About NaturalHealer

Psychic NaturalHealerhas 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic NaturalHealerhas recently helped 35members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about NaturalHealer's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello to all! I'm a psychic, energy healer, life coach and a medium. Cards, crystals, intuitions, energies. Thousands of members helped! Been doing readings and healings for nearly 10 years, been on Oranum since 2012. MY SPECIALTIES: Love, relationships, money, health, career, cleansings, healing, dreams, life coaching.

fantastic. fantastic. hes on point and he guides you with what to do" ... written by mary
Very sincere person, helped me in my troubles!" ... written by rivalry
It was sweet an under standing about a lot." ... written by cooljoe76
Very good reading I really enjoyed it." ... written by Dphsgo93
Very good reading. I think NaturalHealer will be a good person to talk to in the future. Thank you!" ... written by duck
Very nice reading, tells it as it is and gives honest advice and what to expect." ... written by sycammer781
Very sensible, useful advice, thank you very much I appreciate it." ... written by AlysiumDream
He was very kind, and wise. Highly recommend. He was great!" ... written by scadoodle
This psychic is very calm and relaxed. He doesn't overwhelm you with his reading and is consistently a great listener. I felt like I was talking to a friend. He is professional and I look forward to the email follow up. I think he will have good advice for me. Overall very calming!" ... written by divya321
Nice chat!" ... written by maryannepav
I felt like he was very sincere and understanding about my situation and he really felt what was going on. He gave me a lot of good advice on how to fix my problems and I was feeling very bad when I first started talking to him but after the reading I felt much better, I started off feeling a 10 of being so full of pain but he helped a lot and made it go down by a 7. There's still a lot of work that I need to do on my part but I know that with his wisdom my problem will be resolved. He's also very kind and friendly." ... written by Ashleyba86
He gave excellent advice. I will be back to see how things turns out. Very good reading. Highly recommended. Thank you for your help Norbert." ... written by kingpi
My conversation with NatrualHealer was heartfelt. And he gave me some good advice. " ... written by suz1031
As usual, a very calm and gentle approach. Second time I've had a reading-he's great and very intuitive xxx" ... written by Moonbeam71
Very calm and thoughtful approach..gave me advice and insight into the energy around and what to expect...which really helped." ... written by Highpriestess012
Thank you for this much needed information you gave me tonight I really enjoyed my reading." ... written by friendly22
Great person, and gave me great guidance, Thanks so much!!" ... written by daggerbaby99
Awesome!! he's very good with picking up about what he feels and what he sees the context of your life. I would recommonded you to have a reading with him:-)" ... written by bellacasa
Straight forward and to the point. Thank you!" ... written by rani4you
Great reading, accurate and I hope it all comes true soon." ... written by crystalrei
The best of the best:)" ... written by Nikolay
Very nice:)" ... written by Nikolay
Natural gave great insight plus and wonderful energy session I felt very positive after ...I recommend Him :)" ... written by Karl2017
The best on Oranum, thank you." ... written by Nicole
Great, accurate reading, thank you" ... written by Nicole
Excellent reading very relaxing" ... written by Rob
Believe in him... youu should take him private!" ... written by kingpi
Amazing.....WOW! He was great and right on target. You must get a reading with him. Thank you Norbert for your time and advise...I will keep you updated..." ... written by Valerie71
Very insightful … Picked up on my issues straigt away on both work and relationship … Great advice thanks. xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Very caring and genuine feeling of caring for my situation from NaturalHealer. He didn't mince words and his honest guidance really helped me." ... written by sourgirl39
Lovely reading, so positive. Great listener, great advice :) xxx" ... written by Moonbeam71
I had a good reading and discussion and helped me go through alll my queries patiently.. cleared all my more important doubts! Thank Norbert! " ... written by kingpi
Straightforward, accurate and yet very kind vibe. One of my favs on Oranum!" ... written by JBee01
Great Reading!! Picked up on interesting point. Made me leave with a positive attitude. Thank you." ... written by Jettset
wonderful" ... written by marai
He did a great job. I'm modest by nature identifying myself as an emerging psychic medium yet he picked up that I'm more seasoned than I feel that I am which is true. He confirmed my natural mediumship abilities. Thank you NatualHealer!" ... written by Ron
Very good reading. He helped a lot!" ... written by meegan154
Thankyouuuuuuuu for the reading i enjoyed very much i feel much better now i came in feeling as a 6 and now 4 :-)))))) woooo :-P!! and you me laugh too in the reading ! and enjoyed chating with you !!! very accurate and understanding ;-) xxxxxx" ... written by ale510
Very good nice person. very clear and concise. very caring and seemed to know a lot that was going on very accurately. highly recommended." ... written by chas44
Really nice guy, great help." ... written by HeartOfsilver
A sweet, kind, concerned gentleman that can clarify, answer your questions." ... written by heavenlylight
I've got an excellent reading! very honest and straight to the point, can see all the details! thank you!" ... written by kitty31
Excellent, very good reader and very helpful for future..." ... written by focusing
thank you for the good predictions and a hope that everything will be worked out. I know that to come to that good I will have to go through some serious problems but I will fight for it, thanks!" ... written by dushka
NaturalHealer Thank you for the healing as it was needed. I am so excited it is going to be gone. How amazing the feelings that come over you during the healing." ... written by T
great read" ... written by mariana
Natural healer was spot on and gave clarity to what I am dealing with. feeling at peace." ... written by diane
Appeared to have a good grasp of situation. Dissapointed that man is involved with someone else, but hey, thats life." ... written by Ly Lo
Very relaxing session! all my questions were answered. " ... written by TMason89
I was quite skeptical, but he is really good. He was able to pick up on the situations and was very accurate. I would give him a shot and talk through the situation... He was good and I thank you NaturalHealer." ... written by purpledove37
Another amazing reading. He is clear and precise. On spot and I would highly recommend him. He's quick and capable of answering all your questions in a short time. Very positive, very compassionate." ... written by dmbertault1
Great reading thank you ! :)" ... written by balkisreembeba
Very kind and hopefully his predictions will come true!! I will be coming back soon! xoxo" ... written by tabatta68
Thank you. Excellent!!!!!!!" ... written by katie46
He was really good. Felt horrible (10) when I started and now I feel like 3-4, better. Recommend him. " ... written by d2k1000
I thought it was good. He is very relaxed and genuine. He answered all of my questions. I would recommend him." ... written by teetles
Thank you, Norbert. You listened to my issue and helped me very well. I am thankful." ... written by justinsensei
Very friendly and helpful, also indicates how to best use possibility." ... written by gabrielm88
Very good update and advice, thanks again x" ... written by joboluvz73
Very kind and positive guy! Provided great insight into the situation without having to say much. Thank you :)" ... written by dcf
Comforting, reassuring, kind, attentive and wonderful to talk with. I hope and look forward to reconnecting and reuniting with Adam soon. Thank you!! ((((Hugs))))" ... written by angeldiamond122
Direct to the point. I did not give him much to go on but I liked his answers." ... written by zimerili1
He gives good pertinent information and has a clear mind, and tries to help you out. I recommend him, he is not pushy and priced very reasonably." ... written by nika
Really very accurate if my psychic powers are in sync!" ... written by alisonseymour73
AMAZING!! I recommend this reader. Started to come to pass during the reading. :)" ... written by Cynthiamoon
It was a GOOD reading!" ... written by amnarashid
Awesome, told me things without me giving hints." ... written by kellourex
Love the reading... Lots of help." ... written by suz1031
He was great and accurate." ... written by cjay23
Great Reading!!! Love how quick he is with his readings! I really enjoyed my reading. Thank you so much. " ... written by luckygrl77
Great reading, he is very nice, take him for a spin!" ... written by hoofer13
Great reading! He was right on point for a lot of my issues!" ... written by kjafri
Very nice and kind I did not have to give much information he picked up on stuff. Cannot wait to see if predictions come true." ... written by mj1963
Great reading!" ... written by moonravin
Interesting reading. Time will tell how accurate it is - but I hope it's extremely accurate. If it is you will see the update from me here." ... written by ChiliP
Very nice andamp; sweet. " ... written by JerriAnne
Wow! Predicted, and in the middle of the reading it started to happen. :)" ... written by Cynthiamoon
Overall, good critic on the situation. Will be seeing more from him next time. " ... written by Miss_5ft0
He was very understanding and gave me insightful answers on how to handle the problems presented, topped nicely with a couple of great things to look forward to in my future. I'm feeling refreshed and at ease, thanks to him! Thank you so much!" ... written by erialy
Thanks for the reading!!! Brilliant and fast. Thanks for the info!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Quick connection... fast typer! Hopefully it will come true soon only 6 weeks away! I will come back for updates! :) I can't wait! Thank you so much!" ... written by kalie04
Excellent reader, connect well and taps in right away. Definitely 5 stars. Thank you NaturalHealer!" ... written by Tanny6
