About Hathor

Psychic Hathorhas 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Hathorhas recently helped 54members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Hathor's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Amazing. She is having a lot talent and very fast in picking up the things. and answers fast." ... written by Mui
Understands your questions, gives you the answers you want to know and more. She is very helpful. She also able to answer your quesitons quickly as well. Choosing her wont be a waste of credits. " ... written by guriwo
She is good I was happy whit I was told, I am looking forward to see her again!" ... written by roadrunner335
AWESOME reading!!! Hathor you were on point with my reading. You have helped me see things clearly and to have patient as life goes on. Thank you" ... written by Happy74
Good reader. I liked her interpretation. Recommend her." ... written by Ernesto
Thank you for your help! It did help me to clarify my situation!" ... written by Sirena22
She is very gifted with the Leormand cards, which is rare on this site. A very sweet and insightful psychic, Hathor answered all of my questions and made strong predictions that sound likely to come to pass." ... written by tangerinedream
Good past life reading :)" ... written by Muralivn
i feel we are connected, she knows who i am,without saying much,she speaks volumes, she gave me direction and a week as a time frame so i will comment at a later time." ... written by ericincognito
She is a very nice, good looking and friendly expert. I trust her intuition and card reading as she is very talented with a lot of experience." ... written by hgakil
Helpfull. Thanks a lot." ... written by maryannepav
She is so awesome ... she blew my mind with some of the info. Must have a reading with her. " ... written by jessiehoney
thank you very helpful... precise on certain things... " ... written by casper36
Excellent accurate reading! Ty Hathor :)" ... written by mozzy123
Fantastic, thought about the question before answering, accurate straight to the point. Loved it xxxxx 5 Stars " ... written by tonicowie
Very good reader. Thank you Hathor, you made my day brighter." ... written by Marc
wonderful! :)" ... written by Annebb
She is very helpful and accurate, thank you!" ... written by breslin7
Such a sweet woman and reader, and so accurate. She's wonderful, and an excellent excellent reader. I look forward to many more readings. Many blessings to you, Hathor!" ... written by Honor
Wow! She picked up on everything! Really an amazing reading - so accurate! And, a wonderful healing too. FIVE STARS!!" ... written by sacredlove71
She is accurate must take her." ... written by amy19a
Wonderful!" ... written by Mandalalight
She read my future Soulmate, and gave me to many details, so I hope i find him! She was Excellent, and gave me positive energy by cleaning my chakra! I HIGHLY recommend her!" ... written by Kari_nightingale
she is very good at wht she does" ... written by charnea
Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it! Thank you!" ... written by juleneangsm
Interesting but very short because i don't have a webcam or any money" ... written by kathysbannister
Always gives me clarity... One of my faves! " ... written by shell456
Honest andamp;amp; Accurate. Very Good Reading." ... written by swiftcats64
Very helpful, thanks!" ... written by Starliteny
Thank you!" ... written by jasminepapas
SHE WAS GREAT - SHE EVEN SMILED :-)) LOL - she is really powerful - do not miss out talking to her ... blessings :-)" ... written by KittyCat000
Defintely a fav! Will update on predictions. She really helped me when I was freaking out. Thank you so much for your kindness!!" ... written by limaikho
She was most helpful in getting rid of my bad mojo! She was very quick and didn't waste any time. Just got right down to business and helped me a lot. She was also very nice and sweet, and I felt very comfortable getting help from her. She came highly recommended to me, and I recommend her as well! :)" ... written by wing-mei
She is great and gets straight to point with details. No time wasting - just straight talk and honesty!" ... written by marsylyttle
Thank you!" ... written by cammyboo
Excellent reading and help in my situation- thank you I shall return" ... written by plumeria
I was amazed accurate totally worth it!" ... written by i
She's very good, picks up on things you don't even tell her, she picks up on months when things will happen, you won't go wrong getting a reading from her." ... written by starz189
Direct answers to direct questions. Also told me something about relative which i knew and could relate to. Positive reading." ... written by littleone73
Great experience" ... written by Alhester10
She is great, always helped me especially when I really need someone very accurate..." ... written by Anniekins
Very good looking forward to my future. Not the only one who said I have found my soul mate. :) Definitely looking forward to what next month has to bring me." ... written by ninjakitty88
