written by ceejox
Always great and spot on and always heaps of fun!!" ... written by Natalie
Fantastic just whats going on in my life i love the gypsy cards she is the greatest and i said it before she has helped me alot... always come back to her... " ... written by anniekins
Very good i can hardly recommend her everything is so true she is amazing" ... written by Brigitta111
She was very accurate and great reader and healing to thanks " ... written by kiran2308
Wow..* ** * 5 Stars **** her ability to connect and whatever it is that's she is connecting to knows about my situation. I can confirm all her predictions so far 100% accurate. I'm her repeat customer here. She cares about my time and very generous. Thank you Laquizel1..." ... written by izzy98027
Very knowledgeable, helped clear some things up for me, good at explaining situation making things more clear to me." ... written by pinkpather30
Very good reading and very good connection, she has great energy and is very honest in her answers. will definitely use again as she was able to answer all my question" ... written by blissfulangel323
Has been helpful, got clarity in situation, is very informative and supportive." ... written by pinkpather30
She is amazing. I didn't have to say a thing. Incredible. Thank you Laquzel1." ... written by lizzied
Was good!" ... written by junior
Laquzel will show you the cards on the table and explain what they mean. It all makes sense even if it wasn't what I was hoping for. " ... written by Rach
Her cards are very good and she will read them as they are and it will make sense when you place the situation with the cards that appear. Very good gypsy card reader!! 5 STARS!!" ... written by Bonnie
Excellent and precise. She is great." ... written by izzy98027
**** 5 Stars *** I am a repeat client because she is super good. She has strong connection to her guide and me to read for me very accurately. Thanks" ... written by izzy98027
Very awesome!" ... written by shch
We are connected ... Yeah!! Wow..." ... written by izzy98027
She is very accurate and very detailed in her readings." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
She is wonderful and I would recommend her. Thank you so much!" ... written by kim
Absolutely head on, very quick, straight to the point, lovely, will be back again, way more than 5 stars. Thank you" ... written by Spanishhelp
Excellent reader ... tuned in!" ... written by Ann
Very sweet and funny and clear" ... written by Ang
Thank you... very sweet. :)" ... written by lila
Incredible!!! Predictions came true after just a few hours after 1st reading. Thank you, thank you!!! xo" ... written by lila
Laquzel is awesome! Whatever she said is so true! You need to talk to her and you will know! Real fantastic lady!" ... written by rosy
Very quick connection and straight talking lady. Tuned into the situation well and offered real clarity.. Will def be back!!" ... written by SpecialToken
Very Good, accurate and very understanding. Not only a psychic but a potential counselor who will guide you and tell you what to do! Great help! Recommend it!" ... written by unknownjourney13
She is amazing reader and very very accurate. I love here..." ... written by Rone
Very honest." ... written by MicheleAnnE
Great Reader! Nice person." ... written by Gaston
Laq is the best. So cool. For real. Understanding, smart, quick, asks questions. Helps you bring out the main issues." ... written by sometimes4321
She was great! All her prediction came true! I will be back again and again! Thank you sooo much! " ... written by Lily
She was amazing! So accurate! I can not believe it! You have helped me a lot! Thank you!! Many kisses. " ... written by Emily
Great!" ... written by hazel
Absolutely spot on as usual! Perfect!" ... written by Sam
She is the best here, she is the only one who can see even what is the colour of my dress or the wall or the blanket in my room during the reading. Omg she can tell even what is the colour of my underwear lol.. She is a real psychic, and connect the spirit that knows everything.... Omg how can she do it I dont know but her predictions always come true, from the smallest details. And her unique talent is sensing your health problem UNBELEIVABLE SHE IS THE REAL DEAL." ... written by Yoanna
She gave me a different perspective in things. She was very nice but very honest about things! I felt so horrible today and after talking to her I feel at peace and see things differently. Thank you :) So much !!! " ... written by Jackie
Laquzel was great, no sugar coating, good reading! Thanks!" ... written by iggybxxx
Very quick to connect, great with information, thank you!" ... written by polly
She is really really good. Highly recommend. Thank you!" ... written by irelandirish
This this my third reading with the wonderful lady." ... written by Esther Abizdris
Very fast and accurate lady." ... written by elle
She is a real gypsy card talent. Her cards and connection says everything, without you tell a word to her. She should be the number one here, hope she will be soon. :)" ... written by Nicole
SHE WAS AMAZING! I have no words! I love those cute gypsy card! Great advice! Lovely energies! " ... written by Rose2
SHE IS THE QUEEN OF GYPSY CARDS ! BEST EVER ! " ... written by Lilly
SHE is just a wonderful soul, and a great help... I trust her totally and her readings as well !!! ... because her gypsy cards just speaks to her I even dont say a word and SHE got it right. Congratulation Laq keep up good work, we need you here XOXO" ... written by Kelly
This girl is so young to know that much, she can even sense health issues... She even could find out blood clot problem... This is miracle... God bless her:)" ... written by Ally218
I FORGOT TO TELL YOU, I LOVE YOU :) AND YOU ARE MY TOP1 HERE! Kisses and see you soon GOOD LUCK... " ... written by Esther
Thanks for the fantastic demo darling, you are always right:) I dont go to other psychics, cause you are the Real helper,tx,xoxo" ... written by Esther
She is to the point and clear" ... written by humility
LOVE L. You are Miracle :)" ... written by Violetta
Excellent fast reading" ... written by carina
I have been on Oranum for long and I have used many psychics here, my favorite one is Laquzel she has always told me things that have happened and also predicted things that come true. I really have faith in her angel card. It is always saying good things and making me get out of my depression. I'm always hopeful when I have a reading with her. Love her and will always be back again and again..." ... written by Anniekins
Very nice lady.. Helped me and gave some extra tips!" ... written by skroses
She is a very good reader and is spot on. I will always come back to Laquzel :0)" ... written by Sapphire456
Thank you for the insight you are so caring and has given me a better picture. So reassuring, thank you" ... written by Leticia
Very nice lady. Very quick." ... written by makishagermain
My first reading with this lovely lady, she was so nice in free chat, so I took her for a quick yes or no...but I will come back for a general longer love reading. I trust her, she is so clever, and professional card reader:)xoxo God Bless" ... written by Violetta
Very nice lady, so beautiful and so clever. Her readings are very accurate she could see all my problem, and gave good solution that I will follow for sure!... Will be back:)" ... written by SAMUEL
Thank you again, you do a great job here:)" ... written by SOFIA
Quick and right on with issues but ran out of time." ... written by luvu
Picked up situation and the people involved. Thanks!" ... written by pinkster11
Quick." ... written by luvu
Was getting info but my computer started acting up." ... written by luvu
She's amazing and nice.. thank you sooooo much for the reading." ... written by Missluv
She is so so sweet and has a good heart, she saw everything in my mind and she is very fast, really amazing reader!" ... written by DANA
First time reading with Laquzel, it was very good. She clarified a lot of things for me and gave me advice. Thank you." ... written by sany
She is so amazing and honest and warm and she is one of the best readers here. You should know that." ... written by danafo56
Great - She is a true psychic ..." ... written by dmbertault
Nice reading!" ... written by sandra
Awesome, great reader much more in tune with what I asked than any other." ... written by Page
Wonderful was pleased. " ... written by Diana
Laquzel is so funny, but ill try her way and she's very genuine in her work, offered me free credit and im so thankful for that :)" ... written by Capricorn
Good reading " ... written by bb
OMG!!!!!!!! Laquez1 gave me goose bumps. She was so spot on! You have to give her a try. You won't be disappointed. She is a sweet lady as well. Very nice lady. I will definitely use her as one of my main psychics. Thank you soooooo much Laquez1. I am glad I came to you. There isn't enough stars to rate you. You need a million stars." ... written by 1specialme
She is amazing! She always tells me exactly whats going on and everything is accurate. She is very reassuring, I love speaking with her. " ... written by youiandme
She is great I was in doubt but what she had told me was on point she knows her deal I recommend her! Thank you Lazquzel." ... written by yessy
You are always right LAQ, your knowledge is magical!Your insight visions are in the real ATLANTIS spiritual world." ... written by Esther
Fantastic, accurate reader and brilliant!" ... written by mi
Very insightful, quick and direct, I'll be back..." ... written by Leticia
Very friendly, caring, helpful and kind." ... written by cvictoria
Very great reading. Very direct. Love it!" ... written by Melba
VERY UNDERSTANDING AND SWEET." ... written by kimm
Great reading. She has been rather helpful. Will definitely visit again. " ... written by Tilthe
Laquzel is fast and very intuitive. 5 stars very good thanks." ... written by irelandirish
As always accurate. I will never use anyone else." ... written by Sapphire456
Hi! Thank you for that! I feel a little overwhelmed with the spell! I hope you can help me! You were very right! In my current situation, I can't do anything! I feel really lonely and stuck. If only a miracle were to happen! thank you for your guidance Laquzel!" ... written by SkyPurple08
Thank you again! I trust you! You are among the top ones, you deserve it hun, see you later!" ... written by Esther
She's fantastic!!! Very truthful and fast. :)))" ... written by Laura A.
