About GalActivate

Psychic GalActivatehas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic GalActivatehas recently helped 28members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about GalActivate's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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~ Welcome to the GalActivation Station ~
Naturally Born w/Abilities ~ Deeper Esoteric Knowledge & Psychic Abilities Passed Down Through Heritage ~ 5th Generation Psychic ~ Oranum Psychic Since 2013 ~ Connects to The Akashic Records ~ Energy Alchemist ~ Soul Signature Readings ~ Heart to Heart Connections ~ Mediumship ~ Clairvoyant ~ Clairsentient ~ Clairaudient ~ Claircognizance ~ Empathic

Thanks Gal for your guidance. Always a pleasure to be in your room." ... written by ros
Nice reading.....Very calming" ... written by itwillbeok
Thank you for a cool reading will be back!" ... written by ppppppppppppp
She completely gets it! Amazing..." ... written by Do
She is wonderful. Lifted my spirit :)" ... written by d2k1000
thanks for ur help" ... written by patricia
EXcellent....very fast reader,,, I look forward to her predictions too." ... written by Focusing
She is fabulous !!! A great reading!!!" ... written by Jennifer
She. is. Amazing. seriously. she looks at the bigger picture and helps you see what is actually going on. So thoughtful, so engaging and so so wonderful to speak with. I will for sure be back. " ... written by Sabi
very good and understanding" ... written by christopher
Great reader! Very kind and a nurturing spirit. Thank you for the lovely read!" ... written by carosh
really nice gave me lots of feed bk really explaind what each card ment and how it would effect me. took her time. nothing was to mucher bother , thank u so much, 5 stars for sure" ... written by mizzimoo
this reader likes to analyze, i would come to her for that, she is sweet..." ... written by c
Had a great energy session with her she is great! i feel totally recharged intuitive now and can hopefully deliver full and spot on readings." ... written by Bill
One of the best explanations ever on the power of positive thinking. Put the ball in my court and up to me to heal myself from within and the power of positive thoughts and creating good energies within me to bring about my karmic desires to fruition. Thank you much for giving me light. xoxo." ... written by EL
she was good at tarot..really like the spreads she had:)" ... written by aqua
She was great! Helped to balance and align my chakras, I could feel the energy radiating through my body, thanks!" ... written by Angelica
very good reading and so inforemative " ... written by Arni
Thank you honey, you knew exactly what i needed to hear. Thank you my love." ... written by Goddesswarrior
i really enjoyed my reading, she gave so much peace of mind" ... written by christa
beautiful soul, extremely helpful with great advice, thankyou" ... written by kbelle
Very good and eye opening! I learned a lot." ... written by Chrissy
she is absolutely AMAZING!!! ...we were sooo connected... love the support she gave for growing as a person and and into a new life with love and career...her energy is one of a higher level and she is truly gifted...5star reading...highly recommended on any issue...:):)" ... written by linda pryharski
She gave me a great reading, very insightful" ... written by Steven
she really helped me so much " ... written by living
super positive and made my mood better! loved her attitude! definitely would go back to her! thank you!" ... written by catherine
GalActivate is amazing." ... written by Katherine
Very good. Felt she connected to my situation and gave me true, honest answers. No fairy tales whatsoever. She gave me tips on the healing and I totally understand what she meant. She picked up on my energy and why I was feeling the way I was." ... written by Lauren
Great Reading with GalActivate! 5 stars!" ... written by Deeplomacy999
GalActivate is an awesome reader. she is so kind and very gifted with her abilities. She has amazing energy and is such a kind soul. 5 stars :)" ... written by faerie liz
very helpful !!!" ... written by nita
Calmed so many fears, and so much positivity. Helped a lot, thank you" ... written by Tasha
Amazing reading! She nailed it right on the spot. She helped me to understand what I needed to do with my love life. I'll always consult with her." ... written by J. Vargas
She was absolutely amazing, I enjoyed her reading very much." ... written by leblanc
She is very good at what she does..connects quickly...highly recommend...5 stars...she's very nice and positive." ... written by linda pryharski
Omg Thank you so much. She was amazing!!! I wish I could've stayed longer. " ... written by Jennifer
always helps me gets some answer and feel better when im in distraught! thank you!!! " ... written by catherine
she helps a lot each time! especially when i am lost! thank you!!!! " ... written by catherine
love her! thank you!" ... written by catherine
she is great. genuine, present and connected. " ... written by cool
What an amazing reading. Loved her energy. so accurate and spot on . I highly recommend. She is just lovely." ... written by Lorann23
I love galactivate! she is amazing! she helped me a lot. cleared my mind and eased my mind. thank you!" ... written by catherine
good and honest reading. Very kind lady. " ... written by PIGLETME
She was sweet and direct. I feel like she connected with my energy very well..." ... written by carmen
Thank you so much for reading for me! Now I'm sure on the right path in my life. I'm not who I was before, and I'm happier now that I'm working on myself. Thank you for reassuring me that I'm on the right path!" ... written by Wassiliane
great reader.......100 percent recommeded" ... written by college125
Great reading and picked up things coming up in the near future that I hadn't revealed to her. Awesome!" ... written by Angel
good reading... 5 stars... highly recommended..." ... written by linda pryharski
tmy future sounded good- on track.. she mentioned exactly how i feel- and what i was thinking of, seemed to be connected to my thoughts.. i enjoyed it.." ... written by mike
very in tune and supportive--exactly what i was looking for!" ... written by wren1414
GalActivate was just incredible. She was able to quickly tap into my energy and speak directly to my situation and circumstances. I loved that she was able to pick right up where I was thinking without me having to ask her any questions. She is truly gifted, and I'll definitely be back to see her again." ... written by Ango
Private session turned into bringing my parked question in front. GalActivate was very friendly and true in her advice. " ... written by Salman
Very clear and direct communication!!! Highly recommend!!!!" ... written by tabby
She was very accurate in her reading. And thank you for the advice." ... written by Theodora
She is really great guys! She's nice and friendly and i can promise she will help you with whatever yall are going through!" ... written by Frankie
