About Heera123

Psychic Heera123has 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Heera123has recently helped 59members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Heera123's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Care4u :) Born-Gifted psychic, energy worker or channeler and healer. I have worked on Oranum since 2012. Tried tested. My abilities: Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Empath. I am a love, relationship and career expert. Benefits: answers, decision, unconfusion, guidance, clarity and prediction. My style: straight forward. Authentic readings!

Thank You!" ... written by SistahMaria
Wonderful reading and amazing results thank you so much for your assistance. I look forward to the follow up reading!" ... written by corvettime02
I like her a lot. She is right on point. Very serious and confident about her work. Will definitely come back for update. Hope her predictions will come true." ... written by mandylynn30
Awesome reading! She was 100% correct!" ... written by adonnelly76
Shes honest, calm, easy going, and very accurate. Loved to have a chat and a reading with her." ... written by bellacasa
Sobering!" ... written by Kekee9
I very much enjoyed my reading with Heera123. She was a good listener and gave me advice that I will definitely use. I would recommend to others. Although she is a new reader, she was very helpful and came across very confident. I liked her and felt that she was a very warm and caring person." ... written by Jamadi64
Very nice reading." ... written by Sherroll08
Great reading." ... written by skyline71
I felt I had a very good reading and healing session with Heera123. " ... written by jedimonk
Thank you! You are right on point with everything. Thank you, thank you so much!" ... written by Diamond2310
I feel a connection with Heera! Its amazing and I keep getting the same cards with her, I LOVE it, thank you dear, I wish you well." ... written by miminow
Heera was so soothing and knowledgeable. She picked up immediately on my life and where I have been and where I am right now. She offered hope and affirmed what I know is important in my life. Thank you, Heera!" ... written by susan
Heera was amazing in her reading, She was on point through out the whole reading, that it gave me goosebumps. Her accuracy just blew my mind away. I will have more future updates with her. Looking forward to it.... 10**** to her" ... written by Lucy117
Heera123 is very accurate. She really helped me to understand that I must listen to my intuition as it is usually right. I received a lot of clarity and confirmation from Heera123 about things that are currently happening in my life. I feel and know that I am moving in the right direction. I am very thankful for Heera123's reading. :)" ... written by cjsoul35
Heera did not tell me what I wanted to hear, instead she told me the truth. And just as she said, it happened. I think she is honest and does have a gift. I will be back!" ... written by Jamadi64
The reading was very insightful. All members have gifts...... the same as the psychics telling us "the future", "the present" and "the past". It was very interesting. A lot of soul searching I must do. Swell" ... written by melanieseymone
Awesome reading! Thank you Heera, Please give her a try she is very detail and honest. Thank you for all your advise and you are very warm person. Will let you know when the prediction come to pass. " ... written by connette
Amazing, right on the money. He says how it is, very talented. I would definitely recommend." ... written by layla
Loved talking to her. And I'll take up her suggestions... a very good reading ! Thanks!" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Very nice!" ... written by tvelletri
I just met this lady, and she inspired me already." ... written by lovemate17
Heera123 is a good reader, she was very accurate with me. I will be back for another reading. " ... written by MorningStar8
Thanks for the read. " ... written by d2k1000
Very good !!" ... written by lindalou66
Heera is sweet kind and to the point. she can see the situation and can give good sound advise. I recommend very much. Thank you Heera." ... written by zimerili1
Tough news but I will use it to win!" ... written by Misshernow
Very good!" ... written by kieranmiller
Very accurate and on point....My soul is at ease. Thanks Heera123" ... written by cynthiatk
Wonderful clear and insightful reading, very helpful, thanks!" ... written by Denisenz
Heera123 is excellent...She gives wonderful advice..She is also one of the nicest people and accurate reader too." ... written by focusing
Great reading. Terrific, thanx, will return for sure." ... written by zimerili1
She is the greatest, I like how she is straight to the point on the answers. I asked about a couple jobs and she help confirm my thoughts on one which I got. And she has helped on advise when it comes to a recent guy. Always straight to the point. I like HEERA a lot will always use her. thanks. " ... written by FelishaBruce12
Very nice lady, :)))" ... written by rachel1312
Great reading with good insight. :)" ... written by doctrine20
She really knows things, I just love her, and she really tunes into my situations and says things that makes sense to me! Thank you!" ... written by miminow
Great woman! Love her.....accurate." ... written by steffleblanc
Very good. Will be coming back." ... written by LilLadyBug
Great !" ... written by danathinking
I think she is very kind. I have just had a healing session with heera and she was very thorough. She is very easy to talk to and will definitely do her best to help you whatever your problem. I definitely recommend heera." ... written by shygirl77
Second reading and was a good as the first, thanks a million." ... written by Tycheek
Wonderful Honest heart felt reading. Will do again." ... written by alienlady
Great, honest reading. Thanks!" ... written by joboluvz73
Insightful!" ... written by jaykun
She knew alot, very sweet and caring, highly recommended. " ... written by malinda2011
Good!" ... written by smileycat23
She was quick and to the point. Not sure about the love life. She said a light haired man and I am usually interested in dark haired men-always have been. Need to keep an open mind for what she sees. Nice to hear good news though. Hope it comes to pass" ... written by gemini2460
The reading has given me clarity about a very old story that has held me back in life for years...much appreciated and very helpful" ... written by akashicgirl
Great reading " ... written by sweetsx
Heera is outstanding! She is so helpful. She knew exactly what was going on with me and has helped me move away from my fear of failure. Thank you so much, Heera!!!!" ... written by duckkait
Heera, thank you for the reassuring reading, very reassuring and a nice support that you provided. I feel a lot better now. Thanks so much xxx" ... written by Jade50
She is awesome... Good Reader.." ... written by mossdevraj
Amazing, I needed clarity on a situation. She told me the truth straight to the point. Sincere, truthful person correct decision was made, Excellent advice phenomenal 5 stars rating. Life back on track on. She is truly blessed. Honest, accurate." ... written by dominquez1
I enjoyed my reading with Heera123! She was right on point and I can appreciate that." ... written by Forgivenkey
She was all right." ... written by spiritual_seeker
Heera is great - she truly calmed me down and she has a talent! I will come back :)" ... written by jazzychic7
Therapeutic, I will take on your advice, and will keep you updated for next Feb/March outcome as predicted." ... written by eguess
Very nice and good reading!" ... written by druvina1973
WOOW she's great, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! " ... written by onlygal22
Very honest and truthful reading. Not what I wanted to hear, but needed to be told the truth. Heera was very caring." ... written by angelszone
I am completely astonished. She fine tuned in her gifted. She is trustworthy, sincere, honest, and empathetic. Fantastic person, calm, gentle, very easy to talk. Very nice person. 5 stars rating. You never be disappointed with Heera!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by dominquez1
Thank you so much, this woman is amazing and made me feel a lot better, thank you Heera. " ... written by meow786
Thanks so much Heera.. Look forward to hearing from you again." ... written by mimi222
I really like Heera. This is my second time getting a reading from her and she is always so thorough and accurate and she is very understanding and kind." ... written by cjsoul35
Very calming and honest." ... written by christine
Excellent!" ... written by Marquez48188
Absolutely wonderful reading, very accurate and awesome insight. Thank you so much and I look forward to the follow up reading." ... written by corvettime02
Thank you for your advise andamp; putting my mind at ease. All what you predicted came true. Thank you Heera!" ... written by Tash52
Honest and upfront!" ... written by catmando1
She was great ,thank you soooo much, I look forward to doing another reading with her." ... written by Tycheek
Good reading" ... written by druvina1973
Good reading" ... written by druvina1973
Very good.... read my mind before I asked the questions... very good and direct and fast." ... written by fit2day
Wonderful! Insightful!" ... written by jaykun
THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!" ... written by ahmer145
Wonderful!" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Lovely reading :)" ... written by tickleme2011
Thanks..." ... written by ahmer145
Very informative! Though not very good news. Oh well." ... written by Kekee9
Helpful reading thanks." ... written by maryannepav
Was very kind and informative. She hit a lot of things dead on the head, wow. I now know exactly what I need to do. Thanks for everything." ... written by Mechele706
I've been to her before, and I will always come back. I love her... Her energy is calming... Lovely lady, and accurate!" ... written by steffleblanc
Heera was great she answered my questions with clarity! Thank you!! 12/28/12" ... written by michele6099
She nailed the reading. She talked about my current issues like someone who knows me from years. I clearly recommend her." ... written by Mordillo98
Heera was very perceptive and told me like it is ....even though I was hoping for another answer!" ... written by Groggy59
She was great, gave so much information. Was so gentle." ... written by beetlenut
Heera is so wonderful! She is so warm and intuitive! I will be back to check in with her to let her know if things happen as she told me. She is awesome!" ... written by duckkait
Thank you for your advice" ... written by lavelaso
Thank you very much. i will let you know what happens. " ... written by LaSheaLove72
She was very accurate and very helpful. Great reading" ... written by cjay23
She is really good. She picked up everything about me, what I was going through, and what is going to happen. I recommend her dearly." ... written by Mordillo98
Very good. she is truthful" ... written by myojin
Thanks for giving me such a good reading, you're always very informative and really take your time to help people. Again thank so much Heera. Happy New Year!" ... written by mimi222
Very kind and answers my question!" ... written by dladie42
To the point... Great reading!" ... written by Zeigen
Ty!! She is so nice!" ... written by king_seti
She was very kind, gentle, friendly. I would suggest her for a reading and will do a follow-up with her. Thanks!" ... written by sunshinec
Heera was full of love and insight within her reading with me. I felt she was nothing but honest and only wants the best for my life." ... written by aprilmayjune
Cool girl, made me feel comfortable." ... written by Sherroll08
Soo kind, soo quick! ;) Everything was on point." ... written by yto_84
She was very nice and friendly. Also very understanding. Picked up on things I already felt in my intuition. I am satisfied. :-) xox" ... written by JLynneS
I think heera is brilliant. i feel very lucky to meet such a caring and kind person. i regard her as a friend. She always answers my questions with care and compassion. i recommend her whole-heartedly." ... written by shygirl77
I liked the reading - but ran out of time." ... written by marmoser7
Really easy to talk to and gave me some great insight and advice. Confirmed what I had been suspecting which was a relief." ... written by LiisaKatriina
Good reading!" ... written by xtine930
She was/is spot on! I had a very good consultation and she confirmed things that I suspected. I would recommend her!" ... written by kennethnoel
She was straightforward and very insightful. I loved her reading!" ... written by kitty476
She is accurate and kind. I´ll be back for her :) And her chat room is so healing:)" ... written by HeidiKristiina
Ty for good reading:)" ... written by Cell14
Good read .. Substanciated my suspicions ... Thanks " ... written by perflip
She is nice and honest. Nice to talk to her. It's great!" ... written by blueberi
Thank you." ... written by SistahMaria
So gentle, yet totally honest. Very profound. Thank you, Heera! You are wonderful!" ... written by blumuse
Nice talking with her, I'm happy with her words, thank u." ... written by saranyajaiver
She was very intuitive and gave great advice" ... written by domicombia
Honest and to the point" ... written by G71
She was honest and amazing I love her!!!" ... written by mumbee29
Heera is always kind and gentle and willing to listen and tell you what she see's for you. More than your future, she taps into many feelings and attitudes you may be carrying with you and how they affect your life." ... written by king_seti
Heera, you are amazing, so calm but yet so forceful. Your reading was good, and I am glad I chose you. I hope to have a reading with you soon again! :) " ... written by monty1212
Straight to the point. Thank you Heera! Very honest and kind!!" ... written by Fiona
THE FUTURE IS NOW!" ... written by king_seti
Totaly different approach than other psychics. Liked the reading. Will come back." ... written by dijana77
Thanks." ... written by kyla2003
Thank you!" ... written by sdv2013
Heera, my apologies!! As my computer went offline!!! I found you to be most acurate and amazing!! I found your reading has made my heart lighter and happier!!! Thank you so very much and will see you soon !!! XXOO" ... written by Irishprincess266
She was very straight forward which is what I needed... I would highly recommend her! :)" ... written by kvshiloh
Excellent...very good reader" ... written by focusing
She did very well and hit everything right on. I was very please with her and would talk to her again." ... written by clinzmeier
Convincing and I enjoyed the reading. Thank you." ... written by librabeauty
Clear and patient. Very nice!" ... written by ranchat
Honest and precise... Thank you." ... written by layla
EXCELLENT LADY!" ... written by parlstrom
This was exceptional... Fast, picking up on things I had not even mentioned... The feeling was right, the analysis was good and I felt that Heera had definitely got a connection with me... I will be back..." ... written by quisait
Make me feel alive again, thanks for the healing!" ... written by hotmhh
Great reading knew what was going on helped me calm down told me it would get better." ... written by keshia2243
Heera is awesome, awesome, awesome. So reassuring and calm. She makes me feel at peace!! Which is not an easy thing to do, lately!! Thanks, Heera! You are wonderful!" ... written by duckkait
Read the entire situation with precision. Excellent!" ... written by donald2013
Very good, helped me clarify in some important decisions..." ... written by jmchiu
Thank you!" ... written by ysabeau
Great reader, thank you.. Many blessings!" ... written by Ensign26
Honest reading - appreciate it." ... written by f1rebug
Another fantastic reading. Completed confirmation awesome with very little information given. Simply amazing talent. 5 Stars for Heera!" ... written by dominquez1
Heera123 was very fast and precise, she made sure I got all my questions answered, and made sure I was satisfied. Also she was very supportive and non-judgmental! I highly recommend her if you feel sad and need support!" ... written by girl1979
I was on the edge of a nervous break down and she did her healing on me which was very comforting, felt that she was very genuine, got a lot from her reading I even wrote it down to be able to read it again later, I really liked her a lot." ... written by miminow
Another great reading! Thanks so much! :)" ... written by Zeigen
She was great, very truthful and everything she said makes sense. Thank you!" ... written by rlp183
Very helpful." ... written by bella911912
Very very accurate reading, very talented, Heera thanks so much, your reading was one of a kind and so honest and precise. Will contact soon." ... written by butterfly8020
Let me tell you she is the most honest person i had a reading with, and im hard to read , she just knew everything that was on my mind great honest person" ... written by darrenman721
Totally loved my reading with Heera!!!" ... written by xtine930
Nice, honest, straightforward lady..." ... written by veezee
Very helpful and insightful thank you." ... written by SumMo14
I got an honest reading." ... written by soniayogen25
Very good and I highy recommend. I will certainly have another reading again . Thank you very much! Very nice person too!" ... written by Joy99123
Great advice - just what I wanted to hear - people listen - learn and put into action - I will " ... written by Rana2001
Very good reading!" ... written by donnamck
What a great reading. Everything that was said was so true and accurate. Also she eased my mind and helped me to relax. " ... written by Fiona35
Very good, logical and comforting. I wish I had enough credits for a longer discussion and some more direction" ... written by random385
Nice reading!" ... written by sweetie12
She's accurate." ... written by myojin
Very satisfactory answers." ... written by shabatool87
Great reading, thanks hun!" ... written by sweetsx
Good reading. Thanks!" ... written by Zeigen
Thank you again! :) " ... written by crystal_x123
Good healing!" ... written by j
Very accurate and insightful!" ... written by Krisluv91
I enjoyed my reading with Heera. I haven't gotten to know her well yet but she seems like a very kind and compassionate person. It's always good to get a peek at what the future might bring. Thank you." ... written by kealia35
I am very pleased with my reading and happy with the new revelations and i am looking forward to continuous reading with Heera. Thanks a lot." ... written by natalie9712
She was very great right on point." ... written by mumbee29
Wonderful reading. I really loved it. She is so warm and amazing. He got everything right. " ... written by peace808
Extremely helpful!" ... written by hungerfordt2012
Quick and to the point. I would return." ... written by telcotek
Very cool, I will be back for another reading, heera is a great psychic." ... written by Kim1601
Very quick and accurate." ... written by focusing
Very nice reading... Good advice... " ... written by tess
Heera is very good with the tarot cards and sees things accurately" ... written by myojin
Heera gave a very good reading and was able to relate the tarot to actual life events. I would recommend this reader. " ... written by Lightstar
Heera was great, really easy to speak with. He guidance and advice was very well presented and professional. I will definitely speak with her again, thank you so much for easing my fears. 5 stars!!!" ... written by angelagnew
She's pretty amazing!!!" ... written by LoveChad
She was great, I really felt the energy from her, and she was right with her card reading. I love her spirit, great session." ... written by Ladymysterious
Good!" ... written by smiley2011
Heera put me on the right path and it can only get better from here! =D" ... written by Willem2003
She was right on point." ... written by Monique39
Direct and to the point very good." ... written by jade6996
Thanks a lot Heera! You were great!! Just wanted to cool off a bit!! Thanks once again!!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Fast and detailed reading! She answered my questions and gave me advices. " ... written by satou1982
Thank you, Thank you! :) Heera123's suggestions are really helpful, she tells you how you need to improve yourself. Thank you. :)" ... written by Crystal
Very accurate and precise reading. It made me feel much better after I spoke with her. Thank you Heera." ... written by Csilla12
Awesome! Fast and detailed... looking forward to my reading in the mail :)" ... written by visualist
Heera definitely hit the nail on the current issues surrounding my life. So amazed! " ... written by Jennifer
Very accurate : ) " ... written by lexci100
AMAZING. She's so kind and immediately picked up on EVERYTHING without any details from me. " ... written by sbd1180
Concise reading ." ... written by shaikha
She is straight forward, comforting, and very accurate I love my readings with her, she tune in very fast, her healing was awesome I truly needed it, thank you." ... written by miminow
Simply put, she is blessed. " ... written by Mordillo98
Very clear and punctual, on point!!!" ... written by Robertsavv
Very understanding" ... written by StacyR
Very honest and straight forward, no sugar coating... Tells u what u need to hear, will definitely be back!" ... written by Tauraus1971
Thank you for eye opening reading I needed a dose of reality, so thank You for that." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Insightful!" ... written by janesi
She was easy to talk to, very calming and informative. I highly recommend her!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Thank you for your understanding." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Really great and able to give solutions that help in the long run. " ... written by sbd1180
Thank you for sharing with me your thoughts." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Amazing as always - it feels like she is in my head. " ... written by sbd1180
thanks" ... written by j
she is very accurate and nice" ... written by kim
It was very positive and very supportive! Also Heera pointed out some things I need to work on!" ... written by girl1979
Excellent clear reading thank you" ... written by Denise
Great!" ... written by epa0404
Thank you, wonderful as always!" ... written by mimi222
She is very good, wonderful and makes you feel at ease. She had answers for me that I needed to know, I recommend her strongly. She helps you and answers quickly and honestly, 10 Stars. " ... written by cowgirlcb
Yes, she was very good. Very easy to talk to and ask questions. Will definitely come back." ... written by shygirl77
Very amazing! very intuitive! thank you so much for your reading, you are so gifted!" ... written by lotus84
She was very nice and kind!" ... written by Lyne37
She is excellent and honest!" ... written by dianalj
Great reading!" ... written by zimerili1
Good advice." ... written by hoping2351
Had a very good reading with Heera, she is very nice and her cards tell all the truth. Try it - you'll be amazed." ... written by googoo
Thanks I need that..." ... written by brandyowens7607
So I needed to know if I would actually pass my drug test or not that I had coming up for the new job I really needed. Heera123 knew I would pass even though I didn't think so myself. She was also able to read other situations in my life that were absolutely true. " ... written by vrobles89
She is very good at telling what spirit guides saying." ... written by myojin
Thank you for your loving reading, it was very nice to see a deeper insight into the situation." ... written by mojasudbina1978
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! such a relief speaking to her. she is so amazing!" ... written by xtine930
5 star reading rom a 5 star psychic! thankyou and you were very helpful. " ... written by myeyesee
She was very clear with her readings. Really confirmed some things I was thinking and helped me to make my next move." ... written by rabzyiwill87
Thank you.... " ... written by krismic2
Very good...I would definitely give her a try." ... written by sunnydeep
It is always great to speak to heera. She is a brilliant psychic. I recommend her to everyone wholeheartedly." ... written by shygirl77
OMG she was sooo sooo sweet!!!! I had only a few minutes to have a reading with and she gave me a good reading in only a little bit of time. She was detailed, honest and very sweet and caring. I will definitely be back!!!! HAVE A PRIVATE READING WITH HEERA123!!! :) Thank you so very much!!! I really appreciate it!!!" ... written by marisduhh
Shes very clear and detailed. She knew spot on." ... written by hoping2351
Thank you! Your in tune and understanding. You picked up on a new job coming through someone and I hope your right! Was in process of this :) " ... written by Louise
Your brilliant. Super kind and very affirming. Thank you thank you thank you. I feel really happy now. Like my lie has some direction. And Heera I will definitely keep you posted on the events. " ... written by amberhussain4
Heera is so nice. She is a good reader and she will listen to you." ... written by king_seti
Thank you for a good reading." ... written by CTgirl81
Awesome spot on reading!!!!!" ... written by Sarahcupcake21
Very good reading hoping all works out for me thank you so much Heera." ... written by lottabody1982
Heera was wonderful as usual! I highly recommend her." ... written by sweetsiren0072
MAHALO HEERA! She is awesome and I absolutely loved it. She is a blessing, you will not be disappointed! Much love from Hawaii... :)" ... written by Waipui808
Very, very nice lady. Warm and compassionate and made me feel so much better. Put everything into perspective and doesn't sugar coat anything. Loved her xx" ... written by melarthur
She was right on point and had great energy!" ... written by ludwigfreebird
SHE WAS RIGHT ON !!!!! She was very helpful and kind I loved it." ... written by bev
Very good!" ... written by wtf1532
She is awesome and is right on it all. She is very good and caring." ... written by starlight699
This outstanding psychic was very honest and very gentle in her presentation of her reading with me. I see her as a 5 STAR!" ... written by desertsun
Thanks Heera! You are so nice. " ... written by king_seti
Great reading!" ... written by scorpiobri87
Great reading, good connection." ... written by veezee
She is really good. Thank you!" ... written by mcasas
Whoops;) Thank you so much, you have given me wonderful guidance. " ... written by rosieRN
Thank you for loving readings and info u offer to me." ... written by mojasudbina1978
She always makes sense and tunes in very easily, I just love her reading, she is clear and into the point." ... written by miminow
Heera123 is super gifted! Great Reading!" ... written by rosered3
Nice, tells the truth." ... written by aumber
Thank you Heera for the support! I feel better about my future and thanks for telling the truth! Love and Light" ... written by fpinkney
Very good, knowledgeable, positive." ... written by Mike12152205
She says everything what she sees, no sugar coating!" ... written by thanya
Heera is a very accurate reader. I go to her regularly because she is always spot on." ... written by myojin
I felt very comfortable. She was right on." ... written by Krissssy
She is very good!" ... written by chantastic
I really like her the reading was great!" ... written by OPTIMISTIC29
Well, the reading was very good, confirming a lot of my present thoughts and making me feel much more positive about my future :)" ... written by AngelEllie
Very nice reading and easy to talk too. Thank you. :-)" ... written by LunaBear
Very calm and accurate. Loved her advice as well." ... written by araketanara
Heera is sympathetic and caring, she is sensitive to my feelings but gives direct advice. She is accurate and trully gifted! Thank you Heera." ... written by lotus84
Another great reading from Heera, helpful and accurate" ... written by jazzychic7
I love her, she's real " ... written by loveandpeace24
Simply great... give a try... Blessings for diamond (HEERA)." ... written by Ensign26
Very amazing person with very amazing insights, everyone should come to her. Expect what you desire and that shall be received " ... written by Wonderousmind
Wonderful soul, insightful and honest!" ... written by courtk11
She is truly wonderful and accurate in her reading ..very understanding ..thank you heera" ... written by skyline71
Heera is the most awesomest psychic! She has good advice too." ... written by myojin
Pretty much spot on" ... written by sweetack1
Great Heera!" ... written by king_seti
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! She is very detailed and very sweet with the delivery, you can feel that she's telling you from higher guidance and is showing you the right path in life, she also tells you what you need to focus on to get to the direct answer that you are seeking. Thank you so much." ... written by megabee
Very sweet and understanding! Reallly appreciate her guidance x" ... written by ceejox
Heera was peaceful and accurate with my current situation. She took time and was pleasant to connect with. I was more than satisfied with the time spent; which was both confirming and soothing." ... written by wolfmessing
She brought me back to my senses. She made me realize that I don't necessarily have nothing to worry about and that I'm just being impatient and stubborn with my 'wants' in life. I should not base my life on 'wishes' but I should live one day at a time. Thank you Heera123! :-)" ... written by ysabella5
Heera is FANTASTIC!!!, she gave me so much insight on my future. I am so ready for these things to come. Thank you so much." ... written by Mechele706
She is an excellent psychic and speaks directly from spirit guides." ... written by myojin
She is spot on!! The best..read me like a book...so do yourself a favor and get a private reading..you won't be disappointed." ... written by Whispers01
I enjoyed my reading, thank you! " ... written by loulourae
She is so calming, I was in a completely emotional state on the verge of tears and she was able to talk with me provided sound advice, it was her manner that touched me the most, really seemed genuinely concerned. I will be returning :)" ... written by leti98
Thank you." ... written by jennisregistered
Always on point!" ... written by Bridgette1987
Thanks Heera! You are always so nice and have compassionate advice for your clients. Take care!" ... written by king_seti
Heera was great! Very accurate and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Very accurate and was like talking to a close friend." ... written by joi
She was very kind with her delivery of the mesage and was very detailed with the situation. ten stars!!!1" ... written by megabee
Loved her, very quick, very intuitive and supportive and helpful." ... written by Marta73
I love her honesty, always right on point!" ... written by RedMama83
Very accurate." ... written by IrelandIrish
Very nicely, even after my credits have been finished, she still talked to me and gave me advice. She used tarots cards, and her own abilities to give me advice me " ... written by Tinku1
Great reading!!! I like her!!!" ... written by Kai1111
Awesome reader, I totally appreciate your help you said everything that I am stressing about and made me relax I will definitely come back to you and want another reading. Thank you so much." ... written by private1811
Fantastic." ... written by Angelique7
Good reading, thanks!" ... written by f1rebug
TY HEERA!" ... written by king_seti
Very good. Fast connection. Accurate information. Helpful insights. Highly recommend a reading with Heera123!" ... written by Amista
Thanks!" ... written by mom1954
She is good and not only good but will give you positive advise and makes you feel like you have no problem at all, she made my day and I feel I am stronger." ... written by josejoel12
Heera123 was very accurate with my reading, she was very reassuring and put my mind at ease. " ... written by Candis77
Thank you Very good" ... written by sheriBR6
Good reader!" ... written by elle11
Absolutely spot on. Thank you very much. Would recommend" ... written by margieb
Good reading, she pick up my trait and circumstances accurately and give me solution. I definitely will remain positive and surely this lady deserve a 5 stars rating!" ... written by findtheanswer
She was sweet and compassionate and very understanding and she was dead on." ... written by Janae
She is great. I've been going to heera for practical, real advice and readings for almost a year now, and she never fails me." ... written by myojin
Always excellent." ... written by Ann
Thank you!" ... written by angiefra22
Heera is fantastic! I really love her sharp intuitive ability. She has helped me so much. I highly recommend a reading with her!" ... written by Paloma
Very good!!" ... written by amber
She's the best! Give her a try. You won't regret it." ... written by Lea
Very thought provoking and accurate." ... written by tara
She is great." ... written by Lea
Lovely, Caring, accurate." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
She is wonderful." ... written by Sherri
Was very helpful gave great insight on my situation and was accurate." ... written by Messenger87
Good reading!" ... written by moon1leo1
She did a great reading, I will return soon...Thank you!" ... written by Browneyes01
Excellent reading thank you. I will come back soon. So accurate and real. Precise reading." ... written by taina
She was very quick, honest, kind, and straight forward. She hit a lot of things that I did not ask about, and I look forward to coming back." ... written by Scadoodle
Thank you for advises and understanding." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Good reading. " ... written by r
She is amazing and had nice reading with her. She could catch up on many things which I didn't tell her. Wow thanks, Heera." ... written by Monisha2013
Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it! " ... written by Moneda
Was helpful, thank you!" ... written by Joe
Very insightful! Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Tony
Thank you! You're the best." ... written by Lea
I got him spot on! Wish I had more time!" ... written by sharon
Thx!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thank you!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
She is amazing." ... written by prettygal
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! She was describing me like she knew me for a long time and she was very detailed in the description of the situation." ... written by Megabee
Thank you for the reading Heera much appreciated!" ... written by Yoogii
Very good!" ... written by RedOranGe04
Thank you for help." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thanks for understanding." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thank you, it was very helpful." ... written by jazzychic7
Thank you for advice." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Than you for understanding." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Heera knew straight away what was on my mind and summed it up to give me the clarification I needed!" ... written by Joi
Very helpful!" ... written by simon
Put her finger on the problem. Truthful, honest advice." ... written by BLUEWIZARD123
Heera was wonderful! I always look forward to my readings with her. I highly recommend her!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
I really appreciate your sincere advice . :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
Helpful reading...got an insight for coming months.. Thanks." ... written by shivani
Seemed good. hard to know yet. hope she's right. " ... written by albright
Clear and helpful." ... written by trisha29
She is very good and accurate." ... written by Aditya
Very accurate and helpful!" ... written by Noop
Heera123 is great. I could talk to her forever. She really helps me. I will chat with her again. Thanks" ... written by darlene gauer
Gave me some clarity on my love life that was well needed and picked up on my feelings very well :)" ... written by courtney
Thank you so much." ... written by joselyn
The best psychic I've talked to so far." ... written by Becky
Thank you very much! She connected with me right away, good energy. Will contact you again!" ... written by fullmoon76
Excellent, gives a lot of comfort and straight to the point." ... written by Joi
Heera is very kind and sensible. Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Sarah
I've been so down lately but Heera cheered me up right away. She was so intuitive and made me feel much better. So happy and calm right now. Thanks! " ... written by Megan
Very informative! She helped me clear my head, and gave me direction! Thank you heera" ... written by lotus84
Thank you I just love how real her readings, she doesn't sugar coat which is exactly what I look for :) thank you Heera " ... written by Miminow
She did not say a thing that was not spot on with me and my life. She is good!" ... written by Jennifer
Direct, to the point, I like her in general, I know what I need to do, she just reinforced what I was already feeling. I will return as I have in the past. " ... written by leticia estrada
I wouldn't think twice about contacting her for guidance. Many Thanks to you." ... written by RosieRN
Heera 123 was great. She helped me a lot andamp; was right on the money about a lot that was going on in my life. Thank you Heera for your services. Blessings to you. I have better peace of mind now. Hugs. :-)" ... written by Mary Ann Walsh
Awesome, kind and accurate." ... written by angela
Thanks for telling me my question." ... written by twinheart
Thank you She is very nice fast and detailed reading" ... written by uresnstel77
She is good. She is accurate in a lot of the things that I already know. Thanks Heera!" ... written by nor
Very helpful and very good information, I'm very happy." ... written by Karen
Very nice, and intuitive!" ... written by linda
Amazing!!!" ... written by Nita
Very helpful and great advice." ... written by Lanay
Thank you very much! Very supportive and helpful!" ... written by Lorrie
Very honest and accurate. She picked up on what i needed to ask very quickly. I felt very connected with her." ... written by Raymond
Very good reading, summed up exactly what I am feeling and going through at the moment, thank you x" ... written by claire
Very nice lady! :) I will be back!" ... written by rachel1312
She's a 10 star chick as we will call it lol!! Very beautiful and full of energy she made me very comfortable thanks lady blessings! " ... written by Adrienne
Great reading! Thank you :)" ... written by leanne
She was on point in my reading ! Thank you so much!" ... written by shehzadi
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by twinheart
Very intuitive, and pretty much on point with everything she mentioned. Reading was quite comforting, thank you!... " ... written by yuriko22
Very accurate and perceptive." ... written by mkjay28
Quick to put up on things!" ... written by jb
It was good, she is very detailed..." ... written by Crissyboo100
She is very positive and calm I like her style." ... written by Sherroll
Heera was brilliant as always!!!" ... written by shygirl77
THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Seriously, you helped me sooooooooooo much!!! I can't thank you enough. You blew me away. I'm so glad I took you to private. " ... written by Roxanne
I think she is fantastic, she has a very very calm aura and she read me accurately things I didn't have to mention she picked up on. She is very good and gave not sure a spot on reading but very good advice to follow. Definitely added her as a contact and will be visiting her for a reading soon." ... written by Modele34
She has an amazing, calm energy about her that it makes you see what is ahead and guides you in how to tackle the situation. She truly is gifted." ... written by Megabee
She was so in tune with the reading that her prediction has already came true and that's why I came back for more reading to let her know how amazing she is. It will be the best investment you will ever take. Highly recommended." ... written by Megabee
Heera was great as always!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
She gave me a lot of details and some tools to deal with what's ahead so that was really encouraging. Very intuitive and in tune." ... written by Megabee
She is great. Very helpful and understanding." ... written by Omah Lall
Best reading I have had on-line... so, so, so, so good!" ... written by kdinani
Very good and fast." ... written by focusing
Thank you so much Heera. Very, very clear. " ... written by LionKing777
Very good reading, thank you so much!" ... written by Aaslesa
Heera, you make so much sense! I appreciate all of your words! You are correct about everything. I love the way you show me how I've progressed, and the potential for my future! Thank you so much for your wisdom!" ... written by Lotus84
Very on point about my academic situation. " ... written by Taylor
Just had the second part of my reading with her... She picked up on all of my habits in regards to academics and really helped me realize that I need to make certain changes in my life! Thank youm Heera!!" ... written by Taylor
Heera, You are so funny....Lol!!! I just want to thank you for telling me the truth....This has got to be one of the most difficult situations I have ever faced in my life....Lol!!! You connected very well and I will definately give you an update......Xx" ... written by Ebony
So very accurate!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lauren
Connects easily. Seems accurate and she is pleasant to speak with. Will see how predictions go. 5 stars" ... written by Ann S
Heera is a wonderful reader. It's been a few months or so since I've done a private reading and she was able to pick up on everything without any type of reminder and it was completely accurate. Lots of love to Heera, she's so genuine and kind. " ... written by sbd1180
She had good energy, very kind, and she was right about many things. I hope she is right about future predictions, but I am confident now with her answers." ... written by Emerald
Was an accurate reading of relationships." ... written by Karen
Wonderful spirit!!!" ... written by Joann88
I felt that your reading was very much on the mark. I feel I know what I need to do now. I appreciate all your guidance. Thank you so much." ... written by DreamBoldly
Very nice and insightful- picked up on my situation very well" ... written by Kimber
Good reading. Very accurate" ... written by liyana
Thank you." ... written by Anthony
Amazing chakra healing. Will come back for more. :)" ... written by Lea
I keep coming back to Heera because she is so in tune and really takes the time to explain what the step by step process that I need to do to be able to go further." ... written by Megabee
Very insightful and helpful. I felt she was sincere, I would recommend to others." ... written by Deborah Pondaven
Love love loved this reading amazing !" ... written by Clarissa Leal
She is very straightforward and to the point. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Umabalan
Great and so clear!" ... written by belleville
Thank you for honesty I will finally be able to move on. I really needed to hear the truth!" ... written by indiabonita
Amazing!" ... written by kayla
Heera knows it all." ... written by Gene
She was accurate and told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear... gave good advice and is very compassionate... Thank you." ... written by wendic
Very nice, patient and compassionate." ... written by Liz
Very intuitive. Gave me great insight and confirmed some things I already knew. I will visit her again!" ... written by Beth_E
Very good, excellent, accurate, and nice lady." ... written by Focusing
Great reading. Very positive, with good advice. I will let you know how I make out." ... written by Melissa
Amazing reading, she has really hit the nail on the head, highly recommended!" ... written by Megabee
She was so in tune and really gave a lot of information about what I needed to check with but she is so highly recommended." ... written by Megabee
She is fantastic!!!! so quick....thanks!!!!" ... written by MG
So hit the nail on the head about my situation!! Thank you!" ... written by Tasha
Love her! I will use her again!" ... written by lisa
She was so generous with her reading and it really got me thinking about different areas of my life. She is a great advisor." ... written by Megabee
I'm not addicted just drawn to her energy because it's very helpful." ... written by Megabee
Its very good, thanks Heera123, Blessings." ... written by Luisa
You are so awesome! You answered everything so wonderfully! I feel my mind at ease because of your insight. you are the best! Thank you so much!!" ... written by lotus84
Very good reader." ... written by Sherroll
Very open and honest!" ... written by Catlike
very good and accurate reading. I am amazed. Very thorough. Definitely I will recommend her." ... written by reenu70
She helped me alot. I have been crying and crying wondering why he was taken, after our chat I understand a little more now." ... written by janice
Very, honest and clear reading. I will be back." ... written by Shelley
She hit the nail on the head , get info, she knows her stuff. Thx u, God Bless!!" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you Heera for the advice. it clears my mind." ... written by rainbowstripes
The things she said were true about my friends personality as well as mine. The reading about our future, only time will tell if it is right on. So far everything she said is very much accurate. Excellent Reading!!" ... written by Issomi
Good reading , will go back for an update." ... written by kitty
She was straight up gave me positive info, hope things are manifested. " ... written by Ga2nc2010
Heera's tarot reading was on the mark - she is very practical by nature and gave very good though difficult to accept - advice!" ... written by ReshmiMm
She was very generous! I loved her reading. pretty much everything she said i felt it is true. I am glad i spoke to her. Thank You Heera! I will defo come back later for another reading. " ... written by Fiona
Honest truth." ... written by Tee
I feel today's session was professional and very helpful. It inspired me to be more patient with myself and to work harder at being more open. Thank You." ... written by Terry
Heera is a nice person. She's patient and encouraging. Wish I can talk more about her. I'm thankful for sharing my problem with her." ... written by rainbowstripes
She was great as always. I absolutely love Heera. Wonderful calm spirit, always accurate. Thank you. One of the best on Oranum" ... written by Lady
She is the real deal. Sweet too." ... written by JP
Great reader!" ... written by sherroll
Heera was helpful, kind and provided me with accurate information. :) Would definitely reccommend her. :) xxxxx" ... written by Pri
I love this woman she is so uplifting it is a joy to speak with her. Not only that she knows the problems and answers you need I would give her 10 stars." ... written by devene page
Gud." ... written by sumit
Gud." ... written by sumit
She was right at point, made my day with the suggestions she gave me. I was surprised how she knew exactly how I was feeling and what was going on, like I said she was right at point. Glad I had this conversation It will help me in my near future plans. Thank you Heera123!!!" ... written by Rosa
I really appreciate your sincere word with me :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
She was so great!!! Accurate." ... written by Nadia
I loved it, Thank you so much" ... written by EV
Heera is absolutely amazing! I feel such a connection with her! Thank you for your words :)" ... written by Miss_Lady
Very good. Good insight into the situation and very good advise." ... written by Annonymouse
She was great and very accurate, will come back for another reading :)" ... written by Stephanie
We were cut off and the reading was ordinary." ... written by madammozie
VERY HONEST AND HELPFUL" ... written by Katerina
She was wonder full and she helped me sooooo much." ... written by tara
I am so glad I finally jumped in and talked to her. She had me intrigued days ago.. .and I am so happy I asked for her insight! Thank you. :)" ... written by Miss_Lady
Wow she was very calm and loving. I am praying that all what she said will come true. Thanks again. I will come again." ... written by rosemddg1
Heera is great, absolutely love her. Honest and sincere" ... written by Ladymysterious
Good reading." ... written by tilthe
Thank you. Was very on track with the cards and her reading. I was very impressed. Thank you for the time and your gift." ... written by Cari
I am so thankful for this reading...she has helped me take one of the greatest decision of my life tonight. I will definitely come back to her anytime!!" ... written by Samantha
Pure, clear, and honest, she explains each situation with clear insight!" ... written by gem1974
Thank you a whole lot for a warm and honest reading! Just as first seen you on the top right screen corner when i have entered Oramun, i felt like you are trustworthy. God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
I really enjoyed the reading with Heera however due to technical difficulty I spent the majority of my time trying to enter back in the session. Heera was on point with her reading and I definitely will consult her again!" ... written by Shaela
I felt very calm and at ease she is very positive and gives hope. She has a way of being forthright which is very encouraging. Thank you Heera. " ... written by Melissa
The best here on oranum she was spot on, WOW, I'm amazed!" ... written by ooopsi
Very good as always!" ... written by jazzychic7
Great, great, go for a private, she is very sensitive!!! Thanks for all, I'll be back with more credit next time." ... written by kimim1
Heera is very dependable and give insightful advice. I have been using her for almost a year." ... written by erika
Thank you Heera! You have an amazing ability to zoom in and see the situation crystal clear. You advise was completely accurate according to the difficult circumstances. You have given me great peace of mind and encouraged me to see my situation in an objective light. THANK YOU! You definitely have a new client in me. Lots of love " ... written by Lisa
Heera is great, very real!" ... written by heather
Sincere, kind, and friendly reading boost up the energy. I appreciate it. :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
Very honest direct and sincere. Makes you feel comfortable and I do recommend her!" ... written by franco
Heera is unique. She expressed all that I was feeling and going through. Heera, I'm happy that you eased my worries and I can look forward to enjoying my life. Thank you very much.." ... written by ttlisa
She is lovely. VERY ACCURATE. I was so shocked (in a good way! :) )" ... written by Elizabeth de Vries
Honest and direct reading she is very empathetic." ... written by Melissa
Thank you so much. :)" ... written by luchiangarvey
Heera was able to pick up on everything even though it has been so long. Thank you! " ... written by SBD1180
Insightful, honest person. Thank you for your help.. " ... written by THEBLACKSHIP!!!!
Very sweet woman." ... written by cowgirl_angel27
Fantastic!" ... written by Mahati Mukkamala
Fantastic reading! She was very accurate about the situation." ... written by jp
A powerfully connected time. I am thoroughly ecstatic about this time of my life...blessings be." ... written by beautywithinone
I asked Heera to consult the cards and so many things said was right on point. I felt like see analyzed the cards well and really directed me and a "new relationship" well. I would recommend her to anyone. " ... written by Shaela
Very kind reading!" ... written by Reva
Heera is great. x" ... written by KIM
As always the advice was on point." ... written by Shaela
Cleared up so many things I had on my mind! Spot on told me things that i should be looking out for... Would be coming back for another reading!" ... written by diamondcutz334
Excellent psychic, thank you Heera." ... written by njkmuse09
Great advice and insight." ... written by Jerald
Lovely as usual!" ... written by Miss_Lady
Very good reading, I appreciate the insight." ... written by Christina
Very helpful." ... written by orly
Accurate, zoomed in on the situation quickly." ... written by mr.universe
Excellent reading! Very Very insightful and on point from the get go. Great job and kind hearted. Must see her again. " ... written by Lucio
Heera was wonderful and I highly recommend her!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
She is accurate and takes time to explain. Very helpful." ... written by ashley
Thanks Heera for the answer." ... written by twinheart
It has been awhile for since my last reading but it was amazing that she had retained all the information from my previous ones and have confirmed the right path to be taken. Highly recommended. 5 Stars and above." ... written by Megabee
Great reading!:)" ... written by Aryastark
We ran out of time on the last session so I had to add one more reading but it was worth the investment. thank you again." ... written by Megabee
She is great, very helpful." ... written by nailtech410
Great reading in a short amount of time. Thank you!" ... written by honeybun
Great reader, understanding and compassionate of situation." ... written by Karma
Amazing reading. A great investment she is really generous with her time and details." ... written by Megabee
She really helped me! Thank you, Heera123!" ... written by Gatorgirl
I appreciate your warm friendly practical reading. " ... written by Dopplersonograph
Heera you awesome you really put me at ease, and were spot on. So glad i had the private reading with you. I definaitely recommend Heera. Shes great and very relaxed and down to earth." ... written by Sabrina
She did a great job reading me!" ... written by Sherroll
Good!" ... written by Criss
Great reading, she is very sweet!!" ... written by Aryastark
What a beautiful soul so kind and caring I will definitely be back. Thank you Herraxx." ... written by grace
A great reading, very reassuring and positive. Solid advice and guidance. She's professional and friendly and very helpful. She explains everything for you to really understand. Her insight is keen and accurate. She has a great connection with me and everyone involved in the situations asked about. Thank you so much, I will definitely keep you updated as things progress." ... written by Anita
She was very honest, knew the answers quickly and made the most of our time. " ... written by Marielle
I come to her regularly for updates, shes very cool and honest. " ... written by linda
Unfortunately my time with Heera was brief due to some technical issues. But for the time we did chat she was able to address my question and provide reassurance." ... written by Ola
Oh she's a doll.. but she's good ..rather very good in what she does.. highly recommended!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Very conscientious about the reading. Tried extremely hard about getting me information about what I asked for. very kind, giving and consoling. A lot of compassion and always been helpful in free chat. Thanks she s wonderful, just ran out of minutes" ... written by BNJPANGELS
She makes complete sense. She knows what she is talking about. Seriously, try her you won't be disappointed. " ... written by Rox
She is so sweet, kind and compassionate. Very thorough. I feel her energy. I love that fact that she listened and was open to what I had to say. I am at peace with the direction and words that she spoke." ... written by Reddpeace
Great reader! Very honest and caring. I appreciate everything she has to say. Thank you so much" ... written by aerie4
I think she's amazing! She's always on point. " ... written by Hi!
