About Angellove11

Psychic Angellove11has 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Angellove11has recently helped 70members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Angellove11's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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She was very insightful and comforting. One of the best I listened to so far! I admire her intuition and grace. Highly recommended to anyone looking for definitive answers." ... written by nns12291981
If you have problems or want to make changes in your life ANGELLOVE is very personal." ... written by volume1
Fun and vibrant!Thankyou so much :)" ... written by rattail1
Great reading. She did not waist any time. Hope it comes true. Thanks again!" ... written by Joy007
really good, caught on my situation extremely well andamp;amp; told it as it is.highly recommended to others." ... written by Ammer
She was very comforting. She made me insights to my current and immediate future that needed some thought and action from my side thanks so much for your time i will recommend her highly. God BLESS Take Care Angel" ... written by geminineil2011
thanks so much have treated me like a sister and gotten straight to the point. I appreciate your caring spirit and you support. i will see you soon again.....thanks" ... written by lisa
A great support and advice! " ... written by marielam
She is amazing and full of love energy..........she is always spot on.................I always be looking forward to her readings........Love and Light." ... written by legend99930
she is so funny and sweet. Had a great reading with her, do recommend! Go in for a reading and see what she has to say about you! You will definitely enjoy your time." ... written by katnguyen
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Angel168
She was to the point and helpful, broke down the things directly to me. she is considerate and kind, with an open heart to want to help." ... written by Lisa
This girl is so spunky and on the ball! great connection, great details, great vibes - true clean psychic" ... written by liindee-lou
Every time !!!!i love chatting to Angel :) puts a smile on my face x" ... written by Charlotte-Rosex
very fun and pleasant to talk to, full of energy" ... written by wabbit1988
Focused, right on point concerned. I enjoyed my reading." ... written by LadyL5
just like before we fun and easy going, easy to talk to direct to the point no pussy footing, definitely will be my main psychic " ... written by wabbit1988
I cant say anything more than that.................................I am BLOWN AWAY by her.......................XXXXX" ... written by Joggii
a very good reader" ... written by ukguyleeds
She is gorgeous as always . Very accurate . Cant find words to describe her . Everybody should try her and see how she is. I would love to have readings with her every day. Highly recommended." ... written by remedio
Delightful and good advice. We will see how accurate the read is too." ... written by spiritualgirl1
she is very accurate I like to have her help again " ... written by ema
she is wonderful!!!!!! So very accurate!!!!!" ... written by KKBABY11
this psychic is God's person that only I know and she doesn't sugarcoat things and lovely reading . I love her I could date her as well if her hair was straight lollllll" ... written by akash
Very accurate and caring. I was doubting my intuition about a situation but Angellove11 confirmed what I was thinking. I will be back again for sure. Thank you so much." ... written by nanjagayle
She's a darling and such a strong light to anyone who needs it. She has been my advisor and my confidant and my reason to feel sane again....THANKS!" ... written by lisa
Angellove was very good. Her approach was different than other psychics I've used, and I liked it. She was direct and gave helpful and honest answers. I would highly recommend her services." ... written by Jerseylil
Angel is the most honest and lovley woman i think i have ever met. She helped me so much and made me feel so much better and more confident to feel i can be me and gain control and confidence for myself. i have spoken to many people about my situation and only Angel made me see and realize what i have to do for mysef to make things better. thankyou angel you really are an angel :) x" ... written by Charlotte-Rosex
Shes brilliant, lovely and straight to point. Give her a try xxx" ... written by mubz100
Lovely lady, made me smile through my confusion. I will get back to you after I've made Contact. Prayers and blessings... xoxoxo" ... written by snowmoon
what a great reading im speachless. ive been tweo more then one syphic and they all say the same thing thank you so much i apperticate it " ... written by morphine_bites
She's very nice and caring and gave absolutely wonderful analysis of the situation. Thanks !" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
