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Psychic tgtarothas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic tgtarothas recently helped 41members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about tgtarot's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Honest and Accurate Psychic Tarot Readings since 1967 to Manifest Your True Love, Twin-Flame, Soul-Mate, Happiness, Prosperity, Abundance, and Success. Celebrity Psychic on TV and Radio. LGBT Friendly.

Thank you so much wonderful teaching!!!!!!!!" ... written by Mary
HE WAS GREAT! REALLY FAST READ TOWARDS MY QUESTION." ... written by luckycharms312
Very down to earth and very calm but fast at the same time. He answered my questions…. and the fact he told me was accurate. Now I will wait and see if his predictions will come thru :-)) I think he is a gentleman and a very good reader." ... written by spritonloose
Wow! We did some energy work; now I'm 100% ... dizzy lol. I've never felt like this before! Absolutely incredible! I like him alot! I'm doing these exercises every day as you instructed! Thank you so much! " ... written by rhae
Fantastic, amazing and very accurate - looking forward to working on the techniques given to me and seeing what the future holds." ... written by thebewls
Thank you so much! I will, sure do your healing advice and be back to see you." ... written by planejane7
All very positive." ... written by Kelly
Great, spot on reading. Very good law of attraction exercises, highly recommended." ... written by Mike M
It was a good experience to get a reading from this man. Straight to the point of my questions." ... written by luckycharms312
Had a nice reading...looking forward to see if it comes true and I am working for it!" ... written by rachi
Very dynamic reading. Very good soul. Looking forward to chatting with him again." ... written by Renata Frazier
Good reading and very helpful." ... written by Harold
Very nice reading. " ... written by sylvestri
In my opinion his card reading was very deep, and my card spread was very helpful. " ... written by Tara
One of the best readings you can get. Very helpful and a lot of insight. Highly recommend Tony." ... written by Harold
A wonderful reader very nice and patient. He is so down to earth. Very informative. Thank u for the healing session also. Big universal hugs and blessings...Happy New Year!!" ... written by star
he was really helpful. very good reiki session" ... written by Matt
Very Helpful! And a kind man." ... written by 2day2morrow
Thanks for a great reading." ... written by ash
TG was a very interesting reader. He gave me a clear and concise general reading. Thank you TG for such a wonderful reading.. It really helped me.. Namaste. " ... written by Janine
wow, we did a exercise and it helped alot, he his good right on point and straight to the point, highly recommended... thank u so much i will be in touch..." ... written by candace
we did a EFT session together combined with Reiki and i have never felt this positive or calm or sure of myself in a long time, if ever. i am definitely coming back for more sessions. he is amazing on every level." ... written by amber aka sanguine_psionic
Very good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
very quick and direct and had excellent advice. Cares about giving you good guidance. Look forward to his email . :-) " ... written by bellarose
thank you" ... written by tara
iii had a privates session n hes very clear nd straight..thnnx tgtarott. lots of luvvv ." ... written by joban
I'm glad I came to him. He is the most helpful psychic I have met. He makes getting to my goals seem simple and I'm going to follow his advice and I can't wait to see the results. 5 stars! Excellent and detailed reading, knows his cards well, and offers the best assistance to help reach goals! Can't argue with his rate either. I will definitely be back for more readings with him! Very kind and helpful person!" ... written by Christine
He was very clear and knew his cards...look forward to the outcome." ... written by Mona
Very good! Cheerful! will come back for a more in-depth reading next time!" ... written by Brianna
Thanks very much for your insight!" ... written by ikroyala
great reading spot on i hope it all comes within my reach" ... written by gina bennett
very insightful reading! he knows how to give the information in a way that makes sense. I would recommend him very highly!" ... written by freyasmom
TG is awesome. Love this guy. Highly insightful and has a great sense of humor. Will sleep better knowing what I know now. Thank you A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++" ... written by c
