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Psychic problemsgoodbyehas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic problemsgoodbyehas recently helped 35members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about problemsgoodbye's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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*RELATIONSHIP & REUNION EXPERT* Dream Interpretation * Contacting and Communicating with Celestial Spirit Guides * Scattering Negative Energies: * Cleansing Rituals to Dispel Negative Energies * Curse Breaking and Returning Negative Energy *Motivational Reconditioning: * Creative Visualization * Meditation Techniques.

Very good accurate and nailed it! he used no tools and was fast and very very honest! highly recommended " ... written by Think Blue
thank you for your all help and God bless you" ... written by jas
He is a wonderful person and God-gifted. He is very accurate and spot on with his assessments, and gave very good advice. He uses no tools. I will come back to update on the outcome." ... written by Globe
Very direct and details... he sees work be busy till Nov 23rd...same as last readings. it is a busy time for me and I didn't say much to him... good news is he sees it gets better afterward. Will see and thanks!" ... written by William
WOW! picked up a lot without me uttering a word. Definitely psychic and really good." ... written by sylvestri
Quick read and on point." ... written by J
Nice man. Tuned in well and was honest. No tools and clearly very good." ... written by k
This was very instructive and helpful. Thank you very much!" ... written by Charlie
Very precise and straight to the point. " ... written by aik
great healing my issue immediately and started to work on it.....will return again!! thank you" ... written by penwil
This guy is great!! fast, very tuned in to your situation, problems etc, He gives you anwers in absolution no frills. Just awesome! I needed quick accurate answers and got what I came for. Thumbs Up!!!" ... written by Cordie167
Great reading, nice person. Thank you!" ... written by Happy Momma
thanks it was very quick and to the point." ... written by N
I had a very accurate and good reading. He was very inciteful and told me what was unfolding around me. " ... written by Sam
He was correct alto little more speed andamp; description would been nice in reading... but considering i gave him no info he was spot on must say ...." ... written by elle
he is amazing and god gifted. A humble and powerful man. I highly recommend. Thank you" ... written by Susan
Nice reading " ... written by gigaman1978
he's really good, slow typist but he's accurate. he doesnt use tools and picked up on my situation by only dob and name" ... written by m
Good reading. Very accurate." ... written by ta1
good reading " ... written by little angel
He's really good. Very accurate and professional and knows what he's talking about. Very kind and sincere too. Thank You" ... written by Think Blue
Great reading! Awesome healer...please consult problemsgoodbye... " ... written by tar1
nice reading" ... written by micd123
Very Inspiring and helpful. Thank you so much. I hope your advice helps. " ... written by Mary
powerful and very truthful connection. I was thoroughly blessed. and will be back!" ... written by beautywithinone
Waooo gret reading he knows what is doing....Knowledge here....." ... written by ed
Great reading. Will wait to see it come true!" ... written by ta11
Fast and accurate, glad i took him to private x" ... written by Mshelli
yes good thanks" ... written by Hayley
Very helpful, look forward to the prediction." ... written by Z
amazing reading, have to come back to him." ... written by daisy12345678
Truly gifted" ... written by m4luk4
Great reading. Accurate and very helpful." ... written by tar1
He is very accurate and i will come again to him . Must have he's very postive person" ... written by Rauf
accurate reading, look forward to predictions...very nice guy gave awesome advice to...i will b back" ... written by spirit7846
Thank you for the reading very practical and very honest." ... written by ikroyalakrk
wow this guys goes the extra mile to help..i mean alot of extra miles....and very accurate...u must try him he is genuine the real deal" ... written by spirit7846
Good and detailed readings...thank you!!!" ... written by MOIZ
Great........................" ... written by ed
excellent reading" ... written by jj
he was good andamp; gave me some timeframes. did not waste time in all the b.s which other psychics do in this site:(" ... written by neha
Hes very positive. " ... written by naye
very accurate!" ... written by ray
we'll see...he has good testimonials" ... written by frag
very interesting to see what happens with his predictions" ... written by Bonnie
very good!!!!!" ... written by lopezina
Absolutely wonderful! He gave me a time frame and initials... and also the information I needed to be able to progress... he forewarned me of issues with a person... I will come back for updates... bless you...." ... written by Pam
goood " ... written by loverboy
great connection as usual...blessings" ... written by beautywithinone
he is good" ... written by ashil
This was a quick reading but it was still great! He respected my wishes for saving some of my credits and because he respected my wishes. When I am ready for another reading, I will come back to him and spend the credits he helped me save with him!! He deserves them because he is very RESPECTFUL, KIND, UNDERSTANDING and ACCURATE! Great reading and I will be back for an update. Thank you Problems Goodbye and I wish you many blessings!" ... written by kayeluv1
HE IS GOOD" ... written by LOVERBOY
HE is wow. what else to say 5 Stars all the way" ... written by loverboy
wow He is real good the real deal problemsgoodbye :-)" ... written by loverboy
Intuitive, nice connection , recommend" ... written by B
Thank you for every thing even though it was short.. definitely will come back to him. :) " ... written by daisy12345678
Gives me hope.." ... written by LadyUK
Wonderful reading! He does NOT waste your credits and answers all of your questions without asking you a lot of questions! The screen froze up but the information that he told me before then was very accurate. Thank you for my reading! I wish you many blessings!" ... written by Kayeluv1
Great second half of my reading! I can’t wait for his predictions to come true. Problems Goodbye was very nice and understanding. He was fast and accurate and did not waste my credits! I will be back for an update. I recommend getting a reading from him. Thank you so much Problems Goodbye. I am wishing you many blessings! Take care." ... written by kayeluv1
Great Reading" ... written by ed
He is very good for guidance and he guide us all with the help of god . I will recommend hi to everyone" ... written by Sheriyaar