This lady is amazing. Spot on, without giving any information she told me things she could never have known!" ... written by Trixiescott1968
She is perfect." ... written by lily
AMAZING! THE BEST EVER!" ... written by unknownjourney
Great!" ... written by tobyal
Laquzel is very good and intuitive and fast with the cards. Five stars thanks!!!" ... written by irelandirish
I love Laquzel!" ... written by Sapphire456
Excellent" ... written by paula
Loved the reading!" ... written by gemmie
Good connection" ... written by slatif
She is excellent, very good and very quick." ... written by paula
Excellent reader! KIND COMPASSIONATE AND CARING." ... written by hot
Very nice lady very helpful and delight full to work with, will go back to her." ... written by Viviann
I giver her 1000 stars lol. Very good reading and true." ... written by Brigitta111
Excellent" ... written by paula
She is excellent, picked up on my situation straight away and gave me information that was amazingly correct. excellent" ... written by paula
Always the truth so positive i just love her readings... a must try for all cos i keep coming back to her..." ... written by anniekins
And once more, because it was so good :)." ... written by Waves
Very good, fast and nice service. Satisfied and really helpful and accurate. :)" ... written by Wave
Very good reader, I always go to her because she is honest and accurate!" ... written by mi
She was great! I loved it! She is the best!" ... written by Victoria Kogan
Thanks. Good reader." ... written by w6a7n8
EVERYBODY SHOULD TRY HER! She is a very good fortune teller! Her predictions ALWAYS come true, she really senses the future and her cards says everything. You can ask anything, because she knows all the detailed answers in any topic. LOVE-BUSINESS-HEALTH--EVERYTHING. SHE IS THE NEW NOSTREDAMUS:) She can find out what is your problem, how to solve the problem, and what will be the outcome. She is the BEST PSYCHIC ON ORANUM!!!" ... written by VIOLETTA
Laquzel is so good, on point andamp; so far predictions have been on... Thank you." ... written by ladybugg
Great reading." ... written by w6a7n8
She is excellent. Recommend her 5stars plus." ... written by paula
Very fast, connected with me very well, and she described the situation very clearly" ... written by tshortie
Laquzel is great and thank you for your guidance." ... written by irelandirish
She is always the best!!" ... written by Sapphire456
Good psychic." ... written by joseph
She was absolutely great. Very informative." ... written by heyna1989
Very concerned about the clients' time and accurate." ... written by miko
Great reading she hit everything on the nail. Very positive!" ... written by TR
Highly recommend! " ... written by D
One of the fastest readers! I am impressed very GOOD ! SO GOOD!!!! THANK YOU DEARRRR!!!!" ... written by taraL1989
5 stars... picked up on a lot." ... written by mags0123
She is very fast with your time and has lots of information, she mentioned something that I had no idea about. So I hope all is okay and her predictions are right. Thank you!" ... written by Jena
Hit some things on the head. Will update if predictions come true. " ... written by herrofurret
She is accurate! I really feel her connection" ... written by D
Amazing! She is on point and very accurate! Loved the reading!" ... written by Fiona
She is very accurate and skilful with her cards!! :)))" ... written by elle11
Really good reader and generous too." ... written by mimihiya
She is truly gifted, always give me right info. Her predictions always come true... and that is the biggest help if a Real Psychic can look through You. Thanks I always come back to You because You ARE ALWAYS RIGHT! TALENTED, KIND, SWEETHEART! :)" ... written by VIOLETTA
Laquzel is super!!!! She tells you all the truth without you telling her what's going on!! She doesn't ever sugarcoat and is always very accurate!!! Laquzel always wants to help you as best as she can!!! She's one of the best here!!!!! " ... written by Laura
Excellent. Strongly recommend" ... written by paula
She picked up my situation immediately. Time ran out fast, but she found the real problem. Sigh. LOL." ... written by Lauren
Thank you Laq very much for great help and insight" ... written by irelandirish
Fantatsic and kind reader. xoxox" ... written by malinda2011
She is excellent. Very honest and truthful. Straight to the point. Fast typer and talking always gets lots of information to you. The best" ... written by paula
Laquzel is the best!" ... written by Sapphire456
Very lovely!" ... written by Triple Neter
She is great and very fast... 5 stars." ... written by Elaine Faber
Great reader. I recommend her to everyone!!!!! She knew my issues!!! " ... written by w6a7n8
Nice, very nice, she is good." ... written by sylvain
Very good thank you!" ... written by Mystic
genuine !!" ... written by ann
Great!!!!" ... written by w6a7n8
Laq thank you for your reading....very clarifyng" ... written by irelandirish
Laquzel is the best and is a true psychic!!!! I ALWAYS COME BACK TO HER BC HER PREDICTIONS ARE ALWAYS TRUE!!!!" ... written by Laura
Loved the reading! Wish I had more time, but she did answer everything I asked. It wasn't all good but it was truthful and that's what's important. Great lady to talk with and generous with her time! :)" ... written by Daisy
Very nice, picked up everything right away but positive." ... written by Lyn
Great!" ... written by Angela Johnson
Fantastic!" ... written by Angela Johnson
Laquzel reduced her rate for me. She was so clear and quick. Gave me meditations to heal and release. She was fully of clarity and very accurate. I so appreciate you sharing your gifts and gifting with me.. Love and pure light to you Laquzel.." ... written by Janine
She was very helpful" ... written by Jennifer
The best reader with honest and truthful reading, her predictions always come out spot on. I will always come back to her a great person with a jovial personality. Love love love her gypsy card readings. Thanks for all the guidance will be back again and again.... " ... written by anniekins
Love her! So caring, accurate, genuine and caring!!!! Connects quickly. Always goes out of her way to help you more!!! Will come back for updates" ... written by Tiffany
Wow, was right on point and very quick connecting." ... written by TRDGame
Laquzel is always fantastic and spot on! very well connected and reading always very accurate. Plus she is so kind and generous. A person with a big big heart! " ... written by Rosy
very right on the dot with everythin" ... written by Tammy Bunyan
Laquzel is the Best!!!!!! Excellent reading!!!!!" ... written by Laura
I love Laquzel!!!" ... written by Sapphire456
Was great!" ... written by Thomas
Amazing connection, very great reading." ... written by Me
Amazing, she has amazing intuition and knew many things without asking me." ... written by Me
Amazing reading, so true everything. " ... written by Brigitta111
Wonderful! Very personal. " ... written by helic22
Very nice and helpful!!!" ... written by Lisa
AWESOME :)" ... written by TObyal
Thank you Laq for your help." ... written by irelandirish
Lovely person. xxx" ... written by Anushka Arya
Very caring and lovely. :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
Very good and quick." ... written by creampink
Thank You again - I come back every day - You are an Angel!" ... written by sarah
Thank you. Brilliant again!! You don't sugarcoat. That is what I like!" ... written by jenn
Laquzel is great. Told me great info. Helped me a lot! :)" ... written by Victoria
Thanks hun, you are always right and spot on! How do you do it? :) Magic! I love you! Everybody should have private with you!" ... written by laura
Very charming and helpful. She is eager to help one on path and also did some energy healing and charkra cleansing. I feel a lot less pain and am very thankful for that. Thank you so much for helping me." ... written by linda pryharski
She is funny, and kind. She is quick with the reading, you can tell her desire is to help you during the time you spend on a private reading. She is a very positive person. Her reading was precise, to the point, and now I'm just looking forward to see her predictions become a reality. Thank you very much for the meditation." ... written by clvs_vic
I am speechless. This lady is magic! She knows everything! Best on ORANUM!! " ... written by VIOLETTA
