About Caetano

Psychic Caetanohas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Caetanohas recently helped 61members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Caetano's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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A world renowned Energy channeller with experience of more than 35 years here at your service. I expertise in Love, relationships, marriages, divorces, properties, career and other activities which affect our everyday life. I can sense your energy regarding your health status and also protect you for any spells or other unnatural life altering situation. Please leave a message if i am offline.

Amazing !! He knew everything without me telling him, I love him, I def will be coming back ; everyone please try him he is amazing !! And he makes you realize thing maybe you weren't thinking about because you were so focus on things that weren't important ! Please read with him amazing loveddddddddd himmmmm " ... written by molina631
Caetano 5 stars Oranum please... He is fast and accurate. Gave me right answers and helped me start anew with my marriage." ... written by reikiAna
Best advisor in this site,love him." ... written by yasamananisi
Very helpful." ... written by mikemay04
No tools used and he is an amazing reader who connects quickly. At one point I thought he was living in my life because of his answers that were given to questions that I asked. I will come back for more!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Very accurate. I would definitely recommend Caetano. Kind and caring." ... written by bella123456
Very good and to the point." ... written by mikemay04
Very accurate!!!!! I will call him again." ... written by kianaa
Gr8 reading and was spot on with to come bk for an update..thank u once again :)" ... written by harsh
Very detailed reading and was a kind soul who gave me answers to questions that were asked. Thank you!" ... written by dallascowboys8
Ok reading, some accuracy." ... written by wrinkles20
Great and has a soothing energy about himself." ... written by royalangel55
He is super amazing! He helped shed light on a lot of life patterns and characteristics that have led to certain situations. Certainly the one to connect to if you want the truth and self-knowledge. Thank you and God Bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Great reading!!!!! Very insightful and helpful." ... written by humii000
You instantly feel the healing ability, genuine person - very good " ... written by BBSaggy
Gives very deep and accurate readings and points you in direction of healing!" ... written by myojin
Made me see things in a different way, on a complicated situation. Very good!" ... written by Adriana1990
Caetano you're so accurate... I barely had to ask any questions, he told me so many things about my life that I hadn't even mentioned or was even thinking about at the time. Non judgement and very polite. " ... written by random_diamond
Astonishingly correct. i have to come back!" ... written by reikiAna
Great!!!!!!!" ... written by dominicanguy
He is great!!! He answered all my questions!!! He is great!!!!" ... written by dominicanguy
Excellent reading very helpful and kind thanks." ... written by maryannepav
Very quick and to the point. Answered my questions before I finished typing. Thank you... very accurate!" ... written by G71
We are so connected!" ... written by amyamy
He is very good and fast :)" ... written by lilyui07
:)))) He is very good!!! xx" ... written by lilyui07
O man, I think this guy has my life story written in front of him, unbelievable, he cracks me up every time!" ... written by Summaluv8
Good reading!! Sorry, got disconnected thank you!" ... written by leebee4
Yes, he is accurate!" ... written by amyamy
Really nice man, he answered all my questions and gave honest advice, also picked up on a few things without me saying anything. Great reading." ... written by zephyr1983
Greaaaat.." ... written by onlygal22
This is not your regular reading, this is like your soul speaking back to you. Caetano could read my soul and the soul of the people around me. He told me weaknesses in me which I was not aware of, so now I am a more conscientious in my daily life. He also made me aware of my strengths. The feeling of confusion is diffusing. I now need to put in practice what I learnt. I felt like speaking to him the rest of the day." ... written by SheilaRoberto
Very accurate and found the information to be very informative! Thank you for bringing clarity into my life!" ... written by sharzha
Caetano has amazing powers of prediction and empathy. He gave me a lot of brilliant insight and could actually look back to some people of my past without any prompting for information. Caetano is very easy to talk to, he understands you indepth. His words have a soothing and calming effect on you and he is very kind. :) I am looking forward to the new year, and you are right I am the Phoenix! :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Hes very good, accurate, friendly, kindly.. very good detailed.. loved to have a reading and a chat with him :-)" ... written by bellacasa
5 stars! He is the best for me on Oranum! God Bless You!" ... written by reikiAna
Wonderful insight and strong predictions. 5 stars for Caetano!" ... written by bluesouls
Very good and friendly also, I will come again for him! Thank so much!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Thank you!" ... written by saina2222
Nice insight!" ... written by saina2222
He clear my problems. Thank you. Very Helpful and fast. God Bless you." ... written by reikiAna
Good insights." ... written by dladie42
Very good very honest. Definitely recommend. Thank you very much." ... written by zimerili1
Cae is the best ... extremely psychic ... he knows things that he just can't possibly know ..." ... written by Sonia
always the respectful andamp; direct honesty I need!" ... written by Andrea
You know it all, thank you!" ... written by ..
Always a pleasure!! It's like he's inside your brain! Amazing!" ... written by summa
He is always accurate!! And always puts me at ease! I love to have readings with him!.. He never wastes time and always tell honest answers! " ... written by sweetytweety1605
Impressively to the point. " ... written by gurushek
Awesome!" ... written by CatherineLoree
Wow! He can read a lot very quickly. I will be back for sure." ... written by cathyq
Really excellent reading. I so much needed to hear what you told me. Thank you so very much." ... written by starshine34
I'm glad to have Caetano helping me... Thank you Caetano so much." ... written by reikiAna
I would recommend!" ... written by angelszone
BRILLIANT READING.... He read me, my life and the situations as if he knew me, my case from years... Omg, I am shocked... FANTASTIC READER... In a few credits he just explained and predicted it all like he was always there from the beginning... I am blown out really... He's a must try guys!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Whenever I feel stuck I come to Caetano. He gives me insight and clears my vision. I feel more focused when I know the pitfalls to avoid." ... written by SheilaRoberto
Caetano is incredible!! He had me speechless with the knowledge he knew of my life!!! I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for clarity in your life!! I'm still shaking in awe." ... written by Nina_Lovely
Good descriptions." ... written by Kaly2012
Very honest and right on the nose! He helped me see where I can improve in life, and foresaw awesome things in my future~ thank you!" ... written by lotus84
Talking to caetano, i became speechless. he had such wisdom and understanding. told me what I have waited months to hear. thank you. good friend." ... written by lovedoesnotenvy
Very helpful, good advice!" ... written by thingy1889
Caetano was right on point with his incredible accuracy. I was literally blown away the way he read my whole entire life in such a short time. I wish I had more time with him. I will take his advice andamp; definitely come back for more updates. Can't wait to see his predictions to flourish. God Bless..." ... written by Lucy117
He was honest, and told me what he saw, not what I wanted to hear. For that I am grateful. " ... written by Faithlovetrust
This man is the sensation on Oranum. Trust me, HE IS BRILLIANT. ACCURATE INSIGHT IN TO THE SITUATION. He just knows it, tells you how it is and guides you. The details will blow you. He sure is gonna be Oranums best very soon. THERE'S COMPETITION FOR THE REST. :)" ... written by xxxtacy
OMG on spot!! Very amazed. " ... written by iezra1984
E X E C E L E N T 5 Stars." ... written by reikiAna
Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Fantastic reading !!" ... written by kellygal77
Waoooooooooooo Impressive!!!!!" ... written by eurbaez438
Very Good! A definitely 5 Star Psychic." ... written by spirit1971
Great psychic and person. Very detailed, truthful, and honest. Would definitely recommend! " ... written by FenForever20
Great, the best in here!!!" ... written by lolypok
Great private... What can I say this guy is gifted!" ... written by j
My second reading and sure not the last one. Great advices and accurate reading. 5 stars from me. Thank you! " ... written by iezra1984
Even though we didn't get too long, he was really good and helpful. Would recommend him to anyone!" ... written by Manx18
The best!" ... written by nalita18
Great, needed to hear this. He's great, never told him any thing. He is excellent!" ... written by jamira76
He is just perfect... Accurate." ... written by nalita18
Very good reading" ... written by LucyG32
Good reading!" ... written by kikian
Great man, very good reading and very accurate. Good advice!" ... written by Moondancer61
Very good. He told me things about myself and my family that I did not share with him very very good reading! " ... written by Blackjane2614
Lovely , accurate, quick ,,gud insight.. He is upfront no flowery pictures, if yio dare to face truth about yourself,, you are in right place.." ... written by sam
Veru quick, honest and accurate. Thanku Caetano.x x" ... written by RUBYRED2020
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by bmurillo
Very direct. Great." ... written by Lana2730
He was spot on with every single thing that was said, he knew things that nobody else could possibly know! Great reading." ... written by damian1482
Caetano was able to share with me the truth of my situation, not only that he helped me to see that life could be even better and he was able to show me my gifts and talents and bring new ideas to me that are so wonderful I can't help but be excited about life!I would highly reccomend him for a reading, he can help on all levels and has the spiritual understanding to be able to give good advice.Much Love ." ... written by kellygal77
It was very informative, you can really help this issue I thx you " ... written by queenbee22
Very honest. He did not tell me what I had hoped to hear, nor what I wanted to hear... but he told me what I *needed* to hear. He seemed to also have a very clear udnerstanding of the situaiton. " ... written by daydreamer246
The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!waoooooooooooooooooooo" ... written by eurbaez438
I had a great reading from Caetano! He told me some things that I needed to hear, and gave me some information that was very helpful in my own self-assessment! I will take his advice and do what I need to do to improve things. Many thanks for the reading! I appreciate the insight!" ... written by Penelope2
Honest man. I really liked the reading!" ... written by javigv7
Excellent, wonderful spiritual reader." ... written by gigaman1978
Honest and professional." ... written by gigaman1978
Great reading, down to earth, extremely helpful! Helped me realize the truth about my situation. Thank you Caetano." ... written by asbs777
He is the real deal and completely honed in on the situation. I will be back!" ... written by pharmergirl9
He is a dude .. :) honest very honest and helpfull by any mean .. adore him .,," ... written by sam
My 2nd time with caetano and it was amazing yet and again. So inspiration I have to keep working hard! Thank you my friend." ... written by Cheer_Up_Soul
Quite helpful in building confidence." ... written by amangoyal12
Great reading." ... written by marya23
Once again, thank you Caetano. God Bless you. You saved my marriage. I do not decide anything without asking Caetano. Thank you so much." ... written by spirit1971
AWESOME!! So direct in depth knowledge, so so so instant connection...unbelievable!!! " ... written by sam
Very sound advice, very intuitive with my situation, I will return after my trip. I loved his energy, very warm and caring." ... written by leti98
Just as I start to feel skeptic about psychics Caetano appears andamp; proves me wrong. Thank u!!!" ... written by alwaysgem
Fantastic!amazing!honest!accurate! i can not think of enough words to describe caetano! probably the best on oranum! gave him my birthdate and he told me what i really needed to no and do! 1000 stars'nnnn thank u :) x" ... written by starsalign21
Thank you!" ... written by vayunu
Brilliant!!" ... written by harsh
Great reading. Lot of insight!" ... written by Sammyjoe02
Amazing hit the nail on the head!" ... written by angpim1700
Picked up the ppl involved right away gave good advice. will come back again." ... written by bella911912
Another fantastic weekend! Thank you." ... written by dallascowboys8
Excellent Reader!" ... written by Lovingheart118
Excellent, fab!! No other words to describe him... He is great and human as well..." ... written by sam
Thank you soooooooo much one more time!" ... written by reikiAna
Very quick reading and accurate. So glad I read with him. He's truthful too without being mean. Very excellent." ... written by rainwaterfan2
Very strong accurate reading. " ... written by gigaman1978
WOW he is amazing!!!!loved my reading...thanks caetano for your truth and guidance." ... written by marion
Good reading! " ... written by vjrei01
He is very good, not only accurate and also he is logical, he made me think in another way about my problem and also now I am more optimistic about something, So I WILL follow his advice. Thank you again!!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Fantastic!!!!!!" ... written by sdosramos
Good advice.." ... written by shiaolan
Very honest and gave great detail." ... written by LeslieKoko
Wow. was able to pick up events and personalities fast, helped me understand myself and my relationship well from just one reading, very shocked. Reading from clear and quick. will be contacting again. Thank you." ... written by zaram91
Always puts me at ease! So great to speak with and knows his stuff! Very detailed. " ... written by Summaluv8
Amazing reading very content and we come back." ... written by spirit1971
Really really really good! I am very impressed with CAETANO!! He picked up things very accurately!! I will be back!! Thank you! :-)))" ... written by weissinha
Thank you my friend for the insight in whats going on at the moment...and with my little daughter. Love how she is connected too. Stay blessed." ... written by Wahine
He was very honest." ... written by evelynrivieresha
Good." ... written by ML123456
Good reading, tells you the truth. Telling my real feelings, he was right." ... written by ginlin
Great reading!" ... written by yvettepandora
I was wary after the first reading which I had with someone else. I came across Caetano. I liked his personality and his straight-forwardness. The reading went great! He told me things about myself which only I am aware of and directed me on the path toward changing them. I'll be back soon! :)" ... written by Sea_Goat
Great!" ... written by carina12
Very truthful, helpful and direct. Very good reading and accurate!" ... written by haylo29
Caetano wants the best for you, andamp; will always guide you in the best direction. I think I have found my right spiritual guide who can get me through all this. Thank you very much!" ... written by alwaysgem
Very fast with addressing questions. I can't wait to see what happens." ... written by Kekee9
Very good advisor with excellent guidance. I recommend him highly!" ... written by ebonee51
Good!" ... written by peachieface
He's awesome! I will follow your advises and many thanks for your help! :) " ... written by jimikuta
This dude is absolutely awesome." ... written by DoPratikraman
He's truly amazing. Picked up on stuff that no one knows! Including my diet right now. So take him to private :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by imapeach3
Excellent reading." ... written by yvettepandora
Wow, first reading and although I didn't want to hear what he said, he was right on point!" ... written by lifetime1974
EXCELLENT!!!!!!! BEYOND 5 STARS!!!!!" ... written by bmurillo
Great reader!" ... written by marya23
Great." ... written by youngstar19
Great reading..." ... written by Anniekins
Very good and told me so much of what I needed to know and hear. I will definitely be back." ... written by Juderrox
Thank you" ... written by Lattice3
Very accurate and helpful reading. As if he knew the person I was asking about!" ... written by starshine34
Wonderful insight, I have consulted him before. I am always amazed by his honesty and clarity. He is worth every penny" ... written by reikiAna
Picked up on so many areas accurately. He was blunt but affirmed what I am going through." ... written by Zeigen
Wonderful. I really appreciate your advice honestly. Thanks a million!" ... written by fariyda
Another reading with this gentleman and a great one too very accurate very soothing lots of knowledge, thank you and see you soon." ... written by zimerili1
Once you will meet him, you will be fond of him and find him a great friend." ... written by sam4480
Very honest and real. " ... written by sariley
Excellent! Highly recommended, extremely detailed, fantastic, absolutely fantastic. If you need a private reading, this is the man to see." ... written by victoria111
Caetano is great! Definitely get a reading!" ... written by aquarius49
Thank you for understanding and providing me a better insight to my situation..I shall take your advise for sure !!" ... written by elledaly24
Don't know how he knew everything he did. No cards. Just him speaking!" ... written by marciamia
This man was absolutely wonderful!! My first time reading with him and he was such a joy. He knew EVERYTHING about me! And I only gave him my first name and date of birth. Amazing!! I'm definitely going to stay a client of his for sure!!" ... written by marciamia
Great reading. Accurate. Impressive." ... written by peace808
Absolutely picks up on situation very very good!" ... written by bella911912
Best reading I've ever had on Oranum , this was destined this reading was so empowering and I thank Caetano so much for this in-depth reading it has changed my life what and amazing genuine man so helpful I can't begin to thank him so much he does not know how much his has helped a great psychic with a good heart straight to the point no sugar coating 1 million stars :) I will be back!!!!" ... written by HeartOfsilver
Great! " ... written by alpal23220
Very precise reading! Straight to the point" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
I will recite the mantra. Thanks for your love spell. I think you are like a father image for me. You are the only one who speaks the truth and makes me see things in its true light. God bless you." ... written by reikiAna
Great advise catch the right point." ... written by veezee
He teaches you a lot about yourself; that's a gift you can give yourself" ... written by Charm77
Thank you for telling me my guides and angels name, Caetano! 3rd reading and counting. " ... written by Cheer_Up_Soul
WOW!!!!!!!! REALLY REALLY GOOD if you want the truth this is where to come he is so precise. Unbelievable, thank you." ... written by k-dhillon
Quick reading thank you." ... written by JaySora3
Great reading!!" ... written by MayGirl
What a wonderful reading, spot on, connected perfectly. Give him a try, you will be blown away." ... written by Lorann23
Very fast and quick, I really liked his way of reading, I recommend him to everyone!" ... written by JaredI45
He is good!!!!!" ... written by lolypok
He knows everything :)!" ... written by imapeach3
Very good :)" ... written by wunjosun67
AMAZING!!!! WONDERFUL!!!" ... written by skier8001
Amazing grace. I resonated with all that is said. Blessed be." ... written by beautywithinone
Caetano is very wise and insightful. He was spot on regarding my relationship with my husband. I feel like things will get better from here. He also helped me to see where my career is going. I highly recommend him." ... written by babyjanehudson
Tuned in to the situation very quickly and made lots of sense. fantastic reading. Take him to private you will not be disappointed." ... written by brilo1969
Thank you!" ... written by mariela
Caetano, is a wonderful person and psychic he has helped me to find my way and to dig up the courage and strength I needed to get on the right path in my life. I would definitely recommend him if ever you need guidance." ... written by matiiapa
He was honestly one of the best I have encountered on here!!! Thank you so very much for everything!!! " ... written by scadoodle
Absolutely amazing ! very honestly reader. Realistic and caring." ... written by victoria111
Thanks caetano, I did not want to believe you but I asked him and it worked out. My husband cried and accepted ...YOU ARE THE BEST: Gos bless u dear." ... written by reikiAna
Second reading and still very impressive :-)) I do like Caetano a lot!!!" ... written by weissinha
WOW! he is so accurate!! OMG!!! One of the best psychic! He is not wasting your time and answering questions directly to you!! I don't know he said to me how I look like but he I even did not open my camera.. He said how I look like omg that's amazing!!!" ... written by Fire_Diva
The best psychic in the world!! He is not wasting your time! I can strongly say that he is the best psychic!! Really guys!!! :) He is very accurate and he is simply the best! People please choose him you will not be disappointed!!= ) God bless you!" ... written by Fire_Diva
Very truthful.. no holds barred. Although, has harsh as it was. I needed to hear it. I will follow his direction and think of my future to stray away from my dependency. Thank you for pointing out what I needed to do. I highly recommend Caetano.. He will not steer you wrong. " ... written by MissaNCraig
Great reading very insightful!" ... written by sweetsx
He is helpful." ... written by acealways
Wonderful reading so spot on... just sorry pc was cutting out.. will be back for further reading.. to the point and truth... Thank you so much.." ... written by cuddles1960
Great recommended" ... written by eg198404
He's cuts right to the point and is honest but kind too. " ... written by celticfreckles
Thank you for helping me out. I feel a lot more better after talking to you. I'll try my best to rule my life. Thank you! Thank you very much! " ... written by crystal_x123
Amazing - my jaw is still on the floor. Wow, what an incredible psychic! Thank you 5 * plus. " ... written by Nicole212
Muito obrigada!!! Caetano is always spot on with me! :-))) By far the best psychic on Oranum and I will always come to talk to him! :-) No other psychics for me from now on! :-))) Thank you so much for your honesty!!!" ... written by weissinha
Caetano is a gift! I love the fact that he is extremely clear and detailed. The knowledge and understanding that he has enables me to leave his room with clarity. And that to me is amazing." ... written by victoria111
Another and yet again a delightful reading, as he reassured me on everything. It's still coming into place like puzzle. Thank you!" ... written by dallascowboys8
Great update, I'll check you again later!" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you for being honest." ... written by sweetie12
AWESOME! He's wonderful. He can see the whole picture! Bless You!!!" ... written by skier8001
Picked up quickly and accurately." ... written by steffleblanc
One of my favorites. He's absolutely great! " ... written by mark2991
Thank you for the great reading... Look forward to the predictions coming true... He knew so much about me without me tell him anything... Very good insight into who I am and what I want... And very friendly... GREAT READING!!" ... written by csleppy
I hace to say that Caetano is one of the best Phsycics ive ever came accross lol for me he is the best he is so knowledgeable and knows what hes saying!" ... written by Shanelli
Had to come back for another reading, lol... His readings are too accurate to leave from. " ... written by abc
Mr. Caetano was very helpful. " ... written by spansih319
Thank you Caetano your a great friend guide and teacher, thank you for your advice you truly are a great help. I'm so blessed to find you, God bless you always.. Amazing session :)" ... written by HeartOfsilver
One of the best psychic and he is very accurate... He told me everything absolutely right... Honest and straightforward.. Amazing experience!" ... written by jackiechand_916
Lol Caetano is so funny and true/right, he really knows what he's saying... You won't be disappointed :)" ... written by abc
Excellent, very helpful, thank you! Recommended, you won't be disappointment!" ... written by nowme1
The best of the best!" ... written by Shanelli
He's awesome!" ... written by Shanelli
Very great guy ! Well on point and everything he said was true ! " ... written by OneLifeOneChance
Caetano did a wonderful job. He is everything he says and can give it to you straight in no time " ... written by Titan1616
Simply fantastic!! " ... written by Angelique7
Very kind." ... written by bcpwriter
I came to him for the advice and he always gives a very kind, truthful and honest advices.. people do not need only to hear what they want ..he says the truth that helps to improve our life.. 1000 million stars." ... written by Fire_Diva
Amazing!" ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Thx, Caetano, for the heads-up info on investing and markets." ... written by liuchi9
Wow, amazing truths, thank you so much." ... written by poquette
He was honest and straight forward about my situation." ... written by jasminepapas
He was very much on point with everything, I can not believe the reading! AMAZING!" ... written by Urvaship23
He is Awesome!!" ... written by blissfullme
He read for my son and today he read for me... It was very heavy and powerfully GREAT! We did past life and was well connected." ... written by javawriter
Very good" ... written by wunjosun67
Great, recommended." ... written by eg198404
I went to him 3 times tonight and everytime he comforted me and told me what needs to be done, he is so gifted. :) 5 stars from me." ... written by blissfullme
Thank you very much, was very insightful. Highly recommended!" ... written by mettlwire
Thank u so much for your help and advice. Sometimes we're lost and in a black hole, we do know what to do but need strength to do it. Thank you so much, will be back." ... written by cuddles1960
I would recommend NO OTHER than Caetano!!! Absolutely NO words of how ACCURATE his readings are!" ... written by sarahg55
Highly recommended very quick and to the point thank you very much Sir" ... written by mettlwire
The best on Oranum!! " ... written by mark2991
Caetano has a wonderful energy... I am clearer about my life and self now... Highly recommended..." ... written by girlfish62
Great as always. :) :) :)" ... written by imapeach3
Thank you again." ... written by marciamia
Very compassionate... definitely picked up on the kind of person I am, which made me laugh (cause I'm already in such a great mood) but he was accurate on my personality and actions." ... written by Bbrave1
Great experience." ... written by bish0493
Absoulutely stunning.........i still cant imagine...hats offf...everything true" ... written by bish0493
He's like an old friend who really understands situations and isn't afraid to give of himself in every situation! He's a gem, a gift! Thank you Caetano, you are a blessing! You're always making me feel better about situations, even if you're not delivering good news, that's a gift!!!" ... written by skier8001
BRILLIANT KNEW HOW I EVEN LOOKED!!!! OMG!!!!" ... written by mimithinking
Caetano got my situation so accurate, amazing wonderful reading, thanks for the strong advice Caetano!!!" ... written by gershuin19
Very good!!!" ... written by halynakvitka
Caetano knows my situation well even with just the basic information. Surprising and good reading... Opened my eyes to things I was even hiding from myself." ... written by kissmeangel
THANK YOU FOR YOUR ADVISE AND SUPPORT." ... written by angelbabra
Thanks Caetano! appreciate it... I will keep you updated." ... written by kingpi
Thanks for your advise and support. very straight forward and know what is he talking about" ... written by vanessa0407
Wholeheartedly, I'm in awe. I'm shocked by prediction and by accuracy, as well as the truthfulness. Great reading! Thank You!" ... written by Tat999
Perfect Reading and Support." ... written by gigaman1978
Very encouraging good reading" ... written by druvina1973
Very accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Great, fully recommended :)" ... written by e
Thanks caetano for the insights. God bless." ... written by eldora_7
Thank you very insightful." ... written by vayunu
You are so accurate and to the point. I really felt comfortable talking to you. Thank you so much for your reading and with love and gratitude." ... written by mushi
Wonderful reader....omg, so accurate-5 stars! great man too :)" ... written by gemmie
As I was cracking today, he lifted my soul and gave me strong advise on what I know of course. I was really drowning and hopeless today but I feel alive again. Words can't express enough of how I feel right now! Thumbs up for Caetano and be blessed! *************" ... written by mhlanga2013
One of the best. Thank you again for your accurate advice!! :) Thank you!" ... written by Fire_Diva
Fantastic!! On point." ... written by Angelique7
Wow! He is the best! Always inspires me to move on!!! :) Thank you very much! Recommend!" ... written by Fire_Diva
Amazing." ... written by gabrlelemarcello
She is the bessst psychic on Oranum serious.. my fav--" ... written by onlygal22
Thanks for the advice and reminders. Always a pleasure." ... written by DoPratikraman
Caetano was able to tune into the situation immediately and gave good concise answers to the questions I posed. I would recommend this reader." ... written by Lightstar
Oh dear! time flies! Got carried away talking and laughing. Love this guy. He gave a lot of predictions I'd heard from psychics off site. Only person on Oranum to detail it though. Is all I can say. Thanks for reading, made me laugh." ... written by DoPratikraman
He is a nice person. I would say quick answers and predictions.. I will wait for this predictions... He is better than others on this site." ... written by MyLuvv
Great reading. I will take his advice into serious consideration." ... written by jasminepapas
He is very accurate and kind..." ... written by Questioninglife
Great!!" ... written by anksy2001
Dead on!! After tying in this reading with the others I know caetano is right. And now I know I must help my friend." ... written by capain3idng
Great reading!" ... written by anothersoul1
Very reassuring and accurate! He made me feel confident. Thank you so much for your reading!" ... written by lotus84
ALWAYS EMPOWERS ME! " ... written by Summaluv8
WOW no word can tell how fast and accurate this gentalman is you must see for yourself thank you so much Caetano" ... written by Snowscape
Caetano is the real thing, very intuitive and honest... I will see how well his advice comes about." ... written by girlfish62
Very helpful and very accurate with his readings. Always stayed on subject and never wasted my time. He told me things that opened my eyes and gave me a new direction in life. " ... written by Nestlecoffee
Absolutely wonderful reading, he picked up on the situation right away and gave me incredible feedback!" ... written by chawks009
Very good reading!" ... written by theozzy123
Gave me the answers i need to move on in my life." ... written by beta4ever20
I found his reading useful - it's just a matter of time to see validation. Thank you!" ... written by tara00
Great!" ... written by eurbaez438
Ooo very positive - lets see what happens! :))" ... written by tickleme2011
Thanks Caetano, The answer was indeed was wise. I had discussed the same with my husband we need to reinvest again....You are the best" ... written by reikiAna
He is very good! I would say he is one of the best people over here! You should definitely trust him! Thank you again!" ... written by Fire_Diva
Awesome!!! He is just too good!!" ... written by tangled
I'M waiting for what it's coming for me, trustworthy. " ... written by catapega
He is amazing, he makes me feels so much better after talking to him. Thanks Caetanol I will come back again." ... written by Niamore1
I've been talking to Caetano for a while now, and I can tell you he knows me well, sometimes better than I know myself!!! And his advice is precious :-) Thank you!!!" ... written by weissinha
Always great and stunning accuracy! " ... written by Summaluv8
So completely accurate. Very helpful and spot on about things I hadn't even mentioned. Fantastic!" ... written by krismic2
OMG!! Caetano, All your predictions came true!! I needed to hear the truth. Thankis once again-" ... written by reikiAna
Interesting!" ... written by Cari1961
Always great :)" ... written by eg198404
Thank you and God bless!" ... written by heartnsoul
Very helpful with explaining my situation and told me some things that I can look forward to. I will wait to see if perdictions pass. Thank you." ... written by dreamgirl30
Nice guy..I will let yu knwo if yur predictions come to pass, sir you seem very genuine." ... written by Happybeingme2013
Gave honest feedback- Thank you." ... written by stars2024
He is amazing!" ... written by Niamore1
Came back and will be doing a an email reading to get more detail on my situation. I look foward to hearing all he has to say. Thanks " ... written by dreamgirl30
I almost did he know about my daughters trauma in deliver? Once again I thank you for your help. I will come to you soon. My sister wants help too. will be back soon." ... written by reikiAna
I love his reading! Wise andamp; straight to the point! He speaks like a sage. XXX" ... written by Jeantan83
I just wanted to say thank you oince again and leave u ten stars so I came back. " ... written by reikiAna
So impressed." ... written by Cari1961
He was very thorough and straight to the point." ... written by nikkitaylor1983
He is an Awesome reader.. Really a good reading I would say.. good in picking up about you.. He is very fast.... Do get a reading from him." ... written by MyLuvv
OMG, Caetano, you have helped me in so much and now my sister. I am talking to her and will return to you as soon as my sister calms down...YOU WERE SPOT ON." ... written by reikiAna
Amazing reading - a lot of insight! He is so straight to the point... you will not be disappointed. Will definitely be back soon. You're great!! God Bless! " ... written by sdv2013
Very good!!! The most amazing psychic !! Thank you for your help!" ... written by Fire_Diva
Thank you for the wise advice! I will come back! " ... written by Jeantan83
Things said by him were true, but I was more interested in time-frame... Hoping for his prediction to be true!" ... written by rahul202
So far... Good. :) I need to come back." ... written by Rahul
Very good and honest reading, the best reading so far." ... written by OLAMOTIL
He was very acurate, almost scary. " ... written by surfas
Caetano is one of the wonderful people on the planet! :) thank you very much! you are the best in Oranum ! thank you!!! :) " ... written by Fire_Diva
Another good reading. Always puts me in my place." ... written by dallascowboys8
Straight to the point." ... written by vildonfoo
Love this guy so wise, be lost without him!" ... written by gem
He was dead on in both our personalities and likes and dislikes!!! He gave me perfect insights into our relationship and this I know will help me a lot! Muchas Gracia!!" ... written by Marialuis
Very striaght forward prediction with positive advice." ... written by aikhooiooi
Thank you! " ... written by Jeantan83
Passionate and incredibly accurate! Amazing! I can't wait to come back!" ... written by Stephanie0737
God Bless You Caetano!! My sister was so thankful to you for the advise and concern. You are the bestr in Oranum." ... written by reikiAna
Amazing, amazing, amazing......he knew so much! I am hoping his predictions come true. He described my behaviors and my friends so well. I am still amazed." ... written by sunnydeep
He is the real deal and you don't need to give him a lot of information!!!! He sees!" ... written by pharmergirl9
Great insight. this man really cares... " ... written by jeraldryan
Again he was dead on the feelings I was having and gave sound advice. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Good intuition and as made me think clearer about my path " ... written by korkyburgereyes
You are so amazing u know everything !!!!!" ... written by AMUNIEE
Very good and very accurate. Helped me a lot without wasting any time. Stayed on the main topic always " ... written by Nestlecoffee
Thanks Caetano! Appreciate your kind words! Will know what to do." ... written by kingpi
So honest and helpful. I feel so much relief every time I have a reading with Caetano." ... written by kristina
Over and over again, AMAZING :-) Obrigada!" ... written by weissinha
Excellent, on target " ... written by bmurillo
He was great and honest and right on and candid... About everything... This has been a very fulfilling session. And I hope to chat again sometime. I like the forthrightness. Thank you! " ... written by noorjehan
V Accurate" ... written by Sahana
The best as always!! :) Thanks you! " ... written by Fire_Diva
Excellent he picked up on all the troubles my son is going through,and gave good advice, thank you so very much" ... written by gipsygirl
I am coming to him many times, and I can say that he is the best at Oranum !!! :) " ... written by Fire_Diva
Very honest and reassuring :) I will be back! x thank you" ... written by shygal786
Caetano is not only a superb psychic but a very wise man too. He will make you feel stronger after the reading. Because deep down we know the truth but need the confirmation to it. I have come out of readings with feelings of disbelief. But with Caetano, he definitely makes me see that I should listen to my intuition. He describes people like he knows them. The guy is awesome. " ... written by alwaysgem
As usual i cant stop coming back to him.. he is the onyl psychic i use on oranum that should tel you soemthing..he is incedably accurate i am a repeat customer and always will be " ... written by Happybeingme2013
Great reading!!!" ... written by JosephNaz
Thank you for your advices! Very accurate! The best psychic at Oranum! Thank you!" ... written by Fire_Diva
Caetano, thanks for your advice. You have been always correct and honest. I do not go anywhere else. You are the best psychic!" ... written by reikiAna
Wanted to update and got more information... Accurate!! Advice worked so well and things are much better. Thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
So very kind and calm. Thank you" ... written by katie46
Interesting reading...thank you." ... written by Vicky1973
An interesting reading, and a nice flow of the conversation." ... written by Alneverus
Another well deserved follow up reading. Come back at least twice a month for follow up and he has seen a difference in me since last time. Positive changes... positive outcome." ... written by dallascowboys8
Excellent reading I really recommend him ..... Professional and honest!" ... written by gigaman1978
Totally spot on! Will surely give u clarity and guidance!" ... written by KS1986
Absolutely amazing!! Thank you so very much! Much love!" ... written by meohmy7
SUPER AS ALWAYS!" ... written by halynakvitka
GREAT UPDATE THANKS YOU VERY MUCH !!!" ... written by queenbee22
Wonderful reading great guy very helpful always thanks. " ... written by zimerili1
Great insights into the heart of the matter. Hard to hear the truth but well taken. Thank you very much. I have found a friend in you." ... written by Marialuis
Thanks Caetano! You have been great and a good friend ! =)) Wonderful advice!" ... written by kingpi
I have done readings with him before, and he has been accurate. Predictions happened, so came back. Astonishing insight and very accurate. Great reading as always!" ... written by xxxtacy
Accurate and straight to the point!" ... written by charp25
He speaks to help my good sake. " ... written by michelemeifunlee
We will see what happens... He connects quickly." ... written by Goodvibes123
Not what I wanted to hear...but it just confirmed what I already knew. Thanks!" ... written by Zeigen
Picking up on the feelings of my bf he gave great advice! Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Smack on predictions and views cant get any better." ... written by sunita
Extraordinarily gifted right on point about my situation answered all my questions clear and honest no hesitation no sugar coating." ... written by vc1976
Caetano is quite empathetic... a good read on more illusive matters and emotions... I highly recommend." ... written by girlfish62
Absolutely wonderful reading!!!" ... written by chawks009
Omg this was my 2nd reading with Caetano and he was just awesome. He told me things that blew my mind, even before I would type it. This man know his stuff don't underestimate him. He is truly gifted. I can't wait to foresee what lies ahead of me. I will continue my updates with him in the near future. Blessings." ... written by Lucy117
I'll follow the advice, it was something i started, i need much strength" ... written by lawnmaintenance
The best at Oranum!! Very Accurate and puts person on the right path!! :) Thank you again!! :) god bless you" ... written by Fire_Diva
