About queenofmars

Psychic queenofmarshas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic queenofmarshas recently helped 28members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about queenofmars's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Total Enlightenment...full recommendation...I will keep you posted..." ... written by Marcos
thank you so kind of you to always give fast and great advice:)" ... written by mango
pretty good" ... written by d
always great to talk to and true words" ... written by brian
Intuitive, connected, recommend!" ... written by B
she connects so well" ... written by humility
I loved my reading with queen of mars. she was able to help me see my situation clearly. 5 stars from me!" ... written by chris
It was a good reading. a bit confusing and I will have to wait til i find out if in fact things come true. She was right on with the man I asked her about...she said he had a lot of stress and that much is so true. And she hit head on with me having to learn patience... that is one lesson that i need to learn and I have been trying so hard to work on...thanks for your time...and your reading" ... written by cheryl
Very nice lady. I believe intuitive. I'll be back." ... written by Betty747
This reader was able to tune into my questions and gave a good reading...." ... written by Robert Wilson
High clarity, very strong decisive answers, besides good advises given. Very much surprised with the answers. God Bless. " ... written by Doctor Kesavan
i am so amazed by how quick and accurate you can connect. thanks for giving me so many details. i am so grateful that i met you." ... written by olivezcy
amazing reading" ... written by dan
Great reading!" ... written by Rising Star
Good reading, took her time and was very helpful." ... written by LC
she is intuitive..time will tell what happens. Good reading!" ... written by aquavenus
was amazing reading :)" ... written by gerd
great as always . 5stars" ... written by chris
Thank you again for giving this reading to me! I am very grateful. You always tell me the truth and encourage me. Thank you" ... written by olivezcy
she's truly good. picks up energy well and accurate on how i feel" ... written by m
Amazing, connected to me right away. Very empathetic and gives you solutions so easily. Very sound advice and simplicity at it best ! Thank You" ... written by Bobbin
Very good reading!!! I will come back and let you know what has happened." ... written by Oriemebur
great reading" ... written by zimerili1
queenofmars was awesome, she picked up on my situation from the very get go.. i highly recommend her =)" ... written by Samantha
loved" ... written by amy
she is damn good!! " ... written by saycheese9411
Great reading!!! Will provide her with feedback!" ... written by tipa29
Very, very good reading and picked up on all the issues without me saying anything. She is very good, I don't know why she hasn't given more readings as she is well worth it!" ... written by sticky
Amazing...picked up on my situation right from the start and knew circumstances she could not have known...I am hoping her guidance help!! thank you again" ... written by heath
Great amount of detail. Only time will tell. Connected pretty quick. Perfect!" ... written by C2
Great!" ... written by L..
Thansk you!! " ... written by heather
Very detailed and specific - much valued :) x" ... written by sunflowersun
Amazing....told me things in a reading that i was very confused about, then i had conversations w the people we were discussing a few hours later that were right on point! there is no explanation! xo" ... written by heather
Good reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
good reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Very nice reading. I hope everything comes out true. Good details from her. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Great reading and advice!!! thanks so much!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
I think she was understand and attentive to my feelings and thoughts. It was a good reading." ... written by newname
very good helpful and great reader" ... written by PraveenP
she is the best very accurate and direct." ... written by olive
she is ok, accurate, good reader. let's see if her predictions become a reality soon" ... written by lorraine
Fast connection. Answered all questions. Let's see how events unfold." ... written by P
yeah good" ... written by Nikolay
Thank you Queen!" ... written by ladeda7777
QueenofMars is awesome!!! She is very fast and gets straight to the point... Definitely try her out you won't regret it!!!" ... written by Ash
good psychic" ... written by brandon
She is Best at what she does, she wont rip you off,also very caring very nice person,you will fall in love with her lol,I Highly Recommend Her,give her a try people!" ... written by Umar
Queen is very quick to connect and was spot on in what she seen! I highly recommend her." ... written by maria
Was my first timing having a reading by her but she was very impressive and encouraging thank you so much." ... written by Luella63
Indeed she's from mars." ... written by gd
