About StarleneB

Psychic StarleneBhas 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic StarleneBhas recently helped 37members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about StarleneB's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hi, my name is Starlene Breiter, but you can call me Star! I am an astrologer, psychic, I read Tarot Cards and I am a Reiki Master. I know many systems of Astrology, including an evidence-based one called Vibrational Astrology. I have graduated a 3-year astrology school. It is my life's path to help others with love, career, finances, family and more! I am friendly, honest, intuitive and kind.

Great reading, very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
sincere, honest and specific with the reading." ... written by starfish57
She's great" ... written by Cheryl
She was very very good! I look forward for her predictions pans out!" ... written by P
She was just as great the second time around:)" ... written by artisa
Wow wow wow. She was so amazing and i literally was in the position to say absolutely nothing during the reading because my connection was too slow. However I dont think she realizes just how perfectly she hit the nail on the head in all areas because i could barely type to give her feedback!! You are awesome!! In fact, I am about to refresh and add more credits so we can talk in more depth" ... written by Artisa
Awesome reading. " ... written by KYMII
very good help me a lot .thank so very very much much. u have given me hope to carry on. and get what i need back in my life, i will keep u informed. xxx" ... written by mizzimoo
She is really lovely and intuitive. The reading really flowed. I felt heard even over a keyboard. Thank you." ... written by Amanda thomas
Starlene is very good, can pick up on a lot of things and sees a lot of what is going on. Thanks so much for your insite and I will let you know how it goes." ... written by Rick
I'm impressed. It was my first time doing an astrological reading and I was quite impressed with it. " ... written by Stephanie
She was really accurate and spot on!" ... written by Stephanie
Gives great advice.She is straightforward and picks up energies well.She can tell you about your past,present,and future.She always tries to help in anyway possible.She is very caring.Very warm spirit.Please Take a Private Session with Starlene,you won't be disappointed. Starlene is truly one of a kind:))" ... written by kymii
She was amazing and very accurate. I felt at peace with the reading. I was very stressed out but talking to her made me feel at peace. She's amazing." ... written by Victoria
She provided me with a lot of great insight and suggestions. Has reassured me about my situation. Will see where it goes from here." ... written by Quentin
Very fast, accurate and confident in answering. Good Job. Worth chatting in private. God bless. Regards " ... written by Doctoer Kesavan
such a great adviser/person-she brought clarity to many of my lifes situations like no psychic had before- felt a very strong connection and definitely picked up on her positiveness- great psychic and i think a person too-if you havent had a reading with her- get one - you wont regret it- thank me later " ... written by Aashma Thapa
Connected Quick I like her :)" ... written by Chalon
good" ... written by sadhana
Really nice reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
KEEN TO HELP WITH SUGGESTIONS " ... written by kerry
very nice reading, and thank you for being so helpful " ... written by m
Very detailed read. " ... written by d2k1000
Thanks..." ... written by Joaquin Roman
very good" ... written by Renee
Very good, very intuitive :)" ... written by Maria
I really like her connection. I look forward to seeing what happens in the future." ... written by Donna
lol i really got along with her and her cards really showed what is going on in my life and the people i asked about. such a good reading i took the words out of her mouth! ;) thank you" ... written by luxxicon
her cards were spot on about my situation:)" ... written by aqua
Thank you so much for the reading really need to hear everything you told me today. " ... written by sheree
she great!! 5 *****" ... written by sweet461
thank you so much. :)" ... written by kevin kelly
Good reading and do recommend, specially the astrological aspects" ... written by pjgovind
Absolutely Amazing" ... written by Flo
I love Starlene. I felt a connection to her as soon as I met her. She did astrology for me and she is very gifted. She had some great ideas and was very empathetic. She gave me an idea for meditation that, I think, will highly effect my life and my spirituality. She has a nice feel about her. Thank you Starlene." ... written by youcancallmekat
This reading was one of my best readings ever. I truly liked her." ... written by Cheryl
Starlene B is gifted and considerate. I had a fabulous reading." ... written by Katherine
thanks! very helpful" ... written by kim
It was a good reading. I like her and will probably come back." ... written by sandy burns
Thanks so much..great Reader!" ... written by Freedomgeek
Shes super sweet! I loved every minute!" ... written by Courtney Hecht
Fantastic reading with StarleneB, she was right on spot...." ... written by Deeplomacy
very good reading as usual. very precise. Very honest. Accruate. Love her . worth 10 stars" ... written by PIGLETME
i really enjoyed the astrological reading. it made sense. thank you Starlene" ... written by didi
i felt like i gained clarity from her. her reading is also intuitive and straightforward." ... written by maggie
she's super sweet and quick!" ... written by luxxicon
she's really nice" ... written by usa
very good!" ... written by redartist
Starlene, i loved talking to you.. Thanks a lot for your good time and your reading.. They were all quite accurate for me. You were also very quick and honest.. I will get back to you soon with updates and will keep you in my contacts.. :) Thanks again :)" ... written by Pooja
Very accurate. I hope she's right :)" ... written by Seren1964
she's super sweet and i've been going to her since she started. highly recommended!" ... written by luxxicon
Starlene is honest and friendly.. Thanks again for the nice reading Starlene.. :)" ... written by Pooja
Star is so good at astrology. She knows her stuff. I come to her when I have character/personality based questions. She has some very practical ideas of how to deal with stuff. I would highly recommend her. I feel a real connection with her. Oranum is lucky to have her. I do think she should be charging more because her expertise is so great. Star, raise your rates." ... written by youcancallmekat
Great I loved her" ... written by Annie
Star is so enlightening.. She helped me out with some questions that was just burning at me, she pointed me in the right direction. I truly appreciate her help." ... written by Rick
very clear reading with tarot and angel. explain very precisely. good reading. 5 stars" ... written by PIGLETME
lovely reading" ... written by callum234
It was short.. But it was cool. " ... written by Acila
I love enjoy having with starlene b is always accurate with her reading." ... written by kymii
I loved her reading! She was spot on :) Highly recommend her to everyone! " ... written by Adiz
fun long reading...great energy. would definitely recommend!" ... written by andrea
Thanks for the insight. Great reading. Love the astrology. You're very talented and gifted." ... written by familyhelper
she is amazing to the point, a great astrologer! a very honest and professional person! intuitive and to the ego!" ... written by DARKJEDI78
She was really great. She used the Tarot to answer many questions within the reading, not just one or two questions. She reads quickly. She understand the cards immediately and how they all fit together. She is very skilled and proficient. You won't be disappointed, in my experience. She's the real deal. If you don't think this stuff works, give her a try. You might think again." ... written by Angelina
wow great thank u" ... written by pppppppppp
Shes amazing .. She knew what the problem was with my husband and I .. " ... written by Heather
No stars are enough to state the brilliance and accuracy!" ... written by mkjay
She was nice and friendly. I learned from her a lot." ... written by Serena
Very some light on things that I was not even aware of. " ... written by J
Clear answer, put me at ease!" ... written by rosie
Great reading" ... written by lavender5390
Great! Very precise and to the point. Great reading." ... written by Gus Zapata Nicholls
Starlene is always quick and ready to help. Thanks for the reikhi today." ... written by Pooja
A really great help and accurate." ... written by Lauren
good healer " ... written by sadhana
On point! helped clear things up for me!" ... written by rosie
like Starlene very much. She is so honest and accurate. I asked her question, she did not put personal opinion, she just read from the cards, and i knew it was accurate. If U have questions and need the quick and straight forward answer, high recommended to go to her. Thank u Starlenee" ... written by PIGLETME
Such a nice presence, spot on felt so comfortable and helped. Will definitely do another reading. Very helpful and insightful! " ... written by Katrina
Really nice person, connected very fast and was very intuitive." ... written by ShadyT
very very good reader. This is a second time I go to her, very honest, very clear, very accurate. No sugar coating. The cards tells everything, and she explain very clearly and on the spot. Highly recommend if u need a straight forward answer." ... written by PIGLETME
she was real quick and accurate! she has a very positive energy and extremely nice! you are awesome Starlene! thank you!!! =)" ... written by catherine
calming with her insights, and calm reader, very good, recommend." ... written by marinakasha
I just love her!!! She is awesome!!! " ... written by Heather
wonderful" ... written by sweettea1973
great reading....honest and accurate...will have to wait a little for that one...5stars...thank you for the helped me a lot..." ... written by linda pryharski
Yet again, it was a very positive reading with Starlene. She is quick with her responses and to the point. She does not stretch things unnecessarily, but tells you all that is needed. Thanks Starlene :)" ... written by Pooja
Great astrologist. Very kind. I highly recommend her if you want an accurate, insightful, fast reading. It's also a treat that she really likes what she does." ... written by LyssaBugg
Sincere, great reader with good insight. Thanks so much. Glad you're on Oranum." ... written by familyhelper
She was amazing I recommend her;-)" ... written by jess
Thanks for assuring me the hunches that I have been having about something!! Once again, wonderful!" ... written by Sidney
:) GREAT READING!!!" ... written by Sidney
Time will tell =)" ... written by Samantha
She was wonderful and quick... she even told me to wait to go to private because she was getting ready to do a demo and she wanted me to see her work... I don't think you can get much more honest then that!!! " ... written by my first steps
Very good reading, picked up on situation and gave some good advice/insight." ... written by Jeff
Thank you once again!!! LOVE OUR READINGS!!!" ... written by Sidney
VERY helpful. Right dead on in 2 separate issues. Would definitely have Starlene do another reading in the future. Thanx for everything! I will de-clutter and be patient." ... written by Melissa (Mel2014)
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I needed that. You are awesome!" ... written by Sidney
i love Starlene B, she is so nice and sweet, im deffiantlly coming back to see her! really good (:" ... written by Jessalynn
AWESOME AGAIN!!! I feel much better.... always a great reading with her. " ... written by Sidney
Super awesome" ... written by Desse du Chocolat
She is great as usual! Thanks so much! " ... written by Free
Thank you so much for reading!!! " ... written by Starlene
This was my first time with Starlene, and it was amazing! I think she was being very truthful and honest (not just telling me what she thinks she wants me to hear). I will definitely come back to her!" ... written by Vicky
She is amazing, always!" ... written by Flow
Star is so good at what she does. She confirmed what I have been being told for so long. Alkaline Diet!!!!! :) She also reminded me about my creativity. She knows her astrology up and down and in and out. I would recommend her to anyone that really wants to know what is going on. She can also tell you about what your future looks like. She is honest and genuine. Star is my go to woman for psychic help." ... written by youcancallmekat
always a good reading. you will be impressed!" ... written by luxxicon
awesome answered everything I needed to know def one of my faves" ... written by Samantha
Thank you darling for making it more better and confirming another one as well as my own gut feeling!! " ... written by Sidney
It was very helpful. But i want to talk more. Can we chat in public window?" ... written by Nidhi
cool , quick positive read!! she picked something i didnt tell her about... looking forward to seeing how things unfold. will update :)" ... written by jazzychic7
Star shed a lot of light into what could happen in the future." ... written by Angelica
what a lovely and clear reading " ... written by qp
starlene picked up on my situation accurately. she did a general reading for a specific person and then i asked her specifics questions based on the reading. very good and doesnt waste time" ... written by m
she was spot on very very accurate, she blow me away with accuracy ! highly recommended" ... written by peace
Starlene.. It was a great pleasure talking to you. Thanks a ton! Appreciate your time. Feeling better :)" ... written by Nidhi
she was good and very helpful too me and gave me some insight " ... written by lewis
Thanks Starlene. You make lots of sense. Hope it all turns around." ... written by familyhelper
very quick question and good answer :)" ... written by jazzychic7
Very clear and accurate and fast with answers!! Would see again!" ... written by Nicole
Starlene is very kind and helpful. She listened and gave me very insightful information. This was my first time getting a reading and she made it very delightful and calmed my nerves with her positive attitude! Thank you Starlene!" ... written by Chris
She was very informative, kind and clear in her messages. She gave me the advice I've been needing to hear and now I feel like I can relax!" ... written by justme0234
WONDERFUL! such a wonderful great reading! scary accurate!!! I will definitely come again!" ... written by moncher23
Very insightful and helped me" ... written by Bright starr
Great Reading, explains in detail what she sees and makes sure you understand. Excellent JOb would highly recommend." ... written by Amy
She is very kind and I could feel her energy work, even at a distance." ... written by Jennistar4
she was amazing perfect!!!!! starlene i trust you!!. i don't know why but i feel like i can trust starlene =) i feel like her answers are right onnnnn!! will come to you soon!!" ... written by Angelica
Took the time to explain things in detail to me. Lovely lady." ... written by Mshelli
Very good read! will be back" ... written by Tifany
very good, and true" ... written by frogeye
wonderful as usual. very sweet, and she is always honest. love her. please take a session with her." ... written by moncherrose
Thank you again for another great reading and reassuring me!! " ... written by Sidney
Starlene's reading made a lot of sense to me and confirmed my thoughts on this period of my life...I have to mature and grow... She was also fantastic as I didn't have many credits and she made sure everything was ready to go as soon as I entered Private Chat. She managed to answer quite a few questions within a short space of time. :)" ... written by Yoghurty
Very good information. Starlene quickly tuned into the situation and provided nice details and answers to everything I wanted to know about. An overall really good reading. Thank you." ... written by Jennifer
what a wonderful experience!!! I loved the information on my astrological signs and got the name of my spirit guide!!! Wonderful!!!!!" ... written by jc
She was very helpful and cleared up some major worries I had. Good reading" ... written by AA
Absolutely spot on..Very Helpful and clear throughout." ... written by WiccaMan
Great Session :)" ... written by Ismael
Wow. This was a really great reading. She helped look at my natal chart and understand how i pick up energy and understand people. She also helped me on a past life issue that had been flaring up. I feel a lot better since I got a reading from her. Thank you. " ... written by Laura
As an astrologer who just had an astrology reading, she was FANTASTIC!!!! If you're thinking about a unique reading that is both insightful, kind, and informative please choose this woman. I will certainly be back!!! I wish I could chose more than 5 stars for her." ... written by sonofcer
shes awes0me!!!! " ... written by Heather
She was very helpful. Thank you" ... written by Brianne
She has a lot of insight I wish I could have afforded more time with her." ... written by Ang Penn
She's awesome sauce! god bless you hun! xoxox" ... written by JoAnn
wonderful woman and spirit, she really knows her astrology and also uses her intuition along with it. great combination! awesome person! 5stars" ... written by nikki
Better then i thought it was going to be." ... written by callum
She is a straight shooter. I believe in the things that she said to do and the things she predicts." ... written by susana valdez
Was very insightful and to the point.Very compassionate, caring reader.Will wait for the prediction to come true.Highly recommended" ... written by Mettlwire
Starlene's readings are always very accurate and honest.. " ... written by Pooja
Thank you for your excellent reading. Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye. I would recommend Starlene for a reading. She goes into detail and is sensitive to your needs. Thank you again." ... written by ileenie
all I can say is she is very good at what she does..." ... written by Kim
very helpful and accurate. Thank you" ... written by mnt1446
very patient and kind, helped me a lot. thank you" ... written by mnt1446
Starlene is great!!!She is so reassuring and you can tell that she really cares about people.I love her and will be back soon.Thanks!!!" ... written by Wykeshia Morrison
Starlene was great offered a lot of insight to job potentials. She was very professional and fast. She had great insight to what was happening. I would recommend her to anyone." ... written by Meberd
She was very fast and pinpointed key issues. She explained very well and deserving of 5 stars." ... written by callme
Very accurate and a reading i really enjoyed. " ... written by Crystal
wow she is so fast at giving me the answers i had a job to type fast enough as i was given the answers straight away and so much detail omg i am so amazed with her you really have to give this lady a try you wont be disapointed worth every bit of the money" ... written by paul
Great readings! 5 stars" ... written by Deeplomacy99
very accurate. thank you for your kindness." ... written by mnt1446
shes sweet" ... written by kk
Thank you very much for giving me clarity and guidance during a very difficult time in my life. Greatly appreciated. " ... written by m
I feel like Starleen is a very professional, pragmatic and down to earth person. I really hope things goes in the direction we both feel for me. I also hope that she will be very successful with her partnership on Oranum. Do give her a try, she is affordable, direct and acts very professional." ... written by LehuaBlossom
very nice and helpful" ... written by sadhana
I think she picked up lot of details about us... emotions and desires... it was helpful. I would've liked to have more time to finish talking and clarifying what she said. Good reading." ... written by metalgirl80
another great reading thank you so much confirmed a lot of things for me " ... written by paul
nice reading as always" ... written by m
She is a very nice lady and it is very relaxing talking to her! enjoyed the reading that I had with her." ... written by dimond110
four stars is no negative reflection on Starlene. I was just pushed for time. She was very helpful, considerate and straight to the point. Highly recommend. I will definitely be back." ... written by rene
Thanks" ... written by Curador
This psychic is very sincere and honest. She understands her cards and they speak to her well. She has knowledge in how to interpret and also hears the spirit guides well. Excellent reading. Didn't have to tell her much she didn't already know. " ... written by mzchelle
Omg...StarleneB is my favorite psychic she know her stuff. She amazed me every time I have pvt reading. " ... written by KYMII
Beautiful woman with a sweet heart. Very spot on with everything she told me. I will definitely be back :) Thank you. " ... written by Thuy
she was on point with my reading on past life , i recommend her" ... written by Alexandra Quintana
Oh i just love starlene so so so much. " ... written by allbright
she is great, first read with Starlene, great energy for sure..and super great to be able to rap on the Astrology..which not always is possible with the others. can be v. important to go into it! - to say the least on it. ok cheers. " ... written by batdancer
Has such good advice for a really difficult situation. Understood where and what and was incredible her insight." ... written by Alexa
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Her cards do not lie" ... written by Dwayne
great reading...connected quickly...5stars...picked up on karmic relationships too..would recommend her..." ... written by linda pryharski
you amaze me every time with your readings thank you so much and so fast i couldnt think of the questions fast enough loved it so much " ... written by paul
Very accurate reader, excellent insight into any situation. Thank you." ... written by m
OMG, such great news for the day and got a great reading for the outcome for the news I received from a friend!!!! Thank you!!" ... written by Sidney
gave me such timely advice which helped me take action and change something" ... written by mn
She was amazing! I hope to see that her predictions come true but she truly reassured my mind! I would definitely recommend her!!! " ... written by Katie
the one fear i had about my new adventure has been answered i know i can trust in what ive been told as some of the predictions have already happened im just so excited now my dreams are going to happen and cant wait for the rest to come thank you so much love and light to you and all your loved ones :)" ... written by paul
amazing! she truly is a great. love her!!" ... written by loveisontheway
very nice and kind. good reading" ... written by creativeforce
she is brilliant!" ... written by Katie
i love having readings with starlene she picked up on so much in the past her predictions and her timings were spot on it was like she was there with us omgwill look forward to the other predictions this woman really knows her stuff, AWSOME" ... written by paul
awesome guidance as always. Excellent connection. Thank you" ... written by mnt1446
5 star great reading thank you" ... written by christine
AWESOME" ... written by soapyviolence
She was very good, told me the answers, I was looking to hear about. Thanks very much." ... written by Lynne Gardner
Excellent!! andamp; Very Helpful!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by Nicole
I came to her for an astrological service andamp; she was very good.." ... written by aquavenus
You were great most of this is tru so thanks so much will work on this" ... written by varoma
good healing" ... written by sadhana
so detailed i enjoyed her reading and will keep her posted" ... written by lavelle
She's amazing as always. Love her. Very kind and accurate. Thank you so much. " ... written by Thuy
thank you!" ... written by luxxicon
She said just what I needed to hear and was really spot on. For my first psychic reading ever I was very happy." ... written by Karyn Zearfoss
Knew exactly how I felt and offered some sage advice. Got me felling very positive." ... written by james
Great reader left me feeling good that everything will work out in the end." ... written by pinkpather30
Very good." ... written by sometimes4321
Always great readings. Appreciate your insight." ... written by mnt
did a reiki healing and it was great!" ... written by Nadia
Excellent readings as always" ... written by mnt1446
she is a great healer i feel better already after one session!" ... written by Emily
Very very nice person" ... written by Anna
Please go for a reading. She was so right on all topics!!!!" ... written by debra
fast, quick, definitive!" ... written by starfish57
thank you starlene" ... written by all
StarleneB is very nice person and very straightforward!!" ... written by chintan
she is such a lovely person" ... written by all
Really good reading .. she was straight to the point and fast! " ... written by D
What can you say...Amazing. Sweet. Caring. Starlene" ... written by Bronxie
Great guidance. Answered all of my questions and then some. " ... written by pinkpather30
Starlene is very good with her sugar coating....quick to give back answers... she is humble and i felt good after our reading....will definitely come back for more...." ... written by GrishT
Wonderful reader I just love her." ... written by miko
No matter how many times i Go to her or ask the same questions she is always there to listen and help. I never thought I would be so close to some one thru web camera and chat! But I am glad I found her because she has helped me so much. Thank you Star! Love you!" ... written by Tee
Definitely a great astrologer like she says she is XD I got a LOT of useful and important dates to ultilize to help myself for the future. " ... written by Nightwind
very helpful thank for your guidence, starleneb :)" ... written by jessica
Thank you so much for reading. Just want to know that u are one of my favorite psychics on oranum. Keep up the good work." ... written by KYMii
comforting!! :)" ... written by hilly
Calm reading and straight to the point. " ... written by fun_sized
Very accurate in the reading, a sincere and honest feedback to help you with your questions. I would recommend her to any one in need of answers or insights about your situations." ... written by julie
Loved Her! Great energy, very healing...and very positive:)" ... written by Carrie
my first time with her she is very sweet and kind see what the future tell and I will came back and write about thank you " ... written by el
She was really good. I liked her style, she was very kind and caring and was the mark. " ... written by LB
Truly thankful for the astrological reading: it was caring, clear and very in much in tune with my ongoing situation. " ... written by Mgrl
Thank you for making me feel better....I was a little distressed." ... written by Sidney
Very fast, accurate, pulled cards as we were talking. Everything was on point." ... written by gypsymomof3
she is really good " ... written by r
so awesome " ... written by soapyviolence
StarleneB was great. She was pretty accurate about most of the points. She was also spot on about the challenges I face going forward. She has a beautiful energy :)" ... written by Venuswaiting1965
Very good! gives advice and picks up on everything without needing information." ... written by Brianna
Wonderful reader answered alot of questions even some i didn't think of" ... written by pinkpather30
very good" ... written by sars
StarleneB was so awesome! I felt so great after chatting with her. If you're wondering about anything go into a private chat with won't regret it. Thanks...and I'll see you again." ... written by Britgirl67
thank you soo much!!! I really appreciate it :) you are wonderful~" ... written by lovewillhappen
THANK ALOT FOR MY READING" ... written by kymii
amazing!!! pure joy to be with!!" ... written by friendoflove
wow.. she is very good with astrology" ... written by mike
Great!!!! Love her and she explains so well.. I think she gave me more strength to work on what I needed to... I got ma answers and thats how im gona do it! thank you so much!!!" ... written by Sheemal Goundar
She was spot on and very positive. Defiantly coming back." ... written by Autumn90
It was great, felt right and was just what i needed to keep me focused on the goal ahead. " ... written by MLSatya
She was very quick, to the point, and HONEST, which I really appreciated. " ... written by Alison
Compassionate, genuine, always insightful. Amazingly accurate. One of the best!" ... written by GBHistorian
does great healings" ... written by Nadia
good sound advice thanks...." ... written by juhi
Very Honest and helpful reading! " ... written by Gavin
She was so polite, so accurate, and soooo quick. I recommend her. Thanks again!" ... written by RuinofDarkness
She is very friendly and fast!" ... written by SS
I liked what she had to say. She helped clear the fog that was in my head." ... written by Caitlin
Starlene was amazing, I would highly recommend her. Scary how many things she was spot on " ... written by Ash
Thanks for your honesty" ... written by lavender5390
Thank you very much!" ... written by OSB
It will be interesting to see how things transpire over the next two months. I will definitely be back." ... written by Donna
Thanks for the reading" ... written by Curador
thanks " ... written by soul
Excellent reading, very accurate." ... written by Sam
thank you so much. it's so interesting how there are parallels between both of these guys. btw, they are also both leos any case thank you. " ... written by leodragon
Thanks for the reading" ... written by Curador
very good reading!" ... written by cris
thank you again. i appreciate your help. " ... written by mn
my good friend, and very truthful reader. I always come to her for accurate guidance in my difficult situation in life. " ... written by m
thank you again for another excellent and very accurate reading you have helped me straighten my life. " ... written by mnn
awesome as always" ... written by m
Awesome very caring and sweet and really understood the situation and gave great advice. " ... written by Catherine
outstanding reading very good " ... written by stars
Had a good experience, wish I had more time to talk. Answered the questions I wanted to know. " ... written by barbara
Starlene was very great!! i definitely recommend her for astrology will go again for update! =D" ... written by Angelica
Star is the best!" ... written by Gifted27
great" ... written by kenny
thank you for helping me again redefine what i needed to understand. " ... written by m
thanks again, outstanding as always" ... written by mnt1441
Starlene is great !! said some things that really made me think where my relationship was heading and things that i also need to work on my own will look forward to having another reading with her =)" ... written by Angelica
I want to say that Starlene is amazing. She is quick and gets right to the point. Doesn't waste time. No sugar coating either. I will definitely be back. She is wonderful and sweet. Thank you again and God Bless. 5 stars" ... written by sweetstephy31
Great reading! :) Thank you!" ... written by Mariela
starlene has always given best advice and best tarot readings ever!! " ... written by angelica
when i have concern i always go to starlene! And i got the answer from her and i knew she is accurate. Thank you very much" ... written by pigletme123
my good friend and an excellent reader. Thank you" ... written by m
Highly recommend, I felt this lovely lady was in tune with my questions." ... written by Karen
good reading and reassuring as always! thank you ~." ... written by leodragon
She was straight and to the point!" ... written by Gabriela
I love StarleneB reading she was awesome and precise and i love that she recommended a stone i can use to calm my anxiety and overall i just love the reading and it help me better understand where my career is going and whether i should stay in the path that i am going and and i will recommend her to anyone. " ... written by Jenny
Starlene was RIGHT on. Very personable, and she knows what I am thinking so the time for the typing doesn't get in the way. Highly recommended. " ... written by Liz
I come to star regularly for astrological consultations.." ... written by aquavenus
Super fast, uses her time really well, thank you so much!" ... written by Bubbly
I felt a presence around me and I thought it was negative. She was able to tell me who it was and rest my mind. Thank you so much!!!! " ... written by goddessmom6
She's real, very good, she helped a lot and she's dead on. Try her you will walk away feeling 100% content! She really is good and reading into your life there was a 30 minutes where she didn't even have to touch the cards.. She is worth it! Too accurate buts its just what i was looking for!" ... written by Rasheed Escobar
Good reading. The answers helped me with clarification. We will see how it goes. I would talk to her again." ... written by pinkangel003
thank you so much for the advice. feeling better now. needed the clarity" ... written by leodragon
I'll say Starlene is lovely. She's very effective and everything she said tied in completely with my own readings. Thanks so much I can't say that enough. " ... written by cinami
starlene was a joy to have a reading with....she gets right to point and the heart of the reading....she was point on about my situation....I would definitely read with her again" ... written by angelmist
Thank you for reaffirming my need to reconnect with a long time friend of mine. I highly suggest that you guys get a reading from Starlene. No fuss and muss but honest to goodness answers to help you along with your life journey!!!" ... written by Sidney
very insightful and helpful and caring" ... written by afroditi23
Thank you for the wonderful reading. And it is accurate. Fast and not waste your time.Thanks again" ... written by pigletme123a
Was very good and spot on as to how I was feeling." ... written by Nisha
very good and clear" ... written by phil
Intuitive, insightful and really warm. Reading felt genuine and flowed very nicely." ... written by Ryan
