About PsychicAnnLucas

Psychic PsychicAnnLucashas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicAnnLucashas recently helped 38members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicAnnLucas's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello and welcome, I am Ann Lucas. I have been a psychic / clairvoyant / medium for over 20 yrs. I have worked with diplomates, law enforcment, celebrities and many others throughout the world. I am a real psychic with incomparable accuracy. I will tell you when they are coming back, moving in, who by name and discription they are cheating with and what do they really feel for you! Contact me NOW!

waoo, i am impressed, she is the real deal" ... written by sprngmaria2013
I was please with my reading." ... written by shiveon
oh my goddddd! what a reading had a great time!! she knows what was goning on! hope you know who will call me see ya in Florida!" ... written by sprngmaria2013
Ann is really wonderful. She has true kindness and compassion as well as seemed to really pick up on things I was asking about. I felt drawn to her and learned we have a lot in common. I highly recommend her. " ... written by sparkly1
Best reading ever... she is so nice and she really help me. " ... written by mj27
Oranum's Best Psychic! She is amazing, connected to me and my boyfriend without any questions or date of births.. She has given me guidance and support to get through the tough times to get the happiness I deserve. I had the most interesting reading so far on Oranum, best thing is she has a great sense humour, together we brought laughter into a serious conversation. Ann picked up my situation and issues straight away... She has given me time frames for certain predications and without a doubt I'm sure they'll come true :) People don't waste your time in free chat, private chat is what you need. " ... written by sammie1988
Psychic Ann Lucas is AMAZING!! Very Accurate! " ... written by decemberdreams
Thank you for helping me move on from a bad relationship. Now, I can put the smile back on my heart." ... written by Denise37
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Angel168
shes got a gift for sure! *****. totally honest." ... written by steph
i tried to be honest,but i think they only want 5 star reviews and that doesn't help someone pick who is best for them if they dont know:(((" ... written by olivia
Wow! Just a couple of days later and one of her predictions came true on the day she said it would. Thanks AnnLucas...I am breathing a sigh of relief now. I sure hope the rest comes true. ACCURATE! NO CARDS. try her!!" ... written by fireopal
Ann is just such a warm and wonderful person with an amazing ability and gift. She was direct and kind and no mucking around about what I wanted to know. I fully recommend Ann and wish her the very best of everything beautiful in her life. I trust Ann's insight and motivations and will be revisiting her regularly. Please, don't go past Ann. Mx" ... written by mdemos
Wow Reader, no sugar coating, be ready for the truth only. Highly recommended!" ... written by Someone
Great reading. Will follow her advice. Hope that what she saw for me comes true. Highly recommended. Thanx Ann." ... written by coorsmann
wow best woman ever " ... written by ML
powerfully accurate and straightforward. kind and thoughtful. beautifully done :)" ... written by dl12345
She was fantastic. I didn't have to tell her much, she just knew and started typing right away. She was very accurate and sweet and told the truth. I am definitely going to go back for more and to let her know how things work out. I was verrrrrrry pleased and recommend her to anyone who just wants answers without haveing to ask all the questions. " ... written by peachybeez
She was great love her! Very sweet and respectful and gave me some good insight which was right on point!" ... written by charblessed
It's been a pleasure, thank you, great advice, looking forward" ... written by frag
simply phenomenal...!" ... written by frag
she good. REALLY good. " ... written by dip
great reading, very fast connected" ... written by veezee
she was right on about everything he was doing i just didnt know he was lieing about everything he told me, she told me enerything he was doing. but to know his life is not going the way he told me it was makes me happy, he dont have it like that no his life aint peaches and cream lol like he said .and omg she even knew i was playing alittle game on him and girls let me tell you it works,LMAO YES i will read with her again and i will be waiting to see if the time frame she gave me is a sure thang til next time.." ... written by jakkar
Wow!!! The real Deal....absolutely right on." ... written by mozzy123
i used to not understand the phrase andamp;quot;next best thing to talking to god.andamp;quot; after talking to PsychicAnnLucas. now I do. Thank you for making yourself available and sharing your god-send gifts with people. Truly amazed." ... written by ghent2011
very good, connected, got cut off so am coming back for more" ... written by mizbeez
TY for an awesome reading! God Bless :)" ... written by mozzy123
wow will again with her love it I love her " ... written by ML
wow will again with her love it I love her " ... written by ML
Wow.....she's the real deal ! Already gave me one right prediction so I returned." ... written by florwer85
Great Reading" ... written by Harvey6972
good reading will again w her " ... written by LM
One of the best on here...and a cool chick to talk to ! Thanks Ann :)" ... written by mozzy123
wonderfully accurate" ... written by happyfeet
Thank you so much. You're very accurate and picked up on everyone so accurately." ... written by CityGirlLuv
Always lovely to talk to, she is the best! I truly recommend her to anyone who has not tried her out. She knows what she is talking about and has the biggest heart you will find her on Oranum! =)" ... written by katnguyen
She is a very authentic reader. She doesn't use any tools, only her own magnificent clairvoyance. I highly recommend her, especially now that she is at a bargain price. Thank you, Lady Ann." ... written by evolve
Great!! you are awesome! she remembered everything we talked about!" ... written by flower08
In the short time of the reading she did most of the talking and it was like talking to long time and wise friend. Someone who is genuine and feels the need to be connected to you. I will be back for additional readings. Thank you for the motivation!" ... written by Bonkysheek
Incredible experience, she is amazing:))))))))))) I don't have any words to describe her abilities. She is a gift for humanity. Thank you:))))" ... written by milona
Loved her!" ... written by spiritualgirl1
Truly an amazing person, very motivating. She andamp;quot;tells it like it isandamp;quot;. She goes out of her way to help you. Just listen to hear =) Thank you for all you have done, had a wonderful reading with you and will DEFINITELY come back. I recommend her andamp;lt;3" ... written by katnguyen
love it " ... written by LM
Very accurate and positive reading! She is very professional and trustworthy. Will be back for sure!" ... written by kosmosss
Thank you so much..I will not give up hope." ... written by brownsuga5964
Felt comfortable talking to her because she quickly connected and thoroughly responded to all concerns. You'll appreciate her honesty, support, and sense of humor. If you want an amazing reading, she's the real deal!" ... written by wunder
i just had a reading with annlucus not only is she a beautiful woman inside and out she was very understanding to my stiuation i thank her for all her encouraging words thanks alot love cant wait for my next reading she is a true blessing" ... written by cadesgirl
Very nice person... good reader :) I will keep her posted" ... written by giggles12
She really is the best - amazing and on point with everything. Such a sweetie and so connected!! Excellent - worth every penny!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
She's like a dear friend who only wants the best for you and will tell you like it is regardless of the situation so u can look forward to what is coming and meant for you. She is worth every penny so please don't hesitate to go to a PR with her!! So amazingly accurate...I'm so thankful I found her on here!!!:))" ... written by bellacasey
Wow. Wow. And WOW!!! She just confirmed so much for me tonight. Just WOW!!!! Thank you so much Annlucas! I will def keep u posted. I feel his energy and everything u said was SPOT ON! I look forward to the coming months and can't wait to tell you all about it!!!! God Bless!!!:) ***Do a private reading people!!!!! Worth every penny and more!!!!!****" ... written by bellacasey
She is so good. She immediately picked up on the situation. She was feeling it right from the start. I am glad I went private with her." ... written by waswriter
She really knows her stuff awesome young lady i would definitely go private again with her." ... written by scorpionqueen
very awesome" ... written by lisha11
definitely coming back next week." ... written by katnguyen
She is very good at picking up on things. I would have loved to know more but ran out of money. But I will definitely be talking with her soon" ... written by Rachel
She is great! Love to talk to her again!" ... written by Danyale0525
love chatting with her =) definitely need to go private with Ann, she is good and always fun to talk to." ... written by katnguyen
What a wonderful reading! She connected with my situation right away and told me what I needed to know. She has a true gift and I would recommend a private reading with her if you need an answer. Thank you again and bless you." ... written by geoff007
Very On Point she is Great! !!" ... written by queenbee22
Oh WOW - all I can say is WOW. She is truly gifted and taps right in. She knew everything about my situation and named it. Thank goodness for her gift! You should have a reading with her - she is amazing! FIVE STARS!!! *****" ... written by sacredlove71
Amazing!! great advice i loved it she knew so much without asking me! really worth the money! Thank you! i will deff be coming back!!" ... written by jules777
Quick and honest. I really appreciated her reading :)" ... written by Noelani
Quick effective reading!" ... written by Writer888
I just love Ann's readings, they're great I swear!" ... written by jodymccallum
Wow, excellent reader and said many things that verified her talent! I am very impressed with her abilities!" ... written by aurasena
she was great she doesn't ask questions, but knows everything and gives you dates, when things will happen for better." ... written by 5468474
i love love talking with her she is so gifted its unbeliveable awesome awesome young lady" ... written by scorpionqueen
excellent - two of the topics she covered have proved to be true predictions. definitely worth the time and money." ... written by gale
wow what can i say I LOVE her so much shes great and know what shes talking about " ... written by jodymccallum
Wonderful...she left me speechless!" ... written by monaverona
Thanks!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Thanks love just had a reading and made me fell much better about things i already felt that what was going on was going on but nice to have conformation on it thanks love cant wait for next reading" ... written by cadesgirl
OMG I have never had a reading like this before she is amazing in every way she gave me details like no other she told me things about past and told me about myself now and its was ACCURATE!!!!!!!!!! she is an angel and amazing in every way!!! I can't wait for her perdition's to come true I know they will she is a true true true true PSYCHIC on here really needs to have her own show thank you for being real xxoo meny blessings to you doll " ... written by crystalblueeyes
I love psychic Annlucas she was so awsome and she made me feel comfortable and at ease she answered all my questions. simply the best!!!" ... written by dominiquet82
She is always kind and helpful - straight forward and very accurate. She gives great advice!! Wonderful and gifted reader!" ... written by sacredlove71
completely incredible - v informatie, no cards, no guess, no questions, extremely accurate, v efficient on time, v to the point, one of the best psychics without a doubt. " ... written by jp
outstanding fast clarification!!!thanks xx" ... written by scoops09
I absolutely adore this girl. She is so amazing andamp; talented. Helpful. Fun. Caring. Picks up immediately on things. I trust her completely knowing she will guide me towards the right path or confirm I am on it already. She is worth her weight in gold. She delivers it straightforward, no nonsense but like a warm hug to let you know you're gonna be ok. Just be ready to hear the truth. Love you girl!!! xoxo" ... written by bellacasey
amazing thank you " ... written by jessjess1
Excellent feedback, quick fast, and honest. Thank You, Annlucas!" ... written by Mesha11
Please come back on line soon! I did what u told me to do...need to update you! Love ya girl!" ... written by bellacasey
I think things are slowing down and possibly going in reverse. Wish I could talk to you. I need your guidance. I'm considering throwing in the towel but I want to discuss with you first. Hope I can catch up with you soon!! Xoxoxo " ... written by bellacasey
Great reading as always. Thank you Ann :)" ... written by mozzy123
This lady is absolutly fantastic!. my reading with her altho short was very accurate. I will wait and see now what she predicted for me comes to pass. Highly recommended!" ... written by brightstar101
Fantastic!!! will wait and see.." ... written by brightstar101
much appreciated! Confirmation always helps set my mind right, and I got a double dose of it tonight! I shall return! " ... written by miasha
She's good." ... written by Theresa123
Truly the 'real thing' nothing but answers, direct, fast and accurate....most recommended." ... written by JP
She is the best upon best! Everything was very accurate and very motivating. one of the best physics that I have ever ran into. :-)" ... written by Elizabeth
Wonderful reading...very positive and uplifting." ... written by monaverona
Ann is my absolute favorite on Oranum. She really connected with me and said things that were on my mind before I said them! Wow! Highly recommend!" ... written by dstufra1
Thank you very much for all the info, very impressive and will just have to wait and wait. Will keep her informed. Looking forward to the improvement in communications in my situation. " ... written by Jim
No words other than incredible." ... written by RadesGirl
Do not look anywhere else... she is the one. She saw me even without my camera working. She started to talk about my problems without me going over. " ... written by vjrei01
great! :)) amaaazingg" ... written by sarah321
Just love this woman!" ... written by divinedaughter
I liked the reading a lot" ... written by jessicar123
wonderful reading...cant wait to see what happens...10 STARS" ... written by monaverona
Ann is ma girrrrrrl!!! Knowing she has my back just makes it all so much easier to anticipate the things that are coming. And I have so much faith in what she says, I feel so blessed to have met her. I've talked to others on here but no one is as accurate as she. I don't talk to anyone BUT Ann need. She's the end all!!:)) Love you girl!!!! TTYS!!! xoxo" ... written by bellacasey
I love Ann so much, she always gives me the guidence and hope that I need..She is truly gifted with her talents. She an angel sent from above!!! Thank so much Ann, you mean more to me then you'll ever know!!!! " ... written by nina
to the point, focused and very good " ... written by LadyL5
I have just had my first reading with Ann. I asked if she could see a new love for me this year? She gave me the month of March, and the name Michael. As well as other information. This was quite reassuring as I have had a previous reading from another psychic who said that I would meet a man with the initial M, between January and July of this year. So I will update you on any development. Thank you for your time Ann :) " ... written by Jodie
Thank you very much for all the info, very impressive and will just have to wait and wait. Will keep her informed. Looking forward to the improvement in communications in my situation." ... written by jnm098
Look No More Ann is the Real DEAL!!! Her predictions come true! WOW i have had many readings with her she is the kindest person you will ever meet and not only that but she will help you with every problem in your life! She has helped so much in my life and i will be back again and again! Thanks Ann Love Ya! See ya soon in private Xoxoxo Jody" ... written by jodymccallum
She is just amazing, you won't believe it. Is the best person and the real thing. You will lough when you see all the things she can tell. " ... written by vjrei01
She's my rock!!! Dunno what I'd do w/o her and I hope I never have to find out!!!! Love you beautiful girrrrl!!! XOXO" ... written by bellacasey
thank you for the reading i hope it comes true" ... written by lesty21
Ann was so real and to the point. I had been told different stories, untruths to get me to return to some of the "psychics" on Oranum, but Ann pegged it and went right in and pegged it. She's real! She's honest and She strong. I like that :-) She truly relates to me as a woman and what it is I needed at the time. Ann gave me sincere, good solid advice and I appreciate it. Her honesty gave rest to my anxiety and fears to be honest. She didnt need to add all the pump and circumstance many other use to cause u to question. I will take Ann's advice and boldly act on what she has given me. My own instinct tell me I'm in a good place with her and she has shared her wisdom with me. I will INDEED return to see follow up and consult with Ann on future issues for sure. If you haven't did a private with Ann? PLEASE do, but be ready for change and truth!...That's really what it's all about. Thanks Ann :-) (talk soon)" ... written by peaceofmind3
I always come to Ann! She is amazing and lovely person and fills you with positivity! Thank you Ann! xxx" ... written by Jodyleelee
I liked the reading a lot" ... written by jessicar123
She is awesome.. definitely coming back.. Love her energy.. million stars!" ... written by snowwhite75
Thank you girly! I very much appreciate your help, accuracy, and advice :)" ... written by mozzy123
Ann is so incredible and right on with everything I am so amazed by her gift. She was able to tell me things that happened and fill in pieces that all just came together. Wow I have to keep coming back to her just to hear more. I can talk to her all day!!! I can not wait for her perdictions to happen. I will keep you posted.... Consult with her you will not be sorry!!!!" ... written by DreamGirl30
AMAZING!!! i wasnt sure to do private chat but instantly upon entering she was able to pick right up on the situation and knew details that i didnt even type...THANK YOU" ... written by lordvectra
Absolutely inspiring. Like she could see my strugglr but gave me the encouragement and advice I needed to hear. She is my new favorite, and I promised to come back to see her." ... written by Mojo223
very good reading,she was able to tune into my energy and give me the guidience I was looking for. " ... written by
She was very nice and helpful. Only spoke with her for a few minutes but I enjoyed her. Look forward to talking with her again in the future. " ... written by britt808
She is absolutely amazing, so sweet, beautiful inside and out.. have a talk with her, she has made me feel so much better.. I was crying when I started, smiling when it ended... I could speak to her all day :) Try her you will not regret it ... xx" ... written by Jillian40
Amazing! wish i had more credits" ... written by jessjess1
she is truly amazing every reading with her..5 stars" ... written by monaverona
Just amazing.... WOW WOW WOW" ... written by Jillian40
Thank you so much! you are wonderful and full of greatness. Very caring and understanding. you truley knew what I was feeling and explained it in a way that I could not. Thanks again! " ... written by scadoodle
Very fast and detailed. I would definitely speak again" ... written by dreamgirl30
Simply the best!" ... written by dreamgirl30
She is great as always..cant wait to see what happns" ... written by monaverona
I had to come back just because she is the freakin best. She tells you so much and feels like you known her forever. She just leaves me speechless shes that good!" ... written by dreamgirl30
Wonderful as always :)! Very quick with her readings and picks up right away!" ... written by sacredlove71
SIMPLY THE BEST!! in every way! " ... written by jmp
I love Ann their is no one else that calms my mind as she does with her abilities and shes such a wonderful person whos always willing to listen to your problems and give you adivce on how to handle any situation. EVERYONE SHOULD TRY A READING WITH Ann and shell surpass any expectations you have. Love you Ma ♥" ... written by Nina
She is such a sweet heart. I love this lady. She is so caring, loving, helpful and she has a big heart. I love you Ann. " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Stands by her predictions! I know she's a real psychic and everyone should trust her and see her at least once. Thank you love!" ... written by charmedangelx31
She is a great woman, so caring, loving, generous and beautiful. She is my baby girl. I love you Ann :D " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
She is a great woman, so caring, loving, generous and beautiful. She is my baby girl. I love you Ann :D " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
I loved the reading. Very inghtful, very accurate in describing my partner and the dynamic in our relationship. The reading itself made so much sense and provided good sensible prediction givien our past our personalities and our ways. I will be back soon. Ann seems like such a kind a sensitive person and an old friend. Thanks Ann." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Love her!!! Trust her!!! She will never let you down!!! EVER!!!!! XOXO" ... written by bellacasey
Woooooooow!!!! just great!!!" ... written by flower08
Hi, I heard what you said about my ex. I keep hoping that he will change but he won't will he. Do u think I should just forget about him forever? I ran out of money but I'm gonna contact you again. You are from Chicago? I am too, the North side, Rogers park, I just moved back to Cali.. I couldn't take the cold anymore, LOL!!!" ... written by beletu1
what a reading!!!! ann is so on, she has no nonsense, tells it; like it is to the T........ real deal, worth every cent, look no further. hey ann thank you, ill keep you posted, ox" ... written by wingtip
Ann is like my security blanket/motivational life coach. She lets me know the right path. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Bonkysheek
Ann you are compassionate,honest and caring.Everything you say hits home and feels right.I believe you to be my angel friend.I will come to you for guidance and peace. thankyou :)) " ... written by suzana01
Excellent! Her delivery is quick, honest, accurate, and professional. I will contact her again." ... written by AName2
I really like it.. thank you my dear!" ... written by sheylinha86
I'm so impressed with her readings............." ... written by Cari1961
Was a great reading,and was blown away with the insight i got from her...will be back for sure.....Thank-You !!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kgill
ann picks up on everything! she was great! :) i ran out of credits tho :( ... but will come back when i have moree woohoo!!! ann :) " ... written by orlem123
:D I love this Woman!" ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Sweet Lady!" ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Aww She gave me energy and healing me :D" ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Such a Sweetie ;D" ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
What a Sweet Lady :D" ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Great reading, great connection , very accurate and a very nice psychic :)" ... written by YoloDude
Anne, is amazing....She is so honest, and connects to you so quickly, she tells it like it is. She types really fast, and knew so much of what has gone on in my relationship, I feel good inside with her advice..I can not wait to let her know that her advice, and reading came to pass..Thank You so much Anne, I will be back. Blessings, Love, Light and Peace!!!" ... written by frustrated67
Good reading with her, accurate.quick typing. I cant wait what lies ahead." ... written by rinisaharjo
Wow, i'm so excited!! my intuition was def confirmed with Ann~ she is truly 1 of the best gifted seer's on here... no tarot,etc just pure insight ! wonderful, im very happy with this beautiful reading, made soo much sense to me, very quickly. CHOOSE ANN! (=" ... written by LuckySunflowers7
Love her, try her she is amazing. :)" ... written by Jillian40
I had a reading with her last week and it was just great! This week one of her readings was confirmed. I actually thought oh maybe it'll never happen, but today it was confirmed. She is really gifted." ... written by flower08
Always amazing and gives me great insight and knows the situation so clearly. I will keep you posted on what happens.Thanks girl!" ... written by dreamgirl30
Love her, so right on about everything.. Something else she said was going to happen today just did a little while ago.. I have tried many many psychics, but she is the one I trust.. Try her she is amazing :) Love ya girl" ... written by Jillian40
She was by far the best i have had yet. very very helpful." ... written by higherthanlife
I was amazed at how accurate Anna was with descriptions of my situation and myself and my boyfriend. Just so accurate. I think her looking into quite complicated personal matters with such ease and being able do show me the way that made absolute sense just blew me away. She is sweet, and firm, and very professional. I will be back, as I feel I need her guidance...and I am a psychologist by education! Thank you Ann!" ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Most accurate reading ever!!!" ... written by jordansh27
Ann She is the best to the best, i love to talk her so much, she is straight to the point and answer right away. Make me feel i have find the right person to solve my problems. She is real deal." ... written by TUSHAN
SHE IS GOODandamp;lt; ACCURATEandamp;lt; AND FAST...she will know everything,.." ... written by ppp
She is just the most amazing psychic there is.. bar none.. :) She KNOWS everything, and is there for you no matter what your problem may be. Thanks Ann love ya" ... written by Jillian40
She knows her stuff, she is truly amazing on point with everything. Its like she knows you or something, she is truly thereal deal!" ... written by Beletu1
I heard you but we got cut off at the end. I will hold my ground like u said I didn't hear what u said about finances and a job, but I did hear about family. U are very direct and to the point like I can't explain... I will be contacting you again when I can have a longer session!" ... written by beletu1
Very encouraging." ... written by Harvey6972
Ann is a one of a kind person, compassionate, helpful and the real deal. Very insightful to my situation and blows me away with her answers to my questions. It is a great relief being able to communicate with her and know that she sees the truth, I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to even have the chance to speak with her. I can say if you ever get the chance take it and you will be amazed at the information that she shares with you. Ann Thank You A Thousand Times Over." ... written by Jim
She was so understanding, knew exactly what was going on. will definitely consult with her again!" ... written by gatomata
I just love her, she always has my back in whatever I am going through.. Give her a try, you will be soooo glad you did. So accurate in everything that she says and what she says will happen does when she predicted.. Read her bio along with her reviews.. Then go private with her... Love ya Ann xx" ... written by jill
