About whitestarr

Psychic whitestarrhas 10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic whitestarrhas recently helped 31members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about whitestarr's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I'm PSYCHIC, EXPERT in love readings, love triangles, Long distance relationship. Marriage, And all area in your life. Angel & Tarot. I'm Clairsentience, Clairalience , em path. 5 years on Oranum.. Spiritual Cleansing, Reiki healing, teaching 3.49 credits per minute. Looking forward to help you.

Whitestarr, thank you very much for your reading. You seem very honest and respectable. You gave me hope." ... written by Sonia Bonilla
Fell strong energy healing myself." ... written by Jy
Another wonderful reading." ... written by corvet
:) I like the healing, eased my stomach pain, thanks!" ... written by giuseppe
Thank you for honest and straight answer Whitestarr, you are just what I was hoping for - clarity and confirmation!! Many stars!!!" ... written by ik royala
So sweet and kind, love her readings." ... written by olivia07
Very Good! " ... written by Christina Landry
Very good reader. I will come back for follow-up." ... written by hugs2020
Enjoyed my session." ... written by brave
Was very intriguing and valid. ;)" ... written by MIMI1989ME
Good reading!" ... written by rei
Really strong healing from her , and she though me a lot of stuff " ... written by KL
She's very sweet! Good reading!" ... written by Zeigen
omg, she is precious...wonderful reader, full of patience, kindness and loving care...she reads her cards to perfection and provides detailed, most accurate readings...as well as very mature, wise advice..amazing!!!! thousands of stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by dalmosica
Very good." ... written by fj
Straight forward and nice. Give her a shot. :) " ... written by stayclosedontgo
Loved the reading, was spot on!" ... written by keith
Good person." ... written by t
Whitestar is awesome. I talked to her last month and what she predicted came true and so I called her again and she remember me and once again she gave me great advice, she was very understanding and honest as well. Worth every penny! I will definitely call her again and write you to keep you updated. Thanks again!!!! " ... written by Andy
Really good. Extremely nice. Facts, good!" ... written by jonathan
5 stars!! She is sweet!" ... written by Abn2013
Excellent reading!!!Connected to my situation straight away and read it like a book! Also gave excellent advice!!!Thank you soooo much!!!" ... written by rattail1
Great reading!" ... written by JEnny
Very good, accurate, kind and very helpful." ... written by praveenp
She is very nice. She reads very fast. She is good to talk to." ... written by Greenmanalishi
Whitestar is very sweet, kind and understanding. I had a reiki session with her. i felt very strong healing afterwards. it was only ten minutes but it was wonderful. I also asked questions about my friend and his career. It was very enlightening and she told me he was depressed, which I felt was true. Very kind and caring lady" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Thank you. Great reading whitestarr knows about both women I'm asking. Its pretty amazing what the cards are showing." ... written by izzy98027
very good at translating the cards. very comforting personality and straight forward reading." ... written by True Image
Good tarot reader, gives nice advice." ... written by BR
Very kind, genuine, and fast." ... written by Cindy
Excellent reading, honest, and very kind." ... written by izzy98027
She's very good. and help me sort things out. Thank you so much very reasonable price and very nice person." ... written by izzy98027
Very honest reading and gives great advice. Is very caring and understanding of the situation and what I'm thinking and feeling! Her cards described my current situation accurately. We shall see what the future holds. Thank you so much!" ... written by Nona29
I don't know how she does it, but she's good. She knows about my ex just for reading her cards... Amazing." ... written by izzy98027
Good reading, thank you!" ... written by rattail1
She is so honest and caring. She is the only psychic that writes me a personal email with advice... I told me what I knew in my heart already. Described him to a T." ... written by Linda
She is brilliant with cards!!!! she describes situation exactly as it is now! I hope she right for October prediction!!!" ... written by marion
Excellent call. Nailed everything perfectly. Thank you so much. Hope to call you back in the future, also your reiki healed my pain , i felt happy after your reiki session " ... written by Andy
White, very quiet manner, low keyed and calming. Sent me reiki energy to relax. She is very good and relaxing. Thank you, very peaceful!" ... written by BNJPANGELS
She was very nice and calm. Didn't lead me on and was very honest. I even got a card in free chat. I would definitely recommend her." ... written by jan
Wonderful genuine caring reader. Speaks the truth in a very gentle way." ... written by Chrissie
Thank you for the reading wasn't what I Wanted to hear but thanks all the same" ... written by ikroyaln
She good.. knows her cards well." ... written by Peter
Awesome. Truly amazing and kind and accurate." ... written by nita
Very sweet! Quick reader! Appreciated the advice she gave me and so thankful for the clarity! :)" ... written by Krissy
I enjoyed her reading as found her to be right on about my relationship." ... written by Janet
Whitestar is amazing, she has a very soft and quiet way about her but has incredible insight. I had asked her about my friend and a promotion, and her clarity on the situation is very precise." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Just had an energizing reiki session with whitestar, excellent reiki session, very peaceful and powerful." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Amazing reading!!!! Thank you :)" ... written by Abby
She is a very nice compassionate psychic. Loved to chat with her. Gave me some dose of optimism there in my last session. Hope to see her back soon. Namaste!" ... written by Suman Bose
She is so sweet and genuine. Helps me a lot, gave me answers that I needed to hear!! :)" ... written by Krissy
She completely understood what was going on and gave me good advice. She is very nice." ... written by Cathy6212
A great person to read with. Thank you!" ... written by Rose
She is an honest, caring and a giving Angel. Excellent and accurate readings for me every time. I visit her on chat to get her energy. Thank you so much...for being a guanine caring person." ... written by Izzy98027
She was very good and generous with her time." ... written by bambi1979
whitestarr has wonderful white energy that I have received from her. Her healing reiki energy is very strong and it helps me clear myself. Thank you so much" ... written by BNJPANGELS
I made a point not to give too much info and I was soooo impressed with her intuition! She helped me a great deal, because my situation is very strange and not logical at all. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) Can't wait for the next reading!! " ... written by Zulu11
Another wonderful sight by Whitestar. This lady is amazingly acurate. I look forward to the next reading, thank you" ... written by vet