Very quick and compassionate. Helped me to solve my dilemma!!!" ... written by Yuliya Morgan
Very good reading very clear lots of info very good reader not judgemental. Thanks! Have a reading she will tell you everything. " ... written by creampink
Great reader!!!" ... written by Sapphire456
Wow! She is truly connected. I can't wait for another reading. I gave her nothing (literally) and she read me regardless. SPOT ON! I was so shocked! Will be visiting with her again!" ... written by Julia
I CAN NOT repeat myself - you should take her to private even for short because she knows the answers for EVERY questions. YES OR NO is my favorite with her. :) BLESSINGS TO YOU MY DEAR!" ... written by SARAH
She was very accurate, she knew who I was going to meet with to start my journey. I like her confirmation. Thank you LAQUZEL1" ... written by Michelange9
Extremely accurate! Joy to talk to. Will definitely connect with her again for help!" ... written by Lisa Mendez
amazing reader always the truth i just ask the questions" ... written by Brigitta111
Great connection with Laquzel1 xox She read me and a person I inquired about clearly and so spot on! Im very looking forward for the predictions to come true and unveil. You should try Laquezel for yourself - you will be amazed! xox" ... written by malinda2011
Very understanding and helpful." ... written by brad
Love her, she is amazing true psychic...healer...real card reader!" ... written by sarah
Nice reader." ... written by amalia
She gave me a very good, precised and accurate reading, and she is also very kind. I will definitely come back again soon." ... written by Femi
SHE IS FANTASTIC... she can even answer on the hardest yes or no questions extremely accurate. SHE HAS the power to be a good psychic. love love love - my helper my healer my No1." ... written by sarah
You are beautiful and very talent!I love visiting You, because your gypsy cards are always right and You really see the future!" ... written by PETE
Love you! Highly recommend your unique readings! Connection is always great! xoxo. " ... written by vince
She was accurate..." ... written by mscrazyfaith
LOVE LOVE LOVE--EVERYBODY SHOULD have reading with this nice lady, she is very accurate, she just tells you how things are in the issue!And all is true what she says!She dont ask questions just speak speak speak how everything is!omg amazed me:)" ... written by sarah
Great and fast!! will see what happens with her predictions!!" ... written by BP
Thanks again-i love your cards!" ... written by vio
Will come back, love you!True and real and accurate gypsy reader u are:)Congrat!Best ever..." ... written by sarah
Well done again!Your predictions always come true, tx , hugs" ... written by sarah
She's very good and honest... She's so sweet and nice... Doesn't waste my time." ... written by Kai1111
Thank you! Will come back for an update! You are very kind and professional, love, see you. " ... written by lizy
Thank you again! You are a fantastic true teller reader :). " ... written by PETE
She is the best. So kindness and good and what she is telling came to truth. Worth every penny:)" ... written by Kati7911
Well done. Perfect again!" ... written by paul
Thank You again:) Will come back for an update!" ... written by vince
IT IS SIMPLE!SHE IS THE BEST ON ORANUM!Good price!" ... written by ann
thank you, you r very good-your predictions always come true!" ... written by angela
amazing lady " ... written by Brigitta111
I had an amazing reading again with my favorite psychic. I say it again and again - she is the best with time frames and predictions and honestly the more I go to her for readings, the more facts unfold... She is great! I just love her readings! Thank you Laquzel again..." ... written by Anniekins
Fabulous! A++++++ :):):):)" ... written by michelle
Great in reading ppl good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by dellamal
Thanks again u did great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by dellamal
I appreciated her answers to my questions. She was wonderful!!!!!!" ... written by Tiffany
great very good x thanks" ... written by cr
Brief but she's good!!!!!!!" ... written by Nelson
Laquzel is the best reader!!! She always tells the truth without any sugarcoating. Her gypsy cards tell you a real story of your life!!!! I highly recommend her!!!!!" ... written by Laura
She's amazing. :):):):)" ... written by Nelson
I love this woman, she's the best." ... written by Nelson
She's a very accurate reader and helpful too." ... written by Nelson
It was disconnecting again and again... I am so sorry about that, it was a nice reading.... I felt u were able to pick up on my situation really well. Thanks so mch... I'll look forward to seaking with u again.... Bbyeee!!!!!!!" ... written by Neha
Well done!You are a real psychic-all predictions came true and your timeframes are correct, too!" ... written by debbie
Somebody recommend You, and she was absolutely right." ... written by debbie
thanks hun, you were great again!love you!" ... written by sarah
She's good" ... written by nelson
Good reading! :-) Thank you for your help!" ... written by Val
Thanks hun, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by vio
THANK YOU AGAIN! :)" ... written by sarah
Love you! Gypsy fortune magic woman.:)" ... written by pete
What a nice person-and a professional fantastic reader:)tx" ... written by sarah
Thank you again" ... written by sarah
really fast and good" ... written by jesse
Thank you. Great reading. I sooo hope it comes true. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
GREAT reading - amazing and said so many many many info!" ... written by littleone3
BRILLIANT!!!!!!! LOVE HER!!!!!! Going back now to continue... :)" ... written by littleone3
AWESOME! As always! LOVE LOVE LOVE her!" ... written by Julia
She is excellent.I always go back to her for help with any problems. Very quick and picks up on things no one else would know." ... written by paula
Spot on " ... written by brian
wonderful" ... written by Sara
Great!!!!!!! " ... written by ANTONETTE MCCLAIN
Awesome!!!" ... written by Jane
Nice reading. Made me feel good after the reading." ... written by Michelange9
Oh my god, how fantastic she was! Absolutely spot on with everything. Just loved the reading and couldn't get enough! She is so right about so many things. It all made sense. Kisses." ... written by malinda2011
I have no words. She is wonderful." ... written by Kati7911
very helpful with solving problems and providing tools to work on myself, thank you for reading" ... written by lindapryharski
I give her 5 stars like always " ... written by Brigitta111
Really good because I was being led all over the place and I have found some solutions to my problems. I hope it works. " ... written by USA
Very interesting and very full reading. She's really nice and I will come back. " ... written by USA
Thank you for your help!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
As always, Laquzel is the Best!!!! Her reading was like a true life story!!!!! And I never had to give her any clues!!!!! Laquzel is an amazing phychic!!!!!!" ... written by Laura
Lovely lady. Right on spot..... Will definitely come back!!!" ... written by gioconda
amazing as always 100 stars. xxx" ... written by gerirish
She is awesome, nobody connected better with me and my current situation than her, her Gypsy cards don't lie and she interprets them superbly. Highly recommended." ... written by Anya
as always she was incredibly good!! Thank you Laquzel1 so so much! xoxox" ... written by malinda2011
Laquzel was very accurate in her readings. She deserves more than five stars. She's quick and doesn't sugar coat. I will keep coming back for updates." ... written by Moonchild59
i just love her---all predictions came true!!!!All!!!!She is a real psychic on this site!Great card reader-always connect well!x" ... written by sarah
Thank you Laquzel, finally finally, I got to do the reading. I think you are amazing and would recommend you definitely. I can only hope things improve for me, but that is my doing. Love and light xx" ... written by Rawinia Elsmore
great as always 100 stars xxx" ... written by gerirish
A very good reading with lots of information, insight, and details. I really enjoyed the reading and it was accurate. Thank you" ... written by Jennifer
Intuitive...connected, recommend!" ... written by B!!
