About mussilady312

Psychic mussilady312has 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic mussilady312has recently helped 35members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about mussilady312's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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INTERNATIONAL PSYCHIC CLAIRVOYANT MEDIUM. Connecting to you, to your Energy, and to there I connect to your loved ones above. I HEAR spirit, I SEE spirit, I FEEL spirit, I SMELL spirit, and I can sense spirit when they come around me. I am Empathic and can pick up on Ailments, I can scan a body and do healing's [but does not make me a doctor]!! I am $3.99 per Cred/Min when you take me to PRIVATE!!

Mussi is great....a real talent and direct intuitive, humorous, witty, caring and spot on with her seeing of people and thier dynamics..... i really appreciate her vision....she can see ancestors and guides and gets some real pertinent info...thanks MUssi!" ... written by Aloysius Crabtree
Very truthful AND HELPED A LOT :) x " ... written by 20stevie12
OMG!!! WONDERFUL!!!! MUST MUST HAVE A PRIVATE OMG!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Mussi connects quick and is great at bringing loved ones through! I had demo with her first and was blown away with everything she told me because she was totally accurate in it all." ... written by marionlyttle
Shes to funny :) excellent reading for 18 credits though :) x " ... written by happiestturtle20
She is great, gives good advice, was spot on about my ex." ... written by cupkatie
:)" ... written by rasaka
She told me everything right on and I didn't have to say anything - she was amazing!!!!! I didn't have to say anything she blew my mind!!!!!!!!" ... written by amy
Connection with Mussi was immediate. She is a beautiful soul, offering wonderful and helpful guidance. Highly recommend!! I will definitely do follow-up readings in the near future. FIVE STAR READING!!!" ... written by HawaiiGene
Great chat, very helpful! " ... written by princess_20
I had work related question, due the issues with one workmate who I just do not click with, so to say. And Mussilady confirmed that the inner feelings and how this person makes me feel is correct. She saw a moving and new work or something. And a plane ticket. :) " ... written by liiloolii
She was able to pick up on my energy right away and understand exactly how i felt. I like her reading. Thank you" ... written by yemoon910
I loved reading with her. The way she digs right in my life and was on point, it was wonderful. Gave her no info and she knew it all. I love you mussilady. " ... written by clearblu
Very nice and sweet! Right on target! So helpful" ... written by mhharview
Absoulutely one of the most charming, loveable and most importantly Spot on! She deserves 10 stars!" ... written by ambiarte732
The most Amazing reading I've ever had.....this lady is something more than most. She was spot on with everything an very clear with what she said. There is no way this lady knew anything about me but told me all about me! Also she connected with my passed loved one he spoke through her i knew it was him with the things he said its blown me away an I'm in tears here but tears of joy as the reading Really Really helped an was life changing to me so much for the better. Guys you must have a reading with this lady shes A1 all the way x" ... written by AngieBaby35
Mussilady312, is very gifted, I will be back for more readings!" ... written by victoria111
Always wonderful to have a reading done by Mussi. ill get on to that shortly. no mucking around. straight to the point" ... written by Simone MacDonald
Good reading. " ... written by RT
Good reading." ... written by Scorpio1112
Thank you very much :-)" ... written by ale510
She is so much fun, and sooo accurate! She got my daughters name and was right about so much! I will come back to visit and for future readings. " ... written by lisa
Excellent reading lovely lady please do private with her shes good." ... written by runawayhorses
You're amazing!" ... written by butterflymimi
It was a good reading:)" ... written by LoveElly
Mussilady312 is a lovely woman. We did not have enough time to get a thorough reading, but her personality was wonderful none the less. " ... written by JazLynne8848
This lady is great.....very accurate and gifted...Will be back." ... written by freebecca
Thank you." ... written by tatianasmile
really great reading " ... written by ...
Awesome. Spot on. Fast!!! Awesome. Love this hard case lady real character." ... written by jippyxxx
Absolutley Amazing she had everything SPOT ON ! Would definetly like to speak to her again and would definetly recomend her to anyone who wants a reading. And would like to Thank her agian. Kirkyboy x" ... written by kirkyboy2012
Super reading, great person." ... written by angelascotland1
Amazing reading xxx" ... written by sabmcv
Good reading. " ... written by lovebugshay
I have chills it was so amazing." ... written by katykim
Wonderful lady!" ... written by katie46
She is a true medium, in twenty minutes she gave me a reading from my family on the other side, two friends who were passed over, as well as advice about my car and my business. Very talented, very in tune with spirit and very funny too. " ... written by celticlass
Hello there I just wanted to say thanks to Mussilady312..Reading with here was great..she was so sweet and kind. She made me happy :D.. 100 stars for her...God bless you!" ... written by glittersizzle
Reading was fairly accurate, but tough to communicate. " ... written by afcsher
Mussi is always right on in her readings.... She is an awesome person." ... written by Tanya
Mussi is awesome, a clear channel, always a stellar session.." ... written by katykim
Very good thanks" ... written by maryannepav
Superb no sugar coating, was completely honest and quick on the mark. Highly recommend" ... written by Kindred01
Very well done, accurate I do need to see a few people, thank you and may you always be protected!" ... written by hope2321
She is just fabulous, a one act comedy show as well as delivering spot on messages, that are real, and for real. " ... written by celticlass
Wow. Very good!!!! I will definitely be back." ... written by butterflywings10
She is awesome! She knew exactly what was going on in my life and what I needed to do. She hit the nail right on the head. Thank you so much Mussi." ... written by blueladysue
I'm ever so grateful, thank you so much for the reading. " ... written by furbyg
Had to be the best reading I have had. Everything was spot on. Private reading is highly reccommended. Love and hugs mussi. xxxx" ... written by Lostsoul2623
It was a good reading." ... written by edelaine
lovely lady lovely reader" ... written by yvonne
thanks you soo much mussi!! everything made perfect sense and related to the situations going on in my life. I will definitely take the advice given to me and move forward with confidence ..luv ya!" ... written by tracy d
Wonderful!! I enjoyed the reading!" ... written by LovingSunshine3
Best reading I have had, thanks mussi." ... written by the_white_widdow
Good reading related to most of it well recommended :)" ... written by babyx1x2x3
WONDERFUL READER!!! She tapped into my issues really quickly. Love her!" ... written by Chloe1212
I had my very first reading today. I have to say I am very impressed! Mussi was very accurate and her word were very comforting. I would highly recommend her if you need advice or need to reach a loved one. The reading left me feeling like a new person as well as empowered. Thank you Mussi! :)" ... written by sona2211
Brilliant reading, thank you mussi. xx" ... written by jackiei
Nice first reading, she is very sweet!" ... written by lifetime1974
I was ready to give up but mussi showed me I cant and I have to finish my path.......... Mussi is the real deal and connected to the highest good in the universe!! If you need direction and guidance mussi is the one to see.............. Hugs andamp; love ya .......... Well got work to do now, thank you." ... written by whisperr_1
Brilliant and wonderful, best on this site I've had so far! Please have a reading by Muss." ... written by essexboy13
Musssi is spot on, really would recommend her, thanks so much for a great reading, really put my mind at ease. And was able to tell me things that she couldn't possibly know unless I told her but I didn't need too, she told me everything. Love you, Mussi!" ... written by kathy54
Wowowow! She is so good and accurate. Have a reading with her please. :0)" ... written by butterflywings10
Lovely!" ... written by jaimelee25
Great reading. Very honest." ... written by sycammer781
Was a hard task, wanted to locate quals in house. Was directed to find a red box, will look!" ... written by Trixiescott1968
Brilliant, lovely women and was spot on with everything that was said. Would definitely have another, have a reading with her you won't be disappointed!" ... written by essexboy13
By far the best psychic medium... By far!" ... written by Lostsoul2623
Great!" ... written by maynardtony
Mussi is wonderful at what she does... Would definitely recommend her." ... written by memzerized
Wonderful reading, spot on and very honest. Thanks so much. xoxoxo" ... written by P
I absolutely love mussi. I am a regular both in free chat and private, mussi has helped so much I will never go to another phsycic. Spot on as usual. Huggies xxxx" ... written by the_white_widdow
Great reading, thank you!" ... written by gateforest01
Lovely lady - very sound advice. Thank you. x" ... written by Bella100
Thank youuuuuuu :) you amazing." ... written by Jodyleelee
This was a very empowering and kind reading..I felt she was genuine and she picked up on a name almost exactly kind of uncanny. Worth a reading with she is very kind and gentle." ... written by confusedchica
Shes' awesome and funny, totally picked up on my feelings exactly - so much so, she nearly nailed word for word what I wrote journaling today. Def recommend her for a reading - and esp for a chat! she's shawwweeeettt! :D" ... written by pagirl15601
She was good, waiting for things to happen, god bless!" ... written by remedio
last time was fab! Not sure I had the right answers this time, but she's trying to get my confidence back so that's good. thank you" ... written by jude252
Beautiful reading.... Mussi is amazing and a true gift from the Creator......... I will be back!" ... written by whisperr_1
Excellent read." ... written by natei08
The reading was good, she told me things I needed to know..." ... written by yarn59
enjoyed reading with mussi, connected quickly and gave accurate details of my situation, thanks again" ... written by dakota
Amazing! Please go! Gob-smacked at how great she is! Number 1 fan!! :)" ... written by natashalamb11
This lady is brilliant, 100% correct!!!" ... written by dale25286
Amazing definitely recommend:) !!!!" ... written by natashalamb11
What a great reading, the best I have had on Oranum. Straight to the point and will not hold back. I will be back for another reading. Thank you so much Mussilady you are very gifted. " ... written by ttheresa0
Fantastic hun thanks. xx" ... written by bbsweetieangel88
Another great reading xxxxx" ... written by dale25286
Absolutely amazing! Brilliant energy and excellent reader! " ... written by sunshinesmiles72
As always, Mussi has put my mind at rest. Gave me a good boost of encouragement and described my situation spot on. Thank you! xxx" ... written by the_white_widdow
Love you! You are so awesome! Great person! You helped me a lot!" ... written by dilianika
Thank you so much." ... written by ale510
My reading was amazing, she connects with you told me things that no one else would know. Try her you will not be disappointed. Thank you, you confirmed a lot of my insecurities and give me the strength to do whats right for me. I will be back. " ... written by louisa49
Very true and real! Great heart and caring. I enjoyed my reading she is so funny too!" ... written by Ybuddha
She was really sweet, funny, and eerily accurate at times!" ... written by beetlenut
Connected straight away. My mind was put to rest, shes amazing. You give me that boost every time mussi, You are always spot on. huggies xx" ... written by Lostsoul2623
Mussi is a rare treat! She has a straightforward style and authentic connection to spirit. Her readings are profoundly accurate and fun. Her chat is a hot too!" ... written by sacrednature
Omgggg if your wanting a reading go to mussi, she is amazing!" ... written by clareh
Very nice and quick reader, will come back to update her." ... written by ganny5891
Really good!" ... written by millyloves22
You really helped me reassure everything would be okay. Thank you mussi, I appreciate your help." ... written by Messenger87
This was my 2nd reading from mussi and she is always right on what she says its just amazing " ... written by clareh
Thanks " ... written by druidess157
Thanks. Great connection. Lots of good information from the other side." ... written by easysmiles
She's wonderful. " ... written by Mars
Spot on as always, she is true medium, i don't know how she pulls off such high level connection on Oranum. " ... written by celticlass
Nice reading. She was accurate, she mentioned current specifics, described someone physically, to a T! I would have got goose bumps, except I was laughing too hard most of the time. Pleasant lady, great sense of humor." ... written by OndeMystere
Missulady is one of the best on Oranum... She connected with me instantly and told me a lot of things that i needed to know ... She has a great sense of humor and made me feel really comfortable. I strongly advise you to try her!! " ... written by tootsieroll275
Amazing connection, just what I needed." ... written by Flowers2012
Thank you so much" ... written by Denise
accurate and insightful reading will be back for more." ... written by shanecole
I was moved." ... written by munirah007
As always wonderful, I wouldn't choose anyone else on this site. Muss is lovely and always to the point, give her a try!" ... written by essexboy13
Love her! Thank you" ... written by AleahRyder
She was amazing, what more can I say" ... written by ClaireJane
Wow, she had me in tears... Good tears. Mum came thru and mentioned Jasmine, my niece and my son who plays the acoustic guitar. That she is there with them and all of us. Funny that mum even mentioned that I need to get back in the water. She knows how much I love the ocean. Mussi left me speechless and no words can express the joy she gave me. I'm grateful to have met her and truly recommend her to "EVERYONE"" ... written by Wahine
Mussi has connected with me in freechat and in pvt and she is spot on. I am a psychic and i would love 10% of her insight, there is no way this women could know the things she did if she wasn't 100% psychic. Trust me, I gave little if no info and she could even tell me what the town I just moved to looked like! I can't praise her enough, her gift is beyond gifted! Excellent; thank you so much ! xxxx" ... written by souperglue
She was excellent and informative. gave me good advice for my work. will come back to give update" ... written by dladie42
Great reading , honest, insightful and very interesting. Thanks so much.." ... written by poquette
Great." ... written by carol ray
Amazing reading brilliant to talk to." ... written by ebonyeyes1986
Mussi really help me today she was right about everything and would like to say a big thank you to her, if your thinking about having a reading defo pick mussi :)" ... written by Clare
She is very good. Unfortunately she told me that she could not see the detail of my situation but whatever she saw seems accurate. She is honest to tell me that!" ... written by psymeow
mussi was great! linked in with my energy straight away!" ... written by sakura
Really good" ... written by jaz
Great Reading Love her !!!" ... written by lisa
wow wonderful totally blew me away. Five stars will recommend to my loved ones and friends.." ... written by Kathy
As always, Mussi neds no info andamp; she's always accurate! Love the messages received from my loved ones" ... written by Cheryl
She is pretty spot on, how interesting" ... written by HH
will see what happens!" ... written by BP
I think it was one of the best readings i have had in a long time. She really clarified some things for me and I appreciate it." ... written by Nikki
Great reading! my wifi was just acting up!" ... written by Nina
Absoutley spot on with name and places. ive had a few reading from mussi i would go back every time i laughted i cried .... mussi is amazing " ... written by ScottishLouise
thanks as always mussi for your support" ... written by f