Thanks for the confirmation." ... written by stang93
She was very nice and hit the nail right on the head!!! " ... written by Traci
Very good with detail and helping me to understand the situation. Would recommend and revisit in the near future." ... written by kerri23
Very informative and helpful." ... written by glciii
Wow, in shock. She knew we weren't together. Very accurate reading and very genuine." ... written by Linda
Excellent caring spiritual advisor. She truly care for my wellbeing. I received very good advice and readings. She's my regular. I get good positive energy from Whitestarr. Thank you so much!" ... written by izzy
So clear and honest, truthful which can shock you at first but totally worth it... You won't regret it." ... written by charbel
Shs is very to the point, great energy!! Highly recommend! " ... written by Mariela Worm
Great reading! Very legit!" ... written by deiasallouti
Very much enjoyed my first reading with her! Thank you!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Really nice lady... She picked up very quickly... And very clear in all her answers... Thanks a lot ... I would recommend her for sure!" ... written by BV
Wonderful!! very helpful and honest" ... written by nita
Great advice. Thank you for the positive energy, and the Angel card. They have changed my life." ... written by izzy98027
Her readings are very helpful and they help me to know what steps to take to help things in the relationship that I desire." ... written by inlovewithhim
Very kind and very consistent. Highly recommend her!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Good reader. " ... written by Rei
Great reading. Feeling a lot more hope and a lot happier. Thanks Hun! xx" ... written by Christine
Nice reading!" ... written by Claud
Whitestarr gave me an outstanding reading!! I am so happy!! I pray the predictions come to pass!!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Amazing!!!!!! :)!!!! I can't wait!!!!! Very nice and compassionate and accurate. ^^" ... written by Christal
Simple, clear and very nice!" ... written by 69wondering
Whitestarr gave me such clarity and accuracy about my life. She gave me insight about mt my job. She was fast, answered all of my ?'s. Thank you whitestarr. Blessings to you..." ... written by Janine
She is so sweet and helpful. I recommend her anytime." ... written by Scott G
Thank you for your help" ... written by jaqline
She is very compassionate and to the point. I wish we had gotten to spend some more time in our reading because I was very interested in what all she had to say :) def a good pic for a reading" ... written by alyssa
Thank you so much for your insight... very clear and accurate. God willing things will get better for me in the near future. Will do another read with whitestarr again. Thanks for the peace, love, and energy!" ... written by tawee06
Detailed read!" ... written by sk
Very sweet, healing is great. Tarot reading was good and precise. Thank you for the healing!" ... written by caroleliza
Can't wait to see if what she says comes true, I have had a reading with Whitestarr before and she is almost never wrong." ... written by rwise123r02
Best reading by whitestarr !!! I am so happy with this reading!!! " ... written by inlovewithhim
Whitestar is a natural. She is very clear while answering questions and does not waste your time. I would highly recommend her. " ... written by Lisag123
Adorable and sincere, gives illustration very good! Thanks" ... written by fadia
I really enjoyed speaking with Whitestarr. I wished more time but I only could affort two sessions at $29.99 per session. Time is limited when your typing and trying know understand between sound going in and out throughout the sessions with her. Poor audio feed in these free chat or private readings too. Thank you Whitestarr for your help. God Bless, Valerie " ... written by Valerie
Thank you for honest reading..I know it was hard because it is another disappointment for me. But I will have to pray for it to come true." ... written by izzy98027
Whitestarr does not sugarcoat her readings. She only tells what she reads in the cards and she is truthful. I enjoy her readings." ... written by inlovewithhim
Great readings as always. What she sees, is what she tells you. I love it, straight forward and simple. Am a repeat customer that's for sure. Will be back again WhiteStarr. *****5 Stars*****" ... written by izzy98027
She was an accurate reader I did not have to say that much." ... written by sanewhouse
Whitestar is gentle and understanding and insightful and gave me comfort. I highly recommend her. Thank you very much . Whitestar!!!" ... written by irelandirish
Whitestarr is very generous with her time, she is taking an extra mile making sure you get the messages across and even offer to answer my last question in mail (fingers cross), I did get something new from this session. Thank you so much for your help!" ... written by purple rain
Very good :)" ... written by gabrielm
Quick and frank and good advise." ... written by irelandirish
Whitestarr is wonderful, consoling, careful in how she will be interpreting her cards, and she quietly listens and explains everything. Whitestar is consoling and caring, Very gentle and in a loving way. Gives as much detail as she can." ... written by bnjpangels
Very good and accurate, will deffo be coming back again" ... written by Kristina
Very good reading" ... written by elena
Very nice and good!" ... written by Lauren
Accurate." ... written by cat
** * * * 5 Star * * * ** Thank you again. Excellent follow up and verify my earlier readings with Starr came true for me especially the Angel card she drew for me. God blessed" ... written by izzy98027
Star is very sweet and insightful and helpful. Thanks again." ... written by irelandirish
I think Whitestarr is very honest and very caring! I highly recommend her!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Thank you! You have been clear about what to expect. Really appreciate it." ... written by Yvonne Leong
Highly Recommend! Very good advice, loving and kind. Very good reader and intuition. 5 Stars!" ... written by izzy98027
Wow what a fantastic spot on reading I am so happy now thank you" ... written by Lorann
Awesome reading! Find out yourself and call her!" ... written by ezbcarersrs
She is good" ... written by humility
She was great! Very helpful and I had a great reading! This was my first time and she put me at ease about my worries. Thank you so much!" ... written by Jennnifer
She is gifted, genuine and sweet. She sent me an email reading additional cards for me with advice. She truly wants to help you. Highly recommend her..." ... written by Linda
She saw the separation/break up. Very quick and sympathetic yet also very accurate. She pulled the same outcome for us 2 months ago as well. Highly recommend her." ... written by Linda
I'm sooo glad I had private with whitestarr. So honest and upfront. I'm glad she had good news for me. Thank you so much for the reading starr." ... written by mel
Good reading, great energy. Could really feel her healing energy. Nice and pleasant to talk to." ... written by pablo
* * Great reading * WhiteStarr is wonderful. I highly recommended. Her caring and kind energy always make me feel good. I appreciate her honesty and pure kind heart. I will be back for update. * 5 Stars **" ... written by izzy98027
