About psychicCass

Psychic psychicCasshas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic psychicCasshas recently helped 33members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about psychicCass's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am an energy reader, relationship expert and spiritual advisor. I use angels and spirit guides, to help bring understanding to your situation.

really good reading thanks " ... written by k
great insights. she gives such clarity in my messy head. " ... written by RC
thank you it was good " ... written by rawrabbit
good" ... written by nazi
SHES SO SO GOOOOD! Guys, please give her a chance and opportunity to show what she is gifted with. She takes a little while to warm up, but once she's there - she's there!!! What she said was completely accurate and spoke to my heart. She really helped me! Minimal info given, and sooo much in return. Thank you for your love and guidance, sweet Cass! xxx" ... written by Blanket
Cass is awesome. She's a sweetheart. She's very energetic and gives great insight and advice. She knew a lot of things that I did not tell her. Totally Recommended! " ... written by Maria
very good new the situation and he person I was speaking of give her a try." ... written by sandi
clear and to the point, good reading :)" ... written by jagratti
Very good reading" ... written by Findingpeace
She is very good! No tool used. I like this style the best. " ... written by mw
Lovely help! Thank you" ... written by Brianne
she was wonderful detailed in her readings ..Great Reader Thank you..see you soon" ... written by sunshinec
wonderful detailed reading...makes so much sense.." ... written by lovelylady
thank you " ... written by linda
brill i love her to bits best reader" ... written by callum
Cassie is a genuine psychic, she picked up on exact words that had been spoken to me without any clues at all. Wow. And what a genuine, sweet lovely person. 100% recommend. Thank you" ... written by Amanda
Very accurate! Picked up on situations very quickly, " ... written by Drummergirl
sorry it froze up...great job will keep you informed:-)" ... written by pink
awesome reading, very truthful." ... written by christie
Thank you for your advice." ... written by d2k1000
Great reader highly recommend a reading with her she takes time to get to your situation but once there - wow!" ... written by ikroyalaq
very sweet and kind reader., I would use her any time. Higly recommended. Thank you. " ... written by mnt1446
nice very human...recommended" ... written by mette
Very informative, a lot of points touched on. Will go back again!" ... written by Jerilyn
she was spot on, she blow me away with accuracy , she is definitly the best psychic on oranum , love her !!!" ... written by peace
fantastic update reading an excellent expert" ... written by zimerili1
excellent, simple and explained things correctly and clear, and did not bit around bushes and she picked up personalities really well like herrrrrrrr" ... written by maria
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GUIDANCE " ... written by adriane
She is a wonderful reader and councillor very very accurate highly recommend having a reading with Cassie. My new best Psychic!!" ... written by ikroyala
Very sweet and honest." ... written by Eileen
Update with cass was just as awesome as first reading and consistent with outcome" ... written by marionlyttle
Very good reading, accurate lear well thought out and stated. Worth the time and has a good heart" ... written by Rhadhannia
Thank you Cass for such a wonderful reading.. It was all quite accurate.." ... written by Pooja
Very good thorough. Thank you! " ... written by Constantine
just amazing." ... written by jonnybones
She was very on what was going on. She told me exactly what I needed to know. She was very encouraging as well." ... written by Klove
Very insightful" ... written by girl1900
Very insightful and helpful!" ... written by burbanks
Excellent reading, very detailed and she was amazing at knowing the different energies of people in my life." ... written by Finding Peace
Thank you very very much for your help. I appreciate that the important questions are answered. I will definitely come again" ... written by Nightwind87
Friendly...helpful...caring!! a+++" ... written by J
Very honest and detailed." ... written by Saph
She is Amazing with her connections ,She had me in tears in a good way. .But I felt very Happy with my reading and she has a true gift ..God Bless You Cassie ..see you soon" ... written by sunshinec
Thank you Cass! It was nice talking with you! See u soon!" ... written by Mariela
Interesting to hear her perspective." ... written by callum
Never had a more crystal clear reading into the future. I love this reader and will come back to visit her again. Highly recommended." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Yet again, it was a great reading with Cassie.. She literally spoke my heart into right words, without me informing much.. She was honest and very genuine about the situation. She just sensed it so right, and gave me the true advice accordingly.. Thanks a ton Cassie :)" ... written by Pooja
I fully appreciate her honesty and understanding." ... written by call
thank you not what i wanted to hear, but needed to hear " ... written by mimi
she was very kind, i aprecaited her reading." ... written by leblanc
very knowledgeable, sweet woman. I liked her very much. sweet energy!" ... written by loveandsoulmate
Thank you! I understand everything you have told me. " ... written by Roxanne
Great reading and right on track" ... written by Angel
Cassie's readings are always great.. She senses your situation very well and knows exactly what to tell you.. Thanks a lot Cassie. :)" ... written by Pooja
Thank you so much again for the confirmation affirmation and truth!" ... written by ikroyalakrk
She is great! She's very through and answers all questions." ... written by D
Wow what an amazing reading im blown away. fantastic spot on so sweet and kind too." ... written by Lorann
wonderful, I'm really happy and she helped me so much. thanks again! I can't tell enough how grateful I am." ... written by Kender
I always love Psychic Cassie's readings, always perks me up, to achieving my goals for the longer term. I feel happiness and grace when talking with her.Always recommended, will come back again." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Always the best advice, always given ))" ... written by Sooriamurthy
thank you! :)" ... written by Mariela
Cassie has been a great friend to me at Oranum. Especially during a hard phase, she can be a wonderful counsellor, who gives you all the boost up and energy you need to get back up. I actually wish that she was my real neighbor next door, to whom I could just drop by every now and then ;)" ... written by Cassie
I had a past life reading with Cassie, revealed some important facts, always accurate and wonderful. Will use her services again." ... written by Sooriamurthy
thank you very much you have great connection to the spirit and you helped me a lot." ... written by mnt1446
Thanks Cass wonderful reading and great guidance gives me alot to do and alot more to think about. Awesome reading!" ... written by Ikroyalak
I really liked your reading. Thanks you so much. xxx" ... written by Sindy
very sweet!" ... written by hhmit45
Lots of good details and information. Quickly picked up on the situation and provided answers. Great reading, thank you" ... written by Jennifer
Very warm lady :)" ... written by lovesthesun
This woman is extra fabulous! Her energy is so on target that it really is quite amazing. Her authenticity is incredible. I will be returning for certain." ... written by Di
I feel so much better after the 10 minutes I had with Cass! I know understand the dreams I am having and I also understand why things will not change with my partner at the moment! It all adds up, just shows having the right person to read for you will make you understand a lot more than anyone else can make you understand! Thank you for shinning the light at the end of the tunnel for me! Means so much!" ... written by Scarlett
Always kind, always tells the information as it is. All good will use this reader again." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Always the most truthful, accurate and helpful insight and guidance from Cassie. She can always identify specific events that I don't provide any info on or even hint about. Does not sugar-coat and compassionately gives you the information you need for your highest good. She has been spot on in every reading I have had with her and I very much appreciate her." ... written by SoulDesire1
As always spot on! Great relationship reader. A+++++" ... written by Lisa
omg wow she is amazing on what she picksup. very intuitive. and just wow. she is truly the most detailed without knowing you. the things she told me were spot on and true. picked up things about where i desired to go and do. :) shes amazing. also touched alittle on health concern andd gave me peace of mind. i really appreciate your help Cassie" ... written by lovlydays
Fab! spot on with everything x" ... written by IcePrincess129
thank you for the insight cassie I really appreciate it." ... written by israel machorro
Great gift from above! She has been a life saver. A+" ... written by Lisa
My second reading with her, and both times she was 100% correct! Amazing, I would highly recommend her! " ... written by phyllis
Awesome as always" ... written by CAtherine
Cass You are amaing WOMAN WOW.. You blows my mind you are right on about everything..... thankyou for your guidance I will be back :)" ... written by rahel
Another amazing reading. Extremely insightful. She is great, connecting quickly and providing clear information around my situation. Thank you so much x" ... written by Pinklight
Cassie is very quick to connect to all energies and she is very indepth. Awesome psychic!!" ... written by Findingpeace
Cass is a lovely spiritual advisor, she can read peoples' energies really well. I appreciate her advice for my future and for healing. What a wonderful gift I received today! " ... written by thisjourney
OMG - she was completely on the money. She was caring and understanding. She was wonderful. Finally made sense of the mess I am in. Thank you so much! BINGO!" ... written by Katrin
Thank you very very much Cass for the conversation and clarifing what my guides are trying to inform me about. I am surprise I still have four SGs lols but at least I am glad the question I had in my mind for a very very long time has been answered. I feel I have the information I needed to finally let go of the past and continue forward. Thank you again Cass for everything~ *hugs* " ... written by Nightwind
great reading and update it wasn't what i wanted to hear but glad she told me now i know what i need to do." ... written by Catherine
She was caring and great, just these sessions end too quickly and I didn't have any more money to continue! " ... written by Brenda Johnson
Thank you!" ... written by clover434
Always my trusted ally, gets me realigned on my focus, we will make this happen." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Refreshing reading. Thanks so much for the insight about my future plans and goals. Will keep you posted." ... written by Paula Perez
great update" ... written by zimerili1
Thanks so much for your guidance Cassie. Loved our reading today - Im learning so much about relationships and life from our sessions!!" ... written by TigerAlignment
Thank you very very much, Cassie~ Spot on the important issiues and very encouraging about what it is to come. And defintiely great critical points to point out to me to resolve on. I appreciate having the readings with you as always~ Definitely will come back again in the future =3 *big hugs* " ... written by Nightwind
Cassie is always honest with her readings.. She will tell you what you really need to hear.. Thanks Cassie once again :)" ... written by Pooja
Really great. :) Really helpful with energy readings and clearing things up for me. Thanks Cassie! :)" ... written by eternalxdemon
Fantastic and so dead on!!!!" ... written by twolips
a great reading, just simply amazing, so detailed and compassionate, thank you very kindly." ... written by zimerili1
Very good reading" ... written by Stacy
Cass thankyou for the talk I really needed your words today, You help me sp much and I appreciate you so much have a wonderful day.." ... written by Cass
thanks Cass for the honest read" ... written by rosy
Seems to know the situation well...." ... written by CP
Great as always, she knows exactly what he's thinking and how i handle it" ... written by Catherine
awesome reader, picks up a lot, tells it like it is! wow" ... written by kika
Always awesome , and highly intuitive. I feel she is my psychic." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Absolutely fantastic! With only our names and no tools she nailed our personalities and the entire situation right off the bat! She is grounded, intuitive and very accurate. The insight and clarity she provided really resonated deeply with me, very much an epiphany. I highly recommend her!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Words can't express how precious Cassie is... she truly flows from a place of Love, Wisdom and Empowerment. She is one of the very few psychics that I have ever met that connects so deeply and clearly... I feel like I could listen to her forever. She brings tears to my eyes as she touches and explores really profound issues. I have nothing but total respect and admiration for her. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
OK... I wanted to do a full marathon reading with Cassie because she is so amazing, and she more than delivered!!! Her insights are totally on the mark, and her predictions make a lot of sense.... keeping in mind that these are not predictions that just anyone would make. She saw some similar things to what other excellent psychics have seen. It was so refreshing to meet with her, and now I feel really close with her. Truly a remarkable person and awesome psychic reader and advisor. :)" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Truly Inspiring and United, feeling" ... written by Sooriamurthy
Cassie is a wonderful person to chat with. She has given me some insight and only time will tell. I can't thank her enough and would recommend being around her positive energy. Will certainly contact her again. " ... written by The Blue ROse
No tools used no time wasted. connection was quick. I liked my reading." ... written by SM716
Thanks for the wonderful insight and guidance great reading as usual" ... written by ikroyala
awesome reading...very direct and gave great clarity..thank you!!!!" ... written by missvika
Awesome reading!" ... written by catherine
She was GREAT! I really believe what she says. She's AMAZING!" ... written by Shirley
she is amazing !" ... written by herchocolate90
Great reading! Thank you a lot!" ... written by Mariela
Such wonderful energy so easy to connect " ... written by Onslow
Thanks for your honest information and guidance. quick reading" ... written by MG
wow she is awesome /great" ... written by pppppppppppp
wonderful reading. easily connected. thank u so much. ill be back soon." ... written by flatonicbeauty