Thank you for our words mussilady312. I have felt them in my heart and I did not even have to speak to you as soon as I entered because you already knew why I was there to ask. You started speaking on it right away. May the highest energy source guide you always. Much love." ... written by Jackie Maldonado
What can I say! I would highly recommend having a private reading with mussilady, she is a fantastic reader and such a lovely lady. :) All my loved ones came through and I felt really uplifted by the reading. Your energy and cheery nature gave me the boost I needed, I will come back again to keep you posted. Thank you so much. Willow. Big hugs." ... written by willowtear
Amazing, and spot on!" ... written by cleoham87
Grandparents came through! Exciting!" ... written by joh118
Wow is all I can say she is amazing. I could completely feel her energy she's so accurate with things that she picked up... This never happened before... Thank you Mussi for sharing your gift." ... written by vayunu
Great lady, very kind and genuine! :)" ... written by Strawberryblues
Mussi was amazing. I asked for messages from my mom, regarding a decision I am making. She told me things that had meaning to my mom and me only, very detailed, stunningly accurate. My mom had a lot to say, and all if it made sense to me. She also picked information about my family members that was accurate, esp my son. Add to that a real sense of a caring, kindness from this reader. I'd give her ten stars if I could. Thank you Mussi! " ... written by ArielleRebelle
Sweet and nice, very sentient." ... written by carina12
I used my daughters username to connect with her in pvt and she was as my daughter said! just amazing, I am very hard to read, and always have been and have had a number of reads in my life time that have never really sat right! everything mussi said made perfect sense she connected with my mother which was nice and pulled some info out she just couldn't have known, for $1.99 she is amazing and the low price in no way reflects her work, for me i'd happily pay the $5.99 upwards! I cannot convey how fab she really is take her pvt ! shes the real deal without question.... thank you Mussi once again, from a family of and knowers and psychics and we appreciate your work, love light and hope! x" ... written by souperglue
Mussi gave me a good idea about the path I am on, and made me feel confident about my future. Great reading." ... written by franklymydear74
Wow 3rd reading love having readings from mussi she is amazing and defo will be going back for a 4th :) " ... written by clareh
Always connects very quickly, very compassionate and full of details. Thanks so much!" ... written by P
Wow. Once again, Mussi came through with information only my mom would know. She is also so gentle and yet, strong and direct in her message style. She rocks! " ... written by ArielleRebelle
Very good! Home this men come like you said lol xxxx" ... written by Mia
Amazing absoutly amazing. Hit things right on the head when connecting to my loved ones that have crossed over. Will be back for more readings." ... written by jennpsych2010
Thank you, great reading. I appreciate the inside look. " ... written by Ruby
As always, Mussi is a great reader. She provides so much great insight in my situations. She can pick up on things quickly and precisely. I will continue to go to her for future readings. :)" ... written by amethyst7777
Mussi is awesome/kind/loving and always very amazing with her readings. I am grateful always to Mussi! xo" ... written by Anna
Thankful I read with her. She's quite good and perceptive. Doesn't ask questions to guide her only to make sure she is on track, which she was. I didn't give her info." ... written by Ashley
wonderful" ... written by maria
I really enjoy my session with Mussi. She is a very gifted person. She gave me some comforting message... the message I have been waiting to hear from my guides that I wanted to cry. I know that I am not alone. I highly recommended Mussi to anyone that wanted a true reading. She needs no info. " ... written by dragon
wow want to cry thank you this is the second only reading were that there has been a women come though for me xx" ... written by eliziekate
Amazing reading, had my eyes watering and felt very positive afterwards, what she said to me... Made things for myself clear :) Thanks so much, was deffo worth it! xx" ... written by Sophie
MAN!!! I HAD TO GO BACK!!! All I can say is GO SEE HER IF U REALLY WANT TO KNOW... She WILL CONFIRM!!! THANK YOU..." ... written by javawriter
Wow - she is fantastic - really is incredible how she knows what she knows! I believe she truly is spirit led and blessed~" ... written by always
I'm still amazed at how I give NO DETAILS andamp; Mussi accurately gives me answers to events going on in my life! Nice to be assured I'm on the right path, although it's always left field to those around me! If you need guidance, Mussi is the one you're after to tap into your guides!" ... written by Cheryl
My My MY!!! She picked up on my family that passed on, my job and the foolishness some people carry on with around me... GREAT READING!!!" ... written by Javawriter
Mussilady, you were awesome...Thank you so much for your guidance...Wow...5 stars and more...Friends come a dime a dozen and now I know what to do about my current situation...Thanks love...Xx" ... written by Ebony
A blessed lady. I thank God for this reading." ... written by sara
Awesome!!" ... written by Skier8001
It was interesting, will have to see what develops....not sure how all she says will work out....I am a bit resistant, but that is on me not her...she is very positive and uplifting. Gave some good insights and hopefully what she saw will come true! Thanks so much, nice reading. Babs." ... written by babs
Very cute and fun. She was right on." ... written by Theresa
Thank you for your honesty. Good reading x" ... written by layla
Wonderful reader!" ... written by Destiny_Love
She is absolutely terrific!!" ... written by mcssm
Thank you for your kindness! Many blessings to you Mussilady!" ... written by Kayeluv1
The reading was right on track and she was quite explicit about what she saw. Thank you very much" ... written by A. Jean Robertson
Great as always! :)" ... written by Jeff
so insightful and amazing detail I always love coming to mussi." ... written by Mia_Koda
Mussi youre amazing 10 stars for you !!You told me what I couldn't work out thanks " ... written by pansypants
Absolutely spot on. She got straight to the point and hit the nail on the head from the get go. Would definitely come back." ... written by leonie
She is by far the best on ORANUM on every level" ... written by whitewolfhealer
Excellent reader! I love her she is honest and extremely accurate. 5 stars!" ... written by swiftcats64
She was very fast, picked up on how many children I have without telling her, we will know today if her prediction is true...ill be back with results." ... written by heather
She is very accurate with her answers and picked up on the person right away and told me what i needed to know and gave me direction. Great reading :)" ... written by Andrew
Thanks so much Mussi, you're the best!" ... written by Patty
Very honest reading and to the point, amazing lady she read me like a book so grateful thank you mussilady I hope to have another reading with you in the future. xx" ... written by maxine
Mussilady, was so very accurate, spot on, that I was in tears. She told me the truth without me saying a thing to even let her know what was gong on. No birthdate, no real first name or anything. This was so amazing. She is a very true medium here on oranum. Five Star!!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
Very nice and good reading." ... written by jenny
Once again spot on mussi knows her stuff." ... written by jackiei
Just had a conversation with my passed love one, she described his illness and passed on messages him which I needed! Had plenty time to talk which was great being so cheap rate, Mussi is fab!! I feel positive :)" ... written by L
Mussi is the best reader on this website and her readings are accurate. I am happy with her reading!" ... written by Foxyfox
Wow! Very great reading! Very accurate:)" ... written by marie5290
Mussy is a very gifted medium. Being with her in private chat is a unique experience. Don't expect anything ordinary! Lots of positive energy from her. A very good and caring soul. Thank you" ... written by sara
Great reading," ... written by Jen
great reading, been going to mussi for years. she is well worth going to" ... written by rocky
You are great! Thanks for the advice! You were pretty much spot on. " ... written by John Ontiveros
I have been seeing psychics for the last 3 yrs, in my reading she was able to give me a solid glimpse of my future, a whole picture from amalgamation of things that I have heard before from the best around the world and from facts , all known to myself. Mussi is lady with a heart of gold and a very very GIFTED medium- please do try her out. RECOMMENDED Mussi Fan xxx" ... written by belladonna8
" ... written by belladonna8
She was very kind, i only had a few minutes with her but i appreciate everything she told me. Thank you very much. i will be back for a proper reading as soon as i can afford credits. I would recommend her. Thank you" ... written by suzi
Very good! :)" ... written by Aryastark
She's good! Highly recommended!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
She is good!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Good!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
She is good!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Hey, Mussi, you were terrific connected solidly with Jessie. Thank you so much for your accuracy and insight. You was awesome. I am so grateful for you sharing your gifts and gifting with me. What a true blessing..." ... written by Janine
Lovely lady... great insight... comforting" ... written by Leanna Chan
Great reading. Thank you so much" ... written by bridgette
Great lady" ... written by sweetea7
She said names that she absolutly wouldnt know. very spot on." ... written by Lisa
Mussi is so very accurate! I trust her ability to the max! Very happy with her readings and recommend her to anyone at anytime! Thanks Mussi so much for all your help!" ... written by Charlie0901
Amazingly good, well worth the money, reads fast and to the point." ... written by whitewolfhealer
Mussi you're, Awesome - simple as !! :D" ... written by Andie aka McSh0rt
Great stuff!!!" ... written by Ngozi
Excellent reading - very to the point." ... written by telia
Great insightful andamp; informative reading - thank you so much will be back xx" ... written by myalea
This talk was very important! I am so happy I have found Mussi to give me guidance during the hardest year of my life! Bless you Mussi!" ... written by Charlie0901
Perfectly understood, great advice" ... written by david
Awesome reading, don't need a mechanic...haha! Picked up a lot of things in general, 5 stars. She is very good, picked up on the pain I had in stomach. Thanks for the reading, very nice to talk too. " ... written by guisep
Great!" ... written by Janice75
Mussi is amazing and awesome. Gave me so much clarity and insight to a situation at work. More than that she gave me peace of mind. Also peace of heart. Luv and light to u, Mussi..." ... written by Janine
Mussi is the best medium on here if you haven't had a reading off Mussi you are really missing out. This woman really knows her stuff, picked up on everything straight away, this is the room you need to be in if you want or need and good honest information..... ORANUM IS BLESSED TO HAVE HER. THANK YOU MUSSI YOU ARE BRILLIANT " ... written by jackie
just amazingly insightful, love mussi! " ... written by Sophs
Amazing, really touched my heart, the best psychic on here to be honest and has amazing humor. " ... written by Sophie
Very inspired excellent!" ... written by GD
One LOVE for this lady!" ... written by bross1
Thanks for that, Mussi :) Always a joy to speak to." ... written by guisep
I think mussilady really can pick up on a persons energy. She is a good reader and I enjoyed talking with her in private. " ... written by Brenda
Thank you Mussi, once again for really really helping me!!! I will return to you- no doubt about that!" ... written by Charlie0901
So lovely and full of energy and will definitely be having more readings with you Mussi. Thank you so much for the confirmation I needed. You're the best Luv ya xoxoxo" ... written by marzterz
AWESOME!! She is always spot on Trust her readings 150%. Highly recommend. If you have not had a reading you should.." ... written by Triciawondrs74
Once again spot on Mussi. Thanks. I have peace of mind. " ... written by jackie
Good connection with my dad. Pity we could not finish it ran out of credits. Thank you" ... written by Jill Henning
It was so eye uponing, it was my dad's brother and not my husband. It's great he is look after me thank u so much" ... written by tammy damerell
She is very accurate and fast….. And very respectful about my needs.. Thank you so much and I gladly come back again." ... written by Spiritonloose
Thank you for your heartfelt reading! God bless, Rainbow" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
No words can describe how awesome mussi is, you don't tell her anything and everything she said has been correct and comforting!" ... written by Sophs
Mussi is great! She doesn't use tools. She is very honest and well intended. Not to mention caring. She picked up on the situation that was bothering me right away! Helped me to understand what I need to do and how it would improve things for me." ... written by Meg Live
She is amazing! Spot on reading in such a short amount of time! xx" ... written by begoood
Good reading. Wish I had more time." ... written by Aisha
Excellent as always!" ... written by Charlie0901
A true empath, without help, straight from the source and straight to the point and so funny. " ... written by wightfox
Enjoyed speaking with her. She did not want any information on my situation. She picked up on it quickly. Thank you." ... written by Hopeful71
Great reading! She one of the very few i go to on ORANUM. " ... written by Mark
She picked up on exactly what has been going on with me - gave me support andamp; helped me with gaining strength - she's truly an amazing woman - I feel so much peace after talking w/her... :)" ... written by Pam
Mussilady is very accurate and honest and a true psychic. I give her 5 stars." ... written by Coockiejan
Thank you mussi!" ... written by bubblegum23
the reading that I got from mussilady312 was very accurate , I was so impressed with what she was telling me, I hope to get another reading in the future from her again thank you so much" ... written by kerry overington
Mussilady312, is one of the best on Oranum. Wish I could give her 100 Stars. Very truthful and holds nothing back. Let her get nosey with you.. ********!" ... written by Triciawondrs
You are awesome, and a card :) Love your stuff :)" ... written by Deb
Reading was very good." ... written by Angel
great reading" ... written by begoood
She is a very, very gifted lady, must get to know her." ... written by ladypeace
Connected straight away knew how I was feeling and gave such great and honest advice .x" ... written by cancan
I'm going to take her advice and really work on me. she was very good. " ... written by Sarah
Mussi is a lovely lady- hit the nail on the head with what I wanted to get from the reading. Clarity on things that have been causing me troubles. She makes you feel very at ease with her readings. Tells it how it is! Which is a blessing in disguise for those that don't want to hear the truth. I would definitely return for another private reading and recommend others too. Thank you Mussi. xxx" ... written by SaraMaria90
Awesome! Completely awesome! Knew everything :)" ... written by Hannah
Very good reading and spot on. I didnt want to hear it but it was all true...thank you !! Very funny lady :0) x" ... written by reallylost79
Wonderful as she can be. Very Accurate... Please get a read from her... Highly recommend!!! " ... written by Triciawondrs74
Loved it makes u fell so good after u have had a reading, there is something special about that lady." ... written by 1onelove
She is very good at picking up situation and insightful, uplifting and no tools! Love her energy, kind and positive. She has the gift, I have seen her demo with such clarity and she did the same for me. I recommend her highly, she is one in a million!" ... written by babs
I an amazing clairvoyant. She has given me very powerful insight from my father you passed seven years ago. Thank you and bless you!" ... written by Peter
Amazing, simply the best." ... written by ...