I liked the reading very much!!:) " ... written by Mariela
Thanks Star for the truth." ... written by irelandirish
wow wow wow... She is very good! She was able to see and tell me what I needed to know in a very short time. She not only saw the present but also the future and was very clear about it. I expect her guidance to manifest in the events that come. " ... written by Jose
Fabulous! Awesome! wow!" ... written by rosy
Oh my, the reading is so accurate. She is amazing and got everything on point. Now I finally had an answer to my long waited question. Thank you so much whitestarr! I'll definitely talk to you again!" ... written by kltcin2u
Very good reading!" ... written by alison
She is always so accurate and empathetic...You can't hide problems with her. Highly recommend her." ... written by Linda
I felt she was very genuine and heart felt. I also felt that she was trull by her demeanor. I look forward to placing a testimony of what will come to pass. " ... written by Gracious Gift
She's very motivational. a great read." ... written by Rab
Always enjoy her readings! I hope that they ring true!!It would be wonderful!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Always a pleasure to have a reading done by Whitestar. She's my angle when i'm having hard times :) Thank you Whitestar" ... written by lisag123
She is fantastic, very relaxed with her, highly recommend." ... written by kcw1433
An insightful and quick reading, full of kindness, thanks White Star! x" ... written by Rose
Accurate reading, truthful, no sugar coating! Explains to you in detail. Answered ALL questions" ... written by annochka
You are awesome, sorry didn't have more time." ... written by cecendez
Cool." ... written by phoenizrisen
She is always accurate. She has not been wrong once since I have been going to her. Highly recommend. Very detail and caring reading..." ... written by Linda
Thank you for your honest reading!!! You were truthful and didn't make-up stuff. I highly recommend :))" ... written by Laura
Sincere!" ... written by first11
Great readings, she is straight to the point!" ... written by Cesar
She is the best. Genuine and gifted." ... written by Sumsum
Great reading, very nice, highly recommended." ... written by carina
Authentic and resourceful helped me in my case and showed me how to approach my problem." ... written by sagehermitV
She is great!" ... written by Jason
She is a 5 stars! She is 95% accurate. She doesn't waste your time. Give her a try. Highly Recommended!" ... written by Oolong
you were amazing thankyou and you have helped me to have faith that i will get well and be happy. if there is anything else please let me know and we will do another reading. Iv been sick along time and are starting to give up hope of being well i appreciate your help." ... written by tash
Whitestarr is so lovely. I do not have much money but if I want a reading this is the one I will choose. She seems very genuine and caring " ... written by Seren1964
She is the best. My friend recommended her. She was caring and accurate. Amazing!" ... written by Sann
OMG, I asked whitestarr for a reading tonight... And it was so very accurate... It helped me so much with a lot of things I was struggling with. She is so very sweet, and considerate, I highly recommend her, especially if you are having relationship issues, etc. She has very good and accurate insight. I definitely recommend her. I will be coming back! Much love and blessings to her " ... written by Arianna
Very nice woman! Very sweet! She made sense in her readings. I found them to be true." ... written by Alberto
You cannot hide anything from her. She knows everything...wow. Truely gifted reader." ... written by Sumsum
Very accurate and helpful with guidance and reads" ... written by ginigini
Great Lady always trust a European when it comes to cards ! " ... written by Judythemoody
Very good." ... written by stars
She is very accurate and explains in good detail about the answers to your questions." ... written by shikacoop32
Very slow, and didn't really answer the question. Gramma. r was terrible, and I had to try to work out what she was saying. 2 Questions and 2 answers and it was all over" ... written by colleen
GREAT!" ... written by jenny
She was very patient and gave a great reading. " ... written by amazing
sweet lady. she has my vote. I will retutn to see her again" ... written by Carrie
she is very nice lady direct to the point and nice " ... written by Nidal
Very good!" ... written by Brianna
Whitestarr is sweet and honest. I went in for a general reading and her words were true and eye opening. I do need to focus more on life and less on work. That is my downfall and I never talked about being a workaholic. She was able to pinpoint that weakness. And her suggestion of being social rang so true in my life. I will treat this reading as a warning or preview to what my life could be and hopefully reshape the things I should improve upon. She was wonderful and sweet, don't miss out on a chance to get a reading from her!" ... written by Shayla
She is great" ... written by Sumsum
Great reading! Thank you. :0))))" ... written by edel95
Thank you Whitestar, it was a good reading!" ... written by Lefleur5
Good reading." ... written by joy
She is always accurate and sincere..." ... written by sumsum
Excellent reading. I ask Whitestarr in private reading about things, I already know but wanted to confirm. She read for me and gave me clarity. As I am a repeat client, her readings have been very accurate. I will continue to come back. Thank you. * * * 5 Stars * * *" ... written by izzy98027
Very good and very honest reader. Recommended." ... written by Joenna
I just loved her. She is incredibly sweet, soft spoken and very caring. She wants to help and hopes that things work out for me. Good advice too." ... written by linda pryharski
She is really helpful and hopefully I can fix my friendship with my best friend." ... written by beth
Beautiful as always." ... written by mac
Very polite and sincere." ... written by mac
The best reader. I really sponsor her. Really intuitive really good and no lies." ... written by synapsy
wow! Amazing! She was absolutely awesome! She went into details and gave me very clear picture and clear answers. Relaxed, soft spoken, gentle, very helpful soul, but when it comes to cards, she reads them so accurately and highly professionally! I was very pleased with the reading and I will come back again!" ... written by happiness
Caring, kind listener, who offered kind and straight forward advice. Thank you." ... written by Helpme67
Great as always" ... written by bm
Her insights and readings makes a lot of sense to me. It's good and thorough. I would highly recommend her for private readings. " ... written by lisag
Great psychic, very warm and gentle. Thanks for the guidance." ... written by islander2000
Lovely, kind caring lady, honest and truthful. Helped me see what I need to do. THank you" ... written by Helpme67
Very good clarity and she is quick." ... written by angel
Excellent!" ... written by angel
Same as before she is amazingly helpful." ... written by sagehermitV
She has great depth and tells the truth. " ... written by Elaine Faber
SHE IS AMAZING AND VERY ACCURATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ANGEL
She is lovely and has a gentle approch..She also answers the questions accurately and quickly" ... written by Elaine Faber
