About psychicmehra

Psychic psychicmehrahas 15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic psychicmehrahas recently helped 25members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about psychicmehra's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Affordable price here. I am a born gifted psychic. Highly qualified,spiritual healer. Read with energies and spirit guide. Give you the clarity about questions that are burning in your mind.

she was very nice in reading . but my speakers were off and i dont know what she was saying in mic. but she was a fast in type i will come back for another reading. thank again. !!! blessing" ... written by stp
good update" ... written by zimerili1
Will wait and see what happens" ... written by LA
great advise, thanks a million" ... written by altima1963
Picked up fast in reading would recommend again" ... written by TJ
I really liked her. I've only had 1 reading with her, but I'd like to come back again and then hopefully give her 5 stars. She was interesting and I liked her Asian "vibe", I do really well with that in my life! :) Thank you psychicmehra! :)" ... written by Alexis
helpful" ... written by ED
She was very good and to the point. I would talk with her again." ... written by Jharri68
good" ... written by AAAA11111111
very positive energies and nice advice i got . thank you " ... written by moongirl
she is very nice and honest. i recomend her definitely" ... written by MEMOONA BILAL
she is very kind and nice person. her prediction takes time but always comes true.... thank you ." ... written by dhowdn
thank you so much - you are awesome" ... written by sunshine
All good" ... written by Teuauaa
Very calculative, sure of her answers and confident reply. I am sure that she would be correct, good job. God Bless. " ... written by DOCTORKESAVAN
Just really love her energy!! She's accurate but shes very very amazing herself!" ... written by Alexis
she was spot on" ... written by leigh osborne
Very good but I guess I asked too many questions left in the middle of the reading..." ... written by ss
Great!! Really, really GREAT!! xo" ... written by Alexis
Psychicmehra was very on with her reading... She also had answers for ways to renew my energy and spirit.... I will be back." ... written by Melissa
She's incredible!!! So accurate, so wonderful!!! I enjoyed it so much, I will be back! :)" ... written by Alexis
VERY GOOD" ... written by tamara
very GOOD" ... written by tamara
4/5 very good but slow :)" ... written by zey
Great reading informative as well" ... written by David
Mehra is really good..she picks up on my situation accurately. Thank you for clarifying." ... written by wonderlife
very accurate, true psychic, told me things Id only ever thought before and not said out loud. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of love." ... written by H
really good " ... written by sabinaa
here for update very nice will be back soon for more updates thank psychic meta" ... written by debra
very good reading" ... written by computerluv
very helpful" ... written by la
Amazing! She was so nice and was accurate with reading! She can really pin point past and future!! Amazing!! I will definitely be back for another reading. " ... written by Oceania30
Very confident and assuring reader missjk21" ... written by sjk
she was able to tell me things about my past and about my future" ... written by tamara
good reading quick and to the point, quite caring too" ... written by David
Thank you for a honest and indepth reading. Thanks also for the time frame. " ... written by Charlie
very nice reading! I'm excited! She is very accurate! thank you so much for the reading! :)" ... written by Annalia
She's indeed a wonderful reader, she has motivated me! Gave me a quick reading... I love her :) Blessed to be part of this" ... written by Reshma
She has an honest and open heart and can indeed be very aware of where things are and where they are headed as if was as certain as her own name. She is very loving and positive and will help you to see beyond the things you maybe have lingering on your mind." ... written by AVH84
Thanky you very much for your reading :) See u soon again!" ... written by Mariela
mehra is very good" ... written by leigh osborne
Thank you for your reading." ... written by Tony
she's very positive and honest in what she says, in depth and accurate" ... written by vanessppl
very great read. High intuitive, with a fast and accurate response time. A+++" ... written by alicia
She was very good. She knew things even before I told her anything about it. Cleared some of my doubts about the future" ... written by Nadyi
will tell after a while!" ... written by kamal
great reading thank you" ... written by David