I feel much better having talked to him. He soothed my screaming spirit, and eased my sorrow and worries.Thank you from the bottom of my heart! " ... written by MinaVamp27
Much relieve.." ... written by MissBravo
Perfect reading, lovely guy, tunes in very well! :) Give him a try!" ... written by Aryastark
Telling him my situation and his calm demeanor helps me relax, I feel really comfortable baring my personal innermost feelings with no judgement on his part. It's like talking to an old friend. His advice is on the mark and he just kind of guides me into it realizing my restrictions. Thanks!" ... written by draftsman131
Many thanks for the reading and the honesty. Look forward to January and will keep you updated." ... written by stars2024
What a nice warm and sincere and kind person he is. I felt very comfortable in private with him and; was happy at what he told me. I am focused on consulting with him on a regular basis and; like his style and pleasantry. will fondly keep him posted as to for him sohowing me the correct dirrections of an ongoing porgression. lol to you , peace and blessings as well. smiles too! and of course 5 stars!!!!!" ... written by ivory_onyx
Wow, amazing, accurate, honest, caring andamp; spot on!! 10 stars!! Must pvt everyone! :)" ... written by starsalign21
Very direct and great suggestions. Thanks!" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Pretty good! Definitely has abilities." ... written by steffleblanc
Will get back." ... written by melbellking
He did give me a basic reading, not bad." ... written by catmando1
Thank You." ... written by Phuong_phan2610
Great psychic, nice guy." ... written by aaron843
Tonight he brought me down from a bad place and let me know that I have to continue on our plan." ... written by draftsman131
Very good reading , empathetic and straight to the point" ... written by joboluvz73
Very insightful and connected time with NH. I felt blessed and assured by his message of truth... Blessings!" ... written by beautywithinone
Right on point.. " ... written by veezee
Fantastic reading he was very accurate in his reading, it helped me to take a very good rational decision about my living environment. Thank you NaturalHealer!" ... written by wendasita
NaturalHealer was quick and to the point. He gave me exact info in few seconds. Everything done in front of me. I am very much relieved and his advice is what am going to follow.Thank you NH..." ... written by aashee123
Very nice psychic... Listens and then assesses his thoughts without exaggeration... As he said I will have to wait, time will tell." ... written by halovm
Good stuff! Nice guy! Funny guy.. :)" ... written by timokoh
Great reading!! Picked up on the situation and energies without me saying too much and predictions happened. Gave great advice!" ... written by dorac
Wow, he is absolutely awesome!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Really interesting private reading and answered my questions. I now have some clarity as regards many issues in my life. Now I will have to wait and see. Highly recommended!" ... written by belledandy20
Excellent reading, felt connected." ... written by janeaustenfan
Excellent! And very warm and engaging! He did a good job with explaining the cards and bringing them together to make sense to someone who has no idea what the gypsy cards mean... But it definitely resonated with my situation. Thank you! " ... written by QueenEmpress
Really nice guy, and straight to the point xox" ... written by rachel1312
I hope his predictions come true. But he is worth talking to because of his calm and pleasant energy. He is genuinely excited when good cards show for you. Was such a thoroughly nice experience!!" ... written by lilliableu
Amazing! " ... written by teisin00
OMG He is so grate I love him he is the best, everything he told me was right on the money!" ... written by missaron30
Good!" ... written by ninariv1
Seems a nice guy, read both crystals and cards pleased with reading, recommended, very skillful, thanks Natural!" ... written by ninariv1
NaturalHealer performed his energy and vitality ritual/mediation on me and it was amazing. I was very low and depressed over the weekend and I felt great afterward. It is amazing and he will give you it for free, in addition with a private reading with him. The reading is worth it and so is the ritual. " ... written by QueenEmpress
Very good reader!! One of bests, picked up quick and was very nice to talk to." ... written by Princesskelly198
Friendly person! Provided a nice reading as well. Will call back." ... written by artistlili19
Nice reading with Natural Healer. His cards where spot on. He was in tune with my situation. Very refreshing." ... written by Charlie0605
Sir you are very simple and good accommodating your customer. Excellent job and good readings. For sure I'll get back to you soon. Also, please remind me. Thank you so much." ... written by babe22
He made some interesting predictions! I hope they come soon!" ... written by djordan6898
Your where excellent good energy and your message felt real. I would highly recommend you." ... written by alane0251
Thanks so much...ill be back with an update." ... written by mmd1990
Thanks again :) " ... written by rockie93
Thanks. Great talking to you." ... written by rockie93
Thanks so much! You project nothing but positivity each time we connect! I appreciate your help! :) " ... written by libraj16
Fabulous, let's see what happens, will keep all posted, Jennifer" ... written by faunone1
Very helpful, clear and detailed." ... written by maryannepav
Good stuff :)" ... written by pinkstyle
He was good, gave me a lot of information and i hope his predictions were right. Great reading." ... written by cammyboo
Great and kind!" ... written by mhharview
Great guy, good human being and a thorough professional!" ... written by A27
Easy going, insightful. I enjoyed the session!" ... written by mamagirl51
Very Insightful!" ... written by KKat21
Again, second reading was just a good as the first!" ... written by nikkigt06
He was great!!! Gave great guidance and was spot on in the areas of love!" ... written by nikkigt06
Good healing!" ... written by druvina1973
I am already looking forward to my next reading with NaturalHealer! A very good reading. " ... written by dismusbda1
Great reader. Quick answers but thorough and has great natural insight to go along with his card reading abilities. Communicates clearly too! :) " ... written by doggymama
Thanks so much my love, I really love his reading, picks up on lot of stuff." ... written by Angelapebbles
Great reading! Very encouraged and excited to move forward into what Naturalhealer sees for me! Love his peaceful, calm, empowering approach. Thank you!" ... written by Sheri1926
Great update reading, thank you xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Good reading... Nice, calm advice and feedback on my situation. Hope all goes well in my confusion with his guidance. " ... written by kissmeangel
Very straight forward in his analysis. Will wait for his prediction to pass. Very good reading." ... written by rdwarren
Great reading, and answers provided quickly. Lovely to chat with. Thank you so much! " ... written by silvers12
Really down to the point. explained what each card ment and how it related to my individual situation. Helped me to answer the questions i had lingering in my head. Thank U !!" ... written by fazianaaz510
Very helpful! Thank you so much!" ... written by michelerubatino
He was right on. I gave him little information to go on and he was able to tell me exactly what I confirmed in my gut." ... written by jeter28
Natural is wonderful, helped clear alot of ??? for me! i highly recommend him awesome thank u natural :)) and i will keep u posted!! thanks again " ... written by michele6099
Just wanted to say thanks again for such accuracy, this is my third reading and I must say he gave me great guidance and his predictions are unfolding beautifully. I can even say that because of his guidance I have even had some "unexpected" manifestations that have far exceeded my original desired outcome. " ... written by nikkigt06
Straight to the point reading and helped cleared things. Thank you!" ... written by Judysmiles4u
Good job! Was able to clear up a few questions." ... written by Ryan747
Wow.. Very caring and saw things clearly... Very positive reading... Thank you!" ... written by wendic
Great cheer, and wow I felt touched! Thanks!" ... written by EJNicolson
Very good. " ... written by naturesown1
Just wish i had more time" ... written by CinnamonDomino
Good reading." ... written by Alexsheart
I just had my first reading with NaturalHealer which I enjoyed very much. I could not believe how accurate he was with all my life situations. I highly recommend him. I honestly will come back for another reading." ... written by Missleo
Thank you my friend. always helful insight." ... written by jeraldryan
First reading. Answered my questions, wish I could have had more time. " ... written by jazzyme
Good reading ..helpful" ... written by sudha2809
Thank you for the insight. I changed the memo." ... written by jeraldryan
Thank you. He is really good, and a very nice person to talk to. Thank you again!" ... written by DDDaniela
Wonderful, accurate,kind, gave me answers that I would never have thought about. Great experience. I will keep him as a favorate! Thank you :)" ... written by x1centx12
Positive reading. Thank you." ... written by NicoleDaniel2013
This was my second reading with NaturalHealer and it was very good. I hope his predictions will come true soon." ... written by Missleo
Very calming energy, quick and direct. I will return." ... written by leti98
Thank you very much. I am at ease now." ... written by DDDaniela
Perfect! I'm all done!" ... written by alexahatz1
Very much enjoyed my first reading with some healing and calming energies! I will definitely be back. " ... written by Diane1127
He is fast and accurate, he is str8foward to the point. Thanks for the help buddie!!" ... written by gm
Reflects my situation, give specific answers... Will wait and see whether the predictions come true or not." ... written by KS1986
Very nice and cool, and he really helped me! :) " ... written by Dphsgo93
Thank you!" ... written by jeraldryan
Spot on and honest. Thank you!" ... written by NicoleDaniel2013
He has very unique cards, that answered my question that I needed." ... written by masterstarwolf10
