About Beraidian

Psychic Beraidianhas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Beraidianhas recently helped 32members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Beraidian's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am an indigo man, I love working on love issues and removing attacks or evil eye to others, Send you love! ?

good professional advice, thank you! I only wish it was a bit faster reading!" ... written by jazzychic7
Such a nice man! Very accurate reading. It was amazing the same exact cards showed up again and again and again. He was right on spot!" ... written by P
Another five stars plus reader!! He is awesome in pvt" ... written by marion
Awesome! Kind and Wonderful! " ... written by Alex
Awesome. Good reading." ... written by sadhana
Great reader and energy worker :). 5 stars!" ... written by JBee
Very helpful!" ... written by sadhana
great reading, outstanding!" ... written by Jean
Wonderful reading!!! He tuned in! I WILL let you know more!" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you!!!" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you so much." ... written by lenard
It was cool will see how everything goes." ... written by yaneira
Thanks very much 5 STARS !!" ... written by Henry
Very okay reading. " ... written by sg
My second reading with him. Glad Beraidian joined oranum. 1000 stars." ... written by JBee
He's so wonderful. His clearings are amazing." ... written by Ahz
Thank you. Blessings. " ... written by Patricia
Great energy work in a quick session, the energy sensations on certain parts of my body energy centers were amazing a bit ticklish too haha, wonderful session he wastes no time as always,thankyou." ... written by Christopher
He is awesome!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Good. I will let you no later Beraidian to tell you what happened." ... written by Justin
Very thorough and quick to answer questions." ... written by Kerry Gi
I had some old energy around me and he cleared it with ease. It was truly amazing..... Off the charts stellar" ... written by freespiritwave
super healing session, really feel the energy being shifted, with heartfelt gratitude, thank you Beraidian xoxox" ... written by happy blessed healed love
He's great. My third reading with him, and always accurate. 5 stars. :)" ... written by Purple Iris
Very gentle and loving!! Thank you" ... written by utasha
Thank you so much. It was beautiful!" ... written by Angel
Thank you so much for the kind re-assurance and direction. As always, I appreciate you." ... written by Malinda
Thank you for helping my back" ... written by desi
This is so beautiful, positive..." ... written by Blue
Spectacular!" ... written by Sol
Bearaidian is a good reader...thanks. " ... written by sunshinec
He is very good my first healing session with him and I feel good, very calming! Thank you Beraidian!!! :)" ... written by ora
Beraidian is an amazing healer...accurate with details about my situation...I will keep coming back to him." ... written by maxxter
Beraidian is amazing as usual. His ability to work with energy is phenomenal. He can pinpoint blockages with amazing accuracy and gives great tools to use to help release those for those I am asking about as well as for myself. Love working with him!" ... written by paiger10
As always, amazing energy work. I feel chills when I work with him and always come out feeling lighter and better. His visualization advice is always spot on as well :-) " ... written by paiger10
The most wonderful feeling ever! Thank you so much !" ... written by Sol
He was great. He told me exactly what to do. I loved his advice. Thank you so much. I will come back for sure." ... written by Jyotsna
Beraidian is so calming, and his gift of energy work and energy healing is amazing. I love working with him." ... written by paiger
lovely and gentle" ... written by sam
Spectacular ... " ... written by Sol
Maravillosa seccion como siempre ..." ... written by Sol
I absolutely love working with Beraidian. He is to the point and does not waste your time or money. His abilities are accurate and honest with both the energy readings and cards. " ... written by paiger10
honest and accurate" ... written by dean
brilliant. helped me shift me energy and is such a kind and compassionate soul. truly gifted and wise. 10 stars" ... written by freespiritwave2
He's one of my favorite here in Oranum. He's great at what he does, truly gifted." ... written by Purple iris
Muchas gracias por toda su ayuda ..." ... written by Benjamin
Great energy reading.. Thank you. " ... written by Yin Yang
Thank you Beraidian, I really enjoyed your reading. " ... written by jessica
I found the reading to be interesting. The reader was able to connect and offered some valuable insight." ... written by Lightstar
I loved his session, I have walked away feeling refreshed and ready for what comes my way next." ... written by April
Excellent" ... written by Clara
the session we shared this afternoon was full of positive energy and I came away with a brighter outlook on my life. He is very good!." ... written by Mermaid
Wonderful spiritual energy work. He has helped me - many times. " ... written by L
The time I did have was very good and gave me a calming effect. I look forward to more sessions" ... written by mermaid
Spectacular experience !" ... written by Felix
Thank you for all the info . great experience !" ... written by Sole
Hermosa experiencia... Muchas gracias. " ... written by Sol ...
Awesome reading and energy clearing. I have more clarity now. " ... written by Lynda
My reading with Beraidian was through private chat and I truly enjoyed his style. It was awesome to say the least! He is very gifted and was so accurate with certain details in my life. I'm looking forward to see how his predictions pan out. He's also a great person. Thank you so much Beraidian! It was a blessing to have found you and I will contact you again!" ... written by alexisgalaxy
Fantastica experiencia ." ... written by Her
Thank you so much . Spectacular healing ." ... written by Felix
Thank you Paris so much for so many things. Your detailed and insightful reading, support, guidance, respect and care with the delivery of your thoughts. I am very appreciative of your guidance." ... written by Justin
First time with Beraidian. I liked his energy. We will see if his predictions come true." ... written by debie
Thanks for the reading Beraidian. I think you were right on a lot of levels. Now, just to get to a better space." ... written by cestlavie24
he is simply brilliant. he is great and very very polite and gives u the strength u need." ... written by dk
amazing" ... written by tallbeauty9
Espectacular como siempre ..." ... written by Blessed
Una maravillosa experiencia !" ... written by Angel
I was expecting to get some help clearing negative energy, but I got so much more. This was an amazingly deep session. I received a 1000 times more help than I anticipated. Highly recommend him." ... written by Ahz
Super wonderful. Very special. Love his energy work. " ... written by Ahz
Thank you for reading on personal situation. It helps to know how to proceed with this. And yes i will do the candle ritual! I need to and thank you, enjoy your readings." ... written by cestlavie24
Intuitive and very calm soul, connected to situation, recommend!" ... written by B
Thank you so much for this wonderful Healing experience ." ... written by Ely
Wonderful meditation , information and experience ." ... written by Sol
Just pure love and blessings ." ... written by Ek
Thank you , it was a great experience." ... written by Paz
love when beraidian does energy always feels great and his readings are always so accurate and honest. " ... written by paige
ANGEL WHO GUIDES HONESTLY" ... written by universe
Thank you so much , It was a wonderful healing experience " ... written by Fe