love you!magic laq-super psychic-super readings:)" ... written by sarah
yes or no?lol---you always right:)" ... written by SARAH
HER WORK is deeply fulfilling!She gave her best for rewarding great experiences in the spiritual world. Perfect reader! xoxo" ... written by peter
i m very satisfied with my reading...she is a professional reader with solutions,tx" ... written by tiffany
She was very nice and surprisingly accurate. I will be back in the future. " ... written by Robert
thank you!you are great!" ... written by johanna
well done again,i love u" ... written by peter
you always make me happy:)" ... written by sarah
thank you sweety!" ... written by paul
i am very happy that i found you on this site, because from now i only trust you,thanks xoxo" ... written by angela
She's amazing and funny and warm. very accurate." ... written by Nelson
highly recommend!true psychic!all stars for u in the sky:)" ... written by robert
you are sweet,thanks" ... written by sarah
thank you again, you are great...your yes or no always come true!!!!xoxo" ... written by sarah
i love your readings..." ... written by clarissa
thank you-you are good:)" ... written by peter
Laquzel is the best phychic. She always tells the truth without any clues given to her. I highly recommend for everyone to try a reading with her :)" ... written by Laura
fast and accurate and so young to be a good reader!" ... written by robert
I come to her ever day, and she always helps!tx kisses" ... written by sarah
thank you!" ... written by ebony
great as always. straight to the point xxx" ... written by gerirish
she was on point about alot of things, but i ran out of time. she is great will come back " ... written by cinderella427
You were good!!!!!!" ... written by steph
fast genuine honest real" ... written by ellie
thanks you are the best!" ... written by peter
Powerful revelation that leads to change my life, to spread my wings for divine Spirits. Thanks for your help!" ... written by VIOLETTA
She is very helpful...I keep coming back to her cause she is so accurate and a good guider. " ... written by Aileen
Great as always. I love this woman:)" ... written by Kati7911
You are sweet, beautiful inside outside!Your work is perfect!You are a real earthangel,kisses" ... written by angela
Thank you for the truth again xoxo love u" ... written by angela
thanks hun will be back" ... written by clarissa
Thank you! Great news!" ... written by crystal
amazing lady, very kind and helpful" ... written by george
I really like Laquzel, she gives you so much that you don't know what to do with it all andamp; is right about it " ... written by lady
Thanks so much for the fantastic reading.. Your reading is always very accurate and correct.. I will be back again soon.. Thanks you" ... written by Femi
I appreciate your words with me." ... written by Dopplersonograph
She very fast but she good she hit it on the nail" ... written by benina
You are a terrific psychologist!Find the truth like a detective and heal it!Professor Psychic-Healer!" ... written by sarah
thanks hun, you are the best!" ... written by crystal
Great as always:) Always helping me:)" ... written by Kati7911
Talented!Sweet!Deeply fulfilling!You should try her magic:)" ... written by paul
answered on all of my questions directly with deep impact tx" ... written by paul
I was shocked!She read me like a book, or like she knows me for ages lol Tx Will be back! Im still OMG! How you do it?" ... written by Angela
Great reader, lots of tools, good insights." ... written by iris
thanks hun, you are to young to be too good:)" ... written by paul
This was a good session, saw alot of what was going on in my life....was amazing...feel so much better after talking with her." ... written by Linda
You are magical!Everything you said to me came true....tx" ... written by joseph
5* very good reading" ... written by n/a
Great connection i love speaking with you angel:)You are so different from others, sparkle in your eyes... xoxo" ... written by joseph
I appreciate your quick help all the time, will be back I trust only You as all your predictions came true. Your distant healing and your unique chakra cleaning is so enjoyable and calm me down what i really like and need so will be back, thanks hun!" ... written by claire
thank you again!" ... written by sarah
thank you!You are very good professional reader and healer blessings" ... written by maria
Blessings!!!!Well done again" ... written by blue
She really exceeded my expectations. she is really good psychic andamp; very fast reader. She accommodated me in the limited time andamp; also give me a few things to do. She works for the benefit of her clients which is very rare in Oranum as most of the Psychics want only money....." ... written by aquavenus
love ya:)" ... written by sarah
She was a very nice person and we connected very well . she really did seem concerned about my situation and i hope everything works out the way she has seen or even sooner!. she was pretty accurate during the reading. i would go back for an update!!" ... written by Muse
You are good, well done. Love you xoxo" ... written by msMa
thank you again!You are a real psychic!" ... written by sarah
LAQUZEL IS AWESOME. such a strong connection. said things as i was thinking them. predictions. good conversationalist. " ... written by sometimes4321
very kind, great connection, very helpful in understanding and guiding the situation" ... written by agablue
She is excellent. very quick and straight to the point. Her predictions really do come true. I continue to go back to her for help, clarity and insight. A true professional" ... written by Paula
She is so caring as always and amazing!" ... written by malinda2011
I like you" ... written by Ali
Congrat you hit it on the nail! Real help Real Healing 10star" ... written by lady
This was a very indepth reading. Slowly more and more things came up and we we re able to name the real problem" ... written by eva
You are really on the TOP here! Well done, real help" ... written by paul
What a great reading the same cards as a month ago she is so spot on connects great. She was able to see that I am waiting for people who can not afford the property to move out how could she have know that if she is not a true psychic. Also the the timeframes and the predictions are still as before. Very clear about the my next steps to get what I want. She was also able to read my ex partner clearly telling about him and the problems he has. Great Reader have a reading with her she is will tell you the truth Thank you so much " ... written by paula
she is always great to read with when I can get her on but today the system is acting up again and i lost some time with her :(" ... written by ladybugg
she is very good psychic. Every time I come to her andamp; she tries to accommodate me in limited time. I adore her abilities as psychic andamp; a good human who tries to help people." ... written by aquavenus