OMG all his predictions came true.Thank you Caetano for listening. Your kindness has left me in a better state. God be with you!" ... written by reikiAna
Great as always" ... written by mini1214
Honest n accurate can't ever thank him enough x" ... written by vanessakg
Enlightening as always! always leave with food for thought" ... written by mini1214
Excellent as always, loved it and gained from it, great reading" ... written by mini1214
Words cant describe... this was unbelivable ( in a very good way). excellent!" ... written by mini1214
Fantastic reading as always and brilliant, fast insights, predictions bang on... He's one of the best here!" ... written by xxxtacy
He is always amazing!" ... written by Niamore1
Very good as always." ... written by Fire_Diva
Thank you soo much Caetano for your help and empathy! I feel very relaxed now and will come back soon for another update! Heal the world Caetano!!!" ... written by mhlanga2013
Thanks Caetano! You have been crazy good! and i appreciate your help on this. =)" ... written by kingpi
Wow....he was so accurate. Amazing." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Another fantastic update. Caetano has seen a big change since the last reading and continues to give me guidance and predictions." ... written by dallascowboys8
Good psychic." ... written by deneto
Always a pleasure to have a reading with him, brilliant insights and predictions." ... written by beautifulmoi
Caetano, your insight is uncannily accurate and even time-sensitive in regards to the past. You are very valuable to me for what I need. I am truly thankful for the information you have given me, and it makes me even more respectful of your psychic abilities. Thank you Caetano, always your loyal client." ... written by AppleBite707
Direct and to the point, put my jumbled questions into a clear choice that's mine to make while making a point about how it's going to be depending on what I choose: my health and happiness or making the hard choice that I don't want to make" ... written by Rachel750
Very informative and helpful as always! " ... written by mini1214
Fantastic reading with much clarity, highly recommended, thank you, Caetano... Put my mind at rest!" ... written by brightstarz
He got it right on the head! thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
I would always take advise from him!" ... written by gigaman1978
Update reading... Clear and honest information, speak in your best interest even though it's not what you might want to hear.... Won't let u down!" ... written by KS1986
He's amazing, words can't say enough, he knows and is able to pick up immediately. Take some time with him you will be pleased. Immensely amazingly so very impressed #1 " ... written by purpledove37
I asked him to dig deeper into a situation and he even gave me descriptions of these people! Thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
Great great great!" ... written by bmurillo
Another great reading. Highly appreciated." ... written by zimerili1
Great reading!" ... written by chawks009
Awesome reader, could tell me all about myself, my husband and my marriage to a tee!!! Thank you so very much!!!" ... written by ashleymarie0104
Amazingly accurate with details! He also saw my abilities and will help me develop it!! Thank you. Will be back definitely." ... written by Marialuis
Very accurate." ... written by nalita18
Wonderful as always." ... written by mini1214
Amazing. I would do this again, Thank you Caetano. You helped me so much. I love your candor and kindness. You have been a great life coach." ... written by questgoat2013
Thank you so much u made me realize somethings clearer thanks thank you i will be back for an update." ... written by ale510
And another great reading where Caetano explained a dream to me beautifully. Thank you so much, forever positive. Bless you." ... written by zimerili1
What a great soul. His caring attitude and frankness is refreshing! I don't have the words to tell you how accurate he was and how much help he gave me! Bless you!" ... written by Geo1210
Very easy to talk to. Always a pleasure with his accuracy and words of wisdom, and a nice sense of ease and worry free advice." ... written by Bbrave1
Brilliant as always.. honest... hits it bang on, with superb advice... very sure of himself and what he sees... trust him completely! " ... written by xxxtacy
Always a pleasure to speak with Caetano, insightful man with a caring heart. Knows what he is talking about." ... written by mini1214
Great advice!! Just in time!!! Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Great info and very accurate!! Thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
Just when I thought there was no way forward.... I found Caetano. As I went to private with him for the first time, I thought, this will just be another session that will leave me confused. Until I sat at my computer, gave him my name and D.O.B and right away Caetano told me things about me and my life no one has ever picked up on. I was amazed yet at that moment I knew this was it. This is the man my guides pushed me to as they saw me holding on to my last hope. I am truly blessed and thankful that I was sent to Caetano. He’s intelligent, caring, insightful and most of all very down to earth and humble about his gift. You can’t help but to go back and listen to his words of wisdom as they are truly comforting and gave me the biggest push and determination I have ever felt in my life. I have spoken to many psychics, but with Caetano I have truly been convinced that this enlightened man knows exactly what he is talking about. It is always a pleasure coming back and It has truly been a blessing and a privilege to be able to sit and talk with Caetano. God Bless you always and you will certainly be remembered!" ... written by mini1214
If you want to know what the other person is thinking and feeling you have to try him! He even saw that i wasn't eating right!!" ... written by Marialuis
I have been too so many psychics on oranum and i can truly say, that he is the best! he read my life like he was reading a book and it was so accurate that i felt speechless..i truly cant thank u enough for your guidance and far the most honest reading i have ever had..i will def be coming back..thank u again..5 stars isnt are truly gifted! " ... written by ceejox
Very insightful!" ... written by whitef
Wow, imagine I will have Caetano as my Guru, He will teach me Chakra balancing and healing, I am so blessed. he has helped me in so many ways. GOD Bless you Caetano." ... written by reikiAna
He is amazing! Reading was amazing and I can't believe how much on point Mr. Caetano was. Thank you!" ... written by Urvi
Wow... Just what I needed. Caetano gave me my existence in the universe... And he was eerily spot on. Thank you so much!" ... written by cwonder
Caetano is like a second father to me. Wise and full of guidance. His wisdom has helped me come so far in what seems like such little time. I am grateful to talk to him as always and am looking forward to yet another insightful reading. Thanks as always Caetano!" ... written by mini1214
Update on situations.. Still on track thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
Mr Caetano! It is not just a psychic he is a true life coach!" ... written by gigaman1978
He is amazing! Thanks a lot!" ... written by petalouditsa
Update on what I have to do and current situation. Thank you! Still on track!" ... written by Marialuis
Excellent reading, amazing details and immense clarity give to situation at hand. Thanks so much! " ... written by P
Fully recommend Caetano to anyone who needs guidance in life. You will never regret! Thanks for the fatherly advise. More blessings!!!" ... written by mhlanga2013
Another follow up as what he told me in March has happened and now we are looking forward to April. Thank you again" ... written by dallascowboys8
OMG Caetano sensed a presence in my house... He knew that someone new slept in my house... Best Psychic on ORANUM!" ... written by reikiAna
Thank you for the info and advice!" ... written by Marialuis
Amazingly accurate and concise in info given. highly recommend." ... written by herenandthere
Great insight!" ... written by PositiveWords
Very very very good nothing else compares" ... written by bella911912
Very accurate. Truthful and honest. Does not sugarcoat anything but tell you what is best for you and give you great advice." ... written by nikkiha123
As usual, very insightful and gave great guidance. Thanks a bunch, Caetano, will we back to update you. God Bless!" ... written by mini1214
The best at oranum!!! :) Thank you again for your advices! :) God bless you!! :) " ... written by Fire_Diva
Friendly and positive. Hope for his prediction to come true!" ... written by timokoh
He's very nice very straightforward and for sure was accurate. Will come back for update." ... written by dladie42
Really marvellous reader and guide. He saw all of the important issues very clearly and helped me to understand what is happening. Very accurate and informative. He gave great advice and really put my mind at ease." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very straightforward, very accurate and insightful reading. I strongly encourage you to try Caetano's reading out. He truly has a gift and your welfare at heart." ... written by jaegar01
Unbelievable, I have never has a reading with so much detail in past, present and future and his delivery was so uplifting and very encouraging. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" ... written by megabee
Fantastic reading! Thank you very much!!! :) Very sincere person and gives you a direction to your path! :) God bless you!" ... written by Fire_Diva
Very good advice." ... written by Octo11
Thank you very much for your help! I'm glad that you are here when I need you! Love and Light." ... written by fpinkney
It was unbelievable!! :) Thank you very much for your help! The best on Oranum! :) " ... written by Fire_Diva
Thanks for another great reading. Your advice is helping me to become a better person. " ... written by krismic2
OMG, I needed to hear this truth, He is always right about everything.GOD Bless!!! U r amazing " ... written by reikiAna
Got the info I needed and great advice. Thank you." ... written by Marialuis
He is amazing right on amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing great." ... written by zeldashereagain
He is the best if you want the truth, and he tells it like it is even when your heart doesn't want to believe. I appreciate this immensely! He specially gets into your psyche and the other person (for a relationship reading). High recommend!!!!" ... written by kissmeangel
Eerily accurate and detailed. Confirmed my suspicions and put my mind at ease. Thank you again!" ... written by amij1228
UNBELIEVABLE, not a time waster and straight to the point!" ... written by sophia210882
He made the most sense out of everyone I have spoken with, and he explained something that I was not seeing.. I am very happy with my reading and will be back." ... written by Agnia
good reading and advice." ... written by zm
Thank you for the informative reading!" ... written by maria
Update read. Got the confirmation I needed and great insights to be able to move ahead.Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Got the information i needed and high accuracy! thank you" ... written by marialuis
Thanks. Picked up on my personality quickly! x" ... written by leah1988
Caetano has always been consistent in what he says to me :-)) and his advice continues to be excellent!! He sees and picks up on people in an amazing way and gives loads of details!!! I will continue to talk to you Caetano :-))) Thank you again :-))" ... written by weissinha
Great reading." ... written by veezee
Cae Tano is amazing! He is direct, honest, and cares about you. Incredibly accurate and encouraging. I will be a regular of his from now on. Thank you, Caetano! " ... written by FenForever20
Another great reading! Very accurate. One of the best on Oranum." ... written by Nikki
He is a very good reader... Good Reading." ... written by American_Eagle
Picked up on my energy." ... written by RosieRN
Very amazing and brilliant as always!!! The best on oranum! God bless you! " ... written by Fire_Diva
Pretty good insight information." ... written by mirsad
He's absolutely excellent:)" ... written by DAIN27
Thank you very much for the reading, will recommend." ... written by Lollypop2012
Update read and high accuracy! wow! thank you!" ... written by marialuis
very accurate with the details about me current situation" ... written by victoria111
Very amazing as always!!!! ;] thank you very much ;] god bless you" ... written by Fire_Diva
I could give him 10/10 stars! He is very good as always! thank you for being here with me all the time!!!" ... written by Kristina
Caetano connects amazingly :-)) he describes really well situations and gives great advice. Thank you" ... written by sara
I feel he gets right to the point and gives great insight about any questions you are having trouble with. He is truly amazing, I urge you to try him out, just once! If there were ten stars, I would give him all 10..." ... written by Urvi
Update reading and ontrack with accuracy!! Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Great advice! THE BEST!" ... written by nixx
Great - had to get more credits. Thank you for all the advice. Truely appreciated. Speak soon. 5 ***" ... written by Nicole
He gives great guidance..! def should have a reading with him." ... written by ceejox
Helpful as always." ... written by thingy
Update read and on track. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Caetano has helped me a lot been a true friend and sincere. I am grateful to Oranum to have someone like him. GOD BLESS U CAETANO!!! Best Reader" ... written by Reikiana
Mr. Caetano, Is very wonderful he helps you in the confusion and the cloudiness that surrounds your thoughts and make things more clear. He makes you more aware of the situation and shows you the things which are happening behind the scenes. There is light at the end of the tunnel and he helps you find it. " ... written by Patel
Great guy and great advice." ... written by Princessa
OMG my sister opened her eyes after 2 days after I did the ritual and the spell my GURU CAETANO told me.... I am so blessed to have the Best reader in Oranum." ... written by Reikiana
Caetano was down to specifics regarding my issues, was a very precise reading." ... written by mirsad
Always a pleasure!" ... written by Urvs
Thank you again Caetano!!! Talk to you soon! xxx" ... written by weissinha
Update Read and good to be on track. Thank you for the insights!!" ... written by marialuis
Reading with Caetano was such a wonderful experience! He was quick and accurate with such a warm, kind and gentle tone. I will be back again! 5 stars!" ... written by psymeow
Update and high in accuracy. Confirmed my suspicions. thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Fantastic! Thank you very much!" ... written by Fire_Diva
A true blessing to the universe is Caetano. I am treasured everytime I am in his room and even more so in our sessions together... Amen!!!" ... written by beautywithinone
I really enjoy talking to him, he brings a lot of clarity in my mind. It is always a pleasure speaking to him!" ... written by Priti
Thank you Caetano! It was lovely reading with you...I look forward to the changes and being able to do my lifes calling with your help. Thanks and God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Awesome reading without discussion!" ... written by gigaman1978
Caetano is so amazing! I had several reading with other psychics before, and none was so accurate has Caetano. It's just unbelievable. My advice is, don't look any further you will only waste your time, Caetano is the right person. He's fast, accurate, no bullshit, just the truth, and he proves it along the reading mentioning different episodes from the past ...i mean come on...absolutely incredible. Thank you! " ... written by surfas
FANTASTIC as always! Thank you! ;)" ... written by Fire_Diva
He is VERY good and straight to the point! " ... written by fesiaflower
best reading ever! " ... written by rashmita
Thanks for telling me!" ... written by twinheart
AMAZING! Caetano has helped me a lot with my personal situation. Would definitely go back for another session. Thank you so much again. " ... written by Renae
Wow! He is not for the faint of heart. He is the real deal. In minutes it was like he was reading me like a book. All the areas I struggle with, he said in minutes, and gave solutions. I wish I had more time to chat, he is stellar." ... written by Vivi
Brilliant as always!" ... written by mi
One of the best psychics on Oranum! Highly Recommended." ... written by Fire_Diva
The best psychic!" ... written by Fire_Diva
Caetano,., the best psychic in Oranum. Why waste time and money with others.. God bless you and may Fatima help you my guru!!" ... written by Reikiana
Thank you for the insights and good advice.. very valuable info!" ... written by marialuis
Thank you so much for the reading great advice! 5 stars " ... written by sweetsx
Always accurate feedback, wouldn't go to anyone else." ... written by sarah
He is veryyy goood!!" ... written by hop
Issues clarified and so glad he can read energies to find location of people i was inquiring about!" ... written by marialuis
I have had a reading with caetano before and everything he said was true. Always a pleasure of having read to me. He is right!" ... written by behindstars
Thank you! A wonderful man and tells the truth like it is. He has my number for sure. Great advice!" ... written by Moon
Wow! Caetano was very accurate, he hit on every emotion, question and concern. I felt like I was talking to one of my best friends, he is truly amazing at what he does. I rarely express tears to people, caetano touched a sensitive area in my life that fulfilled my soul. I am very satisfied with the reading we had and definitely look forward to more. " ... written by Sheri19
Thanks Caetano you were amazing, you read me like a book! I appreciate everything you did for me and God bless you!!! I will do what you told me!" ... written by hopefaith
Thank you for everything nice reading amazing ! Thanks again! Thanks for your reading !" ... written by hopefaith
He is very fantastic as always! Thank you very much! :) Like always very accurate and goes on the point! He is the best psychic on Oranum! God bless you!" ... written by kristina
WOW! he connects so quickly and can tell you everything about you! he is very accurate and all his predictions came true! Thank you very much! he is always right!" ... written by Fire_Diva
Strong reading, i recommend it. " ... written by gigaman1978
Amazing! The minute I got into chat, he told me there were many changes and true enough there were lots as in consistent with the other readers from other sites! Can't wait now for the rest of things to unfold!" ... written by marialuis
AWESOME!!!! He's always so wonderful to talk to! Thank you!!!" ... written by Skier8001
I can't believe how much he knew about me! It was a bit frightening, especially when he told me the initials of said person I was talking about and aspects of myself including family situations, how they were connected to me. It was an amazing reading, still can't believe how he read my situation the way he did, all I have to say is that this guy is the real deal. Give him a try, he will not disappoint." ... written by Anonymous lady
Great energy reader that he can pick up the situation and even the dialogue between people. He was able to validate and confirm my mental image and give the correct interpretation. I would call him a pychic's psychic!" ... written by marialuis
Described me and someone else down to the T. He also knew the reason why I didn't want to be like my mother. Lol! Thanks!" ... written by PM
Had another question and he confirmed my gut feeling about a situation. Boy can he really pick up with lots of info. He was able to pick up on my personality and the person in question. He can provide a deeper look in to the situation when he reads energy." ... written by marialuis
WOW! He is always right! All his predictions come true all the time! He says the true that always help for people to find their way! God bless you :)" ... written by Fire_Diva
Absolutely amazing! made everything fit into place. Inspirational! I wish this man all the best! " ... written by Lacie
Very good and accurate! Thank you very much." ... written by Kristina
Great reading, very very accurate, comprehensive and helps you heal and understand your situation. Will come for another reading for sure! " ... written by kdinani
AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by tanya
Always great to talk to. Thank you so much!" ... written by aerie4
He is very good , firm and direct , without holding back." ... written by jeremy
Exceptional reader one of the best out of hundreds I have talked too all over! Grade A++ I was truly amazed!" ... written by RoosterTm
Can't rave enough about him! He's great and fantastic! Everyone, do a private reading!" ... written by aerie4
Incredible! Great advice. Right on about everything! I appreciate all he says. Trust him you won't be sorry. Thanks again :)" ... written by aerie4
Very insightful and helpful, straight talking. Thanks :)" ... written by Denisenz
Wow.. Wow... what can I say, this man is incredible.. He knows things that I had in my head and did not say anything to him about. This was my first time reading with him, but I can tell you def not my last, he is THAT GOOD !! Do yourself a favor and read with him before he gets too hard to get a reading with. AMAZING!! " ... written by Jill
Another question answered. Always good to see it in a different perspective especially when he picks up bits and pieces of the conversation for more clarity." ... written by marialuis
Another great reading. I was feeling agitated and he confirmed my suspicions. He has recognized my gifts and is helping me to validate my feelings, thoughts and visions as I have yet to understand all these. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Always the person to go to when you want to get into someone's head. He feels and hears thoughts of the person. He's a very good empath." ... written by marialuis
Great reading and insight. Very positive, helped me to understand how to let go of something to allow me to move forward." ... written by Pnny
Great reader, fast and accurate." ... written by layla
Update read and always has the answer to your questions if you want to know how someone is feeling or thinking." ... written by marialuis
Very accurate, stunning in the way he presents the main issues in your life and the way they influence the dynamics in your present and future. He has very clear visions. I highly recommend him." ... written by sara
Ty very much sir, was very insightful and to the point, I recommend him to everyone.Ty so very much!" ... written by Thinkpositiv2012
He is very honest and pragmatic. He gave me a good idea of where I am and what should I need to do to improve myself. He is really awesome." ... written by Umabalan
The greatest!!!!" ... written by debbyroo
The best!" ... written by sara
Very honest." ... written by Anna
100% genuine! Such a lovely guy! " ... written by Lacie
3 readings with Caetano 5 stars! 100% genuine, such a lovely guy! definitely worth it! :) " ... written by LacieXO
Very good reader :)" ... written by mi
Thank you!" ... written by Natalie
Tons of information and insights. He feels energies and can tell you the current feelings of someone in question. He can also pick up pieces of conversation between people which is very helpful when you need it." ... written by marialuis
Wow, he is amaziiiiiing, seriously, he knows everything happened in my life without even I mentioned a word, he is just great, you should try him! Thank you a lot! " ... written by RealLove
HIS GREAAAT ......the best here" ... written by mo
Great !" ... written by Julia
He was amazing! Great! Needed more time. Caetano is one of my all time favorites here on ORANUM." ... written by Sheri19
This man is a wonderful, accurate and articulate teacher. He knows me better than I know myself. Thank you for all of your help. I will be back to see you again !" ... written by Moonbeam
Can't get enough of this man! He is the best!!!" ... written by ashleymarie0104
Good info. Validated what other readers told me and got more details." ... written by marialuis
Amazing update!. This time insights and information about a business discussed last year came into light when I asked him to tap into my bf's mind. When you want to know what is on someone's mind, he's your man!" ... written by marialuis
Very good and accurate as always! Thank you for your help!" ... written by Fire_Diva
Had a second reading with Caetano and like always he is the best at Oranum! Thank you for your help again! :)" ... written by Fire_Diva
Great as usual!!!" ... written by ashleymarie0104
Update read and good insights so I can be one step ahead of a given situation. He can pick up conversations between people that will empower your next move. His previous insight on a situation has already helped me solve one problem. More to come and be solved hopefully sooner than predicted." ... written by marialuis
I would like to give 4+ positive stars for each of my readings to Caetano." ... written by Urvaship23
For the first time, I trust someone to help me. The details are private and I know that so it helps me to know that confidentiality exists. I do believe that Caetano was brought into my life for a reason." ... written by Urvaship23
Amazing as always! thank you again Caetano! :)" ... written by Fire_Diva
Fantastic!!! Thank you again! :)" ... written by Fire_Diva
Caetano confirmed that what I believed was correct and he will help me. I" ... written by Urvaship23
I will just try to elaborate on how grateful I feel for him. He is absolutely" ... written by Urvaship23
Thank you again :) I really enjoy talking to him!! ;) good recommendations/advices - thank you thank u for this :) yaaay =]" ... written by Fire_Diva
Amazing read!!!! He was able to connect with the spirit guides of my bf and picked up on information I never told anyone about complete with details!!! He saw information on jackets, 2 incidents, necktie, Pajama, fruits we had, shoes, how i slept, how I cooked and even my clothes. It was like he was having a conversation with my bf!!! If you need to know someone's mind, Caetano can give you not only the big picture but also details that will shock you as to how he knew! Armed with tons of information, he can guide you to solve your problems~!" ... written by marialuis
Thx Caetano: ... YOU ARE THE BEST! I finally reached you after many months of internet server problems and frozen video screens from my computer. I feel a lot more confident about forging ahead in the next several months and more. Before I was completely in the dark about most things but obviously you have clarified many of those. Thx to you I have better clarity, focus, direction and confidence. We ran out of time, but yes I am exercising by running on a weekly basis. We will speak again:)" ... written by Darrin
I love Him!" ... written by kymii
I love it!" ... written by kymii
Really Good! Accurately connected with the situation! One of the best Here!" ... written by May
Awesome" ... written by kymiibymii
A very good reader! :) Thanks!" ... written by mi
Wonderful" ... written by kymiibymii
My sister asked me to go to Caetano when they diagnosed a tumor in me. caetano asked me to turn to a specialist as he suspected something worse. It was Cancer. I was so sad and i returned to him later to thank him because of him it was discovered fast and eliminated...he is my saviour....GOD SENT HIM!!!" ... written by reikiAna
The Best Ever. The predictions came true. We bought the house in JUNE 2013. WOW HE IS THE BEST IN ORANUM." ... written by reikiAna
5 stars! Very lovely and accurate, I would highly recommend! 100% genuine! " ... written by LacieXO
The greatest!!" ... written by debbyroo
Fast reader.. Didn't tell me what I wanted to hear in fact, it was the opposite. Will wait and see if what he predicted come to past. Thanks! " ... written by steph
Extremely wise and sensible man, always a great reading with caetano." ... written by zimeili1
Thank you for the reading very lovely man. Great insight " ... written by sweetsx
Another amazing read.. it was like he was inside the person's head and picked up on how that person would actually react and answer!" ... written by marialuis
Very lovely and accurate, i would highly recommend! " ... written by Lacie
He knows what is going on with me. He told me everything without telling him anything. He is the best and honest." ... written by happy
I'm in shock nothing else I can say." ... written by neima
Update read. Very good. He has been helping me for the past 2 months and has so much information on what you need to know to correct any actions so you can move forward in a positive manner." ... written by marialuis
Fantastic! Always great to talk to! Every reading is always helpful :)" ... written by aerie4
Gave me a very clear understanding of my Husband's mindset - and some guidance as to what to do - will take time and patience - but he was very insightful!" ... written by ReshmiMM
Five Stars. He was great!" ... written by tls2013
He is so Awesome! I love getting updates from him..." ... written by DB
Amazing, knew everything without me saying anything will def come back to him! " ... written by jul
Update read questions answered." ... written by marialuis
He was very straightforward which I really loved...He told me things about myself that I already knew and he put into a new perspective for me." ... written by Iris
REALLY GOOD!!!!" ... written by debbyroo
NICE!!" ... written by KYMII
Wonderful :)" ... written by aerie4
Very good he is a wonderful person that helped me out." ... written by jack
I would give him all the stars on Oranum...He is just so amazing!" ... written by patel
Amazing, he got me on track and helped me solve my problem hes simply the best! I recommend him!! " ... written by Jul
I had two more readings with Mr. Caetano. He is truly amazing! Please try him out!" ... written by Patel
Update read. On track and he said same thing other readers have told me!" ... written by marialuis
Thank you. An interesting reading from a different perspective to what I have heard before." ... written by emylou
Amazing as always! He just perfect to the point! He really helps me with my problems and keeps me on point!!" ... written by jull
He is very good... damn he's actually so good, i'll come to him again!!!" ... written by tl
He is so good. He reads me like open book. It's crazy..." ... written by hazelziggy
Five star rating! Caetano helps me and talks me through my hardest and most difficult times. I feel he guides me and gives me hope and proper guidance. I don't know what I'd do without him. I am so very grateful to him. Thank you so much Caetano...from the bottom of my heart! :) Hands down the best psychic on!! I just wanted to ask you upload this comment. Thank you again!" ... written by Urvaship23
God bless you Caetano the truth and nothing but the truth!" ... written by Silver
Caetano is someone very special and incredibly gifted. He picks up on everything and watch out, i'm not kidding when i say this. I came into his room today after not getting a reading in months and he could sense all of the changes that took place during this time. He told me things such as how I mostly wear black lately along with an explanation, how my eating habits have gotten worse, the fact that I was thinking of making a change in my field and everything that's expecting me in my career and pointed out my main ability which is dealing with color, described perfectly the girl that's around my ex and their situation, talked about my parents' business and again gave a perfect description of what's going on. That's all from the top of my head because he's told me a lot more things! And all in ten minutes! If you want someone who knows you like the back of their hands, please go to Caetano. He's super fast, honest, straightforward, funny and tells you how things are going to play out in every situation! I dare you to find someone else like him :) Thank you! " ... written by imapeach3
Awesome 7 stars and more definitely...." ... written by Rami
Update read. He is one of the few I consult here who has seen me through hard times. Because he read someone's mind, the advises work to your benefit." ... written by marialuis
He's just amazing and he's very talented." ... written by jules7777
Very good reading!" ... written by deno
He is fantastic! :) Thank you very much! His help is always like a new wisdom for me to open my eyes! thank you again :)" ... written by Fire_diva
Thank you again for your wonderful reading! =) God bless you!!! =) Can't describe in words how wonderful he is! thank you again!!! :) Recommend to everyone!" ... written by Fire_diva
Another wonderfully clarifying and insightful reading. Caetano has unbound wisdom and understanding. His gift is supremely accurate in what he picks up on, and he has been a great help in my life thus far. HIGHLY recommended and trusted." ... written by T
I like him very much! He will always listen to you with all his heart! Thank you again for your fantastic and accurate advices! God bless you Caetano! :) Much Love!" ... written by Fire_diva
Wow fantastic! I am regular client and I can say he is right 100%" ... written by fire_diva
Always on point simply amazing love him !" ... written by jul
Best reading! Caetano is amazing! Five starts!!!!!" ... written by Sujata
Best psychic on Oranum!! Caetano talks me though my problems and helps me in my life both personal and professional so I can live a happier life. I feel extremely blessed that I met him. I am feeling things changing for the better in my life, and I couldn't be more relieved. So thankful and grateful to Caetano! Thank you, Caetano! You're the best! 5 stars, as always! :)" ... written by Sujata a/k/a Urvaship23
wonderful insightful and warm reader thank you " ... written by Denise
Great reading. Very insightful." ... written by joellenr
Thank you so much, for the information. Caetano is great will be back." ... written by zorica
Update read. Good advice!" ... written by marialuis
He is so gifted and knew everything about me without me saying a word to him!" ... written by SR
Update read and he even knew before I said anything about my dream!!" ... written by marialuis
He is one of the most honest and accurate psychics on the site and I have been to many. He is fast and he will tell you the truth. No sugar coating. 8 stars. " ... written by Questionlove2
Wish I had heard this a few weeks ago. Thank you so much. Very kind and positive. The boost I needed. " ... written by Ida
He talks like he knows my personality n my problems even though hes never talked to me before... Had a reading with him half a year ago n hes right about the man I was seeing even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear. This time he didn't sugar coat anything but it was at least something I can solve." ... written by linn
I am so glad that I met the person like Caetano he is amazing!! :) thank you :)" ... written by fire_diva
Great reading as always! Five stars!! Thank you, Caetano...for everything! :)" ... written by Urvaship23
Wow! This is fantastic!! :)) He is always right! Thank you very much! God bless you :)" ... written by Fire_diva
Update read. Very good insights!" ... written by marialuis
Thank you again Caetano! :) You are a special person! I am so happy to meet you! and I love talking to you! thank you again :) take care! :)" ... written by Fire_Diva
Fantastic thank you very much, Caetano! ;) He is the best at Oranum! :)" ... written by Fire_Diva
The greatest ever, He is incredible!!!!" ... written by debby
Very straight and fantastic, honest." ... written by Melissa
He is the best and exceptionally gifted. With just your name and date of birth he just reads like he's known you forever. You should have a reading with Caetano. Great!!" ... written by RR
Thanks SOOOOO Much. You are the best. hope to see you soon.... Thanks." ... written by Berzama
Very kind and warm spirited person." ... written by MKAT
Brilliant! Accurate! x" ... written by Lacie
So awesome!!" ... written by Lacie
Perfect. Simply perfect. He is really stellar. 10 stars" ... written by Questionlove2
Thank you, Caetano!" ... written by Urvaship23
Update read. Great how he can tap into someone's mind so you can plan your next course of action or correct your behavior if need be. He already told me one information in the past so I was able to change something that came out with good results." ... written by marialuis
Update read. Good info. Good advice!" ... written by marialuis
The best at Oranum I can guarantee you this! He is accurate 100% he knows everything about me he is amazing! :)" ... written by Fire_Diva
I finally got a reading with Caetano and I am super pleased!" ... written by luxxicon
Great as always!!!" ... written by bm
Amazing as always!" ... written by RealLove
Always uplifting! Thanks so much caetano!!" ... written by summa
I had a question and great to know insights on it so I could be better equipt to handle the situation when it happens." ... written by marialuis
Regular visit with Caetano! Amazing person! All the best! x" ... written by Lacie
I am really working through some of life's challenges and Caetano is my go-to counselor, intuitive, and friend. What he says is always truthful--even if I do not want to hear it. Simply brilliant" ... written by questionlove2
Always a pleasure! x" ... written by Lacie
Great reading! Always honest and great advice! Thank you for your reading! Five stars Cae Tano!!! :)" ... written by Urvaship23
Just like Elvis, the best!!!!! lolol" ... written by debby
The greatest again!!!" ... written by Debby Roosa
THE GREATEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!" ... written by Debby
I am always coming for a reading and I enjoy it! Because all that he was saying came true.. :) Thank you again! God bless you :)" ... written by Fire_Diva
I trust him to guide me in the right direction in life's path." ... written by Urvaship23
I really enjoyed his readings! Will be back. Amazing reading as always! I trust him to guide me in the right direction in life's path. He is completely on point and I recommend others to try him out. I missed few times to leave a comment." ... written by Urvaship23
Amazing reading as always!" ... written by Urvaship23
I really enjoyed his readings! Will be back." ... written by Urvaship23
Thanks a lot!!" ... written by mysticmarzo
He is completely on point and I recommend others to try him out. " ... written by Urvaship23
Update read. Have some clarity now. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
i couldn't suggest a nicer or wiser person to talk to! " ... written by Lacie
Updated read. Good!" ... written by marialuis
Great" ... written by mendel
Great" ... written by konesh004
He always brings clarity to my mind and my situation." ... written by Gatorgal
I keep coming back for more, Caetano is Amazing!" ... written by Thakalo
So accurate!" ... written by Lacie
Excellent and super fast reading! He connected right away and started typing real fast! Very accurate!" ... written by PM
Update read. Good!" ... written by marialuis
Spot on" ... written by angelique khan
I had a reading with Caetano some months ago, and I came back for an update. I look forward to his predictions" ... written by Tickle
Spot on!!!" ... written by angelique khan
I adore this man. He is so unbelievably fast and accurate and so real. He is the real deal. 10 stars" ... written by questionlove2
Update read and in line with what other readers saw. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
He is the best, true , spiritual man I ever made. I will always retun inshalla." ... written by sara ahmed
He is so kind and amazing and he picks up on the energy around you and the people you are involved with in any situation. His vision is impeccable and he is here to help people in their lives. I am so happy and glad that I met him, I don't know what I would have done without him. Thanks so much for all your guidance, love and support! Please try him out for a reading, He will completely blow your mind!" ... written by Nina
He knew everything about my situation without me saying a word. Incredible does not even describe it! " ... written by Lauren
Update read and accurate. Waiting now for events to happen." ... written by marialuis
Very good... Clear answers." ... written by me
Awesome! " ... written by Lacie
Good reading." ... written by hanaa
great reading!!!!" ... written by Gatorgal
Excellent - very perceptive. Thank you :)" ... written by Patient libra
Im so happy i finally had the time to spend with this amazing man. He just sees it all so clear, and he passes on what he sees in a accurate, fast, loving and supportive manner. Thank you, Caetano! " ... written by Blancq
Good reading... very open and accurate psychic." ... written by joellenr
This is the BEST MAN on ORANUM!!! Try out a reading and he will blow your mind!" ... written by Niral
Thank for the update... Yoiu are fast and accurate as usual." ... written by Gm
Wonderful, as always!" ... written by Gatorgal22
great great great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the spot about everything." ... written by bm
I had a reading with Caetano about two months ago, in which he made a mind blowingly accurate prediction about a person who I was considering seeing, giving me initials, exactly when it happened, and the fact that He had another woman. I was skeptical about it and not exactly thrilled with what He told me, but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Well, within that exact timeframe Caetano gave me, that man with the initials Ar contacted me, and I found out on that same day that He was married!! Of all the psychics I have spoken to on this site, only two have given me accurate predictions, and Caetano is one of them. Now He has given me new predictions to look forward to. The future is not set in stone, it is prone to change, but I have faith that if I keep going on this path, I will be successful in my endeavor for love. Look no further, he is the real deal." ... written by S.A.