amazing" ... written by truthnow23
wonderful!!!" ... written by friendoflove
very helpful and put my mind at ease" ... written by Nisha
She is very loving person i hope the reading she did for me will unfold in the future .she is fast with the answers . thank you for the healing starlene." ... written by Ok
thanks. she is very good. To the point, responsive, sees clearly, answers quick. and nice. so I recommend highly. " ... written by thanks
best reading I have ever had wow I will say I had sm healing done an I feel good thank u amen 4 this reader god bless her an namesta " ... written by d
Good reading. Shined a light on where I need to go." ... written by Alex
thank you for the honest reading!" ... written by christina
ty u picked up on my thoughts and gave me some hope as to what may come from this .I thought her cards were pretty right on as to whats going on at this moment.. I believe the connection was very good . many thanks !!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
So warm, so understanding.. I felt I got all my questions answered and she was able to find out why I've been feeling the way I have been lately. Thank you so much!!! " ... written by goddessmom6
starlene was able to connect very fats and she was very insightful and accurate! " ... written by melissa
I really enjoyed this reading. Very good. Saterlene's card picked up on his sign :) brilliant" ... written by Gina
this was the most loving and gentle reading ever...honest and accurate to date...connecting quickly, she sensed my sadness right away...I am so grateful for this very wonderful reading explaining my situation and putting my mind at ease...she also did a beautiful healing on me and I cannot thank you enough for everything...I forgot to mention that I also use Archangel Michael...a very good friend of mine..hahaha..i bet he would laugh...thank you again for your love and gentleness...I truly needed" ... written by linda pryharski
great reader as always" ... written by m
very specific with the cards; could immediately p/u on my situations w/o much explaining; fast! gave me some predictions; will check back with her to confer. great reader! thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
Very accurate, gets right to the point... Fast and sweet... offers great advice, def will be back!!!" ... written by BB
Awesome fast and honest... no sugar coating!!!" ... written by bb
Ah she is great!!! Really, really helpful. I definitely recommend this reader. Very thorough, gave a very detailed reading of the part of my chart I was interested in…exact dates and times frames, nothing general. Also added tarot at my request to answer some specific questions. Came away feeling really positive. Really insightful reader. Thanks again!" ... written by YH
awesome freakin, lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Sunny
thank you so much for your insight. " ... written by leodragon
always love Starlene's readings. I really like her she is so sweet and always spot on. thank you" ... written by dalia
She is very nice and great reading" ... written by t
Another wonderful reading" ... written by Baby
Shes truly a beautiful person! Her low rate (even though she is so brilliant that she could easily charge more) allows for a good long reading, and she is just truly gifted. Her presence, even though on a screen, is just amazing. She's so kind, understanding - really encouraging having such a powerful reading with a genuine reader! Thank you starlene! " ... written by Pisces
very sweet energy" ... written by prismedwhole
She's amazing. I like her a lot! She gave good advice and clarity. " ... written by Betina
good reading with specifics that I needed. thank you." ... written by longlegs1112
She was so nice and caring.....she was very spot on and took the time to explain and give guidance!!" ... written by Robin
excellent, and very accurate" ... written by angelofgod15
She got what you need when you need it. I experienced she knew where the pressure points and pressed in a compassionate way." ... written by Ken
Clear, on point. Gave me lots to think about. Starlene, I will let you know how things go later this month. Thank you." ... written by G
Amazing" ... written by Bill
ty Starlene .. I really enjoy your reading .. I feel u r accurate and consistent with our last 2 readings .. I will most def put my focus elsewhere .. I appreciate your advice and feel confident in what u r telling me .. hope to have many more readings with you thru this journey .. ty again!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Awesome and helpful as usual" ... written by bill
Wonderful and very loving...accurate to date...5star reading... " ... written by linda pryharski
I got my confirmation. Excellent astrologer. God bless you." ... written by angelofgod15
wonderful and very loving...thank you for" ... written by linda pryharski
Fantastic so easy to talk to and very comforting, even if you get bad news." ... written by bill
great" ... written by bill
another great catch up reading thank you so much " ... written by paul
Excellent reading! Fast and to the point!! Does not waste any time!!! Would see again!!! " ... written by Nicole
Hard to know what to think. Ran out of time before I knew it. " ... written by Sentient
Awesome...she is very sensitive to my to feel what I feel...she is kind and offers helpful suggestions...5 star reading..." ... written by linda pryharski
good reading.keeping my self positive." ... written by motherbear
ty .. that was a great reading loved the astrology .. I will get an email astrology report soon .. ty so much for your straight forward answers and honesty .reading seemed pretty consistent with last one .. which says a lot . many many thanks!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
lovely woman, everything was correct." ... written by sara hirst
Very calming soul and fast...I went in feeling overwhelmed and confused left with direction and answers!! Will return!!! She is def someone you should lean on for support and guidance." ... written by BB
very honest:)" ... written by s
Fantastic reading with good vibes and awesome thoughts." ... written by Stringer
wonderful " ... written by maria
Although I have another favorite psychic I usually go to, she was not available this morning and , I just needed some confirmation in the moment to go on with my week and StarleneB was so fantastic. I really enjojyed my reading with her, she was so tuned in. I highly recommend her, she seemed very genuine and did not want to waste my time at all, which I have seen happen with other readers here, definitly one of favorits at this point. Thank you so much!!" ... written by mainstreem20
great reading - doesn't waste your time - is very clear and quick. Loved her ...." ... written by donna
thanks again, excellent and very very accurate reading" ... written by angelofgod15
She seems sincere thank you" ... written by Rae
Wow, what a great charkra Reiki healing, Stallone, gave!! I loved it....." ... written by Sidney
Great reading, precise and accurate! Definitely recommend" ... written by peachybeez
I think Starlene hits it pretty close with the astrology relocation..Of course, being there is the only way to be certain..I do feel sure now, that, i'm atleast on the right track..Thanks Star!!" ... written by Boris212
I think she did a great job" ... written by Jelisa
Wonderful as always" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you for advice. " ... written by Kymii
gave interesting predictions and good advise. :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Awesome reading...5stars...verifies some information and it was positive...thank you so much...your sincerity and lovingness is so" ... written by linda pryharski
thank you so much for the reading. it is good to know that andy is mulling through the issues. i hope this leo triad will eventually find a way to come together happily. your readings are always encouraging and positive. i really appreciate it. thanks again and will keep you posted." ... written by leodragon2014
good still a bit confused what direction, but at least I know what I needed to for now." ... written by sky0505
she is good" ... written by jelisa
a very genuine individual who helped me in a very tough time" ... written by KALIHART
Love this lady. Very insightful, accurate, and straight forward." ... written by Lisa
she is spot on..i really like her astrology us accurate timeframes for sure:)" ... written by aqua
excellent confirmation for my situation. I trust her knowledge and expertise. " ... written by angelofgod15
AWESOME!!!" ... written by Chancegiven
Another beautiful reading with this amazing reader. Thank you Starlene" ... written by Blossom
very close and shall wait and see what happens next. thank you very much" ... written by fiona fraser
Great reader informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Such a kind soul. so accurate so sweet. told me just what i needed to hear to help heal and deal." ... written by daniela
awesome, very friendly. very accurate reading on the situation. will be contacting again." ... written by debbie
she really knows her astrology and her tarot .. I really enjoyed hearing abt my past live and my future life .. very interesting and made a lot of sense .. shes still consistent in the outcome of a certain situation .. very pleased with my readings thus far .. ty Star!" ... written by beautifulmesss
thank you i truly appreciate your accuracy." ... written by angelofgod15
She was an amazing help and i cant thank her enough! she really is great with readings and healing!" ... written by heather
excellent, and very accurate" ... written by angelofgod15
Lovely lady, wonderful reading! Thank you!" ... written by
thank you its cleared up the questions i had doubts about awsome reading" ... written by paul
She picked up on my situation right away with no other information needed, thank you :)" ... written by tj
Very accurate, direct to the point and honest, kind and caring. Thank youX" ... written by Sh
Excellent as always!!! Very fast and very accurate!!! Will see again soon!!! " ... written by Nicole
She was very precise and I enjoyed her!" ... written by zfowler1
thank you for extremely accurate messages. " ... written by angelofgod15
Very nice and helpful! quick and to the point! Very caring and truthful" ... written by Mike
Very helpful and accurate. I gave her the time that was needed to get into detail about my questions. She is spot on, and offers only the information that she see's. You will not regret your reading, if your looking for honesty! " ... written by Charity
very quick... good reading thank u star" ... written by pragi
lovley person , great reading very peaceful a wonderful experience, thanx" ... written by zimerili1
excellent as always" ... written by aggie
Starlene was great, she connected fast, and was on the mark reading the cards. She was easy to talk to and answered all my questions. I will be updating her as things progress. " ... written by LB
She was great!" ... written by Jelisa
AMAZING!!! omg, you will not regret going private with her. she was spot on, knew the people exactly...amazed. " ... written by suraya
Very kind and insightful. Highly recommended." ... written by Chip
lovely lady thank u so much x" ... written by misstar
Like it, Was my first time and got my answers, helpful. Thanks" ... written by Natalia
very good .. " ... written by pebbles
She is very good this is my second reading with her i came back because she was right about the things she said the first reading" ... written by OO
excellent reading" ... written by bella
Excellent again!! Fast and to the Point!!! " ... written by Nicole
Very honest and helpful and to the point. you can tell she is sincere about her work :) Thank you again Star" ... written by sheena
great reading" ... written by lavender5390
So sweet and calming picks up on everything without being told and is so fast in giving answers and that is so helpful, thank you star just so lovely, will be back again xoxoxox" ... written by capricorn_dancer
Beautiful reading and very reassuring. Thank you soo much!" ... written by Kat
Thank you for a helpful reading...will be interesting to see if things come to pass as you said." ... written by gemmie
She is absolutely lovely! She was very insightful both with my chart andamp; her reading! I really took a lot from it and recommend her highly if you are in need of any advice. Much gratitude. :)" ... written by Kelly
I really enjoy talking to her .. she is very thorough and answersa all my questions quickly and seems accurately .. will talk again soon .. thanks !!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Great reading very spot on" ... written by Lorann
excellent reading as always and very accurate" ... written by angel
quick and on point, thank you!" ... written by happigirl
Starlene connects well. A calm soul offering clarity and peace" ... written by january
thank you for helping me. Very accurate and sweet. " ... written by angel
She is pretty spot on on my situation. So thumbs up! " ... written by Belle
She rocks! its very clear she is not BSing and she is really talented and gifted. Awesome stuff." ... written by ashley
Sooo Wonderful and Amazing....great reading...definitely 5 stars... also had a healing session...we are so connected and I can just feel the love resonating from her...she is a must have..." ... written by linda pryharski
Quick, adept, accurate, reliable, awesome!" ... written by Neu
great fast accurate reading" ... written by veezee
awesome as always. shes in the situation and knows her stuff" ... written by ashley
awesome as always and so spot on!" ... written by ashley
A lovely reading. Many thanks and God bless you. xxx" ... written by Anon
very good" ... written by Shirley Pietronave
I previously had a reading with Starlene a couple a months ago and she gave me great guidance on my situation back then andamp; this time was no different if not more helpful and confidence boosting! " ... written by Gavin Dye
thank you for the fast reading, i remain positive and blessed and cant wait for the good to unfold." ... written by Sam
excellent" ... written by angelofgod21
she gave me just the reading i needed! im scared about my decision. but now i know my choices and what to do! " ... written by Gretchen
straight to the point.i like her.will be back again" ... written by diamond
I recommend her for love advise. excellent!!" ... written by ali
I could have not asked for a better session. She is an amazing woman. Everything deeply resinated with me and I am still in awe an hour later. I am so happy to see how my chakras are and what I need to work on. I definitely recommend her to anyone wondering about their chakras and looking for a reiki session. " ... written by Nicole
Starlene is great , picked up on my life and was spot on with changes I have been making, please try her" ... written by k
she is very good " ... written by oo
Wonderful energy! Great experience. :)" ... written by Drohem
She is very accurate. I would definitely recommend her." ... written by sunshine
Starlene is very excellent. She really sees the situation as it is and is in line with what other readers have told me. She's very down to earth and truly cares about people. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Stephanie
Very helpful. Gave honest answers in a short amount of time. Would recommend" ... written by Laura
Honest, truthful and right to the point...all done in a loving and caring manner...always there to lend a helping hand...your kindness goes a long way...5stars..." ... written by linda pryharski
Very good advice. Enjoyed it" ... written by amanda
Once again, she has gone above and beyond for me! She is great at what she does. She goes into as much detail as you would like her to and is very accurate in her readings. She is definitely my go to for everything. I really appreciate her advice and answers. Highly recommend!" ... written by Nikki
this chick rocks! such a help and always so accurate!" ... written by ashley
starlenne is very optimistic she dosent give a bunch of woo woo stuff its things that make sense and shes very positive and kind and I feel very pure and loves what she does which is helping ppl .. I always feel good after talking to her regardless of what she tells me .. ty so much starlene your one of the very few I trust .. always a pleasure " ... written by beautifulmesss
she is awesome by far one of the best." ... written by eve
Excellent insight!" ... written by Noturmama
that was very good reading i got all my things together now thankyou soo much god bless u always " ... written by cervantes 30
great reading, connects quickly to the situation" ... written by Debbie
so awesome as always. SHe is great and so on point" ... written by Ashley
wow. amazing. right to the point, no time wasted. helped me so much. so accurate is scared me because i was having some doubt about this site and all this new spiritual world that im entering now. Starlene is so helpful and such a pure and wonderful person:)" ... written by Kevin
great as usual :) always feel refreshed and content after having a reading from star" ... written by Kevin
Thanks Star, just so calming and trustworthy, has given me some reassurance I really needed xx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
She takes her craft very seriously. I highly respect the opinion of her! Highly recommended! " ... written by Zeigen
thank you so much for your illuminating read. hope things will begin to look up soon. " ... written by leodragon2014
thank u ... i love this woman " ... written by wishing
Wonderful reading, gave me clearance for sure! Thank you :)" ... written by Chela
Starlene is brilliant. She's a very warm and kind person. Her readings are accurate and she is consistent with what she delivers. I'm a regular with Star and I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed. 5 stars :) xx " ... written by BrokenHeartGirl1
Quick, honest and clear. I liked her " ... written by Sam
She is amazing, straight to the point and very caring, thank you" ... written by S
Very good" ... written by Nisha
awesome" ... written by January
great empathic and caring " ... written by Lynnie
Second reading with this lovely lady and I cannot get enough, she is truly a gifted gem, thank you!" ... written by
Quick to the point " ... written by Susan
she was so quick to connect and does NOT waste your time. She tells you like it is. Excellent reader! I will keep you posted Starlene!" ... written by sdfa
very good and fast!" ... written by malinka88
quick and truthful" ... written by lotus
First time reading with her, she was quick, intuitive and encouraging. It was much appreciated. I should be back some time soon. 5 stars. " ... written by VK
Starlene is always so honest and to the point ... she always tells the truth and I can tell that she is the real deal. Her predictions always come true for me and I can feel that she is truly connected to me and my situation." ... written by Ashley
Great insight with the astrology reading was able to give specific dates really enjoyed the reading thank u so much" ... written by Lana
Very accurate" ... written by Nisha
Very helpful in recognising what days would be best for fertility" ... written by Shanice
I love the chats the person I chat with is very good at what she does , I will always come to her for readings . Sincerely Teresa" ... written by TeresaFlo
so nice, and human, and just sooooooooo nice and right...." ... written by mette44
Thank you Starlene. Nice reading :)" ... written by Angie
awesome freakin lady..thank u" ... written by sin
Starlene is great...she is so fast and quick to connect..wonderful!" ... written by adfad
Starlene blew me away with her speed and information-what a positive and helpful reading...5 stars...thanks again!" ... written by gemmie
Shockingly accurate!! Very nice person :)" ... written by Joey
Star is brilliant, just had a reading with her and her tarot reading backs up her astrology reading. I started really confused and now there is so much more clarity. xxxxx" ... written by Brokenheatgirl1
I liked the reading it was accurate." ... written by jasmin aka jasii2bombiie
I love StarleneB! i felt comfortable and satisfied with her reading. I honestly like how accurate she was and pin pointed my worries. She gave me peace of mind with my current relationship. I def recommend her. " ... written by Bri
positive reader" ... written by Abby
she is so easy to talk with .. no false hope given but only what she sees .. and I so appreciate that .. I am getting better everyday in every way .. ty " ... written by bmesss
she is awesome!!!" ... written by hawa
thanks for a great reading! " ... written by gemmie
Fast, insightful and logical in her reading!! Awesome cards...I believe in Tarot and her reading...will be back!!" ... written by FP
she was great and right on..... kind helpful and very good will be talking to her frequently" ... written by terri
Thanks, Starlene, for looking at the situation again. I'll check back in a few days and let you know how things are going." ... written by G
Thanks. you helped me a lot. :)" ... written by AngelGuide
Starlene is very sweet lady!! " ... written by Erikaafs
Starlene is my favourite psychic in this site, she is amazing, right to the point, no waste of time , no typing. she is very caring and loving lady. Her reading is very accurate and honest. thank you so much" ... written by s
always uplifting reading and I always get clarity about whatever i am concerned about. i always feel reassured afterwards. thank you ~." ... written by leodragon2014
very nice reader professional,,,,,,,,i recommend her to you all:)" ... written by joseph
Wonderful reading with StarLene!! she was able to connect with me and address numerous questions. Very quick and great personality! i look fwd to further updates with her. thank you " ... written by Mel
Very quick and awesome reading!" ... written by Katie
Thank you, good reading and good energy" ... written by mari
she was great and i love the answers she gave " ... written by ebony
very interesting reading using both cards and astrology. i didnt ask any specific questions but the first reading with the cards pertained to the main question in my mind and the second half gave me clarity and guidance for the future. thank you!" ... written by Jagratti
very very helpful and accurate" ... written by gchild001
THANK YOU SO MUCH. I appreciate this." ... written by MMarmalade
Great Readings! She answered all of m,y question will defo come back! " ... written by May Allen
OooHhhh - nice reading. I was looking for a time line on an issue andamp; she gave me the timing, BUT - included how I was feeling about the whole situation. Also, had a question on a new person in my life. With just a name - she confirmed how I was feeling and my suspicions about this person. She connected with me quickly. " ... written by curious
Star was wonderful as always. Was so good to get an update with appreciate her guidance and supportive session. She is truly a kind spirit:) Highly Recommended!:)" ... written by Carrie
fab" ... written by Anne
what a wonderful reading...very positive and amazing things coming into fruition...joyous times ahead ...thank you so much for the loving and wonderful reading and all your insights into my situations...and looking into the astrology part just correlated everything you said...thank you so much.:)" ... written by linda pryharski
She is super awesome." ... written by Wishful thinking
Thank you for the reading! I will take it all in my heart and thoughts and give you an update. Your are very sweet and direct and honest!" ... written by SoulShine
She was great and on the dot! It is great to hear my reading because it's shocking truths were so part of my real life! Got my anniversary date correct and it reminded me to set a reminder on my phone. lol" ... written by Katie
She was excellent, on point and gave good advice. I appreciate her calmness and sincerity. I would love to visit again and apply a permanent relationship to guide me throughout my life andamp; childrens' lives. Thank You very much!!!!!" ... written by LaVserious8
Loved my reading, thank you so much!!" ... written by Ana
Starlene... you are so in touch with human emotion and on point, you are a God send. " ... written by Rose
I love starlenes rieki cleansings they help so much! They are wonderful and she is so nice and sweet! Thanks Starlene! " ... written by Nadia
5star!!!!She is wise! On point! True to herself! Great advisor! Peace injection! Thank you! Keep the good work! Xoxo VA" ... written by AV12
Awesome " ... written by David
THANK YOU so much. I love how helpful and caring you are." ... written by MMarmalade
nice reading, starlene's clear and gentle with her approach, and i will wait and see if things pan out as suggested.. thanks again.." ... written by MTL
very good will come back for another reading in the near future" ... written by shades
perfect" ... written by Anj
FAST. PATIENT. andamp; HELPFUL." ... written by aNJAHL
She is on point and helps me find the faith in myself..great advice guidance just love her" ... written by JJ
I like her and only go to StarleneB" ... written by sandy burns
amazing as always ... not trying to be short with my praise but there really isn't anything else to say. Kind, sweet, on point, her predictions have always come true, right on point" ... written by ashley
Great reading, would recommend her to everyone! Shes the best on here!!! Great energy in the room!" ... written by Soulintheeyes
very on point and helped me learn what readings are about. i feel confident in what she's told me." ... written by graysonj
my first reading with Starlene. She picked up on my current situation well and i hope what she saw for the future comes to pass too. Will definitely be back for follow-up! Thanks Starlene" ... written by ginbellen
she was right to the point, and very efficient in time she consumes with me" ... written by jaqline
I like starlene and will come again." ... written by maggie
it was a good desicion!!! thank you!!!. i am happy i had this reading!!! . thank you so much!!! :)" ... written by carla
Thank you, Starlene, you are the best!! " ... written by G
Very fast and accurate, she gets right to the point and could connect easily. I loved her energy...she is very genuine and I could feel I could trust her guidance. I am excited with what she shared and look forward to seeing her prediction happen soon! I know I will return for her advice in the future. 5 stars all the way!!!" ... written by redwritergirl
she was great and hitting all the right areas of my interest of life whether its love or studies." ... written by adina
Awesome, Put me at ease and answered all my questions" ... written by Beth
Another amazing reading with Starlene B, her readings are very accurate and she is spot on, She is my favorite psychic in this site. I definitely recommend her .Thank you so much." ... written by s
lovely reading, felt all thingly afterwards.Will be back for update." ... written by ruth
ONE WORD... EXCELLENT" ... written by MP
Starlene is so calming during her readings. She connects extremely quickly and has given me much reassurance. Love her and always come back for updates" ... written by january
Great Reading, very connected to my situation and provided insight and clarity for me, which will help me consider what I should do. Very understanding! Excellent - would highly recommend !!! " ... written by Amy
you were wonderful..thank you for being upfront and to the point" ... written by aundreya
had a great accurate reading." ... written by elena
She was awesome" ... written by Kenamon L Hicks
nice reading, now just have to sit back and wait for all those wonderful things to happen" ... written by curious
Excellent!! and always helpful!!!! " ... written by Nicole
AGAIN.....GREAT...." ... written by
kind, human, wise, a great person, with alot of good answers" ... written by
TY star .. always a pleasure reading with you .. u have a wonderful spirit .. always consistent .. will ttys!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Starlene, thank you for your calming energy and your thorough explanation of the situation. You always get right to the heart of things. Sending you hugs. I will keep you posted." ... written by G
She was very detailed and answered all of my questions." ... written by Risingphoenix00
loved her!! she is amazing!" ... written by josephine
Interesting reading....I am very pleased and everything makes a lot of sense. Starlene explains the tarot very well and makes you understand your situation much more clearly. Thanks for an awesome reading hun...Xx" ... written by Ebony
Great reading...thank you for your kindness and love...i marked those dates on my calendar...ttys..." ... written by linda pryharski
excellent read! strongly suggest" ... written by newyork
Excellent reading, was able to read my chart and pinpoint my areas of concerns.. Thank you Starlene" ... written by Gary
Has fast answers!!!! and On Point!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by Nicole
Thanks!" ... written by Mariela
Excellent! Quick and accurate, enjoyed my reading!" ... written by Roxanne
Quick and accurate. specific on time periods and have a lot of information. " ... written by Susie
Great insight, very precise, and made me wish I had more time with her! :)" ... written by Fawn Prin
great...........thanks alot" ... written by m
she was very quick and precise with the meanings of the cards...was able to answer several questions in a timely manner.... touched on a few different areas in my life with accuracy...feeling inspired by the end of the reading" ... written by Mag
Star was terrific in finding out where I should be living at and giving me good advice on those things. . She answered a lot of other questions and helped confirm some other questions.. " ... written by Rick
i been wanting to get a reading from u for a while now and never got around to it. im glad i finally did today. your fast honest, sweet and very upfront with what u see :) FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY! ILL keep u updated :) ty" ... written by disturbed86
what she says makes sense. " ... written by alicia
Star has been so helpful andamp; patient. I really did enjoy myself during both her free chat as well as in the private session with her. She's extremely positive andamp; sweet, and I'd definitely love to come back to her for another reading should i need some guidance in life. Thank you so much for everything, dearest Star " ... written by Jerace2
Very good and informative" ... written by Debbie
She's very accurate and helpful" ... written by nbarnes2
Just had another reading with Starlene, she is great, very accurate, straight to the point, she is very lovely and caring person. She is the only one that I go to in this site. Thank you very much Starlene" ... written by sh
very nice lady" ... written by lee
very good readings...will not go to anyone else." ... written by maggie
starlene is lovely and strong" ... written by qp
always great....." ... written by mette44
shes lovely" ... written by lee
fast reader :) nice and god bless her" ... written by bb22
thank you for the reading. matches other. thank you" ... written by malteser70
Great reading , nice woman,very fast and accurate . Ill be back with updates ." ... written by mira
Great reader! Very insightful!" ... written by Noturmama
Very insightful and very sweet. Will definitely speak to her again." ... written by Brunette09
Great reading..very loving and insightful...thank you so much for talking with's always appreciated...:):)" ... written by linda pryharski
Starlene is always kind, informative and a wonderful confidant and I am proud to call her friend. My situation has slowed down, thank God. I needed a breather! I will let you know of any developments with the more positive end of things. Hugs to you." ... written by Me again
Needed to talk and just get an understanding of my feelings with a situation that im dealing with. She has been accurate and consistent since my first reading with her. " ... written by Tee
She is wonderful. She is very helpful and insightful. She sees things through a lot of different perspective and is very detail. I love her!" ... written by masijacoke24
amazing reading..very accurate " ... written by amanda
Lovely lady and straight to the point xx" ... written by B
ty Star your reading are ALWAYS consistent .. and I love the astrological aspects of it .. your very thorough and answer all questions quickly with a lot of knowledge of the cards .. very impressive " ... written by beautifulmesss
Starlene, thanks for the update. I hope things progress as you have stated. I know now that destiny has had a hand in all of this. I'll keep you posted." ... written by Me again
she is fast and good " ... written by ooo
fantastic. She connected very well, I felt she had a firm grasp on my situation. Will be coming back. lovely energy as well. 5 stars!" ... written by tiffany
Wonderful energy. Answered questions directly. Will be back." ... written by K
WOOOW what an amazing experience! I really enjoyed the reading and found her to be beyond accurate! you need to go private with her and get a birth chart reading! " ... written by Draconis
Wow! She really hit the nail on the head with little info from me. Thank you so much!" ... written by Tasha
Starlene is the most detailed astrologers I've read with - it's not mumbo jumbo. She is so knowledgable and accurate. I don't usually get astrology readings, as I know a lot about astrology myself, but her readings are so advanced that it is worth having a private session." ... written by Virgo
I enjoyed my reading and I will try to following the good advice given" ... written by ted
Always Excellent and on point!!! andamp; Fast! " ... written by Nicole
Very quick reading." ... written by LovingCompassion
Great and kind again." ... written by mette44
so sweet, I love our chats and she is always so helpful and gives great advice. Looking forward to updating you after January on things. :-)" ... written by debbie
She's very quick, no time wasting or sugar coasting." ... written by tj
She is very good and fast and a sweet person to talk to " ... written by one
She was great and gave me excellent advice on how to proceed further. Wonderful, wonderful person and very sweet spirit." ... written by Chiquita
she is fast , sport on and accurate . " ... written by sai .
