About SarahBashin

Psychic SarahBashinhas 25-30years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SarahBashinhas recently helped 818members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SarahBashin's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a clairvoyant, medical intuitive, em-path who gives psychic, channeled, and Nordic rune readings. I have been learning about meditation, metaphysics, and psychic abilities over the past 35 years. I am currently developing my psychic/ healing practice, and medium-ship, which allows me to also give psychic/ channeled readings to be able to reach and help more people in this world and beyond.
I was tested as being psychic at age 13 through Duke Universities metaphysical research institute at a satellite research location in my home town of Towson, Maryland.

My mother was convinced of my psychic abilities after observing several experiences in my childhood, which caused her to become certain that I was truly predicting future events and influences, and not just guessing about events through chance.
Many people are insisting that I share my gifts and connect through Oranum to enable my skills and psychic gifts to have a broader reach. I am very open and comfortable with sharing my gifts now. I hope that Oranum guests will appreciate my skills and services as much as my local clients do.

I know she's going to say that I cannot take the un-sugared truth, but I think there are better ways of delivering those truths. I felt attacked the entire reading. Also got some things wrong. Latched onto one generic idea and kept reiterating it. " ... written by starrose
She is amazing. Very upfront!" ... written by D
a must go to" ... written by k
great" ... written by real love
she is awesome with her runes, please take her private if you get the chance thank you sarah." ... written by riley777
great reading great advisor " ... written by hal
I loved this reading! SarahBashin gave me great clarity on a current situation that I have been struggling with. She is caring and has a Beautiful Spirit! I will be back for more readings. She is a Blessing!" ... written by Agape83
I love Sarah...she is fast, honest and says exactly what she sees. She's very straightforward and I love her! I definitely recommend her. xo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
thank you so much " ... written by ras
a very good reading" ... written by rosebud77
Thank you for all you do. Truly blessed and amazing person you are.thank you again for sharing your gifts" ... written by judi
right on target; very profound and very quick.....10 stars" ... written by freespiritwave2
Sarah was excellent in her connection with my passed luv'd one. She was very accurate, loving and kind. Thank you so very much Sarah. Much luv and pure light to u.. Namaste." ... written by Janine
She is absolutely fantastic! What a great reading. SHe was spot on and straight to the point with exactly what I needed to do. I highly recommend her because she is the real deal. I am more than pleased, I am excited for what is to come. 10 stars!!!!" ... written by Peachy
we got cutoff, and I couldn't hear her to well but I liked the things I did hear" ... written by morepleaserecord
thankyou :)" ... written by nadz
I had a reading with Sarah and while it was not what I was hoping for, I think she touched home on a few things that I didn't want to admit! She said that November/December would be the defining time for my relationship. So I will touch base and let you know how it turns out." ... written by Whitnee
ty so much " ... written by newbabe
super super helpful and quick. gave lots of info to follow up on and advice on current situation" ... written by hollyberries1
Saw Sarah in a demo and she was excellent. I took her to private and she was accurate in her delivery and gave timelines. I look forward to her predictions" ... written by Nia J.