A very nice lady and a very good reading thanx." ... written by zimerili1
Once again... On the money without any tools... Always a pleasure to have a reading with Mussi!!! The best on here. " ... written by cleo
She is so good, take her to the private, yoo won't regret xx" ... written by onemoore
WOOOW! She connected right away with my dad who's been gone for 30 years! She told me SPECIFIC things about my dad regarding a personal item I have of his! When you want to connect with your ancestors this woman WILL make a strong connection! Thank you for a real connection Mussi. You're a 10 star reader!" ... written by Pamtay
Thanks for the connection, it's lovely" ... written by candy
Very quickly picked up on something that was accurate but unusual to pick up on so excellent validation that mussi was on the right track. Excellent answer to question, made sense and very grateful for entire reading. Thanks!" ... written by Tip
good reading" ... written by mismissy
Wow! what a much needed healing! she knew what i needed and i can feel it. I will make the changes. to start, in case i had doubts i think, she said names from my life - peculiar one too. I trust her and like her. I will be back for sure more than once." ... written by cathy
Great reading...good connection. Hugs Mussi" ... written by Syree
Awesome, she connected right away!!! Told me what I need to do. and my lord I will do it. Great reading!" ... written by Tiffany
Brilliant as on Oranum!!!!! " ... written by cleoham
Liked her very much, sweet lady and connects right away!Thank you !" ... written by catpearl
Lovely lady and great reading.x" ... written by ...
What a wonderful person. Truly gifted and has a kind heart. Thank you Mussi." ... written by Moonshine
Mussilady312 was great ! She hit the nail on the head for Medium work. Thank you so much for the messages. I appreciate your hard work.... Your amazing. Helen" ... written by Helen
Really enjoyed reading with Mussi. Very interesting, lots of info, heaps of fun! Thank you!" ... written by Girl
Mussilady is amazing. She connects so well and always gives proof of it by what she says, names, descriptions, etc. she's great at giving advice and she cares :) I really like her alot and will definately be back. Btw this was my 3rd private with her." ... written by cathy
Wow, I am blown away. She is quick accurate. U just have to listen and she picks up the issues" ... written by wightfox
Brill, she was" ... written by snowflakke
Absolutely adorable and 100% accurate. Connected with people I care about, and was able to guide me in an area I was not sure to go in. One prediction remains unseen as of yet and I will keep you updated. Love this girl and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so very much." ... written by Jennifer
She was good." ... written by Staci
Great reading, just wait and see now was giving a dates not long to go. :)" ... written by ..
She was amazing! Can't say no more. I'll be back for an update. Absolute pleasure to talk to and reading just spot on with me saying a word. :)" ... written by ...
Spot on with so many details, have had demo and private reading with this fabulous lady has given me great help. x" ... written by Polly
She is absolutely amazing... I told her nothing andamp; she knew things there was no way she could have known - I was in tears - but they were happy tears :) Thank you so very much!" ... written by Pam
Mussi is brilliant..she gets the right message all the time." ... written by kim
Great reading, and the very nice lady to talk to." ... written by ...
This was my second reading with Mussilady. I came back bc she gives good energy and cleansing sessions. I needed a recharge today and I got it. As far as clairvoyance, she hit something that just happened right on the nail. She's fantastic and I'll be back for sure." ... written by cathy
What a reading! She is amazing." ... written by wildanfree
Excellent as always! Thank very much Mussi for your help!" ... written by Charlie
She is amazing! Great great reading, can't say more. Mussi is a very gifted person." ... written by dolydol
Amazing isn't the word, spot on with everything will definitely have enough reading with her. Worth every penny. " ... written by kelly
All I can say is wow, words can't explain how I feel and there are no words that can express my gratitude, all I can say Mussi is real, she is blessed in every sense of the word. There was no information given, I wanted my dad to come in and he did. I didn't share any information that he has passed nor was I testing Mussi because I know she is amazing. I want to thank you so much and everyone should do a private with you so they can witness for themselves how amazing you really are. Much love to you always." ... written by vees
Simply amazing!!!! She is always right on the money! I have so much faith andamp; confidence in what she tells me....." ... written by Pam
Can not believe she could sense me the way I feel at this moment in my life it's amazing. Every detail was spot on, great great reading. Thank you mussi" ... written by blacklabell
Love it when she gets nosy. Mussilady is always right, just not sugar coating. 5 Stars!!" ... written by TW74
I just love this lady she is so spot on with information and is so kind with delivering any messages that are passed on to her. Just being in her room has helped me over hard times. I feel I'm among friends and on my way back to being me. xxxx" ... written by Polly
I like the style of reading here, and very passionate. Thanks." ... written by Claire
As always, a lovely and insightful reading. Great way to start out the new year." ... written by Gene
Right on the mark fsbulas xx" ... written by nicola dalby
She was wonderful! xxx" ... written by Amanda
That was interesting " ... written by spiritessense
it was very interesting reading " ... written by dina
Pretty good." ... written by debby
She is great, no tools!" ... written by dani
Mussilady was very intuitive and tuned into my energy very well, recognized the situation and gave me advise to conquer. I am going to follow her lead as I feel she is guiding me in the right direction. I do recommend you tap in and say hello." ... written by Jillian5
Absolutely amazing!" ... written by meags
Let her get nosey.. She is a wonderful reader. Love her and will let her get nosey anytime. " ... written by TWA
Thank you Mussi once again you have helped me answer a lot of my questions. you are great at what you do, you hit the nail on the head with my reading you knew everything that was going on. I hope I can take the advice you have given me and put it to good use. Hugs and bless you." ... written by blueladysue
Helpful as always. x" ... written by Polly
She was accurate and amazing. Felt physical things across the computer." ... written by Sarah
Great as always!" ... written by imbeing me
WOW!!! I need a moment to compose myself and pick my jaw up off of the floor. And I allowed mussilady312 to just read me without asking anything at all and the issue that is so deep within my soul is what she picked up on. I'm seriously talking nail on head. Thank you so much, mussilady312! " ... written by Joy
Mussi you are a jewel! Will be back to tell you how it works out." ... written by Charlie
Mussi, Amazing as always. Told me the truth and confirmed what spirit was nudging me about! " ... written by Brandyn
Mussi is a golden treasure i love her!" ... written by Mark29991
I do feel strongly she is connecting well with the energies she knows what she doesn't sugar coat." ... written by Star
I did not ask questions - just let her do her thing. She was spot on - she quickly connected with my soul and knew what I needed to hear. Recommend highly - very intuitive and wise lady! " ... written by kmichele77
Mussi is very uplifting and I am looking forward to what is to come... Was comforted by the messages that she got from my loved ones... I highly recommend her." ... written by Bflo
The most amazing readings!! She's funny, tells you how it is, and makes sure you understand... All with love! Gets me on the spot every time! Always makes me feel better and I will always come back to her!!" ... written by kitcat
Once again she has surprised me with how she gets into specific details without any information from me. Mussi is amazing. Thank you so much!" ... written by Sarah
Accurate. She calls it like she sees it. fantastic as always! Call her :) " ... written by MissJazzXoxo
My question was answered directly without any details that was amazing!" ... written by jedidiah
Thank you so much." ... written by Tamika36
Lovely lady with honest smile. Thank you!" ... written by Helpme67
Really love her!!!" ... written by Rebecca
I love Mussilady. She has been spot on. Things that I had overlooked she mentioned and the truth resurfaced. I had to acknowledge her knowledge. Great job!" ... written by Dani
Oops ran out of time...But she guided me back during a fragmenting moment. I seek only a few here on ORANUM and she is one of my "trusted" psychics. Thumbs Up!" ... written by cordie 167
Worth a private!" ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Terrific as usual. Very uplifting and encouraging even when it's not always great news. She knows what she's talking about for sure. Thanks Mussi, see you soon!" ... written by cathy
Good, full of information no information needed to be given." ... written by sheep
Thank you!!! Really needed the advice and it was spot on!" ... written by B
Most Beloved on Oranum!! Mussi always tells it just as it is...I am honored by her wisdom, and grateful for the opportunity to share in it!" ... written by scarednature
You are such a beautiful spirit, Waden for your incite I will visit with you again. Light♡ Love♡ Peace♡ Blessings ƸӜƷ " ... written by Joanna Melton
Helped me with the worries I had, thanks mussi you really are the best on here." ... written by Sophie Langan
Great, accurate, lovely, fun reading! Thank you very much! " ... written by drummergirl
100% andamp; great energy - a good read!" ... written by Onslow_Cracker
I see now that I am destined for this job. I will take on the challenge and sparkle! Thanks Mussi!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you so much for the reading. I understood and I know who you speak of and you are exactly correct. Thanks so much." ... written by allove197
Amazing as always. My favorite person here on ORANUM. Would recommend her to anyone." ... written by Jennifer
Mussi was amazing and straight to the point." ... written by Swathi
Amazing! .. was spot on with everything ! :D, thank you :)" ... written by Jodie G
Beautiful reading. Much love xx" ... written by anna
Mussi was amazing. The details she came up with. I'm bit speechless about it. Much love for such a gifted person. xx. " ... written by ...
