About LoveHealer01

Psychic LoveHealer01has 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LoveHealer01has recently helped 25members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LoveHealer01's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

TOP RATED REUNION expert with excellent born in abilities. You will be amazed with my accuracy. I have TRANSFORMED the lives of NUMEROUS people from depression to cherished ones. If you have any issue related to love, relationship, dating, past and future life. career and any issue like that please come to me freely. That would be my pleasure to give you clarity.

good reading" ... written by lovely
wow..... mind blown..... so accurate. the real deal. doesn't waste your time neither." ... written by anonymous
She knew alot of stuff and had me cry a little for joy.. Thank you" ... written by shakery123
Excellent Reader! she definitely connected with me immediately and could see everything in my life. she was spot on about what she could see and was able to share alot of information quickly." ... written by Mel
great reader with lots of information that can help one make good decisions" ... written by av
5 stars thx for update, wil watch n see the outcome!! " ... written by queenbee22
very good update well Time will really Tell . GOD's IN CHARGE HE SEES ALL GOOD N BAD . thx you " ... written by queenbee22
again an awesome reading she just amaze me with accurate Reading thank u lovehealer1 " ... written by jas
LoveHealer01 is an excellent reader. I've had two incredibly insightful readings with her that were revealing though also resonated with me deeply. Very to the point, but does not skip any details. She is truly able to connect to and view life situations to describe them and guide you through them." ... written by Marhaban
Awesome! no words to describe the experience with Lovehealer01.. She is very accurate, fast typer, does not waste time beating around the bush... to the point...Highly recommended! :))" ... written by shama
First reading and she was on point and connected accurately. There was a disconnect so the reading was not finished. I do feel she is good. " ... written by Christi
great!!! shes awesome!!!!" ... written by jamira76
Wow! She is so goooood. Like she picked up quickly and it all made perfect sense. I am so pleased with this reading. I am definitely coming back. Thank you!!!!" ... written by Breanna
Very insightful-Knew things about my relationship I had not even told her yet- gave me something to look towards-being patient will be the hardest part!!" ... written by Sharla
Love has a very kind and soothing disposition that leads you towards the paths you need to go. Always positive about your situation but truthful at the same time. " ... written by Ben
she new what she was talking about and she was very nice to me :) hope it all works out give her a try :) " ... written by Chris
I think she was very accurate. She said some things about my situation she couldn't have known." ... written by shelle97
very impressive, the things she was able to see where truly on point. I don't know how she did it, but her methods worked." ... written by cmv
She was spot on" ... written by Luella63
great reader amazing she does a great work thank you love healer" ... written by ak
very helpful" ... written by LA
I really like speaking with LoveHealer01. she was very good" ... written by veronica
I have been working with LoveHealr01 for a few months now and she is always there to help and give me great advice and sheis always guiding me through the right path. Not only does she give me advice but she is also always there to pick me up when I am down. Sh is not only the best expert on Oranum, but she is also like one of my very best friends. Thank you Love! " ... written by believe90
I just had another session with LoveHealer01. I could talk to her all night . She is like speaking to a friend. Very kind and insightful. I highly recommend her!!" ... written by Jbtforme
thank you love healer always had a good friend who support me in taking my decesion in love life" ... written by jazz
Very compassionate kind reader. Accurate and fast to connect." ... written by Lisa
LoveHealer01 is kind, direct and detailed, I'm grateful for her help. " ... written by MimiAnne333
she is accurate and to the point " ... written by ohood
she is very fast and tells you what she sees quickly. I am counting on her time frame. ;0)" ... written by chait
She was incredible" ... written by Luella63
she know a lot hope it all work out for me she is very very nice and she dos all she can to help me :) " ... written by Chris
Interesting reading. Very kind reader. Straight to point. No wasted time. Great value and very talented." ... written by Lisa
My 1st time reading with her andamp; she was very very helpful andamp; good reader. I thought like others which only concern about time to add more credit. But her...she's very sincere." ... written by COOL
Always very kind. Another great reading. Wonderful. Thank you so much. " ... written by Ben
My first two sessions with this psychic and I am very pleased!!I hope that I can speak to her again real soon. " ... written by Jbtforme