He is very accurate even in a very short time and he never sugar cote" ... written by Aman
He picked up on some energies that needed to be cleared and took time to do a beautiful clearing ritual for me. It was amazing." ... written by wren1414
Amazing.. He told me things that were just incredible I recommend him to everyone has great insights and told me things no one has ever said to me, I am happy to have met him." ... written by Christopher
Very Nice :)" ... written by khan
awesome guy, very powerful indeed...:)" ... written by spirit7846
I don't know it could be true. Time will tell. " ... written by cutiepattootie
Recommended to everyone. First most favorite psychic on Oranum. " ... written by Supreet
HE IS GOOD" ... written by LOVERBOY
Very straight to the point and picked up the answers I needed." ... written by Srallen77
He is the best. He is a man of God. " ... written by Supreet
Very good very helpful" ... written by viviann
Time will tell" ... written by cutiepattootie
Great Reading......." ... written by ed
Very honest, straightforward and concise man! First reading so lets see what happens . Will def be back when things get better on my side" ... written by Ad
He is just incredible has done amazing work for me and i will never regret seeing him ,he is a god sent and just helped me to solve major problems in my life thankyou so much friend." ... written by christopher
great as usual..powerful man" ... written by spirit
Excellent" ... written by Jenny
he was good. i would rate him as 5 star******" ... written by aquavenus
5 star rating!! Tonight he has performed using his special gift to show my bf that some chick has cast a spell on him to take him from me. It is already starting to backfire. I know it sounds crazy but I think he was actually seeing this. " ... written by cutiepattootie
very on point..accurate..didn't waste time and got to exact what I needed to hear from him...thank you..will def be back again!" ... written by Lehua
thank you some much he is accurate and a problem solver " ... written by hannah
very very very accurate and to the point, seriously." ... written by s
Very helpful! Is able to connect with spirits around me, highly recommend!" ... written by Angelica
had a healing session with him today he was nice and comforting waiting for his healing to unfold after 10 days will post my feedback " ... written by hannah
Excellent person and human been.........Great......" ... written by ed
very accurate" ... written by Ziyada-21
He is so great." ... written by Ziyada-21
He is very accurate..." ... written by Eric
FIVE STAR HERE********GREAT GUY********" ... written by EDGAR
5 star rating did not know what to expect. He was fast truthful right on point. Told me hurdles and gave solution to problems. Thank you very much. I will be back for update in November for prediction." ... written by christine
gave me great support and has a lot to offer" ... written by tk
very gifted and honest..i appreciate the reading very much!! love and light" ... written by Lehua
Thank you for the help and support! I'll be back.." ... written by LW
Very good very helpful 5 Stars" ... written by viviann
He is great . I look forward to his solutions." ... written by G
His the best on Oranum" ... written by Yb4real
great" ... written by lopezina
Thanks and salam" ... written by J
It was hard without sound, but I liked what he said." ... written by Katie
Great psychic with wonderful intuition, well deserved five stars. He offers great clarity and make your wishes turn into reality." ... written by tk
amazing reading..thank you so much for everything!!! " ... written by Lehua
gave me fresh update bless him always amazing to talk to him" ... written by hannah
Problemsgoodbye is a great reader and he was very helpful and honest. I came back for another reading!" ... written by Janelle
Very Good very helpful thank you" ... written by viviann
His all about getting your problems solved..Highly, Highly recommended" ... written by Yb4real
Greatt" ... written by ed
Very good very helpful thank you" ... written by viviann
He was accurate and true about my situation and believe by his help everything will be ok. thank you sir " ... written by Rdti
Very Goo Very helpful give him 5stars" ... written by Viviann
he is very good and accurate" ... written by d
amazing guy, very honest and accurate" ... written by spirit
***** Great Reading Waiting on Results*****" ... written by ed
He's nice and friendly." ... written by Santhanakon
He has good insight into things and very helpful with advice as to how to work on things to make them happen." ... written by Maria
Very good very helpful" ... written by viviann
Awesome , God bless you ....will be back for my session ." ... written by loonaloona1984
i love him truly good psychic here in oranum" ... written by rani
a very powerful man genuines accurate and honest, u can trust him" ... written by spirit
Right on the money!" ... written by Jean
thank you so much for piece of mind." ... written by hana
very accurate and on point....very powerful reader...thank you so much for amazing reading" ... written by vika
Again I highly recommend him, Very helpful and Caring. Give him a try." ... written by Yb4real
Good reading. Told me what I needed to know and helped guide me to what I need to do :)" ... written by Mary
this man is a life saver, his predictions are accurate all the time, and he is so powerful he never fails me ...millions stars!!!" ... written by spirit
GREAT." ... written by ed
Let's me know whats going on every time!! Picks up on my situation very quickly!!! Recommended" ... written by Ash
very good reader." ... written by missvika
Straight to the point and accurate " ... written by aikhooiooi
he is good but i do wish he is a little more direct. often he says "i have to say something" etc ...which is a little time consuming." ... written by bubbles
he is very accurate and helping" ... written by sara
WoW Amazing power!! i felt it so strongly .. loving person to talk to.. i am so glad that i found you!" ... written by shiva
" ... written by Viviann
Very good ver helpful 5 stars" ... written by Viviann
Problemsgoodbye is fantastic. His readings are accurate and he even gave me a discount." ... written by Flirty Bee
he is wonderful!!" ... written by shiva
Thank you for the reading very clear and truthful" ... written by ikroyala
great man very a regular client..he has helped em through my journey and made accurate predictions all the way" ... written by spirit
He is amazing!!! try him ... very accurate readings!! amazing human being .. he truly cares about his clients.. It has an amazing power!!! " ... written by shivashanti
Excellent as always. Highly recommended." ... written by Yb4real
Very good reader very accurate and detailed" ... written by ikroyala
Very Good" ... written by Viviann
