About Azengeds

Psychic Azengedshas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Azengedshas recently helped 51members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Azengeds's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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[SUPER SENSITIVE] [ Expert Mentalist /acute Psychic ] Please Try me out...lets connect .....Then feel free to take me to private. [[SALE 3.99]] instead of [[$5.99 ]] Come try me out... Feel free to get a General Readings as well as much more :) (quick 80% to 98% accurate)

He is right on about every thing and thanks! " ... written by firewitch
He is the truth.. will recommend" ... written by CDMIXERS
Enjoyed my talk with Azengeds. You have given me lots to think about. Very kind and thoughtful. Hope to talk with you again." ... written by brucel
He really helped get a clearer understanding about everything, and was spot on. i had the chance to ask a lot of questions, and he didn't get bothered by that either :) lol will definitely come back once i can get more credits! " ... written by mashuhbear
This is legend " ... written by MRWEST
What a kind and wonderful reader. He is quick and picks up on things right away. Very helpful! Thank you so much :)!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Very fast and listens to what you asking...interesting board....will let you know if his predictions are right..." ... written by wendic
Very connected, straight forwards and fast!! Highly Recommend" ... written by Jon
He is really good at what he does and gives specific timeframes when possible. He is quick and doesn't waste your time or credits! GIve him a try :)!!" ... written by mah
Good psychic" ... written by DARLING1
Very good reading pleased with all answers to my questions. Thank you for your help!" ... written by greekgoddess71
He is a lovely reader who gives quick answers to questions. PIcks up on things very quickly. Recommend a pvt with him!" ... written by sacredlove71
Very quick and to the point. Clear information. Quick connection. Highly recommended. " ... written by gemini2460
excellant " ... written by CDMIXERS
He is very good, try him A VERY GOOD PSYCHIC" ... written by DARLING1
QUICK! I hope it comes true! If it does I will return." ... written by NJSims2000
This guy is great I felt he knew just who he was talking about :) I highly recommend him. I got butterflys with his accuracy. :) " ... written by Miss.K
He is very quick to help with answers and he is such a sweetheart!" ... written by yas
Think this guy is amazing so will wait and see " ... written by MALEX3007
Always kind and caring with his readings and quick with answers!" ... written by sacred
Not bad. He told me what I really didn' t want to hear, but I kind of new anyway. " ... written by catmando1
Very accurate about everything and honest! will keep u updated" ... written by parishojohnson
Azengeds connects well and does time predictions and places. Great reader! " ... written by CookieJan
An amazing reading, so full of details...the guy is truly amazing....i highly recommend him to others here.." ... written by Ammer Raja
Thanks for a wonderful reading! I look forward to your predictions" ... written by swsiren
You have to be serious about spirituality to fully understand azengeds but he is quick and on point. Truly gifted and attuned to the higher planes of understanding. Great reading." ... written by .