Honest and a very good psychic." ... written by ownway
Good reading... Made me at ease." ... written by Jade199
Great reading!!" ... written by leebee4
Natural is wonderful!!! Already have confirmation!!!we surely connect! Thank you again! I will keep you posted!!! ty ty ty." ... written by michele
Great reading... much love." ... written by steffleblanc
Thanks norbert for the update. " ... written by kingpi
Great reading. Down to earth, straight to the point, no wasting time, just answered my questions. Awesome. Will be back. Thank you!" ... written by lavenderlilly13
He helped perform a mini ritual to help me calm down. I appreciate it during a time of feeling great stress from everything happening." ... written by SeksiPaprika
Very good at his job. Brings clarity." ... written by NicoleDaniel2013
NaturalHealer is just plain wonderful and I agree with the other reviewers! He is really calming and was really good at picking up things about me very quick! He's the guy to see if you have any kind of concerns/questions! " ... written by judeus1
Amazing as usual!!! Very good at what he does! Will be coming back again." ... written by Ryan747
IT was a nice and peaceful session with NaturalHealer. He answered all of my questions with calmness and made me feel relaxed. I would come back to him for answers always." ... written by dianna1973
He is very calm and to the point. There were some key moments where I was like 'How did you know that?'" ... written by NWingedFalcon
Felt alot better after the session... He is very peaceful and lends himself to calming and removing bad energy... Great reading and experience..." ... written by Janetevelyn7
Truly Love, NaturalHealer!! I really enjoy his readings, just the fact that he connects with you so fast and he provides quick readings, I am truly amazed! Thank you, NaturalHealer! Thank you! " ... written by luckygrl77
Honest, and clear quick. Sad news but there wasn't gonna be a better option for me anyway. Happy about the job prediction. Thanks so much!" ... written by Lucy2011
Thank you it was nice reading." ... written by peace808
Nice, dedicated .... Gives good promotions." ... written by brunette86ts
He advised just what i thought i should do. he is right!" ... written by hoping2351
Was very good and accurate in his reading. will come back for update " ... written by dladie42
That was a really good reading, thank you!)" ... written by rainbowspirit123
Quite unusual. Confident. Wait and see what happens. Definitely picked up my positive vibes." ... written by alisonseymour73
I've never had a crystal ball reading, it was fascinating I feel he was accurate, will wait to see what happens next." ... written by jazzeyt
He's great!" ... written by nikcolgate403
Try the crystal ball reading! He connected with me right away. Really enjoyed his reading!" ... written by xtine930
He was really insightful and positive. By the end of the reading I felt calmer and even more beside myself. I would definitely come for another reading. :)" ... written by yourmypenguinm8
He's cool, laid back and very helpful. Enjoyed the reading." ... written by ikroyal
Good reading." ... written by Blisskiss
Wonderful reading and advice! Will definitely be back." ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Straight to the point!" ... written by mimi
Very informative!!! Great insight!!! Thank you for your help A+++" ... written by SumMo14
I am smiling :).. Such a lovely reading. Lots of good news, lots of clarity. Predictions. I will come back and comment on them when the come to pass. " ... written by Sanna
Nice insight! " ... written by shell456
Thank u!" ... written by nena408
Phenomenal reading! He takes his time and is very intuitive. Thank you so much for your time and your wonderful, calm reading!" ... written by lovebugshay
Nice guy... He seems truthful." ... written by Capricorntje
He is very straight forward and calm, does not waste your time, waiting for predictions to come true." ... written by Janice75
Very gentle reader, matter of fact with his insights, he did hit many things spot on that I hadn't mentioned. Thank you very much :))" ... written by Lolabe11a
Amazing as usual..." ... written by Ryan747
I found him to be very pleasant and accurate." ... written by Harriet7421
He was very straight to the point, no nonsense and picked up what I needed to know. Which I really appreciated. I will be back in a few months to see what else he can see for me. " ... written by wondakai
He gave me good insights on the feelings of my bf and it was all true.. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Second reading...some of the predictions came true and waiting for the rest to happen... thanks for the advice! this time actually gave a much more shorter time frame than I thought. We'll see!" ... written by KS1986
Very quick! Got straight to the point. He didn't waste my time or credits!" ... written by Nicky005426
Thank you! Good reading" ... written by Angelwingss7
Amazing reader....Cant wait to have my predictions come true. He is sooo good and knows a lot." ... written by sunnydeep
He's very calm, honest, accurate, very good detailing. :-)" ... written by bellacasa
Thank you NaturalHealer! It has been an amazing experience living your predictions! I am out of words as one thing after another happens, and I am remembering you telling me it would happen. It has been a WOW experience for me! Thank you Oranum for having NaturalHealer, you are truly fortunate to have him. I highly recommend! " ... written by luckygrl77
Wow!! Very impressive .A+++" ... written by SumMo14
He was very nice, will have to see what happens with the predictions.." ... written by butterflywings10
Cool, thanks, very imformative." ... written by krismic2
Definitely helped me with my reoccurring dreams! " ... written by Judysmiles4u
You were awesome I really appreciated your persona and humbleness.... I look forward to reading with you again, don't change you have a beautiful aura about you." ... written by divina513
Inspiring as always, informative." ... written by Member625811
Good." ... written by SadSong
One of the best!!!" ... written by olenka
He had a lot of info about my question, time will tell!" ... written by pamela0619
He is a good reader. I love the crystal ball. He gave me hope. I hope everthing will happen like he said. Thank you so much." ... written by dee412005
Great insight!" ... written by jeraldryan
Very good and recommend" ... written by OLAMOTIL
Very good reading told me things I kinda already know just confirmed them cant wait to see them happen even though some was a little painful yet still true thanks alot love cant wait for our next reading." ... written by cadesgirl
Very nice man - thank you." ... written by Lyne37
This is my second reading with him and he is very good to talk to. Like a friend. I loved everything he said. I will be back to give him my updates. Thank You!" ... written by dee412005
Thanks!" ... written by elle11
Very good. Hopes come true!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Awesome reader enjoy tralking to him I feel we connected." ... written by divina513
Very good reading as usual!!" ... written by SumMo14
Always to the point and good price to boot for a lot of questions. " ... written by Judysmiles4u
He is good. Everyone should try him." ... written by KitKat02
Thank you for your help." ... written by Awakened
Awesome reader and advisor. Once again I really enjoy talking to him, he's straightforward with much humility. " ... written by divina513
Had a good reading with him. .. waiting for predictions to come true. x" ... written by scorpionsarita
Very warm, caring person. I enjoy speaking just to talk, the reading is a bonus." ... written by divina513
Got my questions answered quick and to the point as usual. :)" ... written by Judysmiles4u
Natural always makes me feel better thank you natural for always being there. :) 5 stars." ... written by michele
Thanks :-)" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Very Good.." ... written by JackofTheWorld
Awesome person to speak with.....he's very soothing and straightforward in the most humble way I will continue to chat with him.....manhy blessing for you." ... written by divina513
Always gets to the point. " ... written by Judysmiles4u
A great insight on my current problems. :) " ... written by Judysmiles4u
Very gentle and understanding." ... written by madame1
He knew without me saying anything~ great reading!" ... written by marialuis
He's really great =3 I would seriously recommend him to anyone looking for advice on relationship and hope for the best, if you need it please go here =3 " ... written by sukachu
I liked him. He gave me good advice. I trust what he says." ... written by lore1968
Friendly, relaxed, serious and professional! Straight forward!" ... written by emmanuel
Natural healer, you helped me out a lot, I have been feeling kind of depressed, but now I feel much better. Thanks a lot I appreciate it." ... written by Beautifulland
He was so easy to talk to and knew a lot of stuff in my situations. I am going to see if it all comes true. Thank you so much for helping me out. He deserves 5 stars!" ... written by sissy2373
Good to Point, clear and concise. I hope his predict will come true. " ... written by alt
Good prediction and making lots of sense. I hope it comes true in the time frame and I will get back again." ... written by alt
Awesome reading! Thanks for the advice, will keep u updated. " ... written by Gisele
Very informative. told me a lot about my situation. recommend!" ... written by theresa89
Awesome I'm amazed with this session in particular.....I look forward to my next reading with him" ... written by divina513
Good psychic. The readings were obscure but clear enough to interpret easily. I would recommend this person again." ... written by section1991
Amazing as usual. Gives very good guidance and helps you feel so much better." ... written by Ryan747
He answered my questions.. Great insights. Thank you~" ... written by Marialuis
Great reading." ... written by jimikuta
Always straight to the point as usual! " ... written by Judysmiles4u
Natural was great at picking up on my situation will be back to see him." ... written by afatur
Made me feel really comfortable, and the reading was excellent! " ... written by Barrixt
Great reading!! very good insight, love this guy!!" ... written by SumMo14
