About Stephane1971

Psychic Stephane1971has 10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Stephane1971has recently helped 30members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Stephane1971's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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My first specialty is I am an Empath, I TUNE into someone feeling (meaning, I will tell you exactly how he/she feel s about you, if it is real love or just attraction, is he looking for a short relation or for a long term relation … ? ) I AM THE LOVE EXPERT

Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
great - clear - quick, straight forward" ... written by ShellyB000
What an awesome reading!!! Stephane is so intuitive and so wise, I don't even need to give him any information beyond my name and wow - it's all there for him. Amazing! He is able to give me real life insights and also see beyond so I know what is motivating me and others to act the way they do. This is so valuable!!! Thank you, Stephane!!!" ... written by Stephanie
So cool! So fun, really nice talking to him. He had a lot to tell me and was so very personable and likable. " ... written by Aleah
;)" ... written by Goin
Good reading. I loved it. :0)" ... written by edel95
Great!" ... written by Shelly
Very good!" ... written by betty
We shall see." ... written by beautywithinone
He was pretty good." ... written by Lisa
Stephane is really helpful and positive! He has helped me through a really difficult experience with clear answers and guidance when I had no one else to turn to." ... written by Tracey
Thank you for your honesty. " ... written by heartbroken
It´s always so much fun talking to Stephane! He connects very well and know what´s going on! Love to talk to him!!" ... written by S.
Another wonderful reading." ... written by zimerili1
Pretty accurate, I will visit again!" ... written by gutswoman
Stephane is really wonderful! He connects with me very quickly and accurately relays messages from my guides. He was able to look at me and tell me exactly how I feel about my life. I really appreciate the way he's able to relay accurate information so quickly! I value being able to come to him with my questions. He's very generous with his time! Thanks Stephane." ... written by cherryblossom10
Great reading, needed a little longer, thank you very much ." ... written by jo
Nice reader and an honest reading. Thank you." ... written by Grace035
Stephane was right on target, and he shows a great deal compassion!" ... written by AKJeannie
he was very honest and straight forward. He told me what i needed to hear as hard as it may be. i'd love to chat with him for hours but unfortunetly finances won't allow it lol def knows what he's talking about! 5 star " ... written by alosemi
Stephane is very compassionate and a wonderful reader. He is very accurate and can understand your personality and concerns." ... written by seakat1
Excellent Reader, will go back to him, highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
***IMPRESSIVE***" ... written by alex
A very kind, honest being. Very accurate and honest. If you even someone to tell you the complete truth whether it is good or bad this is your guy! Thank you so much!" ... written by Nina
Thanks once again. You once again put things into perspective and I truly believe in your gift." ... written by Diane
Wonderful, energetic, and a great reading :)" ... written by mylifenanutshell
Thank you Stephane for all you help. and understanding" ... written by kathy
Very accurate on the reading - will be back definitely!" ... written by Pam
I got such clarity from him. Was so kind about my loss in life. Gave me such insight. Thank u so much...!!!" ... written by Janine
This guy is the best. He is becoming very special to me, due to his warmth, sincerity and intuition. x" ... written by francesca
Amazing insights - quick to connect! He has extraordinary abilities. Truly helpful reading! Highly, highly recommend him! " ... written by Clarity
Amazing, so good and fast to connect and could tell me how to fix the situation that I find myself. " ... written by Michelle
Great reading.. so true.. Everything he said was so true of my situation..." ... written by lindy
Very funny guy ~ nice to chat with... Truly hope he is wrong.. LOL" ... written by tooie
Always a great sensitivity and excellent intuition, returns and you just saw in January. And for that, Hats! Thank you and lots of kisses, you are a great man! Do not change anything, you have a precious gift and a great generosity of heart." ... written by Aurore
Was great and fast!!!! Thanks so much for being flexible, I understood where you were coming from, and thank you for reading amazing!" ... written by Joshua Vinziant ((116206
He read right trough me and my current situation. I will visit him more in the future. If you want straight talk look up Stephane1971 he is a king at what he does." ... written by Tammy
Great advice." ... written by Alice
Lovely - very real and helpful with a difficult issue," ... written by Tracey
Amazing reading!!!" ... written by Midnightlily777
Thank you for your kindness and to get right to the point it without any complacency. Your advice is also very nice. You did take the time to listen to the problem. Thank you!" ... written by Caroline
Very nice fellow and good reading, I needed to hear that things will work out, so Thank You Stephane! ;~})" ... written by Tracey
Verrry fast and nice person. He connected well. I have to wait and see how it becomes true, but I would recommend the reading with him. And will try him again." ... written by miko
Brilliant as usual, reassuring, measured, reinforcing, adorable." ... written by Diana
Very welcome. He was able to fill my problem input and some online guide knew me." ... written by Yonka
Stephane is good. Will see if I get my man. " ... written by Angeldust46
Great, still the best and so fast .... you are the only one who 's always right " ... written by Katie
Thank you Stephane for ur clarity and ur directives. U have such an ability to see thru what we see with our natural eyes. Thank you helping me to see thru ur spiritual eyes. I really appreciate u sharing ur gifts. Luv and truth to you." ... written by Janine
Stephane is one of the best! He is very clear and is very honest. The good thing is he gets straight to the point without wasting your credit. He is very understanding as well. Will DEFINITELY recommend him to anyone looking for a genuine, and clear reading. " ... written by M
Yepp............ Thank you...." ... written by mette44
Stephane is the man, my friend and such a wonderful spirit" ... written by kathy
VERY ACCURATE." ... written by Mila
Always the best reading with stephane1971..........." ... written by mette44
Very quick, very helpful reading, nice guy." ... written by Nancy
So fast straight to the point " ... written by Caroline
Love stephanes readings.........get the truth, he's human, and honest.........and 100% right........" ... written by mette44
excellent reading" ... written by Cindy
Helpful reading...very quick to assist. Highly recommend him." ... written by Clarity
helpfull, nice, human........good reading............." ... written by mette44
Stephane gave me a terrific reading on my daughter's friend. He was very accurate with her behavior and what to watch for. I also got my question answered regarding what my place should be. He knows me so well and gave me the positive along with the pitfalls. Thank you so much for your insight. You are truly gifted. Love and light to you, Stephane." ... written by Janine
He gave me hope. " ... written by meadows218
Stephane1971 was great. To the point. Absolutely understood my situation. Thank you!" ... written by helic22
Perfect reading .. Stéphane is clear, fast .. very nice when you have a specific question. at least not useless bla bla .. test and retest." ... written by Cynthia
He is a very nice man and positive as well! Thank u" ... written by Real Love
Everything you said the first time was right, you are really amazing! And the future happened exactly the way you said it . " ... written by Aurore
Good insight, he picked up on my guides and I seen them and he was right!" ... written by unknown
Good connection. Informative." ... written by s
Love having readings with Stephane, he's human... Understands..." ... written by mette44
Amazing reader. He confirmed what other people had said amazing. highly recommended." ... written by karla
We'll wait and see what happens" ... written by jp
The best of the best." ... written by cindy
HE'S VERY GOOD." ... written by HALOVMQ
Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
Thanks." ... written by S
Had good reading with Stephane earlier today!" ... written by S
Very good and honest, no sugar coating, seemed to be well connected and in tune with my situation. Thank you Stephane." ... written by Libra
Thanks!" ... written by C
Great reading :-)" ... written by cherryblossom10
Wonderful accurate reader!" ... written by abby
Wow... A true master reader of the tarot cards. He just goes picks up, goes on and on, so accurately and wonderfully!!!" ... written by James
Tough subject. Wish I had more time. " ... written by HALOVM
Awesome reader!!! hope he is right! :)" ... written by marion
Great reading, thanx very much!!!" ... written by zimerili1
Thank you for the thruth.........good reading......recommend to others........" ... written by mette44
Always helpful" ... written by Jennifer
I am very, very, very happy with Stephane, he is accurate like no one, he see things that no one could see, I recommend him so much." ... written by Sofia
Great energy, a natural healer..." ... written by Livia
The truth my credits went really quick" ... written by Namz
Good insight, direct, clear... : )" ... written by MichalaRoyale
He's great and helpful !" ... written by Jennifer
Stephane is very good, very assertive, and insightful with his readings..." ... written by globedove
I loved his reading, he was right on things, hope to chat with him soon again" ... written by Grecia
Fantastic." ... written by john
Spot on, thank you for your advice !!" ... written by Bizou1981
Excellent as usual ... baisers" ... written by globe
One of the best reader, I ever see in my life, STUNNING. Amanda." ... written by Amanda
So fast, don't waste time, so good ......" ... written by Estelle
He was very easy to understand. Seeing him and his facial expressions helped me a great deal. My rating is 5 stars for sure! Thanks, Stephane1971!" ... written by Josephine
I Love this guy he is wonderful!" ... written by Marion Kielskov
Danm he is good, thank you so much sweety." ... written by Marion Kielskov
What an amazing, uplifting, gentle reader. Stunning accuracy and very detailed. 5 Stars!" ... written by Leslie Kay
Understanding and good advice......ill be back for another reading sometime......" ... written by mette44
Very good reading thank you x" ... written by Myalea
I like your honesty, I am still smiling but the profile that you give me is very true. Everything is for me to be careful, I walk on eggshells, but I also need to draw the E attention. To be continued. See you soon. David" ... written by David
Very nice, I love his energy. Gave me real good advice." ... written by pepestone1
Very nice man - what he said makes sense. I look forward to what he said coming true. " ... written by Sarah
Great energy, loved him!" ... written by Carly
He is so sweet and honest like always, he is always there." ... written by Marion Kielskov
Good reading. Picked up on my conflicted feelings and gave me good advice. Give Stephane a try." ... written by uvrs53
Very good reading. Thank you Stephane." ... written by GD
Good, funny." ... written by cusa
the BEST!" ... written by Joe
Wonderful reading that goes in the same direction as the other." ... written by Emilie
Thank You Stephane, He was amazing. I have worked with psychics all over the world and he is awesome and i highly recommend him." ... written by Juleelovesgod
Very accurate reading. The best! " ... written by jessywhat
Great very insightful -awesome!" ... written by michelle
Stephane is the absolute best. He is so intuitive, it is amazing. He is caring, reassuring, honest and practical. x" ... written by Diane
He really confirmed what I had been feeling and thinking about the situation! Thank you! Can't wait to see how things pan out." ... written by Marissa
Stephane is nice, human and a very honest the readings....easy to understand." ... written by mette44
Fun reading!" ... written by pink
Great reading, very accurate and quick. He really honed into my situation and gave me some great reassurance. " ... written by sarah
Good reading. Insightful and helpful." ... written by boru
Thank you. Thank you, thank you again......" ... written by mette44
Thank you..... Again....... Without Stephane I would be lost...." ... written by mette44
He was great!! Will be back" ... written by Tiffany
I still love to talk to him, is soo sweet." ... written by Marion Kielskov
Thanks Stephane. Spot on reading, thank you." ... written by Sarah
Had readings once a week last 3 weeks. Will continue, stephane is good." ... written by mette44
Thanks for your thoughts, sorry, had only a short read, will come again another time!" ... written by S
Great! He gave me insight, really bit into how my situation was going and gave me advice to move forward. He really got in touch with how my situation was going very quickly." ... written by Sarah
Very good" ... written by samantha
It was very good. " ... written by lydia 99
I think Stephane 1971 was very genuine and heartfelt !!! and I thank him for the reading it was exactly what I was expecting and exactly what I needed to hear to confirm Im going in the right direction. One thing he said that I need to CALM DOWN, and thanks to him I now can. THANKS Stephane !!! I really appreciate your kind words :) Oh and just so he knows I dooo meditate every day to keep myself grounded and I am keeping in touch with my angels all day everyday, they help me stay grounded too:) Too bad Stephanes not local Id ask you for a date after all my court dates and my surgery lol. I think hes a very nice and genuine man intuitively speaking !!! Thanks again!!! ♥ Jody" ... written by jody
So fast so accurate, Stephane still the best here!" ... written by Stephanie
He's very honest and funny. ;) Let's see how it goes!" ... written by jazzychic7
Very good...he was right on with things. Pleasant fellow to talk with. " ... written by Marybeth Hiebert
I enjoyed Stephane and he was so on point! I will definitely come back to him." ... written by Carolyn
Always as human man and truth reading.......I'll be back some day......." ... written by mette44
Thank you AGAIN, Stephane... A very good reading." ... written by mette44
Thanks so much the reading helped a real lot." ... written by S
AMAZING!!!" ... written by chand
He is good." ... written by humility
Nice man. I liked him. Made me feel a bit better tonight. :)" ... written by amy
stephane is great! he's very funny and a quick reader! " ... written by m
very good reading thanks heaps" ... written by gusessendon
Stephane delivered very specific insights quickly to detailed questions. " ... written by Isabel
He is armazing always telling the true and what I need to hear thank you " ... written by Marion Kielskov
Very good!" ... written by gusessendon
Very helpful. Gave relief. Thank you." ... written by Debra Phelps
Very positive honest andamp; direct. Thank you." ... written by Lou Ann
Good reading from my Spirits. No tools he used with me. " ... written by rolm
Recommended................" ... written by mette44
Awesome!! Definitely recommend seeing him, he's great!" ... written by Autumne
Thank you sooo much, your predictions has given me confidence in my abilities and I'm going to push myself even more to achieve my ambitions." ... written by Annabelle
Stephane is nice and direct. He definitely gave me somethings to consider. " ... written by caitlin
Very nice man, very good experience, a lot of information. Thank you so very much!" ... written by lovewater
Always great........ Thanks Stephane......" ... written by mette44
Very quick, great energy and kind. Thank you very much for your time and insight! See you!" ... written by maithu
I think he is right on target. Knew what he was talking about and gave advice." ... written by mimig
Amazing, insightful reading - extraordinarily helpful! Highly recommend him!" ... written by Clarity
The best." ... written by halovm
Well the answer to my question was good. I will let you know what transpires" ... written by sabe
First reading with Stephane. HE is extremely intuitive and insightful. WIll definitely be back many more times." ... written by denise
Incredible" ... written by Jessica
as always.................the best..............." ... written by mette44
He is a very very nice man. Told about me accurately.. If I could give him 10 stars that would be less...such a genuine soul and humorous personality :) I would come back to him again and he is the very best in ORANUM!!!" ... written by aquavenus
He was great wish could have a bit more time, very accurate!" ... written by upsidedown
Very good reader...confirmed what i was thinking." ... written by Joshua
He is still the greatest I know of thank you Stephane." ... written by Marion Kielskov
He made me laugh so much. He was so insightful but so funny as well in his delivery. Blessings to him. Good chap and honest." ... written by k
Exceptionally insightful reading! He is amazing! Highly, highly recommend him!" ... written by Clarity
I think he understood my situation immediately... and gave me the direction that I need." ... written by Jenny
Direct and knows his stuff. " ... written by Yulia
Do a reading with Stephane..... Very nice....... And good........" ... written by mette44
Good. " ... written by Carol
great" ... written by luckystar222
Very accurate. Good advice!" ... written by unknown
Excellent reading! Very detailed and helpful insights! I would highly, highly recommend him! On a scale of 1-10, he is definitely an 11!" ... written by Clarity
So great! so much help!" ... written by Melissa
pretty good" ... written by gusessendon
Honest reading... spot on, thank you." ... written by jojoed
great reading, nice man." ... written by mette44
Only time will tell. You made a lot of sense. Now its up to me to do it,even though that's all i have been doing these last few years.At least i know the higher powers are still there for me even though I can not hear them due to my own issues.I just wish these trials would come to an end and i could have some peace. Thank you kindly Stephane for giving me some hope.Highly recommended." ... written by Jamil
good reading... truthful and straightforward which I am glad for." ... written by Rhadhannia/Nancy
He told me the truth. I feel relieved that he confirmed the truth to me. I will prepare as best I can. He is genuine, quick, and honest with his answers. " ... written by jayjay
He was good. wish it had not of gone so fast. Will be looking for things that he said in the coming year. Picked up on somethings... maybe didn't say what I wanted to hear, but spoke it anyway. Love honesty! " ... written by polish4u
Thank you for your time. I felt you knew a lot about me and how I felt! " ... written by Angel
Straight to the point! Recommended" ... written by librabeauty
I liked him straight to the point and you know cleared up so much I am not confused anymore i would recommend him. " ... written by star
Great guy. Everything everyone said before me was very true. Definitely understood the situation and made me feel better about myself. Thank you!" ... written by kavintee