Honest and straightforward! I will let you know when predictions come to pass! " ... written by rumi628
Stars speak more than my words 5 stars" ... written by ganesh_
Very good!" ... written by compassionategem
He is gifted." ... written by NJSims2000
Very nice too get reading from. I enjoy that." ... written by BAM4869
Another lovely reading. Azenged was very helpful in answering all my questions. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Amazing and very truthfull guy and very understanding, very polite and made things look brighter looking for me." ... written by molokel07
He is fun to talk to, and the board is cool too ! " ... written by sillygirl1198
Azenged is friendly and gives perfectly clear information. He has a sense of humor and is incredibly helpful. This consultation was life-changing for me. " ... written by MoChuisle
A very surprising message that related quite well to my circumstances. I thank you for your time Azengeds and wish you all the best of luck on Oranum." ... written by justinsensei
Thank you for the insight." ... written by friendly22
Very good thank you! Gave me some really exciting news too. Look forward too..:-) See what happens ..:-)" ... written by BESTGIFT32
Good guy very helpful, thanks a lot will be back." ... written by zimerili1
He's very good, easygoing, calm and knows a lot. He feels and sees things, the contexts of your life. Loved to have a reading and chat with him. :-) Thank you!" ... written by bellacasa
Spectacular! On point! predicted the exact time my boyfriend would message me and it was freaky when it happened!!!! The real deal, no sugar coating!!! You will not regret it!!! Try him :)" ... written by dreamz25
He is quick helpful n nice." ... written by sailorjupiter
Accurate information, positive thoughts, a nice guy :)" ... written by RavNLynx
Interesting! Encouraging! Uplifting hope. Peace be with you azen, and blessings!" ... written by ivory_onyx
He was great :)... Now to see if the predictions come true. :) Hopefully it does! I'm looking forward to it !!!" ... written by alwayswaiting
It was a good reading, time ran out quick but it was worth it :) XX thank you" ... written by alwayswaiting
I had a reading done with this guy he is unleavened ... im the kind of person who ask's alot of questions n he was quick at answering them and very honest .. i really really really loved hem and will come back for another reading again... gusy any of u out there who r unshure of what psychic to pick will ill make is realy easy 4 ya.. pick hem he is amazing and he is at a good price aswell ..... i promis u this guy will tell u the 101% truth not 100% the hole 101% truth ... he is very honest i loved hem ... everyone u have to pick this guy i have had alot of readings doen on this website but trust me please pick hem he is just so so good ... and he is a lovely warm lad aswell" ... written by galwaygirl
Good connection ....gave me predictions hope they will come to pass...will give a 5 star when they do...thank you" ... written by acealways
He was quick to connect and got some amazing details and saw things that I did not expect. The healing was good too. Thank you." ... written by Hippie11
I feel that he's good, he said everything right so far." ... written by birthdaycake123
Thank you Azen! " ... written by kingpi
Clear and to the point with some surprising answers! I'm happy that he confirmed my thoughts on my relationship :) Thank you!" ... written by djordan6898
Straightforward and honest! A psychic with detailed answers you can trust. He deserves more than just 5 stars! Excellent reader, a must try!!!!!" ... written by dreamz25
Short and simple answers. That's what you need right? It's great." ... written by blueberi
Very insightful, and full of energy, I LOVE that! Had answers to my questions in a quick amount of time. He's very swift and accurate, will be back!!! :)" ... written by MinaVamp27
I just love this guy he's always honest with me and deserves every penny I give him. He is even trying to help my family..." ... written by fpinkney
I'm amazed... Just wow!!! I will be doing again and look forward to the future events and dates." ... written by Australiana16
fantastic! " ... written by michelle
He is great!!!!!!!!" ... written by luckystar222
The best and he's hot!" ... written by lonelybaby
I was searching for real answers with my situation and I came across Azengeds who happen to be online. I decided to consult with him and not go back to those I have consulted with. There was this gut feeling that I should try him. I read his information and his feedbacks. Members convinced me to give him a try. I was very impressed not only with the speed but with his method and his honesty. I will wait for his predictions to happen. Thank you again, Azen!" ... written by Moonchild59
Well, the 30 second thing in his bio is true!! Read me very well. The energy he sends is very tangible. I felt uplifted on many levels after my reading with him. Thank you Azen." ... written by roxrose