Great insights! thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
To the point as always. :D" ... written by Judysmiles4u
Good to point. Very insightful." ... written by alt
He was very calm and casual... but gave me great information.. I am very satisfied with his reading and highly recommend him !!!" ... written by highestgood
Thank u so much. I love your reading!! u know exacly how I was feeling and picking up on other ppl around me. I look forward to more reading with u!! xoxoxoxx" ... written by Angelapebbles
Awesome person and reader " ... written by divina513
Not really sure what to think, picked up on things without me having to say them." ... written by mlgriff330
Great advisor, easy to talk to great connection and to today's date he has been on point I look forward to speaking with him again." ... written by divina513
Definitely worthwhile! I thoroghly enjoy speaking to him, he is so mild mannered and humble." ... written by divina513
Very informative as usual." ... written by divina513
Great person to speak with, always a worthwhile reading." ... written by divina513
Good job as usual. Helped to calm me down a bit. " ... written by ryan747
Very nice reading." ... written by Aryastark
Great job!" ... written by pinky
Very nice and insightful. Picks up on things before you say it and goes into detail. will def be back!" ... written by ivory
Very nice.. I liked it. Too bad I can't stay longer.. thank you." ... written by sheyla
Excellent reading can't wait to see if his predictions come true!" ... written by carolyn101
I felt the change in energy. I feel more at peace. I hope my family can feel it as well. Thank you for your time!" ... written by lore1968
I felt that NaturalHealer was very clear in my reading. He addressed my questions very well, and I am happy with how everything turned out. I feel that he is talented!" ... written by Lotus
Always a good reading. " ... written by Judy
Always insightful....Great explanations." ... written by Janice
AWESOME! XD" ... written by Judy Moua
Good reading as usual. :D" ... written by Judy Moua
Great advisor and straightforward. Always good reading." ... written by luz
Caring, patient, acknowledging. I'll def come back again and I recommend him to everybody. " ... written by Sophie
Great reading... He was very kind, warm and intuitive! Definitely put my mind at ease and I enjoyed the positive candle ritual. Would highly recommend and I will be back to update! Thanks so much again!!" ... written by Courtney
I just want to say Thank you for your candle meditation Naturalhealer, it worked wonders for me! It automatically relaxed me and helped me execute a productive day! I highly recommend this meditaion. It helped clear my mind and regain a serene peace, that I much needed. I'm still feeling that tranquility and its been at least 4 days ago. Thank you! " ... written by Luckygrl77
Thank you NaturalHealer for your soft and kind way of address my questions and concerns. I know we don't hear what we want to at times but you address those responses in such a hopeful and positive way and for that I am grateful. I have been living your prediction and still am. Everything you have said has come to pass and I finally found love, a love I have not experienced before. I'm still looking forward to whats next. I am very happy with your psychic gift and I highly recommend you, Oranum is lucky to have you. Thank you! " ... written by Luckygrl77
lots of help " ... written by suz1031
Thank you Naturalhealer! Again, you are Awsome! " ... written by Luckygrl77
always a pleasure speaking with Naturalhealer and I appreciate his sound advice and honesty even if it's unpleasant. Look forward to our next conversation." ... written by divina513
Very good and sweet. Doesnt make serious questions a joke but trys to be positive. Thank you so much " ... written by Midnightlily777
This was my second reading with Naturalhealer. He was very accurate and straight to the point. I hope his predictions will come true soon. I highly recommend him." ... written by Missleo
Had a good reading as usual! Thanks Naty! " ... written by Judy
Thank you NaturalHealer for helping me with the stress from work! Your good energy helped me calm down and maintain my cool when I needed it the most. " ... written by Luckygrl77
Awesome person I thoroughly enjoy talking to him he's like a friend. " ... written by divina513
Natural healer has such a great gift and i recommend him to everyone wanting every pennies worth i defiantly will be coming back to him he get right to the point and that is what i love about him thank you so much" ... written by cleal12
I did the card reading all of them were accurate. I didn't have much time to go in to detail because I wanted to try andamp; see. I would definitely recommend people try as I did. " ... written by digitalrain
As always... truthful and humble." ... written by divina
Very helpful in seeing things!" ... written by ryan747
Always so warm and positive!! Thank you healer!" ... written by SumMo
Great to the point and very precise." ... written by alt
Great reading!" ... written by Judy
He knows everything I was thinking and doubting and felt my energy. I feel at ease. Will come back for more. Thank you!!" ... written by Candygirl
He picked up a lot of information and I will let time pass and post outcome." ... written by silvia
Allways knows how to get the job done." ... written by clarissa
Precise. Good to the point. Let's see what will happen soon." ... written by alt
Reading was good. Would recommend NaturalHealer to anyone querying love related issues." ... written by Ketrise
Love talking to him great advice. " ... written by suz1031
Great as always...very insightful." ... written by Janice
Very nice guy and gave me the answer I was hoping for :)" ... written by Lyn
Was very nice a helpfull will be gitting back to let him know what happens." ... written by Lisa
Good! Would go back. " ... written by betty
Awesome as usual." ... written by divina
Always a pleasure!! " ... written by summo14
Natural Healer was great. Good insight and some great suggestions. Very accurate and fast. Uses tools I haven't seen before from people on this site. Highly recommend." ... written by John
Great to talk to :)" ... written by jimmy
I like natural healer is is a wonderful person my time was short because the site was freezing on my reading. But other than that he was excellent and i will request him again i give him a 10 stars." ... written by Patricia
Wonderful" ... written by stephanie
Very good, very clear and very quick and precise:) really good:) thank you xx" ... written by Jess
Very good!! I loved him!!" ... written by misty
Very good and to the point." ... written by Sharzha
Great as usual! " ... written by Judy
Sort time didn't realize it but still very thoughtful and kind." ... written by Midnightlily777
We will see." ... written by sunshine
Awesome reader." ... written by bronx
Great reading, here is hoping that his predictions come true. I will be back in a few weeks just like you said. Thank you so much!~" ... written by ann marie
My reading was very accurate ... moving me in the right direction :) " ... written by zahrah
Ran out of time but I'm hoping things will come to pass!" ... written by Tee
Wonderful session. Very relaxed and positive coming out of it. Not your average read, or outcome. If you need help and not just answers, stop by." ... written by John
Always in tune!!!" ... written by misty
I only had enough credits left for about a minute with him.. He was amazingly quick!! Definitely coming back when I can get more credits." ... written by Taylor
Maybe the most accurate reading i had before...directly yo he point...i strongly recommend him to everyone that needs closure for the moment and the future." ... written by RON EN RON
Very good." ... written by StacyR
This guy is awesome! He was very accurate to the point. Great healing session - would definitely recommend him and aim to have another reading in the near future. Top marks!" ... written by lilwildspirit
He has become my best friend, so love this guy." ... written by missaron
Candle cleansing, very relaxing " ... written by emeraldbluesurf
VERY good reeading, a great intuitive psychic, pleasure to talk to. Finally who took away my doubts. I will come back and I recommend NH - he also uses beautiful Art Deco cards ." ... written by jazzychic7
I just experienced a nice chakra cleansing. I will be back for more :-)" ... written by cherryblossom10
Felt confident about his service. Thanks again my friend. I will come back for more of your service. I will be prepared for more time." ... written by ange
Very good reading and healing thank you." ... written by harry
Very good healer did some work in private with him and I feel amazing it was wonderful he is really good. " ... written by cindylee 26
Natural Healer gives precise readings with compassion. He confirmed what I have felt and been told. I would recommend him and will seek his guidance again. " ... written by Jenn
Powerful cleansing done. I liked it a lot and did feel better." ... written by lauginglight
Awesome." ... written by Debbie
He got me rid of my negative energy and I feel more relieved than before. Thx!! :)" ... written by Iruga666
Very nice." ... written by Thomas D
Wow, clarity, energy and honest insight, there isn't enough praise I can give. I would recommend him to everyone I know." ... written by amber aka sanguine_psionic
I went to Natural Healer specifically for a healing session and I really did feel something during my session and he does not take a long time. He is very calming and reassuring. I even had time to ask a question, so I can't wait for his predictions to come true!! I will also do everything that he told me to do. I would recommend him. Thank you Natural Healer! Many blessings to you!" ... written by kayeluv1
He picked up on what I was worried about right away, no one has done that before. The basis of my worries...thx for the reading!" ... written by Shelly176
Very kind, nice energy" ... written by Radiant
Very helpful!" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you, as usual great reading!" ... written by jazzychic7
Good session, for chakra healing, hope things turn out great" ... written by annabel8a
Good advice as usual" ... written by ryan747
Thanks, very relaxing healing session. :) " ... written by L
We did a ritual, it was very calming. I felt better after the reading. Now just waiting for the end results. " ... written by sheryl