Stéphane thank you for your professionalism, your advice, your kindness and your humor!! I enjoyed this reading :) You clearly identified the "person"!! I miss not to keep you aware of that surprises, and hoping that I'll be able to stay calm ;) Good eve to you, I hug you " ... written by Alexandra
Just had a reading with Stephane1971, short and time limited but he got to the point of my problem that is happening to me wright now and have to add I hardly said anything about me..." ... written by andrea
Very good analysis. Thank you for your valuable advice. It goes without saying that patience will help me to be more zen in order to ensure a good end to this story. Thank you for your insight" ... written by Victoria
As always.... nice, honest and human. Tells the truth." ... written by mette44
He is so sweet, honest and made me smile. He is very and funny. I will definitely be back. He is right someone has to do something and I will do just that to get the ball rolling so to speak :). Thank you Stephane" ... written by confused3330
He read the situation as it was and elaborated on it. He is very good!" ... written by Sarah
Quick. Thank you." ... written by S
Spot on! Told me what I needed to know, not just what I wanted to hear! Quick and to the point...." ... written by Brenda
Amazing insights and ability to connect immediately! Very honest and candid with the sincere intent to help! Could not ask for a better reading!" ... written by Happy
Good, straight to the point and quick. Thank you!" ... written by Catherine
Excellent reading! Very clear! Answered all my questions quickly. " ... written by Clarity
Stephan was good as usual. He connects quickly to the issues, and has a great sense of the details of one's character. He validates my suspicions on a particular situation. I will touch base with him again in a week or so. Thanks, Stephan!" ... written by denise
He is accurate and kind!" ... written by erika
This guy is so cool and straight to the point, he says it like it is! I'm very thankful and he makes you laugh too, wow you're really cool :-) I'll definitely be back!!! xxxx Love you!!! " ... written by ale510
I am very satisfied with my reading actually. I wanted know how many spirit guides I had, and he was able to answer this very straight forward with out any hesitation. He actually said a few things that I do while trying to communicate with my spirit guides, which was extremely funny. You should definitely seek out his professional advice. " ... written by Danielle
Excellent reading with helpful insights! Highly, highly recommend him!" ... written by Clarity
Enjoyed the reading! " ... written by ann
Stephane delivered very specific insights quickly to detailed questions. I continue to seek readings from him because he has the ability to connect instantly and convey helpful information through his natural gifts and tarot. He is candid and tells the truth. I would highly recommend him - he is an 11 easily on a scale of 1 to 10." ... written by Clarity5
Very accurate!" ... written by Ratan
Only had a little reading but is funny and was spot on with my situation :)" ... written by dan
Very Funny Guy! He cracked me up! He really confirms what my feelings and the other person's feelings.Straight to the point and I like that. Thank you so much Stephane for clearing things up for me. I will try what you told me. =)" ... written by Connie
Very warm, heart felt reader. Honest and matter of fact. I feel very contented after having spoken with Stephane, thank you - God bless." ... written by Rebecca
Great read. everything he said was true." ... written by kris
He was very nice and very helpful. he helped me build my confidence in myself." ... written by Christine
Incredibly accurate, gentle with his choice of words. warm and friendly reader. " ... written by Rebecca
Straight shooter, understanding and gives advice for you to make your own decisions.... A must!" ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Stephane is wonderful. Spot on with everything and my situation and helped me with what I need to do next to achieve my goal, thank you so much! xxxx" ... written by Stacey
Amazing! Best advice for any situation that you may be struggling with.. Breaks everything down so simple and so accurately, hands down the most comfortable and best psychic reading i’ve had!! Definitely calling back soon! Made me look at the positives of every situation I am in!" ... written by cbass6
Very True" ... written by Saya
like him.......nice ......kind.......means well great reading............" ... written by mette44
He hit so many points and what was going on in my life so accurately. He was truly amazing. More importantly, he assisted me in addressing my concerns and what I needed and wanted out of life. I am so grateful!" ... written by Janine
I really enjoyed our reading. I think he's very detailed and gives you a thorough understanding of the situation. He's honest and i like the way that at times he pauses for a second to think - shows he's really tapping in. Highly recommended and dare I say better than some who have much higher ratings. Remember he's new so ratings will tally up in time. Love and light." ... written by Kavs
He is amazing and extremely truthful!" ... written by Sarah
Hi sorry didn't have much time to speak with you.......need to speed up a bit with typing lol " ... written by member5
Stephane gives true, honest readings it......recommend him...." ... written by mette44
Very good. Straight to point. Answers honestly. Easy to talk to. Thanks!" ... written by Karen
Good reading!" ... written by Anontio
Stephan is very intuitive, and a really fun-loving person. He is very easy to talk to and he "gets it." Thanks!@" ... written by denise
Stephane was right on in my reading amazing how he knew about my relationship." ... written by uvware
BRILLIANT READING .... TOP CLASS PSYCHIC X" ... written by jojoed
Great, quick reading. " ... written by mylifenanutshell
Very good." ... written by christy_vazaquez
Awesome, he gives you the real deal here :) Plus he ceased my anxiety levels :)" ... written by Autumne
Stephane was very good and right to the point in the reading. I will have to trust him in the outcome." ... written by ladykathy
Very enlightening reading! Stephane is quick to focus on the pressing issue, but is very patient to explain and to provide feedback. He gets the highest rating possible from me!" ... written by Clarity
Great reading from Stephane. He could describe the person of interest very well. Thanks! " ... written by iredin
A LOT of energy! funny tools! But he was right about everything he said. " ... written by Holly
Enjoyed talking to him. He made it very clear what needs to be done. Thank you." ... written by Clarity
Extremely accurate and forthcoming with information. Funny and down to earth, easy to relate to. Clear and direct with the information he is given." ... written by Rebecca
It was very quick but he answered me. :) Hopefully he's right. I wish I had more time. :(" ... written by brenda
Thank you for your time!!! Wish I had a little more time. I'm very conflicted. :(" ... written by Natalie
Thank you... There is hope. Let's see! :)" ... written by wioletta
Thanks, very clear and fast. " ... written by luckystar222
Stephane is just great! He is to the point and reliable. Would definitely recommend him! " ... written by M
I found him to be very interesting and I enjoyed the conversation." ... written by Donna
Great as always, thanks for the answers!" ... written by mette44
Very helpful." ... written by Focused
Amazing reading - excellent, immediate connection... highly recommend him!" ... written by hopeful
Very good thank you" ... written by sheanonsheanon
Very honest and very helpful." ... written by robyn
Clear and concise." ... written by c
Thanks and thanks for truth... AGAIN..." ... written by mette44
Fast, go straight to the point, he don't waste time. He is a pleasure." ... written by MAGGIE
Really happy... Will update you when the details of my reading happen!" ... written by Tanya
He was great! Very inspirational and to the point! Great reading! Thank you so much!" ... written by Scadoodle
Great insight" ... written by V
Thank you. Great reading even though we didn't have much time. I appreciate that you were mindful of the credits I had available. Thank you for providing the answers to the questions I needed." ... written by Jennifer
Stephane was very good. Very quick :)" ... written by Jack
If your looking for the truth come here!! " ... written by jojoed
the best of the best " ... written by Julie
Clarity fit you so well :) i understand everything now" ... written by sam
Second reading with Steph.... all I can say is very kind, compassionate, and knew my situation and details. Extremely honest and backs up when he's talking about." ... written by Tanya
Stephane is so helpful, I recommend him to everyone!!!!!!!" ... written by Julie
Oh stephane, has a way of looking into me and reading my soul. He gets me!!" ... written by D x 3
An amazing help, he's the real deal. No tools needed, accurate information!" ... written by Angelica
He is really good :) and fast accurate :) wil def comeback for more" ... written by fakhri
Nice as always......Thanks stephane" ... written by mette44
He gives a good reading" ... written by gregior
Interesting!" ... written by Spirefly
Very helpful, great reading : )" ... written by anna
Really wonderful! Very accurate without needing many details and very thoughtful. You can it just comes to him but he thinks through for a moment to process if you have a question. Seems to be very honest and straightforward. Fast answers and clear answers. " ... written by kaf1228
Stephane is worth it, clear fast, insightful, will definitely come back to him." ... written by Lyndsay
Thank your for this for reading, you connect into my situation very fast. Your answers were accurate. So like you said I will be patient but it's good news :)" ... written by Myriame
stephane is a very reliable reader" ... written by erika
very good detailed and helpful" ... written by tracey
This is my second reading with Stephane1971. I know he sees the truth. And he explains things to me in a wonderful way. " ... written by Jenny
Nice reading...." ... written by itwillbeok
Awesome man" ... written by sunshine
WAS GREAT, A BIT FUNNY BUT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)" ... written by Orlando Ewen
Very helpful and loving. Thank you!" ... written by azurasky
he is straight and to the point always :)" ... written by Michelle
Stephan was good as usual. He connects quickly to the issues" ... written by Stephanie
Straight to the point and I like that. Thank you so much Stephane for clearing things up for me." ... written by Isabela
He told me what I didn't want to hear but I have to accept the truth. Thank you, Stephane!" ... written by Chris
he was amazing. and I think he is good for everyone." ... written by sp
Very warm, heart felt reader. Honest and matter of fact. I feel very contented after having spoken with Stephane, thank you - God bless." ... written by Cindy
He's to the point." ... written by Nelson
Nice reading good feedback....ty 5 stars" ... written by Rhadhannia
Extremely helpful and genuine. Gave me lots of advise for what I have experienced." ... written by Tracey
Very good reading... truthful and straightforward, the One." ... written by Nancy
Very insightful gave me lots of info very quickly." ... written by Emma
he was thoughtful and he at least acted like he cared. he was good. ten stars for recommendation." ... written by dawnlane12
always good. always hits the mark. always sees through me. xx" ... written by ddd
Endearing reader and more spot on than most. Especially great to have a guy reading on relationships and he gets it. Very fun and cool reading." ... written by Josie
What a pleasure and joy to have a reading with Stephane! His insights and straight to the issue ways are a huge blessing to me today! I am so thankful to have chosen him and his accuracy is amazing! Thank you so much!" ... written by Stephanie
Stephane was spot on with my reading. he was extremely helpful and he understood and helped me with actions of what i need to do" ... written by Elayna
He is amazing" ... written by angel
Well - not sure if he helped or not - because what he said was that I have to help myself to find what is missing in my life....and I guess I already knew that really not sure...but there is not simple answer to anything and I guess I was hoping that there would be or that there would be a reassurance that I haven't made all these major changes in my life for nothing...." ... written by Katrin
amazing reading fun!" ... written by sw
Very accurate reading, i will come back" ... written by Cindy
Stephane is so incredible, he fells me like he knows me since i was little " ... written by Lyndsay
So True So honest " ... written by Amanda
it was hard to hear the truth, but i know i need it too. Keep on going Stephane" ... written by AMY
Thank you. Chat soon." ... written by Liz
thank you so much Stephane you really help me, you are so gifted " ... written by Nikkie
Great reading!!! Thank you so much... " ... written by Deeshedevil
" ... written by jane
great reading - got right to the point!" ... written by Danielle
Clear and True, connects with spirit" ... written by Shelly
Helped" ... written by Dan
He told me exactly what I needed to hear. I truly appreciated his insight, honesty and humor." ... written by Clarity
Wow, very clear and to the point. Picked up my issues with ease and ran with them. I knew there was something wrong and could not shake it. Thanks." ... written by Sanity53..Cecily
Very nice man, and a very good reader. He tuned in quickly and grasped the situation. Gave me clear answers." ... written by Ahz
For my first time, i am really amazed" ... written by ENIGMA
He was very spot on and answered the questions before I asked. Thank you very much!" ... written by Ashleigh
excellent follow-up reading!" ... written by clarity
very quick to answer, nice to talk to tells it like it is. greatful for a honest reading thank you again. " ... written by tetagirl
very good " ... written by linda
if you want the truth.... this is the man for you " ... written by jojoed
" ... written by Patricia
Intuitive, connected immediately, recommend!" ... written by B
clear, honest" ... written by shellyb
Insightfull and helped to waylay some concerns I had" ... written by bellsdad
Perfect readings, supportive and understanding.. Highly recommended!" ... written by Emerald Jade
he is great, fast and straight to the point" ... written by godfirst
very good reading got intouch with someone dear to me thank you." ... written by deb
straight and good as always:)" ... written by shelly
Quick, cool, confident." ... written by Tom
you really help, you are worth it " ... written by Patricia
straight to the point. thank you" ... written by erini
IMPRESSIVE you are really impressive " ... written by Linda
you did go straight to the point, Stephane you said the truth !!! " ... written by Alicya
i am very happy with Stephane, he say the truth " ... written by KArina
good reading ty" ... written by Rhadhannia
Fast, he doesn t wast time, he is so helpfull. i love this guy" ... written by Estrella
It was my first time, i have to admit i do feel confident with Stephane. He know exactly how to explain me the situation. " ... written by Axelle
Nice and comfortable reading" ... written by Debbie
my first reading - he was spot on what happened and guided me to what the past years i had been resolving within " ... written by Jyoshna Mishra
I fle the understood me and my situation. Waiting to see how things play out. Gave me good insight." ... written by searchingg
you are the best from far away " ... written by Kaylie
lovely guy - super duper. tunes in quickly." ... written by butterfly
" ... written by Laura
Stephane is amazing, I really really appreciate our reading, he is open-hearted, helpful and he gave me some good advice. Everything that he told me was true :-) Thank you" ... written by Mary
I love this guy, he is so great " ... written by Nicole
Awesome Stephane!! Love your work xo" ... written by sarebear
he is good" ... written by Debbie
Helpfull!! Thank you!!" ... written by Cathy
thanks so much for the clarity" ... written by ale
At first I seem leery of readings but when he said one of my boys knows my dad is around or could tell he's near. I knew it had to be my oldest son that knew." ... written by Lucile2
Thank you!" ... written by angiefra22
he is good in job " ... written by zafer
Very honest. Not always what I wanted to hear, but he seems very sure of his predictions." ... written by pdlow1
Thorough...gentle. " ... written by Sharlene
thanks for the honest reading" ... written by mette44
Everything he said was true and to the point. There was no "bs", no making things up. He gave very clear advise and I will use him again." ... written by redval
nice reading " ... written by gigaman1978
Stephane's readings change my life and those around me. His words help me in situations after his reading. It's as if as he's speaking, the situation is transformed already. I am so thankful for him! Go to Stephane and know you will be tremendously helped!" ... written by summerbreeze888
he was fast, able to answer my questions, the rest il have to wait and see if they will manifest." ... written by lamees m
He is the real deal and i appreciate his BEing. He told me things only i know about certain aspects of my being. Highly recommended. Thank you for BEing Stephane. Much love and blessings :)" ... written by Juwezah
BRILLIANT AAAAAAAAA" ... written by jojoed
Many, many thanks to Stephane! He has a way of reassuring and giving confidence when I am upset that is priceless. His intuitive abilities are amazing!" ... written by summerbreeze
He was amazing. Very spot on. I will take his advice to heart and do what he suggests. " ... written by Sarah
best on here !!!!!" ... written by jojoed
I will consider doing what Stephane told me to do. I am a bit hesitant because it will be daring on my part. He told me what I didn't want to hear but I have to accept the truth. Thank you, Stephane!" ... written by Moonchild59
good reading..." ... written by mola
Really insightful and read into the situation immediately. Will come to him again :)" ... written by Fabula
Very straightforward and honest" ... written by Natalie
Atephane was clear cut and accurate about the present condition, qith great advice for the handling of situation!" ... written by Livia
Stephane is right on the ball about my boyfriend's feelings for me. Great reading!" ... written by nicole
1st time with a medium, he was really great " ... written by KATHLEEN
WOOOW W Stephane le Lynx is really incredible, he told me thing that noone knew ... i am very impress" ... written by Kiera
OOh Stephane is so kool, he undertsnt so well my situation , i do recommend him " ... written by Stephanie
So compassionate, so caring, so lovely." ... written by diane
Stephane le lynw is so great he really help me. God Bless him " ... written by Axelle
Clear and straight to the point readings." ... written by johnwhitelight8
Stephane did a really good job, he really did get in conatct with my father, i was really impress by the details" ... written by Angie
awesome. very accurate and helpful and fast and right on point." ... written by nita
superb, i know the truth now " ... written by ANGEL
He is really great " ... written by Cecilia
So fast, so straight, so good " ... written by amanda
Awesome , the best i ever seen " ... written by Kareen
He is a very good reader was spot on, on my situation and how things are going to happen for me. I recommend him to everyone else. Can't wait for my soul to be back with the other half of my soul I just need lot's of patience like he said." ... written by Stephanie C.
