About AnnaSimone

Psychic AnnaSimonehas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic AnnaSimonehas recently helped 34members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about AnnaSimone's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello! I am AnnaSimone, a third generation psychic. I am a crystal ball and tarot reader with clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities. I have worked on Oranum for many years, and given thousands of readings to my regular clients. You can ask me anything you are wondering about. Love, relationships, career, family, spirituality and emotions are my specialisms. Feel free to chat with me now.

Very good reading, lovely person, answered all the questions in depth that I asked. Felt a lot better about my current situation during/after the reading. Would definitely use again." ... written by xcharlotte00x
Great reading." ... written by pandoy
Brilliant reading." ... written by Tasha
Nice!" ... written by englandsglory
Totally recommend Anna, she is awesome!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
her reading was spot on, as usual, shockingly accurate. 5 stars" ... written by jana
i love her so much, she is one of teh best readers here" ... written by DANA
What an amazing reading, Anna you are very acurate and I will certainly take ur advise. I look forward to the follow up reading." ... written by corvettime02
Nice!" ... written by englandsglory
She was very sweet and helpful... gave me somethings to think about... will be back for another reading :)" ... written by victoriarosa2
Another amazing reading! OMG Anna everything u said is true, thank you so very much for giving me hope. " ... written by corvettime02
The first time I used Oranum I was not happy with the psychic but Anna was very helpful, sweet and actually gave me advice instead of repeating things I already know. I would definitely go back to her again." ... written by KatyLee508
Another wonderful reading, honest is so cool. thank you so much." ... written by corvettime02
Absolutely intriguing! thats really all i can say .. speechless" ... written by jong866
It was a nice reading. Ours was very short as I only had 5 credits left, but seemed very intuitive and caring." ... written by baxter51865186
Wonderful reading as heard lots of answers to questions I asked. Very insightful. Thank you!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Great reading!" ... written by Bojan99
Highly recommended! Great reading." ... written by maynardtony
Lovely Lady - highly recommended! " ... written by clairejane33
Amazingily insightful, great empathy and ability to communicate words that could be difficult for someone else. i have a clarity and know that what i intuitively knew was just confirmed through the cards and the crystal ball.. thank you for your time" ... written by intrigueme184
She connected really well... i will come back for another reading... We shall see if prediction comes true... Really liked her demeanour and professionalism." ... written by lisapatrick
Very patient, understanding. The cards she pulled out explained the situation that i was in and she was right about everything. She uses the card and her career background pretty well to compound a solution. Thanks AnnaSimone!" ... written by christianlopez
Patient, good listening ear, offers good insight and advice." ... written by loveoutdoors
She speaks very well and I enjoy speaking to her! She knows exactly what shes talking about!" ... written by easydoesittt
Very great and helpful. Very real." ... written by I_have_no_clue
Very interesting! I look forward to another reading! Her intellect is exciting! Nice reading!" ... written by quaz101
Excellent!!! This lady can see a lot. Thank you so much." ... written by olenka
Very powerful reader. Truly gifted. I am a medium myself and could feel her energy and knowledge." ... written by celt44
Quick to connect and spot on. Try Anna out...she is a gifted one who is very insightful." ... written by TheEnlightened1
She was really nice and caring, had an amazing positive energy :) I will be back for another reading." ... written by blackbirdy
Loved her, some of the things she saw were amazing and I got some very good advise from her. She uses both the crystal ball and tarot desks perfectly together, can't sing her praises enough, absolutely amazing. xx" ... written by beccixy
She is so awesome!" ... written by littlemiss123
Good!" ... written by oz_matt
DEEPER INSIGHT." ... written by englandsglory
Another interesting reading!! Great! She is a person with great insight!" ... written by quaz101
She is very very good.. knows exactly what she is talking about... I definitely recommend a reading with her... very accurate.. :)" ... written by butterflywings10
Amazing." ... written by gem1974
Amazing! Very good psychic! So good with her readings and also very warm. Will chat with her again." ... written by tobvan
Very good and helpful." ... written by focusing
Right on the money. I've never been happier. I feel so at peace with this news and I have such faith that things will go well. Thankyou for the note of confidence and the guidance. I will be back for a follow up." ... written by WanderingWhisper
Lovely reading very informative and spot on in so many ways would highly reccomend thank you " ... written by naynerz
Thankyou sooo much for the reading i loved it ur an amazing reader thanks :-) i enjoyed it " ... written by ale510
Anna was very accurate with her reading. I was very happy with the way the reading was conducted and how she handled it. I will definitely be back." ... written by raym57
She was very insightful and very accurate on my situation. I barely had to tell her anything for her to describe the bulk of the problem. I couldn't recommend anyone better. A truly gifted person with a lot of compassion and touch of great professionalism. As a psychic she is tried, tested and approved. Anna's more than worth your time. You will not be sorry you tried a reading with her." ... written by Dan2313
LOVE THIS LADY!! WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO ACCURATE! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER! YOU WILL BE HAPPY!!! A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Truly phenomenal!" ... written by JackDavidJordan
Provides clarity and good insights." ... written by loveoutdoors
Beautiful lady. I enjoyed her insight. Thank you very much for my birthday ready." ... written by guidedhere
She had very little information from me, but picked up what I was feeling. Lovely attitude." ... written by ysabeau
Very helpful! Definitely recommend her! " ... written by cancer729
5 stars!" ... written by maynardtony
She's very accurate. Everything she said was right on for what was going on in the situation we spoke about." ... written by crystal0780
Absolutely awesome anna simone is blessed and you will be to when you private with her---first class and genuine ----im a client" ... written by 12cowboy4U
Anna combines her tarot expertise with claivoyance to great effect, combined with her therapeutic knowledge. Really helpful, very tuned in to me and my situation. Would recommend. Lovely and sensitive 'reader'." ... written by Highpriestess012
Excellent reader! Thank you for your help!" ... written by serena21
Really good...typical white witch...good hearted and very very accurate... " ... written by slinkyminky3
Great and precise!" ... written by arrowbelle13
One word. Amazing!" ... written by SiobhanS
Very good, very informative, very caring, very lovely." ... written by thingy1889
Anna predicted that someone I had been talking to would turn into a meaningful relationship and within a week of speaking to her we finally met and it was perfect and we're growing into a perfect couple!" ... written by jong866
Wow!!! so worth it...she is incredible." ... written by Skyranger333
Very good, thank you. xoxo" ... written by kieranmiller
First time, reading with Anna. She is great and I love her accuracy." ... written by angelic2hearts
She is good!" ... written by thundergirl
Anna was perfect. I'm always a bit skeptical to begin with so I don't give away much information, but she picked up my thoughts with amazing precision. She was also very helpful when trying to analyse things. I'll definitely be coming back!" ... written by heccitor
Anna was great... gave very clear answers to my questions." ... written by Scorpio1112
I love anna she is so accurate and very good reader." ... written by jasmail
Love this girl! Very clever!" ... written by slinkyminky3
She was most wonderful. She knew my past and present. Can't wait until the next one to finish it." ... written by manda1127
She's amazing. Great reading and super nice!" ... written by voicescarry
Awesome reading!" ... written by gem1974
Excellent reading. Very intuitive and very sharp. Didn't have to tell her anything and she moved through my situation in and out, plus was able to give me clear and concise advise. " ... written by Dan2313
My favorite white Psychic!" ... written by slinkyminky3
A+" ... written by nagasubramanya
Good reading!" ... written by druvina1973
Very good reading. Definitely guided me past some fears. Very insightful too." ... written by LoriKA
Accurate reading - understanding and patient. Very good." ... written by kat
She was great!" ... written by dladie42
She made me feel more at ease about my situation." ... written by luckmaynard
Lovely!" ... written by SANTALOVESU
Great reading!" ... written by Bojan99
Very fun and informative!" ... written by Skyranger333
Just so amazing," ... written by dreamingisfr33
Anna was so accurate is was a little scary, like she had open door into my mind!" ... written by dreamingisfr33
Really wonderful and helpful... So appreciative of the wisdom!" ... written by GroovyGoddess
Thank you very much Anna. Very nice person and the reading was accurate!" ... written by leah331
Very sweet, kind, caring lady, who knows her stuff. :) Give her a try guys!" ... written by Aryastark
Excellent!!" ... written by Greg5811
She is so precise, everything she said was true!!! SHE IS THE BEST!!!" ... written by Cherry169
She very honest and caring!" ... written by sublime5157
Great reading, thank you!" ... written by katiader13
Perfect!" ... written by wurzle
AWESOME READING!! Very precise and she has amazing scrying skills! Thank you AnnaSimone!" ... written by alizag1tana1201
Anna answered as many questions as she could before time ran out. She's a great advisor. Wish I had more credits. " ... written by confused31
Everything she spoke of totally hit things on the head and even helped give me a spark of inspiration for a novel I'm writing!" ... written by MarsPrincess
The best here on Oranum. What can I say, she is like a big sister to me. She is not just another pretty face. Anna has a heart of gold and a gift of wonder. She is accurate, precise and and extremely succesful at what she does. Couldn't recommend anybody better." ... written by Dan2313
Great!" ... written by SANTALOVESU
Good Reading thanks." ... written by Sunshine200
Absolutely bang on what can I say, certain things may be obvious. But all in all I was after guidance and that was what I got, in great detail and clearly. Thank you Anne, spectacular reading. Highly recommended!" ... written by Durand1981
Very accurate! If you gonna spend your money, she's real deal, trust me I've looked around and she one of the good ones!" ... written by richiesgirl
Thanks very much. Very kind and clear!" ... written by wurzle
Love her reading and understanding of the situation." ... written by gem1974
Anna is like a beautiful, sensational mermaid! She saw something that was very relevant to me! Two angels on my side. I work with angels and I didn't even tell her. She was so accurate, and it was a very uplifting reading for me on a very special subject indeed. Thank you Anna, stay beautiful! " ... written by Rainbowscolors
Very kind person, she had good news for me! :)" ... written by Cell14
Perfect!" ... written by wurzle
She knew a lot and picked up on things someone wouldn't know by first meeting you!" ... written by mariegxld
Anna always helps you out if she can, even if it means using up the leftover credits you had from another panic reading. thank you! She tells you what she sees, don't get me wrong, but she is here to help you get on with life and over your problems. " ... written by confused31
Perfect!" ... written by wurzle
Cards spoke of the situation and provided answers much needed. Thank you!" ... written by dallascowboys8
Just wonderful!" ... written by slinkyminky3
Amazingly accurate so kind, so nice, so honest 1st class reading." ... written by atomic96
Really good! Thank you for all you do. Happy holidays and thanks for helping me through a very difficult time! xo " ... written by eire411
Gave straightforward and honest answers. Thank you for your help!" ... written by daniii43
Awesome." ... written by gem1974
Very good as always anna." ... written by slinkyminky3
Lovely, really helpful. Thanks!" ... written by dxbgirl
This as my first ever reading and I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. My cynical views have gone, the figures in the ball made since, the cards too and I was left with things to take away and think about." ... written by PikeyMikey25
She's really really good! " ... written by king_seti
Anna was great! She covered so much in such little time!" ... written by Jonathan James-Isaac Kennant
She is very informative and gorgeous!" ... written by dmoroz777
Saw very clearly about the relationship and the woman I am seeing" ... written by gardhard49
Perfect!" ... written by wurzle
A joy for a reading!" ... written by rosariopatric
Perfect." ... written by wurzle
She was wonderful and very quick and precise." ... written by beetlenut
Great reading and she put in at ease! Will definitely be back for an update. " ... written by edel95
1 word: AWESOME!" ... written by bradleyL
Excellent" ... written by wurzle
She was wonderful cant wait for the next reading." ... written by manda1127
Lovely lady to spend time with thank you." ... written by rudione33
Tapped into the situation really well - spot on with descriptions. Great reading thanks." ... written by Freedom2211
Lovely lady, thank you." ... written by cb1987
Was very insightful. Was very helpful, I thank her for the reading. Highly recommended." ... written by thinkpositiv2012
