About CosmicSister

Psychic CosmicSisterhas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic CosmicSisterhas recently helped 45members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about CosmicSister's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

ATTENTION: I don't TYPE. I only Speak.Cost $5.99 per minute. If you have no Audio do not take me for a private reading because I DO NOT TYPE. I'm available only for people who can hear me speak. I use a pendulum to tell about: Love, Health, Career, People,Locations, Pets, Spirit World…*I do not say when you will meet anyone or when you'll get a job!

thanks I came for another question, and got more :)" ... written by .
She was awesome, funny and very straight forward" ... written by Sharay
Great andamp; very accurate reading" ... written by Lisa
Wonderful person, very warm reader. Honest and accurate- everyone must give her a try. Thank you for your time and insight Cosmicsister. Many blessings to you." ... written by Destiny68
she is awesome and very good at what she does........the best so far" ... written by isabelbx
She is upbeat, positive, her pendulum gift is powerful and impressing. She was able to respond to my questions in a simple and realistic manner:) I think for everyone who wants a private reading which is honest, you should try this beautiful psychic:)))) Merci and Blessed Be:))))))" ... written by milona
Very short at the moment as funds were limited, however i shall be bk when i have money to top up thank you" ... written by baybes
Very Nice woman. I was statisfied with my reading. Give her a try!" ... written by Virgo888
What can I say....she was great....very calm, patient, and good energy. Definitely calmed me down and gave me the different outcomes that existed. Thanks!!" ... written by oalanis
Very-very nice and friendly reading. It was full of emotions and this lady could open my eyes and I was able to realize that I made a big mistake in my life. I will come back to her, definitely!" ... written by novforsic
She was nice to talk with.. I will be giving here more fedback..Thanks Cosmic Sister " ... written by sunshineaj0128
She is very kind and helpful. She did a great reading for me!" ... written by sacredlove71
Wow amazing reading and very fun too, i love the reading very much." ... written by lovelife
Had very nice reading from her she has a style thats different very different she answered my ?? so I wil see what happens next, I am gong to check back in 1 month!" ... written by queenbee22
She was nice. " ... written by vjrei01
Took some time yet good......" ... written by sleepysnugs
Good, time ran out..." ... written by anon
Sorry for leaving, low credits. Thank you very much, very kind, and uses the pendulum well!" ... written by chrisjriley
Awesome fast and so direct I loved it..." ... written by Anniekins
GREAT Reading" ... written by Destiny68
She's very good ty for the predication." ... written by BAM4869
She is absolutely mind- blowing! I truly recommend her to everyone. really bubbly energetic and kind, and in actual fact opened my eyes to life in general, really mellow and up-beat and caught a really good vibe from her readings. I am definitely going to be back CosmicSister! you are definitely a true gem." ... written by PoojaSisodia
Would recommend" ... written by neethu7777
I just loved the connection and guidance..." ... written by Anniekins
thank you!" ... written by mmd1990
Very true reading and very uplifting :)" ... written by f999111
I had such a fun time with CosmicSister. I've never really known much about Mayan Astrology but after a couple minutes of getting my chart together we really hit the nail on the head. This is the kind of reading you want to save up for and spend 30-60 minutes with her. You will learn SO much about yourself. I will be definitely coming back to see her again." ... written by IndigoStars
She gave some good insight of what issues i stated to her..very good" ... written by mastriannogirl83
It was fine." ... written by rcarlos
She is very good" ... written by patty3637
Nice nice person, saw the physical attraction clearly, but couldnt really see what is holding M back from talking to me... thanks anyway.. you are really sweet." ... written by SaintlyCat123
She is great! I know i can change my life - i believe her! Thank you CosmicSister" ... written by relations2012
She gave me a demo maiya astrology reading and it was right on the spot! i was sooooooo amazed!!! she really picked up on me extremely well thru the astrology :)) thank you so much CosmicSister!!! i shall try and order an email astrology reading sometime soon. the Maiyan astrology is amazing! As you are!!!! :))))" ... written by doloann
Great thx u so Much have a wondeful day " ... written by queenbee22
Thank you for the reading, it was pretty accurate and nice to talk to her" ... written by maria50t
Very helpful" ... written by pandoy
Thank you for the wonderful reading. I really enjoyed my time with you. I will be back to give you an update with my situation. " ... written by Angel168
Shes very nice person i realy liked her reading" ... written by angie32
Ran out of funds but was very good." ... written by Amir
THANK YOU FOR YOUR INSIGHT!" ... written by queenbee22
Very beautiful and insightful. Enjoyed the read." ... written by 2brokenwings
I forgot to add my stars sorry about that! You are the best!" ... written by 2brokenwings
On point! Cosmicsister, has read me, my mom and dad and I can honestly say she knows her stuff all three were very accurate, siblings are up next and I have three : ) , dad was very pleased with his reading, I will update you within the coming weeks. You are my fav, a diamond in the ruff as they would call it. Spiritually, different than many other readers here on Oranum you should have a five ++ rating. " ... written by 2brokenwings