Cass You are truly amazing and I thankyou so much for all you have done for me.... You have helped me so much. You have a gift and its wonderful.. I will be back in a few weeks for sure for another reading before vacation. " ... written by Rachel
Always good, cleared my conscience and heart immediately. Always kind and dedicated." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Cassie is one of the best friends to me at oranum., She goes deep into a situation and shows you the best from it.. " ... written by Pooja
Cassie is one of my favorite psychics at oranum.. I always feel connected with her.. Thanks for the yet another good reading Cassie :)" ... written by Pooja
Fantastic" ... written by m
extremely considerate and knowledgeable thank you" ... written by sheila battison
Excellent reader always fantastic and moving." ... written by Sooriamurthy
very kind and patient, accurate, tunes in fast, super kind and nice :) picked up very quickly too! thank you i loved the reading x " ... written by starrose
Cassie is my friend on Oranum and one of my spiritual advisers - she tunes into the situation quickly and provides meaningful advice. Some of what she said wasn't such good news but at least I'm prepare for what's to come. She wont ever sugar coat. ♥ ♥ ♥" ... written by Larimar Gem
if i could give out 10 Star i would!! Cass was unbelievably amazing!!! she nail my situation on the head. she knew exactly everything that was going on and was able to give me a much deeper insight as to what was happening. She is truly gifted and a wonderful blessing to anyone she can help. I look fwd to chatting with her again" ... written by Melissa
Cassie is a caring and beautiful soul. I have known her for ages and always wanted to get a reading by her. She is a naturally gifted psychic and works with energies. She picked up on a LOT, more than the information I gave her and I will def come back for a follow up reading with her. The advice she gave me was so important to what is happening in my life right now. Thank you so much Cassie. ♥ ♥ ♥" ... written by Larimar Gem
Cass you were amazing as always. I thankyou for the bottom of your heart for your guidance for taking your time and talking to me... You have no idea how much you have helped me with my issue... I will keep you updated and do a reading before my vacation. Hugs" ... written by Rachel
brilliant !! so spot on, everything was right.. " ... written by Leanne
woooohoooo i love her! she's amazingly fast and spot on. I think she's definitely my favorite. I feel so comfortable with her and when she's talking to me it feels like having a conversation with a best friend! thanks so much cass :) " ... written by ale
Lovely first reading, answered quickly and accurately." ... written by Mshelli
very, very down to earth, clear and articulate and thorough with out me giving all the information." ... written by shavon
In our uber short reading together (5 mins!) she was able to give me direct insight on two very specific questions - It was exactly what I needed to hear, the advice that I so desperately wanted. She was so kind as well, I definitely recommend her if you are looking for a good reading!" ... written by MoonChild
Very clear and insightful. Thank you x" ... written by Pinklight
Another great and honest reading." ... written by Pinklight
Amazing reader, quick connection and extremely insightful." ... written by Pinklight
great reading, good genuine honest straight from the heart advcie" ... written by golden
Great reading with Cassie. She is always insightful!" ... written by findingpeace
Cassie your the best!" ... written by T
Great reading again with Cassie!!" ... written by Finding Peace
Excellent, can really read your energy and about your situation - she knew my situation very well and I felt as though she could look into my life and see what is going on and what will be happening in the future. I recommend Cassie, she is very good and worth the money. Brilliant!" ... written by Gem
very good reading" ... written by SS
An amazing reading. She is definitely one of the best, extremely insightful, immediate connection and I got a huge amount of information around the situation. Details given were in-depth and very accurate." ... written by Pinklight
Always a joy to have a reading or just be in the room. It's not just a reading it's therapy when we speak to Cassie. Always professional and exact on her readings! 7 Stars!" ... written by M
Cass is awesome, I really needed to talk today I got some good advice. I hightly recommend her.... 1 million stars for Cass" ... written by rachel
She was very insightful and helpful. Appreciate her reading so much." ... written by Tiffany
I had an unbelievably awesome reading with Cassie. She told me everything that I needed to know and understand without my giving her one detail beyond two names, one being mine :).... I wanted to continue with her but the network connection went bad. Hopefully I can speak with her soon . Highest recommendation and 5++ stars!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Another amazing reading. One of the best readers on the site. Very insightful, information received was clear and accurate and she connects quickly. The insight received has helped and gave me guidance on how to deal with my situation." ... written by Pinklight
WOW I am Blowin AWAY. I just had a 30 minute reading with Cassie she was spot on about everything. Everything she told me has happened. It was like she lived my past 2 years in those minutes. Cassie truly has a gift and she is real. I give Cass a zillion stars. If you want a honest, real, accurate reading go to Cass, " ... written by Rachel
Pretty much a great session, love the outreach and positivity ))" ... written by Sooriamurthy
Very good reader, told me as it is," ... written by Sooriamurthy
really really gifted, highly recommended" ... written by bec
Thanks again, great reading and a beautiful poem. x" ... written by Pinklight
as always a fantastic update reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
She is great! I really like her! She is very sweet" ... written by Taryn
Love Peace and Light..." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Cass consistently gives deep insight and amazing guidance that has totally changed my perspective and life around. So accurate, detailed, concise and honest with my highest good always the priority. Highest recommendation!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Wonderful reading....quick and precise. I was in a hurry and she jumped right into my energy field and saw my issues and provided answeres. I will return for a more detail reading soon. Thumbs Up!" ... written by Cordie167
she was very great in our reading session, spot on! she's the real deal! " ... written by Me
Cassie is so right it really resonated today and i have some things to think about now." ... written by Catherine
she is accurate and fast and very kind and nice :)" ... written by ohood
she is very fast to connect very fast to answer a lot of question and very currant...I definitely come back !" ... written by ladycini
Thank you " ... written by ACB
Love and light" ... written by Sooriamurthy
Highly recommended good reader picks up things quickly." ... written by Sooriamurthy
I enjoyed my reading with Cass very much." ... written by Caliza
Spent a lovely 20mins with this woman, EXTREMELY gifted, Thank you!" ... written by
Cass I love doing readings with you, I needed this today. You have helped me grow so much and I thankyou... when I first came to you I was in a bad place but now that's changed and I am happy and ready for life. Thankyou for helping me with all you have... everyone should go to you.. Your wonderful.. Love and Light..." ... written by rachel
Cassie is the best. Kind and caring and accurate!" ... written by Lisa
didn't have to say much. cass hit the nail right on the head and everything was in sinc with what i was feeling. and what was going on in my life." ... written by pearl
amazing...... seriously amazing.... will be back" ... written by mini
Amazingly accurate as always and so helpful in guiding me through my difficult situation!! Thanks Cassie" ... written by B
WOW...really amazing. Her spirit guides are good!! Definitely recommend her for any type of questions you may have : )" ... written by BRENDA
Very accurate and compassionate. Best on here!" ... written by Lisa
Cassie is always here for me, her readings are incredible. so much that I keep coming back and will continue to come back. She is guiding me at the moment with something very serious in my life and I am just so glad she is here for me. She is not only my advisor but becoming a friend. " ... written by Rachel
Excellent! Very connected, accurate and honest. I'm so glad I consulted with her before taking action - she reads people's energies and thoughts extremely well and provided great guidance. Definitely recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
excellent fast blessings" ... written by patricia
thanks so much...cant express how thankful i am..thank you.." ... written by anastina
she's awesome. gave great insight into my question and was able to pick up on the situation accurately" ... written by m
i always have the greatest of times during our readings thanx" ... written by zimerili1
very good reading. very sweet lady" ... written by geronimo4545
Great reading. Was able to connect and pick up on energy and help me come to my decision. Thank you so much" ... written by Tillkatt
Very sweet. She pretty much was right on about everything." ... written by Amy
Very very strong connection.... extremely gifted reader. Very happy.. will keep you updated on predicitions. :-)" ... written by ang
Absolutely amazing and accurate, thank you!!" ... written by Quincy
Very insightful!!!" ... written by FP
Always such a deep and insightful reading with Cassie. It's amazing how deeply she goes in thoughts and feelings with no info from you and NO TOOLS whatsoever! This reading was so helpful to me in understanding what is going on being at peace with the situation. She is extremely connected, intuitive and empathic - very highly recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
Her predictions always come true " ... written by Sooriamurthy
Great reader, highly recommended gives great advice to carry forward plans" ... written by Sooriamurthy
Is it fair to be selfish and not tell you how AMAZING she is so I can keep her all to myself?" ... written by BRENDA
amaizng reading, and she truly is a beautiful person, loving and caring. She hit the nail on the head with a lot a lot of things. Thank you so much." ... written by s
great and accurate reading" ... written by laura
She is great, on point and seems to remembers about me when I come back every few months. It's given me peace and comfort to know that things will work through the universe. She is specific, and provides clear answers." ... written by Carolina
Truly a wonderful woman. :) enlightened me even further. Very spot on. " ... written by Sabi
Always a pleasure! So accurate and fun to work with, its like a reading with therapy all in one!" ... written by m
thank u" ... written by n
Cassie is awesome. She's honest and straight to the point. Quick reading but accurate. Five stars." ... written by billygirl54
what a lovely magic human being " ... written by kalihart
Cassie is fantastic.. such inspirational messages and vision, with much love and compassion. this is my first reading with her, and she uses no tools.. just energy and her guides. I will definitly be back. I highly recommend her! " ... written by Lynda22
fantastic readings always" ... written by zimerili1
Cassie has been so helpful during a difficult time for me. I am very thankful for her insight and kindness regarding matters of the heart. Best reader on here!" ... written by Lisa E
Excellent reading. Got straight to what I needed to here the most. An absolutely wonderful, wonderful person. " ... written by Chiquita
I've had two other amazing and insightful readings with Cassie, this is my third and once again I'm blown away. She is very detailed, concise, and accuracy is unbelievably great. She read today's situation/convo, my intentions/thoughts and the reactions of the others involved extremely well! She described a response and imitated a certain look that someone gave during the convo that was so spot on it was like she had actually been there and seen it herself! All of the deep insight and truths she gave have eased my mind so much. Definitely highly recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Another great reading with Cassie! He brought up something tonight that was so accurate I couldn't believe it. Thanks again. A+" ... written by Lisa E
Great perspective on things. Love the way she saw things and how she layed it out for me. Makes total sense. I can't thank you enough." ... written by familyhelper
Thank you!" ... written by Coralynn
Excellent. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
very good reader hope that what she said is going to be true" ... written by ooo
I can't express enough nice words! She is amazing!" ... written by Lisa
She is so lovely. I really feel that she connects with me and she connects so quickly without information. I give her my name because it improves connection but she doesn't need anything if you don't wish to share. Reading with her was a pleasure, and her price is steal. I loved it! I will be back :)" ... written by jellybell
Cass is fabulous!!!!!" ... written by dana
Unbelievable accurate and soooo helpful in tough times.!!!!!" ... written by BRENDA
great update just simply great thanx always" ... written by zimerili1
Maybe all the things you know in your heart, but only get short glimpses of from time to time and often doubt yourself on is why we seek outside of ourselves for answers. We look for confidence in our truth, and to have confidence in someone to show back to us what we know deep down, even if it's really deep down. Cass completely re-inspired me with things I know deep maybe deep down and put words to things I couldn't understand objectively. ty " ... written by Kelly
Best reader, no tools needed. Each reading is insightful. " ... written by Lisa
great update" ... written by zimerili1
Accurate, fast and the best on Oranum." ... written by Lisa
omg just had amazeing redaing one of the best of the best no tools 100% spot on and accurate.higly recommened" ... written by golden heart 73
Cassie is very informative and can see the past, present and the future very clearly. She not only gives clear precise messages but she inspires and gives hope." ... written by FP
What a great reading! Cass makes a sincere connection, and doesn't use tools. You can talk honestly about your feelings and she will understand where you are coming from. Will have to keep her updated on what happens." ... written by darlinhun
an amazing empath. amazing woman and picks up so well. God Bless you Cassie." ... written by mini
Cass is super! She tunes in very quickly without any tools, with accuracy and compassion. Highly recommend!" ... written by atlantis111
Soooooo FANTASTIC!! She always blows me away with her extremely deep insight and accuracy. Very highly recommended!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
great reading, very detailed and meticulous!" ... written by Ashley