He's good." ... written by Shelly
Been back a few times...always helpful." ... written by alice
Thanks for the quick candle healing! Hope it works :)" ... written by Camilla
Thanks for the healing." ... written by tanya
Natural Healer is very easy to talk to and helped a lot. " ... written by Lisa
Hit the nail on the head, accurate and to the point. " ... written by cindy
He's very accurate and gentle with the readings. He as helped ease my mind." ... written by Thomas
NH was good and did not waste credits on why this and that is happening more is it going to move forward or not. If so when to expect the change. This worked for me as I didn't care about the little stuff just the facts. " ... written by Debra
As always he is right to the point and sensitive to ones feelings that is why I always come back to him great reader." ... written by divina513
Picked up on me straight away after being picked in demo. Had a private and was very good. Thank you, have given me something to think about. Will be back. xx" ... written by mitsycorkireland
Very good and helpful. The ritual definitely calmed me down. " ... written by Leslie
I hate we ended." ... written by sharick
Am so happy, he is the best I have had 3 readings with him, and I can't stay away! He is the only one who makes me feel better after every readying. I love him so much." ... written by sharick
He is very sweet and calming. My session was short and ran out of time. would have loved more time if I had the funds" ... written by mfranzolini
Good and accurate read." ... written by Kerry
NaturalHealer calm presence was very helpful and although the time sure does fly in private readings making me feel a bit rushed, I understand that these professionals must make a living and I will certainly be back to learn more from him and contribute to his business. I was unable to experience his rituals due to low credits in my account, but the rituals he mentioned are familiar to me and I hope to speak with him again soon." ... written by Jo
A good spiritual cleansing...feeling relaxed and better." ... written by Merlin160
I was amazed at how quickly he made the connection and knew about my situation. I will be back for more insight!" ... written by betsy
Great awesome " ... written by may
He is sooo great!! I love when I get readings from him. He is so good at what he does!!" ... written by Angela
NaturalHealer was fast, he confirmed something that I had been hoping for. I will be back to talk with him. He is very kind and calm. " ... written by Mechele708
Nice to catch up again and great reading as usual. :)" ... written by judy
Always open and honest." ... written by Nicole
Naturalhealer is really great at what he does.. Look forward to more readings when I have more time." ... written by kathy
Kind, understanding I know you will help me and I am so appreciative." ... written by Nicole
Insightful, accurate, detailed, informative read. Caring andamp; compassionate guidance. Generous andamp; understanding. Awesome healer. Spiritually gifted person and a pleasant experience. Thank You, NaturalHealer :)" ... written by sk
Very interessting!" ... written by Christopher
very nice person, he knows what he is talkign about! and definitly very good at healing ;) blessings ...." ... written by Alyabaw
He is a friend and great advisor and spot on. I always can come to you with anything. Thanks again!" ... written by Nicole
Quick detailed read. Great healer." ... written by k
He is great, you should talk to him." ... written by lovemate
Exact to the point...great reader." ... written by serbboy3
Spiritually gifted person. Insightful, detailed read with time-frames. Awesome healer." ... written by k
Great" ... written by Amy
Thank you so much again. I just feel very relaxed and i do have positive hopes for the future. Thank you my friend." ... written by Ange
Thank you for another wonderful healing session. The healing energies are so strong!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Thanks again my friend." ... written by Ange
Very genuine spirit with lots of clarity." ... written by Amy
Great advice. Thank you! Picked up on me quickly! x" ... written by jazzychic7
Great reader, very kind hearted!" ... written by Nina
Its been a few months since I last asked help, since I only come on when I really need to, and NH always has great insight and advise. He is calm and full of wisdom. Thank you so much! XOXO" ... written by kissmeangel
Helped ease my thoughts and pain, thank you my friend for all your help! Its nice to have someone to talk to." ... written by Nicole
Great reader, insightful. Very cool about not wasting time." ... written by Eva
Great and amazing as usual. quick with limited time and got to the point and read well into the situation confirming a few things." ... written by ryan747
Very interesting reading. Very calming. Enjoyed it!" ... written by Clarity5
Wise." ... written by sincerly7
very nice and very interesting" ... written by Dreams395
Detailed read with time-frames. spiritually gifted person." ... written by sk
Great." ... written by lena
Nice reading, too bad I ran out of time!" ... written by Helen
Whatever you mention it's ALL 100% correct for me." ... written by vandana
Very sweet and helpful." ... written by lexi
Great! Thank you" ... written by mia
Great." ... written by vandana
You are the best!" ... written by vandana
WOW so good!" ... written by BK
AMAZING! I've seeked help from others on this site and NaturalHealer is pricy but definitely worth it. This is someone I will keep in touch with. THANK YOU SO MUCH NATURAL HEALER. I feel much better about everything now. I will definitely keep you updated. " ... written by Melissa
Good and patient, calm and centered!" ... written by marisa
Thank you." ... written by Shelly
Thank you." ... written by Nicole
Felt better after, thanks" ... written by Greg
You are terrific! " ... written by Andrea
Great reading, scaringly accurate about a potential soulmate connection with a happy end!" ... written by Giulia
Thank you so much for the reading! You are so insightful and honest. I really appreciate your reading for me NaturalHealer!" ... written by aknative
Thankyou for the cleansing :)" ... written by Dream395
Pretty good!! Sensed things about me that were right on point...helpful, informative! It was nice!" ... written by nva123
Great." ... written by vandana
Sounds good" ... written by Puppy24
He was nice and positive." ... written by Laura8425
Excellent." ... written by Lianne
Thank you for the wonderful healing energy u sent over, I could feel the warmth =)" ... written by Ri
Wish the reading could have gone a little faster, but I'm satisfied. Thank you!" ... written by aknative
Very honest and helpful!" ... written by Julieta
Great as always" ... written by Judy
A perfect guide" ... written by s
Amazing and insightful" ... written by s
He is AWESOME and right on point!! I was at a low and decided to give him a try to help me get insight on my love life. He showed me my cards... that's one thing NO ONE has EVER done and he explained them thoroughly!! THANK YOU Natural Healer... you initiated the healing of my broken heart! I can't wait to come back and give you an update!!!!" ... written by Dimples
Very polite and accurate...thanks" ... written by anushree
Thanks!" ... written by JP
He has been very helpful. " ... written by star
Good." ... written by Roy
I am so happy to have done this reading, it was amazing, if you want answers to your questions you will get them. Thank you so much" ... written by natasha
Will come again for another reading! :)" ... written by Lisa
Great once again!!" ... written by Dimples
Thank you for your kind energy and time. Very sweet and clear. 5 starts from me!" ... written by acb
It was quite interesting :-) thank you very much " ... written by Nadine
He is Brilliant and very to the point, but compasionate. Kinda funny too, but doesn't waste you time with jokes. Definitely will read with him again!" ... written by Holly
Naturalhealer is a top class reader, l was very impressed with his knowledge of cards. He has deep intuition and delivers messages with insight and in a way that makes you think. Too bad my connection was slow and we couldn't communicate but l will definitely come back to him again very soon. Thank you." ... written by Elisa
To the point." ... written by mary
Great Reading, answered my question quickly. Was very helpful. " ... written by Kaitlin Q. Calkins
Very sweet well manner all around nice guy!!" ... written by shirley
Very good at what he does. He is a natural, I felt so much better after the rituals we performed. So much better my mind is at ease." ... written by meredith
very sharp, what makes me had a reading with him is because he already know what are my concerns are in my first demo with him he even caught two of my past relationship. everyone should give him a try" ... written by angel18wings
Very thorough very honest and direct, wonderful reading" ... written by meredith
Was very brief as I didn't have many credits but answered my question quickly. Thank you. Feel more positive." ... written by cimba1
very nice reading, I was mad when I got into private because of a certain person i was mad about and left calm and with reasurance" ... written by angel18wings
Looking forward to predictions. Picked up on my emotions right away." ... written by shauna
Great reading, and to the point." ... written by Tashea
He was quick and thorough. To the point, sharp, on track. He confirmed some things I have near-evidence of. Educated and high-brow, recommended!" ... written by OndeMystere
Awesome :) so gentle!" ... written by kundra
Very deep thorough reading... gave me not only good news, but hope and time frame to work on... thank you!" ... written by ragingwaters
First time I went to NaturalHealer for a reading and i felt it did work the cord karma cutting :)" ... written by star
He is a very talented guy,very accurate on what he sees his cards tell the whole story!!" ... written by elle11
He is amazing I love getting the candle readings! Instant healing." ... written by salena
Very helpful reading!" ... written by alice
He gave me clarity, Helped me to have hope and faith. Life isn't always easy and it's up to us how we choose to cope with the situations. Sometimes we have to look outside the box we form in our own minds in order to see the big picture. He helped me see that this is the case in my situation." ... written by pinkpather30