great insight!" ... written by Maria
I felt connected to him and I have a good feeling he will guide me where I need to be" ... written by ary_ar889
he is great" ... written by shiva
he is great" ... written by shiva
A very kind and caring soul who gives quick and clear advice . And he has a voice like an angel when doing his chants . " ... written by spiderlilli
Thank you for helping me with my pain tonight much appreciated!" ... written by Felicia
Very good reading :)" ... written by Roberta De Bellis
Great Reading....!" ... written by Oceania
Very big help with my situation. So very thankful for all of his help. I got much needed information for my situation. =)" ... written by Mary
great" ... written by poli
Great reading" ... written by Sunday
I can"t thank you enough for your support! your accurate readings and you power are amazing! you are the best :) " ... written by Shiva
wow he is so accurate guy everything he told me is happened so i recommand people to use him " ... written by insurance
very helpful" ... written by chris
yes I enjoyed the reading." ... written by carolyn wells
Seemed to know the situation quite well. Gave good accurate information and details." ... written by --
First reading with this guy, he was fast accurate and to the point. I would definitely recommend him." ... written by Mshelli
Good reader, wish I could have asked more, thanks." ... written by b
seems true but don't know a lot said there" ... written by Antonina
Helped me heal and will definitely talk to him again" ... written by Cinnadoll
thanks for the reading very helpful and honest. Thanks!!" ... written by janedoe
good reading!!" ... written by cancerian14
Very soothing. Feeling better. " ... written by Lynda
pretty good connection. First reading with him. Will see if what he told will come to pass. Thank you :)" ... written by A
A truly blessed ready. He connects fast and accurately to your situation and gives good advice to help solve issues. Will be back...5 stars from me." ... written by Z
He was very very kindness n helpful, I strongly suggest him especially same religious....great focus." ... written by SURVIVOR
he is very helpful can feel his concern as well." ... written by cees
Everyday have different reading amazing.....VERY ACCURATE..I LOVE HIM" ... written by SURVIVOR
I feel so good inside...reading with him. Fully recommend him...." ... written by SURVIVOR
He is a Great person OMG...I become Positive now with him..." ... written by SUVIVOR
U will speechless once he knew everythg abt u...after several reading..VERY AMAZING thats really a gift given, he really helpful andamp; its true he is calling himself PROBLEMSGOODBYE..." ... written by HAPPIER
Very helpful and precise. Problemsgoodbye read my situation precisely without any information from me. I will use him again and recommend him highly." ... written by Flirty Bee
This one listened and answered my questions. Great reading. Will be back. " ... written by Fiona
He alwayz have suprise that u will not expect...." ... written by survivor
excellent reader and knows exactly what the problem is. to the point answers and no sugar coating. highly recommended. " ... written by pbajoria
GREAT energy given by him...VERY very very helpful andamp; sincere." ... written by solveproblem
his the best. good hearted man. very good .help full i will get in touch for sure soon. thank you" ... written by hopelovesun
He always give good reading...happy to hear...thanks Problemsgoodbye" ... written by coolme
Vakes u alive....try him u wont regret." ... written by survivor
I feel confident reading given by him even I almost lost hope he will convince you." ... written by coolme
He will make you happy if you wanted too with excellent reading." ... written by SURVIVOR
He is good ... " ... written by Britta
He was very Great Reader andamp; even u dont tell all he will knew every single details of your story...Very excellent." ... written by SURVIVOR
Happy to see him online andamp; do reading with him...." ... written by SURVIVOR
Almost want to give up luckily he convincing me....thank god thank you PROBLEMSGOODBYE" ... written by coolme
Problemsgoodbye lives up to his name in every way. He is an incredible psychic full of wisdom and insights to give you exactly what you need today!!! EXCELLENT READING and I'm so glad I chose you!!! " ... written by Summerbreeze888
He is great " ... written by Pikanta
He is very Damn Good...try him" ... written by survivor
After so long not reading he convince me again...try him wont regret." ... written by coolme
VERY HONEST andamp; HELPFULL GAVE MANY DETAILS" ... written by queenbee22
Funny" ... written by Jimmy
a very powerful reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Yes. Things Cleared." ... written by Tokinha13
Even though slow but its worth it. Try him wont regret. " ... written by coolme
He was very Accurate andamp; convincing...try him" ... written by coolme
very powerful session" ... written by maichi
Problemsgoodbye is extraordinary in his ability to help!!! EXCELLENT READING!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
His reading really work...try him no regret." ... written by coolme
Problemsgoodbye is extraordinary!!! WONDERFUL reading!!! Excellent insight and advice in all areas of my life, absolutely amazing!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
good reading !!!!" ... written by p
He was so so so details andamp; I feel incomplete without him...very very helpful andamp; accurate, there must have information after reading." ... written by SURVIVOR
He is very helpful andamp; very33 accurate...try him you wont regret." ... written by COOLME
HE'S GREAT!" ... written by SHANG
I feel safe andamp; confident with him.Trust him everythg will be fine." ... written by coolme
he is doing very well." ... written by coolme
By all respect...he really did what we want,he try to fulfill our needs. Believe me you all have to try him." ... written by survivor
He has done alot of time ran out...he said 2 nights....I will update....and problem solver please send me an email with your finally words....thank you" ... written by Denise
He is the most powefull psychic i have ever talked to!!! try him yourself " ... written by Pikanta1
At last our session almost last...alot changes so far very positives, M so so so happy with him.Thanks ProblemsGoodbye you're the best. " ... written by coolme
thanks so much" ... written by sin
He very sense able...andamp; helping to avoid bad thing happen to us." ... written by survivor
very good" ... written by a
He is saving mylife...try him wont regret" ... written by survivor
verygood" ... written by hopelovesun
very good" ... written by hopelovesun
Really2 amazing he is...." ... written by survivor
Happy alwayz to get great readings..every day different reading which we dont even know become knw all in details. Very surprising with his new reading...Amazing Problemsgoodbye, you are Great among all. " ... written by coolme