Very sweet and answers all the questions you may be wanting to ask. She is patient with you, types fast, and always seen smiling. " ... written by Y
I really enjoy her readings and I do not believe she tells you things just to feel better. She only tells you what she truly sees. I respect that very much. I highly recommend her." ... written by Jbtforme
very good reading" ... written by Sharm Rampersad
All I can say is WOW! She is truly gifted with her abilities and could read a lot about me without even being given any information. She reassured me about the reasoning behind why my significant other disappeared all of a sudden and it all makes sense to me now. I am keeping my fingers crossed for good results. She is very friendly." ... written by Y
Talking to her is like talking to a friend. :) " ... written by Y
She is great!!! I highly recommend her!!" ... written by Jbtforme
LoveHealer is a true gift, she can hone in on details of past, present and future and seems to be able to see the whole picture. I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to speak with her and receive clarity, guidance and hope." ... written by Mimi
Very accurate andamp; helpful. She is very fast andamp; dont waste your time." ... written by COOL
very quick to answer. shed light on few areas I needed . 5 stars !!" ... written by queenbee22
The reading was reassuring. I will wait and see if predictions happen" ... written by LA
very a accurate and honest reading thank u so much lovehealer01 i will be back for one more reading soon" ... written by jazz
Thank you for the wonderful, caring reading Love. " ... written by Ben
Very nice reader. Gave me good advice. Thank-you." ... written by Roberta
I appreciate her kind ways and I believe what she tells you is what she sees. Just what she told me is not exactly what I wanted to hear. I do appreciate her honesty, though." ... written by Jbtforme
always accurate and honest reading as for me her prediction have come to past so far and hope this reading also will come to past." ... written by jazz
Always a good reading every time. Thanks for your accuracy and gentleness." ... written by Ben
really appreciate all the positive information. ur spot on with " ... written by queenbee22
she picked up the situation she was spot on " ... written by ucalatinlady
I like her she connected fast, will come back to update andamp; will let everyone know if prediction comes to pass, thank u lovehealer" ... written by Kate
she is accurate " ... written by ohood
accurate in picking up situation andamp; correct prediction of something that is going to happen...thanks" ... written by Melissa
Damn accurate and very thought provoking reading!!!!" ... written by Wolf
great reading thank you looking forward for things to unfold " ... written by aa
she is awesome and always surprises me with her visions tht she see they are so true. thank u for ur honest reading lovehealer1" ... written by jas
she is accurate and fast" ... written by ohood
She has cleared most of my concerns..." ... written by mac
Helped me deal with my issues at work and finding a good balance. Very intuitive. " ... written by Ben
She is definitely worth talking with. Very quick to connect and" ... written by Kathy
she is accurate " ... written by ohood
Wow! Spot on and hit the issue right away without any information from me. I will come back in future to get another reading!" ... written by E
Great. She saw the situation exactly as it was. It was a great reading full of hope. i will surely come back for some more. :) Blessings To you Lovehealer. You should give her a try." ... written by Delicious lemon
Thank you so much I will be back" ... written by lady if standards
Excellent and full of insight! I will definitely come back to her as she connects quickly to your love and relationship matters while at the same time providing guidance on how to navigate the relationship you're currently experiencing!" ... written by E
Very warm and honest, and fast at picking up the energy. Highly recommend her for insight into your situation. All the best " ... written by Adnan
Wow! I hardly left a comment after a reading but this lady blows my mind! She was very spot on and in depth. I'll definitely recommend her to have a reading! " ... written by Viv
Lovely lady, l wait for her predictions to come true" ... written by desertlilly
She was amazing, so accurate and real. She answered my exact questions " ... written by Brianna Munoz
LoveHealer01 gave me an excellent reading with many pertinent facts that she could not have possibly known. I highly recommend her!" ... written by W
Very good, lovely, quick response, good readings, very accurate, kind and helpful, lovely readings like her lovely smile.." ... written by PraveenP
She picked up on a lot of things, I really hope that what she says is going to happen. She was helpful and to the point, and yes allowed for me to move on to next topic, which i appreciate. Thank you." ... written by jenna
Was very good reading was to the point, caring accurate reader Highly recommended." ... written by mettlwire