Excellent as always!! fast and to the point!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Nicole
GOOD NICE READING" ... written by muhammad fayyaz
Great reading...wonderful...always honest and loving and love the conversations...there's a real connection between us and that makes it even better...thank you so much for everything :):) ttys" ... written by linda pryharski
the best in readings..................and chatting..." ... written by mette
one of the best. she is very fast, very connected, and a wonderful card reader. I love spending time with her, and feel she is spot on. " ... written by rose
Thank you for taking a look at our charts, and for your consistent care, kindness and wonderful advice, Starlene. Hugs to you. " ... written by G
Thanks again, Starlene. You are funny, compassionate, and kind as well as knowledgeable. Bless you. Namaste." ... written by Me again
Really great first time i've actually had a reading that I felt connected to and that felt true and positive." ... written by Jordan Lee Burnes
Very good reading and knows how to tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear." ... written by Harold
Thank you, Starlene, for taking a look at things. I agree with your assessment on both counts. Will let you know how things go." ... written by Me
Good reading, thank you!" ... written by Babs
Thank you for confirming my suspicions about February and family. :D" ... written by Sidney
Starlene is my go-to reader on Oranum. She is extremely connected and spot on with her insights. highly recommended!" ... written by Tiffany
Great reading" ... written by pinkpather30
she has been very accuret about my situation and she is very fast" ... written by oo
I liked her a lot. She was intuitive and knew how to translate the necessary aspects of my chart quickly and simply. " ... written by Jessica
thank you for a positive reading. appreciate it." ... written by leodragon2014
Very nice reading...was rather spot on" ... written by itty
Spot on!! Very quick answer. thank you Star! " ... written by hermestarr
thank you for re assuring me. " ... written by malteser70
liked the reading. Honest, down to earth, sweet." ... written by ana
good as always thanks again" ... written by jordan
great positive reading" ... written by anonymous
Starlene was great! she really connected to the situation and gave me good advice!" ... written by Katie
She was really nice and answered all my questions will come back for another reading soon. " ... written by Bella
Shes amazing!" ... written by jessie_20
she was great with the reading and answer all my questions she is very accurate and I was very happy with the reading, I will recommend, thank you so much!!!!" ... written by maracucha77
1 million stars. love her!" ... written by tiffany
She is so sweet and positive she really helps guide u in the right direction and is completely honest abt what she sees .. always Grateful Star ... TY TY " ... written by beautifulmesss
very very accurate and caring, understanding and awesome. I love her" ... written by gchild001
so great, and nice and very truthfull in privates" ... written by mette
i really loved the reading and she was very accurate and even told me how i should handle the situation.she is very sweet :)" ... written by n g
Very good calming reading, she really helps! Excellent :)" ... written by Amy
Thank you for the accuracy. It was my first time to have readings with you and I was satisfied with the results. I will now be one of your believers." ... written by Joseph
she was great!!!!" ... written by sophia
Awesome!!!! Still sees the same on my situation! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
Thank you for everything, No sugarcoating and straight to the point. I appreciate that. " ... written by Joseph
Great person. i will be back" ... written by Sam603
She was right on point with the questions I had asked. Very much appreciated. " ... written by Joeleym
Thank you for your always kind, generous and wonderful advice. You are a calming presence, and your insights are invaluable to me. I will keep you posted." ... written by Anonymous
very helpful" ... written by shades
Excellent reader...very nice person too!!" ... written by Stephanie
very accurate and good. nice to talk to." ... written by hpch
She is very accurate, kind, and patient. Lovely energy and beautiful spirit." ... written by Kaya
Excellent as always!! thank you so much!!!" ... written by Nicole
good reading as usual" ... written by g
Starlene is great astrologer and tarot reader. She helped me a lot." ... written by Angie
Loved chatting and getting a reading from Starlene " ... written by Nichole
Very quick and insightful always a pleasure. " ... written by Gary
Awesome!!! love her positiveness...thank you again..." ... written by linda pryharski
Wonderful and astounding. Within seconds and without my saying a word, Starlene hit on the very incident that had happened earlier this week, and has explained to me why what is happening is happening. She has given me the faith not to give up. She reads both me and the second person in this equation with uncanny accuracy. She is also an advocate, looking out for me. I am proud to call her friend. Namaste, Starlene. " ... written by G
She hit a time frame for me to the day and I haven't talked to this person in a cpl months .. shes very thorough and consistent .. thx star!" ... written by beautifulmesss
shes' good .. with pretty eyes :)" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
lovely and fast yet precise tarot reading...i will be back!" ... written by ginbellen
Always a joy to speak with her, she is very accurate! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
Star was very kind and efficient with the reading. I was able to ask more questions than I thought I'd have time for and get a clear understanding of what Star saw in the cards for me. Thank you so much Star!" ... written by Megs
Very informative and to the point. definitely worth a visit " ... written by Michele Jackson
The best at tarot cards I've ever seen. The cards were accurate. I feel she is correct. Ive come back a few times and the readings are consistent and remain on the same track. Thanks Starlene! Your truly a special reader!" ... written by Stephanie
thank you for your love and light and guidence i hope to heal soon too so i can move on forth thank you." ... written by mag
so and Nice, honest and answer every question..thanks" ... written by m
Excellent reading very caring and informative to the point, no beating around the bush." ... written by Tony
Really interesting ready from an astrological prospective regarding Mercury Retrograde. Also, she was able to get a timeline of what to expect. Good reading! Thank you. *****" ... written by starrfish57
Great the point. " ... written by Amy
awesome as always, she always reassures me and I feel she is right" ... written by p
She was great, very good conversation. Excited for things to come. :)" ... written by Steph
StarleneB is so wonderful!! I really appreciate the advice from her that I asked for! She's really helped me to some ideas to open myself up for my own intuitive mind :) I would recommend her to anyone! She can really answer a lot for your in a short time!" ... written by Lindsey
very clear very simple very connected and relaxed i very much enjoyed her energy and felt her genuineness and ease highly recommend" ... written by ap
Great reader, excellent intuition and knowledge of Tarot. Will def have another reading with her." ... written by TigerAlignment
very nice and answered a few questions, was helpful- I will have another reading when I have more funds Thank you " ... written by Melinda
she is the best ever,, whatever she told me so far, even with the dates and times, they came true! highly recommended! " ... written by sally
very spot on and accurate, love talking to her, will definitely come back " ... written by Stella
Great reading and to the point. Thanks" ... written by Amy
Very understanding. Quick and to the point. Good reading as always." ... written by Michele Jackson
i liked her, wished i had more time with her." ... written by angie
Shes very thorough will ask whatever u need her too .. shes been pretty good at time frames for me .. love her style of reading .. ty Star!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Star is so calming in her readings. She remains consistent." ... written by j1966
Good reading. Quick and to the point." ... written by Michele Jackson
StarleneB was great! She was so accurate in her reading and she gave me excellent advice! You wont regret it!" ... written by Belle
I love the reading you where amazing thank you so much" ... written by elisabete
Great reading" ... written by Amy
Very pleasant to talk to. Felt like she connected with me and put me at ease with some of my questions and concerns." ... written by Teresa
I really enjoyed starlene's reading, I felt good connection with her, and she was right about many things she told me. I will see what happens. Thank you sharlene." ... written by waterluva
I looked through many of the "psychics" on this site but always came back to Starlene. I felt a connection or sense of authenticity with her energy and her passion/knowledge of astrology. She did a good job of sorting my own thoughts for me and lending them some direction. I will certainly use her again." ... written by Becca
Reading was great" ... written by TaureanMoon
She is very quick with her answers. Always a good reading." ... written by Michele Jackson
good and accurate" ... written by starfish57
Love her. She was great. Quick and ready to answer all questions quickly. Super....." ... written by Kellie
Always accurate! thank you soo much!" ... written by cestlavie22
we used tarot to get a clear understanding of current situation which was spot on, so will see if predictions come true and keep you updated xx" ... written by lisa
Starlene was really good." ... written by GZRNYC
Thanks!" ... written by Mariela
very specific answers. also alot of what she predicted is now happening. thank you. 5 stars!" ... written by starfish57
so Nice as always, ill come back for another private later...." ... written by m
Thanks for the reading" ... written by Amy
She was wonderful!! Will definitely be coming back for another reading. Amazing. Great energy picked up on everything.xoxo-Angel" ... written by PoeticAngel
i was an excellent reading very sincere lady, and very informative and to the point, no beating around bush" ... written by tony
she did a great reading" ... written by jessica
she is accurate . she is honest and no sugarcoating . she can see the vision and i know her prediction will come true bcs i do my self reading and show up her time frame 6 time . she is the best. " ... written by sai
She is very sweet and to the point" ... written by Ladyme01
very rapid" ... written by Gabyjaby
I really enjoy her astrology readings ... she is very thorough and explains it in a way I can undertsnd .. she has your best interest at heart .. even though there are things I am waiting on/hoping for .. i have to continue to move forward .. and live my life .. shes very encouraging .. ty Starlene !!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Good angel reading. I liked her." ... written by Jade MacStone
Brought clarity to the situation. Thanks" ... written by Amy
Excellent reading. Thanks" ... written by Amy
always good and has good info to share. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Fascinating...always so helpful with my situations...understanding and receptive and we connect quickly...thank you so was nice to talk again..." ... written by linda pryharski
good reading." ... written by Doppler
very good with what she shared with me for ideas and solutions" ... written by starfish57
Starlene is super sweet. She was accurate about who I asked about. Will definitely come back." ... written by Brunette09
Great follow up , thanks darling you gave me hope " ... written by B
I think Starlene is brilliant, very quick, very to the point and sweet as hell. She has answers to all the questions you are looking for, and she just made my day.. Thanks a lot sweetheart... :D" ... written by Akshi Kish
Thank you so much for the reading. Felt like she connected with me very quickly and accurate. Once again, thanks for your time " ... written by Isabelle
Great reading again" ... written by Amy
She was amazing, and very accurate. I usually use 2 other readers on this site, and I took a shot with her, because I loved her energy, and she was remarkably accurate. Definitely read with her, you won't be sorry!" ... written by Jess
very helpful and insightful" ... written by itty
ahhh lovely chat with starleneB,, I hope things will happen as she said. I will return for sure. Thank you. " ... written by spacebunny
Great reading" ... written by Amy
she is amazing. I've asked her about a bunch of different jobs, all of which I had some information about…and she nailed every single one. She is truly gifted and reads cards well!" ... written by JEssica
great reading accurate, to the point" ... written by dean
she's a very sweet and caring person to speak to. i've come to her before and it's always been positive. thank you" ... written by luxxicon
Answers questions quickly. Awesome reading and great advice." ... written by Michele
she was great - dead on and gave great advice" ... written by anne
I love Starlene, she is quick to connect with her cards, remembers information on her clients from previous readings, very easy to talk to, and is on the mark. She also answers all my questions and give good advise. " ... written by LB
Starlene is absolutely on point! She is the only one i will trust. very quick and nice." ... written by rj
She was very kind and sweet, gave great detail about my situation and advice. I'll make sure to follow it." ... written by antonia
fantastic and really relaxing nature." ... written by Lee
really good" ... written by tim
she was very open like a friend with some inside insight.. loved her 5 stars" ... written by brenda
Very nice reading!! Got all of my questions answered and it was very nice how the cards kept validating each other and aligning with my birth chart. ty! =)" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
very fast and will check back and tell her if everything come true thanks for all your help" ... written by michele gould
Great reading.." ... written by Amy
She is so great. She is really sweet and to the point. You can feel free to ask her anything and she will be open to it. I loved my reading and I think things are going to be just fine now. She gave me a peace of mind that was needed during this weird time in my life. " ... written by Bessie Monke
good encouragement which was greatly needed. she gave me some insight which was helpful. thanks." ... written by starfish57
Thanks" ... written by Amy
very good reading on several things. it all made sense. will let her know what happens." ... written by starfish57
Starlene is great! Answers quickly and honest." ... written by Brunette09
Lovely andamp; very informative reading. " ... written by Sarah
She is very honest at not trying to sugar coat anything. I appreciate that." ... written by Tammy
Good insight on spirit guides! :) " ... written by LZ
Thanks for the reading and the advice." ... written by Michele
thank you so much for the insightful reading. they are always so encouraging, honest, and sincere. i appreciate that the most. i always feel comfortable coming back to get advice. " ... written by leodragon2014
I love coming to her she's soooooo nice and super sweet. She always keeps me calm in her private readings and give me details on top of details so I can completely understand my readings. I love her tremidously =) I think I spelt that wrong" ... written by antonia
Thanks" ... written by Amy
thank you very much" ... written by need
Answered all of my questions and was very precise! Thank you!" ... written by Nicole
thank you for laying out my situation. i get it now. " ... written by md
Really friendly! She was fast and can really read and understand my situation. I felt she was really accurate as well :)" ... written by Nini
She is very good, reads her cards very accurately and is fast! Definitely worth reading with!!" ... written by Jess
very professional liked her a lot" ... written by cat
Came looking for answers and def got them. Star is a great reader" ... written by Ayane
Amazing reading but tell me why I feel in such a good mood after my reading with her? lol Anyways must be her energy or something. I loved the reading thanks for your honesty and helping me out see things clear" ... written by Aaa
Starlene was great!! Straight to the point, fast, accurate on picking up stuff, answered all my questions honestly and cleared my mind on some things. Thanks :) I will keep you posted and be back. " ... written by Aaa
Thanks" ... written by Amy
Gotta quick update with her on my situation. She was fast and still stands by what she has been telling me since day one and the cards are in agreement with her. Thank you Star!" ... written by Tee
Very good reading, I shall update and let her know how it goes. It was really easy and she gave me good ideas on how to move on." ... written by BN
Great astrological reading, and she uses the tarot with it. Very well-rounded, in depth reading to help you plan for the future." ... written by honeylotus
Thank u so much, StarleneB " ... written by Janne
very quick with answers but knows my situations so that helps. been using her for a while now and her talents are amazing. Thank you!" ... written by starfish57
Thanks for your time" ... written by Amy
Very insightful and fresh. I look forward to future readings." ... written by KaitlynnJFord
Thanks for your reading. Very peaceful and it has calm my nerves too. I will take your advise into consideration and hope to have the results we talked about. Be blessed. xx" ... written by eldjef01
amazing" ... written by tamalaa75
I felt alot of opinion and guidance was given. As well as being able to see into future some. I did feel a connection with her" ... written by Alyssia Lowe
Thank you for the tarot reading for year. I needed to hear positive things! Much love. :)" ... written by Sidney
She's amazing, an aquarius like me, she was spot on, very delicate and shares with you whatever she sees. Sweet lady. I will definitely get back to her again" ... written by Aquarius
Just had a Reiki Treatment for the first time with Starlene. There was no need for words-just allowed the healing energy to happen. I believe that her genuine gift and sincerity were truly present. Thank you for sharing those moments in time." ... written by Joyful
thaaaaaaank you so much.." ... written by m
Starlene is amazing!!!!! She is so quick to tap into my energy and right to the point. Extremely accurate and very warm. She has a very caring energy and addresses your concern providing detail and advise. Loved my reading!" ... written by redwritergirl
I just had a really good reading with Starlene. She's very positive and intuitive! I would absolutely have another reading with her in the future. She's a kind woman!!! " ... written by Melissa
always nice and helpful" ... written by itty
great at being specific. always very informative. thanks." ... written by starfish57
She was very concise, very good energy. I loved her reading!" ... written by Nick
Such a well-spoken and helpful soul!!! GREAT energy, kind and dedicated to your reading and to helping you. I believe she truly has gift of clairvoyance and I'm so glad I read with her today" ... written by Sebastian
very sweet showed me a new guide.. made me smile to know this one... thank you" ... written by Lesa
Gave me a very hopeful reading, really helped out with my personal situation and gave me some clarity regarding decisions to be made in my life. " ... written by AK
I feel like I can trust her abilities and is very quick to connect and answer questions . I will go back " ... written by sweetpetal1
wow, always an amazing reader.Nice update." ... written by ruth
Thanks" ... written by Amy
wonderful reading " ... written by lydiablessed
Accurate reader! Nice advice..." ... written by E
when she says it is gonna happen, it happens. :)" ... written by starfish57
I thought I screwed something up but I didnt after talking to star, what she has told me has been accurate and true. Thank you!" ... written by Tee
Great reading from a beautiful soul...." ... written by P
Need someone to talk to to make sure I wasnt going crazy! Thanks star!" ... written by Tee
She was fast, direct and awesome :))))... She said that in 8 days should get the call from the commissary that I got the job!!!!!!!!!!! Yay...!!!! Said that would get approved this month for the frontier airlines credit card she said either the 4th, 14th or the 24th :)))) we will go with the 14th-15th :))) will keep u updated on what happens :)))" ... written by tiff
fast and kind" ... written by shellbynz
Very sweet, fast and helpful. She saw what my issue was and gave me advice on what to do to better my situation. " ... written by AA
Starlene answered all of my questions with ease and accuracy. I hope it works out! Thank you." ... written by L
She is so nice and very prompt. I felt comfortable during the reading and I hope that her predictions come true! I would highly recommend her for a reading!" ... written by DARNIAC
Always a pleasure having a reading with Star, always at ease with Star and for me never been wrong, I highly recommend her to anyone who needs clarity in all stages in their life. xx " ... written by Raphael
i just needed to hear the truth... thank you!" ... written by l
very nice reading, very caring." ... written by starfish57
this was a really super good reading. lots of information given and exchanged and identified. very anxious to know the outcome and see if the predictions happen. thank you." ... written by starfish57
So sweet, positive, very good adviser" ... written by Mariana
I LOVEEEEEEE HER .............. sooooo soooo pleasant and helpful....immediatley felt at ease and comfortable....very honest....if your looking for honesty and not for things to be sugar coated then this is the person for you.... tooo many times ppl tell us what we want to hear and not the raw truth.... if she didnt see it shell tell..... " ... written by Latchmie
Love her energy! Clear and clean! Thanks :)" ... written by Gevalia
wonderful reading" ... written by Michele
Starlene was amazing. Everything was on point and it all made sense. :)" ... written by Jackie S.