this man is good highly recommended. His predictions are coming through and he sees the situation clearly. thanks for your help" ... written by Yb4real
5 stars !!! " ... written by Pikanta
Very honest man ! " ... written by Pikanta
Problemsgoodbye is incredible!!! He has given me more help than I can express. EXCELLENT READER!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
went very good" ... written by davis
Was very333 accurate..." ... written by coolme
OMG u can imagine how accurate andamp; true he is. unbelieveable..." ... written by coolme
Great update " ... written by GF speechless." ... written by coolme
I enjoy talking to you. You manage to make a diffrence in me always! Thank you!!! " ... written by Pikanta1
Alwayz satisfied me..." ... written by coolme
im very2 happy with his work very satisfied andamp; u wont regret. try him. Thank you so much, Problemsgoodbye" ... written by coolme
He was helpful and got down to work immediately with empathy and understanding. He answered all the questions that were posed to him and he was genuine in trying to help with my situation. Appreciate your help, Sir. God bless. " ... written by Miracle
I feel protected now...very helpfulandamp; really amazing...fully recommended him 100%. " ... written by COOLME
Very amazing he will surprise everyday reading,something u dont know he will let u know which u will amazed with it. " ... written by coolme
Amazing andamp; I really proud of him..really2 works. Thank you so much...appreciate of what you had done." ... written by survivor
Improvement everyday...amazing" ... written by coolme
New reading was surprising " ... written by coolme
You are an amazing man!!! thanks a lot for everything !!!" ... written by Pikanta
Happy for me to have reading with him..." ... written by SURVIVOR
Feel better again...." ... written by COOLME
thank you " ... written by dee
Just cont.reading with him to make me more better..." ... written by COOLME
Everytime new reading always new story...amazing..." ... written by COOLME
Always amazing impress." ... written by COOLME
I FEEL more n more better reading with him." ... written by COOLME
he is very good. sadly my credits went out i will be back for sure" ... written by b
He is really amazing...every time reading always amazed me. Thanks for helping Problemsgoodbye." ... written by survivor
I am now happy of his work so many amazing things happened frm him. Try him you will happy andamp; satisfied." ... written by COOLME
Thanks a lot again !!" ... written by Pikanta1
Amazing!!! thanks.. i know you always do your very best for me because you care! thanks!!!" ... written by Pikanta1
very accurate and detailed read. gave an exact description of what is happening in my situation. Revealed some interesting things that I hadn't mentioned" ... written by GF
Problemsgoodbye is great! He is very intuitive and really helping me out! Thank you sir! " ... written by M
Continue to complete mysession..was great." ... written by coolme
thanks a lot" ... written by meme
Done my session...feel better. Very acurate really ...try him u will speechless." ... written by coolme
thanks a lot for help and nice reading! i truly enjoy every time. See you tomorrow. and thanks a lot !!!!" ... written by Pikanta
Great reading..." ... written by coolme
Great reading again...very2 accurate." ... written by coolme
Happy to have reading with him always have new news....great" ... written by coolme
He is wonderful and helpful and helping me out a great deal! I see results everyday! Thank you so much sir! " ... written by M
Great reading" ... written by Kesha
Problemsgoodbye is great! He KNOWS every details and gives you his best. It's amazing! " ... written by M
Reading alwayz amazing eveytime...try him wont regret" ... written by coolme
great reader 10 stars" ... written by mhhearts
He really helpful andamp; wont regret u at all. " ... written by coolme
really333 amazing...everytime reading always anything news that we dont tell he knows." ... written by coolme
So far it's 5 stars." ... written by *
Thank you for all your help and prayers!! " ... written by M
Very interesting again n again..." ... written by coolme
It had an amazing healing session! He is a wonderful man and doing all to help me. :)" ... written by M
He's very excellent reader..every reading always new story which telling whole truth." ... written by coolme
I don't know what i would do without you!!! you are amazing .. thanks again for the wonderful reading. c u tomorrow :)" ... written by Pikanta
He really amaze you..u will be speechless to hear it." ... written by SURVIVOR
very good" ... written by NANY 14
first time read n healing session...rather amazing" ... written by rosy
M Happy his back....make me feel better." ... written by SURVIVOR
He is great!! Helped me greatly!!!!!! " ... written by M
great update" ... written by zimerili1
I asked him about a man that I am interested in. Did a session for me at $100 and said I should check back with him in two days. I will post a comment if the man in question contacts me. I( have already sent him two text messages that he has not answered, so only time will tell." ... written by LyndaCLogie
Very helpful of his reading andamp; suggesting the more option for better result, wont regret unless to try." ... written by coolme
It was lovely talking to you again. .. am more relaxed!! thanks a see you tomorrow :)" ... written by Pikanta
Was satisfied with his reading...." ... written by coolme
Reading always something new update which very2 accurate" ... written by coolme
good reading, v affordable and quick. " ... written by random
very good" ... written by golasham
He is awesome" ... written by Kesha
i am confused my time should not have ended" ... written by jean jones
He cure my sadness to relax for this few days..try him u wont regret.." ... written by coolme
you are great reader u r really amazing. i was really satisfied and happy i got to know such reader lik you " ... written by golasham
Great reading again with him wont regret" ... written by coolme
Reading for today is feeling great..." ... written by coolme
very good in detailing, however awaiting results." ... written by Virginia Williams Campbell
amazing guy, very caring and honest he is amazing" ... written by spirit
Highly recommeded, very good reader, quick and fast." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Was Great reading...excellent" ... written by coolme
Helped a tremendous amount." ... written by eklade
good answer" ... written by tim
Complete my reading was so great andamp; amazing" ... written by SURVIVOR
Reading was so Great abt future...very interesting to hear that. Thanks Problemsgoodbye" ... written by coolme
Will let him help me " ... written by Daniela P.