thanks" ... written by olive
Thanks for the reading beraidian. I will finally do the candle ritual and just try, try to concentrate on me. That's all i can handle. thank you." ... written by cestlavie24
He's very good. Very good tarot card reader. and energy feeler" ... written by Danielle Harris
Thank you. God bless and chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Beautiful healing !" ... written by Moon
love beraidian. As always he is direct and honest and shares exactly what he sees even if it isn't what you want to hear. Always feel better after his healings and energy readings as well. Seriously love working with this very gifted man!" ... written by paige
I have no words to express my gratitude ." ... written by Sol
Beraidian has a very interesting way of healing. I didn't get to finish my session today but I appreciated it." ... written by cherryblossom10
Really good alignment and healing session. he removed negativity and i could even feel my physical back pain started to be removed and relaxed. no my whole back cracked and aligned and i feel more free of and actually aligned, as i asked for. bless you great session. i ll be back :)" ... written by Wave
good healer" ... written by Staci
I just went for a second reading to finish my healing session." ... written by Waves
Thank you so much Beraidian ..." ... written by The girls
nice reading but ran our od time" ... written by Dreams395
I love talking with Beraidian, he puts everything into perspective and helps me keep positive and encouraged. Beri is so kind, compassionate and genuinely warm. He helps me and keeps me focused on the important things. " ... written by James
I will have to wait see the outcome.. beraidian is a lovely person.. connects well" ... written by char
we have more wk to do.. im feeling different right now " ... written by char
Hell to all, returning customer and again very nice healing session. effects manifest instantly and i feel the relieve of pain and new serenity in within. Thank you endlessly and bless you my friend. thank you for your kindness and your help. Bless you" ... written by Waves
Spectacular healing , highly recommended ..." ... written by Sl
nice guy" ... written by miranda
Thank you for helping me with neo through this tough times. I care about him deeply, more than i truly understand, but I want to send him light. thank you for your help. You truly are a being of light. You radiate positivity as well as love for people and beings. Youre awesome!! :) :) :) :) " ... written by Neo
good reading " ... written by melissa
He had such a wonderful spirit about him. He was very understanding. I enjoyed the reading. He even clear some blockages from me. Thank you." ... written by Victoria
I adore this man and his energy! He was very clear and reassuring the path I am on is good. His reading was validating for me and I feel reassured that my intuition is leading me where I want to go :) I received many blessings in my reading and I am grateful. On top of all of that, he is very affordable! Love andamp; light!" ... written by Feather8
Help me remove negative energy. Blessings." ... written by Patricia
Great Guy I am so relaxed " ... written by Pammy826
Thank you for the wonderful healing experience ." ... written by Sol
very nice reading" ... written by m
I really enjoyed Beraidian's reading. He was cleansing and he found out what is blocking me. Lets see the results. thank you :)" ... written by Jenny
amazing, cleansed my energy and spoke about very true things in my life!!!" ... written by vvd450
His work is on a very deep and transformative energetic level. I feel honored to be able to have him work on me, and to help me move forward. He is amazing. And also very kind." ... written by Ahz
came back for a reading again as I can really feel how he removes all negative energy from me :) Thank you! you are working great !!you are fantastic healer =))" ... written by f
Beraidian is very kind and true...walks with alot of light." ... written by Martha
Beraidian tapped into my energy field and fixed the messed up codes. i already feel lighter. great healing work." ... written by Rana
I think he is very powerful healer and removes all blockages - I could really feel it! Thank you!! You are fantastic! :) :) :) " ... written by f
That was the most intense session i have ever had on oranum, he has helped me to the point that i cant find a way to thank this man enough ,his details are incredible,his work is just amazing,he knows everything and can see all thankyou so much friend i highly recommend you!" ... written by christopher
this man was right on target. I will definitely use him again." ... written by m mary
Very helpfull remove ur stubborness" ... written by coolme
this is my 2nd time with Beraidian i must admit when he starts his energy work and gets into my energy field i feel soo tingly it feels sooo weird but its just wow i cannot describe the sensation it is nothing i have experienced before, i am trying to be a regular with him now because i see the results and feel so much different with beraidians help, i can tell u he is the real deal it will not hurt to try him ,thankyou so much" ... written by christopher
interesting healing" ... written by hilly
He's really good. I really like his energy. He's straight and to the point. Wonderful reader :) 1000000000 stars" ... written by loveandlight
A pleasure to speak with. A rather complex situation and he was able to help give information in regards to it." ... written by Alneverus
Spot on. Very good healer" ... written by Sinead
Thank you again Beraidian for a helpful and enjoyable reading. I will follow your advice too. Many blessings to you also!" ... written by alexisgalaxy
Awesome, honest and good person." ... written by dheerenkumar
excellent, thorough tarot reading with whole heart, mind and soul. Many thank-us!! blessings!!" ... written by colleen
hessss an amazing reader and healer, blew my mind with the strong connection!! very grateful to have come to him. thank you so much" ... written by thinkblue
I have some interesting insights from beraidian, good guy, highly recommended" ... written by Sooriamurthy
my first session...pretty intense...although i went in for a regular reading, i decided to get myself 'cleansed'....he seems very dedicated and professional...thank you very much for this....will be back for more ... " ... written by lovehouston
We did a room cleansing, yes he can do that too for your home and such he found livings things and put light and gave me some tasks i need to do on my own too which are very easy, we looked into relationships and discussed things to a deep level ,and over all had an amazing session highly recommended his energy work is outstanding much loved! " ... written by Christopher
Very good highly effective personnel, takes good care of people and trust us one and all. Very good. Highly recommended" ... written by Sooriamurthy
Great Reading he is very gifted:);) Wow!!!!" ... written by Sunday
I forgot how many times weve done work together, his energy work is always amazing i always feel it when he connects its so strange, and he helps me with my problems and tells me what he really sees and clears it up,his readings are no joke they have zero sugar coating... and even if it hurts he tells u but that honesty in his readings is what i know and trust because it is 100% real thankyou" ... written by christopher
Thank you so much ! I feel very good connection with you and the way you work is unique! He is very kind and honest person! =) Thank you so much! :) god bless you!" ... written by fdiv
Thank you! Will keep you updated about my dreams. :)" ... written by L...
perfecto 11 de 10" ... written by luis
He is very very good. Thank you for the alignment! You are spot on and very generous. Blessings to you as well. " ... written by L...