she is great! :)" ... written by zcy
thanks for reading ... I hope it will come true. will contact back." ... written by latha
Simply the best, Everyone should give her a try." ... written by Umar
Smiling, jovial, beautiful, lovable and easy going person. These all motivates anyone who is in distress or tension or bad mood. Good job dear. Keep it up. God Bless You. " ... written by Doctor Kesavan
queen of mars is really queen of mars." ... written by Umar
Nice person, good reading. I recommend her to everyone!" ... written by Tanja
I am very glad that she's too accurate" ... written by Jatinder Singh
really good and fast reader." ... written by Jose
Excellent, very strong and stick to the advise / predictions. Never Jolt or shaky. Give and encourage confidence to the customer. Worth taking private chat. Keep up the good job. God Bless. " ... written by Doctor Kesavan
Lovely! Thank you. Very calming." ... written by Mary
Wow!! Great read!! First reading with her, and it won't be the last. Very good details from her. She does her readings with such care. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
thanks! wait for the predictions to come true! recommend her..." ... written by simin
Queenofmars is my favorite and I have had multiple readings with her she is fast and detailed. She is very gifted reader." ... written by Janelle
a very important update ,,, thanx." ... written by zimerili1
She is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Janelle
same good reading. thank you." ... written by sam
Very detailed in her readings. I love it. I hope everything comes true. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
I recently had a reading with the QueenofMars and she was out of this world! She answered my questions quickly and types fast too. I look forward to reading with her again. She may be from Mars, but she belongs here on Earth. :)" ... written by redsox44
Nice reading. I highly recommend her. She gives you plenty of details. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Great reading! She was able to answer a question on an issue from the other day that was causing me some stress. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Wow. I loved this reading. Full of good insights. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
one of the best" ... written by veezee
she is the best one on the site! Very accurate. I love her!" ... written by Janelle
She really did put my mind to rest on the few things that were bothering me. To be patient and all that i am working for will come to me. She really helped me and i am looking forward on my next session with her again. " ... written by Silky
very good!" ... written by mona
There is no one on Oranum that i have come across that excels this person. She is very intuitive and has truly psychic power. Please do visit her if you need a reading with much clarity" ... written by mkjay
Nice reading. So very interesting. She is very confident in her abilities. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
queenofmars is the best reader on the site!" ... written by Janelle
Queenofmars is gifted and gracious" ... written by janelle
Queenofmars is the best on the site!" ... written by Janelle
Quuen is very nice... recommend her to u guys..." ... written by pp
I normally do not do things like this or leave comments but my experience with QueenofMars was very eye opening and informative, questions were answered before I even asked them. The experience was very comfortable and pleasant. The ability to browse around the site and get free horoscopes and other for services will definitely have me returning again to the site for their services horoscope.com and thanks again Queen of Mars much appreciated." ... written by Eli
Very nice, we will see what happens these next 3 months" ... written by Michael
Thank you very much she gave me so much info with just my name and dob very good connection and speed " ... written by D
queensofmars connected really well with my situation thanks so much I enjoyed the reading many blessing to you god bless " ... written by marybet1love
she was real good and on time and i wish that everything her told me come to pass.............thank you " ... written by msblue21
I love this woman she keeps me informed and very positive about my future. I couldn't ask for a better guide in my life. 5 stars queenofmars!!!" ... written by aamedley
Would recommend. " ... written by angelszone
She explained things to me when i didn't understand because of the language barrier. Very straightforward and clear. Saw things I didn't mention. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
she is the best!" ... written by Jannat
She is amazing and her insights come true...and she has been right many tomes for me! " ... written by heather
Amazing:)" ... written by Nikolay
she is amazing. Knew things without prompting. Fast typer. She is real and very sweet. Indeed gifted. Thank you" ... written by G