Thank you again! Your intuition is extremely high, everybody should try it for real guidance!" ... written by paul
thank you Laquzel1 for the reading, you are very accurate, I will come back to you again to follow up!" ... written by Shelly
She picked up on me right away. She is very true and honest psychic" ... written by annieleigh
she's great, great connection. thank you" ... written by jessica
I wanted the truth so I go to her. She is awesome" ... written by Ally
She is truly gifted. Experience her talents. I will use again!!!!" ... written by j
This reader was fantastic, very detailed and fast! Accurate! thank you very much!" ... written by Snjezna
Very fast. Very accurate. On spot with everything. Let's see how things work out." ... written by ll
Thank you for your help and guidance*" ... written by Trish
I always love talking to Her she is simply awesome and hits your situation on the nose!! and gives great advice to her clients. Everyone is not fair to their clients but she is!!! You should read with her!!" ... written by Muse
You are so powerful. You always see things correct. Your healing symbols helped me to correct my life issues." ... written by sarah
LaQ i am really in love with you:):):) You are so good at connecting with me.. totally you blew away my mind by telling things which only I know.. I am still laughing about somethings we discussed.." ... written by aquas
Laquzel is the Best phychic!!! She's able to connect right away and she always gives very accurate timelines!!! She doesn't only read her cards but she also has a nice connection with the universe!!!! She s very honest and will not sugarcoat!!!! She will also give u choices as far as what u could do to succeed!!!!!!" ... written by Laura
Laquzel always is very accurate and is always telling me things that later on come true. This reading was different because her gypsy cards were telling me about feelings too. I highly recommend for everyone to try her!!!!" ... written by Laura
Laq is very good and accurate reader.. never regret having a reading with you.. Always on point, honest and accurate.. Thanks.. Will be back again soon" ... written by Femi
She is extremely accurate with her cards." ... written by aqua
She was so honest! I wish I had gone to her before. I missed an opportunity. I'm so sad about it. " ... written by Lisa
Thank you..i will keep you posted ....i really hope you are right..and he will come back...thank you for the connection...." ... written by Violetta
She picked up right away about me, very nice lady. highly reccomend! " ... written by Butterfly
Was a quick reading...shame we ran out of time" ... written by n
Was on point about the guy I was talking and hopefully everything turn out the way she says. " ... written by Amarilis
Laquzel is a true treasure to this site!!!! she is very honest and very sensitive!!!!!! she is always able to connect with me right away!!!!! I recommend for everyone to try her gypsy cards because they tell a life story!!!!!" ... written by Laura
great lady!!!" ... written by g.w.
Really great reading. She is very knowledgeable, direct and kind." ... written by Ashley
Along with CloudSong, Emily A Cox and Maria White Light - LAQUZEL was BRILLIANT!!!! Definitely one of the best readers on here-I was blown away by her reading. I could relate to ALL of it.. FANTASTIC - HIGHLY RECPMMENDED!!!!" ... written by Maria
Best reading ever" ... written by Bigslam2727
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Mai
she was amazing!" ... written by saycheese9411
always great, very nice, fast, not always what you want to hear but truth is best ! thank you" ... written by lady
Laquzel was amazing as always!!!!! She picked up on things that no one would ever be able to tell me. She also gave a very accurate timelines saying that it will happen in 9 days, and there is something planned to take place in 9 days. Thank u Laq!!!!!!!!" ... written by Laura
she is amazing. told me so much before I said anything to her" ... written by Gina
brillent as always .. would defo recommend xx" ... written by gerirish
The best one. My angel, save my ass many time." ... written by Kati7911
Laquzel1 Is great and spot on...answered all my questions very acurate," ... written by renee
she is very helpful and kind. Will see her again." ... written by Angel
very good and wonderful well get a good reading again... beautifully correct" ... written by sweetkakes
Laquzel told me in her last reading that I will meet with the guy I love in 9 days and we met in exactly 9 days!!!!!! This is not the first time she's giving a timeline and this timeline is the correct one!!!! I highly recommend for everyone to have a reading with this amazing psychic!!!!!" ... written by Laura
excellent reader" ... written by maria
Amazing very detailed and helpful, love her cards and reading. Thanku" ... written by Think Blue
awesome update!" ... written by rosy
she was fast and accurate" ... written by lauren
spot on " ... written by mag0123
Good. Honest. " ... written by Lisa
Lots of information, advice, love and support - lots to actively be working on - and really feel inspired. Much love and gratitude x" ... written by sunowersun
SHe is so on point even if its not what you want to hear but its what you need to hear I appreciate her truly!" ... written by SWEETS
excellent reading, she is very gifted!!" ... written by valerie
Laquzel is the best! She is soooo right on the money. Very spot on and awesome awesome connection between the two of no other! WOW! Highly recommend will not be disappointed!" ... written by Ash
Once again Laquzel told me stuff without me even asking her!!!! And her chakra healing cards were absolutely fantastic!!!!! I think everyone should try her and you will not be disappointed!!!! Laquzel is the Best!!!!!" ... written by Laura
Once again we had a great reading and connected very well! she was very accurate in the reading and she picked up on things i had not informed her about. Awesome reading!! 5 stars!" ... written by Muse
I will do what you said and hope i can get what i need." ... written by Elpidia
very accurate...confirm my thoughts and feelings" ... written by rosy
laquzel was so accurate in her reading and she was also very good with her time frames as well " ... written by dmw4300
Had a brilliant but sad reading with Laquzel she was spot on about everything and so true no sugar coating just the truth had a great connection will be back thank you Laquzel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by TAMMY
Had a wonderful reading with her!!!" ... written by Muse
Laquzel is an amazing phychic. Her gypsy cards always tell u a true life story. But most importantly, she's able to connect with the universe!!!! She connects very fast and will not waste ur time!!!!!" ... written by Laura
Nice Lady - enjoyed her!!!! Thanks!!!!!!" ... written by g.w.