very peaceful and direct reader" ... written by sm
Very excellent - got right to the problem - " ... written by Mark7991@
Always a pleasure to work with him and i really enjoy coming back for my followups. He is truly amazing." ... written by jewelw203
He is awesome, very gifted healer. Picks up on all negative eneregy and blocks quickly. Highly recommend!" ... written by atlantis111
I could really feeing. I felt something during the energy healing. I trust berai to fix me andamp; set things right now." ... written by Shuchi
Good" ... written by Hanna
Paris I love coming to you for advice and to see how I can make things better for myself. You have a good nature and project great wisdom. " ... written by Ann
He connected very quickly with me and had an amazing reading. This guy put me at ease " ... written by tyler
Very caring and did healing work. I look forward to changes" ... written by angelszone
very good" ... written by angelszone
great guy. reading is on point." ... written by jdm0707
He is so amazing, always works wonders you can feel his energy work, his cleansing , he can fix so many areas of light encourage good things with light and really just make u happy i highly recommend him 5 stars! a must have in pvt and very genuine!" ... written by Christopher
lovely reading! he is very intuitive… i will sure come back for another reading :) thank u so much" ... written by alma
He is always amazing to work with, he is so gifted and when he starts the energy work you can actually feel it in your own energy, the changes taking place ,he is so powerful,his readings really reveal the secrets you have to ask and with amazing accuracy some of the details in todays reading were shocking but it helps me to prepare for the falls and helps me to how to react to this,i trust this man strongly thankyou so much for your amazing help and guidance." ... written by Christopher
Very effective. I can feel the connection he makes and the healing he does. He is amazing and very genuine. " ... written by Harsha Nagpal
did a healing session. Feeling a bit lighter and more relaxed about my situation. Was very distressed going in. Hopeful. I will do my homework. :)" ... written by love
great advice " ... written by melissa
He's helpful! Thank you ~" ... written by JL
Always nice to get an update from Beraidian. He has helped me so much in understanding the changes in my life." ... written by jewelw203
Yet another Fantastic Super Healing session, received with Love, i totally trust this dear psychic who really connects to the situation and delves in deep to help, support and assist." ... written by hAPPYHEALEDJ
Lots of energy work today again, i feel amazing.. removed some bad things i had little trouble with someone using magic in the wrong way but this is over with now thanks to this man as always :) thankyou my friend , thankyou" ... written by chris
He has a wonderful aura and is very fast and clear. " ... written by spiderlilli
Great card reader and intuitive...warm careing person too. I felt a good connection." ... written by Ulysses G
great insightful reading. thank you" ... written by leodragon
good and fast" ... written by dd
Beraidian continually helps me to feel better. When I know I am "off" in some way he is able to not only explain why, but to remove / change the energy that was disturbing me. I cannot explain how he does his work, but it's real, and profound." ... written by Ahz
great medium !" ... written by melissa
I had some energies attached and he cleared with ease. I have not felt so balanced in years. BRILLIANT unbelievably powerful this man is a true sage" ... written by freespiritwave2
Very helpful and nice person! I look forward to see results. :)" ... written by Dove
Are you thinking of going PRIVATE with Beraidian???? Then do it, you won't regret it." ... written by Lukas Slavickas
very good connection and advice" ... written by ccc
So much changed for me in those few minutes." ... written by Sebastien
Beraidian is awesome! Very good advice as always! :) Will be back without a doubt! " ... written by Lukas Slavickas
wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!!" ... written by ohso
Beraidian was such a powerful healer. I feel that he has truly helped me and I look forward to seeing what is to come with the continued healing. Amazing work! Very much recommend him!" ... written by Carrie
He was good. Good reading :)" ... written by Eileen
The reading was going very well...and on point but screen froze up. I will return for additional insight. This guy is quick and accurate in interpreting tarat cards per your issues. Thumbs Up" ... written by Cordie167
He is the only person i look forward to working with now, i see the results from the energy work we have done and i know it is very much effective and strong, he has never wasted my time and works fast and is very honest , his accuracy and details in readings is also incredibly high just amazing and he gives u the real truth no sugar coating and wont waste your money, he is worth every pennie! thankyou so much you have been a great help in my life! " ... written by christopher
He is totally awesome, I had a wonderful session with him." ... written by ohsobeautiful
He is beyond clean with his eery and powerful beyond measure. He is a very very very advanced soul. The best healer that I have found" ... written by freespiritwave2
You are an Angel on earth !" ... written by AngerLove ...
Likes!" ... written by O
Very emotional experience, truly a healer. Must have a reading with him! " ... written by CuriousCat
Great reader, Highly recommended, good connection, good healer." ... written by Sooriamurthy
thank you it makes a lot of sense from you told me last." ... written by Moon
Very good - excellent. Very fullfilling reading. Very appreciated." ... written by sunshine and dazed
He's really accurate!!!" ... written by Andy
He's helped me over and over by clearing me of negative energy, and he is able to stop me from having bad dreams, that used to be a reoccurring problem. " ... written by Ahz
Beraidian is a beautiful healer. He is such a kind spirit. It's my second healing session...and I can definitely say I feel so much better. A truly wonderful man:)" ... written by Carrie
good advise" ... written by LizMay
my first reading here. love the way we can see our consultant working and i felt Beraidian was connected to my situation well. Thank you!" ... written by ginbellen
Wonderful reader. Very detailed and compassionate." ... written by b
Beraidian does deeply transformative work. His work is remarkable." ... written by Ahz
Gracious - Beraidian has helped clear my energy so many times, I am so grateful to him for his help. " ... written by L
The most wonderful experience I ever had." ... written by Sol
Good reading. " ... written by Golden_Aura
Beraidian is a very kind reader; he clearly has an insight to past lives and reads my energies. The healing was strongly felt. " ... written by in_the_making
Beraidian is one of the amazing person i ever meet in my life. educated person and you can take from him more with how he express his feelings with his word. " ... written by Abdullah
Tried to help me. " ... written by Starlight
first time. not too sure what to make of it; he definitely didn't sugar coat anything, but i don't felt he connected with me as much as i had anticipated. i'll follow his advice and see what happens. " ... written by abis
It's the second time I visit with Beraidian and he has helped me resolve some issues that are very important to me. I appreciate his wisdom and caring manner. Highly recommended!!" ... written by Patricia
wonderful healing he done I felt all the energy he was sending and clearing thanks " ... written by kiran
That was amazing gave me insights into everything i needed to know,and has done more energy work i felt and know will work as it has before,this man dosent waste time and takes his work seriously,you will see amazing results! thankyou my friend!" ... written by Christopher
As always his work is amazing, when he connects u feel the energy vibrations throughout your body ,his card readings are no joke too his details and information is 100% right and he dose not waste your time, his is perfect and i can confidently say once you work with Beraidian you have no need to go else where thankyou so much my friend many blessings!" ... written by Christopher
Healing with Beraidian is very worth it.. I feel strong when he does it..just a session or two andamp; your life is changed. " ... written by Shuchi Mehta