He just blow off my mind. The man is amazing. He knows things," ... written by sankwi
He open up my mind, a good advicer. He is very friend and calm." ... written by sankwi
Amaizing, brilliant, he knew stuffs about my parents too which" ... written by sankwi
He's wonderful. So honest. Very true and real. I would recommend him." ... written by Delores
Lovely insight..... fantastic. x" ... written by brightstarz
Cae is Amazing! A sincere and genuine psychic, I adore this man! His previous predictions for me came true and I have faith in these ones too. He is the REAL deal, so genuine. Save your money, go to Cae, he cares and is genuine! " ... written by Happyheather
So much wisdom! " ... written by Lacie
Great person and very true." ... written by sara ahmed
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Gatorgal22
Spot on! " ... written by Lacie
He's so good! " ... written by Lacie
Awesome! :)" ... written by Lacie
GREAT update!" ... written by Jenny
He is great.. He knows my weaknesses and I can't wait to working out with him.. See you next week " ... written by hazelziggy
Inspirational." ... written by Lacie
Awesome reading!" ... written by NicholasCage
You are the best and I enjoy getting updates from you. Always a" ... written by Gatorgal22
This man is amazing!!! He always connects well and gives me the truth!!! I am smitten with CAETANO!!! He is such a warm spirit." ... written by ashleymarie0104
Amazing. " ... written by soinlove85
Wow amazing psychic reader for strong. Will be coming back soon." ... written by larry green
Thank you for trying to help me." ... written by nunothat
Such an insightful genuine person. The only reason I come on here :)" ... written by Lacie
Amazing Psychic...thank you." ... written by vayunu
GREAT, GREAT UPDATE!" ... written by unknown
Awesome!!" ... written by cae tano
Went to him all confused and sad but he had me leaving with a smile - even though apparently all 3 men I have now are bad, He is such a great source of guidance. Thank you Much blessings." ... written by Acissej
He is fantastic always! Thank you." ... written by Fire_Diva
Unbelievable reading! thank you very much! " ... written by Fire_Diva
God bless him." ... written by sara ahmed
Master of Masters." ... written by gigaman1978
Very good and accurate even though it was not what I wanted to hear. Really nice man. Very warm and friendly." ... written by Tansiy
Best reading, great psychic! thank u so much." ... written by Real Love
Update read. Good!" ... written by marialuis
He seemed to tune right in .... He is great! will come back again!" ... written by Ann S
Great" ... written by sara ahmed
Cae is so great. He is helping me to find myself again... I'm so looking forward to everything he said." ... written by hazelziggy
I love this man he is the greatest has helped me through alot in life helped me become what i am today god bless his soul " ... written by amuniee
Best person to talk to! x" ... written by Lacie
Brilliant!" ... written by Lacie
Caetano is amazing as usual!!! Obrigada!!! :-)" ... written by weissinha
He was sooooooooo good! Very accurately tuned in. I am so happy with my reading as its what I needed to hear. He is one of the best. Glad I listened to my instincts and chose him. A VERY CLEAR channel and reader. A must try if you are serious about getting clarity and help with moving positively forward in your life." ... written by Lisa
The greatest still!" ... written by debby
absolute star! " ... written by Lacie
Brill!" ... written by Lacie
Caring, honest and straight to the point =) " ... written by cat2910
Good to the point." ... written by arl
Great!" ... written by Neha
Regular visitations and one could argue he is the best in the world :) " ... written by Lacie
Great reading! Very helpful and I can't wait to see what happens next!" ... written by neha
Great FeedBack" ... written by sara ahmed
Update read. Good info!" ... written by marialuis
Cae is great man! He helped me go through my situation and he support me all the time.. great session." ... written by hazelziggy
He is very thorough and reads people's personality very well. He was truthful about the current situation. And he provided very good insights. I am waiting for predictions to come true. He is highly recommendable and will go back to him." ... written by Need2know5
Excellent Reading." ... written by gigaman1978
Wonderful !" ... written by truworth
He knew it all!! and even more that I didn't know" ... written by findingpeace
Update read. Good and in line with actual events!" ... written by marialuis
The best psychic ever." ... written by sara ahmed
He is an amazing reader and he read everything clearly. He is God sent!" ... written by Flgal
Update read and details in line with events that have passed." ... written by marialuis
Brilliant as per usual! x" ... written by Lacie
Best person in the world a human being and a caring person very accurate ..God bless him." ... written by sara hmed
5 star awesomeness!" ... written by avinash
He is amazing!" ... written by ashana217
He is amazing! He told me everything that i needed to know which relaxed my entire mind! " ... written by ashana217
Very helpful as always!" ... written by thingy
Thank you so much for all your help! Caetano you are the BEST!" ... written by Patel
Wonderfull!" ... written by sankwi
Cae its great! Always right about everything." ... written by hazelziggy
Another stellar reading! " ... written by Zeigen
Best psyhic reading in my life so far" ... written by Avinash Cipalli
Very quick reader. I have to wait and see what will come to pass." ... written by marya23
Great person" ... written by sara ahmed
Amazing!" ... written by nina
God bless him, great man!" ... written by sara ahmed
Caetano has incredible insights and warmth, I highly recommend his sage readings. Thank you." ... written by Denisenz
He knows thing.... He is somebody to run for.... PEOPLE YOU SHOULD TRY HIM PLEASEEEE." ... written by sankwi
God bless him." ... written by sara ahamed
Very gentle , kind and accurate psychic , he is truthful and never let you down .. I recommend him for life." ... written by sara ahmed
Caetano is just AMAZING!" ... written by Patel
Brilliant! x" ... written by Lacie
Excellent suggestion, i really appreciate Mr. Caetano.." ... written by Mir
As usual a brilliant connection and space of truth!!" ... written by beautywithinone
so good! :) " ... written by Lacie
Very impressed , he spoke like if he knows me for ages. Honestly, I can definitely recommend him." ... written by Anna
Prediction came trueeeeeeeeeee..........! 100% of what he is talking about. I was hard to believe him but he proved me wrong. HE IS SOMEBODY TO RUN FOR" ... written by sankwi
Great! as usual " ... written by Mark
Very good and porfessional" ... written by olam
Thank you again Caetano! Great as usual! :-)" ... written by sara
Very, very honest reading.. " ... written by digish
WONDERFUL AS USUAL....." ... written by sankwi
He is fantastic as always :) Thank you very much for being with me in my good and bad moments - to know this person it is a gift of God :) " ... written by Fire_diva
Professional and gives accurate predictions and in detail :) thank u." ... written by Fire_diva
FAB!!!" ... written by holsten
Great man!" ... written by Nina
New my problem before I even had a chance to speak, very concise -will come back for an update." ... written by Clarence01
Amazing update reading!!! Check him out!" ... written by Patel
Thank you so much for your words and your time! You have given me great peace of mind and amazing insights. If anything, I left our session with a really positive outlook on my life even though I´m going through a tough time and have been feeling really negative. You have a very clear way of exposing the real issues and offering solutions. Please continue helping people and I wish you all the best." ... written by nik
Currently, watching and helping me grow :)" ... written by Lacie
He is amazing!!! He truly knows grabs the situation from the date of birthday and name with out me giving him barely any information. He is truly gifted! I will definitely come back to him! " ... written by ashana217
Very good.. Extremely accurate and went above and beyond what I expected.. " ... written by random_diamond
Amazing!!!" ... written by Patel
Another predictions came true.... I just received good news.. He is so wonderful. He predicted about my school, my job, my life situation. Things are moving the exactly the way he said. Thank you so much." ... written by sankwi
5 stars" ... written by Lacie
Brilliant x:)" ... written by Lacie
Super great!" ... written by debby
Amazing, amazing, amazing as usually" ... written by sankwi
Another prediction comes trueeeeeee........ This man is something else. It happened exactly like what he said........" ... written by sankwi
He is amazing! I am so glad I talked to him. His energy, insights, advice... All greatly appreciated. Everything he saw about me had that ring of truth about it. Thank you Caetano, I hope to visit you again sometime. Thank you for the direction. " ... written by rivereed
On target!!!!!!!!! WOW! He is the best of the best, great advice!! " ... written by bm
Great!!!" ... written by Mark
He is so great.. so accurate about my situation." ... written by hazelziggy
Thanks" ... written by Simone AceOfCupss
Greaat reading. Very accurate. Uplifting and empowering. I look forward to pridicytions coming true. Thanks!" ... written by Kaldeep
Holy Crap! I can genuinely say this man is freaking amazing. He's the real deal. I'm literally astonished." ... written by Rox
It has been a long time since I have spoken to Caetano and yet again his vision and insight are on point. And he didn't forget me! great man and truly gods gift. Loved the reading. have to try him hes fantastic!" ... written by mini
Once again he is truly amazing and knows my entire situation in and out! He is just truly amazing!! I always come to him! 5 Stars definitely!!!" ... written by ashana217
Vision/intuition was sound in sensing the information - but in collating the data and in connecting - was a little askew. " ... written by indigo8126
Good reading and on the point. Good advice and will act on that advice." ... written by Ray Kleiner
Recommend him, accurate about my personality and drivers in my life." ... written by desigirl
You are great, very honest very direct but not judgmental. Very good reading." ... written by Almedina
Totallly honest seen me for who and what I'm going through totally worthy of time, does not waste time at all !! Will definitely be back for future readings his the real deal with honestly and knowing my situation without me saying much... God bless you and thank you. :) " ... written by laila
He is so fantastic! :) thank you for giving advices in all my situations and ideas! You are The Best on ORANUM ;) xxx Thank you :) and God Bless You :)" ... written by Fire_diva
Hi Caetano," ... written by hyun3333
Excellent!! 5 stars rated." ... written by hyun3333
Really enjoy the reading and you have inspired me in different ways. Thank you." ... written by hyun3333
Your reading is incredibly accurate and professional. Thanks for the" ... written by hyun3333
Recommend him to everyone!! He is the real deal!!!!" ... written by ashana217
Thank you so much for my reading I feel better for my situation you knew exactly what was going on in my situation without no information thank you so much I will definitely be back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by Tammy
This man is truly amazing... He is so wonderfully gifted.... He knows so much about me and my life without me telling him anything... He is the absolute best.. If you do not read with him you are truly missing out." ... written by Ashleymarie0104
I had a consultation with Caetano. He was excelente and i want to give him 5 stars . He awakened my eyes in my family and made me realise that me and my sister can be friends again" ... written by reikiAna
Very clear and explanatory. " ... written by vagdevi
Really good..... surprise how he got it so right." ... written by marlene
HE TOLD ME WHO I WAS INSTANTLY.. He gave me CLEAR answers regarding the future.... I have been to numerous psychics on this site and on others.... and he is one of the BEST psychics I have ever seen... He is wise, understanding, CLEAR and sure of his answers.. PLEASE SEE HIM!!!" ... written by Meihua Lin
This is fantastic reading again Thank you !!! :)" ... written by Fire_diva
Update read and accurate as you see things moving forward. One prediction came true. He said that I would receive a signal about what is going on in someone's life and yes I did receive that indirect signal! Thank you for your help all these months and looking forward to other predictions to happen." ... written by marialuis
He was extremely straightforward and different from other psychics because he not only gave an opinion but told me the outcome if I chose the wrong option." ... written by Kristie
Always always always amazingly on point and truthful." ... written by ashleymarie0104
Great read and seeing things progress. You know its accurate bec things move forward even if you get only a little validation on the conscious level. " ... written by marialuis
Totally AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Today's update was out of this world good!!" ... written by Patel
Great Service !!!" ... written by hyun3333
As mentioned, your prediction is incredibly accurate and I hope thing will evolve naturally." ... written by hyun3333
He is the best! I was truly touched by the reading I had with Caetano, tears came to my eye due to his superior guidance. He knew my situation well and I feel blessed to get to talk with him. I feel so positive about my future! He is a gifted person!!" ... written by Rene067
It's always reassuring knowing that you're on the right path and that life has improved in such a beautiful way. I can't express the gratitude I have for "C" ... His insight go beyond words and I'm grateful to have come across him. Truly you are gifted.. Blessings my dear friend.. " ... written by Estella
Great, excellent reading! Wonderful job. 5 stars." ... written by Milan_UCLA
Accurate work. Very insightful." ... written by Milan_UCLA
I could talk to him for hours if I could afford it! Always awesome! Thanks!" ... written by summa
What a great person! Was able to tell me exactly what I needed to know. I am still sad but positive. Caetano is the real deal and not a time waster. Amazing man. Thank you so much and God bless, I feel comforted. " ... written by Sylvia
Real good reader." ... written by peter
Caetano is precise, intuitive and direct. If you want the answer , Caetano is your tool. Thanks so much, will be back again for updates. Talk to you soon!" ... written by poquette
I came back to let Caetano know his predictions were very accurate. Great reads, thanks!" ... written by Denise
He is great. Not just as a psychic but also as a friend. Looking forward to all of his predictions." ... written by hazelziggy
He dug deep.. .made some pointed statements about my Mom and My Dad, which wasn't even on the radar re: my questions." ... written by Zeigen
Fantastic and honest which I needed." ... written by ROSIE
Didn't have much credits but he was straight to the point and seemed to have known the exact situation with very little details or answers from me. I trust in his prediction and it has calmed me down very much. Thank you, Caetano." ... written by happie
110% he had everything spot on and I couldn't of asked for better. He helped with something that has been going on for a long time! I greatly, greatly appreciate and love you help! I would definitely come back! No questions asked! " ... written by Shawn
Thank you my dear friend. I appreciate your honesty." ... written by sankwi
Interesting reading!" ... written by LIsa
Excellent, wonderful person and psychic!" ... written by FenForever20
Caetano is amazing!! He connected to guides quickly, and understood the situation witout the need for an explanation or any information whatsoever. He is very caring, passioanate, a professional and talented psychic. Thank you Caetano for your help! God bless you xxx" ... written by Caetano
God bless you, mr.Cea... You are the best person I ever met... Thanks, good to have you." ... written by sara ahmed
Thank you." ... written by K
You are appreciated." ... written by scerly
Great job!" ... written by Milan
Great reading." ... written by Milan
Caetano is the best." ... written by Milan
Simply Best Of The Best!" ... written by gigaman1978
Great man andamp; so accurate!!" ... written by Neha
He's always wonderful and has all the answers! Love him!" ... written by skier8001
Caetano has told me the truth as it is about me. My jaw dropped a couple of times. Excelent time with him I will come back" ... written by pepestone1
Great and on target as always, he gives the best advice." ... written by bm
Mr. Caetano is amazing he makes sense of the entire situation. Thank you dear friend!" ... written by LuvOranum
Very specific, doesn't waste anytime. Was very accurate. Waiting on the predictions to come true. Thank You." ... written by Anshika
Wow completely stunning, very accurate! Thank you soo much:)" ... written by marie5290
Positivist filled read :)" ... written by avinash
Great reading." ... written by Milan
His positivity radiates even through stressful situations which gives confidence in knowing it WILL be better in the end. Caetano seems to be a very busy reader and it's for a very good reason. Catch him while you can, you will not be dissapointed!" ... written by eman
I give this gentleman, 10 star rating. He was so powerful and spot on as if he was in my head and the other one. Loved him!" ... written by Kathy
I would say that was probably the best reading I've had. A lot of details that he was able to pull out of me that was very insightful. I appreciated the reading and look forward to more." ... written by Tony fast, highly recommended." ... written by carina
AMAZINGG!!!" ... written by ashana217
He is amazing!!! Honestly a person i can talk to for days!! I recommend him to anyone honestly!!!!!! 5 STARS!!! :-)" ... written by ashana217
Great! Saw into my situation very easily. Knew details I didn't even mention. Told me exactly what I needed to know, no sugar coating. Loved the reading! Thanks again. " ... written by Anastasia
This is my first time... I wish I had more credits... he's a great!! It hurts to find the truth but I feel so much better that I know now. Thanks so much!" ... written by Angela
He's seriously amazing!!!" ... written by ashana217
He is honestly a sweetheart and really amazing!!! I give him five stars every time!!! Truly amazingggg!!!!!! :-) " ... written by ashana217
TRULY AMAZINGG HONESTLYY!!!!!!" ... written by ashana217
Accurate information! He reads people's energies so well." ... written by marialuis
Great clarity, amazing reading!" ... written by Jmillion283
Very straight on - channels - I loved this reading - nothing made up - very vigorous and forthcoming - very fast - great energy - very gifted - very positive - AMAZING." ... written by donna
This man, OMG, what can I say? I am truly speechless at how amazingly he connects about me, about my partner, and also some great great great predictions!!! Thank you, Caetano, I am so happy I took you private." ... written by Jon
I love this man - he is really the best on this site!" ... written by dmbertault
Very good reading. I give him a 5 star rating. It seems like he knew me more than I knew myself." ... written by Roberta De Bellis
Incredible and so clear and honest. wow!!!" ... written by sonia
I have had five readings, from this man, he was straight to the point no holds barred. I felt sad, what he was telling me but I know in my heart it is the truth. Thank you I will stay in touch." ... written by gipsygirl
Amazing Man!!!" ... written by Patel
WOW!!! Right on! Very accurate!! Precise in every detail. Kind and honest. I like him. " ... written by Melissa Brown
Thank you for confirming everything, you are the person I needed to show the mirror in front of me. Thank you. Godbless. " ... written by angelkay
Fabulous reading. He was spot on, and completely understood my situation without much prodding. He just understood and gave sound advice. I will take it to heart. " ... written by mm
Wow touched on everything, that is going on in my life." ... written by gipsygirl
Great!" ... written by Milan
Update read and good advices. How can you not love him!" ... written by marialuis
Mr. C is Amazing as always!!!" ... written by unknown
Incredible insights and vision. With such a caring manner. Thank you so much." ... written by Denise
I love the talks with caetano. he is so sharp.... my God. I will come back again." ... written by pepestone1
He's Full of knowledge to help you Conquer Very Tricky Situations.. He Is a God Send X 5000" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you again for being with me!! You are the best!!! :))) " ... written by fire
Another great reading! I can see why he is so highly rated. I gave him little information and he took it and ran with it. Thank you :)" ... written by Zeigen
Thank you again, you have the chap spot on. Be back soon." ... written by Rosebudy
CAETANO IS MY HOMEBOY!" ... written by Milan
Wow I have just had the exact facts told to me by Caetano, mind blowing.... Thank you so much how smart are. look forward to the next time. Take good care for now." ... written by Rosebudy
Caetano, was bang on the money, very decisive, very focused in his response on relationship matters! The best on the site! Will come back for update - excellent!" ... written by Clarence01
Wonderful reading, spot on, so specific, and I appreciate it so much." ... written by mm
Thank you again for a wonderful reading! You are the best person on Oranum! :) His advice are so wise and amazing!!! :) God bless you!!! :)) xx much love for you :)" ... written by fire
Great talk." ... written by mm
beyond amazing....ten star....:)" ... written by Questionlove2
Very fast, accurate, lets hope there's some movement. Highly recommended" ... written by Skape55
One of the best and learned psychic in Oranum. I met him some months ago and he helped me a lot- OMG hew saved my marriage and helped me remove spirits from my house...thanks caetano" ... written by Ana
Great reading!" ... written by mm
He is amazing!! His predications started happening and two of them already happened recently!!! He is truelyyyyyyy amazingggggg like really amazin!!! 5 stars!!! " ... written by ashana217
So helpful. Very clearly knew everything about the people I am having difficulty with. Explained personalities and the situation with great detail. Wonderful reading, and kind person. Appreciate his direct manner." ... written by Ahz
I must say that Mr. Caetano has been very accurate and everything he has said was in fact correct. I was very, very happy with his readings and I am so happy that I would be talking to him as early as tomorrow. " ... written by OmahLall
Thanks for the push." ... written by avinash
you have given me so much detail and insight... it is amazing. I will take it to heart and live it every day I can. thank you." ... written by mm
Great reading very thorough and was on point with my current situation! " ... written by maria
He is the best..... the best of all! my best friend..... amazing. I dont know what I could have done without him" ... written by sankwi
Fabulous reading. encouraging, and just what I needed to hear." ... written by mm
Awesome Man!!! Helped me so much, I give him a million stars!!" ... written by Desai
Great as usual!!!!! Beyond 5 stars!!!!" ... written by bm
go to him for the positivity" ... written by avi
Soo awesome to talk! He is always 100% right!! Always spot on!!!" ... written by ashana217
WONDERFUL WONDERFUL helpful reading. inspirational. i hope to give him good news in the long run. so glad i found him. " ... written by mm
very, very helpful. I am very very please with his advised" ... written by OmahLall
Thank you for the updates!! some events have happened already and information is accurately tied in to the situation!" ... written by marialuis
will only get readings with this man from now on" ... written by irene
Good good read" ... written by avi
Wonderful man. Heart -felt and very keen reading. Gave me lots to think about." ... written by Ahz
There is a very good reason why he is always busy! Very accurate, fast, thoughtful, intelligent reading. Excellent!" ... written by PM
Wow this was a lot, there were misunderstanding which made me lose time but anyway I'm very Great full for the help!!" ... written by queenbee22
He is such an angel, he is confident and he knows what he is talking" ... written by sankwi
Caetano, what can I say!! I give you as others have said a 5 plus star!!!!! You said somethings about my Family and so called friends that were extremely accurate, to a tee. I will be back for an update!! Also I can't believe how fast and to the point you were, I wish I was rich, I could talk to you all day. Thank you my friend and God Bless!!!" ... written by Dandy_1
He is the top of the oranum..... the best ever" ... written by sankwi
He is the person, I run all the time am confused and he always have" ... written by sankwi
Best of the best as ussual" ... written by sankwi
Excellent reading-- -even though our reception was awful, he gave great advice and i will be sure to keep him posted!!! lost of love and much appreciated!!!! :) 10 stars!" ... written by mm
Honestly truly amazing and gives amazing advice!! :-)" ... written by ashana217
Positive and clear reading from Caetano. He was quite correct regarding the timing of my career search. Thank you for advice." ... written by Fulgur
Completely right on target, can't wait to give him great news!" ... written by mm
Update read and great to know details on any holdups why events are not yet happening." ... written by marialuis
He is truly a gifted psychic" ... written by Carolyn101
Love him!! Was recommended to him by another reader and he is absolutely amazing. " ... written by Anastasia
Mind blowing.. No words can explain!!" ... written by PB1923
Wonderful" ... written by sankwi
WOW! I believe it now. He is official my go to person now. I finally found someone that just knows what exactly is going on. He is so in tune with me and my situations. Seriously, try him, you will not be disappointed. " ... written by Rox
Best of the best" ... written by sankwi
All of his predictions and the time frame which he gave me, came true....... He advice you what to do, he only want the best for you....." ... written by sankwi
He's absolutely amazing !!! " ... written by Jennifer
He is truly amazing!!! Very amazing!!! He understands what i go through and knows the entire situation like a sec!! :-) Love him!! Always spot on! (:" ... written by Ashana Nagi
I go back to Mr. C, again and again he is the go to man!! He has helped me so much that I can't even explain it. I give him 5 full stars !!!" ... written by Nina
Just wow!!!! No words to describe." ... written by charbel
Well I am looking forward for the right time for all to happen in a very positive way, May God Continue to bless you with good wisdom to help all who pass through you. I am very great full for your knowledge. GOD BLESS YOU!!" ... written by queenbee22
I have been so honoured to have had a reading by Caetano. Everything he told me is exactly what has been happening in my life. I thankyou so much for the reading and know what i have to do. Without this reading and the direct messages from him i would not have seen my life the way it has been. Its hard for me to describe the way i am feeling now. Thank you CAETANO you are the best. Love andamp; Light xoxoxo" ... written by marzterz
Simply Fantastic !" ... written by Rami Jaradeh
This man is incredibly accurate no wonder he is sought after, completely credible, will be back he is very gifted ." ... written by devene page baca
Great reading quick and to the point. Understands your situation fully and is very comforting with the recommendations he gives. I would recommend him highly." ... written by Pnny
Update read. I was concerned about another issue but being a fantastic energy reader, he put my mind at ease." ... written by marialuis
Amazing Man, he gets it right every time!!! This is my 100th reading with him. He is so on point accurate!! One reading with him and he will blow your mind! Simply the BEST!! He has helped me so much, I could never have imagined it." ... written by Nina
Caetano was excellent, he gave me insight and strength to support me and I would highly recommend him." ... written by fouzinabet
Awesome!!! to the point~~ great!! highly recommended" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Another great reading!!! Thanks :)" ... written by Zeigen
Thank you very much for your advice! You are fantastic!! 5 stars :)" ... written by fire
perfect!! " ... written by Lacie
Amazing man, He almost brought tears to my eyes today! I have come to him again and again and I know GOD has brought him into my life for a reason. I really appreciate the tough love he gives to me sometimes because it gets me back on track to where I want to go in my life and he guides me to the path to getting there." ... written by Patel
What an experience! I need more time!!!!" ... written by queenbee22
He was dead on accurate." ... written by Christopher
WOW. Probably the most helpful, thorough, concise, wise consultation I've ever received. This is a remarkable man. Thank you so very much!" ... written by lovewater
God bless him, he is phenomenal!" ... written by sara
Interesting reading. I sensed that it was astrology based, but character assessments were correct. Thanks, sir!" ... written by n
OMG words cannot describe how my reading went. Caetano is Awesome very accurate and very caring. I was just blown away with his incredible details and Time frames. He described a person I've already seen and this person is from my future. I will follow his advice as well. Blessings Caetano....." ... written by Lucy117
Love him! He is always on point on exactly what is going on. Always gives great advice. He's definitely one of the best on Oranum! " ... written by Anastasia
Again, 5 stars!" ... written by lovewater
SO fantastic. REALLY helping me to clarify so much that is crucially important! Thank you!" ... written by lovewater
5 stars. Caetano is one of the best advisors you can ever find. Thank you so very much!" ... written by lovewater
AMAZING man. " ... written by lovewater
More than perfect!" ... written by gigaman1978
Please check out Mr Caetano, He will shake you with the truth to the core of your being. He is such a sweet man andamp; he does speak the truth!" ... written by Patel
Thank you!" ... written by kymii
Quick and to the point, tuned into my situation immediately, provided sound advice. I will return." ... written by Leticia
Thank you! Right to the point!!!!" ... written by carrieann1975
Thank you so much!" ... written by sankwi
Amazing!! Really accurate and helpful!!!! " ... written by Shona
Caetano is a very high level person and advisor. Thank you so very much." ... written by lovewater
Very good reading!" ... written by a
The gentleman knows what he is doing - his assessment about my situation was so accurate that I was literally shocked! He really helped me understand the things I have been going through and why... I wish I went to Caetano in the first place! Thank you for your help and guidance! It really helped me see things more clearly!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Always very good with Caetano. I do recommend!" ... written by pepestone1
Very nice and intuitive, thanks!" ... written by Ratan
Great updates!" ... written by Nina
Very nice, thanks so much!" ... written by Ratan
Excellent insight and warmth, thank you!" ... written by Denise
Extremely informative. He was right I do need to make a decision. It is hard when you hear what you don't want to. I respect him for telling me that." ... written by cheryl
Always on point!!!" ... written by Ashana Nagi
Thank you for the reading Cae, very thorough and precise. " ... written by katie
Very nice read!" ... written by a
You're advice, readings, are so accurate. I am trying my very best to take your advice and lead my life to the next level. I trust your readings fully, and cannot wait to tell you the end result (the beginning really) when it finally comes. Many blessings. Always a pleasure to talk to you!" ... written by mm
WOW! Really connected. Before I even told him anything he said everything right on target. My top favorite on Oranum yet. God bless you and highly recommend. Wasted no time whatsoever and got right to the point. Five stars!" ... written by Mercedes
Caetano is great as usual :-))) He is always accurate about the things he sees :-)) Thank you again!!!" ... written by sara
Wonderful!" ... written by Milan
Great work." ... written by Milan
He is amazing!!!" ... written by Ashana Nagi
Like a videotape, he can tell you events that has happened as to why certain things turn out the way they did. Will be back for more updates." ... written by marialuis
Wonderfull..." ... written by sankwi
Excellent and spot on and to the point. Jenny " ... written by jennywren1
I was feeling quite doubtful and lacking confidence. I feel Caetano gave me insight to what direction I need to follow. " ... written by domenica19
Thank you for your sound advice! I will take it to heart! It is invaluable." ... written by mm
Update read and because of free will which can change things.. I really hope his prediction will come true tonight. Thank you." ... written by marialuis
Hi is very good in giving advice and calming. Thank you, I really needed advice and I have got it." ... written by Anna
I would like to give my kudos to Caetano a very professional, emphatic and" ... written by Maccabeus
He is always on point and he is definitely understands what a person is going through! He gets five stars! He is one best oranums I have been talking to! He is literally like an awesome friend!! If I could talk to him everyday I definitely would!" ... written by ashana217
He is a very nice and calm person. Gave me an advice to move on with my life. Although, he didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but he was truthful and honest which I really appreciate. " ... written by sharen223
Amazing!!! Helped me a lot. Amazing person. No judgement. I felt as if he understood me really well. Thank you sir." ... written by Shweta
Straight to the point, no sugar-coating. Lots of insight. Highly recommend him. Will come back after predictions come true." ... written by Eva
He is literally amazing and spot on all the time! I recommend him to everyone!!! Hundred percent! Love talking to him! He told me about my past life and now where everything makes sense! Thank you so much!" ... written by Ashana Nagi
He is direct fast and real... So good... try " ... written by lady
Dear Mr. Caetano, Thank you so much for connecting with my Ba today! I will never forget all the help you have given me and the strength you have given me through your words over the past several months. You amaze me every time I speak to you! You are the most BEST on ORANUM! You speak Truth! " ... written by Patel
Awesome person to talk to! He is amazingggg!!! Five stars!!!!" ... written by Ashana Nagi
He is always on point!!! Love him! Five stars!" ... written by Ashana
Amazing reading, 5 stars!" ... written by unknown
Good good read." ... written by a
Haven't spoken to Caetano in a while, but he gave me an up-to-date reading and really put my mind at ease. I like how Caetano is direct and to the point. Thank you, Caetano!" ... written by Gatorgal22
This man has really dug deep for me and gave me what I need for moving forward in the right way! He is the real deal, he knows it all. I will continue with him when I need more help. We even had a laugh as he sees and says what im like! He is amazing! thank you :). Lou " ... written by lou
Amazinnnng :)" ... written by opi117
Everything he predicted came true, I passed my exam, I bought a new house, my financial is super.......! He advices me and follow up on every step... Thank you so much. You are the best." ... written by sankwi
He is always right and he is always so amazingly accurate!!! He knows exactly how my husband feels." ... written by Ash
Wonderful as always" ... written by sankwi
Caetano is one of the best people on Oranum! I recommend this professional and accurate person to everyone! Take care Caetano! God Bless you!!! :) Much Love for you !! :)" ... written by Fire
WOW!!!! I've read with many psychics and he was so on point about my relationship I felt like he had been my best friend for a decade. So honest, so caring. His wisdom goes beyond anything I've heard yet. " ... written by sara
heheheheeheheh! I just have to laugh... He is by my side shoulder to shoulder. Thank you so much for your guide. I will be back after the trip. " ... written by sankwi
Great Man!! 5 stars" ... written by unknown
thank you sir...!" ... written by sankwi
Absolutely Fantastic..." ... written by Hyun
Spot on! Absolutely spot on. A cold reading with virtually no information imparted and Caetano knew EXACTLY what was going on. If you are looking for REAL psychic - this is your man! A Thousand Stars. xxx" ... written by Lynda
Thank you for the refreshing session, Cae. He was absolutely spot on about what I needed to do. This was the session that I needed. A million thanks. " ... written by Katie
Very good and kind man. He also explained what I needed to change for betterment. " ... written by Prem
Great!" ... written by Ne Ne
Caetano is brilliant!!!! I am speechless with the accuracy of his words for the duration of this reading. Highly recommended and will definitely return. Bless your heart my friend! xxx" ... written by Maria
Thank you so much for your sound advice and encouragement. Much love, M." ... written by mm
It was a very good reading. I had previous beginning of this year. I am hoping, his 2nd predication come true. He is the best Psychic on Oranum. Will tell you truth whether you like it or not. It was worth it. Thank you so much Caetano. " ... written by Nidhi
The best of the best" ... written by sankwi
Update read and still on track. He can see why there are hold ups and all bec of free will. Hope events happen this time and on time. Thank you! you're the best." ... written by marialuis
Amazing and brilliant as always. :-)))" ... written by sara
OMG!!!! A friend recommended him and she was right! So amazing, nailed my personality ridiculously well and the things I need to change and do, etc. Amazing is an understatement!" ... written by Smiles
Was so great had to go top up and come back immediately for more. Never had someone nail me, my situation and my ex the way he just did. The lessons I just learnt from a short reading are so valuable. I have found an advisor for life... thank you!!! " ... written by Smiles
Once again always awesomeeee!!! Give him 1000 stars if I could!!!!" ... written by Ashana
Good Reading." ... written by Saurabh Trehan
He was very detailed and insightful. Got straight to the point of matter .Totally recommend getting a reading done by him. Thank you caetano." ... written by alyssa
You have the most sound advice, and I appreciate it so much. 10 stars. Literally. " ... written by mm
Nice and calm. :)" ... written by a
This man was fantastic, he knew things without my telling him and I will be back to see him again. GREAT reading!" ... written by Sun
Another great update with so much reasoning and care! 5 STARS!!" ... written by patel
very good and nice..." ... written by debby
Thank you..... 10000000000 stars for him........ Try him and you will never regret." ... written by sankwi
He is amazinggggg, always amazingggg! Five stars!! :-)" ... written by ashana217
You give the most sound advice, and I appreciate it so much. There are only a handful of people that I trust (on one hand) and you are one of them. No games, just the truth, and sound advice. " ... written by mm
brilliant x" ... written by Lacie
Always a genius!!!!! Love this guy to pieces... Always spot on and accurate!" ... written by ash
Thanks for the wonderful reading. Very enlightening!" ... written by ikroyalakr
Mr. Caetano, you are too funny! I love love loved the reading with you today. Thank you for your honesty always!!!" ... written by Patel
Thank you for your help!" ... written by Dragonfly
Help me so much, So true every word he said. Thank you!" ... written by Kissy Figueroa
Cae is great. Give such an insight... Amazing!" ... written by hazelziggy
Was very quick to answer my question, didn't waste time at all and was very insightful. Highly recommend him to everyone." ... written by mettlwire
Always So amazing and clarifying!! Thank you. " ... written by lovewater
Update read. He gives you details and what you need to know." ... written by marialuis
Thank you Caetano. You gave me the courage to do what I need to do. I am still hoping for the best, but I need respect in my life and need to be loved the way I'm supposed to be. Thank you for your advice always." ... written by mm
Simply amazing reading with cae he is helping me further my personal development. Thank you so much. " ... written by katie
He is awesome!!!" ... written by ashana217
I felt like he completely knew my life story. He has an amazing gift!!" ... written by PiNKY
Fantastic and sooo sooo amazing as always!!! :) Thank you, Caetano!! " ... written by fire
WONDERFUL... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR ADVICE....!" ... written by sankwi
5 STARS!! Amazing reader!! Great energy!" ... written by Princess
AWESOME!!! One of the best on Oranum!!! I sit around waiting for this man to come on for a reason. He's THAT good! He will tell it like it is whether you want to hear it or not, he will tell you what needs to be said, no sugar coating just straight to the point. " ... written by Anastasia
Thank you very much! ;) always the best at oranum! ;) God bless you!! " ... written by fire
Amazing reading!!! Thank you very much for your support - its so important for me!!! :))) God bless you and I wish you the best in your life!! :)))*" ... written by Fire
Best reading I had in a long time! thank you soooo much." ... written by anonymous
Great reader thanks." ... written by Denise
Brilliant." ... written by sankwi
Thank you, I appreciate everything." ... written by sankwi
Hands-down the best psychic on Oranum!!!!!" ... written by Cherries In The Snow
He is amazing!!!!!!" ... written by Ashana217
AMAZINGGG!!!!! I cant even imagine!!!!!! He tells me everything!! Like a best friend!! :-) " ... written by Ashana217
Thanks Caetano. Amazing chat again..." ... written by Hyun
Thank you for your support... yes, you are my best friend. I appreciate that!" ... written by sankwi
Wonderful... thank you so much!" ... written by sankwi
5 Stars!" ... written by unknown
As always I do not have words how amazing his reading is! Thank you for your support and good words! God bless you! :) Much love for you!! :) xx" ... written by fire
Down to earth, positive and right to the point!" ... written by EV
Thank you sooooo much for your honesty and hope. :)" ... written by Rox
THANK YOU MY FRIEND" ... written by sankwi
GREAT GREAT!!!" ... written by unknown
Spectacular as always." ... written by a
Life is so short but you just have to enjoy it the best way you can...bless." ... written by Jaye
He is honestly totally amazingggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't ask for a better person to talk to but him! Hands down best person ever!!" ... written by Ashana
Amazing!!" ... written by Virgo
This man is just amazing, love him!" ... written by Anastasia
Very honest and accurate reading." ... written by Pinky
Good reading! 5 STARS!!" ... written by unknown
Very accurate!" ... written by angie
Update read and he keeps me informed of the status of a situation. It's great he can read other people's minds!" ... written by marialuis
Very helpful and informative" ... written by Lisa M
Great man andamp; great energy, very smart! " ... written by unknown
AWESOME!!!! (:" ... written by Ashana
Lovely update reading! He is the BEST!" ... written by DreamGirl
Caetano is good at giving advice he is honest and clear about things loved the reading thanks again " ... written by marybeth1love
Caetano is simply amazing in his psychic abilities!! He will not sugar coat anything and he will tell it like it is. I thank him immensely for his honesty and his accuracy. He has the ability to read individuals in your life and describe events that happened to a "T" with no information provided to him. He gave me time frames for things that will happen and also provided a time for things to shift in my life. He is the best!!" ... written by Bonnie
Love every reading with Caetano :) Bless you my friend you are always so spot on" ... written by Maria
Wow! What an amazing reading..." ... written by edelaine
Very good and helpful, got me on the right track." ... written by wunjosun
Awesome once again!!!" ... written by Ashana
Great reading, thanks a lot! I'll be back with news!" ... written by bela
Thank you so so much!!! I can't see the situation clearly but I am glad you are able to. I am so thankful to GOD that he had sent you into my life to guide me through my toughest moments and help me find a more clearer and meaningful path to my life. Thank you for all your guidance!" ... written by Patel
God bless him he is very honest and accurate" ... written by sara
Thank you cae for this very informative session." ... written by kreuzen
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS spot on!!!!!! He has never been wrong!!!! I do not know what I would do without him..." ... written by Ashley
He is truly gifted and amazing!!!!! I would talk to him everyday if I could! :-)" ... written by Ashana
Great reading!!" ... written by unknown
Amazing update! I definitely did not like what I heard and it wasn't what I wanted BUT I know in my heart it is the best thing for me. He is the best!" ... written by Seeker1200
The best person on earth" ... written by sara
Great honest readings as always." ... written by sara
Honestly amazing!!!!!!" ... written by Ashu
He is honestly truly amazing! Five stars!" ... written by sunali217
Amazing reading!!! 5 STARS!!!" ... written by DesiGirl
very helpful" ... written by a
You are absolutely amazing and thank you for your help! 5 Stars all the way!" ... written by Princess Jasmine
He is totally amazing as always!" ... written by Ashana Nagi
Thanks so much Mr C!! Your readings are Amazing!! 5 STARS!!!" ... written by HappyDaisy
AMAZING !! I would say the best in the world, he gave me all the answers i needed and I would come back any time, very good reader :)" ... written by Bahareh Rahimi
Honest, accurate and the best person you will ever meet." ... written by sara
God bless him, he is a diamond!" ... written by sara
Love Love Love this MAN!!! He is amazing as always!!!" ... written by LuvButterflies
Put things back into perspective, made things clear and helped me see what I need to focus on, very honest but I value his honesty. " ... written by Henrietta
Thank you for your advice!!" ... written by mm
Great update! 5 STARS all the way!!!" ... written by Butterflies
Thanks Caetano, straight to the point, this man doesn't mess about he's straight into the situation. I will follow your advice, thank you! xxxx I recommend this man, you will not be disappointed." ... written by tamara
Thank you for such a good reading!! I love him so much, everything he says is true!! I will be coming back ASAP." ... written by Bahareh Rahimi
Very good reader!" ... written by a
Great reading. Amazing as always!" ... written by unknown
5 STARS!" ... written by Butterflies
Amazing as always!! (:" ... written by ASh
amazing!" ... written by Ash
Great!" ... written by mendel
He is the angel!! Thank you very much for you help! God bless you!! :* Much love. xx" ... written by Fire
Thank you for your support you are amazing and you are always in my heart! " ... written by fire
Amazing!" ... written by Ashu
5 STARS!" ... written by butterflies
5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Butterflies
Thank you again for your support again!! You are fantastic person thank you! God bless you take care. xxxxx Much love for you. xxx" ... written by fire
He is so helpful!! soo amazing!!! 5 stars" ... written by ashu
Amazing person...would come back to him again and again if and when i can afford it...i teared up talking to him...he hit on all the right places...i am lucky to have spoken to him in pvt. ten million stars...God bless u caetano!" ... written by angelcloud
thanks so much" ... written by S
Wonderful.... amazing as always. Thank you so much for your help." ... written by MARCUS8810
He is amazing!!!!" ... written by ashhh
5 STARS!!" ... written by butter cup
SO amazing and helpful!!! He's laser like and so grounded, clear and honest. Thank you. " ... written by lovewater
God bless him, the best psychics ever." ... written by sara ahmed
He's simply incredible. " ... written by lovewater
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by unknown
Amazing as always, sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself." ... written by gemmie
Amazing!" ... written by unknown
Thumbs up." ... written by elena
I can't thank Mr. C enough, amazing as always!!!" ... written by buttercups
He is amazing once again!!!!" ... written by Ashu
Amazing!!! Thank you very much!!! :) :) :) " ... written by fire
Fantastic person! I like him very much! Best luck for you! :)" ... written by fire
Wow! Great reading, try him out because he is the best!!!" ... written by unknown
Love this man, a great reading once again!!" ... written by buttercups
Thank you Catano! A simply amazing reading! love you xxx" ... written by gemmie
So spot on , as always... love this man! he is the best on this site, only man i truly trust on oranum...please have a reading with him... you will be blown away by his accuracy and his spirit, thank you caetano! xxx" ... written by gemmie
Brilliant reading! Thank you again for your support. ;) You are amazing!!! :) " ... written by fire
Very good reading!" ... written by Antonio
Amazing once again!!!!!!! Five stars always!!!" ... written by ashhh
Thank you for your help again. ;) You are the best on Oranum! :)" ... written by fire
Ceatano - The best psychic on Oranum! ;) he is very accurate and knows everything! I recommend him to everyone! Take care Caetano Best Luck for you! Bye. :)" ... written by fire
Thank you very much for great update wow hoping for changes." ... written by QUEENBEE22
He was on the money" ... written by aretha
He is amazinggggg!!! Super duper amazing!! Five stars all the time!!" ... written by Ashhh
5 STARS!" ... written by unknown
Thank you so much my friend..... The words can't explain enough how much I appreciate it." ... written by sankwi
He is amazing!" ... written by ashu
Caetano is the best...truly amazing reader and person! Thank you Caetano, you are always spot on and detailed in your readings and you are all heart! love you, xoxoxo" ... written by gemmie
Wonderful clear read thanks" ... written by Denisenz
Best of the best....! " ... written by MARCUS8810
I got an accurate reading yet again! Private is for those brave enough for the whole truth lol! This man knows me better than I know myself. I can breathe a sigh of relief, I seemed off track in my thoughts and path and he put me straight back on. Amazing session!" ... written by Lou
Love this MAN, 5 STARS all the way!" ... written by lovebutterflies
5 STARS!" ... written by Diva
Very quick... insightful.... " ... written by bb
Awesome!!!" ... written by ashana217
Great energy!! 5 STARS!" ... written by unknown
Caetano is amazing, he picked up on stuff I never mentioned...I will be" ... written by elledaly24
Wow... Never had a reading like this before. He cut through deep, deep. I don't know what to say about this guy. His advice was really great. I highly recommend. " ... written by Osazee
Fantastic xx" ... written by lacie
He is amazing. always helps me out with my problems thank you so much!! 5 stars all the time!!!" ... written by ashu
Insightful, direct to the point. Great reading." ... written by C
He is a great reader" ... written by humility
5 stars!!! Amazing reading!" ... written by butterfly
5 stars!" ... written by unknown
He is hundred percent amazing! 5 stars!" ... written by ashana217
Very lovely reading, he picked on me fast and i enjoyed the advise he gave me and will be back for a follow-up" ... written by mimi
Always comforting and right on target! I am so grateful for his readings! They have guided me through some very difficult times." ... written by Ash
Always clear and to the point, enjoy every session with him, to the point and uplifting energy!" ... written by Henrietta
My number 1 go to guy. " ... written by Mark
He is always amazing!!!" ... written by ashu
My fav!!! He knows me like no other, and is like a real friend to me. One of the gems on this site!" ... written by Louise
5 STARS rating! Best of the Best!" ... written by Luvbutterflies
He always been great reader. He knew my situation and my past situation also. this was my 3rd reading with him. His words came true. Thank you Caetano for giving great reading. " ... written by Nidhi
He is always right and amazing! Always helps me through my problems! Always hundred percent right!" ... written by ashu
Thank you!" ... written by c
Some of the most valuable advice I've ever received. He's a very special man. Many thanks! " ... written by lovewater
Thank you for an amazing reading! Thank you again! :) You are the best! :) Thanks for your help. :)" ... written by fd
Thank you for everything! you are amazing! :) " ... written by fd
Excellent." ... written by gigaman1978
Thank you so much Caetano!!! You know how much I appreciate you. :-) I will follow your advice. :-) xxxx" ... written by sara
Was so spot on. I didn't have to tell him anything about the relationship or who we were and he picked up on it immediately. I highly recommend him. " ... written by Sarah
Fantastic reading! Thank you for your help! You are always amazing! God bless you :) x" ... written by fd
Thank you Caetano for being with me !!! You are amazing person! And I have never seen a better person than you :) Thank you for help! I recommend him for everyone! ;) God bless you xx" ... written by fd
Amazing! My guide and councillor. Recommend to all - No tools used. Top psychic. A million stars. Lou" ... written by livinginhope
Accurate, picked up on things i wasn't even gonna tell him! he is worth it! trust me! He will give you clear insights readings!" ... written by unknownjourney13
Great reading!" ... written by buttercups
He is amazing!!!!" ... written by ashana217
Thank you so much Caetano :-) " ... written by sara
Oh my gosh, he just read me like a book, he knows what kind of life my parents have and gave me good advice for me not to have the same mistakes. we got cut off even before I got to say thank you. Thank you very much! :)" ... written by angel18wings
Amazing reading!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Love my readings with him!" ... written by unknown
This man ALWAYS knows what he is talking about! He is nothing less than Amazing. Just, Wow. I've been coming to him many times and he is always on point. " ... written by rox
Amazingly good and accurate. Very true in whatever he told me. I will be back for sure. 5 Stars!!!" ... written by Nectar
He is amazing! 5 starss!!" ... written by ashana217
I always enjoy talking to Cae, always accurate and insightful and honest! I could spend hours chatting!" ... written by SUMMA
Brilliant reading! He knows everything about my situation without saying anything! He is top on the Oranum! ;) I highly recommend him! :) God bless you! Take care! :)" ... written by fd
Caetano is truly one of the very best advisors I've ever encountered. He is in a league of his own and has become so valuable to me. He's amazing. Thank you." ... written by lovewater
Thanks so much! 5 STARS!" ... written by buttercup
He gives amazing tips and solutions. I am very excited to try out! Thank you so much! " ... written by lan2013
Brilliant reading! Thanks for your advices, they are amazing! :) Take care!! xxx god bless you! :)" ... written by fd
Thank you so much. It is always help talking to you." ... written by sankwi
Thank you Caetano for yor amazing insight! As usual Caetano talks about the person I asked for like he knows them!! It is very accurate!! Thank you again my friend :-)" ... written by sara
He is amazing as always! Always helps me out with my situations!! 5 Starsss!!" ... written by ashhh
Another insightful reading" ... written by Ashley
Nice reading. Very insightful." ... written by Ashley
He is amazing! I dont have words how fantastic he is! God bless you! :) Lots of love for you!!! " ... written by fd
He is great! Thanks a lot for your support! :) You are amazing! :) Take care xxx" ... written by fd
He is accurate 100%! and i have never seen in my life better than him! :) God bless you! :) xxxxx" ... written by fd
Excellent as always! He deserves 10 stars! :)" ... written by bm
He is brilliant! wow! Thank you Caetano! You are amazing!! God bless you!! :) xxx take care my friend ... best of love ;) " ... written by angelfd
5 STARS all the time!!!" ... written by butterfly
He is hundred percentage awesome. He is always on point and accurate about everything!! I would give him 100 stars if I could!! " ... written by Ashhh
WOW! :) Thank again! I love his readings! He is brilliant! :) xxx God bless you" ... written by fd
5 STARS!" ... written by buttercup
Thank you again! :) He is very kind, honest and wonderful psychic! he connects very quickly! :) thank you for your help! take care :) xx" ... written by fd
Good connection!! Fast and seems accurate! 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
Connected very fast...gave some good sound advice as well. Will provide update. Thanks!" ... written by William
He is just the best of the best! truly wonderful and amazing person. A true guide. Thank you!" ... written by lovewater
Thank you so much. Be blessed." ... written by sankwi
Such great insight! Knows his stuff!" ... written by Ashley
Awesome!!! This psychic is a very sincere and honest reader..He gave me very good and detailed readings. I was very impressed by his readings....Thank you." ... written by MOIZ
Second great reading. Will be back. Love his insights" ... written by Ashley
Phenomenal reading, he is the real deal " ... written by chawks009
Great reading! 5 STARS!!!" ... written by love
Amazing!! Great how he can get into peoples heads and know their thoughts! " ... written by Lou
He is amazing!! Always knows what is going on! He is a very bigg help!!!!! :-) Thank you so much!" ... written by ashana217
Wow... Amazing and accurate! Great reading and advice." ... written by Pinky
Thank you very much Sir, was very quick and to the point without wasting any time. Highly recommended." ... written by mettlwire
He is amazing and really good! Always 100 percent on the dot!" ... written by Ash
He is always right, 5 stars." ... written by debby
I can't get enough of his insights lately. He's been so on point with everything with no details. It's amazing." ... written by Ashley
Love this man! Always on point. He has predicted the man I would meet, and I met him. Now he predicts more with him, I can't wait till it happens. :)" ... written by Anastasia
My guide and friend. I really trust him as he is always spot on, he's a clever man and knows the right path in my complex situation. Other psychics couldn't possibly pick up on what he does! He's Top here!" ... written by L
He's amazing!!! I never go wrong with Caetano! Just amazing. He's always right. " ... written by Roxanne
He truly cares!" ... written by s
Always to the point!" ... written by gigaman1978
He said that I would be getting a signal and indeed it happens. His insight is amazing and knowledge is power. Waiting now for the next prediction to unfold." ... written by Marialuis
He knows me more than I know myself! he is 100 percent accurate all the time. I recommend him!!" ... written by ashhh
He is awesome! 100 percent accurate! 5 stars!" ... written by ash
He is excellent!! First try and he told me everything without to much to tell him =)" ... written by Vanessa V.