thank u soo much 10 spot on.ill see you next time .xx" ... written by golden heart 73
Great with relationship issues! Must see." ... written by Lisa
wow ! wow! wow! she is wonderful! she new everything I did not have to say a thing to her! just WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
you are fantastic and so right on! thank you for the clarity i am so ready for a change and new relationships" ... written by mag
Thanks for the reading" ... written by G
I am very satisfied with the reading. The most part of the job really is coming from me. Thank you." ... written by Joseph
Great Reading" ... written by Zooba
She was great! Saw her in Demo and had to speak with her. SO glad I did. In fact I think that I am going to go back and speak with her again. I want to ask her one more question." ... written by optpmysitc
Once again Cassie left me in amazement. Everything she has seen and predicted has happened and the rest is currently unfolding now. I am so happy! Her guidance and advice is superb and so right. You will not go wrong taking her advice, I promise you that. VERY HIGHLY RECCOMENDED! " ... written by SoulDesire1
she read energies of both parties correctly. affirmed my feelings and his. Shed light on situation. made me stronger in my planned actions and thoughts. I will move forward to the light. I would consult again. She does let you know energy reading is for present time. If you change or go into downward emotional spiral later in the day, well, things change. " ... written by golden
wow, fantastic. " ... written by tiffany
Thank you so much for the reading; this was so true, uplifting and you were straight to the point. I definitely will come back." ... written by bibi123
Cassie is outstanding. Always on target and full of amazing insights and advice. " ... written by Lisa
Tremendously gifted - everything Cassie has seen and told me about my situation has happened and her amazing guidance just keeps proving over and over again to be the best! Her accuracy has me in awe. Very highly recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
very good" ... written by roastbeef11
Great reading gave me a lot of info in a short time." ... written by sandra
Had a worried, obsessive moment :) and Cassie as always gave great insight and put my mind at ease. XOXO" ... written by SoulDesire1
Very in tune with where I am currently at. Always amazed when she tells me something that is happening right now and there is no possible way she would know this. Very kind and excellent on relationship issues. Worth every cent!" ... written by Lisa
Cass is wonderful.. she connected with me immediately and was able to tell me so much. i look fwd to future updates with her." ... written by Mel
Fabulous as always! Compassionate, honest, direct and so accurate. Insight about a career opportunity spontaneously came to her during this relationship reading and the details were right on, exactly what has been presented to me at work. I absolutely trust her insight and guidance. " ... written by SoulDesire1
Awesome as always ..I was so touched by my reading Thanks Cassie ..You always seems to amaze me ..xoxoxoxo" ... written by SC
very in tune" ... written by Annie
A+++++++ The best!" ... written by Lisa
Wow! I am beyond amazed with my reading. So in tune! Thank you so much for clearing the air. I feel 100 pounds lighter." ... written by Isabelle
cass is so lovely :) that was a detailed and accurate reading" ... written by s
Amaxing chat. thank you." ... written by Lauren
Wow! Just....Wow! Cas is so in tune with the energies/feelings and thoughts around situations. She has been extremely accurate in every single private Ive had with her about things that have happened and will happen (later happily confirmed!). Her guidance is amazing as well, and I'm so glad I met her. " ... written by SoulDesire1
Very helpful as always Cassie. I appreciate all the wonderful insight on this situation." ... written by Lisa
Really lovely spirit - great reader" ... written by lotus71
fantastic reading , comforting..." ... written by carynia 7777 Cass knows me better than anyone in my life. She is amazing in the way she can pinpoint exactly what's happening in your life emotionally, spiritually and every other way possible. She knew precisely why I was feeling a certain way today and really helped me understand myself and what I need to be doing. Accurate, fast so supportive. Outstanding!" ... written by Seeker1200
She was great.... Answered all my questions " ... written by Shelley
thank you :) she basically confirmed what i was thinking" ... written by l
she has been to the point accurate since the first reading.. She is an excellent psychic!" ... written by Joby
she is very accurate" ... written by urmila
great reading, gave me some great advice" ... written by han
AMAZING!!!! HOLY COW!! SHE JUST TOLD ME LIKE IT IS. 100000000000 STARS" ... written by bem
lovely connection with cass, spot on with everything. I will most surely return. thank you. x" ... written by spacebunny
SHE IS SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD" ... written by beautydaynow
Always good and prosperous, great talking with cassie my personal advisor" ... written by Sooriamurthy
As Always so accurate. Very uplifting and encouraging. " ... written by Lisa
I really enjoyed my reading with Cass! She is spot-on, very loving and compassionate, accurate and tunes in very quick! Do give her a try! Her energy is fantastic :)" ... written by atlantis111
she is truly gifted...she connected on the spot...she is highly talented...i trust her w what she has predicted for me...i highly recommend her...there are only few i trust on this site...and i truly trust her!!!" ... written by nami
She is the best! Thank you so much Cass for being you andamp; amazing! She is absolutely inspiring andamp; lovely! She sees so well - connection she made with me andamp; was so good that all I can say is WOW andamp; this is her calling, to help others in this way. She doesn't judge, just guides in the way a first-rate life coach would. I am so grateful! thank you so much Cass. I really need a good jolt of your insight andamp; inspiration. :)" ... written by Kelly
she is very good" ... written by humility
Thanks" ... written by Amy
wonderful as usual" ... written by zimerili1
Very intuitive. Good read." ... written by Dennis
Another fantastic insightful reading! Cassie is so heartfelt and great at relationship issues. Don't know what I would do without her! Thanks a million." ... written by LIsa
Cassie you are a sweet heart! I am so looking forward to it :)" ... written by Tie
Thank you again your always spot on" ... written by CT
great reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
I think she knows her stuff. she eases my mind. i hope what she see and her predictions all come true. she is amazing" ... written by tracy
Thank you so much for your advice." ... written by Conflicted
she was so spot on about things that was amazing. " ... written by tracy
Cassie you are the best! Thank you :)" ... written by Tie
This was my first reading with Cass and OMG she is awesome! She's very compassionate and understanding. She picked up on what is going on very quickly and was able to decipher the situation and knew keys things about it. The guidance to my own solution and path is invaluable. She's really great. :-) " ... written by MB
Incredible and blows my mind every time! Provides accuracy, details and guidance that are just amazing! " ... written by SoulDesire1
Wow! I do need to get these things under control as far as I can see. Thank you my friend" ... written by Tie
Wow. I'm pretty much speechless... she knew EXACTLY what was going on, and put into words how I was feeling about my situation; words that I could not even come up with to describe things. I know that she is 100% correct. It's so interesting too because I feel better knowing that this is the way things must be for now - it's like she was encouraging me and clarifying things for me at the same time. Wow... I really am glad I talked to her. Thank you Cass. You are A-MAZ-ING." ... written by Sam603
Great reading!!Highly recommended" ... written by watermeadows
Such amazing and accurate insight and spiritual guidance from Cassie. I have followed her advice, allowed myself to flow with the natural progression of things and things are now unfolding exactly as she said they would. It is very evident that she is absolutely and strongly connected to the higher levels of knowing. She is awesome :)" ... written by SoulDesire1
I think Cassie is always right on and honest with what she sees and feels. and she will let you know. I will always come to her for guidance she is an amazing person" ... written by tracy
how her predictions come true. she has been always very accurate" ... written by humility
psychicCass is amazing. Simply put. She is kind, encouraging, and well spoken. Thank you so very, very much!!" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Great reading and information. Looking forward to predictions coming into past." ... written by j
Straight and to the point. No tools. She's awesome!" ... written by Zeigen
answered my questions but idk if they were based on my energy. she is good to talk to. thank you so much" ... written by jazzy
i absolutly love cassie, she is an awesome person and gives you a great reading, she gets things very comforting and really want to help you. she is amazing. i will defintly come back. " ... written by tracy
Completely amazing. My go to person for all things relationships! She has an amazing ability to get right to the root of things. A+" ... written by Lisa
Very Helpful! Thank you!!!" ... written by Nicole
thank you very helpfull" ... written by linda
I am so blown away about what she has told me today. I hope that she is right, i am praying that she is, crying right now in hopes this nightmare is ending. " ... written by tracy
Thanks again for your guidance Cassie. Great reading!" ... written by MaiaAroha
She is excellent, try her!" ... written by atlantis111
Cass is the bomb!!!! She is my regular go to person - always detailed, always accurate, one of the best on here, love love this lady. No tools gifted reader, cant ask for more. Her previous predictions have come to pass also, is why I always come back to her. Very happy customer here! " ... written by Verity
amazing !! really good ! put my fears to rest and what she said was true - exactly what's been happening in our relationship ! I'm very glad I came to see her. Feel so much better now - priceless product !! worth every penny, and more. And Cass is such a kind, calm, friendly personm- lovely energy ! Thank you !!!" ... written by Rybka Gold
Cassie is awesome and I just love talking with her. She always seems to know how to calm me. and I hope her pred still come to pass" ... written by tracy
Cassie love you!" ... written by Tie
Cas is so spiritually connected, insightful and accurate. Her guidance has really made a difference in my life. Following her advice has positively changed not only the way I handle interactions with people but also the way I manifest things in my life. The fact that her readings focus on you and not necessarily the outcome (predictions, dates, etc) IS THE SECRET to manifesting the best in our lives because that is where all of the divine energy is- in us. She has empowered me so much. Love her!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Thanks again for the advice and guidance Cassie - always reliable and honest with me appreciate that very much" ... written by Maia
She was spot on and accurate. No tools, picked up on situation instantly. I would highly recommend her." ... written by phyl
A++++ as always!" ... written by Lisa
Cassie you are wonderful! I enjoy every minute with you." ... written by Tie
she is very accurate!" ... written by Humility
I truly think that cassie is always there to tell the truth. I think she is wonderful." ... written by tracy
Love Cassie she always tell me the honest truth and has been working with me through a difficult time" ... written by tracy
I am so grateful I got to talk to Cassie tonight. Her amazingly accurate and honest insight and guidance really changed my perspective on something that happened today which would have really affected me if I hadn't had the chance to process it with her and know the truth. She is amazing!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Thanks again for your wonderful guidance and advice." ... written by Maia
Great with relationships! Life saver. My go to person to get to the root of the matter." ... written by Lisa
Cassie is amazing I love talking with her. she is always the one no matter what will tell you the truth" ... written by tracy
She is GREAT!!! very connected to her guides, does not give superficial answers but digs for more details. She is very accurate, yes straight to the point. I am very pleased and totally recommend her" ... written by bibi123
So full of insight on my situation it's unbelievable and predictions have happened. Very caring and understanding and helpful too!!" ... written by B
wow! Awesome! thank you for being so honest and thank you for your guidance. you are absolutely AWESOME! So accurate about my situation I became so emotional. because she was accurate. I highly recommend her. she is a wonderful very sweet person. I LOOK FORWARD FOR ALL HER PERDICTIONS TO COME TRUE! THANK YOU AND MANY BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
What a beautiful reader will most definitely come back for more guidence . !00 stars" ... written by sandy
Awesome! She connected in chat and was extremely accurate! She put things into words that I could not. I am so grateful. I have new tolls to use and I look forward to using them and see where it leads me and my family. May God bless her! " ... written by Tiffany
Another great reading, thank you very much. I love her time managing, she's very connected, I can't be thankful enough for shared gift." ... written by bibi123
Very helpful, thanks! " ... written by NaomiJacob
She's amazingly accurate, truthful, and wise. I believe she's the REAL deal, and her desire to help is both refreshing and commendable!! She wished to truly help one find that Soul happiness! I give her 5 plus stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's amazing!!!!" ... written by lyric
had a great reading with her she was very fast an clear with her answers now will just wait an see if it happens :) " ... written by sandra
Cassie your awesome and thank you!" ... written by Tie
She is excellent! Very accurate, detailed and coming from place of good. Do try her!" ... written by atlantis111
I am so happy with the current progress in my situation with much of the credit going to Cassie :) She has been my strength, support and spiritual guide and so instrumental in helping me see and accept what is. Her insight and guidance has taught me how to be in the natural flow and allow things to manifest as they are intended to without pushing or forcing. I truly believe that is what has turned my situation around completely with much more positive to come. Love ya Cas!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Awesome as always connects extremely fast and very concerned for her clients " ... written by Tiffabyy
she def can pick up on things I said nothing about" ... written by keith