He was amazing!" ... written by Leia
Short reading due to his price but well worth it." ... written by Kirstenb
Very nice reading, gave me the news I was hoping for. :)" ... written by Lyn
A very pleasant, insightful guy and a good listener. I will definitely be back." ... written by Alex
THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!" ... written by shannaTUCSON
Always such clear messages and outcomes... past readings came true... very reliable!! ty!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
Also... it is very intriguing to read NaturalHealer's crystal... whenever situation applies... it reveals a whole depth of truth that came true for me previously after reading with him... Wonderful!!! ty!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
He is so expensive, but so good too!!!!! Straight to the point. Great reading!" ... written by Holly
Everything he told me was accurate! I love my first session. It was amazing. :)" ... written by Dianazap1983
He was great. quick. very soothing and compassionate. Felt comfortable and relax in just about a minute. Would highly recomend him. " ... written by joanne
Great as always!" ... written by judy
Great! 10 stars." ... written by DonnaRuth
Wow!!! Unbelievable and phenomenal! I am truly blessed and amazed to have a session with the great Natural Healer both reading and healing session. He is truly gifted and divine! Thank you my dear friend, that was one of my best birthday readings. Please keep James and I always in your hearts and prayers. I wish you many blessings, love Princess. Rachel Adiah" ... written by Princess Rachel
Thank you. My life is now complete. I have found my Soul Mate. WOO! HOO! XXXXX." ... written by iz
Very nice. Good reading" ... written by LyssaBugg
Deeply intuitive, genuine, a kind spirit, and so very easy to communicate with... I felt an instant connection from the start. Received a great deal of guidance in a reasonable amount of time." ... written by starbright00
great" ... written by nicole
hes cute" ... written by loisa
Thank you. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
He gave me some things to do and I will come back to tell him if they worked I'm willing to try everything. I recommend it he was kind and professional." ... written by ACe
he was very insightful, clear and to the point." ... written by teke
this is a wonderful reader" ... written by shanna
understanding and caring" ... written by christina
Thank you. Great demo. Gathered more information in a private reading. Very detailed and factual. " ... written by Summer
Thank you though I needed a second reading!! I know will keep an eye on her as well as the others. I will try to encourage the meditation!" ... written by Sidney
Wow! Didn't expect the concept of twin flames, but that was cool! I liked the information and my understanding is clearer on how to approach my situations. That was extremely insightful and very delicately put." ... written by Sidney
Great reading once again, NaturalHealer!!! I feel better about my situation again. I am glad that you gave some advice on how to make it better!!" ... written by Sidney
Thank you NaturalHealer for helping with speeding up and making it more comfortable for the healing of my second charkra!! Once again, awesome!!!" ... written by Sidney
Amazing :) Powerful " ... written by M
GREAT" ... written by np
Wow! He is amazing! Gave me a life direction, and I needed that so badly. Thank you!" ... written by Anna
Once again, an absolutely amazing reading. Very understanding, and charming, guy." ... written by Andrew
he is gooooooooooooooooooddddddddddd" ... written by ting ting
thank u for connecting me with the spirit" ... written by ting ting
Thanks Ron. I Will be patient and see what happens" ... written by Rob
Very good and very kind, but will let you know more in several weeks, thank u so much x x x" ... written by Lisa
awesome makes me feel much better" ... written by meredith
awesome everything was accurate last time hes worth the money" ... written by meredith
Sorry - had to go - GREAT reading by the way. I think you really do have a gift. All the best!" ... written by cheerysunshine
perfect" ... written by purenergy
His reading didn't change...highly recommended!" ... written by anushree
he help me with so much things i havnt realized. he is the great healer of all aspect lol" ... written by ting ting
truly helped me a lot" ... written by xx
Very good details and information during this reading. Natural Healer was truthful, informative, gave me good advice and was really nice. The reading was great." ... written by Jennifer
a true friend!!! Love this man!!! he is a genuine true friend and sibling in spirit...namaste, light and love" ... written by Princess Rachel
How can i graciously thank this wonderful man enough, he is a good friend, my rock, refuge, and my healer!!!! You are a divine angel, thanks for walking and holding our hands together in this journey!! Light and Love to you my buddy xoxox" ... written by PrincessRachel8
very accurate and spot on...predictions came true!! ty!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
Readings always come true!! ty!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
Great reading!! ty!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
wow.. he was quite impressive, and very professional. He was very good at explaining things, and had a great deal of kindness, patience and understanding too offer. He is one of the best on here. He said some really shocking, truthful and amazing things. Very strong connector I would recommend him." ... written by niknac123
thank you" ... written by natural healer
Time was too short" ... written by Sarah
GOOD" ... written by carrie
Very good smart and to the point." ... written by carrie
I think he is good I did not have enough time which is not his fault at all. he has a very good warm and sincere energy and I loved that about him.. I do not open up easily and I can tell I will be able to work with him and get exceptional readings from him." ... written by susan hill
right on the money very knoes what he is saying very good what he does thank you" ... written by carrie
very good and professional" ... written by leo
Great reading, very concise and clear with his observations and answers. Thank you! " ... written by Lynda22
Am impressed by him" ... written by Londo
:). Much better now, I was tired and overwhelmed." ... written by Sidney
good reading very to the point and accurate very good always good" ... written by meredith
hey thank u helped me a lot now I know what to do with my relationship and what to fix thank u very much I really appreciate this" ... written by Conan
He is awesome. I've always wished i had more credit to speak with him. He is great!!! I strongly recommend him" ... written by Bibi123
thank you" ... written by Princess Rachel
thank ou hun xooxox" ... written by Princess Rachel
Amazing healing." ... written by Sam
he is a very talented natural healer. A real one. i appreciated they way he has helped me. and encouraged me. " ... written by lousie
thanks babe!!! xoxox" ... written by Princess Rachel
thank you babe oxoxox" ... written by Princess Rachel
thank you J" ... written by Princess Rachel
good connect" ... written by s
thank you babe xoxox" ... written by Princess Rachel
healing" ... written by r
he is so GREAT!!!! fantastic reading with him. I've learned a lot. and got my answers. strongly recommended!!! love him!!!" ... written by lousie
thank you babe oxoxox big hugs light and love" ... written by Princess Rachel
Very good reading, knew a lot about me without me telling him. Hope the predictions come true." ... written by Andrew
thank you sweety xoxox" ... written by Princess Rachel
Thank you for the healing and advice" ... written by Sarah
he is good" ... written by Cristina4413
thank you J--my best friend, healer, and angel..." ... written by Princess Rachel
He was great. I wish it was a little quicker so I had more time to ask questions. But I am happy with what I got :)" ... written by Rose
I am so happy I decided to take him pvt..he is actually very good!!" ... written by t
he seemed to know what was going on I ran out of time but I think I got the general idea of whats going on .. ty so much " ... written by Geri
Thank you for that healing session. Was a much needed one!!!" ... written by Sidney
I felt he was very slow...and he has a higher rate which feels frustrating...I didn't get a lot of insight for my money. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
such a well detailed reading; very accurate. I am so glad for what is happening and will definitely come for updates. thanks!" ... written by Bibi123
Good solid reading! Thanks!" ... written by Teri
Good psychic. I a bit slow, but thorough and full of wisdom." ... written by katibo
thank you babe" ... written by Princess Rachel
He helped get rid of voice's that I was hearing. " ... written by brandee
My wife and I really enjoyed hearing the news that Natural brought us. Explains to us what he is doing and and cards. I def will be going back. " ... written by James Dubbs
Good!" ... written by Cristina4413
very nice and quick awnsers inpressed" ... written by PAIGE CLARKE
wonderful" ... written by maria
wonnderful" ... written by maria
I just had one question and he answered it perfect thank you sooooo much!" ... written by tyler
great" ... written by maria
Great experience, even though i was very anxious and still struggle with anxiety, i feel so much lighter and positive. i just wish i was more focused to have even more success. But i shall try again to be really rid of my anxiety. Thank you so much x" ... written by Anastasia
great" ... written by maria
wonderful" ... written by maria
Very helpful. Glad to have spoken to him. :)" ... written by Kaylyn
Feel really relaxed and chilled out." ... written by sarah
GREAT" ... written by mRIA
This guy is ace. " ... written by Sarah
Great reading! Thank you" ... written by Vanima
Wow, I like the Art Deco card reading. It was definitely different and he was able to pick up on what is going on though there was no specific question other than general question about my life, education/healing, and my relationship. :)" ... written by Sidney
great reader, I love him being straight to the point" ... written by bibi123
Pretty thorough. Would have liked it to move a little quicker." ... written by Happy
This guy is ace! :) " ... written by Natural Healer's biggest fan!