Good reading." ... written by Anniekins
He is tuned in quite strongly. Picks out great personal info to work with. The manifestation exercise had a physical response in my forehead. Fingers crossed his prediction comes through. A flame will regrow on her return." ... written by Enkori
Picked up on a lot of positive stuff and told me to do some ritual to help with my future path in life! Thank you!!" ... written by Sidney
calmg. quick...i will wait for predictioms andamp; return to ahem . this is my 2md reading andamp; i believe him " ... written by truelove
He was great! He was extremely specific with dates and times! We will see what transpires but I feel very good about his reading!! He is very unique in his approach but extremely calming! If his manifestation works in 2 weeks like predicted I will be back to scream his praises from the roof tops!!" ... written by Miszy
Three in a row?! That's right. As talented as he is, as fun and personable as he is, as intense as he can be he stunned me with suddenly becoming very sensitive and spiritual. You know what, kids? You need to seriously give this guy a try. Don't let his poker face fool you. I see great things for this one. - I approve this message." ... written by AleahRyder
He surprised me. Quite good. His answers were quick and direct. Love that he isn't afraid to be totally direct and conveys messages exactly. No censor. Love that. Two thumbs up." ... written by AleahRyder
I am very specific when it comes to dealing with people and I will tell you I trust Azengeds, he is always there not some of the time but all the time. With the transition my family is going through right now his help is greatly appreciated. Love and Light to you all and please make wise choice with who you choose to help you and your family." ... written by fpinkney
An outstanding healing. I am having back pain and all that, you need to make me run. Definitely one of the best I can see on the site. Can answer any questions you have." ... written by luckystar222
Absoloutely amazing, he is very kind, he gave me the healing for me which was very soothing and worked! I wish him all the best in Oranum and I feel he will go far! " ... written by RebeccaJane
Awesome awesome help... straight forward appreciate the news. Will keep posted on the info. " ... written by buzysignal
Awesome!!!!!! I really recommend. I was very happy with my reading. I will give an update on the future predictions. Thank you, so much!!!" ... written by Smith
Awesome. Azengeds did a quick healing, manifestation and answered a question for me. I look forward to seeing what happens! Thanks so much." ... written by Justin
Awesome gift. Highly highly intelligent!" ... written by McSh0rt13
How does he do it? I don't know. Giving me advice on an upcoming trip, can't wait to see what unfolds. Also, he mentioned my kitchen being cold - visitor. Low and behold... " ... written by AleahRyder
It was such a great experience with Azengeds he was fun to talk too and was real he told me things that just happened today. I am excited to find out what will happen in this month to come with my career and love. He was just a regular down to earth person that I felt comfortable speaking to him. I enjoyed seeing him talk in tongues that is a special gift God Bless you and hope others seek you. Edna" ... written by Edna
I think he was very honest I cant say if he was right because we just got done talking... but I hope he is right! if things turn out the way he said I will be back to chat again! I do wish I had more time! but you should give him a try! I think he is worth the money! " ... written by Chelsea
Azengeds offered me caution and seemed to know important things about a person in my life, things that I need to know before I get involved. He also performed a healing to provide much needed energy. Thanks." ... written by MaryB11
I always enjoy getting readings with him. He's very insightful, and I just say I'm going for a few minutes and it always goes for longer. Thank you so so much! I await your predictions. You rock!" ... written by MinaVamp27
He was good." ... written by Melissa
He's really good!" ... written by Mel
Azengeds is quick and competent in using the board. He has many gifts." ... written by MaryB11
Wow,omg,wow!!!!! He hit the nail on the head in a demo reading. I had to take him to private chat.He was so right on the situation with me and my guy.I've been going crazy about it for months a spent a lot of money on other psychics that were a waste. So glad I came here and found Azengeds! He is the truth and does not waste time. This is my go to guy from now on! You will be glad to called him....he is an absolute must call!!!" ... written by Sunlight82
Awesome reading! Love him! The nicest guy. Extremely accurate and honest. Will definitely come back! 5 Star Rating!" ... written by swiftcats