GREAT!!! " ... written by Pierina
Second reading with Stephane1971... he is very helpful and honest... give me clues about myself that I didn't know yet...if you want to know the real truth and an helpful reading he is the one...thank you again xoxox" ... written by Bizou1981
Stephane le lynx is really the best of the best" ... written by CINDY
Stephane is the best of the best " ... written by stephanie
AMAZING! clears away my confusion, calms my paranoia! " ... written by purenergy
great great great.... what more can i say " ... written by jojoed
i am very impress by Stephane le lynx, evrything he told me it s true, i give you the 5 stars" ... written by melody
Stephane is really good, i recommend him to everyone " ... written by Axelle
Thank you for the confirmation." ... written by D
Very quick :). Thank you" ... written by Laura
Grateful, ThankYouMorePleae :D " ... written by Mandy Winner
Picked right up on my emotional conflict, and understood why and my dilemma. " ... written by LyssaBugg
Stephane is an excellent medium. I come back to him regularly." ... written by erika
Always very honest and straight forward. Gets a quick read." ... written by shelly
he was right on!!! Made me feel so much better did not tell me things I wanted to hear things i needed to hear!!! Thank you so much!" ... written by ROBIN JACKSON
He was spot on about my life" ... written by Natalie
Great reading, thank you." ... written by
Stephane is a nice, empathic guy who cares about people ... thanks for the guidance :)" ... written by raspberry46
Stephane le Lynx you are the best, you are Amazing " ... written by Cecilia
Stéphane thank you for this reading and your great honesty" ... written by danielle
An honest conversation, frank and uncompromising either side heart or professional side. A very informative exchange that will help me make my decisions and finally move forward. Thank you Stephane le Lynx" ... written by Clara
Stephane is so Impressive, i recommand him very much " ... written by LIZA
STEPHANE is really good, I love him " ... written by ALESSIA
Stephane le Lynx has fully explained me the situation, with a very high clarity, I am highly satisfied with him." ... written by Dehbora
Always happy to communicate with you Stephen, I have never been disappointed so far. Not always easy to make the right decisions, and I appreciate that this is a clear analysis of the situation, real feelings and no sugarcoating it gently. Thank you " ... written by carole
Stephane you are the greatest " ... written by SYLVIA
VERY GOOD READER described the situation very well 2ND TIME I see Stephane AND I will come back to him in the FUTURE " ... written by MICKAEL
Psychic very accurate , friendly and hard-hitting, fast and good advice, I expect the results because I'm like St. Thomas, I believe what I see and see, Stéphane thank you for telling me the truth Nicole" ... written by Nicole
AWESOME !!!! stephane is really great " ... written by MAGGIE
Stephane is amazing!!! Insight after insight - they all come in and you will be so helped by his reading! Ask him whatever you wish, he will understand and know the depths of the situation and all the details. Thank you so much, Stephane!" ... written by summerbreeze888
VERY VERY GOOD, thank you very much, you answered so perfectly, you make it 100% perfect! plus you see the right people immediately and without asking any questions you are a really good PSYCHIC" ... written by JOEL
wow! such an amazing reading! we had a short amount of time and i wanted to look at 3 different people and a general love reading..... he covered everything with details and was spot on with each persons personality! amazing!" ... written by Jessica
Give him time and let him connect with you, give him two minutes to connect and he will give you an interesting outlook on things that not other psychics on here normally do, overall refreshing :)" ... written by Stars
STEPHANE you are the best of the best you still impress me everytime i come to see you " ... written by angela
I ask him about my relationships, in few seconds it was like Stephane knew all my live, that reading was incredible" ... written by tanya
Stephane was fast honest, it was a real pleasure " ... written by SURPRISE
i finally find a psychic who know his TAROT, Stephane le lynx, i am glad i found you. I will come back " ... written by andrea
he never sugar coats things, always to the point but accurate" ... written by humility
Seemed to say what everyone else is telling me." ... written by Laura
Stephane is a good reader. I trust him." ... written by erika
thanks for the update " ... written by Jessica
Thank you so much mister STEPHANE LE LYNX, you really help to understand where is my real need. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU " ... written by CINDY
Stephane was really helpful and I found some comfort knowing that my family member is iheaven waiting on me" ... written by Eva Patel
SUPERB, really great reading !!! " ... written by ANITA
Wow !" ... written by Fel
Stephane you are the best " ... written by stephanie
Quick and Fast!" ... written by S
very good reading" ... written by gusessendon
I am very satisfied with this reading well surrounded and very good approach on my emotional situation. Some good advice to help me better also advanced. I can only advise you, because the answers are quite clear and needles so different compared to other lights. It is for me, good to have different opinions, even if the answers are similar. The reading is so special with Stéphane. Thank you!" ... written by Estrella
just did an update everything is still spot on and happening as he said! thanks!" ... written by Jessica
"The best as always" " ... written by Aurora
You are AMAZING. so much information in so little time, i dont how you do. Please continue " ... written by Stephanie
Its a real pleasure to have you in reading. i will come back. Thanks so much for your clarity" ... written by andrea
SUPERB, Stephane le LYNX you are the greatest medium i met " ... written by Cindy
As a warrior i am very impress by stephane, he really can see my past emotion thenks to him " ... written by XENA
you are the best " ... written by Cecilia
Thank you for everything. It was a huge help. " ... written by Linda
you were great, thank you so much " ... written by Lucrezia
very uplifting" ... written by maryann
Stephane you are wonderful, i will come back to you " ... written by Linda
Thank you for the update" ... written by Debbie
He was very personable and funny..I did enjoy the reading" ... written by Butterfly
Stephane you are the best man, the best psychic " ... written by john
I recommand Stephane , he is really good " ... written by Laura
i was really impress by Stephane " ... written by melody
LOVE LOVE LOVE, Stephane le Lynx really understand my situation, it was like he knew both of us since our chilhood, he could tell so much about our feeling and the way i feel about him. I do understand now what was wrong between me and Rick. THANKS to Stephane. Now i ll follow his advice and do everything to get Rick back in my life." ... written by Samantha
yes clear and concise advice provided. Thank you x" ... written by suzanne
Stephane is the real deal! I have spoken to other people on here and he KNEW me! He could see the REAL me and help me realize what I WANT and NEED! You have to talk to him! He is genuine and will know you! :)" ... written by Katie
Nice man, I had actually fun though my news were not that nice." ... written by adalmina
Amazing, insightful reading! Extremely helpful and clear! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for immediate answers! Best reading that I have ever had!!! Truly extraordinary!!!" ... written by Clarity
One of the funniest and straight to the point readings I've received on Oranum, he just put the situation straight and quickly out there, no sugarcoatings or unnecessities; Thank you Stephane! ... Will be sure to return in the future!" ... written by Domino
Very friendly. He gave a good accurate fast reading when I had limited credit and got straight to the point. thank you" ... written by Alexandra
Thank you so much for being honest! This is my first reading with you and I know you can see things clearly, probably more than I do in my situation. You have made my day! I'm going to keep smiling whenever I think bout the reading you gave me." ... written by aknative
He is fun, funny, and he has great insights. I enjoyed my reading. " ... written by Margaret
I really enjoyed my reading with Stephane. He gave me some good information, excellent explanations and really helped me to understand what was going on. He gave good advice too :) I feel really confident going forward now after speaking with him. Thanks a bunch!" ... written by Peg
I enjoyed my session. He was very helpful and answered my question with a good, clear answer. I think he is very good" ... written by SeanDon7
Excellent reading!!! Loved every word he said!!! The most beautiful reading I have ever gotten. I will provide feedback as soon as it comes through!" ... written by mirame20
Very thorough. He picked up on everyone's personalities immediately. Very helpful. Would come see him again." ... written by Angel
Finally sn excellent reader :) Told me what I needed to hear and made me realize my dad was right all long. Will come back again." ... written by heidi
Will wait to see how the interview turns out to be " ... written by Sandeep Radhakrishnan
Great Reading ! Spot on Thanks much " ... written by Sandeep Radhakrishnan
Gave me a fast reading with alot of insight" ... written by pinkpather30
again all good, thanks" ... written by mette
!00% accurate. Stephanie's prediction has come to fruition. Thankful to him!" ... written by Mai
Insightful, very professional reading !" ... written by Mai
Sorry...had to go but you are right on it!" ... written by Teressa
Good reading. Hope this comes true!" ... written by Danielle
he was very quick and clear" ... written by vell
Helped me a lot in my time of confusion. I recommend him :) " ... written by Danielle
Very insightful.Gave me a sense of peace. Gave answers before question." ... written by Debra
Stephane1971 is extremely helpful." ... written by Katherine
Great reading!!! Fast and deliver accurate information without sugar coating. Very informative and give great life coaching lessons on your situation. Highly recommend him. Thank you so much and Blessings!!!!" ... written by rose
Stephane YOU still the BEST of the BEST" ... written by Sandra
He's good can't think of anything else to say other than - try him and he's quick. " ... written by rox
another good reading............" ... written by mette
Great reading spot on" ... written by Lorna
he is very nice. good answers." ... written by joleene gibbons
Stephane is a godsend for me He has consistently predicted my life and given me hope and help in some desperate hours I am so thankful for Stephane" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Thank you so much for your guidance. Thank you " ... written by nadyakb
Thanks Stephane. Spot on, told me stuff I know rings true!" ... written by sarebear
you are amazing and so fast ... WOWOWOWOWWOOWOWOWO " ... written by jane
Stephane you really help me You are the best " ... written by stephanie
Great reading! really helpful!" ... written by Danielle
Stephane is a very good psychic and channeler. He speaks with spirit and is on point." ... written by erika
He was sweet and honest. " ... written by Janelle
Very good at pinpointing and fast. Thank you!" ... written by mja183
Great advice and so very easy to talk to. " ... written by Robbin
Stephane was very quick with his answers and truthful.. I appreciate his help and guidance.. I will be back =) " ... written by Samantha
2nd reading with Stephane and is absolutely amazing! Spot on dead on!" ... written by Katie
I needed to hear that! Thank you very much Stephane. The way you put things was crystal clear to me. bless your soul" ... written by lINDA
he is right and he put it clear and simple. Great" ... written by eva
" ... written by cecilia
"VERY SATISFIED" " ... written by Pascal
Stephane is very helpfull, thank you " ... written by Sofia
always spot on, as usual!" ... written by humility
He is very encouraging I super liked his reading Please Please go and get a reading from him you won't be disappointed" ... written by Rosie
Stephane is a great psychic and I come to him often for his help!! Very reliable." ... written by erika
I will try and do what you said and see if that works :)" ... written by Catherine
Great reading!! Will provide him with an update once everything comes to pass!" ... written by Bellezalatina
Good, I think honest. :)" ... written by Helis
An honest conversation, frank and uncompromising either side heart or professional side. A very informative exchange that will help me make my decisions and finally move forward. Thank you!" ... written by NIKKI
your the best" ... written by gaiane
ANGEL you are the best you really help me to mke up my decisions " ... written by ROSE
You Are The Best.. Thats All" ... written by Tigran Abelian
I recommand Stephane to anyone ,he is speaking the truth " ... written by Nicole
Thank you for reading and all the others before. Thank you you are the top. You are clear, direct and you never mistaken. What you say is always realized. No sugarcoating " ... written by LUNA
He was straight to the point and was honest. I just got the reading so I will have to see if what he stated will come true. I am going to take his advice and work on my relationship. I think the advice he gave was accurate about what is going on in my relationship." ... written by Lovelk
thanks so much you really comfort me " ... written by VERO
Good reading and helpful!" ... written by Mai
Stephane you are great .... I LOVE YOU man !!! " ... written by MICHELE
As always Stephane is great and help me one more time to understand thenk you so much " ... written by Axelle
thanks for th advice good reading" ... written by SASHA
Really great, love his expression and honesty thanks xx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
I was really impress about the reading, Stephane was so fast, the best reading i had in years " ... written by BABYGIRL4784
Completely tuned in and accurate, would recommend him 100%, you cannot go wrong with a reading from Stephane he is the real deal!!" ... written by capricorn_dancer
he is charming and great i recommend" ... written by amy
Stephane you are the BEST so straight so fast o ACCURATE" ... written by ISABEL
thank you so much Stephane you really help me out. you are so ACCURATE unbeleivebale " ... written by SUE
he was by far the most accurate right on fast psychic thus far" ... written by brenda
Wonderfull this reading was really amazing !!! " ... written by Georges
Stephane i am very impress by what you said to me it was like you knew me for so long WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWOOOWO." ... written by Rachel
THANK YOU , you really really help me you are really GODGIFT " ... written by JOHN
thank you so much , you have saved my life" ... written by Betty
Great reading thank you " ... written by KOEN
thank you so much , i will comeback to you " ... written by Alicia
he really help me. I recommend him to anyone." ... written by Estrella
thank you so much " ... written by Claudia
you are so fast and so accurate in the same time thank you to be you " ... written by Steven
Great reading thanks so much " ... written by zoe
i did not know wbat to expect, and Stephane really help him. now i know what i have to do " ... written by TANYA
Stephane is really really good, i apreciate you reading , you are so accurate" ... written by candice
you are so impressive , hiaaaaaaaaaa" ... written by valery
you are so accurate I have been very impressed by your speed and your kindness" ... written by alicya
Stephane connects quickly and very accurate about everything!" ... written by moon_flower
Connected quickly. Very good man, Thank you for the reading." ... written by pigletme123
amazing xxx" ... written by madmomo
Extremely helpful advice. Immediately connected with me and understood the issues. I highly recommend him!!! He is THE BEST!!!" ... written by Clarity
Stephane was straight to the point and very kind. His suggestions were everything that I needed to hear." ... written by Violeta Azul
Understood the situation very well" ... written by HC
One word about Stephane... WONDERFUL !!" ... written by abby
Really good advice. Straight to the point. A very informative reading and told me what i needed to hear without pulling any punches. Thank you." ... written by Rene
he was helpful and funny.. " ... written by aliicia
Stephane was absolutely superb! He helped me see through two issues and gave me sound advice and guidance. Oftentimes we know ourselves, we just need a mirror to really see. Thanks a million I will be back." ... written by Klaudette
Great! on point! Wow!" ... written by MG
yes, he is good" ... written by fragrant
Stephane was honest, funny and excellent. I appreciate his candid nature and sound advice. I will definitely come back again." ... written by Debbie
Had a very good reading with him, very spot on and gave good advice" ... written by pandoy
wonderfull job , that did really help " ... written by TANYA
Wonderful reading Stephane is able to intuit exactly what is in the head of my loved ones and give me excellent advice toward wonderful outcomes Thankyou so much Stephane" ... written by Summerbreeze
he is goooooooooooood" ... written by erika
he is grrrrrrrrrrrrreat" ... written by erika
Fun reading, saw the gaps and gave strong suggestions thanks" ... written by gopigeeta
Thank you Stephane for an amazing an incredible reading. It was so much fun and joy to talk to you. I truly appreciated your energy, clarity and good vibes. " ... written by Mgrl
Everything Stephane predicted has come to pass. I appreciate his help !" ... written by Mai
Stephane le lynx was really wonderful he gave me so much accuracy. :)" ... written by Kaylie
I am sorry, i couldn t stay longer i ran out of credit, you were so ACCURATE i was really impress, i will come back " ... written by natasha
Thank you so MUCH to help me , i now understand what do do !!!! You really help me thank you thank you thank you." ... written by Laura
I confirm SREPHANE LE LYNX is AMAZING, i did not what to think but he said some many things about me and evrything is true" ... written by amanda
STEPHANE le LYNX is AMAZING, he is so great. " ... written by SYLVIA
could tell he sensed the person i wanted to know about. very good" ... written by rosyann
he was great" ... written by bridget
very good excellent" ... written by jana
great reading" ... written by veezee
Nice and to the point Thanks " ... written by Sandeep
I was thrilled by this reading !!! this Guy is simply true !!! highly highly recommended !!! Thanks a lot again !! ;)" ... written by rouben
He was very good." ... written by anisa
very good reading, nice guy ... funny !" ... written by Karen
you are so accurate i am very impress " ... written by CINDY
Acurate reading !" ... written by Mai
you are amaZINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG " ... written by Dehbora
great reading :)" ... written by victoria
Very good, nice details and information. Accurate reading." ... written by J
straight to the point! :)" ... written by hilly
Thank you so much!!! Straight to the point and fast. Got all the answers i needed. " ... written by cocolh1982
you are a so wonderfull man , everything you said is so true you are the best " ... written by Kate
STEPHANE you are so accurate, i could not beleive it , i am very impress " ... written by fiona
Absolutely worth every single cent! Very highly recommended, read me to a "T"" ... written by Gail
very kind and sincere. trust his reading; it was very helpful." ... written by juanita christopher
Thanks. :)" ... written by leanora
Very good reading, hit the nail on the head. It was my first time and I was shocked. " ... written by Snowball
He consulted with his cards and he seems very genuine. I recommend him he is fast." ... written by Rita
He was very helpful and not judging. He gave me very good advise. I appreciate his help a lot. He was very sweet and understanding. I will recommend to get your reading here. " ... written by Lana
Stephane is able to connect with the energies of people in my life and tell me exactly where they are coming from. His gift is amazing and helps me more than I can say. Thank you so much, Stephane." ... written by Summerbreeze
i am very impress by Stephane 's reading , he is very accurate , i highly recommand him " ... written by lorie
you are really good , i did not know it was possible to know me that well " ... written by Samantha
Thank you so much, I really understand the situation, you really help me to see clear, I will recommend to anyone, he is really good " ... written by david
thank you for that great reading " ... written by U
i am very grateful about your energy, your accuracy, and your patience with me " ... written by alexia
Stephane thank you, this is not the first reading with Stephane I have never been disappointed I love your sincerity and kindness, your answers are clear and accurate without any sugarcoating, you are so sweet " ... written by veronica
Great reading, was good to hear that I am on the right path and my thoughts are right when it comes to finances" ... written by Victoira
He was great a must to read with." ... written by Rosa
very efficient, he does listen. I had feedback compared to what Stéphane told me that were very fair. He takes what he needs to explain. Nothing to say, very efficient and fast." ... written by JADE
very sweet and straightforward, which is what I needed, thank u" ... written by moneka
awesome read! first time with Stephen really makes me know much better what i should do and believe in it!" ... written by Rosy
great reading !!!!!! " ... written by Linda
you are exceptional, very professional (several methods), without any sugarcoating, identifies the situation immediately and give a straight answer he has given me confidence and I keep Hope ... Thanks Stephen, I recommend him to anyone who need a real help " ... written by naomie
This guy is on point! He knows exactly what he is talking about and his readings are spot on!" ... written by jdm0707
Nothing to add ..., always professional, attentive, identifies the situation and help you to "put" !! Thank you Stephen and I still believe in you ... Cheers and big kisses from the "EastGirl" :)))." ... written by ISA
Stephane is extraordinary! He immediately tunes into the most salient issues and provides excellent guidance. Truly amazing!" ... written by Clarity
He is truly great. He's built my confidence in midst of transitioning to a new career. Thanks so much for your help!" ... written by uctrucker77
GREAT READING it was really worth it " ... written by romeo
Stephane le lynx is AMAZZZZZZINNNNNNNGGGGG, everything he said is true, i could not believe it " ... written by Joanna
Stephane is very engaging and accurate. He gives a very honest and complete reading and I can tell he is a great empath. His reading was thorough, he could see balance and rhythm in the life force, and was immediate and direct. One of the very best on Oranum!" ... written by Amy of the Lakes
Fast and efficient. Thank you." ... written by cloe
Great medium. Quick to tune into the spirit." ... written by Clarity
It was very surprizing , everything he said was true , I don t know how he does. " ... written by peter