Excellent and fast!!!" ... written by happi18
So fascinating and gave me great guidance, could listen to her for hours. Lovely lady and will defiantly come back for another reading. Thank you :)" ... written by Kel_Vrol
Absolutely AMAZING :)" ... written by eetswaa1
Thank you so much for the reading :-) Very nice and loving person." ... written by ale510
Fun and bubbly lady! Thank you. I hope all will happen :-) X" ... written by Helgaz1
Cosmic sister is awesome! she explained my mayan astrological sign to me and it was so relavent to me....i saw myself in her words and descriptions of my sign. it was very helpful and inspiring too. thanx cosmic :) i will be back to follow up on the astrology/horoscope with life and relationship. :)" ... written by doloann
Excellent reading very thorough and helpful. Lovely lady, enjoyed her reading." ... written by maryannepav
Thanks for the reading, really helps." ... written by thanya
AMAZING reading, I am so fascinated about the Mayan traditions. Cosmic Sister has fascinating stories, lovely energy, inspirational and I will be back to chat again. Thank you for helping me believe I can make a difference :) xx" ... written by Annied13
Great reading - right on target. Many details and to the point! Thanks" ... written by Destiny68
Thanks so much for such an insightful reading" ... written by dodoshoe
Excellent" ... written by maryannepav
Sorry, ran out of funds. " ... written by User9876
She is amazing! She helped me out so much in the small time we were able to talk! As soon as I can I will be back to her for sure!!! Thanks for your help again! You solved question without me even having to ask them thanks you so very much!!!" ... written by talinasmom10
Unfortunately i dont have credit much... bt i do have so many questioc to ask... abt the problem that i suffer the most these days. i've been patiently waited for that guy,,,, nevermind thank you very much..... i'm so glad i clarify my problems to some extent.... thank you very much... love you, keep up the good work.....may triple gem bless you" ... written by hasiii
Shes great really help full spot on with everything " ... written by sublime5157
Very interesting" ... written by sublime5157
So wonderful ..person heart and soul and v helpful and great advice" ... written by meisupani84
Honest woman...delicate, but honest" ... written by Jazzylady155
Wow! Cosmic Sister we are truly friends forever and I am honoured to have met you. Your reading was so enlightening, inspiring and truly incredible! I will see you in the dreamworld and we will assist others here to move into the light and to be here living their life in truth, love and harmony. You are so accurate, generous, bubbly and beautiful. I will recommend you to all I can." ... written by scorpio13
She is great! She is answering to all questions,she is honest,she is very sweet and charismatic person. What she knows to do she knows it very well. You will not lose if you take a private reading with her! She is fantastic!I higly recommend her!" ... written by buttercookie
She is great! I'm happy I had a chance to talk to her!" ... written by xongyang1985
Loved my reading with her tonight... confirmed so many things that are true for me! Will get to work on the things I should be doing in the world! Definitely going back for further reading... "the rest of the story."" ... written by coweaver
Very good and correct with things, thank you." ... written by tonio73
One of the most REAL, Genuine, Warm and Caring person I have come across in my life. She truly cares about you and wants to guide you as best as she possibly can. Beyond a psychic, she's a friend and a counselor. My only favorite and the most amazing person on Oranum! :)" ... written by meenaansari1992
Thank you so much for your honesty." ... written by Lattice3
You were awesome wish I could have kept going!" ... written by chasitym0m
Very nice and informative." ... written by Tinydrops
Really great!" ... written by luna78
Awesome." ... written by folivgenagxena77
Great reading like always" ... written by jerzeyfinest08
OMG. This was the best reading I ever had. She is so sweet and wonderful. Straightforward. Everything was on point. I came in feeling sad but i left with a big smile on my face. Please try her out, you will not be disappointed." ... written by jerzeyfinest08
I have talked to cosmicsister many times now, and each time she has given me great insight." ... written by suz1031
What a fantastic hopeful reassurance cosmic sister gave me! i was delighted! will definately keep her posted on progress! much love to you and warmth ~ hugs." ... written by ivory_onyx
Very positive!" ... written by BellaMaria
Amazing!!!! She was spot on, told me things about myself that noone else could.. Amazing person.. Honest... Love you dear...((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))" ... written by burningflame
She is wonderful!! " ... written by greekeyes
She was wonderful and picked up on everything. I strongly recommend her." ... written by missbree2u1
Great reading! Thanks so much. I will come back!!" ... written by tabatta68
She was really good......" ... written by stakiss
I am so happy with CosmicSister, because she really read my mind. Energy, thoughts and went straight to the point of every question I had for her. Thanks to her. God bless." ... written by hazelred54
Oh wow! Cosmic made me feel so comfortable with the information she gave me! She gave me an energy to fulfil my highest potential! 50 zillion stars for cosmic sister now and forever! What a true kind soul she is, sending her peace, love and continued blessings all the way! Big hugs! Ivory_Onyx (oct-blessings)" ... written by ivory_onyx