Quick answers and a really nice reading, good details and information." ... written by Jennifer
Very good feeling. I feel much better." ... written by samanthaEA
great insights...:)" ... written by mini
Very good, honest reader, Recommended." ... written by Joana
She is awesome, should try her. Also she is very polite and compassionate about her work. I will be back for more. Thank you for your guidance." ... written by Rajnesh
Love her!!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
she was great for nice and accurate.. I recommend her to anyone seeking guidance.. I am sad that my time has ended but I will chat with her again. very soon" ... written by cassandra
Great reading! Looking forward to the future. Whitestarr was able to connect with me right away. " ... written by Melissa
like the sun after a rain" ... written by mac
seriously. marry me please.lol" ... written by mac
Whitestarr is fantastic. She understood quickly and is very patience with my never ending questions :) I feel much better now. I will be able to sleep tonight :)) A+++++++++++++++++" ... written by Steph
goodbye, sweety" ... written by mac
third time in private whitestarr, she is simply the best" ... written by Ot
Thanks White Star....for your reassurance. Im free and its about me now!!!" ... written by irelandirish
Its always very insightful to have private reading with Whitestar. She's and angel. " ... written by lisag123
good reading. connected quickly. nice lady" ... written by tilthe
She is the best." ... written by sagehermitV
Whitestarr is very good psychic. " ... written by diginity
Was very helpful" ... written by Mitchell
Good reading - but would have liked to see her draw more information from me! :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
she is so amazing and hit it on the head." ... written by cheercoach36
Good reader." ... written by abby
She is the best!!!! i enjoyed very much talking to her!! she spotted the main problem and gave a really good advise!! definitely i recommend her for a private reading! " ... written by Airin Duan
My first time reading with her and she is great she is calm energy seems very in tune to what she is doing and everything she said makes sense. Will definitely get readings with WhiteStarr again" ... written by Bella
Great lady, easy going and positive..she knows how to give an advice, normal one and realistic without pretending...love her" ... written by martinia
She is really great and very detailed on her reading. Very good and we had a great connection. Will definitely call her back again. " ... written by deanne
Thankyou ..." ... written by Julia
She speaks the truth even though she knows it it not what you want to hear. I believe in her that she is the real deal." ... written by inlovewithhim
she spot on the questions!!! i very calm when explaining and giving advise.. i highly recommend her for private reading. Thank you Whitestarr! " ... written by angel
very good reading...shed alotta of light and helped me make sense of things and look forward to future...thank you so much" ... written by Lehua
She saw I was ill and helped me to breathe. Whitestarr made me feel better with her knowledge of healing" ... written by BOBBIE BENTON
Thanks you so much for being with me and your time :) it makes me a bit calm.. I really appreciate the fact that you were very honest with me.. You are very nice.. Thanks again :)" ... written by Pooja
She was very helpful and insightful. I'm very glad to have spoken to her :)" ... written by Danielle Harris
She is always so caring. I highly recommend her if you want the truth..." ... written by sumsum
She is very good, she can even feel what I was feeling during my reading. Very good and intuitive. She helped me look on the bright side. " ... written by foxy
Very helpful!! Thanks!" ... written by lwindett
She is very intuitiv " ... written by Qursay
She is sweet and honest, thank you " ... written by Taylor
good reading. consistent with some other recent ones. Helpful." ... written by rene
excellent read. I think she got to the heart of things and answered my question accurately and was very sweet. I felt comfortable with her and my issues.. I would recommend her to anyone. The card reading was extremely helpful and she is helpful with the interpretation of them. " ... written by susan hill
I would have enjoyed talking with this reader, however when I tried to connect with her I was disconnected by the server twice." ... written by Otis
Thank you Star. You predicted before and it came true and you have seen things without me telling you." ... written by irelandirish
So very kind and very sweet but delivers truth! I highly recommend her!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
She is so warm hearted that in time of crises I go to her." ... written by AGL
amazing thanks" ... written by kevin
A beautiful, kind woman, with honesty and a listening ear. Thank you for a true and honest reading" ... written by Helpme67
Very precise and reassuring! Well worth the money!" ... written by Ashley
special connection :)" ... written by melody
very good intuitive and counseling, gives tremdous hope, very calming encouraging Fantastic reader" ... written by bnjpangels
amazing best ever ! love you whitestar." ... written by kevin
She is amazing!!!!!" ... written by Ashley
good" ... written by Vanessa
Wonderful! She was spot on with what I was feeling. So helpful and she was able to confirm that my husband is my SOULMATE! " ... written by goddessmom6
very sweet and kind, clear information that comes from her. " ... written by m
Amazing and positive." ... written by Oolong
Thank you very much for the reading - it was very informative, clear and fast! I will consult you again. All the best for you!" ... written by Malka
Very kindhearted!" ... written by Chancesgiven27
She was spot on ! Lets see what happens" ... written by Latin Lady
Good advice" ... written by Theme
Whitestar very comforting and caring. she helps guide me and gives me detail of my friends to help me understand." ... written by bnjpangels
thankyou for reading" ... written by mike
Fast accurate!" ... written by Johnny
she is great very accurate " ... written by complicated2012
love her reading to the maximum :))" ... written by martinia
truthful reading, she read what she saw." ... written by Sticky
Not what I wanted to hear so time will tell. She knows her cards and was very direct with answers." ... written by C
Very sweet lady, and intuitive. Helped me with some personal issues I have right now. " ... written by Sharon
Excellent !!!" ... written by Oolong
She is a 5 STARS!!! Excellent and Brilliant woman. Strongly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
she is a very nice person, very helpful and ready to give good advice" ... written by dheerenkumar
Lovely lady. Thank you." ... written by Bea
she is very kind. very great reading" ... written by veezee
She is a 5 STARS!!! Always excellent and genuine!!! Strongly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
* * * 5 Stars * * * as always. She is very good tarot reader. I have many private sessions with Whitestarr, and she always gave me accurate predictions and very good advice. Thank you so much. And her Angel cards always came to me with the right messages. " ... written by LovingCompassion
great second reading" ... written by malteser
