About SriDevaya

Psychic SriDevayahas 30-years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SriDevayahas recently helped 1454members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SriDevaya's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

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I am a third generation psychic as well as Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, and Clairsentient. I am a Doctor of Metaphysics, medical hypnotherapist and Neuro- Linguistic programing therapist. As a professional palm analyst, I provide insight through my readings and have over 35 years of experience.
I am honest, insightful, and nonjudgmental. I can clarify confusion, hidden obstacles, and help formulate new strategies to attain the highest goals regarding love, your career, finance, or your destiny.
I have extensive training and experience in the field of human behaviors along with my psychic abilities to create COMPLETE ACCURACY in my readings. I pull in psychology, dream interpretation, and spirituality in my readings.
If you need further assurance about how accurate I am in my private readings, please feel free to read the testimonials on my profile.

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My Specialties:

• Channeling Higher Guides and Ascended Masters
• Love and Relationship
• Twin Flames/Soul Mates
• Life Coaching
• Dream Interpretation
• Negative Entity Clearing
• Past Lives
• Chakra Clearing/Balancing
• Depression/Anxiety
• Finding your Power Animal
• Cutting Cords from Past Relationships
• Clinical Hypnotherapy
• Chronic Long Distance Healing
• EFT (Effective Freedom Technique) tapping on pressure points

My readings will help you to balance your life, body, heart and bring your soul back into the natural rhythm of life.

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Good reading, nice advice. Thank you" ... written by tootles83
Shes very good reader, impressive!!" ... written by ikroyal
Good advice!" ... written by rosebud77
She's good." ... written by Jade199
She gave such amazing insight and I am positive I will be talking with her again in the future! She was also very sweet." ... written by Lorraine2192
Loved it." ... written by Chearenee
She is awesome!" ... written by vivviolett
Very insightful!" ... written by ItsMeTonyG
Great reader!" ... written by loridee28
Very helpful." ... written by moon1leo1
Amazing clarity...amazing words. It all fitted." ... written by jessgutmo7
Lovely, amazing, fantastic! Everyone should come to her!" ... written by fitchchic5
Thank you so much. I loves her energy and her reading" ... written by Nurika
She is go great, connects easy. Will tell you the truth. Trustworthy, sincere and honest. 5 stars for SriDevaya!!!!! Awesome person!" ... written by dominquez1
Her energy is amazing, and she is a wise woman.. With much insight and accuracy" ... written by steffleblanc
She's AMAZING!!! She really connected with my guides and with Archangel Gabriel and Rafael. I didn't give her any information. All I did was listen. And she was right on the spot. She's very honest, gifted, and kind. Please go to private with her. She connects very fast as well. " ... written by keeetz
Wow she is amazing! She answered my questions and she was very nice and so accurate!!! Awesome Reader!" ... written by goddess70
I need to stop trying... I need to live in the moment..." ... written by wtbh2011
Great." ... written by tickleme2011
I really liked this psychic, fast and accurate!! :)" ... written by JaredI45
She is warm and sweet like cinnamon and honey.. With good guidance." ... written by angelwhisper
Felt like a kindred spirit the minute I came into her room. She connected well to my heart and spirit! Like talking to an old friend! :)" ... written by silliness
Wow had a great private reading with sridevaya. She was very sweet and clear in what she predicted many thanks!" ... written by goddess70
Good" ... written by Klaudyna27
Lovely person very intuitive and helpful." ... written by ikroyal
Sri is great! Grounded and true! Thank you! " ... written by gurushek
I enjoyed her advice is truly helpful xx and she is a sweet person too." ... written by vivviolett
Wonderful reading!" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
She is good! :)" ... written by tabita
I love her energy. absolutely positive reading and so was right on the nose with the questions. I will definitely send people for reading from her. Love and light SriDevaya, and thank you!" ... written by munirah007
5 star reading from a 5 star psychic. Thank you sridevaya. " ... written by myeyesee
An insightful read." ... written by d2k1000
Honest, quick and understandable. Great reading. Will come back! (:" ... written by brenana
You were awesome. It was an awesome reading. She reaffirmed and gave truth!" ... written by pbutterfly37
She is very nice and helpful. She gave me tools that will guide me and make me a better person." ... written by Trishab24
Amazing instant connection to my situation! great guidance and advise..Worth a reading...try her she will not disappoint you!!!" ... written by suzana01
Amazing!!!!!!! She gave me clarity on a few things that were troubling me. I would highly recommend her to everyone that I know! " ... written by patricelovesmusi