Thank you for the reading." ... written by speedi7
It is amazing! Thanks." ... written by tena
Very compassionate reader. Very clear and to the point. She EXPLAINS in clear terms what she sees and feels. Would get a reading from her again!!!" ... written by Val
This is my first experience and I found it detailed and informative, Heera was right about things in my life and I was surprised how much she knew about me. Thanks." ... written by Leonard Rikey
Yes Heera was spot on. Gave good advice that I will follow up on. Thank you for sharing your gift. It was a pity we ran out of time xx" ... written by Katrina
Heera is very in tune with your situation. She can tell you exactly what is going on in your relationship with your partner. She's awesome, give her a chance and she will give you insight. " ... written by Vanessa
I know she really and truly cares for the person. She is very, very good at getting to what the answer to your question. I have come back more than once on different things because I trust her answers. I was lucky in finding her. Or perhaps it was not luck because she helped me so much. I consider her a friend because she cares for you and giving you answers that help " ... written by 22may1
Great reading as always. Always very helpful." ... written by tilthe
she was really understanding and had good energy, felt like she knew me well and I will defenetly come back." ... written by jackeiry
Good reading, answered a lot of questions and doubt!" ... written by rosie
Heera is super, she always accurate and good at reading minds and understands the situation and can see the other person thoughts. She has special gift bless her! xxx" ... written by noorkaur
Heera is great. I'd heard that from so many people in her free chat that I had to go in private with her. Her answers were right on the mark. " ... written by -22may1
Heera is an amazing person. She says it the way it is. She is sensitive and kind, while getting to the heart of the matter. She's the best! Thanks, Heera." ... written by lotus84
Very calm, quick and on-point - loved the reading. She really connected and I feel the reading was professional, practical and accurate." ... written by bluesky
Heera is one of my best psychics, accurate, fast, helpful. I always come back to her." ... written by jazzychic7
Heera123 is awesome! She was on point with everything and gave great advice!" ... written by Nicolette124
Very good and very compassionate!" ... written by Viviann
She was very professional, and accurate. I feel 100% better about things. I will recommend her to family and friends." ... written by LaSheree Pinder
Very good reading, connected instantly!!! Highly recommended!" ... written by Gfrenz1
I loved your reading and warmth, Your reading was amazing thank you again for your words. " ... written by veesvibe
Great Session." ... written by -
Great reading, lots of insight into my concerns. not so worried about the future anymore. thank you." ... written by islandgirl
Thank you so much you've been great help too me." ... written by Starhx
Was very insightful,thank you very much." ... written by batt123
Heera was very honest, like a friend, no sugar coating but like a wise older sister, very intuitive, she hit it every time. I love her advice, it seemed very realistic and wise. She was like a guide post. Will come back! Made predictions and to me they made a lot of sense. Thanks Heera!!" ... written by Quest
Heera is great! Absolutely great! You will NOT be disappointed. She has wonderful psychic abilities. She's also a kindhearted individual. I'm very pleased with her abilities. Highly recommended. " ... written by Sapphire
Read the guy I questioned about just absolutely well as well as our situation, and in such a short amount of time. I've had readings with many people on this site and I can honestly say that she is one of the very few on here who is the real deal, have her read you, you won't be disappointed. " ... written by Anima
She's good - highly recommended." ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Very quick connection andamp; straight to the heart of the matter. Not only revealed current interactions but also shared how to transform them to my liking." ... written by Brandy
Very good. " ... written by angelique khan
Very insight." ... written by Kamolluck
Heera is an awesome psychic" ... written by erika
The reading was understandable i would love for heera123 to read me again..." ... written by loverslane1990
Straight to the point and honest." ... written by Nicolette124
Fantastic :) " ... written by angelique
Very sweet and helpful. I hope it works out" ... written by Lindsay
She is worth it" ... written by MK
Great reading! She is very helpful and gave me great advice!" ... written by Nicole
great reader!" ... written by tpw3
Second session with Heera. Honest, straightforward. Can appreciate that. Would recommend." ... written by Ola
Seemed really insightful! Felt all he said was on target!" ... written by angela
Great, answered my problem fast, thank you!" ... written by jazzychic7
Although she told me things that I didn't want to hear about myself she was very accurate and honest. I enjoyed her reading a lot thank you so much." ... written by karla
Seemed very concerned and had well wishes. I hope this will help me let go." ... written by KitsuneOmajinai
Wonderful connection and read." ... written by emeraldbluesurf
Heera has so much insight into what is bothering you and how it can perhaps be corrected. She advises that you have to make the effort to do what is needed to change a situation Her responses are honest and caring. She advises you to go private so that you can discuss your problem in depth and get an answer that is specific for you. I will not go to any other than Heera again. Take my advice, get a private reading. I found it was worth it." ... written by Earl
Really great guider, psychic, and really helpful. Tested her before I started doing reading with her." ... written by RB
Very nice lady, clear, direct." ... written by fretan
She was genuine and right on point about everything I asked her. Very intuitive to your heart. Great listener." ... written by rose
Great insights, fast reader. Very detailed and kind." ... written by eva
i enjoyed the reading. great insight. we will see what happens! ould definitely get a reading from him again!! " ... written by gina
Great energy and compassion. Thank you!" ... written by Peter
Heera is TALENTED. She is exceptionally good." ... written by 35543554
She is the best! If anyone gets a private reading from Heera, they are doing themselves a huge favor. Not enough money for credits. Save your money. It will be worth it. Believe me!" ... written by Earl
She helped me out a lot over my fears! Thank You soo much!!" ... written by ashux17
If there is something I know how to recognise is a good talent: Heera's way of talking and clarity are moving, and I felt like we know each other for many years. This is not a feeling I have every day or with anyone. I will be definitely coming back and grabbing extra advice as my life changes. Thanks Heera :)" ... written by RaphaelP
Very caring, accurate and knowledgeable. Helped me a lot to understand my life." ... written by Emerakdblue
She is very accurate and gives the advice that you definitely need!!! She connects with you and inspires you. :)" ... written by eleni
Every well , got what I been trying to know what step I need to make, honest. Thank you heera123." ... written by pauline gould
Great reading, she very good I will keep her posted on the outcome I know it will happen. Thank you now I know it will happen I just have to be patient, thank you" ... written by Kathy
I continue to come back because Heera has not been wrong yet. She is fantastic. My readings have been right on the money each time. I am probably going to end up her no. one fan---or at least in the top ten. Thanks again, so much, Heera. " ... written by 22may1
I have been read by Heera several times now. She says that many of her guests are repeat clients. I can understand that. I came back because several of the short term predictions for me have already come true. It would be silly of me not to take advantage of her as a resource for a better life. She always tells me honestly even if it is not something I want to hear. I already feel that I have benefited from her readings. If I seem biased toward her as a psychic it is because she has proven herself to me. If I have a recommendation to give it, it is to have her give you a private reading. " ... written by 22may1
Excellent!!!! Very accurate and straight to the point!!!! " ... written by Charrie
Great reading Heera had my problem expressed even better than me. I see why she is considered a very good psychic. I was right to get a reading from her and in only 10 minutes. I couldn't have gotten it cheaper and better." ... written by Earl
Heera123, is a blessing to me because I questioning a lot in my life, and she hit it on point. I can't think you enough. :-) (happy tears)" ... written by EMPRESS1988
She's great!! Thank you Heera!" ... written by Alinedya
Has became one of my favorites, she is someone I will continue to come to for advise. I recommend her to others she knows what she sees." ... written by Karma
Heera was great as usual. I know why I continue to come back. I have become addicted to knowing what my future holds and Heera has been right on every time. Can't thank you enough Heera. Those that do not get readings with her are missing a lot of info by not doing so. " ... written by 22may1
Heera is a beautiful spirit. I feel she really understands my problems and is here to help me. I will come back, believe me. Thank you, Heera. You helped me a lot." ... written by Lenny
She's straight forword, love the advice i got,i do need to step up on pening you that's for sure.. lol see you soon." ... written by pauline gould
Thank you Heera. You are everything your testimonials say you are. Thanks for a great reading!" ... written by Earl
Heera was great . She read me my Tarot for the day and near future. Some of what she said has already come true so I have faith that the rest will follow true also. What strikes me most about Heera sometimes is her sensitivity to your situation." ... written by 22may1
Very polite and nice. Thank you!" ... written by Michelle
I now have Heera do a daily angel card reading for me because she is so good. Her advice and readings help me deal with my daily interactions. The reading is very accurate and advice is so beneficial. I love Heera's gift and talents here. Thanks, Heera." ... written by 22may1
So awesome and very correct!!! Will definitely keep in touch and thank u so much for your help!!" ... written by steelbutterfly
Heera, thank you for your advises, I feel good and now I have an idea on what do I need to do for my career and love life, since I saw you, I like you to have my reading. If I need your services again I will contact you." ... written by Elena6
Thank you for your reading!)" ... written by rainbowspirit123
Amazing." ... written by Eva
Great reading as always" ... written by tati
very accurate..this is my first reading on this site..i am very impressed..thanks sooo much.." ... written by ivy
Very happy with the information she revealed. :)" ... written by juliab
Very quick but concise reading." ... written by Kim
She is highly recommended she gives all details in full and speaks the truth." ... written by Megabee
Well said.. Thank you. Very intuitive and great at what she does." ... written by Anna
She gave me some insight. I feel more clear about what I need to do. Thanks." ... written by Donna
She is accurate and passionate....thanks heera for your advice!" ... written by Teresita
Really enjoyed my reading with her! She was very accurate, double-checked when i expressed certain concerns, and gave me the clarity i needed!" ... written by Krissy
quick and accurate!!" ... written by Krissy
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Sabina
Heera is a good reader. She is also improving her skills over time." ... written by erika
I'm happy with the information that was given to me." ... written by Karen
I cannot say enough about Heera's talent and gift for helping me. She sometimes knows what is on my mind before I do. She is kind and sensitive to my feelings about my problems, but she has always been honest with me. She is my psychic friend that I trust." ... written by Earl
Thank you, Heera. You are a kind, sensitive, and caring person so when I hear the things you tell me it is easy to believe you have my best welfare in your heart. Everything, and I mean everything, you have said about the present is true. Everything you have told me about the near future in other readings has come true. I have faith in what you say about the distant future. You are definitely a blessing and my angel confirms it to me. Can't thank you enough, Heera." ... written by Earl
Wow I never had a psychic pick up so much from my situation,gave me clarity and advice,very good and accurate." ... written by Lindaparsons
Awesome! I loved it!! great reading...! Thanks." ... written by wendybb0880
Very honest and caring, she was accurate with whats going on, would use her again." ... written by angela
She was very good! I never seen anything like it" ... written by Jasmine
Heera is always great. Can't say it enough. I trust her and her heart to give me the truth always. It always comes true." ... written by 22may1
I check with Heera about all sorts of concerns . I have never had reason to doubt her or regret my decision to consult her. She has always proven right on the mark and worth the cost of the reading. Some persons would rather worry about a concern rather than seek help. I am not one of them. Heera helps me in the right direction. Heera's readings are worth it! Thank you again, Heera. " ... written by 22may1
Heera answered my question I think sincerely and honestly. I feel confident going into the future with her advice." ... written by 22may1
Truly amazing, fast and straight to the point. I will be back for more, Thank you so much. x" ... written by Starhx
This was my first ever psychic reading and Heera was excellent. " ... written by tarin
She was awesome and very accurate in what she was saying." ... written by Patty
I feel better!!" ... written by ANTOINETTE
Thanks great reading" ... written by SS
Lovely reading, Heera saw into our hearts and gave us an amazing reading! :) Thank you Heera, will be chatting again soon!" ... written by Jomamajo
Excellent reading, she was right on point and made heaps of sense as opposed to others on this site who may have been telling me what I wanted to hear!!! I highly recommend Heera!!! 10000 stars." ... written by rattail1
I thought she was wonderfully honest! I will be talking to her again!" ... written by Donna
Heera is so very accurate in her reading It's like she knows my family and how they act and feel. Her description of my family and my relationships was remarkable. I am always astonished at her abilities. Thank you so much, dear Heera." ... written by 22may 1
wonderful, honest and accurate!" ... written by angela
Heera was very accurate, she conveyed all the points clearly and concisely " ... written by Tarin
Very helpful and caring. She definitely hit the nail on the head! " ... written by LAB
Wonderful wonderful wonderful!" ... written by lindeetotems
Oh what a wonderful and peaceful reader and reading. Thank you so much heera :))" ... written by lindeeetotems
Very clear and concise." ... written by koel
Very honest." ... written by kristina
Interesting, direct reading." ... written by Paul
Very good at what she does." ... written by Emma
Always brilliant...Nice and calm and definitely right on point always...Thank you!" ... written by rattail
Heera is my conscience's voice. She is speaking to me the truth that I refused to realise and act on. She speaks the truth I refused to want to accept, so I am very grateful to her. I appreciate that she offers her gift and talents at a price I can afford. She has become a valued friend and confidante. To anyone that is having struggles about what to do, I recommend Heera. The few credits it takes to get a reading is nothing compared to the truth and view that Heera offers. You need to read with her for your sake. Heera's price is very small for insight into your questions or situation. I am over 60 years old. I have tried other psychics. They don't compare to Heera. I won't go to anyone else again." ... written by 22may1
I have come to rely on Heera's talents and gifts. . She is the best as far as I am concerned. Her readings ALWAYS come true for me. Her 10 minute reading costs no more than two or three trips to a fast food eatery so I want the truth rather than fattening food. (I am still fat though)" ... written by 22may1
She was on point...I like her." ... written by Pbutterfly37
Heera123, was dead on with my reading. Luv her for the information she gave me and I do recommend her for any reading or guidance that anyone is looking for. A very sweet lady to talk to. " ... written by twinspice
Encouraging" ... written by Paul
As usual Heera hits it right on the nose. She has saved me from making some mistakes it would be easy for me to make. Thanks Heera, for a great reading. Talk to you next time. " ... written by Earl
Heera is very good. I appreciate her readings. She is a remarkable psychic." ... written by 22may1
She answer everything great.!! Great Psychic :) " ... written by Eufemia
Very lovely warm and caring reading. " ... written by Snshine0105
Really good reading." ... written by mimi
Heera 123 was delightful and I truely enjoyed our session. What she said made sense and I look forward to speaking with her again." ... written by Harriet 7421
She is good!" ... written by Nick
Good reader." ... written by paul
Great reader." ... written by tt
She was a wonderful pleasant reader. Thanks Heera. " ... written by delighted2
Heera... so friendly.... so nice... intuitive!!! insightful. thanks!" ... written by Leanna Chan
Heera is terrific. I continue to return for her privates because my readings come true-- almost 99%. She gives me the truth no matter what which allows me to think about what I am to do. Anyone who can't give up a few visits to a fast food place for a reading is short changing themselves. Heera cares and she is sincere. She is an exceptional talent and has a wonderful gift which she shares readily." ... written by Earl
She answered my question that's been in my head. She is very good" ... written by Taj
Great reading once again, very fast and helpful. Truly amazing thank you, i will be back for more x" ... written by Starhx
Very good reading, right on and very quick to connect. Thank you for encouragement..." ... written by wendic
Didn't have enough credits so reading was very short but detailed " ... written by elena
Very calm and answers your questions quickly :) We shall see the end result :) Will give feedback again :) Shes direct too. " ... written by MyraGM
Very intuitive. she works on your soul level also and very confident when giving advice. Thanks very much for your help. x" ... written by sukychi
Picked up on the situation, waiting for the prediction to come to pass!!" ... written by Leo_80
Very good help, realistic, practical and understanding." ... written by Findingnina
Heera is an exceptional psychic in my view and I know through her reading sessions she cares. She tells me the truth. She is so on the mark, it is sometimes scary. It is sometimes so startling that she knows me so well that I forget to tell her thank you. Well, Heera 123, thank you so much! " ... written by Earl
Nice disposition. Thank You for your time!" ... written by karen Fain
Thanks!!!!!!!! You have been awesome!! Totally recommend her!!" ... written by Alerisse
Heera is such a sweet spirit. She has given me several readings and I am awaiting them to come to pass. But I know in my spirit that she is a true psychic because everything she says leaves me with peace and confirms with my inner knowing. Thank you Heera. Thank you for your sweet spirit. Blessings. " ... written by Reddpeace
Great reading." ... written by Rei
Thanks again , Heera. You are always kind and compassionate with me even when uttering the truth about what you see for me. I feel like you are a friend who always cares about me. Thank you very much, Heera 123." ... written by 22may1
Insightful and calming" ... written by Sue
Heera gave me a valuable reading of my financial future and a positive on with the truth about what I need to focus on. I am very happy and positive because of the reading. I am very happy with my continued readings with Heera." ... written by Earl
great job!" ... written by Sherroll
Heera is my guardian angel's voice and I am very aware she cares about me very much. She is compassionate, concerned and kind. She is a healer for those ailments, spiritual and mental, that assail me. She cares and she is not afraid of giving me the truth even if it is not what I wish to hear right then. Again, thank you very much, Heera." ... written by 22may 1
I was hesitant to go online to a psychic, but you were entirely correct in your reading. I hope to no longer stress, based upon the positive reading. I've known that the future would have to be brighter, and you confirmed that for me. You made me smile with your warm words and I'll continue to go with my intuition as you advised. I'll rest a little easier, knowing I've made the right choice, now that I've had the courage to ask my questions. :-)" ... written by Debbie
Loved this reading! She is great!!!" ... written by Miss Annie Jean
She was very helpful...And accurate and on point...can't wait to see what happens..." ... written by Lutrel
She's great~! Ran out of time but I will be back." ... written by Anna
Great reading Heera. Thank you so much. Right on the nose and very consistent future views. You really do have a great talent and gift. " ... written by 22may1
Thank you for reading as always supportive and understanding" ... written by pinkpather30
whole new way of looking at it!! things will be looking up soon! :)" ... written by Krissy
Sorry, my credits ran out but thank you for the reading. It was great, you touched on a lot of things and were very accurate about my past and what is currently going on in my life. I'm very positive about what you said and I really appreciate your time and patience. Very genuine person, thanks!" ... written by Zephyr1983
Thank you for reading helped clear head, understanding." ... written by Karma
Consistent :) We'll see again what happens :) Thank you!!!" ... written by MyraGM
Always helpful, honest and with good guidance!" ... written by jazzychic7
Good reading." ... written by mimi
Good reading. Answered a lot of my questions and confirmed what I already knew but didn't say. " ... written by M
Wow. She really connected and was spot on. I may not have liked what I heard, but I needed to hear it. Heera gives you the truth. Thank you." ... written by Gzelle1
Thank you for your reading, it really brought clarity." ... written by harlem04
Very fast, clear and concise." ... written by koel
Been wanting to have a private with her. I love her energy and she's very direct, insightful and helped a lot on giving clarity where needed. 5 ***** all the way." ... written by Daisy
Thank you!" ... written by yeccos
Amazing reading. Heera never disappoints. Answered all my questions promptly and accurately. Seems legit. Thanks for an honest and fast reading." ... written by Lisa
She was awesome. I felt that I could really trust her. she answer my question. Really made me feel at peace. Thank you." ... written by martha
Very sweet, understanding, made me understand my situation a lot better. will return for 2nd reading" ... written by vivien
It was a great reading and the past reading has already come true. I will definitely be back for more reading. Highly, highly recommended." ... written by Megabee
She gave full details and timeframes on what is up ahead and this has also been consistent with my past readings. she is very generous with her time and explains things fully. It will be the best investment for you. Highly recommended." ... written by Megabee
Five stars! Very honest and accurate. I luved her : )" ... written by sukaina
She is good, of the bat was able to pick up the nature of the situation and figure out our personality with a finger snap." ... written by epa
Very accurate with his reading and very thorough with what he was saying. I would recommend Heera123 to anyone." ... written by Kerry Gi
Thank you heera...very real and honest! as always...looking forward to the future" ... written by heather
Great reading " ... written by mimi
Thank you for the insight. nice reading. thank you." ... written by fullmoon76
Very good first reading. She brought some issues to my attention and really picked up on the situation. I hope to return for another reading when I get a chance. :) " ... written by Just me
Good as always" ... written by mimi
Thank you for the reading Heera! i feel the relief." ... written by Rainbowspirit123
As usual, Heera is right on the mark. Her advice is wise and clear and rational. Her readings are so on the money that every time I come back I am astonished at their accuracy. She always has my best interests at heart. Thanks again, Heera." ... written by Earl
Great reading Heera. Thank you. It was relevant to everything going on in my life now. If anyone wonders why I continue to come back to Heera's readings, it is because they are so accurate and pertinent to what is happening in my life. Heera's suggestions are 99.9% on the mark. Thanks again, Heera. " ... written by Earl
wonderful, as always! super quick and to the point. love her." ... written by Tiffany
Always wish i can chat with her more" ... written by mimi
thanks for the reading! will wait for prediction to come to pass." ... written by Aisha
good" ... written by faiza farooq
Keeps it honest all the way" ... written by mimi
She has given so many details and advise that is straight to the point. She is highly recommended and it will be a great investment for you." ... written by Megabee
Great true precise read! Very nice voice and accurate work." ... written by caroline
She was good at reading me" ... written by Stacy
Heera introduced me to a healing mantra today and I am optimistic for it's results. She is always concerned about my condition -- spiritual and physical and mental and emotional. Since I am a regular client she is aware of my situation and questions so it is that much more beneficial. She really, really cares. That's a reason people should have Heera read for them and take advantage of her low rates. Thanks, Heera." ... written by Earl
She is very nice and calm. Answered all my questions quickly. Gives out a very positive vibe and will tell you the correct solutions. Will have to wait and see if what she predicted about my job comes true." ... written by snowwhite
I have been coming to Heera for advice and insight for years now. She always gives her best." ... written by erika
Very good reading!...Honest and straight to the point!...Great advise too! Thank you for your reading Heera123." ... written by Yosef
She is very quick and honest! I definitely suggest Heera! " ... written by katerina
I've been to you before under a different name, you were again wonderful. Thank you." ... written by happy4you7
Thank you . I really enjoyed my reading with you." ... written by mimi222
Very good read. She knew what how I was feeling and how I have been acting. She gave good advice." ... written by island girl
Very useful information provided to me about my career and love life." ... written by jalaine
When I have questions that I don't have answers to, I consult Heera. She uses her talents to give me the best reading and advice. I am truly grateful, Heera." ... written by Earl
I actually always wanted a reading with her but dont know why I was hesitant. but she basically described me to a T. 5 stars to this lady" ... written by ts
She is very sweet, caring and compassionate. I like her energy. Good reading. " ... written by LadyGrace
Went back for my update.... She is amazing ... She saw everything that was going on... I had the clarity that I was looking for. Thanks Heera!!! ^^" ... written by wendybb0880
Thank you very much for the reading, Heera, and for your guidance, it is much appreciated! The connection was instant and I was provided with precise information and guidance. A lot of light was shed on the things that came up for which I am really grateful. Hope to have another reading soon… Many blessings!" ... written by Tree Of Life
She is an excellent psychic! I like her a lot. Very nice and straight to the point! She is honest, and sincere with her reading. I highly recommend her as a psychic to anyone who wants to know the truth!!!" ... written by Darnia Cutter
Great reading! Thank you :-)" ... written by nessa
Thanks again for the reading!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
She is good in clearing all the situations, felt very much relaxed after having a reading." ... written by Sarah
Awesome... accurate with ALL information. :)" ... written by Alex
I thought she was concise and extremely insightful and helpful. I knew this deep down but she brought it to life and helped me see it. I thank her for her help and would suggest her to everyone. She is straight forward and intelligent. Now I will be more aware of how I see myself and the world . Thanks... :) Heera... Take care, Lauri!" ... written by Lauri
Heera123 you were great. I am sadden though to hear what I did, but i assume my situation will get better. Thank you!" ... written by brenda3026
Very insightful! For the short amount of time I spoke with her she was pretty spot on! :)" ... written by Art
What I needed to hear." ... written by Pbutterfly37
Heera is awesome. I have come to her several times and each time she connects with me and what I Need to hear. She is insightful and detailed with the truth. " ... written by Pbutterfly37
She was right on target!!!" ... written by Ashley
There is no better psychic on Oranum than Heera Love. As I have said in many of my prior reviews she is very accurate in her readings and very truthful in her advice. I continue to return to her because of this. I have saved myself much heartache and much sadness because of her readings and as I have said before I would have to be a fool not to avail myself of her gifts and talent. Thank you again, Heera. " ... written by 22may1
She is very kind. She was right in her reading," ... written by Mamma6
Very understanding, and helped me look at things from an outside and unbiased perspective :)" ... written by Krissy
Five stars!!!! As always" ... written by elena
She really knew her stuff, she is very calm and sweet! I would recommend her to anyone. " ... written by 3Angel
She's always on spot, good honest reading, Heera's great and one of my favs!" ... written by jazzychic7
She was spot on! Picked up right away and read everything exactly as it happened. Looking forward to what's next." ... written by Olivia
Heera is very sympathetic and grounded and sees the situation and the way out and also sees how its going to be. Thank you Heera." ... written by Irelandirish
I asked Heera for Chakra clearing. She guided me through the process and was very respectful of the time. I look forward to continuing my study of chakra clearing for self improvement. " ... written by susan harrison
Amazing and wonderful, Thank you so much. I will be back for more. x" ... written by Starhx
Very helpful reading as usual. Heera's talents and gifts are so accurate for me. I saw another client say the same thing in free chat and they were right too. Each reading from Heera confirms why I have become a regular client. I will continue to be a client for as long as possible. Thank you, Heera, my friend. Continue the good work. " ... written by 22may1
Very good reading." ... written by Subhashini
She is dead on accurate and very caring. She seemed she knew me as a good old friend...I was blown away. Thanks a lot, Heera!" ... written by Maria Joanne
Very insightful! helped me quite a bit. Very good reader! :)" ... written by arturo
She gives me a perfect reading and the predications which she gave me till now were all true in my case and it helped me a lot,,,thanks a lot Heera" ... written by Sarah
Wow!! Very nice reading! Very good details from her, and advice. 5 stars. Will have another reading." ... written by Martank
Psychic was extremely accurate about my situation, goal, and career path. I did have to give her any information except my first name. I was impressed with her abilities. I will seek her guidance in the near future. " ... written by jaydog
Heera is the best. I cannot say that enough. She is accurate, honest,, and caring. She is concerned that her clients get the very best reading possible and I think I have wheneve I ask her to use her gift and talents for me. Thank you so much, Heera." ... written by 22may1
Heera123 is a great psychic I recommend her ." ... written by Carmen0522
Always a great reading with Heera." ... written by Ally
She is very compassionate and caring. Great reading. Very detailed. Highly recommended." ... written by LadyGrace
Quick. Very kind and informative." ... written by Ladydeeva888
She is the perfect reader." ... written by sankuj
Good honest insight." ... written by Irelandirish
Sometimes I think Heera was too truthful, but she tells me because it is for my benefit to hear it. I think she cares even at the expense of her getting future readings from me. I wish I could get more people to tell me the truth like that. Anyway thanks, Heera. Great advice." ... written by Lenny
Thank you Heera. It is amazing how on terget you always are. Your readings fit right into my life. I trust you because of that and I know you are kind and caring. Also you have the need to make your client's lives better. Thanks . See you later." ... written by 22maay1
She is truly help me to fix my problem!" ... written by annie
Heera is very good and extremely knowledgable. " ... written by sara
Helpful " ... written by Lisa M
best I had after like 10 tries straight forward, helps start the conversation if you are unsure of what to ask wish I went to her first wouldn't have wasted credits." ... written by ananahun
Great!" ... written by Lisa M
She is always so intuitive and gives you advise on what the current situation is and how to deal with what's coming ahead. Her prediction has already come to pass and it's been something that I was looking forward to. Highly recommended." ... written by Megabee
VERY honest! Doesn't waste your time. She is warm and wants your best. She gives good advice that makes sense to you. I hope many people will try a private reading with her. It is worth it. I guarantee:)" ... written by Dinesh
Thank you for the wonderful reading as always! It's precise and to the point and have given me ways to deal with the situation. Highly recommended." ... written by Megabee
She is good in giving readings" ... written by Sarah
She was really sweet! very helpful, and grounded!! repeats things to help you understand." ... written by julie
Heera is amazing and accurate with the situation. I will wait for her predictions to come true. She is lovely, welcoming and caring. I will go back for updates. Thank you, Heera!!!" ... written by Moonchild59
She is absolutely wonderful!!! She made everything more clear for me as i was in the dark about a lot of things. Thank YOU sooooooooo much. You are amazing and blessed at what you do... Will be back soon! " ... written by LALA
Thank you Heera, to confirm what ever is happening to me currently..great reading!" ... written by angel
Very good session that I had.. got a lot of answers that I wanted and she is great!.. I am looking forward to talking to her again!" ... written by Kyron
Great reading, Heera was spot on!! Thanks!" ... written by hard2break
Very to the point and caring person." ... written by mohogany3
AWESOME! Connects fast!!! Like talking with a girlfriend at the coffee shop! No sugar coat. Can't wait to get updates with her." ... written by Tiffany
Heera is so very good. She advises me about things I never thought of and need to take into account. I think I said it once before that Heera really takes pride in giving her clients the very best use of her talents and gifts. She cares very much that their situation improves due to her reading with them. She has always done so with me. Thanks Heera. Looking forward to our next session. " ... written by Earl
Awesome!" ... written by Pinky
I really enjoy speaking with Heera. She is very talented as a psychic. She always sounds like she knows me and what I am feeling amazingly. She knows what my problem really is even when I think it is something else. She is considerate of my feelings and kind in her description of me and my fiancee. I am very grateful for Heera's help. See you next time , Heera. " ... written by Earl
Thanks for the reading great insight and clarity." ... written by ikroyalak
thank u so much for the reading!!!" ... written by starzz64
Very good insight...and compassionate." ... written by irelandirish
Very good reader." ... written by Sarah
Again, Heera is amazing when it comes to understand how you are feeling and guiding you to a better place / better state of mind. I can only say a big thanks to Heera and her honesty and care with me. Will see you soon and keep you up to date!" ... written by RaphaelG
Solid reading. Thanks!" ... written by Zeigen
She is very genuine in her wish to help. She's a good listener and really does get right into the reading. Excellent value for the money. " ... written by Lista
She is impeccably good...I just wanna talk and talk and talk!!! So gifted and really talks to you as a FRIEND!!! " ... written by LALA
I got my update!! She is phenomenal!" ... written by wendybb0880
Heera is right on as usual. Accurate as to how I feel and very thoughtful and clear as to the course I should follow. I really appreciate all her help . Her gifts are remarkable in my view. Thanks, Heera. " ... written by 22may1
Great!!!" ... written by melissa
I have to say I really love Heera her readings are great and her energy is always the best she will tell you like it is good or bad thanks Heera." ... written by mimi
No sugar coating. Positive person. Always helpful" ... written by Lisa M
Everything she said was so true and accurate I felt so much better after I talk to Heera .. If u are wanting to know about your love life then you really need to speak to her!!!" ... written by Ghinette
Another great reading, so amazing and helpful thank you so much x" ... written by Starhx
Thanks for the clarification!" ... written by Shelly
One of the most straight forward, honest and to the point psychic.... you won't regret it !!!!!" ... written by charbel
Very insightful and honest. She gave me some good advice. Wish I could give her more than five stars because she deserves it." ... written by aknative1
I had some concerns about some relationships so I came back to get a reading from Heera. She was so accurate and kind about the answers that she gave me. I probably knew the answers in my heart, but she confirmed them to a tee. Heera is also just such a beautiful and kind-hearted person. It is a very pleasant experience to speak with her even when the answers are not optimistic. Thanks, Heera, for sharing with me your gifts and talents. " ... written by Earl
A good reader." ... written by Shweta
Accurate, to the point and quick." ... written by Hildy
Heera is awesome and great connection. Will update when things happen :)" ... written by crystalrbleu
She really made me feel much better. I felt very connected to her. It was a great reading." ... written by pppggg
Love the assurance andamp; self confidence Heera imparts to me during her readings!" ... written by Brandy
She is really one of the best and always picks up accurately on everything. Definitely try her as she is genuine and cares deeply about her regular clients. " ... written by sbd1180
Great reading! Always on the ball! Many Blessings." ... written by joann88
Had a lot to say. A bit different from other readings but I will wait to see what happens. " ... written by g
I am very satisfied with my reading from heera love her to pieces" ... written by mimi326
Heera has brought great enlightenment towards me. Although there is no sun shining through melbourne my good friend Heera has brought the sunlight to us. gracias muchos! wish you all the best in the future" ... written by MARRDYY
It was a good reading. We'll see what happens. Many blessings" ... written by Fall
She is amazing! " ... written by melissa
She's Amazing!" ... written by Beheshta
Thanks, amazing." ... written by Henry
She is right on target!! I will be back. Thank you Heera." ... written by Valerie
Reading was good as usual!" ... written by mimi326
Wonderful. She hit every aspect of my relationship as if she were with me! Definitely will seek Heera out again! Thank you so much!" ... written by Margie
She is very good and sense spot on where you are in life. Advice also good and accurate. " ... written by fresiaflower
Very good. accurate. straight to the point. Did a reading very quick and efficient. Will visit her again." ... written by oreocookies37
This psychic is truly compassionate and strong in her skills. She connected and gave me quick and accurate information about my career without much from me. I was impressed with her abilities. I will seek her in the near future. " ... written by junior
She lift my worries away! Very good reading, very beautiful as well!" ... written by jana kadri
Very insightful reading! Very calming. I would highly recommend her to others!" ... written by Clarity5
Lovely person .. Very calming and honest, helped me make some decisions.. Thank you " ... written by tb
Heera is very, very good. If you haven't had a reading from her you are denying yourself a unique experience. Like you would say to Mikey for those of you old enough to remember- "Try a reading, you'll like it." You really will. Her rates are very low compared to some psychics with her expertise, so do get a reading for your sake That's my testimonial. That's the truth." ... written by Lenny
Good reading." ... written by john
Very compassionate and caring. Knew right away that what my concern was. Thank you for my update heera!" ... written by ~~
Thank you so much Heera123... I always enjoy your readings and advice!!! Highly recommended." ... written by DarniaC
Heera is very good. Very good!" ... written by Lenny
Thank you very much for giving me more hope and to keep on thinking positive. You are very very insightful and I appreciate your honesty. Talk to you soon Raquel!" ... written by Raquel
This lady is amazing!!!!! She answered so many of my questions!!!!!! And really gave me a piece of mind back " ... written by ilona
Great!" ... written by TT
Great reading, straight forward..." ... written by crystalrbleu
Heera gave me help!" ... written by irelandirish
great reading. thanks." ... written by jessica
Love this reading great advice on relationships feels more like a friend than a medium trying to get your money xooxo Heera!" ... written by mimi
Very honest very powerful Words she gave me lots of strength thanks heera" ... written by musha1
Very intuitive, insightful, deep, absolutely amazing and best perspective given to my situation. Thank you" ... written by maria
Very supportive." ... written by gdkdianne
OMG so accurate!! You are very positive and helpful! Everything was spot on, thank you so much!!!!!" ... written by Bizou1981
Thank you so much for the reading...she is accurate, honest and loving," ... written by preeti
I really loved this reading heera is spot on with her readings thanks heera" ... written by mimi326
Thanks for the advice. " ... written by d2k1000
I LIKE HER A LOT! She is helping me through a lot of stuff, that I didn't know of." ... written by Maria
Spot on again!! I keep coming back to Heera cause she is a star!! I completely trust on her senses :)" ... written by Raphael
I literally only had one minute and my question was answered to perfection! Thank you so much :)" ... written by Autumn
Accurate, honest, second time with her, great advice. She was very accurate, 1st time predictions happened. Great at tuning in. All love questions. Told me more than I asked. +++" ... written by Quest
She was very helpful. Very honest!" ... written by olivia
Really accurate and gave me some great insight. I really need to trust in what she says!" ... written by sarah
Heera is very adept at what she does. She has an innate gift of seeing through problems to what the real problem is. That is one of the main reasons I consult her. Her advice is sound and given with much consideration of what she is saying. She cares and it definitely shows. I don't know about a lot of psychics but I think I will stay with Heera. If you have a winner, you stay with her. Thanks Heera. Now I need to take action." ... written by Earl
She is always clear and strong. Kind and sweet. Very positive and very calming. I always enjoy my readings with her. You can't go wrong with Heera..." ... written by dmbertault
Very insightful and informative!" ... written by Kris
Nice person and quick responses." ... written by Robert Bowden
Pretty spot on with everything and good advice." ... written by mohogany33
Outstanding reading and right on point. Thank you for using your gifts to assist me in my affairs." ... written by Anna Jean
Insight is amazing. Thanks Heera! You always make me feel great after our reading whether good or bad. Heera is worth every dime and has decent deals and prices." ... written by mimi326
She was right on the money! She is amazing! I will be back for sure! Thank you Heera123 you have no idea how much I needed to hear your words. Blessings." ... written by Mary
Very good reading and was insightful." ... written by ryan747
Thanks Heera you always make me feel good about things xoxoxo " ... written by mimi326
Thanks for the readings." ... written by shweta
It was wonderful!" ... written by forough
I like it" ... written by Crystal
Heera is the best. The very best. She is gifted. She is talented. She is honest, but very kind. She is so accurate with her Tarot readings as well as her energy readings. I may sound like an ad for Heera's site and it is probably true because to have her read for you is definitely a worthwhile experience.Thanks, Heera for a great reading." ... written by Earl
Excellent reading, she is awesome. :)" ... written by Lotus10
Really on the money, she is very kind and sincere!" ... written by Geechie
Really great reading. Very insightful and uplifting. I cant wait to see if her predictions come true.... Thank you Heera." ... written by Lola
Thanks for your advice, guidance and clarifying my mind." ... written by janetet
She is so amazingly accurate." ... written by Ash
Heera123 was extremely accurate.. I was hesitant at first, but she talked about what was in the forefront of my worry... I am so thankful for her.. She is calm and she is not just about money.. She really cares and is passionate about who she is and what she does. Please give her a try.. You will be glad you did.. Really good experience... She treats you really nice too.." ... written by Paulette
Excellent reading - very specific and helpful! Would highly recommend her!" ... written by Clarity5
Thanks for the insight. Hope your prediction come true. Will come back again!" ... written by Megali
She was fantastic! I gave her my name and she told me my story. It was pretty much dead on. I was actually just on the site because I was feeling a little lost and came across her in free chat she pulled a card and made a comment struck me so I went in to chat with her. What she said to me confirmed that the decision I have been contemplating is the right one for me." ... written by Kelly
It was fairly accurate, I couldn't type fast enough so I could respond." ... written by David Garcia
Good reading!" ... written by ryan747
Wow... Good reading and contented." ... written by joyce
Great reading as always. She is the best. Always encouraging. " ... written by tilthe
Fantastic Reading, Thank you so much Heera. I will certainly be back to keep in touch with you. Thank you again. " ... written by Elissa
She was very honest and upfront. Her words were uplifting and on the mark." ... written by Tri
Great reading had much to say about general things I am interested in. Would contact her again for another reading if necessary." ... written by moitvater
Again, just a quick update on my recent worries. Heera has been extremely friendly and accurate. Will come back soon for more sessions. :)" ... written by Raphael
Heera was spot on, and gave me much to think about. There are only a handful of readers here on Oranum I really trust in, and she's one of them. Check her out for a good truthful look into the corners of your life! " ... written by le dolle
Five stars and more.. she has always been helpful and honest.. I was lost.. she cleared my mind." ... written by zara
Heera is very practical and straight forward and intuitive. Her readings have always come true. And in a short time." ... written by irelandirish
Great reading! honest to goodness and no sugar coating!" ... written by crystalrbleu
Very good read." ... written by jana
Thank you for the reading very helpful." ... written by sweetsx
Very insightful reading!" ... written by Clarity5
Validated my thoughts. Just the boost I needed." ... written by Sophie
Great reading..." ... written by TT
Thank you." ... written by s
Heera was precise and quick with her information. She was able to tap into the situation accurately. Highly recommend Heera." ... written by blissful
I am a regular client of Heera. I continue to return for the same thing I got today and that is an excellent reading. Heera was spot on and answered all of my questions honestly, but compassionaetly. She is an excellent friend as well as an excellent psychic. Thanks again, Heera for a great reading." ... written by 22may1
I have been looking forward to a reading with Heera123 for a long time. She is very fast, accurate, honest, and helpful. Thank you so much for shedding light for me on my love life. :)" ... written by Christie
Very nice reading." ... written by itwillbeok
As always, spot on reading! Heera I will follow your advices and let you know more in due course. :P" ... written by Raphael
Great!" ... written by lucky
I had been in Heera's room a lot so decided to take her to private to see what she would pick up on me. She was genuine in her reading and gave good advice; if this is what you are looking for in a reading, I do recommend her. I will just have to wait to see how things play out in my life." ... written by Brenda
Very accurate and also very good, she's amazing." ... written by M
Honest reading and detected how my ex and I were" ... written by tonya
Awesome read and advice!!" ... written by crystalrbleu
Thank you for insights!" ... written by Janette
Heera, is terrific as usual. I have tried other psychics but none ever measure up like Heera. I hope she stays available for a long time to come. Deep inside I know she wishes to continue sharing her talents, gifts. Imagine coming to this site and she isn't here to penetrate the mysteries of your future. Imagine coming to this site and not being able to enjoy her insights into your life. Clients give her your best support and love. Try to go go private with her so that she remains available." ... written by 22may1
Always a blessing talking to Heera. She's an amazing reader and I absolutely love talking to her! Such a cherished friend." ... written by DELILAH CUMMINGS
If your own intuition is not enough you must visit Heera. I have been so overwhelmed with decisions about love, career and family. Heera was able to help me see what I needed to see and understand what I needed to do. I'm completely relaxed and will be back!!!" ... written by deedeekc
Amazing! xx" ... written by michelle
Its been a while since I last had a reading with Heera and she has been a big help and she is so sweet. Thank you!" ... written by Tasha
Heera your readings are right on point as usual You told me what I already was thinking and I give you 5 stars and thumbs up. Thanks millions for using your spiritual gifts." ... written by Anna Jean Robertson
First psychic to give reading without asking my name or dob. and was spot on....really a truly psychic." ... written by kim
I was amazed, she connects too fast and straight on point! Be back again for another reading. 5 star for her! " ... written by rieza
Thank you!" ... written by M
Heera gets straight to the point. She is a very nice person. Thank you for your support!" ... written by Rana
Great as always!!! On point, gives a lot of details and fast. Love Her." ... written by Joann
Lovely, straight forward and spot on. I really appreciated our discussion which was spot on on most of the issues. I felt a very strong connection between us as well. Value for money!" ... written by NOMBUSO
Heera is remarkable and I am lucky to have been able to get a reading from her. She is always on the mark, accurate and right on. Thank you, Heera." ... written by 22may1
She was right on with everything, thank you so much for your help!!" ... written by Tamika36
Thanks Heera, for your time and insights in this reading. I was very happy to speak to you again. Lots of light." ... written by COCOLO
Heera is a very kind, genuine and sincere psychic. I have been her client for over a year and she has never failed me. I feel she always deals with whatever problem I present her with personally. She is absolutely brilliant and if you do have questions/uncertainties about your life do not hesitate to pay her a visit...you will certainly not regret it and that is a promise!" ... written by shygirl77
Very accurate, fast and didn't waste anytime, thanks again Heera!" ... written by london
Very good vibe and accurate. Hope her predictions come true!" ... written by Vanilla
If Heera was not available I would have a difficult way to go. She guides me through some perilous situations with some sound advice and I appreciate it. That is why I am a regular client after just a casual surveying of psychics available on ORANUM. You cannot do better, I feel, than Heera. So do yourself a favor and go private with her. You won't be sorry. You'll be amazed and her price is very low compared to others less talented and gifted!" ... written by Earl
Very good read" ... written by jana kadri
Heera has been fab in identifying what my real issues are and helped me gain my belief again " ... written by pjgovind
Very good and clear with her predictions!" ... written by D
Spot on;) " ... written by s
Picked up on my situation was spot on." ... written by UCALATINLADY
Very fast and accurate- Enjoyed the reading." ... written by slatif
She is truly amazing, I had a reading with her a few months back and the predictions have come true, and her advice is what keeps me coming back. Highly recommend." ... written by Leticia
Very quick and to the point, thank you!" ... written by blushee
Awesome! Very accurate and extremely helpful. Will be back!" ... written by Candice
GREAT reading!!!" ... written by kat
I love her..." ... written by M
she is great she helped me out alot and would be glad to talk 2 her" ... written by ebony
Heera is sensitive, compassionate, sincere and so helpful with her talents and gifts. I am a regular client of hers and I do not know what I would do without her. Everytime she gives me information that is right on the money and I never have to worry about following her advice because it is so wise and sound. Thanks , Heera, so much as usual!" ... written by Earl
Picked up on things like she already knew me." ... written by blessed25
Very sweet and understanding. I really like Heera. I trust her. She's very loving and caring. :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
Good and excellent readings." ... written by shwetaa
So good I tried it again! Very insightful, honest, and versatile. We explored different methods of approaching my situation and she was very informative. " ... written by Candice
Very beautiful person with a very understanding spirit. Clarified the situation for me. She understands and is accurate." ... written by Margaret333
Thank you, Heera. You gave me the answer I needed very quickly and directly. It hardly cost me anything. Thanks for helping me. " ... written by 22may 1
Once again she is right on the nose with my reading!!! i love her!" ... written by Ghinette
On my first reading was very friendly, and gave accurate account of personality. Looking forward to seeing if predictions come true. " ... written by Beach Love
Exceptional, Right on, Great advice, wise beyond her years, Can't beat her price and well worth it to go private for a reading with her. Can only say great things about her. If you think this is too blown up a testimonial then you have never been to speak in private with Heera. Do yourself a favor and try it. No! Do not try it. DO IT NOW! " ... written by 22may1 helluva guy
Thanks for the reading and that has just helped me a lot off my fears." ... written by leslie marcus
Heera is amazing.... Very precise.... Very accurate indeed...!!!!! She's very careful also with the words... She's really good! :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
She was right on. Told me many things, I am happy that I talked to her. I will listen to her advice. " ... written by sharen223
Very good." ... written by luckyanna
Very accurate and quick to connect. Honest answers to hard questions and no sugar coating. " ... written by FUNinmck
I haven't had a reading from Heera in a while. When I came back to Oranum I had to check with her. It was a great idea because she shed so much light on my concerns and it was all so very helpful. Thank you, Heera. I will be back again and, hopefully, for not so long a time between readings." ... written by Lenny
As always 5 stars, thank you." ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Excellent advisor, I will keep you updated. Thank your for your help. " ... written by Ms G
I'm a return client. Heera, thank you so much for your help. I will take it under advisement. Sometimes I don't know what I would do without you. You are so helpful in defining what my problem is. You are very clear headed and rational while still being feeling. Thank you. " ... written by 22may1
Excellent reading. I really liked her. Now i have a new direction." ... written by Diane Petit
Thank you! Very accurate and connected quickly without tools." ... written by cherryblossom10
She was on point and very insightful." ... written by Charlotte whitmore
Always a blessing!" ... written by Brandy
Heera is great... She knows the exact words.... !!! :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
Thank you so much Heera!!! Omg you were spot on as far as my situation goes. There's a big weight that have been lifted off my shoulders..... As far as my concerns :) I will definitely return again! Can't wait for the prediction to come true :) Love and Light" ... written by Ronella86
Thanks Heera" ... written by tilthe
Awesome person! thank you" ... written by journey13
She picked up on things, without me having to say it! Gave me a lot of insight and hope! Thank you!!!" ... written by Mel
This was great brought out a lot of what was worrying me ." ... written by DC
Thank you so much, always amazing and straight to the point! :D" ... written by Starhx
Good reading. Thanks!" ... written by w6a7n8
Awesome reading!!! " ... written by Irish OT
Thank you as always...I'm soooo grateful for you and just know that I will be back. " ... written by LALA
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by sarah
Accurate, Honest, Sincere. Kind. Wise. These are just a few of the great adjectives to describe Heera. That's why I keep coming back regurlarly. I am never disappointed or feel short changed. Her special rates are a good to deal also. I'll be back!" ... written by Earl
So nice, kind person with big heart. Telling the truth about everything, 10000 stars for her. God bless her." ... written by Andrea
Great reading as usual. Heera is accurate, specific, honest and also kind in the way she gives me my readings. I always enjoy going private with her because of the advice she gives. I beieve she is the best psychic ever. Thanks again for allowing me the access to your gifts and talents., Heera!!" ... written by 22may1
Very helpful. All the things I knew, just need to hear. Time is on my side. Thank you so much." ... written by loveornolove
Great!" ... written by Alex
Thank you Heera for the reading!" ... written by M
Wow, awesome reading. Thank you so much. Will definitely recommend her. Very detailed and helpful. Thank you!" ... written by kay
Very good reading! Will come back and let you know what happened :)" ... written by Raphael
Thank you." ... written by anon
Great reading, Heera. Hope to do it again soon. Have a Merry Christmas." ... written by Lenny
Heera is so kind. Even when I refuse to accept her reasoning or what the Tarot cards undeniably say about my short-term future, she compassionately sticks to her guns and tells the same truth without flinching. I love this psychic. She is great." ... written by 22may1 helluva guy
She is very good. Sees right into the situation." ... written by vigglesworth216
She is awesome " ... written by Emma
Simply Awesome :) No words.." ... written by Sumit Kapali
Just a great reading. Spot on as usual. Great value for my money and Heera's advice and psyhic gifts are so inexpensive." ... written by Earl
GREAT!!! " ... written by Jennifer
Thanks. Always helpful." ... written by HJ
Great Reading; I always go the best!!! She is my psychic angel!!" ... written by Joann88
She is amazing, I have had previous readings with her and will return so I can finish what we started. Highly recommend." ... written by Leticia
Good reading." ... written by mimi
Quick and prompt. Was able to lay out the situation like it was. " ... written by Saanya
Amazing ! - a warm and lovely lovely person - her reading was very accurate - would highly recommend - 100% " ... written by Claire (tinker)
good honest connected to me well." ... written by melindaa
awesome reading!" ... written by crystalrbleu
Heera is the best, shes so helpful and spot on! I feel so connected with her. She immediately knew what was going on with me and the situation. She's truly gifted. And one of the best on Oranum! I plan on consulting her regularly :)" ... written by naturalsista
She seems very helpful and honest and sees things clearly" ... written by Sarah
she is amazing. this is my 2nd time but i know i will come back again! thank you very much" ... written by jessi
Great reading. I believe in what Heera has told me because everything she predicts for me is what is already happening in my life. Without any promptings or information from me, she gave me the circumstances of my situation honestly and compassionately. She was very sensitive and gave me very good advice on what I need to do that is very specific for me and not just general filler info." ... written by Earl
She is the best!" ... written by ebony
It was laid back and very friend like :)!" ... written by Anushka Arya
Heera was great as usual!!! She was right on target with my mind set and goals for this new year... She is always spot on and prediction come true. She is not a sugar coater at all she gives it to you the way it is. One of the BEST on Oranum!!!" ... written by Ash
That was first reading and gotta say I was so shocked by her reading. She has opened up my eyes a lot. Thanks so much." ... written by Robert
She is consistent with what she says, told me exactly what I was told previous reading, I think I should listen to her and trust her, she is detailed and calm, gives you clarity about your decision and it's up to you to choose." ... written by sharen223
Heera 123 is the BEST! SHE IS REAL! REAL! REAL! She does not waste your time and tries to answer as much as she can for you before your time is up and she still helps u after...SHE IS REMARKABLE and she really CARES! BLESS YOU HEERA! I will be back! Please try her..I promise you will be glad you did and she will help you!!!!THE BEST! THE BEST!" ... written by Mrs. Denmark
Wow she amazed me! Sorry that the chat ended abruptly, but it was amazing! I liked that you saw a lot of things about me without me needing to say much. Thank you! She was right about so many things and she's pretty accurate! Thank you again! " ... written by Ailene
She is the best!!!! No need for comments, get a reading from her!!!!!" ... written by ebony
Heera was spot on 100%, she definitely has an amazing gift. She knew exactly where I wanted to be, and gave me information I need to further myself. Very insightful, very uplifting! Thank you once again! :)" ... written by Roy
She is sweet and good :)" ... written by monalisa
Heera123 did a great reading. She took her time and was open for any questions that I may have had." ... written by Kristi
Excellent! Accurate. Calmed me down and spoke a lot of sense. Highly recommended." ... written by baby
BEST reading ever and on her birthday too. She did an excellent reading full of advice and details and things to watch out for. Just a great reading. Had to make it a long reading for the new year because Heera was sooo good. Thanks, Heera and Happy Birthday!!!" ... written by 22may1 helluva guy
Connected well." ... written by Elicia
I really enjoyed my reading with Heera. It was amazing and I was really happy with everything!" ... written by KRISTAL
Very calm and reassuring. Very insightful." ... written by SuzyQ123
Good reading, straight to the point. Thank you." ... written by P
Thank you!" ... written by mary
Thank u very much u hit it on the ball" ... written by BENINA B SANTOS
Heera is a great advisor.... She has a great vibration. She can really really help you guys. :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
She is great everyone she has kept me on track and I have been talking to her for weeks she is really keeping my life in tack look no where else on oranum is really a good person! Honest and open to anything you ask her!!!!!" ... written by ebony
She was spot on and was very Helpful!!! Awesome!" ... written by Muse
She was Very detailed and knew a lot about the situation. She was very honest and too the point and also tried to give advise on how to fix the problem at hand. I would def go back for another reading!!" ... written by Muse
She was very good tell you what need to know" ... written by mary
Truthful is extremely accurate !!!! Top class psychic !!!!!" ... written by rose
she was awsome thank u sooo much... very compassionate" ... written by candace
she was great very open and honest." ... written by olivia
Pretty good with timing. Picked up details very well. I am looking forward to what she said :) " ... written by Daniela
excelelnt... very very good. highly recoommend her to everyone" ... written by paula
I absolutely loved the reading, she was spot on I didnt have to tell her anything. Great reading I will definitely be back to Heera." ... written by Senem
She was amazing and accurate. Very helpful and gave wonderful insight. Thank you so much!" ... written by Sarah
She was very good i hope her predictions come true" ... written by sylvia33
Sometimes I am not always happy with what Heera says, but it is because it is true. She is always on the mark and I know she cares. What she says is to help me and the best course of action for me so I thank her and comeback another day for more truth." ... written by Lenny
As always, you were wonderful. Thank you." ... written by Ladymysterious
She was very nice and honest. I hope her predictions come true." ... written by Susan
Very true and honest, I felt like she really knew who I was and what I was going through, thank you." ... written by gigi
It went too fast but I believed her every second." ... written by gigi
Very helpful, will follow the advice given!" ... written by Allen
She is straight, to the point and was really helpful. I would recommend her to everyone." ... written by Umabalan
She is really good! Recommend her to everyone!!" ... written by Ash
She is really good! She caught on to the situation really well!! 5 Stars!" ... written by Ash
VERY GOOD." ... written by jheyjune
awesome AS ALWAYS" ... written by aSHLEY
Amazing reading!! Very in tune with me and person in question!! Will definitely read with her again!! Very sweet and gentle!" ... written by kare
She was good. She could pick up on my energy and my current situation ...I was a lil taking back... very nice woman. Gave good advice." ... written by mandy
Great empath, talks clearly on mic and can get to the heart of the situation. Highly recommended." ... written by Aaron
I think the reading was ok. She did connect and was accurate. Maybe I was just anxious as I had few credits! She is good though." ... written by WaterBearer
Calm. Direct and friendly as usual! Thank you!!!! " ... written by kingpi
Beautiful reading as always...can't wait to see it all come to pass!" ... written by LALALAND
I came to this site because I was somehow attracted to Heera. I leave the site now because there is nothing that can attract me. Perhaps it is more my fault than I realize. I need to make apologies to Heera for the times she says I have erred in my remarks in free chat toward her. I did not know she had banned me before so I did not leave. I need to leave now that I know without any ill feelings nor hesitation on my part. I accept the blame for any misconduct on my part or erring statements Heera has said I made or have committed. " ... written by 22may1
Good reading, will be back for more. " ... written by gerrijj
She understood what was going on quickly, and gave me great advice. Thank you!" ... written by Lucia
She was wonderful. Very efficient and to the point. And very accurate, with almost no information from me beforehand. It gave me a lot of hope and comfort." ... written by Megan
A great update!" ... written by Muse
Short, sweet and to the point. I will definitely consult with her again to validate my own intuition. " ... written by ambertwo
Thank you for my reading. I will try what you said!" ... written by anastasija23
Absolutely awesome.Very accurate and fast. I'll deff come back." ... written by zara
I was refreshed. She is humble yet powerful. I have been searching for someone with natural abilities to tap into my energies. She did that. I believe her. Thank You" ... written by Angela
She is great...clear...fast on spot....loved our connect..thank you" ... written by Gaby11
fast kind caring accurate realistic Seems really good reading Lets see what future will bring" ... written by Emmanuel
I cannot say enough about Heera's ability to read my problem and her sound advice. Thanks Heera!" ... written by Earl
When I went private with Heera my emotions were in upheaval. When we ended I felt so very much better. Her gifts are amazing and her talent of perceiving problems is terrific. She taught me also how to calm my nerves to deal with my emotions in the future. Cannot say thanks enough . Of course I will return to her later." ... written by Lenny
Very good, picked up on how I was feeling and my trust issues. She was totally spot on...and things I need to fix to better the relationship. Thank you Hera!" ... written by vine
Very informative. I will try what she suggested because the advice seemed sound. I'll come back to let her know if it was right. I feel a little better." ... written by angryheart
She mentioned that I will be on a career path doing finances! In a 2-3-year time frame, I will be where I want to be money-wise. She mentioned that I will find a job within a month. Funny thing is, I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Broadcasting. She said I can do that, but finances, being a manager or some administrative position will do me justice. " ... written by rclarkins
Man this is why precisely when I do find someone who wants to be serious I hold on for dear life" ... written by phoenixrisen
She's always one of the best and she picked up things really quickly. And she also gave me lots great advice too! Five star Reading!! Definitely worthy! Thank you Heera :) " ... written by crystal_x123
Thanks!" ... written by karan209
Heera123 is great! I cant wait to see what happens in my life." ... written by April
I absolutely love Heera, she is kind and straight forward with her words never have to worry about the sugar coating from her. Prices are phenomenal also! " ... written by mimi326
Very helpful, she answered all the questions that were bothering me for many days. I will definitely consult with her again if I need some more guidance." ... written by Durak9696
Very good." ... written by luckyanna
Right from the start she described something I recently went through very accurately and I received a great answer to my question. Loved her reading, thank you Heera! Would totally recommend. " ... written by Paulette Nicole
Great reading! Honest!" ... written by cam
Was spot on! Great reading just needed to assure what I already knew deep inside. Thank you." ... written by Nicole
Very helpful and patient. Gives excellent Advice. :)" ... written by Saanya
Very good reading!! Thank you" ... written by Stacy
Very calm in her demeanor and sincere. I enjoyed the reading very much." ... written by Sarrah
Heera you were wonderful! Thank you very much for your insight! " ... written by Gesella
I appreciated your reading. I wish we had more time to discuss." ... written by Shauna
She is really good. She caught on really quickly! She knew my situation really well. Thank you!" ... written by ash
Amazing is the word that comes to mind first. Her perception of my problem and her advice to help with it were right on target for me. She is definitely not a fake. She is the real mccoy as they say. I appreciate your advice, Heera. Thank you and I will be back I am sure at some time." ... written by angryheart