Love always has positive words and attitude and is always thinking of ways to help you. A very beautiful person. " ... written by Ben
thank you lovehealer1 i always have wonderful reading with u such a kind woman and guides you with the best advice love yaa" ... written by jas
thank u for ur update always accurate " ... written by jas
thank you.... for your honest reading i always have a good reading with her, she is very accurate and very honest." ... written by jas
thank you so much love healer your reading are always accurate 100% love yaa xxx ;)" ... written by jas
lovehealer is good, very accurant for what she said " ... written by jackson
Very accurate. Fast to respond. Good Reader" ... written by Lisa E
5 stars great 2016 update.. I feel good about what I did ending 2015 . God Bless n many thanks " ... written by queenbee22
very kind, good responsive, helps me a lot." ... written by praveen
5 STARS!!!! great insight !! gotta do the right thing " ... written by QUEENBEE22
she is awesome i highly recommend her " ... written by bruno
5 stars. just great info, ready to see all happen as you stated wow" ... written by queenbee22
Thank u!!" ... written by StarrVision
Lovehealer is Wonderful! She is very clear and precise! God Bless!" ... written by Maggie
I LOVE Lovehealer01! She is so accurate, kind, and patient with explaining things in detail if you want, or moving to the next subject if you want too! I highly recommend her!" ... written by DiAndra
Interesting perspective she could be right" ... written by Freedom
best reading I have had on here so far I gave her only my dob and name and that was it..she picked up on my current situation and I did not tell her one word! besides that she has a very soothing energy :)" ... written by pinkpug
Connects accurately to the situation and gives good advice. I will be back to for more." ... written by L
5 stars thx you much" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you so much LoveHealer you were very accurate and thank you for your insight and positivity. I will meditate and try to stay positive even though it hurts right now. Will speak to you again soon when I get more credits." ... written by ladyofstandards
This was my first time speaking to Lovehealer01 and she gave me much clarity on my relationship. She made me feel at ease and was able to tell me exactly how my partner was feeling about me and even gave me advice. She was very accurate about our relationship and even about some of his behaviors. She is an excellent and compassionate reader." ... written by Ohhhbrina
Shes a sweetheart, understands situation well and a very good hearted person. Well deserved. " ... written by Meliisa
5 stars as always :)" ... written by Viv
always honest and clear reading thank you for ur reading " ... written by macho
5 stars :) always nice to have an update with her" ... written by Viv
A very good and accurate reader. No sugar coating. " ... written by David
Great reading. Very kind and informative. A+ will see again." ... written by Lisa E
Very very good reading as usual!" ... written by W
Love healer is great, very intuitive and helpful." ... written by Giuseppe Granfalloon
She picked up very accurately,she is the real deal no question,I will be back." ... written by J
You're so sweet my dear and thank you for the guidance and explanation. I will wait for his call until next week up to the beginning of April. Hugs to you my dear =)" ... written by lynn
Highly recommendable. No doubt, guardian angel. the best .. fast connection." ... written by Meliisa
Very Good, More than perfect.. She is very Very kind .." ... written by PraveenP
received some fresh updates and will take note of it..shall look forward for the day to come...thank u for the reading with good explanation..." ... written by tinkle
very good." ... written by Meliisa
She have become my guardian angel. Highly recommend her to those of you who, are in love and needed guidance on love. shes a good assistance." ... written by Meliisa
shes the best LoveHealer. Most reliable." ... written by Meliisa
very good" ... written by computerluv
best!!" ... written by Meliisa
I go to her everytime I have a problem with my boyfriend. she gives me a clear pic on everything. highly recommended." ... written by Meliisa
Spot on A+" ... written by Lisa E
I like love healer, shes very intuitive and knowledgeable, careing and freindly person, shes helped me a lot" ... written by Raymond Chandler
Lovehealer's prediction came to pass. I'm so happy. Thank you so very much again. Hugs to you and more power. I shall return and give you updates. Thank you thank you again. You are sooo good!!! Infinite stars :)" ... written by lynn
She is amazing - provided incredible insight into the situation at hand. I cannot say enough positive things. She sees through the higher self and works from there. She is completely worth it!!! " ... written by Kel
With Lovehealer, she is always very accommodating and helpful. I truly recommend her to anyone who is in dilemma on love especially. Thank you Lovehealer. Thank you for everything." ... written by Meliisa