She's a great reader :)" ... written by Omeros
AMAZING reading. She does not just tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear." ... written by Katie
She make me heals and guessing whats going on next.." ... written by aditiarya
Great reading" ... written by victoria111
Lovely person, very honest, a very vibrant energy" ... written by Jennifer
I absolutely Love SriDevaya! Such a lovely person and very much right about everything..Highly recommended " ... written by Jacquie Marie
Good reading " ... written by elle11
Wonderful, and mindful of time, very helpful, great teacher!" ... written by hubabubabuttafly
Really great reading..... lots of information! And very honest with me. This psychic is very good. Would suggest her to others.. blessings! " ... written by Tammy
She is perfect." ... written by nalita18
Very great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by TLAT86
A thousand hollow words cannot describe what this beautiful soul has done for me. SriDevaya connects with the supernatural in such a loving and transparent way that invites blessings, light and wisdom to whomever she is talking to. The channeling experience was wonderful and touched my soul to the very core. Her existence alone is a blessing, a reading with Sri is definitely going to be an eye opening experience no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. She is truly a goddess and I am grateful to have crossed paths with her on this wonderful walk of life. Much love to you mama" ... written by lastlives
Awesome reading, thank u." ... written by barbfrocklage
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by maria
Lovely, fabulous lady. 100% gifted with an infectious spirituality and sweet energy. Totally recommend her to all -- she is a gem on this site. Many, many thanks!!" ... written by autumn
Great reading she gave me clarification of what my inner spirit man gave me. Thank You very much." ... written by suhootallnurse52
She is so sweet, caring and full of insight! " ... written by JScorp
Incredibly talented, gifted - a truly spiritual being. It's an honor to learn from her in so many ways. " ... written by autumn
She was a kindred spirit and understood everything I was going through - very lovely woman --- so happy! Positive - wonderful Aura!" ... written by Reshmi
What a woman! Great spirit, spot on and so positive! No sugar coating either!" ... written by Jelena
She was amazing!!!!! " ... written by luckystar5
I couldn't hear anything at all about my question I put in for you." ... written by Jasoda
From the moment that I met Sri she brought peace into my life, she was always very giving with her advice. She has a beautiful and wise spirit that is full of life and energy that radiates and touches all who accept it. Sri has been teaching me many methods for healing and ways for letting go and dealing with emotional pain and anger. Just entering her chat rooms creates a sacred healing space that brings laughter and peace to those that are hurting, she truly wishes for everyone to recognize the beauty and genius of thyself. " ... written by Phyllis
Wow, she's a true shaman! She taught me a triple stress relief technique that not only creates a shift in my energy but also aims at the problem that's stressing me out :) Amazing! :) " ... written by M
It was a great reading. She was amazingly nice. She kept on reminding me that I was blessed and told me the names of my spiritual guides. I always felt I had some greater purpose and she let me know that I have the ability to touch hearts. I was reinforced to follow my heart. I would definitely recommend her. One more psychic I really like." ... written by Lifeiswonderful
She is really good." ... written by nalita18
Thank you so much for the reading. Very informative and very grateful for your guidance :) Very fast connection, accurate and insightful. 5 Stars! " ... written by Yoogii
She is a beautiful spirit. She didn't work with any props....just her intuition. I would not hesitate to get another reading from her!" ... written by Zeigen
5***** reading for sure. Amazing lady. Spot on with details and with advice! " ... written by Jelena
Very honest and clear insights thanks. " ... written by Denisenz
Wow well just had a great reading with sridevaya. She was able to go very deep and establish a strong connection. Very blessed reading thank you." ... written by kman123
Awesome Spirit! Glowing! Lovely Lady. I will visit often. Very clear fast precise." ... written by fretan
Very nice... I loved talking to her.. She knows what she is doing and really said things which really hit the spot!! Wow..really wow!!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
I became calmer as content after this reading... friendly and helpful in keeping the positive vibe alive..much love" ... written by maria
She's adorable. Honest and Pleasant. She's very helpful and gives a lot of positive energy. MINIMUM GRADES: A******" ... written by Katerina
She is literally the most incredible reader on this website. So caring, compassionate, and most definitely 100% knowledgeable. Seriously, every member on this site should have a private reading with her. 5 Stars? More like 5 diamonds! Love her! " ... written by Sofie
Lovely, to the point, love her!!! Always amazing. " ... written by AlysiumDreeem19