:D :D :D " ... written by ale
she's really honest and straight" ... written by f
Really good reading. Cass pretty much confirmed what I already thought and was very positive. " ... written by Boozey Boo
this is my second reading with Cass. Even better than the first. She really has a grasp on what is happening immediately :)" ... written by annie
WOW Cassie is just spot on when it comes to reading relationships. WOW WOW WOW!!! Haven't spoken with her in a while because its so hard to connect. She addressed old and new questions and situations better than most anyone who knows the intricate details of my life. Really and truly. WOW!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
I must say, Cassie is truly amazing. I did a second long reading today because I have really intense job and career issues facing me. And she really nailed it and helped me even though she focuses more on relationships. REALLY AWESOME insight. I thought to ask her to read it based on people's energies then she read the companies' energies perfectly. I am really ready to face this tough decision head on!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
went back to her within the hour cause i had questions that came up again lol. but again she is very sweet accurate and honest :) one of my top few favorite readers for sure" ... written by ale
she's amazing :) i love her. fast, accurate, caring, honest!" ... written by ale
She was spot on and was very nice and have a nice energy :). Do come and have a reading with her!" ... written by claudia
She picked up on things that she would not have known like a trip. Based on that and other facts that she mentioned I am optimistic about the things she told me are coming in the future!" ... written by N/a
very insightful lady, lovely energy" ... written by viken
Thanks again for your guidance and strength. Wonderful reading!!" ... written by Maia
okay. hands down the best reader i've ever encountered. i've had countless countless readings and this one was the best ive ever recieved.. very fast, honest, her energy readings are so on point about me and the people i asked!! i have so much more clarity. she's also just a bundle of joy to talk too lol. " ... written by ale
psychicCass provided a very detailed and inspiring reading. She picked up on a lot of aspects in my life I wasn't really aware of but were true. Her warm energy and kind words are soothing to the soul. Thank you so much for the reading! " ... written by Skyepixie46
thanks" ... written by amanda
she is great!! she picks up on all the energies, she is wonderful !!!!!! 10 stars " ... written by :)
she was so accurate in reading someones inner workings it was truly amazing. it gave me an insight into the hurt and saddness that was going on. i wish this person i asked about love and light now thanks" ... written by brenda
great. spot on. she always sees the present energy of me and my husband. Cassie really can feel it and give you insight to help you decide what to do next. " ... written by norcal
She definitely understood me instantly. I hope her prediction for the future is accurate. Thank you for your kindness. " ... written by Jen
great reading, she gives advice from her spirit guides and also feels energy and status of situation. " ... written by goldenaura
Cass was very helpful....had a good understanding of my character and that of others around me. I feel some clarity and insight now regarding my issue and am pleased i chose her." ... written by Granville Crenwick
Wow...she really really connects and reads the situation. MUST DO PRIVATE WITH HER : )" ... written by B
Cassie is great, I have only had 2 sessions with her, and both times she has really hit things on the spot!! I am so glad that I have found her. You can not go wrong if you have her as a friend/helper/healer." ... written by Wanda
great reading, gave direction with insight, helped me understand the marriage situation better, I will consult again. Cassie is good at what she does!" ... written by dingding
Cassie Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Everyone should have a reading with her. She is so Accurate and knows so much. Ive been havig readings with cass for a few months now and I must say she has made me see things I didn't think I would. Thanks Cass You Rock......" ... written by Rach
Great reading always reliable and honest. " ... written by Maia
She has always been accurate with my situation and gives me proper directions. " ... written by Humility
she's so cute omg i love her! and she's so seriously fast and crazy accurate. her advice gives me life haha. it's always to refreshing to hear what she has to say" ... written by ale
Wonderful and very accurate reading, Cassie was right on about everything. Thank you !! " ... written by Lynda22
she's awesome on point" ... written by Cristina
Cassie Thank you for everything! I will talk to you in July :)" ... written by Tie
The most deep and insightful guidance- So accurate and detailed! A prediction she made happened this Friday. She has been so right on so many things and I really appreciate her and her loving support. XOXO" ... written by Seeker1200
You were awesome thank you for clearing up some questions I had . God Bless " ... written by KP
good insight, helps me align and tells me the truth which is not always so easy to hear but I appreciate it. She is a good reader. Thank you Cassie. " ... written by goldenaura
Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you :)" ... written by Tieysa
good read no tolls quick" ... written by dexdal
so this guy is not coming back.... no one ever told me this.... so the readings i have been having are liesssss. i will come back to update and see if what she predicted is true" ... written by wei
Cassie is great!!!!! Thank you so so much " ... written by hundredbutterfly
ty Cassie , u seemed to pick up on things quite well it was our first reading so hopefully we will talk again soon and get a bit further into what is happening , but overall yes I felt she connected very well .. ty ty ty " ... written by beatifulmesss
OMG so excited! Will update you about Sunday!" ... written by Ang
She picked up my entire situation. Will keep you posted on outcome of her predictions." ... written by Ang
Thank you Cassie - as always : ) I'll take your advice...trying my best : ) Love ya" ... written by B
thank you for the quick response! appreciate your time. " ... written by lite
Cassie always taps right into exactly what is going on and totally clears up the confusion and fear. She has been so accurate and right and reads people to a T! I fully trust her insight and advice - it has brought me so far from where I began. She is truly gifted and I appreciate her so much. Highest recommendation!" ... written by SoulDesire1
She was really accurate about what was happening with just a name and question. WOW. She gives advice as if she's known the issues and situation for awhile ... i am impressed. Will do what she has guided :-) 5 stars" ... written by CMC
Very much appreciate her wisdom and connection through spirit." ... written by Maia
she has always been my go to person. Strongly recommend her" ... written by Purple
Cassie thank you so much! " ... written by Tie
Cas is incredibly connected- she sees so deeply into the situation and gives the best guidance and advice. Previous readings have been spot on - I highly recommend her!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Cass did an outstanding job helping me with my concerns. :) Thanks so much Cass!" ... written by Jana
thank you so much for the clear reading. it was really insightful although not what i wanted to hear but probably what i needed to hear and accept...thanks again." ... written by leodragon2014
good insight, truthful and straight to the point, describes energies perfectly, she is great. I love Cassie." ... written by golden
Thanks again Cassie much appreciated 10 stars" ... written by Maia
good therapy. " ... written by golden
Quick reader and very insightful. Positive energy but won't hold back truth. Very great at what she does. " ... written by Sparkles826
good update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Thank you so much Cassie...thank you for clarifying well again..." ... written by hundredbutterfly(dana)
thanks, made me feel better :)w il update another time" ... written by Soul
she was quick, respectful, and very accurate! Thanks you so much!!!" ... written by scadoodle
I know this was a short reading, but man, Cass was worth it!" ... written by shelle97
gret insight" ... written by goldn
Such a great reader Love this lady . Thank you for your help xo" ... written by sandy
This was what I would call a spot on reading. Everything that was said resonated." ... written by shelle97
Cassie you are wonderful! I will let you know as soon as it happens. :)" ... written by T
It's really unbelievable how Cassie connects and sees what she does. I will never understand how someone can read the energy so correctly like she always does. AND THIS being able to read things so accurately as she does, enables her to help with the advice I need for the path I should choose that benefits me most: ) THANKS CASSIE!!!" ... written by B
awesome ... she told me things which made me really happy n she is cute n correct.." ... written by shabnam
Cass has picked up on my issues with only our names needed. She is very accurate and honest with her readings. I will look forward to her predictions and will listen to her advice. Thank you very much, Cass!" ... written by Moonchild59
Thanks Cassie, its like talking to a friend she knows what the person is feeling and thinking and puts me at ease." ... written by CS
Unbelievably accurate - YOU MUST see her for private!! (and also very helpful)" ... written by B
Great reading she knew a lot about my relationship without me even telling her." ... written by Nicole
I feel so much better after talking with Cassie in private than when I did in freechat. She sensed I was angered by something as soon as I entered her room. She has given me some perspective." ... written by shelle97
Thanks Cassie again for the wonderfully enlightening reading. 100 stars!!" ... written by Maia
thank you." ... written by chloe
Great Reading! a++++" ... written by Lisa
OH MY GOSHHH I LOOOOVEEE HEERRR AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I just want to tell the world lol. she's so amazing. we connect really well. she's so happy and positive and tells me exactly what i need to know even if i may not want to hear it because she knows its for the best. oh i admire her. thanks so much cass i'm truly blessed to have met you and have your readings!! :D love and blessings xx" ... written by ale
100% accurate with reading and prediction as always! I pleaded for a reading because her prediction happened within the time frame she gave. Everything she said about the other person was spot on. Cass also told me what the other person was going to say. I can't wait for her next prediction to happen. I know it will. She is a real psychic. She remembers what the previous reading was about. She doesn't have notes. Thank you again, Cass! You're number one!" ... written by Moonchild59
She is soo sweet! I enjoyed my reading with her. It's totally the opposite of what I heard in my last reading with a different advisor lol so honestly, this could go either way. I guess I'll just stay positive and hope Cassie is right on this one :)" ... written by Mimi
Did really well " ... written by B
Thank you for helping me. She is an excellent channel for divine energies and can do miracles. She knew everything I was asking her and is fantastic!!!! words cannot express the gratitude I feel. She helped me so much with some major issues spiritually. Hugs Cass. " ... written by mnt1446
Cass was sooo helpful spiritually. She medicated on my situation as it was one of those special case lol...and got back to me sp we could have a more in delpt reading. Although I felt a bit divided I also felt a lot better knowing that I was on the right track but with now clearer direction." ... written by Red
Cassie is such a warm and friendly soul with a very bubbly personality. Her reading was bittersweet but with promise." ... written by shelle97
Excellent reading -- gave a lot of insight!! " ... written by Angel
She was right on on so many things. I would recommend her to anyone." ... written by needachance
She is the real deal! Extremely intuitive and wise. I absolutely recommend a reading with her. She immediately understood the situation and person without any information." ... written by Drohem
Seemed to be accurate compared to what I was thinking" ... written by N
I wish I had the option to record all her videos. She always gives the best of her advises and she exactly knows what's going on with the situation. Thanks a ton again Cassie!!" ... written by Pooja
Cassie, you have pull through for me once again. She really knows her stuff and really read my situation to a T with only our names. Wow! Amazing! And she gave the best advice which i know is what I need to know and Hear. I cant thank her enough for what she has done for me and save me from heartache :-) Hundred stars." ... written by CC
wow, sounds really good, cant wait for the prediction to unfold, thank u" ... written by rishma
Amazingly brilliant--dead on, with just the tiniest amount of information. She is compassionate, empowering. She tells you what she feels, not what you want to hear (even as you realize it's what you already know, even if it hurts). She gives a lot of detailed feedback and is amazing. " ... written by Ren
she is genuine n honest " ... written by MYSTERY
Awesome reading! Very accurate! " ... written by DD
thank you so much for your reading..." ... written by chloe
so accurate" ... written by chloe
Outstanding! Cassie is able to identify exactly what is going on with no info and no tools. She has consistently been accurate in past readings and will tell you what you need to know honestly, directly and with your best interest always the priority. The info and guidance she gives is truly soul level deep and life-changing. Highest Recommendation!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Cassie is great, and knows the best advice to give forward. Again she doesnt need much from you to tell you how it is, and tries to help you in free chat first before going private to make the most of your credits. My guiding angel . . . :-)" ... written by CMC
Intuitive, connected nicely, recommend!" ... written by B
Thank you soo much for the reading " ... written by Chloe
intuitive lady.. i feel she told me the truth andamp; what my gut feelings is feeling" ... written by mys
SHES AWSOME" ... written by JULIE
she is the real deal!!!! for sure for sure" ... written by gr8tday
Idk where to start ...shes awesome and so sincere" ... written by Erica
She is very good at what she does, she hit every point I was going through" ... written by TheSweetQueen
no tools... very accurate!" ... written by -
great" ... written by Cristina
she has made me see my worth and I thank her for that. I will take her advice and see what happens thankyou" ... written by julie
cassie is so honest truthful. I love her! she never fails to tell me the truth when no else has. she holds nothing back. she is trust worthy and she will shock you how much she knows." ... written by israel
