About espjessica

Psychic espjessicahas 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic espjessicahas recently helped 22members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about espjessica's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a true born gifted psychic that has the ability to predict your pass as it was your present as it is in your future as it can be ... I am also an empath which gives me the ability to sense and feel what others are going through are what he/she may think of you ... no question is too big or too small but I cannot answer ... please contact me today for a better tomorrow

Thank you for speaking with me and helping me out. Talk to you soon :)" ... written by enchanted2634
best psychic quick and accurate" ... written by cindy
Nice Reading.....hope it all turns out. " ... written by itwillbeok
accurate quick and picks up on energies immediately. she is truly gifted i will always return " ... written by cindy
yeah nice. cheers. chat again later." ... written by batdancer
She is new yes but when i got to ask her my one yes or no question my intuition and the answer felt so right that i did a private session and she gave me answers not only that seemed correct in timing but that i also believed before we talked just by using my own intuition. She seems spot on, shes sweet, makes you feel comfortable, is honest in the best way, and i really believe what she has said is true. we shall see, and when i do i will be back to update! i wouldnt pass up speaking with her if i were you :) talk to her and see how you feel. you shouldnt be disapointed! Blessings" ... written by amber
accurate!" ... written by Ashley
ESP Jessica is a great psychic and a very good advisor. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
She is amazing. you guys should try her. i hope her prediction will come true" ... written by nip
JESSICA - CANT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I ENJOY HAVING READINGS WITH YOU - you and your sister have guided me in and out of life - guys jessica has been honest - with no sugar coating and she is the best amongst the readers on this site, - YOUR JUST SO ACCURATELY AMAZING - YOUR THE BEST - LIKE WOW! - no waste of time - all truth and honest !!!" ... written by NatashaK786
i enjoyed my reading. i will see if the predictions come true." ... written by butterfly77lady
she is so nice and sweet. would like to see predictions come to pass." ... written by kat
She is Quick to answer questions" ... written by marion
good . " ... written by devisri
great reading. thank you" ... written by malteser70
she picked up alot from me, and answered my questions, will come back for another reading soon! :)" ... written by melody
Very kind very helpful. She described my situation to the T without any info. She knew exactly what I was going through" ... written by AA
GOOD" ... written by g.
she was really helpful, and gave me one of the best reading i ever got, I'm so excited. she is a great psychic." ... written by peter
so jess is new to oranum but shes a terrific psychic. not only does she not use tools, but she picked up things immediately and accurately. she answered all my questions and said things that there's no way she would've known if she wasnt legit. def recommend her" ... written by m
very good and helpful :)" ... written by nick
Very helpful, straight forward, and also very humorous lol. Enjoyed our chat so much because she is very natural and makes it feel more like a conversation than a read. Highly recommend her, such a delight and I appreciate your advice very much! " ... written by Edmy
thanx for an interesting reading" ... written by zimerili1
She seemed really on point with everything and I loved the way she was so kind, but straight forward. Definitely coming back." ... written by Gabriela
Good good!!!! answered my questions quickly,made me feel a lot better! Thanks Jess :)" ... written by Casandra
on point, fast andamp; very friendly " ... written by purengery
straight and to the point" ... written by Zoe Russell
good insight, positive reading, thank you" ... written by resonate
She was awesome!!!!! I really enjoyed her alot!!! I will definitely be back" ... written by love
good insight, honest, matter of fact, time frames and recommendations. She does like to use the video and mic to get better connection. " ... written by golden
jessica is amazing. she gave me a great detailed reading and is one of the best on oranum. i definitely recommend her! :)" ... written by faerielovee
she's great straight to the point picks up very quickly no tools " ... written by Cristina
hi great rdeaidn g hope he wil lcall.... thanks" ... written by fran
Straight to the point, clear, and wants to help you in your situation. She will be honest. " ... written by Merrysinclair
good insight, positive honest answers. She will tell you the truth and give you help and guidance. " ... written by goldnaura
good insight, she can see situation clearly and advises to best outcome. " ... written by goldenaura
always great. stands by what she said originally. " ... written by m
good. sorry it was a short time. " ... written by maria
awesome job very accurate. gave me hope for more in life that i desperately needed. " ... written by Jennifer
thank you very much, she was accurate and helpful. " ... written by novmoon
she is very fast, and very good!!! thank you so much!!!" ... written by scadoodle
first time reading...i had a quick one because was running out of money...she seemed intune with the energies....will be back to update about predictions....thanks" ... written by lovehouston
She is 100% genuine and she told me things which I know and not known to anyone. She just read me like a book. She is the true Psychic I found here and I am glad I went to her and I would say she can really tell the truth. No sweet words, she is honest and straight. She know when it is a joke and when it is a serious discussion. I am so happy and if possible I will give 1000 stars or more for this lovely soul. " ... written by Jake
She's awesome!" ... written by kat
amazing" ... written by xxx