SUPERB GREAT" ... written by firerain
Stephane you are the best !!" ... written by dave
thank you so much " ... written by maria
For this first reading I have only one word to say "thankssssss" ... I recontact you without any problems and I recommend you at 110% !!! See you soon ..." ... written by NICKY
Very accurate reading!" ... written by Mai
I love to watch you on TV but you are even greater here in Oranum" ... written by Josy
WoW. What a lovely man Stephane is . So glad I happened upon him - I liked his face - it looked genuine and he was. Super connected I felt and confirmed what was in my heart. I believe the information he gave me was accurate and will look forward to the future. I will return to update. Really good - recommend highly. Thank you Stephone. xx" ... written by debbiec0613
Stephane you are the really the best, you really impress me. you knew so many things about me, it was like you knew me since I am a child . I will come back to you." ... written by carol
Great first reading , very true what he was saying about me !!! credits ran out would do a reading again !" ... written by letta
good connect" ... written by s
thank you so much " ... written by sarah
SUPERBBBB !" ... written by alexia
you really help me to get the clarity i need thank you so much" ... written by LIZ
Stephane you are the best of the best " ... written by Sandra
thank you so much , it really help" ... written by IAN
great reading thank you " ... written by Dehbora
thanks so much for the clarity you bring me " ... written by CINthia
good" ... written by lacity
good" ... written by lacity
very clear, very helpful " ... written by RAY
wonderful that is what i call accuracy !! :)" ... written by rachel
that was a great reading " ... written by just
Wonderful job !" ... written by rose
thank you so much, i do feel better now , i know what to do " ... written by Cedric
Stephane le lynx you are so accurate, i still can not beleive it, how do you do that ? " ... written by Axelle
Stephane was great! He really helped me see my situation more clearly and gave me the confidence to push forward! Thank you, Stephane! " ... written by FenForever
Excellent Reading....very good connection" ... written by SS
i was very impress by your reading i will come back soon " ... written by LUCY
Good reading" ... written by B
I like him he is to the point " ... written by joga123
very realistic, no sugar coating. no BS, he is the real deal. it was an amazing reading to state the least, great connection." ... written by Ammer
thanks, stephane.....again" ... written by mette
impressive, very impressive !" ... written by MELANIE
thank you so much you are so helpful" ... written by ve
truly amazing. love him, will be back" ... written by bec
very good psychic. direct and straight to the point answers!" ... written by mary
Stephane is very nice and helpful! Thank you! " ... written by K
Helpful reading" ... written by Clarity
Great reading! He was very precise about what he was communicating to me. It was really easy to understand the messaging he was sending me. " ... written by slinky222
Great insight! :-)" ... written by SmileyT
very friendly, personable and funny. very good reader. " ... written by mj
Thank you Stephane Wish I could have had a longer chat, but great to touch base. " ... written by Debbiec0613
Stephane is very accurate !" ... written by Mai
Thanks so much for your help, i really appreciate i will come back to you soon " ... written by alex
Thank you so much for you Clarity , i really appreciate your accuracy, i really appreciate" ... written by HENRIETTA
HEY Stephane you are the best the of the best " ... written by Fanny
STEPHANE you are the one !! the psychic !! the best !!" ... written by KYLIE
AWESOME !!!! " ... written by britney
great reading, i was very impress the way Stephane explain, he did explain a very diffcult situation woow thanks so much " ... written by JOHN
Stephan is a very good psychic, very fast and so accurate i will recomand him to anyone" ... written by V
Perfect you were perfect I had the answer to my question ....." ... written by stephanie
5 STARS for your kindness, your humor and good time spent in the reading. It really help" ... written by helena
Great talking with Stephane. Good advice. xx" ... written by debbiec0613
thank you so much Stephane l really appreciated " ... written by Elizabeth
Wonderful Great I am very glad that i met you" ... written by fiona
Thank you for your open and human way. Hit quite a few things on the nail. I will be back. In love and light ..." ... written by Ileenie
that really help me, i undestand now why this scorpio man is reacting like this ... ho My GOD " ... written by naomie
Straight to the point, very clear and frendly thank you Stephane" ... written by claudia
fast , clear, very honest :)" ... written by lynda
Lovely! Wish I could get a transcript of what we discussed!" ... written by Oddglow
He is straight to the point, really honest and fast. He doesn't wast any time. Highly recommended!!!" ... written by InfinityNBeyond
SUPERB, i understand why so many people recommend you " ... written by EVE
Great session! thank you for the advises! I will take my jump" ... written by Hogne
The Most amazing reading i've ever had ! he's direct to the point, Stephane is certainly not scared to tell you the truth unlike many psychics . he's simply AMAZING ! highly highly recommended ! AND I SURE WILL COME BACK ! " ... written by Rouben
There was a time when I use to read your reviews, I had previously read your profile ... and I decided ... what about going in private with Stephane ?? He is quick, go straight to the point; he is honest so maybe I should try him too. And I was right, he has so much clarity and detail to give, he describe all the elements of the situation = characters, obstacles, advices, he is do in advanced from other Psychics... really well done! !! Your predictions match reality then you have total confidence in the purpose and all that goes with it.... wonderful!!!Awesome !!!! For the first time, it was with theMaster ... I am delighted about that reading; you gave a breath of fresh air in my immediate future ... Really thank you and congratulations. And I believe in you!! See you soon kiss." ... written by kyle
Always a pleasure to call you dear Stephane, not only you do not change your clairvoyance, but again and I repeat, you are the best from so far away, so kind and wounded hearts. I sincerely recomend Stephane le Lynx. I am giving you a very positive feedback from your many reading , I can only trust you. Thank you and big kisses." ... written by ELISABETH
Stephane described my situation as it currently is and gave me some really good insights.Also some predictions about the future,will wait for them to pass.I feel more clear about everything." ... written by HL
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
great insight and wisdom in his reading, a different approach to others ive tried, friendly, funny and caring!!" ... written by afroditi23
Thank you Stephane - always great reading. Always connect to situation so well. Great, excellent xxxxx" ... written by debbiec0613
kind person " ... written by peggy
great reading " ... written by stephie
Stephane is so wonderful!!!! He brings a lightness and perspective that is so helpful when you are stressed and down. He is able to read all the people in your life in a way that gives you the insights you need. Thank you, Stephane!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Very informative and right to the point" ... written by Patty
Stephane always puts my mind at ease. I can be impatient and he always gives my patience back to me. He is very good and very accurate. He always picks right up on things I don't have to say. Above all that he is a very kind man. He has a pure heart. " ... written by Steph
Extremely helpful reading. Immediate answers. Very accurate. Highly recommend him." ... written by Clarity
STUNNING everything he said was true " ... written by SYLVIA
Stephane you are the best Psychic i have beed with, i will come back to you soon " ... written by Melanie
Always love chatting, there is a true connection he makes with you. Even if the situation is not to your advantage he will give you advice that will give you the best outcome for you. He is straight forward and really gives you good insight. " ... written by Henrietta84
Thank you for the reading:)" ... written by Raylene
I asked many questions and Stephane was able to answer me quickly and accurately at the same time. Stephane followed me for almost a year and has never cheated so far and above all it is honest: it will tell you the difficulty of dating events, things as they pass and not as you would like that 'they happen" ... written by laura
Great reader; great insight; very in tune. Thank you" ... written by lotus71
Excellent advice. Thank you." ... written by Clarity
GREAT READING top !! " ... written by NS
For my first time with Stephane, i was very pleased. i am recomending him to everyone who need help " ... written by jane
SUPERB ....STUNNING !!!!!!!! " ... written by REBECCA
thank you so much Stephane you really help me " ... written by Alycia
Awesome reading!!! I hope everything comes to pass. When it does I will provide him with an update!!! Thank you soooo much!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
Thank you for your answer, you are fast, efficient, and so accurate !" ... written by AMELIA
Thank you for this exchange. You were honest and direct. " ... written by CORALIE
woooww you are so stunning , thank you steph " ... written by DEVILGIRL
thanks so much for your help , i really apreciate that you did go straight to the point." ... written by cynthia
i am very glad that i choose you as my psychic, you were very clear, so FAST, straigt to the point, you did not waste my time .... i could say so many beautiful things about you " ... written by sonia
highly recommended" ... written by bec
he was very funny! i enjoyed his reading. " ... written by xtine
Love my readings with Stephane - he is excellent" ... written by debbiec0613
Oh no we disconnected i will be back so far so good" ... written by Koel
very good! Helped me to communicate with my grandmother who has been deceased for almost 15 years thanks was much needed." ... written by Mtubbs892
Great reading spot on and amazing feedback" ... written by Koel
Very nice to talk to. Almost like talking to a friend and someone you knew for a long time. Very sincere. He is fast and gives his honest opinions. i would recommend." ... written by Christina
great reading!! fast connection and he went right to the point :) " ... written by Stefanie
My God Stephane you are really good " ... written by laura
Thank you so much for the connections, you were wonderful." ... written by judi
Stephane is the best. So funny and real - you just know what he is telling you is right. And gave me such good advice and it worked out great. Trust his insight completely. He is amazing." ... written by debbiec0613
good read- hope all comes true! high recommendation" ... written by cc
Very personable. Appears to know what he is talking about. Will contact again at the end of next week when I will know if his predictions have come to pass. " ... written by Lynda
you are great and so fast, so good ..." ... written by Naomie
great reader and good sound advice will return!!" ... written by koel
truthful" ... written by jj
Stephane you are the greatest" ... written by STEPHANIE
Simply put, he is the best on all levels!!!" ... written by Clarity
Thanks so much for this reading you really help me " ... written by u
he immediately goes to the point no time wasting....brilliant " ... written by rasmanolofin
You are so AMAZING !" ... written by Cecilia
You are so fast, you really go straight to the point " ... written by maria
very IMPRESSIVE" ... written by Melanie
Very HELPFUL, intuitive, warm, clear and so sexy when he smile " ... written by Dehbora
Stephane you are a very nice person, i recomand Stephane to anyone who need help he is fast, no waste of time , no sugarcoating ....... THE BEST " ... written by JOHN
thank you so much, really nice, really helpfull" ... written by david
Stephane is so helpful and so honest in his readings. Really recommend him highly. " ... written by debbiec0613
I am very satisfy with your reading Stephane, i can see clearly now " ... written by NOEMIE
thank you for that great news, now i know today will be a great day, thank you so much Stephane for your understanding, for your kindness. It's so good to see that a man can understand me i will come back very often to you " ... written by sarah
You are so helpful so kind, you explain me so well... thank you so much i will come back " ... written by CINDY
No lies, straight facts, very honest. thankyou, highly recommend. " ... written by Gabriel
great reading, veru helpful very honest " ... written by fiona
Still very helpful, thank you so much STEPHANE" ... written by ASSY
Awesome READING" ... written by joel
Tuned in well, lovely person, knew what he was doing :)" ... written by shayy
you are so AMAZING STEPHANE you understand me at the first second, that was a total surprise a very good surprise " ... written by Josephine
Thanks for the update Stephane you are the best " ... written by olivia
After trying few readers, i found you Stephane, you are the best, i will come often to see you in private " ... written by ELISABETH
µStephane is straight, no lie just the true, he is not scare of anything , he is clear, honest i will rcoment him " ... written by y
Stephane i always have a great time with you " ... written by ME
Stephane le Lynx you are so AMAZING, i am really impress. " ... written by Celia
I've known you for a long time now and you get yet still impress me so much. How do you do that ? You even know what I'm not saying right away, and most of the time what you say and that leaves me skeptical about the exact time always turns thereafter. I can only say thank you because thanks to you I have made great progress and I am sure to be on the right path. Thank you also for your patience and kindness. No disappointment. Reliance 100%" ... written by julie
very good psychic. highly recommended!! " ... written by Mary
Stephanie 1971 connected very well with me, He was on point throughout my entire reading. He is genuinely kind in giving great advice, I will consider it. Many blessings to you, Love and light.." ... written by Lucy117
good" ... written by akarsha
Love stephane He has all the right answers. And, we think a like. That's a good thing. His accuracy is spot on. Knows the situation well." ... written by s
Straightforward, honest, and knew my situation well" ... written by Lloyyd
Stephane you were so great, thank you so much " ... written by EDDY
Stephane yooure th bett psychic ever" ... written by cecilia
Very good. i am in a tough spot and sometimes it just doesn't come through clear for me . He helped me to stop and smell the roses /. thanks" ... written by Patrick
Stephane you really impress me!!! you are so accurate!" ... written by TONY
HONEST FAST and ACCURATE thank you Stéphane " ... written by jane
Stephane1971 is honest, quick, empathetic and straightforward. He's real." ... written by jennymcjenny
Stephane you are the best psychic in this world and some other worlds" ... written by sarah
Quick and on spot response... well handed the queries." ... written by S
Great answers! Thanks so much!" ... written by Loz
i was really AMAZE by Stephane, he is so accurate, i had the feeling i was an open book to him " ... written by TANYA
5 stars reading, i really appreciate " ... written by Georgia
great reading, very helpful, very clear, Stephane knows what he is saying." ... written by JOHN
Good reading but not so in-depth…. thank you. " ... written by bluechippaper
Fast typer, answers questions to a T :)" ... written by Amy
Very nice reader and very positive," ... written by Krista Elliott
Stephane was very on top of my situation and provide me the resources to handle a difficult issue in my life. Awesome" ... written by adaz60
Very good, to the point." ... written by Mary W
LOVED his reading!!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
Very good advice in that I'm overreacting. It's hard for me since there's another girl telling me that Rebecca has no feelings for me andamp; that she doesn't care about me. Will see how it goes." ... written by daniel
Good connection to spirits." ... written by Luis
just tried him,will check again, thanks" ... written by kw
Always a pleasure!" ... written by leit
interesting reading got lots of information and advice that i will have to try out " ... written by Jessica
wonderful reading!" ... written by Mai
Stephan is so accurate so fast , straight to the point no waste of time, no sugar coating, i will recommend him to anyone " ... written by Kate
Stephane is a very good reader, he could feel every emotions about my love life, that was incredible. " ... written by laura
thanks, i'll take the advice" ... written by jon
A very good reading. Clear and precise. I will return back for another reading. One of the top 5 here. I recommend him. " ... written by ystylus
Without any doubts Stephane le Lynx saw exact details of my current situation it is breathtaking. His response is accurate and uncompromising (he did not really say what I would have liked to hear) and is really available to answer additional questions. Stephane I really trust you you're right on this, I do not doubt your feelings about the future. Again thank you for all your answer, your time and your smile. " ... written by MARY
He was very entertaining, I don't have any regrets, it was nice to speak to him. " ... written by denise
Hello Stephane, this avalanche of compliments about you does not surprise me, it's true that you are outstanding, in addition to being very fast during reading and Extremely accurate, when we are in the english fog ... you are very clear to each reading we have done, you always spot on - everything just turns out. In a few minutes.. You focus into the situation and tell us if there is a real possibility workaround, well ... anyway often in less than 10 minutes.... lol ... see you soon " ... written by veronica
I had specific questions to ask and Stephane excels in accuracy I always come to him and i know why!!!! Even if I don’t like the answer he gives me, i know deeply in my heart that he is right. At least I know what to expect, and Stephane is never wrong (that cost me to say it!!!!)... And I know that once again it may be right, although I prefer for once you were wrong! you say it like that, and this exactly what we want, no sugarcoating ... You are extra nice and always stay on the same predictions, so reassuring, thank you very much, you help me a lot, to my confidence in you is intact... thank you M" ... written by MICHELLE
Good insight into the people involved in a difficult situation." ... written by serenity
Great interactive reading with Stephane. He knew my situation without me saying anything. Very impressive. Good sound advice. Thank you Stephane!" ... written by imdeeim
amazing reader had a reading with him 2 wks prior and he was accurate in a few things he mentioned was going on... so of course i returned to find out more! Great!" ... written by koel
Wasn't a very deep reading. But he was earnest." ... written by Elle
Great First reading with him. I will come back . It was a really pleasant surprise and he was right on the money xx" ... written by B
thank u so much u know my situation and u r right about it and u weren't wrong. I will take time and not be so impatient. u r very gifted thanks." ... written by melissa
Extremely helpful and insightful reading. Stephane is a very gifted individual. Truly amazing!" ... written by Clarity
After several attempts, I could have you in private reading, It was worth it, you still go straight to the point, very clear, no sugarcoating ….. thank you very much for your kindness and listening. For your details and date, you were right all the time, see you soon " ... written by francesca
he was great to speak with and very forward." ... written by aliciai
I came tonight just to say thank you and you confirm that once again you were right. I admire you for your real talent, your kindness and common sense. I know you will be right again for my future. It's the providence has placed you in my path. With all your good advice and I can say that you are my little guardian angel. See you soon" ... written by Kate
Stephane is so cheerful, enthusiastic, full of energy to the point that he gives me a huge information in record time ... Bravo for efficiency ... just great ... Thanks!! That door it opened me up to me to rush there, not all easy to overcome, however, and the good news would be welcome to help me with that but its details announced projects and identical in their entirety, at each visit and quite plausible to me incite . He is the symbol of dynamism, positivism he knows; it is "only" waiting in action!!! I want you informed "before the end of the year" ... smile " ... written by sarah
Stephane you made me cry, i could hear and feel my father through you , same words same expressions. " ... written by Sandra
i really appreciate you accuracy, you really go very deep i apreciate your time and your energy " ... written by TANYA
Stephane is straight to the point, he doesn’t waste time, he did very well understand the situation and the temperament of people we are speak about..his advice are direct and honest so patience for me and a lot of hope ...." ... written by MARINE
thank you so much stephane, you are very professional, your reading are so deep like i never experience. i feel better now " ... written by melissa
Positive feedback on an earlier reading with Stephane, remembering to talk about his involvement, kindness, integrity, it’s none sugarcoating " ... written by Alycia
Once again a big thank you for everything. For over 1 year we exchange on various topics Always listening, available human and professional. Good exchange, We keep in touch!" ... written by ELIA
Hello and thank you Stephane. Thank you for your service and professionalism. You did see the situation correctly. It is without any hesitation that I recommend you. Thank you to you and I wish you all my luck for you in Oranum because you really deserve it " ... written by Pina
I am coming back to you because EVERYTHING you told me there one year ago ! EVERYTHING but EVERYTHING happened as you saw... things have walked slowly in the directions that you saw. I think they still a lot to do. I will take the time with Mr. and let me gives to the universe-)" ... written by GRETA
Merci beaucoup, and apologies for being too direct in public chat.I knew I would get to-the-point reading and so I came in. Thanks again" ... written by Sandeep
very good. straight to the point. " ... written by NC1977
great !! loved it !! " ... written by Summer
straight to the point" ... written by sehneo
I ask Stephane a question on Love a few months ago, and once again he was right. You have told me the true I want to share with everyone my positive feedback; you are so beautiful I recommend Stephane without worry. Thanks, see you soon " ... written by onu
I consider Stephane as my guardian angel because he is always there at times when I most need advice, his kindness and his heart of gold. Since I visit Stephane, I have never been disappointed. He always told the truth and I thank him. I am grateful." ... written by Axelle