Shes an amazing woman with very talented and strong gifts. She defiantly works with the angels from heaven. She was right on about me and my life. She picked up on so many situations. Thank you Anna." ... written by GuardianAngelTy
VERY good. She is able to understand very quickly what is needed and to give insightful, helpful advice. THANK YOU." ... written by jwlipscomb
Simply awesome, I recommend her to anyone." ... written by damo70
I would have liked to have spent a lot longer talking to anna during the reading, lovely accurate, and 'transformative' reading',the images anna sees, with her crystal ball and her intuition were very revealing and always give me clarity and 'hope'." ... written by Highpriestess012
Was very great! Answered all my questions!" ... written by RoyDea123
:-)" ... written by katie230890
Was very insightful. Would luv to have more readings when I do have more credits." ... written by thinkpositiv2012
She is amazing! Picked up on some specific images and details surrounding me. And gave me some intriguing insights as to where my life is headed. I love the image of a 'thistle' that she gave to me.. I will definitely look into that and try to understand better how that represents my situation." ... written by iPreferMimi
Thanks!" ... written by wurzle
Positive and insightful reading, thank you AnnaSimone." ... written by Fulgur
Always an absolute pleasure. Anna is so quick to get messages through and is clear and concise with her advise. Great reading as always." ... written by Freedom2211
She was great.. I enjoyed her a lot and she helped me so much!! Now i know what I need to do." ... written by norfbritany
She is not only lovely, but quite good. Skilled not only in reading and tarot but also with the crystal ball." ... written by Frank
Great, really enjoyed her reading, very fast and kind and accurate reading." ... written by veezee
Very straightforward and quick" ... written by thanya
good listener and answer" ... written by arian
Never had a scrying before and was impressed with the realities of my situation. Unfortunately... I think AnnaSimone is right! Thank you xxx" ... written by Australiana16
WAS VERY DETAILED AND ACCURATE and insightful. Recommended." ... written by Run baby run
Great reading. I'll keep you posted as to whether or not what she says will come to pass does. Hope so. " ... written by curiosity24
Great reading as always anna. Thank you so much." ... written by dianne
Always so insightful and supportive :)" ... written by Freedom2211
She did a great job and I would go back to her again for another reading!" ... written by teddybear6934
Great listener and provides good feedback." ... written by philly
Good reading! I enjoyed it very much! Will be back for more!!!" ... written by gem1974
Very good a professional highly recommended!" ... written by olamotil
Thanks for your guidance, Anna. Much appreciated!" ... written by diana
very good!!!" ... written by misty
The best." ... written by paul
Great insight and so very caring." ... written by j
She is just great!!! She was right on target with my relationship! You must give her a try! " ... written by bem
She is amazing.. the images she sees are so spot on. She was so right about my past relationship, I didn't even see it coming but she warned me of hurt and betrayal and sure enough she was right. I love her honesty and clarity. She is a beautiful soul and warm personality!" ... written by Mimi
She was very helpful and able to help me with some deep issues I had!" ... written by ken
Phenomenal!" ... written by T
She's fantastic, very thorough, in his reading with a crystal ball, how wonderful." ... written by Lumusia
Very nice and sweet I hope her predictions are right." ... written by Danielle
She's very on point with everything, very detailed and also very kind. Had a great reading!!" ... written by Chris
Anna with her crystal ball is sooo exact - it scares lol! She told me something what she could not even guess - AMAZING!!!" ... written by mayansgottallent
Spot on and lovely lady. Really connected with my situation. Great reading, thank you very much :)" ... written by tired and lost
Very very good 5 star lady xxxxxxxx recommend a reading" ... written by emma
Great girl to talk to and a good expert! She does pick up on things, lets hope that what she saw will happen...thanks!" ... written by zimerili1
She was lovely." ... written by ReshmiMM
A good reading." ... written by Alneverus
She's very helpful, very earth like energy, and grounded. Be open and honest and she can help very much." ... written by Djem
Great reading, answered many questions i had. I will keep you posted! Thanks again." ... written by renee
Very interesting reading with the crystal ball... Great job Anna... You are such a sweetheart and you are very detailed and accurate... Thanks so much for your guidance... Many stars for you......Xx" ... written by Ebony
Brilliant!" ... written by Jamaal
Lovely lady and connected well with me. Thanks for the guidance." ... written by tired and lost
Insightful and helpful." ... written by danceles8
Thanks Anna! ;) Was a great insight." ... written by diana
I love how she uses the crystal ball! It's validating." ... written by Nicky
Interesting!" ... written by fretan
Very good will be back to update!!" ... written by leebee4
She's always great, one of my personal psychics I recomend her." ... written by that yin man
VERY QUICK, looking forward to seeing the predictions!! Thanks very much ." ... written by leah
I like her" ... written by emma
She helped me with imagery coming up with a name for a creative project. Crystal ball was used. She is excellent at this type of work. Wow. Very impressed." ... written by l
Very fun reading! I totally enjoyed it!" ... written by Nicky
Great reading, enjoyed the information she shared with me, all touching my heart !!" ... written by Jeannie
She was wonderful. Can't wait on this prediction." ... written by feelmyenergy
Lovely lady who gives great advice and sees things really well. Recommend a reading with her. :)" ... written by tiredandlost
brilliant!" ... written by v
BRILLIANT! And spot on omgomgomg!" ... written by V
Wowowowowow is all I can say! " ... written by v
Wow surprisingly good I thought I would give it a try and wow new some bits about me. Like the women I am into and the line of work I am in, it was scary but fun at the same time. I will definitely be back for another reading but £30.00 for 5 minutes is a once every 2 months job sadly. " ... written by Dean
She's very helpful and indeed gives good advice." ... written by Chris
I love Anna, She is truly one of the best on Oranum. All that she told me is true and I had feelings about a few things that I wasn't quite sure about but she cleared them up for me. Very calm and quick reading" ... written by NiecyM
Very friendly and very easy to talk to. Had some great insight and made me feel better about a few key issues going on in my life. Would love to have a reading from her again." ... written by Lisa
Great reading and advice. Thanks Anna. Hopefully will be calmer next time. :) Much appreciated!" ... written by tiredandlost
Great reading and advice...thanks for the help Anna." ... written by tiredandlost
Wow, very impressive, spot on 100 stars." ... written by stargazer152
She was amazing! So accurate!" ... written by Kimberly Barr
Excellent read!" ... written by stargazer152
Very warm reading gave me all the answers i needed i cant wait to see what happens, not so much the row she has seen but more so the coming together of me and the guy in question!" ... written by clo
She is so sweet and non-judgmental and so accurate. :-)" ... written by Nala
It's great to have you." ... written by Stacy
An interesting take on a particular situation." ... written by Alneverus
Wow! Anna just sees things so clearly and crisp. She picked up immediately and was very good to tell me where my focus should be, and why things happend the way they did. I feel very calm and happy after this reading, and i will be coming back to her! She's just great! xxxx" ... written by Elisabeth
I truly enjoyed her reading and I feel she connects with the spirit realm and get her answers. Easy to talk to. I will tell you to pick her if you need a reading. I will come back for reading. Thank you so much." ... written by valerie
Was very insightful, was very quick and to the point. Highly recommended." ... written by batt123
5 stars!!!!" ... written by Ann
Another great reading! I love her! She's awesome!" ... written by Nicky
It was quite an eye opener, told me a lot of things about myself and what's to arrive. Great reading." ... written by domenica19
Very good and helpful, also accurate." ... written by Kristina
Excellent. " ... written by Al
It was a great first reading! I'm definitely coming back for more!" ... written by Lavie
Great as always Anna.Thanks for the advice and guidance... I will try and hopefully have good things to report next time. Anna is very kind, caring and genuinely wants to help... great to talk to so give her a try. :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Thank you you guide me correctly, I was very confused. :) You helped me to choose the correct path." ... written by Abdul Moeed Khan
Great advice and reading from Anna as always - thanks :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Again brilliant." ... written by Marianne
Brilliant, thank you so much!!!" ... written by Marianne
she's amazing wonderful energy :D Take her to a private, she's amazing :D" ... written by Miss.K
She is great reader! Smart and compassionate, and accurate with insight on things!" ... written by Ann
Very Accuate... really pleasant to speak with! 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
Precise about the details and nice personality" ... written by J
very sweet and helpful. wish i could have afforded more time. definitely recommended, her calming presence is wonderful." ... written by Chelsea
Thank you Anna. :) We covered a lot of areas today, and I appreciate your time. You said Mr. Spock will seek help, he'll be in Japan by next year, Mr. Married I need to put up barriers since I am not okay helping him out of his marriage of course, put up barriers with my mother's new guy but be nice and let them be happy, Bobble head is still on his way, but he's a quiet guy (very interesting btw), and I shall do fine to slowly let in Ms. A. after I set up some barriers for her. But all is well!~ :D Thank you for your verification." ... written by Fuzz
Excellent read." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Thanks for the advice and support Anna." ... written by tiredandlost
Anna is such a kind and caring person. I always enjoy talking to her and she puts me at ease. She gives great advice and always wants the best for you. Very genuine :) Thanks Anna." ... written by tiredandlost
Fantastic insights.. very accurate indeed" ... written by Me
She's wonderful. Connected right away. I didn't have to say much except add a few little details. She knew what I was talking about. Very patient and understanding. I think she gave great advice. thank you!" ... written by Cathy6212
She was very helpful and spot on. " ... written by Vicki
Thank you anna you were spot on with all you spoke about. Will definitely be back to you for another reading." ... written by marzterz
Lovely lady who is warm, caring, genuine and gives great advice. Thank you :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Her advice to me has helped me to realize that I can move on and that I am a better person than this fling that he is having and I really appreciated that she said I am a strong woman so I want to say thank you so much I feel a little better about myself now." ... written by Nancy Iglesias
Great... I had to go sadly." ... written by Firehorse4444
A wonderful reading again, very clear and accurate thanx" ... written by zimerili1
A pleasure, as always. Looks into a situation and provides all she gets on a general outlook on a situation." ... written by Alneverus
Very kind woman, empathetic and good at communicating - knows what she's talking about! Definitely recommend. (:" ... written by chori
This woman is brilliant. She is absolutely amazing. She was right now and could read me like a book." ... written by SonOfAngels
Very accurate reading, I will give her 1000 stars!" ... written by sam
Loads of details, thank you dear!" ... written by Minnie12
Ty...soooooo much...will come by again :-)" ... written by Sunshine
Anna is lovely, always happy to see you and genuinely wants to help. She is really good with relationship advice and a great listener. Very talented with cards and crystal ball. Thanks Anna" ... written by tiredandlost
Very detailed precise, explains things very careful very analytical, concentrated on the people I was focusing on. Very interesting person. I ran out of time, very impressive" ... written by BNJPANGELS
I just love Anna.....She has a very calming tone to her voice.....She is such a beautiful soul inside and out.......I believe that everything she tells me will unfold and she is always on point....I give her more than five stars.....Thanks Anna....." ... written by Ebony
WOW!!! Amazing!" ... written by Cre8withLove
Thanks for the update Anna. " ... written by marzterz
She's so awesome!! Another great reading! :)" ... written by Zeigen
She pointed out the difficulties I was facing. I feel better after the reading. Bless you. " ... written by Drax
She was spot on !!!! on everything she said. Ran out of time, but she was great !!!!" ... written by ucalatinlady
Thank you so much" ... written by cheryl
One of the best here on ORANUM, certainly the most beautifullest!" ... written by Brian
Anna is so positive, warm and genuine. She is always happy to see you and has been a fantastic help in the last few months. She gives great advice, guidance and always listens to what you have to say. Thanks for all you do Anna...much appreciated :)" ... written by tiredandlost
Very fast, very quick, gets a lot of detail, very good reading." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Good!!!" ... written by Jerica
Perfect, will come back again!" ... written by cheryl
Very lovely women, I love how she uses her crystal ball. She very talented and amazing. A lot of has shown up for me through the crystal ball. " ... written by SonOfAngels
Great!" ... written by wynlach1976
She was awesome and on point about everything! Great advice! " ... written by Arlaineee