thank you for the reading" ... written by chloe
answers were honest and quick and she explained a little more about situation" ... written by goldn
Thank you Hathor ! Always excellent accurate reading! :) " ... written by mazzy456
Gave great insight ,gave month prediction on when i would meet the person,shes great." ... written by loverulesme
Very great, she's right on!!!" ... written by Chris07291992
Ty! I will return for more readings, you have helped bring clarity :) excellent detailed reading " ... written by mazzy456
Very good!" ... written by erika8
Very accurate! Her answers are realistic!" ... written by eb
Good information" ... written by 123open
Gd Reading .. Given Me Hope ....:)" ... written by Loveforeverever
She is great, really inuitive would recommend highly." ... written by 1111warlock
She only types but she was right to the point got my questions answered was very happy =)" ... written by luckycharms312
Thank you for excellent accurate reading :) Very helpful and highly recommend a reading with Hathor. " ... written by mizzy123
Rockin' - everything I wanted to hear and more! :)" ... written by truthyone
Good" ... written by dd41783
Hathor was quick and accurate. There were things she saw that I didn't have to prompt her with. I will definately use her again." ... written by jenj50
Thank you!!! i will be back!!! dead on " ... written by jen1210
Very good...." ... written by GM
Thank you." ... written by summerfield
Really good!" ... written by iactiger
Great lady, she will get you straightened out quickly. Thank you!" ... written by nevergivesup
Extremely insightful and reassuring. I wanted to talk with her again cos I got cut off but she already had another client. I would recomment her to anyone. :-)" ... written by geminigoddess
So far she was great! How ever I feel I need more time with her and her help." ... written by Abizzle
Amazing! Will definitely be back to fill you in!" ... written by jen1210
Good advice." ... written by Gentlestorm
Very insightful. Great help. " ... written by cupkatie
Excedllent reading was straight to the point and engaged me in the reading, a very blessed woman with a talent. Would recommend her to anyone!" ... written by damo70
Thanks hathor, ur really nice take care and God bless u always" ... written by dolly
Good!!!" ... written by mirosabi
Hathor was very detailed and gave very specific answers to my questions. A lot of what she said was accurate to the circumstances, so I have confidence in her predictions." ... written by usa
Very lovely and nice lady, I hope her predictions come true but I have faith because her energy was good." ... written by Nothappy160
Hathor is the best on oranum.. had a great reading with her.. she knows what she is doing I highly recommend her.... will always go to her trust her all.... 5 star rating!!" ... written by singlemom1972
It took me a while to warm up to Hathor but she is DEFINITELY TALENTED . The SCOPE of what she sees is LARGER than most which is a unique gift in itself. A bit different to many other psychics but totally worth it. RECOMMENDED 5 STARS!!" ... written by belladonna8
Very reassuring and helpful... thank you for the advice I will let you know how it goes!!! " ... written by casper36
Great going back for more!" ... written by casper36
Very fast in her reading, and detailed." ... written by lovecrave
She seems rather helpful and she tried to provide me with as many answers as possible :)" ... written by melodehx
Thank you" ... written by katie46
Thanks again hathor for being honest and straightforward with me, that is what I love about you!" ... written by jen1210
Very honest. Tells the truth!" ... written by angelszone
Very quick and to the point" ... written by generaldirection
Good reader, very kind and helpful advice." ... written by ikroyal
Was great help, confirmed what i heard before:)" ... written by Cell14
Thank you!! You confirmed a lot! I'll talk to you soon!" ... written by jen1210
May life develop as we need it to; thank you Hathor for giving me light in the darkness =) " ... written by new beginnings
Wonderful reading. Fast and direct." ... written by blackty100
Very wise, spirit-led psychic who was able to give me advice and warnings about things going on in my life. She gave me great news on a new person coming into in my life." ... written by persephonestears
Hathor is very fast. She is straight forward and very comforting. She has a good way about her, I believe in her and her predictions." ... written by Happy160
Thank you! It was first time for me and she made me feel comfortable. I really feel her sincere and wanting to help others! Thank you!!!!!" ... written by Gianna07
COOL!" ... written by englandsglory
COOL" ... written by englandsglory
Lovely lady, hope it all comes to pass." ... written by cb1987
Good!" ... written by englandsglory
Good!" ... written by englandsglory
Thanks for your help!" ... written by OnyxFenix
Very good connection and reading" ... written by CaseyN