I am so happy and greatful to Cosmicsister ( and Oranum), she gave me a very good insight about my strenght, career, are best! xxx" ... written by Mandalalight
Cosmic reassured me I have NOTHING to worry about! just be patient and things will b fine. so I will take her advice and chill a bit and relax about it. Thanks for calming my nerves cosmic, your super! LOL! Blessings and peace!" ... written by ivory_onyx
Great reading, spot on with info about person in question....." ... written by fasina
Thank for the reading!!! I really need it and answer!! Helpful... I will definitely come back! " ... written by tabatta68
Very insightful and helpful.. Enjoyed it..;-)" ... written by dewdrops007
Wonderful psychic.. Fast and too the point.. Very sweet.. Try her out.. You won't be disappointed." ... written by TheEnlightened1
Great Reader, try the Pet reading, it was awesome." ... written by Saphira02
WOW! highly explained to me what i needed to know about my questions. very precise. gotta love cosmic to death! Peace and blessings, always, ivory_onyx" ... written by ivory_onyx
Good." ... written by victoriansunset
Wow amazingly FANTASTICO! nothing left to describe her! awesome as ever, and I appreciate her and her kind soul. lol, always from Ivory-Onyx" ... written by ivory_onyx
She is the sweetest, most caring woman I've met andamp;amp; quickly picks up on your energy! Wonderful, wonderful reading! Highly recommended!!!" ... written by psychicmom37
Fantastic reading spot on I am blown away.. Thank you I will be back. Give Cosmic Sister a try you will be amazed." ... written by Lorann23
She's great...Very sincere." ... written by GlennATL
Short and sweet. Great reading. She is really sweet and to the point. Good insight into the situation." ... written by jen
Really great reading. Seemed to be spot on with the people involved. Has given me a bit of clarity." ... written by jen
Very accurate and warm." ... written by acmarsh1
She is kind and gentle and very accurate!!! A pleasure to talk to! One of the best psychics I've been to." ... written by Raspberry220
Thank you for wonderful reading :-)" ... written by Bojan99
Was great healing cleanse...she was good....great meditative experience." ... written by joeymas343
Awesome, Awesome! I love her and will come back soon. Love and peace to you.. xoxox" ... written by LL1971
Love the readings... Talk to her often.. Great outlook!" ... written by suz1031
Love CosmicSister!" ... written by Bojan99
She was on spot and great.. He put me at ease. :)" ... written by shyleebriel
Great reading." ... written by druvina1973
Great reading!!!!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
What a wonderful reading. Very informative, and the insight is amazing. I will take your advise and I look forward to the follow up reading. " ... written by corvettime02
Very kind and great reading!" ... written by msnita12
Very enlightening and accurate too. " ... written by loveoutdoors
Very accurate ! " ... written by reicaa
Great reading! x " ... written by yvettepandora
Just great reading !!!!" ... written by Bojan99
You are the best; I know you are honest: very important" ... written by ABA1221
Excellent, right on the dot." ... written by ABA1221
You are awesome... I loved what you said.. I will come back to you some other time.. Thank you so much!" ... written by rdasgupta
You were great, 5 stars! Thanks so much!!" ... written by rainwater05
What an encourager! I love cosmic sister. She is so fun and has a wonderful attitude and presence about her! Love her style. She is one of the bests. lol to you cosmic! You are fantastic! xox" ... written by ivory_onyx
Delightful!" ... written by honeybeen
Good reading. Nice and helpful!" ... written by druvina1973
Very good reading! Right on!" ... written by smurfgiant
I understand a lot more now that is going on. I have been troubled for some time.. Very good reading!! I will come back again. I think this has brought a new light to my problems." ... written by kelley1267
She was so helpful and nice, she answered all my questions with precision. She lifted a weight off my shoulders and I feel confident in what I want to do now. Thank you so much for all that information and I know where my calling is in life. I'm excited when that time will come and I will pursue my calling in that field. Also with that information you told me about where to go I think it will be a fun experience." ... written by astralbread
Cosmic sister is great such a warm person, and very insightful reader." ... written by SiobhanS
She a lovely person who made me feel better just by talking to her - big hugs xxx" ... written by Australiana16
She is great. I loved her." ... written by starfish444
Liked it." ... written by gem1974
She's amazing!!! :)" ... written by katarzbl
Good reading." ... written by smurfgiant
Wow! CosmicSister was right on about my personality, my life and everything about me. THANK YOU!!!!" ... written by wonderfulriggs
Awesome!!!!" ... written by corvettime02
Thank you so much!!! She made a lot of sense to me. WOW!!!!" ... written by kelley1267
She is amazing! Wonderful, kind, emphatic, talented! She is my favorite! I recommend her mayan reading!!!" ... written by eemilyy
She is spot on and incredibly wonderful! Reconnecting....:)))" ... written by Lolabe11a
Wonderful! :)))" ... written by Lolabe11a
Another amazement. " ... written by corvettime02
Great support in a great time of need, mucho love to you, sister! Appreciate the guidance and awesome help. xox" ... written by ivory_onyx
Pleasant." ... written by GoddessAthena
HAD A BLAST!! what a trooper, yep I will be back time and time again, loving the sister! lol always! xox" ... written by ivory_onyx
She picked up on both the main people in my life." ... written by skf271
