About Rhea1

Psychic Rhea1has 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Rhea1has recently helped 17members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Rhea1's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I’m a natural born psychic, empath, healer, intuitive and medium. I have a passion to help and heal people, so that they can obtain their simple and complex desires. I have dedicated my life to my passion and purpose. I learned from my elders how to channel and see by using divine energy. I don’t need any info from you to instantly pick up on your situation.

she is amazing " ... written by ohood
The best!" ... written by Anonymous
she is a soulfriend. :)" ... written by anuj
She is amazing!! Was able to describe personal appearances, attitudes and tell me information about myself no one ever has. She was bang on about everything! Highly Recommend for everyone!" ... written by Ashley
Rhea is always so in tune and quick to connect. Thanks!" ... written by A
I had a good feeling about Rhea when i saw her, and felt connected to her energy. She helped me on many levels and I received so much clarity. She is an excellent natural intuitive psychic who works with her angels and guides. I highly recommend her. Thank-you Rhea!" ... written by true2mysoul
i enjoyed my reading" ... written by butterfly77lady
Great!!" ... written by name
This expert did an excellent job on my situation. She picked up fine detail very precise and gave good solid advise. Her personality is great very friendly, enthusiastic and highly energetic whilst at the same time calm and extremely focused on the work. i enjoyed the experience tremendously, God bless and all the best." ... written by zimerili1
Connective quickly, helped to clear my aura, and reboot my chakras. A vibrant positive energy, super nice and pleasant during the reading. Highly recommend and will be back. =) " ... written by Limu
Great healing, I did feel relaxed !!! Spot on..!!" ... written by m
A terrific update just brilliant,, this girl's energy is on fire,, thanx once more." ... written by zimerili1
Excellent, she is very gifted reader xx" ... written by Zarra
Wow, she really was in tune with my situation and was so warm about it. It was like speaking to a trusted friend. Thanks for the reading. I have a different perspective now." ... written by -
Good reading.... I will come back for updates if things pan out. :-)" ... written by SunMoon
She was great I loved speaking with her, she has amazing energy and it's what drew me to her. I asked her to go right in with a reading with me to see if she could pick up on anything, and she said there really was not much to pick up on and felt like i was already in a good place. She was right because I am in such a good place and I am HAPPY with where I'm at now but just a little bored. I'm using this time to really focus on myself and she got that. I asked a few questions and she was spot on and was correct about everything and also very quick! Thank you so much!-easybake." ... written by lina
she was wonderful had trouble connecting at first but she healed me twice in this session of heartache which i appreciate! she eased my insecurities of my relationship and have been cheated on. thank you she was on point for the connection" ... written by extralight
Always love hearing what she has to say. Positive in delivery and gives the best advice. Thank you so much!" ... written by TatianaT
Thank you very much for you insight...you picked up very well on my energy and quickly....very wise in wisdom...blessings" ... written by b-e
thank you" ... written by ssss
She was awesome I asked about a relationship and she picked up a lot without me even saying anything very well connected" ... written by Lana
she conneced really well, no sugarcoating, let's see how it goes!" ... written by jc
Rhea has a beautiful soul and she connected very easily with me. She answered some questions that I've had very accurately and is very compassionate. Thank you!!" ... written by Ash
shes really good glad shes a part of the team" ... written by Chris
She was very very accurate!! So kind and caring....please don't hesitate to try her! Such a wonderful calming person, no sugarcoating but handled sensitive messages with care. WONDERFUL reading...truly from the bottom of my heart thank-you " ... written by Miszy
she is aweeeesome!!! very insightful and she knows everything. she healed the pain on my neck and shoulder thru her guidance. and it was healed. she is gifted. thank you Rhea. :)" ... written by Chanel
She is soooooo awesome! Everything she told me definitely made sense and she was sooo in line with my 2 go-to readers. Thank you rhea!!! " ... written by l
fantastic update,, great thanx " ... written by zimerili1
By far my favorite person on this website. Always gives me the information I need to make the best decisions. " ... written by Tatiana
she very accurate and lovely to talk to " ... written by adi
A nice friendly girl who I hope I can follow up with. she is sweet and tries to help." ... written by L
Fantastic!" ... written by Ash
She is amazing she really connects and is so spot on about the energy its like she's your best friend that knows everything. She is great!" ... written by Ct
