About jonmoss2000

Psychic jonmoss2000has 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic jonmoss2000has recently helped 28members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about jonmoss2000's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I've always 'seen' things that people would say are psychic and paranormal - and as a child, I had predictive dreams of 'things to come'. Being that age, I was growing and playing but being a kid, I never really questioned this too much. Not until I got to about fourteen, when for some reason, I became very aware of it all and began to question. It was then that I suddenly started to realize that.

Outstanding reading. Jon interprets the cards very well. He could not see me nor did he get much input from me and yet he was spot on with everything that he said. Highly impressed!" ... written by justinsensei
Very kind and empathetic reader who gave me messages i needed to hear!!" ... written by thewritegrl
Extremely intuitive and helpful. Will come back! Very very good reading Ive had. Thank you Jon!!" ... written by kslifesaver
I came back for clarification this morning. He confirmed with several methods what I was suspicious was true. " ... written by jswede1149
Great reader who is always there to help when you need it. xoxo" ... written by Freespirit02
He knew everything to the t. He even called upon my relatives. I am impressed." ... written by jswede1149
He gave detailed reading about my current situation and also gave assurance of betterment in the future. Hope every thing will work out as he said. He's a very nice person , warm and considerate. Very nice reading !" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Wow! this is a gentleman i would recommend, he's very accurate and his sharp sense of wit will have you at a truth. Glad to have spoken to him!" ... written by hope2321
Great Job!" ... written by Milanc21
He sees it all without doubt. Holy cow." ... written by jswede1149
Jon was great. He was able to give me specifics that a stranger could not have known. He was very helpful and it was great to get a message from my loved one who has passed on. " ... written by AZAlison
Really good, spot on with the past and present, we will see if future predictions will come true" ... written by smiley2011
He was nice and I enjoyed reading-" ... written by Cari1961
He was very honest, and very straightforward, gave me lots of details. thank you! " ... written by cammyboo
Thank you sooo much!!!" ... written by kitty305
This guy is awesome, straight to the point and was very accurate. " ... written by makaylalarayn1
Excellent reading very spot on was a pleasure" ... written by misjayde87
Wonderful and helpful reader...picked up on everything very accurately! Awesome!" ... written by yas
Jon used runes last night, He gave me strong clues. As I walked today, I had a vision. It matched what the runes said. I am sure I now know what the event is. Amazing!" ... written by jswede1149
Thanks very much, Jon. You did a good job." ... written by justinsensei
This was an excellent reading....I recognized the person he was talking about and all other things mentioned...He is excellent and will definitely contact again....." ... written by irene0223
Very nice.very honest in what he seen and validated somethings for me.hes the real deal...for sure!" ... written by nae1
WOW. He is good! He channeled my grandmother...and it was amazing. You must try was awesome." ... written by tara_mcm
Jon was very supportive with updates, encouragement and further direction. Jon, I will let you when when the email arrives! xoxo" ... written by Freespirit02
Wonderful reading. his descriptions are accurate and will follow his advice. thanks jon." ... written by ceffie
Very nice" ... written by imstargazing123
Wow, he connected with my grandmother! that was really nice...he even saw rabbits and she raised rabbits....amazing" ... written by sparklejules
Great reading thank you" ... written by chelle54
Very good reading, always point on and confirmed my feelings on various subjects" ... written by pandoy
Amazing!" ... written by ladybug8705
He was such a lovely man helped me alot. I will be back for sure" ... written by De5pina
Thank you so much for the reading Jon. You realy nailed it in the head with some of the feelings I have gone through every day. Great reading and I will be back to keep you up dated as well. 5 stars from me" ... written by AliceR644
Thank you Jon. You have realy confirmed alot of feelings for me. It is like you know my husband very well too. Great reading thank you so much. " ... written by AliceR644
Good" ... written by zzzz
Awesome as always ;)!" ... written by sacredlove71
Really great to speak with and confirmed things i just needed confirmed about myself.... and very spot on about everything and who ahmed is... great really great! And very easy to communicate with.... " ... written by sarahjoyce83
jon gives good readings. he is very detailed, positive, and up lifghting. i feel like i am talking to a good friend." ... written by rcollins98
Fabulous reading, lovely Guy with great communications, he was accurate on many things going on... ;-)" ... written by MrsHolt
Good" ... written by hushhu
Very insightful. Jon is honest in his assessment but his is also very affirming. He does not leave anyone defeated. You will have your minded opened to new, positive alternatives, despite your current situation. He is a true helper, not a charlatan looking to hook clients with open-ended, empty promises. I will definitely seek his advice again!" ... written by scharie
Omg there are soooo many good things that i can say about jon!i feel he is definatly SPOT ON ACCURATE and i trust him 1000 percent! i recommend ALL of you to take privates with him! He isVERY honest and just.goodness, he is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! Totally worth all of my credits.very quick and to the point. he is the only one i will take to privates from now on." ... written by Alexandria102395
Hi Jon! I have additional information. The two people who said hi to me were both born in January... and they were married to each other... Granddad died of a heart attack, and Grandma died after an illness, both before I was born. Also, I know who the child is, so thank you for letting me know he is OK (at least, I think it's the same kid). :-) Thank you so much for all of of your amazing help! So accurate, such a strong connection, and I feel as if you helped me in a major way!" ... written by pixieparty
He is good!! just the systems kept lagging.... disappointed with oranum today!! kept freezing! " ... written by ktgohcf
Lovely reading as he gave me clarity to all questions that I had. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
He is a brilliant one :) a total blast :) love him!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Spot on. Very positive and honest. Will consult him again. Thankyou!" ... written by kyraanne
Really wonderful reading,very accurate on my current situation and what to expect. " ... written by Ammer
It was lovely talking to Jon.great to listen to him.told me things that perfectly match my current situation.hope things will turn out as he has said .will come back to thank him again" ... written by sikram
I have be in turmoil about a massive life changing decision and Jon was amazing! Thank you for being so candid and seemlessly accurate about my past and very present future." ... written by Perfidia
Thanks Jon for the nice reading, will keep you updated as and when your predictions come true. Sorry ran out of credits, see you soon another time." ... written by person
HE was VERY helpful to me. Great job done" ... written by Peyton1972
All I have to say is WOW, amazing... Contacted my Pa and was able to help direct me! Thank you so much" ... written by amanda-lobb
Liked the reading :-)" ... written by shortcake2012
Very good reading and advices :)" ... written by jayce
Great fast and accurate." ... written by bambi6400
Very good will talk with him again soon, lovely person and will tell the truth on the matter. Must give him a try. The best." ... written by roxieraynor
Thank you so so much - you made my night. Amazing. " ... written by justweemejo
Excellent reading !!!" ... written by Bojan99
Love reading with him...he sees things clearly and gives great advice! Always accurate and very helpful!!! Give him a try in pvt reading...especially while his price is so low!!" ... written by yas
He was wonderful and very inspiring! You will not regret a reading with him!" ... written by thedawnofanew
He is brilliant! Love to read with him...reassures and gets me smiling and laughing too!" ... written by yas
Told me lots and gave me more/better of an understanding of a certain person. A new sense of clarity and more about myself. Great job Jon! You're so sweet and gracious!" ... written by joyful222
Quick, prompt yet thorough. I enjoyed the reading, i dabble in tarot and he confirmed what came out in my cards. I will return :)" ... written by leti89
Kind andamp; encouraging. Intuitive. Hope his predictions take place. Thank you." ... written by av
Really great reader, I said very little and he went off talking about the specifics and advice that I have been needing, thank you." ... written by crystalrei
Bang on. Super reading. Picked up on everything. Highly recommended" ... written by Mobie1
Thank you!" ... written by eloelfar
He is really good true reader. He was totally right on! You should take him to private reading. I highly recommend him." ... written by setmefree2013
Wowowow he connected with my grandma, and also my dad that passed.. he is a wonderful guy, def have a private with him :)" ... written by Jill
Credits ran out, great reading. Very honest and spoke the truth about people concerned. He is very good indeed." ... written by f999111
Honest, well connected reading. Very kind personality." ... written by Milanc21
Honest, well connected reading. Very kind personality." ... written by Milanc21
Great!!" ... written by OleanderLightDee
Im sorry i ran out of time maybe will get some more ty for the reading" ... written by truthplease
Very good" ... written by lovelife
He gives me the truth but in a way that soothes my nerves hes a great person ill be back and i went to the others and i do think hes the best of everyone and the most accurate" ... written by truthplease
Very personable, Very nice,, Nice hits :) Recommend" ... written by angelkin
Wow!!! so accurate and Jon is such a lovely gentleman. He was spot on with the reading and just makes me feel so secure. Thank you lovely Jon! I recommend you stop by Jon and have a lovely reading. :-))" ... written by mdemos
Thank you so much was lovely reading and spot on about my dad who came through and I'll definitely be back " ... written by springsunshine
Hes a must go to!!! he became a dear friend to me :)" ... written by kitty305
'cracking' - very good medium. so if you want to connect with someone who has passed I would reccomend him" ... written by random_diamond
I am a psychic and empathic healer. I go to jon for clarity of situation when I am not sure what is going on. Always friendly, dead on accurate and helpful." ... written by jswede1149
Awesome, I didn't have to tell him anything, he told me every single detail! " ... written by lesliecortes08
Oh shoot, I ran out of credits and didn't notice. That keeps happening to me. He was very on point with what he told me. I have been feeling down lately, and I need to get my confidence back up. Correct on a whole lot of things! Will try again for another reading! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Good" ... written by jiafunny
Wonderful as always - he is a gem!" ... written by yas
Jonmoss200 is absolutely an amazing person who cares about telling you the truth through his readings. He is very accurate when it comes to specific details. I will definitely have more future readings with him. Give him a chance and you won't be disappointed. I give Jon 10****** thank u and many blessings to u Jon." ... written by Lucy117
Jon gave really really detailed readings. He seemed really confident in what he told me, so I'm confident that what he told me is true. He's one of the most detailed psychics on this site and really adorable!! " ... written by Kristie
Hit the nail on the head with me. Thank you Jon, sorry i ran out of worth the time and money. xoxo" ... written by Tracy757
Great as always " ... written by jswede1149
Never ventured into this before, but completely converted,now a solid believer.Jons words, and advice will be used with complete confidence.A total validation.Thankyou for your time Jon,x" ... written by carl
Good and accurate " ... written by lccort
Thank you for my reading its was great and direct!!!" ... written by hene111
He is good we will see what happens. He was pretty much on with everyone else." ... written by dcoventry
Had a great reading with jon so honest thanks jon " ... written by slimmie
I consult with Jon on a regular basis. I asked him about a vision which he confirmed and then stated my guides are changing. This was confirmed by another amazing psychic here the day before. I did not tell jon. I sense his gifts are growing as he continues to work here. It should be interesting to see where he is in six months." ... written by jswede1149
Amazing reading! Such a sweetheart! Was very honest and reassuring even on issues that were not so positive....made me feel very comfortable. Will be back again, highly recommend! " ... written by GretchenL
Amazing, Thank you for clear my mind and cleanse my soul. I am going forward by now on, and not backwards. Jon what you did is very positive for me, and I will really be very thankful to you. " ... written by menutnoel
If yo want a reading that is honest and straight to the point, this is your man. I was very grateful and impressed with my reading." ... written by freebecca
Excellent, absolutely brilliant, the most accurate psychic I have spoken to, highly recommend." ... written by annamcara12
Very informative, pretty spot on, kind and funny, whole package." ... written by beetlenut
Very nice reading:) Liked his energy. He saw a lot of things that is right and a lot of things I hope is right:) Would have one reading with I'm later for sure." ... written by Cathrine184
Thank you so much! You read Brandon like a book, very accurate! I hope you're right about everything. I will text him tomorrow and let you know how it goes. I will definitely come back for another private chat!! :) And I will ask my grandma who that female spirit is. " ... written by 911Zalika
Good and right on point with his reading.. very informative" ... written by tiarab
Terrific as usual." ... written by jswede1149
Guys this man rocks...he will help you...genuine honest man in his insight...he is here to help from the heart...:) As reader and in this field...I will clarify to you that Jon moss is 100% in what he does...give this man a try...he will be well worth it...he will explain things to you in a clam gentle way lnl Jon:) " ... written by Sapphire67
Jon you are so awesome! Thank you for all the advice and for the awesome reading!" ... written by senita0816
Thank you college, I love honest people, and you are honest." ... written by GIPSYSAGITARIANA
Amazing reading! He's sweet, nice and everything, he was acurate!!!!!! He's awesome!" ... written by scorpio19761976
Quick reading .... lifted my spirits up ..... thanks :)" ... written by financialplanner
Hes been right on the spot in the two reading we had he s amazing veryvery very goood !!!!!" ... written by scorpio19761976
He was outstanding and on point. The connection was off but he was fabulous. Thank you Jon for your encouragement as well!" ... written by snaketress77
Jon, u r so right on, I felt exactly what you said, I'm going for it! Thank you so much for your confirmation. You are a treasure! Thanks for being on this earth! Good luck to you in everything you do!" ... written by debbie1965
Love this man... so honest and direct, re-confirmed what I already knew.. I will return, and highly recommend" ... written by leti8989
Jon represents how this gift should be used and not abused.This is true mediumship and what a beautiful soul he is.Jon truly is one of kind .He doesnt take advantage of those who are in pain and he does not extort them as most do.I really love and respect Jon Moss and I dont say that often." ... written by TamaraAquarious
Thank you great reading as usual!" ... written by De5pina
Very kind and sincere about his work. I needed clarity and I got it! Go private with him you won't be sorry :-)" ... written by GalTaurus
He is just wonderful and lovely as can be! He is accurate, quick, helpful, fun, and kind!" ... written by yas
Wow he was spot On and Very Helpful Thank U soooo Much highly Recommend Him andamp;gt;....." ... written by Nessa31
Wow...picked up on traits quick...very good, I loved the future prediction...will update! " ... written by c0me3back
Jon was spot on as always. He took the time to confirm the feelings I had about upcoming jobs and was absolutely fab! Thanks Jon xoxox" ... written by Freespirit02
So nice and so efficient, I hope he is spot on, with everything =o) " ... written by Muchacha79
Great advice, really on the spot!" ... written by allerena
Awesome as always :)!!" ... written by yas
Thanks!" ... written by kvasa7
The BEST ever~! AMAZING~! WONDERFUL~! AWESOME~! He is the ONE you need to talk with if you are ready for the TRUTH~!! " ... written by yoshizawa
He is very nice." ... written by cheneal
Jon is right on the money and tells it like it is. I can now move on with life." ... written by Collier12
THANK YOU for reassuring me! Can't believe it! I can hardly wait!!!! YOU ROCK Jon!!!" ... written by blueoceandiver
He was very good" ... written by bonnie34
You are amazing" ... written by De5pina
Thank you so much, he gives great insight and advice! A++++++" ... written by cammyboo
WOW what can I say had an e-mail reading with jon...:) The time and effort he put in to this is amazing... a spread sheet... he has look at every factor possible and got me and the man in question down to a tea! I will let you know on the time frames job but I felt july was an important month to... the first time frames nov/jan I felt they were last years dates when he stepped forwards... I do feel M will be more settled in the summer as buying a house in July as he is only renting now... and yes I feel he is away or has been over seas hopefully back Easter time... this man knows his stuff with out a doubt and puts extra effort in when it is needed... I thank you Jon for all your heard work :) x 10 stars guys " ... written by Sapphire67
Really good!!! Great person!! Accurate!! It was a lovely reading!! All the best!!!!" ... written by hugopinho
Jon gave me a reading on upcoming love interests, and he said that one would be fair-haired/short and one would be dark/tall. I'm not sure if the guys I met recently are the guys he's talking about but they want to meet me again since one is fair-haired/tall and the other is dark/short. If they are the guys Jon was talking about, then his readings are correct in terms of hair color and personality, but not the height. His readings are so detailed and the fact that two guys came into my life so soon are crazy!" ... written by mjkimm55
Hi Jon! Thanks again for another wonderful reading you are spot on in all that you say...thank you once again for all your time and effort. " ... written by Bunny lady
Great Reading! Thank you!" ... written by Joy007
Was dead accurate on most things. Confirmed a lot of things for me that I was not so sure if was doing correctly. Although my time was limited, he made the most of it for me. I knew he could get the job done and I was not disappointed. I will definitely be back." ... written by SColeO
Jon caught on that I am moving towards an ascending master and in a twin flame situation. There was only one other reader who picked up on it. This guy is above the talent of other readers here but modest. His free chats are highly informative and friendly. He does not use it solely as a means to bring in clients. " ... written by jswede1149
Very quickly zeroed in on everything, and made me feel so good and peaceful." ... written by pixieparty
Two of Jon's predictions have come true. Two spirit confirmed are on the way (I am a psychic and medium). Spirit confirmed he is the real deal. " ... written by jswede1149
Thank you Jon, very nice to talk with you and some great hits there! Will definitely be back for more private time when I can, you're awesome, and I appreciate all you have helped me with since meeting you here." ... written by Allicat73
Oh Jon is great. He is just a lovely human being and is so kind. You must speak with him at least once!" ... written by tara
Jon is spot on, he read me within a few seconds shocked the jiffer out of me! Positive reading, and time to start focusing on the future xx" ... written by tickleme2011
Excellent reading, and right on the spot... will keep you updated, Jon!" ... written by allerena
Helped me with my energy levels a lot. Thanks." ... written by 1234confused
Honest " ... written by r a
He is AMAZING! Jon, you are incredibly spot on.. i truly appreciate your guidance.. truly do. thank you and many blessings to your heart" ... written by LuckySunflowers7
Once he gets going he is aweome i really pray for the best thanks jon." ... written by scorpionqueen
He wad very very accurate. And he made many things clear to me, thank you for the reading. I will be back :)" ... written by maria50t
An excellent job. I am so excited and hope it will all come to pass!" ... written by blueoceandiver
Jon was awsome should have picked him first, answered all of my questions and didn't waste my time," ... written by momlama1229
Loved his reading. He was precise. I liked very much the way he gave me the advice" ... written by lovedbygod123456
I truly enjoyed your reading. Thank you." ... written by lovedbygod123456
Another great chat!!! thank you sooooo much!!! I believe we can have serious laughter indeed lol hope I can bring you some good news one day too (^_^)" ... written by yoshizawa
Very positive insightful and thank you." ... written by tanya22
Very good read! Will come back again to see how things go. Nice man to chat with." ... written by romanmm01
Thank you very much, Jon." ... written by justinsensei
AMAZING! This guy always stuns me with his readings. Today was just extraordinary. He got messages spot on from a past over family member. BRAVO." ... written by justinsensei
Great reading. he was very helpful with things I need to work on to assist me in the present which i appreciated." ... written by 1234confused
Great reading ... Picked up some really interesting things." ... written by Jules213
What a lovely soul born to help .. thanks once again Jon.. give this man a try .. well worth it guys :)" ... written by Sapphire67
Quick reader which is a plus! Very accurate, warm and friendly. Thx a bunch! Hugs!" ... written by ary112
Jon is the best! He tells it like it is whether good or bad and I like that. Jon is the best on Oranum and I would not consider visiting another! " ... written by City Girl
He is awesome! :) superb n great help! wish i had more credits ! worth the money! thank you jon :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
Honest, love this man... multiple readings and will continue to come back.." ... written by leti98
Fab! " ... written by nessypie14
Honest, love this man... multiple readings and will continue to come back.." ... written by leti98
Wonderful reader. you must visit jon he is amazing at what he does and really does care and want to help! thank you again!" ... written by hardeep21
Thank you!" ... written by Summer84
Good" ... written by akashsabby
Possibly the very best reading I have had on Oranum. I am also psychic and highly recommend this man. Lots of information, no bullshit, fun and very on target. Combined cards and spirit. 5 STARS!" ... written by BeingHuman
Always great" ... written by Muchacha79
SPOT ON*****. WILL GET BACK TO HIM. NICE GENTLEMAN TO CHAT WITH." ... written by neethu7777
Nice!" ... written by LocaDeLosGatos
As always, the light at the end of the tunnel." ... written by allerena
The real deal, very accurate and compassionate!" ... written by lccort
Amazing gift to the universe. jon was spot on and full of grace, i recommend him highly." ... written by beautywithinone
Absolutely fantastic reading!! gained a lot of insight and information regarding issues surrounding me at the minute. will def be recommending jon and will be in touch soon for another reading" ... written by annar2319
Oh wow! I always enjoy Jon's readings and he is spot on accurate all the time. Thanks so much Jon - you're a dead set legend matey!! :-))" ... written by mdemos
Very fast, very informative. Great. Brought someone through who I recognised. Lots of info to relate to. Drag Jon to private, very friendly, caring and polite but straight to the point." ... written by littleone73
Never really got clear understanding " ... written by debbiedalton1
Thank you Jon, you linked well with Peter...I await results!" ... written by Kiera1972
Jon was completely on the spot, warmed to him straight away - made me feel my dear dad was close x" ... written by fiercequeenvic
Amazing psychic. Thanks so much Jon" ... written by psycheight
Best ever :))))" ... written by Alexandria102395
Jon is a very good clear reader, I sense that he is very honest and correct in his reading and you will have spent your credits well, with a huge amount of information. Thanks Jon I will come again soon x" ... written by valentino1982
Spot on as always and gave me the heart felt advice i may not have wanted to hear but helped things sink in so i can put my head down and get over my habit" ... written by sarahjoyce83
Hit home, five stars, brought a tear to my eye, perfect!" ... written by 12aqua
Awesome... spot on as always!" ... written by Venus_1
Cant beleive the changes occuring in my life, almost as though i am surrounded by protection, and after 3 years of heavy deppression the clouds have suddenly cleared,and new doors and ideas are opening to me.For two months i have been receiving healing from jon and other members via his healing book, and have not felt so well in such a long time.If i could advise anyone to have a reading with jon then hand on heart i would.I know that this man does work with spirit, and was born to do this work.God bless jon and all who have the pleasure of meeting himxx" ... written by lindsey-gale
Jon Is an outstanding human being, who oozes goodness from the heart.His main aim in life is to share love support and healing, and to guide people into a positive way of living.My readings are so special because he knows exactly how to handle information he gives as if he'd known me all my life.Jon a guardian of people and is a fine example of what positive mediumship is about.once you have one reading youl come backx" ... written by lindsey-gale
Thank you Jon, I felt a lot better now. hope I can bring you some good new soon." ... written by yoshizawa
Excellent!" ... written by Bojan99
Such a lovely guy and gave me a good reading even thoough we only had a short time...has a lovely room with some regulars. Great guy xx" ... written by sineadmc
Jon caught on immediately that spirit had told me the things I asked him and the reading was a confirmation. Absolute truth. He also read what I caught on in my recent visions. This guy is dead on accurate. His skill set is blowing up." ... written by jswede1149
Great bloke, hoping to get another reading soon." ... written by Polybius
I think he was good pick up on alot of stuff going on around me." ... written by xxcutegirl
Excellent reading... Very friendly and honest. Put my mind at ease and made me feel very comfortable... Answered what I needed and explained it in full... will definitely get a reading again..." ... written by acejase80
Very kind, patient and accurate!! :)" ... written by Jen
JON IS THE BEST IN ORANUM " ... written by CateCate
Great reading! Honest and nice.Thank you!" ... written by Starlight12
WONDERFUL!!!! Gave me amazing advice and was really spot on about my situation!" ... written by NiVanya
Thank you, Jon xoxo! What's not to love here? Jon is a fantastic reader and intuitive and focuses in immediately. I will be back!" ... written by Freespirit02
Great reading and my Dad came through! Yay!! Will update when prediction happens. Love incredibly caring and this week...well he helped save my life, honestly. Thank you lovely xx" ... written by Kiera1972
Jon is on the money, right on top of the situation and an incredible reader. Thanks matey! :-)" ... written by mdemos
Always a pleasure" ... written by Muchacha79
I love talking to Jon, so helpful and does not waste your time. Do yourself a favour and have a chat to him. One of my favourite readers!" ... written by Lauren
Great help and advice as always. Thanks" ... written by 1234confused
He was great i hope all things come true he was so good i think anyone that will have a reading from jon will be very happy thank you jon god bless i will rate jon with 6 stars o sorry we can only give 5 stars lol " ... written by joni203
Thanx dear! hope what u said cumes true." ... written by ayesha22
Great Reading!" ... written by Milanc21
Jon, you are unbelievable! THANK YOU for the GREAT reading! I am so very hopeful and will follow your advice. Couldn't believe the cards you drew!" ... written by blueoceandiver
Multiple readings with this gentleman... So honest and sweet... No sugar coating, but provides sound advice... Highly recommended... Also predicted my marriage date :)" ... written by leti8989
I was very happy with both my live reading and e-mail response reading! He knew all about the situation and my family which was great clarification for me. I'm sure anyone would enjoy a reading from Jon. Thank you." ... written by Sunshadow3
Amazing as always!" ... written by De5pina
Great reading!" ... written by Milanc21
Thank you, it was great..." ... written by Anniekins
Fantastic reading. John picked up on my exact situation. Thanks John - great, Highly recommended." ... written by Mobie1
Thankyou so much !! i enjoyed the reading very much and was very nice and helpfull thankyou :-))" ... written by ale510
Lovely guy, very very informative and in depth. fingers crossed for the future :-) x" ... written by sarah
He was Spot on..." ... written by Anniekins
You seem to have hit the nail right on the head. My girl has Mosaic TS. 1 X is ringed and not encoded in DNA, thus causing a multitude of issues. I have been doing lots of research and am going to all docs starting with genetics, Thank you so very much for the light at the end of the tunnel! I will be back soon to give you an update. Gratefully yours, gtsfarley" ... written by gtsfarley
Wow wow wow... This man is tuned in... A gifted reader to say the least... Hire him!" ... written by bonnielynn
Very pleased with my reading. Has helped me to see what has been holding me back. Thank you so much Jon for you caring and patient approach. It was just what I needed. I look forward to speaking with you again! :)" ... written by jainut1
Jon. You are so amazing! I asked for an email reading and you went over and beyond what I wished for, furthermore, you added warmth and humor and it really touched me. Finally, you were so so accurate, it made me think that you were a fly on my bedroom wall =) I can tell that you genuinely love your job and that I just wasn’t another reading. Thank you so much and I will definitely tell my friends about you and I will be coming back to you for another reading! " ... written by abastes
GOOD" ... written by ppp
Awesome. awesome. awesome" ... written by st5sts
Jon was amazing! A very sensitive question andamp; time in my life and Jon was very upfront and honest. I really enjoy Jon on Oranum! He is the real deal, kind and very smart. I will come back soon for another amazing reading! Thank you Jon andamp; blessings oxoxox" ... written by PGheather
He pegged me down pretty well. Great reading" ... written by bkcapricorn
You seem to have hit the nail right on the head. My girl has Mosaic TS. 1 X is ringed and not encoded in DNA, thus causing a multitude of issues. I have been doing lots of research and am going to all docs starting with genetics, Thank you so very much for the light at the end of the tunnel! I will be back soon to give you an update. Gratefully yours, gtsfarley" ... written by gtsfarley
You seem to have hit the nail right on the head. My girl has Mosaic TS. 1 X is ringed and not encoded in DNA, thus causing a multitude of issues. I have been doing lots of research and am going to all docs starting with genetics, Thank you so very much for the light at the end of the tunnel! I will be back soon to give you an update. Gratefully yours, gtsfarley" ... written by gtsfarley
Excellent reading. A lot of information in a short time. I will definitely be back soon. Highly recommended! " ... written by Emerald11
I had to ... absolutely had to obtain more credits to chat with this man. He's absolutely amazing. Not only did he pick up details (without me giving him any info./clue/subliminal messages) but, he was extremely accurate. Added him to my favorites." ... written by LeslieKay
Completely awesome sauce. Picked up on every part of my life and psyche in several ways. Insightful honest funny helpful" ... written by st5sts
Very Good gave me my dad and nan and everything he said so so Right " ... written by dannygirl23
Jon is brilliant, such a great person and gives great advice and help on your situation, picks it up straight away! He is worth your credits ! :) " ... written by Jodyleelee
Would most certainly use jonmoss again he was quick getting things out so no time wasted and 100 percent right. one of the best :)" ... written by fallingfeathers
Jon is fabulous. He concentrates on the issues that concern you. I eagerly await the future!" ... written by blueoceandiver
Thank you for your help. You took away the fears that I was having" ... written by Lattice3
Thank you for your help. You took away the fears that I was having" ... written by Lattice3
Excellant" ... written by luckyanna
Great man - very gifted. Thanks :)" ... written by anon
Please have a reading with Jon .... he's very thorough and is very accurate with all his readings. It's exactly why I just keep going back! Thanks buddy! :)" ... written by mdemos
Hes very insightful and was on the right track with my entire reading very trustworthy, trust me otherwise I wouldnt have given him five stars." ... written by 1ie0r1ie4gain
Had to pop by again as today, Jon Moss proved to be right again... Avid fan!! Even the sceptics love him... God bless Jon Moss!" ... written by lindsey-gale
Good stuff!" ... written by tonygloucester
Thanks jon great reading, hope to do it again some time, would recommend jon to anyone " ... written by slimmie
Very great private, and so much made sense. I will definately come back for another reading very soon. Anyone looking for answers should definately talk with Jon! Thanks so much!" ... written by Lisa
Wow! great connection" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
Jon was excellent he got everything correct thoroughly enjopyed the reading and would recomend him 100 -percent" ... written by 1specialprincess
I thank you. " ... written by shkatie
On point, just ran out of time" ... written by dd41783
Excellent" ... written by luckyanna
Great reading, very helpful and full of great advice!" ... written by crystalrei
He is a Gem of Gems! Go private with him you wont be sorry!!!!!!" ... written by GalTaurus
He is very good, very insightful and right on target and great advise" ... written by bbdo1234
I had a wonderful reading with Jon today and have been left absolutely stunned!! Tremendous connection and reading. Highly recommend. mind blowing." ... written by Mobie1
Very much on target. he did say alot of true things" ... written by myangel1234
Jon your great earlier prediction came true now second reading, you definatly are number 1 psychic here :))" ... written by springsunshine
Will definitely come back! Nice gentleman, who connected with my passed relatives. Highly recommended" ... written by krae2116
Wonderful as always." ... written by De5pina
Simply AMAZING U MUST TRY.." ... written by beautiful_redd
I have been left absolutely stunned (as were others in the room) by Jon's demo today. He is tremendous.Just brilliant connection.Still can't believe the information he knew. Highly recommended. Many thanks Jon." ... written by Mobie1
Great! very good :) " ... written by rumi628
Thank you for your help :) " ... written by meme81
He is very good and right on the mark.." ... written by myangel1234
GREAT reading! I am looking forward to the upcoming events...ROCK ON!" ... written by blueoceandiver
Thanks Jon!!!!!!!!" ... written by hugopinho
He was spot on, I enjoyed my time with him. He picked up on so many details about myself. I sincerely tell you to give him a try :)" ... written by tbrooke2012
Jon is amazing! He was incredibly accurate and has a wonderful personality. I can't wait to chat with him again!" ... written by jlynnlax87
Was very right on on some of his reading. I would love to chat again and explore further." ... written by kristil1
Excellent!" ... written by friendly22
Very accurate reading and nice to just have a chat with!! Has been a big help :)" ... written by neurprin
He hit on a lot that is going on in my life right now. Jon was very insightful. I'm going to take his advice and see what happens. I will be back." ... written by debbie6565
Very accurate, wonderful reading and person." ... written by katehrine1965
Spot on yet again, great guy, great reading. Many thanks :)" ... written by Polybius
One gorgeous knowledgeable and very supportive psychic here, who is the real deal. I've had sooooo many readings with Jon and I trust him completely. Everything he says is real and always comes to pass. He is also a true friend and I value him completely. Thanks Jon buddy! You make my life so much easier and give me the clarity I need to make decisions and move forward in confidence. Mxo :))))" ... written by mdemos
I cannot begin to describe how AWESOME this reading was. Jon is totally mind blowing. Exetremely accurate and very straight forward. Thank you for your kindness and expert advice based on my situation. I highly recommend JON to EVERYONE. You will be very happy with your choice. THE BEST!!!!!" ... written by winterwitche
Oh my Gosh. Ran out of time but Jon is so spot on with EVERYTHING he said or asked. I am blown away. I had heard he is great and he truly is. I will be back!!" ... written by CristinaLynn1
Great readings... straight to the point." ... written by Kai1111
Always a pleasure =o)" ... written by Muchacha79
Good reading, I enjoyed it." ... written by maryannepav
Picked up on situation well, gave good advice... Thanks again, Jon!" ... written by aquabloo12
Very well spoken. Made connection with me." ... written by geo1210
Answered my question really quickly and with realistic time scales - thanks, Jon!" ... written by larafire8
Thank you (^_^) so glad we had a chat today. You are honest and caring as always. I hope I can bring you some good news soon." ... written by yoshizawa
This is how accurate Jon is. I was told by Archangel Michael that Archangel Gabriel was with my twin flame (which I never told Jon). My pendulum told me to visit Jon regarding my twin flame. Jon described the angel with a message about my twin flame as gold and white which is the colors of Gabriel." ... written by jswede1149
I am a psychic, medium and empath healer. Due to my ascension, I work with arch and non-arch angels. The angels tell me to trust andamp; visit Jon when I need confirmation or more information. I am dealing with a twin flame and his ex whom practices black magic. Jon's knowledge of dealing with black magic is impressive. He has also helped with programming crystals, pendulums, oracle andamp; tarot cards. As I previously stated, it would be interesting to see where he is in six months. In half that time, he has grown ten fold. He is such a strong, confident, accurate medium andamp; psychic who serves for the greater good--not his ego. It is an honour to work with Jon andamp; I highly recommend him to others." ... written by jswede1149
Jon has the patience of Job with me! His care and concern is unlimited and you'd be crazy not to get a reading from Jon! Thank you for being you Jon!! :))" ... written by mdemos
He is great! " ... written by ylim0512
Always a pleasure..." ... written by Muchacha79
You need this guy to guide you.. That is all you need!" ... written by allerena
Well thanks you for your input, I have to take it as it comes, I won't like it but got to move on. He gave an honest answer and great details about me as a person." ... written by queenbee22
Excellent!" ... written by luckyanna
Definitely will be back for another reading!!!" ... written by jaykun
Very insightful !!! And on point !!!" ... written by jaykun
Very nice talking to him, provided good advice, hope his predictions will come true!" ... written by Anne Sophie
Thank you for your guidance...was helpful and tuned into the situation and person in question...thanks again!" ... written by rosha05
Thank you so much for be there for us ~~ take care Jon, hope you'll get well soon :)" ... written by yoshizawa
Jon is very good, he gave me great advice, and was spot on about my issues in my life. " ... written by lavenderlilly13
As much as I would have loved to stay longer with you, we'll have to finish this on another day. Thank you so much Jon, something told me to come to you when I first joined this site and I wish I had listened earlier." ... written by rudegirl
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Quick to get to the heart of the issues with 100% accuracy. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. A Genuine person that walks with Spirit. Thank you for being a vessel of the Light. " ... written by winterwitche
Helpful!" ... written by thanya
The best!" ... written by luckyanna
He is real and the very best............" ... written by SJCSALLY
Great insight into what i needed to know..." ... written by Sammyjoe02
Always great help and advice." ... written by Muchacha79
I have had two reading with Jon so far and think he's brillant. He tells it as it is." ... written by xxcutegirl
Very accurate." ... written by Flowers2012
Amazing! He answered my questions - will come back again for sure!" ... written by kenyadilown
Thank you so much, Jon :) The advice was brilliant and its always lovely talking to you about everything :) I will come again soon! Many blessings!" ... written by manijhe
Amazing :) I'm going back to ask more questions now :) " ... written by manijhe
Always enjoy our sessions Jon!!! So very positive and helpful in all of the madness that is my life ha ha!!! " ... written by jainut1
Very intune and connected! Very helpful... thanks, Jon!!" ... written by Starlight12
Really helpful! :)" ... written by Mrpilow
Thank you again :) take care~~" ... written by yoshizawa
I have witnessed many demos by jon and every 1 is spot on so i went for a reading with him he has got everything RIGHT about my life was very shocked and pleased when picked up on my feelings and thought. brill thanks jon xx" ... written by tinalouise
Thank you. It was a good reading!" ... written by from_8mile
Jon is one of the most awesome psychics I know! Please have a reading with him, you won't regret it. Thanks for another fabulous reading Jon! :)" ... written by mdemos
Thank you Jon for clearing my concerns!" ... written by allerena
Highly recommended. I have been here multiple times, the reading wasn't all that positive, but provided sound advice and encouragement." ... written by leti8989
Alway so positive! Has a lot of truths that he can see through the cards." ... written by joyful222
GREAT!" ... written by J
Very insightfu,l and kind. Ty good sir!" ... written by Snowscape
Very accurate, very clear and easy to talk to. Makes so much sense!! Glad I picked him!! " ... written by eb
Excellent!" ... written by Bojan99
Thank you soooo much for your advice, jon. i'll keep my fingers crossed for this oppt. " ... written by atacrossroads
Such helpful advice, thanks again Jon, you're the best!" ... written by larafire8
Great session as usual!! Just perfect advice and answers!" ... written by allerena
Very nice. I hope what he says is true. I guess we will see." ... written by Tinydrops
Amazing man, very truthful" ... written by Lattice3
Thank you for taking the time to truly help me figure out what's going on. I knew something was off and I'm glad you thought so too without me saying it. I will try my best to follow the advice you've given and get the healing and everything else rectified. Thank you again, money well spent." ... written by rudegirl
Ya, sees M doing alot of partying...that sounds right..5*21*12" ... written by SaintlyCat123
He was good!" ... written by steel10
Totally awesome! Spot on with mind blowing accurracy. HIGHLY RECOMMEND" ... written by winterwitche
Spot on. Good advice. Thanks." ... written by gingersmith
Fabulous - I love his readings. So accurate and uplifting x" ... written by Nikki
Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by rayoflight1
Absolutely super!!" ... written by Mobie1
so awesome, thank you jon!!!!" ... written by rayoflight1
He was great! So accurate! I will be the first to admit that I did not believe in this stuff. But he was soo right on! I just couldn't believe it!" ... written by megannwhitney
Very detailed. Thank you!" ... written by positivity08
Thanks jonmoss... I hope what you say will come true... :) You are great!" ... written by tiffon
Thank you again. :)" ... written by rudegirl
Excellent reading! So glad I tried jonmoss! " ... written by rhia456
Great session, he busted his brain to help me figure stuff that was really hard to do.. And actually we didn't get to the answer but we got to the way to respond to this event... What a great guy. Thank you Jon" ... written by allerena
Jon I have been meaning to send you a feedback from the last reading you did for me last week ...." ... written by abastes
Thanks John, it was great speaking to you again. First Class as always." ... written by Venus_1
Great, thorough reading!" ... written by Milanclaw23
Thank you, and sorry for the spotty connections. " ... written by tnguyen0698
Thank you for everything, really~~ hope we can hear the good new soon~~ take care~~ " ... written by yoshizawa
Helped give me clarity and a new perspective, thank you :)" ... written by anon
Very detailed, honest and in the end probably spot on, time will tell... no matter what, a very good advisor " ... written by Muchacha79
Awesome reading! Blunt and honest, and on point will be back later!" ... written by anehave
Soo helpful and accurate and quick .. Do have a reading with him .. He is awesomeeee !!" ... written by z_stir
Wow, connected right away.... Very good and wish we could have spent more time talking... Thank you." ... written by wendic
Jon is totally trust worthy and has become a valuable friend :)" ... written by mdemos
A million stars as always, thank you Jon, picked up on situation immediately,,, very quick and I really believe accurate. Thank you as always. x" ... written by Kiera1972
Thank you for saving my life. It is so nice to find someone who can be so understanding and supportive." ... written by yoshizawa
He is great." ... written by z_stir
Very insightful, spot on, knows what hes talking about, a pleasure to talk to, like-able, honest, genuine. He is my favorite." ... written by Oraclez
Brilliant and 100% accurate ...forget the rest this man is amazing" ... written by freebecca
Jon, you are a darling! You've made my day... Again!! See you again very soon .... Mxo" ... written by mdemos
Thank you very much for your insight :) I will see what happens with this guy. " ... written by missmari0621
Thank you Jon, You were on there dot with everything. Validated what was in mind... Completely trustworthy... Thank you again" ... written by Wahine1
Think he s trustworthy." ... written by mimatisse
Omg this man is awesome!" ... written by stephanie1986
Thank you~~` haha~~ it is so nice to talk to someone who really knows things and always honest~~ i will look forward to the coming week~~ hope we can have some good news soon~~ cheers~~ and whoever is reading this, YES, you should talk to Jon~ NOW (^_^)" ... written by yoshizawa
Thank you~~` haha~~ it is so nice to talk to someone who really knows things and always honest~~ i will look forward to the coming week~~ hope we can have some good news soon~~ cheers~~ and whoever is reading this, YES, you should talk to Jon~ NOW (^_^) " ... written by yoshizawa
One of the best psychics! ;) " ... written by sunandmusic
Very good psychic :)!! I recommend it to everyone :) " ... written by sunandmusic
Awesome!!! Very accurate about what was going on in my life!!!" ... written by CM
Thank you Jon Amazing as always ... Muchas Gracias mi amigo....... " ... written by Wahine1
Yep excellent, spot on reading." ... written by mountainski
Thank you Jon. Very perceptive reading. Some folk from the other side came through. It's good to know that they're there watching over us." ... written by pudleypaws
Very good reader...thanks for the advice" ... written by lamas1
Honest andamp; straight to the point.... Thank you!! :)" ... written by twenty1stars
Amazing reading :)))" ... written by manijhe
Really good spot on with lots of things in my life made me feel a lot less stressy about what was going on. x" ... written by LuisaHarris
Morning Jon well you did me proud (FAB) once again with your e mail reading ;)...this man has a a brother Jon but their not that close...but would feel he does have close male friends .. thier is a house this man is connected to his aunties which he has juts cleared out to be sold ..this is were he spent time when he was young ..down the road from me ...yes he is cheeky he is a sagi ..but all that you have picked up is correct ..and i will let you know how things were just friends this time but second meeting or date soon..yes and i think your rite about the man from the past coming in .. shame he could nt be quicker ..but your e mail reading are top notch thank you for all your detail and hard work hugs :) c" ... written by Sapphire67
Following a very accurate email reading I did a private chat with Jon. The email reading hit on so many things that were real and that he couldn't have known. Jon was totally honest even when he wasn't telling me what I wanted to hear. I will definitely be back and will be in the free chat room following up with how things are going. Thanks, Jon! " ... written by CristinaLynn1
Wow great advice! Confirmed my gut feelings. Thank you" ... written by jasminepapas
It was just an update tonight so it wasn't too long, but I appreciate you taking the time with me Jon." ... written by rudegirl
Very helpful. Very intuitive..." ... written by edelaine
Amazing Reading.... What a wonderful man... Thank you so much... " ... written by Tooie1969
Managed to get an old friend come through and confirm that he can hear me on the other side which was absolutely amazing, so happy!" ... written by rhia456
He is always great, thank you so much!" ... written by cammyboo
Great reading as always " ... written by ellym3
Very detailed, straightforward and empathetic !! Jon's exceptional !!!" ... written by jaykun