I have had 2 readings from him and two healings. He is very accurate, and the information about upcoming dates...I am looking foreword to seeing what happens! He's very easy to talk to and he seems to be able to spot things very quickly. Very nice reading highly recommend..." ... written by francine
Azengeds remembers details of my life situation and so is more easily tuned into them to give predictions and advice. He also provides healing that you can actually feel." ... written by MaryB11
Great reading, very accurate! He confirmed many things I already knew and gave me insight to so many others. He was able to give timeframe to things starting to unfold!" ... written by Helen
Azengeds is consistent with his readings and uses the board well. I believe he is connected to the spirit world." ... written by MaryB11
Very good reading...hopefully time frames will work out. Thanks!" ... written by francine
Wonderful healing and reading - very quick and good!" ... written by mina
Azengeds was very good at connecting with my spirit guide and gave specific instructions on how to go forward. Will see what happens. He is a nice guy." ... written by sensitive13
Always a pleasure to speak with Azgengeds. Looking forward to my raise and that new man! He has been right before. He is very specific with names and dates." ... written by Australiana16
He puts my mind at ease and did a great healing session. Thanks!" ... written by MissyAmethyst
Wow! Amazing ! I am so glad i had a reading from him! " ... written by luckystar222
Very intense, picked up on something personal about me that I did not offer" ... written by MaryB11
Hes very cool and laid back but absolutely accurate and intuitive. He's very mature and wonderful insight. Awesome reading!" ... written by ikroyal
He is the real deal. Last time he told me my man would contact me friday and he did. Today i came for a private reading with him and i had some more great news today . Sooo happy. Thanks Azen, god bless you :)" ... written by missmel2012
This guys is great also his healings, I totally recommend " ... written by gina
Azengeds described my personality perfectly so I believe he has the mystical skills to answer questions accurately. He also confirmed my sense of what is going on with another person I know. He is good with the pendulum and other tools he uses." ... written by sensitive13
Unorthodox but good. Give him a try. Let him blow you're mind" ... written by sincerly7
Thank you again Azen. So accurate. I'm speechless." ... written by missmel2012
Was an interesting reading with Azengeds. He gave me insight into something I have been wondering about and a look at the past too. Thanks! was different than the rest." ... written by kealia35
Azengeds is amazing in private! thank you azengeds " ... written by marionlyttle
Awsome. If I had more credits I would ask more questions :) " ... written by luckystar222
Very quick with answers and helps with guidance too!" ... written by mah
He is a good reader he can pick up on your personality well and he read into my circumstance well. Thanks for the help" ... written by kman123
Ok- this man is AMAZING. I am blown away. He could give me exact details, INCLUDING NAMES about a situation I was in. He was. so accurate and also he did a healing on me that I felt INSTANTLY. I am so amazed by his ability. He should be famous and going around the world doing what he does. THANK YOU Azengeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by toucan2
Fair reading, the voice box was hard to hear, but I did feel at peace after asking him the questions I had to ask. " ... written by Joanna
Always happy with Azengeds. A longer review is not needed. He is spot on and to the point." ... written by Londo
Azen is a nice guy. He gave me hope in my situation and did a healing for my relationship. I really felt more at peace after talking to him. Praying that what he predicted will come true! Thanks Azen! :)" ... written by Rana
Thank you so much for the reading. Your answers are fast and I feel that they are accurate. " ... written by Myriame
Great reading! Seems very gifted! Connects well with personality descriptions. Thank you... Much appreciated!" ... written by me
He gave predictions right down to a specific date. It was effortless for him, and he described me to a tee in the lounge which basically started it all!!! Will get back with you as to the predictions!!! Thanks I enjoyed the was effortless and easy!" ... written by Finding Peace
Very quick and accurate. Gave me time lines." ... written by jkelly
Great psychic. Seemed to know a lot about me and saw some things which I would have never of imagined. Great personality, clear, will go back again for sure! Thank you again for your great reading. " ... written by Adrian
Fast, kind and right on. Very caring also. " ... written by Melissa Brown
Brought up all of the details about my ex and was accurate.. Good reader.. Really connected with spirits." ... written by Virgo