physicmehra is very insightful and straight to the point she has revealed alot to me i recommend her to everybody she is for real" ... written by tamara thomas
Thank you for the reading I can't believe how much you knew about my situation, will keep you posted." ... written by AK
Thanks Mehra for a really nice reading trying to calm my frustration. Blessings and five stars!" ... written by Charlie
Great reading and very thoughtful and caring I will be back" ... written by David
Very good reading, and not needing alot of information. " ... written by MystifyMe
Psychicmehra is very positive and supportive" ... written by Ed
Awesome reading my Mehra. This lady told me things I already knew and many things I didn't know but are very accurate. She is wonderful and I look forward to our follow up reading. " ... written by Tom
very detailed very willing to spend time explaining insights and strategies for situation also say quite accurately into my situation and gave some predictions on the future that I'm excited to see" ... written by h
Good advice" ... written by Janelle
She was helpful" ... written by Maria E. Florespatino
very good reading" ... written by chriss
Very nice and a good reader and advisor....." ... written by Laura
thank you i need the spiritual help really awesome thank you again" ... written by cuteface
good reading " ... written by av
psychic mehra is very very on point she has helped me with personal problems and situations and calms me when i am worried for nothing. she is VERY accurate in her readings and i look foward to more time with her in the future" ... written by tamara
A great help and calming voice" ... written by Ed
very good rading" ... written by dennis
Great the reading" ... written by A
good reader should try her also gave solutions" ... written by tk
thank you for your help, I WILL TAKE YOUR ADVICE!" ... written by estella moon
Great Reading. She had a lot of information and talked fast. Will use again." ... written by sander75
Very good reader, kind of slow in the beginning but worth waiting for. She is accurate, straight forward and focused on the question. Only wishing her the best working at Oranum." ... written by Spiritonloose
5 stars really looks at all that's going on n see the big picture thx u 4 ur input!" ... written by queenbee22
You were unbelievably accurate about everything; I’m sure you hear that all the time. Thank you again for your wonderful reading – I haven’t felt so relieved in a long time. You’re doing such a wonderful service to the world by doing what you do." ... written by Anita
thank you awesome reading and up date " ... written by cuteface
Great reading" ... written by dennis
great session" ... written by aida
Psychicmehra is a guide and a friend" ... written by ed
Insightful and direct, Mehra also has a lovely contagious warm smile. Very accurate and compassionate too. Thanks for the guidance, its just what i need to lift me up and inspire me to reconnect. " ... written by Kelly
Great reading" ... written by Me
great fun reading, full of information i felt she was really looking at me!" ... written by David
Mehra has unique ability to see what the soul desires and to direct you to what is best. She has a lot of good answers and always very gentle. " ... written by Ben
great quick reading " ... written by David
She has genuine and good heart. Accurate reading. Thank you.. " ... written by Elis
The energy method that she described to me surprised me because it has something that I have been doing occasionally for years. It's a blessing to hear the method explained to me. It acknowledges the gifts that she has as well as my own gifts. She is passionate about this work. I would recommend her to a friend! Thank you. :)" ... written by HealerFromThEast
very clear i like her style. very precise. great psychic . thank you " ... written by leolady
She is very very nice, she gave me a very detailed reading am glad i chose her for a private chat. She gave me instructions which i have faith will work great for me. Thanks Mehra you are the best" ... written by Lil
Great work." ... written by sj
very insightful " ... written by Pax
Psychicmehra is beautiful " ... written by rickyflynn
She is always reassuring and helpful." ... written by Ed
Psychicmehra is an awesome lady she eased some insecurities that I had and I love her to death for it. If you need a loving, caring and honest young lady then she is your go to lady." ... written by Wanda
She was very helpful. Had details that she was not told about and very insightful. Gave me great direction to go in" ... written by Coop
SHE WAS FAST...NICE..." ... written by KEIT
she is great!!! I recommend her highly" ... written by theodora
Psychicmehra is very comforting and encouraging. Offers lots of advice." ... written by Ed