Wow im blown away for the accuracy and authentic reading. Amazing and such a wonderful person to talk too. " ... written by Lorann
greatvreading awsome" ... written by apple
very very good readers. And accurate too!. Predictions for early 2015. Will see. Thanks again." ... written by pigletme123
Picked up on things very well. Quick and honest. Gives you the guidance that you need. Gave me hope .." ... written by Eileen
She is very quick, spunky, and has a lot of positive energy. Enjoyed my reading with her and look forward to prediction" ... written by C
Great reading. Very helpful. Honest. Doesn't waste time at all!" ... written by Lateisha
very good reading, very energetic, very quick." ... written by martin
fantastic reader!!!" ... written by college125
a very good expert thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Amazing!!! Very insightful and she answered all my questions with clarity. Thank you Gal Activate" ... written by Brianne
nice person, seems real to me " ... written by c
Cool and straight answer." ... written by Dachris
gave me great support, very compassionate and kind. Easy to talk to. Seemed very intuitive. Will wait and see if predictions come true! " ... written by Anita
OMG! one of the best readings I've had. She picked up on my abilities right away and told me to believe in them and trust that i can do that. She picked up on my current relationship and also a past relationship that was amazing. In the past relationship she confirmed what i had learned in a past life regression i had done... and picked up the exact past life with him. It was unreal. I would definitely recommend her and I'm so glad I got a reading. " ... written by Laura
energetic" ... written by miko
She was very intuitive and helpful. She was kind and did not say things untrue. i appreciate the honesty." ... written by Rose
I love you!!!!! You are amazing." ... written by debbie
Great reading, very accurate ! And very positive. Happy I took the plunge and got this reading :) Give her a try you wont regret it!" ... written by Sue
She is amazing." ... written by Dachris
I love all the things she said!" ... written by Katie
Excellent reading with quick answers." ... written by SM
The reading was great" ... written by Kenyetta
Great reading." ... written by melissa brownstein
Awesome reading, short but direct. " ... written by HamonRye
shes great , positive and can see. recommend. genuine. " ... written by journey
Wow... spot on and knew exactly what was going on. Very strong connection and very gifted!" ... written by T
very good and very helpful." ... written by shades212
Great reading, we connected very well! And Gal, saw things very clearly and appreciate her council and highly recommend her !!! " ... written by Lynda22
different thanks" ... written by pp
Very nice reading" ... written by itwillbeok
Great positive reading, will let you know how things go, i recommend you give Galactivate a go, peace and love" ... written by MickeyL77
wow just had amazeing reading from galactive and she was 100% spoy and i highgly recomend for a raeding.thank you and god bless to you light and peace from london.good night" ... written by enver mustafa
Gal is very intuitive and is melded with Spirit. I could feel her energy and felt her sincere connection. Her reading was on target and I would like to speak with her again in the near future. Trust her energy." ... written by juanita christopher
very intuitive and helpful. exposed to me things I never knew about myself " ... written by chris
Such a lovely personality! Very detailed reading and very helpful! She made every second worthwhile. I will definitely be back for another reading, soon." ... written by McKenzy
shes on top of the shift, shes amongst it, get into it. " ... written by kiki
She is such a positive person, we connected very well. Gave me a new look at my own picture, from a higher point of view. Thanks a lot." ... written by VIC
Amazing!!she connected quick and was spot on with everything looking forward to predicted outcome" ... written by marion lyttle
This was my second reading and she is amazing! I feel like she is truly a great friend. So positive and gives great advice! Be assured you will feel so comfortable getting a reading from her that will carry with you. She gives honest feedback and never is judgmental. I spent a lot of time on Oranum searching for the right reader and she's right here. Don't look any more!!! :) " ... written by Suzanne
She has such a great energy and spirit. She was very knowledgeable, enlightening, and insightful. I'm so happy to have made this connection!" ... written by Jayna
she is good 100% I didn't have to tell her much at all my name that's it she had me down pack even what I did for a living gave good advise and very positive " ... written by Keshia
Very quick and interesting reading in helping me decipher my past life." ... written by badgerman6
I came back because one prediction came true that she told me. " ... written by Caliza
5 STARS!" ... written by J
Awesome Awesome Awesome reading and Reiki Sessions. She is a genuine and loving soul. I trust her. Namaste" ... written by nitewalker2
great advice, will try to remember everything you said, and do them!" ... written by jonathan
i really enjoyed our reading it was short but sweet. i have things to reflected on and thank u again." ... written by lavelle
Very good reading for abundance and manifestation" ... written by badgermane44
I love talking to her. I always feel better after talking to her. thanks." ... written by shades212
Wow connecting so fast!!! i am impress by this women!! very fast and know special détails that no one know.... she help me to take the biggest decision of my life about my career ...your the light of my day..continue your good work and keep in touch! xoxox" ... written by Missy__
Amazing!!! so much information that I'm glad i heard. wish I had more credits for a longer reading " ... written by Brianne
Just amazing!!!" ... written by Kelechi
Thank you for your very positive reading! When i entered your room i felt so much positivity, that i knew rightaway that i could trust you! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
love lov3 her readings she is very accurate" ... written by lavelle
Spot on. Just asked her a question and she went on" ... written by HC
Shes awesome super friendly super nice and the girl knows her stuff I mean she had me pegged Im freaking out right now!" ... written by Cable
amazing reading....very on point and helpful...thank you so much!!" ... written by missvika
She is straight to the point.. No sugar coating.. I highly recommend her.." ... written by Balan
she is best I wasn't finish" ... written by love one
WOW she meant to be. I gotta to show my brave work to do" ... written by love
Very sweet. Gets to the point, quickly. " ... written by LJ
great reading" ... written by veezee
Round 2. So accurate about the situation" ... written by HC
Enthusiastic, accurate and full of advice" ... written by HC