Very helpful and honest, thank you!" ... written by thingy1889
Very good!!" ... written by Brandisz
She was straight to the pointe, thanks." ... written by sweetdreams83
Very good reading." ... written by tivyantlers
You are awesome thank you so much. I will be back!" ... written by sunshine678
Smart!" ... written by englandsglory
Lovely lady, straight to the point great detail has helped me choose my path for where my life begins again. thank you xxxxx" ... written by cb1987
Extremely accurate... Awesome reading, I will come back soon!" ... written by holymolly2408
Great, accurate reading!" ... written by holymolly2408
Love readings with hathor she is great!" ... written by marionlyttle
Always very detailed,and puts my brain at ease. thany you hathor :)" ... written by starz189
Very good reader- gave me insight about my situation. will use again! thank you!" ... written by Sam_Hope2
Great honest reading." ... written by holymolly2408
Completely amazing! " ... written by RuinofDarkness
Made connection straight away, amazing! Fast, accurate and honest! So impressed, thank you, Hathor :)" ... written by Yoogii00
GOOD READING!" ... written by adonnelly76
Accurate, precise and straight forward." ... written by aikhooiooi
Good reading, but will see if comes true." ... written by elle11
Very nice lady, honest , highly recommonded xxxx" ... written by carina12
Very good, good to consult for stranger psychic questions, in relation to past lives, energy things, relationships all of that. Very direct and potent in her information! Also reassuring." ... written by dominique
Lovely reading, will return if prediction comes true." ... written by Kindred01
Thanks for answering my questions I had a lot of questions :D" ... written by dominique
She was sweet and had good insight. Will love to speak to her soon again. " ... written by nikkyenrosado
Very clear about everything that I asked her, thank you so much!" ... written by trishajones29
extremely knowledgeable in her field, recommended to all." ... written by jarhlu
THE BEST. WORTH EVERY CENT. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! " ... written by luckystar222
Good and helpful." ... written by sadhana
Very good, very good." ... written by dlv
Very informative!" ... written by munirah007
She had insight on the situation, and given me things to think about. Thank you." ... written by ldycandy
Just amazing. Thank you!" ... written by sarabr780
She is definitely the real deal. I asked her questions to which I already knew the answers and she proved herself repeatedly - this gives me hope in the things she predicted for the future. Definitely try Hathor." ... written by sixtosixteen
Hathor, is a very good psychic reader. I give her 5 stars." ... written by CookieJan
excellent" ... written by gregg
sweet lady" ... written by Andy
a very detailed and interesting reading that brought lots of perspective on my situation. I will be back." ... written by beauty
Nice reading, thank you." ... written by epi
read with cards, interesting, first time, she listened well. " ... written by golden
Enjoyed my reading very much. Very honest and accurate! I always find myself coming back to Hathor. When you want answeres this is who u should come to. " ... written by luckystar222
great session" ... written by beauty
she was to the point .....fast and true :-) ..liked her " ... written by prajakta
good reading, honest, removing negative energies, cleansing " ... written by goldn
she's great" ... written by Cristina
Hathor is WONDERFUL very insightful" ... written by MimiAnne
Great reading! I loved it!" ... written by D
Amazing healings and protections." ... written by Nikolay
Very nice readings and energy healing" ... written by Nikolay
helpfull and kind" ... written by m
Magnificent Lady; she is everything her bio stated. Fast, and direct! Hathor answered a lot of questions precisely with evidence that I'd not told her. She gave time frames and analyzed the energies pertaining to my situation(s). I'd give her 10 stars. Thumbs Up!!" ... written by Cordie167
Very good:)" ... written by Nikolay
She was very sweet and answered all of my questions." ... written by Shelly1
Nice prediction and she did not waste time and answer my Q." ... written by Nancy
always a fabulous reading !! always very clear !! love her!! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
She is quick. Direct. And to the point. It was a very good reading. Will see if the predictions come true." ... written by Sty
Looking forward to what Hathor has told me. :) " ... written by Kirstin
she is very sweet and was informative on my situation. I will have to keep her posted to my outcome of things." ... written by cittylove
very accurate!" ... written by Tee
wait and see " ... written by redcrystal
always a great andamp; clear reading !!!" ... written by tamjones
I got the answer for my question and got some more important information. Liked it! Thank you!" ... written by kosmosss
Gave a great card reading. Explained the card well and answered my question. " ... written by B.B.