Wow she is great i just connected with her so much more after this reading." ... written by rickyflynn
GREAT READER WITH GOOD INSIGHT!!!" ... written by chintan
great information I need 21 days b4 would hv been better but i didnt start it ..every thing helps that u soo much happy holidays" ... written by queenbee22
great reading!!! what more can i say" ... written by theodora
straight to the point and gave me good advice. Thank you for that " ... written by theodora
great" ... written by Emily
Very good reading. Psychicmehra has helped me in many ways. She also helped make me strong and confident to take care of an old problem that was bothering me for years. Now i fel fine. I truly recommend her and i will be back to her for more readings. Thank you Psychicmehra " ... written by dennis563
her meditations are so powerful she can channel her energy to you and put you in a trance of great emotinos...." ... written by rickyflynn
mehra is a great teacher." ... written by rickyflynn
I absolutly love mehra " ... written by rickyflynn
Full of words of Wisdom" ... written by Ed
I enjoy my pvt readings with psychic mehra." ... written by rickyflynn
great update thank you mehra" ... written by av
i had a very good healing session with mehra i feel it helped alot " ... written by james
not specific and takes a long time" ... written by Cyndigirl
as much a friend as a psychic" ... written by Ed
i love getting clearity with psychicmehra she always gives great heart warming advice." ... written by rickyflynn
wow what a wonderful experience :) " ... written by rickyflynn
Great, very comforting, very nice, very professional, very helpful." ... written by loltokyo
great session" ... written by AIda lozano
very nice insite on a very tough situation." ... written by rickyflynn
she was nice and straight fwd" ... written by Siempre
I find mehra caring and fast to pick up important details...time lines gives pertinent insight about what is going on and that helped confirm with myself what is happening. " ... written by fresh qigong
GOOD" ... written by fz
Psychicmehra is very nice and a great pleasure to get a reading from." ... written by Ben
she's sincere, warm, understanding, to the point" ... written by fresh qigong
thank you so much " ... written by a
very good" ... written by Ed
Very Positive" ... written by Ed
she knows things you have not told her " ... written by faeeza
very helpful" ... written by Ed
some of her predications were spot on " ... written by Ed
I feel confident with Mehra, she is beautiful to talk to, caring, and takes her work seriously. She wants the best and will not hide truths and helps advise me what to do.She can report changes and shifts in situations that help me to know what to do next." ... written by fresh qigong
Mehra is amazing... " ... written by Pri
very positive and calming thank you mehra" ... written by ak
Enjoyed it!" ... written by Jbtforme
the reading was right on point and accurate" ... written by computerluv
I had a lovely reading. She is very caring, gives quite a few tips. I liked how she is quite detailed and positive." ... written by K
I love workingwith psychic mehra...she's a true being and gets right down to your situation...I need to gemore credit we were just getting into something!" ... written by fresh qigong
Thank you very much for your information" ... written by s
Had a reading with Mehra, I am not sure yet about the reading. I will have to wait and see if any of what she says come true!!!!" ... written by BFM
very helpful and intuitive. helped me open up and discover my feelings again along with heart connection. 5 stars!!!!!!" ... written by chris
Comforting, and a guide to difficult problems" ... written by Ed
right on point" ... written by computerluv
she is great" ... written by computerluv
right on point loved it you should try her" ... written by computerluv
good healing session helped alot " ... written by PinkBeatle10
I finished up a continued session that was timed out originally but Mehra has cemented with me that she is truly gifted and she'll say things that resonates with you without you giving clues. I'm quite impressed. Her ability to read others and their feelings gives valuable insight and she genuinely wants goodness for you. She even gave me some practical advice toward my romantic endeavors as well as doing some things to boost the luck in my life. She is now on my favorite list and I will be returning. " ... written by Merrysinclair
I had a very thorough reading with Mehra and was really impressed by how connected she is and how detailed she can be. I was timed out but will definitely try to return! " ... written by Merrysinclair
Great Reading!" ... written by Stephanie
She is really good her predictions are helpful" ... written by faeeza