Heera is an amazing psychic as I have said many times before. She has read for me many times and given me very good advice. Her advice is so good that I think I will follow her advice to the letter this time which means I will have no need to return here. I think Heera has very few equals. I wish her the very best as I am sure she will achieve it someday anyway. Please do yourself the favor of going private with her.. She is a hard worker, diligent and dedicated to her work/clients' readings. She has no option/alternative but to give you the very best reading she can. Nothing else is as important to her. You will not be able to do better than Heera so go private with Heera and listen to her and then follow her advice. It will be the best you will get." ... written by 22may1
you were correct on everything, thank you for your honesty" ... written by sunshine
Great reading. She always connects. Take her private she knows what she is doing." ... written by Susan
she is very truthful and good with her readings; right on without me saying much....:)" ... written by epa
What she said is what I needed to hear. Now I know what the block is within me. Well, it is a partial block. I am closer to goal now and it is almost in site. I just need to listen to what she said and follow though" ... written by Jewels
Heera has been such a great psychic to talk to. She only speaks the truth and doesn't beat around the bush. I absolutely appreciated talking with her this evening. Thanks so much, Heera, I completely recommend her for all of your love readings! " ... written by Sapphire
Heera thank you so much for clearing the air up for me , as far as my situation! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders....I'm so greatful that I have you to come too when I need someone to talk too. You are always accurate with your readings that I've had thus far. Love and Light " ... written by Ronella86
Thank you. I appreciated the reading. Heera picks up on the energy! I will be back once the job comes in. " ... written by mona
I keep coming back for her, this is my 2nd time actually! she will guide you and her words will enlighten you. Give her a try and you won't regret it!" ... written by riesza
Accurate. She's awesome!" ... written by Zeigen
Very good clear reading " ... written by paula
Heera is a sweetheart. She understood my feelings right to the point. Praying her predictions will come true. Thank you" ... written by Rana
Tells it like she sees it is what I have come to expect from Heera and she delivers everytime--- good or bad. I really love her readings because I know she is so sincere and CARING. She is one of the least expensive psychics on the ORANUM site and she is worth so much more. Go to Heera. Get a reading. Find out what you need to know so you can be happy. You won't be disappointed in Heera in the least.!" ... written by Lenny
Great reading. Not what I wanted to hear, but it was honest and sincere in it's content. Heera is such a great psychic and talent in personal relationships." ... written by 22may1
Very detailed reading, the things she said happened :)" ... written by crystalrbleu
GOOD VAGUE" ... written by amanda
Very good reading, mentioned some of the things that I have started planning today and some others I want to do in the future." ... written by Paul
Great reading as always. Love Heera's talents and gifts because they are so accurate and concise. She is so sincere and caring. Get a reading . You can't go wrong." ... written by Earl
Just got a reading. Accurate, very helpful. Gives you great advise... 10/10 Thank you so much " ... written by Rani
cool " ... written by phoenixrisen
SHE IS GREAT!!! and ACCURATE" ... written by MSSIENNA
very good reading...you nailed it thank you" ... written by Donna
She is very cool and humble reader...she made things cleared to me and my mind.....she is really great..." ... written by Nah
She is an accurate reader. She is always spot on. Highly recommend. :)" ... written by Dreamermidnight
It is always a pleasure to go private with Heera even if I do not always want to agree with her. She is so good at getting to the heart of the problem and giving good advice. I really do like her readings. As I may have said before she is the real McCoy. Thanks Heera" ... written by angryheart
Thanks Heera once again for your advice." ... written by irelandirish
Thank you so much for the conversation. It has helped me more to see what's going. Thank you!" ... written by Bhavika Patel
She made me see a point of view I was overlooking all along. She was right on in my relationship problems" ... written by Doris
She was very helpful." ... written by kristaelliott
Excellent." ... written by L
Excellent, specific details, tells the truth in a caring, compassionate way, thank you." ... written by L
She is a 5 stars! The energy connection was great. Very positive and intuitive. Highly recommended!" ... written by Oolong
Great reading!" ... written by TiffanyRacquell
Thank you." ... written by pam0627
Very nice reading picked up so much with my situation but positive. " ... written by Lyn
I love having a reading with you Heera. You are always positively in tune with me. Thank you." ... written by happy
Heera is a true healer through not only her trained skills but also through the person she is and her God given gifts. Her talents and her innate gifts do make you feel better. Sometimes if not so immediately in the physical sense, but also in your mental attitude and outlook. I come to Heera on a regular basis. I am her regular client not only due to her healing powers but also because through her readings she provides hope and joy through providing the truth of a situation. Knowing what can help you and sharing your pain with her provides hope of your problems becoming better. Heera is also such a beautiful person inside and out. This is partly because her shared energies with you provide joy to my spirit. Thanks, Heera again for that hope and truth that ease the pain of my situation. " ... written by 22may1
Gave me Hope,very clear wise!" ... written by Bridgette Evans
Thank you so much. It made me clear now. " ... written by Bhavika Patel
Heera123 was honest and told me things but I honestly feel God put things in your life for a reason. I want to feel that the choices I Make in my life will make me understand things in a simple way. I did pay for a private but our connections did no allow me to really understand the message you had for me. " ... written by Edna
Heerea is the best psychic on ORANUM I feel. I have had many readings from her and I have never been disappointed in her advice or honesty. I may not have always liked my reading future, but it was honest and sincere and compassionate. I am very happy indeed to have met Heera and to have had contact with her. I will always thank you Heera for your compassion and caring readings." ... written by 22may 1
Most accurate!" ... written by nikki
Very accurate with her reading. Thank you!" ... written by TRDGame
Thank you Heera. I appreciated your reading. I will contact you again in the future. :)" ... written by Sanaya
I enjoy my reading with her all the time! Very real and straight forward, no sugar coating." ... written by mimi326
She is awesome. Always had good reading with her. Thanks once again for the help. :)" ... written by Bhavika
Made me more confident with the person I'm with." ... written by tmae
Great! Wonderful" ... written by Sarah
She's very good at giving me advice. She knows what I'm about and capable of and I appreciate everything she said. Thank you." ... written by calvin
Wow, very good reading tonight. I was very happy to hear what heera had to say. It's not always good news but it helps to guide you in the right direction. Thank you for a great reading." ... written by Faith81
Good update... still on track for relationship and the finances are accurate as I have got a new job which will pay more and it came up on the cards :) " ... written by Senem
In depth and realistic!" ... written by Starbusrt67
Kind andamp; passionate. Nice reading, I feel better. Thank you :)" ... written by bunsen
She is spot on with my situation! Helped me with my problem. " ... written by Sunflower1931
Awesome again!" ... written by rocky14
Good!" ... written by d
Great reading." ... written by Danielle
She was great! Extremely accurate and in tune with my situation thank you!" ... written by Heera
Great reading as usual!" ... written by DarniaC
Heera was on point with my situation. She gave me some great advice which I will have to take onto myself. Very insightful thank you for that. " ... written by Faith81
I am unable to stay away from Heera's site because she is so very good. Her readings were so on target and they have not changed. She is so real, so kind and gentle, so very honest, and so very sympathetic to you, your situation and your problems. Once you have had her read for you you cannot go to anyone else and feel so special. She is just the very best to me and for me. Heera you have my thanks! What a terrific psychic you are!!" ... written by 22may1
Perhaps the best reading I've done, accurate and straight to the point. I was asking about my love situation, and she gave me alot good advice. Please don't hesitate to talk to Heera. I feel so much better after talking to her. " ... written by Cassandra
awesome" ... written by kylie
Thank you.. 3rd reading now always insightful :) " ... written by Senem
Excellent!!! She was right on point with accuracy. Thank you!!!" ... written by tarssh1
Thanks Heera! You always make me feel like I am speaking to a big sister that went through a lot. Thanks for not sugar coating any thing and letting me know what it is!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo" ... written by mimi326
Very helpful and clear. She gives great suggestions. I highly recommend her. " ... written by iwonder
She was very kind and uplifting. She hit on some things and I am looking forward to the rest." ... written by Mona
I like you, you are a very nice person, thank you for everything. " ... written by sofiane
I thought she did amazing... She confirmed things I already knew about situation... More than 5 star reading... Will come back." ... written by kare
She was very nice and honest." ... written by rasheeda
A very good reading. Heera, as always, is a blessing for me. She always gives me answers that will help me and soothe me so that I can carry on to the best of my ability. God bless you, Heera123, for all you do for me and for many others. I hope that many others will avail themselves of your gifts. Thank you." ... written by Earl
Great reading, very positive. " ... written by ria
Good reading!" ... written by brebre88
Thanks again. She always gives out positive energy and responses in my reading and it always helps me to see my situation clear so that I can get though it." ... written by Bhavika
Thank you for your advice!" ... written by faith81
Really accurate. Very nice and positive. She does not sugar coat." ... written by s4evans
Very helpful and polite. Really appreciate her quick answers in matters of urgency. " ... written by Saanya
Amazing advice and very well told." ... written by Henry
Connected very quickly and very detailed! Descriptions were accurate and advice was sound. Will let her know how it turns out!" ... written by Amanda
Heera is so kind and sensitive. She is beautiful inside and out. Her talents and gifts are always right on and she says things only I could know. Great reading. Very helpful and insightful. I' ll be returning soon." ... written by Lenny
Ran out of credits, but she seemed dead on point with my questions." ... written by Natalia
good" ... written by katie
always feel good charing up with her. its amazing how she gives the positive vibes, thanks a lot once gain :)" ... written by Bhavika
Very nice reading by a lovely soul. Reassuring and understanding person. I will provide a follow up in the future, but I was very pleased with this reading. " ... written by Danielle
Awesome as always. You are an honest and wonderful person." ... written by sunshine
She was really nice and will probably talk to her again!" ... written by Maria
She does pick up fast and tries to answer all your questions in little time." ... written by earthling
GREAT READING!!! She was right on point with everything she said. I definitely will be recommending her to my friends and family!" ... written by cathy
Very nice, will wait for advice to take place." ... written by Klyda
She was on point with my situation. Great reading!" ... written by MZLOVELYRED32
She picked me right up... She's great." ... written by Brwn Skynd
She is spot on. She did a demo on me and I just had to take her to private. She told me I will pass my state board exam, start working as a dental hygienist this march/april and meet someone to love around this summer or within the next three months! Awesome! Thank you so much Heera!!!" ... written by Berhane
VERY insightful. Very good reading! " ... written by Tiffany
I would never consider another Psychic other than Heera. She has met my needs in providing me good, honest advice and she really cares. Her gifts and talents in getting right to the correct problem or question is amazing. Thanks, Heera" ... written by 22may1
Heera is always great. She gives good advice. Trying to look everything more positively. Blessings!" ... written by Rana
Great reading with a lovely woman." ... written by -
Astounding the way she can focus in on a situation and give such great advice. She never disappoints me with her wisdom about my problems. She may not believe it, but I am very grateful to her for her sincere and honest help. After going private with her I feel very satisfied that I have a solution to my problems. Thank You, Heera." ... written by Lenny
Amazing job!!!" ... written by Mike0825
Heera is honest, clear and straightforward, thank you so much!!!" ... written by Lefleur5
Very good reader. Now the waitin game to see!!!!!!! :)" ... written by summer
Really glad I came to you. You helped me gain another perspective on the situation... a much more mature one, I must admit. Thanks and God bless. " ... written by Liz
I loved the reading, it really helped me. You should definitely get a private reading from her! :)" ... written by Kaitlin
She was a very good reader her energy was strong and she told me things that i was unsure of and it all made sense thank you so very much you were great.. Edna" ... written by Heera123
She comforted me. She has a soothing way about herself!" ... written by jilly12
Connected, intuitive..Highly recommended. " ... written by Bhanu
The reading went well. I am hoping that everything she says come to pass. " ... written by Browneyes01
Very good insight, very knowledgeable, told me exactly how things are in my life. Wow, impressive." ... written by ema
Very good !" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you very much, you are very well connected and kind with delivering your insight." ... written by meg
Thank you so much! You gave me insight on my relationship and what I should focus on right now." ... written by Kelsy Clark
Not what I wanted to hear and I respect that. Will come back for another reading." ... written by Lorie
Very clear, fast and direct. If you have specific question and you need direction, she is very good. " ... written by jp
Very insightful and soothing personality. Accurate and hope to see what the future brings" ... written by alex
My reading was complete and pretty detailed. Heera's advice sounded very wise and very concerned, Heera is very honest and that is a good thing if you wish to know what to do and how things are. Psychics that just tell you something to make you happy are not doing you a favor. If you are planning on having someone give you a reading , make it Heera for your sake. Thanks, Heera. Talk to you later for sure." ... written by Lenny
Heera was amazing!" ... written by chelsea
I hope that things work out." ... written by Charlotte
Wow, what a reading. Heera is so genuine! I trust her readings because they come from a good place; she's fair, respectful, and uplifting. The ideal spiritual advisor, she is, really giving me some extra strength to make my future bright. She saw my present situation, some past stuff, and the future that can be, without fluffing it, which is exactly what I wanted. :)" ... written by Doll
Great." ... written by rolly
She is always on point and very accurate!!!" ... written by Ghinette
Very sweet and confirmed what I needed to hear.....thank you." ... written by Raydiantheart
Thanks Heera... You are right, I will keep you posted.." ... written by irelandirish
Great." ... written by emmanuel
Right on point with basically everything and I honestly wasn't expecting that! Great reading, helped me out a lot, she's awesome! You won't regret it!" ... written by zana
She speaks very well and is easy to understand. She is very experienced and it shows. " ... written by Stacey
It was good and interesting. Straight answers honest and good advice. I need guidance and I got it. Thank you for your help. God bless." ... written by Patricia
Very great reader. I think she is perhaps the best, and is very quick. " ... written by Roseanna
I love Heera. She is the sweetest and did not sugar coat anything. picked up on my guy's personality right away. I love heera!" ... written by tierra j
Great reader, compassionate.... Knows what is going on and can make a strong connection." ... written by alex
Fast, friendly, caring. Good reading. Be back for updates. Many thanks." ... written by Emmanuel
I am certainly wanting to do a follow up. I feel lighter I just wish I could type faster. " ... written by Fatimah
Thank you for your patience kindness and accurate readings." ... written by angela
I wish I could have recorded her reading for 2 reasons. She is amazing as a reader and her voice is soothing like a lullaby from deep within the soul moving it...oooxxx" ... written by Beth (justcallmebeth)
Heera is very comforting and soothing. She picked up very well on the situation and she knew what she was talking about. we will see if what she predicted will happen. Thanks Heera!" ... written by mini
Great as always!" ... written by Hayden
I liked talking to her. She was really professional and compassionate and gave good advice. I will be talking to her again." ... written by Jennifer
She is fantastic defo worth getting a private chat reading, she said everything which was spot on about my situation. I would advice anyone to get a reading from her. Shes accurate and doesnt beat around the bush" ... written by mindy
I loved the reading, what she said was spot on about how he will be hesitant about our situation but to know he has some kind of attraction and stuff towards me makes me much happier, I will just have to wait to see what happens next in our relationship, but thank you a lot, its cleared my mind. " ... written by George
Heera was amazing, she dove right in and gave me answers that I needed to alleviate my anxiety and nervousness. Heera is a wonderful reader using a plethora of gifts to look into the situation. Blessings, peace, love and light be with you!!! :)" ... written by twidlemetree
Very good teacher. Helped come to terms with my situation. I could not have asked for better advice, I am going to follow her advice and I will not waiver." ... written by Paul
I love her she's the best!!" ... written by Princess Rachel
Pick up fast!!!!! :)" ... written by georgiapeach
Amazing experience! I showed up in the chat room and she had a message for me. Quite insightful and good guidance." ... written by lpw367
Speechless as she's amazing" ... written by Joel
Amazing!!!" ... written by Joel
very informative, gave a lot of good advise ty so much" ... written by bri
Very good reading with Heera as usual. Her readings are very concise ; and she is very confident about her talents and utilizing her gifts. It gives me confidence in what she is telling me. Her advice is sound and on point. Her wisdom about how to handle my situation was very astute. So it makes good sense for me to, at least, try what she advises. I love Heera's readings immensely. I have great confidence in her. " ... written by 22may1 helluva guy
She the best Psychic, I've had. Thank u, so much. Heera123. " ... written by Robin
heera is right on the spot...very detailed reading! I will always go to her for an advice." ... written by crystalrbleu
Heera is always on point!!! get a reading from her you will not be disappointed at all!!" ... written by misty
Very good, liked her a lot! ... but I hope the result will be better for me " ... written by Gustava
Heera is honest and concise. She makes it very clear what she feels about me and my situation. I appreciate her honesty and consideration. Sometimes we disagree on what is best for me, but I respect she is telling me what she feels and that is what I ask of her. She is the only Psychic for me. I think she is great!" ... written by 22may1
I hope she is right" ... written by Blonde
Thank you!!!" ... written by ladyseeking
She is the greatest!!! Heera brought tears of joy to the eyes of Princess Rachel. Words cannot express how beautiful and blessed I am for this great inspiring birthday reading. Please continue to watch over James and I. I love you, from Princess Rachel, thank you sis!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Princess Rachel
Heera is the only Psychic that I talk to... She is the REAL MCCOY! Please try her and she will help you with your biggest life decisions... SHE IS THE BEST! LOVE HER!" ... written by pdenmark
Thank you! It was nice to hear about the job front I hope that it pans out the way you said it!" ... written by luxxicon
Great as always. She's always on point!" ... written by Hayden
Calm and to the point!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by pjgovind
She is assuring and calming to talk to... Thanks so much Heera." ... written by kohiprinsu
One of the best readers. :)" ... written by Katie
Very good and through and fast, no time wasted! Love yah!!!" ... written by neenaspirit
Very good!!!!!!! :) " ... written by Angie
Very accurate - told me what I needed to know - honest reading! Definitely will be back. Blessings " ... written by whenever21
very good, felt comfortable with her, liked her style" ... written by bc0608
It was my second time with Heera and again it was a very good experience. Heera is very straightforward, intuitive and accurate and picks on thoughts/actions very fast even without any tools. She was very on point about my feelings and other person's actions. She will answer all your questions honestly, do not hesitate to take her to private." ... written by Lefleur5
Very enriching" ... written by Shaily
Wonderful, very to the point and is willing to explain into details. I enjoyed my time with her and I would refer her to anyone who would like a reading." ... written by Mayaa07
On point as usual... Loved loved loved it! Thanks Heera!" ... written by mini
Thank you Heera, it was nice talking to you!" ... written by happigal27
Another great reading with Heera!!" ... written by Tiffany
Good reading " ... written by melissa
Very helpful thank you so much!!!" ... written by cam
Great. Enjoyed her reading." ... written by alicia
She was good right on the head and she don't even know me.... we be chatting with her she the one to talk too...." ... written by barbie2014
Very quick and amazing very sweet and caring 5 star all the way " ... written by momota
OMG this woman is too good. She pretty much reinforced everything i was thinking/suspecting. I'm going to take her advice and hopefully things go as I would like them too. We will see. I'm sure they will. She was just too accurate." ... written by LadyLa
Yes I understand everything you are saying you are Great!!!!!!" ... written by barbie2014
Direct and honest, Loved the reading, very sweet and insightful, thank you. Prayers and God bless. " ... written by Aundrea
Hey heera, thanks dear for your reading.. Though it was short but you made the point clear to me..." ... written by neha
Thank you for the reading! I really appreciate your insight and reassuring me!" ... written by bethany
Thanks so much for the advice!" ... written by crystalrbleu
just spectacular!" ... written by elizabeth
Heera - I thank you. It went well :) We just talked. " ... written by littleone3
She was very clear, she goes straight to the point. Very helpful woman." ... written by stephanie
Thanks for the kind words and making things a bit clear. I know you're right but I'll still say I really do hope you are right. lol Make sense?" ... written by Rissa
awesome reading , thanks a lot :)" ... written by sunshinema
Awesome and straight forward. Answered all my questions. Highly recommend her. " ... written by Lola
Thank you for ur insight and making this clearer for me." ... written by Lioness
Excellent Insight!" ... written by janice
Calm and nice advice given to me... Thank you for your helppp!" ... written by YUlianty
How lovely, how reassuring and insightful... love her... I had another reading under a different account and she was right; I didn't like it at the time, but yes, she was very right xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. You won't be disappointed. " ... written by hyperion
Thank you for the recap on my situation Heera.. Heera connected right away and was able to tell me the feelings of another person and what to expect. Thank you so much Heera." ... written by twidlemetree
great" ... written by danz
Thank you so much for the reading. Very calm and honest answer. I would recommend her. Thank you Heera for the beautiful reading. :)" ... written by Airin Duan
She was very helpful, sadly I didn't add enough money so our session was cut short, but she gave me great insight, more understanding and helped me look more positive to the future. If you are reading this Heera, thank you very much for your time, insight, understanding and compassion. I would have paid for more time if I had the means." ... written by IsabellaB
Another awesome reading with heera. " ... written by Tiff
Awesome reading!" ... written by ohyikes
Feeling kind and communicates well." ... written by HoldingOn12
It was to the point, and she was good. She showed me a way. And I feel its the right one. I will get back to you and let you no for sure what happens. Thanks for showing me the way. " ... written by Jyotsna
Great reading." ... written by lionautumn
Always a pleasure, I came out of the reading feeling better, that is why I return! Highly recommended!" ... written by Leticia
Thank you very much dear Heera! Indeed every person has their own kind of instrument to give more info in their own readings. You helped me a lot! Thank you very much! All u saying was true!" ... written by Bambi8
Thanks for a quick update! Looking forward to finding that job!" ... written by Hayden
Always feel amazing after talking to her. She always gives me that positive push and clarity to move forward. thank you :)" ... written by Bhavika
great reading" ... written by star
great" ... written by mpanza
Very clear" ... written by ND
thanks again" ... written by madhu_thomass
Love her energy. She is kind and empathetic and picked up on EVERYTHING! I highly recommend her." ... written by Diane
Amazing , helpful and legit with her fore telling!" ... written by Henry Steve
Good and to the point!" ... written by Hayden
Shes amazing very helpful and understanding!" ... written by jennifer naremskaya
Very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by dragonlake
She was amazing. Picked up on things I did not even tell her. I will be back. Thank you." ... written by Tamanique
Thank you for the help. Much appreciated. " ... written by madhu_thomass
Really really amazing lady. I feel enthralled when I hear her speak. She is truly an expert in love and feelings both emotional and spiritual. Blown away by her helpfulness." ... written by MerkabahMan633
She was great, really wonderful and connected. I will come back again. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
I have come to Heera on several occaissions and she has always given me sound, sane advice. I really appreciate that to no end. Heera never fails me with answers for what I ask of her. Her tarot readings are right on. I always feel she cares." ... written by Lenny
Absolutely amazing! 1 reading and I am her biggest fan now. She is very accurate and understands so much. Wonderful lady!" ... written by Angelique
Very good. Caring and very kind. Give you good advise. Hope her predictions come true. :)" ... written by Lisa
Great reading, Heera! I'll be back again soon I hope." ... written by 22may1
Very spot on. Very kind soul. I would recommend a reading for anyone. Thank you again." ... written by angloThai
i loved the reading.....she is the best....i feel so much better" ... written by lakia
She's good at what she does. I didn't start out with specific questions but she was able to read me feelings. Let's hope her predictions come true...sooner than later." ... written by LadyLa
Very good reading. She picked up on things relevant to my question without me asking or leading her in that direction. " ... written by librabeauty
Very sweet person, great insight- Knew how I was feeling" ... written by valerie
She is confident always" ... written by jonykim
Heera has been such a help getting me in the right direction and very recent she gave me advice that actually brought me in a very nice situation that could have easily turned out negative. I will continue coming to you when I feel I am a bit lost/confused and thank you so much for giving me the insight that I need. You gave me today some insights on how things can turn and it's very soothing and gives me a peace of mind too while focusing on my studies. Thank you so much, it is always an honor to have a reading with you. You are quick, accurate and very caring. Many blessings and hugs to you Heera!" ... written by littleone3
She saw what I felt.. We will see in 1 month... ty so much , the news is not so good, but yes, I do deserve better.." ... written by nistalgia
Accurate...really accurate wow" ... written by lionautumn
I feel calm after talking to her.. Thank you so much for the advise. " ... written by Airin
Good, very intuitive, and accurate." ... written by Chelsey
Very honest and up front... great reading and looking forward to chatting with her again!" ... written by darrell
Heera was spot on and really helped me through the reading. She is friendly, polite, caring, and compassionate with my feelings during the reading. Thank u Heera!" ... written by melissa
The way I connect to Heera always feels so personal even though she does not sugar coat things I like the delivery of the way she speaks to me and gives me a lot of hope for the future not to mention; she is absolutely correct about a lot of things!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by mimi326
She has always helped me and guide me in the right path. very honest and true. thanks again" ... written by Bhav
5 stars." ... written by georgiapeach37
I left this conversation feeling so lifted as if she pulled something off my heart that has been weighing down on me thank you I will be back your amazing thank you for gracing me with your time and skills." ... written by Jacquline
Very good reading as usual. That's why I am a return client for so long. Heera is right on the mark as usual too. Thanks, Heera" ... written by 22may 1
She was honest and great! Thank you." ... written by david guadagno
Very Lovely, and very in tune! Thank You Heera. God Bless" ... written by S
amazing. thank you very much" ... written by daze
Wonderfully done very accurate and a nice person" ... written by Marietta
Good!!!!!!!" ... written by meika
Great read to the point, accurate. Confirmed what I was thinking. Kind, intelligent and direct. :)" ... written by Louie
Very well done, l almost didn't want to leave. You are so good. Thank you so much, l enjoyed the good and the bad of it all. You are so precise and l can't wait to see what happens." ... written by Jay
I loved it! she gave me hope " ... written by Samantha Reyes
Thank you! " ... written by Tiana
enjoy getting readings from her... she is honest and on point" ... written by Ruby
Amazing as always, so helpful and kind. Thank you so much x" ... written by Starhx
Very nice reading - Heera was positive and pretty accurate in her reading! " ... written by Charles
very good" ... written by Ny
Very friendly, very nice reading!" ... written by Molly
WOW I couldn't imaged it she make me laugh and relieve my emotions and thoughts. she show me who i am able to do the better and gain myself. I mean everything u could share she knew where to tell who you are. I thank her for the moments" ... written by dolphin
you are the best Heera!! you helped me take away all my fears of meeting him!! He is one in a million!! and so are you! Thank you so much" ... written by neena
The only words I can think of to describe Heera are great talents and gifts. She always knows my situation almost before I can tell her. Even better she always suggests a path for me to follow to ease the problem. Heera is the only way to go for me." ... written by 22may1
Great reading from a very beautiful, kind, compassionate psychic who helped me immensely. Thanks, Heera! If you have to consult a psychic, Heera's the one to use." ... written by Earl
Heera always knows how to calm my spirit and to help me with good advice. I might not be angryheart if I had met her sooner. She is wonderful in my view." ... written by angryheart
She is wonderful, positive, honest and encouraging." ... written by Greenunicorn512
amazing.. put your mind at ease.. wonderful woman" ... written by Matthew
She is very intune, and I really like her. I'll be back" ... written by carla
More; I need more!" ... written by carla
5 stars! Very good reading! Though I ran out of credits, all my questions were answered. She very much so gave me clarity and peace of mind. I feel so more aware of my surroundings and behavior and I will no longer let them have an influence on my relationships. Very sweet and kind hearted person. Worth every penny! " ... written by Christine
very good! wish we had more time." ... written by Maria
Great reading very accurate:)" ... written by Lavender5390
Great reader" ... written by TT
5 star" ... written by angelwork
Thank you for the advice." ... written by Tigerlilly74
She was so in tune, it's like she was in my head and reading my thoughts and she was answering my questions before i could type them. She was so amazing. It will be the best chat you will ever get." ... written by megabee9
Heera is a talented, gifted psychic who is kind, sensitive, compassionate, and beautiful to name a few of the many traits that make her so wonderful a psychic. The truth is what you get when you go private with Heera and that is what you pay for, but she gives it to you so beautifully. Love this, young woman. I can't help it!. " ... written by 22may1
no....got it all wrong. didn't tune in at all. " ... written by k
She's very calm and honest. No sugar coating and to the point! I will definitely have another reading with her!" ... written by Itsuramo
predicted a few things, hope they come to pass!" ... written by Hayden
Heera connected right away. She gave me an update on my current situation. Heera was able to answer two questions before I could even type and send them. Heera is amazing. Many blessing to you my dear friend. :)" ... written by twidlemetree
I love her readings. I feel so calm and at ease in situations. I have nothing but faith in what she says because she has been correct before. Can't wait to see the outcome of the situation! 5 stars. Will definitely come back. Very polite andamp; caring person." ... written by Christine
I had a really good experience chatting with Heera she is calm and positive.. I enjoyed my reading. Thank you, so much. :)" ... written by Shahana
she is amazing. " ... written by mjack
Very helpful! Awaiting results!" ... written by caliz
She helped out a little bit.... A little too much on the personal advice side of handling going a little too in depth after i got what she was saying. Overall i was happy with the reading and will come back for an update. Maybe it was my computer just not moving as fast as she was talking. But very pleasant easy to talk to and very calm. Thank you for your time. :) " ... written by sunshines75
Amazing reading, hit key points and facts fast, will continue coming to Heera123 for more advice" ... written by Maury McFarland
Amazing like always, super in tune. Predictions came true." ... written by e
Great first time with Heera , great advice . Thank you for the demo and reading xx" ... written by Blu
Very good. Answered all of my questions straight forward and is fast! I respect her insights, her manner of delivery, and she is always spot on! Give her a try and u will not be disappointed!" ... written by Diane
Helpful" ... written by LA
Heera is very friendly. says everything that comes ot her and explains to me what she sees and helps me get through with things" ... written by melissa
5 star reading! Very kind and compassionate. Knows what she is talking about and I trust the advice that she gives 100% because it's proven to be true. Highly recommend her!" ... written by Christine
Honest and straightforward. Good advice." ... written by BellaRose13
my only problem is that I wish I had more money!" ... written by carla
Fast reading, to the point, and great all around!" ... written by Kerri
heera is straightup honest and sincere and a good person and easy goign and easy to talk to. she's 5 stars!! :)" ... written by melissa
Very comforting and new situation right away. First time reading , so excited to see if prediction is right." ... written by Flower
great advice...reading!!" ... written by crystalrbleu
Thank you so much." ... written by Starshine34
very good" ... written by Tuna
very calm and right to the point. Doesn't sugar coat anything. " ... written by Robin
WOW! I am blown away actually! He was very very sweet and she hit on a WHOLE lot of points that I never figured she would. I actually expected her to give me the typical stuff people say, but she said more deeper things then expect. I was able to connect with her very easily. SHE IS a amazing!!!! MUST GET HER TO READ YOU! " ... written by Danielle
Great reading and direct. She is my go to person and always truthful at all time. She will put you in the right path and you will see results. " ... written by jj
she is very good picks up straight away on connection." ... written by paula
I really enjoyed this reading. She was very calm and gave me so much information, a lot of accurate assessments of him and of the relationship. She didn't waste time and quickly honed in on everything. Professional, insightful, gifted, truthful, and confident in her delivery. Truly an outstanding reading with lots of answers and details. " ... written by Jennifer
Very accurate! She's knows me better than I do! Thank you for the chat Heera, I really appreciate it. :)" ... written by aknative1
She is very good, accurate and in-tune! Will definitely seek her out for insight on my concerns." ... written by Christine
Thank you, I needed to hear that." ... written by Paul
Well... What can i say.... Heera is really sweet... She is absolutely trustworthy.... She's for real. She's legit. Totally recommend her readings." ... written by Rui Jorge
wonderful and compassionate psychic.. ty heera!! " ... written by Lynda22
heera is a great person. she is compassionate and cares about my feelings and accurate reading. truthful and honest" ... written by melissa
A really good session. Heera hit everything right on the nose. Good reading. Will be back again soon." ... written by Lenny
i've just met Heera for the first time and I think shw is very good... 5stars... she's very kind and insightful... " ... written by linda pryharski
always great, always accurate, always straight to the point" ... written by emmanuel
Excellent reading....great advice. Heera123 could see clearly what was going on around me." ... written by Flowers
Awesome Reading!!!" ... written by Danielle
Very warm and caring psychic, very intuitive with a gentle, loving spirit! Thanks so much!" ... written by mmm
She is really good. She does not tell you what you want to hear she tells you what she sees. Good or bad. Really sweet and very nice." ... written by s4evans
Heera is wonderful, she connects immediately and tell you how it is. She gives good advice and clarity. Heera has helped me so much. Thank you, many blessings to you." ... written by twidlemetree
I wouldnt ever seek advice from anyone but her i appreciate her words,wisdom,and truth " ... written by Jacquline
i always go to heera , for love heeling and keeping up with the truthfulness that occurs in our readings." ... written by punkii
Great energy with herra! " ... written by Lala
Thanks so much for your time :) your reading was defiantly interesting." ... written by Jessica
Thank you Heera, great reading!!!! " ... written by Faith81
She was very good. Very thorough, and very right on the spot. " ... written by Debbie
she was very good. " ... written by cindy
Thank you, she did pick up on my energy well." ... written by Jason
Hi Heera," ... written by Blushee
five stars deffinately! thank you heera :)" ... written by melissa
Heera is the best!!" ... written by bc0608
Very informative straight to answers...knew whats happening ...made me feel clear andamp; able to let go move on" ... written by Tanuus
thank you so much heera, i cant wait to give you the update that i got the job or jobs....heres to good things to come!!" ... written by misty
she really helped me put things in perspective" ... written by hhmit45
Very intuitive! :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
Herra is always very sincere, love her kind warm energy. Very reassuring and accurate. " ... written by Lala
Advice was correct and for the time I had she made the most of it!" ... written by Eileena
I just luv talking to Heera even if I already know what she is gonna tell me. She is so sweat I feel so comfortable jut talking to her." ... written by Kiera123
Thanks for the reading, it really seemed spot on for me! It was not general and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend her for sure." ... written by Ben
thanks or your support and good news" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thank you for your great advice I will take it." ... written by faith81
thank you heera! i appreciate all you have said...and you are very accurate ...thank thank you!!! xoxo" ... written by heather
She's very accurate, great reader, very kind woman. I will be back soon! " ... written by drummergirl
Heera123 was spot on with everything. It was like she has been a close friend with all the information she knew. She is the real deal and i will definitely be coming back to her again! I highly recommend her! I will keep you updated on things as time unfolds, Heera!" ... written by Rachel
awesome reading...definitely what i needed to hear. calm and she just tells you what comes to her mind. " ... written by crystal
thank u for ur time and ur help i appreicate it" ... written by desi
She was super nice and very on point! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for answers to love, family, and business! I will come back to see her again in the future! Thanks" ... written by Vanessa
Had a wonderful reading will try again another time. Thanks." ... written by GloriaR
she iss good for sure no doubt at all she is the real thing " ... written by loverboy
she is great truly gifted" ... written by b
Truly Amazing!!! She connected with me and my situation right away. Did not waste time and gave quick answers. I felt she could see the entire situation clearly and also offered guidance. Very lovely woman and easy to talk to. I give her 5+stars and highly recommend her. I will definitely be back for future readings with Heera. Thank you and blessings. " ... written by Tania
Heera will be recognized as a great pschic talent some day. She is amazing in how she can read your problem and find ways to solve it. She is also a very talented Tarot card reader. My readings have always been very accurate. You will find Heera to be one of the kindest, most compassionate and most understanding persons, in adition. I cannot say enough good things about her. Thank you, Heera. " ... written by 22may1
Heera gives some excellent advice into a situation and she knows how to help solve the problem in simple steps. She can accurately pick up energies well and see what is going on. She's very helpful and easy to talk to. 5 stars! Will definitely come back for more advice." ... written by Christine
Good reading she was spot on!" ... written by Adiz
She is goood!!!..." ... written by loverboy
thanks heera!!" ... written by luxxicon
informative....focused" ... written by shelly
Very good" ... written by Marcella22
heera is fantastic! picked up on my situations accurately and gave me good insight and advice =)" ... written by m
heera is one of my few trusted. shes doestn buy time and she ells you thing straight" ... written by emmanuel
ty u were great fast and accurate. u were able to pick up really fast." ... written by gloria
heera is great, she gives awesome advice, very true and down to earth. few of her previous predictions came true in past." ... written by jazzychic
ok reading" ... written by benina
love her!!! she was on point about my situation." ... written by amazed
Thanks for the advice." ... written by Jaqueline
Great!" ... written by TT
quick, detailed read" ... written by s
Really good and sweet!" ... written by Tabithaaa
Very great reading. Will come back soon for an update :)" ... written by Raphael
shes very in depth about things and she was right about everything that has happend and she gave good idvice about the future. shes great!! i will be back for sure!!!" ... written by jessica
Very kind, picked up on things." ... written by Emily
I have never had such grounded of a reading ever. I give credit to Oranium for having some of the most awesome readers ever. And I have been getting readings for 4 years from oranum. This was an AMAZING reading. I have had readings where readers predicted color of hair for the next person I would meet etc. But this reading is clearly a grounded reality "in the now" and "n the Future" reading for my situation. and was verified by the phone call that came within 10 minutes of that reading. Goooo PRVT" ... written by Katharazz
Very direct and to the point! Thank-you" ... written by CeridwenFae
Very helpful and friendly. excellent reading." ... written by Taryn Simons
Thanks for your reading and look forward to chatting soon" ... written by Debra Williams
SEH IS VERY GOOD." ... written by loverboy
she's awesome !" ... written by Young
I think she was very honest and open very insightful but not too delicate in a good sense because sometimes you just need to hear the truth I would totally recommend her!" ... written by Ladystorm2
Loving soul!" ... written by gdkdianne
she is very lovley, offered to speak in order to have a quicker reading which I appreciate A LOT and was very accurate without me giving much information at all. thanks a lot, just the guidance I needed right now. xxx" ... written by jewelsxxx
She was very straightforward and to the point, enjoyed her reading very much! " ... written by Serenityxwaters
always love my updates!!! connects very well with my situation...he is truly blessed" ... written by misty
Heera is wonderful. Always honest and encouraging." ... written by Greenunicorn512
Wonderful and insightful as always...truly an amazing reader. Always love getting a reading from Heera, I will be back and keep you posted very soon!" ... written by LALALAND
Great!!!" ... written by Nicole
very calming. :)" ... written by Yesenia
Good job, Heera. You have definitely helped me see the light of my problem. One problem though is your memory of out prior contacts, but it is all good. Yu are a good person and it has been a pleasure seeing you - 22may1" ... written by Earl
Really calming, detailed, accurate. She was able to provide me with much information. Thanks!" ... written by Starshine34
Heera is a calming force and astonishingly accurate. A pleasure getting a reading from her." ... written by wren1414
Highly recommended! " ... written by Smarti80
thanks he era u are always so calm and always give me the assurance that i need your calmness relaxes me and thanks for preparing me for the news ." ... written by mimi326
She is awesome... third reading in a year....never failed me. Great insight. Wonderful words of wisdom." ... written by Lola
phenomenal" ... written by liz
Excellent, very very very skilled and insightful. One of the very best. " ... written by liz
Amazing! Best reading I have had on Oranum...knows her stuff.I will return for more!!" ... written by Shab
Very good spot. She only needed my name to tell me things that are going on with me. " ... written by Lisa
Great Reading!!! She is good." ... written by y
Everything she said made alot of sense. She was dead on about a negative energy from a male figure in my life. This is the 2nd reading I have gotten from Heera and she has done an amazing job giving advice as well as the honest truth with what's going on in my life. Thank you so much Heera!" ... written by Natalia
Heera is always a joy to talk to . She always helps me immensely." ... written by Earl
You are awesOMe! Thanks a lot!" ... written by Murari
Heera is quick to connect and is able to get into any situation to bring clarity to me. Heera has been a great deal of help to me over the past couple months. I appreciate everything Heera. Blessings, Peace, Love and Light be with you :)" ... written by twidlemetree
Great reader! Awesome. Thank you." ... written by ta1
Very very caring and good. She picks up on many things. Highly recommend her." ... written by diane
honest and direct so Im not left wondering, I really appreciate that. Thank you , you are very kind hearted" ... written by abbeyroad24
Great sessions with Heera are the norm and this was no exception. I am much clearer about my problem and what I must do thanks to this beautiful woman and her talents" ... written by Lenny
That was a fun reading. She knew what was going down." ... written by blonde
Very honest and straight to the point. She answered every scattered brain question I had." ... written by aknox
Wonderful, thank you so much for everything and all the advise you have given me. Great reading x" ... written by Starhx
very calming. still need time to for everything to play out. seems to be very accurate. was right on point with feelings. " ... written by c
heera is amazing!!! 10000 stars!!!" ... written by hundredbutterfly
Always a help" ... written by Tee
So sweet and grounded, great advice and intuition" ... written by Livia
All I have to say is GREAT!!! I LOVE my readings with Heera" ... written by sweetsiren0072
great as always." ... written by e
this was a great reading, I was asking about a specific person and she described him perfectly. I will certainly be back, she also picks up quickly" ... written by christa
Very supportive and kind." ... written by gdkdianne
Great reader and very accurate." ... written by TT
thank you for the update :) " ... written by sunflowers30
Very nice and positive! " ... written by jason
Heera's reading was very helpful. It made some things cleared. Thank you!" ... written by Victoria
heera is always hnest and sincere with guiding me to the righter path to my happiness and she is very gifted for being able to connect really fast :)" ... written by melissa
honest person." ... written by kawalpreet
Heera is very reassuring,warm, honest person and speaks from her heart...She was accurate in her past readings and her prediction came true. Heera picked up on person's energy and described him very accurately!!! Great reading! Thank you Heera =) " ... written by Lefleur
Awesome!!" ... written by Empress0312
I wish we had more time but you hit on the nose" ... written by virginia
Wonderful, as usual. Precise, clear information. She answers all my questions and is very supportive." ... written by wren1414
Thanks for a wonderful reading!" ... written by Crystal
he era has helped me so much and predicted a lot of things for me that came true always a good calm reading with her xoxoxo thanks " ... written by mmi326
shes dead on from the moment we start. i dont even have to tell her whats going on she already knows all of it. 10/10 she will always be my first choice!" ... written by cowgirl2013
great reading and advice" ... written by majo
Great just great. " ... written by Benjamin
She is good a picking up situation. 100% accurate in describing my situation." ... written by V
Thanks for your help!" ... written by odesyv
good" ... written by dachris
Quick and to the point! good!" ... written by Stephanie
she is great and accurate. " ... written by theodora
Very clear and fast reading! Thank you :-)" ... written by cherryblossom10
I enjoyed my reading. It was very interesting. Thanks" ... written by Geneva
She is very good at what she does, she really cleared my mind and answer all my questions...Thanks heera!!! :)" ... written by prettyeyez64
Heera is so on point always right about everything" ... written by Reyna
Great reader. Extremely accurate!" ... written by Lauren
Excellent psychic ability. Heera123 is right on about me and my questions. Thank you" ... written by Lovingcompassion
She really cleared my mind. she definitely helped me a lot in seeing things. She told me things I didn't expect and I'm happy I took the opportunity to speak with her. She takes her time and effort to really help!" ... written by confusedheart13
nice, straight to the point and helpful" ... written by Kiran
thank you ...good read..very insightful!!!" ... written by Sunita
It is great to have Heera read for me. Her readings are alwas very accurate and insightful. It never ceases to astonish me that she can read my future and fortune from a set of tarot cards,but she does it so naturally and accurately. That's why I continue to return week in and week out. Everyone should have a reading from her at least once to see for themselves." ... written by 22may1
She just blew my mind within the first minutes of the reading. I hadn't said anything yet that she already saw what was going on before i even asked any questions. Excellent." ... written by Kat
she is Great !!!!!h" ... written by Windsofthe Sea
The sweetest, deepest, best psychic ive ever been talked to. Heera red/"saw" me and my boyfriend clearly and fully correct. Im a bit chocked ..she moved me to tears. 100 stars*" ... written by Minnie12
Soooo good! Thanks so much!" ... written by Starshine34
Heera connected with me right away. She gave me really nice details about a guy I'm interested in. Heera will not waste your time and for 20 credits you will leave knowing what's waiting for you out there. I highly recommend her to everyone!!!!" ... written by Laura
very genuine and relevent reading!! " ... written by Aditi
thanks he era for the insight " ... written by mimi326
great help thank you so much :) :)" ... written by kevin
Great conversation..I'm so happy you cleared up my misunderstandings and help bring everything to light. Thank you again for helping me out with my work situation!! So far everything she has stated has happened and I look forward to my immediate future with a positive outlook. She was wonderful and got straight to the point. Thank again Ms. Heera123 :)" ... written by Sunflowers33
Totally skilled. Heera knows what she is doing, she is fair and kind. Her predictions come true - she is a true talent. " ... written by Kate
She is very good. ALways kind. Reads me easily and has great energy!! It's like talking to a good friend you have known your entire life! You will not be disappointed. She is spot on with everything she tells me." ... written by Diane
love talking to he era she makes me extremely calm thanks a lot xoxo" ... written by mimi 326
very good reading. Answered my questions andamp; helped ease my mind." ... written by pinkangel0922
She is very good." ... written by lydia
She is super accurate!! anddd connects really fast. Highly recommended!!" ... written by Super Sper
she was very sweet and accurate" ... written by rosie
Shes gifted, and good" ... written by Denver
Thank you Heera...you have confirmed my feelings..and you see so much more thanks again" ... written by irelandirish
Awesome" ... written by Teressa
thank you Heera. love your readings" ... written by luxxicon
last reading i had with her was a year ago and i came to visit her room today and she remembered me. i had an awesome reading with her. she was able to pick up on my situation and connect with me right away!" ... written by xtine
Great reading and such calm and beautiful person...thank you Heera!" ... written by tasha_j
thank u i mean that with everything." ... written by rmj621
Very nice and quick!" ... written by Teressa
Great reading! answered all my questions" ... written by Kendra
Highly accurate, insightful, with keen powers of insight; One of the truest of psychics, I recommend Heera strongly to those who lack guidance or perspective regarding their life issues." ... written by Domino
I enjoyed the reading it was great, just wish i had more time." ... written by Rai
Heera is great, she is warm and gave direct answers to my situation. Helping me clear my doubts, making me feel betta." ... written by Melissa
Heera is inside my heart and my brain. She knows what I need and what I want. She constantly gives me great advice and she cares deeply without caring about'us, her clients. Everyone should visit her, at least. once to see how a great pschic treats you and reads for you.." ... written by 22may1
great advice thanks" ... written by bijutsu
Very accurate and helpful, powerful psychic." ... written by Domino
Always the best! You won't be disappointed with Heera. " ... written by Sapphire
Thank you so much for your guidance! it has been a great advice. I have tried other psychic but i always go back to her because she is so in tune and says it as it is and very honest." ... written by megabee9
thanks he era i needed u tonite thanks for the insight as always xoxoxo" ... written by mimi 326
great reading. thanks Heera" ... written by Vas
REally strong psychic connection in just a few minutes gave me the exact answer I was needing and the energy exchanged was awesome so If you are wanting that, definitely she is good at reading energy with her cards" ... written by LauraMCarey
Very honest conversation and kindness" ... written by SonCos
very very accruate. All things she said is so spot on. Very gifted. Amazing. very honest. Even though she said the answer is not what I want to hear. It is sad for me, but I know she is 100 % correct. Thank u very much Heera" ... written by PIGLETME
very great advice i enjoyed her reading" ... written by christinabell
ty for your help i will continue to meditate and continue believing. highly recommended! ty for the energy i was right there with during meditation thanks again :)" ... written by disturbed86
Awesome reading heera...thank you!!!" ... written by Faith81
amazing as always!!!!" ... written by misty
great, honest, fast" ... written by majo
She was very good...tuned in well and was very clear." ... written by Olivia
great" ... written by ola
Great and caring reader." ... written by k
heera has predicted things for me before, she doesnt sugarcoat, so Im happy when things are looking positive :)" ... written by jazzychic7
I am totally blown away by my reading with Heera!!! I thank you so much for making me feel better about my situation. " ... written by Ronella86
sorry I didn't feel connected ..." ... written by madmomo
thank you for the reading and advice" ... written by gateforest
very good" ... written by sophia
heera was one of the very first readers i got a reading from here. she is very direct and gives great advice, reads fast... pro!" ... written by jazzychic7
Very great reading! precise. honest. Really good insight into the situation and the people involved. " ... written by kim
pretty good prediction!" ... written by shang wen lin
awesome reading!!!" ... written by elenatza
Very straight forward thank you " ... written by shenu98
i enjoy speaking with heera! always a pleasure!" ... written by catherine
Love here 2nd private i had with her and felt at ease great person." ... written by leeelee
Accurate psychic, always spot on - Heera's always got wisedom to offer to any of your concerns." ... written by Domino
Always a pleasure to talk to her! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
I had a big problem that I was wracking my brains and heart out about. Heera gave me peace of mind and another way I should have looked at the problem. Her gentle nature along with her sound advice is why I love this psychic so much. She eases my burden and makes me feel good always. Each time I write a testimonial I recommend her very highly because she is so good and will help you with your burdens, I guarantee.. " ... written by 22may1
Helpful, gave sound advice but not predictions of things in my future. Kind to talk, connected with my energy very well, told me what I was feeling. " ... written by ThirdReading
She great !!!!!" ... written by Chatavia Ivory
I think she hit everything right on the head." ... written by Chatavia Ivory
Very very good! She is kind, gets so much without telling her a thing. Highly recommend Heera. She is the real deal!!" ... written by Diane
Excellent " ... written by Steph
another great reading! thanks for the confirmation and encouragement. i will keep in touch!" ... written by xtine
Heera is a very good reader. She is very accurate" ... written by erika
Shes awesome always on point !!" ... written by Reyna
Always encouraging and honest. :D" ... written by Green
very great reader and healer ! " ... written by Diamond
I got exactly what I was looking for she is great!!!!" ... written by Shequinna
Heera is totally amazing! She is very gifted. The real deal. " ... written by morning rescue
this reading with heera is great she always keeps it real and has a way of keeping things blunt but making you feel secure .her advice i always take heed to and she hasn't been wrong in her predictions for me . xoxoxo" ... written by mimi326
i love her reading thank u " ... written by beth
Wonderful and scary at the same time!!! GREAT!!!" ... written by SWEETS
Heera was really good. She described me exactly how I am, my imagination is always going wild so she is dead on and I will try and listen to her and not let that happen this time." ... written by Ginette Uyeda
good reader give her 1000000 stars" ... written by sam
Thanks." ... written by elvenjediknight
Sorry I left. The news was to harse for me. " ... written by Mary
:-)" ... written by elvenjediknight
really nice, and beautiful, honest, gave cool insight and connections..kinda shocked" ... written by niknac123
I got a chakra healing session and it was very helpful! thank you!" ... written by Brianne
Very insightful and detailed! I really appreciated her reading!" ... written by I
Precise, highly connected to divine forces; Speaks with precision and detail to any client's concerns. Friendly and soothing in person and a wise counsler (:" ... written by Domino
Good insight into my situation. Thanks." ... written by Alicia
great " ... written by lynn
Better than I anticipated, thanks for helping me. I do worry a lot and for you to acknowledge that allowed me to feel that you understand my situation and me personally. " ... written by Lynn
She was so accurate with a relationship I was about to get into. She is very quick to pick up on everything!" ... written by Teressa
She is absolutely amazing! She picked up on things that many other psychics didn't . Will definitely be reading with her again." ... written by Bri
She was very good, and exact! I liked her lovely energy and her good answers!" ... written by Patrik
Very good, Heera was able to tell me what was going on before I gave her any details. I would definitely recommend her." ... written by Funky
" ... written by annnyc24
Awesome and quick! No sugar coating!" ... written by Teressa
thanks that what I like to hear and your good thanks alooot." ... written by Eric Gonzalez
Really great! Cant wait to have another reading." ... written by Kristina
She is very nice. I like her and will try her again. Thank u!" ... written by Koffylove
good" ... written by ck
Great advice from her!" ... written by Teressa
Heera really gave me amazing insight! She was kind and very truthful. She didn't sugar coat anything she told me and I believe I know what path I need to take next because of her help." ... written by Brooke
I loved talking to her, she is very direct and on spot. Does not beat about the bush, I will definitely come back for more :) .. There's so much that I need to talk to her about, I rarely click with people this easily :D " ... written by Asmaa
AMAZING" ... written by Beth
Guides me and quick to pick up on things!" ... written by Teressa
Everything she was saying was right. i took in a lot. " ... written by sexydwan
Great reading" ... written by EP
Heera gave me a tarot card reading that was right on the money. She knew exactly what I needed and held fast to her directions to alleviate the problems. She also used my time very completely giving me wise advice from beginning to end. No time was wasted on generic type advice. Her price is great.. Heera is an excellent psychic so try her once in private and you will know what I mean. Do yourself that favor!" ... written by 22may1
Great guidance!" ... written by Teressa
Love to listen to her guidance!" ... written by Teressa
Every so often I have to return to get a private reading from Heera. No one can make me feel better about my situation or myself than this pretty, talented, young psychic. Her gifts are amazing because she is always accurate before I even say anything. . I will sleep much better tonight due to Heera"s advice and compassion about my troubled status. Thanks Heera123" ... written by Earl
She is so in tune and amazing. She gives confirmation to all the things that I need answers to. SHE IS VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." ... written by megabee9
Very good to speak with you in private, Heera. It revealed much that I did not know about myself, you, and others. My situation is serious so I will continue with my professional psychiatric help that you cannot help me with. Perhaps I need a longer hiatus from certain situations and feelings. Thank you for being honest and telling me." ... written by 22may1
Thanks for the follow up reading heera" ... written by Vas
Thank you so much. You helped bring clarity to the situation. " ... written by gemini0604
It's been awhile since i've done readings with heera , and i personally go with her because her accuracy is amazing! she picks up stuff that you do not mention and brings it out. i waited for a long time to see her a accuracy and so far she's the greatest it has been comming true! god bless and thank you heera. I Suggest for people to definitely go on private with her!" ... written by Henry Liz
as always, an awesome reading! thanks heera!" ... written by xtine
really great reading. she has a gentle energy and sees the situation very well" ... written by vigglesworth216
Thank you so much for that reading." ... written by Tanvee
Heera is just amazing. She helped me with clarity in my personal life. and i believe she is legit!" ... written by AA
She was great very honest and very real. She gave me a lot of relief. I highly recommend her. " ... written by Reira
Love her honesty with no sugar coating!" ... written by Teressa
Accurate, relevant and a patient reader. Didn't even have to give much information. Interesting" ... written by dream
Very great reader" ... written by Tina
Very very good! I enjoyed her knowledge immensely! :)" ... written by Katie
She was right on point! Every thought, emotion, feeling. She channeled right in and told me everything that I needed to know! so grateful!" ... written by larhonda
excellent,kind , patience and accurate .. fast and straight to the point . thanks for the wonderful help heera. will come back to u soon ." ... written by micah 85
I had a really great reading" ... written by FenForever
I asked her if we could do a quick reading with the limited credits I had and she blew me away in 5mins! My heart says she is 100% accurate and take advantage of her low sale right now!!! Very satisfied -- 100% real." ... written by Kelsey
Awesome.. thank you for that clarity..." ... written by Jessica
Awesome!" ... written by Teressa
Thank you very much." ... written by Clover434
heera is always accurate always honest and doest buy time.. first timers come through she will leave no doubt" ... written by emmanuel
Wonderful reading will be back. Genuine fast connection and accurate points." ... written by Zandra
She picked up on many things, I would see her again. thanks" ... written by Jaqueline
great" ... written by kdwin91
Thank you Heera!" ... written by Koffy
Thanks again Heera!" ... written by Koffy
Thanks" ... written by rcollins98
she is realllly good___gosh I love her" ... written by lov
she’s on point like she’s knows me well but its accurate she’s great and give positive insight in life change to move forward and be stable and happy." ... written by calvin
Thank you for such a heartfelt and sincere reading. The advisor was clear and concise with her insight into my situation and gave sound direction to my concerns and what to expect in the coming weeks. Thanks a million!" ... written by erospsyche
She has a beautiful spirit and such a nice way of relating. the information was very good too. I enjoyed the reading!" ... written by AJ
went straight to issue . very fast connection!!" ... written by TT
Very positive and friendly as always; Always straight to the point and clear in her readings. Accurate in the way she picks up a situation and people quickly, I recommend her dearly (:" ... written by Aureus
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Heera is really gifted. Please allow her to help you face your inner truths..She is honest and she is not greedy for money. She goes out of her way to make sure your spirit is at peace and that you know where you stand. Bless you Heera. You are a blessing in my life! Go ahead try her! You will be so glad you did." ... written by pdenmark
She warned me about a relationship that was not the one I was suppose to get into! I was in denial but so glad I listened. She does not sugar coat anything! Very fast!" ... written by Teressa
Heera picked up on my situation very quickly and was spot on. Thank you Heera, very impressed." ... written by Michael
Intuitive and up front. Rarely any information given. Accurate!" ... written by D
She is just a good speaker...that's it.. no Physics abilities.... " ... written by Nag
Great reading...very accurate!" ... written by Kelly
Such a sweet heart. She really calmed my nerves and gave me a new perspective. " ... written by Maria
wow very good advice once again! one of the best psychics on this site. she told me what i needed to hear!! thanks Heera!" ... written by AA
good readings " ... written by vladimir
Heera, was very soothing and had a calm effect on me as I felt anxious about my love life. She had deep insight and was on target with many people and situations. " ... written by KathiaMaria
really great! she was wonderful once again!" ... written by larhonda
very wise and good reading" ... written by tushkan0710
her predicitons came true, very good and not the best ones, Ive had many readings with her and she's one of the best psychics here!!! thank you for honesty and guidance !!!" ... written by jazzychic
Fanatastic. Spot On! Worth every minute. 100 percent accurate. Thank you Heera. " ... written by Quest
dead on accurate. confirmation." ... written by 4everfaithful
Honest!" ... written by Teressa
wonderful private reading, she gave me the answer i was looking for and now i just have to be patient. thank you so much " ... written by patty
Thank you! i really enjoyed my reading with Heera :-) Picked up very accurately on personalities :-)" ... written by sara
She's excellent... very sincere an accurate" ... written by Jand777
shes sooooo awesome please let her read you" ... written by Reyna
Awesome reading! Very quick to recognise my issue and question without having to explain. She is always very calm and very accurate. thanks Heera! :) x" ... written by Smarti80
amazing!" ... written by banana
amazing!" ... written by luluals
She is awesome and very quick" ... written by Aparna
She's great. She's positive and offers good advice. I wish I could speak with her more often!" ... written by olga
OOOOOOhhhh wow!!!!! she confirmed everything I already knew so I trust what she says about the future!!! just awesome!!!!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
I love my readings with Heera! She is soo calming I could listen to her all day!! Thanks again Heera" ... written by sweetsiren0072
i liked it. i need to put more credits so i can talk longer!" ... written by kalyca
I didn't ask any questions but found heera123 was able to pick up on what was worrying me it served me well to know that I am heading the right direction. thanks" ... written by scott
well done, not only accurate but also honest" ... written by Victoria
She was right on the money. She saw everything, without me saying a word. past, current and ahead. because she saw the past, i can trust the ahead. thank you!" ... written by pbutterfly37
very good" ... written by fifth
she was right on the mark and so intune to what I really wanted to know. I will keep you posted. Thank you!" ... written by Softone
if i were in an emergency situation i would ask for Heera123." ... written by thomas
She was great and seems to be right on! Thank you and sorry the time ran out so quickly." ... written by tiestix
she always had been supportive and accurate. thanks again for being there and showing the right path. " ... written by B
I like what you said and i agree with you 100%" ... written by tigmystic219
Heera's great :) Spot on with my situation and was very honest about it. Great reader. Would recommend :)" ... written by GratefulOne
Thanks for the updates Heera! :)" ... written by Vas
I love my readings with Heera! She is definitely one of the best! Thanks again Heera!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Very very good. Time frames, sees things without cards....quick and accurate. Highly recommend her and will be back many times in future!" ... written by Emily!