love her, she is very good reade" ... written by stars
Very accurate and fast to connect. I come back for updates often. She is kind and compassionate reader. A+" ... written by Lisa
I always love talking to her because she clears my mind. I truly find her positively good and highly recommended" ... written by Meliisa
shes the best" ... written by Meliisa
Thank you thank you again :)" ... written by lynn
Thank you for the wonderful update! Love it!!! Hugs Hugs!!!" ... written by lynn
Lovehealer01 is very thorough and very good at relationships. Very insightful, positive and accurate" ... written by Ohhhbrina
cleared my heart !! thank you !" ... written by anuj
5 stars" ... written by mariela3009
Well it was a pleasure to talk to you and will keep in touch in how everything turns out Thanks alot " ... written by B
5 stars as always. Its always fun to have an update with her!" ... written by Viv
I'm happy she is honest " ... written by reem
Prediction came true and I really didn't think it would. Had to come back to see what the next prediction is. Very quick and kind. A++++" ... written by Lisa
Always like LoveHealer's readings , intuitive and quick, caring person and helpful in every way." ... written by Lord Phineas Bellweather
Again, thank you thank you thank you!!! Many hugs to you :)" ... written by lynn
Very very good. She is honest and has the ability to tune right in. Always a pleasure talking to her!" ... written by Lisa
Thank you " ... written by N
wow wow wow such a brilliant session always makes me feel so good .Listens and is straight to the point thanks so very much appreciate it x" ... written by kopsidas
Thanks " ... written by N
this lady has great details! NO TOOLS" ... written by starslid
Very well versed. Very well reading .. I love her." ... written by Rania
good" ... written by Meliisa
im very satisfied with my reading. she was really fast and answers to all questions. in fact, she was a really very nice lady because i got so blur and still thought i was in private with her when im actually in free chat and she still continues to let me know what is going on for me. i feel so embarassed but she never show any fustrations nor being rude to me. she connected very well and gave predictions in which i will want to update her soon. thank you so much my dear, appreciate it so much!!!" ... written by vpoh
Interesting reading with a lot of detail, helped me with a dream I had :) Thank you so much was so sweet and accurate as well " ... written by Sherry
LoveHealer is very quick and on point with her readings. She's also a very fast typer and gives detailed messages." ... written by StarrVision
She has done a really good job on making sure that she is very honest and gives me as much infor as possin" ... written by j`
Love love the updates. Girl, thank you!!! You are such an excellent reader. I truly appreicate it, truly" ... written by lynn
I am happy about the updates. Thank you so much again :)" ... written by lynn
She is my guardian angel. I am sure she will be yours too." ... written by Rania
Great update. Positive reader will see again." ... written by Lisa
Thank you for the trip update. Thank you for being there for me sis :)" ... written by lynn
Loved my reading w lovehealer. kind , intelligent and very perceptive, helpful to me in so many ways. i return for more of the insights." ... written by Senator Edwin Muskie
Another great update. Thank you dear. Crossing my fingers for the results :)" ... written by lynn
Was a good reading, very accurate about my situation, past and present. Hopefully her predictions will come true soon. Advice was very sincere also. Thank you" ... written by L22
Shes a very trustworthy person. very clear and not judgemental. she is the best. please consult her in any case or heart love situations you have. no regrets." ... written by Rania
lovely reader, quite in tune. would love some time frames. she is kind and positive." ... written by beautifulwisdom
Well things started off a little slow but once she got going she is a very very good reader. I highly recommend her to everyone I know I will be coming back for more readings in the near future. Great experience" ... written by Raym57
very accurate..." ... written by gyrl
Please go to her for anything.. shes the best person .. no regrets." ... written by Rania
took a while at first.. but then was quick to give information.. thank you love" ... written by happy girl88
Thank you for answering my questions. You are such a huge help to me. Hugs!!!" ... written by lynn
Amazing. Popped back in to tell her how right she was. Great reader for Oranum." ... written by Lisa
Shes good" ... written by Rania
good" ... written by real love
very sensitive and great energy! She can feel the Person and see what is really going on. thank you very much. your energys are lovely. i feel much better than before! " ... written by Conny
amazing reading with love healer. very precise, fast and accurate. very deep insight. I recommend her to everyone" ... written by angel of light
Another amazing reading!!! So full of details without asking anything...She knows what is going on before you can say a word..." ... written by StarrVision
