About MysticAnnada

Psychic MysticAnnadahas 15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MysticAnnadahas recently helped 21members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MysticAnnada's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello Dearies! MysticAnnada here! I am a Psychic Adviser, Master Tarot Reader, Empath and a TIME FRAME EXPERT! ACCURATE ANSWERS! I wish to provide a listening ear to problems, untangle the situation by providing an in depth and optimum solution. I provide my services with ACCURATE TIME FRAMES and rest assured no sugar coating, just the truth, the way one needs to know it. Readings are 100% Private

A lovely lady and a very good reader. Thanks very much." ... written by zimerili1
This lady energy is amazing. She is such a good soul. I usually do short readings with new readers but she were amazing. it worth the time and money. " ... written by Shaniza
Wow!!! I loved it" ... written by 1Ashcake1984
Oh she was the cuties thing to talk too, she was always smiling and had such a great smile on her face, positive energy, she made me feel comfortable and she is real and good. Try her." ... written by Edna Maldonado
Good reading!" ... written by rosebud77
Very sweet and helpful reader, accurate, fast!" ... written by jazzychic7
She is great." ... written by Oolong
Thank you... good reading... god bless!" ... written by sim
Thank you so much for your kind and patient understanding. I really appreciate your words of love and kindness. :)" ... written by VonHoneybird
Really had a great time speaking with Annada during our reading.. I usually don't like to go by tarot cards but she was right on point! Thank you!!" ... written by Virgo
Very fun, explained everything, hit every point correct. In sync with another top psychic in oranum." ... written by cindy
Thank you!" ... written by d2k1000
She was nice too talk to energy high.. good reading ..Thanks" ... written by C
Very clear and accurate reading. She is very nice to talk to. I will definitely be back to talk with her again." ... written by Tiff
Cheerful. Pleasant and kind- waiting to revert." ... written by Krishna
Thank you ...reading spot on....." ... written by irelandirish
Had a reading with mystic Annada a blessing to talk to I hope everything she said comes to past lovely person, warm heart. will be back for more readings" ... written by sweet461
Sweet lady with fast n accuate insights. definitely love her reading and will come back to update when things turn out the way she sees it in her cards. lovely boy in the background too!! merry xmas n happy new year to u n ur family! " ... written by linn
Great reading! Call and find out yourself!" ... written by ezbcarersrs
Simply wonderful, I couldn't help but to smile throughout the entire reading as she was very on point about what she said and also said things to me about my future that I have been hoping for, I will surely be back again for more great insights! I highly recommend her!" ... written by Christopher
Very good! very honest person, such a lovely girl (:" ... written by melody
Fast n accurate. Thanks for the reading" ... written by linn
She seems like a very honest and kind woman. I enjoyed my reading with her and would recommend her if you have any big questions about the future " ... written by Kamryn Gray
Great, loving lady and reading." ... written by maria
She is a very nice lady, and she knows what she is doing. I had a great time. She was also very upbeat and pleasant. I would recommend her to anyone!" ... written by Ginvile
She's amazing, nice and to the point." ... written by Nelson
she was very good" ... written by staci
It was okay. I didn't have any specific questions so I didn't get any specific answers." ... written by jamesha
This lady is really good. She helped me with all my questions, answered them and I loved every word she told me :)" ... written by daniela
Very pleasing answer, stick to the point, firm on the statement without trying to please the client, which is really good. She knows what she is talking about and good job. Keep it up. God bless. Regards Dr. Kesavan " ... written by Dr. Kesavan
I love and she was right on the money I love talking to her will definitely recommend her.." ... written by naturalbeauty
I loved it. She was very clear and concise." ... written by zena
nice and friendly reader, sweet disposition. " ... written by madhu_thomas
This by far was one of the best readings. Annada gave great details and was head on! Her sweet and kind personality draws you in and her accurate on point information keeps you wanting more. Thanks so much Annada! Can't wait to keep you updated on my destiny!!! " ... written by DeterminedSoul