Cassie is so caring and she really is genuine about her work. I really appreciated her taking the time out to truly understand my situation. she is really sweet and picked up well on my current situation. Thanks a lot Cassie. will be back to update you. " ... written by m
Cassie Thank you! I appreciate all your help! " ... written by T
Cassie is not only sweet and caring, she can be bluntly honest with her insight into your situation and life. Cassie is totally worth every cent. DO NOT HESITATE. " ... written by She's the BOMB
This reading really resonated with what I felt in regards to my situation. Pure validation! Gave me insight into things I wasn't sure about either. Walked away from the reading feeling like all will be okay :) thank you psychicCass -- looking forward to this me time! Will be coming back!" ... written by Kelsey
I love Cass!!! We go way back-- and I've always felt her readings were on point! She's gifted and there's no doubt in my mind she can help you the same way that she has been helping me. " ... written by Golden
Really good reading, very heart felt. " ... written by Stephanie
Had a good straight forward reading with Cass. This was my first time after watching a demo. She was accurate and on point. And honest. I will be back" ... written by cathleen
Incredible!" ... written by Onslow_Cracker
She is very honest! and tell you how it is! she is very Good!" ... written by kat620
to the point and quick, thanks!" ... written by nimue
Try psychicCass she is like no other, she is the best. Love her." ... written by Bekind1961
wow excellent reading, such an explosion of positive energy" ... written by Andy
Great reader with no tools, she senses energy to determine situation of all parties. She great. Go for it. *****10 stars*****" ... written by FANTASTIC PSYCHIC
She's really good. Gave me the clarity that i needed so much. 10 stars!" ... written by Soul Journey -
Very very good reading. Gave me some peace and clarity" ... written by Rhonda
Cassie is very good with relationships....... her predictions come to pass...........she is just all around accurate and great at what she does. Relationships are very tricky, so you need a great reader for that" ... written by bay
Great connection, great reading, helped me understand the situation in depth, definitely very honest and direct with info and detail, " ... written by Lara Blanks
Reading with Cass was so spot on. She provided an abundance of clarity and great advice! I am so happy I saw her demo today and was drawn back to her room. What a great positive energy and a truly wonderful reading." ... written by Carrie
Very compassionate and insightful reader! Thank you!" ... written by Auburngirl
Cassie is so spot on and accurate.. she is just great.. tells the truth as well,,, highly reccommend" ... written by bay
I love Cassie...she is so patient and on target with info She picked up on many things with no info from me. She is really sweet and helps! xoxox" ... written by MB
shes amazing" ... written by chyna
she is great" ... written by ff
Wow- even though I'm not stating who I am. She iS RIGHT on the dot. I was shocked the information she stated that was so precise. I kept adding more minutes for more insights. I spent " ... written by Car
excellent reading" ... written by tim
Thank you so much Cass. It was nice speaking with you. You were clear, to the point, and gave me some insight so that I can better manage my family's situation. I'm looking forward to seeing what awaits!" ... written by Michelle
Cassie feels like a wonderful ally and i appreciate her clarity and abilities. Every reading ive gotten has been true for me and taken me to the next level in my growth." ... written by Bartholemew Von Crespi
She is a real reader. Very straight answers. She is very helpful and kind. Highly recommend her." ... written by Prat
awesome great personality" ... written by cdsircy
She is truly amazing! " ... written by sumaya
another update with cassie.. she is helping me get through a tough time.. very good with realtionships" ... written by bay
Thank you so much so spot on" ... written by CT
refreshing outlook." ... written by LI
Extremely accurate insights into relationships. Thanks so much!!! " ... written by Lynda22
Cassie always sees directly into the situation with NO TOOLS. Always helpful!!!!" ... written by B
Cassie you pegged everything down to the slightest details about this man his demeanor , his fears, his work, it was soo accurate thank you for giving me an understanding of why things are the way the are actually made me at ease a little bit to know it wasn't me... thank you and I will take your advice for the predicitons to come" ... written by Stacie
I love Cass, i know i can trust her, and i love the guidance and clarity she brings forth to help me with my journey! Million stars! :)" ... written by Soul Journey-
Cassie always sees directly into the situation. No tools at all. A true psychic. So I can trust her advice...she helps me sooo much!" ... written by B
Always great today i even got a surprise lol. I will def see her again " ... written by kalitay
she was right on l must say. This was my first time reading ans she is good" ... written by luckyanna
Great reading, helped me find some clarity" ... written by Granville Crenwick
came back for update will see how things turnout" ... written by stacie
Cass is so kind and genuine. Great energy and just an all around awesome person to interact with. :) " ... written by LI
Really helped me with my friend. Also gave me great advice on this guy I like. Really funny too, please get a reading from her! " ... written by Karis
She's excellent. Thank you very much. " ... written by Nice
really good and on point" ... written by brenna
she is a fast and genuine reader. I love her !!!" ... written by spirit
This was my first reading with Cass...she was really fantastic!Loved what she´s seen !!!" ... written by Sonia
Beautiful soul! Helped me so much. Thank you" ... written by Bonn
She's great. I like this girl so much, right on with the reading, very helpful! Thank you" ... written by AJ
THis woman is very kind and very intuitive :)" ... written by Raychul
Thank you for great on about my situation...The feelings and the actions of the other person were right on...very good reading I will be back...." ... written by me
Cassie is very sweet and likes to reassure me coz im a nervous wreck :)" ... written by Raychul
She has been a HUGE help in my situation... very honest and accurate! Love her dearly!" ... written by Ang
she is very good and fast to connect " ... written by ohood
great read..thank you pick up quickly" ... written by me
she is fast and accurate " ... written by ohood
wonderful" ... written by Rayhaan
awesome, accurate and direct. :)" ... written by wewillsee
Wow, i was really blown away by Cassies' deep insight into my dilemma. She needed very little information from me and read the situation in depth with helpful advice and insight. I highly recommend Cassie! I will be back for updates for certain." ... written by W
Very detailed, to the point, and she certainly wants to help with the personal life. She wants to help me out in every way. " ... written by Roseanna
Highly recommend... worth every cent!" ... written by Ang
Cassie is quick to pick up dynamics that were pertinent to my situation! I am amazed at her level of accuracy! I highly recommend Cassie! " ... written by W
Wow she got the situation 100% accurate without me saying a word! Thank you so much for your help andamp; guidance :)" ... written by Havy
Always a HUGE help... great advice!!!" ... written by Ang
Cassie is my spiritual adviser - she is awesome! I have been having readings with her for over a year now and she is always accurate, no false hopes, just advice and details of exactly where things are at and where they are going. HIGHLY recommend her to everyone as she is honest. Thanks Cassie ♥" ... written by V
She's the best ever honestly...she's so accurate...100% accurate" ... written by sweetmarionette
LOOOOVE this reader! She's excellent!" ... written by Ang
She has a nice warmth to her, and she seems quite empathic. I trust what she said." ... written by Steph
not what i hoped to hear but accurate" ... written by jess
Thanks Cass for confirming! You mentioned everything that I"ve been feeling lately and confirmed for me my next course of action. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks so much for your help!" ... written by V
very good reading =, happy with the guidance i received" ... written by katie
she is good and accurate and fast " ... written by ohood
interesting reading, thank you" ... written by Bee
Amazing spot on" ... written by Anna
Sooooo amazing! thank u xx" ... written by Anna
she is great and loving and truthful" ... written by fida
very, very accurate. " ... written by onceuponatime11
Wow!! PsychicCass is for real! She and her Spirit Guides connected to my energy right away when I stopped in her room to just watch what was going on. I didn't type anything. PsychicCass was guided to call my name out in chat for a demo which was a great surprise to me. So, I asked my question, and everything PsychicCass felt led to tell me about my 1 short question was very accurate and true. I was completely blown away about it. I felt compelled to go further with listening to her do the other demos and the Angel card game and felt that she was being true and honest. I had my 1st private reading with her and PsychicCass continued to blow me away with the accuracy and details of things she and the Spirit Guides were able to tell me about my situation. I am so glad the Spirit Guides led me to her room and led her to select me for the demo question because that led me to a very insightful and dtaild rading of what is going on in my life. I was not worried about my credits while having my reading with her because I was just listening to the accuracy of what she was saying. Thank You Psychic Cass and thank you for the Prayers!!! I'll be back!!" ... written by StarshineJ
she is just terrific" ... written by qp
VERY informative" ... written by Dawn
Cassie is remarkable. Everything she said was specific and quick and to the point. She told me a lot of things that I didn't previously know. I'm so excited for my future!! I give Cassie A+++++++ for her reading today. She is phenomenal!!! Thank you so much, Cassie!!" ... written by Terri Maguire
Amazing !!! I had the most uplifting reading ever. Thank you so much for this. You are truly gifted" ... written by Isabelle
I just had my 2nd reading with Psychic Cass (which immediately became my 3rd and 4th) because Psychic Cass continues to just blow me away with her accurate insight into what is happening BEFORE I have disclosed a certain situation to her (the father and/or; how she already knew about "him wanting to get out of the cold" I hadn't yet updated her about anything regarding the father, nor had I ever disclosed to her about the discussion me and "him" have had ever year, every winter, about "him" getting out of the cold weather and wanting to go somewhere warm. These are just a few of the things that Psychic Cass has continued to show me in each reading that she is the real deal and is really in tune/ in touch with my energy and situation. I have never even told anyone about every year what "he" says about wanting to get away over the winter and the reasons why. This is very significant. Psychic Cass also gave me a lot more insight into what is currently happening and why; as well as what she sees occurring in the near future. THANK YOU Psychic Cass. I'll keep you updated and thank you for being direct with me with what you see regarding my situation." ... written by StarshineJ
Very uplifting reader! I very much enjoyed my time with her!" ... written by sweetcurls
thank you so much. beautiful reading. i was so sad before." ... written by Lee
As always, the best!" ... written by Isabelle
Wonderful, as always !!" ... written by Isabelle
she is fast and accurate " ... written by ohood
wow she tuned right in and took off running....very straight forward not sugar coating...I look forward to our next reading.. and her predictions.." ... written by Kathy
Love this reader, very honest but very helpful. Sees directly into a situation!" ... written by Ang
Thank you." ... written by d2k1000
spot on! lots of info, and dates.... fingers crossed! take her private, and be ready!!" ... written by Dreb
As always a great reading!! Truly amazing and gifted psychic. I can't thank you enough Cassie :)" ... written by Isabelle
Excellent reading! I will definitely use her again." ... written by Gatorgal1
oh my goodness - cassie is wonderful...just wondeful. Very informative! xo" ... written by MB
Awesome! Love her" ... written by Ang
she is fast and accurate :)" ... written by ohood
Great reading as always!! Very thrilled with our reading. Thanks Cassie :)" ... written by Issy
Great readings very accurate, waiting for results!!!!!" ... written by kry
take her private! thanks so much" ... written by dreb
Very informative, Cassie you are the best! Very on point, and can see my situation as though looking through my own lenses:) Amazing! Will be back for sure:))))" ... written by lakeshia
Another outstanding reading. Really strong empathic ability. One of the top psychics on this site for me." ... written by Alan
GOOD READING" ... written by HOPE
Very accurate on feelings and happenings in my life." ... written by Mindy
wonderful, quick and spot on reading. She understood everything perfectly" ... written by nicole
Very informative, highly recommended:))" ... written by lakeshia
she is very good" ... written by ohood
awesome! spot on :)" ... written by Hikaru
She is amazing!! really connected to my issues and gave me answers!!" ... written by Jnaujo00
Great reading!!!! As Always:))" ... written by lakeshia
Helpful wonderful reading " ... written by Onslow_Cracker
so sweet, kind and honest" ... written by Ashleigh
She is honest but it's confusing for me a bit.." ... written by Debbie
I was feeling really bad when I contacted Cassie and she gave me some really good advice and made me feel so much better" ... written by Jodi
GREAT PRECISE and TO THE POINT: Really really good" ... written by Arnoldo
fast and accurate... loved it" ... written by suma
As always a great reading!! Look no further..Cass is the best by far!!! Thank you for everything" ... written by Isabel
Cassie is so awesome, she really gets into it and know what the situation is. she gives the greatest advice from her heart!" ... written by angel
She was very sweet and and explained it very well - I am very pleased with the reading" ... written by Leena
Thank you Cassie for all of your help. You are very insightful and give great advise." ... written by eklade
great advise and really realistic. I hate the time ran out." ... written by carebear
Lovely, incredible reading - spot on." ... written by Jonathan
was very helpful and gave me clarity on my situation" ... written by katie
I asked one question and she gave me a full, detailed answer and everything she said made sense as to what is going on and what I have been feeling. She was a great help." ... written by Jenn
Always great, always has good energy. Her readings are wonderful and she gives good advice." ... written by Dawn L.