Very nice person and clicked into what i was asking really well. Would use again and recommend to others if you are unsure." ... written by Matt
She is like an angel :) Very intuitive and positive...tuned into my situation very well/ " ... written by Sparkle Pony
She is so AMAZING!!!! I am so happy I follow my intuition. It was a blessing and the energy work she has done was wonderful, I did felt it. She is a blessing!!! Thank you so much. Much love to you" ... written by Mily
she was very fast and accurate i felt like i was talking to 1 of my close friends :) xoxo" ... written by Miss_Clarity
My favorite person on here. Love talking to her so much, always brings such clarity." ... written by Tatiana
Absolutely amazing...totally recommend her to everyone" ... written by marion
She is very in depth and connects amazingly well with details into the future. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by Jon
Rhea is amazing and connects extraordinary well. Very well and upcoming rising reader on Oranum without a doubt. She is truly gifted." ... written by Jon
A very good reading. She seems to pick up on the energy and all that is going on. Very understanding with some good advice." ... written by itwillbeok
I actually believe this one. It's not because she looks cute either, I just felt a genuine vibe from her. I will work with her again. " ... written by Fred
I may be too emotional right now to explain but Rhea is the best and I mean it. I've been on this site since 2012 and can honestly say that. " ... written by eman
Wow, just wow. She literally saw the bracelet I was wearing and I didn't say a word. That among many other things is incredible. She gave me hope even though I thought things will be working sooner but I feel better regardless. Thanks Rhea" ... written by Eman
Thank you so much. I really felt calmer after talking with you. I will do as you stated and let you know." ... written by Gayette
She is amazing. Lots and lots of information. She did energy work on a past life issue for me, and cleared me of a lot of energies that were attached to me. I feel lighter and happier already. " ... written by L
a great update" ... written by zimerili1
she is amazing!!!" ... written by L
Awesome. she read the situation very well gave some stellar advice and confirmed my gut feeling. thanks rhea" ... written by Cyrus Vance
Rhea LITERALLY does it ALL. It's unbelievable. As for me, I feel I was meant to run into her because I really don't know where I would be without her readings, its even more like therapy lol But I've seen her demo, and by other peoples comments, I have no doubt that she is amazing at her many gifts. Thank you as always Rhea." ... written by eman
great update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Love her! Readings with her always get to the bottom of things." ... written by Tatiana
Another update but wow, well worth it. She answered questions that I was afraid of asking but now feel reassured. She HAS to be the best on this site, I just don't think many have figured this out yet lol Thanks Rhea." ... written by Eman
Shes great. Thanks again." ... written by Gayette
AH! I'm so mad I ran out of credits, lol. Highly recommend!" ... written by Tatiana
I love when she can describe the situation to me and everything thats happening right now." ... written by Ashley
Rhea is extremely talented and her readings are incredible. You would have to experience it to believe it. Thank you Rhea." ... written by eman
Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciated it. You were correct with a lot of things and I appreciated that!" ... written by Swede
Just wanted one more reading and so glad I did. She's a life saver." ... written by Eman
Got cut off but she's awesome!" ... written by Jon
awesome connect..right on point..thanks" ... written by sc
So many things she sees have been right and things that have happened, that I actually listed them all down on my phone. It's insane. She's insanely incredible." ... written by Eman
You know it almost feels like I'm cheating in my life path with Rhea because she literally gives me a heads up on EVERYTHING coming. She is the best." ... written by Eman
Picked me up so well. Im sorry I ran out of funds on a budget, but would like to read more with you." ... written by Trista
Fast and straight forward :) did not have enough creeds " ... written by spiritonloose
Love her readings, always such a pleasure to read with her! " ... written by Tatiana
Rhea is an angel herself. Amazing comfort and so much knowledge and gifted. I don't know what else there is to say but I could say ALOT trust me. Get a reading with her honestly. Thanks Rhea :)" ... written by Eman
Quick and accurate reading! I would recommend, yes! :)" ... written by Rana
Rhea nailed it, she is amazing!" ... written by Swede
Rhea is mind-blowing in her gifts. She sees relationships on a very deep level and presents you with information that allows you to have a deep understanding of what is transpiring. Her predictions are also amazingly accurate. " ... written by L
young lady with great gifts no tools satisfied with answers" ... written by houston