she is good :))" ... written by ohood
Shes awesome, such a good reader and caring person. I really appreciate her insights n abilities....what she said a while ago has been proven to be true also.." ... written by Cedric Granfaloon
the clarity that she have given me.. its always nice to hear. its not always the good things that she will tell, bad things too .. shes not someone who will sugar coat you. I don't need anyone to sugar coat me. pls go to her .. shes my guardian angel. thank you Lovehealer." ... written by Rania
:) simply the best.. Guardian Angel." ... written by Rania
Thank you for helping me with my problems my dear. You are God sent :)" ... written by lynn
I love talking to her. she gives me a piece of mind, she makes me smile by telling me the truth, she never butters me up and I think that's the best thing for a physic to do. I am greatful for her. Thank you Love healer. " ... written by Rania
She is always giving me the clarity the truth that I needed. I have talk to her 3 days in a row. Its worth doing it. I wish her well always everytime anytime. " ... written by Rania
Superb as always!!! Very sweet, calm, and one awesomeness gal :)" ... written by lynn
Spot on!!! So good!!!" ... written by lynn
She always put a smile on my face when I'm down. I strongly suggest you to go in private with her on any aspects on your life if you have any doubts whatsoever. Thank you Lovehealer for not being bored with me on many many occasions. Love always." ... written by Rania
Thank you for the talk and encouragement dear" ... written by lynn
very honest, gives me peace of mind, and things she has said in past have come true. Thank you so much! " ... written by jessica
Oh dear, thank you very much. Muwah!" ... written by lynn
Time will tell interesting reading. She has been very accurate before." ... written by Lisa E
she doesn't take long to connect and very accurate, and things don't change with her,.she is very consistent...will be back :)" ... written by she's lovely
A delightful and prescient reading...straight to the point and very hepful. i apprecate her abillities and kindness" ... written by Bubba Gump
Wonderful reader. Im crossing my fingers and praying that I hope her predictions comes true. " ... written by lynn
She connected quick! Very sweet. Will see if time works out" ... written by BB
omg I feel like crying because she definitely hit some spots on the reading, shes amazing♥" ... written by April
She is so awesome and very honest, and extremely patient. She answer's all of my questions right on point and gives great advice. Definitely the best on this website!!!" ... written by believe90
Such a sweet, kind, talented reader. Muwah muwah, thank you for updates" ... written by Lynn
Lovely reading accurate and detailed and quick. Thank You " ... written by sheri
fast typer. covered a lot. seemed to pick up quite well. will recommend. " ... written by gk
She always tells the truth.. she connects and feel the energy of the other party. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :)" ... written by Rania
LoveHealer01 is always on point as always!" ... written by believe90
thanks for update" ... written by gk
You are one amazing big sister and very helpful. Hugs and thank you thank you" ... written by lynn
thanks for update" ... written by gk
Very Accurate! God Bless." ... written by Margaret
Enjoyable reader. Accurate, honest and compassionate." ... written by Lisa M
very accurate amazing and quick to the point" ... written by linnie
WOW. I love the updates. Thanks Big Sister!" ... written by lynn
She was very accurate and caring and warm very easy to talk to and it was a very good update now time will tell how it all turns out stay tuned." ... written by Ray
Very enlightening reading. A+ reader for Oranum. " ... written by Lisa
Great reader and spot on!" ... written by Lisa E
I was in lovehealer's chatroom for the 1st time and she gave me a minreading. It all sounded so true and she was so generous that I went prv with her. It was wonderful. I trusted all she said. She gave accurate account of my situation, gave me advice and hope. I feel so much more at peace!" ... written by thank you
Simply superb reading, and really spot on....keep returning cuz the predicitions are right on...." ... written by Wheeler Dealer
Really great reading, so sweet gives great advice and is understanding " ... written by Sherry
she is so sweat and tells you exactly what she she' pausing, just keeps going! will be back soon ;)" ... written by she's a jem
in such a little amount of time she can give me answers and a peace of mind and heart♥ she is absolutely amazing" ... written by April
Super sweet, quick to connect and was reassuring. Hope predictions will come true. Thank You " ... written by sheri
LoveHealer has a very deep ability to see your heart and mind and what can work best for you. Very calming and reassuring. I had a very good reading. " ... written by Ben
5 stars!! she really good to see ur situation andamp; advise you, gv positive feedback !!" ... written by queenbee22