Wow. Picked everything 100%" ... written by A
Great Person! I love to talk to him for any spiritual matter. 5 Stars" ... written by Nectar
I love Caetano soooo much. He guides me and gives me a different perspective of things in order to make me think more clear. He is very into the point with anything he tells me. I will keep coming back to him. Worth's more than 5 Stars!" ... written by M..
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by journey13
Very thoughtful, compassionate and honest with his reading. Thank you so much for all your insight." ... written by klew
Great reading!!!! Wow, he is knows soooo much!!! and he just brings up all the signs that spirit has given you in a matter of a minute!!! Such an amazing person! Thank you so much!" ... written by san
Another great reading!" ... written by unknownjourney13
I couldn't believe how much he knew about me. This session we focused more on me personally and some on a situation that I have been dealing with a lot. He just knew so much and I didn't tell him. He had me pegged 100%. " ... written by Ashley
Great reading 5 STARS!" ... written by love
A great adviser always." ... written by zimerili1
GREAT!" ... written by BM
Thank you sir.. Be blessed" ... written by sankwi
Cae Tano is just amazing and such a rare gift. With many many thanks!" ... written by lovewater
Awesome.." ... written by holsten
Thank you so much Caetano, for another brilliant reading :-)" ... written by sara
Caetano is one of my personal favorites here on oranum. I look for certain people on here and he is someone I always go to. He is very precise and certain about what he is talking about. The information he gives you is very helpful advice!" ... written by Sheri19
Talking to CaeTano is like talking to an old friend. He is always so in tune with my situations and has given me so much guidance and wisdom in the past, as well as various predictions that have come to pass already. Now I have returned for his guidance once again, and he has provided me with so much knowledge, along with the confirmation that i'm going on the right path. You are so right Caetano, I need to stop being a doormat and apply myself towards becoming more self-loving no matter what the circumstance. I need to put myself first because I am the most important person in my life. Thank you as well for your predictions, as I am sure that these too will also come to pass as the others did. But it's like you said before, I need to allow it to happen by taking the right measures in life. I'll return again in the future for more of your guidance. Take a chance with him, he really is a diamond in the rough." ... written by S.A.
100% Accurate Felt Really Comfortable!!!!!!!" ... written by Shonte
Love him! Makes me feel calm and he explains me everything with details!" ... written by :) Love
Wow, what a personality. 5 star . Told me things which were so accurate and to the point. MUST try for everyone!" ... written by Bobbin
Thank you God for bringing me to Caetano he is an amazing guy who saved me today. God bless him." ... written by Heart
A great councillor for me. I thank you Caetano as without you id be confused and lost. Your the only person who understands the dynamics. Thanks for always being honest to me. Love talking to you." ... written by L
He is just amazing!! Quite incredible, consistent, wise, exact -- everything we look for in an advisor and more. Thank you so much. " ... written by lovewater
Thanks Caetano... I will update you for certain... you have always been spot on! :)" ... written by elle
Amazing! Just blew my mind. Incredible reading - picked up on so much without a word. Incredible psychic x" ... written by SAL9768
He just grounds me. He is incredibly honest. :) Love him to pieces. :)" ... written by Rox
Brilliant, wonderful, unique, accurate, kind. " ... written by lovewater
Really one of the most amazing advisors anywhere!" ... written by lovewater
Cleared my doubts ...." ... written by pavan
Thank you again! You are fantastic! Love to talk with him all the time...nice and wonderful person...have never seen better than him :) x god bless you." ... written by f
Quick and concise- to the point!" ... written by suresh
Thank you so much! You are fantastic! " ... written by fire
WOW! Thanks again Caetano! You are amazing! 100% correct as always." ... written by f
It was great reading. His answer never changes even if he gave you readings even long time ago. It proves that he is giving accurate readings. In past, He mentioned to me certain things which I wasn't believing but it actually came true. Again, I will wait for his predication to come true. Thank you very much Caetano." ... written by Nidhi
He's been a remarkable guide in a challenging moment of life! Thank you!" ... written by lovewater
I had to come back for more today. He just knows so much and I don't tell him anything." ... written by Ashley
WOW! Thank you again! He is so accurate and very blessed person! It's a pleasure to talk with you each moment! :) =) God bless you! Take care! " ... written by fangel
I'm honoured to be read by one of the best in the world. I thank Caetano for being there for me and giving me what I need. Always a gift from God for me x" ... written by L
He's wonderful and everything was right on spot. He's really good!! Thank you again Caetano. Thank you! " ... written by crystal_x123
Amazing wonderful most helpful advisor! Razor sharp, highly professional, extraordinary. Many thanks!" ... written by lovewater
WOW, WOW, WOW he just surprises me every time. He knew my health had been bad for years...told him I only had a hand injury. He knew of another injury still bothering me. Amazing!" ... written by Ashley
Thank you so much Caetano. You make me feel so much better every time we talk. I will be back for sure. Lots of blessings and 5 stars always!" ... written by :) Love
His amazing energy elevates me above the clouds! Thank you for the inspiration andamp; motivation! You are the best! :) " ... written by f
Thank you again Caetano!!! Love your readings and you were very connected with me today :-)))" ... written by sara
Cae is amazing, friendly and 100% accurate. I will see him again guaranteed!" ... written by Alex
Thank you for your energy its uplifting each times he uplifts my soul into a higher vibration and I feel ecstasy! Thank you:)" ... written by fd
He is awesome as always.. Will take his advise and hope for the best!" ... written by elle
Thank you for such an honest reading and I receive it as it was given. You were right on spot and I appreciate your honesty...thumbs up to you..." ... written by Jean
He is awesome... Awesome.. Awesome... So much insight, unbelievable... " ... written by lacrima
Wonderful reading! Caetano is always on point about me... I don't have to even tell him anything, it's as if he's known me for years. Have a reading with Caetano, you won't be disappointed... He is truly one of the best on Oranum :)" ... written by gemmie
Very insightful into all situations thanks" ... written by Denise
This person has been so helpful and understanding. He told me things which I did not even know about myself. Really accurate and truly a blessing to meet him and get to learn from him. Not my last reading but Must try for everybody out there. You gotta meet him!!" ... written by Bobbin
haven't had a reading with him in awhile and it was great! forgot to mention that in my last reading with him he mentioned that a particular someone would return. i didn't think so and funnily enough after a few months they did! and this was a year ago when we had that reading! thank you!!" ... written by luxxicon
Thank you again, you are special! Right 100%!" ... written by fd
Brilliant as always.... So concise... And sees detail that is unbelievable.. He is so gifted and kind.... Much depth and wisdom and no sugar coating!" ... written by freespiritwave
Thank you Caetano :-) I love talking to you my friend!! Obrigada mais uma vez :-))))" ... written by sara
Best of the best." ... written by gigaman1978
He was soooo on point with pretty much everything even my past as a child. he was very helpful and gave great advise on how to overcome the problem." ... written by Muse
thank you for your wonderful energy! :) i recommend him to everyone! he is right 100% !!!! :) thank you!! :)" ... written by fd
always great and aweome. rihgt on target!!! love him" ... written by bm
he is the best. very ensuring, know my situation well without having me telling me. five stars for cae" ... written by hazelziggy
Your advice matches my heart. I often feel "sad" because I couldn't persuade myself to do what I "feel" as important. I was hooked by some mysterious things. But now, I got it! Your encouragement means much! thank you. I hope to see you again soon..." ... written by lan2013
Wow! thank you again! super reading! :) 100% right thanks xxx" ... written by fd
Thank you very much! you are brilliant as always ;) xxx" ... written by fd
All predictions came true! he is the best guide I have ever had! Thank you so much for everything! :) god bless you! :) xxx" ... written by df
Awesome! 5 STARS" ... written by love
Very good person!" ... written by achour
Thank you so much, I'm stronger because of your help! " ... written by L
Caetano is simply amazing. He's been stunningly accurate with me so far, incredibly professional and caring too. " ... written by lovewater
Awesome" ... written by Ashley
Always is the best and accurate" ... written by gala
He is good! He is always on point!" ... written by ash
5 Star reading. Truly opened up things for me in light. Amazing person and lucky to have his guidance. It's a blessing for me. : )" ... written by Bobbin
wonderful, wise and insightful. Wow wee" ... written by A
Thank you very much! You gave invaluable advice and it feels like you've known me for a long time." ... written by wonderlife
He's great! Been seeing him every now and then and no complaints here. Tells you how it is!" ... written by luxxicon
5 Star as always. Great person to talk to and truly helps you by getting into the situation and telling you the right path to take. Thank You so much xoxo" ... written by Bobbin
Thank you very much! :) god bless you" ... written by df
He's so knowledgeable and full of insight! He helps so much!" ... written by Ashley
he was spot on thank you help me feel loads better about myself " ... written by rachel wrigley
Wow, he is quick, has excellent advice, makes a lot of sense, and knows things he could not... i am very impressed and will be back:)" ... written by Janice75
Right on!" ... written by Kristen
He was spot on and help me with what I have to work on. Thank you so much CaeTano. Now, it's up to me." ... written by Mily
Clear and very helpful read, thanks!" ... written by Denise
Wow! Cae Tano is the real deal... A man you can really trust. He is so tuned in it is scary. I had a reading with him today and he gave me detailed information about my daughter whom he has never met - it was spot on! Thank you Cae Tano for your strength, wisdom and accuracy. You are a godsend! 10 stars :)" ... written by gemmie
He was very accurate and spot on with the situation, I didn't even have to tell him much at all. I highly recommend, he is a great psychic. DEFINITELY GIVE HIM A SHOT!!" ... written by CStu
Very honest and accurate and thanks to him I am about to make the biggest change of my life today." ... written by ng
Omg!! Worth every minute, LOL !!!" ... written by Luv
Great reading 5 Stars!!" ... written by Buttercup
Thank you so much Caetano!! I consider you as a good friend :-)" ... written by sara
Have not had a reading in a long time with Caetano but he ALWAYS knows what he is talking about. This is a brilliant, intutive, caring man who only want you to hear the truth, and the truth he knows! I love coming to Caetano and hes the only psychic on here I know my money is well spent. I am grateful that he truly understand me and knows who I am. Hes the best! Thanks Caetano!" ... written by mini
STRAIGHT AND DIRECT AND FAST. Which I like. Thank you! " ... written by kingpi
Thanks so much Caetano, I really apprecaite that your beautifil accurative advice, You are such a great person." ... written by Happy
5 STARS!!!" ... written by Love
wow. Wow. WOW!! An excellent and extremely accurate reading! He was so fast!!! He connected to my situation in a matter of seconds and was so spot on. Everything he said was 100% true about me, my situation and others involved. He is very direct but gives you honesty laced with love. He is no doubt the real deal! If you want the truth, he is the person you need to see. I feel so hopeful now and I was definitely down before speaking with him. " ... written by AB
He's like talking to a good friend, he's great!!!" ... written by joshua
Very very good reading, predicted I might get someone pregnant. My ex has been freaking out about being pregnant." ... written by Paul
5 STARS, great reading!" ... written by buttercup
Amazing!!! Just kept topping up because he was so spot on with my life. I was really down to start but he is so uplifting and helps you see things clearly. Spot on! Thank you, 5 stars isn't enough! x" ... written by Patient
Great reading with Caetano as usual - filled with beautiful insight. Always a pleasure talking to Caetano, as I come out of any session, confident about my situation and what the future holds. Amazing man and truly cares about your situation. Very passionate and honest, simply a beautiful soul. Caetano is simply the best! Thank you once again!" ... written by mini
He's very accurate!" ... written by Antoinette
He's always amazing and insightful." ... written by Ashley
My guide, my saviour. Top psychic! :) " ... written by L
Thank you Caetano!" ... written by M
He's a wonderful and gifted person and advisor!" ... written by lovewater
He's one of the best of the best if not THE best. " ... written by lovewater
Very direct, honest, great reading. Will leave feedback regarding timelines!" ... written by Skape55
Great reader!" ... written by luxxicon
I had to keep coming back for me today because he was so in tune with me and my situation." ... written by Ashley
He's amazing! He knows so much!" ... written by Ashley
Awesome!" ... written by Ashley
He is very pointed for each question, very insightful, and very caring, have nice heart, friendly good adviser." ... written by happy
A true advisor and professional. A very very gifted person. Many thanks!" ... written by lovewater
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by bm
Awesome!! Try him and he is the best man out here!!" ... written by Prem
5 STARS. Great reader!!" ... written by stars
Wonderful man, so wise and true. He is very accurate." ... written by Alex
Always great talking to caetano! A life saver. Picked up on things no one else would have known. Thank you caetano!" ... written by mini
So excited for his predictions !! 5 stars !! " ... written by Love
Thank you for the help and advice, I feel slowly like I'm getting stronger even if I weary a lot. Worth privates always :)" ... written by l
Fabulous reading, with amazing level of details and understanding of my situation. Tremendous." ... written by Ahz
Thank you very much sir for the update. I highly recommend him as he is very quick and to the point without wasting time and without asking questions." ... written by jerin2000
Really accurate! Good advice!" ... written by Skape55
Always on point, thank you so much care!" ... written by summa
He is always spot on!!! (:" ... written by ash
5 STARS!! Best reader here!" ... written by Love
Fantastic and accurate!" ... written by Skape55
Obrigada Caetano for being there for me!! Caetano is unbelievably accurate in describing my personality and others around me!! Absolutely amazing :-)))" ... written by sara
Always blows my mind. You can't afford not to have a reading with him. He is an angel!" ... written by Ashley
Great reading, 5 STARS!" ... written by Wayne
always great !!!!!!! wonderful, amazing!!!!!!!!!!! ten stars" ... written by bm
One million stars. He means so much to me, and he is such a good person. Lifts you up even when he tells you hard things. Encourages you and has great insight into past, present, and future. Listen to him!" ... written by Ashley
This man has been there for me for so long, he knows me so much, makes me laugh so much! Hes funny, honest, blunt and even though this is a serious private I leave feeling happier!! He gets into the nitty gritty which I need. il show him caetano!! i hope even in yrs to come il come for a visit lol! An amazing man - could listen to him for hours :)" ... written by L
Loved him!" ... written by troysmommy093
THANK YOU! You are sooo talented Caetano and have never steered me wrong. You are gifted and I can't wait to do what I'm suppose to tell you all the good news. :)" ... written by Rox
Nice man who is quick with feedback! " ... written by Renee
Life unfolded and definitely needed guidance from my sage friend. He was there and helped me through and told me what to do and what to expect. " ... written by Ashley
He is very insightful and gave excellent advice. Understood the situation very well. I would read with him again. Thank you Caetano!" ... written by b
This was my 3rd reading with Cae. He is phenomenal. The difference between having a reading with him versus other psychics is the mere fact that he touches on your deepest issues. He tells you what you need to change psychologically to produce the best results within your situation. I trust him and appreciate how efficiently he is able to use his gifts. Not all psychics are able to integrate their own wisdom based off of your own destiny, but I believe that he does this thoroughly. A final note, everything from my last reading with him came true, as I believe they will with this reading. Thank you!" ... written by Virgin
Extremely wonderful. I am very surprised how come he knew everything. Everything he said was 100% accurate. Shocking me. Highly recommended. He doesn't need any tools, and he doesn't waste your time. Very wise very gifted. Sometimes I don't believe physics, but, speechless honestly. He is very kind and confidence in his own reading. Thanks again!" ... written by PIGLETME
OMG OMG OMG.... Is this for real, I cannot believe how intense this reading was and how incredibly accurate. I have been to over 20 readers on this website you are crazy to go to anyone else he is absolutely amazing, the real deal. He knew everything he knew 2 people I was talking about and their personalities down to a T. He knew exactly how the situation unfolded and he knew exactly how I am and my personality, it was mind blowing. I am just so so impressed I cannot believe I didn't discover him sooner. I cannot describe his accuracy I can say 100%!!! He knew what he was talking about, there was no fluff or rambling either. Clear precise words because he was definitely seeing this in his mind. His prediction for me is in may and I have also been told may by other readers so it all fits in perfectly and he has given me the instructions I need to follow in order to make it work. I know it will work. I cannot wait for it to happen. Caetano you are amazing. Every penny well spent with you. " ... written by Senem
I believe I've bought 5 credit packages today because he is that awesome! See my previous comment. It just keeps getting better and better." ... written by Senem
How is it possible that he could be that accurate. Sheer amazing, that's all I can say. He read my life like a storybook, full details and all. I will, for sure, be back many times for updates. Truly don't know what to say other than this will change my life and thank you." ... written by familyhelper
He gave me the comments on how I am to go about things when they happen. I have my time frame for May which has been confirmed by other experts I visited before him so I'm happy he got the same time frame and I know that when this time comes I will be prepared!! " ... written by Scorpinlove
The information just kept piling on and on and it was 100% accurate and things that I know to be true. He was exceptional with his delivery.. no fluff at all. It was straightforward and he did not ramble about anything. He knew exactly what he was talking about and boy was he accurate!! " ... written by Scorpinlove
Awesome!" ... written by Ashley
GRREAT GRRRREEEEAAAATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by bm
Caetano is absolutely amazing, you should definitely give him a try!!! Thank you again...and again...and again :-)))))" ... written by sara
He's honestly the best ever!! SO happy I did this!" ... written by sukhleen
I cannot wait to speak to him again, he is the friendliest most connected reader he really cares about getting his information to you he wants you to be informed and prepared for things to come." ... written by Scorpinlove
A very, very good reading. He is straight to the point and tells you like it is. I would say he is very different than most on here. Well worth it though, you wont regret it." ... written by Sticky
I Cannot express enough how accurate Caetano was regarding myself and partner as people, the situation and how we were. He gave me constructive advice and helped me understand exactly what and why the situation was as it is. I have no doubt I will be returning for a reading he is genuine accurate and caring. Thank you" ... written by sharon
CaeTano is very wonderful. well he not only let you know whats happening but also teach you what to do in order to get what you want. very insightful and he is a great deal ! :)" ... written by Cassandra
Thank you so much! It's amazing how you can give such great analogies and just keep flowing with information without even stopping to think. I feel like I was guided to come and speak to you today and I have no hesitation in coming back for another reading if I need it. Thank you!" ... written by Tammy
Best reading ever! So clear! I really felt like we were in contact. Gave me clear-cut instructions how to handle things. Really comfortable." ... written by Laura
WOW Caetano was truly amazing. This was my first reading with him, I didn't even say anything to him ,a dn he picked up on my situation so accurately and spot on with everything that he said. I'm amazed how much he knew, and he described the person in question to... This guy is truly gifted and knows what hes doing.. He tells you nothing but the truth. He predicted good things for me, so I'm really looking forward to that. He gave great advise and I'll def take his advise and do what he told me to do. I recommend him to everyone. Thank you Caetano, and god bless." ... written by sweet84
3rd reading for today with him!! Keep going back for more hes awesome. I cant explain how good he is.. youre missing out if you dont have a reading with him!! 100 stars. " ... written by Senem
Always the best! Gives phenomenal advice and is spot on with all of his predictions :)" ... written by chawks009
Intutive..Highly recommend!! Connected immediatly" ... written by Bhanu
very quick and professional" ... written by mistymint0728
Another reading with the fabulous Caetano!!! I love him hes the best reader on here hands down 5 stars is too low.. 100 stars for him! I just mentioned a new persons name and he hit all the points for this person too just as he did previously. My update is still on track and so is my timeline so Im looking forward to coming back to Cae and updating him. I also love his delivery. I cant mention this a hundred time but his delivery is excellent!!!! And there are no umms and errs, he speaks with such conviction he knows what hes on about :) " ... written by Senem
Reading was interrupted, but wanted to leave a good reading here because I don't always get the review screen. " ... written by Laura
cae is always calm and give you the best advice, you can trust him with what he said " ... written by Cassandra
Cae is one amazing, unique and incredibly gifted man. I'm so grateful for his guidance, understanding and support in life! Laser sharp!" ... written by lovewater
I trust Caetano's advice and this is why I always come back to him. The best on this site for sure! He is always direct, honest and willing to help." ... written by l
Thanks Caetano, it's wonderful to get updates from you, keeps me on track." ... written by poque
I recommend. Very good reading. Thank you." ... written by m4luk4
He said the timing would be now back in January and things are happening. It was a great reading. I can't wait to see how this all unfolds. Caetano will be with me through it all. Great abilities and truly cares about his clients." ... written by Ashley
Wow!!! I am in awe! What a beautiful reading coming from deep deep down. He knows both of us so well and had great thing to say about our future. What an amazing person Caetano is!!!!!!!" ... written by Mare2013
You know what? I have visited Cae so many times because he is accurate and he is very clear about what he said. He calms me every time when I got panic and worried about my current situation.. :). His prediction came true and now few predictions to go and lets see :) " ... written by Cassandra
5 STARS !! Mr. C is so great, I don't' know how he picks up on things but he is just that amazing!!" ... written by Love
Perfect! Every single time. I love this guy so much. He is the most insightful and sees everything. He's a perfect reader and very accurate and he talks with such conviction. He knows what he sees, you get what he sees and nothing more!" ... written by Senem
He is truly amazing, spot on with every single thing. He gave me great advise, and I'm def going to follow it. He is great. Thank you so much Caetano, and I'll def come back again." ... written by sweet84
Awesome!! Can't get better that this." ... written by bm
He was correct about what he said." ... written by maria
Thank you so much Caetano. I just pray to get my mind on the right path. Thanks so much! " ... written by :) Love
Wow...what an eye opening experience. Caetano, you read me like a book, and new exactly what I had gone through- my whole life, from a child until now. This was an amazing read, and you really hit home for me on so many different levels. You gave me so much to think about! Thank you so much for everything. I will be back!" ... written by hungry hippo
The one and only simply the best in here! I am simply mindblowned by how accurate: no card, no nothing but just the truth Caetano is! What amazes me - I wanna ask a question and he in same moment answers you without me pressing the enter button!!!!!! What else could you get the nut? He is simply the best!" ... written by vasco
it was a deep mind reading session. He said the true things about me and the one I was thinking about. Will implement on what he said and will give updates later on" ... written by Kisshy
wow!!!!" ... written by Mark
I love you Caetano!!!!! truly! thank you for so much that you do for me. You confirm everything so gently and beautifully. xoxoxo" ... written by mdemos
WOW! He is a special psychic! He knows me better than I know myself! :) Wonderful psychic with uplifting energy! :) Thank you x God bless you!!!!!" ... written by fd
He is just best. He know everything... Everything means everything as it is... If he can predict my present so clearly... So I believe what he told me about future will also be going to happen as it is." ... written by malik155
I never thought that I would enjoy this so much. All he said to me is having a sense. Thanks so much!!!" ... written by hanna
Thank you so much Caetano, you made clear things for me! " ... written by Real Love
Very good, caring advices... Can see what is going on... Let see what will happen." ... written by W
I enjoyed this reading so much. Thanks for everything. " ... written by Lynda
The best!!! He's my go to... I waited 3 hours for him whilst he was online because people just swoop in and take him to private. If that's not an indication of his abilities then I don't know what is!!! 100 stars to my Cae tano! " ... written by Senem
Very clear, very informative!!" ... written by Pjsmom
loved the reading with Caetano. No matter what we discuss he always has the right answer. This man is truly blessed and it is always a pleasure talking with him. Predictions came true and everything was on point. Thanks a lot Caetano! If you have not had a reading with him, please do so.... Caetano will know exactly what is going on and what you need." ... written by mini
CaeTano is such a straight shooter! He doesn't waiver from the truth and tells you what you need to know. Clear connection every time. Blessings x" ... written by SAL9768
Thanks so much for the reading. It was a great reading but my keyboard froze and I couldn't respond although I was able to hear you. I will keep you posted." ... written by Melissa
WOW! Thank you for being with me! He is amazing! ;) Caetano is one of the best psychic on Oranum ! He is amazing! Thank you so much! he is wonderful psychic! God bless you! :) xx" ... written by fd
He calms me and gives me good advice. I really needed him today, and he's been there. Full of wisdom and insight into future." ... written by Ashley
Wow! Thanks for talking with me!! :) He is a wonderful psychic! Thank you again for being with me! He is right 100% Thank you !!!:) xxx kisses" ... written by fd
Amazing x 100 ; I don't even need to tell him something, just connects to me and tells me things which are truly I believe are God;s word. Immense respect fr Caetano... ANybody who does think of connecting with him, he will do something really special for you, rejoice your soul. Thank You so much for being there and I hope you do wonders in your life..! " ... written by Bobbin
He's always brilliant. One million stars!" ... written by Ashley
Great as always. He is always on point. A ten star psychic. I have always taken his advice and he is absolutely on target. He is the best of the best." ... written by bm
Great follow up to his earlier advice...things he predicted back in January are happening now." ... written by Ashley
Excellent as always." ... written by AB
I know my prayers got heard when I was in a very dark place a few months ago, i asked God what I needed, knew some kind of councilling but more than that, but felt lost to where to go. Caetano caught my eye and my gut instinct told me, hes really 'it' and iv been right all along! Everything is rolled into one so I don't need anyone else :) nothing is embarrassing to talk about. Hes super great and professional (and fun!)" ... written by lou
Wow !! my first reading with cae tano and it was amazing !! He was able to clear things up on me and my significant other .. I know there always something missing that I needed to know and I feel as if though he gave me great guidance and was able to see things and sense them as how they really are . Thank you so much cae tano may god bless u always !! Will come back !! 10 stars for him u go !! " ... written by meridag22
Truthful, honest and precise answers." ... written by pjgovind
An amazing individual as usual. Always helpful; always has the answers. Thanks CaeTano!" ... written by familyhelper
Cae Tano is one of a kind. Immeasurable wisdom and very blessed. Thank YOU : )" ... written by Bobbin
Very honest and to the point. Excellent and quick connection!" ... written by ZetaTheShiny
Very nice reading. I liked his straightforwardness. He is very kind and i feel he was very correct in his reading on my characteristics. " ... written by leelee32384
He's the best! Always calms me down, always provides clarity." ... written by Laura
Very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Dasha
Great! Straight to the point!" ... written by jstuddard
I came to him in pass with a different user name andamp; he never changes his readings he is such a smart guy and really really insightful. You must get a reading, I have seen too many psychics only a few are good but this guy is more!!!!!!!!!! :):):):)" ... written by gem
Practical. Fast. Good." ... written by Lib
Fantastic reading....looking forward to the future :) Thanks Caetano. " ... written by starz
Thank u for ur advice n reading. " ... written by Linn115
5 stars andamp; counting!! Best man out there!!! " ... written by Love
Wow Caetano is sooo on point with everything!! He told me something that I was thinking career wise and he told me I will get it :)) He is great!!! I'm really happy I got to talk to him… xo" ... written by san
Incredible!! Awesome, love Caetano!!" ... written by Sheri19
Very intuitive, he was so right about my question, personality wise he hit the nail on the head." ... written by Lizzieah
Caetano is the only one I trust here. He will always say the truth no matter if that is what you wanna hear or not. " ... written by Chris
He is the best!!!" ... written by Olivia
He is my new friend." ... written by Angela
Great as usual! :) " ... written by Senem
Caetano - you are the best psychic I have ever seen! He is accurate, professional and gives me accurate predictions each time! :) Thank you ! xxx :) God bless you!! :)" ... written by fd
Cae Tano was wonderful. Answered all of my questions in a timely fashion. Very loving and supportive and you can tell he absolutely cares. very good at opening a space for you to see a realistic reflection of yourself and what your going through.very good at not muddling the waters with too broad of answers. A lovely intuitive." ... written by jaybiird
He was awesome. I waited a long time for this reading and he did not disappoint. It's a very empowering reading. Thank you." ... written by billycomer
Omg!! Words can't even describe how on the money is was !!" ... written by phoenix
AMAZING! He is spot on and insightful. " ... written by Roseanna
5 STARS!!! Great always!!!!!!" ... written by love
Thank you. Good reading." ... written by Ashley
had a follow up general reading, Caetano was spot on, very different from most here on Oranum, really amazing" ... written by kw365kw
wow, Caetano was just exact in his descriptions of people and situations as well as myself- really amazing, " ... written by kw365kw
Awesome and helpful!" ... written by Ashley
Very interesting reading. Gave some very good points. " ... written by kendra
lovely and amazing guy" ... written by lovewater
Awesome, incredible connection!!!" ... written by Mare2013
Caetano is definitely one of the best. Straight to the point. No time wasting. You will be well rewarded by his session." ... written by poque
He is the best ever!!!!" ... written by wow
5 STARS andamp; a million more!!" ... written by LoveStars
Caetano is very good advisor, very helpful, very kind nice person. Highly recommended" ... written by happy
5 STARS!!" ... written by love
very good " ... written by jenny
Superb. Greatest in the world. It's like he's holding my hand and keeping me on the right path. Don't think I'd do this without him, so I'm a happy girl. " ... written by lou
He's got such insight. I needed him today very much. Glad he was there and helped me." ... written by Ashley
This guy was spot on. And what impressed me is that he got the information so quickly. I'm definitely sticking to him. Thank you again my friend." ... written by spice boy1
Was right in everything he said about me. Thank you so every much." ... written by erini
He was spot on about everything and quick and to the point. Didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but gave me the truth!" ... written by Carrie
Very" ... written by happykellygirl
Thank you very much sir for the update. I highly recommend him to everyone was very compassionate and accurate reader." ... written by Jerin2000
It was amazing. He read me like a book. Told me all the things that I have been thinking of... And gave me good guidance what I needed to address." ... written by happykellygirl
Awesome. " ... written by Etta
Fantastic!!!" ... written by Etta
If you want details, you will get it. I get a signal when he says and the insight is uncannily accurate." ... written by marialuis
Caetano has always been excellent in reading energies of anyone!!! 5 stars." ... written by FindingPeace
Much respect to him. He's great." ... written by gem
He is awesome!" ... written by eagle
Came in with a smile, came out with a BIGGER one.. Cant wait to see it all unfold. Thank you so much Caetano, Truly YOU are amazing. I'll keep you posted. Million stars... Highly recommended!!!! " ... written by Wahine
EXCELLENT Reader! Cae has been more "spot-on", than any other psychic I have been to here in Oranum, and I have been to many. You can trust in this man's advise and readings." ... written by Sarah Bashin
Inspiring. " ... written by synapsy
Oh my god, great reader, he's right on everything, he knows a lot about me." ... written by jody
This man is amazing, always a pleasure. " ... written by Dany
Love him.. Oh my god, he's so good. He was amazing with my reading. " ... written by babygirl 721
Absolutely amazing! He connected with me right away and was right on point through out the entire reading. Described me and my situation exactly. He gave me lots of valuable advice. This man is truly gifted and I cannot wait to have many more readings with him." ... written by miachloe120
This is the first reading that I had with Caetano. He blew me away! I have had other readings before, and this man was tops! I will definitely be back!! Truly a great reading,... Thank you so much!" ... written by lee
Always great insight and advice from Caetano!" ... written by Mare2013
5 Stars!! Great reading andamp; great insight!" ... written by StarLight
Always uplifting, inspiring, honest and accurate. Cae Tano is a true master." ... written by Taylor
Lovely reading, very helpful indeed 100% correct and true." ... written by Steph Porter
wonderful to talk to and get great directions. Thank you." ... written by happykellygirl
he is so logical :)" ... written by happykellygirl
WOW! Is all I can say. He picked up my energy immediately and was spot on. He described my personality to a tee and told me exactly what was going on in my situation. He was caring and very informative. I would highly recommend him. I will be talking to him again!" ... written by oceantide
It is always to talk with you Caetano. You are very wise and calming. You can read people immediately. Lots of blessings!" ... written by G
Cae is great. Giving a lot of great advice." ... written by hazelziggy
Thank you my gift from heaven!! kisses :) " ... written by Lou
He's very quick, to the point, and no sugarcoating....he's really good." ... written by Sammy
Truly amazing!" ... written by miachloe120
I have had many readings over the past year on ORANUM, most of which have been helpful. But I can honestly say that I feel Caetano picked up on "me" better than anyone has before and gave advice which was very much needed. Five Stars!!" ... written by Lorie
Fab as ever!!" ... written by holsten
A very good reading, great accuracy and a lot of details. Everything made a lot of sense and I totally understand where Caetano was coming from in regards to reading my relationship. Great reading, great advice, thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
Always great!!" ... written by s
FAB!! " ... written by holsten
Very honest and straight to the point. He will not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. So thankful for this reading." ... written by Raeari
Needed to talk and he's there with answers. ALWAYS!" ... written by Ashley
caetano is straight forward, honest and gave me clarity. thank you so much." ... written by leana
he is very honest and accurate" ... written by neke
I thank you for your readings god bless you .U know about people more then they know about them self" ... written by ora
Caetano is an old friend of mine, he has helped me so much along the way. I love having readings with him because he is serious and sometimes he is funny too. He is really good at what he does! 5 STARS!" ... written by Sun,Moonandamp;Stars
Clear and honest. Quick to the point. No sugar coating." ... written by littlelovely
Thank you so much for your enlightening guidance. You give a lot to think about and for me to work on. I will be sure to follow-up." ... written by Goug007
This reader is 300% real. He went into my soul and he read me. I knew it was accurate because of the things that he told me of which only I have spoken to myself and to God. I love Caetano." ... written by brightsoul84
I love this Guy so Great and accurate wish i had a found him years ago I'm sure my credit card would have appreciated it...try him yourself" ... written by hope
Thank you for the great insight and making me feel better. Was lost in situation and he gave the guidance to come out of it. Thanks again. " ... written by Bhavika
Great." ... written by Laura
Oh thank you so much! I'm feeling happy. :)" ... written by Laura
Very accurate, always straight to the point!" ... written by Skape55
thank you again !" ... written by cat
5 STARS!! Great insight!! Clear readings that get to the root of the problems." ... written by starshine
I felt so much better after talking to him, he used no tools and new my family down to a tee, things i never said he was so on point...i wish i had came to him a while ago..i will return for sure" ... written by hope
Wow, he always amazes me. He knows exactly what to say and how to say it. Hence, why I go to him regularly. Thanks so much Cae tano! " ... written by Rox
The best the best of the best for me in the Oranum till now God bless you Cae tano I will come back to you when i need help ." ... written by ONa
Great as usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No words to describe this man." ... written by bm
Caetano is a great psychic." ... written by Laura
Really, really gifted reader. I cannot give him enough stars!" ... written by Marie
Fantastic reader! OMG!" ... written by Marie
Another Reading. had to continue. gave me advice on my future. instruments how to, ways of thinking, ways of dealing work, family, love, gave me hope and really cared. very exact and Amazing. the first Reading he saw my past and present and now my future. could talk to him all day long :)" ... written by emotions
I have no Words for this mind blowing experience. feels good that someone could see right through me and my past. :) thanks!!" ... written by emotions
I've had several readings with Caetano, and he is wonderful - he speaks clearly and tells it to you straight. And confirmation for him from our last reading - he said I would have contact from someone, and two days after our reading I did. He's a great reader - you won't be disappointed. " ... written by SAL9768
fantastic, looking forward to july, very connected , thank you caetano" ... written by bs
All I can say is WOW! Caetano is truly a God send and without me saying anything to him, he certainly he every answer I had concerning my relationship. " ... written by Srallen
Ran out of time, but he was pretty on point" ... written by Jess
Thank you so much every time i have a reading with you i feel better your the best ." ... written by ora
great and fast. got what I needed and did not go in circles. thank you" ... written by j
Questions answered and yes he sees so many details. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Great, fast in connect and very honest direct reader, willl come back to him again" ... written by veezee
Thank you Caetano once again :-) Love talking to you!!!" ... written by sara
Great insight very accurate no prompting necessary ." ... written by Billie
amazing! much thanks!" ... written by j
very logical reader.... I appreciate his support and guides." ... written by happykellygirl
5 STARS!!! Great reader andamp; one of the best on Oranum!" ... written by Love
Wooooow....Lol....I am absolutely speechless...Words cannot describe how awesome this man is. He is so detailed and descriptive that it is almost unreal. I have never had a reading like this before...I am highly impressed....He deserves all the stars in the universe...((Hugs)) Thanks Caetano!!!" ... written by Ebony
This man helps from the heart! He is honest and really cares about people!" ... written by kat
Another great reading! Caetano always has the right words to make me feel better about my situations. Now I can move forward again and know that everything is fine. Thank you so much again Caetano. God Bless!" ... written by mini
Mr Cae Tano is so great! He picks up on everything!!! He is a very trustworthy person and amazing in every way. I had issues with someone i care about but he told me deep down how that person really feels about me. It was a little painful to hear from Mr. Cae Tano the true feelings of that person. Mr C told me that person never had my best interest in mind from the start. I am glad Mr. C told me the truth about this person. At least I know who to trust and who not to trust." ... written by Luv
True reading, knew stuff without me telling!" ... written by 4happy
Ceatano- you're the best!" ... written by Laura
I feel I'm becoming a changed person thanks to your help. Not saying its been easy or ever is lol, I can get tired out, but know I've always you to be there to hold me up or encourage me. I feel I can always rely on you, (the only man at the moment lol)!!! Thanks for always being honest and letting me know what you can, I think you've gathered I like and need ALL info haha!!! Speak soon when I've more questions to fire at you! ;)" ... written by loulourae
Caetano picked right up my situation. He gave me some good insights about a problem I am having. I understand better what I need to do and why it is happening. I have gone private with Caetano before and as always, would recommend him to anyone on Oranum. He is a gifted man with good abilities offering great insights to difficult situations. Thank you Caetano." ... written by Cleo
Great reader and guidance." ... written by happykellygirl
He's phenomenal." ... written by Laura
Caetano always knows what to say and makes me feel better all the time. " ... written by giggles
To my beautiful wonderful father Caetano, wow, words cannot express how beautiful and inspiring this reading truly captivated my heart and soul... It was like a strong magnetic healing and revelation poured down upon me... Hallelujah... You are my spiritual father and my father from many past lives, I know... Thank you papa... We will keep in touch... Light and Love!!!!!" ... written by Princess Rachel
Amazing always, thank you very much. " ... written by lovewater
FAB!!" ... written by holsten
I do thank you for every thing your doing for me. God bless you." ... written by ora
Wow!! so much detail in my reading today. I love talking to Mr Cae tano he is such a joy and pleasure to speak to. Thanks so much old friend!!! You are simply the best!!" ... written by GreenEyes
Great Reading, Point on and tells nothing but the truth without any sugar coating." ... written by ninadorw2