It was very lovely reading! She tuned in to my parents who were both dead and it was a great relief for me to see that both my parents are guiding me and that they are happy together and that there is no need to worry about them especially my mother. " ... written by AngelGrace
She is awesome and so comfortable to talk to :-) and accurate above all!" ... written by Sunshine
I love her readings. Very fast and postive." ... written by adrian
Anna was very on the nose and very helpful to me. She gave me great peace. She`s honest and sincere..I highly recommend her..." ... written by cooboz
Thanks for always supporting me Anna :) here goes...." ... written by tiredandlost
Very informative Anna. Love it andamp; thank you so much. I know what I have to work on to connect with everything andamp; everyone." ... written by marzterz
Thanks Anna for clearing some doubts I had about some issues.....I love the crystal ball readings.....You are an amazing woman and I adore your accent.....May God continue to bless you with your gifts......5 stars and more......Stay beautiful inside and out...Xx" ... written by Ebony
Many thanks Anna. I got what I wanted to hear :)" ... written by Monitalaros
She was good and precise on where I am right now and where to go from here. " ... written by Melissa Brown
Anna is just a great reader. I really enjoyed her insight. On target but also so warm and supportive." ... written by John
Very accurate in free chat and also in reading :) always been on point in the past, predicted an argument a while back which happened and she said me and j would get through it and we did :)" ... written by clo
First reading with her, and i will definitely return. Had to cut the reading short as the door bell rang :-( Excellent reader x" ... written by Mshelli
Picked up rather quickly, about feelings and future, that others would not know of. Very lovely, blessed to read with her. see and senses things other "normal" people can not. Validates feelings and issues! " ... written by Tiffany
Fantastic Reading- shame it was only short, I wanted to ask a couple of other things. However; you always seem to be accurate with you readings. LOVE YOUR WORK ANNA!!!!" ... written by Anne-Maree
Wonderful was very surprise by how right she was." ... written by Emylou
Anna was a wonderful person and spoke like a true professional. She made sense of things I could not have if I tried to which I did. And I hope she has an amazing life, because she seems like a fantastic person inside and out. Thank you Anna!" ... written by Nathan
Thanks for the update it rings true x" ... written by Rose
Lovely lovely women. Very professional. went straight to the point and love her accent. would recommend and we like to get another soon. cheers!" ... written by james c
Thank you Anna! :) That was such a long session, and I'm sorry if you are fatigued. But it gave me the verification and knowledge I REALLY needed to get to the next step and as you said I really needed to vent. Now I'm tired and well vented and feel relieved and feel my head is sorted properly again. I you said that one guy, who is married, is trying to send me his energies, and to avoid him because he is trouble, and wait for the guy with the bobble hat, and Mr. K. still loves me, but it is not his time tired. It is 4am, and after that long session, I am tired. I'm sorry if the length was difficult, but I really appreciate all the listening and understanding you gave me on the people shoving into my life and energies right now." ... written by Fuzzy
As always Anna is accurate and helpful. Her readings are turning out to be a guiding light! Thank you Anna!" ... written by Sunshime
Picks up pretty well. Very direct and professional. Will see how all the future will turn up. Thanks! :)" ... written by William
Brilliant reading as always :) Thanks Anna" ... written by tired
Thank you so much." ... written by Lenard
Thanks for your help in clarifying the complicated situation, you totally read what was going on. Thanks so much!" ... written by Cosmo
Great reading!! Thanks." ... written by hard2break
I really appreciate it thanks a lot.. She's amazing sees everything in vivd vivid images. Very accurate very honest and really gifted. Thanks again" ... written by PB1923
Wonderful woman!" ... written by BK
All what she says are very true, I love her." ... written by Primo
Pulled out some very accurate info. was accurate with her descriptions. thank you" ... written by Enkori
She connect very well... She could feel my husbands anger stroooooongly." ... written by Ash
Quickly connects, very impressed! Highly recommend" ... written by bruin
Great!!!" ... written by Cambryn
I really appreciate that she wants to help those she is reading for. She has such a kind, loving heart. Wish I could rater her with more than five stars! Thank you AnnaSimone!" ... written by aknative
Great reading, very insightful." ... written by hunter
Very good" ... written by elisha
Great reading thx" ... written by andy
Really answered my question! Thank you :)" ... written by Clarebear3
Very nice and true. Thanks....Annasimone" ... written by mette44
Wonderful, loving compassionate and spot on!" ... written by charlotta
Always great to talk to, gives wonderful advice. Patient, kind, genuine and caring. Anna is very knowledgeable - would recommend a reading :) " ... written by tired
Excellent and helpful." ... written by Kelly
Helpful but short on time for the money." ... written by CW
Very loving. very in tune." ... written by christopher
Excellent, picked up on my energy really quickly, great detail and insight. Highly recommended." ... written by Mahmood Hussain
Great reading again. Very insightful." ... written by hunter
Was insightful." ... written by Christal
Accurate reader, spot on....and pretty definitely will ask her for more advice soon" ... written by kivelz
Wow! What a fabulous first reading! I got all the answers to my questions and then some! Thank you Anna! I look forward to future readings with you!" ... written by madame_diesing
Anna is a wonderful reader. She connects very quickly to your energy and is very clear and precise. She has a great energy about her and gives good advice too. I definitely recommend her! 5 stars. :)" ... written by elizabeth
Wow! AnnaSimone was great, she connected with me and understood me. Well picked up about a twin flame I have and things o regarding my ex I highly recommend her 5+++++++ stars and more." ... written by Danielle
Very good. Shame I ran out of credits." ... written by sophie
Insightful and accurate readings as usual" ... written by kivelz
Really excited about her reading. :)" ... written by frankie
Great" ... written by rebecca
Well, she helped me so I like her and recommend her." ... written by cat
Loved the reading and the guidance." ... written by kat
Was a great read, ultimately also some great advice. the rest i shall have to wait and see once my energy has been focused fully." ... written by Carl Durand
She's so sweet and accurate. Highly recommended. " ... written by Zeigen
As always Anna Is Great. :) Love her. Very comforting energy. " ... written by Miss.K
Another good reading!" ... written by Nicky
Amazing!" ... written by Vicky
She opened my eyes to something that I had not considered; was pinning my worries on my SO when it may be my fears that are causing the confusion. Definitely try her. Doesn't hold back!" ... written by Kathy
Always a great reading. Highly recommend! " ... written by bruin19
Anna Simone is gentle, kind and caring. Her readings are very deep, insightful and meaningful. She is a gifted Spirit Guide and Psychic. I Highly Recommend. You will be amazed." ... written by Anna Simone
First Time to try a Crystal Ball Reading. Anna Simone is very Beautiful, Gentle, Polite, Intuitive and Accurate Psychic. The reading was very interesting and helpful. Highly Recommended." ... written by Martkos
Anna seemed to know exactly what was going on in my situation and she gave me hope for what was going on. I will definitely contact her again if I need a reading done. I recommend her highly to anyone who is struggling with love/relationship problems. " ... written by Adelaida
Very compassionate, thanks Anna, it did help me understand the other persons feelings and where I am with this." ... written by Rosemarie
perfect!!" ... written by MommyAyy14
Anna Simone is gentle, kind and caring. Her readings are very deep, insightful and meaningful. She is a gifted Spirit Guide and Psychic. I Highly Recommend. You will be amazed." ... written by Martkos
A pleasure to speak to." ... written by Alneverus
Very accurate, she picked up on what I was thinking about and what was going on in the situation. I will come back to her again soon !" ... written by Silentlurker3
Excellent very professional and precise reading." ... written by Tesh Sharif
Very good read... Honest but left kinda confused" ... written by kare
Awesome Reading and Healing Session. Anna Simone was able to act as a medium and we received some amazing healing. Her visions were so detailed and profound. Thanks so much Anna. I'm looking forward to my next reading. One of the Best Psychics on Highly Recommended." ... written by Martkos
Very helpful!" ... written by Alice
She really tuned in to my questions, understood about how I was feeling. She is really good! Will come again soon! " ... written by Alexa
She was a good reader, felt connected and she gave me uplifting advise. I hope everything turns out the way she suggested." ... written by pinkpather30
Very patient, and thoughtful. Thank you!" ... written by Samsharia
Shes good she was right on target." ... written by Tierra Young
Thank you so much for your words of comfort, mixed with a generous amount of humor, AnnaSimone. Thank you also for your helpful guidance. Nice to have a friend on Oranum. Five stars for this reader!" ... written by Jonathan
Told me what I wanted to now!" ... written by luvu
Helpful, gave me clarity about how to process with situation." ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading helped letting me know a little of what's going on in my situation. " ... written by pinkpather30
She is very good!" ... written by moongirl777
She is really good! Understood my questions very well! Be back soon! " ... written by Sunflower229
Great reading as usual! One of the best if not the best here." ... written by boru
Anna is great. So insightful. There is so much real life experiences she brings to the readings it is so helpful and insightful." ... written by John
Anna Simone is a very intuitive, empathic and capable psychic. I requested a general reading and dream interpretation and it really helped me to discover and understand some underlying emotional baggage I was carrying around due to traumatic childhood events and family relations. Thanks so much. I highly recommend a reading with Anna Simone." ... written by Markos
She's on the spot! Very good! I feel better when I talk to her! Can't wait for December! " ... written by Sunflower229
Thank you very much Anna." ... written by irelandirish
She's always comforting and I trust her visions." ... written by y
A lovely women totally gifted an sincere many gifts to to give i will return" ... written by devene page baca
I had a very great and detailed reading with Anna, she is absolutely lovely. She has a very calming and soothing voice and definitely on point about things. " ... written by elena
Anna is just great. So insightful and so much life experience. She offers so much." ... written by John
Thanks for the great reading." ... written by luvuu
Really great to chat to." ... written by Colin
Very helpful! Thank you!" ... written by Mikaela
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Awesome, she was able to connect straight away, recall some stuff from last reading which was over a week ago, impressive!! You won't be dissapointed!! :)" ... written by Autumne
Anna's reading was very special. She was able to fill in some points of where I am heading in my life." ... written by William
Great reading!" ... written by Zeigen
A truly lovely lady, has helped me in the past and has been correct on predictions made before for me, really comforting and gives great advice too! " ... written by clo
Always greatly appreciate my readings with AnnaSimone!! Excellent reader, answers all questions throughly and quickly!" ... written by madame_diesing
Thanks Anna. Very spiritual and helpful." ... written by irelandirish
Wow! She answered everything I was concerned about, and she had pretty great detail! Loved it." ... written by Morgan
Spot on as always, best reader here." ... written by Marianne
Anna Simone is a very Empathic, Gentle, and Talented Psychic. Her Crystal Ball / Scrying technique is unique and advanced. The visions are very detailed and accurate. Plus her interpretative and communication skills are equally good, which allows for easy to follow readings. And I also find her advice to be geniune, thoughtful and very helpful. Therefore I can highly recommend an extended reading." ... written by Martkos
Great insight." ... written by christina
Good!" ... written by NIKKI
Wonderful and accurate!" ... written by Alicia
Thanks for the update, Anna, as clear as ever." ... written by Rose
Great reading with Anna. She is always so insightful. Just love her." ... written by John
She was spot on! Incredible!" ... written by sara
Her reading was pretty accurate. thanks" ... written by Jacqueline
Very good reading, very nice. :0)" ... written by cf
Great reading very helpful!" ... written by Bonnie
Amazing :) She's great!" ... written by Bronte
Amazing as usual! Thank you AnnaSimone! :) " ... written by madame_diesing
Tried very hard to see all my questions got answered thank you so much I recommend her." ... written by robin
Very good predictions will be back for more :)" ... written by angel18wings
Thanks " ... written by luvu
Anna is just fabulous. Love her. So sweet and spot on." ... written by John
Spot on with everything! Great advice and listener! " ... written by zaicha
Anna's readings are always insightful and meaningful." ... written by Marktos
Very good insight lovely to get a reading with her again! I hope friday I get too see my love intrest im so excited about the prediction!" ... written by Silentlurker3
Very deep reading, very insightful, one of my regular psychics." ... written by yin
Thank you Anna, good insight." ... written by irelandirish
I found it very helpful! " ... written by Yuna200
Anna you are simply an amazing reader. I love your advice you instantly tell me whats going on and what's going to happen. I can not wait for tonight im so excited." ... written by Silentlurker3