True experienced and talented reader. He has very powerful energy from his immersion into the deep sacred mysteries behind the Tarot and ancient wisdom.... and all that stuff he is into. There was an amazing moment where he ended a healing session with his breath, and I literally felt wind for about 5 seconds. On top of all of this, my body, which is very sensitive from a lifelong pursuit of spirituality, was tingling all over throughout much of the reading. Very well worth it!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
After I found Tg I don't visit any other psychic but him and if I happen to find myself in someone's psychic chat room. They ask How can I help you and I respond . I don't need help. He is really and life saver I would recommend him words can't express my gratitude. He doesn't waste your time he doesn't tell you lies. He his always willing to help and find fulfilment in that. He's my Guardian Angel." ... written by Beatrice
Overall my reading was awesome. " ... written by Tasha
One of the best reading I have ever had, I think he is awesome, verified things that were said to me earlier, made my day!" ... written by rosie1112
he was good andamp; was accurate to t:)" ... written by aquavenus
Does things a little differently, which was interesting. Answered my questions to my satisfaction. Thanks again." ... written by Quentin
Great readings!" ... written by Deeplomacy
good " ... written by L
Thanks, the coaching session I needed, I was impressed with his tarot card skills!" ... written by Ben
I love TG he has lovely energy and is to the point very calming ill definitely be back" ... written by kez
Good fair reading, waiting to see if the predication comes true. :) Thank you again for your time!" ... written by Anise
the cards he pulled were exactly my situation andamp; I just loved his smile andamp; energy ... will be back :)" ... written by ruth
good reading on the ball" ... written by cindy
Really knows his tarot. Very kind and he is one with his client. He makes sure your questions are answered properly and without rush. Thank You" ... written by KTJ
I really liked his attitude and he was so self assured with the reading which made me feel more confident. I look forward to having another private. Hugs and be blessed! " ... written by Donna
Very direct and kind energy. Specific, honest, informative... this guy clearly loves to help others. What a teddy!" ... written by CoolDolphin
Very comforting I did a healing and it was very good! Ihope it will be good for next week. Thanks so much!" ... written by A
Another wonderful reading great insight. A wonderful person thanks for all the encouragement... " ... written by Beatrice
Really warm and friendly and made me feel comfortable. Really cares about people he reads for. Radiates love." ... written by Mariah
He is so sweet and funny. He gave me some a great reading. Please give him a try and you will see what i am talking about. " ... written by enchanted2634
Wow, the reading was quick and the cards were explained very well and clearly for me since i have not much experience with the cards or meanings, very accurate and very encouraging advise given, thanks again, :)" ... written by Dakota2043
TG is great! Gave me great insight into things, gave me some clear answers to questions I'm dealing with. Loved the added EFT bonus andamp; appreciate his willingness to help me get some healing! Excellent reading. Highly recommend!" ... written by angela
wonderful, on the spot with information. love that he knows eft and can guide me " ... written by agablue
Awesome" ... written by j
TG Tarot is the best with his readings and EFT" ... written by Borus
TG made me feel very good. He was awesome. i will definitely talk to him again." ... written by mc
i did a reading and he gave me a good reading with some good advice. I am going to liste to his advice and see what happens" ... written by amoura88
Great reading. I loved the EFT exercise. I totally felt the change. Felt so relaxed and lighter. Felt the calmness. The people he mentioned were right on the money. He is great. Can't wait for this full change to take place. Will keep in touch. You're awesome." ... written by Janice Jackson
Very good." ... written by J
he puled some cards for me and helped me find my true soulmate" ... written by dawn
sweet kind man. cares deeply for his clients and helping them. feeling better after our session and hoping this will help me on my journey. Namaste" ... written by love
He is very fast and very positive. I enjoy the reading with him. He also advised me how to apply the law of attraction to be a happier person." ... written by dimond110
Read what I asked for, even in short time" ... written by Adrienne
very good,spot on,10 out 10!! very happy now! :)" ... written by andrew
Thank you for the healing session, it was great." ... written by Tanny6
awsome great " ... written by davyboii
Friendly, helpful, and to the point!" ... written by Fawn Prin
Great reading! I really love this man, and would recommend him to everyone!" ... written by Dominique