Ops... run out of time... thank you again, jon. i know i come to you too often recently, really apriciated your support. i will becarefull. cheers~~ " ... written by yoshizawa
Jon is a brilliant reader :) I always feel so relaxed after his counselling, he has the best answers to anxious questions and the spiritual advice concerning the heart :) As his regular visitor, I will highly recommend him to anyone with any concerns at all :) Every blessings ...M" ... written by manijhe
Wow Jonmoss again blew me away with his reading very accurate and very detailed... He is a very compassionate person towards his clients. Looking forward to more future readings with him...I give him 10*******" ... written by Lucy117
Thank you for help me with this difficult time. I guess all I can looking forward now is miracle~ lol well, it is possible~!!!" ... written by yoshizawa
Truthful and honest reading here. Thank you so much for setting things straight for me Jon. See you soon :)" ... written by mdemos
Amazing as always :)" ... written by manijhe
Sorry have been so busy with work. just want to say thank you for the following up - cards that offer positive vibes. many many thanks again. hope you will be able to read this. im still feeling very twitchy about the job hunt and just keeping my fingers crossed for some good news in the next few weeks or so. wish me luck, thank you! " ... written by atacrossroads
Miracle. It would be nice for it to happen once a while. Thank you again Jon~~" ... written by yoshizawa
Open and honest.... if you truly want to hear the truth in a situation... have a reading with Jon!" ... written by judith76
The best one!! :) best psychic he knows everything :)" ... written by sunandmusic
Marvelous help and guidance !!!" ... written by malinda2011
Thank you once again for the spiritual tonic derived from the card. I'll learn to live up to it, jon! nice 8D" ... written by atacrossroads
Thanks for a good reading." ... written by riksen
Jon is awesome! I did not give him any information and he was able to size up the situation dead on. Thank you so much!" ... written by Patience29
Very amazing!!!" ... written by sunandmusic
Wow wow speechless! amazing, defiantly worth my money.. very nice man, i will be back for another reading for sure! " ... written by tawneyjones
Very cool like always :) Recommend to everyone." ... written by sunandmusic
Jon, thank you. Beyond your accuracy, which was stunning, you really, really helped me and I am so grateful. I will be back to visit!" ... written by magsnoel021871
Jon, you were spot on with everything you said. I didnt have to prompt you in any way, and you nailed it!!!! Thank you for all you had to say, and the comfort you gave me when I thought my reiki had been taken away. I will do as you told me to do, and get myself sorted out. Feeling better about things now. You are a great guy and I hope to be able to talk with you another day. Blessings mate, you are a star Loz xx" ... written by Loztoz
The runes Reading is amazing... the connection is amazing and really to the point! thank you Jon" ... written by allerena
I had the most brillant reading wth this Guy! I did not have to prompt him in anyway, everything he said was spot on as I could just sit back and listen to what he had to say. He is very caring, I would recommend anyone looking for a reader to have one with him. You were brillant and I will definitely be back for another reader Jon x" ... written by Gabrielle30
Fantastic reading! so much information, it was great! Jonathan is a must! Thank You!" ... written by nunothat
I need to buy more credits so can have a much longer chat RECOMMENDED people!!!!! THANKS JON" ... written by nannibarbz
Thanks. Good reading." ... written by hushhhu
Jon is wonderful and so spot on with details,he told me things without any information given.i will be back for future updates!" ... written by marionlyttle
It was a good read, will definitely go private again with him. im in a situation too much for me to handle, thanks Jon for your words." ... written by lagreta79
Thank you again, jon~ and glad to meet you cat :D thank you for always been so helpful, suportive, and honest. hope we can have more interesting things to talk about soon." ... written by yoshizawa
Amazing as always! Recommend to everyone!" ... written by sunandmusic
Luv it Luv it.. Your amazing Jon... could not have asked for more!! " ... written by Wahine1
Thank you again. sometime it is sad to know the truth, but the truth is the truth, it is the only thing that matters. I am not sure what I will do yet, but I will still hope for the best at this period. " ... written by yoshizawa
Thank you, so glad you are here." ... written by yoshizawa
Jon, thank you again. oh, hi guys, i know i've left lots feedbacks recently, but it also means jonmoss is a great psychic, right? yes, you have my word on this!" ... written by yoshizawa
AMAZING, I'm a sceptic, but he was DEAD on!" ... written by LuvRoman323
So great, jon knew what was happening around me. Thank you Jon, I so appreciated your kindness.xx" ... written by lisch12
Thank you jon. things are changing fast or it is just me having an unstable mind, lol. after all,thing will get better. again, thank you for your help and support. wish the best." ... written by yoshizawa
Very on point with his reading." ... written by Joyful1980
Thank you. lol. sometime it is boring to know whats going to hapen isnt it.. assuring, but make crazy people like me want to do crazy things to try to make a difference. it is like living life twice, knowing one then step on another. er, sry guys, what i mean is, jon is a very good reader, he will clear the situaton for you and give you advice for your best interest." ... written by yoshizawa
Very intuitive" ... written by angel4212
Very hopeful." ... written by Moonflake
Jon is amazing and and a very good reader, thanks!" ... written by De5pina
Really good - I will be back!" ... written by Lyne37
Jon is ALWAYS amazing. I am grateful he is here to give me some insight!" ... written by blueoceandiver
Amazing as usual, wish I had more time. But will be back :)" ... written by llilbrats715
Absolutely speechless. Jon was spot on and reduced me to tears (good tears). He even confirmed my grandmothers name who was my most favourite person in the entire world. Thank you so much Jon. I feel a sense of calm that I haven't felt in a long time. If you are reading this and considering purchasing credits to have a reading with Jon please do not hesitate!! Amazing! " ... written by Faeawyn
Awesome reading, just so positive and very honest." ... written by Lattice3
Awesome as always. Thank you Jon! :)" ... written by Anon
Great reading!" ... written by mimatisse
Thank you Jon. Really needed to hear that last night - and you picked up on details you couldn't possibly have known. Thank you for your support - I'm hopeful." ... written by Bella100
Once again he his wonderful! Definitely worth a 5 star! I do adore this man, top lad!" ... written by tawneyjones
He's fantastic." ... written by cecilia_mus
Jon is good he was talking to my dad he only know how my dad talks so I know he was communicating with my dad. I hope he is right about selling my house, we will see. Thank you jon. God bless. " ... written by joni203
Great reading he is brlliiant." ... written by xxcutegirl
Love this man's readings always.. So quick, very insightful, provides good sound advice... " ... written by leti8989
Thank You Jon. Your were very accurate allot to say. Great reading. " ... written by myeyesee
This is my 1st reading with Jon, he answered all my to see how things unfold. Thank you Jon for being so attentive andamp;amp; informative andamp;amp; respectful!" ... written by yippy2012
I made a connection with Jon from the first time I was in his free chat,,He has a heart of gold and his reading was excellent!!! he is fast to the point and really knew things about what is going on in my life and my future..thank you my friend!" ... written by inletsoaps1
Thanks Jon! It's always hard to remember everything, but you gave me some great information. Much appreciated!" ... written by magsnoel021871
Very good and nice suggestions." ... written by druvina1973
Very informative and knows his craft." ... written by quaz101
Best one as always.. Gives an accurate answer for you :) Recommend to everyone." ... written by sunandmusic
Jon was spot on about a lot of things..You have certainly given me a better understanding about my situation...Thank you so much for the first time in years I feel a little at ease knowing where I stand :)" ... written by Daly
He's absolutely the best here. His gifts are vast and he will look through all of the mediums he's got to see into your situation so definitely worth asking Jon for a reading :) Once again he's absolutely amazing!!! God bless!!! " ... written by manijhe
Thank you so much you were spot on love and peace hope to speak with you again, thank you for your time xxxx" ... written by kameladj
Amazing as usual..." ... written by luckyanna
Amazing Seer JonMoss, so positive and clear. Excellent reader." ... written by omja12
Most insightful reading I have ever experienced. He was able to pin point my exact emotions and the situations without me giving details. I feel so refreshed after that reading and I know that I no longer have to feel. I will be keeping in touch with Jon as I continue on my journey. Jon is truly gifted and I encourage all of those who are lost or confused to seek out his help. " ... written by teebsgb15
Very accurate." ... written by ayana01
He was wonderful, got straight to it. Needed no information from me. Was spot on...very, very good!" ... written by scadoodle
Jon is a very lovely insightful man, who's attitude and personality make for a very calm and reassuring reading. He knew what I wanted to get answers to before I asked the real questions. I will be back for more! Big thanks Jon x" ... written by girlracer82
Great as allways" ... written by xxcutegirl
Just had a reading with Jon yesterday. I was absolutely amazed at how spot on he was. I took what he told me and have alrady resolved the issue at hand. Thank you so much Jon for your time, your kindness and your enlightened assistance. Ummm Jon - another dance party soon? LOL" ... written by herbalady
Pure amaing its like he new how i felt and i wish it didnt cut off." ... written by supersweetsara92
Loved am and alwasy will it doent get no better than this man i love em to dealth i always come to jon moss always honesty always truthfull love em " ... written by branjames
Superb! and fast...not time waster... Highly recommended. Thanks for the Insight..." ... written by gayheart
Very compassionate, emotionally tuned in to the situation of myself and the others involved..." ... written by michelle28aq
God bless. Jon's readings are a blessing when you need them :) Much love and light!" ... written by manijhe
Thank you so much! I just bustes open and got great clarity based on your reading!" ... written by st5sts
Hes fantastic." ... written by cecilia_mus
Awesome!" ... written by juliebourb
Thanks for helping Jon " ... written by Muchacha79
Jon was awesome helped me alot" ... written by sweetpea22
He is amazing... the best reading ever... It's almost scary how much he knows... trust me he is the best psychic I have ever talked to..." ... written by oliviab
Hes so spot on with hes reading its incredible" ... written by cecilia_mus
Had a demo with Jon... He was very sincere and truthful.. Everything he said was spot on... Knew what was going on in my life at moment and who was around me... Really helpful and hoping this kick starts my beliefs again... Thank you" ... written by acejase80
Love this guy!! use him for sure!! 5 stars!! he is fast and accurate, so it made me trust him on the unknown...... the known he knew too .." ... written by dashley1958
Thanks. Will try your advice. Good reading" ... written by druvina1973
Great job, mr moss :)" ... written by nend23
Love getting readings from Jon. Always accurate. Thank you for all you do, for me and other. Truly blessed to have found you. Thank you again and most defiantly i will be coming back for more. =) " ... written by Wahine1
Wow, spot on, thank you!" ... written by ashli619poo
Excellent reading, excellent reader." ... written by mimatisse
Thanks. very good. Very on target. " ... written by cupcake1117
He is fantastic, very honest and good adviser" ... written by bbdo1234
Jon's good as always he is a 5 star reader he very pleasant to talk to and he been right on the money " ... written by joni203
Thank you very much, great reading. Spoke of a promotion or something changing in my job, and I have asked for a full time contract at work so Im hopeful. Everything Jon said was very accurate and rung true with me and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Jon I feel a lot better about my future now." ... written by hayley29
Very insightful and a very accurate reading. Past life reading was excellent. Thank you very much Jon." ... written by WillDunraven
Very nice and friendly!" ... written by lifetime1974
Hes really good, straight to the point. I would recommend him to friends and family. Hes reading is so accurate and very useful hes the best. Will always use him in the future. Thanks" ... written by remmzie09
Amazed the socks off me! He received so much information and all of it was comforting to hear. Even info that wasn't so sweet was delivered in such as way that I was okay with hearing it. I'm really greatful to Jon and the info he gave. :)" ... written by guriwo
AMAZING!! as always he gives great advice, pinpoints the situation without you even telling him what's going on. A TRUE PSYCHIC. compassionate and wise. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" ... written by NiVanya
Well again hes a speciel man and hes reading are spot on " ... written by cecilia_mus
Thank you 4 ur reading jon u were ace and will get many more readings in futur off u :) " ... written by lishylou42
Great, nice guy x" ... written by gerib1973
Very gentle and empathetic reader... I have been to him multiple times and will continue to return... I highly recommend. " ... written by leti8989
Again another great reading from... As always very accurate. I will recommend you to may more friends. Thank you again Jon.." ... written by Wahine1
Jon just has such a nice way and he is a great medium tooo!!!" ... written by katykim
He is amazing, he is spot on with everything." ... written by cecilia_mus
The one he gave me was again spot on ingredible" ... written by cecilia_mus
Quick and real. Thank you Jon." ... written by leorising
He nailed the reading! " ... written by cecilia_mus
Friendly! And gets to it fast! He is great~ " ... written by stephaniekumar83
Hes got a real connection to the other side and is so laidback and easy to talk to!! Please spend your money on him!! Hes worth it." ... written by Korbyl
Great reading...really connected with him." ... written by duckkait
Jon is soo spot on with everything, got everything down to a T! Thanks Jon, will definitely be back! x" ... written by shenalp2905
Jon is amazing!!! I have had 3-4 for private readings with him, and he always gives me great insights. Feels like you are talking to a friend! I highly recommend Jon!" ... written by Patience29
The truth truly hurts, but I needed to hear every word " ... written by mssunshine11
Jon is right on. He knew about my pap that has been with me. Will be getting him to give me another reading again because of how good he is. " ... written by june71
Once again, great! He is full of great information! Thanks again!" ... written by scadoodle
He was decribing my little brother dad perfectly." ... written by cecilia_mus
Thank you Jon for such an accurate reading! You hit everything right on the nose! :)" ... written by KristineD70
Fantastic reading, amazingly super clear, and very good advices ..Thank you soo much, I feel much better." ... written by starseeed
It's important to talk to him in freechat first before private. it was a good general reading." ... written by lylakpetals
Picked up on the situation so fast!! on point, very confident in his view. love it. he was awesome." ... written by vineir08
Jon did a great job tuning in and giving advice and an idea of what is ahead for me in my situation." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Jon the screen froze again...I will come back again...process all that you have given me.... Thanks so much for helping...your the best! :) " ... written by elledaly24
He's honest and every reading has been accurate to a T... meaning everything he said turned out to be just! He is superb!!!" ... written by lotus1121
Spot on!" ... written by yd
Jon was great and absolutely dead on. " ... written by angie11975
He is honest and tell things as they are , his readings has been spot on I cant explaine." ... written by cecilia_mus
Very insightful and good guidance, he is great, helped me put my mind at ease a bit. " ... written by frontfootfirst
Jon is a gifted reader and talented beyond my expectations. Thank you Jon for your true honesty. That is hard to find on here." ... written by BraunWynn
Love him " ... written by cecilia_mus
He is very specific in hes reading and he tells how it is." ... written by cecilia_mus
Very honest and kind and will make sure your reading is as accurate as possible even if they may not be what you were hoping for it will be what you need" ... written by kavintee
The best reading! :)" ... written by cecilia_mus
Long time since i have done a reading with him, had a really great long reading, i felt really well taken care of he taps in and tells me his honest opinion. he is great. will keep touch" ... written by anehave
He is great :)" ... written by Click1990
Jon is truely amazing, ive had many readings with him, and never lets me down. He is spot on with everything and has picked up on so much. Thankyou " ... written by De5pina
The reading was fantastic especially about love. " ... written by cecilia_mus
Was very accurate on his reading and I was able to clear my mind in many love issues I have going on at the moment. " ... written by viri15loka
He is so honest and true and he matches with every reading. " ... written by cecilia_mus
Thank you Jon great reading a lot of insight. 5 star psychic here!" ... written by myeyesee
The predictions came true!" ... written by tanya22
That was amazing, looking forward." ... written by cecilia_mus
Thank you for the follow up reading and answering all of my questions. It was great and I'll be back for a followup. " ... written by Pixie73
Fabulous! Knew so much and I didn't have to tell him anything. " ... written by Pixie73
Great reading jon! 5 star" ... written by myeyesee
It was fantastic the cards really match today :)" ... written by cecilia_mus
Very accurate!" ... written by LeoRising88
Very on target appreciate his insights very much!" ... written by tortuga188
I really, really enjoy the readings of jonmoss. He gives a lot of details. He is very insightful. Excellent reader." ... written by mimatisse
I love john, he is trustworthy and spot on . He has been very accurate in his previous predictions. Excellent reading." ... written by mimatisse
Thank you! Jon knows what he is talking about! Again spot on jon." ... written by ydubal
Very intuitive and direct." ... written by leorising
I'm utterly shocked with the reading Ive received. This reader really has some excellent talent. Just excellent" ... written by diannamaiya
Loved my reading , happy to hear good things are coming my way soon. I appreciated the honest he was sharing and he is truly amazing , he was answering things before i even mentioned them" ... written by lovebutterfly8
Great reading! Picked up on my situation very well!" ... written by iPreferMimi
Absolutely sport on, every time!!" ... written by leisar1
He is so awesome! Gives great advice!" ... written by anehave
Jon is always on point 5stars says it all...Thanks." ... written by shenalp2905
Thank you so much. Mostly you just reaffirmed what I already knew in my heart. " ... written by katie46
As always Jon is great and right on with his reading. I would highly recommend him to anyone." ... written by june71
Jon is quick, very accurate...was amazing how spot on he is, with everything, barely said a word and he knew exactly what the story was. I recommend him to anyone, just love him! " ... written by Zen_Mermaid
Soo positive, clairvoyant and encouraging. jon your always such a pleasure to speak to and talk with!" ... written by joyful222
Very sensible answers...practical! excessive emotional baggage....quick to answer!...will have a longer reading with jon at some point later on...ty jon for your time..i appreciate!...:)" ... written by angelcloud
Thank you Jon." ... written by leorising
Thank you Jon for helping me make sense of my situation." ... written by marigoldrose
Thank you Jon for the reading you did for my daughter and myself. Brianna is extremely happy with all the information you gave her. Now she said, "JON'S MY MENTOR" She think your absolutely amazing. Thank you for bringing my daughter the biggest smile. " ... written by Brianna andamp;amp; Wahine
Fantastic 5 stars." ... written by dianneclark
Gave many accurate details. Really understood situation. Gave solid advice, appreciate his frankness." ... written by oiseau67
Thank you, fab, and honest reading. Brilliant. " ... written by numberthree
Amazing." ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Jon is so accurate and honest that you have to go no further to get help. Go to Jon. He is a beautiful person and excellent medium, and he blew my friend away that also had a reading and got answers she really needed. God Bless him." ... written by cooboz
Excellent reading.. spot on and detailed! " ... written by iPreferMimi
How much do we love Jon. So much. Sweet and funny and accurate. Thank you Jon." ... written by leorising
Thank you ..." ... written by purple20
Sweet, honest, intuitive man. Thank you Jon." ... written by leorising
He was very good and right on. I would definitely use him again." ... written by serenity2
He is very honest and his reading is very true " ... written by cecilia_mus
Jon knows what you are thinking before you think it." ... written by leorising
Jon you are wonderful as always....third time with you and things are clearer than ever" ... written by elledaly24
Great thanks!xx" ... written by mycupcake
Good update." ... written by anehave
Jon gets right to the heart of the problem. Offers insight and solutions. He really cares about his clients. And his free chats are always energizing. " ... written by leorising
I had an excellent reading with Jon. He was very detailed and seems to really care. He will not sugarcoat things or waste your time. Thanks Jon. I will be back. " ... written by Scorpio1112
Lovely reading, helps clarify a lot." ... written by Kazzi819
Wonderful connection as always, great reading, will recommend him highly. Thank you Jon." ... written by acealways
Oh my God, cool." ... written by cecilia_mus
Lovely reading... im in for a bril time which i can feel. i know that the next 4 months are going to be exciting and new. lets see if we're both right ha ha ha thank you xxx" ... written by bubblesgalore
PERFECT!! He was right on, on everything. Spot on. Great reading, great advice. I would tell anyone to get a reading from him." ... written by jonnypc123
Right on target didnt give him any info and he knew things I didnt give any hints AWESOME! will return again and again!" ... written by larinab
I was in a state of confusion and Jon helped me. " ... written by leorising
Fantastic reading :)" ... written by cecilia_mus
Excellent as always..." ... written by blueoceandiver
Great reading!" ... written by juniorjr6
Brilliant is all I can say." ... written by eonofelix
Great reader! Very insightful! Thank you!" ... written by nunothat-Deb
Very insightful. Jon is a true gentleman." ... written by leorising
AMAZING!!! its like talking to an old friend!! he is abosouletly amazing, picked up on energies and feelings, spot on to the other persons past and fears. amazing!!!!! cant say it enough! will come back!! and cant wait to see what things unfold." ... written by vineir08
Absolutey gob smacked!!! will recommend to anyone!!!! " ... written by princess_20
Sorry Jon.. out of cash... I will let you know what happens.. I enjoy chatting with you... you put my mind at ease." ... written by elledaly24
Jon was amazing.I wish I could tell you details of just how accurate he was, but he said things that I wouldnt truly admit to myself yet I knew deep down. He was so right I started crying during the reading. But he did provide truth and hope as well as how I can practically move forward. Incredible" ... written by claireylou
A very nice reading" ... written by cecilia_mus
Amazing reading!!!!!!! truley amazing!!!" ... written by vineir08
Great so honest" ... written by suzyq789
Awesomeaweomse!!!!! amazing man!" ... written by vineir08
I love too see it happen" ... written by cecilia_mus
As always, right on. Many things he told me last month came true this month. He is such a big help!" ... written by leorising
He picked up on things well and gave good advice. I appreciate your help on this. Thanks alot." ... written by sunflower9
5 stars and 3 Cheers to Jon." ... written by leorising
Loved the reading. Very accurate." ... written by livehappy70
Amazing amazing read!! I am convinced to only go to him now on oranum. Hes amazing." ... written by vineir08
Love him, love him love him love him. Will NOT be a waste of money... trust me!" ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Thank you, thank you, thank you Jon. Fast, extreamly accurate.. Genuine. Will get back to you for more. XX" ... written by Minnie12
So great. Lot of detail and things I didn't tell him, he just knew. Great guy :)" ... written by livehappy70
Jon is lovely always so full of energy and positive. Was able to pick up on my situation with out me saying anything and give me advice on how to move forwards . :-)" ... written by sarahd
He said it like it is!!! He knew the questions before asked!!! Thanks doll!!" ... written by Vandwnbthervr
Great reading!! Jon is very gifted and says the truth. Great reading thank you so much. :) " ... written by theresa0
Been to him many times very good and honest as always thank you jon :)" ... written by f999111
Thanks again Jon for a great reading and advice. He is, in my opinion, the best psychic on Oranum!" ... written by larafire8
I will definitely come back:)) Jon is so cool and he connects extremely fast with the issue... I strongly recommend a private reading with Jon!! Thank you so much Jon, for easing my pain:))" ... written by LoveElly
Jon is very HONEST and Accurate!!! I liked my reading! He is Great. Try him. Ellie USA" ... written by Ellie11
Quick and easy. thanks." ... written by leorising
Wow.. This is our second reading in one day and it was about something completely different than my previous issue. Jon connected with my late father so fast and started to tell me things about him. Wow.. That is all i can say. If you want to connect with a passed loved one of yours, Jon is the one you should be contacting.. Thank you so much Jon, i truly appreciate the information you've given me about my father and his habit of hiding things;)" ... written by LoveElly
Accurate with what you said and hope that you are right about the future." ... written by dreams8
Very accurate." ... written by dreams8
Knew as usual exactly what to do to help***" ... written by Kallisste
Always straight on! Thank you Jon." ... written by leorising
Spot on, thank you." ... written by mistyshadows
So nice!" ... written by cecilia_mus
Was very interesting!" ... written by cecilia_mus
Absolutely amazing - love him. 5 *** accurate down to earth and makes everything clearer. Superb and one of the best :D" ... written by Nicole212
Fantastic.. knows all." ... written by jacqlewis
Amazing!" ... written by vineir08
Brilliant as always." ... written by freebecca
Again another fab reading, thanks jon. Hoping this all works out for me, thank you for being so truthful and very helpful. will be back xx." ... written by numberthree3
Jon is one of the best mediums I've ever worked with....I am happy to know him and blessed to be able to get readings from him." ... written by tortuga188
Jon's reading is scarily accurate and I am amazed by it! Will definitely be back for more readings to look further into the situation! Thanks Jon! (:" ... written by calliopegirl
He is great, honest and gives exceptional advise!!!" ... written by bbdo1234
Excellent reader! He gives very good advice. My favorite on Oranum!" ... written by Emerald11
Naturally tunes in very well!" ... written by LeoRising88
Honest and upfront. Thank you Jon." ... written by leorising
Amazing!!!!! amazing!!!!! he is absolutely wonderful!" ... written by vineir08
Very good reading. Great advice I had. Everything is much clearer to me, thank you." ... written by magsy231
Great reading, very close to exactly what needs to be done and what has been going on. " ... written by ChrJohns8792
A good reading, looking forward till it happens." ... written by cecilia_mus
One of my top 2. I love his readings, very helpful and detailed. He knows his stuff" ... written by mimatisse
Jon is a wonderful, fun and honest person:) I strongly recommend a private reading with him. He answers all your questions with patience and clearity and he is very very very accurate all the time!!" ... written by LoveElly
Very good!" ... written by tanya22
Jon is very straightforward and honest. Lovely disposition and sense of humor. Cheers me up and sets me straight. " ... written by leorising
I loved the reading :):)" ... written by cecilia_mus
Enjoyed my reading with Jon, very interesting ." ... written by denideni63
Awesome guy! Totally connected with me in the room and followed through in private. Genuine medium. I highly recommend!!" ... written by lvlyfun
I always love to come to jon for his wisdom :)" ... written by shenalp2905
He was wonderful right on" ... written by wonderfulriggs
Impressive!!!!!!!!!" ... written by eurbaez438
Thanks Jon.. I don't know.. I want say let the universe decide, but I don't know what the universe want me to do.. It's scary, but I will hope for the best.. Thank you for not sugar coating the fact.." ... written by yoshizawa
Accurate as always, straight to the point in a good way." ... written by Charm77
Accurate. On point and nice" ... written by druvina1973
He is very good as always!! :) best luck for you!" ... written by sunandmusic
Wonderful reading very kind " ... written by katie46
Jon is wonderful very honest. LOVE him...." ... written by wonderfulriggs
Thanks so much for the reading. xxxx Very helpful." ... written by ale510
Very quick to answer your questions and pick up on situations. Very positive and encouraging but does not sugarcoat. Has been very accurate on picking up situations, details of people, and previous future predictions. Thank you for another great reading!" ... written by antoinette89
Thanks for help. Was informative." ... written by sagata_11
I've been visiting Job for readings for quite some time now and have never once been disappointed. I just had another amazing reading :) God bless!!! :) " ... written by manijhe
Fantastic reading i loved it " ... written by cecilia_mus
Really good reading will come back again" ... written by sky456
Super funny. Positive had alot of positive things to say." ... written by joyful222
Love him. all time favorite :) " ... written by sheriniebeanie12
This guy is amazing." ... written by rajat_25
Jon Moss is a wonderful wonderful person with such insight, understanding, honesty, guidance, I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for answers. You will not be disappointed! xxx" ... written by eaglesridge
With thanks Jon." ... written by cabriolet1
Amazing insight without me saying anything. I will be back, Jon. TY!" ... written by blumuse
Doesn't beat around the bush, tells it like it is, connects very quickly and answers questions with truth, offers solutions to the problem.. Well worth a reading." ... written by KarlaSmith
Fantastic reading." ... written by cecilia_mus
So accurate, really good reading." ... written by josey09
Jon is excellent. He's always spot on and some of his predictions had happened. I really trust him and I have a lot respect for him." ... written by mimatisse
Ddd" ... written by kobashiwarlord
Jon is great, he touched upon things that I was feeling and amazed me as usual!" ... written by Rainbowlove888
Its was a good reading and advice that I got." ... written by cecilia_mus
Fantastic reading. I got my dream wish to know :)" ... written by cecilia_mus
Lots of good advice. It's good to know that I'm able to manifest what I want." ... written by anehave
Amazing!!! Straight to the point.... Professional and experienced." ... written by hihi234
Great job.... I am looking forward to everything coming to pass..." ... written by blueoceandiver
2 fantastic readings !" ... written by cecilia_mus
Thank you for reading. It was lovely. I will let you know how I get on :)" ... written by jaygaga2012
Jon was great! Connects very quickly and you really dont have to ask questions. You give him an area or a person to read and he is full of insight and information. Thank you for a great read Jon!" ... written by j_manthey
He is very good and genuine. funny too!" ... written by bluebutton
Wooowwww he is amazyn!" ... written by julia7777777
Thank you jon you said it as it is " ... written by sharon121
Exactly what I needed :) very detailed and easy to talk to. Would absolutely recommend." ... written by ladymeredith
Interesting, good cards" ... written by alisonseymour73
He was amazing pick right up on my case and my family.... so awesome" ... written by brightsoul84
Amazing reading, thank you! xx" ... written by starlite50
John is very accurate. Spot on." ... written by myangel1234
Love readings with Jon! Hes always spot on and great to talk to :)" ... written by llilbrats715
Major, he is my guru.. amazing reader and spirit soul... many thanks as always jon" ... written by jacqlewis
Straight forward, direct and honest with sound advice.. I will return as I always have.. highly recommend" ... written by leti98
Good Reading! " ... written by Zee125
He is amazin and nice and fynny!!!!" ... written by julia7777777
I had to go back to finish my reading, he is excellent, and he says it as it is." ... written by anehave
great update!" ... written by anehave
Amazing update as always!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is spot on!" ... written by vineir08
Ta jon, as usual you really help :0 x" ... written by numberthree3
Amazing amazing." ... written by Sammyjoe02
Jon is the man!! :-)" ... written by MickeyL77
Love love love Jon. Give him a shot he is alway spot on. You will be glad u did!" ... written by brightsoul84
Very good reading that gave me alot of clarity! true psychic!" ... written by somethingwrong
Thank you Jon! 5 star reading. He is very kind and exellent psychic." ... written by myeyesee
Thank you again." ... written by Lattice3
He was good and quick." ... written by LeslieKoko
THANK YOU." ... written by ppp
Thank you Jon! Excellent reading! " ... written by niecie67
Amazing update! Always enjoy talking to him!" ... written by vineir08
Great reading, thanks a lot!" ... written by petalouditsa
He was great." ... written by klowe3
GOOD!" ... written by marcelinopanyvin
Very good and honest answers." ... written by nikkijh23
Amazing update!!!!!! Always a pleasure to talk with him." ... written by vineir08
As always Jon is great and connects so quickly in to the situation! Thank you again Jon. He has never been wrong!" ... written by Patience29
Loved him!!!! He is great!! Very good!!!" ... written by jamira76
Thankyou soo much for the reading!" ... written by ale510
Thank you, you never disappoint me in your readings of me..." ... written by Sammyjoe02
He's the best. What else is there to say:) do it!!!" ... written by easysmiles
Jon helped me thru a rough time he told me what i needed to know great reading...." ... written by wonderfulriggs
Thanks Jon! Again, a great reading with Jon, and very in tune with the situation!!!" ... written by Patience29
My first reading with him. He is amazing and quick. I love his laughter and positive upbeat attitude about everything. Thanks so much, Jon." ... written by midnightlily777
He is fantastic, highly recommend him" ... written by bbdo1234
He's really amazing. The only psychic on here I can relate to. I just wish the readings lasted longer." ... written by supersweetsara92
The most fantastic reading ever" ... written by cecilia_mus
He's wonderful! Said so much in short time. was spot on with details! Thank you!" ... written by cathyq
OMG amaizing! Love this man. much love to you Jon xoxo" ... written by AndreaDEA
Jon is an amazing accurate fun very nice psychic.. very acurrate" ... written by julia7777777
Jon tunned in to the situation right away as always. Great reading!" ... written by Patience29
Very straight forward and doesnt hold back from telling it like it is, thank you Jon!!" ... written by Deborah
Very honest and i really appreciated it, unfortunately the camera froze at the end so i didn't catch the last part of the reading x" ... written by sarahd
Again most fantastisc reading with the other." ... written by cecilia_mus
Fantastic reading I am looking forward to it happening." ... written by cecilia_mus
Fantastic, as always." ... written by sky456
Magic spot on xx" ... written by hellena12
Jon sorted out all my problems. Thanks so so much!" ... written by SiobhanS
Was very personable. Told good things I am looking forward to." ... written by martarlyd
Amazing." ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Great reading." ... written by cecilia_mus
Really good reading." ... written by cecilia_mus
Absolute joy to speak with, he's very warm and straight to the point. Highly accurate!" ... written by rosiep
Very good" ... written by Ermela
Fantastic reading again he is so honest and so on. His readings are always spot on. " ... written by cecilia_mus
Great reading! Thank you. :)" ... written by vocalmachine1
Just awesome, 20 stars!" ... written by JBee01
FANTASTIC READING, spot on to my current situation, and reassuring that I am doing the right thing. Jon is very sensitive so as to not be too blunt, yet he doesnt sugar coat... brilliant, gifted guy. Thanks again Jon :)" ... written by claireylou
Brilliant as always! Definitely made me feel more positive about my future too. Thanks Jon!" ... written by Faeawyn
Didnt even have to ask him any question. He answered all my questions with an amazing accuracy! It was something i have never experienced before. WOW!" ... written by amnarashid
SUPER nice guy, and really quite insightful. " ... written by LiviMo
Thank you for your quick and honest answers. " ... written by leorising
I had a really great update reading, he is honest and caring. He gives great advice. That's why I keep coming back." ... written by anehave
Very intuitive and fast. Picks up stuff quickly and very reassuring. Would use again. Thanks, Jon!" ... written by 32rjes
Great man, great psychic!" ... written by menutnoel
So amazingly accurately. Knows things with little information given. " ... written by LeoRising88
I only had a few credits and jon was great, he didn't waste my time, he got right to the point and gave me everything he could as fast as he could....Great reading." ... written by angie_bart
5 stars, fast reading but so much information given, thank you." ... written by murdocca
Thank you, Jon! Once again, told me exactly what I needed to hear. " ... written by niecie67
Wonderful reading as allays. He is more that my personal psychic he has become a friend and an adviser. He is very precious to me !!!!! He is accurate and worth every penny!" ... written by julia7777777
Great read. He was very insightful and gave me a wealth of information to think about. I feel I have hope again. " ... written by blackty100
He's wonderful! Every reading is wonderful!" ... written by julia7777777
Fantastic as always, the best there is." ... written by sky456
He was awesome!!! Never stopped talking right up until the last min. Never strayed off subject and was right on with all the information he gave me. Thank you so much, JON!!!! :)" ... written by scadoodle
Wonderful reading, looking forward to it happens." ... written by cecilia_mus
Thank you JON :) I shall let you know how it all turns out!" ... written by Ritzie
Always accurate." ... written by LeoRising88
He is fantastic!!! wow so fast.. accurate about current and past as well as what lies ahead.. thanks so much....." ... written by gerritmarx
Good reading thank you very much " ... written by remedio
He is a friend to me ...hes readings so accurate he is honest, will not lie.... the best - his readings happen" ... written by julia7777777
Six stars! He is kind when he tells things like they are, and always with an upbeat (optimistic) attitude. He connects quickly with his guides, and leaves me a calmer person afterwards." ... written by Sunshadow3
This guy is the best. He is accurate every time. He is the real deal - I recommend him to everyone. He can tell you about yourself and things you don't know! Will not go to any other site for a reading." ... written by laffy taffy
Jon is always clear, consise, and accurate. Great session. I will keep you posted." ... written by brightsoul84
He is one of hidden gems on this site. He told me exact situation and when i confirmed it was cent per cent true. It is mind blowing accuracy and true predictions. Dont know how to thank him!" ... written by amnarashid
This guy was great :)" ... written by shahdee22
Thank you!! :) Got right to it! Knew what was going on on a deeper level without details from me. " ... written by tashielulu
Awesome is the only word for his tarot reading abilities. His an ACE tarot reader!" ... written by amnarashid
Thank you so much for the reading! I hope what you predicted happens! " ... written by Desigurl1989
Picked up real quick and was spot on about a lot of things very very good :))))" ... written by hellzbellz
I was very impressed with what Jon picked up andamp; told me from a general tarot reading I had with him. Just a pity my funds ran out and I did not ask him more specific things." ... written by SCB4001
Thank you so much! It was a wonderful reading and I really appreciate your time. Hoping things go well! :)" ... written by Karina_me
Spot on!! A very nice man! xx" ... written by hellena12
Amazing. trust me, won't be a waste of time " ... written by sheriniebeanie12
He was dead on right from the start with no details. I'd use again anytime." ... written by Tamaraht
I love Jonross, he is friendly, happy, always welcoming and giving, as also cheeky. He is a good reader, healer and gives good advice from wisdom and knowledge. And thats from someone else who works online. A good investment for those wanting a private, your get a warm welcome and good guidence." ... written by mahoo122
Thank you Jon!! :) excellent as always" ... written by Debbie
One of my favorites :) he knew my situation well without me telling him.thanks so much for giving me so much insight in a limited time :)" ... written by hannahxsue202
Eh he's all right!" ... written by geoffskateCBR1
He is fantastic!!!!! Highly recommend him." ... written by bbdo1234
So accurate!" ... written by LeoRising88
Amazing reader!!!! Absolute great update thank you Jon!" ... written by vineir08
Thank you x" ... written by Helgaz1
He is amazing and wonderful and very helpful!" ... written by midnightlily777
Fantastic reading and highly accurate. Thanks." ... written by Chuffsta388
Excellent reading - will be back as funds ran out :(" ... written by FallenStar69
Awesome advice!" ... written by anwarismaili
Love it. He really tapped into my friend Marvin, who passed away a few years ago. Thanks!" ... written by molassescrinkles
Was very quick and precise. Very kind man! Thank you!" ... written by beccarose
Second time and love you! Thank you!" ... written by hihi234
Fantastic!" ... written by sky456
Very good." ... written by midnightlily777
Wonderful reading jon. It was very helpful! You tuned in very well with me and could tell that I'm a healer as well." ... written by Rainbowscolors
Excellent session." ... written by Greg5811
I started with email reading and then I had a follow-up live reading!! Absolutly AMAZING, so accurate and honest! I will be back for updates! X" ... written by Girlie152
Jon is great. You don't have to tell him anything, he just knows. Amazing. " ... written by lavenderlilly13
Thank you Jon for once again getting right to the heart of the matter!" ... written by niecie67
Absolutely healing and wonderful discussion. Spot on to the issues most troubling me. Direct and helpful!! I have such a good feeling after speaking with him - even though I have some tough decisions to make now." ... written by ACS1964
Thanks brilliant!" ... written by sky456
Shame couldn't see anything from me this time I usually have the best readings from Jon and always come to him. Still the best reader on here in my eyes x " ... written by supersweetsara92
Wonderful. Thank you Jon. Really just what I needed. " ... written by leorising
Cool guy and always straight forward and true." ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Thanks for the reading!!!! I enjoyed it very much!!" ... written by growinglight
Jon was spot on and so inspiring. I can't thank him enough!" ... written by daniemuse
Great!" ... written by LeoRising88
Connected, liked, he was straight to the point and didn't waste time." ... written by Bbrave1
Excellent. He's always knowledgeable regarding the tarot cards he draws for you, and explains their meanings. I know that he is a good medium since he connected with a spirit who passed away. Enjoy my cards of the week very much. Thank you." ... written by Sunshadow3
He is awesome!" ... written by dabountychic119
He is fantastic, very honest and right to the point, he is great." ... written by bbdo1234
Always on point." ... written by LeoRising88
I think that he was great, hope that we can talk another time when I add more credits." ... written by glow71
Real deal." ... written by LeoRising88
Thank you, I hope I will have him back... " ... written by hyde92
Wonderful!" ... written by sky456
Thank you soooo much, Jon! You made me feel a lot better about my situation and I'm not going to be afraid to do what I need to do for my situation. Thank you!!" ... written by takisfuego
Jon gave me a great reading and picked up on a lot of things without me even mentioning anything about them! Thank you so much Jon and will definitely come back for another reading! " ... written by Kelebek
Excellent. Made sense and a lot of what he said seemed to fit the situation. Will definitely have another reading with him again. :)" ... written by brilo1969
Jonmoss2000 is the best, rune readings are so clear and affirming, thank you Jon." ... written by blackLiquid
Jon is always the voice of reason, even when in a bind. His impressions using tarot cards are the real-deal. Enjoy our discussions. Very glad he isn't priced out of my league! Thanks." ... written by Sunshadow3
So on point." ... written by LeoRising88
Great! Just touching back on a previous reading. Very good! :)" ... written by vocalmachine1
Jon was great as usual. This is my third time getting a reading with him and he never ceases to amaze me with his accuracy." ... written by june71
Bang on Jon, you have it down pat. Explicit in detail, and accuracy. You just about blew me away with your insight into my life and things going on there. Love you Joh, and I recommend you 100 percent to anyone who wants to have it clear, informative, and the truth. Thanks a bunch. " ... written by TKD1963
Amazing as always - thank you Jon! :)" ... written by Nicole212
Always honest, clear, predicted certain things and said a lot of truths about my situation. Looking forward to see what is ahead. " ... written by joyful222
He answered my questions." ... written by williamsd3
Great reading. Brought through 2 people I recognized and lots of confirmation was given. Things he couldn't have known :-) Thank you! Jon is the real deal!" ... written by Avalon22
Great guy to hang around. Lovely energy and focuses on positive things. Also what a great accent!! " ... written by infinitelove90
Always accurate!" ... written by LeoRising88
Excellent reading, gave me answers to my questions and concerns, totally honest to the good and bad and what to watch out for as well as how to practically work through the situation. PS His reading for me 3 months ago came true to the week he predicted, with such accuracy. Totally trust Jon's readings and lovely friendly manner he delivers- a true star!!" ... written by claireylou
Picked up on so much! Great reading, thank you!" ... written by LoriKA
GREAT reading... Even if I didn't want to hear that! But he is honest and kind..." ... written by blueoceandiver
Excellent!!!" ... written by Flowers2012
AWESOME reader!" ... written by blueoceandiver
AWESOME reader!" ... written by blueoceandiver
Another great reading with Jon as always! Thank you!" ... written by Patience29
Always consistent and accurate." ... written by LeoRising88
Great reading! Very honest! Thank you!" ... written by mona0520
Brilliant, I like his honesty! xxx" ... written by ididitmyway
Wonderful as usual. Very informative and objective. " ... written by leorising
Speaks quickly so take notes, accuracy is 100% correct, he will not waste your time and is worth every dime!" ... written by KarlaSmith
Always right." ... written by LeoRising88
Two thumbs up!" ... written by LeoRising88
Great Reader! Loves his honesty!!!! " ... written by Sunshine200
Great, fast reading. Too bad I ran out of funds." ... written by ottawajen
Always consistent. Always on point." ... written by LeoRising88
Wonderful as always!" ... written by De5pina
The best person I have ever come across, he really does a good quality reading, spot on, quick, magic man, worth every penny!" ... written by studing
Very quick reading, he knows everything! Worth every penny!" ... written by shtg
My new best friend." ... written by LeoRising88
Great reading!" ... written by yvettepandora
Amazing as always, your the best Jon!" ... written by luckyanna
Real deal." ... written by LeoRising88
Always excellent." ... written by Flowers2012
Good reading :)" ... written by kerrdoodle
Awesome, truthful, kind, honest guy. Amazed me with his knowledge, very professional great heart. Sincere person who knows the right path to get you where you want to be. 5 stars rating. Will use him again, very respectful accurate reader. Could ask for a better reading!!!!!!!! JONMOSS is awesome!!" ... written by dominquez1
Thank you Jon for the wonderful reading, informative, honest andamp; empowering." ... written by Pammie68
Great reader, tells it as it is... 5 stars to him!" ... written by murdocca
Great reading as always, timeframe given, very positive and quick,sincere. Super guy!" ... written by oiseau67
Thank you so much Jon! Just what I needed :) Very accurate and very caring - would absolutely recommend!" ... written by ladymeredith
I love him!! He knew where I was and what I needed." ... written by Fekona
Great as always!" ... written by LeoRising88
Great insight as always, Jon is the real deal, lots of confirmation and great direction, thanks Jon :-)" ... written by Avalon22
Thanks Jon!" ... written by tanya22
Thank you Jon, very kind and considerate man, really enjoyed reading.. 5 stars...." ... written by snowriver71
HE IS THE BEST!!!!!" ... written by Cherry169
