About AlmightyParo

Psychic AlmightyParohas 10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic AlmightyParohas recently helped 30members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about AlmightyParo's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Awesome reading. " ... written by MiMi12
Amazing what he did with his tool!" ... written by gloria
Almighty is great! " ... written by cjhenjhen
Awesome simply Awesome!!! Said everything without me saying anything!!" ... written by okiedokie
Paro is quick and fast." ... written by marionlyttle
Very sweet and kind reader. Look forward to the outcome of our session. Thank you Paro for the wonderful reading." ... written by GD
Different then others." ... written by maruf ahmed
Great reading. I've never seen anything so spiritual and so enlightening. I thank him for his protection he placed around my boyfriend. Now the protection of God is around him." ... written by Kristina Prattis
Positive feedback. Will read again with him. His words will calm you down." ... written by Michelange9
I think he's quick and fast I like him hes good." ... written by Tierra Young
Oh my God he is great! He did a spell and revealed a lot. In less then a week spell in already working." ... written by gina
Very nice reading, nice guy!" ... written by leelee32384
Paro is excellent... I trust him with everything.. Looking forward to results as predicted." ... written by LeKris22
He was great. He had a good heart and spirit. " ... written by Annette
I followed his advice and things worked out the way he said. He is on point." ... written by Staci
He is very accurate!" ... written by Staci
Very Helpful, Positive Brother, God BLess You!" ... written by QUEENBEE22
AlmightyParo was extremely helpful in calming my spirit. He proceeded to inform me of the matters at hand andamp; unblocked me of past blockages. I was a bit skeptical that healing energy could be felt this way, but I actually felt his work in my body.After our reading andamp; energy work,I proceeded to thank him but he told me that there was no need to thank him because God gave him the gift to help. Even though he provided his services,he never ceased to remind me of my own power in the situation. This was my first reading with AlmightyParo but he seems quite honest andamp; gave me good advice as to how to proceed. He truly seems as though he wishes to see me overcome the battle. I am looking forward to providing an update soon." ... written by GoddessSun
This guy has lots pf knowledge can really help remove blocks from you, very powerful God bless, thank you. " ... written by QUEENBEE22
He is an amazing psychic with a genuine gift. He picked up on my problems without me saying anything to him. I was amazed at how quick and precise he answered my questions. You will be amazed also. " ... written by eto
He picked me up and dust me off and gave me that drive to push .. His reading was wonderful and amazing in sight for me .. I will continue to work with him that what I know xxxxx ty Paro " ... written by clearblu
Thank you very much for your help!" ... written by Kayeluv1
He was really great and gave me the answers I needed! Before anything I need to work on myself. Definitely will come back to him again in the future. " ... written by Magdalene
Amazing, gifted person... Felt his power right away... Must give him a try... Very accurate and to the point... Definitely coming back... Give him a try, must have a reading, highly recommended!!!" ... written by Lea
I could feel the genuineity from this man as soon as he started to read me. He shows that he really wants to help and cares about making a betterment in people's lives. He sensed that I am sick and have other issues that made him advise me to see a doctor and to stay strong because things will get better and to not worry. I finally can see light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Paro!!" ... written by Berhane
Very good consult. Takes care!" ... written by Krishna
He was good and very accurate without me telling him anything." ... written by Staci
Amazing and truly gifted..very accurate and knows what he is talking about..truly amazing and has true power....must have a reading!!! Definitely come back!!!! " ... written by Lea
Very patient, kind and I am waiting to revert to you." ... written by Krishna
He was very good about my situation." ... written by Staci
I felt that he was accurate and very knowledgeable in resolutions and resolving life’s issues. I can’t wait until my next reading…" ... written by JuneBug101
I feel I am on my way to complete happiness. Thank you again Paro!" ... written by carebearlove
OMG, he is the best. I have no words to explain about this reader. He confirmed to me the problems I will be going through. As soon as the session was over, I got a phone call from a family member that was concerning everything the reader told me. I just cant believe it. He already seen the action that will take place after the reading. I feel he is powerful, I was skeptical about him several times in the chatroom until we went to private." ... written by Michelange9
Detailed, patient reading. Waiting to revert." ... written by krishna
He seen things, I never talked to him about. I was surprised. Take a chance and read with him. He is the best!!!" ... written by Michelange9
You are incredible and powerful!!!!! Always feel in peace and warmth when talking to you... I feel safe and protected and always come back to your room... Thank you so much respect and love!!!!" ... written by lulutheangel
He was very good." ... written by Staci
He is great! I hope what he told me will happen!" ... written by Rose-Ann
He was good." ... written by Staci
5 stars, didn't have much time." ... written by georgiapeach37
Very honest. He will tell you the good and bad side of the situation. He is here to help you, not sugarcoat." ... written by Michelange9
Thanks for powerful insight. I really want all to see all will be cleared up for next year. New start 2014. " ... written by queenbee22
THE BEST EVER!!... " ... written by LeKris22
Interesting reading. Feel like he went to core of issue I have always felt was basis of problem" ... written by Rhadhannia
Great reading!" ... written by bk
Thank you so much for your help. Look forward to the next one." ... written by marzterz
He is a good reader." ... written by Staci
Thanks your for your powerful wisdom andamp; help " ... written by queenbee22
Very powerful experience! " ... written by FRED
Good manner, quick, great energy!" ... written by BeTheMiracle
I got clarity in my situation." ... written by Staci
Thank you very much! I look forward to your predictions coming true and I will keep you updated. Happy Holidays! I wish you many blessings! Take care." ... written by Kayeluv1
Good!" ... written by staci
Thank you so very much for your reading, it always follows on even if we haven't spoken in a while.You are always so calm and positive in everything you say. I appreciate you very much x" ... written by gipsy girl
In process of clearing. Had results first day." ... written by Rhadhannia
He is an excellent reader and can remove the blockages in your life causing you stress and anxiety about your situation. Will definitely be back for an update he is amazing!!!" ... written by Sahar
I was worried and he clear me by giving me advice. Thank you almighty, you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Michelange9
All I can say is WOW! " ... written by Fred
Awesome, thanks." ... written by brian
Not a time waster, didn't need name or date of birth and was on point. Thanks." ... written by kay
Thank you for your help." ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
I like your style of talking." ... written by luh
Will update, good person to talk too." ... written by mr. seeker
He was very encouraging and he was not judging my situation in a negative way." ... written by newnameok
Very accurate. Good advice and confident. Will be back." ... written by eva
THANK YOU FOR YOUR SPECIAL TOOLS, IT'S AMAZING!!!" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you for the reading you connect very fast into my situation." ... written by Myriame
He was great... telling me that I have some obstacles in my dream that are warning me." ... written by Lindsay
Good person to talk too and helps you out. Had not talk to a person in a long time and 1 day after a session with him he helped and she contacted me." ... written by mr seeker
This man is full of amazing energy, unlike I have seen for a very long time. He didn't need my name or DOB, he picked up my vibes and reassured me very quickly and his reading was brilliant. I really enjoyed his help and advising, I feel cooler right now, also, he removed some blockages and whilst he did that I felt pins and needles on my right foot, I knew he was helping me. He is really good, and I recommend you to try him out, even if its just the once, you will be amazed." ... written by Jade50
He was good...unfortunately the reading ending :-( Till next time." ... written by yaneira
Very informative. I look forward to see if my situation will clear up as he predicted. So I will update if it should." ... written by mandy
Almighty is fantastic. He took his time and explain things in details. I will read with him again. I can't wait to see the outcomes of the situation." ... written by Michelange9
It was great to have an update with almighty he confirms and reinforce what was happpening to me in a positive way with his powerful tool. 10 STARS and thank you very much for your help." ... written by Archinor
Thank you. Will be expecting improvements. " ... written by reenaji
Wonderful man!!! I can't wait to talk to you on Saturday for update!!!! you are great!!! He is amazing so far!" ... written by jazzy
I will see what future brings then provide further update." ... written by GoddessSun
Almighty was spot on and very sincere and caring. One of the best on Oranum who will not only tell you about the problem but use his tools to clear the blockage with a lot of energy. Thank you for the help and hope people get to know your gift and mankind." ... written by ARCHINOR
AMAZING!!!" ... written by jana kadri
He was awesome amazing very in depth healing! Bless you!" ... written by Sophhia
He is Brilliant and has a beautiful way to make you feel understood and healed with strength and clarity!" ... written by Sonia
Thank You so much Almighty Paro. I am forever, and infinitely grateful. The work you are doing is working . . . . my Soul, and the Universe, are bubbling with Joy. Your home must surely be The Heart of God. God Bless." ... written by Margaret
Just met paro couple days ago i hope everything comes out like he said, will keep updating in the future." ... written by mr sekker
He was good and accurate." ... written by Staci
This guy is the real deal and a great psychic and reader. Barely told him any information and he knew it all." ... written by Dez
Thank you for the lovely reading" ... written by Humility
As always, he is the best. Giving me clarity in different areas of my life. What would I do without Almighty?" ... written by Michelange9
Paro, Is in tune with my emotions and gives me the confidence to go fwd. " ... written by Avenda
what a fantastic reading! very powerful. connected quickly and tuned right into the situation. very honest and sincere. i will be back to follow up!" ... written by lornalulu
It is always a pleasure talking to Paro he is so nice and only wants the best. He tells it how it is and I appreciate that " ... written by Lmsunshine601
Time will tell!" ... written by halovm
Good counselor to come too" ... written by mr. seeker
Great reading everytime.. This guy is on point and my spirit even feels better ..Certain things I let go so easily now that I couldn't have dream of before. Thanks" ... written by Dez
This guy is powerful! " ... written by FX
You are great thank you, I really appreciate your help!" ... written by godfirst79
positive news" ... written by mr. seeker
Thank you. I will update when prediction occurs." ... written by Maryann
He is very good, very helpful wonderful person!" ... written by Viviann
Thanks!" ... written by Teddy
This man doing wonders for my mind and helping me." ... written by mr. seeker
GREAT! Very helpful and caring." ... written by wcl
Wow! that was interesting. He honed in on things and then did an "extraction" of negative energy and built a firewall. I trust him. There is something magical about this man." ... written by GR8Teagle
positive advice" ... written by mr. seeker
Very insightful and caring. He really helps." ... written by ladyl5
Good reading with AlmightyParo, very understanding and very encouraging." ... written by newname
He is very accurate" ... written by Staci
He is a very awesome guy. He knows what he is doing." ... written by Monica
Very connected and helped me. He will not waste your time." ... written by ladyl5
Good dream interpretation. Said I would have a dream after the last session and I did that was revealing." ... written by GR
Great help. Awesome guy, highly recommended." ... written by Mardy GEE
Great." ... written by mardygee
Very compassionate reader. Almighty always puts a smile on my face at the end of each reading, whether the situation is good or bad. As always he is here to give you guidance. Thank you Almighty, you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Michelange9
As time goes by I begin to see hope and light" ... written by mr. seeker
Was on it 100%, Conformation from God!" ... written by ladybless
Helping me sleep in peace every night" ... written by mr. seeker
I have to be honest, I was skeptical, but I'm seeing results faster then I thought! WOW. Positive results, I will continue updating." ... written by mr. seeker
:)" ... written by mr. seeker
He was so kind and polite and quick. He said she isn't pregnant... We shall see... I hope you are right!!!!! You are wonderful!" ... written by jazzy
I'm speechless" ... written by Angela
Incredible." ... written by flow
This man knows his stuff and is very patient and on point!" ... written by ladyl5
I had very fast accurate reading and he is always patient and on point" ... written by ladyl5
He is awesome... I come to him often for my situation. He is helping me through a lot , and I cant wait until I see the end of this journey. I would recommend him to everyone." ... written by mandy
He is very good." ... written by Viviann
5 stars. Second session of spiritual cleansing." ... written by grt
Thanks!" ... written by mr. seeker
ammmmmmaaaazzzzing!" ... written by jazzy
Very intuitive. Will use his service again" ... written by Ginbella
Great person who helps fix love relationships." ... written by mr seeker
Quite accurate I must say... He didn't even ask me for my name or birthdate... :o)" ... written by sunshine