She is simply amazing, always gives good reading. Would recommend her! x " ... written by kel
Amazing!" ... written by sophie
Really nice reading, picked up things right away." ... written by Lyn
Same old mussi, never changes... Lol... Always cheers you up!" ... written by kcw1433
Incredible!!! My grandmother came through. Amazing! She is very accurate and a great advisor." ... written by agablue
It was hard to hear but I needed it. Ultimately we all ask for and require the truth. That is why we come to these sites and I feel in my heart of hearts that that is what I got today. Thank you Mussi!" ... written by marguerite
Mussi is awesome as always." ... written by sweetpea22
Very nice and accurate!!!" ... written by Fiorella
Thank you again. Excellent reading." ... written by tanya
fast in connecting, alot of information given quickly, generous, kind heart." ... written by Sylvia 812
Mussi has got spot on what I was feeling and I will definitely take on board what she was saying. A fantastic psychic and I definitely will be getting another one soon." ... written by Louise Dawkins
great great great reading" ... written by ladydi
Thank you Mussi. Always a pleasure to chat with you. I pray that life is taking much needed turn." ... written by jillian5
She always connects fast and gives lots of information and answers all my questions. Very loving and sweet even when I don't want to hear what she has to say but i really do listen. Thank you." ... written by lisa
I love her! She is sooooooooooooooooooo sweet and bubbly!!!!!! :):):):)" ... written by Michelle
Mussi is such a lovely gifted woman!!!!!!!!!" ... written by letittbe
Fantastic as always mussi huggles" ... written by Louise Dawkins
Very deep reading, many things have been said between the lines." ... written by ....
this reading was exactly what i needed. thank you!" ... written by stacy
She is so spot on' one of the most legit and real psychics and explains things real well and gives you straight answers without asking you questions; she is amazing." ... written by Mia_Koda
i love this woman she rocks!!!!" ... written by angela
shes a special lady, thanks so much Mussi.." ... written by poque
great" ... written by virgogoddess
this lady is very cool I thank you for my reading. You are a great lady " ... written by michigan531
Amazing!!Loved the reading and she was very in tuned with spirit." ... written by anna
Very deep reading. Very different. Can not believe mussi picked up on things about me, my thoughts, my plans, never even spoke about it to anyone myself. Thank you, mussi xx" ... written by ...
Mussi is lovely, it was a great reading, no question asked at all." ... written by ....
One excellent reading, first time and I will defo me back xx" ... written by beebee89
Great reading! :) x" ... written by Great :)
really nice reading with her. she is very caring and very honest" ... written by korrena
Great and i trust her wisdom of healing Thank you" ... written by jyoshna
I just love mussi...great energy! accurate and on spot! 5 star mussi!" ... written by rie
straight to the point" ... written by erini
So funny!! she was really cute." ... written by alicia
She's given me my faith back.. thank you" ... written by Tanya
Mussi is awesome! I think one of the best readers on here will be back!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetpea22
She is amazing and one of true readers on here she has open my eyes what an amazing woman." ... written by Mia_Koda
good reader" ... written by apple
brilliant as always " ... written by sky456
I only had 5 minutes but She picked up very quickly on the energy that I was putting out and could speak specifically about the things I have been experiencing emotionally, she had very good advice about the direction into which I am heading, very good reading thank you!" ... written by MellyMay
Wow. I was blown away. She confirmed everything I already knew and then some. Very powerful emotional reading for me. Best birthday present I could ever give myself. So glad I got a reading with Mussi. She is the best. " ... written by DHappyGoLucky
I was impressed with the accuracy of the reading... With the situation at hand and advice on how to handle it as well as responses to a pressing question, actually several questions regarding the future. She also removed something heavy around the throat chakra area. Many thanks." ... written by quetzal
Totally fabulous. Communicated information from my grandmother and grandfather. Plain-spoken (in a good way) and totally charming. " ... written by Ahz
Wonderful, Wonderful lady!! She has helped me to understand my next step in what I have to make. A very kind soul. Thanks!" ... written by Tricia
Excellent read, will come back." ... written by Marie
picked up on me very well" ... written by ...
Wow, Mussilady was very intuitive, connected quickly and easily. I hope I have some good news for her very soon. Thank you." ... written by Denise
Awesome detailed reading. Awesome advice and help... will keep you posted" ... written by Tanya
Mussi gave me so much clarity and an accurate reading. She is straight to the point and doesn't sugar coat. I will heed her advice. Thank you very much, Mussi!" ... written by Moonchild59
Always a great reading, brings me back to what I need to focus on." ... written by b
Hmmm! :-)" ... written by Brav0923
Thanks for a great reading" ... written by ashwarya
A+" ... written by raquel
Mussi is amazing" ... written by ....
Very caring and great advice... connection was very good. Let's see how it goes." ... written by T.
thank you so much mussilady!!!! awesome reading!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Lovely as always my favourite lady here xxxxx" ... written by Polly
Great as usual!!" ... written by Cordie167
Great as of my trusted readers!!!!!" ... written by Cordie167
Mussilady is really sweet... She was accurate and told me beautiful things. :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
awesome as always love mussi think one of the beast readers on here will be back again and again much love" ... written by sweetpea 22
Always knows exactly what's gonna happen. 10 stars to her!" ... written by Tanya
thanks so much mussi was great this would be my first reading i had with her i shall come back again soon" ... written by amy258
Thanks for the reading mussilady. I will see if prediction will happen in timeframe, hope so. Your accent reminds me of a dear scottish friend from the past, Ian. Someday i will visit that beautiful country," ... written by cestlavie24
Always huge help to me. Great readings and huge connection" ... written by T.
Mussi is awesome.!!!!!I have wanted a reading from her for a long time and finally got one. She knew so much and I didn't have to say one word. She told me of fears that I have been having that no one else knows. If you want to know truth, she is the one to tell you. Much love and light." ... written by Stephanie
great! very helpful!" ... written by Charlie
Thank You so much spot on. " ... written by Lorraine Gelston
I manged to not get a mussi slap lol I love mussi she gives amazing insight" ... written by Mia_Koda
lovely and wonderful" ... written by moon
amazing and on point" ... written by James
wow mussi is amazing as always picked up on so many things that i already knew with out any info i shall come back again soon thanks again)" ... written by Amy258
mussilady was able to know exactly what was going on in my personal life without me even needing me to say anything at all. she told me how it was and how it is and what to look forward to. thanks :)" ... written by melissa
Very good, i recommend mussilady" ... written by librabeauty
Perfect - on the nose with advice and prediction. worth it… :-)" ... written by Loris Puglia
Amazing, powerful blessing. She talked about my tribe, my staff I carry as a medicine woman and no one has ever known about this. Thanks so much For all your Words. " ... written by tricia
GREAT!" ... written by maddi
good, =) x" ... written by L
left me confused" ... written by cindy
Great" ... written by Dawn
brilliant reading" ... written by ...
spectacular reading not enough time. I love her she really is spot on. love and light" ... written by glitter
Thank you excellent reading. " ... written by Amy
Spot on good reading. " ... written by Sindy
An amazing reader who touches one's soul very deeply. A true guiding light. " ... written by spiderlilli
accurate, on spot on.. quick, and very truthful... numero uno ..100 stars for her" ... written by roses are always pink
lovely lady. lots of information and very insightful " ... written by sweets
mussi is a spectacular medium i have never had a reading by anyone that could tap into my life and family like she has. love her" ... written by glitter
good" ... written by Mitch
Mussi is good as always. Can't wait to see what will happen" ... written by stephanie
super super super, This woman is truly gifted. She is honest and I will take her advice. She makes you feel as if she knew you a long time. All I kept typing was "wow,wow,wow". If I need this experience again it will only be with her. " ... written by logg
so good and loving!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Lovely lady told me to be who i want to be and be spectacular :)" ... written by Emma
she really tunes in with no information! major emotional issue she picked up on and explained what's going on. very good." ... written by wren1414
have had a couple of reading with mussi, must say she is amazing i had questions but i let her connect to my energy and she answered them without me asking." ... written by kelly
She's fantastic!!" ... written by A77
Great and she picked up on stuff without any info :)" ... written by stars
Perfect reading! Enjoyed every minute of it...felt everything to the T!!! Amazing!!!!" ... written by Pepper
good detailed reading " ... written by s
One great reading. Just sat back and relaxed" ... written by D
Thank you! Very sweet person and honest." ... written by Srallen77
simply the best... amazing... best there is " ... written by toto
She is a wonderful reader. Completely on point." ... written by erika
great energy and connection" ... written by Bee
great reading" ... written by ...
great reading with mussi" ... written by ...
so positive and strong and loving. thank you mussi for your wonderful spirit and the strength you´ve given me. you picked up exactly where i am today in my Life and pushed me forward :) " ... written by ---
have found the real thing, such a wonderful person" ... written by becky
Thank you mussi and yes i couldnt type sorry about that" ... written by mitch
Helpful" ... written by 2012liverpool
Great lass - connected. Saw it how it is and how it has been and how it could be. Love and messages from family - totally unexpected. Will go back :) x" ... written by sunflowersun
run out of time" ... written by ....
terrific reading tapped right into what was going on with me. The fact that you were able to see my cousin who passed away from lung cancer gave me some peace, we were close. The advice you gave me about my daughter was spot on. I strongly recommend a reading with mussi. She is spot on accurate and a sensitive and compassionate person. Love and Light" ... written by glitter
very good energy and accruate. Thanks" ... written by PIGLETME
Always enjoyable on the spot and like to catch up. Put you in your place when you need but lovingly and oh so kind. She has given me specific names and times. Nobody else has ever done that. One amazing gift I must say. She gave me the name of the person I'm dating she could never know that." ... written by lisa
She is a very good reader and medium." ... written by erika
how i love the readings with this lady" ... written by ....
said exactly what I needed to hear..awesome reading...def be back again!!" ... written by missvika
Very bright honest!!" ... written by unknown
Mussilady, was just awesome.. we connected extremely well and the messages I received from my passed loved ones.. was perfect for me.. everything I needed to hear and more :)) Mussi was also very compassionate and gave very good advice. Thank you and blessings!! " ... written by Lynda22
Always great to give insight and clear the air on all my questions, concerns, or things happening around me. Very accurate and quick!" ... written by lisa
she say the love is gone he will only be there for the kids" ... written by dine
mussi great as always" ... written by ....