Mehra is lovely and comforting and kind. I just needed reassurance and reiterations of some things for which she kindly obliged. He channels quickly and has been accurate with readings. She's good at seeing you and seeing that other love in your life. I recommend. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Mehra connected well and fast and remembered our last conversation. Tapped into my source of question and gave me some insight and practical advice and guidance. This is my 3rd session with her and thus far I have not been disappointed. I feel that she is accurate and she clarify things. I will be returning. " ... written by Merrysinclair
I always love talking to Mehra... She gives me such friendly advice and understands my situation really well.. " ... written by Pri
Mehra's energy toward giving me practical advice and insight into my romantic endeavors is super helpful towards reaching a loving destination. These are my hopes. I hope the advice given will propel me into making the right decisions. I will update!" ... written by Merrysinclair
taught me a solution to my issue. Very helpful" ... written by littlebudy1
Accurate and pick up on my relationship issues in the first two second." ... written by littlebudy1
as always she was very accurate and i love her readings" ... written by computerluv
great thank you " ... written by a
Thanks so much!" ... written by Sandra
she was very accurate in the time frame for a personal situation she helped me with just as she predicted came through " ... written by tamara
She's great! xo" ... written by Alexis
THANK YOU :)" ... written by dove
Mehra is awesome, always so accurate." ... written by Tom
loved the reading" ... written by computerluv
Thank-you!" ... written by Jbtforme
Great, thank you!" ... written by Elle
She was amazing, she told me everything. everything about my future! i will for sure come to her again! i recommend her 100% she is sweet, real and won't lie. i wish i had more time with her! she is the best and i will be sure to come back to her! " ... written by Brianna Munoz
amazing reader! highly recommend " ... written by grace
wonderful! " ... written by grace
great reader!" ... written by me
she has exact readings on things that are going on in my life and she gives exact remedies to deal with them " ... written by tamara
very accurate and i loved her reading" ... written by computerluv
Mehra is such a kind person :) I will come back to her for further guidance, she describes the issues clearly and gives good advice. Thank you!" ... written by Beth
I was so drawn to you because you looked so much like an old friend, my guides wanted me to hear what you had to say! Thank you so much for the reading, you were very accurate :)" ... written by Shelly
Amazing!!! So amazing!!!" ... written by Alexis
interesting connection we shall see if it comes to pass. Very sweet soul!" ... written by oracle
very accurate" ... written by computerluv
Very good honest" ... written by Venous
She's great!" ... written by Alexis
excellent reader!" ... written by me
She was very accurate and gave plenty details that were all related to the times that we discussed. Thank you " ... written by Fallon
she is very friendly and accurate.. better than anyone else. i recommend her to those who need help specially love." ... written by kat
on point" ... written by computerluv
always on point and accurate really love her readings" ... written by computerluv
Pretty good... she said things that I didn't tell her. Will see how things will turn out." ... written by William
she's very caring, like a sister I never had and wish I can have. She picks up fast and understands thingswell,. I'mgrateful" ... written by fresh qigong
always on point" ... written by computerluv
shes very very good, tunes right in. TY!" ... written by tlk
Will come back with feedback" ... written by Jennifer
always on point and very accurate" ... written by computerluv
I like mehras reading, shes on point and very intuitive, really helped me." ... written by Lourdes Livingston
hi just checking thing out again thanks psychicmehra" ... written by debbie
hi first time wonderful and fast i would like to continue talking with her she seem like a person that tell you the truth and i like that i will come again she special than pychicmehra." ... written by debra green
Thank you for the update - you've given me some great advice :)" ... written by Beth
she is very understanding and caring and assesses your situation rapidly. She can save lives this way" ... written by fresh qigong
hi just visiting again she giving me advice that is so wonderful i will return again than psychicmehra." ... written by debbie
love her reading always on point" ... written by computerluv