He is very helpful. He has a calm spirit." ... written by Michelange9
Very insightful and helpful" ... written by Jewel
Good work!" ... written by flow
Really nice reading, picked up things straight away with out me saying anything. Has given me help in my current situation so looking forward to seeing the positive changes as was discussed. " ... written by Lyn
He is awesome!!! His prediction on my situation came true...I'm so happy and relieved at the same time...He worked so hard for me...He is truly something. I will continue coming to him for anything. Try him, you will not be disappointed." ... written by mandy
Helping me along the way on a stressful path. Thanks AlmightyParo." ... written by mr. seeker
ALL POSITIVE AND GREAT!!!!" ... written by OL
Very helpful person! " ... written by Transform
I wish I could have a proper face to face reading with this reader, just speaking to him was reassuring, and he helped to calm me down. I hope that all he says comes to light, he is good because this is my second reading. He is a spiritual man so please come to him if all else fails, he will help during the reading. Thank you AlmightyParo, God bless you." ... written by Jade50
He is very accurate and helpful" ... written by Staci
Very informative. down to earth. willing to go out his way to help you through your issues that are holding you back. such a wonderful person. very talented person in what he does. " ... written by MZLOVELYRED32
Paro has remarkable insight and sees right to my heart. He remembers details from one reading to the next and I feel he is a real friend." ... written by Jessielynn1962
very INTERESTING READER BUT I like him a lot!!!! very good" ... written by Ashley
Passionate, direct; I will return for another session" ... written by JennEph
He connected quickly. Genuine love and care pours out of him! Lovely reading!" ... written by Tiffany
This man is really serious about his job. I did a healing with him. I will hope for the best. " ... written by Tongo
He is pretty good, and really quick, focused, I was really impressed " ... written by super
Thank you so much for our reading and the work we have been doing. Most appreciated as everything has turned around for the better. You are wonderful, many thanks. " ... written by marz
Always on point and accurate " ... written by ladyl5
He gave a great reading." ... written by Rasheedaw
Since my last reading things have improved in the situation which brought me in the first place with help as was told it would. Highly recommend." ... written by Lyn
Almighty is a 10 stars psychic. He is very compassionate, kind and caring. This is my third reading with him and am beginning to see a lot of changes through the work he has done.Thank you very much for the powerful work done." ... written by ARCH
he is a very ACCURATE " ... written by Staci
Almighty is one of the most powerful psychic on this site. In less than two weeks after the first reading and helping with his tool am seeing major changes. You should try him if you want positive result and he is very caring and compassionate with a lot of energy to resolve issues. 10stars" ... written by Arch
Very patient, he gave me hope :)" ... written by sexy
Answered my questions with hope " ... written by chickeydee
Thank you, I recommend him he can help you a lot in relationships." ... written by mr. seeker
Simply amazing!!! He knew something that I never revealed before. It shocked me that he" ... written by MZLOVELYRED32
ALMIGHT PARO...was indeed a VERY CARING individual...and was VERY in tuned with my situation...SERIOUS and COMPASSIONATE about clearing ALL negativity and blockage!!!...will wait for ALL to come to LIGHT!!!" ... written by LBOL
This was my first readings, and all I have to say is WOW, WOW. He was very accurate with the situation that I'm in knew everything. He is truly amazing. He told me that things will get better for me, and I'm def looking forward to that. I recommend him to everyone he is awesome. I'll be back again Thank you AlmightyParo." ... written by sweet84
He is always accurate and on point. He is fast and doesnt waste your time." ... written by Ladyl5
almightyparo is orsome done so much positive energy recommended to all with no hesitation, skilled in many field honest tells you how it is, and what the problems is focused" ... written by debbie
He really has the gift!! Before I can even step into a private reading, he knew and sensed my energy and what was happening... Thanks!!! I will be back for my update!!" ... written by wendy
Awesome...just wonderful." ... written by MZLOVELYRED32
Almighty is the most orsome he tells you how it is very honest and intense, I would recommend this man to all, no hesitations what so ever, ability so positive and you leave his site feeling lighter no brick hanging on your shoulder so to speak, He has certain powers that I have not seen on this site or anywhere for that matter that would not be reckoned with. and certainly has the right name almightyParo His family are also bea" ... written by debbie
He is very accurate and helps a lot on ur issues" ... written by Staci
ALMIGHTY PARO is FANTASTIC!!!!...he is QUICK and doesn't waste LESS then 3 DAYS...I HAVE ALREADY experienced and felt the changes he did with his special clear ALL negativity and blocks in my situation...will keep myself grounded and patient to see ALL come to light in divine time...THANKS ALMIGHTY...PLEASE CONTINUE to help me thru my journey to a LIFE OF GREATER GOOD!!!" ... written by Oceanluver
Because A.P. Saw things and made me aware of something's in my life that were not positive for me. he decided it would be best to remove them with his tool. I am eager to see the improvements in the next coming days. " ... written by Muse
WOW, he is truly amazing, came back for an update on our last reading and he knew exactly how i felt and what has been going on with my situation. He was spot on with everything. He is truly gifted and knows what he's doing. Thank you so much Almightyparo, and i'll def be back again. God bless" ... written by sweet84
He was Spot on even how I was feeling about everything. also I found out information that had not been revealed to me until now. I would def go back for another reading" ... written by Muse
Very fast. Connected right away. No tools. Let's see how events unfold." ... written by Sand
Very helpful!!!!" ... written by Melissa
5 STARS!!!" ... written by georgiapeach37
:) happy with past advice and future advice" ... written by mr seeker
Paro is very accurate with his readings. He knew what the situation was without asking for any names or date of birth. He connected with me and with the other person straight away. I will come back for update so he can use his tool." ... written by Moonchild59
wonderful!!" ... written by kikwara
He is very polite. He is the real deal. He is above and beyond the traditional psychics. He is multi-talented and really sees and understands. I will speak with him again. Thank you!" ... written by BeautifulJewels
come see this guy, he will change your understanding of life." ... written by mr seeker
Amaazing " ... written by Shameika
We had a great update." ... written by Muse
He is very helpful." ... written by Stlantataci
alot of things from the past he told me are coming true :)" ... written by seeking truth
very helpful. informative. very precise" ... written by MZLOVELYRED32
I think almighty is the best honest and works very hard to get his message across." ... written by debbie
He is so very helpful and such a great person and gives all the right predictions. Will always go back to him, such a blessed person!" ... written by Viviann
He is five stars. I am really just getting starting on what he is doing and waiting on the results" ... written by georgiapeach37
Came back for an update reading. He is amazing. Thank you for the update Almightyparo. I'll be back soon." ... written by sweet84
He's is very clear too read an understand you an I feel so much better after working with him for a view hours the connection is wonderful an I no good things well me from now on." ... written by VampireQueen33
Amazing spirit. Very focused on telling you what you NEED, not necessarily just what you want. He is very helpful and does more than any of the others up here. I could write on and on... just go to him before anyone else. " ... written by pharenregina
Great Follow up reading :) He is awesome !!" ... written by sexy
Great person and everything is going good." ... written by mr seeker
he is very good" ... written by Staci
He is quick to connect, described the situation accurately without the need of information. remembered me just from an visit to his room. He is willing to go out of his way to help people, gave me a clearing.. I will come back to him..." ... written by isupervago
wow that was very different,, interesting healing session! Thanks a lot!!" ... written by jazzychic7
EXCELLENT ....he is the truth...." ... written by Stormfire28
Amazing!!! I don't know what to say but amazing!! His predictions were right on. He has helped me so much. I'm so thankful for him. You must try a private with him. You wont be disappointed." ... written by MZLOVELYRED32
Positive results!" ... written by mr truth seeker
Excellent, great work! Very helpful in readings!" ... written by Mike0825
Very impressed. Will definitely be back for more." ... written by dove81
Yes, interesting … I like him :-)" ... written by Spiritonloose
Had another reading to clear things up that were going on just now, and definitely helped speaking about it and although I am not happy about something said, it will be ok. Picked up everything going on. " ... written by Lyn
Paro is helpful and he connected right away. Thanks so much for his help." ... written by leanna
He's very easy to talk to, nice guy! Give him a try!" ... written by Joshua
Truly amazing.. He has helped me out so much. Very talented in what he does... He goes on and beyond to help you through your situation. " ... written by MZLOVELYRED32
Good, honest man." ... written by mr truth seeker
He helped me with the case and I am really grateful for his thoughts andamp; efforts. Hope to see positive results soon... thanks AlmightyParo" ... written by leanna
The bes!!" ... written by tarssh1
Please consult with him today. He is the best!!! AWESOME" ... written by tarssh1
Good person and very helpful." ... written by mr truth seeker
Very helpful very wonderful person!" ... written by Viviann
It was amazing." ... written by den
Reading is tomorrow, but he connected with me right away. I cannot wait to learn what is in store." ... written by Paul
Continuing my spiritual healing!" ... written by jazzychic7
Awesome, awesome, awesome...I have been to him several times. He is so down to earth and knows exactly what is going on in your life. He picks up on things quick. I'm very pleased with him. He has helped me out so much!" ... written by MZLOVELYRED32
Amazing!!! He went right in and didn't waste my time at all! He is caring and very accurate. He is helping me through the storm! " ... written by Whit0747
Thank you, helping me through tough love relationship." ... written by mr truth seeker
Very good reading, hope everything turns out as he said." ... written by Paul
He connected with almost no info...very impressed and will return soon. Thanks !" ... written by Flower
Very encouraging, will talk again after four days. I cannot wait to know what progress is going to be made." ... written by Paul
Amazing that he knew all about my situation without me telling him anything." ... written by dmw4300
Thank you so much for the reading :)" ... written by Jasmine
He has just performed a removal of a black magic love spell which showed major changes in my partner. He went from prince charming to a total stranger and it made him silent. I hope his removal has worked and I will be back to give you an update once my time frame is up. I hope this has worked but I have faith in him as I see it has helped other relationships from the testimonials. He also provided a protection spell to prevent it from happening again. I hope this works. thank you " ... written by Senem
Awesome reader! Very helpful, insightful and honest! I will totally come back for more!" ... written by krat13
Great! Could see things in my life that I never mentioned to him." ... written by tarssh1
Great Person! Very helpful and considerate, will always go back to him." ... written by Viviann
He's pretty gifted, amazing about what he says an dose it blows my mind." ... written by AlmifhrtParo
Very straight forward, honest person." ... written by jackie
Amazing." ... written by shameika
His very good friend and gave me great advice I can't ask for more and very thoughtful and understanding. Thank you so much " ... written by c fortune
Wow, I felt an immediate change just within myself and my energy. Glad I found him today! I sure needed that. He is the real deal.. he gives solutions rather than more questions. I will be back for sure :)" ... written by Mimi J
Very, very accurate. Definitely recommend. Just make sure you have enough credits. I would give him ten stars out of five if I could. :P" ... written by Ellie
Awesome awesome awesome!!!" ... written by shameika
AlmightyParo is very gifted his' work is amazing an he dose amazing work an tells it like he see an calls it ." ... written by Erin Stephens
Amazing!! Thanks for helping me." ... written by Khadijah White
Glad I found him, he is helping me with my situation :)" ... written by Mimi J
Good!" ... written by georgiapeach37
Always come back for guidance." ... written by mr seeker
WOW...omg, AlmightyParo is truly amazing, and very very gifted man. He has been helping me with my situation so much...I can't thank him enough. He is so spot on with everything without me saying anything, he just knows it all. WOWWW. Thank you so much AlmightyParo...I strongly recommend him to everyone...I'll def come back again. God bless xxxx" ... written by sweet84
He was very helpful and has provided some great advice! " ... written by Kris
Almighty Paro, seems to be thorough. This is my first time talking to him, I like his tactics, and I am going to trust him. Once predictions appears I will rate him again.. " ... written by Phyllis
Excellent!! He is good at detecting blocks and negativity in your life. Give me a shot today...Awesome..Thx" ... written by tarshh1
Very helpful? I don't know what to do without his advice." ... written by Michelange9
Very helpful, his advice lead me in the right path. I will follow up soon with him." ... written by Michelange9
Awesome and amazing...thank you!!!" ... written by tarssh1sa
Thanks for your guidance." ... written by mr truth seeker
Thank you so much Paro..... I will be back in a couple of days when able to continue... Again... I cannot thank you enough... I appreciate you so much... Thank you" ... written by Lehua