Thank you so much Anna for the private; am looking forward to seeing how things pan out between me andamp; that person. I appreciate it a lot. Thankyou. 5 stars :)" ... written by Taila
Anna is sophisticated, congenial, to the point and communicates clearly. Strongly recommended!" ... written by Anon
Anna is just wonderful. Great reader. Sees and feels so much. " ... written by John
Recommend a reading with Anna. She always gives wonderful advice and guidance and is very supportive. Great reading as always, thank you very much! :)" ... written by tiredandlost
VERY interesting reading. She hit spot on some of the things I needed to bring me comfort. " ... written by Bonnie
Interesting, very lovely lady, very caring, gave me some good insights - thank you!" ... written by Cathy
Thanks again Anna! xx" ... written by natasha
She is great! Helped me with my questions, very understanding. Will be back when I have some more updates. Thanks again! " ... written by Sunflower1931
Nice straight forward reading! Brought a tear to my eye!" ... written by Deanna
Thanks anna" ... written by k
She is my favorite reader. The best energy, sincerity, andamp; kindness. She is quick andamp; extreme accuracy. Definitely recommend her! She gave me the best Christmas blessings. Lots of love AnnaSimone. :) " ... written by Nicole
She is calm and responds quickly. Wish I have enough credits! :) " ... written by Myra
AnnaSimone is spot on ! Will have a reading again with her." ... written by Margaret
Very friendly and warming. Very accurate in what she saw in my past. Thank you Anna xx" ... written by Claire
Gave me good advise and helped me make firm decision." ... written by pinkpather30
Only by the one or two questions I have asked I can tell she is no fake. Apart from that she has a calming soul which has helped me completely feeling at ease with myself." ... written by kyrii
Very good reading." ... written by anamakram
Always the best 10 stars **********" ... written by paul.golden69
She is Always Great! Can't til January! TTYS! " ... written by Sunflower229
Anna has been very very helpful and insightful....thanks Anna" ... written by irelandirish
Very very helpful..she has given me hope and i do hope what she says come true, very acurate as well!! thank you so much darling :)" ... written by Libra26
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
That was a beautiful reading with a beautiful lady. So accurate about me. :) " ... written by spiritessense
Very helpful and nice." ... written by dayana
She answered my questions very good. She explains things really well! She gave me hope for January! Looking forward to talking to her again in the months ahead. " ... written by Sunflower229
good, very straight forward" ... written by michael
She is awesome! So easy to talk to! Will talk with her again! " ... written by Sunflower229
Calm and relaxed." ... written by Myra
Very clear and straight to the point. Accuracy and makes you feel at ease. Thank you for your reading." ... written by R.S
Reading was very in depth. She answered any question I asked and then went on to add clarity to each answer. Very wonderful reading! Highly recommended!!!" ... written by KLAUNICH
That was very helpful Anna, thank you." ... written by irelandirish
Thanks, Anna!" ... written by k
Thankyou so much Anna! you are amazing, really made me feel at ease and positive about 2014! All the best, I will come and see you again soon! Love and Light Xxxxx" ... written by Hannah Davis
She is awesome!" ... written by Tamika36
Thanks anna. I really need to put what I know and what you tell me into practice. But it's so hard haha. Appreciate the guidance." ... written by k
Thank you" ... written by k
She helped me with my feelings and situation." ... written by Sunflower229
Helped me with some questions. Helped me feel at ease. She is a wonderful reader! Hopefully things will unfold in Feb. " ... written by Sunflower229
brilliant reading..... she is amazing...." ... written by bba
She is always great! Will come again. " ... written by Sunflower229
Great updates!" ... written by luvu
Thanks very much Anna for another insightful reading. Very accurate, empathic and intuitive." ... written by Martkos
Very sweet and kind and intuitive. Was able to pick up on things surrounding my issue and provided some insight. I will be back for sure!" ... written by Tek
I had an update after 2 months on a situation and she was spot on the first time. She offered very good advice and is very accurate in her readings of the other person's emotions" ... written by sara
Thank you so much Anna" ... written by irelandirish
She was very kind." ... written by Jason
Will gladly return!" ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Always incredible, so beautiful, so kind, so accurate!" ... written by paul.golden69
Thanks for the honest and insightful reading." ... written by Martkos
Awesome!" ... written by Kory Miller
Thank you Anna." ... written by irelandirish
accurate as always, this is the 3rd time i came back for her guidance. Thumbs up!" ... written by kivelz
Great, patient and answers your questions." ... written by k
Thanks anna. That was an awesome reading! haha. I will keep those words in mind." ... written by k
excellent insight. this was a follow up reading where her other 2 readings were spot on to the day and i followed the advice she gave as well.... amazing reader!" ... written by sara
Anna was very professional and to the point. Very accurate and detailed. Worth the call." ... written by Mary
great lovely person, lovely reading, spot on! " ... written by zaicha
Always great! Looked more into the question. Will be back soon! " ... written by Sunflower229
She was excellent!!! Spot on!" ... written by Grace
Very insightful and compassionate. She takes the time to listen to your problems and give you solutions." ... written by KLAUNICH
Great reading very clear pick up things that i did not have to say and was able to help me move forward with this please get a reading with her you will be pleased " ... written by cream cake
Short reading, but she was very warm and helpful." ... written by savannah chase
Anna Simone is lovely, to the point and great to find a solution to a problem with.." ... written by Anna
She's very insightful." ... written by Jason
Very good indeed i like her." ... written by Hatman79
Very Understanding! She is very good!" ... written by Sunflower229
Great reading, very clear and things i can do to help in the long run. " ... written by cream
Told her about my dream, helped me with it. Gave me insight. Will be back soon! Thanks! " ... written by Sunflower229
Anna, thank you for your understanding and insight" ... written by irelandirish
Fantastic woman, she is warm and endearing." ... written by savannah
Very intuitive to my situation and truthful. I have have a few readings with her and have enjoyed and benefited from each one. She is very sweet in her delivery and not harsh in any way. I highly recommend." ... written by Tek
Very kind and thorough. Always leave her readings feeling a sense of comfort and much clarity! Thank you! " ... written by madame_diesing
Thanks again Anna, great reading" ... written by tired
Great reading. Anna gave me ways forward exploring my options and looking at the best route for me to follow. She is non judgmental and tells the truth in a very caring way. Will be back for more very good reading " ... written by cream
Great reading...." ... written by b
Brilliant! Thank you so much!" ... written by cazzaanna
Very quick,honest and helpful will talk to her again!! 5 stars" ... written by cat
Great Reader! Will be back again!" ... written by Sunflower229
5 stars! She told me exactly what I was feeling inside...a wonderful confirmation...thank you! :)" ... written by gemmie
Very clear and concise - made a lot of sense - hopefully it all works out" ... written by summerbreeze64
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Anna thank you for your guidance....." ... written by irelandirish
Thank you so much Anna." ... written by irelandirish
Amazing reading! 5 Stars. Thank you for your help! Very intuitive and accurate! " ... written by Perseus
She was absolutely amazing! she was very accurate and she pretty much knew everything i already knew to be true. She also found ways to help and to make the situation better. i am happy to see what the future holds! I will def be back for many updates " ... written by Muse
Thanks Anna, as ever no sugar coating just sensible guidance." ... written by Sunshine
Always understanding and clear. Works fairly quickly and connects well with me. Shares advice and makes me feel comfortable with where I am always. Thanks Anna" ... written by Tek
thanks" ... written by phoenixrisen
She was so helpful... she brougt tears to my eyes hoping and wishing what she said will come true" ... written by Crystal
Good reading!" ... written by Saski
Always helps me with my situation. Be back again soon! " ... written by Sunflower1931
I love this woman and how she works with me. She adapts to my constant changing and gives me straight forward answers and obviously the truth. Not what I want to hear but what I need to hear. Get a reading from Anna soon." ... written by Tek
Sounds accurate ...she calmed me more." ... written by Antoinette
Very insightful reading. She is very in depth and knowledgeable. " ... written by sara
She made me calm." ... written by Antoinette
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
She was spot on! Thanks a lot Anna!!!!" ... written by Water Bearer
Thank you for the updates." ... written by luvuchaluka
Read read! Will update soon! Thanks again! " ... written by Sunflower1931
Great Reading, let's see what happens! " ... written by Sunflower1931
Kind. Sweet. And very accurate." ... written by STEF
Excellent as always!!!!! Thank you Anna! You're amazing!!" ... written by Grace
Thank you Anna.... you are a great guide. " ... written by irelandirish
Hello! Thanks for your help today!" ... written by Edward Cahill
Wonderful reader, gave me a lot of help with my relationship." ... written by Heather
Very helpful - charming as ever !!!! x" ... written by Claire (tinker)
thanks so much! " ... written by md
As usual, what Anna said come true, just as she predicted. Anna your awesome, thanks so much." ... written by Tom
Absolutely awesome reading by Anna, this lady is so intuitive and her advise is right on target. Thank you and I look forward to the follow up." ... written by Tom
Very good!!! Accurate. " ... written by kylie
Very good give me great advice and tell me how things really are" ... written by cram
Thank you very much Ana... You were the only one alerted me in the first place and you were bang on." ... written by irelandirish
She explained everything better! Feel at ease! Thanks! TTYS!" ... written by Sunflower1931
Useful information. She's good." ... written by Bill1978
I just had 3 min credits and she made worth it. She's accurate andamp; precise, Thanks!" ... written by Nanda
Love her readings!" ... written by Aintno
Always extremely helpful and positive. :) Thank u! " ... written by madame_diesing
Very good reading and very friendly :). Thank you so much!" ... written by Lindsay
Very inspirational and very positive. Gives you all that you need to know and some very good heartfelt answers. Thank you very much. enjoyed the reading very much, very helpful." ... written by Rick
Great as always just have to keep coming back " ... written by P
Very helpful!" ... written by bradley
Wooow woow so good, great!!! " ... written by cream
fabulous reading!! " ... written by megan
Great session! Hope everything works soon! Will be back for updates! " ... written by Sunflower1931
ANNA saw the situation exactly as it is. Thank you!" ... written by Dianne
Always incredible reading. So much knowledge, so accurate, so kind. Honest and" ... written by paulgolden69
thanks anna. that was helpful and great reading" ... written by k
Wonderful reader!" ... written by Taylor
Great, great, very clear, great advice!" ... written by cream
Very good, she even got my dog!" ... written by cram
Thank you Anna! As always!" ... written by Sunshine
5 Stars of course I love chatting and getting told what i needed to ear. Honest and best credits spent." ... written by Kory
Wonderful as always!!! " ... written by muse
She did an accurate quick reading, was great! I'd come back sometime in the future probably" ... written by Anony
Absolutely great service and highly recommended" ... written by ola
Good reading!" ... written by Chris
Anna is dead on and brought things up that I never would have guessed would be interfering in my life. Wonderful!" ... written by Jodi
great through reading, answered all my questions in detail." ... written by humi
It was a very indeph reading. It was a great coaching session. Thanks." ... written by philly
Really nice reading positive. Picked up everything right away. " ... written by Lyn
Good" ... written by happykellygirl
A pleasure" ... written by ALneverus
Thanks, Anna, you could see what is happening to me. :)" ... written by Rose
Great Great Great so good, such a great reader, knows how to help you with next steps!" ... written by paula
Good reading, very accurate!" ... written by Flow
Thank you so much for the reading, I will be back to discuss further things with you. I appreciate it! " ... written by love
Thank you Anna.... For your help and guidance as always..." ... written by irelandirish
Anna is greatly gifted. You can feel the energy for a moment and you can feel it too." ... written by devene page baca
So glad I came for reading today she was lovely picked up everything right away even surprised me with a few things she saw. But got everything about me and someone else spot on. Gave me hope. " ... written by Lyn
Thank you so much! You were just amazingly accurate! WOW!!! I'll chat to you soon." ... written by Rudi
very good reading" ... written by MIchele Gould
Great, right on track with a plan ahead, thank 10*****" ... written by cram
Thanks Anna. As always great reading." ... written by k
Very good spot on with advice and support so good xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx loads of stars!!!!!!!!!" ... written by paula
She is really nice very accurate with things she came away with. Gave me good advice. " ... written by Lyn
She's accurate and intuitive. And a good wingwoman too :)" ... written by Anna's great!