Wonderful reader. She gave me very good direction and help move forward in my life. I will consult her again." ... written by Krista Elliott
fabulous reading." ... written by glitter
Great as always and right to the point, with my situation, thank you. xx" ... written by mon
Really good reading. Spot on. :)" ... written by Sindy- 2014
great reading" ... written by soo
spectacular reading" ... written by glitter
She hit the nail on the head! Absolutely spot on. All I wanted was a message and she gave me more than that " ... written by junekay2013
Thansk for great reading" ... written by joylife
Once again Mussi has cleared a path thru all the confusion laying around my emotions. Leaving me in a state of calmness. I feel like I had a garage sale and rid myself of unwanted debris. Thank-you Mussi. xx" ... written by DIAMOND1954
well nice long session w mussi and we covered life liberty and the pursuit of happiness ..wonderful" ... written by kim
That was good, very enlightening picked up a significant amount of information and very sound advice." ... written by ---
Mussi was great! Picked up my energy right away. " ... written by divinedaughter
So beautiful and helpful with all her knowledge. Don't need to go anywhere else. I understood everything I was being told and the explanations were so clear. Thankyou for your beautiful and honest reading." ... written by Marzterz
I love Mussi. She is such a kind lady that brought me out of the dumps today. She even connected with some lost family members because they kept interrupting lol. I highly recommend you take her for a reading. She deserves them because she knows exactly what she is talking about! Great woman and reader!" ... written by Rainz77
So far so good, i love her energy! I will wait till the prediction unfold. Thank sooo muchhhhh!! :) :)" ... written by magandamama
100%" ... written by Alyssa
mussi your reading was lovely im so glad my papa ok and I will take the adivse on board thank so much big huggss xxxxxx" ... written by nicola
Great reading, spot on , love the energy as always, and wow, something special happened in the reading ... xxx Always would I recommend . Thank you again " ... written by ra elsmore
Mussi is a great lady." ... written by Mavis
She is a lyrical intuitive genius, weaving strands of your true self together into a fabric of what needs to evolve, warning of what may be blocking and teasing out the beauty and true colors of your life. she was able to give me accurate messages from my mom's spirit. she is a gem. will definitely be speaking to her soon again!" ... written by wren1414
The beloved Mussilady is always a guiding light!" ... written by Karen
Really enjoyed mussiladys reading and I felt that she was genuine. I will pay to see her again! She deserves every penny that she earns here. :) She was amazing. So glad to find her." ... written by Tristan
WOW omg thats all i can say wow u picked up on things no one would have known" ... written by jody
She was a good reader, picked up on my energy with no problem, no name, no information just a pure connection, it was amazing! I will be back!" ... written by tj
i just love u so much ur the best reader on here its crazy that i have been threw so many readers every were but i just found my one and only reader i will never go to anybody else for my readings ur the best" ... written by jody
great reading she was able to connect to my energy and get a true sense of what was going on." ... written by shanecole
absolutely brilliant fanstastic!! first ever reading was spot on with everything! so would go back again!! was absolutely brilliant!!!!" ... written by jessiejan1994
Thanks Mussi! great reading " ... written by Star
Love this lady!! as always straight to the point and accurate. one of the most trusted readers on Oranum! thumbs up!" ... written by Cordie167
great reading as always xx" ... written by mon
This was an amazing reading. She was incredibly on point and I did not have to say a word. She knew exactly what was going on in my life, and pinpointed a situation I am currently going through. She told me what was holding me back and gave advice on how I could improve the situation. This was amazing and I am so glad I chose her. Everything was accurate and I am looking forward to the future with a renewed sense of hope." ... written by Wren
good reading...thank you." ... written by fieryspirit
WOW Mussi was spot on! She hit it to the nail and had no information but what came to her. All so true!!! Thanks Mussilady312" ... written by Silence2014
She linked in quick and knew everything that was going on in my life. And what needs to be done. Connected with my loved one as well, and was a hoot to boot!! I would recommend her most definitely!" ... written by Hopefull
Brilliant Lady. Very intuitive and insiteful, accurate reading. Totally recommend Mussilady, big huggies xxx" ... written by AiryFairy78
as always spectacular reading. mussi is amazing i feel the connection with her. i recommend her highly and if you have not stopped by her room do so you will be happy you did. she is a breath of fresh air. love and light " ... written by glitter
great reading very precise thank u x" ... written by claire skirving
fantastic as usually, always feel positive after a missi reading :) .. looking forward for the future ! x" ... written by JodieG
Always a pleasure and never a disappointment. Can't help but return for more follow-ups. " ... written by HG
She is great and extremely accurate." ... written by Catherine
she is terrific!!! 5 star reader" ... written by aquavenus
She is almost always right; the best reading I have had in awhile, she is awesome and amazing." ... written by Mia_Koda
Excellent reading. Spot on as usual. Thanks Mussi xx" ... written by Sindy
Great as ever!! Connected head on my question without hesitation...thats why i come see her. Thumbs Up!" ... written by Cordie167
as always right on everytime and thanks again) mussi is amazin at what she does" ... written by stars33
Very good psychic that gave me some great artistic ideas. I recommend her for consultation." ... written by Krista Elliott
Mussi was so spot on. very fast and so accurate. She told me things only I would know and confirmed a lot that I was thinking about my near future. Awesome lady and definitely recommend her to you all. Much blessings, x" ... written by bigshorty060
Very accurate reader, " ... written by don
great reading, very good pick up things, and accurate" ... written by veezee
5stars :))" ... written by edel95
Love her to pieces. When she gets nosey it is spot on. She hit on everything going on in my life at this time. Thank you so much Mussi.. " ... written by Jisseca
love you mussi" ... written by Magaskawee Algoma
Mussilady was GREAT! passionate, kind and accurate. " ... written by Bubbles
thanks Mussi.... you know me so well!!!!" ... written by cheryl
Fast lots of details... Amazing" ... written by Johnny
This lady is amazing, she really knows how to connect and described two men in my neighbourhood down to a tee. Now I know why they do call her a nosy witch ;) Also, I heard other members and expert giving negative remarks towards this woman. I am glad I never listened to those type of negative reviews or else I would have missed a good reading. I am definite coming back to her again for sure and hopefully will keep her as one of my regular trusted psychics. Seriously if you want someone to read you like a book and connect well then lady is the real deal. I regret not coming to her sooner :) " ... written by RoyalBrit
awesome reading love mussi" ... written by sweetpea22
Mussi was spot on connected with both people I needed to connect with. Thanks Mussi!HUGS!" ... written by Silence2014
Mussi helped me understand things better about my life. Truly helped will be back for more!" ... written by Silence2014
Lovely reading xxx" ... written by anon
Thanks for another great reading!" ... written by Unconditionalove
It is always a pleasure to talk to Mussi and be in her room. Her reading made perfect sense to me and I gained a lot from it. She is positivity in itself. " ... written by Luna
Mussi is awesome, we connected extremely well. I got the answers I needed and really appreciate her gifts!!! Her mediumship abilities are incredible and extremely accurate!! Thanks so much!! " ... written by Lynda22
she was good" ... written by debbie
First class mussi was spot on, she has a real gift " ... written by Judith
amazing reading" ... written by 1one
great reading thank u xx" ... written by claire skirving
on point as always..thanks so much Mussi" ... written by Bubbles
aslways mussi is amazin did not even have to say anythin shes always been right on with me things r happenin and thnx again) i keep u updated " ... written by Amy258
She was great really cleared up everything that i wanted to know told me what i needed to hear :)" ... written by ashleewow
She's so awesomeeee, I love here all the way! Get a reading with her if you really want to hear the honest to goodness truth." ... written by tj
another great reading thank u xx" ... written by claire skirving
She was spot on gave me great information. Praying for inner peace now. 10 stars Highly recommend Mussilady312" ... written by Silence2014
very helpful and accurate " ... written by astro
wonderful reading, very honest andamp; great connection. lovely lady also, highly recommended to others." ... written by AAR
Beautiful lady, nice reading!" ... written by
Wow this was first reading with her. She has given me info that I never received from others. I don't know what to say...if she is right, she gave details and actually "felt" the situation. " ... written by Peach
very nice and warm reading . she got me very well :)" ... written by golden
she's amazing... plain and simple." ... written by viggles
This was my first reading via this service, and Mussilady312 definitely impressed me. Not only was she helpful and informative about the service, but her reading touched on the very points that I needed to hear. Highly recommended." ... written by Angela
what a lady" ... written by snow
this lady is amazing" ... written by ...
mussi was amazing, connected really well and told me everything i needed to hear. Connected with spririt and told me some very empowering things!" ... written by emma
thank you....very helpful thank you i will wait for a better day thank you" ... written by maggielee
Amazing reading second one I've had thank u so much" ... written by melissa
Thank you, you have been helpful :)" ... written by MMarmalade
shes absolutely fabulous" ... written by baker
Loved every minute! She's awesome!" ... written by Erika
thank you for the reading" ... written by xx
lovely and amazing!! loved this reading" ... written by anna
What an awesome lady....worth every penny..thanks so much" ... written by Sin
Amazing. Blessed. Spot On. Kind and loving. Thank you my friend. You are so compassionate. The real deal... Thank you." ... written by Questg
Mussilady312 thank you so much for the clear reading ,it really makes a difference when we don't have to tell you anything.l enjoyed my reading and will follow your advice.You really connect so well.Fantastic.l recommend to my friends to try you." ... written by Jay
Everything Mussi had to say was spot on!!! She is amazing. Love when she brings my loved one through. Wonderful Mussi!! God Bless! Love you!!" ... written by Kim Jones
Thank you " ... written by Lynette C
I love Mussi! She is great and accurate!! Definitely reccomend" ... written by Tiffany
Love Love Love this lady , we have not connected in months and she was able to know exactly what was going on in my life such a positive reading given with so much love and care this lady is amazing everybody should take her for a reading at least once but I promise you will go back for more xxxxxxx" ... written by Polly
very good reading." ... written by gwen
I'm frankly amazed with this lady's ability, I didn't have to say anything and she was on point all the time with a strong energy which is very bright and beautiful; She quickly picks up on things in a way that lifts one's spirits and mood." ... written by Domino
Always humble, honest, sincere and kind! Highly recommended!" ... written by Karen
She is incredibly talented!!! the messages come without any information from me. she knows exactly what messages and advice to give without my asking! she is quite amazing." ... written by Viggles
Fab Reading, lots of information, on point and honest. Lovely lady. Will return for more readings " ... written by Tillkatt
Fantastic medium and so very connected and open. Highly highly recommend mussilady!! many blessings and love!! " ... written by me
She was good connected to my guides" ... written by Stormfire28
She is amazing! " ... written by Janice75
Mussilady is a great energy reader and picked up on many things going on in my life. Thank you for the great insight into where I need to address my life issues." ... written by adaz60
lov mussi shes great had many readings with her right on every time with me very accurate things r happening as she said im now waitin on few other predictions to come to pass andamp; thnx again for everythin)hugys" ... written by Amy258
As usual she picks up on your energy, good advice." ... written by k
brilliant reading!" ... written by bella
very good reading" ... written by m
thank you mussi" ... written by sparkl
things to look out for thanks mussi x" ... written by claire skirving
Had a good reading with mussilady, felt a lot of care and compassion and connected with my mum and gran. Thanks so much made me cry but felt it was all true and connected. Thanks so much x" ... written by Nexusphase
She is veryy good" ... written by q
great reading thank you so very much " ... written by emma
She is amazing! She tunes in quickly, accurately and speaks for soul growth for your highest good! Remarkable! Highly highly recommend her!" ... written by atlntis111
Fantastic reading, she did not ask questions at all but she was able to tell me exactly what was going on with my situation. 10 stars." ... written by Flirty Bee
Went to Mussilady312 so she could see into my present situation. She sees and connects well. I will follow her advice on the situation." ... written by Destiny_Love
Very good, very informative and very helpful and I love the reading and you have helped me alot I will keep you posted xx thanks again" ... written by Barbara Gale
Lovely reading, lovely person, lovely teacher." ... written by Waves
I extremely informative and uplifting reading and lady. Mussi is a wonderful guide and was very helpful to me. She told me many things both of the now, the past and the present One of the best readings I have ever had." ... written by Krista Elliott
Great reading." ... written by Sinead
what a great great reading" ... written by ...