Good reading" ... written by Me
it was amazing how specific she could get with the cards. Also she was able to help with some feng shui questions which was nice. thank you. She's a keeper! :)" ... written by starfish57
She is just amazing.......God bless her" ... written by P
She is super fast and a great listener and always there to help me out! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
She was amazing!! I will definitely come back for more readings!!" ... written by Daniella
she is very fast and very good at the readings too" ... written by aa
She's a great help! Thank you Starlene!! :)" ... written by Ariana
StarleneB is very friendly, knowledable and knows her stuff. I would recommend her services to anyone... if you are not looking for BS and pretending with a flow of a drama, she is the real connection. Simple, Honest andamp; to the point. I appreciate her a lot. Thank you. I enjoyed my reading." ... written by Kinga
Insightful and genuine - great reading!" ... written by David Maundrell
I love Starlene and I came back because she offers me clear and concise answers about certain situations and she's very fast too like she gets tuned in very quickly and then gives you what she sees. Love ya girl, see you soon!!" ... written by A
Amazing. Predictions were true and she gave valuable advice. " ... written by Michele
I love love your reading! You are son since and down to earth. I always feel comfort with you advice. Thank you :)" ... written by mc
very good and helpful" ... written by stars
She's great. She's quick loving ans so so so sweet. I couldn't ask for a better reader. " ... written by Jenn
Excellent, confirmed what i felt was going on in my situation, very accuarate!" ... written by Marissa
She confirmed what I already knew, and doubled checked to make sure. Not all readers do that, she's very sincere and genuine, will always come back" ... written by toni
really get good readings when she does them. very specific which helps to identify things and great knowledge." ... written by starfish57
Thank you for everything. our sessions help a lot" ... written by Michele
She is amazing. So sweet and honest, reads her cards very very well…and her predictions come true!!" ... written by JessicaCA
I feel so much more at ease. what an awesome reading. Starlene Breiter is the best" ... written by Avalon
Starlene was very insightful about my situation. She was very fast, straightforward, honest and knew her cards really well. She doesnt sugarcoat! I would recommend her for a reading." ... written by cc
Really insightful. great advice." ... written by Michele
always great" ... written by itty
great reading...beautiful deck...always positive...thanks" ... written by linda pryharski
It was interesting and useful. I thought she had some good insight. Seemed accurate. " ... written by Kaye
She's accurate and amazing." ... written by nbarnes2
she is honest and accurate " ... written by sam
she was sweet, very fast, right to the point. she didn't waste time or money. she answered my questions asked if i had more questions but didn't beat around the bush. i like her a lot and have wanted a reading form her for a while. so glad i finally got one. will be back. " ... written by Rachelle
excellent!!!!!!" ... written by freeandlove23
big confirmations! this was a huge reading that made so much sense. thank you." ... written by starfish57
She was wonderful. She put things in a new light for me. where i was unsure of what to do I have some insight now. thank you. " ... written by Stephanie
she is the best and sport on " ... written by sai
very helpful...always nice" ... written by itty
Lovely, kind, understanding, straight to the point, would definitely visit again. Thank you so much xxx" ... written by Helpme67
EXCELLENT READING!!!!" ... written by freeandlove23
she was very quick and clear about the situation.this was my second reading with her and i loved it." ... written by n g
first time with starlen.very nice will be back " ... written by gene
Great reading!" ... written by rhd
great reading. seemed very on point" ... written by nurseusa
She naturally gave off a positive vibe! Her readings were quick and very accurate! " ... written by Jessica
she is always very intuitive. bright and cheery. i always look for her if i have any questions." ... written by maggie
She's awesome! Right on spot. Thank you!!" ... written by Intuitnerd
I really like Starlene. She is so non-judgemental. And her readings are very good and kind and gentle. " ... written by allbright
i really appreciate the insight especially into a relationship where it's hard to know what the other person is thinking/feeling. thanks as always. I can always rely on you to give me clarity. " ... written by leodragon2014
very good" ... written by kiont78
Love her! Awesome. Clear and very precise. Must have a reading with her." ... written by Gevalia
always helpful in time of need" ... written by itty
She is amazing. She knows her stuff and very honest and straight to the point! thank you darling!" ... written by mimi
Wow... confirmation. I heard it before and I knew it in my heart, but it put me at ease a bit and I can look at my situation different then i did before the reading. Appreciate it, Thanks for the reading Starlene :) " ... written by sharona315
Shes warm and very fun to talk to. Many blessings to her." ... written by nbarnes2
Lovely reading, great energy and advice. " ... written by Halo
loved my reading...xoxo" ... written by cmscarmona
This is my 4th time coming to her, and she always gives me sweet and necessary advice. Looking forward to her predictions" ... written by toni
Once again good reading, haven't found another like you on here thanks so much." ... written by Jordan
really good astrologer. she can get extremely specific. awesome!" ... written by starfish57
very exacting! awesome! thank you." ... written by starfish57
great reading, always sweet and genuine! love catching up and thankful she can assure me what i'm doing is the right thing. " ... written by Deb
I told you earlier that I was having a strong drive to have a reading with you since yesterday and I don't know why. Of course I have some worries deep inside me but you gave me all the answers. From general inquiry, you hit it right there and then and everything were all accurate after." ... written by Joseph
Really good insight, and she gave me good advise into the question that I was think of." ... written by BN
Great reading!" ... written by Chloe
most comforting and accurate" ... written by prettygirl
What an amazing ready always on point, Starlene is the real deal x" ... written by Raphael
Star is great, really kind, fast, and straight to the point! LOVE reading with her whenever I need answers, thanks! She's def worth a shot " ... written by A
Very informative and provided alot of useful advice." ... written by Myles
Good reading very enlightening. Waiting to see if the reading was accurate. " ... written by shades
The most calming energy and accurate reading love this woman." ... written by pretty
She's amazing and very helpful in her words and teaching." ... written by nbarnes2
thank you for the great gave me clarity " ... written by md
I really liked her!! She's clear, to the point and everything she said was so accurate! Refreshing! :) " ... written by Alexis
Great read! " ... written by prime
Highly, Highly recommend!! Fast, accurate and so right on the money!! :) xoxo" ... written by Alexis
Thank you for your help." ... written by Michele
Starlene is great at reading her cards , and gives me a lot of helpful advice , I always love my reading w her , she is straightforward, dosent sugar coat and is a very confident reader .. Many thanks Starlene !!" ... written by beautifulmesss
You have helped me to relax a little when it come to my relationship. I am really starting to like him a lot and to know that there is something there is vital for me. You are very sincere and I really enjoyed talking with you. You definitely have a way of making people open up and believe. Thank you so much. " ... written by Vicky
Always a pleasure to talk to. She gives me hope and relief and is very accurate and right! Thank you Star! much love!" ... written by Tee
had a good discussion on love life" ... written by ak
wow, she is so connected, so fast, so accurate, i love talking to her...what an amazing reading, brilliant skills, spot on clear," ... written by yoma
Starlene is wonderful...she's very intuitive...her readings make sense." ... written by Stephanie
Great!! She's confirming and so accurate! " ... written by Alexis
thank you so much! very in detail about things! didnt ask a question but she picked up on it super fast!! im at ease now!" ... written by someone
she's spot on on the questions and issue!! very fast answer" ... written by Chnatelle
amazing! so comforting and so much good information! thank you again so so much! i will definitely be back for more guidance " ... written by Sabrinanoir
I love this lady. She is grounded but also really ahead. A great coach I would recommend s such. I wish I had more time with her. She was very helpful. Thank you" ... written by Brigitta
very nice reading i think she picked up on a lot of accurate details around my question. " ... written by bagrosso
direct, positive, and outgoing energy that is a welcome! sure helps to have someone reflect back to you the guidance desired. thank you!" ... written by starfish57
great quick reading! very insightful :) thankyou" ... written by bob
Highly accurate. Would stop by very soon" ... written by E
Starlene is the best. Very quick, accurate and sincere. Five stars." ... written by Erica
Awesome reading." ... written by Michele
StarleneB was really nice and very helpful! She helped me see what path I need to take and how to deal with everything. I would defiantly do another reading with her. " ... written by Tabitha
Very gentle soul. On point. Will be back!" ... written by Chelcie
great reading" ... written by gregg
Great insight - She was able to give me clear insight to my question at hand and really helped me make sense of what is going on with my situation. Thank you so much for your help and very much work a try, she is very understanding and helpful!! One of the best on the site....She s one of the few I go too ! " ... written by Amy
Great reader! Love her energy! Very clear and to the point. Thanks Starlene!" ... written by Ellen
She can really zero in on things and get specific. It was great. thanks! :)" ... written by starfish57
always very helpful" ... written by itty
Another great reading with Starlene. will be back. she is always so helpful" ... written by Byryana
Star is wonderful. her energy is so pure and her readings are very positive and informative. i definitely reccomend her. 5 stars :)" ... written by liz
Answered every question truthfully and fast. Thank you!" ... written by Nicole
Great with the Tarot. Nice and clear and very helpful. Thanks Starlene." ... written by Ellen
she is very kind and fast " ... written by oo
Very sweet and right to the point. Felt very accurate. She picked up on feelings i was having and was able to advise me. She picked up on my boyfirends personality perfectly. Great reader :)" ... written by Dani
Awesome reader." ... written by Stephanie
very truthful and honest. very good reading" ... written by andy giller
Very fast and kind" ... written by Alyssa
I have been wanting a reading with star for along time. I look at the profile and something keeps drawing me back to getting a reading... so I did...she is lovely, calm, reassuring and confident in her reading ... will def come back ... thank you xx" ... written by natalie
Thank you, we really had a very good connection and you were able to connect with him too. I am very thankful for having you as one of my reliable readers. " ... written by Joseph
Its always a pleasure talking to Starlene. She is always on point! and definitely helping me through this difficult time!" ... written by Nick
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING she was spot on !!!!!!!!!!!!!1" ... written by Jamal
She was very fast and very spot on. I will def come back to share if she was right with the prediction." ... written by Vanessa
she was very great!!!! very head on ! and intutive" ... written by Jamal
Very Good" ... written by k
she is one of the most comforting people i have ever encountered." ... written by Prettygirlny
She was really friendly and gave me good response to my questions. I trust her i hope i will get some good news in the coming days. " ... written by bibi luthfa mohobuth
Specific answers. Great psychic!" ... written by Danes
Big time confirmation! It was a very good reading! Thank you!" ... written by starfish57
She is so kind and sweet...i really liked her reading!" ... written by Sonia
Starlene is accurate on describing my situation. I will try hard to solve this problem with her advice :)" ... written by stellachan
much needed this private chat was well worth it ... thank you !!!" ... written by newbabe
always a pleasure...was quite right about my guy feelings of being scared!" ... written by itty
Had a great reading Starlene! thank you! clarified so much. cleared a lot of confusion. My mind is more at ease after our conversation. I appreciate it. Will update you soon!" ... written by flovech82
so nice and so good at privates, and extremly human..." ... written by m
lotsa good connection. really an upbeat reading. thank you! " ... written by starfish57
really good reading answered all my questions. thank you" ... written by Mikojin
Again, I keep coming back because she hits the mark every time! Thanks Starlene!" ... written by Mailee24
Lovely lady ... very helpful... very insightful made perfect sense " ... written by hayleydoune77
I really needed the voice of wisdom and clarity to protect something that is so precious to me from falling apart. I'm so glad I found StarleneB !! She's so lovely and talented , and was able to pick up on my cosmic energies perfectly. She understood my situation and patiently guided me to clarity and reason :) Thank you so much StarleneB for helping me today!! Big big hugs and lots of love to you!! M" ... written by M
Thank you much !" ... written by Blue
Pretty good. I'll wait and see what happens in the next few months and get back to Starlene with feedback" ... written by aw
honest and best . no sugar coating . her cards is same message time frame what arch angels micheal give " ... written by sam
she was very good" ... written by staci
Freakin amazing everything is true and accurate" ... written by prettygirlny
i love this girl very sweet and accuret" ... written by aa
Love her. She is the best! Im never disappointed" ... written by Prettygirlny
very uplifting, encouraging and informative. really appreciate her insights. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Awesome private, i returned for the second private, in the first private she was so accurate. Very sweet woman, good and fast reading. Very honest, would recommend her to everyone! " ... written by SoulinTheEyes
she's awesome and very detailed" ... written by Cristina
Im her #1 fan. She is the sweetest and so accurate" ... written by prettygirl
good" ... written by nicole
Starlene is really great. She helped me a lot. She understood what I needed to do. I'm glad I got a reading from her. it gave me hope." ... written by Ph
She is so clear and accurate, she goes fast to the point without talking too much. She answers to the questions and add information not given, so she is fantastic. I am so glad to meet her, she solved all my doubts and I will sure recommend her. " ... written by Maria
She was wonderful! She was spot on when it came to issue. She knew what happened, and what was going on that caused a rift between my ex and I. She also saw a positive outcome in my life. I ran out of time, but definitely going back in for round 2 to answer more questions about my future! She's the real deal!! " ... written by Mailee24
i do feel that she is very accurand i like her as a person" ... written by aa
she is the quickest and sport on . also accurate all the time. love her . " ... written by sai
Starlene never disappoints. Always so spot on. " ... written by Prettygirlny
Again, went back to ask addition questions about my life. She knew what I was going through, knew I was in a rough patch in life. Said that the rough patch is coming to an end, and I should start seeing everything go up hill. :) Made my day because I was really feeling the rough patch, it was affecting me emotionally. Thank you Starlene! You are simply amazing!" ... written by Mailee24
Starlene B " ... written by aroha mason
Great reader! She is very spot on and always tells it how it is." ... written by K
Sorry we got cut off, but thank you for an absolutely incredible reading. You have been amazing and i will be back :)" ... written by Lucyclaremussett
I feel like she has become a good friend to me. She talked to me like a friend, and was very accurate on my situation. She was amazing as always. She really knew what the issue was in my relationship with my ex. She gave great advice. Described the tarot cards she got for me very well. Starlene had a good outcome for me regarding my situation, and I am hoping and waiting. Thanks Starlene." ... written by MaiLee24
i got such great vibes off starlene. Thank you :) " ... written by pree
Nice to catch up with the girl, she is so honest " ... written by B
Really good reading with lots of positivity . I'm glad I got to ask a lot about my love life, job and finances." ... written by BN
Going to connect one more time" ... written by BN
Lot's of Starlenes predictions have come true. Thanks Starlene!" ... written by Ellen Smith
Love her and so will you. Great with cards and giving answers to help you move forward. Thanks!" ... written by Jillian Smith
My goodness. I just had intense therapy with Starlene. She is accurate and honest and just a great energy. xoxoxo" ... written by Prettygirlny
Wanted to try out the astrology side with readings and Starlene was so nice and kind. Starlene was very descriptive too on how things will unfold. Can't wait to see it all play out!" ... written by Swede
Lovely reading xx" ... written by B
thank you my dear for clarification. Great reading. " ... written by m
thank you she is fantastic i go to her often. " ... written by moonshine
Really wonderful, thorough reading! Very honest, kind, and compassionate while still being straight forward and not wasting time. Highly recommend. Thank you, Starlene!" ... written by Amanda
GREAT reading!!! Amazing!!! :) xoox" ... written by Alexis
I really like her. Shes the real deal no questions about it. give her that gold badge oranum!!" ... written by mia
she's awesome" ... written by cristina
very insightful good reader" ... written by Mikojin
great reading...picked up on things without me saying.." ... written by cherie
Very intuitive psychic, considerate and helps out all she can. Awesome reading!" ... written by Blazer Rule
awesome reading." ... written by Mikojin
Its like having an intense therapy with your best friend.. you are the best" ... written by Prettygirlny
She is wonderful, I have had several readings with her. She is quick accurate and amazing to talk through your problems/issues with. She is definitely a reader I am comfortable with and will come back to time and time again." ... written by Thatgirl7541
by far my favorite..helping me in so many areas. accurate and so kind" ... written by Prettygirlny
As always love her!" ... written by Thatgirl7541
great reading. very enlightening" ... written by Diana
truly one of the best... very sincere.. honest.. most importantly: CLEAR. i feel her guides align with mine which together create ultimate clarity!" ... written by ale
def honest and sport on . " ... written by sai
Really uplifting reading, I hope it's accurate! She picked up information without me giving it to her too.. Do recommend. " ... written by AK
As always..she is a gem." ... written by Prettygirlny
Thank you for the clarity. My mind is jumping from one stage to another but you smoothen it out for me. Thank you. Surely I will see you for more readings." ... written by Joseph
always, nice and smart.and friendly i recommend starlene........." ... written by m
Lovely human being and talented psychic/astrologer...answered all my questions and put my mind at ease, thank you thank u thank u...I will definitely be coming back." ... written by lovehouston
Always love her! Must !!!" ... written by Thatgirl7541
She helped me look whats ahead in future . thanks StarleneB" ... written by shon
Starlene is the best! Great advice as always, tapped into my feelings, and gave me a timeframe. She really makes you feel at ease after the chat. Again, she has definitely become more of a friend than anything. My past readings, she told me that success job wise will be in my favor, but it won't be my career, that my career job will be several months away (late in the year). The jobs I will be getting now will be enough to pay bills, a couple of weeks later I got 6 interviews for just regular jobs I've done in the past, but not necessarily my dream job. Then, on my birthday, I get an email stating that I was chosen for the testing phase for my DREAM JOB! Thousands of resume come in annually for this position, and the process will take 6-12 months just like Starlene predicted will happen for my dream job. " ... written by MaiLee24
very nice and on point!" ... written by matt
I love her!!!!!!!! She is such a big help! She has been accurate and gives such good advice as well! Thank you star!" ... written by Tee
very quick tuning into situation! hope things are getting better soon!!" ... written by stellachan
Always so happy and sweet. Describes people and situations really good. " ... written by Elizabeth
I just want to say how much I love Starlene and how she has helped me so much. She is one of the best psychics in this site and I'm grateful I found her. God Bless You Star!! Love, MJsFaithdoll" ... written by MJsFaithdoll
Oh my word.. i can breathe again. thank you so much for your insight, advice and reading as accurate as ever and you are declared my favorite xoxo" ... written by Prettygirlny
Awesome as always! Love love love Starlene! I probably talk to her at least once a week just because she makes you feel so welcoming, more like a friend. Thanks again! " ... written by MaiLee24
always filled with enthusiasm and encouragement to spread positive thinking. :)" ... written by starfish57
great reading as usual. hones in on everything." ... written by Miko
LOVE HER! Must go to her for readings!" ... written by Thatgirl7541
always a great to talk to her :) one of my favorites. " ... written by alecheme
excellent, fast and on point" ... written by cherie
:)" ... written by alechem
thanks a lot much needed to hear what you had to say " ... written by new
very kind, very calm, very straightforward, and very accurate. i look forward to speaking with her again!" ... written by rarasie
great " ... written by gregg
shes lovely and kind and answers the questions with care" ... written by pree
thank you very much for your advices and insight :) looking forward for predictions " ... written by Alicja
Love Star. Very professional and helpful always. Thanks Star :)" ... written by Suzy Michaels
one of the things about talking to starlene is that she is so warm and compassionate and her energy is so nice that just talking to her is so soothing. " ... written by albright
she is accurate " ... written by sai
miss talking to her, she was awesome and it was amazing to speak to her." ... written by nbarnes2
good reading answer all my questions" ... written by Miko
very good reading" ... written by Miko
she answered about ten questions. very quick gave me time lines and everything" ... written by Miko
Never disappoints me.. its like speaking with my best friend. Your predictions have come to pass...uttertely amazing" ... written by prettygirl
thanks " ... written by new
thanks " ... written by new
thanks a lot " ... written by new
LOVE LOVE LOVE" ... written by Prettygirlny
Very accurate" ... written by Autumn Walker
quick to the point and no wasted credit . honest and accurate . " ... written by sam
was able to give me some clarity on things. it all makes sense." ... written by starfish57
love herrrrrrrrrrr always. very sweet, honest, and to the point. i go to her regularly :)" ... written by ale
first reiki session...refreshing and positive feeling" ... written by cherie
Great reader. Gave guidance and her predictions have happened in the past." ... written by pinkpather30
Lovelovelovelove her. Very sweet and kind, accurate, honest. I definitely connect with her well :) She's also lovely to just chat with in general! Thanks Starlene!!!! " ... written by ale
Thank you Starlene!! I was in a little bit of shock tonight, something hit me I didn't expect. Needed to talk to you because I love the way you connect with the angels next to all the other skills you obviously have. I just know your words are deep and true, and that you are geniune and full of love. Helped me alot. Love you Starlene " ... written by angel_hugs
She is wonderful, I have had several readings with her. She is quick accurate and amazing to talk through your problems/issues with. She is definitely a reader I am comfortable with and will come back to time and time again. MUST TRY" ... written by Chanel
LOVE LOVE LOVE her! So much good to say about one person but this woman is phenom!" ... written by Thatgirl7541
Very good reading...pinpointed some major things coming into my life and gave me a good sense of direction regarding my career and love life." ... written by Nicole
The BEST!!!!" ... written by Prettygirlny
the best as always. her enthusiasm is so super. her predictions are great too. thank you." ... written by starfish 57
really helpful, told me some good things about my future" ... written by matt
This was my first reading with Starlene, and it was a reading quite unlike others I have had. She got to the very heart of my situation quickly, and could give me very insiteful advice.Really helped me see things I wasn't quite aware of, that can be of tremendous value for me. I highly recommend her" ... written by angel_hugs
Starlene is amazing. She always looks professional in appearance and demeanor. She stands out from most of the readers on here. Thanks Star!" ... written by Missy Duncan
Always nice/kind/professional/helpful and always very accurate. Contact Starlene. She is amazing!" ... written by Jillian Walters Giggles
thank you for your help. I how everything works out for me :)" ... written by Kim P
I totally loved her. She was easy to communicate with, and v understanding. Also she was v fast in her reading and v accurate. Totally worth the money i paid for. Thank You so much " ... written by Lady
Love this lady! She is my go to for everything!! XO" ... written by Thatgirl7541
She always is specific. Knows astrology super well and can provide timely answers. Great reading! thank you." ... written by starfish57
A billion thank are the best" ... written by prettygirlny
soo sweet. I have to wait for some predictions to pass but she would say things about my ex or situation right before I did. This happened a couple times. I am really happy I went to her! Def recommend." ... written by b
Love!" ... written by Thatgirl7541
very good" ... written by tim
awesome reading. really good insights. accomplished a lot in a short time! thank you! :)" ... written by starfish57
Starlene is so nice and understanding and is a very fast reader and gets right to your question. Highly recommend giving her a try.....:)" ... written by Amy
very insightful and kind. thankyou x" ... written by lissliss1
So sweet and fast with her response I am hoping to see what will happen. Thank you very much." ... written by sangeeta
very insightful. I highly recommend her" ... written by theodora
brilliant" ... written by rishma
I have been looking forward to a reading with Starlene for a bit now and I can honestly say I will treasure every second spent reading with her. She is an amazingly kind soul with so much passion for what she does. Its as if she knew exactly who I was and what i am feeling and gave the perfect advise. Thank you Star !!!" ... written by s
very insightful and helpful. i took notes. i listened. i wish there was a way I could receive a written copy of what she said to me. I will definitely return to follow up with her. thank you." ... written by Brian
five stars as always :)" ... written by ashley
very honest andamp; positve answers.... thanks for your guidance...hope to chat again" ... written by sharlinlimon
Love Starlene. So pretty/professional/impressive/smart/talented/kind. She has it all. She is very popular here for a reason. Thanks Starlene." ... written by :)
Starlene is so polished/professional/insightful/honestt/helpful/intelligent. She has it all going for her. What a delight to speak with her. Thanks STAR!" ... written by Lovely Wolf
wonderful reading. answered all the question we had time for" ... written by Miko
I love Starlene! She is the best. Assured me that everything was going to be alright. One of her prediction already came true, so I am just waiting for the biggest one to come through. Again, thank you Starlene, I don't think I'd be able to get through this time without your guidance." ... written by Mailee24
Good reading gave me some insight. " ... written by Jasmine
the reading was great. she used the tarot and what she said made sense. It was a good experience and she answered everything promptly and seemed accurate. Thanks A lot." ... written by Ana
I've written a lot of reviews for Starlene. Again, amazing as always! My go-to reader on this site. Love her!" ... written by maiLee24
5 stars! Feeling more balanced after a reiki session. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Christine
Great astrologer and reading " ... written by Maria
Starlene has such a radiance around her. Her answers are very insightful and she answers questions in a lot of detail. I think she's one of the best psychics on the site. I loved my session with her and will definitely come back for more! Thanks Starlene." ... written by Roohani Deshpande
I only met her the day that I had my reading and she was very helpful =] She was my first reading ever and I was very happy with what she told me! She is so friendly and nice and I will be seeing her again! Everything she had told me and the cards that she had drawn out for me fit my situation so perfectly. Now I just need to apply the advice. All in all great experience and I would recommend her to anyone. " ... written by Lauren
Thank you so much" ... written by prettygirlny
As always love her!!" ... written by Thatgirl7541
Bright/Intelligent/Available/Professional/Fun/Nice/Positive/Crystal Clear energy. Love my readings with Starlene and so will you. Very helpful for my DECISIONS I need to make. Just do it! :) Press the Yellow button and have a private." ... written by Alicia Sanchez
She's always good with great suggestions to fix the situation at hand. If she cannot find an answer, she directs me where I can find one. REally have had accurate predictions and good readings. Love her! :)" ... written by starfish57
I came in today to get some peace of mind with a situation that we have been working on together, and I got just that. Starlene also did a general reading, and everything she said made so much sense. She said a lot of good will be coming into my life (start a new job tomorrow, in which she also said that I will be getting in the beginning of June in the healthcare industry). Love her!!" ... written by MaiLee24
Love" ... written by Thatgirl7541
Loved her energy and the fact she got directly to the point of my question !!" ... written by Mark
As always, really helps to have a reading with her. She gets right to the point and offers solutions to situations at hand. Really good at what she does. Thank you!" ... written by starfish57
She is one of my go to ladies when I need honest and accurate help! Thank you so much!" ... written by Tee
excited to see what happens. predictions come to pass x" ... written by pree
Stellar/Clear/Professional/Helpful - Always very considerate of my time. Thanks so much!" ... written by Jill VanPelt