Came back for update and I gotta say AlmightyParo is amazing, spot on with everything... He has been helping me a lot with my situation and he is doing a great job helping me. Thank you so much for all your help, and God bless. I'll def come back again!" ... written by sweet84
I am so ........... happy that I read with him today. He understands peoples situation and is eager to help you. Almighty is positive, honest, and caring." ... written by Michelange9
Thank you, this guy helping me along the way with my terrible relationship." ... written by mr. truth seeker
Great man!" ... written by A
Very powerful, I got answers that I was waiting for a long time. This was the time for all the information to escape. That is why almighty is powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Michelange9
He is truly amazing.... will return for another reading." ... written by Jasmine
Accurate!" ... written by ROb
Great!" ... written by schnell collins
Always accurate and to the point!!!" ... written by sexy
He is a very good psychic!" ... written by Staci
I will come back on Friday! Thank you so much." ... written by loving08
He does awesome work once again. I feel wonderful after working with him and talking with him for a little while. His work is amazing. Bless your soul. Thank you for your help, kind sir." ... written by Erin Stephens
I feel that Paro was very helpful. He did pick up on things from my past. He saw the negative things weighing me down and helped me to get rid of them." ... written by adam
Almighty Paro is truly a walking healer. Thank you very much my friend and I know you will help me beyond here. Much love and blessings. You just saved a life indeed! " ... written by India Sloane
Amazing. I am seeing instant results and am very happy I found him." ... written by Shameika
Awesome reader! Would rate him a ten star if I could. " ... written by Ek
Almighty has been Almighty! Awesome accurate amazing." ... written by Shameika
Almighty was awesome with his connections to the people I needed to know about, he was very clear and direct in his reading too. I will continue to have him guide me!" ... written by dmw4300
Came back for update, and AlmightyParo is amazing, truly gifted and has been helping me a lot. 10 stars.. Thank you and god bless. " ... written by sweet84
He's amazing and I know everything well come true and happen with time ." ... written by Erin Stephens
He is really great! He is always accurate and he will help you, he is unique!!" ... written by sexy
Thank you so much for your help, time and comfort. Bless you. " ... written by loving08
Thank you for your support along the way." ... written by mr truth seeker
Nice reading." ... written by Michelange9
Good reading, waiting for what he said to happen." ... written by Paul
Very good person." ... written by transform
Good advice and giving me positive insights. Thank you!" ... written by calvin
He is amazing. It's like he knew my every thought and how I am feeling. " ... written by Jasmine
Thank you almighty, you have always been helpful to me!" ... written by Michelange9
Awesome man! Thank you for all your help and time!" ... written by tarssh1
Very helpful, very wonderful person. I wish I would met him sooner." ... written by Viviann
He is fast and does great work. " ... written by Ladyl5
he's good." ... written by nel
Thanks for your guidance." ... written by mr truth seeker
Just popped in for another chat. Have a great day AlmightyParo. Be good! Kisses." ... written by Liz
Returning client... He always helps me through my problem. Very honest indeed. Very helpful. Can see everything!!!!!!!!" ... written by MZLOVELYRED32
Spot on. Or else, I will track you down. LAUGHING! Sorry a private joke. :):):):) XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Very good caring person! :)" ... written by Viviann
I cannot thank you enough for your help. It is amazing what you have done for him. I hope he always will be protected and bless you so much and many many thanks for your unbelievable work." ... written by loving08
almighty paro is always so accurate and direct in his readings! he is an amazingly compassionate and I know when I come ot him for readings I will leave with peace and understanding." ... written by dmw4300
Ok." ... written by Nik
Has given me so much help I am so grateful. " ... written by Lyn
Thanks!" ... written by loving08
thank you for your help, time and care! bless you :-) i truly hope I deserve your help even you say I am a good person. I m not perfect but my love for the people i have spoken about is true and honest. so thank you!" ... written by loving08
He is so wonderful, whenever I have a problem I turn to him. He helps me every time. I'm truly thankful for him. I'm a repeat client. He has changed so much for me. I would recommend him to anyone." ... written by MZLOVELYRED32
Sorry I ran out of time. But thank you once again! Your help and time for talking about my issues helps me a lot and gives me confidence in the path of my life! I cannot thank you enough! Thank you and bless you." ... written by loving08
He seems well with what he is telling me. Just still waiting on results." ... written by georgiapeach37
Thanks for your guidance." ... written by mr truth seeker
awesome....will speak with him again" ... written by tarshalee32
Very helpful in various situations." ... written by Michelange9
Fantastic give me hope " ... written by meik
Just popped in for ANOTHER chat. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by loving08
Very wonderful and helpful person!!!!! Always willing to help!!!!!!" ... written by Viviann
Paro is sweet and kind, really gets to the depth of the matter. He seems to communicate much by facial expression and of course his fast typing. My favorite!" ... written by Jess
great. will be back for more." ... written by SoMoRide
Just came back for update and the work he has done seems to have made a difference which I am so grateful for as I was very concerned about things before he helped me. Hopefully that is the worst of it over with now and me and John can more forward together for the better. " ... written by Lyn
Ok, sounds good!!" ... written by dkah
He is good" ... written by nolulamo
Thanks" ... written by shanmelc
Glad I came for update. He is doing everything he can to help me in my situation which is much appreciated. " ... written by Lyn
I feel something " ... written by Fred
He is great, and he has helped me a lot with my situation. He is accurate and very spiritual, and each time things are better than the last time. He is really helping me get to where I would like the situation to be. " ... written by sexy
Wow that was a pretty powerful reading the work he has done and what he had to say about things very powerful. I am so grateful for his help in my situation truly grateful thank you so much. :) " ... written by Lyn
Nice reading. will follow up" ... written by Michelange9
Almighty is such an amazing intuitive, he really knows what I am thinking and how I feel before I even ask my questions. I am confident that he will guide me ion the right path with his answers which are very direct and no sugar coating with him either!" ... written by dmw4300
Glad I came back for update. I have faith that I will get the help I need for my situation. " ... written by Lyn
Very fast typer!!!! I didn't have enough credits but for 2 minutes and he typed a lot of information in that short time! WOW! It was not enough time for a good reading and I would suggest having more credits but this was a follow up for me and once again his reading was great!!!! I am just really impressed with how fast he typed in such a short time. Thank you Almighty Paro. I will be back with more credits. I apologize for the small amount of credits but you deserved them! I am wishing you many blessings! Take care. :)" ... written by Kayeluv1
He is good always on the right track. " ... written by nolulamo
Positive update. Thank you so much for your help I am so grateful. " ... written by Lyn
Brilliant, straight to the point....will be talking to him again, thank you so much AlmightyParo. God bless. " ... written by Libsta
Thank you. It is always nice to talk to you! Your help and support is great and I am thankful for it. Bless you and talk to you again. Many thanks." ... written by loving08
He is amazing, have spoken to him twice now, and will definitely be back for an update, thank you again Almighty Paro love and god bless xo" ... written by Libsta
Was so glad that I could come for reading with positive news to tell things really seem to be improving. Thanks for your help and support much appreciated. " ... written by Lyn
Again, he was on point with picking up on things and I loved the reading. AlmightParo is excellent. Really knows what he is talking about!" ... written by mini
Almighty Paro is excellent! Picked up so well on my situation. This man is amazing and he did it sooo fast. He's the real deal. " ... written by mini
Too short but insightful!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)" ... written by Alison
Good!!!!!!" ... written by nolulamo
Good I am satisfied!" ... written by nolulamo
Again another great reading thanks Paro...god bless" ... written by libsta
thank you very much!" ... written by loving08
Thanks for your guidance" ... written by mr truth seeker
He seemed to pick up on my situation I hope we can break these charms!!!!!!!!" ... written by Jessica
Thank You!!!" ... written by Jasmine
He was very truthful. I like him." ... written by Micaela
Not a bad reading... I was pretty skeptical at first... But he hit on some key points... So, I guess we will have to see what happens.. :0)" ... written by Tooie1969
thank you!" ... written by loving08
Thank you so much for a wonderful reading. I look forward to your predictions coming true! :) Take care and I am wishing you many blessings!!!!!" ... written by Kayeluv1
thank you! always great help and insight. bless you" ... written by loving08
EXCELLENT...and very ACCURATE" ... written by citystar1025
thank you! I am very thankful for your help! i trust you... many blessings..." ... written by loving08
all is good i thank AlmightyParo for all that he is doing for me i really appreciate having him as contact" ... written by nolulamo
he is helping me to break a charm i hope it works!!!! thanks so much for your help!" ... written by Jessica
I loved his reading. It was honest and really what I felt in my gut. He gave more than what I asked for." ... written by Dana
he is fast and i am just waiting to see results.." ... written by georgiapeach37
thank you for ur honsety" ... written by beautifulmind
Thanks for your message. Chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
He's good and fast" ... written by cjdavis
Perfect reading, will update pretty soon" ... written by Michelange9
he was accurate and very quick with typing seeing as that i had no volume at work lol" ... written by deven
he's very good and amazing" ... written by jazzie jazzie
very fast and accurate reading. This advisor will tell you the truth" ... written by Michelange9
I just love AlmightyParo ~ he is so easy to converse with... And I trust him, that is a huge part of this... I truly think he works behind the scene to make things happen for us... And side note... I asked him if he remember my case from a few days ago, and he did... I was impressed... Hugz" ... written by Tooie1969
thanks, helping me from a long time since december 2013" ... written by mr truth seeker
Wow it was a very good session having time to deal with my issue. And going straight to the point am happy and I know thing are going to be ok bless you." ... written by william
Good I am happy." ... written by nolulamo
good" ... written by PIGLETME
Ty Almighty Paro :) Very helpful. He pinpointed what was going on and is helping me. Gave good advice. " ... written by Deborah
Good." ... written by nolulamo
Absolutely love AlmightyParo's he is real and passionate about what he does to help others succeed. I look forward to giving my testimony. " ... written by Srallen
always awesome" ... written by meik a
He is a very good friend that gives great advice and its very helpful. Thanks!" ... written by calvin fortune
I am still happy, he is good man!" ... written by nolulamo
awesome awesome awesome" ... written by meika
Excellent reader! Very good advice!" ... written by gatorgal
The things he said was what I have been trying to do for about a week now at work and deciding to go back to school as well." ... written by Quita Singletary
One of the best readers in Oranum. Almighty always helped me with my situation; he will not sugarcoat you, but will tell you what he sees in your situation. I will do another follow-up reading with him." ... written by Michelange9
Wonderful!" ... written by Sharlene
Wonderful! On point!" ... written by Sharlene
five stars great human BEING" ... written by Deresa
Brilliant again, talk soon xo" ... written by libsta
thank you... i hope it is true .-) bless you" ... written by loving08
He is helping me break some charms awesoe work so far" ... written by Jessica
Thank you!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
Thank you!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
nice reading :)))))))" ... written by Michelange9
paro just did something amazing for me. looking forward to see what will happen next. thanks a lot paro. will be back to update" ... written by mini
excellent reading. spot on with lots of things that went on and are going on now." ... written by chrism
It is a work in progress, I will come back to you." ... written by Ashlyn
awesome awesome !!" ... written by unknown
Positive update. So grateful for all his help with my situation" ... written by Lyn
excellent! 10 stars" ... written by mini
Thank you for the great read very intuitive." ... written by Jason
Again, great reading! Wish I had more money to put towards credits because I could talk to you all day! Very personable and very caring. There is something calming and reassuring about talking to you. Thank you "AlmightParo" for helping me with all my issues!" ... written by Pamela
Great reader! Straight forward and to the point." ... written by tarssh1
Good feedback. Speaks fast!" ... written by Sharlene
almighty is amazing and so accurate too I feel that when i have readings with him he puts my mind at peace" ... written by dmw4300
Thank you." ... written by truth
thank you for a great reading very inspiring.. looking forward to my next session xx" ... written by joboluvz73
Great reading, exactly what I needed to hear. I feel more at ease and can't thank you enough for taking the time to help me." ... written by Pamela
Super fast connection. Gave prediction with time frame. Let's see how events unfold. Thank you." ... written by .