She healed me and i felt it. Now it's up to me to do what she said and now it's will all work out. I feel warm all over my body!" ... written by marielam
your talented and sweet and hearty. your positive out look on my future life has been an amazing revalation. i deffineettllyy recommend her to anyone please ask her your questions. shes truley amazing. im full of spirutal energy right now and im happy. " ... written by morphine_bites
What a positive and uplifting reading about my further! I was still smiling after and hopefull a long time after. Thank you so much! :)" ... written by marielam
It felt good to know the hints on future lying ahead...i hope it all come true soon....waiting for a long time." ... written by osheen
she was lovely and i really enjoyed my reading with her" ... written by gemmie
Very very good reading ill definitely come back." ... written by mauricioj27
she is absolutely super!!!!!! There is no doubt about that! She picks up on you immediately , God Bless Her!!!!!!!" ... written by KKBABY11
aww Thank you sooooo much AngeL Luv!! i will get the stone you suggestd to me :} appreciate for you help God Bless :}" ... written by randumb
She was intense and spot on. Gave good insight into the work area and then an interesting perspective into the love area. I enjoyed the reading, and she gave 100%. Thank you!" ... written by V
Angel is a true SWEETHEART and so helpful. TY friend :)" ... written by mozzy123
Fantastic Reading. Thank you so much for your guidance. Has really cheered me up! Spot on guidance and some laughs! Highly Recommended. Claire xx" ... written by clairejane33
Fantastic Reading. Thank you so much for your guidance. Has really cheered me up! Spot of guidance and some laughs! Highly Recommended. Claire xx" ... written by clairejane33
Angel is so amazing and empathic! Give her a try, you won't be disappointed." ... written by snowmoon
Very helpful advice, we will see how it goes..." ... written by anonymous
i loved her she was amazing thanks because i really needed that" ... written by monaeharden1
my 3rd reading with angellove11 as always excellent reading, very fun and friendly to talk to, will be back again and again, THANKYOU ANGEL!!" ... written by wabbit
angelovel she is my good friend now and she is really focused girl. angel i really respect u and feel our friendship will last long if u can add me on FB that will be great thanks love u r a sweetheart" ... written by akash
Always so helpful, so warm. Spot on advice. I highly recommend her. Had an astonishing e-mail reading with her,too. xoxoxo" ... written by snowmoon
Awesome!! She gave great advice and really hit the nail on the head with what is going on in my life right now. Gave me the confidence to move forward in my relationship and move in the direction I want to. " ... written by NiVanya
angelovel she is my good friend now and she is really focused girl. angel i really respect u and feel our friendship will last long if u can add me on " ... written by akash
She was great!!" ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
angel was truly great and very helpful.she really was patient and informed. thanks so much! " ... written by peaceofmind3
I can see why so many speak so highly of her! She is INCREDIBLE! What she picked up on was really amazing - floored me how she knew the things she did. Lovely and amazing reading - highly recommend! Would give more than FIVE STARS if I could!!" ... written by sacredlove71
A delight...I think I will stop readings with anyone else." ... written by spiritualgirl1
all I can say is amazing! she gets right to the point and gives great advice on the situation not just giving you answers." ... written by jessjess1
She's the best! :)" ... written by macbarbi
Terrific reading! Really on target and provided much support and reassurance. Thank you so much!" ... written by starshine34
she is absolutelly cooll she did a perfect reading and such a full of life person. loves her enivronment with songs and all. i will come back to her again hopefully." ... written by akash
RATED THE TOP PYSCHIC ON ORANUM" ... written by volume1
Loool " ... written by CalculusKing
She sure has got it! !! smiles andamp; spunk andamp; precise!! very deep and committed to her readers. thanks so much, it was fun too - lots of sharing :)" ... written by liindee-lou
worth every cent. Get a reading from her" ... written by Questionlove2
she is great to talk too!" ... written by Danyale0525
Thank you angellove! You were right on the money! you will be my psyhic from now on. SHE IS SO AWESOME!!!!!" ... written by vansangyl
angel is a truly gifted special soul. her psychic abilities, her listening gifts, her pleasant nature, and knowledge of the human psyche makes this girl, la creme de la cream!!! merci!!" ... written by liindee-lou
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a reading xx" ... written by gazza