I can ' t express enough how much I love this girl!!! LOVEHEALER01. I won' t go to anyone but her, even when I am bored. I trust her and I know she has my best interest at heart. She is spot on every time, and we always have great conversation and our connection is unreal! Love this girl! " ... written by believe90
Ill go to her for my love life.. which is soo complicated. and I couldn't be thanking her more. shes not about the money shes all about the sincerity. I feel at ease always when I talk to her abt my complicated love life. she knows all that and always gives me her truthfull readings. i highly recommend her to you. Loves always... from me to you Lovehealer. Thank you." ... written by Rania
great reading from a true and correct on and a kind her perspective" ... written by Edwin Meece
As always LoveHealer01 is always spot on with all of my readings!!!" ... written by believe90
Tonight LoveHealer01 has given me insight on my situation and how to go about things the right way. I highly recommend her!" ... written by believe90
Well, love healer is very thorough in her reading and she seems to be accurate in a lot of things and she is very calm and specific on the situation and the questions I have asked her. she is simply astonishing! Go for her guys if you want a caring person to tell you the truth in detail. 100% recommended" ... written by nanthini
LoveHealer01 is quick and very accurate with her readings and always has your best interest at heart!" ... written by believe90
I always enjoy myself talking to her. shes a nice and truthful lady. I have spoken to others, but I find her really suitable for my sincere readings. highly recommend u to her. Love always to you Lovehealer." ... written by Rania
You are one incredible amazing gal! thank you very much!!! " ... written by lynn
5 stars its been a long long time ur vision is clear thx for the posts cute pictures, details ur so right in all areas. God Bless" ... written by queenbee22
really fast and aweomse" ... written by Dorcey
seemed accurate thanks for update nice girl. " ... written by gk
Awesome lady!" ... written by suri
Always outstanding readings with LoveHealer01! I highly recommend her!" ... written by W
seemed to pick up quite well. thanks for update. " ... written by gk
Very insightful and has the ability to clarify things that seem unknown at the time. Great reader." ... written by Lisa M
She is spot on...i mean...truly 100% perfect!!" ... written by suri
Very accurate reader. Direct and to the point." ... written by Lisa
Thank you for helping me ease up. You are truly wonderful and you were there to help me with my anxiety and with that I thank you " ... written by lynn
thanks for update" ... written by gk
i like her readings a lot. she's sweet and connects quick. this was a tough prediction to swallow.. we'll see how it goes!" ... written by shes great
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! always going to her for insights and clarity and I always leave her private room feeling at ease... Always going to her for peace, you shld go too. " ... written by Rania
shes right! she mentioned on her readings abt a certain thing and it did happened!! shes right!!! spot on right on her senses and feelings and readings..!! she awed me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" ... written by Rania
Lovehealer01, have always been giving me good readings. Eversince I am in Oranum for a couple of months now, I have always been coming to her. Even I am feeling ok, what more when my energy is down. She gives me insight of the truthness and sincerity. I wish and pray her well over this Ramadan month. Always keep me in your prayers Lovehealer01. Highly recommended for anyone who is in doubt in your relationship." ... written by Rania
Shes is the best you can get in Oranum. its not your money that shes after, its the truth shes giving you. highly recommended. I felt horrible in the beginning, but after talking to her and topping up credits to find clarity. I felt better.. soo much better than feeling horrible. I thank you again and again Lovehealer for soo much help. Appreciate it soo much. " ... written by Rania
LoveHealer01 is always giving me advise and telling me to take time out for her!" ... written by believe90
super reader, consistently good , spot on w asessment and preditions , wise counsel, sweet and considerate person" ... written by Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
thanks for update" ... written by gk
very good" ... written by ny
quite accurate. good reading. Thankyou" ... written by karen
Thank you! friendly reading" ... written by Ischerich
Thank you much for the reading dear. Much appreciated" ... written by Lynn
Awesome reading! loved it!!!" ... written by Pomegranate
Really very amazing how she remembers the details from previous readings, and updates you with the situation. very detailed and gifted." ... written by Wolfy
thanks for upate" ... written by gk
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
I would like to say my many thanks to lovehealer01 for always giving me the" ... written by Rania25
