About MagicalSpirit36

Psychic MagicalSpirit36has 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MagicalSpirit36has recently helped 36members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MagicalSpirit36's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Sheila has been a gifted, intuitive clairvoyant, a healing practitioner, Certified Life Coach and master of the oracle cards for the last 25+ years. She values and protects the privacy of her clients. Since the age of 19, her greatest ability as a clairvoyant has been in the area of your area of your daily life and romance.

She is Great with her Gifts as always ..Such a good Reading . I liked it and I will see her for updates.. Thank you Magical a Genuine Gem..:))" ... written by sunshinec
I have never met anyone who is as brilliant and talented as MagicalSpirit36. She conveyed personal information that I never disclosed to her making me believe more into her spirit. I HIGHLY recommend this wonderful woman to EVERYONE!" ... written by emorton21108
This woman is very good.... she gives you a general idea of where you are at and great advice for the best possible outcome... like how best to deal with it.... shes very solid reliable and committed win win!!!!" ... written by katzhous8
LOOOOVE her. Amazing woman. Truly. And accurate!" ... written by Stephanie
Lovely person, Good reading, very quick reader which is really good rather than trying to drag the reading out like most seem to. " ... written by xcharlotte00x
Great energy, very intuitive and picked up well on me and all of my concerns and issues, her reading was empowering and VERY accurate. Worth every penny" ... written by kells122881
She is the real deal!!! wonderful and beautiful spirit!! Love her, and God bless her!!" ... written by keisha78
Great connection thanks for the advise!" ... written by sweetpea/
Very quick good value for money. Great energy. Positive advice." ... written by oiseau67
One word she is awesome and very quick." ... written by tradingyesterday
Well what can I say.... positive, confident and accurate. I loved her and mega fast. Will be back for more. She is an angel 5 stars is not enough, thank you xx." ... written by Nicole212
Amazingly accurate lady. I like her alot. Thanks :)" ... written by Nichole
Thank you " ... written by alexandra11
GREAT GREAT GREAT! Right on the money in many things! :)" ... written by foreverblessed13
I cannot believe how amazing this woman is! SHe is a beautiful soul and very helpful. If you need answers or direction or just a seed of happiness, come and see her!" ... written by leorising
Very clear reading with a lot of advice. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with me :) " ... written by Rainbowscolors
Magical was very, very good. She is funny, she has a great spirit and personality and she is very on point with things. I appreciate it all, magical. " ... written by indigorayne
Spot on , thank you.." ... written by onfiregirl
Shes wonderful I have never felt better after talking with someone who knew what I wanted to ask without me asking." ... written by zcherishz
She was amazing! Spot on a positive! Picked up on everything so clearly and was So FUN to talk too! I totally reccommend her and I can't wait to keep her updated !!!! Thank you so much !!" ... written by EagleSpiiriit
Magical picked up things I didnt think she could pick up. Thanks your really gifted" ... written by mzgg85
She was great! Very sincere, I enjoyed my reading!" ... written by michelle128
She's spot on!!!!! I hesitated at first but MagicalSpirit36 truly has a gift of strength andamp; knowledge. I haven't come across no other person like her!!!!!" ... written by emorton21108
It was great. Thanx a bunch hun." ... written by ladyash1991
She gave great advice, superb." ... written by delighted2
She is awesome helped me out alot. Truly reccomend her." ... written by La_chula2004
Very insightful!" ... written by lolapstar91
Great reading! So sweet and knows a lot. Very helpful. 5 stars." ... written by myeyesee
Thanks great reading. Helpful soo much 5 star. So sweet person she is." ... written by myeyesee
Awesome." ... written by Drjwynn72
Great" ... written by wish for good
Very good and very quick." ... written by jackals1312
Great. Accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
She is great!!!" ... written by cjay23
She was fast and gave a really positive reading, will be coming back." ... written by mimi0129
Lovely fun person tells it as it is... No holds barred! Put a smile on my face, truly recommend the experience to anyone!" ... written by rudione33
Great, every time!" ... written by cjay23
Excellent clear reading, thanks!" ... written by Denisenz
Great reading! She has awesome energy, totally picked up on the situation, I am in right now without me telling her anything. I will let you know if your prediction about the one deal comes true. I highly recommend her! " ... written by mj1963