Need more time " ... written by Benton0926
Great reading. Hope her predictions come true! " ... written by Blonde
excellent" ... written by network786
simple but informative reading.." ... written by Isaac
Took guided chakra cleansing lesson from her and she explained well. Will come back for more. Thanks!" ... written by Keera
Great!" ... written by Teressa
very good" ... written by fifth
she is always there for me when i need her. as always excellent reading :)" ... written by humility
amazing and highly gifted !! will speak with Herra123 many more times!!" ... written by tammyjones
Thanks Heera for the encouraging reading. Will come back to you to tell you how I have done in this great journey of life. :)" ... written by happigal27
amazing!!!" ... written by xtine
she really connects, great reading, thank you" ... written by Melissa
best reading, good advice, accurate. really helpful!" ... written by cristian
Thank you so so much Heera!!!! It was an awesome reading...with very valuable information that i can use to work towards what I want for future. Thank you so much again and will be back for follow up sometime! Love and light!" ... written by Lehua
Very accurate reading Heera is a must." ... written by Stephen
awesome" ... written by emma
The very best, very intuitive and insightful!" ... written by Frankie
Thank you Heera. Although its been a long time your words were reassuring thank you for such a great and accurate reading." ... written by Ladymysterious
Spot on with what was happeniing in my life.. thanks for the clarity.." ... written by tb
Very good reading recommend everyone get a reading from her, straight to the point no sugar coating, thanks again god bless. :)" ... written by Libsta
She is awesome, helpful great very clear as to what I have to do in life. She knows everything. She is amazing.. 5/5" ... written by Nandini Sunger
she was accurate.. thanks !" ... written by passious
Really Good" ... written by Der785
recommend!" ... written by cyz
i haven't read in a while with he era and i can say i missed talking to her thanks again he era for the advice" ... written by mimi 326
I rate Heera123 as a FIVE STAR because she knew what I needed Spiritually and emotionally. She has compassion and gave me the direction to go. Now I know that my feet can be planted and things will be alright." ... written by JAMES
Heera was very understanding and caring with great insight. " ... written by John
heera was great!!! must ahve a reading done by her guys" ... written by softspirit
very helpful aand guiding" ... written by nada
Heera was on target. I am inspired to continue my work. I think her advice was good related to relationships. This reading confirmed my current path. Thank you again. I appreciated your time." ... written by Tirza
Heera123 was great, she is fast to connect an only needs your name. 98% spot on with everything.Thanks for the reading." ... written by TORON2
Good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
she’s great very positive influence" ... written by calvin
super nice person….helps a lot super thank you" ... written by nana
excellent and accurate" ... written by patricia
Very comforting. Knew exactly what I was thinking. I'll definitely be back." ... written by ashley
Thanks for a quick great reading!!!!I hope it will al come true...Thanks again Heera!!" ... written by Meg
shes excellent always goooood" ... written by Rey
Great!" ... written by Koffy
Great answers :)" ... written by AJ
Very nice reading, seemed very insightful and seemed to know things about me. Shall see if predictions come true. Will return..." ... written by Lori
Great reading and very nice person!!" ... written by A
fantastic.. i will go back to her again (I din know i could her her speak!! and I missed out the first part of her reading)." ... written by jeannie
Heera123 was great! Very compassionate and on point. Defiantly recommending her." ... written by Nicole
Heera is very friendly and has a calm and soothing personality. I hope her predictions will come true." ... written by Christina
she's good! she sensed everything she was able to explain what i really felt, even if I was actually in denial." ... written by frankiekr
Love her, absolutely!" ... written by Earl
She never lets me down :) She keeps it real and she picks up on things accurately." ... written by T
very good reading she is good.." ... written by mike
I've been to Heera 3 times already, and she is SO accurate!! I love her and I will definitely be coming back for more. " ... written by prettygirl_xoxo
she was fast and answered my question as I needed." ... written by shaista
the reading was very helpul, she helped me see areas i need to improve to obtain what I want with my career. Thanks so much" ... written by Glowing67
I love talking to her, she has been an amazing help for me and connects to my situation directly every time I talk to her. She doesn't sugarcoat and does not tell me what will make me hang out for the worse.. Instead, she gives her insights and has helped me prepare for the future like in the past. I will surely be back soon to update her on my situation. Thank you very much one more time for listening and for being there.. :) " ... written by Asmaa
Very kind, and accurate in what she tells you. Im very pleased and happy. " ... written by andrea loreto
love her...very accurate with my reading....didnt have to tell her much, but her readings were exact...like she was here with me when things happened. would definitely come back for another reading." ... written by NOELLE
very good" ... written by Vanessa
Very down to earth reading. Nothing too sugarcoated or crazy." ... written by Jason James
Heera was straight to the point. great reader." ... written by TORON2
Aw Heera is the best. So straightforward and guiding, with a warm caring heart. She means the best and is the most ethical I've worked with. Won't waste your time, won't leave you hanging, no drama. Practical guidance that I think everyone can benefit from. " ... written by t-doll
Heera has answered my doubts... and has given good advice...many thanks." ... written by jeannie
Amazing, Heera could read me and talk to me really fast. It was worthy. I surely contact her more times" ... written by Diogo
got some answer that i want" ... written by chris
great" ... written by emma
Heera is spot on with her insight predictions. Its like she has known me all along. Your fantastic." ... written by Tracey Nixon
another good reading from heera. still exact with her readings. thanks so much for the advic. i feel much better." ... written by NOELLE
Heera is accurate...... She really is.... Highly recommend... You can see for yourself..... Heera is legit. :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
she was very good and on point with my situation" ... written by stacey
she is one of the best" ... written by derick
I really like heera for her no sugar coating, down to earth advice. most of predictions were accurate in the past. thank you!!!" ... written by jazzychic7
She knew what she was talking about and there was no sugar coating which helps, and gave me some time expectation which always help, let see what happens, I would recommend." ... written by Malik
Great reading as usual from Heera. She feels my situation and really tries to help me in a number of ways. I always have a good feeling after going private with Heera. No matter what she has in the way of "bad"vibess, she always is able to provide me with hope and inspiration also. Heera is a beautiful, sensitive young woman who will suceed in all she does and wants. " ... written by 22may1
Never saw Heera shy away from providing the client a reading before. I hope everything is okay with her. I am sure it is as she is a gifted, talented psychic as she has proven many times before to me." ... written by Earl
She is very accurate and love to come back to her for another reading.....thank you so much for guidance" ... written by Pinky
Excellent reader " ... written by Sweetpetal1
She is sincere , accurate,honest and love her for the reading...." ... written by Pinky
Wonderful reading. She is spot on with everything she told me. Made me feel so much better about my situation. Thank you!!! " ... written by Thuy
Thanks very much! " ... written by Mary
Feel that I had a great reading and was very reassuring." ... written by amber_arielle
She was really nice and understanding .....and I hope she's right in what she predicted for me" ... written by Artemia
Heera is great.... always!!!!!!!!! totally recommend her!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Rui Jorge
Was tired of having psychics butter me up with sweet talk, I asked Heera to give me blunt honesty and she gave it to me. Forever grateful for that! Many blessings. " ... written by Lanoche
She is so sweet , quick and to the point." ... written by Pammy826
Good,quick read!Thanks" ... written by AT
She's a really nice and talks really fast! So you don't waste any time." ... written by Tytanya
Heera was great as usual. Very quick to connect and very accurate.If you have any questions your unsure about she will answer them for you with in 2secs ...go see her!" ... written by T2
She was a sweetheart and she made me smile. I appreciate her kindness more than the reading...go figure!" ... written by Ttime
Thankyou Heera I thankyou for my reading lots of info I will be back for an update . There wasno judgements with Heera very kind lady and soothing voice thankyou xxxx" ... written by xx
Lovely talking to her and she's very talented." ... written by Rana
Wonderful read with great insight" ... written by pinkpather30
What a fantastic reading. Down to earth, accurate. She honed right into my situation quickly and was right on point. " ... written by Elle
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Awesome" ... written by Marcus
So clear and complete in what she said. She definitely knew what was going on in my situation and addressed it. I will be back when i need clarity again!" ... written by freyasmom
very sweet and ive been so worried she really eased my mind as petty as the question was. Thank you Bunches Heera!!!!" ... written by Lynn
thank you for a thorough analysis of my situation :)" ... written by s
Thank you for your time and insight! Will wait and see what happens!" ... written by Shaun
she was very to the point and really made me feel as if i was worried for nothing which is a good thing!! very though provoking advice. " ... written by johnica
good reading." ... written by rosebud77
4th time with heera, definitely would come back again. She gives me so much clarity and eases my worries. thank u so much! All d best for you heera." ... written by NOELLE
Thanks again Heera!! Your're the best!" ... written by swsiren
Good reading. I felt it was more on the earth plane than an inner that sometimes you pick up. Very accurate." ... written by MB
She is a a true and quinine psychic. She uses cards, but she connects to me very easily and can read my personality. A lot of her predictions have had happened and I am looking forward to the the yet another prediction she had for me." ... written by Claudia
Excellent insight and direction regarding my situation. Heera was decisive and clear and gave me a guide as to what to do next and what to expect. I truly appreciate her. Thanks." ... written by K. Stewart
you are awsome! Great reading" ... written by debbie
very accurate reading" ... written by sharon
Heera is recomendable...... as always... she really cares about people... ;)" ... written by Rui Jorge
5 stars amazing gave me information without me telling her. gave good solid advice and a concrete time frame. thank you." ... written by christine
She really gave me insist into myself I never would have discovered. Our sessions was a real awaking moment to who I was and what I can be." ... written by Marcus Moore
Accurate and full of advise :)" ... written by HC
Always helpful and I feel positive for my future" ... written by Rose
Thanks Heera. " ... written by T3
Thank you very beautiful, truthful reading, I appreciate reassuring me." ... written by Kristina
Thanks for the reading. You were right on about many things. " ... written by Jacqueline
sooo great! :) :)" ... written by Saba224
good read" ... written by jana
Heera was able to pick up alot about me ... she knew what I really was asking before I formulated the ? andf she gave gentle and on target advice. " ... written by Melissa
found her to be accurate." ... written by Stef
Answered many of our questions even without asking and gave advice. We will see how things go in the near future as many of my questions were related to recent events...Thanks Heera" ... written by Manish (MAK)
Thanks for the reading! I appreciate the help. " ... written by Jen
Very honest! Does not just tell you what you want to hear. I strongly recommend her." ... written by julie
I think shes sincere and she connects fast! :) I like how she explains things :) thank u Heera" ... written by citamama
Wonderful reader straight forward, tells it like she sees it" ... written by pinkpather30
Good reading. Very calming. Knew my situation " ... written by Steph
great !" ... written by Diamond
Wonderful reading - fast connection sees the situation and helps you feel calm." ... written by Alexandra
awesome!" ... written by clara
Thank you Heera! You saw my situation clearly and accurately" ... written by cherryblossom10
great" ... written by majoma
Im satisfied with my reading. As long my finance is good, i am good. Thanks again Heera! " ... written by Stephannie
she was so good all i could was smile. i was in a bad mood and just listening to her reassure me of things i have been secretly contemplating for a while by my self helped me so much. Thank you" ... written by anisa
nice and very quick,glad to have tried her reading" ... written by aimee
She did an excellent read! Looks very positive for Aug! Can't wait! :)" ... written by Sunflower1931
I love Heera! Her voice is so calming and she connects to my situation very fast! Thanks!!" ... written by cherryblossom10
very accurate and on point! 5 stars!!11" ... written by Stormfire28
She was very helpful" ... written by Robert
clarity!!! boy she was really good! i enjoy talking with her!" ... written by SWEETS
She is very good and compassionate" ... written by Pammy826
I cannot find other words to express my gratitude and thank you for your time, May you always be blessed and hopefully more time between us to talk. you have settled me and put my mind at place where it should be. Take care, Charlotte xxx" ... written by Charlotte Crane
Great reading from Heera as always. She goes straight to my problems and offers very sound advice. She is confident in her advice and gives me confidence and hope that it will work. She is kind and caring in her approach and very sympathetic to my plight.. She is my psychic for life and that is for sure. She is the real item. Love ya, Heera!" ... written by 22MAY1
Wonderful reading. She is so calm and patient and understanding. It was a pleasure doing reading with her. She talked like a friend." ... written by Keera
Accurate andamp; fast..." ... written by Hazeleyes49
thank you so much. you are honest and good reading psychic for me." ... written by kyla
thank you very much for your help! ill be come back!" ... written by Alicja
thank you for helping me. i was a little sad but everything you said is exactly the same thing that has been happening. " ... written by anisa
She was so in tune and was so sweet to get up at 6 am so that I could have a private reading! I thank you for all your guidance and support and will always keep you updated. The best investment." ... written by megabee9
She red very accurately ill be back for more readings in future for sure." ... written by Rudy
Heera, thank u so much for give me clarity and make me feel comfortable about the way I feel. You just confirmed my thoughts with such simplicity and knowledge of my situation without I even mentioned anything. I am glad I got back to you as our first reading was very powerful. Thank u again. One of the best here in Oranum! Tmaria" ... written by Tmaria14
She gave me some good insight and suggestions." ... written by Kina
thank you for the reading." ... written by Jeniene
This lady truly cares and is very clear and straight to the point. Excellent analysis and advice, mixed in with great insight. I am a return customer and will definitely come back again." ... written by MerkabahMan633
SUPER GREAT" ... written by CLOUDS
thank you for sound advice! i give you 5 stars" ... written by Alicja
great like always" ... written by clouds
she is a very good reader and fast would recomended her to anyone" ... written by Emma
she is amazing, picked up on my problem right away and told me how to fix it. I will follow my advice given and I hope it works. :) really put my heart at ease and mind. I hope everything works out for me. " ... written by Evergreen
Thank you for the lovely reading! Heera was on point with every single question I asked!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Goood reading " ... written by asha
Had a deep conversation with her about love and career, I thank you for the good advices, will update you when all goes well. =) 'Till next time" ... written by Anya
very pleasant to talk to!!!" ... written by rusti
My reading was very good, just need to wait and see if the reading is accurate" ... written by Grace
GREAT" ... written by CLOUDS
Thanks Heera,,,Long time no see....nice to hear your assurance. Will stop by soon and let you know" ... written by irelandirish
Extremely helpful and very calming. She provided much needed reassurance today." ... written by Kyna
Heera! Spot on! I laughed and cried bc you are right I do worry too much! Thank You for my reading I want to put more credits in and see you again! I love you and wish you great health and success! XOXO!" ... written by Lyn3
Wonderful insight and helpful. Love Heera is comforting and right on in her reading of my situation. " ... written by wisesongbird
She is Great! gave me some good advice! Thanks again! " ... written by Sunflower1931
excellent" ... written by deen singh
thanks sooo much for your advice, Heera! ((: felt so much better though. You are encouraging. Thanks again. Bless you. ((:" ... written by atacrossroads
I just love heera, great reading " ... written by victoria
amazing spirit " ... written by EM
Great reader. She knew exactly how i was feeling and my situation before i even said anything. The truth can't always be the way you'd hope it to be, but i'd rather know the truth than to get my hopes up for something that wasn't right me. Thank you." ... written by Lp
she was right on target." ... written by sweetbeet
Thank you Heera... Once again.. :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
Wonderful!" ... written by Simone
She is so fast and accurate! I LOVED her! I asked her a bunch of short questions about different areas of my life. Most of them had time frames. And then we immersed in one specific question. It got a lot of questions out of my mind. I feel so relieved now. She is really amazing!" ... written by Stephanie
thank you so much for clearing up the situation and making everything alright. I have always used your guidance. highly recommend." ... written by megabee9
She was very honest and accurate, thank you so much! " ... written by KP
she is great" ... written by Eliza Ward
thank you very much for your help!" ... written by Alicja
Very good reading" ... written by Eliza Ward
She's awesome!" ... written by l
She is very good.." ... written by Sharpria Gibson
She has been really helpful and have listened and given me the power and guidance to fix my current situation and to see how things could get better. she is so in tune and remembers all of our past readings and refer back to it. 5 stars and very highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
Thank you very much for your reading it was very helpful and insightful highly recommend!" ... written by Kristina
:-) :-)" ... written by s
she’s great adviser always give me positive insight. " ... written by calvin
feels better to talk to her, and it's great to know things even if it's bad news" ... written by evergreen
great advisor " ... written by CLOUDS
She got to my issue spot on !.....I felt assured by her words. " ... written by Artemia
very nice person" ... written by judi
i fully trust her because she has never sugar coated and have really given me the truth and gave me the proper guidance in everything. highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
Great! I really liked her." ... written by Eliane Rabello
thank you for the wonderful reading it has been great and an amazing guidance. highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
very good" ... written by sarah
Thanks again for another wonderful reading Heera!!" ... written by swsiren
She has given me the best tool to be in a very good relationship and have been really helpful. highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
I have had other readings with different psychics because i'm a skeptic but when i had a reading with Heera it was so in tune and she kept finishing my sentences while i was explaining things to her, it was like she was in the room with me when things were happening. highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
Wow...she is good! Heera has really been right on w our past readings and current. Thank you!!" ... written by heather
She knows what she is talking about I enjoyed her reading." ... written by Raqual S Rosario
Thanks Heera! Have me Clarity about tomorrow night. Will update her on this! " ... written by Sunflower1931
How can Heera be so spot on the ball? She knows me and my situation so well and before I tell her. She is simply terrific and talented beyond scope. I love this young lady psychic. Everyone should try her at least once and they will be very satisfied with the reading! By the way= she has a beautiful smile!" ... written by 22may 1
Very helpful and very opinatively." ... written by Malik
Heera is great! She's straight to the point and very detailed. She is amazing in one reading, she did my relationship, career, and health. I really enjoyed my time with her." ... written by Tammy
honest and accurate, thank you very much" ... written by t
accurate!!!" ... written by helena
Absolutely love her. I will continue to go to readings with her. I feel she knows me so well and everything I've been through. Thank you Heera!" ... written by Yesenia
Just a sad outcome for a reading, but I guess we all need to hear the truth." ... written by Lyn
Awesome....straight to the point. I highly recommend :-)" ... written by cynthia
Heera is awesome" ... written by rey
Told me about tonight, True" ... written by Sunflower1931
Very good person and I love to chat to her!!! Incredible and fantastic!" ... written by Hugo
always in tune! highly recommended. no matter how many times i come back for a reading she is always open and direct with the truth and guidance. 5 stars." ... written by megabee9
wonderful reading,she is honest she cares i would come back to her every time i need answers thank you so much for the insight " ... written by patty
Thank you so much! " ... written by Susan
Very very good! Thank you!!" ... written by Susan
Fast lots of details" ... written by Johnny
so sincere from the heart. true." ... written by epa
Very accurate and honest. Thank you" ... written by Vivienne
Heera was good and gave me clarity….Thanks…Heera!" ... written by karthik
Good reading." ... written by Cat
Always puts me at ease. Highly recommend!" ... written by leti
great like always " ... written by CLOUDS
She's amazing! what a sweet lady. Thank you so much." ... written by Sara
She seems so accurate! I would definitely comeback :)" ... written by Flower
Always a help and right on point! Thanks heera! Predictions do come to pass." ... written by Tee
Great reading " ... written by FenForever
Helped me with some things again. Talk Soon!" ... written by Sunflower1931
She was absolutely correct on everything I asked her about. She picked up on a lot of things going on in me and my mate life. She is amazing !!!" ... written by Shaunie
she is very honest straight forward goes right into what it really is I love her she told me how it is she was awesome I really recommend her" ... written by jessica
Helped me with my situation. Talk soon!" ... written by Sunflower1931
She is accurrate and absolutly love her and her advice she gives me." ... written by Alex
Thank you Heera, cleared up my concern" ... written by bc0608
thanks much" ... written by elizabeth
Many thanks for the reading..i will update you soon with this progress...! Was hoping for more details on the relationship area but I feel the reading went well overall..I will come back to let you know if things work out as predicted." ... written by Silver
Very helpful didn't hold anything back." ... written by chanel1stewart
Thanks Heraa... love you..." ... written by rose
Sooo soo sweet and understanding..great reading.. answered all my questions.. definitely coming back.. " ... written by ms
Heera123 was great!" ... written by natalie
thank soo much!! very good insight! " ... written by redhead
It was a good encouraging read...." ... written by althia
Great reading! " ... written by luckystar5
Heera...She was very good and I felt a connection with her." ... written by Evelyn Jones
Very honest reading, thank you so much for telling me the truth." ... written by Marias
The best I could find always xxxx thank you " ... written by Charlotte Crane
She is really accurate in her readings..I will definitely come back" ... written by Manish
thank you!" ... written by circalove
Thank you very much for your reading! I will follow your advice. I got a reading from you a few months ago and the prediction DID come true! " ... written by Bethany
thank you for your honesty on the situation!!! appreciate it!" ... written by Malika
OMG love this girl" ... written by Daisy Fabelo
Really good lady. Very pleased with the results." ... written by Justin Hammonds
very understanding..." ... written by eve
Very calm sensible advice. Thank you for the reading :) " ... written by MavWil
Brief but good session. Thanks." ... written by Jon
Heera is so good... She's sooo accurate as always....... she's so supportive.... you should try.... i recommend... she's very legit. try it for yourself.... it will be worth it." ... written by Rui Jorge
great reading!" ... written by Catherine
thank you for the reading! many blessings!:)" ... written by Alicja
She is great!!" ... written by NA
can always count on heera to clear my mind. she speaks truthfully in everything that she sees " ... written by melissa
You're awesome and very thorough!...and with time frames...great reading..will def be back" ... written by B
She provided great insight" ... written by Mia
Always a pleasure to connect with...she makes you feel very comfortable and is very upfront and honest. I feel so much better now! Thank you...I will be back." ... written by Kathy
Heera, was very open minded and very understanding. Had a good calming influence and described my situation very accurately. Great advice and spiritual words of wisdom given :) Thank you Heera! :)" ... written by Royalbrit
Been wanting to get a reading w/ her when i got the funds. Glad I did. Nice to talk to and gave me great advice. Told me things I already know, but was eye opener to hear her tell me. Looking forward to a prediction also, but until then I will focus on what i need to from the great advice she gave." ... written by Ashley
as always. spot on. very helpful with her advice." ... written by kris kris
She's AWESOME!!!!" ... written by pandalou1969
completely truthful with her readings - honestly comments what she sees :) " ... written by ashtek
very good" ... written by jana
She has always advised me correctly and the results have been on point. Thank you Heera123" ... written by jumptostart
Thank you so much for your great reading..Very clear insight...Love and light to you." ... written by Lissa Richardy
she’s great nothing else to say, she definitely good reader and a friend" ... written by calvin
Absolute garbage!" ... written by Angela Hunter
she was great" ... written by ad31983
Had chakra work done. It was guided very nicely. Thank you." ... written by Lisa
great like always " ... written by CLOUDS
Reading was accurate on many points. " ... written by Cindy
enjoyed the insight as always thanks he era " ... written by mimi326
Great! I will be back..." ... written by Melissa
she is so accurate and reassuring :)" ... written by Humility
Gave me good advice. Hope the situation improves!" ... written by Sunflower1931
my beautiful psychic , i Love her been with her already half a year and she's right on the spot! I've been coming to her every few months to catch up with her on her legit real predictions which always come true . I suggest heera for everybody to a best friend or a family member in need of truthfulness and guide and Real psychic prediction. God Bless Heera and her amazing ability." ... written by Henry
She is super loving and she gave answers that just left me speechless" ... written by Sony
very professional." ... written by ram
Very professional. Good to know that Heera do take you seriously." ... written by ram
Compassionate, accurate with details." ... written by lotus71
This young lady was very good and I will definitely be back to let her know if her predictions come to light. Thanks" ... written by Ray
v.good..awesome helped me" ... written by cooolcutie
Amazing! Knew things I had not mentioned. Very helpful guidance." ... written by petal
very good not wasting time fast" ... written by coolcutie
Very quick, accurate and very honest. " ... written by Mshelli
Great psychic. Very accurate. Would definitely recommend her. Very helpful and precise reading. Would definitely talk to her again soon. " ... written by Harsha Nagpal
Very Accurate and i'll be back to tell her the predictions made!" ... written by Billy
She just knows exactly what's going on. I thank her so much from the bottom of my heart. " ... written by Yesenia
really good reading!! she gives really good advice! she picks up on things right away i would love to have another reading!:)" ... written by idanis
she's (heera123) very clear, and can easily tune in. and, I felt very comfrontable." ... written by sabrina
VERY NICE N FRIENDLY." ... written by ANA
First reading. It was different compared to other readings I've had but I appreciated it. Thank you. " ... written by Vanessa
Very good reading" ... written by Jayne
Very Clear reading Thank You Hera it was all very helpful x" ... written by Orsolya
What an amazing reader. I'm so impressed with your reading, you were so accurate and was able to focus right in on my situation. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
You're great! So on point. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
So accurate and such a gentle and compassionate soul, yet able to deliver honest advice and guidance. Thankyou so much." ... written by Kellie
She is the most friendly psychic and has a lot of positive energy, and her readings are very fast and honest. " ... written by barbaramrvelj
Thank you Heera, I look forward to spending time with this wonderful person." ... written by happigal27
Thanks for the update and brutal honesty Heera. Much appreciate it! :)" ... written by VM
accurate reading good advise and gave me the insight. Thank you" ... written by Phina A
She's great! Highly recommend her. She picked up right away my feelings and was able to give me detailed insight right away! Her presence was very peaceful and pleasant. I will definitely come back. :)" ... written by Sylvie03
Thank you so much! It is always a pleasure getting a reading from you!" ... written by aknative
Thank you so much for all your confirmation. It has been a great journey and have really helped in a lot of situations." ... written by megabee9
She was on point!! what she said was so true!!! Im excited!" ... written by Sadie
awesome" ... written by Tania
She was great with love intuition and advice. I felt she was genuine." ... written by Aubrey Jernberg
heera is amazing she is concise and answers all questions with ease" ... written by shanecole
Fast Informative!!" ... written by Johnny
Great advice" ... written by Phina A
She is very nice and i Hope wht see said may come true" ... written by Shivani Vaghela
Thank you, lovely insights and solid, grounded wisdom" ... written by Kate
i just love having a reading with he era, she's so sweet and very good. thank you very much " ... written by vicky
GREAT " ... written by CLOUDS
awesome as always" ... written by elizabeth
Heera is wonderful!!! She is a true gentle soul with incredible psychic ability. She has helped me more than I can every describe but please know, you are in such good hands with her!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Great!!! " ... written by Miked
he era thank you for this reading you definitely made me feel so much better and of coarse your insight always brings me light " ... written by melissa
truly amazing! she always connects with me right away! i don't even have to ask anything and she is able to tell me what's going on with my life. try heera123. you won't be disappointed! " ... written by xtine
Thank you so much for the answer that i needed to hear. xxx" ... written by megabee9
Very nice and direct to the point." ... written by KM
Heera is super sweet and she knows what she does..... I would absolutely recommend her. :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
I liked her reading, waiting for time frame to come." ... written by mery
great like always" ... written by clouds
Thank you so much for a warm and loving help. You are the best Heera. Highly recommend. God bless you. " ... written by L. Richardy
Thank you Heera for another great reading! She offered excellent insight and gave me a true understanding of my situation. Talk with you soon!" ... written by Kaydi
needed a positivity life advice she surely know and good at it. " ... written by calvin
calming and spot on as always." ... written by elle
:) :) :) :)" ... written by s
It was my first reading. I am very satisfied " ... written by nayeli
A completely accurate reading and I haven't had a reading in a while.. Heera pinpointed every important aspect of my current life situation. It is amazing how she does this, but I knew she is a very gifted psychic . that is why I always come back to her. You cannot go wrong with a reading from Heera!!!!. " ... written by 22may1
Good" ... written by CLOUDS
Heera was direct and straight to the point. No time waster. I loved her calm manner and energy and her honest reading. Looking forward to follow her advice and hopefully to see her predictions happening. Beautiful person. Thanks x" ... written by Myriam
always so insightful and always makes me understand the things that are happening " ... written by patty
GOOD" ... written by CLOUDS
good" ... written by CLOUDS
good reading, the best very helpful" ... written by cris
Wonderful reading. Thank you Herra123 for your honesty." ... written by Debbie
he era never fails me she always gives the best advice thanks he era" ... written by mimi326
Very accurate and straight to the point" ... written by Jo anne Carter
true gifted psychic!! great reading :) " ... written by melissa
There's a reason why she's up there , I love going on privates with her bi monthly or periodical , she's amazing and her predictions come true. Thank you heera for just being you and for things comming true ;D" ... written by Henry
She felt genuine and what she was saying made a lot of sense. I enjoyed reading and will try her again. " ... written by Roseanna
Thank you I appreciate your reading really confirmed what I was thinking" ... written by Kaleqt
ALWAYS SPOT ON" ... written by CLOUDS
She is always great and correct. She know before I say anything about my silent questions. She answers those questions I ask also. She is the best in my opinion because what she has said has come to pass." ... written by jump02start
very in-depth reading. got some good tips. Thanks for a great read!" ... written by tilly17
Heera got straight to the Point and hit the Mark. WOW! I appreciate her straightforwardness and wisdom. I feel relieved and a load off! " ... written by Trinnity1
Love her readings….she is like a friend. I have confidence in her readings…she is usually always right on! Highly recommend her!!!" ... written by Diane
Heera always gives me sound advice and I appreciate it. She does not waiver in her reading just because I don't like what she says. I like it. She voices what I already know in my heart but don't like to hear. Great reading!" ... written by Earl
Wonderful reading! She is so kind and reassuring. I am pleased always with our readings!! Highly recommend her if you want the truth!" ... written by diane
amazing" ... written by jose
always right" ... written by CLOUDS
you always bring honest and deep understanding to my issues. Thank you very much" ... written by Alicja
ALWAYS SPOT ON" ... written by CLOUDS
Excellent. " ... written by flirtybee
excellent" ... written by pearl
Thanks Heera! Great Reading! " ... written by Sunflower1931
You connect quickly Heera! I'm impressed. Thanks so much. You're quite amazing." ... written by familyhelper
awsome reeding thank you heera xx" ... written by john
I knew I was on the right Path, but wanted the reassurance. She hit the nail on the head with everything. If you are doubting yourself, take Heera123's advice. She's the real deal. " ... written by Victor
Thank you!!! She gave me much peace I am so relieved now." ... written by Brianne
Great!! Totally recommend. Concise to the point and very psychic!! thank you!!" ... written by Brianne
A wonderful guide that anyone can hope for. You don't have to go anywhere else. Any question any query she sorts it out easily and effectively. She is just the best. I love her a lot. Would highly recommend her to all" ... written by Harsha Nagpal
great as always " ... written by CLOUDS
Thanks Heera for the advice and insight. Great as always." ... written by familyhelper
honest reading. always give me hope. " ... written by NOELLE
Picked up right away with what's going on" ... written by AmY
We just did an exercise and im pretty sure its gonna work ~ no more negativities~(:" ... written by korean12345
Thank you Heera; you are on point in feeling the energies of me and my love interest. You give so much clarity! I appreciate that. You are the real deal, a true gifted psychic of oranum. Thank you! :)" ... written by wavescollide
i just love he era, she's is so good at what she does" ... written by vicky
she was so clear in my situation. I will come back to her with and update. I highly recommend " ... written by Tyler
another awesome reading!" ... written by xtine
always a help!" ... written by Tee
Thank you so much for your honesty and good advice. You took the time to listen to my fears." ... written by Rosie
A nice and accurate reading, will see how it turns out but Heera was correct on many points. " ... written by LibraGirl73x
Great reading. You are the best!!!!! Thank you soooooo mcuh." ... written by debbie
Awesome reading" ... written by Femi
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
She is the best ever :) Great advice! " ... written by Shruti
Dead on about everything! Fantastic...thank you!" ... written by SYLVIA ZUK
amazing" ... written by angelique
As always to the point and always right!" ... written by Humility
heera is genuine.. shes right on the situation and always looks deeper into the matter from both sides" ... written by melissa
ALWAYS SPOT ON" ... written by CLOUDS
one of the best advisors here!!" ... written by jazzychic
I'd just trust her blindly. Everything she tells is true. and to the point. She is just amazing" ... written by Harsha Nagpal
You're absolutely amazing and you're right about everything! Thank you so much!" ... written by Natassia
Heera is sweet... She knows what she does very well.. I recommend her... Always." ... written by Rui Jorge
Thank you!" ... written by Catherine
shes awesome gives direct answers" ... written by shanecole
Spot on about everything! Completely amazed! Highly Recommend. " ... written by Gabriel
Thanks for great reading!" ... written by Charlie
She is always there when i need her with the best advice and understanding of my situation." ... written by Alexandra
Thank you heera for the advise and clarity. it was so helpful and brought my focus on what is priority for me." ... written by 8luedragonfly
fast, direct " ... written by dk
extemely good....I highly recommend her. " ... written by bleep
Really good" ... written by Queens
thanks for the update!!! things are definitely getting better. you have been so spot on each time i get a reading with you." ... written by xtine
LOVE YOUU HEERA!! :)" ... written by Rui JORGE
Heera you were really good. I am really happy and satisfied. Thanks a lot. :)" ... written by Amrutha
nice " ... written by Nisarg Upadhyay
always fun and on point" ... written by emmanuel
I love heera." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
was very insightfull" ... written by jen
Insightful. " ... written by Kili
thank you so much heera" ... written by irelandirish
she is honest andamp; accurate " ... written by Shana
Heera is very clear, and accurate. Good calm reading. Encouraging. thanks Heera" ... written by julie
Loved Heera's reading,this was my second reading from her and like always she is amazing. if you want accurate readings Heera is the you should go to, very honest and truthful, love you Heera xoxoxo!!!!!" ... written by Shesdanii
Wow what an inspirational read. Very accurate on the question that I asked. It made a lot of sense to me and Im happy that I consulted her." ... written by Shinaaz
She is very kind, and spot on!!! thank you so very much!!!" ... written by Scadoodle
thanks Heera!! i appreciate your thoughts and will be strong!! stay tuned!!" ... written by redhead
She is awesome " ... written by SANTAMARIA5
WONDERFUL READING!!! Heera is so loving and gentle, her ways are absolutely sincere and the information she gives is nothing less than pure truth. EXCELLENT PSYCHIC!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Clear and precise!" ... written by Ally
spot on" ... written by angelique khan
Thank you for your reading Heera! I appreciate this and will keep my hope up! " ... written by Sara
Amazing like always" ... written by M
She's excellent!" ... written by gdkdianne
She is good." ... written by C.
Thank you for your advice! Will come back for more time!" ... written by sasha
So clarifying and helpful and peaceful. We have had positive readings and not so positive readings but she is always accurate, tactful, to the point and so kind about it all. Very understanding. Really and truly helped me. I can always count on Heera123. A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ Today is a great day! Thank you!" ... written by Quest
she is good" ... written by shahin
I'm always going to come here for her. she is the a beautiful person" ... written by daniel fernandez
She was very clear and straightforward into future avenues for my relationship... i will keep her vision in my path in order to build a more stable future relationship." ... written by Alexandre Caldas
Love Heera!!! Her insights and intuition is incredible! Her calm ways have helped me more than I can say. EXCELLENT READING!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
thanks so much!!" ... written by HIlu
wondeful psychic and great guide. happy to receive good news :) blessings!" ... written by jazzychic
You are such a loving soul, and you give me the best reading...You are so gifted, warm and loving. Thank you so much dear Heera, I will come back for another reading, and update for you. ;-) Many blessings. ;-) " ... written by Lissa Richardy
she was able to figure out the situation very quickly without prompting and gave very good advice. " ... written by maggie
Thanks Heera! Time will tell! Will update you soon! " ... written by Sunflower1931
Heera is amazing!! She's been super accurate every time I visit her. :-)" ... written by cherryblossom10
ALWAYS SPOT ON." ... written by CLOUDS
Such a nice experience!" ... written by ramona
I LOVE HEERA!!! She's amazing. I've come to her at least 5+ times and some of the things that she's predicted have come to past. Definitely recommend her. " ... written by prettygirl_xo
Heera is very gentle and makes you feel comfortable. She has removed my anquish and given me hope. Would advise anyone to have a reading. Thank you so much. " ... written by cimba
I like it! very good reading " ... written by NC1977
ALWAYS SPOT ON" ... written by CLOUDS
It was my first time and she made me feel so calm and relaxed during and after she did my reading. Great first experience will definitely be calling Heera again." ... written by Dee
Honest reading" ... written by Eliza Ward
good" ... written by Eliza Ward
Heera is an extremely gifted reader! She intuits the emotions of everyone involved and then gives me insights into what I should do. She puts into words what I cannot and gives me help and hope over and over. THANK YOU HEERA!!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
AMAZING as usual!!, third time I have gotten a reading from Heera, can not say this enough but she's one of my favorites, only I will go to her, Thank you Heera!!!" ... written by shesdanii
Positive and helpful ....excellent advice...thanks lots." ... written by kiwijoy
Very goodddd" ... written by Queenssss
she is very accurate and great love her :) and suggest her" ... written by shani
excellent" ... written by CLOUDS
LOL.. :))))))" ... written by CLOUDS
great reading thank you Heera you never fail" ... written by Sam
I'm very skeptical when it comes to these things. I just joined this site today, to tell you the truth. She was very spot on and very sincere and kind. She doesn't sugarcoat anything, which I appreciated. Definitely would recommend and I will probably come back again for another reading." ... written by hellodarliing
THE BEST" ... written by CLOUDS
LOVE HER" ... written by CLOUDS
Heera is very objective... She knows what she does very well... See for yourself...! She can help really well in various aspects of life... I recommend her... Totally!" ... written by Rui Jorge
it was clear and straight to the point" ... written by katz
Very friendly and accurate...definitely would speak with her again!" ... written by ddia
we didn't have much time so she tuned in fast and helped as much as she could!! I was thankful to find her even if for a short time!" ... written by Kristi
She is straight to the point !!! Fabulous as usual.." ... written by Umabalan
excellent " ... written by CLOUDS
Excellent, very friendly. " ... written by Ron
she is fabulous as usual.. straight to the point!! I highly recommended her" ... written by Umabalan
always on point and fast, and so kind!" ... written by bhelin
Thank you so much. she is so in tune, i ran out of credits the first reading so i want back for the continuation and it's so spot on as always, she has the ability to look into the situation and the great thing about it is that..she finishes the sentences in my head like she is right there in the room when it actually happened. I didn't have to explain or go into detail but she has this amazing ability to just see things and gives me the confirmation that I have been seeking and she gives the direct answers. She is genuine and so in tune. It will be an investment to do a reading with her. 5 stars!!!!! highly, highly recommended. THANK YOU SO MUCH." ... written by megabee9
very good" ... written by ange
Thank you again!" ... written by Beth
amazing" ... written by ang
EXCELLENT!!!" ... written by m mary
i have been going to her for a long time now and it has been consistent and direct, she always tells it like she was in the room at the time. she is amazing. great connection" ... written by megabee9
she's my go to i trust her." ... written by jazzychic
she is good " ... written by yasmin2001
Excellent insight into the core of the issue!!" ... written by WeeFreeWoman
Heera was great as always, love the readings, always on point bout stuff I ask, #TeamHeera" ... written by shesdanii
she is so good, accurate, she is marvellous, i must say she is great" ... written by yasmine2001
Always the right person for me!" ... written by Humility
she is the one reliable guide who i have whenever i am into any kind of situation. I strongly recommend her" ... written by Humility
She was helpful and very thorough and accurate." ... written by moongirl777
super laid back! straight to the point and very direct!" ... written by carletta
very straight forward" ... written by cecily
Wonderful reader, gave me clear advise" ... written by pinkpather30
awesome :)" ... written by Natasha
she was cool" ... written by purpl liife 11
She is on point. Will definitely come back and visit again. Highly recommended. Thanks." ... written by Dennis
It was truly helpful to talk to Heera. Thank you so very much!" ... written by Adrienne
She gave good advice which I am aware of, but I will see what happens from here on out." ... written by ShadowDomino
wow m blown away!" ... written by hibzter
She's amazing. 10 stars!!!!" ... written by Yiara
thank you Heera very much" ... written by irelandirish
she is excellent. very good" ... written by paula
thanks :)" ... written by Gabriela
was right on the money" ... written by Lynn Lee
Excellent reading. Knew me to the 'T'. " ... written by Sara Morgan
AWESOME so truthful and honest relieved what i found out from HEERA123" ... written by maggielee
she is soo good and accurate.!! she is truthful and accurate so defintly someone well worth going to." ... written by quy
Great reading. " ... written by vjrei01
she is quite good " ... written by yasmin2001
GREAT" ... written by CLOUDS
THE BEST" ... written by CLOUDS
Heera is WONDERFUL!!! EXCELLENT READINGS!!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Very good reading. Thank you. " ... written by vjrei01
Always nice to chat with Heera. She's pretty fast and accurate! " ... written by Tyta
wow........at first not sure but she surprised me.....very interesting" ... written by allsblue01
She's one of my fav's now :) " ... written by Yiara
Great advisor and accurate" ... written by E
She was very good....and on target" ... written by ruth
great, inspiring ready with great direction given. TY!" ... written by beathive
good" ... written by CLOUDS
She is on point, Good reading!" ... written by Cris
She is very much a straight shooter. Told me the truth about what she saw even if it was hard to hear. She was right on the money." ... written by Cheryl
Very nice, thoughtful, and enjoyed the reading. =)" ... written by Katelyn
Very caring and honest. Enjoyed the reading." ... written by Lisa
shes really good and fast" ... written by shanecole
i sincerely trust her reading and foresight for the future. provides clear insight into future and possibilities for life going. i will keep and continue to be connected..." ... written by Alexandre Caldas
Great as always! Thanks!" ... written by Dennis
definetely a great person and of so much insight for my future ...will be in contact and keep her informed of future avenues... best..sincerely." ... written by Alexandre caldas
Heera has helped me feel confident about the future and my reading was very precise and straight to the point. I will definitely be returning again soon :) Thank you!!! " ... written by Lucas
Heera123 is Great! I trust her and I got many good insights from this reading. Thank you " ... written by Brianne
she is a blessing. she has always been my to go person for almost a year now" ... written by Humility
As always Heera its a pleasure getting a reading with you hon! Thanks again for your help :-)" ... written by swsiren
Very Good Reading" ... written by Bev
Very accurate, confirmed what I was feeling. " ... written by Rose
Very good as always." ... written by Tania
Heera is the best person and only person that I will trust. She alway tell me the truth and even when I ask a question that I know the answer to she gets it right every time. I recommend HEERA for all of my friends." ... written by James
Exellent reading as always! 5 stars" ... written by Alicja
she picked up on everything! she is very good. I did not have to tell her anything. she just knew. I will come back again! " ... written by kat620
Very Talented - Psychic !! Genius. " ... written by Career Advise Needed Now
A very clear and warm reading thank you " ... written by Denise
Heera is amazing! " ... written by kt
Accurate as always! Thank you! You were spot on in the prediction during our last reading and picked up on whats going on during this one!" ... written by bethany
She was wonderful. Told me exactly what the situation is and what to do. Very grateful." ... written by Cynthia
She has always given a direct answers to the current situation." ... written by megabee9
thank you for the confirmation that I am on the right path. I couldn't sleep at night with all the excitement" ... written by megabee9
Sought out business advice and the message was reassuring and polite. She allowed me to have faith again and suggested practical ways to put a plan in place. " ... written by Samantha Warner
Very good and clear " ... written by Judy
Thank you so much for giving me the confirmation and most of all the tool to be confident in going in for the next stage, it is so exciting and when everything is falling into place I begin to question things and you give great and honest guidance. 5 stars. you are so intune" ... written by megabee9
Thank you Heera! Lots of questions answered!" ... written by Sunflower1931
great. " ... written by cami
Incredible.......I am so speechless and impressed......She amazed me with this reading, no wonder she is a top psychic....Thank you Heera for this awesome reading....You deserve all the stars in the universe....Xx" ... written by Ebonyeyes
VERY GOOD READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by CLOUDS
good always good. THE BEST IN HERE. " ... written by CLOUDS
Thank u Heera, u always fabulous. Your honesty is really appreciated. Everything u told me is true and I know u right. Psychics like u is what we need:)! xoxoxo. T." ... written by Tmaria14/telma
very good " ... written by thu
Gentle Soul... honest, genuine and kind... connected before I even told her anything! She was beyond accurate and on point, will definitely be taking her advice... no sugar coating...didn't waste my time!!! By far one of my favorites!!! " ... written by BB
Gave good advice. I will have to see if what she predicted will come true." ... written by Jagged Lil Pill
Spot on - she picked on many life situations right from the get go...I will work on what she mentioned and go from there... thank you for your advise." ... written by Jenny
She is realy good i am so happy for the reading i did get " ... written by Sonja Boes
Amazing! Accurate!! Nailed it!" ... written by Oceania30
She is the best. Get a reading with her and you won't regret it " ... written by Queens
Heera provides a clear and very insightful reading... she provides comfort and transparent guidance. I will keep in touch with her and ask for her support. best alex." ... written by alexandre caldas
Heera was wonderful...A very kind, sweet spirit...Highly recommend her for a reading!! Can't wait to provide her with an update:)" ... written by Carrie
Very fast reader. Read me very clearly." ... written by krista Elliott
Thank you Heera!! I really appreciate the reading. I recommend that everyone gets a reading with Heera123. She is precise, to the point and very insightful." ... written by Shanshine
Sweet lady, very helpful." ... written by Tracey
Heera123 is amazing. She knew things about me and my love life that no one knows and made me feel so much better about things. God bless her for her valuable time." ... written by Starr
Heera was lovely, and brought home some truths that I know deep down. She helped interpret some bad dreams that I've been having that have been a reflection of my real life. " ... written by Migrit
she is amazing..." ... written by sherine
Accurate picked up on what I was feeling and the situation. Gave clear advice. " ... written by Ninaa
Loved the reading. Spot-on accurate about the situation and reassuring. Verified a lot." ... written by BD
i very much respect her insight and clear interpretation of things and future courses of action. i believe she can really be of great help in supporting my life. I will keep her informed." ... written by Alexandre Caldas
Thanks!" ... written by Mariela
She hit the nail directly on the head again. She told me that I would be traveling and today out of the blue, news came from a friend and now I am making plans for fly out and take that trip." ... written by James
Wonderful reader" ... written by pinkpather30
She was very sweet and right on the money." ... written by Jeannie
Heera123 was quick to pick up on my situation with a good deal of detail. Overall, I found her reading refreshing and helpful. I would definitely recommend her with 5-stars, and plan on returning in the future." ... written by angolob
She was awesome.. she was on point with everything! " ... written by Shereice
Amazing reading. thank you so much for the confirmation. As always everything is so positive. 5 stars" ... written by megabee9
Thank you Heera!!!!! :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
very good , knew what i wanted to ask before my asking her . very fast and accurate . ty " ... written by goldenstar
Heera123 gave me some insight and everything she said played out right in front of me. She is amazing..." ... written by Jeannie
very insightful" ... written by cow
Heera is a great thinker and reader. she finds interesting and hidden things which no one else might find. i seriously trust her and will continue to be connected and following her advice. " ... written by alexandre caldas
thank youuu!" ... written by luxxicon
Love Heera. Amazing reader. Tunes in so quickly and just delivers such great readings. Thank you, Heera." ... written by familyhelper
Excellent! Accurate and Fast!" ... written by Miss Dani
good reading thank you" ... written by Bernedette
She is been always there for me" ... written by Humility
She is very good Pscychic, straight to the point, and give hope." ... written by Sonja Boes
Thank you Heera! Amazing amazing reading :) So on point, and confirmed everything that is currently happening in my life :)" ... written by Tessa
Heera picked on my situation very quickly! I was very impressed and loved her reading. She's also a sweet and nice person. Will definitely get back to her." ... written by L.