So lovely, tuned in so fast, is so accurate, so glad I had a reading with her, will definitley be back!" ... written by bec
wonderful.just sparklingly wonderful" ... written by kk
Accurate..Very helpful and understanding!" ... written by HC
Round 2. Down to the root of the problem. Spot on accuracy!" ... written by HC
Beautiful, positive, truthful lady, will def be back to speak to GalActivate. Thank you" ... written by Helpme67
very good" ... written by tuyen
She just gave me a great perspective on my relationship. Seems to be very accurate. I will take in what she said and try to put it to good use. I am glad to get some truth... She has a great energy and seems to care with honesty.... LEt her help you as well." ... written by cathleen
sorry, my credits ran out, but that was a fantastic read. x" ... written by frag
Accurate!..shes great...reading was quick to the point" ... written by B
No tools needed. She was honest, insightful and a pleasure to work with." ... written by Debbie
Spot on accuracy. She understood the entire situation and was very helpful" ... written by HC
she was pretty great and honest! " ... written by sarah
She is awesome! She picked up on my situation very well. Knew certain things that I didnt tell her. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
wow she had it down to the very bone." ... written by jose
SHES AMAZING" ... written by BEE
Very dedicated and helpful. Thx!" ... written by F
She was awesome...very good reader and picked up on alot that has been going on!!:)" ... written by heather
She was perfect, spot on, the best help I've had on here." ... written by Melissa
Amazing amazing energy! So far you´ve been spot-on in all your readings. You´ve given me enormous hope for the future and to keep going right now. However things play out I´m a lot more confident that I will be ok." ... written by nick
i iddn't have a lot of time but she picked up on the situation right away...." ... written by axia
she is a beautiful soul. she picked on my situation right away and gave me the truth. i strongly recommend her. " ... written by humility
I LOVE LOVE LOVE readings with her" ... written by lavelle
Great reading very quick connected love her energy and ability to sense all thats going on with my situation and the people in it. Awesome highly recommended!!!" ... written by ikroyala
awesome reader!" ... written by college125
Spot on Accuracy..Very helpful" ... written by E
Love talking to you every time! You have a great connection to the person you are talking to and amazing advise. " ... written by nick
Thanks so much!!I love you!Amazing Reader!!!!! " ... written by Diana
comforting reading and its always a pleasure." ... written by lavelle
to the point, thank you" ... written by gorgeous
Amazing reader!!!!!So accurate!So fast!I kept adding credits!I love her!!!" ... written by Diana
Gal helped me empower myself-not only temporarily but something I can truly carry on with my life! " ... written by W
I wish i had more time to talk but there was actually a lot answered because she works so quickly! loved the reading, very insightful and knew what she was doing the entire time. highly recommend her." ... written by edie stone
Very sweet, straight forward and seemed right to the point. I enjoyed my reading with her. She was positive and gave good advice along with answering my questions. Thank you, once again. " ... written by SK
AMAZING. love her so much. Great energy and good connection" ... written by thequest4peace
amazing! worth every penny " ... written by lauren
Very good reading thank you I will keep you posted :) xox" ... written by Libsta
GalActivate really touched on some matters that are affecting me right now and helped give me some direction." ... written by Danielle
really great!!!!!!!!" ... written by jose
She is very good and accurate. " ... written by allbright
First reading with this lovely lady, very kind, fast and accurate." ... written by Mshelli
Spot on accuracy! " ... written by E
She's amazing. Fast with her answers. I enjoy her reading every time. I definitely recommend her. I will surely come back for another reading. " ... written by Shahana
I enjoyed the reading very much and will return for another very soon. Thanks so much!" ... written by Roseanna
My Favourite. She's good. I keep coming back to her for more readings. I also like that fact she talks through the mic. Therefore, doesn't take up a lot of time typing back. She gives good advice and answers questions right away. I feel a positive vibes from her always. " ... written by Shahana
positive, triest to give advice but i really just wanted a prediction. Very pleasant and to the point. I like that she doesn't need tools." ... written by a
very very fast connection spot on with feelings too" ... written by tracey
Amazing as always, I feel like I can trust you to help me make decisions and guide me through tough choices and overcoming fears. Love your energy and after speaking to you several times now I feel such a great connection. I am always amazed how you always know who I am and what we have talked about previously. " ... written by nick
thanks for the reading!" ... written by jon
I love my readings with Gal. She's always very insightful and has a great way of picking up on your energy. She tapped into my relationship and what is going on with my career and she picked up things about both that i never told her. " ... written by Laura
She is very good. " ... written by allbright
amazing!!!" ... written by jose
Highly accurate!.." ... written by E
Another great reading, no tools didn't have to say anything and she was spot on thank you so much xx " ... written by Libsta
Absolutely amazing!!" ... written by NEH
thank you so much for the reading! you were really spot on with the people i asked you about and i'm very much looking forward to this process of self development :)" ... written by luxxicon
AMAZING! spot on and so easy to talk to!! my favorite on here!!!!" ... written by Kyla
thank you! waited for my follow up and it was bomb diggity!" ... written by luxxicon
another great reading thank you so much I will be back with update. god bless xo" ... written by libsta
she's great" ... written by allbright
Highly accurate and understanding!" ... written by E
Thank you! Great advice :)" ... written by d2k1000
i'm amazed, she's really spot on! im so satisfied with my reading...she's really great!" ... written by justme
Wow.... very powerful reading. highly recommend! Will be back for update!" ... written by ang
Beautiful soul! Loved you, the reading, you, AMAZING!!! Thank you for your guidance and quick tune in without having to talk about it. Highly recommended!!! Lots of love and blessings~" ... written by Smily
She was amazing! sadly i lost connection but WOW she was so fast and right on point... answered my questions fully in a short time but everything she said made complete sense!! thank you so much" ... written by thinkblue
She is amazing and very quick to connect. I love her readings and will go back for advice." ... written by debbie