Wonderful, Wonderful Healer!!! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by DaphneBlue
good energy healer. thank you" ... written by Golden
WOW! His energy work really works - I have never seen this kind of energy work before! Thank you for helping me ! God bless you!!:)))" ... written by f
super quick connection , to the point " ... written by z
He was very kind and understood my difficult situation. He was able to talk with my mother... amazing. Thank you very much. " ... written by yujiparis
Very good healer. Have a bit of patience for him to connect to your energy. he is good at what he does. I will consult again. thank you so much!" ... written by Golden
20 stars brilliant; wonderfully powerful" ... written by freespiritwave2
Great! He is an energy mover and healer, which I really needed. Thank you." ... written by Lee
Thank you, it was a great reading, never had like that reading in my life," ... written by Yleo
I love my healing sessions with Beraidian. He gets my energy back to where it needs to be:) Appreciate his guidance and "homework". Was my third session and it was as though my body knew I needed to see him to release some of this tension...Wonderful healer!!" ... written by Carrie
I was doing a reading with Beri tonight and we were cut off by system problem. Up until then, very good read and I felt the weight I am carrying start to move. Will come back again." ... written by Mermaid
Wow what an incredible experience...a reading with Beraidian! We commenced healing processes and set up a programme to start my recovery. He was well spoken, caring and I am pleased to say very willing to share his trade. Thanks" ... written by 5mermaid3
this was more than fantastic. in came home within myself back to the good old me. healing is over the top. I did not know it could be so powerful and so redeeming. I have not experienced such before I am you eternally grateful Beraidian for your service and I am more than happy that I came to you my true brother of light. always plenty of blessing toward you. Allways love andamp; Light " ... written by loverboy
If i could ask for a spiritual guide on this planet this would be the man i choose to guide me and help me in all areas of life, his powers are unmatched ,the results are always positive and real, when you work with this man the energy work he does is real and you will see it for your self and know it was because of him, he does not waste your time and is truely powerful ,god bless him he is one of those people who are very much well gifted a true indigo! please do your self a good deed and try this man his powers will shock you! thankyou my friend!" ... written by christopher
Being told I need to forgive my love ones who have passed and left me behind, was a shock to me, I can feel in time and with a few more sessions I may be able to achieve this. Beraidian is very good with his concentration skills and drawing out the information he needs without having to ask you. Give him a go!" ... written by mermaid
was very good" ... written by lisa
very to the point and gives fantastic advice . wonderful person " ... written by z
gr8 connection , amazing reading. " ... written by zzz
Thank you so much Beriadian! It was a great and amazing reading, deep insight and very helpful. I appreciate the interaction that happens between us. After the healing I walk away from the reading feeling like a different person. Oh yes, I enjoy the homework you give me because it keeps everything in sync. Thanks." ... written by mermaid
I had a healing session with him :) felt really light after that :) But I asked him lot of things in short time.. he tried to fit it in all.. sweet soul :)" ... written by Fundaaz
Paris will always give you hope and tell you the truth. He is always right and has proven this to me time and again. I love him and look forward to our meetings." ... written by Barbara
quick with connections. thank you" ... written by k
Beraidian really puts you at ease and delivers the information without hesitation. He did a Healing for me and I feel much better after having done it. I will continue to do my private readings with Beraidian. He is really accurate and professional." ... written by Mermaid
Beraidian is amazing. I was able to come back and do another healing with him. He was very accurate and straight to the point. I truly thank him and his skills for removing negativity. He is very intense with his healing and I really appreciate it. Beraidian also told me things about my situation and i am now relieved and don't have to be so stressed. " ... written by 5mermais3
Beraidian is re-assuring; he connections are accurate, consistent and overwhelming. He always says something that makes me think.He is supportive and non-judgmental, I am thankful I have found him." ... written by Mermaid
Beraidian is always extremely helpful. He is a gem" ... written by L
his great reader it was very private matter in my life but I say his great and thank you very much." ... written by hpe lovesun
Thank you so much, your time, talents, gifts, wise counsel made a difference to me this morning! Many Blessings ~ Love and Light" ... written by bluebird08
Thank you so much Beraidian, you have helped me tremendously, you are a beacon of light. I feel so much better after the healing and you are an amazing soul. I thank you and bless you from the bottom of my heart. Wonderful healing and moves energy very well, has a great understanding of energy. 100 stars!!!!" ... written by Julia
Amazing , we did cleansing and more energy worked, he had also removed spells from family member i was curious about,and he also cleared my rooms negative energy which i felt get soo much lighter whiles he was working on it, i am very happy today thankyou!" ... written by christopher
Very intuitive and had a clear picture of my situation! I have had other readings and the answers continue to remain the same! He was very clear on helping with tools going forward to help clear energies to achieve my goals. I will follow those instructions and hope to see the results!" ... written by Rebecca Husted
As always he is the most trusted person on here to me, his work is like that of no other and he really wants to help people and has really helped me change and i know what he does works, his fractal codes are very powerful and you will see the results, his tarot readings are very much straight forward and no sugar coat he tells you everything as it is and with full accurate detail you will not be dissapointed ! many blessings!" ... written by christopher
My reading was going very well until we got technical difficulties. Beridian is a great reader. He is there when you need him and he is quick to connect. He gives advice as well as answers all questions for clarity......thanks so much " ... written by elizabeth
A caring and compassionate reader. Very accurate as well. Gave me clarity and peace of what was bothering me. " ... written by charity
I just love him, he is always keeping me positive and compassion for what my family and I are going through. You are amazing." ... written by Jewels McDonald
Beri calmly listens, thinks and gives a response fitting my situation. The reading was very detailed and the healing successful." ... written by Rosemary
The reading was very uplifting and encouraging, it gave me hope and I felt restful enough to sleep" ... written by Lucy
Absolutely fantastic healer )) Love his advice and healings." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Beridian was very focused and steady tonight. I came away feeling energised and full of hope for the days ahead." ... written by Elizabeth
It is crazy,we have done so many sessions yet each one still puzzles me everytime, today he has been given information about my past life very shocking but it makes sense, he gave me more information about present with clarity and accuracy, his readings are full of 100% accurate details, but his sessions with healing are most amazing, i can tell everyone on oranum that they work amazingly well and they are powerful! i highly recommend Beraidian to everyone! let him change your life! Blessings!" ... written by Christopher
very good enrgey work helpful and kind thank you and veru correct i suggest him to every boday. thanks" ... written by hope love sun
I have been with Beraidian for a while. He has been been really helpful in my healings and to achieve my goals. He is also very thoughtful and caring." ... written by elizabeth
