About PsychicBriel

Psychic PsychicBrielhas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicBrielhas recently helped 25members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicBriel's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Picked up on me quickly.. It was interesting.. We will see how everything pans out.." ... written by anuputa
she is great reader" ... written by serbboy3
Psychic Briel is fantastic." ... written by cookie
Psychic Briel is very accurate, she was right on the dot. I give her infinite stars." ... written by cookie
Very accurate...totally felt me...confirmed every suspicion I had...Will definitely see her again! Thank you soooooo much!" ... written by Kathi
Wow, she is amazing!" ... written by goddess70
She brought out some facts that would not otherwise have been known. We talked about a weeklong process to help clear away issues. Will be returning same time for the next week. Offered very sound advice and will follow up with instructions with faith." ... written by callme_ambi
She is a great reader, did a meditation with her she picks up on a lot of things, try her." ... written by starchild700
Thanks good reading... She picked up on things well. " ... written by soulguy4
She is such a darling woman, dedicated and sincere. Bless her in her ability." ... written by callme_ambi
Great reading!" ... written by marion
You're amazing! I loved her, she is so nice and accurate. Get a reading with her, you won't regret it!" ... written by molina631
Very patient and instructive. Nice work." ... written by callme_ambi
Honest and accurate." ... written by sweet
Faith in her abilities. strongly advise her services." ... written by callme_ambi
This girl was absaloutely spot on, wonderfull you have to try her, you wont regret it! " ... written by Kayleigh
Amazing reading! I will definitely use her again! She doesn't need any tools and she was really accurate! :)" ... written by Nicky
Great reading." ... written by shae
Briel has helped me so much, she is very in touch and honest, after my reading I now feel more at peace and can start to move forward and accept things how they are and have insight of what to expect in the future... I definitely recommend her!!! :) " ... written by Emily
Such a wonderful reading with Psychicbriel. Insightful, gifted and sincere. Thank you for having such talented people such as her on your website. I have the utmost respect for her work and the work of the entire Oranum team. 5 stars is not enough." ... written by Callme_Ambi
Great reading and so down to earth." ... written by Trisha
Very sweet girl, pick up on some things in my life." ... written by Amanda
She is very good, picked up on the same person others picked up on,,so shes very accurate, hurry and get your readings now before her price goess up lol." ... written by unknown
Her readings are amazing and spot on, she picked everything, from past future and present situations. she's very sweet and kind, and very talented! cant wait to speak with Briel again!" ... written by nicolelove328
I don't even know what to say other than thank you God for loving me so much...Blessings to you Gabriel. " ... written by Val71
Briel was very accurate wow she is amazing. She picked up on me very fast. Can't wait to see her predictions to unfold." ... written by Lucy117
She picked up the person before I could ask about them. I look forward to the predictions. Thank you!" ... written by Astarintheocean
Sweet and fast. :) Thank you!" ... written by p
Great , fast and to the point." ... written by luckystar222
Very kind and seemed to hone in on what was going on! I am hopeful of the outcome!" ... written by Terri
Simply great. She connected straight away and was brilliant and accurate" ... written by MK
Empowering and enlightening guidance. Kind and generous." ... written by sk
Wow, Psychicbriel has an incredible soft, clear and penetrating energy. I was just poking around and not thinking to get into an involved reading. Have been having interesting but also annoying time w/ readings that are all over the place, Psychicbriel was very clean. She doesn't taint the reading with her judgment. At all. And that's not easy to do! She was good. And got to the bottom of my gut feelings. I spent all my credit and wouldn't hesitate to come back for a quick fascinating conversation. Going to hold off on the meditation. I'm a journey girl! Not in a hurry to get anywhere. But going to try find my own way. Thanks!" ... written by nsyeaca
caring compassionate guidance" ... written by sk
PsychicBriel is very good and accurate. She picks on things very well. I give her 5 stars." ... written by cookie
Briel is very accurate and to the point. She sees things exactly as they are, as though she has been with you all the time. She is a true psychic." ... written by cookie
What an excellent reader. Very accurate and made it a point to set up a follow up and help make my goals a reality. 10 stars!" ... written by Pete
Thanks for the advice. " ... written by d2k1000