good reading" ... written by itwillbeok
she is one of the best on here 100 stars if i could .... " ... written by gerirish
Very good! she knew everything about me without me saying a word! made a wonderful connection, and she is scary accurate!! please have reading with her! wonderful at connecting with you. " ... written by loverseeker23
Laquzel did a great reading showed we had a great connection saying about things that have happened in my life without me saying anything first. She has helped me clarify my feelings and understand, things are okay. GREAT READING - Thank you Laquzel xxx" ... written by Mel0Dee
she is so good, feels exactly the things i recommand her to you dont hesitate to go on private with her. she is fast tells you a lot of thing and she is sooo niceee xxxx" ... written by Amy
she knew things that i didnt have to tell her, i will visit again!!!!!" ... written by Creative113
Laquzel is such a wonderful person. She is so kind and most important she is genuine." ... written by deepa
lots of details good reading" ... written by vell
Thank you!" ... written by EmBee10
Such a wonderful reading with Laquzel. She was very nice, honest, truthful, accurate, intuitive, and informative. She gave me a lot of information in a short amount of time. Things look promising. I really liked reading with her and will come back again for another update. Take her private, you will not regret it. Very good!" ... written by Jennifer
brillent as always . great connection . i love her xxx" ... written by gerirish
She is great!" ... written by Fred
Sh is wonderful and put my mind at ease, that's hard (if you knew me). I will go back Definitely AND YOU SHOULD TRY HER. Good or bad SHE SAYS IT!!" ... written by SweetS_McLovin
" ... written by pigletme123
good one , open my eye in no of ways thank you thanks a lot." ... written by micky
Laquzel is a sweetheart, she quickly and accurately will describe your situation, the present and the future. She is really good with the cards and this reading was very detailed and informative. Thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
once again laq was spot on in everything...." ... written by gerirish
Very great reading. " ... written by Angela
excellent. Plenty of info" ... written by evac
She was very good. She knew things that were going on and confirmed what I was already feeling. i would use here again if I needed insight!!! Awesome reader!!" ... written by mzsipos85
Super detailed and really gets deep into the situation to provide the best possible answers as to why things are happening as they are and what will be coming up as well. Laquzel is super nice, very intuitive and confident during her readings. She will answer everything and give you great information. I just wish I had more time to spend with her. Awesome reading, thank you again!" ... written by Jennifer
laq is an amazing women. 1000 stars . time-frames are spot on " ... written by gerirish
she had a very good connection and got so many issues spot on 5 stars" ... written by Tracey
laq was fantastic again. new a certain thing without me sayin a word.... 1000 stars if i could ...... " ... written by gerirish
Real advise" ... written by Keshia
Laquzel is so sweet and sharp at the same time. She is really professional and quick and she showed me the situations I am in very clearly. Not only that showed me way to get out of it. I could tell when I came back to her that she really cares about her clients. She is a happy reader and not like the one chasing client’s money. Thanks Laquzel!" ... written by G
Laquzel is wonderful, she tunes in quickly and gives a lot of detailed answers to all of my questions. She is very intuitive and her cards are quite accurate. It was a great reading, thank you!" ... written by Jennspain
she was reassuring me about my feelings her cards didn't lie about my feelings " ... written by patty
Laq is very knowledgable and accurate. Would highly recommend." ... written by Ach
She is very sweet and gave good insight " ... written by Sparkle Pony
She was great " ... written by Sparkle Pony
great connection as always ... the number 1 to go too ...x" ... written by gerirish
fast reader, had multiple tools to answer the questions" ... written by theme
thank you very much for the reading. You gave me some clues how to work on myself. I will follow your advice!:)" ... written by Alicja
great very personable!!!" ... written by tina
wow we are soo connected! She is spot on everything...i mean everything!" ... written by ash
She was great! I really enjoyed my reading and will come back to her again." ... written by Whitediamiond2004
she is right she picked up on soo many things in my life and i didn't even say a word! WOW!" ... written by ash
she has amazing insight--I look only for her" ... written by marian
as always laq is on the ball every time " ... written by gerirish
Very detailed readings and flows with information. Outstanding Reader. Thank You" ... written by Johnny
Laquzel did it again! She is spot on every time! I always look forward to speak with her when she is online and available. She is very much connected into my life and love. Accurate always. She is able to provide details and information without me really explaining or really saying anythiing. I am so amazed by her abilities...soooo gifted! Look no further...she is the best! Thank you for helping me and I am blessed to have found you!" ... written by Ash
She was friendly and kind. " ... written by eli
she is very fast... accurate" ... written by elle
Very strong and no sugar coating at all." ... written by Malik
Laquzel never disappoint me -- she is always spot on! every time! thank you very much for all of your guidance, insights, and support. You have helped me in so many ways. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow!" ... written by ash
very good!" ... written by malinka88
Fast Accurate! Lots of Details" ... written by Johnny
Laquzel is my go to advisor every time i have issues! She is spot on and honest always. Thank you for always being there!" ... written by ash
pleasant personality. could actually read my mind. very quick. now hope for the bext in the next three months. THANK YOU" ... written by malteser70
Thanks for the personal and precise reading.. Your reading was very accurate and i really got lots of information .. I will be back again soon" ... written by Femi
I really do like her, you have to read with her, she is honest and very good, she talks you through what she see in the cards !!!" ... written by lady
Laquzel is wonderful! she help me understand things better, without sugar coating them! Try her reading, very helpful, you won't regret!" ... written by Anca
we really have a great connection. she is so amazing and provides quality reading..she tells it like it sugar coating. you have helped me tremendously in my life and i always look forward to our chats." ... written by ash
great reader" ... written by smiley2011
Thank you Laquzel very much...long time no speak and you have helped me. thanks" ... written by irelandirish
Laquzel was spot on and very accurate. Not much information given to her and it was precise. I will contact her again." ... written by Tim
SHE IS TOO GOOD!!!!! WOW! Accurate TIIME FRAMES TOO! " ... written by ash
great reader really connects" ... written by smiley2011
She is on point once again!!! YAY!!!!!!" ... written by SweetS_McLovin
wow she is soooooo sooo good! Very connected and spot on to the tee! I just love her! She is truly gifted and accurate in everythign!" ... written by ash
As a reader myself I can highly recommend Laquzel. She connects so incredibly well to your energy. Highly recommended and will be back!" ... written by lotus71
wow thanks law! u always amaze me...wonderful!" ... written by ash
Laquzel was amazing once again!!! She quickly picked up on my situation and she told me all the truth without wasting a minute of my time!!! I want for everyone to try her!!!! Information was just coming to her head!!!!!! Laquzel, U R Amazing!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Laura
I like that she doesn't waste time,and gave a lot of information." ... written by diamond
she is very good ..on point from the start ...i will use her again " ... written by jesenia
She is awesome !!! lets see happens, so far she has been right" ... written by lady
Thank you Laq. " ... written by irelandirish
Spot on! About everything! I'm literally ready to give up but she says not to because it will work to my favor eventually. Need to work on my patience :)" ... written by l
Very nice reading. She picked up quickly on my situation and gave me very good advice. A pleasure to speak with...makes you feel very comfortable. Thank you!" ... written by ugogirl
she connects very well. I enjoyed her reading." ... written by homa
OMG She is amazing.... so honest and truthful. Thank you so much I will be back" ... written by Rosa
I'm so glad laquzel was on and I needed her. She always give me solutions to my problems. She is wonderful, so sincere, and kind. She always tries to help. She is honest and not out for your money. 5 stars as always, you should be a top psychic. Thanks," ... written by Lisa
thank you for the wonderful ready, will keep you updated" ... written by b
thanks so much Laq! You are were so spot on the situation. You are very prompt and super connected! Wow..amazing!" ... written by asdfa
so accurate and nice" ... written by human
she is always fast and she is correct on many things and turns out the way she see it more than most of the time, I diffidently do not feel cheated after reading with her !!!" ... written by lady
Amazing, Spot on!! :)" ... written by Victoria
she is wonderful" ... written by jenny