Your seriously an angel. I can sleep peacefully tonight. Thank you!" ... written by Sladjana
positive feedback with my answer and straight to the point. thanks a lot :)" ... written by nicole
She's really good. " ... written by L
i like her. she was articulate and accurate. appreciate her honesty." ... written by k
Best reading solution I had, she does goes to the point and best I like about her no time to waste on readings and she end up finishing what she got to say. Nice and Thank you" ... written by Eddy
she is very kind, and connects deeply with the issues. gives a clear description of the situation and possible ways to handle it." ... written by agablue
She has been very accurate. Things have happened as she says. " ... written by allbrigh
amazing " ... written by jose
she is so powerful" ... written by kk
Great reading. She is quick to connect." ... written by Deb
fabulous! quick reading but really great! She's very very good! " ... written by Me
It is nice to talk to a psychic that doesn't ask a lot of questions or read cards, a psychic who just knows... thank you." ... written by allbright
Very dedicated and helpful!" ... written by E
Very dedicated and helpful " ... written by E
As always, amazing clarity and great reading. Wishing you the best!" ... written by nicky
she was fantastic.........i felt like she had everything pegged exactly........i cant wait till i can follow up with additional questions" ... written by teresa
What an awesome person! And so gifted!" ... written by Eva
She's excellent. I love her readings. She is super fast to connect." ... written by Deb
Quick, quick, quick - and lots of great information. She's great." ... written by L
great reader" ... written by college125
thank GOD i came online and saw you here! So glad to have had that reading! You were spot on about work and i have been so stupid busy that i haven't had a chance to really sit back and chill. Thank you!" ... written by luxxicon
She's fabulous. So much information! So quick!" ... written by L
Galactivate you are one of a kind thank you so much for the reading, so much to think about and do....many blessings :) xoxo" ... written by libsta
Amazing Read!Super Accurate!Love gal!" ... written by Diana
Simply amazing!" ... written by Bryan
Amazing Reader!Predictions always come to pass!" ... written by DIana
Amazing detailed and very accurate readings!" ... written by Diana
Amazing!Thank you!" ... written by Diana
you are amazing, opened up something in me that i need a confirmation of or about on myself. thank you so much god bless you and i will def update you!" ... written by mag
I love this lady she surely brought my happyiness and I m still working on it to the healing moments. THANKS SO MANY!!!!" ... written by anywhere
I keep coming back!Thanks for the reading gal!" ... written by Diana
Wow! You blew my mind Gal, thank you for the update. I think its amazing that u picked up my emphatic and psychic abilities. Thanks again and see u soon:)" ... written by sw
I enjoy that fact that she can pick up on vibes and not use tools. " ... written by Josh
Amazing reading, she is the best!" ... written by humility
I love Gal!Always accurate and amazing!" ... written by Diana
Thank you for the Beautiful reading Gal!You're always accurate fast and spot on!Love you! :)" ... written by Diana
Thank you for the great reading!! :)" ... written by Diana
Spot on about my concerns raised. Truly a miracle worker..." ... written by E
very good reading as always" ... written by Rebecca
Unbelievably spot on, she is amazing" ... written by Andrew
What an awesome honest reading. I recommend this girl. she is my favorite out of all the psychics i have met here" ... written by Kayla
Thank you so much for the reading Beautiful Gal!Amazing read every single time!Accurate and Fast!" ... written by Diana
Wow she connected right away and saw the situation and was spot on. Great reading." ... written by mc
Very helpful and accurate! Can totally connect with her..." ... written by E
As always, I get some incredible answers from you, it gives me peace of mind and the energy to create a better me. love xx" ... written by nick
She is amazing and was bang on and did not take her a long time to tap into the truth of what was going on and what I needed to do. Highly recommend her!" ... written by Ashalee
She was absolutely fantastic - the first thing she said was "disruption" a "cycle has to change" and that was precisely the two things that were happening in that moment. Wow. She is also very sweet and can tell she is tapping into that Universal energy to share that light with us. A very comforting, and wise soul to pull back that veil for you. Many thanks to GalActivate for getting to the heart of the matter and for being so full of light! Will be marinating on what you said for awhile and be true to myself. May you receive as many blessings as you give!" ... written by Jacqueline
phenomenal" ... written by kk
Quick connection with the energy and right on spot. Appreciate her honesty and advice!" ... written by ebajro
shes is amazing made me very strong in myself :)" ... written by renee
awesome" ... written by k
Appreciate you simply sharing. Truly enlightening talking to you." ... written by E
aw she is so cosmic its unbelievable" ... written by kk
she was so wonderful! highly recommend she really picked up on the situation! " ... written by Nadia
she just starts and the info flooowwwws" ... written by kk
Great reader and very insightful. Gal's spot on!" ... written by E
she has such an uplifting energy and i enjoyed her reading. " ... written by lavelle
Galactivate is truly a gift of nature. Just simply amazing tips" ... written by E
Truly truly awesome" ... written by Andrew
i think she is right on im thinkin of makin a road trip on my " ... written by mary
Connected quickly with my situation, and offered helpful advice." ... written by Diana
<" ... written by
AMAZING. her energy made me smile and she not only tells you whats going to happen, she gives you ways to approach challenges!" ... written by Kyla
She's grrrrreat. Love her. So quick. So much information. So helpful in explaining the deeper meaning of actions." ... written by L
wow she just helped me so much! I feel so enlightened and look forward to my next reading. " ... written by Danielle
Very helpful. Galactivate is always capable of reading into my energy. She knows exactly what i am about and I will follow your advice. very good reading. thank you" ... written by Alyssa
WONDERFUL, MUAH" ... written by
I came in with a question, but she almost instantly knew there was something else I needed and it stuck immediately. Truly gifted. " ... written by Richard
You're "way of being" heals. If everything can be this simple, pure or as powerful. Truly enligthening" ... written by E
Amazing reading. Deep, thorough. Pure gold. Thank you. " ... written by Grateful
oh she is soo cosmic.." ... written by kk
that was were right on par and picked upon everythign correctly " ... written by heather
Great Read again, I recommend this lady to everyone...god bless xoxoxo" ... written by Libsta