give him 5 starts" ... written by Vivia
a very goood reader willing to help me by using his special abilities fantastic man too good 5 stars for him" ... written by golasham
Have great reading...excellent andamp; very accurate." ... written by coolme
very nice and helpful" ... written by golasham
Fantastic!!!! Five Stars." ... written by Mitch
Does wonders for your life. Can fix anything" ... written by eklade
really awesome" ... written by g
really fast and good" ... written by j
Great andamp; very amazing of his reading very very excellent." ... written by coolme
Was excellent reading im speechless always new updated." ... written by coolme
interesting and fast response to questions will definitely return for another session" ... written by lynn
thanks for the update and the words of advice." ... written by GF
He is consistent in his predictions. His last prediction came to pass. Time will tell." ... written by *
Thank you for a good reading!" ... written by Charlie
was pleasure chatting with him- made me smile thank you- I shall return " ... written by lynn
New update was so amazing andamp; excellent work of him, very impressive. Thank Problemsgoodbye" ... written by coolme
Is truelly helpful, and his work helps out outside of his sessions, definetely worth the time." ... written by eklade
Update myreading was so will know what he capable off..Thanks Problemsgoodbye" ... written by coolme
Great ready andamp; Excellent of him. Very Accurate andamp; so confident." ... written by coolme
great session indeed will return ty" ... written by lynn
Problemsgoodbye is an amazing reader in every way! Great insights, sees all angles of your situation and is able to reverse negative energies affecting your life." ... written by Summerbreeze888
he has helped in my situation, i will certainly return for guidance" ... written by lynn
He was so nice, fast, answered to all my questions pretty quickly and honestly too and confirmed everything for me. He also gave me great news to look for and i will be coming back for another reading. Thank you so much :) Highly recommend him!" ... written by Adiee
details were given for my situation be back again" ... written by lynn
great reading with details" ... written by lynn
another great reading, details was given quickly" ... written by lynn
Missing his reading so so much so many differences improvement alot." ... written by COOLME
another great reading -more informative in questions thank you" ... written by lynn
Very connected and a great healer of problems." ... written by tlsimms2008
very nice fast and good" ... written by cali
thank you for another session with most information of my situation- i shall return soon" ... written by lynn
Just Updated after 8days away which is so many negativity over myself andamp; now time to clean it with him so that your life daily would be happy andamp; make things even better." ... written by coolme
Reading updated make me happy very33 accurate you wont regret at all just dont give up." ... written by coolme
Cont reading for update which I miss for 4days, alots improvement." ... written by coolme
At last can get in touch with him after last monday andamp; very2 accurate actually just the matter of time difficult to match with his time." ... written by coolme
he has helped me in my situation, answers questions immediately- i will return thank you" ... written by lynn
Updating myreading which need to solve some matter..very amazing of his work really unbelievable." ... written by coolme
a great session indeed, much more info" ... written by lynn
Updated very happy...OMG really you are the best. Thanks Yar" ... written by coolme
Again updating my reading...what else i can say...AMAZZZZINGGG...really try me iam IMPRESS of his work...thanks ProblemsGoodbye you are the BEST." ... written by coolme
I am happy reading with him very amazing andamp; convincing...always have new reading without expectation. Must have confident with him will make work easy andamp; have good result." ... written by COOLME
will definitely return thank you" ... written by lynn
another session with most informative guidance" ... written by lynn
thank you for helping my situation - will return" ... written by lynn
a very informative session" ... written by lynn
you will calm after hear the truth from him even how tempered you are but still he can control your temper. Thanks Problemsgoodbye for convincing." ... written by coolme
Every time reading must have something news update, he really amazing andamp; you will speechless about his new updated. really2 out off your expected, he will help to solve any off your problem immediately as long as you focus of what he asked you to do. Thanks Problemsgoodbye you are the Greatest." ... written by coolme
Awesome!!!" ... written by Morten
Miss about his reading andamp; very satisfied with him very very accurate." ... written by coolme
very good" ... written by golasham
He is very insightful and helpful. " ... written by Kris
Its really amazing of his reading really, because he can avoid from some1 do something bad to he will help you to cure it..Very Amazing every time ready no regrets." ... written by coolme
Had another great session. It is amazing, come and try you will not regret" ... written by Morten
very accurate reading...." ... written by coolme
Doing some works for my better life, very accurate reader andamp; excellent. Just focus on what he asked to do.Things will be in your favor." ... written by SURVIVOR
Updating my yesterday work reading, very very outstanding very accurate" ... written by SURVIVOR
Just missing to read with him, cant even miss daily of his reading." ... written by COOLME
When he start reading, the things that I dont know he will tell every single little things which makes you become more amaze with his work. Thats why I never go to others readers." ... written by coolme
VERY2 ACCURATE" ... written by coolme
Appreciate for his advise for the reading very amazing andamp; accurate." ... written by SURVIVOR
informative each time thank you" ... written by lynn
another good day with guidance to my situation" ... written by lynn
a session with information and questions answered quickly- " ... written by lynn
Very straight to the point! Thank you!" ... written by Charlie
helped in my situation" ... written by lynn
Consistent readings. Let's see how life unfolds." ... written by .