She is strong and has the full blessings of God. Her readings are very perfect and turns positive for me more than twice. She does not artificial but real and practical. Whoever disturbed, must check with her to get the right direction and clarity to move ahead. One of the best. God bless her. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
Very good ... slow start but then she tuned in ... accurate!" ... written by Ann
I love having readings with her she is sooo positive and all her predictions has came true thus far. I jus love her!!!" ... written by amedley
Quick to pick up on a lot of situations. Was a fast typist and gave a lot of info in a short time. Very much appreciated!" ... written by BriLeeBree
It was a great reading. thank u " ... written by sahba
thorough, hnest, quick and hopefully accutrate, time will tell" ... written by Tracey
Very nice lady! " ... written by Erikaafs
Good reading. She had new information. I hope it comes true. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Whenever I have confusions, I get clarified with this psychic, and eventually her answers were straight to the point without prolonging. It gives high clarity and direct me to decide the right way. Good job. God bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
She is super and accurate and i recommend her for reading thank u very much for information" ... written by Aparna
Nice reading. A lot of advice. Good information to use. She shows a lot of care for you. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
thank you for being straight to the point and i will return for another reading...." ... written by appigirl71
I came to ask queenofmars more details about my situtation!" ... written by Erikaafs
QueenofMars is simply superb. She has told me exactly the same thing I heard from another psychic. Accurate reading about the characters whom I inquired about and she is kind and patient with me! Five Stars For Her! I feel that her advise is very reassuring! Highly recommended!" ... written by Nanthini
5 stars, always very accurate towards the situation..Thnx for ur help..!" ... written by Bobbin
Queenofmars has given me a new update about my personal life..something which seems to make my hear beat faster than ever! we shall see what happens this month!" ... written by neelam143
great always!!!" ... written by amedley
I love his woman she always bring clarity to me!! she is the greatest" ... written by amedley
Very kind woman. Gave me some great advice. Hope to chat with her again someday." ... written by Cinnadoll
I know few psychics and use to take readings. But, honestly, Queen of Mars is the real queen from Mars. Her readings have come up 100% true. She doesn't waste money by prolonging statements, or asking many unwanted questions. She understand the question very quickly and hit the point like bulls eye. It makes our job easier, and smoother. She is transparent and clear in her readings. She stand for her statements, and remember the questions even when we approach her after some time. She has tremendous knowledge and blessings from God. I strongly recommend to anyone who wants the clarity in answer and the right direction to move further. Good Luck and God Bless. " ... written by Avkcharyar
thank you so much for making me understand wat is goin on I feel a lil better now knowing. you are the greatest boo and I will continue to come to you for guidance advice and clarity!!! Thank you with all my heart! Lov ya and may GOD bless you!!" ... written by amedley
GREAT!! Thank you... she is always there for ME!!" ... written by Ash
I truly love this woman she is the best and always uplift my spirits. I cant wait for what she predicted come true. God bless u queen cuz u are a blessing to me thank u sooo much!!" ... written by amedley
always consistent very fast and hinest and to the point" ... written by tracey
queenofmars is the best she always have updates for me that helps me thru my situations. thank u for your honesty and consistency. 5 stars most definitely!!!" ... written by amedley
Very good.. as usual felt a connection right away and enjoyed her calming energy. She caught onto the situation pretty quick." ... written by Briony
awesomeness!!" ... written by amedley
this woman is awesome!!! she connects so fast to a situation its amazing. she the real deal hes truly a blessing!! I advise anyone to give her a try she the real thing. Im quite the regulr in her chatroom and have had several readings from her. thank u for your kindness and help. I will continue to come to in the future" ... written by amedley
She is quick to connect and knows things right off without saying a word. She was wonderful and I recommend her for a reading. I will be back soon." ... written by Pammy826
Very professional, stable and steady in answering, that too without any mixed emotions. Very firm and not shaky in giving the reading. Readings have turned up true and very worth to get the tension out and to get directed. God Bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
well, i got a personal one on one clarification from queenofmars..hopefully everything goes on well...countless stars for her too!" ... written by nandykarthi
Very good reading and very good insight. I look forward to seeing if things go as seen." ... written by Harold