As usual she was very good. She did a wonderful reading. She exactly knows what i am going through in lifee. she is a true friend and not at all a money sucker. thanks sharm...." ... written by akash
Angellove11 gave me a very good reading and helpful advice from my guides. I also appreciated the advice on the meditation stone. I would recommend her services." ... written by jerseylil
She is Official Angel Mascot of Oranum : ) She is the comfort zone :) her insight is very helpful. thank you and god bless" ... written by Neil
Awesome as always. :) Excellent! xoxox" ... written by snowmoon
im still in his heart and that gives me lots of hope thank you i wasnt sure but i am now i need this man ..and he needs me too.he is very afraid of love and its my he is afraid of the feelings i stirs up inside of him..he doesnt know unconditional love nor does he trust it. i loved him before we met and he felt it also..i have never had this connection with another soul and i want him to stay in my life, i need him .we are so mush alike but he thinks we are different because he lets his fears rule his head and doesnt trust his heart. thank you for confirming what i already knew." ... written by cindywalter
Angel is amazing! I actually love her! She is so friendly and lovely, she is kind with what she says, and she picks up on everything that is going on in an instant second lol .. mwahh" ... written by toyah123
angel you are simply amazing and i love your heart. and insight. It was too quick. Will come back again. Great insight and guidence xoxoxo" ... written by suzana01
She is very very accurate and extremely good. also polite and friendly. sound and solid advice is given and very accurate current status of affairs predicted" ... written by didi1962
She is very good....picked up on situation right away. I would recommend her. " ... written by dstufra1
She was good. she is a nice gal. Best fo luck to her." ... written by akash
She is brilliant - my guide, advisor and everthing i trust her fully. Very very accurate" ... written by didi1962
She is very accurate and gives great advise to benefit your current and future situation, she is also very understanding and sensitive and cares more about to hear your story. I highly recommend her." ... written by Dunia4ever
She is brilliant - my guide, advisor and everthing i trust her fully. Very very accurate" ... written by didi1962
Angel, was very brilliant, and fast! If you did not understand...she is more than willing to explain. I hope her prediction comes true." ... written by Mesha11
Very nice reading and a very good friend..thx babe." ... written by frizzle441
Very Helpful, Down to Earth and caring.Would recommend " ... written by tivabeth22
Angellove11 is amazing, down to earth and genuine! " ... written by Caiden
She was really great really seemed to know what she was talking about. Thanks angel love :) xx" ... written by Baowchicawawa
Amazing and accurate reader!!!!!" ... written by purplehaze76
Very positive reading." ... written by toy001
Absolutely on target. Right to the point!!!" ... written by OverJoyed
She is fantastic!!!!!!!Absolutely on the spot!!!!!Wonderful!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
She really picked up on my situation with quickness and accuracy. I will definitely seek her guidance again. Thank you for the great reading." ... written by OverJoyed
Outstanding!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Great reading with you Angel. Thank you for the guidance." ... written by StarrVision
SHE IS THE BEST ON ORANUM!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
wonderful in every respect,, thnx again.." ... written by zimerili1
Great personality very funny, gave me some insight in things and what to do to make it better for myself, much appreciated and I would recommend her. She is good xx" ... written by f999111
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
Thank you Angellove for an amazing update!!" ... written by marion
thanks v much" ... written by mark
I must confess I didn't think much of psychic, but Angellove has change my mind. she mention things about me that I know she didn't know and gave me a few pointer on some things o did know about. she is simply amazing I will be coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by DERRICK
Thank you angellove for an amazing reading" ... written by marion
Absolutely great." ... written by L
She was quick to connect! :)" ... written by Cutie09
excellent reading" ... written by gregg
she was so gentle and connected really quickly. " ... written by Z
Angellove is authentic and has a open heart I will be back" ... written by Amiel Burgess
thank you it will help me on my way !" ... written by arthanor
Interesting reading was kind and fun thank you " ... written by Sher
good" ... written by hit_chi
interesting reading with lots of care. x" ... written by David