Top notch lady with real talent " ... written by araketanara
AH_MEE_ZING.... she is the best everrrr... she knows a lot and she is the real psychic... no LIE.. " ... written by sarah
Excellent, very informative and helpful as always. Truly a gifted person. Thank you Ann for everything." ... written by Jim
Thank you soooo much enjoyed talking to her as I have so much going on and she picked up on the situation. I will definitely talk with her again" ... written by anyrainbows
She is a beautiful person and really gets to depths with your situation. " ... written by Jodyleelee
Made me feel more calm with my situation. Told me exactly what I needed to know, went straight to the point. I 100% recomend her : )" ... written by vkyga1990
Ann is amazing, very insightful, understanding, loving, and really there under. She gets it! I so happy to have found her, wow wow wow....... love you Ann, thanks for all your help!" ... written by wingtip
All i can say is WOW! Absolutely amazing, her connection is really strong and quick. It was mind blowing. She knew exactly what i'm going thru at this time. I am gonna come back for another reading and to keep her informed of the situation. Thank you so much Ann. God Bless" ... written by Gretchen71
She is simply the best! Sees things right away and picks up on it so fast...well worth every penny of a private chat!!!" ... written by yas
She is truly blessed with many talents, and as a medium she picked up on the perplexing circumstances regarding my grandfather's andamp;quot;questionable death'' and the reckless actions of certain family members. I will defintely go to her for another reading in the prospect, and I'll keep update her as things transpire following his death." ... written by anyrainbows
Gave me lots of hope " ... written by vc1976
She is very intuitive. I just say the person name and she provided all the information. I will definitely update you regarding this matter. Try her out!! 5 stars." ... written by enamorada
If you are looking for an HONEST, straight to the point reading Ann is truly the best to go to. I've done several readings with her and not only does she have this positive energy but she is VERY good at telling you EXACTLY what is going on without you saying much. She is worth every penny and you can tell she genuinely cares about her clients and wants the best for them. She DOES NOT sugar coat, she is open and honest and will tell you what you NEED to hear and not what you want to hear. I highly recommend her and really trust her and her advice. I don't waste my time or money elsewhere. Hope this review helps and gives people the confidence to go forward and do a reading with her :)" ... written by littlelolita19
She was wonderful. I just stated my husband's name...only..and she pegged him completely. She said things will change for my husband and me in March, and that has restored my hope and faith in my marriage..because I can start to see changes. I just couldn't trust them." ... written by kristi1265
She's my heart. Love her to life! XOXO" ... written by bellacasey
A very inspiring and beautiful reading...I like the fact that she does not use Tarot cards - and delivers clear Life changing messages...Glad I came in... will rest easy tonight - thnx" ... written by Ans31s
Awesome! She is Right On in Knowing and Seeing. Really kind, helpful, understanding. Perfect! :)" ... written by sweetlight8
5 Stars to Ann.........................." ... written by monaverona
Amazing... She knew the initals of my love intrest without me ever mentioning it to her" ... written by LeAnna
Awesome!! She was dead on.. can't wait for her reading to come true! =]" ... written by reikilb
Great Reading. I hope her predictions are right." ... written by Harvey6972
She is great she knew what she was saying straight to the point no sugar coating will come back again for sure" ... written by aritra
She can tell you what you want to know in very few words. I am impressed that she does not use tarot cards. I have purchased readings from a number of the psychics here and all are quite good - but Ann really stands out. She is simply the most gifted psychic I have ever known. She is also great with energy work. You will not regret spending the money. " ... written by gale
She was very positive and to the point...........I cant wait to see if what she tells me comes true." ... written by Cari1961
Accurate, good friend. " ... written by vjrei01
Ann is incredible intuitive and insightful. She can give you excellent, first rate advice. I have come to meet several members whose predictions have come to pass and encourage clients to do the same. I am waiting for my prediction to come true and I hope to return with a confirmation. I do not hesitate in recommending Ann as the #1 adviser on Oranum and other sites as she has, by far, surpassed the record of the other advisers. See Ann before anyone else on Oranum. And return back to tell others about predictions in your testimonials. Not airy fairy insight. " ... written by lia_11
She is the best. Please do not hesitate to do private reading from Ann. God has gifted her with great foresighted ness. Thanks Ann!" ... written by SHAH2012
LOVE HER... she is amazing :)" ... written by butterflywings10
Beautiful lady, talk to her with your eyes closed... she is just perfect. She can tell everything. " ... written by vjrei01
Wow, please give Ann a private ...You will be amaze with her." ... written by monaverona
wOOoooww!!! She is just so great!! Thanks to her everything is a little bit better now.:)" ... written by flower08
The best there is! I'd like to say she sucks so I can have her all to myself lol but I never lie. She is THE BEST and you'd be a fool to pass up on a private reading with her. She's like Radio Shack: You've got questions, she's got answers but you don't even have to ask ur questions bc she already knows them!!! Love her!!! xoxoxo" ... written by bellacasey
She eased my mind. Thanks Ann.." ... written by brownsuga5964
The first reading was outstanding so I had to return for a response to other questions. She uses her natural abilities and this is a plust to me. I am impressed because she is so very kind, accurate, and honest. So very happy that I met her this morning. Will conttact her again in the future. I highly recommend that you give her a try!" ... written by AName2
She is awesome and unbeliveable, she is truly the real thing,I trust her, whatshe says is real and true not just what you want to hear...SHE IS TRULY GIFTED!!!" ... written by yemoja7
****** super!" ... written by sanjam
On point and was very kind. Will come back" ... written by charmedangelx31
She is very nice and very professional............I am hoping what she did tell me does come true,,,,,,,,,,,,,Im waiting" ... written by cari1961
I love Ann to bits! She's the most amazing, accurate and loving person who I trust with my life. There is no one else like her. God love her and protect her and pour many blessings and rewards on her, for her enormous amount of patience and kindness she has for everyone who comes into contact her. Stick to Ann, it's worth the wait on so many levels .... I've learnt that hard lesson! There is no other psychic like her. I'm so lucky to have met her. Don't go past her. Love you beautiful lady! Mxoxo" ... written by mdemos
I love Ann so much. Shes straight to the point and gives clarity to every question you have possible with such accuracy with just her gifts and no tools.She a beautiful person inside and out and she makes it very easy to open up to with out any judgment at all. She is truly gifted . I love you Ann you are truly an angel sent from above ♥" ... written by Nina
She to told me about a month ago that I was going to have a baby by the end of the year. And guess what?? I am pregnant :) She is amazing everything she says is so right and correct every time. You should be able to tell just come to her room and see how many people are there. love ya Auntie Ann :) " ... written by butterflywings10
Speechless this woman is amazing I don't know how she knows the things she does but she nailed me and my situation to an absolute t. Told me in great detail all about me my life and my situation and how to go forth. Not generic info real information about my me and my life that could not be applied to just anyone. Ann thank you so much for your insight. She delivers good and well the weak points :-) with such kindness and compassion there is not enough gratitude to express how this reading has made me feel. Thank you and bless you always in all ways." ... written by faith4me777
My angel Ann, what a wonderful women.This purely gifted Psychic does not stop careing when the private reading is over. Ann suport and heartfelt love and guidance is always there. A real angel on this Earth. Love you Ann xxx" ... written by suzana01
F'Love her. Fah-Love Annie!! Mwah Mwah to you. Can't raven enough about this beautiful woman. She needs to stop being such a good reader though, please, b/c people are hogging you up and I can't chat with you, LOL. Many blessings to you and your family, Anne. See you soon. XO" ... written by I'm Not Worthy
she is amazing" ... written by tenaye
I love her, she's amazing!!" ... written by JadedStar
Feedback can not say enough about her - just a lovely caring soul. I am so grateful for her kindness and compassion in her readings she just makes you feel better and gives you the ligh at the end of the tunnel! Thanks Ann and blessings to you!" ... written by faith4me777
She has adopted a few family members on this site b/c she's so darn loving. I'm honored to be her (self-appointed mind you!) goddaughter, but I'll take what I can get. I wish she could adopt us in real life (even though I'm only about 7 years younger than she is, haha). Thank you Anne, I need to get a second job so I can speak to you every day, but you are worth it. Many hugs to you. " ... written by Godmother
Ann is wonderful and I highly recommend her. Thanks again :)))" ... written by suzana01
The first session we had was very complete, and she tuned in very quickly, and I was amazed that she could get all the underlying emotions. She knew EXACTLY how the people felt and the best road to go. I completely enjoyed the reading, and in fact I went back immediate to ask some more questions which she was very good at answering as well. I will come back to her. I totally enjoyed her energy and how professional she is." ... written by Panina
Truthful and you really feel that she is there for you. She sees all about you and your future. I was genuiely surprised. Really good energy." ... written by sanjam
=) as usual. " ... written by vjrei01
I went back for a second time, and she is just wonderful...she is very accurate and knows her stuff, what she senses. I will be back again. " ... written by Panina
Wooow, she was AMAZING! Got everything spot on right away." ... written by courtneybdraper
Love her!! " ... written by bellacasey
Picks up on everything! Very nice, sweet, and funny! Thank you so much" ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
This woman is such a wonderful woman. She shines so bright. I love her so much. She is loving, caring, sweet, motherly, a wonderful friend and she has a wonderful heart. If you need a reading please do come to her. When I had my readings with her she was so wonderful and so helpful. She is great. :) " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Oh bother! I ran out of credits, and there was no timer! She is just fantastic! She told me everything about my situation that was true, and she gave me great advice I will follow. I'm gonna go back to her again! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Yay for cleansing! She was the awesome once again. She's my wonder woman! Yayyy!" ... written by wing-mei
Wow..I cannot tell everyone how much this woman has helped me I didn't have to tell her anything before she knew my situation. She is so compassionate and loving. Will continue to work with her. Love you Ann" ... written by tivabeth22
WOW!! is all I have to say, do a reading and you will be amazed." ... written by leti89
Psychic Ann was great, I can't wait to talk to her again. She was able to read into my thoughts and my relationship. " ... written by bebe
I can always get the answers I need from her.........." ... written by Cari1961
Oh my god...Unbelievable. I cannot believe the things she picked up that nobody else has ever picked up before. Dates were astounding and the feelings behind everything. Worth every single last dollar that I had!! Thank you Ann I will take your advice on everything and I will surely come back when the predictions come true and I am so sure that they will!! Lots of love to you" ... written by jasminepapas
Wow always amazing...and she knows everything about everything!!! I'm afraid that if I start blinking she will tell me I know your blinking lol" ... written by jasminepapas
Wonderful woman cant say enough good about her. She helped me in so many ways " ... written by tivabeth22
Amazing..." ... written by vjrei01
One of a kind!!! no comparions, very talented, very distinct talent." ... written by jp
Always on point andamp;amp; reassuring Im on the right path. Love you girrrrrrl! The BEST on Oranum!!! xoxo" ... written by bellacasey
She was great!!!" ... written by courtneybdraper
Great! :) typed fast for me to!!! :) and put my mind at rest.. thanks Ann:)" ... written by alexone1
Thanks again!!!! Ann is so accurate about everything and sees things so clearly it is just incredible. Thanks for clearing up about my frienemy and the update. Also, thanks for the encouragement and uplifting words!! " ... written by faith4me777
Wow Ann is amazing. Love her reading. she just connects so fast with you. And truly knows what she is talking about. God Bless and keep up the Spanish practice. " ... written by Gretchen71
Really enjoyed my reading with PsycicAnn I asked her a very important question that could be life changing did not give her much to go on she picked right up on it. I hope what psycic ann and i are both thinking is that our family is beind decieved by someone I will let you know the end results." ... written by mj1963
Fantastic!" ... written by De5pina
I'm excited by Ann's prediction .... I have no doubt that it's to be just as she said ... I can feel it in my blood !!!" ... written by Mesmereyes65
Now I see what all the reviews were about. Ann is very great at what she does. I will be back for more. Ann, gets straight to the point gives you the information and advising you on your situation. " ... written by Erika
Thanks Anne. I look forward to following your advice, very strictly, and for matters to go along as you predicted. Save two seats at the Fountain when I take you out to celebrate and thank you!!" ... written by lia_11
She was great..." ... written by cinny46
OMG, she is amazing!" ... written by cholmes3175
Great as always, eased my mind and my thoughts concerning my problem. Ann is truly a God send. Love her bunches." ... written by Jim
I will take her advice. Thanks Ann." ... written by brownsuga5964
I love this woman, so honest and kind. Worth every penny. God Bless " ... written by Gretchen71
She is an angel thank you so much Ann" ... written by tivabeth22 are truly a blessing in my life...You connect with me on a truly amazing level...Thank You for your honesty...Thank You for your advice...I feel so comfortable talking to you....You are truly Blessed with a gift from the Divine...Thank You so much! Love, Blessings, Light, and Peace! Michelle" ... written by frustrated67
She gave me a different opinion to my situation, and also she understood me more than anyone so hopefully it will come true ... shes just beautiful in and out" ... written by thankxx
Great very accurate readings!!" ... written by cholmes3175
I misplaced very important papers and came to Ann in need.I spent the majority of the day searching for them but as so as i got a hold of Ann she was able to tell where to exactly locate the documents within seconds and i found the documents exactly where she told me to search. Thank you so much Ann. I love u so much. Keep up the good work. If you ever have questions about anything regarding love, money, lost items or deceased Ann is the go to person to get clarity in those matters." ... written by Nina
She is very quick, honest, and helpful to the issue. Love her!" ... written by mah
100000 stars" ... written by butterflywings10
Thanks Ann." ... written by brownsuga5964
Always wonderful ! :) xxx" ... written by Jodyleelee
She has seen a side of the question I asked that no one would of known... she is truly remarkable." ... written by lovebug1209
She is just absolutely awesome. thanks so much Ann! I really appreciate the update and the encouragment!!! I wrote it down this time :) Thanks for always being there!!!" ... written by faith4me777
Ann is so caring, and in tune. Always truthful, and gives great advice. You are a blessing to me, and I thank you for listening to me, and being honest. " ... written by frustrated67
She's one of the best psychic i've seen..its very natural" ... written by sarahsellers1985
Always sets me straight, just like a sister would, lol. Love her a lot. Thanks Ann." ... written by jim
The things she new just blew me away She is beyond amazing" ... written by carlee24
Always knows what is going talking to her." ... written by Cari1961
I love Ann, she is so real. One of the best on Oranum. I'll keep you posted, hope you feel better. " ... written by Gretchen71
Ann is by far the best psychic adviser I have come across. I have been counting over 8 clients whose predictions have come true. The predictions range from reconciliation of break-ups, unexpected pregnancies, lost and found. What I recommend about Ann is her ability to see the future and give you a real prediction, not a gut feeling. She stands behind her outcomes and she guides you through each stage or level. You're not going to be left alone if you listen to Ann. She is there to continue you through to an intended outcome. Though it may seem far off or not realistic any longer, I have seen her predictions actually come to fruition. This has only given other readers' a bit more of my faith. But it's what stands out about Ann. She gets her time frames correct and gives you exactly the advice you need. Many of our readings require support and guidance which we clearly do not get on Oranum better than with Ann. I was about to give up all esoteric faith until I came to Ann and saw with my own eyes the predictions occur. Don't spent a cent on anyone else unless you see testimonials that prove reliable predictions. Not airy fairy thank yous for insight. " ... written by Litsa
Very Fast and accurate, nice woman very worth the try for readings you will not be sorry " ... written by SuperStarLover
Wonderful" ... written by ppcranston
Great reading.. incredible psychic. She was just right to the point!" ... written by Joanna93
Ann has given me great insight on what to do with a guy whom I feel is my soulmate. Thanks Ann!!!" ... written by nuttygirl
Thank you...Great typer, accurate!" ... written by stargazer7
Lovely, accurate. " ... written by Tauser
Ann as usual, you can read the situation, like a book. I am tryining t be patient. It is hard. But You always connect really quickly. Thank You so much for being honest. Thank You for your advice I will be back. Love, Blessings, Light, and Peace," ... written by frustrated67
PHENOMINAL! " ... written by lizbeth6865
She was great, the timeline she predicted for me came all true, within that time frame, which blew my mind. All the things she told me about my relationship changing for the better, all happened. The timeline was sooo good, because i kept looking back on the weeks she gave me, and to those it was all falling into place. Right now im a better place because of the guidance Ann provided me, and gave me reassurance that my relationship was worth the fight and time. I am very greatful that i met her, and will surely come back for more updates." ... written by kgill1983
Just absolutely love her!!!!! Thanks for the update....and for just keeping me sane well semi-sane, it is just so fun to talk to you makes me act 14 lol. Will keep on going as you have said too and know that what you see is starting to happen. Hugs!!!!" ... written by faith4me777
Thank You Ann!!! You gave me an excellent reading and told me exactly what i needed to know!!! " ... written by mlafield
Real deal that's all i have to say! i will be back to tell you all that the predictions came true. And she just put me in my place and made sure that I understood that these predictions WILL happen as long as I follow her guidance. Thanks Ann" ... written by jasminepapas
She is the best :) love her...accurate, on point, and always helpful!" ... written by yas
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Thank you so much. Your reading was wonderful. Time ran out but you were spot on about everything and the advice you gave me, I know it's right, I just need to keep believing and for me not getting anything back and just thinking that he feels the same way in my head makes me go all nutsy in my head. You are very empathetic and very direct, I really appreciate the time and energy you put in. Thank you :)" ... written by myutopia11
Quick update but this girl knows what shes talking about, listen to her! she's the real deal! " ... written by charmedangelx31
She is fantastic! Her work is worth so much more than she charges and it has made all the difference in my life. She did some wonderful work for me and it changed everything for the positive. She has always seen the predictions accurately...even when I couldn't believe them...they came to pass. She is the best!" ... written by yas
Thank you! I guess I ran out of funds:)" ... written by Summer84
So good to see she is feeling better, and as usual her words and advice are comforting and helpful. God Bless " ... written by Gretchen71
Bella, glamorous... intelligent, charming, accurate, talented and married. " ... written by vjrei01
Fantastic " ... written by De5pina
You always put me at ease, thankyou so much you are amazing" ... written by De5pina
I love Ann, so real and caring. Will wait and see what happens. God Bless " ... written by Gretchen71
Awesome. Very compassionate and understanding. Honest and very accurate. Caring and comforting. I love her. She's Great! 5 Star Rating!" ... written by swiftcats64
Thanks so much Ann. She is very good at picking up your energy give you the truth regardless if its bad. " ... written by enamorada
She is fantastic and super accurate :)...worth every minute!!!" ... written by yas
Straight and forward...thanks." ... written by Lily009
Always spot on with her readings...never just says what you want to hear...really knows her stuff!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Words can express my reading with Ann! She is just amazing...warm, gentle, loving and most of all compassionate. She picked up on everything that I was going through and really have me hope and insight to my situation that I would have not gotten from anyone else!! She is purely amazing!! What a gifted person she is! Contact her for your will not be disappointed! Thank you so much Ann for opening my heart and my eyes!!! I will talk to you soon :)))))))" ... written by deannbri1126
I absolutely adore her...she is fantastic!" ... written by sacredlove71
Such a wonderful reading Ann. Thank you so much. I loved the way Ann was able to connect to my situation and was able affirm feelings and a knowing I have had about it. I kept typing YES all the time. Thank you for putting my mind at ease. I look forward to seeing two predictions come to fruition, and I am sure they will. Many thanks once again Ann. Much love and blessings to you. :)))))" ... written by gemm22
She is great...just needs names and she connects." ... written by florwer85
A gifted soul of the highest order. i recommend her highly... she is simply GREATTTTTT!!!! a blessed soul " ... written by beautywithinone
Ann predicted many things and gave specific time frames for when these things were suppose to happen. The predictions have come to pass and her time frames were spot on! I am still waiting on other future predictions to happen which I know they will. I doubted that these predictions would happen and never believed they would happen. I thought it would be impossible! She stayed true to her word and assured me over and over. She is very confident in her readings and very accurate when it comes to describing people and their characters. Absolutely mind blowing and amazing! I am now 100% confident in Ann's readings and anyone that gets a reading with her has to believe in what she says. Good or bad she will tell you straight and has nothing to gain by leading you on with false information. She will guide you along the way and help you watch your steps to get to where you are suppose to go and she will not leave you astray. I assure anyone who is considering a reading with Ann to go for it and have faith. I am an extremely happy paying client to Ann and have found my go to girl whenever I feel I have fallen down. The information she gives and the predictions she makes really are astounding! I could sit here all day and write an essay for you all but you really should just try her out for yourselves. Get a reading with Ann and never look back. This amazing woman has a real gift and doesn't need to use stupid hocus pocus tools and gadgets and will absolutely not waste your time in a reading. She will tell you everything you need to know! Love you with all my heart Ann" ... written by jasminepapas
I love her!" ... written by waiting4myjoey
She is awesome and amazing and I had to say nothing, she said everything she is my hero!!" ... written by waiting4myjoey
Thank you very much for your help! I am very amazed how much you knew without me telling you anything about our situation. Thank you for your advise!" ... written by KC0145
Wish I had more time with her. Have a feeling she is very good." ... written by jolanda1
Love her :) she is brilliant :) and spot on and such a great help to us all...a true angel!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thanks again Ann! xoxoxo" ... written by jasminepapas
Ann is always great how she picks up on energy. She knows how you feel and gives accurate predictions." ... written by florwer85
Love Her. Shes Wonderful. Always Accurate. She's the Best! 5 Star Rating." ... written by swiftcats64
She was awesome!!! She hits the nail on the head and tells you what you are supposed to hear... has brought clarity and can tune into the actual situation(s). Love Her......" ... written by bflow1
She is the best Psychic on here. " ... written by De5pina
So glad you are back, thought I was going to go crazy. Thanks for the update!!! She is the best no doubt about it. Thanks for all the love, support and blessed connection that you have." ... written by faith4me777
Come back soon!!!" ... written by bellacasey
ALways enjoy talking to her" ... written by Cari1961
Great as always. Cant wait to talk to again. Will leave more later. Love you Sis." ... written by Jim
This lady is my angel..Thanks so much for your support " ... written by tivabeth22
My favourite psychic by far, Ann has helped me a lot. " ... written by De5pina
She is very kind and helpful. She hit things right on about the person I asked about. I would recommend her to anyone. She makes you feel like family when you're in her room." ... written by luckyirish
Told me alot of info in little time and I will do what she says and keep moving forward and staying positive. Thank you for the clarity!" ... written by dreamgirl30
She's good!!!! Hit her up she's on point. Thanks!!!" ... written by mizlady
VERY GOOD! NOT MUCH I CAN SAY...I AM SPEECHLESS! " ... written by smithchrissy
She's awesome!! Everyone must take the time to speak with her, thanks a" ... written by mizlady
Straight to the point and really good! I like her spirit. I did not give her any information and she was right on. " ... written by mhharview
Straight to the point and a genuine warm lady, would definitely visit again." ... written by jodi11
LOVE HER!!!! She's one of the absolute best on here and you must do a reading with her...she will blow your mind! She's true andamp; honest! Worth her weight in gold!" ... written by bellacasey
