About marina5

Psychic marina5has 15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic marina5has recently helped 28members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about marina5's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I believe in being compassionate and honest in my readings. I'm clairvoyant, a medium, a channeler, empathic, intuitve, and reiki healer. In private readings I connect with your energy. My foundation is God. I'm truly blessed and guided. I love having fun in free chat. I get to know each and everyone of you. I enjoy giving guidance, answering questions on general topics especially Twin Flames.

Awesome!!!" ... written by Pearl0315
was a lovely reading and she is a very kind and caring person, thanks so much darlin :))" ... written by Libra26
Marina is such a wonderful person! She fields all kinds of questions with grace and joy! Wonderful insights!!!" ... written by Eva
damn marina got me on the whole feeling/empathetic part of my situation during our reading damn im still like in shock" ... written by m
I'm rather new at private readings with Psychics, but Marina5 was patient and guided me along, giving me insights into a couple different areas for which I was seeking guidance. I was a little nervous going in but she quickly put me at ease and helped me get my camera and microphone working so I wasn't dependent on my mediocre typing abilities. An outstanding experience and I will definitely search her out for further readings in the future." ... written by Minnetonka Jim
Having gained some confidence in how the private reading works, I went back for another session. Marina5 gave me some great advice regarding what was required to keep a relationship that was recently a little shaky back on solid footing. We talked through it and she was very honest with me regarding how I could be a better friend. Somehow she nailed that I was often conflicted between romance and friendship. She put me on a good course. But I am a guy so may need periodic sessions in the weeks ahead to keep me on course. In summary, she is a real gem that was genuinely concerned and interested in helping me." ... written by Minnetonka Jim
She was great! She was fast and got to the point. She did not sugar coat anything, she gave great advice! Would highly recommend! " ... written by Emily Smith
She is very accurate uses absolutely no tools and picked up on my situation right away. If you want an affordable reader that will not waste your time and money she is the reader for you!" ... written by Lo
Amazing " ... written by marion
She amazing really helped me out a lot :)" ... written by Marcus
as always a gigantic help and 5 stars on picking up everything " ... written by m
Marina is amazing. she was correct in everything she said im coming back." ... written by Princess
good.... :)" ... written by sparklejules
Excellent reader, very positive and helpful, would definitely recommend if you need to improve your outlook on life!" ... written by P J S
So wonderfully down to earth and so on point with everything! " ... written by Eva
so good, very accurate, intuitive AMAZING SO SHOCKED WITH HOW GOOD SHE IS XXXXXX" ... written by sparkly
she is good" ... written by c
She was good at connecting quickly to my situation. She picked up on everything accurately without the use of tools . Thanks for the help" ... written by kevin
marina5 is very good...As before, she is quick andamp; concise!! " ... written by Boris
Absolutely fantastic reader, so caring and attentive, and a genuine desire to help. Could not praise highly enough thankyou so much!" ... written by P J S
awesome always right on the money with images and predictions" ... written by m
brilliant..she saw what was going on..omg" ... written by k
as always many thanks" ... written by m
precisely accurate picks up on feelings and traits" ... written by dc
Absolutely wonderful in private" ... written by marion
im speechless" ... written by k
She is awesome! On point and quick! For my first experience, I'm glad it was her " ... written by Walejr
I think she gave great answers with just barley any info from me to go on...She is also direct andamp; quick...Very good!!...Thanks marina!! " ... written by Boris
im still trying to figure out something..." ... written by k
She is pretty on the mark in my opinion. And she shares what she sees and feels and there is no censorship. The real deal! " ... written by Gummigummi
brilliant" ... written by k
Marina is so kind yet straight to the point. She is a beautiful channel for spirit! :)" ... written by Eva