thank you for the update reading tonight mehra! its a pleasure speaking with you. Looking forward to your predictions coming to light.. thank you! " ... written by happy girl88
love her reading" ... written by computerluv
5 stars very good" ... written by Focusing
love her reading" ... written by computerluv
Thank you dearest Mehra for your lovely advice and guidance, I will be back again to finish our session. " ... written by Merrysinclair
always on " ... written by computerluv
Said she could not see a connection between us. I appreciate your honesty." ... written by Star
Thank you!!! Wonderful!!! xo" ... written by Alexis
very helpful and positive" ... written by indigo
I love her readings.. wish i had more credits " ... written by Vgarnet
hi just got update she was wonderful in her guiding thanks psychic Mehra " ... written by debra green
she is really really good, she knew even befor i said anything. i willb back for update, hoping predictions happen. such a love, give her a try, lots of detail info!" ... written by me
GREAT!!!" ... written by Alexis
Great!" ... written by Alexis
great reading! thanks!" ... written by lornalulu
She is fast and truthfully. Pls take her private if you get the chance. You will not be disappointed in what she tells you. Gave great advice. " ... written by twinspice
thanks" ... written by san
excellent" ... written by loto
excellent reader" ... written by wiki
She was extremely accurate and helpful" ... written by Kylee
My faith is restored with her" ... written by Venous
always on point and very accurate i always love her readings" ... written by computerluv
wow she is good. " ... written by beautifulwisdom
Great reading actually was super accurate even though I did not tell her much; a lot of detail everything she said was true :) Thank You " ... written by Cheri
she saw something quite specific, an object that no one knows about and the details surrounding this. quite amazing. and ots of positive advice. ty!" ... written by beautifulwisdom
always on point" ... written by computerluv
GREAT! will be seeking her advice again." ... written by cosidenia anderson
She was very accurate and sweet! Also she could see something I didnt tell her. She also gave me some good advices, so i dont think you could fail here." ... written by The_Nephilim
chatting with her really helps to calm myself and she is definitely accurate in describing the person in question. does not gives false hope and her explanation together with prediction makes sense. patient in answering all questions with lots of details." ... written by vpoh
she's very caring and detailed." ... written by tp
always on point and very helpful" ... written by computerluv
i had my first reading with this beautiful lady she is Amaizing!!!! very accurate,fast and honest.I couldnt finish my session simply because i ran out of credit but i will deff come back.i am glad i came to her room..." ... written by zara
good reading :)))" ... written by edel95
Honest and accurate as usual. Wish I could afford more time with her! She is very easy to talk to and goes out of her way to put some of my dilemmas at ease.she was very helpful!" ... written by zara
always on point and very helpful and accurate" ... written by computerluv
She is very caring and very helpful through her readings. Appreciate every bit of it." ... written by Ash
Mehra is nice an kind person and good intuitive reader ive gotten so much insights from her and feel understanding and clarity" ... written by Vishwamitra McGillicuddy
what an amazing readings. Very in depth and straight to the point. highly recommend" ... written by tyler
she had more info for me and great advice. thank you so much " ... written by tyler
Really good reading, very informative and to the point. " ... written by Stephanie
she is good with her reading and caring and very kind." ... written by ash
She is extremely talented HIGHLY recommend her. Very caringg too." ... written by deserttree
Amazing reading. Thank you for everything! " ... written by Christina
She's very helpful and accurate (:" ... written by Julie
not bad time went so fast" ... written by me
Thank you very much." ... written by RAM
I love her. She was spot on about my situation and also gave me some good advice." ... written by RAM
VERY precise and clear insights . thank you mehra you are great person, i hope all will be well , like you said. and one thing i really like that is your honesty. " ... written by Lady
Good" ... written by Laura
OUTSTANDING...." ... written by luck Leon
very nice lady.. very honest.. will come again" ... written by Brian
very nice. thank you" ... written by Le
she is awesomely accurate and sugar coating.i highly recommend her!more then 5 starsss!!! ure the best:)xoxo" ... written by zara