Great help really helped me see what i was doing wrong. Cards were right on the money ! Thanks a lot!!" ... written by Mtubbs891
She is a 5 Stars!!! She is 98% accurate. Also, she is a genuine soul. Wow! A gifted woman too. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
My reading was very positive " ... written by Amapolaflower
She was great. Very sweet. Has a gentle soul and is insightful. " ... written by Elyssa Temple
lovely :)" ... written by M
really lovely lady, I hope to give you a positive update soon! " ... written by lynnrmc
Very thorough, quick. Helpful and patient. Answers questions very well. Beautiful person" ... written by ryan
Great reading, recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
thank you she is very supportive and gives good insight. " ... written by chris
whitestarr was good time went quickly as she does cards good result, thanks whitestarr" ... written by wendy
Wonderful reading, cleared up many things for me. Great connection and good advise. Thank you!" ... written by Lynda22
whitestarr was very pleasant and kind. Her insight and guidance was inspiring. I am currently finding my way through my own spiritual journey and her words have helped guide me in a direction I feel very comfortable with. Thank you again!!!" ... written by PaulOD03
Great reading....so honest and right on....strongly recommend her" ... written by TRuelove_68
thank you, very informative although hard to understand" ... written by yourname
Good in-depth reading. Would recommend her, definitely." ... written by Briony
thank you!" ... written by d2k1000
I was not happy with what the cards told but I know she spoke the Truth and that is what I need to hear. I respect that and I trust her." ... written by inlovewithhim
She did Reiki healing on me. I feel the effects. TY " ... written by JB
Expert advice. Skilled card reader. Will see again." ... written by JB
Very nice reading, thank you. " ... written by vjrei01
she's the best :) really kind, highly accurate, genuine. she went the mile in her reading, and helped me with a difficult situation. thank you :)" ... written by starrose
whitestarr is lovely. " ... written by Rebecca
Fast Accurate.." ... written by Jay
very polite loved having a chat with her my first time on here." ... written by Kelli
I needed that. Great Reading. Fast and accurate" ... written by C
I have been on this site a lot and by far i seen her the most accurate. For example she said to me that my trip d be canceled this week and I got angry and said not possible and guess what it was canceled, because of the extreme weather conditions...and many other things." ... written by mariala
a great reader and great friend , honest and from the heart" ... written by kc
great as usual...its been awhile , was nice to reconnect" ... written by k
really really good :)" ... written by starrose
awesome reading!" ... written by hermestarr
Great reading!She was spot on!" ... written by aurelia
Truthful, honest, and very sweet. " ... written by DeAnna
Very insightful. Thank you for the clarification " ... written by Sweetie
fast, accurate and authentic." ... written by moginty
very honest and fast, thank you!" ... written by jc
she is very cool" ... written by peter
thank you whiteStar ofr your swiftness and honesty" ... written by irelandirish
Intuitive reader" ... written by Garace
very good" ... written by gab
It was excellent thank you" ... written by Olivia
Wow! Amazing reiki session! She has great energy" ... written by Brileebree
Thank you , very good and accurate reader. Kisses and hugs" ... written by WhZ
so precise and caring, loving, I am always so thankful" ... written by c
Thank you the reading was very good and thanks for the advice I will use it." ... written by 123yaya123
so loving and caring a great insight thank you so much" ... written by c
OMG!!! She is a 5 STARS!!!! Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
wonderful and warm very consoling very sweet" ... written by bnjpangels
Thank you White Star. Once again you have helped me. " ... written by irelandrish
she's the best! i always come back, she's gotten a lot of things right, and she never sugar coats" ... written by starrose
she reads the cards very well I hope she is accurate with all that I was told andamp; what was revealed. I will definitely get back 2 U about my job situation. Thank U 4 your time andamp; energy." ... written by basimahel
Thank you Whitestar for your reading.....it was lovely and reassuring." ... written by irelandrish
have to wait and see thank you" ... written by leigh
I was asking her about a relationship, and she really opened my eyes, and gave me closure as well as an opportunity, She made things fast ans easy to understand. If I ever need insight on a subject, I will definitely return to her, I am grateful for her intellect and perception. It was nice to have the closure that I needed, as well as some new eyes." ... written by Chad
very good reader highly recommend" ... written by gchild001
she good. really accurate reader. One of the best here. I been testing most of here on this site and this one has been always correct one...no quessings or other false tricks." ... written by lovely
always amazing and insightful, and supportive" ... written by Jenny
great!" ... written by Jenny
Whitestarr is very good! She cleared up many things for me. She picked on things very quickly, and I appreciate that she didn't sugar coat anything. Some things I didn't want to hear, but I really needed to hear it. Thank u so much. I will see you again :)" ... written by nina
always loving and insightful. thank you dearest" ... written by c
Good advice" ... written by 123yaya123
Really enjoy her readings. She always tells the truth. She does not say anything that she does not read in the cards. I highly recommend her." ... written by inlovewithhim
Good psychic reading with some insight into it! I think she gave me a lot of information for what I can expect in a relationship." ... written by BN
Incredibly accurate, I was always sceptical about readings but not any more !" ... written by Gerard
That was great! Awesome reiki!" ... written by Laura
sorry we ran out of credits, but always love every reading I have with whitestarr! very very accurate and detailed" ... written by starrose
whitestar was very good and accurate I would see her again" ... written by michelle deworsop
Great reading! She seemed to hit the nail on the head!" ... written by Anna
Cool" ... written by Bey
she is an amazing reader and spot on with all her answers . " ... written by pinkshoes123
very sweet and consoling very intuitive kind reader alleviates my fear" ... written by bnjpangels
whitestarr is the kindest and nicest person on this site. her past predictions for me all came to pass, and she is very insightful and accurate in her assessments of situations and people around me. she never sugarcoats. thank you for being so generous with your time, and sorry i couldn't extend the reading longer. blessings and lots of love " ... written by starrose
fantastic reading :)" ... written by awesome1429
She is lovely so sweet and accurate !" ... written by loveanddlight
She is very nice.... really appreciated her advise. Thank you whitestarr" ... written by leana
a very lovely lady to talk to, spot on and gave me good insights" ... written by Stella
Super Accurate!!!" ... written by Mary H.