very helpful and much insight :) thank you so very much" ... written by shawna
He saw dark energy on my ex, he removed it and put shield on him :) I am so happy that he helped me I tried it with some psychics no one could remove it from roots. He is very sweet and has patient to listen as well thank you soo much Beridian :)" ... written by Sweet
Thank you! Very nice to hear an outside opinion. Very accurate and positive reading" ... written by Drew
He connected very easily and quickly for me. He is very patient , kind and very calm and positive. I definitely recommend him." ... written by Rhaegal
Beri gave me guidance to find the right pathway. His positive energy flowed and I came away feeling confident in his healing techniques and that they would support me in days to come." ... written by Eileen
He is by far the best person I had so far in my readings. I am so glad he was someone I can feel good about. The reading he gave me was so overwhelming and amazing. I will have him as my regular psychic." ... written by Jewels McDonald
Thank you for the healing session." ... written by l
Always amazes me :), he is so good with his work, amazingly intuitive can connect so well with past life events, amazing healing ,over all great person and only one i look forward to working with always on here, give him a chance you will never regret! he is amazing thankyou!" ... written by Christopher
Great! Very kind and calm" ... written by G
Muchas gracias por esta experiencia y todos los consejos que me has dado ..." ... written by Sol
Beridian helped me sort through my situation using his clarity and intuition. He used his skills to heal my energy and his cards to do a prediction I was reassured continually during the read and look forward to the results of the prediction." ... written by Pauline
He is very positive and calm and he hones in on the situation very precisely. He is very very clear about the situation and the future, no threads left hanging or doubts left behind. Definitely recommend him" ... written by Rhaegal
great" ... written by Rhaegal
Beri, I love coming to you for advice and to see how I can make things better for myself. You have a good nature and project great wisdom. Your understanding of my situation enables me to move forward, even though at times they may be baby steps." ... written by Deidre
very intuitive and picked up on what was really going on" ... written by Ginny
Wonderful as always, has helped me in my journey so much it is crazy! i owe him the world he is so amazing at his work,i know i can depend on this man, his gifts his abilities are unmatched! " ... written by Christopher
Another great and precise reading ! His predictions come true very quickly, which is why I like to come back. He has a really calm and positive vibe. " ... written by Rhaegal
Once again I had a great experience talking with Paris.. He is amazing and very insightful.. He is helping me and has opened up my eyes . He is very patient, caring and understanding and straight to the point.... He is very accurate." ... written by Maureen
he was amazing...i would say def...give him a shot...he is an amazing healer and a reader" ... written by nami
he was amazing...beraidian was an amazing reader!!!! " ... written by nami
He consistently helps me by clearing my energy, and also by providing guidance on how to move forward. There is a lot of work that he does, which is beyond my understanding, but I know I am blessed to be able to receive his healings." ... written by L
Very good" ... written by amanda
Paris is an amazing person, very kind and generous..and certainly a wonderful psychic....He always knows what he's talking about and understands the depth of the situation, he will always give you the most honest advice and clarity. i highly recommend him to anyone who needs answers or guidance or even healing." ... written by Geraldine
Beraidian, is a wonderful gifted healer and spiritual teacher! He did some amazing clearing of negative energy for me in a very short time!" ... written by David
Very gifted would highly recommend I feel cleansed and spiritually sound now" ... written by YellowSunflower
Paris is gifted with wonderful insight and looks into my situation in a calm gentle, manner. He was very reassuring during my reading and I left feel more positive about my life and journey. Blessings Paris!" ... written by Alison
Paris is caring, compassionate and willing to help anyone that he can. When you come out of a reading with Paris. you will feel confident, relaxed, and relieved. Paris' healing skills are on the mark and work within days. Thanks " ... written by Matthew
Paris, I appreciate the interaction that happens between us. After the healing I walk away from the reading feeling like a different person and with the knowledge that anything is possible. Thank you." ... written by Erin
I went to visit Paris tonight to see if he had a remedy to help me. He was polite, interested in what I was saying and let me believe in my future. I am hoping the healing he performed on me will come to fruition and who knows maybe I can dance again. " ... written by Sandra
He did a wonderful job today yet again, we did some energy work and tarot both which helped and reveled allot of accurate information, i can assure you he will change your life thankyou" ... written by chris
Good advice" ... written by naomi
Thank you so much. Very good insight into the situation and hope that with Beraidian's advice this problem will sort itself out. I am very grateful." ... written by Anna
nice reading" ... written by Nina
very good reading from this psychic, I feel very accurate, and used the tarot cards, but was very fast using them, good reading altogether" ... written by sunrisegold
If you want someone that does not sugar coat or try to tell you lies, then this is the person for you. Very truthful and honest sometimes to the point of being blunt but only because he is positive Paris can help you. I will be back because the results were incredible. " ... written by Tim
he is amazing, superb energy reader!" ... written by natural
I love Beraidian. He has helped me tremendously to grow, and become a better person. And his healings are tremendous." ... written by L
Great session did allot of healing for past loved ones and current, also healed some areas of self and sent light, everything is so much better now and much less tense, thankyou so much you amazing light worker!" ... written by CM
Paris was very patient and accepting of my problem. The advice given was good and to the point. He.did not sugar coat this advice. I can’t wait to see what happens. Thank you! " ... written by Steve
He's really great he understands and hes very caring about the situation" ... written by nadia
Paris is amazing. He is very caring at heart and helps get down to the bottom of the situation. Paris has helped me in the past and I respect his talents. Tonight i was very worried and Paris helped me get my balance back. Thank you. " ... written by Jacaranda
Paris has helped me a lot, I feel better every time after talking with him" ... written by Janene
good insight, good healing" ... written by goldenaura
Great Reading! picked up on the whole situation right away! amazing!! " ... written by Regins
good help, " ... written by golden
He cleared my head and put things in balance a bit more. Very compassionate and also teaching me how to balance my energies." ... written by goldenaura
I enjoy my readings with Paris.He is very good at tuning in to what it is I need to know now.Paris is intuitive and clear about my life situations and is a very helpful guiding light in my journey. " ... written by Alison
He was very amazing yet again, he has helped me clear up many issues in life and see my way back on track, has helped me in cleansing again and ridding the bad things but bringing in the good i highly recommend him! always gives u deep clear insights" ... written by christopher
Ever since I talked to Paris the first time I have felt many burdens lifted and much growing inside me. Because through his methods and from the moment I met him I felt FREE. For some reason and whatever his methods he is always there. Nothing just happens everything is meant to be. His healing is fantastic." ... written by Kate
Another session well spent i have learned so much on a deeper level about my journey and spirit family, his words were golden i can now progress with my life because i know what needs to be done,thankyou" ... written by christopher