Excellent reader! quiet and gives excellent prayers! definitely recommend!" ... written by new job
She is amazingly accurate. saw details i didnt tell. " ... written by J
again got insightful reading from Mehra. i really like her , shes spot on. in short time i got big details. thanks again Mehra." ... written by Miss Leona
Great!" ... written by Alexis
very insightful . highly recommended. " ... written by My Luck
Lovely lady. She connects very quickly, gives great advice. " ... written by Myriam
Excellent to talk to, very helpful, very kind, very knowledgeable. Thank you." ... written by Lexie
super reading ...kind and intuitive person. very perceptive , im glad i checked here" ... written by Jules verne
lovely reading with a sweet lady. very accurate and kind. pity ran out of credit. " ... written by Lorann23
my bf is with me with the help of mehra. thanks again mehra i really appreciate ... 1000 k stars.... !!!!" ... written by Madhu
Just had a lovely and helpful reading!! thank you :-) xx" ... written by Heather
hope her prediction will come true today , like before. she never sugar coat . im very satisfied with Psychic Mehra. i will come for another reading. thanks !.." ... written by Lady
Thanks" ... written by Darlene
she told me right things, i was not sure before about feelings of my boyfriend.... but her prediction came true today, thanks again Mehra.. !!! and thank God mehra is here for me.. i will come back for another reading. thank you.. " ... written by Friday
Very helpful.. Thanks Mehra have clarity on my situation..will be back for more updates" ... written by justlovely48
THnank you for my reading today! You did wonderfully! I a glad I came to you and look forward to seeing you agsain!" ... written by Lyn
She's a very good listener, she also gives great advices and insights into the situation. Thank you!" ... written by Santhanakon
Good!" ... written by Alexis
Mehra was wonderful. The session ended too soon soI WILL be back." ... written by Donna
Psychic Mehra is Amaizing!everything she has andamp;quot;seenandamp;quot; has occurred. What an amazing soul to share her gift in such a down to earth, real, practical and understandable way. So much gratitude and love from my heart!!!! Thank You friend:)I command her to anyone!She is the best!" ... written by unknownbird1
very positive vibes.. good energy.. true comments" ... written by Brian
My God Sister... she is truly divine with her work and passion. allow your spirit to speak to her and she will guide you toward a lighter path." ... written by Michelle
always great and I will use again!!!!!" ... written by Brian
Really excellent reading and she was quite precise with her reding, I will fill her in once the reading comes to pass. I was very impressed by how much detail she releaved." ... written by BN
Very assuring, steady and sound readings :)" ... written by Miss jk21
Interesting with a lot of detail and a lot to say. Thank you " ... written by sheri
thank u for ur kind reading" ... written by ...
Sweetheart. Patient and kind. Also confirmed what I felt in my spirit" ... written by tis
love Mehra's readings. consice and accurate, w lots of help for healing, and kind person too" ... written by Granville Crenwickhampton
She is amazing." ... written by S
Always quick in responding... true and easy to chat to!!!!" ... written by Brian
excellent reader" ... written by kiko
Always a great reading with her. Honest and with a great soul." ... written by tc
she is amazing and awesome at picking up everything. She hit the nail on the head in picking up my issues and what is going on.most of the things i knew already but i had to confirm with her.most important she is very honest and accurate,very caring and guides how to fix ur bad energies She is the best!!! Thank u so much! Truly in awe!I highly recomend her to anyone!" ... written by zara
I felt comfortable in the reading. She was connected to my feelings and gave me sound advice on how to move forward. Thank you for your insight." ... written by -
Really good reader, , quick n intuitive, i appreciate her counsel." ... written by Ernie Honeemooners
Mehra is a life saver. She tells the truth and guides you with the best solutions. She is able to give you accurate readings about your love life, health and family. She has a good heart and always wants what's best for you even if you think its not right. She gives detailed descriptions and provide amazing healing works. " ... written by loueci
She has been a calming force for many times. Waiting for June to see the predictions coming true and i've a feeling they will :)" ... written by Miss jk21
Had a reading Mehra. I can't say if it is positive. Maybe neutral. She was spot on with family issues with the other person. But her prediction for next contact is for December. The time frame is 7 months away! I will not wait that long. If the prediction is true. " ... written by Moonchild59
