Psychic ADVISRNICKYhas 15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ADVISRNICKYhas recently helped 30members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ADVISRNICKY's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello & welcome my name is NICKY - i am a 5 STAR reader on ORANUM. i am highly sensitive very in tune with the spiritual world. I am fierce however will always read with love & compassion. i am here to be in highest service to all. No tools used in private. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient & clairaudient. i can help it all matters of life. Thank you - Nicky xo

Real psychic with true abilities, very helpful insight, and accurate predictions." ... written by Bell
The best connection I have had during a chat session with any reader i've worked with and he session is full of accurate validations about those who are involved in my life. Offers meditation based sessions to clear negativity depending on who she reads for. 5 star reader." ... written by Eric
thanks for today ill do as you ask hun chat to you tomorrow" ... written by j
Very, very good perceptive and picked right up on my situation. Very sweet and kind and kind andamp; accurate. I highly recommend Nicky. " ... written by Wayne Wright
great reading nicky is a good guide thank you " ... written by av
Great reader, straight to the point, verified that we were on the same wavelength, gave me info I already knew and some that I didn't. I'm definitely going to take her advice. Looking forward to her predictions!" ... written by V
Words can't describe Nicky. She is so talented, loving and trusting with what she does for her Clients. I have had some readings in the past with others but Nicky gets down to the root of the concerns / issues / questions. She makes you want more and to know more. Though she can only give you what she has been given. " ... written by AD31983
O M G Nicky is simply amazing! She has been spot on regarding my situation and she contacts so quickly! so blessed to have her in my life :) xoxoxo" ... written by Adis
Nicky is an excellent psychic and adviser. She picks up on things very well and is very accurate. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Nicky is amazing!!!!!! She's very calm, very supportive and on the spot with ur situation - really listens to u and cares for u- she's simply amazing and I'm hoping and praying all her predictions come true for me :) xoxoxo" ... written by Adis
Very kind. i ran out of time. But you can tell she is there to do her job, and listen in on your words. Much of a relief. Thank you so much. " ... written by ggg
I liked my reading a lot. it was very helpful. advisrnicky is quick and clear on the guidance she gives." ... written by mar
my reading was very informative and helpful. her abilities are in tune and she is quick to pick up on any questions. " ... written by mar
Very good, creative and perceptive. Picked up on a lot of pertinent info. Highly recommend!" ... written by W
great meditation work thank you " ... written by ak
WOW, very good accurate reading, thank you." ... written by Robin
Nicky is an amazing human, she can touch your pulse and make you realize how this world is and people are. She can help you understand yourself. i think self realization is the greatest thing in life to achieve! " ... written by Jake
pretty accurate she picked up the colors i was wearing and a few other things on point.greta read ty.." ... written by davyboii
wow shes amazingly correct on picking up my situation and minor things not many others unless they know me could know" ... written by m
Picked up a lot very accurate" ... written by j
greating advice keeps my mind to peace ty " ... written by a
She is an awesome reader and she is good with her abilities to cheer you up and make you think and help you choose the right path. She is worth the $$ and she can help you guide you and help you to be a better person!" ... written by Jake
very impressed what she saw with not much information!" ... written by maltaFred
very nice and helpful" ... written by suazo13
I have been having readings with Nicky. What can i say she is one person who goes out of her way to help and has never sugar coated anything. All her predictions for me has happened and i am lucky to have found her. Thank you nicky for all your advise, help and cant wait for the rest of your predictions to unfold." ... written by Jesintha
Had a reading with Nicky - wow, she was amazing. Very specific, gave detailed facts and picked up on the situation with clarity. I am dying to see if her predictions come true. One is only a few days off, so I can report back very soon...." ... written by Trickynic1971
I went for a follow up readying with Nicky, for her to elaborate on some of the things she had said. All I can say is WOW! This woman is amazing. She gave me lots of things to work with as well as some very very specific predictions. I will definitely come back and report if the things she said happened… Definite 5 stars!!!" ... written by Trickynic1971
Nicky is so lovely. Got lots of info from the reading and will definitely be back to let her know how it all goes. Blessings Nicky xxx" ... written by Heather
OMG, this woman is off the charts! She told me things 2 months ago that I have now reason to believe she was quite correct. She told me last week that I would see my guy this weekend which I did! I could go on and on, flipping amazing!" ... written by Trickynic
Nicky is quick and there is no sugar coating. She has predicted some things and will wait for it to unfold. without any information she has picked up so much that shocked me ... i cant wait for her predictions to happen. thank u Nicky you are the best.." ... written by Jesintha
Nicky said I had sent a message that was ignored, and he would not mention it. She said on Wed that I would have contact within 4 – 6 days, and I saw him out of the blue yesterday, he never mentioned the message I sent. Nicky said I would start running into him more and that has already happened… There are a number of other things she picked up on that became evident – WOW WOW WOW" ... written by Trickynic1971
Nicky was fast and to the point. No sugar coating. She has given me some predictions will come back to see how it goes. but she is worth the money! " ... written by Jesintha
iNSANELY brilliant. Love her to bits. She is uncannily accurate and gets to the heart of everything.... 1000000 stars!" ... written by Trickynic
She's fabulous ! She's awesome and very honest :) xoxox" ... written by Adis
She was amazing. She knew things that she couldn't have known! I am kind of still in shock by the details she was giving me. I waited everyday to see if she was online and finally got her again :) Thanks again" ... written by enterchange