Just another one of them amazing readings by Cosmic. She is always awesome. " ... written by corvettime02
Amazing amazing amazing!" ... written by hotmhh
CosmicSister is amazing, she got it all exact and gave me insights, reconfirmed things too! " ... written by Lolabe11a
Awesome reading will be back again!" ... written by ikroyal
She is great to talk to. Very nice and helpful and grounded." ... written by ariesfire123
Se is very nice :) And answered my questions." ... written by king_seti
Great reading as always!!" ... written by Bojan99
Sorry that it took long time to write this feedback but better late than ever. Thank you for the very informative reading :) I will save it. I'm very pleasant with it, and hopefully one day I can come for a private reading. Thanks for being amazing reader, and I will defiantly keep you as one of my favorites on Oranum. Best wishes, Fairytales82" ... written by Fairytales82
Worth every bit of time!!!! Absolutely one of the most gifted and intelligent readers on Oranum!!! Highly recommended!!!" ... written by TaylorB12
Very accurate prediction ." ... written by aikhooiooi
Love taking to her, she has given me great insight." ... written by suz1031
Lovely and cute person! Enjoyed!" ... written by vivviolett
She's great! So happy and so fun to talk with! xo" ... written by AleahRyder
Beautiful true honest reading I loved it this lady is a lovely girl and does a very nice warm caring reading I loved it ... If there is a reading anyone wants to get done but is scared they will get hurt please go with this lady as she will comfort u and will b there for u lovely lovely lady :):) many blessings to this lady. xxx" ... written by galwaygirl
Amazing how can she feels energies!" ... written by hotmhh
Alot of things to think about, fantastic reading." ... written by Thebewls
Thanks for the insight. Lovely lady :-) Xx" ... written by Helgaz1
Excellent!!!!!! 10 Stars!" ... written by LeslieKay
Her reading meant more to me than she knows" ... written by myojin
Great reader!" ... written by TLAT86
Great reading, just great :-)" ... written by B
Great reading, lovely lady." ... written by Aryastark
She is great. I love her work." ... written by starfish444
Just another amazing reading, she is so cool and accurate." ... written by corvettime02
CosmicSister is awesome. really in tune with the situation and the answers are precise. very caring and loving psychic too. I highly recommend her!" ... written by sarabr780
Thank You!" ... written by kelley1267
Wonderful!!!" ... written by kelley
Really nice helping lady :). Enjoy her company. Straight forward answers. Would recommend her to anyone :)." ... written by uhohitzdreamzz
Awesome lady... Very nice, sweet n loving lady... Each n every time I talk to her I feel better... All her readings are just so good n accurate." ... written by bhavritti
Good reading!" ... written by Sm
Very accurately in her readings...i would surely recommend my friends or any other person to consult her. She really helped me out with her readings." ... written by Bhavritti
Amazing, CosmicSister helped me so much on deciding my future career! I really needed help deciding what to do next in terms of my education and career and I got so many answers! She is definitely worth the time and she is quick and to the point. " ... written by thisjourney
LOVED it (the reading) she gave me SO much info about the dream I had. Will definitely come back." ... written by FaithGarrett
She was right on the money did a excellent job!! Had a really good time with her and gained much knowledge!! kelley1267" ... written by kelley1267
So Sweet. She will give you such in depth and spot on information. Very heartfelt and gave all the answers I was looking for, wanted or not!" ... written by JaclynnD
Thanks, very helpful." ... written by theresa
Amazing and brilliant!!" ... written by Ishtybobba1
I had to go back for more! CosmicSister was able to answer even more questions about the work that I will be doing soon and she even was able to confirm so many of my ideas when I didn't even mention them - she is truly a great person to help guide your journey. I was so glad that she was able to affirm the things that I wasn't 100% sure about, she really gave me the clarity that I needed!!" ... written by thisjourney
Has amazing things and very relevant comments." ... written by roni
I remain stunned to the core at how accurate this woman is! Honest and kind with it. she is such a lovely person and funny with it. I've been on here so many times but will now not speak with anyone else. Thank you.XXX" ... written by Ishtybobba1
AMAZING READING!! Accurate and on point!" ... written by Nicky
HOLY MOLY! She's amazing!!" ... written by Nicky
She picked up on things with a certain person. " ... written by xtine
Amazing and direct." ... written by shay
I love her!" ... written by Nicky
Beautiful energy! Was able to connect with my love and tell me everything about her. Was very on point. Thank you!" ... written by Stephanie
Awesome reading!" ... written by Marcos
Lovely energy.. lovely person and seems right on" ... written by bloc
Such a wonderful lady with so much good advice!" ... written by Jackie
Always wonderful!" ... written by Nicky
She was very energetic and gave a very good description of my personality, character, and goals. She was very down to earth and quick with her answers. I enjoyed this reading" ... written by Ernest
Wow very accurate and amazing:):)" ... written by marie5290
She is so accurate and to the point. I recommend her for people who want to know the truth!" ... written by theodorab
I thought she was lovely! great insight, specific answers, all that I could ask for :) will be back.." ... written by Tiffany
Excellent reading and she's very positive!" ... written by R