Consistently gets my 5 stars! I know he is divining for my situation because sometimes things are very personally understood. Very forthcoming, and always kind. You will go back again if you give him a try!" ... written by Sunshadow3
Very insightful. Great Reading like always as well as accurate. Jon is awesome! Thank you." ... written by vocalmachine1
Wonderful reading and great man!" ... written by gemmie
Always a pleasure." ... written by Avalon22
He was right on the money." ... written by acealways
He was really good! He picked up on my q right away, absolutely wonderful." ... written by bella911912
Great reader!" ... written by marya23
He is always great." ... written by acealways
He is great!" ... written by marya23
Thank you very much!" ... written by ladybugshooter
Great!" ... written by LeoRising88
Jon is clear andamp; quick. he offers fantastic advice andamp; is caring, down to earth. he pointed out obstacles for me but also the positive." ... written by bluetig
Wow - can't get the smile off my face. Absolutely amazing!!!! Will definitely be back Jon." ... written by jesurq
He is great, thanks!" ... written by kyla2003
I had many readings with jon and it is always a pleasure to have reading with him, he is always honest and genuine not mention a truly amazing psychic. i l will continue to return to jon. Thank you." ... written by shenalp2905
He's fantastic!!!! Loved him! He convinced me he knows what he's doing. I will definately be going back. Thanks you sooo Much!!" ... written by gigi2preston
Good reading as usuall:-)" ... written by ale510
Very lovely guy and straight forward " ... written by rachel1312
Magnificent. Very gentlemanly and informative. Jon is so helpful. " ... written by leorising
Had an amazing reading from jon, he is definitely the one pyschic I will be sticking with! :) xxx" ... written by lishylou42
Always awesome - so insightful! =)" ... written by takisfuego
Fantastic reading." ... written by Kybaine
Lovely and understanding! x" ... written by sarahd
Great!" ... written by LeoRising88
Awesome dude!" ... written by kobashiwarlord
Thanks so much!" ... written by mmd1990
Always super positive spirit, a great confidant, and encouraging. Always recommend jon! " ... written by joyful222
Great!! He's awesome and encouraging. Knew my situation right away, without me telling him." ... written by jamira76
Great reading, very honest and to the point! Would recommend! " ... written by dawn3004
Excellent!" ... written by luckyanna
I thank you so much for your honesty, it really help me to really slow it down, to try move on.. " ... written by queenbee22
Awesome" ... written by kobashiwarlord
Great stuff. Big thanks." ... written by Chuffsta388
Thanks alot for your reading it was great" ... written by azizeh92
THANK YOU!" ... written by ncblu3
Amazing, as usual. Thank you Jon!" ... written by blumuse
Thank you very much for your help. You are wonderful!" ... written by Lattice3
5 star reading! Very compassionate! " ... written by myeyesee
He is really honest and easy to talk to. You should definitely give him a try. Thanks!" ... written by cammyboo
Jon is awesome and very accurate with my situation. I would recommend Jon if you want to know the answers." ... written by TKD1963
Jon is brilliant! Could spend the whole day talking to him! :)" ... written by Sunshine200
Always an amazing reading with Jon. Very honest and accurate. Great details and insight. Enjoy every chat I have with him. Always a great help. :)" ... written by vocalmachine1
That was fun :)" ... written by summerfield
Awesome!" ... written by michelle0940
Great reading!!! I highly recommend him... He is very eager to help you and guide you towards wisdom and learning." ... written by mara5588
Great as always and excellent confirmation! :-)" ... written by Avalon22
Wonderful as always, very good, 10 stars! :P" ... written by Snowscape
Lovely man, Connected very well, excellent reading, I will definitely be back." ... written by cb1987
Great as always." ... written by cecilia_mus
Thank you" ... written by sunangel69
He is so amazing, every reading with him has been right. He really does see things for what they are. Thank you." ... written by cammyboo
Good reading!" ... written by rlp183
All I can thank you, Jon. Again so caring and compassionate with your readings... and honest!" ... written by blumuse
AMAZING MAN!!!" ... written by 003dncr
Very helpful, quick, and honest." ... written by khsashley
Great reading, very positive and honest :) " ... written by ClaireisHappy
Very good card reading- really made sense. " ... written by ajg0701
Jon is alway a big help in giving directions and nudging me in the right way when I am at a crossroad. On top of that he makes predictions that are spookly accurate!" ... written by SheilaRoberto
Honest reading with great explanations!" ... written by Member625811
The best!!" ... written by LeoRising88
Again, fantastic! If ever having a worry, Jon can pinpoint it and help find the best way to sort it out. Fabulous!!" ... written by claireylou
Thanks! You are the greatest!" ... written by kyla2003
Spot on a fun evening with Jono " ... written by alisonseymour73
Amazing!! He really nailed what was going on and answered my questions quickly but thoroughly. He genuinely is caring and offers as much information as possible." ... written by abyss00
I liked my reading from Jon, honestly is what I have been looking for and have gotten from some but the bare truth is great. Thank you Jon and I am sure I will return. Have a great holiday season. " ... written by mummycrtr
Always on point." ... written by acealways
WOW so bang on wonderful reading so caring and real. Gave very good advice. Money is defiantly well spent. I will be back again, 5 stars for sure!!! Thank you so much.. Blessings!" ... written by Dejera
He's very truthful and doesn't waste your time he tells it how he sees it and thats exactly what you need to hear. Fantastic, the clarity I have now is wonderful. Thank you!!" ... written by ikroyal
Awesome guy!" ... written by kobashiwarlord
Impressive. This guy is a must." ... written by _Alexis
Awesome, positive reading. He packed a lot into the time we had and I look forward to seeing it all unfold. Definitely worth a reading with!" ... written by lilwildspirit
Jon is fabulous... very real... don't hesitate to private him!" ... written by Highpriestess012
I asked like several psychics about my love life, and they all stated same time period. So it's quite lovely to know all psychics are seeing the same thing. Jon was awesome." ... written by princedanny
Great great read!" ... written by lorri67
Excellent reading!! Thank you!" ... written by leebee4
Jon is just great!" ... written by RUBYRED2020
Good." ... written by Tulips90
good." ... written by stilldreamin
Great reader. " ... written by mel1261
Great reading and really made a lot of sense. Thank you!" ... written by korkyburgereyes
Talk about knowing so much before I even say a word!! I was stunned!! I was laughing to myself because you just knew me so well and I had barely said a word or even given a question! Spot on! Straight to the point! I am so grateful and enjoyed the chat immensely!!! Thank you so much!!" ... written by bunny222222
He's just great!" ... written by LeoRising88
Excellent fast reader and hit upon what was going on without any details. Really talented!" ... written by Armande
Wow, how do you know so much and talk about such a good conection? You knew the initials of my friends baby who passed without knowing anything about that!! Can't believe how precise and spot on you are!! You are TRULY gifted!! I will definitely be in touch!!! Thank you dearly!!!!! xxoooo" ... written by bunny222222
I think Jon is quite wonderful! He is so kind and gentleman like. Honesty is key and I would most definutly recommed him." ... written by Perfectflaws87
He was so awesome and direct." ... written by Agapelove7
Great read! Thank you so much for the insight and clarifying so much for me! I needed a third opinion and he really set it in stone for me. Definitely adding this guy to my favorites! :D " ... written by Judysmiles4u
Good reading with lots of details. I will come back for update." ... written by dladie42
Great Reading, John! I will look forward to the predictions!" ... written by Someone
Good reading!" ... written by kellycalifornia
Jon is always fantastic! He picks up important details and is very insightful!" ... written by SiobhanS
Amazing how great he connects and knows about the situation. Loved it! Totally recommend him. :D" ... written by SweetMimi
Absolutely spot on. As always, thank you!! :)" ... written by ladymeredith
Brilliant -- as always :)" ... written by Nicole212
Nice advice." ... written by aaaa
Spot on, wow!! Thank you Jon!" ... written by Minnie12
Oh my goodness, such a wonderful reading, really helpful, easy to talk to, good info and advice. Will come back again." ... written by GroovyGoddess
Unbelievable. Thank you. You blew my mind and comforted me immensely in just a few short minutes. I feel like I just drained my sinuses and the inside crap and I'm squeaky clean... Well almost... Haha thank you!!!!!!" ... written by Oneandonly31
Great reading" ... written by sudha2809
Was very Good... would recommend" ... written by tymchishyn079
Very to the point, and clear to understand. Thanks for the reading and has really helped me." ... written by sara686
Super as always." ... written by brilo1969
He seemed nice. i like him " ... written by islander5
Excellent as always much imp info" ... written by acealways
Very helpful and honest, thank-you so much for the clarity." ... written by SunandMoon89
Great" ... written by LeoRising88
Thank you hun ha ha guess id better get out of my gym kit then and do my hair and make up xx thank you for making me feel better" ... written by smiler801
It calmed me down.. It was the most important question I ever made in my life. Thank you Jon!" ... written by Phoenix79
Great person and reader." ... written by ananaprem
Great reading and will be coming back ;) thank you!" ... written by tabatta68
Thank you for your insight. " ... written by StephLCoulter
Gave clear advice, very friendly and easy to talk to.... doesn't sugar coat, tells u what u need to hear, not want you want to hear....will definitely be back" ... written by Tauraus1971
You're amazing, and it means alot when you pick up on my loved ones who've passed, and knowing they're still by my side in my life, you are so careing and your readings always leave me full of life for the future and excited, i am very happy with everything you say because its truth and i feel so positive and strengthened after a reading with you i highly reccomend you!!! xxoo thankyou so so so much!!!" ... written by bunny222222
BEST READING I'VE EVER HAD! Love this guy! Would definitely recommend! :)" ... written by dalaila22
Charming man, soft spoken, he actually eases concerns. Will see, but he is my only psychic here. I can sleep again. Love's never easy. Try him!" ... written by autumnspyc
Honest and a Good Psychic." ... written by CUTnDRY
Wow....he is right on...omg" ... written by lorri67
Clear as day, was a bit shocked how clear as crystal he was about her and my situation, thanks alot" ... written by DarrenC
Great reading, very insightful" ... written by Member625811
Great reading, cleared my mind and I appreciate the help immensely :) - I believe he's here to help, not to just give the typical responses." ... written by giacap
Thank you for my New Year update. Always great chatting. Great reading! Accurate and detailed. :)" ... written by vocalmachine1
Amazing as always." ... written by LeoRising88
Brilliant was spot on with this reading gave me some good advice hope it all is correct " ... written by blackcat06
Always excellent advice - thank you!!" ... written by takisfuego
Very good, had me to a tee, knew exactly how I was feeling without me saying a word, I didn't ask the question, he answered it all though." ... written by coynajordaine
Awesome, kind, and extremely helpful. Very accurate. " ... written by Maggiemaybe
So amazing. This man is my favorite on here!!! Just incredible. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by CatherineLoree
Jon is easy to talk to, and gets down to the feelings, and quickly realised where my problems were rooted. Really specific and directive, and knew what he said was spot on. Will deal with it, knowing I will be ok. Good reading, and genuine. Thanks Jon!" ... written by violetsprite
5 star reading and psychic! the best there is Jonmoss2000. thank you " ... written by myeyesee
Jon's readings are mind blowing! He gave me an overlook at the coming year which is nice. I am looking forward to growing the way he said I would. i will keep in touch Jon!! " ... written by Rainbowscolors
I love jonmoss i always go back to him had quite a few readings with him he's really good and can give good insight on any issue on your mind." ... written by xxcutegirl
Two readings in one day, lol! I am really glad I picked out Jon to pass me some messages from a very dear friend that passed away two years ago. I am very glad indeed! Thank you jon for the devotion to your work and helping out so much! :)" ... written by Rainbowscolors
He was very good, thanks! I would recommend him!" ... written by hellzbellz
Oh my goodness, what a reading! It's all I can say!! I am amazed and gobsmacked by Jon!!! I said nothing to him and he just started to tell me step by step word for word exactly what was going to happen in the week to come!! The best reading I have had here on Oranum for sure!! He was spot on!! I have goosebumps!! Thank you so much Jon!! You are amazing!! :o))) xoxo" ... written by LizNorway
Thank you Jon, always a pleasure and always so accurate! :))" ... written by beccaholly83
Terrific reading, very honest and to the point, lots of info provided and how to go about it." ... written by sycammer781
What an awesome reading and fun chat, I enjoyed it very much! I had some questions answered that I was wondering about for a while! Thank you very much!!! " ... written by patiencehoward14
Great!" ... written by sdosramos
Great reading! He said exactly how the situation was without me telling him! Will be back for another reading with this honest man for sure! Amazing!" ... written by Weaksoul
What a sweetheart. Best psychic on Oranum. he just gets it. no need to explain anything to Jon. He's awesome.Thank you!! : )" ... written by lavenderlilly13
The best." ... written by LeoRising88
5 stars always! He's always so spot on, so gifted! He knows his stuff truly, deeply and I highly recommend him to everyone. He's always so accurate, deeply gifted, and leaves me feeling the truth and at peace with myself knowing the truth. The world is very lucky to have him! :) Thank you so much Jonmoss2000 for your reading! Love and peace!" ... written by bunny222222
Spectacular!!!! Words cannot describe!!!!! Amazing!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Excellent.. All he has said thus far has come true.. I testify to that of all the many readings I have had he is the only one who has guided me." ... written by acealways
i was upset i didn't have more money for a longer reading i paid 1999 i thought it was 199 per minute it was over so fast kinda disappointed he was awesome" ... written by annettethesinger
I love Jon and his humor and clarity in a reading. He is very fast to tune in and works with honesty and integrity... Definitely one of the best on here. Thank you. " ... written by Hippie11
Great reading. Thank you very much." ... written by Balkiss
Great!!!! love him!!!" ... written by jamira76
Jonmoss is great. He's quick, accurate. Really eased me alot. I hope it all comes true. And I'll try out what he told me to do. Sounded interesting..." ... written by kohiprinsu
Very good information." ... written by acealways
Very honest, to the point and accurate in explanations" ... written by Fee1974
I really enjoyed my reading, was very insightful." ... written by gypsylace
Great help." ... written by acealways
Very good." ... written by Jlarson19
This man..... THIS MAN!!! I don't know that I have ever had a better experience with a psychic and I have talked to them all! Thank you Jon, for everything!!" ... written by CatherineLoree
Great and insightful, encouraging." ... written by Member625811
Looooove him. Great accuracy and honesty." ... written by steffleblanc
Love jon! He is amazing!" ... written by Perfectflaws87
Thanks Jon! Thanks for the update!" ... written by kingpi
Jon is awsome and always gives me great insight on how to handle the situations I currently am encountering. I always end up coming back to him and truly one of the best on her. I highly recommend him for a reading. " ... written by momlama1229
The real deal." ... written by LeoRising88
Friendly, informative...lovely man! Put me at ease about my situation...thank you! " ... written by belledujour07
Fab chat." ... written by ztracey
Very good - Do recommend him." ... written by Toneberg
Favorite." ... written by LeoRising88
A very honest and open reader would recommend him thanks jon." ... written by hellzbellz
Tapped into my situation right away with names or DOB, will away in Feb. thanks so much" ... written by mmend1217
Quality cheers mate!" ... written by tickleme2011
Greatt" ... written by yuriko22
Fast, Kind, and on point =)" ... written by ForevaCapricious
Excellent reading! I truly appreciate your honesty! Thank you very much!" ... written by tabatta68
So good! He really goes in details and answers all and everything. Very thorough! wonderful." ... written by bella911912
Just the best." ... written by LeoRising88
Wow great definitely recommend jon thank you very much. xx" ... written by coral04
Fast and to the point." ... written by dimond110
Great reading! Thank you! Always very detailed! " ... written by vocalmachine1
Jon knows and sees alot he is very good." ... written by myangel1234
Great reading, friendly, understanding and offered amazing insight into my situation. 10 stars as always. A must see reading!" ... written by stuart81
Just great! He gets right to the matter. Helps me clear up issues regarding some very sticky situations." ... written by Adventurer22
Excellent reading as always! :) I'm very pleased!! Thank you Jon!! You're a star :)" ... written by manijhe
Straight to the point and helpful. Thank you." ... written by charp25
Excellent." ... written by luckyanna
100 percent accurate!" ... written by mommy2oneboy04
He's one of the best and I love his reading!" ... written by anwarismaili
Wonderful. He knew exactly what was going on!" ... written by artisticfreakk
My second reading with Jon, lovely man, very confident. Accurate reading so far spot on prediction with my career progression and I look forward to more good news as shared by him!" ... written by ClaireisHappy
Jon was absolutely amazing. He truly helped me narrow down my choices and gave me great feedback and validation. Thank you so much, Jon. I will most definitely be back!" ... written by indigorayne
Good reading, go straight to the point and actually say what you're feeling and what you have gone through... " ... written by ginlin
He's great!!!!" ... written by econn13
I just love his readings!! They're always so right! And it makes me see the other perspective I cannot see... Thank you!" ... written by tabatta68
Really good reading " ... written by cecilia_mus
Jon is amazing. He'll talk until the last second!!!" ... written by imapeach3
John was very helpful, Thank you so much." ... written by 3427n8qbb
Great reading and great advice. Thanks Jon!" ... written by hardeep21
Great great advice... Wow!" ... written by lorri67
Thanks for a good reading... some good insights." ... written by Enkori
My go to." ... written by LeoRising88
Amazing insight. Blew me away!" ... written by shaikha
Jon is sensitive and compassionate. Thank you Jon." ... written by rbodin1
Ohh it was such a great reading, jonmoss is awesome, and very fast with his reading, I thank you very much and I will back. (Hugs) Kim" ... written by Kim1601
BEST EVER!" ... written by ashli0livia
Very good reading! Good energy and good connection!" ... written by dallascowboys8
My favorite!" ... written by LeoRising88
Very good. Very satisfied. I will see how things will be as he predicted and come back again. " ... written by peace808
Fantastic as always Xxxxxx" ... written by De5pina
He is good" ... written by Xtralarge2013
Always on spot." ... written by acealways
Thank you for your suggestions, they really helped :) Thank you! " ... written by crystal_x123
Consistent as ever." ... written by LeoRising88
Great Update Thank you for all your knowledge, talk to u again, hv a blessed day!" ... written by queenbee22
Jon is brilliant, he told me my door number that I had lots of trees in my garden and also the number of a door I was going to visit which meant nothing at the time but viewed that house with that door no days later. Top man! " ... written by nichola30
Unbelievably fast and right on. A wise soul with stellar talent." ... written by Questionlove2
Such a lovely psychic. Would recommend to everyone. Good insight and noticed alot straightaway. " ... written by laura316
Jon is amazing! He goes straight into the reading with no problem. He is a really lovely man. He is excellent with the tarot and gave me answers that satisfied my curiosities. he is exceptional!" ... written by Palomina
Great reading:)" ... written by Cell14
Great advice." ... written by lorri67
Jon is so amazing he even typed fr me as my internet is being funny. Always amazing x" ... written by stuart81
He is amazing! very fast and does not waste time at all. Thank you John" ... written by dimond110
AMAZING." ... written by aaron843
Straight to the point and very helpful. Thank you so much." ... written by charp25
Amazing!" ... written by marya23
Spot on! He is absolutely wonderful. Gave great advice and knew me very well. Will put his advice in to action and see where it takes me. Thanks again!" ... written by swalriven1983
The best." ... written by LeoRising88
Really picked up situation well." ... written by kohiprinsu
2 thumbs up" ... written by LeoRising88
LOVE HIM!! So accurate... glad I got a reading from you.. will have to see you again soon." ... written by jaimelillie
Such a great reading. I greatly enjoyed talking about career potentials with him, and what was in store down the line. It gets me excited about the potential I have, but wasn't able to see. Totally recommend him, and will be back! " ... written by Erica89
FIVE stars plus. I always come back to this gentleman because he amazes me with his accurate account of my situation, (validation for me). Always very respectful and professional. Give him a try!" ... written by Sunshadow3
Amazing reading - a lot of insight!! will definitely be back soon." ... written by shaikha
Always spot on! Thank you Jon!" ... written by niecie67
Amazing! He nailed it without any information from me." ... written by Armande
Thank you... I will keep you posted!!!" ... written by javawriter
Jon you are always very clear, straight forward and insightful. Thank you very much for that. Blessings." ... written by sdv2013
GREAT GUY, GREAT READER. X" ... written by ididitmyway
Great!!" ... written by jnm921
Thanks so much :)" ... written by cookieeye21
Always on point and knows the situation before I've asked everything... Good reading!" ... written by stuart81
He was really friendly and down to earth. He was honest and very patient and willing to answer all my questions. He offered up some detailed advice and options for me that I could think about. I'll definitely be seeing him again for any more advice if needed :)" ... written by liltopazmandy
Amazing!" ... written by marya23
Thank for for the insight and can't wait for predictions to come in a few! I will have to update." ... written by Cheer_Up_Soul
I enjoyed my reading very much!! Thank you so much... I can't wait to see predictions come true!! I'm so excited!! Thank you also for connecting me with my grandma last week also... It meant so very much... Some things didn't make sense at first but do now!! You're great!! God Bless!" ... written by csleppy
Very good , excellent and very detailed, I will come back to ask him more, he is very good thank you for your help!" ... written by akenatonacindere
He is Great, no jokes, he gave me clear and true answers. Pick him if you need him. If you need answers he is the go-to guy, I'm serious, I love him. Thank you jonmoss2000." ... written by Ronise0129
Jon - Thank you so much for your help today. I am moving forward with new found strength and understanding of the relationships at hand. You were accurate, caring, and insightful - offered information in the reading before I even mentioned what I was here for. Thank you for sharing my grandmother's presence - I know she is here with me, but it is always good to have confirmation of that. I am going to use our session today to continue to work hard and stay positive. Thank you so much for your guidance and advice. I am so grateful. Blessings to you and I will be in touch soon. " ... written by luje
Very good reading! I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Jon is so amazing allays so on point kind and adorable ,,, 100 percent amazing " ... written by stuart81
great reading. " ... written by peace808
Great reading again by Jon and previous readings came through. Will be back :) " ... written by denideni63
I love Jon, he's super sweet and knows things that no one knows! I would definately tell anyone he's the real deal. Will give you the confindence you need moving forward." ... written by lavenderlilly13
I love this guy. I always feel better after talking to him and he's so on point with his readings. Thank you again Jon." ... written by jaydiva2011
Pretty good chap :)" ... written by king_seti
He guides me with great care and has been very correct in his predictions." ... written by acealways
Great." ... written by LeoRising88
Great reading - he was right on and gave great advice. I will come back, and would recommend him highly." ... written by Taurus357
This gentleman is really awesome. He is extra special." ... written by ljbird007
Great as always!" ... written by Member625811
Great reading as usual! Thank you Jon!" ... written by Patience29
Good honest effort at my questions, good answers, the guy is very sincere and skilled. " ... written by king_seti
Great reading! Thank you!" ... written by kevonya
He connects with me so well. And he has pretty much picked up exactly what I have picked up all along. He's a great man! Will keep updated!" ... written by tbrooke2012
Thank you for your kind advice. John picks up on things so quick. He has a very strong gift. :)" ... written by king_seti
Good reading, gave me advice on situation and gave me clear picture of how things are. Thank you" ... written by fishyone
Soooooo nice. Sadly, we ended before a conclusion was reached, but I felt that he was on the right track FOR SURE!!! Would absolutely recommend. Something very comforting about him, too." ... written by jensterl
Amazingly spot on and very easy to talk to. Thanks Jon. " ... written by VirgoFox
GREAT!" ... written by anileda
I enjoyed my reading with Jon. He gave me some clarity to an issue in my life and enjoy his chat too! Thanks." ... written by kealia35
Details, details, details!!! Thank you, Jon!!! Excellent reader!" ... written by LeslieKay
Thanks for the reading. Very open and honest. x" ... written by Helgaz1
Great personality and very friendly guy!!!!" ... written by rcollins98
Right on with his reading. Very accurate. " ... written by tloislane007
Very good!" ... written by Shelly176
Amazing!!!! As always, love our talks!! it is like talking to my long lost best friend!" ... written by vineir08
I honestly really like this Jon. His readings are right on and I would give him an A+ for this. He I really enjoyed listening to him and if your skeptical, don't be; he knows what he's talking about." ... written by krissyruiz
He was excellent and knew exactly the situation without me telling him anything!" ... written by carolyn101
He's just great." ... written by LeoRising88
He is great!" ... written by curious12no
Excellent read" ... written by tloislane007
Jon was excellent, nothing but praise. I could not recommend more highly!" ... written by KMarsh
Thank you Jon, your an angel. You were spot on with what is going on in my life right now. I will most definitely return and enjoy a reading with you again. Many hugs and much love to you." ... written by ssam24
Great advice...ty jon" ... written by lorri67
As always very helpful, trustworthy and straight to the point. Thank you." ... written by charp25
He is always helpful and excellent in his readings, he can connect really well with me, than you very much for the help Jon!" ... written by snowriver71
Great reading the same card com up again and again ... hoping for the best, jon is so kind and lovely! Great reading " ... written by stuart81
Thanks." ... written by elle11
Aw again know I can trust in Jon to give me the truth, both good and things to watch out for, he's always consistently excellent in his readings, fast, accurate, can reveal things you were not even fully aware of, and brings everything together to make sense. Bangs the nail on the head!!!. Big Hugs :) Thanks so much. " ... written by claireylou
AMAZING! TRY HIM." ... written by sunnydeep
Great reading!" ... written by donaldws
Thank you jonmoss2000. You were very concentrated on what I needed to do. I appreciate your input. I am sure I will do well now. Thank you again." ... written by Awakened
The best." ... written by LeoRising88
Jon is fantastic! He gives it to you direct, just the way I like it. Thanks again Jon!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Excellent, to the point!" ... written by luckyanna
Jon always does a great job with the readings. He's very direct, no sugar coating, which I like. I highly recommend him." ... written by sweetsiren0072
Thanks Jon for always clear the confusion and show me a path worth taking...Cheers mate! " ... written by elledaly24
Very good reading as allways " ... written by stuart81
Jon is really ace. It is a really good reading and the email readings are very great!" ... written by tloislane007
Amazing as allways " ... written by stuart81
Excellent...very good reader and very fast and accurate" ... written by focusing
You were very accurate! I love how you explained my reading in a real world sense of decision making." ... written by Katrina73
One of the best." ... written by Adventurer22
Awesome, awesome person. told me just what i needed to hear to make changes in my life. im so very, very grateful for his time..coming from a skeptic,hes the real deal and comforting :D" ... written by m0n1ca
Really good man, honest, straight, won't bullshit you!" ... written by mi
He's great. Always has wonderful tools to teach me to better my situation, and is frank without being overbearing. Even if the news is not what I want to hear, he is able to give me advice as to how to make the best out of my situation and garner the results I want. I greatly enjoy working with him and will be back soon :)" ... written by Erica89
Best of the best!!!!" ... written by mhlanga2013
Thank you for your honesty." ... written by preepo79
Thanks so much! very good reading" ... written by petalouditsa
EYE OPENER! described who the person was, and I didn’t feed him the persons name or dob! didn’t need to give him my dob! which is always a plus! " ... written by intrigued8
Fantastic and always so accurate with predictions" ... written by sky456
So accurate and promising!" ... written by vanessakg
Great!" ... written by Gaby11
Amazing, lovely guy." ... written by hellena12
Very honest and true!" ... written by OLAMOTIL
I liked my chat with jonmoss2000. He hit everything right on target without much input from me. HE really did put my mind at ease with my situation." ... written by hinkled70
I think he is really good, he reassures me about a question I had that for me is important, I will continue asking things to him, thanks!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Always very comfortable to talk to and talks a lot of sense :)" ... written by ladymeredith
Dead on!!! Perfect accuracy and excellent practical solutions to all my questions and concerns... Jon is definitely one of the VERY BEST!!! Thanks so much!!!" ... written by TaylorB12
Thank you again. :) I am a repeat customer for a reason. " ... written by preepo79
He never fails to impress me. Bless you sir! I appreciate your guidance. " ... written by king_seti
Fantastic as always." ... written by Member625811
Definetly the best man on here! Gets to the point, no misleading or chit chat. Not a fake for sure, as many others on here, will stick only to him for the future. I advise you to give him a go and I promise you wont be disappointed. Thank you Jon for everything. God bless, Marika." ... written by marika78a
Good reading!" ... written by wtbh2011
Accurate, fast, reliable as always. Thank you! He also picks up on situations quickly and don't waste any time!" ... written by antoinette89
Thank you!" ... written by kohiprinsu
Follow up amazing as always!" ... written by sky456
Amazing, as always. I highly recommend him to anyone. I have such a great time in our sessions, and no matter what I always learn a ton. He's genuinely caring about my situation and what's going on. " ... written by Erica89
Jonmoss you are such a blessing. Thank you so much for your time. I will keep you in the loop, tell Ryan thank you for coming through." ... written by rosieRN
5 star psychic on the planet! Thank you John for everything, lots of love!!!!!!!!! " ... written by marika78a
He is amazing and very accurate and detailed as always, thanks jon! A million stars if I could!" ... written by sky456
Always excellent and accurate. I come back again and again." ... written by martarlyd
Jon.. Is the real deal... Always on target... He has said a lot of things which have all came true.. I trust him 100% and would highly recommend him without a doubt." ... written by AceAlways
So amazing talking to him! He's the greatest. Supportive, understanding, always knows the situation. Give him a try!" ... written by tbrooke2012
Amazing as always." ... written by stuart81
Awesome!" ... written by mini1214
He picked up on some stuff, other stuff was a bit left wing. Maybe some light will shed upon it soon! " ... written by AgentMagpie
Jon is very easy to talk to, up front, honset, gives very clear information and is thoughtful in his answers and approach. He never makes judgements and is encouraging, very positive person, and is very calming." ... written by starsandmoons
Had a great reading. Looking forward to the future.Thank you very much." ... written by debbie6565
Thank you, for the chat. I will talk to you soon." ... written by rosieRN
Brilliant insight and advice! " ... written by Avalon22
I feel like I could talk to him all day long;-/" ... written by rosieRN
Spot on, very pleased." ... written by emmaball25
The best! " ... written by DaisyNova
Very intuitive... Great! Honest... And very blunt... Very spiritually connected!" ... written by chelle1987
Jon is so quick with lots of info!!!" ... written by bluetig
I will always come here for jon, for me he is the best!!! I think this is my fifth time getting a reading from him in the past 2 months and he is always right on point!! His cards just speak the truth, I love it! Amazing talent, I am so pleased and happy .... Thank you so much!" ... written by tabatta68
Brilliant." ... written by emmaball25
Thank you, Jon, Once again, spot on." ... written by niecie67
Jon gives awesome readings. He will look at different angles of a question and do his best to help you." ... written by rcollins98
Amazing as always" ... written by stuart81
It was very helpful! I will return soon!" ... written by lunataylor9876
Love him... too good... " ... written by Bbrave1
Good." ... written by acealways
Thanks! So very spot on!" ... written by ashleymarie0104
Excellent!" ... written by emmaball25
You can talk to jon pretty much about anything, and he will have the greatest insight and see what you can't see, and from a different and loving perspective.... I adore him!" ... written by tabatta68
Helpful. He gave a prediction that I'll have to wait and see about but I can say he was in tune with the problem." ... written by kiwill
He is fantastic on all his advise and honest in all his assessments, highly recommend him!" ... written by bbdo1234
Jon was so in-tune to what was going on in my life. I will come back and get another read and update from him. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
Excellent and GENUINE reading, definitely one of the best readings ever. Straight to the point and in-depth with Everything! Greeeeeat Spirit as well." ... written by MVGlove
Hey very great reading thanks a lot..." ... written by sandy1113
All I can say is him and another psychic have given me similar readings. And I'll come back on and let him know in a few months how accurate he was. Very straight talking, lovely and thorough though. And he tries to be quick to save your credits." ... written by AgentMagpie
Excellent reading!" ... written by Theresa Lane
Great.." ... written by acealways
Excellent readings. Exactly right on at every step. FANTASTIC. Well worth it. Jon you made my mum so happy. Loved you and we will talk to you again." ... written by Theresa Lane
Thanks jon ran out of credit but you're the best you been spot on on everything i've ever asked and to anyone looking for a reading this guy is the one to he's patient correct and brutally honest. Worth every penny and more." ... written by maggielou
I highly recommend Jon. Enjoyed the readings I've had, both email and in private. I love how you follow up with people in your chat room Jon show's your genuine compassion for people you read for. Your amazing!" ... written by msvette2117
He says what he sees, intuitive, very happy to have talked to Jon. Will definitely talk to him again if I have to." ... written by Stephanie
Not what i wanted to hear but at least he's honest!" ... written by jasminepapas
Always helpful and provides the guidance and information I need. Jon is wonderful!" ... written by starsandmoons
After a bad demo I came to jon for clarification and he helped beyond measure! he picked up on name and was on point all the way thru... thanks so much!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
Spot on ,brilliant!" ... written by emmaball25
Spot on a great reader" ... written by hellena12
Amazing as always!! Thank you Jon for this awesome update!" ... written by vineir08
Simply, simply, simply the BEST on this site!!!! THE BEST!!! Thank you so much John, will call you soon!!!!!" ... written by vaskoa
Phenomenal reading!! Thanks, Jon! " ... written by LeslieKay
So far every single reading i have had with him has been right. And i dot get that very much. i been thru quite a few and haven't had the accuracy he has had with I'm going to say 95% of his predictions. i hope all continues go smoothly and progressively." ... written by Bbrave1
A+++! Has never let me down so far, thanks Jon!" ... written by hellzbellz
Amazing, that's all I will say." ... written by Sarahcupcake21
A good reading. He has good sense of humour =)" ... written by jomielyn
Thanks for the update Jon, I'll let you know what happens. " ... written by Cheer_Up_Soul
Jon gave a prediction a few days ago about a advancement at my job that I would be getting soon and it happened yesterday !! I have to say that he is the go to guy and now my only reader on the site. Thank you much jon, love andamp; light !!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
Very honest and genuine" ... written by timmyc22002
Spot on with what my other top go to people have said. This guy is the real deal. Thanks man" ... written by Habibi_no1
Jon was wonderful and very accurate with my reading. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Very interesting reading this time with Jon and he made lots of sense." ... written by SCB4001
A trusted advisor! Thank you Sir!" ... written by king_seti
He's cards are spot on! Connected very well with me! Described my ex and present bf with no questions asked! " ... written by Nina_Lovely
Thanks again, Jon! For being so helpful with your accurate guidance and for giving me some new ideas in how I can move forward. Its hard knowing when to be patient and when to move- and you have depicted the situation here where I can now focus my energies in the right place instead of feeling like I've been banging my head against the wall! I feel more confident about the next hard push here and I know there is light at the end of the tunnel, where before I really wasn't so sure... I will be in touch again soon!" ... written by luje10
Gave insight." ... written by intrigued8
Great guy, precise answers." ... written by Mirsad32
Simply the best." ... written by LeoRising88
Very good reading, very accurate and give good advice." ... written by dom_dom_dom
Another good reading with Jon. Will be back!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
Jon was great and very accurate! I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Thank you so very much!!! " ... written by scadoodle
Oh m'gosh WOW. I dont think words can do this guy justice. Do not hesitate to see him for one second. He blew my mind. The best on here and ive done a lot of shopping." ... written by Madizon
Great advice as always!" ... written by Member625811
Jon always clarifies very nicely and I always enjoy his readings. His predictions has passed for me before so I will have to have patience's. Thanks Jon!! " ... written by PurePurplePisces
Jon was great and got right to the point. You will be amazed during one of his readings. Please, Oranum, give him another star." ... written by sweetsiren0072
Very helpful!" ... written by charp25
Always on target" ... written by acealways
Good stuff as always ! Thanks Jon" ... written by king_seti
Thank you for your gifted guidance today, the information just flows through you. In just letting you talk it was quite amazing how you described this person and the situation. I did a reading once a year ago with you and came back as I have found very few readings quite as good as yours!" ... written by Jena
Very honest :)" ... written by Rainbow828
Amazing 10/10." ... written by stuart81
Utterly amazed... he brought up so much information that was so eerily correct that I didn't make mention of. Thanks a lot Jon, I feel really good about where things are going now. " ... written by VonHoneybird
Excellent" ... written by luckyanna
Fabulous reading. So detailed in the short time we had covered most areas of life and was true and accurate on it all. Well worth the money and more. Thanks jon." ... written by sineadmc
Good advice" ... written by tdoublee
Another fantastic reading with Jon. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
5 million stars, love him!" ... written by DaisyNova
Awesome Private Reader. Very insightful, very helpful, explains in detail all the things. Five Stars! I Recommend doing a private reading with JonMoss! Bless you my friend and thanks!" ... written by Rophel
Great reading as usual!" ... written by tloislane007
Amazing 10/10!" ... written by stuart81
Great reading hit on everything accurately he is excellent." ... written by vayunu
Very accurate, totally awesome!" ... written by jondi1981
Excellent reading!" ... written by tloislane007
Really good reading!" ... written by angeldust67
Nailed it! excellent reader giving a good reading on the current situation, advice on what to do and what is most likely the outcome. Amazing really" ... written by Armande
Great reading want to talk more" ... written by polarbear78
Simply the best." ... written by LeoRising88
Great readings!" ... written by rcollins98
He always helps me with my problems and I feel better afterwards." ... written by rcollins98
Amazing reading as always!" ... written by vineir08
Wow! Very good reading! On with everything and you picked up my Aunt. Very good and highly recommended." ... written by jacquelinem41
Last reading he was spot on and honest, came to pass as he said. Every time I consulted Jon, he has said it straight." ... written by Enkori
this guy is awesome!!!!!!" ... written by debb
Very fast connection - does not waste any time and gives you as much info as fast as possible to max your credits. Gets the situation immediately and gives good advice. You know he sees it based on his description of current events, without any info from you. Amazing talented man" ... written by Armande
Wonderful! Will be back :) Thanks Jon. " ... written by Jessica
You know what you do :) good job." ... written by aamolaa
Wonderful!" ... written by michelle
Very good. Five Stars. Very insightful and very detailed information given. I recommend you doing a Private Reading with Jon, you won't be disappointed. Blessings Jon and thanks!" ... written by Rophel
Thanks so much for the wonderful reading! Jon really goes above and beyond in finding the answers to any question you ask. Very accurate and very reassuring!" ... written by Jena
Accurate so far!" ... written by linn115
My go to." ... written by LeoRising88
Jon is always so great. Best reader on Oranum, I go see others when hes not available sometimes, but no one is better than Jon. He sees things clearly and breaks it down for you. Thanks Jon!!" ... written by lavenderlilly13
Always detailed and clear. Excellent" ... written by bella911912
Sorry, ran out of funds. Very informative and giving a lot of details. Will be back soon to keep you posted. " ... written by start13
Very good reading, i recommend. Five Starts. Very insightful and descriptive. You can't go wrong with Jon so go into a Private Reading with him. Bless you Jon and thanks." ... written by Rophel
He is great, I am going to get to work on me! Thanks Jonmoss2000" ... written by theladyford
Always insightful with great advise" ... written by Member625811
Very helpful, extremely sincere, I feel much better after speaking with him. He's honest, and he really will do as much as he can to help. " ... written by adriana
Great stuff. Jon connected with my grand parents and it is just great to know they are here" ... written by char10222
He is awesome and always is right on!" ... written by Mrod130
Great reading every time and makes me feel better when I need questions answered!" ... written by angela
Very accurate and fast reader. Can see the situation immediately and will tell you the truth about what is going on." ... written by Armande
So far everything he has predicted has been accurate and all the most important things he has given me a reading on has been and right now i pray to god and all the universe that he is 110 percent accurate today. So excited and thank you ya" ... written by Bbrave1
That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. He was absolutely correct on everything and I would recommend him to everyone. This was an amazing reading. Thank you Jon" ... written by cloe24
See him as investment! The best in here!" ... written by Vasko
He's just great." ... written by leoRising88
Outstanding reading, thank you, highly recommended. " ... written by tysonandblue
Jon is awesome as always. He is very direct and easy to talk to. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Thanks Jon, cleared the steam from my ears and clarified a lot for me.. thank you for your continued support :)" ... written by Avalon
Great as always. I always feel very calm when we have sessions and my questions are thoroughly answered." ... written by Erica
Thanks Jon. You told me what my dad has been saying about my year. " ... written by Chris
Great and straight forward, no sugar coating." ... written by Yazan
Great reading and I will definitely use his advice." ... written by raptor24
He was awesome!!" ... written by Dee
Amazing reading, thanks so much!" ... written by pet
He make me to cool down. I love him. Thank you very much." ... written by Emily
WOW! Nice!" ... written by sheyla
Thanks! " ... written by sheyla
Great man, on the spot, mentioned none clarity last reading with no sugarcoating, mentioned I was not going to get what I wanted due to being on the wrong path and he was correct, didnt tell him anything beforehand. This time he claimed I changed and he was absolutely right." ... written by Yazan
Clarity, Truth, and Honesty!! As always, thanks Jon!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
Not sure what I would do without this man. Jon is wonderful. He always seems to know things about me that only I should know. He also has been very accurate when looking into the months ahead. Thank you Jon, you are truly a gift." ... written by RosieRN
Jon was really fast and accurate...Thank you so much." ... written by resee057
Acurrate as jon is 10/10" ... written by stuart81
I really like talking to jonmoss2000. He tells me like it is and doesn't hold back. Everything is right on amd very good. Awesome. I will visist him again!!!" ... written by rljameson
Quick. Worked with few credits. Definitely pinned the personalities involved. " ... written by nn
MIND BLOWING :). SO GOOD." ... written by imapeach3
Ran out of time - but wonderful reading! Will be back. " ... written by Anonette
This guy is great. He's very quick and tells you the truth, no nonsense. I had some concerns before but my mind feels much lighter now! Thank you Jon :)" ... written by stickytoffee
He picked up on a lot of things, very good reading" ... written by sticky toffee
very good reading" ... written by stickytoffee
very good reading" ... written by stickytoffee
This is my second reading with Jonmoss!! He picked up on things with my information needed! He also connected with my stepfather gave me a accurate description. He is the real deal and gave plenty of details! I'll be back for updates." ... written by Nina
Very intuitive and genuine. I felt a positive vibe with this psychic reading. It was good. " ... written by Shahana
As always.. from day one till now all the same. Its great to know all is still on track. Thank you Jon for always keeping me focused. ((( Highly recommended ))).... much luv and respect to you!! " ... written by Wahine
Great as usual! Spot on! I didn't give any info and he knew everything. Jon you are amazing. Thank-you so much for your honesty and caring." ... written by oiseau67
He was very clear and gave me a chance to exit while he read my partners mind. I enjoyed his session and will seek his advice again. 5 stars for him!" ... written by patricia47
Jon was able to connect right away and was very quick, I appreicated his accuracy and ability to get right to the heart of things! Thanks Jon. " ... written by Babs
AWESOME!!!!! I will only speak with him. He could see my thoughts before I could type them. Very caring. :)" ... written by JoAnn
Jon was wonderful and accurate! I enjoyed my reading a lot! I highly recommend him!" ... written by long island, ny
Thank you very much for the reading! It was very helpful and insightful!" ... written by Mulberrybush
This guy is the best!" ... written by gabrielle
Jon goes right into helping you with concerns to be addressed. His speed seemed to flow evenly, (and responded to my typing quickly). Yet he is quite comforting without sugar-coating anything. He pulled a few tarot cards and really got their meanings. Excellent job!" ... written by Sunshadow3
Thank you again for your insight. I will be preparing myself accordingly for the next phase in life." ... written by JE
Thanks so much, but it cut out so soon...I wanted to ask some more questions! x" ... written by antonia