Omg. Omg. She is sooooo on point. She gets it... enough said." ... written by bonnielynn
Amazing!!!!!!!!!" ... written by nicky2929
Great as always!!! Will come back soon!!!" ... written by enamorada
Thank you Ann, for all your wonderful help, and insight." ... written by De5pina
Wonderful reading very honest and to the point .. i will for sure come back:)" ... written by mashael
Very accurate in telling me what was taking place and gave me clarity on what to expect, she gave me hope, thanks ann!!" ... written by xaries2000
Too good and exact to the point very accurate great help thanx" ... written by hemal79
I enjoy talking to her." ... written by Cari1961
Ty:)" ... written by quickdance
I will keep it post it :)" ... written by xicabella
She picked up on things pretty well fab" ... written by smiley2011
Picked up on situation well " ... written by wishingsmi
She was very quick and too the point. I can't wait to see her predictions unfold." ... written by foreverblessed
Bright soul with natural gifts." ... written by Sabina723
Very quick, AnnLucas is great!" ... written by smiley2011
She is the real deal. Picked right up on my situation and feelings of the people involved without me explaining much at all." ... written by Welldread
She is so amazing.. I love this woman " ... written by JaydenSoulHealer
Ann is amazing. Truly amazing. I love how she connects and giggles at what the spirits say to her!" ... written by piscesmoonshine
Yes, pure as God's light and gifted with grace and clarity. Thank you. Beside your words, I felt many messages in your energy." ... written by Wakita1
There just aren't enough stars for you that's for sure!!! Have been speaking with Ann for a while now and she has kept telling me things I have just found difficult to believe in but.........wooooohoooo you were so very right. Ann has an unbelievable gift and I am so grateful that she has chosen to share it with us. Please don't let the anything scare you away Ann is very quick and all the information she brings forward is right on target and useful, she doesn't waste time or money. Thanks Ma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by faith4me777
Amazing........" ... written by duffy89
Great reading!" ... written by lavendergirl
Straight forward right on" ... written by nettie05
Worth everything...such a real and honest herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" ... written by nicky2929
So reassuring!" ... written by duffy89
Great as always!!" ... written by enamorada
Most delightful experience having my reading with Ann. She connected with my situation and was able to give me a insight to the time frame I am looking at. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a clearer picture and accuracy to have a reading with Ann. " ... written by missyposh
Good............." ... written by cat888
MWAH MWAH MWAH Baci Baci Baci Love you!" ... written by Godchild
I had a reading with her last week and she is the BEST!!! I can't wait for her to go online and have another priv chat with her" ... written by mashael
She is absolutely amazing. Does not ask you for any information and yet gives you amazing insight and is right about everything she says. She is the real deal, try her and you wont be sorry! A++++++++++" ... written by cammyboo
She is one, if not the best reader I have had a reading with. I have had 100's and know many psychics socially. She is honest, charismatic and very caring." ... written by leslie77
She was excellent. Spot on with hardly any information given." ... written by beetlenut
Ann was right on par with my situation!!!!!!!!!! this is my first reading with her and she connected with the details and the person in question with 100% accuracy!!!!!!!!!! she is truly gifted and she really cares about her clients...such positive energy when u do a reading with her i can now see why she is one of the top readers here!!!!!!!!!!! wow! thanks Ann for a wonderful accurate honest reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by candyla
Wonderful as always..she always makes me come back for more!~~~~~" ... written by enamorada
Tuned in very quickly,picked up on my situation without me saying much" ... written by starz189
Awesome advice. " ... written by bryanmue515
Ann is the best ever, she gave me my faith back and assured me of a few things that i was unsure about, im no longer sceptic about the things i was sceptic about thanks to Ann :) also love just chatting away to her in the free chat, she has such positivity about her and always puts me in a good mood, she's totally worth it! The best by far! She doesnt know how much shes helped me though, lol. Soooo gifted and just plain awesome! Love you my ann! " ... written by Leona69
Ann is just fantastic! Great psychic!" ... written by Joanna93
Ann is an awesome guide and an angel... She keeps me going and clears my mind she knows what is happening... I will do what you said, Ann, and will come back to you with further update... Thank you for all yo do... Really love you!" ... written by shona29
Top notch." ... written by _Alexis
Thanks for the reading" ... written by Cari1961
Omg she is the best!!!! she even told me details about how my friend looks. She knew everything about me and told me what really was going on, and made me realize what im going through. I have never met a better psychic, person, and therapist in my life. Thank u so much ann u truly helped me. " ... written by mashael
Seems on point and understanding. will continue to hope she comes through the end of the month. thank you AnnLucas! you seemed very in tune with her feelings." ... written by stars2024
She is aweosme" ... written by shona29
She is good love the connection she had with us will update" ... written by scorpionqueen
She helped a lot. Thank you" ... written by oskaa9
Thank you for the clarity Ann" ... written by De5pina
She was wonderful. VERY specific and gets to the point. I would come back again and advise everyone to try her." ... written by krae2116
On the money - very very good - worth your time and money" ... written by TrueSpirit
Wow!!!!" ... written by jamira76
Oh my word ann hit the nail on the head with nothing but a name i will only use her going forward thank you so much much love and blessing" ... written by maxmusclegirl1
Love her!!! No matter what she is always there and I know she always has my answer., Everyone should give Ann a try you will be so glad you did!!! Best on here!!" ... written by faith4me777
Dead on and very helpful. " ... written by MacNayr
Great as always, a true friend. Love her to death." ... written by Jim
So for my 4,382nd reading (in less than 5 months... how she puts up with me I'll never know) with Madrina, she solved a 12 year old murder for me. I didn't even ask her to do that, I just mentioned the death of a friend and she just zoomed right in and figured out all the grisly details. 12 years of the world, including the imbecile detectives who investigated the crime scene, thinking it was an accident gone very wrong, but Ann told me otherwise - not an accident but preplanned and cold-blooded. Begrudgingly I read the newspaper articles from the death written 12 years ago, and the facts from the papers dovetailed with Ann's psychic reading of the crime scene that nobody knew except the victim and the killers. I can't wait to call the po'po and tell them to reopen the case and finally give their family and us friends the peace we deserve. " ... written by Spirit Shirt - Jazzy Spirit Fingers
Fabulous reading :) Thanks again! " ... written by SimoneJade
She is on her game very precise, I would recommend her she is the real deal, definitely felt what I was going threw, she's awesome I really didn't have to say much." ... written by love2becute
I love her, shes just so down to earth and honest and if she doesnt see something, she will tell you! gives great advice and one of my favs for sure! xox" ... written by charmedangelx31
She is the absolute BEST! She is no joke. If you want the'll find it in Ann. She is THE most amazing woman. Accurate. Honest. Caring. Go private...she's worth every penny!!! A million stars!!!! " ... written by bellacasey
VERY ACCURATE! " ... written by smithchrissy
THE BEST ON ORANUM!!!! Believe in her...she will not steer you wrong!! Love her!" ... written by bellacasey
Thanks Ann. I like how you gave me truth answers. " ... written by tumyheart10
She is awesome i will always be grateful for her gift she see and feels it totally on both ends of the relationship at hand love her she is very very goood...." ... written by scorpionqueen
You are a gem, you are always there to help me when needed thank you :)" ... written by De5pina
I keep coming back to her! Don't waste your money with anybody else! " ... written by krae2116
What a lovely, dear and kind person... Who connected with my spirit and soul... I will never forget the sensation of the connection and her gift of vision... Blessings and love to you, Ann..." ... written by angelicfairy
She is awesome!!! COME SEE HER!!!" ... written by psychicllinden
She is great." ... written by aundreya24
She clarified many things for me and made feel better but not by sugar coating things. She was very straightforward and honest. Her reading was great and she was quick without knowing the whole details of the situation." ... written by sweetjanuary08
Very accurate!" ... written by whiterose888
THE ABSOLUTE BEST! Look no further!!! You have questions? Ann has answers...and then some! xoxo" ... written by bellacasey
Very sweet, very kind and encouraging. Don't want to let her down, so I'm going to work like crazy to finish my thesis. Thanks Ann!" ... written by Siorai
She is such the sweetest sweet heart ever. I luff choo Ann. She is really amazing in her skills and she's so helpful. She's such a wonderful woman! " ... written by ZackSwift
Thank you so much, Annlucas!" ... written by seanak19
The best!" ... written by whiterose888
Told her nothing but names and she knew all! Excellent!! Worth the call." ... written by whiterose888
Straight forward." ... written by Lyfe
She is amazing as always... I love her so crazy accurate she scares me :) You have to have a private with this woman... if you want clear, accurate, mind blowing answers... then go see her xx " ... written by butterflywings10
She is soooo great, I trust her very much and she makes me feel so much better, is right on point! A+++" ... written by cammyboo
Coming back tomorrow...leave update then...thank you!" ... written by duffy89
Straight to the point... doesnt waste your time... worth every penny..." ... written by wunluv96
I am thankful to Ann for the reading she gave me. It was so accurate. I loved her and I will come back again when I would need help and guidance. Thank you so much Ann. " ... written by rakhichowdhury
Great. She really gave me a lot for the little time I had to speak with her.." ... written by canadaingirlxx
Whooa shes good!!" ... written by dee
Amazing energy." ... written by duffy89
Ann is really wonderful and gives me a lot of comfort. She gives very good advice and see things as they are." ... written by rose423
My Rock! Love her! " ... written by bellacasey
She gave me some really good advice, hope what she says comes true, thanks!!!" ... written by wildflower79
Great as always, a phenomenal person, " ... written by Jim
Amazing Reader!!! Cant wait to chat with her again soon. Thank you so much" ... written by mlafield
Utterly amazing recommend to all" ... written by brandonisaboss2
She picked up things well. Wish I had more time." ... written by Needmysoulmate
YOU WANT PROOF? So far everything Ann has told me is coming to pass since we started speaking 7 months ago. Her predictions have been on target with what my other fave psychics have said. She said he would contact me last weekend, he did even though he and ; I hadn't spoken to each other in almost 3 weeks. She mentioned certain things as far as my pictures; websites... She was dead on. We've been riding this roller coaster together for 7 months now and I would never have gotten this far without her. NOT AT ALL!!! I trust in her to guide me and in what she sees. Have faith in her, she'll never let you down!" ... written by bellacasey
Wow! What can I say about her - just awesome and connects really-really fast with accurate ideas .. moreover, she brings a smile on my face and very true about whatever she told me :) .. I really want more readings with her... Love and hugs to you, Ann honey .. x0x0x0x0x0xx0x0" ... written by zzz_star
She's the best and very reliable. I would definitely suggest all to have reading at least once with her. :)" ... written by zzz_star
Great connection!" ... written by Summer84
Really appreciated the reading before I ran out of time. :)" ... written by noticefoo
Great reading!" ... written by Zee125
I never got on a network to talk to a psychic before but something about AnnLucas made me instantly want to talk to her. Maybe I was attracted but I think it is much more deeper than that. I can't wait to see if she was right, but I believe she is. " ... written by daveske
Ann you are the best, I love your insight, patience and heart. Highly recommended!!" ... written by suzana01
She's awsome, I would advice whoever is curious to definitely give her a chance. She totally stunned me and so far things are falling in place like she said they would...." ... written by love2becute
Mrs. Ann Lucas gives the #1 reading in my life. I come from city called Chandigarh, so far away, and she can see all the way me and my whole life. I appreciate her honestly. Till this day, I rely my blind heart and it not give me solutions. This madam she give me the rules I will use to correct my problem with my husband. Now, I will be grateful for Madam and tell my rating because she save me from dump my husband and have big troubles in my life. I give her 5 stars because she know me and understand my life and what my husband is really doing and thinking. She is a special woman and I never meet somebody have so much gift. All the time I talk to other reader, they use cards and necklace and I don't understand them. Mrs. Anna she knows how to talk to me and I understand from her face she is meaning what she says. She knows me like a sister. Thanks so much and I look forward come back to say fix my problem!!" ... written by Rathi_Chandigarh
Truly a great reader. So many people love her and it's for a reason ;)" ... written by prismedwhole
Brilliant!" ... written by Enchantment
She always make me feel better." ... written by canadaingirlxx
Wonderful Sis, put me at ease and helped me a lot, very direct and tuned in real quick to the situation. Ann has a wonderful soul and a huge heart. Love her to death." ... written by Jim
Love her" ... written by prismedwhole
Thank you soooooooooooo much! I waited a long time to consult you because i knew from your reviews that you would tell me the truth. WHEW!!!! Im not crazy!!! :)" ... written by SAchickie
LOVE HER! I'm a dummy!!! LOL" ... written by bellacasey
Step aside, Ma is coming through. She's got all the information you need. Don't look further. Don't spend a cent anywhere else. This is the lady with the answers. Just listen to her. Don't be stupid and go anywhere else." ... written by Peach Sangria
I did a reading with Ann a few weeks ago, i decided to choose her cause of the wonderful reviews soo many have left for her, i now find myself leaving a review! HER PREDICTION CAME THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! i though i was not going to hear from someone again....a whole month had gone by...... i felt like i could take it anymore, when i spoke to Ann she gave me details of what was going on and that the person would contact me the second week in May the time i felt like it was sooo far away./...guess what peopleandamp;gt;? IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was honest, straight to the point and does not sugar coat! Ann this one is for you girl! you were RIGHT!!!! 100% aCCURACY!" ... written by candyla
For me she's awesome reading here." ... written by z_staar
Good reading she is worth the money. She will be the only one that reads for me from here on out." ... written by Viperineblue
Amazing as always!" ... written by De5pina
Just when choo theenk choo got it bad, this lady gets it under control. I dont know what she do, if she uses some kind of santeria from guadalupe, but she got the power. No other woman, man or Polonia can compare! I thank Senora Anna for her remarkable gift. She been chosen, you know, from the man in the sky himself to help us. It's not just the twinkle in her eyes! The lady has a gift!" ... written by Mojito_Mama
Ann is always brilliant and never disappointing when you go into private with her - she gets straight into it and is very helpful and advises on what the best thing is to do in your situation! Thanks again, Ann :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
A good read, helpful." ... written by natei08
ANN .. and angel from God,,,, totally amazing...she is worth the money ... she is accurate 200% ...loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr mommy!" ... written by sarah321
Wonderful reader! Spot on and very precise!" ... written by Chloe28
I love you!" ... written by sarah321
The besttttt" ... written by rusa11
I love her!!!! She is the best there is!!!!! A million stars to you and thanks for the update! " ... written by ma's baby girl
Really, really great! will be back! :)" ... written by SAchickie
I love her to bits!" ... written by Enchantment
I love her. She is one of my Top 2 fav. She is very straightforward, doesnt waste time and I can tell that she s very experienced. Love her energy." ... written by mimatisse
Thank you ma, I love you bunches!!!" ... written by prom queen
THANK YOU for a GREAT healing session!! See you soon:)" ... written by Summer84
Thank u so much dear :)" ... written by cupcake
She is beyond awesome!! She is right on and kind yet honest. I really trust her and would encourage others to talk to her. She will be very accurate." ... written by rose423
Very direct and quick" ... written by LivetheMoment2
Great readingg" ... written by cutcut117
Amazing as always, Love u Ann" ... written by De5pina
I don't know what I would do without Ann.. Very wise lady! :)" ... written by Summer84
Love her!!!!!! Thanks for the direction." ... written by prom queen
Ann is a ROCK STAR!!!! She knows what she's talking about. You'd be a fool NOT to go private with her. If you want answers...Ann will serve them to you on a silver platter, with a smile!:)" ... written by bellacasey
I LOVE HER! She is the best, the real deal!!! Everything she predicted is coming true... I can't wait for what's to come 100 stars for you my belle " ... written by mashael
I am a bird now...thank you for helping me realize that" ... written by dance2929
All I have to say is she is amazing and i love her to bits.. so insanely accurate it blows my mind. you must have a private with her xx" ... written by butterflywings10
WOW! She is all they say she is and more! Thank you AnnLucas!!!" ... written by justme1365
Thanks!!!! I love you!!!!!!!! I have missed you!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by prom queen
Just read through the reading i had with you last time and everything you said till now has happened :) Exactly like you said. Cant wait till you come online again so we can have another reading. " ... written by wishingsmi
I love youuuu!!" ... written by saritahhh
A VERY MUCH NEEDED therapeutic session... Ann has a true gift! THANK YOU!!!!!!! :)" ... written by Summer84
Awesome reading .. So accurate and fast. Thank you dear." ... written by shahzee35
GREAT!! she on to it, details just flow... will return 1st reading will see how things unfold and confirm with you " ... written by apollobay
Answered all my question, fantastic!!! Will return soon and can't wait to share some news with you. I recommend a reading with Ann, she is detailed and clear in what she sees. Thank you x" ... written by apollobay
Best reading I've had, she was so accurate and helpful well worth it!" ... written by dwinadrito
Ann is by far one of the best on the site! Not only is she amazing psychic shes also an genuinely an amazing person who cares truely for everyone she meets. You have questions Ann will definetly have the answers. Love you many times infinity and beyond!!! xoxoxo" ... written by nina
THE BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST!!! XOXO" ... written by bellacasey
Thank you again for the demo and for clarifing some of my concerns! your amazing!" ... written by bella
AS USUAL THE BEST! " ... written by divinedaughter
Thanks you very much. I will keep you posted." ... written by thierry_elena
THANK YOU :) Do keep your work up. Need your blessings. :)" ... written by boxbox233
Nice reading... she's the best one I know :) Recommend to all. Thanks dear!" ... written by box
WOW!!! With only two names Ann went right to the heart of the issue and even knew how I have been feeling. She was sensing this before we went to the private reading. She knew about the people in this situation and relayed information as if she were a member of their family. Actually, a couple of things she said would not be known by family members. To say I am impressed is a gross understatement. It was a poor time for me not to be able to buy more credits, but what I invested was truly worth it. Thank You Ann!" ... written by ArtbyRiggs
Good thanks for helping me " ... written by duffy89
Very good, inspiring" ... written by dd41783
Love my momma shes my momma and I love her shes the best" ... written by ZackSwift
Excellent reading, great advice and insight as always" ... written by warrenkitty83
Thanks sweetie for encouragement. need your blessings. :)" ... written by sunfun871
Great as always sets my mind at ease and very comforting, very insightful as always. Highly recommend her." ... written by Jim
Amazing intense session I felt Ann connecting with me and allowed me to connect with someone which was more than amazing. The connection was so strong Ann picked up on so many details and things I haven't said that are around him and no one could ever of known. Ann helped me so much today I am forever grateful. " ... written by wishingsmi
Your jasmine will contact you straight from the Eiffel tower just wait :):):) love love love you !!! u da best" ... written by mashael
The best on O!" ... written by bellacasey
Always the best." ... written by _Alexis
She was amazing and really cleared up my doubts!!!!!!!!! love her!!!!!!!! i didnt even need to say anything and she knew my situation and hit it perfectly. she is the real deal! its worth the money!" ... written by LaciKLambert
Amazing reader.. fantastic fast so much to describe about her. direct to the point and very helpful. 5+++++++++++++++ stars for her... soon she will be on top :)" ... written by funtos
Amazing person...wonderful reading...whatever she said about me is totally totally correct...most importantly its my 1st pvt reading...she helped me win free credits v.v. generous, helpful and gave me new hope. v a big big fan....thanks a was amazing cant stop smiling...." ... written by healme
Amazing reading. Thank you so very much." ... written by lovebee785
Ann has earned my trust in her and she is an amazing women with gifts. She definitely knows what is going on and to tell you. You just have to listen to her to have her help you. Go to Ann is all I can say and when I need to calm down she is who I go to on free chat. She is definitely great. Thank you Ann I'll talk to you soon ;D" ... written by pilingvee91
Very helpful and caring." ... written by xaries2000
Gave me hope and, I will come back!" ... written by xaries2000
Always the best! Thanks Ann... hope it's sort out soon... love you!" ... written by shona29
Thank you Sis, you are one of a kind and I do love you, for all your help and advice and for everything." ... written by Jim
Wow, true psychic, very good!" ... written by dd41783
SHE IS GREAT!!!" ... written by duckkait
Helping me get the future I want and as it should be..." ... written by xaries2000
Absolutely wonderful! Very kind and insightful. She really gives me good advice and gives me peace with my situation, Thank you ann" ... written by rose423
Thanks for the help i will be in touch soon! look no further shes really great!" ... written by dwinadrito
Very insightful, but went too fast!! Rate is too high (please, do something)" ... written by terryhere
Right on" ... written by KALEOOOO
Excellent reading, very fast, didn't waste my credits. Picked up on the situation I was in and pointed me in the right direction." ... written by angie_bart
Wonderful and insightful. I look forward to seeing how your time line flows. Thank you Ann!!!" ... written by ArtbyRiggs
Very quick and to the point, answered questions without me even having to ask them. She was very encouraging and I felt her warmth. She definitely is gifted and she really calmed me down. Thank you Ann! xoxo" ... written by LiisaKatriina
When I first entered her room she picked up on me right away, I didnt have to say a thing! Thank-you so much for the reading and helping me to understand. Words can not express how truly grateful I am! " ... written by drea451
She's the best ! that's it :)" ... written by swetss
Great reading and insight!!" ... written by MayGirl
Thank you so much for that session Ann you always clear my head of my worries. Ann thinking about it i make have to come back on Friday or the weekend for the energy session as that's when i get paid. But ill speak to you about a time that will be best for you next time i see you on free chat. Thank you again Ann." ... written by wishingsmi
Ann has this way of making me know everything will be alright. I always feel so much better after I talk with her. She is genuine and very accurate and patient with me! Thank you Ann!" ... written by rose423
Wow, Wow, OMG! She is so incredible. She knew things that there is no way she could have known if she was not psychic. Incredible, gifted and a sweet sweet woman. What an amazing gift she has!! Thank you Ann I will get back to me :)))))" ... written by kiki3070
:-) Enjoyed our ladies' night!" ... written by Summer84
Thanks Ann, I will keep you posted." ... written by manyterry
She's got my back! :))))" ... written by Zee125
The best andamp; most accurate on O! A million stars worth! Will post next week to confirm predictions! A+++++" ... written by bellacasey
Love my mother" ... written by ZackSwift
Such a wonderfully kind and caring person, really helped me so much and explained to me in a way I could understand what I was feeling and how to move forward. Gave me great insight and peace of mind, and I'm truly grateful for that." ... written by warrenkitty83
Very good, knew alot didnt tell her much highly reccomended" ... written by Klaudyna27
Anne is the real thing.... she was dead on with EVERYTHING that was going on in my life.. she was honest and compassionate.. I would absolutely get a reading again.. worth every penny!!!!" ... written by reikilb
Good heavens!!! she is good... very good!!!!! she knew things that I didn't even mention!!!!!! 10 stars!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
She was great, she really tuned in. I wish I had more time to ask more questions." ... written by bindel
She predicted everything, she's absolutely amazing!" ... written by deathcon12
In the short 3 minutes we got cut off due to my credits. She was right on point she didn't waste time as far as going around the bush, she straight out told me exactly the situation as a matter! Will definitely Continue the Reading! THANKS ANNLUCAS!" ... written by loveispain11
A++++++++++++++++++++++ XOXOXOXOXO" ... written by bellacasey
Amazing woman she nailed every single issue with myself." ... written by menutnoel
What a great reading I will back very soon " ... written by maynardtony
Excellent, would use again." ... written by carol53
She had some predictions on me and I am looking forward to see how the predictions go. she is fast in catching the things.... I will be back after the coming months.." ... written by mossdevraj
GREAT!!!!!!!" ... written by erika
Great reading! love her!" ... written by dazelgirl
Woww so accurate about the situation. till now her predictions come true ! she's simply the best !! thank you sweetie xoxox" ... written by funstar803