great!" ... written by cittylove
Beraidian has helped me to cleanse my blockages and has shed light on past situation :)" ... written by Sal
wonderful healer" ... written by Patrice
We had finished the cleansing for my family and i must admit the results so far are amazing, especially for a specific female we had worked with earlier she had spells on her and after cleansing she told me of how light she felt, and also about how much happier and changed she was about everything no more sadness, as for the other two who had lighter issues i know they will be the same ,and me as always after every session i am always much happier and clear all the problems in my mind leave me for this time being, i owe Beraidian the world he is truly a gift from god and strong spiritual worker a warrior of light! thankyou!" ... written by christopher
He's such a wonderful person and soul. He has helped me countless times with his energetic healing. What he does is fascinating and such a blessing to anyone who he is working on." ... written by L
Thank you. you were a big help" ... written by Joan
Beradian is completly amazing healer, and his work has pure unadulterated effects of Love andamp; Sweetness! Many Beautiful Blessings Beraidian!" ... written by Margaret
Beraidian is a wonderful healer....Every session with him brings me so much peace and I walk away feeling a hundred times better than walking in. Thank you!" ... written by Carrie
Beraidian always knows what he is talking about and understands the depth of the situation, He will always give you the most honest advice and clarity. i highly recommend him. " ... written by Tony
Awesome Psychic. Answered all my questions along with guidance and what to do to remove the blockage. Would definitely recommend!" ... written by Oselia
good reading" ... written by gldn
Paris has become a spiritual coach to me and has shown me so many things. He has spoken of so many life lessons, and I am eternally grateful to have come across his path. He has a wonderful spirit and a kind soul. " ... written by Crystal
Couldn't find a more honest reader, on Oranum. He takes his passion for helping his clients, seriously. He will not fill your head with nonsense, nor tell you what you wish to hear. He is very straightforward andamp; his answers are detailed. Thanks Paris" ... written by Benjamin
This was a very nice and warm reading ... I love the energy flowing from Beraidian ... thank you very much" ... written by Raspberry47
I enjoyed your reading, and hope to be back soon. Thank you for your clarity of insight." ... written by Jacqui
we had a nice long session ,he helped me clear blockages from childhood trauma cut connections also help me clear blockages with people and help with healing of a family member, he also helped me with a fairy :) he also connect with my spirit guides, he revealed all the answers i had and let go to me some amazing information i learned so much yet again this session and am healed i turly love working with this man he is amazing and has helped me make more right choices . Thankyou my friend! much light and blessings!" ... written by christopher
AMAZING - Paris picked right up on it - not the answer I was hoping for - but ....I know deep down it is the truth I just needed confirmation - Paris is amazing and humble with his talents. I recommend him for both his cards and especially his healings. " ... written by Sheila
Paris healed my negative energy. I feel so much better! " ... written by charlotte
clearing black magic it is so great to know he can he saved my family!" ... written by christopher
The good thing about Paris is that he is very confident with his healings and readings. I mean he knows what he picks up and knows how to interpret them. I come to him for guidance and will continue to come to him again and again Thanks my friend for an insightful reading." ... written by Cheryl
Very helpful, and caring" ... written by me
I appreciated his honest and straightforward insight on my situation. Highly recommended. Thank you Beraidian!" ... written by Patricia
Paris did a healing process with me and removed blockages. I left his room feeling much better and with advice on how to continue the process before our next meeting" ... written by Toni
Amazing as always we did cleansing and he pointed out some negative people affecting me and how to stop receiving their bad energies with my stone,and also gave me other insights and clarity where needed amazing man thankyou friend!" ... written by christopher
Paris lets me know things that are happening and will happen in the future. This helps me to prepare and even make it better as well. I really appreciate his paying attention to me and placing focus on things that I need help with" ... written by Tracey
Very, very good ... thank you so much" ... written by Raspberry47
He greatly helped my cousin she had black magic and evil eye onto her he removed the bad spirits and added protection now my cousin is already well again thankyou my friend! much light and blessings." ... written by christopher
I have returned for another reading because Paris is the best. I always feel his positive energy when I go in his room. He is an Angel in disguise. I'm so blessed to have him in my life .. Many blessings to you always... " ... written by Toni
The good thing about Beraidian is that he is very confident with his reading meaning he knows what he picks up and knows how to interpret them. I come to him for guidance. " ... written by mermaid
Paris is a genuine person with a genuine gift. As he is healing you he explains what he is doing. He teaches you how to recognise your issues and to face them...You must try for Paris yourself. Thank you Paris." ... written by Kerry
Thanks so much! Wonderful and enlightening reading! very accurate and great advice. I will heed and do what you advised. I highly recommend Paris for any kind of issue." ... written by Lisa
Great Advice! Very helpful on the spot." ... written by Regina
Awesome job! knows the situation fast!" ... written by Regina
Paris speaks with clarity and insight and you know that he knows what he is talking about. Time spent chatting with Paris is always a pleasure and really helpful. " ... written by Helen
i am so glad I have met Paris. I needed assistance this morning in the very early hours and he was there to lend a guiding hand. His intuition was spot on and I will wait to see if prediction via cards really works. Thanks." ... written by Jooanna
Paris is the best. I always feel better after speaking to him. He gave me good insight. Hopefully we will see if the predictions come to pass" ... written by Kristy
Paris calmly listens, thinks and then gives a response that seems to come out of nowhere. His intuition abilities are outstanding. I particularly appreciate the way Paris can get me to give full details of my situation and we work together from there. " ... written by Mary
I came back today to follow up on an earlier reading. I regard Paris as my personal psychic who always makes me feel good about myself and guides me to a happier place. He makes me think about my situations and in his own way gets me to find/work out the answer. Thanks Paris!" ... written by Helen
amazing healing session, he healed my and gave me the guidance I needed, also healed family members as he worked on me I could feel the energy change I am so much better now thankyou" ... written by chris
Paris is amazing and wonderful, always honest and sincere.He very helpful and puts your mind at ease. " ... written by Barbara
Ever since I talked to Paris (Beraidian) the first time, I have felt many burdens lifted and much growing inside me. Through his methods and from the moment I met him I felt FREE. For some reason and whatever his methods he is always there. Nothing just happens everything is meant to be." ... written by Mermaid
He ALWAYS helps me - -through clearing my energy, and also giving me guidance on what I need to work on, in order to move forward. I'm so grateful to receive his assistance. " ... written by L
Paris has helped me a lot, with his healing. I feel better every time talking to him. He talks you through every step of the way. All of Paris' readings are fast, relaxing and insightful. …..clarity is welcoming and …. I look forward to seeing him in the future for more learning. Thanks Paris!" ... written by Sue
Thank you for the reading! Sorry my computer was extremely slow. :( But I am so happy that you are helping. Blessings. " ... written by L...