I kid you not, before I went into private she said she knew what I was going to ask, and I was very skeptical because it was a an off topic question we normally never talked about in past readings... but she knew! Well to be fair she knew what was involved in the question but she still had a very good idea. Getting a reading with Rhea is almost like a magic show. You will be amazed :)" ... written by Jon
So much covered in 5 minutes, thank you again Rhea!" ... written by Tatiana
Rhea is amazing, she totally gets me and where I'm coming from. She knows! " ... written by Swede
She is a hidden gem...she knows her stuff...she is spot on with her accuracy and has the sweetest calming personality. She can pick up things in fine detail...WOW so amazing!!" ... written by Miszy
Love her so much. Always such a good connection and much clarity!" ... written by Tatiana
Rhea was honest and compassionate as always. Surprised me alot by the things she saw. She was finishing my sentences lol" ... written by E
EXCELLENT "therapy" session as always! Dunno where I would be without it." ... written by J
Did a great job reading things about me she never could have known...very intuitive!" ... written by Jana
Ahhh, we got cut off but thank you! So glad I got to talk to you and get an update!" ... written by Tatiana
Very down to earth and easy to talk to." ... written by Ben
Rhea is amazing! Totally zoned into me when i was in the room and knew what was going on with me. Take her to private she is amazing!" ... written by Swede
Rhea is phenomenal. She is so connected. Tunes right in and has so much information to offer. I find her readings extremely enlightening." ... written by L
Once again, right on point. (:" ... written by Tatiana
Rhea is superb. Her abilities are astonishing. She is quick, good natured, smart, and in touch with many things unknown to most of us. " ... written by L
still in shock. I was in tears as she read. This girl is so incredible. I have had many reading by top psychics who all confirmed what she said but she knew every detail like she was inside their head. Wow, just wow. Thank you so much." ... written by s4
Rhea is amazing and totally gets me! I love doing reading because she is so spot on!" ... written by Swede
Rhea is a guide in physical form. If you get a reading from her, you're meant to have that guidance :) " ... written by Jon
As always, right on the money and great advice! Love my readings with Rhea! So glad I got to catch up with you!" ... written by Tatiana
Rhea gave me a great reading. Everything she said related to me and made sense. Was a helpful reading. Definitely recommend her. Thank you." ... written by Chet
Great lady! So gifted!" ... written by
Absolutely unbelievable!! She picked up on everything around me without any names or DOBs. Will definitely be back for a private!" ... written by Angel
Very good connection and described the person in question very accurately. Also described our relationship the things going on before I said anything." ... written by angelszone
great reading very helpful and long overdue :)" ... written by TheNewClassic44i
Rhea is AMAZING! She picked up a name from so long ago that I totally forgot! She is so dead on, it blows your mind!" ... written by Swede
it's been about 3 months already and so many predictions and things she's seen were incredibly accurate. It just keeps getting better. Rhea will blow your mind I promise." ... written by eman
Thank you Rhea for all your help and guidance and insight! And thank you for the energy work! " ... written by LostGirl
Rhea is amazing! She did an energy clearing and I'm already feeling the effects and it feels amazing!!" ... written by Swede
She is amazing!!!" ... written by A
She gave me a very positive reading, a very postive and hopeful reading" ... written by monkzee
So accurate. really good. I will def take her advice. I hope predictions come true." ... written by Susan
Great reading, thank you!" ... written by Josh
Rhea is so helpful on getting me on the right path when I've been feeling stuck. Rhea is so kind and understanding and definitely spot on! Give Rhea a shot, you will not regret it!" ... written by Swede
Even though I've run outta things to say, there's a million things I could say. She is hands down a TRULY gifted person. Being blessed is an understatement when it comes to describe her readings and guidance." ... written by E
Amazing, as always. Right on the nose!" ... written by Tatiana
She is such a gem. SOOOOOOoooooo gifted. And she is honest as well. Healings, readings, she is very insightful. WONDERFUL." ... written by L
amazing! wow she is so good." ... written by susan
Love doing reading with Rhea, she always knows what is going on!" ... written by Swede
Excellent reading and guidance! " ... written by RussianBlue1
Wow. She is really good. The most intune reader i've ever had." ... written by s4
Love doing reading with Rhea, she is so on point!" ... written by Swede
good reading she pick up on a lot !!" ... written by teatree77
She's brilliant, per usual. " ... written by Tatiana
She is so lovely! Such a bright spirit, very helpful! " ... written by TatianaT
The best. Period." ... written by Jon
Thanks so much for your help, you are awesome!" ... written by Swede
Really wonderful insights! She was right on the money about the situation and was able to give me great feedback!" ... written by Eva