Great as usual!! He picks up on everything! He is ten stars!!!" ... written by bm
Gr8 always..." ... written by holsten
He was very much on point. I feel that he helped me." ... written by karilu
Thank you" ... written by Lisa Smith
very good reading. hit the nail on the head in every aspect of general reading. strongly recommend. thank you very much" ... written by dale
Holy moly he is definitely connected to the other side. " ... written by Rox
He's amazing. He's the only 1 I trust here for an accurate reading. " ... written by Rox
Wonderful as always! Thank you." ... written by Laura
He is God sent. his honesty is immeasurable. I can just thank God for leading me to him." ... written by ninadorw2
great guy." ... written by happykellygirl
Fantastic " ... written by gigman1978
Many thanks my friend, we'll sort this out together :) Glad I came just knew something wasn't right and you got it! " ... written by L
Thank you so much, Ceatano. I appreciate your kind and loving being and how you work as a highly skilled life coach. I get the big picture and you point out any essential issue. I will definitely be back. Thanks again!" ... written by in_the_making
Straight forward, tells it like it is. Tunes in to you and your issues. Hightly recomend him." ... written by Iris
I have had many readings with Caetano and I need to say the following about him. This man is what I would classify as a very good expert. He sees a situation very precisely and interprets it extremely clearly and then he relays to you the message in a way designed specially for you to understand, another words he talks to your level of intellect. Once again thank you very kindly for your time and effort." ... written by zimerili1
caetano was great! he is one of my regular psychics i go to and i always enjoy his sessions. Great person and straight forward" ... written by Sheri19
he is so accurate and always gives me honest constructive advice, thank you" ... written by sharon
5 stars!" ... written by Starlight
Fantastic reading with Caetano!" ... written by Mario
bang on the mark.....very accurate x" ... written by number33
Simply the best " ... written by gigaman1978
He is very accurate and I give him 10 on 10." ... written by Need2know5
was awesome doesnt waste time and is genuine and really sees things clearly" ... written by daniel
Caetano is ALWAYS great and provides amazing insight :-))) Thank you my friend for all the advices and kind words when I needed them the most!! I truly trust you!! Thank you :-)" ... written by sara
7 stars " ... written by gigaman1978
Wow, that reading made me think. I have to re-examine myself. Thank you Caetano, I loved my reading. " ... written by Sandra
This Guy Amazes me not only with his intuition but with his honesty and wisdom. Thanks so much Cae Tano" ... written by ninadorw2
I Would like to give him five stars for the reading." ... written by HoldingOn12
Very helpful, accurate connects quickly, gets straight to the point, doesn't waist your reading time. Will definitely read with him again. " ... written by HoldingOn12
Awesome " ... written by gigaman1978
excellent caring genuine and quick thank you" ... written by sharon
thank you very much" ... written by happykellygirl
Thank you sooo much Caetano, you were right :-))) I am very happy now and let's see what the future brings :-)))))))))" ... written by sara
I couldn't stop buying credit---Caetano is very well on point and will give you the God honest truth. There's no sugar coating and that what we need the truth. " ... written by Srallen
5 STARS!!! Great reading and very strongly picked up on things!" ... written by stars
caetano has help me so much , I m happy I met this beautiful person if u need help I mean honest help he is the one !" ... written by uptown gir
awesome, awesome" ... written by bm
Excellent.." ... written by Curacao
Caetano is just AMAZING...truly incredible. When you are with him, not only does he have an amazing connection with you, he gives you advice like a family member would. I feel so close to him. Thank you Caetano!" ... written by Mare2013
very helpful and uplifting....tells the truth...highly recommend!!!" ... written by cam
thank you! i had a reading with him a few months ago in regards to this job i've been dying to get and today was my day at the place!" ... written by luxxicon
Great reading!" ... written by ana
He is always straight to the point and HONEST! 5 stars each and every time. No sugar coating, no fluff, no nonsense just truth." ... written by Ari
Right on target, very specific and insightful.... Incredibly helpful! Thank you!" ... written by lvz127
Wow, i mean wow. Instantly picked up on everything and the whole convo was me just saying "yes" bc he knew literally the entire relationship. You have to speak to him." ... written by m
He is so good at advising andamp; wishes just the best for anyone andamp; everyone. I definitely is the best empath in Oranum." ... written by aquavenus
speechless! so accurate! this is the 2nd time I have reading with him. Don't understand how come he can tell things that I never mentioned to him and it was shocking. He can tell everyone in my family's characters and feelings towards me, and it is spot on! How could he know that? Highly recommend! 10 stars +" ... written by PIGLETME
continue 3rd reading with Caetano! very helpful, and we are so connected. It is so funny that, while I was typing, he said the same same wording, unbelievable. he can read people's mind. and he is very gifted and professional, insightful.Thank you again" ... written by PIGLETME
Awesome!!!!!" ... written by Coconut08
Caetano is the best. Always clear, always real, always right." ... written by Laura
Always great readings. " ... written by Ashley
Great reading!! 5 stars + more!! He is the real deal!" ... written by Orangeandamp;Blue
Absolutely fantastic - and very, very helpful!" ... written by Marie
Excellent! Insightful and helpful. Inspired me to try something I didn't think I could do." ... written by Gatorgal
He connected well to me and gave good advice." ... written by Danielle
Awesome" ... written by gigaman1978
As always, the best. What would I do without you?" ... written by Laura
WOW! One of the best of Oranum! :))) great!! :) Thank you! " ... written by fd
great! Thank you! :))) great as always!!! :)" ... written by f
Great, insightful reading. Very accurate." ... written by Milan
He is great! thanks a lot!" ... written by petal
:) thank you" ... written by shira
Great! Thanks!! :) :) :)" ... written by f
FANTASTIC!! Thanks!!! ;) xxx" ... written by fd
I appreciate the great reading I had. This person was warm and caring to me. I know now what path I need to walk on" ... written by sharon baum
He connected very fast and was very direct. Gave some timeframes so I will see what happens." ... written by Rasheedaw
Many many millions of thanks!!" ... written by L
SO ACCURATE" ... written by Sharon
5 STARS!" ... written by rainrain
If lots of clarity is what you need, this is the place!" ... written by Laura
thank you like always !" ... written by cathygriffin00
Thank you for a very good reading. The facts that you gave are very accurate." ... written by Ashwarya
Great guidance as always. Thanks." ... written by Kelly
Thank you so much Caetano!!! As always spot on :-) a great friend!!!" ... written by sara
Great job and perspective on everything. Thanks." ... written by familyhelper
20 star reading. i adore this brilliant man. He is both wise and direct. No time is wasted; he is the real deal." ... written by Freespiritwave2
was once again great and reaffirmed what i thought was the right thing to do :) without me saying anythign btw" ... written by david
wonderful, amazing, connected. love him" ... written by Tiffany
Excellent and helpful!" ... written by Gatorgal
Wonderful, spot on and gave me the encouragement I needed. Best wishes and many Blessings. Thank You" ... written by JP
5 stars all the way amazing so sad it ended to soon . " ... written by madmomo
." ... written by bucholoco
I cannot describe how absolutely incredible my reading just was with Caetano. He described my situation and personalities involved flawlessly. I am so thankful and impressed! A gazillion stars for him!!!! I will definitely be back!!!" ... written by Kelllie
Caetano is one of my favorite person of Oranum! He is clever, kind and honest psychic! I know him for 2 years and he never disappointed me! He is very accurate and I am blessed to have a life guide like Caetano! Caetano thank you for being with me you are a true gift of God! Take care my friend ;) xxx " ... written by fd
Very helpful reading. " ... written by Danielle
Thank you Caetano - you are the best!!!" ... written by me
Caetano was right on! with my issue. Great medium, highly recommended!! thanks Sir! " ... written by Lynda22
Just had a great session with Cae Tano!" ... written by Webyourstuff
Needed more time. He said things I've never told him- blew my mind." ... written by Ashley
Needed an update and he was here. Always good" ... written by Ashley
thanks Cae, great advice as always" ... written by poque
I love your reading to me. Thank you so much for your advice. Your spot on, you nailed most of it. I will talk you again once this come to fruition. Godbless you!" ... written by Alicia
Holy crap! he knows too much about me without me saying a word. he's the real deal. i've been coming to him regularly for months. i am never disappointed. he's been correct many many times. " ... written by Rox
really tuned in . helpful insightful. no fake here." ... written by Angela Williams
I was mind blown with his accuracy. He brought up things that no one could ever know. He hit the nail on the head several times. He told it straight but still gave me hope. This was my first reading with him and I had to add credits because what he was saying was so accurate. You will not be disappointed with a reading with this wonderful person. Thank you Caetano for expressing what I have been through and what I need to do. God bless you." ... written by lws
wonderful as always" ... written by :)
Your my fave confidante :)" ... written by L
5 STARS + more! " ... written by PurpleStar
Caetano is one of the best psychics there is. I am always positively surprised by his abilities and will keep coming back." ... written by Marie
He was fabulous. He knew my issues without me saying a word. I will be back. Very kind man." ... written by donnaI
So spot on and encouraging. Looking forward to what happens next. " ... written by Sharlene
It was truly a pleasure to speak to this man. He can see details very well and he will tell you honestly what he sees and/or does not. I was impressed with how well he gets personalities. Thanks for the reading and I will keep you posted." ... written by Georgia
Very accurate, tuned right into my situation. told me about promises I made to myself many years ago that I never told any one and had forgotten about. Truly helped me focus on what I need to do in order to reach personal goals. Caetano most accurate i've experienced on this website. " ... written by HoldingOn12
Caetano is very clear, detailed, straight-forward, and kind. I really appreciated his insight into my situation. He confirmed many things that I already felt about my present situation. Thank you. " ... written by December
WOW!!!!! 1000 stars...Cae Tano is amazzzzing ...he knows it me..soooo accurate...what a great reader...guys..don't waste your time and him ASAP!" ... written by tasha_j
so nice to get quidance from him" ... written by :)
Caetano is great! Simply great. He can read personalities and situations so clearly and provide wise insights into them. He helps understand the path ahead. Invaluable!" ... written by Lady X
Wow! I just love this man. Talking to him is like he knows me and the person I am talking about like we are family members. Just incredible. Thank you for your support and guideance, Caetano!" ... written by Mare
'thNK U so much caetano your words are fulfilling and have given me clarity, I mist say when I came for a reading I felt lost and desperate but nbow I know how to go about things. thank u so much once again and I will foloow your guidance and have lots of faith" ... written by meridag
Wonderful! As always." ... written by Laura
Caetano has done it again, He is Super Awesome.... Amazing to be exact very accurate in his readings... Don't miss a chance to have a pvt with him . He will leave u speechless...." ... written by Lucy117
I am speechless with Caetano´s reading. Every word resonates with the issue being discussed. I simply love him. Had a difficulty with a new relationship and did not know where to start and he not only read perfectly but also offered brilliant solutions to my current problem. A must if you want the real deal. Blessings my friend Caetano" ... written by Maria
this guy is good" ... written by bucholoco
Cae tano really picked the real me up in his reading. I feel that he really has a true gift. I will take everything he said and use it in my life. I look forward to June thru November because I expect great things to come :) " ... written by Brenda
Spot on as always!!!" ... written by absfab
great guy, honest reading x" ... written by steph porter
Very, good, very perceptive and very intuitive - this reader picked up on a lot that was relative to my situation. Very impressed :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
Very, very perceptive!" ... written by Maria Pritchard
thank you!!" ... written by luxxicon
HE IS AWESOME !!!!! spot on always,, how some one can be that great, he is lovely lovely friend,, thanks for being there." ... written by holsten
he provides a great guidance on my situation. A true life coach! thanks!" ... written by :)
Really needed follow up and it was very informative as always" ... written by Ashley
Caetano you are a beacon of light for me, you always help me out, and I always feel welcome. I trust you completely. Your so amazing :)" ... written by Lou
you have brought so much peace to me. i really didn't know how to feel, I've been very up and down with my emotions but you made me see things very clearly. thank you." ... written by jessica
He was able to do a reading through me for my father. He has my dad and stepmom pegged as far as personality and what is going on. He's wonderful!" ... written by Ashley
I liked the guy for being very honest with me about what he saw, i hands down think he nailed my personality as well as other peoples perfectly well. However as far as predictions go we shall see, i think he seem correct though." ... written by nene johnsson
he's amazing. I've had many readings on Oranum with many talented readers, and he is my all time favorite. He just knows things, and he's so clear about them. I've found them all to be true. so happy that he is here. " ... written by t.
He was really good and genuine. will definately be back for more. thanks x " ... written by Angelight67
One word...WOW!!!. Caetano just blew me away. minimum info and was spot on, it felt like he had seen what i have been through. I will follow his advice and await what is to come. He has certainly lifted my spirits. Thank you Caetano" ... written by Michael
Cae Tano has fantastic clarity and is really helping me see my life lessons. I cannot recommend him highly enough!" ... written by Marie
thank you very much caetano you put my mind at easy" ... written by pepestone1
Wow...he was soooo good! Very connected and in tuned with the situation. Very accurate as well! I will talk to you soon!" ... written by bebe
He is amazing, he knows what promises I made to myself years back. He knows exactly the type of person I am, he also gave great advices. Thank you so much, i feel so comfortable talking to him. I will come back for sure!" ... written by Santhanakon
Thank you Caetano, amazing as usual :-)))" ... written by sara
Hit the spot!" ... written by bucholoco
Outstanding as always....Thanks Caetano....I could talk to you all day.....You are such a wonderful spiritual advisor and soo soo accurate....Amazing....((Hugs)) Xx" ... written by Ebony
Great reading!! Always the BEST!! Real Deal!!!! don't go anywhere else come have a reading with Caetano!!!" ... written by Love
Caetano is the BEST, most loving and kind see'r and teacher. Thanks so much for your help.. HIGHLY RECOMMEND AND APPRECIATE!!! " ... written by Lynda22
dam he is crazy good -- " ... written by olivia
thanks for the reading! I truly appreciate were right on! " ... written by bebe
Caetano is an awesome spiritual advisor. His readings are outstanding....He amazes me every time I read with him. All he needs is a name and birth date to read you, and I mean he reads you like a book (Lol). May God continue to bless you with your amazing gifts. He deserves more than 5 stars....((Hugs)) Xx" ... written by etrott21
He is scary and crazy good ... best i have ever seen on here - worth every penny!" ... written by olivia
Wonderful reading " ... written by gigaman1978
A week to 10 days for better communications n 3 months to be totally ok" ... written by Linn
Awesome" ... written by Ashley
Wow! Wow! WOw!" ... written by Laura
The best. Just, the best!" ... written by Laura
Great as always - will be back for more." ... written by poque
He is excellent, will come back as a therapy for myself. He was right about everything he said. I felt he knew me from other life, something like that. Wow. God bless you, Caetano." ... written by Claire
Excellent and comforting reader! He always provides me with reassurance." ... written by Gatorgal
Wonderful advice. Thank you so much!" ... written by Laura
I must say Caetano is the best here as he even saw what i dreamt and gave me the instructions i needed to open my mind and see the presente situation in the best possible way. You saved me ARE SIMPLY THE BEST IN ORANUM" ... written by reikiana
Needed some clarity and help...he was there" ... written by Ashley
great" ... written by :)
Ceatano's the best. Very clear." ... written by Laura
great reading ... fast connection... no tools" ... written by maxwellsmart66
More solid advice and guidance! Thank you so much for putting things so clearly and helping me see exactly what my heart already tells me I need to do. You have described my situation and both persons involved to a "T". " ... written by December
awesome as usual, he is the best" ... written by bm
He made total sense of a situation that I needed to hear and figure out a long time ago 5 star such a very smart man thank you so very much made me see so much that I needed to see know I understand and feel at peace finally." ... written by Edna
Interesting discussion about past life. I recommended for every one " ... written by gigaman1978
caetano was excellent!! I was feeling all these emotions and I felt the need to speak to him and he did confirm the feelings I had and what I was to do nexr. thank u caetano... I can deff say u are the best!! 10 stars.... !!! god bless" ... written by meridag
Blessed to have spent time with Caetano in private. He is such a beautiful spirit who tells the hardest truths in the kindest way. Very grateful for his guidance . " ... written by spiderlilli
Thank you so much Cae Tano" ... written by :)
Great reading." ... written by Marya
Caetano is my go to confidant. He connects to me instantly and provides all aspects of guidance that just blows my mind how he knows me so well and has never met me. He is that good!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Caetano is very accurate, precise, and succinct. He answered my questions with such ease and clarity. I have a better understanding of how to navigate my relationship and how I can help to improve it. He is clear, confident, insightful, and detailed: a true professional with a wonderful gift of sight. Thank you!!" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you very much for your structured details!" ... written by Telatoa
Greatest EVER!!! true reader , true friend who guides you through every thing ..always ,, thanks " ... written by holsten
Once again ... delivered ... right to the point amazing details and precise knowledge of what is happening. Great man, great friend to have around to watch over you." ... written by maxwellsmart66
5 Stars!! Another great reading!" ... written by starshine
Not sure how he does it but he described my personality to perfection! " ... written by searchinggg
Caetano is the REAL deal! Told me straight! So appreciate it. Wow. He knows his stuff without tools. Will so be back. I cannot thank you enough :)" ... written by Jennifer
he is a very fast typer. gave lots of info in short time. thanks" ... written by m
caetano is spot on!" ... written by crystalrbleu
Caetano have five stars for a good reason... HE is that GOOD!!!! With each reading the information he provides me gets even better than the previous reading. I look forward to the outcome to my situation. God Bless!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Caetano reads clearly and always helps me navigate tough situations. He helps me come to the answers myself and he provides wise counsel. I am always grateful for his readings. He is excellent!" ... written by Gatorgal
Totally amazing and so on point. Just in shock about how right he is. " ... written by crystalgirl2014
Very great reading!" ... written by christina
Great reading with Caetano. I was pleasantly surprised you picked up on a lot that has been going on with me in my life and appreciate your insight!" ... written by cestlavie24
Thanks Cae. Great as usual." ... written by familyhelper
Caetano is an incredibly talented reader and he's helping me more than I can say! Highly recommended!" ... written by Marie
always wonderful. he is truely the best !!!" ... written by t.
I try not to have any opinions.." ... written by irrelevant
good" ... written by bucholoco
Caetano is simply the best! Thank you, thank you!" ... written by Laura
Thank you again Caetano for you advice. I am really sad about my daughter. I dont know what to do. to get on contact with my daughter. But hopefully someday I will see her again. Thank you so much for your reading tonight. Awesome!!" ... written by Alicia
Caetano was extremely accurate and compassionate throughout the reading. He" ... written by RomneyUCLA
good reading. thank you" ... written by claire
Very clear, honest advice, and I hope to see you again. " ... written by Lan2014
Caetano is the most accurate reader ever, and gives good honest feedback. I'm not joking when I said accurate. He can tell you about your life 100% right." ... written by Milan
I started coming to Caetano a week ago and I have seen such a difference in my self esteem and energy because of his guidance and how he picks up on the emotions of others involved in the situation. I strongly suggest having a reading because you will not be disappointed with the outcome. Everything is falling into place and I look forward to the completion. Thank you so much for always being there" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Ty for the reading. wonderful." ... written by Jeanette
Brilliant man with brilliant gifts, no sugar coating goes right down to the point no holding back anything. I am so pleased to have met Caetano." ... written by maxwellsmart66
great guy" ... written by :)
As always, the best!" ... written by Laura
love him! he's amazing!" ... written by Skier8001
Always a pleasure. He tunes in right away and provides clarity and guidance to the situation. Never sugar coating, always tells you how it is. As always, 5 stars!" ... written by Tania
Thank you for making me feel a bit better :-)))" ... written by sara
thank you....i will take your advice and keep you posted..." ... written by wioletta
Best of the best " ... written by gigaman1978
He was extremely accurate and compassionate during the reading. He knew my" ... written by RomneyUCLA
Oh my friend, you are very wise and honest and you tell it straight. I know the future is very fluid and I want it all to be set in stone. I just want to move past this very rough patch with him just so that I can know we will be ok and move forward to better times. I think you are an amazing man and really connect well. Talk soon." ... written by Georgia
Much appreciated - very illuminating and supportive." ... written by sunflowersun
Very great psychic. Strait to the point! " ... written by marissaroman3
he is so spot on for everything so accurate." ... written by ona
Very accurate, great reading." ... written by Milan
wonderful! always honest, and helpful!!" ... written by phinoex
Spot on.... After each reading I am left impressed." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Fast and accurate. Thank you :) It was great" ... written by Cloie
did an amazing job and very accurate regarding details about me thank you so very much for your gift. " ... written by joboffer
amazing as always :)" ... written by t.
Lots of confirmations and affirmations of my life 360 degrees when I asked only 1 question about my business...the info coming thru during the reading is pointing directly at what I need to see and fix in my current life, and I was totally wowed by the experience!!! Really great! ty!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
Thanks, Love and value you and your continued support. Il always come to you. 5 stars" ... written by loulourae
The best." ... written by Laura
Great as always!!" ... written by bm
Brilliant as always... " ... written by maxwellsmart66
I can't give enough words to describe how great my readings are with caetano.. he sees everything.. health, emotional issues, the other person you are dealing with, He sees it ALL !! and noo sugar coating, but is so compassionate and helpfull.. He's like a perfect Father to me. Thank you Caetano... will be back again soon! " ... written by Lynda22
Great reading" ... written by Laura
To the point " ... written by gigaman1978
didnt finish reading brb" ... written by adriane
Brilliant.... love Cae Tano for his guidance...." ... written by maxwellsmart66
really great hit the nail on the head brought up alot of things to explain the circumtances now . really good and honest i understand why he gets alot of readings . going to follow his guidance and lok forward to the next part of my life " ... written by adriane
Great as always! Thank you =D and love readings with you! great psychic and VERY accurate! god bless you xx" ... written by f
Very accurate reading, warm person!" ... written by Milan
What a relief to have someone like you to call on when I need your help!!" ... written by Laura
One of the bets psychics I have ever seen.. Bets of luck for you my friend" ... written by Fire_Diva
Great Psychic with amazing abilities.Thank you for your time and support!" ... written by Fire_Diva
Thank you for the reading :) " ... written by Marcin
very well connected, he knew my situation perfectly" ... written by Ashley
Thank you so much!!! You were so helpful and I truly appreciate it!" ... written by ladyseeking
Speechless, unbelievable, and he delivers. Slack, down ... score....." ... written by maxwellsmart66
wow he tapped quickly into the situation...told me what i didnt want to here...but totally read the situation the way it was.." ... written by k
Caetano is the best there is on Oranum." ... written by Laura
Caetano is very helpful and insightful. My readings with him are always positive and beneficial." ... written by AJ
Love him....cant say anothing more!!!" ... written by Mare
Amazing reading!! Caetano connected so well with my issues and abilities, had some very inspiring ideas and solutions to help me. He is One of a Kind, compassionate and sees the truth!! " ... written by Lynda22
That chat helped me alo, so thank you once again, awesome x" ... written by L
<" ... written by L
beautiful person x" ... written by L
This guy was just amazing he knew everything about me and could not have been more accurate if he had wanted to, thanks so much for your honest and good advice will be back for sure" ... written by sky456A
As always Cae Tano has delivered a brilliant reading. Thank you ... you are amazing" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Very good reader, picks up on things very quickly, could read me very well. Feel at ease now." ... written by Anne
An inspiration. Thank you so much for the clarity. The truth resonates in your soul and every word you say rings true. Love and light to you xx" ... written by Patient
very good" ... written by mark
Caetano, you are so spot on. 5 stars to you for your accuracy, honesty and within timeframe, so much INFO you shared. Highly recommend Cae Tano, his predictions are so true. No need to give any Info prior, he will tell you everything. Very spot on. Worth talking to him. Your the number 1 psychic." ... written by reenu70
Thanks for putting up with me! I know im like a child with my questions haha!!! Thanks caetano! (I hate u keeping secrets from me lol) :) " ... written by L
Than you so much for the reading. Spot on and straight to the point. " ... written by Anonymous
Brilliant! Brilliant! Thank you my friend" ... written by maxwellsmart66
I am astounded ! He told me exactly what was happening in my life without me telling him anything! Thank you so much for the guidance and the clarity. I strongly recommend him !" ... written by starry samina
Cae Tano has a sixth sense and is always right on with his analysis. I follow his advice even if I don't understand it at the time, and it usually works out exactly as he says. Recommended." ... written by Ray Kleiner
Honest, accurate reading. Best on Oranum." ... written by Milan
Spot on! Great reading on my personality and characteristics. Really impressed. And accurately re confirmed answers." ... written by Lotus
Mr C is awesome! He has can read into things so well, best one here!" ... written by starshine
He told me what I needed to hear, which is different from telling what you want to hear. What he said made perfect sense to me. Happy I spoke with him. " ... written by Wulfwyn
A friend in a time of need. Caetano helped me put things in perspective. He is a wonderful and caring psychic advisor." ... written by AJ
Caetano is powerful reader with a good heart. The best combo!" ... written by C.T
5 star reading, no tools he knew everything about my situation before and gave any information. He also gave me a lot hope. Would definitely recommend this kind man" ... written by valerie
great psychic!! thanks!! :)" ... written by f
Ceatano is wonderful. " ... written by Laura
great reading thanks very much =D =D Thank you for your help!! :) best wishes.. very accurate and connects in 1 second!!!" ... written by fdiv
As always Cae Tano has given a great reading in answering all the questions and knowing how this is coming together." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Awesome and read me like a book" ... written by Tuna
A wonderful human being so honest and kind. A real helper and angel of life. I don't have words to thank him. God bless you always" ... written by ruuchi
oranum's best!!!! Caetano is a great reader and a great friend to talk to and there to clear your confusion and put it at ease. Love him!!!!!!!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
His predictions were right, and he is so deep touched on things only i would know" ... written by Tuna
Great chat! Always spot on! Thank you so much Caetano!" ... written by Flygirl
great, on point, very helpful, cant wait to continue what we discussed" ... written by cali
Always come to Caetano for clarity...thank you :-)" ... written by Mare
My second reading. How did he know so much with so little info given? He is kind and helped me tremendously to understand my situation. Thank you Cae Tano. Highly recommend." ... written by C.T
Caetano never disappoints and always amazes me! He just picks up everything so effortlessly but understands the emotion and complications behind my questions. He really reads me to a T." ... written by Megan T
good " ... written by jenny
asked about two guys and he gave me really good insight into both of them as people. what i love about caetano is that he wasnt telling me who to choose, bc ultimately that choice is mine to make, but helped break down their personalities side by side to help me with my choice" ... written by m
Cae is great! Love talking to him. He really knows what he's talking about." ... written by lisa
beautiful reading again.... kind man with wonderful gifts to offer to give confirmation of what someone is feeling." ... written by maxwellsmart66
FAB! no words.." ... written by holsten
i JUST LOVE HIM - SO DEAD ON" ... written by Olivia Black
Fantastic reading, Caetano always says the right things for me. He gets to the root of the issues, by connecting so well and gives great solutions and advice when needed. Will be back soon for more updates. Thanks so much, my teacher and friend! " ... written by Lynda22
5 STARS!! An amazing reader!! Try him out for yourself!" ... written by Starstar
OH WOW!!! I LOVE THIS GUY!! WHAT A POWERFUL reader.. I'm speechless ... pls ppl get reading with him he is ...THE BEST!!...I CANT BELIEVE he knw everything about me... my whole LIFE, MY SECRETS, MY PLANS, MY FAMILY WOW no one knows this...I gave him no info... he picks up the thoughts of anyone you ask about and I had many readings here on Oranum I can compare them all and to me he is by far BEST most accurate....*************" ... written by elle11
10 stars ********** ++++++ Caring and kind and delivers ********* " ... written by maxwellsmart66
great, thanks!" ... written by familyhelper
Caetano is very wise and very knowing. His advice is amazing and very spot-on. I am so glad he was online today! I know now what I need to do. Thanks!" ... written by Me
He was absolutely spot on with everything. amazing." ... written by Suzanne
100 ************* AND MORE!!!!! WONDERFUL" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Very compassionate reader, very caring." ... written by Milan
AMAZING AS ALWAYS... 100 Stars!!!! " ... written by Wahine
AMAZING!!!! ***** Each reading gets more indepth and to the point where the happiness is right there. Love Cae Tano" ... written by maxwellsmart66
He is very nice and he picked up on a lot things about my health that was true. I will let you know soon if the thing he predicted come to pass." ... written by Lanneice
Very happy with the reading although the time went too quickly." ... written by Gwen
oh, awesome guy, so many details and clarity i got from this guy, omg...." ... written by beauty in and out
absolutely awesome, straight to the point....omg..." ... written by awesome
Excellent!" ... written by aj
Very precise and very dead on. He is totally accurate on my situation, personalities involved, and the possible outcomes. Reading was a bit sad but it was very true and falls in line with the ongoing events. " ... written by Lea
Caetano ROCKS... SIMPLY THE BEST *********************" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Don't know how someone can be that amazing, but Caetano is. Thanks so much! " ... written by familyhelper
good" ... written by shanaz
He do not waste my time!and very fast not longwinded he reads my mind like WOOOOOOW" ... written by shnaz abdul
Fabulous!!!!! Caetano has nailed it again right down to the emotions of how I feel and how the other person of interest feels. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
Excellent, one of the best readings ever." ... written by Tweety
Extraordinary again.... Brilliant man with truly brilliant gifts." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Cae is just phenomenal!" ... written by Laura
Always great to talk to him" ... written by Tuna
I love the way he works ! kind and loving ! thank you " ... written by excited
Caetano was a great person to talk to. He helped me understand immediately how people have treated me and how I have been treating myself in this life. He helped me understand things about myself that I need to change and things I need to pursue. He gave me answers I was looking for that I could not find anywhere else. Not from friends, research or my own instinct. He helped clarify my current situation and bring truth to light. He even brought up my past and helped me see how my childhood had affected my behavior, and led me to certain situations. He was the right person to talk to, and I am thankful that he brought me clarity and truth." ... written by Al
God Bless Cae Tano for being my friend and advisor. Your constant connection in the situation is consistant and accurate. Each time things are getting better and better and better. 1000000 **************" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Cae Tano is a wonderful reader. beautiful person, very insightful reading." ... written by hopeforhapiness
Simply great :D " ... written by gigaman1978
Twice in one day! Has guided me into a positive and loving person with a wonderful excited ending. Always amazes me" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Milan
CAE is very compassionate and so insightful. He really connects and digs in to the root of things. His support is enduring. " ... written by Lotus
Simply the best." ... written by Laura
Very clear and straight to the point. Always helpful." ... written by Jan
So Honest." ... written by :)
Always there for me and gets right down to the point. Amazing man." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Weeks later but he is so connected with the situation and the people in it!!! Amazing! 5 Stars!!!!!!" ... written by Star Star andamp; Butterflies
One simple word.... WONDERFUL!!!!!! Oranum's finest!!!!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Always delivers a great reading. Direct and to the point." ... written by maxwellsmart66
I enjoyed my short reading with Cae who is wise and straightforward." ... written by c. peaches
Thank you again dear Caetano!!! Always one of my favourites in oranum, and for a very long time :-))))) Great advice by the way!!! xxx" ... written by sara
SIMPLY THE BEST !!!!!! " ... written by maxwellsmart66
Thanks for the update, much loved Caetano! xo" ... written by Mare
Caetano is a wonderful reader. He really knows what he is talking about when he describes people. He is kind and gave me some good advice. The present makes perfect sense. Can't wait to see what the future brings. Thank you Caetano!" ... written by Didi
I always come back to Caetano cause he is the best! Always spot on! Excited to see how his predictions come to pass!" ... written by Jennifer
Wow, a real powerful reading with Caetano. Really good advice and he was very accurate as to how the relationship has been and how to make improvements to it. Really a great reading and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you my friend, I will keep you updated and come back when I need help." ... written by Jennifer
Very accurate and insightful." ... written by Milan
I am a person who needs answers and truth. Cae Tano tells me what I need to know to move forward with my life and not get stuck in the past or the present. He tells me the truth of who I am and who others are, their effect on me, and my effect on them." ... written by A
My fabulous friend, theres gotta be some closest to Heaven and your one :) Your like a father I need x" ... written by Lou
WOW! great reading! Thank you so much for your support! best luck andamp; wishes for you ;) take care xxx" ... written by div
Great! Thanks very much! :)) great psychic" ... written by f
Caetano is brilliant with a zillion stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
;) Wonderful psychic and thanks for the reading it was great! :) take care xxxx " ... written by fdiv
he was very good. he gave lots of details. he typed fast too. he was very insightful and also gave many useful suggestions. recommended." ... written by bak
excellent reading! reading for the first time! impressed! must try!" ... written by mallika
As ever Cae Tano is like a rock you can lean on anytime. He has been very helpful in guiding me through tricky waters and I appreciate his advice when I need it, he is always there. Its a gift." ... written by Ray Kleiner
he was really good said a lot of things that made sense gutted about my credit, had so much more to ask thank u tammyk" ... written by tammy
Great as always ... guides me to see the meaning to everything happening and confirms that all is fitting into place. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
Love him love him love him!" ... written by Laura
Caetano is so very wise. He knows your true nature and guides with gentle kindness and deep wisdom. Truly wonderful!" ... written by Lady X
incredible. " ... written by tom
Always amazing!! Thank you Caetano once again for being here when I need you :-)))" ... written by sara
Very Accurate, great reading!" ... written by Milan
7 stars " ... written by gigaman1978
Spot on as last time. Much hope revealed. Thanks" ... written by in_the_making
WOW wonderful reading! You inspired me a lot Caetano! Great reading like never before! Thank you :) xxxx God bless you" ... written by f
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Great update, great man with wisdom and full of knowledge." ... written by maxwellsmart66
He is awesome, connects with me fast and accurate on everything he says and always gives great advice." ... written by danielle
Amazing as usual. " ... written by tom
The absolute best." ... written by Laura
I am so happy I came to you today! Thank you so very much for your guidance. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
i took my second reading from him..and he blew my mind by his accuracy! one would act stupid by not trying him! he connects too fast with great accuracy! I give me 5 stars! i will def. come bak for another reading..hes one of the best on oranaum! give him a try! whatever he said abt me was 101 percent true." ... written by malllika the situation accurately, and told me exactly what I needed to hear to gain some clarity to a situation. Highly will be blown away." ... written by Robyn
Very compassionate, accurate reader. " ... written by Milan
thank you for your kind help. god bless." ... written by mt
There are no words that can describe each reading and update with Caetano. Each one gets better and better. Wise man" ... written by maxwellsmart66
very accruate. very gifted. everytime when i go to him i have answer. Thank you very much Caetano. Worth 100 stars" ... written by PIGLETME
God Bless You Caetano! Always there for me" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Caetano has become my go to psychic / friend to get all the information and advise that I need. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
very interesting!" ... written by Adrien
Very straight and true talk! Thank you!" ... written by C
Caetano is always spot on!!!!!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
awesome, no words cant express how great this man is..he is beyond great!!! I can truly say he is my friend" ... written by BM
absolutely dead on about the situation and all parties involved - didn't have to tell him anything. also had such a patient and honest approach. didn't sugar coat - didn't try to say just enough to keep you coming back. Thank you so much" ... written by Holly
Thank you so much as usual! He literally digs in your soul and pulls the truth out. Thank you so much for insight. Please give him a try... you will not be disappointed. " ... written by Rox
Very accurate!" ... written by Milan
Great reader. Amazing!" ... written by familyhelper
best way to start a day is a talk with you! you made me much more relived :)" ... written by LULUALS
Nothing short of amazing! Thank you for sharing your gift of insight and knowledge with us. It is absolutely life-changing. Thank you so much." ... written by familyhelper
good honest read!" ... written by ashley
Caetano has always been there for me for the last two months giving me the courage, the confidence the belief and I see a positive change in my life. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
5 STARS! " ... written by butterfly
im trying for the last 5 minutes to find words to describe a reading with caetano, and all i can think of is amazing." ... written by Carlos
Caetano was awesome! He is one of my top favorites i choose when it comes to a private reading. During our private session he is straight forward and to the point,there is no time being wasted when you put your money towards Caetano!" ... written by Sheri19
Omg, he is absolutely great! He completely understood the situation, in a detailed way. It was as if he has known about this situation which I have been experiencing over the past 12 months. He had some great insight, and I will try to take his advice! Thanks! " ... written by peachrose
very inspiring reader." ... written by Milan
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
If you want to know what someone is all about then go to this guy! He knows everything and uses no tools!" ... written by Sarah
Wow. He is amazing. Telling truth about me. worthful reading!! I hope his predictions will come true...." ... written by sara
Great read. Always supportive and insightful." ... written by Lotus
dead on accuracy" ... written by Jackie
SIMPLE..... THE BEST!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
very accurate, very special help for me spiritual matters are so easy for him to explain. God bless. " ... written by mt
Thank you, dear Caetano " ... written by Nare
He gave me really amazing advice! hit the nail on the head with everything..described the situation in detail..and was refreshing to speak with..he is really good and i would highly recommend anyone who is looking for some answers to have a reading with wont be disappointed! " ... written by cee
holy cow! very eye opening. Definitely one of the best on oranum! " ... written by S
Yet again Caetano has delivered another amazing reading!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
wow--- you are truly amazing...thank you so much!" ... written by ash
Great reading, he could tune into exactly how i was feeling and even connected into past issues. Will definitely come back for a reading. " ... written by Halo
absolutely awesome - right on " ... written by laura
Thanks. Rough, but worth it." ... written by Laura
OMG sooooooo helpful .. great advice. tells u so much abt ur self and helps u in every situation.. plz do visit" ... written by preeti-Gurpreet kaur
I can't say enough about Caetano! He is the only psychic I go to. He is insanely accurate. All I can say is try him you won't be disappointed. " ... written by Rox
5 STARS! Most amazing Psychic in the WORLD!!! Please, Check him out!!" ... written by Luvbutterfly
Thank you so much Caetano :) You made me feel so good. I appreciate all your positive energy and the uplifting reading. 5 stars!" ... written by G
fast!" ... written by angelc.