AnnLucas was right on about the things she was saying to me. I hope what she told me comes true. It her prediction does come true I will letting everyone know. Thank so much. Have a reading with her you won't be disappointed. " ... written by luckymiki28
5 million stars for her as she always tells you truth and guides you the best path ! awesome .. fast.. accurate she is ! ..deserves to be the best and no.1 " ... written by funstar15
Always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel better" ... written by De5pina
Ann is mind blowing!!!!!! she is fantastic..... absolute fantastic... she is understanding and very kind, and helps me thorugh alot...!!! wow ann.. thank u!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Ann Lucas is the best! She help me and both my friends and were all thankful for her help. I trust her so much. I go to her every time I need to calm done. She is a curer and she will tell you what is gonna be with no false accusation. She is my good friend and she should be yours ;D. THANK YOU SO MUCHH ANNN LUCUSS. Much love and ciao for now Ann ;DDDDDDDDDD" ... written by pilingvee91
Stunning" ... written by gerritmarx
Ann ann ann... she just knows... wow!!! wow wow!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
This woman is fantastic!! no other words... she is magnificent!!! correct and very sincere.... thank u ANN!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Sharp, helpful, insightful, and she is simply a wonderful woman who knows what she is doing. Also she remembered our last conversation and the issues involved. Amazing Ann!! Thank You!" ... written by ArtbyRiggs
Mom I love you :D she's the bestest!" ... written by ZackSwift
Fantastic Ann!!!!! u are fantastic!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
I trust Ann with everything her readings are the best and she really cares. She has earned my trust. :)))) " ... written by Zee125
Awesommeeeee !!" ... written by funsun815
Thank you so much Ann Your God sent I knew in my heart he loves me n tht there was someone discouraging him to be with me ...I even tld him this at one point but things just kept getting worse as his fam problems got worse too But reassurance is soooo comforting for me Thank you sooo much words can not describe the happiness im feeling in my heart right now .... :)" ... written by elena8014
Truly a great joy to talk to you, and an amazing reading full of the right information and right on the money with everything thank you so much xxxx can't wait to get back to you" ... written by tonio73
Great reading my i need more time :)" ... written by xicabella
Woww she's outstanding !! and very quick in connecting. hoping her all predictions does come true !!andamp;gt;. bless u dear :)" ... written by bbee810
Ann said I would be receiving the call by saturday, I receivd the call yesterday after she did some meditation. Very accurate and efficient. Bravo" ... written by receivedthecall
What can i sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy THE BESTTTTT.... Blessinggg for u mama!" ... written by sarah321
Ann said a long time ago that I would have contact with this person (back in Feb), at the time I did not believe it at all, and even read with her a few times in between freaking out that it wouldn't happen, but lo and behold there was contact, he finally called! Ann kept me reassured for months so If you're hesitating to speak to Ann, don't! Speak to her!" ... written by ra
Shes stunnning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Ann is simply the best hey!!!! wow!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Thank you always :)" ... written by Zee125
It was a really interesting experience, I'd been browsing a few of the psychics on the site. i had come undone with a chat with a psychic earlier when he wanted a direct question, which i was unprepared for. I'd not been on annlucas's page long, I hadn't said anything she just started hinting strongly that she knew what going on with me. On private chat she blew me away but it wasn't long enough, i'm hooked, but the site wont accept my card now so i'm roasting wanting to know more, yet cruelly denied the priveledge! LOL" ... written by paulthefool
Direct, quick, don't mess around. Love Ann's style, looking forward for her prediction come true...Thank you Ann!" ... written by KC0716
Great reading as usual, very calming and accurate advice. Always appreciate the help and answers." ... written by warrenkitty83
The best in the business xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by tonio73
She is always sooo good.... I love to have a reading with her soo comforting.... :)" ... written by butterflywings10
Ann is stunning!! Shes fast and great! Accurate and helpfull!!!! She is fantastic!! Thanks annxoxoxoxox." ... written by gerritmarx
Ann Lucas.... what can be said more about her then extraordinary... shes fantastic.... so fast and so accurate... she helps alot!!!! love you ann.. thanks for the guidance..." ... written by gerritmarx
Very good." ... written by nobletrojan
Very understanding and knows exactly what is going on. I always appreciate her advice." ... written by rose423
Great reading - always really good!" ... written by maynardtony
Thank you Ann!!!! 5 Stars you are awesome!!!" ... written by ArtbyRiggs
Thank you Ann brilliant as always." ... written by wishingsmi
AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG....." ... written by sarah321
****HER PREDICTION CAME TRUE 100%!!!!!!!!!**** She called it from day one (8months ago)!!! I kept notes so I could refer back and what she said would happen, HAPPENED!!!!! TODAY MY DREAMS CAME TRUE BC ANN SAID THEY WOULD AND SHE WAS 100% ACCURATE ON ALL SHE SAID!!!!! LOOK NO FURTHER...THE TRUTH IS IN ANN!!!!! ****I LOVE YOU MY SISTER FROM THE WHP (LOL) YOU ALWAYS HAVE MY BACK!!!!!! I AM BLESSED!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO (((((HUGS)))))" ... written by bellacasey
Ann is always brilliant! Thank you again for update! :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
Absolutely mind blowing. Ann blew me away with my reading. She is truly a blessed gift. A trillion stars. Thanks Ann xx" ... written by 6marchs
This was my first private with Ann...She is a doll. But she is also very accurate and picked up almost before I finished my question!! So let's say Ann Rocks! We're gonna give him a little Italian andamp;quot;PINGandamp;quot; sit back and patiently see what happens with him. Thank you Ann!!!" ... written by chrissie35
Wonderful reading, thank you!" ... written by Bojan99
Its good a lot of information..Thanks" ... written by Anya
Thank you for the great reading! " ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
She is amazing and I love her dearly ;)" ... written by ColtonLucas
Not only is she stunning but honestly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will return beautiful lady mwaaaaaaa" ... written by wonderwoman29
:)" ... written by SAchickie
A gift from God, that is who I think she is to me! Awesome! Please do not hesitate to go private with her." ... written by opentolove
I love this woman with all my heart. She is so great. " ... written by ColtonLucas
Wonderful!!!!" ... written by Summer84
Thanks a lot for the update. I will keep you posted." ... written by me_thierry
She is amazing. Not a joke type of a person, very to the point. One gifted woman." ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Thank you , you are a very caring lady. awesome!!!" ... written by pray4love
5 Stars!!! You are amazing Ann and I am looking for the next couple of weeks. I wish I had had more time.... Next time :) Thank You!" ... written by ArtbyRiggs
Thanks! :) " ... written by Zee125
OMG ! Not only did she pick up on me, she gave me awesome advice !!! " ... written by SillyGirl1109
WOW, WOW, WOW the woman has talents. Ann thank you so much for your reading. No information given as soon as I entered private it is a though Ann was in my situation. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Thank you very much! I appreciate it very much. Very accurate!" ... written by marjoram
Thank you Ann for being so correct on everything." ... written by tonio73
Always makes me feel better ! She determined about her points ! " ... written by SillyGirl1109
Ann is nr 1 for sure... she is the one and only one i trust.. she will always be close to my heart in all ways... she tells it like it is and she helps u through difficult times..... love her to bits... oxxoxoxox" ... written by gerritmarx
Awesome advice, no sugar coating, just tells it like it is and keeps me on track. Consistent readings for a while now and I'm looking forward to what the future might hold! " ... written by warrenkitty83
Always sets me straight, lol, no Ann is phenomenal and a very loving compassionate person. Dont know what I would do without her." ... written by Jim
Wow! Is all I have to say! Right on the money again with everything and another of her predictions came to pass again! She's more like your friend than anything!" ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
She was spot on! Excellent reader.." ... written by iPreferMimi
Wow wow wow.. ann is fantastic... She totally gets the situation and she tells it like it is. She is stunning and will be a confidant and true friend for life... Thanks for the info ann!! xoxo" ... written by gerritmarx
Wow before the end of the year! far everything you said happened so I believe it. If I get married in greece your coming baby mwaaa." ... written by jasminepapas
Great reading ! .. interested to see what happens ! .. thank you so Much !" ... written by katiew12345
The best of the best she is very very good . You deserve more than 5 stars. God bless you and lots of love! xxx" ... written by tatianasmile
Ann, my stunning stunning reader.... she is fantastic... so fast and caring... no sugarcoating with her... but well worth it.... she needs no info... just ur name and the others involved.... and then she goes with it.... thank u ann..... xoxoxoxox" ... written by gerritmarx
NAILED IT!!! Ahh, she is truly AWESOME!!!" ... written by kristinahinds
Straight to the point, and very honest. Love Her." ... written by Jim
One of THE BEST ON HERE! SERIOUSLY!!! Predictions have come to pass and legit turned out as she said by verbatim. Always right on the money with everything! Looking forward to her other ones! And she's got a great sense of humor and is just fun to talk with. Thanks Ann! I'll be back again for sure." ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
Sassy! fun! accurate! she tells it exactly how it is. no sugarcoating or telling lies. I *loved* the reading!" ... written by daydreamer246
Haha simply the best!" ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
Excellent...." ... written by purple20
Ann is amazing!!! helped me and nailed a delicate situation, gave me the support and insight as to how to handel.... a very bright and astute reader. I trust her insight all the way!!! perhaps we need to make a spot for 10 star readers!!!!" ... written by wingtip
She is super good, I just love her to bits. Please have a private with her, you will be so happy you did... a billion stars." ... written by butterflywings10
This was an awesome psychic! Thank you! I feel better about my job, my career and moving forward! THANK YOU!!!! I will be in touch. " ... written by cb1111
Such a riot! Thanks again!" ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
She is very straight forward and honest :)" ... written by venus1butterfly7
She assured me help and im sure she will help me in getting thru this" ... written by jiafunny
Absolutely amazing! She hit my situation dead on and gave me excellent advice! I really enjoyed my chat session with her that i kept adding credits! Lol! Thanks Ann you have been amazing, thank you for your patience with me and clarifying my situation! I can't wait to be in touch with you again :) God Bless! " ... written by butterfly1977
What can i say about ann? She is just as Cool as a cucumber, poise, witt, and compassion. She knows she's great but its not ego just knowing. If i was a millionaire i'd be on here every night paying her to be my friend..You can sit up all night waiting for a chance to speak to her and not be pissed off even if you dont get a chance to. Believe me i've been there. She's really funny as well as being extraordinarily gifted and strangely familiar.It's Like talking to an old friend who knows you really well and understands you. she wont judge you just accepts you, like part of the family as though she knows what its like to be you. Which is probably because she does. If you searched the whole world you wouldn't find someone who could offer quite what she does, even if you could you wouldn't get their personal attention as they would probably be one of those god beings with thousands of followers! so worth every penny. blows me away every time. Its hard to find someone who can develope you as a person and keep things light at the same time. Seems alot of money, but to be honest she is probably being kind as she could charge alot more and people would still come. (dont read that bit Ann! ) Well anyone whose had a reading would tell you. BIG FANxx will be back again no doubt. " ... written by paulthefool
Ann's the REAL DEAL!!! You want've come to the right place. You don't even have to ask...she will TELL YOU before you even open your mouth. Yes, she's THAT good. Everything that she has told me has come true. Details: TRUE. Predictions: TRUE. Even when others said no and she said YES...SHE was on the money!!!! She's worth every penny...and then some. I wouldn't be where I am today without her. I would have given up months ago and may have missed out on something amazing!!!! Trust her...she will never let you down!!! Love my Sis!!! XOXO" ... written by bellacasey
Thank you, thank you, thank you so so much. You are amazing and you deseve all the stars from the sky. God bless you and lots of love xxxxx" ... written by tatianasmile
She is awesome her prediction came to pass!!! she always makes me feel better! xo" ... written by kiki3070
All i can say is that she is sooooo goood and i love her to bits... xxx" ... written by butterflywings10
Very intuitive! thank you!" ... written by sheilalala
Her predictions came true...She predicted when i will get a new job ... so I returned to check back again with her.. she is awesome.............. I would say just get a reading and see for yourself..your questions will be answered and you are never going to waste a penny on pyschics." ... written by mossdevraj
I was drawn to Ann before and am so glad I came back for a reading tonight. She helped me so much even in a fairly quick reading. I know she truly cares and will come back to update her. " ... written by sparkly1
Best reading I've had here in all honesty. not because I ended up hearing what I wanted to hear, but because it was the pure truth. I could feel/sense it. and though it is pricey, it was well worth it. Thanks to me coming here, I have received the guidance necessary. but I still want to thnk you anyway ann. thanks!" ... written by mini1214
I am working with Ann and she is helping me with my situation...she connected well and gave me advise and hope her prediction and timeframe for it will come to pass...Thank you" ... written by acealways
Ann is wonderful. She knew very specific things about me without me giving her any information....Amazing!! I cant wait for her predictions to come true so I can go back and tell her. Will go to her again. " ... written by rpicas22
ANNIE is stunning. She picked up on a condition that I was not sure of, she told me all will be fine in the past, her predictions still on target. Thank you so much for your assistance Ann, much love. " ... written by gerritmarx
Very fast and in depth!" ... written by Montice
Amazing. I don't know how else to describe her, really. What she said has come to pass, but much sooner than she predicted!" ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
Ann was able to read the situation right away. Her last prediction of things running smoothly were right on target. (Thank goodness). She has a prediction for me this month of something she is seeing. I am super excited and I hope it happens, I will certainly be back to update. Ann you are so beautiful inside and out. Thank you for helping me!" ... written by calibabe23
Always so right! Totally worth it ! " ... written by sillygirl
Ann my darling.... you are awesome.. thanks for the guidance and advice.... you are accurate as usual.... thanks for everything..." ... written by gerritmarx
She is phenomenal and amazingly accurate without a single description of what the scenario is. Thank you ann! :D" ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Amazing." ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Thank you a thousand times for what you do. Love You Bunches." ... written by Jim
The only thing i could say is wow... she is just great!... didnt tell her nothing and she knew everythingggg!!!..... ill really recommend her to everyone!... god bless you sweety!!!" ... written by eli2009
She is awesome, has great energy and she is very accurate, she told me the letter of my name of my future boyfriend and she got it :)" ... written by xicabella
Another awesome reading!!! Last reading in July, Ann told that my guy would contact me again in Aug, which I didn't think I would ever hear from him. I got a text from him on Aug 4th, out of no where. Ann is just so amazing, so real. I'm looking forward to the rest prediction to unfold. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Love you Ann!" ... written by KC0716
Ann was quick accurate and spot on. She read the whole situation without a problem. Lots of information in a short time. Wonderful!" ... written by PMitchell
Ann is always on shes real and she connects." ... written by maxmusclegirl1
Annlucas is awesome! She zeroed in on me and my situation immediately. Fast, honest and accurate!" ... written by justme1365
She was so spot on, very very good reading and helpful with my situation." ... written by delighted2
Great, great, great xxx" ... written by tatianasmile
Every connection with Ann is amazing... she is just fantastic. She is so pure and kind... she goes out of her way to make me feel good... thanks Ann xooxoox" ... written by gerritmarx
Thank you ' You opened my eye a little and you got me thinking I would love to talk to you agian." ... written by Takiiwii
Big Sis gave little sis a talking to tonight:P Its what I needed to hear but its not a bad thing. I need to get my act together bc all of what she has been saying is coming to pass even when I have my own doubts, she still sees exactly what she sees from day 1 happening. It already has begun and now onto the next stage. Thank you Sis. XOXO" ... written by bellacasey
I had my first reading with Ann. She picked up on my situation quickly and assured me it will work out. I just have to be patient. She also picked up something that I feeling for a long time, which surprised me. No -one else has picked it up. I wanted to speak to her longer but funds ran out. " ... written by benzy73
An Amazing Talent. Extremely Gifted. She is very helpful and makes you feel at ease. Very accurate. I will always come back! 5 Star Rating!" ... written by swiftcats64
Love this woman, great advice and very accurate!" ... written by calibabe23
Ann is simply the best.... She is amazing with her work and what she offers... Thanks so much for everything... xoxo" ... written by gerritmarx
Ann is so freakin accurate! She has been helping me with the guy I am seeing and things are progressing pretty rapidly. Ann is always super sweet and super accurate in her reading, thank you!!!!" ... written by calibabe23
Amazing! She was extremely insightful and kept going without saying anything. I have extreme faith in what she says. She was very easy to talk to and I enjoyed the conversation!" ... written by fitchchic5
Great reader! Spot on with my situation." ... written by iPreferMimi
Thanks for everything as always! :)))" ... written by Zee125
Thank you" ... written by RudeGal2012
Really helped me! Thanks Ann again." ... written by sparkly1
Great reading! Understood the situation and it's details before I even told her. Definitely coming back :)" ... written by daydreamer246
She is a hope for us with troubled souls." ... written by mojasudbina1978
She is sent from god" ... written by chandragomes3
Realistic and close to our understanding is what you get when she gives you the insight" ... written by mojasudbina1978
This is incredible, like you were there when i met her and felt what i felt when that happened" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thanks Ann!!! You are amazing as usual, thanks for the update. You are awesome!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
So Ann told me exactly when someone was going to contact me and guess what? It happened just when she said. My goodness is this woman accurate as heck! She is my girl! Thanks Ann! Do that dance girl!!! " ... written by calibabe23
Great! " ... written by Silly
So unbelievably accurate and to the point! For the last year I have been going through a situation with another person and everything she has told me would happen did, in the time frame that she said, and how it would happen. She is incredible!! Do NOT doubt for a minute nor hesitate to do a PVT reading with her, if you really want honest answers and information she is your girl- you will not regret it!!" ... written by littlelolita19
First thing i should say is; do not be scared of having a private reading with Ann:) She tells you what she sees and senses, you have no idea how wonderful it is to hear what you NEED TO hear instead of what you want to hear. She connects immediately with only a name and tells you things that you even have no idea of:) I strongly recommend a private reading with Ann, she is really mind blowing... Thank you so much Ann:))" ... written by LoveElly
Thank you,thank you thank you! You are great and all your predictions come true! God bless you and lots of love. xxx" ... written by tatianasmile
I was missing talking with Ann. What she said today made sense and I appreciate the deep insight into my situation. She is so supportive and helps me stay strong w/ keeping my sense of humor also! " ... written by sparkly1
This woman is magnificent. The kindest, sweetest, most intelligent woman alive. Life is so much better with Ann in my life and on my side. Couldn't love her more if I tried. XOXOXO" ... written by icklepickle
ACCURATE..200 %" ... written by tasha_j
Thank you. You were so right!!!! Hope to speak with you again Ann." ... written by shinewithme
Ann gives me an AMAZINGLY accurate and detailed reading about my situation and we had a GREAT GREAT laugh together! (: Tutu forever! (: Definitely will not hesitate to come back for a reading with Ann again!!!! You are AMAZING, Ann! (:" ... written by calliopegirl
You always keep me strong :)))) Love you!" ... written by Zee125
She has been very accurate and so far on target. She also knew the person and the situation almost instantly. Her ability to tap in easily without me typing anything was very impressive." ... written by sea4me
Her prediction came through!! One of many!!!! YAY she is the real deal.....!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Her prediction came through!! One of many!!!! YAY she is the real deal.....!!" ... written by gerritmarx
No words can express how I felt with Ann, She nailed it. If I could say that we everyone is talented in their own way Ann is blessed with a gift there is no doubt. Honest, fast and 100000% accurate. She read me like an open book and told me what exactly happened which was true. I found My Angel. She Truly is gifted." ... written by Joan84
She's awesome, what can I say?" ... written by confused
Predictions are coming to light! " ... written by charmedangelx31
Thanks ann, amazing reading as always. " ... written by tonio73
She picked up on my situation very well and she was spot on. Also gave me some great advice to follow to help improve my situation :)" ... written by iPreferMimi
Thank you for your patience and guidance." ... written by mojasudbina1978
TRUE AND UNDERSTANDING! See you Thursday! :-)" ... written by Summer84
Thank you for your positive energy and optimism that you give, your loving energy is inspiring giving me more strength for challenging times. " ... written by mojasudbina1978
Whoa! What a time I had! She is absolutely dynamic and on the money.... I have been helped and confirmed. Thank you, Ann I will be back for check-ins and to let you know how everything goes. Take advantage of this woman's gift She has been blessed with an uncanny insight. " ... written by Uvrs53
Very clear, very helpful - didn't need any details. Quite amazing. Thanks, ann." ... written by omega
I like her she very straight forward and understand what I'm going through. I am truly in love with him though but she was right about him being stubborn and I do need to let go a little bit as well. Thank You" ... written by CRIDUSA14
She is very point taken and easy to understand. Recommend her easily. Thanks so much." ... written by powderextreme
Wonderful." ... written by msteka09
She is so accurate and such a wonderful confidant. Love you to peices doll! " ... written by calibabe23
Thanks a lot for your help she saw everything what im going through she's awesome! will talk to her again for update. Thanks again god bless!" ... written by panget0823
This is my second reading with her and I think that she is truly gifted, so fast and professional. Excellent reading, and she is so fast" ... written by mimatisse
The one and only Ann. See you soon." ... written by Chuffsta388
She really hepled me alot thk yu i will be back " ... written by lisha11
I do frequent readings with her....every time she amazes me..... thanks Ann." ... written by mossdevraj
She is great! Right on target. sees right into the situation. Thank you!" ... written by benkepsychic
We've been through sooooo much in the last 10 months...most recently being the roughest 2 weeks. But Ann has always been there. Had my back. Watching over me. Helping me. I can't thank her enough. She has been my rock from day one...wouldn't have gotten this far wo her!! Love you Sis! " ... written by bellacasey
Quick and gave me details, I'll have to wait and see." ... written by smiley2011
Ann, you are so connected as usual..Thank you for your insight and am looking forward to the near future :)" ... written by suzana01
Very intuitive and accurate, good motivator and makes me feel empowered. Knows her stuff. Would definitely see again." ... written by bacidoll
Good reading. Always wanted to get reading with Ann." ... written by cielo05
Such a sweet person, I love her to death. Thanks" ... written by Jim
Very accurate and on point." ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Always good." ... written by SAchickie
What can I say, I love her to death, she always sets me straight and in such a caring way. Such a joyful and inspiring person to chat with. Look forward to chatting again soon." ... written by Jim
Ann has guided me for the last 10 months and she always has my back. I would not be where I am without her. She will never let you fall. If you want truth and honesty, go pvt with her. She doesn't need tools, cards, pendulums, candles...nothing. What she sees is what you will get, like it or not. I've had my doubts about my situation coming to pass throughout these months because I couldn't SEE what she sees but Ann always reassured me it will happen and it will be *AMAZING*. I'm almost there, and it IS all happening like she said it would!!! Can't wait to invite you to the wedding!! ;)) Love you always!!! XOXO" ... written by bellacasey
She is so real, 100%. I can't wait to see where things lead to. " ... written by chandragomes3
Right on... connected quickly, didnt ask any questions but my name.... very amazing" ... written by love522
Wonderful psychic, thank you Ann for putting my mind at east and giving me good advice. Love working with you." ... written by bacidoll
She is soo wonderful.. love her, so fast and accurate.. Please have a private with her.. She will blow you away xx" ... written by butterflywings10