Thank you Beraidian! That was a very unique session. Thank you for clearing the negativities and all the insight you have given me. " ... written by Meg
Thank you so much for your clarity and honesty. You are very swift, clear, disciplined, and calm in your readings and always fast to answer each of my questions." ... written by Elaine
Beraidian is a talented healer!! Wonderful" ... written by Julia
I'm very impressed with Beraldians reading for me on past lives, and dream interpretation. I will come back to him soon to keep him updated." ... written by Jake
Paris is so very helpful and knows what you’re thinking and feeling without you telling him. He is helpful in many ways and never forgets your situation and always remembers you. " ... written by Mary
Always so helpful and healing. Great." ... written by L
He has helped me over and over to clear energies, and with healings. Such a blessing to know him." ... written by L
Bermudian is an excellent energy healer. He helped move energy blockage. I am so grateful for having him helping me. Million thanks." ... written by Ghadeer
Over and over he has helped me balance, and heal. And I learn a lot from him." ... written by L
Thank you Beradian.. for the work you've done. I will do what you asked me to do and will update you.. looking forward for more freedom in the next few days.." ... written by Ghadeer
fast reading, dont waste time! very nice man :)" ... written by gabby
thank you sooo much for the healing. Bless you. " ... written by in need of
very awesome.. spot on wish I had more credits... This man is a gift from God.." ... written by littledude1976
Awesome work!" ... written by Bonnie
Thank you so much for the healing, that's great also the reading, and guidance" ... written by yleo
I believe he is very accurate and honest. Maybe not what I wanted to hear, but what I already knew ;) Thanks for the advice! Paris is not a time waster or sugar coater so definitely try him out :) " ... written by Summer
Thank you for making me feel light. The energy thingy actually works! You made me feel like I can move on from him I thought I cant. Thank you for enlightening me up on the situation and I was able to cry and let it all out. Thanks again." ... written by Kaschi
Paris was very understanding tonight and helped me sort through the dilemma I am in. He was spot on with his clarity and I am very hopeful his predictions will come through. Blessings Paris." ... written by Dolphin
Wow how refreshing to speak with someone who is so accurate in their readings. Paris also did healing on me and described what sensations I would feel as I healed. Thanks Paris" ... written by Apple
He was very loving in his ways and very helpful. I did ask if he connected with me well enough to help me with my situation. I will follow his advice and see how things are now after the reading :)Id see him again. " ... written by cittylove
He is pleasant to work with , caring, and helpful. " ... written by crs1828
he is connected!!" ... written by stylus
Wow..great healing session. I had tears in my eyes. Picked up on past pain that I thought I was over and done with. 5 stars" ... written by Merry
very soothing and intuitive i wish i had more time" ... written by mimi
Beridian is a great reader and he is there when you need him..... and he is quick to connect he gives advice as well as answers all questions for clarity......thanks so much " ... written by purple
great energy work again. great stuff. " ... written by batdancer
the best energy worker ever! wow, hundred stars!!!" ... written by lorna
We did some healing with both myself and crystal i own he also thought me some new things to do on my own as a person who also feels energy we looked into more situations and he provided accurate details and made things very clear and they all made complete sense i can tell you he does not lie he is the real deal a true life saver ,thankyou my friend" ... written by chris
great healing session, really felt the energy... i hope it will help me in my emotional life. thank you!" ... written by aaa
He was spectacular,once again we called on the angels got our answers ,we did energy work and being sensitive to energy i could feel everything so amazing he heals so well and his methods work i can tell anyone this it will work and u will see a difference in your life be open and lets all connect to the light this man will change your life ,thankyou good friend! " ... written by chris
I am overwhelmed, he is very gifted." ... written by Sebastien
This man is awesome, is not my first time! You should try it out!" ... written by Lukas
We did more work today with energy and codes, the feeling was so incredible as always i am so much lighter now and i cant wait to see what unfolds he gave me more insight i also needed into certain things and brought clarity as needed thankyou friend!" ... written by chris
Beriaidian was able to connect with me from overseas... The things he said without any suggestion or prompting from me can't be made up. I am almost speechless!" ... written by Beraidian
We did allot of energy work today, we also connected to spirit guide it was a wonderful experience even more so when my guide came forth because i could feel his presence and connection as if someone was standing in the room look at me, we worked with a number of codes ,and he helped me to clarify the questions on my mind and told me what i needed to do to have the outcome we are both hoping for,i am so thankful to be able to work with him today, his energy work also works and i advise any one here on oranum to talk with him and take him for private to have these codes in their lives, this man is a blessing from god a true light worker thankyou!" ... written by christopher
Very nice, felt good, will need to wait to see results. " ... written by LyssaBugg
good healer and helper" ... written by Mark Makarainen
I recommend to everyone who has questions and they need help with. He defiantly helped me today!" ... written by Lukas
Great healer thank you." ... written by Jane
So fun talking to him! He is awesome. I really enjoyed his insights. " ... written by Briana
Thank you so much,,, its was a great and amazing reading,,, and its deep insight very helpful. Beri connects very fast, gave me very precise info and also directions. All the signs are there for a true prediction. I am very happy and pleased with his directions to me, keeping me positive and calm. " ... written by spacewoman
Beraidian performed an amazing healing session for me today. " ... written by Carrie
We healed this problem i was having with chest pains and past life issues ,he brought up the issues and we sent light, we healed these bad energies and closed the gaps, he cleaned the negative energies in my room and myself he told me what i was doing wrong and i agree it was the reason why these things were happening and i fully take his advice for it is working already i feel so relieved and happy to have been able to receive help from him thankyou so much my friend really! thankyou." ... written by chris
We did allot of work today ,he clarified things and helped me see it on a different perspective ,he reminded me of the right way to do certain things im questioning right now and also gave me better solutions also he told me things which are very true and accurate then we did some energy work healing and clearing negative energies and also working with angelic codes which are absolutely amazing i must say this man can help anyone please do your self a favor and try him your life could change for the better." ... written by chris
Wow such an intense session, we did lots of energy work and work with angels also looked into situations hes been very accurate so much and explained everything clear and right and advised me on how to handle things i thank this man so much he is an amazing healer and light worker" ... written by chris
Many thanks to Beraidian for all the work he's done. There is something special about him and his work that brings light to your heart and life.. Thank you for the healing energy and light you send Beraidian.. " ... written by Ghadeer
good reading , will come back for more clarity" ... written by rs182
Amazing session great energy work, helped to heal me allot and some connections and brought clarity with situations with cards 100% accurate, thankyou!" ... written by Christopher
yeah - very good energy session with Beraidian. he knows his stuff..some good insights too for sure. awesome. " ... written by batdancer
he is absolutely brilliant, OMG, this guy is fantastic reader and the best energy worker!" ... written by zen
Amazing! He is absolutely amazing!" ... written by Stacy
Healing has been working well , the angels have been helping that he sent too results are showing day after day , thankyou" ... written by chris