Amazing." ... written by cille
Fantastic reading! Will be back again!" ... written by lisa
Thank you Jon for the awesome reading again!! You are the best! xoxo" ... written by Sandra
100% in tune. Thanks as always, Jon. :)" ... written by VonHoneybird
I really enjoyed my reading with Jon yesterday, really on point with my situation. Jon, you get 5 stars!! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Dasha1
So lovely to talk to, straight to the point and very helpful. Highly recommended." ... written by lozkate1702
Jon was amazing! I have never had a medium reading and it made me so happy to hear from my dear, dear friend. Completely unexpected! " ... written by Missbvee
Awesome, accurate, and precise! Thanks so much for the reading!" ... written by Jennefer
Very accurate! Thanks, Jonmoss2000! :)" ... written by kanroan
This was my second reading. He was able to help me with my situation. Very clear and knew exactly what I was talking about. He is a TOP PSYCHIC on Oranum! Recommend!!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
This is my second reading with jonmoss2000 and he managed once again to understand my question and really take the time to explain what he was seeing. He was right before, so hopefully he's right again!" ... written by abyss00
Thank you so much! He is very good in his work, I trust him a lot." ... written by lola
He was telling me stuff that I did not indulce to him. Very insightful" ... written by Jass7869
Jon, your reading was spot on, I am amazed!" ... written by GHAZOULA
He's great." ... written by LeoRising88
Love this man. I truly need to stay away from Oranum for some time. Please let Jon read you, you will not regret it." ... written by RosieRN
He is an excellent reader and and a great asset to Oranum." ... written by msvette2117
Jon is the REAL DEAL!!! Instant connection, is spot on, works with the highest power! AMAZING :) Thank u so much!" ... written by Yoogii
Great reading!" ... written by ask me
AMAZING!" ... written by RoonilWazlib
Great reading, he picked up on what I am leaning... Really good! Thanks Jon! " ... written by tony
Thank you so much jonmoss2000, it was an amazing reading and I so appreciate it" ... written by Kathryn
great!!" ... written by had519
Was very very wise and honest with me. Gave me some very good guidance as well. Bang on with the situation at hand. We ran out of time. Thanks Jon I highly recommend him he is wonderful. xo I'll be beck for another update." ... written by dejera
Amazing insight every prediction came true." ... written by shaikia
Accurate " ... written by Paul
great reading " ... written by cecilia
What an amazing prediction. Everything I feel was put out there and I didn't have to say it. Jonmoss is great and I would recommend anyone get a reading from him. Very good advice and helpful information to be on a path that is life changing!!!" ... written by rljameson
He was great, just what I needed to know, made me feel great because some things were driving me crazy, thanks alot!" ... written by marie reyes
I was skeptical about a few predictions made, but they all came true!! Amazing readings! Definitely worth the time!" ... written by shaikha
Great reading!" ... written by ceciia
Wonderful and efficient...encouraging with good advice." ... written by Ian
great great great reading." ... written by vineir08
amazing as always!! He's so awesome!" ... written by kanoe
Five Star reader, great to talk with and so accurate with the cards, answered all my questions, I would recommend Jon to anyone who needs peace of mind. Tks Jon great reading, and understanding... xxx" ... written by snowriver71
Very well informed, nice, got to the point." ... written by Amanda
Great reading... insightful... thank you!" ... written by dreamrider077
Love this guy! 5 Stars. He's proven to be accurate, pleasant, and great with the time frames too. Thanks, Jon!" ... written by Leslie Kay
He is great quick and accurate." ... written by dabountychic119
Jon is BRILLIANT!!!!!! I had a destiny reading today and he just put my mind at ease with what the next few months have in store. HIGHLY RECOMMEND JONMOSS2000! " ... written by Missbvee
5 STARS!!! Jon Moss gave me a reading in which he stated a man was coming through and showing him a "Red Cross medal" and that I would be seeing a health professional soon. Well, he had no idea that I am currently suffering heavy metal poisoning and will be visiting a doctor in a few days. Nicely done, Jon." ... written by LeslieKay
Excellent." ... written by luckyanna
A very lovely man with an incredible spiritual energy that made my head buzz throughout the whole reading. I asked for a general reading, which came with very specific and very helpful answers. Thank you very much!" ... written by bryherlouise
Very great! Loved the reading ad was honest too. I would come back." ... written by angela
Jon was awesome as always! Thanks Jon!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Spot on with information about my dad and about my current situation." ... written by Debra
Wow, needed that reality check! Thanks, Jon!" ... written by daddychop
Blessing to have jon in my life.. I trust him completely.. Thank you again.." ... written by Wahine
Excellent." ... written by acealways
Spot on as always, really stand up guy. I can't give Jon enough credit." ... written by Jordan Anderson
He was SCARY accurate and compassionate. I will contact him again shortly.... he's a keeper. " ... written by Carrie
Just great." ... written by LeoRising88
He is fantastic , great reading and very honest with me." ... written by mojowoman
Thank you Jon for the private, the things you predicted are starting to show more and more everyday. It's shows you truly care, I will come back again and again for readings with you. " ... written by msvette2117
Great! He opened my eyes!" ... written by betty
So good with the cards, can read a situation immediately and provide insight and answers as well as good advice on how to proceed. Also, makes very accurate predictions about the future. One of the best here." ... written by Armande
John, you are one of the best, even when your tired." ... written by King_Seti
He was spot on and amazing!" ... written by Amanda
He is very kind and helpful, he talks to you on a level where you can understand. My first reading with him was very accurate and intuitive. He is very clear and gave me very good advice. I am grateful for that. Such a gift of love!" ... written by vasanta
Fantastic amazing." ... written by cecilia
Amazing reading he's always right ." ... written by cecilia
Incredible reading, as always! Totally spot on 5 stars and worth every penny. Thank you Jon :)" ... written by Yoogii
Wonderful! This is my third reading with him and he's quick to point out all the little details that make a reading with him that much more personable and on the nose and he's straight to the point and honest. Definitely worth a reading with him. " ... written by abyss00
He is the best!!!!!" ... written by Deborah
Astonishingly wonderful. He was spot-on on every issue. I will like to ask him read me again." ... written by TOKUNBO
THANK U XX" ... written by f999111
He was great!" ... written by marisa
Best. Mentor. Ever." ... written by dante
Wonderful!" ... written by hihi234
Great reading." ... written by tbritt
He is fast and great!" ... written by dimond110
Gave me a very accurate general reading, was my first time but I know I will be back. :) " ... written by Sophie
Jon is the best. He doesn't tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. It is what is is, and Jon will give it to you straight. Thanks Jon : )" ... written by Heather
He is pretty Good!" ... written by DillanStar2013
Great reading! thank you, you are always so insightful :)" ... written by sandra
Beautiful Man, sweet spirit, knows his stuff." ... written by Stella Mars
Finished too early. ;( He was spot on." ... written by kerry
WOW!!! Surprisingly good!! Maybe my new best tarot reader!!!" ... written by LeKris22
Spot on. Nailed it on the head, Thank you.1" ... written by Angela
Great reading jon! It's uplifting! you are good! I give you 5 stars! This is my third reading with you, and i think it is fine to say that i trust you as a psychic, and you are loved! Many blessing coming your way! Love and light to you!" ... written by norm
Jon is amazing!" ... written by dimond110
Thank you Jon for the great reading! You always know what is going on in certain situations. Thanks so much!" ... written by sandy
Excellent!!" ... written by hihi234
Great reader and my go-to in here. Love him. 10 stars!" ... written by Daisy
Thanks for the support Jon, I appreciate it as always." ... written by Virgofox
AWESOME READING!!!!!! " ... written by ann marie
Wonderful guy, really. Loved everything he said. Amazing. I can't wait to see the future. Spot on about me. Everything accurate. He is the go to guy. Thank you so much." ... written by Shanyce Hughes
Beautiful accent, huge help, gave me some confidence - although worried that ex's grandma may be talking to me!! Thank you X" ... written by ljaugust
vow ............ it rolled of his lips like he knew me well and all that was going in my life. Absolutely astonishing." ... written by mkjay28
My readings with jon are always outstanding!! Thanks much jon!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
Amazing reading, looking forward too coming true. " ... written by cecilia
Very excellent. Everything has been right on when he talks about people and how they act. Will come back again and again for sound advice." ... written by rljameson
Is very level headed and it is not about your wishes as much as it is how those wishes can be related to the reality of what you are facing the good and the bad bits and becoming clearer and more positive." ... written by Chris
So exciting!!! What a great experience. Jon is amazing, he confirmed all that I felt and put me at ease for my future. I will definitely return and send many his way!" ... written by rljameson
Brilliant as always, thanks Jon for the clarification :)" ... written by Avalon22
Didn't tell me what I wanted to hear - but the whole reading was positive - Thanks a million, Jon!" ... written by Miss_Take
Thank you very much, Jon!" ... written by mkjay28
Great!!! Awesome!!!" ... written by jamira76
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by foreveryoungdv
Very positive reading and will let my husband know and hopefully cheer him up. Thank you !" ... written by jacqueline thomson
Excellent reading!!!! His ability to see the present circumstances really validifies his ability to see what's coming!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Beautifully clear andamp; encouraging as always. Very direct andamp; to heart of the matter, gives me hope for tomorrow:)" ... written by Brandy
Was very detailed, was good read." ... written by christie
Very good as always." ... written by F
Always gets me! Always makes me feel better. And is very accurate and straight up with his answers. " ... written by rinesha
Jon is a favorite of mine because he is always up front and clear, no sugar coating and that's what I need! Someone who will be honest with me and help guide me to my own solutions. He is very gifted!" ... written by Michele
I have to say I've had three readings and they have all been accurate. His reading today was very good, and I'll be glad to let him know if he was right in the next few weeks. " ... written by Michelle
Good. As ever." ... written by Agent Magpie
Definitely a good reading. Precise with timing and information. very positive energy. " ... written by sara
Great reading, spot on in every way, would recommend to many! Thank you and hopefully things will work out just as you said!! xx" ... written by selbabes
Haha, thanks for that." ... written by guiseppe
after our private session, I feel like a weight is lifted, like I can think clearly now to decide which direction I need to take next. Thank you, jon, thank you so much." ... written by adriana
Jon moss was wonderful and very insightful." ... written by Lovescabbage
Thorough reading... he read my current situation accurately and gave me practical advice as well. Thank you! " ... written by cobayangini
Great reading as always, he is always so helpful and very honest. I will be coming back after my trip and see if things go according to the reading. Soo happy! thank you" ... written by sonji
Amazing amazing amazing!! love to go to him for guidance! Best insight and advice." ... written by vineir
Jonmoss is good reader taro one here , try him , he is indeed and real and kind and hit the point ...well I apreciated his concern and his way to help and advice me about my relationship :)" ... written by ampily
Jonmoss2000 was the sweetest gentleman. He spoke gently and softly and really tapped into my thoughts. He was a wealth of information and I would absolutely read with him again as well as refer him!" ... written by Judith
Jon is very articulate, understanding and gifted! I was confused with a long story but he sorted it out right away. I could tell he was for real and he connected to the core. Excellent and thank you. " ... written by ladydove
Amazing as always! Love and hugs to you Jon. Spot on!" ... written by AndreaDea
Thank you for the great reading. Your help is much appreciated." ... written by Grace035
Jon was very fast and hit on points that were impossible for him to have known about without having his gifts to aid him. I am a true believer. " ... written by Shelley
Super Great!" ... written by Skai
Brilliant, tells it as it is." ... written by blackcat06
Very nice person and very accurate findings....Would like to stay in touch with him" ... written by rafia
Thank you a lot for your helpful reading!:) " ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Great guy...loved the reading." ... written by Dalilali
Great reading as always! I highly recommend to everyone!" ... written by Erica
He was excellent and not judgmental and caring." ... written by Sonia
Awesome reading as always!" ... written by Patience29
Uau! I am completely astonished by Jonmoss energy and how quick and efficient he his picking up my innermost reality! And giving me solutions and keys to improve! Also his future reading was so great and insightful! Worth every penny!" ... written by Livia
Jon Moss was incredible.. We instantly connected in free chat. He didn't have to give me any "freebies" either to show me that we connected. As soon as we got into private chat, he went right into the details and was able to confirm a lot about me without any information whatsoever. Having a reading with Jon was inspiring and uplifting. He gave me a high quality reading with phenomenal time efficiency. Thank you so much Jon!" ... written by Taylor
Love love love that reading " ... written by cecilia
Cool... Super honest! " ... written by Yolanda
Very quick and informative. I'll return to let you know what happens :)" ... written by AnonymousSB
WE are both mindblowed me and my mum! Love and blessing to u amaizing man!" ... written by AndreaDea
Very good reading " ... written by cecilia
Another great reading. Put my mind at ease. Also know that I still have lots of work to do. " ... written by Rainbowscolors
Very good reading has great things to say very close to the truth of what's happening :) X" ... written by lolabug
Amazing reading. " ... written by cecilia
Jon is so calming and non judgmental. He clarified a lot about what I was feeling and my own spiritual development. wonderful." ... written by sonia
Great to have a reading with him because you don't have to ask the questions, he can tell you what's going on, beyond what you may have thought to ask." ... written by Armande
Good reading. Very insightful." ... written by ryan747
He picks up on so much! It is really amazing!" ... written by bella
Was very insightful. Knew things that came through that even those closest to me don't know. Jon definitely has connections!" ... written by Gadget65
Always on the mark...:) hits it in the nail!" ... written by intrigued
Amazing." ... written by sonia
Very good as always." ... written by Acealways
Amazing update, he's awesome!!!" ... written by usa
Excellent reading, I would recommend him and he is five stars all the way. Knows and understands the situation, easy to talk with. Thank you Jon very much.." ... written by snowriver71
Very detailed reading, hit things head on. Very very good." ... written by Soul2love
OMG! He does help me to clear out my mind...thanks Jon!" ... written by Tess
Short and sweet but to the point. Just the way I like my readings. Thanks Jon." ... written by Shelley
Incredibly detailed reading on my relationship.. offered advice that will carry out and he is a genuine person. will definitely have another reading with him." ... written by sara
Jon was amazing!!!! Spot on with it all-- definitely the real deal. I really appreciate the advice and helpfulness... It's like speaking with a friend. Really, really helpful-- I can't thank him enough. Will always return to him when needed. Thanks again Jon. Light and many Blessings to you my friend" ... written by dalight07 (Terrance)
John is awesome, hes insightful, and kind. It was incredibly helpful." ... written by Nicolle
Wonderful reading as always! Jon is always on target and makes a situation so much clearer, and gives me the most peace of mind. Thank you!" ... written by Jena
Always a good reading." ... written by theresa lane
Gave a detailed reading with time frames and was spot on with recent events and happenings...would recommend jon to everyone...hes quick and on the ball...he was able to bring my grandad thru which I am very grateful for...thanks ever so much jon i will be back for another soon. x" ... written by sinead
Awesome..picks up on awesome stuff!" ... written by theresa lane
Spot on!!" ... written by sinead
Very good thank you." ... written by Emma
Thank you very much for your reading and your time! I feel much better!! =)" ... written by Paulina
Thank you again for an amazing reading!)" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Good reading!" ... written by seeker
Great session!!!" ... written by sunny0day
I am so grateful for this man i have honed my favorites to 3 psychics. he wonderful and makes you feel unburdened and relieved. he is always right on spot with answers. i feel gifted in being able to know this man Great Crystal Dragon by the way." ... written by devene page
Very accurate. Reassured me with everything." ... written by Mercedes
As usual very helpful and straight forward. Thank you so much. He is the best of all!" ... written by charp25
Great read! Was a great help with clearing up my mind." ... written by tilthe
He is very accurate and kind and helpful person, I like to listen and get reading from him cos every thing came as he predicted. Thank you so much." ... written by Ampily
Thank you, Jon always makes sense x" ... written by coraldeacon
Very good reading, I will be back." ... written by gerrijj
Thank you again for the reading!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Want more " ... written by chateisch drayton
AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!!!! " ... written by Wahine
He is one of the best on this site you should be proud to have him. He is always leaving you with an upbeat feeling no matter how low you were. I just love this guy's truthfulness andamp; accuracy." ... written by devene12
Awesome" ... written by sonia
I thank you, will be back soon" ... written by chateisch drayton
GO TO HIM!!!! HE TELLS YOU EXACTLY WHAT TO DO!!!" ... written by Elizabeth
Very accurate and fast. Would come back for more." ... written by iconnect
Always great to hear from Jon. He knows what he is talking about and what is going on with me and the people around me. Everything he says works and it all makes sense. I will continue to come back again and again!!" ... written by rljameson
He is just amazing to chat with" ... written by Elizabeth
He is very good and picks up very good points." ... written by dimond110
Thank you!" ... written by unknown
Excellent!" ... written by luckyanna
Excellent Reading" ... written by Theresa Lane
Great update!" ... written by vine
lovely guy --look forward to talk to him again" ... written by cat2910
Jon is spot on all the time, nailed it as it is, no doubt really knows what he is doing. Would recommend him to anyone for a private reading. Five Stars to Jon...Thanks Jon." ... written by Snowriver71
VERY genuine reading. Thank you so much for your time!!" ... written by Summer84
Right to the point." ... written by cat2910
Good psychic, helped me a lot!" ... written by Caio
Excellent!!!" ... written by luckyanna
Very positive reading, I hope it comes true." ... written by rcollins98
I just had an excellent reading with Jon. It was very in-depth and accurate. He had keen insights into my current situation, my future, and my essence as a person. I feel much more confident now to proceed in my life with his insights and advice; I will return to him when I need spiritual guidance. Thank you very much. " ... written by Emily
just a very casual clear reading. Great follow up readings that connect with previous discussions. Wonderful" ... written by sonia
Great update!!!!" ... written by vineir
HE is SO accurate as usual and Always trust him as he is master and professional and exellent in reading in many time and I appriciate in his talet and he is Real and the best , try him and know by yourself, Ampy " ... written by Ampily
GREAT!!!" ... written by LEORising88
Amazing... Thanks a ton for being honest. :)" ... written by Aarushie
Very accurate on what happens, I keep going back for more." ... written by Kendy
Connects immediately. Answers my questions before I even have the time to ask! He is great. My go too!" ... written by G
Jon is honest and so accurate as usualy , he is talent and master psychic who that ppl should try and miracel is true here ! join his private reading then you will know this is a right plac right room Jonmoss2000! if you want to visit ornum this is The best and the right one and indeed!" ... written by Ampily
Just laid back and honest. Like talking to the best confidant in the world." ... written by cat
Great job thks.. will put him on my list to talk to ... thanks." ... written by Debra
Seems straight up, we'll see, thanks for your reading. : )" ... written by fragrantvagrant
HE is very kind and thoughful and YES so accurate as usual :)" ... written by Ampily
He confirmed again! He is the best! Listen to this man!! Love and light, Jon" ... written by Andrea
VERY ACCURATE AND HELPFUL PERSON " ... written by Jacob White
Fast and direct!" ... written by sunny
Jon is always dead on! I highly recommend him, he does not sugar coat and tells it like it is." ... written by sweetsiren0072
Thanks. ;)" ... written by justaskkae
Thank you for the reading I feel much better after talking to you!) God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Excellent man" ... written by luckyanna
Another wonderful yet truthful reading... Thank you!!!" ... written by Summer84
Read is dead on!! Enjoyed it very much!" ... written by Unknown
Jon is always up front and honest and clear. He's gentle when he gives the information even when it might not be what you want to hear but need to know. He really cares for his clients and want you to be on your right path. :-)" ... written by michele
Excellent! Always on the money!" ... written by Caroline
Jon always has great insight for me, even when it's just to clarify a thought I've already come with on my own. He's extremely patient, even when I ask the same question over and over again when I know I shouldn't, and he gives me honesty every time, because he understands that I look for guidance, not hope or warning. Thanks for everything Jon, every time " ... written by adriana
Wonderful reading! Loved it!! Such positive reading. Will keep you updated!! :)" ... written by Trista
AWESOME, great connection!" ... written by stacy
Wow im blown...very accurate. I trust everything he said. I just love him" ... written by starlops
I think it was very insightful." ... written by Sierra
Gave an excellent reading about a month ago telling me a new man was coming into my life with a name starting with J. Two weeks later I meet a man whose name starts with J. Came back for a follow up session and had a lovely reading." ... written by Armande
Brilliant as always :)" ... written by nicole
Great advice hit everything straight on the nail!" ... written by tuna3005
He's my go to man for everything. Always honest, helpful and understands exactly what I'm feeling. " ... written by abyss00
Great reading appreciate it!" ... written by Loveseeker13
He was fantastic! Love him. Will be back. " ... written by Tiffany
Was hesitant to try him, but it was like I was fated to speak with him. He is an awesome guy! Very real, and genuine. Absolutely no bullshit, but genuine interpretations of what he saw in the cards. I really liked him, and feel it was a very good useful session. Thank you Jon!" ... written by linda
The man is AMAZING. Honestly, he needs his own television show or something. " ... written by Carrie
I absolutely adore Jon's insight andamp; words of wisdom andamp; who doesn't love an accent! I think he could pull all negative andamp; fear inducing cards but I'd still leave room joyfilled andamp; smiling thanks to his kind spirit andamp; sweet voice. " ... written by Brandy
Spot on!" ... written by LeoRising88
Well it was encouraging! Over the next few months I suppose we will see if what we talked about comes to fruition!" ... written by SydnieB
Great update, took his advice previously in a not so positive relationship to try to turn things around and they have become much better and we had a very positive reading today for the future. I am very happy to have connected with jon! Thank you." ... written by sara
Awesome and precise." ... written by sonia
Thanks, you were fast and accurate, sorry I ran out of credits." ... written by stacey
The only one i keep going to :) Many stars!" ... written by Daisy
Fast and sound advice." ... written by Butlerkx
Great updates to previous readings. Wonderful." ... written by sonia
Incredible!!!! So accurate :)" ... written by Gabriela
Thank you for your honesty, It hurts but I am glad you told me truth." ... written by Sunny
Thank you for Jon's honesty. I shall see and will write more review later." ... written by izzy98027
Jon is the best on here, very insightful with his predictions. No money/ minutes wasted on this guy. He's the real deal!! Love u Jon!" ... written by lola
Good update." ... written by vine
Amazing as always.. Thank you Jon... =) " ... written by Wahine
Unbelievable ability to detect things that are not mentioned. Wonderful !!!!" ... written by sonia
He is really good!" ... written by cookie
Good, clear reading. Thanks Jon!" ... written by Abigail
Accurate read and in line with what other psychics said! He was able to confirm my suspicions. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
He is helpful and Master psychic for me, He always advises and try to help me and his reading go as it should be and no candy...his reading is super accurate, Thanks you Jon! " ... written by Ampily
Great reading with Jon, i am def looking forward to his predictions and i can't wait to come back for another great reading! :) " ... written by sonj
Jon really picked up on a lot of what I was already feeling and solidified my choice without knowing what it was. I feel like I'm making the right decision with no regrets. Thank you for the incredible and quick insight." ... written by Stephanie
Thanks again Jon thats was great :)" ... written by Klynem
Thanks Jon that was very helpful, you were excellent Cheers " ... written by Klynem
Awesome reading :) very intuitive and very nice to talk to" ... written by Lila
Jon is great as usual. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
I love Jon. He is the only person I speak with now! I don't think he will tell you what you want to hear. He hasn't always told me what I wanted to hear but everything he has told me has always so far been right on the mark. I appreciate him very much. Today was a great reading and everything it right on track!" ... written by Debbie
Amazing amazing reader. I've spoke to him a few times. And so far what hes told me has came true. thank you so much." ... written by karla
He told me things i had no idea about, very nice and down to earth" ... written by gina
He was awesome. He was very clear and precised in the reading. I give him a 5 stars." ... written by Kitkat02
He is always right on.. takes the words out of my mouth.. just love him for all my big questions and doubts.." ... written by Pinkshopgirl
Right on the money as usual. Gave me good advice, validated what I was thinking, and gave me peace on some of my concerns. Doesn't beat around the bush. Will definitely consult with him again." ... written by Gadget65
Just love him!" ... written by Leorising88
AMAZING AS ALWAYS.... " ... written by Wahine
Excellent Reading." ... written by Carly
He was spot on!!! " ... written by
The only reader I trust ... Seriously. I will swear on my fathers ashes by his readings. " ... written by Carrie Lynne
Great connection. Excellent reads." ... written by LeoRising88
I thought Jon was right on the money and I didn't even have to tell him anything! He's great. Thank you! " ... written by Lisa
Jon is always accurate and honest. Grateful to have met him." ... written by LeoRising88
To the point and very good at remembering who you are and previous readings. Fantastic" ... written by sonia
Great reading, as usual." ... written by Gadget65
Gave me clarity.. to finally let go of him. Thank You! " ... written by Caarah
He was great as always, thanks jon!" ... written by Scadoodle
Fantastic!" ... written by sonia
Gave me the truth, not sugar coated. His prediction seems like it will come true -- great reader, entertaining to listen to your fortune, enjoyed it thoroughly !" ... written by Kelsey
Great :)" ... written by leorising88
Great session Jon you confirmed a few things and cleared up some as well thank you again. Cheers! " ... written by klynem
Amazing update! Thank you, Jon!" ... written by vine
Thank you Jon " ... written by thankk you
Best reader ever, told me loads without even asking questions!! Would deffo go back to him again, he seems to have a genuine talent and is a great reader. Amazing really!! " ... written by GuideMe2013
Short, sweet and to the point. Always thoroughly enjoy my readings with him. He's very detailed in a quick amount of time! " ... written by Erica
Always a good reading. Lovely person too." ... written by F
I love talking to jon, I have a few times now and he always gives you simple and effective advice and is so understanding. Highly recommended." ... written by Lauren
As usual very helpful. Good advice offered" ... written by charp25
Thanks, Jon, again you were very helpful, we had a couple of sessions just then. " ... written by Klynem
Mr Jon, he is always accurate about my situation and my relationship and give me advice and honest reading as usually, I love to listen and consult him as he IS real deal and worth time to join, better you try by yourself that what I can say more! Thanks." ... written by Ampily
Thanks again, Jon, will let you know on the outcome of the sale." ... written by klynem
Great reading!!! Hopefully things turn out swell!!!" ... written by vine
Jon is always amazing to talk to. He knows what he is talking about and puts things in simple terms that you can understand. I highly recommend him to anyone." ... written by rljameson
Brill thanks Jon." ... written by Ava
Mr. Jon is alwasy be here for every one who that need help and need honest reading and warm feeling , I really appriciate in his gift and caring that he always give me and I sure that everyone that consult Mr.jon would feels the same cos He is realdeal and honest person , Thanks a lot ." ... written by Ampily
Jon's great." ... written by Leorising88
He was great i would love to chat again." ... written by Megan
Very clear and precise with his readings. Awesome!" ... written by sonia
I simply love Jon!!! I wait for him to come on and wont talk with anyone else. He is honest in his readings!!" ... written by Debbie
Excellent as always." ... written by claireylou
I love Jon! he's so easy to talk to and up front. gifted....well versed and genuinely cares for his clients. :-)" ... written by michele
Lovely as always." ... written by luje10
Thank you. " ... written by Carol
So accurate andamp; keeps it real! Really lifted my spirits andamp; gave me closure. :)" ... written by stasi
Finally something to look forward to! I've gotten readings from Jon in the past and he has always been spot on, especially when he told me back in June that I would be receiving a congratulations, mid month. He was absolutely right, I had passed a very important test, in the middle of June. Look no further, he is the real deal, and very much looking forward to what's to come in the next few months! " ... written by sheerbliss25
Excellent! I had an amazing and accurate demo from Jon and at the time I was blown away by what he knew. He delivers information with energy and positivity and is so spot on. This has been my first paid private with Jon and I have to say, he is now the only psychic for me. Brilliant. He is the real deal and messages are delivered with real insight. I will be back. " ... written by Victoria
As always Jon is right on target and gives me the affirmations. I need to continue. Thank goodness he is here!" ... written by devene page
Awesome Reader!! Thanks so much!" ... written by Moonshine
Thank you, that was a great reading: integrity, strength and courage I get from this reading." ... written by feelingtops
Great update thank you jon." ... written by vine
A professional from top to bottom. Amazing guy, always can tune right in and see things the way they are. Just love him! Will always come back for guidance cause I can always count on him!" ... written by Familyhelper
Great" ... written by Leorising88
I have a good reading, I will have to wait and see the result." ... written by marya23
Love you jon :) You're awesome! 5*****" ... written by Daisy
Always enjoy Jon's readings." ... written by J
Very on target and very honest! Loved the reading." ... written by clo
Always spot on" ... written by Leorising88
Really good. Advice you like a friend." ... written by RB
As always, I enjoy my readings with Jon Moss! He's fast, accurate, and professional. I couldn't ask for more!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Thank you for your detailed readings...." ... written by sky
Such a wonderful man. Very kind and sincere. Just love Jon" ... written by Soul2love
As always, Jon gets right to the heart of it and I know he is spot on as always." ... written by herbalady
excellent!" ... written by luckyanna
All I can say is WOW!!! You felt my life, my position and where it will take me!!! A few minutes later, things you said are now making sense for me... you were so right :) x" ... written by Alessandra Cuccato
OMG OMG OMG!!! he was dead on and was able to tell me everything that I have been experiencing. He is the real deal. I had readings with him before and they were great but this time knocked me off my feet! Thank you so much Jon. I will be back!" ... written by dabountychic119
Great update, thank you!" ... written by vine
Amazing, quick, to the point, exciting! A must! =) " ... written by Livia
Great reading, said so much in short time, brilliant!!!" ... written by claireylou
Spot on." ... written by Blue_planet
finally got a reading with jon. love his vibe and how his readings are quickly done and assessed. keep up the good work :)" ... written by luxxicon
Great update, thank you, Jon!" ... written by vine
Great job. Thanks!" ... written by jackie
Great! Great! Great!" ... written by dabountychic119
Excellent!" ... written by luckyanna
Amazing!!! Repeat customer!" ... written by hihi234
He is amazing." ... written by Dimond110
jon has again amazed me with his honesty and clarit. I love this man, he is a gifted person that gives love and light to the wold or at least this little corner! oxoxoxoxx" ... written by devene page baca
He is very talented and does readings through tarot and guides. I will definately use him again." ... written by Finding Peace
Jon has been on spot with his readings. It has helped me to survive the most difficult time in my life. 10 stars!!!!" ... written by sonia
Great read." ... written by mfurney
Very precise, detailed and fast!!! Told me exactly what I needed to know in order to make a careful, practical decision. Excellent reading." ... written by SouDesire1
Picked up on the energy immediately...let's see what happens next. :)" ... written by Leo_80
Thats was a great reading Jon and thank you once again :) Cheers michael!" ... written by klynem ( Michael )
Always so helpful. Thanks Jon." ... written by karla
Thanks again Jon always great chat and hear your answers thank you it clears lots up. :) Cheers, Michael. " ... written by klynem ( Michael )
He cares for his clients." ... written by RB
Really helps and personally connects with clients to help them." ... written by RB
Jon always the first person when I need carify and advice from someone that I trust. He was accurate in my situation as well. Thanks, Ampily" ... written by Ampily
Jon is great! He is always dead on with me and the way I am feeling. " ... written by dabountychic119
Jon is very kind and has been correct on a lot he has told me...he says it like it is ." ... written by Acealways
5 Star." ... written by kingandrea
Thank you very much for the insightful reading!" ... written by Sabina
Truly gifted and highly recommended. Always on point with everything. Thank you Jon!!! 20+ Stars. " ... written by Wahine
Accurate as always! He's one of the very few readers I trust. Things have started manifesting from his last predictions and look forward to these ones." ... written by Carrie
He is amazing! Whenever I have a problem and I see he is on I hop right to him. He has a special gift and uses it well." ... written by Amanda
That was an awesome session Jon cleared a lot of issues thank you once again, Cheers Michael. :) " ... written by klynem ( Michael )
He is a very nice name... I was having some issues and he helped me straighten things out so saw what was going on. Gave great advise. Very kind, someone I could actually talk to as a friend everyday." ... written by island girl 007
Only time tells with psychics. I have talked to a few on here and he definitely is my favorite. He said a few things the last time which came true!" ... written by Dani
Amazing update, thank you again Jon!!!" ... written by vine
Accurate!" ... written by g
Excellent! Bang on!" ... written by Katrin
Thank you very much for your insights. Recommended!" ... written by batt123
Great guy. I had to leave chat due to phone call." ... written by Firehorse4444
Great reading I will ways come back." ... written by Tony
Oo quick and insightful.. picked up on so many things that I hadn't talked about with anyone. Every little detail to the point and spot on in previous predictions. Love him!!!" ... written by sara
The one I come to see when I need clarity. 5*****" ... written by Daisy
Thanks for the awesome update. Great psychic and great friend thank you Jon!" ... written by vine
Very insightful. Will return." ... written by debbie
Once again great reading Jon thank you for that I shall keep you posted on the developments of Helen's ex employers. Cheers Michael." ... written by Klynem
No sugar coating and honest! Thank you." ... written by NNili
Amazing!!! everything he mentioned was on point!! thanks a lot!!" ... written by justin
Thankss!!!" ... written by elena
Amazing." ... written by sherine
Great update." ... written by vine
Very tuned in without any input .... very good reader!! 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
Thank you so much for your reading Jon! You really helped give insight to Russ." ... written by Theresa and Russ
Great." ... written by coyote696
Wonderful reading - always a pleasure!! He gave really good insight and advice for a situation I've been having in regards to an argument with friends. " ... written by sara
He was great help!!! " ... written by e
Always puts me at ease. Validates my thoughts and that I'm still on the right track. Thank you so much!" ... written by Gadget65
To the point and precise." ... written by arl
Talking too fast." ... written by morteza naghavi
I like Jon, and his down to earth manner and giving you news that sometimes you may not want to hear. Good man." ... written by Vanboom
He's amazing! Thank you!" ... written by Rox
Great reading. He answered all my questions with precision. I will come back again." ... written by rljameson
Spot on! Thanks for a great reading." ... written by Zeigen
Fabby." ... written by hellena
Wonderful as always, had me laughing today. Needed that!" ... written by Gadget65
Jon is the best here... His cards really speak to me, he gives me the best advise and a lot he has said has already come to past... He is very sincere and he is my favorite..." ... written by Acealays
As always Jon is so awesome he is always right on spot and goes strait for the truth I'm in awe of his abilities he should be no 1 no matter how many reads he has this man is a gift from God and should e honored for his efforts to help the struggling persons of this world." ... written by devene page baca
Thank you so much Jon this was as usual a great reading. Cheers." ... written by klynem ( Michael )
Great to speak again Jon and thanks for another wonderful reading. Cheers Michael!" ... written by klynem ( Michael )
Jon has a great memory about the people he reads for and follows up with such accuracy. Wonderful!" ... written by sonia
Thank you, you have clarified a lot of our suspicions and hopefully we will see an end to this stalker." ... written by feelingtops
Jon gave me confirmation on my follow up. He is grrrreeeeaaat! He is fast, honest and very detailed. I highly recommend a reading from him to have the great experience." ... written by dabountychic119
Very good reading put me at ease that it's going to get better :) thank you " ... written by Emma
Excellent" ... written by luckyanna
Always insightful and wonderful to chat with. definitely helps to calm my fears and gives advice when necessary! " ... written by sara
Jon is simply wonderful, I think I have a wonderful connection with him. He seems like the kind of guy who probably connects well with most people. He makes me feel comfortable in a private reading. He answers every question and doesn't waste any time at all. I always feel better after speaking with him. He is very positive no mater what the situation is. Thank you, Jon!" ... written by Debbie
Great reading from Jon again, very reassuring, put my mind at rest for me, which is why I came to see him... Great job, thank you and will speak soon xx" ... written by DebbiLou1990
Jon is very good at telling things the way they are." ... written by findingpeace
Great reading from Jon. Always on point." ... written by tilthe
Thanks for the honesty. Truthful, to the point. Recommend! Xx" ... written by Laura
So amazing, like always. thank you so much! it's hard to hear what you have to say sometimes but it helps me out at the end of the day. Thank you!" ... written by karla
Absolutely wonderful and accurate." ... written by sonia
Jon is accurate and honest and spot on as usual, Thanks for great private reading, come back again soon. Ampily" ... written by Ampily
He was pretty good. I'd come back again." ... written by Master Awesome
Very clear and concise" ... written by koel
He makes me giggle, great guy and pretty spot on :)" ... written by Vanboom
He's great!" ... written by leorising88
As usual I was in a turmoil, but his calm manner while getting to the truth of these matters seriously made me feel better! Professional and eternally kind while getting accurate information quickly from the universe. I wish I could give him SIX stars! You won't feel cheated. " ... written by Sunshadow3
He is great! 5 stars!!" ... written by Ann
Jon is the greatest he always has things right on, and accurate to what is going on, I would recommend him for a private he is so easy to talk with and gives you the truth...5 Stars again Jon tks......" ... written by snowriver
Great reader. gave facts quickly and accurately. Picked up on situation well. Very comforting reading. Thanks for the encouragement." ... written by Kuldeepuk
Jon is always up front and clear - he delivers information in a kind way even when it may not be what you want to hear. He is very gifted and easy to talk to and i so appreciate that. He's a great reader!" ... written by GroovyGoddess
Jon is a straight-shooter and tells it like he sees it. Would gladly hire again in the future." ... written by fragrantvagrant
Wonderful reader as always and one of the best here, Jon's cards never fail to be on target, he tells the truth and yet his delivery of what he see's in them is very kind, detailed and professional. " ... written by Jena
Jon is always 5 stars, he's fantastic. Highly recommended. " ... written by tiffany
Thank you very much. :)" ... written by TreeofLife12
Awesome! Connects well, heaps of info and just keeps flowing with facts that make sense. Asks barely any questions!" ... written by freedom2211
Nice and quick chat session. Positive energy came already when I start the session." ... written by noga1981
He is really amazing with cards and my second reading with him. He is right to the point and does not sugar-coat. Amazing Amazing! That's what I can say." ... written by Moon
Unexpected event happened that jon has warned about... brought about insight and clarity.. hoping for the best now! Thank you as always!!" ... written by sara
Excellent!!" ... written by luckyanna
Wonderful reading and always clear and does not hold back on what he sees." ... written by sonia
I like that you are honest even though it's bad news, it's not the last time I am speaking with you.. :)" ... written by agnieszka
Great! xx" ... written by Helen
cant thank him enough!" ... written by mfurney
still the best!" ... written by mfurney
Great reading. very good advice and very consistent readings. Everything happens as he says it will. I will continue to come back. Thanks so much" ... written by rljameson
Thanks for your help!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
On the money, awesome dude!" ... written by Cheeky
BRILLIANT! SO ACCURATE THANKS." ... written by pinky55
great update thank you again jon!" ... written by vine
great, true tarot reader." ... written by mfurney
Great outlook and advice." ... written by erica shankar
Excellent Reader" ... written by need2know5
Thank you! Always good." ... written by Theresa
Very intuitive... very happy with my reading." ... written by twistedkittie42
Great update once again, thank you jon." ... written by vine
Great!!! Awesome!!!" ... written by Debbie
Jon is awesome... Up font and clear, good information and knows just how to present and say things. He is go good at what he does. " ... written by mb
He's my favorite on here! he didn't tell me what I wanted to hear but helped set my mind on another trajectory of a new, more positive path. Thanks!!" ... written by Zeigen
Great!" ... written by TT
Jon gets straight to the point. Talking to him is a good use of your time. He tells you what you need to hear without going on about it. Gave great advice to put me on the road back to me. Cheers!" ... written by to the point
Very Accurate as always. Spot on with my situation. I appreciate his honesty and will always come back to Jon for readings. Highly Recommend!!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
Great reading!! Very positive energy!" ... written by Rene067
Great job. I am impressed! He was right about the things he said." ... written by ggbeca
Amazing...quick....insightful and very accurate." ... written by questionlove2
Thank you for putting things into perspective." ... written by sincerly7
Great and genuine with his readings and even reaffirmed to make sure it would be a good or descent outcome. Wasn't the best news but it was definitely assuring and will make me reconsider a lot of things, so in the end, very helpful indeed." ... written by Happie
Excellent!! " ... written by hihi234
Great reading. Spot on! Thanks! I will be back soon." ... written by ggbeca
Always great readings, thanks much!" ... written by ppppppppppppppppp
Great update thank you jon." ... written by vine
Thank you for your advice. Very accurate. " ... written by magnolia
Jon is incredible with his reading. He tells you straight up if you are going down the wrong path or the right one. Excellent." ... written by sonia
100% accurate amazing reading!" ... written by almedina
Excellent." ... written by luckyanna
Great reading. Wish I could've added more credits." ... written by carrie
AWESOME!!!" ... written by Jodi
Great reading, as always. I hope it comes true! Thanks again!" ... written by ggbeca
John is always bang on with his predictions." ... written by findingpeace
Very good reading, he is awesome." ... written by sam
excellent help in gaining clarity for my situation. confirmation of what i already thought but its nice to have the back up. Thanks Jon. " ... written by Kristina
Amazing update!! thank you jon!" ... written by vine
Amazing update, thank you Jon!" ... written by vine
Thanks again for your support Jon- many blessings :)" ... written by luje10
Very Good man." ... written by Alex
he was great and accurate and honest. Just a great reader!!1infinite stars" ... written by sonia
omg such a get reading. he was picking up things that i was going to do today. was dead on everything. cant wait for my next reading with him." ... written by jerzeyfinest
Great reading amazing details thank you." ... written by PB1923
Thank you for an insightful reading!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Jon is so wonderful!! I have had a rough past and I tend to over think things because of all the disappointments I have had. Coming here has helped me to realize the needless emotional baggage I have had in the past. He helps me to put a little down each time I visit him. And I can see that I have a bright future after all with a wonderful man. Thank you Jon for being so straight with me. Because of you I have had some real emotional healing which in turn has healed my relationships.... drama sucks!!! :) Jon is a 5 star psychic!!" ... written by Deb
Thank you!! Great reading." ... written by vine
Great guy" ... written by DC
Always a pleasure to read with jon. He's never been wrong. He offers wonderful advice. Pure heart and soul- sweet and genuine. One of my all time favorite readers. :)" ... written by sara
In one minute he said it all ... Thank you!" ... written by Ryzette
He helps bring more of a positive aspect to my life." ... written by mfurney
Thanks Jon ran out of credits, Cheers Michael " ... written by klynem
Always very precise and accurate with such a few credits." ... written by -x
Amazing like always love going to him. He always is right and knew I had a green door wow!!!! Your amazing. Thanks" ... written by karla
Always a pleasure .. He keeps it real as always" ... written by olivia
Thanks :-) very insightful!" ... written by Loving
Jon is the best!! I've been getting readings from him for a couple months and his accuracy is incredible. That's what keeps me coming back. Love him. " ... written by Tiffany