wow he is truly amazing...thank you so mcuh!" ... written by ash
Very accurate and compassionate reader" ... written by Milan
Thank you - you gave me a much clearer understanding of the situation and what direction it needs to go. Excellent reading!!!" ... written by Julie
A true messenger of god, no mistake here. Bless you" ... written by mnt1446
Always caring, always there, always delivers!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
wonderful gifted reader as always" ... written by mnt1446
Very intuitive and compassionate. Uplifting reading that felt very personal and inspiring. Highly recommended." ... written by Robyn
Great, accurate reading!" ... written by Milan
Picked up right away my situation." ... written by louise bougie
Always wonderful and accurate and with the right guidance." ... written by Laura
Will always help me without any hesitation. " ... written by mnt1446
Caetano is my guardian angel.... always watching and setting the words straight. God Bless for having you Caetano by my side." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Thanks for the quick update my best guide x" ... written by L
Caetano is not only an incredible psychic who is deeply connected, he is a invaluable counselor. I am so grateful to have him to come to. " ... written by tom
Caetano is one of the most talented psychics I have ever come across. He sees things very clearly and is wonderful in helping me see my life lessons clearer." ... written by Marie
thank you for being kind and giving me hope. " ... written by mnt1446
Thank you for your support...I hope I can overcome this hard time. I will be back to let you know. " ... written by Lan2013
He is very helpful, and give practical advices. I enjoy reading. " ... written by Lan2013
caetano has help me in so many ways , he is the only psychic on this site that truly wants what is best for you ! 100 %accurate ! 100 % truthful!" ... written by waterflower
Thank you again Caetano!! " ... written by sara
I had a general reading, it made sense." ... written by martyna
Caetano thank you as always I enjoy our time together where you can confirm my situation and what is going on. I always look forward to hearing from you and always amazed at how caring you are and accurate in describing the days event even without me telling you. God Bless You!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
great guide, pure spirit, very wise, a sage!" ... written by angelc.
great reading thank you for help! :) he is awesome! :) =)))) god bless you" ... written by f
I love Caetano's readings, he touches upon every aspect of a situation, is very clear and very fast...and what he says comes true everytime" ... written by kw
Good - he can connect to me fast!" ... written by Lan2013
Great advice - I'm looking forward to diving into the meditation and yoga. Our next stop will be getting that empathy under control :) Namaste" ... written by Holly
Your still the best guide ever. Enjoyed our relaxing chat, good to cover what I need. I always leave feeling on the right path :) " ... written by loulourae
Wow I can depend on Caetano. He is like my big brother, I ask hime an advice all the time and he always give me a direct answer. Thank you sir for your guidance and for giving extra credit, you are such a good human being. Thank you so much for being there for me. Alice(magandamama)" ... written by Alicia
He's one of the best psychics on oranum! he is too accurate and to the" ... written by mallika16
Very clear.. Knows what he says... Thank you..." ... written by rishi ankita
Very accurate and supportive." ... written by MIlan
A great life mentor. I trust his insight more than anyone I know." ... written by Al
Cae was so incredible. He was compassionate, accurate and gave me such hope during a difficult time. you must meet him." ... written by sonia
Caetano is great. he predicted my job back in March to come in June and he was right! I wasn't so happy to wait but he was spot on about the timing and it was worth the wait just as he said it would. he is very fast and concise too." ... written by kw
very helpful advice and tips" ... written by Amista
Caetano thank you again for giving me all the wisdom to my life. " ... written by maxwellsmart
Cae gives you a lot to think about and hits on so many points. I enjoy his readings and his advice. Thank you. :)" ... written by Lisa
Very compassionate and accurate reader. Best on Oranum." ... written by Milan
Words cannot describe Caetano...he is a highly intelligent, highly gifted man with lots of warmth and care for his clients. He is a top psychic and counsellor wrapped up in one. A true gem! Thanks, Caetano!" ... written by Mare
very on target and encouraging" ... written by Dominique
he gives lots of information and he is very strong psychic! actually, i have never seen better than him in my life! the best psychic!! :) thanks " ... written by f
Great reading! Awesome job!" ... written by Milan
thank you for helping me understand the purpose. God bless you" ... written by mnt1446
Caetano you are my ROCK!!!!! " ... written by maxwellsmart66
Cae is amazingly intuitive, and just really understands the situation. Perhaps he understands life and is very empathic. I highly recommend him --- well worth the money!" ... written by peachrose
5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!! Great reading andamp; wonderful reader! " ... written by Love
he knows me well.. gives me the best insight " ... written by olivia
wonderful , clear and has such great advice ." ... written by sonia
Amazing as always. direct and to the point. always delivers with such a quick connection and with such at ease. Love him" ... written by maxwellsmart66
great reading" ... written by Milan
Cae was very accurate and remembers names dates just incredible with his compassion and advice. mega stars" ... written by sonia
Cae was incredibly comforting. He was such an accurate vision that it takes you back and makes you feel confident. Great super reading. " ... written by sonia
5 Stars andamp; A Great reader!" ... written by Love
Very accurate and good reading." ... written by Milan
thankkkk you!! :D" ... written by unknownjourney
Very fast, very clear. Felt spot on, will see if it comes to pass. " ... written by Alyssa
I love my caetano my number 1 :) " ... written by L
thank you so much for clearing my confusion, and being so supportive. " ... written by mnt1446
Wow this guy was spot on! I really like this guy. Amazing!" ... written by sunshine
Caetano has always been there for me from our first reading and continues to be there each and every day. Thank you my friend." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Thank you - you were so kind and explained things very well. Appreciated your candor." ... written by Angela
OMG!!! Cae tano was extremely super accurate. He can feel your soul... OMG. He was excellent; I don't have more words to describe how accurate he was on his reading. Truly gifted, 100% recommended. " ... written by Super_angel
He was very helpful and honest with me. I cherished my time being with him. He is very gifted in his talents and look forward to seeing him every chance i get! 5 stars." ... written by Sheri19
Thank you for helping." ... written by mnt1446
ALWAYS STRAIGHTFORWARD Caetano .. MILLION stars for you... definitely a great gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well recommended without doubt. :)" ... written by meridag
One of his predictions just came to pass, in less than 2 days of being revealed to me! Shocking but blessed!! :)" ... written by Rai
I'm completely sincere in saying that Caetano blew me away with the depth of detail he was able to see during my reading. It was as if he had known me all my life, through and through. Knew my thoughts, and wishes, and promises I made to myself. He brought up the most important things I needed to know going forward, and provided me with some life-changing information. " ... written by Ahz
THE BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTT reading ever an so accurate rite on the paper an will guide u through everything.. will always come back to him..." ... written by preeti-Gurpreet kaur
Thank you Caetano!! Amazing as usual :-)))" ... written by sara
Caetano is my guardian angel sent from above. He watches me and looks after me. God Bless you my friend." ... written by maxwellsmart66
you want someone to connect to YOUR soul ? he is the one !" ... written by waterflower
I needed another update because things are getting better and better and better. Thank you...." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Great Read! Always so positive and supportive. Thanks!" ... written by Lotus
Wow! Accurate, Accurate, Accurate!! Love Caetano. He gives it to you straight. I admit, he said what I didn't want to hear exactly but he helps you to interpret WHY things happen and WHY its for YOUR greater good. One door closes another one opens but for valid reasons. This man is blessed and has a great gift. He's a great psychic with a nice touch of a life coach to top it off. I highly recommend him. " ... written by Jand777
outstanding as always!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
thanks again for the spiritual insight" ... written by mnt1446
He's great. Contacted him again for more insight. He's just one of a kind." ... written by Jand777
Holy cow, this man is awesome- I am amazed at his accuracy. He definitely guided me very accurately through my personality, situations, and helped to identify a solution for me to follow. I am definitely going to consult Caetano again. " ... written by jenny
He's good, i must say he is great at giving advice and lifting someone spirit. thank you so much" ... written by sunshine
wonderful! I was very happy to the advice he gave me" ... written by sunshine
Great great great!!" ... written by bm
awesome" ... written by easy
he is awesome. great great advice" ... written by easy
Thank you so much Caetano!!! :-)" ... written by sara
amazing spiritual connection and extremely accurate able to pick up details no one can imagine. Thank you" ... written by mnt1446
Best of the best " ... written by gigaman1978
It was absolutely incredible and outstanding. many thanks " ... written by Khanr13
Very accurate and funny." ... written by Milan
I celebrated my birthday by seeing Caetano. What a wonderful gift of hope and positive predictions I got. You must see him. " ... written by sonia
I am a return client and Caetano´s predictions happened just as he described events. Thank you my friend for your clarity" ... written by MMaria
Yet again, my friend, Caetano you are wonderful with capturing what is going on in my heart and soul. Thank you" ... written by maxwellsmart66
GREAT! THANKS :))))" ... written by f
Thanking you! :) " ... written by L
Caetano once again has filled in the blanks.....He is accurate right to the point. Thank you again my friend!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Wow! :) accurate psychic everything happened what he told me.. 100% accurate best psychic i have ever been in my life with a crazy and uplifting energy :D nice! " ... written by fd
Thank you fantastic!!! :) :) :)" ... written by f
Very friendly and true about personal skills and behaviors. Guided well about my question. Consulted second time on Oranum" ... written by Salman
I love him! You will too! Excellent life coach.. .truly truly amazing advisor." ... written by Jand777
Caetanoo is amazingg!! Wow... He will definitely look into your soul... Thanksss!!" ... written by Super
As always, Cae is simply the best!" ... written by Laura
5 STARS!! " ... written by love
outstanding as always. Excellent read" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Thank you again Caetano!! Amazing insight as usual :-) " ... written by sara
Mind blowing readings with Caetano!" ... written by love
he's a wonderful and gifted man. thank you!" ... written by lovewater
Great reading" ... written by Milan
did not give really any prediction for the future. Did get the hold of the situation at the moment very good. Gave also some advice, which I know that I have to do...known for long. Thank you Cae tano!" ... written by m
Always enlightening and interesting! Fantastic man and advisor. " ... written by lovewater
Awesome as always. Very warm and compassionate." ... written by Robyn
Caetano was very informative about my life and what is yet to come. He was direct and kind with his words, yet honest. Caetano is always my first pick because he has earned my trust and sincerity. Thank you tano! love you." ... written by Sheri19
cae was so wonderfully honest, hopeful and positive. He tells you the truth with such compassion and accuracy and he will be very tough too if he needs to be. a great reading you must see him!" ... written by sonia
Simply the best! No words can express how grateful this man has come into my life. Thank you Caetano" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Cae is very insightful and intuitive. You will not be disappointed!" ... written by Peach
Great, caring man." ... written by Milan
Excellent and in-depth readings. Caetano is very caring and perceptive. I always leave them feeling positive and hopeful." ... written by AJ
Outstanding!!!!!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Great reading!" ... written by Milan
As always a wonderful update with so many details and accuracy on how Caetano describes the situation. It is like he is right there beside me. Excellent!!!!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
5 STARS!! " ... written by StarShine
Caetono is very direct and exact on his readings... he has read for me a couple of times and both times were very clear to me what I needed to do...tysm!! xo!!" ... written by ragingwaters
He's awesome! Tops!" ... written by Jand777
Cae just told me some things that blew my mind. A must reading. " ... written by sonia
Superb!!!!! Words can not describe how I look forward to speaking with Caetano as each day he knows more and more of what is going on and tells me what to expect. Thank you my friend!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
cae was so comforting during a very sad time today. Such a great soul to talk to with incredible vision. " ... written by sonia
excellent spiritual energy, and a great guide. Thank you for all your help. I will pray for you always. " ... written by mnt1446
I have never felt better, he is the right person to talk with." ... written by dodi
Excellent!!!!! I have been coming to Caetano now nearly two months and I have seen so many things happen as he has told me. I am glad to have met this wonderful soul!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
cae was incredible and filled with such good energy. wonderful" ... written by sonia
another great reading Caetano thank you" ... written by Didi
THE BEST TO THE BEST ON THIS SITE" ... written by pretty on!" ... written by ash
Simply magnificent " ... written by gigaman1978
very accurate divine guidance. I truly appreciate your help in my difficult matter. " ... written by m
Inspiring. Accurate. Insightful. :)" ... written by lovesthesun
very accurate with Cae Tano, go for it!" ... written by shang wen lin
This guy is Absolutely incredible , his accuracy is 2nd to none - he says it like it is good or bad and he hits the nail on the head every time - please pass my thanks on to him. i certainly recommend this man . you will not be disappointed ." ... written by Khanr13
Caetano's readings are very accurate and insightful. His personality is magnetic and every time we speak, I leave feeling very positive." ... written by AJ
Amazing session this guy truly hits the nail on the head each time can't recommend him enough abs treasure reading with him . 10 stars unbelievable accuracy x" ... written by Khanr13
5 stars once again - this guys accuracy is just beyond me" ... written by Khanr13
Predictions always come true .. This guy is totally straightforward no sugar coating .. Good or bad he tells you like it is .. So so recommend this man ." ... written by Khanr13
Thank you so much for being with me and guiding me you are truly blessed and I am so greatfull to you .. One the best here on this site . A asset to Oranum .. Seriously this guy beats all experts hands down !!!" ... written by Khanr13
would like to rate my session with Caetano -" ... written by Khanr13
Always there for me and he is precise and right to the point with answering all questions. He clearly is wonderful." ... written by maxwellsmart66
his accuracy amazes every time .. prediction come to pass each and every time ... love him" ... written by Khanr13
Simply the best! I can always count on Caetano to give me clarity." ... written by maxwellsmart66
GREAT READING!" ... written by Milan
My session was outstanding this guy is unbelievable . So accurate . 10 stars !" ... written by Khanr13
Cae was wonderful and explains the spiritual part of things so that you don't feel you are losing your mind." ... written by sonia
An amazing psychic, and he has wonderful, exact, eye-opening insights to impart. " ... written by Ahz
Caetano is just great - he is wise and calming and reassuring. He is so kind and full of inspiration and understanding. He has helped me so much to understand the difficult situation I have and has helped me find a positive way forward. He is always so full of happiness and loving kindness - and he is accurate too! Wonderful!" ... written by Girl
cae was so wonderful and any doubt in my mind he puts me at ease and reminds me of the power of faith." ... written by sonia
Excellent and down right accurate always. He connects to my mind and soul. I am always satisfied hearing from Caetano and look forward to each reading." ... written by maxwellsmart66
thank you for such wonderful and insightful advice. I always appreciate your guidance. " ... written by m
awesome!" ... written by tom
Spot on... always provides clear answers of peoples thoughts and emotions to what is happening. Amazing." ... written by maxwellsmart66
I absolutely love talking to Caetano :-)) He knows me incredibly well, he actually told me things that i had to think through before realising he was correct!!! Caetano, you are a great friend and I really do appreciate you!!! You know that :-)" ... written by sara
he is great! it's like he knew everything about me without saying anything to him..." ... written by sunshine
cae was absolutely on target with his visions today. Wonderful adn honest. superb" ... written by sonia
great reading as usual! Thank you very much for your help! you are the best! he is very powerful psychic!!! god bless you!! Take care xxx best wishes angel blessing ;D ** =) " ... written by f
this man is a blessing to this site ! " ... written by justme
5 STARS! Great direct readings that can change anyone's life forever!! " ... written by love
Excellent as always my friend! God Bless You!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
always to be trusted with guidance about divine information and secrets. Held my hand during my toughest transitions. God bless you my special friend. " ... written by mnt1446
Always so positive and accurate!" ... written by telatoa
Thank you for the most accurate spiritual guidance. Details only known to me and God he knew. So fascinating to get validation of my transformation spiritually. May God bless you with eternal bliss. Will always keep in touch with you. " ... written by mn
Thank you dear friend for another great reading!! As usual :-)))" ... written by sara
Fantastic reading as always! Thanks for helping me listen to myself. " ... written by amij1228
Well said again... always great to speak with Caetano to receive his quick answers with honest and to the point." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Cae is incredibly insightful and very quick to connect to the situation. He is helping me to follow along with a very important situation, confirming my own instincts. I am trying to prepare myself for what we both feel is the truth, and I pray that God keep everyone safe. " ... written by Peachnc
Simply the best" ... written by gigaman1978
Wonderful, as always!" ... written by Laura
I like talking to him, he understands a lot! and no needs to repeat or to report. He knows what to say, what not...Most of his prediction came true, at least was very good to follow! I trust his advices. He speaks my heart even better than me. " ... written by lan2013
5 stars!" ... written by love
simply amazing and spot on!!!" ... written by absfab
thank you for talking to me. excellent knowledge. " ... written by mnt
Excellent as always. You must have a reading to understand how gifted Caetano is. A +++++" ... written by maxwellsmart66
blown away. so gifted. will definitley be back" ... written by bec
Cae Tano is such an awesome reader and advisor. All of his predictions are happening as he said they would. He is truly gifted." ... written by jand777
Cae tano is the best! The computer froze but Cae tano arranged for me to get 10 credits so I could speak to him further. His readings are accurate and predictions come true. I love this man, as a reader and as a friend...thanks so much for all your help Cae" ... written by gemmie
Thank you for everything Caetano. You have helped me more than you know. I have found a counselor and friend in you. God Bless You!" ... written by imdeeim
thanx caetano u are awesome !!" ... written by justme
Always accurate, god bless. " ... written by m
Absolutely the best! Hugs and more hugs!" ... written by Laura
Caetano is just the BEST! He connects extremely well and has helped me with many issues. He sees very clearly and is honest and straightforward. Thank you Caetano!! " ... written by Lynda22
thank you so much ! " ... written by justme
Cae is my go-to guy. There are ome good psychics on oranum, but Cae consistently rks best for me." ... written by Laura
He's great. He's very good at giving advice." ... written by sunshine
Thank you my friend for being my guide. Always amazing" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Caetano gave a very wonderful andamp; accurate reading!" ... written by abc7
You were absolutely great, the BEST!!!! you told me things about myself that were so true. No one has ever picked up on what you picked up. You are my new man!!! LOVED LOVED our reading. I will do what you say. " ... written by dawn
Caetano has cleared a lot of questions today and he gave me advise on how to handle it. Glad Caetano is around to always help and assist." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Always helpful " ... written by gigaman1978
Thank you again Caetano for being there to help me you are giving me and have been giving me. Amazing!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Cae is so amaaaazzzing! He really sees and understands the whole situation without my saying that much. He is very intuitive and empathic. Definitely recommend!" ... written by Peach
Thank you for your amazing info!! Very good!" ... written by wonderlife
very positive and extremely accurate always. " ... written by mn
Caetano is worth millions of stars. Always great!!!!!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
incredibly fast! love his energy, and you can tell his heart is in it, I believe him! :-)" ... written by d
Thank you again my dear friend!! xxx" ... written by sara
thank you again for this wonderful reading and spiritual help. Great insight as always. God be with you. " ... written by mn
thanks again for your help. " ... written by mn
I am soooo shocked of my reading today. Very very positive INFO and answers. OMG I had goosebumps during my reading. Caetano is so SPOT on. Millions stars my friend. You know I always come to you for updates and you are never wrong not a single word. God Bless you heaps in helping us in need. Keep up my friend. Talk to you soon. NUMBER 1 ON ORANUM." ... written by reenu70
THANK YOU. =)" ... written by adriane
thank you for your amazing insight, and guidance. God bless. " ... written by m
Thank you for your blessings, and insight. " ... written by mn
5 STARS andamp; MORE! " ... written by Purplehaze
Thank you always Caetano for your amazing gifts of advise and knowledge in picking up emotions. Great always to the point." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Give me a C! A! E! T! A! N! O! Who's the most kind, insightful reader on Oranum? CAE TANO!" ... written by C.T
thank you again Caetano!!! xxx" ... written by sara
Awesome. Love Cae. He's always spot on." ... written by jand777
he is great!" ... written by ash
Reading excellent as always. Wonderful" ... written by maxwellsmart66
thank you for patiently explaining everything to me. I feel much better" ... written by mn
The best on Oranum.... Great as always" ... written by maxwellsmart66
cae tano is extremely helpful; his ability to read truly from your own individual soul feels accurate. He gives you a lot of food for thought regarding not only decisions ahead but also how to best manage any situation so that you get the highest level of soul growth from it. This to me is very valuable indeed! It puts him on a level above the rest, in my opinion." ... written by mountainmama99
Caetano ..............Caetano.........What can I say about Caetano??????? Gifted. Amazingly Accurate. I'm so blown away by the session I just had with him that I'm at a loss of words!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by imdeeim
cae was absolutely inspirational and always remembers your situation abloutely mega stars" ... written by cat
LOVE Caetano...he is so consistent and reads people's characters so well...he is truly incredible! " ... written by Mare
Oh Caetano is amazing! He is zoo connected to me and my life! WOW! He is so spot on every single detail. Try him..u will not be disappointed." ... written by ash
Thanks soo much for the reading!! It was long and very informative!! I will come back!! Recommend him!!" ... written by mysticmarzo
Caetano provides amazing suggestions! Wow I am truly amazed." ... written by ash
wow he is truly amazing!!" ... written by ash
Caetano is amazing...we got cut off... but other than that...he is very detailed and spot on!" ... written by ash
so so gifted. a genuine psychic, highly recommended" ... written by bec
How amazing to fell Cae and his blessed energy. Talks to you and sets things straight with incredible compassion and hope. " ... written by sonia on...everytime!" ... written by ash
Caetano is soooooo spot on!" ... written by ash
Caetano is awesome! he is a very clever guy. He gave me great advice on how not to be controlled." ... written by sunshine
Just amazing Cae. Thanks so much. I can always count on you to come through for me and put me on the right path." ... written by familyhelper
Great reader. Absolutely amazing. Thanks." ... written by familyhelper
great, as always! you can rely on cae tano to give you intimate, very personal and accurate information!" ... written by mountainmama99
5 Star, A rating!! " ... written by love
I love cae. He's bright, honest and trustworthy. Extremely accurate and makes you feel at ease. x" ... written by L
so positive so open to love and clarity. a must and if you don't you are missing out!!!!!" ... written by sonia
Always a pleasure to catch up with Caetano. Wonderful" ... written by maxwellsmart66
thank you for your help. As always very very accurate. " ... written by m
When life gets crazy, I call on Cae, then everything is alright!" ... written by Laura
cant say anything at the was too heavy" ... written by angelc.
Thanks so much Mr. Caetano! A very important reading ............5 STARS! " ... written by Cutiepie
wonderful, compassionate and right on target never misses with his visuals. " ... written by sonia
Thank you again Dear Caetano!! xxxx" ... written by sara
WOW AMAZING!" ... written by ash
Oh my gosh, he is soooo right on! He picked up something that NO ONE ever picked up. I am so amazed! SPOT ON...every time!" ... written by Ask
HE IS JUST AMAZING, HE PICKED UP ON EVERYTHING, ******************** STARS" ... written by BEM BEM
Amazing reading, very honest and straightforward. Great advice, very insightful and accurate :-)" ... written by s
always amazing!" ... written by ash
Lovely, full of good information, always. Many thanks!" ... written by lovewater
best of the best " ... written by gigaman1978
Caetano was honest and upfront. He provided me with insight, self confidence and understanding. I will definitely come back." ... written by Deb
Very good!" ... written by leo
Amazing helper!!!" ... written by lou
Excellent as always thanks." ... written by m
This man is a true instrument of God. Amazing gifts. " ... written by imdeeim
oh! Caetano..! marry me!! Lol!!" ... written by ABSFAB
5 stars!" ... written by starshine
Very good, detailed, and accurate reading." ... written by Milan
Very honest direct and good." ... written by jenny
Excellent.... loved the reading...." ... written by Rosie
Caetano is such a kind soul I love his readings. This one was really reassuring. I needed the support to keep fighting. It has been a struggle and I am seeing the end of it. Thank you Caetano. Much light and blessings to you" ... written by Dani
he is so fast and accurate; asking for little than a birth date. I find him to be kind but direct and I would drive him 20 stars" ... written by freespiritwave2
Great reading!" ... written by Milan
Great reading." ... written by Milan
Humble. Brilliant. Counselor.Teacher. Mentor. Healer. Gifted Psychic! Thank You Caetano!" ... written by imdeeim
he is amazing x" ... written by L
Thank you for guiding me, i appreciate your help. " ... written by mn
so helpful " ... written by L
Very nice reading" ... written by joy
Delivered again ... I am always left with happiness and positive outlook to my life. Thank you my friend...." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Very insightful and accurate reading." ... written by Milan
Caetano is always very caring, constant advising during the session, fast connection, gives very accurate, very helpful reading look like book." ... written by happy
Great! :-) x" ... written by L
Amazing gifted psychic! Thank you for everything Caetano!" ... written by imdeeim
always tells the truth!" ... written by ABSFAB
Caetano always is there to give me advise and guidance and the results are amzing." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Cae Tano gives very detailed readings, and sound advice. I feel grounded after speaking with him. He's wonderful." ... written by L
hit all the high points in my mind right on target without me telling him about them." ... written by hp
Cae is very very good! SPOT on everything " ... written by ash
as always...amazing" ... written by Ash
wow" ... written by ash
he is very connected in my situation and very very helpful...give you advice and suggestions no matter what...asweom!" ... written by ash
Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!!! I really needed to hear from him today, so much information I'm actually overwhelmed, but it was reallllllly accurate and it helps me put into perspective what's been happening!!!! THANK YOU!!!" ... written by Alexis
Cae tano is extremely the best! He is spot on evertime and he gets into the nitty gritty of things...very very detailed and does not waste your time! GREAT QUALITY READING!" ... written by ash
So helpful, so helpful, so helpful! Can't say enough about him! xoxo" ... written by Alexis
absolutely incredible insight and what a good spirit too. You must see him for honesty and optimism. mega stars" ... written by sonia
Caetano is Amazing!" ... written by imdeeim
Caetano knew everythying about my situation before I even told him about it. He has helped me understand things so clearly so I can move forward to positive change." ... written by imdeeim
FABULOUS!" ... written by Lina
Absolutely spectacular! Honest, direct, kind and straight to the point. If the honest truth is what you desire look no further. Caetano is an absolute gem and I am already looking forward to the next reading with him. Thank you Caetano" ... written by Sheiladancer
OMG, thank you so much for being so straightforward and honest! You told me what I had to hear-amazing and really helpful. So grateful!" ... written by shahida
Very good and accurate reading." ... written by Milan
5 stars always, thank u " ... written by mn
5 stars all the way! Caetano is amazingly accurate! Not a "Chrystal Ball" psychic. He is intuitive, wise, insightful. Great practical advice and guidance! Thank you Caetano! " ... written by imdeeim
5 Stars!!! Thanks so much! " ... written by Falling Stars
Hes great!" ... written by jand777
Wow, what can I say? Cae is simply amazing. He always gives me some really great details. I will check back in a week or so." ... written by Peach
Cae always knows what to say to help me get along my life's path. He is very intuitive and fast. Just wow! Thanks Cae!" ... written by Rox
always excellent and well connected and accurate. thank you" ... written by mn
Cae Tano is a remarkable psychic. He sees the tiniest details of what has happened, without me telling him, and, is able to understand the meaning of what is unclear to me." ... written by L
Cae made me laugh made me feel tears of joy and at the end of the reading my spirit felt whole again. what a magnificent gift to this ailing world. superstars to him !!!!" ... written by sonia
awesome !! 110%" ... written by Reem
as always caetano is on the mark! Thanks for another great session and for your guidance! " ... written by imdeeim
I had a reading with him this morning and it was cut short. So I looked for him tonight to dig deeper. He doesn't even know what I do for a living and he mentioned the word "media." I could be a cashier at McDonalds for all he knows. There are truly gifted psychics in the world. Cae and a couple of others are those ppl on Oranum. His being in private all the time is sheer proof that he is wanted by many because of his real gifts. Cae had predicted things for me that have happened already like travels and such. These are things that I didn't plan because I'm at the mercy of my company. I doubted him many times and many times I've been amazed. Cae Tano is one of the best readers and advisors on this site. If you want the truth, no sugar coating, and a life coach to get you on the road to meet your goals... get this guy into private. Take notes with him... very important. You'll want to keep handy everything he says. You'll be shocked." ... written by jand777
We always have great readings. Caetano gives lots of details and very good advise such that I am able to relate to with my particular life issues. Always a pleasure to come to your private room again and again, thank you." ... written by zimerili1
Very good job" ... written by Milan
great person, with lost of respect for the people and losts of love, he gave me positives energies" ... written by debby
Wow! Wow!! 5 stars!!! " ... written by BLUE-Eyes
MY GUIDE MY FRIEND MY ANGEL" ... written by imdeeim
Thanks Cae. Great reading as always. I will follow your guidance for sure, or at least try to become stronger. Thanks so much. Appreciate you waiting for me to get a private. " ... written by familyhelper
thank you papa love you" ... written by Princess Rachel
Very good" ... written by Srallen77
It is almost scary how accurate and knowledgable Caetano is!! He is fabulous, can't rate him highly enough - knows what he is talking about, good advice, sympathetic, caring and all round super!" ... written by Sugarplum
5 stars! excellent reading" ... written by love
thank you papa" ... written by Princess Rachel
He is so special, and very very accurate. He is like an older brother, kind considerate, and knows spiritual side of things very well. God bless you,and hugs." ... written by maddy
thank you papa love you" ... written by Princess Rachel
thank you papa love you, princess" ... written by Princess Rachel
Thanks so much Caetano. I like that you tell it exactly as it is, no" ... written by leogirl
psychic, counselor and friend rolled into one!!" ... written by imdeeim
He is just A-MAZING! Literally...he picks up on things, time frames, and attitudes without me even mentioning it! It's almost as if he was present when I said or did those things. No doubt that he has a true gift and cares only about saying nothing but the truth that we sometimes don't want to see or admit to ourselves. Blessings my dear friend :)" ... written by Adiee
Great reading!" ... written by Milan
The best reading I have ever had! He perfectly understood my situation and gave advice accordingly. What's more is that he also had solutions to my problem. I truly value all of his gift, time and effort into helping me follow my path and reach where i am meant to be. I would not hesitate to talk to him if i was you :) and he has the best stories, life lessons, wisdom knowledge and quotes to share " ... written by Adiee
Great, optimistic reading." ... written by Milan
unbelievably compassionate and so sure of what he says. you come away feeling great because his visions incorporate reality and the spiritual. THat is what life is about. " ... written by sonia
very good excellent" ... written by jana
good excellent" ... written by jana
he's the 'real deal' and very understanding " ... written by neter9
Caetano is one of my favorite people on here. I enjoy how he talks through the pvt session to where I can understand him and learn what he is communicating with me. love you tano! god bless." ... written by Tabitha
thank you papa" ... written by Princess Rachel
thank you papa" ... written by Princess Rachel
Great reading" ... written by Milan
He picked up on the situation without any input from me. Very good reader. A+++" ... written by MD
Perfect, just perfect!" ... written by debby
thank you papa" ... written by Princess Rachel
Great reading!" ... written by Milan
thank you papa" ... written by Princess Rachel
Cae and I were having internet connection problems and he came back on to continue our session. He has amazing customer service and really cares for his clients. Of course, he's accurate, loving, a great friend overall. He doesn't BS you and gives it to you straight so that youre not fooled by ppl around you and you can hold your head high and do better. Cae is amazing. A wonderful and gifted psychic indeed. And most importantl.. what he tells you, you can take to the bank... his predictions happen!" ... written by Jand777
incredible ability to channel and give details of your situation. many blessings to this great guide" ... written by sonia
He's good....he mentioned some stuff about what's going on around me...I'm going to follow his advice and follow up with him in a month." ... written by Mrs. V
worth waiting for......real deal!!!!" ... written by neteru9
Highly Accurate!!!! Teacher Counselor Friend!" ... written by imdeeim
What a wonderful soul with such great energy and ability to see things in a truthful way. Megastars to him and his beautiful visions." ... written by sonia
Talking to Caetano is like talking to your best friend who knows everything :-)" ... written by Mare
such a blessing to have cae here. he is caring accurate and just a great soul. many stars from the heavens" ... written by cat
thank you papa love you" ... written by Princess Rachel
Cae Tano - always look forward to speaking with him! He is SPOT SPOT on! Wow amazing advisor and reader!" ... written by ash
This advisor is accurate, honest, caring, and predictions happen. I love him. There's nothing more to say. Funny thing is when he tells you that something is going to happen, you shock yourself by how serious he is... and then it happens. There are psychics that are good on Oranum but Cae is just downright special. He gets into your soul... it's really awesome and tells you things about yourself. He really gives you the best readings." ... written by jand777
thank you, I am happy we connected and you could guide me through my current transition. Appreciate you" ... written by mnt1442
accurate beyond belief!!!!!! BEST ON ORANUM!!!!!" ... written by imdeeim
Caetano is absolutely the best! Love you Cae!" ... written by Laura
wonderful wonderful and so filled with energy and love. you must get a reading" ... written by cat
thank you papa" ... written by Princess Rachel
5 Star! Amazing as always!! No one connects like Mr. Caetano does. He is GOD Sent! I have so much respect for this man!" ... written by Love
Thank you again dear Caetano :-) xxx" ... written by sara
I always look forward to speaking with Cae when he is available. He is very connected to me and my life situation. He is always SPOT ON...I mean spot on. He is truly and amazing advisor and provides so much details and clarity...i didn't really have to explain and say much at all. He provides all info! AMAZING!" ... written by ash
thank you papa love you" ... written by Princess Rachel
thank you papa love you" ... written by Princess Rachel
wonderful clear visions and a blessing to have on your side" ... written by sonia
excellent visions, very accurate" ... written by m
wonderful accurate and filled with joy. you must see cae and experience his blessed vision." ... written by sonia
He's wonderful, accurate, and a great friend. You will not be disappointed with your reading I guarantee it." ... written by jand777
very nice reading ! thank you! god bless you xx" ... written by f
Such a wonderful reader and kind person. I always get a lot from the readings and I cherish Caetano's advice." ... written by AJ
real deal again and again" ... written by neteru9
Cae Tano is a wonderful guide and psychic." ... written by L
thank you papa love you xoxox" ... written by Princess Rachel
thank you again my dear friend. God bless. Always accurate. " ... written by m
He is sooo nice and generous with is ability to look into a person or situation.Seriously give him a try and you won't regret it. and not to mention countless time his predictions came true. He's just truly amazing. " ... written by Rox
Thank you so much I needed this chat :) " ... written by L
Thank you for all your patience and understanding. Looking forward to seeing you again. All the very best. Thanks and praise." ... written by Neteru
Very good. so happy to have found you" ... written by neter9
5 stars!" ... written by love
He has been helping me monitor a situation and time is near.. So glad for his insights that I can be prepared. Thank you and God bless." ... written by marialuis
always very accurate reading. Thanks" ... written by m
he is wonderful and so accuarte" ... written by d
great reading for real " ... written by veezee
Cae is the best! Thank you." ... written by Laura
Great as always" ... written by Laura
Cae Rocks! I always come to him to update him on my progress, not the other way around. He's like my friend in Portugal and I think I'm going to start referring to him as that. So accurate and wonderful. " ... written by jand777
absolutely incredible and lovely soul with an incredible vision of details a must read" ... written by cat
Lovely person, Fantastic Energy, straight on point, i didn't even have to say anything and he knew exactly everything I am going thru. I will surely visit again." ... written by HPCH
Truly blessed by the Creator. Truly amazing!" ... written by neter9
Talking to Cae, everything just seems so clear. He confirms my convictions and also gives fresh perspectives on the situation. Because he uses no tools, he is very quick with the information. I will touch base again in a couple of weeks. Definitely recommend!" ... written by Peach
marvelous, precise, compassionate and just wonderful. Please allow yourself to experience this blessed person." ... written by cat
great 10/10" ... written by neteru9
Cae is the best!! Really." ... written by Laura
great 10/10" ... written by neteru9
I love this man. In the past his predictions have been on spot and whenever I need him to clarification on anything, and I mean anything, he's there and oh so accurate. Blessed and grateful to have him on Oranum. Great psychic. Predictions happen. Accurate with your feelings and others thoughts. Will blow your mind!" ... written by jand777
5 STARS!" ... written by love
Truly gifted 10/10" ... written by neteru9
This man literally knows you... it's uncanny. " ... written by Rox
I love this man. He's amazing. I just wish Oranum was on top of their stuff more often. It skips a lot and hard to get a quality reading when things aren't working correctly. " ... written by Rox
You are simply wonderful! give a lot of insights and the truth. thank you " ... written by Marina
thank you for your help" ... written by m
Simply divine and blessed. Very understanding and accurate. A true blessing to Universe. Thank you Caetano for u know what" ... written by neteru9
10/10 very good." ... written by neteru9
10/10" ... written by neteru9
excellent he knows his work is the best! I would say 5 stars" ... written by MaryAnn
Thanks so much for such a thorough reading. You really understand me and know what I need. Highly recommend Caetano.. he really sees! and full of compassion and perfect advice!! " ... written by Lynda22
Oh my god! What an excellent update. I am totally shocked and amused at the same time. Caetano has opened my eyes with all these new INFO. WOW I don't know what to say, he is so spot on. Totally amazing and one of the best on Oranum. 5 Stars." ... written by reenu70
Seriously, I think he is the best here ! I did several readings with many psychics here .. but was the one that gave me straight insights and directions. I will be back for sure! 5 stars." ... written by ystylus
10/10" ... written by neteru9
A reading with Caetano was a long awaited reading for me. Visiting him a few months and weeks ago in free chat, I had told myself I will be back for a private reading. And here it was. It happened to be a great one. I got more clarity on my situation, which added to my awakening. Thanks a ton Caetano :)" ... written by Pooja
a blessing to humanity 10/10" ... written by neteru9
thank you papa" ... written by Princess Rachel
he's lovely... really accurate. Told me about my health issues... how does he know that? He's just wonderful. " ... written by jand777
10/10 great" ... written by neteru9
Cae is so wonderful! He is super intuitive, connects quickly, gives lots of details, and he is a really good man. You won't be disappointed!" ... written by peach
5 STARS!!! " ... written by love
He is simply THE BEST!" ... written by clara
Such a wonderful experience. So patient, kind and accurate. Highly reccomended" ... written by neteru9
precise, honest no silly games just a great soul with a blessed vision." ... written by sonia
7 Stars " ... written by gigaman1978
thank you papa" ... written by Princess Rachael
helped put everything into perspective for me! i cannot thank him enough! not what i wanted to hear, but exactly what i NEEDED to hear! thank you, Caetano! " ... written by w
10/10 as always..." ... written by neteru9
my friend who has helped me all this time. I am finally at my destination. So, thank you again for your help. God bless" ... written by m
A great healer. thank u Caetano" ... written by neteru9
10/10 great" ... written by neter9l
My special friend, always more than a psychic, he's beyond clever, insightful, trustworthy, genuine, and solid in his words! still my number 1 " ... written by lou
Cae Tano just made sense! he definitely knows what he is talking about.. one of the top on my list! go to him… he’s definitely worth it!" ... written by intrigued8
he is amazing! hands down the best on oranum. sheer honesty, great guidance, predictions that happen. What more could you want?" ... written by jand777
This was my first reading with CaeTano and it was simply amazing!! I do not know how he knew things but he did. I literally cried in my reading. 5 stars is not enough, he was excellent and I will come visit again. I'm in shock at his gifts. Just in shock!! Give him a try you will be very pleased. Thanks" ... written by Jaqueline73
WOW! Thank you so much!! You are always very incredible!!! :) =)) you are so powerful wow! the best on Oranum!!! =))))) He is really the best!! :) God bless you my friend :) xxx" ... written by f
He is so confident in what he tells you. I almost don't want to believe him because it's too good to be true. But..he's always RIGHT! Amazing. Cae has to be one of the best on Oranum and you can tell because he's in the red all the time." ... written by jand777