She is awesome! All she needs is the names! I highly recommend do not waste you credits on anyone else! Honestly!" ... written by ashley
Fantastic Reading. Thank you for giving such clarity." ... written by Tricia
She was very good and inspirational. Right on the point" ... written by carol
Awesome!! Very helpful and accurate. " ... written by nita
Good reading!" ... written by sadhana
Really cool! Awesome descriptions!" ... written by summa
Wonderful reading, very insightful, helpful, kind psychic! Recommended!" ... written by wonderful
Great reading and very positive energy." ... written by awareness
Awesome reading." ... written by timothy
Excellent...really accurate and very friendly." ... written by Nia
Awesome reading. Thank you!!" ... written by Ashley
I have never seen someone as amazing as her. everything she said was absolutely on point. thank you!!" ... written by Maxine
it was a great reading really amazing." ... written by timothy
Beautiful soul!" ... written by Firehorse4444
Like talking to a really good friend. " ... written by ms
Great reading!" ... written by daisy17
It was very good and pleasant, lots of positive thought. Thank you" ... written by PK
Great reading, very productive and insightful advice. Thank you." ... written by lightoffortune
Thank you, for advise great as always." ... written by Karma
She is awesome." ... written by kitty
Time run out... But I got the most info that was needed at this moment. :) I think she's accurate and good! Highly recommended :)" ... written by Satu
Great reading" ... written by Anushree
Amazing!!" ... written by unknown
Great reading!!" ... written by unknown
She helped so much on what I should be going for in life and need to be doing... I am always unsure of myself but she has now helped guide me in the direction I need to be going... I thank you so much, cosmicsister." ... written by Ashlea
Cosmic Sister is very on-point! she's insightful, detailed and very helpful. " ... written by PsycheEros8
One of my favorites I go to." ... written by Pinkpather30
Wow, did this girl ever done me good, YAYAYAYAYA!! what a blast of a reading :))) i needed help, BIGTIME. THANKS deer :)" ... written by lindeeetotems
Outstanding reading." ... written by IainHarg46
Great, informative helpful and understanding!" ... written by Karma
What an absolute wonderful, gifted, accurate, speedy gonzales we have here, thak you so much sister!" ... written by lindeeetotems
Omg!! Love this woman!!! 5 stars all the way!!" ... written by Patel
Great Reading! Very Very Helpful!" ... written by Unknown
Cosmic sister rocks!! She is awesome!!!She is to the point, accurate, great energy! Honest and very Ethical! She is amazing!! Money well spent! Oranum's finest for sure! God Bless Her! She loves everyone and is a blessing to society!" ... written by hot salsa
Cosmic Sister was great, good reading, has helped a lot. Thanks!" ... written by danielle
She is so warm and so caring and her readings are wonderful!" ... written by Neema
She is amazing. She is honest and just like talking to a good friend. She really cares about people. " ... written by MS
She's absolutely excellent and perfect! I love her. So detailed and accurate without me telling her much.. This is an amazing gifted person." ... written by DeJuir
5 STARS!" ... written by butterfly
Wonderful reading, accurate, beautiful. Thank you. Sorry ran out of funds." ... written by Maria
She was great I now have to plan my next move thanks to her." ... written by 1flysistar
So amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better reading. Always go to her. " ... written by steph
She's really cool. A long session with her has made me realize a lot of things about me. I think she is genius in astrology and tells a lot of futuristic things. Hope her predictions come true." ... written by aqua
She's great as always ! I told her I was looking for her, I just had to see her again. She's awesome and straight to the point. Very accurate. " ... written by DeJuir
She's good." ... written by Angel
Thank you! Good reading" ... written by unknwonjourney
Thank you were right before ...hope now too." ... written by irelandirish
She's great as always and super accurate.." ... written by DeKJuir
Another amazing reading by Cosmic Sister. This lady is totally amazing!" ... written by Tom
Great insight and cosmic is absolutely delightful!" ... written by intrig
Perfect !!!! " ... written by Claire (tinker)
That was such a lovely reading picked up everything about how i felt about someone and they thought about me spot on. Said the things I really needed to hear to be confirmed to make me feel better. Will come back for longer reading for sure. " ... written by Lyn
Great as always .. And accurate. " ... written by Dejuir
She picks up things so fast and such a warm person!" ... written by DANA
She what great and on point. I just needed more time." ... written by vance collins
She's great and I'd suggest anybody to test her out and it was worth it x3 sessions." ... written by Awesome reading
She is so sweet and she tells you like it is but with compassion....I highly recommend her 5 *****" ... written by Tiff
She did a great job giving me insight!! Great help for me." ... written by Kelley
Quick reading but so full of information. She is so nice. " ... written by Lyn
thank you for your help!!!" ... written by ladyseeking
A good quick reading - I had only a few credits - Cosmic sister was kind and helpful and to the point. " ... written by FrancesAnn
Great, really cool method of reading!" ... written by Chelsey
good reading, thank you!" ... written by petal
good connect" ... written by s