Another wonderful update. Ann is a caring person who looks out for you and doesn't say what you want to hear as she speaks the truth.Thank you! xoxoxo" ... written by GG
I LOVE HER!" ... written by LKLAMBERT
Honest, funny, and easy to relate to." ... written by daydreamer246
Thanks Ann... Great talking as always. Keeps my spirits up." ... written by Chuffsta388
Would see her all the time. Wonderful psychic, very intuitive with sound advice and clear suggestions to make things more postive. Highly recommend." ... written by bacidoll
Good : ) " ... written by curielpatricia
Thank you for sharing your gifts with me!" ... written by SistahMaria
Good advice, great psychic. Love her." ... written by bacidoll
Ah, she's a great source of inspiration and hope :) I really enjoyed my reading with her. The detail she's able to pick up on is astounding and Im excited to see what happens next. I'm always skeptical and have heard so many other things, but it's almost impossible not to believe her since I tell her only my name and she's able to spit back my whole story. Thank you again, it was a wonderful reading." ... written by Erica89
Fabulous as always" ... written by smiley2011
Wow she told me things that left me with my mouth open very good, strong and positive!!! She is definatley my favorite here on the oranum." ... written by curielpatricia
We will NOT give up!!!! Thank you again and see you soon!!! :)" ... written by Summer84
She wasn't lying when she said andamp;quot;WHAT I SEE IS WHAT YOU GET AND IF I DONT SEE IT YOU DONT GET IT SIMPLE AS THAT.andamp;quot; Well lemme tell you...she has seen it and I am getting it and I am BLOWN AWAY!!!!!! It's almost like: be careful what u wish for bc damn, Ann will give it to you and THEN some!!! She's accurate as hell!!! lol She sees it and says it like it is! Had it not been for her, I would NOT be where I am today. She's the BEST of the BEST!!! LOVE YOU SIS!! XOXOXO" ... written by bellacasey
I thank you so very much. I'm still a litte lost." ... written by jazzmarley
She picked up on a lot. I need to wait and see what happens. In line with what I've heard before from others. " ... written by elyZ86
Thank you, this lady is A mazing xxx" ... written by jaiyakali
My ann.... the one and only ann lucas... thanks for all the guidance and friendship and inspiration... you are so accurate on all the things that you have said so far... a definatelate MUST for any one... she is spot !!!!! xoxoxo" ... written by gerritmarx
Awaiting predictions, but Ann is on the money with information for me. Will see her again and again. " ... written by bacidoll
She is sooo good.. I just love having readings with her... She is sooo accurate xx" ... written by butterflywings10
Ann Lucas said that I would connect with my desired within 5 days - absolutely ACCURATE. She is going to help me further on my life journey. x" ... written by jaiyakali
She is very heartwarming....knows what she knows and quick....hope it all comes true...thanks Ann!" ... written by babszolla
Good." ... written by druvina1973
Powerful woman! She is absolutely a god send. God bless you Ann and thank you for taking time to speak with me. xxx love you xxx" ... written by jaiyakali
She is really good wow i dont know what i would do without her !!!" ... written by curielpatricia
Gr8 as always!!! thanks for that awesome reading and prediciton!! fast and accurate... love her!!! " ... written by gerritmarx
Love the reading b/c its soooo true what she says!!" ... written by KIKI81
Love what she's said so far!" ... written by KIKI81
Helpful, guiding psychic force. Continues to be intuitive and on the money in reading the situation. Awaiting predictions, and with Ann's help, hopefully positivity will come true. Thanks Ann for everything." ... written by bacidoll
Awsome and accurate" ... written by druvina1973
Good connection picked up on energy give her a try shes amazing!!!" ... written by enamorada
LOL...I love you Sis!! I love to make you laugh and see you smile at my silliness. lol Thank you for the update. On schedule. Sounds great! I'm being patient and positive. Listening to you. Thank you for your commitment to my happiness! :))) Wouldn't be where I am now without you!! You are a true blessing to me. A beautiful soul with an amazing gift that I am forever grateful to you for sharing with me. I will be in touch when things you know they will;) Thanks again Sis! Love you to the moon and back!! XOXO" ... written by bellacasey
I JUST LOVE ANN. SHE IS TRULY AMAZING, ACCURATE AND SO DOWN TO EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, ANN FOR YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST, GUYS :)) FIVE STARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
Thank you for your guidance and your insight. It's incredibly accurate to the tiny details. Thank you so much for your support and eye opening thoughts and facts that I couldn't understand before." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Ann is the best! Theres not much more I can say. She is the most amazing woman/sister in the world and without her I would be lost. Saying thank you doesn't seem to be enough for all she has helped me through. I am eternally grateful! Love you Sis, to the moon and back!! xoxoxo" ... written by Ann's Sis
Words cannot express how great Ann is. Just about perfect as a reader and advisor. Talk about real deal, we got one here." ... written by MerkabahMan633
I had to come back for a summary from earlier just to really take in the miraculous advise and support that Ann is providing with her psychic gifts and great advice. I am so happy that I discovered her and came to see her! Blessings Ann ))))" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Ann got me straight away. She looked right into my soul! " ... written by Jacks_16
ORANUM YOU DID IT AGAIN ann super duper person. And kind loving thank you for finding her as well. Give her another star. bam486943" ... written by bam486943
Ann is my Tutu! I can't find the words to express how much I love this woman! She keeps me grounded in this chaotic world despite my fears and her readings are always incredibly detailed and precise! But please don't be mistaken. She will tell you exactly how she sees things. Just like her quote andamp;quot;What I see is what you get. If I dont see it, you dont get it.andamp;quot; Thank you for sharing your gifts ann! You are truly an angel! xoxo" ... written by calliopegirl
HOLY CRAP!!!! She was answering questions before I even asked them!!!!! I kid you not!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ANYONE ELSE!!!!! Spitfire delivery insures that she gets her message across!!!! I can't say enough!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
I absolutely love Ann. She is the one I always turn to, when I need the guidance and clarity, in whatever situation i´m facing. She never sugarcoats, and tells you exactly what it is that she picks up on. Her answers are consistent and never change and are always accurate. Even when you feel like you have no hope left in you, she is able to give you that light of hope back and helps you to push through it. Ann is naturally a loving person and always gives as much information and help that she can. Plus her personality is so contagious and you'll never get bored, or stay down in her room, since shes such joy to be around. She truly is one of a kind, and she literally does it all. I LOVE YOU ANN! You are truly amazing and a pure angel here on earth!!!! xoxo" ... written by Nina
Absolute best!!!! Incredible perception!!!! Great advice!!! Cannot say enough about her!!!." ... written by vigglesworth216
More Love and Power......... Words cannot describe this wonderful lady. RECOMMENDED 100%" ... written by jaiyakali
Thanks " ... written by Thikka
Thanks " ... written by Thikka
Thank you for your guidance and understanding..." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Super fast absolutely no time wasting! Real psychic. I will be a repeat customer." ... written by truegiftfromgod
Very quick, easy to talk too. Doesn't waste any time." ... written by rosiep
Ann, she told me like other pyschics that my ex and I will get back together, in December some time. She was very quick, very accurate with the siutation. On the spot with my feelings, and told me to back off and let her come to me. I will follow her advice and will update Ann, with developments and hoping her predictions come true. Very quick in her responses and honest answers! Amazing!" ... written by shadeykev
Ann is so real she reads you like a open book and gives you hope when everyone wants you to give up." ... written by chandragomes3
Ann was the best psychic I have spoken to on Oranum... She was really fast and to the point ...she won't waste your time or money..." ... written by resee057
I've always wanted to come back and write this review. Back in March of this year, Ann did a reading for me. Honestly, I didn't ask a question or anything ... she tapped into my situation straight away. What she shared was mindblowing ... she knew everything. She said my SWEETHEART would return HOME to me. Even though the timeframe given passed, and I waited another 3 months, I knew what she said would happen. He's now HOME with ME. THANK YOU LOVELY Ann. YOU are AMAZING :) xoxox" ... written by gemm22
Ann is so lovely and warm. Connects with you immediately - knows what she is talking about! xxx" ... written by rosiep
I love this woman. :D " ... written by TristanLucas
Ann super Amazing!!! Beyond Excellent!!!! Thank you so much!" ... written by mlafield
She was great. She only needed the first names and she could tell the very details of the situation. And she knew her stuff well. She was awesome!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by amnarashid
Ann is great as always... no doubt. Always always connect right away. Sorry Ann if you got to "feel" the stress from my body, hopefully you feel better after our reading soon!" ... written by KC0716
She is amazing, like she was spot on and I admit I came in a total skeptic and I need to purchase more credits because she was in the middle of something good! Amazing!" ... written by midnightdistract
No one can compare. She is by far the Greatest Medium. Caring, Compassionate, Answers your questions before asking them. She is for real. Do not look any further. 5 Star rating." ... written by swiftcats64
SOOOOO GOOOOOD, have a private with her, she is amazing :)" ... written by butterflywings10
She is kind, helpful, honest. She gave me insight in freechat, but with good intention not to make you curious just to get a reading. I believe she is a true psychic. I have been following her in free chat and she had really helped people. I admire her." ... written by Charm77
Very much to the point!" ... written by tammie1974
She is the sweetest thing ever!!! Don't get me wrong, she tells it like it is. She is very good and trustworthy!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Fantastic advise and guidance." ... written by Chuffsta388
Amazing! LOVE HER SO MUCH." ... written by michelle0940
She is awesome. Great connection. Thanks Ann." ... written by delighted2
Accurate. Very good. helpful and understanding." ... written by druvina1973
Great!" ... written by druvina1973
Wow! Barely able to collect my thoughts! Over way too soon!!" ... written by LindacLind
She is so good. I had a crisis and she calmed me down about it. I love going to her." ... written by butterflywings10
Loooove her... she is soo good and so funny, not to mention accurate as hell.....:)" ... written by butterflywings10
She is amazing! She is out of this world! get a reading with her and you ll know what i mean. simply the best." ... written by amnarashid
She has been a great help can't wait until things happen." ... written by chandragomes3
Woah. Very good." ... written by uncledolan99
This psychic is amazing!!! She is so compassionate, cheerful and incredibly helpful!!!! Love her." ... written by chawks009
Thnks so much for your help" ... written by aundreya25
After reading all her great feed back I knew I had to see her myself. She definitely saw into my situation andamp;amp; in no time at all. Amazing how she does it ..." ... written by alwaysgem
She always tell the truth and gives u hope. one of her perditions already came true." ... written by chandragomes3
Thank you so much Ann...You picked up on everything." ... written by kathyrh
Brilliant." ... written by gerritmarx
Ann is the best.. Today and tomorrow and forever... I love her!!" ... written by Niha
I am truly in awe of this wonderful lady. She really impressed me today by how she handled my update, and I know deep in my heart that she has the highest integrity and told me only true information that she can fully verify. She really impressed me so much today and I feel the greatest benefit from seeing her again today. Ann is really really awesome!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Attitude Of Gratitude....... thanks again Mrs Lucas x" ... written by jaiyakali
Excellent!" ... written by JackofTheWorld
Very good! Lot to say, but very very good!! Worth it!" ... written by Blackjane2614
Thank you Mrs Lucas, you are brilliant and accurate." ... written by jaiyakali
Amazing reading!!!" ... written by chawks009
Tutu is hands down, my favourite of the favourite!!! Funny and yet scarily accurate with my situation. She is very confident about her predictions and that sets my heart at ease because of the end result. I love you Tutu xx" ... written by calliopegirl
Her predictions come true. She is second only to the Heavens. Believe me." ... written by MaryLeeBrown25
Great reading with very helpful insights. thanks so much Ann." ... written by Chuffsta388
Great as always!" ... written by KC0716
She picks up quick! Waitng for predictions to happen now." ... written by Dolly1234
Fantastic and clear, thank you!" ... written by Denisenz
Thank you very much, I will so come back when I get more credits LOL. You have been most helpful :)" ... written by Alissa88
Amazing reading!!" ... written by chawks009
She is excellent." ... written by Charm77
She is sooo good.. And my tummy hurts now soo bad from laughing with her... She is very accurate as well.. But that is a given :)" ... written by butterflywings10
HAD ONE OF THE BEST READINGS WITH HER :D" ... written by manda1127
She is always great! Such an amazing psychic and such an amazing person. Muah and loads of hugs for you Ann!" ... written by amnarashid
Truly one of the best....Defiantly will me back !" ... written by junior92
Amazing reading!!!!!!!!!" ... written by chawks009
Thanks a lot!! You are great!!!!" ... written by eli2009
Ann is just amazing! God sent, amazing at what she does, very caring and sweet at the same time. " ... written by anull111
She is awesome! Absolutely great!" ... written by delighted2
She's awesome and has been bang on and even though she's expensive she gets through things quick!" ... written by Dolly1234
Thank you Ann. As always, you are great. " ... written by Joanna93
Awesome like always!" ... written by curielpatricia
Good reading, awaiting some predictions. Ann tunes in very quickly and knows my history." ... written by bacidoll
Wonderful lady. Super fast, super accurate, extremely insightful! In fact, too insightful. She reads my situation better, than me. Very highly recommended. Once again thank you, I truly appreciate your abilities." ... written by zimerili1
Great reading as always!" ... written by Joanna93
Good reading, thanks Ann." ... written by bacidoll
Ann is just amazing. I love her to bits. She is straightfoward, but all nice and fast. Thanks again for the reading Ann. xo" ... written by gerritmarx
Where do I start.... Ann is amazing!! She is incredible. Helped me immensely. Everything she said has come true and been true. Spot on. Thank you sooo much Ann. x" ... written by delighted2
Thanks again Ann. OH GOD I hope your right with your predictions." ... written by jasminepapas
Always so accurate and insightful Ann. Thanks again." ... written by Chuffsta388
Incredibly gifted lady! Will definitely consult again. I'd give her 5 stars and then some more. She is the real deal!" ... written by angolob
One of a kind!!! XOXO" ... written by bellacasey
Thankyou Ann, you are the best. I wish I had more credits... :(love you, xxx)" ... written by suzana01
Thanks love you have put my fears at ease and I trust you much!! LOL" ... written by cadesgirl
Prediction came to pass! My guy did contact me after more than a month no see, I didn't think he would, but Ann kept telling me that he would. Ann is just GREAT!" ... written by KC0716
A special person, a special talent, she shares, so clear, so confident and clear. The best!!!!" ... written by jp
Good reading, accurate and direct. I hope I can learn from her advice." ... written by ginlin
Great as always :) Thanks Ann!" ... written by KC0716
STOP LOOKING!! There is NO other! Her prices are a bit high and she's always busy but she is worth all of it and FAR more!! I wish there were more people in this world like her. She's fabulous! I've had 1 other reading with her and her predictions came to fruition! I'm confident these ones will too! 5 trillion stars! I don't trust people usually nor would i ever normally say this but if she was someone i had met i would hope to god we could be friends purely based on her personality! I really do love this woman!!! " ... written by Dolly1234
Ann is awesome as usual and right on track each time." ... written by dave
Ann is a star!! She is fantastic, right, precise and has helped me greatly. Her predictions came true! xx" ... written by delighted2
Awesome psychic! One of the best on Oranum period!" ... written by amazinglifeahead
Amazing reading!!!" ... written by chawks009
Fantastic!" ... written by Janice75
Tutu is my girl!! She is very reassuring and she keeps me from doing stupid things in the moment of anger. Love her to death!!! Still sticks to what she first read for me and I have no doubt what she says is true! (:" ... written by calliopegirl
Awesome!" ... written by maxmusclegirl1
My favourite her to bits. She makes me go mad's more of a fun session ...but mind u supa dupa accuarte and u lots xoxoxox." ... written by niha
Amazing - as always." ... written by Dolly1234
She so sooo correct on all levels she see it and tells it all love her to bits,good to know we are still on track, thank you Ann, you are awesome!" ... written by scorpionqueen
I am really blessed to have met Ann! She is really in the top class of psychics that I have ever met. Today was an update reading and I felt it so strongly. She is just right on in every aspect of her readings. Thank you Ann. See you soon." ... written by MerkabahMan633
She did connect with the situation quite fast. Very explanatory, had a good reading!" ... written by octavus1212
Love you! It's awesome knowing you.. Take care." ... written by nik
Ann was very direct as well as compassionate. She understood my situation almost immediately and offered clear, practical advice. I'm very impressed with how well she was able to perceive things without any information from me aside from names. I highly recommend her and will consult with her again. " ... written by popyrebel
You can't help but absolutely adore/love her! " ... written by Dolly1234
Always great!" ... written by sagkgill1983
Always positive!" ... written by cg3
THE BEST on Oranum! Great as always!!!! Love you Ann!!" ... written by KC0716
I will come back!" ... written by ernshh
Was right on with all the information. I was surprised, brought up things I had not even considered before. Thank you very much." ... written by bustemup
Amazing reading!!!" ... written by chawks009
Awesome, awesome, cant wait for predictions to come to fruition." ... written by rachel1312
On the money, doesn't waste time, to the point, and very gifted." ... written by Bakman7821
Ok... I didn't tell her ANYTHING. She just KNEW. What others have said is right... she's gifted!! Can't wait to talk to her again! :) " ... written by CatherineLoree
Accurate and right to the point, exactly knew what was going on, great reading!!" ... written by mdkdsd56
Great reading!" ... written by yvettepandora
Thank you.. She picked up on the situation right away and nailed it.. Lovely energy.. " ... written by lyricslair
Great reading as usual. Thank you Ann." ... written by zimerili1
Thank you for the bottom line. Thats what I needed to hear. The BEST on andamp;quot;Oandamp;quot;. " ... written by bellacasey
Awesome, simply awesome!" ... written by kobashiwarlord
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I felt so uplifted connecting with Ann! She is wonderful to connect with and insisted that I give her no info other than the name. She is truly gifted and tuned into the situation with amazing accuracy and speed! I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and shared a few laughs :))) She has a great sense of humour and tells it like it is. Thank you Ann and lots of love and light to you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Straight to the point and honest, felt a connection to her through her eyes, quite moving. " ... written by avidmen
My favorite forever and ever! She never lets me down! " ... written by Dolly1234
I was really startled that for not being face to face Ann had so much insight. Because my reading was short, I didn't receive a lot of details, but I don't think that was what I was looking for anyway. Just some reassurance. It's funny, I almost cried because she hit a couple of nerves. Ann seems very nice and she's very on point. I hope you guys enjoy talking to her. :-) Thanks Ann." ... written by splitpeasoup
Omg the best reading I have had, it was really positive and made me feel better.The things she said was right on the point of what's going on in my life, gave me some direction on what to do and how to handle things. GREAT 50,000 STARS WOULDN'T BE ENUF!!!! " ... written by mookii
Ann is off the chain!! Point on and sugar coat nuthin!!! Doesn't tell u what u want to hear just says what she sees n feels!! For good or bad in the future!! Been with her since June, won't go to no 1 else!! No 1 compares!!!! At huge point in my life, and still sees my future even if I don't want it, it's coming and she prepares me for it! On point, telling predicts what she sees and has been 95PERCENT ACCURATE. THE LAST ALMOST 6 MONTHS ME BEING A MEMBER...WITHOUT HER ID BE IN A WORLD OF HURT... ANN'S LIKE A FAMILY MEMBER BY MY, GUIDING ME. THXS WOMEN... SIDE ;)THNXS WOMEN, YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME MORE THN U KNOW, WITH OR WITHOUT UR PSYCHICS ABILITIES, JUST YOUR TRUE FRIENDSHIP AND LOOKING OUT FOR ME ;'') LUV YA KELLZ" ... written by torresk1978
Thanks for it. Brief, insight, I needed it. " ... written by mojasudbina1978
Mrs. Ann what can I say... you are awesome young lady and I love you when I want to throw in the towel you say hold on. Don't give up it's going to get better and you keep me up with believing a change is coming. You keep it real and I really r-e-s-p-e-c-t that! Thank you from my heart, thank you!" ... written by scorpionqueen
She is the REAL deal...knew EXACTLY what was going on with just my name. She will not waste your time, so stop wasting yourself away with questions and talk to her!!! Thank you AnnLucas xoxo" ... written by prinsol12
Great experience!" ... written by growinglight
Really nice and sweet and honest, thank u!" ... written by greek07chick7
We customers at Oranum are so blessed to have Ann here to help us. I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. She really puts my mind at ease, and what she says makes so much sense. I feel cared for by the Spirit world after speaking with her because I can feel that love-energy vibe that makes up this Universe when she taps into to my situation and shares her words. In other words, what she says has so much depth, I believe it is the Love of the Universe that carries the messages through her to me. I feel at peace right now, and optimistic." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Love my Annie!!! She keeps me sane in all the insanity in my life but she has been consistent in her predictions and what she sees for me and I think we're in the home stretch. God I hope so! Ann is a gift from God and I am so thankful for her!! XOXOXO" ... written by bellacasey
She is honestly the best psychic on Oranum! She will give you great insight and real world advice to find the happiness in your life that we all deserve! " ... written by chawks009
Good read! Gave me hope." ... written by Redhotlion
He is the number #1 psychic on here!! She tells what she sees and knows, and that happens!! She worth the most for the price! If you are looking for a guardian angel Ann is the guardian angel of yours! Not only being a spiritual advisor but also a great friend that will be by your side through thick and thin. She never judges but will tell you the truth constructively and truly... Best, best, best friend I've had in years!" ... written by torresk1978
She's the best!" ... written by gine1223
Thank you for your guidance... I appreciate your insight into the situation. I hope to have good news soon! I know you will tell me the truth and I like that =)" ... written by greek07chick7
I have seen better only in movies like Harry Potter. I'm not exaggerating when I say that Ann is a diamond in the rough, even on Oranum, because she truly exhibits her gift in excess of anyone else. I am not sure what she does, or how she does it, but she is able to give you automatic, concise and speedy answers without any use of tools." ... written by Lia
Ann is so much fun and amazing at what she does! Much gratitude and loads of love and light to you Ann! You are the best!!! God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Thanx for a great insight." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thanx for the sincere tips." ... written by mojasudbina1978
I went to private to get insight on some new developments and her predictions are still the same! :) I just have to be patient, but will definitely touch base soon... I missed you, I'm glad to have you back!!! xo" ... written by prinsol12
This woman is A M A Z I N G she is so powerful. love xxxx" ... written by jaiyakali
Amazing!! I can't wait to talk to her again!!" ... written by anksy2001
I haven't spoken to her in a while but she still sees good things for me!" ... written by chandragomes3
I've known Ann for well over a year. Her prediction from the first day we met has been the same. I'm still waiting for it to come to pass and I'm doing my best not to lose hope. It's very hard when its something you've wanted practically your whole life and it still hasn't happened but she can see it and knows its coming so I believe that it will. The waiting is the hardest part but I know it will come. It will happen bc it is meant to be. She keeps me sane through this process. Idk what I'd do without her. " ... written by bellacasey
Ann, thanks for another great, insightful reading. I've been hurting a lot because of you know who, but I expect better things to come from your predictions. Talk soon." ... written by greek07chick7
THE BEST. How do I live without you, Ann??" ... written by KC
Mrs Lucas, You are the best ever...consistent!" ... written by jaiyakali
WONDERFUL GIFTED PSYCHIC! Ann is quick and accurate, I highly recommend!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Tutu is my earth angel and she has been through the worst time of my life with me, supporting and encouraging me. Her prediction have not changed and I look forward to it happening (: And as always, we always laugh so much with one another! (:" ... written by calliopegirl
Ann connected really fast, and tuned into my situation precisely! She was such a sweetheart throughout the reading too! loved her, will be back whenever she is on." ... written by rawr_meow
She explained everthing too me and made it so clear! Happier and happier with every reading! Her predictions always happens for me." ... written by Dolly1234
Sometimes it could take a couple of hours wait just to have a private with Ann. Well... SHE IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!! Love you Ann! xoxo" ... written by KC
Terrific reading as always. Thank you Ann." ... written by zimerili1
SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!! BY FAR THE BEST PSYCHIC ON ORANUM!!!!" ... written by chawks009