Always enjoy speaking with NaturalHealer. x" ... written by Manchester Lass
I have learned more about myself in the past few readings and it's been such an eye opener and very good experience. " ... written by Rose
Very good reader. I hope his prediction some true." ... written by Krista Elliott
thank you hun" ... written by princess rachel
thank you hun oxoxoxox" ... written by Princess Rachel
thank you love" ... written by Princess Rachel
amazing, calming andamp; honest! " ... written by purenergy
good job! thank you" ... written by Kellie
was very helpful in clarify some of doubts." ... written by w
GOOD ENERGY PASSED!" ... written by m
thank you so much babe, i love you oxoxoxo" ... written by Princess Rachel
wonderful" ... written by maria
thank you so very much babe!!! I love you oxox" ... written by Princess Rachel
Very nice. Wish I had more time with him! " ... written by Danae87
thank you buddy oxoxoxx" ... written by Princess Rachel
Wow what an amazing reader and healing experience! Could feel every energy raise! Truly life changing " ... written by Dragon
Thank you I think I feel a little better" ... written by Michelle
Healing session was awesome I felt far more tuned in after ..." ... written by Karl2017
Very good alignment session felt the tingling strongly" ... written by Karl2017
thank u. it was weird when u started burning the papers my daughter was right next to me and both kept getting the chills at the same time. everything u said was inspiring. " ... written by irene
Always such a gentle and calming spirit. Readings are a delight, honest and to the point. He also keeps in touch and truly cares about what he does. Thank you always XO " ... written by Stasi
Gifted man, doesn't seem to use any tools. Very good intuition naturally." ... written by EyeRis6
He is very good. I definitely recommend him to others!" ... written by Tina
I love you babe, thank you" ... written by Princess Rachel
thank you so very much babe, love you xoxox" ... written by Princess Rachel
Fast advice, honest and straight to the point." ... written by OK
thank you babe love you xoox" ... written by Princess Rachel
Very good reading, and so intuitive, one of the best so far on the site. I need to get more credits for him." ... written by BN
Too early to say if the healing session has worked/will work, but I can say it was a pleasant experience. " ... written by AnnicB1
thankyou for your help connected well to my situation I will keep in touch thankyou xx" ... written by t
lovely and caring, thank you!!" ... written by c
First time with Natural Healer felt he really picked up so well on situation and confirmed some things i felt in my heart. I really trust his insight and recommend him highly. Excellent." ... written by debbiec0613
NaturalHealer is always so on point with his readings for me...i look up to him as favorable and genuine guidance!! tysm!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
i love this man!!! thank you babe" ... written by Princess Rachel
ALWAYS SOOOOOOOOOOO helpful!! NaturalHealer is the real deal!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
What a wonderful reading! He was very accurate and wouldn't let me give him information so I could tell he was legit. Helped me with love and moving away. Thank you! :)" ... written by Anna
so far so good but will wait to see if predictions come true. Thank you. :) " ... written by Sk
Awesome experience. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Even gave healing sessions. Really good." ... written by yellowMellow51
great read" ... written by sk
He is amazing. He truly is gifted. And he really wants to help people. I would truly recommend him. And would love to see help from him again. " ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
Did a full spiritual healing session for my fear of traveling, it was pretty cool the way he basically burned my fears away. :)" ... written by Anna
very accurate" ... written by nromance
Great read!!" ... written by Christine071
great read" ... written by s
Thanks for the reading, good one! I'll come back soon. Always good to know what is coming up in 2015; looking forward to gate to that big gate to 2015." ... written by Bibi123
very intriguing and nice, thanks for the reading." ... written by park30
I was feeling sick and had a headache, so I am feeling better now. Thank you once again, Naturalhealer!" ... written by Sidney
I am very happy with the reading I got! He is the best!" ... written by Rose
Thank you for that healing session. I always feel better after those sessions. :)" ... written by Sidney
I think that he was very awesome and accurate. He was calm and patient and very sweet. he understands and loves to help people he has a very beautiful soul." ... written by shadowb4light
The reading was very uplifting and encouraging, it gave me hope" ... written by Shaynell
thanks alot for the reading" ... written by femi
so caring and clear, spot in his his readings, 2 months ago he told me what was going to happen,.. sadly in this case it did happen, but i was warned,.. feared it, but well, now its time to work with that,.. thank you dearest! much love and light" ... written by c
Amazing read!!!! Highly recommend" ... written by Causha
Interesting reading. NaturalHealer is kind and seems to know a lot. Only time will tell." ... written by Vfowles1304
Wow... this guys is right on the money. He absolutely knows what he is doing. Will be back for sure. Would highly recommend." ... written by Sam603
very patient and explained the cards to me very carefully and made sure I understood. Answered my main question. Great reading done...thank you!" ... written by Flovech82
good reader, I had no voice . but good " ... written by love sun
Straight to the point.. " ... written by Nicole
He's great and definitely knows what he is doing. Very accurate." ... written by Tina
Thank you for the general healing that I needed so badly!!! " ... written by Sidney
Brian is great, he is so spot on always. Definitely helped me feel better about my situation :)" ... written by Anna
Oh my! He is excellent!! Very precise, accurate and understood the situation completely. He is very meticulous in explaining the cards and what they mean in terms of your situation and it was SPOT ON!! Really helped me understand how to proceed and what to expect. Highly recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Took a chance...and glad I did. Thorough, exact and precise...he explains without humdrum...he's not a teller only, he's a teacher. His style is uniquely his and I've never experienced how he does it...I truly like it. I will try him again for a longer session...that is a definite promise." ... written by Bronxie
Great reading as always! :)" ... written by Anna
Thank you for the advise concerning my father and how to deal with the situation. Happy belated holidays and much love and light! :D" ... written by Sidney
amazing reader, wow, 5 stars!" ... written by yoma
Excellent reading and healing session! amazing. Natural Healer connected with me and could see my life clearly. he was able to share lots of wonderful information with me and the mediation session was amazing. i look fwd to future session with him" ... written by Melissa
Had a healing session. Hopefully this will help me. :) " ... written by L
Spot on very accurate told Me answers I was looking for ...He is good in a fun way ( two thumbs Up )" ... written by Stephen
He's amazing. Thank you so much, I will take on board your advice and get checked. " ... written by Courteney
Very accurate made things so much clearer I highly recommend Him..." ... written by Karl2017
Excellent" ... written by gail
He always provides the clarity that I need. :)" ... written by Anna
Excellent reading." ... written by Milan
NaturalHealer told me to talk to a person about keeping my job and it actually worked. it was great advice" ... written by Anna
Always a great help! Thank you!" ... written by Anna
very good reading pin pointed issues thanks x" ... written by joboluvz73
A great and considerate guide whom enriches lives :)" ... written by Anon
For the very short time I had it was REAL! I'll be back very soon" ... written by Susie
wonderful" ... written by maria
He is a wonderful intuitive and a great healer." ... written by Melissa Lindsey
Had an Energy healing with Natural Healer and it felt amazing, you have to try it you will feel refresh after. I did ask a question which i will let you know when it has come to pass." ... written by Randy
I had wanted a session with Naturalhealer for a long time. I'm very pleased with the session. Now, it's a matter of seeing the effects of the work! Thanks and many stars to him ;)" ... written by amazingstud
Was excellent as always cleared up some thoughts I was having " ... written by Steve
he helped me out, or tried his best." ... written by f
Amazing" ... written by Anastasia
Very Good energy. Feeling some shifts now and hope the healing continues to build. Very thankful for his help." ... written by Metaro22
He did a balancing and I indeed felt more positive and lighter..You are very good Thank You " ... written by Karl2017
very good love to hear what he says" ... written by carrie
had a healing with natural healer. " ... written by tiffany
Cool session. As always, very detailed and thorough. Kinda dragged on and I ran out of time, but it was time well spent, in my opinion. Will come back. " ... written by Sam
Spot on, answered my questions with clarity and the cards gave a lot of insight. I felt the answers as he said them so his abilities are very good. Highly recommended" ... written by Pheonix
on freakin point" ... written by amanda
Really good reading, and I appreciate the insight. It was very intuitive to my situation." ... written by BN
I come to NaturalHealer for guidance an timelines. His cards and crystal and senses are always right in my case so I trust him and come back when I need help." ... written by B
took too long but he made me think about things to consider. " ... written by bryan
Great card reading, it was spot on. Did the healing session, I felt the energy. As a healer myself, I understand and know he is very good. Will come back to let him know when the messages from the cards came through. I'd recommend my friends to get a reading and crystal healing session with you! Thank you" ... written by Zuzu
Feeling calm after a healing session" ... written by Natalie
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Natural Healer performed a very calming and serene healing of my negative energies, I feel much more focused and goal oriented now. I shall go back to ask a few questions about my job search, will update with how they turn out :) Personally would recommend this Psychic for energy/aura healing." ... written by Bala_tell
Excellent reading" ... written by Milan
I just had a healing ceremony (my first) I feel very cleansed and relieved from the stress I oozed coming into the session. Highly recommended. NaturalHealer indeed." ... written by Alex
Hit the nail on the head with the situation I am in." ... written by Natalie
my first time with him. i was amazed by his free demo, so decided to try him out myself. he had a good grasp of my situation, and gave me some very comforting advice. i will follow it and see what comes out of it. " ... written by abyss00
Great healing booster I felt the energy and the positive changes ..He is very good, Thanks so much Healer " ... written by Karl2017
i felt different after Naturalhealer's healing session with me. And because i believe in him, i recommend him anytime. " ... written by Grace
Very good reading and healing session, I feel more positive now. Natural is very good at what He does ...TY " ... written by Karl2017
If you want healing, here's your guy." ... written by Runa
wonderful love the cards" ... written by maria
super quick and super helpful" ... written by Bclif.