Very high energy and very pleasant to talk to. On the spot reading." ... written by Kelly1321
Omg , on the dot with everything, insightful and amazingly great information, loved it andamp; really amazing reading." ... written by Sammyjoe02
Fox is gifted, has the knowledge and I recommend her anytime. She sees and interprets very well. Thank you fox." ... written by zimerili1
What a beautiful soul, so positive and upbeat!! xx" ... written by tickleme2011
Awesome person, great reading… I hope her predictions come true :)" ... written by edysica
So accurate! She felt everything that was going on and felt me crying! I will always go back to MagicalSpirit36." ... written by nicoleisdaone
Shes so kind, so in tune, great energy, knows what shes doing, helped with a lot of confirmation AND guidance. Thank you so much" ... written by Mollie
Wonderful as always!" ... written by cjay23
Clear and concise reader. Thanks :)" ... written by Denisenz
:)" ... written by marie5290
Good Advice Thanks." ... written by G.G
Very good. I felt a great connection." ... written by Christopher roth
Very nice...and fast, thank you so much!!" ... written by luvnme
Great reading!" ... written by mariekat72
Quick and honest!" ... written by marion
Great reading... will be back...!" ... written by thewhite
Awesome reading." ... written by Sunshine
Great reading. Lively, honest and fun." ... written by loulourose7
Amazing feels like you chatting to your friend. :) Reading spot on. She's just being real and a bit crazy. :) Xxx" ... written by zmoglius1
Magical was very motivating with her reading and was spot on with about everything that is going on in my life. I was very pleased to hear her advice. It made good sense. Thank you!" ... written by Mary
I felt magical and I connected really well. I felt comfortable with her and felt she knew exactly what she was talking about. I will be coming back to see what she gets in the future. A great reader!" ... written by Destiny_Love
She is awesome...and her music reading blowned me away:)wow wow wo..thanx." ... written by Gaby11
Thanks Magical you're just what the love Doctor ordered!! A chill pill :-))" ... written by ikroyalalr
Wonderful, very on point, she is gifted ,funny , I was pleased with my reading. Will be back for updates. Thanks magicalspirit!" ... written by sunshinec
SHE REALLY CONNECTED WELL!!!! She told the TRUTH, it was not what I wanted to hear. SHE WAS VERY FAST AS WELL AND VERY DETAILED! Many blessings to her! " ... written by Chrissy
amazing. 1 love .xx" ... written by bross1
She is so awesome, she is spot on with everything she said, totally and she gave warnings also, very cool, awesome reading......." ... written by smurfgiant
On point with whom I was speaking of. Awesome insight. New my thoughts. Different to hear someone else say them out loud. I will be contacting her again. " ... written by XLately
I was in a demo and she had one of my family members come through. She described things that only myself and this family member shared. It was amazing." ... written by findingpeace
Love this chick! I will be back! She is too accurate! " ... written by rhae
Very good.. accurate... spot on and straight to the point!" ... written by jordanne
Great woman, lovely energy." ... written by boston
Magic is very spot on picked up the situation accurately and I highly recommend her and will be back! :) " ... written by mum25kids2013
So totally awesome." ... written by Sonya
She was incredibly amazing!!!... I will be back for updates! Thanks..." ... written by wendybb0880
Thank you sooo much, you are amazing." ... written by purple
Thanks, very accurate and i needed it, I'm 100% positive it'll be ok now in my future, Just need time and patience now" ... written by John
She was very kind, lifted my spirits so much. Thank you!" ... written by east
Amazing woman, seriously!!!!!!" ... written by Shay
I have watched Magical do demos in free chat and was impressed on what I saw so I decided to give her a try and see what she saw for me. I was impressed with her reading for me, and she connects fast. I look forward to all her predictions to come. I give her 5 stars!" ... written by Destiny_Love
we shall see" ... written by t
Very easy to talk to and insightful! Picked up on all the players in this chaotic ordeal and was very spot-on about each one's personality...Great reading!" ... written by JazzyMe
As always a great reading with a great lady. 5 stars. Thank you very much magical spirit36." ... written by barbara
Good reading. I will give her an update for this year." ... written by dladie42
great reading" ... written by sprakle
She was very quick and good lovely energy connected well gave me lots of info some not so good but at least I know what is coming my way. I highly recommend her." ... written by Ace
Awesome Read..." ... written by sunshinec
Awesome reading!:-)" ... written by Ayane
thank u for the reading,it was great :) " ... written by ..