He is so awesome!!!! Everything he said was true !" ... written by classylady_1
This man saw things before I every shared anything. Then I shared something, I had PROOF that I was right but add time went by, ALMIGHTYPARO's predictions were right not my so-called 'proof'. He is SO GOOD and I'm SO GLAD I FOUND HIM. I am still in so much shock that HE WAS RIGHT. What he told me day 1 was TRUE!!!!!! HE will NOT LET YOU DOWN. " ... written by Jazzylady155
I think he is absolutely on target with everything he says. Our questions to him were, in my opinion, very surfaced based and he knew exactly what we wanted answered.." ... written by Reyna
Oh my...Paro is so amazing! He is truly the best on Oranum with his honesty and clarity on the situation. He is straight forward to the point and can tell you exactly what is going on with your situation. He does not ask for date of birth..he just knows. Paro truly has a great gift. What he told me came true. Thank you Paro...." ... written by tarssh1
Paro is the best! Sensitive and kind, remembers it all about me and my issues... a wonderful guide and friend." ... written by Jess
Fantastic! AlmightyParo is top reader in my book. A very honest and good hearted reader." ... written by tarssh1
Not why I wanted to come for reading today with the information that I had but I needed to speak to someone about it. But glad I did as he has made me feel a lot better about things in a really rubbish situation. " ... written by Lyn
great awesome friend, not giving up on me and helping me giving me positive advice." ... written by calvin
Very nice reading, I didn't have to go in detail with him about my concerns. Almighty is always on point :)" ... written by Michelange9
AlmightyParo has done a great work for me. he helped me out in my time of need and results were quick. He is truly a man of his word and has a great gift. Thank you again...AlmightyParo!! You're the best! " ... written by tarssh1
Perceptive. Very reassuring. Would consult again." ... written by Heruine
Excellent feedback from almighty :)" ... written by Michelange9
great reading" ... written by james agnew
Thanks Paro very insightful;)" ... written by Todd
a reading with paro always makes me feel at ease thank you so much!!!" ... written by Jessica
Thank you! Paro is an awesome reader. See for will be amazed!" ... written by tarssh1
Great - Very intuitive. Drew a LOT of information from me :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
I always feel something during his sessions. Almighty Paro is pretty powerful! " ... written by FREDx
He is amazing! He is very talented and he really helped clear up the questions I had :)" ... written by Mary
So glad I came for update today I am really dealing with a lot just now but I am so hopeful that with all this help things are going to improve for my situation. " ... written by Lyn
He was very good and I'm glad, I chose him. I will look forward to speaking to him again. " ... written by Mich3751
Trust him, that's all I have to say. He helped my relationship get back on track, and his currently giving me advice on more. Trust him. He is a good friend, and very talented :) " ... written by Ashlyn Murray
thank you very much, very nice person and understanding" ... written by nxtlife
Another great reading from Paro, god bless xo" ... written by Libsta
god has sent people like AlmightyParo to be there for advising and care for peolpe like me .at all times i talkto him depressed comming out of his private chat all is well God bless him in all he is doing for us and his family." ... written by nolulamo
Thank you for help and support on my situation. Don't know what I would do without it. You have got me through some pretty dark times and although I know things are going to take time and work I believe that with your help it will happen. " ... written by Lyn
Thank you - Almighty Pro. " ... written by patrisha
He seems to be in touch with the spirit world, very kind and forth coming; honest and helpful" ... written by Melissa
awesome as always" ... written by meik
Thank you for him very helpful and very curious" ... written by Viviann
W" ... written by loverboy
good" ... written by loverboy
good" ... written by nolulamo
thanks alot" ... written by nxtlife
Nice reading, will follow up :)" ... written by Michelange9
REALLY COOL!!! Great psychic!!" ... written by ragingwaters
thank you ... sometimes i don't know what to do if i did not have this opportunity to talk with you or like minded. I don't know how it is going to end but perhaps it will all make sense in the end. thank you for giving me hope when i needed :-) bless you" ... written by loving08
From the beginning of the reading AlmightyParo helped put me at ease. I guess I am creating unnecessary worry and much of what he says makes sense. I just have to be patient and let things unfold naturally. 5 stars! Very accurately picked up energies and moves through the reading quickly. Gives very sound advice that is easy to follow. I hope to follow up again and I have faith that things will get better. I very highly recommend this psychic! He is very kind and compassionate." ... written by Christine
He makes me feel so much better, I really hope things will get better for me. Thank you so much!" ... written by Santhanakon
he is good" ... written by nolulamo
he is good" ... written by georgiapeach37
So grateful for help and support I truly am. I keep having my ups and downs but always help me through it. Thank you." ... written by Lyn
Very nice reading, will follow up pretty soon. I can't wait to see results :)" ... written by Michelange9
Psychic Paro is so amazing. What an awesome and accurate reader. Thank you for you help." ... written by tar
Thank you for the encouragement:) I thank you for all you do. May God bless you." ... written by Michelange9
So glad I came for update today. My situation is like a roller-coaster just now. But he has yet again helped me to relax about things. I just hope its not long for his work to take effect and my life is back on track with the love of my life and someone gets there comeuppance they deserve and stays out of or lives forever." ... written by Lyn
Glad I managed to see for reading tonight things are definitely improving I am so grateful for your help. " ... written by Lyn
He is so spot on, it amazed me. I can't." ... written by Santhanakon
Wonderful reading, I got very positive feedback from almightyParo:)" ... written by Michelange9
thank you, paro has been working on my case for months and little by little its getting better." ... written by nxtlife
AlmightyParo engaged in some spiritual work for me today... He did it within the time he specified and I felt it was very powerful and incredible...will wait patiently and respectfully for results...tysm!! You're awesome to help me!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
Thank you! I wish you many blessings!" ... written by Kayeluv1
Glad I came to speak today and you confirmed I made the right decision :) Really hope I see positive changes soon. Thing are not easy at all just now but really hope with your help that will change. And someone will be out of the picture for good. " ... written by Lyn
After only 1 week of AlmightyParo's spiritual work... the person who stayed away for 4 weeks with no contact came back into my life last night!!! He told me he wanted to stay with me...He looked much better in health and mind than ever before... I have never seen him feeling this well before...I am very grateful to AlmightyParo!!" ... written by ragingwaters
OMG you are great. Everything you said was true and I see why they call you Almighty lol. " ... written by classylady_1
AlmightyParo is real an he knows what he's doing an saying an he's helped many times an he's saved my life thank you." ... written by Erin Stephens
Very Good and very helpful" ... written by Viviann
Thanks again for clearing things up for me. I am starting to feel more relaxed even though things are still up in the air. But I know I have your support which is really helping through this hard time which is why I am feeling better. Thank you." ... written by Lyn
he seemed to be right on target. only time will tell but it was an impressive first reading for sure." ... written by jon smith
thank you almightyparo for your advice and spiritual help" ... written by lllifenet
He is Great!! On Point!!" ... written by Melinda
right on point!" ... written by Evette
Thank you! I am at a very low and dark place in my life and have been for many, many years! Para is one of the few psychics on here that will just listen to me without judgment and won't get mad at me for being sad. He allows me to cry and tell him the truth about my pain and he remains calm, caring and understanding. I didn't need any answers, I just needed a friend to listen since I have don't have 1 friend, Paro was there for me and it meant a lot to me!!! He allows me to hang out in his room even if all I do is listen and not say a word and that means a lot to me because I have no where else to hang out or friends to talk to. Paro just listening meant more to me than any prediction that he could have given me today. Thank you so much Almighty Paro for all of your kind words, for your patience in not giving up on me when I am at my lowest, for not getting mad at me for wanting to give up, and for just listening to me with an open heart! I am wishing you many blessings, my friend! You are a wonderful human being and spirit! Take care. :) " ... written by Kayeluv1
He's the Paro he's been dead on right about everything going on with me so far well see what happens in the end" ... written by Erin Stephens
Almighty used his special tool to work on my situation. Hope to see results:)" ... written by Michelange9
Almighty has been very helpful:)" ... written by Michelange9
Well I wasn't surprised with what was said in reading tonight but still don't like to hear someone's intentions but I am so glad that I have him helping me through all this I don't know what I would without him. " ... written by Lyn
Amazazing guy!" ... written by Liliana
Glad I came for update its always reassuring to come back and hear what he has to say about things. " ... written by Lyn
Very fast. Very accurate. You're fantastic, Paro." ... written by ...
Did an update I hope for the best." ... written by Tee
Thank you will wait for the prediction." ... written by Garace123
so generous with his information...loved how connected he was to spirit, will be back! thanks almighty" ... written by liz
WOW, super connected, got the situation immediately, really impressed and hope his predictions are true for me!" ... written by liz
Paro is very, very helpful. He gives very good insight and very good advice. He is a great observer. He has guided me towards figuring out myself. I definitely will come to him again" ... written by amy3rocket
Very genuine, and accurate" ... written by overcomer81
good thanx" ... written by nolulamo
Absolute sweetheart! This man might have just saved my life! I feel much better having talked to him. If he did not help, I KNOW FOR SURE HE CHANNELED ME GREAT ENERGY INTO ME!!!THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!!" ... written by Liliana
So glad I got to speak tonight. I am dealing with so much life feels like a constant battle. But always helps me to clam down even when I am a so stressed before the reading by the time its finished I am a lot less stressed and the tension passes. He is helping me a lot and I truly am grateful. " ... written by Lyn
I cant put into words how grateful I am that I am working with this man. He has helped me so much and continues to do so and I truly believe that he can help things get to what they should be. He knows how important it is. " ... written by Lyn
The reading says, All is going well... so I just leave it with AlmightyParol... i have a lot of help from him... and he sees clearly what is wrong in the relationship... to me that is a lot of comfort!! ty!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
if there was more than 5 star i would give him he is a very dedicated caring person God bless him i appreciate having somebody like him handling my life his got good heart" ... written by nolulamo
Almighty Paro amazes me! He is such an awesome and positive soul. He is very accurate and straight to the point. I thank him for all he has done to help me with certain issues. Thumbs up!!" ... written by tars1
thanks alot for your help" ... written by lllifenet
He did great! Didnt have to say anything really about situation. We will see what happens!" ... written by Tee
wonddddddderrrrful still working though.. it is working and this guy right here is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he has said so much that has come to light so he is the real deal. I'm telling you you will love him. " ... written by Jazzy
He mention that I will have a great job with 70 day. wish I had the money to speak to him longer." ... written by Hark
Great gifts!!! Always on point and very accurate. Thank you Almighty Paro. Consult this expert today. He is thorough and amazing!!!" ... written by tar1
Very nice person very helpful Thank you " ... written by Viviann
Almighty Paro is so accurate!! What he has revealed to me has came to light!!!" ... written by tars1
Nice to know I have his help I really don't know what I would do without it. " ... written by Lyn
seems to be very accurate" ... written by vous
good still hope for the best" ... written by nolulamo
So glad I am have this mans help. If there is anything I am worried about he puts my mind at ease. I'm hoping with his help that my suffering in my situation is coming to an end soon as I have been dealing with it for a long time and really couldn't go on much longer the way things were. Hes powerful so I'm very hopeful as things were out of my control." ... written by Lyn
he is great! very friendly and patient. thanks for the reading!" ... written by zcy
Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you... I needed that today... I can breath again.... Phew... You amaze me, I go weeks and when I come back you remember me... I love it... :0)" ... written by Tooie1969
So glad I came for update just to be confirmed with how things are going. Thank you" ... written by Lyn
He is absolutely wonderful! Recommend him warmly and wish he can help as many as possible." ... written by liliana
Came for update and so glad I did. Things have been going so well for me recently thanks to his help in my situation but had a little blip but he was soon to pick it up and let me know. So came for reading and hopefully it will help things run smoother again. So grateful for this mans help truly am. " ... written by Lyn
It is very comforting to know someone is dedicated to helping you with your situation and your case... and that is AlmightyParo... he has an deep innate ability to connect and heal from the other side!! ty!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
Almighty Par is one of the best psychics on oranum!!! Go get a reading from him today. He is very accurate and the things he shared with me came to fruition!!! Thanks Paro." ... written by tar1
Excellent - as always!! xx" ... written by Maria
Very good very helpful" ... written by Viviann
So glad I came to see him tonight as I really needed to ask him something so happy that he has advised me accordingly and hopefully everything will go well." ... written by Lyn
very illuminating with the reading... i feel very certain that things will go nicely as AlmightParo saw it...ty!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
he has such gifted power to help people who are in trouble, asking for help. he is very talented. Thank you for everything that you have done for me and her. " ... written by chenyu
Everything Almighty Paro told me so far has come to fruition!!!! A truly gifted Psychic :)" ... written by tar1
He is overwhelming! I hope he is right!!! Will be back to tell you and if he is, OMG!!!" ... written by Liliana
Glad I came for update so glad I have his help. " ... written by Lyn
i m happy and satisfied" ... written by nolulamo
awesome as usual " ... written by Shameika
He is giving me hope. I so hope he is right." ... written by ooo
he is amazing. tells me not to worry. i can't wait for all of this to happen. I LOVE HIS HONESTY. HE IS THEEEEE BEST !!!!" ... written by Jazzylady
thanks for all your help" ... written by nextlifee
thanks for your help in love and finances, always good to come back, he helps you alot" ... written by nextlifee
very quick connection" ... written by angrelszone
So grateful for his help. I am following his advice just now and although its not easy for me I trust him 100%. He knows how important something is to me so I know this is the right thing to do. I am just hoping its not long until I see the outcome I am hoping for. :) " ... written by Lyn
100% good and positive in what he is doing no doubts i adour him he is special and truethfull straight to the point i m blessed to have him as friend hope we go a long way in life i trust him a lot GOD BLESS HIM" ... written by nolulamo
Very kind and very helpful" ... written by Viviann D'Onofiro
