About Shellie

Psychic Shelliehas 15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Shelliehas recently helped 42members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Shellie's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hi, you are reading the profile of one of the longest standing readers here on Oranum. I was born into a family with psychic abilities and knowledge. I have carried out over 30.000 readings here, all with positive feedback. I am a card reader and an energy reader, Quick and accurate and positive. I am also a spiritual coach, who will help You better Your life. Relationship, work life, crisis coach

Shellie was truly awesome! she tuned into my life and that which was causing physical pain with me due to life situation that she had andamp;quot;feltandamp;quot; in chat. thank you so much and much love to you Shellie!" ... written by doloann
I had a good reading and will contact her next week about my results, thanks!" ... written by candym
helpful yet again with putting me on the righ tpath" ... written by canquarius
Hey, She is a wonderful person with a lot of good things to say Spot on! xD " ... written by BrokenJakk
Shellie was very comfortable to talk with and release my feelings to...she picks up on me quickly, too. very understanding and intuitive and soooo gifted! thanks so much shellie for your reading focused on my spiritual journey and others' views which bother are honest and a warm person!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by doloann
Thank you Shellie for your connection in free and then in Private and for the lovely reading, love and light to a very beautiful lady xxx" ... written by shaun100
Thank u sooo much! I feel supported and hope that i can move on now. xx" ... written by LauLou
very helpful and honest and wow shellie really connects. thank you for my reading!!!!" ... written by champelle
she was great:)" ... written by tchave11
SHE KNOWS HER STUFF:)" ... written by qndiva
AWESOME!!! right on target with my family and my partner. Right on target with my partners family. Even gave us a name. She is the real deal and we'll be back. I can now say I have my own personal guide on earth for me and my partner." ... written by canquarius
Great insight! Thankyou." ... written by rattail1
really on point will contact her in 2 to 3 weeks" ... written by candym
She is really good, you must try her." ... written by luckygirl40
AMAZING! She is so lovely and really inspiring. Accurate as well :)" ... written by DF
shellie is a very sweet and kind person, will be back " ... written by ridedasurf
She is great very much worth it..try her" ... written by julznycles
She was every encouraging! I would talk to her again!" ... written by marlenea64
lovely lady . thanks so much xx" ... written by jojo20652003
Amazing! She was so accurate and I cannot believe all of the things she knew without me saying anything at all! She gave me great insight as to what will come and it helped give me clarity on what I need to do. I really had a great experience talking to Shellie! " ... written by Pipercub
I tho i already wrote one of these but i didn't give u a rating. 5 stars Shellie has very good vibes !" ... written by ian
She is so awesome! Thank you you want the truth, she will give it to you!" ... written by dymonds47
Very warm and friendly. Accurate in picking up energy. Thumbs up!" ... written by E-Motion
100% accurate! i am amazed! she is super star!!" ... written by syed83
What a lovely and encouraging reading! Thank you for your beautiful words!" ... written by Illuminated
She was very nice and insightive..." ... written by buzysignal
She is amazing always make me feel at ease! :)" ... written by Ashleigh2423
Thank you so much shellie. A very deep and caring reading." ... written by fireopal77
Shellie you are so accurate and so kind!! I couldn't have asked for a better reading from anyone other then you!! thank u so much for the information and i wlll keep in touch ok.." ... written by kresh43181
she was amazing. i'm definately using her again" ... written by brittanylynn
Thank you for great reading! Had an awesome experience!" ... written by 13131313
So so good again, i will be talking to u soon xx" ... written by LauLou
She is so kind and warm and really helpful. I can only say THANK YOU! :)" ... written by mimizi
just had readin with shellie, she is so lovely! gave me lots of positive advice about my future and the right decisions to make!! i feel very happy i will be back again, i recommened everyone has a reading with shellie!" ... written by LAYLA76
Thank you very much. Very sweet girl. She is good what she is doing. I will recommend her. I will back. Thank you again." ... written by Zaya21
great reading!!" ... written by aisha
A lovely person, like a friend for life and very accurate x" ... written by rhapsody1
excellent and very helpfull " ... written by maryannepav
Fantastic, got right to the heart of the matter. Was so kind and understanding. Has helped me immensly. Will definately come to her again." ... written by Naomi9
One of my top advisers. Things are transpiring as she saw, even though I could not believe it at the time...." ... written by fireopal77
Very good reading! I loved talking to her." ... written by hooligans
Shellie is the best! She picked up a lot of detail without me telling or asking. She's amazing. Truly gifted!!! Love Shellie" ... written by Pam_mie
Very Informative..." ... written by Dee3
Very good very good.." ... written by Trusting2012
lol.. I smiled all the way through my reading.. " ... written by Scorpionessa
She put me at ease. She was right on target. Truly wonderful." ... written by Teardrops
Shellie really got what is going on for me and my son." ... written by guest92
Very Loving, Straight to the Point, with lots of encouragement for the future... THE BEST.. THANK YOU SHELLIE" ... written by NeverBeenInLove
Giving me hope and help through a tough experience. :D" ... written by fireopal77
Very informative! Nice, kind projection of reading. " ... written by diamondbaby
Thank u shellie for ur Love and support caring and Understanding.........U R An Angel wat more can i say .......xxxxxx" ... written by shaun100
Right on the track and very fast!" ... written by ismini
Very nice lady. Thank you." ... written by ghjuzt
Heart warming! She helps me to keep positive when it's hard too. Thank you for a great reading.." ... written by Teardrops
Lovely reading with a lovely person:-))" ... written by suertemia
thank you " ... written by sulie1002
she hit it on the head i will be calling again she is awesome lady to talk with love her" ... written by scorpionqueen
Ty for an accurate reading :)" ... written by mozzy123
i needed to be calmed down. shellie did the trick. :)" ... written by fireopal77
Great Great REading.." ... written by trusting2012
wow what cn i say about shellie. one word outstanding... love u shell xxxx" ... written by uzma02
Oh wow! I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Shellie. She is such a beautiful spirit and was very comforting and honest about my situation. I totally feel at ease and will take her advice to just go with the flow :) Thank you Shellie. xx" ... written by iPreferMimi
Shelly is great. Very personable and to the point. " ... written by dstufra1
awesome uplifting and spot on as usual...shes a gem in my life :)" ... written by canquarius
She is very good and very accurate, thank you!" ... written by kadaniels
She is a jewel...she is very accurate and gives good advice." ... written by Beth
thanks Shellie. Some good advice, Will try to move lol " ... written by sunny3107
she is so so so very good at what she do very accurate on things she see awesome lady love love love shellie give her a try you will not regret it." ... written by scorpionqueen
ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON " ... written by cherished1
Very insightful reading, honest and very positive ! Reads and offers solutions aswell. I am very happy with what i have been told and will endeavour to pursue my dreams, which i know are just waiting to come true. Thank you Shellie and may God Bless u with Love and Light Always x x x " ... written by cherry44
Amazing woman" ... written by amin786
Amazing woman" ... written by amin786
As always very accurate, supportive and helpfull." ... written by maryannepav
Thank you so much you are very insightful and helpful. Gave me answers that were hard to come by on my on and I truly appreciate it." ... written by JeremyJ1978
Always honest and understanding. Always makes me feel better even when it's not what I want to hear." ... written by Naomi9
Very accurate, caring , intuitive and excellent psychic." ... written by maryannepav
Thank you!" ... written by sulie1002
Shellie was excellent and has such a pleasant, calming manner. She at once saw my complicated situation clearly and confirmed exactly what's going on and the thoughts and feelings of the people involved. Thank you!" ... written by from_space
Always enjoys Shellie..." ... written by trusting2012
she great. i will be back!!!!" ... written by lushez26
Woo! Finally over the hump. Shellie offers timelines and predictions but she also really counsels you through a situation so that you can have the healthiest outcome possible. She teaches you how to attract the best for your life." ... written by Keri
Shellie connected so well, she is so positive, and she lifted my spirits in just a few minutes. I love this lady and would definitely recommend her to anyone needing spot on, reliable, and accurate information or validation of what will or will not happen. She is also great at pointing out time frames! Thank you Shellie! :)" ... written by Poisonruby
I HAD to do another pvt with Shellie, she is sooo fun to talk to, and we have amazing rapport. She connects very well and gets right to the point. She is also honest and trustworthy, which i really value. Once again, Shellie has impressed me, thank you so much Shellie! You are wonderful :)" ... written by Poisonruby
Gave me some insight into what will happen next, and gave me hope even when she had to say things i dind't want to hear." ... written by fireopal
Wow...what a wonderful and light person. She is a very gifted reader who tuned in immediately. Her methods are from the light...and she is a healer." ... written by scaredtolose
thank you so much. I just hope i Will have the christmas you promised me :) lots of love " ... written by sunny3107
She is a great psychic! Right to the point." ... written by Joanna93
Outstanding" ... written by spiritualgirl1
Shellie tapped in so quickly for me and typed quickly as well as I did not have sound, she went right to it. A fortnight....I can do that :)" ... written by Keri
Thank you so much.." ... written by brownsuga5964
I love love love talking with Ms.Shelli. She is truly gifted, very accurate and honest. She tells only what she sees and fell, you need to try her! She is awesome awesome awesome THANKS SHELLIE" ... written by scorpionqueen
thank you for your re-assurance. Have a great Christmas xx" ... written by sunny3107
Always lovely." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Amazing !" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
She just knows, it's amazing!!" ... written by Teardrops
You have been so spot on with my situation. I hope it will continue that way. Tnanks, Shellie!" ... written by sunny3107
Love her - she is calm and kind and gives good guidance. Lovely person!!" ... written by sacredlove71
She is so good at what she do its scary. If you want to know anything she is the one to go to. I love Shellie - she is awesome young lady." ... written by scorpionqueen
Came to Shellie nervous about a situation coming up. She told me how things would go, and I could not believe, given teh current circumstances that they could possibly go positively. But they did! What she saw happened. thx Shellie :) can't wait to tell you about it..." ... written by Keri
She really is awesome. I go to two readers now. She is one of them." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Accurate and great Advice." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Wonderful - confirmation of my decisions to make...she is so tuned in...she REALLY gets it!" ... written by sacredlove71
I hope her predictions come true. " ... written by luckygirl40
she is always my go to girl she see and knows a lot thank you so much Shellie your the best." ... written by scorpionqueen
thank you. You are so sweet and so positive, I just wish you are right. I want to believe it... thanks for your advice. Have a great New Year :) xx" ... written by sunny3107
She is so tuned in and so calming and wonderful. She taps right into things and really sees them clearly. Such a wonderful person and a gifted reader!!" ... written by sacredlove71
She is such a lovely and gifted psychic. I just love reading with her. Amazing and accurate and wonderful!!" ... written by sacredlove71
She is wonderful always knows its great. I will be back.." ... written by Teardrops
This woman is great! " ... written by luckygirl40
she is so caring and gives u alot of encouragement and help in solving ur problem or helping you find a new direction. Thank you shellie." ... written by murdocca
thanks Shelley for the reading and the email. You are so sweet. Will keep you informed :) xx " ... written by sunny3107
had a little bump in the road. shellie assured me things will be ok (which i believe because she's always been right before)" ... written by meagain
Great as usual..." ... written by Kitty1002
She is kind, insightful, and encouraging!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
She is simply lovely and always picks up on things right away!" ... written by sacredlove71
Brilliant and very helpful!" ... written by 6marchs
Again another wonderful reading with Shellie she is always a joy to talk too and caring and precious in how she delivers her messages in the reading she doe.she is a very gifted person, Thats why i keep coming back. Ty Shellie" ... written by murdocca
thanks Shellie for all your help through those difficult past few months. I am going to enjoy my life without wondering always what will happen, xx " ... written by sunny3107
very friendly reader. the reading was on spirit guides and it opened my eyes to a few things. thank you =) " ... written by hardeep21
Well, this was my first private reading on this site. Shellie is probably the only psychic on here who makes me feel so calm and good even after getting told something i should not feel the greatest after hearing. She's so genuinely nice and has such a good energy she gives off just via video online. I trust her very much and she has been a great pleasure to get insight from. I highly recommend her. " ... written by theshannynt
thanks for your help again in my new story... lol will follow your advice" ... written by sunny3107
Shellie gave me my first private reading and it was a wonderful experience. She immediately put me at ease and helped me to understand my situation. Things she brought up were right on target. Shellie gave me clarity,confidence and my heart a sense of peace. I highly recommend her." ... written by Lauren
She is just such a lovely and positive reader :) - I love to get her guidance. She gives honest and positive feedback and is very kind with her help. FIVE STARS :)!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Wonderful reading as always - she gives positive energies and helps to calm." ... written by sacredlove71
Shellie is sweet and has a wonderful way of communicating her message to you. She was able to put me at ease when I was having a moment of questioning. Thank you!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
absolutely fab will see how things work out " ... written by MALEX3007
Shellie helped me , allowed me to talk to my dad, for which i am very grateful for , thank you, " ... written by stunner100uk
Shellie was very nice, positive and I liked her approach. She had good communication skills and got to the point straight away. I recommend her. " ... written by JScorpio88
We spoke for quite some time…she was very friendly, and caring as i spoke to her…and was accurate without me even saying much to nothing! i would come back again,…thank you Shellie!" ... written by dee
Puts my mind at ease and is honest no sugar coating" ... written by vc1976
Again, Shellie looked deep into the situation. She not only gives you predictions, but helps you see what the other person is thinking, what they will do, and what you can do to improve the situation for the healthiest happiest outcome" ... written by girlwithquestions
A really lovely, and friendly lady. So honest, and picks up on things SO quickly and easily. Go for a reading, you won't regret!" ... written by chrisjriley
WOW 5 stars**** She is soo accurate and she exactly knew everything without telling her! You MUST try Her!!!! Highly Recommended!!!!" ... written by JoeytheOne
Second reading today, and yet another amazing one. She picks up upon spirit, and has bought through somebody, maybe a relative. And has given me guidance upon my career, and she picks up so much!! thank you shellie!-x" ... written by chrisjriley
Wow..I have no words to describe this reading..very nice and accurate.." ... written by dreamer65
She is always such a lovely reader who taps into the energies and gives great guidance!" ... written by sacredlove71
TY Shellie you seem on point about a lot of things in my relationship. " ... written by peace2u2
Shellie was wonderful and very accurate in her reading. She showed a true dedication through the use of her ability to help and ease my mind. TY Shellie keep up the great work!" ... written by Miki
Thanks Shellie, sorry couuld not add more credits. Your reading really helped me, chouchou - lol talk soon xx" ... written by sunny3107
Thank u shellie " ... written by bubby83
Brilliant, totally picked up on my situation and was so accurate in many things. Will definitely return for a future reading." ... written by 6marchs
She is so very sweet! This was my very first reading and I am so very impressed. She picked up on my situation very well. Her delivery is very accurate, honest, and professional. I will take your advice and move forward in a positive light with the person in my life. I highly recommend that you give her a try. :-)" ... written by Aruba2012
Shellie, is a very gifted young lady..cant wait to see the results." ... written by monaverona
She is the best. I felt her the second I went into her chat room. She is so amazing, she summed me up straight away and just knew what I was looking for!! Accurate, straight to the point, friendly and so incredibly nice. Thank you." ... written by crazyfaiery
Thanks for being honest, Shellie xx" ... written by sunny3107
She is so sweet very caring and ever so helpful Thank you for your spiritual guidence xo " ... written by lolita99999
Awesome reading!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
Very sweet and genuine lady!" ... written by bushrabe
Shellie is AMAZING she really knows what she is talking about. If you have any doubts... get rid of them Shellie can make you feel a lot better about your situation she did me... THANK YOU SHELLIE! " ... written by Leah28
I had my second reading with Shellie today, because what she had read and predicted for me a few weeks ago came to pass just as she said it would. My follow up was wonderful. I feel very confident about my situation after receiving Shellie's guidance. I absolutely trust in what she told me, and I'm looking forward to my future. Shellie is a fantastic reader. There is no need to go to anyone else - she is it. She is very, very good at what she does." ... written by LaurenNicole15
Dear usually:) Thank you deeply..Much Love" ... written by Gaby11
Great..cant wait to ssee what happens.." ... written by monaverona
Ahhhhh my sweet sweet Shellie my big sister love her to death. Thank you for always guiding me to a better place. Love and light always." ... written by murdocca
Very insightful. Saw my situation clearly and provided some good advice." ... written by lena042
SHe is SOOOOO good. I just had my second reading with her and it feels so true to me and my situtation. Cant wait to see what happens. D" ... written by dstufra1
She was so accurate and really gave me assurance and confidence. I am excited about my read and look forward to the next reading!!" ... written by Texasb2b
Very good. THanks xx" ... written by sunny3107
She is wonderful!!!!" ... written by KKBABY11
Shellie is amazing to talk to i just wish i had longer with her!" ... written by Ashleigh2423
Such a great disposition, so calming and genuine. Very caring, truly does seem to care and provides great insight. I will be returning to her again " ... written by leti89
Shellie is always kind in her readings!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
Wow, what a lovely woman Shellie is! She is just a shining ray of light. She really helped me gain some perspective and belief in myself, not to forget that I am a powerful woman too, not just the man that I am interested in. She has such an air of positivity, please do take the tiem to speak with her. Her reading of the man I'm interested in was spot on, I didn't even say much about him and she said so much that was true, she picked up on his vibrations...." ... written by LondonMermaid
She was amazing and kind she read right into the heart of the matter :)" ... written by osheakca
Always kind in her readings, she picked up on the situation immediately. Would recommend her!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
Lovely gentle lady and very in tune with the situation. Would definitely recommend. " ... written by littleone73
She is wonderful and calm....right on the mark. Thank you so much for your insight." ... written by answers28
Lovely reader!!" ... written by iPreferMimi
Awesome! Right on the Target! Honest and accurate. The nicest person. Very helpful. I Love Her! 5 Star Rating!" ... written by swiftcats64
She is wonderful. i will come back for advice that's for sure." ... written by luckygirl40
Great as usual...she is so on point its scary!!" ... written by anamaria_marrero
She is really good and authentic! Very impressive and worth the money!" ... written by kadaniels
Ah Shellie she is the most beautiful soul ive met and she is just wonderful and so clear with her advice and readings. I love this lady to bits..5 stars" ... written by murdocca
she gave wonderful insight on the issue very good at what she do wonderful wonderful lady i would do it again she is awesome" ... written by scorpionqueen
Always a great read." ... written by spiritualgirl1
She is amazing and gives me confidence and strength. I know it's already in me, but she helps me recognize to trust myself and be brave. Thanks Shellie, Talk soon" ... written by Texasb2b
Very nice lady! like a friend :) very nice, very accurate and a good coach as well :)" ... written by vansab
Shellie, INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!" ... written by privatel
Love her!!!!" ... written by osheakca
She was pretty accurate with me and the person we were speaking about. Said she saw us together in spring, so we will see how it goes, and hope for the best. Thank you, Shellie. :) " ... written by egg_nog
Outstanding!!!!!!!!" ... written by KKBABY11
She's become one of my closest friends, amazing! extremely warm, friendly, and has a genuine keenness to help and heal :) to add to that, very accurate!" ... written by vansab
Shellie was out of this world amazing! Very deep and insightful reading. Her knowledge of the details of my and my loved ones lives was breath taking. Her advice was grounded so much in my reality and sound psychology (I am a psychologist) that walked away from our conversation uplifted and confident. Five stars for Shellie and I am going to be back periodically for guidance." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
AWESoME!!!!!! Thanks so much for the reading!!!" ... written by faith4me777
Shellie helped me confirmed the events that are happening in my life. Thank you!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
She is very calm and patient. Good advice. Thank you" ... written by answers28
I am so lucky to find this human being. She is incredible and called it like it was. I will be back for sure." ... written by tara_mcm
Shelie was 100% right on target with the questions that I asked and picked up immediately what my problems were! She is a true gem!" ... written by sandrao9651
She is always a wonderful person to talk with, she is awesome! Love you Ms. Shellie, thank you!" ... written by scorpionqueen
LOVELY" ... written by vrinda113
I simply Love her...can't wait to get back...she is too good." ... written by vrinda113
Wow she is good. She picked up on things without me saying anything! She is also such a beautiful soul and gives only positive advice." ... written by florwer85
Thank you Shellie for the reading. I am keeping hope alive and I will keep pushing forward. I appreciate your words of wisdom and it was really nice talking with you. Thank you an many blessings to you." ... written by Chanej
AWESOME.." ... written by vrinda113
Shellie changed my life in 25 mins.... She is so kind and so very true..I will be talking with again soon" ... written by joey_14
Shes the best." ... written by zaidkai
Excellent Reading" ... written by Suresh Paunrajan
Shellie is patience n kind and gives very warm feeling." ... written by zaidkai
Shellie was so accurate! Thank You. I will be back Shellie. :)" ... written by mwyg727
Amazingly accurate reading, Thanks Shellie. It was great talking to you just now. God bless you. :-)" ... written by Suresh Paunrajan
Thanks so much Shellie. I have really felt your energy and it has been very helpful" ... written by Tedawe
Excellent picked up on everything you are amazing!!! love you and many blessings to you!" ... written by HappyDays4u
She is honest and accurate. scarily accurate. She deserves her ratings." ... written by jswede1149
Good read and good advice." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Shellie is great she is so accurate and explains tthings well." ... written by dcoventry
Awesome psychic!" ... written by Texasb2b
Shellie you are great.I really need to get an email reading but is difficult on the ship .I need to find a way to communicate with you" ... written by cubis78
Very accurate!" ... written by hellokittylynii
Shes fantastic, very insightful, shes one of the best Ive had for reading will come back for more !" ... written by BriannaT26
Excellent as usual!" ... written by maryannepav
I can't say enough good things about Shellie. I had another great reading with her today. I was feeling scared and anxious and she helped to boost my energy and set me on a positive path again. Everything she has told me has been accurate. She's wonderful. " ... written by LaurenNicole15
One of my really good friends out here! extremely sweet, positive, lovely and accurate! :)" ... written by vansab
I LOVE HER! I really trust her and her energy. I will be back again." ... written by tara_mcm
Lovely woman and empathetic thank u soo much~!!!!! xxx" ... written by rainbowjar
What a beautiful and sweet person. Shellie has given me hope concerning a relationship and relief. Shellie, I will call you when this reveals itself." ... written by jimb36
We'll see what happens. Thanks Shellie" ... written by jasminepapas
I was impressed by her maturity and patience and accuracy. The force is with her. I am so glad that i spoke to her." ... written by dicksonrobert
Lovely reading as always. Gives the best advice." ... written by florwer85
She's really good and kind!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
I absolutely LOVE Shellie!! I go to no one else but her now...she has won my trust. Her readings have actually came true, details have happened on the same day of the reading. She is truly blessed with a gift. She is the real deal! She is worth every penny! I have a new found trusted friend in Shellie. Thank you so much for you warmth, honesty and compassion. You have managed to help me in situations that I would have walked away from. Love you Shellie!!!" ... written by anamaria_marrero
She is a wonderful reader i place her up there with the best and such a kind soul.... You wont be disappointed with shellie....." ... written by murdocca
Love her! Cant say more good things....she is awesome!!" ... written by tara_mcm
She is accurate in assessment. Very, very good." ... written by newperson
Great positive energy and accurate assessment of the situation. Compassionate and respectful treatment for the client. Detailed understanding of the factors accompanying the issue and how they were playing out. Shellie Proves her ability in a calm, positive, and polite manner and exceeded all expectations. " ... written by querant2
She has a lovely nice energy that is like a bell, and she tells the truth in a kind and gentle inspirational way. " ... written by rainbowspark
Really connected well with this lovely calming lady,,, i was amazed at how close i felt to her,,, brilliant reading thanku again :) xxx" ... written by f999111
Thank you so much!" ... written by mmd1990
When you get a chance get a reading with her. She's really good!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
I love her, she is awesome!" ... written by seventhheaven
Thanks. that was lovely and she really can connect to me :)" ... written by hushhu
:))))) thank you!!!! i will have a blast with the girlies tonight!!! you have been great!!!!" ... written by deelove
As always, a great reading, insightful, deeply based in my reality which Shellie reads like an open book. I have been returning time and time again as she is worth every penny.. If you want mumble jumble go to just anybody, if you want a real thing, Shellie is it . She picked up on my sadness the minute I entered her free chat room before I even said hello and immediately told me what the reason for my sadness was and the first letter of my Boyfriend's name. That is not easy in room full of other people and energies and without me saying anything at all. Thanks Shellie, love you." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Great reading once again. Shellie is so intuitive and so clear on the visions of my past and presence are so accurate and the future predictions so far came so true. Thanks so much" ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Thank you...You are encouraging!" ... written by answers28
Very good very happy with my reading " ... written by louiemaree
She is caring, great to talk and accurate. Left you with a positive attitude even when times a rough.." ... written by amelie
I loved her GREAT.!;)" ... written by adara1234567
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Great as always. Very uplifting and kind." ... written by Tinydrops
The reading was great! lol… the last second she pulled a card that was such a pleasant surprise! Thank you Shelllie!!! The reading was so accurate that as we were talking what she said happened,lol… Thank you again!!!" ... written by deelove
She was amazing right to the point of how my boyfriend is and even drew the baby card and were expecting this just made me feel 20 times better than i have previously your were amazing " ... written by deena1989
THANKS!" ... written by mmd1990
Great! " ... written by nunothat
Excellent reading always truthful" ... written by suzyq042
SHE WAS OKAY!!!" ... written by ngudweetrust777
Great time... very kind and good at her work. " ... written by plummouse
Shellie is amazing. She is so in tune with you and is spot on with her insights. This was my fifth or sixth reading with her, and everything she has told me in the past has come to pass. I completely, 100% trust her guidance. She is so honest, positive, and kind. You will not be disappointed with a reading from Shellie." ... written by LaurenNicole15
Thank you !!" ... written by deelove
:)))) " ... written by deelove
Her voice is so calming and reassuring and I can understand what she is trying to get accross to me. Thanks so much Shellie. She is my angel indeed" ... written by Tedawe
Thank you for all your guidance Shellie. I appreciate you always." ... written by tara_mcm
Great reader, sympathetic, and accurate. great! recommended" ... written by Mico_Napoli
She's amazing! She's so sweet and knew exactly what she was talking about!" ... written by Horseloverforeva
Thank you for calming me down!" ... written by mmd1990
Clears the fog and answeres all my questions with honesty" ... written by vc1976
Very calm and insightful reading." ... written by GalTaurus
Very sweet and kind l like her very much. thanks for a wonderful reading." ... written by BAM4869
Shellie is a wonderful woman who has opened my eyes to my situation. I can see why close to 1000 people have chosen her for a reading. Thank you very much, Shellie, and I am sure to speak to you soon." ... written by justinsensei
She is the most sweetest and genuine person. " ... written by beautiful_redd
Every time we talk and she tells me something, it happens right away, lol…'bothering the energies' good energies!!! I am very positive!!! Thank you Shellie!! :)" ... written by deelove
Thanks Shellie, a pleassure talking to you always and you were right about many things. xx" ... written by sunny3107
She is absolutely fantastic and bang on!! And she had fabulous insight into the situation. Too good. One of the best in oranum and ubercool! Attagirl Shellie. A full five for you!" ... written by newperson
Love her! Spot on on so many things:) Really nice to talk to, she calms me:) She is the best!" ... written by Cathrine184
Wonderful reading...I highly recommend her. Connects very quickly. Thank you" ... written by stargazer7
Rate low or high!!! I really dont care, shes a person who understands my situation, not only a psychic who can see and read... but a councilor, a friend.. someone who makes me feel gud,and at peace.... Though I have been to other psychics for the initial answers, that I needed, but shellie is that special one , who I go to with my daily worries, the small things, the updates..... And she is AMAZING... She gives me up to date updates... LOVE HER TO BITS... Its more like I run to her like a kid running to an older sis or mom..... Thanks honey... You always make me flash that smile nephew !!!!!!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Very precise and calm in her explanation!" ... written by GalTaurus
Shellie is amazing. She is one of the few people on her I seek for guidance. I trust her. Thank you Shellie!" ... written by tara_mcm
Thanks to Shellie I am on track and very thankful for her insight. She takes a lot of time with you and gives you an indepth reading. I look forward to speaking with her again." ... written by Chanej
Thank you! you always calm me down no matter what the situation" ... written by mmd1990
Thanku shellie for your time as usual you where very helpful and i understand what you are saying to me xx" ... written by f999111
Shellie was very helpful, and i am happy with what she told me despite my worries. She was wonderful to me, thank you Shellie :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Shellie is adorable, I would have liked to have had more time with her but she told me what i needed to hear. Pretty straight forward which is nice. Thank you!" ... written by starbucksgirl20
Thanks Shellie, as always, great reading. So deep and so accurate and so positive but honest and not sugar coated. I have had quite a few readings with Shellie and each one was accurate, helpful and allowed me to make better decisions and see my future in a clear way. Very helpful. Will be back. Thanks you." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Beautiful angelic voice - calming soothing reading." ... written by tgilliam
Wow! U were so genuine and u have a lovely spirit! it was like u was reading the book of my life. i thank u for honesty and truth! 5 starr reading" ... written by senita0816
Excellent caring, loved listening to her. Beautiful guidance and so much clarity." ... written by alizaroncrimson
Honest.. not good reading for me personally. I knew it, butIi like the honesty... she is awesome, caring... I've had multiple readings and will return" ... written by leti89
I didn't have much time, but it was a good reading, pretty accurate. i hope everything she said comes to pass" ... written by maria50t
Thanks for the help" ... written by tayl6830
Always gives me other perspective! I feel her words lighten my load instantly. I see how to approach things in a way that takes me andamp;amp; my relationship forward in positive way.....! Thank u again angel, your words of wisdom have always brought me love! With a friend like you im sure there will be the happy ending we both see. Thank u xoxox" ... written by Lalima
She is so amazing, she explained my situation as if she was the one living it. will definitely come back for more. Thank you Shellie. blessings and light to you" ... written by RLM1977
Amazing! Love readings from Shellie. She is so kind and accurate. She picks up on so much that no one else can know. You won't be disappointed. Thanks Shellie :)" ... written by livehappy70
Shellie was right on and made me more aware of how to handle a situation. I will take her advice and become more open and speak from my heart. I hope it all works out in the end. Shellie I will keep you posted.Thanks for being so kind and understanding." ... written by mhharview
Thank you for your help its greatly appreciated, and ur right on alot of things ;)" ... written by patoupatou0101
Great as always :)" ... written by jswede1149
Time was up:) But thanks for the good reading again Shellie:) You are so comforting and right about so many things:)" ... written by Cathrine184
Everytime I talk to you, you make me feel better and positive at the end, I like your postive energy!!! You are the best!!!" ... written by patoupatou0101
Shellie is always great!" ... written by Zee125
Shellie is awesome!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
Very nice reading " ... written by fasina
She was great!" ... written by tiffsmom
She is great!" ... written by tiffsmom
Shellie you are the best. Thank you for your enlighten. I am feeling at peace after I spoke with you. I would like to continue to have you working with me. You are beautiful, smart, very accurate. Once again THANKS SO VERY MUCH SHELLIE. TALK TO YOU LATER." ... written by angelonmyside
Thank you " ... written by deelove
Thanks for my reading, you helped :) Great!!" ... written by shortcake2012
Lovely lady and did make me smile, what spot on with what she said aswell." ... written by tweetiepie3
The best reading i have gotten, so detailed and through! thank you so much!" ... written by flutterfly12
Friendly, very accurate " ... written by roselilly6
You are so good sheile, u spot it on,thanks sheila x" ... written by isis03
Fast chat and thanks so much! ill be back in a month with an update." ... written by mmd1990
Love every reading with her she is a genuine reader......" ... written by murdocca
Excellent!" ... written by fretan
Nice and on target! A big 5!!!" ... written by quaz61
She's very kind, empathetic and with deep insight. very very competent and acomplished. Easily one of the best in Oranum" ... written by newperson
Very insightful on the situation,very kind as well as detailed." ... written by starz189
Great!!!!! Another opportunity!" ... written by quaz61
Absolutely Amazing. She was spot on and very caring. Knew exactly what the situation was about." ... written by happy4eva
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Shes a lovely girl. So nice and caring!" ... written by BAM4869
Thank you :) " ... written by meme81
Beautiful woman - beautiful reading " ... written by tgilliam
She is very good and dead on accurate. she read me like an open book." ... written by angelonmyside
Boy can she buoy one up! Shellie is one of the most authentic and accurate psychics and is fascinatingly confident! A full five marks for the quiet and pleasant guidance she provides!" ... written by newperson
Hi Shellie thanks for the accurate reading, you always spot it on God bless you always." ... written by isis03
Great connection and beautiful soul. Thank you again for another outstanding reading." ... written by justinsensei
Excellent ,gave me something I never knew...and great to hear...made my day, I have been to her before and yet again today...awesome you Shellie" ... written by beaut
So kind and caring. Sensitive to the discussion. She is excellent. God bless!" ... written by mhharview
Thank you again, you are always on target on everything, nice reading and very accurate!!" ... written by patoupatou0101
WONDERFUL AS ALWAYS!! I missed her so much while she was on vacation. She is the one of the best on here!!!" ... written by anamaria_marrero
Shellie is awesome as always! " ... written by toothlessbamboo
Shellie is wonderful...she makes me feel good about my situation and helps me to stay grounded. I am thankful for her and would definitely recommend others to seek out her talents. God bless Shellie!!!" ... written by Chanej
I give her 5stars,and she was the one who I first thought of connecting when I was low, very soothing, very caring so soft and explains to you so well. Just love her, fantastic reading and damn accurate!" ... written by beaut
I just love her! Her intuition is so right and she is so sweet and calming:) I talk to her almost weekly:)" ... written by Cathrine184
You are so amazing and uplifting. I know that what you tell me can't always be what I want to hear but that's okay because I know its the truth and you are right." ... written by Kaydee71
She is the best ! a real psychic .." ... written by sam4480
Consistent reading... good advice as usual... I've had multiple readings and will continue to come back!" ... written by leti98
Always the best." ... written by dstufra1
Very nice reading and accurate, thank you again !!!" ... written by patoupatou0101
She is so sweet and honest to the point! I recommend her to anyone :) " ... written by bryanmue515
Really positive... clairvoyant." ... written by joyful222
She is an awesome reader. She is able to connect quickly and get to the route of the of issue. Importantly she has a calming effect to help recenter you! Thanks, Shellie!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
Thank you!!" ... written by mmd1990
She picked up right away on things...she is awesome!" ... written by Cari1961
She rocks! She is a superstar..." ... written by sam4480
Awesome!" ... written by Cari1961
She gives good advice and makes me feel better about my situation..............I will keep coming back!" ... written by Cari1961
Excellent, truthful, honest reader, I have great faith in her ability!" ... written by nathan5688
Sweet person, hopefully she's right!" ... written by luxxicon
So positive, so sweet, sees a lot of great things ahead for me. Seems very confident and connects emotionally to you. Thanks, Shellie" ... written by joyful222
I just think she is awesome!!!!" ... written by Cari1961
She is amazing. Another positive reading from Shellie. She is so positive, caring, sweet, very confident and connects emotional to me. Thank you for helping me stay grounded. Good advice as always!!!!!!! I will keep coming back." ... written by angelonmyside
Always on target!!" ... written by patoupatou0101
Lots of love for you shellie" ... written by psychiclove38
A-Amazing! Absolutely accurate and great to talk to! Thank you for the advice! I will be back! Great encouragement!" ... written by agnieska13
Really nice and harmonious:)))))" ... written by Eirma13
Great reader!" ... written by Cari1961
Thank again ur the best!!" ... written by patoupatou0101
Omg she is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i swear she knew everything that was going on wow im still amazed :)" ... written by juju0328
Thank you for the wonderful reading." ... written by canadaingirlxx
She is fabulous!!!" ... written by tendollars
Another wonderful reading from Shellie, well worth the price and time!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
Depressed? Need to pep up? Hear those positive answers? Shellie is the one to run to.... Thanx Shell.... Am smiling already.... Fantastic as always .. Love you.." ... written by beautifulmoi
Reassuring and perfect, gave me meaningful tasks, will be coming back for updates." ... written by anehave
Extremely good, very very intuitive, fantastic!" ... written by newperson
Thank you Shellie!!!! I am still a little confused but I will see how things turn out in the next few weeks. Thank you for being there for me." ... written by Chanej
Thank you so much for the reassurance, I will take your advice. Thank you" ... written by tammycharlene
She knows my case.. So any issues I just run to her... The psychic cum friend who always soothes me down.... She just knows it all........ Warm and caring. " ... written by beaut
Everything seems to be falling into place like you said! I always enjoy your readings!" ... written by mmd1990
She was amazing! She knew exactly how I felt and was right on dot with how I felt. After speaking with her I felt more clarity and it was really good. She understands the situation and it feels like she knows me as well. Really good reading! :)" ... written by Kiki_Asakura
She is sweet to talk to..." ... written by Cari1961
Very good......I will revisit her again!" ... written by GalTaurus
AMAZING CARDS...BRILLIANT INSIGHT......ALWAYS." ... written by beautifulmoi
Peace of mind and soul." ... written by sam4480
She just does not tell you what is going to happen, or when and how... but she explains and tells you what he is thinking, and why, what is on his mind... SHE IS BRILLIANT..... A MUST ... A MUST TRY PEEPS.... ULL NVA REGRET..... " ... written by beautifulmoi
Awesomee :) thanku" ... written by lone521
Very accurate and forthcoming with info about my life and future. I recommend you get a reading asap!" ... written by maravilloso002
AMAZING!!!! She is an amazing reader and I'm totally satisfied and in amazement at how easily she picked up certain things from me!" ... written by Chloe28
She is wonderful, connects on all levels. Helped me so much. I will be back!!!" ... written by Tinydrops
Your prediction no. 1 came true! The rest when we chat :)" ... written by beautifulmoi
Awesome lady very kind and sweet. This was my second reading with her loved every minute." ... written by 21naybay
Great reading, she's very kind and connects well with you. :)" ... written by Anon
Great, accurate reading! :)" ... written by Anon
It was great,she was right on and it didnt take long for her to connect to me at all.. I gotta get more credits and come back!!" ... written by Lovingmyself8922
Thanks, straight to the point" ... written by zidane34
This reading started with a demo..Shellie was unbelievable! She described me so well and was so accurate in the demo that I needed to hear more and took her to private! I wasn't disappointed, it was really like she knows me forever! Even my best friends wouldn't be able to describe me as she did! I am so impressed! Thank you Shellie!!!" ... written by weissinha
I love this woman. I smiled the whole time she was right on. wow!!!!!!" ... written by 21naybay
Thx always" ... written by Cari1961
So sweet of her .. quick connected and tells u all what u need to know " ... written by loveo482
She is simply wonderful. So kind and right on target with what is going on!!" ... written by Tinydrops
Everything that Shellie said about my situation was SO on point. She is a sweetheart, she is understanding, and her advice is inspiring. She gave me a reason to look forward to the near future... Hopefully her predictions are correct!" ... written by Mary Jo
Gave time frames." ... written by dd41783
Awesome reading. She is making me feel stronger every day :) " ... written by bryanmue515
Excellent reading, thank you!" ... written by Bojan99
Really spot on my situation, and gave good advice. I feel she really tapped in to me as a person, I truly recommend her. I will be giving her updates as my situation improves!:) Thank you so much." ... written by anehave
Thank you shellie for another great reading..... I had a reading 3 months ago and everything came to pass so a great psychic in my opinion xx" ... written by f999111
Wonderful! tuned into everything!!!! " ... written by love522
Well she has a good heart. And sees far into the future. I can't wait to see her prediction come to pass. " ... written by luckygirl40
I ve been anticipating this talk with her for days and i was right. She ves amazing, it s like she s always known me. She was so accurate, i thought i was talking to a sister. I love her, she is very sweet. She s spot on, very very accurate. Excellent reading. Will be back for sure" ... written by mimatisse
Shes wonderfulll : )" ... written by purple20
Very nice, very helpful, clarified a lot of things for me. It was nice to not only have someone tell you what is going to happen but to also give you advice and counseling as well. I really enjoyed our reading!" ... written by guriwo
Thank u Shellie.... thank u from my heart" ... written by Pam_mie
I need her everyday to update...gosh !!!!! She's my soothing pill..... BRILLIANT!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Great reading form my lovely shellie.. " ... written by uzma01
I have run out of adjectives for all i can say is WHAT WUD I DO WITHOUT U SHELL ???" ... written by beautifulmoi
She is very sweet. " ... written by swhope999
She is very positive and seeing things in the future for what they are ." ... written by luckygirl40
Love her...Always helping me out." ... written by Pam_mie
Lovely as always:) This woman is the best, and she is so genuine and she really sees the truth:)" ... written by Cathrine184
Thank you so much! i know to always come to you for help because you are always right and so very honest!" ... written by Kitty1002
I can't say enough good things about Shellie. She's the best of the best, and has consistently given me very accurate insight and advice. I love her. She never disappoints. " ... written by LaurenNicole15
Greatttt!!!!!" ... written by purple20
Great reading, nice to see i'm still on track. Kind and warm person, that manages to calm me down and give me insight into the situation. Accurate and honest." ... written by warrenkitty83
Thank you Shellie! You are so great!" ... written by tara_mcm
Thank you Shellie. I was an emotional mess yesterday and you helped to calm me down a bit. I'm a bit better today, trying to keep my head high and move forward. I really appreciate it." ... written by Kitty1002
Great reading, gave me honest answers and confirmed things I felt to be true. Warm and caring and feels like talking to a friend :) Thanks " ... written by warrenkitty83
Keen iinsight and fast too." ... written by newperson
Sweet. She is lit from within, seems genuine, seems to feel actual things and responds with love. Gave me predictions about love, I hope to see if it comes true! :)" ... written by gallasgal
Thank you Shellie, I have to come back to you for more! :) You are a genuine friend, thank you :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Shellie is great. I am so thankful again for the reading and the advice that she gives." ... written by justinsensei
Good" ... written by sheashell
Great reading! Def recommend..." ... written by MayGirl
Thanks Shell, you were great as usual! Gifted!" ... written by nunothat-Deb
Love her love her love her... ive been here multiple times, sound advice, so caring, wonderful energy... :)" ... written by leti8989
She's very sweet and her prediction is very accurate. She's amazing!!" ... written by Pam_mie
Predictions came true in time!!! Didn't believe at the time but things started to fall into place. Accurate and spot on! So very lovely and caring x thank u x" ... written by dcf
Very good and knows exactly situation. That is great, but with her character she gives more than that. It is like she is very good friend and knows you well and then give you advice with great touch. Thank you!!" ... written by epi
Lovely person! Makes the situation seem so positive even when there are struggles. Read with Shellie she will enlighten you." ... written by mhharview
Always so sweet..................." ... written by Cari1961
I was so glad to finally get in touch with you! You always give great insight and are very good at seeing the entire situation as a whole. You're great Shellie :) Thank you so much!!!" ... written by deelove
Really lovely reading - very emphatic gentle soul who sees straight to the heart of the problem and give geniune realistic solutions - Thank you so much. x" ... written by Kazzi819
Immediately felt comfortable with such a sweet personality and also very accurate. Thank you for your service =)." ... written by gabrielm88
Shellie was great instant connection and I didn't want to stop the reading." ... written by Vman9484
Really great." ... written by st5sts
Really lovely and kind reading. thank you very much" ... written by maithu
Thanks!" ... written by mmd1990
Shellie is a source of comfort and inspiration. Thank you Shellie, you are a good friend and I appreciate that very much. Thank you again :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Shellie connected with me so well, bot of us were in tears as she felt my situation. I am more than appreciative of her reading and looking forward to my predictions here shortly. She speaks of my situation and I could not have spoken it any better, which really makes me confortable with the reading she gave me." ... written by tblove1
Unfortunately couldn't spend more time, but really appreciated the update, it's good to know that I'm still on track. Really thankful for your time and insight. Great reading as always." ... written by warrenkitty83
Thank you Shellie :-) Lovely reading........Very positive. Xx" ... written by Helgaz1
She connected with my situation right away! and it was really good, I mean she nailed it!" ... written by allerena
Will just to say you are good and thank you for you time I hope I do got singn. god bless you" ... written by loveandpeace24
I would give her the 5 stars... i was hesitant in the beginning but she was worth it. Very calm - highly intuitive ... I would recommend her to everyone. " ... written by IzzieMe
FANTASTIC READING!!! highly spot on and would recommend in a heart beat. Very sweet and nice" ... written by jonnypc1233
Was sooo low today,and completely negative,had no plans for a private though !!! saw shellie online and was too tempted just to get that peace....i spent the last i had kept for an emergency.....i needed TO HEAR HER,TO FEEL CALM,TO BE REASSURED AGAIN..............and that is what she did,and always does......READING AND ACCURACY,UNDERSTANDING THE SITUATION????? well.......DO I HAVE TO SAY THE WORDS?OR DO I HAVE TO SHOUT IT OUT ????? ...............................................................................EXCEPTIONAL....WARM.....CARING....................SWEETHEART :) a feeling of sumone of my own....FAMILY ....thnx shell " ... written by beautifulmoi
WOW!!!! Holy crap she is amazing!!!!! I ca not believe how good she is. OMG i am coming back!!! Love her" ... written by nytango1234
She really hit one of my situations on the head. She read my personality correct and made me feel better that things are going to look up can't wait to see the things that she said come to pass. She is really sweet and to the point. Great Job!" ... written by MsYolonda
Shellie is very kind and I was surprised about alot of the things she saw and already knew : ) She is good at what she does and I reccomend her." ... written by Strawberrygel15
Listening to her give a reading I couldn't help but keep nodding at everything she was saying and agreeing. Shellie is one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of talking to and I've never done readings before and I'm happy she was the first psychic I went to! I recconmend her definately!!" ... written by Natasha
Just to confirm and add more details to what is going to happen!! I will come back to say if Shellie was right but I believe so!! Thank you. xxxxx" ... written by weissinha
She was really nice understanding and very very beautiful" ... written by savageman1
A 1,000 thank you's for your insight and guidance. Always so right on. You rock and I have found calm in your words. Forever thank you! XO " ... written by missamt79
Came in for an update. Things are still on track. Lets hope her predictions come true!! Thanks Shellie" ... written by nytango1234
Wonderful" ... written by LMN3374
You are sweet and good reading. thank you" ... written by LMN3374
Was an absolute amazing reading, no regrets." ... written by from_8mile
full of life...sweet face and amazing reading! she makes you feel alive again. Thanks lovely shellie..xx" ... written by zeinaakkawi
Woww amazing she is !!!" ... written by bbee768
Shellie is wonderful and compassionate!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
Simply Wonderful!! Thank you very much again!" ... written by deelove
Excellent reading grabbed the situation quickly. I will come back." ... written by dwinadrito
She did just wonderful! I love the way she explains the situation and the way the outcome will present itself. I am waiting for the predictions to come to pass, but I am confident they will." ... written by allerena
So positive, good sound advice, I love her and have been coming to her for months... Highly recommend." ... written by leti8989
What can I do without you..... " ... written by Pam_mie
Thank you shellie, ure very good and sweet, it nice talking to u take care " ... written by isis03
Wonderful, helped me to feel calm and think through my situation. I will update with feedback as things happen." ... written by kkinney7
Great reading. Felt Shellie was right on target. Will come back again." ... written by kkinney7
She makes me feel good always................" ... written by Cari1961
She is wonderful!! so kind, she knew everthing..... so so good!!! A MUST GO AND HAVE A READING!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!" ... written by briarwood
Amazing... She is kind, thoughtful and so easy to chat with during a reading... She was spot on in what she said and I hope that what could happen for me will... I will keep you posted.. Thanks." ... written by intrigueme184
I love her! I came back to her with an update and she gave me hope, which was something I really needed. I'm positive that things will get better and her reassurance, insight and kind words are definately what people with any doubt need to hear." ... written by Strawberrygel15
She is always a gem. She is an awesome young lady, she sees a lot and knows a lot love her to bits." ... written by scorpionqueen
I just love her:) She senses so many things, and she is so calming to talk with. She is saying it just the way it is. This time it was just nice things, but I know she says the truth:) Just love her energie:)!!!" ... written by Cathrine184
Thank you again!!! I really hope you are right!! xxxx" ... written by weissinha
I believe everything she says and shes great lol " ... written by purple20
Positive. Sees things clearly. Hopefully things will start to look up and good things start to pass." ... written by joyful222
Really honest... I feel mixed, because I know that I have a lot of work to do... Thank you I will be back." ... written by anehave
Very intuitive" ... written by edelaine
Shellie is wonderful!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
She immediately tuned in. Very clear and insightful. I feel so calm and assured because of the strong caring vibe that emanates from her." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thanks for the reading was very promising. " ... written by plough_1
Thank you shellie :))) " ... written by deelove
Wonderful and so nice! She gets right to te point and gives honest answers ) Get a reading you will be enlightened." ... written by mhharview
As always another perfect session! Shellie is fantastic and so intuitive! She has the best way of making me feel calm and rational about the situation. She's wonderful! xoxoxo" ... written by allysonmarie79
Thanks so much for your positivity. You helped me so much to not feel jealous tonight. I love him so much. take care xx " ... written by sunny3107
Shellie was right on target !!! Things she said days ago have already started to happen. I am so hopeful now and am looking forward to everything unfolding. Thank you so much Shellie" ... written by kkinney7
She's very good!! I really enjoyed the talk! I would recommend her to someone else." ... written by jack_of_trades