amazing!! Love this lady!! shes worth it!" ... written by k
very good excellent 5 stars highly recommended " ... written by jana
Amazing again!" ... written by k
very helpful!!! honest to the point. thank you! boosted my confidence!" ... written by jcjc
Awesome, down to earth yet heart in heaven!" ... written by Eva
too short-but very good" ... written by k
Surprisingly accurate-she never knew me or met me-she said word for word why this friend was mad at me and clear reason behind elaboration..and i knew it was true..she shocked me..truly amazing..will be back again!!" ... written by k
intersting..." ... written by k
Marina5 was fantastic. She tuned right in to my situation. Awesome Thank You!!!" ... written by bell
she is great. Got all my grandmas blessings" ... written by Erika
awesome!!!" ... written by Erika
Good reading." ... written by Miss Annie Jean
She was great¡, really accurate and sweet. I did like the way she explained and answered my questions, and gave some great tips. Thank you so much for the help. I will come back in a future. " ... written by Blanca
She was amazing-she has seen things the way they her..predictions happening for me through what she was--images on point!!" ... written by k
great!" ... written by jcc
always good on staying consistent with updates =)" ... written by m
She was great! She gave me great advice and really guided me in the right direction with my life. And I didn't have to say anything, she already picked up on everything. " ... written by Emily
great reading with marina! she is truly blessed and knows exactly what is going on in my life. This lady is a true gift from God. She tapped in so well and her guides are great as well. Loved the reading! looking forward to better days and a beautiful future! Thanks again!" ... written by nina
Knew right away what was going on without asking. Was kind and understanding. Also really funny. " ... written by Lisa
thank you marina! always a positive reading with this lady. she picks up well and knows what she is talking about. I really appreciate her insight and caring about my situation! god bless you! love and light. " ... written by nn
she is kind and easy to talk to and very right on. focuses in on the situations you need help with. i like her calm and relaxed approach like you are talking to a friend." ... written by wren1414
Awesome!! No tools spot on!!! very fast!! Knows stuff without saying!!" ... written by Jnaujo00
Very quick andamp; insightful as always...Thank You Marina!!" ... written by Boris
very good reader, I loved her insight" ... written by Rose
wow! I will be back with a positive update I am sure!!!!! thank you!!" ... written by miljay
marina is wonderful" ... written by qp
She is amazing and was on point in a lot of things. Great reading" ... written by Louise
This woman is amazing. She feels everything and guides you were you need to go. " ... written by Louise
This lady is awesome. I get good vibes from her. Very good readings" ... written by Louise
Marikna is so sweet to talk to .Thanks for the Update talk to you soon .xoxoxo" ... written by sc
10,000 stars... couldn'd have hade a piece of hope had i not spoken with marina... probably at the lowest point of my life... but God obviously directed me to her for a reason.. thank you..." ... written by mm
She is great! Great advice! " ... written by Emily
Marina's psychic senses are on point; before I even began explaining my question she was explaining it to me, connecting with the situation and details, very straight to the point and adding her resourceful guidance - This woman's gifts are as great as her person, and she's definitely one of the few psychics I'd trust." ... written by aeureus
reading was so good, I added more credits to continue the reading! She is so good!! thank you :)" ... written by j
she's great" ... written by cris
Marina is very accurate, she picks up on your energy right away and does not waste time. 5 Stars!" ... written by L
Awesome woman, awesome reader! I appreciate her so much! Her insights and advice are wonderful!" ... written by Eva
marina is absolutely terrific," ... written by qp
very nice and seems to connect well" ... written by n
So soothing and was able to pick up on my situation. I pray I can get rid of this anxiety." ... written by knowing2013
She is awesome" ... written by Louise
She is Good" ... written by zaka
thank you marina amazing reading " ... written by conquer85_