Thank you so much!" ... written by aknative
No hesitation in answering. Crystal clear reply and very confident and affirmative. Good Job. God Bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
Very honest and clear , even though it wasn't quite what I wanted to hear, that i have another long wait. But I would recommend her." ... written by angelszone
Thank you....I will let you know what happens...xo" ... written by heather
Very sweet lady. Helped me out with my issues." ... written by Cinnadoll
awesome, connected, nice lady, good connection" ... written by pumpkin
She definitely knows her stuff and keep confirming what I already know. She needs to respond faster though. Overall she's good" ... written by Yb4real
She is very good and spot on. She connects very fast. Give her a try. You won't be disappointed. " ... written by kyldy2014
Thank you for the awesome reading. You definitely deserve 5 stars :) Keep doing the good job ! God bless you X" ... written by L
Awesome she gave a lot of information. great reading, lots of information. she is great!!!!!" ... written by ttffany
i Think she told me too much! lol but excellent job none the less" ... written by Alex
thank u for the update I needed it. see u soon once again" ... written by amedley
Very helpful!" ... written by lerivera
Queen seems to believe what she is saying and is sure of it. Time will tell. I do feel pretty good. Thanks Queen :)" ... written by cutiepattootie
why you gus always at the nd keep the suspense to make the person come back . i like yo but disapointed that i have to ask you who 15 times. thank you" ... written by mississauga
Very helpful! Recommended!" ... written by mamal
Got a good reading today, what you said about me was very true and I hope to see your predictions come true and if it does I will definitely provide one more testimonial. Your convictions and your care is really appreciable. May God bless you with more success and healing." ... written by jm
It was great" ... written by Lisa
thanyou soo much for youre reading it was very helfull to me thankyou soo much " ... written by cervantes 30
She is very very accurate and very nice ...thankyou somuch for telling me what I want to known ...." ... written by thu
She knew things that I didn't even mention. Pretty amazing actually. She was able to connect to me right away and provide me with the information I needed. She answered all my questions and made predications I believe in my heart are true and will take place. She was able to describe things that sounded right on key. She's good and I'll definitely be back for more. " ... written by Roseanna
Great reading. Thank you :) " ... written by Cindy
she is good " ... written by nolulamo
she was great on time!!!" ... written by Lisa
She's so beutifull, and share with her just like share all my problem to my sister...so friendly and generous...cant wait to share in next time..." ... written by amalia
Very nice and straight to the point. thumb up " ... written by Daniela P.
always need to get back when ended sharing with you sist" ... written by amalia
Great read! Fantastic information. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Great read!! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Great read! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
she was very cool and nice" ... written by loveboo
Thanks so much!" ... written by Elle
Nice reading, with good points. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Great read! New information to help me. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Very good reading :) !! " ... written by Roberta De Bellis
She was very clear and helpful. Thank you." ... written by Holly1514
she is the best on the site!" ... written by jb
Very good information. Great read on my situation. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
excellent" ... written by mamoona farooq
Great reading. Recommended :) " ... written by Cindy
Great reading. Recommended. Looking forward to predictions coming true. " ... written by Cindy
Clear information given will wait to see if it happens. Thanks." ... written by bee
Great read! Nice details. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
I like her so much. I will come back and let her know the outcome of the question I have for her. I hope to God she comes thru to me today. " ... written by Elena
Excellent!" ... written by Melissa Craig
Thank you x" ... written by Leah
Great insight, helped me see more than I ever thought. The issues run really deep and helped me see things from even more angles. Thanks again." ... written by Aaron
Great job =)" ... written by DarkN Lovey
Very good and wise. She could get right to the heart and soul of a situation and has many good solutions. She is a very kind and carrying lady who can give answers to situations anyone faces. i will be back for more reading from her and i highly recommend her to anyone in seek of truthful answers. Thank you very much queen of mars. " ... written by dennis
ok" ... written by nolulamo
Awesome" ... written by Edie
Very helpful. Thank you :) " ... written by Cindy