Great as usual. Easy to talk to, non judgemental, look forward to the coming months ahead." ... written by Amanda
Very helpful thank you" ... written by Eddy
she is amazing! thank you." ... written by starfish57
always gives good reading tells the truth" ... written by miko
I highly recommend use go to Starlene for a reading. Was so accurate with everything! Thank you so much again. Definitely something I needed xx " ... written by Sariah
always a good reading. answered a lot of questions in a very short time" ... written by miko
thank you so much!" ... written by adsfa
StarleneB is the best. I'm glad that i went to her." ... written by Christina
just superb! best adjective to describe her! thank you!" ... written by starfish57
The BEst" ... written by prettygirlny
was very helpful and claryfind , very straight forward and well spoken" ... written by simon
Very direct. No sugarcoating. Honest and intuitive. Thank you!" ... written by Arabella
So, I think I've become a regular client of Star. I get a reading from Star at least a couple or more times a month. She's that great! I feel at ease when we talk. Her answers are direct and she's been accurate to the point where you're just in awe. Thanks again Star! You're amazing!" ... written by MaiLee24
Love Starlene. So quick/precise/professional. She really is a clear channel and I know she does the work to stay that way. You know why she is so popular here. She is great! Thanks Star! Keep up the helpful work." ... written by :)
she is great " ... written by ida
very good reading. always wonderful to talk to her." ... written by miko
Very fast!!!!! I enjoyed! " ... written by butterlysun
I really enjoyed the reading with Starleneb. She is very quick, accurate, compassionate and left me feeling hopeful. I highly recommend her and I will come back to her." ... written by deva delight
good with knowing her cards and astrology to accurately predict. she got really precise which was awesome, especially with timelines." ... written by starfish57
shes good and pretty acurate" ... written by mike
shes good and gets straight to the point" ... written by mike
She is very fast and right to the point to questioned asked. Will be back for update. TYVM Star." ... written by JERRY
Shes as awesome as ever so welcoming , her reading is consistent to what she has been telling me all along and its been a cpl months since we read . ty Starlene, it was great reconnecting with you.. always grateful... LYL!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
quick answer!!!!yeah!!" ... written by cherie
sooooo amazing and wonderful and genuine and gifted she is very awesome!!!!! " ... written by tiffany
Thank you so much for a great reading, so calm and easy to chat to, related to all my issues. " ... written by Steve
Very kind spirit who was extremely helpful. Definitely someone I'll go to again. :)" ... written by Mercy
omg her prediction happened while we were in pvt chat" ... written by miko
love her. wonderful reader good advice" ... written by miko
thank you. i always feel hopeful after your readings. i hope things turn out for the better for me. " ... written by leodragon2014
great reading! covered so much! timelines, specific info. really appreciate her abilities! thank you. :)" ... written by starfish57
Star is great, one of her predictions came true and i have to wait for the others. She is very fast and always on point with her assessment of others in my life. I highly recommend if you seek advice and insight." ... written by ad
Starlene was wonderful. It was great to hear the astrology side to a situation I have been dealing with as well as a general reading of what influences my personality and how I deal with people. She nailed my personality to a T, it was very interesting to hear that perhaps my wandering mind may not due to simple ADD, perhaps I was fashioned this way on multiple levels. I will be back, I look forward to seeing what transpires over the next few weeks and months. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Professional/Clear/Honest/Accurate/Peaceful room - She does the work to be amazing. I respect you so much Star. Good work! Thanks." ... written by ****
shes a great reader waiting for her perdiction to pass" ... written by mike
she is accurate , quick and no wasting credit " ... written by sai
I came into this reading conflicted about the choices that I have to make in the future. I came to Star, not knowing if I had a question to ask her or advice I needed. She helped me formed a question to ask. She advise me. She gave me both sides to the reading. Ultimately, I will have to make the decision. Thanks Star for bringing this situation into light. You are such a wonderful soul. " ... written by MaiLee24
Right to the point. Fast read which is awesome! " ... written by SB
thank you so much for the clarity. i hope things go well tomorrow with the emotional colleague. " ... written by leodragon2014
I really had a wonderful reading from her she did very well. Read me as if she knew me forever only way I know how to put it, I enjoyed it very much and will come back for another reading very soon. I recommend a reading by her she's great, wonderful energy I feel so much better now that I know. " ... written by Diana
Starlene was so lovely, very kind and quick but also very in tune. I enjoyed her energy and will definitely be back!" ... written by Jayna
She's a good read. I will see what comes to past. " ... written by Nbarnes2
always a good reading. never ceases to amaze." ... written by miko
Starlene is great, she connects fast and does not waste your time. She is very easy to talk to and is on the mark with what she has to say." ... written by LB
Spot on advice - very helpful." ... written by Chrissy
Thank you! You were so sweet and honest. I appreciate it. " ... written by Brielle
Love her" ... written by Thatgirl7541
Really good reading to my questions very specific. Her past connections have come true. So I have come back to find out more." ... written by BN
shes a great reader and gets right to the point and don't use a lot of ur credits" ... written by michael
Thank you, lovely reading." ... written by
Bang on answers. Straightforward dealings and super sweet she is guys. " ... written by sabina0202
always super when it comes to solutions, predictions and timelines. thank you!" ... written by starfish57
Professional, Clear, Crisp, Intelligent and very helpful always with timelines/dates. Very accurate. Thank you Starlene!" ... written by Andy
She was great" ... written by ty
very good reading. always on point" ... written by miko
she does say how she sees it hope things work out how she said it would I would be happy I just need to wait il come back for a update definitely" ... written by a
Great reading as usual! Thank you!" ... written by Mariela
honest and accurate . will update the prediction with in a month . " ... written by sai
very caring, awesome readings. honest always." ... written by miko
Starlene in all things is straightforward and honest and attentive. She's so talented - her work isn't spewing platitudes or wasting your time. She's just a professional lady who knows what she's talking about with astrology as well as card-reading on her side. I always enjoy our readings (even if the news she delivers is exhausting, but it's not her fault.) Whereas some readers I think treat "no sugarcoating" as permission to be grating, Starlene just does what she does in plain language. 10/10" ... written by Sierra
always a good reading" ... written by iko
Starlene is the one person here I really feels connects with me. She picks up on the situation so quick, and I get ideas of where I am vibrationally, and where it is leading me. Good advice and insight about what is in the past as well as right now and the future. She has a lovely personality, and is very professional. I highly recommend her. Thanks Starlene. 5 stars" ... written by Angel_Hugs
Great Reading! Thank you Starlene!!! See u again!!" ... written by Mariela
Had a brief read with her this morning answered all questions quickly and answers went hand in hand with what I already was feeling. Love her!" ... written by Thatgirl7541
good reader good advice good everything thank Star." ... written by miko
Very easy to talk to and highly communicative. She doesn't waste time and doesn't ask forgiveness for what she is learning but speaks what she sees. I have a lot of comfort from having spoken to a specialist. I don't feel like I've gone out for coffee with a friend but I have sat down with a specialist. I feel like I can now let my shoulders down and actually relax...stop worrying...thank you so much" ... written by Mrs Fix
wow, she is great!!!" ... written by healings
starlene picked up on so much, and validated what readers have said before. shes a total gem " ... written by toni
great reading as always she gave me the answers i needed to move on from my situation i feel relief now knowing which way to turn now" ... written by paul
getting to the heart of the matter, clear and honest, thank you" ... written by Delicious
My go to lady!!!!!! Love her!!!" ... written by Tee
Thank you I am in such ease right now." ... written by cee
She was very nice - did cards. Gave good advice. We'll see what happens. " ... written by heather
Very calm and patient. She was very clear and connected with what I am going through. Will definitely come back to speak with her." ... written by pinkflowers18
She was on point and quick she is the best." ... written by James
Very good reading, gave me some things to do and think about , also gave a timeline which gives me hope in work. Will be back for updates. 5 stars*****" ... written by k
Always a pleasure reading with Star. Most of the time I come in wanting a reading for a specific question, but there are times where I just want a general reading. Her reading are accurate. She is straightforward. Caring. Gives great advice. I come to her often because she has been right in the past." ... written by MaiLee24
Astrology Reading - after a demo, that was very accurate I decided to have an astrology reading, and I am so glad i did. Starlene is one of the most nice, sensitive and caring persons I have ever met, and I will definitely be coming back. thank you :)" ... written by venus
WOW. this lady amazing. Starlene needs a star as she was so spot on for me" ... written by Matthew
She is so quick. And she has the answer. I am glad that I can ask her anything with confidence." ... written by James
thank you for a great positive reading" ... written by malteser70
awesome" ... written by mikoj
very good reading" ... written by miko
good reading. much clarity given. thank you!" ... written by starfish57
helped me see things clearly and better. good reading. thanks." ... written by starfish57
5 stars!" ... written by Jennifer
Lotsa confirmation on things in the reading. She is always awesome. I think she is a great reader. Thank you." ... written by starfish57
It really helps to get a focus with what she foretells/suggests and explains. There is definite accomplishment each time I have a reading with her and this is worthwhile. thank you!" ... written by starfish57
I love her! I come to her when I need help and she has been accurate and so sweet! She has my back and will tell me the truth! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
thanks for the reading, will update you some other time." ... written by Soul
I always feel better after I speak with her, and not bc she sugar coats or tells me what I want to hear. I feel better bc she is totally accurate and honest and i know has my best interest at heart no matter what she sees. Everyone should read with her once and they will be hooked! shes' the best!" ... written by ashley
She was very good!" ... written by Charmed One
Always caring and clear. Enjoyed our session." ... written by pinkflowers18
WOW! Starlene managed to state that confusion of the guy I was asking about. She had pointed out some issues pertaining to my work as well. Accurate. Thanks!" ... written by kirstinsim
Star has been really helpful! Thank you for your guidance!" ... written by Ariana
thank you again for a wonderful reading and accuracy. " ... written by pisces
great ideas and suggestions and specifics" ... written by starfish57
great job" ... written by starfish57
Awesome!!! would recommend Starlene for quick answers with details and guidance on how to achieve you desired goals. Awesome reading. would come back again!" ... written by Tara
Great reading with star as always - puts my heart at ease and I do believe our connection is strong. She's been great with helping me and guiding me. Recommend her for reading :-)" ... written by mizznhay
Thank you Star :) you're comforting and helping!" ... written by Ariana
very nice and helpful " ... written by d2
very intuitive and has a vast understanding. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Short sweet and to the point. She's very quick, and knows things before I even said them. We have some concrete timelines, so I'm interested to see what's to come! Thanks so much, Star! I greatly appreciate your assistance." ... written by Erica
thank you for the reassuring and clear reading. appreciate the encouragement. " ... written by leodragon2014
I love her. wonderful reader" ... written by miko
excellent. fast. accurate. friendly and great to talk too. picked up quickly and gave answers to my questions. will be back again many times. 5 stars" ... written by maxskyblue
alot of things i had asked,and she answered me with honesty.she gv me solution how i can solve my problems,thx for the reading starlene.i might be back for some more reading" ... written by viendax
very good reader wonderful advice really supportive." ... written by miko
Very very good reading, not had a reading for a couple of months and Star was strait to the point where we need to be" ... written by Aarongard
What I like about Starlene is her: professionalisim/acuuracy/helpfulness/communication skills/talent and beauty. She really stands out here on the site. Thanks so much Star and many blessings. :)" ... written by Lucy Hale
Starlene has given me great detail and I will watch for all the happenings. She is a very sincere lady and I enjoy talking to her. I'll see her again." ... written by B
I finally caught her! She's been a busy lady! I love talking to Starlene, she's so easy to talk to! She's definitely worth the time and money. " ... written by MaiLee24
As usual she's kind and professional and obviously knows what she's talking about. In using astrology as well as her natural gifts she keeps me on track. In ten minutes I feel like I've gotten 45 minutes of information. Go see her!" ... written by Sierra
good reading, quick straight answers to questions about relationship" ... written by norcal
WHat a beautiful reading , i needed it xx" ... written by B
So accurate! Barely gave her any info. Her tarot cards, intuition and prayers must really be aligned! Great reading!!" ... written by do
has helped me so much to find an insight about myself.connects quickly" ... written by ilovetravel
StarleneB gave me the clearest most in tune reading i have ever had on this site. Worth everything minute and would recommend to anyone . " ... written by Sofia
wonderful reader honest and detailed" ... written by miko
As always Starlene gave a good reading, its always very informative and very accurate. Great advice from her, looking forward to see what happens." ... written by jewelw203
always awesome! :)" ... written by starfish57
my dear friend and angel who has been there for me for a while. Hugs, and thank you for your help always so in tune. Blessings. " ... written by m
Love Star...she is the best!" ... written by itty
really fast and very kind" ... written by jnaujo
wonderful attunment.." ... written by cherie
Amazingly gifted" ... written by T
excellent" ... written by gregg
Starlene's readings are always amazing. She is quick and straight to the point. She gives accurate and encouraging advice. Highly recommended!" ... written by Ricky Glo
So friendly. I feel much better now that i have talked to her :) Thank you so much" ... written by Amanda
She's amazing, she's always been amazing!! Accurate, lovely, honest and sooooo caring!!!! I love her to pieces!" ... written by Alexis
Starlene is very compassionate, informative and to the point. Accurate when it comes to peoples personalities and characteristics. And best of all she's totally reasonable with cost. ***Highly recommended***" ... written by Ren
She's amazing!!" ... written by Stewart
She's amazing! :) " ... written by Camille
Love" ... written by Thatgirl7541
Awesome as always. Thanks Star for your accuracy and time." ... written by :)
StarleneB is an excellent reader! Besides her wealth of knowledge in astrolgical conditions and their effect on the issues asked...She is psychic, intuitive, empathetic and gives clarity to the issues at hand. She gives hope with truth, not false hope. She is a realist, yet a spritualist. StarleneB gives workable answers and is very sincere andamp; kind. Thank you." ... written by ladydove
she is extremely personable and I want to be in contact with her this weekend when I can get more credits." ... written by phylis clark
always helpful" ... written by itty
she's always a pleasure" ... written by Cristina
Highly accurate!" ... written by do
Fast reader and gives straightforward answer..." ... written by victor
Starlene has charmed me with her warm, generous attitude in her free chat and demos. Decided to get a tarot reading for the month with her - she is quick, to the point, and brings the same nurturing, warm energy to her private reading. Good, professional reader." ... written by Imanix
Amazing reading! Thank you" ... written by Tony
What an amazing read, Starlene never stops amazing me, please have a reading with this amazing woman you will not regret it." ... written by Raphael
Thank you so much" ... written by me
accurate and sport on . the past prediction for job came true . " ... written by sai
She was so wonderful to talk to, loved the reading " ... written by vvd450
thank you for the quick and detailed reading!" ... written by md
fast and accurate. i like that she just reads the cards without asking too many questions or being too opinionated. " ... written by abby
fast and honest" ... written by abby
Thank you for the reading...awesome" ... written by chloe
excellent!!!" ... written by amiris
good reading. feeling really positive with her suggestions. thank you!" ... written by starfi.sh57
WOW, Star is good, always say how its going on and understands why" ... written by Aarongard
StarleneB is great, wonderful and I will comeback to her for an advice. " ... written by Mark
always great" ... written by itty
had another great reading, thanks so much. i feel that you are very intuitive " ... written by tammy
excellent " ... written by am
awesome reader" ... written by miko
Thank you so much. Your reading was so helpful. I appreciate your time and insight and I feel you were about to see the situation clearly" ... written by venus2t
star was spot on about wat is going on with me and my relationship. and the card were spot on ty starlene i will keep u updated....i feel more at ease and god has given you a gift. to give message thru you." ... written by matt
she is honest " ... written by sam
Just my regular readings with Starlene. Answering questions that I have. She's amazing as always. I come to her everytime I have a lingering question or when my emotions are running high. One of the best on here, no joke! " ... written by MaiLee
awesome reading thank you" ... written by aundreya
absolutely super to have a reading with her!" ... written by starfish57
really good reading with lots of beneficial suggestions and insights. thank you." ... written by starfish57
good reading, lotsa confirmation. thank you." ... written by starfish57
She is very lovely lady!! Really good advice! It was a great chat! Can't wait to talk to het next time!" ... written by jodi1003
shes great" ... written by mike
Great catch up with the lady needed the boost tis morning. Thank you xx" ... written by B
thank you so much for your reading. the connections are always so fast. I really appreciate it. " ... written by leodragon2014
Thank you for your reading. Starlene is very quick to connect and is kind and honest. I will definitely be coming back for more readings. Thank you Star xx" ... written by Evenstar
quick and to the point " ... written by abby
Starlene is so wonderful. Wish i could talk to her, face to face and for much longer. She is super sympathetic and really does know her stuff. She saw the situation for what it was and have given me some good ideas, valuable tools and great psychic insight for me to move past my issue! THANK YOU!!! " ... written by moon Pisces
She gave me a very positive affirmation about work being near. I highly trust in her prediction. Very honest and won't waste time. I highly trust her. 5 stars!" ... written by Christine
she calmed my frustrations about my life and helped me to focus. good reading. thank you!" ... written by starfish57
She's very nice... clear to understand, doesn't waste time." ... written by kkbinid
Great reader, explained things well need to wait for her predictions and see when it happens. Very detailed caring will come back to her soon when the predication comes true xxxx" ... written by son
She is a delight. Straight to the point, knows what she's doing. Warm and friendly, and ready to provide valuable information. This is exactly what I wanted in a reading today. Thank you, Starlene." ... written by Leslee
very clear reading I love to come back and have another reading with her. " ... written by chloe
always pleasant and wice and kind" ... written by mette
Star is lovely! She gives very good quick answers and is always helpful. Leaving you feeling better after talking to her. " ... written by B
amazing insight ! wonderful person " ... written by michael
great reading, really appreciate her insights and astrology knowledge." ... written by starfish57
she is so quick and accurate :)" ... written by Maya
awesome, she's a sweetheart! " ... written by Angie
She is fantastic. There's never any judgement, she's very good and quick with the cards. She relates the cards to the conversation at hand and explains what it means big picture. Admittedly, I felt a little foolish with the issue I was bringing to the reading because in my mind it was slightly petty, but she was so reassuring and calming and it made all the difference for me. In terms of her technique, I've never found any errors with the information she gives me in a reading. She's very thorough and has also always been correct in past readings with time frames/details/predictions. She's a very empathetic, kind, charismatic soul, which; quite frankly, is the perfect package in my mind. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend her to anyone in need of guidance. Thank you for your continued support! " ... written by Erica
amazing. set my mind free! ill be back to tell you how everything goes!" ... written by jess
I cannot say how much I appreciate Starlene, her advice is so valuable. She manages to tap in to the core of my questions/situation and opens my mind and heart to see things more clearly. Top five stars always" ... written by Angel_hugs
I truly enjoyed my reading as I thought Starlene was very" ... written by Harriet 7421
Great following from the girl and she is so honest " ... written by B
StarleneB was prompt, direct and gave me the answers without bending them. I would contact her again." ... written by Lakshmi
Star is very fast and knows how to interpret the tarot really good." ... written by sonia
I like how Starlene is doing her reading. Very nice experience." ... written by Mark
she was great direct and to the point" ... written by aneesha
Great, sweet and fast. " ... written by Joann
SO helpful!" ... written by Maria Mercedes
Great reading!" ... written by Danielle
She is amazing: i would go in her room again. I believe she was in tune with what i was looking for . " ... written by starfire444
Awesome + Amazing! Thanks Star---You rock!" ... written by Chett Brown
thank you as always for such a thorough and in-depth reading and for your patience and kindness. i really do appreciate it. Here's hoping that things regarding love/work move forward in a positive direction." ... written by leodragon2014
thank you for packing in so much in such a limited time. i really appreciate it. good to get confirmation." ... written by leodragon2014
THANK YOU so much! she's very sweet and helpful. " ... written by tg
Stellar as always. Thanks." ... written by Suzy Michelle
thank you for the reading" ... written by Chloe
ThIs woman is gave me some good information " ... written by Ewen
First time receiving a reading from Star. She is very easy going and delivers reading in a clear manner. No mumbo jumbo. Felt safe. I'll definitely reach out to her again. Happy to recommend." ... written by Jamie
Very good reading, she was spot on with the messages I was getting, just needed confirmation. thank you" ... written by Ginger
Very positive lady and very helpful. I will definitely come back to her." ... written by Lana
accurate and so quick . honest and no bushing around the answer " ... written by sai
thank you soo much " ... written by Chloe
Amazing, very good. Also quick and to the point. :) loved speaking with her. " ... written by Sabi
very accurate reading highly recommended." ... written by giancarla
thank you for your excellent help. I appreciate you. " ... written by MST
really fast reading with limited credits i had very informative!!" ... written by S
Very intune and compassionate" ... written by Brandi7479
thank you so much, i just needed someone to talk to. You are always there. I appreciate a lot. for all the good honest work you do. I know you have a big heart. You play a big part into the goodness in this world. God Bless." ... written by MMarmalade
great" ... written by sasha
Short, sweet and to the point. I really enjoy readings with her. " ... written by Erica
great as usual...very talented" ... written by staci
She is so accurate and fast in her readings. Always goes to the point and the more surprising is she remembers you even if you havent seen her in a long time. She is awesome. Thaanks, blessings" ... written by Maria
great job hit the nail on the head i think" ... written by Ian
so kind, nice and human....." ... written by m
very good!" ... written by katie
Very good reading! " ... written by Yan
amazing very nice lady, tops up xxxx" ... written by marian olariu
Good reading, and helped me understand a little of what to expect in the future." ... written by BN
She is wonderful. Highly recommend her. " ... written by d2k1000
Excellent reading :) very sweet and good natured woman!" ... written by Raquel
she is gifted...I look forward to reading with her again" ... written by staci
Ok this was my first time with Starlene...and I adore her. Her energy is light, her alter is fabulous, and her demeanor is so calming kind of like Jazz in the park...or George Strait under a dark moon...she is smooth. I will come back for sure...great reader and she is so calm its like I had a mental retreat all on Oranum." ... written by Bronxie
Stellar/Awesome and Great! Thanks Star for sharing your gifts!" ... written by Lisa
She was wonderful, I will come back to her anytime" ... written by Katie
thank you sweet heart extremely accurate readings. " ... written by merry
she's amazing" ... written by cristina
Very accurate reading, she is awesome, and quick. She goes straight forward to the question. I love it. Thanks and blessings" ... written by Maria
thankyou" ... written by claire
She is awesome and to the point. She answered my questions quickly and clearly. " ... written by James
very clear and helpful, great reading " ... written by Marie
Starlene is very to the point and answerd all my questions!" ... written by Ankita
i feel better after our reading...healing words and energy. thank you.." ... written by cherie
Thank you for the reading. I now have clarity." ... written by mocha488
Accurate and to the point reading, no time wasting. I love Starlene readings always full of energy and gives me clarity when i need it most xx" ... written by Carly
VERY BRIGHT AND DETAILED .. gave a ton of insight.. " ... written by JMAC
An honest reading. No false hope but good advice given. Thank you. I hope she returns sooner than anticipated. At least I know she is safe." ... written by Karen
wonderful reading" ... written by miko
Starlene is very quick and to the point. She's also very understanding with her answers and has very calming energy around her. First time reading with her - always liked her in free chat and demo; this pvt reading confirmed it! :)" ... written by Karishma76
thank you, always perfect with readings. Love you. " ... written by memento
what a beautiful reading with the girl , honest , quick she sees through things and was one of the rare one who warned me of a situation when other did not . Thank you for your insightful and trustworthy reading you my friend are a 5 stars !!! xxx" ... written by B
she is good" ... written by Ash
not bad.. quite helpful" ... written by nicholas
Very, very helpful and insightful. Understood me deeply. Would come back again." ... written by Ginny
love you my sweet friend. You have been with my journey for a long time. Thank you for showing me what I needed to see. " ... written by messenger
Absolutely amazing, beautiful calm and so informative. Loved her." ... written by Clara
cleared up a dream i have had twice...thank you" ... written by cherie
Great help. Very good and pretty spot on. thank you " ... written by Natalie
Thank you Starlene you were very kind , honest, and straightforward. I will keep you updated. Also, thank you fo offering me helpful suggestions to stay positive" ... written by Alvner
good reading! she is always on target with so much stuff. she knocks my socks off so many times." ... written by starfish57
sorry chat have dropped but thank you for all very good advice i will try" ... written by ana
Starlene is great, always very positive, and reads very quickly with accuracy!" ... written by JT
Everything, EVERYTHING SHE SAID WAS ON POINT!Everything from my current situation to what I was already thinking of before I'm just amazed at all the details she described because they were exactly on point with my situation, I didn't tell her nothing, nothing! Everything, every exact word that came of out her mouth coincided exactly with what another friend of mine had told me (not a psychic!) and she picked it up like nothing. I found my new favorite psychic and it's Starlene." ... written by Blown away
I love Star! she is so sweet and understanding!" ... written by itty
Very sensitive, caring soul. Would recommend" ... written by PC
She really touched upon my emotional, mental and physical areas that i need to work on and develop on to help me be healthier and i really appreciate that! She is awesome and has a sweet nature and is very knowledgable! Love her!" ... written by cappieann
Thank you, and I am glad you are spiritualist like me, and it has been wonderful to be guided by you, and you helped me a lot. love you, and god bless. " ... written by mint green
it was a great reading. thank you." ... written by starfish57
She is so perfect and with accurate predictions. She told me all I needed to know and as always she keeps me calm through what is coming in the future giving me the best advises. Blessings, Namaste" ... written by Maria
She was very clear. " ... written by simone
Had a really good reading. Very detailed and explained fully :)" ... written by Victoria
Star is such a sweetheart. This is probably the 3rd reading with her. She goes straight to the point as always. Short and sweet. She's always so spot on on issues. She keeps you coming back for more answers! Such a blessing to receive help from her. Thank you and i'll be back .. ;)" ... written by Belle
Went right to the point and gave the message in a short time but was detailed as well. Also answered any questions that you had with a lot of insight. Can't wait to see if the person I need will come soon like she said. " ... written by Sara