Fab!!" ... written by Laura
Honest, accurate." ... written by na
She told me things that helped me with that dream I had. Will be back soon! " ... written by Sunflower1931
excellent spot on. She is the best in my opinion. Gives great detail with the help of her crystal ball. Thanks!!!!" ... written by mahmood
Anna was very helpful and had given me an honest reading. I didn't get to hear what my ears wanted to hear but she kindly narrated the truth to be gently as was being perceived by her. Thank you for the reading anna. " ... written by ifty
Anna is just lovely. receives so much information to assist me on my path. Goes into depth so one can understand feelings behind ones actions. She is so lucky to be the recipient of so many beautiful gifts from spirit. Thank you so much." ... written by linda pryharski
Very good lots of plans to move ahead" ... written by p
Amazing reading spot on picked up well on my situation." ... written by Mahmood
Thanks :)" ... written by luv4me
Good reading, here is hoping it is accurate!!!!!!!" ... written by Angela
AnnaSimone is wonderful, very gifted she hit on so many details spot oni will see her again I strongly recommend her. She's wonderful" ... written by pauly61
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
I asked her to help me find something that I lost, hopefully she was right!" ... written by BP
She's great as always :) Highly recommend her!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Kimberlee A Mallory
She is always great! Will be back soon! " ... written by Sunflower1931
Very good update " ... written by cramcake
She was Wonderful as always!!! So accurate and her first reading was accurate to what's happening now!!! Very kind and sweet person!!! 5 stars!!!" ... written by Muse
Very good reading. I do understand what she said, I will have to see if it goes the way she said.. Thanks so much" ... written by Rick
Very good reading, hit on a lot of things. Will see what happens in the near future" ... written by Rick
Nice reading gave me honest answers. " ... written by Lyn
Thanks Anna! You were a real help as usual! I will be back!" ... written by Sunshine
She is very great at what she does" ... written by muse
she picks up things so fast and have a really rare way of reading almost divine!" ... written by DANA
I appreciate your words with me. " ... written by Dopplersonograph
GREAT reading!!!!" ... written by kat
Thanks!" ... written by md
She is great at what she does. And is a very nice person" ... written by muse
She said things that I was about to ask her about. She's good!" ... written by Sunflower1931
Excellent reader. Confirmed what other readers had told me, but went even deeper and gave me advise that helped me develop a plan of action. I definitely recommend her. You won't be disappointed. " ... written by Jose
Wonderful as always.. :) " ... written by Miss.K
Anna helped to understand that it is such a delicate situation and helped me with what i need to do to help the situation. Thank you so much for your guidance Anna. Blessings to you." ... written by twidlemetree
It is so addicted to have pvts with her cause she has such an amazing and respecting energy and she picks up things very fast!!!!!!!" ... written by DANA
I enjoy my reading with her just every time, she has a very very unique way to pick up things" ... written by DANA
it was a lovely reading just wish I had of had more money she is really good" ... written by Emma
great" ... written by luv
I really liked the reading with this woman she is very caring and does well to connect to you. I would recommend her " ... written by star
She told me more things about my reading. She is always good!" ... written by Sunflower1931
thanks" ... written by LUV
Wow! On the dot !! highly recommend a reading with AnnaSimone . never done this before and was absolutly amazed on what she had to say ups to hun thanks a billion xx" ... written by kayla jenkins
Great as usual :D" ... written by SANTA
picked up a lot very good." ... written by kylie
another amazing reading. very helpful information received. easy meditation and how to be open to receive. thank you so much as usual. will keep in touch.. highly recommend" ... written by linda pryharski
thank you anna. as always great advice and guidance" ... written by k
awesome reading omg!!!" ... written by unknownjourney
anna was very helpful in my questions to her... and I recommend her very sweet." ... written by tarap1886
she is amazing and very good please go to her" ... written by adrian
thanks so much anna ;) " ... written by k
Fabulous reading, very complete, very informative, very positive. Helped in defining a plan of action. Thanks !!!" ... written by Jose
amazing as always" ... written by m
Thanks again Anna! I feel better now! TTYS!" ... written by Sunflower1931
Anna looked into the situation and was able to make things clear for me. She told me that there was nothing to worry about. Thank you for your reassurance Anna. Blessings to you" ... written by twidlemetree
I just love Anna Simone and she's the best reader on Oranum! She truly has a golden heart. Anna is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I truly hope she comes to America one day and can do a tour, or maybe be a guest speaker in Lily Dale, New York. " ... written by TamaraAquarius
She helped me with lots of questions! Thank you very much!" ... written by Sunflower1931
I just had another reading with Anna Simone and cannot get enough of her! Anna has helped me so much , even more than my own family. She's such a beautiful soul. I don't know what I'd do without Anna. I wondered if earth angels are real and would always question if humans can be angels. In this case, I'd have to say, yes. " ... written by TamaraAquarius
thanks" ... written by luv
thanks so much anna. ♥" ... written by k
Spent all night talking to me so thank you so much... I really appreciate you wanting to help so much. This meant so much to me. Thank you." ... written by joeyb316
thanks Anna" ... written by k
SHE IS WITH NO DOUBT ONE OF THE 3 BEST READERS HERE, she shocks me off everytime I see her in a pvt!" ... written by DANA
she was just wonderful and really nice, she did help me understand most of my dream with what time we had " ... written by camila
Lovely lady, gave me what I needed to hear right now, thank you Anna :)" ... written by Minty
Thanks been through it all with me and thanks for your guidance.....Ill keep you posted. " ... written by irelandirish
she is amazing in an way, u can find so much information through her, she absoloutly see everything in the universe!" ... written by DANA
thank you so much anna. great update and advice" ... written by k
I had a lot of readings with her, she is really good and is a warn person!" ... written by DANA
She is really addictive cause she like a mother and a friend and psychic!" ... written by DANA
Thank you so much Anna. Much love!" ... written by k
thank you anna" ... written by k
I think she is one of the most amazing psychis here" ... written by DANA
thanks anna always." ... written by k
Thanks Anna, You are such a lovely soul. You really know how to brighten my day and give me hope when things seem hopeless. I will use your advice as guidance. You deserve all the stars because you are so intuitive and always honest about what you see. Many blessings to you my dear...((Hugs))" ... written by Ebony
she is is amazing and really open-mInded and she read so fast worth any penny!" ... written by DANA
she is one of the most amazing psychis here" ... written by DANA
thank u anna" ... written by k
She helped me with my question" ... written by Sunflower1931
thanks so much anna" ... written by k
thank u for reassurancw" ... written by ras
Definitely saw all the problems im encountering without me telling her! hopefully i can put her advice at work so I can make some progress! Thank you!" ... written by Marissa
she is so amazing can see everything so fast you really got to try her you wont regret it!" ... written by DANA
thank you anna. great advice as usual" ... written by k
she is so good at what she is doing and can answers questions really fast " ... written by DANA
very kind and deep connection, great person. thank you" ... written by maithu
thank you so much for the insight anna" ... written by k
she is one of the best psychic here and mind blowing u can ask her anything u like there is nothing she cant see o m g!" ... written by DANA
Anna is always so warm, caring and spot on. It is amazing to work with her. Take a few minutes to read with her. She is so worth it." ... written by John
Answered my questions and helped me of what to do next. Understanding Lady! " ... written by Sunflower1931
I came for a reading today because I am in a difficult situation just now and really needed some advice and she was great at that. Picked up everything that was going on and gave me the advice that I need to progress. She also gave me hope that my belief about what I want are not lost. So was definitely worth while. " ... written by Lyn
Been a while since i have chatted with Anna and she is very Good at what she dose. i thought today was a great reading" ... written by Muse
thanks have guided me through all this for months and helping me out the other side!!!! " ... written by irelandirish
Fantastic...down to earth...." ... written by Marcos
thank you so much anna. let's work together on this. much love." ... written by k
very good" ... written by esther
Feel at ease now! Thanks Anna! Will update you soon! " ... written by Sunflower1931
great reading and helpful insights anna. thank u so much" ... written by k
she is such a great person!!" ... written by DANA
thanks for another great reading!" ... written by DANA
thanks for another lovely reading! you do see everything clear and very fast" ... written by DANA
Awesome Again! can't wait for the next 2 weeks! " ... written by Sunflower1931
great update reading. thanks a lot anna" ... written by k
Great Reading!!! " ... written by j
she is one of the most charming people here, very calmed and see things very fast " ... written by DANA
Truly amazing individual person!!!! Very impressive!!!" ... written by j
thanks anna" ... written by k
Hit the nail right on the head with understanding the situation I am in and good advice, thank you x" ... written by JP
accurate insights in love and money" ... written by Iris
An amazing reader!!!" ... written by Iris
Thanks so much Anna. Very thorough and helpful." ... written by irelandirish
She was amazing!!! Very friendly and easy to talk to! She gave me a good advice!" ... written by Deena
She was spot on and honest i really enjoyed her reading!" ... written by Adiz
Had a great reading and it was very helpful as always ! I really like the advice she gives! Thank you!" ... written by muse
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
thank you x" ... written by mary
She was great, understanding, insightful." ... written by bm
thanks so much anna. great update and advice as always. much love." ... written by k
Good reading!!!!" ... written by w
she can do such a great healing, it really calms u ! try it sometime!" ... written by DANA
she is such a grear reader and a person u can talk with her about anything, she is very very open minded person" ... written by DANA
Anna is so sweet and very good. Always enjoy her insight." ... written by John
she is really amazing caring loving like a big sister u have always wanted!" ... written by DANA
sensible advice, positive energy" ... written by rjb
awesome...she really helped me out with my situation...5star reading ...highly recommended...thank you for talking with me:)" ... written by linda pryharski
without have to tell her, she spot on on the issue right away! the crystal ball was amazing. She guides you calmly. and i enjoyed having a reading with her. " ... written by hermestarr
she is so sweet and really can give u hope and guidance just about everything!" ... written by DANA
Anna is gentle and inspirational with positive. She does see scenarios through her crystal balls. I love her and I will talk to her next time." ... written by shang wen lin
It's looking good! Thanks Anna! " ... written by Sunflower1931
thanks for the money ritual and the healing I felt really good after!" ... written by DANA
sooo good...5star reading...spent time necessary to help me to understand the situation better...and offered very useful suggestions for the next month...then we'll see how they have started to work/be put into motion...thank you anna" ... written by linda pryharski
Helped me with the dream I had. Thanks Anna! " ... written by Sunflower1931
thanks anna ♥" ... written by k
thank you'" ... written by luv4me
She was very kind, informative, helpful and gorgeous! " ... written by Jessika
Awesome reading, gave me a lot of confidence and peace of mind. I am excited to take her advice and move forward. " ... written by Sarah
Great reader" ... written by Olam
good. impressed." ... written by o
thanks for another great healing!" ... written by DANA
great reader" ... written by ola
I am very happy with my reading, great advise 100% honesty and upfront.. I will come back for updated readying soon.. Highly recommend xxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
Great" ... written by Glen S.
Accurate" ... written by Glen S.