Very informative and gave clarity." ... written by 808smiles
She is most accurate on this site. With no tools." ... written by janat
Again Queen of Mars helps in a her own particular way with a clear answer. She is so kind and I can't help loving her sweetness." ... written by in_the_making
Useless! waste of my time and credits. I am sorry I tried her. Seen better people on here. She took too long connecting and finally said something so banal. Regret this prvt. " ... written by Paru
Thx you for the information given, very positive details. I look forward for your predictions to come true. " ... written by queenbee22
Great reading! " ... written by LC
Queen of Mars is very kind and has a very calming effect from her strong and soft energy. Reading is genuine and though typing is somewhat slow I find her answers clear and precise. Thanks again." ... written by in_the_making
queen you have been very sweet and very clear and you certainly showed me something that I had completly ignored and at least tired to forget about but u saw it so clear. thank you darling your spot on with it all. " ... written by c
very sincere and giving." ... written by jenjennyjen
Queen of Mars is sincere and I take take her advice in all matters. She is a good helper. The answers are always clear. " ... written by in_the_making
Queen is very accurate, and very honest. I always receive the clarity needed. =) " ... written by DARK
lets hope it comes true, wait and see" ... written by sages
Very good as always =)" ... written by Dark
I was highly drawn to her photo. I have great intuition in who to go to. She answered questions very quickly. Most people tell think psychics only tell you what you want to hear. I believe she is legit. If not hey she did a great job in reassuring me and replying. Next time I need to ask a few more question i'll be back to visit her......................." ... written by Samantha
Good..." ... written by Z
Good and positive comments" ... written by angela7777
she is good thanx Queen u r great take 5stars with all my heart" ... written by nolulamo
Wow blown away did another reading she certainly knew all about my situation things I've never mentioned. I was really surprised. I didn't even read her bio because I was so drawn to talk to her ASAP. Afterwards I read it and she specializes in the departments I need answers too........I feel very informed and lifted. Thanks again queenofmars" ... written by Samatha
I'm out of money because she's that good 3 sessions in a row. I better go lol. Thanks again for filling me in." ... written by queenofmars
I always come back to her. She is so accurate and amazing! She picked up on everything! " ... written by Naadira
she's good but i cannot understand all she is saying" ... written by nolulamo
great session very understanding" ... written by lynn
She was fast --satisfied" ... written by Siempre
I clicked on her 'consult now' button, but she never came to the reading. " ... written by lala
quick for limited time" ... written by shellbynz
Very Good as always!!! 10+" ... written by DarkNLovely
cool. " ... written by tw
My fav. of all time I love her so much. She is great...........Def. worth the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" ... written by Samantha
Queen is good and everything she says become true i believe in her i m relieved when i spoke to her about my problems thank u Qeeun " ... written by nolulamo
yes was very good" ... written by dilly
Shes amazing. In my top 3......" ... written by Sam
I always feel better after talking with Queen. She is always very accurate, and great with picking up on feelings. =) " ... written by DarkNlovley
Yes he is the one we will see." ... written by see
WOW, brilliant, I wasnt expecting something so true. I am amazed. Thank you for your insight." ... written by moonstone
connect fast and many details to give, fast typing and good english, thank you again" ... written by dakota
Very compassionate, helpful and reassuring. Straight to the point. Would recommend!!!" ... written by G73
Very good reading, quick connection, accurate to know what details happening in my life, thanks again" ... written by dakota
good" ... written by nolulamo
Awesome reading as usual :) !!" ... written by Roberta De Bellis
She seemed to connect very quickly and without giving any info she was able to tell about the situation. She was very accurate with what was going on in my life. I will surely come back to her" ... written by W
she is slow and repeat the same thing" ... written by nolulamo
Really great advice and pretty solid talk, seems to know what she is doing " ... written by Sherry
Brilliant again, you are really brilliant I cannot believe it how true the things you say are." ... written by moonstone
so great. thank you" ... written by laurel
Excellent Reading.. Very good.. slow but good." ... written by Raj
Quick and pin point answers" ... written by Ashok
She is very gifted person, I feel like we are able to speak without speaking, or rather that she knows what i'm thinking. I would highly recommend a reading with her. Thanks Queen " ... written by willkates
she was good " ... written by francis