she is so indepth in her readings, its wonderful" ... written by kk
Wow, awesome as always!" ... written by Eva
She is Amazing and very good reader and very motivating! By far my favorite on here!" ... written by Ash
Gal, was awesome..." ... written by GZRNYC
thanks again... i have something to look forward to." ... written by lavelle
always awesome and very helpful. I have become a regular now. She is the best on here," ... written by Ash
What a beautiful soul. What I got from her was different than anything anyone else had told me.....she is truely amazing..Thank you so much GalActivate...I really feel like you are an angel that was put on my path today. You lifted my spirits. Thank you so andamp; light. " ... written by mainstreem20
Gal has been amazing-a true gifted empath, no need for any tools, she get the situation spot on and we have a very good connection. She is full of insight and I appreciate all she has done for me" ... written by Ash
Thank you and you right away have read what's going on between us and thank you for the guidance on how to deal with it. " ... written by Joseph
Thank you again, straightforward and truthful and with friendly environment. I will be seeing you again." ... written by Joseph
Boy!!! I am in shock!!! It's my first time to have a reading with you but First sentence was very accurate and true right away. Thank you. You will be one of my regular readers." ... written by Joseph
awesome reading with galactivate. fought through the technical difficulties because she really tuned in well. Looking forward to her predictions" ... written by mini
She helped me so much. Gave me hope. Thank you so much. She's awesome." ... written by Colleen
WOW, I love this beautiful powerful soul :') Feel really amazed and also moved by her reading and at her gifts for insight... She has this bright bright caring, clear radiant energy and it means alot to me that we could talk today :)" ... written by Sebastian
very motivating and positive. I always feel better after. She is a great reader of energy and has amazing advice" ... written by A
great" ... written by gregg
wow, thanks a million. I will learn to use my gift. I will continue to prayer. thanks again" ... written by altima1963
Thank you for the updates, very true and realistic. I will surely be coming back for readings." ... written by Joseph
Truly an amazing soul-so gifted, pure, honest, motivating and caring. Truly an AWESOME WOMAN!" ... written by A
she is awesome" ... written by lavelle
Super deep readings!!!!! I LOVE her! Trust her immensely!" ... written by Eva
thanks so much that reading was refreshing" ... written by lavelle
Thank you for making me feel so light today. Thank you for all your help .. I am glad I found a friend in you. You have a different way of reading and it's true and you are so honest. thank you ... My words might not be enough . but still thank you and I appreciate all the help. " ... written by princess1218
Always full of great advice. She understood the situation very well!" ... written by E
three readings today. Super intensive..." ... written by E
Another amazing reading..." ... written by E
very insightful, kind soul" ... written by Jo
She rocks!!!! So amazing and motivating and very enlightnening." ... written by A
Awesome as always on point!" ... written by B
Just had a wonderful reading. Galactivate is so understanding and intuitive! Spot on!.." ... written by E
Beautiful reading! I would highly recommend her" ... written by Julia
Thank you!! I love when I can get some details for my current situation and then a prediction with it!! I loved her reading and the way she was describing everything to me!" ... written by Ashley
Really must try once. Even for a FEW mins. Wonderful as always" ... written by E
Awesome as always!" ... written by BBright
Had an amazing private session. Thanks so much. Spot on accuracy!.." ... written by Trying
True to the core. What a pleasure!" ... written by Trying
love her, highly recommended, so gifted and genuine" ... written by bec
great! as always connects quickly" ... written by B
very informational :)" ... written by lavelle
Always look forward talking to Gal. She's so true to the core, the heart space. Full of amazing advice" ... written by Trying
One of the best. Love her. Cosmic wisdom. " ... written by Renee
Thank you so much Gal! You were pretty accurate on describing the people and situations! She is very friendly and quick. Takes the time to try to describe details and traits. Very honest and animated! Thank you so much! =)" ... written by sleepydreamer
Very reassuring reading as usual" ... written by Ash
Amazing update and very well on track" ... written by Ash
There are times in life when you meet someone who inspires you so profoundly for the simple fact that they live their life purpose fully. This is who GalActivate is for me - an inspiration, a trusted guide. She works from a pure heartspace and offers guidance in love! I trust her implicitly!" ... written by Eva
Great artists create something that one marvels. Something that touches us somehow. Galactivate is so close to the heart space. She shares her art in this unique form. Almost-to-everything that she says- seems divine and true. " ... written by Tryingandamp;
She really gets it. Gal's one with my situation and life issues. Truly amazing.." ... written by Dobe
So far the reading is extremely spot on! " ... written by Anna
She is amazing!!! So in touch! Thank you so much for such an amazing reading!!!!" ... written by Widow1313
cosmic sunchild" ... written by kk
the most awesomeness of awesome" ... written by kk
So connected to my situation. Truly an angel" ... written by Trying
Gal is always so compassionate and so kind - her ability to tune in is amazing and I trust her beyond measure! :)" ... written by Eva
AMAZING AMAZING AS always-she connects so well. She has so much insight and breaks this down so granular, very detailed. I wont spend this much money on anyone else" ... written by Ash
Great reading! She really connected :)" ... written by Anna
GalActivate is amazing - as always! She clarifies any questions I have and is a wonderful teacher and guide! :)" ... written by Eva
She's lovely and insightful and inspiring. She makes me believe in myself. Definitely worth it!" ... written by Sierra
She is awesome and I loved the vibe i got from her when she connected with me!!!!!" ... written by Scott
Gal is the most refreshing and intuitive reader here! I have grown exponentially with her help!" ... written by Eva
She was really good and connected with me right away. She said everything that I have been feeling and what I see from the guy in question. Thanks and i will be back to let you know how things are going. " ... written by enchanted2634
Galactivate-Truly amazing and spot on accurate!" ... written by Trying
What a reader! So accurate and helpful. She is amazing..." ... written by Dobe
She is amazing!!!I love when she can tell me details!" ... written by Ashlewy
thank you !!! very though and very friendly easy to understand and helpful! " ... written by guidance2