Anna is just such a beautiful soul. Love my time with her. Accurate, smart, insightful. Just a magnificent reader." ... written by John
helpful as ever :) thanksss " ... written by k
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Great!!!" ... written by Kyla
very plaes with the reading hope all comes ture.ty" ... written by kathy hicks
Anna is just a beautiful person inside and out. For calming but so very good. I get peace from her." ... written by John
thank you anna. been great to catch up after so longgggg ;)" ... written by k
Helped me with my questions! Great again!" ... written by Sunflower1931
Sharp, sweet and perfect to the core. Has hi IQ to Understanding the question. Answers are also clear and straight. Good job, God Bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
Anna Simone is the best. She is wonderful. She is very comforting, polite, kind and speaks to the point. And for sure, she is able to look into things perfectly. She understands and explains details of the situation very well .She is brilliant." ... written by deepakrish
thanks for a great reading and that good advice!" ... written by DANA
If you haven't ever read with Anna, do so. She is amazing. Just a beautiful soul. Accurate and on point. Loving and very caring. " ... written by John
thanks for the update always nice to see u !" ... written by DANA
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
thank you have been a good help" ... written by irelandirish
thanks for the reading!" ... written by DANA
she is one of the best doubt" ... written by DANA
was very insightful and detailed to the point very compassionate caring reader,will keep updated and will wait for the prediction to come true.Highly recommended!!!" ... written by mettlwire
very nice and quick-we shall see!" ... written by V
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Great Reading!" ... written by Sunflower1931
good reading." ... written by me
As always right" ... written by devene
Perfect. Honest and answer to the pin point, but without hurting the guest. Good manners. Good job. keep it up. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
Anna is just so sweet, so accurate and just a wonderful person to read with. I give her a hundred stars." ... written by John
Thank you! She was fast, accurate and on point. Gave me amazing advice which im very happy with. She's very understanding and comforting.. I will be back for sure to let you know how everything went :) Thanx again" ... written by Think Blue
Fantastic. Most insightful reading yet." ... written by rene
thanks anna for the update" ... written by k
Anna is so sweet, so good and so on point. Just love her. " ... written by John
Seems to give a very good insight." ... written by Alan Cramer
Incredibly insightful. This was singly the best conversation/reading I have ever had on this site." ... written by John
Brilliant, insightful and very kind. I would highly recommend Anna. After a several reading s with others, she is the one i feel most at ease with and find very helpful." ... written by Rene
thanks for looking into all this important things!" ... written by DANA
Anna is fantastic. Some great conversation and insights. Love my time with her." ... written by John
Great Again!" ... written by Sunflower1931
5 stars every time" ... written by Rene
WOW!!!!!!! she is amazing!! So accurate andamp; detailed... Extremely helpful, non-judgemental, kind andamp; wise.. Thank you!!" ... written by Robyn
Great reader" ... written by OLA
Great reader. Understanding and accurate" ... written by hi
thanks for another great reading I really love how u listen to me that much and tries to help!" ... written by DANA
Great reader!! Accurate.." ... written by D
Second reading in a day. She's a great reader and adviser. Understood the situation very well" ... written by Hi
great person, very kind and deep insights, thank you very much" ... written by maithu
Thanks very clear with crystal ball." ... written by Rose
Thanks anna. much love." ... written by k
Anna is great. Just love her to death. Great reader. So on-track and in-tune with the spirits around her. Just a lovely reader" ... written by John
Thanks a ton, super reading and so realistic, ty!" ... written by Sunshine
she is very deep and has deep insights and she really is good , don't u dare to miss her!" ... written by DANA
beautiful, accurate, short, and sweet. provides a lot of insight and offers great clarity :)" ... written by tk
Highly accurate and understanding" ... written by D
thanks for clearing me things again!" ... written by DANA
great reading very accurate and detailed" ... written by Lana
Read again.. She's great in advising as well." ... written by D
Anna Simone is great, it was impressing of her to give such accurate advise even from an online platform ! " ... written by Ash
very good. very nice" ... written by apple
Anna is such a wonderful reader. Her background, knowledge and gifts are a wonderful combination. 10 stars" ... written by John
thank you so much anna" ... written by k
its been a while since our last reading but this one seems so promising! i really hope they come to pass :) " ... written by clo
Anna is just fantastic. Love reading with her. So kind, so caring, so fast and so much information." ... written by John
She really felt my feelings, and the person's who I was asking about. Great reading, I will live my life in accordance with her reading. Thank you!" ... written by David
She was very helpful!" ... written by Bob
Awesome, positive, uplifting and inspiring. For my concerns and issues today she put my mind at ease." ... written by Bryan
Anna is amazing. So much depth to her readings. Love reading with her." ... written by John
AnnaSimone was honest and helpful with her advice and has given me some answers I needed" ... written by capricorn_dancer
thanks anna as always." ... written by k
Great again! Thanks!" ... written by Sunflower1931
she is such a great friend more than a reader ,I can talk with her about the most intimate things and not be ashame of them!" ... written by DANA
thanks so much anna" ... written by k
Very accurate!" ... written by HC
Answered my question in very good detail! Thanks again!" ... written by Sunflower1931
anna is so great! she has very clear answers and I love the insight she can give to my situation. I always end up waiting until she comes back online because she's the best" ... written by sahreen
Answered my Question good! Let's see! Thanks again! " ... written by Sunflower1931
Anna is always so lovely in her readings. I learn so much, not just about my love, but about me. I always feel refreshed after a reading with her." ... written by John
she is amazing and true. she has helped me see what i can do and what i am. thank u soo muchh!" ... written by unknown girl
very good reading, made a lot of sense" ... written by evaclara
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
great reading. very fun and accurate! really enjoyed that" ... written by dana
Love Anna. So very, very good with her updates. Always on path and I learn so much about human behavior as well. Great knowledge to have." ... written by John
Great reading Anna, ty so much!" ... written by Sunshine
thank you so much anna as always" ... written by k
thank you so much anna." ... written by k
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Anna is wonderful. Very gifted and very wise. Great reader" ... written by John
Thank you so much for the insight Anna it was a Positive Reading and Amazing one I will be back on Thursday " ... written by Florence
wonderfully gifted right on target" ... written by devene
That was a nice reading. She picked up a lot of things. Answered the question that I had and gave me the answer that I expected and gave me some advice as well to help me which was nice. " ... written by Lyn
very deep and insightful informations - thank you very much" ... written by maithu
thanks so much anna. some things for me to research on ;) and it has definitely given me more insights" ... written by k
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
amazing reading as always, shes the best!! i dont know how she gets all that out of her crystal ball but she will certainly blow ur mind!!! thank you so much" ... written by thinkblue
Anna is strait forward and accurate she is quite nice also very gifted" ... written by devene
in this point I can do readings only with her. she is the only person whom I can be opened with and tell just everything" ... written by dana
Gave me an update, Thank you! Talk soon!" ... written by Sunflower1931
Helped me with my questions, Thank you!" ... written by Sunflower1931
thank you so much anna. lets hope it turns out well ;)" ... written by k
she is really amazing and open-minded" ... written by DANA
She is great! Thanks again! I feel better now! " ... written by Sunflower1931
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
thank you. glad to get some insight." ... written by leodragon
very helpful thank you" ... written by Jessica
Anna is so very, very good. Great insight, knowledge and advice. Love reading with her." ... written by John
A pleasure, for sure." ... written by Alneverus
Good reading. worked through a lot of issues, still more work to be done. the situation in and of itself is rather difficult, but i'm certain it iwll work out. " ... written by Erica
thanks anna :)" ... written by k
thanks anna" ... written by k
Helped me with the plan that I had, gave me good advice. Thanks again Anna! " ... written by Sunflower1931
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
thankss :D" ... written by k
Anna is straight to the point.. No Sugar coating .. I highly recommend Anna to everyone" ... written by Umabalan
thanks you so much anna ;)" ... written by k
very good !!!!" ... written by lopezina
thank you for all your help and guidance, it's always a pleasure and great" ... written by Erica89
great readings very open minded" ... written by DANA
Very helpful and honest and gets right to the point and understands your circumstance completely, will be back again and again" ... written by capricorn_dancer
Great reading." ... written by mira1973
Highly recomended.Genuine and gifted lady.A+++++" ... written by mira1973
She gave me good advice! Thanks again!" ... written by Sunflower1931
thank you so much anna" ... written by k
Cool, quick and accurate :)" ... written by Neu
the best!" ... written by skyranger333
thanks for another great reading!" ... written by DANA
Glad I came to speak to her she really helped how I was feeling about things. I am dealing with so much just now put she really put me at ease with everything. " ... written by Lyn
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
great" ... written by aj
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
Wow. She is amazing. So on point!!! Picked up on so much." ... written by Mimi
We got cut off! but what an amazing reading, she's by far the most best and clear headed psychic i have ever met!! she's very fast and amazing and her crystal ball gives the most precise and clear reading. it would blow ur mind............. must give her a try" ... written by thinkblue
most pleasant reading, thank you. very motivating .she also gave a really good reading and gave a good advice on how things are currently taking place. very kind and sweet delivery. Highly recommended. i will return with updates." ... written by thinkblue
thanks for another great reading!" ... written by DANA
She is so soothing, which is great in a reader, because frankly if you are coming for a reading, you are probably stressed about something. She can also accurately pick up on how I am feeling and what kind of situations I am in. I can't wait to see if her predictions come true :)" ... written by JellyBell
Great as always" ... written by Catherine
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Very great, i always love coming to her. she speaks right on without me telling her the situation. " ... written by cindy
thank you anna :)" ... written by k
thanks anna. im gladd things are finally coming along!!" ... written by k
Always a pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
always amazing reading so accurate so honest so kind " ... written by paul.golden69
thank you very much for your deep insight and kindness !" ... written by maithu
Superb and Fantastic Reading , A+++++ Thanks heaps AnnaSimone you really made me happy :) Thanks once again :)" ... written by LOUIS FALZON
Anna is a very sharp and clear guidance... she provides transparent possibilities in different routes (avenues) for moving on in the future. I am deeply thankful for her guidance. and ill come back definitely with progress and even better understanding..." ... written by Alexandre Caldas
Wow I loved the crystal ball and the reading was awesome, I will use her again. look forward to seeing the outcome and she gave great advice!" ... written by Catherine
Superb and right on the Spot Reading, so true A+++++ Highly recommend " ... written by LOUIS FALZON
thanks for the help again" ... written by DANA
Brilliant. I really appreciate Anna's honesty and directness in her readings. Great, sound advice and really insightful." ... written by Rene
lovely and very helpful reading. thank you AnnaSimone for your insight" ... written by vanessa
She is very clear and transparent. Provides very detailed insight into the right direction to follow. I was surprised how Anna understood so clear hidden realities fro my past and present future avenues... Will keep in touch with her" ... written by Alexandre Caldas
awesome reading! the crystal ball was amazing! " ... written by hermestarr
Wonderful! Insightful! Quick with great advice. Accurate. " ... written by Ashley
Good xx" ... written by Helen
she is great one of the few people here that I really trust, I did many many readings with her and others but I always come back to her" ... written by DANA
Really good reading!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
thank you. positive reading" ... written by nithia
Happy with the reading! Good" ... written by Oceania30
thanks so much anna. great update and im so excited for me and whats coming up. will keep you posted." ... written by k
I just love her!" ... written by dana
she is one of the few people here I can really open my soal to her" ... written by DANA
Answered my questions, Thanks Again!" ... written by Sunflower1931
she was amazing!!:)" ... written by Sam
Truly amazing, I'll top up and speak to her again one day. " ... written by Lavonne
always fabulous readings so accurate so kind so honest and refreshing 1 just perfect" ... written by paul.golden69
Simply superb. Straight replies, no beat around the bush. Worth a lot. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
A pleasure to speak with, as always." ... written by Alneverus
you seems to have very keen intuition and you do spot on things acurately. Thank you very much for the reading!" ... written by Alicja
she was really thorough during my reading and in the short time I had with her covered a lot of ground." ... written by Persephone742
fantastic" ... written by lopezina
Thank you very much for reading, it was utmost helpful reading, and her intuition is so strong! No clarifying questions from her side just pure insight! 5 star " ... written by Alicja
She was awesome. I'm excited to see if her prediction's come to pass." ... written by brandee
Thanks You so much! Everything you said all makes sense and I truly beileve your words and advice. Thank you for heling me" ... written by Vickie
Accurate and a good advisor" ... written by E
very kind and nice to speak to. got some deep and accurate insight. thank you very much for your time !" ... written by maithu
very accurate, human and to the point. " ... written by simit
amazing...thank you for looking so deeply into the situation...even tho it was'nt what I wanted to hear...I will examine you're suggestions about spirituality and we'll talk soon...5 star reading..." ... written by linda pryharski
good reading" ... written by rishma
thank you anna for your tips hahaha much love and lets see what happens next week ;)" ... written by k
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
she is really smart sweet very loving energy!" ... written by dana