I liked the prediction Queen of Mars gave it settled some of the uncertainties I had, but wish she could have typed a little faster...." ... written by JL
The web connection is shocking , but she is super and on the money. Highly recommended. Wish i could meet her in person and spend time with her face to face it would be outstanding. God bless her and keep her safe. " ... written by les
thank you" ... written by lynn
She confirmed what I was told from another reader I find her easy to talk with glad she was online" ... written by Jan
She told me what she could, it was up to me to know what to do with her reading. " ... written by willkates
Great reading" ... written by Anonymous
Nice person, will wait andamp; see what was said will come to fruition andamp; whether she is on point with her words. " ... written by Leesa4840
Very good reading. I highly recommend her." ... written by lori_bell22
good reading" ... written by lynn
thank you queeen....." ... written by kcul
pretty spot on! very nice" ... written by toby
She seemed very tired, so was very slow. She does connect well though.." ... written by L
types up. that is very nice. very specific about predictions and right on point. thank you. very much i will b back" ... written by christine
She is amazing! Very Kind and sweet!" ... written by Taryn
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
This was my first time speaking with her and she was really on it about how things has been in my life and I hope it turn out like she say it will." ... written by Luella63
very good i recommend her" ... written by dennis563
Queen of Mars, thanks for the positive reading. Keep smiling:)" ... written by redsox44
Thanks hope allcomes true" ... written by m
Thank you for providing some good insights...looking forward to the positive outcome..." ... written by Tinkle
I really appreciate my time with Queenofmars. She is so sweet. and direct. Thank you!!!!" ... written by LaShawn
I'm not sure if we really had a connection. I hope she really did see something, and her prediction happens, but she didn't really have a lot to type. " ... written by nina
She is so nice andamp; gives a great reading. I am very grateful to have found her on here. Very nice soul andamp; makes you feel comfortable immediately. " ... written by Kelly
Queen is a very good psychic and pics up on the situation very well. She is good with her advise and predictions. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Queen is a very good psychic and advisor. As always she picks up on what she sees. I give her may, many stars!" ... written by CookieJan
queen of mars was more than value for money " ... written by michael
very fast and accturate reader quick " ... written by shelia b rooks
this was a good reading" ... written by kelly
excellent job and advised me well" ... written by Nadi
nice reading, much information given, thanks again for the update" ... written by dakota
answered questions quickly- " ... written by lynn
fantastic reading " ... written by michael browne
Queen is a very good psychic and gives good advice. Picks on things very well. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Very nice and detail oriented!" ... written by Amber
Gave very good reading, and outlook for future to be good!" ... written by Alan Murray
Very nice reader and fast, I infind queenof mars to be believable, surely if everytinq pans out te ways sje says, I will be very jappy to read wit queen aqain! So I qive queen all stars available... :)" ... written by Desertscoprion
Queenofmars always gives me wonderful readings, packed with lots of information. When she sees positive things on the horizon, she is able to fully describe how and why things will unfold. I am grateful for her positive words, and her honest intuition. I recommend her entertaining stream of consciousness readings! Thank you Queenofmars!" ... written by Marhaban
Did not get a reading with such little time....Cannot comment right now. " ... written by Tony
Great update. Confirmed a lot. Connected fast! Many blessings! " ... written by Tiffany
nice reading" ... written by cur
Very good reading, she was very accurate with what is going on, and she gave me alot of detail and hope, and made me feel better!" ... written by Starliteny
queen was on point with most of the things she said, I did not disclose any info. but she was able to tell me everything I wanted to know." ... written by pz
Excellent and very descriptive reading! Amazing!" ... written by Tony
Queen is a very good psychic reader and advisor." ... written by CookieJan
very nice, fast reading, thank you" ... written by lightandlove
great reader. on the spot." ... written by Cristina
Queen of mars is a great psychic and advisor!" ... written by CookieJan
good and caring" ... written by steve
such a sweet pure soul that will touch your heart." ... written by TONI
If you want a surprise this is where you will get one. She is full of surprises to tell you." ... written by TONI
Queen was so sweet and nice and I felt she knew the situation well and knew what she was saying, thank you! " ... written by Sherry