wow, she hit so much on the nail... she is really good... the experience with her was awesome..... I will visit her again" ... written by anglelove
Very good reader. No tools and straight to the point. I recommend." ... written by USA
She was an amazing reader! She picked up on my overwhelming energy immediately and knew that I had a lot on my mind. Thank you a bunch!! " ... written by Artisa Counts
Very quick and spot on. will diff get another reading" ... written by LB
Very connected, and an absolutely lovely person!" ... written by softwater
Thank you for the reading it was amazing. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance. She was good at looking into my situation and providing guidance." ... written by airman94
Im going to trust what shes saying and keep positive..we shall see..but i love her!!" ... written by k
She was caring and to the point and channeled spirit. Grateful for the reading" ... written by Brianne
Good connection and caring." ... written by softwater
great energy!" ... written by l
amzing!" ... written by k
Awesome reading! She picks up really well and was able to confirm things I felt or questioned. Thank you :)" ... written by l
Very, very connected, and generous and honest!" ... written by softwater
Cant wait to see things unfold!! " ... written by k
Great! she knew everything!" ... written by Emily
shes mind blowing..praying prediction unfolds" ... written by k
connected quicky!!" ... written by gfdgfd
Absolutely accurate, able to tune into my emotions very easily. Fast connection, very pleased:))) Will come again!" ... written by lakeshia
A lovely reader who connects quickly and deeply." ... written by softwater
Wonderful wonderful reading. I adore this woman. She is always pleasant and cheerful, she tells you the truth, her gifts are amazing, she is not making anything up. I would do as many readings with her as I could." ... written by peasie
Wonderful reading very grateful for this amazing time!!!" ... written by Ava
g8 reader" ... written by cris
She was accurate he would contact and she is very in tuned with situation..LOVE her!!" ... written by k
GOOD" ... written by sweet
Amazing as always!!" ... written by k
Lovely reader, very connected." ... written by softwater
Kind, super on-point, always a great reading!" ... written by Eva
absolutely brilliant, so relaxed. and to the point. very accurate. I really nice way with people. I will be back for another reading soon." ... written by maria
Very caring and connected." ... written by softwater
OMG shes amazing..she picks up on details extremely well!! Love her!! Her predictions happen!!" ... written by k
Amazing!!" ... written by k
Amazing!! Her predictions happen!! Im so excited to see things unfold !! Beautiful soul..shes worth it!!" ... written by k
Love LOve LOve " ... written by Onslow
Marina5 was very helpful. I will definitely contact her again! She showed me insight to my problem and gave me encouragement. I will contact her again" ... written by Marsha
fantastic reader, highly recommend her " ... written by maria
Thanks for the insight. She was great at tuning into my situation and giving advice for the circumstances Im in." ... written by Kevin
Awesome reading" ... written by Vanessa
Amazing :) thats sums her up. Everytime ive visted her room shes picked up on things very accurately, what im wearing hehe, my mood, pain on my body or situations im in, she wonderful! :) yay Marina! /^_^/. " ... written by tiny tiny
I am amazed at how accurate she was.... She gave me a medium reading and was spot on with the person and how they passed,,, I will definitely be back.1,00000 stars" ... written by love
What a wonderful reader! She is spot on!" ... written by Eva
Thank you! You ease my worry. Will let you know if the prediction happens. " ... written by wonderlife
Thank u for the encouragements. Will look into it" ... written by Linn115
Wow, amazed by her clarity. Thanks ever so much. You made me feel better about my situation and hope to speak soon " ... written by Scrol123
thank you , marina," ... written by softwater
lovely reader, well connected." ... written by softwater
Amazing as always!! Love her to pieces!!" ... written by k
She is phenomonal! Put my mind at ease and helped my heart..shes accurate adn i love her!! Must try!" ... written by k
very joyful playful and in tune " ... written by caredee
Appreciate her very much. thanks" ... written by knowing203
She enlighted and cofirmed my path. I am really thankful and recommend her for further readings" ... written by babyrose1178
