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Psychic RachelAndhas 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic RachelAndhas recently helped 106members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about RachelAnd's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Greetings! I was placed in this vessel in this time-space to help pull those on the edge of awakening into full awareness. this means you . Indigo Crystal Rainbow Starseed children Please come to me for spiritual, emotional, or physical guidance. I can help you. I specialize in tarot card readings, energetic healing, often with crystals, birth chart astrological analysis, distance viewing of human energetic fields and cords, and am particularly helpful in matters of ROMANCE.
Self-awareness is key to understanding interactions between people, the all-spark, and the fabric of reality. I have been reading tarot cards casually for about seven years; over the last three or four years, I have delved into the spiritual/astral/energetic aspects of life with gusto... verve... enthusiasm... and a keen inner eye. I practice close up and distance healing, and basically telepathatize by tapping into the thought bubbles around. I am guided by my crown; I have learned the art of paying heed to the duo of etheric entities revealed to me as spirit guides.

I see now can see auras, & use both my thought/spirit as well as crystal grids and cards or symbols to stabilize and eradicate the discordant energies still trying to survive as the human race elevates in frequency/vibration/astral awareness. I perceive subtle shifts in vibration that attenuate my senses toward helping my fellows unify!

Ah, to choose one self and stick with it... if only it were were so easy!!!

Thankfully, we still need help, and so I am so thrilled to get on board helping/healing/guiding/lightworking you into a higher vibration as we shift into a time/space supportive of astral and energetic unification previously inaccessible in previous times/past space. The lower dimensions of the cosmic grid are swirling away from our planet. The veil has lifted!!
I aim to educate people in layman's terms, using the parlance of our time: the highest form of vernacular, if you will, and though I do specialize in all sorts of slang, I maintain a professional & authoritative yet empathetic tone of voice/text while providing spiritual guidance. I am easier to understand with my spoken words.

I seek to assist clients understanding of The Human Energy Field and the cords we create to one another in connection to the Universal Energy Field. I am a positive beacon of non-judgmental connective tissue in the fabric of all communication; I can also assist practically everyone in regards to the course of actions or idea-trains to follow to discover their inner-peace, find their passion, develop communication skills within relationships that actually address the emotional issues underlying whatever spat of the moment has provoked distress. I encourage others to search me, and thusly themselves through their interactions with me: what are you but my reflection? My guidance is effective, insightful, thoughtful, and punctuated with a specific release often accompanied by a particular laughter/weeping/exhaling: glistening synchronicity adorns my experience on the daily, and the shining hope/light/flame of true grasping often leaves me glowing with gratitude.

Additionally, please do not let my highly specific and like, verbose description of the spirit life deter you from choosing me ! I am overcompensating with high verbiage to impress y'all, of course! Chats with me will flow like lava, igniting your centers and selves to the highest vibrational potential possible! Rise up with me, fellow seekers, and we shall know the truth. The sound of their ankle-biting fury will be nothing compared to the strength of my conviction: I am not a victim!

great reading very accurate and very nice woman :)P" ... written by TheNewClassic44i
Would definitely recommend for everyone to take reading from here.. she is honest and accurate ..." ... written by Devisri
Absolutely fantastic!" ... written by NEH
awsome" ... written by davyboii
Absolutely spot-on!!" ... written by NEH
awsome read amazing ty so very much ..." ... written by davyboii