She's good. :)" ... written by fdsfds
Good." ... written by Islander2000
Confirmed what I needed to know. And gave me a great future reading. Thank you, I love you. " ... written by edel95
SriDevaya was the best. She is right on target with information! " ... written by HESHEL
Fabulous reading with Sridevaya. She is always so accurate and overall a" ... written by SofieML125
OY SRIDEVAYA IS WONDERFUL. Compassionate, kind, smart, the whole package!! Giver her a chance in a private reading to change you life! I WAS AMAZED!" ... written by myrtle
Great as always " ... written by Katerina
Another FABULOUS reading! She has brought so much knowledge and peace into my life that I would need more space than this review to thank her. Literally if you don't have a reading with her you are totally missing out. She is the best! Another 5 diamonds!!!" ... written by Sofie
I loved SriDevaya's energy, she was right on and the reading helped me to understand my position in life at this moment. " ... written by Dolores Lara
I do feel better with SriDevaya, thank you." ... written by Leah
she is an absolutely fabulous being. i felt honored to spend time with her and felt very seen. she is tuned in and deep. has lots of knowledge of many important topics. will definitely be back to talk with her again! a highly advanced being and refreshing here on this site." ... written by wren1414
Good reading" ... written by d
She is amazing reader very positive." ... written by Jake
THE BEST!!!" ... written by Tevya
5 STARS, THE BEST!!!!I can understand things so much clearer now! Thank you SriDevaya!" ... written by David
SriDevaya is the most incredible psychic! She is so honest and smart! The best reading i have ever had!!" ... written by louisa
So enlightening!!! I was amazed by SriDevaya! She is incredible and very personable! Everyone must go to private with her!" ... written by hansel
SriDevaya is the most intelligent and gifted person I have ever spoken" ... written by SofieML125
Wonderful Reader! So honest and wise. I don't know what I would do" ... written by SofieML125
Very helpful, cheerful and sweet. She really takes the time to help and gives her best efforts. I can't wait for my private reading tomorrow!" ... written by Mia
She was great!!!!" ... written by luckystar5
Very good!" ... written by gusessendon
I was in need of loving and honest advice. I received more than I expected. I received loving healing and practical solutions to help me overcome this transition phase I am going through. THANK YOU SriDevaya's!!! Your insights and talent took away the uncertainty and gave me hope!! I will start my readings and healing process with all the tools you gave me. Thank you for your sound and God blessed advice!" ... written by phoenix2007
She was excellent. She brought light to my dark life. I was very happy with her answers. I give her 5 stars." ... written by na zarasuhaila
Extremely sweet and kind. Power of prayer with this angel. " ... written by madhu_thomas
SriDevaya is such a kind gentle spirit who really cares about her clients and her work. Her guidance is uplifting and her energy is so calming. She is more than a reader, she is a great healer who will help teach you the things you need to know in order to heal yourself and clear yourself from any negativity that may be surrounding you. Many blessings Sridevaya. Thank you for your many gifts, and for sharing your beautiful energy with us all." ... written by DsDeb04
Bubbly and fun to talk with. :) " ... written by frankiecai
Five stars : )" ... written by zara
It was a great reading!!!" ... written by luckystar5
Really sweet lady. Connects beautifully. " ... written by toucan2
She was great to the point which I needed." ... written by Nancy
Great insight into my questions and issues. Highly recommend!" ... written by nickmark
Great reading." ... written by dean
Excellent reading thanks for your information.i will be back" ... written by planejane7
She has been like a positive sun in my life at the darkest times of my life. Her tips and guidance is really something we can practise at home and learn ourselves better. Thanks so much Sri... Lots of love!" ... written by Shruthi Singh
Such a lovely wonderful gifted person!! Very real and professional. Can answer all your questions! Many thanks. " ... written by lovewater
She is very accurate and kind. Definitely I will come back. Thanks a lot for everything." ... written by nks
she helped me alot." ... written by Danielle Harris
wonderful person! i enjoyed that so much has told me a great deal of info" ... written by christopher
she is amazing highly recommended" ... written by Quanisha
Great!" ... written by alexandra444
Thank you so much kindred spirit... Just what I needed to hear... Thank you so much.. Great connection and wonderful guidance.. Ran out of time but was important information for me... Can't tell you enough how grateful and blessed to have met you xx" ... written by violetgypsy
She is a caring and understanding soul to gently remind us of who we are. Spirit souls!" ... written by Moon_Flower
lovely lady with a great energy. recommend" ... written by gb
Spectacular lady , so honest, clear , understanding ." ... written by Moon