Marina has been incredibly, her first prediction on contact within a week happened just a few hours after reading:) " ... written by kim
thank you marina amazing reading .. amazing person... " ... written by _conquer85
Very sweet lady, tapped into the base issues. I will try her advise. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Great reading and picking up on things! " ... written by Sahar
thank you Marina x" ... written by ALY
This lady is phenomonal!!! I love her!! She is one oranums absolute best!! Love her and hope she never goes anywhere!! Her predictions happen and her advice is always top notch!! Cant wait to read with her again!! " ... written by k
she is great!" ... written by wren1414
Just had a reading with Marina5. what can I say Fantastic. Great evidence. Will definitely come back." ... written by Timothy
Maria is Fabulous ..I just love her ..she is always on thanks Maria xoxoxo" ... written by sc
Thanks Marina for update" ... written by marion
Great reading as always. Very spirit filled. Marina is nothing but, love and truth. xoxo" ... written by Lue
She is top notch phenomenal! There is no other reader like her!! And her stuff does happen! I love her compassion and that her and i connect like no other..she tells u what she sees..Love her and love her insight into things and her advice is amazing!! Definitely taking her pvt again!!" ... written by k
Always amazing!! Cant wait to see the predictions unfold!!" ... written by k
Shes always so incredible..puts my mind at ease and always accurate...cant wait til we read again!!" ... written by k
By the THE BEST reader on here!!! This was my 2nd session with her and boy, did she go in!! I love her and she is awesome!! " ... written by Walejr
amazing-coming right back" ... written by k
Very on point-just hope her predictions happen! love her!!" ... written by k
Amazing!! as always!! cant wait to see if the predictions unfold" ... written by k
Wow!her predictions happened! she said my guy would call either wed or thurs-in the eve-he called wed eve! omg she also said that he got busy and couldnt call before his trip-and i was first person he called from his return trip! she said so many other things and predictions keep unfolding!omg shes worth it!" ... written by k
my first reading with her. we'll see if predictions come to pass. thank you." ... written by luxxicon
Marina is always amazing!! Love her!! she is truly worth it!! Try her!!" ... written by k
She's spot on! She picks up on so much. THank you for everything :)" ... written by Cara
not enough time!! I love this lady! her stuff happens!! love u marina!!" ... written by k
loved her!" ... written by luv
love her! cant wait to see predictions unfold..." ... written by k
DAMN GOOD! " ... written by Yes
prediction happened while reading with her-while talking on the phone-omg wow-she told me exactly what id been suspecting too about why no contact-she said that and hit me hard-the reason made sense-worth the read!!" ... written by k
always reassuring and amazing...will see what her still!" ... written by k
Marina is a beautiful soul, and very confident and convincing. She is very good at what she does. " ... written by softwater
Shes always amazing! Predictions unfolding like she said--patience!! lol Love her always!! " ... written by k
She was spot on with reading. It was want I expected to hear I felt it . I will learn myself and move on from this relationship." ... written by blessed
Amazing as usual! love her!" ... written by k
She is wonderful, accurate, honest! I loved how she connected so quickly and was able to see everything clearly. She told me what is to come, and gave me advice at the same time. She is amazing, I highly recommend a reading with her!!!! Thank you!" ... written by Pea
Always fantastic-she confirmed what i felt and calmed me..amazing reader-will check back in again..cant wait to see everything unfold!" ... written by k
Thank you!! Fast and accurate!" ... written by J
Read the situation like an open book. WOW. She's excellent. YAY for Marina. YAY " ... written by Really Excellent!!
thank you" ... written by W
She is absolutely fantastic at what she does, picked up everything very quickly and was so accurate. I would suggest everybody take her private if you are feeling confused by other readers, she is right on the money. Wow five stars :)" ... written by Andrew
love her sweet soul! So good! " ... written by carlinw
Amazing as usual!! Love her!" ... written by k
she was such a sweetheart :)great reading " ... written by M.