thank you for the reading, you mentioned so much stuff that happened! we really connected, and i am gratefull for your advice" ... written by gt
Very good reading. She doesn't sugar coat and tells it like it is. I recommend her highly." ... written by jem
WOW!!!! She is great.... I love her. She is the best... You cannot find another like her... she knows... " ... written by BEBEBELL
Laquzel1, thank you for reading my life for at least ten years down the line for me. Guys, I would highly recommend this magnificent woman as she reads very accurately,your fortune out for you like a book even without you speaking a single word. She is fabulous! Thank you Laquzel1 for being such a comforting presence in my times of turmoil. I can't wait to get back to you." ... written by SUNAYANA BARUAH
Laquzel was great, could really tell that she cared and wanted to help. Very good reading, very clear and insightful. Thanks so much!" ... written by YH
Laq- u are amazing...right and spot on! every time! wow!" ... written by dfa
Very sweet and approachable. She has great energy and wants to really help the individual." ... written by anaprem
Very sweet girl. She knew things before I even said anything. She was on target with everything. Thank you!" ... written by Amy
great reader" ... written by smiley2011
Thank you! I have never thought about my situation this way as u did put me thinking" ... written by mari
Laquzel knows her cards, I trust her and predictions are always on point !!! " ... written by lady
Thank you Laquzel loively reading , and i know what is happening now xxx" ... written by john24521
omg" ... written by gemmie
OMG !!! I love here so much and she is always right !!! makes me feel better even with bad news, THANK YOU !!!" ... written by lady
so nice and human...........and kind..." ... written by mette44
Thank you so much Laq you are very much in tune..." ... written by irelandirish
I TRUST ONLY HER!SHE is a GENIUS!" ... written by jade
Spot On! Wonderful reading! Read the negative and positive of my questions. Very honest. " ... written by Judith
I really really enjoy my time with you, your energy is always great and you are really good when reading the cards, you nail it every time, thank you so much !!! " ... written by lady
She is amazing. She picks up on the situation very well and her predictions come to pass one by one. She hasn't let me down yet so I keep coming back." ... written by l
You were amazing. You predicted my situation without me saying anything about it. thank you very much. I will come back to you for an update. thanks again. hug " ... written by Parisa
thank you for the reading .. it was very good . Thank you for being honest .." ... written by princess1218
Thank you again Laquzel. It was fun reading and as always, good energy xx" ... written by m
Amazing and mind blowing!!! The best honestly" ... written by Adiee
she was good! " ... written by diana
Laquzel gave me so such much feedback first and then in private she told me the honest truth and connected with me and the situation so well. She has a real gift and is amazingly spot on." ... written by liz
I just love her !!! I have had several readings lately because I have had so much going on that I would not have been able do without her !!! spot on in every way. You got to try her, I promise you wont be disappointed like with so many others on here." ... written by lady
She was good picked up things I would only know" ... written by Mary
Fabulous. Got me perfectly!!! Wonderful caring and right on the nose with the info. " ... written by Linda
Thank you Laquzel! I loved my previous reading and this too. I just need to clarify my own mind and then things will get better." ... written by M
thank u" ... written by judith
Laquzel is always on point !!! she knows her stuff ! I go to no one else now I that I have found her" ... written by lady
Very good and accurate" ... written by Rihari
very straight forward" ... written by judith
Amazing!" ... written by lady
so much information, I can not get enough sometimes !!!" ... written by lady
I love this woman !!! She is so good, always on point and so far, consistent with her preconditions and they are correct !!!" ... written by lady
Lots of good details and accuracy. Quickly tuned into the situation and provided a lot of information. A very nice reading indeed and things are looking good." ... written by JL
goood" ... written by judith
Thank you Laq. You have great insight and very fast." ... written by ireland irish
Good reading" ... written by na
Awesome reading...very positive :)" ... written by Hema
no one like her, she is so correct on everything, this woman is AWESOME !!!" ... written by lady
good insight" ... written by kate
Laquzel is very nice and did a great reading. Also she is quick and does not try to waste your time. Thank you Laquzel. I will keep you posted on all." ... written by *******
AWESOME !!! as always on point !!!! " ... written by lady
Didnt have to say a word and she does her thang as usual!!! She is awesome give her a try she is worth it!! " ... written by SweetS_McLovin
Some of what she predicted in October has already happened. I feel there are conditions but I came back to get more insight and hopefully what she says will come true this time." ... written by l
Great reading! Very informative and good connection" ... written by Ashley
I come to her all the time because she is always right on point and her predictions have all come to pass thus far, SHE IS REALLY GOOD !!!!" ... written by lady
How does she do it? She connected soooo well to my situation. It's great when a psychic can tell you exactly what was said and what is going on presently in the situation. Her first reading was sooo accurate and prediction came true. I can't wait for the new predictions to happen in the time she said. She's amazing! Take her to private!!!" ... written by l
OMG SHE IS AMAZING.....Everything she says come to pass..... 10 stars... I will come back for sure ... I recommend her to every person looking for the truth" ... written by Rosa
Wonderful, compassionate and fun while helping!! Thank you so much" ... written by kt
This woman is awesome !!!! very good at reading the situation and predictions are on point !!!! " ... written by ***
thanks Laq......I will follow my heart" ... written by irelandirish
connection was great, didn't have to say much except to let her know that she is correct with her reading." ... written by rae
She was great, but I am left very confused actaully. I might have to come back for a follow up. " ... written by mainstreem20
wonderful!" ... written by w
Awesome as always so now we will see what her predictions do this time, so far she is always right !!!" ... written by *****
on point! she was extremely connected to me and my situation." ... written by me
love her, she is soooo good and really knows her stuff !!!!" ... written by lady
very good connection like always, very good advice, she knows exactlywhat I want" ... written by someone
Excellent connection. Knew all about my past and gave me good indications for future." ... written by Michelle
Laquzel did and emailing reading for me that was absolutely spot on! So I decided to do a private reading with her... She blew my mind! I still have chills all over from her reading. She picked up on every single thing I was thinking/feeling without saying a word. She is a must-go-to!!! " ... written by Rebecca
Thanks again. I think I have made up my mind about what to do. This has been a hard situation but not one I want to put anymore of my effort into. You have been a great help." ... written by l
Thank you Laq for your insight. You have guided me. thank you" ... written by irelandirish
She is wonderful, glad she is back, her insight is still impeccable, God bless her!" ... written by SweetS
We had a great connection. She is good and tells you the truth for what it is without sugarcoating. Thanks!" ... written by aby
Laquzel1 is wonderful. she is a very fast and accurate reader. i definitely recommend her! 5 stars " ... written by faerieLovee
Thank you. You always pick up on things well. Praying that it all works out like you say!" ... written by lA
Fast accurate and very detailed. The real deal!" ... written by Jay
Laquzel is so nurturing and kind. She really went all out to give me guidance and help answer my questions :)" ... written by Ankita
thanks" ... written by judith
very good reading. Laquzel is very quick to read also and picked up on many things without me saying anything" ... written by stickytoffee
Lots of details and accurate" ... written by Jay
thank you Laq" ... written by irelandirish
Laquzel1 immediately forms a strong,comforting connection with you with her presence. It is mind blowing how she can actually read your life like a book in precise terms. I am very impressed. Cannot wait to get back to her. Thank you very much Laquzel1." ... written by SUNAYANA BARUAH
thank you" ... written by judith
I had a fantastic reading today with LAQUZEL1, she was very accurate and helped me understand the challenges that I am currently facing and my purpose. She is amazing! I would love to go back after two weeks for a follow up reading" ... written by jewelw203
Great reading " ... written by l
thanks for understanding my situation and feelings. i will update some more with credits another time. ty" ... written by Soul
excellent she hit it right on the head. no bs" ... written by bouncy
thank you very much for the reading...awesome" ... written by chloe
Laquzel is handsdown the BEST on Oranum! The details she gives of my situations are 100% accurate, and her predictions ALWAYS happen. I won't go to anyone else. LOVE her!" ... written by Rebecca
thank you you are aweomse!" ... written by fadf