great reading, instant connection, she is so kind and loving, really loved our session. highly reccomend her." ... written by leo4481
Interesing reading, will wait to see if it happens" ... written by bm
Good, Hopefully the prayers make things better with me..." ... written by VJ
She was good nice and encouraging on all levels" ... written by hope
you are the best,ty for the great reading. i wil see you soon." ... written by virginia
SriDevaya was wonderful. Very straightforward and to the point. The information provided was very helpful and provided clarity. I will definitely chat with her again." ... written by Kina Tate
Very helpful, specific and fast - will definitely come back :)" ... written by sunflowersun
Oh wow she has such beautiful energy!! I felt it right when I came into the chat.... she is just wonderful. I truly believe she is gifted! A must try blessings to you. xoxo" ... written by SS
Intutive, highly recommend!" ... written by BK
she's very different in that she channels the answer to whatever you ask her and then coaches you on different ways/techniques on how to address your question/problem" ... written by m
wonderful reading!" ... written by kavana
Thanks so much SriDevaya, your advice is helpful and I will certainly try it. It was a blessing to have had a reading with you. Thanks again!" ... written by swsiren
Loving, straight-forward, insightful and very compassionate. After my reading have a new sense of confidence, enlightenment and hope for the future. she helped me to identify the root of my problems and gain an understanding of my soul's purpose. Thank you Sophia!!!" ... written by julienne
Vary good Love her she was spot on " ... written by WolfPrincess82s
She is awesome. I have never felt so comfortable with someone. She helped me in so many ways. I will always remember this day as knowing I have a "Twin Flame". Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Ceejay510
Sophia is beyond words. To begin with her being a wonderful person inside and out to a great,knowledgable,insanely accurate psychic and shaman. Everytime i do a reading with her i feel so blessed to know my worth. Thank you for your time and thank you for existing. Love and light!" ... written by Yoca_2010
She was very helpful and offered wonderful advice" ... written by Virgo
I love her!! she's so adorable and on point with everything. She has great energy vibe.. very uplifting and pleasant." ... written by L0vEFighter
She was awesome!!! will definitely return for updates" ... written by marion
For starters, I examined a list of psychics before I came across SriDevaya. I felt that my energy aligned me with her. She came me an awesome reading. As soon as I had added credits and started a private session with her, she knew who I was and felt my energy. She gave me good advice and taught me some techniques that helped me immediately. I am forever grateful to the reading she gave me it is the best reading that I ever had. She knew a lot of what was going on without me having to say anything. I asked her a specific request about my finances and she gave me a detailed reading about what I should do and how I should do it. After this reading my stress level immediately went down entirely. I will definitely be coming back for another session to say Thank her for all her help. I am everlastingly grateful for this reading at a time in my life where I am going through a major transformation, this was excitingly and positively helpful. Her gift is a blessing to all!" ... written by Corina
Very caring" ... written by angelszone
Thank you Sri, You were right and saw many accurate things regarding my past lives. You are a wonderful medicine woman and i am Honored to be able to have found a sister of mine. Blessings always." ... written by Taries
she was lovely she really put my relationship issues in the light for me to see thank you so much love!" ... written by Rachel
Wonderfull person and really cares about you I will definitely come back " ... written by Suzanne
ver nice reading. enjoyed listerning to our talk . thank you heaps . gus wil be back one day thank you :)" ... written by gusessendon
she is great, as a sister i always wanted and she is working at a very high level. she will teach you what to do, simple techniques to improve your quality of life and can tune into specific situations without needing a lot of info. i will definitely be talking to her again!" ... written by wren1414
Very positive spiritually taught me several techniques to soothing the soul and bringing clarity and awareness. Healing positive powers. " ... written by Anjelmari
Very sweet and good. " ... written by Srallen77
lovely lady and very true about what she said, and a lot cheaper than some others on oranum , recommend to everybody to have a reading xxx" ... written by lisa
Good honest advice, also provided me with some information to go away and research." ... written by Huw
very good and very different but amazing...gave me tools to help myself and achieve my goals...she is very caring and shows genuine concern...5stars...I will definitely try the prayers she gave me so that I may help myself...." ... written by linda pryharski
SriDevya is a wonderful psychic. She made me feel so comfortable during my first ever private session. The energy that comes from her is so positive. She is very accurate and gives wonderful advice." ... written by Monique