Super amazing as always!!!! Can't wait Ann! Many thanks and God bless you always!!!" ... written by heartnsoul
I love ann, very satisfied with the reading. Makes sense to me. Hugs and will do it again. xx" ... written by coral04
Mrs Lucas is the best you will ever get on here! She just knows everything before you even ask, she is worth every single dollar and will give you detailed answers on a situation. If you notice when she comes online she is always busy which indicates her quality. Tripple A Class without a shadow of a doubt........ RECOMMENDED ABOVE ALL OTHERS. Simply Amazing x" ... written by BerryBlueNoir
I love my mom. Shes the greatest. Shes so funny and fun to be around. Such great energy. " ... written by GuardianAngelTy
Readings with tutu is never short of awesome-ness! She really gets to the core of my questions, dissecting every single detail to make sure I understand everything. Her prediction is still the same and I am looking forward to it coming true. xx" ... written by calliopegirl
Thanks so much, ann! I'm glad that now I know what to expect coming up ahead and to not panic when it happens. " ... written by greek07chick7
Great as always!" ... written by KC0716
Ive known for over a year now and let me just say shes truely amazing with her gifts Ann is able to tap in any situation without any info and is very fast with answers, consistent with her predictions, and extremely funny.Being around her would make anyones day better because her personality is full of energy and never does she fail to put a smile on anyones face. Her predicitions never change from day one, she predicted something for me and i personally just wanted to give up all together thinking im never going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet Ann wouldnt allow me to lose faith and kept helping me push through any incidents that would come my way to make me doubt. Low and behold she was right and what she predicted for me has come to pass and im truely grateful and happy. Ann is genuinely a caring person, psychic,friend and foremost family to me. I love you Ann times infinity and beyond. i can never thank you enough for the love and support you have given me. xoxo" ... written by Nina
Her predictions always happen. 5 stars every time." ... written by Dolly1234
Veryy great. Loved her." ... written by sad2120
Ann is amazing!!! She tells you how it really is, not just what you want to hear. This was my first reading with her and it will definitely not be my last. Don't hesitate to go to any other psychic, even if she's more expensive she is definitely worth it!" ... written by millie2108
Ann is freaking amazing. I had this like strong feeling that my ex was going to come back- and NO one in my family believed me, my friends thought I was crazy, but it was a gut feeling. I hadn't even talked to him in the longest time, and Ann told me he was coming back, 2 days later - he came back. This woman is amazing. She's real, no crystal bull- no cards. She will tell you the truth :) she is LOVELY. " ... written by michelle0940
Awesome!!" ... written by delighted2
There's a reason why Ann is a little more pricey than other psychics on here..And that's because she's accurate to a total 100 percent in what she senses and feels and sees, her energy is real and totally accurate!!! I have been her client for numerous months now and have had positive accurate feedback on what Ann sees before hand happen and later several days,weeks later it 95 percent does always!!She is ALWAYS busy on Oranum private chats Constantly for a reason!!! And that is because of her accuracy and totally heartfelt and brutal HONESTY ;) What she sees and feels is what you get!!! I love you Ann!! xoxoxo ;)" ... written by torresk1978
Love her again!!!!! Can't wait to see what unfolds." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Look no further! She is the real deal! Her predictions ALWAYS happen! I have run into my fair share of psychics and I have been let down. I now refuse to see anyone else!! She is incredible! I love her to pieces and I promise anyone else who becomes a client will too!" ... written by Dolly1234
She is so good! Absolutely terrific." ... written by delighted2
Warm and so insightful! Thanks." ... written by Denisenz
I love Ann! She is SO accurate, fast, and funny!! Awesome reading. Thank you!!" ... written by benkepsychic
Attitude Of Gratitude Mrs Lucas. More Love Power and Strength x" ... written by BerryBlueNoir
Ann is great! I've only done one private reading with her so far, but just from this one short reading I've had with her, I already love her! She is so confident in her predictions and can tell you dates and other information with just a name and no other questions asked. Everything she was telling me seemed to line up with my situation perfectly! You can tell she will absolutely tell you what you NEED to hear and not what you WANT to hear. She'll also tell you ways to get to where you need to be. She is really warm and friendly, and gives you a great sense of calmness! I felt a lot better about my situation after talking with her!! I will definitely be back for more readings with her in the future!! Thank You, Ann!! :) XOXO" ... written by 1_Sunshine_1
She connected with me but wish we had more time.....on the mark" ... written by axia100
She explains everything so well so you easy understand it" ... written by Dolly1234
Two words! Real deal! x" ... written by BerryBlueNoir
Wow she's quick,, was answering my question before I even had it typed!!! Ann said things that I already knew so was able to confirm and she didn't ask for ANY info." ... written by bluetig
Nice" ... written by brownpanther1031
Good reading, she tell you straight ahead your feeling... She gives you advice..." ... written by ginlin
Remarkable!!! I had a reading with Ann a few days ago andamp; came back tonite with clarification. She was precise." ... written by bluetig
Love this woman. ;)" ... written by TheBrotherhood
Awesome!" ... written by Cynthiamoon
Love this woman with all my heart." ... written by TheBrotherhood
Awesome. She is the best. x" ... written by delighted2
Wonderful as usual!!!! " ... written by heartnsoul
Absolutely amazing, I was a little sceptical at first, but she was spot on, about how I felt and the situation I was in. I am still in shock, she is amazing. I will definitely chat with her again!" ... written by mlgriff330
Amazing first time with her..she knew nothing but my name...I had very few credits..and she piked it up like omg....I was stunned....THIS IS CALLED A TRUE PSYCHIC....FABULOUS. " ... written by xxxtacy
Thank you for clarifying my situation and giving a peace of my mind, it really helps. THANK YOU, Ann." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Words can't express my amazement and gratitude!! Ann connects with me in matter of seconds and totally pinpoint pretty much everything without any information, which is incredible! She gave me hope, confidence and predictions that I have faith will come true! You wouldn't want to miss it for the world! Will definitely come back!! Lots of xxoo" ... written by shopgirl
Ann I was guided by an angel to contact you and you did not disappoint me thank you so much for telling me the truth, I now can rest in peace at night waiting for the good you have predicted." ... written by gamsmith50
Wonderful!" ... written by shopgirl
Tries to make things as clear as possible, takes time for small questions as well. Honest! " ... written by chocolate33
Awesome reading, as always. Thank you Ann!" ... written by benkepsychic
As always, accurate fast and to the point. Always a value for the money. xoxo" ... written by Dave
Forever grateful for her honesty and positive energy! she brings a total different perspective to everything! bring light and hope to my darkness! Thank you and lots of xxoo ann!! " ... written by shopgirl
The best psychic ever :) words cannot describe her gift :)i know you are a 100 right " ... written by mszkut29
Always amazing and her predictions have been spot on in the past. I do hope these ones come to pass" ... written by jasminepapas
4 months ago, I evacuated my home due to Hurricane Sandy. The day after the storm, I hadn't been back to my place to see the damage yet but Ann said I would not be able to return to my home and that I would stay w my friends thru the holidays and find a new place in Feb/March. SHE NAILED IT!!! I move into my new place the middle of this month!!! Everything she says comes true. If she doesn't say doesn't come true. Stay faithful and know that what Ann says happens. Period." ... written by bellacasey
As Always , Ann is awesome, accurate and fast.. well worth the per minute pricing, so much so fast!!!" ... written by goggo1
I can't even begin to explain how accurate she is! It's absolutely incredible. She is everything you could hope for in a psychic reading!!! She has never let me down and her predictions ALWAYS happen. It's so funny when I go into a private reading with her because we always laugh, because she is never surprised when another one of her predictions comes to pass. If you spend a little bit of time getting to know her you also can't help but absolutely fall in love with her. She is incredible and I know I have seen this so many times on this site but she really is "THE REAL DEAL"!!! When you come across this, don't even look any further." ... written by Dolly1234
Ann has always been accurate for me! :)" ... written by tanyas3840
Interesting!!!" ... written by Rana2001
It's been a while since I have had a reading with Ann and she still sees the same great outcome for me. She is honest and has been helping me for months now. You just have to believe and listen to her. She really cares for people and won't tell you lies. Ann is the real deal!" ... written by cg4
One word to describe Mrs. Lucas - POWERFUL !!! looking forward to receiving my message. x" ... written by BerryBlueNoir
She knows everything!! Great psychic, very helpful!" ... written by alihonjen
Ann is excellent and you don't have to say anything she picks it up right away see. She sees people that have crossed over and are still watching over you this woman is amazing, I love her!" ... written by gamsmith50
5 billion stars every time!" ... written by Dolly1234
Thank you for your awesome reading just based on names. It's very interesting that you can read his character and behaviour. I hope you are right that I can turn things around." ... written by linn115
Right on point as always and she was correct in every way. Thanks, Ann." ... written by demeterika
I am really surprised, she knew without reading tarot cards or using tools. Enjoyable reading and interesting! Good energy, good vibe! " ... written by chocolate33
AWESOME AS ALWAYS." ... written by Cynthiamoon
Thank you, Ann, made me feel better about my situation. Love you muchhhhhhh :)) xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
HOLY SH*T!!!!!!! MY SIS IS DA BOMB!!!!! I knew I shouldn't have given up on a new home and tonight she confirmed I'm making the right move!!!! Thank you so much!!! I'm in tears bc u kno all Ive been thru and to finally have confirmation on something as important as this....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO" ... written by bellacasey
A-mazing! every single time!!!" ... written by Dolly1234
I have a short but powerful reading. Ann gave me some hope about a future I thought was looking dull and deary. I will private message her again in the future for a reading. Very accurate." ... written by dvanniekerk
Ann is Amazing... always makes a quick and instant connection with me... I look forward to her updates, she is always spot on everything she has always told me.... Can't say enough about her!!!! the Best on the site!!!! Hands down." ... written by mlafield
Sweet and beautiful as always!! Couldn't have done without her!!" ... written by shopgirl
Ann does a great job. She is fast and thorough, very quick to see into the situation. Nice reading." ... written by angie_bart
Great reading, seemed to have picked up on my situation with names only. " ... written by asbs777
You are the best Ann Lucas, thank you!" ... written by tonio73
Excellent!" ... written by Sayette72
Ann just knows EVERYTHING, and always know what to do. Thanks again Ms. Ann! xo" ... written by KC
Very fast at tuning into your situation. She gave me accurate time frames as well. She truly is amazing and has a gift. i highly recommend her to others :) thank you for the reading psychichannlucas!" ... written by aliza
Brilliant reading! Definitely recommend a reading with Ann. Thank you, I will be back when I need some more insight." ... written by curious14
Prediction about Jesse -true. Thanks for giving me this insight, I just want you to know it's all perfectly as you seen it unfold. I hope I have enough courage and strength to do what you said to do." ... written by Lia
Good reading" ... written by mimi
FANTABULOUS ......THIS BABE IS THE REAL DEAL......" ... written by beautifulmoi
I am a new client here..she is fantastic, clear, honest, and knows it all! And very quick to answer in that less credits! I am coming back to this lady again and again and again! Thanks Ann!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Well obviously the best!" ... written by atomic96
Ann always makes me at ease with my situation. Things she has told me in the past are happening. " ... written by kathyrh
Always a great reading." ... written by zimerili1
Another great therapy session for me. Thanks Ann, you are awesome as always..." ... written by KC
Another accurate reading. It is all happening as Ann sees it. She is amazing!! xoxo" ... written by tanyas3840
No words can express it!!! I would give 100 stars!!! Thanks so much Ann!!!" ... written by shopgirl
As she had said.. PREDICTIONS CAME TRUE WITH TIME FRAMES ...... AWESOME!!" ... written by beautifulmoi
I freaking love her. Shes amazing." ... written by michelle0940
PHENOMINAL!" ... written by Dolly1234
I love having readings with her.. She is so sweet and fast. and i have to say very accurate as well. Thank you Ann xx" ... written by Jill
Ann has been awesome and spite all her journeys is always there for us, I love this woman!!! She is definitely one of gods angels. :) " ... written by curielpatricia
Awesome as always and on track and accurate quickly. Thank you!" ... written by goggo1
She is a try psychic! :)) " ... written by chocolate33
Still on track. Keeps me grounded. I feel such a sense of peace in my life because of Ann and her predictions. Some have already come true and my life has changed for the better and its only just begun!! Thank you Sis!! XOXOXO TTYS!!!" ... written by bellacasey
She gives you hope when there is none, may god bless her!" ... written by cd4
Ann Lucas is likely the best psychic on Oranum. She always comes through with precision and clarity about time frames and what she sees. She is also an excellent life coach. She's brilliant and I wish we had many many more people like her on the planet." ... written by lia_11
ANN is the best psychic - EVER prediction that she has given me, has come true. LITERALLY everyone. I always get a feelng about things. When I had a feeling my ex was coming back in october..just a little feeling- I asked ann. She told me, yes he will be back in october. Did he come back in October, YES. Then for follow ups on my situation- without me even SAYING what was going on and without me even ASKING anything- she would just start typing, and she would literally type- my exact issue.Dead on, what I was feeling, what he was feeling, what was going on in our heads, what will happen. Shes FRIGGIN AMAZING. YOU NEED TO TAKE ANN SHES AMAZING. I love her. " ... written by michelle0940
Great as always!" ... written by KC0716
She is awesome. Thanks Ann. xx" ... written by delighted2
She tells you if you need a reading or not, doesn't waste your credits. She is clear, to the point and will tell you how it is. " ... written by chocolate33
She sees what you dont say, and you are hiding in your heart! Very good! " ... written by chocolate33
Amazing." ... written by victoria111
Thanks my love, ur quick and super accurate..." ... written by nik
Ann is absolutely amazing! Superb!" ... written by delighted2
FINALLY.... ANN IS BACK!!! Prediction remains the same with R. Thank you Ann! xoxo" ... written by KC favorite person online has yet again helped me...she is the real u Ann...u are an angel....!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Thank you x" ... written by Coraldeacon
Thanks Ann u put my mind at rest hope it comes true." ... written by elle11
Spring is in the air!!! Love is in the air!!! Rebirth!!! Renewal!!! So excited for what is to come!!! Thank you Sis!!! TTYS!!!! xoxoxo" ... written by bellacasey
Incredibly tuned-in! Read my ex like a book! She is remarkable!" ... written by usa
I love this woman very much she is so amazing and talented. She is so helpful and thoughtful. I love her. " ... written by Tristan
Tutu is ever so supportive and encouraging. No matter how negative I am or how I am losing faith because my reality doesn't seem to be working out, she has always told me the same thing over and over. HAVE FAITH because what she has seen is God's will and it will unfold. " ... written by calliopegirl
Doesn't get any better than Ann! xoxo Always has my back. I always come out of a reading feeling lighter andamp;amp; happier! Thanks Sis!! Love you! TTYS!!!!" ... written by bellacasey
she was such a sweetie. She was fast and assuring. " ... written by amazingcheer
Thank u Sis! We got this! :) Love u! TTYT! XOXOXO" ... written by bellacasey
Ann is such an angel I always go to her when I need clarity she see all and knows all, its amazing the way she connects and is right on point with everything she tells the truth good or bad,thank god mine has been good. she knows our feelings that we have and share and tells it like she is in our souls that is damn good I trust her and will never do anything without you to bits my angel be bless stay bless." ... written by scorpionqueen
I love her she is always SO ACCURATE all her time frames are always dead on." ... written by michelle
Thanks for the clarity Ann. I have a huge decision to make and I'm hoping I make the right one." ... written by jasminepapas
She nailed it!" ... written by karina
Amazing." ... written by mariela
I love her!" ... written by Aaron
I have been waiting to get a reading from her for a while. Finally I got it. She was clear, direct and to the point. I will wait to see if what she told me will happen : next month. And I will be back." ... written by ystylus
She connected to my situation, myself and the person in question within seconds only. And not only that, Ann described the situation I am in in an accurate manner. What's more, she seems genuinely concerned about her clients and think for the long term. Outcomes are good.... thanks Ann! :) " ... written by steph
Awesome reader as always." ... written by mano120
Truly gifted! I just asked a question and she told me what my situation is and what I can do about it. Wow!" ... written by LA
Words can't describe how FANTASTIC she is. Straight connection from the beginning it was like boom pow wow. Everything she said was accurate from the feelings to the conversations I have had with someone. She is the real deal, will definitely come back for more. WONDERFUL!!!!!" ... written by angelloverose
Very good and clearly connected to my love." ... written by mysticmarxo
She was excellent!!!" ... written by mysticmarxo
I was baffled at her caring, kind, insightful wisdom. And the things she knew without my telling her, were huge!" ... written by T
Helpful, very very fast...professional just amazing!!!!!!!:)" ... written by KindSoul
Lovely reader, always to the point, helpful! x " ... written by chocolate33
Ann is wonderful for her readings but she also delivers her messages with such warmth and compassion. Ann is a must." ... written by lilliableu
Very very excellent! It was funny that she kept typing the answer before my question showed up! She is smart, talented, sweet and funny! Quite a psychic!!!" ... written by psymeow
WOWWOOWWOWWW! What in the world - this woman is the REAL THING - she is INCREDIBLE!! I cannot even believe how amazing she will be blown completely away!!!" ... written by alwayslove
PsychicAnnLucas is the best on this site point blank." ... written by victoria111
Best psychic on Oranum by far!!! I've been to many on Oranum and she is simply the best!! She's an angel! xx" ... written by ceejox
Ann your awesome! I know when I come to you that you will be honest with me and real, that's why I love you! I will be patient and send positive love, thank you my angel, god bless you always." ... written by scorpionqueen
She is amazing - first person on Oranum who didn't need any clues/hints." ... written by ReshmiMm
Wow, she nailed it! I can tell she knew what was going on and even gave me advice on how to deal with the situation. Gave me A LOT of information. This was my first reading and I will come back!! Thank you Ann!! xo" ... written by Jacqueline
She is seriously amazing!! We literally laughed and cried together!! I feel so much better after talking with her!!" ... written by Michele
Always Amazing! So happy!! xoxox" ... written by Dolly
Great reading as always with Ann, just great, thank you." ... written by zimerili1
Seriously bang on! How on earth does she know what she knows? I love this lady!!! Could talk to her for hours...had me in stitches! Will be coming back again...and again...omg and again!!!" ... written by Jocelyn
It's amazing on the reading you did, I was always told that one person would be better than the other, you said the complete opposite and knew what I was feeling like no else had. I'm still amazed by it all. Thanks so much for help on unraveling this all!" ... written by Cosmo3183
Back again! Everything Mrs. Lucas says comes true! Just simply THE BEST." ... written by BerryBlueNoir
Amazing lady! Thank you so much for your reading :)" ... written by Alice
Thank you Ann!" ... written by AppleBite707
Amazing and so much fun!" ... written by Dolly1234
ALWAYSSSSS AMAZING!!! " ... written by jul
She's always the best" ... written by michelle
Great...Great reading, love how fast and quick Ann is at explaining everything you need to know. Such a nice person. I will return again and again. Thank you." ... written by Brenda
Ann really is my saving grace... she put my mind in so much peace and ease with her accuracy and honesty.. love Ann to pieces and so excited to be able to talk with someone that can see into the situation the way she does and actually be honest and truthful. Thank you so much Ann!" ... written by angelloverose
Great!" ... written by Dolly1234
Ann is so wonderful I can't thank her enough for her support and guidance. I know I'm only ever here when I need the support but she still helps no matter what the circumstances are." ... written by jp
Thank you Ann!! xxx" ... written by delighted2
Great!" ... written by dianne
We are continuing our sessions - she is helping me a lot." ... written by EsotericRJM
Very accurate, knew exactly what was going on and gave me the advice I needed. I'm still confused but that's because of me not because of Ann lol. She's definitely a powerful reader, you won't be disappointed." ... written by Anastasia
Ann is always the best. " ... written by Anastasia
Thanks interesting." ... written by S
Fantastic as always!" ... written by jp
Ann is just right all the time, no tools just a direct connection with your energy. I love you Mrs. Lucas xxx" ... written by BerryBlueNoir
She is awesome .... 5 STARS easily! " ... written by Ann S
Awesome" ... written by me
Gave me reassurance. I do hope her predictions come to pass." ... written by jp
Absolutely love Ann. She is worth every penny and well worth the wait... It's hard to catch her when she's not in a reading lol and that's for a reason!" ... written by Anastasia
Thanks so much for your help Ann, I appreciate you clearing up the situation and helping me move forward." ... written by Cosmo
Great connection and talks to you like she's known you and your story. Great experience!" ... written by lilliableu
Puts you right at ease no matter what the answer or situation is!" ... written by Dolly1234
Brilliant." ... written by delighted2
She is soooo wonderful!!" ... written by Michele
I wish I could talk to her for an hour...she is the best." ... written by kathyrh
One of the best on here! Absolutely amazing!" ... written by Anastasia
She is awesome....." ... written by NicholasCage
She is absolutely amazing. Every time I have a reading with her she is always on point." ... written by Anastasia
Love Ann! Thanks for the reading." ... written by kar
Always spot on, just absolutely amazing. That's why I keep coming back!" ... written by Anastasia
I dont know what to say wow shes just incredible read my every thought wow." ... written by peachyy
Ann is amazing. She knew what I was going to say before I wrote it. She picked up on my situation and then told me all I need to know. She made predictions I am excited to see what can happen. Thank you lots!! Try her out shes is definitely the REAL DEAL!" ... written by enamorada
Always amazing!!" ... written by Michele
Anne is soooooo AWESOM N ACCURATE N SPOT ON n in de wth my feelings n emotions..She knows wht i am feeling wthout even telling her nething...I LOVER HR LOTS #1 psychic on ranum by far!!!NO MUMBO JUMBO NOT A WASTE OF MONEY EITHER!!" ... written by torresk1978
She is always amazing!! I have already had a prediction come true." ... written by Michele
Ann is always so connected - its immediate! She is solid and confident in her messages and her delivery. Ann is one of the best and of my few favourites." ... written by lil
Ann is amazing, enough said." ... written by chawks009
PsychicAnnLucas is truly truly amazing. I don't know how she does it. All I can say after today, is that she really delivers powerful, insightful and helpful readings and advice! This is only the 3rd time I have seen her. It had been a long while since my last reading (which had great predictions) so it's not like she knows my day-to-day stuff. And she just hit on everything really well. I feel so much more at peace with where things stand as of now, and am hopeful for the future, especially hopeful her latest predictions will happen. Thanks so much Ann! 5 stars as always!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Ann was absolutely wonderful!" ... written by Lucidity954
Mrs Lucas is the BEST xxxxxx" ... written by BerryBlueNoir
She was very straightforward and answered all my questions quickly." ... written by Ren7
Thank you. Will be coming back to you, thank you for CLARITY, and honesty :) " ... written by guiseppe78
As always clarity is awesome with Ann and direction for business is soooo helpful. Thank you always!" ... written by gog
I miss you dear, great to see you back. Hope all is well. As far as the reading, I was very happy with it. I can tell you understand my situation and hope your predictions come true because I'm tired of the confusing behavior. Take care :D " ... written by Jaqueline
Wonderful reader." ... written by delighted2
ANN, so glad u are back and here... Thanks again... 10 stars for u my Annie!!! xxx" ... written by Geriit
LOVE HER and her honesty. she picked up on so much detail . " ... written by sparkleinglitter
She is awesome... Accurate and pleasant to speak with. 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
She's always amazing, that's why she has so many people that come to her over and over :) it's hard to catch her when she's not in a reading already, so when you see her on, grab her fast!" ... written by Anastasia
FANTASTIC!! Very connected, accurate, fast and on point. She gave me so much clarity about my concerns. No tools and only needed a name to fully read ALL of the situation. She is really great! " ... written by Seeker1200
ann is the best of the best. love you!" ... written by p
Ann, You are always my 5 stars!! xoxo" ... written by KC
I love her! Will come back always." ... written by benkepsychic
Wow was really quick and what she said totally made sense. Great advice!" ... written by Ana
Great reading she is just great! :) " ... written by Ana