Amazing and spot on and mentioned things that I haven't told anyone else, Will definitely have another reading soon " ... written by julie
mussi I appreciate your words right on with everything. as always i b bk keep u updated soon things r happenin as u said befor mussi deserves more than 5 stars) thnx again" ... written by Amy2588
great wooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" ... written by hazel
she was a wonderful medium. She brought up my grandmother, mother and well as a few others. She had great knowledge of everything without me saying anything. She saw the things that I needed to hear and brought them forward. She repeated sayings that either I would say, or those that crossed over would say, constantly. Just amazing!! She is a great woman with and extremely gifted. She is a must, for a reading!!! She will know what u need! With total gratitude and thanks!!!" ... written by linda
It was great" ... written by ladybug
absolute great reading spot on with things she didnt know xxxx bless u xxxx" ... written by claire skirving
very good, 'rise to fame' is a brilliant thing to say to me because I love singing and performing.. not sure who simon was but thank you for giving me more confidence x" ... written by chloe
Thank you very much ~ I feel better and I am grateful. " ... written by bluebird08
God bless you Mussi thanks xxxx" ... written by anon
I think she is just great. and a lot of fun and kind of lifts your spirit. Thank you." ... written by footstep 2
Very good and spot on Mussilady! Will work on balance and try to enjoy the luck that is about to happen-she is right. I must take a leap and do it! nice woman. Honest and caring." ... written by Amy
I love Mussi she told me exactly what i was thinking and which was sooo true esp about my daughter.please everyone spread the word mussi is the best physic out there " ... written by scottishlouise
as always tell me how life really is. right on the money. thank you so much" ... written by michele gould
she is amazing, spot on on everything. dont give her any information coz you will get a mussi slap :)" ... written by kelly
Absolutely wonderful. She tuned in on many things, some I was not expecting. Will be back" ... written by Danika
Amazing reading!! she was able to bring clarity to my situation and explain the spiritual experiences I've been going through and wondering about. Mussi you're an angel, truly. Even if you call yourself a nosy witch haha :)" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
Brilliant, spot on with what she said and my nan and grandad came through which is amazing, she doesn't use any tools , thank you zoo much and will take advice given xxx" ... written by lisa
Amazing! She was very good and connecting with my grandma! Loved it :)" ... written by Tiffany
Mussilady you are a gem and thank you for a great reading I really appreciate it thank you so much your very kindly and I wish you the best of everything because you deserve it, definalty get another reading with you again much love and hugs xxx" ... written by lafedel
amazing,thank u mussi" ... written by sparkl
She was very positive and in tune. I felt her direct attention towards me and she was right on. She definietely made me feel better!!!!" ... written by jdm0707
A very positive reading, has made me realise a lot and put things into perspective. Thankyou again x" ... written by Hannah Davis
Thank you Mussi !! " ... written by 1
it was a real pleasure to have a reading with this lady i didn't want to leave such a high spirit,such a gift to talk about simple things in a different way,blew me away and picked up on me right to the point thank u mussi and all the best to you and your loved ones x" ... written by doll
Thank you Mussi, you are an absolute ray of sunshine. I have just had my second reading with you after a few months when a lot of what you initially had predicted has come to pass! Amazing accurate readings both time that have left me bursting with such a positive buzz I could just explode. Something about you just fills me up with pure joy. Thank you Xxxxxx" ... written by PhoebAb
First time reading with Mussi and it was very detailed...touched on a lot of things that resonated with me. Overall a very nice reading and she is a sweet soul with a true gift." ... written by Jenn
good job" ... written by sd
awesome great reader will beback thankyou" ... written by johnsgreencat
good! " ... written by judith
Mussi is the best -- she was able to hone into what I've been feeling lately and talk it into reality providing the necessary steps for me to get it done! Thanks Mussi! Much Love!" ... written by Dee
very insightful and inspirational. Very honest and gifted" ... written by ife
Thank you for connecting to my loved ones....." ... written by princess1218
Thank you for the reading " ... written by sparkl
well read super fast i am amazed" ... written by jj
Mussilady was on point and very sweet. Put me at ease and told me what was going to happen. I highly reccomend her." ... written by mc
Mussi is straight to the point which i personally prefer. She put me at ease before the reading and linked in well to my spirit guides. She did not ask me any questions and used no tools. A very genuine medium. Highly recommended and i would defiantly would not hesitate in getting a reading from her again. One of Oranums genuine readers. Love and Light to you Mussilady! x" ... written by Beebops
Came for update... awesome as always. :-) Strong and accurate connection. " ... written by Angel
Thanks for a wonderful reading, very good insight!" ... written by swsiren
Mussilady is wonderful! Very honest about situation and gave me real answers. I was confused and now I feel sooooo much better. She didn't ask questions. She just picked up on situation, and told me what I needed to know. Thank u very much :)" ... written by nina
thank u for the reading :)" ... written by talk
Good reading without giving any specifics. Thank you very much. Give her at try!" ... written by Van Anh
Wow She is really good!! She have so many details answer with one question I have. Very detail and consistent" ... written by Sarah
not had a reading from mussi for a long time and wow shes deffo spot on this time thank u i got the uplift i need xxx" ... written by claire skirving
Mussi is amazing" ... written by 1
Thank you so much for an amazing reading" ... written by leila
Very good reading" ... written by wr
beautiful reading,very different and such a lovely lady to talk to" ... written by ..
thank you for your insight, very honest and uplifting, many blessings xx" ... written by mati
just wonderfull, everything was right what she said about me. and i am happy to spoke with here" ... written by suusilicious
Very good" ... written by Eve
Very helpful. " ... written by Alex
thank u for the reading Mussilady " ... written by ...
Mussi was amazing I never had to say a single thing and she picked up on so many things, and was 100% spot on even with things iv'e kept to myself ... Mussi Is fantastic and I highly advice anyone who wants an accurate reading to see her ... Thank you Mussi for the reading " ... written by RAVENqueen91
SPOT ON AS ALWAYS! HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD :) X" ... written by jodie
A fantastic reader and teacher. I will follow Mussilandy's advice. She has given me great clarity, Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Krista Elliott
great reading! No tools needed, just pure intuition. Very informative and accurate!" ... written by Ashley
was one of the best reading I have ever had love her . " ... written by mi
She's powerful! Her energy pulled me into her room, and I wasn't able to say anything because all that she had to tell me was correct, and all I needed to do was nod my head." ... written by Dee
OMG that was amazing esp my gran coming through with carnantions was her favourite flower spot on thanks again mussi lots of love .Always go to the psychic she amazing " ... written by scottish Louise
thank u for the reading" ... written by ,
She is fantastic, gets straight to the point. I will be back, thank you again doll! xx" ... written by Drummergirl
Mussil was very nice and she was to the point!" ... written by Ashley
Great Reading " ... written by Needhelp53
she is an amazing reader. she is really able to pick up on things accurately and gets great detail. she has read for me with loves ones that crossed over, as well as specifics, and she is mind blowing!! You won't be sorry, if you get a reading from her. She will come up with things that even you didn't realize you needed to hear" ... written by kk
Very enjoyable to watch very visual and energetic" ... written by MrMarra
Mussil is one of the best a very authentic lady and in touch with spirit.. She helped me loads very genuine lady youl not find many like her" ... written by yvonne
thank u for the reading,it was great x" ... written by ,
super as always !! :D X " ... written by jodie
superb thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by t
Excellent this lady is full stop! I trust her I know she is the real deal thankyou I will come back xxxx" ... written by T
Amazing, honest, picks up very quickly without giving out any information." ... written by Lady71
super great" ... written by tim
Fantastic reading :) it was good to talk to her one on one as her room is always busy :)" ... written by Ihaveawoken
Shes gorgeous in every way. Uplifting reading thank you Mussi!" ... written by Tigeralignment
She seemed to be kind." ... written by 123
Thank you so much for a wonderful reading,and you are a diamond " ... written by xx
muss is an excellent reader. she doesnt need any info. she knows all and give hope and love." ... written by erika
Great reading" ... written by pearl
very wonderful reading" ... written by candy
I always enjoy my readings/updates with Mussi.. she's awesome and accurate!! Thanks so much for the messages!! " ... written by Lynda22
amazing!!! very impressed " ... written by anna
She was spot on! Great energy and was a huge help!!! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Erika
Mussi is the most amazing gifted woman.. she can see everything. Very accurate, compassionate and I highly recommend her for any of your needs or issues. She knows what is best! " ... written by me
wonderful" ... written by t
lovely lady no info given but spot on great xxx" ... written by t
Loved every moment of my session(s) with her. It was sooo real and accurate with my lost loved ones and I didn't even have to give her any info about myself. I can't wait to get another session with her! thank you so much for the clarity and peace with your amazing gift! you are truly a blessing! Thank you again!!" ... written by Lady_Capricorn
Wonderful reading. Right on the nose." ... written by Matt
she is such a joy to get a reading from! She picks up on things right away,without you saying anything. She gets very deep messages or information. Ijust love her." ... written by anonymous
Mussi is fabulous!!" ... written by sacrednature
Mussilady is compassionately honest and direct. Great reading!" ... written by sacrednature
Excellent Connection. Very quick in picking up the situation. She told me that I had not recovered from an ailment. I went to the doctor the next day and they told me the same thing." ... written by Lady71
Mussi is one of my very favorite mediums and reader.. I can't say enough good things and how beautifully ACCURATE she is , for ANY SITUATION OR ISSUE! Thanks so much.. be back soon!! " ... written by Lyn
Very insightful. Needs no details, it just flows from her. Made me calmer and that there is hope." ... written by Trixiescott1968
Mussilady is always "right on"... open, honest, and willing to listen to spirits and to me..." ... written by MindTraveler
Awesome Reader!!!! Right on Point !!! She was GREAT, very Nice, and Polite. Was right on TARGET!!!! Will come back again to use her !!! Over 10 stars !!!!!!" ... written by FablousFifty1
I love Mussilady! Even when my computer won't let me type, she tunes right in, gives honest and profound advice delivered with sincerity and fun! Love her!" ... written by Karen
wonderful and full of spirit. I would recommend to anyone." ... written by b
Very helpful and kind" ... written by charlie
Interesting" ... written by gipsy girl
Mussi is the best, connects very quickly, very accurate and very very helpful... She is always my GO-TO Lady! xoxox " ... written by Lyn
As always, a great reading with mussi! She really hits on all the important points that are concerning me. I've had many readings with her and will only go to her on Oranum. I find her to be the most genuine of all!" ... written by amethyst
Mussi readings are awesome! Very wise, connects very quickly and accurately... Highly recommend her for any issues!!! Thank you Mussi! " ... written by Lynda22
Very accurate! Picked up on things without asking any questions. Helpful and Insightful! I will be back Thank you Mussilady312" ... written by Sheila
She is soooooo accurate. She called out my Brother's name. Accurate!! " ... written by Bev
very good. said things i needed to hear and picked up on some things that ive never told some people. very informative " ... written by Travis
Mussi, is amazing! She definitely does not need any information and detest it, lol. She picked up on so much and I know she is right on everything she said. If you need to get advise from anyone she is definitely worth every penny. I will keep coming back to her as long as the funds are there. I would do anything for her. She is amazing and I love her chat room as well. Feel very welcomed. Thank you my friend. Love ya" ... written by lavender03
Mussi is amazing -- she spoke up to me in free chat and caught my attention immediately by notifying me that three family members where present (there was no way she would have known one of their names -- but she did!)" ... written by Dee
Thanks hun! You are a gem! Hope things work out as you said. About current situation, you were spot on!" ... written by K
Connected quickly and gave much information in short time. Look forward to going into more details soon." ... written by Rob
She helped me more than she knows.. my one friend! Hugs!!" ... written by Korby
Mussi, thank you so much for a great reading. You are so kind and genuine. You are quick with your reading and scarily accurate. Thanks again! I will be back" ... written by Moonshine
amazing reading - very detailed and insightful. strong connection " ... written by anna
Computer kept freezing, I had to log out, sorry...thank you for the reading. " ... written by mainstreem20
She is amazing! she is on the spot. Gives details in her readings." ... written by Lady71
I love how real she is, very legit because she ask for no information and is spot on about the situation details and where to go next. I love Mussi she is one of the best on here." ... written by Mia_Koda
Mussi is such a fun personality. She is very easy to talk to and is worth spending some time with!" ... written by Louisa
Good reading, hard when you can only give small details but I could connect to what was being said and could see where the comments fitted in with my life. " ... written by Laiq
must i need to say it again FUCKINN AMAZZZINNN!!! x " ... written by jodie
it was eye opening. look forward to seeing what happens" ... written by erica
What a great true medium! She was spot on with exactly what's going on with me, wow!!!" ... written by havy678
Great stuff, wish I could've stayed longer :)" ... written by andrasta
she is amazing she got his name right and sent me many messages i was hopeing to hear.she is worth all the money i give mussy 10rs" ... written by anastasia