You always make things so clear. How do you do that? LOL You are amazing, Heera, and so gifted. Thank you so much." ... written by famlyhelper
She is very intuitive, and makes a whole lot of sense" ... written by Amy
Awesome lady." ... written by sin
she is always spot on!" ... written by Jeannie
Right on track...she confirmed a lot" ... written by Dawn
She's quick, honest and straight to the point, she doesnt want your money or time.. pretty spot on... if i were you i wouldn't hesitate to have a reading with Heera.. Thanks so much for being kind and hearing your advice made me feel more comfortable :) " ... written by chloe
She is amazing! she told me about my job offers and she was right, her prediction came true and it really gave me the heads up of what is coming ahead. she is so intuitive and the real deal, i've been coming to her for almost 2 years now and she is always talking to me like she was there in the room with the situations happened. 5 stars. highly highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
She told me some things about my husband that I thought only i knew. I now have better insight on my situation and know what steps i need to be taking. " ... written by Natasha
She is the best good insights!" ... written by Brian
the reading couldn't have been more on point!!! And she is very fast too so i really got my money's worth. She gave me the insight and the advice i needed to make good decisions. Thanks so much Heera!" ... written by Vigglesworth
She has been guiding me for a few days now with a situation and she has been right on point." ... written by Jeannie
Amazing. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
she has given me the path to take and wanted to accept the offer which was already given to me. thank you" ... written by megabee9
thank you for the amazing reading and she explained in full details what needs to be done with the job offer and which path to take, either way is good. thank you" ... written by megabee9
always the best" ... written by CLOUDS
She was on mark and I agree with her input. Very pleasant and to the point." ... written by Denise
She is fabulous. She really feels the situation!" ... written by Brian
Very nice girl, everything she said seems true of what i'm going through/feeling right now, I would really like to give her another go sometime. " ... written by gillianlyn
She was amazing! the real deal, every prediction that she has given came true and she always gave me the direct answers to my situation. Highly, highly recommended! I am very grateful to have such an amazing guidance and always there to confirm things. a million stars. It will be an investment for you to have a reading with her. " ... written by megabee9
wonderful reading.will be back again soon for an update. Picked up on my situation instantly." ... written by fireshine2
As usual a great reading" ... written by Humility
She is very accurate!!" ... written by StPatty317
Such a beautiful soul!!! Thank You!! xoxoxo" ... written by Dianne
She was very helpful in her advice to me. She is compassionate and caring and really listens. She truly cares about her clients. " ... written by Mahsa
Heera is the best! I like to have readings with her. very accurate. and in tune" ... written by Brianne
Heera really cares about her clients... very accurate reader.. and such a lovely soul :) " ... written by donna
cool reading" ... written by daniel
Thanks Heera, for your truth here thanks for your advice" ... written by Nina
Very accurate reading, gifted myself, she was right on the money and I felt very comfortable with you, thank you! " ... written by Elva
Love her...facts!" ... written by MsBeautiful1
great" ... written by anna
cool :)" ... written by Bey
Great Reading very truthful and helpful" ... written by CS
great reading. thank you heera. " ... written by vine
Another good secession. Very insightful and good ideas as always." ... written by Brian
Bang on to the point.. I love Heera so much... I wish i could meet her in person and get a reading. " ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
Fab reading!" ... written by mary
Nice to talk to , seems honest and sincere. It was a good reading. Thank you:)" ... written by Marygoldpink
I can always rely on Heera to give me the accurate info I need! I come to her with questions about my career and love life and she always provides the best insight!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Very accurate and helpful. Would recommend!" ... written by Lisa E
I really like her. I think I would have rather she spoke." ... written by Christine
she is Amazing, amazing reading, she connects very well and is very honest. This is not my first time coming, I will come back again. Thanks Heera" ... written by Bibi123
Thank you! for help me i need to hear those words. i feel like i need more advice from you i will def come to you soon. " ... written by Mayra
She is excellent..thank you " ... written by Tracy
Bang on to the point every time... Even if it is for someone else... Heera is just fantabulous :) Love her.. Totally.. Highly recommended.. " ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
great reading...with open avenues for my future love life... will continue to be following her advice." ... written by alexandre caldas
a very calm and wise person" ... written by DidMass
Was very helpfull with my situation. Will take her advice. Picked up on some things. " ... written by dennis
Wonderful! Quick and to the point. Honest and caring, wonderful reading!" ... written by Joanna
heera's prediction was very accurate about the place i moved to - unfortunately not the best - and asked her now again for help in that matter. I trust her :)" ... written by jazzychic7
great reading" ... written by CLOUDS
Great reading!!!" ... written by Debbie
Veyr good. " ... written by Rose
Thank you so much You have answered everything for me amazing reading .My mind ,soul and heart feels so at peace. Your reading was spot. all my love Donna " ... written by Donna
Awesome as always…..highly recommend her. She is professional, kind, accurate….always positive!" ... written by D.Rose
awesome as always. straight to the point and sweet" ... written by purenergy
She did it again. She is quick and always gets it right including giving me the right advice. Thank you Heera123" ... written by James
Very very happy with my reading " ... written by Gizelle
Excellent reader. I can tell she is the real deal." ... written by Sam603
im thankful" ... written by EV
very on point!!!!! will come to her again!" ... written by mia
Thanks" ... written by Jbb
She is awesome!! and knows exactly what she is talking about! highly recommend to you!!" ... written by Alexis
she read my situation very clearly" ... written by freya
shes wonderful" ... written by yasmarlyn
Fantastic" ... written by Mksolari
Heera was amazing! I have used different psychics on here before and I was left very disappointed and sad because I felt cheated. I got my moneys worth with her! I am feeling hopeful and uplifted and very anxious to start off the new year! Thank You Heera! I will definitely come back!" ... written by Tarah
She was right on with everything during the reading. Fantastic and very gifted." ... written by Karen
She is a very reliable reader." ... written by erika
She's honest. She definitely tells you what she sees even if it's not what you want to hear." ... written by Bari
Heera is clearly a very kind caring lady." ... written by Jonathan Stratford
very helpful made me feel validated.. on spot 100 percent thank u" ... written by brenda
the best reading ever!" ... written by CLOUDS
excellent reading" ... written by CLOUDS
BEST READING EVER!! " ... written by clouds
Honest! Straightfoward! very good!!" ... written by Clara
Great reading!!! Loved!!" ... written by Marianna
thanks much.........." ... written by eveliz
I been so confused about my relationship and she amazed me from the first moment that I talked to her.. She made me undertsand and I have a more clear view on my issue.. she is just AMAZING and quick! " ... written by Bhr
She is soo perfectly right about just anyone... Heera is a the guide i was looking for in life. She is of great help. To me and my near and dear ones. Love her completely. Highly Recommended. I dont have to go anywhere when Heera is here. :)" ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
She WAS AWESOME!!!!... Everything was right on andamp; gave me inspiration to keep my chin up andamp; keep doing what I'm doing to make myself stronger!!!!.... Thank YOU soooo much!!!...((((HUG))))" ... written by Janese
Really sweet lady, she perceived me quickly and well. Everything was accurate. She is honest in her answers, I highly recommend her !" ... written by EvanneL
heera is very insightful and understanding. She will tell you like it is even if you dont wanna hear it. No sugar coating. " ... written by CLOUDS
Heera is incredible! She is very accurate and answered all of my questions in a way that I felt confident moving forward. She is also a very nice person and I would recommend her! " ... written by Lauren
Heera, wonderful gal, right on the mark, gentle kind soul. I see such compassion in her readings. I thank her and will have a reading again. Blessings Heera and thank you kindly." ... written by Pamela
heera!!!!" ... written by CLOUDS
I guess, I wanted to know more." ... written by Emily
heera is the best !" ... written by nyc
She is fantastic! I have talked to her twice now." ... written by Karen
Heera was amazing, what a great reader she picked up on my situation and didn't sugar coat a thing. Give her a try because you will see how sincere she is and takes her readings seriously. Thank You Heera xo" ... written by Pickle
She told me everything I wanted to know in a way that I could understand. Thank You" ... written by Evestha
she is so wonderful told me all the things i needed to kno, i was so happy after i was done made me look at things differently." ... written by rashana
Heera was very spot on:) She def picked up on the situation right away...will def. be back and very much appreciate her guidance:)" ... written by Carrie
You are very nice and peaceful. Thank you for the reading and advice . I appreciate everything .. Will be back for sure." ... written by princess1218
She's kind and caring! Great listener, good advice" ... written by butterfly_2002
I got good news i just hope that all of it come true! I will be back with updates!" ... written by butterfly2232
Thank you!" ... written by DC
Amazing and honest soul to talk to. Super clear and straight to the point , thank you for your honesty !! " ... written by ramy
She is absolutely amazing! For a psychic, I felt comfortable and I was able to connect with her easily. She is very honest and upfront. She is spot on with my current situation; I couldn't have asked for more. She lightened some things about my situation and she is very positive and enlightening! I'd love to have another session with her in the future. " ... written by topo08
Always on point! very intuitive. I come to Heera often to get updates and she always delivers. 5stars!" ... written by MiaChloe120
she is amazing, spot on and honest. Doesn't give you info to keep your hopes up which is great. Love her!" ... written by sarah
Great as usual, honest, tells you best things to help you." ... written by TT
Very nice to talk to, gives a good reading:)" ... written by Marygoldpink
She is so positive. love her " ... written by Bey
Heera was warm and calm. She picked up on my situation and specific person I was asking about accurately. Her advice calmed me and she presented me with the truth - which I already know - but which is tough to accept. Heera's delivery is compassionate. She tuned in perfectly!" ... written by lili
great advice, once again thank you!" ... written by gateforest
She was great and spot on!" ... written by LittleLove020
it was a good reading. thank you" ... written by porsche
very very helpful" ... written by gchild001
Heera123 helped me see things the way they truly are.." ... written by zenithwealth
thank you! always a help" ... written by tee
good" ... written by nicole
good reader" ... written by smiley2011
She was very great at helping to stop delaying what I need to do" ... written by Angel
she is awesome none the less subliming she knows what she is talking about and she knows what to tell u probably in 15 minutes u will have ur life presented she is great" ... written by mohamed
Heera provides a clear and transparent view for the future giving guidelines on how things might progress... and particularly how i should be prepared to handle things in the future... will continue to ask for her support and careful insight..." ... written by Alexandre Cadas
Thank You So Much Heera you're So nice andamp; patient andamp; you helped me to see what I needed to see. I will difinetely come back to you for another reading. Once Again, Thank You Heera...Sincerely, Cabbage_1 :)" ... written by Sandra Duncan
Awesome reading! Highly recommended :) Looking forward to the next few weeks. " ... written by Cindy
That some of the best reading, I truly appreciate your help." ... written by Anwar Ismaili
I already think shes right before it even happens. She said a few things that I've been suspecting all along. " ... written by Dee
great" ... written by dee20122012
Awesome spot on loved it!" ... written by rachael
Great reading!!!" ... written by Amy
Heera is good. Helped me with my questions!" ... written by Sunflower1931
<" ... written by Bey
5 stars. xoxo" ... written by rp
Very good." ... written by gdk
EXCELLENT " ... written by CLOUDS
Wonderful- gave me so much peace and knew everything before i needed to ask the question." ... written by Austin
Great reading!" ... written by nina
GREAT READING " ... written by CLOUDS
Outstanding" ... written by Karen W
Heera is the only one i can trust. I need not go anywhere else. She is just perfect with her readings and Awesome :) I would highly recommend her. She is just the best. Love her loads. " ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
Heera is always amazing. She can see things and is very straight with what she sees. She is one of my favorites! I always know where I stand after speaking with her." ... written by Karen w
It was a wonderful experience. " ... written by Lexus Donaldson
Thank you Heera, that was an awesome reading!" ... written by kmemarie
Honest, great advice. What I needed to hear." ... written by Karen
GOOD READING" ... written by CLOUDS
She knows her stuff ... she's very accurate and picks up with out any info." ... written by Neela
she connected very fast! will be waiting on her predictions!" ... written by BP
Lovely lady very accurate and encouraging." ... written by Jennablu
The future will bring something when it has to happen...a great reader..." ... written by alexandre caldas
Love her so much….she is very good! Hope things work out as she sees them. Have always been encouraged. She is usually accurate. Kind. Professional. I recommend her highly!!!" ... written by diane
Great!" ... written by CLOUDS
I am Heera's biggest fan. She is always right on." ... written by Karen W
Each time I come to her i get complete satisfaction and answers to all questions. She is just the best. Highly recommended. I don't have to go anywhere else." ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
she's the best always spot on" ... written by clouds
I needed more time but she was very accurate!" ... written by Jinny007
Heera123, was kind andamp; helpful." ... written by Cathy
Heera is amazing as always... She always knows what to say, never runs out of words... Great advisor indeed!!!!! :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
Love her! she let me mind relax. she was dead on about everything from love life to career. i will follow her advice. and if he contacts me i will be sure to let you know. thank you very much heera ur very talented!" ... written by the one with no name
Wow Wow wow... She is just fantabulous. I just love her. Accurate and bang on all the time. Highly Recommended. I don't have to go anywhere else." ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
Oh my gosh what a darling she is. Her voice is so calming, and she is compassionate as well as honest. Her honesty leads to sound advice. I can't wait to see how things go and update her. this was my first reading with her and she is awesome!" ... written by Cathleen
Great reading! Thank you so much!" ... written by truthseeker
She was good " ... written by Timothy
Pleasantly soft spoken and eerily accurate so very precise in her reads and focuses on you and you alone. AMAZING. " ... written by Bella
Great reading!!!" ... written by Amy
It has always been a pleasure getting a reading from Heera123. SHe is very honest and soft spoken . All the things she told me were true . I would definitely recommend her ... Keep helping people... And thank you again for the reading .." ... written by princess1218
She is really good and spot on..thank u so much" ... written by prem
honest, heart felt reading. very accurate andamp; straight forward. She spoke to me about relationships/ my career/ and finances. I really appreciated this readying. It changed my life. I'll be back soon. :) " ... written by tana
she is very fast and connects really well with me. ill take her advice and see what happens!" ... written by BP
Heera is so great! What a sweet spirit with really good connection. I so appreciate her guidance and her advice. Very grateful and can't wait to keep her posted..." ... written by Carrie
Great reading, I was feeling a bit down and always wanted to try a reading with her. She said very specific things about me and was very in tune with my situation. Highly recommend!" ... written by Holl
Heera123 did it again. Always correct every time. 5 stars from me." ... written by James
Heera gave very good advice on how to ground myself and focus more on my goals for 2015. She gave a wonder meditation session to help me practice and develop methods to quiet my mind. I really appreciate her guidance and support and look forward to many more great things to come from this session. Thank you Heera!" ... written by Kim
Wow... Heera answered EVERY question I had...and didn't waste time either. She was very connected and very accurate! I have had tons of readings on Oranum and I haven't walked away from any of them as pleased as I am with this reading with Heera. Worth every penny! Heera is certainly top of the line when it comes to ability. And her rate is also affordable which is a WIN WIN :) " ... written by flipflops
Very straight forward, honest and calm reading. She has very positive vibes. She has honesty and calm in her readings." ... written by 808smiles
Love getting guidance from Heera. Thank you" ... written by Brianne
fantastic experience" ... written by maura
very good reader, very positive and sweet" ... written by ss
Ive been coming to Heera regularly and among the ocean of fake psychics she is one of the few jewels here. Most predictions from her came true!" ... written by jazzychic
great reading, straight to the point, answers your questions. Thx, will come back" ... written by Bibi123
N number of mes i have sought help and each time its worthwhile. Heera is just the best. The perfect guide anyone could ask for. Don't have to go anywhere when she is here to help. Highly recommended. " ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
AWESOME!" ... written by Mary
really helped me on a tough and emotional situation. many blessings heera :)" ... written by melissa
Love her so much, her kindness, shows in every reading, and very good at what she does. May the angels always bless her and keep her always, safe and sound in God's arms. " ... written by Pamela
Heeras guidance is very helpful" ... written by Brianne
Wish I can be her friend! she is amazing and you can tell her anything and gives you best advices :)" ... written by Sarah
good reading" ... written by CLOUDS
She was very quick and straight forward." ... written by Eve
Thanks a lot, I will keep what you said in mind." ... written by swsiren
Awesome reading. " ... written by Ahsat
i apprictiate it" ... written by hillary
wonderful experience always talking to her... Will always and only seek her help for anything and everything in life. Dont have to go anywhere else" ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
On point and direct.. Love it!" ... written by Dee
great i hope she is right! .it seems that her last prediction came true. so now i should be confident about this one!! yeah!!! :) thanks a lot!!! :) " ... written by cami
Thanks Heera. You're great! Happy Holidays!" ... written by familyhelper
SHe was helpful for my heart, thanx Heera" ... written by SweetS_McLovin
amazing amazing amazing!!!! loved my reading and got the answers i needed!!:) " ... written by victoria
Heera is AMAZING!! She can read any situation, any person accurately!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
thank you" ... written by strawberries1985
Very accurate .. Very good reader .. Really good in Private Readings also in Email Readings .." ... written by Romy Marylou Amber
heera made me feel confident for a wonderful 2015 with a clear vision for my life... and not only personally but professionally... i will keep asking for her support... all the best for her" ... written by alexandre caldas
She's great, reads cards very well. From the getup knew what was going on in my life. Hit all the key points. Answered questions in a way that gave me hope andamp; I feel she was as honest possible." ... written by Kera
Very insightful! and right on point. She is so personable and easy to talk to as well. Definitely recommend." ... written by Tricey
wonderful reading, as usual My computer had issues so it was cut short but Heera is such an amazing reader and let me know what I needed to do and I did it, everything worked out better than I could have imagined" ... written by Summerbreeze
she is truly the real thing i will not seek any other psychic.. truly real and accurate I will come back for sure, " ... written by Fernanda
Great reading" ... written by Chelsea
very supportive. excellent reading " ... written by clouds
=) i thank u her for her frankness" ... written by Jeannie
a good reading " ... written by honey
well i have to see if the prediction comes true but so far it has and i would say she is very easy to speak to and u can tell she likes to help people. " ... written by Jdoll
good reading " ... written by CLOUDS
Spot on- very accurate. She is excellent" ... written by Gizelle28
Heera, connected with me spot on! I enjoyed her reading and her advice! Excellent read! I look forward to see what's to come!" ... written by Precious
Very awesome reader! She connected quickly and new extremely minute details about me! I was always curious about Heera, and way always drawn to her energy. She's exactly what we need. She sees the opportunities and lets us know how to get there! Top talented ladylol. Great reading Heera. Accurate, quick, concise and encouraging!" ... written by tj
Heera is really fast and consistent in her predictions!" ... written by BP
she's always the best. great advice andamp; insightful. will be back " ... written by tana
As always, Heera is always spot on and very calming about things that freak me out. She inspires you to do better and be better, and I will continue to come back! Thanks Heera!" ... written by Tarah
had a positive reading. will see how it all turns out." ... written by bagrosso
Fantabulous always. I Always come to her for sound advice. and I am very satisfied. Thank you Heera for being such an amazing guide. " ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
Just Great :)" ... written by Bitte
Very accurate .. Always Nice and kind .. Very good psychic would recommend her to everyone!!! " ... written by Romy Marylou Amber
thank you so much. I am just as confused as you are. I will keep you updated and let you know. Thank you for your time and honesty. We will talk tomorrow! Thanks and hugs... we ran out of time" ... written by cathy
She is seeing trough what is going on now.good reading." ... written by Nousha
She is ALWAYS very accurate. I have come to her SEVERAL TIMES!!" ... written by StPatty317
thank you" ... written by momatried
Thanks Heera! She explains things well! Looking forward to 2015! Hopefully things will unfold with my Friend! " ... written by Sunflower1931
great like always" ... written by CLOUDS
thank you for the reading . . happy new year .." ... written by princess1218
Amazing as always! Picked up on my situation. And picked up on my personality. She also picked up on other people mentioned in pvt. Thank you!" ... written by Kt
Heera is awesome, one of the best readers here, Ive been a consistent client, many things she predicted. :)" ... written by jazzychic
Heera really gave me the answers that I was looking for, she is the real deal. But now I have to see if me andamp; My one love will ever make something out of this relationship. I trust Heera"s" ... written by Tattie197636
great reading" ... written by A
Very truthful enjoyed it" ... written by Allison
heera is amazing! she is very insightful. " ... written by melissa
Awesome!!! Amazing!!! Thanks for your reading so very much! Peace Love and Light" ... written by Denise Cook
:)" ... written by cami
She was good. Gave me a lot of hope. Confirmed what I was already feeling in my spirit. I do recommend her without reservation!" ... written by starzshine
thank you. Gave me piece of mind" ... written by Bluemoon04
she is awesome 10 stars she is so calm and so sweet I truly loved her. Thank you" ... written by Edna
Not completely what I wanted to hear, but I definitely appreciated the honesty and quickness and kindness with which it was delivered. We'll see how things turn out! Thanks!" ... written by BW
Great reading, informative" ... written by pinkpather30
OMG this was the best reading ever keeping my fingers crossed for the time frame." ... written by sheribear
Heera really knows what she's talking about and she calms me down when i need it. Her predictions have come to pass and ill be waiting for her future ones as well" ... written by BP
great and patient " ... written by cami
Awesome reading, very accurate and compassionate. Highly recommend this kind and gifted reader for anyone! " ... written by Lynn
Always a help! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
awesome as always!" ... written by Humility
You are so friendly and nice!" ... written by MMarmalade
same clear vision as usual will continue to ask for her support..." ... written by ALEXANDRE CALDAS
always clear and very sharp in her readings providing a precise vision on how to anticipate the future. will continue to ask for her support " ... written by Alexandre Caldas
She is vey accurate....everything spoken is true. Glad I experience my reading with Herra123. Thank you" ... written by SN
Great reader quick and too the point" ... written by Mlichelle
Heera is great! Thanks again for helping me find some peace of mind. " ... written by Liz
very good" ... written by CLOUDS
Her reading was spot on and she gave me so much information, She started off with giving me some information about myself and then she went on telling me about my love life, which was very accurate. She told me about the guy that I like right now and she described him and that was also very accurate. I am very thankful and I highly recommend her, I will be getting more readings from her in the future. " ... written by Jade
amazing- has helped me out so much with a painful issue. knew everything before i was about to say it. amazing thank you Heera" ... written by Austin
very good reading. " ... written by clouds
She is the ONLY one that I will allow to guide me because she has been correct every time. Thanks Heerra123" ... written by james
Very honest, very in depth reading. Highly recommended " ... written by Christina
She's kind, caring, compassionate, and an amazing listener. " ... written by butterfly
I was in shock she is so accurate! " ... written by Sue
She was great!! I really enjoyed the reading and would love to do it again!" ... written by Erica S.
Always a good reading. Highly recommended :) " ... written by Cindy
This beauty is Fe nominal. I only use her to read for me." ... written by Eliza Ward
She was awesome. really gave me insight to who i am now. " ... written by Amy
she is good !!" ... written by zeynep9
thanks heera again....you are really good" ... written by mahima
you are so calm and helpful....you just knew my problem without saying much" ... written by mahima
excellent...terrific... ideas which work immediately...continue to turn insight into reality. many many thanks" ... written by Alexandre caldas
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
great and fantastic interpretation of future avenues for life (profession and love)...will continue to ask for her support..." ... written by alexandre caldas
I liked Heera's abilities and I think I got an accurate reading from her. Would go to her again! :)" ... written by Maranatha
She is just so good :)" ... written by HeidiKristiina
Lovely and endearing and a very honest reading. Certainly picked up on my energy straight away. A very thorough reading." ... written by em
Put me in a better spot where I can breath!" ... written by Tiger
Great Reading...she knew so much about me and my situation." ... written by Gabriela
very on point lady" ... written by g
thanks much..." ... written by eveliz
great reading as always." ... written by noelle
she's the best " ... written by sam
thank you" ... written by strawberries601
Heera is amazing, i recommend her, she doesnt have to type so there is no waiting, she is in her flow and just speaks to you. She is spot on with my wavelength and confirming things that were back in my mind that I have not told anyone. She called me out on a thing, which no one has ever done (and acutally in a weird way liked it b.c I know I needed to be told that piece of info) If she didnt tell me that then I would continue to live a life as a heartbreaker and I dont want to do that anymore as im getting older I want to settle down. My career forecast as of 2015 was great to hear. She is legit, I have now found my personal Psychic Guidance Therapist. Thank You! Heera I hope you have an AMAZING 2015 and wish you many blessings to come! XOXO" ... written by Lynn
She had great ideas " ... written by vickie massey
She is sweet and super nice very helpful :D " ... written by Veronica
She can always feel me and give good advice." ... written by Karen
always a good feeling and insightful conversation... provides clear advice for my love and professional life. will continue to ask for her help" ... written by ALEXANDRE CALDAS
lul" ... written by brandon
Soothing and connected never misses a point. Has a beautiful smile. Love when we laugh together make my future feel brighter. :)" ... written by Eliza Ward
heera is amazing always can count on her when I need clarity" ... written by melissa
She is awesome!" ... written by Roquelle Martinez
heera ... you are my best friend... you always put me on an ease... I love you... I really want to meet you one day...." ... written by mahima
Thanks for the nice explaining again..." ... written by Sonja Boes
So far I am very happy as all reading have been very accurate. I love her directness and straightforward talk. She does not sugar coat and will speak very openly about everything you need to know. She will also explain the reasons why things will be. I am clear and aware and alert. I am happy and very thankful and will definitely recommend her. " ... written by Tantan20
always a pleasure to speak to her! " ... written by Tee
Excellent! An insightful and kind reader." ... written by AJ
OMG she is the truth!" ... written by Terry
Great Girl...wish you all the best...Thank You!!!!" ... written by Linuxa
She gave me a very thorough reading in a small amount of time and she is very sincere :)." ... written by Bianca
She is optimistic but realistic. She truly cares and gives her honest input. She listens to concerns and addresses them. " ... written by prettylady
Heera always tunes right in to the real concern. Answered my question quickly. Highly recommend." ... written by Flowers
Awesome...she answered questions I needed advise to. I feel better after speaking to her." ... written by SN
always very insightful and direct... i really like her plain and straight answer to my future opportunities" ... written by ALEXANDRE CALDAS
thank you for the reading." ... written by princess1218
very informative.. thanks so much .. good reading.." ... written by eveliz
Very welcoming and patient to talk to." ... written by KA
Love her she was right on ....." ... written by nromance
Heera is wonderful as always. She answered some more questions I had about my current life situation. She is very sweet and she tells me exactly what I need to hear. She gives the best advice! She also told me about my career and how I'm going to do in school, what I need to focus on. I really enjoy having her kind of guidance I should say in my life, very great. And her birthday just passed which I didn't know, Happy Birthday Heera! " ... written by Jade
She is fabulous with capturing feelings of other person to the T ....simply the best" ... written by Shona
deep connection, right to the point as always, fast accurate readings with heera as always" ... written by melissa
Ive seen her before like 2 days ago. What can I say I love her and she tells me how it is bluntly. However tonight was glitchy so she typed me rather quick responses, but the connection the glitchyness can not be blamed on her end, b/c weve chatted before and it was clear and well unless mercury is retrograde than id understand. maybe its all the water signs that are trying to talk to heera tonight, lots of energy. Thankyou000 heera again for such detailed insight and guiding me so to worry less and enjoy the journey." ... written by Lynn
she is very plain full and very insightful... providing a clear and very precise pathway for the future..." ... written by ALEXANDRE CALDAS
Very good reader" ... written by Ola
great reading" ... written by Samantha
was ended" ... written by brandonp
she is the best!" ... written by heera
Her reading answers are accurate and she helped me forseeing my future. I am glad that she help me to answer those budding questions. " ... written by Tracy Enemchukwu
great reading" ... written by davyboii
great reading, thanks" ... written by zpope7
she is always awesome" ... written by tofu
She is very kind relax and very intuitive. She made me calm and she shows me the way to solve problem." ... written by chow
Great reading! She was pretty accurate. Thank you..." ... written by Deb
Heera is so so good. She told what I needed to hear..wasn't what I wanted, but what I needed. I actually feel much better after chatting with her. Very sweet lady. I loved chatting with her. I will definitely be back :)" ... written by nina
Very kind and helped out a lot by clarifying issues that was bothering. She was very understanding and spoke with kindness and reality. Thank you " ... written by Tantan20
she was very good and I cant wait to see what happens" ... written by Marquita
THANK YOU HEERA!" ... written by Rui Jorge
Thank you so much for your help...I appreaciate it so much. Many blessings" ... written by Lisa
thank you for ur wonderful reading!!!" ... written by olive
always on target" ... written by nromance
Always a pleasure! I am repeat client and will continue to be!!!" ... written by leti89
Very truthful and right to the point. " ... written by Daniela P.
as things changed from last year, the reading has also changed to reflect that. So real deal" ... written by f
Great Read! Fast!" ... written by Angela
she provides so much advice and assurance in time of need.. very clear" ... written by mia
Great advise and on point thank you Heera!" ... written by Deb
When I need someone, she is here, right results all the time. I feel better just talking to her. the only one I will go to!" ... written by tiger lilly0811
She is an awesome reader, i strongly recommend" ... written by April
<" ... written by KarenW
this lady is cool, i got some good news from her which have not happend yet ,but what she say make sense , when what she say happend , i will be back and rating again. thaks " ... written by guangzhu
Heera123 is very insightful and helped me a lot in this reading thank you" ... written by Brianne
This Lady is the best. She directed me to the company that owns me back money from 35 years ago. Everything that she has told me has been proven correct from Love to Money to Total happiness. She even told me about my new Travels and getting married very shortly. I have already bought a ring. " ... written by james
Heera was extremely good would contact again" ... written by Wendy Thirlwell
very good" ... written by amanda
Accurate i'll have to see how things play out." ... written by kindness133
she made me look at things with so much perspective today. let's see what unfolds. I will be back for another reading after an event happens. see you next week=)" ... written by pearberry008
Thanks heera once again. I came for update and you have put my mind on ease. You not help me spiritually but mentall and emotionally as well. I am really thankfull to you. You are just amazing. " ... written by mahima
good as always " ... written by CLOUDS
I'm shocked lol" ... written by Tyler
Thank you so much for your help and advise. " ... written by Madeline Lopez
Wow!!! She is fascinating... Lifts my spirit up all the time... This time i truly loved her reading... Hope all that you said comes true soon Heera... Lu sooo much " ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
Calm and accurate. Excellent reading!" ... written by Lise
Sorry! I ran out of fund. Thank you for your readings! Thanks for your honesty! " ... written by Leona
it's great, she is awesome, and i feel comfortable talking with her.." ... written by erlisna
AMAZING is all I can say! It crazy how Heera can channel your situation without you even giving her any info about the situation at hand. Five stars!!!!" ... written by Precious
always provides a very clear and very sharp reading... i am always impressed with very realistic future avenues..." ... written by ALEXANDRE CALDAS
I love Heera she the best " ... written by paulina
Very nice and helpful! Hope everything works out as planned!" ... written by KG
she is fantastic!!!!" ... written by jessica
Heera is wonderful as usual.. To the point and I highly recommend" ... written by Balan
thankyou for this very clear and helpful reading " ... written by Denise
wonderful reading" ... written by CMM228
Everyone loves a sense of humor! Heera definitely has one:) She was really sweet and thoughtful! It was a good reading. " ... written by Jen
Heera is my number one! I always refer to her as my personal psychic counselor when talking to friends. I realized she gives me a warm and comforting feeling that everything will be alright and she's straight forward with everything she tells me. I really enjoy talking to her, she's a wonderful person and she gives me a lot of hope and security. " ... written by Jade
minnnnd blooown." ... written by yass
Thanks for the reading.. hope things work out! " ... written by shikins
She was very good and honest about matters. " ... written by Juhi
very helpful and insightful" ... written by k
she is very good and accurate. she is the best" ... written by yasmine
Heera was very genuine and down to earth. Helped me see the bigger picture and the fact that it ain't as big of a deal as I'm making it out to be. Felt like she was a good friend even tho this was my 1st reading with her! :D" ... written by Ayane
Thanks heera for a sincere honest conversation. Will stay in touch about my future. Thanks" ... written by debbie burns
It's great to have an update from her and she is able to connect to the situation very quickly. What is also great about her is that she actually cares about her clients and help them out in all of their time in need just like she does with me all the time. I am grateful for all the clarity she has to offer to me each time. Thank you." ... written by Tantan20
Heera is absolutely AMAZING...she tuned right into my situation and gave me wonderful advice. I appreciate her guidance and look forward to seeing predictions come to pass..what a beautiful spirit she has!" ... written by Carrie
heera has been the first reader I took to private here , long time ago. most of predicitons happened. her insight is priceless. it's so good to hear that after a long period of time Im in much better position of my life... thanks a lot heera, she inspired me long way back then to make some important changes!" ... written by jazzychic
I love her readings very nice lady, she was relax. The cards were right with my feelings and subject. Gave me a lot of hopes in my career and life progress." ... written by GODGIRL
Heera has been my reader for a while now . Heera is an excellent reader, everything she has told me has happen." ... written by sheribear
Excellent! Heera is always kind and accurate. I enjoy her readings." ... written by AJ
Thank you helping me sort my issues and guiding me." ... written by raysa
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
She is very good at giving answers right away. You can count on her. Great person, that is wonderful at her craft. I trust her and am a loyal client. " ... written by Yesenia
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
She is very accurate. I asked her would I be lucky at the casino. She said yes and I was very lucky!!" ... written by Beverly
another great reading!" ... written by xtine
really really Super... I got all my answers.. Thank you so much .. i am feeling much positive" ... written by Pavani
love this woman very accurate and gentle in her speech." ... written by amaachiaa
My go to girl! Thank you" ... written by Tee
I always Love reading from Heera, she has been very honest and straight to the point . Heera has been a God sent too me and I always enjoy my reading. I always keep Heera updated on my progress. I would recommend her to anyone She is the Best reader that Oranum has" ... written by sheribear
Very quick and can pick up personalities accurately." ... written by Blue
Exactly what i needed." ... written by Melissa
I really enjoyed my reading with Heera123. She was great, she tuned in immediately to both questions I asked her and I feel like her advice and insight was right on to what I was feeling. Thank you, Heera!" ... written by Heidi
This was my first time doing something like this. She was extremely accurate and very sweet. Gave great advice. Thank you so much. " ... written by Chenoa
great person... love her.. thank u heera" ... written by bb
My internet is very bad. I will come back. Very insightfull though" ... written by Kim
She was right on many things, but some things were off. They were not of what I was asking, and were more related to me instead of who I was asking about." ... written by Alyssa Pahlck
Heera is awesome! She is honest, intellectual and connects well with people. She has a true gift as well. She told me exactly what I needed to hear but also was very compassionate. Thank you. " ... written by Nicole
Man she said I would nail it and I feel like I did=) lol I will know the results next week! and of course I will come back!" ... written by pearberry008
Very accurate and considerate!!" ... written by Janice
Wow!! She's really good!! She very accurate of what she sees on me. The images and the past. I can't wait for her prediction to get unfold." ... written by Sarah
thank you! for your reading! you gave me comfort and clarity. " ... written by lousie
loved the reading and she was totally right" ... written by marquita
Five stars as always! I love this lady! She's always spot on and definitely puts my mind at ease. Very calming and caring might I add as well :)" ... written by Precious
yes good and accurate about how i feel " ... written by Hayley
I believe Heera is a wonderful psychic. A perfect combination of care and presence and clairvoyance. She is great." ... written by allskies
I LOVE YOU YOU ARE AMAZING" ... written by Dynaea
I enjoyed her and she was pretty much saying what I was thinking. i know how my mind will run with whatever thought that is there. Thank you very much." ... written by Jessica
awsome .." ... written by davyboii
I loved her reading it was to the point. I will come again." ... written by r
Thanks Heera! Nice talking to you again! Will update!" ... written by Sunflower1931
great reading!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
Fantastic reading, really tells it like it is and gives some great advice. I will return again. Thanks so much Heera! :)" ... written by Brianne
Heera is a wonderful guide. I don know where else to go. I don have to go anywhere. She is just wonderful." ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
Heera is just great....! As always, as usual... :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
thanks very much ! looking forward for predictions" ... written by Alicja
Heera - always, always great and truthful. She is amazing and I am so glad she is on oranum to talk with. " ... written by Heidi
She was on point. I feel relieved. I will have to be patient until this summer" ... written by kim
Thanks again for another wonderful reading!" ... written by swsiren
She answered my questions and connected quickly. A gentle spirit. Will read with her again" ... written by opto
this reading was so good.i totally felt much better. Thank you so much Heera." ... written by successgirl
It was not what I wanted to hear, but it was true :(." ... written by Mia
Heera was right on point and I asked no questions...Thank u!!" ... written by Deb
Thank you for the reading Heera. " ... written by Tahliah
Very Honest, picked up on the present well. Talented reader. " ... written by AK
Heera 123 was very good, very acurate but i ran out of credits." ... written by Patrick
She's really good at what she does! I love how everything she says is on point." ... written by solanllli
My go to girl!" ... written by Tee
very dependable and reliable for truth and honest answers" ... written by melissa
She is ready good, thanks for the update! x" ... written by Sonja Boes
Heera was great! she connected to my situation right away and gave me great insight. I will definitely be back for more!!!" ... written by LisREAL
la million STARS!!!!! Yeah!!!! give her the time she will put you at peace" ... written by altima1963
thanks great reading. made me realise i have to concentrate on my work " ... written by hayley
one of her predictions came true last week regarding me doing very well in my career path! yesterday i was panicked about my love life; i went into a private reading with her not even knowing what question to ask her. She calmed me down and also read for me what she could pick up on regarding my situation. She did not try and waste my time, even though i really didn't know what i wanted to know myself. she gave me clear insight. I highly recommend her." ... written by pearberry008
Very kind and sweet psychic. I felt very accurate and did not need much information from me at all. I hope to return! " ... written by TruthFinder108
Thank You Heera! You are awesome as always!" ... written by Lynn
Your reading was awesome. Thank you. You pretty much nailed it. You guessed my sign, my occupation immediately. you certainly have a gift. I will be back." ... written by kelly
I went crazy looking for this woman, she has a great vibe. " ... written by Natahsa
VERY TRUE" ... written by JESSE
Great connection! Thank u Heera!" ... written by Deb
Excellent reading!" ... written by AJ
very good reading, and it was insightful to discuss the questions i had." ... written by BN
Was very good! She gave a lot of insight to my situation and was very helpful!" ... written by Kyle
Heera is very thoughtful, and has a calming influence. She really sees the situation and gives sound advice. I really enjoy readings with her, she grounds me and tells me the reality of situation with a kind and gentle demeanor." ... written by Azure
She is just good :)" ... written by HeidiKristiina
True speaking angel on earth" ... written by D
Heera is kind and sweet. Really tuned in to my " ... written by Happle (J)
honest reading and honest person. " ... written by cherie
great reading as always. very down to earth and easy to connect with." ... written by lisreal
My favourite reader. She is so accurate about the present and picks up information quickly. She picks up on the connection I have with people very accurately, also. I've had three readings with her in two days because she has so much to share!" ... written by AK
This is my 3rd reading with Heera. She is the only one I go to. Heera is straight to the point and she starts exactly where we left off from the last reading. I highly recommend going to her for guidance she is #1! You go girl!" ... written by Lynn
Nice talk. But I am too tired" ... written by Alice
great" ... written by david
Great reading from Heera.. She is totally always on point.." ... written by Deb
she is too honest and great" ... written by baharalivand
Great Reading...Accurate...Events came True." ... written by Gabriela
you are nice,thanks you" ... written by eziina
it was good, Heera seemed pretty connected and pretty accurate, unfortunately ran out of credits ! lol" ... written by Joe
Very interesting reading. " ... written by Christina
Great read as always. " ... written by Yesenia
Heera 123 has been very accurate in all of my readings that I had in the past and as well the current ones. I would highly recommend Heera to all of my friends . Even folks I don't know she is the best." ... written by sheribear
Solid, quick and honest" ... written by Chrissy
very nice and great advice " ... written by michelle
Great read!" ... written by precious
Positive reading, we will see how it goes in life :) " ... written by nikoloz
VEyr good and accurate. I really enjoy talking to her. " ... written by Roseanna
she is always right" ... written by humility
Love!" ... written by March
Thanks again! I have the power to do this!" ... written by Sunflower1931
Thanks Heera! Answered all of my questions! :) " ... written by Sunflower1931
Amazing reading per usual!!! She is so accurate and also gives amazing advice! Love and recommend her!" ... written by Kyle
GOOD READER !" ... written by SAM
Thank you! Always a help with my issue!" ... written by Tee
can't wait to see what happens" ... written by Ricky
Only time will tell, very gentle spirited person." ... written by Heather
WOW!!!!!! She is awesome!!!!! This is all I can say about this woman!!!!" ... written by Sunnygirl
Amazing!!! i will deffo be coming back! easy to talk to straight to the point " ... written by Jack
Always a joy to talk to. I really feel her connection." ... written by Greenunicorn512
She was clear and to the point." ... written by Justin
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
thank you so so much for the reading. Heera is so uhmmmm accurate and intuitive, wow. " ... written by katie
thanks heera. you always help me out when im stressed. im excited for things to start happening! you are truly talented and thank you so much!!!!" ... written by someone
She was spot on about my situation. Hopefully things will play out." ... written by jarisa johnson
Wonderful to read with - you brought me peace and calmness, and I value your comments and insight. Thank you." ... written by Barbara
Great, quickly and accurate." ... written by Natashaj
Heera read me right again and I really appreciate her sincerity and honesty" ... written by Deb
vary chill and straight to the point" ... written by michael
I really enjoyed this reading. she gave me some insights and I will work on them and await the outcome in the timeline given. " ... written by partybeautygirl
She told me things before I was able to tell her about my life." ... written by Jasmine
good energy reader" ... written by imaniamalaika
thank you!! " ... written by kt
very good and very quick thank you " ... written by slimmie
Thank you Heera again, very insightful reading! " ... written by Princess
Constantly going to heera because her predictions come true." ... written by henry
OMG, this lady hit it on the head, wow, wow, wow" ... written by Patricia
Thank you Heera! great reading! " ... written by Princess
i really trust Heera´s feelings and vissions and insights... truly a wonderful support for my love life and my professional life... will continue to ask for her continuing support" ... written by Alexandre Caldas
Thanks again for another great reading" ... written by swsiren
think she got me accurately... all good" ... written by J
veryful helpful" ... written by valencia
good" ... written by maryam
I have always listened to what is being said, tomorrow brings a new adventure that will be my new start ." ... written by sheri
The reading was uplifting and reassuring. Heera has a kind spirit and a good heart. The information is always clear and I appreciate her tremendously." ... written by AJ
We will see if these predictions come to pass. I am looking forward to updates." ... written by Sunnygirl
great reading , you are so good . I am happy I meet you." ... written by amaachiaa
she spotted on every issue! " ... written by chantelleplein
thank you so much heera mam.......my heart feel better...... and its really worth for me....i will do as what u said mam....tq so much for your support" ... written by vina
she was very good and direct I waiting to see if he contact me like she said" ... written by debragreen
Heera's readings are clear and encouraging. I enjoy them immensely!" ... written by AJ
The best I can only find to make peace of mind" ... written by Charlotte Crane
I love her readings although I am not happy with what she said." ... written by vickie massey
always awesome :)" ... written by humility
wow!!! great reading!!! wonderful insight!! she connects quickly and is very accurate, worth the time and money :)" ... written by loveseeoker
Excellent reading I always enjoy her readings. She is spot on she knows things she couldn't possibly know about my life. I truly think this lady is gifted. If your looking for help she's the psychic who can help." ... written by Eric
Thanks. I needed a to the point read, and I got it from her no fuss. :)" ... written by f
thanks as always" ... written by f
I enjoyed her readings, it was very reassuring and insightful for things to come. definitely saving as a contact" ... written by Xiomara
Heera is a lovely woman - very wise and speaks great comfort and encouragement. It is hard for me to believe what she says will come to pass, but I have to get out of my own way. " ... written by John Yodice
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
she is fantastic. felt the situation and provided sound insight and advice. She really hit the work situation perfectly." ... written by brian
Heera is the real thing! She has helped me so much and she is really honest and she cares about you! I love her! She is AMAZING! Don't waste anymore time...trust me...she can read your future and present situation like she is reading a book....Trust her! She is the best!" ... written by Paula
I had an excellent private reading with Heera. She's very quick and intuitive... one of the best clairvoyants around. Thanks." ... written by Drax
Amazing.... Its like she is listening into our conversations. Accurate. Helpful. She cleared the confusion in my head." ... written by Brian
she is THE BEST !! " ... written by Shany
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
great as usual, thanks!" ... written by f
She touched back RIGHT ON!!! amazing reading" ... written by RaRaRads393
She put my mind at ease.. i loved her!! " ... written by Milly
Everything Heera has told me has come to pass. I call her my friend and I don't have very many." ... written by James
Outstanding. All the things she told me in our last reading have actually happened. sound advice to keep me on the right path." ... written by Brian
this was my first reading. she understood all my questions and spot on. very helpful advices. " ... written by samara
Always nice to have an update given by Heera. straight to the point, very quick and timely efficient. I like it and she always helps me out at my request. Thank you. " ... written by Tantan20
GOOD LIKE ALWAYS .. " ... written by NYC
Had a great expericnce with her. Good an pretty accurate." ... written by Rene Miranda
she's very nice :)" ... written by Mimi
Heera is a wonderful person." ... written by RaphaelG
very straight forward and tells the truth!! spot on and so accurate! really loved the reading will come back again! :)" ... written by Rayan
good advice..." ... written by eveliz
Great reading! She Heera123 told me the same thing most of my doctors have told me, that I am stressed and needing to release that stress in order to achieve what we have been trying to for 2 years. Thanks!" ... written by Erica
Another excellent reading by Heera: clear and honest. Thanks." ... written by Drax
Love her energy,speed and straightfowardness. My favorite psychic for now. " ... written by Gyp
she gave really good advice" ... written by andrew
Thank u for the demo which you were right on and the private. I really appreciate it. " ... written by mainstreem20
It always great having readings from her . Very insightful " ... written by Samantha
I have had several readings with Heera and she is spot on!! Many things that she has said have to past." ... written by Beverly
very comforting in my time of need!" ... written by brian
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Right on point, thank you." ... written by nyan100
My second reading with her and wow so amazing! I like her because I don't have to explain myself. On the contrary she is hate one giving me info even about myself!" ... written by Stephanie
Thank you for your guidance and information." ... written by Tie
heera always give me clear view either for current or future situations which is really helpful, tell me be glad when positive, be caution when some hint tough rock would occur. very helpful. saved me from all the things. i am moved towards a clearer road . thak you , heera, my dear friends. i definitely recommend her to be your guidence." ... written by jackson0923
Thanks a lot Heera for your blunt honesty and straight to the point without wasting time. I greatly appreciate your advice and 100% honesty..." ... written by Vas
My second reading with Heera and she was spot on! She picked up my situation and gave me her best advice! She's so caring and kind! I can't wait to get another reading again. " ... written by topo08
very easy to get on" ... written by p
thank you very much heera. you helped me understand myself a little bit better. 10/10 very sweet and to the point." ... written by kaytee
She's the best" ... written by Heidi
wonderful advice. Thanks very on point with the reading. blessing" ... written by altima1963
Very friendly andamp; Helpful . Great advice as Always. Here to support me. Thank you. " ... written by Gopal
I had a great reading, she knew exactly how I was feeling and I can't tell you how much better it made me feel. Great reading. I will be back to let you know :-) " ... written by tracieo568
Heera is the best! She gives great advice and readings and she is very very very insightful! Love her!!" ... written by Kyle
Awesome!!! I love you Heera!" ... written by Stephanie
Heera is always on point and can tap into my situations very easily" ... written by mia
Thanks soo much Heera!" ... written by wanda93
Heera tuned into my situation immediately and gave some great advice, will be back" ... written by Sue
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
I always value Heera's perspective. Her readings are great and her voice is very calming." ... written by cherryblossom10
the best reading ever." ... written by Aundrea Dunbar
she was great" ... written by browneyegirl
really a great reader...able to get inside the real possibilities for professional work... excellent" ... written by alexandre caldas
she continues to provide a real insightful reading both professionally and personally..." ... written by alexandre caldas
I felt it was a good reading. However, sometimes the audio cuts out for a couple of seconds." ... written by Ben
thank you heera for a great reading, very informative and helpful" ... written by kreuzen
Very sweet and honest! I enjoyed my reading and am looking forward to seeing what happens in the near future! =)" ... written by Kate
great reading and to the point. " ... written by no1thatcares4u
Very accurate and fantastic" ... written by Srivalli
She goes to the point with no wasting time." ... written by Bey
thank you for the reading. I appreciate your honesty." ... written by Dawn
thanks" ... written by f
Great and straight to the point!! On point!" ... written by rhd
Amazing reading!" ... written by Kyle
Heera gets right to the point and tells it like it is. All of the good and the bad. Incredible! Thank You so much!" ... written by Brian
I lovey calm reading, which helped me and showed that maybe not everyone around me is saying the right thing to me. I need to be more positive. Thank you Heera :)" ... written by Evenstar
She is so amazing! She has a instant connection when i go into privates" ... written by Enyas
Very good! On Point :) Thank you Heera for your truth xxxxxx" ... written by Me
Thanks always for making me feel good and how to sort out everything " ... written by Charlotte Crane
She is excellent. She picked up on everything immediately with very little information from me. Please contact her. You will be very glad you did." ... written by Sandra
She's always on point 100% accurate. Never fails. " ... written by Sam603
Heera was amazing. She gave me so much advice and I connected very well with her. I feel more confident and look forward to the next 6 months and taking on the advice she gave me. I will be back :)." ... written by Artishakti
thanks heera :) was straightforward and told me what i needed to hear, not what i wanted to hear...much appreciated" ... written by lovesoul
My friend Heera123 is the Best. Always dead on it. ***** for her always'" ... written by James
she is good" ... written by humility
good reading like always. " ... written by clouds
She is very consistent. I appreciated her reading for me. She was able to give me timelines which were helpful. thank you." ... written by starfish57
:)" ... written by laura
always on track with my readings" ... written by nromance
Very wise!" ... written by Jana
spot on awesome and amazing she really knows her stuff" ... written by Danielle
She is quite the teacher. Very kind person with distinct talent and abilities. Thank you." ... written by starfish57
She's so awesome!! Thank you!!" ... written by Intuitnerd
ok" ... written by u
She has a great knowledge about chakras and meditation. She was very informative and shared alot with me. I really appreciate what she can do. Thank you." ... written by starfish57
Very good insight from Heera today. 100% " ... written by deb
Quick and honest reading by heera again. Thanks for your help. " ... written by D
GREAT READING" ... written by E
Heera is an excellent reader" ... written by erika
She has relieved, my heart is grateful thank you!! Very on point about me and my crazy thoughts!!!" ... written by SweetS
Heera is an absolute lovely person. she gave me a great reading and I hope things come to pass as she has predicted. " ... written by tracy
been with her many times. accurate as ever. thank u so much for the reading." ... written by elle
Very reassuring but also helps with understanding. Thank you." ... written by starfish57
very genuine and honest with her responses. answers your questions and is very thorough about it" ... written by JCS
Heera is always so amazing with her readings. I just feel sooo delighted and hopeful when i come to her. Truly hope her predictions come true sooon enough. Love her loads... Always recommend her. I need not go anywhere else. " ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
My first time speaking with her. She answered my question very well . I will speak with her again " ... written by marcella
she was good, seemed like a good person" ... written by yvonne
Thanks again for another wonderful reading Heera!" ... written by swsiren
heera is awesome I always come to her when I need help" ... written by melissa
A beautiful person. Great reader." ... written by J
verry good " ... written by norwaygilr91
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
As always, Heera is wonderful. Such a great reader!" ... written by Amy
She was good. It made sense. " ... written by glennice
she know what is going on and she is very sweet and she got it all right on best she can help you as well " ... written by Chris
Honest and upfont. Highly accurate.." ... written by Trying
great insight and advice as usual. thanks :)" ... written by jazzychic
good reading" ... written by Ben
Awesome reading. You are always correct Heera :)" ... written by Amrutha
Heera is an amazing psychic! She always gives great advice!" ... written by Kyle
Wonderful and insightful reading. She knew what I knew (and what I wasn't aware of) almost instantly and was able to give me helpful guidance and reassurance. She's great!" ... written by --
She's great, I love her energy and love talking to her from time to time. Her updates are great as usual and she tells you all that you need to look forward to. I am not buttering her up, I have known her for almost 2 years now, and have taken various readings from her and others. She is one of the best, and tunes in very quickly! " ... written by Girlie
wow really enjoyed her felt she was on target will be back" ... written by pppp
Another great reading and your words are very comforting. Thank you." ... written by Dennis
you are awsome....spot on... your so many predictions for me came true...... regarding my career and lovelife...... my life taking turns as you said.... exactly the way you told me... i love you heera.... I waiting for more to come" ... written by mahima
My Reading today was inspire, I have many obstacles and goals I must reach . All in time I will accomplished my goals." ... written by sheribear
excellent reading . Always count on this lady. Keep up the good work." ... written by amaachiaa
I come to Heera when I seeks the truth. She is ALWAYS accurate!! I will return." ... written by Beverly
You are wonderful at Readings :) I appreciate your help " ... written by Dakota debarge
xoxx" ... written by Kashaa
She is amazing !!" ... written by Kasha
Thank you so much for your reading. Everything you said was accurate. You knew everything about my current situation at first I felt like I was lead here but didn't know why. After speaking to you I realised I got answers that I didn't even know I was looking for. I feel so relieved after speaking to you. Thank you so much im sure you know how much you have helped!" ... written by mini2412
A good reader, quite insightful." ... written by abscool
Thank you for my reading. It was so accurate and I love it. I wanted to make sure whether ive made the right decision about leaving my partner and you helped me realise the truth. " ... written by devi54
Heera was very kind and provided a lot of information during the reading! I'll be sure to return in the future for another reading!" ... written by Lindsey
great reading" ... written by gena
Such a nice person to talk to! Very helpful. Thank you!" ... written by skippy08
wonderful advice, im glad i spoke to heera about this... gave me a right motivation and direction!" ... written by jazzychic
Spot on! She knew exactly what my situation was" ... written by Linda
I think Heera is very informative, i hope her predictions come to pass, i like talking to her she is a very sweet soul." ... written by tracy
Excellent reader, great sense of humor and full of life. Care about her clients very much" ... written by sheribear
Always a great reader " ... written by sheribear
Aw, she seems to know what she is talking about.. although many things I wasnt expect to hear. I recommend her!" ... written by Denise
Heera was wonderful as always. Thank you, you were on point as always. I have to come back to see you." ... written by Ladymysterious
Thank you nice lady :) :) :)" ... written by ,,, ;)
Time is always the answer...Heera123 is very possitive and soothing to visit. She is very fast to connect and answers question before I had the time to type them. She is very good, will be back to have another reading in a few months. Thank You for your time!" ... written by L
you are amazing and yes your predictions came to pass thank you so much!" ... written by m
Great reading !! You really helped me to understand and see thinks from different prospective! Thank you." ... written by Jina66
She is straightforward and Direct. Tnx heera." ... written by Bey
Great reading" ... written by lola
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
very very accurate " ... written by missa
She is so sweet -i really liked her reading!! she does not tell things that may happen..she tells you what is going on NOW!" ... written by Sonia
She can pick up on things quickly which is great. Thank you!" ... written by starfish57
Good reading, very helpful, also helped me understand some things about my situation" ... written by AK
This was my first reading with Heera. She was very accurate about my current situation and feelings. Gave me great advice, and was honest and quick! " ... written by Jess
Very direct and helpful. " ... written by Rahul S.