Thank you Gal! you describe the person in question accurately and give the best advice to give to that person to make their situation better and for myself. I appreciate it! =) " ... written by sleepydreamer4
excellent reader" ... written by gregg
So amazing in itself to reflect off of you" ... written by Dobe
Wonderful sessions as always! So accurate.." ... written by do
Galactivate is so accurate!!" ... written by Dobe
Spot on!" ... written by dobe
nice lady wish i could have talked more" ... written by latoya
She truly gets it!" ... written by dobe
Always amazing. " ... written by Renee
another session in! verbal jewel" ... written by dobe
Amazingly accurate!" ... written by dobe
good " ... written by bluecrystal33
right on point" ... written by Cristina
Quick follow up today-bang on as usual and very good at predicting events and emotions ect. She is my fave on here for sure" ... written by Ash
The one person I trust with my heart and soul!" ... written by Eva
Awesome reader always! Love her spirit, her laugh, her light!!!!" ... written by Eva
Spot on accuracy!" ... written by dobe
Always wonderful !!!!!! love her " ... written by summer
love her go see her" ... written by bec
She is good...first time reading. She connects quick and zooms in she has a holistic soul vibe...I like her." ... written by Bronxie
What a pleasure! Ever so accurate and true" ... written by dobe
So highly recommended. I have been seeing her for almost a year ...Tunes in so so well.. picks up on things straight away, is honest, and you can tell she absolutely is invested in the best interest of who she reads for , she's pure and lovely and reading with her is a true gift." ... written by bec
What a cool reader! She's completely in sync and so accurate! :)" ... written by dobe
As always, most compassionate and on point! :)" ... written by Eva
What a profound soul - I gain so much from her each time!" ... written by Eva
Wonderful! She's Great! She totally read me great and I feel wonderful!" ... written by DaphneBlue
Helps people move mountains. She is so accurate. What a treat!" ... written by Dobe
Wonderful reader! She truly gets it!.." ... written by Dobe
GalActivate is an amazing woman - I seriously could run out of adjectives to describe her! Trust her beyond all measure!!!!!" ... written by Eva
Gal, was amazing and spot on. Thank you" ... written by GZRNYC
on ects quick n talks fast n gives great insight" ... written by appple
One would be surprised how quick the healing is. Awesome!..." ... written by do
great connection" ... written by apple
Thank you very much Galactivate for your guidance and insights and for the incense!! " ... written by LostGirl
I honor Gal so much and she is the only person who is privy to the depths of my soul!" ... written by Eva
wow truly breathtaking please come on more often!!!!" ... written by christina
Another session, Galactivate is spot on!" ... written by dobe
Amazing reader! So tuned in.." ... written by dobe
ok, she is phenomenal!!!" ... written by se
My opinion.. WELL. This lady is BLESSED. She is a safe place to explore with and to connect to those things that you need validation, clarification and encouragement. Always the first words out of her mouth are 100% dead on and if you haven't experienced her gift yet - you need to. I trust in her connection, know that it comes from the highest good and source. She has taught me and helped me on my own personal journey, she not only is a great spirit, she is a great guide. Such wonderful, loving energy that comes direct from the heart. Many blessings to you Galactivate, I'm sending you blessings and energy " ... written by Jacqueline Kniffin
My souls sister, always full of love, joy and peace!" ... written by Eva
abolutely incredible, worth every penny. I've never had a reading see so deep within my soul, to have me shed tears. She is absoultely phenomenal. I couldn't have asked for a greater gift from her reading." ... written by alicia
Wow - every time I experience a new shift in life, Gal confirms it with great wisdom. She is an amazing teacher and I have grown so much with, through and from her!" ... written by Eva
Wonderful and lovely, as always. Can step away with tools for healing, which is my ultimate goal. Thank you :)" ... written by Sierra
She is so very amazing! I loved loved loved my reading! Thank you so much for that darling " ... written by Libra26
wow!!" ... written by shelle
Very on point...good conversation and picked up on me immediately" ... written by Nicole
Gal i love love love u thank u so much for everything! i love how i dont even have to ask u any questions u just tell me everything thats going on and give me such clarity! u are absolutely phenomenal!♥♥♥♥" ... written by Libra26
Super accurate! She's so tuned in..Very sincere and dedicated" ... written by dobe
Thank u times a million love!!! you help me so much every single time!! words cant express to you how grateful i am♥♥♥" ... written by Libra26
Always magical..." ... written by dobe
Ok, I am running out of adjectives to describe how amazing Gal is! :) I love her and trust her immensely!!!" ... written by Eva
Powerful; she said so much in a short time; just amazing!" ... written by Bresha Harvey
Spot on accurate!!!" ... written by dobe
Spot on! (enough said)" ... written by do
Gal is amazing and I would not have been able to work through my stuff without her. Trust her explicitly and her insight and advice, she is very accurate." ... written by Ash
Gal is the most amazing individual! I am so greatly indebted to her! " ... written by Eva
Another session. Galactivate keeps spotting on. lol. So accurate!" ... written by do
Galactivate is really in sync! Such an honor to connect with her" ... written by do
Great update as always. So spot on!!" ... written by Ash
great quick reader" ... written by apple
Gal is my go-to, my trusted resource. Love her candor, joy, teaching and insights!" ... written by Eva
detail reading thanks gal" ... written by lavelle
amazing ! really amazing person and insight is good" ... written by michael
Amazing! as always :)" ... written by Sabi
helpful with positive attitude and tries her best to support" ... written by adam
Honest, True andamp; Ever so surprisingly awesome" ... written by Do
too bad i didnt have more credits. gal is fast though. very good very in tune with the truth of the universe. so worth it" ... written by tabitha
She is awesome! Always give me a message with inspiritional bits!1" ... written by A
Gal is the best! In the morning or at night - the person I trust the most with my soul!" ... written by Eva
LOVE her! Enough said! :)" ... written by Eva
Fantastic session! So accurate!..." ... written by do
First off, I wish I could add more funds because this reading was just wow and she picked up on the situation and the energy right away. This reader is fantastic! I recommend everyone to get a reading with GalActivate :) !!" ... written by Ida
great reading" ... written by apple
great reading connects right of way" ... written by apple