Yes, she is so very clear and helpful. All she sees is right on the money." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Another amazing session. Words can't express how awesome Shellie is! XO" ... written by allysonmarie79
She is good and soothing" ... written by Jass7869
Thank You Shellie ! You were right on ! Thank You for your guidence and honesty. Know it wasnt all peaches n cream, But i did need to hear the truth. God Bless ~" ... written by Polly7872
Thanks Shell! You helped with my worries. I do hope it gets better! and I will let you know when it does!" ... written by nunothat-Deb
Great Reading !!! Thanks She helped me fell at ease about what I was feeling." ... written by kiki228
Thank you Shellie! I think you were dead on and you have very positive energy. I am going to listen to what you said and hopefully I can wade the waters of this situation more carefully. " ... written by blessed77
She is absolutely wonderful. She is comforting and kind. Thank you Shellie!" ... written by tara_mcm
Thank you :) She is spot on!!! :)" ... written by Annmay
WOW SHE IS GOOD!!!!!!!" ... written by ppp
2nd reading and it was on point and great as the first one. The positive energy she throws out is amazing. Wonderful reading and a sincerely pleasant woman to speak with." ... written by jonnypc1233
I loved her reading i felt i got a great deal of insight and will gladly use her again" ... written by adelle25
Lovely lady. She help to see my problem and insight of the issue. She exactly said many what I have faced so far (many times). She give me advice to face my the situation. Certainly will comeback" ... written by mtb
She is damn good " ... written by ppp
Very accurate !!!! :)" ... written by tracey410
Wow what to say than this is amazing you accurately described the way we met like you were there, but more astonishing is what you described about the person of my affection is right in every fact.. Im stunned!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Nice reading really good " ... written by maynardtony
I love her! awesome update. I feel great:)" ... written by anehave
Thank you for the reading! Very insightful and will be back to let you know how it goes! :) Thank you Shellie xxxxxxx" ... written by akabuwarria87
She's amazing, just amazing, I adore her. " ... written by mimatisse
Thanks a million very honest I needed that!!!!!!!! Very clear and precise." ... written by redbutterfly69
NICE ONE" ... written by ppp
Great reading with remarkable accuracy in details, what to say than wow!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Amazing, wonderful soul. I really needed her words, her laugh, and her smile. As we were speaking one of the things she said would happen did. She has been such a support through a very difficult time for me. Thank you Shellie, you have been like a friend to me and words can not express the gratitude i feel in my heart. " ... written by kkinney7
Cant wait to see if her predictions come ex has some tings to battle ten he'll come back to me! can't wait.... she was honest, caring and even with the negative news she gives you hope and a different way to look at the situation.. I'll be back for updates. thank you" ... written by lauren1986
Thank uu hahahahah again will keep u posted with our oics rolling on the floor :)" ... written by holy248
Again You are right at the point in all I've asked, incredible how you now subtle details. thank you for the very insightful reading. You are definitely the best psychic! " ... written by mojasudbina1978
Great reading again." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Love ya Shellie.." ... written by mahi me
Accurate, honest, calm and fast!" ... written by Jenny
I think she has some good views...I will always be grateful to her for this...Thank you." ... written by Carmeal
Shellie, was spot on about my ex. I knew he was easily influenced by others and that’s something she picked straight up." ... written by cupkatie
Shelley is great. She’s always spot on. " ... written by cupkatie
Thank you a thousand times, she’s great." ... written by cupkatie
Right to the point, as it is" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Amazing reader!! She is truly gifted and understanding. This is my second reading with her and her predictions came true for me. Very accurate!" ... written by Chloe28
Very good." ... written by shaz77
Brilliant!" ... written by shaz77
When you need an encouragement with realistic approach and insight to love relations, Shellie is a psychic you want to confide in." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Wonderful lady and spirit really clear." ... written by Ermine13belle
Shellie is very insightful, helpful and compassionate." ... written by MerkabahMan633
She is a wonderful reader." ... written by newperson
She’s just amazing, could speak to her all day. She’s so accurate." ... written by cupkatie
She was great, a very good personality. " ... written by millan48542
Great as always I'm recommending her for questions in love and relationships. " ... written by mojasudbina1978
Love updates..." ... written by Cari1961
Very good reading. Shellie seems to pick up on your vibe very well. Smart and funny!" ... written by jack_of_trade
Great session!" ... written by barbarosa
Such a perceptive psychic. Someone who told me everything about my situation without having to tell my birthdate, someone else's birthdate. She is also a terrific counselor for those practicing the white magic and need help with their energy. I still feel her positive energy. I could have talked to her for a few hours." ... written by persephonestears
Very nice. good to hear from u.accurate" ... written by druvina1973
She was awesome, just kept on talking and hitting every point" ... written by nickmcgyver
YOU ARE A GODDESS...accurately..." ... written by ppp
I need to almost speak to her everyday, she’s so good." ... written by cupkatie
Shellie is Awesome!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
My heart.. she's so wonderful! xoxo" ... written by missamt79
She generously gives a flame of love to troubled souls. Beautiful..." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Amazing reader!! She's always very warm and willing to give a reading full of understanding and accuracy. She has never been wrong as all of her predictions for me have come true! You won't be disappointed." ... written by Chloe28
liked her reading ...:) Thanks ...." ... written by sweetshanaya
Excellent, excellent picked up on every aspect of the situation immediately! Unbelievable accuracy! What a wonderful warm giving person. Thank you soooo much!" ... written by March59
Perfect" ... written by Sexyyyyyy
Wow, what a lovely lady! Highly recommended. Will be back! Thank you so much for your help! :-) " ... written by clairejane33
Another calming and comforting session. She's a wonderful coach on life and love. Thank you as always." ... written by missamt79
Always wonderful." ... written by kkinney25
Very accurate and nice, really does know what to say and what's best for you." ... written by Andriy95
First prediction came true today! Waiting for the second. Always a pleasure!" ... written by anehave
Shellie you have been really awesome! You listen and provide accurate response, its been amazing some of the things that have happened as you spoke them in the reading! thank you shellie!" ... written by deelove
Everything she told me about what was going on was correct. She was a great help, and I enjoyed my reading immensely. She gave me predictions on what's going to happen, an I look forward to seeing how things turn out. She was very sweet and informative, and she made a lot of sense regarding issues from the past. It was a very good reading. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
She was really good, picks up on a lot of things and can make you feel better. Also has good techniques on how to attract positivity into your life." ... written by firefly55
Great reading! Shellie was right in tune with everything going on around me and provided great guidance." ... written by afatur
Another amazing reading. would give 10 stars if allowed" ... written by jonnypc123
Excellent." ... written by mojasudbina1978
The way I feel is that she described everything so precisely." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Calms me down when worried" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Very sweet lady! love her " ... written by eking828
You always give me optimistic thoughts... nice" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Shellie is the BEST !!!! " ... written by kkinney25
Wow what a wonderful reading. spot on and so caring. will be back for sure," ... written by Lorann23
Thank you so much!! Someone I really connect with and really feel good after talking with! Thank you! x" ... written by Jo9987
Realistic insight with wide perspective, when you need a look on a situation from all viewpoints, you will go to Shellie" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Very helpful, honest and caring, that's why whenever I need advice about love Shellie is number one" ... written by BriannaT26
Excellent as always" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Wow -- another great session. Her predictions always come true andamp;amp; she knows exactly what to say andamp;amp; what's going on before I even open my mouth!!! xoxoxo" ... written by missamt79
Thank you again! Always gives me clarity and always feel like I connect really well! " ... written by Jo9987
((heart)) " ... written by missamt79
Amazing" ... written by luckyanna
It was a great feeling that she was telling me all the things she got true i am a true believer now" ... written by Spiritfrank
You have positive energy and kindness in your voice and I appreciate that." ... written by bobrabikenu
Her readings are always balanced and truthful. She provides insight and advice on every situation, good or bad. And it's always a pleasure talking with her." ... written by persephonestears
So good!" ... written by mhharview
Absolutely love Shellie. She is so positive and has helped me through a very difficult time. And now everything she has seen and said is coming to pass. I am so happy and positive. Thank you Shellie for helping me stir the energies. Crackalackin haha !!" ... written by kkinney25
You really have good insight but in a profound way, more deep like almost you can feel someones soul..." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Great lady, really listen!!" ... written by giaa54
Straight to the point. The real deal." ... written by Tabethe
Shellie is very accurate... knows what she is saying, love her!" ... written by sherry1973
Abolutely wonderful!! She's so sweet and she's spot on. Highly reccomend !!!" ... written by xxchrissybabay
The internet connection wasn't that great between us this time, but the reading was still excellent. Shellie always is able to pick up exactly on what is going on and helps you to understand the situation clearly. I love her. " ... written by LaurenNicole15
Calming to me as always.." ... written by mojasudbina1978
My heart. " ... written by missamt79
SHE IS GOOD, VERY CLEAR VISION." ... written by ppp
Always makes me feel like I know what I'm doing and reassuring to know I am going down the right path. Thank you!" ... written by Jo9987
Gr8 reading, Shellie is just the best, 5 star reading!" ... written by sherry1973
Excellent, has always the big picture to present but filled with important details on relationship issues.." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Had my first reading with Shellie looking forward to seeing the results that she has predicted fingers crossed she was right!... It was a pleasure" ... written by katarina5
Oh I almost forgot an important thing again: Thank you for this and thank you for many times before, you kept me strong in my challenging times... " ... written by mojasudbina1978
I love the reading she's honest and very nice ..recomend more than 5 star" ... written by february72
So nice and always great to talk to. She connects so well!" ... written by anehave
Awesome.. as always..." ... written by uzma01
BRILLIANT AS ALWAYS" ... written by beautifulmoi
Thank you for encouriging words" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Nice to have somebody with realistic and broader approach" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Comforting to me, calming and peacuful as always .-)" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thank you for your reading, time and adorable energy and helping me to see all more" ... written by maithu
Great reading nice person felt at home - thank you" ... written by bulldog10111982
Shellie does not waste time, she is full of hope and positivity, first reading with her. I'm really hoping her predictions come to pass, I've trusted her with some very important things going on in my life. " ... written by stebella009
Absolutely love her!!! In all honesty, she is probably the best psychic I have ever had a reading from. Her profile is true to the core. Before the reading, I was quite low in spirit and felt as though I was running out of hope, but after talking with Shellie, she provided me with a reading full of optimism and positivity, which is what I needed. Thanks to her, I am much more happier and I am able to help myself become more confident and brave in my journey through life. Thank you once again. " ... written by LimaJessica
Again - heart! so wonderful! xoxoxo" ... written by missamt79
Such a lovely and honest reading:)) Shellie is the one you would need if you want to hear the truth. Thank you so very much for the wonderful conversation and the great reading Shelli, I am looking forward to getting back for more and more and more...;)" ... written by LoveElly
So very fantastic. Delightfully positive and accurate! My very favorite!" ... written by htclark
Great reader knows a lot remembers your situations highly recommended by me." ... written by bulldog10111982
Amazing as always and so right on point. Definitely a true on this site. She lifts my heart and makes me smile. Fantastic! xoxo" ... written by missamt79
What an amazing person! Words cannot describe her gift." ... written by March59
Wonderful makes me feel so much better!" ... written by anehave
Such a sweet reading again:) Thank you so much Shellie, for giving me honest answers and clearing the path for me. I strongly recommend a private reading with Shellie.. if you want real accurate and real answers." ... written by LoveElly
Accurate as always, you cheer me up!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Nice positive reading. You always keep me in high spirits :) Thanks ksssss." ... written by holy248
Hahaha....once again....SHELLIE LULLABY.....SOOTHING,POSITIVE,CARING CONCERN AND AS ALWAYS BRILLIANT ...." ... written by beautifulmoi
Thank you again Shellie! You are such a calming gentle spirit. Always well spoken and connect really well and helps me to stay focussed on the important things! Thanks again x" ... written by Jo9987
Absolutely wonderful experience and loved talking with Shellie. She was extremely well connected to me and my person and injected some much needed positivity into me." ... written by lilliableu
I liked her reading, will see how it turns out." ... written by StronMe123
Truly, when its to love relationship, she knows what is the most important for people in love." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Very nice reading. So accurate about me and my feelings right now. Picked up clearly on where my life is at the moment." ... written by sunflower9
She's always caring with tons of positivity. She's absolutely confident about her vision and helps me to be confident about mine as well. She is absolutely the best reader here." ... written by persephonestears
Realistic and optimistic, the way it should be given to people." ... written by mojasudbina1978
On top of it like always" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Shes has been very clear with the situation. Thanks for the assistance." ... written by GM
Always spot on, Shellie amazes me on every priate reading:)) I strongly recommend a private reading with her!" ... written by LoveElly
Wonderful! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!" ... written by Aerostone85
Always helps me to clear my head and focus on the important things. A great insight into what is going on and where I need to be headed. Thank you." ... written by Jo9987
Another AMAZING reading... she's always so on point and knows me so well. A true blessing to this earth! xoxo" ... written by missamt79
I just love her!! " ... written by e_king828
So cheerful and still saying the same. Thanks so much. talk soon xx" ... written by sunny3107
Thank you so much, Shellie. You are so right! Thanks for all your great advices." ... written by gershuin
She is great! and her predictions are true! she was right on. Had a previous reading were what she said came to pass! incredibly nice and open. " ... written by anehave
Ask her and get the answer:) That simple.. Shellie is amazing! Don't expect any sugar coating or fairy tales though, she is very very honest and that is what makes her very special:) Thank you so much Shellie, I really mean that..." ... written by LoveElly
Incredibly accurate about topics that are not even spoken yet... but realistic to the bottom of every situation" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Gives hope to us in love. " ... written by mojasudbina1978
Was really excited about my reading with you and loved hearing what you had to say thank you so much and will look forward to another reading with you everything u said made sense to me just wish I could remember everything you say to me as ive got memory like a sive lol xxx:+)" ... written by kiarnajo1977
ALL IS VERY CLEAR MUCH HOPE " ... written by ppp
Shellie is wonderful !!! She has been so right about everything. She is calming and has helped me to look at things with a different perspective. I absolutely adore her. Thank you so much Shellie, you are an angel." ... written by kkinney25
My life coach and I love you shellie. She is a wonderful reader 5 stars" ... written by murdocca
Talking to Shellie is like talking to your best friend. You can be as open as you like and feel so comfortable. Her amazing psychic abilities, great professional and sweet advices and her wonderful Gypsy cards always guide me in the right and the clearest direction:)" ... written by LoveElly
Very accurate -- right on the money!" ... written by kcycholl7
Wonderful been write about everything!" ... written by BriannaT26
Nice person with strong clevoirance gift." ... written by lazi1970ms
Great as always Shellie :)" ... written by Chuffsta388
Amazing! Feel so much better after talking with Shellie. She is so sweet, warm and caring but at the same time very honest. Very connected and only has your best interest at heart. " ... written by Jo9987
She was my first read and still my absolute favorite reader, The connection was right off the bat and has stayed lots of love" ... written by Vman9484
Awesome Awesome Awesome! Beautiful person and spirit. ;-) I will definitely be back! :-)" ... written by Tishiab
We shall see." ... written by alidenes
Shellie is wonderful. Very calming and compassionate. She is like a friend. Definitely try a private session if you are having questions she is honest and does not sugar coat. I feel like she wants people to know the truth and gives wonderful advise on how to move forward with a situation. You won't be disappointed. As always, thanks Shellie." ... written by kkinney25
Thank you again Shellie provided me with much clarity as always. Helps me to see the bigger picture again so thank you." ... written by Jo9987
It’s like my 4th reading or something.. i’ve lost count .thank you, thank you, thank you. a million times thank you. She just gets me, it’s amazing. " ... written by cupkatie
She is awesome:)) Seriously!" ... written by LoveElly
Talking to Shellie in a private reading is like talking to your best friend:) She is very open and honest and always accurate!!" ... written by LoveElly
SHE IS GOOD, very positive energy,.. I like her!!" ... written by ppp
Excellent! Will be back." ... written by mini1214
Shellie is very nice, last week on Freechat she picked up on my energies, she knew and I swear by this, she knew exactly what I was on Oranum.... no one else has ever picked up on that. I had to have a reading with her, and she confirmed what my two other fave readers told me.... I feel a lot better now, and I can move on to do what I need to do. All I know is that good things are coming my way God willing. Thank you Shellie, I appreciated your time and reading. Lots of Love xxxxx" ... written by Jade50
Excellent and compassionate reader! New everything without me saying a word. She even cried with me, a truly caring reader. Said what needed to be said in the most delicate way. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lovingheart118
Thank you Shellie :) God bless you. You are worthy of happiness and so am I :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Thank you again." ... written by Chuffsta388
Gives optimism." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Shellie is the best!! that says it all " ... written by kkinney25
Promising future." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Hope and more hope." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Great reading ran out of funds but will try and call back shellie....Thanks as always!" ... written by Chanej
Another great reading. Shellie is wonderful. You won't ever be disappointed speaking with her - She's SO on point and accurate. I trust her wholeheartedly." ... written by LaurenNicole15
Amazing" ... written by kobashiwarlord
Amazing reader as always. Such positivity with sound advice. she is the best and I highly recommend." ... written by leti8989
Great update as always:))" ... written by LoveElly
You give me hope." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Wonderful Advisor!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
Very warm and positive!" ... written by Ilikeyoursmile
Excellent reader, connects with situation tremendously well. Gives very good advice. Wonderful person. You won't be disappointed !" ... written by March59
She was so spot on! Oh my gosh!! I LOVE HER " ... written by dancingsoul
Always great ..positive and accurate 5 star" ... written by jade6996
Great reading" ... written by kerriofairy
Thanks for the great insights Shellie! All the best to you." ... written by Chuffsta388
I really like shellie, she seems to see a lot in a readings. She sees the contents, index of your situation. I have had three readings. And without a doubt she explains the people in her reading really well. Very much as though she knows this person. She is without a doubt! One of the best here on oranum! And to me top three! Also very Polite and sweet too." ... written by Gem
Simply the best Shellie isn’t just a great reader, she’s amazingly accurate and helped me so much today when I needed guidance. Thank you so much." ... written by cupkatie
WOW I stunned at how accurate Shellie was about my situation she described everything that's going on and gave me total understanding of it all....she is sensational i would say she real must have pvt with her!!she deserves all the stars!!!wish had more than five to give her....." ... written by marionlyttle
She's amazing! right on!!!!" ... written by kb1015
You tap in so well to the situation and answered the question before I asked it. Thank you so much for your insight and for the possibilities." ... written by sunflower9
Thank you Shellie. You are an angel always so positive and helpful and still very honest. Such a lovely person." ... written by Jo9987
Wonderful reading" ... written by angelbekah
Well, well thank you my dear. As always you are there for me, and that's what i NEED! Thank you Shellie, your privates are awesome :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Great reading, very sensitive." ... written by barbarosa
Great chat, you are so sweet and helped me feel so much better. Knew exactly how things are in my life." ... written by Nancy
She is good never told her a lot but she knew it already" ... written by canda10
An amazing experience. I cant wait to do an update with her. I have the most positive outlook for the future. Thank you Shellie, you are truely one of a kind :)" ... written by hewla11
Omg, she was so nice, and so connected. Will have to see if predictions come true, but she did calm me a lot. Beautiful beautiful smiling eyes.. :) THANKS." ... written by Janice75
In the little time we could talk before I ran out of credits, she gave great insight! I know know what I need to do!" ... written by Jonathan James-Isaac Kennant
Not only is Shellie a wonderful psychic and card reader, she is also my friend:) Get into a private with her, you will feel amazed!" ... written by LoveElly
Such positive and helpful energy. She understands a lot without having to ask many questions. Good to feel like she understands what you are going through - looking forward to see what happens next. Lovely reading." ... written by easysmiles
She's such a sweet woman, so helpful. She's so caring, nurturing and she's just so beautiful inside, her soul is so bright with white light. She's such a beauty to this world and big help. Love You Shellie, Thanks!" ... written by TristanLucas
Wonderful reader 5 stars!" ... written by googlemebaby
Thank you for your lovely time, insights and thoughts. will come back for sure, love" ... written by maithu
Thank you Shellie for lovely insight that really helps me to look on things in the way they are. I know that im on this path, i can feel it, and you confirmed it to me." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Saw Shellie do an impressive demo last night. So today, i've experienced an amazing reading. Very detailed with little input from me. Outstanding, extremely accurate and very calm disposition. Thanks so much, will definitely read again :) " ... written by p
So sweet, quick, positive, makes you feel so much better. Wonderful chat...xoxox" ... written by Nancy
She is amazing! She told me everything that is going on without me saying anything! I have found my favorite by far! I am so glad I got on today and gave Shellie a chance. I will always go to her if I have anymore problems. She hit the nail on the head!" ... written by btrap16
Thank you very much again for your clear honest advises its been a relief :-)" ... written by heaven
So lovely and visionary " ... written by katykim
She is fantastic, a really kind person who helped me to see things in a more positive light. she knew how i feel and helped me to understand what's in the background of my problems and what can i expect" ... written by LadyLukretia
Shellie, shes really good. her predictions came to pass. now i hope the new ones do as well." ... written by stebella009
Dear mrs. Shellie," ... written by Mar1te
Dear mrs. Shellie," ... written by Mar1te
She is an Angel!!!!!! Very accurate!!!!!!" ... written by onebuck
Picked up on my situation without me feeding her anything. Lovely lady, lovely energy. Thank you for reassuring me. xx" ... written by librabeauty
I have such a great connection with her. I feel every time something happens i have to tell her:) she helps me see so much." ... written by anehave
What a wonderful reading and a wonderful person. I feel like she was truely interested in me." ... written by katie46
Had a dream interpretation that gave me a lot, she is so great!" ... written by anehave
What a lovely person, she talked accurately about my past. it really makes me see my future with better ayes" ... written by rb31081981
I couldnt believe how accurate Shellie is I was really happy with my reading as it was is exactly how it is.thankyou so much,you were spot on." ... written by pansydance
Very positve. Made me feel better." ... written by katie46
Very insightful woman :)" ... written by lifesgood225
SHE IS AWESOME,,,,," ... written by ppp
She is so great I feel really relieved after a conversation with her." ... written by anehave
Awesome as always " ... written by uzma01
The uplifting and positive feeling I get from Shellie's guidance is priceless. I feel so comfortable, at ease, and trust her perception and messages. She is the best for me." ... written by lilliableu
Had a great update reading with her and she always calms me down." ... written by anehave
Great update I feel she taps in very accurately and I feel her predictions are accurate." ... written by anehave
There were things she was accurate about. " ... written by anshikam
5 stars to shellie " ... written by murdocca
Kind soul, very sincere and insightful." ... written by meg007
She's my favourite psychic! She's always honest with no sugarcoating but positive and encouraging about the future. Confusion just disappears after I talk with her. :)" ... written by persephonestears
I really believe this time that something wonderful is going to happen. She is great!" ... written by luckygirl40
Godsend x" ... written by doracf
Great chat, knows what is going on...Love her, so sweet..." ... written by Nancy
Shellie is really sweet and i feel very accurate thank u very much" ... written by smiley2011
That was a lovely reading Shellie, really nice! I look forward to this coming change....I so need it too! xxxx" ... written by Jade50
I went to her in the past. Her predictions were right and she is always there for great advice. Love her readings. Thanks Shellie! 5 Stars :)" ... written by livehappy70
Great help to keep me going on the right track and to know where I sld go and where I should be headed. Thank you again" ... written by Jo9987
Thanks Shellie, so helpful as always :)" ... written by Jo9987
Very good, honest and helpful!" ... written by Jo9987
Always good!" ... written by intrigueme184
Shellie is good, give me good reading. I still haven't found that woman, good woman with an accent :(" ... written by maravilloso002
Thank you!!!" ... written by mmd1990
SHE IS GOOD,..... trust me,..." ... written by ppp
She was amazing and fun to talk to... also, she's a spy" ... written by pandoy
Pleasant and in tune as always :)" ... written by MjOcho
Very lovely, has been right about everything since we started talking ! Wonderful, honest and I feel very confident that everyone will feel the same" ... written by BriannaT26
Shellie is a very honest, clear and precise reader. She related what she saw in my life's past, present and future. She is very loving and is one of the best here on Oranum. Maybe we sometimes don't want to hear the truth because the wounds are still open but she delivers the reading with love and kindness. Shellie, thank you for your honesty and compassion. " ... written by reena2323
Each reading tops the previous. Each conversation is such a gift to me. Shellie's connection with me is so spot on..!" ... written by lilliableu
Wonderful Advisor!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
Had an amazing reading from Shellie,...she is very fast and accurate, picked up on my thoughts and concerns immediately. She gave me so much clarity and I had such a sense of reassurance and peace after my reading regarding my situation. I will definitely recommend her for future insight and guidance. " ... written by redwritergirl
Excellent." ... written by purple20
All I can say is wow! She was right on about everything and didn't ask any leading questions. Even though what she said was what I wanted to hear it was also exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much for your guidance, you are just lovely!" ... written by redpanda12
I really like her. She was fast and on track I think shes right!!!!!!" ... written by loe123
Thankyou :) Was very good. x" ... written by numberthree3
Happy Anniversary Shellie on your one year on Oranum and you have been a wonderful addition here. You are always smiling and a pleasure in answering all questions that are asked. No sugar coating. Thank you xoxoxo" ... written by dallascowboys8
Still my favourite psychic, even though she's been away recently. She still gives amazing readings, has amazing psychic abilities, and is so easy to talk to. I always feel better after having a reading with her. " ... written by persephonestears
I loved my reading! thankyou so much! i really needed that and u were spot on! u Rock" ... written by IndieLexi23
What a lovely experience, helped quell my insecurities about a significant person in my life and reaffirmed for me that I'm on the right path towards love." ... written by nix331
Thank you Shellie! You give me so much hope!" ... written by ttttt
Thank you Shellie, very comforting and extremely helpful, highly reccommend, I will be back, thank you again!" ... written by bluetippi2
Shellie always have positive inputs :) Love her energy :) thanks Shellie!" ... written by holy2408
Very reassuring!" ... written by lovemoon
Amazing reading, I am really impressed! :))) Thank you and see you again!!! :)))" ... written by mariela
Shellie, thank you so much! You were wonderful. I was so happy I found you today. I smiled for the first time in a long time today. Bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!" ... written by smcwilliams
Profoundly helpful and helped me to realise and work through lessons I need to learn. She is a wonderful counsellor." ... written by lilliableu
Thanks Shellie. Very intuitive. Always very honest and clear and full of positivity." ... written by Jo9987
Thanks Shellie! Always very honest and intuitive and a great help with so much guidance. Thank you!" ... written by Jo9987
Very lovely and offered great feedback. Can't wait to chat more." ... written by chanelmax
Such a lovely reading it really did make my day, thank you so much. Pamela x" ... written by Pamela20
She is so beautiful I wish I WAS her BF. She has very good energy, good reading, hope her prediction comes to pass. She has beautiful eyes ,cute voice too. Hope we can talk again with her predication." ... written by jasmail
Shellie has given me great insight about my soul mate. I feel so blessed for her insight and guidance.Thank you Lady Sister Shellie!" ... written by meg007
Thanks Shellie, always a big help on everything!" ... written by Jo9987
One simple word: LOVELY!" ... written by malinda2011
Thanks Shellie. A big help as always and helping to make all the confusion make sense. Thank you." ... written by Jo9987
On point as usual! Don't even have words to describe her psychicness (clairvoyance)." ... written by firefly55
This is like my 4th reading with Shellie, and what can I say, she blew me away each time! She sees so many things in your life, especially what's stopping you from getting far, and people, and their appearances, and gives you the knowledge and power to improve you life. Dunno what I'd do without her!!!" ... written by firefly55
Excellent. Extremely accurate! Please check her out, you won't be disappointed. :)" ... written by Miss_Miszy
She really told me what I was feeling and its like she knew what was going on before I even told her. I will let her know if this all comes true what she told me.." ... written by bridgette33
OMG I am shaking... Shellie just confirmed what I had in the deepest part of my heart and shook my soul. I LOVE HER and will ABSOLUTELY speak to her again. She went right to the heart of the matter. Shellie is truly gifted and purely about healing and truth. God Bless and Thank you SO much." ... written by Amandables
Very accurate and helpful in helping me to understand everything that is happening. Highly recommended. " ... written by Jo9987
Thanks Shellie. Great as usual. I ran out of money but will followup with you later. Thanks for the reading. :-)" ... written by Chanej
Thank you so much for your great insight and warm presence here. I'll take the leap to the next level to make it happen! xoxo Much love, PB." ... written by pamelapansy
Shellie, as usual, made my day so much brighter. Her prediction for my near future is definitely something to look forward to. I am excited for my next update!" ... written by MjOcho
Very accurate and reads well. " ... written by Jo9987
A great reading, Shellie always helps to keep me calm and focused and always gives me a boost of her positive energy. Highly recommended." ... written by Jo9987
Very comforting, thanks Shellie." ... written by Jo9987
Shelley is always very honest and accurate and is clearly very intuitive and has helped me endlessly with all my struggles. She is very giving and kind and a pleasure to talk to. " ... written by Jo9987
I think she is the best expert I have had so far!!! I just gave her my name and dob but she was spot on the other person's life with details with no information provided! She's calm and a gentle soul and made me feel relaxed already.. Thank you dear!! I will let you know in a month how things are going! xoxox" ... written by kellycalifornia
Really good reading with an instant connection that provide a lot of good feeback. I definitely would recommend her to anyone." ... written by paloosa
Shellie is so calming and correct with her insight. She made me feel relaxed about my problem for the first time in months. Shellie gave me great advice which I can follow. I have an inner calm now and have tears in my eyes at her empathy for me. What a lovely girl and her talent and gift is awe-inspiring. Thank you Shellie." ... written by Colin58
Thanks Shellie. She is very accurate and intuitive has been accurate with so much going on around me. Very lovely and down to earth and easy to talk to. A very giving heart. Thank you! " ... written by Jo9987
Amazing as usual!! Her positivity is so empowering." ... written by DCF
Terrific!! Just soooo great... Please check her out everyone she is well worth it.... Just soooo kind and lovely.... And most importantly SPOT ON!!!" ... written by Miss_Miszy
Wow!!! she was so spot on with everything. Love talking to her. ......" ... written by stakiss
Wonderful reading :-)))" ... written by Bojan99
Great reading. I look forward to what life has in store for me." ... written by MrsChung1
Shellie's predictions are happening.. one by one.. she has been reading for me for the past year, and has been my spiritual guide... she is wonderful... " ... written by psychiclove38
Love Shellie. Thank you for the daily encouragement and psychic reading. You are spot on." ... written by bacidoll
Thank you Shellie. Help me to understand what is going on and how to deal with it all. Very intuitive and accurate. Highly recommended. " ... written by Jo9987
Great reading, very honest and great connection." ... written by Ammer
Love shellie. She is so accurate and right on with her psychic abilities. I cannot wait to have predictions come true. Thank you shellie!" ... written by bacidoll
Shellie is so good and intuitive. She is such a lovely person, and gives her information with lightness and feeling. I know that she has my best interest at heart. Loved the lengthly, but necessary reading. Thank you so much Shellie, would definitely recommend her and see her again. Please see her. You too will be moved and inspired!" ... written by bacidoll
Thank you for sharing your time and insights.great connection and simply a lovely heart. love" ... written by maithu
Shellie is excellent. Very intuitive. Not always what you want to hear but given with compassion." ... written by nero315
Awesome!!! As always. :)" ... written by Miss_Miszy
So amazingly talented. Thank you, Shellie." ... written by meg007
I love her!! She somehow just connects with me....Very detailed...Honest..." ... written by stakiss
Excellent. Highly recommended. Thank you." ... written by martarlyd
I guess I'll start tomorrow then! :D red carpet here i come andamp;gt;:) hopefully...hehe XD Thank you so much again! It's like you knew everything about me without me having to tell you...very cool :D And you're real, a lot of people in Vienna claim to be andamp;quot;psychicsandamp;quot; but they just tell you anything you wanna hear, but you really hit the spot :) I'll definitely be keeping up with community site! :D " ... written by tamalynne
I just love her. Thank you, Shellie, for your wonderful psychic abilities." ... written by bacidoll
Love her. It's all I can say. Better than therapy." ... written by bacidoll
Damn it, time went up! But thank you so much, you're scarily accurate. :P I guess I'll need more credit. XD Hehe, i don't know if I could deal with more boys, they make life so damn complicated. ;)" ... written by tamalynne
She said it exactly how it is and hope what she predict will come true..thanks" ... written by serinaserina
The best psychic so far." ... written by Shankargreedhur
Excellent psychic very friendly and helpful. this was my 3 rd reading with her . you wont' be dissapointed" ... written by Shankargreedhur
As usual spot on with circumstance in reading. She is really great! " ... written by bacidoll
After a long time ....detailed private...THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT SHELLIE...WHICH MAKES HER SHELLIE...the details n things she sees only she was a fantastic reading...i came back 3 times cz i just had to finish the entire story ....things i nva knew i found out today ...and it was very important that i know thts how i navigate my future....thnx shellie......" ... written by beautifulmoi
BRILLIANT READING......IN DETAILS IS WHAT I LOVE WHEN I NEED IT....sumtimes u dont wana detail ur scared...but today everything was great..she told me exactly how it is n i knew she was bang on right" ... written by beautifulmoi
AMAZING ! theres so many words wonderful, positive, motivating, lovely, understanding, caring cant get enough super helpful!" ... written by BriannaT26
Shellie is warm and wonderful and never wishes to harm anyone in her information. I love readings with her and value her insight. Thank you Shellie," ... written by bacidoll
THANK YOU SHELLIE FOR EVERYTHING." ... written by bacidoll
Shellie always makes me feel good and she is so positive, but very honest. love her" ... written by bacidoll
Always spot on and very intuitive, and full of positivity and insight. Thank you!" ... written by Jo9987
Very insightful." ... written by rstnlaurels
Awaiting predictions at this time. Shelly is insightful and kind." ... written by bacidoll
I love Shellie, thank u very much!" ... written by smiley2011
Thank you.. I feel a lot better after my conversations with her:)" ... written by anehave
Shellie is like a good friend and therapist, She is a wonderful psychic but makes you feel as though she understands you completely and does connect with your energies. Love consulting her. Thank you again Shellie." ... written by bacidoll
AMAZING READER! AMAZING CONNECTION!! " ... written by Summer84
Great as always. ;)" ... written by pandoy
She is wonderful, very insightful. Thanks Lady." ... written by meg007
She's the best!!!!!" ... written by kellycalifornia
Ooooo... well done shellie.... Thank you lets just see. xx" ... written by bubblesgalore
Thank you for wonderful reading." ... written by holy2408
Great reading. Connected fast. " ... written by Scorpio1112
OMG Shellie is a sweetie and she is a true psychic! Saw into my situation easily and told me not only what I needed to hear but what I also wanted to hear! Will be contacting you again. " ... written by crazyforgoins
Very helpful and appreciative of her guidance." ... written by nix331
I love her!" ... written by Wolf7919
She is the best on Oranum.... 5 stars to Shellie. She is a must try on your list. Kind, generous and truthful." ... written by murdocca
Shellie is such a wonderful, evolved, loving soul. She is so smooth - I believe because she vibrates at such a fine and beautiful loving vibration - She is steady and really a clear advisor. I want to say channel but it is more accurate that she clearly and accurately receives and perceives, then shares it, very precisely, and in a loving way. I am lucky to have spoken with her again. Her insights and advice not only ring true for me on a deep level, but they also help me through the more challenging times." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thanks Shellie, always great to get a good perspective. Very accurate as always" ... written by Jo9987
Thanks Shellie for the positive reading." ... written by holy2408
I truly enjoyed the conversation, thank you!" ... written by salumondi
WOW! Shellie is a super psychic!High energy, genuine, kind. She has never yet been wrong, her predictions are accurate and true. She always gives me a different outlook and delivers in a calm, proffessional yet funny and sweet manner. 100% recommended! Cannot wait until my next reading, I will not go to anyone else but her from now on!!! She has lifted my spirits at a great hour of need and saw things that noone else has! Thank you Shellie, you are Shelleilicious lol!" ... written by samnimadov
Talking with Shellie is like a drink of water when I am feeling parched. She makes me feel light and helps me see the positive forces that are happening to me right now. Thank you so much Shellie!" ... written by lilliableu
The predictions have come true, great reading very intuitive. Highly recommended " ... written by Jo9987
Always a great reading and update! Positive energy!" ... written by reena
Very accurate and honest in her prediction. I came for help to her several times and she always gives you a warm welcome and she tries to guide you." ... written by Shankargreedhur
Shellie has great intuition and love - very open and accurate! She helped me to sort out some relationship questions and gain a deeper understanding of my current situation and what I can do to keep moving forward in a positive and meaningful way. Thank you Shellie!" ... written by jlc
My god! is she for real? I mean scary accurate. Scary scary scary accurate. It was like she knew situation more than I did. Unbelievable .... get a reading with her and you will see what i mean. My goodness there is no one like her!" ... written by amnarashid
Very intuitive and accurate, great reading. Highly recommended." ... written by Jo9987
Shellie and I have such a great connection and she is so inspirational with words of wisdom and advice...very appreciative :)" ... written by nix331
She is perfect, true and sensitive. She funny and caring. I will continue to use her. She is amazing!!!!!! " ... written by adonnelly76
I came back to finish my reading. She is an angel. So precise and so so accurate. Like God has given her a special place in his heart! Thanks for your help and you are all I need for a long time. " ... written by amnarashid
Always intuitive, positive, honest and reassuring." ... written by Jo9987
Always honest and supportive. " ... written by reena
Thanks, Shellie... I will try to catch up with you next time... Thanks for the reading... Many blessings always!" ... written by Chanej
One word. Amazing!!!! :-)" ... written by Summer84
Thank you so much. Been lovely as usual." ... written by linn115
Great reading. Shellie always positive and intuitive and helpful and a great help." ... written by Jo9987
Very honest and intuitive reader." ... written by Jo9987
This chick is a complete earth angel!" ... written by slinkyminky3
Awesome and gentle!" ... written by slinkyminky3
THANKS FOR POSTING MY COMMENTS, " ... written by sam4480
You are really amazing to talk to. that lovely red hair n gentle eyes n beautiful laugh. totally get my character n his when she has never talked to me before this. she GETS me!! I TRUST this beautiful lady! :)) will come back again soon!!" ... written by linn115
She sees things straight away! Even before I typed out our dob. Very interesting." ... written by linn115
She is a sweetheart with the most amazing smile and warmth...i am her client from ages and she PUTS MY FUTURE ON A PLATE LIKE A PIECE OF CHOCOLATE CAKE.......THAT I SO LOOK FORWARD TO TO LIVE IT,SEE IT AND ENJOY sure peeps who are her regular clients know what am talking about.......THE EXPLAINING OF THE SITUATION ???AND TELLING ME THE SCENARIO ON THE OTHER SIDE... SHELLIE IS TOO GOOD" ... written by beautifulmoi
Well....shellie is always explaining to her or reminding her...she knows my case and straight gets to the point....OF ACCURATE PREDICTIONS....that radiant warm smile that is so assuring so comforting....she has been guiding me since past 9 months....Thanks shell." ... written by beautifulmoi
Thank you! Great connection, lovely person! I will play it cool :-) X" ... written by Helgaz1
Shellie's predictions have come to pass. She is very gifted and intuitive. Highly recommended. " ... written by Jo9987
Thanks, Shellie, hope you can free chat soon, I just need to let go my steam :(" ... written by holy2408
OMG... She said yes as we ended! :)) I love Shellie! Hugs. " ... written by linn115
AMAZING!" ... written by Lost187
Wonderful connects soooo fast!!!" ... written by mancrm
SHE IS SWEET HEART... SIMPLY LOVE... SO TO THE POINT ALWAYS... EXACTLY WHERE IT IS... !! 110%!" ... written by sam4480
LOVE HER LOVE HER LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE LIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sandalgr8
OMG amazing she quick and if she knows u in person..please visit her ..u wont be disapointed.." ... written by neha
Thank u again babe. will talk again soon. u have been a sweetheart. Will keep faith." ... written by linn115
Ive been her client for many months now....her lovely warm smile with the hope she gives,followed by the accurate predictions...and the personal touch she gives is just TEARS IN THE EYES SCENE FOR ME every time....i feel so great after every reading with her..i have 2 psychics i trust my life with on this site..shes one of always saving money to just get those boost of energies from the reading was STRAIGHT outa MILLS AND BOON..awwww MY HEART IS BEATING..thnx shell love u" ... written by beautifulmoi
I love Shellie! She is awesome! One of the best on Oranum!" ... written by caliber100
Thank you very much! Your voice is so soothing. I will come back next week once he has contacted me." ... written by wishingsmi
Oh man !!!! Detailed insight she gives you,just blows your mind out.......She is BRILLIANT..I run out of adjectives with her.........She always makes me smile..." ... written by beautifulmoi
Great, positive reading. Always very reassuring, helpful and helps to keep focused on right track. " ... written by Jo9987
It was a good read, reaffirmed what she said months ago." ... written by shaz77
Shellie gave me an amazing reading and she picked up on so many points and hit the mark every time. Thank you so much Shellie and I will definitely come back for more talks! " ... written by Kelebek
She is wonderful, will come back again." ... written by Janice75
Wonderful, always lovely chatting to Shellie, can not wait to chat again!" ... written by BriannaT26
Thanks for the clarification." ... written by shaz77
Thank you for talking to me. Was waiting so long for you to come in. Can`t wait to talk to you again soon. " ... written by linn115
Amazing and lovely, Shellie is always so cool and calm in her readings. I am glad I visited just for some clarity, I really hope things go the way she said, I am sure they will. Lovely reader, thanks so much, blessings to you Shellie!! xxxx" ... written by Jade50
Shellie is always so helpful and insightful and I appreciate her feedback time and time again." ... written by nix331
Thank you for your insight. Your energy always keeps me calm. I will let you know how things turn out tonight." ... written by mmd1990
She is the best! :) I'm always waiting to talk to her!" ... written by linn115
Lovely lady.. waiting for prediction to come." ... written by LovelyLibra91
Very intuitive and informative and very helpful in staying on track. Highly recommended!" ... written by Jo9987
Always a great help and full of guidance. Thank you!" ... written by Jo9987
There are not enough words to describe this lady's awesomeness. She is completely spectacular. I have been coming to her for months and it has always been amazing!!! " ... written by amnarashid
Shellie is such a gifted lady, and her beauty within her shines throughout. " ... written by alwaysgem
An infinity of stars to this beautiful, warm, caring lady. More than a psychic, she is a friend who not only predicts and sees detailed insights but also feels, knows, and advises. Always charming and positive. Thanks Shell!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Great help and guidance, and a massive help in keeping focused through the challenges." ... written by Jo9987
She was perfect, with so many details. I really loved the reading. I will come back not only to give update but for guidance as well." ... written by dladie42
Lmao my little angel sister. She is absolutely so accurate about things and connects so so well. 5 stars to shellie and much more .... " ... written by murdocca
Wonderful, Shellie is amazing and has always been exactly on target with my situation. She is such a pleasure to speak with. " ... written by kkinney25
Thanks!" ... written by tobishun
You are amazing!" ... written by sky456
Just the most kind and compassionate person! Excellent readings, you wont be disappointed!!" ... written by newmswalker2
Unbelievable!! She is that good!!! Will be back for many updates I'm sure." ... written by sky456
Thank you babe. Will come back. Always there for me..." ... written by linn115
Thank you for listening to me vent. I had a really bad night tonight." ... written by linn115
She was great and very down to earth! Reading was on point!" ... written by pm1315
I appreciate her ongoing help with life's issues and her spiritual insight helps keep stay balanced in my quickly changing world." ... written by nix331
Thanks." ... written by shaz77
I'm hoping it will come true in a few days :)" ... written by kalie04
Shellie is wonderful. She always knows how to calm me and help me when I am struggling through a difficult situation. Thank you Shellie for all that you do for me, your wisdom, support, and kind words mean more than you know." ... written by kkinney25
You seem so sure of what you say... And at times you answer me before I ask. I am sad but always feel better after I chat with you. Thank you!" ... written by humblefitz8
Wish Oranum gave me unlimited free credits.. I'd be in private with Shellie forever.... She just takes you in a trance of hope and happiness." ... written by beautifulmoi
Just a wonderful reading and so caring. Thank you Shellie!" ... written by LoriKA
Very accurate and intuitive. Thanks Shellie." ... written by Jo9987
Always uplifting. Shellie is my go-to spiritual advisor and I value her guidance. Highly recommend a reading with Shellie!" ... written by lilliableu
Beautiful lady with a warm aura that just melts you to smiles..Very positive! You just draw towards her and as always brilliant reading on the money!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Excellent kind soul." ... written by luvbug77
Calming voice in the face of a storm. Wonderful reader!" ... written by LoriKA
Great reading!" ... written by crmyoung
Awesome!" ... written by psychiclove38
Thank you Shellie. I will keep you updated. :-) I hope you're right. " ... written by Kitty1002
Thanks Shellie...... as always comforting.. wish I had more credits" ... written by beautifulmoi
Would recommend!" ... written by snowplow1
Thanks Shellie, that was great, will try to get to you soon for info :) " ... written by squirrel75
Loved the reading! Thank you!" ... written by gateforest01
Great reading! Thank you so much :)" ... written by gateforest01
Thanks again." ... written by shaz77
I cant resist!!" ... written by gittyup1945
Awesome!!" ... written by gittyup1945
Excellent!" ... written by gittyup1945
Thanks again." ... written by shaz77
Thanks so much Shellie. I always enjoy readings with you." ... written by mmd1990
Perfect connection as always and fills me with positivity. Her guidance and messages are so good for me. I am grateful for her." ... written by lilliableu
She's my 2nd favorite. Was away for a bit, got her today, and phew!!!! As always, soothing, calming, brilliant insight. Leaves me on a high after a reading. Sweetheart she is who makes me feel so special and satisfied after a reading! Thanks Shell!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Yes, I love the chemistry with this new man... :)" ... written by linn115
She is right on the money... Amazing!" ... written by marciamia
She KNOWS it! My first time with her and I couldn't believe how well she described my situation without saying anything. I just kept saying "yes" and "omg yes" and "you're right"!!" ... written by marciamia
Shellie is lovely and has helped me a lot over the months she's very kind and compassionate about things and she is always a good help, she makes sense. Thank you once again Shellie!" ... written by f999111
Thanks, very positive again." ... written by shaz77
She is very nice, honest and positive. I liked talking to her!" ... written by Ellie11
Kuddos! Thank you... 5 star reading!" ... written by lagirl
Very helpful, right on point on everything!" ... written by jgonzalez21
Good to have you back Shell bell.. Love you!" ... written by uzma01
I felt really at ease with her and she seems very genuine. Will have to wait for the predictions to come true. I liked her style very much." ... written by glow71
She is amazing! Everything she says is always spot on and she is really positive. She tells you things you need to know! :) " ... written by dancingsoul
Excellent! Very sutble insight into my situation. Good advice. Thanks Shellie" ... written by nero315
Lovely reading to sort my confusions in romantic life, some good advice and insights.... hard but useful and what I needed." ... written by marinakasha
Great session!" ... written by yvettepandora
I feel an amazing energy and sincerity from Shellie! Her insight has helped me feel so much better... Thank you!" ... written by Sharisse
What can I say 100percent accurate with myself n very in tuned to my needs n foreseen my future b4 as well as my older son n several of his friends..Thy were as sceptical as i was when i joined Shellie's free chat room!!That is until she done several readings on them n their future n foreseen n told them things that would be happening for them as well which did have several weeks later!! Shellie is simply amazing!! It's not a creepy weird feeling on what she's foreseen to happen n did for them as well as my self. But like a spiritual advisor n healer...Almost angelic like!!!You really is worth ur time n energy n for her price REMARKABLE!!!I love to c her as much as i can to have her help no just foresee things for me but also to help guide me on the right path!! She is simply 1of oranum's best on here with accuracy and being totally sincere n no acts or gimmicks!! I've been with Shellie for 3 n a half months now n totally will continue to be with her as well...didn't miss this opportunity to stop in n see her n get urself a reading from past to present...for the new yr!!TRUST ME U WON'T REGRET IT WHATSOEVER!!!" ... written by torresk1978
She is a fab! andamp; to the point andamp; well connected.." ... written by sam
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by yto_84
Thank you so much for your reading, you were spot on about everything, about me, about what I've been going through, and a lot of the things you said resonated with the things I've been feeling. Thank you for your guidance. I would recommend you to anyone." ... written by missteritakena
Amazing, amazing... I will be coming back for more... She connected really well and she is so lovely and caring and kind... I love her! Thanks so much Shellie! xo " ... written by Beccaboo72
LOVE LOVE her !! Right on with everything that was going on!! I will be back !!! " ... written by Mcra7x
A beautiful lady........... honest and calming. If her predictions are right, I will be the first to let you know. Just gorgeous to watch and listen to.... Thank you." ... written by humblefitz8
Nice reading :)" ... written by mariela
Thanks again." ... written by shaz77
I simply adore her!!! She's an amazing reader, she gives great advice, and very optimistic and honest!" ... written by swaimz
She is an angel!" ... written by slinkyminky3
Shellie is amazing. She has been on target about everything. Thank you, Shellie, for being there and for continuing to help and support me. You are an angel." ... written by kkinney25
Thanks shelie for the reading it calms me down..hope everything will fall into places soon." ... written by holymolly2408
So nice to catch up with Shellie and to share good news. xxxxx" ... written by LondonMermaid
I looooooooooove her, she made me feel a lot better!! Spot on reading!!! Shame my credit finished." ... written by swaimz