Mehra is very straight to the point and a fast typist. She answers questions immediately and has great insight into the feelings of others as well as understanding situations as they currently are and as they will be. She is thorough and goes above and beyond to bring clarity" ... written by Sabrina
amazing reading with mehra. very accurate and precise. no waste of time and money. highly recommend her" ... written by angel of light
So kind, assuring andamp; firm abt her visions. :)" ... written by JK
before reading i was very upset. but not im feeling very peaceful and yes her predictions comes true always. she heal me with her powerful energies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.. !!!!!!!!! :) THANK YOU" ... written by christina
Very detail..awesome reading..thank you" ... written by justlovely48
very quick with updates andamp; time frame 5 stars!!" ... written by sweetaspie1622
She is spot on in every reading, im will come back to her for more . she is my life coach , very honest lady. im very satisftied. she not sugar coating . her prediction came true yesterday . HIGH RECOMMENDED ... 100 K STARS.. !!!" ... written by Meona
She was so helpful, she gave me some remedies and i will come back with feeback i am positive that it will be a positive feedback. Thanks Mehra" ... written by me again
she is very polite and spot on .. she gave me time frame in her first reading .. so her prediction came true. im again came back to her for more guidance and clarity and she always very true in her readings and very genuine ........ !!!!!!! thanks again my sweetie" ... written by miss happy
She is nice and told me many stuff. My case most of them are all I have to wait to see if those come true or not. " ... written by lastsearch1
Really loving and gifted psychic. Gave me updates without me even asking for them, and then gave me sisterly advice about things she could not have possibly known, and things we weren't even talking about! So grateful, she can be trusted and knows her stuff! xx" ... written by Taylor
life has taken me and my family on a journey i do not understand - reaching out to sister mehra helps with spiritual understanding and compassion... often times we become too placid which turns positive energy negative - then we have to reach out to spiritual guides to bring our energy back to positive light... " ... written by oulay.oulay
Thank You for your help. You have confirmed everything that I was unsure about. Coming for help aways makes me feel better, because I understand the question 'why'? I enjoyed the reading You did a great job Psyschicmehra. You gave me advice on what to do when I needed to know. You are patient and loving. :)" ... written by StarMoon5
very nice reader . i found many authentic love solutions from her very gifted person. thank you. !!!!! *****" ... written by CityLove
I trust her completely because she never sugar coat in her reading . Im very satisfied now. i will come back for another reading . thank you :)" ... written by GoodNess
Helpful, intuitive, kind and caring person, i like her readings." ... written by Sam Kennison
Awesome - she is real and compassionate" ... written by sunshine
Thank You" ... written by StarMoon5
she was great.." ... written by randi1158
as always she is there for me..I will always come back for truth. she gave me remedies and energies healing. her responses are quick . highly recommended !!!!!!" ... written by MRS M
thanks." ... written by Lisa m
she is good psychic. she also meditate me well, tuned well. " ... written by Lisa m
great reading" ... written by Brian
Excellent reader.....reads me like an open book and the answers she gives is honest...she deserves all the stars in the universe....Thanks for an awesome friendship and reading:)xx" ... written by zara
Great Advice" ... written by Ed
Wonderful! Thank you!" ... written by Alexis
Excellent! Really fast and accurate. i asked one question right after the other and she kept up the whole way and was very accurate in her descriptions and answers. I kknew by what she was saying. Highly recommended. She worked really hard and cared!!!" ... written by linda
Always good to chat to... and quick with responses." ... written by Brian
Mehra is wonderful, warm hearted and very accurate." ... written by sunshine
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answers she gives is honest...she deserves all the stars in the universe....Thanks for an awesome reading as always and ur predictions happen to! I highly recomend!" ... written by zara
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GREAT!" ... written by Alexis
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