A very accurate update, the reading was superb overall, thank you so very much." ... written by zimerili1
Great reading 5 stars!!!!! :D shall be back with updates!!" ... written by Ana
Very good! Picked up on the situation and person accurately. " ... written by pinkster11
In my last reading, Ann has predicted that I would meet my guy again sooner than I expected (which I was skeptical at the time), but she was right. She told me that the meeting would go great and very positive, she was right again! I keep coming back to Ann just simply because she is THAT GOOD, always accurate. You better catch her for a reading when you can, she's too popular! xoxo" ... written by KC
awesome reading! Just awesome, she is great!!! Very talented, I really have benefited from her readings and have fun with her! :) Thanks so much. Girl Power!!! LOL" ... written by Ana
Ann is always just wonderful!" ... written by Lucidity954
Awesome reading, fast connection... Brought insight to my situation. Thank you, Ann! " ... written by woodencloud
Had to come back for more because she was able to provide me with a lot of information! " ... written by woodencloud
Peace and awesomeness always Ann!" ... written by patty
She is a wonderful reader, so quick. Helped me a lot." ... written by delight17
As always, amazing and sooo worthwhile!" ... written by dan
Ann is most excellent! I love her, she has been pretty great with her predictions thus far, and I am waiting for a few more to come to fruition. She never ceases to amaze me with her insight. She is definitely one of my faves on this site because she is sooo accurate. Thanks. :)" ... written by Ally
Well all of you who do not believe ms. ann are really missing out- because let me tell you. I ASKED HER A YEAR AGO if the man i loved would come back when there was like literally no hope and she said yes- he would. She told me it was meant to be. I had faith in her, and it guided me through the tough time waiting- anddddd guess what. She was right!!! COMPLETELY!!! She's the BEST" ... written by MICHELLE
Thank you, Mrs Lucas. YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!" ... written by BerryBlueNoir
Thanks for your time Ann appreciate the chat and help so much... Talk soon... Thanks bunches." ... written by SS
AMAZING! def knows what is going on. " ... written by Regina
Ann is always wonderful!" ... written by Lucidity954
She is just amazing! Worth every penny! I didn't even tell her anything and she just knew exactly what was going on! I asked her for advice and it seems pretty much what I thought I should do. Thank you Ann you are the best :)" ... written by Jacqueline
She's the best!!! :D great readings always with her and she is on spot! " ... written by Ana
Amazing as always! xo" ... written by KC
Ann Lucas is in the minority of seers that she is worth noting as being exceptional. Predictions result and I attribute that success to her ability to effectively guide those who can stomach it. She is definitely worth the investment but be sure to copy and paste her readings and follow her instructions to the letter. Tiny things change which is part and parcel, but the narrow gap between is what makes her truly astounding in her gifts. And what makes her separate is that she has precision in predictions. Often others have strong abilities in seeing the issues but the predictions don't trickle out. She is amazing in her ability to guide." ... written by Emerald
She is wonderful, a brilliant reader. " ... written by delight17
Ann is always awesome, she is constantly in private readings and there's a good reason why. You got to catch her while you can! But she's well worth it. " ... written by Anastasia
She is great.. in tune! Love our readings. " ... written by Ana
Five Stars... Ann was extremely personable, straightforward, and detailed. She gave timelines and was very certain of her information. She said things that let me know she was looking out for my welfare and wouldn't steer me wrong just to get a good review. I am so grateful I was able to catch her and get the information that I did. I will be sure to comment again as things come to pass. I truly expect that it will... Thank you Ann! A beautiful person, inside and out." ... written by G
Was a quick read but gave me assurance on something that I really needed. Thank you so much Ann!" ... written by caligal91
Amazing and perfect as always. Accuracy as astounding as my first reading with her almost 2 years ago. How she does it I'll never know. I. Love. Her. Too. Much. I. LOVE. HER. Mwah Mwah Mwah Mwah. Eat more pickles please though, you haven't eaten enough lately. " ... written by Luvah's Luvah
She is such a sweetheart and can totally tap into what one is feeling and thinking in regards to relationships and what is going on in their life. Thanks for your help Ann :D" ... written by Jaqueline
Love Ann! She's just simply awesome. " ... written by Anastasia
She is just GOOD!!! She zooms in and off it goes. COMPLETELY relevant, accurate and powerful reading with only a name given. What a gift. To see it in action, you really do have to reconsider any doubts you might have had before, because this one - you cant deny it. It's the real deal! So cool!!!! xxx" ... written by Lisa
Thanks Ann for the updates good to hear your thoughts. Thanks for the energy send also. God bless you!" ... written by S
Update reading... Ann is consistently good and fast connection too. She just knows what's happening with my situation!! " ... written by woodencloud
She read me like a book lol, great reading!" ... written by carlos
An excellent update reading!" ... written by zimerili1
Many of her predictions came true she is truly gifted and worth every penny!! xox" ... written by Jaqueline
She is so wonderful. Gives the best insight and her readings are full of clarity." ... written by delight17
Thanks for the update Ann and energy sending... Always an appreciated pleasure here :) I will keep you posted... Helpful and reassuring as always!" ... written by S
Excellent reader... Seems to connect well!" ... written by Ann
Ann always gives me clarity and great updates... no wasting time and always... always goes straight to the point. Thanks ! " ... written by Stephanie
love her" ... written by lauren
Omg, she came tonight just when I needed her. It's like the universe knew this was an emergency and I needed her advice asap! So grateful for your advice and everything you will do to help me tonight Ann! You helped ease my worries and in my heart I know things will work out. For anyone that reads this, have a reading with Ann, she is truly gifted. Thank you Ann xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
What she told me is true. Waiting for her predictions to happen." ... written by shad
Thank you Ann. Sorry for all the cut offs. She really is wonderful!" ... written by Lucidity954
I really like our readings and updates. She connects very fast and she is accurate, just accurate! :) " ... written by Ana
I always love my readings with Ann." ... written by Kathy
Thanks ann for the updates :) appreciate" ... written by S
Ann is unbelievably awesome. I always wish I could rate her higher than 5 stars. She has made correct predictions in the past. I trust the information that comes through in her readings! Always a great pleasure for me. Thank you so much Ann!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Excellent and accurate" ... written by Ann
You know I can't live without you... Ann is always the best! xoxo" ... written by KC
Lord bless her she was great!" ... written by mzkiyan2u
Always connects. Love readings with ann!" ... written by jaqueline
The best." ... written by jaqueline
Thanks for the update can you just message me or put on my wall the time frame on what we were saying at the end. We got cut off there. Thanks." ... written by S
This woman is so spot on. I love how she reads. Details. Timelines. Really gets in people's heads and directs you the right way. Very few on this site are worth time and money and Ann is definitely one of them!" ... written by g
Thank you hon. I feel a bit better. xoxo" ... written by jacqueline
Thanks for the tips. :D" ... written by jaqueline
Even just a standard talk with Mrs Lucas is worth it!!!!!" ... written by BerryBlueNoir
Great insights as always Ann!" ... written by g
Thanks Ann, always great talking to you, and funny too, hahaha Grand Canyon!!! hahahahahahahah" ... written by Jacqueline
Ann is a unique reader, wonderful and she has helped me so much. " ... written by delight17
Always so positive and points out things I could not even imagine. She is truly gifted. I know I have a long road ahead of me and I'll try to stay positive. Blessing to you Ann! xo" ... written by Jacqueline
She was excellent the best I have talked too thus far.... on point she real and accurate and she reminds me of a friend!!!!!!!! Will definitely go back love her and it was first chat mind blowing." ... written by Tiffanie
Ann is just great as always :)" ... written by KC
Thanks so much Ann for the reading update tonight about work and relationship matters... nice to hear good news ahead... always helpful to have the blanks filled in and details for reassurances and a positive uplift.. felt connected as always to my thoughts and feelings and other persons..will keep you posted.. thanks for the energy send out also..hugs and blessings! X" ... written by S
She was great! really connected to my situation. Highly recommend." ... written by Danielle
Good with picking up my situation.. Let's see what happens." ... written by skroses
Always amazing and the real deal! Love her to pieces!!! xoxoxo" ... written by Dolly1234
Super quick and accurate!" ... written by moon1leo1
I loved her! She connected fast! Gave me the confidence that I need. gave me some joyful news!!! Hope it all comes true. She is very sweet, genuine, fast and caring! She is worth it! much love to her" ... written by Tiffany
Always great to catch up with Ann, gives great advice!" ... written by jacqueline
Thank you Ann. You were great. Able to connect really well.. Look forward to your predictions.. Thank you." ... written by mysticmarzo
thanks for the reading update.... See what happens now" ... written by S
Thanks" ... written by S
She is excellent!!! " ... written by Sunny
The best!!!" ... written by chantal2006
Love this woman, she is amazing." ... written by Ann
Thank you for your assistance." ... written by JUMODA
You know you are always my 5 stars Ms. Ann:)" ... written by KC
It was good wish i could have gotten more information" ... written by felica
Very good. Insightful and connected to my situation" ... written by Danielle
Awesome lady, love this person, please please keep her she rocks. Bridget" ... written by bridget mckenna
First time reading and she is wonderful ran out of credits had to purchase more she's that good. She hit the nail (situation) on the head and gave me support and hope. Wonderful insight." ... written by pinkpather30
Picked up on things that I didn't tell her about. Genuine psychic!" ... written by librabeauty
Thanks for the update Ann! Let's hope for less Agita this year!" ... written by Jacki
Great as always!" ... written by Chia
Thanks Ann! Always gives me truth." ... written by Jacqueline
Thanks." ... written by S
Thanks Ann, you do know how to make me smile :) The Best you can get here for truth!!" ... written by Lou
Ann is just so awesome. As always:) xoxo" ... written by KC
Ann is one of the best psychics I have ever encountered! Way to go!" ... written by T
Another gifted person on here! Ann is very confident in her readings. I would give her one scenario and she would just fight me till I understand what she sees, haha. Thanks hon! xo" ... written by jaqueline
I would definitely recommend this woman she is very gifted and true heart of love. You wont be disappointed. " ... written by Star
Wondrful as always, helps give me hope as will as guidance. She is very reassuring and uplifts me in a difficult situation." ... written by pinkpather30
she was good " ... written by sharon
Ty sooo much very accurate!" ... written by Kelly1321
Spot on again. Thanks!" ... written by anushree
got an update and predictions are still on track! she has a way of calming me down! will return! " ... written by pinkster11
This was my first reading with Ann, it wasn't very long, but she was straight forward which I truly appreciate." ... written by blueeyedgyrl
Great as always..... Thanks Ann:)" ... written by USA
♥ lova the annie! ♥" ... written by bing bong doo dar thing a me jig
Love you Ann, thank you so much as always! :)" ... written by Chia
I love readings with Ann. She is so confident and channels real quick. Always remembers where we left off. 5 Stars xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Another great update!" ... written by zimerili1
Gave some clarity into situation and helped calm my fear!" ... written by pinkpather30
Love always give me great clarity AND one prediction has come to pass so far. Always helps me feel better about my current situation. Thank you Ann. You're awesome." ... written by Skate
Always a pleasure...she is accurate." ... written by b
What can I say? She has done it again. Very in tune with my situation I havent spoke to her in months but she still able to pick up from where we last left off. Shes worth every penny. Thank so much Ann Love and Light. " ... written by enamorada
No words to describe Ann's gift and precision in tapping into someone's feeling. She's been right all along and it makes me confident to always come back to her. " ... written by steph
Thanks for the update hon! Always great to get advice from dear Ann! xo" ... written by Jaqueline
She is excellent reader, thanks a lot!" ... written by petalouditsa
She is great. Told me everything as she knew everything. I have to wait to see her prediction comes true, but she was sure of what she was saying. Thanks again for your reading." ... written by sharen223
Thanks Ann! :) " ... written by caligal91
Always great and very in depth and thorough. I will return." ... written by LL
Perfect, perfect, perfect!! Got his personality down to a T and the situation couldnt have been more specific. I trust her so much she is the number one psychic to go to.. You will not waste your time, she tells you only the truth. I cannot wait for her prediction to come to pass... Thank you!" ... written by Senem
Amazing, amazing I love her!! I always come to her its my 4th reading now. She's the best, you won't be disappointed!! Picks up on energy really quickly and is accurate to a T." ... written by Senem
Accurate reading! Knew the situation very well. I fed her no information and felt her reading was very strong. Hoping her prediction comes to pass. " ... written by Sevil
One word: AMAZING!! She's really really assuring!! " ... written by steph
Oh the best! Thank you so much for all the great advice. Well worth seeing youxo" ... written by Jaqueline
great connection, gave timelines and good insights on my questions. thank you!!!!" ... written by g
Thanks for the reassurance hon. It's always great chatting with you. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
finally got a reading with this woman and it was worth it!!! thank you!!" ... written by nf1
WHOA! wow, amazing, seriously so good, I'm in awe :)" ... written by Autumne
Great! She tuned in and knew my situation quickly" ... written by always
She is one in a million." ... written by shana
Awesome!" ... written by tiff
she is really gifted." ... written by miti
Thanks for the update Ann. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
So in tune. Accurate as always. Thank you!" ... written by b
So good, fast, recalls last contacts, great! " ... written by g
The best!! No words I could not recommend her enough her reviews are enough for you to know she is the go to expert dont bother wasting any time. She continually updates me and never forgets any details.. amazing :) " ... written by Senem
I wish i had gotten to talk to her earlier! i got the information I was seeking and she understood what i was saying and where I was coming from with my fears and she set everything straight....very straightforward and kind and takes what she does seriously. Thank you ma'am" ... written by kavintee
Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my girly is back I've been waiting for a month for her to come on and already she picked up my new situation it's awesome! :) " ... written by Senem
She has been always helpful and I think she is the best... God bless her!!!!" ... written by moh111
Ann is fast!!! She's fast and on-point accurate. Great reader. I will continue to come back. Thank you!" ... written by b
So happy to have returned to Ann. I have had readings here with others but Ann was my first and I will never forget that one. She read everything as it was and I was left with my mouth open. I finally was able to chat with her again and it was very worth the update. Ann thank you so much for your time. I will return to you soon. :) If you need a reading I recommend having it with Ann Lucas! She is the best!!!" ... written by Skate
Great to finally catch up withAnn. Wished I had more time. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Amazing as usual" ... written by jay
She is my absolute FAVORITE!!!!!! I can't get enough of her " ... written by Dollyy1234
Awesome as alwayssss :) " ... written by Senem
The best " ... written by Dolly1234
Ann is always assuring... she never fails to amaze me. I am sure all of her regular clients feel the same. One of the best! " ... written by woodencloud
The truth is awesome, Ann new directly whats been going on and my positive changes im getting there and she knows that i will and so do i Ann thanks so much you put back the faith and prove it to be there thanx bocca!" ... written by mfurney
My first reading with Ann, and it was great. I hope I can soon come back and follow up on her predictions. Thank you!" ... written by sanya
This is my 4th reading with Ann and although I have come to a few different psychics on here, she always taps in quickly and has a connection with my situation. I appreciate you Ann and Im giving the readings a break lol. I will be back in about for an update with you. XoXo Take care and thank you again for waking me up!!! :p" ... written by Skate
Ann is really the real deal here… No non-sense and no beating around the bush. She is so assuring, gifted and accurate. On top of that, her willingness to help, compassion, patience and care really keep me coming back to her again and again. Despite having so many clients, she still remembers my situation and she even goes the extra miles to help me. God bless your darling heart! xx" ... written by woodnecloud
Amazing connection and such accuracy! Read my situations so clearly and accurately. Ann gives it to you straight but with warmth and compassion. Ann is amazing. A fantastic experience!" ... written by lili
Ann is just perpetually full of insights and I love the fact that she has this X factor that could calm me down. I can't really pinpoint what it is but I always had this sense of peace after talking with her. " ... written by Steph
Thank you for the follow up! Ann is very quick with her readings and typing, you will get a lot of information from her. No run around, clear straight answers! Thanks hon xo" ... written by Jacqueline
She is great, answers my questions before I ask her. Thank you, Ann!" ... written by sanya
Ann is great. Accurate, fast, to the point and very helpful. Thank you!" ... written by b
She is the best, longest ever reading I had with some one in Oranum… God she is such an angel and she is the best!!!!!!" ... written by SK
I have really enjoyed my mini 'baby' readings with Ann. :) She is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sanya
Told me right on! great!" ... written by faith
Always knows things that she couldn't unless she was the real deal!!" ... written by happy
Such an amazing lovely woman. Wish such wonderful energy and strength. Thank you so much for all your help, understanding and advice. I know you said not to thank you but the help and comfort you have offered me is far more appreciated than just paying to talk with you" ... written by kavintee
She is excellent! Hit the nail on the head with my relationship! I can't wait to see what happens!" ... written by sherry
Ann is amazing! I have consulted with her in the past and once again it was great reading with her. I hope the angels work harder next time at keeping the connection from dropping ;P Thanks Ann, xo" ... written by HS
ANN IS THE BOMB! Real deal! Glad that I have found her :) " ... written by woodencloud
Thank you so much. You were very awesome!!" ... written by leesteph78
thanks for the chat. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Amazing psychic knows it all! xxxx " ... written by chocolate33
Thank goodness, you are on tonight, or I would go nuts!! She is so helpful and really tells me like it is. thanks hon xoox" ... written by Jaqueline
Very fast, calm and very descriptive about my situation. Thank you Ann. I will wait for your predictions to unfold. I appreciate your time. " ... written by G
Thanks so much Ann." ... written by mysticmarzo
Very good update! will return for more!" ... written by pink
Thanks Again Ann.. I wish I had more credit to talk to you!!" ... written by mysticmarzo
Love my Annie she is always there when you need her and knows how to make things better !!! Luv Ya " ... written by patty
Very fast with her readings with tons of information. Answered all my questions and helped me with possible outcomes on what to do. thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Awesome!! Thanks Ann !!!!" ... written by brownie
;)" ... written by Tristan
she is brilliant always very fast connection and to the point" ... written by b
Had a reading update with Ann… she was really good that just explains why she is so busy day in day out :p " ... written by steph
love her " ... written by kiki
Highly suggest u all take notes when talking to her!! lol! Love u momma " ... written by Dolly
Ann helped clear up a lot for me. She gives great advice and really helps me with my confidence! xo" ... written by Jaqueline
you are a treat to get a reading.. very special" ... written by danny
Love her to pieces!!!!!! She is so wonderful!" ... written by Dolly
Ann is amazing again like always. Love the chats Ann. You have helped and guided me and I appreciate you. XoXo" ... written by Skate
Brilliant as always. x" ... written by delight17
thank you for your insights and talent....patience is a virtue and thank you for the confirmation that i look forward to in the future and in a good way!" ... written by sirilee
MY GOSH I LOVE HER SO MUCH " ... written by Dolly1234
Well i'm so glad I have reading with Anne amazing woman omg 100 stars just amazing " ... written by Star
Ann is definitely one of my favorites!!! xoxo" ... written by woodencloud
She is the best very gifted thanks Ann." ... written by mfurney
Thanks soo much Ann." ... written by mysticmarzo
Thanks soo much Ann." ... written by mysticmarzo
Very good!, quick and accurate " ... written by Michael Benson
Ann is absolutely stunning…! Definitely one of the best. " ... written by woodencloud
This was my first reading with Ann. I really enjoyed my reading although fairly short, but I must say she was great in private. Seemed to have so much information on this, and I was trying to soak everything in. I truly appreciate the time in private and truly hope things fall into place as you envision. Thank you Ann!~" ... written by James
Thanks for the update hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
ann is AWESOME! i didn't even need to tell her much detail. she knew that i just started with this guy and how he was acting towards me without me saying it." ... written by needfaith1
It was such a blessing talking to Ann. Thank you, sweets :) " ... written by September
She was awesome and beyond helpful. Right to the point and did not waste time. She knew exactly what was going on without me having to tell her anything. Beyond wonderful." ... written by meg
wow, she gave me an awesome reading.. I did not had to say anything, she talked and I have much clarity now.. thank you so much Ann... :)" ... written by Parm
As always.. Ann is SUPERB! " ... written by woodencloud
Shes great!!!!!! Very real doesnt waste your time" ... written by V
I think Ann is one of the best on ORANUM!!! Straight to the point and feeling exactly how I was feeling. Awesome reading!!" ... written by Linda
This has been amazing! I'm actually getting somewhere with my readings. I have followed all of her advice and everything she tells me and I am now seeing the results i have been waiting so long for. Not only am I getting results but I am feeling more empowered and feeling like im "worth it" and not worthless. So happy I have her guiding me. She is most definitely someone I look up too! Love you to pieces Momma " ... written by Dolly1234
I love her. She's fast. Doesn't waste credits. Sees right into the situation right away. Detailed. Timelines. Wonderful!" ... written by b
Ann was so helpful, spot on insightful, compassionate and really enjoyed our reading. ty Ann! and I Highly recommend her to anyone! " ... written by Lynda22
Excellent Reader. Very honest and friendly. Would definitely recommend her she gives such a good and strong connection. Most importantly absolutely accurate information about my situation, which shows she is an absolute expert. " ... written by nnvs
She felt my pain and understood everything I need ... Thank you " ... written by Vicky
Ann was really great. She quickly tuned into the situation and answered my questions with lots of details, insight, and information. She was very accurate and provided me with great advice. She is fun, accurate, professional, and insightful. I will definitely come back again for an update. Thanks for the fantastic reading!" ... written by Jennspain
thank you so much :)) awesome :)) thousand stars!!!" ... written by Destiny
So glad I got to speak to her today. Made so much sense and helped me see things clearly. Thanks hon xox" ... written by Jaqueline
Can't wait for this to unfold! Great connection. so compassionate. " ... written by MKSTest
Always the best to talk too and gives the best advice! Very accurate predictions as well! " ... written by Dolly1234
awesome, direct, straightforward, totally cool, gave me clarity and peace of mind, helped with my decision a lot, helpful and trustworthy person, love you ann!" ... written by happiness
Wonderful reading as always thanks hun! xoxo" ... written by woodencloud
she seems to be really good, but the typing made a reading very short" ... written by lucky libra
Love Ann, she's like my best friend that has special insight into my life and future. She is fantastic, gifted, truthful, fun, and professional. Get the answers you need and take Ann private, you WILL NOT be disappointed." ... written by Jennifer
thank you so much, it brings me so much confidence about what Ann said. Awesome detailed reading and advice!!!" ... written by crystalrbleu
Sometimes I just need a wake up call from the master! Ok, bunny lady, thanks for the reading. You are right and I need to stop doubting what we have and build more confidence. Hey when she is right she is right! Thanks hon xoxo" ... written by jaqueline
perfect reading session, ty Ann!! HIGHLY recommend this very gifted woman !!" ... written by Lynda22
im sorry ann i didnt get half of what u said in that reading " ... written by jody
Ann i just love you and ur readings ur always so right" ... written by jody
She was truly a lot of help. thanks so much" ... written by vigglesworth216
Excellent, truly gifted" ... written by Beloved1
Amazing Amazing Amazing ! I want to thank u beautiful Ann with all my heart !!!!!!!" ... written by pisces
good at advising." ... written by ali23m
she is sensational as always ..bang on" ... written by bm
awsome like always " ... written by Vicky
This is one of the best psychis on ORANUM, hands down. This woman is like the long lost best friend I never had! She knew me too well. It was almost scary. I am so grateful for the time we spent speaking. It was priceless. I feel so renewed!! God bless her and her gift. Will always contact her for future information. Finally, someone who knows what they are talking about." ... written by Lisa