She is awesome. I really enjoyed my reading with her." ... written by butterfly77lady
She was very sweet and knowledgeable. Gave me insight for the future and for my issues. Thank you" ... written by Texas
Really amazing. Hit everything on the head." ... written by HamonRye
Thank you so much for the information you gave to help me with my situation." ... written by ladyofstandards
Very interesting reading. She told me what I needed to know even if I didn't want to hear it. Thank you Sri. I will go by what you told me. " ... written by sanaya12
Spot on, she knew what I was planning to do ... thank you so much." ... written by michelle
Once again, my reading with SriDevaya was great. She truly is just an amazingly beautiful, caring, and loving being. She doesn't just tell you what she feels/sees in your future. She instead wants to teach you the tools you need, to on your own, create your own positive energy and reality. SriDevaya is such a blessing to all who have been fortunate enough to cross paths with her. I am extremely grateful to her for everything she has helped me with, and taught me thus far. I always leave her chat room and/or private readings, with such a great sense of peace and comfort. I have never been disappointed, and I assure anyone that gives SriDevaya a chance, that they will not regret it, and they too will come to find the great peace and comfort that I, as well as so many others have found after connecting with her." ... written by dsdeb04
Wow, she is so accurate! Her energy is wonderful and such a pleasure to talk with. She is a natural! I appreciate all of the information she shared with me!" ... written by clover434
I like her, but didn't have too much time with her. She gave me some good advice and techniques to help me move on. Thank you SriDevaya! " ... written by citamama
i love her style of reading so far" ... written by lavelle
loved my reading" ... written by Me
she made me feel good about myself. pinpointed that i should feel ease. trust myself and the universe. remind myself what life is supposed to e about. less a contest and more of an adventure. i would recommend her to anyone who may have a low self esteem or feel critical of themselves." ... written by jenny
awesome as usual!!!!soooooo tuned in!! you can't go wrong with her!! soo wonderful!" ... written by wren1414
I am telling you she is dead on about the man I love whom is bad for me all the way around! Love her she is real! I will chat with her again." ... written by Annmarie Mckenzie
Sri had read for me before and she was spot on and now I came back to her and even though it was not what I wanted to hear I thanked her cause of her honesty proved right last time. Thank you!" ... written by MgrL
she was good with answers about soul mate " ... written by theme
lovely blessed connection. with much love and light from the universe...I will be back." ... written by beautywithinone
absolutely wonderful" ... written by evaclara
SriDevaya was very helpful to me in addressing my problem. She gave me insight into how to solve it with the best outcome for all involved." ... written by Adrian G Tremayne
SriDevaya was very helpful. i even cried at the middle of the session because she was really tapping into my spirit without any interference. she is really good at fixing the now. she didn't focus much on the future but she showed me what to do now as a first step towards the future. Thank you so much and many blessings to you" ... written by Kayla
awsome reading thank you so much :)" ... written by gusessendon
very deep insights she is very unic" ... written by DANA
SriDevaya was wonderful. So insightful and genuinely interested. She had great advice and was consistant with other psychics on the site. Thank so much! Highly recommended. " ... written by Jessica
wow, wonderful as usual...i always get way more than i'm asking for and reminders that help me actually put into practice techniques i already know but sometimes forget. she is a true gift!" ... written by wren1414
She was wonderful...hope to have another reading soon. Look forward to trying her techniques..." ... written by Carrie
she has a lot of experience and she had great ideas about how to protect yourself from bad energies" ... written by DANA
readings with her r so much fun and she is really fast worth every penny" ... written by DANA
awsome reading really enjoyed it she is a good chacter. very cool chick thanks heaps . from your mate gus." ... written by gusessendon
Great reading, very helpful!" ... written by NA
wow wow wow and again wow!!! " ... written by DANA
she is a great great person, she has a lot of knowledge" ... written by DANA
She was very insightful. Thank you for the chakra cleansing skill u provided me with. " ... written by lynnrmc
Wonderful reading!! " ... written by luckystar5
she is very very sweet very fast in her answers" ... written by DANA
She really opened my eyes, and nicely explained a difficult relationship, that is not going smoothly, and why it is so." ... written by Ahz
she is great such an amazing energy" ... written by DANA
I really love her readings she is such a warm person" ... written by DANA