She is very sweet and fast. She never asked for my name and dob and she was very quick in connecting with me. She was fast and spoke the truth. I usually ask questions about incidents that already happened in my life to determine whether the psychic is for real or not. she answered all of them correctly and then I felt comfortable and I moved on with my other concerns. She was very sweet with me. Thank you very much Briel. " ... written by snowwhite18
Briel is such a help to me spiritually and I now feel so much more at peace, she definitely looks for your best intentions and I recommend her to anyone who is needing any kind of guidance in their lives whether its love life, or just spiritual guidance :)" ... written by Emily
Once again Briel never dissappoints, she is very helpful and even though I only had a few credits she was able to provide me fast readings to help me meditate more :) " ... written by Em
She is absolutely amazing! Hands down amazing." ... written by luckystar222
Interesting andamp; seemed on the ball..." ... written by Dolphino
Wow... she reads on the fly, accurate. Good girl. " ... written by Rei
Thank you for your honesty and guidance!" ... written by ikroyal
briel has helped me overcome any negativity I once felt, I came to her a month ago and she has worked with me through time and has helped me become more positive and has given me insight into what to expect and look forward to in my bright future, 5 stars always, definitely recommend her like I always say, thanks again, love and light. xx" ... written by emoonlight
Good reading... Good observations. " ... written by Rei
Awesome reader!!! Fast and accurate." ... written by anesha
Great reader!" ... written by starchild700
What a remarkable lady. Absolutely the best reading and more spiritual than I have ever experienced. Very intuitive, and great advise. I look forward to the follow up reading and many more with Briel." ... written by Corvet
Briel is the only person I ever go to when I need guidance, she is so kind, and always helps me understand anything I need clearance on, definitely recommend her to anyone!" ... written by emoonlight
Wow what can I say Briel is the real deal, and there is no doubt about it. She will tell you whats going on in your life and give good advice. She's is not a waste of time or money. She was spot on for me and I barely said anything." ... written by Soulguy
My first time doing a reading with her and WOW she picked up on things without me telling her right away!!! I will return. thanks :D" ... written by Jacqueline
Briel is a very good psychic! Like always!" ... written by Coockijan
perfect as always " ... written by emoonlight
What a totally and amazing lady. Very polite, obvious talent for insight and reading energy. Thank you for such a wonderful chat, God bless and hope to see you again soon. " ... written by Darrel
she is amazing . thank you ." ... written by vvvv
Thank you Briel for a great update!" ... written by marion
very honest and gave my some advice" ... written by rebecca
thank you sincere and very direct. thank you for the support and understanding." ... written by mag
very positive reading. thank you" ... written by gemini0605
Thank you for your quick answer.... :)" ... written by Roy
Briel was very wonderful and sincere. I appreciated her concern, and she was very accurate in intuitively understanding my realities. I took her guidance very seriously as she was able to prove an immediate understand of my issues, and my goals. Thank you Briel" ... written by Michael
she was accurate and honest " ... written by chris
My name is richie bond and i liked my reading" ... written by richie bond
Very good, very nice." ... written by Merc
Scary good! Definitely a professional." ... written by Kayla
she is amazing!" ... written by L
she is really really good! picks up on the situation right good advice, knows what happened and how you feel! will be back with update on predictions!!!" ... written by me
Very enlightening, empowering read" ... written by k
Great connection. picked up very quickly and withheld no information. honest. hopes everything she says is true. time will tell but seems very accurate. " ... written by tale
She was very good and connected quickly." ... written by butterfly77lady
great!" ... written by real love
Briel helped clarify my relationship issues and give me more confidence 4 the future...she will def change your perception re relationships...Briel gave me a hopeful outlook 4 a generational pattern that continues 2 haunt me...with a lil prayer and meditation, hopefully i can snap out of the funk i'm in!" ... written by Christopher
First time reading with her. She was good. Will have to wait and see if predictions come to pass. Will write on hall page if anything happens." ... written by M
Thank you Briel for great reading!" ... written by marion
Thank you God for Briel! Wow... She is the real deal! I am overwhelmed with how accurate and how in depth she was able to go. I will be back for sure! " ... written by carlin