I've had plenty of readings others on the site and many are very good. This one I had to keep paying for the time because her information was most revealing. She can pick up on the situation quickly and guide you in the direction to take. Thank you again Good Sister." ... written by Romi944
Very honest and straight to the point." ... written by Angela
Thank you. Chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Good reader and accurate!" ... written by Chelsey
Very accurate." ... written by Chelsey
Very funny and accurate :) !" ... written by Chelsey
Good as always. " ... written by Dejuirh
I was trying to get seen on the web cam but lost a few dollars with her and another adviser because of it. Will try again though." ... written by Lisa Ann
Out of time." ... written by Lisa Smith
Excellent - unique approach -- give her a try" ... written by lotus71
She is fantastic , everyone needs a mayan reading !" ... written by kcw
she is out of this world, excellent reading will definitely be back for an update....10 stars from me, thank you again Cosmic sister xo" ... written by libsta
thank you lovely lady xx" ... written by marisa
She is straight forward and to the point. I Highly recommend her" ... written by balan
she is a very nice and cool person she can answer all your question really fast!" ... written by DANA
she is the real deal, she is fun and understanding and has a vey unic point of view" ... written by DANA
great reading." ... written by PIGLETME
She is amazing." ... written by jjj
She is the best reader on here. Highly recommend. Spot on :)" ... written by Katie
She was great, I didnt have enough credits to continue my questions with her. I would love to contact her again when I have credits " ... written by Nwabisa
Very accurate, nice, and friendly!" ... written by Chelsey
Very good." ... written by lop
Very Insightful" ... written by Jillian
understanding like always..Very accurate" ... written by D
3 sessions in. I understand so much more now. Great perspective and highly accurate! Thanks" ... written by D
Round 2: spot on accurate!! Thank you!" ... written by D
always love talking to her!very accurate and smart! " ... written by astronaut
very helpful , changed my world!" ... written by astronaut
absolutely wonderful ! very enlightening !" ... written by astro
What a good reading. She picked up on loads of things that were just spot on. I will return. Thank you!!" ... written by Sticky
Thank you cosmic sister" ... written by K
Very good energy from this psychic, she had no problem to explain what she can do and how it works and wich approach to take before Go Private. RECOMEND TO TRY " ... written by Lona
I thought she did awesome. She was right on. " ... written by Brittney
thank you...ran out of time. but insightful" ... written by leodragon
Excellent. Very focused and to the point. Thank you." ... written by Michael
Loved her!" ... written by Patty
good reading" ... written by sp-
Cosmic sister is right on the money!!" ... written by Kelley
expensive. uses pendulum. will see how it works out. first time. Thanks!!" ... written by Di
Very accurate.." ... written by E
WOWWWWW...she can see everything...amazing" ... written by tasha_j
it was good for the time I had I got a lot of answers. " ... written by Audrey Joy
it was good answered my question and then some" ... written by lyndsie
She answered my questions perfectly; very gifted. Thank you so much Cosmic Sister." ... written by Hibeautifulpeopl
she was precise. I was really impressed" ... written by hi beautiful people
Loved her reading!" ... written by Brianne
I think she is very fast, accurate and compassionate. I think she is one of a very few people who is genuine and though she earns her living this way, she does her work for the love of people and her job and not just for the money. Well worth a private." ... written by WaterBearer
awesome!! very precise and can tell you precise details!!!! it's worth every dime." ... written by cp
I really loved this reading. totally recommend. " ... written by Destiny
Real good :)" ... written by Autumne
oh my gosh! She is super amazing and very very accurate! I am sooo happy she read for me. She picked up on so many things in my life where i didn't even how to explain much at all! VERY WORTH IT!!!" ... written by fdslf
Thank you for the most incredible journey into understanding myself from the Mayan calendar " ... written by kalihart
CosmicSister is soooo good and fast! This is my first reading with her and she is spot on with behaviors, intentions, personalities...everything! Amazing!" ... written by olf
She is amazing! You have got to try her-- she is sooo fast and explains things very very thoroughly..doesn't waste any time at all. SPOT ON!" ... written by olw
very very spot on and insightful thank you!!" ... written by c
very clear and spot on accurate with situations without any information, its wonderful and very helpful :)" ... written by j
was amazing readin i will defintalty come back" ... written by dd
Great as Always , I definitely love her. " ... written by Dejuir
this lady is so spot on! best one to go to when ur confused about someone else with respect to their intentions, their aura... basically she can read ppl very well! this was my second round of multiple readings with her and i know i will come back for more." ... written by aby
GREATT! She has good vibe .." ... written by lunar20
wonderul and so insightful! thank you dear" ... written by c
very on point" ... written by brenda
Thank you so much! I will keep you posted and updated.... I have so much to think about and lots of decisions to make.... MY heart is so heavy! I really appreciate your honesty and insight!" ... written by Soulshine
She is so kind and that helps open the dialogue; she was also kind enough to work with me at my level; HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER; she didn't tell me everything I wanted to hear but she was honest and i could feel that she wanted to help me. " ... written by msbhar