she connects fast and tells u quickly the answers" ... written by apple
I love her, wish her $$ was lower!" ... written by niki
thanks gal ... reassurance at its best :) " ... written by lavelle
I had such a great time connecting with GalActivate again!! :) She brought me so much confirmation that I felt I already knew but needed to hear! I also got a lot of powerful information as to where my life is headed and learning much more about myself! I cant thank you enough GalActivate! You are true blessing to my life! Thank you so very much!" ... written by Ida
Galactismally accurate!" ... written by do
A very good reading, she has helped me confront deep problems. And i've learned a lot about my own connection with higher self!" ... written by David
She nailed it. " ... written by David
ABSOLUTELY PROFOUND READER" ... written by jaclyn777
I entered Galactivates room a few days ago and instantly felt a connection with her. So today l had my first reading with her and l was amazed with how spot on she was. Galactivate didn't need any information from me, she tapped into my energy instantly. She described me down to a 'T' and gave me great advice. I was extremely impressed and l will definitely be back again. " ... written by jade8233
Gal is amazing and is my reference point anytime I need to confirm what is happening in my life and soul!" ... written by Eva
Thank you so much for this talk! I really needed it and it was so encouraging! I know what my heart is telling me is right and it feels so safe and good to know that what I'm feeling is right!" ... written by Ida
wonderful" ... written by maria
wonderful" ... written by maria
A very good reader, Thanks!" ... written by David
Truly- truly amazing..I found her..I found the one I will keep coming back for. She is awesome with a real gift you can see the moment you connect with the first 3 seconds. Be thankful for people like her..truly sent from above to help people." ... written by Filomena
AWESOME!!! She sure is quick and connected and extremely accurate" ... written by Tiffany
She was so freakin amazing I did not want the time to end! She was quick and on point, she valued my time and didnt ask for ANY information other than names. I am amazed and definitely grateful for choosing her for this reading. In a site full of readers, she definitely stands apart. Definitely take her to private for insight you will not regret it...thank you :)" ... written by Tierra
great reading" ... written by apple
She gave a very nice reading. Waiting to see what happens next." ... written by L
Gal is amazing. I bring all of my deepest concerns to her because I trust her that much!" ... written by EVA
quick n to the point to connect" ... written by apple
great reading" ... written by apple
great reading i recome d" ... written by apple
Very indepth" ... written by Rayhaan
Thank you for your time!" ... written by Andrea
one word..."amazing "" ... written by RB
very intutive" ... written by RB
The most amazing soul! She is beyond words - wise, hysterical, so open!!!" ... written by Eva
Good reading. TY Galactivate " ... written by DD
Great Reader, Kind and Quick, very helpful in " ... written by Sooriamurthy
She is amazing and always able to give good details about my situation and everything around it!" ... written by Ashley
she was great spot on wil definately return" ... written by mariam
What a wonderful reader! I could bet anyone, that whoever visits her would be super-enlightened.." ... written by DoBe
Oh my goodness! That was a soul journey that I had with her. Gave me a brand new perspective and a wider way of looking at things. Will be back. thank you, muchly" ... written by moon
Thank you for the advice. " ... written by d2k1000
Gal is AMAZING!!! Which encapsulates every other adjective!!! :)" ... written by Eva
***** 5 stars++ and beyond.." ... written by dobe
great reader" ... written by apple
Had another reading! Gal's very quick and is so accurately in tune. Such a pleasure to get another reading!.." ... written by dobe
Super accurate..." ... written by dobe
Thanks GalActivate for another reading and guidance. It was very insighful " ... written by Moon
she was so great! and she did a good job in giving the answers I was looking for" ... written by winma
Awesome!" ... written by tiff
She was awesome!!!!!!!!! Will def be back :))))" ... written by tiff
She is awesome!!!!!!" ... written by tiff
So honest, raw and truthful! Amazing sessions, I've been visiting for over a year- MOSTLY for positive upkeep. Galactivate's presence is simply healing." ... written by dobe
where have u been my whole time here ! u actuly channel in not just answer my questions ! I feel i was brought to u to help me on my path ! i would go broke talking to u with out even questioning it !! hit on my heart pain and i have asked so many ppl about it an no one can tell me what was going on !! ur amazingly gifted ! u may just make me write off all others i talk to on here . ppl i have gone to for yrs ! thank u ! u have no clue how much u helped me in one reading " ... written by summer
Amazing session! So accurate as ever" ... written by dobe
quick reader n great at it" ... written by apple
Excellent reader and very accurate. Thank you" ... written by Garth
AMAZING 100% accurate!" ... written by Theresa M Bishop
highly recommended. always accurate. " ... written by becs
great reader you should give her a try" ... written by apple
awesome reader " ... written by apple
Awesome! Just like people have said!" ... written by Tony
Gal activate is beyond the benchmark of 5 stars andamp; words can't do any justice either. Absolutely amazing to connect with her..." ... written by do be dobe
What a person/psychic/healer!" ... written by dobedobe
Super-highly accurate" ... written by dobe
She is very fast in connecting . She was accurate in many instnaces . Will definitly suggest for other to take and see. Her advices are really valuable. " ... written by Aries722
amaazing reader that connects to the soul and gives very powerful guidance - a must to listen to " ... written by ming
Man needed this tonight !! gotta love me 1st and it will all be ok!!! thanks so much !!! " ... written by summer
As always, a fount of love and wisdom! And laughter!" ... written by Eva
She is such a great reader! picks up on eveeerything right away! :)" ... written by Anna
Thank you, incredible reading tongiht." ... written by ANn
Love her! One of the sweetest souls I've ever met. My go to psychic! " ... written by carlinw
She is so conencted andamp; aweosme!! i ocnnected ot her instantly! she gave me what i neede!" ... written by J
She connects so quickly and is definitely on point!" ... written by Anna
She is definitely spot on." ... written by Anna
The most amazing reader! I have learned so much from her and have had the best birthday gift reading with her!" ... written by Eva
She helps me understand the why and what i can do to help myself to help others !" ... written by Summer
a psychics to rely on … what she says does make sense … I would suggest her for others..." ... written by for gal