Great advisor" ... written by Emerald143
A great medium, what a great person Stephan. Always so friendly on the cam, kind, reassuring in his words. As I've told you, you got it right, for my children, all success in every level. Congratulations and thank you for all your supports for all this time. A thousand thank you " ... written by LA
A huge crush on my little Stephane. It's great, sensational, gentle and extremely kind. Reveals our future just the way he feels it. Thank you for your support all this time. Thank you, thank you and thank you for all" ... written by Sonia
Chatting with Stephane was great. Although my question was rather odd, he gave me lots of great tips for my future. Highly recommended. Bless you. " ... written by Yuji
he is quick and seems to be honest so try him if you feel connected." ... written by rosebud77
Thank you- very good reading and helped me to re-evaluate my choices!" ... written by luje10
Accurate Reading.... fast ..... Stephane is in empathy...! WOW " ... written by Nathalie
He was good. Told me what I needed to hear. Thanks again!" ... written by Kaylyn
Accurate Reading.... fast ..... Stephane is in empathy...! WOW " ... written by rose
Very good at explaining things." ... written by Lisa
great reading thank you so much " ... written by DOM
Stephane thank you very person you are listening, and advice are pré recommend to everyone, and I'll take care of me I promise even if it will be very hard in the coming months I know !!! thank you again." ... written by Kate
Excellent, very friendly, professional, knows what hes talking about. short and to the point, no sugar coating. " ... written by Ron
you are wonderful, thanks so much for your help " ... written by JO
thank you it was a very helpful and gave me a peace of mind" ... written by x
great reading with stephane he is so kind and honest! " ... written by jessica
I need to learn to live with my past. " ... written by sora
Love Stephane - always consistent with his insight and makes things very clear. Always finish with him saying "What am I worried about anyway?" He has been really accurate so far and I appreciate that he is patient when I need reassurance. Excellent!!!!" ... written by debbiec0613
He was great tuning in! Thank you very much Stephane!" ... written by Charlie
what can i say he is a wonderful reader and picks up right a way" ... written by elisa
love his personality. short reading, but to the point!" ... written by db
He is great!!" ... written by Rebek
He is a very good reader." ... written by erika
He tells me to be patient all the time and i should really listen more haha things are happening just as he said! " ... written by Jessica
Amazingly quick insights. Very understanding of the most important issues. Truly extraordinary." ... written by Clarity
Worth a visit, enjoyed the chat and insight." ... written by Londo
You are so accurate, you really bring me the clarity i need. " ... written by henrietta
Stephane is amazing. He is simply the best. No one else compares. Very helpful. Extraordinarily quick. Exceptional connection." ... written by Clarity
thank you for this reading This chat allowed me to regain confidence on a professional level, I had a conflict situations I will face the serenely and with patience thank you" ... written by JO
has very unique angle of reading... gave a lot of good insights into a man's mind... helped me see things more clearly... feel much reassured... thank you!" ... written by bagrosso
not exactly what i wanted to hear but seemed genuine in his responses and answered everything quickly...only time will tell....merci! " ... written by lovehouston
good advice, very helpful" ... written by xccc
He has an accurate reading of my anxiety which makes me feel good :) thanks a lot." ... written by Mylyn
Stephane was on target with my read; I need to process his message and how to apply." ... written by Juanita Christopher
v realistic, funny...good advice" ... written by lovehouston
incredible !!!!! a blast every single time i have a private with him ;)" ... written by rouben
Amazing. Insightful. Thorough. Extraordinarily gifted. What a pleasure! Thank you, Stephane. " ... written by Clarity
Love Stephane, He is always very in-tune. Doesn't BS, tells it the way it is. Right on the money and keeps me sane. Thank you love." ... written by Steph
FABULOUS! Straight and to the point! No beating around the bush. Awesome." ... written by Lyndsey
Time will show how it is going to be :)" ... written by HeidiKristiina
Stephane le Lynx you are the best " ... written by naomie
He's right!! " ... written by BRENDA
I really feel like he was really intuitive and gave great advice. " ... written by Aimee
Very funny, and helpful. Gave me some tips I will try out. :-) Will be back." ... written by han720518
he is amazing!!!!!" ... written by tammyjones
Again....reassuring and accurate. THANK YOU" ... written by BRENDA
a bit expensive, only got to ask a few questions. but very direct, cuts right to the point.. could be warmer.." ... written by Mariann
Stephane was right on target wonderful. Read me like a book and my situation. Very good energy will contact him again going into my favorites." ... written by Kathy
Connected with my situation and gave great advice AGAIN! He really taps into what's going on in my situation every time!!!" ... written by BRENDA
this man is very perceptative and wise..he is to the point..u should try him out and discover for yourself..." ... written by Dale
it was good" ... written by wanda
great" ... written by andy
My best reading ever on Oranum! So happy he was on sale because I'd heard so many good things about him! Anyways... the reading was worth it!!! He completely felt the situation to the T! His empathic abilities are phenomenal. He knew the character of me and also the person I asked about. He knew the frustrations I felt about this person hahaha he also had me cracking up! It was an amazing reading! The best way to deliver bad news is to do it with a joke and I needed and appreciated that! Thank you!!" ... written by Kelsey
Very good reading and thank you for answering me so quickly." ... written by Denise
Very very good. Felt my situation resonating. Answer is clear." ... written by Elun55
He's very warm - connects fast ~ :)" ... written by JL
thank you for an excellent reading, really put my mind at ease!" ... written by gemmie
he is really good. I enjoyed it very much. " ... written by Nancy
consistent and genuine " ... written by Jessica
Thank you for the confirmation and help. Stephane is accurate and straightforward." ... written by xxx
Straightforward honest and doesnt waste time" ... written by xxx
not the answer i expected but i guess better then sugar coating, thanks for your help" ... written by nextelledlifee
nice and helpfull.............he is helpfull" ... written by mette
exactly on the mark, what i needed. thank you" ... written by hardeep
Thank you." ... written by MM
Thank u for your advice! " ... written by lynnrmc
Very nice, quick and accurate with my questions. Fun to chat with. Recommended! 5 stars" ... written by Anny
great chat" ... written by anon
no tools, to the point. good reading." ... written by A
Doesn't sugarcoat ,tells you as it is, thank you so much, gonna make some changes in my life" ... written by lornaxy
great" ... written by mette
Stephane were really" ... written by helen
Good advise" ... written by Morgan
Very straight to the point and i like that. " ... written by Reanna
Thank you picked up with no tools" ... written by Yanna
Awesome and accurate!i will be back" ... written by Hann
great " ... written by stephane
He is awesome :) and very helpful :)" ... written by Lana
very good!!!" ... written by jamira76
Extraordinary! Very helpful! Fast to tune into your issues and provide immediate guidance. He is the best!!!" ... written by Clarity
He seemed honest and got straight to the point. I hope what he says comes true and if it does I will certainly be back to let him know. Great personality." ... written by Tracy Steinberg
He was good. Very fast." ... written by Jnaujo00
nice and honest, patient and human..." ... written by mette
Stephane is really amazing. He picked my situation quickly and gave me a great reading. Will follow his advice and "take it easy" :D Thank you Stephane!" ... written by L.
great a insightful reader" ... written by ola
I have always found his readings reliable" ... written by Humility
awesome as always!" ... written by Katie
very direct, straightforward, fast, waste no time. just the way i like it." ... written by caffeine
thank you so much, i really apreciate, you were straight, and honest. " ... written by noemie
great impressive " ... written by amanda
great reading straight to the point , very appreciate his accuracy and the fact he did not try to waste my time " ... written by Estrella
really impressive, really fast, very honest" ... written by AXELLE
GREAT READER, AND HONEST............... HE KEEPS NO SECRETS" ... written by mette
Helpful reading. Extraordinarily quick. Highly recommend him." ... written by Clarity
good advice" ... written by gml
Youre funny and accurate so far, Im coming back the screen froze!" ... written by essjayokay
You're awesome! Accurate too, Ill be sure to recommend you to others!" ... written by essjayokay
straight forward and kind, I needed it exactly that. all the best to the next ones." ... written by ella
Thanks Stephane. Good reading, can always rely on your honesty which I love. Thank you." ... written by sarebear
Fast, straight, clear, i love the way Stephane work" ... written by heian
He is a creat reader!" ... written by Kat
Still impressive and fast as always " ... written by well
He is nice and fast." ... written by Lola
great reading " ... written by Empi
Stephane is wonderfull, he is clear honest and so fast " ... written by star
great!!!! thank you so much for your honesty" ... written by Quincy
extraordinary reading (as usual)! truly amazing!" ... written by clarity
Eye opener. " ... written by MMarmalade
Stephane gives very good reading of situation and advice, he is an initiated and inspired soul. " ... written by Elun55
ty " ... written by nany 14
very very good" ... written by laus
So fast , really great medium no waste of time very accurate " ... written by sho
thank you, helpful thanks" ... written by nicola
Excellent insights! Extremely helpful as always! He is a pleasure - fast, sharp and accurate. Thank you." ... written by Clarity
Quick and to the point :) No BS " ... written by Ashley
Very empathic and reassuring. He knew immediately the issues and saw the problems I have been experiencing and gave me the confidence to be patient and wait for the truth to find a way." ... written by lonelyheart1970
great " ... written by Kathleen
interesting....not what i wanted to hear but something i have felt lately." ... written by vikki marlow
Immediate insights with such clarity - extraordinary! He is quite simply the best!" ... written by Clarity
Thank you for the quick validation and reading. He gets the humor and the brevity of a situation. As an intuit we all need to reach out on the occasion. " ... written by Carlee
Thanks Stephane, always a pleasure :) Whoever is reading this, I highly recommend him! " ... written by essjayokay
Very, very helpful, as always! Immediate, deep insights. Truly wonderful! A gift!" ... written by Clarity
I think Stephane1971 gave me a good reading but it was somewhat difficult to understand him. I was able to hear some words." ... written by Tracy
he was really good and worth the money I may be crazy but still . he is worth every penny" ... written by nancy
He was great right on the money !! I really like him as a person also " ... written by Nancy
Very accurate! In French and English! :) Kind and empathetic. Very grateful to him!" ... written by Eva
Thank you so much for some more help. But am happy with my reading thank you again" ... written by Mitchell
Amazing. Have been heart sick and had not spoken to Stephane in sometime. He had been very accurate in the past and came to him for comfort andamp; he picked up on things right away and truly eased my mind. He is such a kind and compassionate man and felt my hurt and was able to ease it. Trust his insight. Five++++++Stars. Thank you Stephane" ... written by debbiec0613
to the point, thank you!" ... written by Kreek
Good connection, good read." ... written by Joanna
Gosh - Stephane is amazing for putting up with me!!!! But he is consistent with his message and confident. I believe him as he has been so accurate in the past. Excellent Reader. Adore him" ... written by debbiec0613
True, honest, open and caring. Steph feels like the old soul friend that you have just met, though known for years! :)xo" ... written by Emerald
Stephane is great.. Always accurate , even when I don't want to hear it,,, Thank you.." ... written by Steph
tuned in really fast with my situation and was able to provide a new perspective and clarity." ... written by w
A true medium, a beautiful person, very sensitive, accurate revelations, clear and true." ... written by Stephanie
Very good psychic, already been in reading before Stephane have seen very well for my love situation thank you" ... written by Axelle
great and very fast reading i am really amazed" ... written by PAT
He was great....thank you" ... written by poonam
He is amazing and comforting. I trust his words" ... written by debbiec0613
clear, fast, waste no time, absolutely direct and straight." ... written by xxx
Stephane is an absolute great andamp; trusted friend to me. Before this chat, he'd helped me to settle some important issues (Lost andamp; Found) as well. I'm really grateful to have him around! MOST highly recommended reader on Oranum! Thank you so much for everything, dearest Stephane! " ... written by Jerace2
I had a great reading and good advice. I would def return for more readings." ... written by Alexandra
great reading you are so accurate so fast , no waiste of time " ... written by CINDY
A pleasure to talk to. " ... written by Jean
thanks for the advice and being honest with me." ... written by Isaac Boro Onyilo
Much thanks for the guidance, support and patience. " ... written by xxx
You are still my favorite medium." ... written by PAT
Great and fast reading" ... written by mary
Extraordinary... extremely helpful!" ... written by Clarity
thank you" ... written by Debbie
very good and accurate and clear about all questions." ... written by j
First time read.... every consistent with my spiritual guides that I attend regularly. Very nice. I will see him again in the future." ... written by Jennifer
Great reading into my emotional state, felt everything that I was feeling, very honest and to the point! Knows what I want in a relationship which is where my problems are, hope that I will achieve everything that he told me." ... written by Lisa
Excellent reading! So quick to identify the issues. Stephane is a real blessing." ... written by Clarity
Great!! so helpful" ... written by noni
Stephane1971 provides great advise but I would like to have someone read my tarot cards." ... written by Tracy
Really Like Stephane!" ... written by Tracy
nice....................." ... written by mette
straight, wasting no time" ... written by x
Very nice reading." ... written by John
thank you for the advice!" ... written by x
Good advice as always. Thank you." ... written by Eva
Helpful, reassuring. " ... written by samiah
Very good reading, made me feel better about something that was bothering me. :-)" ... written by han720518
Stephane is a wonderfull medium, he goes straight to the point as always, always honest, i do follow hime since 2 years !" ... written by Celine
I am very impress by Stephane, everything he said was true. " ... written by CINDY
great reading very honest very true" ... written by MICHELLE
very honest straight to the point while being careful and kind. " ... written by Avenda
Very quick to read cards. Thank you." ... written by Amy
Stephane Le Lynx, He provided me with a great reading. He was clear and to the point with answers to my questions. I highly recommend if you aren't looking for sugar coated fluff you must contact Stephane Le Lynx." ... written by Miki Wilson
Very very good" ... written by Tim
Straight to the point" ... written by Londo
one of the best psychics! highly recommended! :)" ... written by Mary
Stephane really understand me, it s so good to be understand by a man, i never could think that i could find one :)" ... written by amanda
Stephane is exactly like he said, fast straight , honest , clear, helpful i recommend him to everyone" ... written by LIZ
Excellent, helpful reading as always. Truly amazing!" ... written by Clarity
thank you so much, you really enlight my day, i feel so luchky to have you as a personnal reader" ... written by ELISABETH
Excellent reader !!! " ... written by Elisa
wonderful reading, very good advice given also. he is very good details andamp; and tells it as it is , no sugar coating. " ... written by Ammer
very positive i really enjoyed my reading" ... written by georgianna
AMAZING Very sincere person, dynamic and very perceptive. Very lucid in his visions. One of the best on Oranum. A real gift which one feels that there is something real . THANK YOU so much." ... written by KYLIE
fast and to the point" ... written by jennifer
excellent, spot on, and read right into the situation. knew things i didnt even tell hm" ... written by ron
i have always found him to be reliable." ... written by humility
very intuitive, great reader." ... written by soph
spot on!! very fast answer! thank you" ... written by hermestarr
Usually very spot on" ... written by Londo
He is very awesome. He tells you everything as it is and gives personal advise as well. I find that very helpful. " ... written by Lana
Direct and to the point. Thank you for the reading." ... written by stacey
Usually right, even if one doesn't like it!" ... written by Londo
nice smiling man..............good.." ... written by mette
Very kind and direct. Loved my reading. Will be coming back for another one asap" ... written by Rebecca
very calm " ... written by xxx
Came right to the point and told me what to do with my situation. Very good reading. Thank You!!!" ... written by mc
Great reading straight to the point " ... written by nathasha
Great reading, but i had too many questions, i will add more credits and come back to you stephane, you are the first who can understand me " ... written by erika
Best reading I ever had " ... written by Sonia
great reading as always " ... written by michele gould
Super helpful reading! Immediate insights! He's the best!" ... written by Clarity
I think it was a very good reading.Thank you " ... written by Dymn
really good helper and gives good advises as well. thanks stephane ! " ... written by b22
Updates.." ... written by Sea
Straight to the point. Knew right away my situation without asking. Thank you!" ... written by nicole
Wonderful to speak with. Understood my situation and did not sugarcoat anything. Told it like it is. Picked up on my energy and personality straight away. Amazing empath :) Thank you much " ... written by Athana
Thankyou Stephane you tuned in well to the situation I will follow your advice its hard to stay patient but I will thankyou xxx" ... written by t
Very honest and quick reader :)" ... written by priscilla
He was great! Very quick and understanding! Will definitely chat with him again soon :)" ... written by Jody
Excellent reading as always!" ... written by Clarity
Stephane is unbelievable!! Great energy, straight to the point, fast, very humorous I love that and most importantly appreciated his honest input on my situation :) Mille fois merci!!! I will come back. " ... written by Adiee
Stephane still one of the best psychic I ever seen, i will recommend him to anyone " ... written by Wendy
A very excellent reader. Thank You" ... written by Marian Novian
Truly amazing." ... written by LAURA
goodreading" ... written by georgianna
Stephane was a wonderful reader! He provided me with wonderful insight on my current situation in career, finance, business and children. I cannot wait to come back! :-) Do not hesitate to give him a try! 5 stars!!" ... written by smileyT
straight forward and honesty" ... written by Rebecca
Stephane you still impress me everytime, you are honest, i know i can count on you " ... written by Sacha
Stephane you are simply the best so straight so fast" ... written by NELLY
Direct and to the point. Understand my situation and gave guidance." ... written by lonelyheart1970
Amazing and immediate insights! " ... written by Clarity
I screwed up, but thanks." ... written by f
Stephane is always very connected, friendly, sincere in his gifts and work. He is thorough and does his best on every session. One of the very best I have ever spoken with. " ... written by Amy
He's honest and helpful....Thank you Stephane1971!" ... written by Ann
Thank you dear Stepahe1971 - never wastes your time or money. Always right on the money and straight up with the readings. Consistent as well...!" ... written by f
I come to Stephane when i need honesty and humor to lighten my sometimes difficult situational He always is consistent - picks up where we left off and is so insightful. I trust him completely and he has been accurate with his past predictions. Five Stars (actually more) xxx Stephane" ... written by debbiec0613
great reading. no waste of time !" ... written by BEA
very accurate and precise in what he said and people we spoke about " ... written by julie
Very honest, I normally do trust my intuitions, was hoping they were wrong, but only time can tell, thank you anyway x" ... written by Carrie-anne
excellent, splendid, admirable, stellar. You still my favourite " ... written by Victoria
Stephane is really good, and so fast. i will come back often to you " ... written by Maddy
He is very clear and concise in his reading, and his answered along with what I already know I believe his answers were accurate." ... written by LovingCompassion
Amazed by the quick, confident and to the point assessment of my situation in less than 20 seconds! Thank you for your kind words Stephane" ... written by sunshine147
thank you so much for your honesty " ... written by Jaimie
He is a great reader. A very kind, gentle soul. He's very truthful but from a very gentle, loving place." ... written by Cheryl
Great reading and very insightful. Thanks!" ... written by boru
Very sweet and nice man. Gets to the point, explains clearly and honestly. Very much recommended. " ... written by Joukster5
Stephan is definitely not sugarcoating anything ... he will give you things to think about and give the truth about your situation ... he is good!! " ... written by raspberry47
thank you" ... written by MMarmalade
He's a pretty nice guy, honest, and quick answers" ... written by Ashley
great reading, thank you" ... written by Mary
He was very clear and helpful, and very easy to communicate with. I feel so much more at ease now." ... written by pppggg
concise clear" ... written by jj
Love love Stephane. He has a wonderful way of communicating his insight and he makes so much sense. He has always guided me correctly in the past and even though right now i am having a difficult time, his assuring it will work out makes me feel so much better. Trust him - he is an amazing reader and man" ... written by debbiec0613
Stephane is an honest reader who connects fast. I trust him and go to him often." ... written by erika
Interesting read." ... written by R.