A wonderful lady to have a reading with - really knows the situation." ... written by Webster
she is absolutely fantastic reader!" ... written by zen
Cassie has helped me in so many ways over the last couple of weeks. I don't know how I would have gotten through some days without talking with her. She is so positive and uplifting and gives the best advice. She doesn't get you dwell in when you've done something wrong, she always finds a way to make it positive. Thank You so much Cassie, I can't say enough how you've helped me. I will check in soon!!" ... written by Jodi
Cassie is so good quick, perceptive and so compassionate." ... written by W
very insightfull!!!" ... written by stephanie
absolutely a stunning reader and very gifted" ... written by ole
I just love Cassie. Even today when I was actually feeling really good, she managed to make me feel even better. I don't know how she does it, but she does. She gives me such great advice and makes me want to conquer the world!" ... written by Jodi
She is very insightfully needed her help and she gave me it" ... written by stephanie
Amazing!!!" ... written by Simon
Amazing - good reader - picked up very quickly " ... written by Norman
Great reading" ... written by Stacie
Cass is amazing! Thanks for letting me see the reality of my situation." ... written by Faith
Amazing reading I loved that it was quick and to the point thank u so much!!!!" ... written by Ava
Love her energy! quick, fun, very accurate, and wonderful reader, thank you so much!" ... written by scadoodle
Wonderful and insightful " ... written by DD
Amazing Amazing amazing" ... written by Simon
Amazing reading, amazing insight - always good to return." ... written by Fiona
honest straight up reading and to the point . " ... written by z
Love love love!!!!!! So trutthful, honest and connected ever so amazingly! In depth on my situation and I didn't even need to tell her things! Only 3.99 and worth every penny!! Thankyou so much cass! I will be back!! xxxx" ... written by Ashleigh
As always thank yoU!" ... written by Carol
Hi Cass. As usual, the time limit always restricts me from getting enough info. I help that you will continue to send me updates or messages. Thank you Cass" ... written by Mel
Always happy to come back to Cass for readings - inspiring and such good advice" ... written by Michelle
AMAZINGGGGGG. Nothing more i can say other than how amazingly wonderful cassie is with her reads, and as a person!! Today is a good day thankyou!! xxxxxxx" ... written by Ashleigh
All there is to say is, RIGHT. ON. Cass picked up on the fine details of my situation quickly, she was able to assess all of the areas of the situation and gave some great advice and hope for the future. I am so happy I read with her, she as a great energy, a great intuition and can tell you what you want to know. Thanks Cass!" ... written by Emily
very incouraging love her!" ... written by stephanie
Again, so honest, so true, so lovely! Not only was it another quick connection, but I only told the bsics and she picked out the rough patches! Made me feel so much better!! " ... written by Ashleigh
Fantastic reader - really a gem to the universe" ... written by Simon
Amazing " ... written by DeeDee
Cassie always makes me feel better and in more in control with my emotions and feelings. Going though some very hard times, and I couldn't get though them without her kinds words and spot on readings." ... written by Jodi
Great insight, great spirit! Thank you!" ... written by Cyndbear
Amazing reading - just love Cass" ... written by Dave
Wonderful!!!" ... written by Simon
So many thanks - I love talking to you and I appreciate so much that you came online to give me the chance to - it was everything that I needed to hear and talking with you never fails me. Thanks so much!" ... written by Moonchild
Couldn't believe how much information Cass had. It just kept rolling and all of it made sense! A really sweet and gifted lady. Looking forward to seeing whether her predictions come about." ... written by Freedom2211
Wonderful " ... written by Mikael
perfect" ... written by frun
I love Cassie... she's so connected and honest. Her guidance is invaluable to me. xoxoxoxo" ... written by MB
Awesome reader =)" ... written by loli
great! love her" ... written by leela
Cass is the best reader/psychic by far. She's always quick to tune into my situation and gives me answers. Thank you!" ... written by Isabel
Great reading as usual. Cass is amazing and inspiring. Thank you " ... written by Isabel
thank you " ... written by jessica
Great connection with Cassie! :) Loved her ready, she gave plenty of details! " ... written by Sam
WOnderful, just wonderful " ... written by Jacob
Cass has a way of making everything make sense - she is truely a gift from Spirit " ... written by Simon
Wonderful!!!" ... written by Frank
She is concise and accurate. I like Cassie because she is sweet and sincere. " ... written by Billygirl54
She was great. Spot on...gave me hope..." ... written by Andrea
Cassie always, never fails makes me so much better. She's always spot on and gives me amazing advice!" ... written by Jodi
She is awesome I love Cassie! She hit everything i was thinking and feeling right on the money!" ... written by Qu
Just wonderful, such good advice, good energy and no sugar coating :)" ... written by Jaimie
I love her just pure awesome!" ... written by Qu
She is awesome words cannot describe everytime i felt a certain way she told me. " ... written by Qu
thank you" ... written by all
Cassie is so awesome! When i was down and out she helped turn that around for me! I love her and will always continue to come back to her! She told me my purpose and every since then i have not looked or turned back! Awesome lady, love you!" ... written by Qu
thanks for the private chat" ... written by Edward
this lady connects in a great way; without any info! i was really surprised; she gives a lot of energy and i will certainly come back to her !" ... written by dmg
Amazing as usual, I cant recommend her enough!" ... written by Ashleigh
Thank You Cass" ... written by Ana
Thank you, great reading." ... written by Bee
Cassie is phenomenal! She hits on all of the points right away and does not waste your time. I recommend her and her energy is so positive. I love her follow up emails too! I will be back soon Cass!" ... written by Catherine
very good and talented reader" ... written by oak
Cass has the skills, she is very intuitive and what she said resonates w my gut feeling abt. whats going on. I appreciate her honesty and caring" ... written by Lord Fauntelroy
Such an amazing reader!! Thank you for your insight Cass. You are truly gifted and your energy is out of this world. I appreciate all your words. Thank you , thank you, thank you!!!" ... written by Isabel
she is good" ... written by lori
She was an angel. She was on point with all of her information and gave excellent advice. It was liking talking to a counselor. She's amazing! xo" ... written by Tiana
Cassie is amazing! She connects immediately and nails the problems directly. You feel so peaceful when you leave a session with her." ... written by healing lady
very helpfullly!!!" ... written by stephanie
Cass is great! " ... written by DD
GReat as always!!" ... written by L
Cassie is amazing at what she does. Anyone in need of answers or insight she is definitely your go to psychic !!" ... written by Isabel
She is insightful and right on. I like her. Five stars." ... written by Billygirl54
Very easy to connect" ... written by lakeshia
Pleasure as always. Spot on and insightful." ... written by Vanessa
Dead on, really tuned into how i was feeling. I just love talking to her in private. Give great advice and guidance. " ... written by kalitay
Probably one of my favorites on here so far. Picked up energies very easily, wasn't wrong or guessing about anything. We'll stay tuned for what happens!" ... written by Kayla
I had to come again to take away some doubts...Cassie is so sweet and has lots of patience with me. She calmed me down and i just have to stay positive for things to come! She is an awesome reader, a fantastic lovely and caring person! Love to talk to her" ... written by Sonia
Always spot on with the advice I need! " ... written by Jodi
Gives me such great insight into my problem - just love her readings and such good advice" ... written by Simon
Was great awesome and caught on things fast !" ... written by PsychicCass
Great reading thanks so much Cassie always so reliable honest and accurate" ... written by Maia
OH MY GOSH. ON. POINT!!! STRAIGHT UPPPPP with my situation! I feel so much better and relieved! you all have to go to her... she's SO accurate. so nice. so sweet. amazing. thank you cass!" ... written by ohhello
She is great. Very caring and vey intuitive " ... written by Andrea
Cassy gave me a wonderful insight of the situation, confirmed my gut feeling. Her way to talk is so soothing and nice - gave me lots of confidence. Try her !!!" ... written by Sonia
thank you " ... written by all
Cass really makes sense. Very calming and sees the situation so clearly. She is amazing!" ... written by Trickynic
I love to have updates with Cassie! She is so wonderful and can give me so much deep information! The best guide I could imagine through this chapter in my life - Im so thankful!!!" ... written by Sonia
Very Well Done, will definitely get this done:))" ... written by lakeshia
Amazing as always, my number 1!!" ... written by Ashleigh
Cassie connected very well with me. She gave amazing insight on the situation and I look forward to seeing where my situation goes!" ... written by markitabrwn590
Cassie has true vision and clarity and i feel shes really helped me get to th next level of insight and understanding." ... written by Houghton Mifflin
I wish I heard the rest best I ran out of time andamp; you got others to attend, next time thank you." ... written by Ana Karen AnaKLove
Amazing reads every time. Really taps into peoples energies and gives great advice. I highly recommend Cass! =) She's awesome!" ... written by Loli
She is wonderful and sweet, she gets to the point and understands" ... written by nicole
she is vry good and honest. loved the reading." ... written by beautifulwisdom
she is so wonderful and intuitive. she helps me make decisions for all aspects of my life and is very encouranging on this that I may be fearful or doubtful about. She has answers to my questions and is simulataneously very companssionate and understanding about everything that i may express to her." ... written by eklade
thank you soooo much cass. so on point. things look clear for me!" ... written by :)
she is great!" ... written by angel
on point as usual =)" ... written by loli
I hate when it cuts off. She's great, 5 starts to Cass" ... written by Jane
She was very helpful with my situation and in giving me closure. I will definitely reach out to her again if I ever need to." ... written by Amanda
Cassie is amazing, always brings insight to my life and calms me down. She is aware of the influences around you as well as your own energy and has a way about her that can bring you back to center! I highly recommend her as a reader." ... written by Cat
Always a pleasure with Cassie. She can help you too!" ... written by shelle97
Amazing reading thank you!" ... written by Kristal Turner
Thank you Cass for the informative reading. " ... written by Ro
My girl Cassie. She is on point and direct. Five stars." ... written by Billygirl54
she is great!! she picks up things, great great great!!! " ... written by bm
Cassie has really helped me and I can't thank her enough." ... written by shelle97
Wonderful as usual " ... written by Webster
Always so accurate! I will never go to another reader but Cassie. Thank you for enlighten my days. " ... written by Isabell
Cass is such a great relationship advisor. She sees things so clearly and provides wonderful advice. I so appreciate her and her incredible gifts...Very, very good! What a kind spirit:)" ... written by Carrie
Awesome reader and on point! =)" ... written by loli
Wonderful, just wonderful - good strong connection" ... written by Jaimei
straight to the point and very accurate in here assessment. highly recommend " ... written by tyler
Thankyou thankyou thankyouuu " ... written by SWEET
She was great she told me everything single little detail , she is amazing :) have to come back and read with her" ... written by St
I really enjoyed this session with you. You knew exactly what i wanted to talk about as soon as i walked in. I am very grateful my sister sweattea told me about yo. You are very humble,fast, and honest and I cant wait to get my next reading to update you. I loved love loved everything about the reading. Thanks for clealring up the issue that was bothering me it really meant alot to me :).. Even though we didnt talk for along time i got a sense of what kind of person you are and I also love your energy :) Thankyou for being so kind and honest once again, I assure you i will be back with updates. And I will be patient. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou I am grateful to have had a session with you !! " ... written by V.B
great positive but honest reading ! without any info she gives a lot !!" ... written by dm
great as always ! i recommend her !" ... written by dm
very honest and straight up reader. genuinely concerned about her clients" ... written by angelszone
SPOT ON!!!" ... written by Kyla
Very honest and trustworthy guidance. Answers flow clearly. " ... written by angelszone
She was SO spot on it was crazy. She picked up on everything that I had been wondering about in my head and told me not only what was going on, but why. And what to look at in my relationship and how it could be seen in that outside perspective we all need. She was amazing. I will definitely be back. " ... written by Sabeeha
amazing reading and spiritual connection going on with cass. she was able to totally understand what I am going through and give amazing advice through spirit guides. one of the best reading I have ever had. I am very grateful" ... written by angel of light
:) thank youuuuu. i connect with her well. she's the only psychic ill go to!" ... written by C
She is amazing and very honest and accurate i will use your tips :) xoxo blessings and love" ... written by VB
Detailed answers and very patient with my persistent and trivial questions. Cass understands how you feel and genuinely helps. Even if you get bad news, like my situation, she will help you. Cleared my negative downward spiral in 2 days kidding! Go to her." ... written by angelszone
psychicCass is very accurate! So sweet and so helpful! She is able to help with love, career, etc. She is such a beautiful soul!! " ... written by Carlin
Cassie is the best !!! Such an empowering reading. Thank you once again for your lovely reading. You are truly special. " ... written by Isabelle
Very nice and calm :) she is also straight to the point and I love the advice she offers in her session as well !!" ... written by VB
Super wonderful reader - picked up on the situation very well!" ... written by Eva
Amazing everytime=) On point. Great advice! Compassionate and really gets into the energies and feelings of the route of the situation. Cass has kept me sane for months." ... written by Loli
Yes definitely more than satisfied, completely blown away:))) Very much on point!!" ... written by lakeshia
Always to the point" ... written by S.
Thank you - very sweet and thoughtful" ... written by Chesha
Wonderful as usual - such good advice and picks up really quickly " ... written by Simon
Came to her to tell Cassie the improvement on the situation as she predicted it.. great connection !Love talking to her!" ... written by S.