Nicky definitely picked up on a few things in a short time, and gave some great advice/insight about a particular person. Was also very nice about giving me a couple of answers I missed at the end :) Will see what happens next week!" ... written by Monarch
good read" ... written by davy boii
I had multiple sessions with Nicky and every time she says something that blows me away. She had made some predictions and can't wait for the predictions to surface" ... written by enterchange
Girl you are fantastic, absolutely amazing. Bless you " ... written by
Nicky is great and I love speaking with her. She does have my best interest at heart!" ... written by AD31983
Thanks for the updates!!" ... written by p
Bless you" ... written by
Nicky is the real deal. I can tell you how much I look forward to speaking with her and learning more about myself and what I can do to be better." ... written by ad31983
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!" ... written by
She predicted that I would receive an inbox message from a girl...and in EXACTLY 8 DAYS....I GOT A MESSAGE FIRST THING IN THE MORNING! " ... written by enterchange
very good psychic." ... written by neha
great reading and advices from nicky should seek for help" ... written by ak
First time reading ever and she was amazing!" ... written by Adis
Nicky is amazing! I love her to bits she picks up on things sooo quickly and connects accurately - I'm can't wait for her predictions to come pass! xoxoxo" ... written by Adis
The feeling came so strong about her prediction about my situation. She can see things so CLEARLY. She is not an ordinary psychic who tells you what's going on with your situation, but provides an insight of what's the problem or blockage in the situation and she is there to help. She gives me good advices. I feel really touched. Thank you, Nicky. Thanks for being a true angel who guides me. Thank you." ... written by Karen
She connects very fast (and without tools)! She gave me many info in few minutes! Very kind and talented women, thank you a lot for you help xx" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
wow, she was on point and what a reading. She knew just what I needed and did not sugar coat the problem" ... written by AD31983
Awesome update as usual with this wonderful amazing lady! :) xoxox" ... written by Adis
I have done a few readings with Nicky. She doesnt sugar coat and is very fast. She told me that i will receive money on 17th and it was spot on. I cant wait for the rest of the predictions to unfold. Thank you Nicky just awesome!" ... written by Jesintha
the best!" ... written by the world
She gave me plenty of info in the little time I had. She connected very quickly to my situation. I highly recommend!" ... written by greek
spot on " ... written by thebest
first read, i liked her, very, picked up on some specific detail, pretty impressive" ... written by me
She is the most super, fantastic, accuracte, spot on, incredible, talented ever psychic i have ever connected with, noone will ever be disappointed t going to her, soooooo amazing!!!!" ... written by staranise111
I had a ‘situation’ that had occurred. Nicky advised that I would get an apology. I was dubious about that! Low and behold I did receive the unexpected apology! She also told me that ‘the other woman’ would not come to a function I was going to… I saw that she had made alternate work arrangements and was away on business, so unable to attend. Right on the money!!!" ... written by Trickynic1971
nikki is very very nice psychic. sshe is spot on with my situation." ... written by aquavenus
Today is my second private reading with Nicky. " ... written by Karen
First reading with Advisrnicky and she was pretty great, picked up a lot, we'll see about predictions and I will def update, but she picked up a lot of things about me and the situation. Great reading!" ... written by MM
nice amazing reader gives out lots of details ty nicky " ... written by a
she is very lovely and hope her predictions come to pass." ... written by growfree
Wow, she picked up a lot on first read. Amazing, thanks so much!" ... written by pb
Nicky is such a sweet and caring person. she is fast and consistent in what she says. i have done many readings with her and her predictions have come to past. Without a doubt i am very sure and cant wait for all the other predictions she has said to unfold. I am glad i found her and every penny spent on her is worth it... Simply love her to bits" ... written by Jm
Nicky is wonderful ! she saw my situation very clearly and is such a caring person ! :)" ... written by Annie
fantastic... will await predictions.. wish i could stay longer, but my money ran out and i had to leave. " ... written by real love
Nicky what can i say about her. She is fast and precise. She is so caring and before you can say anything she tells you everything. She never ceases to amaze me and i love her so much. Her predictions have all come to pass and without a doubt the rest will also unfold. Thank you Nicky for your care concern and always here to help me. She is worth every penny spent and i would recommend her to anyone to take her private and you will never regret it. " ... written by Jm
THE VERY BEST ON ORANUM! I don't know how she does it... So accurate every single time and very fast! If you want to know exactly what is going on and what someone is thinking then take ADVISRNICKY to private. " ... written by cw
THE BEST ON ORANUM! Beyond accurate. I have never had a reading with anyone who even compares to her! " ... written by cw
So accurate!!! " ... written by cw
Nicky is Awesome ..Thanks Baby Gurl. Always a pleasure " ... written by sc
shes the greatest, and really honest!" ... written by the world
good woman and her skills are out of this world!" ... written by AD31983
Thanks so much Nicky for your honesty- great to catch up!!" ... written by B
Love how serious and straight to the point she is. I will definitely come back for more reading in the future :-)" ... written by Gina
nice reading" ... written by mar
the best I was waiting for her like a week to get in with her " ... written by Khloezen300
Thanks for the update hun :) xoxox" ... written by Adis
Nicky taught me something new today, that God created 7 paths for each individual, and WE DECIDE which path to go. I am still in the midst of searching for an ultimate answer, but that truly depends on what steps I would take for myself. " ... written by Karen
my first read with her she picked up well on current situation gave me a timeframe for contact so lets see if it happens will then come back. thanks" ... written by A
Nicky is a wonderful psychic and adviser. She picks on things very well and is a grate person. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan