Psychic CRYSTALFAIRYhas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic CRYSTALFAIRYhas recently helped 34members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about CRYSTALFAIRY's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Hi, it is a pleasure to have you in my room. I do not entertain people giving out cards and answering yes/no questions.Respect my job, my services are not for everybody, only for who will make changes in their life. Relationship, career, family guidance. Would you want to know which are the emotional blockages that you inherited and do not allow you to achieve happiness, love & wealth? Come pvt.

This was my first private reading on oranum and I am very pleased with how quickly she has tapped into the root of my feelings at the present moment without me addressing any context or question. I felt that she was accurate, very intuitive, and pleasant to listen to. Very blessed that she shares her gift in this community. " ... written by Christina
EXCELLENT, she is more then good..." ... written by Stormfire28
Crystal is phenomenal, =) her gifts as well as in the tarot and shells are truly amazing and pick up intuitively. Both accurate and highly detailed, her presence is also cheerful and calming. She gave me great insight and advice not only to my situation, but aspects of life in general. I will come back for more readings and highly recommend her! " ... written by Nikki
Amazing, I love her!!" ... written by molina631
A very honest and sweet woman. The reading was also very detailed. Thank you very much! :D" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Gracias por tu ayuda." ... written by airam25
Positive read. " ... written by d2k1000
Wow...she helps a lot and wonderful reading. I am enligthened....Thanks!!!" ... written by refreshsoul65
She's a very lovely woman, with the best energy here on Oranum!!" ... written by LovelyLibra91
Oh my goodness she is so nice!!! gave me good insight on what is happening to me!! And where to go from here forward." ... written by kelley1267
She is great.,lovely, caring and she gives out great advice." ... written by vonjay1990
Great reading!" ... written by intriguebyyou
If you are thinking about a reading you should have one with her. CrystalFairy is a wise and good psychic to have. One reader I really can connect with. Thank you." ... written by paloosa
Thanks!" ... written by anon
Very talented psychic." ... written by Katsi36
I love this. She is very insightful, and gets really into your situation. Not only about present circumstances, things in your family life that are sources of discontent and issues. Such a good, awesome person too. You will have great rapport and connection. 100 stars!" ... written by kissmeangel
Thank you so much! I am grateful for your reading. It helps me get more clarity and motivates me to keep moving forward. I will keep you posted and do update with my life. :) " ... written by libraj16
Very honest person...I like that." ... written by kelley1267
Great reading! My time ran out, but I'm happy either way. " ... written by iluvbabies27
Was very honest and clear great reading." ... written by raquaelw
Wonderful reading! Very insightful!!!" ... written by jaykun
Excellent reading!" ... written by luvdetercel
Thank you, very true!!!!" ... written by paoberg
Awesome reading...Very inspirational. " ... written by axia100
Good reading." ... written by druvina1973
Lovely lady great reading, 5 stars all the way." ... written by sweetsx
Thank you!" ... written by priyaahitan
Wow.. Amazing, thank you to both you and your husband." ... written by rainbownz
Crystal reading was excellent! A lot of advises, she is really great! Love her!!" ... written by luna78
The session is very informative, and tells me thngs that I was shocked to hear about myself. Very good." ... written by darlinhun
Crystal is a gentle, kind woman with a bright light. She has a lot of wisdom and gives great insight and guidance." ... written by babyjanehudson
THANKS interesting reading ...!" ... written by nunothat
Crystalfairy gave me good advice! Thank you!" ... written by success168
Very honest and nurturing!! I loved talking with her!!! You will too!!!" ... written by Jazzylady155
Crystal u r truly fabulous! love you, my pretty! thank you for telling me what and who I do not need, that was most helpful 2 me lots, and I will adhere to what u said, for sure! ty soooo much, all my love, gussinger ~" ... written by Gussinger
She's an angel:)" ... written by lyriclove
CRYSTALFAIRY immediately picked up on my situations. I was amazed and will definitely stay in contact. I am excited about the future." ... written by Pearlgirl2013
Interesting reading!" ... written by success168
Brilliant!!... Thank you Crystal, you helped me open my eyes! I am forever thankful and I will return for sure XXX ((HUGS)) Definitely recommend her 100 stars!" ... written by alwayswaiting
Very comforting. Sadly not what I wanted to hear. But may be the truth. " ... written by cindi88
Very excellent and thorough, genuine, she doesn't not waste time.." ... written by christmas69
Very insightful reading! Thank you and God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Is there anything this lady doesn't know. she's unbelievable and so spot on, she knew all about my family, and all about me, right down to the core. I'm deeply thankful for all of your guidance and help. i can't thank you enough. and thank you for keeping me in truth and bringing me to truth. you brought tears to my eyes as you saw in the reading just comming to truth with things and how you just knew, you are so deeply gifted and one of the most amazing souls anyone could ever meet. thank you with all my heart " ... written by bunny222222
I really feel, like she knew me... A great pshyic." ... written by nina304
Thank you! Your reading was amazing and dead on. You're right about what you mentioned of my mom and sister and I realize what I need to work on. I'll focus on settling and will want another reading :). Thank you!!" ... written by stefy89
Wonderful reading !!! Thank you again Crystal Fairy !!" ... written by jaykun
Perfect:))))))" ... written by Aryastark
Excellent reading. Very insightful. Knew a lot about me, probably more than I do about myself, lol." ... written by iPreferMimi
Great answers." ... written by oscar489
Crystal is fabulous with her analysis of life vibrations .. letting you know what your purpose and goals are and well as your partner of interest. Very excellent reading." ... written by kissmeangel
Great." ... written by Anniekins
This woman is amazing!!!! Thousand stars!!!!" ... written by leililaloo
This is a such a wonderful, wise and vibrant woman. She inspires you and makes you see the cycle of life and all the connection in there. The importance of those connections and healing of pain between generations is a message she radiates. She is WONDERFUL!!!!" ... written by leililaloo
Amazing. The closest I have come across on here to knowing things she couldn't!! I am so impressed!!!" ... written by wolfe685
Mil gracias por todo. Cuando pueda la busco otra vez!!" ... written by domicombia
I was really happy to see someone that come from my background and understood me. Thank you so much for seeing the things I see." ... written by Delila_shula_777
She is inspiring, thoughtful, caring and mstly she knows her stuff! totally amazing." ... written by sim079
Brought things to light that I didn't understand.. Helped me understand that was going on in my life.. :)" ... written by BrainyBeauty28
Lovely. x" ... written by librabeauty
She is very compassionate. I like her. I would recommend her service." ... written by islander5
This lady is awesome, I wish I had more time!" ... written by cuteface1972
She is very accuarte I recommend you to do a private, she's straight to the point!! She connected with my energy very quickly. Best reading I have ever had!!! :) " ... written by juana18
To whom may it concern, if you have doubts, stuck, confused, knock your head against the wall in wrong direction... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CRYSTAL FAIRY!! THIS WOMAN IS PURE MIRACLE. SHE ISN'T SAYING IT WILL FALL FROM SKY. WITH MUTUAL EFFORT, HER PRECISE HELP SHE GUIDES YOU TO THE RIGHT DIRECTIONS, GOALS!!! AN ANGEL! PERSON, WHO DO HER BEST TO MAKE YOU FEEL WORTH! Her methods are 2000% precise and true to the core! Thank you Crystal! Lots of Love. VAxxx" ... written by vaskoa
Very interesting reading. I've never had one like it, but everything she was saying made total sense!! I felt very comfortable around her. She's a very warm person. I'll be glad to give you the outcome CRYSTALFAIRY. Thank you very much! :)" ... written by sweet_jesse
5 stars to crystal :) I love her she speaks the truth even though sometimes the truth hurts... she doesn't sugar coat... she was amazing as always xxx Thank you. " ... written by shorty34
She was great very good and gave good advice." ... written by Sherroll08
She was very good and confirmed what I was feeling." ... written by williamsd3
Great personality and great reading!!! I highly recommend." ... written by lisag123
Very very good, well recommend her, she will blow your mind away. Thank you Maria! xxx" ... written by k-dhillon
Sweet lady and she was right about lots of things that she told me. Great insight!" ... written by shamangal
Had a lot of info, enjoyed her, we will wait for things to happen." ... written by pamela0619
She was absolutely correct with so many details that I never told her!! She was EXCELLENT in knowing what was going on in my life... I will definately come back for more. Thank you so much for bringing certain things to light for me. I am grateful!!" ... written by SunnyinMontana
The best reading of my life i know im on the right track im not crazy" ... written by buba21
After a nice demo I took her to private. Wow this lady gives you a lot of information. You will never hear from another psychic. Give her a try and you will not be disappointed because she will tell you the truth. " ... written by randb1765
Great reading, no sugarcoating. :) Love and light for you!" ... written by mszkut29
Thank you CRYSTALFAIRY! Your personality is just so wonderful and sweet. You gave me great insight and clairity about things I had been wondering. Also, you amazed me with my "unique rythms". Upon further investigation about my journey into this world... you were right! Thank you! xo!" ... written by Genevievejenn
She was right on on everything. Very good reading. Thank you so much!" ... written by Valerie71
What a great read! Like talking to a friend ready to offer advice and encouragement." ... written by darlinhun
Amazing! She was spot on everything! Wow! By far the best psychic on here! " ... written by lizd131
Very supportive and kind" ... written by taurusmay5
Wonderful understanding of the situation. great reading" ... written by EdsonD
Very nice. " ... written by peace808
Pretty good, honest and kind." ... written by mattloki
Crystal, thank u for your wonderful and beautiful insight. I understood all that u said and thank you so much for ur wisdom." ... written by tma1972
Great Reading! Thanks for the advice!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Loved CrystalFairy. She is my personal Psychic from now on." ... written by Nimmie
She was great and so sincere... Gave me interesting message... Truthful and honest." ... written by bflow1
Very good!" ... written by Angelique7
Waw... She can feel every thing... It's a good one really. Thanks a lot Crystalfairy" ... written by sabrineeee
Well...had a long reading with Crystalfairy and very happy with it. Everything she said is very true and I love her honesty. I feel like I have known her for a long time and love this lady very much. Thank you Crystalfairy for sharing your special gift. We will meet personally in the very near future. May God bless you! Hugs and kisses." ... written by success168
VERY ACCURATE! " ... written by Summaluv8
She is exceptionally gifted! She diligently reads for others... I like her energy... She is really a wise woman and with many divination talents and tools. A wonderful woman and highly recommended!" ... written by angelwhisper
I was quite impressed with the reading. Thank you, Crystal." ... written by GarnetRose21
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY CRYSTALFAIRY!!!!" ... written by vansangyl
She is amazing! So generous, good at what she does! her predictions are solid! Amazing soul!" ... written by angelwhisper
She is so accurate....hard to believe! But she was very good in her here and now as well as the future. She is really good. Thank you for a great reading,crystalfairy!" ... written by mary
So many accurate information." ... written by thanya
I love her reading she is very good up to the point, kind and excellent. I will always come to her. As if she knows me and everything that is going in my life." ... written by ahahna
Crystalfairy, gave me one of the strongest, most meaningful readings I have ever had on ORANUM!" ... written by swhope999
Great!" ... written by MayGirl
Another 5 stars!!! My third reading with CRYSTALFAIRY. She is compassionate, warm, and extremely accurate. Her style is extremely unique, unlike any other psychic. Do a reading with her, you will not regret it. " ... written by lotusgirl31
Excellent Reader." ... written by Need2know5
Awesome!" ... written by belgiumchocolate
More than caring, Loving and compassionate! Accurate and healing. If you want honestly and someone who gives their heart into every reading, have a private with Crystal fairy!! Thanks you so much for your wonderful advice!" ... written by whiteaquarius73
She is really good!" ... written by mcasas
Nice reading.." ... written by wtbh2011
Very good reading, she really pointed out things that I didn't realized that were affecting on my progress, and made me see things in a better way. Thanks." ... written by oasis0475
Thanks so much.. Wish I had more time." ... written by songypaul
My first reading, Crystal told me alot of what I sensed.. She seems great and very caring." ... written by malinda2011
She is wonderful! I love her! Very positive, caring, compassionate, upbeat!" ... written by cwaters111
She was magnificent. Oranum, if you are reading this please give her a ribbon now! She read me like a book. Unreal session for guidance and re-assurance. Ella es la mejor! Haga un click aqui." ... written by danielgemini1
CRYSTALFAIRY is very much worth every moment that you will spend and she deserves to be one of the top readers here.... I love her energy and her willingness to help. She is a giver and has balanced approach to receiving. Excellent spiritual advisor!" ... written by zstrength2
WOW!!!! what an amazing person and reader. She had me in tears at one point and that is a hard thing to do with me. She got right to the matter and helped me to see what I need to do to move on and heal my life. I recommend her greatly and know you will not be let down! :)))) Thank you again CrystalFairy! :)" ... written by Karina_me
She is my most favorite here. Completely honest and so gifted!" ... written by angelwhisper
Cool" ... written by lawnmaintenance
Great reading thanks.." ... written by sandy1113
Picked up on everything really fast n accurate" ... written by Perfection11
10 stars!" ... written by DaisyNova
Amazing... so wonderful! Thank you! Great Energy :)" ... written by Sweetls
Wonderful reading but we ran out of time :( I will come back again." ... written by butterflymel79
Very helpful, thank you!" ... written by mini1214
Beautiful woman and a nurturing motherly soul. Will be speaking to her again soon." ... written by scar89
Very good!" ... written by rainbow0304
Amazing amazing amazing and amazing... she is powerful and magical.. can really give u facts and is soo gentle, sweet and caring.... wish for more blessings from her ... thank you" ... written by pisceskaran
This lady is amazing. Her knowledge and abilities in difft areas come together to give you an insightful reading." ... written by Freedom2211
AMAZING reading!! Unique and very EXACT!!!! Everyone have to try!!! Thank you Crystal!" ... written by future_manager
No one is like her! A natural gifted woman! God sent here! She amazes me with her gifts with readings. Highly recommend her! very generous and always teaches good approach to life's issues. " ... written by angelwhisper
Amazing reading with shells and cards. You have to try this. So worth it!" ... written by purplecloud
Very Accurate. She is the best. Looking forward for next reading" ... written by mz_preciouz13
Absolutely the best! Very Genuine, sincere and helpful. Unique. " ... written by Funinmck
Great reader!" ... written by marya23
Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
I really enjoy my readings with Crystalfairy. I love her energy and appreciate her help. " ... written by Sweetls
Very nice lady and kind I will be back :)" ... written by prettyeyez64
Wonderful, very much more helpful and empowering than I even expected or hoped for. I highly recommend her for a private reading!" ... written by Amista
Crystal you are amazing, you read with love and passion. I now know that I need to have faith in myself and keep going, I need to stop doubting things, thank you so much, you were spot on. " ... written by chyristal1109
I LOVE HER... she is AWESOME. Just simply love her. :)" ... written by NoniNew
Oh thank you from the bottom of my heart, it was really wonderful , and you were right on about my career, I have been wanting to do it for a long while but no, guts, now I know I can do it. :) I am no longer worried about where my life is going, I know to take it one day at a time and be positive, negativity will get you down, you all must go and see Maria, she is amazing person inside and out, I bless you with pure, loveandamp;light." ... written by Amanda
She was right spot on the issues that I have asked about. I highly recommend her! She detected the real cause of the problem that has been a real block in my life in terms of being in a stuck situation. Love her lots! xoxox" ... written by Fairytales82
AMAZING." ... written by Shellie
Muah!! Muy honesta y sincera." ... written by mzpreciouz13
She is right on everything. She helped me ease my stress and help me understand myself and future marriage. She is just wonderful." ... written by skcokley
Extremely accurate!She was so kind and gave great advice. I would recommend her to anyone." ... written by teo
Highly recommended! her energy and delivery was so amazing." ... written by Megabee
Wonderful, very intuitive, I will come back." ... written by admetafreya
BEST PSYCHIC EVER. so good and so accurate." ... written by TK
Very good." ... written by Emily
Awesome ^^" ... written by MnMtest
Not what I a reading speaking to my own character traits. Still very deep and accurate. Will seriously consider my take home homework. Thank you!" ... written by positivity08
Excellent, on point, no sugar coating, truly amazing and gifted answered. All my questions on point with my whole situation." ... written by vc1976
Interesting, worth checking out! New info I found out!" ... written by jazzychic7
Very good, very caring. Can see now and past right on. Will see what will happen." ... written by Will
Very Good!" ... written by Will
Thank You." ... written by CaarahH
WONDERFUL." ... written by SWEETCYNT
Very good! Knew exactly what I'm dealing with!" ... written by TracyL1971
Very kind and loving, very, very helpful." ... written by questgoat
She was right on with all her information about me without questions asked! She is very compassionate and insightful!" ... written by Pam Smith
Very nice." ... written by Maria
Amazing! Thank you so much for your time and kind words." ... written by Carla
She is fantastic." ... written by jaclyn
Always love coming back. She is Amazing!" ... written by mz_preciouz13
Great! Thank you!" ... written by jenny
She was wonderful! Completely honest and right on. Very helpful! Can't wait to get another reading." ... written by Anita
Highly Recommended! She was so insightful with the present and future and had a really genuine and intuitive delivery. I give her a million stars!!!!" ... written by Megabee
Very accurate and caring, non-judgemental, honest and very helpful!" ... written by Stephanie L Skees
Thank you for showing me the way, about myself. few bad habits I need to let go off ,such wonderful person you are, will defiantly come back to see you again one day.. thank you." ... written by guiseppe
She was great!!" ... written by Blanca78
Wonderful! She really tuned into the situation! Special lady!" ... written by Vivi
Wonderfully assuring always! Very good seer! Accurate and very spiritual! " ... written by sr
Another great and very informative reading. I love this womans intuition. Please give her a try. I have tried others on the site and she is hands down the best." ... written by SWEETCYN
Amazing! Right on! " ... written by Shannon
Very nice reading much accuracy! I will keep you posted on events as they unfold. Thank you." ... written by Denise
Very accurate!" ... written by ___
She is a sweet heart!! :)" ... written by DillanStar2013
Sweet lady." ... written by ala
She is really good...Give her a try. She is sweet and too the point." ... written by Blanca78
Lovely person." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Great reading" ... written by Takenit easy
Great reader!" ... written by marya23
Will come back for her! Thanks for the advice given!" ... written by Victor
Her predictions came true twice...amazing woman!" ... written by winterhot
Great clear reading, thank you!" ... written by Denisenz
Amazing!!!!" ... written by michelle
Great reading and good advice! I'll come back again for another reading... Thanks a lot :)" ... written by Rii507
Great reading - I love how she reads her tools are amazing, can't wait for the next one!" ... written by anna
She is so kind and clear and upfront. She makes you feel comfortable and safe talking to her. She is a wonderful caring woman and very gifted. " ... written by michele
Good reading picked up on hidden emotions." ... written by Katie
She told me something about my mother and when I confronted my mother .... My MOM was shocked because she was SOOOO FREAKING RIGHT!!! This woman is amazing!! Take her!" ... written by michelle
wondeful. very very good." ... written by christina jerro
Maria has a very different way of reading. Is is very interesting how she gets to the insight she has. I enjoyed her lovely energy and bubbly manner. Bless xx" ... written by twinsoul
Great reading as usual. I love the advice that comes after the predictions. It helps me have clarity!! Thank you crystalfairy!" ... written by Ian
What a beautiful reading it was. Absolutely mind taming and clear. She is worth a visit for sure. 100 stars." ... written by stargazer152
She's awesomeeeee." ... written by Kikitaa
Excellent." ... written by Flowers
Excellent very lovely person and spot on, I would recommend her very much so." ... written by Tinkerbell
Awesome reader, very simple to understand... Would recommend... Thank you x" ... written by nzkiwi71
Perfect reading, she is a lovely lady! A must try on Oranum!" ... written by Aryastark
Crystal took me places I didn't realize I need to look at. She was wonderful. I really recommend having a reading with her." ... written by Timmeron
Another Great read..What can I say,,,she is spot on!!!!" ... written by stargazer152
Thank You Crystal!" ... written by Lanette
I think she is the real thing and full of love. I felt her empathy and understanding." ... written by Redstuff
Wonderful reading!" ... written by gigaman1978
Beautiful energy!!! Thnk u!" ... written by jwriter
Love her!" ... written by amber
Great advice, VERY understandable. She could understand perfectly my situation, and gave me good advice. Very recommendable. Very friendly and warm :)" ... written by kikitaa
She is so amazing!!!!! She even told me insights about my mom before, and when I asked my mom, my mom was blown away that she knew that - because my mom told NOBODY. Shes blessed with gifts of insight and she is so kind and sweet, she always tells the truth, and very very kindly. I love her!" ... written by michelle
Great insight and reading Crystal ! Very well detailed and thank you so much for the meditation tips and guidance ! I felt them working right away during our private, I'll keep you up to date!" ... written by Richard
She is very accurate and straightforward. And she is very honest in her opinion. I highly recommend her to everyone!" ... written by Umabalan
Very sweet and told me beyond." ... written by alicia
very friendly and nice " ... written by bellaroseygal
She was patient and informative!" ... written by Connie
Very accurate!! " ... written by Lisa
She was excellent, really knew my battles that I was dealing with and she helped me sort them out. Thanks so much!!" ... written by Cosmo
She is great almost like a healing in the talking to her." ... written by John Anthony Green
Always a how connected you are...too bad my computer froze. I will be back!" ... written by Jocelyn
Perfect reading, she is a doll!!! Give her a try!" ... written by CerseiLannister
Once more, perfect, she is an angel, truly gifted! Thank you!!!!" ... written by CerseiLannister
Your reading was great! Thank you very much. :-))" ... written by Duane
Very sweet." ... written by sandi86
Very nice,thank you!" ... written by Aurelia
Interesting reading, very different. Was good news." ... written by USA
She is as good as her husband" ... written by Emma Thomson
Great reading and I appreciate the honesty and the words of encouragement. Will keep you up dated." ... written by Sweetls
Great energy. " ... written by Fun_Sized
Very Honest and Accuratee!!" ... written by Kikitaa
Love her style, it was very interesting to listen to her. I think she is very accurate about past and present. I will update if predictions come true. Many blessings for you CrystalFairy!!!" ... written by glow71
Very nice andamp; soothing" ... written by Brav0923
She is always great :-)" ... written by michele
She is the best" ... written by devene page
I have had many readings with crystalfairy now and she is amazing everytime :) She follows up on the past and explains where you are at now, beautiful readings and she reads with passion :) xx blessings crystal" ... written by Terrisue
Crystal relaxes me! And once again she has done that. I will wait for what she has told me will happen! Thank You so much for calming the storm." ... written by stargazer152
Love her" ... written by arnetta
Absolutely wonderful. Always insightful and very honest!. Love speaking with one of the most accurate readers on here! Amazing woman. " ... written by funinmck
Hey Crystal! Thank you for always helping me figure out how to find peace inside myself and with all the chaos around me :) You've been a great help to me for meditation practice and have helped me immensely in my confidence level about my love life. I'll catch up with you soon! :)" ... written by Richard
Great" ... written by arnetta
Great" ... written by Arnetta
She is so wonderful, I am glad clearing the air so my daughter knows, she is a wonderful person thank you so much! We have much work to do on ourselves, she is one of my favorites, quick consise and accurate" ... written by devene pageandamp; melissa
Had a really good talk, she like new everything all most as if she read my Journal LOL. I will take everything to heart. Thank you so much." ... written by Ws
She was wonderful, Had some very good words to say :)" ... written by johanna89
She was very accurate, very clear, understand you, and oh yes, i really reccommend her. " ... written by skyblue7
Excellent!" ... written by wendybb0880
Maria was totally correct on a reading, I had to go back and discuss it with her. She is really the best and understands what you are going through with compassion. Do a reading with Maria, you will not regret it!" ... written by Cosmo
She is the best, there are no more words that can explain her. she knows people she really does." ... written by veesvibe
Talk about a complete reading. Crystal is excellent. From a to z she knows what she is talking about for sure." ... written by stargazer152
Fantastic, I can't say enough she knew everything I mean everything. Great spirit great person. I thank crystal from the bottom of my heart. she told me more then I expected. She's really truly gifted, everyone should have at least one reading with her they wont regret it. " ... written by veesvibe
She is so cheerful and happy i love her spirit and energy. 10 stars" ... written by devene page
Interesting talk very good reading..." ... written by elle
AWESOME!!! DO DO DO GIVE HER YOUR TIME. SHE IS SO WORTH IT!" ... written by darla003
Great, passionate person to meet! Gave me accurate predictions and connected right away. : )" ... written by Anant
She is so loving.. caring... sweet.. clear.... direct... thank you deeply." ... written by Gaby11
Perfect as always! I have never been let down. Kind, accurate and quick. Will make her a long life friend. " ... written by Lucio
A blessing, very accurate and such a joy to have a reading with." ... written by christina
Very good read as always makes all clouds disappear" ... written by devene page
I loved the reading, everything that she said about me was right on point. She also gave me an insight about my relationship and everything was right! Thanks so much for the spanish reading :)" ... written by sandra
Great reading very detailed and accurate, thank you very nuch." ... written by zimerili1
I have found a friend forever! accurate, quick and precise. Always honest and insightful." ... written by Lucio
Cystalfairy eases my mind. She is very informative and so very sweet. I appreciate her insight and value her views. " ... written by Sweetls
I was unclear as to what she was saying but it was quickly cleared up I hope the pryers will work!" ... written by devene
She is amazing good. You will not be disappointed. " ... written by rmg010
Felt a very deep insight here ... interested in trying her some more." ... written by KitsuneOmajinai
Very good loved her energy and told it like it is 5 stars." ... written by samantha
10/10 speechless" ... written by Shamsta247
Amazing, She is great, I cant find words to describe her, the best, of best. Thank you very much ." ... written by Rusa11
Very good and very accurate." ... written by christina
An excellent reader, very in tune with her own energies and the universe. She was accurate, and I would recommend her every time." ... written by Dionisio
Came a second time to talk to her today to hear more about what's in store. It was very strengthening, and I look forward to checking in with her in the future." ... written by KitsuneOmajinai
She told me a lot about myself" ... written by Jasmine
Awesome!" ... written by Marcos
Such a sweet sweet lady! She truly impressed me with how spot on she was andamp; so honest. Very warm hearted and gives great advice! If you don't go into private with her you are definitely missing out on a wonderful lady! :)" ... written by Jackie
Hey Crystal :) Thank for the update reading! It's been a while I know, haha. Every time I come see you though you always bring so much clarity and good feeling that I never have anymore worries :) I'll catch up again with you soon! " ... written by Richard
No words.... Magnificent! The best of them all!" ... written by AG
Crystal Fairy is sooo sweet and nice. So encouraging and motherly...I will take ur advice and im sure i will succeed in this.Thank u so much :)" ... written by PRISCILLA
Maria and Eagle are a powerhouse here and each in their own merits. She is such a sweetheart and her advice is poignant as always. When I have a crisis I come to her to seek her guidance. She is a blessing and I am grateful so much! She is saucy with her humor yet seriously always concerned and welcomes always!" ... written by Shafinaz
That was a spot on reading. This was my very first time getting a reading and she did a wonderful job. She knew things about me that where so spot on. " ... written by Josh
Thank you so much Crystal my dear." ... written by Ebony
I enjoy my readings with Crystalfairy. She is very sweet and insightful. Tells it like it is. " ... written by Sweetls
Great reading." ... written by aware
Her last reading came true...very accurate! And now I got another reading again, she inspired me so much and gave me guidance in my work. Thank you so much :)" ... written by Rii507
She had such an uplifting spirit and picked up on a lot of things. I can't wait to see what happens! " ... written by Alison
Good, helped me understand " ... written by dl
Huge amount of positive energy!!! :) :) :) Extremely accurate, fast and very easy to talk to. Don't wait another second - take her to Private! 5**** ~~~~ hugs ~~~~" ... written by hugs2020
Good job. Helped me to reflect and think over." ... written by Gloria
Truly a wonderful and energetic woman with a kind demeanor yet powerful. She gave me some very strengthening insight into myself and what path I need to direct myself and also was very in tune with the personalities of the people around me without needing to be told. I feel like she has much to teach me. Looking forward to checking in with her again. Thank you!" ... written by KitsuneOmajinai
I just had a chat with her and to my surprise there was a lot of surprises and so accurate she gave me goosebumps. Shes very entertaining but believe me, I recommend her highly." ... written by skyblue7
very helpful... thank you." ... written by feliz123
Wonderful , Warm and Honest!!!!" ... written by jamieann garrison
Maria is amazing, she reads rhythms well, she was able to identify some issues that happened with my mother w/o me telling her about them. She clarified how it effected me today. ALL TRUE. She has a motherly nature and feels so comfortable to talk to! Great energy! Really impressed. Blessing to you #CrystalFairy" ... written by Lizainthemorning
Amazing reading, very lovely lady, very intuitive, fast and to the point :) Highly recommend her " ... written by River
Crystalfairy is an excellent guide. I appreciate her honesty and feel that she does want to help me. " ... written by Sweetls
Crystal Fairy was spot on with what she said and advised and am so happy with her reading and advice! Can't wait to use her again!! Thank you!" ... written by betsy
Thank you Maria for the reading I understand now, why my mom is the way she is, and I know that she can let go, and have the life of her dreams, and I will be here to help her with that, I also know that I will have a positive life, and that I will let go of the past, thank you again maria." ... written by Amanda
*thumbs up* " ... written by Carlee Cole
Awesome lady..sweet andamp; kind. Also gives good clarity and hope :)" ... written by PRISCILLA
Crystalfairy was right on point. I needed to confirm a gut feeling about what to do in a situation, and she did just that. She knew my situation and confirmed that it's just a patch and gave me a timeframe. She also pin pointed my anxiety. I feel better ... and I can move forward with confidence that I am making the right decision. She also read my husband and got him down to a "T", and told me what I needed to do in order to assist him. Thank you Crystalfairy. I look forward to speaking with you again! " ... written by natasha50
She was spot on and very sweet. Thank you so much for your time." ... written by jeter28
She is so funny every time I talk to her. Always surprised to what she see. Definitely go back to her." ... written by skyblue7
The best! I love her! " ... written by soinlove85
She is so awesome. Made me feel confident. Will be coming back to gt reading from her soon and often." ... written by April and Angie
Thank you so much for this reading." ... written by Denise
La mejor que me ha tocado!!!" ... written by victoria
Wow, what a lady. Worm but realistic. She somehow combines real life and divination so you can understand how to put you life on the right track and were are boundaries. I feel empowered after talking to her. Not high but empowered! Really nice and helpful reading! much more than 5 stars! " ... written by zetatheshiny
Thank you so much." ... written by Shamsta247
She's a warm-hearted, sweet, kind woman and makes you feel welcomed. She read me very well and nailed right to the point, I was absolutely speechless. I would recommend her to anyone who would like to get an aura read or something you feel you have to really know. I will definitely come back to her for more answers. Thank you so much CRYSTALFAIRY!! :D." ... written by Richardo
She was very direct, comforting, articulate, and informative. She did a wonderful job with getting to my issues. Will keep in touch with her.Thanks. " ... written by LolaEd
Very great reading I was sad for my time to run out." ... written by julie
I love her she made me feel 1000x better and confident." ... written by karla lopez
She is right on spot on everthing, an unbeleivable gifted person" ... written by devene page
I really love Crystalfairy reading she made me leave with hope and a big smile on my face. She is a real genuine and sweet woman. Love her to pieces." ... written by LaTonya
She was absolutely amazing!!! She hit the nail right on the head with who I am as a person, the struggles that I've gone through my whole life, the turn I have had in the last year, the relationships with my parents... So great! I am eager to take her advice and speak with her again soon. " ... written by Sarah
She was right on track." ... written by paulina
She was a great help to me." ... written by devene page baca
wonderful as always" ... written by devene page baca
Great reader :)" ... written by Ally
She is very intuitive... straight forward.... encouraging" ... written by leanna chan
Awesome." ... written by Marcos
Wow!! I finally know why my life has been the way it has and what I needed to do to change things. She is a blessing and I will definitely talk with her again. Crystalfairy you are a true blessing that has come into my life and I can't thank you enough. " ... written by April
Excellent reading. " ... written by Eva
She is like family! Smart, Experienced, a believer, and honest! Straight forward and has your best interest in mind." ... written by Funinmck
Crystal is a generous soul! She makes an instant connection with her guests guiding them to discover what is troubling or holding them back. I am grateful for having a meeting with her." ... written by Sasha
Wonderful reader... Uncommon. I recommend her highly!" ... written by andrea
Great accurate reader! Strong confident skills and absolutely truthful in every aspect of this reading! Thank you!" ... written by LISAB
Awesome! Really enjoyed the reading .. she is very smart!" ... written by Ann
I recommend you having a private reading with Crystalfairy. She will tell you everything you need to know... or what to do with a certain situation. She is professional and tells it like it is. She does not tell you the outcome, but she guides to you the outcome. She can tell you about a person she hasn't even met and not just You...but whomever you are referring to in private chat. Very professional, quick and to the point. Loved her reading. I highly recommend her for guidance and answers. Blessings" ... written by Danika
Wonderful vibrant and optimistic reading. I really enjoyed her communication style in the reading." ... written by palesampa
Cyrstalfairy is very insightful and trustworthy. I look forward to her guidance. " ... written by Sweetls
Another good reading... Thank you!" ... written by success
Good, will be back again!!!" ... written by ellen1956
Precise reading and 100% accurate. Let's see how things turn out now. Highly recommended. " ... written by Marcin Szyling
Amazing woman and even more amazing reading, she did not just touch on the subject at hand but gave me more insight to myself. Will most definitely recommend her to anyone and will be back for another reading. " ... written by Henrietta
Put me at peace. Made me feel comfortable with the events going on in my life. I understand more clearly what is going on and what to expect. She was lovely, very compassionate and insightful. Very comforting and picked on many details." ... written by bunsen13
She is amazing!" ... written by vampgirl
Good reader." ... written by need2know5
She is always so dead on!! Awesome!" ... written by michelle
She tells the truth, per her earlier reading, she was right about that person, now recent treading....same thing. :) just fantastic." ... written by epa
So lovely!" ... written by michelle
She is great and gave wonderful advise!" ... written by ZoyaZoya
Wow!!! very direct, and complete with her information. On target with great advice. Will have another reading just before my trip. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Loved the reading. May god bless you with all good things." ... written by dickson
Crystalfairy, was quite on que with her reading. She told me that this man does not want a commitment with me and I believe her. She also told me he was lying because he did not want to be tied down..." ... written by Anna Jean Robertson
Nice reading..." ... written by aldu
Very good! Positive and nice and spot on!" ... written by Krunka
Very good reader and understanding. Would highly recommend. One of the best on oranum." ... written by Emma
She put my mind at ease... went in a different direction then i was expected but in the end really helped. Will return... I can't thank her enough!" ... written by Josh
Very sweet right on the spot I would talk to her again." ... written by elizabeth
Nice lady good reading! " ... written by jennywren
Everything she had told me, I was starting to realize myself. It felt really good to get an outside opinion as well. Thank you. She lifted a cloud darkening my vision." ... written by Nick
She is the best!!!!!!!!!! very kind and to the point. Love her:)" ... written by mytwosweetboys
☺☺☺☺☺ Great as always." ... written by Mr. Time
Amazing lady, speaks from her heart, totally love her, she speaks truth and honesty totally amazing lady, will get a reading time and time again thank you crystal your soul is beautiful and she picked up on all my problems in the blink of an eye and gave me solutions to them I'm so grateful thank you. X " ... written by maxine
Very grateful to have her as a friend. She is the best, caring ,loving, understanding. She truly is amazing at what she does. Very Positive energy. Thank-you CrystalFairy.. Hugs!! :)" ... written by mz_preciouz13
Amazing." ... written by Nicole
Always love readings with her. Very kind and intuitive. Reads you like a book. You will love readings with crystal fairy!!" ... written by mz_preciouz13
I loved her reading it was accurate I will be back no other psychics for me, :) thanks so much for your clarity on my situation I will keep in touch always. :) Have a Blessed evening! :)" ... written by Bridget
I really like her i felt like she is very intuitive and very right on and exact she is warm,caring,and honest you can feel her sensitivity...she helped me alot she jumped right in to that and I will definitely go to her glad i found her" ... written by likefire
Words can't describe how in tune she was with me. She is patient and very thorough. I appreciate her using her gift versus giving me personal advice. Come what may I was ready and willing to accept the information. " ... written by June
She is very good, calm and well spoken I feel like I didn't waste my time at all thank you Crystalfairy" ... written by secretangel27
Thank you very insightful I enjoyed the reading. will come back when I have more funds. was very accurate and gifted. thanks again I will be back for another reading soon God bless." ... written by mariaelena
She is awesome, wish i had more time :-D " ... written by Bobby-Lee
I love her readings... Very detailed and informative... Without telling her anything she would pick up the situation... I recommend her..!!" ... written by wendybb0880
Very good reading!" ... written by Darnia Cutter
Her system was very slow and she could not see what I typed. So questions were repeated over and over taking up all of the time." ... written by moongirl777
Very good." ... written by moongirl777
Very good reading and advice!!" ... written by amy
Wow... I feel like I have taken 20 steps forward already... Thank you :)" ... written by Emily
very good" ... written by denise
Right on spot!" ... written by erika
She is such a wonderful woman and spot on about everything, she is like a motherly figure when talking to you and give great advice for moving forward with questions that you have. I highly recommend her. I would give her a million stars if I could." ... written by ashlea
As always she is very helpful and honest" ... written by christina
I will wanna talk to Crystalfairy again soon!" ... written by EmperorG
So sweet and I love her style" ... written by moongirl777
5 stars VERY GOOD!!! " ... written by hgs3boys
Very initiative, knew a lot about me and what i'm struggling with." ... written by pinkpather30
She was very good, made me look at things differently. " ... written by Juan
Another fantastic reading of dear Crystal :) Thank you so much, I know that this year is going to be very important and you were spot on all the way, I am sending many blessings your way xxx" ... written by terrisue
Thank you for the reading :) Highly recommended!" ... written by Satu
Awesome reading!" ... written by Marcos
Very good reading dead on. Thank you so much" ... written by lisa
I felt that she was dead on with my reading." ... written by Racheal
Wow! Great read! She is very detailed with great advice. She is really good and focused with the number. Very pleasant to speak to. 5 stars of course." ... written by Martank
Crystalfairy is such a warm loving person her optimism just flows right through. She really helped me see myself in a better way." ... written by Xavier
I love her!" ... written by moongirl777
Wow! What a reading! She gave enlightenment. Thanks again... I will keep you posted!" ... written by Marcos
I have come back to Crystalfairy for a reading after she told me that I would have contact with someone I have been missing in Sept. Last week that person did contact me and I once again came to Crystalfairy for guidance on what to expect next. " ... written by Sweetls
Very accurate with little information offered." ... written by ohyikes
Very kind and direct!! would recommend :) Right on with personality :) " ... written by mark
She is just AMAZING." ... written by KitsuneOmajinai
She is amazing. :) Can't wait for another follow up. " ... written by Rox
She's amazing, Everything what she said was spot on." ... written by vimal866
CrystalFairy was terrific and caring. She's spot on and makes you feel better. You will love her, I'm sure." ... written by Alex
Fantastic. Spot on. Thank you, Crystalfairy" ... written by Karen
Wonderful energy. Accurate and is knowledgeable in her craft. Thank you soooo much crystal! XO!" ... written by risenphoenix
Wonderful and accurate reading! I highly recommend her!!!" ... written by Clarity5
Wow great as usual had all the information on hand." ... written by gipsygirl
Maria is so talented and kind in her readings. She gives great advice, the life experience she has, enables her to connect and understand the talent she has been given and to share it." ... written by threeyorkies
Great advice!" ... written by crystalrbleu
Thanks so much for the reading, i enjoyed it so much lol, i would recommend her to peoples." ... written by AngelofHearts677
Soooo wonderful and insightful... Wish I could spend more time with her. Gracias, CrystalFairy!!!" ... written by Danny
Very good. " ... written by kye2210
What a treat.... truly an expert in her field. So gifted and compassionate in her delivery. I appreciate you and your gifts. much love...." ... written by jerald
Thank you!" ... written by islander2000
Very accurate, thanks for my reading, will come back in future again :)" ... written by John
She's good!" ... written by melinda
She is so awesome and hit it on spot! " ... written by crystalrbleu
She is wonderful and compassionate with message right on." ... written by Pammy826
Very interesting reading, picked up on all the people I asked about and their personalities, confirmed what I was feeling, I recommend her if you have the time." ... written by christa
Awesome and so sweet (:" ... written by Andrea
She is very quick and accurate ,loved her reading " ... written by sammie
She is amazing, She picked up on things that I never told anyone about, nor she could of found out. Things that were very personal to me and very precise. What an amazing reader! Thank you so much! I will return again for a follow up! " ... written by Chris
Enjoyed speaking to CrystalFairy. Reads with such sweetness and detail. Thank you for your time." ... written by Hopeful71
Very nice lady, good reading, God bless you." ... written by jana kadri
She was awesome....she told me what I was needing to know and hit the key points of what is going on in my life right now .. Thank you." ... written by vilma
Thanks for reading, very very accurate :) loved it, will get another in future" ... written by John
She is fantastic." ... written by SR
Thanks for your insights. She is good, saw many things spot on! I would recommend her. Look forward to the future!" ... written by Diane
She is amazing. Picked up on things, nobody knows about me. Helped me see my purpose in life, and my relationships with others. I will always come and see her!" ... written by Melisa
Thank you for that good insight, Crystal, it was very much needed!" ... written by Chyree Curtis
She is so compassionate, honest and straight forward with her readings." ... written by Pammy826
SHE WAS DEAD ON TARGET! A definite healer and gets deep into the core." ... written by chaxa
Great read as ever! thanks so much..." ... written by crystalrbleu
Very wonderful and supportive... " ... written by tochoose
Me quede muy contento! Sorprendido!" ... written by Rotas3
I thoroughly enjoy CrystalFairys readings. Not only a good friend also a very honest and sincere person. Will come back to her anytime. Take her to private guys!!! SO WORTH IT!" ... written by mz_preciouz13
very sweet and fast :)" ... written by kimmm
Very outgoing, knowledgable, sweet, and on target. " ... written by Melissa Brown
Thanks for the read. " ... written by d2k1000
GREAT :)" ... written by nicole
Very caring, consoling, explaining, intuitive, caring, intelligent, knowledgeable." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Awesome advice and spot on. I will show compassion thank you very much for the reading very much appreciated highly recommended." ... written by viv
Reading to learn from. Very good. " ... written by Ingrid
She is such a wonderful person. Always hits the target with the numerology. She is always able to discuss your situations. " ... written by Monica
Good!" ... written by Staci
Fantastic and lovely. and had the personality of the person in question right away without me saying anything but a birthday. I keep coming back to her." ... written by KitsuneOmajinai
Damn!! What she said had truth and got me emotional.. " ... written by Mark
Always amazing with her readings, Truly enjoy coming to her. will keep coming back. Thank-you Crystal fairy :D" ... written by mz_preciouz13
Wow is all I have to say!" ... written by findingpeace
bisou xxx." ... written by Ryzette
Merci bella :) " ... written by Ryzette
Absolutely wonderful, great insight and good advice" ... written by sab1658
I am very happy with my reading tonight. " ... written by Sweetls
She is great!" ... written by Pao
VERY Sweet! :) Thank you!" ... written by Nva123
Excellent." ... written by gipsygirl
It was spot on. She is great." ... written by devene page baca
Sweet lady, picked up on things!" ... written by smiley2011
She is great. " ... written by oolong
Awesome reading as always..." ... written by crystalrbleu
I thought she was very good. She had interesting take on from birth till now. Was very insightful. Thank you. The shells I liked a lot and will go back to see more of this." ... written by Taralyn
Excellent, very in tune to my situation, I will be chatting with you again with updates. " ... written by Regina
Very deep insight, lots of card sets and shells, spot on about my personality and my ex bf's, very kind words and nice lady." ... written by tonya
Very insightful reading!!" ... written by Mark
Hey Crystal :) it was nice catching up with you and telling you how things have been. The reason for coming to speak to you again was a little unfortunate but I am still being very optimistic about it :) Talk to you soon !" ... written by Richard
Gracias nena, muy linda tus palabras!" ... written by maria
As always wonderful and on point" ... written by devene page baca
Very good!" ... written by jenny
Great reading!" ... written by MaryAnn
Great, very detailed reading!" ... written by crystalrbleu
Very good." ... written by susanne
Simply Amazing." ... written by D
Great reading! Will come back soon" ... written by sandra
Was very caring and gave good advice" ... written by susanne
An interesting reading!!" ... written by Mark
She is very sweet, caring, compassionate and very accurate. Highly recommended. " ... written by LadyGrace
Muy buena en explicar las rasones y en dar consejos para mejorar las cosa...muy querida y tranquila." ... written by agablue
Great great insight and advice. Made it very clear to me that I deserve more than this. Appreciate the reading, told me the truth andamp; what is the best for me to do. God Bless" ... written by sharen223
She is amazing. She was spot on with my reading. I recommend her to anyone. Please if you are looking for a reading please try her out. You will not be disappointed. " ... written by Tywanna JOnes
Great wise reading,, Will be back for update! Thank you!" ... written by Isis
Best reading ever! Very accurate, sensitive and detailed. Thank you so much for the help." ... written by PB1923
Truly fascinating woman. She knew things about me that no one knew - things I keep inside. Truly amazing." ... written by Pam
Wonderful." ... written by a
Awesome!!!" ... written by susanne
Thank you. " ... written by gipsygirl
Great. Honest, compassionate, understanding, at expense to her self no less. Thank you for being the real thing" ... written by nohwanatol
I love this woman. She is the best. Very accurate and compassionate. I highly recommend her. Love you, CRYSTALFAIRY." ... written by sherry
Sweet and kind" ... written by pjgovind
Very helpful-gave me techniques for clearing my aura, and real names of professionals which could be of use to me! :-)" ... written by Poet
Wow!" ... written by harmonyS
wow... she is amazing. I didn't get to finish cuz time ran out but she got me down to the core. " ... written by Joanna
She is awesome." ... written by ct
Really wonderful. Thank you." ... written by tochoose
Very good reading with no sugar coating. She was straight to the point and gave me the truth. A 5 star reader as always." ... written by Harold
too bad not enough credits, but will definitely be coming back to crystalfairy" ... written by crystalrbleu
SHE was GREAT! Very Awesome." ... written by butterfly77lady
Crystal was very sweet and direct. I appreciate all her advice. Everything was on point. Thank you so much! :)" ... written by belladecadance
Brilliant, very positive as well. Very insightful, highly recommended." ... written by chantellw
GrACIAS hermosa tocara ver. :D Como me ira el proximo ano.." ... written by maria
Best ever!!! What a powerful read!" ... written by rosy
Wow!! Great Read!! Inspiring! Helpful! 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Beautiful and an amazing and supportive read. Perfect for how weak I was just feeling." ... written by KitsuneOmajinai
GREAT!" ... written by bRIDGETTE EVANS
Good person.. Helps me a lot and every time she reads it's actually on point. Thanks" ... written by Dez
Omg im crying, she truely touched a deep true issue in me... awsome reading, thank u so much" ... written by candace
I enjoyed the reading and will take her advice which was really good." ... written by gypsylace
Very kind, very informative... Thank you!" ... written by Barbara
She is soo sweet. I got reminded of my mom when I spoke to her. Very good psychic and really revealed the truth!!" ... written by aquavenus
I wish I had more money, she is a wonderful soul." ... written by Cary Sciutti
Great!!!!!!" ... written by Yuliya Morgan
great reading as usual!!! Will definitely be back." ... written by crystalrbleu
She's wonderful!!!" ... written by Jenny
Awesome and caring as always!" ... written by susanne
Very good interpretations." ... written by rosy
Awesome Reading, thank you so much for everything!!" ... written by Carla
Great reading, knew what she was talking about!" ... written by Pete
lovely " ... written by evelin torgersen vikse
JUST WONDERFUL..THANK YOU" ... written by tina
Good, clear picture. Thank you very much!" ... written by LAURA
I loved chatting with her, she was so kind from the moment that I entered the chat. Very honest and I would deff chat with her again. Thank you so much :)" ... written by Tabitha
Thanks for the big reassurance, I will keep you updated thanks :)" ... written by Angel
Very Good reading. Thank you again!" ... written by Vicky V
Great reading! Spot on..." ... written by crystalrbleu
I just opened up right away- I received words from a beautiful caring soul! I exchanged my credits for gold! Thank You!" ... written by Anthony
SHe is amazing!!!! highly recommended!! this is my third reading from her. and will be coming back!!!! " ... written by Amy
Very accurate. She's a sweet soul. Full of positive energy." ... written by Ana Victoria
OMG! She was amazing! Her tone was were very comforting and nurturing. She picked up on my energy so well, and really started to dig deep into the truth of who I am and what I want out of life and a loving relationship. I'm a singer, so when she said she connects through music and sound, I automatically got excited. I'm blown away by the way the bell and the shells revealed so much about myself to her. I almost didn't want to leave the private chat, but time is money. I really return with my pockets full!! Thanks so much, Crystalfairy!!!" ... written by KoKo
Very loving and honest. " ... written by moongirl777
Thank you a wonderful person, I really admire everything I got from her reading, Thanks a lot!" ... written by cupcake9798
Insightful and concise. Truly wonderful reading. " ... written by Gene
Accurate." ... written by Daisy
Great! Very friendly and patient!" ... written by Marissa
Awesome reading! Straight to the point.. Very detailed reading!" ... written by crsytalrbleu
Good job." ... written by rod
Great reading, very genuine and positive and tries to answer questions promptly" ... written by Lynn
Tu como siempre muy linda ya tenta gracias" ... written by maria
Crystal Fairy was so warm and wonderful! She answered my questions and made me feel at ease. She is like talking to a caring maternal sort of guide. I highly suggest her!" ... written by Ashley
Very good, she captured WHO I am, she "got" the situation I'm in and clarified my question very much. Sadly, it was not what I wanted to hear, but what I knew my inner voice was saying. She got to the heart of the matter right away, explained things about the people involved as if she knew them. I would totally recommend her to everyone." ... written by Mileyah
LOVE her!!! Spent the best $200 with her and WILL be back!" ... written by Guy Sutton
Thank you, as always you help me with understanding. You are a great person, many blessings. I will begin to open my heart." ... written by Monica
I am so happy with CRYSTALFAIRY. she saw right through like water. She told me all I wanted to hear, she answered my questions. I am very grateful for her words and wisdom. " ... written by Johanna (ojostigre)
She is very sweet and very assertive . I really recommend her a lot." ... written by Angela
Muy buena me gusto mucho, very good I really enjoyed it!" ... written by Raquel
Fantastic!!!! Amazing!!!!! Crystalfairy was on the mark and so pleasant. Would recommend her to everyone!" ... written by kcw1433
Right on.... hit the nail on the head very preseptive" ... written by brian
Fast accurate. what she said to me makes sense to me. thanks so much " ... written by Joanne
Very good... Love her positive energy and different from other readings that I have had. " ... written by TC
Crystal is amazing! Such a gentle soul. I have been wanting to have a reading with her for quite some time. She really listened to me, and told me through multiple tools and knowledge about my situation. She made me feel secure, but also made me understand what I need to question and look at. I highly recommend her :)" ... written by Kaitlin
Very great reader. Keep coming back. Honest and understanding. " ... written by mZ_preciouZ13
awesome reading thank you crystal l love talking to you !!!" ... written by carla
Crystal is a wonderful lady with great advice! I recommend her. :)" ... written by Meli
You have been right about stuff so far. " ... written by phoenixrisen
Love her!!!!" ... written by Guy Sutton
so comforting and honest. thank you." ... written by jessica
I really enjoyed the reading " ... written by Debbie
THANK YOU." ... written by Brav0923
Very beautiful person with a good light around her. I really enjoy watching her methods and always learn something new. Her readings are accurate and she is very gifted. I highly recommend her." ... written by Michele Pond
She is wonderful and full of light" ... written by MArgaret
She is very intuitive and right one. Love her ability to make you feel at easy." ... written by Patricia Kendall
Extremely accurate. And I already knew it, but she just absolutely confirmed." ... written by Katie
Awesome ^^ " ... written by belgiumchocolate
very good, very accurate reading. Very kind woman, can tell the situation very clearly and spot on. Like she picked the shells and was accurate too. Thank you for the wonderful reading.Honest and no sugar coating." ... written by PIGLETME
The reading with Crystalfairy was amazing. She is very warm and nice lady, and was able to give me great advises. I definitely recommend to have a reading with her. " ... written by PMK2005
I loved her she was amazing. She knew everything!!" ... written by Stephanie
Great reading. Very interesting perspective on cycles and rhythms in your life. Neat." ... written by Ahz
She is so kind :) i enjoyed my reading" ... written by Adiz
Very very gifted lady. Thank you for that message. I will keep you posted. I am very positive that all well be well! You are my angel CrystalFairy that God used you as a tool for me. " ... written by manyika
Very good details and a really nice reading. Lots of insight, information, and good advice. Thanks" ... written by Jennifer
This lady is wonderful!!!!!!! So warm!!!! So great!!!!!!! Always feels that she is a real fairy! Thank you very much for your wish to help and your answer! My heart feels same. That this time is exact!!!!!!!! Thank you once again! You are amazing lady and psychic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will come back to you soon!!!!!!! Very highly recommended to everyone!!!!!!" ... written by Lilly
I had a reading with Crystalfairy and thought she did an excellent job or reading and relating to the issues of question." ... written by Lightstar
She was great, read into the situation without explaining." ... written by Melissa
great reading and advice!" ... written by crystalrbleu
Really touched my heart." ... written by joe
wonderful only a word for her" ... written by tanjit
Intuitive!" ... written by BK
Awesome! Thank you" ... written by Laura
Crystal only had short space of time with me but was very excellent reader, and accurately picked up on my situation. very caring and genuine passionately person who can help you with honest and sincere advice. highly recommended reader." ... written by Royal Brit
A good person to talk to" ... written by Despirado
Crystal was informative and she was spot on with things.. thank you so much Crystal" ... written by cheryl
Great conversation, she remembered me from before, excellent all around. definitely coming back." ... written by Nicole
Excellent!" ... written by Gatorgal
Always a good reading, brings clarity, honest, sweet, Crystalfairy is the best!" ... written by Issabellaitaly
She's very sweet. Sounds so right.Loved talking to her.She gives peace" ... written by Aashita Wason
Good" ... written by naval
Oh my gosh, what a reading, excellent excellent knew everything before I said anything." ... written by Issabellaitaly
she is wonderful" ... written by devene pagebaca
Had a great reading. Crystal is very understanding and never judges. Always able to provide an advise. I definitely recommend to have a session with her." ... written by PMK2005
Wonderful experience ... the best investment I have made... she's magical" ... written by Cristian
accurate reading" ... written by mark
Lovely reading, spot on with a lot of things that others would not have picked up on and was very reassuring. Gave clear guidance in a loving, nurturing way and lifted my spirits! Thank you so much xxx" ... written by jagratti
thank u for the reading." ... written by PIGLETME
Wonderful, compassionate and loving reading!" ... written by Mgrl
Such a gifted reader and so correct in everything, Crystalfairy is the best I recommend her for everyone....I will be back for more readings.....God Bless" ... written by Carolena
I love her! So sweet, and listen to you, and explain everything to you in details. She always clams me down. " ... written by Pritilov
Amazing." ... written by kevin
GREAT CONVO cant wait to come back after some time. thanks the best" ... written by np
Great." ... written by kevin
She is very nice and quick she gets right to the point and I loved my reading" ... written by Saundra
Crystalfairy is one of a kind, she is caring, knows and sees what is happening before it happens, intuitive, she is the best on Oranum. Take her private you will keep coming back for more. God Bless" ... written by Carolena
Shes good, gives deep insight. " ... written by AG
very good and quick she is talented and blessed" ... written by floralinda31
Crystal was very detailed and provided me with insight on my situation and factors that affect my life path. Thank you." ... written by Mel
Crystalfairy always good and accruate." ... written by PIGLETME
great as always" ... written by devene
She was very encouraging. Thank you for the support. :)" ... written by James
crystalfairy is such a lovely gentle person. Thank you for a reading that was spot on. love and light" ... written by mairehau
Really enjoyed speaking with her, she is very insightful and gave me some good advice." ... written by patvanvalen
well done thanks" ... written by misswonderwomen
thank you so much for the reading - you are exceptional" ... written by hurtingalot
hit the nail on the head! wonderful reading!" ... written by ~~
wonderful as usual !!!!" ... written by rouben
i enjoyed it very much she was very correct. " ... written by vell
OMG, she is spot on... she said everything for REAL. " ... written by Eka Mocca
THE BEST!!!" ... written by lixa
Crystal I thank Spot on on many things, you gave me advice on how to approach the situation I face and it was great. Will begin taking the steps required to realize the outcome one way or another. I thank you so much Crystal, I needed that push to open my eyes. xxx" ... written by Michael
a wonderful caring lady who tunes in to your energies very well, i can thoroughly recommend crystalfairy everything was spot on and advice was fantastic" ... written by skyamsterdam
Loved the reading i felt like she understood me" ... written by Heidi
I am a faithful follower of Crystalfairy, she helps any situation and makes you feel uplifted and powerful, her readings are so accurate and I walk away with harmony. Go into private chat with Crystalfairy you will be happy you did." ... written by Carolena
Great as always" ... written by Cristian
Beautiful helpful reading. She is very kind and lovely and accurate to the point. Very gentle soothing energy, makes u feel comfortable while u re having a reading with her." ... written by Waves
good reading very nice advice!" ... written by cristian
Again, amazing reading, spot on and accurate. " ... written by Neptulon
Fantastic! :) thanks crystal for your help" ... written by Starsign
very good !!!!!!!!" ... written by rouben
Such a sweet lady with such accuracies and wisdom love her." ... written by Patricia Kendall
Crystal is amazing! She is accurate, fast, and very energetic. Strongly I recommend her!" ... written by PatVanValen
Good reading." ... written by Michelle
I loved the reading and the message Im looking forward to my future" ... written by Saundra
really interesting and insightful.. she could see the person that i am and understood my dilemas.. " ... written by T
thanks for a private chat, five stars for you" ... written by Edward Cahill
At first the Reader could not hear nor see me but I could hear and see her. I lost all the money credited in my account as we took time to find out how to open my camera icon and sound, and never got to the reading. I went to the HELP center and they credited my money back to my account and gave me instructions on how to open the Camera and sound icons. I went back and had a great reading as well as Auric Balancing from the Reader. It took some time but it was all worth it. " ... written by Indu Sellassi
As usual, her readings are good... Hahaha" ... written by EkaMocca
crystal fairy was one of the very few psychics who were right about a year ago. i came back and i hope this time she also will be right :)" ... written by jazzychic7
OMG this lady … is simply the BEST!!!! always always honest!!!!!!!!" ... written by rouben
Second time I have come back. She just has such a calming energy about her. I absolutely admire her. Thank you soo soo much! blessings to you. :)" ... written by SS
She is brilliant!!" ... written by sKH
She is right on and is a very wise women." ... written by Patricia Kendall
very sweet and honest" ... written by josephine
she is such a joy to connect with. will get back definitely" ... written by humlity
very good" ... written by Vanessa
very good" ... written by Vanessa
very good" ... written by Vanessa
Thank you very much...very moving reading...I appreciate the light shed on what I have coming ahead of me and will def keep u updated" ... written by Lehua
She is amazing she knew about my past and even told me about my future. This is just amazing." ... written by Shana Miller
wonderful adn so clear with her visions" ... written by sonia
Crystal is amazing. Her readings are always accurate and very insightful." ... written by Pat Van Valen
I love her! So sweet and honest!" ... written by Katie
very caring, and so right abouthe family. Thank you so much" ... written by gipsygirl
Shes very good at calculating cycles and telling you what you will go through. " ... written by Shuchi
wonderful...picked up immediately" ... written by maria
Crystal Fairy is honest, which is what i like about her, she knew everything about my situation before i even told her. thank you so much for the lovely reading... the shells really do speak. :) " ... written by Watzzsupdoc
never had reading like this before, shells are so right" ... written by zina
GREAT TALK andamp; A LOT TO THINK ABOUT SOON." ... written by nicole
Picked up on my situation before I even said a word to her in free chat, amazing is all I can say " ... written by damian1482
she is nice and good connected. thanks so much." ... written by happy
Wonderful, wonderful wonderful!!!!" ... written by Cristian
I really enjoy talking to her a lot... She and I connected very very very well. Hehehe :) Thanks for the clarity!" ... written by Eka Mocca
What a wonderful woman! And also, so accurate. I didn't need to ask any questions she read me like a book and then some. " ... written by Elle
Just had another wonderful session with Crystal. She is amazing! Provided me with great advices and exercises. Definitely try a private with her!!!" ... written by PMK2005
Thank you so much. I found our time together to be a blessing!" ... written by Jonathan Tremblay
Gracias! Eres lo máximo! Me siento mucho mejor :)" ... written by magnolia58
Wonderful reading, she read my feelings like an open book. can't wait for a follow up :)" ... written by s
She is amazing " ... written by N
great update, she is so understanding" ... written by judy
Amazing lady, very calm and happy,knew things, understood me." ... written by Softice
Kind. Sincere. Very informative. " ... written by Sunshine
Thank u" ... written by Sunflower
Crystal fairy was awesome!! She was so accurate about everything... Will definitely get another reading from her :)" ... written by Parmela
A very nice person, had a good connection. Talked clearly and give me a better perspective on the situation. Wish I had more time. Will follow up with her." ... written by Van Anh
you are very accurate in your readings in a very wise positive and cheerful way. I love the way you speak. Thank you very very much for that reading. I will come back to you for sure! Many blessings!" ... written by Alicja
I am sad that I didn't come along time ago :) Crystal is so clear :)" ... written by mariasheart
Greta readings" ... written by Boris
First reading with crystal fairy :0 she really lifted my spirits and assured me that everything is going to be aright. and m thankful I took her to private because she gave me clarity like no other psychic here on Oranum. :)" ... written by melissa
She is great i like her recommended." ... written by Amy
she is so sweet clever and can see things very clearly she just inspires u to grow !" ... written by DANA
she is very special, I like her tools, very unic. she saw health problem no one else saw, she is awesome and kind and loving!" ... written by DANA
Very unique reading, but she was spot on a/b things. I enjoyed her and her pleasantness. " ... written by cute_cookie
simply the best as usual !!!!" ... written by rouben
she is really sweet and really good!" ... written by tiermes
She is fantastic..." ... written by t
she is the best ..." ... written by Humility
good adviser, very helpful no lies! the best. " ... written by cris
Great as always" ... written by Cristian
Thank you Crystalfairy,the reading was very positive and very accurate.Very good reading!!!" ... written by Aliceee
Very good Readings!" ... written by Boris
A great reading from Crystal. Gave me advice and guidance to a decision I have to make. Words cannot describe how Crystal has helped me in this past r truly and angel, Thank you so much." ... written by Michael
Amazing reading. I love her energy and wisdom. She tuned in fast to the situation and the various energies at work. I will be back." ... written by Tammy
Thank you for the update, everything is going right along with what she told me would happen the first time. And it has all been accurate" ... written by -
Wow, you are amazing and a blessed Lady. Gave me so much to think about. I believe god directed me to you. Thank you" ... written by judi
I love her reading of the shells it was so cool and very accurate. I look forward to October!" ... written by Donna
love her love her will definitely visit her again" ... written by tina
awesome reading" ... written by hermestarr
great reader, quickly picked up a lot of details about my personality to provide advice. " ... written by theme
Thank you so much for such an insightful reading. I was really amazed. You have a wonderful energy and such a colourful lady!!" ... written by ileenie
Excellent reading!!, truly gifted!!!" ... written by raysa
Very pleasant, sincere and accurate. Sweet spirited." ... written by Ursula
really helpful... very insightful,, shes awesome! guides me to follow the path that will bring me much happiness...shes amazing :)" ... written by melissa
i really love how she does her reading, she is very special" ... written by dana
crystalfairy spoke to me like she cared deeply about my feelings and like she has been a loyal friend to me for years....she demonstrates great compassion for her clients and very insightful to the big picture.. shes amazing!!" ... written by melissa
Crystal thank you so very much for all the insight received from you! I am truly thankful and feel empowered to push through these trying times. I will pray and pray and pray because you are right nothing is best for the soul. Looking forward to my birthday and a new stage in my life. I am so ready for it. Blessings!!!" ... written by Adrianna
the best as usual !!!!" ... written by rouben
wonderful as usual. Thank you for your up lifting words. I will start with the meditation group idea .... See what it brings me. In love and light, xxx" ... written by i
By far the deepest reading I have ever had. I highly recommend her. " ... written by Christopher
verry good and will take everything to note" ... written by jermaine grant
OMG. SHE IS GOOOOOD. I loved your reading and I believe. ;)" ... written by successgirl
she is amazinngggggg lady" ... written by Anushri
wow...! I love the way that Crystalfairy works. It is so magical. She delivered the most beautiful and encouraging reading. Thank you!" ... written by gingerbetty
She was accurate in her reading and told me some good things that I really needed to hear. She was honest and professional." ... written by kmad1056
very accurate and options appropriate. 5 stars. love this lady. " ... written by Patricia Kendall
She is a very clear and clean person, really sees the things that are around you. Worth the time!!!" ... written by Norbert Varga
Thank you crystal for a lovely reading , i will tryas you said xx" ... written by john24521
She was very thorough without me telling her anything." ... written by Mahogany
Amazing insight and reading. I could feel the truth and clarity coming to me. I will be back soon!" ... written by SucculentKay
Awesome as always!" ... written by humility
EXCELLENT CONNECTION...accurate in every way...felt very positive aft the reading.Sound advice and calmed my doubts!!!!! will be back in future!!!xxx" ... written by Jacky
Beautiful reading. Very helpful thank you :)" ... written by Becky
This woman is very caring, compassionate, sensitive, and accurate! Worth every penny!" ... written by atlantis111
Crystal fairy is really genuine. down to earth. someone I can count on. she gets right to the point and connects quick. great advice a good listener and friend :)" ... written by melissa
Totally recommend this lady beautiful reading." ... written by Betty
She is really sweet and has great advices!" ... written by DANA
perfect as usual, clear answers and niceness … what to ask more ??? i love her !!!!" ... written by rouben
Very charming and good at reading through the situation" ... written by Tealwater77
Crystal is right on FIVE STARS. she is a joy and sunshine such positive energy. would recommend her highly." ... written by Patricia Kendall
I love that Maria can easily pick up on you and your situation. She is unique in what she does and it works very well! She was able to confirm for me a few different things I was wondering about and help guide me to some action steps. She truly wants you to be and do your best. :-)" ... written by Michele
I have had a lot of readings with numerous psychics, but CrystalFairy is the most accurate of them all. She used her amazing power to give me real advice of my troubles and solutions too. I only come here to Oranum to see her. She is wonderful." ... written by Cristian
speaks truthfully, honestly, and she amazes me with how well she connects with me. CrystalFairy is someone who I can depend on when needing clarity and reassurance." ... written by melissa
The energy was amazing i cant wait to get a second reading" ... written by vanesha lewis
very different reading but she was able to pick up things about myself and my life without me saying anything to her. gave good insight" ... written by m
the bestest" ... written by dejavu
Accurate. And very precise. Thank you very much. She is wonderful." ... written by gugu58
love her reading " ... written by humility
Very nice and honest. Gives great advice :)" ... written by Angelina
Very helpful and accurate" ... written by E
She is a wonderful lady " ... written by Anastasha
It was lovely!;)" ... written by Alicja
Thebest!!!!" ... written by HG
Such an amazing woman, great excellent reader!" ... written by Girl
she was on point to everything that was going on with me. she is wonderful and to the point. look forward to future readings." ... written by gatomata
Super...awesome...and amazing....truly amazing...." ... written by gigo
AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!!" ... written by ELi
Very nice reading. She is very intuitive and seems to know before you ask. Easy to talk to." ... written by Stacey
amazing" ... written by brandy
CrystalFairy is a real blessing. She is able to bring so many aspects of divination, spirituality, and talents in a private reading. And the message especially sinks in when you have the shells, life cycles, stones, cards, etc. validating each other." ... written by AyaneVenusx3
the best !!!! as usual !!!! i love crystal !!!!!" ... written by rouben
Crystal is so charming and sincere, she brings the joy out of any tragedy and makes sense of it all. the besT!" ... written by Happy
AMAZING reading!!" ... written by JH
Crystal is SOOO AMAZING, it's like she read the story of my life already." ... written by JH
I really like talking to crystal is really affirmative !" ... written by Lisbeth
one of the best psychic this site has, it help me a lot to find the answers that i was looking for." ... written by chris
Very true and right on point! " ... written by Anastasia
EXCELLENT, if I could have more money I sure will try to get some more time but unfortunately, my credit card is empty now, and will try to get in touch again in a day or two for a longer chat." ... written by ZEESHAN TARIQ
awesome" ... written by gina
She is a sweet sweet person and just gave me the exact advice I need for next week. I know everything will be ok." ... written by JH
greath reading!!!" ... written by tI
Excellent insight " ... written by Lau
So nice and good energy! I really appreciate your input darling!" ... written by m
She offers so much comfort and infinite knowledge in the birth cycles that make so much sense to what is going on. Her style of drawing cards using the rhythmic numbers of the person then asking me to choose the order makes me confident that I'm getting the most accurate card spread that is custom to me only. Her work is priceless and one of the best on Oranum without any doubt. Thank you Crystal!!!" ... written by HP
She is a darling, someone i count on :)" ... written by Humility
omg, she was great, she was accurate i love her and i will all ways come to her, she is the best on here and everyone needs to come to her" ... written by loveboo
I feel a presence of good and god when seeking advice from crystalfairy. I feel a very positive energy from her and that gives me a sense of security" ... written by melissa
crystal fairy... thanks really. you addressed the basic issue... the basic damn problem... i need to heal to make things better, and i will. " ... written by aby
Loved the reading with Crystal, gave me clarity on how my situation is progressing. Crystal always helps me out, calm and sweet. Thank you Crystal xxx" ... written by M
forever grateful for the advice and reassurance given to me by crystalfairy. " ... written by melissa
always resourceful!" ... written by humility
Sorry my wifi didn't work! try to reach you again... you are amazing =)" ... written by Petra
Good numerology insight." ... written by honeylotus
Thank you, Crystal, for the advises! It's always a pleasure to talk to you!" ... written by PMK2005
very good !!!!!! " ... written by joyce
she is great" ... written by joyce
she is such a great woman!! was really nice to talk with you, you opened my eyes =) thanks a lot!!" ... written by Petra
trust crystal with all my heart :) she is very kind, a very caring person with the best intentions to help her clients. after I go through something that is bothering me a great deal, I turn to crystal and I trust her insights and her abilities to see the big picture in my situation and all the time. she is always spot on. and its like speaking to your best friend when you need someone to confide in. shes amazing. give her a try. believe in her yourself" ... written by melissa
awesome! right on!" ... written by h0pe
she is really patient and great with characteristics " ... written by Jagjit
Thank you always realistic and truthful Besos" ... written by Ryzette
always a pleasure to talk with crystal !!!! she's awesome !!!! " ... written by rouben
very positive reading i will beback" ... written by georgianna
Color reading was accurate! A very unique reading" ... written by E
Magnific!!!!" ... written by Cristian
I love her, she was very good. I will call her again." ... written by jewels mcdonald
She is great and was able to tune into me immediately. Love that she speaks spanish and that was able to see what I can do to go forward in life. " ... written by Marisol
Wonderful" ... written by Javier
she is straightforward and to the point !!! I highly recommend her to everyone" ... written by Balan
How how how in the world could she have known such things?" ... written by ambi
she's such a good person, she giving me very good advice I'm very thankful of her, thank you again." ... written by sabrina demarais
Great!" ... written by liz
Shes accurate, very quick at picking up information and situation. nice lady..." ... written by Gina
Always an exquisite moment with her. I came for some update and got the confirmation of the path i want to take. Thank you ! xxx" ... written by Neptulon
very dependable! very trusting! always lean on crystal when I need guidance and clarification, she's caring, sincere, straightforward, doesnt beat around the bush and gives me honest answers when seeking the truth." ... written by melissa
awesome reading !!!" ... written by sophy
Crystalfairy's reading is soooo straight forward n spot on. no sugar coating, no waste of time. xoxo HMR" ... written by HMR
sweet and loving person. very straight forward and explains what she sees." ... written by moongirl777
There is no reader like CrystalFairy! She is so magical and fun in the way that she works. (not to mention accurate) " ... written by Joan
she is great and very sweet!" ... written by DANA
Beautiful reading! Very on point!" ... written by Cristian
Great update with Crystalfairy !!! Confirmed with her what i was feeling. There are not enough words to express how she has helped me through the time I have known her. Thank you so much Crystal xxx" ... written by Michael
wow, she knew things only buy giving birthdays and colors. Amazing. Very upbeat and positive and told you like it is. No fairytales, just the truth. connects fast. I really enjoyed this reading." ... written by Jaqueline
Another excellent reading. I gave her birthday of someone I know some info about and she read her like a book! Amazing. I don't know how she does it. I would highly recommend her if you are trying to find out if you would match up with someone. thanks :D" ... written by jaqueline
she i very good. She knows her thing and have helped me several times :)" ... written by baringa
I love Maria - she is honest and a good reader. She will talk to you about the truth with compassion and a heart. You will not regret a reading. " ... written by MB
Crystal fairy is very clear, very detailed, and knows exactly what is happening in the situation. She gives great advice and is very knowledgeable and understanding. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Julia
Thank you Crystal! you have such a great energy. Thank you " ... written by Parisa
this was most amazing reading i have ever gotten... it was very interesting and accurate shell reading... i will def return" ... written by nami
This woman is fantastic!!!!! She made sense and helped me understand myself and what I have been going through." ... written by Mitzer
Very very good" ... written by Leona
ABSOLUTELYAMAZING!! I love her, excellent reading!" ... written by freeandlove23
Have seen her a few times before and she is great. Came back to get some advice on dates thanks :D" ... written by jaqueline
my own fairygodmother!i love her spirit and she tells on you really whats going on!" ... written by sillygoose
Oooh she is greaaaaaaaaat" ... written by successgirll
Big warm heart." ... written by Yesknower
A very good guessing and a friendly chat....wish can talk to her more. Take care " ... written by Kitty
CrystalFairy was so helpful! Reading with shells was new for me. The boost of encouragement was great and her reading was accurate from the energy she felt. :) Thank you Ms. Crystal." ... written by Thel
very shocked with what she picked up on! She's simply amazing! You don't have to get her any info!!!" ... written by trfimor
Thank you interesting reading" ... written by debbie
She is quick and gives solutions for your questions...I started talking to her often....Great...." ... written by Barani
she good just didn't get much fro my money that was to fast" ... written by ebba
thank you " ... written by abc
ChrystalFairy was understanding, and extremely intuitive. she was relatable and gave me assurance and a lot to consider." ... written by Aliyah
Thank you Crystal, great update yet again. Things are progressing on the right path thanks to Crystal's advice and guidance. A million stars !!!" ... written by Michael
piercing truth and a wayshower " ... written by Khujato
No, they don't pay very well, but I will be moving on to a career in broadcasting as I have formal experience in radio. I spoke with Crystalfairy about the possibility of a relationship with a young lady I met at work who aims to be a writer and has shown herself to be quite talented not to mention that she is cute." ... written by Lightstar
Thank you for helping me see clearly" ... written by Abc
excellent reader thanks" ... written by Denisenz
you are so real" ... written by successgirl
AMAZING" ... written by DERICK
She is straight to the point and more accurate.. I highly recommend her to everyone" ... written by Balan
Very wonderful reading, she nailed everything..Thank you CrystalFairy, I was sent to you I'm certain." ... written by Tami
She is fantastic! could talk for hours with her..." ... written by Sonia
Loved all the reading she gave me. She is the best!" ... written by Gina
I felt so assure, wondering advice. I love talking to her. She is so sweet. Thank you so much." ... written by sangeeta
great reader, very intuitive" ... written by sophy
Very genuine and connected extremely fast and accurate. Very kind soul. great advice! Many blessings!" ... written by tiffany
So wonderful and like talking to an old wise family member. I really enjoy her energy. Consistent." ... written by SucculentKay
as wise as she is beautiful, wonderful spirit, eager to help and such a pleasure to talk with, ty so much" ... written by Pheonix
thank for the insight, will come back for another reading" ... written by Soul
Como siempre, muy compresiva y no handa con rodeos. She was on point! " ... written by NA
crystal really brought clarity to all my questions and concerns. I feel grateful and thank fu to have come to her for my reading. I know that I can trust her in what she tells me." ... written by melissa
loved her advice..even though i wanted some predictions..." ... written by lovehouston
She was so right on. Amazing" ... written by Mary
wonderful lady kisses" ... written by Andy
thanks for your help in private chat" ... written by Edward Cahill
Excellent reading of my life circumstance. " ... written by Ray
I liked what she had to say very much " ... written by Alexandra
I don't know if there is a good enough adjective to describe Crystalfairy. All I can say is that she is extremely talented, insightful, accurate and a pleasure to be read by. I am always grateful to connect with her." ... written by gingerbetty
didnt say much and she knew what i was going through! amazing and such a caring soul:)" ... written by victoria
Great!!! she was so good! and so to the point! i'm really glad we had a reading today! :) " ... written by carla
Very insightful!" ... written by do
wonderful absolutley wonderful!!!!!!" ... written by illeanna
This woman knows what she is talking about. Amazing" ... written by July
Thank you for clearing the air for me " ... written by Parisa
it was so good to see you again finally !!! as usual, so helpful nicely direct. very professional !! love you " ... written by Rouben
mindblowing. just what i needed to know" ... written by Bambi
thanks for a private chat again" ... written by Edward Cahill
ALWAYS MARVELOUS!!" ... written by LIZA
Thank you Crystalfairy for the update, spot on as always ." ... written by Ryzette
hello my friend" ... written by Edward Cahill
I like her style of looking at rhythms and projections. She's great. thanks" ... written by Fran
She is a lovely lady! And I appreciate all she said. She made a comment that some other people who know me have said as well! She is very good." ... written by Judith McCuaig
Such a sweet soul. Thank you for the reading and your kind words. Very uplifting" ... written by J
she is very accurate and very good" ... written by danel
Very nice woman and very spot on" ... written by Marsha
she is a genuine psychic!!!!" ... written by myst
She was amazing. It felt like I was talking to a relative. Really lovely woman." ... written by Chanelle
amazing" ... written by susane
Wonderful reading. This woman was very helpful for me. I hope her words come true." ... written by Danielle
spot on...5 star" ... written by sabrina fulford
She was soo helpful and nice to talk with! " ... written by SameAsToday
Thank you so much.. You are wonderful..I'll stay in touch..Love and light to you!" ... written by Tina
facsinating i wish i had more credits :(" ... written by estella
She explains things well kindly. Very positive. " ... written by Sunshine
amazing reader delivers the reading very well thank you crystal" ... written by ak
very nice and happy woman .She gave me wisdom in my reading which is a great gift." ... written by moongirl777
Amazing I felt such a deep connection so grateful for this amazing experience Thank u so much for helping me!!!!!" ... written by Ava
love it " ... written by E
Great reading, what an encourager. Thank you" ... written by Jane
She is a lovely person. It was a pleasure to have reading with her. I will come back to her again. Very nice lady. You can easily tell she has a very good heart." ... written by Roselay
very informative" ... written by Rayhaan
wonderful and sweet" ... written by susanne
LOVE LOVE LOVE the way she interacts with me!!" ... written by mbgprde2
thanks for a great reading highly recommended" ... written by j
Another very good in depth reading. Thank you" ... written by Chanelle
very detailed and sweet. Knew a lot." ... written by she was cool
very inspiring, i felt everything she said she she knew me like a book, and she is very kind aswell. thank you so much!" ... written by alexa
CrystalFairy is warm and caring. She was spot on with her reading and read from her heart. It warmed my heart to spiritually connect with her. I send her love and light. thank you ! xoxo" ... written by Alexis
This is the most amazing reader on this site yet. Not only was she fast, she was accurate. I barely told her anything and she knew about my past and how I felt in the present. I highly recommend her." ... written by neon
great as always!" ... written by Chapis
So wonder and amazing she does an excellent job and great insight" ... written by Mia_Koda
thanks for your mature advice ..." ... written by E
Such a beautiful person and very helpful thank you so very much!!" ... written by Ava
She's positive and very good and influential. I suggest her!" ... written by nbarnes2
I have always felt her sincerity. She is a wonderful person to get a reading from." ... written by moongirl777
Helpful with my question" ... written by Nora
she was amazing so accurate " ... written by Laura
Another wonderful reading by CrystalFairy! I really love talking to her a lot:) She's very nice and very positive:)" ... written by SameAsToday
i love this woman and she is so spot on ." ... written by Mia_Koda
Great person to talk to. She was straight to the point. Truly a blessing, very helpful caring and sincere. " ... written by patty
says it how it is. lovely lady.x" ... written by babgurlx
I will come back. You are a lovely person. You give me positive feelings." ... written by Roselay
Types fast, provided a lot of information. Thank you" ... written by Eva
Crystal fairy is very positive and gives great advice. " ... written by Moongirl17
she was good" ... written by praj
I thank you for tonight. I see you again. God bless you." ... written by Roselay
very good, accurate reading" ... written by Kamila
I thank you nice lady. I will come back again. God bless you." ... written by Rose
I thank you sweet lady. Please send your blessings to me. I need to be happy." ... written by Rose
Accurate!" ... written by anon
beautiful, connected, a true channel and vessel of love. Ill be back thank you!" ... written by Danielle
Lovely as always..2 years of guidance and insight. Thank you so much for you accuracy and love. " ... written by Tina
I thank you for your blessings. God bless you. " ... written by Roselay
She told me what I needed to hear. As I have said before talking to Crystal is like talking to a caring, wise and to the point relative. Thank you" ... written by Chanelle
Thank you my angel. God bless you." ... written by Roselay
super buena y claro me encanto sus respuestas, super conexion" ... written by lorena
What an amazing reader!!! Absolutely right on!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Thank you my angel. " ... written by Roselay
very understanding" ... written by Rayhaan
She's very insightful and energetic, one of the best reads I've had." ... written by TeeVeeGee
PERFECTION. She is always so great." ... written by liza
Very warm and empathetic person. It was a short reading, but it was full of details. She connected very quickly and was very helpful. I would definitely recommend!!!" ... written by edysica
She is so amazing! Spot on and accurate. kind, intelligent, loving. I will be back! So helpful!" ... written by Melinda
very good reading! i have had several readings with her and this one is one of the longest and best that i have had! she is great and detailed as always! " ... written by chapis
Great reading " ... written by N
Absolutely amazing Lady - Fabulous reading 5*" ... written by Delph
She is so sweet and caring. You will feel you have made a friend." ... written by Jacqueline Twin
wow she is wonderful we are on a roll." ... written by rickyflynn
She is nice lady. Gave me motivation when needed" ... written by Ashish
just had a great session with CF " ... written by rickyflynn
Straight on as usual" ... written by Ryzette always" ... written by gingerbetty
I wish I had more time. She was amazing! This was truly a rewarding experience. I would highly recommend. The connection was a little slow in the beginning, but once she gained momentum, it was like spot on. She is so accurate. " ... written by Sam603
she is warm and nice and spot on with reading. very very helpful" ... written by garet
This was powerful.... I am truly grateful to have sat in on her demo and then sat with her in private. This was well worth it. What a powerful reading." ... written by Sam603
lady is awesome!!" ... written by garet
AMEN. " ... written by ROSELAY
She's perfect ! =)" ... written by ChMA
she was helpful she is very smart wise and a good teacher " ... written by ricky
Thank you angel. God bless you." ... written by Roselay
una excelente persona " ... written by romana
crystal is amazing :) always feel calm after a reading with her. I feel a very good energy with her." ... written by melissa
great lady" ... written by garet
She remarkable, really helped me through some tough issues." ... written by Marcus
Always wonderful and helps me ground and focus when i am upset or panicking" ... written by Melinda
Just Amazing, she truly nailed every aspect. highly recommendable!!" ... written by Laura
seems to be on point and truthful" ... written by angel
Awesome!! spot on" ... written by Kat
Maria is so great.... i came to her 2 years ago and she helped me in mytime of need. She is helping me again, with so much wisdom and lots of true words in my situation. She knows so much with her shells, so amazing!" ... written by Angel C
Thank you cf that was very nice for you to share cause clearly a lot has been holding me down. " ... written by ricky
Excellant. There are not enough stars. Definatley a 5 star reading. Worth it. " ... written by swtone71
LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY!!" ... written by liza
Very lovely person, could listen to her talking all night" ... written by Chrissi
Always great to speak to. will follow-up. thank you" ... written by Eva
exelente persona se las recomiendo al 100% no se van a arrepentir" ... written by romana
crystal is so sweet and kind and very honest and caring during her readings" ... written by melissa
Interesting reading with number interpretations. Gave me lots of information to look forward to and advice. thanks!" ... written by leo girl
great reading with lots of information for me to sort thru. thank you!" ... written by leo girl
I love this lady her energy is beautiful the reading was insightful and accurate. It's good to know where I am in life and what I can expect based on the chart. I left this reading feeling lighter than I came. I will be back with a follow up. =)" ... written by blossomingsoul
Maria is always on target! Great info and up front. xo" ... written by MB
very into natal birth, hit the nail on the head in many ways" ... written by debra
This was a wonderful healing thank u!!" ... written by Ava
thank you" ... written by garet
good." ... written by ritesh
Spot on as always" ... written by Ryzette
thanks for the private chat again" ... written by Edward Cahill
Please pray for me." ... written by Roselay
thank you so much for the amazing reading" ... written by big
very good insight, thoughtful, kind and caring" ... written by Rose
Thank you beautiful lady. You have a beautiful personality with beautiful heart. God bless you." ... written by Roselay
she is great like always. always a very good time with her!! a lot of laughs!!" ... written by chapis
Thank you. God bless you. I am very upset with everything in my life." ... written by Roselay
Thank you. I wish I could have gone for longer in talking to you. Your readings were accurate and your words were so helpful. Thank you very much x" ... written by Kat
I thank you. God bless you. I will speak to you again." ... written by Roselay
Very friendly, great energy. Gives great advice. Very accurate reading. Left me smiling :) Thank you!" ... written by Sabrina
Very Positive!" ... written by fieldhockey12
she is great and good energy so on point with no questions" ... written by Bella Angel
she is fabulous and so on point first reading and she knew everything wihtout questions" ... written by bella
very calming and accurate" ... written by serra
Wonderful reading, very precise and readings so good" ... written by Andy UK
Amazing first-time experience!! very accurate and motivating ! I definitely recommend that you keep your notifications locked on this wonderful psychic!" ... written by Freya
very good" ... written by beverly
excellent amazing insanely great reading !!! i'm speechless" ... written by tamjones
wow, what a wonderful soul. very talanted" ... written by pink
Thank you for reading. I will speak to you again in the future. Take care of yourself. " ... written by Roselay
Very good reading, very good :)" ... written by Lorenzo
Five stars, she's the best. Sorry our time ran out." ... written by Bee
really loved her reading thank u soo much" ... written by monica
wonderful experience its always great to reconnect with yourself. She will give you that " ... written by virgoe82
Thank you. God bless you." ... written by Roselay
She is soooooooo Spot ON... thanks for a lovelyyyyyyyy reading" ... written by Sri
awesome reading. fast and extremely accurate. straight to the point" ... written by sara
great reader, fantastic" ... written by bell
great" ... written by b
I have to admit that she's very good at what she does. Honest, straight to the point with a soft touch, and a very good advisor. Thanks for everything Mrs. CrystalFairy" ... written by elhjodelmoro
I just LOVE her energy and LOVE her readings. Shes accurate and unique." ... written by Alexis
A great psychic, and a wonderful presence to be around - Her reading resonated very well with me, and she understood and picked up energy very well :)" ... written by Domino
gracias por todo de nuevo Sr. Crystal. Thanks for everything very helpful reading, and very good advise" ... written by elhjodelmoro
She is great!! very reliable and wonderful!" ... written by sha
Maria did it again with sound advice and totally read my aura and feelings. Also offer sage, wisdom to help me not ruin a good thing that i have :-) LOVE HER!" ... written by Angel C
Very empowering reading!Give me good advice!I hope her predictions are coming true. Thank you!" ... written by AURELIA
It was a good read" ... written by B Evans
I understand. I need to split up my energy away from him. So I can achieve happy and better results. Thank you. God bless you. " ... written by Roselay
awesome" ... written by susanne
Amazing Always Honest And Direct About Everything No Need To Cover Anything Or Sugar Coat It Blessings Eres Fantastica a Lo Que Hace! Gracias" ... written by Ana Karen
awesome" ... written by susanne
Very trust worthy , honest reader.. will definitly suggest her for others.." ... written by fairy - aries- usa
Just had to come back and let you know your prediction was spot on!! Months after our reading,, Out of Thousands ‘psychics’ I saw ur numerology prediction came true for me!!! After years of wondering about a certain guy you told me “according to numerology ..june was a good month for them if they don’t get serious they never will,,, so watch June!! Well to my disappointment,, he got married this month just like you said. So my soulmate wasn’t my soulmate in the end!!!!! " ... written by lanaray17
Crystalfairy is the best. Accurate, helpful and always a pleasure to connect with." ... written by Gingerbetty
Great reading, precise and accurate, amazing lady" ... written by Andy
Maria is great regardingcycles and whats going on in life. Love her. Thank you. " ... written by angelC
she is good and accurate " ... written by ohoood
She reads really amazingly and the people spoken about. Who they are and the past events." ... written by Julie
she is do kind and easy to talk ,fast and accurate " ... written by ohood
Correct readings" ... written by Lwp
She is excellent" ... written by Raj
Amazing reading" ... written by big
Great reading. Very accurate" ... written by DM
genial" ... written by xavi457
THE BEST. Accurate and very detailed. A+" ... written by littelola
great very accurate and honest " ... written by Kathleen Graham
she was very good i will go to her again" ... written by emily
beatiful" ... written by xavi457
She is pure energy and so great to get true guidance from her!! She looks at the broader picture!" ... written by S P
Extremely positive and accurate with reading. I felt highly motivated after having a chat with her. Thanks" ... written by Abhi
Got to the heart of the matter." ... written by Someone
Wonderful as always" ... written by Gingerbetty
great reading many thank xx" ... written by rosiekate
highly accurate and very in depth readings from crystal lady as always" ... written by anonymous
absolutely incredible honest and man she is so so accurate. love her and highly recommend her. " ... written by cat
thanks for your help :) " ... written by Isha
Very sweet genuine and caring :) Quick connection great reading :) " ... written by Isha
Sorry se me acabo mi tiempo pero voy a tratar de ver como me va y la tendre informada gracias alomenos me calmo poco" ... written by AnaKLove
She is the best, and explains the cycles so well. Her advice has always been helpful. Many thanks and stars!" ... written by KMA