I need this mans help so much I am dealing with so much in my life and getting me through it is this mans help and support. I hope things get better soon. I need to believe his work with me gives me what I need and want so badly. " ... written by Lyn
simply marvelous ...just oranum boots us out...ugh" ... written by Jazzy
WONDDDDDERRRRFULLLL he knows what he is talking about! He is amazing and oh so quick" ... written by jazzylady
I felt like I was speaking to a friend, will definitely be back for a follow up. he was able to pick up on a lot of things and has left me stunned ." ... written by bri
so its been a couple months of working with paro and i have seen the progress being made and i am soo excited for what is to come! thanks so much paro for all you have done and continue to do for me! " ... written by Jessica
AMAZING!!!" ... written by Liliana
quick and to the point. calm and reassuring. i appreciate his help!" ... written by steve
What Paro told me has come to pass. Paro is an awesome Psychic with accuracy. Thank you Paro!" ... written by tar1
Almightyparo has really helped me he got rid of the bad things surrounding me and helped me to get to the good. Hope to see things make new light in the future. thanks for everything" ... written by justin
HE IS ALWAYS WONDERFUL!!!! He says hope for me. I believe he is right!! He says jealous pple at work. I KNOW HE IS RIGHT THERE! I hope he is wrong about the airport thing. Can't wait to talk again, VERY SOON!! I love his energy and especially his visions." ... written by jazzy
great helper and advice. I recommend! A+" ... written by nextlife
I love this man. He has such a kind, respectful spirit but most importantly, he is truly gifted. He doesn't use any tools and I'm always amazed at what he knows. I hope his predictions come true!" ... written by liz
wonderfullllllllllllllllllllllllll i love this guy. i truly love everything he says, good and bad. he is so sincere" ... written by jazzy
So glad I came to speak to Almighty today. Last night was pretty bad for me. But I trust he can be the man to help me. He knows what I am dealing with and what to do. " ... written by Lyn
Almighty Paro is awesome and accurate! He is on point as usual. thank you Paro!!" ... written by tar1
he knew there was someone else...going to see how he can help me" ... written by only human
I am so glad I came back for more help from Almighty. I can honestly say I actually felt the power of is work like what I have needed to happen for my situation just now. I truly believe that this man is the one to get the love of my life back and for our relationship to the way it should be and for people to just leave us alone. Thank you so much Almighty truly grateful. " ... written by Lyn
still on track " ... written by Jessica
all is well good man I am alright" ... written by nolulamo
great helper along the way in the path of love and finance" ... written by lllifenet
I had a Great reading I was advise to return in 4 days for an update on my reading. thx" ... written by Butterflower
He really helps to calm me down " ... written by Jessica
He is wonderful!!!! I will see you MONDAY. CanNOT wait. Please continue helping me. I appreciate your confidence bcz it makes me confident! Looking forward for the outcome. " ... written by Jazzy
very good will be back for sure" ... written by purp
Almighty has predicted a lot of things in my life and his predictions have come true! Hats off to Almighty Paro. His accuracy and intelligence never seems to amaze me. Thank you Paro for all that you have done to help my situation!!! 5 Stars*****" ... written by tarssh1
i have been working with paro for a few months and i am seeing the progress now cant wait for the outcome thanks paro " ... written by Jessica
wow i have never felt a connection like this before wow is all i can say" ... written by jody
He was really good and picked up immediately my situation and told things about me which were very accurate." ... written by Stacey
I was so glad that I came to speak to Almighty tonight I really needed his help in my situation. He has been working on my case for a while and I have already seen the changes. He is very powerful and as helped me so much. I don't know what I would do without his help. I am so grateful. " ... written by Lyn
So glad that I came for update was good to hear things although some of it makes me mad that things may not be as bad as they seem. I truly believe his help right now will get me and the man I love very much back to where we should be. I just hope it doesnt take long. Thank you Almighty. " ... written by Lyn
i am happy he isback everything is gone back to normal and he is good" ... written by nolulamo
Good" ... written by Safari12345
So glad I came to speak to Almighty today for update with my situation. Although I am finding things tough just now he has made me feel better and I am still very grateful that he is working on my case. Really don't know what I would do without him. Thank you Almighty." ... written by Lyn
Very insightful and was worth every credit. If I had more I would spend an entire hour with him getting advice and direction. I will return to him as long as he is with Oranum. If he should leave I would truly be lost. Thank you so much " ... written by Tammy
i got a clear msg regarding the situation in a dream...AlmightyParo explained it all to me...ty!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
Awesome. Please go see Almighty Paro today!!" ... written by tar1
thank you!" ... written by nxtlife
thanks alot, always helpful and positive vibe from almightyparo" ... written by nextelllife
he was very helpful. he knew about our spirits" ... written by holly
Great reading and prediction came true! Thank you Almighty!!" ... written by tars1
So glad I came to speak to Almighty tonight. It is so reassuring to hear what he has to say about things some things especially though as I have been hoping and wishing for these to happen asap as I know they are the answers to my situation so its really good to know they are being dealt with :) " ... written by Lyn
oh my he just lifts my spirits!!! i just love that i met him. he connected so fast to him and knew he was jealous and something just happened to make him jealous!! he was so right and saw it. i am at ease when i talk to him. thank you so much. a million stars" ... written by jazzy
Pretty good will visit again. " ... written by Jasmine
I am so glad that I have Almightys help in my situation. Things aren't easy for me just now but his constant help and support is getting me through it and he reassures me that everything is going to be ok and I trust him 100%. " ... written by Lyn
always helping along the way, thanks" ... written by nextelllife
all is fine" ... written by nolulamo
good" ... written by micky
he is wonderful but it kept freezing I have cleared everything. I will try again in a bit" ... written by jazz
thank you so much paro for all that you have done and are continuing to do for me! i am seeing great progress! " ... written by Jessica
Great as always!!! Accurate, quick and straight to the point. He picks up on things that you wouldn't imagine. Consult Almighty today." ... written by tar1
he is wonderfully honest!!! he is kind-hearted so gentle with is delivery. I dont mind being harsh, but he wont be. He is wonderful. cant wait to talk again. I think we have talked like a million times now. " ... written by jazzy
Paro is really almighty! He handles things with so much respect for others and so much confidence that leaves you full of hope, motivation and relaxed! Priceless!!!" ... written by liliana
AlmightyParo is very kind. Thank you and have a good day." ... written by Cheryl Daniels
Almight Paro is one of the best on Oranum!!!! Consult him today he is truly God sent!!! " ... written by tarssh1
So glad I came for update. :) " ... written by Lyn
Thank you so much Almighty for your continual help and support I am truly grateful and so glad that you are helping me through this I dont know what I would do without it. You keep giving me the faith I need and I will forever be grateful. I can truly feel the power of your help and just hope its not long for things to be as they should. Thank you always. :) " ... written by Lyn
very promising, will be back" ... written by tu lan
Hi: this is tere3343. I did not mean to stop. My credit card failed to be accepted. I will try later. Thanks" ... written by Terri
Just as well I came for update today. Couldn't believe what he had to tell me about something but thank god he is working on my case. I am truly grateful I have him to help me. Thank you Almighty. " ... written by Lyn
Great" ... written by Caroline
awesome gifted reader! must try!" ... written by liz
Glad I came for update to check on my situation its so nice to have everything confirmed. " ... written by Lyn
i am happy AlmightyParo is very good i amhappy that he understands the person i am. he is super in his work to help i am happy he decide to help me with my problem otherwise i dont know where i would have been today i appreciate him very much" ... written by nolulamo
Awesome as always!! One of THE BEST on Oranum!!" ... written by tar1
Nice reading:)" ... written by sunny049
almightyparo has helped me all year long since 2013, he has helped me fixed my love life and has guided me financially. i'm very grateful for his help. bless him with all. i recommend him for all kinds of work. this is a genuine review from an old timer." ... written by nextelllife
Almighty Paro is so on it!! He has predicted man things and they have come to light. Thank you Almighty Paro...Consult this professional today and you will be glad you did.... Thank you Almighty Paro!!! Very Accurate!!" ... written by t starsar1
i have some clarity....AlmightyParo can insist in taking a load off of your conscience" ... written by tu lan
Great reading! Always on point and accurate!!" ... written by tar1
I am glad I had a chance to follow up with AlmightyParo. thannks" ... written by Geneva
I am glad I had spoken with him again thanks." ... written by Geneva
he is such a wonderful man!! thank you for all you do!" ... written by jazzy
Thank you once again, for everything." ... written by Santhanakon
I would like to private whit you. I need you? I need you" ... written by Zingwa Márta Judit
So grateful for this mans help. " ... written by Lyn
I felt his answers were really relatable. I found it quite interesting that he used the word, "obstacles," which is a word used in my religious faith quite often. So I felt that he "got" me, and used wording that I could relate to." ... written by Juli Greenspan
Amazing details and accuracy! Great reading once again and things Almighty Paro shared with me has came to light! Thank you Almighty Paro....a true messenger sent from above." ... written by tar1
i hope everything he said will come true will keep you updated my friend" ... written by Ryan
Great guy will wait for his predictions " ... written by Ryan
Good guy, spot on description" ... written by Tyler
5 stars, 100 per accurate, insightful, many details about situation and solutions for improvement." ... written by beverly419
Thanks!" ... written by Virgo
I really liked him a lot! wise for sure! I will contact him in four months to let him know the progress. " ... written by Katie
AlmightyParo is absolutely amazing! I am very impressed by how precise and accurate he was about everything! WOW!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
thanks so muchh paro! still on track and much progress being made! thanks for all the tremendous help!" ... written by Jessica
Did a quick rebuy - and needed to switch to a cable internet connection on my end... I just want to take this opportunity to reinforce how wonderful and amazing AlmightyParo is... I feel and sense his pure connection to the Greater Reality, and am so grateful that I met him for his most helpful reading. He was completely spot on and gave perfect advice. I could really feel the good and the bad and he was connecting and sharing WOW! " ... written by MerkabahMan633
Glad I came for update tonight so grateful he is helping me through my situation. He's keeping me positive. " ... written by Lyn
feeling much better after speaking to alimightypro he is a great guy and willing to help out where he can, without him i would be downhill so fast it wasnt funny, thanks bud" ... written by Ryan
very good excellent" ... written by jana
Great reading! Very accurate and polite. Try Almighty Paro today and you will be surprised at his gift!!" ... written by beauty
hoping everything works, last time it worked well and he was right that the person would say something to me soon, which the did the next day" ... written by Ryan
So glad I came to speak today. Things do look like they are getting better for me and it is all thanks to this mans help and support getting me through it all. There is no doubt that I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for him and getting the man I love more than anything in this world back in my life and for that I am truly grateful and I have faith in my future now thanks to him. " ... written by Lyn
Very good guy, honest and upfront. " ... written by Roseanna
Excellent" ... written by Louise
OMG He is the real deal.... I went to him with my issue he helped me within 3 hours I heard from the guy who pulled away from me..... I recommend him to anyone" ... written by Rosa
5 stars :)" ... written by Louise
Almighty Paro is an awesome gifted man! You will be amazed at his accuracy. Consult him today and you will see for yourself!! his predictions his predictions that he gave me came true in a timely manner." ... written by beautiful lady
he is being extremely helpful" ... written by seth
he is great" ... written by seth
100% stars with his reading as he is honest and to the point." ... written by nolulamo
Great reader and very professional!! Accurate on the first go round." ... written by ta1
Awesome!!! Almighty Paro is the best. What he predicted and has done has come to fruition in my life!. Consult him today, you will be amazed!!! Thank you Almighty Paro for everything!!!" ... written by tar1
This was my second time.. and again very very very good! I feel much more at ease now. Thanks Paro!" ... written by stacey
Almighty Paro is such a calm and gentle soul. He is so helpful and has been wonderful at helping me with my situation. He is the best here on Oranum!!! Thumbs up and high five to Almighty Paro...Thank you:)))" ... written by tar1
excellent" ... written by belinda
powerful" ... written by belinda whiteley
Abso fantastic.." ... written by tasha_j
Great!! Try Almighty Paro today and you will truly see for yourself." ... written by ta
very good!" ... written by yyypyyy
The one person I always consult with a lot times. it has been months. But I am just hoping the end result will happen for real. I trust him but I am still waiting for the real prediction. Result matters. " ... written by Hope Paro is the real thing on Oranum!!!" ... written by ta
Amighty Paro is the real deal!! He is very gifted and talented. I only want to consult with Almighty Paro because he is honest, accurate and the real deal!!!! See for yourself.. Thank you Almighty Paro!!!" ... written by tarssh1
excellent" ... written by lina
Awesome as always. Very powerful and accurate!!" ... written by tarssh1
thank you sooo much paro for all you have done! " ... written by Jessica
he always gives me hope, I love his readings, so gifted with no tools, definitely worth a try." ... written by liz
Accurate and precise update. Right on target with things." ... written by tarssh1
Almighty Paro is an awesome soul! He is very accurate, patient with you and helpful. He is well versed and experienced in his gift. Thank you Almighty Paro for re-iterating patience to me, Please consult Almighty Paro today for positive results and immediate action!!!. 100 stars:)))" ... written by tarssh1
So far, Paro has been the most honest and upfront person with me here.. And he remembers me no matter how long between my readings... I love that... Thank you..." ... written by Tooie
very good thanks" ... written by jana
it was a good reading. " ... written by intrigued8
so generous, and love his connection :)" ... written by liz
Powerful Psychic!!! Very detailed and accurate. Please consult him today. He is the real deal!!" ... written by tam
very good excellent" ... written by jana
Hes amazing! right to the point and made total sense he also answered all of my questions. He wont ask for any info but his connections r verrry strong and talking to him was so comforting. god bless you" ... written by thinkblue
Tuned in really well, accurate information when I barely said anything!" ... written by Angelica
OMG!!!! The number one Psychic on Oranum. Please, please Consult this young man today!!! 100 stars for accuracy and timing." ... written by meka
happy i spent more time and something positive about my situation no depression and tears situation is getting better thank u AlmightyParo very much" ... written by nolulamo
thanks for your help" ... written by nextellife
thank you for your help always paro" ... written by nextellifee