I am a regular in her room and with her pvts, I really love her energy and she is such a cool and open-mind person, which adds a lot to all of that!" ... written by dana
thanks have helped." ... written by irelandirish
She is good :)" ... written by Cristina4413
i feel this as help me " ... written by olivia
Very helpful! Picks up on your question and situation very quickly. Will answer any question and will go into it more than you could even ask for. She also gives great advice pertaining to your situation as well. Accurate and wonderful " ... written by Ashley
Excellent! Very honest, compassionate and open!" ... written by Julieta
excellent detailed and truthful" ... written by human angel
listening to the truth that you have to be prepared to hear.. " ... written by hermestarr
thanks for a great reading again!" ... written by DANA
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
very kind to talk to. thank you for your time and deep and accurate insight" ... written by maithu
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
excellent advice I wish could go on a bit longer,thank you" ... written by liliana
great" ... written by maria
she is totally great!" ... written by DANA
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
AnnaSimone is serious and right on spot, not wasting your time at all." ... written by Moonic
GREAT REDING AGAIN!" ... written by DANA
Very good reading. Annasimone provided a lot of insight into my current love life situation. I certainly now know that are lots of opportunities for me and eventually who my partner will be." ... written by BN
wonderful" ... written by bizzybbest
goodvibes" ... written by devene
thank you so much anna ♥ as always it was a great reading and awesome insights and guidance ;)" ... written by k
very kind and deep insights and accurate description of the situation. thank you for your time" ... written by maithu
great reading, very accurate and deep insights" ... written by maithu
always brilliant" ... written by rene
she is beautiful an excellent!" ... written by Cirstina4413
positive and a great reading :)))" ... written by LOUIS
saw the situation and read it with clear language. thank you." ... written by holly
thoughtful, straightforward and helpful. " ... written by eli
Overall nice and fast reading" ... written by sharmishtha
awsoem reader wow thank u so much " ... written by cekebrity
this reader is by far the best reader wow 1 million stars .. right on point what she said an wow she is really good please give her a try i didnt have to tell her nothng she saw everything .. amazeing she is .... very gifted thank u so much 4 the reading u are trueally a god sent ... love an light 2 u my dear " ... written by wishing
Really got a lot out of the reading. She's great. Recommend her." ... written by L
Anna is great again! Thank you do much! Will update!" ... written by Sunflower1931
she see things so fast its amazing you can get so many insights from her in one reading!!" ... written by DANA
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
crystal clear like crystal and clear advice. greatly helpful" ... written by helen
spot on! awesome reading! " ... written by hermesstarr
Excellent, great insight, clear and concise" ... written by Mahmood
she is a true unic person!" ... written by DANA
wow i really like this reading it was very in insightful also, she said things like she knew me and had been with me when things had happened, Anna was brilliant definately speaking to her again xxx" ... written by lisa
She's a wonderful reader. Gave me some vital information that I needed to know." ... written by Ahz
she is really a great person so opened and can give you fast answers!" ... written by dana
good reading, i'll see how her predictions turn out" ... written by Tat
Very caring person. Should see her if you're going through a rough patch" ... written by C
Thank you for the time you spent with me today. What you have said makes a lot of sense and I will keep you posted on how things progress. " ... written by G
Very honest! Very trustworthy! :)" ... written by Julieta
Very good reading!" ... written by Moonic
Anna sees things in great detail before I mention them, specifics that she has no way of knowing. She is amazing and has provided so much guidance to me on a challenging issue. I'll keep you posted. Thank you again, always." ... written by Gina
she is such a great reader!" ... written by dana
very nice, very quick and picks up things quickly." ... written by Deb
Helped me with the questions! Thanks!" ... written by Sunflower1931
it is always nice to have a readings with her.. she always give me a certain answer through her crystal ball.. and i found out more than what i expected. looking forward for my next reading with her.. thank you anna! " ... written by hermestarr
Great picked up on so much" ... written by Lana
Brilliant, insightful, sees things before you can even say a word. She read parts of this situation that I had not even mentioned. Very impressed, and I will take to heart what you have said. It's already working! Bless you." ... written by Gina
she is such a great reader! " ... written by DANA
AnnaSimone is a great, great reader! Thanks so much for your advice, it was really very helpful!" ... written by Marie
Very insightful and helpful! I've had other readings and hers goes along with the others with more details!" ... written by Mike
Anna Simone connected to me right away and was able to touch on things she had no knowledge of knowing. She used her crystal ball and seemed to be on the money with many things she stated. I believe in what she has predicted for me and my situation and will wait for it to unfold. Thank you AnnaSimone! I will be back to check in with you. " ... written by Roseanna
An insightful read, will see what happens." ... written by Rose
She is my favourite and only reader. Very clear, concise and to the point. Whenever I am in doubt I can rely on Anna Simone to give me clarity. Highly recommended. A++++++" ... written by Mahmood
Thanks for the update, Anna. I will let you know how things continue to grow. I appreciate your advice and all you have told me. Blessings to you. " ... written by Gina
Anna Simone is brilliant, kind, compassionate, and a wonderful counselor. She has seen and known things before I ever said a word. You will not go wrong with her advice and counsel. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For everything. " ... written by Gina
Picked up accurately on my worries! Love the crystal ball reading! I do hope things turn out as she said, and I see no reason for them not to! " ... written by Marissa
SHE IS THE BEST!" ... written by DANA
Anna provides clear and sharp reading of the future. She distinguishes clearly certain hidden facets of my reality and her insight is tremendously helpful for keeping the right avenue in disturbing waters... Will keep in touch with her and asking for her support." ... written by Alexandre Caldas
Love my reading with Anna. I will be back!" ... written by Abundance
Great Reading! " ... written by May Allen
Every single time I read with this woman I come away amazed. She can see things before I mention them, and has a very kind, gentle way of explaining the issues at hand. I am so glad to have gotten to know her. Thank you again, Anna. When your visions come to pass I will shout it from Oranum's rooftops. The one I love is worth waiting for, no matter how long it takes. I will update you when the next thing happens. Be well, and may you have many blessings. " ... written by Me again
great reader very kind and sincere" ... written by ola
Anna is great, go to her for a love reading if you want lots of details, very specific. Answered all questions thoroughly, really very insightful. Highly recommend. Thank you!" ... written by YH
awesome reading as always! the crystall ball is amazing!!" ... written by hermestarr
My go-to girl. ;)" ... written by Ryan
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
She's very good. She read mine off very little information. We weren't able to finish because I ran out of credits but I will be back soon" ... written by scarlettlove
anna is great reader and consistently helping me with my relationship developments" ... written by ola
Very positive feedback on my current relationship definitely provided me some clarity to things I was sensing...I was very pleased with her reading." ... written by Heather
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
always one i come to, very accurate. and caring." ... written by hello
She's absolutely amazing, I've missed her guidance. RECOMMEND HER STRONGLY!!!" ... written by lave
A pleasure, as always." ... written by alneverus
Good and to the point, seemed to get it pinpointed." ... written by Andrew
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
Thank you Anna. Once again you were very helpful and good to see you again." ... written by irelandirish
Excellent work. Very professional and respectful when dealing with highly personal issues." ... written by Joe
A pleasure to speak with, as always." ... written by Alneverus
Excellent reading and insight into what is to come. Something I really needed to hear today!" ... written by BN
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
A*" ... written by Ryan
Anna tunes right in and is accurate with insights ... highly recommend!" ... written by ann
Anna thanks, i like they way you picked up the second situation we spoke about so clearly." ... written by Rose
Good reading! " ... written by luckystar5
Always a pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Very very good!" ... written by seahorses
great psychic" ... written by gchild001
She was amazing, very accurate and straight to the point. Everyone needs to get a reading from this wonderful gifted woman." ... written by arlynerod
She is amazing as always! She is a true seer and I cannot thank her enough. Many blessings to you Anna Simone! :)" ... written by Kelly
very inspirational with much needed guidance, thank you" ... written by seahorses
I had to get her again because she was amazing :)" ... written by Arlynerod
Warm, beautiful energy, VERY supportive, perfect for what I needed and wanted for guidance this morning ~ thank you!!!" ... written by bluebird08
I think the reader was very right on the spot and she was great." ... written by sheena
MIND-BLOWING! OFF THE CHARTS! SENSATIONAL! AnnaSimone is the real deal! Her rating equals all the stars in the universe! She's absolutely amazing. Her reading was 100% accurate. She knew things about me that only a real psychic could know; and she not only accurately assessed my current situation, but she also gave me recommendations for the future. I wholeheartedly recommend her! " ... written by AsothPeace
she is good." ... written by Em
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
I did a ritual with her and it made my life so much better!" ... written by DANA
Thanks again Anna for great insight!" ... written by seahorses
Comforting, calming presence, empathic... GREAT!" ... written by bluebird08
A pleasure, as always." ... written by alneverus
Outstanding, Thank You" ... written by cyberpumkin
Great." ... written by lidia41
Thanks Anna, great reading as always x" ... written by Rose
She is such a good reader and she has awesome ideas!" ... written by DANA
Wise counsel, easy to talk to, nonjudgmental, peaceful energy" ... written by bluebird08
amazing gave me some things i need to do !! " ... written by summer
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
Anna was great, and knew things before I said anything. She connected very well and read everything accurately, I will come back to let her know how things go. Thank you. " ... written by latina
she's soooo good i just had to come back for more insight =)" ... written by m
shes really good and uses many tools to give you in depth insight and details. she brought up things that no one would know. awesome" ... written by m
always a great delivery of information. No frills, just the facts, however, has a great way of making you understand the real meanings and guidance on how to go on." ... written by seahorses
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
gave really helpfull edvice" ... written by tianna
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
fantastic reader and is helping me grow in my relationship. Highly recommended" ... written by ola
very accurate indepth reading with detail. very much worth the reading" ... written by seahorses
Glad I came for reading today. She picked up things going on in my life right away. Gave me some advice on how to deal with things just now but has given me hope for the future though. Going to come back to hear more shortly. " ... written by Lyn
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
will be waiting on her predictions! very fast" ... written by BP
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
AnnaSimone was so incredibly insightful, kind and compassionate. She provided me with such wonderful guidance and helped me through a very confusing time. Thank you so much!" ... written by Chloenka
Thanks for the updates Anna! :)" ... written by Vas
a strong reading with visions for what might happen in my future... good to support my professional and love life..." ... written by alexandre caldas
Anna was very insightful, she answered a few questions i did have." ... written by Samantha
great I love her, always a wonderful read" ... written by persephone
Spot on, would definitely recommend a reading" ... written by Michele
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Very accurate. Thank you Anna" ... written by Vivienne
very accurate pick up after so long" ... written by seahorses
always trustworthy and very helpful" ... written by oles
very good insight and clear delivery" ... written by sultrystarfish
Anna is a great reader. Always fun too!" ... written by teaforcompany
absolutely the best reader h" ... written by ole
Great advisor and understands psychological tendencies very well!" ... written by E
always great reader" ... written by oles
very insightful and intuitive person, she described person i was asking about very good" ... written by Alicja
A pleasure to speak with, as always." ... written by Alneverus
Anna is wonderful, clear, direct, and insightful. She is excellent with relationship advice. Anna gets it for sure. " ... written by teaforcompany
Very kind and gave me good advice" ... written by Vivienne
she is great! very smart and fast amswers" ... written by DANA
she is very fast answering@" ... written by DANA
Anna is really intuitive and gave me great advice on my situation and how to improve it. She is smart,thoughtful, and very invested in seeing me succeed. Thanks Anna! " ... written by teaforcompany
The best advice I needed." ... written by Michele
A pleasure to speak with, as always." ... written by Alneverus
Very accurate and clear reading.. amazingly accurate, using her crystal ball.. I really enjoyed it and got some clarity .. Highly recommend Anna !! " ... written by Lynda22
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by alneverus
very interesting reading. I really enjoyed it thank you! x" ... written by marie7498
had a great reading. very clear and answered my questions. Thank you!" ... written by flovech82
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call AnnaSimone!!!! She is WONDERFUL AND GIFTED!!!!!!! She knew everything about me with almost no facts at all from me. She could really pick up the energy between me and another person and read it COMPLETELY ACCURATELY!!!! She saw everything in her crystal ball, but also in her tarot cards. She is also very pretty, nice, and kind. She is extremely helpful!!!!!!!" ... written by Sandra
very good reader picked up on alot and gave good advice x thankyou x" ... written by joboluvz73
It was a pleasant reading. Informative and giving. Her pacing was comfortable." ... written by Happy
Very quick and honest reader . It was good that AnnaSimone was kind enough to cover a wide spectrum of topics during my reading that most readers do not always cover so in-depth. " ... written by Redd
Very insightful reading. Thanks" ... written by Oranum user