Ok, so I came to Shell today just as a friend.. and not as a reading for once.. And she was totally there like a sister or a family member.. She helped me calm down on sum anger and stress I was having for the past 2 hours.. And I've only seen her for 10 minutes if that and now I'm totally at peace and and see that her advice truly is powerful, almost magical like.. now my blood pressure is totally normal... And before I talked to Shelly it was way above normal... thanks for just being there when the time is needed not just for your readings but for your true friendship Shell-bell ;) I love you!" ... written by torresk1978
Very accurate reading! Shellie has a wonderful personality and energy!" ... written by Lilia100
Shellie is so full of love and warmth and you feel it with her. Even when it is about the not so good issues." ... written by lilliableu
I return again and again to Shellie for an update reading. Of all the money I have spent on Oranum, you can bet I get an accurate reading all the time from her! She infuses the heart with balance and love to help one proceed in the right direction. Thank you Shellie" ... written by reena2323
Shellie from the beginning, would be lost without her. Her December contact was spot on :)))" ... written by alwaysgem
She is a companion! :) Once u meet her you will fall in love with her... As i did.. Helpful and guiding... " ... written by sam
Shellie has the unique ability to lift my spirits with her insights, she has been amazingly accurate in reading on love and career. " ... written by nix331
Very good reading, careful explanations and good perceptions about other people in my life." ... written by barbarosa
I love her kindness and gentleness :) She is excellent with facts and kind to help us take them on board." ... written by HollyB123
She is just always spot on. She knows what she's talking about and it amazes me that she sees stuff no one could know!" ... written by marciamia
Excellent reading again!" ... written by kellycalifornia
Thank you Shellie, everything you said is true but I needed clarification on it. Thank You so much, I will definitely be back to you soon! xx" ... written by Tash52
Thank you so much dear! You've been wonderful and you've put my heart and mind at peace!!! xxx" ... written by kellycalifornia
EAST OR WEST, SHELLIE IS THE BEST!!! Undoubtedly. Extremely talented, most kind and RELIABLE. She is companion, friend, and I feel LOST without her. Ii am so so so thankful to get to know her. AMAZING! Always! xxoxoxoxox Love her!" ... written by sam
Shelly is simply the best on oranum!!! No complaints I've been going to her for months now but she's top on here in my book.. I seen lots in her and she's the most accurate!!!! Woot-woot!!!" ... written by torresk1978
Thank you Shellie I loved the was great and I believe I will move forward in my life even though things have been hard for me as you know....ran out of funds will chat with you soon!!! Love and prosperity for the New Year!!!" ... written by Chanej
She was so helpful and put my mind and heart at ease during a very tough time. I felt the connection with her immediately and she was spot on with my situation. I didn't have to tell her much. I am so grateful to have met Shellie today, you are blessed with a special gift :-) Thanks again and Happy New YEAR!" ... written by lolagreen0684
Once again, Shellie, you have given me Clarification to the situation to which I am very anxious about. I love your Honesty, you really put my mind at ease, thank you very much xx" ... written by Tash52
Shellie is amazing. She is always on point and so accurate in what she says and has not steered me wrong. I trust her completely. " ... written by LaurenNicole15
I love shellie she is really good." ... written by smiley2011
Lovely, lovely lady. She really seemed to have a definite connection with me and to understand the situation! I would recommend a reading with her. Thank you!" ... written by nostalgicgirl
Shellie is amazingly accurate with her readings that's why I come back to her time and time again. She gives insight and is such a pleasure to talk to. Thank you Shellie for all your great advice and help, you have been truly a light in the storm for me!" ... written by nix331
Shellie is wonderful. She knew right on what my problem was before she even knew my name. It was such a relief talking to her because she closed my doubts and eased my worries. She told me what I needed to do to help in my situation, but not to worry because it was going to be okay. Thank you so much Shellie!" ... written by ajb0719
Shellie is Shellie... What more can I say! That soft lovely blue eyed beauty who has been there with me from past 9 months guiding me... She just knows what is in certain peoples head you know... She knows it all... She's fantastic!" ... written by beautifulmoi
I love you Shellie you are incredible! So fast, accurate and to the point! Thank you so much! :)" ... written by Yoogii00
Ok I wil try my best to chill. " ... written by linn115
Lovely lady! Gives great advice and good reading. Thank you shellieee xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Thanks for talking to me babe, :) " ... written by linn115
Always love her readings. shes so sweet." ... written by md1990
Shellies is AWESOME. There aren't enough stars for this gal. I love her and she always know how to calm me down or bring me up. Awesome reader!! Everyone must try her and you'll go back for life. xoxoxo" ... written by LL1971
Thanks." ... written by shaz77
Very positive energy and very sweet with a lot of helpful advice and guidance. Thank you very much. " ... written by cosmiclatte
Thank you so much for the amazing reading Shellie, I really do have a lot to look forward to, then I will come back for another reading. Thanks again lovely!" ... written by sneza1
She's such a great reader, warm and kind and positive, only time will tell if her predictions will come true. Here's hoping!" ... written by lavenderlilly13
Wonderful - and so good at what she does. I always find she gives me renewed strength." ... written by lilliableu
Great reading. She had a great connection and knew my situation exactly. I will go back again. Thank you Shellie!" ... written by lavenderlilly13
Simply amazing. She is just lovely! She is quick too. I will be back!" ... written by sparklejules
I'm going to be fine! " ... written by linn115
I love Shellie, she gives the best advice and is very kind and lifts your spirits!" ... written by jgonzalez21
So sorry..i couldn't add more credits.. :( thank you so much again!!! it's beingn wonderful every time i talk to are spot on and as i said my personal therapist..i will come back in the future ot let you know..thanx again!!" ... written by kellycalifornia
Always awesome... :) she rocks..!" ... written by sam
Awesome reading. Love you shellie. x" ... written by sneza1
Great reading, I wish I had come to her earlier. I just feel like shes a true best friend and like a sibling even though I have known her for such a short time. Love you shellie, plenty more readings with you." ... written by sneza1
I always enjoy a reading from Shellie. She is honest and very helpful. Thank you." ... written by snowplow1
Simply fantastic !! Well worth every penny !! " ... written by Beccaboo72
Amazing.. what more can i say ? I love her shes adorable and we connect really well. Please please do a private with her- shes just so brillant !! She was able to connect really quickly! " ... written by Beccaboo72
Fantastic connection always and she was right on the money today with everything she said and picked up everything so so quickly. She connects to you and your questions easily and puts you at ease with everything ! " ... written by Beccaboo72
This is my second reading with Shellie and she is amazing.. she just makes you feel very peaceful and calm and so sure about what she sees is happening for you by the way she speaks ..Will be back for sure - Thanks so much Shellie.. mwah xo" ... written by Beccaboo72
SHELLIE HAS READ ME FOR MONTHS NOW. And has been the most accurate on this site completely more thn all!!!!Not only has she read me she has read my son,friends n othr's in my presance n wht she said to them tht wld happen in their near future soon did exactly how she said it wld..Dwn to the monthsn time frame it is my daily new yrs resolution to c her twice a wk for some clairification on my life n the upcoming events n situations to look out for n be ready for..Thnks Shell ur simply the best on oranum!!!!I love ya dearly;')" ... written by torresk1978
Shellie was on point about everything .She's great!" ... written by nia1294
Beautiful reading!!we have a wonderful connection and she calmed me down immediately..she can see through my situation with clarity...very friendly and sweet..hope all her predictions will come true!! than you so much sweetheart!!" ... written by kellycalifornia
Shellie is amazing and made me feel 1000s times b etter about things and gave me hope will defo speak with her again very very nice lady n easy to talk to xx thank you Shellie xx" ... written by smiler801
Thank u for helping babe. i will be better soon." ... written by linn115
Very sincere, Very tuned in. Inspiring. Will work with more...;))" ... written by globalfountain
Shellie is so sweet and helpful. It's always a great experience talking to her. Definitely give her a try. Thanks so much for your advice! " ... written by lolagreen0684
Shellie is so amazing and I seriously dont know what I would do without her for the next few decades hahaha. She is soo lovely and kind. She is such a nice and kind loving person. Get a reading with her and you will see yourself that she is such an incredible person. Love you Shellie xx" ... written by sneza1
I really enjoy my readings with Shellie! you can feel her positive energy, and she's gives the best advice and answers to my questions. She really calms me down, and she's honest! " ... written by swaimz
She is such a gifted reader and so friendly and caring... love my readings with her ... 5 stars" ... written by murdocca
Thank u shellie. i appreciate u helping me out. theres no one else i trust more." ... written by linn115
Thank u for always being so supportive " ... written by linn115
She is the best I could have ever met. I don't know what I would be doing without her." ... written by sam
Shellie was absolutely wonderful. I am looking forward to her predictions coming true. thank you so much" ... written by GREATEX
Very accurate in her reading and I hope for the best!" ... written by Shankargreedhur
She is very good and so nice." ... written by millyloves22
I hope you get better soon as well. :) Thank you for your constant support." ... written by linn115
Very good! Made me feel happy! Said it as it was but I felt she was connected to me. Very nice lady, gentle. Thank you Shellie! xxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by ididitmyway
Lovely, honest and very caring! Would recommend Shellie to everyone! " ... written by BriannaT26
She's the best" ... written by millyloves22
For once more thank you for your support and advice!!!" ... written by kellycalifornia
Very very good, honest, very clear" ... written by Majoma
Nice positive reading yayy will update u on whats going on :)" ... written by holymolly2408
10 stars from me :)" ... written by swaimz
Thank you so much!! For all your advice, attention, warmth and honest insight into my life.. You've been an excellent advisor, amazing friend and compassionate person.. I honestly believe you are the best on oranum.. I'm sure your good energy and caring will help my situation more.. Thank you again! " ... written by kellycalifornia
Very Accurate and honest. She tells you the truth and doesn't sugar coat what she sees!" ... written by tizzybb
She's a ROCKSTAR!! She's very positive and accurate!" ... written by swaimz
Thank you, I know what I have to do now! " ... written by jgonzalez21
WOW shellie saw that i had been lied to, that there is a long history, described feelings my ex had already said to me he was going thru." ... written by bluetig
5 stars is what i give ... but ill give her much,much more .... wonderful...xooxox" ... written by murdocca
Thank you again, you're so insightful and accurate!" ... written by nostalgicgirl
There should be more stars to grade her, 5 are real less... She is just awesome , fabulous, !!!" ... written by sam
Simply good....excellent" ... written by sweets55
Words can not express how grateful I am for Shellie. I went from feeling like I wanted to die, to feeling so happy when in the short time, I had a reading with her. I'm so sad that it wasn't longer. She answered so many of my questions and my heart is warm. I am so content now. She will never realize how much she just saved me. I am going to have another reading with her as fast as I can get the credits. Thank you Shellie from the bottom of my heart. I love you and may God Bless you always. xoxoxoxoxox" ... written by LiveAndLove
Very accurate!" ... written by sarahg55
I love her... She is the BEST AROUND! :) " ... written by sam
She is lovely! I just love her calm, collected, and warm energy. I trust her readings... She's honest and delivers with accuracy and she has been very on point with me this far." ... written by iPreferMimi
A super wonderful woman who read me.. And actually for what is going on.. I really hope things she said come true for this weekend.. And a good advice.. I wish I have more money to continue this reading, but I am sure I'll be back for update..." ... written by ginlin
Words can't even describe how Shellie motivates me with her life coaching and accurate reading. She's not only a psychic, but a true friend above all! " ... written by swaimz
Yayyy shelll thanks for fast quick reading hope i will give u some good news soon." ... written by holymolly2408
She gives great advice!" ... written by nahushj
I Love her! I keep coming back. She nailed do you hear me?! Nailed predictions of what I'm going through wow!!! She's really good." ... written by gittyup1945
I like her a lot, very helpful and patient." ... written by Majoma
Shells is EPIC! I love her so much!" ... written by swaimz
As always fantastic! Thank you for your guidance.. I hope what you can see is true.. Will let you know how it went xxx" ... written by kellycalifornia
Thank you babe. I appreciate your help all these months. :) " ... written by linn115
What can I say, she has seen what mu gut was telling me!! Wh t shell sees and says is spot on the truth and it does happen eventually what she tells me and sees for me n my ex ;) I LOVE HER!! BY FAR, IS TOP 3 on Oranum for psychics!!!!! I'll see her again and again till I get to my total happiness in love in my life;)" ... written by torresk1978
I did my first reading with shellie and I was very amazed. She knew what I was going to ask before i even asked them. She really was spot on with my situation and I will def be coming back for another reading. " ... written by anm5335
Once again she makes me feel comfortable, she is telling the true for what is going on.. What was said in the last reading things came true, so I hope this time will come true too... I just love her for straight and accurate reading... Amazing..." ... written by ginlin
Thank you for the reading...and yes I am stressed but I will be okay..thanks for the confirmation as always." ... written by Chanej
Thanks Shellie, she is such the sweetest soul around. If you want an honest soulful and beautiful reading with someone who can provide accurate information regarding your life.. please do a private with Shellie.. dont go anywhere else. " ... written by Beccaboo72
I could talk to Shellie for hours, my cosmic sister! :)" ... written by sneza1
Thank you Shellie :-)" ... written by Kitty1002
Thanks Shellie again!" ... written by holymolly2408
Wow, Shellie told me several days ago that something would happen soon in couple days and it has today!!! Everything that Shellie told me would happen did this morning with my love life!!! She has only been the totally most ACCURATE on Oranum with me by far... I will not waste no more money on noone else but her I have seen Shellie lots of time as well as a few other selected few on here.. But I will not any more!!! You're one of my bestest and only friend on here! ;) I love you! xoxox" ... written by torresk1978
One of my most intense reading! This is what I love about Shellie, her honesty! Thank you for the advice!" ... written by swaimz
Like always Shellie was exceptional. I am so glad she is here for me. Thank you Shellie." ... written by GREATEX
So loveli woman who understands my situation.. She gave me advice and she's accurate. She told me what is going on.. once again a good reading" ... written by ginlin
Woot-Woot!!!!! Another GREAT READING as always from shell-bell..:) Things are starting to look up for me and my man of my dreams the one who owns my heart currently..My EX!!!!Shell read what my gut felt and what I had been feeling and dreaming for... So many times I have seen Shellie and everything she has read and foreseen to happen has almost 95 % of the time!!! So I am very excited to start my life over again for a 2nd chance with the love of my life as Shellie has foreseen it to be... THANKS SHELL-BELL! xoxoxo Your friend forever and grateful that you came into my life, Shellie! ;)" ... written by torresk1978
Sorry, I ran out of credit, I can't add more, thanks for the quick insights!" ... written by holymolly2408
Thank you for always answering every question I have. You are the best. Love you!" ... written by linn115
Shellie is very in tune and has a great sense of direction to offer her readers!" ... written by subamerica13
She is a sweet heart and I love her :)))) The best !!!" ... written by sam
She is simply the best.. :))" ... written by sam4480
Very very interesting reading, just loved it and wanted to keep it on as much as I could afford.. I will definitely see you again. Thank you for the very helpful insights you gave me and I will follow your advice. You were very sweet and understanding. Time with you is a joy!.. Thank you very much. Love." ... written by Balkiss
Shellie is my angel, she is so helpful in navigating the ups and downs life throws at me with timely wisdom, reassurance and readings that are incredibly accurate and informative." ... written by nix331
Thank you, thank you Shellie." ... written by GREATEX
Shellie is amazing as always, love her lots. have a reading with her, you will not regret it!. Love you Shellie" ... written by sneza1
BRILLIANT, THANK YOU, CONNECTS WELL XX" ... written by ididitmyway
She has the most amazing energy! Very very good! Totally connected, absolutely awesome!" ... written by bella911912
Shellilicious is simply amazing, she has helped me put a lot of things in perspective. I'm speechless at how honest she is and you can truly find a friend in her! Bless her." ... written by swaimz
Extremely good and accurate." ... written by smileysteph123
Thank you, Shellie, I am happy that you have given me some insight and reassured me to let things go... I am a hard worker and am hoping thins will come together...Thank you for being there!" ... written by Chanej
Thank you again!" ... written by jgonzalez21
She is Great! I always come back to her. She knows what she is speaking about. She's kind and welcoming, LoVe you, Shellie!" ... written by gittyup1945
Great as usual!!! xxxx" ... written by weissinha
Accurate and honest" ... written by houleyman321
So accurate, and helpful! Definitely going back again :) thank you xx" ... written by smileysteph123
Accurate and friendly!! Thanks a lot!!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Brilliant, I hope it will happen as you say. Thanks for the reassurance." ... written by Neurath
She is amazing , love her so nice, charming, love her love her." ... written by carina12
A nice reading. Consistent and positive." ... written by shaz77
Shellie is amazing as always. " ... written by sneza1
Great reading thank u so much Shellie! My mind is at ease now.......nothing to worry about :) Looking to the happy future :) x x x" ... written by Lalima
Thank you soo much for Today Shellie!! You were the only one who told me the truth!! Thank you soo much for your compassion!! I will get a reading for you soon!! Much Blessings!!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Amazing and empowering!! Will keep coming back to you!! Thank you soo much!! " ... written by Mysticmarzo
I always feel more peaceful and reassured when I speak to Shellie. Great as always." ... written by jgonzalez21
Your amazing!! Thanks soo much!!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Gets me all calm and collected and tells me the honest truth absolutely love her energy!!!" ... written by bella911912
Wonderful, wonderful reading! Really felt a connection, like she knew things without me telling her. Calming sense of energy. Will definetly see again!" ... written by jaqui86
Shellie is wonderful thank you so much." ... written by GREATEX
Shellie your the best!! talking to her always makes me feel better about my situation and i can always trust an honest answer :) Cant wait to give you updates and talk again sooon!! :) xo" ... written by zapp20
Shellie, so amazing. Love you, Shellie. my beautiful and amazing cosmic sister :) xxx" ... written by sneza1
Ahh, running out of credits, come to free chat, Shel :) Hheheheheh, thanks for nice reading." ... written by holymolly2408
Thanks again for your time Shellie - Your talent is amazing!!!! " ... written by KelleyMac
She goes out of her way to help her client but is an honest friend. Amazing!" ... written by bella911912
Again so accurate." ... written by smileysteph123
AMAZING LOVE HER XXX" ... written by ididitmyway
I just love her what can I say she is the best, tell you the truth." ... written by millyloves22
Once again she has made me soooo very happy! Go Shellie you rock!!!!! Thank you so much. I will be back again :-)" ... written by LiveAndLove
So nice sweet and honest! soooo good!!!" ... written by bella911912
INCREDIBLE as always!!! Thank you Shellie :) Talk again soon!!!" ... written by Yoogii00
Always soooo positive and sweet!! Love you Shellie!!! You're like a friend to me :-) xxxxx" ... written by weissinha
Awesome as always!!! She is an absolute sweet heart!!" ... written by Miss_Miszy
As always, super good!" ... written by bella911912
Shellie is so beautiful. Lots of love hearts for you Shellie, hope your valentines day is the way you want it to go. lots of cheer. And cant forget hugs lovely :). " ... written by sneza1
Very honest!" ... written by houleyman321
Very on point. She picked up everything without having to say much. 5 star reading!!!" ... written by Ibanezman
Nice profile pictures Shellie, I love it! Thanks for quick insight, I will keep you posted!" ... written by holymolly2408
Thanx again sweetie!! You've been amazing all these months!! xxx wish I had more time :)" ... written by kellycalifornia
They should seriously have more stars! 5 stars are not enough for Shellie. There should be 100 stars!" ... written by sneza1
I love her she's really good.. Please check her out." ... written by gittyup1945
Shellie is soo lovely, I always wish I can talk to her for hours on end!" ... written by sneza1
Thanks for the urgent reading and hope the energy candle works soon and the giant will move away soona and mr k can see soon" ... written by holymolly2408
Shellie is AMAZING!! Always putting me at ease which i am very thankful for :) x" ... written by zapp20
Thanks Shellie... You always make me feel better. I am ready for it to be over..... Thanks for the reassurance." ... written by Chanej
Shellie was great again! the things she told me in our last reading were so true and it was so nice to talk to her about it again! Thank you Shellie I will come back! Hugs." ... written by Kelebek
Another awesome reading with Shellie, she picked up exactly what I wanted to talk about and gave me the answers I was looking for. I feel so much better after talking to her. Thank you Shellie! Hugs" ... written by Kelebek
I got back to Shellie time and time again for her easy going style. She is able to see right to the heart of any matter and provides amazing clarity on issues related to love, career and family. " ... written by nix331
Thank you, thank you Shellie. :-)" ... written by GREATEX
Thanks Shellie for bringing me good news yayyyyyyyy" ... written by holymolly2408
Shellie totally got my situation again and she gave me great advice. I always feel better after talking to Shellie! " ... written by Kelebek
Fantastic! Definitely get a reading! 5 stars!! " ... written by sharphandz247
You must get a reading from Shellie, you will not regret it!" ... written by sneza1
It was really nice talking to you Shellie! I'll keep you posted. Great connection, spot on and love all the things she said. Sorry we got cut off but I'll be back again. Take care :))" ... written by jimikuta
Thank you again :) " ... written by jgonzalez21
I love sheillie, so nice. And spot on." ... written by millyloves22
Thank you for the advice Shellie! I feel much better again! I will come back to you soon! " ... written by Kelebek
Shellie is the best! Her warm and honest feedback was most helpful. Thank you Shellie!" ... written by LizVz18
She is accurate and very kind!!!!!! She sees everything clearly!!!!!!! I love her!!!! God Bless You Shellie!!!!!!!" ... written by roseandwine
As always Shellie, you are so sweet and amazing!! I'm so glad I found you :) x " ... written by zapp20
Thank you very much" ... written by thinkpositiv2012
There needs to be more stars, 5 isn't enough to rate Shellie. She is worth more than that!" ... written by sneza1
Shellie always helps me, no matter what I ask. She is so kind and sweet, and will tell you right up." ... written by millyloves22
Wonderful reader!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
Oh I so love shellie, she was spot on in everything and she is adorable. I will be returning to her for future advice and she is a wonderful, wonderful person!!! I suggest using her." ... written by julieweinburg12
Thank you again, it really helped to talk to you. I'll let you know how it goes." ... written by nostalgicgirl
So amazing talking with you, thank you so much. :):):)" ... written by VonHoneybird
Thank you, Shellie. :) So spot on." ... written by VonHoneybird
Wonderful reading, thank youuu!!!!" ... written by Aryastark
Had a wonderful reading with Shellie , she is so amazing and very very accurate i must say. Definitely will do another reading." ... written by julie
Thank you Shellie for your advice. Was nice speaking to you again. Talk soon xx" ... written by sunny3107
Simply amazing as always! I have been gone for a while and Shellie remembered my situation. She picked on me situation immediately! I love her! Wish I could bottle her up and keep her to myself!!! WONDERFUL!!" ... written by anamaria_marrero
She is a sweet heart.. " ... written by sam4480
She is the sweetest and always there for you, love her!!!" ... written by bella911912
Always great to catch up with her! :)" ... written by linn115
Great!" ... written by curious12no
Was a great help during a time where I am very confused. Loved the reading! for clarity she is a must see!" ... written by ksw0009
Very warm energy and helpful reading! " ... written by beagle88
I always like and satisfy with her. Will come back for sure." ... written by Majoma
Thanks for helping me believe everything will work out. Hope is a good thing!" ... written by WardMatthew
Great reading and we connected well and she picked up well on me. And yes my back is killing me but I am going to a doctor soon. " ... written by edel95
Thank you for lovely reading." ... written by elle11
Good strong reading. Shellie is always positive." ... written by Jass7869
Wonderful as always. Wish time would pass already :)" ... written by marciamia
Great help always! Helps me to find clarity when I need it most! It you need help please contact her!" ... written by ksw0009
Very clear and insightful thanks. With such warmth and certainly picked up well. Thanks." ... written by Denisenz
Very positive and good reading! Tears came to my eyes as how accurate she is!" ... written by Ryan747
So spot on. Brought me to tears in a good way. :)" ... written by kar118
Shellie was awesome! She accurately stated what I needed to know and she was very easy to talk to! I highly recommend her." ... written by sweetsiren0072
Love her. She's always so right with situations and circumstances. Hope she's right about the upcoming week. Will definitely update when it happens :)" ... written by marciamia
Thank you Shellie for sharing your time, insights and carrying thoughts - make me feel good and give me hope, thank you very much, love." ... written by maithu
Thanks!!" ... written by Cari1961
3x times in 1 day to speak to her is serious! That is how good she is!! " ... written by gittyup1945
She's really good I mean excellent!" ... written by gittyup1945
Shellie was great!!!!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Amazing psychic, must try her! She is really gifted. I can't wait to see how my predictions turn out so I can come back and tell her." ... written by sunnydeep
Love here feel like shes helped so much :)" ... written by BriannaT26
AMAZINGGGGGGG" ... written by PIoneers19
She was amazing!!!" ... written by ashleymarie0104
Shellie is amazing!!!!! Very accurate, enjoyed talking to her! :)" ... written by Cassandra Hale
GREAT!!!" ... written by PrincessSeniah
Shellie does make you feel better and she settles the worry that is deep inside." ... written by sneza1
Shellie is so amazing I just loved my reading. I had a Demo and a private with her and she confirmed everything from the Demo which was a week ago. Shellie is a genuine person She doesn't sugar coat anything. She tells it like she sees it. Her accuracy it's just mind blowing. Can't wait to I foresee her predictions. I will most definitely come to her for more future updates. Blessings ...." ... written by Lucy117
Excellent reading. best. " ... written by edel95
Mind blowing!" ... written by PIoneers19
Shellie your the best once again! x" ... written by zapp20
Hi Shellie! Thanks for another positive reading." ... written by holymolly2408
Pheww thanks shell for another god news that my dreams is just an overflow can sleep better........ :)" ... written by holymolly2408
Shellie is awesome! I highly recommend her!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
I waiting about amonth to cautch up with her VERY worth it ! shes truly amazing !! Number 1 on my list ~~~" ... written by Mcra7x
Thanks for update." ... written by Cari1961
Great as usual xx" ... written by ididitmyway
Great reading and I feel at ease when I speak to her. I will definitely come back. :0)" ... written by edel95
I would recommend her to all :) x" ... written by Ashleigh
Unbelievably amazing, very very accurate and detailed!" ... written by sky456
Helpful and insightful with accurate predictions every time, no matter how complex the problem is. She is really fantastic." ... written by nix331
Shellie is always great to talk to, sets my worries at ease and is just an overall wonderful person. Thanks again. " ... written by jgonzalez21
Amazing guidance as always. Shellie is awesome, she understands the situation completely and gives great advice. I will be back again Shellie! " ... written by Kelebek
Such a wonderful advisor, always compassionate and positive." ... written by toothlessbamboo
Such a sweet and easy person to talk to. Her insights are very helpful and accurate. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a wonderful person to talk to!" ... written by curiousdreamer
Shellie keeps me sane and gives me hope for the future. She was amazing as always! " ... written by Kelebek
Wonderful, Shellie is my trusted advisor!" ... written by lili
This girl is just amazing, no other words! She really goes out of her way to help her clients. Just great!" ... written by bella911912
Had lovely reading with Shellie.. Will be back if things work out." ... written by denideni63
Doing readings with her always makes me feel better! I am so excited for her predictions to come true. We have a great connection and I always love coming to talk to you :) Thank you so much for all your work with me so far!" ... written by anm5335
very thorough" ... written by edel95
very good reading and really nice one" ... written by edel95
Shellie is absolutely precious! I love talking to her and she has always been on my side, sending me love and light..and she has also always been right. " ... written by lilliableu
Thank you for everything, you are the best!" ... written by patoupatou0101
Shellie, you helped me so much to keep believing and moving forward with the path I am on. Thank you, thank you" ... written by GREATEX
Cant wait to see shawn.." ... written by linn115
Shellie is the best!! I always keep coming back to her!! love and hugs darling!! xxxxx" ... written by kellycalifornia
Thanks for caming me down shell..looking forward to ur email reading and good news :)" ... written by holymolly2408
Shellie is without doubt, my saviour. If you have been guided here, then it's for a reason. A reading with Shellie will calm any inner torment and will remind you that the world can be a beautiful place. If it was filled with Shellie's then I'd explode with happiness!" ... written by Colin
Good reader!" ... written by elle11
Shellie is amazing. She is an absolute angel. She is always honest and knows how to help her clients see things from another perspective. She has helped me on so many occasions and she has been right every single time. Thank you Shellie for your support, help, patience, and guidance you are more than a psychic to me you are like an old friend." ... written by kkinney25
Yayyyyyy good news rolling, rolling will keep you posted Shellie. Hehhhehhhe." ... written by holymolly2408
Calm composed and connects well!" ... written by gem1974
You're the best!! Very good reading!" ... written by patoupatou0101
I do love our chats!" ... written by millyloves22
Shellie, is always honest and gives great insight of your situation and knows how your feeling." ... written by sneza1
Thanks for the great reading! ill be back soon!" ... written by md1990
Thank you for sharing and caring. You make my mind at ease and I will come back, love!" ... written by maithu
She is so accurate. Came to give her an update that what she had predicted is coming true! Really really wonderful!" ... written by bella911912
Thank you so much Shellie!" ... written by GREATEX
Wonderful insight and Shellie is amazing. I strongly recommend a reading with her :D" ... written by sneza1
Happy Women's day! Oranums Sexiest Reader!!" ... written by manoflife
Shellie is amazing and everyone should trust in her for a great reading!!" ... written by zapp20
The BEST!! I could talk to shellie for hours. She is always so helpful and helps me to see things in a positive way. Thank you, you are and have been like an angel for me. I will miss you while you are gone. Please be safe and enjoy your time away." ... written by kkinney25
Great and calming reading as usual... Looking forward for your email reading soon... Glad to have a reading before your holiday... Missing you already, hope you have a nice holiday break, Shellie... You are the best..." ... written by caroline
Awsesome." ... written by gittyup1945
Fabulous at dream interpretation!!! She helped me gain clarity on complex issues involving relationships. Inspiring guidance time and time again." ... written by nix331
On point as always ! She's so amazing it's like coming home in a reading with her. You have to get a reading with her!! " ... written by Beccaboo72
Shelllllie!! You are sooo amazing, I'm so happy you are back and can't wait for things to finally happen. I will be back to talk again soon :) xxx" ... written by Ashleigh
Great." ... written by belgiumchocolate
Have a good holiday shell...will try ad get an email reading from u when u are back...glad ur prdictions coming true about him trying to contact me...will keep u posted." ... written by carolinej
Sorry ran out of time. will you be coming out to chat again? please let me know. " ... written by edel95
Thanks for quick calming reading, shell glad ur back." ... written by caroline
Great to have Shellie back, my trusted adviser. Always keeps me grounded and helps me return to a place so that i can make the best decision going forward." ... written by lilliableu
Missed her a lot! so glad she is back. she goes out of her way to help and is really a friend and shares all the good and bad times. A genuine pure soul!" ... written by bella911912
Shellie is always helpful with her readings! " ... written by ksw
Shellie is wonderful. I've been speaking with her for over a year now, and everything that she has ever told me has been absolutely spot on. I trust her completely. I highly, highly recommend her." ... written by Lauren
AWESOME as always...could she be any sweeter?? You will not be disappointed here!!" ... written by Melissa
Welcome back Shellie! You gave me great advice again and as usual I feel so much better about the whole situation after talking to you. I will be back for an update soon! " ... written by Kelebek
So glad my lovely is back. Miss her loads, she is amazing. Love you cosmic sister." ... written by Sneza
She is amazing. She connects well, is down to earth and a positive person. Connects straight away and gets to the point. " ... written by JScorpio88
Such a carrying and nice soul. thank you Shellie for sharing your time, insights and energy. I will come back for sure, love." ... written by maithu
Shelly is wonderful! She is lovely, gives great advice... Makes a really great connection and just knows well, EVERYTHING! Spot on and really accurate. If you haven't had a reading with her, I suggest you do...seriously one of the best on Oranum or anywhere for that matter. What a sweetheart! " ... written by Ally
Thanks Shellie! You made me feel a lot better. She is such an accurate sweet person. She is worth the money. Loved my reading one of my favorites." ... written by bluesage
Shellie is so open and lovely to connect with on this's like putting on your favorite jeans - she makes you feel that comfortable. Her timeless wisdom and guidance bring me back again and again." ... written by nix331
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Sadie
Lovely...she is so accurate and has been a source of inspiration for a couple of years now." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Wow wow wow I have to say I am really impressed with her, absolutely accurate and have very loving energy also! She really does connect to every worry that I have and address it properly, would definitely recommend her! Will give more than 5 stars if i can." ... written by findtheanswer
Great healing and always the best. Love you shellie. hugs and kisses. " ... written by edel95
It was nice and fun!!" ... written by adriana
Shellie is soo lovely and amazing, her energy is incredible. Have a reading with her and you wont regret it." ... written by sneza
Sweet woman." ... written by Eric
At the moment, Shellie is the only one keeping me alive by not shying away from delivering the truth. A wonderful warm beautiful lovely person and leaves me wondering why Shellie couldn't be my soulmate instead of the bag of trouble that has been destined for me. " ... written by Colin
Thank you so much again for your reassurance; it really does help so much! x" ... written by Helen
Love her! " ... written by shelllie
GREAT!" ... written by Princess Seniah
Shellie, thank you from the bottom of my heart..for the blessing of such a divine connection. You are truly blessed and thank you for allaying my fears somewhat.. it does help even though my mind still goes to 'that' place. You are such a gently and loving spirit... Many blessings and abundance. xxx" ... written by twinsoul15
It was my first reading but I already like her. She's sweet and cool. Very accurate and at ease. " ... written by Antoinette
Nice reading, sync with past, need to wait for future." ... written by newKind
Wow. Shellie what an amazing reading. So much good information, and I'm really excited about the end of April!" ... written by AceOfCupss
She's such a warm and beautiful individual. I was feeling anxious and she's put my mind completely at ease. Shellie's also given me strategies to cope with the down moments - you're an angel and I'm just so sorry we couldn't talk longer. Thank you so much xxx" ... written by LilyCicco
Thanks so much Shellie again. You've calmed me down and remove all my worries. Much love to you!" ... written by diana
She is the most caring person here. Goes out of her way to help, you're just absolutely amazing. Everything she said so far has came true. Can't wait for the next part. Thanks!" ... written by bella911912
Thank you so much, it was emotional but inspiring. I appreciate everything and cant thank you enough!" ... written by nicole
Wow shellie! I have learnt so much.. even a really catchy phrase to use. This is gonna stay with me hahahaha thanks so much I'll try to do what you suggest and see where this goes." ... written by kaeelu
I really enjoy our readings together. I feel very comforted and positive and I feel you have a very good access to spirit." ... written by AceOfCupss
Such an amazing person such a beautiful soul will go to her many more times." ... written by hopevnjr
She is brilliant every time and my favorite reader :) xx Love ya Shellie it's like coming home. :) " ... written by Beccaboo72
Amazing so accurate." ... written by stephanie
Fantastic and on point it's a pleasure always to deal with someone who is so kind and gracious and is very very accurate." ... written by Beccaboo72
Thanks so so much. I love Shellie. She really helps me out. She is also not judgmental. I really like the readings she gives :)" ... written by bluesage
Really good! Spot on! " ... written by chelsea holland
Always puts a smile on my face in times when I'm so worried! Thank you so much! And those eyes... I love them!" ... written by kaeelu
Shellie was wonderful!Thanks again and I'll keep you updated Shellie! I highly recommend her!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Thank you Shellie for your time and precious advice! It was a great reading filled with positive energy - can't thank you enough - lots of love!" ... written by maithu
She is ALWAYS right on with everything she says. OMG. It is mind blowing! You HAVE to try her! " ... written by answers16
Shellie is amazing, love her." ... written by Sneza
Shellie! What am I going to do without you? Thank you so much!" ... written by kaeelu
100% accurate!" ... written by Hillary
Excellent! On point!" ... written by hillary
Thanks Lady, good to see you again! I appreciate your insight, I look forward to some of the changes you have mentioned. Peace and love to you!" ... written by meg
Brilliant! :) x" ... written by chelsea holland
Thanks for the quick, informative reading, Shell!" ... written by caroline
I'm soooo glad I found Shellie!!!!!! Seriously, this lady is very gifted, honest and lovely. I absolutely love her, she connected to me so well and she is very accurate." ... written by victoria111
Very nice lady and accurate in her readings...:)" ... written by Bhavritti
Really good! She located an item in my home :O xx" ... written by chelsea holland
Favorite accurate always go to her when I have problem." ... written by Majoma
Thank you so much shellie. I am sorry Im so reliant on you! hahaa thanks so much." ... written by kaeelu
Shellie is amazing again and again and just so lovely to talk to. Always managing to put a smile on my face. :) xx" ... written by Ashleigh
Thanks for the help, it means a lot Shellie! She always says very good things to me!" ... written by bluesage
Love her always nice to be reassured and such a caring person!" ... written by BriannaT26
Lovely woman, great reading once again." ... written by elle11
Brilliant reading and she's so spot on! I love her! xox" ... written by Beccaboo72
Awesome reading." ... written by gem1974
The best Psychic on Oranum! So just go on! Really thanks for you Shellie!" ... written by Roland
She is soooo good!" ... written by Patty
Awesome!" ... written by Patty
Thanks Shellie for great reading! I love it! This is was the longest ever reading, but I am happy!!! " ... written by caroline
Always positive." ... written by hillary
You've helped me so much that words can't describe... so... wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee, let's danceeee... :D Thanks!" ... written by kaeelu
It was so good speaking to you again. As always you have been so calming and supportive and right on." ... written by Great
Excellent!" ... written by hillary
You always give me positive energy Shellie. I am always grinning like mad during our consult and after! Thanks so much!" ... written by kaeelu
Inspiring as always." ... written by kar
Awesome and Very Accurate !!!!! Each time I speak to her I feel better ... She is really a kind lady and excellent clairvoyant.... Ty a lot shellie... You really boost me up..." ... written by Bhavritti
Shellie is always wonderful. She is so on target with everything so far for me and connects to me and my situation so well. She always puts me at ease. Thanks Shellie for everything." ... written by kk
I love Shellie! She is so sweet and tells you the truth. No sugar coating!" ... written by milly
It was a pleasure speaking to such a wonderful personality who lifted my spirit when i was down, great person, great gift. What an amazing person! I would love to talk to you again. Just so geniune and lovely! xxxx" ... written by HeartOfSilver
My first reading with Shellie and she was amazing. Thank you Shellie !" ... written by luckyanna
I truly love my Shellie ! So very glad I waited for her ! we don't get to have live readings much, I normaly just do e-mail readings but its always a nice gift to myself when I can talk to her !! Such a calming person and always 1000 percent right on everything ! " ... written by Summer
She is so positive... and gives me a big hope for future.. waiting her prediction come true :)" ... written by deno
Thanks Shellie as always.. much love to you." ... written by kaeelu
Shellie is the first person on this site I believe I had a real connection with. Well done! Anyone who is weary about psychic stuff, give her a go!" ... written by weeeee
Good Reading.. She is always a positive influence...." ... written by American_Eagle
Great as always! Super positive and clearly knows the situation well :-))) Thank you Shellie :-)" ... written by weissinha
Always great!" ... written by majoma
Ahhh!! What an old soul! So much love and light and positivity! You shine brilliantly Shellie! You pick up on e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g! I feel like other readers "get me" and understand what's really going on, but in pieces. They never see the whole picture. Each psychic only picks up on one or two parts of the whole, but you can pick up on all of it! LIKE 5 PSYCHICS ROLLED INTO ONE! You might be more expensive than other readers, but after covering what it took 5 separate psychics to see, I think you're discounted!~ Thank you Luv!~" ... written by fuzzy64
I love shellie she is so wonderful ! I always have excellent chats with her ! She is so kind an honest and right about everything! I feel like I can talk to her about anything ! " ... written by BriannaT26
Always makes me feel good and calms me down! Just great!" ... written by bella911912
My first reading with Shellie... fantastic. She is warm and very caring. She connected with my situation straight away and said things that I have been thinking for so long. It was like she could see into me. She also knew what had been going on with my situation like she had been part of it. I'm sure it won't be my last reading with her and would recommend her to anyone. Thanks so much Shellie! " ... written by tired and lost
Shellie is simply amazing! She is very inspiring and helpful. She saw things that I felt and didn't even have to mention to her. I will definitely be talking with her again." ... written by Donna
Shellie is so bubbly and always love talking to her. She is amazing," ... written by Sneza
Simply amazing as she taps into your deepest feelings. I feel like she is a friend! " ... written by soupergirl
She has given me renewed hope :) Here's praying for the best! Thanks Shellie ^^" ... written by Josephine
as always good reading. " ... written by edel95
trying to climb it and see what's on the other side haha. thanks shellie once again!" ... written by kaeelu
I'll speak to Shellie again within 1 week!" ... written by gittyup1945
Shellie! Thanks so much.. what would I do without you. :)" ... written by kaeelu
Always on point....." ... written by hillary
It feels amazing to have a reading done by one of your expert psychics. I have been able to connect with Shellie and feel that she is a new friend. She tells me things that I am feeling without even telling her." ... written by soupergirl1322
Great" ... written by gittyup1945
great this was probably my 6th consultation by far" ... written by majoma
love our readings, she always helps me out" ... written by milly
She is always so great! She is the only one I trust on here to give me truthful answers to my questions!" ... written by answers16
Shellie is the best reader !! She's honest and humble and just has the best way of explaining things. Kind and compassionate just a gorgeous soul - get a reading with Shellie, you wont be disappointed :) x" ... written by Beccaboo72
I love Shellie. She reads me like a book and can always make me laugh. LOVE HER!!!!!!" ... written by ALN
Thank you Shellie for your insights, your time and sharing good energy. Love your deep connection and your positive thoughts about all kinds of situations." ... written by maithu
Excellant. Made my day :0) spot on xxxx" ... written by ididitmyway
Shellie was amazing as always, will keep her up to date as usual since she always knows how to lift my spirits! Thanks again Shellie! Xoxo" ... written by Kelebek
Always great, my favorite!" ... written by majoma
Whether it's work or love or something else going on, Shellie has an amazing gift for spiritual guidance, she could actually feel the anxiety and worry I was feeling on a physical level, that's how strong the connection is with her and why I turn to her time and again for spiritual guidance." ... written by nix331
Another great reading with Shellie! " ... written by Donna
She was great to talk to, very accurate!" ... written by chris
She put a huge smile on my face :) She was very quick and able to give me a lot of things to look forward to in this month. Very Genuine and picked up on my feelings/thoughts at the moment before I could type it. Thanks Shellie . I left your chat room with even more hope : )" ... written by Godsangels
Shellie should be available as an NHS service. To bring hope and clarity at the most critical times. I am blessed to find my angel down here." ... written by Colin
Always come back to her! Always great!" ... written by majoma
Thanks for the positive energies Shellie. Whenever I'm down and blue, you always manage to pull me back out to see better." ... written by kaeelu
She is always amazing!!!! Have to see to believe how good she is." ... written by bella911912
I honestly have no idea what I would do without her she is so calming and amazing everyone should give her a go! :)" ... written by Ashleigh
Oh…what would I do without you Shellie? Much love and thanks!" ... written by kaeelu
Shellie is great. So friendly and caring. I really enjoyed my reading. I can tell you she picked up on a work issue in one of her demo's and was incredibly accurate. I will keep you posted on time lines for the rest. " ... written by Curiosity24
Amazing as usual." ... written by majoma
Very good!" ... written by luckyanna
Shellie is fun as you can have a laugh with her. She is amazing!" ... written by sneza
It was a sensitive issue but Shellie, you made it easy to talk about it. Thanks for understanding and helping me once again!" ... written by kaeelu
Thanks Shellie! " ... written by kaeelu
So glad my lovely is back, can't wait to talk to her again soon. Love you Shellie!" ... written by sneza
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i count my blessings for trying her, Shellie was beyond my expectations! Her accuracy and the way in which she connected with my situation was straight on, very in tune to what was going on 5 stars isn't enough one of the BEST THIS SITE HAS TO OFFER!!!! Thank you Shellie i will be back!!!!!!" ... written by candyla
I come to her when my life is a mess. She ALWAYS helps me sort things out. I make sure to always take her advice. In the middle of our readings, if I am thinking of something, she almost always says it before I get the chance to get it out! She is amazing! Best one here on Oranum!!!" ... written by answers16
What a wonderful lady, very caring and sincere. Thank you for the reading and I look forward to the follow up. I will take your advice. " ... written by vet
Great as always!" ... written by majomaa
Great reading!" ... written by majomaa
Thanks Shellie and welcome back, as usual giving me the clarity that i seek." ... written by Colin
Always amazing!" ... written by luckyanna
Awesome reading! Kind, and accurate! Very sweet as well." ... written by Heather
Thanks so much Shellie. I'll give it some thought. You take care too :)" ... written by kaeelu
Absolutely wonderful!" ... written by kayla
Just love her.... she has been advisor for years." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Another amazing reading with Shellie! She really taps into what I am thinking. I can't wait to do another private with her. " ... written by soupergirl1322
My favorite always." ... written by majoma
Always on point." ... written by khandirose
I absolutely love this woman! She is such a sweet and caring woman, with really great insights to your situation. I seriously cannot recommend her enough!! " ... written by Ally
Thanks so much Shellie. Great reading as always and can't wait for his shells to crack haha you've helped me so much through this and kept me positive love love love!" ... written by kaeelu
Shellie is an amazing reader. I always feel like we are very in sync when we communicate. " ... written by Curiosity24
Shellie is an amazing reader. She connected with me perfectly and with my situation. She has wonderful energy and I definitely recommend her." ... written by liz
Really glad to have you back Shellie. Thanks for the reading and advice, I will take it on board :) Great reading, I'm sure I'll have things to tell you soon :)" ... written by tired and lost
Great!" ... written by leoRising88
Extremely accurate, and very helpful! Going back again." ... written by Stephanie
Really impressed!" ... written by LeoRising88
Good Follow up reading. " ... written by Curiosity24
Wow without any information or previous reading she knew all that was going on! Amazing connection and knowledge! Truly gifted reader!" ... written by mina
My favorite at all time." ... written by majomaa
OMG!! She is so accurate,i am speechless :-)" ... written by Linda
Thanks Shellie as always.. that yes at the end was so firm and I definitely need that to recall when in doubt :D Much love and D-hugs and I didnt get around to say I love that laurel thingy on you!" ... written by kaeelu
One of the best on here!!!! She is simply amazing...I cant thank her enough!!! = ) always puts a smile on my face..." ... written by misty
Shellie is amazing picks up so fast and accurately... I can not believe it... I will definitely be back.. She is one of the best on this site by far!" ... written by vayunu
:) Amazing reading! " ... written by luckystar222
Talking with you really always helps me calm down and forget about all my unnecessary worries. Thanks as always, Shellie!" ... written by kaeelu
Can't wait till next week and June to come up... can't wait to tell you what happens! Thank u for your support and reading..." ... written by linn
She is always accurate and my favorite" ... written by majoma
I love this woman she is an amazing psychic and person and would recommended her to anyone any day!! :) x " ... written by Ashleigh
Thanks Shellie. We are getting closer to our prediction date, and I'll try and take your advice. Thanks for calming me. Due to frustrations from the connection and a crappy bed, I haven't gotten good sleep for two days. Talking to you makes me feel so much better. :) :) :) HUGS!" ... written by Fuzzy Wuz
So sweet! I love talking to her!" ... written by md1990
Very gifted." ... written by LeoRising88
whoopeeedoodledeeee thanks so much Shellie!" ... written by kaeelu
EXCELLENT XX" ... written by JANE
Good follow up reading. " ... written by Curiosity24
I'm glad you came on early today Shellie much love to you as always. Don't get sick and take care! :) Thanks." ... written by kaeelu
Shellie is extra ordinary!!!!! I love her!!!!!! She is the BEST on Oranum !!!!!!!! Certainly the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by roseandwine
She is a nice person... She is not judgemental and makes you feel better with her reading. She doesn't sugar coat or even asks you more questions like other psychics over here in Oranum. Though I am waiting on some of her predictions to come true which I am sure they will, I really like readings from her. Please see it for yourself... It always a pleasure to talk to her." ... written by Ryan
Thank you Shellie... I appreciate the insight.... And am trying to stay positive... I need to make some changes so I am going to move forward as you said. Thanks as always and happy memorial day!!! Will be I touch." ... written by Chanej
Extremely gifted. Amazing." ... written by LeoRising88
Great." ... written by chrisitna
She is fantastic, I really like her and would like to keep on getting her advise soon, I highly recommend her and she is very nice and sweet and tells you the truth not just what you may want to hear, but in a very kind honest way, she is great!" ... written by bbdo1234
Update reading; everything was spot on." ... written by LostLove
Always great, love her." ... written by majoma
Thanks Shellie, you always put me at ease and help me see things in a better light. Great reader and would recommend her. She is brilliant. I will try not to bother you again until I have news to share! Thanks for helping me keep positive Shellie, you're like a candle in the darkness and despair :)" ... written by tired and lost
Great." ... written by majoma
Amazing session! Thank you Shellie." ... written by sunny0day
Great!" ... written by majoma
Miss her sooo much. She's the best." ... written by Sneza
Impresses me every time." ... written by Leorising88
Wonderful as always! Just the right perspective and spot on intuition!" ... written by lilliableu
Thanks for working things out with me Shellie let's hope I can stick to the plan. Much love!" ... written by kaeelu
Always honest and to the point." ... written by khandirose
Thanks! It was shellielicious~ " ... written by kaeelu
thanks for the accurate reading" ... written by tan
Provided a lot info, didn't wast time, was encouraging, hope what she predicted comes to pass" ... written by bp
Wowwwww, wowww Shellie is truly amazing, spot on very accurte, to the point and very fast. She knew everything, she answered all my questions. This is was one of the best reading I've ever ever had. 10 starsssss, thank you so much Shellie I'll be back for more readings with you...AMAZINGGGGGG" ... written by sweet84
Great as always" ... written by majoma
Good follow up reading......thank you Shellie." ... written by Curiosity24
Another amazing ready. She really does pick up on every thing that I am feeling! I love having readings with her! " ... written by Soupergirl1322
Great reading....she's not inexpensive but she knows her stuff...she knew things about my situation without me telling her.....she was not vague, was confident in her predictions." ... written by axia100
GREAT!! Shellie has such an amazingly powerful positive energy that it is always a pleasure talking to her :-) She is just amazing and extremely accurate in her readings! Thank you :-)" ... written by weissinha
Very accurate, very good, straight to the point!" ... written by marie5290
Thanks for the reading again" ... written by tan
Very thankful for Shellie." ... written by Leorising88
Shellie is so lovely, best readings are with Shellie :)" ... written by sneza1
Thank you Shellie so much . I needed clarification which you always give with such detail. Always worth it and uplifting." ... written by Colin58
So thankful for Shellie!" ... written by Leorising88
Thanks Shellie as always! Just talking to you I'm smiling already and everything feels more positive!!" ... written by kaeelu