very on point! thank you" ... written by gf
thank you so much" ... written by gf
Best warm reading as always, Marina is so very loving and understanding. Luv her so much xoxox" ... written by Lue
amazing-hope predictions really do unfold" ... written by k
She is great. Don't need tools to give you the answers you need. Wish I had more time with her. Will come back." ... written by tc
Shes always reassurring..hoping things will her tho" ... written by k
Very detailed, and spot on." ... written by Adriane
she is great and so kind!" ... written by luv
Marina5 was very nurturing and supportive. " ... written by ango
Marina was wonderful, very accurate about my past and present. She doesn't need tools, so was so nice that she can connect so well! Awesome! " ... written by Lynda22
Marina is the best she is so kind honest and so accurate " ... written by luv 397
She was awesome! I highly recommend her! :)" ... written by TA
very quick straight to point no chase. " ... written by lue
So kind, precise and honest! " ... written by Eva
shes very positive and gave me hope...I will be getting another reading from her again. " ... written by Stargirl352
Spot on in the situation at hand...we shall see what happens..thanks marina!" ... written by k
Marina5 is wonderful I love talking to her she is so nice I will come back to her again I give her five stars. Thank you for talking to me." ... written by Patricia
great medium" ... written by newjob123
She has very nice energy - light and happy." ... written by Karishma 76
Whoa! Very good so insightful and really accurate as always. I look forward to her readings." ... written by April
Thanks so much - great connection!" ... written by b
Always so accurate and so sweet! She has helped me so much! Thank you God for this beautiful lady inside and out! " ... written by carlin96
very good advice, will try." ... written by april
Wonderful reader! On point, full of heart!" ... written by Eva
2nd time with her and I love her connections. She picks up on things quickly and accurately. Will be back for more. " ... written by tc
Thanks for the update!" ... written by p
Excellent as always :-)" ... written by Scrol123
Thanks so much again for update")" ... written by B
Would love to continue our conversation again. You are spot on, and highly recommended:))))" ... written by lakeshia
marina is great. she is for real." ... written by GG
i like this reading very much" ... written by carlos
I appreciate all her honesty. I REALLY DO" ... written by nowing2013
Very well connected, ran out of time:)) Will be back on later this evening:))) Very highly recommended!!" ... written by lakeshia
thank youuuu!!! god bless" ... written by mm
Beautiful sparkling soul and lady...loved on..:)" ... written by Gaby11
AMAZING!!!! is all i can say!!! " ... written by tamjones
Marina5 is AWESOME... empath andamp; intuitive... She needs nothing to connect with our circumstances. Everything she said was amazing and truthful. No need to tell her anything....She knew it all. Precise and quick.... LOVE HER!!!!! Will definitely be back for follow up!!" ... written by Nini52
Accurate ! Awesome, exact and really connecting on an empath level !! Recommended." ... written by Mehak
marina is my favorite.. the sweetest most loving and caring person on here! So accurate and so kind. " ... written by carlinw
Amaaaaaazing! So glad I spoke to her. She was honest about my situation with a certain someone, which I appreciate. She also told me what I have to look forward to, and she picked up on so much that she couldn't have possibly known. " ... written by Mimi
very detailed reading " ... written by Scentsations
Great:) thanks!" ... written by p
shes the best!! " ... written by the worldll
Love marina! She is so kind and accurate! " ... written by C
Marina is a great human being and of great help and guidane. thank you" ... written by midwest
Marina connected immediately, gave me info andamp; confirmed all my thoughts, very accurate...the warmest, pure energy from her heart andamp; soul. Thank you so much Marina xoxo" ... written by Sanctuary
wonderful reading with marina - thank you so much for your reading, you hit it right on target !" ... written by debbie
The best!!" ... written by Maluchita
thank you so much for a great reading. you were on target with my feelings." ... written by maria
Love marina she is of great help!" ... written by Luv
ran out of time" ... written by cherie
Thank you! You are awesome as always!" ... written by Sahar