Very in-tuned with peoples emotions and their paths including wants and needs, very detailed and explains alot of things that " ... written by Joshua Ross
She was amzing and she is worth all the money to get a reading and i give her 10 stars." ... written by thalassaki
this lady was brilliant and really helped me too understand myself and connected to someone very special to me and im so thankful xxx" ... written by Cazz
Mussi gave me great positive affirmations and was correct on things. Thanks!" ... written by Halenbane
Great reading! Thanks so much!" ... written by Suzy Wales
Love Mussilady. So authentic being from Scotland and very insightful and fun. Thanks for everything. Cheers!" ... written by Angel Mc Manus
Amazing reading! Mussilady was spot on! Had a lot of fun and yet got some new insights. I strongly recommend! " ... written by RaphaelG
Mussi made me feel at ease at whatever question I have in my mind. Like she could finish a sentence for me. She does not need any information which I truly respect and believe that she is genuine because I can feel it with my heart. I am very move about what she had said. Will update when the time comes." ... written by Dragonlight79
She right to the point. " ... written by babirye
Shes naturally gifted and was able to give me a reading with no information. Shes also very compassionate. I would definitly recommend her and have more readings by her." ... written by mandy
Mussi is absolutely great! i was so thankful! Mussi connects great with your energy! Mussi fits in all your questions before your time is up! Great psychic x" ... written by Zoe
HI " ... written by judith
Mussi is great, awesome, accurate and helpful as always.. thanks so much!! " ... written by Lynda22
She gave me a prediction hope it will happen will come back" ... written by A2
Mussi was fantastic as always! " ... written by SaraMaria90
Mussi is sooo spot on with everything, she is absolutely amazing! xxx" ... written by shenalp2905
NO INFO, NO TOOLS. That was mind blowing" ... written by knowing2013
Good insight from mussi, could have done with more time lol " ... written by K
Mussi picked up on stuff No one knew ! I wish i could have had longer! " ... written by Karen
Always bring comfort she is an amazing worker and reassuring." ... written by Mia_Koda
Very, very accurate, ended demo accidently, should have stayed longer, will revisit her again." ... written by lpa483066
AMAZING! loved her! I will be back again!" ... written by Eryan
connects fast, very honest. I would recommend her as one of the best on this site. a lot on here just want your money and tell you what you like. not her. you can tell she has a real gift and is using it to help" ... written by david
Absolutely amazing, wish i had this lady on tap!!" ... written by Carly
really accurate and good. will return thanks mussi :) xx" ... written by aida
she is fantastic so acurate..xo" ... written by thalassaki
Love Mussi. So helpful! Awesome work. You will love her." ... written by Press Gevalia
cant get enough i just want to keep having readings with mussilady..she just picks up so much information without any tools..she is always spot on...." ... written by thalassaki
couldnt resist it i had to have a 3rd reading, she is so accurate. an amazing soul..god bless you mussilady. xo" ... written by thalassaki
she was brilliant tottoly honest xx" ... written by julie fau
mussilady has a great vibe and does great readings :) ill be comeing back for more " ... written by maggiedont
Mussi is amazing and so much fun. Love her and so will you. Thanks!" ... written by Jillian O'Connell
Outstanding as always, informative, accurate and never wrong! Love love love this lady xxx" ... written by Carly
Superb! So fun and full of good vibrations!" ... written by Dolly Watson
Thanks again for a wonderful reading!" ... written by swsiren
Super fun/nice/kind and insightful. You will love Mussi!" ... written by Thomas Vance
mussi was wonderful. she has such positive energy and is an amazing reader. i deff recommend her." ... written by faerieLovee
connects very well and fast. if you want a honest and an excellent reading, try her. Always a great reading" ... written by charles
she is cool so good to talk to" ... written by adi
After 8 months, she still hit me straight on. Thannks for such a great read. You were right about it all.. Will return soon..." ... written by TB
She was awesome" ... written by Lisa
Wonderful, amazing! So spot on!!" ... written by Anonymous
thank you. very insightful" ... written by candy
Wonderful as always, im absolute favourite xxx" ... written by Carly
Mussi is awesome.. very accurate and compassionate medium. Highly recommend her, because she does see the truth and also has much wisdom and guidance. " ... written by Lynda22
Love Mussi and so will you. Very much connects with your guides and energy. She is amazing and so much fun." ... written by Jill Wilson
Always insightful and helpful esp when I am struggling. Love you Mussi. :)" ... written by Suzy Angel
Mussi saw right into what's going on with me and told me I could do it, even when I didn't feel like I could, she made me know I can. She's the real thing, no doubt about it." ... written by sunshine
Awesome and amazing. Love the orbs in her room." ... written by Suzy Smith
amazing shocked ur great " ... written by sunita700
amazing person happy and she is very spot on glad to have a reading with her" ... written by sun
When you go to her room and see Spirit/Orbs around her you will know why she is so special and spectacular. Much love!" ... written by Jillian Kennedy
i love her with her reading,im sure i will be back again :).thx mussilady" ... written by viendax
This lady is amazing, she picked up on some really obscure things that I hadn't expected at all. I'm really impressed, thank you!" ... written by Winterflower25
Amazing spot on " ... written by Eve
A very clear reader, she is on point with all area of my life. I thank Mussi for the clarity. I was happy and satisfy with the reading. Thank you so much Mussilady." ... written by Randy
Got my clarity and validation." ... written by Headinghome
Great lady, not needing any tools, very insightful and accurate" ... written by Headinghome
very good thank you " ... written by linda
she was nice but hard to understand sometime but it was nice reading. " ... written by seeking
Nice reading. Love your energie! I will let you know! X" ... written by conny jonkman
she's so amazing as you..." ... written by tess...
As always awesome...will always come back Mussilasy is my favourite x" ... written by Carly
wicked amazing love her shes great xxx" ... written by sunita700
wow what a reading i loved every min worth every penny" ... written by Emily
Out standing as always, such a positive energy, connects with no questions and is always spot on. Mussilady is my chosen medium and I speak with her on a regular basis. I am left uplifted after every reading, Thank you xxxx" ... written by Carly
She is amazing! absolutely amazing... she told me what I needed to hear. " ... written by Junekay
Mussi is fun, clear, intelligent and so predictive. Mussi is the only room with orbs. Love Mussi and so will you. Thanks Mussi!" ... written by Jilian Pickles
Good and accurate as always, thanks mussi ! " ... written by Lynda22
straight to the point, accurate and and connects very well. No questions asked just connects straight away. Mussi has been a god send and am so pleased i found her xxx" ... written by Carly
Mussi is the only room that has orbs. She is amazing and a gift from God. Love Musi. Thank you!" ... written by Angel Flair
She answered so many questions for me, but still have many more unanswered. Everything thing she told me was spot on." ... written by RoseHasselquist
Mussi is so lovely andamp; friendly. Always says it how it is and she's always spot on." ... written by Becky
Mussi is an accurate reader. She doesn't ask for information. Her visions are genuine." ... written by marym62
Heard from my recently passed grandmother and my grandad, made me the happiest i have been for a while. Mussilady is such a blooming talented person and I cant wait to hear more from her xxx" ... written by Taryn
Mussi is tools, deep insight and visions of the innerworlds, ancestors, i really appreciate her help she showed me some deep things." ... written by Lamb Monator
Outstanding as always, right on point, accurate beyond beleif x" ... written by Carly
Very nice reading! She is a really lovely person! Gave no information a hit the needle on the head. Hope the man in the suit will come. Will let you know!!!!!!" ... written by conny jonkman
Always a Pleasure getting a reading by mussi. " ... written by Simone MacDonald
very good" ... written by sometimes4321
She earned her 5 stars. She is very informative and sweet. She has convinced me of her gifts and I will definitely come back when I am able to." ... written by ali23m
Excellent as always" ... written by Carly
I got so much more insight.... on what should be going on in my life. I'm so glad that Mussi has helped me. Thank you so much :) " ... written by lisa
felt soo much better after the reading a lot of truth to what this lovely lady said thank you soo much Xx" ... written by Becks
She hit the mark, was very accurate reading. " ... written by Shaun
I was surprised she connected with my family, I was expecting different. She was excellent. Gave me all the messages my family wanted to tell me and didn't wasn't anytime. " ... written by Lisa
Very uplifting. " ... written by Halibut888
very enjoying my reading w honest with everything :D.i will b back for some more.second reading are just the start ;) .thank you" ... written by vie
If you need a healing or to be comforted, Mussi is the girl. She is so kind/considerate. Thank you Mussi! xo" ... written by ***
Very good reading also sincere and helpful.thank you.x" ... written by starwars
I never thought I would get so emotional but when she started talking about my grandparents I felt a need to go back in time with her to meet them. Thank you so much, you are amazing and I feel every respect and love for what you are doing." ... written by Pheonix
Came back again, such a good connection with her. Love her sparkly perrsonality and the way she brings the message across. Love and hugs dear Mussi" ... written by Pheonix
My favourite lady, always honest, quick to connect and straight to the point, has always helped me and im truelly grateful xx" ... written by Carly
wonderful reading as always dear Mussi" ... written by Pheonix
Mussi is excellent. I have been in her room most days for the last few weeks, watching her work with others. Her energy is fantastic, and even when you are feeling low she manages to lift you spirits (no pun intended!). I had my first private reading with Mussi this evening and she did not disappoint. Thank you so much. What you said made complete sense to me. I will keep you updated, and I will most certainly be back for further readings in the near future! xxx" ... written by Stephielefir1986
well she is top-notch" ... written by f
Just what I needed, a vote of confidence and a kick in the right direction :) thank you Mussi" ... written by Pheonix
Always a brilliant reading, full of energy and insight" ... written by Carly
mussilady is a very nice person and i enjoyed my reading. she connected to my dad and i feel better with what she told me. she picked up on my mums ailment and mentioned my writing of which like to do. please take mussi private shes a good reader and doesnt waste your time" ... written by egyptiancat
Always there when i need clarity. supportive and direct." ... written by Carly
Mussi was spot on as she usually is!! I have come to her for guidance for over 3 months and EACH time she is accurate." ... written by Jessica
omg!! mussi is great!! I even saw things fly around in there like orbs or feathers. rather cool." ... written by shelle97
Mussi has always been accurate with her readings. She does not information to be able to tell you what the issues are. She is compassionate and very honest. She will give hope if there is hope. I had a reading with her over a year ago. She was spot on about the person I was involved with. I will listen to her advice. I will wait for her predictions to come to pass because I know that they will happen. Thank you so much, Mussi! She deserves more than a hundred stars! In all honesty, she is the best in Oranum!" ... written by Moonchild59
Spot on!!! " ... written by Ryzette
Mussillady is like my angel sistar! hehe Great Reading today, helped me get New clarity, vision and healing. Highly recommend her for any situation. Thanks so much! " ... written by Lynda22
I love Mussi! She is always, always accurate with her readings. She reads through your energy. No information needed. No names. No dates of birth. And she is very honest. What a wonderful, happy and lovely person to talk to! She will not tell you what you want to hear if it is not the truth just to give you false hopes. I keep coming back for updates. Thank you again, Mussi! You deserve a lot more than five stars!" ... written by Moonchild59
Always love Mussi - She is fun/positive/upbeat and always insightful. Am excited for what is to come. Thanks Mussi." ... written by :)
mussilady is worth it. " ... written by el paso
Mussilady is awesome! I gave her NO info andamp; after channeling she managed to accurately pinpoint events that were happening in my life! I'm glad that I had a reading done by her andamp; will definitely recommend to others! Thanks Mussilady! x" ... written by Camandche
Unbelievable! no information given at all yet she picked up through her spirit guides that i need to boot a certain love interest from my life which I am actually on with at the moment. Just cleared so much up for me! Felt completely at ease with her and connected.! Thankyou Mussi! I will definately have another private reading with you when I need to! " ... written by Katie/Munchin89
always a good session :) thank you " ... written by Simone MacDonald
Wonderful as always. Thank you again xx" ... written by Carly
mussi is wonderful i wil come back again soon" ... written by a
Mussilady312 a kind lade and was right on my reading " ... written by kindhearted64
Great caring , and comforting reader .. Thanks again :)" ... written by jeff
she's great" ... written by Cristinaa
My heart was heave with a challenge I'd been experiencing Mussi was able to determine the source of the challenge and respond with a spirit that clued her into what was going on.. I was able to name the spirit based on her description. Yes, Amazing." ... written by dee
top notch" ... written by f
thanks very good i related to the personal information x" ... written by chelsea
time went up had to go again i don't no why she is just to good i believe after having so many readings with other readers she makes sense" ... written by son
This woman is amazing, her details are accurate and I love her style. Please give her a try, she's got a great sense of humor " ... written by Shannnon
Reads fast!" ... written by AAAAAAAA
She is great if you want your energy read but if you have lots of questions (like I had); don't do it. I already know about me and I left without getting any of my questions answered." ... written by msblessing
Thanks Mussi for a great reading. It has been a long while since the last, but you gave me deep insight and advice. Wonderful!" ... written by Charlie
very good reading without even giving any info ! very caring and supportive, warm lady! thx very much, mussi !" ... written by gdm
Great energy and lady" ... written by Annie
very interesting reading... very spiritual" ... written by J