very sweet" ... written by xx
very funny and insightful, thank you" ... written by c
Extraordinary reading as always! " ... written by Clarity
I must say he moves in a cool way. lots of humor and his reading is also real he confirms me as I have got other readings from other psychic here at oranum and they tell the same, so all in all I am very happy with it his saying is true. so let me say to you who are reading this he is the real deal. no sugar coaching here and it's great. Stephane wish you all good luck here in Oranum Universe. *****" ... written by Sundancer
very honest and straight forward. " ... written by eli
Stephane is straight to the point. He doesn't sugar coat, which I really appreciate it! And also, he's accurate about the person in question's situation and the underlying problem. He also gives you advice for solution. Try him! He will let you see the light!" ... written by stellachan
good" ... written by leila
excellent, very intelligent, very preofessional" ... written by Ron
Good guy!" ... written by Londo
Very accurate!" ... written by Mai
He is a nice man, tries to give you a clair insight of how you feel and what to expect." ... written by N
Thank you for the reading" ... written by Angela
Excellent reading!!!" ... written by Clarity
this is good to his job he is fast to connect and he is right on the block with his answer .... good .." ... written by Atmina
Just great and warm and feel he is honest - will only tell you the truth. Fortunately for me he was able to reassure me, but have no doubt he would not tell me it if he did not believe it. I have alot of faith in his predictions and insight." ... written by debbiec0613
thank you" ... written by Amber
great to have him always" ... written by x
Thank u. Very good. I was very sad and confused about a situation, and Stephane cleared some things up. I'm still sad, but I understand now. " ... written by nina
very nice and relaxed lovely man x" ... written by cagsie
FAST! very nice!!" ... written by :)
Thank you so much !!!! He is very sweet, he is quick, understanding, and tells you what you should do ! " ... written by Veronica
i know i did not have much credits but you find a way to answer me, with a lot of honesty ... thank you so much" ... written by helena
stephane1971........thanks for th reading, you r honest and compassionate and honest" ... written by mette44
insightful and enjoyable read. he was right on about my current situation....definitely coming back!" ... written by ginbellen
SUPER" ... written by SUPER
Great reading !" ... written by Ted
Such and Angel and he makes me laugh too! He is really an excellent reader" ... written by debbiec0613
He is very accurate, strongly recommend!" ... written by humility
He is very spot on…He knew about my fertility problems without me telling him. He also knew about the change in my career without me telling him…he basically knew my life without me telling him. very good =] would recommend. worth the money =] " ... written by m
Was great! He went straight to the point. " ... written by Beena
He makes me laugh - and always brings me back down to earth with his insight. He is great" ... written by debbiec0613
straight, direct, no waste of time and very good answer " ... written by Angel
Amazing read as always Stephane is a great reader and puts my mind at ease, I highly recommend anyone to try him out, he is honest and to the point and very quick." ... written by Raphael
He was excellent, gave me the clarity I needed. " ... written by Shirley
What an amazing reading, spot on with me getting a job and also with my relationship, I would recommend highly him." ... written by Raphael
Stephane just tells hidden agendas, no long time figuring it out. He tells you and the rest is up to you. If you want someone who is going to give it to you straight, with no chaser...then Stephane is the man!" ... written by Bronxie
Love reading with Stephane - as down as i am he makes me laugh and he believes so in his intuition and i trust his honesty. He only says what he feels - That is good enuf for me. " ... written by debbiec0613
Thanks Stephane for quick reading." ... written by happy
thank you so much for your help" ... written by Princess
you know how good you are. Have known you for a long time now and you have an ability beyond all others. " ... written by dddDDDDDDDDDDD
Stephane is simply the best" ... written by Cloé
He gave me good advice Thank you it was a great reading :-)" ... written by Erica
Stephane is amazing. I will update him on how things go. He is straight to the point. " ... written by G
Excellent reading as always! Extraordinary talent... will come back without question." ... written by Clarity
Honest and Refreshing! " ... written by Meredith
Fantastic, Smart guy " ... written by Mea
Wonderful reading as always !" ... written by Wendy
Quick to connect, but I didn't get much information that I was hoping for in the reading. Be better prepared is the advice that I can give when going into a prvt reading with Stehane. He's truly a nice person. Just wish I could have gotten more for my credits." ... written by Lindsey
great reading, will come back" ... written by KATE
he is a good reader. I have used him alot and he is always spot on." ... written by erika
Stephane is like talking to a good friend - his honesty is wonderful and know he will not give me bad advice or tell me anything he does not feel. As much as sometimes I wish he would just agree with me - LOL. Recommend him highly" ... written by debbiec0613
Straight to the point. Honest. " ... written by Eden
great reader and always to the point and accurate" ... written by koel
Well you have giving me hope.....Thank you! I will wait to see what happens. But mainly right on most things." ... written by Ingrid Davie
very fast connects very well" ... written by BP
GREAT READING AND ACCURATE" ... written by Magdalena
Stephane is still impressive, every time I come to see him, I am filled with wonder by his clarity and accuracy" ... written by EMMY
Gave me his ideas about my situation based on a combo of logistics, reason and intuitiveness. I will have to let him know what happens. I was pleasantly pleased with his focus but found his accent difficult at times to understand. Thank you." ... written by starfish57
great." ... written by Ann
I asked him about love, about marriage he said I won't get married for another 5 to 7 years and to enjoy my life. To have romance, so I will. I felt excited I feel clear. I am a hopeless romantic since I was young, he gave me real answer." ... written by Reona
Clear and to the point... just how i wanted it, no sugarcoating :) good deal" ... written by MrMarra
Awesome man, beautiful honesty, i recommend him. Very quick, and no sugarcoat :)" ... written by anon
Good reading, very quick with answers. Will keep him updated on whats going on. :-)" ... written by han720518
Stephane is amazing, absolutely amazing" ... written by Summerbreeze
thank u" ... written by l
Extremely observant and helpful... as always!" ... written by Clarity
5 stars!" ... written by n
Love this man. He told me it wasnt it over and it is looking that way. He is the best. Always makes me feel better and Laugh!!!" ... written by debbiec0613
interesting getting a male perspective on the situations at hand. his clairvoyance is sharp and accurate. he could really see stuff with describing situations in my life. happy to have had the opportunity to confer and gain some clarity. I give him 5 stars. thank you. :)" ... written by starfish57
Very helpful reading - truly insightful! Stephane is excellent! Quick and to the point! Will come back to see him again without question." ... written by Clarity5
connected fast. no sugarcoating, but im glad bc at least i dont have false hope." ... written by Krissy
He is really good at reading the emotional field. Really liked him. Very sincere. Thank-you. Your reading was great ;+)" ... written by nlove
Great positive reading as always" ... written by Raphael
He is always very accurate" ... written by entice
He is very accurate, straight to the point, really felt my situation. " ... written by Drummergirl
quick and true- good overall observation of your standing in life" ... written by dean
Outstanding reading... very helpful!!! " ... written by Clarity5
Stephane is a very nice guy, the reading was straight to the point and very accurate. I love it" ... written by Stella
He was clear, accurate and fast, it's just you should prepare all the questions in your mind before starting the session he will reply all of them" ... written by Asena
Mr Stephane was so accurate and his responses are always direct to the point and crystal clear. It's just do make your minds about what to ask him before, he is perfectly capable of answering all your questions as long as you are clear about what to ask." ... written by Asena
Very helpful and quick" ... written by E
stephane is straight to the point, really good." ... written by cecilia
great reading as always" ... written by nicole
I have always trusted him from day1 i had a reading with him. strongly recommend this soul:)" ... written by zumba
I have always relied on his readings. He is very accurate and an awesome reader :)" ... written by April
Very fast and truthful" ... written by Allison
thank you very much. Gave me clarity :-)" ... written by Helios
good reading" ... written by f
Quick insights. Amazing ability to connect as a medium. A pleasure. Thank you, Stephane." ... written by Clarity5
was a really good reading" ... written by S
stephane was strait to the point but some of us do not want to c the real thing i am afraid. meaning me. but he was great. thanks stephane" ... written by ekaterini marangos
very accurate and to the point" ... written by carla
Very good. Said what I was thinking is correct. Nice person, friendly and helpful. Overall experience 10/10" ... written by tessie
he is amazing as always and so fast :)" ... written by claudia
thank you so much for the healing session. just simply comfortable with his approach. very recommended." ... written by x
very fast, very clear reading, i recommand stephane to anyone" ... written by Love
he is the one reliable person here who never sugarcoats but tells the truth" ... written by zoe
Love Stephane - he is always truthful and and honest. Trust his insight and believe his prediction. It has always been consistent. He has true gifts " ... written by debbiec0613
you are the best" ... written by James
he is a good psychic, i strongly recommend him" ... written by zoe
muchos gracias for heartfelt truth" ... written by x
love him and really trust what he says. He has been telling me along it would turn out ok and it looks really good. Believe him when he talks!!!" ... written by debbiec0613
very straightforward and honest-;)!" ... written by Gabyjaby
Very sweet and honest. :) " ... written by Starlight
Excellent reading... extremely quick... very helpful... will come see him again without question!" ... written by Clarity
awesome " ... written by Nancy
He ALWAYS connects right to my situation and gives me great advice. It would be so hard to get through my situation without him. THANKS STEPHANE" ... written by b
Thank you :)" ... written by nadyakb
he is great" ... written by Nancy
I love this guy he is amazing he knows his stuff . I always talk to him after I get paid when I can afford him. U will not be dis pointed. He knew right on about my job situation wow!! that I had to realize what he was talking about!! .. ! he is soooo cute especially with his accent also he he he.. " ... written by Nancy
Thank you :-)" ... written by thank you
Hahaha! Thanks so much again Stephane! I always love talking to you. Youre so accurate and quick. Always a good laugh too :) Take care.....I'll keep you updated! " ... written by essjayokay
i had very few credits and he was very kind and went fast for me and i got all my questions answered! thanks again stephane!" ... written by Jessica Castech
He was very helpful, did a wonderful job, and opened my eyes to many things. " ... written by Stefanie
I had a great read. If you want accuracy us him. Thank You." ... written by Marian Novian
He is awesome and very accurate!" ... written by April
quick and good reading" ... written by ft
FASTTTTTT" ... written by Rae1237
great reader" ... written by Hurtingalot
Great, amazing as always! Crazy accurate, and fun to talk to :)" ... written by essjayokay
Straight to the point. Quick. Very good." ... written by Hanna
Amazing reading! He is so gifted! So helpful!" ... written by Clarity
very fast and to the point very sweet warm hearted person" ... written by n. a. c
He was kind, honest and confident in the connection. Very helpful!" ... written by alokud
So helpful! Excellent reading! Will come again." ... written by Clarity
thank you dear, clear, insightful and caring! love and light" ... written by c
Stephane is always so fast, so good, so perfect" ... written by Kathy
well mr.................thanks again, im coming back time after time. just looking for the truth and u give it..thanks" ... written by mette
STephen was very honest and quick..and can read the other persons character pretty good" ... written by becca
Stephane has a way of putting your mind at ease. He is so quick to tune into the most important issues and provide immediate guidance to help resolve your doubts and fears. His gifts are extraordinary!!! I am grateful that he has shared them with me. I feel so much better after a reading with him. Truly helpful!!! I will continue to return to him for guidance. Thank you, Stephane, for providing me with much needed clarity. " ... written by Clarity
Lovely man. Our connection was not the greatest, but he was honest and forthcoming. We shall just have to wait and see. I would recommend Stephane very ardently. " ... written by John Yodice
Right on point, gave me fast and accurate read. Thank you!!!" ... written by a.smith
Thank you. A great reading." ... written by Purple400
best reading i ever have" ... written by cinthya
He was very sweet and gave me some hope to look forward too. Can wait to see his predictions come true" ... written by antonia
great reading " ... written by Shaona
in my opinion the best psychic in Oranum!! very accurate!! thank you." ... written by Mary
Stephane is the best as always, so fast so accurate" ... written by Chrissy
Very direct and to the point provided the necessary information. Highly recommended" ... written by Avenda Ali
Very good Medium, impressive." ... written by ENYA
always good and true" ... written by f
very honest person" ... written by tim
Oh, he was so quick and very helpful. Thank you. xxx" ... written by yujiparis
Very fast and to the point, doesnt beat around the bush." ... written by Sunshine
Thank you for this reading. Accurate predictions as always, in good mood and without any judgment. Good luck to you. See you soon." ... written by Stephanie
He was awesome. Thank you Stephane." ... written by MARY J LEWELLYN
Honest! Very insightful! Kept it real even if it wasn't what I really wanted to hear, but was honest. Doesn't sugar coat." ... written by Elizabeth
Excellent reading. Extremely quick. Very helpful. Truly amazing!!! Thank you, Stephane!!!" ... written by Clarity
Even within a very short time, Stephane cut to the chase and gave a very honest and clear reading, which I needed and appreciated very sincerely. Thank you for helping me with clarity today! " ... written by Sarah
He is really good his predictions are always accurate !" ... written by c
thank you" ... written by love
AMAZING READING, as fast as always, he doesn't waste time, he goes straight to the point, I really appreciate. Thank you so much Stephane" ... written by Cynthia
right on brother" ... written by lisa
very fast and accurate !" ... written by MELODY
Very accurate and fast " ... written by Stephanie
I was very please with my reading with stephane. He is very accurate and fast." ... written by Sonja
Stephane made a good connection and validated things for me. Appreciate his guidance and highly recommend him!" ... written by Carrie
great reading" ... written by Cathy
very good" ... written by Sandeep
Great read as always " ... written by Raphael
Thanks" ... written by Amy
straight to point great" ... written by adi
good adivce. nice to work with :D" ... written by lilly
Always honest! Pointed me out and sent me a message! I purposely find him every time!" ... written by Eliabeth
Stephane *always* hits the spot with his readings! Go to him" ... written by fragy
Friendly with a sense of humor but more importantly, Stephane1971 is fast, honest and accurate...always worth a visit." ... written by f
he was very good" ... written by staci
Stephane had a calm and gentle way about him. He tuned into the issue at hand, and gave me advice (and warnings) on ways to progress and possible outcomes. Thank you, Stephane." ... written by Asta
Amazing reading. Truly gifted man." ... written by Clarity
Fast reader and to the point!" ... written by sunshine147
very understanding man gives excellent advise on the situation give him a try won't be disappointed." ... written by rosie64
Its was ok" ... written by Jendio
his reading are on point and you should try him. he is Excellent " ... written by leila smith
Truly extraordinary man. Amazing and helpful reading... as always." ... written by Clarity
he is been always spot on" ... written by humility
Very impressive reader, i will come back" ... written by Ximena
Best psychic in oranum!! thank you for your predictions!!" ... written by Mary
Great Reading, wonderfull person " ... written by Alexander
Great reading, great Psychic" ... written by Maria
He is very cool, straight, no sugarcoating. ad he knows how to explain me the situation " ... written by Hellen
Magnificent reading - super clear, direct and incredibly helpful! He is simply the best! No one else can compare to his abilities!" ... written by Clarity
excellent" ... written by ron
perfectly perfect !!! always a good reading , good advices and really understanding ! he really is accurate !!!" ... written by rouben
Genuin. No sugarcoating. " ... written by Melissa
Stephanie has consistent clear predictions and he is truthful I give Stephanie 5 stars." ... written by Avenda Ali
Stephane you are so accurate, i really appreciate i will come back soon" ... written by AXELLE
Highly recommended, my go-to guy when I want the honest truth no sugar coating. He has been spot on with predictions before, i have full trust in him" ... written by Rebecca
i am very impress by the quality of Stephane Reading, he really help in my choice" ... written by cynthia
Excellent reading. Extremely quick as a medium. Very helpful as always." ... written by Clarity
Spectacular reading, so clear, straight forward, lots of details ." ... written by BlessedBlue
Fantastic! Stephane never fails to deliver and he does it with panache! But seriously, he can really see and answer your question straight without wasting time. I have found him accurate so far and it's always worth a private reading." ... written by f
he connected right away...very accurate!!!" ... written by nami
good reading recommend him" ... written by adi 1212adi
Stephane still a TOP reader" ... written by ALEX
listened and advised me, ran out of time but a nice guy and honest" ... written by Helpme67
After my private 1 on 1 with Stephane1971 I am feeling a little relieve and optimistic about the person I love. I will take M. Stephane1971 advice to heart and follow his recommendations. All that he told me about the person I care about was so on point because that's the way I fell about him." ... written by haynes
Direct, answers the questions asked." ... written by lonelyheart1970
very accurate reading, i am very please we met" ... written by Carolina
Thanks Stephane, cleared a lot of things up." ... written by ...