my favorite! love her! She has helped me so much! " ... written by cw
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Marina... No tools... soooo accurate.. Picks up very quickly...explains everything with detail... can feel how you are feeling when talking.... she's wonderful. " ... written by Nini52
Thanks so much for the update:) Always great to speak with you, quick to connect and very compassionate!" ... written by P
Thanks for awesome reading Marina hope your prediction happens" ... written by marion
Fantastic, completely settled my nerves. Amazing and the connection and everything that was said was spot on! Im extremely happy with the reading" ... written by Tiffany
Great teacher - great advice for spiritual growth; she's very discerning and capable of elucidating complexities. Thanks so much for sharing your gift:) " ... written by B
Amazing!!! The things she could describe and feelings and situations she could go in detail about, blew me away. " ... written by Tiffany
Very in tune...was good to read with her again!! Amazing reading! " ... written by k
Very uplifting! :)" ... written by V
Good readings" ... written by Lwp
Marina is soooooo very gifted spiritually. She is able to CHANNEL ENERGY VERY QUICKLY with precision andamp; total focus. Her ability to channel from spirit without any information from the person she reads is AWESOME... Total strangers come to chat andamp; are BLOWN AWAY with her NATURAL ABILITIES... I LOVE MARINA... SHE is warm, truthful, kind andamp; down to earth. She will not just tell you what u want hear ... she channels what is the reality of you circumstances... I will always return for guidance andamp; updates. :):) " ... written by Nini52
Another great sesion witH MARINA she is my to go girl ;)" ... written by luv397
Never disappointed, very easy connect:)) Highly recommended!!" ... written by lakeshia
Always spot on...we shall see...:) " ... written by k
Wow right on the money!! Shes amazing!! Wish i had extra credits! LOVE her!!" ... written by k
Thanks Marina! You're a star as always!" ... written by Sahar
I had a reading with marina a couple of months ago, she told me the person i was seeing was not good for me. She didn't see it working out at all and she was totally right!!! he's old news, I ended it and although it was not what I wanted to hear at the time, she was totally right!!" ... written by M
Thanks so much for the update :) Connects really fast and very empathic.." ... written by b
thank you!" ... written by ghost face
Thank you Marina. The time expired, but it gave me some hope and confidence things are moving along!" ... written by Catalina Hart
awesome thanks" ... written by jacqui
Thanks so much for your help in my spiritual growth. It means a lot to me; i will never forget it. If you live in close proximity, i would ask for you to be my mentor, only if feasible :) " ... written by P
Thank you again " ... written by KP
Thanks Marina! Awesome as always!" ... written by Sahar
She was amazing...she tapped into my energy being off...and pinpoitnted when it happened too...Phenomonal!! Love her!!" ... written by k
Marina is just a doll. Great personality, and very good with advising. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Amazing!! She aligned with what i was thinking and feeling!! WOW " ... written by k
I come to marina and only her becuase she is honest and very loving. She is expert too :)" ... written by luv
I really enjoy chatting with make my doubts disappear, thanks for being there. Really care about you , I will continue searching for answers and your guidance" ... written by BabyroseMari
She's just amazing, thanks for the update!!" ... written by B
Good readings" ... written by Lwp
Good readings" ... written by Lwp
excelent reader" ... written by joseph
she is such a beautiful intuitive soul. I lover her " ... written by luna
/fantastic update!! I love her! " ... written by Tiffany
very good, on target." ... written by maria
amazing, ty " ... written by the world
Amazing!! Wish i had more credits!! shes amazing accurate!!" ... written by k
Thanks for imparting clarity about empathy. :)" ... written by p
appreciate her insight. Have not chatted in a while. thanks " ... written by knowing2013
I liked her energy and she was great" ... written by lavelle
She always leads me to the right path, thanks so much!! " ... written by P
She gave the most awesome reading!!!!" ... written by Ven
thanks so much!" ... written by p
She seems awesome. Im hoping to come back for another chat soon " ... written by anna