he's an amazing person always right about things and sees alot n help you in any way he can, he's the best for any type of situation . highly recommended!!!" ... written by jazziejazzie
thank you" ... written by nextellifee
Awesome and fun reader. Really fast and accurate as confusing as my situation is. lol Definitely come back to him. " ... written by 982
Thanks for your help." ... written by nextellifee
wow...amazing!" ... written by maria
my reading was amazing and it put me at ease " ... written by dionicia
He was amazing.. very good!! Will return." ... written by DaVida
Paro told me I would see some changes _ and they have arrived there are other things that have surfaced and continue to come to pass. He is quick he is sincere. He is one my guardians I can trust." ... written by Maria
He was amazing!! Spot on and I hardly shared any details and he STILL saw everything clear as day! He has an amazing gift!" ... written by Ajua
Always great and insightful 5 stars" ... written by Beverly419
Had a very good reading. Cannot wait to see the results...will definitely come back" ... written by Morten
Accurate!! Please consult him today!!" ... written by tamm
EXCELENT" ... written by nolulamo
HE IS GOOD" ... written by nolulamo
Saw right away what was the issues involved. Let's see about the results." ... written by *
Accurate reader!" ... written by tamm
5 stars. Powerful. Waiting for positive results now. " ... written by *
Great reading and helpful...I feel hopeful!" ... written by AlasiaUnique
he is doing his best for me i apreciate that" ... written by nolulamo
Very good reading and positive insight from a genuine person.. I look forward to the future and not look in the past. " ... written by TJ
AWESOME!!!" ... written by Believe IN LOVE
he is a god bless cause each time i talk to him i just believe him i just relax because what he says i feel the truth in it especially when he describes him ,he really think before he makes a decision thanks Almight god be with u in all u wish in yr future" ... written by nolulamo
he was amazignvery accuraet " ... written by shaniya williams
Paro is very helpful and very insightful. I always look forward to speaking with him. " ... written by Amy
we havent finished" ... written by nolulamo
wow i missed talking to him. Thank you for the honesty. I cant believe u remembered everything. u r wonderful!!!! We shall talk again. u knew things i didnt tell you." ... written by jazzy
he is the liberator i really appreciate him handling my problem.Thank u AlmightyParo very much" ... written by nolulamo
Awesome gifted reader. accurate predictions that come true." ... written by teeav1
First reading ever with a psychic. Some very insightful things were revealed and very good advice as a result. Only time will tell if he is correct, but I have a feeling the things predicted are spot on." ... written by Roni
very gifted, incredibly gifted" ... written by lisa
always great 100 per cent tells you many details and great insight" ... written by beverly419
great reading!" ... written by tee1
Paro is amazing at his craft I was having some problems with someone in my family an I'm starting feel so much better from. " ... written by Erin Stephenss
Paro is has lots a talnet he's real dale people" ... written by Erin called Anita to know her Cancer horosco
he was awesome " ... written by shaniya williams
Wow intense! Love it ! OMG! i will come back LOL LOVE THIS MAN AMEN THANK U SO MUCH " ... written by ladylove22
Fabulous reading!! Very accurate, supportive, calm and connected. Spot on in describing the situation and personalities involved. Very encouraging and positive outcome predicted." ... written by Seeker1200
Thank you as always. Truly grateful for your help and support. " ... written by Lyn
that was a good reading at least im releaved than u AlmightyParo" ... written by nolulamo
oh my God, thank you so much. A great reading it was. I appreciate it. God bless you." ... written by success girl
Thank you for helping me on a life and death situation." ... written by nexteledllife
thank you so much" ... written by Chenetra
Wonderful update! cant wait to see what happens on Friday." ... written by jazmine
thank you once again!!! He has NOT changed our reading ever to make them fit the current situation. He has stuck to what he saw last year even though i come to him with different news that i see. He sees the light at the end of the tunnel and it is still shining as bright. Thank you so much." ... written by jasmine
he is very good" ... written by bravebyrd
He is helping me so much. I trust his words. Thank you so much. Talk to you soon. Thank you for always being there when I need you. " ... written by Dawn
Wonderful and a pleasure to speak with. This was my first time with him and he pick up on a situation I didn't know how to handle. Thank you. Will speak to you again. " ... written by Dawn
really nice. knew were i was coming from. Hit my me and my situation on the head" ... written by bravebyrd
Love him. He is wonderful and sees all. Will keep him posted. " ... written by Dawn
he is a God sent,i don't need unti -depresents any more God has sent him for people like me and he just coolly solves my problem thax to him and his family for the time he solves my problems" ... written by nolulamo
thanks for the update hope to talk to u mane" ... written by nolulamo
wow this reader is by far the at most best here thank u so much 4 all ur help love an light an many bkessings 2 u thank u " ... written by lady
Fantastic service, fantastic guy. Amazing reading. I do hope the predictions will come true, but I have a very very good feeling" ... written by Morten Skar
He's very real he's been the realest Psychic on here thank you he's been very helpful." ... written by ERINMAGEN
He is awesome...always on point and connects with me with out saying a word. His predicts always comes to pass." ... written by SN
Almighty Paro has provided me with more insight and updates regarding my relationship. Paro has giving me an date to look forward to I will be returning with Great results. Thanks again Paro for erasing all my doubts and with reassuring me that everything is going to work in my favor." ... written by ButterFlower
His predictions always come to pass...very kind and compassionate . He puts a smile on my face when we talk. Thank you for helping me have faith in myself." ... written by SN
thank u" ... written by lina
very nice, sweet , and i hope that evry thing goes well" ... written by bfreak123
i am a happy person AlmightyParo is a peacemaker i appreciate him in everything " ... written by nolulamo
Very accurate. gave me clear insight as to what is going on. I will check back with him in the near future to give update. Almighty Paro is Highly recommended. " ... written by Avenda Ali
amazing" ... written by penguin
I didn't have to tell him too much and he picked up on my situation very quickly. I was impressed. He gave me a positive outlook on my situation with a timeframe. Even though it was good news, I was almost hoping he would have given me bad news so I'd just get over the whole thing. He instead encouraged me to be patient because he saw all things working out in my favor. He gave me details that confirmed, in my eyes, that he was definitely tuning into my specific situation. take him to private. You will not be disappointed. " ... written by l
We did a healing and have a plan sorted out, looking forward to it coming true. Enjoyed my session with him very much. Thank you. " ... written by lynnrmc
Amazing. Quick Typer and precise time frames. Thank you " ... written by Ladylavs
He gave me great insight. He told me the truth. I will wait and see if it will play out like he says." ... written by Kina
Great" ... written by Kina
it has been excellent chatting with AlmightyParo to day. I appreciate him as my psychic ,he has brought back my life which i almost gave up but each time i spoke o him i would end up with hope to hang on taht he kept promising that his will be better and kept on saying those that laugh last laughs better and it is today for me tahnx AlmightyParo" ... written by nolulamo
OMG!!! Almighty Paro is so so amazing. He is very accurate and helpful. Please consult this expert today!! 100 stars!!!!! " ... written by tata
Huge help. Looking forward to seeing what will be revealed to me." ... written by Mathyah
So excited to see my love to return into my life and can't wait to start a family with him. AlmightyPro is more than just a reader he is a counselor that help the mind, and spirit. I recommend him to help you see, feel and become happy." ... written by Tammy
Was down a while ago but feeling more uplifting after the chat. Will visit again to give an update." ... written by McIntosh55
thanks for your help paro its been a bumpy 2014 year, but 2015 has to be better" ... written by nextellife
As always insightful and exact." ... written by Bronxie
his mircal worker his so good i am so glad i got hold of him thank you for all his reading and help" ... written by he love sun
That was by far the most powerful reading to date. I am truly grateful for this mans help. I will sleep easy tonight knowing that he has helped me in my situation. Thank you so much. " ... written by Lyn
his fantastic and his prediction are positive I am looking for ward to it. his great and help me a lot. now I am awaiting for thing to happen thank you" ... written by hopelovesun
Forever thankful for his help and support. " ... written by Lyn
So quickly into it, so considered and his full attention, you can feel and immediately see his talent. Very kind and comforting and connected. Warmth in his clairvoyance. Insight and clarity." ... written by Sebastian
In all honesty I am really finding it hard dealing with what I am going through just now. But Almighty has totally changed the way I was feeling. He cleared things up and restored my faith which was the thing I was finding the hardest. He has been a great help and support and I will always be thankful. I just cant wait for the day that he speaks about as it really can't come quick enough. " ... written by Lyn
thanks for the update. really reassuring." ... written by M
top psychic" ... written by john wick
Very strong connection and great insight into my situation." ... written by y
Great! Please consult him today." ... written by Sweety Pie
Can definitely say I felt the effects of that reading. I am so grateful for his help and support in my situation I know I couldn't get through this without him. He always reassures me of what is going to happen and I trust him. " ... written by Lyn
So quick and so honest :)" ... written by maria
I really appreciate Paro he is so in tune with my situation. Truly gifted man" ... written by Avenda Ali
Awesome...awesome....awesome. Now i have to trust believe and be patience. he has not be wrong in the past why not! SN" ... written by SN
Was glad I came for update today there was just couple things I wanted to mention to him. He really has been a great help and support to me and my situation. It does seem things are really progressing. Was nice to finally be able to come to him with some positive news and it is thanks to him I am able to do so. " ... written by Lyn
He always helps me through my hard times. Helps me to understand and to remain calm. It has been hard staying focus. Sometimes we need friends to help who can give us more insight of making decision. Any time I need his advise he is there to help me along the way. There are tough day I cry but I know I can go t o AlmightyPro for advise.....Thanks:)" ... written by SN
Very positive reading. Waiting on results and remaining focus. " ... written by SN
Instant connection, comforting, helpful, talented and insightful. Truly benevolent and gifted. He has clear sight." ... written by Sebastian
connected very quickly and accurate! " ... written by B
Paro calms all my worries, it was a very good reading" ... written by Stella
HE answered my questions in a very calm manner." ... written by F
thanks for the update" ... written by s
Great reading!! Paros prediction came true. 5 star reading for sure" ... written by Avenda Ali
Accurate. Precise all the time...Parro really does it every time. Great reading this morning!" ... written by Bronxie
Very inspiring, i wish I met him before. He could tell me things that my partner said to me without me telling him. Try him and see for yourself!" ... written by McIntosh55
AP has been telling me from the start not to worry. A lot of what he had told me has happened! Believe what he says; be very patient. It will happen. Now, for my Bday...AP, i hippie this happens the way he said it too. Can not wait!!!! Thanx AP" ... written by Jazzylady155
Very encouraging and up lifting at a time when I need it the most. " ... written by SN
Love this man... He never forget me no matter how long it's been... No candy coating things... But usually dead on... Thank you... Hugz" ... written by tooie1969
Paro is amazing, good intuitive reader, and some magical skills to for healing and clearing. I liked what he had to say." ... written by Aloysius Crabtree
thank you for all the work you have you done with me." ... written by A
He was very good. And I will wait for what he did to me. Thanks!" ... written by rogelio
great healing session" ... written by x
Paro is a remarkable healer and seer. Hes removed a lot of blocks for me after diagnosing them and ive felt the result now after a week of effect. His clairvoyance is good and confirms my intuition about how thing,s people, around me are. HIghly reccomended." ... written by Larry Longtree
Very precise and accurate. He makes my day every time!" ... written by McIntosh55
okay" ... written by Ava
You must do a reading with Paro he is accurate. and straight to the point" ... written by Avenda Ali
Very accurate and to the point" ... written by ta1
Had been a while since we had spoken but glad I finally managed to come for update lots to catch up on thank you for all your help and support as always. " ... written by Lyn
He was awesome! He was attentive, took me seriously and answered my question in great detail." ... written by Kathy Romano
wow he read the situation without me telling him much, and his healing session was great, thank you!" ... written by a
very reassuring, thank you :) i needed that positivity" ... written by a
great psychic! He is one of the best here on Oranum!! Please consult him today. :)" ... written by ta1
He is simply awesome, gifted and my friend." ... written by snakecharmer23
gifted, good and straight to the point with confidence take 5 Almighty you r gifted no doubt about it GOD BLESS YOU THANX" ... written by nolulamo
He was awesome! Worth every penny and I will be back :)" ... written by In love
good" ... written by nolulamo
Paro is my Number one Guy. I recommend him for readings he is accurate and on point. Love this guy!!!!!" ... written by Avenda Ali
he is so cool and mice!!" ... written by bravebyrd
The best" ... written by Bravebyrd
i cant put in words what Paro has done for me. He did a healing session on Sunday I was able to go to sleep he took away the pain in my heart i had such sadness. I got of the next day and walked on the track for 30 min got up roday and walked for an hour and 20 min. He did a healing for my daughter I kid you not he said i would feel it and I did through my body and my stomach. You must try him. I am in a different head space now!! He is a true healer!!" ... written by Bravebyrd
this AParo is so cool. We talk just like friends I am so glad I have found him. beyond 5 stars for real!!! You nust talk with him!!!" ... written by bravebyrd
thanks for the update and all the work you are helping me with. I am seeing positive results." ... written by y
very nice reading as always! comforting, pleasant, great insight" ... written by a...
AParo is the best!! I really cant explain!! the healing session realy relax me you must try it!!" ... written by Bravebyrd
Best around on Oranum. Very accurate!!" ... written by tttaaa
Spot on. Thank you very much. I will be patient" ... written by L
Very kind and helpful. Thanks Paro" ... written by Vivienne
Good conversation I am glad i can make him laugh!! he is so easy to talk to!!!you got to talk to AParo. He is so cool." ... written by bravebyrd
seems to be truthful and we will see about the rest." ... written by erica
This man was excellent, his words were very encouraging and has reassured my faith! Thank You" ... written by Charlotte
As always you put a smile on my face... I also love how you can keep up with my thoughts... " ... written by Tooie
AlmightyParo is the greatest. He did some healing for my daughter to help her with her school work!! he cleared all the blocks the same week her grades got better and she is doing much better. I am so happy!!" ... written by Bravebyrd
A bit pricey, but accurate. He managed to get alot of the things that I needed to be answered." ... written by nbarnes2
Amazing as usual. i need to spend a whole day with Paro i have so many things that i want to ask." ... written by Avenda Ali
He is the best :). I love to talk to AParo he comfirmed about my car window who busted it out." ... written by Bravebyrd
ran out of credits, but paro has always been reassuring and loving to me, thank you" ... written by ...