Wow Heera was very good, all I had to do was ask my question and the words just started flowing. She has the true ability to read you and your situaiton. She described things about me I didn't even say and things I didn't think would even come up. I was very pleased with my reading" ... written by Kevin
thank you for the update and as always she was honest and direct. I highly recommend her. I have been doing reading with her for 2 years now and her prediction has come true already." ... written by megabee
It was amazing talking to Heera. I felt so much better after talking to her. She understands my situation so well. What she saw in her readings about me were so accurate. I trust in her predictions. I will be back for the updates for sure." ... written by WinKay
What she saw in my future is coming to past. You can not go wrong with her forecasts. She is accurate!!" ... written by Beverly
great reading thank you:))) nice lady :)" ... written by ...
So gentle and compassionate, logical and insightful! :)" ... written by Eva
she was very cuteandamp; calm =))) she gave me positive energy thank you!! ;)) she was accurate xxx god bless u" ... written by ..
nice reading again from Heera!" ... written by lise
Good" ... written by chand
spot on always!!" ... written by chantelleplein
Thank you so much for your reading, Heera! Very quick, accurate and fast to connect. Would recommend to anyone and everyone; her readings re very sincere and down-to-earth. I had a demo with her once, her readings ALWAYS come true and are rarely ever wrong. Thank you so much :) Will always continue to come back to Heera :) " ... written by Salty
Awesome. Calm and clear. Good work!" ... written by Suzy Walters
sweetandamp;caring thank you:)))" ... written by ..
it was brilliant" ... written by eminem_lover
well she didnt hit on things tonight as she did before she said she was tired before i took i was disapointed cause felt she was very good the first time" ... written by ppp
Thank you it was a really pleasant reading and I like how you explained things." ... written by moonstone
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by Brianne
Calm and Great reader. Thanks.!" ... written by Ellen
Awesome as usual, long time since I've been to her, but glad I came back." ... written by rosie
She is always good and really knows what she is doing." ... written by Ben
Thank you!" ... written by Tie
EXCELLENT" ... written by NYC
i would totally recommend her!! Her readings are amazing and accurate.. Thank You Heera:)" ... written by Milly
Very nice, smart, and I love her insight. She is right on the point and I really recommend speaking to her. She also gives great advice. " ... written by Roseanna
Very insightful, honest, and good to talk to. I really love her readings." ... written by Roseanna
For the first reading it was helpful and I loved it! It eased some fears and doubts on my mind. Either way for a first time it was perfect and will do it again in the future." ... written by Brittany
Simply amazing! I am a skeptic, but this young lady amazed me totally!" ... written by Robert
Such a beautiful soul .So much she can see and envision its amazing . I will most defiantly come back to see her again 100 stars . thank you !" ... written by sandy
Honest and comprehensive answers with great additional feedback about how I can improve specific situations. Heera helped me to resolve a few of the conflicts and made me feel more secure about my relationship." ... written by bunebaba
Heera is very sweet and straightforward. She tells you the truth, not what she thinks you want to hear. Very honest and caring person. Well worth the investment!" ... written by Meredith
She was fast and to the point. I will call back in a few days." ... written by Gracie
Heera is great, her answers were direct and sincere!! I appreciated her honesty and the clarity she also gave me she picked up many accurate things about the current situation! Awesome reading overall and will come back :) " ... written by A
very spot on, helped me with some q's that were bothering me." ... written by paca
She was ok" ... written by andria
Ive been reading with her for about 2 years now, and i really appreciate her and her words become truth and are presently loving and understanding, she rock!!" ... written by SweetS
She is really good at what she does. " ... written by tracy
Heera told me to take care of my health and the following week I had a health scare. I am normally very healthy. She gives outstanding readings. And her forecasts do come true. I will return!!" ... written by Beverly
picked up on my situation and was accurate! i think its what i needed to hear, thanks!" ... written by hardeep
A very good reading. Thanks very much. I appreciate it." ... written by Sandra
excellent" ... written by Celia
CE EST GOOD CONFIDANCE LABA LOOL" ... written by rifton91
accurate" ... written by dudkata
I love heera! I came to her with great news. Ive worked with her for so long when I was broken hearted and every time she gave me hope! and told me to hang in there and I did. Thank you heera!" ... written by Tee
she is very good, she can see a lot of things without saying first" ... written by minh
Very kind and answered my questions. We will have to see how this all plays out :)" ... written by ACole
Good reading. She answered my questions and gave me some insights. :)" ... written by Mriss
amazing :-)" ... written by Diana
Great reader! Clear and precise and good with timing. Thanks Heera." ... written by Suzy Smith
Great reading will be back" ... written by Sam603
I love Heera123, she is so kind and listens well. Also gives good advice. I trust her and have been consulting with her for over two years now. Highly recommend her!!" ... written by Diane
Fantastic!!" ... written by baloni12
good" ... written by Trisha
This lady is a very comfortable an calm person to be around. She is honest, professional, clear with her words, and very accurate with details. This was a lovely reading and I would definitely want another at some point." ... written by Sara
Amazing such a sweetheart :) was right on what I needed to hear! Thank you" ... written by KC
she is always very accurate, strongly recommend!" ... written by hummingbird
she's just perfect " ... written by clous
She is straight to the point!! And highly accurate !! I highly recommend her to everyone!!" ... written by Balan
Ms. Heera 123 was wonderful I enjoyed talking to you I will come back again to talk to you. and add you as a friend." ... written by Patricia
i will still wish that, i meet some one who can tell me the name of the man in my love life, a man who can love and protect me ,for i have been told my my husbands cousin that if i am the woman that will marry my husband,then i will not find it easy,please somebody help me look for a husband for i am almost 48 yrs, and i also need children of my own,i want to know i jesse jerome is really mine or not? please help me though i have no credit now." ... written by perpetual j. hiadzi
Gave Accurate reading. 5*" ... written by Kamini Thanki
She is so nice and absolutely amazing!" ... written by makeda
cool and calming, heera is really helpful. thank you so much" ... written by kreuzen
Right on! She was extremely helpful and helped me with every question I had. :)" ... written by beverly
As always shes very helpful and makes sure she answers all QUESTIONS." ... written by beverly
She is an excellent psychic and really told exactly the way it is. I can't wait for her predictions to come true. " ... written by janote
She is very insightful and informative." ... written by Cosumel
very good" ... written by michael
Love Heera, she is a great reader!" ... written by Dinora Smith
Great and clear. Love Heera and so will you! Thanks." ... written by Jill Smith
Honest as always" ... written by Kate
Heera is so sweet and genuine! I love here readings! Came to her today for just a quick one. Found her insight most helpful and she was accurate about other things as well like always. Let her help you and help guide you through... She is awesome!" ... written by cathleen
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Heera can read my mind before I even say a word to her. I really trust this lady. keep the good work." ... written by amaachiaa
She is verry good to explain the situation and verry thankfull for her help... everithing what she have said was right and correctly " ... written by KayeTim
Heera was quite accurate about a lot of things.. " ... written by Geeta
Awesome reader. You will love Heera. Calm and centered information. Thanks!" ... written by Suzette Izamal
She was so accurate it was incredible. She sensed things that only I knew and were not obvious! I will be back for sure! She is worth every penny!" ... written by Mao2111
We just flowed as usual, always hitting points one after another, she she should be in the NBA!!! LOL, thanx heera" ... written by Sweets
One of the best!" ... written by SweetS
Thanks again for another wonderful reading!" ... written by swsiren
The Best EVER!" ... written by Paula
She is God blessed, She does see that future and I will stay in contact with her!!" ... written by Beverly
Good I feel relieved." ... written by Kary
super quick, to the point, honest, great advice. one of very best here." ... written by jazzychic
Once again, she is insightful, spot on and full of light!" ... written by Bekah
Heera was fantastic!! She is so fast and accurate! She described exactly the situation and the persons involved. She is really gifted - an amazing reader! Her kind attitude is very comforting." ... written by Sonia
I feel very enlighted about my situation and feel Heera has brought some very much needed relief to it." ... written by Jill
Her insights into the problem has always helped me!" ... written by Humility
She is so insightful. Always spot on. She is just too good and trust worthy. " ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
She was good Didnt want to hear what i heard but good re" ... written by annanie
spot on " ... written by ken
Awesome and Accurate. Many things have happened already. Thanks Heera for your guidance." ... written by Suzy Jillian
thank you" ... written by Gautam
very good! very accurate!" ... written by rarasie
Heera was right about what she said. I think I knew that and just needed that confirmation. I know what I need to do. Thanks a million!" ... written by ddshine10
very friendly :) thanks" ... written by ischerich
very good psychic , connects very easily and gave me more clarity bat my situation" ... written by sara
HE IS THE BEST................." ... written by Aundrea Dunbar
She was very kind and encouraging. I truly hope that what she says she sees is correct! Would recommend her to anyone starting out :)" ... written by PhDLife4
She was wonderful. I highly recommend her." ... written by Lisa Smith
she is great!!! would go back to her!" ... written by mp
great made me smile" ... written by nancy
Heera123 is still the " Best " in my opinion. She confirms and also tell me what will happen and it does as she said. " ... written by James
She is so spot on! She's great!!!!! Thank you so much! " ... written by Erin
I love my readings with Heera - she is always so positive and helps me when my mind is spinning crazy. She is very straight to the point and very honest. " ... written by Sonia
I really feel that Heera123 really connected for me concerning my questions and doubts.. I will come back to her!" ... written by Ky
Thank you very much for your insightful reading! Hope to see you soon again! :) " ... written by Crystal
She was incredible. Very accurate about my situation, and gave me good advice. Thank you and I will update you." ... written by MaiLee24
Very reassuring. Seemed more like a counseling session, because she offered insight. Her predictions were intermingled in between her advice, but she seemed pretty confident about what she saw forthcoming. Thank you." ... written by K
Heera is very accurate and clear. Am a repeat customer. Always go to Heera for insight and help. Thanks." ... written by Toby Ryan
This is my second reading with Heera and I really love her. So sweet and picks up on the situation very fast. " ... written by janote
Heera is Fantastic " ... written by Srivalli
honest!!" ... written by EE
Thanks again for the continuation of the reading about my career. Thank you for the advice. I will take it to heart because this is too good of an opportunity to get distracted by an ex or any other little issues. I will keep you updated!" ... written by mai
she was very nice and game me some good Ideas :) " ... written by Chris
She is genuine and honest." ... written by 11111111111111111
She's like an angel. Always honest and guides me when I need it most. If you can afford the smallest package and can catch her when her rates are lower, I highly recommend giving her a try! =)" ... written by Katelyn
I'm sorry my time ran out so fast. I did not realize I had little time. Thank you for your words of comfort, Heera123." ... written by Jackie Maldonado
Thanks for all the updates and clearing up my never ending confusion..." ... written by V
thanks for the reading!!" ... written by zcy
Heera was great today...as always. I appreciate her guidance and her insight into my situation. She has a calm soothing energy and presence and it is clearly felt during a reading with her. Highly recommended!" ... written by Carrie
she was great and very honest" ... written by mike
she connected straight away and i hope it comes to pass" ... written by pree
Very insighful and direct. Thank you" ... written by silvermoonlight
My go to lady!! Thanks Heera!" ... written by Tee
She seem to know think and has put me on the right track!!! hope she can help you as well " ... written by Chris
sweet girl, hit the nail on the head in many aspects of my life!" ... written by kw
Love her she is honest and truthful. Right on track " ... written by nromance
Great reading, she is very connected and spot on. Thank you very much, will come back soon" ... written by bibi123`
Strong connection in part. Very real and not afraid to be the bad news messenger. I guess I will take the advice and wait on the predictions to pass. " ... written by Safiya
shes amazing keeps me motivated and feeding me with positive insight and advice. thank you my friend" ... written by calvin
Thanks Heera. you are amazing." ... written by Bey
Excellent straight to the point. I enjoyed the reading. Heera123 is very sweet and gives exact details. Thanks." ... written by Fatima
Thanks Heera.....you have great connection and insight" ... written by irelandirish
Thanks again for a lovely reading!!!" ... written by swsiren
Great reading, very detailed and gave accurate information straight to the point." ... written by aliyah
Heera is very natural and sweet. thank you :+)" ... written by Kaytee
very specific which is great. thanks!" ... written by starfish57
im really surprised how quickly she connected with me. I didn't have to say much. Such a cool lady!" ... written by Joyce
Thank you very much Heera, that was right on. " ... written by AThena
greatness everytime... and she doesn't sugar coat... love her!" ... written by mia
Heer is always there for me, when I'm doubting. I'm always impressed how she see thing without telling her. Thank you so much for giving me clarity." ... written by Sonia
I am so happy. A sense of hope and relief and belief is what i get from Heera when ever i have a reading with her.. Her predictions are coming true. Fingers crossed. " ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
She was great. Very straight forward and true. " ... written by Yaz
good reader.. would definitely recommend" ... written by devisri
i asked her to be straight forward and she was. now let see if this is true! :) . she listen and she makes a lot of sense . she is confident. so i believe her predictions will come true :) " ... written by cami
She is quick and too the point!! Doesn't mess around!" ... written by Lisa
She is always a great reading and picks up on things very easily. She senses my thoughts before I even say them. Great reader." ... written by Catherine
very helpful!" ... written by me
AS always, just wonderful!" ... written by scadoodle
AWESOME!!! SO IN TUNE!!! And gives wonderful and eye opening advice! Thank you!" ... written by Karen
Thankyou for the encourgement " ... written by David
You´re wonderful." ... written by Pegah
She is a great reader...I have been getting readings from her for a long time and she predicted me marrying and finishing school. " ... written by TT
It was greatexperience. Very accurate and easy to understand! So glad I went on the private chat with her :) " ... written by Reggie
very nice not a lot of fluff... to the point" ... written by t
brilliant reading and very encouraging. cant wait to have another reading." ... written by angels@work
Sorry Heera time ran out! Will come back to update you!" ... written by RaphaelG
Kind words, straight forward, and gave me some poignant advice. I'm thankful. " ... written by Merrysinclair
She is very helpful" ... written by ****
She is the greatest, and a good soul inside herself. A sweet person." ... written by Malena
thank you very good news " ... written by linda
Heera is always there to give me true answers. " ... written by sonia
felt at ease when listening to heera! i love her x" ... written by meera
very good reading on my situation, and insight on what is going to happen. also great healing work. thank you so much" ... written by cheese
amazing!!!! was so on point can't wait to see what future holds!" ... written by j
very good insight thankyou xx" ... written by joboluvz73
She was very fast and clear, thank you." ... written by Clover
Thank you Heera for giving me a precise reading! Thank you! :) " ... written by Crystal
thank you for your time x" ... written by elinka
hugs hun ♥ always great ♥" ... written by K
shes the best" ... written by mia
it was great just we got a little time :(" ... written by bernadette
as always genuine person...knowledge and all...she knows her stuff..." ... written by dheeren
Thanks Heera! So true on everything!" ... written by Sunflower1931
very caring and straight forward. will come back again" ... written by Harry
heera is one of my favourtie guides and I am very selective. Her advice is never sugarcoated and she shows me how things are and brings so much clarity. Great stuff." ... written by jazzychic
she's amazing. sincerely. the accuracy she has amazes me! i don't have to say much for her to understand the specifics of my situations. thats what i like-- she can point the specifics and not just general energies and feelings and stuff like that. she's also easy going with the readings.. kind of random but i like her voice lol. it's just soothing. she's very empathetic :) i feel that forsure. i believe we both just connect well. thanks so much heera. your advice helps me out TONS and anyone on oranum is lucky to have you on here! I know how grateful i am to have come across you :) " ... written by alecheme
very fast n accurate made my mind clear with all the doubts i has in my love life" ... written by mpf
very good" ... written by miguel
very good reading with heera, she really can tell you quite alot , and without the tools, will be using her more in the future" ... written by sunrisegold
everything was sooo accurate. i've never had a psychic that was so accurate with his/her reading. im definately coming back to her more often. if you get a reading from her, you won't regret it!" ... written by chrissy
ooooh boy she is good lol. very very accurate. i can really sense her honesty and empathy! she's also fast. she gave suuuuuch great advice. thanks so much heera you're the best :) " ... written by ale
Very sympathetic and kind! Will see if what she said comes to pass." ... written by Annic
She was very helpful, and had great insight!Thanks!" ... written by Ned
great reading, good insight, not always what i want to hear but makes me a better person. " ... written by goldenaura
Thank you very much for the reading. " ... written by pink
:D :D :D " ... written by ale
Heera was very accurate in my reading and told me clearly what I need to do to be happy - She was very fast as well despite me having minimum credits. Thank you Heera! God bless you xx" ... written by Violet
She seemed to really get to the heart of my situation, and, she was spot on accurate about so many things. She really knew so much about my relationship and what it was all about, and, she gave me some very promising advice on how to handle everything and how to move forward in a positive way. " ... written by Lana
very gentle. lovely person. true on my career aspirations. got my age right. knew my situation. x" ... written by claire
Once again, Heera put my mind at ease. Thank you so much! Will keep hoping for the best. " ... written by Lana
great. " ... written by cami
I love her energy and calm disposition...she just gives it straight." ... written by Gracie
She is amazing. I would do a private reading with her again an again and again. Thank you Heera, I will be back very soon. YOu absolutely gave me the information I needed to know." ... written by Heather B
GREAT READING :) " ... written by CHIPPY
very good reading :)" ... written by sasha
Her reading has accurate, highly recommended. " ... written by NatashaJ88
Thanks again Heera for very quick response for my question. " ... written by Mirah02
Quickly connected and was accurate and genuine and kind. Many blessings! " ... written by Tiffany
very accurate reading" ... written by mf
Heera is a very reliable psychic on this site." ... written by erika
Really good. Not a lot of questions asked. Knew what was happening and gave me the honest feedback I needed. No games. I wish I would have came across her a long time ago. Thank You for the truth..... not what I wanted to hear but definitely what I needed to hear." ... written by ASH
I have tried readings with many psychics before and for some reason it never felt right or realistic. But speaking with Heera, everything she said was in tune with how I was feeling and what I knew inside was right for me. I highly recommend her, she's very sweet and not forceful with her readings, and has a very calming energy to her. I will definitely be back :)" ... written by R
,k;l" ... written by Aminata
The Best!" ... written by Maria Luisa
Nice reading. Thank you! Will let you know" ... written by Conny
sooo good" ... written by mano
Great as always" ... written by Srivalli
she is very softspoken and gentle and I would come back for another reading." ... written by zae
Predictions have come true many times. Really full of some good guidance. I appreciated her ideas and suggestions. I will let her know what happens. Thank you!" ... written by starfish57
Thanks Heera, feel a little bit better. Will update you soon" ... written by Sunflower1931
I believe her to be accurate, we will see about the future, does not need tools" ... written by sunrisegold
Thank you Heera for a very precise reading, and thank you for your suggestions :) Thank you! " ... written by Crystal
Thank you heera...you were spot on...i came to ease my mind and you helped me. " ... written by angela
awesome she is :) thanks a lot maam" ... written by siesta
awesome :) will come back" ... written by siesta
reading was very helpful and insightful.i thank you for you advice very realistic." ... written by aaron
she was very helpful and spot on...very nice and calm during the whole reading. " ... written by silvermoonlight
Great reiki healing. Thanks!" ... written by Lisa
quite a good reading, happy with the help given." ... written by BN
The Best on Oranum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Jennifer
Very nice. Thank you" ... written by Adel
Thank you :)" ... written by S
Wow she was able to tell me how many kids I am going to have, when I will be married and that I am getting a new job !!" ... written by Katrina
to the point and quick." ... written by shell
Very honest psychic , she can read what is happening in my life without saying a word." ... written by amaachiaa
Lovely lady, calming approach, soothing voice. Extremely knowledgeable in her field. I had my first Reiki healing with Heera and found it very relaxing. She also advised me on ways of healing myself independently which I will definitely work with! " ... written by Steph
we connected very well. Im thankful and blessed to have her do my reading. very accurate. " ... written by Christina
I am stumped!!! I did not tell her anything and she told me each and everything so accurately!! I wish I had met her before! Thank you so much and much love to you :) " ... written by silver days
Heera is very professional/positive/truthful/honest/clear and accurate. I always go to her when I need accuracy. Thanks so much Heera. :)" ... written by :)
good support, life guidance. " ... written by goldenaura
It was great to have a reading done by Heera after a long time. Like always, she helps me out when i ask without any hesitation and is very responsive. I feel happy and much more at peace to have heard what she had to say about my circumstance and gave me ease in what she revealed. Thank you Heera. It is a pleasure as always to hear what you have to offer. xxx" ... written by Tantan20
heera is so great as a psychic thank you!" ... written by katie
She is a doll great advise and so helpful! She is honest.... so let her help you, she has helped me so many times." ... written by cathleen
It was great! I hope her predictions come true! :)" ... written by Sal
thanks for the reading. makes me feel better " ... written by Soul
She is truly fantastic !" ... written by Monz
the best ever." ... written by Aundrea Dunbar
Such a soothing presence and I am hanging on to her as long as I can as she is the real deal here ! " ... written by silver days
Heera was spot on as always. Truthfully picked up on the situation and without reading me for a while, knew things she wouldn't have possibly been able to know. She is a trusted reader with a wonderful spirit:)" ... written by Carrie
thank you so much heera, such great insights and i feel so much lighter after talking to her. she is amazing!" ... written by katie
Great reading, very insightful and goodhearted person. Got the answers I needed to my worries, such a helpful experience to renew my mind. Thank you very much, will come back soon. And thank you for your honesty, we need that here on oranum" ... written by bibi123
wonderful reading. very detailed. very kind." ... written by miko
Heera always puts my mind at ease. Her predictions have come to pass even when I thought that there was no way it could. I come to her a lot of any guidance I may need. Shes great!" ... written by mia
Always on point!! love her" ... written by Yam
love her readings! thanks heera" ... written by ale
Thank you Heera. I am indebted to you for calming me down and helping me see the light. Much love to you :) " ... written by silver days
was good ! thank you " ... written by ketija
had a great reading with her she is always so helpful she is one of the ones i have been coming to for over 3 yrs an she helps me so much " ... written by sandra
I like consulting with Heera about business matters. Very informative and helps me make better decisions. Thanks so much. H :)" ... written by :)
Just had an update with Heera and she confirmed what I was feeling. She is an awesome psychic." ... written by jm
she was really good" ... written by rb
Second time I use Heera123 she is exceptional I will keep coming back to her for sure for guidance. She picks up on the truth" ... written by Annette Jemiolo
wonderful reading. very honest very detailed" ... written by miko
woow shes amazing i didnt have to ask nothing she knew what i was coming for and answered everything shes definately going to go on my favorites thank you so much" ... written by alondra
Thank you for your help , hopefully he will get the help he needs to be happy " ... written by KP
very good reader. her predictions came through. i'm so happy. " ... written by miko
She is always kind, accurate and to the point!" ... written by Gracie
Thank you for your guidance, it was very helpful!" ... written by Della
very good reader" ... written by mike
Lovely detailed reading. She got my situation very well" ... written by Wahida
I found her very good!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Thank you Heera... You're always positive... :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
Insightful!" ... written by AnnicB1
She is always gentle and caring. Enjoyed our reading." ... written by PinkFlowers18
thanks for the reading, heera123!!! you were really quick in your reading, and i appreciate your honesty!" ... written by ninish
ty very much" ... written by golo
great reading " ... written by Chaitali Bose
she was really good" ... written by francis
great session with heera, last prediction from reading happened - not first time!" ... written by jazzychic
Good reading informative" ... written by pinkpather30
she is good and gets right to the point" ... written by mike
Heera is so sweet and very helpful. Thank you so much!" ... written by Elizabeth
Thank you Heera! I am really glad that I had a private reading with you! Thank you very much for your help!" ... written by Crystal
she was spot on.... very good.. very in tune.. ty, heera!" ... written by linda
Thanks Heera, Will wait and see next month. " ... written by Sunflower1931
excellent connection, very detailed, easy to talk to, shes friendly, and my main psychic here on oranum. shes awesome!" ... written by melissa
I love this girl! I feel so connected with her and she is strongly in tune with all the situations that I have told her. If you want a honest reading from a psychic that knows her stuff, then see Heera. I promise you won't be disappointed. " ... written by KT
Seemed to really connect with me. A great reader!" ... written by Eric
Heera, on the spot as always. Thank you." ... written by happigal27
Awesome first reading with Heera. She was able to confirm other things I've been told (which is why I came to her). She's fast to connect, easy to understand and is so calm. High Recommended!" ... written by SB
love her always straight to the point" ... written by anonymous
Wow, she always helps to keep me focused on what i need to do, thank you a million, God bless you. Great and accurate reading" ... written by Jennifer
Awesome reader! Picked up on a lot I didn't tell her! Very fast and fun to talk with!" ... written by SameAsToday
Amazing and very honest. Will definitely contact her again!!!" ... written by Kara
lol the camera froze, im goin back in" ... written by andre
awesome reading" ... written by Regan
heera is amazing always on point!!" ... written by yam
great as always" ... written by elle
pretty good" ... written by mb
Thanks for help me again, your the best . You are always there when I need you and to calm me down. {HUGS} " ... written by KP
Hi Heera, I have been waiting for yu..pls come in pvt chat.." ... written by Reba
if i didnt see heeras demo i would have never known how gifted and wonderful she is. She is always spot on about my situation...can read minds very easily...is 1 of the best here...if you need real answers come to her you will not regret it" ... written by mandeep gill
very good reader. gives great advice. her predictions come true" ... written by miko
Very good and smart woman" ... written by Tamara
yeah, i tottaly trust in her abilities, very interesting read, being sensitive myself alot of what she said resonated" ... written by andre
very informative, thank you heera!" ... written by mikki
She was good but just did not have enough time or credits. I would probably talk to her again." ... written by Tammie
Very kind and empathetic reader. Will have to see if predictions come true." ... written by Jessica
Thanks again for another lovely reading!" ... written by swsiren
shes a good reader and don't waste ur credits" ... written by mike
Meaningful insights, very honest and straightforward. Thanks Heera!" ... written by Coco
Had a great reading x thank you for your time." ... written by Matt
She's amazing! Knew me so well! A huge help" ... written by CarrieJane
AMAZING!!!....She was very intuitive and accurate " ... written by Ash
Time is always the key factor...ty for your time and all is well one just as to be patience." ... written by Lynne
Very nice reading :)" ... written by S
Great demo! She provided me great information for my situation. Very genuine and hones. " ... written by Sjames21787
Wonderful, how can I do without you. You truly amazing . Thank you" ... written by amaachiaa
Thanks a bunch, Heera. Enjoyed my reading. Lots to think about!! " ... written by Lisa
Straight forward" ... written by Neu
She is great !!!" ... written by adriane
Very Good" ... written by Tamara
very good reader." ... written by Emotionall_M
Heera is ALWAYS my go to person!! She is always RIGHT ON!!" ... written by Beverly
Patient. Positive. Realistic. Encouraging. Thank you. " ... written by takeda15
came for a quick reading. thank you for the forecast for this month." ... written by luxxicon
She was spot on" ... written by Sugar
Heera say it straight and it helps to clarify whats happening. She is thoughtful. WIsh I had more time. Thanx Heera" ... written by SweetS
Thank you Heera so much for the wonderful reading! I will come back and update you! :)" ... written by Precious
Seemed general with information but then later was able to be specific. Gave me timelines which was great. Really like her quick responses. Thank you! " ... written by starfish57
Always motivational and honest. Last reading she predicted my semester grades. Got them all right. She's freaky like that....BUT AWESOME AS WELL! " ... written by Katelyn
one of the best here" ... written by derrick
I like her :)" ... written by SoulJourney
will see what happens" ... written by EE
Shes good" ... written by Sonia
She is very kind and gives of a nice vibe. I will seek out further readings in teh future" ... written by Aimee
:) " ... written by ale
she is the best. nails topics every time. helps me sleep! :) thank you." ... written by takeda15
she is excellent. her predictions are always coming true" ... written by paula
she was good thnk u sooo much god bless" ... written by remedio
Love Heera was very awesome and on point and i will be back for guidance and to chat with her because she is great" ... written by confusedlove16
Thank you again for clarifying questions I have about relationship and the future. I guess I will just have to be the patient one... LOL " ... written by KP
She was very helpful and let me know what I needed to know" ... written by Jade
She took me exactly what I needed to know and told me what I had to do to get things on track." ... written by james
good reading. very informative and good suggestions." ... written by starfish57
amazing. thank you so much. i will be back. " ... written by jess
Spot on. Truthful. Very encouraged. Thank you!! " ... written by takeda15
She was very accurate on a lot of stuff, she picked up things without knowing our history so YES she was good, I will be calling back" ... written by Geri
She has been helping me for over a year now and I still come to her because she has been here for me since day one with my situation that has finally blossomed into what she has seen since the start. Thank you Heera! " ... written by Tee
She was awesome and very friendly." ... written by BM
very good reader" ... written by miko
very intuitive!" ... written by chait
nice, " ... written by unknown
Thank you so much Heera :) !" ... written by Sarah
I love Heera's honesty and I would definitely read with her again. Thank you" ... written by Tierra
She is very right on and give her over 5 stars and will be coming back to her again" ... written by dimples8452
She is lovely, compassionate and intuitive." ... written by Alma
great!" ... written by CLOUDS
accurate great reading." ... written by jdm
!" ... written by CLOUDS
good honest reading." ... written by jdm
Great insight and advice. Thank you" ... written by Muhsybean
Heera123 was on key and I can't wait to see the readings come true. I will keep you posted...((8" ... written by Guches
very good reader" ... written by miko
very good reader" ... written by miko
Very helpful and to the point. Great session" ... written by ladylavs
Very sweet and detailed." ... written by Elizabeth
she was a delight to speak with. Thank you so much!" ... written by scadoodle
She says it like it is which is good. It helps to hear the truth without any sugarcoating. Thank you." ... written by starfish57
great very clear detailed fast" ... written by roses88
excellent and very in tune with all my questions. I have had a reading with her in the past and she is very good and accurate" ... written by lin
She picked up on tons! Very intuitive and friendly :)" ... written by Peaches0817
Shes been very good." ... written by Anjali41
She's so sweet and picked up on the situation very well. I'm glad I came to her :)" ... written by angie
trust her. appreciate each moment. she is straight on. thank you!" ... written by takeda15
She was AMAZING and super on point. Very conversational, and really liked her manor" ... written by Colleen
wow! How did she knows about the girls in my office? Very accurate! I am surprised by the results :). Very encouraging and positive reading." ... written by kirstinsim
ahhh thanks heera :) " ... written by ale
Thank you for the healing x" ... written by Cindy
Helpful and realistic. I appreciate her honesty and focus on the positive despite it all. Thank you!" ... written by .
Heera did a fantastic job working with me during my reading! I've never sent energy to someone before, but she walked me through the steps and helped me send the energy successfully. :) I would highly recommend her! " ... written by Jana
last week i asked heera if my ex will respond to my email she said yes she even picked a day which was monday and she was correct" ... written by mandeep
awesome as always. long time since I have been here, but it was worth coming back!" ... written by rosie
great reading, straight forward and precis." ... written by monoagapi
always a pleasure!" ... written by jdm
She's very perceptive. Calm, low key." ... written by Rebecca Husted
direct answers" ... written by sometimes4321
Great reading. Made me feel better. " ... written by Brooke
Heera said that I would not get the American Express job when everyone else said that I would. She was correct!! I appreciate her honesty!! She has stated other things that have come true!! I give her a 10 out of 10!!" ... written by Beverly
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
she is a great reader!!!! love her!" ... written by mppp
She's so sweet and reassuring :)" ... written by angie
Very intuitive and compassionate " ... written by Heath
Good Reading " ... written by Sofia
what a great reading by heera!!" ... written by kreu
Heera123 is very sweet and very informative. I really like her honesty and advice! 5 stars! Now we will see if her predictions come true! :D Thank you, Heera123!" ... written by terrimaguire
She was right about most of what she said." ... written by Lee
This was my first reading and she seemed very in tune with my current situation. Really seemed to hit nail on head. Will def read with her again. Thank you! " ... written by Positive201516
Thank you, great reading, good answers! She is a nice lady." ... written by Melody
Quick reader, does not waste time and is very straight forward. " ... written by sparkles826
I always go to Heera. She is ALWAYS accurate!!" ... written by Beverly
Always helpful and with great insight. I go to Hera whenever i need real assistance with a situation." ... written by Muhsybean
I highly recommend Heera123 for a quick and straightforward reading! She was kind, helpful, and understood my situation. I appreciate her help! :)" ... written by Patricia
She is the bomb love her.......10 stars......" ... written by Aundrea Dunbar
thank you! " ... written by alex
vvery accurate and to the point" ... written by evander1
Heera is absolutely amazing!!! she connected with me, was compassionate and was beyond accurate!! such a sweet girl!! highly recommend having a reading with her! :)" ... written by sandra j
Lovely lady, very clear reading and sense of humour, enjoyed very much and very accurate. Thank you." ... written by Marie
always taps into my energies very quickly... great guide!" ... written by Mia
connected right away and cleared up some things i wasn't sure about" ... written by joanne
Fantastic!!! best psychic i have been to!! very calm speaking and informative and accurate!! very happy!!!:)" ... written by Krishna
She's very good and calm. I thinks she's one of the best psychics here. She has been accurate in her prediction for me in a demo and this was my first pvt. it went well So talented. Thanks" ... written by United96
great psychic" ... written by Milly
Great!" ... written by P
she is awesome. accurate for sure ;) .thx heera" ... written by viendax
good reading. just w ished i had more time" ... written by Debra
very good" ... written by michael
shes amazing. really helpful. ive been going to her for years now. tells me what i need to hear but also advice which can be helpful when ur unsure of what to do. thank heera!" ... written by jess
Very nice lady, very good reading!" ... written by Sameastoday
Thanks Heera! Will see what happens!" ... written by sunflower1931
Really good reader and helps out a lot!" ... written by Mawrialert
GREAT READING " ... written by CLOUDS
Thanks for the reading! It was very helpful! I recommend Heera, she is one of the best, fastest and most accurate psychics in here x" ... written by Cindy
Excellent reading! Quick and to the point! " ... written by Tony
Always so helpful, and helps to put my mind at ease. I'm so grateful for her insight." ... written by Patricia
Awesome! Will put you at ease!!! Accurate!!!" ... written by Valeria
thanks heera for your support and being honest" ... written by mahima
Had a healing session, and did feel better when I left. I will be back soon. Thank you for your advise and comfort x" ... written by Sue
She gave me a quick reading which was good. I hope predictions come true." ... written by fate09
The information was sad but overall was very good" ... written by Tamara100
Had a good reading, thank you for your help." ... written by Sue
she always know what to say and be correct with answer of my questions" ... written by confusedlove16
Heera's predictions always put me at ease. Its easy to speak with her and she doesn't sugar coat. So far she's been on point with things she sees... love it!" ... written by mia
great reading with heera and all the advice taken to heart :)" ... written by jazzychic
Always honest. Always sincere. Always a joy to have a reading with. " ... written by Katelyn
real good" ... written by max
whenever i come on this website i come to heera's room...she has been right about everything so far...and she keeps my hopes and dreams alive thank you heera" ... written by mandeep s gill
very honest and to the point. doesn't waste any time. strongly recommended.++++" ... written by paul
Thank you once again I'm excited to wait for your prediction to happen thanks a lot" ... written by Mirah02
Thank you so so much Heera for your accuracy and your guidness" ... written by Ron
heera is an amazing and talented person. Very straight to the bone but thats what i appreciate. She doesnt tell me what I want to hear, she gives it to me as it IS. " ... written by Angel
A really nice reading. It's my second with her and i really like the way she is telling things. I felt there was a real connection and she was spot on. Hope the prediction will come true" ... written by Conny
great reader" ... written by ol
seemed honest and very nice, what she said made sense and helped me feel better , thanks a lot " ... written by Ana
wonderful reader" ... written by mikoj
Heera has an amazing vibe, very accurate. " ... written by Gdenicola
She is special" ... written by Bey
Heera was very kind, descriptive, and straight forward." ... written by Hadden
very nice reading. she can tell things by tapping into people and only uses the tarot cards for comfirmation. she is amazing with her predictions too. several times now very good readings with true predictions" ... written by starfish57
This lady is amazing. She gave me quick reading with full of information and details. I was surprised. Heera is great!!" ... written by newlifenew
she was great and gave good advice" ... written by sandi skeens
she is very nice and tell you whats up and see to have a good feel for what I need to do " ... written by Chris
shes good" ... written by mike
heera123 is detailed nd seems to know what shes talking about she is truly amazing...i reccomend her all the way." ... written by Martha
Thanks for your advice" ... written by Chad
very good reading informative" ... written by miko
I had my first reading with Heera she is just amazing. She can connect with you very well. She gives you straight forward answer. I will surely have another reading with her soon. Thank you so much..." ... written by Nilam
Quick and detailed answers!!!!!! Ready to get back online with her again tonight. NEED HER RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!" ... written by Nena
Couldn't help identify lost item location. Deeply sadden andamp; disappointed. " ... written by Aaron
very calm direct quick reading with helpful advice i'm taking right now." ... written by beth
very good she didnt tell me what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear" ... written by Melissa
Thank you Heera for all your help and advice....I will surely contact you once everything is solved. " ... written by Nilam
Bad news this time. Need to hurry home to talk to her some more." ... written by Nena
She just went straight into our reading and knew already what was on my mind and my partner's. She was great. Thank you Heera." ... written by Stephanie
She is amazing with her gifts. To be able to connect with her was awesome. Thank you!" ... written by starfish57
Awesome! looking forward to all of it :)" ... written by T
very perceptive and intuitive. she is very indepth." ... written by starfish57
Thank you so much Heera :) Much love to you and will follow your advice ! " ... written by sim sim
She is always quick and straight to the point. She gave details and lots of good advise for the future. Highly recommended." ... written by Megabee9
Heera is very kind. " ... written by Nikita
Heera is so honest. I LOVE her. She will never tell you what you want to hear she will be very kind about it and if it is what you wanted to hear then you are a lucky person. You can trust her she is omg 100%... OUTSTANDING!!" ... written by Tracy
Amazing and accurate with what she is seeing and reading the situation. Hope everything comes to true as predicted" ... written by Confidential_1
accurate" ... written by Kealani
Very inspiring in making me feel positive about my future and the things that would be coming. Thanks so much and god bless" ... written by Confidential_1
Thanks Heera! She picked up things that were so true about my Friend! " ... written by sunflower1931
Heera is always so accurate and right on the spot! She is very helpful and won't tell you what you want to hear but tell you what you need to hear and why you it's important. LOVE HER!" ... written by Quest
She is so helpful! She gave me the insight I needed to make a decision." ... written by Stephanie
Nice reading. She is able to tap into other peoples minds and through process. Brought much clarity. thank you :)" ... written by LadyGrace
awesome reading!" ... written by xtine
Amazzing and accurate. Hope her predictions come to past! great healing and energy work" ... written by Confidential_1
Thank you everything you predict come true!!!" ... written by angel
amazing as always. she gives me predictions and advice which is something everyone needs sometimes haha. i always go to her when i need some help. thank you heera." ... written by jess
Very good reader! She types fast and gets to the point." ... written by Sophie
great like always!" ... written by jdm
heera provided me a clear reading on how things goes and I should take her advice and make sure i can do it" ... written by Mary
Very connected and good reading" ... written by Beckie
SHe made me feel so much better" ... written by azareya
amazing and accurate in her readings and predictions" ... written by Nadia
She's good. This time she took a bit to pick up on things and explain but I know the situation is entangled too. She did give me some timelines which will help and some solid insights. thank you." ... written by starfish57
GREAT " ... written by NYC
Alway can rely on Hera for accurate and honest insight. Thank you" ... written by Muhsybean
she is so kind with the truth. maybe something you havent come to terms with. 5 star her cards are very accurate with every situation.she is so good gives information before you finish typing." ... written by christine
Heera gives you direct answers to questions and allows you to stop when you want. Very insightful lady." ... written by apple
Great reading like always!" ... written by kiera 123
very good" ... written by angelique
very good" ... written by angelique
accurate . " ... written by sai
Thankyou so much it was very true very carrying thankyou just that the time in cut us but yes thankyou" ... written by Adan
Always a pleasure! I love chatting with Heera! " ... written by RasheedaW
great reader.......would be back" ... written by mpooook
I have spoken to many psychics, but Heera is the MOST real!! She hits on things that I have not told her. Things she says become true. I will come back to her!!" ... written by Beverly
good reading " ... written by Lisa
She is always consistent in rationalizing. Thank you so much." ... written by Michele
Heera is quick, awesome and spot on! She will answer whatever it is you need to know! Helps you make the right decisions. AAA+++" ... written by Vicky
gReat realistic reading!!!" ... written by Kary
Great reading thanks so much Heera123.. I will contact you soon :)" ... written by Adela
Thank you but sorry i don't have credit left see you next time." ... written by Mirah02
Very calming and did not seem to making things up. I believe she read what she saw." ... written by luvTim
Briliant, thank you so much :)" ... written by Jasmine
Awesome! BANG ON with what is going on without any prompting or leading! I love when I am 'amazed'! I shall definitely be back " ... written by Ritzie
Very nice person and very good advice" ... written by A
very good I am happy with my reading!" ... written by Melissa
Excellent...Heera was very patient and allowed me to take her around a circle for a very long time when she had already given me the answer to my question about 15 minutes into our session. I would chat with her again. Follow her suggestion and share the results." ... written by JacquieDee
Thanks for you update xxx your great reader" ... written by Sonja
excellent, very compassionate very good, very clear" ... written by Curi333
Heera is very accurate! Straight to the point and honest, I appreciate it x Highly recommended x" ... written by Cindy
She is a such lovely lady." ... written by Sarah
What a fantastic reading and chat. Heera is awesome! I can't recommend her enough." ... written by LP
Heera was pretty spot on about certain things. I hope what she says comes to pass." ... written by Mitchi
A lovely reading, very helpful and I feel much more positive now. I will update you on what happens. Thank you Heera." ... written by Sophie
I could feel the energy right away. Thank you Heera. xx" ... written by Happle
wonderful reading" ... written by mikoj
Thanks Again Heera, you are really awesome!" ... written by Bey
Heera has a really cool relaxed vibe to her and I feel like really knows what she is talking about, the reading was great. Thank You! " ... written by Sherry
She is AWESOME!! I really enjoyed my reading with her. I think she is very good at connecting. I will continue to come to her." ... written by Juliesstars
Excellent!" ... written by L
very calm and very good about what she has to tell you....LOVED IT!!! shes GREAT" ... written by kimberly
am really looking forward to everything she told me, very sweet and kind but most importantly i believe she was telling the truth!! " ... written by Sheilla
Always the sweetest and the best to talk to :) ... A soothing presence and I have full faith in her predictions. Will come back once it comes to pass ! Thank you so much ! " ... written by Stars
Awesome and Accurate" ... written by pinkflowers18
She's fast and accurate. She picks on the situation and knows exactly what is going on without too many details. I'll be back!" ... written by l
Very good. I wish I could afford more!" ... written by Elogue
Heera was lovely and straightforward. She gave me a general overview of a new person coming into my life and incite into his " ... written by Merrysinclair
Heera is so chill, natural and straightforward! I enjoy her personality and her great insights!" ... written by Eva
She is source of positive energy. love her too much." ... written by Bey
good" ... written by CLOUDS
Thank you heera for the amazing reading, I enjoy it every time." ... written by Ron
she is good and accurate ..5 stars " ... written by hope
This is my first reading with her and at first I was unsure about taking her into private because I only go to one psychic on here, but everything she told me was right on. She is so quick with her answers and I appreciate her time and thank her so much for helping me. I truly feel so much better after this reading!!!" ... written by beta
she was so good and fast and right on point I will be back to talk to her for more advice she good she remember me she never forgot me how wonderful love you heera 123" ... written by debra
Than you dear , I am so happy, you tuned in so quick and was spot on ,what I feel and need to do, thank you for your advice , I was so scared , so many people has said me to give up on this ,but deep down I always new , it is worth the try and you felt it,without even asking me for specific questions . Thank you and LOVE andamp; LIght!!" ... written by ieva
Heera is the best. She leaves no stone unturned. " ... written by Happle
she is honest and accurate . " ... written by sai
Such a cool soul - will literally field questions from the ridiculous to the sublime! :)" ... written by Eva
She DA BEST! " ... written by Katelyn
will be coming back for more" ... written by elle
Heera is really sweet, nice, uplifting. I always go to her. and she never fails to calm my nerves and give me hope. thanks Heera." ... written by elle
Thanks Heera, have to wait more but hopefully it will happen! Thanks!" ... written by Sunflower1931
Heera is, professional and fast to connect and read! She gives solutions too! :) Definitely recommended! " ... written by S
Aways wanted a reading with Heea123 and hope what she said comes true won't know tell next year ,I'll keep you up dated thanks again and she is a kind lady " ... written by patty
Really nice and welcoming. Very positive and gives great advice! This is my first time doing this and really enjoyed it. " ... written by Elli
thx" ... written by w
great" ... written by David
Heera123 was super accurate and quickly saw the dynamics of my circumstances. She spoke with great accuracy, and I will definitely be back to see her in the future! Truly she is a genuine and sincere psychic!" ... written by angolo
She is my Fav " ... written by Bey
Thank you so much understanding, it was useful, it really helped. I will defently use those advises :D" ... written by Diana
Thank you - clear vision, clear understanding of situation, clear answers - perfect and fast. Thank you! :) " ... written by monty
I just had an this amazing reading with heera..shes such a beautiful mind person..she game me a full insight for my career..n what to expect in coming couple of months. shes great psycic ;) Highly recommended !!" ... written by honey
Wow. I'm amaze. thank u for the great reading." ... written by Delight71215
Great reading :)" ... written by Madison
she was fast and direct and gave good advice I would love to talk to her again thanks he era 123" ... written by debragreen
She was very honest and realistic. She told me about my friend. At least I know that my friend is still alive even if I'm not part of his life anymore. Anyways, thank you for the reading." ... written by CJ
Thank you Heere you were very kind and honest. I have been an emotional wreck today. You have a gentle spirit." ... written by Ladyofstandards
As usual, she is straight to the point and practical. I highly recommend her to everyone" ... written by Balan
Thank you! Really understood my situation and gave me good advice." ... written by A
very good" ... written by tawizza
Heard exactly what I wanted to hear.. I am excited for it to happen. Thank you Heera.." ... written by T.H
I had a nice and helpful conversation with Heera and she helped me with insight in the situation that I'm in at the moment." ... written by Ida
Been getting private readings with Heera for about 1.5yrs and its always a pleasure! I still give her 5+ stars." ... written by Miachloe120
Her advice is over the top. She gives me the answers without me saying anything. I have not been on Oranum for some time but she just began to tell me as if there was not a period of time between reading. She is # 1 in my opinion. 5 Stars" ... written by James
taps in very quick, is always spot on with what's going on and bringing calmness to the situation" ... written by mia
Needed an update with this wonderful lady to get insight on my relationship. She has always been there!" ... written by Tee
shes so calm and well giving on life advice shes very easy and understanding to talk to good friend. " ... written by calvin
shes wonderful" ... written by makeisha allen
accurate reading" ... written by lousie
very helpful" ... written by Nona
thank you" ... written by Mitch
fantastic" ... written by pilo
She gets to the point and doesnt sugar coat. However, she is very caring and supportive. I would highly recommend her!" ... written by Kimberly
she was correct about feeling but time was less" ... written by nip
Heera123 was pretty good. this was my first time trying a psychic and she seemed to pick up on things about me and my partner. i would recommend her" ... written by Tam
She is just wow....wanted to hear her more but you guys are too costly :(" ... written by Priya
I'm running out of adjectives to say how awesome she is!" ... written by Eva
on point thank u so much" ... written by summa
Very calm reader and very insightful at things!" ... written by Mary
heera is super insightful, and has helped me to navigate a tough situation. i'm thankful. " ... written by sol
Heera was good this time, I just didn't quite understand what it all meant now. But I'm sure it will make sense later, it usually does in readings with her. Be sure to get a reading with her soon." ... written by Happle
very good ..excellent and accurat God Bless you Heera you are the best " ... written by Reem
I like her energy a lot! Great reader :)" ... written by Soul Journey 8
Thank you so much for helping me ease my mind and provide some clarity for my situation." ... written by scarletfire504
Heera is so good! You can talk to her about ANYTHING!!!! She has her feet on the ground but her heart in the heavens! Love her!" ... written by Eva
she was great, very helpful and right to the point. I didnt have to tell her everything and she knew. I didnt get the answer I wanted but I got the answers I needed." ... written by trina
just real and reaaly helpful" ... written by aminata
Thank you for being honest with me about my relationship and taking my worry away. " ... written by Elizabeth
Confirmed a lot of my thoughts. Made me hopeful. Good reading :)" ... written by Kimberly
Ty for the reading and advice. " ... written by Jennifer
Such positive vibes from her! Love her!" ... written by RasheedaW
very very good" ... written by Wayne Wright
Heera is wonderful! She has helped me on 2 different occasions in regards to my relationship and has been right both times! Amazing woman! " ... written by Angel
Great reading. I like her approach" ... written by kmathis
good advoser" ... written by Nooshin
The energy session helped I will return for another session with Heera in the future. Thank you. 5 star energy worker." ... written by Happle
She is super nice and good at her reading!" ... written by Svetlana
Heera is fantastic. One of the best readers I have come across. I felt she had a very accurate read of my situation and provided loving guidance. I would definitely come to her again." ... written by Reese
All the best and ur my very favorite. Thank u for the healing and prediction. Will see what happen in October. Hugs and blessings." ... written by Rowena
Thank you Heera! Always spot on....always great to read with!!" ... written by Stephanie
great reader" ... written by mppp
amazing!!! highly recommend " ... written by nessa
Sincere, thank you." ... written by lifeimprove
great psychic" ... written by Bey
Pretty accurate, saw the connection I felt, gave me hope, and helped me see the things i was unsure of." ... written by wolf
Needed some guidance and help! And she has always been there for me on my long journey! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
very soothing and settling" ... written by sabrina fulford
Helpful in answering my question. Gave me some insight on what to do. " ... written by Nona
She was wonderful, I did feel the healing in my palms, but the cold was on my eyes. Instead of warmth, but I am sure the next time I will be more relaxed and things will do much better without my anxiety. She has really been the best out of all to help heal my heart and guide me." ... written by Kim Adams
Beautiful - accurate - spiritual - tuned into me perfectly - thank you" ... written by Mingtai
shez incredible!!! " ... written by Sharon
She is awesome... Love her personality and her energy. She understands me." ... written by Nadia Jones
great" ... written by sandra
great!!! on point as always" ... written by vanessa
seems to be very good" ... written by bouncylady
always good accurate and smiling :)" ... written by Marlene Alvarez
Always has great insight - thanks Heera" ... written by Muhsybean
great reading" ... written by apple
A truly life changing reading. Heera is the best in psychic reading for her clients. Keep it going Heera! xoxo J." ... written by happle
Lovely healing session, thank you so much. I really appreciate your help." ... written by Sophie
i'm blessed to have known her. she's amazing and very accurate " ... written by Christina
Thank you Heera! You are always right on about things!! WIll keep you updated." ... written by Stephanie
she's so compassionate and insightful" ... written by tracip
Heera is great! I'm a regular customer bc she's able to see the situation and provide answers, guidance and advice. Her time frames have been acurrate." ... written by Miachloe
Awesome/Helpful/Inspiring/Encouraging. Thanks H! :)" ... written by Chester Fisk
Heera was so kind and amazing - she picks up things without a word - and so compassionate and non judgmental - spot on accurate - hoping all works out as seen. " ... written by coyote
Thanks Heera, Let's see what happens." ... written by Sunflower1931
I enjoyed the reading even as late in the morning as Heera was on. The reading was right on target in my situation. Take care Heera. All the best. J." ... written by happle
amazing as always. love the advice that comes with it. thank you so much " ... written by jess
Absolutely great reading! will be back! thank you Heera." ... written by andrea
I love her. she's one of my go to psychics! everything she always tells me comes to pass! " ... written by kt
Heera is excellent." ... written by liz
She is just amazing, always gives me perfect advice , love her !" ... written by Rain
Excellent reading! Gave good insight and really knew my situation. She is very gifted I recommend her to all." ... written by SRR
thanks again heera :)" ... written by summ
she's splended :)" ... written by giselle
She is awesome. I have never had a vision read to me like that before. WOW!!!! She saw everything clearly like a picture. Thank you Heera!!" ... written by Faithy
always on point great insight hit the nail on the head saw great things in the future that align with my purpose and current direction. awesome, awesome reader" ... written by hollyberries1
Love her ! Absolutely mind blowing !!!" ... written by Tarnished
Thanks Heera for all the thorough updates and clarification on my complex love situation. Greatly appreciate it... :)" ... written by Vas
Pretty amazing reading with Heera. Not really what I wanted to hear, but very thorough and kind approach. Highly recommended." ... written by LP
talking to her for 2 minutes is enough whenever I'm down, andamp; recieving lot of positive vibes " ... written by Bey
Great reading!" ... written by Stephanie
Great first reading:) I was actually feeling quite low when I came to this site but instantly from when I entered in the reading with Heera I was very positive in my mindset. It was nice listening to Heera and her calm approach while she explained things to come. I am very positive these things will planned out how she described. Sending great vibes to anyone reading this please trust your inner self :) " ... written by zzzspark
she is a great intuitive communicator who has lots of results based ideas. I fully recommend her!" ... written by beathive
Thanks for the meditation is was great. I learned something about using the mantras with chakras. :-)" ... written by swsiren
Amazing vibe andamp; great suggestions. " ... written by Gio
very good reading and right on point. thank you so much." ... written by sdc112
Kind and sweet. " ... written by shawn Romarine
She is very detailed with her readings. She pinpointed my personality pretty well. I felt that she was in tune with me. I can't wait to see the prediction unfold. I will recommend her." ... written by S
Great as always... very insightful" ... written by Lola
It was the best 3 minute reading for the moment. Thanks again Heera." ... written by happle
Thank you!!" ... written by Briana
she is my fav :D" ... written by Bey
heera thanks so much for my reading it was great everything I wanted to know thank u " ... written by nicola
Love her, shes very intuiative and sweet, thank you! ill be back for more. shes honest and fast!" ... written by oimoim
She gave me lotsa confirmations which were great. Thank you!" ... written by heera
Very lovely person helping me to see more clearly!" ... written by Ava
crazily on point! knew the situation so well. true psychic" ... written by stas
thank you for the honesty!!!" ... written by asdfds
I thought she was very thoughtful and concerned about my wellbeing. Easy to communicate with during a difficult time in my life. Would recommend to anyone." ... written by selah
I have been coming back to her for advice. Very good." ... written by Me
Helpful with my problem...knowledgeable to what was going on in my situation. " ... written by Nona
sweet and calm hopefully her predictions come to pass" ... written by lili
Very accurate and she definitely knows what she is talking about. " ... written by Lizette
heera123 was everything on point? im speechless " ... written by dalia
always great vision and advices!!!" ... written by monoagapi
amazing reading" ... written by dalia
good caring reading, very informative and interesting" ... written by David
She is the best" ... written by sharon
gave me some timeline info which was helpful and some good suggestions. will have to see what happens. thank you." ... written by starfish57
She's quick, to the point, taps in very easily... predictions I'm still waiting on but some are starting to develop.... going to be interesting end of year to see what happens" ... written by mia
not at all what i wanted to hear. But I guess life is like that. Sometimes you get news you don't want " ... written by jen
channeling was very good. she was able to give specific timelines and could tell of things going on. amazing. thank you!" ... written by starfish57
H 13 really sets my mind at ease. Relationships are sometimes difficult but with her helping me it is easier...." ... written by Kathy
she is sweet and directly trustworthy. I wish i had more credits :(" ... written by gloria
Awesome insights, great help" ... written by Wolf
Spot on!! Thank you Heera much appreciated" ... written by Joan
Heera is great as usual, thank you Heera" ... written by Heera
she was super fast and great! Thanks so much!!" ... written by wildflower008
always amazing - and so positive" ... written by coyote
i highly recommend her energy work and readings!" ... written by nessa
Very good reading tonight. I'll make sure to visit Heera as long as she will put up with me. Keep it going Heera. All the best. xox J." ... written by Challis
It was a very exciting and reassuring reading. She was very quick to connect to me. I highly recommend Heera to everyone :). Thank you so much Heera." ... written by Gabriela
Heera leaves nothing to chance. It's always true. Trust in her guidance and believe in her readings. Thanks again Heera. :)" ... written by Challis
Thank you so much Heera. I feel so much better about my situation. I really appreciate your time with me. Aqua4lyfe" ... written by Jamie
Great advice!" ... written by Rachel
Very helpful with my situation and gave me good advice. Thanks!" ... written by Nona
wow!!! can't wait for her prediction to come true" ... written by nessa
Thank you!" ... written by summa
5 stars, very accurate, fast and honest x " ... written by Cindy