Always on point, quick and accurate" ... written by StarrVision
Fabulous! She really is an epitome of modesty and accuracy." ... written by akira
Lovehealer01 is dead on as always and answers any questions I may have." ... written by believe90
I highly recommend lovehealer01 if you want honest reading " ... written by believe90
Lovehealer01 never let me down. She's perfect." ... written by believe90
I just wanted to let everyone know that LoveHealer01 gives nothing but truth in her readings. They are very accurate I have been coming back to chat with her almost every week now. She is such a great person to go to with any of your love or relationship problems. Very positive and helpful! " ... written by Palwasha331
Spot on. Helpful, fast and accurate regarding a situation. She is insightful. Very positive experience. Will see again." ... written by Lisa
Wow big sis! what a reading! Thank you!" ... written by lynn
LoveHealer01 is always spot on. Highly recommended!" ... written by believe90
Thanks LoveHealer01 for the amazing reading!" ... written by believe90
Love the updates big sis!!!" ... written by lynn
Very fast typist, straightforward and accurate" ... written by StarrVision
thanks." ... written by honey
Thanks again!" ... written by akira
she has predicted for my job. lets see. thanks" ... written by Kim
Really great sincere lady with kind heart, always nice to " ... written by queenbee22
Wow, what an update and that quick!!! So spot on!!! Thank you Big Sis!!!" ... written by Lynn
very pleasant and bright lady and accurate reader" ... written by DIveeny
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
as always thanks for the update. " ... written by gk
great!!! no tools " ... written by jamira76
Amazing! 5 Stars! She is so good." ... written by Kim
LoveHealer01 she helped me to understand everything about my situation and I am so happy " ... written by Kajakaja112
LoveHealer01 readings are my favorite, 0 sugarcoat, nothing but the truth!" ... written by believe90
Awesome updates big sis and yup, its a smooth ride from here. Kisses! " ... written by lynn
Prediction is on point and I love her!very very helpful:)" ... written by Pootsras
Awesome as always!!" ... written by StarrVision
very positive information coming thru in all areas great to no hv wonderful day 5 stars !! " ... written by queenbee22
She was excellent reader and always truthful. Which is a lot more than I can say for others on here. She does not offer false hope." ... written by Ray
Very insightful Thank you wonderful reading." ... written by Lisa M
Looking forward to prediction. She was on point" ... written by shela
excellent! fast typer :-)" ... written by desertlily
Very nice reading. Someday maybe I will find out if her thinking was correct. " ... written by Carri
she always nice to me and she make me feel good hope she can help you too " ... written by Chris
Very supportive reading. She is good with accuracy" ... written by Lisa
LoveHealer01 is accurate with her readings. She was 100% with what I felt. She told me what was going on with the other person. She is very quick and does not waste time. I am hoping that her prediction happens. LoveHealer01 does not judge. I will come back for updates." ... written by Moonchild59
She was great! Very intuitive and would answer a question before I could even ask. She's amazing. " ... written by Dee
she know and she help me thought the tough time and she make a big different in my life hope she can help you as well " ... written by Chris
I felt very good energies...She seems to be sensitive and caring.. I'll wait to see whether her predictions will come true and write again:) " ... written by Melodious
Lovehealer01 was straight to it and always has excellent advice!" ... written by Believe091
fast typer and good insight, you don't need to tell her any information about the situation" ... written by Muhsybean
she is very very nice to me and she always make me feel good and cared about and she know a lot of stuff hope she can help you as well she know how to make my day :) " ... written by Chris
It has been such a long time! Great catching up and she is so spot on. Will come back and update. Thanks Big Sis! Highly recommended!!! Hugs!" ... written by lynn
Lovehealer is very clear, and fast. I am quietly surprised with what she has said, but also glad of it. Thank You Lovehealer, and God Bless." ... written by Margot
Really sincere and honest person who genuinely listens and advices on a problem. " ... written by Eugene
My first time with LoveHealer01. She is very quick and intuned to my situation. She is also a fast typist and does not waste time. I look forward to things unfolding in my life for the better. I will definitely come back to her again." ... written by StarrVision
Thank you lovehealer for the spot on reading! " ... written by Believe091
Lovehealer01 is awesome as usual straight to the point!" ... written by Believe091
She was so on point and really looking forward for the predictions to happen." ... written by SPice
Very accurate she came to the point. I came for a relationship reading and she helped me out and gave a great reading. I will be back for updates!" ... written by Soni