I live in Florida and the energy TG sent me was so over powering it sent chills all threw my body I want to say he is awesome so helpful and wonderful Thank you" ... written by Edna
Answered my questions Thank You Blessings" ... written by Angelwingss7
TgTarot is a kind, cheerful, understanding, compassionate and wise healer and also an adept tarot card reader. The EFT exercises are a practical and effective healing tool, and they are easy to learn. One can feel results immediately and through regular practice feel incremental improvements. TgTarot gives a lot in free chat and often demonstrates the benefits of EFT with group sessions during demo time. I can highly recommend a private." ... written by Martkos
Good reading put me at ease about a few things. I had issues and provide guidance that I could understand . Worth the wait and time. " ... written by Wolfy
very good and detailed v5 stars must try him worth d money " ... written by SASKIA82
nice read, very comprehensive, TG used the tarot deck to help answer questions and explain how things are going. he suggested laws of attraction to improve my situation, I will work on it and see what happens " ... written by 1828
hes really good and honest thank you." ... written by j
kind, straightforward, really wonderful reader - recommended" ... written by lotus71
First i want to say Thankyou very much. He is amazing and will give you the kind of reading you request. Very easygoing and pleasant. Lots of patience and understanding. Also very clear. Picked right up on things that was on point. Also very quick will not waste your time. I highly recommend you give him a try, you will not regret it. Ty again and Bless" ... written by sweetstephy31
He was very positive taught me the tapping and cards seemed all good...I wait to see if all the predictions will happen. Thanks" ... written by A
It was a wonderful reading with TG. Thank you very much. It was amazing how everything in my mind was actually on his cards! Bless you. " ... written by yujiparis
The EFT Tapping is effective and I have began to see improvements and feel the benefit. TG is also a good counselor and adviser." ... written by Martkos
TG was really good. He saw into my situation well. We'll wait and see on the predictions!! But TG is very sweet and compassionate and I enjoyed talking with him." ... written by Lady X
Thank you Tg, I enjoyed learning new techniques and the reading was very accurate. Thank you for time and service. Namaste" ... written by Taries
love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIVE STARS" ... written by disturbed86
Thanks for the EFT Tapping / Healing session regarding anxiety and for teaching me the Reiki Attunements. Much Appreciated." ... written by Martkos
Needed a very short reading and it was great haha! Thanks!" ... written by Nicole
Wow ! totally amazing spot on with details, knows everything his cards are incredible he is pretty unique and shows u everything fast and dosent waste time thankyou" ... written by christopher
fFantasic reading, 100 % spot on. " ... written by golden herat73
very honest, and teaches you how to heal your situations! froze up so I had to quit the chat. but will definitely come back" ... written by michelle
hes really caring and honest thank you" ... written by bj
Nice tarot reading, explained things well. Made sense to my life" ... written by LA
Very good reading. thank you" ... written by Vera
i very good reading, excellent and to the point and understanding and sincerer" ... written by Tony
really nice." ... written by Lani
TG, thanks for the EFT Tapping / Healing Session today, and for the advice and references for further reading / learning. Much appreciated. Highly recommended." ... written by Martkos
great bloke made me feel at ease" ... written by me
Excellent reading. How can he pull so many great cards?" ... written by Julia Turner
good reading" ... written by shellbynz
Thank you very much. I enjoyed the reading. Gave professional and informative information. I am looking forward to meeting that new person of interest =). " ... written by Mary
thanks would really like the links to do the healing" ... written by moonstone
tg is a great psychic reader. he gave me the clarity i needed to know. i definitely recommend him." ... written by faerieLovee
Good reading, I always enjoy seeing the tarot cards for myself. Fast and direct, too!" ... written by Haley
Thank you! Super!" ... written by mira
thank you ! great!" ... written by sin
xoox thanks wonderful - helpful!" ... written by Abigail Rudner
He was very helpful and I will consulting him again." ... written by LKLUCKY15
Very well balanced, accurate, applicable to my life and made sense. Very helpful." ... written by kathie
he has given me tools to heal that brought out a lot of emotion," ... written by Deborah
great reading thank you" ... written by kellie