Very accurate. She was indeed reasonable and sensible. I like that she is very empathic and intuitive. " ... written by Jose
she is really good with her reading and very helpful." ... written by ritu
Very sweet, and nice and thanks for the advice, i will be back !!!" ... written by VB
five stars, thanks" ... written by Sue
She's really good guys and gals!!!! Very legit! Everything she told me was accurate and according to what's going on in my life. She definitely has a gift!" ... written by Edna Pedraza
Psychic Cass is extremely accurate in her readings with me that I have had in the past. That is why I continue to come back to Psychic Cass for additional readings as my situation continues to unfold. The things that Psychic Cass have previously revealed to me have actually happened and/or been happening. I trust her insight. She is also very encouraging and supportive and honest. If I did not believe in the things she has been revealing to me I would not continue to come back to her. BUT, I do believe and have seen the accuracy of her insight. You will be very pleased and happy with your reading with Psychic Cass. She will tell you good and bad of what she sees and, she does it in a very caring and thoughtful way. You will not get a "generic" reading with her. Mine have been very detailed and accurate. Thank you for your time Psychic Cass." ... written by StarshineJ
Great ! .. very decisive" ... written by M
Again, Cassie was absolutely wonderful, very very insightful and again spot on ! I trust in her gift. Again another amazing reading." ... written by debbie
I have been coming to Cassie for a long time now - everything she says is 100%, and this is the honest truth. I don't know how she does it, but she just does. Again, she predicted where I would work - her accuracy is outstanding. Cassie is the best there is. Thanks Cassie, love you. ♥ ♥" ... written by Larima Gem
Good, good, good. I ask a question and she dives right in with details and answers. Great reading." ... written by JCS
Great advice!" ... written by rowanberry18
the real deal - very good" ... written by b
Cassie is amazing as always!!" ... written by shelle97
On point as always - fantastic advice " ... written by Nicole
Five stars, great reader." ... written by Anne
good reading...highly recommended" ... written by MM
Cassie was spot on with my situation in my relationship. I wish she had better news but she read right into my ex relationship and really helped me see what was going on and how to deal with the situation at hand. She was very lovely, kind, and I felt very comfortable receiving the information from her. Amazing reader." ... written by meadowdeb
Very good and accurate! Very kind and sweet." ... written by MickyMeow
Very compassionate person. Felt better after talking to her. Looking forward to the wonderful things she predicted about my life 3 months from now." ... written by dpriya
I just love Cassie. She has been such a kind healing person my life over the last 3 months. She always makes me feel better, and tells me like it is and just amazing" ... written by Jodi
sweet and good as usual " ... written by f
What a wonderful woman - quick read, very on point!" ... written by Eva
The best of the best. Creme de la creme. Cassie is amazing. Anyone in need of a serious and truthful reading must take Cassie into private. She is amazing and such a kind spirit. I keep coming back to her because she is truly the best. Thank you for everything, always. " ... written by Isabellle
Great reading! PsychicCass is truthful and didn't tell me just what I wanted to hear...she did give me hope so i'll wait to see what happens. Give her a try!" ... written by lornalulu
best reader ever" ... written by Ashley
wow shes extremely accurate spot on. amazing" ... written by Ashley
Once again another great reading with Cassie! She's very spot on with things. Awesome job!!" ... written by shelle97
Wonderful reader! Very quick to tune in and straight forward!" ... written by Eva
WOW!! She hit the nail on the head, will definitely come back." ... written by Adriane
very good reading!" ... written by aurelia
Cassie is wonderful andamp; accurate all of the time. Connects on such a profound level in her spiritual readings." ... written by HoT
" Always a solid reading and in depth insight into my situation. 10 stars!!"" ... written by MaiaAroha
Thank you, you confirmed exactly what I was thinking about the situation ... almost as is I'd given you a script. Was good to hear it from you as with everything that isn't easy and stressful, you tend to doubt whether thinking correctly. Thank you again." ... written by cimba1
quite an amazing woman , totally gifted , well connected to spirit !!! treat yourself andamp; let her read you !!! thanks psychicCass .. XOXO" ... written by tamjones
Direct and to the point. She is honest about her feelings. Five stars. She also has a very sweet disposition. " ... written by billygirl54
Thank you! Great reading, and great insights." ... written by Mimi
she is good and accurate :))" ... written by ohood
she is good and fast and accurate " ... written by ohood
she was very nice and very accurate" ... written by catherine
Great reading!!!" ... written by Angel
Great reader - quick to pick up on the situation and give great guidance." ... written by Eva
I loved cassies reading, she truly delved into the dynamics of what was going on and provided some counsel of depth and clarity. I feel supported and validated in my healing w her" ... written by Cedric Von Granfaloon
Good reading!!!!" ... written by V
Sorry, funds ran out and I couldn't add more for some reason. you were very honest and insightful. Thank you for your time. " ... written by Butterflii43
Always a pleasure having a reading with you. Thank you Cass. You are truly gifted. " ... written by Isabelle
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Thank you so much! You were awesome!" ... written by Bri
Super reading i always like her counsel, has helped me so much and continue to deepen understanding. " ... written by Guido Sarducci
she is accurate and very good " ... written by ohood
she is accurate and fast " ... written by ohood
Thank you so much for everything she is honestly so great!!! I'll be back soon to speak with you!! " ... written by Ashley
Cassie is always spot on with advice and helping me feel better about everything. My daughter was sitting next to me during my last session, and said, she's really AWESOME! I couldn't agree more!" ... written by Jodi
Awesome Reading as usual, thank you so much Cassie!!! " ... written by Lynda22
Thank you so much Cassie. I was so worried and confused at my situation today and you always make me feel better. I love how you encourage me, that makes me feel great!" ... written by Jodi
Great reading once again, Cassie is very fast and to the point! Thank you! :)" ... written by UK
I would like to say Cassie has been a godsend, always giving me not just what I like to hear, but also the not so nice things that i NEED to hear, she is a fantastic reader. Thanks again." ... written by meadowdeb
Great as always!! The best relationship expert. Thank you Cassie" ... written by Isabelle
Cassie is great! She was spot on with the advice she gave me, honest about the difficulties ahead, and I really look forward as to what's ahead of me. She's a very sweet and straight to the point psychic! I can't wait to talk to her again!" ... written by dyenut
Amazing!" ... written by David
she is very good and accurate " ... written by ohood
I love how she is SUCH an expert with love and relationships. I also think that she is beyond an expert....HIGHLY recommend her!" ... written by Adriane
Thank you Cassie for your advice. As always you give me hope, and help me feel stronger" ... written by Jodi
I can't express how good she is; DEFINATELY get a reading from her if u are needing relationship help!" ... written by Adriane
1st time with Cass and she read correctly about the personalities of the people i enquired by just their names. Very good energy with her, am def coming back :)" ... written by Missjk21
THANK YOU PsyCassie. Everything you were saying in our reading where words that either he has expressed to me, and/or that I had previously expressed to him over all these years. You are accurately in tune with things that we me and him have said to each other. It always blows me away how you connect to things between us that I have not yet shared with you. I am so Blessed to have come to your Room here that one day and was selected for a Demo, in which you hit upon accurately the things that were occurring in my life. Those are the reasons why I have continued to meet with you. Your insight is so relevant to my situation. Not generic phrases. I believe you really do see and feel/sense what is happening for me, him and the "other" person. You even accurately describe her, and describe things that he has privately told me about her. Sorry I was not able to continue further with reading at this time. For what ever reason the chat window was not sending anything I was typing to you. So, I just attentively listened to the things you were accurately revealing about what was happening between me and him. I am blown away. THANK YOU!! " ... written by StarshineJ
she is fast ,accurate , very good :) love her " ... written by ohood
she is very good " ... written by ohood
great much needed and brutally honest insight and truth" ... written by tardis
I like Cassie's style, it's upfront and honest. She's been right for me in the past so I hope as the energy is now she'll be right again. It was a pleasure to read with her again. Great psychic!" ... written by JCS
Cassie is a 5 star reader and is very accurate with predictions . highly recommend her for a reading. She is very sweet and honest with her readings. Thanks Cassie for the reading." ... written by Patricia
honest and spirutal, very positive, sweet reading" ... written by kit kat
Cass truly helped me today and provided wonderful advice for a really tough situation. I am so happy I came to her and look forward to staying true to myself in this matter. She helped to ground me and remind me of what truly matters. Thank you!" ... written by Carrie
She pulled my confidence to great heights. I would recommend everyone to hear from her she is so full of energy and positivist attitude. " ... written by Mandeep
Thanks Cassie - you hit it right on the button as always. Many blessings!!" ... written by Maia
she is very good , fast and accurate " ... written by ohood
Incredible connection and guidance - very accurate, detailed and extremely straight forward and honest insight that I desperately needed - very highly recommended!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Cassie is a 5 star reader very precise and accurate. I highly recommend her for a readying. Thank you Cassie for the reading." ... written by Patricia
This is the second time I've spoken to Cass in private and both times have been wonderfully insightful. I can't believe the things that she picks up on. Wonderful Psychic." ... written by Chiara
love, love, love Cassie's readings, so spot on " ... written by Zbigniew Brzesinsky
Love talking to her, She is very honest and truthful. see ya soon " ... written by Kalitay
Spot on, very easy connect! Told me what I needed to hear, maybe not necessarily what I wanted to hear. Highly Recommended, Thank you so much for your clarity and insight! " ... written by lakeshia
wonderful and relaxing" ... written by hp
thank you" ... written by KC/B
she is great!!!! she has been here to help me out and to assess my situation all along. she can pick up on the situation very well thank you so much :)" ... written by bm
Thank you!!!" ... written by Complicated7985
Thanks so much cass. you are a blessing to me (and others i'm sure) ! your readings are so helpful-- they steer me in the right direction. love to you always :) " ... written by Seemarie
Not only is Cassie amazingly sweet and sensitive, her gifts and insight are unparalleled. She completely understands my situation and everything she says is always spot on! Thank you Cassie!!! " ... written by Sophia
had a great reading " ... written by ohood
She is always on point. Her prediction came true as hard as it was to accept. Very honest, quick and insightful. " ... written by Billygirl
Cassie is so sweet and compassionate. What an angel. Blessings to you dear soul." ... written by Kelly
really appreciate your delving into his psyche and revealing what is going on with him. i hope things will begin to look up in 30 days time. thanks as always~" ... written by leodragon2015
thank you! very honest! " ... written by De
thank you, 5 stars" ... written by Anne
Cassie has the ability to tap into your energy and anyone you are asking about with ease and clarity. She even knew I had a particular question to ask during this reading after she answered my initial question. Now that's intuitive indeed! A great, informative, concise, and detailed reading with Cassie, as usual. Thank you!" ... written by JCS
Cass has such wisdom in her guidance. Very kind and supportive energy. A true blessing" ... written by Kelly
Oh my goodness, Cass is so on target, everything she has told me has come to pass. She told me what my ex was thinking and he validated that in our recent communication. Cass You are amazing, thank you so much. I can validate with 100 percent everything that you have given to me thus far !" ... written by debbie
Cassie gave me great advice which I am very grateful. Thank you!" ... written by Carol
Cassie is the best!" ... written by Carol
Absolutely GREAT!Always right on and so personable! Sweet and exact! Right on target." ... written by m
PsychicCass was just wonderful. She was able to tell me things that I had not mentioned and was very understanding. This was not my first reading with her and she has told me some cold hard truths before so I know to expect the truth from her." ... written by Chiara
Ran out of credits!! Amazing! psychicCass picked up on so much! Will be back my dear friend! :) Bless your heart! :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
PsychicCass seems to know what she's talking about! Thank you! You were a big help to my situation!" ... written by Cherie
great reading! so kind and truthful and connected quickly and really saw the situation -- hope everything does happen as predicted." ... written by lornalulu
she is the best on oranum age is fast and accurate " ... written by ohood
well....she is beautiful inside and out...shines so brightly and is able to help and understand it all...beyond any words..just ...amazing! i love her to pieces! awww" ... written by icy
Cassie always makes me smile and feel better. She validates my feelings and where I need to go with my future. She gives the best advice!" ... written by Jodi
Always solid great advice, and spot on to what I'm feeling." ... written by Jodi
Absolutely Great! fun to work with in the insight needed!" ... written by m
great!" ... written by edel95
good reading!" ... written by Kate
Again. The message even clearer I now can rest at ease." ... written by Giddy
Cassie is so calming and reassuring in the best and worse of a situation. She does not just tell you what you want to hear and she is very, very gifted. " ... written by debbie