wow an amazing reader accurate pickup" ... written by frag
She was really good! and informative :) " ... written by Soojin
Thanks so much for the help!" ... written by Swede
wow. she is so good. A hidden gem on this site. You have to have a reading with her." ... written by susan
good reading" ... written by teatree77
1st reading with Rhea and SHE WAS AWESOME! Thank you! " ... written by DD
yeah...nice read, ok thanks rhea , catch up later. " ... written by batdancer
thanks" ... written by f
You have to take her private. She is really accurate and her predictions have come true for me. She accurately channels and is really psychic. Also very sweet and funny. You feel like you are talking to a friend. xoxo" ... written by susan
Rhea is AMAZING. So gifted. And such a grounded and lovely person." ... written by L
Thanks so much your help, you are amazing!" ... written by Swede
Just amazing! On point, energetic and kind. Good interaction and energy. You can tell she's the real deal. She has a gifted soul. " ... written by Isabelle
She is amazing! Can always describe details to me!" ... written by AShley
Super wonderful. So gifted. Sees EVERYTHING, and clearly explains what is going on, in depth. Love her." ... written by L
Rhea1 was amazing. Spot on in so many ways. I cant wait to update her and get updates" ... written by krista
very good" ... written by lovehouston
Rhea is remarkable. She is so wise and sees things so deeply. She has consistently helped me. I am so grateful to her." ... written by L
I cant say enough how amazing she is. I had the most powerful reading with her and she was able to tell me so much. She seems to know my feelings as well as those around me. Provided guidance and made my jaw drop. " ... written by D
first read with rhea. she was super sweet. she channeled and answered all my questions very quickly." ... written by linny
Thanks so much for the message and the energy work! You are amazing!" ... written by Swede
Rhea is so immensely talented, as a psychic, healer, etc - -and she SEES so much. " ... written by L
from a session of almost an hour, I am more than happy to return for more " ... written by Rob
she is awesome and so accurate love her to pieces..thanks Rhea xoxoxo" ... written by sc
I havne't had a reading with her for a while but when i came back for some guidance once again, loved her as much as i did last time. Very good reader, and is the real thing. Not many of her at all like here on oranum." ... written by true2mysoul
Rhea picked something up that was very specific, I had to take her to private to hear more. She is amazing!" ... written by Swede
Great insights! Really forthright and kind!" ... written by Eva
Love doing readings with Rhea, she is so spot on!" ... written by Swede
excellent reading and sopt on. thanky uo so much for the help!" ... written by lauren rayner
she is amazing. her predictions do come true. i could talk to her for hours." ... written by susan
Rhea is a Sweetheart ..Thanks so much ..awesome connection " ... written by sc
she's the best- thanks for the update!!" ... written by p
shes wonderful x" ... written by pree
Always great - Thanks for the update!!" ... written by b
Rhea is such a love. And extraordinarily gifted. " ... written by L
wonederful" ... written by maria
thank you!" ... written by dawn
Always amazing!!" ... written by b
Thank You! I recommend her to everyone!" ... written by J
Rhea is amazing, so spot on! I love doing readings with her!" ... written by Swede
Oh no! We got cut short! But as always, Rhea is amazing." ... written by Tatiana
crazy....i cant get enough of her" ... written by pree
I liked Rhea a lot, she was very outgoing and friendly and everything came very naturally to her. Thanks for the guidance!" ... written by Jayna
i love her so much. this is my second reading with her. i came back cause all the stuff from the first reading seems like they came true and i feel like i connect with her so well. shes so sweet. i do recommend her!" ... written by linh
Rhea picked up someone that passed and it was an amazing reading! Rhea is so awesome, give her shot!" ... written by Swede
Rhea is awesome! SO accurate and spot on!" ... written by Swede
Thanks Rhea for update" ... written by marion
love her to pieces. my guide and advice through tough times. it always feels better talking to her. shes great at connecting with passed loved ones as well as advice for your current situation. " ... written by Dee
how does she know........how? i have no words...psychics can lie and use your conversations and decipher things but.....how did she know all those things? when i said nothing? please read with her....it will change ur life" ... written by pree
Thank you Rhea your a sweetheart .. I appreciate it dearly. .Keep sharing your honesty and your gift .xoxoxo " ... written by sc
She kept it super real!! I highly recommend her!" ... written by Walejr
THanks for calming me down!" ... written by r
She is always a breath of fresh air to talk too. Thanks so much for giving me direction Rhea...xoxoxo" ... written by sc
Rhea is super helpful and totally nails everything that is happening." ... written by S
She's good! was able to connect quickly...I am going to wait and see what happened..she is very kind and sweet. " ... written by M.M.