Thanks again. Forever positive!" ... written by neteru9
Cae is soooo wonderful to talk with. Love you, Cae!" ... written by Laura
He is amazingly accurate!" ... written by t
I love Cae! Gave me a great remedy for my knee so I can continue training. He knew about the tattoos I have. I mean.. he's just awesome! Oh... and SUPER Accurate. You can't beat him." ... written by jand777
10great10" ... written by neteru9
Very good. I think he was so connected to situation and spoke the truth. Recommend him" ... written by debbiec0613
He is the best man on the site! He was spot on and connected to my situation so deeply. I am still in shock" ... written by Tyler
Incredible, no words to describe him!" ... written by petalouditsa
brilliant as usual. this man is pure genius." ... written by Freespiritwave2
Always the best! best best best!" ... written by unknownjourney
Hi Cae, thank you for the update! You are so spot on always! You are very accurate in everything. WOW!" ... written by ash
great reading, very honest. direct andamp; it was a pleasure to have gone through with this." ... written by Ammer
connected accurately, described me and the situation well. brought up some things that seemed irrelevant but was..." ... written by intrigued8
Cae gets 5 stars!! He is always right in tuned with this situation. He truly connects to the people involved, and gives such clarity. I definitely recommend Cae --- you will be so happy for his insight." ... written by peach
love talking to him. he's accurate, on point, helps to calm you down. " ... written by jand777
extremely accurate always with my reading and great connection. thanks" ... written by angelofgod15
Cae is simply amazing. He is insightful and was very comforting and encouraging tonight. It appears as though my nightmare is finally coming to an end. I will be patient, and touch base in a week :)" ... written by Peach
great. connected right away and great advise!" ... written by sun
Thank you sincerely. a breath of fresh air!" ... written by neteru9
We continuously give thanks for your great energy. light and blessings" ... written by neteru9
thanks so much, Cae! Thank you for explaining in depth and making me understand better on what is going on. This really helps a LOT!" ... written by ash
Awesome!!" ... written by mysticmarzo
Thank you again dear Caetano!! You have been a great friend for a long time!! xxx" ... written by sara
Wonderful!!! Wonderful!!! Wonderful!!! Wonderful!!! Wonderful!!! Wonderful!!! =)))) thank you!! as always he is accurate 1000% there's no other psychics better than him here on Oranum!! I know him for 2 years he is the best here!!!! =))) love you my friend bye bye!!! =)))))" ... written by f
honest and direct reading. very satisfied " ... written by nitewalker2
REMARKABLE!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!! ON POINT! Amazing connection, this is once again beyond a reading. I'm shocked at the things he knew, things only my family knows! can't wait to follow up!" ... written by mg32704
a quick but great reading, thnx caetano!" ... written by gemmie
excellent reader, highly accurate. God's man" ... written by angelofgod15
Ive had a few experiences with Caetano, for me he his the only real psychic on oranum, always accurate, and consistent, its trully wonderfull gift he has. and on top of it he his always a good friend to trust, has he gives the best guidance and advices to help and doesnt judge u " ... written by carlos
good" ... written by kw
Love Cae! He's better than a shrink I swear! " ... written by jand777
amazing! no info given. Give me only the name n dob. He will tell u everything in details and so accurate too. He is very kind and very insightful. Gifted from God. And extremely kind and offer to help out the situation. Thank you very much. Appreciate. " ... written by gugu58
Thank the heavens and stars for Cae! I was having a really blue day and Cae helped me so much to get perspective, balance and feel centred again. He is so wise and he knows things about me and those around me - and he distills all that into something magic and wonderful and tells it to you so kindly. I know that what he says is true and I look forward to the future as he sees it for me :)" ... written by Me
Excellent advice, thank you" ... written by Marina
Caetano is really really good...timelines come to pass always, great advice" ... written by kw
superb!" ... written by L
You know I love you!" ... written by L
He is wonderful and correct as usual." ... written by d
Caetano hit the nail on the head with his reading of career and finances. He blew me away and walked away with a whole new approach! Thank you!!" ... written by beathive
Very nice reading..." ... written by Q
hes like a father :-)" ... written by absfab
Caetano is a wonderful advisor and friend. he's there for any issue, thought, dream, bad feeling. He's been a great guide for me. Looking fwd to the future." ... written by jand777
Thank you for your most clear insight. I woke up! Blessing. " ... written by P
Very thorough. Honest" ... written by Katrina
Hands down Caetano is my go to person because he is real. I have sought after man readers on here and without further or due God speaks directly to him and he delivers. " ... written by Tealwater77
great" ... written by d
amazing he picked up on something I did not even have to tell him. wow " ... written by sonia
What a wonderful human being! Accurate, sometimes he says things that are scary accurate... like about work and stuff. I don't know how he knows that stuff. I don't tell other ppl that stuff so there's no info sharing that I know of. He's just gifted." ... written by jand777
Caetano is reassuring and very perceptive. His guidance is invaluable." ... written by AJ
its hard to put to words what i want to say, im just so gratefull for his help. Overwellming, amazing, just amazing. thank you so much Caetano thank you! For anyone who might read this review, please dont waste your time on other "psychics" Caetano is the on you are looking for. " ... written by carlos
AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING!" ... written by imdeeim
as usual, you are wise and try considerate to the situations and people, thank you so much" ... written by marina
thank you excellent reading as always. accurate. " ... written by angelofgod15
Spot on. He knows me more than I knows me :-)" ... written by karianne
he's always right!!" ... written by jand777
I love Caetano, he is such a gifted and straightforward man. " ... written by Angelight67
Cae gives so much clarity on the situation. He is a very smart man and knows what he's talking about." ... written by Lisa
Cae always gets me back on track by making me look at the situation from another perspective. Emotions have such a way of making us lose the real focal point. Invaluable! 5 stars!" ... written by Peach
Caetano is very wise and compassionate and is helping me greatly. " ... written by Acealways
Cae Tano is sooooo good! oh my gosh--- i always look forward to speaking with SPOT ON!" ... written by ash
Caetano is excellent great advise I highly recommend him. Thank you" ... written by ACe
always amazing, great advice and insight on all situations. This is truly beyond a reading, Amazing guidance and advice. Knows exactly what is going on and helps you realize why it's going on. This is definitely the real deal. I'm not sugar coating anything. This is something you need to experience on your own. It's a must! You want clarity? You want to know what is going on? Come have a reading to Cae! I can't wait to catch up.... I feel such a sense a relief and have such a better understanding of what is going on! I know what I need to do and because of his kind and warm words of wisdom ... I feel stronger and have the hope and faith that everything will be great! Thank you! God bless! " ... written by mg32704
Cae is just wonderful! He really gives of himself. I feel like he fixed something in me." ... written by Lily
Wow! Thank you for helping me get to this point Cae! I will keep you posted. You are amazing at what you do. Anyone doubting on taking Caetano in for a reading should just try it once and you will see why he is the best reader on Oranum. " ... written by Rox
Thank u for the advice. And he always see things clear and accurate. No tools but able to tell the situation always. Thank you " ... written by gugu58
5 stars ! " ... written by love
Caetano was just marvelous, such a kind person and knew so much without me giving any info...I was amazed and the advise is invaluable, it was a real pleasure and I recommend highly." ... written by ACE
Caetano is amazing as the last time we had spoken. Quick and precisely truthful. NO tools" ... written by maxwellsmart66
simply the best !! very accurate" ... written by angelofgod15
Im a returning, satisfied client, because of the profissionalism, accuracy and because Caetano is the best." ... written by carlos
Caetano is simply the best!" ... written by Lily
Super! be back next week!!!!! mwah" ... written by L
Looking forward for prediction come true...Thank you:)" ... written by K
Excellent update. Thanks!" ... written by Jaqueline
WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! AMAZING!!! Another great reading! all predictions came true! Looking forward to another mind blowing follow up! No sugarcoating! This is the real deal! There are things he knew that i never shared with anyone EVER!!! I'm still shocked! i can not wait to follow up! God Bless You Caetano!!! Thnk you so much! xoxoxo" ... written by mg32704
he is awesome and always on point. I trust him" ... written by danielle
Incredibly deep insight and so spot on with everything, thank you again and again! " ... written by c
caetano is the most brilliant reader I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He sees the truth and your life; as if he has lived it a million times. Words are hard to express this man's amazing gift. I can't imagine him not being a reader, he is perfection, " ... written by kate
WOWWWWWW! ..... i will no longer go elsewhere. WOW WOW WOW!!" ... written by me
Very accurate and honest. Genuinely cares. 5 star" ... written by alisha
Wow. I think it's safe to say that this was one of the best psychic readings in my life, and I have had my share of readings on this site; however, Caetano's on a whole new level entirely with his grasp on everything - Profoundly amazing stuff." ... written by Domino
One of the best psychic :) His predication came to pass! cant wait for other predications to unfold :) Blessing " ... written by blessed
Cae was so mind blowing. What a true wake up call and kick in the pants. He spelled it out quickly and accurately. He was a breath of very fresh air for me my life and the people I care about including me... Thank you so very much Cae. Much love and purest of light to you,, Namaste" ... written by Janine
thank you, again excellent connection. Accurate reading. " ... written by angelofgod15
Excellent readings! I always benefit from and enjoy me readings with Caetano" ... written by AJ
amazing how he picks up on things even health issues. just an incredible soul to talk to. mega stars cae!!" ... written by cat
wonderful reader always. I will be strong thanks to your words. " ... written by angelofgod21
amazing reader. Always great. " ... written by angelofgod15
Wow, Wow, Wow! I love your insight, sooo magically spot on, just amazing what you see and how deep you go! thank you soo soo much! how healing this has been! much love and light" ... written by c
Wow this man is amazing. Every time I see him, he is so insitful and make so many good points to help me make the right decisions. You must go see him you will not be disappointed!!" ... written by jaqueline
thank you for coming back to talk to me. Love and light. extremely kind and accurate. " ... written by angel
Great reading! Always always straight to the point. One of the few psychics who you really can trust" ... written by unknownjourney
So so good..Very good and detailed..Focus more on now,than future,but I still enjoyed it..bcs try to help me as much as he can..I really like him and will be back to him" ... written by md3311
Cae is amazing... always on point, always accurate. Love spending time with him." ... written by jand777
his is a good reader...highly recommend" ... written by d
incredible energy and vision. what a blessing." ... written by sonia
Awesome!" ... written by r
Cae is aaammaazzzinngg! He is the most helpful on this site. He picks up and senses what is going on. He is the real deal because at least for me he has been correct across the board for me. " ... written by Rox
Ray of hope. Very to the point and accurate reading. God bless you for giving me hope." ... written by Manpreet Minhas
Caetano is one of the best readers there is. I will keep coming back. The advice given is absolutely invaluable and helps me see the bigger picture of things! Thank you so much!" ... written by Marie
Great reading as always! he is the best here!!1 god bless you!! :)" ... written by ..
Wonderful!!! Thank you!!! :) You ARE THE BEST!!!!" ... written by ...
Speak very soon, thank you!!" ... written by L
Wonderful, wonderful advice! Thank you so much Cae Tano!" ... written by Marie
absolutely spot on about everything! definately opened my eyes to many things " ... written by z
Wonderful as alwasy Cae you show me my strength, Thank you !!!!" ... written by c
WOW! HE IS THE BEST HERE! 100% ACCURATE! This man is very powerful and he is true psychic not like others... he knows everything and nothing can be hided from him!!!! Thank you !! God bless you!!! Wish you the best!! xxx " ... written by ....
well...what can i say...Caetano picked up on things that even I wud try to deny myself. And of course , I could not deny it on here. Thank you !!!" ... written by hana
Great reading and feedback. Knew information about me that I did not provided. Namaste. Than you" ... written by rose np
I had a great reading with Caetano. He was really insightful into my situation and gave me wonderful advice and guidance. Thank you! :) " ... written by Meg
HIS PREDICTIONS ALL CAME TRUE!!! RIGHT ON POINT!!! Wonderful connection as always! Honest to the point, quick, and just so nice and comforting! Tells you the truth no matter what! He is wonderful! Very informative. God Bless, Light, love and peace! xoxoxo Can't wait to follow up!" ... written by Fallen Angel333
Thanks a lot!" ... written by L
thank you excellent help and insight as always. The best guide there is here about spiritual matters" ... written by angelofgod
every single word on the dot cae,.. you see it all!!!! so much love and gratefulness to you!!! thankyou for guiding me! " ... written by c
Great person, too much info, really he has some knowledge of his stuff" ... written by Katrina
5 stars!" ... written by love
He is amazing! Give him a try :)" ... written by petalouditsa
Thank you so much Caetano!! I needed this talk!!" ... written by sara
spot on with a predcition that cae saw and I did not,.. and it happened,.. what a blessing!! while being just around the corner. Always so great with his advice and support, caring and wonderful! thankyou!!!!!!" ... written by c
A wonderful person with a warm heart and an incredible vision. Blessings to his gift and for being here on Oranum. Excellent" ... written by sonia
Amazing!!! Amazing!!!! Amazing!!! " ... written by bunny
thank you for an update! as ever, with love" ... written by Marina
Well, this man impresses me. Its like he was there all along with he watching things reveal in front of me. " ... written by Katrina
Love him! he's always so spot on about ppl and their feelings, personalities, and accurate on things that happen." ... written by jand777
Fabulous as ever!" ... written by Me
So good to see Cae again -- he is so genuine and so talented. He is a true gem! The world needs more people like him!" ... written by peach
Thank you, you summed it up beautifully, You got the understanding of him very quickly I'm grateful for your reading and would defiantly recommend to others it has helped centre me" ... written by sarah
Cae is a great person. With a great energy and only good comments. Good recommendations. Good guidelines. I wish more people had contact with him to know about his great energy. Specially two people i know. " ... written by Katrina
thanks Caetano.. great to confirm what expect to evolve. See you soon." ... written by poquette
Amazing reading, quick to connect with instant results" ... written by maxwellsmart66
WOW! This man is powerful!! he has powers and he is not like others here on Oranum... he is accurate 100%" ... written by ...
what can I say? He is truly amazing!! he sees everything not only giving your question's answer he goes deep inside of you and gives you advice. Yes he tells you truth but he gives you hope not leaving you a hole. " ... written by Bunny
He is one of a kind. Cae tano president!" ... written by Katrine
Great as always :) dont know what happened at the end, we got cut" ... written by Katrina
Caetano is so wise and knowing. He is just wonderful! I can't speak highly enough of him. He is so kind and lovely - I really enjoy readings with him. He is very patient and compassionate and generous." ... written by K
This man is the real deal. His insights and predictions flow through him rapidly. He really got who I am. I will definitely be back" ... written by liz
Excellent reading and very clear insights in to my past and current situation. " ... written by Charlie
Appreciate you always" ... written by lou
Long and with a lot of substance was this reading" ... written by KAtrina
Great reading!" ... written by clc
5 stars! brilliant as always. Nobody can compare to Cae! xxx" ... written by L
Always so clear and caring and deeply insighful Cae much love to you!" ... written by c
He's amazing and best on this site. Love Cae all the way! Super accurate on personalities and events" ... written by jand777
am a regular at oranum.... cae tano is probably the only one who picked up everything precisely... accurate, honest,... i had goose bumps during the reading.... a top psychic for sure..." ... written by bb
Always spot on. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
amazing, so spiritual and compassionate with the truth" ... written by sonia
I was waiting and waiting for Cae to come online and finally get him..He was so worth it..I really spend so much money on others psychics,and he is the one i was looking fluf..So accurate and honest..even if it hurts...I hope for longer sessions soon...Thank YOu Cae.." ... written by md
with the name and date of birth , he can read your life like a book and sport on . he can see the stuff that no other expert can see. def the best . " ... written by sai
Caetano always gives me clarity and peace of mind. He's is one of the very best readers there is, in my opinion." ... written by Marie
Fabulous!" ... written by Me
5 star reading with Mr. Caetano, directly to the point.." ... written by Nicola
Another great reading! thanks a lot!" ... written by petalouditsa
Always great reading and update." ... written by maxwellsmart66
wow Cae --u are awesome! The best!" ... written by asdfa
5 STARS!" ... written by love
Great insights thanks" ... written by Denise
Excellent reading. On point with my situation. God Bless. Thank you" ... written by rose n.
Thank you again Cae sending u lots of love and light!" ... written by c
on point eveyy time...10/10" ... written by neteru9
great evey time 10/10" ... written by neteru9
one of the most sensible intuitive experts you could talk to, lots of details given in a wise and down to earth manner none of that dreamy stuff other psychics tend to baffle your mind with as though trying to prove themselves to you. A very insightful and realistic man, thank you always." ... written by zimerili1
he is so sport on with the best " ... written by sai
Amazing as always. He's very intuitive and direct, compassionate, and gives great advice. Highly recommended." ... written by Robyn
He's amazing! spot on!" ... written by YP
Cae is so amazing...he gave me so much insights and he is right on everything!" ... written by asdfa
wow always on point!" ... written by dafdsfa
Stupendous! Cae is brilliant :)" ... written by S
Simply the best." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Cae is precise and accurate. A real psychic because he knew even before I told him. True person with a good nature and the right core values in place." ... written by Shalang
Cae is amazingly profound and accurate. He opened up a new paradigm for me and allowed me to understand the deeper issues that lies within the complexity of my situation. He unpeeled the onion, layer by layer. Phenomenal. " ... written by sharonite
Great reading :) great soul great, connection" ... written by KAatrina
thank you so much for the guiding . you are the best." ... written by saisai1980
Thank you so much! i appreciate this!" ... written by MMarmalade
Caetano is the one I always go to when I need real answers. God Bless " ... written by TealWater77
Great wise man with great connection." ... written by maxwellsmart66
He is so familiar now. Genuinely interested." ... written by Katrina
he is the best of the best . he is honest . " ... written by sai
Many thanks,and hope you feel better meant to say " ... written by l
Thank you for your honest, and great reading. I will come back. XXX" ... written by P
he is the best. his prayer is so strong and have a power to see things clearly . " ... written by sai
He's so wonderful!! Wanna know what's happening in the mind of someone. This is the man to speak to. He knew what was happening with me even before I said anything. He picks up on your energy. Accurate. How does he do it? That really doesn't matter what matters is that this man is a gift from God." ... written by jand777
Oh my god, Caetano is amazing. This man is god sent. He knows how to nail things down. I am shocked to know how my life will change next year and he knew my thoughts about this change. With Caetano you can't go wrong; this is it! God bless you heaps. Millions stars friend." ... written by reenu70
Superb, wise, kind, so knowing, Cae is a wonder!" ... written by T
5 stars!!! " ... written by love
thank u for guidance and direction" ... written by sunshine
Thank you for keeping me on right track!" ... written by l
wow, he read me like a book, I am speechless, he is awesome" ... written by L
Excellent and spot on" ... written by maxwellsmart66
He is the master!" ... written by Girl
Exactly to the point, very direct, honest and realistic. very grateful!" ... written by shaza
Caetano is always superb just amazes me how he connects and delivers the information. I am grateful" ... written by maxwellsmart66
10/10 bless you caetano" ... written by neteru9
wonderful compassionate and so understanding. " ... written by sonia
Superb as always" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Caetano is simply amazing! Always very honest and very accurate...he has never led me wrong! I highly recommend him especially if you want truth and clarity!!! He's the real deal!!!" ... written by AB
Amazing reader, always been there to guide me through his wisdom. You have been truly instrumental in my life to get to a plce where i wanted. Thank You !" ... written by Bobbin
Always the best! thank you!" ... written by petalouditsa
5 stars! Cae is always so intuitive, and he gives wonderful insight! I am feeling a little better after our discussion.Will touch base in a week or so." ... written by Peach
Amazing! This MAN IS POWERFUL PSYCHIC, THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!" ... written by ..
he is honest , he is straight forwards, no sugar coating , he keep his promised. even my friend spirit guide told me to go to him because he is so powerful . " ... written by sai
Super reading always" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Wonderful reading ....." ... written by gigaman1978
he is just wonderful!!!!! ten stars wow " ... written by bem
Wow. He knows everything that is happen in my life!! Thank you so much!" ... written by h
Dear Caetano, your divine and most respectful approach to my life, is what makes me respect you so much. I feel honored to have found you and will continue to work with you on many important matters of my life. Thank you for your compassionate truths and accurate descriptions of who I am and how I think. I wish you well and hope that others will not hesitate to consult with you and receive your guidance. Thank you CAETANO!!God Bless my friend" ... written by karismaflower
accurate compassionate and incredible abilities that are a blessing. mega stars" ... written by sonia
Cae is always the best, i love love reading with him and always come to him for clear clarity and guidance for problems at their roots. Very highly recommend him 100%!! " ... written by Adiee
Awesome as always" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Thank you for the great insights! you are amazing as always.!" ... written by afa
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing as always! I keep coming back If you need truth and great advice, I would recommend him Thank you always :) " ... written by Bunny
I'm in awe Cae connects very well and sees everything. He was very spot on regarding everything about current situation and past and gave me the harsh honest truth which i needed to hear so thanks for this awakening call. It's about time that I implement all the advice you gave me before and today once again." ... written by Adiee
The best psychic on ORANUM!" ... written by sarah
Thanks so much friend!" ... written by Love
Wonderfully insightful and truthful xxxx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
Excellent as always" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Amazing, Honest, and Genuine! As always! This is the real deal! Tells you the truth no matter how much it may hurt. Helps you regain strength, and gives you guidance. Definitely recommend getting a reading from Cae!xo" ... written by ang3l33
I honestly love this man. he is super accurate especially when it comes to health issues, pain, and sleep disorders. Matters of the heart are also a specialty for him. he guides you to realize your own courage in overcoming obstacles. his predictions are always on the money. He hasn't failed me yet!! seriously Cae Tano is just amazing! he's been right about my business trips, love life, and health. " ... written by jand777
Great loving man with great answers." ... written by maxwellsmart66
I will follow all your advice as always, your my rock" ... written by Lou
Great Reader…….. one of the best ever" ... written by M
Lovely and honest reading. Wonderful" ... written by maxwellsmart66
great reading, great energy, very fast, very accurate" ... written by rainbow776
Wonderful reading, five stars " ... written by gigaman1978
he is the best i have to wait for him to do a reading . his prayer and remide are very strong. he connect and can tell current energy and sport on every time . god bless him . " ... written by sai
Cae reminded me of my Christian Faith in God and reconnected me to my roots. He literally spoke my heart and was very precise about each and every situation with precise accuracy. Thank you Cae, thank you for having faith me God, you and me. I'll remember your words close to my heart. " ... written by S
Caetano is Truly an amazing man! I always look forward to speaking with him. He connects very fast and doesn't need tools. He's the real deal! He described me to myself as if he's knows me personally, he's that good. He sees the situation so clear and is able too provide you with all the answers! He goes so deep into what he sees and explains everything so thoroughly. He also provides valuable guidance on how to deal with the situation. He's truly gifted. " ... written by tania
Omg this guy is something alse from all the readers here he is the best God bless you and your gifts " ... written by O
I am so glad I came to see him again. His balanced, steady and compassionate approach speaks for itself in how he reads you. Thank you Cae, I am glad you can work with me and how I am. Thank you for coming online and being able to help. You are a treasure in what you do. Blessings eternally!" ... written by HappySoul
Superb as always. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
Excellent!" ... written by K
He knows my situation spot on. He has given me a lot to think about. I am grateful that I found him. He is an excellent guide." ... written by Amy
Wonderful, wonderful, always fabulous, so good to talk to Cae!" ... written by G
Thank YOU SO MUCHHHHHHH! I know now I will be fine. Just gotta hang in there. Thank you Cae. You are clear and always know whats going on!" ... written by Karisma
Cae is the BEST! He is the real deal..super accurate and spot on in every single situation i have. " ... written by asd
Great reading update." ... written by maxwellsmart66
10/10 great" ... written by neteru9
He is the best what can i say ................" ... written by oo
Always superb" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Many thanks and blessings to you, you help me so much ! " ... written by lou
He is absolutely amazing, and very accurate. I am in shock, he seemed to know just about everything. Amazing reading, very trustworthy." ... written by oo
Every time i talk to him he gives more clear vision to me." ... written by oo
Wonderful, wise and calming. He is terrific!" ... written by K
Love him. he's always accurate and right. It's like that big brother you can always talk to. his predictions are always right on. " ... written by jand777
I am truly astonished by the clarity and message I received from Cae. Very meaningful to my situation. I highly recommend a reading with Cae Tano." ... written by PeachesnCherries
Great always" ... written by maxwellsmart66
I simply love this man. He is absolutely spot on and his descriptions of the people concerned are eerie correct. Will definitely come back for more Caetano. Love you" ... written by Sunny
Many thanks!! your always a great man and your insight is fab" ... written by L
wow cae--- so spot on!" ... written by adsfa
5 stars!" ... written by love
he always sport on and deadly accurate that why i come to him for advice or spiritual stuff . when come to cae tano the truth will come out and will never go wrong. yay . " ... written by sai
he is very sport on with the energy and he can see things beyond other expert can see . his prayer and mantra is very strong and just do as he said will happen the way he describe. he time frame is always sport on. from now on he is will be the one for me. thanks you so so so much for your guide and spiritual gifted. " ... written by sai
He's always right and accurate. His advice is worth more than gold." ... written by jand777
Great reading always puts my mind at ease" ... written by MS66
This man has the ability to respect you whilst reading you. So no harsh words, no silences, no gimmicks and no sugarcoating. I honor this gift in him and how he is able to help me relate to my life. He has clarified many of my concerns in the past and I continue to trust him. Thank you Cae for being so special and willing to assist those in deep confusion. You are a gem and a treasure to keep! Love and Light," ... written by Flower
Fabulous, really fabulous. Cae knows things!!!" ... written by P
I love Cae..he is so honest and know it all" ... written by md3311
Wow thats all i can mind blowing i nearly fell off my coming back!!" ... written by k
Thanks Caetano Your Gifted advise." ... written by happy
Caetano always have a good advice, clarity, understanding." ... written by happy
Cae, as accurate, precise, encouraging as always. His predictions are immensely insightful and accurate. " ... written by SKnight
Great as usual :)" ... written by Angel M
Dear Cae Tano, you are such a wise and energitic support and it is very comforting to have your clear and accurate advice once again. Be blessed" ... written by in_the_making
I don't know where to start he was exactly who I needed to speak to I wish I found you a long time ago. I feel so much better about myself, so relaxed, and ready to take on whats coming my way. Thank you so so much, I will come back once things begin to move forward. " ... written by J
WOW...he was very spot on and accurate-knew nothing that went on in my life..yet knew!! 100% accurate about everything!! " ... written by k
Always best!!! He can pick up everything deeply I enjoy to talk with Caetano all time :) His advice is the best and trust him from the bottom of my heart Thank you always :)" ... written by Bunny
5 stars!!!!! I have missed talking to Cae, and I wish I could sit down and have a glass of wine with him! He is so amazing and insightful! So much wisdom!" ... written by peach
10/10 every time" ... written by neteru9
Calmed me down with his answers. Feeling better and better now" ... written by MS66
Good reader!" ... written by Amy
he is wonderfully accurate" ... written by d
Always delivers great results" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Amazing reader, didn't have to type much, knew everything. " ... written by Sarah
Thank you so much Caetano, I really appreciate your good support and honesty and for your positive energy.. " ... written by RealLove
The best!" ... written by love
Great reader...Put me at ease with his words and accuracy. Im glad to have finally taken a reading from him. Thank you Cae! U gave me alot of hope :)" ... written by Priscilla
A+++++ Great never fails" ... written by maxwellsmart66
He's just great. What a way to start the new year. he picks up on things and you're like WOW... how does he know that. Love Cae... he's always so awesome." ... written by jand777
Wonderful! Outstanding accurate" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Amazing as always :)) he can see other readers cant see! very details and always 100% correct :)" ... written by bunny
Exciting year ahead caetano! :) let it begin..." ... written by lou
AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!" ... written by ...
He is straight to the point.. Did not take much time to give me the answer.. No sugarcoating.. I highly recommend him to everyone" ... written by Balan
My first time reading with him. He is quick, straight to the point and picked up a lot of things. I completely recommend. " ... written by VK
Accurate always!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
5 stars! He picked up on my energy so well and reads me like a book! The most very best from all the other rest! Waited a long time but hope for the best!" ... written by Luvbutterfly
dearest cae always so so great, caring and insightful! send lots of love and light back to you! xxx c" ... written by c
Honest reading! Very straight forward:-)" ... written by Eternety
great" ... written by ls
OMG he was amazing. His details, and his efforless and quick connection were mindblowing" ... written by MJ
He knew a lot about my situation and everything was spot on, he read personalities and much more, spot on!!! He really is a great psychic, he also predicted great things for the future, and god hope they come to pas. Thank you CT, thank you 10 starsssssss" ... written by sweet
Cae was very accurate abt many aspects of my life! Very caring andamp; understanding reader who put many things in perspective and gave me direction and great advice. Thank u so much for making me feel better! I am awaiting everything to fall in place as predicted :)" ... written by priscilla
He always amazed me but he blew my mind away today! He is different I mean he is the BEST psychic and has very good heart I mean really beautiful who he is :) As psychic, He sees EVERYTHING!! he has multi skills I mean perfect! He can talk with furry babies and detect their health issues too :)" ... written by bunny
he is the best and always accurate . when come to cae tano nothings can go wrong . he will tell you what your weakness and how to improve your goal . " ... written by sai
Cae is a real gem, so calming and reassuring. He is very wise and knows how to see into the heart of problems. I feel very reassured by his predictions and can't wait for them to happen. Really lovely reader!" ... written by Me
Love your help always, your a true gold heart" ... written by L
thank u..u have been totaly right about everything...always:) thanks!!! happy new year" ... written by nv
Fabulous reading Caetano delivers." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Caetano does not only tell us what we want to hear , he tells things that is important for us to know " ... written by sarah
Cae is always so encouraging and insightful. His forecasts literally came to past, slowly but surely. Very sincere and earnest in praying for me. Appreciate that Cae. " ... written by SKnight
awesome as usual !" ... written by m
Simply the best, never fails with each reading things in my life are going better and better. Clearly Caetano is your right advisor to speak with you will not be dissatisfied. You will be surprised with how much he knows about you." ... written by MS66
This was my first reading with Cae tano and WOW he blew me away. he read me like a book, I will be back for more readings with him, my time was too short with him and the reading flew by. what an amazing MAN.... if you haven't read with him PLEASE do so, Thank Sir for all your kind words and help." ... written by Rachel
He picks up so so amazingly on other ppls feelings and energy!! He is spot on with many things that are happening now, predicted amazing things, will wait for them to pan out. Thank you Caetano." ... written by sweet
5 stars! The Best on Oranum!" ... written by love
Very good reading always" ... written by ms
he is the best!" ... written by RealLove
Caetano is always a good source of encouragement with his accurate advice. " ... written by Ray
Caetano is genuinely great reader. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
Sincere caring and honest. Pleasure is mine" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Was absolutely right several months ago - even when I didn't want to hear it. So grateful for the insight again. Cheers" ... written by Brewster
Spot on over and over again. Shocking how he knew so much about me without me saying a single word!!! WOWWWWW. Amazinggg reader. Thank you very much, Highly recommended to anyone." ... written by sweet
Love him!!!! He is so on Point with his readings. So far everything he has told me has come true!" ... written by karilur
Always a pleasure" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Effortless, great mentor of mine :) " ... written by Lou
absolutely wonderful genuine and so so accurate . blessings " ... written by sonia
Caetano is great man with great knowledge" ... written by maxwellsmart66
10/10 great" ... written by neteru9
Thank u Caetano again, I was so confused..." ... written by rRealLove
Thank You Cae. Always such a relief getting in touch with you! I wish you the best and thank you from the bottom of my heart." ... written by Karisma
WOW, he read me as though he was truely in my body. HE knew so many details, it was crazy...Cae is fast, doesn't waste time. He gave me great guidance and i will be sure to follow his instructions. He's amazing, I am so happy I have found him on here. I will be back for updates :) " ... written by mainstreem20
Cae Tano is at his best as always. Never looses a point and he gives it within seconds. Fantastic support and clear advice. Need I say more? Go and get an injection of pure energy! " ... written by in_the_making
super" ... written by super
The best there is.. :)" ... written by lou
Fantastic reading again. Wonderful." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Great reading" ... written by maxwellsmart66
just love reading and talking with Cae, get his persepctive and insights, he alwasy nails it for me! much love and light dear!" ... written by c
He is amazing no kidding. He says things that are eerily accurate sometimes ... like how do you know this? but he's usually right about a lot. I can honestly say that Cae is the best psychic on this network hands down. No one comes close to his accuracy and predictions. " ... written by jand777
Caetano has an uncanny way of seeing everything without any questions or prompting He really connects on a soul level and does not sugarcoat. I am in awe of his gift and wisdom." ... written by freespiritwave2
he is great, amazing! 10000 stars" ... written by bem
than you, very gifted, and amazing. " ... written by g
10/10 great " ... written by neteru9
Thank you for the advice and very valuable tips. Appreciate the short but good and accurate read." ... written by QuantumSolace
Caetano thank you for guiding me. Wise man" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Cae is so wonderful and always incredibly insightful! It is such a treat to talk to him! I wish he was my next-door neighbor, and we could sit have coffee and conversation. I'm grateful for his wisdom!" ... written by Peach
always a pleasure" ... written by maxwellsmart66
honest, truthful reader." ... written by sd
Wonderful as ever! Cae is awesome!" ... written by T
Thank you for your help and insight. He was on point with what he told me about my past. I am going to pray that he is just as right about my future. A+" ... written by Cris
Amazing!!!! So much clarity given with regards to a certain situation. Definitely coming back for another reading" ... written by GratefulOne14
5 STARS!!! Best of the Best!!" ... written by Love
Brilliant! Excellent as usual." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Very, very informative, great advise... He gets into the heart of the matter and tells you the steps to take to improve your life. Great reading. Highly recommended." ... written by sweet
HE was awesome as always!!" ... written by Sheri
that was an incredible and surreal experience! man knows what hes doing and will provide you with thorough detail and even more then expected! you will not regret should you go private with him" ... written by tigers
Great reading with great guidance" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Amazing each time" ... written by maxwellsmart66
very truthful, honest and insightful. his predictions have come to pass." ... written by ds
Fabulous as ever!!" ... written by L
Great, personal " ... written by Mendel
Caetano is excellent. He was spot on. I definitely will be returing!" ... written by Maryann
What a divine blessing u truly are, Cae. Thank you for walking me through the most important moment in my life. God Bless!!!!!" ... written by Kari
Thank you for the amazing gift you have" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Very accurate and insightful reading." ... written by Milan
Great reading again" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Has wonderful insights and gives fabulous guidance." ... written by L
The best as always - does not need even a clue before he starts to pick up the entire situation. " ... written by in_the_making
such a wonderful man who can explain things to me in a very logical fashion. love him." ... written by sf
very good reading" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Lovely and wise, terrific as always." ... written by K
So detailed. " ... written by Shashe
wow cae tank…makes all sense! you are spot on!" ... written by sadfds
He is so accurate with everything. I have been read with him for a year. And things did come to the pass. He use no tools,but he is so gifted and insigtful. Brillion amazing, God Blessed. Thank You again." ... written by gugu58
Gave all the info i needed. Facts, wht needs to be done, and why. Very nice reading. TY" ... written by kool
Excellent, to the point " ... written by gigaman1978
Thank you again for the update. Very good always" ... written by maxwellsmart66
He is awesome!! Love Cae! Accurate beyond words." ... written by jand777
As always Caetano is right to the point doesn't waste your time and your money. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
wow, he was so accurate, its amazing!!!! no words, he just knows it and tells you how it is. 100000000 stars" ... written by bem
Caetano thank you for helping me see what is going on. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
The best! Such a treasure x" ... written by l
Cae is just bursting with such goodness and wisdom! I always get great words of advice from him, and he is incredibly intuitive! I will check back in a week or two. " ... written by peach
I just love Cae, and I truly wish he was my neighbor because we could talk for hours over some coffee and cakes :) He is incredibly wise and intuitive!!! 5 stars!!!" ... written by peach
What a great reading!! He knew everything about me!!! Amazing! Fantastic! Thank you for your great advice!!! will be back soon. Big kiss" ... written by P
Tells the truth from the heart and gives great advise to get on the right path. He is a great great reader. Highly recommended. 5 stars for sure. Thank you for your help." ... written by s
My Rock." ... written by Lou
" ... written by Sonia
updates on the 1st reading" ... written by kool
Excllent reading, 7 stars " ... written by gigaman1978
Amazing as always! so powerful! great connection! " ... written by Ang3l33
Remarkable reader,, the detail given is almost unbleivable ,, he summed up my whole life in a few minutes and very accurately ,, and above all this expert gives it to you directly and full heartedly. Thank you so much, I enjoyed tremendously." ... written by zimerili1
absolutely reassures me all the time and all is progressing as he said it would. blessings " ... written by sonia
Bang on. Perfect! Is amazing what Cae knows!" ... written by K
Great!" ... written by kary
Thank you so much caetano! You always cheer me up and I will continue to come to you for advice! Thank you my friend." ... written by Cheer_Up_Soul
Amazing reader, speaks the truth from the heart and gives the best advise, for you to be happy. Thank you and god bless" ... written by sweet
Omg he was 5 stars! He knew everything. Excellent amazing! truly caring, he puts his heart into it!" ... written by MaryAnn
I wish I had met Cae tano 4 months ago! itn would have saved me from a lot of grief!..It was such a different reading..he really read everyhting correctly --thoughts that not even any of my closest friends knows. He read me and my husbands personality and inner issues to a T. Issues that goes from childhood. He is not judgemental-- his words and advice is what I have been waiting to hear to make a decision that will change my life! Thank you Cae!!" ... written by beccarcl
You are my strength, you really understand me and support me, always consistent. love you!" ... written by l
I absolutely LOVE chats with Caetano. He picks up so quickly!! He is always accurate and ALWAYS tells you the truth! Good, bad or ugly. ;-) He is the real deal!! If you want answers, he's the person you need! He's been so helpful and always gives the truth with love andamp; care!! " ... written by AB
Wonderful, wonderful reading! Thank you so much Caetano for sharing your wisdom and guiding me." ... written by Marie
he is special and wise. i have appreciated all of his advice and he made predictions several months ago that are now coming true. a true blessing." ... written by sd
Awesome as always..thanks Cae" ... written by rebecca
enjoyed it!" ... written by amrita
" ... written by Sonia
very reassuring and accurate in his assessment and predictions." ... written by ds
Very good person. I really loved his insights, his wisdom. Honestly one of the best on here. " ... written by Roseanna
Caetano always gives me wonderful readings! He is clear and accurate. I always enjoy our time together." ... written by AJ
Cae is always so great to talk to!! He has infinite wisdom, and he quickly connects to the situation and its details. He is always exactly right on! One of the best on Oranum!" ... written by peach
Great accurate reading" ... written by Milan
great and pleasure to speak with ! Thank you!!! =)))))" ... written by ...
great insight, very spot on, connects immediately n speaks as if he knows u in n out. will surely come back to him. he is best of all i have seen until now." ... written by hpch
Great advices as always!! he is the best on ORANUM! His advices are worth 1000000 stars ;) thank you for your time and help!!" ... written by ..
