About deepthoughts

Psychic deepthoughts has 15 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic deepthoughts has recently helped 14 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about deepthoughts's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am very interested in helping with any issue you may have. I am here to talk you through meditation, guide you through the maze of love, or crunch numerology & finances!

Very sweet and accurate great reading very helpful" ... written by Lorann
outstanding reading,,,,, , always right to point and right on " ... written by derick
thank you" ... written by luvu
Her and her cards know! She's got us down. I can't wait for it." ... written by Yoyo
Deepthoughts was very insightful I appreciate her help" ... written by Pounamu
,,,,,, she is great and gives u accurate answers ,,,, coming back to see her again" ... written by adi
thank you soo much, you are great at picking up on my situation, and giving me clarity on everything. i feel a big sigh of relief. i will go get what i want." ... written by Amber
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
After my reading with deepthoughts about my bf i doesn't look too good." ... written by Cherie
I love her. Her energy is wonderful. So down to earth and honest and positive. :) great read. " ... written by Kimberly
i was lucky to guess the correct number and get a demo from her and was surprised at how accurate she was. I was so impressed that i asked to go private right away. She nailed a lot of things and was very nice...she even offered me something that that few would do...highly recommend her and will be back for more private readings." ... written by manny
great ty" ... written by fran
Deepthoughts was so precise and specific in her reading. What she said resonated with me so profoundly. I so appreciated her clarity insight and intuition given. Thank you so very much.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
very helpful" ... written by matt
I want to say thanks for the awesome job this girl does. She is truly amazing . Dont want to miss out." ... written by amber
she was very quick with her answer because I didn't have much money, good job : )" ... written by Kaytee
she was good got a little confused who she was talking about when it came to the guys i was curious about lol, but in the end I got it and was happy thanks!" ... written by luckycharms12
great reading, very informative" ... written by brad wood
Very good tarot reading, seemed to connect well. " ... written by Summer
deep thoughts is a very good reader. she has great energy and is very talented with the tarot and her intuition. :)" ... written by fairykisses
very detailed " ... written by gregg
Nice lady :) very friendly and helpful, though its a short reading its pleasant!" ... written by Tiffany
Wow, what a great follow up with Deepthoughts. This lady is incredibly accurate and straight to the point. Amazing! I will certainly be back." ... written by Tom
leaving this website but had to stop here for my final reading to the person i trust and gives good advice" ... written by mandeep gill
Awesome reading, a must to visit. I look forward to the follow up" ... written by Tom
fantastic reading… she is so spot on with my situations. thank you so much!" ... written by susan
I absolutely love her, she is amazing, kind and funny.. I had a really good reading and it was really mind opening for me. i will return in the future for a reading with her!! I seriously hope you are smart and click on the private readings :) " ... written by Shauna
She was right with everything. im pleased with her reading. i will sure come back to her. Thank you very much." ... written by Yerilove
kind, compassionate and very helpful! she connected very well to my situation and gave me a lot of insight!" ... written by fishygirl11
thank you so very much awsome read" ... written by davyboii
She is an amazing human and more over a person who is straight and honest, no BS. 1000000 stars!" ... written by Jake
I would like to say my friend talked me into getting on this site and i was completely skeptical of this whole situation but i Just had my an amazing reading with deep thoughts and i would give her a million stars if i could. it is defiantly worth a private and i will be back!! I LOVE HER " ... written by Amber
I don't even know where to begin with this testimony. Deepthoughts is absolutely amazing and hit the nail right on the head! I'm actually pretty amazed at how well she was able to pick up what was going on. I will definitely be in contact and will definitely come back for more private readings. " ... written by Andrea
i always interesting with her reading somehow.and i got the result.she is awesome.i guess i need to credited my balance more so i can get more reading from her :).thx for ur time darling" ... written by viendax
She was very accurate and helpful, thanks so much sweetheart :) i recommend her very much so :) beautiful energy x0" ... written by Karyn leslee rae
Amazing as always!! She always clears my head and makes me feel better when i need it!! " ... written by Bellatrx
fast quick connect. 5 stars. honesest" ... written by da
another reading for me,yayyyyy.....always happy w her reading,she is honest and spot on.thx deepthoughts" ... written by viendax
great insight great read..." ... written by davyboii
another amazing reading with deep thoughts she is really honest and doesnt sugar coat the truth " ... written by Amber
amazing... beutiful... inspiring" ... written by needs
She is very good!" ... written by Kate
Was very insightful and to the point. Answered all my questions was very caring and compassionate. Highly recommended,you won't be dissapointed." ... written by ling
great insight" ... written by she
very good and detailed. Loved it" ... written by Tamara100
she is good" ... written by chief
She just gets better and better." ... written by Sabrina Christie
she is fantastic and very accurate reading " ... written by kalana
Pretty good, she was able to tune in, I was impressed." ... written by SabrinaChristie
Thank you for giving me peace of mind with my relationship, and connecting me with my love ones! It was amazing! Thank you for the meditation to relax me! :)" ... written by Elizabeth
excellenttttt" ... written by maria
She is very good, I just did not have enouph credits to continuing the reading, but I highly recomend her!" ... written by LkLUCKY15
waoooooo she was awesomeeee" ... written by maria
I true loved my reading. She is the greatest and I will continue to come to her.... " ... written by Julianna
accurate and helpful reader" ... written by big
Amazing reading! deserve more than 5 stars!" ... written by loveb
was helpful" ... written by matt
Thanks for the reading. You cleared some of my worries and doubts up. Much obliged. " ... written by Jen
amazing on point!!!!! very accurate" ... written by briana
Wonderful reading!" ... written by J
Great as always..." ... written by SFEarthAngel
Awesome" ... written by jessica shyiak
awesome" ... written by jessica shyiak
superb" ... written by jessica shyiak
amazing reading." ... written by yawndoe
Exceptional" ... written by jessica miles
Wonderful reading! I'll definitely be back. :) Thank you!" ... written by Brianne
the time is too short" ... written by Anne
Heartwarming" ... written by jessica miles
Accurate " ... written by Keya69
very good thanks soo much for everything girl. you know i will be back" ... written by confident
its was great" ... written by nicole
Amazing reading " ... written by Lorna
wonderful as always ; )" ... written by Melinda
Spot on!! deserves more than 5 stars" ... written by sir
AMAZING!!!!!!" ... written by tamjones
i hope she is right. thank you. will return when we see what happens. thank you so much. " ... written by all
much appreciated" ... written by ams
She is great. Love her reading and she is spot on. She doesn't need all your information and won't waste your money or time. Will be getting a reading from her again. Pls take her private." ... written by tc