good reading" ... written by Adi
Nice reading!Very honest,to the point.No lies,truth" ... written by Aurelia
Back for another reading. Will head the warnings and look forward to the predictions." ... written by Calizaliza
Enjoyed my reading with her, she knows her cards very well and is great at interpreting them. You will enjoy a reading with her." ... written by Calizaliza
Very helpful reading, it helped me make the right decision about someone who is clearly not meant to be the One. Surely, it will save me a lot of headaches and heartaches on the long term, so that I can focus on someone more suitable for me. " ... written by LibraGirlx7
Charming and very bright, articulate, capable reader" ... written by Jay
:-)" ... written by Brav0923
right on the dot! what i needed to know thanks" ... written by mag
Thank for the sincere and accurate reading" ... written by femi
great read. " ... written by kool
She was very accurate and she warned me of upcoming health issue that I will be sure to try to avoid now because of her warnings Thanks so much" ... written by Karen
she was simply amazing!!! love her" ... written by noelle
She was very great. I love everything about her." ... written by Brittany
Well she picked up on some things that were true. the reading was short, she explained the cards..." ... written by kjm
Thank you!" ... written by d2k1000
spot on!" ... written by jper
Very Great reading! Very nice and very sweet person. I cannot wait to see what will happen for my situation. :)." ... written by Mary
Thanks for the read." ... written by d2k1000
The last thing I needed to do was spend money today as I'm in transitional period going into a new career which i have not started yet. I felt a confidence with her as if she had the answers and would tell me truthfully. After the reading I did feel as if her predictions WILL come true. Time will tell. " ... written by cutiepattootie
Excellent accurate reading." ... written by Milan
a very gentle and kind reader, Thank you not what i wanted to hear but truthful none the less" ... written by tracey
She's sooo good! So right on AND I read with her last Summer and she was amazing then too! " ... written by Alexis
Awesome reading thank you =) crossing my fingers it comes out true!" ... written by KJensen
Very kind and friendly person and very accurate reading." ... written by Milan
kept freezing and didn't get my full reading" ... written by Stephanie
she is wonderful, friendly and fast! very nice" ... written by lena
connected quickly and answered the questions accurately!" ... written by f
I love her!!! The most joyful person I've ever met!!! :) THANK YOU!!! xoxoxo" ... written by Alexis
She is absolutely awesome!!!" ... written by Beatriz
thanks so much for the clarity, will it be possible to finish it off in free chat?" ... written by Soul
thank you for the reading, it was insightful!" ... written by soulrari
The reading was very insightful, honest and provided me with great guidance. I felt very comfortable and truly felt the honesty and great energy throughout the reading. Thank you so much Annada for your reading. I am giving you 5 starts as you were great." ... written by jewelw203
Great reading" ... written by kayslee
she was awesome, " ... written by sk
Very fast and accurate, would read with her again." ... written by angela
Annada is a wonderful reader. she is such a kind and beautiful soul. she is so talented and has such a big heart. 5 stars :)" ... written by fairykisses
!" ... written by gregg
Good energy!" ... written by R
Great accurate reading, spot on one of the best readers I have come across.. Thank you Annada" ... written by Lorna
Great Reading. Lovely person!" ... written by lulu
Great reading! I will be back to follow up" ... written by Abundance
MysticAnnada was 100% accurate with everything she told me and put my mind at ease with a couple of issues that I've been having. Will definitely have a private reading with her again any time!" ... written by Tamara
Very positive lady,, hope her predictions happen :)" ... written by lana
wow, what a reading ! connected so quickly and was so in tune with what has happened and what will happen with my situation." ... written by lornalulu
nice and sharp read" ... written by vic
Very accurate and picked up the situation quickly. Knows what she is saying. Very cheerful lady! Feels comfortable with her reading :) I hope to give you good news in around October!" ... written by Tiffany
Very fast, detailed, no tools, and good energy! Recommended, thanks x" ... written by Cindy
Great energy, highly recommend." ... written by LizaM