Love having readings with Shellie. She always recharges my hope. I will always be back. Thank you so much Shellie You have no idea how much you have helped : )" ... written by godsangels
Great as always." ... written by majoma
Follow up reading. " ... written by Curiosity24
Love her." ... written by mamjoma
Thank you for the update." ... written by rcr
Another uplifting positive message from Shellie. What a lovely friend and guide to have. Thank you :) xx " ... written by Colin
Shellie is so kind with her words and understands. She is very gifted and sweet. Always positive and encouraging." ... written by love2know
Thanks Lady, it was nice to see you and get your insight. Hope you have a nice weekend" ... written by meg
Thanks shelliee... Going to need lots of s-hugs and support to stay positive through this.. I should fully row myself towards that island asap this is stressful haha" ... written by kaeelu
She was a great person made me feel so happy, she is well worth the money, great reading :)" ... written by Matthew
Good follow up reading. " ... written by Curiosity24
very calming... very fast and accurate in reading the current situation. I will keep you updated Shellie. Thanks a lot for your calming effect on me!!! " ... written by steph
Thankful for Shellie." ... written by LeoRising88
Great reading. " ... written by Curiosity24
Great" ... written by majoa
Thank you Shelley, always spot on...." ... written by vayunu
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG thanks Shellie... when it finally happened I had a couple seconds of "the wait was all worth it" haha" ... written by kaeelu
My favorite" ... written by majoma
WOW WOW WOW But then why am I surprised????" ... written by Colin
Very nice and caring, very insightful and detailed in her readings. Recommend her!!" ... written by Chris
Good follow up reading. Thank you Shellie. " ... written by Curiosity24
WOW, wow , wow, omg she is truly amazing and wonderful, very very lovely lady. She is very accurate and spot on I love reading with her, and I'll be back again. Thank you Shellie for everything." ... written by sweet84
I didn't even know what I was feeling earlier and talking to you helps release whatever it was that needs releasing and let me feel again. Thanks Shellie felt like a tons of pressure has just been lifted!" ... written by kaeelu
Great reading so much information had to go back : ) LOVe love her readings." ... written by Godsangels
I had a dream/premonition last night, and Shellie confirmed part of it in my e-mail reading before I woke up to tell her! Awesome lady!~" ... written by fuzzy64
Wonderful!!!" ... written by mashael
Reads my mind." ... written by LeoRising88
Thanks Shellie! Awesome as always and I'll make sure to be on whatever island as long as I can haha. Lots of love :)" ... written by kaeelu
My goodness the feeling I'm feeling right now is amazing!! 100 ratings for Shellie she is true andamp; tells you straight up what she sees/thinks about the situation. Definitely recommend her, andamp; will most definitely talk soon! thanks again darl x" ... written by Renae
Panda ballet spins -wheeeeee- " ... written by kaeelu
In My time of comfort shellie is always there for me, thank you god bless you! " ... written by gittyup1945
I was feeling very very down and Shellie made me feel sooo much better :) Love her soooo much." ... written by Sneza
Awesome as always!!! She never fails to make me feel better and positive! :)) Thank u so much Shellie for ur beautiful reading." ... written by priscilla
Very emotional reading. Love her! She is amazing." ... written by Tiffany
Thank you for your time, insights and good energy - will come back for sure! love!" ... written by maithu
Great. :)" ... written by LeoRising88
Shellie thanks for the follow up reading. I'll let you know if you are right......" ... written by Curiosity24
Excellant." ... written by luckyanna
wow, she picked up on things i didn't even have to tell her about. very positive andamp; shes very sweet :)" ... written by anaesper27
AMAZING AGAIN. Can't get enough!" ... written by Renae
Excellent." ... written by luckyanna
Awesome reading! Worth the private :) " ... written by sunny0day
Another amazing reading where she was right on! She mentioned things that I didn't even tell her. " ... written by soupergirl1322
Great as always!" ... written by majoma
Amazing as always. Can't get enough!!" ... written by Renae
AMAZING! she just picks up on things with no type of feeding from me which makes me believe in her ability! not that i don't believe that this ability is possible (obviously) but i'm more on a skeptic side weeding out the hustlers. SHE IS THE REAL DEAL! Her energy is positive andamp; sparkling. She's truly adorable. Love her! You will not be disappointed!" ... written by stas
Thanks Shellie for your positive energies, every time I talk to you I feel like I'm on happy island above the clouds with no worries whatsoever.. I wish I can record to listen back to it because I always seem to forget what you tell me haha I'll need to get an email reading one day :) much love!" ... written by kaeelu
As always she is amazing she knows what I need to know." ... written by bella
Lovely lady who tunes in well. Always positive, even when I am not. Thanks Shellie :)" ... written by tired and lost
Great prediction. Finally got though. Hopefully, I will be able to in the future. Love you shellie!" ... written by edel95
I love her!!!!!!!! " ... written by Ally
You can always count on Shellie to keep you on track. I got derailed, and she brings me back all the time. Thanks Shellie, with much love! :)" ... written by kaeelu
Love shellie she's dead on about everything and we have a good laugh in between I would highly consider her for anyone who is having matters of the heart, career etc " ... written by BriannaT26
She is truly amazing, very accurate, spot on with everything. She makes me feel better, she tells me what I need to know not what i need to hear very honest lady. looking forward to her predictions. Thank you Shellie for everything. 10 stars.." ... written by sweet84
I love Shellie and her endless enthusiasm and positivism. She always finds a new way of thinking when the doubt has crept in. Thanks Shellie, hopefully I will have good things to tell you soon if I keep the faith. Shellie is a great reader and really connects well with me. I often find she says things just as I am typing them. Thanks for being my life jacket and stopping me from drowning :) " ... written by tired and lost
She is the best, very accurate always" ... written by majoma
ACCURATE" ... written by xstarladyx
Great reading! She makes me feel alot better through the dark times! :)" ... written by Sunny
... andddd yes if I do get these sudden urge to go "i'm invincible!" and say everything... i'll be posting update messages on your wall for sure hahaha thanks Shellie once again :) what would I do without you" ... written by kaeelu
Omg she is the best!!!!!!! I'm so amazed out of all the people I've been to for help she was right on!!! I'm in shock!!! " ... written by Angelic03
Shellie is a wonderful reader. She provides details and time frames. " ... written by Curiosity24
My favorite" ... written by majoma
Miss my shellie. get reading with her she is the best" ... written by Sneza
Ugh....I wish I had more money, Shellie! D: But thank you for calming me about my living situation. I'm so nervous, but I will talk to him as you said, and I'll let you know if he doesn't make me pay rent for July until I find new apartment." ... written by Fuzz
Thanks Shellie wheeeeee" ... written by kaeelu
Great" ... written by majoma
Shellie gave me an update about work and love situation. Very grateful to get an update and further direction. " ... written by edel95
The hardest times are when you don't hear what you want to hear, but that's not Shellie's fault. She is a very gifted communicator and will always tell you the truth." ... written by Colin
Thanks for always pulling me out of the endless sadness hole :) I should really focus on this tan and white. Come to me la la la~" ... written by kaeelu
Truly, trulyyy amazing, Shellie is the best, she knows it all very accurate spot on with everything.. 1000 stars..Thank you so much Shellie for everything.. I'll have faith and be positive, and talk to you soon. xoxox" ... written by sweet84
amazing right on point, knew my situation" ... written by jul
Thanks so much for your protective bubble Shellie. Talking to you has given me positive energies and you've prepared me for what came up yesterday so nicely I feel like I'm invincible. Happy dance.e.e.e bring it on now wheeeeee" ... written by kaeelu
Super" ... written by cario
Shellie is an angel on your side when times are not good." ... written by Colin
My favorite!" ... written by majoma
OMG I love Shellie. She is awesome, loving, caring and amazing, spot on as always and accurate. Shellie makes me feel great every time I have readings with her, love her advice.Thank you so much Shellie xxx talk to you soon." ... written by sweet84
Thanks Shellie, as always. ;)" ... written by kaeelu
Great and very sensitive!" ... written by Melissa
Amazing." ... written by mariela
Great reading always right" ... written by majoma
Good reading! She is nice and accurate. Love her." ... written by Antoinette
Phew! That's such a relief Shellie you have no idea hahaha, it's like I've been holding my breath since my friend said that and now finally take a deeep breaaaaaath and relax haha thanks ;)" ... written by kaeelu
She is awesome and knew my whole situation thank you Shellie for being honest love riley777." ... written by riley777
Well Shellie, so nice I actually have something to update you on :) Shellie is an amazing reader who connects with you and your situation straight away. She said I would get contact and I have so she is accurate too. Shellie is also very patient and understanding as we got cut off numerous times, but she took it with good humor. Thanks for keeping the faith and supporting me Shellie, you are amazing and fill me with hope and positivity...if Shellie could be bottled she would make a fortune. Love to hear the Shellie-isms and the added props are a great bonus :) Have a reading with Shellie and you will make a friend for life :) Thanks so much" ... written by tired and lost
Thank you so much. All I can say" ... written by evaclara
Very uplifting, connected very well, gave me a lot of encouragement" ... written by bp
Thanks Shellie I just love doing an update with you ;) " ... written by kaeelu
Great friend and guide." ... written by LeoRising88
Yay! I'm going to Japan! ☆*・゜゚・*(^▽^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Shellie's predictions about time frame add up with mine. :) Need to keep my eye out for a job application listed with "C.o....o...k"." ... written by Fuzz
Hey Shellie :) Thank you again for the great reading. I'm really thankful I waited as long as I did to finally get a chance to do a reading with you because I truly feel like what we have talked about is starting to happen slowly before my feet. I'll keep you up to date!" ... written by Richard
Good follow up reading. " ... written by Curiosity24
Consistent reading!" ... written by sunny0day
5 starts the best!! xoxo" ... written by mashael
Love her always, always helps me out...always." ... written by gittyup1945
Wonderful reading as usual. Great connection, Shellie is able to address my questions spot on." ... written by Chantal
Shellie identified my traits and concerns immediately, and gave strong and clear messages delivered with kindness and eloquence. I highly recommend Shellie, a gifted psychic. Many thanks. " ... written by Fulgur
Great." ... written by majoma
Thank you so much for what you always do for me Shellie. I'm on my way to the better~!" ... written by kaeelu
Love her! She's just the best-est! Very sweet, very accurate, always a joy!" ... written by stas
Can't say enough good things about this lady. Accurate, kind, caring and I always have a good feeling and smile on my face after talking to her - That's the power of Shellie's positivity :) Thanks Shellie, I really think your magic is rubbing off on me, I feel 10 times the person I was when we first met - and things can only get better. I know you say you can't take credit for what is happening, but I know that having you going through this with me helps so much, thank you for being my guide and friend :) Love every reading I have with Shellie, but they always go so quickly! " ... written by tired and lost
Wonderful clarity!" ... written by Angelszone
I have just had a brilliant reading. Shellie is very good and I know now I just have to wait for my man. Thank you again made me feel so happy and positive and relaxed. " ... written by Angeldust46
Shellie is so lovely. she is amazing, I am speechless because there is way to much to say about Shell, and they are the most best things you can thing of. 100/100 definitely, there's no 10/10 here. For her its a MASSIVE 100/100 :)" ... written by Sneza
O la la la! Come to me, please! Haha! Thanks Shellie for clarity on what is going on and everything you've done especially the past couple of days. I've learnt so much through this whole episode of ups and downs... Emo-ness and midnight blues but I do feel I'm becoming a better person and I'm not having a mid emo-blue tonight which is a break from the daily routine. Wheee! It will be awesome!" ... written by kaeelu
Lovely, kind, helpful, genuine lady, Shellie is like a life jacket - buoyant, thanks for keeping me afloat. Sorry for wobbling again. I can't wait to get my broadband working again so we can talk properly." ... written by tired and lost
Can't get enough of Shellie, love her to bits. :)" ... written by Sneza
Ten million stars as always :-) Thank you, Shellie xx" ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
I was mindblown! She is the only one who could connect real fast! wow." ... written by angelina
Such a wonderful soul. Honestly, I love her. She speaks to the core of the situations andamp; is so spot on. Definitely an angel meant to help others with her gift. " ... written by stas
Very in tune, great energy. On point with everything. She is amazing!" ... written by paulina
She is amazing, love her!" ... written by deno
Another update from the lovely Shellie :) Although tech problems my end towards the end xx ♥ ♥" ... written by Lisa1775
Great reading as usual! :)" ... written by sunny0day
She is AMAZING. She brings a huge smile to my face. xx" ... written by Renae
Lovely! wonderful, makes me feel more confident and nice to confide in someone that is so honest and true thank you for always being there when I most need it !" ... written by Brianna
A great update with Shelllie about olalaman and other things as usual. I am really feeling the difference in the way I think about things and it's really building a foundation for the habit I want to break out of. Awesomenesss ♥" ... written by kaeelu
Shellie is so lovely and she never fails to help keep me on track with whatever ups and downs life has in store for me." ... written by nix331
I love reading with Shellie. She's spot on with everything, what she predicted came to pass, she is amazing, very gifted person. I'll definitely come back again. Love you Shellie and thank you for everything! xoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Always keeps me positive. Thank you so much Shellie! You keep me sane! :)" ... written by PRISCILLA
Woww, wow, wow. Shellie is truly amazing 100 stars, she's worth every penny, she picks up on energies without me saying anything, she knows everything, veryyyyy accurate, her predictions came to pass, and I know what she predicted today will come to pass as well. Thank you so much Shellie , You are amazingggg, I'll talk to you soon." ... written by sweet84
Shellie is quick and fast with her connections. She doesn't waste time or money. " ... written by Curiosity24
Very honest and accurate...Really was intune with my situation. Thank you" ... written by angelloverose
Great and soothing reading. Loved every moment of it and will def come back as soon as I get more money." ... written by edel95
Simply lovely... Calming and reassuring. A reader of your soul who cares about your own healing. We often have a vision of psychics as a bunch of liers, but here you will not be sold magic spells, here you meet someone who has a deep connection and understanding of people and wants to lead them to a better place. Thank you Shellie :)" ... written by Chris
mega olala indeed ♥ I haven't really written a review about Shellie.. which is what this box should be for apparently.. haha.. so here goes.. a review..long lol " ... written by kaelu
I feel a lot more stable now, Shellie. Been crying for the past 3 days almost non-stop and haven't eaten. But talking to you I feel like my solar plexus is more calm and grounded now. I feel like I've had a meal. We covered a lot that I needed to say as nobody, even my psychic friends elsewhere, are able to understand how I'm feeling and thinking. Thank you for giving me clarity and confirmation on everything going on around me. I think I can finally get back to filling out my job applications to Japan, and not cry all over the keyboard anymore. I just needed to be heard and understood, and I really appreciate that we were able to do that today." ... written by Fuzz
She is always great!" ... written by deno
AMAZIING!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Renae
My favorite. Love her." ... written by stas
Yay, Shellie is back woooo!!" ... written by Sneza
Very much positive reading.... she has a very good energy..." ... written by Ryan
Thank you for lifting me up from flat energies. Lots of love to you and all your followers too as I know you look after them too. :) x" ... written by Colin
Amazing I really hope all comes to pass." ... written by leebee4
Shellie is the best and number one without a doubt.. she is super accurate and her predictions and visions and feelings all come true and I felt like I've known her forever now because our connection was so strong and so accurate. I will always trust Shellie and recommend her to everyone as the queen of all psychics. Thank you so much Shellie!" ... written by lonelybaby
Very good and accurate." ... written by Stephanie
Thanks Shelliii-eeee as usual ;) (◕‿◕✿) it was awesome and i'll definitely look more into those jobs!" ... written by kaelu
Always satisfied with Shellie's readings.... on point!" ... written by hillary
Happy happy happyyyyyy!" ... written by AceOfCupss
You were so right about everything before. Everything you said came to pass, so I know your predictions are true. " ... written by SimoneAceOfCupss
I really cant wait for TnW to come. and now that I found that you can use emoticons on this box... this is what I feel like now.. (。♥‿♥。) thanks shellie. Feeling the love " ... written by kaeelu
Lovely as usual" ... written by LeoRising88
Awesomenessshelliee we just keep on building and building and I'm feeling like I'm on top of the world. Thanks so much for guiding me in the right direction Shellie. ;)" ... written by kaeelu
I have finally found a sibling from a past life yay. She is this massive light in my life. I dont know what I would do without her. ♥ you Shellie" ... written by Sneza
Love her! shes so sweet and so good!" ... written by md
Thank you shellie! Felt alot better after talking to you. :)" ... written by sunny
Awesome as always..... Thank u shellie... :)" ... written by Bhavritti
She really cool, easy to talk to, overall amazing!" ... written by Antoinette
Love Shellie, she is such a wonderful person and great reader. When I first came to her I felt so low and that things would never get better. Shellie has helped me see that I need to be positive and believe in the magic. I trust Shellie and her readings because some of it has already come to pass in the few months we have known each other. Shellie is kind and caring, she always looks out for people and will help them as much as possible. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Shellie to confide in ♡♡♡♡ she is always there with wisdom, Shellie-isms and honest guidance. Shellie has taught me not to give up on a person just because they aren't ready. I won't give up on the readings with Shellie either! :) Thanks Shellie, I might be tired and lost, but you always guide me back to the right path :) I will never be able to repay you for all you do, but I hope you know how much I appreciate it. Ohhhh and did you notice? No cutting out? Broadband fixed finally ;) Highly recommend a reading with Shellie if you're low and running on empty, she will leave you with a completely new and positive way of thinking :)" ... written by tired and lost
She's the best." ... written by LeoRising88
Shellie is the most amazing person I have (n)ever met. I'm kind of glad I'm in this situation because it led me to meet her. Shellie is kind, caring, supportive and so positive. I am so grateful that I found her on here. Thank you Shellie for all you do. If you're in crisis or having a panic then talk to Shellie, you will feel so much better. She always sends out such warm and bright vibes that you can't help but smile and find the will to carry on :) Have a reading with Shellie :)" ... written by tired and lost
Shellie connected straight away. She was great gave it to me as direct as can be.. it was a shame I ran out of credits. I will be back." ... written by Katrina
Great reading!" ... written by sunny
Can i have a pocket Shellie please. She is so wonderful and uplifting and funny. Thank you Madam Butterfly" ... written by Colin
She is a great part of my life and it's almost beyond words to describe Shellie's abilities. Thank you!" ... written by Colin
wow! very accurate and lovely! she picks up on everything! I will definitely come back, thank you xxx!" ... written by marie5290
fab read me like a book!!" ... written by magical03
This lady is amazing, She predicted correctly on how I will meet my fiance andamp; again She has given me a great advice on on my career. highly recommended to others." ... written by Ammer
Shellie is great and has been sooooo accurate in my readings with this person :-) Thank you! I hope it will come to pass as soon as you say :-)))" ... written by weissinha
Great, love her, very accurate and honest." ... written by majma
Great and soothing opinion as always. Love you and hope to speak with updates soon. xoxo" ... written by edel95
Another great reading. She really knows how to help you see through any problems that you have! " ... written by soupergirl1322
Great as usual." ... written by majoma
Love her. Best on Oranum. " ... written by stasi
Thank you, Shellie! I added a little extra time beyond the 30 for you as I really needed you today. You know I've been through a lot. So thank you for being here for me today. I now know that the solar plexus thing isn't all me, Mr. Spock is just progressing, and the anger, shame, blobbyness, an inconsistent connection in my solar plexus is him just transitioning. I might not feel him consistently for two weeks while he puts his lego's back together! But I won't freak out about it anymore. Thanks to your help, I can now get back to focusing on my legos now." ... written by Fuzzy Wuzz
Just a quick reading to put my mind at ease... And she did...Thanks Shelie :) Will try to lay off the negative pills. Whether you have a long or short reading with Shellie, she helps so much. She is amazing and I can't thank her enough for her support :) ♡♡♡♡♡♡" ... written by tired and lost
She's the best!" ... written by leorising88
Always an immense pleasure." ... written by stas
Thank you Shellie my best friend, and support! That will always be there when I feel no one else is :)" ... written by Ashleigh
Thanks shellie-lala! olala tanlala I'm really so excited. I'm so happy and pressure-free at the moment I'm loving it." ... written by kaeelu
She is fantastic and a great energy love talking with her. Fab reading xxx" ... written by magical03
Thanks again, Shellie! :3 You are helping me so much through all of this huge transition. I am still excited about my interview, but it might be too far away to work out the life path I want. But thank you for clarifying that I will end up in the right place to make everything work so that I do not worry or fret about letting this place go if I have to. And thank you for channeling for me tonight! :) Especially for his father. I am going to take Mr. Spock's red chakra energy and give it to his daddy!~ He can spare a few pounds of energy down there for his daddy, right? :D *so super sneaky~)" ... written by Fuzz Ball
I don't know how you do it but you always pull out these negative feelings I have, let it surface and poof it goes. Thanks so much Shellie! feel the love~" ... written by kaeelu
A sweetheart as usual...She reads very well a person involved...Our common headache ;)" ... written by Chrissy
Very good reading:)" ... written by Aryastark
She uplifts me all the time! Thank u Shellie for all ur doin for me :)" ... written by PRISCILLA
Another amazing reading! " ... written by soupergirl1322
I don't know whether what she said will come true or not but she did mention a lot of our personality traits that were true. She is sweet and i loved her. She seems so caring! Great session." ... written by Linh
Great reader picked up on everything. Very calm and logical. Gave great insight into what happened. Very comforting. I would recommend a reading with Shellie." ... written by Penny
I just talked to a friend... :) Sweet, caring, calming, always with a smile on her face :) Thank you Shellie." ... written by Chrissy
Excellent reader; spot on! " ... written by lotus71
I just had a session with her a couple nights ago but my credits kept running out but she was so great I had to come back again. She keeps me in a positive state and makes me feel reassured." ... written by linh
She is the only reader I will come to on Oranum. She is always right on and so amazing! She is always my go to person when I am having doubts or questions about my life. Youre so great Shellie!!! :)" ... written by Answers16
I never have enough time with Shellie :( Thanks for pulling me back from the abyss. Need to try and remember your words when the muck hits the fan. Shellie is always so soothing and positive." ... written by tired and lost
Oh my goodness, Shellie read everything, the entire situation like a book. Described the person I was talking about to a T! even the smallest characteristics just blew me away. I will be back for another reading, she is that outstanding." ... written by R.A.
Most fun with Shellie and Lisa, I choose Shellie over manicure!. You have not experienced true sibling love if your not a sibling with Shellie. " ... written by Sneza
AMAZING OMG GOOSEBUMPS." ... written by Renae
Wow very impressive how she gets the situation really fast! " ... written by marie5290
Thank you Shellie for the update, I will have faith." ... written by A
Thanks again!" ... written by kaeelu
Thats me laughing happily after readings with shellie. keep calm and feel it *cough cough* ahahaha loving these feelings sheellielala thanks so much." ... written by kaeelu
Most heartwarming reading i have ever had and most spot on. No one has yet to match her. Shellie u are truly gifted person" ... written by mahesh
Short but sweet! :0) I didn't have lots of min to work with" ... written by edel5
OMG She is just simply wonderful and amazing, helps me when I need her the most, she puts my mind at ease and gives really good advice and helps me with everything.. Thank you Shellie You are amazing.xoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Great!" ... written by majoma
Thanks for putting me back on track Shellie. What was I thinking, seriously, a long big sigh, but all is well and I'm forging ahead!" ... written by kaeelulala
Like her and her reading so much!" ... written by majoma
NO WORDS , SHE IS AWESOME." ... written by SK
Wow. I looked at the testimonials beforehand, a little skeptical, but nope; they were all correct. Shellie is great and so spot-on and warm. I really feel much better and comforted by what she said and it wasn't all entirely good or bad, but just honest. It's my first reading with her, so time will tell if what she sees is true, but my hunch is it will work out. " ... written by abyss
Love her" ... written by Leorising88
I'm ready for this! Thanks shellielala ;) We'll get it happening for sure~ " ... written by kaeelulala
Love her much" ... written by stas
She really knows the right things to say and how to make you feel special during each and every reading! " ... written by Soupergirl1322
Droollala I've suddenly think of that person. It's a sign that tanlala is coming near Shellie.. ohohoho so happy and excited ;)" ... written by kaeelu
Once again Shellie lifts me up. And her insight and knowledge is awe-inspiring. Thank you for shining on me again" ... written by Colin
Spot on as usual Thank you sweetie, love u xx" ... written by i did it my way
Shellie you are truly amazing!! your smile always turns my frown upside down and my anxiety down the drain! you are truly an inspiration and friend in my eyes for life, especially have to thank you for this week being there for me when i felt i had no one else :) xxxxxxx" ... written by ashleigh
Great reading." ... written by theresa
Great reading, thank you shellie" ... written by jp
Thanks shellielala ahahaha... I'll let you know how out of tune.. oh wait no.. must think that it'd blow the entire room away! I'll do so good they'll scream encore! ahahah" ... written by kaeelu
Amazing as always, Shellie is a wonderful person. very accurate and she knows everything, I love readings with her worth every penny. Thank You Shellie oxoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Thanks shellie-lala. Awesomeness as always! Much loveeee" ... written by kaeelu
If you are looking for magic and spells to make your life "easier" go somewhere else. If you want a life coach, guidance, friendly and calming words, advice, someone who reminds you that you are not alone but you are the most important person in your life, then Shellie is always there for you, no matter how many readings she's had and how tired she is. Cause believe me, she must get all kind of energies in there talking to us and it's not easy, it must be tough talking to so many "troubled" souls and sensing their feelings... Thank you Shellie, you know I'm doing my best but I will need your calming words in the future and if not, I will keep you updated because you helped me keep on walking on my path no matter what, that's important, you teach us we cannot give up on ourselves and our goals and dreams. :)" ... written by Chrissy
This may be my most important reading... thanks for being there Shellie. Shellie is amazing and really wants to help. I really don't know what I would do without her. She is the best friend that I should have. Thanks for all the love and support. I will update you when I can. Thanks so much for being there and helping me along this path xx Here goes nothing...." ... written by tiredandlost
OMG.. Such a lovely energy and amazing connection. I believe this is the first time i ever feel such a strong connection with a psychic. she was so much in track.. knew just so much with me barely talkin! Thank you so much i loved our reading. you are so kind! " ... written by Ana
Amazing!" ... written by Anne
Thanks, Shell! :) I've been scrambled eggs for the past 3 days or so and getting so much info. O.O Thanks for giving me verification on all the weird synchronicities. It's "Hamster-ball" time, and back to filling out job apps, and evreything else in between." ... written by Fuzz
Awesome as always!" ... written by anne
Always amazing... thank you dear.... you really give me strength... about this whole situation... and I trust it works out well...." ... written by bhavritti
Always accurate and uplifting. Thankful for miss Shellie." ... written by Leorising88
Oh I just love her ! Very sweet! " ... written by Erica
Very good thank you so much x" ... written by Stephanie
I always enjoy my readings with Shellie! She is soo easy to talk to and she doesn't have to rely on tools to tap into energies and your situation. I highly recommend her!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
That is the happiest reading I've ever had with Shellie. She has been saying about this for a while now and I never believed it...but I think it might be coming true! :) Lovely lady, accurate, amazing and so genuinely excited for me, thanks Shellie. You're more supportive than the best friends I have :) I will keep you updated....I may need to re-mortgage the house the amount of readings I'm going to need haha. Thanks for all of the love and support and believing in me when I never thought I'd get here. Shellie is a gem - precious and rare to find. Can't thank you enough for all you do for me - wow - when you're low and full of doubt, come to Shellie, she'll help you out :)" ... written by tired and lost
Shellie is just a sweetheart in every way possible. We had such a great connection, and there is an indescribable ease and grace in her presence. Thank you for connecting, Shellie! xxxxx" ... written by Lisa
Very in tune with the situation.. Thank you so much!! I will be back....for sure. Thanks you." ... written by Jan
Thanks Shellie." ... written by tiredandlost
She is absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!! Accurate and sensitive!!! I've been to a few readers and she is definitely one of the most tuned in i've consulted with... Trust this one. xx" ... written by Thandi
A great reading.............Thank you." ... written by Done51
She was amazing and helpful as allways!!! thank you so much hun!! " ... written by kellycalifornia
She's the best!" ... written by Leorising88
Awesome." ... written by anne
OMG Shellie I feel like I'm really being tested over all these. Thankfully you're helping me through this! It really feels like one after another.. I'm taking deep breaths now." ... written by kaeelu
Fantastic! Love her, like a breath of fresh air. xxx Great insights and a joy to talk to. " ... written by magical
Love her." ... written by stas
Shellie is brilliant as always! 5 stars." ... written by angelina
Smiley, positive Shellie. :) " ... written by Chrissy
It's my second reading with Shellie and once again it was great. She understands the situation better than I do before I even find the words to express it. She's very calming, and really wants to try and help and ultimately gives great advice." ... written by abyss00
Thanks Shellie, I always enjoy your kind insightful guidance I will chat soon." ... written by meg
Absolutely love her. Kind, gentle, and patient. Truly gifted." ... written by Leorising88
Wow very accurate and impressive like usual!! love her." ... written by marie5290
Good good goody!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
She's good!!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
To be in Shellie's band of followers is the best club in the world. She delivers the truths with amazing accuracy. Always bubbly and cheerful, yet empathic. Never hesitate to contact her. If you're on this site reading here, then worry no longer, give Shellie the chance to help you." ... written by Colin
Amazing as usual! thank you Shellie!" ... written by weissinha
You still remain my favorite on oranum!! everyone should try to talk to you!" ... written by kellycalifornia
Perfect as always!" ... written by kellycalifornia
Very good, Very kind, caring person lovely to talk with. Fingers crossed Shellie is right! " ... written by Charlotte
Awesome! She is right on !!! I cant explain it!" ... written by anne
AMAZING reader! I always enjoy doing readings with her! " ... written by soupergirl
Welcome back Shellie :) Normality is restored :) Shellie is an amazing reader and always spot on. Just hope I can find the courage to see this through! Anyone who is feeling low or has lost hope....use Shellie-nav to guide you through the turmoil and towards the light :) She is brilliant :)" ... written by tiredandlost
If granted one wish? To have a pocket Shellie! Wonderful reading and happiness from her, so uplifting! I'm carrying her suitcases to the airport. Shellie has become so much more than just a reader. I've gained a friend for life, always there for me and pulls me up. I don't believe you could find a better friend!" ... written by Colin
Thanks for supporting me Shellie. It means more than you know. Always love Shellie's positivity and warmth :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Thanks, Shellie! I'm so shocked that you are picking up on my synchronicities so much now! First it was your higher self contacting me in my dreams, then you picked up on feline guide lemons through a friend, and now that idiot girl's name too. You do so much for me. :) It would bring a tear to my eye if I hadn't already cried half the night already...while typing! Typing and finishing those job applications!" ... written by Fuzz
Love her! If you have any doubts. Truly treat yourself with a reading with her" ... written by stas
I'm too tired to type anything, but I love you, Shellie. (HUGS) And BTW, guys, (whoever is reading this), one of my predictions with Shellie is coming true. She said that the lady I am contacting on craigslist will get back in touch with me because she has been busy taking other applicants, and this is exactly how she responded: "I am still taking applicants. If you would like, we can meet tomorrow and answer each others questions." Good job, Shellie!~" ... written by Fuzz
Last reading before shellie is off. Have a lovely trip and drive safe, I will be coming back with updates once your back :). Love you my chipmunk :) ♥ xoxo" ... written by Sneza
panic panic me ~ okay not panic... just annoyed at myself... I know this, yet I keep doing it. Please keep me on track as always Shellie!! Thanks ;) If I don't get to talk to you again tomorrow... enjoy!~" ... written by kaeelu
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by GIOVANNA
Shellie is one of the two best readers on this site!! I hope everyone can have the chance to talk to her...!!!! Thank you again for everything!!!!!" ... written by kellycalifornia
Another great reading! She is amazing! " ... written by soupergirl1322
Thanks for explaining things." ... written by S
Thanks so much!" ... written by S
Thanks, Shellie. I will see if she calls/contacts me." ... written by Fuzzy-wuzz
Her energy is just so beautiful... and wow... she just can read me. So easy! It's like if I was an open book. I have an amazing connection with her and she has an amazing talent. Thank you so much, shellie. :) " ... written by Ana
No words to describe how great she is " ... written by GIOVANNA
Very patient and calming as usual and with all the negative energy. She gets from me that's quite a mission impossible..." ... written by Chrissy
She is the best!!! I adore her!!! Truly a gift!!!" ... written by Anne
Shellie has done and help me so much. Thankssss as alwayss (♥‿♥✿) " ... written by kaeelu
Shellie is the most amazing, caring, genuine person ever. I feel so lucky to have met her and love every reading I have. Thanks Shellie :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Last but not least." ... written by Chrissy
Thanks Shellie. Sorry." ... written by tiredandlost
Ive been to Shellie a few times and shes always been consistent with what she tells me. She goes into details when she does her reading which is wonderful and her positive personality is always so uplifting. I honestly love talking to her and she is one of the best psychics I have spoken to." ... written by Linh
She is so sweet and clam and helpful." ... written by ashnnka
Definition of Shellie: a soothing caring person who consult and talk to when you are feeling stuck! Who does her very best with best interest always at heart to help you and make you happy. :)" ... written by Ashleigh
Always a distinct pleasure with Shellie. :) Thank you so much!!" ... written by Stephanie
Amazing as always.. looking forward to her predictions.. She is awesome, very kind and sweet person.. Thank you Shellie xoxoxo will be back again.." ... written by sweet84
Thanks for helping this unhappy camper Shellie." ... written by tiredandlost
Love her. But when we get back together after being away so long she is always still the same she's great! Love her" ... written by gittyup1945
Always great" ... written by majoma
Love her!" ... written by leorising88
She is the best!" ... written by Sally
Shellie is amazing and wonderful.. Completely accurate and clear." ... written by kate
Great reading as always !!! WIll always be back for her great wisdom : ) Great connection : )" ... written by godsangels
Fantastic x" ... written by good as usual l
Amazing as usual!" ... written by Anne
She's really cool. I just gave her my name and DOB. She ran with it and picked up a guy I am dating - his personality, feelings etc. Very impressed!" ... written by Zeigen
She is honest and loved her reading... Cheers" ... written by Shruthi
Excellant" ... written by luckyanna
Sooo nice to have a convo with Shellie. :)" ... written by Sneza
Shellie is extremely accurate and detailed.. she is such a huge help to me. Unfortunately their are too many mysteries in my life." ... written by kate
She is my favorite!!!! I just love her!!!" ... written by angelic03
Thanks Shellie. You are always so positive and warm and caring. I appreciate your support in all of this." ... written by tiredandlost
Shellie, our reading was so lovely today! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Thank you for all that you try to do to help me, and I'm so happy we got to figure out who Lemons finally was." ... written by Fuzz
Thanks for the reading Shellie." ... written by SS
Thank you so much Shellie! you have lifted my spirits. i will be strong and will keep you updated on how things are going. i will take your advice and let time run its course and heal all wounds." ... written by sadgirl456
Ell is great!!! Not much more I can say! When you are feeling doubtfull go to her and she will open your eyes to your own DESTINY! And will guide you on the right path to make it thru to true Happiness.. Says things that only I could have known n felt! Love her to peices! ORANUMTOP % pyschics on here get her while u can she is always busy with sum1 on here n hard to get! LOVE U Shell-bell! xoxo" ... written by torresk1978
Wonderful." ... written by Anne
Super!" ... written by Leorising88
Thankful once again to have Shellie put me in the picture. Wonderful, soothing words and insight. I love my pocket Shellie. :)" ... written by Colin
Awesome and a sweetheart." ... written by Mel
She's a beautiful person inside and out!!! Incredible human being!" ... written by Anne
Thank you again dear! I feel wonderful every time we talk! xxxxx" ... written by kellycalifornia
Amazing reading." ... written by Kenneth
She's so great!" ... written by Leorising88
Wonderful! :) Thank you so much Shellie! :) " ... written by Ana
Shellie is so nice and lovely, so happy to have my update reading with her. :)" ... written by Sneza
I love Shellie! So accurate and honest always there. xxx" ... written by Stephanie
Great as always, made me feel so much better again and gave me a lot of clearity on what will happen in the future. Thank you so much Shellie and talk to you soon! Xx" ... written by Kelebek
Shellie just gave me a very helpful and loving reading and I am so very grateful. Her interpretation of my situation was very accurate and her reading has given me a way forward. Thank you Shellie, and no, you didn't talk too much! xox" ... written by francesann55
Nice reading got clarity thanks." ... written by bguy
Thanks Shellie for your update and having reached out" ... written by SS
Great update reading. I love getting readings with her, I always get a sense of relief and calm afterwards. You know I will be back : )" ... written by godsangels
shellie is by far the best psychic on this site. Hands down." ... written by stas
Very comforting and always positive . I do believe she has an amazing talent and has helped me so much! Thank you shellie." ... written by Ana
Shellie is amazing and so lovely. If you feel lost and alone you will find a friend in her. Thanks" ... written by tiredandlost
Great update from shellie! 5 star." ... written by angelina
Amazing!!" ... written by Renae
Shellie has lightened my heart tonight and we shared laughter like friends down the pub, yet still able to deliver the insight and guidance that I seek. I thank Shellie for giving me a world to hang onto. Easily the best, most gifted reader, and indeed a friend who will stay with me forever." ... written by Colin
I think I saw the neighbour's cat exploring my room but I was too busy listening to Shellie to chase him away. Do I need to add anything else? ;) :D" ... written by Chrissy
Shellie is so great at turning a frown upside down. Thanks Shellie, it was nice to have a laugh with you as well as the serious stuff. Maybe I would be braver after a Mojito or 6?! You're right as always though, something has got to give. Thanks for the positivism and helping me see things from another point of view. :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Thanks Shellie for the reading and lovely singing. :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Omg, I love talking to Shellie... So nice such a deep connection such a lovely energy and she is right on track. Love updating with her. :)" ... written by Ana
WOW!!! SPEECHLESS! SHE IS AWESOME!!!" ... written by marion
Well, Shell-bell did it again!!! Precise, honest, said waht I was feeling and thinking!!! Foresee the future and what will happen for me and what to do to prepare myself with it all. Know how to get rid of negative energy and people in my life. :"(I love her sooo much. Without shelly I'm afraid I'd be lost and hurt and in bad fortune. She's my guardian Angel No1 of oranum. Best on here!!! Shes not constantly busy all time with her customers for nothing! Theres a reason! Shes the best! xoxoxo" ... written by torresk1978
you'r amazing " ... written by Ashleigh
Thanks Shellie...always wonderful to talk to and gives great advice. You're the best :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Shellie is so gorgeous and calm andamp; comforting. Very insightful.... I'm looking forward to share the good news with Shellie!" ... written by Leanna Chan
Thanks Shellie...feel the ♥. xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Thank you wonderful Shellie. :)" ... written by Ashleigh
I always love my readings with Shellie! She's great." ... written by AceOfCupss
She is hands down the best! So giving and understanding! I couldn't ask for a better spiritual guidance from a better person. She gets my situation and gives me the reassurance to get me thru!!!" ... written by Anne
She is fabulous, always connects really fast. I look forward to everything that comes about! :) Bless xx" ... written by rebekah
Fantastic!! I love my readings with Shellie!" ... written by rebekah
Times like this remind me why I came to you in the first place. Thanks for being there for me through all this Shellie. Everything you said would happen is. I just have to put the hurt and fear to one side and keep moving. I don't know what I'd have done all this time without you, thank you so much for listening to the whole tale and advising me. I hope things will continue to go the way you see it. Thanks Shellie, you're the most gorgeous person inside and out I have ever met and I am so grateful!" ... written by tiredandlost
Amazing reader with good energy of connection, very sweetheart. Thank you! " ... written by Real Love
OMG I love Shellie and I thank her so much for everything: all the help, advise and hope that she gives me. Shellie you truly are a amazing psychic and you have a very special gift. You're always very, very accurate, to the point and you know it all. You deserve 100000 stars. You are the best of the best. Thank you once again. Xooxoxoxoxo talk to you soon xoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
So reassuring!!!! I love her she's the best!" ... written by Anne
Love me some Shelliieeeee. :)" ... written by Pioneers19
Very comforting... so peacful andamp; I love the energy exchange.... and ..... I truly hope and wait for the outcome.... but anyway... I enjoy taling to Shellie." ... written by leanna Chan
Once again very calm and soothing. Very precise and accurate. A great way to start the day! Who needs the radio?" ... written by Colin
Awesome!!! Just what I needed today!!" ... written by Anne
Theres not enough stars for Shellie at all, there needs to be hundreds and hundreds of more stars. " ... written by Sneza
Shellie is so quick to connect, has lots to say and has a genuine warmth about her. Nice reading thanks." ... written by Freedom2211
Thanks Shellie, you always know just what to say. :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Great reading as always" ... written by majoma
I love Shellie and how she makes everything so much clearer and more positive :) Thanks Shellie, you always amaze me" ... written by tiredandlost
Had to back in for pvt again because shellie is so descriptive in her readings! She gives lots of details and information and i'm so happy we got to have this connection!!!!" ... written by lovebugshay
Wonderful time with shellie! so excited for the future! she's a sweetheart and we have such a beautiful, warm connection! love her eyes as well! warm personality" ... written by lovebug
Always great." ... written by majoma
Thanks for clarifying for me" ... written by SS
Thank you Shellie; for all your help through a difficult time for me. Also thank you for your accuracy as well." ... written by kathy
Lovely lovely lovely!!!" ... written by Amazing
Talking to Shellie always feel so comforting and sweet and nice... great supports andamp; guidance and honest sharing. Lovely energy! " ... written by Leanna Chan
Words can't explain how amazing she is!!! So kind and genuine!Thanks Doll!!!" ... written by Anne
TOP NOTCH! Shelly never fails me or the way I feel or thinking! Looks out formy journey ahead on good or bad! Her predictions are as always on point! Shes's one of the BEST and MOST ACCURATE ON HERE!!!" ... written by torresk1978
One of the best readings - she's worth it !" ... written by Jennifer
Thanks a million! I feel more comforted!" ... written by SY
Hmmmmm what do think of Shellie? She is so compassionate, honest, and has a heart of gold. Her predictions are always come to pass for me. She calms me down when my heart is in distress. Thank you Shellie for your guidance and supports. You are my best friend, my confidant, and my positive energy. I am in a very good place as long as I have you to guide me. " ... written by angelonmyside
wonderful as always! A sheer joy to connect with. Many thanks!" ... written by pleasure
I truly love her, she is always right on with what need to be done and what's going on!!!! I always will be back whenever I can get in, that is, she's a VERY busy lady!!! Hugs and lots of love !!!! " ... written by Summer
Beautiful inside and out!!!" ... written by Anne
She's truly gifted and great! Much love for her" ... written by Anne
This is a FIVE STAR RATING! Admins, don't get it wrong, pls. :) Anyway Shellie, HUGS!!! I always love talking to you. See you in Free Chat. I was so happy I got to tell you about my dreams. XOXO" ... written by Fuzzy-wuzz
Such a blessing! Thank you Shellie for everything! You do for all of us! You always bring me serenity! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" ... written by Anne
An angel on earth!!! So accurate! She is amazing!" ... written by Anne
Shellie connects with me perfectly all the time and gives great advice. I'm seriously very grateful I have found her. She truly cares and very blessed in her gift. Please go ahead and consult her. " ... written by angelina
Shellie is the BEST on this site! I love her 2 pieces! 5 stars EVERY SINGLE TIME!" ... written by stas
Thanks Shellie for the support even when you're not 100%... It means more than you know." ... written by tiredandlost
Too good! I didn't say anything... only names and DOB and Shellie just went on and on straight away... describing my situation perfectly accurately. One of the best readings for sure. I like her energy. " ... written by stephanie
Shelly again has said what has been happening within the last few days that no1 else could have known and laid them out on the table for me in my life! She sees and feels what I've been thinking and what I am going through... Top BEST Psychic on Oranum!!That why I keep coming back to her room for more privates! 95% Accurate!!! She's the real deal!!!" ... written by torresk1978
Shellie is always so lovely... even when she is sick... so helpful, comforting and great connection! She can see/feel just like someone always next to you or know you for so long. How incredible!" ... written by Leanna Chan
She is awesome!" ... written by staci
Thanks for the positive reading. I will come back to you and tell you how things went. See you soon. " ... written by drish55
She's amazing reader, she explains things really clearly and it makes sense to me and to my situations, seems like very true what she's saying. Plus, she's very lovely person. Will be back again. Thanks!" ... written by RealLove
SHE just talk like you knows me for long, long, long time! AMAZING!!! AMAZING! Great andamp; comforting! " ... written by leanna chan
She's amazing!" ... written by Anne
I always enjoy my readings with Shellie! She gets right to the heart of the situation. Thanks Shellie!!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Thanks Shellie for being there :) Wish me luck!" ... written by shellie
Shellie is the best! Her readings are so accurate!" ... written by staci
AMAZING!!!" ... written by Anne
Thank you, will try to stay positive. She is grate and honest." ... written by zorica
Always able renew positivity even when low. A lovely friend to have. A very gifted reader with wonderful talent. Do not pass up an opportunity to speak to Shellie but then that is why she is so popular." ... written by Colin
Once again Shellie was wonderful! She is really great when you need reassurance and positivity. I've had a lot of mix messages from so many messages but shellie puts me at ease every time and I love her!" ... written by linh
She helps me tremendously! Couldn't be without her. She is truly a blessing." ... written by Anne
I loveeee her. She is so nice, patience and accurate." ... written by majoma
Shellie is amazing, she envisions things in a way that I don't always expect but ring true or come true after I talk to her." ... written by nix331
Really lovely. I loved talking to her." ... written by Shira
Shellie is beautiful inside and out. I couldn't do any of this without her :) Shellie is busy a lot but definitely worth the wait :) Thanks Shellie." ... written by tiredandlost
She is so sweet and honest. Just like my other favourite psychics. I have so much to look forward to and I cant wait for it to happend... Good bless them. " ... written by Jeanetteg
Love her. Cant wait to speka to her again." ... written by gittyup1945
I could never say enough good about Shellie! She is fabulous!!!" ... written by Anne
Lovely lovely connection and speaks straight to my heart what I need to hear. Shellie is so special and gifted and can make you smile through anything!" ... written by lillia
Shellie you are truly amazing. You have a very, very special gift, you help me all the time, you're very accurate with everything, and you know it all as if you were living my life. You deserve 10000000 stars, you're the best of the best and simply AMAZING. Thank you for everything and I"ll do what you told me to do today. Thankkk You oxoxoxoxoxoox" ... written by sweet84
Shellie does have GREAT INSIGHT!!! Seems like she knows me from the past!!! " ... written by Leanna Chan
ALWAYS.... want to talk to her!!!!" ... written by Leanna Chan
So lucky to have found Shellie... but as she says "There is no such thing as coincidences" so I think I was meant to. :) Shellie is always positive, supportive, kind and upbeat. She always helps to see the bigger picture when sometimes you're too busy focussing on the bad stuff. Thanks Shellie, I don't know what I'd do without you. :)" ... written by tiredandlost
She's beautiful and gorgeous and has such a lovely way about her. I have been coming to her for a while now" ... written by beccaboo72
Thank you amazing wonderful shelllllie love you to bits :) " ... written by Ashleigh
Oh!!! Shellie... so nice.. positive andamp; encouraging!!!! Great insight! highly strongly recommended!!! =)" ... written by Leanna Chan
Shellie has never been wrong with her predictions before, and I sure hope she isn't today! " ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
Greaaaaat!" ... written by Leorising88
Well wht can i say!Again as always truly another amazing reading wth shelly!!!!She feels my heart n my discomforts n sees my life for the time being!!!N whts ahead as always..Shes right on the money!!I love her since I been on this sight for a about a yr now n she definately #1 N 1st choice Psychic for me as well as others I have noticed Thts why her room is always busy in Private she never has ne time for free chat!!Because shes always in private sessions!!!!That tells how good she is!!!" ... written by torresk1978
Thanks for the update are so lovely. sorry I ran out of time" ... written by tiredandlost
A very gifted reader and soother of hearts. What a wonderful person and so worth making contact every time. I have so much love for you Shellie." ... written by Seahorses
I really needed this talk today. Like always amazing memory, insight and very good advise. Thank you Shellie." ... written by evaclara
someone will have to thank Shellie if I manage to tame my evil twin ;)" ... written by Chrissy
Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!! Shellie is right on and accurate! The best friend to have on your side!" ... written by Anne
Always great." ... written by majoma
Amazing and soothing! Always uplifting..thank u!" ... written by Anne
Shellie is always insightful andamp; lovely andamp; truthful. Direct! I like it... highly recommend! She could help and get you spiritual support... BRAVO!" ... written by Leanna Chan
Shellie always makes me feel better no matter what, she gives great advice and is a good listener. Thank you again Shellie I will be back! " ... written by Kelebek
Great session." ... written by luckystar
She is very good. " ... written by steph
ooopsss... the session ended again.... guess I'm too slow in adding credits... truly looking forward to "LISTEN" to Shellie talk and sharing of her insights!! AMAZING!!!! =)" ... written by Leanna Chan
I love her she is accurate and very nice." ... written by majoma
So love Shellie and talking with her, she always knows just what to say and she has the most wonderful infectious laugh ever :) She is always so busy and yet remembers everything I've ever told her...I love that about her. Thanks for guiding me Shellie, you are not just my reader, you're my friend, guide and shining light :) Thank you" ... written by tiredandlost
Very helpful and soothing. When I need clarity she brings it. When I need calmness she gives it! She is accurate in what she says and her predictions have been correct. She genuinely cares and is a lovely person inside and out! Thank you Shellie!" ... written by Anne
fantastic ! very talented - tuned in immediately" ... written by ray
She's amazing! Truly amazing!The best!" ... written by mamma6
Very good, fast and accurate!" ... written by Edwin
Thank you again Shellie, it is always so soothing and a pleasure to experience" ... written by Colin
Feel so much better after talking with her! Thank u so much shellie!!! :)" ... written by Ana
Always so lovely talking to Shelie... because she really see things andamp; understand "deeply"... what an incredible connection there!" ... written by Leanna
Sorry Shellie, I didn't have anyone else to turn to and at least I know I can trust you. Thanks for the help and support, as always." ... written by tiredandlost
Thanks! Always great!" ... written by SS
Beautiful! She is amazing!" ... written by Mamma6
<" ... written by pioneers19
Shellie is quick and to the point. I knew she knew. Awesome, just totally awesome, a rare find." ... written by leader72
Shellie is the best with readings. I am truly grateful for her keen insight and guidance. Shellie is warm, accurate, and helpful." ... written by Liz
She was excellent!" ... written by Lucidity954
Shellie is so wonderful. So beautiful and REAL. Everything about her is real and genuine, and once again, she has made me feel so much more at ease. I feel very blessed i can come to her. xxx" ... written by From the land down under..