Great Info - It makes sense, can't wait to find out." ... written by Amy
thankyou !" ... written by gina
excellent" ... written by doli
Queen is a very good psychic and can see things very well. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Really nice, I think I ran out of credits.... but what she was saying so far was really helpful for me." ... written by Edrene
good reading..some hope is given..Will post more details once it happens" ... written by Anonymous
Just continued my private reading. She is really nice and reassuring. I cannot express how comfortable she let me be. I always get nervous with new things and she helped me a lot! Just have a reading with her!" ... written by Edrene
She is good with her readings" ... written by Leah
She is very sweet and nice! Give her a chance." ... written by Y
she was great" ... written by cdsircy
Had another reading with her. She practically knew what I was looking for already" ... written by Edrene
great insight into my situation thanks for your guidance" ... written by dimauro
A very nice and sincere lady who gives u quick answers to your worries. She is able to tune in to the situation quickly. Thank you very much. And I will see how things go. " ... written by Irina
Gave me more information than any other psychic on here-was totally honest with me about everything-we will see if what she says comes true" ... written by Sharla
Thankyou for your reading" ... written by Ray
really gave me some good insight and defiantly a piece of mind i feel so much better now. " ... written by katie
Very clear and to the point" ... written by Sas
i love that reading" ... written by maria correia alves
simple and perfect" ... written by fatima
Very direct, gave dates. Will be coming back soon." ... written by Raj
Insightful, honest, worth the money-now let's see if what she says will happen comes true." ... written by Sharla
She is amazing. that's the word I would use.❤❤❤❤❤ " ... written by ❤Boy
excellent" ... written by piko
You were so accurate with the perdictions, and gave me clarity and hope. Thank you :) " ... written by rebecca
first reading - spot on" ... written by mandeep
she is great she gave me lots of information and she made me feel so much better about my situation" ... written by Erica
we ran out of time. When I get money I will contact her. She was great..." ... written by randi1158
thanks for the insight =)" ... written by dimauro
nice reading, she connected quickly, gave some extra information about a issue " ... written by cur28
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very good, thank you!!" ... written by Krissy
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Thank you queen. I really enjoyed our reading and sorry I had ran out of minutes, I would love to talk with you longer but I'am on a tight budget for this month. I appreciate that you were honest, but did it in the most caring and supportive way. I will take some of your advice. Look forward to speaking with you soon." ... written by queenofmars
Sorry to allow the time run out but I did not have enough stick around and at least miss queen of mars has given me part of the answer I needed the most for now, and thank you thank you thank you very much." ... written by Kaymak
what shall I say this lovely woman Queenofmars saved my day, she turned night into day. with her reading and healing. her abilities are more than you might expect, she's a human radar sees things very clearly and also able to articulate all these images and feelings, impressions that may come to her." ... written by ❤Boy
She is superb fantastic reader. Highly recommend her." ... written by Neha
She just gave me hope for my future with the man that I'm in Love with and helped me to see thing much clearer. I was about to walk away from a good guy, because I wasn't sure about our future. Thank you so much. Sincerely Carmita " ... written by carmita lewis
queen of mars is friendly and straight to the point!:) " ... written by dominique
good reading, highly recommended" ... written by katie
hi i talk to her for the very first time and she answer question very quick an direct to what she see and i appreciate that i just waiting to see what happen i will be back for updates thanks queenofmars." ... written by debra green
She gave me the answers I was looking for and Praying for. She helped sat my mine at easy with the man I'm in Love with. Thank You so much. May God Keep on giving you your Blessing. " ... written by carmita lewis
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she is vey good" ... written by n
She is an amazing lady with divine powers. She is a 5star psychic. Blessings, light and love. " ... written by Neha
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seriously this girl (queen of mars) it the most patient and modest girl ever." ... written by rickyflynn
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She was accurate about my husband and I situation and she was accurate about my husband's dead beat ass brother that I don't like at all. He's draining!" ... written by Trevino
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