Tg is a wonderful psychic and was very clear didn't waste my credits and highly recommend him and teaches you how to use your abilities to attain what you want." ... written by Beatrice
THANKS.... XOOOOOX" ... written by Abigail Rudner
It's nice to connect with a reader who leaves you feeling lighter at the end of the reading. Tg was clear and right on the money with the tarot card reading. He also shared some helpful tips for tackling other areas of my life. I was grateful and enjoyed our communication immensely." ... written by AJ
thank you so much! it was a great session, definitely helped alot. funny and he answered my questions and i cant wait to see how it goes! hehehe. thank you!! absolutely a great person to talk to! " ... written by Merper15
TG has been a helpful resource for me. I am doing the work that he suggested and I have started to see results already. :)" ... written by AJ
ALERT ALERT....Great reader. Doesn't waste your time. I highly suggest you see him first before you try anyone else...." ... written by Beatrice
Gave me hope for the future. Thank you TG" ... written by Michelle
he tells the truth and doesn't sugar coat anything. He is the real deal" ... written by kani34
He is very kind and accurate :)" ... written by Maya
Great Reading - Loved Him :-)" ... written by Alain Suissa
TG Tarot.... is the MAN!!!!! So Helpful !!!! " ... written by Frannie
very good reading, straight to the point and like a breath of fresh air, to confirm ones doubts" ... written by flavia
This is the best reading that I have had in a long time. I felt as though he was very caring. Quite accurate and detailed. I will DEFINITELY come back. He is one of the best on Oranum and does not waste your time and money! Thank you so much tgtarot!" ... written by Deva Delight
Thank you for your time, love and light" ... written by Pheonix
Has never been wrong in my readings, very honest, and accurate. So pacific in detail and a beard you can trust! So grateful." ... written by Kara
he is awesome!! A very pleasant man even when he gives ya news you didn't want to hear.." ... written by Jnaujo00
First reading. Gave me some advise and read cards. I'll take his advice and see where it goes!!! Sounds like good advice." ... written by skier8001
Wow - such interesting information! My first time with him but felt comfortable with his reading and guidance. Will check back with updates on the progress. Thank you!" ... written by Kimberly
This was my first reading and I really enjoyed it. TgTarot seemed very sincere and kind and I would recommend him to others. Thank you for your time. I will come back again." ... written by Shelly
Amazing, He was a lot of help! Answered All my questions and was very helpful ! thank youu :)" ... written by Aby
Good connection, i like that the cards were well explained for the meaning and how it relates to my situation, very thorough, thanks again" ... written by dakota
I adore him, he has a beard you can trust! Very sincere, and not a sham.. He went beyond his duty of card reading to really help and guide me in my times of trouble. I am eternally grateful." ... written by Kara
Loved the reading from TG. He was warm, friendly, and gave me much needed answers as well as extra support and help. I highly suggest doing a reading with him. i will definitely be using his services again. =)" ... written by Ashley
Great read....gave me hope " ... written by Nona
Very knowledgeable and kind" ... written by Anselee
he was good, quick and straight to the point." ... written by wren1414
Great helpful reading. Tgtarot was clear and walked me through the reading step by step through the issue. I will be back in the future to get more readings from him, as I was extremely pleased with my reading. He also sent me a message of helpful advice on how to further help myself :-)" ... written by NF
This guy was spot on with my love life readings, in fact I was blown away by his reading to my second question I asked him. First card off the bat - knew what the issue was as far as me wanting to pursue something I shouldn't pursue. This guy is very good at the cards, and knows what he's doing. I highly recommend him! Especially if you're in need of guidance and direction!" ... written by CuriosityGal13
Very helpful....walked me through tapping that made me feel better...tapping is an awesome thing for people to learn. " ... written by Nona
good..." ... written by ritesh
People! TGTarot is awesome!!!! He is fantastic with readings and advice. :)" ... written by John
good" ... written by ritesh
He was very good . Told me the truth. Future looks promising" ... written by beautyqueen1001
he's always awesome!!" ... written by jnaujo00
Outstanding reading, and great eft/ Thanks for sharing your gifts" ... written by Jean
Very good sounded good" ... written by Henry M Stephen
Decent Reading!!" ... written by Bhanu