wow! you are so amazing! I love this reading big time. Your honesty and quick reading are wonderful! Thank you so much" ... written by Jazzy
Awesome reader! on point. Spot on." ... written by shapesa
I feel much calmer now... Thank you for always being there for me... Love talking too you.. :0)" ... written by Tooie
He is so great brings me back to were I need to be!!!!!!! I glad he is my friend he is the best!!" ... written by Bravebyrd
The reading and healing with Paro and Sensei was great!! What a wonderful pair. Such a blessing! Thank you both" ... written by Istar
What a wonderful session with Paro and Sensei!! Thank you!!" ... written by istar
I come to Paro regularly for a few months now and he has been a great help." ... written by W
EXCEPTIONAL..HE TOLD ME WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR AND THEN SOME. Worth the creds" ... written by goodnight2345
Strong stuff he did..Great work, I look forward to seeing the results." ... written by goodnight2345
Thank you for helping me. You are very gifted and see everything that is going on. " ... written by California
Looking forward to give a report on my next session to give my report. Feeling very strong and confident:)." ... written by SN
hes great" ... written by Cristina
:)" ... written by Bravebyrd
Such a sweet reading and moment. It was very comforting talking to my friend. AlmightyParo has is helping and continuing guiding me down the right path. I really thank him:)" ... written by SN
great" ... written by jjackson
great" ... written by jjackson
hes so calming/ second reading. hope it turns out good. " ... written by cindy
he's great" ... written by JJackson3
claim my fears!!" ... written by Bravebyrd
great" ... written by JJackson3
Paro has insight that others do not have or see. I get the truth each and every time. " ... written by Avenda
Paro is the greatest!! :)" ... written by Brave byrd
Best healer! I feel so relaxed!" ... written by Lisa
his vey good and correct and kind i suggest him to every one." ... written by Julie
He has helped me turn my situation around from very negative to very positive. Thanks!" ... written by Lisa
did a healing session. quite different. never experienced anything else like that. time will tell. " ... written by cindy
wow he is great in timing and in knowing the situations wow :)" ... written by marlene
Great as always!!! Very professional and honest." ... written by peaches
great" ... written by jjackson3
Great" ... written by jjackson3
He is the best!! always bring me back to were I need to be. He really understands my craziness. The madness that goes on in my life. He works through my problems and tells me what I need to do." ... written by Bravebyrd
Needed some help and I always come to him. He is great. Thank you for always being there. Will keep you posted. " ... written by Dawn
His very good reader . I and seer I suggest him to every one and vey detail. TY:)" ... written by Julie
Almightyparo seems very accurate and genuine. We have done some work and im very grateful for his help. I will come back for an update soon and eagerly await things to happen. Thank you Paro" ... written by Priscilla
tuned in very quickly" ... written by Tiffay
Excellent again" ... written by Lisa
As always Paro is on point. I love chatting with him and totally respect his insight" ... written by Avenda Ali
5 stars***** very in tune and honest. dont hesitate!" ... written by Kelechi
Paro is the best!! he did a healing earlier this year for my daughter to do better in her grades and she did!! she brought them all up!! Cant thank Paro enough with helping with my relationship and with my daughter he is the best!!" ... written by BraveByrd
Almighty Paro is helping me and I'm hoping and praying all goes well. Thank you so much. Will keep you posted. " ... written by Dawn
This guy ROCKS I really love to consult with Paro. He is so exact. " ... written by Avenda Ali
his very helpful and kind his to the point and amazing very good reader." ... written by H
Very kind. Reminded me to keep my faith up. I trust him, and, so far, his prediction has come true (even though it makes me sad!) haha" ... written by Sierra
Simply amazing. I only look for the Almighty! :-)" ... written by Lisa
he is the best he knows I have a hard head but I listen and receive what he says because it is all true!! " ... written by bravebyrd
I wish he were less expensive but he had insight as soon as i entered in to private. it was great" ... written by Z
Paro is the TRUTH. I love him. He's awesome. Always honest and insists upon the fact that I need to do and act better in order to create what I want. Huge fan." ... written by Sierra
Healing with Paro feels like connecting with something I knew before. His readings are great. " ... written by Sierra
very good reading " ... written by Tonya
Thank you for the reading." ... written by xo
Always a pleasure. " ... written by Fred
great and quick. I didn't have a lot of credits but managed to get the answers I seek... thanks Paro! " ... written by LS
Thank you so much for your help and support I will be forever grateful. " ... written by Lyn
The Best that is all that I can say. I really love this guy. His insight is amazing." ... written by Paro
AlmightyParo andamp; Sensei good reading. Good advice and high vibrational words to make you progress and see things a different way then just being negative in life. Thank you both." ... written by Life
PAro as usual is knowledgable and kind and insightful. He reminds me of where my mind needs to be in order to maintain success. I appreciate him so much!" ... written by Sierra
Paro is the best!!" ... written by BraveByrd
Thank you, thank you thank you." ... written by familiyhelper
You are wow! I'm so impressed." ... written by familyhelper
Amazing!" ... written by familyhelper
Paro is the best everything he tells me come to pass!! some things come quicker than I expected. Like the same or next day!!" ... written by Bravebyrd
Grateful for having this man to help me in my life he has been such a support to me. I trust his words and even when I can't see things myself I know he doing everything he can to help. I know I will get where I need to be with his help." ... written by Lyn
Going to be forever grateful for this mans help in my life. I don't know what I would do without his help. I trust him 100% that he will get me where I need to be and for that I am truly grateful. " ... written by Lyn
I feel some much better and alive when I talk to Paro. Things are progressing just like Paro said it would!! Very loving and caring and following through with things. Before i was sure about C and I further together but Paro put it back on track. C is talking about our future more and more everyday!! Paro is the best!!" ... written by Bravebyrd
well last Sunday we talked and you told me he was going to explain what happen and he did the very next day that Monday. he explained everything. You said I was going to see him so has I am typing he is on the way on the road. You were so right again!!! You are so awesome!!!!! Thank You" ... written by BraveByrd
Thank god he's back!!! :) " ... written by Lyn
I came to almightyparo in december 2014 because of love issues. I was so down crying in pain. He changed my way of thinking and lifted my spirit up. He is an understanding person and he is an amazing person capable of turning your life around. It is now 1 year and half late july 2015 and I will never forget of how much he helped me. You will not regret his help and support. Patience is a key in many things. God Bless Him!" ... written by NexteLife
I love this man with all of my heart! He has helped me with my purpose, my true worth. He will tell me like it is but with compassion. Heart of Gold this man is! " ... written by Andrea
Awesome as always!! Please consult him only as your preferred Consultant. He is the real deal!!!! 5 stars!!!!" ... written by hearts
Always a pleasure and have missed you but glad you took time off for yourself. You are always my backbone and tell me what I need to hear. I will not look to the past and only the future!" ... written by Andrea
Paro is so awesome. I passed both the typing and written test for another job like he said I would. everything that he has helped me with has come to pass. " ... written by BraveByrd
thanks for the update.Kind and caring reader. very confident in his predictions will wait and see" ... written by W
I ran out of time but he picked up a few things straight away and was very reassuring - thanks" ... written by Muhsybean
Paro is powerful and insightful i can count on him to do the spiritual work to help me pass through spiritual warfare. " ... written by Avenda
Great reading as usual Paro has insight that most don't have." ... written by Avenda Ali
Paro. OMG you were right about Donald showing me Moe affection and kindness. Last night he was a real gentleman. He was referring to him and I as a couple. He was in a good mood." ... written by Avenda
Great understanding person to talk too." ... written by Life
Amazing reading.. for sure I will be back soon :)" ... written by Adela
He has amazing insight! i really enjoyed talking to him. He gave me great clarity and advice and highly recommend him! Nice guy as well! " ... written by Nadia
Paro is the truth! " ... written by Fred
Paro sees positive situation for depending on his works to help me..thank u" ... written by Priscilla
I feel my life making a shift and you always told me not to feel negative because you saw good finally coming to me and it is all coming to pass. It wasn't that I didn't believe you, it was more of am I worthy of such and I finally can look at myself and realize that I do. It's scary how much good is coming into my life and I just hope it will continue. You helped me through the tears, the sadness, the despair of not believing in myself. Not only are you a psychic but you are a counselor. You helped me through my darkness as my angels did as well. God sent me to your page for a reason and you gave me so much strength and I will forever be grateful to you. God's speed and much love to you and your lovely wife. Many blessings." ... written by Andrea
Paro is so cool!! I don't know what to say about him. :) He is the best. i am so glad I found him." ... written by BraveB
Almighty Paro is very accurate on the situation and is such a kind soul! I really appreciate all his help and i highly recommend him to anybody because he is worth speaking to to get the best insight. " ... written by Nadia
Paro is one of the Best who ever done it. LOL (this is a New York Slang) I really trust his guidance and insight. Everything that he has told me has come to pass. " ... written by Avenda
He is the best !!!" ... written by BraveByrd
Thanks! That was a very good reading on the first time. Super connection and very impressive!" ... written by Charlie
I am so glad i found Paro he is the best!!" ... written by Bravebyrd
I had a reading done by Almightparo, he was very accurate. I didn't gave" ... written by vfbrown247
great reading looking forward to the results" ... written by R
Don't forget about me.. Lol you are such an awesome person" ... written by Vanessa
AlmightyParo, is so accurate at what he say and does and have a pure heart" ... written by Medical Assistant
Paro sees directly into the situation with NO TOOLS - and he has always been correct in predictions for me!!!!" ... written by B
Awesome" ... written by Daniel
Paro is the strong with his perception. I am stunned on how he gets deep into the matter. I can only wait and see how my situation unfolds." ... written by Avenda Ali
WOW I wanted to come in and see these guys AlmightyParo and Sensei last time they were on and I'm so glad I got to this time. Accurate answers - and MUCH needed help!!!" ... written by B
His predictions came true, the work he helped me with improved my life and i am very grateful to have met this man! must get a reading with him he is very caring. " ... written by Nadia
Paro is the best!!from day one he said he got me. He hasn't failed me. Best except secret!! I when we talk its just like having a guy bestfriend!!" ... written by BraveB
He is the best what can I say!! " ... written by BraveByrd
Paro is so cool and very nonjudgmental. He gets straight to the point. i like talking to him. it 's like talking to my family like his my brother. he always puts things in perspective. He is so awesome!!" ... written by Bravebyrd
Paro, thanks for your help, will follow your guidance.. will keep you update :) " ... written by Adela234
awesome reading" ... written by Cristina
I had just gotten off the phone with him and we had talked for 1hour and 13 minutes and 9 sec. We talk about some of everything. That is the longest we every talk. He probably be coming over tonight. You said you are doing something to make him talk and I'm soo shock.. You are a person of your words. Oh, I found out he is going out of town to see some relative this week. I'm looking to talk with you very soon so you can finish what you had started.. Your friend.. Hug hug .I'm just shock!!! :)" ... written by Vanessa
i hope watever you read will come true!! Thank you so much!! i loved your energy!" ... written by pink
just had a healing thing done. will keep posted" ... written by matthew
excellent !!" ... written by matthew
Very helpful" ... written by Telena19
My good friend bravebyrd told me about paro! He is really good! I would recommend him!!" ... written by ch
He is great! Everything he said came true and his spiritual works provide amazing results. " ... written by Toby
Paro is the best!! I love talking to him!!" ... written by Bravebyrd
Thank you, Paro. I have given my life for his love. I know we are meant to be together. I just want him to show he cares." ... written by familyhelper
Thank you very much for giving my mind a rest from all my questions and worries. I am very grateful for your help and calm manner of reading me. " ... written by Charlie
Thank you Paro for helping me. I trust you completely and just needed some reassurance during a hard day. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
great" ... written by kuiipo5
the best" ... written by kuiipo5
always the best" ... written by kuiipo5
Thank you so much, may you have an abundance of blessings xx" ... written by gipsygirl
Great person to talk to." ... written by ParoFriend
always the best!!" ... written by Bravebyrd
Powerful man" ... written by ParoFriend
great reading" ... written by kuiipo5
Great person to talk to almightyparo" ... written by AlmightyFriend
very good spot on excellent" ... written by jana
great reading had an update" ... written by p
Paro is the best!! I don't know what to say. I hate to share but hey lol!! he is so easy to talk to and very cool. Everything so far that he has told me has come to pass!!" ... written by Bravebyrd
This was very clarifying indeed. I trust you are right Almighty Paro and I very much like your way of doing readings. Bless you!" ... written by Charlie
He is awesome as always. " ... written by carla
Paro is a good person to talk to about your problems." ... written by Power Man
Good" ... written by light
on target! " ... written by ann
been soooo long since we spoke and he still remembered my situation. thanks paro!! your so sweet! will be back" ... written by n
Paro is the coolest. Everything he has told me is going according to plan. He is the man!! i am so glade that I found he. He keeps me on track and focused. He has taken his time to explan and work out my situation. I enjoy talking with him. i wish i could just talk and laugh with him everyday but work does not permit me lol. But it seems when I really need to talk to him he is always here. i just want to thank him!! Paro is the best!! thank you!!" ... written by Bravebyrd
he is quick, i'll tell you that, and he got the personality spot-on!" ... written by f
Great man. Had been a while since we had spoken but he hadn't forgotten me :) Going through a bit of a rough patch just now but I know he will get me through it. " ... written by Lyn
Paro is Amazing just as he was telling me not to worry about a love interest and that he would get in-touch with me and right in the middle of our conversation my love interested IMed me. It was so funny. Paro is accurate. and believes strongly in his predictions and doesn't sway. He is like one of my family members LOL. I hope to meet him one day." ... written by Avenda
thank you paro" ... written by kuiipo5
Paro is the real deal." ... written by nextellife
Paro is the best!" ... written by Bravebyrd
Thankkkk yoouuuuu Paro!!!!! (Again!.. for the 5th time today).. lol" ... written by m
paro is really good, not only does he tell you about the problem, he will help you fix the problem! He does not use cards or anything! Gifted!" ... written by carla
Thanks Paro for the insight and update. Will come back soon again!" ... written by Charlie