Jon is seriously the best and the real deal. His insight and wisdom is amazing and absolutely wonderful. " ... written by theangichrist
He is very good and worth every penny. He tells u straight what's right andamp; what to do. He is not just gonna read your card but gives you advice as well like an old brother." ... written by Jackie
Always there when I need advice. Wonderful!" ... written by sun
He is so good!!! Read very quickly but picked up so many" ... written by nz
Very accurate and to the point. Update to the last time. Recommend Jon." ... written by Triciawondrs74
Great! Quick, good info. good advice. Awesome tattoos! " ... written by leonie
Amazing!! Thank you so much Jon! xxxxx" ... written by P
Jon is great, he reads his cards as they are. No sugar coating, top bloke." ... written by Vanboom
Thank you very much, Jon. Your answers have really given me a lot of piece of mind and made a lot of sense. I hope to be able to have a reading with you again in the future. " ... written by Space
He is great and most of the time whatever he says comes true! He does not waste time. Had several good readings with him. Thanks, John!" ... written by dimond110
Cut dc. but he is a top notch reader..." ... written by Enkori
AWESOME!!" ... written by Rachel
Continued our great reading. Glad I could find Jon again and get the insights he is able to clearly provide." ... written by Enkori
Great, brutal truth, fantastic!" ... written by kay
Great! Nice guy." ... written by Mamma
Always good talking to Jon. Very natural reader and truly spiritual." ... written by F
Great update, thank you Jon!!!" ... written by vine
Good reading, if you haven't tried him, you should!" ... written by Deb
Thanks Jon for that it was a great reading! :) Cheers Michael " ... written by k
Lovely and accurate as always. Thank you." ... written by Ann
Always value Jon for a truthful reading." ... written by F
Thanks Jon, it was another great session and we actually got up to chat as it's after 3 am here in Perth, Australia, so back to sleep for us hahaha " ... written by klynem
Jon is the best!!!" ... written by miss Kitty
Very honest reading - thank you." ... written by jill
Jon is so accurate and never forgets what he has told you. Great predictions! " ... written by sonia
Jon is on target as always ,he is just so great I cannot stress how accurate he is right on so far. Keep up the good vibes. I trust him completely." ... written by devene page baca
Always a pleasure. He puts my mind at ease and tells me the truth. I find everything he says to be accurate and useful. Will definitely come back again. Thanks" ... written by rljameson
Really thoughtful, and honest. Gave supportive advice too. Thx" ... written by rose2253
Accurate!! Jon is the best!!" ... written by Tiffany
I love my readings with Jon. He picks up on everything. How in the world did he know I was going to the doctor and attending a wedding this month. Wow! He always amazes me." ... written by dabountychic119
Jon's readings are always amazingly on target, I always go to him if I want a clear picture of what is happening in a situation!" ... written by Jena
Mr. Moss is awesomely intuitive. And a great accent to boot :)" ... written by gracie
Jon is an awesome tarot reader. I appreciate all he has done to help guide me through this whole ordeal. I will always go back to him for updates. Do yourself a favor and give him a try, you will be glad you did." ... written by Finding Peace
Thank u for your insight. Good stuff! We'll see what happens." ... written by Proverbs
There are many peeps on Oranum, but JON is the real thing, so on it! He knows information that I did not tell him, but is able to give lots of insight! " ... written by lizainthemorning
What to say? I love this man, he is always spot on. Love and light, Jon!" ... written by Andrea
I really cant put in to words how awesome the reading was. jon has an amazing ability to pick up on things right away without you saying anything. he really gives such great advice on how to respond to upcoming events too. THANK YOU SO MUCH!" ... written by hardeep
He was great, will return." ... written by debbie
Although I have had very difficult times Jon has been honest with me and helped me out a lot. Much of the time it wasn't what I wanted to hear but I always kept coming back because things he said that would happen actually did. Thank you so much for being so helpful. You are an amazing and honest psychic!" ... written by karla
Wonderful, read as always..! Recommend!!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
Very good reading! Recommended" ... written by ary112
Great reading! Recommended. " ... written by ary112
Sincere" ... written by S
As always great read." ... written by Theresa
Superb" ... written by s
He's really good, has really good insight and very accurate." ... written by poweredbylove
Thanks jon! Put my mind at ease. I see things alot clearer after our reading." ... written by hardeep
Right on with everything said. Good insight and recommendatons" ... written by Nancy Stillman
The one I can trust. Love jon." ... written by Daisy
Fabby good man xx" ... written by hellena
Excellent and to the point. No wasting time to read and speak the meaning of the cards. Thank you Jon!!" ... written by Bella
Great update." ... written by vine
Jon is always very insightful and wonderful to read with... He's always been spot on and he says things I was thinking without me having to say them... A truly gifted and wonderful psychic!" ... written by sara
Jon was incredibly accurate about my situation. His insight and advice were amazing!" ... written by Mjocho
Thank you so much.. Nice reading " ... written by noga1981
I enjoyed my reading with Jon. He was very tuned in and I look forward to a follow-up." ... written by Kendra
One remarkable person with alot of heart ;) God bless you for being so accurate and right on the spot!" ... written by Shirin kabiri
awesome!!!!" ... written by Matt
Awesome... He has good insight!" ... written by emily
Great, honest! Great!" ... written by md311
He got down to the deal and kept it real. He gave me the answers that i have been looking for." ... written by Erica
Jon is a top guy and top reader. Thanks so much for your help over the last few months. I appreciate you and want to thank you for using your gifts to help others :) xxx" ... written by Freespirit02
He picked up on my situation with NO details given. OMG! He's so awesome! Thanks for an awesome reading!" ... written by Zeigen
Very good reading. Thanks." ... written by stang93
Thanks Jon for that! It was a very good reading and Helen and myself feel better knowing what you told us." ... written by klynem
GOOD!" ... written by adit
I had a brief session with Jon. He was very skilled and tuned in quickly to the issues I posed." ... written by Lightstar
Thank you jon! Amazing!!" ... written by vine
Jon is great! Clear and honest!" ... written by Abigail
Great reading for difficult question. Thank you." ... written by P
Beautiful person, with amazing powers beyond this world :)" ... written by shika79
Lovely guy, great reading as usual, put my mind at rest. :) 5 stars!" ... written by Emma
You were dead on! Thank you for the reading!" ... written by blueiris
Read situation well!" ... written by s
Jon is great! Always so spot on. He was able to tell me details and give me insight without me having to say a word. Thank you so much for reaffirming my feelings!" ... written by Jlynnlax87
Thanks for the help for the cards. xx" ... written by rena
Good reading. Knew exactly what I was looking for even though I didn't. I will be back." ... written by Mishelle
Excellent! very cool reading" ... written by leelee32384
Well Jon is a good reader, let's see what happens but he wasn't off before (on some things) I'll be in touch!" ... written by fragrantvagrant
Not what I wanted to hear, but I always appreciate Jon's truthfulness. Thank you." ... written by sara
Amazing reading!!! He's quick and to the point!!! Thanks so much Jon!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Very helpful!" ... written by tigerbliss
Thank you!!!" ... written by lila88
Very Helpful...advice u like a family Member." ... written by RB
Amazing update! last reading I had he was so spot on! and what he said happened!! amazing." ... written by vine
Great! Spot on reading !" ... written by Maria
Hi Jon thank you for that reading it was great again. Ran out of credit and thanks for sending helen some healing. " ... written by klynem
I would like to say that I had a most amazing reading with Jon and always tells you the honest truth and his predictions do come true. Infinite stars to his vision and abilities." ... written by cataldos
John is very sweet man, very fast and very accurate. He is always correct in what he sees with me. Highly recommended. :)" ... written by Jill
I've had a lot of readings on this site. This one was definitely the most in-depth, nail on the head, reading iv had. Answered every question, leaved me with a sense of knowing. Gave me answers to problems and solutions, not just "whats happening in my life". Really helped out. very grateful for this raiding." ... written by DNavaro
Great reading! Thanks, Jon :)" ... written by Zeigen
Thank you for your helpful reading again! God bless, Rainbow!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Always good." ... written by p
I'm really happy with the reading, everything he said is truth. Not the first psychic saying the same thing." ... written by ruthsana
Thank you, very honest!" ... written by p
I had an amazing reading! Thank you. We'll see what life will bring." ... written by jo
JonMoss is lovely to read with. He is very straightforward and kind. He does not sugar coat anything, tells you honestly about things. He is a bit funny too!" ... written by Judy
Good update. On point as usual!" ... written by vine
Made me believe in what I need to do which could save my life. Thank you, God bless! x" ... written by VANESSA
Good reading." ... written by jana
Really good." ... written by penny
it was my first reading. lots of details. he was really nice. did give timeframe" ... written by linh
Very good!" ... written by Alice Clarkson
He is always on point with my readings. Thank you Jon." ... written by dabountychic119
Jon is seriously Amazing! I am starting to talk to him at least once a month." ... written by theangichrist
Amazing reading, I cannot thank you enough... I will be back... Tyvm." ... written by Ellieve
Amazing insight, he was on point, to the point and had great advice." ... written by Shing123
Thanks Jon that was another good reading and have a lovely evening. :) Michael" ... written by klynem
Great reading as always! I always come back for an update, worth every penny. :)" ... written by Judy
Great reading!" ... written by Randi
He was right on time with everything I wish I could have talk back to him instead of typing but I'm new and not sure how to work this...But I love him and everything he had to say!!!!" ... written by Tamika
Honest" ... written by Pattie
What a wonderful reading! I am totally shocked by the accuracy of this reading. I will be back again! " ... written by Chippi1
He's one of my favs here in Oranum, I'll leave it at that. :)" ... written by JBee
Out of the many readers to choose I am always happiest to come back for a reading with Jon! He is genuine and sincere and has always been amazingly accurate in what his cards show." ... written by Jena
Great reading. Cards were so on point. Reinforced what I had been feeling and hearing it was the extra boost I needed to know everything is in sync with my plan for my life. Great job. Will revisit for update too. " ... written by gracekellyswan
Jon was very up front and honest with me, he answered all of my questions with clarity and gave me some great advice. Thank you for all of your help, Jon! I'll let you know how it goes!" ... written by Margaret
Great, quick, fast response!!" ... written by Randi
Jonmoss connected to my issues and understood my emotions accurately. Great update and great psychic." ... written by Lovely
Thank you for the update!" ... written by vine
Again very quick, very accurate, amazing read." ... written by Randi
Very very good!" ... written by coffin
As always so good, amazingly talented man, gave a rune reading for first time, and was so specific, very very good." ... written by claireylou
Lovely reading, thank you!" ... written by Aryastark
Very nice and truthful and insightful." ... written by irelandirish
Amazing!!!" ... written by luckyanna
Wonderful." ... written by Leorising88
Picked up on all the truths of my current state of affairs, and saw right through them. " ... written by Me
Reassuring, accurate, and honest, very warm and positive person, thank you very much!" ... written by u
Perfect as always." ... written by olivia
Always a great reading, I feel much more at ease now for the end of this year and I will keep your advice in mind for early this month. Thank you!" ... written by Jena
Thanks Jon will take in what you said, it was very good advice. " ... written by klynem
Very accurate, not pushy, honest and light hearted." ... written by Queen
Jon was wonderful during a very difficult time in my life. Incredible reading. " ... written by sonia
Thank you Jon, it has been awhile since you have read for me. I appreciate everything." ... written by happy4you7
Thanks, its was straight to the point. " ... written by Angel
Thanks for the honesty!" ... written by S
Truly outstanding. The best I have ever encountered. He is gifted." ... written by cg
Jon is always amazing. I always go to him for answers. Thank you Jon!" ... written by Mary
thanx for your help" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Amazing update!! He's my go-to guy! Thank you jon!" ... written by vine
Great reader!" ... written by marya23
Thank you, I will keep you updated. Thank you so much." ... written by Mar...
Jon was very kind, professional, and also incredibly insightful. He's definitely gifted and I recommend him to anyone who, like me, just needs a little guidance in the right direction. :) Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see what's really going on around you. " ... written by Avi
Jon was on point with the reading without my giving any details. I highly recommend!!" ... written by risenphoenix
Great, lovely guy." ... written by lorraine Griffin
Brilliant xx" ... written by Helen
Quick and accurate as always... Thank you " ... written by Ryzette
I've always wanted to get a reading with Jon and I wasnt disappointed, a very fast accurate reader, only in 2 min. will be back :))" ... written by jazzychic7
I like him!!!" ... written by Shirlena
Excellent read from jon. He saw what was going on right away and predicted what was going to happen in the next few weeks. I'm prepared!" ... written by Bonnie
He did it again. I always get great readings from jonmoss." ... written by debbie
Great and honest.....I love Jon" ... written by Abigail
Jon was good and would like to speak to him again. " ... written by mike
Very excellent reading. Always gives the right advice and the hope to go on. Will come back and see him again and again." ... written by rljameson
Fantastic reader highly Recommended!!" ... written by brilo1969
Amazing." ... written by luckyanna
Love him - perfect, on target as usual." ... written by olivia
Great reading, to the point and right on with details." ... written by Char
amazing read, very detail." ... written by elena
Thanks!" ... written by Zeigen
Awesome reading!!! Learned a lot and he helped give me a boost and I feel so happy what is too come! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by sandey1771
Jon is wonderful, he is always direct with his answers. He is quick and doesn't waste your time. Love, love, love him!!" ... written by Debbie
Good honest answer what I thought and needed reassurance from. :)" ... written by EM
Thanks!" ... written by fragrant
Jon's great." ... written by mary kay
He has the common sense and also the intuitive knowledge to help anyone in need! Always professional. Give him a TRY!" ... written by Elaine Douglass
Great!!!!!!!" ... written by Smiley
Good analogy, but I think it would be better in a phone conversation for me. Good job otherwise. 6 stars." ... written by irish049
He is a great reader and very honest and accurate. I have missed him." ... written by Bonnie
This man is brilliant!!!!!!!" ... written by pinky55
Great reading as usual, helped me gain clarity. 5 stars!" ... written by JBee
Thank you for your honesty." ... written by leecrowchild
Excellent." ... written by luckyanna
Great Read! Was straight to the point. No time wasted. " ... written by ar
Amazing! Thank you so much. Have no had a read in ten years was worth the wait. :) You are a waist of talent. If you ever come to Aussie look me up. :)" ... written by Cottonsox
Great reading haven't read for a while. Jon is always amazing. " ... written by stuart
Great, honest, kind...." ... written by Abigail
I have spoken to him several times and he is always spot on." ... written by danielle
Thank jon great reading as always!" ... written by Hardeep
John Moss is amazing, I will definitely see him again!!!" ... written by tedwards
Amaizing as always! If you have any doubts, go to this man. He is lovely. Love and light to you!" ... written by Andrea
Right on fabulous reading" ... written by P
Thank you Jonmoss2000!" ... written by feelingtops
Excellent reading! Thanks so much friend!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Jon gave a very insightful reading, he is well versed with the meaning of the cards, and gave me precious and sensible advice. Will definitely come back soon. Thank you Jon!" ... written by Elisa
Jon is spot on every time I have a private reading with him. He tells me what I am feeling or thinking before I can tell him! He really is amazing. Jon is such a gentle spirit and kind in delivering all sorts of information. He is not judgmental or biased in any way. In my opinion Jon is the best that Oranum offers. I do not seek information from anyone else on Oranum. Jon is simply the best!" ... written by Sassy Sue
Thanks Jonmoss, " ... written by Ali
Very very in tune with the situation picked it up very well very accurate would defo recomend" ... written by Suzanne
Honest :)))" ... written by nina
Thanks Jon, spot on again :)" ... written by patient
He was very quick. I will have to post back to see if he is right about a few things." ... written by D
Great reading! Very accurate and really made me feel I could deal with my situation!" ... written by Fran
Every time I talk to Jon it's amazing. I wouldn't go to anybody else. He has a clear picture about things and puts it in real terms. Easy to understand. Thanks so much!!!" ... written by rljameson
Was very helpful and I hope to talk again soon" ... written by Tracy Link
Quick, honest, came back for update. :)" ... written by jazzychic7
Very good" ... written by luckyanna
Great insight he is just very intuitive!!" ... written by sandra
Awesome" ... written by matt
Jon is the best! He reads every aspect and gives very direct answers and has never been wrong for me!" ... written by sara
To the point...tells the truth. Hopefully life turns around for me soon. Thanks jon" ... written by Fishstix
I enjoyed my reading a lot. Jon is straight forward and easy to understand. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Some interesting things mentioned about my life and personality and stuff I need to look out for, quite interesting session I might say, thumbs up :)" ... written by Wilfried S
Very much enjoyed your reading, you have bee spot on and have been very helpful with the advice you have given me. I look forward to keeping in touch. Thank you!" ... written by Halo
Jon is incredible and really on the spot with his readings. Excellent!" ... written by sonia
He was spot on with the description of the individual in question - I will keep him posted andamp; come back for updates! Thank you so very much." ... written by Pam
Knows what he is talking about like a good Psichic!" ... written by Roberto
Great guy, easy to talk to, insightful, told me what I didn't want to hear but pushed me towards a new beginning, truthful and honest. Thank you!" ... written by sharen223
Thank you for your help and words of comfort... Will be back when I add credits for sure!!!" ... written by climaticflower
Jon always makes me feel better. He's one of the most honest readers - reads a situation well, offers advice and has never been wrong for me." ... written by sara
I keep coming back to John. He always has the answers. Thanks Jon!!" ... written by Debbie
Thank u!" ... written by JT
He is very helpful." ... written by S
You're the greatest Jon. You never cease to amaze me about your accuracy, heart and sincerity about helping people. Thanks so much. Happy holidays!" ... written by familyhelper
Great read, thank you so much for the forecast." ... written by jana kadri
Great and accurate. Thanks!" ... written by dacacau
Loved speaking with Jon. He was right on the mark. I felt better after this reading. I know the direction to go. He confirmed my thoughts exactly without telling him first. I thank you and I would recommend getting a reading with him. Ty again Jon love and light always. " ... written by Cherokeewings017
I think Jon was great. I didn't give him much too work with but he helped me. I'll definitely check with him again. Great moustache too! :)" ... written by Sheila
Awesome thanks! Good reader! Very on point." ... written by journey13
Jon is great! Definitely someone that I have been coming back to more often than expected. He is spot on with his readings and offers great honesty and comfort. Thank you Jon!" ... written by Halo
Jon was able to connect immediately. Didn't give me the best news and didn't sugar coat. He stuck to his guns and told me what's best." ... written by Pete
Thanks Jon for the 12 month reading and other readings. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a fantastic 2014. Take care and be safe! Michael and Helen " ... written by klynem
Outstanding as always. Thank you so much! xox " ... written by helen
Thanks Jon. It was priceless reading and advice. Will keep in touch. Blessings, Alla." ... written by Alla
Thank you for the great reading!" ... written by sg
Jonmoss was very helpful to me." ... written by paul Fenton
Jon, gave me update that I needed. He is always very kind and never have to go into detail about things, he just starts in with reading. Appreciate his readings very informative. 5 stars. " ... written by Triciawondrs74
Awesome" ... written by matt
jon was on the spot with his predictions. you want truth you got it with honesty and clarity" ... written by sonia
He good." ... written by Shirlena
He is honest and insightful and I trust in his readings!!! His followups are exactly what he saw before. I trust his predictions." ... written by Bonnie
HES AWESOME. I do my own readings and he is the only other guy that I trust." ... written by Melissa
You're wonderful, Jon! Powerful and insightful, always accurate, caring and understanding. I've never had anything off yet. Thanks so much. Happy New Year!" ... written by familyhelper
OMG!! He is wonderful. I really enjoyed my reading with Jon. He was able to tell me things that there is no way for him to know how I was feeling deep inside. And my grandma came to speak with me. It was truly amazing. Thanks " ... written by lovefromheaven
Accurate, fast, bang on with his predictions, everyone should see him!! I have used Jon since I came to Oranum and he is one that I always come back to see. He is honest no matter how it looks and I appreciate that. With his help I have discovered how to get off this not so pleasant ride and will be doing so. Thank you for always being here and being consistent!!" ... written by FP
Great reading for the new year!!! I feel that he connected very well with me. And gave me some good advice." ... written by Lorie
Right on the money, saw everything I suggest everyone get a reading from Jon!" ... written by Tinampk2
Great guy, I think he is very intuitive in his work and had some surprise moments on me." ... written by Kenneh
Needed second opinion on a topic, and he was very accurate and honest. Not a nice answer but yet the best and I know he was right! Thanks" ... written by fresiaflower
Excellent! Very fast and to the point and accurately described the people involved. Very positive and exciting prediction to come! Recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
He is fantastic. Gave me some relief and a better understanding." ... written by lovefromheaven
Jon picked up on my energy really quickly. He nailed my overall sense and personality. Gave me some great advise when it comes to career. He basically said, he can't see me in an office. That is so true.. So why am I forcing myself, to be in an office.. IDK.. Thanks Jon! You're the best! Can't wait to talk to you again!" ... written by Stellarfilms
Your awesome as always jon!...i will come back again soon! :)" ... written by elle
He gave me so many details with my predictions! Ive came to Jonmoss before about three months and he told me I would be moving somewhere where he saw a black leather couch, and sure enough i had no idea my new rooming house would has black leather couches before i got here. Jonmoss is great and the real deal, cant wait to see what happens." ... written by Lovely
Jon is consistent in his readings and very accurate. I always come back to him for a follow up!!" ... written by SS
Thanks Jon, great reading!" ... written by klynem
My third reading and I am hooked. He gives good information and is very accurate. Recommend him for 1,0000 stars." ... written by lovefromheaven
So wonderful warm open honest and optimistic. Thank you so much for just being so easy to communicate with." ... written by Sabrina Mueller
He is great, that is why I go to him so much." ... written by debbie
Great reading, Good advice. Spot on! Will be back to let you know the outcome. See you later." ... written by Raphael
Always a pleasure to have a reading done by JON.. I highly recommend him!!.. Will return for more. A Million Thank you's!!! " ... written by Wahine
Jon worked quickly and was on the money. Great guy. I think he cares." ... written by Katharine
Very good positive reading with details that were extremely accurate, would advice people to get a private reading x" ... written by vanesssa
Thank you so much! You were very direct and accurate without any information at all. I look forward to our next reading, Ill be sure to give you updates along the way :) For anyone reading this I HIGHLY RECOMMEND jonmoss2000, he's fantastic!" ... written by essjayokay
Seemed to pick up on my situation with accuracy, as I already knew some of the stuff that's going on. I wanted confirmation andamp; got it. Would definitely recommend." ... written by saladgreens
Jon is the Bomb!! He was one of the first I met here and I so respect and trust his readings!!!" ... written by SS
Jon is just amazing...freakishly amazing. I would recommend him to anyone. I have used several pschics and he is by far the best - EVER. " ... written by Danielle
Great update!!! He's spot on and really the only psychic I can turn to and really gets my situation!! Thank you jon" ... written by vine
He was great! Thank you" ... written by H
My favourite. Always a good reading" ... written by F
Thank you." ... written by ke
Jon is fantastic as usual. He told me everything I needed to hear, including the not so pleasant things. The truth is what I needed to hear and Jon gave it to me. I won't take him back ever again, I will move on, and look forward to someone better. Jon has always been true, honest and incredibly accurate with me in the past, and he still continues to be. Everything he has predicted for me has come to pass and I know very well that what he told me will come to pass as well. Thank you Jon, we will speak again soon." ... written by S.A.
Amazing!" ... written by luckyanna
jonh gives awesome readings" ... written by sweetpea
spot on! needed some clarification earlier part, but overall he picked my sentiments. awesome." ... written by Geri
Very good! So in-depth! Thank you Jon. I will be back." ... written by Livethemoment2
He's really very talented and gave a great reading with mediumship and getting hits on a relocation for me. xoxo Get a reading with Jon!!!" ... written by Jeannine
He was very helpful and honest. He gave aot of great advise and was accurate in the reading." ... written by Muse
Jonmoss2000 is awesome! I can't explain how much he's helped me emotionally. Great individual! " ... written by stolenkiss
Very well done, and great advice. Thank you very much.." ... written by Kevin Booze
amazing" ... written by luckyanna
Very good reader, impressive and in touch with my feelings " ... written by Senem
Jon's cards are consistent and have detail and they help keep me on the path I need to go on. He is accurate with follow up readings and I always check back with him." ... written by F
You're such a sweetheart and I appreciate the guidance. Until next time...cheers!" ... written by lavenderlilly13
spot on always!!" ... written by gina
Wonderful insights and advice. I am very grateful!" ... written by Joseph
Fantastic non-nonsense insight. Thank you." ... written by Fimooo
Jon is great. I always love to see him, and he's around when you need answers, good or bad, he gives it to you straight. Thanks Jon, Cheers!! :)" ... written by Heather
Thank you :) " ... written by Veronika81
Thank you Jon for a very positive reading! :) Cheers, Michael" ... written by klynem
Great." ... written by matt
Wow!!! What a blessing! This reading was awesome! I was given such assistance tonight in my time of need. Thank you so much! You gave me just the encouragement and strength, direction I really needed. I cannot say enough about your gifts. Thank you so much again." ... written by Stephanie
thanks again to Jon." ... written by debbie
Always great to speak with Jon. He tells it like it is and confirms things that I already know making it easy to understand and believe. " ... written by rljameson
5 stars again!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
All I can say is that he was spot on. =)" ... written by Anfisa
You are sincere, compassionate, sensible and so amazingly accurate with everything. As always, I thank you and will be back for many years to come. Thanks, Jon. Hugs!!!" ... written by familyhelper
Thank you so much for your reading and clearing things out for me. God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
I've come to Jon many times and he's always great, quick to the point, and very honest...good or bad. definitely worth coming to. " ... written by abyss00
Great reading, will be back to update Jon. " ... written by bimi5959
Thank you Jon for great reading and sure I do worry for nothing at times, lol. Thank you for prayers and healing our way. Cheers Michael " ... written by klynem
Another update with Jon. Not only he's a great psychic, but after all this time I feel like I'm talking to a friend who truly cares. Very insightful and down to earth as usual :)." ... written by Purple Iris
Had a lovely first reading with Jon. Very down to earth guy. Quick with answers. Connects with spirit quickly and gracefully, and relays messages you need to hear. " ... written by SaraMaria90
What to say? I go only to him on Oranum. The best. Period. Love and light to you Jon :)" ... written by Andrea
I really enjoyed my reading with Jon because everything I was feeling at the moment he connected too and really made me understand the feelings I was going threw not feeling like I was going crazy. My decisions in life are based on what I am feeling for a long time and he really made me understand and realize that I need to take care of me not someone that has issues and i knew this but I needed to hear it from someone else. Thank you so much for letting me see things differently. Loved him Edna try him " ... written by Edna
Great reading as always jon. Very clear and to the point! Thanks!" ... written by hardeep
Spot on, everything coming up is right on the money. Really appreciate this update. Recommend Jon!" ... written by Tricia
Thanks, Jon, for honesty, insight, and clarity. You're a help. I look forward to the next reading." ... written by sr1997
always perfect" ... written by Janice
It was awesome as usual he picked up how i was feeling straight away, I have been visiting him for years and he hasn't been wrong yet thanks Jon. xox" ... written by helen
Great readings! He connects fast related to my work. I will be back again for another reading with John." ... written by rie
Very clear and accurate reading!! Picked up on many aspects precisely!!! Great reader!" ... written by Randi
Jon was amazing!! He told me things that were right on target! Everything I asked he was dead on!! I plan on visiting him again!" ... written by Debbie
Enjoy readings with Jon as always. Awesome guy." ... written by sweetpea
Really like this guy had many good readings X" ... written by lola
Very Accurate and helpful x" ... written by Louise
Great update!!! Thank you jon!!" ... written by vine
Jon is amazing with the cards he pulls and how they make sense to the situation" ... written by F
Great reading spot on!" ... written by Pter
Great reader!" ... written by nadiya
The best!" ... written by Matt
Warm, friendly and honest, always feel a connection with him, thank you!" ... written by tt
Thank you so much Jon. Thank you for your honesty and your time. I will be back to see you!" ... written by aerie
Again, an honest and insightful read that jived with my instincts about reality, even the things harder for me to name - and done with an eye to my time!" ... written by sr1997
excellent .... thank you " ... written by brownie
Always the best" ... written by Danielle
jon really enlightens the situation, with so many details. really made me relieved even if the information is not all best. Thats what I expect from the psychic - the honesty and advice - and Jon delivers it! " ... written by jazzychic7
Great reading!" ... written by joy
Jon is the best, great reading, very understanding without much information from me, will come back to him!! Thank you" ... written by VL
He's great! Read for me before! Really put things in perspective for me. Thank you." ... written by Trista
Jon was so accurate and always follows up on previous readings. Awesome!!!" ... written by sonia
So awesome!! Answered my question with great detail and although maybe not my dream outcome it is the direction I needed. Thanks!!!" ... written by Tigerlilly74
Very nice to talk too and very spirit led. Will wait to see what happens." ... written by gr8tday
Jonmoss is absolutely the best! What he predicted came true and I was reassured more than I can say. He continues to be a resource for me in times of stress. Thank you so much!" ... written by summerbreeze88
great chat with Jon! " ... written by jordan
as always very helpful" ... written by vl
Love him as always." ... written by olivia
Very good reading that gave me some positive things to look forward to. A 5 star reader as always." ... written by Harold
Good!" ... written by Nelson
Always great insight with Jon. He picks up on things right off." ... written by Theresa
Jon is awesome!!! Great guidance! Tells it like it is. So glad I came back for an update. " ... written by Tigerlilly74
John Moss is always on track. I would recommend!" ... written by Victoria
will see." ... written by gipsygirl
He is an excellent medium and psychic adviser." ... written by erika
#1 not just on this site but in the world. " ... written by Danielle
Jon's cards have always been accurate and I come back to him all the time for updates!!!" ... written by Bonnie
Jon always has the answers good, bad or indifferent. I will be returning." ... written by Debbie
Great reading! Honest, and to the point. Love him" ... written by Capi
Great advice from Jon thank you mate, speak soon." ... written by MUHAMMAD IQBAL
He's great, terrific reading. Answered all my questions " ... written by erica
He's good." ... written by rae
I keep coming back for readings with Jon, as he is always honest and picks up immediately on what's happening." ... written by Jena
Wonderful!!!! Fast and put my mind at rest with great loving advise. Always my go to person thank you soo much. Blessings!" ... written by dejera
Very nice and deep insights into the situations and persons involved...." ... written by agablue
He was very nice and fast. He does not waste your time!" ... written by Rasheeda
Clear and precise!" ... written by Anna
Jonmoss2000 is a great psychic and wonderful person. Very helpful person. 5 star thank you." ... written by barbara
He was very nice to me." ... written by alyson
You do not know what you do not know, but I can see you clearly. You have a lot more to give to the world. " ... written by Angel
I love my John!!!!!!!!!!! Love him: I feel he truly is sincere with his information and to date he has been on target with all my up comings:I will only work with him; my comfort lies in knowing he sends messages to me from my friends and family; and he keeps me in the right direction... Thank You sooo much; it is a way to rest my thoughts in his care... " ... written by Darby
Thank you for the reading. He gave me great information and was honest." ... written by chris
Very good. Seems to know the situation." ... written by Sarah
First reading with him! Very good!" ... written by Nicky
Simply an amazing fellow. His intuitiveness and ability to connect are absolutely amazing. Empathic, direct straightforward, caring... the list goes on. Be warned: I did not take his advice the first time and suffered. Take his advice to a T..." ... written by sms
Excellent reading, he really picked up on my situation." ... written by Sticky
Great update! Honest advice gave me guidance through a difficult situation and I had to make some tough choices. I am so glad I took the advice because things have turned around and looking better! I love how that works! " ... written by Tigerlilly74
Love you Jon. Best on ORANUM. " ... written by olivia
He was GREAT!!!! very insightful and answered all my questions quickly and hit on things that were very much on my mind before I asked about them. Thank you again so much!" ... written by Scadoodle
Thanks Jon and Hope you feel better soon mate." ... written by klynem
Thank you:) you cleared things up for me." ... written by Kelly
Jon is the best and accurate.The first reading I got from him he described the person I was asking about without me telling him anything." ... written by angel
The reading was great, Im so happy that I choice him, I definitely needed that, thank you so much" ... written by shandra
Always advise you like a family member." ... written by RB
Really great 1st reading with Jon. Was point-on with with me." ... written by Ash
Awesome talking to john. He always has good advice and sees things clearly. " ... written by rljameson
Reassuring, honest and direct, but in a nice way. He has a friendly manner which allows you to connect with him straight away. I did not have to prompt or give any clues, he picked up on my situation and the thoughts of my partner." ... written by t
I so benefit from Jonmoss!! Once again, he has a grounded, solid way of telling me exactly what is going on and such a comfort and help in my time of need. Thank you for always being a truth seeker and truth speaker. :-). " ... written by Stephanie
Once again he is on point." ... written by debbie
He gave me good details as if he knew me and I wasn't just another number. His reading made sense and I felt much better about my prospects." ... written by rcollins98
Don't know what I'd do without Jon. He's one of the best on here, there isn't a single thing that isn't accurate. Calms my mind, calms my spirit and helps me to put things into perspective. He's been guiding me the last year and everything he says is true, makes sense and has helped me see where I'm going. Life is rough right now, so thanks Jon. Many hugs." ... written by familyhelper
Great update!! Always a pleasure! Thank you." ... written by vine
I really enjoyed the reading with jonmoss2000. He was quick to answer my questions and reassure me. He also had a lot of insight into the problems I am facing at the moment and was very honest about the possible future. I would definitely recommend jonmoss2000! Thank you again! :)" ... written by weeyinx
He was amazing. He helped me out a lot. Thank you." ... written by Victoria
Another great 2nd session with Jon. " ... written by Ash
great reading, very positive." ... written by nicky
Great!!" ... written by P
Jon has always been spot on in his readings....Take him for a reading you will come back for more" ... written by FindingPeace
Thank you so much, I will keep u updated!!!!!!!!! x" ... written by Dilianika
Jon keeps me grounded and that's why I always come back to him. Plus he always sees whats going on to a tee!" ... written by debbie
Insightful :D" ... written by L
Jon was very accurate. I enjoyed my reading. thanks" ... written by alicia
Love Jon. He delivers messages so matter of factly and he's always so positive and inspirational, honest and so accurate. I haven't had anything wrong with him, everything including timing has been so right. Thanks, Jon. You have become such a great guide for me to help me see through my murky life right now. Many hugs." ... written by familyhelper
No prompting required, clear and up front." ... written by u
Always the best." ... written by Danielle
honest and direct. Jon is a good reader." ... written by synapsy
awesome as always he has never been wrong yet I strongly recommend him" ... written by hellzbellz
The stuff he knows.. Nobody knows!!!!!" ... written by gina
He relaxed me. Thank you so much!" ... written by Antoinette
Makes sense" ... written by ansh
Thank you so much, many blessings to you for advice xx" ... written by mati
this guy is great and accurate in reading. my time with him was a money well spent. thank you" ... written by edward iyase
Jon is wonderful. He is able to connect fast and offer detailed insight. Thanks Jon. I will be back xx" ... written by Cl
Very good! I would recommend Jon for an accurate, to the point reading. Thanks, Jon!" ... written by niecie
Very good reading with Jon as always." ... written by sweetpea22
Thanks Jon! That was BRILLIANT! Hit it BANG ON! Saw everything, even knew my degree. Look forward to your predictions, I will let you know how it goes!" ... written by workinghard
Moss was helpful! he gave me some tips and insight of how to handle a situation. Great advisor!" ... written by Sheri19
JON IS AWESOME!" ... written by MATT
Very helpful :)" ... written by Christina
Wow!! He was amazing!! so connected!! all I can say is wow!! I can't wait to see things develop" ... written by shelle 97
Jon is right on target as always andamp; always uses his wonderful gifts to sooth the savage [mother] speaking of her offspring Thank you for helping" ... written by devene page baca
Wow hit the nail on the head again, always can rely on Jon to see whats what and tell you everything. Love this guy. Amazing !!!" ... written by claireylou
Excellent confidant and SUPREMELY gifted. Thanks Jon!!!" ... written by Taylor
OMG!! I just had the best reading ever....He didn't ask no information no question no nothing. It was just as if he knew me personally..He described me as I am at the moment as far as my personality. I strongly recommend him to you guys He is the best I've had..:) " ... written by Aileen
Thanks for an amazing and insightful reading." ... written by Danielle
Amazing!" ... written by Tifah
Not a lot of info but it's actually okay." ... written by daisy12345678
Very quick and to the point, spot on I will see him again. I strongly suggest checking him out, you won't be sorry. Great reading top shelf!!!" ... written by pauly61
Jon was very honest and quick.. thank you!" ... written by Virgo
Reassuring and helpful, feel I can trust what he says." ... written by t
Thank you for the update on my situation and advice on what to do from here." ... written by Tigerlilly74
Look no further. " ... written by Danielle
Jon is always good. Thank you Jon!" ... written by Debbie
Short and sweet my thoughts to the T. Thanks JOn" ... written by G
He will give you all the information you need without asking you for your information. he is awesome" ... written by Aileen
jon is a fantastic reader. he always says like it is, ive been a consistent client and I know that he wont sugarcoat. so when he says positive news I know it is right :) thanks a lot!" ... written by jazzychic7
never fails to disappoint - Jon is the best !" ... written by olivia
He is great I wouldn't go to anyone else" ... written by megan
John is honest, awesome and on point! Great reader!" ... written by Mona
good reader, great connection" ... written by rose3739
Definitely on point, he knew exactly where my relationship was going and I'm glad that most of the outcomes are positive. I love the reading, thank you for everything. I'll keep you updated." ... written by Moneda
Whenever I see Jon is available, he is my go to for help!!! What a gift he has and he relieves my fears, tells me exactly what is going on in the situation and then I have a direction. This is priceless to me. Thank you so much, Jon!" ... written by summerbreeze88
What a heart felt conversation with Jonmoss! We had many! But this one really reminded me of many things... Thank you Jon!" ... written by g
He confirmed what I thought I should be doing to help myself :-) thank you!" ... written by LondonMermaid
very honest, no sugar coating at all. start to the point. discussed my spirit guides with me as well. told me about the months around, even the beginning of 2015. very good guy !" ... written by Josalyn
awesome as usual have a reading with him for sure" ... written by hellzbellz
Jon is a master! I am so happy once again to have chatted with him and received such tremendous help! A wonderful read and he is extremely gifted - beyond words. Thank you!!!" ... written by summerbreeze88
He confirmed what was going and told me the truth, unlike other psychics who told me lies and didn't even tell me the truth, so disappointed. But glad I came with Jon, he will tell you the truth." ... written by space
Jon Moss is one of the best psychics on Oranum! So many of his readings ive gotten from him has came true. Will continue coming to him as my adviser. Thnanks Jon." ... written by Nina
Very interesting and positive!" ... written by Helen
Thanks so much for confirmation and update on something to look forward to. I'm relieved." ... written by Tigerlilly74
It was a nice reading. He is one of my favorites on here. 5 stars!" ... written by Antoinette
He is amazing, answered all my questions and did not frustrate himself when I kept asking questions. thank you. to the point and available when I need him. thanks" ... written by spaces
Great reading Jon thanks" ... written by klynem
thank you very much for the answers, got to know everything i wanted, very honest and sincere. many blessings xx" ... written by mati
I always enjoy talking to him. Besides all of the accurate reading and stuff is more to me about the guidance and advises he gives me which always seem to help out and he is always right. :)" ... written by Aileen
Jon is an awesome reader gave me many details on past lives reading and it explains alot of my current feelings towards this life. I would recommend Jon to anyone for advice on all parts of life. Jon Thanks alot :)" ... written by WendySpeek
I need to say this, he is the greatest person here" ... written by ksd
Thanks again Jon for the reading! I appreciate the insight as always!" ... written by Patience29
Thanks jon. Great reading. U really knew this guy. quite extraordinary. Definitely connected. will be back" ... written by honfleur
Great reading. He told me things about myself that are coming up in my future. He helped me understand the present and that times will change for the better." ... written by rcollins98
Jon was very nice and patient. He had a clear understanding of where I am at in my life..." ... written by pat
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
he was spot on with everything" ... written by mfurney
Jon is amazing! What a great read! His humor and straightforward manner is such a help to me. Thank you for always knowing exactly what is going on and giving me the tools to go forward confidently!" ... written by Stephanie
jon was absolutely amazing and was able to pick up on recent events in my life I did not even mention to him. Plus he remembered so much from other readings and followed through on them. Fantastic and honest" ... written by sonia
very good and understanding. would recocmend him to anyone" ... written by denise sharp
What can I say. Jon is amazing as always. Just a naturally gifted person with amazing abilities and a great person to talk to. Thanks so much, Jon. " ... written by familyhelper
Jon is my go-to reader when I need clarity, perspective and practical direction for what's happening in my life! His insights are truly amazing. He knows what is going on in depth and I just listen! :-) That's one of the best qualities about his readings. Trust Jon with your reading and receive exactly what you are meant to hear!" ... written by Stephanie
awesome as always thank u jon" ... written by helen
This is the 2nd reading I have had with Jon, he is so spot on. He has a true gift. I would highly recommend him. A lovely man with great spirit. Thank you Jon many blessings to you. I will be back." ... written by Cherokee
Jon is a great reader he has always been honest and straight forward." ... written by brightsoul84
Fantastic spot on." ... written by Klynem
Awesome read as always, Hit the nail on the head. Felt so much better about everything after talking to Jon. He always seems to pick right up where we left off. With out little or nothing. He is so right I have to rid people out of my life that are not good for me. Have been doing that already. 100 Stars to you Jon Moss!!" ... written by Tricia
thanks JOn for the honest reading. :) " ... written by JT
Jon was dead on. He picked up on my situation immediately. He didn't even ask me my name and was very accurate. I will be back for more readings. I highly recommend a reading my Jon. It will blow your mind away. He is truly a gifted man." ... written by happybee2
hes fantastic i didnt even have to tell him about much he already knew everything great guy. really chilled i highly recommend him!" ... written by dgk0901
ty, i need to move you said, i have the world :)" ... written by nistalgia
Excellent reading! I would have gone on for more but ran out of money. He tuned into my emotional/mental being quite well and illuminated how I get stuck or kind of sabotage myself." ... written by Catherine
He was spot on. Intuitive. It is as if he knew the story of my life and my struggles in area of my life that I hold very private." ... written by Stephanie
very direct and humble... I like his style ... knew the situation well" ... written by maku
Clear and accurate!" ... written by sonia
spot on. good reading." ... written by PIGLETME
wonderful reader i go to him all the time xoxoxox thanks jon" ... written by hellzbellz
This is the fourth reading I've had with Jon and everything he has told me is once again exact to a T, the good and the bad. Every single prediction he has told me has come to pass, as well as the weekly cards he gives are as well. Please try him you will never be disappointed." ... written by S.A.