OMG this is the first time I really did a reading on my life with my spouse and it was so dead on accurate and helpful! Thank you so much cosmic sister!!!" ... written by beathive
Spot on, Sister. her abiliities w the mayan calendar and intuition are so accurate she read me like a book. an it confirmed what i felt. five stars!" ... written by Mr. Tibbs
everything said was very accurate !thanks for the great reading!it certainly helped" ... written by j
you always bring clarity into muddy waters,... much love" ... written by c
great reading" ... written by apple
alwasy so many insights thankyou dear" ... written by c
Very helpful, straight to the point. " ... written by ak
thank dear always such caring insight!" ... written by c
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very accurate !!!" ... written by chanelle davies
Cosmic sister did a destiny reading for me in demo and its was so spot in and accurate in everything she said. It confirms where I am on the right track and where I can be more confident and lessintimidated by my own gifted and blessed self. much love and light and go visit this wonderful lady, she is great and caring!" ... written by c
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sooo sooo much information and soo much clarity! So helpful!! thank you darling" ... written by c
Cosmic Sister was excellent" ... written by GZRNYC
Thanks Cosmic. A great, unique reading with so much insight. What a great personality and soul you have. Loved the reading truly! God bless!" ... written by familyhelper
she is really sweet , and its great and calming o do pvts with her" ... written by DANA
thank you darling!" ... written by c
highly accurate! She just gets it!" ... written by E
first time reading she was fast and to the point" ... written by nac
Awwwsomeee!!! Very knowledgeable about the field! Had a great discussion on my Mayan totems and how they represent my characteristics that define me and my purpose. Great advisor, during private readings too, very informative with details and will not mis-guide if more details are not unfolded, will tell it like it is. Highly recommended!" ... written by Brigit
Thanks so much...Everything you said makes sense. " ... written by Rhonda V.
she is such a great person!" ... written by DANA
AWESOME.....OMG right on the money. thank you so much for your insight and clarity....." ... written by Debbie
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
Good reading. Tapped into a lot of what was going on in my life. Gave excellent advice. " ... written by rafika816
Thanks - unfortunately time ran out..." ... written by sfritz11
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CosmicSister has done it again! She is very helpful in helping with career choices and giving insight into how compatible different jobs would be with me! I am so grateful for her advice! Thank you so much sister!" ... written by thisjourney
Again I had many questions about career options and CosmicSister was able to give me amazing insight into the fields that I should go into and jobs that I should look for. I would recommend her to everyone who needs career advice!" ... written by thisjourney
Accurate! Thanks!" ... written by Nova Williams
Very good reading and great spirit." ... written by Obara7
always speechless amazing ..." ... written by sara
Cosmic sister is wonderful and can give you answers that are helpful and quite quick! I've had multiple different readings from her and most recently I got help with my career options as I am unsure as to where my future is headed. Thanks to Cosmic Sister, I have a much better idea of how to move forward! She also gave me some great advice in regards to my boyfriend and my fitness! Thanks so much Cosmic Sister!" ... written by thisjourney
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she was wonderful with my reading" ... written by ritu
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she was right about my ex. I just need to move on with my life" ... written by kiran
great update and insight after a long time thank you dear!" ... written by c
she was so spot on x" ... written by chloe
she is the best reader thank you for everything " ... written by dood
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Spot on as usual as well as good advice for a way forward. Excellent" ... written by lovliness
just had a second reading as i had a few more questions. I feel very encouraged by the clarity of your readings and your encouraging words. thank you so much - really!!" ... written by lovliness
I feel like she's my best friend! She is sweet and caring and answered all my question. i will definitely come back!" ... written by Celine
She was awesome and sweet,lot of info given without asking ,answered all questions ..will be back soon ..Thank so much" ... written by sc
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She is so sweet and has such a good vibe :) , knew a lot of things, and gave me a lot of relief and help to all my questions, definitely go to Cosmic Sister ,reading was very worth the money :)" ... written by katie
amazing" ... written by jason
Awewom!" ... written by Lisa
thank you your the best " ... written by ohood
this relationship is growing or not?" ... written by Istvan
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honest real and true has helped me out so much thank you!! Best reader i've encountered so far" ... written by faith
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awesome awesome reading!!! 10 stars. " ... written by Looking into the
Your an awesome reader!! I should have come to you sooner. " ... written by xo
she is very kind and helpful." ... written by ritu