shes awesome! picked up on a LOT" ... written by the world
Tnx:)" ... written by B
Fantastic update!!! Settled my nerves so much!!" ... written by Tiffany
major prediction of hers happeend! holy crap, shes great!" ... written by the world
Always great to hear the hidden meanings of what people do that only you can do so well. Thanks again!!" ... written by P
I love her, shes fast and really made me feel better(:" ... written by meow
awesome, as always!" ... written by the world
Marina guides me so well with my twin flame relationship. i dont trust anyone else since i met her." ... written by luv 397
very connected, and very accurate. must read!" ... written by the world
great connection and she could see so much its scary! lol" ... written by the world
Marina is tons of fun to talk to, and is always very positive and gives good insight." ... written by Makeup Maven
I am definitely taking her advice. She is sooo good! I cannot wait for the unexpected surprises. Love yah Marina!!!" ... written by winnie
Shes is wonderful-its me thats just going to work on positive thoughts and manifesting what i want..:) " ... written by k
Love Marina!!! It is my first reading with her. She feels our energy and our connection!!!" ... written by winnie
amazing" ... written by pixie
greateast!" ... written by the world
Thanks. great advice too. " ... written by S
Best twin flame advisor. " ... written by luv 397
She's really great, thanks for the advice!!" ... written by B
This reading created tears..bc she sees into theheart and soul and truth of the grateful for her...Love this lady bc she sees whats going on..cant wait for our next read!!" ... written by k
She is mind blowing!! She told me long ago that M and I would be together-i didnt believe her-i thought impossible!! Her prediction came ttrue! love her and she said it would be after summer-into the fall!! Im SO happy-she new these other guys werent right for me...he was the impressed!! and she never wavered!!" ... written by k
thank youuu! prediction happened. looking forward to the rest!" ... written by mm
Marina is absolutely amazing!! She gives awesome advice!! and I adore her!! Shes like a big sis to me and guides me in the right a loving way!! Love this lady Her Predictions have come true for me!!!! Cant wait to read with her again!! Phenomonal!!" ... written by k
Thanks so much for the update!!! " ... written by p
Thank you for the advice! You are wonderful." ... written by d2k1000
Marina is awesome she really focused in on the my situation an told me everything I was feeling!" ... written by Jaquira
awesome!" ... written by theworld
Great reading! " ... written by A
Nice person great psychic. Nice to have someone to understand me. really thanks" ... written by dubyjudy
Great advice, thanks again!" ... written by B
awesome!" ... written by the world
shes the best!" ... written by the world
Great reading, thanks!!" ... written by b
Thanks so much - needed to validate a few things. " ... written by p
Off course she is the best!" ... written by Tyrone
That was great, Thanks!!" ... written by ny
Ur great, thank u!" ... written by hopeful
great reading. I highly recommend her thank you so much!" ... written by tyler
Thanks - great reading!!" ... written by hope on. she really made me feel a lot better! xx " ... written by ingrid
Wonderful, spot on reader with a heart of gold!" ... written by Eva
thank you for the great reading :). Lots of insight that I needed to know." ... written by maria
Thanks for the support and clarity- much appreciated!" ... written by B
it was very special to me. i do appreciate you taking the time to have a pvt reading with me! it was more special than you imagine. " ... written by paola
She is amazing!! love this lady!! Cant wait to read again!!" ... written by k
the best I've talked to!" ... written by David
Marina5 was very kind and made me feel so great about what we talked about. She was very insightful and helped me a lot. I would recommend her to anyone!" ... written by btfuleyes
really intuitive, excellent specifics and recommendations." ... written by angus1972
I really liked this lady very honest and truthful and I respect that." ... written by Ray
So accurate!! She is so very good!! Love this lady!! Shes amazing!!" ... written by k
Extremely insightful about me and my twin flame. She's super sweet and I enjoy chatting with her. " ... written by SUNFLOWER333
Loved chatting with her. She read my twin and myself, our situation, extremely well. Can't wait to provide updates! " ... written by Sunflower3333
