About sangoma

Psychic sangomahas 20-25years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic sangomahas recently helped 494members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about sangoma's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a MEDIUM specialize in RELATIONSHIP, LOVE, FUTURE, UNBLOCKAGE,FINANCE, CLAIRVOYANT and PREDICTION PSYCHIC EXPERT. I work with ENERGIES and SPIRITS,I am a honest and ethical psychic , I am here to help you make the correct life choices. I can answer your questions with the help of my guides in Love, Money, Career and Relationships. My guides give accurate analysis and guidance. Don't hesitate to come with your matters I will find clarity even in the most complicated and confusing situations.

I am a highly experienced (25years) in divination, healing physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses ,psychic reader, Spiritualist, Love & Relationship specialist & Medium. A clear Chanel to all questions in love & life.
I am an Expert of healing broken hearts. I will take you to an inner peace, harmony in all area of life. Let me Guide, Heal and provide you Clarity and inspire your spirit. I have no limit, come to me with any matter and I will take you to the solution. I will guide you in all type of matters, finances, business management, Love , Relationships, Reunion, Broke up, marriage divorce, Intentions of Partner, pregnancy problems.

- - About My Services - -
It’s a pleasure and a duty to assist you ,since I have this quality and you need it a “SANGOMA” has to help who is in the need. My aim is bring a positive and clear change in lives of who is in need by Honest readings, and if needed can bring the JUJU in action and attack or affect mind. I’m Master Psychic with unique abilities to connect with inner feelings & situation, thoughts, Intentions, Predict Future , Resolve Relationship Cases and Unite lovers.

- - SKILLS - -
►Dream Interpretation
►Face reading (Read behavior & Personality traits)
►spiritual attack and counter attack
►Mask reading

On week end , i give sport Prediction for those who like Betting on sport.

No free readings in Free chat , If you want, You can tell me your problem,questions in free chat and come in private with me for detailed and clear answers
Yes or No is a not a clear concept, so please avoid to ask Yes or No answer in free chat. I will read about you and your full energies in private, according to situation.
Please avoid coming here to test me , i already had a hard test done by ORANUM.

My readings and action are based on honesty and truthfulness to set your mind at easy as it as to be.I give good & bad news, please be aware that I do not give you readings to please you, what I see and predict is what you hear. But I will make your life very easy and make you very happy through my skills & guidance. You will make good decisions on right time through my advises and predictions.

unusual reading" ... written by julie
His very good and helpfull. and spiritual .lots good information was given to me. suggest him to others." ... written by H
he took so long doing whatever that was that my time ran out and i have 25.00 usd... smh BS" ... written by rl
he is really good and helpfull. So thankful for the advices!! " ... written by Chef
Very cool session. Thought he did well." ... written by Ess
He is interesting and a nice guy. Connects quickly and answers all Qs. Seems to have a good hold on stuff. Worth a try in pvt" ... written by fra
Sangoma is a great reader. He connects really fast and always gives advice to help things. I appreciate his help and support for my second reading and will surely return to him to get another update. " ... written by Safiya
was good but run out of time" ... written by Harry
Very insightful on what I need to do to better my life." ... written by Alex
He did an amazing job! He was spot on. I was amazed by how good of a job he did. Definitely recommend him to anyone!" ... written by Ryann Bierbaum
one of the best" ... written by lopezina1
good thank you!" ... written by sin
Connection was very fast and so were the answers. They were straight to the point and no beating around the bush. I appreciate his recommendations and suggestions. Definitely a reader I will return to " ... written by Safiya
he saidd all things right. good read" ... written by tricia
He is a very gentle soul ... spot on ... was a great help ... thank you" ... written by Raspberry47
he was fast and very nice and funny. I have to wait for out come," ... written by skylovely
He's amazing. Very in tune to energy between people. Very helpful with advice. Very honest. This was a very genuine reading. I've had other and all pick up the same energies between me and the other person. This time in addition to picking up the same info he offered advice and his advice was quite good and I hope to implement some of the new ideas." ... written by Rebecca
He is good." ... written by Mary
Excellent reader great tips thank you :)" ... written by CM
very interesting, never seen anything like it" ... written by Pheonix
Really good reading, this man is really gifted!" ... written by SweetQueen
he is very good.. very spot on.. knew exactly what was going on. sound advice" ... written by steph
you are just so good and spot on" ... written by success
He is very pleasant to work with. " ... written by FredX
first time with him he was very good and helpful I m glad I come to him .... I will follow his advise and come see him again " ... written by adi
thanks" ... written by nikki
He was terrible don't bother with him." ... written by sean
Connected very fast and he was very genuine! and gave great advice!" ... written by Tiffany
Excellent Reader, was spot on and fast about the readings." ... written by Sooriamurthy
he was very encouraging and telling me to do things to make the situation better but we got disconnected in the reading." ... written by skylovely
very intuitive, wuld have more time to get all the answers 5 stars" ... written by Alicja
he confirmed some things and gave me advice on how to connect better with my loved one." ... written by pearberry008
thank u sangoma u r kind" ... written by shela
nice and quick. wonderful person and honest. hope to talk more. " ... written by jazzy
thank you for your reading. I will be back :)" ... written by Charlene
Amazing!!" ... written by Victoria
Amazing!!" ... written by Victoria
What a great reader! He knew my situation without me telling him much. Very positive and caring too. " ... written by Amy
Really good at what he does!" ... written by Sweet
very good reading, will come back again!!" ... written by Ameer
Such an amazing man. Connected with me so well and gave me great advice." ... written by orly
we did the 2nd part its very help full and his very good reader and help full I suggest him to others. TY" ... written by H
Good connection good reading. I like your awake energy. Very open and funny and grounded. " ... written by hundredbutterfly
He is a good medium. he connected with my grandma and gave good messages." ... written by amy
great reader" ... written by ole
we did 3rd season it was nice his very good at what he does his best reader every one should try him. :)" ... written by H
it was pretty good" ... written by Yael Phillips
his very good and kind and did very good reading thank you." ... written by H
He is very good and help full give me very much help and good reading looking for forward for result .:)" ... written by H
Thankyou for the spectacular reading! Your very accurate! The next time I come back I need to ask you about this man who want sex all the time. Thanks again!" ... written by Felicia
good" ... written by jj
On spot! Will come back again:)" ... written by Maya
Very good thank you" ... written by D
he is so good I suggest every one give him a reading they be glad they did his really good. thank you" ... written by H
Thank you" ... written by ann
great reading" ... written by ann
good reading" ... written by beautiful
Thank you for reading my husband, so that I can understand how to handle his negativity and hostility." ... written by TheHangedWoman
He is very accurate with my situation and picking up my families energy/thoughts on it. All I can do is stay positive and prove them wrong because like Sangoma knows I'm right in all of this and true. Very fast reader and connects well. 5 Stars!!! Thanks again" ... written by Amy
truth and accurate reading" ... written by kuiipo5
Amazing reading... thanks Sangoma :)" ... written by Adela
this guy really can tune in very well." ... written by wren1414
he is very good" ... written by wren1414
great" ... written by T
thank you" ... written by kuiipo5
Amazing reading Great insight " ... written by Cre
great awesome no tools" ... written by jamira76
great" ... written by jamira76
great reader and advise given ....lets wait and see" ... written by P
hes awesome" ... written by kionte
He was very accurate and to the point! Thanks so much" ... written by FancyAParis
Very Good!" ... written by VH
Amazing!" ... written by MARIE
great guy connected very well " ... written by Katherine Parfrement
Protection spell put in place. Already feel safer. Thank you" ... written by Amy