She was great! Needed no tools or names. She connected quickly. She's the REAL deal. Not many like her on this site. A must try!" ... written by Deb
Love catching up with Rhea! She is always on point!" ... written by Swede
The best on here!! " ... written by carlinw
so good. honestly the absolute best on here. Just unreal at how accurate she is" ... written by s4
Picked up on a few things, will wait and see if a few things she said comes to pass, thanks for the reading :)" ... written by K
totally blown away on the things she is able to pick up, wow" ... written by me
This was a wonderful reading, she was dead on accurate!!! I will be back!!! " ... written by me
Thanks so much for the help!" ... written by Swede
speechless. for now." ... written by Eman
fantastic. she predicted something and it came true. shes real" ... written by pree
Awesome young lady ...xoxoxo" ... written by sc
i love her and her energy. shes seriously so sweet and i love bugging her about the nonsense boy issues i have" ... written by linh
Good as always..." ... written by D
always great catching up with her. shes always sees clearly and helps me with my situation " ... written by dee
WOW, so amazing. Spot on with everything. I'm blown away" ... written by Tiffany
Thanks so much Rhea - nice to catch up with u again!" ... written by p
Thanks so much for the reading, you were very accurate on the situation and clarifies a lot. " ... written by Swede
Really good connection and answered all questions.l" ... written by smart
love her. needed my monthly update with boy problems from her and as usual shes great!" ... written by linny
refreshed as usual" ... written by pree
Great reader, Last prediction with time frames came to pass, so I am looking forward to the next prediction! she's great! I really enjoyed my reading with her. " ... written by M.
Easily connects and what she had seen before- all materialized. Thanks so much!!" ... written by p
Thanks so much for the reading, you went above and beyond on a lot of different things. I appreciate the help!" ... written by Swede
Thanks so much for the energy clearing, it was so helpful!" ... written by Swede
thank you rhea" ... written by pree
Thanks so much! WOW she really knew my situation so well!!!! Thank God i took members advice and came to her" ... written by shamster
Rhea is unbelievablely gifted. There's nobody like her I guarantee. I've been getting readings with her for a year now and it never gets old. I thought she would be Oranum's best kept secret but it seems like the secret is out. Purely geniuine and authentic. " ... written by eman
Great update, thanks!" ... written by p
Love catching up Rhea! The best of the best!" ... written by Swede
she's real." ... written by pree
First reading w Rhea, right away she picked up the guy I'm currently dating is a Scorpio. wow. Looking forward to the prediction come true :)" ... written by Kirsten
Awesome!" ... written by p
Absolutely great, thanks so much!!" ... written by B
Very good..looking forward to predictions coming to pass...thank you." ... written by regina
thanx for the update!!" ... written by S
She is awesome! It amazes me when she tells me her responses because its exactly how I know the other person would phrase it!" ... written by Ashley
she is good ,fast and accurate " ... written by ohood
she's always right" ... written by p
i was being an emotional wreck and had to bug her for updates. still love her and i feel like shes so sweet and connects so well!" ... written by L
This reader, has an amazing energy, amazing person... rarely u come across people, or even readers for that matter who would go out of the way to help u, she is willing to help , if she feels u need help, amazing person .. AMAZING energY !! most recommended." ... written by anuj_khanna22
always awesome :)" ... written by anuj
THE BEST ON HERE I PROMISE. Been getting readings since she started on Oranum and couldn't see myself going to anyone else from now on." ... written by eman
Rhea is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy morning...she's super chill, friendly, andamp; relaxed...so she instantly makes you feel at home")" ... written by Christopher
thank you so much for all your help and healing. hope for things to get better. thank you again love and light" ... written by rebecca
Painfully accurate" ... written by Kate