No BS, great psychic, gave me a lot of answers and was accurate and fast :) thanks" ... written by Maria
love her...she helps me out so much!" ... written by itty
She sure has a handle on the situations at hand." ... written by starfish57
fast quick good! :)" ... written by starfish57
Prediction Accurate" ... written by Brandi7479
Had to have an update with my girl! She always helps me out and is there and so sweet! Thank you again! " ... written by Tee
she is awesome. honest love her" ... written by miko
Open, honest, fast and accurate. It is easy to come to her and double check before making sure about being confident about someone's feelings." ... written by bunebaba
Helpful in easing my mind. " ... written by Nona
really good reading about different topics and situations. she has a tremendous intuitiveness. thank you." ... written by starfish57
good information and helpful. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Very kind and compassionate. She was honest and helped guide me on what the next steps to be taken. Thank you so much Starlene!" ... written by Nicole
thanks. great reading." ... written by jrinker
shes great" ... written by amy
great reading " ... written by julie
" ... written by amiris
very quick to connect. very accurate in reading energy, explained cards in reading fantastically well. no judgement. very clear and direct messages. shall return and update my situation soon. thank you " ... written by km
I think this helped!!! I do!!! " ... written by Alexis
Thank you so much Starlene! I got so much information and confirmation that I needed to know and also good advice that I definitely will follow up on! Thank you so much! :)" ... written by Ida
Highly accurate! Had a great session" ... written by Do
Very very accurate. Very helpful in clearing up the matter for me. She didn't know anything about my situation, but gave me all the answers which I was looking for. Thanks a lot and yes I will listen to your advice. I have been waiting a long time and enough is enough. I should be moving on in my life and forget about him. God Bless you StarleneB. Try her everybody, you won't regret. She doesn't sugar-coat and will give you clarity. " ... written by sharen223
Very specific, no frills, definitely makes perfect sense with no nonsense. A treasure for sure! Thank you." ... written by starfish57
awesome every single time" ... written by rjmcmd
Needed some quick guidance from what I was thinking and with this darn retrograde! Thank you lady!" ... written by Tee
Great girl , great energy and great counsel xx" ... written by B
she always makes me feel better" ... written by itty
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
thank you for your incite " ... written by g
She was on target in all areas." ... written by Mary
Thanks for the reading as usual so straight forward to the question and very positive energy always in each answer. Very accurate, honest and really patient. Thanks and blessings" ... written by Maria
starlene is so loving, sensitive, and right on target with my personality and inner being and the people around me past and present....i love her readings. she is honest and very compassionate!! Highly Recommend her :)" ... written by cappieann
Calming effect and helpful advice, thank you " ... written by Sam
She is straightforward and fast. simply great." ... written by Bey
Thank you very much! :))" ... written by Mariela
Very awesome right on the mark!!!" ... written by Arcava
Good one. Thank you" ... written by Neha
thanks!" ... written by sin
Very good:)" ... written by Nikolay
Thank you for confirming some of the issues I have been contemplating. Will be in touch always. Love you" ... written by madison
Starlene thank you as always for your help" ... written by g
Love her! She always brings peace to my heart when I talk to her." ... written by itty
I can't lie...I don't know if its her room set up; I get so relaxed and I just want to curl up in a blanket. Her room is so calming. Anyway, great reading she pieced things together really always" ... written by Bronxie
thank you" ... written by bouncylady
you are becoming my confidant ... thank you for everything " ... written by g
She's amazing!" ... written by Alexis
Star is a Star!!!!" ... written by g
always fast and accurate reading... must take to private. " ... written by Chloe
Very on target with my life" ... written by Deb
Needed some help asap! This retrograde is something else right now! Thank you for your help and guidance!" ... written by Tee
Great, thank you! Hard topics but I feel a little freer! xo" ... written by Alexis
very straightforward and appreciated her expertise" ... written by starfish57
great abilities. will definitely use again!" ... written by Elizabeth
gave me some interesting information. was good." ... written by andyg67
Star is besides being great at reading is beyond a nice person... thank you " ... written by g
thank you for your guidance! :)" ... written by Ida
<" ... written by Rina
Lovely, kind, clear, truthful....!" ... written by Abigail
She is absolutely fantastic, fast, accurate, honest, and she can tells you what is coming. She says things right away and also she can type very fast. All the doubts I had today, she simply clarify them very quickly. Thanks and blessings." ... written by Maria
She is terrific. She really picks up on things. Worth every penny and she is a very sweet person as well." ... written by bouncy
She is very wonderful. She has very good energy. Go to her, you will get your answer." ... written by Svetlana
excellent reading. always provides great insight into the things that concern me. i really appreciate it." ... written by leodragon2014
So good!! xoxo" ... written by Alexis
thank you Star" ... written by g
She always helps me when I am down...wonderful" ... written by meg
so kind and patient, love her privates" ... written by mette
I haven't talked to Star in awhile, came in for an update reading. She's definitely honest, have come to her many times before in the past. She's great at what she does! Thank You Star!" ... written by MaiLee
Lovely reading , thank you hon x" ... written by B
She's great!!! So honest and accurate!! :) " ... written by Alexis
accurate , good honest reading thank you." ... written by 1lightworker1
Love Starlene. Love her rate/knowledge/kindness and excellent reader. Back soon. Love ya!" ... written by :)
thank you always accurate messages, extremely wise. She has the insight no one else can have. " ... written by mermaid
calms my soul when I talk to her." ... written by itty
She can read you and your situation and you will know she is talking sense because she is very intuitive. I received a good advice from her and I know she is right as it has been on my mind for a long time..and she just voiced it.." ... written by Cheeky cheeks
Starlene has an awesome ability to really connect with me and she is so encouraging and right on the spot with everything. She is sensitive to my life and emotions and actions and has brought a huge amount of courage to my life to step out of my shell and have faith on my journey in life :) Thank you so much sweet, wise Star! You are awesome and i recommend you to all!!!" ... written by Dolores
thank you Star.. you are the best and a Star!" ... written by g
She is very accurate and very precise, she says everything in a very quick time, and also write fast if you need/ She calms me down all the time I talk to her. She told me he was going to write me in october and he did today." ... written by Maria
:) :) " ... written by ale
So much to say about wonderful Starlene. She has tremendous skill, grace, and genuine care for her clients. She will read for as long or as little as you like. You can ask her any question. My time with her is enlightening and comforting. And she's a pro. She's been doing this for a long time and knows what she's doing. I recommend her highly. She has enhanced my life. " ... written by Leslee
THANK YOU" ... written by g
very good reading with alot accomplished in a short amount of time. thank you!" ... written by starfish57
thank you starlene what a great reading" ... written by aundreya
Very compassionate and caring" ... written by pinkflowers
Starlene is very helpful when I have to take decision, and they are always right. She is very quick in telling you things, honest, sincere, intuitive, accurate and fast. Thanks and blessings" ... written by Maria
she is down right honest and correct,god bless" ... written by myst
really awesome reading. lotsa information and questions answered and will see what happens. thank you." ... written by starfish57
She was very warm and quick to answer my questions. She gave me clarity and was able to direct me in a compassionate and honest manner. I will be reading with her again. =)" ... written by Ashley
Thanks for the information :)!!" ... written by y
As always a pleasure......." ... written by Kellie
She is pretty perceptive she picks up things rather quickly and accurately. She does not beat around the bush either answers your questions and makes them clear. Gentle and easy to talk to. " ... written by Briley
best best best " ... written by g
Starlene has such a calm aura to her and made me understand and realise that everything happens for a reason and put my mind at ease great reading that addressed everything I needed. Thank You " ... written by Sherry K
very gentle and sweet reader. she is terrific. " ... written by bouncylady
very thorough. lots of information covered. will have to see what happens. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Starlene, is so calming...her lil' dim lit room and all the little things...adds to the ambiance of her as a reader. Anyway, she gave me what I wanted to know (not everything I wanted to hear, lol) but I am grateful for her insight :)" ... written by BRONXIE
She is so cool, the best reader I have ever met in this site. She speaks all she sees, and is accurate and he tells you details not only from the situation but from people. I like the way she talks, giving you many advises. Blessings!!" ... written by Maria
She was quick, straight to the point. She confirmed things without me having to tell her anything first. Compassionate and empathetic as well. Sending what she saw out to God/Universe to release and be ready to receive in their time." ... written by LalitainAR
Starlene gives a wonderful clear reading and understands the situation very well. I love her energy and she remembers you very well. I'll always come back to Starlene. Thank you so much Star xx" ... written by Evenstar
thanks for the lovely reading xxx" ... written by nicola
Remembered details from last reading which makes things easy. Very quick to reply and suggests good questions when i'm not sure how or what to ask." ... written by Ryry
Always a soothing presence, and much wisdom. I'm glad I found you, Starlene." ... written by Leslee
She really assists with the matters at hand. it definitely opens one's mind with her reflections. thank you." ... written by starfish57
She is a beautiful soul and I loved her energy..she can read your energy instantly and lets you know everthing in a very kind,truthful and honest way.I really love star,she guided me to release my ex and the new one will come and her prediction cam e that time I went to all the psychics on oranum and they said my ex would come back but she said you will find the new one who will be good to you once you heal yourself and work on yourself and I did heal myself and I took the efforts and her prediction came true and I am so glad to have found the new one and she guided me so beautifully.and I am glad to have come back to her for guidance.take a reading with her and you will know exactly what I am talking about.She will not dissappoint you..sending you all my love and Angel Blessings..God bless you have helped me a lot and continue to lighten all of us..Namaste from India..:)" ... written by S
Yeah she did it again...great reading - everytime!" ... written by Bronxie
Awesome as usual." ... written by miko
I love Starlene, her energy really calms my intense Scorpio energy and she always goes into such depth in my readings I get more than the answers I get to see dimensions of so many things. For me Starlene is psychic energy but also a self-development class rolled into one. I know its how Im interpreting it, but she really helps me in so many ways. Great reading as always" ... written by Bronxie
what can i say... honest and a true support even when one needs to snap out of it... " ... written by g
great great great" ... written by g
I love Star...she just keeps answering my questions like its nothing (I know Im being repetitive) but she's so sweet and kind. Always calm...I need that." ... written by Bronxie
Star is becoming one of my regulars...she is amazing, I feel she now truly knows me and is a great little gem in my pocket. Spiritual, uncanny, and downright genius...yeah im a fan for sure." ... written by Bronxie
thanks so much. always quick to connect and reassuring. hope things begin to pick up with me and "a". " ... written by leodragon2014
She was very accurate in her readings, she didn't ask me any questions, she got it all from her cards. I pity I didn't start the session with her when I bought my credits." ... written by Mon
fast at what she does! very helpful andamp; accurate, i encourage to seek her out for a reading. " ... written by candace
Amazing. We answered a lot of questions in five minutes" ... written by miko
I was impressed she gave me tons of information and summarized everything with a couple of follow up questions. Definitely someone to check out if you want a lot of info on your chart." ... written by IndigoStars
thank you star from the bottom of my heart" ... written by g
she is amazing and very detailed reading.., thank u startlene :) lots of love! =)" ... written by aathi91
Excellent reading, very personal, felt very comfortable chatting with you." ... written by xxjasminukxx
I always go to Starlene when I need astrological advice to take steps in life" ... written by Lilly
great fast reading. not what i wanted to hear but i know it is the truth... " ... written by bagrosso
Star was so down to earth and honest. I found her reading to be reassuring and almost felt like talking to a great friend. I felt like I instantly trusted her and just knew she could help me. " ... written by Samantha
Very straight foward in her reading. that in my case is very appreciated. " ... written by hector
I love her she is very sincere and she is very straight forward." ... written by bouncy
Thank you Starlene for your insight into my situation and for your guidance! " ... written by LostGirl
She was great! Good reading" ... written by G
thank you so much for the reassuring reading. always so quick to connect . always feel so much better afterwards. the clarity really helps heaps. " ... written by leodragon2014
Always there to help me! Thank you star!" ... written by Tee
Always amazing!!!" ... written by Katie
She was head on with everything that she told me. Great psychic. Can't wait to talk with her again." ... written by Sunni1966
StarleneB was absolutely AMAZING! She made me feel so much better about everything going on in our lives right now!!! She was SOO spot on with her info I was very very impressed! I would recommend her for sure!!!" ... written by Katrina
wonderful reading, fast and quick. Thank you" ... written by coffee
Star :) cant say enough thank you " ... written by g
Really fast to answer questions based on the cards and her intuitive/psychic ability. She was able to get really specific and even gave a timeline which was helpful. Thank you." ... written by starfish57
totally awesome. We got a lot done in a short amount of time." ... written by miko
Good reading, very well connected. " ... written by anaama
Very fast, she was sweet, honest and loyal. She will answer all your concerns. I definitely recommend her. Please private her, for your concerns." ... written by Cindy
Thanks for the affirmations on the on the work and geography.. sometimes things are so related..!! Thanks for the great read.. will be back for more :) " ... written by shiks
I had fun tonight with Starr we chatted for a few and it was well worth it. Just needed validation on some things...and its proven correct and true so far....will come back with the full detail later :)" ... written by Bronxie
thank you" ... written by malteser1970
fast reader, really nice, and doesnt waste time. thank you soo much!" ... written by gabby
Very fast reader, do not waste time and right on bang!! loved the readings..will be back for sure." ... written by Anjali41
Awesome reading prediction happen... " ... written by CH
The reading was very nice. Gave me a lot to think about. Left with feeling better. " ... written by loveornolove
Great reading..." ... written by S
thank you for all the help always" ... written by g
great reading as always. so quick to connect. knows my situation well. really appreciate her insight. definitely someone i trust to give sound and sincere advice. " ... written by leodragon2014
very good reader. straight to the point " ... written by JP
i love her she is so sweet and tells it as it is" ... written by bouncy
I had little credit and needed a quick answer. She gave it and elaborated!! I know she is right also as i just needed confirmation! Thank you" ... written by Newmind1234
Thank you again Starlene, I always feel I get honest answers and so quickly too. " ... written by Evenstar
very helpful and on point with everything" ... written by dimauro
Thank you!!!!" ... written by Alexis
thank you Star for all the help ... " ... written by g
smething happened with my computer be right back " ... written by g
she answered all my questions, give it 9days to 9 weeks. wants to make me happy, and yes public in two months. overall happy with reading. " ... written by cindy
Thank you! Thank you for making me feel better. Thank you for enlightening me up. Thank you for your honest and truthful answers and guidance. I will come back :)" ... written by Kachie
thank you starlene" ... written by all
She is great , she connect with me so fast , i will come back for sure " ... written by Cyndi
Love you!!! Great Reading!! xoox" ... written by Alexis
Starlene is very good. Honest and straightforward and her reading fits well. I feel much better after the reading. Thank you" ... written by leana
Short term predictions have come to pass!" ... written by Brandi7479
I did not have much credit and she was so quick and to the point she is a real gem and so honest " ... written by B
Starlene is very honest and gives great readings. I trust in her and know everything is going to be okay happily working in the way I want it too. Thank you do much." ... written by Triniti
5 stars. I've been seeing starlene for at least a year now, and depend on her to always give me quick, strait forward answers. very connected and accurate. " ... written by tiffany
SHES GREAT!" ... written by Love Bug
I like Starlene she connects quickly with the cards, answers all of your questions and is easy to talk too. She has a calming presence about herself which I like as well. I will have to wait for her prediction. I will come for updates as I like her style and readings." ... written by L
really appreciate the advice and the fact that starlene knows my situation so well. so quick to connect as always. thank you~.♡" ... written by leodragon2014
thank you Star" ... written by g
good reading, great humor, tremendous confirmations. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Good reading. She is very kind and gentle but still very accurate. I would recommend her. " ... written by shasha
She was really nice and spot on with her readings. Very patient and understanding. Would definitely get another reading from her. " ... written by Fab
Super sweet and made me feel so much better about my situation, answered my questions pretty quick loved her vibes. Thank You so much " ... written by Sherry K
Compassionate, intuitive, connector of the souls truth...I love Starlene, she does not take long to connect and just gives me the medicine I need to feel better. Her words are always spot on...she knows and even if it is a sting...she give the little salve to cool, lol" ... written by Bronxie
thank you for keeping it real you are such a wonderful person so grateful to have talked to you." ... written by Ava
good reading. some insights and clarity. will let her know. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Amazing reading today...she put so many things into perspective and her ability to connect the dots in so many things -I am appreciative of." ... written by Bronxie
she was easy to understand and talk to, she did not draw out the answers and she was correct in the things she talked over. very lovley" ... written by Tina
She has always been dead on for me. Always accurate." ... written by Deb
thank you for the quick reading. I appreciate the assurance and clarity. thanks again ~" ... written by leodragon2014
Starlene is very straightforward , she reads her cards very well and gives a very thorough reading.. I believe she was correct abt the current situation ty so much !!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Very professional, straight and to the point :) thank you Starlene :)" ... written by Gabbie33
A FAST READER" ... written by tianna
good reading" ... written by mariacalves23
Star is amazing! she answered two questions I had, and gave me advice as well with dealing with a current loss of a parent. I feel a lot better after the session and so grateful I went to her! Star is spot on! Thank you so much again I really appreciate it!" ... written by Amina
thanks for today's insight and guidance. much appreciated" ... written by dimauro
She is always there to help me out! Thank you." ... written by Tee
I'm only coming to her for now on. her cards just give me peace and so does her energy." ... written by D
thank you Star" ... written by g
Great! Very accurate." ... written by Ricky Glo
Is very loving and a wonderful person. I feel hopeful after talking to her. I will definitely contact her soon." ... written by Juanita Williams-Jones
She was lovely,very easy to listen too!! I wish I was able to talk to her,she confirmed exactly what is going on in my life and was able to give me hope for a better future. After being locked up for 13 years of marriage where I was not allowed to have my own life outside of my kids andamp; exhusband. She reminded me to connect to my spirituality andamp; to take one day at a time!!! I hope to have a chance to talk to her again. I think she is Great andamp; I believe she found her calling as she is excellent at what she does!!! Thank You;)" ... written by Melissa
she is awesome and vry honest. just love her. highly recomended. " ... written by coffee
Very sweet and quite swift with the replies , does not waste any time and Predictions seem to be inline with my intuition as well." ... written by Harsha
I love star she always helps out with advice and the cards help out a lot too! she has been helping me for almost a year now with my situation. Thank you!" ... written by Tee
Love her and her readings are always spot on!" ... written by itty
Excellent reader. Very clear and fast. Have used her twice. Great personality!" ... written by jrinker
Starlene is my #1 advisor as she is very sensitive to my life and personality and guides me to understanding myself in deeper ways. she is an excellent astrologer and reader!!!! Recommend her Highly! she is honest and up front too which is helpful to know she understands and wants to help from a realistic view too. Thank you so much dear xoxox" ... written by Dolores
the best !!!!!!" ... written by lgm
A very good reading with Starlene. She is quick and concise. Five stars!" ... written by Billygirl54
Very honest reading and straight foward. thanks again" ... written by elhijodelmoro
thank you Star" ... written by g
Amazing!!!!!! I adore her!!!!" ... written by Alexis
She always makes me feel good. She is so quick, she can answer a few questions for you sometimes. And she and her deck are tight with the universe cause they are both on point. And she remembers you. Really like her!" ... written by D
Amazing and is very loving and helpful. Thank You so much!!!" ... written by Juanita Williams-Jones
Love her! So sweet! Everything she said made sense. I hope things work out in the end!" ... written by Cara
awsome reading got the answers i was looking for thank you " ... written by paul
quick as always. appreciate it.thanks~" ... written by leodragon2014
GREAT!!" ... written by Alexis
I have tremendously enjoyed my reading with her today . She was extremely clear , efficient an spot on ! she really did amaze me !!Thank you so much xx" ... written by B
Very well done giving me insight!" ... written by Gin
good reading" ... written by Kathleen Tirri
hi Starlene thank you so much for our chat you were very honest, kind, and helpful. You helped to calm my nerves down. I will take your advice and keep you updated when anything new comes up." ... written by Ladyofstandards
excellent reading. feel like I dont have to go to anyone else. everything is straight and to the point and she correlates the tarot cards with the astrology beautifully. thank you!" ... written by starfish57
thank you Star" ... written by nyc
What a brilliant upbeat spirit! " ... written by WeeFreeWoman
so sweet and on point. very quick and connects fast." ... written by Pat
I love Starlene. She is always accurate and right on target. I have a special connection with her ever since the first reading. I have done several readings with her. She has always been accurate with me. Her readings prove out through future situations that occur that have given me clarity as to what she saw at the time of the reading. She has such a loving and compassionate spirit. She feels whatever I am feeling in the reading. Even if I am troubled, I go away with having a peace after we are done. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much StarleneB!!!!" ... written by Arcava
GREAT~!!!!" ... written by Alexis
Starlene is very gifted and has a very kind heart. Her readings are always spot on and I definitely recommend her. She gets 5 stars from me :) Thank you!" ... written by Chet
So kind and to the point. Will be back :0)" ... written by Pat
She doesn't sugarcoat and tell you what the matter really is which is good if the situation is holding you back." ... written by Cheeky cheeks
Wow! Very insightful, honest, and spot on! Looking forward to the end of the year and 2016! Thank you again, Starlene B!" ... written by Frank 8013
A great down to earth reading that touched my emotions. Starlene has amazing eyes ! Also gave me some constructive and positive exercises to do to help move past childhood trauma in order to help heal my heart to let love in." ... written by Astra Sbizzirri
thank you for the insightful reading. hope things start to look up...maybe it's time to move on from leos...:D" ... written by leodragon2014
StarleneB answered my questions directly and with absolute accuracy! Gave me good advice and her energy is so positive!" ... written by Maya
Amazing and really sweet, definitely wish I had more time with her " ... written by Eliza Figueroa
Starlene is wonderful. I have no words to express how much I appreciate her readings..." ... written by Maya
So easy to talk to and so spot on!!! I appreciate it so much! ;) ALWAYS a great read!!!" ... written by Katrina
great reading, touched on many things, got clarification on some items too. love her to pieces and how she is able to guide and determine what is to come. thank you!" ... written by starfish57
Thank you! I hope things get better!" ... written by Tee
good" ... written by go
LOVE HER!!!!!" ... written by Alexis
StarleneB is wonderful, has such a great aura about her and is really friendly! Really happy with my reading!" ... written by Brianne
She was awesome. I felt a connection with her yesterday in a public chat and came back today requesting a private reading. Very happy I did." ... written by Rachel
thank u for ur honesty and hope i shud move on and be happy" ... written by husein
Great fully recommended!!!" ... written by Bob
totally understood my current situation, literally blown away by that reading, definitely recommend. talking to someone who actually knows whats going on and what your feeling, helps so much. " ... written by yasmin
Great energy, easy to talk to, and fast reader." ... written by Ananaprem
She is awesome, I love her." ... written by miko
Needed some guidance. Thank you. You're always there for me! " ... written by Tee
She is consistent of what she says and gave me advice to do what I have to in order to get what I want and I will listen to her,, Tkx" ... written by sharen223
Star gives the best readings! Always compassionate and kind...she will tell you straight up what is going on!" ... written by itty
nice and trythfull as always in every private" ... written by m
She is very good and detailed. Thanks" ... written by v
great" ... written by y
good reading with lotsa confirmation. she put my mind at rest about some alternatives and provided insights to reflect in a positive manner which was helpful. thank you! " ... written by starfish57
Really good advisor !! Point on things ! Will keep u updated!" ... written by Mehak
very good energy healing and awesome readings" ... written by Nikolay
Love her! She has been right numerous times and thank you for your honesty!" ... written by Tee
I love her, she's so sweet, She really knows how to handle tough issues and make you get your spirit back. I can finally breathe happy :)" ... written by Kate
she is so good at what she does. quick, accurate and to the point. love her! thank you." ... written by starfish57
What a great follow up. Thank you so much xx" ... written by B
Great reading, great insight (nothing new here). She mixes seriousness with humor and most of all truth with integrity. " ... written by BRONXIE
thanks for your love and caring reading... " ... written by Abigail Rudner
really kind and insightful. Recommend!" ... written by Sandra
great reading as always. such a pleasure to have her read and confirm my thoughts." ... written by Deb
Love her, I am filled with peace every time I leave the room. I trust her completely." ... written by Arcava
she is wonderful. kind and patient and non-judgemental. and she knows things without being told. she describes things for me before i tell her. thanks starlene. " ... written by all
Thank you Starlene. Thank you so much. " ... written by all
she's fast and easy to connect." ... written by soulsearch
she is very much the one you can trust" ... written by julie
Star is a gentle and kind helpful soul. Thank you so much." ... written by XXX
she was very insightfull helpfull and made me Feel Happy she is nice and caring ^-^" ... written by Stephanie
kind and helpful. good use of tarot cards" ... written by hellokittyhas7
i feel councelled" ... written by galariergal
Very helpful and insightful. Very kind lady. Nothing but pure love and light. She is the real deal and I would recommend her to anyone. Will definitely see her again. :)" ... written by Merclesia
great reader, she helped me clear up some issues that i have. I recommend her!!" ... written by findinyourself
Thank you. I was feeling a lil conflicted and need some help. I got reassurance from star. I have been working with her for some time now and she has been accurate and so helpful. " ... written by Tee
awesome! to the point, answered all my questions ...even the ones I didn't like the answers to showed me the truthful way to a helpful solution to the issue at hand." ... written by TT
really good insight, no sugar coat, really looking forward to the outcome of everything" ... written by Lola
She's an amazing intutive and I've been working with her for awhile and I absolutely adore her. She's sooooo accurate and right on the money with all her answers! I highly recommend her!" ... written by Alexis207
loved it she was right on point!!" ... written by tamjar
great advice as always" ... written by Alyssia
great reading as always!" ... written by starfish57
Always helpful and keeping me on track!" ... written by jrinker