amazeballs!!!" ... written by mashael
3rd time i talk to Shellie - so positive and so accurate. You can sense immediately that she is doing her mission with so much love, light andamp; integrity!" ... written by Melissa
Everytime I talk to you, I feel so comfortable, your reading is really make sense and meaningful. Thank you!" ... written by RealLove
<" ... written by pioneers19
Always makes me feel better, love speaking with her!" ... written by Brie
She's fabulous! Couldn't ask for a better friend and confidant. When I'm low she lifts me. She is an angel on earth." ... written by Mamma6
thank you shellie for all your time, insights and love you're sharing. you and your positive energy are amazing. thank you" ... written by maithu
She is great! Hands down great! Can't say enough good! She is so positive!" ... written by Mamma6
Love her!" ... written by Leorising88
Love this girl!!!" ... written by Shira
Aww thanks Shellie. I always love how positive and warm you are, it makes me smile and helps me stay on this path. Wish I'd had you with me from the start when I got lost but I'm so glad I have Shellie-nav to guide me :) Thanks" ... written by tiredandlost
I want to thank you for Everything- I've been difficult to deal with-I know. I'm going to take your word and believe that life is going to get better- Someday hopefully I can come back and tell you I'm with the love of my life!" ... written by Done51
OMG Shellie is amazing. She knows it all, very very accurate with everything. Things that she predicted in the past came to pass and I'm really looking forward to the predictions that she just told me. Thank you so much Shellie you really are AMAZING. XOXOXOOXOXOXO" ... written by sweet84
lovely reading, thank you, a great reader, the best in fact and a beautiful person." ... written by seahorses
She is great! Thank you!" ... written by Mamma6
Shellie has great intuition and very supportive." ... written by leanna chan
Thanks shellie for the reading very good." ... written by SS
Always a pleasure to have a reading with Shellie, she has a beautiful healing nature and always makes me feel at ease. I have always found her quick to connect sometimes even pre empting what I am saying. She is honest and accurate dont waste your credits with anyone else. xoxo " ... written by beccaboo72
She is a doll! Always positive!" ... written by Mamma6
So sweet and reassuring love, our readings!" ... written by Ana
She brings me up when I am so down. Thank u, Shellie!" ... written by Mamma6
Thank you so much for everything tonight! Can't wait for my future to unfold while I keep my positive anticipation :) " ... written by Ashleigh
Great reading!" ... written by l
She is a true friend beyond psychic! She is glorious inn her ways! She is accurate! I am lucky to have met her! Thank You Shellie!" ... written by Mamma6
Amazing!" ... written by Mamma6
Accurate and reassuring as always. Sorry about the abrupt ending xx" ... written by AceOfCupss
So helpful and sweet! Keeping me grounded!" ... written by Mamma6
She is great. Expensive but worth it. Highly accurate. She is sympathetic and sweet and funny. I recommend her." ... written by OndeMystere
Thanks, Shellie, for always being there and supporting me through the roller-coaster... It helps knowing you're with me for the ride." ... written by tiredandlost
She is so sweet and makes me so calm and positive. And most of all honest. " ... written by Jeanette
Thanks Shellie... So much to say, so little time! Argh!" ... written by tiredandlost
Thanks, Shellie, you always save the day. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... it's SuperShellie :)" ... written by tiredandlost
She always helps me! Always! She has been very accurate! Very! She always has my best interest in mind! I love this girl! She rocks! We have connected tremendously! Give her a chance you won't be disappointed!" ... written by Mamma6
So soothing, calming and a joy to listen to, talk with and hear accurate readings. Thank you Shellie" ... written by Seahorses
Shellie has a good insight, and I am happy with her reading." ... written by Aurel
Magnificent!" ... written by Shellie
wonderful !!" ... written by mashael
Wow, now we read each others' minds ;) Thanks as usual, Shellie :)" ... written by Chrissy
Amazing... Best psychic on here, hands down." ... written by stas
Thanks for calming me about the cats. You said the foster organization will come and pick them up in a few days, and by that time, my roommate will be ready for them to go. :) You also said mom is likely to have a chip in her, but didn't have time to finish on if she has an owner, but I think you meant that she does. I sure hope you are right, and I will let you know what happens. I just want them to find the best homes. I will post a kitten and boobs pic for you before I go." ... written by Fuzzy
Sorry I got cut off Shellie. Thank you for putting my mind at ease and the well wishes for my means more than you know...probably a nice change for you from our usual subject too ;) Really lucky to have Super Shellie backing helps a lot and I always feel more positive after our readings because I know it's going to happen just like I've been told :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Going back in!~" ... written by Fuzz
Shellie is always so lovely... comforting andamp; very very supportive! Great insight!" ... written by Leanna Chan
Very sweet and accurate!" ... written by mamma6
Very good and sweet. " ... written by vm
Wonderful day after speaking to my lovely Shellie. Thank you! So gifted and accurate." ... written by Seahorses
It was a great session. She is exceptional. So accurate and detailed. I dint say anything, she just keep typing more and more info, story and descriptions. She already answers before I ask! I love that she flow with detailed story without me asking anything. Extremely talented lady!" ... written by AGirl
She is a blessing and very accurate. The vision she has is incredibly clear and consistent, AMAZING!!!!" ... written by Mamma6
You're amazing, love u!!!! " ... written by Real Love
If you are here its because you are about to be blessed with the most beautiful gift in the world...... SHELLIE !!!!!" ... written by seahorse
She is great, accurate, patience, honest. What she said in the past has happened. Awesome." ... written by majoma
She's very encouraging! She helps me tremendously. Love this girl!" ... written by Mamma6
That was the longest private ever! But it was the best, and I got so much info, and now I know what's going on, and what has happened. It was like Christmas today!" ... written by Fuzz
Always the best! :)" ... written by Fuzz
Excellent as usual. xxx" ... written by Jane
Eheehee!~ My fuzzy babies are coming! I can't wait to run into Pumpkin and Emily as I know it will work out as you say. :) Besides I dreamed it anyway too!~ I'll contact you later today after I have sent out some e-mails and purchases my plane ticket!!! And I can't believe what you said about Mr. Spock!! ♥ Oh now that is FAB! ♥" ... written by Fuzzy-wuzz
Every time I talk to Shellie she is just so caring and loving. She opens up her heart and uses her blessings to give insight and clarity to whatever issue you have. Just a joy to talk to a beautiful person inside and out. :) " ... written by Curiousdreamer
thanks, very good." ... written by Muffin1603
Was the first reading I actually felt connected to her, she was very precise helped me have hope, clarity and understanding. would recommend her to friends and others, was able to pick up on situation right away." ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you for letting me know that my first meeting went well with the president, vice principal, and the other English teacher. You seemed to catch their personalities pretty well. :) So happy to hear training will go well too." ... written by Fuzzy
Thank you for reaffirming everything we had in first reading, gave me hope. " ... written by pinkpather30
She's Amazing! Very very amazing! She hits things right on and predicts accurately!" ... written by Shellie
Oh Shellie is amazing! lovely / intelligent / great insight ? knowledgeable.... Feel so lifted andamp; comforted after talking to her~ " ... written by Leanna Chan
Its always sooo nice to talk to Shellie, love her :)" ... written by Sneza
Shellie! Great reading and you always understand me and I always enjoy talking with you. :) Thank you for the insights and the great news coming my way!" ... written by magical03
Thank you my angel for another lovely reading. Very accurate and hey, how did you know that I had lost 3 KEYS???? Now lets talk more about our joint lottery ticket. LOL" ... written by Seahorses
Very sweet and honest. Sadly, honesty sometimes hurts. Thanks, Shellie!" ... written by Ana
She is so positive, sweet and good advisor. Right on spot to many things she couldt know about. She makes me cool about my current situation. " ... written by Jeanetteg
I love this woman, she gave me such accurate information. It brought tears to my eyes. This was the first time ever speaking to her but she put all the information together so well of what has been currently and in the past been happening with me. He gave some good future predictions, let's see what happens! " ... written by Patel, Neha
Okay got some time frames. Seems it will happen no later than New Years. :) Or his arrival could happen sooner. Excited to see the synchronicities that remind me of him. :D And sorry for the rushed energies in the reading. Even though I added a decent amount of time, it felt rushed, didn't it? It's cause I'm excited and tired and hungry at the same time! Eating breakfast with the pres in 1.25 hours at 5am in the morning. Then getting on the train!~ And so happy Mr. Spock dreamed about my train ride today. I hope I get a turn at dreaming of him and his status next. ;) Hehee!~" ... written by Fuzz
Love shellie.. shes the best on here.. " ... written by stas
Great to have Shellie back... always gives me a boost when I'm feeling low... thanks Shellie... I will try to stay away from fb and the false stuff my friends say." ... written by tiredandlost
Thank you. Was good to talk to you at last and I'll contact you again :)" ... written by G
The best!!!" ... written by mashael
Thank you Shellie, you are the best!!" ... written by ror
Well, not what I wanted to hear. But then Shellie only gives the truth." ... written by Seahorses
With Shellie's insight I've changed the dynamics and got it back. YEY! I love you Shellie!" ... written by Seahorses
This clears up so much confusion yet again, and thank you for enduring the lengthy discussion. I'm so glad I have a means to pay for this so that we can brainstorm and understand WHY I pick up on everything like I do and also figure out what to do about it. I am going to try really hard to open up and really empathize with mr. spock's energies tonight. I'll even let myself cry if he can send me enough pain. Because my lack of empathy is my dirtyness." ... written by Fuzz
She is sweet and so encouraging. Its nice to have her available." ... written by Mamma6
Shellie is brillant, funny and radiates gorgeous happy and calming energy. She is so accurate with her readings and is always worth the wait. You always feel more at ease when talking with her. She always leaves you feeling like everything is going to be ok whatever the outcome may be - God Bless! xo " ... written by beccaboo72
Amazing, don't waste your credits with anyone else, she's so warm and lovely! xx" ... written by Rebecca
She is so amazing, very warm andamp; caring person, she is very fast in predicting and straight to the point. Love her! I'll be back for results!" ... written by blabla
Shellie is awesome!!!!!!! She is perfect!!!!!!!!" ... written by Sun
Shellie is always calm, lovely and enjoyed talking to her so much... Very insightful!" ... written by Leanna Chan
Super helpful! Wish I had more time with her." ... written by Tracy
Another long and informative session. Thank you! :)" ... written by Fuzzy
Lovely lady! Very accurate!" ... written by Nishma
Thanks for always being there Shellie. I hope I will find the strength from somewhere to do this. At least I know I have you on my side. Thanks! :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Thank you so much... Shellie always the best!" ... written by vay
Shell did t again... She feels me n my emotions n says what I'm thinking always... Lets me now whts right for me in my love life... N protects me from falling n getting hurt... She truly is my guardian angel!!Like I said 1 of Oranum's top best psychics on here!!!" ... written by torres1978
Positive, calming, supportive, always sees the light at the end of the tunnel... I'm starting to believe it's really there ;) Thank you :)" ... written by Chrissy
Shellie is a true psychic! She knows what she is talking! I love her. God Bless!!!" ... written by roseandwine
She is great!!!! Amazing!!! Always uplifting!! An angel on earth!" ... written by Mamma6
Thanks Shellie! :) Love our readings!" ... written by tiredandlost
Thanks Shellie for the updates here... very good and helpful!" ... written by S
Shellie is lovely, insightful, helpful. She's got positive energy and really amazing reading everytime!" ... written by Leanna Chan
Thanks Shellie! :) Love all the confirmation! Don't need to worry about Mamo-chan. Check! "Ginger" enters planet Earth in no less than 2.5 days. Check! Mr. Spock gets med-pregnant. Check!~ :D Ahahahaha!!~ Lovin' it!" ... written by Fuzz
Thanks Shellie for the lovely session. Will be back soon to let you know how things unfold! =)" ... written by jomielyn
Charming, very intuitive and has the ability of really connecting to me and the questions I needed answered today." ... written by Shellie
SOOO GREAT!!!! Absolutely the best 60 dollars spent on here! LOVE IT :) " ... written by Caja
Her visions are so POWERFUL! Accurate and explains everything with so much LOVE!" ... written by PD
She is always so positive! She makes you feel better." ... written by mamma6
Thank you shellie your so amazing! :)" ... written by bec
She is awesome as always! " ... written by staci
Great connection on a reading level. " ... written by Simone
Very giving and loving! A true gem!" ... written by Mamma
The best!!!!!" ... written by mashael
Really nice and connected with me." ... written by moongirl777
Shellie is superb !!!!!!" ... written by Suhana
Shellie was very firm in her visions and I hope she is right! Thank you." ... written by Lucidity954
THANK YOU Shellie for lovely reading, These are anchors, charting my future. What a wonderfully gifted girl." ... written by Seahorses
The best!!! Not a pocus!!! Sees what thinking and feeling." ... written by torresk1978
Thanks again Shellie. I hope the other feedback went through. And oh guess what?! As I'm typing this Yosuke is messaging me on FB. We DEFINITELY need to ask him about English lessons!~ Let see if he shows me the way to quick money teaching private English lessons. You said Mr. Spock is getting somewhere in his though processes in at least wanting to apologize. This is good! but yeah it rly is going to take two weeks for this arm pain to go away that he is sending me. Pumpkin is born already, and something about a tiger striped kitten and a black and white kitten....and emily....and Pumpkin will appear in my dreams soon." ... written by Fuzz
Shellie is wonderful as always.. I don't know what I'd do without her... Thanks so much :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Whoa! His wife is going to get worse. My poor friend. :( My friends and I shall try and support him while he goes through hell slowly. I'm so worried for him, and I want to give him a hug. :( :( :( But thank you for the confirmation on their troubles. Also you said Pumpkin will be born in 3-5 days. Fab!~ I will go calculate that soon. I want to see what Moon sign he'll come in with. :3" ... written by Micro Panda
Thanks Shellie you always know exactly whats going on with my loved ones and you make me feel so much better after talking to you." ... written by beccaboo72
Shellie is amazing she connected with what was going on in my marriage without me telling her anything... She read the situation exactly as it is... I will definitely be back." ... written by Ashley
She is amazing just makes you feel so good about everything. She has always been honest and amazingly accurate she is the real deal for sure. I keep coming back because shes truthful and her predictions are accurate. Thanks Shellie you are amazing !! " ... written by Beccaboo72
Love her 2 death." ... written by stas
Shes so kind! She is a good person to have in a time of need." ... written by fairyprincess
She is positive, knew my situation without me saying much and as beautiful as she on the outside, on the inside as well! She does this for her love and to share her gift! Thank ya god bless ya... Pls keep me in your prayers! Lots of light and love... A must do reading with her!" ... written by lai
She so so sweet! I love her positive attitude! She really tries to help!" ... written by fairyprincess
Shellie is gifted. Insighful, lovely personality, direct andamp; calm.... great energy!" ... written by Leanna
She is always lovely andamp; insightful... AMAZING" ... written by leanna chan
Shellie is the best of the best. She has helped me so much and I love her so much!!!" ... written by Angelonmyside
She is so sweet and comforting. A true blessing." ... written by Mama6
Great lovely lady with so much insight!" ... written by Patel
So Kind and always spot on point... Eased my heart today." ... written by Ashley
Wonderful as always, helped calm my fears and told me what to expect and everything to come, have had some bad readings in past by others but she seems to be very talented and compassionate to the people she reads for and willing to take time out to help give logical advise. " ... written by pinkpather30
Thanks for the update shelli talk more soon" ... written by S
Super Shellie flies to the rescue :) Shellie is super in every way. Her special powers are: making people smile and laugh, bringing positivity to any situation, making things happen and bringing the love to all! :) Thanks Shellie for always being there and remembering me :)" ... written by tiredandlost
She is accurate! She truly cares! She is amazing!" ... written by Mamma6
Had update on situation she was able to clarify what's to come, give me some encouraging advise." ... written by pinkpather30
She is amazing! She really is the real deal! She has predicted many things that have came true! Thank You doll!♥" ... written by Mamma
Thanks for the update, Shellie :)" ... written by S
Great as always. Shellie has a great way of lifting you up when you're down. Thanks for always being there and giving me the strength to carry on. I don't know what I'd do without you." ... written by tiredandlost
I love her! She is so accurate! When I was struggling she lifted me! She is awesome! Truly gifted! It's unreal!" ... written by Mamma
I had a wonderful confirmation reading with Shellie. She was spot on by what she picked up. I think Shellie is one of the top readers on her and I would recommend her to anybody. " ... written by Destiny_Love
She is always supportive andamp; direct andamp; insightful. Really great connection here!" ... written by Leanna
Very calming ..Thank you.." ... written by Ryzette
Shellie is wonderful and full of insight. She is very uplifting. I highly recommend her." ... written by Lindsay
I love this woman!!! Amazing! Simply amazing!" ... written by unknown
What can I say, simply amazing!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Cool, awesome!" ... written by kye2210
Amazing reading." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Wonderful reading. She helped me out in a time when things were really looking down. The reading was lovely and made me feel ten times better. I can't wait to come back for another reading and update on the situation!" ... written by Sissy
Great advice and strong presence - I will recommend" ... written by Glenn
I am lost with words. She is such an amazing reader, so understanding, patient and has seen some things which she doesn't know and that I found so so true. I have no regrets and can't wait to chat with her... she is an angel." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Thank you" ... written by tara
Shellie is positive and encouraging. Deep insight... Truthful and love it!" ... written by Leanna
Very mixed feelings now. I'm learning to ask the right questions, Shellie will always deliver, no matter what, just ask the right questions." ... written by Seahorses
Excellent reading, very spot on. She saw many things which I never told. She is amazing." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Great as always, gave me clear knowledge in what's happening. She is my go to person for advise always very informative, supportive and kind." ... written by pinkpather30
Shellie is sweet, insightful and amazing reading! " ... written by Leanna
My favorite. Always great readings" ... written by majoma
What a joy it is to have Shellie in my life. And one by one by one, all her insights come true. So gifted and beautiful and talented. I love my Shellie." ... written by Seahorses
AMAZING!" ... written by Mamma
She is amazing! She is wonderful and accurate! I love her! She is kind." ... written by Mamma
Good reading." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Thanks!" ... written by S
Always uplifting and a great personal friend. I love her to bits. Well worth the fee." ... written by Seahorses
So glad I happened upon Shellie back in April when she gave me a demo. She has been there during my highs and lows, always full of positivity and consistent in what she says. She helps me believe things can move forward and get better. Thanks Shellie; for the readings, for putting up with me, for guiding me through this, for making me smile and for being the wonderful person you are :)" ... written by tiredandlost
She is fantastic! Always a reliable source! Very kind! Very accurate!" ... written by Mamma6
Great as always, whenever things conflict me or I need advise she has been the one to lift me, she is great." ... written by pinkpather30
Shellie is supportive... lovely and insightful... so helpful! Amazing reading... like she has been with me for all the years !!!! " ... written by Leanna
Thank you Shellie you always know how to make me feel good again :)" ... written by bec
She always makes me feel better! A true gift!" ... written by Mamma6
Fantastic. I feel so much better when I have spoken to Shellie." ... written by AceOfCupss
Amazing andamp; so caring!" ... written by DreamGirl
You can't put a price on this girl's talent or skills or experience." ... written by Mr Happeee
5 STARS!" ... written by unknown
Picked up on my situation in free chat and gave me details in private. Very accurate!!!! Amazing lady with a truly wonderful gift. " ... written by Lauren
Great Reader, I love her energy!" ... written by Sweet
She is always reassuring! She tries to help you see the good and comforts you!" ... written by Mamma6
Always a great treat to speak to Shellie, she has such great insight and puts everything into perspective again." ... written by abyss00
Shellie is so lovely, bright, authentic... always with great insight ... so true... love it! " ... written by Leanna
Shellie is amazing at reading people so accurately and on target. I always know that when I get a reading from her it will be honest and direct no sugarcoating either" ... written by dmw4300
She always knows whats going on...its amazing the connection! She is accurate! I love her!" ... written by Mamma
Shelle is soooooooooo spot on!!!Tells me things only I was feeling and no1 else knew." ... written by torresk1978
Shellie is awesome! Amazing and love talking to her!" ... written by Leanna
Thanks for the update!" ... written by done51
Nice general reading and I love her happiness and positive vibes. Shellie still gives us the accurate readings and is a great friend. I love her to bits!" ... written by Seahorses
She is a beautiful person inside and out! She loves her clients! You can see and feel it! If you ever are skeptical of psychics then you should try a reading with Shellie! She will guide you into the right direction. Trust me she has been correct so many times with me. Amazing! A true gift! Thank You Shellie!" ... written by Mamma
She's awesome.. I'm so glad she's still on!" ... written by gittyup1945
It's a rocky road but she hlps us hang on with her explanations and insights." ... written by Seahorses
Wonderful as always, went though a hard time, needed guidance and she always helps do that with support. I truly enjoy my readings with her, always uplifting me." ... written by pinkpather30
oh! FEEL TERRIFIC AFTER TALKING TO SHELLIE! She is gifted and so true!" ... written by leanna chan
Thanks. Makes a lot of sense." ... written by eva
So calm, so precise and I love talking to her... funny as well!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
She is amazing, she truly is!" ... written by mamma6
Thank you Shellie for helping me! :) I just really wanted to talk to you before I communicate with him. I want to make sure that I know what my cards are. So you said he knows he can't leave me to my own devices, he DOES know that I can find someone who can get him in trouble for what he's done, and if I communicate as you said, then he'll be able to find me something else to get me out of this situation... I will let you know! :) Oh and you said there will be food tomorrow. I WANT CHOCOLATE!!!!" ... written by Fuzz
My favorite. Great and accurate as always." ... written by majoma
Thank you for your advice, you were great." ... written by sab1658
Love her always!" ... written by stas
She helps to calm you in the worse times. Very spot on. A true blessing. ♥♥♥" ... written by Shellie
She is awesome! She is soothing! I love her guidance!" ... written by Shellie
Thank you Shellie for today's readings. You have helped to calm me and maybe pointing me back in the right direction." ... written by Seahorses
Shellie is awesome, terrific. Sweet andamp; lovely and truthful. Get great insight and great spiritual supports! " ... written by Leanna
OMGGGG. Shellie is just simply and truly amazing, she has a very special gift. She helps me all the time with her gift, she is very sweet, and lovely to talk to. She is spot on with everything, she knows it all. I've her readings with her before and what she predicted in the past came to pass. Today she predicted other things and I'm looking forward for predictions to come to pass, and I know they will because they did before. 1000000000 stars, she is awesome and amazing. Thank you Shellie for everything OXOXOXOXXO and I'll be back again." ... written by sweet84
Always kind, caring, positive and puts my mind at ease - and wearing cat ears today! Purrrrfect! Thanks for being there and always being consistent. :)" ... written by Lisa
She is wonderful. Always makes me feel better. ♥" ... written by Mamma6
I love it, Shellie, and I love you. Can't thank you enough for helping me grow and become the strong person I am today. :) xxx" ... written by persistant
Amazing, honest and direct!!! So on target and so understanding about my feelings too. I love Shellie!!! Thanks from bottom of my heart! " ... written by dmw4300
She is so lovely and honest andamp; truthful... great connection as alwasy! Definitely gifted!" ... written by Leanna
Shellie you always know how to make me feel better. Thank you for your kind words!" ... written by staci
Great reading. Perfect!" ... written by unknown
Great!" ... written by leorising88
Great reading! Perfect!" ... written by unknown
SHELL IS OUTSTANDING !!!!!!" ... written by Rose
Shellie is lovely! She is helpful.... good heart... gifted... wonderful person!" ... written by Leanna
She is amazing! She is always kind and comforting! Very good!" ... written by Mamma
Love, love this woman! Surprisingly a prediction she gave me a few month ago, did finally come true! I was in complete shock!!! LOVE HER! 5 STARS!!!" ... written by Desai
AWESOME! 5 stars." ... written by unknown
Terrific! She's the best!" ... written by mamma
Shellie is great andamp; supportive. She is amazing and sweet and you will find all the worries gone and you will find clarity and terrific guidance. Love it! " ... written by Leanna
Shellie is GREAT!" ... written by Leanna
I love u Shellie, wish I can talk to u forever! " ... written by Real Love
Shellie was great as always, she told me about a guy I would meet and it has all come out the way she told me. She is amazing. Thank you for keeping me sane in the past and telling me love would come along, it has come along now! I will deff come back to talk to Shellie! " ... written by Kelebek
Love her!" ... written by stas
Lovely calming influence for me, thank you and yes she is fully in tune, as normal, with my world." ... written by Seahorses
She is amazing! She is right on and her predictions have come true more than once for me! It's unreal how accurate she is!" ... written by Mamma
Shellie Shellie, she is straight forward. non-reptenuous. gifted. honest guidance always. sweet!! " ... written by Leanna
Amazingly accurate!!! cannot wait and see how this month turns out! " ... written by Lauren
She is great ! Makes me feel better about everything! Much ♥♥♥" ... written by Shellie
I am amazed by Shellie time and time again, we have such a great connection. She is absolutely wonderful!" ... written by nix331
When I get stressed out she is the first person I come talk to and she always tells me what to do and puts my mind at rest. THE BEST!!!" ... written by bella
Love my readings!" ... written by butter cup
Great chat. Thank you Shellie." ... written by Gayette Greaves
OMG!!! I luv this woman!!!!!!!!!!!! So spot on!" ... written by Butterflies love
She's gifted no doubt about it! I love her!" ... written by Mamma6
Shellie got great talents and is so gifted -- she helps and gives up positive energy and great advises that make you feel comfortable and strong. Really great" ... written by Leanna
Shellie is so soothing and supportive... feel so great every time talking to her... amazing." ... written by leanna
Great reading!" ... written by buttercups
Shellie is gifted... you can absolutely feel her positve energy!!!!" ... written by leanna
She is great! I love her soothing abilities!" ... written by Mamma
5 STARS!!!" ... written by unknown
Always amazing xxxxx" ... written by Lauren
What can I say....Shes great! So connected! So amazing!" ... written by Mamma
The reading with Shellie was amazing. We had a powerful connection. She gave me clarity and told me what to expect on my path. I am very grateful for having a chance to talk to this lovely young lady. I will be back to let you know how things are progressing. Many blessings! :)" ... written by Sany
YAY! GOOD VIBES QUICK AND ACCURATE! :)" ... written by youranangel
Awesome! detailed, knew what was going on with amazing detail..." ... written by frankie
Come back for more again... today. :) Thanks again." ... written by William
Very good... direct and caring and helpful. She picks up very fast. Will see how things will turn out and give updates" ... written by William
She is accurate! She has predicted many things that have passed for me." ... written by Mamma
Thank you once again Shellie for calmness and insight and of course for interpretation." ... written by Seahorses
She is unbelievably connected!!! I love her! She makes me smile!" ... written by Mamma
Can't say enough positive! She is truly wonderful!!!Love this girl!" ... written by Mamma
Always a great connection, even after not speaking for months. thank you shellie" ... written by plina
Enjoyed talking to Sheelie everytime.... She got the git and the intuition! Strong connection there... Always amazing" ... written by leanna
VERY VERY well done! Very accurate would recommend to everyone. :)" ... written by Taila
Magical update!!!!! Cannot wait for the next few weeks. xxx" ... written by Lauren
Shellie is lovely... Gifted... Great reading... I can feel the positive changes coming my way~~ She is absolutely amazing!" ... written by leanna
Can't sing her praises higher or louder. She's the sh*t .. talk 2 her" ... written by stas
She is great always..... encouraging!" ... written by Mamma
Shellie has a lot to share and all great... up-lifting spiritually... strong suppports!!! I feel i've improve so so so much under her guidance and love..... =)" ... written by leanna
Shellie always nails it on the spot! Love you Shellie!" ... written by staci
Shes good she puts your mind at ease." ... written by Mamma
Beautiful woman inside and out. She confirmed what I was feeling, and I feel elated in my choice!! Wish I had consulted with her sooner!! I will be back to you Shellie!! /:)" ... written by neena
Very nice." ... written by moongirl777
:)" ... written by William
Shellie is so lovely. She gave great insight and honest guidance always." ... written by leanna
5 STARS!" ... written by butter cup
5 STARS!" ... written by unknown
Shellie is fascinating. She gives great guidance and insights." ... written by leanna
Shellie is so cool. Encouraging all the time. Truthful and honest reading. =)" ... written by leanna
Amazing as usual! Thanks Shellie, you always hit the nail on the head with my situation every time. :) Will keep you updated. xx " ... written by Beccaboo72
Shellie is lovely. Great great positive vibe!!!! Great magnetic personality!! Truthful honest guidance always~" ... written by leanna
Shellie is wonderful! Very supportive and great honest guidance always!!!!!! Always! Excellent!" ... written by leanna
Really good reading...puts me at ease." ... written by mamma
Love this girl!! 5 Stars!!!!!!" ... written by butterflies
Lovely energy from Shellie. Great connection and things are unfolding just the way it's. How wonderful!" ... written by leanna
Connected/picked up right away. Very fast. Very good and caring. :) Thanks." ... written by William
<" ... written by stas
Have had many readings with her always very honest and gives me great guidance, hope and support. Sometimes we feel helpless, hopeless and undeceive she always helps turn these feelings around. " ... written by pinkpather30
Great andamp; lovely reading always always!!" ... written by Leanna
Shellie is the best very accurate. Love her!!!!" ... written by susan
Shellie... you are the best... much appreciation and love..." ... written by jerald
Lovely as always, 5 stars!" ... written by buttercup
5 STARS!" ... written by Dreamgirl
She is one of my favorites, always come to her she helps relieve my worries and is always honest and dearest with me. " ... written by pinkpather30
Very sweet and accurate! I will be back soon for updates! Thank you so much!" ... written by Mar...