i liked her" ... written by BB
Incredible. She got the point quickly. Well worth your time! :)" ... written by Drohem
She's the real deal guys and gals! She is worth your money, won't waste your time. She's quick and right on point. Get her!!!!!!!" ... written by Edna Pedraza
Awesome reader!!! Picked up on my situation right away, very accurate and precise." ... written by Raine
Excellent!" ... written by Water Bearer
she is great. very tuned in. great suggestions." ... written by wren1414
Sarah is amazing she really has helped me a lot - 5 stars!" ... written by Kristal
Sarah was very accurate on the situation and what was happening. She definitely picked up what I was feeling around the situation too. " ... written by Swede
Wow just had a reading that blew my mind. Some things I had pushed out of my head and have been struggling with. And she gave me hope and direction. So I have a lot of work to do. I am very grateful and looking forward to talking with her again. I just met her in a demo and was amazed. She is awesome!" ... written by cathleen
very forward and direct, also accurate with situations, liked that she gives timeframes" ... written by kayla
she knew my situation so well it was incredible thank you so much for being amazing. highly recommend" ... written by tyler
She was right on point. Sarah really cleared things for me very clearly. she is very empathetic and can pick up energies really well." ... written by Angelica
awesome spot on and very detailed" ... written by Mama Sunflower
I had a reading with her and all of the stuffs she tld me is very accurate :)" ... written by Suliman
She is amazing!!! Truly gifted and very down to earth. She wont just tell you what you want to hear. She is honest and VERY accurate. I felt the connection and I truly trust her. She is worth every penny! You must try her out..." ... written by Deb
amazing... answered before i could even ask... hope things happen as she says in my relationship life. " ... written by real love
Thank you" ... written by bearthoven
Wow Talk about a true medium. It does take time to connect but she does!" ... written by Sue
good " ... written by bluecrystal
went for another reading. I was amazed again. Truly gifted I highly recommend" ... written by tyler
awsome read" ... written by davyboii
A great reading. Thank you so much Sarah!" ... written by Dignity
First time reading and she was really good and on the spot with my situation i will keep her updated :) xoxox" ... written by Adis
She is very sweet and quick! Gave a detailed timeline and recommend her!!!" ... written by Walejr
Was very good just not long enough!" ... written by Vickie
"Sarah was quite accurate in everything she said. She gave me dates for the next one year and the way things are playing out for me right now she hit the nail on the head. She gave me broad dates and the outcome - which ever way it goes - works in my favour. So yay! And as promised I will keep you posted, Sarah. Thanks a tonne and God Bless! :)) "" ... written by karishma76
Very insightful. Made me feel better about things to come. I've really anxious later and she really helped." ... written by spiritseeker16
Great, Sarah is wonderful! " ... written by April1313
What an amazing reading always so clear and accurate. Thank you!" ... written by tyler
was very helpful, thanks a lot :D" ... written by Alex
great reading, lots of details andamp; timeline provided." ... written by Ammer
You can tell she picks up on you by the way she states her visions - she's on point and detailed, even looks quite far ahead in the future" ... written by StephanieMichelle
great as usual" ... written by EA
provided detail and a lot of timing, thanks a lot" ... written by Ana
Lovely reading as usual :) Spot on." ... written by Ven
She told me the truth about a relationship which was very refreshing. Thank you so much Sarah!" ... written by Diane
excellent reading! very clear and open to my questions. I would recommend her for anyone seeking clarity" ... written by betsy
unbelievable!! so on point andamp; accurate .. i didn't want to leave !!! she is on it a truly gifted" ... written by Tamjones
Sarah did a rune spread and picked up on my situation with exact precision. She is so easy to talk to and extremely thorough!! " ... written by dalai
thank you for your help" ... written by joey198402
She is great. Very fast and accurate. Love love her reading style." ... written by play
Sarah is very good. she is fast, honest and no sugar coding. You must have a reading with her" ... written by ezeeepass
she's great " ... written by OLIVIA
Thanks alot " ... written by new
Great reading thank you so much - 5 stars" ... written by Kristal
wow blew me away with her wisdom and skills" ... written by fj
picks up on things right away and helped a lot " ... written by stephanieStar
Amazing. Such an informative reader, and spot on! I really feel like you have cleared up a lot of the gray areas for me. Will have to watch this unfold. A million thanks!" ... written by whiteflowers 1
Sarah is amazing; very fast and strong with what she sees. She's so kind and truthful; really loved her and the reading!" ... written by Amanda
great thx" ... written by jacqui