very sweet and easy going I really appreciated the reading " ... written by cletrel
very solid reading. clear findings. fast. easy to understand. quick connections and good advice." ... written by beth
Thank you star! You have always been a big help for me! You understand what Im feeling and where Im coming from! Love you lots!!" ... written by Tee
a great follow up, i do love her honesty and she is so respectful of her client. it is really appreciate. thank you so much darling xx" ... written by B
Not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. THank you for your honesty!" ... written by Cara
My situation has been driving me up the wall! And star has been there with me in tears and mad. She has helped me and will continue on helping me and I appreciate that. Thank you!" ... written by Tee
very gracious, sure tried to pinpoint what is going on and got answers quickly with interpretation of the cards and also checked the astrology. very precise. hope the positive outcome happens as predicted. thank you!" ... written by starfish57
she is so kind she is so patient" ... written by all
Very good" ... written by Scott
it was awesome everything I wanted to here. straight to the point I loved every mintue" ... written by Kendrick
Amazing reading. JUST AMAZING! This is why i always go back to her. She's always so sincere and honest about her work and you can definitely feel that she really cares about you and your problem. She gives the best advice too! Thank you sweetheart :) I look forward to our next reading !" ... written by B
Couldn't help myself... had to ask more questions!! She answered the IMPOSSIBLE question!! With accuracy I feel. It is nice to hear it validated by someone else. I feel calm and peaceful. I didn't expect her answers so accurate and in depth. Blessings Beautiful xxx" ... written by Kelly
I would say she was spot on!! Appreciated her insights. Thank you " ... written by Kelly
StarleneB was amazing she had excellent insight and advice. Will come back :) " ... written by Candy
Very accurate,reassuring." ... written by Debra Phelps
She is always here for me. Im going thru some trials and she gives me confirmation every time. Thank you" ... written by Tee
Always a great reading...I am always amazed at what she sees behind the reading; she can go beyond in-depth. She is a gem for sure." ... written by Bronxie
Very insightful! Understood what I am going through" ... written by Simone
Very good" ... written by doug
Was feeling super down and needed to talk to her. Thank you star." ... written by Tee
Thank you so much for your insight!! I appreciate your direction and honesty that you give. It is amazing how well we connect. What is even more amazing is that you feel my emotions!!! You are completely awesome and I recommend you!!" ... written by Alyssia
Picked up very well on the situation. Gave a lot of clarity." ... written by swetgagirl1982
You are awesome and Thank you so much !!!! you r a blessing!" ... written by Ms Shannon
Love readings by Star! she is so intuitive with the cards and thru her sensitive heart and amazing gifts! i really feel blessed by her and this particular reading was so needed and spoke to me greatly. Thanks dear, dear Star! sorry i had to cut off so soon :( i had people interrupting me :( hope to have another one after the new year! YOU are Awesome and i Recommend her highly!!!" ... written by cappieann`
quick accurate ! to the point :) " ... written by Serra
Thank you again dear Star..... i needed the messages from the angels and universe...makes me feel so much warmth and love. also most important is that you are so encouraging and kind and patient with me. love you so much!!! you are awesome!" ... written by cappieann`
StarleneB was very sweet and helpful, I felt completely comfortable with her and will definitely be returning to her in the future. " ... written by Eliza
She`s great with reading the cards using her talent. Very informative." ... written by Moongirl17
I think Starlene is a delight and a pleasure to talk to about current issues. I truly look forward to our next visit together." ... written by Harriet7421
she is peaceful, wise and very helpful. " ... written by all
she's wonderful" ... written by all
thank you so much starlene " ... written by all
Always fast and to the point:) Great readings!" ... written by jrinker
good reading with lotsa input, suggestions and insight." ... written by starfish57
Awesome thank u so much !!!!" ... written by Ava
Star has been super great with everything, answers my questions really quick; is accurate gets to the point and I came back for another reading :) still remembers everything and really helped sort things out, strongly recommend " ... written by Sherry
very super reading! will definitely give her an update. predictions come true! thank you." ... written by starfish57
What a beautiful session with her, thank you for your support and love . xx" ... written by B
EXCELLENT READING! read really fast, pleseant woman loved it! thank you!!" ... written by cathy
My go to girl! Everything is still consistent and accurate! Thank you! Love ya!" ... written by Tee
Spot on, 5 stars, Thank you ever so much for everything" ... written by Ryzette
love her." ... written by miko
Star always makes me smile and helps me through the dark times." ... written by itty
Wonderful!! Absolutely best reading I have had." ... written by Ananaprem
she is my favorite. it dawned on me tonight she remembers my name, my birth sign, and like really remembers it. And my problems and her guidance. she's legit. wonderful. a great person to go to on her. I totally love her!" ... written by B
Thank you so much for the reading. It was to the point and fast! Great experience, I will be back!" ... written by cat
great reading! i enjoyed the positive messages thank you :)" ... written by nas
excellent!" ... written by maria
Thank you so much. You have been very patient and direct. I appreciate that about you. " ... written by Given
I loved this session even though it was short on my end. Starling is very sweet and gives the best advice possible :) " ... written by Amina
great" ... written by laura
Fast, Right on" ... written by Kwatt11
Thank you so Much :)" ... written by
really good information given for time available." ... written by starfish57
love my update with her she is so genuine and true xx" ... written by B
One of the best reader… She is very quick to reply and very honest … she does seem to be very kind soul , really helping out and understanding the situation … i have got a time frame… i will keep in touch with her for updates… strongly suggest her for others.. " ... written by Devi
Great Reading!" ... written by lavender5390
Lovely lady, lovely heart, lovely reading. Thank you" ... written by Sam
Love her! quick, honest, to the point!" ... written by Catherine
wonderful reading. Put me at ease." ... written by sweetiepiegirl
Best reader to go to for reading.. definitely honest reader .. " ... written by dsri
always lovely to talk to starlene; she gives me so much clarification and i appreciate that a lot more than i feel that i can express. thank you!!" ... written by alexa b
Starlene is straight and to the point, very empathetic and encouraging" ... written by Michele
Love her! My go to girl for venting! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
best psychic to get a honest reading.." ... written by 22
Best reader to rely on honest reading … no sugar coating … only honest replies… " ... written by D
So detailed and accurate ! loved my reading :) " ... written by Serra
good reading. I appreciate her expertise. very encouraging!" ... written by starfish57
Absolutely loved the reading! Im so lucky I could find an amazing astrologer at this hour...she was clear, honest, sweet and concise. Will def be back soon. Thank you again. Love, light and many blessings!" ... written by lehua
Love her honest upfront. no sugarcoating!" ... written by Brina
Star is one of those rare people who open up doors in my mind and heart to see beauty among chaos and calm within battles within myself. thank you dear heart Star for guiding me with your sincere gifts from God and your awesome positive vitality!!! i love our private time! I recommend you highly :))))" ... written by cappieann
Starlene is very quick and gives direct answers to your questions. I like to see what she says every couple of months and write down also what my chart says then pay attention to those days. it's very interesting and never fails to show when something will happen." ... written by Elizabeth
She was great at connecting and reading the situation. I will wait for her prediction to unfold" ... written by Nadia
Thank you for the great reading. Will be back soon." ... written by Smiles32
Love her!! She sees and feels everything I am going through and is there! She has been accurate and understanding! thank you!" ... written by Tee
very nice and honest!" ... written by karen
very positive reading with lotsa information" ... written by starfish57
She has a beautiful spirit and compassionate heart! I enjoyed my reading with her as she was non-judgmental and caring!" ... written by E
thank you starlene" ... written by all
she's just great. so sweet. cards are really on point. just amazing. " ... written by Love her
Thank u starlene.. u r always spot on .. and connect quickly.." ... written by new york
She is quick, calm and to the point. Very recommended." ... written by Merisha
One of the best reader in oranam. no sugar coating., Will definitely suggest for others.." ... written by Aries
What a great catch up xx" ... written by B
Needed to an update for my situation and I needed her guidance and help. Thank you!" ... written by Tee
Straight forward and quick. enjoyed it! Thank you :) " ... written by H
he will contact me in 3 days and he will spend nye with me lets see if this happens. I love this reader she is really great" ... written by bouncylady
Quick and to the point!" ... written by AnnicB1
amazing lady so brilliant!!!! thanks so much for being quick just amazing!!" ... written by z
great clear and validating" ... written by Abigail
You have always been here for me star when I need you, and i cant thank you enough!" ... written by Tee
Awesome Job " ... written by Amanda
Starelene is the real deal, so accurate, very honest and compassionate, you will not be disappointed x" ... written by Raphael
My go to when I'm feeling down or confused. She helps me out so much!" ... written by Tee
back after a while. had a good reading with starlene. thank you" ... written by malteser_1970
She was great .. very direct no sugar " ... written by Olivia
good reading, straight forward, thank you." ... written by starfish57
Wanted to give myself a birthday gift today and speak with my favorite person! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
She is right on!!! Knows what she is talking about!!! Hit everything right on the head. Does not sugarcoat anything. Fast and straight to the point" ... written by Kendrick
Wonderful reading. Star is so quick to capture the situation and really see what is going on. It why I keep coming back to her. Thank you Star x" ... written by Evenstar
so nice and listen to me as always." ... written by mette
Thank you very much for your insight, everything was very helpful." ... written by D
she is great" ... written by all
One of the best psychics to go to .. very quick to connect… And accurate." ... written by dev for starlene
I always come to her when I am feeling down, or just want an update. I have been on Oranum for a few years now and I never had someone be so caring with their clients. I consider Star a true friend and will always hold a special place in my heart. Love you star!" ... written by Tee
Thank you I have enjoyed talking to you thank you for the talk and good advance. I will come back to you any time I give you five stars." ... written by Patricia
Thank you for the reading Star. You are such a huge help. Just felt so confused and you were there to guide. I truly appreciate it. Will update you with my situation. Light and Love " ... written by lynn
Sweet and understanding" ... written by Rayhaan
Thank you Star for all your straight-forward and compassionate advice...i am in happy tears and pray that i can come back to you in free chat with good news of all we talked about personally. you are awesome and i so blessed that you are my friend and guide! if ever there was an angel it is you ! i highly recommend Starlene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by cappieann`
Got a lot of information in a short time. Starlene is confident in her readings and she cares about her clients. I get positive energy from her" ... written by Nia J.
One of the very genuine Psychic in Oranum .Connects really fast and each penny is worth it . Will definitely will suggest her for others." ... written by for starlene
awesome" ... written by rob
Needed some qucik questions answered. Thank you!" ... written by Tee
she's the best" ... written by bouncy
Very accurate, good reading. we'll see about the outcome." ... written by jag
Lovely reading Star is so supportive n understanding i will definitely take her advice :-) " ... written by Amanda
worth every credit. astrology is very insightful and clear!" ... written by amrain
She's so sweet. Remembers you. Gentle. And on point. Really love her" ... written by BB
Great update xx" ... written by B
THANKS " ... written by MMarmalade
really appreciate the honesty and insight into my situation. so quick to connect and gives such warm encouragement. thank you so much~." ... written by leodragon2014
Great reading. Thank you very much." ... written by moon
insightful advisement really added value to my questions around business and direction. Thanks Starlene!" ... written by beathive
Starlene is amazing as always...honest, true, and amazing! Great reading as always and patient with me - even in my same questions of things from last week :)" ... written by Bronxie
Star is spot on and accurate!!!! LOVE HER :)" ... written by Jackie
This is a very gifted reader. very accurate in what I know already and I feel very comfortable in her predictions. I am sure to come back soon and often" ... written by Bill
great reading; lotsa covered" ... written by starfish57
very accurate" ... written by nicole
Star is lovely and kind - she honed into something I was holding onto and explained how I might let this go. I would recommend reading with her. Thanks Star" ... written by LilyAnne
Good as always :)" ... written by Sam
Wow, what more can i say. So accurate and very informative. Now have set some clear goals and working to a better furture. Thank you starlene and to all i really do reccomend" ... written by mattlondon1
StarelneB was great at picking up my situation very quickly! Gave me the answers I needed and brought clarity. Thank you :) " ... written by StarleneB
Great advise and direction" ... written by EE
great reading" ... written by s elzy
Love her, she is always on target!!! I have had many readings with her. She is very patient and understanding. " ... written by Alyssia
Awesome reading! Highly recommended! :)" ... written by Dan
best reading yet! thank you!" ... written by starfish57
thanks for the reading. I hope it comes to pass." ... written by ela
thanks so much" ... written by sam
Very good reading" ... written by Phiore
This woman is very accurate and sweet and tells it like it is. She has helped me make my decisions easy and not told me what i wanted to hear. I will use her from here on out" ... written by Bill
good reading." ... written by starfish57
i love her. she is straight forward coming from a loving place, providing get direction and guidance. thanks!!" ... written by breeze
So nice, gentle, honest andamp; straight to the point. I love her talent andamp; spiritual guidance." ... written by J
so nice and very straight to the point :)" ... written by Kristen
Thank you Starlene...good information. Can't wait to see how this turns out." ... written by V
Needed some clarification on some things and she is always there when I need her no matter what! I love that about her! Thank you Star!" ... written by Tee
So kind and patient. Very quick and to the point. " ... written by Eva
she said that he would call at 5. and he called at 5. she has been remarkably accurate. she is so humble for one who is so good. " ... written by all
So wonderful, she is very connected, absolutely right on with reading, which authentically assisted me to reflect that I have strength to step towards courage, to take the next steps to move forward in my awakening moment to moment with trust and letting go vs. giving up and going into panic... So very grateful, Thank you StarleneB :))) " ... written by Brenda B
Marathon Session with Starlene....therefore, if I didnt think she was good I would not have spent as much as I did. She's worth every penny." ... written by Bronxie
excellent reading as always. so reassuring and caring and honest. i always feel at ease talking to her. very reliable. " ... written by leodragon
Thank u Starlene!!! I really enjoyed the reading. You are quick and detailed." ... written by StarrVision
Thank you! You're always there!" ... written by Tee
Star, is a Star, she has help me through some hard time last year, i would recommend her at everyone" ... written by Aaron
i adore her. and yes, she is accurate. " ... written by all
Amazing. Exceptional. If she was a cupcake she would be the most requested one :)" ... written by Bronxie
i often come for some clear perspective from Starlene" ... written by qp
I appreciated her style of reading - she answered my questions with clarity." ... written by powerant
very straight forward and honest" ... written by Bri
great reading!" ... written by lavender5390
she is perfect she can read very good" ... written by she is perfect
Good reading." ... written by lightgrid
Thank u so much ! " ... written by jt
.." ... written by Mia_Koda
really nice person, very clear on what she says" ... written by Alejandra
Thank you star for always being here when I need you! You have helped me for a long time and I appreciate you! Love you!" ... written by Tee
Thank you for reading. " ... written by d2k1000
Star was amazing! I loved her advice and my reading! I can't wait for this prediction to come true! :) " ... written by Amy Saya
I love Star! She is always there when you need her! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
helpful reading" ... written by Alice
She connects super fast… Will definitely suggest her for others.. The best psychic in oranum .. " ... written by For starlene
Quick and accurate as always" ... written by serra
Very direct and kind and quick and clear. " ... written by softwater
I like that she gives me clarity on my situation. Shes spot on." ... written by Marissa
Star I love you! You are such a wonderful person inside and out! You have always been there for me through this tough situation I am dealing with. I appreciate you so much! Love you! " ... written by Tee
thank you so much starlene" ... written by all
Another great honest reading by Star..... thank you honey x" ... written by Evenstar
Very good and fast reading. Thank you so much." ... written by edysica
Great as always!" ... written by Melinda
Thank you so much! It was very nice. Namaste" ... written by Daisy
really excellent reading; direct answers; no waiting; could interpret cards specifically; answers were very relevant." ... written by starfish57
Good reading, good advise. Will have to wait and see what happens" ... written by LA
Direct, fast and on spot!" ... written by bunebaba
No wasting time. Starlene gave clarity to my situation and eased my mind. " ... written by RR
Answered mostly my questions" ... written by Kayla
Star is awesome. I love going to her. One of the most accurate readers here. Thank you Star!" ... written by Awesome Blossom
Very good. Straight to the point. " ... written by joann
I gave her one task - 4 minutes for me to ask a question and for her to answer, That was what i had left in my balance. " ... written by Lexie
Great reader!" ... written by TT
She is so accurate. I have been on here a while and will go only to her now. She predicted something would happen and it did. She connects with me well and reads me well. I have confidence with her readings and advice. Thanks so much Star...." ... written by Arcava
Great!" ... written by Alexis
Stellar as usual. Thanks Star! xx" ... written by Suzette Thomas
Thank you for the timeframe!" ... written by Stephanie
EXCELLENT READING! very nice reading full of amazing information, and her accuracy is incredible. thank you ever so much Starlene ;)" ... written by cathy
I always come to her and she is always there for me no matter what. She understands my situation and doesnt get annoyed with me always coming back to her or feeling upset. And for that I thank her so much! Love you!" ... written by Tee
The connection with her was out of this world. She was able to help me quite a lot. Would surely seek her guidance pretty soon." ... written by gunjan thakur
First time reading with her in private chat thru webcam and it was awesome! Thank you star!" ... written by Tee
Best healing and protection sessions:)Thanks a lot:)God bless you for all work you do. I wish you happiness and a lot of joy:)" ... written by Nikolay
she's great! don't have to say anything more! :)" ... written by starfish57
She is super.. excellent reader. Waiting for things to happen :)" ... written by ME
Lovely lady and a lovely reading as usual, so supportive great consulting and accurate reading! Thank You!! recommended " ... written by Sherry
good reading. a long one but good. very specific and knowledgeable. thank you." ... written by starfish57
she's good." ... written by Julisa
Thank you! You have always been here for me when I needed you. " ... written by Tee
lovely reading as always" ... written by Maya
Thanks a lot. Had a nice reading as always and nice healing session." ... written by Nikolay
Thank you so much star!" ... written by Tee
Starlene gave me wonderful guidance and she picked up on my situation very fast. " ... written by Njeri
thank you so much for reading with me today. I can't wait to keep you updated on progress with my life. " ... written by Andrea
She gave me a good reading" ... written by RAM
I love that Starlene truly cares about her clients .She remembers her regulars and is able to do updates and follow ups very quickly .She is also very fast which i greatly appreciate ,accurate and intune with current circumstances. " ... written by Red Lila
I really like her shes great very honest Lady no sugar-coating very sweet and blunt. Let you know what the other person is not telling you." ... written by Azareya
very good a really nice person very helpful" ... written by anna
wonderful" ... written by Becky73
She is very helpful! I love her dearly! Her advice is always so helpful and on point! :) " ... written by Amy Saya
great reading :) very heart warming and loving person" ... written by TheNewClassic44i
Honest, Thanks. Will come very soon!" ... written by Nathan Elman
Very good reading!" ... written by Lana
I had be feeling so out of sorts on something and came here and saw here on... And Being I have had good reading with her months ago I choose her for a fresh perspective... She as always seemed to focus right into what was happening and gave me very clear insight which sounds to be the truth of what I was feeling. That validation gave me peace. She is very gifted and caring. Most of all she is honest. She helped me through a crisis once before. Let her help you!" ... written by cathleen
Great reading. Very informative and great guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
She gets to the point and gives it to you straight.. I appreciate it when she can confirm what my uncertainties come to mess around in my head. Recommend. " ... written by sharona315
great insight to my situation " ... written by paul
Great reading " ... written by ANdrea
Very insightful and so sweet! Can't wait to give her my update soon. Thanks Star!" ... written by Michelle
What do you do when you cross Tarot andamp; Astrology? Starlene. Great reader, great energy, and amazing with insight. She's like a friend indeed." ... written by Bronxie
Very nice reading, career advises,everything in details and nice protections as always:)" ... written by Nikolay
excellent reading, very specific, can read the cards without stumbling for interpretation, very sincere, honest." ... written by starfish57
She is very quick and accurate all the time." ... written by n g
Very helpful reading. thank you again Starlene. I am much calmer now" ... written by Belinda
My go to! Thank you Star! I love you! You always keep it honest with me!" ... written by Tee
Really great reading. Very honest and eye opening. Will be reading with her again soon. : )" ... written by G
Starlene was was defently able to connect with my situation will update her with feedback!" ... written by Angelica
Thank you star! I love you! You have been such a great person and woman for me to lean on during my difficult situation and I am forever grateful!" ... written by Tee
fast and good per usual" ... written by starfish57
Amazing service found here:)The best healing and relaxation sessions)Thanks a lot)God bless you)" ... written by Nikolay
Really good" ... written by Mark Nielsen
Had a chart reading with Star and it helps me to understand my situation! Thank you!" ... written by tee
She's great!!! xoxox" ... written by Alexis
Best healings and protections. Feel relaxed than ever:)Thanks a lot:)God bless you)" ... written by Nikolay
beautiful, amazing, wonderful, spot on,...!" ... written by lili
excellent reading as always. feel much more at ease afterwards.hope things will continue to go into a positive direction" ... written by leodragon2014
Wonderful reader." ... written by miko
she is a truly wonderful human being and a very gifted psychic. " ... written by all
had a quick yes/no reading. star gave me great clarity :)" ... written by Jackie
I've had something on my mind for a while and Starlene helped me resolve it. I'm so grateful. She is wise and has a kind manner, highly recommended!" ... written by Patricia
thank you starlene" ... written by all
She's great as always. super quick on the cards!" ... written by BB
Very down to earth reading, refreshing" ... written by GP
super good reading and update." ... written by starfish57
Very helpful, guiding and consistent with readings, such lovely energy and very great advice. Thank You so much! " ... written by Sherry
good reading." ... written by starfish57
good" ... written by Ashley
Starlene is one of my two favorites (if not my favorite). She is so accurate. But also just talking to he calms me and is so soothing. Thank you Starlene. " ... written by all
StarleneB always has the truth and has told me things that have come to pass. I have to come back again and again to keep up with my path." ... written by Bill
only days ago, she predicted what happened!" ... written by starfish57
Awesome as always thank you!!!" ... written by Ava
love her and love her energy in prv ....." ... written by AAA
she is very kind and a good reader ...i did have readings with her in the past and i will still come back to her wen i need readings " ... written by AAA
She is amazing, after her reading I feel more comfortable and she calms me down. Very nice and empathic person. She answers you in very fast time and it is clear, and direct to the point. Blessings and thanks!!" ... written by Maria
very on point!!!" ... written by stephanie
I loved my reading with star" ... written by toni
lots of confirmations." ... written by starfish57
She means so much to me! She has helped with so much." ... written by Tee
She was a great person to come to. I haven't had a reading with her in years was nice to touch base, and excited for my new life to begin" ... written by luckycharms12
very nice hope what shes says is true" ... written by shannon
always straight forward, kind, and accurate" ... written by Ginny
What can I say??? Starlene is AMAZING! Her predictions for my love life have been spot on! I've had a new love interest for months, and she predicted that he would only become my fun in life. He predicted to be that....I recently had a past person come back into my life. She advised that I see him in a whole new light. I think I can do that instead of being hung up on my current past person. " ... written by Amy Saya
Great reading as usual :)" ... written by Vanessa
Very lovely person. The readings are concise and she doesn't keep you overtime. She remembers her customers and is very respectful. She did a reading for me in the past and it was really good, that's why I came back" ... written by Monique
Thank you!" ... written by gf
had a great reading today. She gave me some clarity on a situation that I very much needed. tho I was hoping for better news, still I am able to move forward with some understanding. She is really great and genuine. honest and kind. Let her help you... she can!" ... written by cathleen
Thanks so much for the reiki session! Starlene was spot on on what I was feeling and what was going on. I haven't did a reading with Starlene in a long time, it's amazing on how much she remembered about me. I feel like a burst of energy has been placed on me and feels wonderful!" ... written by Swede
she made me feel better about something bothering me all day, thank you girl !" ... written by wendy oliva
She was very quick and straight to the point!! Be ready :)" ... written by Walejr
1. I love my psychic" ... written by Bronxie
first met her through a demo and was really amazed by her knowledge. went to private with her and continued to be amazed, she is compassionate, honest, and offered what she saw without judgement and left it to me to decide whats best for me. would definitely recommend her as a go to person when you need clarity on direction." ... written by hb
Had to go back because she was so awesome the first time" ... written by Ladymysterious
She was really very very helpful and on point about whats going on with my relationship. This is my first time coming to her and i can say that i am not disapooint Im happy i gave her a try." ... written by Ladymysterious
Thank you! I'll be back!" ... written by Leia
Had a great reading, she gave me a lot of clarity on a couple of things going on in my life. She has really helped me out these past few weeks. Let her help you she is real and gifted, and not to mention very accurate. Give her a try you will not be sorry" ... written by cathleen
Star is so beautiful inside and out. Many thanks Star...Love to you doll...xo" ... written by Suzette Luis
Excellent reading, very informative, helped ease my mind, straight to what I wanted answered. Great energy and very helpful, gives you honesty and very caring and puts heart and soul into her reading. Would come back each time I felt I needed guidance Highly recommended. Thank you. " ... written by welshchick
Starlene was very accurate on where I am and what I need to do to move forward. Her readings have a different twist to them but I enjoyed it." ... written by Swede
Great reading! She's accurate!" ... written by lavender5390
Thank you so much Star. Appreciate the answers :)" ... written by lynn
Starlene was absolutely amazing, gave me lots of good insight into myself and my relationship, was very quick and very sweet and knowledgeable. I would give her 10 stars if I could!" ... written by Nolli
She was really good :-) " ... written by D
lotsa info; good reading" ... written by starfish57
love my first reading with Star!!! will be back!!" ... written by rosy
One Word WOW!" ... written by bahtije
Clear, concise, great reading!" ... written by Pamela
Starlene was wonderful to work with! She was quick to answer questions and show me the cards she pulled. I sincerely appreciate that she was okay just answering a few questions, and she didn't try to drag the reading on in order to take up more time. Great psychic to work with! " ... written by Jana
My go to! I love her! Thank you Star you have always had my back!" ... written by Tee
thank you " ... written by her
She is amazing! Extremely accurate! I highly recommend her! " ... written by Kay