5 STARS!" ... written by unknown
Positive as usual, which has lifted me a little, I wish I could think like her. But Shellie is very gifted indeed." ... written by Colin
She is comforting and reassuring when you need it most." ... written by Mamma6
Helpful as always in my time of need." ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you again Shellie for getting me along during rough times." ... written by Colin
Lovely Shellie is so intuitive and truthful. You could also feel her positive and pure energy.... Talking to her is comforting and refreshing to your spirit and soul! " ... written by Leanna
She is so quick and fun and soothing!" ... written by Shelly
She is honest quick and honest!" ... written by Shelly
Wonderful connection and vibration. " ... written by Pam
Really lovely andamp; great! She has this unique and great talent and wonderful heart~ Always good guidance~ positive energy~~ I love it!" ... written by leanna
Shellie is always so lovely and truthful~ Enjoy talking to her so much because it's calming your soul and enlightening~ Extremely cool!! AMAZING! " ... written by Leanna
Thank you Shelli,e you are wonderful and very accurate... As always!" ... written by kathy calvey
Love her!!!" ... written by stas
Positive, uplifting and wonderful as always. Thanks Shellie for being there with patience and good advice :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Shellie has been so lovely andamp; extremely supportive through all these time!! She is fantastic andamp; guided me through with her insights. I truly appreciate her for being here!!! " ... written by Leanna
Thanks again Shellie for help" ... written by colin
Delivers the truth with great insight and compassion." ... written by Colin
She is very insightful and honest! I love her and trust her." ... written by Mamma
Shellie is lovely.. truly amazing that she could guid you with her gift and insights.... amazing" ... written by leanna
Sheelie is always great and intuitive. Great guidance. You cannot miss it.," ... written by Leanna
<" ... written by stas
Great." ... written by majoma
I come to her for lots of readings she helps open doors, supporting and uplifts me." ... written by pinkpather30
Love this woman!!! 5 STARS! " ... written by Love creates butterflies
Shellie could help with her inituitive talents and great insights ... guiding you through problems~ Really really good" ... written by leanna
Shellie is great! she is so honest and extremely extremely helpful! love talking to her... she has so many so many great visions~~ AMAZING!" ... written by leanna
Shellie is amazing. Wonderful and i'm so greatful fo her being here guiding and supporting me throught all these tough time.... my learning... even though is slow... but progressing =) Stay positive and lots of love" ... written by leanna
Very nice reading very honest picked up everything right away got what was going on spot on but gave me the faith that not all is lost and that what I truly need and want will happen in time :) " ... written by Lyn
Love, laughs and positivity - that's what you get with Shellie :) Thanks so much for another great reading and giving me hope (again) :)" ... written by tiredandlost
She is good. Sweet natured. Honest." ... written by mamma
Great insight. Truthful and positive energy! Always lovely." ... written by leanna
She is Fantastic ! Very truthful and to the point! Love her!Today she read for me and gave me some great news!" ... written by rose
Wow, wow oh my goodness how spot on was Shellie! Major 5++++ stars and more! She connected well with me and what she said is true, the wheels are in motion! Thanks so much for the reading, I will be back again that's for sure! xoxo Dannii" ... written by Danielle
Thank you Shellie. Wonderful reading and tremendous supports/guidance. Love it!" ... written by leanna
The best ever." ... written by stas
Shellie is extremely wonderful andamp; helpful. She is gifted and prvide you with honest andamp; straight guidance, lovely always." ... written by leanna
Amazing as usual! " ... written by Real Love
She is sweet and encouraging." ... written by Mamma
Shellie was spot-on when she predicted a job I would get, and has helped me tremendously with sorting out other parts of my life. she is so positive and calming, but honest, which I really appreciate. She's the only one I go to for advice. " ... written by abyss00
Great as always. " ... written by Jen
Always fast and accurate and caring... Will see what will happen. Thanks again." ... written by Will
Thank you again for the update. Love you. xx" ... written by mahi
She is so sweet and kind. Very reassuring." ... written by Mamma
Wonderful, accurate, positive reading." ... written by AceOfCupss
Shellie is wonderful and absolutely amazing lady who is kind andamp; gifted. She guide you with love and terrific insights and great understanding. Truly wonderful experience." ... written by leanna
She is always straight to the point and so positive and helpful. Gives me good advice. It´s so good to hear that my life will be better and that the one I love will come back into my life in the right time." ... written by Jeanetteg
Spot on, very intuitive, uplifting, very maternal. In a very stressful situation currently, and she has made me feel so much better. Highly recommended." ... written by Debra C
I always come to her for readings helps clarify my life and the situations I'm going though." ... written by pinkpather30
Amazing woman! Can't thank you enough. xxx" ... written by Lauren
She's the absolute best." ... written by stas
Shellie is absolutely wonderful. You can feel her love energy so strong and that's so cool. Every reading ends will strong sense of fulfillment and encouragement. " ... written by leanna
Love her...she's been such a world of support...precise in her readings. She handles you such care and empathy...can't go wrong here." ... written by Thandi
Shellie is lovely and great insight. Enjoy every reading.... honest. Tremendous positive energy! " ... written by leanna
Its so great to have my sister back from her trip from paris. love her to bits ♥. she is amazing, have a reading with her, you wont regret it." ... written by Sneza
My favorite psychic everrrr!!!!" ... written by sas
I cannot express how lonely I feel when she is not there." ... written by Colin
Very good and sweet." ... written by Mamma
Shellie is wonderful and full of positive energy and you could feel that in every reading and came out feeling joyful with elimination of confusion! " ... written by leanna
Wow very surprised that she picked up on my situation. Will visit again real soon. Thanks for the advice." ... written by jacqueline
Shellie is so lovely and encouraging always. I love talking to Shellie." ... written by leanna
She's absolutely amazing!!!" ... written by dancingsoul
Is it a magpie?! Is it a door?! Is it a camel?! No, it's the beautiful and talented SuperShellie dishing out the love over the festive season :D Love talking to Shellie, she is so positive and always makes me smile no matter how unhappy I am or hopeless things seem at the beginning of the reading. Thanks Shellie, I am grateful to the higher powers for stumbling on your chat room all those months ago...everything seems so much better with you cheering me on. Thanks for the guidance, support and always sharing the love :) Great to have you back :)" ... written by tired
I love this woman! Positive energy andamp; so sweet!" ... written by butter Fly
Pick up good and fast... very caring also. Very detailed :) Thanks!" ... written by Will
My second reading with Shellie, she's just awesome. It was an update reading, but I have faith that things will turn out the way she saw. Can't wait to come back and tell you the good news! :) Blessings." ... written by Willow
Love Shellie! Amazing as always!" ... written by butterfly
Love love Shellie's energy. She is a great inspiration and empath. Highly recommend I will be back. This is already my 2nd reading with her in 2 weeks." ... written by Debra C
She is sweet and nurturing. Very kind." ... written by Shellie
Love her always." ... written by stas
Always my no1 xxx" ... written by mahi
Shellie is amazing and she share lovely guidance and honest insight and so encouraging." ... written by leanna
A line with other psychic that I read with but she gave specific weeks the new job that is going to come :) love her reading, I will come back to her :)" ... written by angel18wings
Wow...It was like she was there through the entire situation. I didn't need to tell her anything. She truly knows! She gave me hope... Now it's all on me to be patient! Thank you!" ... written by Holly
My favorite. Accurate, patience and super nice friendly" ... written by majoma
She is fantastic!! I wish I had more credits." ... written by heartwings
Had to go in for a second reading....just had to!!! She is sooo good!! :) " ... written by NVA123
Thank you!! So sweet!" ... written by NVA123
Amazing and powerful reading! So very uplifting. I have never felt more fulfilled and happier after speaking with a psychic for such a short time. I feel stronger and am hopeful that your predictions come true for me." ... written by Gatorgal
Lovely!" ... written by unknown
Shellie is wonderful in her reading... so patient and you could feel her truthfulness and lovely energy... amazingly powerful." ... written by leanna
Excellent reading, knew things with out me telling her. I hope I will come true. Thank you Shellie you where just great." ... written by Cindy
Shellie you are the best of the best. Thanks for coming into my life and guide me through all the goods and the bad time." ... written by susan
I came to see Shellie about five months ago, and everything she predicted for me was on par and came to pass exactly as she said it would. Now I have come back for more of her wisdom and she has given me new sets of predictions. Thank you so much Shellie, you gave me so much peace and clarity, I will return to tell you how everything pans out!" ... written by LaTraviesa
She is truly fantastic. Great insight. Enjoy every single reading session... Giving me much much more clarity and great guidance. I'm so thankful to meet Shellie on ORANUM." ... written by leanna
Thank you amazing shellie for helping me through this like one your journey which I feel is really getting there now! Will talk tomorrow with a better connection :)" ... written by jane
Very good... I sent a fruit basket to my girlfriend... I didn't tell her but she picked it up right away. :) Very caring and honest and accurate. Very good. Thanks so much for your help. :)" ... written by William
She is fantastic!!" ... written by Mamma
Amazing reader. Love her." ... written by andrea
She is really so so so amazing, bless her she is so sweet! She started tearing up in our session. She is really so sincere and lovely! Please go to her you will absolutely not regret it one bit! She is amazing! :) 5th session + and it's been a month! .....She's that good! " ... written by NVA123
She is unique... So detailed in her reading and could feel and see what's around you honestly~ passionate and lovely" ... written by leanna
OMG I love Shellie.. She is the best psychic in ORANUM, 100000 stars. She has a very very special gifts, tells you the truth, very accurate picks on things without me saying anything.. She knows it all. She is truly amazingggg. Her prediction came to pass in the past and I'm looking forward to what she predicted today. Thank you so much Shellie..I'll be back again xooxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Came back for more... very good. Thanks!" ... written by William
Always consistent on the reading. Very lovely, caring, fast, and accurate. :) " ... written by William
Shellie is wonderful. She could guide you and cheer you up seamlessly.... with great insight and guidance. Amazing always." ... written by leanna
Shellie is magical and always makes me see the positives in everything... no matter how hopeless it may seem. Great reader, very empathic and intuitive, kind, caring and always manages to make me smile both during and after our readings. :) I can never thank you enough for all the times you save me Shellie, but I do appreciate it... thank you." ... written by tiredandlost
Wonderful. 100 stars." ... written by mashael
Got a quick update. Very good, fast, and caring. Thanks! :)" ... written by William
She is good and amazing. She is very insightful." ... written by Shellie
A lovely woman, very accurate, picked up on my situation straight away,impressive. Great reading Thank you." ... written by samantha
Shellie, have a reading with Shellienista. she is AMAZING, love her ♥♥♥♥♥" ... written by Sneza
Thank you Shellie, for putting things right (again)" ... written by Seahorses
Shellie I can not thank you enough for everything that you do for me and helping me when I needed help the most. You are truly awesome and amazing. You have a very special gift, Very very accurate to the point and Shellie knows it all. Truly truly amazing. 10000000000 stars and that's still not enough. Thank you so much for all of your help, and I'm looking forward for things to get better. Love you Shellie oxoxooxox. I'll be back again. oxoxoxox" ... written by sweet84
5 STARS!" ... written by unknown
Oh, that went real quick, thank you. Hope prediction comes true." ... written by Jacqueline
Shellie is amazing what she said is happening. So lovely and wonderful! Perfect guidance and appreciate her patience and efforts in all the supports andamp; guidance. Absolutely fantastic!" ... written by leanna
Thanks for updates, talk more soon." ... written by S
She is good. Very helpful." ... written by Mamma
Oh Shellie, you are just so amazing!!! 5 STARS all the time! " ... written by Buttercups
Shellie is amazing. I need her support and guidance. Always constructive and helpful." ... written by leanna
Was very worried she helped relieve my worry as always, Gave me hope and uplifted me." ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading, 5 STARS!" ... written by unknown
Wonderful reader as always, was worried about my situation she helped uplift me." ... written by pinkpather30
Thanks yeah see what happens now." ... written by S
We love you shell bell. xxx" ... written by mahi
Help calm me down...connect very good. Let's see how will things turn out tomorrow. :)" ... written by William
Love you Shellie! :)" ... written by sh
Love talking to Shellie as she is full of positive energy and great insight and really soothing. Thank you so so so much!" ... written by leanna
She is awesome. So reassuring!" ... written by Mamma
Thanks again Shellie - you always make me feel hopeful again. You're a wonderful person and great reader." ... written by tiredandlost
Her readings are warm and accurate. She has helped me in so many ways. Thanks Shel! " ... written by Liz
I have missed Shellie sooooo much over these past few days. this time next year, I get to celebrate christmas with Shellie by my side. :D Love it." ... written by Sneza
Amazing reading with Shellie as always. She is truly awesome. On point and very accurate with everything. Love you Shellie and thank you for everything. XOXOXOX I'll definitely be back again. 100000 stars." ... written by sweet84
Love and enjoy talking to Shellie because of her helpful guidance and insight and also she always make you smile... No matter how bad you were feeling.... Miracle! " ... written by leanna
Was referred by a friend and wow, Shellie knew EXACTLY what was going on and she totally lifted my spirits. Thank you for everything Shellie, hope to see your predictions come to be!" ... written by Pete
Always very good, deep connections and in great details. Will see how things will go." ... written by William
Great!" ... written by Mamma
Shellie is amazing and she gives great supports all the time. Love her!" ... written by leanna
Shellie is absolutely amazing. She has amazing, magical energy and insight. I am so thankful that she is here. =)" ... written by leanna
Shellie is again the master of pointing out things. Totally calmed me down because I was feeling like an erupting volcano. " ... written by Pete
I would recommend Shellie to everyone.." ... written by mahi
SHE IS AMAZING!!!! Absolutely!! " ... written by NVA123
Such a lovely talented, gifted and uplifting reader. A wonderful friend and if you are reading this, then that in itself is a sign. Trust your guides and make contact with Shellie." ... written by Seahorse
Great as usually, gave me high hope and expectation. Will update for the coming weekend. :)" ... written by William
LOVE HER, AMAZING!!! She is the BEST on this Website along with Mr. Caetano! Both are really great readers!!! " ... written by Love
Shellie, thank you for the comfort and the guidance. I think after Vegas things are going to look good!" ... written by Pete
Love her 2 death" ... written by stas
Shellie you are the best of the best. You always make me so much better and grounded after a reading with you. Thank you for all your help, guidance and encouragement for the past year. I love you so much!!!!" ... written by susan
Shellie is just an overall sweetheart! :) She is so honest, accurate and very super friendly towards myself andamp; the circumstances/situation in which the present has revealed at this current point in time. Shellie is amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance, clairity or anything regarding any general or personal matter. She is fabulous andamp; definitely 5 stars! :) " ... written by Tay
Always very good, very caring, very direct. Thanks. :)" ... written by William
She is a great person! She is very reassuring!" ... written by Mamma
Shellie is always so lovely and supportive. Really enjoy talking to her... " ... written by leanna
Great connection as always, she always helps uplift me and gives me positive inspiration. There is a reason she is one of ORANUM's best, she's great " ... written by pinkpather30
Shellie gives great readings! 5 STARS! Love her positive energy!" ... written by Butterflies
My sister. loooovvvveeeee her. She's so beautiful. Have a reading with her, she is amazing. See you literally in 2014 :D. Big hugs and kisses lovely." ... written by Sneza
She was able to tap into many things. And give positive feedback and help me to feel confident. Thanks a bunch!" ... written by EndlessLove
Always caring and charming... Very good. :)" ... written by William
Always connect fast, very caring... very good." ... written by William
Always love my readings with Shellie, she is amazing and always lifts me up, no matter how low I get. Thank you so so much Supershellie. I know one thing is for sure in 2014....I will keep talking to you and getting your amazing guidance. :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Words are not enough to describe Shellie but perhaps the massive amount of love that I and her followers have for her will give you a clue!!" ... written by Colin
She was excellent." ... written by Tiffanie
love her always. knows what's going on and gives me great peace !!!! " ... written by Summer
Shellie is a darling !! She is to the point always gives right advice and guidance !!!! God Bless You Shell !!!!" ... written by rose
5 STARS! Wonderful reading, short andamp; sweet!" ... written by butterflies
Shellie is amazing !!! Love her a lot !!!!" ... written by rosie
Comforting" ... written by anamakram
Amazing as always. This was an update reading and Shellie was spot on with everything, she knew everything thats been going on. Thank you so much Shelllie looking forward for things to get better. XOXOXOXXO" ... written by sweet84
Love shellie andamp; her wonderful readings! :)" ... written by love
Shellie is the BEST on ORANUM!" ... written by rose
Excellent!!!" ... written by M
Brilliant. Thanks so much." ... written by Jamal Abel Lewis-Service
Connects quickly and reads situations accurately... hopefully her predictions come true!" ... written by Ann
Excellent reading... total sweat heart and didn't sugar coat." ... written by MNyc
I don't know what I'd do without her. Worth the wait." ... written by tiredandlost
Shellie really put me into right perspective and gave me clarity. I am so so thankful and grateful for her support, encouragement, and guidance! Absolutely wonderful, Shellie." ... written by leanna
It's been a while and good update reading shellielalala! ohohohoh " ... written by k
Always run out of credits too quickly. But a wonderful reading. A wonderful reader." ... written by evaclara
Shellie informed me over the 8 days that my love accepted the food and ate with an older woman. I confirmed when I spoke to her after an 8 day separation that she received the food and she told me it was so much she shared with her mom. Shellie you are dynamite. TY for always being an encouragement!!!!" ... written by Pete
Lovely, lovely. Can't wait to speak with her again!" ... written by Bri
As always shellie is on the ball!" ... written by staci
Love this woman andamp; her readings amazing , try her out! thousands of stars to her!" ... written by love
Great reading 5 stars!" ... written by love
Shellie is the best of the best. She makes me so positive and see my situasion so good. Everytime I leave a reading with a smile on my face. God bless yu, Shellie. And hope 2014 gives you all the best. " ... written by Jeanetteg
OMG Just sooo refreshing to reunite with a truly gifted soul, it's been long awaited.. as always Shellie is totally accurate and in-tuned with me emotions and feelings and I have been down in the dumps lately totally :'( But as always again she helped, assured me that everything was going to be ok, and not to give up and that life is to show good things are ahead for me. :) As I have known this women for one year now and totally know that what she says and feels and sees will happen. Thanks for bringing me peace and light. And I will be contacting you soon as I make my won funds and do what's right in my life.. I love you sooo dear Shellie. Please pray and keep me in your spirits :) Besos (hugs) " ... written by tORRESK1978
5 Stars! " ... written by love
She makes so much sense, able to tune in very quickly and tell you the situation and make it all clearer with a plan. :)" ... written by Autumne
Shellie has been a tremendous help for me and she is speechlessly amazing! Love her insight which has guided me through all along. She is a great blessing!" ... written by leanna
As always she knows what to say!" ... written by staci
Amazing as always came back for an update and she was spot on with everything, knew exactly how I felt and what has been going on. Thank you so much SHellie, love you! xoxoxoxo" ... written by sweet84
Gave me insight and hope. Been dealing with a difficult situation and cross roads looking for guidance and answers." ... written by pinkpather30
Shellie is always amazing and she has her unique and powerful way of delivering the insight and guidance. Love it and it's a wonderful and readings have always been many, many blessings~ " ... written by leanna
She is amazing, goes very fast." ... written by Naz
Shellie is the best damn psychic I ever met." ... written by stas
Thank you for everything xxx" ... written by mahi
Thank you Shellie, I need your calmness and positivity today more than ever." ... written by Colin
Shellie is wonderful. She really gives me great insights and guidance in various area of my life. " ... written by leanna
5 STARS!!!" ... written by love
Always a pleasure speaking with Shellie! She truly is the best! I love talking with her sooo much!" ... written by NVA123
my girrrrrrl!" ... written by stas
She is very sensitive and thought provoking too. Thank you" ... written by sallyam
The absolute best psychic hands down. I've talked to a lot of them, andamp; Shellie is by far my favorite. Everything from her energy, her soothing readings, to her accuracy always helps to give you that extra push in whichever direction you need to go. Highly recommended" ... written by stas
Great follow-up, optimistic!" ... written by Pete
Shellie is GREAT!!! Very relaxing and finds the good in situations. I feel peaceful instead of panicked now." ... written by Holly
First time reading with Shellie in private and she picked up perfectly on my situation. I have been so stressed out that this was the end to it all but she reassured me that it will all be okay... I will do as she has said and see what lies ahead... Thank you so much for reading for me and i highly do recommend her... Ran outta time =[ ... But definitely going to be one of the few advisors I'll becoming back to =]" ... written by Tina
She's a gem!!! Have her read privately for you. she will take you by surprise. xoxo!" ... written by EL
Shell is the BEST !!!!" ... written by Rose
She is good she is sweet and accurate." ... written by mamma
5 STARS!!" ... written by luv
I love this girl!!!!!! so good ... always great!" ... written by bella
I love talking to Shellie, she could always calm my worry and bring me comfort and clarity. She has given me support all along and i do see things unfolding to the next level =)" ... written by leanna
Shellie is the best she is on point telling me what i need to here ,hearing her voice is more thank enough ,she make u feel good about you'rer self " ... written by angelwork
I'm so grateful to know Shellie who has such a magnetic and magical wonderful energy. Always get inspired by her insights and guidance. Thank you very much." ... written by leanna
Thanks so much Shellie bear!!! You are amazing andamp; 5 full stars for you!!! " ... written by Love
Very gifted and positive reader who consistantly shows positivity" ... written by Seahorses
Shellie is the best. She's guided me through the toughest of times. She's an angel" ... written by stas
Shellie, you are so amazing. Thank you so much for the reading and putting me at ease (again) I really don't know what I would do without you! We will talk again soon. :)" ... written by tiredandlost
So nice to talk to Shellie everytime. She gives me support andamp; hope and attention and guidance.... she has been so patient with me and I am truly thankful for it..... it's amazing =)" ... written by leanna
Thank you so much shelielalalalala! It's been a while and awesome as alwayssss." ... written by k
Very quick with her answers and gave me some predictions which I hope come true in the next few months. Thank. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
I thank the universe for the insight and gifts that Shellie brings and delivers with such positivity. I would not be as far without Shellie's help. Absolutely the best and worth the credits. I totally love my Shellie but happy to share her with you all to bring you all light and hope." ... written by Seahorses
I'm truly thankful to have shellie here whom I could share my worries and someone to listen to me patiently and guiding me with great insight and tremendous positivity. It feels wonderful to have her here" ... written by leanna
Truly appreciated Shellie and everytime her reading gives me more clarity and support!!!!" ... written by leanna
Lucky to have Shellie here who always gives me love energy and supports. I'm so blessed." ... written by leanna
5 STARS !! Great reader!!!!" ... written by luv
I don't know how you do it....but you always put the biggest smile on my face...thank you Shellie for everything. Will update you soon :)" ... written by Lisa
thankss shelielalala, great update and catch up reading ;)" ... written by k
Truly thankful to have shellie here as she is so lovely and always gives me great positive energy and support." ... written by leanna
Shellie is always my favorite and she is unique and fantastic. I could come so far and gain som much positivity because she has really given me great insight and guiding me alll along with so much patinet and love. that's unique and unmeasurable!" ... written by leanna
Thanks shellie... Always amazing and supportive." ... written by leanna
Was informative gave me insight into a bad situation." ... written by pinkpather30
She keeps my inflatable lifeboat afloat whilst it rains spears and arrows! " ... written by Seahorses
Love this girl so much! Such an inspiration and the real deal~" ... written by debbie c
love her" ... written by stas
Shellie is amazing and I love it when I could talk to her! Great insight, great positivity!!!" ... written by leanna
So surprised Shellie remembered me! Very positive and gave me some great advice. Reassured that what I was doing was the right thing. I hope her predicitions come true. Thanks Shellie :D" ... written by Jaqueline
Shellie is terrific and love talking to her.... she gives me lots of guidance and supports" ... written by leanna
Love her, 5 STARS!!" ... written by love
Shellie is fantastic! I really enjoyed talking to her, giving me support I really need." ... written by leanna
The best." ... written by stas
Shellie you are amazing. I am so glad i found and meet yu. Take so much care you to. Talk to you soon again. God bless you." ... written by Jeanne
I'm really thankful that Shellie is here and she guided me through and listen to me patiently. She is wonderful, kind and beautiful." ... written by leanna
Shellie is great help and gives me great support always...always! I'm thankful!!! " ... written by leana
Amazing as always. Spot on with everything. I came for a update readings, and she gave me hope to look forward to the future, and im definitely looking forward to her predictions. 5 star. Thank you Shellie! xoxoxox" ... written by sweet84
excellent" ... written by luckyanna
What a wonderful start to the day!" ... written by Seahorses
5 stars! Great reading!" ... written by love
Very calming and intuitive. thank you for accuracy and guidance" ... written by colin
Shellie made some excellent points, able to read the situation well!" ... written by Pete
Love Shellie and her uplifting readings - I have a lot to look forward to and I know with Shellie by my side I have nothing to worry about. Thank you so much, hope to talk again soon :)" ... written by tiredandlost
She is awesome" ... written by Tiff
Excellent" ... written by Tiff
Shellie is wonderful and always so lovely.... kind... she is a gift =)" ... written by leanna
Thank you lovely!" ... written by Seahorses
So wonderful to have Shellie here. She is kind and helpful and loved by so many. She is lovely and paitient. =)" ... written by leanna
Love Shellie!! Had the longest reading with Shellie today andamp; it was absolutely amazing!! She is amazing and gives a clear picture of the entire situation andamp; helps you through it bit by bit. She is spot on with the true feelings of another person involved in the situation. Trust her! On a less serious note, Love my Shellie Bear!!!! 5 STARS!!!" ... written by Love
I so hope this reading comes true :)" ... written by done51
So nice to have Shellie back on line and she is incredible and lovely. Always with great insights and guidance. Thank you Shellie" ... written by leanna
5 STARS!!! " ... written by love
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I always feel so extremely honoured to have a reading with Shellie. What a beautiful, sweet, lovely person she is! Accurate, and connects super quickly to my situation. She helps bring faith when you find you begin to lose it. It is a privilege to have returned for another reading.❤" ... written by taytay❤
Very interesting reading I did this time! Enjoyed it very much, wished I had more time. thanks Shellie xo" ... written by Jaqueline
very connected and smart" ... written by quiet
I pray shellie that everything happens as you see it you're still consistent with our last reading and i feel so calm when you speak to me ... i shall focus on me and i will pray that this marriage does not take place " ... written by Tina
High integrity, great advice and really tried to give me as much advice as she could in the short amount of time I had. I can sense that she is connected to divine intelligence and has a very pure kind and compassionate energy. Thank you." ... written by Angela Ava Thurston
Shellie always makes me feel understood and helps me sort through confusion with her guidance and wisdom." ... written by nix331
5 Stars! Great reading!!" ... written by love
Shellie is helping me various areas and i'm so thankful that she is here!!!!! how lucky we are!! =)" ... written by leanna
So grateful that Shellie is here. Super! " ... written by leanna
LOVE HER!!!!!!!!! OMG, she is so amazing as always!" ... written by love
She is so sweet and honest as always. Gives me hope every time i feel a bit down. And good advice. Lots of love to you Shellie. " ... written by Jeanne
Cant believe how much she picked up without saying anything to her she got everything spot on. Gave me hope :) " ... written by Lyn
shellie is amazing always amazing!! =)" ... written by leanna
Always nice talking to Shellie! Straightfoward, great insight. Positive and kind. Lovely!" ... written by leannac
Simply the best! :)" ... written by tiredandlost
I will stay hopeful , thanks Shellie!! You are the BEST!!! 5 STARS!" ... written by love
Thanks Shellie, I think you may be right about our reading today. I appreciate the advice :D" ... written by Jaqueline
All I can say is SNAP! Hahaha you get it my lovely ;)" ... written by Sneza
Shellie is really nice... Always enjoy talking to her and I feel super, super charged!! Thank you lovely =)" ... written by leanna
Shellie is so Amazing!! I don't know how she sees things so clearly but her insight is out of this world!! 5 Stars, for sure!!! I really feel she is the best on Oranum !!" ... written by LOVE
AWESOME!!!" ... written by tiff
Great follow up with Shellie. Always knows what's up!" ... written by Pete
Wonderful reading! Thanks Shellie!" ... written by USA
We love lovely Shellie, Merem says thank you so much, you're a beautiful and kind lady." ... written by Sneza andamp; Merem
Another great update =) things have gotten quite interesting!!" ... written by Pete
She is a 5 Stars! She is 99% accurate. Top on Oranum. Amazing reading! She is worth every penny. A very brilliant and Gifted woman! Highly Recommended !" ... written by Oolong
5 STARS!" ... written by love
Lover her always my favorite" ... written by najoma
Love supershellie - always wonderful :)" ... written by tired
My favorite." ... written by majoma
Always enjoy talking to Shellie. She is absolutely wonderful and insightful." ... written by leana
Shell is so very reassuring and honest. She tells it like it is!!! Love her!!!Thanks Shellie!!!!" ... written by Rose
Shellie is lovely. Gave me a message that I really needed to hear and it's brought back faith to stay strong =]" ... written by Tina
What a great girl and she shows just exactly how different the reality is. Fantastic reading skills. Thank you once again." ... written by seahorses
Love chatting with shellie. Have to thank her for all the lovely reading and support." ... written by leanna
She is really great. Can't wait to come back with good news. :) Thank you" ... written by Autumn
Excellent!" ... written by brenda
Shellie is so great!! She explains the entire situation like a story. She is the very best!! 5 stars andamp; more! Feeling the Love!!! :)" ... written by Love
beautiful soul" ... written by zimerili1
Great reading, wish it would last longer....... Lovely reader...." ... written by mette44
She is great, Shellie really tuned in and' hit the nail on the head'. I feel so much better after talking to her, it was a very long reading. She flows with what she picks up, and I know it's all real. She really connects with the person you are asking about. I will return in next few weeks." ... written by Stickytoffee
Shellie is great, connected fast." ... written by oreocookies37
Oh my goodness she is the best, she really tuned in. I wish I would have seen her before. You won't regret it!!!!" ... written by Stickytoffee
She was so nice, really helped me out with my situation just now. Picked up things straight away. " ... written by Lyn
She is amazing! I love her caring attitude!" ... written by Mamma
Love reading with Shellie. She is wonderful and I'm so thankful to have her on Oranum." ... written by leanna
Shellie is the best, she is so thorough when she explains things, I am so happy that I found her on here. I know what she said will come to pass, I really do. You will not regret having a reading, she is so genuine, I can really feel that. I will be back in the coming weeks for an update :)" ... written by Stickttoffee
She is so helpful and remembers me which I like a lot. Great at explaining things and offering positive solutions. thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Shellie....what can I say - you rock! Thanks so much, there aren't enough stars to give you for your readings. Thanks from me and everyone else for always being there and filling us with positivity. You always top my glass up when I look at it half empty! Sending you love and hugs." ... written by Inner smile
Thank you so much for reading. She is still consistent with what I see. I like to see if things are still okay when I do something that I feel like would alter something but so far I'm making the right moves and I shall pray to make sure everything goes as I have prayed for and as she has seen it to come about..." ... written by Tina
Thanks goes nothing...will keep you updated :)" ... written by tired
Superb update, Shellie is too good thanks a million." ... written by zimerili1
This reading was really great because I felt I knew intuitively most of what was going on, but there was a piece of the puzzle missing. The puzzle piece Shellie told me sounded like a perfect fit." ... written by AceOfCupss
I have read with Shellie for a month now, on and off and she is spot on! What a lovely person to help me and use her gifts. 100% the best!" ... written by sahreen
Such a relief to talk to Shellie. It's hard to explain, if I keep running out of time! But really worth the effort to catch her. " ... written by abyss
Great, as usual! Love her!" ... written by abyss00
Thank you Shellie for clarifying things once again." ... written by k
Another wonderful positive reading." ... written by Pete
She is just amazing. The best..." ... written by Jeanne
Wow, wow she spoke with accuracy andamp; emotion, truly a beautiful soul." ... written by Tatjana
WOW, I always love her readings...such personality and skill! XOXO!" ... written by Aryastark
Great as always." ... written by mette44
I had to come for more, she's just amazing, so kind andamp; so in tune!! Cheers Shellie :D" ... written by Autumne
lovely lady. right on the spot. i recomend" ... written by gioconda
Thanks Shellie, glad you're here with me." ... written by Lis
Shell you are fantastic !!!! Love you Take care and GOD BLESS !!" ... written by S
Love talking to Shellie always and grateful for her guidance andamp; supports alllllllll along! How lovely." ... written by leanna
Always fantastic confirmation. Shellie helps me to accept my own intuition and abilities with her gentle, generous spirit." ... written by AceOfCupss
Shell is the BEST and GREATEST reader !! I love her !!!! She makes me very happy !!!! GOD BLESS YOU SHELL !!!!!!" ... written by Rosa
Thank you, shellie, for the advice and cheering me up. xo" ... written by Jqueline
What a wonderful girl, and our connection is so strong. Always able to pick me up and give me strength to carry on." ... written by seahorse
Shellie reads me so well. After months away, Shellie tunes into me with such ease and knows exactly where I am and what I am thinking. She is a great soother, healer and tells you your story with deep warmth." ... written by lili
Amazing reading. Helped me answer some questions that made no sense to me. Thanks hon. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
She is so sweet... just love her to bits! She gave me a demo and I was so surprised... she even knew when I was nodding lol...She has given me lots to look forward to. I definitely recommend her." ... written by BonniJeane
Very honest reading, a bit tough to hear but thank you!" ... written by Jaqueline
I love you Shellie!!! Hahaha! You are so amazing, there aren't even enough words to describe how amazing you truly are!! Much love!!" ... written by LOVE
Shell is a sweetheart !! I love her and her readings !!!!" ... written by Rose
Love Shellie!" ... written by sunshine
I can't ever thank Shellie enough for her positive energy and calming presence. Big changes are happening in my life right now, and she was able to instantly quell my fear, and reassure me that I am moving in the right direction, and, moreover, that everything is going to be okay. Thank you so much Shellie! :)" ... written by Lauren
Very helpful and soothing today after a bit of a poor weekend for me. So in a better place now. Thank you Shellie, great reading as always. XXX" ... written by Seahorse
Shellie is gifted and has a unique style ... Very insightful and attractive! Super helpful! " ... written by leanna
Thanks for the chat and follow up." ... written by Jaqueline
Amazing reading, she is very gifted!! Feeling all the love!!" ... written by butterfly05
Shell I love her !! She is excellent in her readings !!!!! Gives me joy and peace !!!!!" ... written by Rose
She picked up on my situation quite well." ... written by Brandon
I adore Shellie! She is like a guardian angel sent to me and helped me understand what I already knew but had forgotten!" ... written by debbie
She is always right for me...All the time. Third reading with her, all her predictions have come to pass, and I know this is going to happen. Shellie, you are amazing." ... written by Of Course!!
Shell thanks for everything You are great !!!!!!! Love ya !!!!!!" ... written by rose
Amazing as always. :)" ... written by Renae
She is so nice picked up things right away. Gave me good news though. " ... written by Lyn
Shellie is wonderful. Thank you. Amazing!!!! " ... written by leanna
Omg wow what an amazing reading!!! she is soooo intuitive and everything she said was right on point.. I cannot wait for her predictions to come to pass and for a new update… Thank you so much." ... written by sand
Love her. " ... written by majoma
If only i could sell pocket Shellie's, I'd be a millionaire!!!" ... written by seahorses
Thanks Shellie." ... written by Lis
Awesome reading, thank you so much, we will certainly talk again. " ... written by Lisa
Thankful to have Shellie here to support and guide me through. She is gifted... Sweet and wonderful. " ... written by leanna
She is a 5 Stars! She is 100% accurate. Also, she is the best on ORANUM. Amazing reading! Her predictions are so right that it will scare you. You will not regret it. She is very fast, honest and will tell you the truth. She is excellent! Very highly recommended !" ... written by Oolong
wonderful " ... written by Danielle
amaizng" ... written by luckyanna
Thank u Shellie! " ... written by Real Love
5 stars!!" ... written by love
Amazing reading!! Great insight in my situation… I'm really impressed! Thank you so much :). " ... written by sandra
Shellie is a beautiful girl!!! I think she is very gifted and natural Psychic! God bless you! " ... written by Rose
Despite what's happened, she still see's a positive outcome for me and I pray that what Shellie see's does manifest.. She's always so calming and caring." ... written by Tina
Love Shellie!" ... written by acb
Love talking to Shellie... very comforting energy.Amazing" ... written by leanna
5 Stars!! Love all the positive energy!" ... written by LovelySkys
Excellent." ... written by tiff
Thank you Shellie. U have lifted me up. Have a great day." ... written by Gayette
Thank you again, sweet, sweet, Shellie :-) You made laugh so I cried... :-) My mood is up again and I now that everything will work out... :-) And that I can come to yu with more good news... Lots of love to yu. " ... written by Jeanetteg
Shellie is super!!! Always wonderful talking to her!! =)" ... written by leanna
This is so easy, Shellie is a million out of a thousand. Talk to her now without any qualms of how good she is. Take it from me, she's brill!" ... written by seahorses
Awesome update and right on as usual!!! Great talking to her!" ... written by mamma
Shell is very comprehensive and accurate !!!! You have given me a really excited news Shell!! Love ya!!" ... written by Rosie
Another great follow up with Shellie. Right on target!!!" ... written by Pete
She is such a beautiful soul! Had a bad reading and she clarified everything and put my mind at peace. Thank you so much my fellow blondie! :-)" ... written by Blonde
Instant connection! Adore her! She knew whats going on. Hope her predictions come true" ... written by Blonde
Shellie is also lovely andamp; great insights." ... written by leanna
very informative, calming positive and critically accurate assessment of past and future. Wonderful friend to the point where I shall fly her thousands of miles to our wedding!!" ... written by Seahorses
Very lovely, very calming." ... written by Holly
Always Amazing. Taps in and describes people like she knows them!" ... written by Freedom2211
Words are not enough to describe how Shellie can enrich your life. Please visit her and seek her clarity." ... written by Seahorses
Whenever I feel confused u know not sure of something, I come to Shellie ! She gives me so much clarity and so much peace!!! Love you Shell!!!!" ... written by rose
Thank you for all your outpouring of information and kind caring." ... written by acb
Just awesome, really calms me with great clairvoyance and still remembers who I am, which is pretty awesome due to the large fan base!! You rock Shellie :) Thank you so much!" ... written by Autumne
Shellie is very insightful and tuned into the situation. She provided great answers with good details. A very nice reading and I enjoyed it a lot. Overall excellent and would definitely read with her again." ... written by Jennifer
She is a such a lovely person! Really warm hearted and picked up on what was going on." ... written by Blonde
5 Stars!" ... written by love
I'm thankful for all her love andamp; supports all along!! " ... written by leanna
Shell is the Greatest psychic here !!! Love her and love her readings !!!!! GOD BLESS YOU MY DEAR !!!!!!" ... written by Rose
Fabulous, lovely girl and the true beauty of the universe is revealed by the fact that it has created Shellie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Seahorses
Shellie is always so accurate and compassionately even when she is being very direct. I always leave her readings feeling a sense of peace. I will continue to have readings with her so that she can guide me on the right path which I know she will do!!!" ... written by dmw4300
She is great, she is so lovely. She remembers everything about who I am and my situation without me having to say anything! it's just like we start speaking where our last reading left off which is really nice. :) " ... written by Lyn
Thank you. She's my go to girl and she's been amazing thus far...i trust in her completely and she's stayed consisted to everything thus far...hope to see this come into play =]" ... written by Tina
Shellie is so lovely, Lol !!! " ... written by love
She's lovely! I had reading earlier, but ran out of time so I topped up to come back and hear more and I am so glad that I did. Just so much to say about things it really is nice to hear it. Thank you! xx" ... written by Lyn
Love Shellie!! " ... written by Love
Shellie is always so kind and wonderful. Thank you for being here!!! " ... written by leanna
Unprecedented WOW reading !! Shell you are great !!!!! " ... written by rosie
Shellie is the best! The reading is always in depth and she doesn't miss a thing out. You won't regret having a reading with her, give her a try." ... written by Sticky toffee
Always pretty and sweet. Thank you for your help." ... written by Linn115
Love your insight Shellie as usual!!! You never let me down! Your energies are as beautiful as you are! Thank you so much!" ... written by brittney
so lovely to talk to shellie!!!!!!!! it's truly wonderful" ... written by leanna
Thank You Shellie! You put my mind at ease!" ... written by Blonde
always a pleasure ox" ... written by pioneers19
Shell is my favorite !!!! she is extra-ordinary !!!!! GOD BLESS YOU SHELL !!!!" ... written by Rose
Great update =)" ... written by Pete
She helps me with my situation. Really adore her!" ... written by Blonde
Follow-up reading successful, things are looking as predicted!" ... written by Pete
So glad I had little update tonight and could say that things seem to be improving and hoping the positive continues and as she said. She is so nice. Its always really nice to speak to her. :) " ... written by Lyn
lovely chatting with Shellie ALWAYS!!!! She is amazing. Great insight!!" ... written by leanna
Thank you Shellie for giving me wonderful supports" ... written by leanna
Thank you as usual. Love your energy and sweetness, and clarity!!!!!!!" ... written by acb
Great to have you back! Thank you for such accurate information. Shellie picked out the name of my brother as she did with my son. The future is unfolding as she predicted over two years ago." ... written by Seahorses
5 stars! shellie is amazing!" ... written by stars
she is great!" ... written by Jennifer
Favorite psychic hands down.. I wouldn't recommend any other." ... written by stas
Wow!!!" ... written by Love
Lovely to talk to Shellie... always!! 5 stars!!! " ... written by leanna
Always a pleasure. :) Accuracy andamp; positive energy." ... written by stas
My Favourite :)" ... written by G
thanks shellielalalalalal" ... written by k
she is the sweetest most honest and kindest person!!!! thank u so much for the positive energy" ... written by san
Incredible psychic with quick and honest answers. She picked up on my current situation and gave me honest answers on my situation, surrounding people, and how to best deal with my situation. I will seek her again for advice and understanding." ... written by jjc
i love shellie for advice she is so sweet and good with words. she needs to stregrthen her mediumship thought, she got the person who i wanted... but was repeating past conversations ive had with her... idk" ... written by Holly
Lovely shellie is amazing and thank you for being here." ... written by leanna
spot on, gave me timelines which is what I wanted. thank you Shellie!" ... written by axia100
I wanted 'Shellie-tivity' and I got it :) Thanks so much for being my rock and always making things seem that bit brighter :)" ... written by Lisa
easily the most gifted psychic on here. on the nose everytime." ... written by seahorses
Thank you Shellie. I really appreciated it. Words just cannot described my appreciation. Thank you." ... written by leanna
Shellie is the best. I have been feeling very low lately but after my reading I feel much more positive and know in my heart that it will all work out at the end. " ... written by Sticky toffee
Another great update with shellie!!!" ... written by Pete
I LOVE her, she is SO VERY DEAD ON about SO much and all I asked her for was a GENERAL reading. Shellie, I feel such a wonderful kinetic connection to you, You exude love and compassion and you can surely see that you love what you do! THANK YOU." ... written by Lisa
Shelllie is just so amazing in her readings! She is always on target knowing how I feel and what I need to do. Shellie is also" ... written by dmw4300
Pretty much confirmed that I am doing the right things and that my actions will show positive results. Thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
she is the best. " ... written by majoma
Amazing. So lovely. So soothing. Right on the mark. Connected really fast and really accurately to my energy. Will definitley use again. highly recommended" ... written by Rebecca
shellie was great. picked up energy really fast. Will listen to her advice. She offers hope and wisdom. Much love shellie. Will keep u posted." ... written by oreocookies37
She is a 5 stars! She is 100% accurate. Amazing reader! She will tell you the truth and no sugar coating. She is very positive. I am stunned of her accuracy since day one she read for me. So loving and caring. She is worth every penny. Go to her if you want the truth. She is Phenomenal! Very Highly Recommended !!!" ... written by Oolong
Shellie, you are so comforting. I feel so much positive after our reading and look forward to my life that seemed dismal when I came into the reading. I feel uplifted with everything. Thank you so much. You are a beautiful person. Thanks again." ... written by familyhelper
5 STARS!" ... written by love
Quick update but so full of information she is going to help me as much as she can in my situation and his so nice to have her constant support. " ... written by Lyn
SHE IS AMAZING!! She is the real deal. I dont want to go to anybody else. So helpful and honest! " ... written by Paige
Wow, wow, wow! I fell upon shelli's chat room and she began to tell me some facts about my current situation on free chat after that I just had to take her to private reading. She was right on with everything! She's truly gifted. I am hopeful her predictions will come true. Thanks Shellie!" ... written by Miachloe120
If you are looking for clear, kind, straight communication contact Shellie." ... written by acb
She was very sweet!!! On point very informative!!! Accurate! " ... written by Jewels
Lovely reading, never fails to inspire, and there has been a reason why I found Shellie." ... written by Seahorses
Nice update she is always so nice :) " ... written by Lyn
she is sooooooooooooo good!! love and appreciate her. " ... written by rich
Phew! Thank you so much Shellie. You always put me at ease :)" ... written by Lis
Thank you for the encouragment and update! You are so correct about many things. The advice is great xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
I have missed talking to her, her guidance, honesty, shes super lovely and always dead on and she makes me feel more confident in everything I ask thanks shellie !" ... written by Brianna Toth
thanks for the update Shellie. :)" ... written by Jaqueline
Thank you Shellie! Thank you so so much." ... written by leanna
She picked up on all the tension and pain in my back and head..amazing!! Don't go anywhere else!!! Come to Shellie, she will tell you whatsup??!!!" ... written by Love
thanks shelie" ... written by k
Can I just say, I cried. I have never had someone know my inside like that, not even my own self. Shellie is my angel sent down to help me discover myself. THANK YOU SHELLIE " ... written by Dees28
You are such a lovely person and a fantastic reader xoxo" ... written by Andrea
thank you again! chin up, i know!" ... written by debbie
great" ... written by gatorgal
amazing reading." ... written by Gatorgal
absolutely outstanding ... love shellie" ... written by maddicat
No one is as good of a reader as Shellie is, She is one of the best!!" ... written by Love
5 Stars!!! Always the best!" ... written by love
Shellie is amazing and wonderful!! speechlessly wonderful!! =)" ... written by leanna
it is so wonderful to reconnect with shellie today. She keeps me so calm and grounded as always. AMAAAAAAZING reading as always. Will come back to see her again soon." ... written by susan
good reading. Thank you" ... written by PIGLETME
I Love shellies truthfulness , and sincerity ." ... written by steven
Great reading! thankyou so much! x" ... written by Hannah Davis
Wonderful as always! Thank you for the kind words and supports! " ... written by leanna
God Sent!!! More than 5 stars!!!" ... written by Love
Wow wow wow! Shellie is just fabulous. So intuitive, and taps into the situation perfectly. I'll be back xx" ... written by SAL9768
the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lauren
wonderful and so calming!! thank you Shellie! " ... written by leanna
love this girl she is amazing " ... written by angelwork
Love her. Always so bubbly and brightens my day. Thanks Shellie :)" ... written by Lis
She is amazing and well worth it. Thank you for your encouragement xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
great reading" ... written by apple
Just ruddy brilliant. :)" ... written by Autumne
Thank you Shellie for making my Easter more bearable. Deserves the love and adoration that we, her regulars give her. She is definitely the best on Oranum." ... written by seahorses
spot on!! very sweet lady! thanks hun!" ... written by nf1
Thanks for the great reading" ... written by Ashwarya
she's amazing always so helpful!" ... written by staci
lovely reading :) helped me to see things more clearly...beautiful person also...thank you xx" ... written by Hannah Davis
thank you for clearing up my inconsistances Shellie once again, and showing me what is really happening. Shellie always makes sense of what we cannot understand with great clarity." ... written by colin
Shellie is fantastic!! After being chosen for a free demo with her and getting such fast, detailed accurate info, I had to take her private. She is so worth it. She sees very deeply into a person's heart and beyond superficial actions to tell you exactly what is going on. Very Highly Recommended!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Such a beautiful reading and great positive energy. This reader is truely amazing with the readings she gives! 5 Stars + more!! " ... written by Love
thank you Shellie.... always nice to talk to shellie" ... written by leanna
Thank you so much! confirmed for me that what I did was the right thing and I'm on the right path. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
She is so accurate and amazing" ... written by Rebecca
She is such a sweetheart and answers quick to your questions. Thanks for the quick answers hon xo" ... written by Jacqueline
She is amazing!!!" ... written by sandra
Encouraging reading and a lot of things looked at " ... written by Pete
Thanks for the follow up and advice hon xox" ... written by Jaqueline
Thank you Shellie! Can't wait to hear from my job interview." ... written by Blonde
5 stars! love Shellie, great reading!" ... written by starshine
Shellie is so talented, gifted and likeable." ... written by seahorses
my favorite, great, patiecen, accurate, friendly" ... written by majo
thank you for the update xo" ... written by Jaqueline
calming understanding and intuitive and great feedback on updates, thank you Shellie." ... written by seahorses
Thank you Shellie. I can't say that enough to express how thankful i'm to have you on Oranum. Thank you." ... written by leanna
Shellie is such a wonderful caring, clear and talented psyhic and guide. She picks up very interesting and relevant information. Tremendous help! " ... written by MerkabahMan633
5 Stars!! She is great!" ... written by love
Thanks Shellie. Sorry for being upset" ... written by Lisa
shellie is always so accurate and spot on with her readings. She is guiding through a very difficult time and I am grateful for her help!" ... written by dmw430
very well connected to my situation and answered my questions before I asked them very good reader I will be back thank you :)" ... written by bimi
thank you Shellie. Really thankful to have you here" ... written by leanna
I love this beautiful lady so much. She has always been there for through my ups and down. Yes she is so accurate with her time frame and all her predictions always come to pass for me… Haven't miss one yet. She worths every penny no doubt about it." ... written by susan
what a great way to start the day, a week, or even a new life. talking to Shellie can do all these things." ... written by seahorse
Shellie is spontaneous and very thoughtful. I can feel her energy and strangely, i do feel connected to her. Will call her again definitely" ... written by Kim7
too incredible for words xxx" ... written by Lauren
She's amazing!!! Told me so much information and predictions. such great energy. Will tell you like it is and not sugar coat. thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