He is good! I will see soon the out come." ... written by southernsoulgirl30
Updating my reading is very satisfaction, he is really amaze. Try him you wont regret at all." ... written by coolme
most detailed reading once again" ... written by tumon
great reading today, much details given" ... written by lynn
Thanks for updating every new reading I am satisfied with his work which you all might not find another psychic other than him." ... written by coolme
Thank you so much!!! you are very kind, and positive! All my questions were answered, thank you again!" ... written by scadoodle
has helped in my situation, thank you" ... written by lynn
Insightful, need to come back for clarification." ... written by Z
So long that we havent contacted, everything always have a new story or new updated due to very busy do my work makes me sometimes so sad not to keep in touch with him. Now can solve the problem if u managed always keep in touch." ... written by coolme
great reading" ... written by lynn
most informative in reading and questions answered" ... written by lynn
a great session" ... written by lynn
Updating my reading for after a week so many changes if you skip even a few days to make thing happened as we wish we must do it frequently. " ... written by coolme
Just continue reading to make myself clear andamp; satisfied, what he did was very miracle. I am Speechless." ... written by coolme
M doing reading with need to complete previous reading. He is very2 accurateandamp; you wont believe what he capable off, try him u wont regret." ... written by coolme
most informative reading thank you" ... written by lynn
Lovely patience man wish I was able to spend more time with him but funds run out." ... written by Esther
Continue reading of 2day season will have to cont.again tomorrow for last reading which must completed for 3days for better result. Thank you Problemsgoodbye for the working." ... written by coolme
Just update my reading for so long...he is very confident with his reading." ... written by coolme
many answers given to my situation has helped me thank you " ... written by lynn
I need more time but from what I got, he gave a lot of precision." ... written by call
amazing, cant wait to see the results. thank you so much " ... written by helpneeded
he has once again told me things, answers questions with a lot of care and understanding. thank you" ... written by lynn
Great reading for long time did not reach him, very2 accurate andamp; excellent read. " ... written by coolme
great update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
questions answered ,will return thank you" ... written by lynn
thank you for your help. " ... written by helpneeeded
a" ... written by a
great session" ... written by lynn
my questions were answered, once again thank you" ... written by lynn
very detailed reading again thank you" ... written by lynn
great session once again" ... written by lynn
thank you for another detailed reading, and advisement given for my situation" ... written by lynn
dfgfdg" ... written by df
aaa" ... written by aa
clear and very detailed reading, once again" ... written by lynn
a" ... written by a
Very on point" ... written by Criss
thank you " ... written by lynn
another good session-thank you" ... written by lynn
thank you" ... written by lynn
many details and answers thank you." ... written by lynn
predictions were incorrect. " ... written by kk
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
great good advise, i will keep it in mind. thank you" ... written by jamira76
He was accurate. I'll be back." ... written by J
Great, accurate.. and awesome advice. " ... written by Natashaj88
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by G
great!" ... written by MOON
great reading, let me know what was going on." ... written by jamira76
Very good but we will see!" ... written by Abigail
he was great! so accurate and helpful!" ... written by sarah
THANKS. you are right. :) i feel better now, talking to you," ... written by MMarmalade
I enjoyed the chat reading. I like the fact he took a moment to tap into my problem and gave me quick and straight to the point answers. I was able to ask all questions I had concerns about with quick response. Thank you" ... written by dani
questions answered and guidance given on this reading-thank you" ... written by lynn
answered questions quickly- thank you" ... written by lynn
good" ... written by m
Great reading. Sad but true ;( know what to do now. My choice is if I can do it or not!" ... written by nik
Problemsgoodbye is proven to be really quick in his reading within the limited credit I had and I liked his honesty very sugarcoating and very outright. Highly recommended." ... written by love
good reading" ... written by lynn
detailed reading , informative" ... written by lynn
gave great advice, comforted me, and offered great help. knew my situation well. thank u" ... written by love
thank you very much! very dif reading. liked it a lot... strong connection wow! :) " ... written by sofi
Excellent reading" ... written by Danielle Laurole
Very spiritual healing work :)" ... written by H
thank you providing the insights." ... written by rose
GREATTTT, will be back!!!! :D" ... written by Rain
have great reading with him after so long time not able to due to time matter. Great time." ... written by COOLME
thank you" ... written by lynn
another great session- I will return for more advice" ... written by lynn
than for update" ... written by zimerili1
THANKS.. WHO KNOWS I MIGHT NOT GET FLORIDA!" ... written by MMarmalade
He was very helpful. I felt a lot better after hearing what he had to say." ... written by ANGELA N PINDER
relaxing reader and clearly focus on situation. Should be on track with your questions to explore further :)" ... written by FeelWill
He's Great!..." ... written by Revelation
very kind and friendly and very helpful and positive :)" ... written by jessica
Always a pleasure reading with problemsgoodbye, very accurate and interesting! Highly recommend. " ... written by Gabriel
i am very pleased with the amount of work he is putting in to help my relationship. very very happy and excited to see what is going to happen near future. thank u " ... written by christina
Awesome reading" ... written by Danielle
thanks for the help, very helpful and kind." ... written by Soul
Amazing!!" ... written by theodora
Amazing!!! I highly recommend him" ... written by theodora
Very honest and right on the mark. I highly recommend him." ... written by theodora
I think he was quite good. Would be great, if he can speak on the video chat, so its more easy to chat and get clarifications faster." ... written by James
Excellent reading " ... written by Lorann
very insightful and helpful" ... written by TP
hes very good, helped alot" ... written by Soul
Insightful reading, we will see what will come out of it. A bit different than the rest so far :)" ... written by cristiana
he was good" ... written by francis
Had another session today. I feel lighter and better . That all negativity is gone and I feel positive. More energy, also. " ... written by Tiffany
Awesome healing work! He tuned in extremely fast and accurate with no information, he knew the whole story. Today was my first sessions with him, And he has given me hope! I have some more to do, but In the end I'm sure it will all work out for the best with his help!!!! " ... written by Tiffany
Gave some dates and timeline for upcoming months, answered all the questions i had, good positive energy, thank you" ... written by Delicious
you are amazing! thanks for all the help. so refreshing to be with someone who has not only insight but also solutions for a change." ... written by Sarah4488
A wonderful person! I could have stayed forever. :))" ... written by Leebeetee
Going well so far. He has released by blocks and negativity and gave me some homework, I need to start on to solve my issues. Im hoping for a great outcome! So far I feel better, and it's only been 1 day! So far so good! Im looking forward to my next session!" ... written by tiffany
Amazing thats all i have to say" ... written by Theodora
amazing gifted talented man. " ... written by verygifted
fast and accurate reader, 5stars" ... written by thank you
Will do homework, like he advised" ... written by Happigal27
He is amazing - absolutely amazing! He really does have a gift. Everything he said I kind of had ideas but was not sure, so he confirmed. So many blessings andamp; gratitude to you! " ... written by Kelly
seems to really lock into feelings, we will see what happens." ... written by Chait
Calm reader and focused. Worth the time to try and explore :)" ... written by FeelWill
Performed a ritual that took up all my time..... not worth it." ... written by TTC2015
Quick and accurate reply. Will be back for more." ... written by kirstinsim
honest andamp; too the point, no sugar coating here" ... written by jas
thanks alot, i appreciate" ... written by MMarmalade
Thank you for the reading !" ... written by Ellen
Was precise with straight answer with advice for me! Will contact him asap again soon with more credits, waiting to see will what he told me will come to pass as stated!" ... written by favor2355
Wonder and sincere man, Is very good at his job. Has helped me with his work. Thank you Problemsgoodbye!!! Highly recommended." ... written by echoubi
is truly good at his work. Thank youProblemsgoodbye, He is making my problems go. Thank you!!!" ... written by echoubi
Great with his work, is very truthful and helped me. Thank you" ... written by echoubi
a good psycic, precise and so forth." ... written by weidelman
very good informative and good read Thank you problemsgoodbye" ... written by echoubi
Thank you for your insight and helping me to focus on what i need to do.. Thank you you are truly good. " ... written by echoubi
Thank you!!! For clarifying for me. " ... written by echoubi
direct and to the point" ... written by mssherryl
he is a very helpful reader, he see things and helps you make decisions, no sugar coating." ... written by chaitprice
good." ... written by .