really good reading. lotsa input." ... written by starfish57
she was fast and accurate and really right about about my situation.I will definitely follow her advice this time." ... written by N G
she helped me with a reiki healing - nice" ... written by rus18
Thank you again! This is really helpful. Much love! " ... written by Leia
I thank you for giving me clarity to my situation. Very compassionate and understanding. Many blessings" ... written by Andrea
Starlene was awesome......Career readings can be challenging but she did a great job breaking it down for me. Thank you for your guidance. Everything made sense and I will keep you updated on predictions. The prediction that I got for free demo came to pass. " ... written by Abbie
thank you starlene" ... written by all
talking to her is so reassuring and comforting" ... written by all
I love Star! It's been awhile since I've had a reading with her. She is so understanding and gives out great advice. In past readings, things she said have come to pass. I thoroughly enjoy this reading, not only did it gave me a positive outlook, but the fact that she was able to see what has been happening in my life right now. Starlene is such a wonderful soul." ... written by Mailee24
Such a wonderful and in depth astro reading Star gave me.. She was very on point.. She gave many details of what is ahead for this year.. Thank u dear one Star.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
I love Star! She has been with me thru this tough journey Ive been battling. Thank you! I love you!" ... written by Tee
Thank you! :)" ... written by Mariela
i love her she is a good reader " ... written by aaaa
awesome :-) " ... written by nano
Very accurate and tells the true. Gives very helpful adwises" ... written by Rosemunde
StarleneB was very helpful. I appreciated her words of encouragement. I feel a lot better going in to do my exams. Thanks StarleneB." ... written by Belinda
i trust her she is very good" ... written by aaaaa
Good reading, very straight forward." ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
great much info and confirmation galore!" ... written by starfish57
Very quick and to the point. Accurate, helpful and intuitive. Highly recommended!" ... written by Julien
Wow so right on! Starlene verified a lot that I've been wondering about for my son. Thank you! " ... written by Leia
Thanks again for another great reading. Always on point with your predictions." ... written by smiles
Wonderful reading! Thank you Starlene! You truly have a gift with Astrology." ... written by Leia
Thanks again Starlene! Rock on!" ... written by Leia
She is very spot on, and know exactly what she's talking about.." ... written by Lasea
A wonderful, insightful tarot reader with great guides to share wisdom. Highly recommend!" ... written by beathive
i like her for a million reasons but one is cause she is so non-judgemental. I really appreciated her optimism and support today." ... written by BB
Very good " ... written by Rosy_1
good, good reading. amazing how the cards are so specific." ... written by starfish57
very clear answer- and very good reader. many thanks." ... written by sparrow
she is always so kind and wonderful. thank you starlene" ... written by all
Thank tou so ,cuh answering very clearly andamp; to thep oinT!!!" ... written by L
Definitly accurate and very fast connection.. she never wastes credits.. no sugar coating … i would definitly suggest her for others.." ... written by stralene - areis
sHE'S GREAT! " ... written by hARRIET 7421
thank you starlene" ... written by all
Good reading, very informative. " ... written by pinkpather30
love you starlene. :)) love you so much. " ... written by all
Thank you for everything! You have been a true friend to me and I appreciate it so much!" ... written by Tee
thank you starlene" ... written by all
Fast and to the point! Awesome!" ... written by Leia
She's very insightful and to the point. I really appreciate her caring and upbeat delivery. She's really good at reading astrological charts, so if you are interested in that, pick her!" ... written by Nina
this woman is really truly lovely" ... written by all
really good thorough reading; very specific; gave me some future predictions that make sense too. thank you." ... written by starfish57
I consider her like one of my best friends! She helps me so much!" ... written by Tee
Starlene is very caring and very quick. I enjoyed my reading with her!" ... written by Jaqui
Thank you for your reading.." ... written by california
She has been always very honest with me and I always appreciate it . thank you very very much xx" ... written by B
Very beautiful reading, pleasant, and encouraging. Very helpful with giving insight so you know how to determine which way to go. Excellent!" ... written by brandy
amazing reading" ... written by Melanie
Excellent reading with StarleneB. All questions answered. Thank You." ... written by Angelwingss7
gave me encouragement that I needed for my situation at hand" ... written by starfish57
Star! It has been so long since I last talk to you. Thank you so much for everything :) I will keep you updated for sure!" ... written by Ariana
Yay I haven't seen her in awhile. Simple amazing." ... written by miko
She is wonderful. Gave me a lot of feedback and was helpful with a timeline too :)" ... written by hellokittyhas7
sorry the system stuck. thank you for the advice. I will wait and see for three weeks." ... written by Sae
SUCH a sweetheart. Very positive. I feel a lot better about my situation now! Will definitely come back to talk soon! " ... written by Isabella
she's always awesome to talk to answers all the question and she's really personable. great suggestions for problem areas. " ... written by tina
She was very good with her reading made me very happy" ... written by John
Lovely and skilled reader. Also does Reiki, which was helpful to me. " ... written by Leslee
Loved my update with starlene so on point, so sweet and kind; always a great update andamp; makes so much sense all predictions have come to pass andamp; helped put my mind at ease. Thank You " ... written by Sheri
She is consistent in her reading andamp; told me the same as before. She knows what she says and is tuned with spirits andamp; the truth of the situation. Thank you, I think I will listen to your advice, although is very hard, but I have to.God Bless" ... written by sharen223
I come to her when I have pressing questions, and I always have a birthday reading with her just to assess what's going on. She is amazing, and so sweet! She knows her cards well, and very accurate to say the least. I highly recommend Starlene! " ... written by Mai
Thank you" ... written by And
Thank you Star for the lovely reading and for listening to my situation. I really appreciate your insight and guidance. Many blessings." ... written by Lionessroar
thank you starlene" ... written by all
I had my first reiki season with Star! Interesting and awesome! Thank you Star!" ... written by Tee
Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it!" ... written by n
Great reading!!!!" ... written by V
Starlene is truly a gift from above. She is very honest, accurate, kind and compassionate. She has helped with some key points in my journey and I would not be this far along without her. a true blessing." ... written by Kelly
Great Reading with Starlene" ... written by Amy
i love starlene. thank you starlene :)" ... written by all
Starlene is fabulous! Very honest and very kind. She is very much in tune and we had a quick connection. I will follow up with her -- you will not be disappointed." ... written by lornalulu
Amazing as always x" ... written by SnowQueeen
Starlene is a truly caring and compassionate soul, honest andamp; accurate. straight forward guidance to help you get to where you need to be. an absolute earth angel. " ... written by kelly
She is the real deal!!!! Proves herself to me over and over!thanks again. will be back soon." ... written by Smiles32
Very good - Thank you I enjoyed your reading very much" ... written by Bernie
overall I thought she was very good intuitive lovely lady she seemed sincere and I was pleased with my reading!" ... written by lorraine darvell
That was one good read! Thank you for reading me, I will wait to see the predictions happen and I am eager to see what unfolds with this reading. Thanks agian...peace, love and light..." ... written by Kim Fields
Another amazing reading " ... written by K
She was very caring and considerate. She guided me and have me the best advice. I really enjoyed speaking with her!" ... written by Rose
Always love talking to her" ... written by itty
Starlene is my go to psychic - just love her and her readings - great advice as well " ... written by Dominque
Very sweet and detailed." ... written by Elizabeth
She was amazing. Simply awesome" ... written by Vikas
very very good reading!" ... written by starfish57
Such an amazing reading we got a lot done in a short amount of time." ... written by mikop
Very good reading, picked up on some difficult things very quickly." ... written by fouzinabet
Very quick reader! thank you!!! " ... written by Mrjshdlg
Love love Star! been seeing her for awhile now, all her readings have been accurate, predictions been spot on, much detail such great advice such a warm caring soul and I strongly recommend her for all! Thank you so much for all your guidance " ... written by sheri
good reading, quick, to the point." ... written by user
thank you starlene" ... written by all
Always to the point, concise and accurate! Always leave feeling very positive! " ... written by Serra
Lovely reading as usual; so accurate and on point, Star has always been right and been such good support andamp; guidance for me strongly recommend! " ... written by cheri
she is great!" ... written by Kaie
Very helpful and sincere" ... written by N
Perfect reading as always!" ... written by SnowQueeen
Amazing" ... written by mikoj
Love Star! Quick/precise and very professional. Thank you!" ... written by xxX
Very insightful. Very helpful." ... written by David
Lovely reading as usual! straight to the point and super accurate and so so sweet. Thank You! " ... written by cheri
She gave me the encouragement to make changes I would have not made in my own strength. I am so blessed and she is beautiful. Grateful for Starlene sharing her gift." ... written by takeda15
Amazing. I love her" ... written by miko
She is awesome. Direct and honest. Also gives you a quick reading." ... written by Billygirl54
great awesome loved it " ... written by JENN
gave me hope" ... written by Karen
love this gals energy. She is very grounded and doesn't fluff it up but give solid applicable advice. LOVE HER!" ... written by Pat
I like her. She tells you the truth immediately without hesitation. Honest, and straight forward. " ... written by Billygirl
thank you for the reading. very quick to connect and precise as always. i really appreciate it. " ... written by ledragon2014
Readings with Starlene are always affirming and enlightening." ... written by Makeup Maven
Star is the best; wonderful, answers my question always answers my questions and is so sweet andamp; understanding. Thank You! " ... written by Sheri
Very sweet and lots of detail!" ... written by Elizabeth
Love my updates with Star, really great and consistent thank you so much " ... written by Cheri
Another great reading, looking forward to the outcome " ... written by Kim
WHat a great reading, This girl is a gem xx" ... written by B
She has always been there for me! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
Always a good reading. I will wait for her predictions to manifest and bring good tidings :)" ... written by Kim :)
Starlene is a true earth angel. she is very accurate andamp; wise. I am so grateful for her guidance. blessings andamp; hugs" ... written by kelly
Very in-depth, detailed reading and healing, yet quick and to the point, I was very glad to get some help." ... written by Pavel
That was one good reading, made sense in so many ways. She has alot of insight in the situation at hand and offers good advice, i do reccommend her anytime and anyday! namaste....can't wait for her predictions to unfold..." ... written by Rossa Sparks!
Her readings are insightful and she has enlightened me about a lot of things in the past, and I feel she reads into situations well." ... written by BN
----Simply amazing____Thank you!" ... written by Chett Rogers
I loved my reaading , she is a star xx" ... written by B
She is a very sweet and friendly lady i have come across on oranum. She is very accurate with her readings and predictions. I just love her readings.Thank you so much Starlene! You are one amazing lady! God bless." ... written by n g
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Mariela
Lovely reading and so far my readings with star have been accurate. Thank You so much " ... written by sher
thank you for your reading. its been helpful x" ... written by maltaFred
Star is my go to gal! She is wonderful and amazing. She has such a trusting energy and I feel instantly connected. I have spoke with her several times and her insight is astounding. I don't know what I would do without her " ... written by Samantha
nice friendly, down to earth. gave me good advice" ... written by ana
love her she is terrific always right" ... written by bouncylady
How do you write about don't just sit back and watch her do her magic. Great reading all the time :)" ... written by Bronxie
I wouldn't go to anybody else because she is so gentle and kind." ... written by hARRIET 7421
always great! helps bring clarity to my situation" ... written by deb
Always a help! Great clarity and advice from Star as always! My go-to reader on here. So sincere and accurate. Thank You!" ... written by Mailee
Always pleasure to talk to, very accurate. " ... written by Olga
She's great!" ... written by Alexis
really helped to get my mind focused " ... written by starfish57
She was honest, vulnerable, and straight to the point. She hit every nail on the head with validation." ... written by Lacey
thank you starlene" ... written by all
thank you, great reading, super positive!" ... written by starfish57
honest and open, nice woman, gave me some help with a problem i have" ... written by nicola
It was great to have e reading with the lady . will be back xx" ... written by B
Star is on point as always... very compassionate and encouraging, with positive and reassuring energy" ... written by Michele
Wondeful as usual...good advice too and fast " ... written by Simon
good reader very quick" ... written by CINDy
great" ... written by CINDy
Love Star. Always so nice, helpful and consistently in a nice mood. You rock and I am grateful for your help. Great card reader!!xx" ... written by Ellen Smith
Beyond amazing thank you so much! Spot on definitely will be back!" ... written by Michelle
Kind, and beautiful, and knowledgable. Thank you so much for all your help." ... written by SSM
long but very good reading!" ... written by starfish57
She knew exactly who my guardian angel is, and told me how to connect with him. Love Starlene!" ... written by Richard
Thanks for another amazing reading Star, That was so amazing and you provided me alot of insight into my situation. I have been reading with you severally and now it goes making sense for me and I can't wait for your predictions to unfold. you are the best...Hugs" ... written by Kim
I give her 10! She connected so fast and spot on. Thank you!" ... written by rme
Thank you so much for the help " ... written by B
thank you so much for the info!" ... written by starfish57
Great reading once again.Is truly gifted and very real and down to earth.Will be back for sure" ... written by Smiles32
SHe is a beautiful soul and is a real support. I love this woman xx" ... written by B
Very helpful!" ... written by Suj
I really enjoy Starlene's readings - on point and good advice as usual." ... written by Simon
Great reading very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful as usual..." ... written by Onslow
Great reading ty " ... written by new
she is so still the best" ... written by julie
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful as usual" ... written by Alexa
great reading, answered my question, very nice person" ... written by debra
EXCELLENT READING!!!! LOVE HER!!!" ... written by tamjones
Very nice and honest listened well and gave lot of feedback and information" ... written by JasmineGuzman
excellent reading! thank you." ... written by starfish57
What a beautiful reading. Thank you so much. i needed it. So true and accurate to the chore xx" ... written by B
Starlene has such a sweet spirit, she was able to give me advice, but also hope for the future. I highly recommend reading with her, you won't be disappointed. " ... written by Ashley
Starlene is a true Earth angel helping rid the world dark energy by spreading her amazing white light to each and all in her path. She is always kind, compassionate, quick and accurate. She is a blessing. Namaste Starlene" ... written by Kelly
another great reading...she is sooo specific and good." ... written by starfish57
very quick connection, quick reading, honest and kind. Thanks!" ... written by lornalulu
Starlene is lovely and insightful and very caring" ... written by irelandirish
Very nice:)Thanks a lot:)" ... written by Nikolay
Thank you so much for your reading Star. Was lovely catching up with you :) xx" ... written by Evenstar
Star has been helping me for over a year now and has guided me thru my situation. She is accurate and will tell you the truth no matter what. Thank you! I love you!" ... written by Tee
Precise, no wasting time. Thanks so much. " ... written by rg
very accurate on the situation but will come back to see her for updates on the predicted date. " ... written by littlebudy1
Starlene was compassionate in her reading. Her guidance helped me to understand some of the decisions I need to make in my life. Thanks for your help Starlene!" ... written by Malav
thank you for your help you are awesome" ... written by star
This was really good reading " ... written by B
lots of confirmations. good reading! :)" ... written by starfish57
I always like her readings, because she can tap into what is actually happening and her past predictions came true" ... written by Monicae
good reading with lotsa helpful input" ... written by starfish57
Very accurate I have to say. I'm very impressed." ... written by T.
Great reading. She gave the clarity I was looking for. Thank you. " ... written by HF
great reading, always connects quickly and tunes right in to what is happening. will be back." ... written by lornalulu
very accurate " ... written by lopezina1
very good reading! lots of quality information. thank you!" ... written by stafish57
gave an honest reading. much appreciated. " ... written by Jenny
very sweet and nice. love her" ... written by tam
I like her she is so insightful and honest. Quick and straight to the point." ... written by Billygirl54
Starlene is very gifted, i enjoyed the reading very much. She said a lot of the same things i was thinking about my situation. " ... written by debbie
what great advices" ... written by B
dear, dear Star you fill me with so much hope on my journey and realizing that i should be positive in the future and letting go of that which ties me down negatively .... thank you for your excellent reading, my friend and guide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you (((hugs)))" ... written by dolores/cappieann
I love Star. She has had my back for almost 2 years now. And is always accurate!" ... written by Tee
She is always awesome and provides me with insight concerning my situation. I know that she will give me sound advice and guidance when I need it." ... written by pinkflowers
Starlene is a true earth angel, always there to gently take your hand and guide you along the lighted path. Her advice is clear and concise. I would not have the understanding I do without her. She is a rockstar!! Namaste" ... written by kelly
good suggestions, thank you." ... written by starfish57
good connection always" ... written by qp
Lovely...wondeful reader " ... written by simon
thank you!!! u r the best!!! into the point always accurate!!!" ... written by Lily
One of the best" ... written by starlene- areis
always a reassuring and nurturing reading. someone i really can rely on to give sound advice. thanks so much. " ... written by leodragon2014
She's been there at my highest and my lowest of low. I couldn't ask for a better friend that I have in her. Thank you Star. You mean a lot to me!" ... written by Tee
Great reader, fast and accurate" ... written by Simon
Amazing and such good advice" ... written by Webster
excellent reading very accurate " ... written by kb
She was honest and gave quick responses. Her advice sounded good. I am grateful." ... written by Marcus Andrews
very indepth reading. really interesting. thank you!" ... written by starfish57
yes v. good read again, cheers. " ... written by batdancer
I wanted insight for someone that I truly care about and I want to make sure that any information I can gain will be used to help him. Starlene was on point about his personality and what he should do. I can't wait to start integrating this in an encouraging manner. " ... written by Jasmine Lipscomb
Always on point. Very accurate and good at what she does!" ... written by Smiles32
I just love Starlene's cards - they tell only truths and Starlene gives such good and sound advice.." ... written by Duane
she was super sweet and right on track.. Fast and right to the point " ... written by s
loved the feedback that i was given. also gave me something more to look into.. " ... written by jennifer
good solid reading. " ... written by starfish57
Wonderful reading as always - with a Star studded style - its like just hanging out with a friend and she throws cards down to just guide you on the journey." ... written by Bronxie
great little reading this am. I love her. Always on point and truthful. " ... written by cathleen
great read again from starlene..good stuff indeed. " ... written by batdancer
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Starlene is always amazing! So loving and genuine. Very grateful for her guidance. ♥ Blessings ♥" ... written by beachy
Radiant and loving personality. she patiently answered all my questions. I am waiting to see what unfolds and will come back and update more. " ... written by rainbowsnow
Amazing session!! Very clear and patient will keep you posted:) Thank you!" ... written by cchichi12_
thanks starlene, informative as usuall." ... written by m
Great! Very nice andamp; real!" ... written by Crismarie
very in-depth reading with lotsa detail. it was great!" ... written by starfish57
wonderful reading, she is very good at connecting, gave me specific answers...." ... written by Ammer
what a lovely lady with beautiful insights at a difficult time " ... written by kalihart
Thank you!" ... written by Meg
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she looked at a lot of things and it really is going to help" ... written by starfish57
Very good:)" ... written by Nikolay
she was very insightful and told me things that i thought i knew but did not know! A+" ... written by Emily
I've been coming to starlene for a year now. She's great! Straight forward nice, non-judgemental (I come to her with usually the same subject haha). She has been right in the past. Shes great to talk to!" ... written by Mailee
Lovely lady, gave me great insight and was honest. Will come again! " ... written by Karis
Really warm and positive spirit and was accurate about most of my situation." ... written by Eric
wonderful" ... written by maria
super good. extraordinary. i will definitely recommend her work. very friendly, kind and easy to communicate with." ... written by lena
She is so sweet. Quick and straight to the point. Five stars " ... written by Billygirl
Starlene is simply the best of the best. You will be so happy you took the time to speak with this Earth angel... She will make sure you are on the lighted path. Simply a rock Star ♥♥♥" ... written by Kelly
So sweet and compassionate!" ... written by Elizabeth
Starlene was very informative and she pegged my situation on target." ... written by debbie
thank you for your help!! great reading. very quick and accurte." ... written by Krissy
thank you for this reading, it really helped me." ... written by Krissy
I always have to go to her even if my mind is going crazy she helps me everytime! I feel like i be repeating myself and asking the same questions but she still answers them regardless! And i can appreciate that from her. Thank you and I love you." ... written by Tee
Starlene is kind and has common sense. I appreciate her outlook and am grateful for her putting my worries at ease. Highly recommended!" ... written by Patricia
tried and true. i've been seeing starlene for a couple of years. she's very accurate and straight to the point. quick answers. there's a reason i keep coming back!!! 10 STARS!" ... written by tiffany
She is the best of the best always ♥" ... written by kelly
So grateful for all of the clarification Starlene gives me, keeping me on the lighted path. So honest, but very compassionate. Truly beautiful inside and out. She is a blessing ♥♥♥" ... written by kelly
Amazing and very comforting. It was exactly what I needed to hear right now." ... written by Abbey
very nice reading; gave me some confirmations on things I need to do. thank you!" ... written by starfish57
very great readings, thanks so much " ... written by tammy
Thank you - honest and good reading. " ... written by Yours
Very good:)" ... written by Nikolay
First Time reading with her.. so I will see what happens.. as to the reading.. she did tell me some good advice.. " ... written by Bebebell
she was awesome! five stars! she pinpointed everything, she rocks" ... written by BAMM486943
Thank you very much for your guidance and insight. It was very helpful." ... written by Ladymysterious
Starlene gave me an accurate reading of what is happening in my life right now. She also gave me some self care tips. Awesome and spot on reading." ... written by marym62
she was straight forward and knew about the situation with no detail. she is the real deal folks." ... written by ryan
she was very good and was very intune to my needs" ... written by Emily
Great reading... general however still good. thank you" ... written by livelifelove
Very straightforward and quick connection" ... written by hm
Very honest and straight forward. I appreciate her very much." ... written by Dove
Love Star and the way she reads cards. Thanks so much! xx" ... written by Clara
Very good:)" ... written by Nikolay
A lovely helpful person" ... written by Neil
Great reading, very understanding gives a lot of info in a short amount of time.. Very friendly " ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful reader with great empathy and a wonderful sense of humor!" ... written by Eva
Very good:)Thanks:)" ... written by Nikolay
She is really special, very spot on, extremely accurate...wise and knowledgeable...true delight!" ... written by aligned
She pulled up some really neat astrological aspects that I've never really looked into before.. loved the reading! It was right on." ... written by Virgo
She is good. Trust her" ... written by something
Thank you." ... written by d2k1000
She is a very nice and wise reader. Gave me a straight talk. will see how it works out!" ... written by Chiara
there is never a time where Starlene does not open my heart and spirit wide open and help me to see various perspectives which will make life more fulfilling and inspiring for me.....the inner me. i thank you Star for your spiritual and gifted nature!!! i love you and am indeed grateful and blessed to say you are my friend and guide forever!!! you are an Awesome guide and beautiful friend!!!! :)" ... written by cappieann
very fast and on the point. thanks will be back" ... written by dominique
thank for the good reading." ... written by starfish57
great reading!!! thansk!!" ... written by joey
Amazing! She is very accurate and straightforward. She also is a very very nice person but gives the details of the situation honestly as they are. Thank you so much!" ... written by dOVE
Had a great reading tonight" ... written by cathleen
Great reading, very informative and guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
A new favorite. Thank you." ... written by Lisa Smith
LOve this lady , thank you so so much xoxo" ... written by B
very interesting reading thank you, you have given me loads to think about can't wait to see how thing fall into place many thanks" ... written by rosiekate
Very nice lady" ... written by Essie
told me what i needed to know." ... written by starfish57
pretty much told me what I needed to know and thensome." ... written by starfish57
I enjoyed my reading thanks" ... written by lady42
Starlene is quick, honest and on point. She is very insightful. I really like her and will come back for readings." ... written by Billygirl54
SHE IS SO KIND AND HONEST" ... written by miriam
she is very good. had an excellent reading." ... written by starfish57
She is direct and insightful. Five stars. Like her readings because she is accurate. " ... written by billygirl54
thank you dear Star for the reading that was so awesome and you truly helped me see how i need to not look at those who have negativity pouring out of them .... to focus on positive and the love i can give to others which will shine back on me :) you are always know me so well and touch upon my heart and spirit .... i appreciate your gifts of helping all of us :) love andamp; hugs" ... written by cappieann
good reading" ... written by starfish57
very direct and honest really good" ... written by anonymous
Great reading, very understanding.." ... written by pinkpather30
it had been a long time since I checked in and she remembered me and tuned in to my situation, with interesting info and messages regarding my choices. i will be back." ... written by jen
She is very straight forward and honest. I really appreciate her insight. " ... written by Dove
She is very helpful and helped me more than I expected. Thank you!" ... written by Dove
Wonderful reader - kind, patient and thorough!" ... written by Eva
excellent reading with good specifics and timelines" ... written by starfish57
5 star:)" ... written by Nikolay
I love her! She is sweet, caring, insightful and honest. Five stars" ... written by Billygirl54
A kind spirit. Many thanks." ... written by Mark
really good reading with information" ... written by starfish57
gave me some ideas and hope on my set of circumstances but was objective and predicting." ... written by starfish57
I adore her. it was wonderful catching. Insightful as always" ... written by miko
Thanks:)" ... written by Nikolay
Wonderful thank you so much" ... written by Lisa Smith
She was right on with the reading once again. Thank you!" ... written by Qu
She is great. I am satisfied with my reading. From the time the reading started she got straight to the point and answered all of my questions and concerns about my love life. I love her! Thanks so much!" ... written by Qu
She was fast, honest and to the point! Worth the time and money." ... written by Grace
she is so amazing !! everytime !!! i love how fast she taps in and how clear she delivers!! highly recommended" ... written by tamjones
good reading with lotsa confirmations!" ... written by starfish57
lots of confirmations. great reading!" ... written by starfish57
Very good. Recommend her." ... written by Ulv
Five stars for Starlene. Honest quick and straight to the point. Love her" ... written by Billygirl54
Very good reader...picked up very quickly...thank u....." ... written by Luvdogs2
Great, explained a lot of astrology and why things have been happening. Looking forward to the summer." ... written by shellrn
she is very good i would love to keep in touch with her" ... written by Maryflo
Star is very very accurate in her predictions!" ... written by aquavenus
She done a fabulous job. Hit on a lot of things, I believe you will go very far!!! Keep up the good work and I will be back to visit you and keep you updated on everything.." ... written by Rick