Thnx for the update :) You're very kind :) " ... written by bA
What an amazingly human and profound reader! She connects from the heart with truth and joy." ... written by Eva
What a beautiful soul! She is amazing! " ... written by Eva
Glad to catch up with u, thanks again!" ... written by b
I appreciate the reading and all. I am amazed that my friend came through. she is no longer her but I am so happy to know she is with me. " ... written by knowing
Wonderful reader with great insights!" ... written by Eva
Fantastic great person good energy" ... written by lovleywitch81
Incredible reading, thanks!" ... written by p
great reading!" ... written by JJ
amazing ans such a pleasure " ... written by eo
Marina is straight to the point... needs no cards, or anything to " see andamp; feel" what is going on in my life. I have spoken with Marina in private andamp; free chat... She is AWESOME... LOVE Marina...will continue to spend time with her andamp; have private chats for follow ups..." ... written by Nini52
She was AMAZING. Simply amazing. Loved her and will come back. She read to me what so many of my amazing psychic friends have said so I know she is the real deal. " ... written by Tabitha
Excellent reading! Highly recommended." ... written by JL
Marina is the greatest! love her " ... written by the world
Marina picked me for a demo last night and she was so accurate on everything that she was picking up on with no information provided. I decided to take her to private to look into another question I had and she was very accurate as well, knew a lot with what I was dealing with. Can't wait for her predictions to happen!" ... written by Swede
Excellent reader actually one of my favorites. Tunes into your situation and guides in the right direction. Call Marina5 you will not waste your money or time, she the real deal. " ... written by Logic
Very positive, and good connection." ... written by honeylotus
This lady is always phenomonal!!!! She taps right into the situation and describes what shes seeing!! LOVE her!!" ... written by k
Loved her reading. She confirmed what I've done without me telling her. She encouraged and let me know all was good and on track. Thanks Marina!" ... written by RebeccaHeartB
marina is awsome" ... written by lovleywitch
I really enjoyed my reading" ... written by stephanie
Wonderful, kind reader! :) Always a blessing to spend time with her!" ... written by Eva
EXTREMELY INTUITIVE!!! She can pick up on things without you even telling her. She is a great communicator and intuitive. Very knowledgeable. Highly recommended!" ... written by linda
marina ty bc we havent read in soooooo long and your still sooo connected and i love that! u picked up and you make me smile always! xx" ... written by mm
wow that was fantastic many thanks as you were talking I could just see matt and also put my mind to rest about what is going off much love " ... written by rosie
Thank you so much. my first reading with you was amazing. you picked up on everything and have me peace of mind and i am so grateful. i doubled up on my credits because it was making so much sense and i will surely return. thank you. " ... written by Sam
thank you so much for all your help, very nice and connected quickly :)" ... written by mango
Thanks so much Marina for all the support - great compassionate reading!" ... written by B
wonderful!" ... written by Dove
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Dove
Amazing! Always sweet and positive and gentle!! Love reading with her!!" ... written by k
She was very much on target very helpful as well as able to tell me something I knew in my heart was true but could not prove" ... written by unseentrust
Wow - Marina is so down to earth and genuine. Her insights are spot on! Awesome person and reader! :)" ... written by Eva
she is understanding and honest." ... written by rodney
thanks for the reading lots n lots of information thank u soo much " ... written by mroddie
Thanks" ... written by knowing
Marina's reading is realistic. She was able to get down to my situation. Honest about the situation.." ... written by HMR
Thank for the detailed read. " ... written by d2k1000
I can't not say enough Marina5 connected to me very quick she took her time and helped me with every situation I was going through. You have such a wonderful spirit thank you for connecting to my twin flame. I can never thank you enough!!!!!!!!" ... written by Ava
awesome" ... written by universal
she is honest and accurate thank u " ... written by jazz