She was very kind and helpful :)" ... written by Amy
Kind, compassionate and extremely insightful! I have had two readings with her and both have been so spot on!" ... written by Fishygirl11
Lovehealer1 has help me a lot lately and given me good advice on my situation " ... written by Nessly
was very fast and picked up information quickly" ... written by chocolatte
I wish I had more time , because my credits ran out and it was helping me understand , this reading was awesome!" ... written by karen
My 1st reading with her. We shall see what comes to pass. She was very kind and patient with me. I am glad I was able to spend as much time with her to ask for clarity on everything i possibly could within my means" ... written by Kim
Very very accurate." ... written by Lisa
good" ... written by ritesh
wow really glad to no. more positive is going thru to there side" ... written by queenbee22
She is friendly and answers me accurately and do not wasting time." ... written by Nancy
Compassionate - tunes in well - lovely lady!" ... written by CC
Love healer is always honest and very accurate with her details. She is gentle and compassionate and doesnandamp;amp;#039;t waste your time. She is by far my favourite psychic :) I absolutely recommend her!" ... written by hotmum2
very good, understanding, and on point with details. would highly recommend to anyone. " ... written by rocajordan
Thank you so much, you are wonderful! many blessings to you dear" ... written by scadoodle
Accurate - enlightening and compassionate!" ... written by CB
Consistent reading; was reassuring did not want to hear any bad news so thank you " ... written by sher
Lovehealer01 was right on point. she told me about the issues involved in this relationship,,,,amazing,,,,this is my first reading with her and she knew and told me how to handle this rough part that is happening now,,,,i needed to hear that,,,,i will take her advice. it seemed like she knew both of us personally,,,,thank you so much" ... written by SUZANNE
She gives accurate andamp; positive readings" ... written by Lisa
Oh Em Gee!!! This girl is the bomb and on point and on the spot. Quick connection and so much info. I love it! Thank you so much dear. You confirmed so much stuff. Hugs!!!" ... written by the wyn
first time reading..she was okay...picked up on a few things...time will tell about predictions..." ... written by lovehouston
Sure great helpful ! Nice words encouragement!" ... written by John
SHe is wonderful, she picks up on my situation and is able to guide me towards the right direction. " ... written by jaz
LoveHealer is super accurate with her readings. Her predictions happen all the time and within the timeframes! She is amazing! She is honest and will not tell you what you want to hear. She will tell you what the truth is. LoveHealer01 is quick with her readings. She does not waste time like the others on the site. She is a pleasant and lovely person to consult with. BUT is very, very busy because she is 100% spot on! Thank you so very much, LoveHealer! I will keep you updated and will come back for more updates." ... written by Moonchild59
Amazingly encouraging with genuine facts and comforting and dedicated in her support." ... written by EJ
spot on as always she see thru the cob webs truthful andamp; honest.. thx u much!" ... written by queenbee22
Very helpful and honest " ... written by akirakim
o are good very good i like you tchat" ... written by kamrandesi
Love this girl! She's genuinely awesome! " ... written by the wyn
Wow! I'm blown away! " ... written by the wyn
Lovehealer01 is the best" ... written by akirakim
Truly a wonderful experience. Always feel guided and cared for with each reading my questions are always clarified with compassion. Blessings" ... written by CB
Compassionate- caring- Insightful- tunes in exceptionally well!" ... written by CB
thank u so great" ... written by jam
shes great thank u!!!" ... written by jamira
very good, quick, and straight forward loved it!" ... written by s
great accurate and straight to the point" ... written by rocajordan
Great reading very kind person. She communicating with my loved one very well." ... written by Jim
Another incredible reading. She believes in me and gives me support. One of a kind!" ... written by w
Very nice very clear very charesmatic" ... written by Nikolaos Kontos
awesome reading !!!! i highly recommend !!!! clear and fast reading !!! on the money!!!" ... written by tamjones
She's very accurate and gave me right answers. She already some stuff from my past. " ... written by Sonny
She is fabulous!! " ... written by Miszy
Thank you so much for confirmation on my reading. Exactly, spot on. " ... written by Tony
Good connection, details of my current situation, thank you" ... written by dakota
she provided a detailed reading and accurate information about the past." ... written by sarah
I came back to get more clarity. Was quick to connect and very informative and accurate. Will see her again A+" ... written by Lisa
Great new addition to Oranum. " ... written by Lisa