A very strange and interesting reading, the expert knew things for sure, made some heavy predictions, overall i am extremely satisfied, thank you very much." ... written by zimerili1
Great reading, Waiting for things to unfold for me... He is so awesome, spot on....xo" ... written by VenusInLove
Azen was right last time so I came back to him. He did a healing for me. I know my boyfriend will contact me this week as azen says. Thank you azen, so happy that you are on Oranum. You are very gifted." ... written by mel
Thanks Azen. Amazing energy just flowed and pulled me in. You made sense where many just simply created fear and unhappiness in my readings experience so far. The healing energy you sent me, instantly took away worries, my headache and yes, even my back pain! Wishing you success for all you do in life. Stay fabulous and once again, thanks a milly;) xoxox " ... written by Teddy
Thank You Azen for the reading. We got disconnected but I do appreciate the info. Love and light to you." ... written by t-t
Intuitive, insightful chakra analysis, ran out of credits." ... written by BNJPANGELS
He's cute and accurate." ... written by abby
OMG, I wasted so much time trying to get answers from others. Azen took the negative part of my spirit and made me whole again. I am not sure at this point if I am dreaming or this actually happened. I feel so much lighter and something has definitely changed, God Bless you my friend! I will always come back to you!" ... written by Margie
Good reading despite no change in my situation." ... written by Scent
Very helpful and really good job." ... written by sadhana
He is just amazing, the one answer he gave me was amazing, he gave the distance and direction for the job offer I lost, I hope his predictions and healing will benefit him, God bless him" ... written by Digish naik
Super great. I always enjoy his readings. " ... written by MElissa Brown
Very nice person. I am waiting now to see what will happen." ... written by Amalia
Very amusing! I'll will post feedback on any results!" ... written by Sarah
Awesome! Gave me everything that I needed to know that was bugging me for the past 5 years. Revealed a lot things to me that most psychics cannot acesse I'm talking about a really psychic here if you want to know and get to the bottom of your situation. Please go to this guy." ... written by ayla
Amazing powerful energy. Lots of white light, gold and green light. Very uplifting lightening. Great powerful healing in a short time. This was after I had an awful healing with someone else. Thank you will be back." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Thank you." ... written by zimerili1
Really cool guy, quick and direct, very clear in his answers and told me what I needed to know. Highly recommended - thanks." ... written by Girl
he's most interesting!" ... written by fragrant
he is really impressive...and good music too :)" ... written by fragrant
So if you want exact dates/time frames this is a good guy to see. A lot of ppl on here are hesitant with times, but this guy is not AT ALL!!! He's really sweet too, btw. High energy, very fast--covered a lot of ground in a short time, and he's very detailed, no generalities. I'd recommend him if you want to get to the point and want to hear it all. Definitely recommend, it's an experience for sure;) " ... written by YH
I am amazed at how quick Azen picked up what other person was thinking in seconds! He is a confident and a spot on psychic! He doesn't waste any time. He answered all my questions in just a few minutes. I will go back to him for updates. And I can't wait for his predictions to happen. Thank you, Azen!" ... written by Moonchild59
Was very helpful. Very effective healing" ... written by sadhana
Forgot to mention: Azen performed a healing on me, it was almost like I could feel someone in the room. Swear to my grandma. My head, throat, chest, arms all felt warm and tingly. It was a trip. It was real. It was a real trip. Boy has the talent I wish I could have." ... written by AleahRyder
very clam, soothing." ... written by liza
He connected really quickly and provided accurate information instead of me providing it all :) I'll be back for updates :)" ... written by angie
Awesome!" ... written by Margaret
thank you!" ... written by freehugs
Very calm and soft. The things he saw made sense with what i already knew. Predictions seem reasonable, and the events logical." ... written by Merc
I had a very detailed and informative reading with him. He told me things that were true and he made me feel inspired and i feel more enlightened from our conversation. I will return again to get more info from my faery spirit guides. Thanks! " ... written by Amanda
brilliant" ... written by m
azen was soo patient with me! i kept having connection problems thru out reading. he did a manifestation reading for me and i could feel him working on me as he did it" ... written by m
he gave me a name, liked picked up on a name specifically and no one's been able to do that. he also gave me some dates for work and love. i wrote them down but will update on when they past" ... written by m