Oh My god! This lovely lady is AMAZING!! Right on the nail with everything! Asked no questions but just told me Everything that's going on in my life to a tee! I love her! A fellow CELT TOO!" ... written by Jusd252
amazing." ... written by Suzy Michelle
good reader felt her energy really helped me" ... written by son
Very honest reading, will definitely keep coming back! Thanks Mussilady!" ... written by Camandche
Amazing. Wonderful. And all the positive adjectives you might come up with." ... written by Paulo
Love this lady who doesn't need anything, just starts reading you! Amazing!" ... written by C
Mussi was awesome. I am so glad my dad came through and gave me a message. I can't stop crying. Thank you so very much for helping me to understand what's going on in my life. The things she said is exactly what I am going through and I know how to deal with the situation. Thanks again Mussi!!!!!" ... written by Stephanie1964
very good!!" ... written by zz
omg she talk to my grandmother she die a mouth ago wow" ... written by cuteface1972
good read...helped me a lot!!!" ... written by Nona
Thanks, great reading" ... written by Lee
" ... written by :)
I had a good reading that helped a lot. It kind of eased my wife's concerns also." ... written by paloosa
We love Mussilady and so will you. Love her Scottish accent and her kindness. Thanks Mussi." ... written by Kim
Amazing and talented. We love Mussi." ... written by Lisa
Such a wonderful soul an so uplifting an spot on, recommend to any one give her a try blessings love an light Missy x" ... written by Hayley
Wow.. awesome read.. I hope this is coming true.. ASAP.. :) Love n hugs my dear..! " ... written by Shiks
mussilday312 is so spot on. SHe does not use any tools whatsoever. She is completely honest and does not beat around the bush at all. If you want an honest reading I would recommend her. Amazing !" ... written by true2mysoul
Hope we get somewhere..! Thanks hun" ... written by Shiks
it was my first time having a reading, very friendly and welcoming will be having another soon. xx " ... written by Tinkerbell118
omg mussi did it again it was like i knew what she was about to say really strange thats amazin thanks again:)" ... written by A
Mussi was accurate 100% for me. She told me allot of correct information about, she was kind caring and I would recommend to everyone." ... written by l1ightworker1
help me, out a lot, help told me the truth and found my way out." ... written by va
She was 100% accurate. Thank you for the messages from my grandmother. It brought tears to my eyes. :)" ... written by BrianaAF2
AMAZING AS ALWAYSS! " ... written by J
Amazing. 100% accurate, to the point of being scary - in a good way. The cheerfulness and the charm just add to the reading. Wish I could give her a hug." ... written by Pranav
God I love this woman. She doesn't miss a beat. Mussi is fast, and affordable. Saying she's gifted is an understatement. I will be back again and again." ... written by D
It's been awhile I have missed Mussi and her readings she does such a wonderful Job." ... written by Mia_Koda
She is gifted for sure!" ... written by Katie
quick connection... very deep connection. Def worth pvt. Will be back" ... written by Ang
best person and nicest person." ... written by va
Mussi is an amazing medium! I am so grateful for her talents and abilities. She helped me a lot and I am really happy I was able to finally get a reading with her today!" ... written by Capricorn
Wonderful!! I was impressed." ... written by Lisa Smith
My reading with her was excellent! She was able to connect to my situation instantly. Great feedback, advice, and insight! Will come back again for another reading!" ... written by amethyst7777
:)" ... written by ale
wonderful, cant wait to come back" ... written by sunset
I can't get enough of mussi!!! That is why I keep coming back!!" ... written by mama
She knew my questions before I even asked! That was amazing" ... written by Ashley
GREAT!!!!! SOON AGIAN! intriguing lovely spirit!" ... written by natalie
wonderful" ... written by maria
Sorry i ran out of time. Your words are powerful, and I really needed to hear that right now. Love and light!" ... written by whiteflowers 1
she really surprised me ...will defo come back" ... written by mariam
100 stars! been to mussi many times and i'll be back" ... written by mama
WOW! Words are not enough to express who she is, what she does or how she connects. Accurate on every single point she made. 100% accurate." ... written by Karishma 76
Thank you. That was very interesting, a little confusing but it all came together by the end. Very gifted lady." ... written by Jane
the GREAT Mussi xo thanks :)" ... written by fragy
Great reader, recommended. Trust worthy and accurate fast.... Will use her again any day" ... written by Freedom
Spot on. Will follow through. Thank you x" ... written by Charlie0412
Amazing as always xxxx" ... written by Carly
outstanding" ... written by astral_cutler
very insightful and knew a lot of what is going on. the real deal. " ... written by oscarbuffy
Thank you. This reader is talented and thorough, great reading. I'll be back." ... written by Lee
An ABSOLUTELY amazing experience speaking with this wonderful, kind, caring and loving woman I have spoken to many psychics before and you get worried about cold calling but this was 100% without a doubt legit everything she was saying to me was 100% true and made perfect sense to me but then in the beginning asking me not to give her any info was great she was able to explain everything to me I would 100% recommend her to anybody she is a lovely woman and has made me a much happier young lady" ... written by Jessica
Very informative" ... written by sam6161
hi mussi what a lovely reading darling thanks very much and big huggies xxxxx" ... written by nicola
Very accurate reading as well as reassuring, definitely will come back again" ... written by crodgers1723
She was a doll! Very funny, friendly and i just really like how she doesnt need any information, she just reads your energy :)" ... written by Reina
she is lovely x a pleasure" ... written by frag
knows, what to come and knows what is to know." ... written by True
Love my readings from Mussi, she's always right on the dot without any info from me! It's nice to have confirmation of what I'm doing andamp; knowing I'm heading in the right direction." ... written by Cheryl
Amazing! PURE NATURAL! She comes from the heart with love and honesty. Pure angel. Thank you, Mussilady!" ... written by jojoOH47
wonderful reding, although she didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but the news are great altogether. We will see what will happen, she gave me some great predictions :)" ... written by cristiana
Great reading once again! Will be back for sure!" ... written by amethyst7777
very good connection but got interrupted" ... written by d
spot on" ... written by jenna
love you mussi .. xoxo thank you darling" ... written by angel whispers 78
Highly recommend this wonderful soul...very accurate detailed " ... written by lashsevenwolves
Truly amazing, she speaks the truth and even though they were hard to hear. It was something that needed to be said. Please take her private if you ever get the chance. " ... written by twinspice
Mussi is incredibly gifted and kind-hearted. She is accurate and tunes into the things that are very important in life. She is able to guide you so that you reach a better destination. I also feel that she deeply cares for other people as well. She is a gift to many! hugs" ... written by helpful
Thank you Mussi for the clarity xx" ... written by Charlie0412
Insightful, accurate fast recommended" ... written by HH
Thanks for the confirmations.. you are always a gem.. love n hugs" ... written by Shiks
She is great and connects with no information. Connected accurately to what I'm going through at this time. Very good and I will return for another reading." ... written by florwer85
Mussi is amazing! Truly wonderful connection, thank you so much." ... written by Cassie
5 star! she was fantastic and spot on, everything she described and said was perfect, she got in contact with my granddad who passed on a couple of weeks ago, and I now am reassured he is okay. " ... written by Liam
she knew my situation " ... written by Lex
Thank you as always for your loving words. Your gift outshines many. I love you and wish you many blessings so that you can touch many people." ... written by mussilady312
Excellent reading, filled me with hope and told me what I needed to hear. Very good - would recommend. " ... written by Laiquendai
Thank you Mussi. A truly amazing woman who not only senses all beings but is able to clearly share with you on the messages from the other side." ... written by Cassie
Seemed to read my energy pretty well and my Gram came through - nice woman. " ... written by Heather
just call me 'mussifan' ;) xo thanks and happy new year!" ... written by f
If you haven't spoken to Mussi, you are totally missing out! I'll forever be amazed by this incredible woman!" ... written by Cass
Very good and honest.. will use her again!" ... written by focusing
great reading! lovely person and great energy " ... written by carla
Always a joy to speak to Mussi! A lady you need to speak with, able to channel your thoughts and give you advice from the other side and above." ... written by Cass
she's good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Amazing, left me speechless. I'm bawling my eyes out after hearing the amazing connection she made with my grandad who I have waited to speak to for so very long. HIGHLY recommned to everyone. she is amazing. absolutely amaizing. xxxxx" ... written by Lauren
Great reading! Fast and accurate!! I'll be back soon!" ... written by Followmystar
wonderful time spent with such a wonderfully happy earth soul. Looking forward to our next visit" ... written by leonellie
very good reading spot on " ... written by sust 250
Great reading!!" ... written by vanessa
You are spot on! And my gut is confirming everything you've said. Thanks" ... written by whiteflowers 1
Always amazing! always my go to person. :) " ... written by JK
Awesome lady" ... written by ville
lovely, as always!! mussy is always worth a private xo" ... written by f-v
great reading great lady thank you" ... written by dubyjudy
very helpful kind and connected" ... written by STAVROS
all i can say is big hugssss u got things u couldnt know unbelievable " ... written by z
She is a great medium" ... written by joan
Great woman, says it as it is. Going to go think over the things that were said. I will be back soon. xx" ... written by Tiestoswife
she was right on" ... written by forjettti
Always a great reading with mussi! I go to her regularly for readings and won't go to anyone else! Thanks for everything, Mussi!" ... written by amethyst7777
Nice reading!" ... written by Ven
lovely" ... written by Chris
wonderful reading!! picked up on things I wouldn't have imagined. Wonderful lady with a great sense of humor also. Will definitely come back again! " ... written by deb
Another great reading from Mussi thanks! Always with no input from me, she can target the direction my life is going into; having clarity really cements those nagging thoughts!" ... written by Cheryl
Always a joy!!!!!!! I love learning new guidence every time. Some of it comes true straight away- then after just a bit of time- bam more guidance comes rushing in from our private chat. Blessing to you darlin" ... written by Lovincat
love this lady shes so beautiful and amazing xoxoxxo" ... written by ness
OMG she got my husband and his brothers name WOW!!" ... written by Lori
ty" ... written by ghost face
thank you" ... written by all
Great she is just great xx" ... written by Xxx
amazing reading , pure andamp; gifted .. love her" ... written by tamjones
Five stars, this lady is the best." ... written by Jana
Awesome!! Aweosme and more awesome I will be back" ... written by Lori
amazing, exact detailed, on point." ... written by Pavel
THis lady was right on the mark.......I gave mer no information." ... written by Judy
one of the very best here. outstanding !!!!" ... written by lopezina1
Mussi is a gift from above, a true earth angel and I'm deeply grateful for her guidance. Her sessions are filled with so much love and information. ♥ What a blessing ♥" ... written by beachy
She can tap into the spirit world with no information and right away. I am so so lucky to have found her. The help I got was worth more than anything in the world. " ... written by deserttree
Absolutely wonderful!!!" ... written by love
awesome!" ... written by spiritlight1
You have answered all the questions that haven't been truly answered before, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know what I have to do now, and I will keep you posted. No turning back. God bless you! 20+ stars!!!!!" ... written by whiteflowers 1
brilliant really feel comforted and warm and fuzzy nice to know my nans still with me thankyou soo much i needed that comfort" ... written by kayleighfrancia
This dear lady is very accurate and truthfully blunt when she speaks and holds nothing back. I have gone to her several times and feel a warm welcome and strong energy. Always a pleasure to sit with her. She asks for no information.....she delivers it in her own inimitable way. Always a pleasure. " ... written by Judith
Much to my surprise she was spot on with her reading. Does not need any information. Does not use tools. I am taking her advise seriously but just waiting for the appropriate time to act on her advise. God Bless." ... written by JJ
A brilliant psychic. Extremely Accurate. One of the most interesting readings I have ever received." ... written by Kev
I love MussiLady . She is so correct and honest . Truly Gifted ! Thank you . " ... written by Marine Wife
First read with her...i love her already! " ... written by Gina
amazing" ... written by star
WOW! I never imagined I would get so much info! You are an amazing gift from above mussi. Many blessings to you kind soul... I will look forward to another reading! ♥" ... written by kelly
I just love her,she is strait on and will be honest and tell you like it is.I love talking with her and so does all my family as well she is just awsome and gets what you need, and I will keep comming back to her." ... written by wildfire1959
She was right but i'll have to do more research on what she told me, cause I couldnt remember (:" ... written by Julie
was right with every thing that has went on in the past months " ... written by Roze
thank you" ... written by allbright
I loved her so much we connected right off the top and my family was there as well,she made me feel loved warmth and I know that my loved ones are always with me forever.She is real and to the point and is really connected with the sprit world.I love her and will come back to talk again.You are awsome mussilady312" ... written by wilfire1959
Very gifted!" ... written by tasha_j
SHES GREAT!!!" ... written by JAMIRA76
One of the most gifted psychics on Oranum. What she brings through doesn't seem possible. But, there are specifics that only I knew that were discussed!" ... written by Chris
Mussi is amazing! I so wish I could've stayed longer with her! I will definitely get another reading from her again :)) she is so warm and everything she said rang true, and she picked up on ALOT! She is truly genuine!! " ... written by Lolabella
Fantastic :) xx" ... written by princess_20
She is just right to the point and doesnt give any half steps at all.Strait forward and truthful to you,she tells all and will let you know what you want and what they want.She is number #1 I just love her she makes me fill so much better all the time :)) love yas mussi :)) WILDFIRE1959" ... written by wildfire1959