She's FAST and VERY psychic! Thank you... 100 stars! She gets subtleties and understands what you're going through." ... written by ben
good reading, great teacher. Thank you!" ... written by raysa
picked up on something, nice lady" ... written by smiley2011
she is very good, sweet , fun and very fast!" ... written by DANA
She told me the truth. I can't do anything but accept it because it was so accurate relating to how I feel. I have some clarity relating my situation that will help me better deal with it all." ... written by Kina Tate
A pleasure as always! Tunes in very well, gives great advice" ... written by Angelica
she is super sweet lady..such a calming effect she had on me andamp; I am sure her remedies would have a great effect on my husband too. I will be back dear..thanks..5 stars.." ... written by aquavenus
Compassionate, understanding, wish we had more time. Will be visiting again to gain more insight in the future." ... written by Jen
she is very very good sweet soal" ... written by DANA
She's very sweet! Very emotive!" ... written by Zeigen
Spot on, loveeee her!. she is very talented, once you try, you will forever be grateful." ... written by raysa
she is great!" ... written by dana
Sri has always been very accurate in her predictions. I have seen her three times and three times has she been right. It has been hard for me to accept what she had to say to me, but after her predictions came true over the last 8 months I appreciated even more her sound advice and professionalism. Thank you! I will come back with updates." ... written by Adrienne
Very intuitive and astute! Lovely personality! :) So grateful for her insight!" ... written by Eva
Very nice lady. She picked up on my children nicely. I did not get to ask her a lot because I had to go. " ... written by 1specialme
Awesomely Spot on" ... written by Hitesh
So full of energy, in our short reading, cleared up a lot of confusion." ... written by Artemis
Great reader, fantastic energy...very insightful!!" ... written by Andrea
lovely and gifted lady. Helped me alot." ... written by gchild001
she is great and helped profoundly thank you!!!!" ... written by amanda
I am pleased with her abilities. " ... written by amanda
I just dint want it to end ..Her energy was so good ..I wish I had more credits . I hope her predictions come true :)" ... written by lavanya
:) One of the most spiritually in tune psychics on Oranum. I have instantly made a new friend and confidant. Thank you SriDevaya!" ... written by EyeRis6
she is exceptional. very spiritual and very connected." ... written by mikoo
Very great lady, and also so insightful. I felt we had a genuine understanding. I feel more relaxed now, and more in tune with the truth. Thanks again for your time and attention." ... written by Anna
Wonderful! Such a caring and loving person. I am so blessed to be able to get a chance to speak with her. She is so amazing. Thank you so much for your time blessings to you xxx" ... written by Believe IN LOVE
ummmmm.... all I can say, is SriDevaya is amazing, I have felt so much love from her. She has such an amazing energy. She is very gifted and quickly picked up on my personality and current situation. Namaste." ... written by WOW
other than how accurate she was, she was just so detailed in her reading! " ... written by D
she is awesome, pick up the things before i even start to discribe my situation, hope her predictions come true.." ... written by kalana
Great reading" ... written by Sweetbunz
She was wonderful!! one of the best readings i've ever had. and got a lot of things correct and gave me guidance i neeeded." ... written by Rachelle
thankyou soo much for all the talk we had it was wonderfull i feel peaces full and ready to change for good youre a amazing person and very special too thankyou again for all this i will follow youre words and do all things u said thanyou soo much " ... written by cervantes 30
She is genuine and of a good, gentle heart. I have many things to face but she has shown me the strength I need and made the road more clear for me. " ... written by JCson
well she is very friendly and knows her staff surely." ... written by epi
She was awesome! Lots of freezing on my end. I would definitely give her a try! :-) She was great!:-)" ... written by SmileyT
great! headed back now! :-)" ... written by smileyT
Very good... I do agree with her.. I feel he doesn't want to be with me all the time, but I feel he does have feelings for me and he thinks about me.. I love him but I do understand that we are both independent and we do our own thing which upsets me some, because I miss him and want to be around him more! Thank you" ... written by Melissa Hurd
I had been in SriDevaya's demo room before and was always interested in getting a reading from her. I got one today and she was extremely thorough! Even though I only wanted one question answered (which she was able to answer rather quickly and accurately) she positioned me on the right path for the future. I think this was honestly what I really wanted to know I just couldn't phrase it correctly or find the words to describe what I've been going through. I'm really satisfied and glad I chose to do a full reading with her as opposed to leaving after getting my answer. Because I chose to listen I feel that I will be more enlightened now through what she has taught me. I sincerely believe in her! Great psychic and excellent teacher! I would recommend her 100%! :)" ... written by Kelsey