thanks Ann, I will follow ur advice :)" ... written by L
Ann is really great, love talking to her! Thank you :)" ... written by Sandy
Awesome, very detailed and non-judgmental reading.. it's worth it! will always go back to her.." ... written by crystalrbleu
ann is awesome :)" ... written by J
ABSOLUTELY AWESOME as usual!!! Love talking to her...she connects so quickly and always give me the straight truth no filter. 100,000 stars!!!!" ... written by Lisa
Love Ann .. she is a real psychic medium with a heart of gold and many talents. I trust her insights and her visions. God continue blessing her " ... written by G
Thanks for the update Wish I had more time, maybe next time. xox" ... written by Jaqueline
Fabulous, fantastic, wonderful, excellent, superb...everything you can want in a psychic advisor and more. Ann is down to earth and practical. Love ya Lady, see you soon!" ... written by Jennifer
she was amazing " ... written by Jennifer
Ann is truly fantastic, totally understands what I am going through and is able to provide accurate insight and advice into it. She is so thorough, kind, truthful, and detailed. Love her, my number one advisor!" ... written by Jennifer
Loved it!!!! Right on track!!" ... written by BurMelO
Great reading" ... written by BurMelO
Ann is just awesome! Wish she was on more often cause love her energy and she's fun in free chat too! Thanks for the amazing update.. xox :)" ... written by Jacqueline
What can I say? She is the best. Always the truth" ... written by cd4
best thing in the world after sliced bread " ... written by purenergy
thanks Ann" ... written by lauren
She is always dead on with predictions. thanks hon xo" ... written by Jacqueline
She is direct and fast. I recommend her :)" ... written by Alex
very awesome person, connects very fast" ... written by micd123
Thank you for helping me change my thoughts to positive and reminding me of the end results! You're the best xo" ... written by Jaqueline
she is awesome. she connects so quick and reads exactly what is going on and what is in my mind and heart. thank you so much u are the best Ann" ... written by danielle
everyone needs to try her. you won't be disappointed! " ... written by GIGI
She is so amazing!!! accurate, affirmative, positive, warm... dream-come-true." ... written by Liliana
Thank you so much always a great reading!!!" ... written by penny
she rocks" ... written by danielle
AWESOME as always. Very calm and reassuring. Straight forward and taps in very quickly. Always a pleasure to speak with her." ... written by Lisa
thank you!" ... written by b
Ann, what can I say she always picks up on the situation right away with no questions asked. Shes great, my top 2. Thank you 5stars xo" ... written by Ena
Thank you Ann! She's excellent. Fast and in depth. Sees into the situation very quickly. Great reading!" ... written by b
Thanks for the quick follow up, you're the best xo!" ... written by Jaqueline
an amazing woman!!!! I love her to pieces!!! I will go back to her over and over and over again!!!" ... written by Liliana
As always, on point! Accurate, quick, will tell you the straight truth." ... written by Lisa
Thank you Ann. I will get back with you for updates. Very accurate reading. " ... written by G
Excellent reader!!!!! she's fast fast and goes deep into the situation." ... written by b
I missed Ann so much, she is my guiding light and she has the answers. She is so gifted and intuitive and just knows things. She is also very wise and helpful in her advice. Wonderful Ann, I love you!" ... written by Jennifer
thank you!" ... written by b
Ann is always helpful...her predictions happen" ... written by stacey
Thank you so much Ann. I just wish everything you said to happen. I will be back for sure. Hugs" ... written by G
Love that girl!!! She is amazing! and spot-on!!! all the stars go to her!!!" ... written by Liliana
dear friend amazing reading again.. love you" ... written by smt
The best!!! Simply the best. Honest, straight forward, quick and funny. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!" ... written by Lisa
she is awesome" ... written by danielle
I love Ann like a sister! She is fabulous, knows exactly what is going on and how to make things better. She is extremely truthful, intuitive, and informative. The best of the best and I just love her. Will be back soon, love you!" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you SO SO much. I don't know what was better, the reading or the laughs. Either way - you were just what I needed today! Thank you " ... written by Holly
She is just flat out amazing!" ... written by b
She's really really really good. She types super wicked fast and amazingly accurate. LOVE HER!" ... written by b
Ann is amazing. Thanks so much Ann for this reading...Im counting on your miracles ! Love you xxx" ... written by GD
5 star readin!" ... written by ashley
I don't know if I can even call that a reading, but omg I haven't laughed that hard in I don't know when!!! Thank you :) xo" ... written by Holly
love her...worth every dollar" ... written by danielle
This was my first reading with her and I have to say WOWWWWWW, she was so so spot on with a lot of things without me saying anything, and she gave so much information that I needed big big time. She helped a lot tonight with this reading, she truly put my mind at ease. She is truly amazinggg. 10 stars for sureeeeeee. Thank you so much Ann." ... written by sweet84
I love our readings together. :) She is kind and helpful and makes me at ease. " ... written by LEE
I am totally amazed with her reading. She is like my sister/girlfriend. can talk to her about anything" ... written by smt
omg - did it again. laughed so hard my stomach hurts!!! sorry the feed froze :( Looking forward to our next laugh fest :)" ... written by Holly
Thank you Ann, what you told happened today. Love your advice and accurate prediction" ... written by micd123
Thank you so much" ... written by Talebini
Thanks alot Ann!" ... written by mysticmarzo
Lovely, charming and helpful as always. x" ... written by delight17
love her" ... written by dani
WOW...WOW...WOW...This is all I can say...She reads you like a book...Ann is brillaint...I highly recommend her to all those who are seeking truth and direction..She read my mind and all the questions..Fantastic...I am very pleased..Thank you Ann...Hugsxx" ... written by tasha_j
I love you!! " ... written by Dolly1234
Thank you Ann!" ... written by b
She is amazing, tunes in so fast you cant even imagine it, she helped me out with exactly what I need and gave me the help I needed, thank you sweet Annie." ... written by fishta
very good" ... written by kylie
Connected extremely fast with me... got the details correct of my situation. Very impressed... will have follow up with her. Looking forward to it." ... written by Tanya
She is adorable,amazing, profound, absolutely charming and full of insight!!! I'm not seeing anyone else, if I could help it ever again! Love that girl!" ... written by Liliana
Love her! Love her! Love her! Love her!!!" ... written by Liliana
Ann Lucas... what can I say. I truly adore you. You make me comfortable that the things I pray for and hope for will all come true. You are a Godsend and I mean that. Fabulous private sessions that make me feel great. I know were on the right track. You could not be more helpful and truthful. Wonderful readings, every time. " ... written by Linda
Thanks" ... written by Sandeep
love her " ... written by danielle
there is no words to say how I love this girl...she is the best" ... written by dani
You are brilliant!!!" ... written by Sticky toffee
I have been meaning to go private with Ann for a very long time, her feedback is always impressive and she is always in private. Quality beats quantity every time, she has confirmed what I needed confirmed, her accuracy and comments on the situation were simply spot on... yes her price is high, but she is worth it for the clarity, you pay for what you get. Lets be honest, there are many on this site who do not provide clarity, Ann is one of the few that can and does. Thanks Ann for your energy and time, much appreciated." ... written by Sacha
very fast connection and quick answers. Would have liked longer but ran out of credits. Would definitely return for updates and I respect her comments because she seems legit." ... written by angelszone
Lovely reader! The best I've come upon! God bless her!" ... written by Liliana
Top of the range on oranum" ... written by BerryBlueNoir
I love her ...she is the best" ... written by danielle
she is the best on here" ... written by danielle
really good detailed reading, thanks " ... written by val
She is truly amazing always knows what is happening. Truly gifted " ... written by Tat from the stars
always great...wish I had more time ..will have to come back soon..thanks!" ... written by sparkly1
Contact has been delayed but Ann sees it coming Aug 2-3 at the latest. I will come back to update her. Please help if you can Ann! Thank you as always." ... written by Cali
a bit pricy, worth it, got the answers i needed and fast. will come back in September for an update. thank you." ... written by cindy
Ann said I would get contact today between 6-7pm. I did in that exact time frame... And this was after not hearing from the person in 2 days. Amazing." ... written by calibabe23
Ann is wonderful...look forward to her super powers! Will keep her posted :) Love you x" ... written by G
thank you as always bang on and so accurate with everything..." ... written by dan
can I get an AMEN! You're the best!!!!" ... written by me
I ting some good information but I ran out of time and could not finish" ... written by John
Ann, again? Really? He called in the exact time frame you predicted tonight. AGAIN!!!! You called it like you always do. You are on fuego girlfriend! Love ya!" ... written by Calibabe
I have been waiting to read with Ann for days!!! I am so happy she came online tonight. Ann has always been accurate for me and super on point with contact for me lately. Will let you know if I get contact tomorrow. Thank you so much Ann!!! Love ya!" ... written by calibabe
She is right on the money, thanks!!!" ... written by Denise Cook
Great reading!! WIll come back to provide her with an update!! I hope all pans out!" ... written by Bellezalatina
Always such great chats!!! I know I'll always have a good laugh with you my friend :) Can't wait to see what happens with the new guy!!! I'll keep you posted. You're the best - love ya girl!! " ... written by Holly
awesome as always " ... written by dave
WOW! Incredibly accurate and read me like a book. Has a great sense of humour as well. :) I highly recommend her!!" ... written by Thuy
Amazingly gifted lady. Instant connection and so accurate. Thanks for everything. Will def drop by again :)" ... written by J
thank u again ann for the advice and u were so spot on my situation. grateful to have u help me and guide me through my situation thanks again" ... written by melissa
Ann always cheers me up." ... written by paul
LOVE YOU MOMMY" ... written by Tristan
she is phenomenal" ... written by fragrant
That is the real deal! " ... written by Liliana
Ann's prediction came true for me. She is a true clairvoyant. There is no other way she could have foreseen everything - a family gathering, a dark guy, clicking instantly, dating, things moving very fast. It all happened to a T. Wow, I can't believe it. And some people say there is no such thing as a true psychic. What a fallacy! Try Ann and you will see for yourself. " ... written by snowhite
She seemed to pick up pretty well.. Its a bit more optimistic than what I've been hearing but I have no problem with that at all :) it was nice to hear, so hopefully she is right. Great reading." ... written by Mimi
Love ANN!!!! Im glad I spoke to her tonight :)" ... written by Skate
I love you mom." ... written by Tristan
Great Lady,. I love you mom. your always amazing." ... written by Tristan
thank you so much" ... written by Talebini
she is the best" ... written by d
very fast connected grat reading" ... written by veezee
always on top of situation with fine detail of what is going on and what is to become,, an excellent update reading." ... written by zimerili1
She seemed to pick up on my situation right now really well - will see what unfolds :) " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Excellent, it's been awhile but Ann knew my situation and knows what needs to be done to resolve it. She is wonderful!" ... written by Jennifer
I love Ann! Always honest and quick. Pleasure to speak with her." ... written by Lisa
OMG Amazing I have waited for her for a year and she is worth the wait . A must to have a reading with she is amazing" ... written by Rosa
One of the BEST" ... written by t
AMAZING!!! Connected very deeply with my situation, very kind and warm hearted! Gave me a remarkable reading, very informative, on point and accurate! Genuinely caring and absolutely INCREDIBLE! Can't wait to follow up! Highly recommended! XOXOXOX" ... written by mg32704
Thank you" ... written by Talebini
I swear I wish I could talk for ever to Ann she has brought me so much light in such a few min!!!! " ... written by Destiny
OMG So accurate and right.... she picked up on my past and the recent events. A must to have a reading with xxx" ... written by Rosa
OMG now I see what EVERYONE is raving about! This lady is truly gifted!!" ... written by Destiny
Truly a great reading! Thank you so much Anne for all your help!" ... written by Brian
Been waiting to read with Ann for a month! Got some new updates, will keep you posted. Thanks." ... written by Ann
Very good" ... written by tribal
thanks...youre always promising :)" ... written by anushree
awesome reading!!! I really hope this prediction comes to pass!! I will keep you updated!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
Can't say enough good words about Ann!!! She is the one that can always put you at your place and be in your shoes at the same time! She is amazing! Love you, Ann!!!" ... written by Liliana
100 accurate and no bull shit" ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
She is good spot on and very accurate. Gave me tools and perspective;0) " ... written by fresiaflower
First time chat, very lovely, present, fast, professional. Will check in again. Thank you. " ... written by lovewater
always the best !!! thank you" ... written by Danny
Many thanks, will be in touch! " ... written by lovewater
my all time fave!!!!!!" ... written by Dolly
ThanksAnn!" ... written by caligal91
AMAZING ADVICE. Just what I needed to hear. " ... written by Linda
LOVED HER READING!!!! LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! SHE IS AWESOME!!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
She is good !!! A true psychic !!!!!" ... written by Rose
Ann is caring, straight to the point, and accurate. I will follow her advice . Lots of love x" ... written by G
WONDERFUL!" ... written by miszy
always on and always accurate thank you" ... written by Danny
She is awesome!!! I cracked up with Ann!! She is one awesome reader! I hope everything comes to pass. Thank you Ann, I hope i meet up with this guy in 2-3 weeks. 10 million stars for you. XOXOXO" ... written by Bellezalatina
Thank you ann always bang on right love you for your guidance thank you xx" ... written by Star
She's the best, I wish I could talk to her a lot, she understands like no one else. She very special. Bless you Ann. " ... written by S
Ann always confirms everything we have previously spoken about. She is on the money. COMPLETELY. BEST GIRL ON THIS SITE. " ... written by Linda
Wonderful woman :D " ... written by Mr Awesome Pants
Lots of good things happening and Ann is a great advisor who is honest, upfront, accurate and consistent. A wonderful update and I'm glad we could catch up! She is really good and worth taking for a private reading!" ... written by Jenn
Ann has picked up on a lot with out me saying much of anything. she knew about the new guy i was interested in as well as my ex. I use her when i can afford to bc she's just that good!" ... written by Heaven
Thanks ann" ... written by jody
An hun i love u so much ur the best psychic ever!" ... written by jody
I love Ann, she is accurate, consistent, helpful, and fun! She will give it to you straight and her readings are always on point. Love you!" ... written by Jenn
This girl is hilarious!! She is so good. I would recommend a reading with her. I can't wait to come back and tell her how right she was. Thank you!!" ... written by Anny
Thank you!!! You are always very helpful!! I've gotten readings from you for years and my sister has too and you've been right each time for both of us. I'm so glad that my sister told me about you!! God bless you!" ... written by A happy friend
Oh my lovely friend Ann is super, fantastic, and awesome! She answers my questions quickly and even gives details on things I don't think to ask about. She is fast, accurate, consistent, and such a wonderful person to talk to. It's like girl talk at the club reading with her, lol. Love you Ann, thanks for everything!!" ... written by Jennifer
love ann she is great and amazing and always on point" ... written by d
always awesome and accurate" ... written by Danny
Great reading!!!" ... written by cpreciosa
OMG I haven't had a reading with Ann in months.... she is still sot on and her version of events have not changed.... she is so good I recommend her to EVERYONE...... I love her so much.... If I had more money I would spend all day talking to her....A must to have a reading with AMAING!!!!!" ... written by Rosa
AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! ALWAYS ON POINT!!! WOW!" ... written by ang3l33
she is GOOD sees more then most and knows whats happening with my situation " ... written by t
clear quick accurate" ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
so lovely ann! she is clear, quick to the point and helps assist in additional information needed." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Oranum doesn't need any other Psychics but Ann she's the end all be all. Once you've had a reading with her you won't go to anyone else. She sees like no other you'll ever met she truly is a gift from God to us. So blessed to have found her and to have experienced her gifts. " ... written by tat
I love this psychic I'm so glad she is online because i really feel i needed her the most right now. I would highly recommend she is amazing and just tells you what it is. You is straight forward with the truth." ... written by star
Love her attitude. She is so good with dates!! " ... written by Anny
Ann is one of the most beautiful souls here, her reads are always on point and her results are the beyond anything you'll ever experience " ... written by tat
She is incredible. She gives you straight facts of the situation. I had a five year relationship go sour and she told me details only I knew and details I didn't. She is the one who finally allowed me closure. If you have any situation you are in the dark about YOU MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST do a private with her." ... written by James
picked up on a few correct things, quick replies and did put my mind at rest." ... written by jen
What does one say about Ann, she's awesome, honest, strong and gives strength to others. She is blessed and makes others feels blessed. If you interact with her, its hard not to love her for she gives more than others so-called psychics. Ann thank you, for being there and seeing me through this time. Blessings and love always :)" ... written by SN
Ann was funny and very real at the same time. She was on point about the main question! Very impressed with her." ... written by Ashley
Ann is so great. She has the details and information that I am seeking. She's also very reassuring and to the point. :)" ... written by Cheerysunshine
The BEST!!! Never disappoints!!! " ... written by Linda
THE BEST!!!!! ALWAYS HAS BEEN!! ALWAYS WILL BE !! xoxoxoxoxo" ... written by LINDA
awesome" ... written by d
Great reading. Very connected to me spiritually. I could feel her energy as she read. She was very focused and and spacific when responding to my questions. I am making PsychicAnnLucas my faverate. " ... written by ARVLBJR
I LOVE HER!!!! LOVE HER!! she is funny and so fun to talk to...I wish I had her strength and wisdom" ... written by NN
Oh she is so fast and kind. My questions were all in the future, so I can't tell how accuracy, but I'm trusting her. She answer right away and won't waste your time at all. Very highly recommend!!" ... written by lastsearch1
absolutely fantastic" ... written by michael
Thank you so much Ann your the best xx" ... written by Star
Thanks! for your help wish could speak a little longer Ann, please go on sale every once in a while :) love you don't know what I will do without you...take care xxo" ... written by NN
she said beginning or mid june " ... written by tiff
I love her." ... written by SP
She is wonderful, don't know what I will do without her. It is so good to see her online and talk to her. Love ya, Ann" ... written by NN
She is awesome :)))))" ... written by tiff
always accurate and fast to the point thank you" ... written by dan
Ann knew the whole story, she was spot on. Thanks for the help!" ... written by Swede
Love you mom. Your da bestest." ... written by Tristan
I say this every time I talk to her, I love her. there is no one like her. she is someone very special. she is magical and loving and when u r talking to her it all feels like different. Ann, please be online more, miss you and love you....take care of yourself, just being selfish need you to lean on from time to time. " ... written by SN
ann is so AMAZING! shes super quick andamp; tells a complete story,, no question left unanswered" ... written by stacey
Amazing,fast and accurate.very friendly and nice.would recommend her 100%.thank you." ... written by e
Get it girl!!! Ann is fantastic, she's a rare find and has been so accurate with my life over the past 18 months. She's compassionate, truly gifted, and she doesn't tell you fairy tales. You da bomb baby! Thank you and love you." ... written by Jenn
She was very on point. Recommended." ... written by faith
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!" ... written by Swede
I'm really Really REALLY hoping her reading is all true." ... written by Lastsearch1
I love this woman always spot on and Ann clears up the fog i love her so much best one on here by far" ... written by Star
The ONLY true Psychic on this site and on this planet!!!" ... written by Mary Lee
Ann is the bomb diggity! Spot on and fast, no sugar coating, no fairy tales and truly a gifted and beautiful soul, inside and out. Take her, you won't regret it." ... written by YES
Awesome :)))))" ... written by tiff
I love her i dont have any words to explain how amazing she is and the best on here by far xxx" ... written by Star
the best" ... written by julie
omg i love this woman! she just totally understands. and her amazing ability to connect and really see is just wow!" ... written by J
ann is always spot on love this reading will always go to her no sugar coating. straight to the point" ... written by tigress
she is accurate!!" ... written by mustafa
Astounding. I am blown away at her insight and gift. I am very hopeful that the information provided is correct and comes to pass. I will definitely make sure that I come back to report on the dates given. Thank you for your help. " ... written by B
I love you reading me always. Just hard to catch up your schedule." ... written by lastsearch1
Really enjoyed my first reading with AnnLucas. I hope that what she sees definitely comes to pass. I look forward to speaking to her again." ... written by Jbtforme
Love her ! she is awesome and so fast" ... written by danielle
Amazing xxxx" ... written by Star
Ann is THE best on Oranum hands down. I go to a few others and I have been to MANY on here. But NONE can come close to her. There is a reason she's in such high demand. She's worth every penny of a reading. I have gone to her for years now and will continue to do so. She's always spot on in every reading. She won't sugar coat and tell you what you want to hear and that's why I love her. Thanks again Ann for another amazing reading. You know I'll be back ;)" ... written by Anastasia
I found her very good! " ... written by Dancing Star
always great always accurate and helps me provide clarity in business and personal dealings" ... written by Danny
Ann is awesome, she knows what is going on and how to move forward. Her advice is so helpful!" ... written by Swede
Ann is so consistent with her readings and so positive when you are feeling stuck. Her advice is so helpful when you are ready to give up. Thanks Ann!" ... written by Swede
Ann is so tuned in. She just flows with knowing. She is so good and I keep coming back to Ann." ... written by lil
Yes, yes, and yes...Ann is awesome. She's a true psychic and so much fun too. Take her for a reading now! She's worth it." ... written by LOVE
Absolutely love this lady. Thank you so much, you are a blessing" ... written by
if i could give ten stars i would very quick, accurate, powerful person who is authentic." ... written by hba
just wonderful. Great first read." ... written by mcr5067
Quick, very informative, no time wasting" ... written by Rayhaan
She give accurte relationships are their progregress over time." ... written by eli
She is so accurate and has a great sense of humor!" ... written by Eli
will see what happens!" ... written by BP
shes so funny, can't wait for predictions to come to pass" ... written by BP
thank you as always , and so clear on all details" ... written by dan
Thank you for the reading. " ... written by d2k1000
she's good and fast. love it!" ... written by ashley
Always amazing picks up on situation provide clarity. Give predictions. Shes amazing take her !! xx" ... written by ENA
love this woman, shes never failed me!" ... written by stacey
good reader" ... written by doug
very good reading " ... written by caroline
amazing and she insisted not to give her information" ... written by sara
amazing ,100% on point !! love her !! coming back soon!!" ... written by tammyjones
wow thank you for the insight. 5 star in my book" ... written by theodora
phenomenol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by illeanna
Thank you Ann your best ! your such amazing channeller i love you so much i'm so happy you are here on this earth sharing your gift. Best one on here by far " ... written by Star
Awesome !" ... written by Amanda
I love Ann, she's honest, accurate, and detailed. Every reading is a good time with laughs and information on how things are happening now and in the future. She's just an awesome lady, psychic, and friend!" ... written by Jenn
She's absolutely the best and no one can come close!andamp;quot; There you have it,the best of the legends of O. Her gift is truly remarkable coupled with genuiness as and kindness. For those of you who are sitting on the fence, grab a read. You will be blessed beyond your wildest dreamz!" ... written by Peaz007
amazing" ... written by pinky
Thanks so much for the in depth help, I appreciate it. You made everything make sense, happy to know I was doing everything right." ... written by Swede
It was the quickest reading I ever had, though there were some important one with it." ... written by Joseph
wow!! she is real deal, you must try her you will be shock. she is accurate and right on the spot too. AMAZING PSYCHIC." ... written by TUSHAN
Great! very positive honest straight to the point and sweet very pretty also :)" ... written by suga-slim
Great reader!" ... written by tiremuncher2
Absolutely phenomenal!She was able to pick up on the little details which i didn't even have to mention!This is a gifted woman!You would be crazy not to have a private with her!!!I am amazed!And will be back!God Bless" ... written by rattail1
Nice job i thought. Seemed so confident in what she was saying about my guy wanting to me with me. She gave me a time frame to work with...will see what happens :)" ... written by kennex10
Wow, strong connection right away, reinforced what others have said, very compassionate and I am hoping accurate as she told me good things coming...thank you Psychic Ann Lucas!!!" ... written by wendic