Thanks Jon and for you support with max have a great day mate " ... written by klynem
What can i say he was wonderful reader n very fast i had 9 credits n he gave me alot of info and i can thank him enough for all his help" ... written by jody
Great reader, and to the point." ... written by Marya23
Jon was just incredible. He just lifted my spirits and clarified some very difficult decisions I needed to make with my life. Excellent, honest and just a good soul." ... written by sonia
Excellent reader, tunes in to issues and problems and is concerned about my welfare with regards to the problems I may be facing. Thank you jonmoss2000!" ... written by weeyinx
Excellent reading. Very fast and insightful. Really understands the situation. thanks!! 10 stars! Will be back very soon." ... written by honfleur
Pleasure as always." ... written by olivia
jon was good on money. He is very fast in his readings." ... written by aquavenus
Excellent!! Fast and gives it to you straight. He saw things very accurately before I even said anything. Answered all my questions so well and really gave me some perspective. Fantastic!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
HE defiantly blew my mind today, everything was on point!! it was amazing!!! i couldnt believe it.. im in shock.. Come see this guy!!! you wont regret it!!! " ... written by Matthew Lozano
Great as always. Hugs Jon!" ... written by familyhelper
jon was awesome as always good reading will be back one of best readers on here." ... written by sweetpea22
Another wonderful reading with Jon! What a gift he is to this site!!! Thank you so much, Jon, for your reassurance and astute insights into me and the people in my life! I take your words with me as I interact with loved ones and am able to see the big picture which helps me and everyone in my life. Thank you!!!" ... written by Stephanie
great reading! Very insightful and informative. " ... written by patiencep14
Nice!" ... written by joseph
Thank you so much, this is my second reading and I love your wonderful readings your so spot on in my issues" ... written by jody
Jon is spot on as usual. Great reading." ... written by Theresa
awesome and spot on as always i would recommend jon to all of u if u dont get a read from him ur missing out!!!!" ... written by hellzbellz
jon was awesome and honest and a great guide." ... written by sonia
Thank you very much! As always helpful! God Bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
this site or an Jon is one of the greats on Oranum. this man is for real, accurate precise andamp; on target i go to him as much as i can." ... written by devene pagebaca
very honest. Good reading. quick. accurate. good advice. thanks!" ... written by honfleur
I read an old e-mail reading you did for me a year ago, it was so accurate looking back on, I had to come and see you again!" ... written by Shelly
Very nice reading, great details and lots of information and great advice. Thank you so much! I'll be in touch." ... written by Jennifer
Great insightful reading, good advice! thank you Jon :) " ... written by Lynda22
Jon is one of those psychics you will revisit time and time again. You can compare his readings to "coming home" and you will leave with reassurance, understanding and confident in what you do. " ... written by Finding Peace
johnmoss2000 once again shows his great ability thank you " ... written by barbara
What an amazing guy.....why have I not come to him before?!!!!! He was quick, very detailed, gave me more information than I gave him.....I will certainly be returning to Jon!" ... written by Jade50
So amazing, Jon, always." ... written by familyhelper
thank u so much for the care n concern, JOn. i feel much better after your kind andamp; practical advice.. :) will update you soon" ... written by JT
Talking with Jon is always a pleasure. Everything he said was right with what I was feeling and he helped me out the right things into perspective. Love it. Thanks, Jon!!!" ... written by rljameson
right on point and fast " ... written by brenda
is a great reader , and zoomed straight into my situation at the moment , thankyou " ... written by selbabes
John is wonderful and his predictions consistently come true. I am a returning customer because of his accuracy, kindness and compassion. Blessing to you John!" ... written by Mary W
Always great :) Would highly recommend " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Jon is so wonderful at knowing exactly where I'm at and what the situation requires!!! Thank you for always giving me the tools I need for my situation and relieving my worries. You are awesome!" ... written by Stephanie
Picked up everything with my situation right away all i had to say was a name and that was it and the rest was just spot on. Really impressed. " ... written by Lyn
thanks so much jon for ur help!!" ... written by gm
brilliant" ... written by diamond
thank you so much for your help and your time. your compassion and your suggestions. i appreciate it." ... written by desi
Jon is my go-to, because he's never failed me. His readings of situations I find to be spot-on. " ... written by t.
Jon always gives me great advise. I will be back to let him know how things work out." ... written by debbie
Jon is easy to communicate with and I feel he was very focused on my questions. Very intuitive. Will be talking to him again." ... written by wren1414
Great reader! can't say anything else! just great! thanks very much john glad to have chosen you as my reader! YOU MUST TAKE JOHN INTO A PRIVATE READING!" ... written by Billy
Thanks Jon for that reading u did for me Michael under helens name. Very positive things to come. Cheers michael " ... written by klynem
jon is amazing he contacted a loved one for me that passed on and knew things i didnt even say a word about hes highly recommended. thank you so much" ... written by dee
Accurate, fast, to the point, great insight on how to handle the situations." ... written by agablue
spot on with everything loved him will be back and i trust in his predictions ty so much" ... written by caz
Thank you" ... written by respectedlife
awesome guy " ... written by Jake
Great reading! Very accurate, I will keep in touch, very quick and to the point! " ... written by drummergirl
Staying hopeful" ... written by Shawnee
sooo insightful and on target, sensitive and kind guy easy to open up to" ... written by marcy
such a nice guy, really wants to help and tries explaining very clearly ways to better yourself and events that might take place that you should be aware of, he has such a wonderful energy like a big brother and he will always be there you can tell and i would love to always stay in touch because this man is a genuine sweet caring and honest person that gets to the point without nonense xxxx" ... written by Cammy1101
Very perceptive - but would have liked some more info!" ... written by Maria
Great reading as always " ... written by Bill
Been coming to him since so long. I seriously think he's the best here in oranum. Jon rocks!" ... written by Purple Iris
Wow, I dont know how, but he knew things with out me feeding him anything! great reading. although it was not positive for me at least he was honest in what he felt. thanks :)" ... written by Jaqueline
hes wonderful, definitely love getting my readings with him" ... written by shape
great reading....picks up on situation fast!!" ... written by cam
interesting read. looking forward to what he sees happening. Great reader!" ... written by Grc
jon was incredibly accurate and he always tells it like it is. An amazing ability to follow up on previous readings. You must get a reading for the honest truth!!!" ... written by sonia
good advice, always" ... written by g
Thanks Jon." ... written by familyhelper
Awesome agility to help guide me I make the steps helps me in the right direction " ... written by mfurney
Very intuitive! Very nice. He made me feel like we connected." ... written by Ananaprem
amazing session!! very accurate and insightful " ... written by anna
Jon was insightful and honest and although we had just a short read, he knew I was impatient. :) Thank you!" ... written by Obsidian
Thanks Jon glad your feeling better and great reading and great advice." ... written by hellzbellz
Thanks a ton Jon ... You have really helped me a lot all the time ... I am glad that I have met you ..... God bless :)" ... written by Aarushie
Great reading. To the point." ... written by Marya23
Fabulous as always" ... written by Jon
Jon is the best! Go to him when you need direct, clear answers and you will be amazed!" ... written by summerbreeze88
When I first started communicating a few months ago with Jon I didn't really have to tell him much he knew why I wanted to talk to him. He said not to worry because things were going to workout and also a person would be back in touch and he was right about everything so far. Will stay in touch and looking forward to what happens next. Thank you very much for making me feel better. Sorry I ran out of credits. xoxo" ... written by Malabar12
good" ... written by L
very good , no excellant" ... written by luckyanna
Hey, it's Jon Moss! ; ) he's worth speaking with" ... written by fragrant
Thank you very much! I am happy with your help! Thanks. " ... written by Lan2014
Solid after a slow start. Would go back!" ... written by anonymous
Thanks again for the reading, loved it! thank you" ... written by aaow
Wonderful....quick....great insight. " ... written by Sharlene
Jon's updates are always spot on and he tells it like it is. " ... written by Finding Peace
he was good..time will tell:)5 stars!!!" ... written by aqua
I think he cleared my mind about many things that needed to be clear out... He knew things that only close friends and family will know. I recommend him 150%. :)" ... written by Super
amazing, wonderful, and so insightful. John picked up on something he had no way of knowing. My daughter mentioned flowers...we are planting a butterfly bush for her today...amazing John...thank you so much" ... written by three yorkies
always a pleasure my friend" ... written by olivia
amazing" ... written by luckyanna
Jon is so awesome!!! He continues to give me direction and answers when I'm needing clarity about every situation. There is nothing he can't see into and I am so thankful he is here! Thank you so much, Jon!" ... written by summerbreeze
very helpful !" ... written by J
great job" ... written by debbie
great reading" ... written by abundance
very helpful, has some clear seeings and good advices!" ... written by baahleent
Great insight, Thanks Jon." ... written by jnm098
I am happy to hear something so positive." ... written by Shayne
Jon is wonderful!!! Trust him with your problems and he will help you more than you can imagine!" ... written by summerbreeze
great reading and ran out of credits lol have a great weekend " ... written by klynem
Just tried to chat but u weent there lol " ... written by klynem
thankyou again as always a great psychic and advisor" ... written by barbara
very good" ... written by luckyanna
I came to him last October and he was so honest. Told me my ex Adam and I were not right and were not going to get back together, but he saw a guy named David coming into my life...I didn't know any Davids, or so I thought...Wrong...I started communicating with a guy named David in November and we started dating in January. A while after we dated I remembered what he said and realized that his prediction was absolutely true!!! David and I are not together currently, but I totally trust his current advice and insight. He gives names, time frames, and is so good to speak with. Very comforting but honest honest honest. He's great!!" ... written by Sarah
Very great energy" ... written by acb
thanks heaps" ... written by gusessendon
Thank you. He works really fast. :) Hope his predictions come true." ... written by lovegod33
Great reader, clear and to the point!" ... written by Stars
Great reading as always.. Jon connects very well and is precise with his senses about things.. Thanks Jon!! See you soon." ... written by Lynda22
he is quick and precise and I trust his readings" ... written by Finding Peace
He is so amazing …he is genuine he tells me everything ..i like him a lot and he picked up a lot of things that i never expected…thank you so much Jon you are a great reader …and i will follow what you told me….XOXO Mr.Jon!!!" ... written by Elisa Deriada
Thank you Jon - very insightful. You hit the nail on the head - again." ... written by Heather
Jon always makes sense and his readings always come to fruition. He's great!" ... written by familyhelper
OMG Jon was so accurate. He gave a name and just read so clearly. Incredible vision. You must seek him out for a reading. Mega stars!!!!!!" ... written by sonia
Always an excellent reader, I can always count on Jon to explain everything so clearly and see what is really going on. Thank you!" ... written by Jena
a good reading, thank you" ... written by Julie
He was amazing! " ... written by KiNGA
great reading. Hes always is on point." ... written by debbie
awesome as usual xoxoxoxox thanks Jon" ... written by helen
amazing" ... written by luckyanna
straight talking as usual. precise. great." ... written by wren1414
Jon was so great. He told me that he didn't see anything negative going on and that is always great news. Incredible ability to guide you through some of life's journeys. " ... written by sonia
Thank you so much! I do feel your prediction is possible... " ... written by lan2014
Very good x" ... written by Helen
Thank you Jon - you have fantastic insight to my problem and could pick up on just what needs to be done. I'll let you know how things work out. I highly recommend anyone looking for a real point of view to speak with him." ... written by Joan
insightful and clear, thank you" ... written by y
I respect, trust and love this mans integrity. He is a true psychic and knows his clients well and from that we reap the benefit of an accurate reading!! Thank you again Jon" ... written by FP
He is amazing as always. His predictions have always come true. Trust him...he is awesome. " ... written by Sarah
I think he tuned in really well to my situation. " ... written by BronzePanda
Jon is so wise and intuitive!!! He is awesome at always giving me predictions that come true. Thank you for being there, Jon!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
amazing as always thank you jon " ... written by dee
He was very on target about what is going on...awesome!" ... written by Dominique
great reader! highly recommend" ... written by didi
needed a lil more time. good tho" ... written by hugh januss
I have seen Jon for close to a year now. I have seen him with many follow-ups and his predictions were all a matter of time before they would come to fruition." ... written by findingpeace
Good. Pretty accurate. I just hope the change is going to be good. " ... written by Janice
Jon was so honest and clear yet gentle with how he handled a very emotional topic in my life. Absolutely phenomenal." ... written by sonia
JON was very sharp, I will use him again" ... written by Jefferson
I know Jon for almost 2 years now. And belive me, no need to see another psychic at all. Thank you Jon. " ... written by Andrea
lovely reading very accurate .. recommend it :)" ... written by niah:)
very very helpful and detailed" ... written by Alaa
cool" ... written by me
absolutely brilliant, very insightful and to the point. I would recommend to anyone x" ... written by L
If you are looking for someone who will give you a reading that is fast and accurate, someone that can connect to you very quickly, it is John." ... written by Finding Peace
always helps me like a family member" ... written by Rb
You never let me down, Jon. Thanks for all your insight and thoughts on things. You help balance me emotionally and just overall. Truly appreciate your gift. " ... written by familyhelper
wonderful man, very good with what he does x" ... written by L
Very good general reading as that's what I asked for. His very quick and doesn't waste any time with 'fluff'" ... written by Stickytoffee
Thank you - very helpful. Maybe not what I wanted to hear, but what I know is right." ... written by Helen
Great and empowering. Thank you. " ... written by Ida
Wow, blown away..." ... written by m
very good" ... written by gusessendon
WOW! what can I say he is so worth it he picks up on many different things, it seems supernatural! Jon helps me in life and always gives me truth! " ... written by Stars
what can i say cannot be beaten this guy.....amazing in all areas of the reading and comnpletely accurate does not dissappoint five million stars" ... written by sky456amsterdam
I have come back to Jon many times and he is always spot on. He is very in tune with readings. " ... written by debbie
Very honest and clear. Answered all of my questions and with much integrity. Thank you Jon! " ... written by whenever21
Brilliant, spot on. Gave him very little to go on and he just started listing off so much information and advice. Thanks Jon!" ... written by Corrin
An amazing psychic, reader, intuitive. You've been helping through my storm for a long time now." ... written by familyhelper
Jon is awesome!!! He is straight forward, gifted and an all around wonderful person. Trust him with your questions!!!" ... written by summerbreeze888
straight to the point, no sugar coating... thanks! " ... written by bijutsu
I've always love jon.. he's GREAT!!!... for any quick or deep readings i go to him... " ... written by Wahine
Jon, I always consult jon when i'm worried. It's come to the point now where I prepare for the future he tells me, this has proven to be effective in my life. I trust jon and trust me he won't sugar coat the readings." ... written by stars
Time will tell very understanding thank you :)" ... written by BIMI5959
Awesome!" ... written by Ashe
Jon is always bang on the nose with things" ... written by Sparkle Pony
very good" ... written by gusessendon
excellent reading, webcam was not working but everything was spot on, i could still hear jon speak, my nan came through, talked about love,work and life in general, described my ex perfectly, and what i currently do for my job, will definitely have a future reading with Jon Moss " ... written by Lisa
thank you very much I am crying but they are good tears. sincerely diana" ... written by diana
He is one of my favorites! " ... written by Antoinette
This was a very enlightening reading! I am truly glad by the service and insights that I got. Highly recommended." ... written by Mgrl
Thank you very much! " ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Awesome as all ways" ... written by mfurney
Follow up reading with jon....thank you for your honesty" ... written by FP
thank u Jon, we will take your advice" ... written by hellzbellz
Jon is amazing and has accurately predicted for me for months now. He is spot on in his insights and things go exactly as he said they would. Jon gives me the behind the scenes so I know how to conduct myself wisely and graciously! :-) He is awesome!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
thank u so much i needed and answer i been suffering through all that and i got and answer ty really was nice to know " ... written by marlene
Thank you." ... written by Calizaliza
Nice guy, told me a few things that were spot on about me and my feelings. " ... written by Helpme67
Jon Moss is wonderful I just love him !!!!!!!!!!!! always gives good advise and is very accurate on his readings." ... written by Malabar12
Always incredible. I've been seeing him for a while now and his predictions always come true. Awesome guy with such a gift. " ... written by Sarah
Very fast and clear." ... written by louloub5
Jon is awesome!!! He helps me when I do not know how to proceed and gives me the exact background of all involved. Amazing reading!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Very intuitive... he jumps to the main point from his cards... and hone in on the situation... very helpful indeed! thank you!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
dead on point thanks jon" ... written by mfurney
Very precise and clear. Awesome." ... written by sonia
Very fast talking :) But have a lot to say. :) Good reader though, i think :) Thank you ;)" ... written by Ie
I really think Jon is very accurate and really indepth with everyone's energy even when he doesn't see you. Powerful! This one you must see!" ... written by shang wen
Very fast! Great reading!" ... written by Nicky
he is the best so far on Oranum - He tells me I am going to meet a dark haired man in business with a red shirt.. So, shocked when I met him that very night.. Jon is worth every penny.. Was sad there was some video problems with our connection that day .. just letting you know" ... written by makeupchicago123
Jon reassurances me I know that what he said is accurate I have been having readings with him for just over a month now and he has helped me allot." ... written by Stars
Jon is to the point and takes a very logical, grounded approach to his readings. He doesn't waste time and he remembers his clients!" ... written by maccabeus
very good reading i am so happy he is very good 5 star reading what i like is he got me about weight proublms i have and he said he had them to and he was great giving me advice everyone should go to this man he is truly amazing ;)" ... written by seth
Thank you fo the reading!" ... written by Rainowspirit123
excellent reading very honest and positive at the same time. there's good and bad in every experience. i feel reassured. thank you Jon" ... written by didi
Seems to be spot on, got the details of my situation correct... gave great advice to move forward with. Will keep you posted. " ... written by T
jonmoss was so accurate i was so happy hearing what he had to say just sad i ran out of credit..." ... written by dimondgirl
jon was absolutely clear, descriptive and will blow you away with his blessed vision. you are missing out if you don't have a reading with him." ... written by sonia
Great guy he'll definitely tell you everything." ... written by Emily
Very good spot on xx" ... written by Hellena
Spot on, vert intuitive " ... written by Rebecca
Jon is great on giving clarity and straight forward answers. He is very talented the way he reads cards." ... written by Rose
I have been feeling down in the dumps and Jon had managed to make me feel much better about things, Jon as always thanks. :)" ... written by stars
very positive reading thank you! i really love the way you say things :) i can't wait to see what happens! all the best for you!" ... written by didi
Hi thanks for the reading please send us some good karma as we would appreciate that. Cheers Michael" ... written by klynem
As always Jon is amazingly accurate. It's always a pleasure talking with him. " ... written by Malabar12
John is amazing. Strayed forward and very nice. Will be back. Highly Recomand" ... written by lil887
amazing. didnt say much. he went on- spot on accuracy. wow :S" ... written by d
he's one of my go to psychics. so blunt and honest" ... written by Josalyn
Thank you as usual" ... written by acb
awesome reading always enjoy talking to jon will be back" ... written by sweetpea 22
Jonn was really helpful and telling me the honest truth about myself. I was thoughtful of his options he was providing me. Thank you Jonn for your help your the best man ever. God Bless you." ... written by Edward Smith
I always connect with Jon! he has made me aware of a couple of things and hopefully this week will be good! thanks Jon as always and for your continual guidance and support!" ... written by Jon
AMAZING" ... written by Brenda
You always make so much sense. I signin confused and come out knowing and seeing, and you're always so accurate. Wish I had the picture into my life sometimes that you do. As always, thanks Jon. Keep the Card of the Week coming. Love them." ... written by familyhelper
thnks jon ran out of credits cheers Michael" ... written by klynem
Can give you answers to anything you ask of him." ... written by Al
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Really good and fast reader. I will come back to him for sure!" ... written by Barb22
great reading as always" ... written by Duda
i've been going to jon for a year now. as hard as it can be to hear sometimes, i can always count on him to tell me the truth. he is usually spot on. never fails" ... written by t.
Jon is such a nice guy. i love his readings" ... written by Deodora
brilliant, as always :) wish him all the best! top bloke! x" ... written by L
i love having readings with jon he speaks very clear as some psychics can be hard to understand and you can feel as though you are waisting money, but john said some things to me that were very accurate and hit the nail on the head when we spoke about my career and what i had done in the past working career, a couple of weeks ago my nan also came through whilst we was speaking and brought a bible which my baby girl was christened last sunday, we talked about relationships also and jon always picks up on my ex, my childs father and says everything about him down to a tee, john is by far the best psychic on here i have spoken to and thank you john for putting my mind at ease " ... written by lisa
jon is so cool and so on the money with his readings. Don't pay so much for another psychic when Jon charges and absolutely fair price and offers such clarity and accuracy. " ... written by sonia
Seem to hit on quite a few things before i ran out of credit! Thanks!" ... written by Jennifer
Great reading as always and Jon told me what I thought" ... written by Deodora
he was awesome as always thanks jon xx" ... written by helen
Excellent doesn't even comes close to describing this reading! Every single thing he said about my situation was 100% spot on. I was amazed at his accuracy and speed, I will defiantly be back for more readings with him. " ... written by damian1482
Jon, thanks once again, he always reassures me and tells me the truth, he doesn't try to please me he just gives me what he feel . we also spoke about some very interesting things regarding the spirit world. It was great listing to what Jon had to say about my questions, he always listens and he doesn't drag things out." ... written by stars
As always he was GREAT!!!! will come back for an update for sure!!!!" ... written by Scadoodle
Doesn't say what i want to hear and gets straight to the point!" ... written by cocolh
on point" ... written by Angela
my go to psychic. hes amazing !" ... written by Josalyn
Enjoy chats with Jon he is always spot on." ... written by Lisa
Brilliant!" ... written by tasha_j
Jon is always great." ... written by Sparkle Pony
jon is amazing. he's come through with so many predicitons. my favorite by far." ... written by vine
Great reader, and to the point." ... written by Marya23
he is very good in reading.,..." ... written by collins
Seems very accurate, only I wish I could have asked more questions for my time given" ... written by Caroline
Jon is great! Very accurate! " ... written by Jand777
very honest.... " ... written by neerember
good :)" ... written by L
fun chatting with you. thanks" ... written by Hulaan
Great as always" ... written by P
Jon blew my mind with some things he said a few weeks ago and how they came to be. Once he connects with you the reading becomes a picture of what is to come. Incredible gift. megastars " ... written by sonia
great reader. Liked him alot" ... written by mickey
Great reading! My first time and I absolutely loved the conversation we had. " ... written by Elle
very accurate to be honest n to the point no beating behind the bush. thanks Jon" ... written by ovmann
ty jon i get my head clear from so many thoughts he makes me see what i need to see clear ty so much jon ur amazing" ... written by marlen mendoza
Wonderful reading. My friend of 41 years, come through with a message for me.. Love you Bubbles! Thank you so much Jon. For the update. Will be back in a few months. Many stars for you..!!" ... written by Tricia
Jon is always here for me when i need clarification or reassurance. Jon always opens my mind up to the world and allows me to understand and see my future clearly." ... written by Stars
Thanks for the great reading once again Jon! Very helpful!" ... written by Georgia
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Jon is so honest and never forgets the important details from previous readings. He is a must psychic to visit." ... written by sonia
Wonderful person! Wonderful reading! 5 Stars!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful message you gave. You are a bright light. Light and Blessings to you Jon!!!" ... written by Nicole
Great as usuall," ... written by TB
thank you, many blessing, will be back soon xx" ... written by mati
PLEASURE AS ALWAYS .." ... written by OLIVIA
Always great advice. I wouldn't go anywhere else. He has a way to calm your spirits and help understand everything going on. thanks so much" ... written by rljameson
As always Jon is dependable, grounded and someone I trust when I want straight forward answers. Thank you again!! Feeling hopeful." ... written by akro5683
THanks always a good reading" ... written by Theresa
Great review, quick and straight to the point. I will defiantly be returning to keep him updated. " ... written by ryan
like him a lot,he wont waste your time" ... written by diamond
Absolutely fantastic!" ... written by Nicky
Always amazing!" ... written by Nicky
very good" ... written by joyce
JON is lovely. he is so accurate. he pinpointed an area which I didn't even tell him about was going on. I was like woa! haha. nice...he truly is magnificent. thanks" ... written by spaces
great" ... written by lisa363
Jon was recommended by a reader who I connected with very well a year ago. Jon picked up on my situation almost instantly.... he read exactly how the situation has played out with very little to no information and picked up on all it's aspects even things about me that no one else knows.... I would highly recommend. he is so warm and kind" ... written by Randi
Very good" ... written by Merc
Jon always manages to reassure me! quick and to the point! I looked into a jon I have applied for and he gave me a quick and direct response." ... written by stars
love love love jon! he makes sense and gives great advice. one of oranum's best!" ... written by ez
amazing accurate and very on the money thank you" ... written by creativeforce
Good" ... written by Vanessa
Very good" ... written by Helen
Very good. Quick and picked up on things without having to tell him" ... written by krickett
awesome!" ... written by Nadia
Spot on Jon! Thank you...I needed that advice." ... written by Mya
always great and correct and on the ball" ... written by freebecca
Jon is wonderful. Helps you to keep the faith." ... written by Jand777
General information was useful." ... written by stephen Smith
Ok so I wasn't sure about having a reading with this guy but I'm glad I did be basically sorted out what was going on with me. So now yes i will take his advice onboard. Really am happy i had a reading with him thanks so much. " ... written by S
Always on it .. honest and never sugar coats." ... written by liv
He's upfront and honest. I respect him for his precise readings. thank you for giving me clarity jon." ... written by S.A.
Jon Moss was awesome!! I enjoy my readings with him and I highly recommend!" ... written by swsiren
Always a good reading. Will come back again. Thanks Jon." ... written by rljameson
HEs a ROCKstar" ... written by SpCehp
By far the best reading I've ever had, honest, on point and truly and delight to speak with. THANK YOU JONMOSS2000" ... written by rusti
he seems to connect " ... written by melissa
Jon was right on target once again. It is always nice to have a reading with you. I really have to make this difficult choice now. Thank you Jon!" ... written by Rita
Very good detail reading. Will be back soon. " ... written by Daniela
very honest and to the point...thank you very much" ... written by missvika
brill general reading jon gave me 1 in june and that has been true so we will see what this 1 brings " ... written by lisa
awesome to the point " ... written by mfurney
Jon," ... written by stars
Highly accurate" ... written by Hc
thanks buddy" ... written by mfurney
Excellent reading. My computer kept freezing but Jon was great!" ... written by jand777
very good" ... written by luckyanna
very good, clear, tuned in fast. he provided comforting words during a challenging time while being straight forward and honest. " ... written by IrishOT
He is great and spot on! He channeled my late husband and it was without a doubt him. He also gave me some really good advice about a relationship and my next few months." ... written by Elizabeth
WOW! GREAT READING! POWERFUL! " ... written by mg32704
He is lovely. Excellent reading. He even knew the colour of my room, without asking information, dob, name. Totally recommended. I will see him again for sure" ... written by Vic
Jon calmed me down i was worrying for no reason! thanks jon as always." ... written by stars
I always enjoy my readings with Jon, he's the best!!" ... written by swsiren
Jon is amazing. He is fast and very accurate. He was dead on with the things he told me. He had no way of knowing about these things either. He never asked me for my name and he was spot on. I highly recommend a reading! It will change your outlook on some things going on in your life." ... written by happybee2
great advice today, i really cant thank you enough" ... written by gina
jon was great honest and doesn't fool around with the truth. megastars" ... written by sonia
I am glad to have met this amazing person on Oranum... Great advice , honest and always there to help.. Thanks a ton... I have found a true friend in you and will keep coming back ... lobe and light ... xoxo" ... written by Aarushie
Jon was terrifically spot on. He was so connected it was uncanny. Thank you Jon for all that you showed me and gave me during the reading.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Jon is the best always accurate" ... written by sherry underwood
Thanks again Jon, you're the best!!!" ... written by swsiren
Very nice and to the point reading, thank you. " ... written by KP
Wonderful!" ... written by P
You're amazing as always. You're definitely one of the top readers on this site, Jon. I tell people that all the time. You have a gift that I'm grateful you are here to share, cause you've given me so much insight and direction in my life. Thank you so much. I will get brave and get that tattoo that I've been wanting! Hugs over and over, Jon." ... written by familyhelper
Brilliant, highly recommend him, spot on and puts things into perspective. " ... written by t
wonderful reading. Aways very profound and on point. lost signal or I would have like a much longer session. I will return for sure" ... written by three yorkies
i believe in him" ... written by rylee
always a true hearted reading. thank you jon" ... written by g
always a good psychic to come to for a near future general reading , i had 1 in may for the following 3 months and that all came true, so hopefully this 1 will be the same, thanks jon your very fast and give good advice xxx" ... written by lisa
Jon is great!! always great advice." ... written by Jand777
Always a pleasure .. tells me the true as always." ... written by olivia
Thank you for connecting. a lot of what you told me was very helpful-thank " ... written by judi
Quickly answered all my questions! Fast reader! Very thorough!!" ... written by bruin19
very good psychic!!!" ... written by mary
Jon is so so so awesome with accuracy, reassurance and just amazing in his insights I have been sustained and helped more than I can express He continues to be a guidelight to me and my family I can handle myself with dignity because I know what to do and what's going on behind the scenes, what is coming up next Thank you Jon" ... written by Summerbreeze
Awesome reading. It was a follow up reading and it was the best! Jon is very fast and very accurate. I had to come back to give him an update. The advice he gave me came to pass. I truly trust him! He is the real deal! Believe me!" ... written by happybee2
absolutely on the spot and is so honest and just does not waste your time. get a reading!!!!" ... written by sonia
jonmoss2000 is soooo good. accurate, fast. he doesn't waste ur time. i have done pvt with him a couple of times now, and i he is always correct in everything he says." ... written by clara
hes awesome i asked him a question that i didn't even word correctly and he hit the nail on the head. now i didn't purposely ask the question wrong but i only asked one question and got more answers then i expected and he is straight to the point he is excalent" ... written by earl
Tremendously great as always." ... written by familyhelper
Thanks your sweetheart love your reading." ... written by jody
Jon is always a great reader to come back to. very reassuring. thank you once again Jon! Bless you :)" ... written by Georgia
Not what i wanted to hear but that's ok because it's the truth :)" ... written by Joanna
good and honest" ... written by Doug Wells
Always fantastic!" ... written by Nicky
Amazing as always. He is incredible. Always." ... written by sarah
Thanks for the advise very true and honest even if I dont want to hear it :)" ... written by Corrina
All I can say is OMG! Jon is awesome! Another dead on prediction. I didn't tell him anything and he already knew. His gift is truly a blessing. I have had several reading with him and he is fast and accurate. He is REAL! Try him out! You won't regret it!" ... written by happybee2
Jon is an amazing reader, wonderful at explaining things and has so many details to give, and has always been very accurate for me, he just seems to know exactly what is going on every time. I really haven't found a better reading here and so I keep coming back to him! " ... written by Jena
Good session. Picked up things and warn me of certain individuals. Greatly appreciate it. Give him a try." ... written by Van Anh
Jon's the best." ... written by angel
a reader to stick to.." ... written by frag
Felt pretty good about our reading. Thank you! :)" ... written by Trista
I love Jon Moss! I have had many private readings with him and an email reading. Hes always amazing and his predictions come true. Hes very detailed. I will come back :-) He has such a relaxed personality and he works really fast. If you are looking for a real psychic then hes the man to go to." ... written by Hannah/LoveGod33
Very very good" ... written by Vivienne
Very enlightening! Thanks Jon!" ... written by patvanvalen
Not enough I can say about Jon. Just an amazing person with so much insight and a great gift. Thanks Jon. As long as you're around, I'll be visiting your room!" ... written by familyhelper
john is the best. hits it spot on each time I consult with him. Forget the others, the best place is here." ... written by wandering soul
Jon has an incredible talent to see what is affecting me and to shed light on the current situation. Thank you!!!" ... written by Blue Starlight
great accurate and no bull. so, if you want the truth you will get it!!" ... written by cat
awesome" ... written by spacshp
always fantastic!" ... written by NEH
I love my readings with Jon. He did a month forecast for me for August and it was ridiculously accurate!!" ... written by Randi
He is truly born with a heaven gift! People problems with you psychic life! talk too this man he can give you a answer on you life issue!" ... written by Chineseflower
His prediction came true! Everything worked out exactly like he told me it would. Jon is such a honest person. Very accurate and fast reader. " ... written by happybee2
Jon is always on key with how I feel and with the situation. Will update. 3-4 weeks or a month and I think I'll finally be there. :-) Thanks, Jon" ... written by Trista
good genuine reader" ... written by s
Jon reminds me a lot of my father, he was very precise in his reading and wise words were said :)" ... written by TM
I truly loved and enjoyed Jon's reading! He's very precise and really good with time frames and he made really specific predictions related to career and finances as well as love and marriage. Jon is so honest and tells you everything he sees and feels in a very straightforward manner without any sugarcoating or any white lies. That's what I loved about him and this is why I'll keep coming back to him because he simply tells you everything whether it's good or bad in an honest way and in details with guaranteed accuracy. He's a genuine psychic and one of the best of the best on here! Thanks Jon! With Love and Light xoxo" ... written by dolefuldoll
It has been awhile since I have had a reading with Jon, Thank you again. The reading and the connection were really lovely!" ... written by
sound advice" ... written by ss
Very accurate" ... written by heartfelt1
Love Jon's readings. They do tend to change with the situations but nothing is in stone. He is very forward and straight about what he see's and inspiring and hopeful. His forecasts are dead on!!" ... written by Randi
Very nice reader and told me the truth. I am grateful for his honesty." ... written by Krista Elliott
Very clear and to the point, as usual. Thank you very much." ... written by Marya
great as always 5/5" ... written by hardeep
very good thank you 5 stars (you seem to have lost a bit of weight by the way!!)" ... written by jana
Amazing" ... written by sp
brilliant! " ... written by L
He is gives quick answers and is very direct. I highly recommend him for a reading." ... written by happybee2
Was clear with his answers; I will just have to wait and see. I like his style, thumbs up" ... written by JennEph
jonmoss2000 was fantastic so intuitive and really nice to chat to" ... written by Belinda
always superb!" ... written by vic
Absolutely wonderful!" ... written by NEH
very good psychic. highly recommended!!" ... written by mary
great :)" ... written by L
<" ... written by L
Spot on!" ... written by Tricia
Jon has always been right about everything I've needed to know, I don't really have to ask him many questions he just knows. would not talk to anyone else, I think he is the best," ... written by Malabar12
Always a wonderful read. Picked up right where we left off. Will continue to come back every other month to get reads. What Jon says, comes to fore front." ... written by Tricia
Jon is an amazing reader, been seeing him for a few years now and I haven't found anyone else I'd rather go to, his cards have been consistently accurate for me, and he is excellent at explaining everything to you. Thank you!" ... written by Jena
Jon has always been accurate with his tarot cards and the follow ups are always helpful and give clarity." ... written by FindingPeace
Always wonderful and amazingly accurate!" ... written by NEH
Jon Is incredibly awesome. I keep coming back bcus he is accurate in his readings , confirms the situation and tells the truth. THANKS So much! " ... written by spchp
encouraging and reassuring, than you for listening." ... written by t
been talking to Jon for 2 years. *****" ... written by Leorising
Nice info!! thank you so much" ... written by Sarah
Very impressive and great reading. Thank you so much for that. " ... written by Martino
Wow very accurate reading. thank you so much :) " ... written by Martino
Always fantastic!" ... written by NEH
Very insightful to everything in my life. Gave me more than what I was looking for which is great! Very detailed as well. :) Highly recommend. " ... written by Sylvie
My reading with Jon was amazingly accurate, and it gave me the direction I needed to go forward with the decisions that would be best for my life. Thank you so much!" ... written by kimmy
Phew" ... written by Randi
Amazing person... Was to the point about my life.. Said that things will change for good and they did indeed .... He has always been there as a friend and gave me clarity... Honest and very humble ... and there as a true friend... Thanks a ton Jon... glad to meet you here.... love and light xoxoxo" ... written by Aarushie
Thank you for the honest and insigthful reading :) " ... written by Martino
Lovely reading. Picked up on the issue and situation accurately " ... written by Alexandra
straight to the point and very insightful, helped me to fully understand where i am and where im headed. Thanks a lot!" ... written by Mtubbs893
It was accurate and helpful." ... written by Gilberto
Always soo informative and caring, he helps you work things out quickly and always on target with what is going on. Thank you Jon many blessings..," ... written by dejera
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Shelly
He's my go-to psychic! Absolutely amazing!" ... written by NEH
Very kind, and gentle man. He picked up on me and my situation very, very well, and then he connected with my grandpa. They had some wonderful things to share. I received awesome messages for them both. He made me feel a lot better and it was nice to hear from my pops. Lots of validation!!!! Thank you again Sir." ... written by DawnakinsthatisI
Great Read!!!!" ... written by samantha
Amazing reading, clear, very insightful and precise. Amount of information received was great (more than I had expected)." ... written by Pinklight
I love Jon and you will too, he is one of the best here!" ... written by Deborah
Gave me alot of guidance into my life" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you so much Jon. Really enjoyed talking with you and for giving me insight into the situation. Your predictions did come true from last time that we talked. I completely forgot about until it happened and you came to my mind. Had to let you know. Thank you for all your help" ... written by hippo
i have monthly readings with jon have been doing so since may and he is always spot on and correct with his predictions , deffinately recommend a reading with john, he's also very fast and straight to the point, you don't waste your credits as he just talks about the situation and not himself like some do on oranum, thanks again xxx" ... written by Llsa
another lovely reading from Jon. i always love your readings. and this one gave me hope. because it resonated with my intuition. thank you and blessings" ... written by tiadora
He is really good" ... written by Sarah
Always awesome!" ... written by NEH
Accurate reading, good advice!" ... written by Mai
Always fantastic!!" ... written by NEH
Great reading. Fast pick up . Thanks " ... written by pigletme123a
covers so much in such a short time, amazed at his accuracy! he is the real deal and no sugar coating" ... written by ms
really glad I stopped by. Lovely to chat with you. I will keep you posted." ... written by judi
Great follow up once again with Jon" ... written by Finding Peace
Always wonderful!" ... written by NEH
I like coming and getting my reads from jon. I was confused and lost and hhis answers were able to provide a definite direction I need in my life. " ... written by spaceship
great :)" ... written by Leorising88
Thanks for the great reading for my daughter." ... written by familyhelper