a really good reader, very accurate and always very kind. the nicest person" ... written by starrose
this is my favorite reader on the site, she is always so detailed and accurate! and just so kind and nice, i always feel better after talking to her. her predictions came to pass!" ... written by starrose
resolve.. that's all I gotta say.. thank you!" ... written by Katharazz
Good reader...she was very helpful and generous. Very accurate. Thank you!! " ... written by E
wonderful" ... written by linda
WONDERFUL READER!!! Gave excellent advice on my situation!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
i love the chats thank you for your services" ... written by Jennifer
yes was good...get a good feeling from her, she is caring and understanding...andamp; seems very intuitive. ok thanks starr, chat again later." ... written by batdancer
enjoyed her. Goodreadin." ... written by Loleta
she connected quickly and was positive,very nice to talk with :) thank you" ... written by Anupama
Been to whitestarr before for some reiki and really helped get some clarity also knew what was wrong, " ... written by Sharifa
Thank you Whitestarr :))" ... written by Mariela
she was good, and accurate with the information she gave. very sweet soul. i will recommend her :)" ... written by ai
she is amazing...so accurate and good energy. Not the nasty dirty energy like some readers on this page. If you really need help go to this reader. " ... written by ladysimone
Thank you so much Whitestarr you were great you answered all my questions.I recommend you to everyone. I will be back to get another reading from you again soon." ... written by Brenda
Thankyou so so much appreciate " ... written by Angela
Lovely person with truthful and honest way. will be back to speak to her again " ... written by Helpme67
wonderful and accurate reading! definitely recommended" ... written by Imshree
Whitestarrr was very on point. She's amazing.... 5 star to her very accurate in her reading. Can't wait to see how her predictions start to unfold." ... written by Lucy117
a very kind and patient reader, who has helped me through difficult times. honest, accurate, detailed and genuine. " ... written by starrose
White Star is an amazing reader!! Very knowledgeable, accurate, fast and knows what she is talking about! She answered all my questions. I highly recommend her for a private! xoxox" ... written by cc
very detailed" ... written by Demarcus
THANK YOU" ... written by LORENA
thank you good reading " ... written by edel95
very good reading" ... written by leigh osborne
what a fantastic reader. i read the testimonials. thought i would try a quick reading but her accuracy about what was going on with no information from me was shocking. There are only 4 readers that i have found actually have the gift. she does. i will come back to her when some time has gone by. she does not sugar coat just tells truth. I like that to prepare myself and try to change my path or stay on it. what a fantastic reader." ... written by christine
thank you dear that was good insight and clear as always. " ... written by c
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
very good she answers questions before i ask so thats great. accurate and positive even with bad news. thank you so much" ... written by christine
Whitestarr has a very gentle soul. Her reading is accurate. I like it. Thank you. " ... written by Golden Amber
Unfortunately my pc was freezing all the time...but even though she gave me good insight of the present situation" ... written by Sonia
she was very sweet and soft spoken. it was my first time with whitestarr and she was fast and uses tarot cards." ... written by linny
thank you Whitestar - you are very kind and sweet " ... written by irelandirish
I love WhiteStarr! If you are looking for a genuine, accurate and honest reader she is one right for you! Predictions come true as she says they will! I would strongly recommend her for a reading!" ... written by CC
She's very sweet. Quick with the cards, and to the point. She doesn't waste your time. " ... written by erica
she connected fast and seemed accurate! Very nice energy!" ... written by tffany
good reader" ... written by abby
another great reading very detailed good explanation of cards. she is wonderful. you will not be disappointed thank you very much." ... written by christine
Thank you very much for the reading straight to the point and what i needed to know, i will come back again." ... written by Ricardo Correia
Good reading." ... written by vjrei01
fast detailed accurate. time frames. cards very directly relate to my situation. thank you i will be back again" ... written by christine
she very good :)" ... written by ak
I feel she is good and sincere " ... written by s
she is great ! " ... written by Ivy
Very accurate" ... written by julie
Have had previous readings. She has always been spot on about my life. " ... written by pinkpather30
fast very on spot. she answers questions before i type them. very good." ... written by christine
always warm and kind and spot on .try her,she is the great one." ... written by meme
exceptional time frame. predictions come true. fast and types for me. excellent card reader with cards spot on. accurate. her email readings are very accurate just like her readings. Five Star. " ... written by christine
5 star reader. always truth. always ways to change path if needed.always accurate" ... written by christine
very good reading hoping for results thank you :)" ... written by libsta
good" ... written by Bey
i love this reader, she's so kind and patient and detailed and accurate, and doesn't get angry even when i bombard her with questions in my anxious state. a really nice person and a great reader :)" ... written by starrose
Excellent, patient ans precise. Very recommendable. Than you" ... written by barsy
kind and understanding. great reading" ... written by leibnyz bermudez
she was very helpful!" ... written by Brownie777
She's very good!! All what she told me before came true even thought its not what I like, but I preferred than Im being told a good thing but came out in opposite way. so when she told me about positive will happen Im very happy cause I know it will come true cause she will tell you exactly what I need to hear so I can be aware of myself as well. I can really recommend her she don't tell you a fairy tail. I highly recommend her. I love her so much" ... written by Sarah
