Psychic PAIGELOVEPSYCHIChas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PAIGELOVEPSYCHIChas recently helped 23members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PAIGELOVEPSYCHIC's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I can answer any concerns you may have with your relationships, career and the "why" of all heart matters. No sugar coating all my readings are detailed and in-depth.

Great info, thank you!" ... written by queenbee22
I love her, she was so right about everything." ... written by JewelzEmerald
Wow Paige is so Amazing I can't even describe the words to just how remarkable her abilities are. She was able to connect and give fine details. She is a true gem. Oranum has done it again. Paige is truly gifted. Please do give her a chance you won't be disappointed I promise you that. She tells it like it is NO Sugar coating. I will defineily have more future readings. God bless!!!" ... written by Lucy117
Thank you!" ... written by termo11
She is really honest and sweet. I can't wait to finally move on and be free from this feeling. Thanks so much for your help. :) " ... written by stayclosedontgo
This woman was amazing.. Got everything right.. Was very helpful and motivated me. xx" ... written by rkaur22
Very kind and great energy. I enjoyed my reading with her. She seemed right on target and I recommend her for a reading." ... written by missgreeneyes
Such a wonderful reader...great insight and lots of detail!" ... written by andreabaker1223
You were great. thank you for reading,. now i understand" ... written by santhia1989
She was very good....I will see the results in the next coming weeks and months...." ... written by angelmist
This is the second time I talk to Paige. She is always accurate, quick, patient and honest. I love her and trust her. Thank you for helping me to understand my love situation!" ... written by Mai
She is great connected with me very well loved this reading! =)" ... written by luckycharms312
I have had reading by Paige a few times. She is always accurate, and patience. She answered questions so quick." ... written by Mai
Very good, felt connected, honest and I hope right and truthful :) " ... written by Priscillak82
I am very happy with the reading, Paige is very honest and she doesn't sugarcoat. I highly recommend her if you want to know the real truth. Thank you again Paige, its bitter right now but i know the sweetness will be on its way! lol. " ... written by connette
She was amazing!!Made me feel good again! I know what I must do stop dating and stick with the guy. I truly love!! Focus on him and keep hope I will do it!!! God bless! Lovely lady!" ... written by luckycharms312
I will sure come back! She is very much on the money with things she is awesome. Give her a try see for yourself you will be happy you did!" ... written by zeemountainmama
Honest and truthful!" ... written by starsalign21
Very accurate. Great reading. Thank you for your help. " ... written by Christina
Excellent reading, very helpful and compassionate." ... written by maryannepav
I have hope what she said will come true! She made me feel a little less stressed about situation! Thank you!" ... written by Smiles1977
You have made my heart smile and I hope everything that you said happens. I have faith thank you again! You have made my heart smile!" ... written by myluvlyaly1
Very nice!" ... written by sudha2809
Amazingly good!" ... written by sudha2809
Very helpful!" ... written by lovebugshay
Paige is a very good reader and she picked up on a lot of things about me. I highly recommend you get a reading from this gifted woman." ... written by paloosa
She was great she picked up on my and my sweety's energy very well. was so happy with this reading =)" ... written by luckycharms312
Excellent! Accurate and no tools." ... written by steffleblanc
Great read, have to see if predictions come true." ... written by newmswalker2
I really liked this reading she told me a lot of things I can look forward to and gave me hope." ... written by LiisaKatriina
Accurate!" ... written by gstephen
She's honest, easygoing, very calm, and very accurate. Loved to have a reading and a chat with her! :-)" ... written by bellacasa
Paigelove is 100% accurate. I love her!" ... written by Mai
Thank you!" ... written by epilock
Paigelove is very accurate. I am thankful she is here!" ... written by Mai
100% accurate. I am grateful to her help!" ... written by mai
Very good and kind!" ... written by Priscillak82
PaigeLove is so accurate and helpful!" ... written by Mai
She was great, she answered directly, precisely and quickly. Thanks so much, I will be back soon!" ... written by chapara5480
Shes always so quick and accurate. shes great to talk to" ... written by cjay23
Very informative , and accurate." ... written by munirah007
She's beyond her years, a ver good reader accurate precise honest and helpful. Much appreciated!" ... written by ikroyal
WONDERFUL READING ! THANK YOU PAIGE !!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
Thank you so much! Accurate and honest reading very impressive. :)" ... written by Yoogii00
Thank you. You were dead on. Wow! Thank you for getting right to the point I didn't have to say much at all." ... written by sunshyn56278
Great reading absolutely accurate. Clear and precise." ... written by ikroyal
Thank you." ... written by katie46
Was wonderful to chat with and very accurate." ... written by Sam_Hope2
I had a great reading with paigelovepsychic, she connects well with you and is a patient, kind person, looking forward to the future changing, thank you!" ... written by marybeth1love
Well I had a postive reading with her. I'll just see how this turns out with her guidance. She was very kind and gentle. Thank you very much Paige 5 star." ... written by loove
Boy, she is wonderful and understanding. She is straight to the point. " ... written by kitkat02
Very nice to chat with, will have to see if she is correct, will come back!" ... written by luvuchaluka
She was spot on!" ... written by Adiz
Loved the reading it was amazing. I Love how she broke down the situation and just explained to me whats going on. She knew exactly what was going on. I give her a thumbs up and I reccommend her to everyone. " ... written by Vaneya
Quick and honest. Thank you." ... written by itsuramo
She is honest with you." ... written by Zina0204
A wonderful visit with Paige...Five stars. Was able to tune in to the person I was needing clarification from...was right on with how this guy is...and best of all was able to give me insight to how he needs space to think and clear his head among other things....Very kind and caring woman..who cared about getting the right message clear to tune in too....I will be back anothor time. Thank you again.~ Heather" ... written by Heather1971
Paige is another fantastic reader to join oranum! she uses no tools and is quick to connect and she was totally spot on with my situation! i will be back......Highly recommend her for pvt" ... written by marionlyttle
Paige is so good at what she is doing even she look so young. She is insightful, clarify. She answer the questions so quick. Love her! " ... written by Mai