Tells the situation without knowing any facts and is spot on. I've had his answers be proven too." ... written by Brenda
Always wonderful!" ... written by NEH
Awesome read. Very good to see Jon again. He puts my mind at ease and helps put things into perspective." ... written by rljameson
Thanks once again ... you are an angel :)" ... written by Aarushie
Predicted me that I will able to get a job within 6 weeks. he's pretty consistent of what he was telling me he didn't change of what he was telling me on my first reading. I can't wait his prediction will come true. Really good guy consisted and honest" ... written by Sarah Jane Medida
AAAAAAA++++++ Amazing.....Thank you!!!" ... written by Questgoat
Was so lovely and calming, really put some things to rest for me. I would recommend to my friends and I can not wait to see what the next few months have in store for me. " ... written by becky
jongreat guy awesome as always will be back" ... written by sweetpea22
Absolutely wonderful!" ... written by NEH
excellent" ... written by mali
very good catch up, hes very good and pro!!!" ... written by jazzychic7
Jon is AWESOME!!!! The level of accuracy and personal caring is so wonderful in his readings! He is able to see for you in ways you cannot imagine! Thank you so much for another awesome reading, Jon!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
THANK YOU! after going through my notes from my previous readings with jon, I had to come back and get more readings. bcus what I had written down (what he told me) came to pass. blessings :)" ... written by ksd
he's brilliant !! x " ... written by L
great reading" ... written by s
jon is always spot on with his insight. does not need any information to gather the situation" ... written by s
AWESOME reading! " ... written by happybee2
Jon has been consistent in all our reading together. The things he have said have been in accordance with what other people have told me (also with what i just now would happen based on the circumstances), even the bad things lol. " ... written by Merc
Thank you very much for the truth and honest reading :) " ... written by Athlean
he always knows everything alot of info. thank you J!" ... written by gina
I have had readings from him before and he's very talented" ... written by astralbread
super" ... written by leorising
thank u jon ur amazing when i always have fears i always get relief to talk to u and find my answers ty so much really" ... written by marlen mendoza
Always good to have a reading with Jon. Thank you." ... written by Dorothy
AMAZING the absolute best reading I've ever had. Honestly 10 out of 10 he was easy to talk to and very intuned." ... written by shaniel
great ,friendly, reads everything very quickly. looking forward for things to come together" ... written by joyful
Thanks hun" ... written by A
Wow Im really impressed of what he told me. He is very precise stick to the point and good incomes of giving advice. I really recommend him. I will be back if the time frames that he told me will be unfold" ... written by Sarah
He is really2x good I have no say" ... written by Sarah
Thank you and you were very kind and honest. I do appreciate that." ... written by FC
Superb! As always" ... written by C
Wow theres a lot prediction he made for job, I can't wait for it to unfold. He is really good. He gave me time frame for everything he predicted me. I will come back here and let him know if become true. He is really good and I can recommend him, people won't regret to have him." ... written by Sarah
u always deliver jon, its amazing!!" ... written by a
Jon is always ace and spot on. I can prove the things he sees. He has great remote viewing if that is what you want to call it. He is accurate. Highly suggest him. Not only is he cool. He is a nice guy." ... written by Theresa
I just want to say that I LOVE Jon Moss. He is incredible and talented. I have been a customer of his for a long time and keep coming back because his predictions come true. I have seen many psychics on Oranum but I connect with him the most. He has a relaxing personality and I feel like I am talking to a friend. When I first saw him doing a medium ship demo for someone, I was so amazed that I took him private for a regular reading.Ever since that reading,I have been coming back to Jon because he is truly someone you can trust. He answers questions quickly so if you don't have a lot of credits then he will be able to do a fast reading for you. He is very detailed and can do time frames. Thanks Jon for being honest and a great contribution to Oranum." ... written by lovegod33/hannah
Always wonderful and accurate. Highly recommend." ... written by Mary W
brilliant, highly recomended 5 star from me..thank you soo much jon :" ... written by capr1
Thank you! Love and light" ... written by Andrea
he is honest and direct.. " ... written by me only
JON ALWAYS ON THE MARK. TY" ... written by PAM
I always come back to Jon for follow ups and his predictions are always spot on. " ... written by Finding Peace
Always fantastic!!" ... written by NEH
Absolutely stunning with detailed accuracy!" ... written by Gis
What a gift Jon is to this site! He is AWESOME! Thank you Jon for another insightful, amazing reading. You help me more than I can say." ... written by Summerbreeze888
how come i always feel so much better after having a reading with Jon? last week i had another ten minute reading and he just melted my worries away. thank you Jon for being amazing. " ... written by hannah
Thanks Jon, sounds good looking forward to it :)" ... written by Nina
Very good reading. Spot on accuracy and very insightful. We'll see what happens with the situation." ... written by BD
awesome as always!" ... written by sarah
very accurate prediction. thank you" ... written by amin
very clairevoyant. looking forward to finding my stuff and seeing the prediction through!" ... written by joyce
Good stuff, great reader!" ... written by Derrick
Always awesome!" ... written by NEH
Jon has turned my frown upside down! its been a long time no see but its been great talking to you jon your a real star! thanks for your guidance much appreciated you made things a lot clearer for me." ... written by Star
jon is a great advisor who hasn't mislead me in the past at all. he's clear and constructive and tells how things are, very intelligent guy , strongly recommend him!" ... written by jazzychic
Always wonderful!" ... written by NEH
Thanks for the reading !! " ... written by Rose
great great great" ... written by hh
so amazing!" ... written by gis
I go to Jon for almost 3 years now and he is only one I trust. " ... written by Andrea
Thanks sooo much Jon!!! Another fantastic reading, and you always give me further insight into my situation. Thanks again!" ... written by swsiren
Wow Jon is brilliant! I never even said a word and he sensed my biggest life challenge spot on! He pointed out at the very specifics and although these things may be obvious we don't always reassure ourselves about staying on track by focusing. He just gave me the best reading I had not even expected !! :) I'm very amused and happy :) Thank you !!!" ... written by easterntigress
helpful and honest and made a lot of sense, thank you " ... written by t
really like this man! trust him and his guidance 100% x x " ... written by L
always the best " ... written by Olivia
Jon is so much more than a reader. Through his conversations and visions he heals you and reassures you but tells it like it is. Great abilities here on Oranum. A gem." ... written by sonia
Love him such a great reader so much info I needed highly recommend him to anyone " ... written by Belinda Whiteley
He is fast and reads to the point. Great reader." ... written by xxxxx
Thank you very much. Your reading was spot on with what my own cards were telling me. I will get another reading at a later time." ... written by Persephone
Good precise reading of my situation." ... written by Kindaichi
Wow! 5 stars " ... written by love
He's amazing!!" ... written by NEH
Jonmoss has been absolutely wonderful to talk to and get advice from. He is extremely helpful and very much to the point. I would recommend him to anyone out there that is looking for honest reading and advice. " ... written by S
very helpful! gave me some wonderful advice on how to connect with my spirit guide. thank you so much, Jon! you're awesome!" ... written by w
Thank you :] xx" ... written by L
Jon is the only reader I use on here . He is always spot on with advice very talented reader." ... written by angel
Jonmoss was a great help to me he even had time frames with the reading which really surprised me as many readers don't use time frames and was spot on with my situation and helped me a lot. Thankyou so much Jonmoss" ... written by Shellysav
awesome!!" ... written by debbie
I love jon! always so kind and helpful! i would highly recommend x" ... written by L
A Gem of a reader! Really helped me size up my requirements and needs around work and life goals." ... written by beathive
great" ... written by great
a quick update about some affairs. much appriciate jon's insight into things and his guidance, I'm a returning client!" ... written by jazzychic
Lovely reader, this is my second reading with him and he is the best in details and gives you what you Need to hear not just want to hear :) " ... written by Asmaa
Another wonderful reading, he picked up on some things I already knew were coming, I always enjoy hearing his insight and explanation of things, it has helped me many times in the months ahead!" ... written by Jena
Jon always keeps me up to date on what is to come - never sugar coats - wonderful reader :) best on Oranum" ... written by OLIVIA
Awesome reading, I came to him to reconfirm a reading I had with him a few months back and he picked on exactly the same thing as he did last time. " ... written by D
great awesome gave a lot of answers" ... written by jamira76
Always amazing!" ... written by NEH
Good reading hes seems to be genuine." ... written by RB
He was quick to connect, honest, and informative!" ... written by Rose
Jon was very helpful and understanding of situation. Given me techniques to try. Am sure they will help immensely. Highly recommend Jon. A big Thank you." ... written by cimba1
the bestest andamp; the fastest - spot on! " ... written by purenergy
Wonderful reading! He connected very well and was straight to the point. He was very accurate, a great help as he really helped to put my mind to ease. I will certainly return to him. I highly recommend him." ... written by Mags
This guys prediction always come true for me, always spot on, brilliant reader i will be back next month for month updates xxx" ... written by lisa
great as always xx" ... written by L
What a nice reader. He was to the point. What he said has come to pass. Great reader!" ... written by xxxx
thanks jon, what i needed to hear." ... written by hardeep
Very compassionate reading with Jon. He made me feel better even though my situation is difficult and I have to wait at least until March/April to see what might happen. Let's hope that his cards were right about the most important question in the reading and the answer will be yes in the end" ... written by Feniks
great awesome!!!" ... written by jamira76
I have seen Jon for over year for follow up readings. He is also a medium and has had family members come to him during readings. I trust him, his predictions have come to fruition and he always reassures me. Glad you are on Oranum Jon!! If you haven't tried Jon yet, don't hesitate!!" ... written by Finding Peace
Thank you for the advice, really helped me." ... written by hope
It was clear to me and I donot even know why I asked this question but i feel something is going to change. Does it have anything to do with my daughters emigrationplans?" ... written by Sylvaan Teunissen
I really lie him. He has a pleasant atmosphere :)" ... written by gst
awesome" ... written by jn
got all my questions answered. thank you xx many blessings" ... written by mati
I am thankful that I found jonmoss2000, he is extremely sincere and wonderful at bringing a sense of peace." ... written by b
very good" ... written by luckyanna
he is always so honest and wow" ... written by :)
Excellent reader, very ood advice he was very good and can understand the situation" ... written by mm
His really good!! Im speechless cause what he told me before of my first reading it starting to unfold. The way he describe the guy that will come into my life is exactly what he said. I can't wait for the second he predicted that I will get the job out of the two interview I will be having this week" ... written by Sarah
Jon was an amazin reader, told me everything i should know about my situation. Oranum's best is jonmoss Must have a reading with him." ... written by mm
he was great" ... written by jeannie49
precise and answered the questions. greeat reading" ... written by MMIKE8
Jon is such a cool guy. I enjoyed his reading and there is very straightforward. Thank you for your time. " ... written by sun
he picked up on my situation very quickly and gave me quite a bit of relevant information. he helped guide me and explain how to get to what i want. thank you!" ... written by ashleigh
Jon as always is on target with his readings. He always reads me through and through. It is scary but really good when you need honest and straight to the point advice. " ... written by Adrienne
jon gave me good advice. he picked up i was a healer and my grandparents came through which was cool. i also asked him a question and he gave me good insight based on the cards he pulled" ... written by m
Jon is like a therapist that can see the future. He is very helpful to me. I get a boost that carries me through the months." ... written by rcollins98
5 stars always" ... written by FindingPeace
Jon is always right on target m completely" ... written by devene
good" ... written by hapoy
Wonderful reader. Thank you very much!" ... written by Hanna
excellent, really to the point" ... written by marie7498
All I can say is he's really good!" ... written by Sarah
Got a great career road map reading from Jon. how to design, develop and implement a sustainable career. He is a wonderful resource to us here in the community, can really assess and help you strategize a way forward. I want to thank Jon for his time and wisdom. " ... written by beathive
lovely and always brightens my day or night. thank you" ... written by bb
jon you're amazing!! he does have a receding hair line, beautiful blue eyes and is extremely buff! i'm so amazed with your talents! no one has ever been so on point with what someone looked like. speak soon xx" ... written by gis
Jon was very helpful in helping me make some decisions. very good reader!" ... written by angelswingz
As always a very kind person. Excellent psychic, who knows what hes saying. thank you" ... written by myeyesee
Kind of scary, that he was on point. Great reading.Thanks" ... written by Lani
Accurate, and with a lot of good humor." ... written by Chantal
very clear and concise." ... written by n
thank you and many blessings xx. very good, wish to come back for more..answers.." ... written by mati
thank you for the advice, and being honest" ... written by h
Very good. Would recommend. Didnt have no questions but thats what i needed to hear" ... written by marissa
accurate , right precisely" ... written by dean
very detailed very much on the money. very thoughtful and very perceptive very kind and understanding" ... written by bnjpangels
I lost connection with him but wowsa. He is spot on with his readings. Go and get your troubles worked out with him!" ... written by Amy
he is a wonderful reader" ... written by HappyKellyGirl
Jon is an incredible reader on this sight and his readings are so accurate, sometimes I forget he hasn't 'met' me nor the people I'm asking about! That's how good he is! He gives me practical, insightful help that I take to my life and use with success. He is always spot on for what I'm asking about and I really, really am thankful for him." ... written by Summerbreeze888
Excellent, totally totally amazing reading!!! Jon gives practical, insightful, life changing advice that makes everything turn around in my life." ... written by Summerbreeze
johns predictions always come true, his timeframes he has given me have always been spot on, he's quick and picks up on people that have passed over, brilliant reading and very clear when he speaks about subjects .thank you jon " ... written by lisa
amazing as as usual" ... written by b
He is a gem!" ... written by christine
excellent very insightful" ... written by philip
loved the accent and good reading" ... written by fresh beginning
Jon is the best." ... written by angel
Extremely patient andamp; helpful psychic! Answered all my questions, dealt with my panicky behaviour really well andamp; gave me clarity. I wish him well, andamp; if required will come back for another reading. Thanks a lot!" ... written by Fariha (Everlasting_Song)
jon is a very accurate reader of situations and is spot on with results and can help really frame the future" ... written by beathive
Only one I come to in here. Jon always makes you feel better and tells you things the way they really are. Love and light to you." ... written by Andrea
Good reading, calmed me down! tonight I needed that! Thank you! Jon is awesome!" ... written by Deb
Good reading with good advice. I highly recommend" ... written by Margaret
Jon is AMAZING i didnt even have to ask him a question when we went in because he already knew, he is brilliant and i would HIGHLY recommend him!" ... written by Libra26
It was great reading, thank you so much :) I will come back for reading for sure!" ... written by Barb22
He is a good physic and i think ge got a nice gift from GOD/JESUS" ... written by Chineseflower
Always a joy to talk to Jon. So honest and accurate every time. You will get the clarity you need. Great reading. " ... written by whenever21
great reading as always jon! thanks for ur insight always help me see things straight!" ... written by hardeep
Really satisified with the reading!" ... written by Fariha
Thank you very much. Will come back again!" ... written by Fariha
Very clear caring and explain things very well. Always double check things :)" ... written by acb
quick and to the point. accurate" ... written by nola
Crazy good, @_@" ... written by Tewwee
Thank you for the reading today... Awesome. I will let you know outcome for sure :)" ... written by ACB
He picked up on details I did not provide. We will see if the rest happens since time is involved. Overall, I am pleased with the reading." ... written by Christine74941
thank you so much for your insight.... I am bit sad but I think this life. You are very accurate" ... written by mahima
Wow, amazing, fast and detailed!" ... written by Mimi
always amazing and helps me work through the questions I have. I would recommend to all my friends and appreciate his openness." ... written by b
What a lovely reading he gave me so much info and hope was straight up with details not just telling me what I wanted to hear but actually what I needed to hear , got so much more then I expected , I've been to his demos and he looks quiet serious but he is so nice and funny , Thank you jon I really appreciate your help " ... written by Redhairedgirl
Wow! He's really good I finally able to get answer to all my quetion that made me confused for a long time. He is very2x good" ... written by Sarah
Wow, he was great." ... written by dh
He's very good, I wanted confirmation, I'm very picky about my psychics he's good with attention to detail in questions. I was able to type and get answers easily, then further detail with out getting in to so much back story. I've known for a while he's good, I'm glad I tried him out. Be concise and you'll receive the same in return. Thank You again :-)" ... written by Woo
Amazing" ... written by familyhelper
Amazing" ... written by familyhelper
amazing reading, so true everythinggg incredible. will come forever to jon" ... written by kash
always a pleasure" ... written by olivia
Very good is and understatement, ive been coming to jon for the past few months checking on my situation and every single time he has been spot on nothing has been way out of line with what he has said in the past and all of his info is spot on. He is an amazing reader and very fast. " ... written by D
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by Shelly
fabulous as always thanks Jon xoxox" ... written by hellzbellz
His reading was on point and very accurate ,will definately come again jon " ... written by xomen858
Great advice!!" ... written by Sarah
AWESOME reading!!! My computer issues ended the reading early but what Jon says really changed everything for me. I always wholeheartedly recommend Jon!!! Thanks so much, Jon, you are a lifesaver for me. And everyone else in my life, they just don't know why! :-)" ... written by Summerbreeze888
I have had readings with Jon in the past and today I came to do a follow up on a change in my situation that he predicted and which is now materializing. Great reader, very professional and straightforward. Thank you Jon" ... written by Adrienne
Spot on very interesting xx Love and light xx" ... written by Helen
jonis awesome as always will be back one of the best readers on here" ... written by sweetpea22
This was amazing.. OMG.. I'm speechless and will have to come back to this ... amazing..." ... written by Larry
He is fast, to the point and very precise. I feel confident I will be back to update and confirm with him by March. " ... written by Dee
enjoy my readings with jon; they're timely and informative. besides that, they're just fun! thank you jon!" ... written by emily
great as always! thank you!!" ... written by me
He's lovely and realistic.." ... written by Dee
I loved his reading. He automatically knew about my situation and how it should be resolved" ... written by Bri
:-) fab " ... written by l
I lost my connection and we were breaking up...Thanks so much Jonmoss2000.. So true! I agree with you" ... written by Darmica43
Interesting, he's a lovely and interesting guy. What he said made lots of sense and I hope what he said turns out true. Thanks!" ... written by Me
Jon was a fast connector and gave me a clear answer" ... written by Moon
great readings with jon- awesome insights. thank you." ... written by emily
Always accurate. Knew my question before I asked!" ... written by TaffyLove
Fluent reader, knows his cards very well." ... written by xxx
thank you :) " ... written by L
Jon, is very fast and clear, may not be what you want to hear,,,, However feel so honest" ... written by ACB
great" ... written by :)
quick to the point reading! thnks" ... written by angel
He is so on point with what he said, I will definitely be getting a reading again in a few weeks for an update!!" ... written by Tonya
Very clear and quick to see different situations. Thanks " ... written by Rose
Jon is such a nice person and has given me a lot of information for the upcoming year. He has helped me to set goals and organise myself to make sure i am succesful. I will deffo keep in touch and let you know, Jon, if your predictions come to pass" ... written by Emma
Accurate prediction " ... written by Jy
very good :)" ... written by L
Very direct" ... written by Patricia
he is very very good " ... written by oo
He's wonderful!" ... written by NEH
Good counsel" ... written by JB
Jon, is fast and very clear... " ... written by abc
brill thanks" ... written by Natalie
Great as go to guy." ... written by vine
very good" ... written by luckyanna
He was bang on the nail with some stuff. Didnt sugar coat anything, I have been to him before and took notes and everything he said was pretty much true. " ... written by Ninjakitten
Jon, is very fast and insightful. Clear and straight communication with no frills. " ... written by ACB
outstanding and really superb" ... written by MAYANK SINGH
Very good thank you" ... written by Vivienne
Jon is always a great reader very nice and down to earth, thank you Jon." ... written by Stars
really right to the point did pick really quick my problems i do recommed and i will come back for more readings for sure ." ... written by Ana
He got right to the point about my question:) Offered good advice about the man I asked about basically to stay away, many sword cards and i didn't have a good feeling in my stomach , and he was right on about this person. Gave good hope for the future in meeting a nicer man." ... written by Lisa Jensen
ty always on target" ... written by miller41280
good insight. helped me clarify somethings. I would consult again. " ... written by goldenaura
Very helpful! Spot on! Helped me piece things together." ... written by Moragwen
thank you jon, always honest and great advice, many blessings xx" ... written by mati
Jon always is spot on." ... written by angel
Very insightful. " ... written by Aonymous
good" ... written by 727272y
Jon is amazing. Clear, caring and very informative and generous. I will let you know outcome tomorrow Thank you" ... written by acb
Jon was great. Didn't hold anything or opinion back. It was an interesting reading which fascinated him too. I'll be checking back to see how the outcome goes. " ... written by Cass
Jon is amazing, always! He is spot on with everything and gives the best direction when you are lost!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
WOW so on point. I can't believe how quickly he connected, he got the whole story out as if I was telling it. Amazing!!!!" ... written by mainstreem20
always wonderful to speak with, sincere and kind. Very thankful to have found jonmoss2000." ... written by b
He connects very well with me and some of his past predictions have happened. I like consulting with him, he is very direct and up front about things. We shall see if the rest of his predictions come true and from my past experience.....I think they most likely will. " ... written by ***
Jon has been my go to psychic here for a long time, his readings are always excellent and I enjoy hearing his insight and explanation of the cards, one couldn't find better. He even picked up on some details for my career that I've been recently thinking of and had not yet asked or told him about." ... written by Jena
straight to the point, exact. " ... written by jill
Jon's style is very up front , clear, and positive even when delivering information that may not be what you want to hear. He has a very quick connection and will tell you exactly what he is seeing. You won't regret a reading with Jon. :-) " ... written by GG
i was really nice talking hi got point in one spot. thanks " ... written by ana
Comforting. Fingers and toes crossed that what he has said will come to pass. " ... written by SRW
JonMoss is truthful and insightful. No BS, just straight to the point." ... written by Bill
very good" ... written by gusessendon
Perfect. 100%" ... written by Helena
e" ... written by martine
Jon is the best!!!" ... written by angel
Very interesting and empathetic .Spot on . Love and light xx" ... written by Hellena
Jon was fabulous, lots of great insights." ... written by GZRNYC
Jon was fabulous again." ... written by GZRNYC
Jon reassured me, i was worried about the law and depressed about the good money I used to make in x-rays, but had some surgeries. He said the cards were all good which cheered me up so much, and said not to be such a worry wart." ... written by Lisa jensen
Excellent" ... written by GZRNYC
Awesome as always. Thank you. Love and light" ... written by Andrea
really fast and great reader" ... written by joyce
AMAAAAZZZZZING!!!! He is GREAT!!! REally GREAT!!! " ... written by SweetS_McLovin
he is great" ... written by SweetS_McLovin
excellent! to the point, straight forward!" ... written by jillian
Jon was very quick with his reading. Tarot was his tool but he was able to pick up on an energy that even I have been sensing but not sure of. Thank you for your advice I will definitely be taking what you said to heart. Many thanks " ... written by SSS
You were right! I heard today and I will keep you posted on the actual start date :)" ... written by acb
Awesome reading he is up front and honest" ... written by SN
Very good. Thank you. I deamed about what you told my about the next person and I believe in you and in my dream." ... written by Maria
connects quickly and gives good advice : )" ... written by b
Thank you very much for the reading, reassurance andamp; your prayers. Keep well." ... written by Fariha
Jon is one of my absolute favorite readers on Oranum. I love how concise, accurate, and organized his readings are. He presents the issue he sees and offers strategies to deal with the issues. Absolutely a 5-star reader in my book." ... written by angolob
Very good reading.. thank you for the insight.. I'll be back for another. - cheers" ... written by Larry
Jon is a great reader." ... written by angel
Great reader!" ... written by xxxx
My favorite here, enough said :)" ... written by Yiara
Hes Awesome! " ... written by Pinky
Amazing reading!" ... written by Pinky
love jon he is the greatest -" ... written by liv
Good and fast typist. Will wait and see." ... written by debbiec0613
Mr. Jon is quite fascinating...he goes straight in and gets energy immediately...he truly gives a lot and its not in a fake way. If I had more time, I would have talked more...but I had to rush. Next time more thorough....but what he did connect with was quite amazing." ... written by Bronxie
Very accurate reading. Doesn't waste time but gives you as much as he can in the allotted time period. Thank you so much, you have made my day!" ... written by Shaynell
Fantastic, has been right every time. " ... written by Ginger
was great as always " ... written by tonya
I always enjoy the reading, very sincere and worth your time. My first choice and highly recommended." ... written by b
wonderful and always helpful" ... written by Tonya
great" ... written by Shawn
great read" ... written by davyboii
fast/accurate and updates always come true ...thankyou " ... written by lisa
Always on the mark...never fails." ... written by Deb
Great, always seems to be right in his readings." ... written by Ginger
Very good and fast" ... written by nightwish
thank you for your kind words today :) " ... written by nowhere
very nice" ... written by a
I have hope that all shall be well. Peace. " ... written by Ganna
All the predictions I had from his last reading came true, so I am feeling very confident with this reading. Good guy, good psychic! Very accurate" ... written by ---
Jon always gives me an accurate and straight up read. He is very gifted and talented, and does not mince words, or sugar coat the truth. He has great insight to share, and has been there to give me insight in the best and worst of times. Thanks Jon!" ... written by beathive
Brilliant reading, on the mark as always!" ... written by AprilSunshine27
amazing reading. thank you so much " ... written by vk
what a reading, I went for some qn but ended up with something fantastic. A great reader, for sure." ... written by xxxxx
Readings with Jon are amazing. High accuracy in the past" ... written by Randi
thank you very much, very good reading " ... written by marie7498
I like talking to Jon. He always helps me prioritize my life and focus on the positives." ... written by rcollins98
Amazing, great to talk with. thank you Jon!" ... written by Nicole
Always amazing. Always accurate. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
very helpful" ... written by shades
Thanks for the fantastic reading. I wish I had listened to you." ... written by Fariha
you have a great soul. " ... written by Luiz
:)" ... written by miller41280
I had questions that jon was able to help me with. It was a big help to get some different perspectives." ... written by b
JON IS ALWAYS SPOT ON" ... written by Theresa
Always AWESOME" ... written by Theresa
Spot on very interesting . Love and light xxxxxxx" ... written by helen
awesome as usual xoxox" ... written by hellz
I like that he is straight direct and helpful. He is on point and that's what a good reading is supposed to be. If you want clear, honest answers HE IS YOUR MAN!!! " ... written by SweetS_McLovin
He's amazing, always sends you weekly tarot reading for how the week will play out ahead for you, and his readings are 100% ACCURATE. I am not bluffing or exaggerating, I have tried a lot of psychics, definitely someone you should give a try to :) " ... written by Girlie
Very helpful! Have left both readings with a profound sense of peace. " ... written by Heather Greer
amazingly gifted and on point everytime...extremely great insight..thanks jonmoss!" ... written by missvika
superb!!!!:):):)" ... written by soulconnection
I have to say, I am deeply in awe of this man! Immediately, he was able to cut through all the nonsense and see the things exactly how they are! He was spot on about everything we talked about and provided perfect clarity, specific answers and most of all the best advice that I was ever given on this site! The real truth just rings the bell loudly, when you hear it! He confirmed all my intuitive nudges and I am extremely pleased i was led to talk to him today. Sheer honesty, the real truth is what you get with Jon, skillful master with tools, as well- no tools, with genuine psychic ability and absolutely astonishing intuitive depth, which is a reflection of his extensive experience in the realm of spiritual matters. True, authentic gem on Oranum, really!" ... written by soulconnection
Great " ... written by Lisafaye
Amazing!" ... written by amrita singh
he said what everyone has been saying. but he said something that no one has said which made a lot of sense. " ... written by Joanna
great as always one of the best on here" ... written by sweetpea22
Always superb!" ... written by Marge
He's a good psychic to consult with. He's fast and accurate. I highly recommend" ... written by ***
Thanks again for another wonderful reading!" ... written by swsiren
great as always" ... written by f
he was fabulous very reassuring thank u jon xx" ... written by helen
great" ... written by ron
He is the best!" ... written by le
my jaw dropped the minute he said bored.... his predictions in the past have always come through for me (even when I didn't like it at the time, it eventually made sense in the end)" ... written by Randi
excellent... " ... written by ron
fine, " ... written by ron
fine, excellent ... " ... written by ron
thanks as usual" ... written by f
He is amazing. He knew so much and it was so accurate. I am very pleased and will come back. " ... written by Chasidy
Always accurate! He reads me well every time!" ... written by M
Jon is AMAZING! Spot on! I can't wait to talk to him again!!" ... written by L Ivory
WONDERFUL, wonderful reading!! Jon is a master in readings and always provides detailed, helpful, insightful advice and information. Really amazing! Thank you so much, Jon!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Very accurate and interesting reader. He gave me new insights into my situation." ... written by eli
spot on, I came on with no clue what to say and he came spot on. " ... written by Payton
ONE OF MY TOP FAVS" ... written by SAM
excellent and to the point!" ... written by nicks
honest thank you" ... written by hannah
Top" ... written by Helena
picked up on my situation fast no input needed from me at all" ... written by tlsimms2008
After being so accurate on a my present circumstances. I called back for a future predictive reading. Again he came right on with two people currently with me helping me forward. Thanks man! Glad i waited around for you to come back as I don’t come here that often." ... written by Enkori
Top! Love and light Jon" ... written by Andrea
Fantastic read, had not been to Jon in 4 months. He hit everything right on the head. Without me saying a thing. I really appreciate all he said and will take heed to the advice he gave. Thank You, I will be back soon.. Highly Recommend!!" ... written by Jisseca
Great!" ... written by Chasidy
awsome" ... written by davyboii
A huge update..." ... written by Enkori
Has always been completely accurate." ... written by Debra
awesome reading. very accurate! thank you again!" ... written by Pinky
Johmoss is the best on Oranum! This guy is so in tune and accurate with not just picking up on the situation, but also his predictions. I've been coming to Jon for a while, all of his predictions have happened for me....every time! His time frames have also been spot on! If your looking for a good psychic, I highly recommend Jonmoss " ... written by ***********
Jon - is so kind and wise and then a great reader. " ... written by eli
Amazing readings. Very genuine, honest and to the point!" ... written by Rebecca Hernandez
the real deal i dont know he doesnt have a ribbon " ... written by melissa
Very good honest and good reading." ... written by shades
one word AMAZING!!!" ... written by rb
Good to see you again Jon. thanks for a lovely reading as always" ... written by F
The best on here. Always bang on. I dont trust anyone else. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
I enjoy my readings with Jon he has been right so far, Looking forward to my next reading with him." ... written by shades
Wow, from the moment he explained the situation 100% . Explained it all to me and it was very accurate. Mind blowing what he was able to say after seeing my color around me!!! " ... written by Shella
Always amazing and just in time to keep me positive. five stars all the way!" ... written by b
lovely reading with positive news xxx" ... written by red
very friendly and connected well to my situation. " ... written by vc
Top notch and honestly top notch... You need truth and clear insight? Make the call and get it straight..." ... written by Enkori
He has been so accurate in all areas of my life. Love, finance, health." ... written by debra
wow. amazing! Picked up right away, without me having to say a word and knew exactly what i was thinking..feeling and what worried me! he is AMAZING! i would recommend him to anyone on here. Definitely the best " ... written by Sladj.
Thank you again!!!! truly amazing! so happy i decided to come for a private " ... written by sladj.
Very accurate! Connects quickly and doesn't sugar coat anything." ... written by *****
very good... very professional" ... written by ron
i could not hear him that well but what i did hear was positive things to come into my life. im thinking positive about love. Thank you Jonmoss2000" ... written by marvetta
I feel like I just received an answer I've been looking for so long. Confirmation" ... written by debra
very good session, enjoy and he is right on spot." ... written by alr
i love coming back to jon. hes one of the best on here " ... written by melissa
Great Reading! Always a pleasure! Thank You" ... written by SKIPPY
He is openminded and always there when I need a reading. I hope what he says comes to be. " ... written by jon
Great reading! Picked up on my situation rather quickly and was open and honest about how to set my expectations. Was an absolute delight to chat with. Will be returning, thanks so much Jon! :)" ... written by Brianne
Great reading! connected quickly to the situation." ... written by A
he's amazing as always! He's been literally so rightt on every prediction he has made for me. He's the best." ... written by vine
Extremely accurate every time! I highly recommend Jon!" ... written by ******
Great reading!" ... written by K
great read" ... written by davyboii
Jon is a godsend! He always gets right to the heart of the matter and gives excellent advice. WONDERFUL reader on this site!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
awsome great read" ... written by davyboii
Pretty good, easy to talk to, like a good friend, sitting around having a cup of tea and chatting. I'll pop around into his room for an update and another chat soon. " ... written by Mandels
always amazing and wonderful to speak with. Highly recommended and look forward to the future." ... written by b
Thanks" ... written by k
This man is so amazing. The best in the business. Thank you so much for your continuing guidance." ... written by Mary
I am very greatful for your insight , I know I can believe in what you tell me .you are very kind and have patience to listen to my problems I am very thank ful to you." ... written by ritu
Wonderful. I come to him every few days for advise. Great! Accurate!!" ... written by Debra
I absolutely love him" ... written by awesome
it was a very nice reading - he gave me a good insight of how im feeling and the other one. It helped me a lot!!!Thank you very much!" ... written by Sonia
Great reading, very honest and spot on. A very awesome guy!" ... written by Lisa
WOW! Jon is the BEST." ... written by wow
awesome as always!! I really hope I make it!" ... written by oceania30
Coming back great reader!" ... written by Sweets
Jon is always right with what he see's. he has been right with my questions in the pass too" ... written by viken
Jon is excellent. He gives you plenty to work with. I've had 2 readings with him and have been please with his honesty both times. He's not slow in his readings either..almost hard to keep up with all he has to tell you that the cards show. He's given me new hope and I can't say how much I appreciate it." ... written by Cathy
This was helpful as usual I can use what he says to help my situation, i like his spiritual intelligence" ... written by SweeS
Thanks for another wonderful reading!" ... written by swsiren
Wow, wonderful, enjoyed my time with him, will definately revisit his room" ... written by Robin
awesome reading as usual jon! very precise and always straight to the point. excellent!" ... written by hardeep
Jon always looks out for your best interests - tells you what you need to hear - accurate timelines - worth every penny - very experienced and honest! " ... written by whenever21
excellent.thanks" ... written by
I love Jon. Always the best.Fast, Honest but kind. He was the only one that was correct about how a situation in my past played out. The best here in my opinion. " ... written by sparkle pony
Jon is fantastic. He is amazing. Predictions always come true and he never deviates from what he says.... in fact we can go months without a reading and he picks up from where we left off. Please don't hesitate" ... written by Randi
amazing as usual. Can always count on him to give me an honest answer. I will we back again for sure! :)" ... written by Sladj.
Thank you so much for your wonderfull reading it realy give me hope again!" ... written by Sonja
THank you jon for bringing peace of mind to a very frazzled girl " ... written by Randi
Thanks again for another lovely reading!" ... written by swsiren
he's the best of the best and that's why i keep coming back to him and only trust him out of all millions of psychics on this planet!" ... written by dolefuldoll
My go to no matter what!" ... written by b
Thank you! Always a pleasure to talk to you :)" ... written by Andrea
It is always so refreshing to speak with Jon. He is truly an amazing reader. Yet to have a prediction not come to pass" ... written by Randi
Spot on every time" ... written by *****
Jon is one of the best on here! He's very accurate with his predictions" ... written by *****
Wow John was spot on in what I was thinking about, and also my situation. I love too how he spoke fast and gave lots of details. I hope to get another reading with him! awesome" ... written by Liz
jon is extremely insightful and amazingly gifted. I highly recommend him!" ... written by beathive
Thanks again Jon for another fantastic reading! You always have me coming back for more!" ... written by swsiren
Thanks again for another lovely reading!" ... written by swsiren
accurate" ... written by Shiva
accurate" ... written by Shiva
accurate" ... written by Shiva
he is a wonderful reader " ... written by ritu
accurate" ... written by Shiva
jons readings always come true for me and hes very detailed and fast thankyou again jon xxx" ... written by lisa
Fantastic Great YOUR NUMBER ONE WHEN IT COME TO TELLING THE TRUTH " ... written by brownie lov
Jon is Quick and very clear ..... Love it" ... written by acb
great clarity" ... written by janice
fabulous! gave me a lot of information and i can certainly attest to the accuracy of everything he told me including even knowing bout a shift in work in another climate which is true... ran out of credits but ill contact again!" ... written by SUSAN STIVALO
as always right on the money. tells the truth gifted and kind love this man and his abilities" ... written by devene
Gifted and amazing; spot on, accurate and to the point. Always a good reading delivered with thought and compassion. Thanks, Jon" ... written by familyhelper
thank you very good " ... written by linda
always just in time when I need some insight, thanks again." ... written by b
AMAZING!!!! as usual.. so happy I found him on here. Truly the best. " ... written by Sladj.
Very honest and caring advice. He will try to find the best solution and at the same time reflect the matter with clarity. Can be verified word by word. Worth everything to put hope on finding the answer. " ... written by FeelWill
Good positive reading. Very informative." ... written by shades
Thanks again for another lovely reading! You keep me coming back for more!" ... written by swsiren
Very caring and logically reading. Accurate on the given info and will not try to overword anything. Excellent reader to consult with." ... written by FeelWill
Jon is one of the best here on Oranum! His accuracy blows my mind! All of his predictions have always come to pass with me....time frames and all! Johmoss is a must see! He's the real deal!" ... written by *****
he is great. " ... written by spa
moss is the truth and straight to the point . I really liked our reading thank you!" ... written by gst
Thanks again for another wonderful reading!" ... written by swsiren
Jon's one of my favourite psychics on here and one of the rare ones who are truly gifted and who will tell you what he sees in an honest and accurate way and his predictions always come to pass. He is one of the nicest people I've ever met in this life and is so sweet and kind and understanding and caring and genuinely sincere and blessed with so many spiritual gifts. He's an awesome psychic who's just perfect in every way and that's why I keep coming back to him because he never fails me and I can count on him and depend and rely on him and trust him completely. I just love Jon and recommend him to anyone who wants to know the real and bare truth." ... written by dolefuldoll
great" ... written by brownie lov
Jon is a great gift in every way! He is quick, extremely accurate and will tell you exactly what is happening with the people and energy of your situations. And what you are doing and thinking in those situations! He is SUPER!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
I value Jon's opinion very much. He has been accurate with every reading for over a year now. He definitely helps me see the path I need to take and relieves stress." ... written by Debra
my 3 or 4th reading so far and amazing as usual!!!! :) you are the best " ... written by Sladj.