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Very good thank you" ... written by A.
good reader. very straight forward guy. i would recommend him. and i would consult with him again." ... written by alisa
We did a mini spiritual healing, it was great! Thanks :)" ... written by Anna
Seemed very confident in what he was saying. Will come back on Thursday to hear more. Very well spoken which appeals to me." ... written by Ly Lo
What a lovely gentleman NaturalHealer is very calming but spot on with his messages. Thank you for helping with my healing and also my friends healing. Looking forward to talking to you again soon. thanks." ... written by Lee
i feel so much better , he did great! I feel reliefed and his healings are the best!" ... written by takerra
wonderful" ... written by maria
I need to heal my soul" ... written by annia
thank you so much I feel like there is hope now :) and im alot more happy no more depression " ... written by adriana
Very good healing session provided" ... written by Nikolay
Thank you for the reading. I will keep you posted. That was such an amazing reading. Im sorry I ran out of credits. " ... written by Jenna
Thank you for all your help. S amazing." ... written by Vijay
Thank you so much for your healing session " ... written by Paula
Excellent help" ... written by Paula
Thank you so much for helping me reconect with my mate kellen u have given me so much hope :)" ... written by adriana
Best protections. Insane:)Feel like a superman now:)Thanks a lot)" ... written by Nikolay
Best energy healings and protections. Recommend to people who wants to have better life)" ... written by Nikolay
Best energy healing and protections. Thanks a lot:)" ... written by Nikolay
Amazing!! So accurate and very efficient :)" ... written by Alice
Nice healings and protection:)Recommend for people who wants to be a superman:)" ... written by Nikolay
Thanks a lot for you help:)Feel awesome now and relaxed:)" ... written by Nikolay
We did a healing session, I am not sure what to think. I hope it does work and I hope partner comes back soon. " ... written by Flower
The best protections ever:)Thanks a lot for you help:)" ... written by Nikolay
Very good. He knew just what I needed and I didn't even have to really tell him. He was spot on, and just overall very concerned and just good. I am just in awe how he knew things. I got goosebumps. Thank you for the healing. I do not need to worry about those things anymore." ... written by Mariacela
wonderful" ... written by maroa
NaturalHealer is a very gifted psychic with incredible intuition and empathy. You will be more than pleased with all of his advice and support, lovely person." ... written by Bee
Wow naturalHealer is awesome. We did a healing an clearing and I felt the energies. Great reading and healing. Thank You." ... written by PinkLotus
Really great specific and useful advise!!!! Great reading!!! Thanks so much dude!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Great reading. Fixe stars for sure" ... written by familyhelper
Thank you so much. Your insight is invaluable. You connect so well and your accuracy is truly amazing. I will be back to update you. " ... written by famliyhelper
This was probably the best reading yet, he helped me answer all of my questions very specifically and now I know exactly what to do in all areas of my life :)" ... written by Anna
You are truly amazing. Wow is all I can say. Your description and detail is so accurate. I'm so impressed and you have so very much eased my mind and have put me on a path to positiveness. I cannot thank you enough for changing my life. Thank you." ... written by familyhelper
Amazing as always!" ... written by Alice
Thank you for your help with this tough decision of which restaurant to work at!" ... written by Anna
Great insight on my situation!" ... written by Anna
thank you no sugar coating very accurate, right on point" ... written by syndia
very good healer helped a lot" ... written by emily wood
wonderful" ... written by maria
cool" ... written by veer
great" ... written by veer
very nice and healing wonderful" ... written by natalie
Thank you for letting me try out some of the new healing tools that you have and thank you for letting me learn to feel relaxed and at peace!!!" ... written by Sidney
Great Reading very happy with the results." ... written by Cristian Tejada
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thanks for the demo! You told me things I already knew and that I needed to hear again. Very detailed and accurate." ... written by Darla
Was a lovely session." ... written by Sujatha
He was very good and helpful. Out of all the psychic readings I have been with, he was my favorite. Just make sure you have enough credits because time does go very quickly and he makes sure you understand each situation of your life. I would recommend him. " ... written by Rosamaria
WONDERFUL!!" ... written by maira
He is good, but you have to really make sure you have enough credits. The time goes very quickly. " ... written by rosamaria
Thank you for the healing and for the update on all that was concerning my situations at the current moment. And, that I am personally not ready for it to happen though it would be good me." ... written by Sidney
always good to have his energy around. so natural and pure awesome reading and healing i can really feel his sincerity in soul andamp; spirit. thank God for him :)" ... written by natalie
Won a demo with him and nailed it on my job environment, so I took him to private...I have other readers read for me and they predict things happening at a faster pace, but for some reason, NH predictions are further out and to be honest, more realistic. I am looking forward to talking to him again, this time, about love..We began the conversation and as it was getting good, time ran out...but that is okay. There is something to look forward to and an area we can focus on more intensely. I really glad I waited for him to come on, instead of jumping to another reader. It is not that I was drawn to him on an energetic level, but I felt like he will be a straight shooter like he was in the demo. He has this presence around him- prepare to hear the truth and if you are looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear, he is not your reader. No games, jokes, magic pills, just truth...Thank you!! Loveandamp;Light. Namaste." ... written by regina
Had readings several times, always helpful" ... written by Alice
great" ... written by bee
Great energy work" ... written by Tony
Very good:)" ... written by Nikolay
Thanks so much for the energy healing. I feel refresh and more content within myself." ... written by Randy
Very good:)" ... written by Nikolay
Very good:)" ... written by Nikolay
good work" ... written by tony
very kind and understanding" ... written by nellystewart
wonderful" ... written by maria
helpful" ... written by veer
helpful" ... written by veeer
Very good protections:)" ... written by Nikolay
great" ... written by maira
wish it was longer but hes great'. hopefully I can get close to my love sson" ... written by mary
Very good healing! Impressed with insight and ability to bring calmness will be back" ... written by Sage
the reading is very short, but very impressive. thanks " ... written by Rose
He was very good and nice. I enjoyed him." ... written by tessag
Norbert is truly gifted!!! Loved my reading with him." ... written by marionlyttle
NaturalHealer is a very caring reader.He took his time and gave fantastic advice ." ... written by victoria111
I thought he was great. Definitely good at giving advice. " ... written by james9534