Connection was immediate and loved the information given! amazing reading." ... written by USA
Hope so.." ... written by Stephen
Thank you for your honesty. It saves a lot of false hopes from arising... I'm glad to have had a reading with you. God bless you. " ... written by bikers girl
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missed her so much!shes as accurate as ever! thank you :)" ... written by j
thank you!" ... written by j
thank you very much!very accurate reading as far as i know :)" ... written by j
:)" ... written by j
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Enjoyed the reading and predictions. Will need to wait for few months before I can testify :) But of course, I have faith in Cosmic Sister!" ... written by Falcon
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I enjoyed my reading with you thanks CosmicSister" ... written by Amy
wonderful reading very grateful!!!!" ... written by Ava
Cosmic Sister was really good! She was able to share the names of different spiritual teachers, and she was extremely knowledgeable! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR WORK!!! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! :D" ... written by Lane Uhler
I wish to know more about what I asked you." ... written by Stephen
Good insight extremely easy going. Is really good at astrology reading:) " ... written by River
Sorry my credits ran out. Thank you for your time. " ... written by Butterflii43
great reading, amazing lady totally blown away" ... written by ANdy
amazing " ... written by 1234
EXCELLENT READING! absolutely marvellous" ... written by gabby
Thank you!!!!!!! " ... written by Em Norway
She knew exactly everything I needed for my health issues, that I have been struggling with lately. Things that I knew I have been needing to do for myself, but have felt overwhelmed to do living on my own. I need more walks who it's cool, blue colors, taking the radiation out of my room, and more clean raw eating. She confirmed that a relocation was beneficial for me, and that I had negative influences in my environment. If I had expendable finances I'd consult her daily." ... written by sugabutterfly34
Great read! Highly accurate...." ... written by do
Cosmic sister was great, really picked up on the heart of the matter. VERY intuitive, could see the players clearly. I would say she is spot on in accuracy!!!! " ... written by Trixkynic1971
My god! I went into this reading, and I felt soo refreshed. Her energy is wonderful, and SHE IS INCREDIBLY ACCURATE!!! I am soo shocked at how many things she figured out, and she types really fast because she doesnt want your minutes to run out. A VERY WONDERFUL READING! :)" ... written by Cathy
The most beautiful, accurate, and fulfilling reading ive ever had. Im soo appreciative, soo grateful to ever have this reading. I will be coming here again, thank you soooo soooo much." ... written by cathy
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Time went incredibly quickly but the information I was given was on point and relevant. Thank you for your time x" ... written by Michelle
sorry i had to leave but my husband came in ..... thank you for your on spot wisdom Cosmic. you are awesome and excelllent, sweetie! love andamp; hugs" ... written by cappieann / dolores
Very nice person." ... written by Dove
love getting readings from her!very detailed" ... written by j
thanks once again!" ... written by j
love her and her detailed readings :)" ... written by j
Excellent" ... written by Doug
I love cosmic sister--great reader--lots of information comes quickly. great communicator." ... written by pearl
:))" ... written by j
****" ... written by gregg
SO AMAZING. like incredible amazing just nonstop wow wow wow. accuracy is to a tea! super detailed like non other, kind, natural, and genuine! highly recommended! thank you so much ," ... written by jennigally
This reading was wondering!!! She was so nice and compassionate. I truly enjoyed this reading. " ... written by Saturn
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appreciate this reader's helpful advice and insights. Always a great communicator." ... written by Pearl
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My 1st reading with her. She picked up on many details. uncommon details. I have hope again. =) xoxoxoxo" ... written by kim
CosmicSister continues to support and inspire me and my life. I can't thank her enough for her clarity, words, and communication. CosmicSister was completely accurate and heartfelt. CosmicSister has great visibility to the life you are leading, and any paths you would like to follow. I am so thankful to have the time with her. " ... written by Mik
excell" ... written by gregg
Very insightful. Very nice person as well. " ... written by Dove
Thank you...I ran out of credits" ... written by Dee
very nice!" ... written by Dove
Thank you :)" ... written by Bey
she is so the the point and So accurate!" ... written by laura
very good! she was honest and straight forward on what she can do or not" ... written by dominique
She is just amazing!, so accurate and it is incredible.. no guessing at all. Definitely worth every penny!" ... written by Laura
Very helpful, honest, and nice!" ... written by Dove
First reading with her....When I read her profile awhile back, there was this connection I felt..Like she would get me....She saw a lot of things and confirmed a lot....Great energy...Looking forward in talking more topics with her soon....Thanks Cosmic...I hope one day, I can call you a friend as well as a confidant...Blessing...Love/Light..." ... written by regina
She is amazing! Was right on about everything. She is an amazing person and spirit... love her vibes! " ... written by Deanna Rose