very detailed, very quick connection, answered my questions plus offered additional items that I had not requested but I felt were true. i would reccommend Ms. Sarah to others seeking help" ... written by crs1828
Excellent! I will be back." ... written by NY
Amazing reading from this lady!!! I know she is bang on." ... written by Scentsations
Sarah was very accurate without any input from me... She gave me such insight and encouragement for the rest of this year into the next.. Thank you dear Sarah... Shalom Shalom" ... written by Janine
She's a very kind and genuine person. I definitely recommend her and will see if her predictions are true!! " ... written by CelticFreckles
Thanks a ton!!" ... written by L
I got all my answers. very straight forward, and to the point. Hoping with the advice I was given I can better my future. Looking forward to the next couple months to see how everything goes. Thanks Sarah! " ... written by Teresa
shes AMAZING!! 10 stars!" ... written by wt
Fast and to the point! Wonderful reader." ... written by Leia
great read" ... written by davyboii
She is amazing!!" ... written by d
She was very quick on picking up on my situations-very informative.We all have choices, she offered me what was best for me.Was able to help cover many situations in a short amount of time. I will be back to see her again for sure! She is a wonderful reader." ... written by cittylove
Sarah is wonderful!!! She is really trying to help, analyzes the situation at hand very quick to come up with solutions. So blessed to have her as an advisor." ... written by Rea
Very, very accurate and pointed out my problems and an solution. Will be back again" ... written by Rosemunde
Sarah is very very quick to connect. Highly recommend, she got the situation fast. Very good. I know how to proceed now." ... written by L
She connects really fast and gives honest answers. I recommend her. " ... written by EVERGREEN
Always love my readings with Sarah - 5 stars" ... written by Kristal
thank you so much will let you know what happens" ... written by edna
waiting on her predictions to come to pass. She picked up on things I didn't even say. She just asked my 1st name and saw things! wonderful" ... written by na
Awesome reading very detailed!" ... written by Ava
she is a perfect reader, she can sense all the things with out telling her much" ... written by david
super" ... written by EA
very specific advice. an honest reader, not sugar coating. I appreciated that" ... written by pearl
Will let you know how predictions come out. But seemed to have deep connection. Very honest and no sugar coating" ... written by Ang
Very fast! Give loads of details!" ... written by S
Excellent reader, i appreciate her abilities and style." ... written by Kinnew Kimmew
She was great!" ... written by Alexis
Omg. Ms Sarah you are truly a blessing to this earth. I thank you so much for your kind heart and sweet words. You have helped give me the peace that I needed to go on in life without tyron. You have a gift and I will forever be a client of yours. " ... written by Tiffany
Thanks for you insight and reading. I will take everything into consideration for the next year. I do know where your coming from. Hugs" ... written by LL
Wow she is very accurate and detailed. She is fast. She read my situation like a book. I am amazed. " ... written by TT
She is very meticulous and accurate with her her! She is one of the best! Love you Sarah!" ... written by BB
great read" ... written by davyboii
AMAZING!!! WOW!!! Thanks Sarah!!!" ... written by the wyn
I had a great reading! Her projections really put things into perspective, and she gave me some things to think about! Definitely recommended!" ... written by Destinee
awesome" ... written by Stacy
very good" ... written by vena
im glad i choose this reader, it was amazing" ... written by carlos
Sarah is amazing.. she truly is concerned with people and has the warmest heart of any person i have ever met !!! Totally worth a reading with Sarah.. thank you dear :) love and light !!" ... written by shawna10
ThNKS" ... written by h
wow... your amwazing" ... written by ed
This lady goes above and beyond to make sure she helps people. Her work with her runes is PHENOMENAL!! She accurately read my relationship and gave me answers to my specific question. She's so fast! She was able to work with my budget and just really cares about her clients. If you want an EXCELLENT reading and a complete reading she is your lady. Thank you so much Sarah for being there. I need to come back to you when I have more time because you are the REAL deal with a heart and soul of gold!!!" ... written by dancingqueen
fast, acurate and very helpful" ... written by cuteepye123
Very kind, good with runes. She is also clairevoyant. Good reading." ... written by Prairie
She's just so Amazing. " ... written by Tiffany
Lots of info...wish I had more time. Sarah is wonderful!!!" ... written by Daisy
Connects quickly. Not the news I wanted to hear but perhaps needed to hear. Great reader. Definitely recommend." ... written by Daniela_
great reading connected fast and was great " ... written by 22beautyme22
Thank you Sarah - will come back for another reading to continue after my trip xx" ... written by Kristal