he good. i read with him awhile back and he did a manifestation to help something come true and it did. so i went to see him again for another one" ... written by m
I watched his demo and was amazed at the quick connection and the detail he put in to every answer. I had a private with him after and he connected quickly. He described the man I am involved with to a T. He picked up on his personality and both of our feelings. Very detailed n answering my questions giving dates. I'm so hoping he is right. I will definitely be back.. Thank You Azengeds" ... written by melissa
he is soooooooooooooo awesome awesome.. omg.. !!!! i got his special and he was so right on the money.. " ... written by nancy
I liked him, I was going to give up on someone I really cared about and he open my eyes not to and he was very helpful." ... written by estania1
Lets just hope everything he said will be correct." ... written by Nina
This guy knows what he's talking about. He made me feel so much better. He's original, and cool. He's very nice. It was honestly very eye opening for me and helped me understand my situation. I feel great. I'm hoping he has a long career!" ... written by Raychul
Azengeds did reiki healing, very powercul, very caring, he gave me incredible details, as to my personal information involvinv my family and what I need to do to make th8ngs happen. He gave me some strong a d definitive direction which I was looking for in just a short amount of time. He gave me a great deal of pecifics of my situation. Excellent intuitive readerr.I rate him a 10!!!!" ... written by bnjpangels
Azen gave me a 10/10 reading, superb, very accurate!!! Recommend!!! Thanks" ... written by K S
It's a prediction so I will be back to tell all" ... written by cutiepattootie
Very unique and different reading. I hope the predictions come to pass especially about the house. Thank you Azenged :)) Blessings" ... written by Liz
He connected very quickly and gave good advice as well as time frames." ... written by angie
he picked up on a lot of things will talk again him." ... written by rosie64
He has told me some off the wall things in free chat that were coming up for me and i kinda blew them off, but kept them in the back of my mind - unbelievably, his accuracy was right on the mark.. I couldn't wait to come for a reading !!! Very kind soul and lots of detail - i look forward to things panning out for me :) Thank you so very much Azengeds !!!" ... written by S
Perceptive fellow." ... written by Londo
Nice spirit. Brought me warmth, clarity and hope." ... written by ivory_onyx
Azengeds was very nice and informative. Was clear with his answers and even gave me a prediction/timeline. He helped to calm me. Thanks so much!" ... written by Jessica
Wow.. he told me great stuff.. I will work on making this work.. :) " ... written by Shiks
he gave a prediction - i like his optimism- lets waite and see :)" ... written by cutiepattootie
he's definitely different. I had a reading from him in early june before I took my trip. he told me to pack xtra because god would have a gift for me.. he was right.. my return flight cancelled until the next day. it was a gift. I was happy to stay the xtra day.. now to see if his other predictions come true. im hoping :)" ... written by melissa
great reading. on point. satisfied." ... written by mar
amazing guy, accurate reader, blows your mind away with the info he gets for give him ten thousand stars!" ... written by satisfied customer
I think he's great, has confirmed on numerous occasions his ability to connect. He's a unique reader, true to himself, but the messages are accurate and genuine. Will be back, thanks!" ... written by .
Great insights..! Thanks for the tips. " ... written by SS
amazing, i cant find other word to describe azen the compassionate big heart, so young, but so wise, he see and know everything about the situation without failing." ... written by kuiipo5
thank you for the clarity.. will keep you updated" ... written by melissa
had another reading lets see if his predictions come to pass" ... written by rosie64
good! He is sooo quick and cool, I really hope that his prediction comes to pass! Can spurt out incredibly accurate and relevant information. mind blowing. take him pvt and see! " ... written by qewrtyui
Very interesting reading and hoping that what he said will come to pass, and willing to help you as much as he can. also very caring. " ... written by queenmarge
he is sooooooooooo good... very good.. " ... written by sue nancy
He is very very good. I am very pleased with him him. he is amazing he is on my list of awesome readers.. he is worth every penny " ... written by Nancy
I was very impressed with Azengeds. He read my situation well andamp; quickly, I highly recommend him!" ... written by W
Oh man, that was interesting :) thanks dude, ill let ya know what happens!" ... written by hope2321