Psychic RODRIGOTELLERhas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic RODRIGOTELLERhas recently helped 43members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about RODRIGOTELLER's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Im a professional psychic with over 15 years of experience, let me connect with you and you get your answer. Not feel stressed, nervous or angry, my Gift help you to obtain the Goal of Your Life.

very lovely and calm person I fell his positive vibration Thanks Ro ;)" ... written by sophia90
he's really gifted very good! High raccomanded" ... written by sophia90
He is such a beautiful soul and is so helpful in making u see the truth of the matter... I recommend him to anyone to have a reading. He is up there with the best of them. Thank you Rodrigo!" ... written by murdocca
Nice read! Accurate card reading ! Also very nice and generous person, willing to help!" ... written by reicaa
Great reading! hope all the best work out as he say. should try him! " ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
Very fast reader and detailed!" ... written by Starliteny
Was a nice reading. and sharp prediction about past, presence and future. thank you Rodrigo!" ... written by doku
Good job!" ... written by lavendergirl
Such a sweet guy. very in tune to what is going on.. knew how my life was and how my past has been.. He is such an amazing guy.. go to private with him, you will not regret it.. xxxxxxx" ... written by butterflywings10
love him his smile everything about him is great " ... written by kikigirls2
Wow! That was great!! Rodrigo you are totally awesome!! You're very intuitive and fast!!! I am very happy and very impressed! I highly recommend a reading with Rodrigo! Many blessings my new friend and much love andamp;amp; light! xoxo :)" ... written by BeautifulSoul
He is very fast read on card and very friendly person, hope all he said is come true." ... written by confued love
Great read. Accurate. Highly recommend him!! Thank you, Ro!" ... written by Debbie
very accurate, detailed and very calm and nice. quick read as well" ... written by Debbie
Very accurate and very nice!!!" ... written by smithchrissy
Quick reader, knew alot and i will be back when i can.thanx so much...i highly recommend :)" ... written by mom123456
Wonderful reading. Was quick with his cards and answered all questions that were asked. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
I thought my reading was fantastic....he was straight forward and did not waste my time. Now I wait to see if what he says comes true...I believe it will. " ... written by michele64
wow, absolutely amazing reading and so quick thank you so much" ... written by chelle54
Rodrigoteller was amazing, simply amazing, he was so helpful, so fast and willing to help me, he was also so accurate, I really enjoyed his reading. He was again so accurate and so willing to help me and give me advise. His predictions seemed so true, I am just so grateful. Thank you so much rodrigoteller,I have not been this content in awhile. He is seriously gifted and willing to help, thank you so much again, really. I really recommend him, so much, thank you! " ... written by blueberrypigs
He's excellent. Picked up on things immediately and very thorough and fast. Highly recommend Mr. R. D." ... written by dstufra1
FANTASTIC spot on he is very good at what he is doing and answers all the questions in detail LOVED IT thanks alot" ... written by bushrabe
Always great!" ... written by dstufra1
Really amazing guy, was spot on on every aspect of detail.highly recommended to others here!" ... written by Amir
Thanks again Rodrigo for giving me more information" ... written by jasminepapas
Wonderful!! very accurate. I cant wait to see the predictions come true" ... written by jasminepapas
I really liked the reading, he is really fast and accurate ... i will definitely come back for a reading with Rodrigo ." ... written by NormaG
FANTASTIC............................I reccomend him to everyone. briscia " ... written by briscia
Rodrigoteller is a very special beautiful soul and I feel very blessed to have met him in this lifetime. I cannot thank you enough for just simply being you and exuding your inner light to each and everyone of us in your room through your gracious smile. Blessed be, much Love andamp;amp; Light. I am happy to call you friend. xx" ... written by BeautifulSoul
I am astounded, I actually feel quite sick with nerves at the prospect of what Rodrigoteller told me. I don't think I will sleep tonight. I cannot wait until 2 weeks time to see the information he told me unfold. Thank you so much!! xx" ... written by Joruno
He is so helpful with so many things! Helps with the predictions and also helps with great advice. Sees things accurately and clearly! He is lovely :)!" ... written by yas
I love you Rodrigo!" ... written by sirine17
Hope all come true......................thank you for your smile" ... written by sirine17
Gave me very much hope for what I have been searching for(: Thank you!!!" ... written by wonderlandgrl
FANTASTIC............................I reccomend him to everyone. briscia " ... written by briscia
Thanks again, you are amazing...kisses!" ... written by onelovekai
As always Rod is extremely helpful and picks up on situations around...HIGHLY RECOMMEND xxx" ... written by Kiera1972
Outstanding ... he knows his stuff, very quick!" ... written by Donna333
Very kind and caring, very good in connections with many problems. Reading Style tarot, prayer and said would light candle. 5 stars I will be back. Thank you luv!" ... written by galagal/geri
He was great, answered all my questions... I hope he is right about everything. Thank you!" ... written by cammyboo
AWESOME!!!" ... written by onelovekai
Rodrigo is awesome! Give him a try! He pretty much knew a lot about me. Will definitely update you when things happen! " ... written by rumi628
Very good, thank you." ... written by BarbaA
Wonderful, fast, accurate readings :)! Very well worth his price and then some!!" ... written by yas
Hi I don't know how to reply to your email but I did not receive it properly. Can you resend? Thanks!" ... written by Ang3li
Good. I will re-rate after a month. Thank you very much!" ... written by Ang3li
Nice guy and fun to work with." ... written by jswede1149
Super duper as always. Thank you." ... written by BarbaA
You are amazinggggggg :)" ... written by onelovekai
WORLD'S BEST!" ... written by sam4480
LO mejOr que me puede encontar en oranum gracias amorsitoo perdon que se no fue el tiempo que mal pero espero k sea asi como me dices " ... written by chakima012
My blessed dear dear friend! What would I ever do without you! You have always been here for me to guide me and protect me. Your insight into me is amazing. Bless you golden heart. You are truly a beautiful soul indeed and i am truly blessed to know you and call you friend! xoxoxoxo" ... written by BeautifulSoul
Splendid as always. Love you to pieces you are amazing. God bless you my dear friend. You cannot go wrong with Rodrigo everyone. He is fabulous." ... written by BeautifulSoul
It simply cant be any thing else than..FAB!!!!!!! The best, he is very nice soul, great as human, kind, generous, so much of positive energy. Amazing!!! " ... written by sam4480
Rodrigo is really gifted consult him,honest, fast and very positive. 5 STARS" ... written by rafaeli
Great psychic, so nice, very accurate and willdefo read with him again! Great asset to Oranum!" ... written by Kiera1972
Really nice and friendly guy." ... written by goldengirl2000
Blessed thank you ever so much." ... written by LoveEternal
Thank you as always. Be blessed. " ... written by LoveEternal
Wonderful, truly made me feel better what my future hold for me." ... written by anniekazmi88
His smile give energy and his predict really great, thanks for help me as always." ... written by rafaeli
He is cool! " ... written by sam4480
The best as usual. xo" ... written by LoveEternal
Very nice guy, intelligent,very accurate and with big heart! 5 stars" ... written by spiritualwoman