Great session as always . Thank you!!" ... written by echoubi
This is actually an excellent reader. I was doubtful at first, didn't give him a clue. He picked on my past, present and future with 100% accuracy. He will be added to my favorite lists. Try him, you will be beyond amazed." ... written by belovedheart12
I felt the reading was valuable and it helped me feel I had made the right decisions in the past year. Leaving a negative relationship was the correct thing to do after 26 years of being married. " ... written by Jacqueline
Good reading" ... written by cbus
the best" ... written by Abigail
Very very good!! super good in answering and giving advice. thanks very much!" ... written by A
he was very honest , and i enjoyed his reading very much. if you want an honest psychic go to him!" ... written by ruby
he's so insightful" ... written by chaitprice
Good." ... written by .
Had very awesome session with problemsgoodbye. He is scary good.!" ... written by shelle97
Damn!! he was good!! Almost scary!!" ... written by shelle97
.;" ... written by .
Thank you for you insight and your calming words. Thank you for your honesty. You are a true friend" ... written by echoubi
absolutley amazing !!! OMG!!! " ... written by tamalaa74
Thank you for you insight on my situation as always it is very helpful and honest. Thank you " ... written by echoubi
Excellent, knew things which i didn't even mention about." ... written by BN
I really like u so much... andamp; I really trust on u, I am so greatful to get your help.... and I will be back for my other issues .... u r best ... :)" ... written by jen
LOVELY, ACCAMURATE, JUST AMAZING!!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze
he revealed things that i have been wondering for so long, and is willing to help me, I'm very grateful for his kindness and generosity " ... written by ruby
The time He put his mind into work, I felt his energy, like we were speaking to each other by the energy. he is such a positive person and you will not fail on trying his work out. thank you again for clearing the air for me." ... written by Parisa
Very Honest and helpful..thanks for your reading " ... written by Khan
It was a good connection and encouraging. Really amazing insight. " ... written by samar
Thank you for your kind reading and understanding and help" ... written by echoubi
Thank you so so so much to clear the air for me. You are very detailed and do not sugar coat. You have a very positive energy and attract people to yourself. thanks for taking yourtime and do a reading for me since i knew you were tired. thank you" ... written by parisa
It was a wonderful reading, so calming, and he gave me something to really practice, that is tangible, practical," ... written by nancy kelly
very calming and helpful Thank you" ... written by echoubi
OMG!! some of the details of this reading was soo accurate, all i can say is OMG!!" ... written by shelle97
Thank you I will pray like never before." ... written by Jeanett
The more i get reading from Problemsgoodbye, the more I like him. Honest and caring. Don't let his appearance fool you." ... written by shelle97
thanks again pg" ... written by shelle97
he is so kind and caring and really knows things without being told. He's awesome." ... written by chaitprice
Very intuitive. good. But ran out of time." ... written by softwater
good reading. wanted to know but ran out of time " ... written by Mrschung
he is honest and insightful . i suggets him 100 %" ... written by MYSTERY
;" ... written by a
He has fast and honest answers to all situations. You can trust him as he has the facts. 5 star" ... written by Great reader
the great andamp; such a true person ... love it ... thx u my friend God bless you " ... written by jenny
helpful" ... written by sam6161
good positive reading, honest answers and with a little smile sometimes too. He's cute and very nice and I have trust in him. " ... written by Awesome
Very helpful reading" ... written by john
thank you for the reading. " ... written by Sara
Very helpful reading" ... written by Ali
too bad not enough credit. i hope my homework will work." ... written by silver
He's so intuitive! told me lots of predictions and helps with the situation!" ... written by chaitprice
very nice man , and he's also very honest. I appreciated all the good advice that he gave me." ... written by ruby
problemsgoodbye is very pleasant andamp; intuitive. I enjoyed my reading with him. He enlighten me on things that concern me. After my reading, I begin to feel different which he said I would. Will return for more inspiration" ... written by colette
thank you for your dedication you have been putting into my situation things are looking up " ... written by a
He was very nice truthful and very compassionate,i'll definitely recommend him to others as he really does help" ... written by Renee
Thank you for your in-depth work you do!! you are always right on what is going on. Thank you" ... written by a
He is amazing! he's really so kind and wants to help you with your situation. " ... written by chaitprice
he's wonderful! Such a dear person!" ... written by chaitprice
He is remarkable! Love him!" ... written by chaitprice
very fast connection. great advice. thank you" ... written by ks
Great Insight from honest psychic with a true gift!!!! " ... written by INCREDIBLE INSIGHT
Interesting, engaging, some good insight and advice!" ... written by Cheeky cheeks
thank you again" ... written by sara
Alright, I only go to a few people on this site loyally but I decided to give P.G. a shot since I saw the good reviews and stars.....and you know what, I have a new favorite. He's clear and directly connects to you and your situation and people you want incite on and gives advice and guidance so thoroughly and kindly that I was moved and could have talked to him till the sun came up about life's mountains and curve balls. He really does have a gift and I would come back to consult with him again. See for yourself." ... written by Merrysinclair
he is very good in his readings, i feel very relaxed" ... written by rajni30
Good experience..." ... written by Rod
Thanks for the update :) Will talk soon!" ... written by Parisa
he's kind as well as insightful" ... written by chaitprice
Thanks" ... written by Paula
My first time, so time will tell. He was accurate with things and very kind. I will certainly be back for his help." ... written by *****