Awesome, very insightful and one of the best psychics i have ever dealt with." ... written by Bob
excellent reading as always " ... written by Stephanie
Stephane was right on point with my situation. He connected well and gave me insight. Thank You great reading." ... written by mc
It was my fist reading. I was slightly confused by the whole experience. He's a very nice man and I enjoyed the private. Not sure I am more focused or understand the situation any better, but it could be that it's my own difficulty." ... written by skier8001
Amazing - more answers to my questions!!! Will be back again" ... written by Clarity
Truly exceptional reading. Extremely helpful!!!" ... written by Clarity
very honest guy and i really appreciated it" ... written by sasha
Stephane was extremely helpful, his insights made me think twice about a decision i would have otherwise jumped into. I would highly recommend him and will encourage you to listen to his advice. " ... written by Curious
Seemed to pick up on situation quickly... and gave me possible solutions to the problems at hand :) Good" ... written by Samantha
love Stephane. privates are honest.. and fun. highly recommended" ... written by bec
He was right on quite a few things and did give me a correct reading and also advised what others advised me So i intend to follow that Suggest pls try him he is good !" ... written by Curador
he has always been accurate" ... written by flower
Stephane was fast and on point. He does not sugarcoat things which is wonderful. Thank you Stephane!" ... written by MIL
He tried to warn me, I didn't listen and ruined everything. But he did speak the truth where others weren't clear, he was very clear." ... written by f
lovely as usual, see you in 2 weeks ;)" ... written by f
Great! I got the insight I needed." ... written by Zeigen
Confirmed what other readers have seen 4 me as well. He's fast. Makes a good connection to his guides. " ... written by Daniel
Excellent picked up on my situation with ex hubby perfectly - he saw it clear as day no hesitation - though did not get the answer I was seeking - (a YES to be a couple again) He definitely saw our relationship for what it was..Thank you for the clairty" ... written by Michelle
Stephane still very helpful, he can undestand me so well, he doesnt judge, and HE SAYS THE TRUTH." ... written by Isabella
Excellent as always, thank you stephane " ... written by Samantha
Stephane always zeroes in on key emotions and concerns, helping to highlight and guide with great expertise. Thanks again!" ... written by serenity
thank you for that quick reading, I will sleep better tonight." ... written by Sonia
he was very helpful" ... written by san
Stephane is very fast, very honest and so trueeee !!! I will recommand hi to anyone who will need help " ... written by Stephanie
he is a great reader, i will come back soon for more question." ... written by Cindy
Short andamp; to the point, very honest" ... written by Havy
Has and always will be the best on oranum. He draws on all of his insights, gifts and wisdom, and is empathatic in his delivery, yet direct at the same time. " ... written by ddd
Very good reader. Very positive. Beautiful energy. Gentle energy. Highly recommended. Straight to the point. Felt very calm and positive after reading. Thank you so much Stephane." ... written by Dizzed
good reading!" ... written by o
Stephane is a true and very honest psychic, he is not scared to tell you bad news, if it has to be. I really appreciate his honesty " ... written by Chris
Thanks. Stephane is very compassionate and good at what he does: Read the situation." ... written by f
that was perfect, i love stephane honesty." ... written by emily
Great reading " ... written by Charline
He's honest and to the point. Enjoy the reading!" ... written by Ann
This is my third reading with Stephane, excellent reading, love the intuition as it was exactly what I felt, good insight into future and cant wait to come back again!" ... written by Wonderbaby
Excellent energy and picked up on everything I was feeling, very good insight on the future, felt all of my energies, loved the reading and will be back for update." ... written by Wonderbaby
Great reading from a kind and compassionate man. He was so helpful and accurate in what I'm needing for my life right now. I will definitely be back and put his suggestions to good use!! " ... written by Kitten80
quick responses, and very honest! i will be back for a new reading soon. thanks again " ... written by kya right on his insight...I feel so uplifted..thank you Stephane" ... written by Charles
consistent!" ... written by f
Wow!!!" ... written by Scintillating
It was a very honest sugar added.." ... written by Sonia
Very fast and practical reading! Helped a Lot!!" ... written by Nicole
he was very quick with info and straight to the point. highly reccommen him. thank you so much" ... written by aquagirl77
As fast as always, very kind, very genuine. Thank you so much" ... written by Adriana
Amazing insights! Extremely fast! Such a helpful reading!" ... written by Clarity
Stephane is really a wonderful person, very soothing to talk to. I appreciate his help. :)" ... written by Kitten80
great excellent" ... written by jamira76
Very good insight into my situation as always and OMG is he always RIGHT!!!! " ... written by Wonderbaby
Picks up on the underlying issues and concerns, and provides important insights to build a better future. Thanks." ... written by serenity
It was great talking to him. Helped me to see things much clearer." ... written by WinKay
Very helpful... Stephane is a great reader! A++" ... written by Angelight
very to the point ..awesome " ... written by jessica
Gave some advice and connect quick" ... written by abc
always good to chat with, quick info and straight info...solid!" ... written by effvee
This man is very kind, sincere, direct and fast, fast fast with his reading. I will be visiting him again for sure." ... written by Terri the Secretary
Stephane is a truly great reader. " ... written by Naomie
he was very spot on" ... written by mia
Picked up on my energy very well, did not waste time. Highly recommend." ... written by LA
Stephane has been of great help for me, I really appreciated his honesty and accuracy. He is clear to the point. Thank you " ... written by Carole
I like his positive energy. He really gave me a better understanding about my situations! " ... written by ninishay
Stephane is the best - no one is better than him on being able to hone in immediately into the most important issues. Truly extraordinary!!!" ... written by Clarity
Very honest, he could feel me right away, it was a real pleasure. Tx" ... written by johnny
great reading!" ... written by Magdalena
Stephane still amazing, i did have few reading with him, and he still as good as he was the first time. And he as always right about everything. " ... written by Nancy
Well good advise and I am glad I had a chance to speak to him." ... written by BN
He is great as always, he always understand you so quick. He has a real gift !" ... written by Samantha
Extraordinary reading! Very helpful as always!" ... written by Clarity
he is a great reader, constant, with so much empathy." ... written by Charlene
Stephane has been always honest and trustful. He is always straight to the point." ... written by Isabella
great guy, great advice will come back for follow up" ... written by cherie
very calm and reassuring" ... written by .
great as usual :) Thanks" ... written by f
great psychic recommend them to all :)" ... written by Bob
Excellent and fast reader/typist! Friendly demeanor! He's read for me a few times and he's always spot on about situation !" ... written by imdeeim
great reading, very honest and quick" ... written by askme2001
great to talk to as usual - consistent and honest! always!" ... written by f
great reading" ... written by michele gould
Very helpful reading!!!" ... written by Clar
My gosh! This happened to be really nice! it seemed that he knew me even before. Just Awesome!" ... written by Arthur Marcos
Amazingly helpful reading as always!" ... written by Clarity
if you want reading and advice of what to do Stephane is who you need. Left me feeling hopeful that things would be ok..." ... written by cherie
great, awesome, hes very good. wont be disappointed" ... written by jamira76
Another great reading with Stephane! Can only say good things. Many thanks!!! :)" ... written by Kelly
he is always accurate and to the point. " ... written by humility
very good/fast/accurate thank you" ... written by jana
Wow - he is awesome! Right on the money, great guy, and great talk andamp; reading all around. He made me laugh so hard and helped me through my perspective on a personal situation. I will definitely be back for another lovely reading! much gratitude!" ... written by Kelly
Always a great guide for now and future." ... written by Serenity
Very informative and truthful." ... written by HIBB23
great reading !" ... written by Elisa
Stephane is a great psychic, I really appreciate his honesty, he is very fast. thank you so much" ... written by Jessica
:) thank you for delivering a message to someone that passed. going on with my life for now. " ... written by .
very good listener, and advisor. " ... written by ,
frank and honest, doesnt waste time" ... written by ,
He connects very quickly. looking forward to seeing the predictions come true." ... written by SueMc
Very good, helpful and accurate" ... written by Lynne
Stephane was AMAZING. I will be back!!! He was SPOT ON and he was so comforting and reassuring. I can sleep tonight. Please speak to him he will help you and even through the bad parts he is still calming and help you to understsand. " ... written by Sally Q.
sweet person :)" ... written by Tatiana
Great reader. Recommend for all!" ... written by nicole
Fast, straight and very honest" ... written by Caroline
Humorous interactions which made me light hearted even tho I came into it heavy hearted. " ... written by Merrysinclair
he is so wonderful ;)" ... written by f
always quick never waste your credit.. He gets right to the point and tell you the truth..." ... written by cherie
Excellent, helpful reading!!!" ... written by Clarity
He always understand me, he knows how to talk to me, to explain me, he is a great feeler. " ... written by Samantha
straight to the facts and fast" ... written by miguel
Stephane is a great MEDIUM, he coud tell easily things about someone i love, like he knew him while he was alive. Thank you so much." ... written by CASSANDRA
thank you for your accurate insight " ... written by amelia
good. straight to point. correct." ... written by claire
excellent and answered ever question i asked" ... written by ahmed
Stephane is real empath, he could deeply feel me . " ... written by XENA
He told me the truth, but I didnt like it." ... written by The hanged woman
very fast, no waste of time, straight , honest" ... written by Elisa
i had a great talk will be back again." ... written by ms d
clever " ... written by Lynda
Good... wish I had longer!" ... written by Bex
sweet and lovely ! Gave me a solid reading in short time and is consistent as always..! Definitely worth a visit in pvt.." ... written by f
Stephane gave me good reading. " ... written by Julia Turner
awesome as always" ... written by JULIE
Stephane is still fast and honest about his reading. TX" ... written by daniele
Such a sweet guy, quick answers that are honest and truthful." ... written by thefinalstrike
Stephane is very honest, he will always tell you the true no matter what. " ... written by Julia
Stephane is a wonderful medium, he could feel my husband like if he was sitting next to us" ... written by jessica
i really appreciate your reading. Deep, Clear, and Fast. " ... written by ARROW
good advice, made me feel better...kind of ...frustrated with my partner and stephane listened." ... written by goldenaura
really good reading from stehane knows his stuff" ... written by leigh osborne
this was very helpful thankyou." ... written by Kelly
thanks for your help, i really appreciate. You knew how to advise me " ... written by JESSICA
Brillant, honest, i feel i can really trust him. I ll come back to you " ... written by Amanda
as always, consistent and straightforward...always worth a pvt" ... written by f
He is soo good. No tools. Accurate indeed. Talked as if he knew my situation. Gave me so much energy and clarity to work out my way forward, thats simply awesome! Thanks!" ... written by Aby
Great reading, clear answer and very fast." ... written by Eric
very fast and to the point " ... written by em
consistent" ... written by f
this is my second time with stephane..i choose him because his first reading with me did came true...he is like a friend that knows exactly my situation without even me telling it...highly recommended...very nice and sweet..." ... written by silvermoonlight
Nice to touch base with Stephane it has been a while. He is always so honest. He will never lead you on - Just tells it as he sees it and he is accurate. " ... written by debbiec0613
He has been my go to person for the past two years and has always guided me forward positively. I strongly recommend him." ... written by Humility
thank you for awesome advice" ... written by cherie
Stephane is amazing! Thank you for the support and guidance." ... written by serenity
Top psychic always go back to him. Recommend him to anyone :) thanks as always" ... written by Bob
Quick answer, honest, he know what he is talking about" ... written by Karol
Stephane is great, i understood straight my situation, he really did help me to understand it. " ... written by Grace
Always a good reading, full of good ideas and helpful advice." ... written by serenity
thank you dear! a scorpio man can explain a scorpio man with all your insight at best :) xxx c" ... written by c
THANKS FOR HONESTY AND TO THE POINT" ... written by Michaela
Sir Lelynx confirm with details what i was feeling, he is truly honest, i will recommand him to anyone who seek help" ... written by emily
He was quick and straight to the point and accurate. I would definitely come to him again. I can tell he is intuitive with little effort. Great reading." ... written by Sam
Stephane is still amazing, i ve been a few times in reading with him and everytime what he predict came true." ... written by Axelle
Stephane is still impressing, i really love the way he makes his reading. I will be back for more" ... written by Nicole
OMG hes amazing. I can talk to him all night if I could. Real Deal !! " ... written by k
He is very reliable psychic. I get good info from him many times." ... written by erika
very good" ... written by deborah
good insight, good path to follow, Stephane is a good person that gives guidance in my situation. " ... written by goldenaura
good reading but im confused now..." ... written by cherie
I didn't really have much time to make an opinion, but seemed good thank you" ... written by Maxine
I love the way Stephane explain situation, it really help me to understand better, and to make the right decision. " ... written by Angela
Oh he is the greatest! Stephane1971 is always nice but also professional. He tells honestly what he sees, yet he is always consistent, over several reads. He does not apologize for truth!" ... written by frag
great individual. great reading. very honest and caring. :) was a good experience. xoxo " ... written by Ana
Top psychic recommend him to everyone" ... written by E
The Best of the Best !!!! thank you steph for everything you do !!! keep rolling ;)" ... written by Rouben
This reading was very interesting. Stephane has a clear vision. I recommand him." ... written by PPP
great as always!" ... written by f
Very perceptive insight into the situation. Cuts right to the chase. Many thanks as always. :)" ... written by Kelly
Clear, Honest , True, Fast, i really recommend stephane, he is great " ... written by NAOMIE
He was great, i could feel his energy " ... written by chrity
Good reader" ... written by abby
thank u so the awesome update...will think about what u said n try!!!" ... written by rosy
Stephane was quick concise and right on target" ... written by Camille
good insight, truthful to the point" ... written by dexdalboy
Very fast and honest reading !" ... written by Melissa
stephane could understand quickly the complexity of my situation, and help me through it, with great advice. I will come back more more later. " ... written by FRAN
: ) ALWAYS reads right into my situation quickly and gives accurate info on what is going on. I always get a sense of direction from him and will always come back for more guidance: )" ... written by B
fantatic quick and accurate" ... written by fran
thank you so much , gave me some clarity " ... written by unknownjourney
Stephane is always so fast and accurate. So honest. Have come back for the second time and more reading. The timeframe he gave also happened as predicted. Awesome." ... written by Tia
He seems very knowledgeable " ... written by karyn
I am still very happy to come to him, he is very honest and nor afraid to say what he thinks he can make me angry at my self in a good way I will com back" ... written by Marion Kielskov
top reader, straight to the point. gets to the core of the problem and finds a solution" ... written by jojoed
answered all my questions and was very fast, nice guy to chat to also thanks again " ... written by Lisa
Wow! He was able to see the situation so clearly! He gave me alot of hope. " ... written by Starliteny
thank you reallly good 10 out of 10" ... written by Maria
Spot on, straight to the point, and honest. Lovely personality and doesnt waste time. Thank you so much for your time." ... written by Pheonix
I have been having readings with him for the past two years. He is been always accurate and his predictions have all come to pass." ... written by humility
Great and quick reading, Stephane is very genuine " ... written by Celia
he's so sweet :) and consistent, always worth a private read" ... written by fraggy
Accurate and straight to the point right away. Straightforward and very helpful with input to my situation. Good advice giver. :) " ... written by Elin
wonderful, fabulous, precise, and quick! No words are enough, there is no surprise why Stephane has so many good ratings!" ... written by frag
sweet person.quick ..thanks!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by va
Just had a private with Stephane. " ... written by angela
Stephane is a great reader i do trust him " ... written by RACHEL
dissappointing but honest thank you so much for the reading" ... written by aundreya
good talking, positive energy. thanks. 5 star" ... written by norcal
Stephane is really good, i was really impress, i recommand him to everyone" ... written by ELIN
Straight forward, won't mince words, enjoyable!" ... written by Aaron
GREAT, he really help me, i am glad i met him " ... written by Brittanny
what a great person! great guy awesome reading" ... written by sandra
Stephane always reads my situation exactly right and has given me hope and direction every time I've needed it. His advice has worked for me and his predictions have come true!!!" ... written by B
Thank you very direct to the point no sugar coating .... answers all questions and doesn't take long thank you " ... written by sunita700
good" ... written by xx
Stephane is really nice, no sugar coating and accurate reading. " ... written by Lana
Stephen is great , he is very honest , a pleasure to have a reading with him a" ... written by DAVID
Good and straight forward" ... written by Angel
he was very helpful" ... written by tenchi
always great and reliable! quality readings in pvt..." ... written by frag
Answered question quickly and honestly" ... written by Lisa
He is super cute! swet! and uses tarot, doesnt type and reposnds quickly which i like. He does fabulous! Get reading from him!" ... written by l
fast and to the point left me with wanting more but lack of credits made it a short reading cant wait to go back" ... written by toastyd1
Thanks again !! you were awesome" ... written by k
answered my question and that was all i needed at the time" ... written by pearberry008
always helpful " ... written by c3
calming, helpful and a good listener" ... written by c3
He says Exact answers. He is fast. intelligent and fully understand situation! Gets info and analyzes correctly! Never judges and He is directed with full attention to the request from customer! " ... written by Water1980
Very well connected " ... written by rebs
fabulous as always! Stephane1971 really makes the effort to go deep into your issue and find out the truth of the matter!" ... written by frag
very to the point, doesn't waste time , clear and concise answers" ... written by Ankita
Awesome! Great and compassion reader" ... written by Oceania30
Stephane was great, so direct and on point. Very easy to talk with. Thank you for the insight and for the truth Stephane!" ... written by danielle
Stephane is very kind and accurate. He always give you more than you ask and explains things so that you understand clearly. He will be honest in a very nice way. Hire with confidence." ... written by Valerie
LOL i havent laugh so much in a long while. Thanks" ... written by Debbie
Very straight forward and to the point. Very nice person" ... written by Agles