Omg thank you thank you thank you soooooooo much wow " ... written by Walt
wow she knew him clearly. all i gave was my name and age and just his name. i can't help but to believe her" ... written by jasmine
thank you very much i love your readings guidance :) " ... written by Walt89
So amazing!! Best reading on here thus far. " ... written by elizabeth
Very honest and truthful. Very lucky to have connected to such a great psychic. " ... written by Allison
Very educated and helpful reader here. I always feel at peace with her insight and energy." ... written by EyeRis6
You are just so wonderful and real. Thank you so much" ... written by successgirl
wonderful enlightening reading... very sweet lady :)" ... written by shawna10
It is great talking to another mother. She has a wonderful understanding of the connection between a mother and child and how that affects the mother and the child. She is sweet, kind, wants to help you understand." ... written by charlotte137
Sri Devaya was wonderful. Kind, gentle, honest and caring. She saw things about my son and ex-husband that absolutely resonated with me. I look forward to working with her again and learning more. She has a vary warm presence." ... written by charlotte137
Very good reading. Pretty much confirmed a lot of things for me and pointed me in the right direction. Thank you Sri, you are wonderful :) " ... written by AlysiumDream14
SOOO GOOD!!! she told me exactly where i was! she saw my situation and helped me a lot with my doubts!!! will come back" ... written by Erika
great my favorite of them all .. " ... written by ember
good session. " ... written by GK
Interesting. Wish I had time to write down the names." ... written by Patricia
Fantastic reading, SriDevaya was very intuitive, spot on, clear and precise. Very direct, compassionate, and truthful. She is def top notch, one of the best if not the best on the site. I would without a doubt recommend her, she's the real deal!! " ... written by ojo
Thank you very much thank you. I always feel motivated when you give me readings. how my path is going so far and giving me advises to continue my path. " ... written by Walter
she was very sweet and helpful" ... written by m
Sri Devaya is so sweet and wise and generous. She has amazing insight and connection, and great advice on dealing with issues. I just love to be around her energy. she is honest and good and caring." ... written by charlotte137
lovely lady, wish i had more credits. saw my situation clearly. picked up on feelings. " ... written by ruth
She blew my mind. she was spot on so many things in my life. she is the real deal. " ... written by gre
you are so true" ... written by success
SriDevaya is amazing. she has the most beautiful energy and is an incredible reader. 5 stars all the way!! :)" ... written by faerieLovee
I can tell she doesn't like to waste time in chat trying to convince you that she is the one to go to, but she is the the one to go to, so go!" ... written by lila
She is a wonderful teacher. She can intuituvely tell what I need to learn and then she gently and generously points me in the right direction. She gives me wonderful insight into ancient practices that have so much spirit and healing in them. She makes them accessible to me so I can use them to heal and help. " ... written by charlottte137
Talks to you by heart, connects with you fast !" ... written by Sofia
she is really sweet and has a lot of good ideas!" ... written by dana
Good reader" ... written by d
My first reading with her. She quick and goes straight to the point. I appreciate her honesty." ... written by ******
The more I work with Sri Devaya, the more I love her. Pure sweetness and wisdom." ... written by charlotte137
If you want to experience true connection and wise advice you must talk to SriDevaya. She is highly professional, intuitive, caring and more importantly honest. Thank you Sri, many blessings!!!" ... written by Mel
Wow she is accurate, she picked up on things that i never mentions. Thank you" ... written by sangeeta
SriDevaya is the best on oranum. she is such a gifted and beautiful soul. she just uplifts you with her radiance and loving energy. 5 stars" ... written by faerieLovee
She was on point! Will take her advice to heart" ... written by Kris
very sweet reader, liked her energy. good reading" ... written by ai
Very on point and precise" ... written by Jlie
Wonderful wonderful reading. She is definately accurate. She knows a lot and she taught me a lot. She can read past life" ... written by pigletme123
beautiful wonderful soul reading" ... written by kk
first time reading with her. Connected fast and gave advice. very genuine" ... written by tiffany
fast, effective and pleasant" ... written by goddess
Awesome reading! So detailed and helpful, she sees great details. She is also so sweet and caring and easy to talk to!! " ... written by Summer
Very encouraging reading.....Thank you! I'll be back" ... written by Suzanne
Sri Devaya was such a blessing for me tonight...I will do everything that she says, for it is time to cut some cords!!!" ... written by Kris