AWESOME! Speechless. He gave me a total telling off, which I needed! It was from a place of love and support but I needed him to speak to me about the truth and I now understand! Thank you!!!!" ... written by skier8001
Straight shooter. loved my reading." ... written by Abundance
wow what an intense reading! You are soooo awesome….very clear and concise..thank you zoo much!" ... written by adfad
Waiting to get a reading with you is always worth it. You are truly amazing. It's like you open a book and say, "Let's go to the next chapter and see where you're life will be." Your message delivery is like right from a book. Just amazing. Thank you ever so much, Cae." ... written by familyhelper
very good and accurate reading! was on point and direct " ... written by prime
Your amazing Caetano and I so value you :)" ... written by L
wow amazing reading today caetano! You are my favorite and soooo spot on!" ... written by asdf
AMAZING!! BEST ON ORANUM!!! " ... written by ..
He has very good view of things and actual present moment, and very good advisor." ... written by happy
always worth the wait! the only one to go to" ... written by kw
the man is brilliant .... told me a few home truths today ! " ... written by Sonia
Everything he said was truth and raw and cut to the heart...I was shocked that he knew the siutation so very deeply...very wowed by him!! Must come back another time!!" ... written by k
Great reading" ... written by Milan
Another fabulous reading, where would I be without my fave councillor !" ... written by L
Is my 1st reading with him omg he pick up soooo fast and he knows who am i and tells me the truth..." ... written by Winter
Cae has been very spot on with all my readings with him and is always ever ready to help point me in the right direction. Im very grateful for his advice n reading and am expecting his predictions to come to pass. Thank you cae for the prayers and help :)" ... written by Priscilla
Very deep thinking and good reader. Computer froze on me." ... written by eli
Wow he honestly read me like an open book and said things that noone could have ever known. He is straight to the point and knows exactly what to say. Highly recommend him! " ... written by Nadia
Nice private session." ... written by H
very accurate reader the best all i can say jus the best" ... written by rosie64
A great guy, very empathic and intuned. He cuts to the core of the situation like a surgeon. Absolutely lovely experience. " ... written by Darl
He sees things so clearly, He is truly amazing!! I have been reading with him for years and every time I have readings with him there is fresh news and everything that is happening in my situation he tells me about before I can tell him. " ... written by Love
perfect as ever.. spot on with his judgement abt situation n people." ... written by hpch123
A very precise and talkative psychic, but perhaps a bit too repetetive in his sayings. Nevertheless, he tuned, very accuratelyI have to say, into my inner infrastructure, and dissected its layers with razorsharp insight. This guy is definetly not beating around the bush. Rather, he tells it like it is, straight in your face. So, if you dislike sugarcoating and yearns to hear the truth, look no further." ... written by Hubbelman
Love Love Love my caetano! x x x" ... written by L
great reading as always!" ... written by miachloe120
really great advice on many levels, really enjoy the readings with him!" ... written by sd
thank you Cae! You are truly the best!" ... written by adf
so calming and wonderful." ... written by ds
awesome as usual, thank you." ... written by g
update was so dang spot on! couldn't believe it what CT picked up! awesome!!!!!!" ... written by rosy
top guy" ... written by thingy
It has been always a pleasure talking to u, u always clear my confusion =)" ... written by RealLove
The best person on earth to talk to about my troubles, makes me always leave uplifted " ... written by L x
he has always been a great friend and psychic. he Is 5 stars for sure. no regrets take him to private" ... written by bm
straighforward and honest reader. always wonderful to talk!" ... written by sd
Amazing...he gave very good advice...i will take his advice and see what worth it...very accurate and doesnt miss a beat!" ... written by k
Very good reading, however i kept asking when, and i didn't get an answer:) so will now ask him in the free chat. TY" ... written by Kool
Accurate andamp; Insightful. Thank you for the sound advice and in affirming my faith. " ... written by Shalang
Caetano is the psychic I trust the most to deliver nothing but the truth, raw and defined; And he does it with amazing ease and great energy." ... written by Domino
The best there is! Worth the wait :)" ... written by L
He is amazing...reads into the situation and the heart of the atter,,,whats truly going on inside and why...take him pvt..u wont regret!" ... written by k
as always a lovely spirited connection with much incite and details...I am blessed by his gifts. Amen." ... written by beauty
Oh MyGOD!!! This man is the best!!!!!" ... written by Sonia
Caetano, how can I begin to explain lol... Basically this man reads me like a book, even knows the next question that is going to come out of my mouth.. He tells you facts andamp; truth does sometimes hurt, but what is the point of getting a reading if you do not want to hear the truth? I wasted lots of money listening to the wrong psychics. With Caetano, I can honestly say he is 100% connected to me. The best in my eyes!" ... written by vixen
Great!!!" ... written by kary
Great as always. Thank you for your clear advice!" ... written by P
thank you sooo much Caetano!! Always great readings :-) Thank you my friend!!! xxx" ... written by sara
Cae Tano is a man of God with an amazing gift and an honest heart. His reading was on point with everything I was dealing with. He was polite yet held nothing from me that was suppose to be said. Great reading and powerful.. Thank you sir" ... written by RODERIC
Can't wait for his prediction to occur. Very good with the timelines." ... written by kary
simply the best, don't waste your time with anyone else." ... written by kw
Caetano reads a person inside, I don't know how he does it but is the best on this site without a doubt!" ... written by vixen
forget everyone else, Caetano is the only one who knows, fast, direct and correct everytime." ... written by kw
Many thanks for always being there xxx" ... written by L
Caetano's advice is priceless, he's helped me through many rough spots" ... written by kw
Caetano said very true words! He woke me up ! Thank you very much!" ... written by Sonia
great update as always the best" ... written by kw
excellent as always - thank you so much " ... written by Brewster
I have been coming to Caetano 2 years now. I really trust his insight andamp; advice, he has never be wrong for me," ... written by LIVEFOR2DAY AKA GEM
Once again, Cae's a psychic I'm truly grateful to have come across in my life - There was a huge turn of events that he had forecasted to come my way, and it did so within the given timeframe. " ... written by Domino
Cae gives very sensible advice :)" ... written by YP
I ve a very imp date today, and he told me lot of things which resonate with me, and makes me now calm, and confident. It's difficult to find him, d/t my time zone, but he has always been able to help me see the "bigger" picture. I ve said this before too, and say it again, that he understands everyone in and out, it's just amazing.He understands your deep core values and principles, which even you forget and they are just part of ur nature, but he'll remind u of these, and u 'll know that he's talking abt u, and no one else. So wht fits for u, will never fit on another person. TY pls keep us in ur prayers today. XXX" ... written by kool
WOW ! Amazing reading 5 stars for sure!" ... written by love
Cae is amazing - his insights are so accurate and wise. He is very talented and unbelievably kind and patient. Really really great." ... written by P
wonderful and great at following up on things. mega stars" ... written by cat
I have just experienced the most honest and in depth reading.. Completely amazed!! true insight. Not vague like some readers on here, but the real deal. I can't thank you enough. " ... written by Alexandra
My first time reading with Caetano. He was fast to pick up my situation and was encouraging uplifing to talk to him. I could confirm what he told me and hope now that his prediction will come true. Thank you." ... written by Traveller
terrific and so insightful. highly recommended." ... written by sonia
Holy smokes! My best experience on Oranum yet! There is no other. 30 days away from the prediction, will come back for another rating then. He knew about me, the man, his family and my family...unbelievable " ... written by KayBee
awesome !!!! !!! " ... written by SK
CT is so dang accurate!" ... written by rosy
Amazing, Amazing reading and explanation just as usual, always give me answers in a direct way and so clearly, thank you Caetano! " ... written by RealLover
SO hard to get a hold of this man, but he is so worth it. Cae tano is amazing, and he knows everything about your situation without you telling him anything! This man also has a heart of gold, takes words out of my mouth and he is very intelligent. Thank you thank you thank you for making yourself accessible from all the way in Europe :)" ... written by MJ
he is a wonderful man very accurate with what he says i will always go back to talk with him just wonderful" ... written by rosei64
Thank you so much for your clarity as always!!" ... written by P
Wonderful as always! Connection fabulous! On point with EVERYTHING! I didn't have to say much! He knew it all! Thank you so much! xoxoxo" ... written by Ang3l33
so brilliant!" ... written by LIVEFOR2DAY
thank you again a remarkable man knows the situation in life so well like he knows me for years." ... written by rosie4
is is incredible man with so much insight will always go back to him god bless this man" ... written by rosie64
Cae always connects really good..i can use the word "perfect connection"... its like he is in my body and my significant others body..that's how well connected he is..always a pleasesure and blessing to talk to.." ... written by rcl
He is absolutely the best! He can tell you the truth about every situation from everyone's point of view besides your own. Not only is he great at describing your current situation, predicting the future, but he is amazing at telling you how to get what you want." ... written by mj
the bestest on oranum" ... written by purengery
Very caring reader with alot of insight" ... written by Priscilla
the best on oranum!!! real psychic with great advices!!!" ... written by ..
Love this man. a lot of integrity, is is authentic, and honest. has been right about everything he has said in our past readings.definitely go see him." ... written by Rebecca
wow....just amazing! peace of my mind is with me now" ... written by unknownjourney
As always, quick and spot on. Will come back again." ... written by HPCH123
Always, always, always on point." ... written by MJ
thanks for keep being by my side with all support! " ... written by RealLover
Caetano is awesome. He totally gets everything and starts to answer your questions without having even asked them. He puts my mind at ease yet gives me bad news at the same time. He's wonderful!" ... written by skier8001
hes GREAT!!!!!!!! " ... written by WT
Cae is always great, always a stabilizing influence on me." ... written by Lily
thank u cae for your clearance things for me, hope things started up quickly.." ... written by realLover
the best of the best, he is amazing!!!! 10000000 stars " ... written by be
It was so great to have a reading with Caetano again, been a very long time.. He is SO Precise and details everything about a person and why things are the way they are and then gives great advice! He is just amazing and I will heed his very good advice. Thank you so much! Highly highly recommend Caetano !! " ... written by Lynda22
My fave man and you know it haha!! The best there is." ... written by lou
Great reading as usual :-) Thank you my friend!! you know me soooo well ;-)" ... written by sara
Great reading" ... written by Milan
A psychic , life coach and a friend. what more do you want? " ... written by unknownjourney
One Word - AMAZING! " ... written by Zuzu
Caetano was actually spot on with most of my situation!! the was first time in private. Impressive" ... written by shelle97
Wonderful reading! Very helpful in understanding the partner in my life. Very quick with response. " ... written by Daneille
Amazing reading. He knew exactly my situation without me telling him anything. Knew about my past as childhood and gave me advice on how to deal with this. Highly recommend!!" ... written by Jaqueline73
Wow he is such an amazing amazing reader, I have been going to him for years. He is a reader you can trust and I have a lot of respect for him! He has helped me grow and made me into a strong person today. Thank you so much Mr. C, you are the very best! All of his predictions came true!! " ... written by Love
I've been seeing CaeTano for over a year, he's always dead on about everything, so lovely too, definitely go see him he's a rare gem on Oranum" ... written by Rebecca
He is the best!!!" ... written by kary
right about my personality type" ... written by lola
Cae, you are an amazing person and reader, how can we survive without you, we will be all lost on this earth, thank you for clarifying.." ... written by RealLover
Great reading" ... written by Milan
he is an amazing reader connected so quick. was saying things the way they were." ... written by amy
Absolutely great !" ... written by Sonia
He is accurate and can describe a person very well. Very positive and encouraging. Highly recommended!" ... written by faith
So fantastic! speechless!! Thank you so much!" ... written by K
wonderful" ... written by danielle
Thank u Cae so much again for all that clearance that I've never will be able to know it.. you're always will be the greatest minded reader ever " ... written by RealLover
Millions of stars to you my friend. " ... written by Lou
Dear Caetano.. Once again you are spot on, fast and so good to consult. Any advice is given without hesitation and I always find myself fully enlightened on any subject. " ... written by in_the_making
cae is always pratical and makes alot of sense. I trust in his readings." ... written by Priscilla
Dear Cae, As always you are spot on, fast and so good to consult. I always find myself fully enlightened on any subject. Very positive and encouraging. Highly recommended!" ... written by HPCH
spot on and quick.. he is so accurate.. i always come back to him and will do again." ... written by hpch
Always a great help..he makes me understand everything that I can't even see myself!" ... written by becca
Cae tano is one of the best on here. He is the go to man. He’s correct a huge majority of the time. " ... written by Rox
Cae, always telling as it is; ever truthful of the people, situation and decisions involved. " ... written by Domino
Very strong and gifted advisor. Excellent guidance and he truly knew my situation well." ... written by STT
Very insightful, genuine, intelligent, and so on. Mere words cannot describe how amazing this man is. I always talk to him because I feel a strong connection, and I he can relate to everything I am thinking and feeling. Truely remarkable. I would give him 10 out of 5 stars if I could. " ... written by rose4amier
love you forever and ur the best as we know ;) " ... written by L
He is sooo good and motivating, cannot wait to see….what happens next week with his prediction. All my best to you Caetano." ... written by LIZ
My time with him was worth every penny. He is so wise, caring, and honest that I could not stop talking. He certainly has great intuition for he could accurately tell me things about my life and about my circumstances that it's like speaking to a friend whom I've always known. He offered me the best advice that I really actually need to take in for myself. I would give this guy a 20 out of 10! He really is the best. " ... written by Roseanna Tibbetts
great as usual, he is the best!!" ... written by bm
extremely accurate and helpful, as ever . Thank you" ... written by Muffin1603
Amazing.Consistent and accurate. Such a lovely wise man with deep insight into any situation. Definitely the best " ... written by Muhsybean
Can read me and my partner like a book!!" ... written by rcl1207
Mr C is so great, He even knew I lost a lot of weight..without me telling him anything! He is a very trusted reader and can see what is going on with the entire situation. Take him for a private, you will not be sorry! 5 Stars! The BEST!!!! " ... written by Luv
the best and honest mega stars" ... written by cat
fantastic as always!!! he is just so right adn he picks up on everything!! must give him an try. " ... written by bem
Cae is so lovely and warm and wise and he understands this situation of mine so well. His insights are so valuable and so right!" ... written by Me
This man is the best i've ever talked to. He is a God-gifted individual who is extremely wise and thoughtful. He delivers honesty, and will guide you through every situation. I could give him 10 out of 5 stars for what he's done. There are no words great enough to describe him. " ... written by Roseanna Tibbetts
HIS PREDICTION CAME TRUE !!" ... written by Sonia
I'm a regular customer of Caetano and its bc this man is truly, truly gifted. I just don't know how its possible for someone to tune in to other people's souls within secods and so precisely and with out using any form of tools. I don't know about others but with me its been the case every with my many readings I've had with CaeTano." ... written by miachloe120
awesome and right on target with compassion" ... written by sonia
HE IS THE BEST ON ORANUM." ... written by sarah
He is truly understanding andamp; encouraging; very precise in description, very sincere and honest in his analysis. I think he is the best advisor I ever have. Best wishes to you! " ... written by Lan2013
The best!!!! He is amazing! Unbelievably amazing." ... written by yyyyyyy72
Thank you..always means a lot to get your wisdom!" ... written by Lou
I am blown away.I never had anyone read me like this and know me like this without ever meeting me." ... written by knowing2013
We are in different time zones and it makes it difficult to connect, but I never stop trying because you are absolutely amazing and worth trying every day. You have given me guidance with my business for almost 3 years now and have never steered me wrong. Your ability to tap into people around me astounds me...and you're always accurate. Thank you so much. I'm so glad I didn't give up trying to connect. God Bless you, Cae." ... written by familyhelper
Thank you very much!! You know everything about the man that i love!!" ... written by h
You are wonderful and straight forward, Got a very good positive advice. Thank you" ... written by Muffin
so much wisdom and kindness. really enjoy all of my interactions with him." ... written by sd
Great reading!" ... written by Milan
as always Cae is accurate and quick. gets right into bottom of the problem. will come back again." ... written by hpch
Fantastic! I still wonder how you knows so much things about me and my life. Thank you so much for great reading as always!" ... written by P
Ceatano is hard to catch but worth the wait!" ... written by kw
really wonderful spiritual advisor. has given great feedback and advice." ... written by sd
great" ... written by Sonia
cae was absolutely incredible. he lifted my spirits and confirmed everything that has been on my mind. a blessing and he saved me from a deep depression. love and hugs" ... written by sonia
I love Caetano, he just gets to the heart of the matter no matter the question and makes everything clear." ... written by kw
very good spot on" ... written by jana
He is so correct. I can not believe how accurate his is. I appreciate all advice and I do need to relax and learn this. " ... written by knowing2013
The best on oranum" ... written by sarah
he is very good and accurate " ... written by ohood
Caetano is awesome!! He say thinks like he read like a book! He know everything so well!! Thank you very much for your words!!" ... written by h
fantastic reading - nailed the person without any prompting and has a calming way of guiding you through the situation. Will always come back. Thank you" ... written by Brewster
Thank u Cae again and always for clearing my mind " ... written by RealLover
very good excellent spot on" ... written by jana
Caetanos is my only choice i come to oranum only to speak with him because his so good" ... written by carlos
he is very good reader " ... written by ohood
You make me feel so good when we talk!! You describe me and the man that i love very well!!! Thank you so much!!" ... written by m
Wow, Caetano is so genuine in his reading, he made me feel so special. Told me who I was, my personality and what I need to change in myself to gain positives things in my life. He is so natural and honest. Very direct in answers. Thank you and 5 stars*********" ... written by Sonia
Thank u Caeee.. Best psychic every... Always clear to the point! " ... written by RealLover
the best!" ... written by Sarah
full on lively person and know exactly waht is going on." ... written by hpch
Thank you so much! You always give me a peace in my mind. Fantastic! " ... written by P
very good excellent" ... written by jana
Many thanks for helping me out! yes all you said made sense and I will follow your advice as I always do. Your the best!" ... written by lou
quick and very friendly and helping..." ... written by hpch123
Great" ... written by familyhelper
very good and clear ! thankyou!" ... written by aa
I wanted to thank you for being so honest and upfront about my situation. I needed to hear it to make my decision. You were very accurate and op point with my Reading ..Thanks again" ... written by sunshinec
Always calms me down. Cae helps me get back on track and to focus more on positive things. Always on the spot. " ... written by Eden
I cannot begin to tell you what this blessed man has done for me. he has helped restore my faith and that is the greatest gift ever. His predictions are a done deal but I always remember that people have free will and things are subject to change. Thank you so much for this eternal gift Cae." ... written by cat
Cae is super, he is accurate, spooky and so kind and compassionate. Rate him super high bestest!!!" ... written by Girl
thank u cae again for the lovely reading" ... written by reallover
Very accurate andamp; good will, love him to bits. Very fatherly " ... written by Knight
absolutely amazing, shockingly without any information picked up everything...i'm speechless, him and will be back. very good advise given extremely accurate information about my current situation. very direct and no sugarcoating. amazing...amazing A++++ thank you sooo much xxx" ... written by renebaby
love you " ... written by l
worth waiting to get a reading. direct to the point. satisfied" ... written by sm
Always such a great energy to be around and always right on point, this man." ... written by Aeureus
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! That is the best way to sum up my experience with Caetano. He was very direct and knew the depths of my soul and my past experiences which have shaped me. Highly recommend!" ... written by E
don't know what id do without you" ... written by lou
Spot on! Knew about me without providing any information about my past, my struggles, and my tests. He has truly enlightened me which has given me greater clarity about my destiny! Highly recommended!" ... written by E
lovely read" ... written by Rayhaan
Always great advice! Thank you so much! " ... written by K
Wow he blew me away with this reading! Thank you old friend!! 5 stars! " ... written by Love
You are great help! " ... written by lou
Thanks my fav!!" ... written by lou
5 stars!!! LOL!! You nail it every time! :)" ... written by Love
I always consulted with him. i trust his insights. " ... written by Lan2013
Caetano has been my favorite reader for many years now, and i love how acurate and sincere he his. Many things in the past have happened and i trust his wise guidance. Excelente reader! 5 stars" ... written by carlos
Cae has been my help , guide and healer. He gives me peace and confirms all my doubts and is completely accurate " ... written by sarah
He resonated with me on so many levels. I appreciate him very much so." ... written by knowing
always great reading when I can find him online! Go for it. He is quick to connect and tells it like it is. Picks up on many things with only giving birthdates! thanks!" ... written by leo girl
Caetano is Brilliant in every sense of the word. He is absolutely the best beyond the shadow of a doubt. IF YOU have not read with Caetano you are really missing out!!!!!" ... written by david
Excellent reader five stars, thank you very much. " ... written by Ann
Appreciate you always" ... written by l
I cannot be more pleased with my reading, he knew what I was going to say before I even said it. It's amazing how spot on he was. I recommend everyone to have a reading with him. Just still so blown away by him. Amazing!!!" ... written by powerwoman1
Once again, thank you for your advice and guidance - it's allowed me to clear my head on a particular issue that's been dragging on. Always providing insight and valuable information that can only have been passed by spirit, and straight on point as always." ... written by Domino
Cae speaks the truth - he is incredible - he knows what he is talking about - love his readings - they are amazing!" ... written by Me
Thank you so much for your time! I hope I can overcome this" ... written by Andre
Cae is always fantastic!" ... written by YP
I love Caetano; this was my first time with him in private and he knew exactly what i have been through and what i'm going through. His truth, caring and sensitivity is greatly appreciate. I love him!!!" ... written by Amanda
5 stars!" ... written by love
I've always wanted to do a reading with Caetano since he has amazing feedback, WOW was he amazing and spot on! He knew everything from past to now, it was amazing how to the point he was. He was direct on what I need to do to move forward, I will definitely use it and see where it takes me. Give Caetano a shot, you won't regret it!" ... written by Swede
just the best, worth the wait" ... written by kw
Thank you so much. It's so scary how accurate you are with your readings and you use no tools!! Can't wait for things to come :)" ... written by MD
I appreciate all his insight and will rebuild myself and approach to life. " ... written by knowing
Awesome reading, had another question still to answer for me but time was up :)" ... written by Autumne
very good thank you" ... written by jana
excellent reader, I completely trust him. " ... written by raindrop31
just the best as always.." ... written by kw
Highly recommended! He connects fast and gives a lot of details and insight into the situation, without any tools. Thank you for the update x" ... written by Cindy
just the best, have said it a thousand times" ... written by kw
Thanks Cae. You're amazingly gifted. Thanks for your insight." ... written by familyhelper
What can you say about Caetano. Sensational, amazing. The very best a reader can possibly be." ... written by k
Wow!!! im just amazed" ... written by jana
amazing speechless.." ... written by Ammer
He is amazing. Completely blew my mind. He sees my health issues as if he known me all my life. Everything he said has been spot on and i know the prediction of my prince will come true. Cae is the real deal here." ... written by Sheena
5 star" ... written by caetano
this guy is the best. 5 stars" ... written by Jay
great reading...he is wonderful and very helpful..highly recommended to others.." ... written by Ammer
He is amazing, andamp; confident! looking forward to all the details coming true :) thnak you for all guidance andamp; clarity!!coming back" ... written by L
It was a eye opening experience. I can not believe how much information about my path and life he knows and understands. I need to work harder on me and focus. " ... written by knowing2013
Great" ... written by L
Cae is amazing, the things he knows!" ... written by Girl
Always amazing reading! I don't know how he does it but everything he says it just spot on. The suggestins he gives are great and he connects quick. One of my favorites :)" ... written by leo girl
always great readings with caetano! Such clear and accurate messages thanks!" ... written by leo girl
I love Caetano´s ability to tap into the whole situation and see it clearly. Thank you my friend." ... written by nic
WOW, what an amazing reading, the best and the truest. YOU ARE REALLY TALENTED thank you so much you have helped me amazingly today and I hardly said a thing but you knew so much that was so true and real." ... written by scarbprough fayre
WOW!!!! he knows everything!!! he knew too much!! I'm so glad that he was straightforward with me and didn't sugar coat anything! Some of the things he mentioned I knew was true deep down inside that I need to work on. Overall I'm glad I came in today!! " ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
great followup with him...he's the best on this site.." ... written by Ammer
He was very good" ... written by Geri
thanks! Just what I needed to know where to go from here.." ... written by lou
Cae is quick, spot on and very warm as always... i always come to him for help and some support... will come again if need be." ... written by hpch123
awesome reading, gave out so many details he could just not know, predictions to happen, fingers crossed :)" ... written by Autumne
Thanks, amazing guy" ... written by Anne
it was a mindblowing reading.. he read me like a book and guided me through my confusion.. will come back again.. thanks a lot.." ... written by dechild
Always excellent readings! Very quick and lots of information. Thanks so much!" ... written by leo girl
WOW! Amazing insights thank you so much" ... written by scarborough
WOW!! I truly appreciate his guidance,care, honesty and love for me. Thank you Mr C!! I've been coming to you for a long time but you are never short of giving the best insight you can give me. ((HUGS))" ... written by Love
awesome reading and spot on about everything!!" ... written by shelle97
Fantastic again!! He knows everything! Such a good adviser. Blessing!" ... written by P
good reading, not sure about the implications" ... written by Nimue
very good reader straight to the point .. mentioned a lot of things..thanx" ... written by suman
He's amazing. 5 stars." ... written by Jane
Great advice and always spot on! He is quick to read and speaks clearly! Thanks so much. " ... written by leo girl
The best! Amazing has always" ... written by carlos
excellent will get to work on my project. Thanks" ... written by Rm
thank you so much for the reading hes such a wonderful person fast honest really accurate first time i come to consult him and i am absolutely impressed i didnt tell him about my situation he told me and describe everything in details with great advice that i iwill definately listen to and use i can say he saved my life god bless you i will come back and keep you updated that for sure :)" ... written by joseph
I have missed this man! He always blows me away with his accuracy and detailed answers...amazing! You must have a reading with him...5 stars!!!! " ... written by gemmie
Many thanks!" ... written by l
thank you so much for yet another brilliant reading! love to you" ... written by gemmie
the best as always" ... written by kw
wow...this man blows me away every time I have a reading with him...he is the best!!! love you Caetano!!" ... written by gemmie
amazing reading as always, i love u care " ... written by Reallover
Marvellous!" ... written by Girl
excellent reader will be back to make some plans with him for healing and growth. 10 stars" ... written by roy
You are the best, Caetano" ... written by in_the_making
OMG!!! thank you Caetano for another BRILLIANT reading!!! You are so gifted :) Will let u know how it all turns out." ... written by gemmie
Thank you, excellent reading, uplifting and very insightful." ... written by Jane
thank you Cae for another outrageous reading!!! Love you, my friend :)" ... written by gemmie
Caetano is one of the best on Oranum. You won't be disappointd in a reading with him. He connects fast and does not go in circles. thanks" ... written by leo girl
5 stars!" ... written by luv
Thank you so much Cae today. I will be back. =) I will remember what you told me. =) Will start from scratch. " ... written by Eden
great reading with amazing insight into career and finances." ... written by beathive
Amazingly accurate!" ... written by V
good reading :)" ... written by V
Fantastic reading as always. He knows everything what is happening. Thank you so much!" ... written by P
EXCELLENT! Psychic and adivisor! He is so quick and everything he says makes total sense. If you want the truth see Caetano. He does not sugar coat anything or make up stories. He tells it like it is. thanks!" ... written by leo girl
love caes readings....hes super intuitive and knowledgeable, helped me a lot already and ive done some remedies he suggest they work quite well, coming back for more sage counsel when i need it" ... written by soupy sales
Always the best on here! Have a reading with him and you won't go to anyone else! thanks" ... written by Jaqueline73
Excellent reader, thank you." ... written by Jana
Beautiful reading; was quick, seemed accurate really great to speak too. Thank You " ... written by Sher
Good reading!" ... written by B
5 stars! Great reader!!! Connects very well !! " ... written by love
Great! Thank you!!" ... written by P
THanks!!!" ... written by Darlene
Wow, this man knows what he is talking about! I gave him my name and that was it! He read the most incredible readings for me ever. Thank you, thank you!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Pick up very fast... know my work has been changing for 1.5 yrs. Positive and good advices... things happening in July to August... will see. Thanks!" ... written by William
Incredibly accurate... knew things that i didn't tell - exact details of my life, even what i thought about when i was younger of my parent's relationship. Easily the best reading I've ever had! Will wait to see what the outcome is but will follow up for sure! Thank you Caetano!!!!!" ... written by lornalulu
Really, really interesting" ... written by Vanessa
Brilliant" ... written by Suman
amazing right on point" ... written by dia
Accurate." ... written by Dee
Super reading llike always, a pleasure and an education and spot on insights." ... written by Jerry Benanjares
Five stars, he's amazing. thank you" ... written by JJ
I waited all week for my reading! One of my favorites! Thanks!" ... written by leo girl
Try him you will not regret....thanks" ... written by sabinaa
phenomenal, fantastic! " ... written by Diana
very amazing reading ! I went to him to discuss a very serious issue concerning my relationship ...and thank God I chose him !" ... written by sap
Thank you so much for the update. Always a pleasure to get updates from Caetano. His advice is spot on!" ... written by leo girl
fantastic!!! covered a lot in a short amount of time - will work on what we discussed and look forward to following-up" ... written by Holly
Thanks Cae again for giving me hope and I wish he contact me on July 17th :'(" ... written by RealLover
I could listen to this man for hours. He has unspeakable abilities and knowledge of my situation. Cannot believe his psychic ability." ... written by Diana
…as if he has knows my life intimately. Wonderful reading. He is one amongst many. He is the most talented, psychic I have encountered on this site." ... written by Diana
Awesome reader, the very best. thank you" ... written by AJ
Always the best. Needed another reading after finding something out today and he saw it all and explained it. good and bad, no sugar coating, thanks!!" ... written by leo girl
Good reading! :)" ... written by V
I can spend hours talking to Caetano!! He is amazing and not sure how he knows someone in and out but he does! You must try a reading with him. He will amaze you! Not only does he give predictions but does truly give advice that makes total sense. A very good man and not judgmental at all. He will not sugar coat anything and tell you good and bad of what to expect. Thank you so much!!" ... written by leo girl
Always the best! Helped me with my anxiety and some questions regarding some decisions I made and he confirmed I made correct ones. thanks so much!!" ... written by leo girl
I will wait in line to get guidance from Caetano. Worth every penny. He has been honest and correct from day 1. Thanks so much for all your help!" ... written by leo girl
I love u can, u r the best of the best friends and psychics ever.. thank for coaming me down " ... written by reallover
Needed some help on such a complicated situation, he nailed everything about it. I was blown away by everything he said and know what I need to know to move forward. This man is amazing, I was shocked!" ... written by Swede
Thank you so much Caetano! You have never led me wrong. Thank you so much for the guidance and look forward to a follow up in the future. " ... written by Rox
One of the best on Oranum! Excellent advisor and predictor. He does not sugar coat anything. He is a must try on here!!" ... written by Jacqueline
Simply the best! My go to person on Oranum. You have to try him, you will be impressed!" ... written by Jaqueline
he was very honest" ... written by RasheedaW
thank you so much for the update and confirming what I was thinking for this week. Always the best!!" ... written by jacqueline
thanks all picking up details, good explainer for the point and person." ... written by Sw
Caetano is a very very clear and accurate reader. He is in his heart and that feels excellent to receive as a client. He speaks clearly and efficiently so your time and credits are well-spent. Also he finishes his current train of thought before answering your next typed question, which is wonderful because then you don't have to go back and ask him to finish the former thought, (which has happened with other readers) which saves money and time. I recommend him most highly - if you are lucky enough to find him online live, you better jump on his private line ASAP!" ... written by Mountain Mama 99
thank u wished I have more funds I wanted to know so much more as I feel u were so on target and accurate thank you " ... written by k
he hit the mail on every point and was fast detailed and extremely helpful thank you so much " ... written by j
Cae never disappoints! By far one of the best on here and has never did me wrong with the advice he has given. Thank you so so so much!!!!" ... written by jacqueline
Been awhile since I had a reading with Cae and he has not wavered from what he told me over a year ago. He is one of my favourites here and his visions are very accurate. " ... written by Mare
excellent" ... written by cyn1961
5 stars! He's great! " ... written by buttercup
thanks Caetano, reading is always very friendly expained, and detailed." ... written by c
I am soo confused I hope he is wrong but I will be the better person to walk away " ... written by j
phenomenal psychic ability" ... written by Diana
5 stars! Reds the mind of the person your asking about." ... written by love
Always the best advice. A must go on Oranum!!" ... written by jaqueline
thank you for another phenomenal reading Cae! Glad we talked-I feel so much better : ) love you" ... written by gemmie
Always the best on oranum! Must go see him! thaks so much!" ... written by jaqueline
one of the most gifted psychics on any site. Absolutely brilliant. If you only have one reader in your life. This man is the one you should go to. There are other good readers, but no one, and i mean no one compares to this man" ... written by kake
Caetano is awesome. He gave me the insight that I have being pondering upon for a long while. I am so lucky to have come across him. Thank you so very much." ... written by cyn1961
excellent" ... written by jana
thanks for reading! and giving me good accuracy and clear things!!!" ... written by c
Youre amazing, it was really good to talk to you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your honesty, youre a gem." ... written by Pamela
Had to go back in today for some positive reinforcement. Was feeling a bit down today but Cae helped me see the direction my situation was going in. I highly recommend readings with Caetano! Thanks!! " ... written by jacqueline
Lovely person, connects fast is accurate and provides good advice." ... written by LB
Thank you so much for a long reading. It is great that I can always faith the truth with your reading. You are so right!!! Kisses " ... written by P
Honestly, this man is amazing! He is truly a relationship expert. He can not only see what the other person is going to do next, but he truly gives sound advice that makes sense. He brings things to light that you don't see. He won't sugar coat either, and will tell you of any bumpy roads ahead. His past predictions have come true for me. He gave me more future predictions, although I don't see, he is confident it will happen. If you don't want someone that will go in circles with the same things over and over or tell you what you want to hear, then go to Caetano! He is awesome. Thank you my friend. :)" ... written by jaqueline
Thank you so mcuh for the udpates! You have been right all along!" ... written by m
Great man! He has helped me a great deal. He quickly tunes into the situation. Extremely knowledgeable, offers a ton of clarity and advice." ... written by miachloe120
I can't say enough how amazing my readings are with CaeTano! Everyone must go try him. I mostly go for relationship advice and his predictions have come true and all his advice on moving forward are spot on. You may not like to hear what you need to do, but in honesty, it is truly the best advice one can give. He does not go in circles saying same things each time you visit him either. He will even be honest and tell you to wait more time for next reading if he doesn't feel anything new is coming in. I always look for him online to catch up! Give him a try, you won't be disappointed :)" ... written by Jacqueline
Thank you caetano! You have been the best guide for me on Oranum. I will wait all day for you! hahah " ... written by jaqueline
Very powerful reader, I wish I had met him earlier, would have saved me a lot of heartache and confusion. He will put your mind at ease with what you need to do in your life in all aspects to attain happiness and feel complete. A rare talent. Thank you thank you thank you." ... written by ikroyal
Awesome! Awesome Awesome!!! No tools! Immediately hit everything spot on! So much fun to speak with! " ... written by Summaluv8
Great!!!" ... written by tvelletri
Great reading, honest and very accurate!" ... written by sycammer781
Amazingly accurate, needed no details and described my situation perfectly. Thank you Caetano!" ... written by 6marchs
Accurate and honest.. recommended." ... written by priyaahitan
The best I ever had, right on point!" ... written by mssunshine11
Accurate!" ... written by priyaahitan
Amazingly stunning reading. Thank you very much. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS CAETANO" ... written by remedio
I've never had such a reading before, he's amazing! He could tell me things about my mother that I'd never told anyone! Thank you Caetano!!!! I appreciate everything!!! I know this is a phase and it too shall pass!" ... written by MinaVamp27
A definitely 5 Star Psychic. He is honest, he is not trying to please you by telling you what you want to hear. He is direct and knows me exactly without me saying a word about me. " ... written by behindstars
He is one my favourite, he is so accurate and right!" ... written by yasamananisi
Very good!!" ... written by matthewshanahan