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH " ... written by VIC
Laquezel is always on point she is just amzazing and super fast. can't wait to see how her preditions start to unfold. Many blessings" ... written by Lucy117
Laquzel gives me peace of mind with her very good reading. She reads me like a book as always. The rapport she forms and how she makes you feel comfortable is amazing!" ... written by SUNAYANA BARUAH
She is the best reader I've ever meet. " ... written by Chloe
I just LOVE Laquzel! Besides the fact that she picks up on exactly what I am feeling/thinking without me saying a word, she is so kind and personable. I could spend all day talking with her. I've done three readings with her, and so far, everything she has predicted has come to pass. She's just amazing!" ... written by Rebecca
I love her!!!!!! I have not spoken to her in nearly 5 years and she remembers me and things from the last reading without me saying a word. gave me some great advice which I intend on following step by step. truly amazing. will keep you updated! thanks again xxx" ... written by sweetsx
Interesting reading she is really nice thanks " ... written by Sherry K
she was great, really really on precise and on point. thanks xxxxxxx" ... written by sparkly
Interesting conversation with a good reader, i really like her good advice, and i felt she have very correct in many things that she saw :-)" ... written by Gunnar
picked up on situation right away.... knew how i was feeling and gave me insight into the future on what i was thinking about" ... written by mag
very very nice reading. Quick and precise." ... written by cdg
Laquezel is spot on, she knows my situation and direct to the point. Thank you for your positive vibes. You are wonderful and sweet" ... written by Cara
she's great tells it like it is" ... written by bouncylady
The reading was amazing! Thank you so much for your help!! U are a honest and great person.... thanks =))" ... written by Petra
lovely woman. excellent reader. she even described my appearance exactly even though she hadn't seen my pics. very hard to do since I have very long red hair andamp; pale grey eyes. not common. she was so good at predicting." ... written by nocassandra
Very glad to speak with Laq From the block such a lovely lady and super insightful and helpful, she is worth a try !!!!" ... written by SweetS
Great reading experience! Laquzel was fast, accurate right to the point. I was very impress on what she told me about my health and other areas in my life. Thanks again. " ... written by gen
great reading has always. thank you so much " ... written by sweets
Laquzel connected with me very very well. Very empathic and intuitive! She picked up on everything and confirmed that I had a lot of fears! I am impressed. She is very very amazing!" ... written by Tony
shes great" ... written by amy
Shes a lovely reader and full of information. She didn't waste time and did her best to give me as much information with present as well as future. Cant wait to see the changes in 3-6months" ... written by s
Brilliant very honest and accuarte" ... written by AMANDA
thank you Laq for your insight and indept advice xxx" ... written by IrelandIrish
She is gifted but the reading always goes so fast.." ... written by Finelace
Excellent reader, accurate, very fast and helpful!" ... written by gingerbetty
She is very precise and accurate, and quick. You also get some great advice. Time will show if her predictions will come through, but she is at least spiritual and uplifting." ... written by hubbelman
she was great very straight forward" ... written by mariam
I had some technical difficulties with typing and was unable to engage in full conversation. I received a lot of very accurate information with speed. I had questions about specific cards; but, again, I was not able to type as I would have liked. There almost seemed to be a block. Overall, I enjoyed the reading. I look forward to the future events." ... written by pam
Very good reading. Good typist. Hope all her prediction come true soon." ... written by Smilingg7
Very good reader and fast!" ... written by Sapphire456
she was great, loved the reading" ... written by mariam
I had a great reading from Laquzel, she was very in tune and accurate with my situation. Highly recommended. " ... written by Coral9
Thank you Lazquel for your insight and being compassionate, even if its not what I wanted to hear. I will take your advice" ... written by ladyofstandards
Spot on without asking questions and fast too..She is really good n fast didnt have to ask or tell her much in private.. Her testimonials speak for itself.. " ... written by Tina
just love her she knew things before I told her anything... " ... written by Ariadnie
brilliant 5 star reading - would come back again - spot on accurate - a really nice person and great reading for my situations. " ... written by bell
She was really friendly and accurate:)" ... written by hazan
Laquzel was very accurate and I liked that she did that without asking a lot of questions, impressive...." ... written by chicago
love her she is amazing and always honest" ... written by Aisabel
I had a great reading with her and I highly recommended. She gave me insights and some advice that I need! I will keep those advice in mind. SHe was also accurate with the things she says" ... written by Stacil
Wow what a fantastic honest reading. She tells you exactly as it is. No sugar coating just the truth as it should be. Thank you I recommend her 5 stars" ... written by Lorann
Thank you for all your advice and readings... I will be coming back for your readings again... " ... written by Aisabel
very good reader connects well to the situation" ... written by sometimes4321
Wonderful connection, spot on with my current situation. I would highly recommend her." ... written by phyl
Spot on. Confirmed what I was told by other readers! Will follow through with what I have to do!" ... written by J
your are always so helpful and your readings are becoming true.. thank you for everything... we will continue.." ... written by Ariadnie
very in tune! wow!" ... written by l
She was really awesome" ... written by shyra
amazing reading. she was spot on in few details!" ... written by Romi
she is amazing, everything she has said has came true.. her advice has help me in many ways. Thank you so much... " ... written by Ariadnie
Thank you for the reading. It was very insightful" ... written by Ulundi
Enjoyed the reading. Very clear. Now waiting for outcome." ... written by Onyx
she is the best, everything she has told me has come true... honest and awesome readings... " ... written by Aisabel
amazing connection, spot on! Highly recommend" ... written by phyl
wonderful, spot on" ... written by Melinda
Lovely reader, full of energy and enthusiasm, connects well too." ... written by softwater
Fantastic reading. Nice energy, genuine I felt, said it as she saw it, didnt want to be the bearer of the news, but also did not set up unrealistic expectations like others have done. I like her very much. " ... written by di
Fabulous reading. Lots of detail. Will come again." ... written by Daniela_
What a lovely lady, very welcoming and supportive. Generous with her time in getting to the bottom of you questions. Very receptive and knowledgeable. I would definately be visiting QUZEL 1 again." ... written by Lee
One of the better readers i've seen here, picked up details quite quickly, recommend others to see, will come back. " ... written by Sooriamurthy
Great! Quick accurate connection!" ... written by Ashleigh
thank you" ... written by MMarmalade
She was amazingly spot on and very quick I am very happy with my reading sadly I had no more credits and we could not finish our chat " ... written by GINA SOLIS
excellent reader!" ... written by phyl
Laquzel was extremely helpful in the past and her prediction did come true so I look forward to following her advice once again and seeing new changes happen!! Thank you very much for honesty, ethical, and very direct genuine advice" ... written by AA
she knew many things without my telling her at all. very accurate. " ... written by all
very interesting " ... written by Katie
Amazing! Spot on!!" ... written by Victoria
Brilliant! Really accurate about a lot of things. She even knew I had my legs crossed. She is definitely the real deal. Will come back to her again in the future." ... written by Chanelle the point" ... written by Viva
so good" ... written by iza 528
Very informative reading andamp; quick to understand my situation, Laquzel is a lovely woman x" ... written by Havy
thank you so much, you are the best!" ... written by m
thank you very much! very fast! good details! gave me hope and good advice" ... written by DE
goood reading!!! thank you!!!!" ... written by cathy
She is awesome" ... written by SweetS
She is fantastic!" ... written by Diana
thank you Laq and lovely to have a reading from you after so long." ... written by irelandirish
very good and quick." ... written by Fish
thank you Laquzel" ... written by all
She was SPOT ON in everything that she saw for me!! I will come back to her!!" ... written by Bev
spot on, amazing reading" ... written by Shae
accurate and blunt reading. Thanks." ... written by littlebudy1
I received a very thorough reading from Laquzel. She is caring and gives an accurate reading with great suggestions. She was spot on with identifying people's qualities. I would spend tiime with her again." ... written by marym62
She is a wonderful person great reading and she says alot even before you tell her she is great... i just loved her reading..." ... written by Anniekins
Very good reading!" ... written by W
She's good. Shes very detailed. I like that." ... written by Antoinette