Thank you Thank you Thank you :)" ... written by Parisa
Thanks" ... written by paula
good" ... written by sarah
Thanks" ... written by Paula
Thanks" ... written by paula
great, awesome" ... written by jamira76
Thank you for another update! You are truly gifted :)" ... written by Parisa
He was very clear with his answers and spot-on! Thank you " ... written by justme0234
AMAZING READER, VERY ACCURATE, NO TIME WASTING. A++++++" ... written by Australia
Very Good!! Honest and true." ... written by faith
helpful" ... written by Angela
love visiting with him. He's really helpful." ... written by susan
great reading, he is honest and quick. " ... written by Great Reader
he's so lovely. can't wait to see how predictions come true" ... written by tpitchell
Thank you for the quick and precise information" ... written by Paula
A very spirtual man and kind quick with answers" ... written by Paula
Problemsgoodbye is what many people would call a miracle worker. his spirits are strong and his ways are powerful. He is my guide through life and I can only give him the top rating on here, but he deserves more. 5 stars!" ... written by nocassandra
awesome!" ... written by chytee
Thank you" ... written by Angela
thank you for your wonderful reading" ... written by Ali
Nice reading" ... written by john
He really does know and see alot! thank you" ... written by Angela
he was on point" ... written by misty combs
very fast and accurate! will use again!" ... written by Elizabeth
He is so good! Love him. Very good insight" ... written by tpitchell
best" ... written by best
really good" ... written by jamira76
Such a great reading and was quite spot on with a lot of things, going to follow his advice and see how it works out for me in a week thank you! " ... written by Sherry K
Very insightful and helpful" ... written by Angela
he's so helpful and helps guide me with my relationship." ... written by tmp
he is honest, no tools, good guidance" ... written by great reader
Connected super quick. Very accurate! And fun!" ... written by D
he's the best!" ... written by tmp
Dont ever n ever not trusting his words...thats all VERY TRUE, Believed me it happend to me which at 1st i confused andamp; now its really frustrating if you dont trust him. Now he cure me again andamp; I will trust him." ... written by coolme
A very good reading." ... written by Sarry
High recommended always helpful. " ... written by Angela Pinder
So helpful and honest" ... written by Angela
Great" ... written by Angela
Helpful" ... written by Angela
he's like a therapist. I love talking with him." ... written by Traci
very helpful " ... written by Ali
Another great reading with PG, wish I didn't run out of time.." ... written by shelle97
Very gifted and wise. Thank you, your instruction is valuable." ... written by Angela
he's very kind and has great humor in his help." ... written by tp
Thanks you for your time" ... written by Paula
Thank you" ... written by Angela
Today information came a little slower, but all in all very good as alwasys. Thank you for my reading I iwill come back and see you again ad stay confident" ... written by Lynn
thank you" ... written by Angela
great" ... written by Angela
the best person ever :)" ... written by jenny
Very gifted and picked up on situation very well." ... written by Ray
Wonderful as always. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs some guidance. Spot on as usual and knows me extremely well, even more so after this reading haha. I am very grateful that Oranum has Problems goodbye here. Ok I will come back and let you know what happens next. I will keep focus and try to do as you told me with the other stuff we discussed. Take care and God Bless You!!!" ... written by Lyn
he has alot of knowledge" ... written by Angela
Amaaazing man" ... written by Angela
Than you. You have been helpful." ... written by Kimberley
Honest and truthful." ... written by Y
He was so insightful and exact." ... written by Alexis
Awesome!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
was really interesting reading with good detail; will see how it spans out seems so understanding of the situation " ... written by sher
great person ever ... " ... written by jenny
thank you so much for all your help" ... written by san
cool ... the best one " ... written by jen
great reading! very honest and straight to the point..he was very fast to connect and kind! thanku" ... written by dragons rose
good and to the point " ... written by khan
he is amazing, very kind...honest, 1 of the best readings i have had on this website" ... written by Ammer
Always helpful. Again his highly recommend " ... written by Yb4real
Very details and connect fast. Good and bad... direct. Will see how this will go." ... written by William
Very good reader. Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Michelle
My 1st reading with him. He did describe things very well. He did know details and I told him nothing more but my name and dob. Time will tell if the predictions come true and my healing occurs. Thank you very much!" ... written by Selena
Really nice person helped me a bit. Suggested some things i need to do to sort my issues. Lets see how it works out in time." ... written by Arjun
thank you so much , always giving great guidance and picked up on details all i provided was dob. definitely gifted and i highly recommend problems goodbye" ... written by pine
problemsgoodbye connected very fast and was very accurate. He was also reassuring which helped with the reading. I enjoyed his reading a lot and I left with a lot of hope." ... written by Nicole
great" ... written by nastiti
He is very good, and sincere. I would recommended highly for anyone that needed help in spirit or problem." ... written by Vanida
It was my first time experience with "problemsgoodbye" and it will not be my last time. He was very concise, calm and collective with the following information. " ... written by Love Petal
thank you so much , after giving me the most amazing healing , i have come for an update and am very thankful :)" ... written by katie
very good person" ... written by mustafa
thank you for all of your help, you connect very fast and have great insight" ... written by mango
Best in every way! Super fast insights and totally tunes in. Awesome!!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888