We did energy work and with angels so intense and its so much to take in but he is an amazing light worker and the progress has already begun,we had did healing for my heart problem our last session and since i have been healed no more pain or irregular heart beats, thankyou so much friend." ... written by chris
omg I feel so much better. he cleaned my energy field and told me things about my relationship old flames that I had ideas about and what I needed to do to. I usually don't log on Saturday but something drawned me to this site and im so glad I did. thank you!" ... written by cherie
Amazing great energy work , I could feel all of it so powerful, the angels we worked with also are amazing always see results, hes a very trusted light worked and a truly amazing and gifted one indeed, thankyou!" ... written by CHRIS
Down to my emotions he was feeling. once i gave him my boyfriend DOB he stared coughing and my boyfriend is a smoker.i just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. sorry it was so short. i will come back..." ... written by Olga
great again..great energy work. he is gifted. " ... written by batdancer
VERY TALENTED!!!! and REAL!!!" ... written by linda
Awesome! He reads energy and it is really cool. He did a great read on a tough topic and nailed it. Definitely turn to him with your questions. " ... written by doggymama
That was great! quick session and covered many areas i enjoyed the cleanse feels better, he brought clarity and gave me answers i needed also thankyou." ... written by christopher
Beraidian is the real deal, spot on and so accurate" ... written by lorann23
Highly effective reader, great insights. fast and straight forward" ... written by Sooriamurthy
Always love readings with Beraidian - he never fails to astound me with his accuracy and insight! He is very switched on to my situation and gives great advice and predictions. He is great! " ... written by mermaid
excellent reading, thanks." ... written by gabby
Healed a bad connection and took the negative person away from my energy field, the feeling was just a weight off my shoulders for i am clairsentient so it is just a big help from this man to do this for me with light thankyou so much." ... written by chris
Brilliant. Am blessed to have Beriadian as a healer/psychic guide in my life. He is accurate on predictions, does not waste your time and is very specific. It is a pleasure to know him. Thanks. " ... written by Diamond
Paris has shown me so many things. He.spoke of so many life lessons, and I am eternally grateful to have come across his path." ... written by Paris
Wow, Fascinating! had heeling,feel lighter already, will post more when i can comment on my amazing transformation," ... written by Sucess
We did work on a family member earlier today, brought tears to their eyes when he reveled something deep inside , then he healed that and all was well, that person was able to forgive and heal that part of their life and felt a sense of freedom from it, they were healed and were so much happier and in better state emotionally then we looked at other aspects of my life which he reveled much clearly as expected so clear and accurate best of all no sugar coat, this man never dissapoints, thankyou" ... written by Christopher
I was having chest pain from being too much open with my energy field so he closed it and it went away, but also the main problems i came for he addressed and sent help, i feel so much better now the stress on my shoulders from that past days just let me feeling so much better, he is a godsent , thankyou so much my friend! " ... written by chris
Today I needed clarity and reassurance for my issue. Beri had a very fast connection and did not waste time. He sees clearly and recognises blockages. Beri used his cards with me today and I left the read feeling everything would be allright and sort itself out. Thank you." ... written by Jenny
He is wonderful, and unfailingly helpful." ... written by L
" ... written by Estelle
ONE OF THE BEST READERS OUT THERE. Paris’readings are so on point with my situation, very clear, and honest, and fast! Paris is so great to read with. Always a pleasure. " ... written by Marjorie
had a Wonderful Healing Session with this Lovely, Kindhearted Helpful soul, He connected very well, was focussed andamp; answered all of my questions very fast. I have had a few healing sessions with him now andamp; i am very pleased andamp; happy with the results, andamp; with his care andamp; advise for after the healing session. His three Predictions for me this year have come true andamp; right on cue for the timeframe that he gave ;-) I am so Happy about his predictions tonight andamp; have trust, faith andamp; belief that they will manifest, andamp; will come right on timeframe que ;-)" ... written by JP
nice reading, he is clear when communicating what he sees and senses. I was not looking for things in the future , but seeking answers to current issues. I have used Beraidian before, I will be back for more information" ... written by crs1828
He has greatly helped me, by clearing dark energies, giving me his insights into what I am dealing with, and what I need to learn, and he has furthered me on my path. THANK YOU." ... written by L
some more energy work - great stuff. cool reader and energy worker. - for sure. ok cheers." ... written by batdancer
Did allot of cleaning for multiple people and also house protection and cleanse , he was just amazing, i truly feel different and much to happy now that i was also cleansed, thankyou so much for helping us thankyou! highly recommended" ... written by Christopher
Picks up very quickly, understands your feelings, really connects well, cleans andamp; heals energy's, really caring andamp; was so kind andamp; tolerant of my jumping questions, Thank You Dear Beraidian XOXOX" ... written by Blessed
His healing is deeply transformative. I love working with him. He is very kind and very gifted." ... written by L
Wonderful, healing, and wise." ... written by L
Great session again ,did some cleaning and healing ,its just amazing how fast it works ,the headache i even had has gone as the energy was moving,thanks so much brother" ... written by Christopher
Thank you Beraidian. Thank you for helping me. it was great :) You were amazing! :) " ... written by ..
he is doing divine work, such a wonderful, compassionate healer, amazing energy worker, wow" ... written by 77
I was feeling a bit hurt and worry a bit but he took that away very fast in energy work, he also did some healing for 2 people i know, and he revealed so much information much of which is accurate to the point! he does not waste any time he is the real deal! thankyou my brother!" ... written by chris
Sweet man, and very gifted. Always love his sessions." ... written by A
iNDIGO pSYCHIC is so caring, helpful andamp; supportive, he is always clear, indepth, focussed andamp; feel always does his best. Yet another super energy clearing andamp; healing, he gives good advice andamp; after care, you can feel his energy andamp; passion, Thank You Dear soul, I Love this man ;-) xoxoxox" ... written by J
Beraidian connected with me instantly. " ... written by Sweetydarlz
He is a very trustworthy fellow. And he is a great healer." ... written by A
I learn so much from this man. He not only is an amazing healer but he is a wonderful guide. " ... written by A
Spectacular !!!!!!!!!" ... written by Angel
Friendly, gave good information how to protect myself. Detailed information." ... written by Jypcc
Spectacular vision !" ... written by Sol
I love his manner, kind, and direct. His abilities are wondrous. " ... written by A
Credit ran out but will def be back loved what I was getting from the session thanks" ... written by Sher
Absolutely calming and peaceful reading." ... written by Sweetydarlz
Wonderful as always. A very wise man, and very gifted." ... written by A
You have helped me so much on my journey. Thank you." ... written by A
Sweet soul. He never fails to help. A wonderful healer, and guide." ... written by A
Always great. He has helped me over and over with his energetic work - balancing, removing negative energy, protection. and guidance." ... written by A
He is such an amazing healer, and he is so down to earth. " ... written by A
He is consistently awesome." ... written by A
Great cleansing today of living space and working with wonderful crystal energies, it was really a great feeling and the energy cleanse of myself felt amazing to be freed of worries he is so great at healing and working with angels much blessed :)" ... written by chris
He was great, wonderful energy work ,we even worked with my crystal he made the thing give off this amazing energy to help me it was very strong :D, he help to clear negative energies and was great, thankyou ." ... written by Christopher
Very clear, honest and transforming. A healer on many levels, a shaman in many ways and a true sentient being. I highly recommend his gift and talents as a healer for bringing light and peace into any soul connection. " ... written by creative