always enjoyed talking to Shellie!! Wonderful!! Thank you so much!" ... written by leanna
great - absolutely great reading!! as always, perfect!" ... written by gatorgal
Thank you Shellie, for reminding me to fill up my cup!" ... written by ACB
thanks you for the update hon xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Shellie has a way of connecting and bringing out the positive in things!" ... written by Pete
Her demo reading was amazing and now that I took her to private I am even more impressed. She is extremely talented and connected fast and did an awesome job. I will always contact her to get further insight." ... written by Lisa
she was good..time will tell how it comes through.." ... written by aqua
always the best" ... written by stas
thank you, Excellent. Very quick. and accurate." ... written by twittwoo
SHellie is the most amazing person ever always makes me smile she is the best! :)" ... written by jane
wonderful gifted accurate reader, and always positive. Please visit Shellie and get your life back in control" ... written by seahorses
wow everything her reviews say is true and she is awesome ...she got tiny details right without a word from me and lightening fast def worth the money!!!!!!" ... written by angela
awesome readin g but the screen froze" ... written by angela
Another great follow up, love seeing things unfold." ... written by Pete
Thank you darling. Really needed you today to get some balance." ... written by evac
great as always" ... written by majoma
5 STARS!!! Check her out for yourself! :)" ... written by Luv
5 Stars! Great reading!!" ... written by starstar
shellie… she is right on her previous prediction. She is really amazing, sweet and comforting. Thanks. i hope it will come true again. " ... written by Venus
She is very quick to pick up on people and so far she is great! thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Shellie is a true psychic. She is AMAZING. " ... written by cheerysunshine
I have missed her like CRAZY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,," ... written by Sneza
5 STARS!" ... written by star-star
very lovely, softly spoken lady. beautiful energy. very light" ... written by betty
Thank you sweetheart. I needed your positive advice. Even though things are not going the way I hope for, I feel the same thing as you what you said in our reading. thanks xo" ... written by Jacqueline
5 Stars! Shellie is always amazing!" ... written by love
thank you again" ... written by ACB
thanks shellie…sorry it was cut off. thanks for the comfort and hope it will come true. will come back again to chat" ... written by Venus
Shellie, you are the best! Thanks for cheering me up and i appreciate the guidance and insight as always." ... written by jerald
Shell is a genuine psychic ! She tells the truth and always 100 % correct !!" ... written by rose
very accurate readings, your vision for life comes easier after a session with Shellie" ... written by seahorses
fanstastic reading. thank you every much. put a smile on my face" ... written by androsea
Always turns my frown upside down :) I Really need Shellie right now and she never disappoints. On behalf of myself and others....thank you so much super shellie" ... written by Lisa
Thanks Shellie. I cannot believe the nerve of some people! Thanks for understanding" ... written by Lisa
my favorite. great reading always" ... written by majo
I don't know what I'd do without this wonderful woman. Even when everything seems bleak, she always finds something to help make me smile. Thanks for lifting me shellie - there's an extra work out for you!" ... written by Lisa
Had a reading after a long time but she kept up with what was going on. I am happy to have a friend like her who can see the situation so clearly! Love Shellie-bell!" ... written by love
As always right to the point, quick and simply amazing.Regardless the length of our reading but the time i leave the room she makes me feel the sense of a huge relief and happy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE SHELLIE." ... written by susan
EXCELLENT!!! 100% spot on... Can't believe how accurate she is" ... written by cheerysunshine
Great way to start any day, chat to Shellie." ... written by seahorsee
So lovely! She is such a lovely positive reader! 100% true!" ... written by starstar
5 Stars! A true psychic!! She connected so well with my situation and all the information she gave me just flowed!" ... written by Blueeyes
thank you so much shellie! you always connect so fast!" ... written by md
spot on! crazy gooood! awsome!" ... written by absfab
Thanks so much shellielalalala. its been a long whileeee! great update reading too ♥♥" ... written by k
Wonderful as usual.... I pray you are correct this time to." ... written by ACB
such a relief when i see her. she knows everything and i don't have to elaborate on much, and above all, she makes you feel so grounded again. definitely worth a visit. " ... written by abyss
happy that the universe has granted me the honour of meeting this wonderful, gifted beautiful soul. Get that reading now, before she goes offline! " ... written by seahorses
Omg!!! Best BEST Reader ever!!!!! She is highly gifted!! I hope for the best that all her remaining predictions come true as well!! Much luv to Shellie! XOXO " ... written by Butterfly
thanks so much shellielalalalala ♥ things are finally moving from merry go round! haha" ... written by k
Thank you so much for the update and clarrifying my situation. Although it was not great news, at least I know what is going on and can go forward from here xox" ... written by Jaqueline
i hope i m getting the same predictions as she mentioned ,,,,i will get back but i feel she is honest and to the point ,,,,great" ... written by angel
I love Shellie, in my difficulty I find peace in her words. There is never enough time with her. I could spend days" ... written by DEE28
Talk about quickly picking up on everything! Blew my mind! Excellent reader!" ... written by Teressa
Shellie is awesome. she is so gifted with her abilities and her energy is amazing. she is such a sweet soul, i definitely recommend her 5 stars all the way" ... written by Faerie Liz
thanks for the update hon xo" ... written by jaqueline
Very Good , she knew what was referring to before I even told her much of anything." ... written by Saltydog
Thank you again. I recommend you to anyone who is looking for sweet kind guidance!!! 5/5 I will contact you back in June! :)" ... written by ACB
shes spot on! and i hope her predictions comes true! :-) ty!" ... written by ABSFAB
Wow! Shellie is absolutely amazing. She connected so fast and everything she said was true! I will definitely come back to see her again because she's worth every penny. Thanks!" ... written by cherryblossom10
thank you shellielalalala ♥" ... written by k
It is such a great comfort to have Shellie in my life. Without her, I'd be on completely different path by now." ... written by seahorses
Lovely as always. Thanks Shellie" ... written by Lisa
No words could describe Shellie's reading! You will have to get one to know. She takes detail and accuracy to another level! Not just in events but also feelings and thoughts, she's very honest and will for sure put your mind to rest. She is truly gifted. God bless you..and thank you so much i'm so thankful I came to you:)" ... written by Think Blue
shellie is always amazing!!! wonderfully amazing and thank you so much for her guidance and supports!! " ... written by leanna
she is so great and accurate with the reading that i want to recommend her." ... written by theodora
2nd reading, very much a sweetheart :)" ... written by nf1
Love her she is awesome and great i hope everyone takes the time to read with her ...I will keep in-touch. My life needs to change someday...Wishful thinking ... " ... written by gadega
aaaaaaaaaa shellieee thanks for the advice and reassurance! ♥" ... written by k
thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Excellent!!!great energy and reading, thank you!!" ... written by samantha
great update shelieee thank you so muchh.. what would i do without you hahaha" ... written by k
Thanks wonderful woman." ... written by ACB
Thanks hon, hope I didnt shock you too much, hahah xo" ... written by jaqueline
she's so kind, genuine and so full of positive energy. One of the few i connected with. she's so worth reading. So very accurate and patient" ... written by brainy
Thank you ! Excellent couldn't imagine how I'd get through!" ... written by Pete
I am so glad that I came to speak to Shellie today. She knows my situation and picked up how I was feeling right away. Described everything accurately and has told me to still be positive even though I am struggling just now and finding things hard. Feel better already just having spoken with her again." ... written by Lyn
you always put a smile on my face shelielalalala. thank you soooo much. ♥♥ ill be waiting on when that deal manifest ohohohoho" ... written by k
Awesome.." ... written by Seema
She has answered alot of ?.. i just have to wait.. thnaks" ... written by Seema
Thank you Shellie... truly truly appreciated everything~~ Thankyou!!!!! " ... written by leana
So glad I came to see her tonight she helped ease my mind yet again she is so nice I really need to talk longer with her I like hearing what she has to say. " ... written by Lyn
aaaaaaaaaaaa thanks shellie hahaha im hoping he will grow up soon as you see ♥♥" ... written by k
very sweet, she taps into my guy effortlessly. 5 stars definitely" ... written by nf1
Lovely reading with so much clarity and foresight. Always uplifting and a light in my life . Thank you, Shellie." ... written by Seahorses
LOVE HER!!! always awesome i always keep coming back when I can !" ... written by Brianna
Fantastic energies as always, wonderful reader and trusted friend. I wish i had more time to ask about her but she feels the love and knows. With Shellie, you get more than just a reading." ... written by seahorses
thanks.." ... written by seema
This is my second reading with Shellie! She connected so well with my situation and I didn't even have to give her details. She's very comforting and reassuring too. Thanks so much!" ... written by cherryblossom10
love her.. she's the best always" ... written by stas
wonderful reader, please turn to shellie" ... written by seahorses
You have a beautiful gift, thank you for giving me hope!" ... written by Shelly
Awesome i will let God do his work " ... written by Seema
Love Shellie" ... written by btrap16
thank you shelielalala ♥ always a great uplifting reading. great advice and so much funnn" ... written by k
Love readings with Shellie! She always makes me feel better" ... written by btrap16
Shellie was just awesome.....She has such wonderful energy.....She was spot on with practically everything....Now I see why she is so popular.....Lol....Thank you Shellie....You are such a beautiful soul, inside and out.....I will definately be back....Xx" ... written by Ebby
Thank you!She was very good!" ... written by Cheresse
Shell is superb !!!! She is the best psychic on ORANUM !!!!!Love her Thnx Shell1 YOU MADE MY DAY !!!!" ... written by Rose
very good reading!" ... written by nf1
thank you shellie! i dont know whats wrong with my net urghhh wish i had longer too. ♥♥♥" ... written by k
very gd reading" ... written by patou
Thank you for the update hon. :)" ... written by Jaqueline
Shellie is amazing! a truly gifted person with lovely advise and great insight of your situation… thank you!!" ... written by san
excellent reading and one of the better individuals on this site" ... written by Matnyc
enjoy talking to shellie and i'm so thankful to have Shellie on Oranum!!!! Thank you. =)" ... written by leana
She is amazing!! It is so hard to get here but it is worth the wait!" ... written by Rebecca
sometimes words are not enough to talk about what shellie can do for you at critical points in you life" ... written by shellie
Shell is a real deal !!!She reads you like no one else !!! We are lucky to have Shellie with us here on Oranum !!!!!" ... written by rose
Shellie is just so amazing!! I absolutely love her! 5 stars!" ... written by luvbutterfly
I have missed her sooooooo much, its great to talk to her again :)" ... written by Sneza
Shellie is wonderful, I really reccommend her. she has a beautiful loving grace and presence." ... written by FrancesAnn
Love Shellie, have really missed talking to her and getting her wisdom and guidance. Thanks again" ... written by Lis
Lovely lovely person, and connected quickly to my situation. She was able to fully see what was going on and it was a pleasure to have a session with her. " ... written by Ahz
thanks shelielalala" ... written by k
Love talking to Shellie... She has great insight!!! So lovely." ... written by leana
shellie has a way with words! our private readings are always so motivating!" ... written by staci
Beautiful, inspiring reading, lovely to feel hopeful again x" ... written by Autumne
Thank you Shellie," ... written by ACB always...thank have no idea how much I need your word today!" ... written by miszy
Thank you Shellie so much for today, sorting it all out and making sense of things" ... written by Seahorses
very friendly and will see what happens" ... written by Clint
Wow, I didn't even have to tell he anything of what happen she just knew! Thank you so much for the update and advice. xox" ... written by Jaqueline
thank you shellielalala ♥ as always...a reading with you makes it all better ;)" ... written by k
love Shellie!!! Such a blessing!!!!!!!! Thankyou lovely super Shellie" ... written by leanna
SHELLIE, yoU are awesOme, made me think more positivE especially about my love and dating life. I am going back definitely soOn. HIGHLY RCOMMENDED, 10 out 10 stars." ... written by jAy
When faced with big decisions or just for reassurance, Shellie is always there to provide guidance and wisdom to help me get through any obstacle. That's why I turn to her time and time again." ... written by nix331
thanks shelielalala ♥ ohohoho lets see what happens ;) " ... written by k
thanks shelle… you have good memories and u just connects…. :)" ... written by Ve
Very re-assuring at a critical moment, so thank you Shellie. I great reading and as always a calming influence." ... written by Seahorses
Thanks for seeing the love available in the relationship. I'm broken from what happens, but its reality and it happened. I appreciate the thought of pulling myself back to let her see what I have given and been willing to forgive., its just hard situation," ... written by jordan
Shellie totally nailed everything happening with me! I appreciate the help and positive news! Thanks so much!!" ... written by Swede
What a wonderful reading as usual. She is the best on here and picks up everything so easily. I know what she said will come to pass. She reads everything spot on." ... written by stickytoffee
She was correct from previous readings. Excellent reading today, thanks." ... written by Jaqueline
Thanks so much shellie! I always love your readings! you pick up on so much! " ... written by md
Wow, Shellie really knew who I was, she picked up on my energy so well. She is lovely, talented and has a great gift. Thank you for sharing!" ... written by
thanks for being there" ... written by nf1
Shellie is a top notch psychic ! Knows everything !!! Love her !!!" ... written by Rose
thank you shellie.. omg i was just so worried. but lets hope that gate goes down soon hahaha " ... written by k
Thank you for straightening everything out again and making sense by filling the gaps. Shellie is so gifted and her positive energy is only to be marvelled at." ... written by Seahorses
I've been to several very fine advisors on this site who saw the big picture. Shellie is the only one who saw the specifics and things are playing out exactly as see saw them. I am very grateful because her words and accuracy gave me strength to get through a difficult path and now things are unfolding to a much brighter future. Her advice is to always stay positive to attract the a more better experience, and she was so right." ... written by donna
OMG...she was saying the exact words as my love interest said to could she know? I m so happy with her on..she is real ..i will be back to her for more.." ... written by tasha_j
awesome woman, very kind honest and accurate really cares about ur reading and ur highest good try her u will not be disapointed " ... written by spirit7846
Thank you again, great kid energy from you. Clear messages....." ... written by acb
thanks shelielalala" ... written by k
Wow! Shellie is so comforting! She has such a warm and friendly energy around her. I will definitely come back to her. I wonder why I didn't come to her sooner as this is/was my first private reading with! Thank you so much beautiful!~" ... written by James1488
She was very accurate and kind and patient. Great reading !!!!!! Love her !" ... written by Christopher
I love her..really...she's really, really sweet...I needed to hear her words and I believe everything she said..." ... written by krista
Thank you so much your mind blowing, and so amazing with the details, your readings never lack fascination :) She is highly highly gifted, clear and consistent, you will never regret getting a reading with her:) god bless you thanku shellie" ... written by Think Blue
I'm starting to really see why everyone is so enamored with Shellie. She is so charming and sweet, yet gives you clear and truthful insights into any problem you may be facing. I will stay in touch with her because she is very kind and so comforting in her approach to reading. I feel a thousand times better. Thank you for your time Shellie! Much appreciated!~" ... written by James1488
so far so good" ... written by Blade
so nice and friendly and thnaks for the truth...." ... written by mette
great reading" ... written by nf1
thank you so much for explaining everything. Shellie is always confident on her predictions and give me hope for the future. She will not sugar coat anything and tells me the obsticles as well. thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
5 STARS!! Amazing reader! I LOVE SHELLIE!!!!!!!!" ... written by love
Thank you so much. I needed to hear that. Please keep doing what your doing. I enjoy our readings they make me happy." ... written by Theodora
great as always ;) " ... written by k
Shellie is awesome, kind,sweet, and compassion. All her predictions always come to pass for me. I love,love ,love her." ... written by susan
the best reader ever" ... written by charlie
Thanks for the update, sorry it was short reading." ... written by Swede
thank you shellie. i appreciate your insight." ... written by jerald
I have had numerous readings with Shellie and she always answers my questions and concerns. I know what she predicts will happen. She is such a warm person and genuine psychic who I always turn to when I need to. Thank you Shellie. " ... written by Stickytoffee
I forgot to ask her a quesiton, ahhah So went back in and she cleared up for me thanks :)" ... written by jaquelien
Thank you!! Amazing energy. Made me laugh when im feeling upset" ... written by Blonde
I love her soo much shes been like a best friend and like a second family has helped me every step of the way ! Love you shellie" ... written by Brianna Toth
Shell is fantastic !!! She is always correct on all things !!!!" ... written by rose
Lovely reading, and great positivity. Shellie is just such a wonderful person. Welcome her into your life." ... written by Seahorses
Thank you Shellie!!! Thank you for being here!!!!!!!! love love" ... written by leanna
True psychic ! The REAL DEAL !!!!Pl Dont waste ur money anywhere else. Come to Shell !!!!!" ... written by rose
Thank you Sweetie!! Great session as usual... I am getting on the "speed" track today!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by acb
Shellie touched my heart and soul...she is sooo very lovely and a gifted reader...Hugs to u Shellie..." ... written by tasha_j
awesome :) thank you :D" ... written by Autumne
great quick reading!" ... written by needfaith1
thanks so much shelielalala" ... written by k
Shellie is the absolute best !!!!!!!! Wow she really blows me away with her accuracy !!!!! Ty so much !!!" ... written by sexypisces
Beautiful soul with an eye in her mind. :)" ... written by lovesthesun
Thank you so much for this reading... i know exactly where im heading now." ... written by Cocolh1982
shellie your amazing!!!! cant thank you enough for all you do for me!!!!!! so excited for the next few weeks to unfold!!! " ... written by Lauren
Thank you Shellie! You are amazing in explaining the way things are and will be. I came to you in a moment of panic and you calmed my fears and anxieties down in minutes. Can't wait for this roller coaster of a ride to be done and over are fantastic!~" ... written by James1488
Always amazing thanks Shellie so very much !" ... written by sexypisces
th ank you shelielalala ohohohoh ;) we've gone along way havent wee" ... written by k
First time having a reading with Shellie. I spent a long time with her and wish she could have give the information a little quicker than she did. I look at my notes and have to say in all fairness that there are other excellent readers here read much quicker than her. Will wait to see if predictions happen. " ... written by C
yay! finally got a chance to talk to shellie! thanks for the update! she's always awesome and honest" ... written by needfaith1
I feel very gifted to have shellie in my life, fast, positive reader with beautiful energy. Contact her and transform your life." ... written by Seahorses
5 STARS!! She is absolutely Amazing!" ... written by love
awesome" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Shellie connects really fast and her kindness, empathy and positivity are in bucketfuls. I've never had the depths of reading qualities from others, so as soon as Shellie came into my life, it was amazing. Thank you angel" ... written by Seahorses
Shellie is the best psychic here on ORANUM . Love her energy and connecting power !! She is always very accurate and wholisome !!! Love her !!!! Will always come back to her for advice !!!!!! GOD BLESS !!!!" ... written by Rose
love shellie. so lovely. so truthful, so gifted. highly recommended " ... written by bec
Thank you so much Shellie you have confirmed what another reader told me and she has been right and precise with everything she told me. Including the timeframes." ... written by S.A.
Shell is the real deal !!! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS SHE LL !!!!" ... written by Rose
THE BEST PSYCHIC IN THE WORLD !!!!!!LOVE HER !!!!THANK YOU SHELLIE !!!!!" ... written by rose
Shell is just wonderful and her readings are out of this world !!!!!!" ... written by rose
So great to reconnect Shellie, can't thank you enough for your guidance and honesty. I will try the DIVA attitude tomorrow now I know you will be in my pocket :) Hopefully update you soon lovely" ... written by Lis
Im so glad I came to see Shellie today she picked up everything right away without me saying anything and has made me feel a lot better about things. I really like how she starts off speaking as if it was just yesterday we spoke even though its been a while. Its just like speaking to one of my friends shes so nice. xx" ... written by Lyn
Thanks for the update hon, I feel much better." ... written by Jacqueline
thanks for my reading! can't wait for the positive things!" ... written by nf1
I am having a really tough time in my life just now with what I am having to deal with. Nice to have her to speak to. Think I surprised her with just what I am having to deal with. But she made me feel better about things. Still just like speaking to my best friend its really nice. xx" ... written by Lyn
Shellie is just lovely, sweet, clear, intuitive, and a great communicator. Talk with you soon" ... written by acb
Simply the best. Picks up on so much. Love her :) Super Shellie xx" ... written by Lis
I have missed her soooo much. good to see her in private again after about a months time or so." ... written by Snezana Hidosan
thanks shelielala" ... written by k
Shellie is AMAZING AMAZING did i say AMAZING i'm sorry i don't have credits to talk to her more . Who is looking for a psychic pls try her i know she is 5.99 a min but you will be very happy to spend that money with her .........." ... written by Ilove
Always Amazing!!!" ... written by Tania
spot on as always!!" ... written by absfab
As wise as she is beautiful :)" ... written by Lis
I totally love this " ... written by sexypisces
wow she is truly amazing! " ... written by ash
Shellie, you're wonderful thank you so much" ... written by Jessica
Thank you so much!" ... written by Cheresse
I love Shelley! She has been spot on everytime and such a great person!" ... written by btrap
Its so hard to put into words, just how gifted Shellie is and her energy is just wonderful. " ... written by Seahorses
She gives me hope for the further " ... written by Christina
I just love her..she is so calming...and I am taking her advice." ... written by kk
she's amazing and great" ... written by eva
Thank you Thank you Thank you I LOVE shellie she has been such a great friend and person in my life xoxoxo" ... written by Brianna Toth
great reading" ... written by patout
Thanks for the update and helping me see things in a different perspective :D" ... written by Jacqueline
THanks Shell !! I always come to you when i need advice and clarity!!!! you are always comforting and giving me honest answers !!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS DEAR !!!!!!" ... written by Rose
Amazing woman!! Her insight is so accurate, precise and spot on. Very compassionate and understanding. Fantastic reading! Very highly recommended!!" ... written by Seeker1200
WOW~" ... written by ash
Shell thank you dear !! I am praying everyday and i trust in GOD !!!! YOU R GOD"S ANGEL FOR ME !!!!!" ... written by rose
Gosh.....nothing to say but AMAZING! She is so connected and right on everything!" ... written by ash
Again...AMAZING...the BEST! Strongly connected!" ... written by ash
Wow...THE BEST! Worth every penny" ... written by ash
Shell is so very attuned in with any situation !!!! Love her readings! They are very comforting and very straight to the point !!!!!!" ... written by rose
wonderful chilled, enthusiastic, unbelievble experience," ... written by seahorses
thank you for my update" ... written by needfaith1
She is so sweet natured and insightful - time will tell if the predictions ring true. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
incredibly accurate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lauren
Thank you again.....................Sweet and clear as usual" ... written by acb
wow..she is very well connected to me..awesome awesome!" ... written by ash
wow...she is amazing!" ... written by ash
she was very well in tune with everything!!! she is ten stars" ... written by bem
really love to speak to Shellie.... great ... always calm me down... supportive and great insight!! Thank you Shellie Thanks you!!! " ... written by leana
thanks for the quick reading!" ... written by needfaith1
oh my Shellie...i am so surprised about what is happening! I appreciate the heads up! Wow you are soo amazing!" ... written by ash
Shell is the BEST PSYCHIC IN THE WORLD !!!! LOVE HER !!!!!!!!" ... written by Rose
message delivered good good!!!!!! " ... written by meme
Exciting news for everyone involved!" ... written by Love
Thank you for you're help. You have a way of relaxing me and pulling me out of a funk. " ... written by Blondie
always positive when needed and boy did i need it today. Shellie always delivers though, bang on target" ... written by seahorses
lovely shellie and thank you so soooooo much for her guidance and comfort!!! amazing! " ... written by leana
Love Shellie......she is always amazing and spot on and I always feel better after a private reading with her. Thank you as always." ... written by kk
love her" ... written by LINDA HOTTENSTEIN
So glad I came to Shellie she confirmed everything I thought which although the situation for me now is not good it reassuring that my intuition is right. Now I just have to wait for whatever is going to happen to happen. Shellie really is a lovely person to talk to talk to she just reassures me so much she is honest but very very caring about things. She is also going to help me with my situation. Thank you so much Shellie. xx" ... written by Lyn
I trust her and I hope everything works out how she said it will" ... written by Blonde
Thanks Shell for all that you do for us . GOD BLESS YOU DEAR AND KEEP PRAYING FOR US !!!!!!" ... written by rose
I am so glad that I came to see Shellie today. I was feeling pretty upset about things. I had tears in my eyes before I spoke with her and left the reading with a smile on my face and tears are gone. She is so lovely its just like speaking to my best friend. xx" ... written by Lyn
She is marvelous and very truthful." ... written by Elaine Faber
as always great reading " ... written by patout
i just adore Shellie, she is such a breath of fresh air to me and with my past struggles this year." ... written by deb
the best here by far" ... written by charlie
Shell is the most profound and knowledgeable psychic on Oranum !! I find her to be quite detailed and in depth r I just love her readings !!!!!GOD BLESS YOU SHELL !!!!!!eader. She is very authentic, honest and accurate.Whenever i talk to her , i get a sense of peace !!!! GOD BLESS YOU SHELL !!!!!" ... written by rose
She is soooo warm and caring....she has a way of making you feel better just in speaking with you!" ... written by miszy
wow thanks u are always amazing!" ... written by ash
amazing as usual. just perfect. my go to person whenever i'm doubting things and need just outside perspective on a situation. " ... written by abyss
5 STARS! She channels the energies of the entire situation so well! Absolutely a lovely person andamp; reader! Trust her!" ... written by Love
One of the best readings ever!!! Shellie picked up both our energies so well and gave me some much needed advice. Thank you so much :-)" ... written by Spamomma
Shell is super !!! Her readings are just out of this world !!!! She is very quick in her readings and has the power to look beyond the appearance of ppl . She is THE BEST PSYCHIC I HAVE EVER MET !!!! GOD BLESS YOU SHELL !!!!!!" ... written by Rose
Shell is the most authentic reader here on Oranum !! She is fast and honest !!! She gives too many details in too little time !!!! Love her !!!! She is a darling !!!!!" ... written by rose
shes so so good and sweet and spot on! :-)" ... written by ABSFAB
Thank you Shellie. You are so wonderful... always calming and supportive and i really cannot go through this without you. Thank you soooooososososssoooo much. " ... written by leanna
I am so glad I came to speak to Shellie today for update on things. I am having a tough time just now and I keep asking angels for a sign that everything is going to be ok. Well I am going to take that reading as a sign as Shellie has just given me the answers I was asking for. I always want to talk longer with her it just never seems like long enough. xx" ... written by Lyn
Shell is the BEST !!!!! She is such a genuine psychic !!!! OMG she tells you as she sees it and it is always very right !!!!!!!" ... written by Rose
Thank you as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5" ... written by AB
Fantastic connection to Shellie. It's hard to put into words." ... written by Colin
Thank you for the update hon xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Thanks to Shellie. She is unique and wonderful!! Really a blessing. Thank you." ... written by leana
Shellie is so wonderful. Always feel so comforting seeing her and talking to her. Thank you!!!!!!! " ... written by leana
10/10 as usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ACB
Thanks so much Shellie for the clarity! You are one of the Greatest people here. Everything has happened as you said, but in such a natural way. Things do take time!" ... written by Love
I am happy to see you back" ... written by ACB
Super awesome...Thank you my dear:)" ... written by tasha_j
Thank you!" ... written by Blonde
Supershellie is back from her holiday and I am so very glad. Missed you Shellie, thank you so much for your unfaltering support and love. Seeing your smile and beautiful blue eyes makes me know things will get better :)" ... written by Lisa
Naturally Gifted!! 5 STARS! I have been speaking to Shellie for the longest time now...She has been the light at the end of the tunnel for me. Her cheerful nature and positive attitude will guide you towards your destiny. She is 1 in a Million!! " ... written by Love
lovely Shellie... always enjoy talking to her! Thank you dear" ... written by leana
Excellent reading!! One of the readers I go to that is worth the money! She has always been right with everything in the past. She will tell you the truth on what is going on wether negative or positive and guide you in right direction. thanks hon xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Brings clarity, calmness, truthfulness, compassion and love to every situation." ... written by Seahorses
SHe is amazing!" ... written by Blonde
incredible woman!!!! xxxx" ... written by Lauren
Love love my lovely Shellie!" ... written by debichas2002
she is one of the BEST" ... written by t
Shellie - you are such an amazing reader! You provide QUALITY reading and I truly appreciate that. No sugar coating..very honest..and on point! Amazing always." ... written by ash
thank u shellie -- always amazing" ... written by ash
Shellie is amazing, she has stuck by her prediction for 11 months even when I gave up. Her prediction happened and I can't wait to see this completely unfold." ... written by Pete
shellie is wonderful!!! missing her alot!! thank you Shellie" ... written by leana
Thank you again. Anyone looking for clear, amazing insight... Go PVT with Shellie." ... written by ACB
My first reading with her and she nailed it! And gave me very helpful advises. 1000 stars :)" ... written by Yiara
wow thank you for the clarification Shellie! That was a great reading!" ... written by ash
i always love heariing from here..whether its good or bad news..she is always right" ... written by ash
she is amazing!!!!!!!!" ... written by ash
thank you shellie, you have given me hopes and more confidence in myself. I am truly grateful!" ... written by ash
thanks shelielalala xxx" ... written by k
Shellie provides great insight and to help me understand the bigger picture of what is going on and what my role is. I appreciate her thoughtful advice time and time again!" ... written by nix331
Thanks so much.." ... written by Seema
Shellie has always been my favorite person on here. I feel she truly connects and can see the situation you are in clearly. Awesome reading every time and I leave feeling calm and refreshed with a clear mind. Highly recommended!" ... written by Chantal
trust shellie to lift your spirits and get you on the up again!" ... written by seahorses
Thanks for clearing things up for me!! Always a pleasure to do a reading with shellie, worth the wait! xox" ... written by Jacqueline
thankss as always shelielalalalala" ... written by k
Shell is a psychic i can trust her totally !!!! Love her readings. GOD BLESS YOU SHELL !!!!" ... written by rose
shellie-- thank you for the update on my career! Definitely helped me sooo mcuh!" ... written by ahs
Can't thank the universe enough for sending the beautiful Shellie to be my guide. She is a beacon of hope to us all. She has a beautiful heart and soul that sparkles in her amazing blue eyes. Shellie always knows what is going on and puts things in to perspective. Thanks for everything Shellie :) Hope to have more news soon" ... written by Lisa
Shell is a beautiful soul !!!!! Love her energy and her readings !!!!" ... written by rose
she's just always right...." ... written by kk
xxx wonderful shell" ... written by seahorses
Shellie is amazing -- she has been so accurate and specific in detail in the past it is truly amazing .. looking forward to this new chapter..." ... written by d
Amazing as always" ... written by blonde
I love you Shellie :)))) " ... written by ACB
So glad I came to speak to Shellie today going through a bit of a tough time just now but she just made me feel so much better about things got how i was feeling and the situation spot on. She told me how things look for this week and the month ahead and I truly believe her. She just has such a lovely manner very caring and sincere haven't had a reading i haven't liked yet even speaking about the hard things. Shes great xx" ... written by Lyn
Shell is very truthful psychic !!!! I love her !!!! GOD BLESS !!!!" ... written by Rose
Precise and good advice." ... written by Hubbelman
Shellie is amazing. Such a sweet soul, and a beautiful person. Her readings are deep, and thorough. I am grateful for her detailed insights." ... written by Ahz
thank you shellie, i'll follow up shortly" ... written by seahorses
love talking to Shellie... Thank you so much!!" ... written by leanna
I you are looking for clear answers and clarity....Talk with Shellie!" ... written by ACB
I could not have gotten this far without Shellie by my side. If I was the President of the United States, my first task would be to employ Shellie." ... written by Seahorses
She tells it like it is :D" ... written by Jaqueline
DEar Shellie sorry we got cut off. You were soothing and right about the whole situation." ... written by Elaine Faber touched my heart and soul...I am soooo very overwhelmed and emotional rite now..I hope that it all manifests..Please send us your energies..xx" ... written by t
Shellie is sooo right on! WOW i always look forward to speaking with her for updates! I will let you know once the prediction pass next week!" ... written by jkl
Shell is the best psychic on Oranum !!!! I love her readings and her honesty !!!!!" ... written by rose
such a lovely talented reader and she has become a wonderful friend. I value Shellie's insight''s and guidance and interpretations, and her love." ... written by seahorses
always worth the wait." ... written by abyss
Such a positive lady! I love reading with Shellie. She will tell you all the obsticles in your way and what you need to do to over come them. Lots of patience and love. thanks honxo" ... written by Jqueline
*********** ten star ratings!!!!!! always love her Beautiful energy very intuitive! I love you shellie you've helped me so much over the past 8 months~!!!!!thank you thank you! you always direct me on a good path nothing but amazement!!!" ... written by booboo
Shell is the one and only psychic i trust !!!! She tells you the TRUTH and is a very positive person !!!! GOD BLESS YOU SHELL !!!!!" ... written by rose
She's soooooo good. Love her readings. She tunes in right away, and sees everything :)" ... written by L
Shellie is simply amazing, when I gave up she didn't, I swore off the site. Shortly after her timeline was exact, the woman I desired came back into my life. Thank you Shellie for always making me feel positive! 10 billion stars" ... written by Pete
excellent advice. thanks for the follow up :D" ... written by jaqueline
i hope her predictions will come to pass." ... written by p
spot on as usual" ... written by a
I love Shellie's readings. She is very gifted, and a dear soul." ... written by Ahz
shellie is so great, so human ill be back" ... written by mette44
Shellie you are amazing in every sense of the word! thank you so much" ... written by Blonde
shellie is very reassuring" ... written by p
Shell is an out standing psychic here on Oranum !!!! She is very quiick , honest and accurate !!!! Love her positive energy and her all knowing eyes !!!!" ... written by rose
Awesome as always :) thanks you're a star..." ... written by Autumne
Thank you again :)" ... written by ACB
You are simply amazing" ... written by Blonde
did a fantastic job of changing my energies from flat to pumped up. THANK YOU!" ... written by seahorse
Shell is beautiful inside and out !!!! she will try to help you as mch as possible !!!! THNX SHELL GOD BLESS YOU !!!!" ... written by rose
thank you for your support and love" ... written by ACB
She is the BEST !! Very patient and positive " ... written by Rose
thank you so much for the reading this morning. I truly appreciate it!" ... written by sdfa
Was feeling flat but Shellie has lifted me, thankyou once again. For clear reading. xxx" ... written by seahorses
Thank you!!!" ... written by Blonde
great love her, fast, accurate, friendly" ... written by majoma
Love Shellie, my go to gal! Thanks for always having words of wisdom for me. You read me so well" ... written by Lisa
Amazing as always." ... written by Blonde
Shell is such a lovely person !!!! so in tune with your energy !!!! She sees everything around your situation and gives you total clarity !!!!! I love her and her readings !!!! Happy Diwali to you Shell !!!!!" ... written by Rose
IS Always on spot and clear in her description of situation at the other end !!!!!Shell is THE BEST !!! Love her !!!!!" ... written by rose
Shellie is great. Part one of her prediction has happened and I'm so looking forward to part two. I even doubted the first prediction but wow it happened!!" ... written by Pete
Shellie you are amazing. Thank you for putting up with craziness and helping me relax. " ... written by Bl
Shelli is amazing ! it had been months seems we talk and she picked up right on where we left off !!she always has GREAT energy ! I am truly ready for the next months " ... written by Summer
Love talking to Shellie! She always gives me hope there is a better life ahead of me!" ... written by btrap16
I really needed Shellie...and there she was! Thanks for keeping me on the right path :)" ... written by Lisa
THANK YOU THANK YOU" ... written by
spot on!!!" ... written by ABSFAB
Shellie is such a precious person, and bright light. I love her readings, because she sees everything so clearly, and communicates information in a loving way. " ... written by Ahz
sometimes words are not enough, this is one of them!" ... written by seahorses
Love her! She is so real and good! Calms me Down every time! :) Love You Shellie :)" ... written by Marianne
shellie has been there since the start. consulting her for a year. she always connects deeply." ... written by angelina
was very helpful reading Recommended" ... written by Watermeadows
Without a doubt, Shellie is a beautiful gift to anyone who chooses to be her client. An amazing psychic, and a luminous soul." ... written by Ahz
Always the best!" ... written by Love
great friend, have so much faith in shellie and her predictions." ... written by ca
She is awesome. I hope everthing pans out the way she says it!!! 10 million stars for her!!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
always lovely to talk to shellie... thanks for being here!!! you are truly wonderful and amazing" ... written by leanna
What a lovely reading and uplift you get from Shellie" ... written by seahorses
She is so accurate about my situation. I highly recommend her." ... written by Thedoora
oh my gosh! This is great news, shellie! I work really hard at my job and I look forward for everything to come to are so right and very connected! it is so amazing Shellie...u are very talented and gifted!" ... written by ahdh
Shell is a true psychic !!!!! She is quite unique in her readings !!!!! Love her energy !!!! Love her readings !!!!!!! Love her !!!!!!" ... written by rose
Loved my reading with Shellie, seems so genuine, will keep you updated :)" ... written by A
thank you for your advice and guidence. xo" ... written by jaqueline
she was so sweet ad kind and deff the real thing. I could just tell as she was reading me that it was sooo real. Shes awesome and so sweet" ... written by ashley
Shellie has been right on the money in my journey .. things unfold exactly how she says they will ... amazing" ... written by d
on point with everything, I totally trust this woman. She is on point and has told me things over the years, things I wanted to hear and things I didn't want to hear but were the truth. I have total respect for her and her abilities as a psychic and just a good person overall. " ... written by A
Thanks for the visions!! I am looking forward to my future and so happy everything you have been saying since day 1 has been spot on! xoxo" ... written by jaqueline
Thanks Shellie , your insight always give me more peace of mind. Hope you have a blessed day" ... written by meg
Shellie's on a whole other level as far as psychics on this site. She's amazing. " ... written by L
She is just wonderful like always, great intuition. She is 10 stars" ... written by bemf
Thank you as always.... Talk with you soon " ... written by ACB
another reading of hope and clarity and compassion, thank you Shellie" ... written by Seahorses
Shellie is the one of the most genuine individuals I have ever came in contact with!! Her pureness and honesty really shines through. Beautiful heart. Beautiful soul. A God sent." ... written by cassandramcgin
Shellie has a pure heart. Honest and very insightful. I love how she loves, I love how much she truly cares, and I love how she is there to always lift me up!!! xoxoxoxo" ... written by Cassandra
Shellie is wonderful. Love her spirit and how she connects. will definitely be back to get updates." ... written by January
The best way to start the day!" ... written by seahorses
Thank you Shellie! You are amazing" ... written by Blonde
Well it took a while with connection issues to get my reading lol but it was certainly worth waiting for. :) I always love speaking with Shellie she is just so lovely and so caring. She gave me some good news regarding my situation so I just have to wait and see but I trust her she knows how important this is to me. Thank you so much Shellie for once again restoring my faith and lifting my spirits :) xx" ... written by Lyn
thank you shellie for the clarification and insights! very very helpful!" ... written by dfgs
Thank you for the update hon. Hopfully what you say is true...xo" ... written by jaqueline
We really had a wonderful connection. She felt my spirit immediately and sensed my anxiety knew I was having a rough day. I had a reading with Shellie once before, she remembered everything. She was right on point with all that is going on in my life and gave such unbelievable details. She is extremely accurate. Shellie is so genuine and super kind andamp; sweet. She gave me the clarity I needed. She also gave me great advice and encouraging words. I'm looking forward to touching base. I definitely recommend you get a reading with Shellie, you will be stunned and so happy! Thank you Shellie! XO Peace, Love, and Light!!! XO" ... written by FALL3NANG3L3
LOVE her she has always been there for me for day one xoxox, she is not just a psychic I go for advice to but a friend as well. Always love readings with her " ... written by Shellie
always the very best " ... written by ca
love you girl! ur the best....2014 has been hell. ready for new starts in 2015" ... written by debbie
Extremely kind, wonderful energy and i came off from the reading feeling a lot more positive and calm. Thank you so much Shellie, i will definitely be back :). " ... written by v
she tells it exactly how i feel it and believe it! but my patience...oh that patience...! Lol! well lets see these 2 months whats going to happend! :-) " ... written by absfab
Shell is just superb !!! Love her a lot !!! She gives such clarity to me every time I talk to her !!!! She really knows your situation very well and tries to give you all the information you need !!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU SHELLIE !!!!!" ... written by rose
Thank you Shellie... I will keep you posted." ... written by ACB
Thank you Shellie. You are so wonderful and supportive. Thank you for your guidance." ... written by leana
I LOVE SHELLIE!!! She is amazing! Always on point and our connections is powerful! Genuinely so kind and gives wonderful advice!! Knows things that no one else knows! I def recommend she is the real thing! God bless you! xo" ... written by Angel33
Shellie all of your predictions came true!!! You were right about everything, him not ignoring me but he needed a new phone, he asked me to meet his family for thanksgiving and we are in a relationship!!! Everything that you predicted. Thanks Shellie xoxoxo" ... written by Jewels
So very kind... so very insightful... interesting perceptions and I was happy to connect with her!" ... written by JK
I'm amazed by Shellie. I have consulted her again and again and she has been very accurate and helpful as I work my way through towards a fulfilling romantic relationship." ... written by nix331
thumbs up" ... written by p
Shell is absolutely wonderful ! She can relay my messages from another part of world !!!! Love you Shell!!!!!" ... written by rose
5 Stars! Lovely reading andamp; she is just so beautiful!" ... written by MyCupOfTea
Thank you as ususal. Your energy is amazing and so is your insight and support" ... written by ACB
wonderful to talk to shellie. she has great insights and she is so loving and caring! Thank you very very very much." ... written by leana
excellent! She is just wonderful and straight to the point!" ... written by MNewyork
thanks again Shellie for your guidance, clarity and compassion. Easily the most gifted reader here." ... written by seahorses
I am grateful to you Shellie !! I always get the information I need from you !!!!Thank you dear !! You have a wonderful week ahead !!!!" ... written by rose
she is so great i love her,she's straight to the point......what more can you ask???" ... written by lov
thank you for the update. As hard as it was to hear, I see I have more challenges in this situation. xx" ... written by jqulnd
amazing connection, shellie knew exactly what i was thinking. highly recommend her! very spot on :)" ... written by j
shellie was amazing. she knew exactly what went on and actually confirmed what i knew by heart. thank you so much!" ... written by j
Shell is the best psychic i have met in many many years !!!!! She is very quick, accurate and honest !!!!! Her readings are out of this world !!! I always amazed at how she connects to people so quickly? LOVE HER !!!!!!!" ... written by Rose
Wonderful Shellie!! Lovely Shellie!! Thank you so much for your guidance!!! " ... written by lean
she sees gimmicks" ... written by Elaine Faber
Lovely Shellie ! So good at her work and so understanding !!!!!" ... written by Rose
Such a lovely lady. And incredibly gifted. " ... written by Ahz
I love Shellie, she always makes sense of things for me and knows what is going on. She has an infectious smile and laugh and I always feel so much better by the end :) Thank you :)" ... written by Lis
We always have such a great andamp; powerful connection! Provides clarity and never sugar coats... brutally honest. All predications have come true! She always amazes me! She is just wonderful!!! Looking forward to following up! XO" ... written by Ang3l33
Shellie is always so lovely and comforting. She is amazing angelic!!! " ... written by leana
thanks Shellie for the clarity!" ... written by seahorses
Love her she is the best. Never enough time she just has so much to say about things. She is so sincere and caring. To me its not speaking to just a professional its speaking to a friend. xx" ... written by Lyn
Shellie - thank you for the update for this year end. Very helpful and I look forward to your prediction!" ... written by sdfgs
wonderful, marvelous -- I am amazed with how in-tune she is to my energy and the current situation!" ... written by R A
Thank you for everything" ... written by ACB
She knows everything !! She is amazing!! Thank you so much!!" ... written by m
God she is so quick !! Sometimes i feel i trouble her suddenly ?" ... written by Rose
Awesome reading!!! Loved her reading!!" ... written by HI
Shell remains constant with her readings and that's what I like about her!!!!! She is very understanding and helps me always !!!!!I have tried many psychics but no one like her! SHE IS THE BEST !!!!!! Love you Shell !!!" ... written by rose
she picked up on my situation so fast! i was shocked..i only talk to one other person on here and now i think ill have two! she's very fast and ill be waiting on her predictions!! thanks shellie!!" ... written by BP
great" ... written by majoma
Love Shellie, She is so sweet and helps me out everytime. Great reading" ... written by btrap16
Shellie is so special. She's a lovely lady, and her insights always are enlightening, and so helpful." ... written by Ahz
Love her!" ... written by G
I just really love her energy :), she makes me feel positive and encourages me to keep my head up. Just what I needed. Thanks Shellie :)" ... written by A
I love Shellie! Always an incredible connection. We always seem to get emotional together! Has predicted everything! Honest, genuine, and always on point! Amazing guidance!" ... written by Ang3l33
Everything you have told me is happening on the dot!!! Very cool. It was fun to share all that with you today. talk with you soon with more!" ... written by ACB
Shellie is everything that you want at the critical time in your life. Thats what makes her stand out. " ... written by seahorses
she is the 1st person i came to with this 1 guy and she always told me to hang on ! i knew she was telling me this for my own goo yet it was hard . but now he's back and its awesome !!!! " ... written by Summer
She's amazing!!!" ... written by Tania
nice as always, and i love the readings.." ... written by mette44
Always consistent with her updates. Thank you Shellie." ... written by A
she is an amazing reader. Very accurate. Very kind. " ... written by eli
She's the best!!! Waiting to give her an update once predictions come true!!! " ... written by Jewels
I was so glad I caught Shellie today to speak to. I really could listen to her all day she is just so easy to speak to. It really is just speaking to a good friend. She told me things that will happen and when and I trust her 100% Shes the best. " ... written by Lyn
Shellie is GREAT psychic !!!! GOD has blessed her in many gifts !!!!! Love you Shell !!!!" ... written by rose
Her predictions have come to pass!!!! Waiting for more of her predictions to come true :) SHE'S THE BEST!!!!" ... written by Jewels
Readings with Shell are just out of this world !!!! She is precise , to the point and very honest !!!!! One of her prediction has come to pass !!!! Love you my Angel !!!!!" ... written by Rose
5 Stars! Shellie always told me the guy i love also loves me back. I wasn't ever sure if it was true but as time goes on everything shellie has been telling me is starting to finally happen!! I love you Shellie, you do a fantastic job on this website. Loads of Love!" ... written by love
Very very accurate. Lady with poise and immense clarity" ... written by mkjay
excellent read!" ... written by nymatt
She tapped right in to the situation immediately and gave good advice. I'm coming back as soon as I get a minute....TODAY.!!!!" ... written by BRENDA
Shell is unbelievable !!!! She is a TRUE psychic !!! I love her and her readings !! Totally trust her !!!!! MAY GOD SHOWER ALL HIS BLESSINGS ON YOU DEAR !!!!!!" ... written by Rose
So glad I managed to speak to Shellie I really needed to clear things up. I feel a lot better after having spoken with her. She is a really great person to speak to and glad that I have her to to talk to. " ... written by Lyn
i just love you shellie! " ... written by deb
thank you wonderful shellie!!! Thanks for being here!! REally appreacited!!!!! **********" ... written by leana
she is really fast and she picks up on my exact situations!" ... written by BP
Unbelievable...she connects so well it's like she knows me better than I know myself....I think she actually does!! It feels good to have such hope for the future. You have to do a private with Shellie...IF you can catch her on here when she's free cause she stays really busy...for a reason!!" ... written by Brenda
Shellie is wonderful. Thanks Shellie for being with me ALLLLLLllll along!! You are simply AMAZING. I am lucky to find you here!!! xxx " ... written by leana
Great update....I love Shellie ....You can waste your time and your money on all these other psychics or you can pay a little more for the real deal. Shellie has told me in the past things that I didn't want to hear, she doesn't lie or sugarcoat. This is why I trust her. I look forward to her predictions coming true and will report on her page when they do." ... written by A
Shes the best. I just can't say enough good things about her. She just puts me at ease with what she has to say. Even when I think things are bad she reassures me that it will be ok. Got everything spot on with my situation. Gave me positive news." ... written by Lyn
Thank you again Shellie. I will keep you posted." ... written by ACB
Very accurate and sweet. " ... written by Eli
Shellie has been helping me with a certain issue now for a few months...her readings are consistent. It is amazing how quickly she connects to the situation. Atlhough she uses cards I feel like she doesn't really even need them, because she's so in tune with what is going on in a situation. I have tried MANY psychics on this site and I can honestly say she is one of the best and one of the only few I will use from here on out. " ... written by A
Amazing reading!!! I highly recommend her to anyone. I wouldn't go elsewhere. I hope everything comes to pass. She has put my mind at ease. I give you infinity stars!! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by cpreciosa
I really pray and hope that what Shellie says comes true as she said everything I wanted to hear and then some. I will know soon as everything is supposed to happen next weekend. I will keep you posted! I really pray she is correct!!" ... written by Annmarie
Shellie, I had to share all w you today. All your insights are coming through. All of what we have seen is manifesting. You are such an amazing person and you are a true gift" ... written by ACB
Shell is the most wonderful person in my life !!!! She is pure love and light !!!!!She is so very well versed in her art !!! She weaves magic when she speaks to you !!!! Absolutely outstanding !!!!!!!" ... written by rose
Shellie is so caring! xoxo" ... written by graceypiee
Shellie is awesome. She connects very well and fast too! Her predictions remain consistent and she's very honest." ... written by BP
love to have Shellie here. she is so loving and wonderful! Magical amazing . Thanks dear" ... written by leana
ur ultimate awesome!!!! soooo dang good ur u to bits! now i can absolutely relax!" ... written by ROsy
Shellie is so special. She is a beautiful person, and gives the best readings - so kind, detailed, and heart-centered." ... written by Ahz
I love Shellie. She is the most consistent reader I have had the pleasure to meet. Things and timings may change but Shellie's prediction of the outcome does not. Thank you for always being there Shellie and picking up the pieces. You always put me back on my path and are in this with me for the long haul ♥ xx" ... written by Lis
happy to have Shellie!! " ... written by leana
There is NO words for my reading !!! shellie and i have been talking about this one issue for 2 yrs and TODAY had a brake threw with it ! she's the best person i could ever ask for to guid me threw this crazy storm i had been dealing with !! THANK YOU so much !!!!! " ... written by Summer
Very true psychic !!!! She is above and beyond everyone !!!! She is so authentic and truthful that one wonders from where does she get all her info? Thnx Shell ! You are the BEST !!!!" ... written by Rose
Very good reading but you left the room through our reading I'm unsure why, hope to get a update again soon thank you very much for what I got anyway many blessings xo " ... written by Libsta