I love Cass - she is always up front and honest. She gives clear information and genuinely cares about her clients. She is very ethical. xoxo" ... written by MB
Very good connectionnn impressed!!! wow.." ... written by Gina
she is wonderful; honest, tells you as she sees it..5 stars" ... written by Ammer
she is so unique, so connected, omg...nobody understood me so far like she did and i need to speak to this woman again, as she was extremely accurate and mind blowing... clear, honest...helped me more than i can say in words...forever grateful...all the stars in the sky...:)" ... written by comando lol
My credits ran out before she could finish. But the reading was good and spot on and validated what I was feeling. Just wish I could get more credits! " ... written by Aqidah
Was feeling a bit down today with all that's going on in the world. Cassie always up lifts me and puts things into perspective for me." ... written by Jodi
Wonderful as usual " ... written by Onslow
SHE IS SO GREAT AND FULL OF ENERGY A FUN ROOM ALWAYS AND ACCURATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by m
wonderful" ... written by maria
Thank you for my reading loved it" ... written by Kristal
Thanks again PsychicCass! Amazing! Great reading from you! Love andamp; Light to you! :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
Great! Always a fun room and accurate readings!" ... written by m
Cassie is quite a unique lady I am utterly grateful to her help encouragement. I have been going through some challenges and i feel confident that everything will be fine, and i am changing my entire life and going for a more fullfilled life. I speak to cassie and she is like a personal counsellor on the other side of the world" ... written by artygal
Relaxed and direct" ... written by Fun_Sized
WOnderful, quick to pick up on teh situation and good advice" ... written by Alexandra
I LOVE how she hits the nail on the head every time! This is the reason I keep coming back to her" ... written by Adriane
Was really feeling down, but Cassie gave me some good advice to really think on, and lifted my spirits. " ... written by Jodi
GREAT" ... written by PANDAPOP21
Cassie was, and is, the BEST. Not only was her reading on point, but she poured this healing, loving energy on everything. At the end of the day, what happens or not, is out of our control. But someone who guides, reminds, walks with you in the path of blessing and loving the world and everything in it, is someone worth spending time and resources on. Thank you Cassie. I will always come back to you! PS. We also had a great rapport and laughs " Girl, I'm latin" " ... written by Patricia
Very sweet and honest. I love her. No sugarcoating with Cassie" ... written by Billygirl54
Thanks for answering all the questions with compassion and honesty" ... written by mn
Nice reading. I like the detailed explanations. She uses her gifts and her guidance is very calm and has a casual way of explaining things. " ... written by Jose
Excellent reading as always! Always right on point, Cassie is one of my top favorites here!" ... written by Alan (merkabahman 633)
COnencts really well and fast - good reader" ... written by Casey
truly nice informative reading and she really helped to ease my stress and to make me see things from another perspective, very accurate and real empath, wow lots of stars" ... written by lorna
wonderful" ... written by maria
Wonderful, fast strong connection and on point." ... written by Onslow
Had a really long session with sweet Cassie. she tells it as it is and sees the situation really clearly. not what i had really hoped to hear but i do trust her insights. i will def be back to check back. " ... written by Miss
She is ALWAYS spot on....LOVE it!!" ... written by ADDItude
Thanks so much!! SO helpful and correct. :) " ... written by Darlene
Cass is so spot on and very detailed in her readings. Great reading today. " ... written by debbie
Very Powerful and informative reading. " ... written by Stephanie
Such a kind gentle soul. Gave me hope, honesty and courage. She really listened to spirit and was calm before and during the reading. She is focused and spot on. Do give her a try, please you will not regret a moment of it." ... written by marya
Quick and fast connection - wonderful reader" ... written by Simon
She is great" ... written by Nora
wonderful reading! it helped a lot :) thank you" ... written by nas
Cassie is always spot on and so helpful!! Her insight and guidance is always exactly what I need to hear. 5 stars! " ... written by Sophia
Great reading with Cassie, lots of details! Thank you! :)" ... written by S
Did seem to pick up the energy around me.. And had some true, not sugar coated, spiritual counselling advice that was super valuable. Great to work out current problems with. Thank you." ... written by Joanna
Awesome. She told me things that helped me today and going forward. I really appreciate her approach." ... written by phillypretzel
connected quickly and deeply " ... written by qp
thank youuuu " ... written by seemarie
AMAZING! quick accurate so empowering! understands without judgement. You will not waste a single pretty penny with her. She sees all sides of a situation and what is most encouraging is that she does not answer my questions and keeps me stuck.. she understands why i ask those questions and reminds me of my strength , reminds me of my values and goals and validates for me the truth in my heart to set me free! I love this woman! " ... written by sarahj
Great" ... written by Cris
Cassie is always so truthful and uplifting. She delivers news that you might not want to hear in such a positive way, that it makes hearing the news more of an opportunity than a negative. She gives me such great advice and I take it to heart because she has never guided me in the wrong direction. Love, Light, Peace" ... written by Jodi
Great reading thanks again for Cassie for the depth and connectedness." ... written by Maia
she was very accurate!! 5 stars!!!!" ... written by jana
Finally had a chance to read in-person with Cassie, after several email readings. She's great - taps into energy very well and is full of empathy and good advice. Like talking to a great friend." ... written by imanix
Wonderful reading!!! :) Thanks for the answers!!! Love andamp; Light to you PsychicCass!! :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
Thank you so much cass for myreading" ... written by marion
GREAT!!!" ... written by JAMIRA76
Thank you for guidance!" ... written by Jypc
I had to be cut off untimely but I will return! I'm quite amazed and astounded by her connecting ability and she was revealing such information that could not have been known. I will quickly return for the rest of the reading! I sense her immediate kindness and gentleness that is comforting. In a matter of a short time, I do believe in her gifts. She landed in my favorite list. " ... written by Merrysinclair
speechless she is real and she is worth every penny." ... written by Nicole
blunt and honest. no sugar coating. I liked that. She's very good and very accurate" ... written by merilyn
GREAT AWESOME" ... written by JAMIRA76
Yes she did " ... written by Natalie
Always a pleasure to speak to cass .She is honest and accurate. She is so easy to talk to and really helps you. " ... written by Kalitay
Connects fast good reader, knows what sheis talking about " ... written by Angelique
Amazingly accurate AMAZING!!!! I'll be back!!" ... written by B
Cassie always lifts me up and makes me feel better. She gives the best advice and encouragement. xoxox" ... written by Jodi
great thank you cass once again!!!" ... written by jamira76
I've been coming to her for years now and it's unbelievable how she sees things so clearly!! She has been right over and over again. MUST DO PRIVATE WITH Cass!!" ... written by B
great reading" ... written by johanna
She is very kind, and very warm. However, she was a tad vague in her reading. I did a higher-self reading (spirit guides). Thank you again. :)" ... written by Richie
She connects fast" ... written by Angels light
I really like Cass she gets to the root of the situation and i will definitely come back to her" ... written by zforever
you had put my mind to rest thank you for a great reading looking forward to more to come with love and thank x" ... written by rosiekate
very good reading!" ... written by EX
PsychicCass was beyond on point today. She picked up the situation so clearly, it was as if she was with me. I truly appreciate her insight and her validation, along with look forward to seeing what comes next and to her predictions. I will be back! She has amazing energy:) Thank you for this today....." ... written by Carrie
shes really good you will not be disappointed. " ... written by naye
She really got everything right, my energy, the other person energy... I'm glad I had this reading, it confirmed a lot of what I thought and reassured me." ... written by Maria
Awesome quick reading; straight to the point and honest" ... written by andie1175
Oh Cassie, you always give me such great advice. Thank you for always knowing what I need and helping guide me." ... written by Jodi
Excellent - one of the best on this site. " ... written by Flowers
Thanks again for the absolute clarity and depth of detail. Moves me in so many ways forward." ... written by Maia
Truly awesome. Went back to her she was wonderful and caring after we connected she gave me very great advice on how to handle the situation. " ... written by Ladymysterious
Ran out fo time but just amazing - do yourself a favour if you have a relationship issue talk to Cassie " ... written by Jonathan
GREAT AWESOME" ... written by JAMIRA76
Lovely lady with great read. Highly recommended." ... written by Karla
Cass is really pragmatic in terms of finding a solution, but she is sensible and really positive. I enjoy a lot her readings, because i feel really optimistic about life and going towards my objectives." ... written by Jose
very helpful, answers all of your questions provides advise is very sympathetic and will tell you what kind of things you need to consider in your life in a very caring way. Have had her for over a year her readings are always accurate." ... written by eklade
She is SO good, picked up on stuff that was going on without me saying anything, LOVE her!!" ... written by ADDItude
Cass is so awesome! She picks up immediately and is extremely intuitive. She is the real deal! :)" ... written by Drohem
Great concise reading as usual. Love her bubbly personality and a lot of predictions have come to light in recent months. " ... written by Fun_Sized
PsychicCass was amazing. One of the best readings I have ever gotten!" ... written by Lisa
Just wonderful as usual" ... written by Simon
great reading and straight to the nitty gritty!" ... written by fid
Good reading, thanks." ... written by Anita
She is one of the best, concise, accurate and has helped me out for several months. She has a great skill and so appreciate what she has done to give me clarity, hope and consideration to my concerns." ... written by Carolina
Wonderful reader - kind, insightful and honest!" ... written by Eva
She is very sweet.. connects with people's energy and reads them like a book.. She connected with energy and described someone so so well :) So i know what she says about their thinking is also true! " ... written by noone
She picked up on everything quickly and correctly. She got the personality of the person correct. Great advice. Thank you!!!" ... written by Ra
Cassie is right on and consistent with what she says. The best reader I ever experience. She will tell you the truth no matter what." ... written by Orchidblossom
Very intuitive and detailed about me and the other person " ... written by paris
good reading" ... written by l
Sweet as always - she described the situation very well !" ... written by So
I liked psychicCass's reading and I am hoping it will come true soon." ... written by Moni
No tools needed and always accurate. Things have come true many times. Thank you my friend : ) for seeing clearly into my situation as always and giving me the best advice and caring. Talk to you again soon !!!" ... written by B
great ok" ... written by jamira76
Good review as usual" ... written by Fun_Sized
Thank you Cass - will come back when I get more credit" ... written by Kristal
Thank you for another reading, Cass is now my go to guidance. I love how fast she connects to me, very understanding and gets right to the issue. So far all the readings came out to be accurate. 10 stars" ... written by zforever
she was sweet and accurate :)" ... written by hazan
Wonderfully insightful reader." ... written by Eva
Thanks so much Cassie I can always rely on your advice in working things through in my life" ... written by ikroyala
many thanks for the wake all call going to get that list started for the life I want to have not the past I am moving away from xx" ... written by rosie
Cassie is the best. so calm, cool and collected and accurate down to a very important date in my life that i did not tell her. She is amazing. " ... written by Sam603
Cass is such a genuine sweetheart and picks up on what you need very quickly. I didn't even have to say much about what I was curious about, she simply moved through areas of my life that my spirit guides thought were necessary and it covered the things I needed and wanted to know perfectly. I can't thank Cass enough. xx" ... written by Lexi
Cassie was very good. She told me about my Spirit guides. Everything made sense." ... written by Amy
Really sweet and caring person. She gave me ideas and mentioned things that I had thought of before but didn't know how to execute. Thank you Cass. " ... written by Sapphire456
Always lovely advice and Cassie clear away the worry or doubts I may have. xoxoox" ... written by Jodi
Just wow, connected in demo needed to know more, lovely lady honest answers picked up everything x " ... written by vicky
This was very good and insightful, nice to meet you!" ... written by L
Amazing but we got cut off.." ... written by Lucy
She so positive and truthful. Her vibes are always on point. five stars." ... written by Billygirl54
wonderful" ... written by maria
she was accurate andamp; spot on,,will be back for more. She looks knowledgable:)" ... written by aqua
Very good and accurate" ... written by Mhorag
return customer! Highly recommended!" ... written by CE
Cassie does no sugar coat and she is very clear with her advice." ... written by Alexa
As always has such great solid advice. xoxoxo " ... written by Jodi
She was sweet as pie and right on. You must live in your own light and follow your path! You know what feels right! She is wonderful to talk to and can feel what you feel! Thanks Cass!" ... written by SeeWater
excellent reading very supportive gives great advise" ... written by eklade
5 stars for her!!! such a sweetheart!! picked up on my situation very accurately! and definitely made me feel better:) thank u cass!" ... written by Mimi
Great reading - spot on!" ... written by Angel
Awesome reading, she seemed very knowledgeable." ... written by wickedone75
very detailed reading... she picked up the person's energy right away. hope her prediction will happen" ... written by crystalrbleu