She was fast honest and on point." ... written by Mya
Whitestarr is a genuine healer and reader and is so kind. Thank you so much for your help :)" ... written by Julia
Beautiful" ... written by
I really love her shes really good of what she do. I can really recommend her " ... written by Sarah
Very very good" ... written by Wayne Wright
Sweet and empathetic, thank you " ... written by Sherry K
Again very accurate cards. Im waiting for the final prediction. Thank you starr " ... written by Mel
Cards were very accurate. She has predicted positive outcome, so fingers crossed !" ... written by Mal
She really accurate. I been read with many but she has always been most accurate with all predictions. So now I mostly see her. She predicted important events and so on always accurate so I trust her. Definitely on the top 3 here on this page." ... written by wendelin
Thanks starr. " ... written by Mel
thanks again hun. " ... written by beautyqueen
I will come back to u again." ... written by Mel
she really good. Super accurate. I seen many readers here but i go to her when i really need to know something important as she never got it wrong ever or important matters or business deals." ... written by muheros
Amazing reading! Star was extremely accurate in the past readings and all her predictions came true! I would highly recommend her!!!" ... written by CC
one of the most accurate here. If i really need to know if something happens for sure I see her. Seen many here but she been the top." ... written by elina
EXCELLENT READING!!!!!! fast typer great accuracy!" ... written by gabby
i go to her when i need info of legal matters or business deals as her cards has been really accurate in such matters in past so I truly trust in her." ... written by robert
Thank you so much. i always feel better after talking to you. " ... written by beautyqueen
Thanks a lott again. Ill update u soon" ... written by beautyqueen
Thank u starrr. I needed this reassurance. " ... written by beautyqueen
she is so accurate. Love her and love her energy. She is the best." ... written by henrique
it was what i wanted" ... written by ian taylor
i like her tarot readings" ... written by James
first reading with whitestarr. she's really lovely. really talented reader. highly recommended." ... written by bec
she is amazing. So sweet and tells you bad and the good. been her client years and she sees all." ... written by merylin
love her. She is amazing. She so accurate and amazing. She ll tell you good and bad. She reading a tarot not giving false stories to put out her frustrations on you from your head like angels777." ... written by mikeike
WhiteStar was very good in her tarot reading. Thank you." ... written by S
great reading!!" ... written by gab
Thank u again honey. I hope he contacts" ... written by beautyqueen1001
She was good" ... written by peacegal
Lovely lady, told me what i needed to hear! I will be back for an update!" ... written by Leti89
she accurate. Really of the best here. She uses tarot really well. I return because her predictions do happen time after time. I tried many here but she is really most accurate." ... written by tom
She is quite helpful and caring. " ... written by softwater
She is good and caring." ... written by softwater
She is a very good reader. I believe he to be accurate. Ans she is a lovely person." ... written by softwater
She is honest and cares." ... written by softwater
she the best tarot reader here. All what she sees is always happening. can thank enough. She the real one here not like angels777 or many scams here. She and araishaa are the best." ... written by sarah
I had a wonderful reading with Whitestarr today. She helped me in a very difficult personal situation with calmness,kindness, love and gentility, all while giving me a detailed non-judgemental read. Her readings are consistent and highly accurate. To sum it up - her reading was very detailed, accurate and given with lots of kind understanding. No sugarcoating. Her spiritual energy is strong and as we did energy work I could feel her energy influence on me immediately. A very spiritual reader. " ... written by starrose
She's is awesome, very good reader." ... written by James
Good reading! Will come back in future!" ... written by E
she amazing and most accurate here. She sees a lot and most her predictions happens. Go to her for legal issues or a issues in relationship or business...she ll see how it ll end up." ... written by leo
highly recommended. always been pretty accurate with me. tells you the truth. " ... written by bec
accurate" ... written by computerluv
Thank you, it was an incredibly amazing experience for me :)" ... written by Eszter
A very good reader, I must say. She is forthcoming and generous, and gives you loads of information. She is kind, but not sugarcoating in any way. Time will show if the predictions come through, but I have a strange feeling that they will, at least some of them." ... written by hubbelman
She real reader and her predictions happen. I seen it. So i return to her. The real deal" ... written by amanda
very caring and consistent." ... written by softwater
very kind and accurate with cards." ... written by softwater
a wonderful, empathetic, detailed and accurate reader." ... written by Starrose
Thank you honey. I will come to u again , u are accurate" ... written by beautyqueen
Thanks again . Ill get back to u soon and update u" ... written by mel
what an honest and truthful reading " ... written by B
fast and very accurate reading with cards. was very truthful and very fast. very good 5 stars. thank you" ... written by christine
well worth the money. genuine reader. always accurate. " ... written by becs
star's predictions have come to pass in the past so i am back. She is very sweet and honest" ... written by beautyqueen1001
good reading, informative" ... written by pinkpather30
she amazing. Been on oranum 4years. Now i only use her readings as they truly accurate and clear. I read with her 1y so i know and see her predictions happen." ... written by diana
Thank you starr, i will update you. Honest reading as always" ... written by Beautyqueen1001
what a lovely soul, gave no info and i was surprised by her accuracy :-)" ... written by me
She is really super accurate. I been her client for couple of years now and i keep coming back as her cards are accurate and show all." ... written by alexandra