Thank you as usual...... can I give 10/10... Well I just did." ... written by ACB
Shell is the best reader on Oranum! Love her readings !!! " ... written by Rose
very good thank you" ... written by stars
WOW....what do you do without Shellie? She's saving me so much anxiety. : )" ... written by BRENDA
Always so nice to talk to her about things. I trust in what she says to me very much and hoping that what she said today is going to happen just like she said it would. Time shall tell... xx " ... written by Lyn
No words can express how good this woman is, she just feels everything and picks up on all emotions. Thank u sooo much for always being there for guidance. ten stars " ... written by bem
consistent update reading. Shellie is the best, has a wonderful way about her. I feel she is truly sincere and gifted." ... written by A
THE BESTEST MY DARLING !!!! TOO GOOD!!!!!!" ... written by rose
I love Shellie, really helps me see things clearly. Hope and pray things happen soon! x" ... written by Taurus
December is here, Merry Christmas!" ... written by Love
thanks for there reading... it gave me so much guidance...and enlightenment..." ... written by mj
she is excellent" ... written by loveanddlight
seeing Shellie for atleast ever a little bit just now, was amazing. i really wish i could come back to her again on a real regular basis. i know this day will come and very soon. I you love Shellie, you are like my big sister i never got the chance to have. im soooo grateful that i have you in my life. my heart is like a puzzle, and you are one of the bigger pieces of that puzzle. the puzzle of my heart has been incomplete for such a long time, its finally at its last stage to completion. i am looking forward to much more regular and longer readings. xoxoxoxox" ... written by Sneza
Thanks again sooo much for your gift. I feel so much better!!" ... written by BRENDA
Shell is unmatched !!!! SHE IS THE BEST PSYCHIC ON ORANUM !!!!!LOVE HER BEAUTIFUL READINGS !!!!!!" ... written by Rose
Always good to talk to Shellie, she always makes me feel better!" ... written by btrap16
sooooooooooo nice, direct, quick and understanding... fab" ... written by JK
Shellie, we were very short in time, however, you nailed it to the head with lots and lots of insights. Wow, you are really TOO GOOD. So spot on. So accurate. You are an amazing advisor and I always look forward in having my readings with you. The best!" ... written by adf
love shellie she's very fast and connects fast as well. ill be waiting on her predictions!" ... written by BP
Perfect as Always!!! Shellie is very consistent with her readings " ... written by Jewels
she is very good" ... written by loveanddlight
update reading, everything the same...wonderful reading. I love Shellie." ... written by A
thank you Shellie. She is wonderful and absolutely amazing! " ... written by leana
always fantastic .. she is always accurate" ... written by me
Awesome reading!!!" ... written by cpreciosa
Brilliant! I had goosebumps all the time as she was reading, such a good connection, positive, detailed info, clarity 100%" ... written by chances
Wonderful reading as always. Shellie is the best. She always eases my mind and is on point with everything." ... written by Chantal
Thank you " ... written by ACB
Wonderful everytime talking to Shellie!!! Thank you so much. " ... written by leana
She is very sweet...thank you so much Shellie!!" ... written by m
Right on the spot about a dream interpretation ♥♥" ... written by chandni
thank you shellie! always love your readings" ... written by md
always amazing!! " ... written by theodora
So reassuring, A positive energy. " ... written by Miah
Amazing , as always!" ... written by abyss00
Thanks for the update. Always great hearing your predictions xo" ... written by jqueline
SHE IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! 1000000000 STARS." ... written by BM
Thank you wonderful Shellie!!! Amazing always" ... written by leana
Love talking to Shellie! She is spot on all the time! love her!" ... written by btrap16
WOW!!!!!!! One word is more than enough for this wonderful and lovely lady." ... written by love
thanks for the update shellie.....:)" ... written by A
shelley made alot of sense but not enough time" ... written by Linda Gilchrist
Love Shellie!! She is just the best!!" ... written by Cassandra
lovely calm and accurate reaing which always inspires and fills with much hope" ... written by seahorses
I love my readings with Shellie, she knows exactly how to make me see things more clearly and reminds me we are almost there!" ... written by Taurus
she's the best!! will be waiting on her predictions! very fast" ... written by BP
thank you shellie for a quick spot on reading!" ... written by adfa
hi shellie! you are so lovely and amazing…!" ... written by adh
Love to have Shellie back on line!!!! " ... written by leana
welcome back shellie and thanks for your calmness in what has been an horrific experience this week" ... written by seahorse
Good reading. Highly appreciated. Many thanks. " ... written by Tay
So glad Shellie is back and healthy. Unbelievable the way she connects : ) Makes my life sooo much easier : )" ... written by BRENDA
Shellie, I am SO glad you are back. I have missed your warmth and your guidance so much over Christmas and New Year. I'm so glad you're a bit better, I'll send you some healing energies. Looks like we still have a long way to go, but thanks for picking me back up when I stumble. Your help means more than you know" ... written by Lisa
5/5" ... written by acb
good. Xo" ... written by acb
shes great! always gives me fast answers!" ... written by md
lovely shellie, delivers calm intuitive accurate info. go to her when you have a chance, always worth it" ... written by seahorses
she really is the best!!!!" ... written by Lauren
I am waiting on our time " ... written by See
Always incredible." ... written by Ahz
thank you so much for this reading to explain about the thief, which has put my mind at rest. Lovely as always to connect with you." ... written by seahorses
you are so right on and spot on. I hope i'll get the answers i'm looking for. if i decide to reach out or not. thank you so much. for your guidance and understanding. thank you so much" ... written by mag
lovely as always, calm, intuitive reading, always a healing exercise too. Love her" ... written by seahorses
awesome!" ... written by seahorses
Always lovely and genuine. Love her!!" ... written by Cassandra
You were right on Mr X... and I will keep you posted on the rest." ... written by acb
Made me very emotional, like she really felt me" ... written by Filomena Petrella
shellie, thank you so much for the update! You are truly amazing and so in tuned! Spot on and accurate every single time!" ... written by asdf
Always spot on. So helpful. Unreal the connection : ) AND the caring way she is." ... written by BRENDA
Thank you Shellie, you always make me feel so much better with your warmth, consistency and never faltering faith xx" ... written by Lis
i loooove shellie. her past predictions have come true and she's so genuine" ... written by BP
Shellie is so lovely, will wait to see if her predictions come true xx" ... written by Stella
very positive as always and her beauty alone is worth the money" ... written by seahorses
Awesome!!! Has always been there for me." ... written by Seema
Love Shellie! She always makes me feel better!" ... written by Btrap16
I absolutly adore her, she is so sweet and her readings are great, a lot of information. She keeps me at a peacefull state. will continue to go to her for guidance." ... written by tracy monday
What can i say, you need this girl on board with your problems" ... written by seahorses
she is absolutely amazing, and picks up on a lot of things that i have not told her. just so amazed with her. i will continue to go to her " ... written by tracy monday
thanks for the update hon. I love that she connects real quick. Her timing is always on target too. " ... written by jaqueline
So glad I got to speak to Shellie today as there was a lot I needed to tell her. Having a hard time just now but she picked everything up right away the information was just as the situation is now and how people are acting. She picked up the person who is the cause of the problems just now but thankfully she said they will be out the picture and I can't wait for that day! She made me feel a lot better about things though said all is not lost and gave me some predictions so looking forward to seeing how that unfolds :) Love her shes the best xx " ... written by Lyn
wish I had more time with her. she is quick with getting information to you thanks hon" ... written by jquln
AMAZING!" ... written by GratefulOne14
great energy and real deal" ... written by mm
Lovely reading and connection, nailed it xx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
So glad I came to Shellie today. She picked up something in last reading which turns out to be very significant which I never realized until now. Just had it confirmed. She had no idea about this as and neither did I she is amazing!! xx " ... written by Lyn
Thank you again. I could chat with you for ever.... Talk soon !" ... written by acb
Thanks for that Shellie. I feel much more calm and ready for the task ahead lol! I believe what you said will come to pass and I'll definitely be back to update you on how everything goes. Hope you get better from the flu :) Love and light x" ... written by GratefulOne14
lovely to have Shellie here..... couldn't have made it through without her guidance andamp; encouragement. Thank you." ... written by leana
Shellie, was excellent..." ... written by GZRNYC
thank you wonderful Shellie. Such an angel here. Thank you so much " ... written by leana
thank you for the short reading…very much worth it!" ... written by j
oh my i really want more shes awesome calm easy to relate to my first reading and surley not my last." ... written by imbeingme
A chat and a reading with Shellie is worth millions!!! You cannot bottle what Shellie has but I wish you could. She is so very wonderful and empathic. ANd honest too. Give Shellie your time please, you will not regret it." ... written by seahorses
I am so happy today." ... written by Seee
shellie is my absolute favorite psychic on here. her past predictions have come true and I'm looking forward to the ones she has been telling me now" ... written by BP
Thank you as usual.............. Will keep you posted!" ... written by acb
thankfully very calm and reassuring at a really difficult time" ... written by seahorses
Wonderful Shellie. Thank you so much always!! " ... written by leana
A reading with Shellie is very lovely experience, accurate factual, calming and reassuring. I can't imagine not having Shellie in my life." ... written by Seahorses
Simply awesome :)) picked up on something no one knew that I have been trying to get from other psychics. she is awesome really. " ... written by moni
is she always the ONLY person i NEED to talk to ! been with me on this seems day one ! just when i feel i am about to give up shellie knows whats best ! i could never say thank you enough ! " ... written by summer
Shellie's REMARKABLE. Her readings are in depth and beautiful. She is so lovely." ... written by L
thank you Shellie... always wonderful and warm . Thank you" ... written by leana
shellie is one of these best psychics on here. we have a great connection and ill continue to read with her!" ... written by BP
Shellie nailed it!!! Amazing! Shellie has such a beautiful way of reading situations. All her past predictions have come true including me and my family buying a new home. " ... written by Love
Fabulous! She sees deeply into the spiritual and emotional aspects of a situation and very accurately describes what is going on perfectly. With only names given, she hit on the exact circumstances involved including past events that I gave no previous info about. Very Highly Recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
she is amazing and picked up on a lot of things without me telling her. awesome reading and i will definilty be back for other readings" ... written by tracy monday
wow, she immediately picked up on everything!!! amazing, 1000000000 stars " ... written by bem
Wonderful reading, very clear and accurate.. Spot on about my situation.. and very helpful advise. Thank you Shellie!!! " ... written by Lynda22
Hi Shellie- thank you for the reading today. As always you are helpful…very accurate!" ... written by j
a massive thanks to shellie for helping me today with invaluable information" ... written by seahorses
welcome back lovely Shellie, so missed and your insight is so needed" ... written by starfish
thank you again and hopefully everything turns out well" ... written by patout
very encouraging news, and gifted reader. so talented" ... written by seahorses
Fantastic!!! Shellie is certainly so kind and lovely." ... written by leana
wonderful Shellie always! truly grateful to have her here -- guiding and supporting me all the way" ... written by leana
great" ... written by pt
best reader ever, lovely sweet natured, calming energy." ... written by ruth
Shellie is absolutely wonderful and amazing!" ... written by NurseJulie
Wonderful insight Shellie, thankyou. We move along i think" ... written by seahorsess
Lovely lady thank you very much xx " ... written by Abbey
once again she has calmed me and given me hope, she is just amazing. " ... written by tracy
I absolutely love Shellie, she is an amazing person, her readings are absolutly great, she has been helping me through a very hard situation and i can wait for her predictions to come true. " ... written by tracy
Ugh! Could she be any more on point! I'm so excited about the future! I can't wait!! Amazing read! One of the best!" ... written by Marissa
Shellie's smiley face and beautiful eyes always brighten my day...even with the rain and sleet outside. Thank you Shellie for always being there and keeping me positive. PS Loving the nail varnish ;) " ... written by Lis
no words to describe shellie!!! amazing!!!" ... written by bebem
Aww it's just never enough time with Shellie I really could just listen to what she has to say all day. She is just one of the nicest people I have ever had readings with I trust her 100% with what she says. She is just such a lovely person I can't say enough good things about her I really can't shes the best. xx" ... written by Lyn
Great insight. Here is someone who really connects with you and tells you the answers you seek. I couldn't recommend her more. A very trustworthy person. A person with great insight into her cards and their path to find the truth. " ... written by Dan
Shellie is such a lovely lady exuding such positive energy. I felt she was genuinely gifted and really look forward to more readings with this lovely talent. " ... written by moginty
Shellie is my fav:)" ... written by ginbellen
Shellie just gets it!!! She sees and feels everything. I can go on all day talking to her, she gives the best advice and tells you what she sees so she can guide you in making the best decision. Thank u for being such a great person. Amazing" ... written by bm
always a wonderful uplifting experience. Go on, if you are here, its for a reason" ... written by seahorses
I absolutley love her she is so comforting and i am hoping the what she sees comes true. i will always trust here" ... written by tracy
Shellie is wonderful, always and simply... wonderful." ... written by leana
One of the finest that Oranum has.Shellie predicted last year about my lover to return in February 2015 and he did ..thank you sweetness XX" ... written by t
Shellie is amazing i love her. She always gives me hope and i still think she is the best on here. I am hoping her predictions come to pass. " ... written by tracy
Shellie understands my situation like no other " ... written by Graceypiee
Awesome. Thanks so much for the talk. Love this gal." ... written by Seema
She gave me more details in my situation as to was is to come in a matter of weeks which i will be ready and as always gave me hope. i LOVE going to her! I feel as though i can trust her completely" ... written by tracy
Shellie - You are my angel! I'm not sure how you do it. You and I have had a numerous readings and you have said things at times I did not at the moment understand but my god you have been right on point with EVERYTHING! Everything you have said came true! EVERYTHING! I TRUST YOU 10000000% You have such a kind and warm heart! You have given me such clarity and peace. Most of all you have given me strength and the confidence to continue on my difficult journey. Because of you my heavy heart has been lightened. Because of you my fears are gone, because of you I'm smiling again! Thank you for being who you are! Since I can't personally give you a huge hug I'm sending you one. God bless your kind heart! XO ((((HUG))))) XO" ... written by Ang3l33
Shellie is calming and stable with you. I enjoy her reading; always look for things to come to pass. Look forward to that process!" ... written by Jimmy
she is amazing!!! picks up on everything, love her. " ... written by bm
absolutely love shellie! she always reassures me and gives me hope that all will work out. i trust her sooo much. " ... written by tracy
I think Shellie is such a kind soul and wants to help in anyway that she can, she is always on target with what is going on and what she sees. I hope her predictions will come to pass soon" ... written by tracy
so sweet and kind and gave great advice, thank you!!!" ... written by anu
Thanks for the positive reading" ... written by See
she is just wonderful, great, amazing, on the spot about everything." ... written by bm
Shellie is wonderful!! She is so patient and kind and supportive. I'm blessed to have her here." ... written by leana
Shellie is such a sweet soul. She is always there to calm me and has given some time frames which i hope come to pass, will always go back to Shellie for her guidance" ... written by tracy
lovely Shellie!!! so glad that she is around. i'm grateful to have her here!!!!!!!she is just a angel and blessing!!!!! yeah!! " ... written by leana
Lovely Shellie. Always wonderful and absolutely amazing!! Thank you" ... written by leana
she's a sweetheart and reads really quickly. can immediatly tap into ones thoughts and feelings and gives great advice. thanks :D" ... written by jaqueline
Lovely Shellie. She is so wonderful and sweet. Thank you Shellie" ... written by leana
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
Wonderful reading as always. Very detailed and knowledgeable. Thanks, Shellie! " ... written by Chantal
Oh Shellie I have missed you! Thank you for helping me see clearly and for your continued support in this. I don't know what I would do without you. Hugs" ... written by Lis
Shellie is real quick with her readings and is very in tune to what is going on in my life. She knows what is happening before I tell her and her advice is great. thanks" ... written by jaqueline
I think Shellie is amazing at what she picks up. I hope that her pred. do come to pass. I love talking with her" ... written by tracy
Love that she remembers all our readings. Helps me and guides me to what i need to do. thanks" ... written by jaqueline
my best friend on this site................." ... written by charlie
thanks shelielalala" ... written by k
SHE IS AMAZING I haven't spoke with her in awhile because she is always in a private but i see why shes on point time frames stay the same she always knows what the other person is feeling,Shellie gets 5 stars ***** definitely.This reading put my mind at ease because all that she said in the past was happening but it was not all good things but true predictions now its time for me to just let life take its coarse and the future predictions will be much better please try her shes the best no judgmental and never sugarcoat things thank you Shellie" ... written by IMBEINGME
Amazing reading as always. Shellie is clear and accurate and relays her message with grace and warmth. Highly recommended!" ... written by chantal
Shellie is my roc!!!she told me things that would come forward in 3 weeKs and they did! I loo forward to comes up next! Just amazing" ... written by Jimmy
Thanks " ... written by see
Wonderful as always ! love her reading beautiful and inspiring:)) thanks shellie" ... written by moni
Shellie is lovely and warm and so in tune." ... written by lili
thanks shelielala, awesome reading as always despite my slow internet ugh! bring in the sunshining tanlala♥ :D" ... written by k
lovely reading with affirmation that ive done the right thing. good guidance and indepth reading, thank you many times over" ... written by sultrystarfish
Shellie always makes it better. Thank you for your continued guidance and support Shellie. Was so great to hear and see you :) " ... written by Lisa
Wonderful talking to Shellie. She is amazing and so loving!!! Thank you for your guidance andamp; supports dear... " ... written by leana
thanks shelielala♥" ... written by k
Shellie is wonderful. she has such positive energy and gave me a really great reading. i definitely recommend her. 5 stars :)" ... written by FaerieLovee
Prediction came true!! AMAZING" ... written by Jewels
All I can say is Shellie is amazing; always see what is best and will let you be at ease with what will come forward" ... written by Jimmy
I am so glad to get the update from Shellie, she has always been there for me through this hard time. I hope her predicitions come true. I will be waiting. " ... written by tracy
Always great to catch up with Shellie!!! She tells it like it is and doesn't sugar coat anything. thanks hon" ... written by jaqueline
i love her... so positive.. so accurate... " ... written by mj
very accurate and positive reader, able to see through all the perils of day to day life in the real world" ... written by starfish
Shellie is fantastic!!! always amazing when we talk. She is absolutely beautiful, inside andamp; out!!! thank you dear " ... written by leana
Beautiful readings - always lovely and tremendously insightful. " ... written by L
She was great at picking up my husbands emotions. Gave me lots of clarity. A wonderful reading :) Thank you" ... written by Tiana
Thanks Shellie for rushing home to talk to me.... truly amazing and that really helps me calm down al ot" ... written by leana
Have been reading with Shellie for almost two years. She has become part of my struggles. I really hope things turn out for the best. " ... written by e
One beautiful reading. thanks a lot shellie! For the love:)" ... written by Lise
Thanks so much Shellie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by luvbutterfly
First time had reading with her.she is great,awesome,friendly,polite,patient,fast, does not waist your accurate in her reading for me,every single word was so correct that I was speechless.great reader would recommend her to anybody.she deserves more then 5 stars.thank you so much." ... written by :)))
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!" ... written by love
very calm and intuitive reader who is able to sort out what is really going on. Always positive and lovely." ... written by sultry
lovely reading from Shellie, thank you, busy girl" ... written by sultry
I had a wonderful reading with Shellie. She answered all of my questions with ease, truthfulness, and clarity. She confirmed things with her cards and everything was very accurate as to what is currently happening. I just hope her future predictions pan out as well...which I believe they will. I will definitely be back to read again with this lovely, sweet, and talented psychic." ... written by Jenn_Spain
she is more than a psychic, she is a friend u can share ur sentiments... with her u can find peace and light. very accurate reader, pick up fastly... ur money is not wasted with her. " ... written by mj
Shellie is very special. She sees so much - Her readings are deep, and insightful. " ... written by L
Absolutely wonderful reading. Quickly tuned into my questions and gave me all the answers in detail. " ... written by Lisa
Thank you Shellie. She is wonderful. always around to support and guide me and comfort me. Thank you... she is such a blessing!!!!!! " ... written by leana
Shellie is beyond amazing. She connected right away and described the situations with details that no one would know. She has such clear, detailed visions... and her heart and energy is so big and bright. She is beyond impressive." ... written by Sheena
always always always great!!! SHE IS INCREDIBLE!! ALWAYS IS RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!!" ... written by :)
Shellie was awesome. Able to pick up on all of the energies regarding my situation. And put me at ease.." ... written by CD
Lovely Shellie always. She is incredibly amazing as always" ... written by leana
lovely reading and difficult issues, good reeader with fab delivery " ... written by seahorses
Always love talking to Shellie! She makes me feel so much better and so hopeful" ... written by btrap16
Thank you!" ... written by Love
filled with warmness in her heart.... real one!!! no fakin' here... love this lady... God bless her more. :-) " ... written by mj
love shellie! she's awesome and fun to talk to. her predictions in the past have happened" ... written by BP
She is the best of the best !! i feel her postitive energy and love when delivery her messages she is very, extremenly in tune and connects very easy.. beautiful soul really. She really understands... today i got an update and i felt a tingling thru my body as confirmation of whats to come..and her predication xox " ... written by Moni
lovely calm reading from my lovely calm shellie" ... written by starfish
love to talk to Shellie. She is so supportive and lovely!! Thank you" ... written by leana
Shellie is my breath of air; she gives me the guidance to move forward with my situation. Always spot on. Thank You" ... written by jimmy
Thank you Shellie, it was my pleasure talking to you after a long time.." ... written by RealLover
It's always great to connect with Shellie, she has such wonderful insight and advice to help me." ... written by Nik
oh!! So happy to see Shellie!! She is absolutely absolutely amazing and wonderful. how lovely is to have her here helping us. Thank you so much" ... written by leana
Wow!!! For a first time, that was great! It was because it was something I wanted to hear but it was backed up by surrounding circumstances. That was great. I hope to see more of you." ... written by Joseph
love her ; love her; my guide, what can I say more" ... written by jmmy
very sincere and intuitive reader and highly recommended" ... written by oles
my light... with her all complicated things will be sooo simple... so to the point. :-) an angel..." ... written by mj
Thanks... " ... written by See
She's so lovely and beautiful. I can't wait her prediction to get unfold" ... written by Lvely
All I can say is wow a true prophetic woman!!!!!" ... written by Asa Smith
all her predictions beginning to unfold one by one..." ... written by mj
Shellie is fantastic , very clear and authentic, she connects very fast as well.. Highly recommend this natural psychic!! " ... written by LD
always great and dependable" ... written by oles
she is wonderful and her positivity is infectious! i'm glad we got to speak today! " ... written by here
Shellie is always wonderful and lovely. She is truly amazing and gifted. " ... written by leana
wow wow wow bloooown away, i just gave her the name of the person and mine and she read the situation and his mind like a newspaper. i am so glad to have had a private with her and will return soon thank you my dear huggggssss" ... written by ai
mind blowing :) , i cant wait for the future" ... written by ai
Shellie is intuitive, sensitive and incredibly compassionate! she is very accurate and tunes into my situation very well." ... written by fishygirl11
will be waiting on shellies predictions! she's very good at feeling the energies of a situation and her past predictions have come to pass" ... written by BP
shellie simply knows it. i never second guess what she says. she's been consistent in her readings throughout. you got to get a reading with her!" ... written by a
brilliant" ... written by fran
Shellie is always so wonderful and sweet. I cannot come this far without her! Thank you dear sweet Shellie" ... written by leana
thanks shellie.. ur predictions are becoming real. appreciate your guidance and positive energy... and u r sooo accurate.... thanks a million lovely..." ... written by mj
thank you for the advice and follow up. :)" ... written by jaqueline
She always calms me down.... :)" ... written by M
You are the best thank u so much, you pick up on a lot of things that have happened in my life and I thank you for all your help. Many Blessings xox" ... written by libsta
Great advice and predictions. She has always been correct and positive in my situation, thanks hon" ... written by Jaqueline
Shellie is wonderful! So sweet and patient with me. I am truly blessed to have Shellie here." ... written by leanna
Amazing,amazing and amazing,every time she is great and on point.lovely person calms me down.would recommend 100%.thank you." ... written by love
OMG!! She's amazing!! She's really good no wonder he's always busy. she's sees so many good things in my life which strictly she told me it would not happen right away but in the couple months. She's very accurate and very honest. No wonder she's always busy. She really connected with me. Thank you so much Shellie I really love you." ... written by Sarah
Such a sweet reading! Looking forward to my future!" ... written by Andrea
Shellie is amazing as always.Very friendly,accurate,gives great advise when needed.i would recommend her 1000% and she deserves billion stars.thank you for being here for me.:)" ... written by e
amazinggggggggggg" ... written by aida
Second time, you picked up right away my situation after mentioning my name and into it quickly and was consistent. Thank you for the clarity once again." ... written by Joseph
Great as always ,spot on regarding my situation. Very fast and provided great detailed info that I needed. You are the best Shellie:))" ... written by )))
always a pleasure so accurate thank you" ... written by IMBEINGME
Fantastic. As Always. I am never let down by Shellie's insight." ... written by Chantal
She's really lovely!! I really love her! Not that only she's very accurate also she's not waisting your money at all. Very fast and very intuitive as well. Everyone who will have reading with her you won't regret cause you will get the truth" ... written by SARAH
Shellie is really great, she just knows and her cards are very accurate. Some things she says are just uncanny and it's either already happened or when it does I remember that Shellie predicted it. Awesome for sure! Take her private for answers, it's worth the wait." ... written by LOVE
Thanks again for another lovely reading!!! You're awesome!!" ... written by swsiren
Shellie is just awesome. she has such a beautiful heart and wonderful character and talent!! Thanks for being here. " ... written by leana
Amazing as always, thank you so much!!" ... written by Autumne
very positive reading " ... written by abby
She is the must lovely, caring person I know in here! :)" ... written by M
Don't know what happened there...but missed her so very much. Thank you shellie :)" ... written by Lisa
I am speechless once again! Shellie is truly amazing and accurate! I wish I could give her more than 5 stars because she is great! Go private with will be amazed!" ... written by E
always excellent reading and advice xo" ... written by leo girl
Love talking to Shellie. She has been so lovely all along!!! i'm grateful ... so grateful to have her here." ... written by leana
She was superb . Thanks shellie ." ... written by sabina0202
Astounding As always." ... written by Chantal
Shorter than I would have liked because I had to dash off...but great to see Shellie again. Wonderful woman and reader. Always remembers what is going on and supports you. Thanks again Shellie :) " ... written by Lisa
Shellie is very kind and accurate!" ... written by Eli
Thank you very much, remains accurate, just waiting for the future to unfold as you have mentioned in the readings. Definitely, I will come back to see you and hopefully when our schedules fit." ... written by Joseph
Absolutely wonderful. Shellie has such a positive and warm aura that any message she delivers is done in a way that is uplifting. Very great reading and very in tune with my situations." ... written by Chantal
my guiding light... i don't know how my love life be without her... she is my angel... will give u too much of positive energies to radiate... all she is telling are accurate... all she was tellin in the past are manifesting ... million of thumbs up... she is the best." ... written by mj
I just love her vibes and readings. " ... written by sabina0202
No tools needed! Immediate update! Fast and thorough. Very positive and upbeat - put my mind and heart at ease instantly! Great, great, great!!!" ... written by Gatorgal
OMG!! She's really good!! She's very accurate in fact her prediction came true. She's the only one that predicted right in my situation. I really love her and trust her. Very fast too and not waisting time at all." ... written by Sarah
wonderful to have her reading again" ... written by seahorses
shellie is amazing .and honest.recomnded!!!!!" ... written by MOONLIGHT
excellent reading " ... written by kesanc
:-) she will not let u down... ur time and ,money won't be wasted... worth the wait... accurate.. real... im the living proof... " ... written by mj
surely one of the most gifted and talented and uplifting readers. It comes so naturally for her to find the positive without straying from the facts. great to see her again" ... written by seahorses
Thank you Shellie... always so calm andamp; loving. Really really great chat everytime! " ... written by leana
waiting for shellies predictions to come true, I've been reading with her for a while" ... written by BP
AMAZING!" ... written by pretty
I love that Shellie conects right away. I don't do readings with her often but she always remembers my situation and the people invovled. She quickly tapped into the current energy and gave me some predictions for future. thanks hon xx" ... written by leo girl
Shellie is incredible and I just love talking to her. She is here to provides us love andamp; patience andamp; supports and encouragement. So thankful to have Shellie at Oranum!!" ... written by leana
Shellie is a treasure. She is so connected and can explain what is happening, and what will happen, with such intricacy. Also her energies are gloriously calming. She provides healing on many levels." ... written by L
lovely reading with shellie, as always a gentle soul but sees the detail you need and always has a positive aspect" ... written by starfish
Thank you so much for helping me get thur things! SHellie always gives me hope when I don't have it sso I do thank you !" ... written by brittney
perfect" ... written by r
very accurateus" ... written by r
excellent" ... written by rose
Love her she is the best. Its never long enough when I speak to her but I am always glad when I do. She gave me some advice and predictions and I trust her words 100% I had tears in my eyes during the reading but in a good way when she was speaking about certain things. I know things will be ok after what she has said to me. Thank you Shellie xx" ... written by Lyn
She is always amazing,calm and friendly. she cares about people and is extremely accurate.would recommend shellie 100% to anyone.millions of stars for her." ... written by :)
Shellie is FABULOUS. I love her bright energy and her sweet spirit. She is an amazing psychic, and it is always a treat to be able to get a reading from her." ... written by L
she is always on point with our reading…we connect very well…it's so amazing!" ... written by ASD
wonderful reading as always" ... written by starfish
Shellie is so special. It's always a joy and a blessing to receive a reading from her. She is exceptionally gifted." ... written by L
I have been seeing Shellie for long time. She has givien me great advice and predictions have come true. She can sense what I am going to say as soon as I go into private with her! Worth eveyr penny!" ... written by leo girl
Shelly is the best on this website " ... written by overton1961
the fact that she is always busy... says it all... in demand because of her accuracy....positiveness... deep connection with her clients that become her friends.. love her alot... my lovelife becomes possible because of her guidance..." ... written by mj
excellent reading. She can see the whole situation and future. Very intuitive! Thanks xo" ... written by leo girl
another star reading from this most gifted Oranum psychic. Thank you Shelli and we need to see more of you!!" ... written by sultrystarfish
so fast with her readings and helped me once again clear some worries I had thanks hon!" ... written by leo girl
Loving her positive vibes! " ... written by Reisyu
I love talking to Shellie! She is so kind and always spot on. Makes me feel better everytime" ... written by btrap16
very comforting update. One of the only people on here that gives you predictions and sticks to it from day one. She'll mention the bumps in the road but sees the whole picture. thanks :)" ... written by leo girl
Shellie is truly great and lovely person... in spirit and with wonderful lovely smile.... she is like an angel ... comforting me and supporting all along. Thank you my dear. " ... written by leana
She is always on point. Very honest and patient. Shellie tells you the truth and great advise. Just love coming back to her. Recommend her highly, take her to private,you will not be disappointed." ... written by :)
Absolutely just spot on with everything. She's very good and gives nice details and information on what to expect coming up. Super reading!" ... written by TJ
very comforting, does not sugar coat. I love that she meditates on your sitation even after the reading is over to get more clarity for our next reading! thanks" ... written by leo girl
great update full of details thanks!" ... written by leo girl
love shellie. her last prediction came true!! " ... written by BP
Shellie is so amazing; just love her; she is my fresh air and light; Always a blessing to read with her. Always spot on" ... written by Jimmy
I'm truly grateful to have Shellie on Oranum. She is so lovely, with great insight and wonderful. " ... written by leana
love shellie!!! shes so good at feeling energies and explaining the personality of someone I've been talking to" ... written by BP
she's hard to get to! but well worth the wait; she's always so positive and her advice has always really helped me. " ... written by abyss
Shellie is a wonderful person andamp; had a really good reading." ... written by Lou
she is just amazing!! she picks up on everything! 10000 stars" ... written by bm
Love, Love, Love Shellie! She is so sweet and honest with me. Ive been talking to her for years now and she has been with me every step of the way! Thank you! " ... written by btrap16
Always there when you need her just like best friend. She is so accurate in her readings. Would recommend her highly." ... written by E
Wonderful and insightful, as always!" ... written by Chantal
lovely shellie... truly blessed and kind and loving soul. She has helped and guided me through so much. Thank you for being here. " ... written by leana
" ... written by
shellie is lovely as always!supportive and spot on!" ... written by lise
I just love this girl! She is the best! :)" ... written by Maria
Shellie is always fabulous. And so sweet and kind. I love her readings." ... written by L
Thank you Shellie! 5 stars always the Best!" ... written by Love
thanks so much shellie♥♥ great reading and thanks for the support! " ... written by k
Lovely!..Really calmed me down. Thank you." ... written by Priyanka
Shellie is the best! It's as simple as that! She will tell you honestly what she sees coming up for you in all areas of life. All her predictions are true, so if you want real answers, then you're in the right place because without a doubt she is the most accurate psychic on here and her connections are all 100% accurate. It was a wonderful reading Shellie. I can't thank you enough! May God bless you always. Lots of love and light!" ... written by dolefuldoll
great advice and update thanks!!" ... written by leo girl
EXCELLENT! AMAZING! CARING!" ... written by yyyyyy72
Thanks so much for the reading, Shellie is amazing and she eased my mind and knew what I was feeling. " ... written by Swede
she is wonderful, so reassuring!! love shellie" ... written by bm
Shellie is the most awesome reader out there!" ... written by love
always picks up on the situation and can read someone like a book. thanks hon !" ... written by leo girl
shes amazing" ... written by caz
Sooooooo WONDERFUL" ... written by L
Fantastic as always. Very intuitive and accurate. So helpful." ... written by Chantal
Wow she is amazing. Great reading. Thanks alot." ... written by Dignity
great great great!! she just picks up on everything!! love her " ... written by bm
Thanks Shellie... Shellie has been inspiring and very very supportive. Thank you" ... written by leana
amazing will talk again xx" ... written by caz
Always Amazing. Thank you Shellie" ... written by Lisa
♥" ... written by uzz
will be waiting for predictions. love shellie" ... written by shellie
Great reading. thanks for the advice and i will definitely be back!" ... written by Smiles32
wonderful, so intuitive, she just knows what is going on ..thank u!!" ... written by bm
Accurate, calming and friendly. She understands and explains things in details. Would recommend her highly. Take her to private she is worth it. xoxo" ... written by E
The best and the sweetest person I know in here! :) Always give me comfort when I need it :)" ... written by Malina
Amazing and accurate every time.thank you shellie." ... written by e
If we could talk every day I would. Thank you Shellie :)." ... written by
thanks for theupdate" ... written by leo girl
***** ♥ love shellie " ... written by uzz
She was helpful and insightful." ... written by Eli
Shellie is a LOVE. And she is a fabulous reader. Wonderful always." ... written by L
Thank you for the specific details, I am happy to know that a have a fresh start." ... written by Joseph
Wonderful! Fast connection! Highly recommend!" ... written by phyl
Amazing and accurate!" ... written by Kyle
Shellie is always lovely- - and always gives amazing readings. Full of information and insight. She is a wonder." ... written by L
LOVE THIS WOMAN. Thank you, so very gifted. Thank you." ... written by
I waited over an hour for a reading with her! She is great and connects fast, doesn't just sugar coat anything. thanks!" ... written by leo girl
she is the best... she just sees everything " ... written by julie
My first reading with this wonderful loving lady and bam she was spot on! Really quick and connected definitely coming back for more readings! thank u xoxox" ... written by Adis
she is so accurate and honest . I love her reading s" ... written by myst
Thank you so much Shellie! You see so clearly into my situation! I really really appreciate all your insights, guidance and help!! :) " ... written by M
shellie is very fast and doesn't waste credits. will be waiting for her predictions to come to pass!" ... written by BP
She always picks up on my energy and what is going on even if we dont' catch up in long time. thanks for update!" ... written by leo girl
thank you for the follow up and waiting for me!" ... written by leo girl
5 stars! She sees everything so clearly!" ... written by lOVE
I had a great talk with Shellie! She really knew my situation and gave me great insights!! I am really looking forward to living all she saw for me! Thank you Shellie for your help and for praying for me!!! " ... written by LostGirl
love shellie so much.... I walked through difficult paths with Shellie's love andamp; encouragement and guidance. Feel truly blessed." ... written by leana
She's amazing! :) xoxox" ... written by Adis
Thank for being an ear for my venting! haha I appreciate you advice and being that everything that went down, I'm surprised you still see positive in this situation. I guess time will tell. thanks" ... written by leo girl
beautiful soul she is! wish I had more time with her xo" ... written by leo girl
Thank you once again Shellie for all your help, insights and prayers!! " ... written by LostGirl
She is so lovely and so worth the wait. I beleive she is the real deal. " ... written by susan
Amazing reading as always, Very accurate and helpful. " ... written by Chantal
Shes the best. She is such a kind and caring person. No matter how long it has been she always remember me and it was like we just spoke yesterday. She totally lifted my spirits today thank you so much xx" ... written by Lyn
Thank you... You saw and read everything. So good to catch up. I have missed you!!!" ... written by acb
Shellie is such a dear, dear person. Her light and kindness permeate her readings. She is keenly tuned in, and always remarkable." ... written by L
Shellie has been with me seens the start of my adventures and learning ! she has taught me so much about my self ! no matter how long it goes with out us talking she always knows what going on !! " ... written by Summer
thank you sol much shelie for delivering specific accurate loving beautiful reading! " ... written by bre
AMAZING AS ALWAYS. " ... written by e
she is amazing always!!!" ... written by sofiya
Great reading, Very encouraging and uplifting. Have had previous readings and she has always brought a light of knowledge in my life. She is full of positive energy and shares that with her Clients. " ... written by pinkpather30
shellies perdictions have been on spot 100% " ... written by pl
i have just had the most amazing reading, i feel like I'm floating on air. I'm excited and i really fell like i have my confirmation now that the things I've been experiencing are for my purpose and destiny. i can't wait to see how things unfold. She is accurate, without asking me a single thing andamp; i'll be waiting for the time when i can come back and talk with her more" ... written by hollyberries1
Now I know why she is so busy all the time, she is really ... WOW!" ... written by fragrantvagrant
Shellie brought tears to my eyes. I haven't read with her for weeks now, today was a day for some updates. She told me things that are going on behind-the-scenes and I trust and believe in her. She is my good friend who I know andamp; I can trust. Thank you Shellie for the lovely reading!" ... written by Luv
2nd reading and wonderful! She picks up very quickly, amazing!" ... written by phyl
love shellie. been reading with her for years" ... written by BPP
Perfect" ... written by c
She's so lovely just picks up everything going on straight away always feel better when I have spoken with her." ... written by Lyn
she is always cosnsitent and precise" ... written by mst
100 % my angel on earth **" ... written by MAHI
loooove Shelly -- incredibly accurate and gifted." ... written by Loyal Client
love Shellie... she is amazing and wonderful!!!!! " ... written by leana
shellie connects well with situations . she is amazing . ill be back shellie" ... written by myst
100 ♥ *****" ... written by pl
Lovely reading shellie! thanks:)" ... written by Yoga
thanks!" ... written by frag
Thanks very much.." ... written by See
LOVE her ! always great info . been coming to her since day 1 !!!! " ... written by summer
Great information, accurate and easily told me so much. " ... written by Kate
Shellie is such a dear, lovely soul. And she is consistent, and SEES everything. Such a gem." ... written by L
LOVE talking to Shellie! Always so loving and friendly!" ... written by btrap16
Love talking to Shellie! She is amazing!" ... written by btrap16
Wonderful - time and again. " ... written by L
She has been through this with me for such a long time. Thank you for being so supportive and it is far fro over" ... written by me
shellie never changes her readings. I like her !!!so honest" ... written by myst
Love talking to Shellie! She is so sweet and loving" ... written by btrap16
Shellie is always on target with everything she sees. I needed answers and she was great with details and giving them! Loved the reading and looking forward to things happening." ... written by Jen
Perfect, brilliant and great connection!! Thanks a lot!" ... written by Teresa
Thank you so much Shellie - always absolutely correct about the stuff that i DO know so the other things you see give me hope!! AND predictions have come true before. THANKS AGAIN : )" ... written by B
thanks shelielala spot on as alwaysss ♥♥" ... written by k
Such a lovely soul and a very very gifted psychic. She's amazing. And always a pleasure." ... written by L
THanks SHellie! Great reading!" ... written by Jen
thank you shellie was great reading waiting to see how things unfold" ... written by the
So lovely person." ... written by Alexandra
shellie calms me down w/ her accuracY everytime" ... written by truelove
Thank you for the reading and being so honest and truthful." ... written by theodora
one of my favorites, love her :)" ... written by leo girl
Wonderful. Amazing. .. Always." ... written by L
Perfect! this was my second reading whit shellie, and i came back to her cause i really like the fact that i dont have to answer lots of questions in order for her to be acurate, just give name and dob, and question, and she tells everything else, whats happening, description of the people, how they are, what they feel, specific things aswell, like we live in diferent countrys etc.....very acurate, and love her gentle way of speaking. 5 stars absolutly" ... written by c
Great connection no matter how long since I've seen her. Love her. Such positivity that turns a frown upside down :)" ... written by Lis
Thanks again for another wonderful reading. I love how you instantly connect to the energies involved." ... written by ffairy
Amazing as always! A top reader for sure, you have questions, Shellie has answers. Take her for a private, it's worth every penny." ... written by Lisa
always love talking to shellie. she is an angel on earth!!! " ... written by leana
She is an amazing psychic and a lovely, beautiful person." ... written by L
She is amazing! She left me speachless! " ... written by yyyyyy72
she is so sweet and acccurate..amazing!!" ... written by wren1414
Shellie is really good, she picks up on things easily and provides guidance and answers." ... written by Liz
LOVE talking to Shellie! Truely amazing " ... written by btrap16
Thank you so much for the reading, Shellie. It was very informative and gave me a lot of guidance. Looking forward to the predictions" ... written by Sunny
After a few years of readings with Shellie I can finally tell her she was right and everything she was saying to me is coming to pass. Amazing reader and VERY accurate. Thanks SuperShellie xx" ... written by Lis
Very pleasant woman. Straight to the point, connected very fast. Accurate and detailed descriptions and predictions. Recommended x" ... written by Cindy
Shellie is fantastic! Take her for a reading and you will not regret it." ... written by Jena
Lots of details and accurate descriptions of the current situation, which shows that she is very gifted. Also very calm and lovely, honest and no sugar coating. Also straight to the point and with accurate time frames. x " ... written by Cindy
Shellie is very good at what she does. She can pick up feelings, intentions, and details very well. Great reading." ... written by Lisa
lovely and caring as always. she is always so accurate and helping with decisions and situation.thank you shellie." ... written by e
outstanding as always !!!! love when i get to talk to her " ... written by Summer
A million stars!" ... written by ...
Enjoy her readings x" ... written by C
5 stars! Great reader as always!" ... written by love
Always a pleasure talking to Shellie! She is an amazing lady!" ... written by btrap16
Great as always, eases my anxiety and she is so accurate. So happy I have found her, she's wonderful!!" ... written by M.
i luv her truth is all she give 100 stars thank u" ... written by IMBEINGME
Always on point, sweet, fast, loving, clear. I will always come back to Shellie" ... written by ACB
So good! One million stars." ... written by Kimberly
thanks shelie i will let you know when things start moving! definitely hahahah" ... written by k
Great reader. Gave me a lot of advise in a short amount of time." ... written by pinkpather30
Shellie clarified and confirmed my thoughts on an important matter. She really put my mind at ease. So many details in a short period of time." ... written by StarrVision
I was feeling really restless and came across Shellie, first reading and something just pulled me in, I have never even seen her on here, even though she's been a reader on oranum for a long time...anyway!! WOW...i have a few of my absolute fav readers here, but shellie is def added on that list...she is incredibly detailed and intuitive, doesn't waste time, she is so kind and warm and sweet, she pegged the personalities and the dynamics as though she was the one in those dynamics.....i was smiling and crying and just in awe of what she was telling me. I wanted the reading to last forever....she's incredible...her testimonials are all very accurate. I am so grateful to have found you here shellie, thank you so much for the reading, it was exactly what I needed at this moment. She didn't give me false hopes and was very realistic. I really enjoyed this experience. I can't wait to come back and have another reading, she was incredible!!! " ... written by Mainstreem
It's my first reading with her and she was really good on picking up on the situation...I initially did not say much and picked up what was going on. Her time frame matches up to a trusted reader I go to so I'm really pleased about that. Thank you shellie" ... written by s
Shellie was so accurate and just down right wonderful. I enjoyed my reading with her. I plan to come back for many updates." ... written by StarrVision
Love her." ... written by
love love love you Shellie!" ... written by Sunnydays
Absolutely love our readings, looking forward to the predictions!" ... written by
you are awesome to pick up on everything I like that will keep you posted sweetie" ... written by lori
Shellie's the sweetest. The lovliest. And is extremely tuned in. Always excellent." ... written by L
she is to good try her" ... written by lori
your awesome sweetie" ... written by lori
i've been waiting for some time to have a reading with Shellie. and it was worth it! without fail every time, she is bang on with her advice and readings and really makes sense out of my situation without my revealing much. the best one on here. " ... written by abyss0
Shellie is a very accurate reader and also a kind and empathetic person! Her pickup is super-fast and super-accurate! Just do yourself a favor and do a private with Shellie :) Xoxoxo" ... written by fragrant
I have know idea how she sees so much!! She is a gem!! thanks love and most of your predictions have come true, naturally!" ... written by Love
I feel really connected with Shellie." ... written by Fullmoon
Shellie thank you so much! wish I could go longer but you nailed it. I am looking forward to new beginings." ... written by Nic
Love her readings, very gifted x " ... written by Cindy
My heart is so happy " ... written by
Thank you shellie for a great reading" ... written by NB
she connects quick thanks for the update!" ... written by leo girl
Thanks you so much.. added a light back in my heart.." ... written by See
Always a quick, amazing reading with Shellie. She picks right up where we left off and that's outstanding. I look forward to the upcoming positive changes in my life. Thank you" ... written by StarrVision
Amazing as always :)" ... written by Lisa
5 stars! best of the very best! She's an angel" ... written by love
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Wow.. Shellie is great! I was drawn to her room, and so glad I went to private. She picked up on my situation so quickly. I will definitely be back." ... written by nina
She easily answered my questions and provided details and things to look forward to. Shellie is great!" ... written by ...
Thanks again for a wonderfully detailed and consistent reading! xo" ... written by frag
Wow I Waited a long time, the message stays as it was, thanks :)" ... written by frag
wonderful reader! highly recommend!" ... written by phyl
Really - such a sweet and lovely soul. Shellie is an amazing psychic and just such a pleasure to have a session with." ... written by L
Good as always, thanks dear x " ... written by Cindy
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bless you" ... written by
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Shellie always has the details you seek. With just one question she gives you a boat load of information about personalities, intentions, and how things will pan out. Thank you for the wonderful reading and I'll let you know how things go." ... written by JCS
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shellie has been spot on" ... written by ella
It was a lovely reading with a lovely soul. Try her she's awesome!" ... written by na
Shellie is lovely and very accurate. Loved the reading and will come back for update. Hope the prediction come to pass. " ... written by A
I love Shellie ! She is so tuned in and always gives an incredible reading." ... written by A
She just flows with it! one person or one situation and she just beautiful and her energies are so wonderful positive and happy..XOXO" ... written by love
Thanks you very much for you help and making me feel more in peace knowing he is well" ... written by j
Shes very helpful." ... written by Samiah
thank you for the update. Always quick to connect and always sticks to her predictions. :)" ... written by leo girl
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Thank you!" ... written by Jen
Great reading, good information and details and we'll see how things pan out and I hope they do as Shellie sees them. She's always quick to connect and answer all my questions." ... written by JCS
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Always wonderful and so very kind." ... written by A
Thanks Shelly for the information. Very honest reading" ... written by mn
Thank you so much Shellie!!!" ... written by OHS
Shellie was very good. She easily picked up on the energy involved and provided detailed answers and guidance." ... written by Kathleen
5 stars!!!! Amazing, As always!!!" ... written by star
5 stars!" ... written by flgirl
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my fave. my absolute fave and always spot on!" ... written by abyss
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5 STARS!" ... written by LOVE
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my fave. absolutely the best. " ... written by abyss
She's the best, but everything happens naturally!" ... written by Love
she is to awesome hard to get with but she is good that's why" ... written by lori
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She said she will move out in october" ... written by tiff
Wonderful as always." ... written by L
She's the best!! " ... written by love
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lovely lady .................... thank you " ... written by 69hazel69
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Shellie is truly the loveliest soul. Her readings are always in depth, and she has a calm manner that helps one be able to hear even not so nice news. She is wonderful." ... written by A