Very honest and direct in every answer. Helpful guidance and accurate as always. Will do really well if you ask :)" ... written by FeelWill
Very incisive" ... written by Helen
incredible and what a memory with his old clients. such a blessing" ... written by cat
Excellent reader.....very accurate without asking for any information. Informative and insightful... I would highly recommend Jon. Ill be back. :)" ... written by MystifyMe
Excellent reading. Always remembers things we discussed previously." ... written by Debra
his reviews speak for themselves and he seems to get to the heart of the matter so we will see what happens, good feeling" ... written by Tracey
Amazing! What a gift. Thanks for the insight, compassion and honesty." ... written by famliyhelper
I had a reading today and as usual he always knows what's worrying me and helps me figure out what to expect." ... written by Debra
Awesome energy! Quite accurate with his predictions. I like the fact that he is also consistent with his readings." ... written by ^^^^
Very honest and accurate reader. Spending times with him alot and found the most interesting answers. Very mild manner and straight :) If you need clarity and helpful advice, Moss is who you should see." ... written by FeelWill
Thanks Jon once again you were spot on we really appreciate it as its good to know whats happening either way. Thank you once again and looks like things will be on the up. " ... written by hellzbellz
I love Jon. He is very honest and even if the news isnt what you want to hear - he still somehow makes you feel OK about it all. His insight and predictions have always been right for me. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Love Jon hes fab and seems to really hit nail on head" ... written by Tracey
Very accurate and straight to the point in every answer. Careful looking at all the issues related. Precise image of the situation. Kind manner with proper advice. A man worth to visit for suggestions :)" ... written by FeelWill
A very good reading that captured most of the emotions that i am going through and highlighted future plans that i hope will come to pass in the near future." ... written by Fadzai
Please come try a reading. He's been 100% accurate in every aspect of my life." ... written by Debra
Jon is the best on Oranum. I would not even think of consulting with anyone else - he is the best!" ... written by Kitty Kotton
Jon is honest and detailed. He tactful and I always feel a sense of renewed hope after talking to him." ... written by rcollins98
Simply extraordinary! Beyond all expectations and incredible help every time!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
saw into the situation accurately, great insight and predictions to look forward to, thanks" ... written by Muhsybean
Jon's the best psychic ever. It's not flattery or exaggeration. It's the truth. Everything he says is so accurate and you will be shocked at his accuracy and revelations of facts and how his predictions come to pass. He's really the best and most gifted psychic i've ever spoken to. You can rest assured that you're dealing with a genuine and professional psychic and whoever comes into contact with Jon is without a doubt guided and blessed because Jon is the most special psychic i've ever contacted. He will amaze you and he is a real miracle. May God always bless you Jon and thank you indefinitely." ... written by dolefuldoll
Great as ever. Thanks!" ... written by familyhelper
Great reading and thanks" ... written by alr
I keep coming back to Jon coz he's the best of the best psychics in the whole world and I'll keep coming back to him as long as the earth is spinning! :-) No one can compete with Jon! As simple as that! May God always bless you Jon coz your gift is one of a kind and you're a one of a kind gem your self!" ... written by dolefuldoll
Awesome. Jon always helps, he is simply the best." ... written by MellanieJay
Jon is fast, clear and very accurate and straight" ... written by acb
wonderful" ... written by Deb
thank you. harsh words, but perhaps what i needed to hear.. thank you." ... written by leodragon2014
always a great person and a great friend, thanks J" ... written by gina
Jon Moss is an excellent reader and the stuff he says really does come true. Ive experienced it first hand." ... written by Tanegla
he has been on point so far with everything" ... written by shades212
He's amazing!!" ... written by NEH
I'm one of Jon's regular clients and will keep coming back to him for any answers I need because he's simply the one and only perfect psychic in this whole creation. Jon's got more than what it takes to be perfect. Best of the best personality and accuracy and let me tell you, be prepared to be startled, amazed, astounded and stupefied and astonished because Jon will take your breath away by his accuracy and all of his predictions come to pass!" ... written by dolefuldoll
love jon always great" ... written by sweetpea22
Spot on hit it out of the park... Always has done before and after getting all washy soppy readings, Jon brought it to light and reality... Thanks man. You stopped a charade continuing... 5 stars plus" ... written by Enkori
Another great reading from jon,always accurate,fast and friendly,would recommend him to anyone,he deserves more than 5 stars for sure.thank you." ... written by :)
Very good reader. Gives good insight" ... written by ****
There are no words to describe how perfect Jon is! His accuracy and predictions that always come true have no words to be described. I don't know how else I can attest to the fact that he's the best and no one can match up and this is why I'm a regular client who won't go anywhere else for answers because i know Jon will say the truth no matter what and everything he says comes true! " ... written by dolefuldoll
Jon, once again was spot on. Clarified so many things for me and I feel heaps better for talking with him. Don't hesitate in taking him private! " ... written by Faeawyn
good reading" ... written by norcal
Love speaking to john. lots of details and great advices" ... written by val
Always nails it! What a piece of mind he gives me." ... written by debra
Jon is second nature to me! Thats how much I trust him with my life..He's my life guide and helps direct me and provides me with keys to open locked doors and with accurate answers that i can count on each and every time because his predictions manifest all of the time..He provides me with a roadmap to lead me to a place where dreams can come true and where everything is possible..I honestly believe Jon is the number one psychic in the world!" ... written by dolefuldoll
quick and honest " ... written by shelly
Thanks again for another lovely reading!" ... written by swsiren
Great reading as always! Makes my day, truly." ... written by debra
thank you" ... written by spn
What a relief with the answers. He's been 100% accurate with me." ... written by Deb
very good reader very good advice I can feel everything that he said" ... written by shades
every time I have a reading with Jon, I get all the answers that have always been proven time and again to be accurate and true and all of his predictions come to pass. After having had so many countless readings with Jon that always turned out to be true, I can't trust anyone else except him because I know he is the best." ... written by dolefuldoll
Jon is great. I look forward to his readings. " ... written by Abby
Jons made many predictions for me that have come to true in the past. His monthly updates are also brilliant and spot on, hes fast and does not ask you lots of questions first, hes very good at what he does. Thanks again " ... written by Lisa
Thanks Jon. As always, accurate, honest, compassionate and spot on all the time. " ... written by familyhelper
Very interesting reading. I liked it as it gave me perspective. Thanks very much!" ... written by Charlie
He was spot on about everything. super helpful and gave me peace of mind." ... written by kell
Great reading as always. Dead on." ... written by Debra
Very nice. First read. Thank you. Great thoughts. " ... written by Anonymous
thank you , you were amazing " ... written by annaannie
great friendly reader,accurate and fast.thank you jon." ... written by oO
amazing!" ... written by oceania30
awesome reading" ... written by super
Jon is definitely the best! He doesn't tell you things you want to hear, but the truth. So many times he has been just spot on, even if I was hoping otherwise. Not only that but he is a lovely person, so kind, a great listener, always ready and willing to help and offer advice, he is so positive and just chatting to him makes things better. He's super fast, doesn't waste time and gets straight to the point. Thank you Jon for all your advice and support. Love and light" ... written by elliel123
THE BEST! He gave me very specific details and came out exactly like he said. I came back for an update and it was very clear and to the point. " ... written by Angles
very clear, susinct, fluid, uplifting and helpful!" ... written by corepowernow
thank goodness he came online!" ... written by gina
Good job" ... written by P
thank you for your help as always!" ... written by gina
great awesome, really like him." ... written by jamira76
another very insightful and helpful reading... I see Jon about every 3 months and his readings carry a lot of helpful insight that turns out to be accurate and useful in my thinking... definitely one of the most information filled readings I've had in some time... thanks Jon! " ... written by Larry
Thank you again for clarifying things for me as always. Quick and clear Talk soon" ... written by acb
great update thank you as always see you in a few months xxxx" ... written by redhair
jon is incredibly awesome. His predictions have come to pass for me in the past. and continue coming back online to guide me through my misery life. thank you so much JON! you are an inspiration to continue moving forward. makes me wanna cry" ... written by spshp
quick, to the point, straight forward," ... written by nick
I come for monthly updates with jon, which always seem to come true in the order he predicts, I tend to have a general reading for the month ahead rather than ask specific questions, it keeps the reading flowing then but predictions do happen in a timeframe that is predicted by Jon. " ... written by Lisa
a fab reading and hopefully all will manifest and I will get my job/promotion" ... written by Tracey
Thank you." ... written by Tangela
Second session with jon. He nailed everything on the dot and really gives a lot of info about the future, which i love. It gives you a peace of mind. I will definitely be back to have a 3rd session. Very nice man!" ... written by k
THE BEST! He gave me so much tranquility and very good advice. Hope his predictions come true. " ... written by Angeles
Jon is clear, fast, right on point always. I will be back!" ... written by acb
I really liked him.just confirmed what I was feeling ty" ... written by messina
awesome as always a very trusted guidex" ... written by helen
I had to come back for another reading with Jon, I feel much relieved for his insights and perspective, it puts me in a more clear frame of mind and seeing and believing what's really possible. His cards in the past years have always been very on point for me so I'm hoping for the best. Thanks again Jon!" ... written by Jena
I thought it was a great reading.. thank you so much" ... written by yvonne
jon was great and so honest spot on he rocks" ... written by cat
Thanks Jon." ... written by familyhelper
excelent as always... highly recommend" ... written by Ron
Lovely person really trust his words" ... written by son
Excellent reading, right to the heart of things!" ... written by Marianne
Nice person really liked him will come back god bless him " ... written by son
he's very honest, even if it isn't the best news. thanks, jon" ... written by ash
Always a good read with Jon! " ... written by ****
Jon has always been a valued reader to me. And his predictions are spot on accurate! It has been scary the things that he has seen into my future that come to pass!! I always enjoy our readings!" ... written by Randi
Great reader! THank you jon!" ... written by Randi
Thanks Jon" ... written by shelle97
lovely as always" ... written by sarah
Jon's insight into the inner dynamics of how a person is feeling or what is happening in any current circumstance is very accurate. My first reading with him was back in 2012 and I trust him a lot, his understanding and explanation of what he sees is very well delivered too. Thanks once again! " ... written by Jena
Jon is direct and to the point. He gives me great insight on issues that I keep close to my heart. He also gives practical advice on how to keep moving forward and doing better in my life." ... written by rcollins98
Hes good" ... written by cookie
spot on xx" ... written by helen
extremely helpful...with past readings he has always seen details that have helped me tremendously for the better and I know that he is always direct and honest with any insights he has without being judgemental or insulting/rude and I appreciate that so much...I am very grateful that you are one of the 4 humans I trust to seek advice from and confide in...thank you again for everything, but mostly thank you for being you" ... written by Lehua
Jon's always among my top go to readers here, if you want insight and details into any situation he delivers it in such a calm and clear way, his cards have always been right on too. I'm so glad for his advice today and feel much more relaxed and prepared. Thank you!" ... written by Jena
Very helpful, accurate and honest no matter good or bad but the point he is helping me and telling the truth and guide me what to do and this is such quality and worth to join in private! Thank you Jon" ... written by Ampily
he is a wonderful person , he will tell you the truth no sugar coating I am thankful for his reading." ... written by ritu
As always on the spot. Always come back for more ;)" ... written by Helena
Jon is fast, so upfront and consistent!!! 10/10" ... written by acb
excellent reading. quick, accurate and fast to pick up on situation and describes things quite well. " ... written by max
Connected super super quick. wow!" ... written by Dani
Very interesting reading today!!!" ... written by acb
Jon is so nice and direct. He just confirmed my desires. thanks so much!!!" ... written by gst
wonderful as usual, highly recommended" ... written by becky
excellent" ... written by deb
He is very honest and accurate. Well worth coming too! " ... written by *****
Wow, about 4 months ago he told me that I will meet a long term partner with a quite specific description in coming September..... I found it hard to be precise but I am amazed that the person i met with was 100% fit the description..... Never thought that prediction came out so completely right.... Thank you moss. You really made me believe in your ability. If anyone needs perfect help, moss is the man :) " ... written by FeelWill
Thank you for my reading. you were spot on" ... written by Andrea
Quite impressed at the ability to focus on current situation and what to do about it, to improve the situation and move forward. Thank you. Yes, I'll get the plant!" ... written by boliviancondor
I had a great reading with jonmoss2000. He gave me great advice on my career and relationship. He also gave me great advice about a family member I've been worried about. During the reading a my grandfather came through and he was able to give me validations that it was him. It was an absolute wonderful experience. I definitely recommend jonmoss for any reading. His cards and intuition are absolutely top notch." ... written by shasha
Great read from Jon as usual... He is just very very good and on point!!!! Thank you. ttys" ... written by acb
Very good psychic (; " ... written by Helen
amazing reading very insightful i cant wait to see what unfolds thank you :)" ... written by xelizabethx
very good reading. enjoyed it a lot. and very very accurate. thanks a ton!" ... written by a
great reading" ... written by Shaz
Jon is without a doubt a tremendous professional. He connects quickly and I love his down to earth and practical style of reading. He is very direct and has always been able to tune into the energy of the person in question with great accuracy!" ... written by Mel
Thanks again for another awesome reading!!!" ... written by swsiren
amazing." ... written by rb
taken many reading" ... written by RB
Wonderful reading I am excited to see what happens will keep you updated Thank you so much 5 stars" ... written by edna
Thank you so much I have been on a rollercoaster for 6 months and I needed to hear what you had to say!" ... written by Ava
Good reading. " ... written by Tarotgal
Good reading thankyou." ... written by Tarotgal
WOW! On point! Wonderful! " ... written by Ang3l33
Jon is very quick and to the point. He is EXTREMELY talented at being able to pick up on your life and circumstances without you saying a word. VERY IMPRESSIVE AND TALENTED!!! I would highly recommend him. Only wish I had all the money in the world to listen to him:)" ... written by ll
so accurate and head the point and refreshing!!" ... written by sabrina fulford
Jon is fantastic and really deserves credit for his career and life insight. I recommend him highly!!" ... written by beathive
great readings as always highly recomended" ... written by Xelizabethx
A zillion stars! Jon is incredible." ... written by Summerbreeze
Wow best reading I've had so far. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for giving me a piece of mind. You are truly talented and were so spot on about my feelings and my situation." ... written by Sladj.
very helpful, very present, honest and comprehensive. I can now make an impt decision" ... written by pea
very good" ... written by Bill
A very great one today!!!!!!!!!!!! So on point" ... written by acb
I immediately went back to Jon with another question--another helpful and supportive reading--thx!" ... written by pea
Jon is an amazing tarot reader. he puts his heart into his guidance as well as his amazing gift. I really appreciate his holistic perspectives. thanks jon!" ... written by beathive
Very good reading spot on with info " ... written by Greentea
always spot on...when i need guidance and confirmation he is always there with it.." ... written by sabrina fulford
FAST READER" ... written by tianna
Jon was straight on the mark with my reading. Incredibly accurate!!" ... written by AprilSunshine9
Jon is just wonderful i have known him here for a few years and today he gave me the best news and was very confident and happy for me, I will definately be back to confirm it happened." ... written by ACE
love jon he is so cool" ... written by OLIVIA
Jon is a great read! Catch him today as he's reading with his Halloween deck!" ... written by beathive
Jon is honest, i love this about him. really accurate in my situations. Thanks a lot!" ... written by gst
Thanks Jon for a great reading we have a coin on the phone socket as u suggested it a while back :) have a great day and talk soon :)" ... written by helen
very precise and on the mark" ... written by Kumar
he always gives good readings. gives me peace of mind" ... written by k
Jon is just the best" ... written by acb
Really quick and accurate, answered my question and I feel more assured now with my choice. Thank You " ... written by Sherry K
Everything Jon has told me is happening. Even to the point that was going to have some issues with water, and I did issues with the main water pipe in the house. " ... written by acb
On point as usual! WOW" ... written by acb
Great halloween reading from jon! A wonderful future reader who has guided me a great deal into a better place!!" ... written by beathive
Jon is the most amazing tarot reader and has great instinct. Thanks for everything jon!!" ... written by beathive
really quick and to the point, cant wait for his predictions to unfold,yayy, highly recommend, such a genuine reading.." ... written by rishma
straight to the point. very detailed. love it!!" ... written by olive
AWESOME" ... written by Rleffect
always an amazing pleasure. So many questions, fast an honest. Thank you!" ... written by b
Spot on as usual!!! I will be back soon. Thank you" ... written by acb
Jon is always spot on" ... written by Theresa
awesome read =)" ... written by loliprofe
thank you very much! amazing, honest, quick to the point. I didn't have to explain anything." ... written by Mamadragon
jon is always a pleasure to talk to. puts things in perspective.. love his wisdom and accuracy, to be honest, there have been times when he said stuff i didnt want to hear but needed to and turns out thats exactly the advice i needed, hes always been right and thus i trust his readings coz theyre packed with a lot of wisdom which allows him to read into the situation and be absolutely spot on! Thank u!" ... written by aby
great" ... written by vanessa
XOXO! WOW! What an amazing reading! I have had many readings before, and Mr.Jon Moss is really phenomenal, very fluid, quick, thorough, direct, and spot on! He has given me great advice and I will do my best to listen and follow. I very much appreciate our reading today... simply wonderful! Thank You Mr. Jon Moss XOXO!" ... written by Lynn
On point as usual. I recommend Jon to anyone who wants answers, uncut as straight up!!!!!" ... written by acb
Jon is always there for you whether you need a quick answer or a long discussion about your situation. He has a connection with his cards that is uncanny and will give you the answers you need, even if they are the ones you don't want to hear. I definitely recommend him!" ... written by shasha
Thank you for all your kind advice!" ... written by acb
felt like he was reading my mind.. " ... written by jo
Jon thank you so much. Today you read through me and the situation in question in such an amazing way! I am blown away and truly thankful for the advice you gave me. " ... written by M
Jon is amazing! Such a talented reader. He's been right on the money every time I call. He's like a positive voice in my head helping to guide me in the right directions! Thank you Jon, honestly, thank you. " ... written by IndiSage
AMAZING!!!!wow!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! TRULY REMARKABLE!!!! " ... written by ang3l33
love this guy. quick to the point and helps to clarify ones situation to be best equipped to move forward. Recommend highly" ... written by Pat
excellent reading as always...thank you Jon!! xoxo" ... written by missvika
great reading, I would like to have his phone number for a more private reading. is that possible" ... written by Ylsi ocando
Am excited about the future and looking forward to seeing if his predictions come true" ... written by Kristal Turner
awesome!!!" ... written by Ava
Thank you so much as always your so amazing and kind to me 5 stars great reader." ... written by edna
Jon was honest and no sugar coating, if you want the truth Jon is the one to see! Great to talk to someone that is honest, I will " ... written by Shiningstar
Good insight xx" ... written by ellen
tons of people on here but i go to him for the truth. i pray his prediction will come true." ... written by christine
great" ... written by LeoRising88
We only had a few short minutes, was very helpful and gave me some clear insight to the question I had. thank you!" ... written by b
Excellent reading. He had a lot to say without my asking, and gave detailed insight in response to questions I posed. I will be back again for sure." ... written by Serenity
john always puts my mind at ease he is correct in what he sees I would highly recommend him. Thanks JOn" ... written by a123
quick to respond, easy with the cards, great clarity and really nailed it with some previous situations.... thank you thank you!" ... written by angel
Thankyou mr john very much appreciated. it was a great reading" ... written by a
Jon is the best .. love are readings " ... written by Olivia
Such an amazing reader!!! Jon is exceptionally gifted! All star!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze
Super amazing hit everything on the head!!!!! will be back thank you!!!!!!!!" ... written by leo
Specific, on target, and helpful in terms of the road ahead. I appreciate that he tells me what's up with just a basic subject before I even get to the heart of my question." ... written by Serenity
HE IS FANTASTIC!!! I really really recommend. " ... written by Agl
Gives good information :D" ... written by ab
I like Jon Moss! My last reading he had came true so I thought I'd give him another go. I know I wont be disappointed. " ... written by kt
He told me a lot ... it's true he can pick up on things without asking a question... very satisfied." ... written by Siempre
I have always trusted this man with my questions and he has has never steered me wrong!!! Off on a new quest!! Thank you Jon" ... written by Finding Peace
jon hit the needle on the head again!!!!! i can always count on accuracy and direction from Jon...e is always and remains 5 star!!! thank you Jon..." ... written by sabrina fulford
it give me a good information." ... written by ab
He's absolutely amazing. He offers so much information in a condensed time frame without asking many questions, and is unbelievably accurate. Can't wait for our next chat. Highly recommend him." ... written by Lavvy1
WONDERFUL" ... written by maria
Jon is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is why I trust him 100% and keep coming back to him coz he's 100% accurate and reliable!!!!!!!! And all his predictions come true!!!!!He will tell you the truth like it is good or bad and he never gives you false hopes!!!Very honest and ethical gifted man!!! Many blessings Jon!!!" ... written by sweetmarionette
Great as always. His advice are spot on and gives me peace when I need it. If you have a question go to him." ... written by Andrea
Tells is like it is, even if it's not exactly what you want to hear. it's the truth anyway." ... written by Serenity
excited to get resolution over a tricky career problem with jon's help. Looking forward to my new year's reading!" ... written by beathive
Thanks again for another lovely reading! Your insight was very useful." ... written by ffairy
always advice you like a family member." ... written by RB
He did pick the situation well…. my first reading… I do think he connects well ..." ... written by new york
INCREDIBLE skills and predictions and insights! Jon is always right!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Very good insightful, and accurate. Gave me a new perspective to consider. Saw things about a person and told me. See what happens, Thank you Jon!!" ... written by F88
he was really awesome, amazing expert! 10 stars! thanks" ... written by bllue
helps and advise you like a friend." ... written by RB
Thank you Jon. you are awesome" ... written by RB
Thank you Jon ..Merry Christmas and see ya in 2016 :)" ... written by acb
Spot on xx" ... written by Helen
jon is very positive he sees good things to come and im sure they will happen will come back to post the outcome. Thank you" ... written by a
Jon has been reading for me for a couple of years recently things have turned and he sees alot of good change coming im excited and know the predictions will come to past and will let him know. Thank you" ... written by A
Very good! " ... written by Nicole
Excellent follow up reading with Jon" ... written by Findingpeace
Thank you Jon for your kind and quick insights as usual. Talk soon" ... written by acb
Lovely to speak with. Hes awesome and very quick and to the point. Will be back!" ... written by Sabi
Great read...thank you Jon" ... written by BK
Brilliant!!! Five stars everytime!" ... written by Summerbreeze
fantastic new year reading - I highly recommend!" ... written by beathive
5 stars...very good" ... written by Focusing
Jon is right on point always. If you are looking for details and straight talk without frills, this is your guide." ... written by acb
Great reading and sound advice. I feel he really homed in on the issue and provided great insight. thanks :)" ... written by Muhsybean
Wonderful read... have not been here for a year and he picked right up. Thank for the read Jon. I will be back sooner next time. Please I everyone stop in and get your read from him. Upfront and very honest..." ... written by Tricia
Great reading. to the point. " ... written by Moongirl17
thank you for the reading!" ... written by karen
thank you " ... written by acb
thank you !" ... written by Andrea
He tunes in on your engery and catches the situtation to the point. A very good reader." ... written by Hubbelman
He is one of a kind and I have been taking readings from him from 2 yrs now... and things have always played out the way he told me they will and he is honest, but you have to be open to the messages he gets too!" ... written by princess
Great insights as usual!! I will be back soon. I recommend Jon to anyone who is looking of fast and clear answers ." ... written by acb
Interesting, funny, and direct to point." ... written by Serenity
Oh WOW Jon, great one today. As usual on point... If anyone is l;looking for straight, clear advice and talk... Jon is the one" ... written by acb
Thanks for your insights, you're the best!" ... written by ffairy
Thank you for the reading" ... written by A
Ran out of time....but great reading!" ... written by elzy
thank you for your help" ... written by md
I always love talking to Jonmoss he is so very enlightening!!!" ... written by Ava
Jon always picks up on the unspoken issues with uncanny accuracy." ... written by Serenity
Jon's the best as always. I always come back to him coz he's the only one I trust. 100% accurate about everything always." ... written by sweetmarionette
spot on as usual...never waste time...always go to jon for guidance...5 star quality always.." ... written by sabrinalove
AWESOME!!" ... written by CHINTAN
5 stars...very good" ... written by Focusing
he is wonderful person and tells me right things doesn't lies about anything, he is amazing person." ... written by ritu
Extremely honest. Thank you jon. I really appreciate it" ... written by beautyqueen1001
Lots of info , will have to wait and see :-)" ... written by redairedgirl
Right on target. Great guidance." ... written by Serenity
jonmoss was amazing. He really looked into my current situation and knew about what was going on evenwithout providing him with a lot of information. I really look forward to more readings with jon" ... written by Finding Healing Maria
jon is like my oracle from the matrix. he tells me what i need to know to keep moving forward in my life." ... written by rcollins98
Excellent reading. Thanks so much!!" ... written by Sandra
Jon is amazing!! Picked up on what my career aspirations were!!" ... written by shelle97
excellent, hes the best.. " ... written by ron
spot on xx" ... written by Helen
he is the only psychic I will visit on Oranum because he is the best!" ... written by Calico Kitty
Amazing!! Very spot on!" ... written by Stacy
thanks for the honest reading!" ... written by jt
Seem very in tune and accurate." ... written by Trooper
Love him !!!!!!! Straight to the point and accurate !" ... written by Josalyn
honest. straight shooter. sincere. accurate. you are in good hands." ... written by marymary127
a fantastic reader so very accurate. he showed me the cards which were strange to him but were uncannily accurate to the details which he did not know. once he read them i filled in the details AFTER HE READ and shockingly spot on to my dilemma. i recommend him 5 stars." ... written by christine
amazing reading as always...he always has great insight and very good connection to spirit..thanks jon x" ... written by mv
best readings. dead on about everything. Very honest, very specific !" ... written by kelly
cool guy. made me feel better. thanks for the new outlook" ... written by ann
I come to Jon for 4 years now and would never go to anyone else. " ... written by Andrea
he put my anxiety at ease. i was in panick mode over what anothr psychic told me and didnt find it true so i had to come to him and he calmed me down and told me not to worry. luv u sooo much. i was about to start cryng for days but you helped me." ... written by aus
Thank you Jon," ... written by acb
Direct, focused, and accurate guidance that left me feeling reassured about the road ahead, despite present concerns. Hit the nail on the head all the way around." ... written by Serenity
very straight forward im autistic and i am used to people being very direct ....he is quick and direct both qualities i like ....thank you i will be back when things are financially better for me....." ... written by inaala
Highly recommend.... Jon Moss has always been spot on, and has even confirmed something that was told to another person by a different person at a different time. recommend all the way!" ... written by Patience
Always on point" ... written by acb
always come back for the truth. update unfolds like he says" ... written by christine
Best Tarot on Oranum!" ... written by Serenity
wow what detail!!!! would recommend :)" ... written by rainforlove
What a wonderful man! He was so good! just AMAZING! about everything! He knew everything! WOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" ... written by kat620
I love Jon - he so clear and honest and wants to really help you and guide you to your own path. xoxo" ... written by MLB
he is very detailed" ... written by maybelle
thanks for the reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
Very clear and insightful as always ." ... written by Rose
I have read with Jon about a year ago and he is the only one who quickly and directly gave me very accurate responses, everything he said happened, or didn't in my case, so I have always been a little scared to go back bc I know he will give me the truth, and sometimes, we are not ready to hear the truth. I finally got the courage to have a reading with him and he is amazing, He knows nothing about my new situation and he was telling me things as though he was me! He gave me the courage to take a bold step and I will and I am grateful to him. Jon is the real deal, doesn't sugarcoat, he doesn't have time for that, so if you really want to hear some honest responses, he's your guy! Thank you Jon, I felt more connected to you that I have in my previous readings and I truly appreciate your feedback. You were 100% on point with every word that came out of your mouth. Thank you and I will def let you know how it goes ;) " ... written by Mainstreem
Very Good " ... written by Aggie
Jon's the best ever!!! That's why I keep coming back to him!!! 100% accurate all the time about past, present and future!!!" ... written by sweetmarionette
5 stars...very good" ... written by Focusing
Wonderful. Very good reader and picks up on things fast. Thanks Jon!" ... written by color
Jon is always spot on! Honest, ethical, up front! xoxox" ... written by MB
Quick and to the point, with truth." ... written by Serenity
Thanks John, I will keep you posted on how things conspire." ... written by Karen Wren
Jon is very honest and straight forward. Thank you so much" ... written by wonderlife
Thank you! " ... written by Andrea
exelent" ... written by Munika Mikelj
Jon, Is spot on w everything. He is clear and fast and explains real well." ... written by ACB
He gives the best practical advice that is spot on every time." ... written by serenity
he is outstanding!!! very quick, straight to the point, and he is dead on. answered all my questions plus some and was very honest. thank you so much! " ... written by scadoodle
answered my questions quickly!" ... written by nicole
he makes complete sense" ... written by r
I liked his reading a lot. it was to the point and very detail at the same time. he was patient in explaining stuff and told some correct things about certain people i asked. i think i will visit him again. " ... written by srk003
Excellent reading" ... written by Theresa
Jon taps into emotional spaces and nuances like no one else." ... written by Serenity
he is so honest!" ... written by Josalyn
Joh is one of the best! Won't waist your time, gets straight to the point, and is quite accurate." ... written by *****
spot on x" ... written by helen
Excellent" ... written by Scentsations
always a fantastic and spot on reading" ... written by patience
The BEST!!! Five Stars!!! Jon is incredible!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
excellent, he is one of the best" ... written by ron
great in-depth reading without any additional prompts needed. responsive - just have to wait and see how it all unfolds!" ... written by m27inal
first time,,,very impressed....really liked his explanations and energy! will definitely be coming for more! :)" ... written by lovehouston
He is simply wonderful. Very clear and to the point..." ... written by ET
I have received the clearest insights and direction from Jon, in a way that is truly healing." ... written by Serenity
Very reassuring and accurate from what I can tell!" ... written by Ashley
Absolutely incredible, accurate and all predictions have come to be. Wow Wow, totally honest and clear. mega stars" ... written by cat
Jon's always the best and this is why I always keep coming back. He will tell you everything about your past, present and future and it will all be 100% true all of the time and his predictions always come to pass. If you want a truly gifted psychic, then have a reading with either Jon or no one else." ... written by sweetmarionette
very insightful...hit everything on point. I would recommend him." ... written by kindhearted
fast and accurate always" ... written by sabrina fulford
He is quick and to the point. Thank you! " ... written by Rox on....5 stars" ... written by Focusing
Jon is always awesome! Connects quickly. Honest :-)" ... written by MB
Good advisor, useful knowledge. He's good at reading cards and applying it to a specific situation." ... written by sasha
Very good readings" ... written by San Marino
Very good reader. Very good at connecting to how I am feeling. Waiting for predictions to come true. " ... written by Destiny
5/5 as always. Fast accurate, clear and consistent!!! All predictions has come Through" ... written by ACB
Had a simple question to a specific circumstance and he gave me exactly what I needed.. PEACE OF MIND andamp; A SIMPLE ANSWER =] he is very straight forward, and tells you what he thinks. No matter if it is good or bad. " ... written by Kay
Jon's reading picked up on everything that is going on and how I've been feeling, he is one of the best at seeing into anything that is happening. It helped confirm my understanding of the situation a lot. Thank you." ... written by Jena
good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Thanks for a fine reading!" ... written by Gunnar
jonmoss2000 is a very good and accurate psycic. He is able to tune into your problem/challenge immediately and tell you what you have to do. But he is not sugarcoating and will not neccesarily tell you what you want to hear." ... written by hubbelman
5 stars....very good" ... written by Focusing
a fair and realistic reading...lets see what happens,,,thanks" ... written by lovehouston
Perfect. Thank you for an exceptional read." ... written by Bree
That was an amazing reading, already knew what he was saying was truth." ... written by shelle97
he's great" ... written by leorising88
Omg thank you sooooooooo much. You made my day man . You really did. I was devastated . You gave me hope" ... written by beautyqueen
good and honest reader" ... written by saquanna
honest openion" ... written by y y
10/10" ... written by ACB
alright, jon is a regular favorite" ... written by ron
loved the reading and glad he has helped me a long this time." ... written by Pink
wow" ... written by naturale
Jon's the best as always! The most accurate psychic and his predictions always come true!" ... written by sweetmarionette
accurate and very sweet pleasant reading. " ... written by Eliz Hassan
Had a private reading and chair was empty." ... written by Katie
First time reading and was spot on :)" ... written by Adis
not in agreement with what other psychics have said" ... written by Kate
AWESOME!!! love him so much" ... written by sm
I love Jon, hes been consistent with his readings and im so amazed and shocked at the accuracy. His predictions have come to pass for me in the past! " ... written by Sm
Jon is THE to go to!" ... written by ACB
Very Interesting. Unfortunately my credits ran out but will def be back soon. Thank you" ... written by DawnFerg11
he is soo amazing and accurate, hes predicted things in the past for me and it has come to pass! absolutely love Jonmoss! go seek answers from him and you wont regret! " ... written by spiritual
great as usual! thanks jon" ... written by vine
thank u! ur great!" ... written by jt
Great approach to card reading" ... written by Maccabeus
5 stars...very good and spot on" ... written by Focusing
5 stars" ... written by *****
jon always gives me honest answers he knows his cards" ... written by ace
Spot on. Know's what your thinking always.." ... written by Dawn
Great reading. He gave me a demo so i wanted to see how a reading would be. He is very direct and gives great advise." ... written by pinkpather30
Amazing the only one that I talked it and he said it just as I felt in my gut for months. A true gift and I'm so glad I reached out to him. " ... written by Karla Santos
Jon can never go wrong. He's always 100% right and on point. He always fascinates me with his true and accurate predictions that always come true. That's why I keep coming back and will always do." ... written by sweetmarionette
AWESOME" ... written by j
fantastic reading" ... written by lucas
Talking to Jon always gives me a boost of hope to keep going." ... written by rcollins98
Thank you - always good advice - " ... written by Bernadette
Jon Thank you for me and the family you helped during a very difficult time. Everything you told me, 100% was true. The people in question were found exactly the way as described within the time frame. You help bring hope, peace and closure. Justice will be served. Thank you so much from all of us. I will recommend you to anyone anywhere." ... written by madeinsweden12
Awesome and precise! very honest!" ... written by sugarbear2
Spot on (;" ... written by Helen
He was great! He knew everything that was happening and gave great advice!" ... written by Emily Smith
HE is fast, accurate and amazing" ... written by madeinsweden12
He is fast, no nonsense 100% accurate. I ran something by him today and it was 100% spot on. " ... written by madeinsweden12
Thank you - I really appreciate your readings. They are direct and to the point. " ... written by Bernadette
Jon is absolutely fantastic. His predictions have come true for over 2 years with me...not sure why I ever have tried anyone else. He is amazing and honest and I highly recommend him!" ... written by Sarah
10/10 as always" ... written by ACB
Very intuitive and read well into the people I was asking about...great reading!" ... written by Larry
Thanks - Good advice as usual" ... written by Bernadette
Lovelly thanks" ... written by Carina
this guy is so fantastic, always cheers me up and i enjoy his words of wisdom!" ... written by natural
Correct readings" ... written by Test
wow! the man to go to!!!!" ... written by natural
Thank you - you have been a blessing and very encouraging. " ... written by Bernadette
Great help and guidance. Helped clear my head. " ... written by Miri
5 on" ... written by Focusing
Great chat andamp; reading, as expected :-)" ... written by Dawn
Truth" ... written by Lynn Tee
Great reading. I needed to hear the good and bad and JonMoss gave it to me straight." ... written by Firebird828
Thank you - " ... written by Bernadette
Thanks - That looks promising -and will see how this goes. " ... written by Bernadette
good reading . saw a lot. thank you" ... written by maltaFred
fantastic" ... written by ilu
Always good advice - thank you - I feel like we have come on a huge journey together and you have helped every step of the way" ... written by Bernadette
straight to d point, very good...." ... written by Barani
omg was spot on abt some things i had feeling he was mind reader ha ha totally cool, best advice ever, 10 stars" ... written by happy client
Thano you i am so happy... you were great" ... written by michabram
Always 100% accurate. Always the psychic of all psychics. Always the best of the best." ... written by sweetmarionette
Thank you - good advice" ... written by Bernadette
very good reader i like how he explains everything a lot" ... written by suzanne
excellent" ... written by erka
Jon is as sensitive as he is honest. He has offered great guidance and assistance." ... written by Serenity
great read " ... written by joe
Nice man" ... written by SonicJEM
He was amazing...predicted couple of things for me and connected well...will return back soon!" ... written by xxx
Always a pleasure to have some time to read with jonmoss2000. Great communication and would recommend to anyone looking for a clear and open reading. Five stars!" ... written by moonmaden
GREAT AWESOME" ... written by JAMIRA76
great awesome" ... written by jamira76
Thank you once again" ... written by Bernadette
He was great and insightful! Very helpful." ... written by A
Fantastic, it is very pleasant to have a reading with him!!" ... written by Usr
been spot on fantastic readings. both love and profession. will be back soon. Jon is really not wasting any time to give answers and he feels it truely. thanks!" ... written by coralbay
first reading with him, he is amazing! Incredible! Thank you Jon" ... written by phyl
always great and to the point. accurate have been coming to him for a year now... thank you!" ... written by angel
Jon is my friend/guide of many years now he is always direct, very compassionate, knows his cards well, highly intuitive and he picks up on the most amazing things, im waiting for the big prediciton to happen soon. Many thanks Jon" ... written by ACE
excellent" ... written by ron
Jon is incredible. Some things going on in my life he touched on them before I even said anything to him. I trust in Jon, 100%, he is accurate, will not waste your time, and tell you the truth. Been coming to Jon four years now." ... written by Tricia
he is amazing. I've been coming to Jon for 3 years and his predictions are spot on. I had my first reading with him 3 years ago while getting over an ex. He told me I would meet a man named David, a month later Someone came into the picture and we started talking, hung out and sparks flew...It hit me after the date that HE was David and Jon had predicted this. Since then, Jon has given me so much insight and spot on prediction i n my relationship, I trust him and his predictions, he is a kind soul and you should trust him too. " ... written by sarah
Extremely accurate, very insightful, and quick. He knew lots of things about my situation and people around me without me telling him anything. I feel a sense of clarity and direction after speaking with him. " ... written by Jayna
wonderful as usual" ... written by lola
Jon is lovely. He is very good at hitting deep issues. I look forward to speaking with him again. " ... written by Makeup Maven
10/10 as always " ... written by ACB
AMAZING READING! He does not ask you names, dates or anything- he just starts reading! 2 thumbs up!" ... written by MooMoo
Very pleased w this reading, so truthful and spot on..had me reeling w astute observations and healing counsel...glad i chose here." ... written by lammonator
Thank You, as usual, your are correct in your reading." ... written by Ginger
very good reading, revealing and detailed, oh boy he is good, ty jon. ten stars" ... written by passionate
wow...just to talk to him is a treat!!!" ... written by river
amazing, awesome, top of the line, five stars" ... written by river
Great! always on point and honest!" ... written by Court
excellent reader" ... written by nina
First reading.... loved it :-)" ... written by GINA
He has been the most helpful guide here for where I need to go." ... written by Serenity
Ran out of time, otherwise I could have kept talking to Jon. He's so great! Very honest, even if it's not exactly what I wanted to hear. Will always come back for some clarity!" ... written by Rebecca
good advice" ... written by Helen
I had a very motivating chat with Jon. He was very accurate on things that no stranger should be able to tell me. I feel light hearted after his reading as he assured me that things are going as I had planned. Alleluia!" ... written by LQPeach
the only one i go for years. The best." ... written by Andrea
the best, wow, he saw everything in the cards and explain very well, omg, i got chills, lol" ... written by lorna
Amazingly accurate! He has predicted correctly in the past, so I am excited for these new predictions!" ... written by Ashley
I liked the reading... :-)" ... written by Gina
WOW. picked up straight away on things! really great energy!" ... written by pink
Best on Oranum - has been my reader for 5 years .. Love you Jon " ... written by Olivia
The best in here!! thank you" ... written by Andrea
I can only say WOW, Jon is a good friend, guide and excellent psychic...many things he sees are so on point. Today, he had messages from the other side and they were so correct it shook me up. Thank you JOn." ... written by A
Accurate kinda and clear reading. Highly recommend." ... written by Karla S
John is a 5 star advisor and great at it" ... written by dubyjudy
thanks jon" ... written by ron
Quick to the point. Read my mind. Needed confirmation. and I like his attitude. Smart and forthright. Recommended." ... written by Barbara W.
He was great and honest!" ... written by EmilySmith
A great reading as always! Ive had numerous sessions with Jon over a couple of years, at times where I feel I need some extra guidance and great advice. " ... written by Nicholas Bastos
Got a very good reading with Jon. Honed into my situation very well and he really captured the gist of my situation." ... written by Njeri
amazing reader" ... written by kika
The best in here! Thank you Jon!" ... written by Andrea
Fantastic reader !" ... written by chi
An excellent reading, he definitely picked up some concerns and warnings for me to be aware of, that I already sensed without my telling him. I'm glad there is a psychic here to pick on things like this and be honest about them. Jon always seems to get the smaller details and the whole picture of things, I keep coming back to him after almost 5 years now." ... written by Jena
Jon Moss is really good. He is very quick in pin pointing where things are headed. A lot of his predictions have come true for me.... I will continue to come back to him!" ... written by kt
AMAZING - FANTASTIC - WILL I BE BACK - HELL YA" ... written by emma jones
JON gave me a great reading I will be back to see him" ... written by JD
On point and fast. Needed basically no information to be insanely correct " ... written by forgetit12
grateful for Jon's readings always--great communicator--down to earth, always many insights and good advice." ... written by Pearl
Great! Really, really good :)" ... written by time_space
nice connection with my father whom has just passed" ... written by pink
amazing reader" ... written by kim
would not give me a reading because im depressed. The spirits only like happy people???? in an hour of need dont call - there is no one there!!" ... written by emma jones
always insightful and honest - tells you the truth and not always what you want to hear but what you need to hear. A great reading! Highly recommend! " ... written by whenever21
I appreciate Jon Moss very much--he is a great communicator and information comes fast and from numerous sources with him. I have returned to him for advice about a specific issue that came up in a previous reading and value his precision with time and explanations." ... written by Pearl
omg! im so glad i came and got a reading from jon! i was feeling so destroyed and my anxiety was just awful. he made me feel so much better, of course he didnt tell me just what i wanted to hear but what i needed to hear. ugh. thank you for saving me in tough times liek these. your predictions have come to pass in the past for me and which is why i came in. thank you, thank you, thank you! " ... written by sm
Very nice, very accurate. I enjoyed the reading a lot! Definitely recommend." ... written by Chorii
He is amazing - always on point!" ... written by Azita Rahim
Great reading!! Very accurate!!" ... written by Debra
amazing reader" ... written by catharine
great reading x" ... written by dora
jonmoss is super amazing, answered my question fairly quickly with very little credits. other psychics will take their time to answer questions and by the time my time is up, im confusd. lol thank you jon for being so quick and thorough with my reading. much love " ... written by lovely
i have counted on this reader for questions big and small--always value his help. A great reader--good communicator with many insights." ... written by pearl
Very helpful and accurate!" ... written by Ashley
Really presice and helpfull reading. Gave me really quick awsers and really acurrete. Is the second time I come to him. What he told me in the first one was acurete with what happend." ... written by Carina
His predictions have been accurate so far.. and I trust his cards!!!! Everything he has been predicting whether good or bad, has been coming true!! I'm so thankful to him!! A million stars!!" ... written by Lily
WOW MIND BLOWING ACCURATE, TEN STARS!!!!" ... written by aligned
Thank you!" ... written by Sarah
asked about business plans and he nailed everything on the dot. Jon is the best and the only psychic i talk to on this site!" ... written by K
he provided a lot of detail without a million questions he is very good at picking up on situations thank u so much " ... written by j
10/10 as always, very clear, fast and informative! Talk soon again." ... written by ACB
He has been an excellent psychic so far and all his predictions have been coming true. Be it my career or personal life, every situation has been coming true with timeframes!!!! Simply brilliant and very very honest!!!! Oranum should have more of such talented and real psychics like Jon Moss!!!!!" ... written by shraddha44
I always check life issues with Jon. He connects fast and he is very clear in the delivery of info. You know it... l will be back " ... written by ACB
He is such a lovely reader. Thank you so very much. I will be back shortly. Take care " ... written by Breanna
a personal favorite" ... written by ron
Jon has been consistent with his reading and predictions and sees details with his cards and many times things have happened. i have learnt to be aware and good to be forewarned and excited to see the positive ones coming to fruition." ... written by jon
ok" ... written by Laquinta Mason
Best reading ever. Jon is amazing! :)" ... written by Fancystars
Very awesome. First time I do this and he was accurate on a lot of things. Very impressed." ... written by Psychopens
The sound was not of the best quality but what i grasped from him was good." ... written by :)
Such an awesome psychic here! Incredible advice and always spot on." ... written by Summerbreeze888
Jon is incredible!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
great card reader!" ... written by pink
Jon is just amazing. He connects quickly, has as been absolutely correct. I always come back to Jon!!! Thank You" ... written by ACB
he is awesome, really helpful and compassionate and deeply understands things! wonderful reader! ten stars!" ... written by e.o.
Thanks again." ... written by cd
Very good xx" ... written by Helen
Jonmoss is fantastic, his predictions come to pass! his previous prediction came to pass and so thankful hes here. i like that fact that when im down and depressed he is always here to help! thank you so much Jon for your guidance and your fantastic psychic talent! love you" ... written by water
Well spoken and solid advice" ... written by lotus71
i want to say WOW, all he needed was a name, nothing else, nothing more, and he was off getting into the meat of it. Deep down I kknew he was telling me things I already knew, he gave clarity. He was no nonsense and fast. Very accurate. I may not have liked every detail, but he put all into perspective and eased my mind. Thank you Jon" ... written by A
Jon is an incredible reader. He tuned into my situation immediately and gave excellent advice. He is very kind yet tells you what you need to hear. Thank you Jon!! I will be back and keep you posted xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox" ... written by Freespirit02
Wow Jon is absolutely superb! if you want an accurate reading then Jon 's your man.i will definitely be back" ... written by marsylyttle
This man is an incredible reader, and with a fun personality to boot. He tapped into another world right in front of my eyes, delving into bits of me that I haven't thought about or talked about, and with great accuracy too. He gave me a lot of info that I'll be keeping in mind for my future. He was able to answer my question and gave me some pointers on how to better my situation! I'll definitely be keeping up with him, and giving him updates. (:" ... written by Kaiine