I love her readings and style of delivery. Shes the best!" ... written by Clarity711
Very soft spoken, accurate, calm, explains things in detail! Really liked the reading I had with her!" ... written by CoolGirl65
Very thorough and on target" ... written by nancyjs
very specific. reassurance/confirmation was super. thank you." ... written by starfish57
She was so accurate, very full reading andamp; such a beautiful calm lady. Loved her ! " ... written by Paula
She was very much on point. thank you still more i need to ask will contact you again soon." ... written by Carol
she is very nice " ... written by fidaa
Great reading and advice thank you " ... written by Sherry
Compassionate, caring, and accurate." ... written by Lexi Mueller
Oh my I loved my reading with her. She was very clear, concise, energetic and funny. I asked questions and at times I didnt even have to ask or divulge information as she was divulging it to me with such precision. One of my new and favorites. Great first reading. This reading had such positive energy and the most of all my reading on here. Thank you! I will report back when I am destressed and dating...haha" ... written by TrueImage
Thank you lovely lady! I appreciate what you have said, and I'll keep in touch." ... written by Beth
Excellent reader, excellent heart." ... written by Vanessa Harrison
That is so good Heera...Needed to know where i am at and you gave me a great insight..Thank you very much for that!!!" ... written by jesshona
she was honest, nice talking" ... written by Salamaa
awesome" ... written by nessa
heera is amazing! she is one of my favorite on oranum // hands down" ... written by s
Thank you for you guidance :-) you are sweet and I didn't have to ask any question and told me all about my current situation" ... written by Missmystik
Thank you Heera!!! Spot on!!!" ... written by Stephanie
spot on!" ... written by diana
Heera is amazing! " ... written by Reality
she was able to quickly pick up on my feelings and what's currently going on in my life. Sincere and not sugar-coated, you can tell she genuinely loves what she does. thanks heera!" ... written by lastlives
heera is #1. always! shes very explanatory and pays attention to the details in the reading. very honest" ... written by melissa
3 min and gave me everything thx" ... written by hannah
sweet and accurate" ... written by nessa
Very helpful in showing me what I needed to see. " ... written by Nona
Heera123 is lovely and seemed to be on target. Session ended to quickly. Will contact her again." ... written by sally
Heera is amazing at what she does" ... written by Nadia
Thanks so much Heera. She is soooo good and makes me feel so much better about myself and really has empowered me. I am so glad I found her. She is the real deal. " ... written by wildflower
Amazing and accurate in reading the situation. She is awesome at what she does" ... written by Nadia
Thanks loved this first chat! - you're awesome" ... written by jacquelynn_34
Excellent reading! Thanks so much!" ... written by Sandra
Heera was excellent, she was very accurate on my life, and her reading geared me in the right direction, and gave me hope! I will be a returning client. Thank you!" ... written by Dzzl82
Wow. She mentioned that I am having some sort of time constraint which is true! And certain things Heera mentioned was pretty accurate!" ... written by Kirstin Sim
Thank you for you help. Will keep you posted." ... written by Jenn
Heera was on point, we havent spoken in awhile but she was correct,thanx Heera!" ... written by SweetS
Heera sounds so comforting!" ... written by some_guy
Very accurate in what she says!!!! :D" ... written by some_guy
Always on point and offers great advice." ... written by Flowers
nice reading very accurate !" ... written by arthanor
Very sweet and gifted soul! Tuned in immediately, very detailed and accurate. Thank You." ... written by J
:)" ... written by ale
thanks for the great reading. I do appreciate what you told me" ... written by angelwhisper1
Always a big help! Always there for me no matter what and explains it all to me! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
thanks Heera....." ... written by irelandirish
Heera is one of the best on Oranum. She's so professional and truly gifted. She's blessed with so many abilities and her predictions are so accurate. If you'd like to know about your past, present and future then I highly recommend Heera to give you reliable and honest and accurate answers that you can count on and trust. She's a wonderful reader and beautiful person who has an amazing soul and spirit. God bless you always Heera and thanks for the awesome reading!" ... written by dolefuldoll
Excellent reading. We'll see what happens" ... written by jag
Very intuitive. Thank you." ... written by Julie
On point. Very keen, wise and professional. " ... written by aimee
really good with helping my problems and shaping the future" ... written by jermaine
Thank you so much for the reading! The amount of information you know was amazing. " ... written by Y
Amazing reading. Thank you. Very honest" ... written by Karolina
Thanks Heera, Will update you soon!" ... written by Sunflower1931
She is really good. She is amazing reader. Definitely recommend her" ... written by Prat
Heera has been great and has always been on the ball with the situation. Thank you so much for the truth. Very highly recommended." ... written by Abigayle
gr8 reading" ... written by Andy
i got accurate answer" ... written by tianna
Heera really knows her stuff and she is a good advisor." ... written by Wiguy
LOVE HERRRRRR!!!" ... written by Jamie
Very helpful..and comfortable to talk to" ... written by Juliewepp
She's real and helpful" ... written by aminata
A very insightful reader that I highly recommend!" ... written by beathive
She was very soothing. " ... written by moonlightsparkle
Thank you heera for the great reading as always you are accurate and everything you are saying coming thru.... Love you heera" ... written by Ron
thanks heera for your insights very much appreciated." ... written by k
opened up my head! love her!!!!!" ... written by kelc2536
great reading wait to see what future holds for my love life " ... written by leoleo
Heera is always a pleasure to speak with ... she gives me great advice and she is always spot on. " ... written by lasheena
Spot on. She's great! :)" ... written by Fab
Very goood. " ... written by Melena
great caught on situation right on!" ... written by sweetlili
Needed some quick help and guidance for a career path! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
Nice reading" ... written by Brianne
fast accurate good info" ... written by christine
She always has a really good insight on what is to come. I really appreciate your accuracy. Thank you." ... written by starfish57
Heera123 is so good! she is my go to psychic I always know I will like getting my reading from her. She has good insight. " ... written by Brianne
Heera is always great! " ... written by Heidi
what an amazing lady....quick connect and very fast authentic reading !!!!!!!!!" ... written by chintan
She's so kind and calming. Love her already!" ... written by Bella
Very amazing reading, she knew so much without me saying a lot. Great reader!" ... written by Mary
wonderful" ... written by maria
thanks heera for the reading I appreciate it!!!" ... written by beta
She was good " ... written by Deputy
she is very good. picks up fastt doesnt waste ur money or time. detailed" ... written by c
thanks for your help on this and advice...you have a very soft tone that shows compassion and understanding...5**" ... written by ms
Thanks Heera, Will update soon" ... written by Sunflower1931
helpful!!!" ... written by Nora
Not my first reading with Heera. She is very fast and very accurate. She is an amazing healer and guider. Thank you " ... written by Christie
i always listen to what she has to tell. last year she told me some things that did came true. " ... written by tianna
It's so nice to talk to heera. She's very soft spoken and always accurate" ... written by CoolGirl65
i believe she tuned in very well. she actually brought tears to my eyes bc she said things he had said to me just recently. If she had used those keys words, i think i wouldve lost all hope completely. I just hope one day hell stop the denial of loving me and just accept it. thank you i will be back soon." ... written by kami
She is an absolutely fantastic reader. She gives me such good information and calms my soul. When times get tough and I do not know what to do, I come to see her. Her insights are spot on. I have read with her before, taken her advice, and things have worked out just as she has said. I trust her. She tells it like it is.... the positive and the weaknesses that must be addressed and have to be worked on. I was desperately waiting to consult with her on this issue. I just knew deep n my soul that she would be able to help me through this situation and guide me in the right direction. What she says is the real deal. I love that she doesn't just plop out an answer, she gives you guidance to help you improve the situation. If you do not know how to grow during the tough time and make the adjustments needed, you might get in your own way and disrupt things and make it harder on yourself while you wait for the things you are waiting for to come to pass. She is truly a blessing. Life is about the journey and what happens along the way, not just the destination. I like that she provides help and comfort for the bumps in the road along the journey. I cannot thank her enough. I am so grateful that I was lead to you. I have waited several days to speak to you and I am so glad that I finally was able to so that I could gain the much needed comfort and clarity in order to make the correct changes and decisions to make my path to my destination a little easier. Thank you a million times." ... written by sweetcurls
thanks" ... written by f
She was very accurate and fast. I felt a great connection with her very detailed" ... written by Jesse
very calm and read me very well and my situation - very spiritual - beautiful reading, angelic - and i feel Heera's predictions will come to pass because everything else she said really resonated " ... written by ming
She was awesome! :)" ... written by S
a sweetheart! and so great at what she does" ... written by sandra
Always appreciate Heeras advice and insight. thank you, fingers crossed all goes well." ... written by Muhsybean
She was able to let me know of what my situation is at present and has really given me the path to better myself and the future. She is highly recommended." ... written by Megabee
I had no questions at the outset but she got right to the heart of what has been troubling me and very quickly. Very helpful. I will definitely visit her again. I felt she really cares. Thank you! :)" ... written by Karen
<" ... written by Bey
She helped save me from making a mistake in my life. I appreciate her greatly." ... written by Diana
caring and good read" ... written by mariana
Terrific reader, very accurate. Describes me and my problem very accurately with little information. Genuine psychic. Thanks Heera :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
I chose reading without questions. Heera123 definitely tuned into an area I was thinking about without being asked, and helped explore the situation. Went straight into it, and a great use of time. Information was given with sensitivity and sense of humour. Really enjoyed the reading, and would like to do one again in a few months to see what happens :) Thank you Heera123!!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Very accurate reading!" ... written by Britt
LOVE HER " ... written by Bella
Heera was amazing she really put my mind at ease. Will definitely go back to her." ... written by Traky292
She is very good as always. She is very direct and sweet" ... written by Tamara100
Great reading." ... written by Chris
thanks heera for you help it is very accurate thaks again " ... written by insurance
Thanks Heera." ... written by Mel
i love my readings with her she is so real an so honest its great" ... written by sandra
." ... written by Daisy
tnx heera" ... written by Bey
Heera123 is very gentle andamp; comforting. She is extremely intuitive... using only spirit guidance for readings. In a very short time Heera was able to read my life and see exactly what was happening now andamp; for the time ahead. She was also able to pick up on things about myself in our first reading that were very true without knowing me. Heera is excellent. I will definitely return to give andamp; receive updates....Thank you Heera!! " ... written by Nini52
Need a quick question answered! Thank you!" ... written by Tee
Insightful and to the point. Made a lot of sense." ... written by Dragonflyfairy
Thank you" ... written by LaShay
thanks heera... you always show me light." ... written by mahi
she talks True " ... written by venkatesh
soo calm and good advice i feel much better thank :)" ... written by michelle
Very insightful" ... written by LIfe1127
Thank you Heera, I will be back for more updates when I have the credits. You were right about my energies at times, I'll stay positive." ... written by Mel
thank you so much u are great" ... written by success
thank you" ... written by rayora
very good reading. clarification was very specific. thank you." ... written by starfish57
The best always..." ... written by Aundrea Dunbar
I love talking to Heera the time just flies. She's very detailed and patient. Thank you Heera!" ... written by jacquelyn
thank you. i hope all comes as predicted. i will be back to share the news if it does" ... written by themalteseone
thank u for the clear picture u gave me, atleast i got to know wat i have to do,, thank u" ... written by husein
very accurate i must see her again soon " ... written by jazz
she really accurate andamp; helpful....we will remove whatever bad energies or spell for u. trust is more important." ... written by cool
great" ... written by jo
Heera is an amazing reader. Gives a good insight into situations and well connected" ... written by Moongirl17
good reading!" ... written by kiera 123
Thank you. I need some help with questions and she helped me!" ... written by Tee
Excellent reading... will be back with results...just waiting to see how it will go." ... written by AK
very detailed and very convincing ...great reader !" ... written by ...sap
Thank you! You are right on what you are saying!" ... written by Tee
Very gentle and pleasant to talk to. I was able to understand her clearly too. Extremely positive." ... written by Yolanda
it was good" ... written by su
Had a great reading with her 10/10" ... written by Bond
She is awesome!!" ... written by Mary
Very truthful and real and I enjoyed my reading" ... written by dracheflower
wonderful " ... written by real love
awesome" ... written by ok
Veryyy on point with the person I was inquiring about's personality! Will come back." ... written by Sylvia
Love Heera. Accurate as heck! :) Thanks." ... written by :)
Very helpful" ... written by keera
Thanks Heera, love andamp; bless" ... written by Bey
Excellent spot on reading. Thank you I feel better!" ... written by smacklanburg
helped to reinforce some things. good reading. thank you." ... written by starfish57
thank u so so much heera, ur predictions do happen always i love her" ... written by hannah
Thank you for the honesty now its time to move forward I will come back again all my love don " ... written by Donna
Connected well to me, she told me what she feel about me first. She was right about me. " ... written by hyde92
she is such a genuine psychic" ... written by myst
thank u heera ur always here for us " ... written by hannah
very great thanks so much!!!" ... written by sara
great reDi g and quick to connect" ... written by apple
very good" ... written by gigi
Energy work in justs few hours... Im just shock. " ... written by Hyde92
Excellent at what she does. She was able to pick up what was going on and give me very clear insight." ... written by flirty bee
Really Honest and goes into great details." ... written by Mabel
quick n good as usual" ... written by f
Strong connection to the situation." ... written by Daniella
Heera, was very detailed, and a lot of what she told me was exactly what I was thinking for my situation. It's nice to know she confirmed a lot of it and overall was very supportive about the matter and I definitely see and know what to do from here. I thank you Heera. :)" ... written by Monica
woooooooow, extremelyyyyyy good" ... written by peter
thank you :)" ... written by peter
thank you :)" ... written by peter
:) ty heera" ... written by peter
Great reading! You gave me powerful insight and affirmations for now and the future, I will be back! Thank you , thank you, thank you!" ... written by Della
Good psychic with honest reading" ... written by sarah
i'll let you know how it goes after the interview ♥" ... written by ladyk
Absolutely amazing! Beyond words to explain. She always taps into what is going on." ... written by Sweetcurls
Always the best - so kind honest and compassionate - delivers answers with softness and compassion but honest. I just love her. " ... written by coyote
very good thanks for the help" ... written by sumbal
thank you sooooo much " ... written by peter
Everything sounds right. made me release a lot of worry" ... written by Kimberly
amazing as always. you help so much. you tell me what i need to hear not what i want to hear. and this time it happened to be both! i will be back!" ... written by jess
very good" ... written by Rayhaan
Very calming, very accurate, and gave me clarity about my problem, as well as solutions to help the situation." ... written by Clazzyone
omg heera is really blessed with an amazing talent if i can call it this way... it's incredibly spot on " ... written by peter
thank you heera so much, you're extremely gifted, really, the words you use, it's unbelievable accurate, crazy " ... written by peter
thank you so much heera :) really apraciated" ... written by sumbal
Amazing clear calm and to the point!" ... written by Zoozanne
She is great" ... written by dmbertault
Tnx Heera" ... written by Bey
She was helpful." ... written by La Cheryl
Gentle Heera, you gave me some good insight, " ... written by Tess [Aswangirl]
Heera is straightforward and honest and is empathetic to the person she gives a reading to. Hands down the perfect person to talk to! " ... written by Ebovea
She is amazing,she said it right about the job..." ... written by Silver
thanks Heera for an honest and nurturing reading. " ... written by whenever21
very helpful" ... written by sometimes4321
very1 helpful so gentle and caslming too hope youre prediction is right" ... written by clo
Very sweet lady" ... written by LadyZie
Heera is so good at what she does. I am impressed with how fast she sees. I don't have cash to throw away but she is worth it" ... written by Anne
I love this lady she is always so good an explains so much to me to make sure i understand clearly what is going on " ... written by sandra
she is spot on" ... written by dhannya
She is just incredible mind blowing. She is so talented. I am speechless after her reading. She has a divine soul. Her guidance never fails. Very highly recommended. " ... written by N
Thank U Heera!" ... written by Meg
picked up exactly on the situation that is going on without any questions or information from me. Simply astounding yet once again. She is amazing!" ... written by sweetcurls
she is so sweet . i really like her . her reading is so good and correct i would recommend heera for sure . she treats you well and give you ease to talk and explain your problem. i will visit her soon . thank you heera for the help" ... written by sumbal
Tnx Heera :)" ... written by Bey
she's so very helpful and straight forward.thanks a lot Heera123..." ... written by tess
It was okay" ... written by k
Really good" ... written by sharon
Very well done. seemed to know what was going on in my situation and gave me some very good advice. thank you! will defiantly be doing more readings from you!" ... written by Savanna
Great reading!" ... written by Clazzyone
Heera123 is always helpful and kind. I appreciate her advice and guidance. " ... written by Clazzyone
tnx heera " ... written by Bey
Thank you. I always come to her when I feel down and out about my situation and relationship. " ... written by Tee
Great reading. Very detailed. Highly recommend" ... written by Sunshine
Heera has helped me in the past several times and i needed a refresher on my relationship. I am so glad I came to her because she gets right to the point and lets you know what needs to be taken care of. Heera always has a great connection and is very passionate when it comes to helping others. Thank you for all the help you have given me. Blessings, peace, love and light be with you. :)" ... written by twidlemetree
she's always on top of her game. i will have Heera read me. shes the #1 go-to on this site. " ... written by chrissy
:) ty " ... written by peter
Lovely follow up, she was spot on on many things. xx" ... written by B
she hit on all key issues for 2016...thanks much...i will work on all we chat about" ... written by sabrina fulford
A kind and gentle assessment, with good advice for positive movement forward." ... written by Serenity
Lovely lady!!!Thanks my credits ran out....i will talk to you again soon!!! will try your advice....." ... written by Ivana
That was amazing! I will come back!" ... written by EK
Thank you so much for your insight and understanding. Your such a great reader. just loved it 5 stars" ... written by Edna
great to catch up, great advice i needed to hear, helped me so much to focus now. thank you" ... written by jazzychic
Pretty accurate. Need to consult her again soon to get a better impression. Time ran out so quickly." ... written by Claudia
5 stars the best ever and then some." ... written by Aundrea Dunbar
Very good and sincere" ... written by Tawizza
very good. he predictions are consistent and what she said last year was going to happen actually happened this year." ... written by susan
Good and honest psychic reading, connects easily with situations" ... written by sara
She is spot on. She gave me the advice to help rekindle my relationship. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Clazzyone
Calm returns with a confident plan, and Heera is a master at helping that place to come into existence. " ... written by Serenity
she is excellent, very thorough and honest." ... written by paula
tnx" ... written by Bey
Great reading again. Thanks Heera " ... written by Anaama
Thanks for the reading x" ... written by Cindy
great reading thank you heera 5 star" ... written by ku
great chat, thank you!" ... written by Hayden
thanks heera once again.... i will just keep finger crossed.." ... written by mahi
Thanks for the advice! " ... written by Cindy
good reading with good insights. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Sometimes a little bit insight from Heera, is all it takes to make the right decisions, thanks x " ... written by Cindy
thanks" ... written by f
this girl is on point. " ... written by rickyflynn
Heera is gifted and has a way of delivering guidance in a positive and mild manner. She always puts my mind at ease. Highly recommend her! 5 stars!!!!!!" ... written by Clazzyone
you are comforting....thanks for the fruitful advice" ... written by mt
Great reading. Connected well. Thank you for the insight." ... written by amethyst7777
Needed some clarification from her. Thank you!" ... written by Tee
Totally on point every time." ... written by Serenity
thank you for your reading. i won't give up and i'll be more self confident thanks to you." ... written by arthanor
thank you for this acurate reading." ... written by arthanor
Thanks for the insight x" ... written by Cindy
again so spot on always" ... written by peter
thanks...xoxo" ... written by ...
genuine gifted psychic!" ... written by melissa
Oh I just love Heera123:) She is so wonderful and so helping:) Thank you so much!" ... written by mel
so incredibly nice and i loved speaking to her " ... written by alexa
Very good and very warm. Calms me down all the time" ... written by Tamara100
very good energy, very kind and very honest. she's great and highly recommend her to do a reading for you!" ... written by jojoOH47
tnx heera :*" ... written by Bey
Very sweet, very quick, and gave great much needed advice about my situation. I thank you for putting things into perspective and helping me make the right choice that will save me a lot of headache in the future. Thank you :)" ... written by Tiarra
Really accurate!" ... written by Vina
She is a WOW. She connected so well andamp; answered the questions of my heart. She started telling me my questions. I am so incredibly grateful Heera. How kind and what truth she spoke, the things I felt deep down but doubted and I do no longer. Many blessings to you! :)" ... written by Kelly
Very sweet , perceptive and right on with sensing very important elements of my situation! I Highly recommend Heera. She is divinely gifted." ... written by W
Great!! " ... written by Karen
Heera is very insightful, and gives honest feedback about what she reads about people. Thanks you Heera. " ... written by FS88
Heera is always so in tune and has really been a guide in making me choose the right decision in regards to my career and personal achievements. She is highly recommended and she is quick too give the confirmation that you are needing." ... written by Abigayle88
thank you for such a good reading!! so patient and kind...she really got to the heart of my problem" ... written by penelope
She has been able to give insights on subjectss of my choice and I will wait to see her reading comes true" ... written by Waterfall_drops
Thanks again for an awesome reading! You're the best!" ... written by ffairy
told me there's a commitment next year. " ... written by cindy
Thank you! " ... written by Tee
good, interesting reading, thank you." ... written by julie
Always my go to for great advice and insight. Thank you Heera" ... written by Muhsybean
fantastic catch up and look out on 2016. one of the best readers and many predicitons came true." ... written by jcc
Great" ... written by Trondarn
Good followup!" ... written by Kiera 123
Very helpful and very clear and a great help" ... written by Ricardo
thanks as always!" ... written by fra
THIS IS GREAT" ... written by Trond
tnx heera" ... written by Bey
accurate insightful as usual. ty heera !" ... written by arthanor
she is great x" ... written by B
loved it" ... written by tamjar
Good one" ... written by sarah
She was good, but I did not fanish all I want to get check on" ... written by Amie
nice reading with good information that made a lot of sense." ... written by starfish57
Recommended x" ... written by c
she was very accurate" ... written by san
GREAT" ... written by NAVNEET
very quick with answers" ... written by starfish57
Thank you so much for your time. It's always good to talk with you!!! Happy New Year!" ... written by Andrea
she is very good. she told me what i was thinking about my career before i even told her" ... written by shah
Thank you so much - " ... written by Cinnamon
very good kind even with not so good news. she has been spot on all of this time" ... written by christine
Very Honest, quick, need to see if I can do her advice-hard because I am in deep" ... written by Sharla
very good" ... written by ineedpeaceofmind
loved it" ... written by computerluv
excellent, accurate, highly specific and clear reader" ... written by Wanda Jean
although short and sweet as i have about 3 dollars to my name, she calmed me down so much for the journey i am about to take and i cannot thank her enough, not only did her energy feel soothing, so did her words. thank you so much, again. " ... written by yasmin
Thank you heera :) :) " ... written by prema
She is caring!! and to the point. She might well be my guide in the coming days as well!! Thanks a lot Ma'am :)" ... written by Harshith
She was great, thank you for your help." ... written by Ashley
thank you for the truth. " ... written by stellar
connected very well. and quick detailed answers" ... written by x
amazing reading. I love her calm spirit. she helped me out a lot. thank you" ... written by Sheena
Love it nice chat" ... written by Christian
Heera and I did something different today with energy work. Something i have never done with her before. Thank you!" ... written by Tee
thank you!" ... written by Tee
very nice reading" ... written by scott
Hi Thank you for the reading. It had been a very long time and you have a great memory. You clearly do listen with care and give sound advice. I will look forward to seeing the outcome of your reading and thank you for helping me out at my requests - much appreciated as always. xxx " ... written by Tantan20
I love getting Heeras advice because she is honest and straight forward. Helps me see things straight." ... written by Muhsybean
Great reading again from Heera. honest and to the point." ... written by Moongirl17
she is fantastic !!!! would go back " ... written by mp
Heera is very balanced and dignified in her manner of speaking. She understands my pain and suffering totally and helps me with her kind and supportive views. They reverberate true in me and have become true. her predictions have materialized. I really appreciate her." ... written by Artistic Parkway
she was seriously so wonderful to speak with. I loved talking with her. Will be back :)" ... written by sabi
Heera was really good...spot on reading. I always enjoy her wonderful spirit and her great advice. She is such a gifted reader and I appreciate her very much and the honesty she portrays. She validated many things for me, which provided great peace of mind." ... written by Carrie
thanks heera" ... written by k
She was amazing, its like she was reading my mind. Wow!" ... written by abigayle88
she was great and so fast love her" ... written by ANESIA MCSHAN
Awesome in the little time!" ... written by Krystal
very honest and tells you the way it is .. thank you for helping me " ... written by ro
She is just amazing and so connected - so full of information connects so deeply and so kind- do not pass up a reading with Heera - she is so supportive and honest and full of help. I just adore my readings with Heera - even the stuff I don't want to hear. " ... written by Cinnamon White
Thanks for insight" ... written by r
She is excellent reader and she deserves all the stars." ... written by PS
good reading" ... written by Stacy R
Great reader! Really guides you in what you need help in" ... written by Emily
great reader !!!!!!! :))))))" ... written by mp
great reader " ... written by mp
awesome reading" ... written by Romeeta
She is very sweet. " ... written by Leah
right on point very helpful" ... written by computerluv
good reading" ... written by starfish57
She was so nice and speedy with her reading. Love it! Can't wait to see if her predictions come true. I have faith they will. :) Thank you Heera!" ... written by Kat
love ur reading" ... written by sashaq
Very niceee ! She picked up on a lot without me even telling her . Very sincere and nice." ... written by Josalyn
always good to have a reading with her " ... written by Christian
very thorough..thank you very much..." ... written by Hope
thank you so much, heera, she always clears up the hovering on my mind. " ... written by michele
extremely comforting and pleasing personality. she knows are job extremely well." ... written by mandeep
excellent reader." ... written by mandeep
i just wanted to say thank you very much for your reading it was great i now feel like i can fully let go instead of holding on and thank you for telling me the honest truth. if anyone is looking for straight forward clear answers and the truth this is the person you need to choose for your reading. xxxxxxxxx love peace and positivity " ... written by maxine
quick connect and accurate . " ... written by sam
If you haven't had a reading from Heera, and wondering if you should....then definitely take the time to do it. Very good reader... :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
I just adore Heera - she is such a support in my life and so kind - and honest - right to the point and so accurate - LOVE HER" ... written by Cinnamon White
The reading is spot on. i am a book. kinda closed one, but it is getting read very good. still a long way until i get finished with getting read. but this was a great start" ... written by Bård
calming and thoughtful" ... written by Rayhaan
great reader" ... written by mp
She rocks as usual. Can't wait to vibe with her again!" ... written by Sweets
I think she is very good she gave me some great news" ... written by lisa
love her ! " ... written by stephanie
nice" ... written by lolaeve
she is very intuitive, apt and an empathetic reader. i thought she was helpful and friendly. i will dfefinitely go to her for more readings in the future" ... written by srk003
I added more credits and she was so sweet to explain everything in full detail. She was very genuine. Thank you." ... written by Abigayle88
She has always been in tune when it comes to all my reading and has always been very honest and direct and she's a real fast typist. highly recommended." ... written by Abigayle88
right on point" ... written by tamjar
Always connects quickly, lovely delivery of the message and easy to understand the meaning. Terrific lady and well worth trying is you are looking for a trustworthy reader. Thanks Heera :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
no sugarcoating just straight forward answers" ... written by breeze
very good" ... written by darin
Thank you! I needed an update from her and she is always there to help. " ... written by Tee
she very clear. good with advises, and keeps you in positive energy. I just hope that her advise could help to become a better person. thanks" ... written by elhijodelmoro
Thanks Heera you beautiful guiding light!" ... written by hphoenix
fantastic! thankyou so much I needed this Kia ora!" ... written by Tracy
honest, accurate, time effective. I was very impressed with this." ... written by bell
love heera... she is honest and that is what I like about her!!! give her a try... she is always right!" ... written by kt
Brilliant! Like she is reading your mind. Love her! Thanks alot heera *love" ... written by dalla lani
i loved her presence, i learn from her. she is a good teacher cause she teaches you how to be responsible for yourself. its nice having her around. she is great!!!" ... written by Lola
Thank you, Heera! You've helped me feel better understanding a relationship and what will happen in the future. I feel like I understand where things are headed now and my role in the relationship, what I have to do, and how I can be supportive while still getting my needs met. Thanks for helping me understand more. Looking forward to your predictions to come to pass." ... written by Gabrielle
Very friendly and nice girl, my 3rd reading!" ... written by Melody
nice" ... written by thanks
Excellent reading.. " ... written by rfd23rtg
Heera was fantastic, she was very accurate and would definitely see her again!" ... written by Kandis
she was spot on" ... written by Miley
Omg ..managed to complete the reading. Heera is fantastic. She made a prediction for me 2 years ago i did not want to accept but she was 100% right. Today she hit the mark again and knew things about me that were impossible to know...She is kind, calm, wise, and down to earth in addition to her real gifts. Im very thankful to her and look forward to our next reading . " ... written by G
She is great, and caring as always. She is comforting and is highly recommended." ... written by Harshith
First very short reading . She is great and accurate! Must come again longer ...xoxoxo" ... written by G
thank you for the reading i ran out of credits haha but you are great and thank you again. everything you said as of right now has happened so i pretty impressed" ... written by Taurusboy14
thank you so much for the reading. you are always on point." ... written by Taurusboy14
Thank you" ... written by Eva
Thank you for reading, you were so sweet and caring. Highly recommended. " ... written by Cindyqnx
your readings make me so much more confident in what im thinking because lately ive been second guessing myself alot and knowing that there's a chance make me so much more willing to do it. thank you for everything!!" ... written by Taurusboy14
Fun to talk to." ... written by Julie
WONDERFUL" ... written by maria
I thought she was very straight forward and a great tarot reader. One of the best I have seen on this site. " ... written by TarotLover
amazing as usual!!!!!!" ... written by kt
she is great!!!!" ... written by kt
Heera always helps bring focus to what can feel like chaos." ... written by serenity
always a pleasure to talk to Heera" ... written by S
Thank you!" ... written by Tee
5 stars" ... written by Ethmoid
A great reading as always. Thanks for everything!" ... written by amethyst
wonderful catch up.. thank you" ... written by jc
So calm and easy to connect with and very accurate as well :)" ... written by Serra
Thanx for the hope gal:)" ... written by SweetS
Heera is so good at her readings, she is deep and connects ver fast, She also pulls in a lot of information. Thank you Heera! xx " ... written by luna
very good" ... written by angelique7
good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Great, great, great!!!" ... written by Walejr
great reading and advice!" ... written by Golden Ochun
The only person i reach out to " ... written by harsha
Heera really answered my questions and made me feel relaxed...she told me what i wanted to hear and that was the truth and honest. shes the best and i recommend her to anyone. " ... written by Kamini Thanki
Great reader and she is straight to the point." ... written by TT
I asked another question and reasured me on many things." ... written by Kamini Thanki
Heera is spot on. I have come to her for a few years and she is always accurate." ... written by Beverly
tnx " ... written by Bey
thanks much" ... written by E
Great reading. Was really point on! highly reccomended. " ... written by Kimberly
Heera is very caring and kind, appreciated the calm energy and ease while in the reading. " ... written by Vasso
Very comforting as always, she is the real deal. Thank you again for sharing your gifts. " ... written by raysa martin
I recommend her, very right on when i havent give her any information, a great expert on love " ... written by Ashley
Thank you heera!" ... written by Tee
She is amazing healer" ... written by Neha
Thank you!!! I will return :) She def confirmed and touched on exactly what was going on in my life. The time sure flies, but she was accurate!" ... written by V
very excellent truly gifted " ... written by jeremiah brennan
Awesome reading :) very very straightforward and has a very calm voice. We got cut off but will be back. She helped a lot!" ... written by Sabeeha
Great reading. Thanks Heera" ... written by mm
Very good, she was right on the mark. I would recommend! " ... written by Christine
It's good to have updates from Heera. She is able to fully understand me and know me as a whole person. She is very confident in what she states and her reading regarding job and finance has always been right. I have had an extensive reading from her and today I can say with confidence to follow her advice as she has made it that easy and clear fro me. Thank you. " ... written by Tantan20
She has a very soothing voice and told me she sees me succeeding and just need to take that leap of faith." ... written by Teresa
great reading very honest !!!!!!!!" ... written by andrea
excellent" ... written by Tamara100
I had a reading with heera123" ... written by jdoll81
WOW....just wow!!!" ... written by Karina
Thank you! And i will come back!" ... written by Daisy
tnx Heera" ... written by Bey
so good as always!" ... written by Karina
Heera has been wonderful in reassuring me that my problems are more in my mind than a reality. She tells me things that sound so true and resonate so deeply in me and heal me. But I keep falling back to my worst worries. Heera just reassures me and gives me the strength to hang in . I know she is right." ... written by artisticparkway
Thank you once again Heera for advise and support." ... written by Mirah02
She was amazing, and pretty darn psychic!" ... written by Dario
Very Nice :) best " ... written by Varsha
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!AMAZING READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT ON POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by OPAL
Heera is good if you need guidance and clarity. I received several readings from her. Will gladly keep her as my reader. She is that good...." ... written by challis
A really wonderful reader!" ... written by Briana
I have become a regular client with Heera because I have a sad and pressing issue. Heera always is honest, but encouraging. I have no one else, not do I wish to discuss my issue with people I know. Heera is objective and what she tells me resonates deeply within me. I know she is not pulling the wool over my eyes......instead, she is removing the wool and still encouraging me. She is patient and never irritated when I do repeat questions that she actually has already answered.She is there for me" ... written by artisticparkway
I'm a medium so I know when someone is for real. She is great. Listen to what she tells you and follow her advice. She is very honest and does not try to run minutes up. A+++++++" ... written by Christine
great reading very accurate" ... written by john
good, clear connection, lots of info given for multiple people i asked about in reading, thanks" ... written by dakota
Thank you." ... written by Tee
Good as always!!!" ... written by Karina
I came across Heera bc I was picked for her demo, and wanted a reading afterwards. I'm amazed at what Heera was able to pick up. I didn't have to give her any information, she just *knew...* I definitely recommend a reading with her!!" ... written by Mama
good reading, very honest" ... written by starfish57
Heera is so kind hearted and insightful and quick on answering your questions. she's already one step ahead of you before you even ask." ... written by melissa
She is so caring and soft spoken. Very nice. Fives stars for Heera" ... written by Billygirl54
gifted and supporting" ... written by joseph
I have a delicate situation in my life that is giving me much anguish. I found Heera on this site and she has been guiding me through as a real support. I do not want to be over effusive as that may sound phony, but the fact is .....she really tunes in and sees the situation. It feels true what she says and resonates within me as real communication. She is so young and mature. She has become a friend! Artistic Parkway" ... written by Artistic Parkway
I appreciate everything she told me, I know it is going to take a lot of patience and time for things to happen in all faith i know it will. thank you again heera . " ... written by Confident
she was able to give me clarity and insight on a lot of things. which making my decision on what I really want to do as a career much easier. " ... written by Olga
thank you." ... written by Lenard
Thx for the reading. Quite comforting" ... written by Onyx
Very nice and honest, very accurate and give me time frames, which I'll come back for update. Heera is the best you should take reading with her. Really nice and plasent reading. " ... written by Pika
Interesting... A lot of predictions made and I will wait and see if they come true. She was spot on with many things!!!" ... written by Sam
10 stars.................." ... written by Aundrea Dunbar
will see what happens" ... written by BP
She confirmed a lot for me and, she's intuitive. I will consult with her again. " ... written by carolyn
she is always consistent in reading. and precise" ... written by michelelee
Thank you heera, it was very helpful for me" ... written by Ron
excellent reading. Knew exactly what my intentions were. " ... written by Autumn
woah, very accurrate!! scary accurate!!" ... written by hellokittyhas7
Helped as she always does, getting thru is hard for me" ... written by SweetS
She is extremely clairvoyant and soft spoken" ... written by dhannya
Very good" ... written by Nyss
She seems accurate. Especially when she gave me the timeframe that we are going to meet. I will keep you updated. Thank you lovely " ... written by BB05
Good reading as always. Always come back for updates" ... written by tilthe
Heera is the best so far. I'm always a bit skeptical," ... written by Challis
Great healing from Heera x " ... written by Cindy
I really like her! Like I had to private chat with her for the first time multiple times. She's so insightful- so patient, so quick andamp; so helpful! #Helpful. Thank u so much!" ... written by Aline
She's is on point no doubt about it" ... written by Jizz
quick with responses and helpful. thank you!" ... written by pixie
highly accurate!!" ... written by dobe
Nice" ... written by Sachin
highly detailed answers, quick on the answers and heera is the real deal people!" ... written by melissa
she is soo patient with me. i will just have to wait to see what happens. thanks again Heera. i appreciate what you have helped me with." ... written by confident
She was AMAZING!!! Before I could finish my question to explain the situation, HEERA has already given me the solution to which way to go to get the best result! HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!" ... written by Abigayle88
Heera is amazing... always trustworthy and very caring... very nice woman... She is highly intuitive and she knows what she does very well... you can see for yourself... ;)" ... written by Rui Jorge
On point and cleared doubts in myself and in my mind.! thank you so much! :D" ... written by Bhumi
very helpful again. now i have peace of mind to focus on what i need to do. so helpful and reassuring. i got the confirmation i needed to invest my time because i can feel it is worth it. long road ahead but I got the clarity i needed for now. very good thank you" ... written by Carlie
Another good reading. Will see it all pans out. " ... written by Jan
good reading picked up on things well. thank you I am filled with hope now and more accepting of myself" ... written by Jerry
she is very helpful" ... written by san
thank you heera I have been in ur room during demos and never picked so when I had funds I went to her." ... written by luvuchaluka
She is a 5star reader. She connects and picks the energies well. " ... written by N
thank you so much....your great at your job thanks again love " ... written by sasha
amazing!!!! very concerned and truthful!!!!!" ... written by scorpio
Insightful helpful, helped me get to a better state of mind " ... written by Laurel
She is very highly accurate " ... written by Laurel
It made me cry alot but I don't think she was wrong" ... written by Laurel
she really say the things and they happen...i really hope all the other things happen soon! im happy now!" ... written by Karina
Love her! She's the best." ... written by Karen Wedding
she is the best, definitely will come back. her voice is so soothing and she is very kind. thank you so much heera!" ... written by entela
She has a very calming effect on your spirit. Spot on and needs no further info from you. " ... written by Melissa
Heera is very kind and attentive. She brought me peace of mind and I felt she connected really well with my situation. I would recommend her highly. " ... written by Flower
she is very helpful in her advise." ... written by san
Thanks Heera, I have some energy now." ... written by Bey
Really tunes in right away to the people and situations involved. Straight, and no fluff. Just what it is." ... written by Serenity
great reading good advice " ... written by David
Thank you" ... written by bearthoven
Conformation" ... written by LaTonya
never disappoints!!!! truly amazing and very intuitive." ... written by sandra
Thanx heera" ... written by mskifatd
She's so nice, very true, will defiantly come back to her" ... written by Ramiya Raju
She just knows :)" ... written by Heidi
she is very good " ... written by unb
She is very good doesn't sugar coat and is straight forward. She is also kind and wants to help. " ... written by Flower
good as usual" ... written by Karina
Ya she is honest provided me solution with great empathy.Picked up energies well" ... written by Abhijit Rath
She's super calm. Some of her predictions have come true and I can't wait for her next prediction to come true." ... written by coolgirl65
:) I like her, she's very positive " ... written by Laurel
she is a good psychic i will come back for mmore readings to her" ... written by AAAA
On point and accurate reading!" ... written by Rana
she is ery good and helpful" ... written by san
She is absolutely wonderful - I cannot say enough nice things, she sees spot on. She is truly gifted and a very kind soul who is here to help. I thank you so very much Heera. Much Gratitude! :)" ... written by Kelly
she is right on every time!! so so good" ... written by heather
Very good very intuitive. Didnt get to finish. going back now" ... written by Angela
She is truth and helps heal" ... written by Angela
Very helpful and tries to get to the core of things" ... written by Angela
the best reading ever can read the past and the future with no problems and solved my questions with no hesertations." ... written by marzy
Heera is great!" ... written by Karen Wedding
She is fantastic :)" ... written by Rita
Great reading as usual." ... written by Laurel
she is very good in her advise" ... written by san
Thanks Heera, you have been healing me thru all my emotional conflicts from early 2015, when I was down, you were the only person I could confide too and I still do!" ... written by Bey
it was great, but ran out of time. thank you heera you are of much great help ." ... written by amber
she is very fast and good " ... written by onnna
very thoughtful and kind reader. good communicator. " ... written by marlene
great reading.....very honest" ... written by sandra
she is great!! Straight forward.Loved the reading.Thank you." ... written by scifisweetie
Thank you heera for you accurate answers" ... written by Ron
Well, i might want to repeat it each and every time. She is Highly recommended!!. The right person to seek guidance and directions from, for your life...when in need of help!! Thanks ma'am :)" ... written by Harshith
Honest, truthful and very very sweet." ... written by Amanda
great chat, always a pleasure" ... written by David
Honesty and clarity." ... written by chance 771
She's really amazing how much she knows! She's really helpful to me." ... written by Ali
Its my first time on here and she really impressed me with he ability. Truthful and spot on. Thanks ever so much for the guidance." ... written by Heera123
shes so soft spoken,Amazing reading and super update . " ... written by sabina0202
I agree with her 100% shes totally right , truthful, and very quick with her insight." ... written by Ali
Great!" ... written by TT
wonderful" ... written by confident
great reading....very honest, and in tune.....great personilty, very kind and friendly " ... written by sandra
Thank you !!! Very quick to tune into situation..." ... written by StarrVision
Thank you Heera, always a pleasure!" ... written by Andrea
Gentle and insightful." ... written by AnnicB1
She's amazing!" ... written by coolgirl65
interesting chat, ill be back again" ... written by david
I will come back within the time span to update on how my journey unfolds. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for connecting with me. " ... written by leodym
Great as always!!" ... written by Vanessa
excellent readiing 10 stars! thank u." ... written by monoagapi
Heera was honest and did not sugarcoat. Said he does love me but he is just not well right now. He needs to become stronger... " ... written by Flower
Very great and very smart!" ... written by hellokittyhas7
Love her!! Super Amazing" ... written by layersofame
Dead on!!!! So helpful!! I will be back for sure." ... written by B
Heera, your awesome. Network was slow" ... written by Angela
Thanks very much" ... written by Ny
She calm me always" ... written by Karina
Heera thankyou were still on track.... Always wonderful!" ... written by Angela
Heera123 is a wonderful reader and is so incredibly honest. I appreciate her words of wisdom and the clarity she has provided me. She is an incredible psychic with a wonderful spirit..." ... written by Carrie
On point yet again, but im wanting specifics. I know Heera has answers!" ... written by Angela
always the best at keeping my head back in the clouds with the reading. thanks heera you are a true friend , God bless :)" ... written by confident
Thank you. You can really feel me." ... written by Quinn
Thanks. Always calming and helpful. " ... written by Darlene
i really enjoy the private she is really nice tell the truth and gave helpful instruction thank you so much again i will let you know how its going cya after :)" ... written by joseph
Good reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
thanks." ... written by rosy
Heera is amazing!" ... written by Diamond
She's always on track. Best things.... She knows me and I trust her." ... written by Karen Wedding
thank u! hopefully it will work out!" ... written by me
thanks heera once again clarified my instincts on everything . :)" ... written by confident
Heera is amazing. " ... written by Diamond
was informative thanks" ... written by SUBODH
She is a very compassionate reader and spot on with what I was asking. We shall see how things turn out. " ... written by cittylove
Heera is very intuitive and very sweet, kind, she talks in a very sweet manner and she really helped me to find the guidance i was looking for. she gave me clarity in a very warm way, i can't describe it but I feel she's very transparent and accurate. Thanks Heera, hope to be around here again to talk to you." ... written by Pamela
Very great and fun. always enriching and hopefully. " ... written by autumn
my time ran out too fast. " ... written by cindy
i like her she is fast and very good" ... written by e ns
Amazing! She knows her stuff! She is truly gifted, and I'm normally a skeptic but she knows stuff about you without you even trying." ... written by StarFeather
She is so great! Accurate and helpful!" ... written by FenForever
Helpful." ... written by Lee
always a great help" ... written by confident
great as always and so understanding" ... written by g
Spot on. She felt everything that in my energy" ... written by Madison
omg shes amazingggg." ... written by Julie
very good catch up... great career direction, very clear. thank you!" ... written by jc
On point as usual" ... written by Laurel
good" ... written by samson
Tnx Heera :*" ... written by Bey
thanks so much you really helped me understand some things a lot better!!!" ... written by wildflowers
very good read thanks so much" ... written by wildflowers
amazing reading definitely touched upon somethings I really need to know" ... written by kimberly
LOVE HER !" ... written by JOSALYN
She was very helpful It's my first time here I'm still unsure about readings but I think I will try and continue to see her. " ... written by Christine
very quick reading , was super awesome." ... written by confident
Shei s genunie andamp; reads exactly into the situation its mind blowing" ... written by leela111
thanks" ... written by Nard
Thx for the wonderfull update again " ... written by sonja
she always connects with me right away even if it has been awhile. she's so in tune with what's going on with me. thanks heera!" ... written by christine
" ... written by NY
" ... written by NY
i love her readings always spot on and accurate" ... written by April
Very good thank you very much for your help" ... written by NY
Thank you!" ... written by Andrea
Good reading!" ... written by Kiera 123
Thank you, Heera, for listening and reading for me. You always tap in quickly and see what's going on for me and my man. Thank you for helping me see the truth in that I need to trust him. " ... written by Gabrielle
tnx :*" ... written by Bey
Thanks very much" ... written by NY
thanks very much" ... written by NY
Great connection" ... written by Arnoldo
good reading" ... written by bc0608
Thanks very much" ... written by NY
Heera gave me another insight of things and lets see how that goes. " ... written by Kamini Thanki
Thanks very much" ... written by NY
Thank you very much" ... written by NY
It is always a good feeling to get a positive clarity back from Heera. Every time I have faced a big issue Heera has always been accurate and her predictions have passed for me. I recieved some positive reading and await to see the outcome with great faith. Thank you once again Heera. xxxx" ... written by Tantan20
shes very good and this" ... written by michael
i like heera cause she never gave me fake advice on emotions over years. shes one of the very few i trust here." ... written by jazzychic
Thank you!! Recommended!!" ... written by H
Awesome! I love her!" ... written by Q
amazing like always " ... written by gre
wow" ... written by HJ
thanks, wish I had more time but i'll come back" ... written by Lana
What a nice person! She was very accurate with a lot of info, so I feel I can trust her. Thank you so much!" ... written by Katie
absolutely wonderful , the universe would no allow me to leave oranum as it kept sending me signs of my twinflames name and it brought back to oranum to ask what it all meant, thanks a bunch heera, i feel better knowing what i know now, compared to what i knew a week ago. " ... written by confident
Heera is such an amazing woman and psychic in every way. I return to her time and again for her wisdom and she gives me such help in time of need." ... written by Summerbreeze888
Thanks" ... written by f
Enjoyed the reading very much. I would highly recommend. She has a very positive, calming vibe that I connected too. Hoping that predictions will come true. " ... written by Destiny
Good Reading, Caught on All Points." ... written by Geri
she's great, like her very much. will return and refer!" ... written by DIveeny
really good insights n a good guide" ... written by sathish
amazing psychic.... everything was true and related. highly recommended to everyone." ... written by tirum 222
Super update. Thank u heera" ... written by sabina0202
Wow thank you for your nice words! Nothing but the truth! " ... written by Daisy
Very nice person, and gives accurate readings :)" ... written by Clifton
I really like her she's very good and very intuitive. I can really recommend her. shes not waisting my time at all" ... written by I trust her
THank you very much!" ... written by NY
Thank you " ... written by NY
Was fast and professional." ... written by April
She was clear and direct and helped me to gain insight into the future. She was accurate about most things. " ... written by P
Very nice lady. Thank you. Sad my time ran out. :(" ... written by Ellen
very good thank you" ... written by jana
Super amazing and super accurate with everything i will keep chatting with her!!!!! She was 100% on everything going on best advise ever!!!!" ... written by Bobby
for the most part she was on point, esp when she said about someone i was staying away from who would of helped me financially. which i am lol" ... written by luckylibra
THanks very much" ... written by NY
Her reading and insgiht were very accurate. Hihgly recommned" ... written by arno1313
Really connects with the person and the situation." ... written by arno1313
Awesome Awesome Awesome!" ... written by Qu
Thanks very mcuh" ... written by NY
she was very sympathetic to my situation." ... written by starfish57
I had a fantastic reading with Heera, she took the time to answer all my questions and also gave me indepth answers and insight, I would highly recommend anyone to have a reading with her. Thank you" ... written by welshchick
very gooood:)" ... written by stephanie
excellent" ... written by confident
Thanks" ... written by NY
excellent as always" ... written by confident
Thank you heera so much for the reading" ... written by Ron
she is amazing all her predictions have been spot on" ... written by dhannya
she is very good and accurate" ... written by san
shes good, be direct " ... written by Christina
Amazing makes me feel alive again and advised me of what to do." ... written by beseh
excellent thank u" ... written by monogapi
Very Informative. Made me feel more comfortable with my life. Wish I could afford more :(" ... written by Emily
I am liking her... kinda straight and was almost to the point" ... written by Pooja
good" ... written by Pooja
very sympathetic and compassionate." ... written by starfish57
heera is remarkable , honestly she is " ... written by confident
she was a delight to speak with, very caring, and was a peach! thank you so much my dear!" ... written by scadoodle
thnak you! your awoesme!!!" ... written by L
she is brilliant " ... written by rose
i loved it, heera is so accurate , " ... written by confident
Here is amazing, she gives wonderful advice, and has helped a lot!" ... written by Ami
I will see how it goes.. thank you :)" ... written by Inspired_Within
We are still on track! Seems like an improvement! so far all your predictions have come true!" ... written by Angela
Amazing and accurate" ... written by Wayland
Heera is a compassionate , on target, no fluff advisor that has given me consistent advice with amazing accuracey and timelines neaar perfect. She also makes sure to warn you of pitfalls. There is never pressure to stay on or come repeatedly. And she is fast! 5 stars!" ... written by Bluspirit19
Thanks" ... written by NY
She was amazing,nailed everything and was sweet and humble!! Thank you so much for the clarification " ... written by sheri19
spot on as usual" ... written by Laurel
very good reading, will like to get more readings from Heera and I feel that she is right on with what she says. we will see what the future will hold, thank you Heera" ... written by sunrisegold
Yikes ur 5.99 price is pretty steep for me. But ur great at reading as always. " ... written by Laurel
tnx" ... written by Bey
love! great reading" ... written by bridget
Thanks very much" ... written by NY
awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by islandgurl
Shes one of the truest" ... written by Aminata Bah
Insightful" ... written by LJ
love how Heera is very detailed when describing the reading. any little question I ask her. she looks deep into it and answers it with a full description. its not with a simple yes or no, because we don't like simple yes or no's as answers. Heera tells it like it is and she's great!" ... written by melissa
ty again, always good readings ♥" ... written by ladyk
thank u always great" ... written by mono
she is very good , consistent in her readings." ... written by michele lee
on point" ... written by islandgyrl
Thanks Heera, you are awesome." ... written by Bey
she was amazing,sweet and humble caring and sincere. " ... written by sheri19
amazing reading!!" ... written by sheri19
Excellent, really excellent" ... written by Arno
excelllent " ... written by confident
thanks!" ... written by kw
very good" ... written by kw
Very good, very helpful" ... written by Brooke
Thanks Heera again." ... written by Bey
All I can say is wow, she was so intuned and awesome and I am so happy I was finally able to catch her for a reading. She described me better than I could have admitted to describing myself. She will not let you down. Thank you so much for your time today! " ... written by Brianaaf2
Heera was very quick, in-tuned, and compassionate with my situation. I really appreciate all that she said. ^^ ~Blessings, love, and light" ... written by Nikki
to the point" ... written by ed
Big reading with Heera. She picked up on a lot of things - timeframe is consistent with other readings I've had done. Wait and see." ... written by LP
Very strong intuition! Very accurate" ... written by Doug
Good" ... written by Rose
gave me some good information. thank you." ... written by starfish57
here always puts things very straight and clear... with a signal to the most essential things to do... I really trust her readings and advice..." ... written by Alex
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
Very honest and truthfully answers. Doesn't need any information to set you on your right path." ... written by tc
she is great very honest and straight forward" ... written by bouncylady
always the best! ive had numerous readings with heera. I recommend her for a reading. you will not be disappointed. honest answers all the time" ... written by melissa
Heera is always a calm, accurate and confident reader. She gave me an accurate demo in the past and a great private too!! I'll be back to gather more guidance in the future." ... written by Nia J
She did great at connecting with the situation. She gave me future information that I am remaining optimistic about!" ... written by Markita
she is bery genuine andamp; honest! doesnt fool with you!" ... written by L
A very good reading. Thank you! I will come back to see you again! " ... written by Amy
great reading" ... written by andrea
Thanks Heera, I got some energy for today :D" ... written by Bey
great reading!!" ... written by sheri19
Thanks very much" ... written by NY
Very good and reassurring. thanks" ... written by Autumn
wish i had more credits, always a good read" ... written by confident
Always guides me in the right direction and calms me down.... Highly recommended!! :)" ... written by Harshith
This is like my 20th reading with her and she is always on point. My situation is pretty complicated and she reads the guy i like as if he was a book. I never go to any other psychic other than her she is amazing! :) " ... written by kim
Fantastic. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!" ... written by Bree
she is excellent......would be back recommend her !!!!" ... written by mp
Straight to the point. Everything what she said was true. Thank you for your reading. " ... written by Marina
Crazy - she nailed it! I will definitely be back" ... written by Jennifer
Good Reading" ... written by Geri
Thanks very much!" ... written by NY
Thank you for your reading, very calming ." ... written by grateful
EXCELLENT READING! she is really intuitive and very accurate." ... written by cathy
Great reading" ... written by Ar
I LOVE THIS WOMAN" ... written by kim
came for my weekly reading with heera, very good as always . " ... written by confident
thank you soo much" ... written by linda ann pitre
Thanks" ... written by NY
she is just the best!" ... written by kim
THanks" ... written by NY
she was really awesome thank you" ... written by tina
Heera really gives the clarity and the focus I need." ... written by Challis
Thanks" ... written by NY
Very clear and concise" ... written by Warmsun
Wow, that was a good reading, she got right to the point and was very accurate ! " ... written by meadowdeb
thank you " ... written by luvu
Very good reading, very informative and to the point. " ... written by Stephanie
Wish I could have heard more but otherwise she helped me. " ... written by Angela Pinder
wonderful" ... written by maria
she is really good with her reading . I am very thank full to her for all her help." ... written by ritu
Were going through the meat of things. Getting close to my freedom and realization..." ... written by Angela
Super update" ... written by sabina0202
Very good reader to the point picked up alot" ... written by suman
She is so funny and on point with everything" ... written by r
she reads my guy like a book!" ... written by r
interesting reading; a little different but good." ... written by starfish57
as usual very kind, and honest. thank you so much!" ... written by s
thanks for the quick reading… you were helpful" ... written by kundra
I love her readings and advise, she is wonderful!!!! Thank you so much. Right on spot" ... written by Rea
Quick reading, lovely words, great reader." ... written by Venous
Excellent reading, really exceptional insight and accuracy" ... written by AR
great as always" ... written by Christina
very amazing" ... written by nicole
asked about a different situation but cleared things up for me" ... written by confident
Nice reader..needed update..helped me" ... written by suman
Good as usual" ... written by Karina
to the point as usual ...thank you !" ... written by arthanor
thank you heera. ur readings are accurate and helpful. ur reading brings me out from my negativities. I appreciate your time...you manage to answer many of my questions and see deeper into it. being strangers and you never know anything about me, you can tell things what even some of my closest friends dont know. thank you again!" ... written by Jace
thank you heera. you are helpful. your readings are straight to the point. i will let you know when i get a job. thank you very much. anyone needs help has to see you. =)" ... written by jace
Spot on! Quick and accurate" ... written by h
sorry i run out of time " ... written by nairoby
SHE MAKES ME SCREAM " ... written by r
excellent read thanks" ... written by jana
I dunno how she knows what she knows but I am glad she knows it :)" ... written by Andy
great help and clarity. very compassionate" ... written by Rea
:0" ... written by Laurel
I LOVE HER....SHE IS RIGHT ON. SHE TOLD ME EXACT THINGS! SPecifics...that only I would know...she knew everything...THE BEST EVER! WORTH EVERY PENNY AND MORE!" ... written by Paulette
very very good" ... written by lisa
very good " ... written by sue.