5 star. money well spent. very honest. accurate without information given to her. she is wonderful. can type if requested very fast. thank you" ... written by christine
Whitestarr is the best! I really trust her cause I had a reading with her for almost one year now. All she predicted and told really unfold. She is very accurate in my situation. I can really recommend her to anyone. " ... written by akoguapa
Whitestarr was very kind and exact in her reading, I appreciate her speed in answering my questions. She picked up on my situation as it is and it gives me hope that things do change for better at my job. I recommend a reading with her! :))" ... written by tiny tiny
FANTASTIC READING !! Amazing andamp; spot on " ... written by tamjones
I love this reader. Her past predictions for me have come to pass. No question is too banal for her, she is non-judgemental, very warm and kind. Her answers are always extremely detailed, and very accurate. I highly recommend a reading with her. " ... written by starrose
good projections :)))" ... written by edel95
Her accuracy is unparalleled. Professional, highly accurate, very detailed readings and a good kind heart that doesn't judge. Very highly spiritual reader. If you want a high quality reading for a non-exorbitant price delivered with kindness and grace, I highly recommend Whitestarr. " ... written by starrose
interesting reading.. thanks whitestarr" ... written by happy girl88
The real deal. Sweet, empathetic, so in tune with energy and the spiritual realm. " ... written by starrose
She is so kind, so gentle, answers all your questions, and she's been pretty right on and very realistic with me, non false hopes....I really do appreciate her and her guidance. " ... written by MM
A very kind, sweet and thorough reader. Very strong and accurate. " ... written by starrose
shes very helpful will come back to her in the future readings" ... written by matt
You re great! Thank you!!" ... written by Mariela
will be back to confirm prediction " ... written by pia
very nice person and very good energy - angel energy, thank you! " ... written by Conny
EXCELLENT READING!" ... written by cathy
A really superb 5 star psychic." ... written by starrose
Thank you, I'm happy he is going to contact. I will update you" ... written by beautyqueen1001
she is really good" ... written by sunitha
ddd" ... written by Manjula
great reading" ... written by Sol
she is just incredible. so talented and warm. highly reccommend." ... written by freeandtruth
Very good and fast reading" ... written by Yakubu
Very sweet lady! Nice reading!" ... written by wi
She's so adorable and comfortable talking to (:" ... written by Julisa
she is so kind, she is the best" ... written by julie
She's really good with her cards. Definitely knows what she's talking about. " ... written by M
Very good! Whitestarr was very accurate about my situation. Connected quickly." ... written by nina
Thank you!" ... written by Isch
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
excelle nt" ... written by gregg
I really like her for me shes the best!!Almost everything of her prediction to me unfold. Im just waiting for others. She's scary accurate, most what I like to her cause she don't sugar coat at all. She will tell you bad or good. " ... written by Sarah
Such a nice lady , her room and presence was so warming and calming. Picked up on the situation quick and know i know what my next steps are :) so thankful " ... written by kat
She was very accurate with a lot of things. I'll await her predictions, she seemed to have a lot of accuracy and I can only hope things work out like she says. :) " ... written by Lana
Thank u so much for the reading, i really appreciate again" ... written by beautyqueen1001
awesome clear reading" ... written by IMBEINGME
Thank You Whitestarr. It was a lovely reading. Your very calming and pleasant to chat with. Blessings to you xx" ... written by Heather
Helped me devise a simple plan of action. Very helpful and accurate description of what's going on." ... written by Deepak
wow!!!! she knows , sees andamp; tells it all !! amazing reading !!!" ... written by tamjones
She's always accurate with my situation. Mostly her perdiction do happened. what I love the most of her cause she don't sugar coat. I love her so much. She really cares and not giving me a false hope" ... written by Sarah
she really gifted. I seen her some years now and only read with her as her predictions have been proven be accurate. Good and bad and she tells it.." ... written by love
Perfect and very spot on very fast and vibes were fantastic x" ... written by Chris
Thank you White star" ... written by irelandirish
Blessy ou" ... written by
thank u " ... written by angel
she amazing..very accurate and like an angel.." ... written by sofia
Shes a nice friendly person" ... written by Neil
She is an excellent reader." ... written by raj
She has been accurate in the past. Thats why i came" ... written by beautyqueen1001
always an amazing reading !!! love her" ... written by tamjones
Lovely. honest, straightforward lady. got straight to the point. Thank you xx" ... written by Sadangel67
thank you for the positvity" ... written by l
Very focused reading and predictions. Hopefully they come true :)" ... written by CG
Nice lady, thanx." ... written by zimerili1
What an absolutely amazing reading by Whitestarr. She is totally awesome with her predictions and advise. Thank you very much and I look forward to the follow up reading. " ... written by VET
She was very sweet and seemed to tune into the situation and person at question very well. She has an uplifting spirit and will pray with you and try to help. Thanks." ... written by ajuyal16
Seems to be very caring and wants to help." ... written by Lisa
Good reading thanks for the help will come back." ... written by guisepp
Really helpful!" ... written by theresa
Very nice and honest." ... written by mario
Very sweet ... honest." ... written by Ann S
Thank you!" ... written by ajuyal16
Great!" ... written by andy
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Awesome." ... written by ann
No sugar coating, good read." ... written by indiankid
Good." ... written by frt
Good honest reading :) accurate about the present." ... written by alien
She is a most under-rated psychic. She is true and honest and won't sugar-coat you. :)" ... written by Rahul
Nice Reading :) what she said for me was true :)" ... written by Rahul