kind person" ... written by mette
had a reading with Stephane, Very honest. Thank-you for the concise perspective. It helped to clarify what I needed to do. :)" ... written by Neffaria
Amazing insights!!! Extremely quick to help provide answers!!!" ... written by Clarity
Stephane was honest and helpful. He read my situation with a lot of clarity. Thank you Stephane." ... written by Teri
as always we shall see.... he seemed genuine" ... written by brenda
Had good insights to give and was very helpful in letting me know the right things. I surely look forward to talking with him again." ... written by chirag
connected fast and genuine and I got some good male advice!" ... written by tiffany
Thanks for the update reading" ... written by Debbie
Great reading, all I gave him were names and birthdates and he picked up on the rest, spot on. I feel so much better about what will happen. I will definitely be back for another reading." ... written by at
Well, thanks again as always - cleared up some important Qs today x" ... written by f
he is always to the point and accurate" ... written by zap
very inspiring, very accurate and trustworthy. his advice and reading made me so much calmer about my problems and helped me see them in a different light. accepting yourself is everything. thank you, Stephane! " ... written by iolanda
So quick and immediate with answers!!! He is the best!!!" ... written by Clarity
Stéphane is soo connected and intoned.." ... written by rcl
Just amazing. He is not only funny but he made me feel comfortable . And was dead on!" ... written by Beautiful_redd
He is a really nice guy, gave me some really advice. His talk is accurate and t the point! I can't wait for the next chat and see what happen." ... written by jodi1003
He is good" ... written by erika
really helpful" ... written by bb22
very quick and fast and direct always comes true thank you " ... written by sunita700
Stephane is very direct and gives good insight" ... written by Ankita
Excellent advice at a much needed time!!! Very quick to identify the issues and the solutions." ... written by Clarity
good" ... written by hussein
Stephane is Great! " ... written by serenity
good" ... written by angela
great reading" ... written by Melissa
Very honest and truth reading..which i totally agree with. recommend him." ... written by Sabrina
Great person to talk too, straight to the point, bless him." ... written by Life
Very good, very clear and precise. Straight to the point. Thank you." ... written by Alex
Not bad at all." ... written by CheBlu
Great with the insight about the love catch. He gave me certain ways to know. " ... written by Cali girl
Great guy. Hit the nail on the head with current issues and gave realistic outlook for things to come. WIll definitely come back for an update reading," ... written by Naygirl911
good guy, consistent in his reading" ... written by f
very accurate" ... written by Fouzi Nabet
Good and funny." ... written by D
He was fantastic" ... written by jay
Thank you great reading, its fast and " ... written by Han
this man is awsome" ... written by penguin
Stephane was fast to connect to the situation and gave real honest simple answers. Thanks indeed – that is what I ask for!" ... written by in_the_making
fast and great info for the short amount of time i had" ... written by Devin
Amazing reading!!! He is superb!!!" ... written by Clarity
Very accurate and fast! Didn't mince his words. I would definitely do another reading with him!" ... written by Trista
THANK YOU! Very accurate as always and quick :)" ... written by Kelsey
honest, true, straightforward.. a million stars!!" ... written by me
He is a great reader and always on point!" ... written by erika
Very precise, made me feel better, I felt he was right on about the situations in my life. I feel at peace after talking to Stephane 1971! Thank You!" ... written by Arcava
good reader opened my eyes told me the truth it was harsh compare to what other readers told me but it opened my eyes, now i can start my life fresh " ... written by son
Nice reading, direct and fast" ... written by De Toronto
very accurate, great reading" ... written by trevka
was fantastic loved him picked up alot xxxx" ... written by caz
Very quick! " ... written by Curious
Brilliant. Stephane was very honest with me and very quick. After having a consultation with him I am feeling just so much better about my relationship. Bless you, Stephane. " ... written by yujiparis
So incredibly fast and helpful!!!" ... written by Clarity
honest man, thanks stephane" ... written by m
Stephane was right on point and connected quick to my situation. Gave great advice and insight. He was so awesome. Thank You for a great and to the point reading." ... written by Bellina
Stephane is honest and told me the truth which is i need from here :)" ... written by Giselle_
Awesome very nice man with right on prediction!!!" ... written by Dorothy Jeffries
informative" ... written by Eilly
THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME!" ... written by Ava
Very fast and straight to the point! Great advice. Thank you! " ... written by Tapsor
This is my second reading with him and he is so amazing that I always feel like there is just not enough time!" ... written by Redd
" ... written by g
Stephane is great" ... written by marcellopizzeria
Top psychic totally recommended" ... written by B G
excellent, a true gentleman" ... written by ron
Always moves energy in a more positive direction." ... written by serenity
Was very direct and quick to connect. No BS just straight to the point! Thank you" ... written by Newmind1234
very fast , friendly and had a good reading with him, recommend :)" ... written by katie
honest, straight to he point " ... written by Salamaa
Thank you" ... written by Paula
great reading" ... written by trevka
Awesome, Stephane answers with no tools and he is great. " ... written by Great Reader
I've tired many readers. Stephane have given me a whole different perspective. Seems very real and I can't wait to see if what he says comes to pass. Very nice and straightforward. I will be back to share." ... written by Lotus
SO NICE AND HUMAN, AND A GOOD READER" ... written by mette
calming, explain and elaborate well" ... written by x
Stephane is the best medium on the site! Thank you for your insightful reading my friend." ... written by Capicorn
He always helps me see my way through this difficult relationship i'm in" ... written by B
Thank you for your reading. God bless. " ... written by Rainbowspirit123
armazing like always, he is spot on every time always tell me what i need to hear, always there in hardt times i always come back if anyone need true help use stephane pleas he is great" ... written by marion
Awesome as always" ... written by B
great reader" ... written by Cristina
Excellent, helpful reading!!! Many useful insights... very quickly!!! Thank you, Stephane!!!" ... written by Clarity
great on point also:)" ... written by ERICA
Excellent reading!!!" ... written by Clarity
Awesome recommeded" ... written by B
thanks" ... written by f
I feel alil better" ... written by john
Thank you for your time! I appreciate you being bold with me about my marriage!" ... written by Kelly
nice and caring, serious man in privates." ... written by mette
He was spot on!" ... written by Fran
good quick and to the point reading " ... written by John
Stephane helped me very much with trying to decide my next course of action. He gave me insight I needed. Will definitely consult again." ... written by Marie
Stephane, You have a spirituality about you that I was very comfortable with. I am sorry our chat ended. I was getting so much from your reading and I felt that you came to know my partner in a way that has helped me gain clear perspective on his situation. I believe sincerely that you are very good at what you do, and I will be back for sure. " ... written by Diane
Stephane was great again! Spot on! Gave me the insight I needed once again! He gets straight to the point in an honest manner. I enjoyed andamp; appreciated the reading. Will use him again when I need help in the future." ... written by Marie
great reading " ... written by Shotokan
Quick and to the point. I liked it." ... written by Thomas
Did amazing job GREAT READING! I was very impressed at how honest he was with his readings." ... written by Theo
Stephane did a great job getting right down to the details and was spot on with what was taking place, great reading, highly suggested!!" ... written by Cathy
If you want to get a reading from someone that is going to tell you the good. And maybe the not so good well this is the person to go to. He REAL." ... written by Theo
so humble and direct. I need to wait to see what happens but he sure sounded very secure about wha he was seeing for me :)" ... written by estella
Love listening to Stephane speak, his rhythm and tone are very soothing and calming. He connected to the situation well and got a very clear image of the man in question. Also he did not run the clock, stayed focused and helpful. Made me a laugh a lot too ;) Thank you Stephane!" ... written by Amy
Thank u for ur honesty and straight to the point and he gave me a clear picture of my girl, thnx, amazing reading" ... written by Husein
this man is very ingsightful and in a matter of seconds was able to offer me answers to a question ive had for a while. I hope that you all take the chance and speak with him. when I am able i will speak to him again!" ... written by Sydney
stephane is ok will see what happens andamp; will let u know" ... written by Callie44
Good reading and answered my questions fairly quickly!" ... written by E
Good reading!" ... written by kiera 123
great reading Staphane was straight and honest " ... written by ISA
nice s usuall, secretive but honest" ... written by mette
I loved reading with him. He gave such a great discription of me. How he knew it? I loved his advise and future prediction. He is very straigh and honest. Thank you" ... written by Tamara100
Great reading!" ... written by loli
Stephane is a wonderful and informative reader. He is caring of his clients and connects quickly to your situation. i definitely recommend a reading with him! " ... written by FaerieLovee
Stephane is incredibly warm, with a gentle, calming spirit. You can feel that he speaks from the heart. He was spot on with several things in his reading - uncannily so. A beautiful, beautiful soul!" ... written by AnnicB1
so lovely and honest. looking at time frames now, wait to see. very insightful and clear." ... written by ami b
told me to be patient, the guy will ask me to be his gf in feb, but not too much communication, now till then." ... written by cindy
very honest " ... written by bella
Very nice, quick connection and fast typer, quick to the point" ... written by D
Very kind and uplifting." ... written by leoautumn
Straight to the point, helped me figure out what I was feeling and what the other person was feeling. Thanks!!" ... written by Bloodmoon
Great concise reading" ... written by FS
Very kind and gentle reader! Not one of those readers that wants to waste your money. He's supper quick and connects well! Thank You Stephane. Bless you!" ... written by minilop
GREAT READING ,THANK YOU" ... written by h
Very good reading. Gets to the point which is nice. Thank You." ... written by Angelwingss7
A great empath with a big heart and good personalized advice." ... written by Serenity
very honest and helpful with guiding." ... written by leoautumn
Very fast and honest!" ... written by Chrissy
he is always here for me , always listening and he always say the truth " ... written by BELLA
He was on point…….great!!!" ... written by Dee0217
Fast reading and great answers." ... written by Justin
Very fast and to the point. If you are looking for discreet answer, Stephane is the guy. " ... written by rezmaM
thanks in pvt" ... written by frag
Awesome " ... written by bella
very impressing " ... written by bella
Stephane is very fast and he seems to know a lot about what's going on in my life. I appreciate his kindness and his time. Thank you :)" ... written by Raychul
so lovely to talk with him and very insightful and calm. healing and honest!" ... written by ami b
stephan always tells the truth , I have great confidence in him" ... written by Isabel
He was very honest and good." ... written by Aisabel
Thank you!" ... written by Ashley
well, nice and wice as always" ... written by mette
Simply the best " ... written by Bella
Stephane was very insightful, giving some sound advice. I still have decisions to make, but his reading helps." ... written by Marie
Very goood reading straight to the point _" ... written by Libra
Quick, accurate and to the point!!. Will definitely come back for more readings in days to come. Thank you sir :) It was helpful :)" ... written by Harshith
During my healing , Stephane is a precious help. He will be here for you" ... written by Bella
Very quick with his responses, with a touch of humor." ... written by Regina
He was right to the point and good with his answers." ... written by Jesus
Thank you for that daily card " ... written by Bella
No wasting time and money. Fast and to the point" ... written by Moongirl17
very honest " ... written by Bella
Ever so lovely and to the point. " ... written by E
Quick, affordable no time wasting" ... written by Rayhaan
Direct and to the point...looking forward to 2016...being careful and patient:-)" ... written by mbhopeful
For the difficult scenario the reading concerned, this was a wonderful reading of the relationship, spot on with the details and dynamic at play - Accurate and insightful with the cards, picked up the energies and personalities instantly." ... written by Domino
Hit ever right on with the questions I ask WOW!!!" ... written by Kendrick
Excellent and helpful reading as usual!!! Immediate insights to shine some light on difficult problems!!!" ... written by Clarity
Excellent!" ... written by Gatorgal1
Stephane is the best " ... written by Bella
straight and honest reader " ... written by Libra
Stephane is clear and fast. He'll answer promptly what you want to know. Highly recommend him." ... written by stefanielala
Very helpful" ... written by Bella
heartful, helpful " ... written by Cindy
Great reader, good connection. Very quick and accurate description" ... written by nicole
very helpful and listens well, i feel his empathic nature and patience during his reading. " ... written by x
Stephane always say the truth " ... written by Bella
excellent !!!" ... written by libra
i am very happy of Stephane reading" ... written by Beautiful girl
Very fast and acurate" ... written by mihaela
Very helpful" ... written by BG
Great reading!" ... written by Laura
Great reading as always " ... written by Bella
Amazing reader" ... written by BG
Impressive as always !" ... written by LIBRA
Straight to the point and honest" ... written by Bella
Stephane is a beautiful reader! He always say the truth, extremly helpful and very honest...." ... written by Izabela
Very quick and honest reader" ... written by Izabela
I didn't like his anwer...but I needed to ear it... is a wake up call for me." ... written by dom
Great read=)" ... written by loliprofe
Very good, very constant, i really appreciate his honesty" ... written by Izabela
Great reader. Very fast and accurate, no sugarcoating... straight to the point. I would recommend him. I hope that his prediction comes true." ... written by edysica
Stephane is someone I can trust " ... written by Bella
VERY HELPFUL !" ... written by LIBRA
He is very honest, I love to have readings with him ...." ... written by Bella
Very good reading, i will come back" ... written by BG
Thank you Stephane " ... written by Beautiful girl
Thank you stephane for that short reading " ... written by LIBRA GIRL
thanks for the Update" ... written by Izabela
Very good" ... written by BG
thank you so much for your patience with me " ... written by Izabela
Thank you so much " ... written by IZA
I love your readings " ... written by Bella
wonderful thank you " ... written by woman in love
i love update with you " ... written by BG
Excellent as always" ... written by WIL
Thank you Stephane " ... written by BG7
Honest, direct, and compassionate. Great experience even though it was not what I wanted to hear." ... written by Drohem
nice Update _" ... written by Libra
A true empath that gets to heart of the matter." ... written by Serenity
Excellent reader" ... written by Tamara100
wonderfull reading as always, nice to see you back" ... written by IZABELLA
thank you so much " ... written by LG
great reading. understood what was happening, thanks!" ... written by nn
Impressive reader !" ... written by Young Lady
great " ... written by PCA
He's the best!" ... written by Serenity
it was my first reading, he says many truth about me " ... written by LISA
Stephane is insightful and very helpful when needing answers." ... written by Gypsyheartdancer
calm and collected" ... written by x
thank you for validating my emotions" ... written by x
Thank you for that short reading " ... written by LISE
time goes to fast, but nice privates" ... written by mette
very validating" ... written by x
He was right on point and straight to the point" ... written by carebear
Stephane was very good. Gave me all the info I needed and right to the point. Awesome reading. Thank You." ... written by bell
Good reading" ... written by R
so nice to talk to stephane after such along time - he is great and he had alway given me accurate information. Wonderfull" ... written by debbiec0613
great reading...very helpful and sweet" ... written by sandra
Very accurate reader " ... written by PCA
I really appreciate your honesty " ... written by WIL
Excellent as always" ... written by BG
Very very helpful again!" ... written by F.
too short... but good honest" ... written by Johanna
The most sincere support, from a very caring place." ... written by serenity
He said so many true things... opened my eyes!" ... written by F.
Good honest reading" ... written by Leany17
impressive reading " ... written by BELLA
AMAZING!!!! very accurate andamp; honest !!!!!" ... written by tamjones
thank you so much for you clarity " ... written by FG
great reading " ... written by Bella
thank you so much " ... written by BG
i am getting more impress every time i come to see you " ... written by BELLA
Stephane is so good , so accurate" ... written by WIL
very good reader " ... written by BELLA
amazing reader" ... written by LIBRAG
stephane is very accurate " ... written by BELLA
I am still very happy with Stephane, he is my daily sunshine" ... written by ISABEL
The best as always " ... written by WIL
that was a really fast reading :)" ... written by Beautiful girl
Stephane never waste your time, he always go straight to the point " ... written by ISABEL
very good energy " ... written by ISA
fast, to the point" ... written by m
thank you so much Stephane, it was a great discussion !! Hear you next time ;)" ... written by Sylvie
thanks for a quick pvt" ... written by frag
Stephane is always so quick andamp; tunes into the situation. Always good advice, coupled with a sense of humor. Thanks for your help!" ... written by M
the best of the best " ... written by b
very receptive and communicative" ... written by m
really good reading" ... written by isap
He was really on point and helped a lot. Very honest answers. I would recommend him!!" ... written by greyduke
i am still very happy with Stephane reading " ... written by BELLA
He is really good, so fast " ... written by WIL
the best" ... written by rrr
Very strong connection! Provided so much in a short time -- hoping everything comes true -- very honest~ Will be back to follow up and have more readings! HIGHLY SUGGEST!!" ... written by lornalulu
very honest !" ... written by LG
Stephane still impress me everyday" ... written by BELLA
very direct...straight to the point!!!!!!!!!!!! helpful!" ... written by Tiff
Very straight forward and to the point." ... written by Shenika
great reader " ... written by arcturus
very good and very quick , no lost of time " ... written by BELLA
Stephane is my favourite reader" ... written by IZA
thank you so much Stephane " ... written by LG
In my darkest hour Stephane was there to help me - true words and it seems he could really sense what is going on! He gave me a good advice, knowing that I´m probably will not follow it..but anyways- he helped me very much!!!" ... written by Sonia
quick, straight and honest " ... written by IZA
Fantastic reading..will be back to follow up!" ... written by lornalulu
Again it was a fantastic reading! He gave me good insights ! And his advices for my date today where just right to hit my goal!" ... written by Sonia
great reading thank you so much " ... written by IZA
yes very accurate very fast i loved the reading. be prepared with many quesitons. " ... written by maria
I am still very impress by Stephane reading ! More I come to him more I am amazed" ... written by BELLA
Great reading :)" ... written by V
Great, realistic, and although painful good advise" ... written by Ar
He is always fun to talk! Came in for an update and he stays with his predictions! " ... written by S.
very sweet, quick connection, tuned in and sees the situation." ... written by lorn
Straight to the point, very good." ... written by F.