She was very sweet and informative. Will be coming back again!" ... written by Truth
So right on love her...." ... written by Aundrea Dunbar
She's very helpful, a good listener and very patient in answering my questions. :) Thanks Heera!" ... written by Irnina
awesome. genuine." ... written by Hikaru
Thank you Heera for a wonderful reading you jumped right into the reading i felt at ease and i dint have to ask too many questions. Spot on! thank you!! Many blessings " ... written by Lionessroar
shes awesome." ... written by Christina
Heera is Wonderful ! andamp; very positive person" ... written by M
Perfect !!" ... written by M
She seemed right on" ... written by Pamela
i always enjoy my readings with heera" ... written by Dre
Excellent reading. Heera. Thank you." ... written by flirty bee
Awesome reading with Heera!! She hit the nail right on the head!!" ... written by shelle97
Thankyou Heera!" ... written by A
we got cut off but concise Heera!" ... written by A
still on Track, wonderfukl Heera! and good advice!" ... written by A
Excellent" ... written by AR
Heera is awesome as always :)" ... written by Laurel
Love my reading with her always" ... written by Christian
I'm running out of credit. Thank you..I'll try to change my vibrations. I hope that I can change my situation especially after my birthday like you predict. I;ll try to not feel stuck." ... written by Vania
Very good reading, very informative and no sugarcoating. " ... written by Stephanie
thank you heera for an amazing accurate reading as always" ... written by Ron
Amazing" ... written by mikojin
<" ... written by gsi
Thanks you were right on." ... written by Lee
Heera, is a beautiful giving and loving psychic and very accurate. Thank you so much." ... written by Susan Maureen
Really good reading" ... written by miko
love her great at what she does! cant wait to chat with again." ... written by raquel waite
good reading" ... written by starfish57
Thanks Heera, you are always awesome and positive." ... written by Bey
Thank you for the update Heera " ... written by sonja
She was so spot on and amzing, she is very kind and is willing to help, highly recmmond her" ... written by redswan20
she is honestly my go-to psychic she is consistent, i tried others and they all keep giving me mixed messages" ... written by kim
Heera123 is simply amazing. Her readings are just so real. She just tells you how it is and I love that. Thank you for all your help dear. " ... written by Bluelover
Very accurate" ... written by Pam
Very good reading w/ Heera!! Will come back." ... written by shelle97
I like that she is very honest" ... written by Pam
Shes was good. Thank you for the reading :)" ... written by :)
She was good. Thank you for the reading" ... written by Fish
excellent on target" ... written by Pam
amazing insight" ... written by suri
Good reading. informative." ... written by pinkpather30
Awesomee" ... written by Surbhi
very thorough reading, very happy with it" ... written by Pinky
She was informative and helpful it all about waiting and seeing If things will come to pass " ... written by j
amazingggggggg" ... written by suri
Tnx Heera" ... written by Bey
Heera is an amazing reader and very quick and to the point." ... written by shelle97
wonderful!!" ... written by sheri19
Very good reading, clear. I will update in a few weeks as things pan out." ... written by vixen
Thank you Heera for your very clear and concise reading. It gave me a huge sense of relieve and a clear focus. As always you were quick, fast and very straight to the point. I look forward to all events unfolding and letting you know at each step. xxxx" ... written by Tantan20
We'll figure out how to make this work. Thanks. I just need a break." ... written by Karen
she is truly gifted.. she connect to me really fast i didn't have to say a thing !! i love her, thank u so much Heera." ... written by EMZ
wonderful woman...always spot on" ... written by suri
thanx heera that was great, always accurate everytime. " ... written by confident
5 stars" ... written by ethmoid
Heera is a very good reader, her soft spoken personality cuppled with her gift is very impactful. She is honest and straightforward no gimmicks...the real thing. Thank you heera for your support and advice." ... written by jewelw203
Great reading, very assuring and Heera is so caring. Apart of being spot on!!!!Love " ... written by Rea
Very good reading" ... written by Lisa
always count on heera when I need answers" ... written by melissa
Your thoughts were good about me" ... written by Dimple saxena
Wow. She connected right away! Impressed to say the least!" ... written by Kate
good reading" ... written by starfish57
so far she was right time will tell if what she said will come to pass " ... written by jenny
i do trust her she its a good psychic .....will come back if im not going to have any tech issues .. thank you heera " ... written by aalaaa
I really felt a healing from hearing all of this. I really needed clarity." ... written by Maryann
she is very accurate in her readings" ... written by san
Thanks" ... written by Ny
Thanks I will come back" ... written by Ny
Wanted to know about my job and lets see how it goes i needed to talk to heera about it. xxx" ... written by Kamini Thanki
AMAZING READING!!!!" ... written by tamjones
Great" ... written by Ar
Thank you for updates. Great reading" ... written by Marina
I definitely got solid answers but a tad bit of beating around the bush. We will see how things go in terms of predictions. " ... written by -
Thanks so much" ... written by NY
Thanks" ... written by Ny
Thanks Heera :*" ... written by Bey
I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by winema
Thanks" ... written by Ny
Very insightful. Pleasant to talk to. Hope her predictions come true." ... written by Lv
Heera is amazingh" ... written by Bey
Heera is so positive and healing," ... written by Bey
I love talking to her. She is very positive and truthful no matter what and she gives you choices and paths to follow. I wish I could just talk to her al the time." ... written by Pam
REALLY GOOD AT WHAT SHE DOES" ... written by suri
For almost a year I have been consulting with Heera in prv readings. I have also gone to some other psychics to get "2nd opinion"...like at the Dr.'s office." ... written by Artisticparkway
thank you heera for the accurate reading" ... written by Ron
She is always so perfect with her reading!!" ... written by surila
Thanks Heera! I know more now about the situation. Thanks again!" ... written by Sunflower1931
Thanks" ... written by Ny
Thanks" ... written by Ny
I love her advice and voice!" ... written by Katie
heera always has a way of reasurring me of my big situation. it feels like a lost battle, but know deep down that everything she says will come true. im not one who likes to wait, lol. " ... written by confident
very intuitive! wow! thank you!" ... written by starfish57
Thanks" ... written by Ny
Thanks" ... written by NY
accurate" ... written by IVY
amazing as always" ... written by yasmin
Heera was cool, " ... written by Dyena
she tunes in very quickly. she is accurate. I will having another reading soon. " ... written by scurlock
Tnx :)" ... written by Bey
Once again Heera is right on the money." ... written by Wanda
She is so spot on with every little detail! I will just have to have patience but she assures me it is worth it and she hasn't been wrong yet! Lol always consistent. It is like talking to an old friend. Will tell u the truth openly and honestly. Thanks again heera for your patience and reassurance." ... written by nicmuir
great reading...thanks a lot" ... written by ar
She is incisive and accurate. Her responses are quick. I really like her!" ... written by Billygirl
Always there when I need her, her predictions and guidance never fail. Always to the point and truthful, keeping me sane and not letting me fail. Thank you Heera. From one angel to another you are most appreciated..." ... written by A
Had long reading with her. good" ... written by akk
she is so good, and accurate reads people like she knows them" ... written by kim
we'll see if it comes true" ... written by D
Thanks" ... written by Ny
Very accurate reader" ... written by TT
Thank you for updates." ... written by Marina
My second reading with Heera, and she is really good. A true psychic, very on the ball. Fast and calm. If you have questions, give her a chance to help." ... written by Julie
heera is awesome" ... written by Matthew3444
great reading" ... written by jag
shes awesome" ... written by melissa
She is very accurate" ... written by san
great as usual" ... written by Christina
It was my first time with Heera...she connected very well and gave me remedies and energy healing...will see how it pans out for me...she def connected and i felt she was accurate...will return soon!!! i would def recommend her to others!!!" ... written by N
good" ... written by ang
always great to catch up with heera. her prediciotns are spot on, she has always been especially accurate about all my personal / love situations :)" ... written by jazzychic
AMAZING READING" ... written by Derrick
always the best .All her predictions have come true flawlessly" ... written by dhannya
good reading" ... written by julieanne
She is always on mark" ... written by suri
She is great! Very detailed and accurate. " ... written by jaydestiny
Honest and sensitive. The reading gave me closure to my past relationships. " ... written by selah 1234
Thanks" ... written by Ny
frank" ... written by lynn
Frankly, she does have a lot of positive energy around her. She can literally pull me out of negativity the minute i start talking to her. Will always be grateful to her for her guidance." ... written by Harshith
she is amazing, always...her insight is absolutely incredible. " ... written by sarah
she is good she is nice and accurate" ... written by kim
Accurate and very fast typer. Thanks!" ... written by Amita
Heera is so very honest. She is spot on. I will always come back for her truth. " ... written by Quest
Very good reading as usual. Heera123 is awesome!" ... written by Stephanie
thank you!!!!!" ... written by Brianaaf2
5 stars....the best...I love her...sincere..the real deal......HAVE NEVER GONE TO ANOTHER...SHE IS THE ONE AND ONLY! THE BEST...SHE HAS GUIDED AND HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY!" ... written by pdenmark
cleared up confusion as always." ... written by confident
excellent as always" ... written by Lipa
Heera is the best" ... written by Matthew3444
Short but awesome. She knows" ... written by Brikell
she was great! humble!" ... written by sheri19
very specific, good reading, thank you!" ... written by starfish57
SHE IS BRILLIANT " ... written by Rose
Love her energy in how she connects with people, She is spot on most of the times! " ... written by kiera 123
she is soo really, very encouragin g, im going always to consult her" ... written by david
Always reliable!" ... written by raysa
great reading!! it was fun =)" ... written by Pinky
heera is awesome" ... written by Matthew3444
I have come to Heera so often because i was in need of support. She knew the whole situation and always gave me confidence with her deep insight that rang so true.......and her outlook was true. I just trust her and love to come back to her . Heera, you are just a dear and I full respect and admire your caring and patient manner. Thank you!" ... written by artisticparkway
Thanks" ... written by Ny
Thank you for your honest reading Heera! Much appreciated." ... written by Amy
Heera you are the best . thanks for your help. " ... written by confi
excellent! thank u again. " ... written by mono
Excellent." ... written by Münür
Very nice person and very good reader! Heera picked up on things very quickly and was very accurate! " ... written by Dove
thanks for everything" ... written by sidonia
Beautiful and precise to be, very intense and encouraging. thank you for the opening. " ... written by Morten
She was awesome she picked up my ocupation in auto mechanics without me mentionning and perdicted i would be moving everything she said was spot on highly recommend Heera" ... written by ronron55
Heera is amazing, she is honestly so accurate about everything and i love have readings with her, She reads people like a book and is not afraid to tell you everything you need to hear" ... written by kim
She can clearly understand a person's feelings and guide them properly." ... written by AJAY DESAI
She was right on and very insightful about my situation. I will talk to her again. " ... written by Dena
There are many extremely gifted psychics on Oranum...Heera is definitely very gifted. I am amazed with the reading andamp; the spirit she has inside of her. Heera has a gentle, warm soothing energy that emanates throughout. She is fluid with her thoughts and awesome with her ability to see beyond what can be seen. Excellent reading! Will be back for guidance andamp; updates!!" ... written by Nini52
good reading" ... written by starfish57
She's great! Very comforting..will let you know if accurate." ... written by SavyAngel7
simply incredible, was in tune with all I asked as if she knew us." ... written by robert
just needed an update . confirmed what i had orginally thought thanx heera." ... written by confi
Great reading. Accurate and intuitive" ... written by Catherine
great honest catch up. thank you!" ... written by jc
Amazing, is all I can say!!!!" ... written by robert
Heera is very fast and connects straight away. Great reading, she's awesome! :) Thank you!" ... written by S
Haven't seen Heera in months, and she gave me good advice for tomorrow. Thanks Heera" ... written by A
love her reding they are right " ... written by monica
excelllent" ... written by kim
thank you heera for all of your kind words" ... written by Brianaaf2
Happy with the reading would like to have found out more but time and money gos too quick" ... written by Sneach
Thanks Heera" ... written by Bey
yay. 20,000 Heera way to go . thanx for everything." ... written by confi
amazing" ... written by Karina
Heera is one of the only true psychics here, she will really find you in the darkness, and bring you to the light. Thanks for your reading Heera, you were really on point. I felt really comfortable but a little scared, in the end you really helped me to make a decision. thank you! " ... written by willkates
Excellent!!!" ... written by kary
I appreciate your honesty and patience. Everything you said made complete sense yet I would have never been able to think of it myself. There was more but...limited credits. Thank you very much. Much Love Heera." ... written by Aaliyah
Heera thank you very much for telling me spot on things. You opened my eyes to things I didn't know and couldn't imagine. Very nice person, explained things that she saw about my situation in a very wise way. think this lady helped me to find answers which I'd never even think of. " ... written by Ksenia
Heera has a lovely energy and a lovely lady to chat with. She made so much sense to me and I thank her for her honesty. blessings to you xxx" ... written by Heather
excellent" ... written by jag
she is brilliant " ... written by Rose
Heera is wonderful! She tunes into me perfectly and always gives me the honest truth. I will definitely hire her again. :)" ... written by Terri
very caring kind hearted and honest spirit. I always feel better and that my questions have been answered after readings with heera" ... written by julienne
Amazing Reader!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by lynn
Really knows about me, knows what I want, and is insightful." ... written by Danny
another great reading !!" ... written by bev
She was very authentic and real. I appreciate her honesty and insight to me. I would give her 5 stars!!!" ... written by Hollbj11
ALWAYS AMAZING... UPDATES are seamless andamp; concise with timelines... Heera is honest andamp; reassuring without being "sugary"... She has awesome abilities to heard her guides... Able to explain andamp; discuss freely with no hesitation... Quick andamp; accurate..." ... written by Nini52
SHES AMAZING PERSON" ... written by EM
very good" ... written by Nieves Guerrero
Very good." ... written by Michelle
excellent update , you are one of a kind heera, thanx" ... written by confident
very helpful and enlightening" ... written by Amber
she is so good and nice" ... written by kim
Heera is an AWESOME reader. We have had several prvt sessions... all that she has said has been EXTREMELY ACCURATE andamp; FLUID." ... written by Nini52
Predictions come true!, you can trust her 100%. Thank you so much for your help and for sharing your gift!." ... written by raysa
She is compassionate and gives you plethora of information in short time! words you need! Highly recommend her" ... written by Nina
she is superb..." ... written by sheen
She's a bestfriend. Conversation is relaxing, open-minded and always helpful." ... written by Julisa
I always enjoy my readings with her, very insightful" ... written by aspect
heera is good at reading your mind and reading other people minds give her a shot! def worth it" ... written by kim
Heera was very polite. Reassuring is the best way to describe her. She understands the positive abilities people have and gave me a clear reading. I feel more focused now and appreciate the emphasis given on things I've been overlooking. I will keep an eye out for August and hopefully manifest some great new connections in the upcoming months. Thank you!" ... written by Carmela
fabulous kind lady who is gifted money well spent i reccomend without reservation or hesitation she i s wonderful" ... written by mickthedoc
very good quick update" ... written by confident
Dead on." ... written by Robert
great! amazing!" ... written by sheri19
Heera you are wonderful! Theres so much more yet to come. Hope your current predicts arent delayed. I will be good, kind, and focused on life..." ... written by A
Heera has been there through thick and thin, alot has come to pass that she said would. Love her" ... written by A
Reconnected with heera today....I dont know how but she managed to calm me down advice me and even told what exactly i should do. I trust her words will surely come true for me. Will again get in touch with her for the calmness she provides to mind and heart." ... written by sheen
thank you for a good reading. " ... written by Sid
Shes great. She was able to get some details about me that she couldnt have known without being told. I will update once the prediction comes true or not and update my rating but she is lovely and I would recomend her :) " ... written by Chido
Heera is such a great reader. Thank you for clarifying." ... written by HF
she is always spot on" ... written by dhannya
I could not have found a more better psychic like Heera she has given me so much guidance and reassurance that everything will be alright with my situation. she is soo accurate and calm with her readings . thanx again heera you are the best !!!!!" ... written by confi
Can't say she is good at all. She is the BEST!!!!" ... written by robert
She is really good at what she does!Thank you for all the support through this times." ... written by Aurelia
She's so sweet! Thanks!" ... written by NikiNicolette
Great and clear!" ... written by m
Good love healing :)" ... written by StarFeather
excellemt read" ... written by jay
Heera is definately the best.....:)" ... written by confi
She is great as usual! I think she picks up good energies! " ... written by Kiera 123
Thanks" ... written by Jess
Third reading with her! She can definitely read my energy. Love her!" ... written by MooMoo
She is always spot on. Set my mind at ease and gives great advice!" ... written by Kate
Thanks" ... written by J
she is brilliant " ... written by Rose
just here for weekly reading as always very good . :)" ... written by confi
I already knew a lot of what she told me this time around. It was still a good reading with encouragement, tho. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Thanks Heera. " ... written by Sunflower1931
Thank you Heera maam! I will keep you posted for sure :) Thank you for the clear reading :) 5 Well deserved stars for you!" ... written by BR
shes good" ... written by Aminata
She was very helpful" ... written by paige
Thank you appreciated your insights" ... written by Heart1982
she is brilliant " ... written by Rose
Accurate! I was impressed by some of the details she seemed to know and pick up on. " ... written by DS
heera is always there for me to say hello and help mew deal with life. thanks agaIN" ... written by A
heera is always positive and that is what gives me energy as well. superb and supportive as always. Thank u so much.." ... written by sheen
Heera... Amazing as always... ;)" ... written by Rui Jorge
very good psychic, I have to stop her sometimes on some things, but she is very good telling me about the future, and other matters that I have asked. and I really like it when she has a special going on because I really like talking with Heera. She is really a good psychic, very intuitive, will continue to come back and speak with her when I can. Thank you Heera, too bad we were cut off in the middle of the reading. Ann" ... written by sunrisegold
She is the best - she is on the money time and time again. Her insight is outstanding and uncanny. Love her!!" ... written by dmbertault
One of the best!!! " ... written by rdamaso1
very good reading very postive person and will see the updates. " ... written by astrid
she is so accurate and nice" ... written by kim
Heera was amazing and my husband to be was on the phone with me and was amazed that she knew about his situation. She was spot on it is just too bad that I didn't have enough time. I will come back and get another reading. " ... written by Mondella
Just wonderful" ... written by Andy
Second time reading with Heera. Very helpful and straightforward. I will be back" ... written by camille
Thank you , nice reading" ... written by Ash
She is a soothing and caring person!. Instantly make you feel relaxed in life." ... written by Harshith
I really needed some advice and Heera gave me so much needed encouragement" ... written by Cecilia
She was pleasant to talk to. Didn't get that much time but that was due to my lack of understanding of how the credits worked when I purchased my package. She was headed in the right direction without me giving her much information. I will be back when I have a little more to spend. Thank you :)" ... written by Katherine B
Very informative and precise reading. Heera123 is Awesome!" ... written by Stephanie
We got cut Heera so sorry. But yes calmness is key" ... written by A
nice person and helpful with my situation." ... written by Kev
thanks" ... written by j
thanks" ... written by j
She since to be acute reader and adviser. I really like her and when need her advise will have her information. She is quite corrected. I don't think she can do better than she does. She is extremely good! I am sorry you site does not have options for when the session ends to add with another card. " ... written by Lovelou46
thank u for the reading, very much of insight you have given me and reading well in depth. very sweet, and kind. taking advice going to see where it goes. thank u" ... written by melissa
well were still on track. thank you heera" ... written by A
Very correct reading. thank you" ... written by Sid
Thanks Heera, great consultation after weeks! " ... written by Bey
very sweet and understanding" ... written by fancy
Honest reading, thanks!" ... written by Jypcc
It is very helpful and puts you at ease. She is accurate and passionate about her work" ... written by Pam
Very nice person and straight forward. Thank you for your insight!" ... written by Dove
thanks" ... written by J
Very calm nice person. I enjoy her readings. She is also very honest and upfront, which is greatly appreciated. Thank you!" ... written by Dove
She is wonderful. She is very kind and spot-on. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much Heera! :)" ... written by Kelly
Heera was very nice. She was straight forward but gentle." ... written by rcollins98
Heera is awesome. I always check in with her every 6 months or so." ... written by Arti
Her words surely brighten the mood and makes one to constructively move towards growth in life. Highly recommended!" ... written by Harshith
i can use one word for Heera, Enchanting." ... written by David
always wonderful reading with Heera. accurate with her updates. " ... written by confi
Kind and caring. Honest and consistent." ... written by Andy
Very kind, motivating and truthful. THANK YOU!" ... written by Heather
Hey. She was spot on the things she said. Let's wait and see what happens. " ... written by J
Great reading, helped to calm my mind, can't wait for another reading. Thank you!!" ... written by Hopeful2782
She is very honest and will tell it like it is. She keeps you hopeful, while still telling the truth." ... written by Flav
she is a lovely reader, insightful and trustworthy" ... written by alex
Heera is so kind and friendly and so fast and to the point, helping me what to do next.... Will certainly be back for her." ... written by nicole snijders
Heera is fantastic great reading and I am very pleased thank you :) " ... written by welshchick
She is very honest and I appreciate that!" ... written by Dove
WONDERFUL" ... written by MARIA
Thanks Heera." ... written by Bey
thanks" ... written by J
Quick and very informative reading. Heera123 is Awesome!" ... written by Stephanie
she is spot on and very good" ... written by dhannya
Heera was very factual about my current predicament and helped me see clearly what I should try and do to move on in my life." ... written by LQPeach
Ora is helping me in a very insecure situation for me. She says exactly what i need at the moment. X Nicole" ... written by nicole snijders
Thank you very much" ... written by j
Very nice and upfront as always! Thank you!" ... written by Dove
very accurate :)" ... written by Hazan
Thanks" ... written by j
Thanks" ... written by j
Thanks very much" ... written by j
i fully trust heera! she not only provides inspiration but true confidence" ... written by a
She is very understanding and calm. Very positive, enjoyed the reading. Very empathic person." ... written by HFT
she was very helpful'" ... written by Sweee
another good reading. :)" ... written by confident
We finaly finished" ... written by A
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AND DEFINITELY ON POINT WITH EVERYTHING!!!! Thank you for telling me the truth. As you were speaking to me and telling me that he was not avoiding me and that he would call, he actually texted even while speaking to you. Thank you for your great insight and wisdom." ... written by Ladymysterious
Spot on :) I didn`t have to say anything ! xx" ... written by Christine
EXCELLENT! I will be back!!!" ... written by Rayofsunshine
very direct, hope she's right. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Thank you for the update Heera. it was nice and comfortably reassuring. " ... written by Tantan20
great catch up... Heera encouraged me to do something id never do and such small action helped move things in positve direction... thank you!" ... written by jc
Sweet reader :)" ... written by :)
She is awesome!!" ... written by Flav
Heera gave the most accurate insight into the situation at hand. " ... written by GT
heera is honest and gentle. i wish the credit sysem woud guarentee a specific amount of time. " ... written by ally
She's really nice and easy to talk to. A very sincere person." ... written by PS
She is a sweetheart! Very honest and truthful I will be coming back to her and follow her guidance" ... written by melissa
Fantastic! The real deal. " ... written by Athena
after a logn time reading with heera and checking all the potential crushes finally it looks like something is promising... its great she never steered me about any relationship and gave me false hope in past. so i truly trust now i can make it happen :) thanks!" ... written by jcjc
wish i had more credits to finish.. but always a wonderful reading, thanx heera" ... written by confi
Again a great reader ...very clear vision and guidance. Thanks again heera..." ... written by sheen
I just had my first reading and I'm blown away with everything that was said and the details and the amount of information. I was pretty stressed out before and my stress level has lowered. I feel Heera has an amazing gift and I will for sure have another reading with her again. Thank you so much Heera" ... written by Love_Dove
She's really sweet and accurate. :) One of the most genuine psychics on Oranum." ... written by Hazan
Thanks for your help. " ... written by Rose
I fully trust heera readings and the vision and future she helps to unveil" ... written by Alex
We froze! but well get there aall is coming to paass..." ... written by A
Heera well I guess we both got a surprise. But you were right. I put him in the dog house and Ignored and in same day he Came running...." ... written by A
Again with tech issues. ugh but good reading so far.." ... written by A
fast and comforting! " ... written by kiera123
She is straightforward and honest." ... written by Flav
Thanks very much" ... written by j
She is great!" ... written by Dove
Heera thanks for checking, now for some different questions. Your insight is always uplifting. things are changing i feel it like you said they would..." ... written by A
Thanks Heera." ... written by Bey
thank you very much. I ran out of funds :-) but thank you" ... written by Ladybug
Ok so nice and slow" ... written by A
thanks" ... written by j
thanks" ... written by j
always great !!!!!!" ... written by monoagapi
Heera is just great guys.. i've had numerous readings with her... for a few years... she is super intuitive... very dedicated to her job... a true medium and psychic... guys... give her a chance... because she's good at this.... she's really really helpful and supportive.... Very good professional. Totally recommended." ... written by Rui Jorge
nice reading" ... written by chi
helping me a lot with situation on track. thank you so much" ... written by jazzychic
thanks very much" ... written by j
the best advice for what im going throuh,,," ... written by dd
just a quick catch up.. thank you" ... written by fff
good reading" ... written by starfish57
good and accurate" ... written by rhoda
GREAT WITH ACCURATE PREDICTIONS. Thank you to be continued next time. I have run out of credit" ... written by RHODA
thanks so much for help!" ... written by jazz
very good psychic, will use her often to really get to know what is going on in my life, thank you Heera, " ... written by sunrisegold
Thanks Heera" ... written by Bey
Very friendly, honest, nice, transparent. Full of wisdom. She felt like a friend. Gave me confidence about future decisions and support about my own intuition." ... written by Garima
fantastic reading thank you :) always brings me clarity " ... written by welshchick
She was a great counselor to me, she was able to help me far more than she realized. We got cut off but I appreciate her reading. Spot on with alot of information, and I barely said anything." ... written by Alexis Pinder
so sweet and accurate" ... written by hazan
picks up on things quickly" ... written by sasha
Helped me see through the likely causes of my issues." ... written by Deepak
thanks very much" ... written by j
thanks" ... written by j
Good reading" ... written by Gandalf
very good reader, doesn't need tools to be able to do a reading, Im very satisfied with heera, thank you for today Heera, I really needed this, I care about this person alot, and I b elieve that he feels the same. " ... written by sunrisegold
thanks" ... written by j
Thanks Heera, glad to know all is well" ... written by A
thank you for the reading....truthfull indeed " ... written by grateful
Great discussion. nice reading" ... written by Azert
Heera, I'm sorry, my credits ran out. I will definitely come back. You are soooo spot on!! You truly have a blessed gift. God bless you always!!!!" ... written by Jan
Heera is a very good psychic. It was a great reading. She was very friendly. Great psychic. She connected with me. Very accurate. She mentioned lots of things for my future. She said things that are related with my sitiuation. You can trust Heera with your problems. She is there to help you. Thank you Heera." ... written by kaya
" ... written by Lana
Wow first time reading with Heera - she is amazing and i will be back soon, She is gentle and comforting and I feel so confident in what she sees. She picked up on situation very well. Recommend her highly and just a lovely lady" ... written by debbiec0613
Thank you so much! was spot on... so great!! " ... written by heather
Good reading" ... written by Gandalf
Good reading" ... written by Gandalf
Heera is the best heeler here, and she tell the truth with no wasting time. if you want to hear the truth just trust her and ask your question, you wil see the result!" ... written by Bey
she was amazing!! perfect choice!! no complaints!" ... written by sheri
Fast typer, good connection. Hope predictions are right!" ... written by Michelle
didn't ask her any question.....but she was right in the money about me, truly amazing, telling me things that i new abut myself but refused to understand, made me feel better about who i am as person and told me why weak spots that no one understood....shess truly amazing...i am beyond shocked...if your looking for something but don't know the answers to it about yourself, look no further because your at the right place...she tunes into your energy too fast it kinda scared me(that scary part is a good thing haha) will be going to her very fricueltly now, i feel as tho she might help me thru my hard situations. ***READ ME LIKE A BOOK (and no one can do that)" ... written by yasmarlyn
Wow!!! So much detailed answers!!!! Love her!!!! Thanks so much Heera123!!! :) You were so right with everything that has happend to us andamp; me!!! Love andamp; Light to you my friend!!! :) xoxoxo" ... written by 82Aquarius81
she was pretty accurate it was like she really knew how i felt and gave me good advice. hope to talk to you again when i have more credits for an update. thank you " ... written by ameera
Another Great session!!! Thank You Heera123!! Amazing!!! :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
thank you so much for guiding me in the things i need to do , u picked up everything before i even said anything" ... written by w
thank you for the detailed reading Heera - got lot of answers to my questions - very fast responses :-) " ... written by violet
great reader" ... written by sanj
She is very insightful" ... written by Julie
thanks heera" ... written by frag
I think she is great and always on the mark. I like her honesty and softness .She shows concern but still truthfulness not just saying what someone wants to hear." ... written by Pam
I cant fault this lady, genuine by talking to her.Thank u" ... written by Min
She is amazing" ... written by Dove
Thanks" ... written by j
muchas gracias " ... written by Aaliyah
Lovely reading. Will wait for predictions to come through. Can't wait for what's to come soon. Thank you Heera. XOXOXOXO." ... written by Anita
Thanks for the clear answers" ... written by Rita
Thanks Heera" ... written by Bey
Thank you - made me feel better wish we had more time/" ... written by debbiec0613
omg so good so worth the time to hear what she has to say " ... written by w
Great reading! On point and truthful!!" ... written by Darrell
I love her! I will definitely return for another reading. You were definitely on point!" ... written by 4deshell
She validated my career choices! Super happy!" ... written by sandy
Spot on. I will try to see how things turn out in my love life. I definitely need to slow down. However you were right I don't like to waste time and am in a good place right now" ... written by Helen Richards
Very honest, insightful, and straight to the point. I love her. Five stars." ... written by Billygirl54
thank you so much for your honesty. i appreciate you taking the time to help me and will keep you updated " ... written by ameera
great reading" ... written by Hazy
great reading again" ... written by mm
Definitely recommend Heera, very good!" ... written by Mubss
Great reading and Heera is compassionate" ... written by Mubss
thanks" ... written by j
Excellent!" ... written by mm
lots of reassurance!" ... written by starfish57
Thank you so much Heera, will come back to update you on what happens." ... written by Sophie
Very nice person! Very straight forward." ... written by Dove
Great reading, very honest! didn't give good news, but gave me the truth. Very accurate!" ... written by Mari
----" ... written by ---
Very helpful....Thank you." ... written by kamsriv
positive - honest = clear - to the point" ... written by mandeep
I think Heera123 really described my ex when she first said that he doesn't tell the truth, secretive...she won me right there! She is very sweet, soft spoke and kind. Non judgemental! She will tell you in her sweet way, the TRUTH! " ... written by annluu
Thank Heera xxx" ... written by Bey
A kind thoughtful reader" ... written by pearl
Just awesome!" ... written by lbotter
Heera gave good advice. " ... written by Sweety
Good" ... written by Newson
I have been reading with Heera for a while. I am in the most worse position in my life and she has always been very supportive, calm and tries her best to help. yesterday she predicted that the money will come thru and my son will be able to go to school. And today i got the money and i am lost with words. I dont know how to thank you Heera but you are so blessed with these gifts and you were always right. Thank you again so much. " ... written by Jesintha
giving her feed back and having confirmation between whats going on in the world and what she has said is golden when the add up!!!" ... written by SweetS
Good reader" ... written by suman
I feel so relieved after talking to her. She is very friendly and sweet. Her first reading for me came true. Hope all her predictions come true. Thanks Heera for being such a good friend. " ... written by littleangelanju
Loved the read. I will definitely come back." ... written by Gina
Very straight forward and upfront. " ... written by Dove
She's very personable and so sweet. Enjoyed talking with her. I hope and pray what she says comes true. I cannot wait! " ... written by Sunflower3333
Good reading!" ... written by kiera123
she is very accuate" ... written by kim
thank you for the healing heera it was very helpful and u helped me in need." ... written by joojoometo
And now we move forward!All is coming to pass as you said in all facets of my life. Let the 3rd eye keep opening... Blessing to you Heera!" ... written by A
Thanks Heera! you picked up right away, and your motivation and courage you instill in me has made all the difference!" ... written by A
thanks Heera for your reading xx " ... written by Rose
thank you so so much" ... written by crystal
Heera thanks so much for encourageing me further, you are awesome and help me so much in keeping the faith in this relationship crisis. things have moved forward and pretty much as you predicted. Thank you thank you!" ... written by TT
wonderful as always but the connection was so terrible that the reading went so slow.. love her" ... written by maria
Brilliant and Kind as always" ... written by Mubss
Wonderful! Very nice." ... written by Lisa Smith
Thanks a lot Heera!!!I really appreciate your help..God Bless You!" ... written by Meg
Lovely reading and spot on. Lot's of really nice advice and encouragement. Thank you so much, you made me feel so much better ;)" ... written by Jodi
heera thank you for being there. Sorry it froze. be right back" ... written by A
Thank you so much Heera for putting me at ease!All is going well things are getting better for me just like you said!" ... written by A
I believe that she has the energies to connect and pull out the truth even if not the whole truth but part of it! I kinda trust her readings" ... written by kiera123
Thank you madam :) Was lovely chatting with you. I will definitely update you :) 10 Stars!" ... written by A
she is a very nice person to talk to :)" ... written by nastiti
Lovely lady with a great insight" ... written by Mubss
we shall see, if he contacts.your readings are usualluy on spot. thankyou Heera. for checking into the situation.... Im sure and positive this phase will pass." ... written by A
we will see. hes changeing, but Ive been living my life and he sees it. but he needs to know he cant always treat me this way. This is why I come to you for plan of action " ... written by A
Thanks Heera, you are great!" ... written by Bey
Great - thank you for the insight" ... written by crystal
shes good girl" ... written by Taran
Heera is always honest and so helpful!!! She is the greatest!" ... written by Amyna
Thanks Heera" ... written by Bey
excellent lady" ... written by apache
Thanks Heera" ... written by Bey
Heera is amazing at her work. This was worth paying for. Thank you so much for there is more clarification in my situation. God giving gift you have. I will definitely be joining you more often." ... written by JazzyWP
she's been right in the past and great spot on advice.. thank you" ... written by jc
she is very honest and calm " ... written by Miriam
Very straight forward and truthful!" ... written by Dove
she's good thanks for helping " ... written by orus
Love Love Love having a reading with Heera! always straight to the point. Very accurate and makes me feel very comfortable with talking about personal things :) " ... written by Tanaeha
Great reading. Thank you for the advice, I know just what to do." ... written by Kellie
She is wonderful and great at interpreting dreams" ... written by Pam
Heera really helped me see things more clearly today and also validated my feelings. I am incredibly grateful for her and for her predictions. She has such a soothing spirit and she is a top notch reader." ... written by Carrie
good reading, lotsa info!" ... written by starfish57
patient and good" ... written by cortsoon
great" ... written by an
Sweet and helpful" ... written by Anastasia
she's really accurate and friendly :)" ... written by hazan
she is great!" ... written by anisha
Heera is loving, kind andamp; factual. She sees images in our lives that only someone who is gifted would see. Her guidance is insightful with the ability to quickly assess the circumstances involved. Heera is honest andamp; explains what she sees andamp; feels for now andamp; near the future. LOVE Heera... Will be back for more follow-ups...." ... written by Nini52
Wonderful as always and straight to be point. Thankyou xx" ... written by Christine
She is the best psychic on here, sincerely speaking." ... written by Aronkus
she is excellent. i continue to go back to her always." ... written by paula
Wonderful - very nice and seemed to be spot-on as well." ... written by Brittany
great reading as usual" ... written by sandra
She is very accurate and on point. She provided so much clarity for me and my situation. I really appreciated it!" ... written by Erinn
Heera is among the best on Oranum. I highly recommend her! I have had many readings on this site, from many readers. Give Heera a try!" ... written by W
very good excellent" ... written by jana
Heera is a great amazing psychic. period." ... written by Rui
good update..." ... written by confi
Great reading :) will be back Thank You" ... written by Sierra
Thanks Heera" ... written by Bey
Great psychic!!" ... written by Jan
amazing the best---------------" ... written by Sam
brill" ... written by Yasmin Heskey
She seemed to be on point. Time runs out so fast though. :( Thank you, Heera." ... written by lovablevirgo
wow Thank you Heera so much and I am really so glad to meet with you and you are a real, I will diffidently come back to you only, you told me everything without knowing my information. " ... written by jenny
Very Nice! Very soothing" ... written by Nikolaos
Great reading with a lot of detail. Thanks!" ... written by V
Excellent!" ... written by Gatorgal
great insight" ... written by Mubss
she's so sweet and super accurate!" ... written by hazan
Always comforting to talk to her. My anxiety could be through the roof, but she brings so much clarity. " ... written by Sunflower3333
Very good reading I felt so much better after hearing how confident the physic was about my situation. " ... written by Candis77
gt dc " ... written by Lava
she was amazing like aways!!!" ... written by raquel waite
ran out of credits" ... written by conf
LOVE HEERA , TRUTH TELLER " ... written by lavanya12
Another spot on reading from Heera, she picked up on the personality and feelings of the person I was asking about. Very accurate on the situation and details. Will continue to update as " ... written by Annon
she truly provides insight and clear reading of future. and connections of mind" ... written by alex
she is the best" ... written by anonymous
I will keep her posted on who I hear from in the next week. She has predicted my grades before to a perfect +/- A, B, C, etc., so I trust her judgement! " ... written by Kate
was having a conversation and the battery died...but it was insightful..so going back again" ... written by LAVANYA
She was very kind because she was worried about my credits so she tuned in with all her energy and sort out my confusion ....we had a long chat and it was very helpful ...." ... written by Lavanya
Lets see if what she said was true i give 3 starz for now!!!! I will come back andamp; update to 5 starz if accurate... Thanks so much!!" ... written by Stazz
Thank you. Awesome as always. " ... written by me
As always Heera was on point. She is accurate and quick to connect. Whenever I want turth and no sugar coating I come to her. I look forward to her predictions. Thank you" ... written by Ladymysterious
Thank you so much Heera~ She's so sweet, and its great to have a reading with her :) " ... written by Briana
Such a sweet person, first time reading with her, and she connected with me right away, great advice, thank you so much Heera!" ... written by Briana
you are the best" ... written by Bey
I liked her insight im sure i will not get tht with another psychic...so thank u." ... written by Jeannie
I love her soooo much!!! She is amazing at what she does. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HEERA123. She waste no time on reading you. She gives information like know other. Love her honesty, and compassion." ... written by Aqua4lyfe
She was so good and accurate and just really was very peaceful. She was really honest and put me at ease. If i could've, I would have talked to her for hours. Thank you and I will definitely come back :)" ... written by nowk
she was awesome,great choice,worth all the credits and time." ... written by sheri19
What can I say, Heera is simply awesome in the way she delivers her readings. I've had a few readings with her thus far and her compassionate, empathetic, consistent, detailed, and insightful ways prove to be right on in accuracy. I truly appreciate her looking into my situation and handling it with such care. My mind is at ease after speaking with her. I will come back for more readings and highly recommend others to check her out. ^_^ " ... written by Nikki
He is helpful with the details i apprieate her" ... written by Swets
My 1st reading with heera. I will see how things play out. xoxoxoxox" ... written by Kim
Amazing person, thanks so much Heera, always a joy to have a reading with her :)" ... written by Briana
Great person, very calm, and gives great advice, thank you so much Heera :)" ... written by Briana
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Such great energy, amazing person, great advice, always a joy to have a reading with her :) Thank you so much Heera!" ... written by Briana
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