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Anna is great. Very intuitive, gives good relationship advise, and is lots of fun!" ... written by teaforcompany
A great advisor. Reads situations very well.." ... written by E
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Anna was a pleasure to speak with her, she is genuine and awesome. I will keep speaking with her. She really connected with me like no one else has." ... written by enchanted2634
very interesting with the ball, picked up on things that made a lot of sense. i really liked her advice and insight" ... written by hs
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Very helpful reading. She tuned right in and answered all of my numerous questions with very detailed explanations. Highly recommend her." ... written by L
good reading ! :-)" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
You were so spot on!! I'm glad I was thinking right about how to handle the situation!!" ... written by Jim
lovely indepth reading and gave lots of hope, thank you" ... written by starfish
fantastic reader, guidance and foresight too" ... written by sultrystarfish
Annasimone is always delightful and I am happy to do my reading. She really made me think about my situation." ... written by BN
Shes been giving me some great readings as far as a relationship. She has mentioned several things that relate to the situation." ... written by Jimb970
Love ya anna thank you!" ... written by Chris
She was fantastic!!! Made me feel 100% better about my situation!" ... written by Anastasia
nice , calm and informative reading" ... written by sultrystarfish
Anna was very helpful on things I need to work on to get where I need to be. Thanks for your help!" ... written by Swede
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
She's always very sweet and kind, and points out things that most people wouldn't notice :) xo Thank you" ... written by MrsFren
Anna is awesome !! :D" ... written by Chelsea
yes, very good reading excellent very informative and precise, lovely lady and exact and too the point." ... written by Tony
TOTALLY talented. so worth the wait! I will be back shortly. she picked up minute details about me no oneelse would ever know-- i didnt even ask about the person in question and she saw him :) Lovelyyyy!" ... written by B
Thanks for reading for me Anna." ... written by LilyAnne
Thank you for the reading! " ... written by lynnrmc
Anna was very sweet and right on point. I really liked her. She was right on point :D" ... written by Jmaie
great read" ... written by alicia
very good thank you" ... written by jana
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Wonderful energy! Love her readings- very concise and accurate- doesn't need information from you to see what is going on... Exceptional psychic" ... written by B
Great reading. Thanks again for your help!" ... written by Smiles32
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
very detailed reader, thank you for reading" ... written by starfish
Fast Accurate" ... written by Jay
thank you. very helpful" ... written by makincairo
great reader and really gifted" ... written by oles
thanks anna felt you were very accurate on some stuff that resonated with me" ... written by sam
very good" ... written by jana
she is very good" ... written by evan0291
thanks anna felt it was very accurate for me in parts thanks again A+" ... written by sam
great reading " ... written by m
she is really good and fast!" ... written by dana
shes good, good lifecoach" ... written by evan0291
anna is so cool...i love the messages she sees in ball" ... written by stacey
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
very intersting read..." ... written by k
very understandable person great insight" ... written by evander1
she's clairvoyant as heck " ... written by Stephanie Star
Very nice reading..I hope it will be as she said." ... written by Sonia
Interesting crystal ball reading, lets see how this goes. Thanks :)" ... written by :)
Amazing..she was spot on...we will c what happens..." ... written by k
She very accurate. I thank her for the reading. Cant wait for the prediction to come true. I highly recommend her." ... written by theodora
she was very good. kind woman and accurate !" ... written by christopher
she picks up the situation very fast. awesome reader! " ... written by nann
Awesome reading from anna... Highly recommend her for any situation. Helped me allot and very accurate. thanks Anna! " ... written by me
Anna Banana is such a wonderful woman. She is so caring and kind with a bright spirit. She always knows how to help me and always knows me so well. She connects with me like she has known me her whole life. She is the best. " ... written by Tristan
love you anna u know my situation perfectly well .. i had a feeling that oit was not over which is why i sgtruggled to forget him" ... written by chelsea
good quick answers to my questions and guidance for best strategy in situation. " ... written by dingding
Amazing!" ... written by B
What Anna saw was right on with events going on in my life. She is extremely kind and very insightful. I really look forward to our next time together. " ... written by Metasoul
the reading was great she told me things that all lines up and I never told her the things that he told me or better yet the way he feels for me.... Thank you!!" ... written by Catnesslove2310
straight forward and honest!! Always a pleasure and highly recommended" ... written by theodora
thank" ... written by luvu
scrummy" ... written by tg
great reading " ... written by ryan
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Anna is great! So intuitive! " ... written by teaforcompany
Oh My Goddess! She is absolutely amazing. I've never seen a person use a crystal ball but she did and put the pieces together...I will definitely come back for her guidance!" ... written by Bronxie
Very kind and down to earth lady, greatly enjoyed the reading" ... written by Alex
Superb she is ...!!" ... written by sabina0202
Great reading." ... written by Milan
SHE IS REALLY GOOD" ... written by DANA
She is amazing! Hands down the best!!!" ... written by Kelly
So clear and simple. Great reader, definitely recommended!" ... written by Aaron
SHE IS GREAT" ... written by DANA
thank you" ... written by chaluka
great reading" ... written by evander
Always a true blessing to speak with her. She shows me blankly what's in front of me through symbols I understand. Thank you always Anna xoxo" ... written by Michele S
good spot on highly recomended" ... written by jana
First time had a reading with her and she was sooo accurate. Hoping for the predictions to come to pass. Thank you for answering my questions and advise." ... written by e
very good" ... written by fv
Anna Simone is so wonderful. I haven't talked to her in months and she remembered me and my situation. So great talking with her. She is very insightful. And thank you so much for the advice." ... written by Kellie
Very good and clear " ... written by sweetpetal1
Very Accurate. " ... written by David Miller
very good and clear" ... written by jana
very Nice and helpful :) " ... written by kristin
very nice and helpful" ... written by s
She did an excellent reading into my situation, and she understood me quite well, I've done a reading before and she is always spot on." ... written by BN
She was wonderful, accurate with precise details. I would recommend her." ... written by phyllis
She is so right on with the reading. I highly recommend her." ... written by theodora
Interesting Reading, that I will say...thanks Anna! enjoyed it." ... written by Geri Neglia
Anna was amazing and told me precisely what kind of woman I would find. Thank you" ... written by GZRNYC
Thank you Anne. I really appreciate the reading and the clarity. She is very warm and very clear about what she sees" ... written by Randi
very helpful and very good " ... written by kristin
So good! The best on here!" ... written by Jack
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Anna is a ture psychic here who talks from heart and who did research on the human mind! She is a person who would go extra miles to solve issues for you! She is kind and spiritual and she knows her stuff better!" ... written by Jake
very good excellent" ... written by jana
She was so sweet and very honest. I appreciated her time and her guidance. " ... written by BrianaAF2
Anna, is spectacular and spot on." ... written by Manhattan10003
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
anna it was such a great update reading! she picks up everything that has been going on so accurately. thanks so much anna! will let you know again whats happening ♥" ... written by k
Anna is amazing! Its true!! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
Thank you! very accurate" ... written by Elizabeth
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
she is one of the best here, no doubts" ... written by DANA
Connected really well to the situation and people, lovely energy" ... written by Sandra
very good excellent" ... written by jana
Definitely coming back such a good psychic, great reading, so much insight and great information! Thank you " ... written by Sherry
Wow! Definitely worth the money; was spot on about a lot of things, even the descriptions and everything she said made so much sense! Thank you! strongly recommend def will be back " ... written by Sherry
she is so accurate omg excellent reading " ... written by papa
What a sweet soul Anna is. I really enjoyed my reading with her. She gave me a very different perspective. I feels stronger and know what I need to work on. I really appreciate your time. So wonderful to meet you. " ... written by main
Good insight" ... written by Cindy
straight to the point like always. I love her for that. I highly recommend her." ... written by theodora
Truly wonderful reading. I understand more now. Thank you " ... written by theodora
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
amazing reading" ... written by Rayhaan
Wonderful :) Very to the point. She helped me gain some clarity :)Will be back." ... written by Sabi
Great insight and advice, accurate and kind x" ... written by Cindy
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Amazing!! " ... written by Victoria
Anna is just great! :)" ... written by teaforcompany
Very kind, and insightful reader!" ... written by Redd
very good ty" ... written by jana
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
She was very sweet and honest. Thank you." ... written by BB
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Wonderful insight! Just an awesome experience to confirm my intuition." ... written by E
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
she connected so quickly. Was totally on point, and grave amazing advice and tips on how to handle what's going on with me and my ex. Will come back again for an update. I loved it!" ... written by GG
Very sweet in her delivery and sees quite a lot of detail. veru helpful to me in clarifying my issue" ... written by Bill
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
always a great reading, honest and accurate" ... written by James
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Excellent! Astonished and really enjoy our time together!" ... written by E
Excellent and she was right on point regarding my situation! She knew so much without me saying anything. She is truly gifted and highly recommend!" ... written by E
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
I love her readings " ... written by stephaniestar
Excellent reading with a lot of great insight! Highly recommend!" ... written by E
very practical and pleasant..also what she said made a lot of sense" ... written by pjs
Thank you for the update can't wait.." ... written by theodora
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Lovely to reconnect :)" ... written by me
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
what a great reading enjoyed myself very much! Highly recommend " ... written by tyler
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Smart, intuitive, deep underlying meaning" ... written by Michele
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
thank you!" ... written by bB
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
she so great andamp; genuine." ... written by L
Thank you thank you" ... written by L
Wow, she keeps me calm and help me settle my nerves. " ... written by tc
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
She is really great. Will definitely take her private again. She is really a sweet person and she connects well to the situation your in." ... written by tc
thank you for the advices anna ;) " ... written by pa
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Cleared it all out for me :) thank you" ... written by L
perfect - really indepth analysis and spot on" ... written by ming
her reading was very good excellent " ... written by jana
she is very good a true psychic" ... written by f
first reading with annaSimone.... jeez she was really nice... I liked her a lot... she is a gr8 reader, please think about taking her to prvt... u will get clear answers...........thanks so very much!!!!" ... written by very sweetttt
she is absolutely amazing reader" ... written by ss
She is a very good reader and I would highly recommend her for relationship advice and readings. " ... written by David
Lovely calm reading and delivered with confidence. Fast and accurate, I love Anna as always reassuring. She will always deliver the truth if you can handle it." ... written by Cindy
i really love her, she makes u feel like she is a dear friend of u" ... written by DANA
she is one of the greatest!" ... written by DANA
Great reading, lots of information, quick connection and honest. Will be back to follow up" ... written by lornalulu
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
She was accurate on things..seeing how things unfold" ... written by k
Anna is fantastic. Give her a try. So much insight. So warm. " ... written by John
Great reading, she's very on point...really really great!" ... written by M
great reading" ... written by derick
AMAZING!!!!" ... written by tamjones
Thanks for the reading and clarification, I appreciate the help. You were very accurate on the situation." ... written by Swede
Great reading, thank you. " ... written by Yours
Lovely calm and insightful reading, thank you, it meant a lot, I needed calming" ... written by Colin
by far the best on here!" ... written by dylan
her answers were quick and accurate. 5 stars" ... written by ja
Great reading. Lovely manner. Always a pleasure." ... written by A
Helpful reading :)" ... written by Rom
she is such a good reader, one of the best here" ... written by DANA
amazing" ... written by kindheart
This was my first session with her. I FINALLY am getting answers to my questions which help me understand what I need to and know how to manage things. I will definitely follow up with her for a longer reading next paycheck. I just really like her, her attitude, presentation, care...this was a great choice! I definitely look forward to speaking with her very soon!" ... written by Julia
great reading" ... written by leo
She is quite different than most on here.. Was not long enough.. I feel like what she said was correct .. Wish I had more time" ... written by sam
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
AnnaSimone was very accurate on the situation, knew what was happening before I said anything. She gave me an in depth view on the situation and gave some advice to move forward. Can't wait to see predictions unfold!" ... written by Swede
thank you so much for the reading!" ... written by m
very good reading " ... written by kindheart
Extremely clear and insightful. Thank you " ... written by Pinklight
Very insightful reader. She has been right for me in the past, so I trust her guidance." ... written by Mimi
quick, good reading" ... written by dl
Lovely lady, different reading with a crystal ball very interesting x " ... written by vikki
SPOT ON!" ... written by heathrowy
Lovely update, great connection. " ... written by vik
amazing!!" ... written by Rachel
thank you! " ... written by spirit
she is very good, kind, gifted and a good Mom too. Thanks so much! :)" ... written by Kosmo