Thanks alot dear " ... written by new
Sarah was once again so precise and spot on with her insight and clarity.. She truly gave me peace of mind with the current situation.. Thank you Thank you dear Sarah.. Much luv and light.. Shalom, Shalom..." ... written by Janine
Excellent reading with Sarah...I highly recommend a session with her. She answered my medium-related questions with honesty and clarity. Thank you again." ... written by JL
FABULOUS! She is very connected thanks so much!" ... written by me
A kind, generous, deeply spiritual reader. I am grateful for her wise words and encouragement during a difficult time. I have returned to her many times. She offers deep understanding of complex issues and gives very concrete advice. she is a blessing" ... written by pearl
Excellent reading, got the good news and the bad news, but at least Im now prepared to handle the situation. Ms. Sarah uses the ruins and uses her talent - so - it all gets put together in a very clear manner. And she is good at quickly providing the information. I have read with Ms. Sarah before, and will go back for additional updates." ... written by rs1828
Sarah was so accurate with the reading of my situation and very compassionate with information I had suspected but did not want to hear. I highly recommend her!" ... written by W
was very kind and honest with me. didn't tell me what I wanted to hear but still said it in a very sweet and caring way. " ... written by Jenny
Had a reading with runes, a lot of information and great advice." ... written by marym62
She is wonderful and worth every penny. It took me a awhile to choose, but I am glad I chose her." ... written by schiffy
thanks sarah" ... written by gsx
Correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
I love Sarah--great communicator, passionate, warm, lot of info comes quickly from variety of sources. She has been very helpful with a particular issue in terms of both her psychic predictions and interpretation. I have returned to her a few times." ... written by pearl
She is awesome! I love that she give me accurate time frames. This one time she said I was going to have a falling out with someone in July and it happened completely out of nowhere!" ... written by Ashley
thorough and very good" ... written by Eva
She's amazing" ... written by Luisa
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Very Awesome Reading!! THANKS!" ... written by vena
Wonderful person!" ... written by Dove
thank you" ... written by D
Wonderful reading" ... written by Destiny
awesome as always" ... written by vena
amazing" ... written by vena
Good" ... written by ameyuki23
Good!" ... written by lady71
great accurate reading" ... written by nouche
Sarah was very accurate on the situation and even picked up on other things that were important that I didn't ask about." ... written by Swede
good" ... written by sparkle
WONDERFUL!!!" ... written by Melissa Peterson
Great reading she was very explicative." ... written by shanecole
Sarah is the best! I have returned to her with a particular challenge and she is always supportive and insightful. Her readings have much information--and she has an amazing memory! I deeply appreciate her loving attention." ... written by pearl
amazing, truthful and honest. She's always been right even when i thought it was not true. Her predictions and time frames are right on too. I didn't believe her but she was right" ... written by Eva
very good, excellent" ... written by Rainuka (ren)
I love this reader. I return to her regularly. She offers many helpful advice. very warm and caring and deep insights." ... written by Pearl
really accurate and honest" ... written by zoe
she is very accurate" ... written by zaka
amazing amazing amazing. i finally got closure and she connected with my family on the other side, i will be back again. xoxoxo" ... written by moonlyte21
I think she was amazing.." ... written by Elizabeth
Oh my! She is the real deal. Picked up on my issue IMMEDIATELY without me saying much - wow! I am so impressed and glad to receive her insight at a much needed juncture. " ... written by Kay1700
great reading!" ... written by krissy
Really good connected really quickly." ... written by Fish
Great reading" ... written by Lisa
great picked up on everything! gives me a bit of peace of mind for the time being" ... written by lauren
You were fabulous" ... written by JazGreen
my first follow up. It has been about 6 months since my first reading with her. Over the past 6 months what she foresaw, has come to pass....though it is a very complicated thing. While the path is still too long and complicated with far too many holes and layers; riddles, I have enough information to be able to make a healthy decision for myself. It is both said and painful and freeing. Thank you so very much Sarah! XOXOXOXO" ... written by Meghen
What a pleasure reading with Sarah, she is amazing and wont sugar coat and gets right to the point, Give her a shot its worth it! :)" ... written by Libra26
good reading, a mixture of psychic ability and good advice. I think she is really good." ... written by rosebud77
maybe accurate, I give her the benefit of the doubt" ... written by rosebud77