Paro told me that my love interest would get in touch with me and he did. He also told me that he would be showing more emotion toward me and he is. I am looking forward to at big turn around in this situation. " ... written by Avenda
the best" ... written by kuiipo5
Thanks Paro for a very good twin session with very much insight in to my situation. I trust your abilities will help me out in a big way. " ... written by Charlie
Thanks Paro for a nice update. I really appreciate your help in my situation, which is not easy in any way. " ... written by Charlie
he is always on point with me!!" ... written by Brave
Paro my friend.. thanks a lot for everything you are doing for me.. you are amazing " ... written by adela
wonderful reader...really much try him" ... written by utrer
Paro sticks to his guns. When he feels that something is right about a situation he holds fast to it even if i am totally doubtful. I love having him do readings for me. Despite what anyone-else says about a situation being a certain way, if he sees it different he will always stand strong on what the spirits tell him." ... written by Avenda
Great connection each time we chat. Paro is always consistent and never changes his message from spirit. I look foward to his readings and insight." ... written by Avenda
Thanks my friend wish we had longer to chat, you always know what is going on before i tell you thank you." ... written by gipsygirl
always good to talk to." ... written by brave
Thanks Paro! Happy to come by for an update, cause you were able to answer all my questions. Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Lovely man, positive and encouraging. Thank you much my friend. " ... written by Lenaie
Paro is always in my corner and guides me through my situations. He is my favorite psychic on Oranum with out fail he stand firm on his predictions." ... written by Avenda
Awesome reading, got much needed confirmation and encouragement that I needed. Thank you will return for future readings. " ... written by DD
great reading thanks!" ... written by leo girl
excellent reading, will return!" ... written by leo girl
i do not feel I could have wished for a better reading, i loved and appreciated everything unfold in truth and honesty. I was very happy with accuracy and feel i would come back for updates. I feel this person is gifted and I feel fortunate and grateful for this divine guidance. " ... written by bell
Great Paro! Always sensing things very accurately. Talking with him is a real pleasure." ... written by Charlie
he was great" ... written by T
:) good to talk to." ... written by Brave
very good reading. highly recommend :)" ... written by Apples
fast and accurate! love it!" ... written by sheri19
Paro gave me a very honest reading and is a straight to the point kinda guy he very accurately picked up on my situation and I look forward to talking to him soon. Thanks my friend God bless" ... written by Patience
First reading with Paro, didn't have to say anything, he just started reading for me, he felt the situation correctly, i hope his prediction comes true as he said, will update when the time comes, thank you very much." ... written by bryana
Thanks Almighty Paro, even though i feel like giving up you are still so sure of a positive outcome. " ... written by gipsygirl
great awesome!!!" ... written by jamira76
He is wonderful!!! Realllly, REallllly good! He should have #1 and #2 next to his name - soooo accurate, he knew everything!!! xoxoxo" ... written by Alexis
Very detailed information. quick to connect and type. Thanks for the update!" ... written by leo girl
Great guy and is doing some work for me so I shall see the turnout :) have high hopes " ... written by Q
Awesome reading Paro was again very helpful and I trust I will see some results! " ... written by P
Thanks for the reading. Very reassuring indeed! Talk soon again!" ... written by Charlie
Great reading as so many times before!" ... written by Charlie
Wow, Paro is amazing and right on point and made me feel at ease. Thank You so much. You are wonderful." ... written by PinkLotus
we will see how the future unfolds. very quick to answer ,very first time with almightyParo, want to see if he is right about the questions that I have asked" ... written by sunrisegold
All issues settled then. Thanks again Paro for an excellent reading!" ... written by Charlie
Great reader. It is just that simply said. Give him the dob and he just instantly is able to read. amazing" ... written by db
as always, can answer any question you have" ... written by db
ok" ... written by f
good person to talk too" ... written by next
good man." ... written by next
Always very fast with the connection!" ... written by frag
HE. IS. AMAZING. " ... written by db
he is the best of the best" ... written by goldengirl
fast reader, helpful" ... written by sasha
Good to talk to :)" ... written by Brave
HE THE BEST" ... written by GOLDENGIRL005
good person to talk too and open-minded" ... written by your friend
Thanks for the reading, it boosts my confidence although it wasn't very in depth. " ... written by Karen
Excellent, try Almighty Paro you will not be sorry . Always on target will keep you posted on the outcome!" ... written by gipsygirl
its been a minute but nice talk!!" ... written by Brave
Great andamp; fast andamp; quick to thep oint!" ... written by L
thank you, you are a great master" ... written by iza 528
I enjoyed my update with you your such an amazing reader. I will continue coming to you. Your love and relationship advice is always soothing to hear. Thanks again AlmightyParo" ... written by Amy
very fast connection and typing. thanks for the update" ... written by leo girl
Whatever fears you have, they will be put at ease after talking to AlmightyParo. you truly have turned my life around for the better. I can't ever thank you enough " ... written by Toya
Very nice guy, looking forward to working with him again" ... written by Kerry
Very good reading. Waiting on the outcome of everything" ... written by Nini
OMG, this man AlmightyParo is so accurate it just so unbelievable and scarey:). He told me something a day ago and I can see it happening. . if you have uncertainty about anything come into him for a reading. You come in one way and leave out feeling totally relief." ... written by Goldengirl005
Thank you you are my life saver! always spot on with everything." ... written by gipsygirl
Thanks Paro for once again a helpful and sober reading on my situation. " ... written by Charlie
Paro is the best of the best. If you are looking for honesty go see him. It gets no better than having a reading done by Paro. Trust me you will not be disappointed " ... written by Shay
He really has a gift. Nailed my issues in my relationship. Thank you" ... written by kendra
this man is amazing is the best oh oranum. If you are confused, tired and bother by things people please come to Almightyparo. He will help you and let you know why you Andre feeling the way you feel and rend he will direct you in the right path. I'm just stud by what just recently happen. He is amazing, come for a reading and you won't never be the same. He awesome." ... written by Goldengirl005
AlmightyParo is an awesome gifted psychics. if y out are stress or worried please come you need have a reading from him and you won't leave the same when you come out. He is awesome and we some, A perfect 10 and above" ... written by Goldengirl005
AlmightyParo is a man of his words what he say or said believe it. He knows his work" ... written by Goldengirl005
He is amazing! Told me things others have not told me. Very awesome!" ... written by D
Almighty was awesome! can't believe the amount of information he gave to me without me asking many questions. think he is very truthful. Connected quickly and I will definitely be back to follow up......Absolutely give him a shot!" ... written by lonalulu
Give him a try and you will be back." ... written by Goldengirl005
He is awesome and what he say will happen a gonna he does sugarcoat nothing" ... written by Goldengirl005
I just had a private two day ago maybe not that agony I just seen something and I can't believe " ... written by Goldengirl005
OMG, I'm speechless I can't believe what just happen last night... Listen everyone or anybody if you need help concerning relationship or and personal issue. He AlmightyParo is the one." ... written by Goldengirl005
Thank AlmightyParo I looking forward to talking with you very soon:) hug hug my firend" ... written by Goldengirl005
I mean to say He AlmightyParo is the man" ... written by Goldengirl005
v good...excelent" ... written by angelpii
Very accurate" ... written by Nini
I mean to say amend he and he doesn't sugarcoat" ... written by Goldengirl005
He is very very good , he scare and shock the hell out of me many times" ... written by goldengirl0005
AlmightyParo is one of the Best psychic up here on Oranum. " ... written by goldengirl0005
Mindblowing accurate,this man is the real deal,you knew things to how I have been feeling to other things,I look forward to predictions coming through,which I am sure they will,Highest recommendation xoxoxo" ... written by Jennifer
Was ok, just was hard to understand at some points" ... written by michael martin
interesting reading. I believe he is the real deal" ... written by sasha
It is always a pleasure speaking to AlmightyParo, the 1st reading I had left me speechless. I wish I had met Paro earlier before I made so many decisions in life. since speaking to him my life has changed for the better and I owe it all to you. Thank you Paro :) " ... written by Lmsunshine601
Powerful spirits remove all negative obstacles. Thank you Paro for your help!" ... written by solo
Paro is just the best and very professional " ... written by Liza
very accurate" ... written by Nini
He is the best accurate psychic up here. You will go In one way come out feeling totally refresh. He the best. Come for a readimg and try him. You keep coming back he compassionate and caring Thank Almightyparo your the best" ... written by goldengirl00005
WE came together again for this process, and I can say Almighty Paro works with intricate depth, understanding, and power. Great Blessings Almighty Paro." ... written by Margaret
Talking to Paro puts me at such ease. there has never been a time that he steered me wrong. I will continue to keep coming back to you. " ... written by Shayla
Excellent and gifted !!" ... written by YH
Thanks Paro for the once again sober and very informative reading. This was very very helpful. " ... written by Charlie
Very accurate" ... written by Nini
Really good , what Paro told me is starting to unfold, Thank you so very much XX" ... written by gipsygirl
Very helpful enjoyed the reading" ... written by Yas
Best Physic I always look for Paro when i come to Oranum. Love is insight and predictions." ... written by Avenda
Paro is one of a kind, very genuine, he doesn't talk to you as a psychic but as a very humble friend. " ... written by Shayla
hes stunningly amazing and truley gifted beyond !!! please do yourself a favor and let him read you !!! you will never forget his words and his prediction come to pass !!! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
Thanks Paro for giving me the time to check on this. Hope for a good result!" ... written by Charlie
Beliving in him and everything he does, hoping all of this works, thank u so so much will keep updated!" ... written by Melissa
His readings has always been so powerful, especially when he uses his tool. Ever since I started reading with him, my life has change. It is always!!!! Important to follow up with almighty. " ... written by Michelange9
thank you just confirmation from you makes me happy!" ... written by GIPSYGIRL
oh my goodness!!!!! How in the worrlllddd!!! You are amazing. I don't want to post it all but HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT ABOUT THE BEST FRIEND (rhetorical). I would love more info on the grandmother's ring but wow! This reading has me like WOW! They all do but your last statement about the best friend...WOW!!! I will be back to update you!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH" ... written by Jazzylady155
oh my goodness!!!!! " ... written by Jazzy
fantastic reading! Almighty Pro always makes me feel better about my situation!" ... written by lornalulu
I must say he is one of the best psychics I have encountered by far. Very accurate and straight to the point. I will always go to him for help." ... written by Sylvia
thankyou much I feel much calm now " ... written by loretta
super quick and super cool. good energy and states the truth" ... written by sarahj
Paro is helping me in my situation and gives me confidence again! He is very fast and I can see my future with great conficence and luck! TY for your hard work Paro!!! X Nicole" ... written by nicole snijders
wow!! this man never ceases to amaze me!!! HE IS SO QUICK AND TO THE POINT!!! He will NOT waste any of your time and will speak honestly. Be VERY READY FOR THE TRUTH. He can sum it up for you in 5 minutes. That is how fast he connects with you. " ... written by Jazzy
Almighty Paro is Definitely Most Brilliant with what he does, and is able to do. Having searched the world over, I can truly say there is no one as Brilliant, or as Effective, as Almighty Paro. Great, True, and Most Beautiful Blessings to You Almighty Lord Paro!" ... written by Margaret
excellent" ... written by lola
Paro is amazing. There has never been a time where I couldn't come to Paro and talk to him . any fear that I have is gone by the end of the secession. I look forward to many more conversations " ... written by Lmsunshine601
My Opinion of Almighty Paro is he is different, he's gifted, he's one of a kind, he's truly miraculous. there will never be another one like him. he only wants the best and I appreciate everything he has done for me. " ... written by Lmsunshine601
OMG!!! He had contact me through text and said sorry .. Im speechless . What ever Almightyparo tells you please believe it. Im just waiting for more to happen this is just the start. I will be talking With u on Monday Almightyparo.. Omg" ... written by goldengirl41
Almighty Paro is AMAZING, with AMAZING WORK andamp; POWER. Every Blessing AP!" ... written by Margaret
So honoured to have found Lord Paro, and to be party to his great and wondrous work. I thank God, and ask that God Bless him truly, even more so than he already is! " ... written by Margaret
Paro did very good and hard work for me in my situation. Too bad my credits went so fast.... I wil be back Thank you so much!!" ... written by Nicole Snijders
Truly incredible, and well beyond words, is Almighty Paro. Not only truly powerful, but deeply insightful, well beyond normal, and very into extraordinary. Very Great integrity, truth of soul and spirit. I am forever and always grateful, and with God's help, shall do whatever I can to repay him. God Bless in Every Way." ... written by Margaret
Almightyparo is one of the most and is the best accurate psychic on oranum. He not alone tell you what is going on, he will also tell you what the other person is actually thinking and feeling. Amazing and he is your doubt be out the window. Whoever feel lose and hopeless please come and be restore again because he dont say what u wamt but what is the truth. Im still waiting for all what he told me. I know it will happen Very soon. You can feel his work beinf done that how great he is. Come on in you wont leave the same. Thank Almightyparo be talking with u very soon.:)" ... written by goldengirl41
Paro is great! He is fast and very sure of what he is doing and telling. Gives me a lot of confidence in a situation in which i have to be very, very patient...... Thank you so much. XXX Nicole" ... written by nicole snijders
thanks we ran out of credit" ... written by sonia
I am hoping there are enough Blessings in the Universe for Almighty Paro, for what he is doing, and what he is able to do. God may have to create extra ones especially and specifically for Almighty Paro! Great Love and Blessings Almighty Paro." ... written by Margaret
Almighty Paro was awesome. Much more insightful information than most psychics. Knew many specifics about the situation and about the resolution of them. I will be checking back with him often and highly recommend him to all. :)" ... written by Carol Taylor
Thanks my friend, always good talking to you, and you are still positive about my situation . Holding thumbs for good news soon xx" ... written by GIPSYGIRL
Just needed some short advice and reassurance. Thank you Paro for being so fast and honest!!! X Nicole" ... written by Nicole Snijders
great reading" ... written by n
A great honour and pleasure to work with Almighty Paro. He is a Very True and Deeply Profound Blessing. Gpd Bless." ... written by Margaret
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