Very caring Lady with Honesty regarding my situation, seeing things from different point of view. 5 stars God Bless " ... written by queenbee22
Honest. Very quick reading. Caring lady." ... written by Tiffany
Her energy is great: Kind, caring, and affectionate. I can say this because I am also spiritual. Thanks SirDevaya - You will hear from me again soon." ... written by Lizette
Wonderful reading! This beautiful lady had the answers to my questions before I asked. Wonderful! :) So pleased!" ... written by isabellissima
thank you so much for all the advices. she is a wonderful advisor, as well as a great listener. God bless you ;) " ... written by TG
it was such a pleasure speaking with this lady. she is a wonderful advisor and listener. i enjoy every second speaking with her " ... written by TG
Very good insight, very good advice. Highly recommended!" ... written by Patricia
you were very calm and honest. I enjoyed the reading because it gave me some peace of mind. I felt so free and relaxed. I should come in here all the time :) Your an Amazing woman !!" ... written by V.B
She has alot of layers great, it just takes time." ... written by Unknown
She has been honest and upfront from the beginning. She is accurate and very helpful. " ... written by ****
I enjoyed the reading with you Sri you gave me great insight and time frame as well as what I need to do to focus on in order to change my situation for the better. You had connected quickly and was fast on typing and letting me know what to expect. I really appreciate your assistance in this hard time of emotional pain. I felt relief to talk with you. I want to thank you as well for what you will do for me on your part as far as helping me to see a shift in my situation. I appreciate your helping me. Thank you so much and I will let you know what happens." ... written by Aliyah
thank you for clarity :) " ... written by Walter
I love this lady she's so adorable. Her readings are always straight to the point. " ... written by Lizette Noel
She is amazing. Honest and truthful:) This is my second time of me seeing her and she has always been accurate." ... written by Corina
SriDevaya , awesome reader, sweet energy." ... written by Don Lammonio
good advices ty sri " ... written by ak
great reading thank you for reassuarance " ... written by ak
Thank you for the good reading :)" ... written by p
have you ever been in a position , were so may changes were taking place , made you feel like something was wrong , if that's the case than you are in right place , she is excellent guide and teacher she will direct you on to right path , helping you understand you, your purpose and divine. " ... written by jeffanie
special women... very beautiful in person as well as in spirit." ... written by Jahzell
Excited to see her predictions" ... written by Kristal
THank you for your advice. Is time to take action and pursue my career. " ... written by Walter
Thanks for your view on my situation. I must follow my instincts and heart and listen to you validate what I was feeling. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
interesting and nice to chat with" ... written by nicole
Thank you for such a wonderful reading. You gave me great insight and validated many things I needed validated. Bless you. :)" ... written by Love
Thank you for such a wonderful reading. I'm glad I came over to your room and had a reading with you. You are so honest and full of love. Have a very blessed night. xoxo" ... written by Love
Thank you for such a great reading. I will take in account everything you have told me. Love you and God Bless you." ... written by usa
love her energy and advices ! " ... written by papa
Another amazing reading! It is amazing howshe can tune right into your situation. She tells it like it is!!! " ... written by dominique
SriDevaya is amazing! She just brings me a sense of peace. She is very straightforward and picks up instantly on what is going on in my life! 5 stars! " ... written by dominique
not sure how honest it was, I got mix answers and not straight points" ... written by mr
amazing womwan !!! amazing reading!!!!" ... written by t. jones
shes a wonderful reader..offers good guidance and is clear in her messages to you." ... written by cittylove
she was very sweet and compassionate in her reading. Id see her again.she is a fast typist and her messages were clearly understandable. " ... written by cittylove
SriDEvaya! was amazing very wonderful lady who told me straight how it is. She also gives me wonderful techniques to calm my worries! 5 stars! " ... written by dominique
Lovely lady, really had a good conversation with her a lot of good information. " ... written by Marcus
very kind and honest. " ... written by Melinda
SriDevaya is very calming and to the point. She can tune right into what I am feeling, and her timeline is very accurate. Id rate her 10000 stars if I could:) " ... written by dominique
Sweet person and straight forward with insight. I recommend her to anyone who wants the truth about a situation." ... written by Patricia
Great reading. Thanks for all the insight. Five stars" ... written by familyhelper
Nice to talk to. Thank you." ... written by Amanda
She just makes my day!!! I love talking to her! she is amazing! " ... written by domi
Thank you !! " ... written by Amanda