A mystical, wonderful soul with compassion, joy and profound insights!!!" ... written by Eva
she is unique in her reading.. definitely will suggest her … lot of things makes sense… " ... written by Gal - areis
I could spend hours talking to you, absolutely fantastic and so in tune. Thank you dear." ... written by nick
she connected asap and was spot on" ... written by debbe
She is well connected she is amazing and very intuitive and understanding and honest thank you very very much" ... written by Robert
Five stars great reader. I hate when it cuts mi sentence. Oranum should let the reader know its closing too." ... written by Lee
truly the only person on here i need to talk to !!!!!! " ... written by summer
truly amazing !! i love her picks up on every thing ! " ... written by Summer
Honestly one of the best readings I've had. She's a phenomenal person!! " ... written by Vanessa
Great reader. thanks so much." ... written by Anne
EPIC always is ! " ... written by summer
I have total appreciation for her readings. She is great. Ran out of time but will definitely return again. " ... written by tc
Super accurate!..." ... written by Do
Wow..GalActivate picks up so quickly. Thank you so much for your guidance. No wasting time." ... written by Moon
great" ... written by iludia
For anyone wondering, Gal is the real deal! I don't even know how to stress that enough - so open, compassionate, honest and caring! Always leading in positive and healthy ways!" ... written by Eva
good reading" ... written by s
So accurate and so sweet! " ... written by CW
Reliable psychic.. would suggest for others." ... written by gal aries
You were awesome! Thank you!" ... written by JazGreen05
Really great advice and connected. Deep understanding of the situation with little information. Thanks :)" ... written by crystal
I really needed this reading. She is unlike anyone else on this site. Amazing! " ... written by Ven
Very well connected and offered very good advice on how I can stabilize and create new openings and guide me through my growth, thank you and blessings" ... written by lara
Whole lot of magic and accuracy...." ... written by dobe
Such an amazing and genuine reader - speaks from the heart!" ... written by Eva
amazing, talented woman .. totally gifted!! treat yourself to an honest fantastic reading!!! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
never enough time with her !!!!!! " ... written by summer
Wonderful, genuine reader - so true and honest. Gives of herself to provide you with the clearest and truest reading." ... written by Eva" ... written by heather
Thank you so much for the information. It was so helpful to know the situation from a soul level so we gain more understanding and clarity. I also consult GalActivate for clarity" ... written by gal
Very good:)" ... written by Nikolay
She tuned right into me and told me a few things I knew of myself. I enjoyed the reading, I recommend her to anyone trying to learn about themselves!" ... written by I
She is so peaceful and pick up on everythign ....xoxox" ... written by heather
perfect thank u so much" ... written by abeer
Wonderful, true, honest, sincere reader!" ... written by Eva
I would just like to say that Galactivate is a very on point psychic... She really picks up on things so quickly, as well as emanating such warmth, caring, and kindness. She is also very fast with her delivery. Very impressed with her." ... written by Honeybelle2
Thank you for your advice. " ... written by d2k1000
Great Reading!" ... written by DD
What a loving, genuine, honest and caring reader! Readings are always true, on point and positive!" ... written by Eva
Awesome sauce as usual. GalActivate is always good about zero'ing in on the things I cannot see. I always go to her for deeper understanding to determine the root of any block or to determine the next step or next phase of my life. Truly an uplifting, inspiring person. Thanks as always!" ... written by Jacqueline Kniffin
Omg! She so picked it up. action by action, the words too. Omg, cant even explain this. She's so pure and powerful. " ... written by dobedobe
A wonderful read: insightful, thorough and honest! GalActivate connects out of a space of goodness and light." ... written by joyful7
Loved the read :-)" ... written by Gina
"Magical" simply magical" ... written by dobedobe
Amazing session once again :)" ... written by dobedobe
Lovely, magical session as always..." ... written by dobe
THansk you as always!!! " ... written by heather
sweet angel lady who really tapped into how i was feeling and helped me hugely " ... written by kalihart
Such an amazing session. Please read my other testimonials-- Galactivate is such a composed, caring, compassionate reader. Appreciate this. I hope you read this Galactivate, you are so talented and gifted; I thank God :)" ... written by dobe
great always" ... written by heather
wonderful" ... written by maria
Very clear reading and really was in touch with my situation. Amazing advisor!" ... written by TW
Amazing!! Amazing. Thank you for the reading i really needed the guidence " ... written by crystal
She's amazing. Super quick and a whole lot of powerful information." ... written by A
Thanks always a gem!! " ... written by heather
loved the reading" ... written by Gina
Love this reader! great energy--info comes fast--much to say, wonderful insights. great advice. I will return again." ... written by pearl
First time reading with her ... she seems very good and friendly! " ... written by Ann
WIll definitly suggest for others.. sorry having tight credits gal.. will get back again" ... written by Gal - areis
Thanksyou are great! " ... written by heather
What an amazing reader! Gal has a soul of light! She is the real deal!" ... written by Eva
With the limited credits had, Gal answered all my questions thoroughly. She always picks up energy easily. Im a regular. 5 stars " ... written by mn
A wonderful reader - very energetic, and full of insights." ... written by A
My first ever reading with gal and she was brilliant. When I came in the room, without her even seeing what I had typed she knew what my concern was about. She felt how heavy my heart was as soon as I had entered into the room. She really was incredible! " ... written by pink_94
awesome as always!! xoxo" ... written by heather
thanks gal ur awesome" ... written by lavelle
The most amazing and genuine reader in this universe - full of love, truth and honesty! " ... written by Eva
I love her reading style! She is so compassionate and loving! Also so accurate" ... written by Ashley
She's super quick, and gives an immense amount of information. She's totally on point with what she sees and feels." ... written by A
Good, I wish I had longer - I could see there was so much you were trying to get across in a short amount of time, thanks so much Gal." ... written by Amber Burch
I only had a few credits available but what she was able to tell me.... was spot on....VERY GOOD READER....I will come back again for sure......." ... written by Luvdogs2